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Ina had never given a toss about her soulbonds.


Growing up, she’d seen way too many times that finding a soulbond just left broken families. The soulbonds would just be all over each other, like they’d been struck by love in an instant, and then previous much-loved family just didn’t matter as much. She just didn’t get it. So she didn’t search out for them. Didn’t want people to know she had not one but two bonds. She didn’t lead conversations in weird ways to make unique soulbond words tattooed on people. She didn’t aim for warmer places so the weird bond-locator inbuilt into bodies could potentially tell her they were closer. She made sure to have only a few special friends instead of knowing loads of people like many did.


Ina ran a hand through light brown hair as she puffed on a cigarette, orange eyes darting around the outside of the bar, feeling flushed. They’d just finished the first half of their gig and all that belting out lyrics and jumping around with her guitar had worked up a sweat.


But not usually like this.


It's then she froze as she stared at the ground, knowing what it must mean.




Just. Great.


She looked up at the sight of two men coming to a standstill before her, one in trousers and button down with black shaggy hair pulled back into a low ponytail and an exhausted façade, and the other one with blonde hair pulled back in a half bun in jeans, tight top, and a light leather jacket with eyes magnetised to her. Considering the black-haired dude was before her, she asked, “Need something, mate?




Her bond word throbbed on her hip bone and his eyes darkened.




Orange eyes flickered to the grinning blond by him. “I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say…?


You’re my soulbond, baby!


Her words under her nipple throbbed there.


Double fuck.


She puffed the last of her cigarette, blowing the smoke out her nose, putting it out on the wall and then chucking it into the outside ashtray the bar she was gigging in had. “Gonna lay it out flat. I’m not interested in soulbond relationships. I’m glad you have each other. Peace.” She turned her back on them and went back into the bar. Glad that was over, she grabbed her beer from the bar Keisuke ordered for her and headed to the stage in the corner once more. She plucked up her guitar, the back-up singer to Yuichi who slung an arm over her shoulder, only to hiss and drop it. “Please don’t.”


“The hell you so hot for still?”


“Listen, I’m undeniably sweating like a nun in a cucumber field, don’t ask why when I can barely think.”


That made him bark a laugh, his smirking good looks having brought in quite a few fans as he wagged his wolf tail. “Nice. Ready?” He eyed her putting the ice-cold bottle to her neck. “Or you need a minute to cool down?”


“Nah, cous’, I’m ready to go. Let me have a sip.” She took a swig and put the bottle down to the back. It’s when she turned she saw her bonds at the bar, ordering a beer and backs to her. Shiiiit. They didn’t give up, did they? She adamantly looked away, letting her gaze burn along the crowd around the stage coming up. They’d amassed quite the little following the last few months. “Aaaaight!” She grinned at him.


The next forty minutes she led the guitar section, prowling or dancing around the stage. She sipped her beer again, grimacing at the warmth of it and putting it to the side as the lead singer spoke.


“Last song for you lovely people!” The waving Yuichi stated into the mic, getting awww’s from the crowd.


Ina chuckled, locking eyes with the drummer, their friend Rei, a man with four arms and therefore an absolute beast when it came to playing them.


“What shall we play, Ina? Wonderwaaaall?” He teased playfully, looking at her.


Snorting, she leant forward to the mic in front of her. “If you try it, you’re gonna have a wonder-fall of this damn stage, mate.” It made the crowd laugh as Yuichi pouted at her. “No. What about that one you wrote the other day?”


Wolf-boy hummed at that, looking at Rei, Osamu, and Keisuke, who nodded. “Haven’t released that yet. Alrighty!”


Within minutes it was done, and they bowed to the crowd, getting cheers, and went to the back with their gear. The next few minutes there was a line formed for when they came back out, signing things from a table that had been put up before the stage, and it seemed there were even more people than they expected.


And then Ina silently sighed as she saw her bonds with shirts that had just her on them. “You two don’t give up, huh?”


It was the blond that burst out with. “C’mon, we’re your bonds! We’re really loveable, yeah? We’re made for each other!”


Keisuke gawped, the redhead looking at her and then at the two. “You got two?” The he burst out laughing. “The one who doesn’t give a damn about bonds has two! And found them first out of all of us!” He cackled at her groan, signing the two black shirts in her silver marker. “And they got the one of you, aww! You should totally wear it in front of her, she gets so red when people do.”


“Don’t tell them this!”


Yuichi snickered, poking her cheek from her right. “It’s adorable!” He elbowed her and hissed into her ear, “Give them your number. Don’t be an asshole. You know it’s rare, and they’re Heroes as well. Give ‘em something to look forward to when they come home to you. You know they’ll treat you right.” He then grinned at the next woman coming up, squeaking at his wink at her.


“Hurry up,” Keisuke said, passing her a piece of paper.


A growl, and she wrote her number down, passing it to the black-haired dude. She saw him smile at her lightly, eyes dark on hers. “Name’s Ina. Don’t go crazy texting me or I’ll ignore you permanently.”


“Thanks, baby!”


“Aww, he called you baby,” Keisuke teased, purple eyes looking at her in amusement as they went. “So cute.”


“Yeah, yeah. I wanna eat after. Coming?”


“Hell no, after party, girl!”


“Ah, fuck that, I got a shoot in the morning.”


Keisuke gave a dirty grin. “Invite me.”


“Fuck off.”




Ina stopped by Coco Curry House on the way back, listening to things on her headphones.


She had no idea about two Heroes following her.


Fifteen minutes later she was carrying her food back on home.


Green and black eyes locked together in a victorious smirk.


"She walks so cute! Her sway in her hips is soooo entrancing!"






Waking up early sucked, but Ina was up at five to wash and jetting out in a lazy t-shirt, hoodie and pair of shorts and running shoes.


About half an hour later, unaware of an extra set of eyes on her, she entered the building and nodded at the receptionist, who waved at her happily.


“How many sets am I showcasing today, Mimi?”


The blonde hummed and looked. “About twenty. It’s you and Mitsuki today.”


Ina nodded, inwardly grimacing. Mitsuki was bitchy and snide, but she was so hot that it just didn’t matter.




“Shouta!” Hizashi hissed into the phone, watching their bond eagerly from the building across. “She’s a model! For lingerie!”




His eyes couldn’t help but dart all over her, his cock twitching in interest. “She looks so good. Our baby is fucking sexy, Shouta. Oh god I want her to smile at me like that.” He sighed out dreamily.


I’m looking her up. Ina Suzuki.


“Suzuki? But she’s western? Wait, she ain’t married, is she?!” He began to pace, thinking of some disgusting filth touching his bond. It sent a bolt of fury winding down his back. She was his soul bond. Shouta’s bond. He fretted for a moment at the thought of her married. “I didn’t see a ring!?”


It looks like her mother remarried,” Shouta murmured, relieved, which instantly settled Hizashi too. “Seems like she’s been a model for the last couple years. Makes sense, she’s attractive.


“Our baby is a looker!” Hizashi crowed proudly. Then it clicked. “Wait, so people are seeing her-”


Shouta agreed with his irritated tone. “She’ll need a new job. She can’t do that band thing. They’re getting popular. Means tours.


“But she looked so good on stage! This hurts my MC soul, baby!” His eyes were locked onto the woman. “Can’t we just have them stay here somehow, around Tokyo? She loved it, you saw it too, right?! What if she hates us?”


The man soothed, “She’s our soulbond. She won’t. She can’t. It’s impossible.


"Yeah, you're right, baby." Present Mic sighed out in relief... then he narrowed his gaze at the man in the room. “That’s a male photographer.”






Aizawa looked down at the unconscious man before him with a dull look on his face.


He took out a knife.


“Looking at my soulbond like so. How revolting you are.”


His gaze rested on the mans face, specifically his eyelids.


“You won’t be seeing anything anymore. Especially not her.”




Ina paused, and then apologised to Takeshi by text, about to cancel her date.


Had to try with the soulbonds, right?


Something like that.


A smile at the thought of them so hopeful, even if one was seemingly more than a bit closed off, and she text that she couldn't make the date.


Getting a reply of understanding she sighed in relief at, and she went on with her day.




Hizashi beamed at the pair of eyeballs in the bag being offered to him.


Shouta gave the slightest smile.


He plucked the bag and jiggled the eyes about, giggling a little. “Thank you for the present, Shouta! I love them!” He kissed his husband, affectionate and overwhelming. “What shall I do with them? What do you think? You know I love to hear what you say.”


That pleased him, enjoying the touch and grabbing his hips. “Whatever you want, darling.”


Hizashi hummed, kissing up his neck for the comfort of it, enjoying the heat of their link. It came to him. “I know! I’ll put them in a blender! And pour it down the sink!”


Aizawa had a nastier thought. “He’s in hospital. Maybe you could slip it into his meal?”


“Shouta! You have the best ideas!”




Ina breathed heavily. “Ten miles. Finally.”


Modelling meant a shit ton of exercise, and dieting. Personally she hated it all. Running sucked but she was trying to build her stamina up for when the group went on tour in a month. Exercising was down on stage as she bounced around to keep the energy up. Dieting was bullshit, too, and she’d had to get creative more than once.


Who knew the most annoying part about being an adult was deciding what to eat for the day?


And she damned herself for always wanting different foods as well, picky, and bit too much of a food lover with a fondness for cooking.




The modelling was lucrative enough, but she’d gotten an apartment she loved that had a rent she didn’t and that had to be kept up. But her liking of it dwindled, hating how the pictures were always edited and made her look somehow off. She loved the lingerie, but now she wanted to keep that more to herself, and, well, maybe to her soulbonds as well? She cursed herself. Great. One meeting and they’d been on her mind ever since. It right fucked her off.


Because she got it.


Finally, she got it, and it really did feel like eating humble pie.


Keisuke asked her how she was feeling about having her words slammed back into her.


Take a fucking hike.


All she got was a sound-clip that opened to his obnoxious laughing.




Rueful, she smiled. Then, she went to the grass and slumped on it, putting an arm over her eyes to block the spring sun as she breathed hard. The grass was soft, her music had long since gotten to the end of the album, and the sun made her feel lazy. It was good having the beams haze over her and warm her up-




A shadow had crept over her.




Oh… gosh.


She peeked out at him, seeing the man holding out a bottle of water for her.


It made her smile at him.


Hizashi felt dazed for a moment. “Aha… wow you’re so beautiful like that, baby.”


Ina coughed into her fist, unsure what to do with that because he was looking at her in a manner of being absolutely struck, and it was… overwhelming. She’d never had a guy look at her like that before. She swallowed silently and took the bottle, cracking open the lid. “Thank you, uh…”


“I’m Hizashi, family name Yamada! Hero name Present Mic!” He happily introduced cheerfully and then crossed his legs and slumped down to the grass next to her. “I should have brought some snacks, then we could have had a mini-picnic and got to know each other!” He sighed at a missed opportunity to woo her and make her fall in love with him like he was with her. He couldn’t wait for her to say it to him; he wanted to hear it all the time! The thought made him grin. “I can’t wait to know all about you, Miss Guitar! You looked awesome up on stage, I was cheering you on all night!”


“I’m Ina Suzuki. I’m glad you enjoyed it. You look like you’re into music with your Hero outfit,” She noted, taking him in. He seemed to puff up at her noticing things about him, and it made her lips quirk up. Yeah, he was confident. She liked that.


“Hell Yeah! I’m a DJ for Hero FM!”


“Hence the name Mic?”


“Something like that, baby.” He grinned, eyes watching her and just taking her in, trying to memorise her. Ah, she was so lovely. Cheeks all red, sweaty and breathing hard, and chest slowing down from its fast beating. He wanted to make her look like that naked. He swallowed the saliva that built in his mouth. His pants went uncomfortable for a moment at the thought. Idly he wondered what she’d do at the sight of him hard for her. Images of her little smirk wrapped around his cock made his dick twitch as they danced in his head. The urge to touch her was irresistible, throbbing in him, making his fingertips tingle with the need to fulfil it.


He blinked.


Not yet. She barely knew him.


His eyes tracked as she sat up and couldn’t help but reach out to the soak strands that block the sight of the side of her face and brush them behind her ear, watching her eyebrows flick in surprise at the action. “Just wanted to touch ya.”


She huffed through her nose in amusement.




The two looked around, Yuichi, coming over, tail wagging hard as he waved, a couple plastic bag of groceries in one hand. He jogged over, a wide smile on his face and slunk his arm around her shoulders and hugging her when she got up to greet him. “I got it! A date!”


Hizashi stilled, his throat pained with holding back the Quirk that’d slam this wretched fucking piece of shit wolf-


“With Akira!”


Hizashi frowned, confused and a little relaxed now.




“No way, the girl you’ve been crushing on for the past like-”


“Forever?” Yuichi said dryly, letting go and slumping next to her. He turned to Hizashi. “There’s this really cool girl at the seven-eleven,” He held his bags up that came from there, “And she’s so cute and nice and I met her a couple times outside of work and boy…” He sighed happily. “I got her number, so we’re going on a date!”


Ina grinned at him widely. “Congrats, man! Invite her to a gig so we can meet her if it goes well! Wait, let me introduce you. Yuichi, this is one of my soulbonds, Yamada Hizashi. Hizashi-san, this is Yuichi, my cousin.”


Relief pounded through Hizashi. Not competition. Family. Good. “Hey, hey, listener! Nice to meet you!”


“Present Mic, yeah? Love your DJing mix.”


That made him grin, because he liked that his new cousin was into his music. “Thanks! Maybe we could interview your band one time on air? That’d be fun!”


“I’d love to, but discuss it with Ina, cause I gotta run on home and get ready for Miko.”




“Hey, if I want a girl I don’t slow down, lovely,” Yuichi grinned at her and Ina snorted.


Ina stated, "Don't go too crazy if she barely knows you!"


Hizashi listened to that fully, thinking hard on it.


“I won't. Have fun you two! I just wanted to share the news! Bye!” He rushed off as quickly as he came.


Ina waved, only for Present Mic to hold her other hand. “Hm?”


“Let’s go on a date as well!” He exclaimed, feeling a buzz at touching her. Wow she felt so soft. He had a preference for men in his spectrum of what he preferred so wasn’t expecting this. But of course he’d like her. She was made for him.


For them.


She was made to be loved by them, to give them love to want them, need them.


He shivered at the thought of her wanting them so desperately~


“Uh, I’m all gross and sweaty-” Ina said, unsure, plucking at her vest.


He inwardly melted at her want to look good for him on a date. His baby was so nice. “I don’t care! You look good.” His eyelids lowered, scenting her fresh sweat and deodorant as he dipped closer. He felt like he was magnetised to her, the feeling of heat had spread between them when he held her hand. Just like with Shouta. It was a slightly different feeling though. With Shouta it was comforting, because the man could fight beyond well and was protective of him and the heat enshrouded him. With this, it was so much sweeter, like a heated caress i private that he felt the need to keep guarded over. He wondered if this was what Shouta felt for him? What was the difference in heats?


Ina swallowed at the almost predatory look mixed with the headiness of the soulbond warmth. “Well, a coffee sounds good?” Nothing too heavy with that and potentially quick, as well.


“Yeah! If you want it let’s go get it!”


“Me want it? I mean, well, if you want tea or something instead…?” She offered, not really bothered but she saw it made him grin wider at her. “Uh, a milkshake?”


Hopping on the invitation, he nodded. “There’s a good family restaurant I know that does the best milkshakes around here! Let’s go, let’s go!”


Not really wanting to, she said, “I’m too gross for that-”


“Don’t worry, they know Shouta and I well! They won’t mind at all, just a milkshake, right?” He could see the slight shake of her head, that pretty much said ‘well, yeah, but’ and promptly took it for a yes because it wasn’t a demanded no. He had to be good to his girl after all. Oh he would be… Then he hummed. “But I might also grab some food for later.” He thought, knowing his husband would be happy for some Italian food.


“As long as we’re not staying there for more than the shake. I have more things to do today.” She thought of all her damn chores and then work as a part-time programmer. As much as she adored music and her band, bills, man. They were still only just starting off. “Tell me about yourself, Mic. Being a Hero must be quite the one-eighty from a band-member…?”


He was a bubbly man, full of zazz and energy and stories galore, and Ina found time slipping away as she listened, her stomach eventually grumbling and her eyes flickering contemplatively to the menu. Something he’d picked up on straight away, continuing his story as he pushed the menu to her. Noting she was unsure, telling her of good choices, especially for if she wanted to up her stamina. It must have been three hours she was there, laughing with him and sharing her own music stories that he swallowed down as if dying of thirst. It made her flush from such intense watching as he soaked up each word, smiling dazedly at her when she used her hands to talk.


It's when he was about to order desert that her eyes caught the clock and she sucked in a breath. “Fuck, I have to book it. I’m so sorry, Mic. I don’t want to be late for work! I have to shower, and-” She got up, scrabbling to her pocket to pay. “How much-?”


“I got it, baby! You,” He choked a little here and covered it up with a cough as she looked up at him, “You go leave.”


She couldn’t help it, blurting out, “Next time, it’s on me.”


That perked him up greatly.



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“And Shouta! She eats so cute!


The man smiled at his lover being so thrilled with the progression of their seduction of their lady, leaning his cheek on a fist. He lounged against the arm on the side of their leather sofa as he watched the blond pace excitedly, happily relaying all that happened as a bowl of pasta sat on his lap. “Aa.”


“Oh! And she has a cat! We’ve got a new pet! She said he’s fluffy and loves treats and to fight, that’s he’s a little brat that never shuts up but adores him.”


That got his interest, with Hizashi shooting him a knowing smile. “Name?”


“Rufty. Or little bastard.”


Shouta snorted, being able to imagine it.


“She said she has work, so I-” Then the blond scowled. “I didn’t get where she works. I got that it was two places but then the conversation went elsewhere.”


“We’ll see her tomorrow.” Though he had the biggest urge to go to her place and stake it out, protective. “Though I’ll drop by her place to check the security.”


Hizashi nodded, approving. “Yeah, baby can’t be unsafe. You’re such a good man, Shouta,” He pretty much purred, slinking his way over to the sleepy black-haired man.


Smirking, Shouta tugged him down with a sharp jerk and kissed him fully, knowing exactly what Hizashi wanted and was more than prepared to take him over the side of the sofa. Though not before putting the meal his lover had brought back for him to the side for safety. He wasn’t inconsiderate. His hand slid up Hizashi's side. "Let me make you feel good, love."


His reply was soft sighs.




Ina came back about eleven, ten-hour shift over and done with.


All she wanted to do was snuggle up with her cat, playing with him for an hour or so, maybe with some television in the background, and then slam into bed. Work again early in the morning, a nap, and then a gig at some other bar and a loooong sleep.




Pausing, Ina turned, about to go into her apartment complex. How did she miss the heat coming up on her? “Oh, Shouta. Hi. You good? Did you enjoy the Italian Hizashi got you earlier?”


Pleased at her lack of using honorifics, he nodded. “Yes. I just got off my patrol.” He noted her look over him, checking. He smiled into the weapon around his neck. Good darling. Knew when to look after him already. He liked that. He looked to the apartment complex. Not bad. He’d thought the same as he started his patrol. Had a night guard and cameras. For temporary purposes of her safety, it’d do. She’d soon move in with them, after all, and two Heroes were better than some civilian security guard with a strength Quirk. They were setting a room up for her, getting things in. He’d already ordered one of those cat trees and a kitty box for her cat, and Mic had got in new amps and guitars for her. She’d have the things she’d love around her.


That would show their love on a minimal scale.


He couldn’t wait to be able to see her all the time, feel the flex of her heat against him. His stomach fluttered with the thought of it, lust flaring through him, feeling parts of him tighten and clench at the thought, balls aching and feeling heavy.


“You look well, I’m guessing it went fine?”




A quiet few seconds of staring at each other, and then Ina looked away, unsure what to say to him.


Mic and herself had much in common… she had no idea about this one.


“I want to stay around you until you sleep.”


She snapped her gaze to him and stared, pensive. She kinda didn’t want the warmth to go so… “You, uh, like documentaries?”




“Pretty much?”


A small smile alit on his lips. “Yes.”


So, she invited him in, nodding at the guard, a built man named Daisuke, and led him up to her place.


Shouta took everything in silently, the paint, the style, the furniture. Surprisingly nice inside compared to what he thought it could be considering her love of music and how Hizashi had lived with posters over everything. Chirping echoed out, and suddenly a swish-swish of ginger fur came over. Interest took him, seeing the half-white half-ginger cat with the fluffiest tail he’d ever seen run over and flop all over her feet.


“Hello, my baby!” She knelt down on one knee and cooed over him, giving him rough scratchies that he turned into a purring mess over, slumping onto his side. “This is Rufty. He’s my furry crocodile I adore.” She went into her bag and took out a new dangling cat toy as he snorted at the descriptor for the large cat. “Here. He'll like you if you play with him. I’m just going to change quickly. Living room is to the left, I’ll make us tea after I change, yeah?”


Treating him so casually, like it was normal, he liked that. He took it, finding the back of her hand was soft. “Thank you, Ina.”


A smile and she went off.


His heart clenched, wanting her, wanting to touch and caress and stroke.


Minutes later and she was in long jersey shorts and a band shirt, socks only, and bringing in two mugs of green tea. She laughed a little, putting them on the wooden table before the suede sofa. “You’re playing far too tame for him. He’s been inside for ages and needs some exercise.” She took the stick that had a toy dangling from it and started darting it around fast, with the cat swiftly coming in and jumping it lightning fast. “He can go on for ages. He loves to play.” Yet within minutes with Aizawa playing with him, the little toy was shredded. “Murder-cat. Bully-boy.” She roughly scratched his stomach when he went to try and claw Aizawa’s boot, wound up and energetic, the cat latched onto her arm with claws. She snorted, able to ignore the pain of needles scraping after years of this. “That all you got?”


Still, she put him down and he scrambled away, in a funny mood.


Aizawa didn't like that.


Her pain made him feel like hurting something in her stead.


“Are you alright?”


The lower tones caught her attention. She looked at him scowling at her arm. “Ah, it’s fine. I’ve got little cat scars all over me.” She grinned at him, plucking the remote up and putting the television on and ignoring his frown as he eyed scratches beading with blood. The cat came running back in, back up and fur puffed out, made a loud sound, and then darted off again.




“He’s on a mad one, don’t mind him, Aiza.”


Shouta grinned lopsidedly, chuckling. “I like it.”


“You know I take him on walks? He loves it.” She turned the channel to some history of Meiji period show.


He blinked. “Walks, like a dog on a leash?”


“Exactly.” She grinned.


A laugh left him. “You’re something else. I want to see it.”


“Day after tomorrow, I’m free all day and will go then. Or Friday afternoon,” She mused, looking up in thought. “Join me then.”


Not see her tomorrow? What a ridiculous thought, being without her warmth at least once a day. She was their bond. He’d get Hizashi to bring her around theirs tomorrow. Nodding, he turned to the television, glad to also have the day after as well. “Day after tomorrow it is.”




Ina yawned, wondering what happened to the photographer. “So he just… didn’t turn up?”


The other model shrugged, a woman twisting and fiddling with the corsets they were to be wearing for the magazine. “Pretty much.”


The woman working on Ina’s lingerie outfit spoke up, “I heard he was in the hospital form one of his family members ‘friend of a friend’ sort of gossip. Not sure what for though.”


“Gosh, I hope he’s alright?” Fumiko murmured when the woman was done, going to the green screen.


Ina shook her head as she topped up the lipstick given to her. Mind ignoring the missing man, she was glad to get a female photographer for once. It was nice to not be looked at like a piece of meat.


Her mind went to her bonds, who most assuredly had done so, but, well…


Memories of the adoration of Hizashi staring at her with sparkles in his swirly eyes, and the attentiveness of black eyes of Shouta watching her came to mine.


A little smile graced her lips.


They were hers.


She’d have to make sure they were well. Heroes were known for their self-sacrificial stupidity after all.




How strange this soulbond was.




The good thing about the modelling was that Ina got to have her face made-up without having to do the labour-work herself, and she felt great when she got to keep a version of the underwear. She didn’t know how many dozens of sets she had, and wearing this new one under a punk-red and black plaid skirt and a black tight band top with pinned-buttons all over them of different band logos she liked and a baggy half-leather jacket and Victorian looking boots, she was rocking out and feeling hot as hell for it. The gig was far more crowded than usual, and the band were all grinning. They were up and coming and this was showing them that completely.


They were getting popular, and as the only girl she was the favourite one after the main singer.


People liked her!


She danced without using hands around the stage with Yuichi, going over to the keyboard player Osamu who shook his hips at her in a little jiggy and making her laugh as she strummed hard.


It’s then Ina felt a heat, more with a… not darker, but more shaded flavour to it that had a kick of fire almost, and realised she’d gotten used to her soulbond’s warmth enough to know this was Shouta. And then she felt Hizashi come in about four songs later. His soulbond heat was something more like vibrations, and there was a vivacity to it that fully reminded her of his personality. She wondered what hers felt like.


Yuichi gave her a grin as she got ready for her solo part to showcase her technical skills on the guitar. He sung the last note, watching as she put a foot up on a speaker, and realising she could have photos taken of certain private areas, sat before the speaker, putting chin in hands and smiling up at her as she absolutely ruled the song. Mesmerised by her fingers, the crowd watched, cheering when she finished. Yuichi winked up at her, and she grinned back widely, loving this.


Her orange eyes caught onto Hizashi’s entranced ones and licked her lips before she realised what she was doing absently could be seen as lecherous, giving him a roguish grin, high on adrenaline buzzing through her. Her eyes went next to Shouta, who was smirking at her, impressed… and something else.


Not sure what, she looked away and winked at Yuichi’s date, who went flustered but waved, only to fall into step with the lead singer and dance the same steps he did, minus the hand movements. Two more songs, and it was done, the crowd cheering them, sweat dripping down their bodies. They bowed to the crowd and went off stage, cold beers and bottles of water waiting for them in a back room. Patting each other on the back, they rested for a bit, knowing they’d come out and sign stuff in a bit.


Ina grinned, let photos happen and signed a bunch of shirts and albums, surprised when they sold out.


And of course, Hizashi and Shouta were last up, with the group welcoming them, all knowing of the two now. “Baby! That performance was electric! I got shivers! You’re so skilled! I’m so proud!”


Ina felt her cheeks go red, but she gave him a soft grin, expecting to see them tomorrow not today and wondering what she should feel about that. “Thanks, Mic. Didn’t know you’d end up here.”


“We wanted to see you together!”




She poked at the memorabilia they had. “You also didn’t have to buy another shirt.”


“It’s a different one,” Shouta pointed out. “Also we support you.” Well, mainly Hizashi. Shouta was still thinking of ways to stop this touring, but Hizashi so adored her on stage, and if two of his soulbonds wanted this then… hm. He was just glad Hizashi agreed for her to live with them easily. “Come around ours tonight.”


Ina sipped her beer. “You know I’m meeting you two, tomorrow?”


“But this way we can have longer together! We’re teachers on top of Heroes, you know?” Hizashi implored, eyes hopeful.


Knowing she’d be out probably most of the night, she’d left the cat food on timer so it’d open at eight in the morning and Rufty would be fine... “Well, alright.”


“Yes! Oh, oh! Sign!”


Ina did sign the t-shirts, putting a hand to her face when Hizashi instantly put his on and held his arms out for a hug. “No.” She glowered when Yuichi and Rei poked her cheeks insistently, laughing at her.


“She loves it!”


“I do not!”




“Don’t laugh!” She knocked her beer back, smacking it down. “You guys are pricks!” She stood up. “I’m getting a drink.” She strode away, annoyed at them pointing out that sort of thing again, putting a middle finger up when they had the gall to ask for her to order them drinks. Arms slunk around her, and she looked up at a person she had no clue who he was. “Eh? Let, the fuck, go.”


“Sexy girl! Hey-”


Suddenly he was gone, and she blinked as Aizawa was there, an arm around her waist and locking her to his side. She felt like melting into his side, not realising how heady feeling a soulbond was physically. It's like she just fell into her bed, was cuddled and swaddled up in love and adoration. She kept herself upright, but she could feel him lean on her heavily, cheek leaning against her temple and her hand went into a fist to stop herself from doing the same. “Thank you. But it’s not the first time it’s happened, Shouta. Doubt it’d be the last either.” She strode forward and out of his hold to get to the bar.


Not that it lasted long, his hand finding it’s way to the other side of her waist once more. “It will be with us around. We won’t let it happen.”


Hizashi came up, slinging an arm around her shoulder, a little out of breath a moment or three later and smelling like something familiar she couldn't quite place. “He won’t bother you again, baby.” They got to the bar, the pair of them ushering her on the seat and squishing her between them and touching her.


She swallowed, wondering at the odd feeling she had.


Good, bad?


Ina wasn’t sure.


(What happened to that guy?)


A bartender came over, youthful and wowed at her being there, grinning. “Great show, Ina-san! Bossman says you’ve got another round of beers for the band?”


“Oh yeah, then that and a Hibiki 16-year double for me?” She smiled, feeling fingers tighten on her.


“Nice choice. Coming right up. Gentlemen? What can I get you?” The barman asked, a little bit cooler in tone but curious about the two with her.


“The Hibiki?” Hizashi asked of Shouta, who nodded. “We’ll have the bottle on us, yeah? Just a fresh one. We have our soulbonds’ covered.”


“It’s okay-” She held a hand up.


“We want to!” Hizashi grinned at her. “You worked hard tonight, baby! Let us give you something small?”


Swallowing, Ina found herself wavering under the warmth of the bond and his earnest expression. “You really don’t have to-”


“Let us,” Aizawa murmured in her ear. “It would make us happy.”


She felt the tiniest of shivers go down her spine. She nodded slowly. “Alright then. Hibiki on them and the round of beers, please.” Shouta’s fingers danced along her back in reward, with Hizashi slinking his head to lay on hers, pleased. Moments and the drinks were before her, and with a grin, she plucked the tray up. “Thanks, mate.” The two followed as she went to her group in the back. “My darling band, let me properly introduce you to my soulbonds!”




"What'd you do with him?" Shouta asked as the two were alone in the bathroom an hour later.


Hizashi sounded a bit proud as he remarked, "Just used my Quirk to turn him into bits. Vibrations are a hell of a thing. Don't worry, I took out cameras and such. Can't have our baby touched by anyone, you know?"


Shout did love his man. "I love your pro-activeness."


"Is that all?"


"No. I love the thought of our Darling at ours."


"Not an impossible thought! A couple more drinks and she's good as happy to be there and then we can begin to be a real soulbond trio!"




Chapter Text



Unsure how it happened, a couple hours later Ina was on the sofa of the two in an expensive looking apartment, Shouta fiddling with one hand of hers and leaning on her. Hizashi mimicking was holding her knee instead, rubbing a thumb up and down as they watched some sort of horror film and he was fully against her. She wasn’t paying attention to them, into the B-movie and laughing quietly to herself at the bad lines.






Hizashi blurted out, “I want to kiss you.”


“That sounds like your problem, not mine. Don’t try it.” Ina continued to watch the film as Shouta snorted. She heard Present Mic whine and tug at her but drunk her was kind of a bit mean and she scowled. “Stop whining. We’re hanging out not making out. I’m here because I want to get to know you, not your body. I can do that with any guy at any time. Don’t act like this. I don’t like it when I barely know you. It’s a turn-off.”


“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, baby!” Hizashi swallowed, Shouta watching this carefully.


“Well, you did. If you wanted to make out with someone, you’ve a husband right there and you should have left me at the bar with my band where I’d have been happy with my boys and I’d have seen you tomorrow.”


“I wouldn’t leave you behind anywhere, Ina-baby,” He assured her quickly, holding her cheeks.


Bloody fools-


“You misinterpreted what I said.” With that she pushed his hands away and reached for her drink on the table before her. “I came here to enjoy you as people, not as fuck buddies. We’re soul-bonds, that means something. Don’t make it mean nothing to me by acting like a fuck-buddy would. I have no use for them in any other way. Do you understand what I’m saying?” She looked at Hizashi, who just pouted, but then at Shouta, who nodded.


“Too fast, and it seems like we’re after only one thing. We want us as a package,” He commented.


Ina smiled a little, looking at her glass for a moment. “I’d like to try for that, too. But too fast is too fast. It’s only been a few days.” She knocked back the water and then slumped back on Hizashi's lap and looked up at him. “So stop worrying.” She poked his nose, only to yelp as he hugged her tight, exclaiming over how cute she was and swaying from side to side.


Shouta couldn’t help but eyes the knickers on show, some sort of black floral lace thing attached to stockings with a garter that had him clenching. Oh fuck that looked hot. Her knickers hiding the lick pussy he wanted to see. She looked so good his mouth salivated and he couldn’t help but duck down to get a closer look as Hizashi kept her entertained up top. The scent of the excitement from her pussy made him shiver, hot and womanly and addictive.


It’s then he saw the word, golden, over her hip.


His Word.


The declaration of his claim.




The perfect and completing complement to his, ‘Need something, mate?’ just under his left nipple and the, ‘Hey Hey Hey! Let’s get it rockin’ seat neighbour!’ on the inside of his left thigh along the muscle.


The urge to touch it was too strong.


Shouta reached and gently touched his word, not expecting her to buck and then gasp in a way that had him hardening in his pants near on instantly. So hard it almost hurt. Her legs snapped back, calves crossing to block the sight of it. He watched her push Hizashi up and hold him there, half-glaring and half-incredulous... and after exactly what she just said and he agreed to he ducked his head in apology. “I couldn’t help it. The sight of my mark was almost too much to take.”


She sat up, pushing her skirt back down, clearing her throat.


“Ooh! Soulbond mark! Can I see mine? Where is it?” Hizashi asked eagerly, wanting to see the gold of his own on her. “Look!” He began to strip his leather pants off with ease and tilted his leg out for her, showcasing his groin.


Her eyes flickered past the bulge on his cock (was he kind of hard from just hugging her?) and then the fine golden hair of his surprisingly meaty leg muscle to see it. She frowned and tilted her head, silently lipping the words.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say…?


Oh yeah. And yeah. She got it. The urge to touch it was overwhelming and she fisted her hands. “Oh.”


“Go ahead, touch it! I know the feeling!” Hizashi gave her a wink, green eyes mesmerising her.


Staring at it a few seconds longer, she slowly reached out. She sleekly touched it as if entranced, smoothly tracing up the few centimetres it lasted for, and jerked at the groan coming from him. She saw his dick harden and twitch in his tight boxers and felt her own pussy attempt to clench on nothing. It was too much for how long she’d known them and she pulled back before he could grab her or touch her back. “Thanks for showing me.” She shifted away.


“You’re so gentle, baby, so cute,” Hizashi admired her, eyes bright and fervent on hers and leaning forward to her. “I love your eyes, they’re amazing. I like ‘em on me. I want to see you watch Shouta as well. Baby, will you touch Shouta’s mark? Where’s your mark of my bond?”


“Uh-” She averted her gaze back to the film near finished. “Another time.”


The Hero hummed, not shifting away and contemplating where it would be. “Well, if you’ve got one on your hip, I’ve got mine on my hip and my inner thigh, then Shouta has his on his inner thigh and under his nipple…” Hizashi remarked slowly, ducking his face closer to hers, watching her turn away with a little huff out her nose. “Is my baby shy because my words are under her nipple too?”


Shouta smirked as she scowled at being found out. “I think so, Hizashi. Let us see it. Only that. Nothing more unless you wish it.”


Drink guiding her a little – she was intensely curious now and liked the feeling she’d gotten from the touch and being touched – she looked between them with citrus eyes and nodded. “Alright.”


Gleefully, Hizashi pushed her back onto Shouta, who’d turned around to lean on the arm of the sofa and have her back to his chest, slinking an arm around her waist. She looked so cute against his husband he wanted to just pet her and kiss her on him and watch Shouta try hard to hold back while being turned on so badly. But that could be saved for another time. This time his baby was letting him see her mark. His bond of loyalty and affection on her perfect body. She lifted her band top, shoving the base of it into her mouth. He groaned. “You look so good, baby. Shouta, she looks like she tastes so good.”


“Smells delectable, too.”




Shouta felt her squirm from being watched and put his face into her neck, taking her scent in. “Aa.”


Hizashi smiled softly at them, loving them and loving them together like that. Meant to be. His eyes slipped to her breasts, devouring them before him. His hand grasped her upper ribs just under her breast, thumb playing with the hard underwire before he slipped a finger under and her breast was open to his viewing pleasure. A rosy pink-red nipple above golden words of his claim made him suck in a breath, cutely puckered and making him want to suck on it. Unable to resist, he hungrily leant down and let his tongue slip out and along her words and then up to her firm nipple, lightly suckling and getting a sound.


It was a little keening sound that left her, making her buck up her hips in reaction because that felt so fucking good holy shit. Teeth grazed her shoulder as Shouta kissed her there. She could feel slick dribble from her pussy as Hizashi went from her nipple to her words and then back to her nipple again, sucking harder. It’s then she swallowed, grasped his shirt and said strongly, “Enough.


Hizashi froze, nipple into his mouth popping out and he stared at the slicked-up bud before him before peering up at her narrow-eyed gaze. “Was it no good, baby? I thought-”


“It was good,” Shouta stated, not moving from her neck, watching swirly eyes flicker to his, “But too much for now.”


“What Shouta said.”


His gaze went to the television. “One more film and then sleep?”


Ina nodded, and didn’t move when he pulled her a little closer, grabbing the remote and finding something as his Hizashi shifted, pulling their woman’s bra down for her but opting not to pull her shirt all the way down, snuggling into her warm belly. He smiled at them getting along and put something on for them to sleep to.


It felt like moments later she was floating and then placed on something a little more giving, only to make some grumbly sound as she was pulled into a hold and then more weight was put on her after a moment.


Sleep.. Sleep was glorious that night.


Until the two decided to have fun looking...



Chapter Text



Ina jerked at her phone going off, and without looking at who it was as her bed companions woke up and fuzzily watched her, she said, “Who the fuck is calling at shitty o’clock? You’re dead to me if it’s not an emergency.”


You were supposed to go on a date with me last night!


The words were loud in the silence of the room.


“Fuck off, Takeshi, it’s,” She shifted up onto an elbow and blearily looked at the time on the phone, “Three sixteen in the morning and I cancelled it days ago. Get your drunk arse out of here and don’t call me again, you’re wankered.” She ended the call and put it on silence, flopping back into the bed with a little sigh.


The blond next to herself murmured quietly, “…Who’s Takeshi?”


“Just a work colleague. No one important anymore. Don’t worry, Hizashi." Ina tried to get up but he held on to her. "C’mon I just need the bathroom,” She got up, getting through multiple limbs trying to hold her back, not surprised the attached duo would cling to her in bed. If they could touch her without her explicit demands not to, they would. She inwardly ignored the thought of actually kinda liking that. That they wanted her so bad they’d reach out to touch even when just sleeping. Well, with how they'd acted so far, she wasn't surprised in the slightest. She wondered if she found it cute or exasperating. Eh. Both. “Do you have a spare top to wear, guys?”


Still incredibly jealous, Present Mic got up and grabbed the clothing he’d put to the side and hoped he inwardly wouldn’t have to offer. “Here, baby. Bathroom’s to the right, first door.”


"Thanks, lovely."


Momentarily dazed by that 'she called him lovely!!' , Hizashi went to Shouta as she left, hissing. “Takeshi? I don't recall finding that name in her modelling work connections!”


Shouta was silent for a moment, fury palpitating in him, grabbing his husbands hand hard to settle him. “Our soul bond is not for others to tread so nonchalantly on.”


“What shall we do, Shou?”


“Reconnaissance again.”


Hizashi nodded firmly, kissing him hard, needing to have some reassurance from the bond that loved him utterly. He sighed when the kiss came back just as hard and needful, feeling a tongue slick along his lip and he let him in, groaning into the kiss. His hands crept up Shouta’s chest, loving the flexing muscles underneath his digits. “Love.”


Ina came back in silently as they parted, feeling annoyed. “You two project too much.” They snapped their heads around and maybe there was still alcohol coursing through her, because she stepped up onto the bed and went to the middle of them, slipping to sit on the bed with a bounce. She grabbed them by their necks with her arms and pulled them to her chest, faces buried into her neck. At them being momentarily frozen she fell back, legs flopping over their thighs and dragging their legs closer. They slumped into her, nuzzling. “Don’t be angry at a drunken idiot. If you must be angry, be angry at me. I’ve not told anyone but my band about finding you. Not even family, now I think about it. I should get on that.”


“We can’t be angry at you baby, you’re our bond!” The idea was beyond Hizashi, nuzzling into her neck and cuddling her happily, revelling in the feel of her. She was happy to be held! She grabbed them first! His heart felt like bursting at this confirmation of what they were supposed to be. “We’ll love you forever and show you we’re best for you. Don’t worry about anything, we’ll be the greatest of bonds ever. We just want you to love us.”


“I can see it eventually happening.” Her lips rubbed over his forehead, fingers sliding through hair and he practically melted into her. Smiling a little at his heat throbbing in delight, she turned to Shouta, lifting the arm away from Hizashi to grip Shouta’s hands in hers, turning on her side to face the black-haired man looking at her intently, not blinking. “I don’t say things because my soulbond relationship is to be kept close to me. I need to keep my privacy as much as possible for when I get bigger with the band. It’s important to me. You know nearly everyone backs off when people say they have found their bond, it’s pretty much sacrosanct to not. Takeshi-“ She saw his eyes flicker to red and she quickly changed it to, “My colleague is not unreasonable, just drunk. He likely won’t remember calling at all. Lightweight.”


Shouta took the words in. “A lightweight.” He looked at Hizashi, who’d cuddled their new bond from behind, looking much calmer now. Perhaps he’d just monitor the situation then if Hizashi wasn’t so worried anymore. “Hm.” He lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. “We’ll keep you safe. We want you near.”


She smiled a little, stroking his cheek with the backs of her fingers, and he practically fell into her touch, rubbing his cheek against the softness of her hand with a sigh.


Unable to keep too silent for many lengths of time, Hizashi almost demanded, “Touch me like that too!”


“Shush, it’s Shouta’s turn for my touch.” Ina grinned a little at his whine and him shuffling more into her. “Don’t you want your husband to have my affection?”


They both were thrilled with that.


“You have two hands!” Hizashi pointed out plaintively, tugging her other wrist.


Ina smirked at her dark-haired bond. “You’re right. I do, Hizashi. Two hands for Shouuuta!” A laugh and she squidged Shouta's face between her palms, getting him chuckling and holding her hands to his face with his fingers around her wrists.


With a growl, Hizashi grabbed onto the two bonds and pulled them on him as he rolled to his back. He plied them with kisses, ecstatic as he felt the warmth of their soul bonds light up in trilling happiness which only led him to squealing and rocking them hard. Ina giggled as Shouta laughed lowly at the playfulness of his husband, happy he was happy. "Don't forget me! I want all the attention!" He stated, uncaring he sounded brattish.


She slumped on him now. “Sleep time.”


Doing his best not to push her from wanting to touch her all over so fucking badly right now, Hizashi nodded, doing his best to be good for her even though he was hyped up on lust and love and good serotonin.


“Goodnight, bonds!”


“Night,” Shouta and Ina replied softly and he preened as he felt a kiss from them both to his neck.


How it was supposed to be.




Not a half hour later, Hizashi grinned at Shouta as his bond inspected the underwear once again, this time being the one to have her back to his front and holding her legs out for his husband, knowing the scenting kink he had. “She does smell good. Sooo pretty! I want to lick her all up!”


“Lick…” Shouta murmured, nose brushing against her slit and inhaling. He definitely had a bit of a kink for smells and right now he just wanted to keep breathing her core in. He wasn’t going to push, but he couldn’t deny himself this. She was asleep. It was fine. He wasn’t forcing her into sex. He may be married to a man, but his bisexual preference ran more to the feminine, and while he adored Hizashi, he’d had every feeling their other bond was a woman and couldn’t wait to enjoy the suppleness of one once more. “Soft.” His mouth trailed up her mound to his word, and he licked a line over it, getting a little sigh and shift from his bond.


The Voice Quirk user grinned. “She liked that. Do it again, she looks so pretty moving for you like this. It feels good on me.”


Who was he to deny his bond? So Shouta did so, oh so slowly, watching her sleeping face as he ran fingers over the word.


Ina didn’t waken but he could see her slightly coming out of sleep.


He waited, pausing.


“S’okay, baby, go sleep,” Hizashi murmured into her ear and she made a soft sighing sound that had him hardening and felt her rest heavier against him. He smirked at his man and nodded slightly.


“Too much, have to be careful.” He went down to her covered slit again, detecting that the sensations over her word had slicked her up because she smelt more intensely now. His finger gently pulled away the lace from her pussy, and his cock throbbed at the sight of her slick stringing from the black knickers to the trimmed sight of her pretty, pretty pink needful pussy. “Fuck. Fuck.” He stared for a bit, entranced. This was his little pussy to please and to fuck and to play with. So cute. He trailed  finger down the side of one of her lips, opening her up and swallowing hard. His mouth watered at the sight of her all naturally lubed up from even the slightest of his attentions.


“She’s really made for us,” Shouta whispered to him, putting his face into her thigh, trying to pull himself together as he felt himself losing it for a moment, dizzy on the juiciness that was his bonds pussy. "Fuck." He couldn't believe this was his. Loved that it was. Couldn't wait to get addicted on her taste.


“What does she look like, Shouta?” The DJ asked, enjoying her body against him, feeling more peaceful for it as he cuddled into her.


“So pretty and perfect. We have a beautiful woman, Hizashi.” Reluctantly, he let the lace go back. Not without one inhale though, and after taking her in once more, he crawled up by her side and slumped by her.


“I wanna see.” The blond pouted but gently put her down and leaned on his elbow on her other side. “I want to put her in clothing like ours and wear my headset. I only have the best. She should have the best too.”


“She will. She already has us.” He ducked his head down to smell his finger.


Ina. He smelt of her.


She'd soon smell like him and Hizashi.


Time. They needed time to get her fully lost to them, and then it'd be perfect.


She was going to love them so badly she'd never want to leave them.


His eyes flickered red as he kissed Hizashi.


He'd make sure of it.



Chapter Text


Ina had finished her jog and after stopping by the local Family Mart, slowly walked back home, thinking of the things she’d need to do to prep her house for having her soulbonds over. At first it would just be Shouta as Hizashi had an afternoon patrol to do, but then they’d likely be staying over. She mused on that, bag of stuff in hand, wondering if she was okay with it from how fast it’d happened. Especially when she idly did some reading up on the subject of how fast bonds connected and got the feeling it was like a quick relationship of falling madly in love in a month for most others instead of what seemed like a bunch of days to her boys.


She wasn’t there yet, but they were always on her mind. They had her number, with Hizashi being quite the texter and completely ignoring her wish for him not to go crazy as he asked about this band or that guitar or this book, but she obligingly did text back every hour or so with a quick opinion and a little emoji or two just to settle him. Shouta was more the one to do the same as her though at lengthier times apart. He more liked the confirmation of her reading it and sending a little smiley face, and she found he liked cat pictures if his quick response to the picture of her cat being silly was anything to go by.


They were overwhelmingly adoring, and it was like a deluge of affection that had her stumbling from the shock of it.


So was she okay with this?






She was. Their touches felt good, she liked how they looked, she missed their heat. Fuck. It’d been, what, four days? She felt like she was beginning to go a bit loopy. Huh. Is this what being without part of your soulbonds did to you? There was something about that online wasn’t there? People changed, gaining some characteristics of the other bond. Another reason she’d disliked soulbonds. Fundamentally changing a person. The whole thing just sounded insane to want to be part of.


Yet, here she was, changing, thinking of them, starting to plan her time around them.


And losing the scowl at that thought and lightly smiling when she saw Shouta before her apartment complex, in a simple black shirt, matching jeans and boots. He looked a bit cleaned up as well, a bag on his back. “Need something, mate?”


It made Shouta’s lips twitch up. “You.”


“Well, here I am,” She replied in a drawl, taking her keys out as she entered the building, nodding at Daisuke who raised a hand in silent greeting. “So you have to tell me something, Shouta.”


His chest clenched at her calling him by his name so easily.


So personal.


As it should be.




“What does my soul-heat feel like to you? Yours feels protective and maybe a bit like hot sauce. Hizashi is like the purring of a cat that wants attention now I think about it.”


Shouta chuckled a little at her explanation for Hizashi. It fit. He thought of his one. “Hot sauce…?”


“The heat that comes from hot sauce, yeah,” She confirmed, looking back at him as they went up one level. “But the afterheat of it you can still feel on your tongue and lips rather than the initial burst of heat. Is that weird? It’s my favourite sauce if it helps.”


He didn’t mind it, half-liked it. “Didn’t expect it.” He pondered her one, feeling it out as they got to her apartment. “Yours is like a kotetsu in winter.”


Ina paused at that before her door, squinting at him. “Really? Lame. I’m so lame.” She laughed, opening the door and coming in.


Shouta didn’t think so, enjoying her laughter. He loved naps when he could, so it was perfect to him. “It’s not.”


She smiled a little. “How certain you sound.” Cat sounds, and Rufty jogged over with fluffy tail held up high, happy to see her after being lonely. “Aww, baby, did you miss me? I’ve been out a lot, I know, I’m sorry. I should get you company.” She mothered him a little, toeing her shoes off as she bent down to greet him. The cat lifted up to headbutt her face, meowing loudly and the sound echoed through the room, making her laugh. “Loud baby!” She scratched his chin and then said to her bond, “Oh, I got you and Hizashi slippers. Hope you don’t mind super characterful slippers.” She brought the wrapped pair out.


Considering her own were ones with large cat heads on the end, having the exact same was fine with him. He took them. “Thank you for thinking of me. Hizashi has the same?”


She brought out another set and flashing it at him. “So we can match, yeah?”


Warmth flooded him at that as she placed it down on a shoe stand. She wanted to be associated with them. Thought about them. Their darling had them on her mind. “Thank you.”


A smile his way that she didn’t realise made his heart race and his affection for her raise, and she went on in. “I didn’t really get much to eat, I figure we can just go get lunch to go as we walk my cat.”


“Aa. Sounds good.” The thought of her out and about without his protection made him irritable and overprotective (so many Villains out there that’d take advantage) so of course he’d go with her. Though he’d be thinking about ways of keeping her inside without forcing the issue, so to speak. Perhaps he’d speak to Hizashi about getting a new, much safer place with a garden for their cat so Rufty could roam free a bit? Potentially another cat as well? Now they’d found their bond, they should think about laying down permanent roots for their future together somewhere. He was sure they’d both be pleased with this seriousness for their future he was putting thought into.


She looked at him and said, “Let me wash up quick, okay? Watch the television or help yourself to my fridge.”


“Alright.” He was tempted to follow her into a shower but decided instead to look around as she washed up.


He needed to find good places to install cameras so he could watch her whenever he wanted to.


Soon enough, the woman had washed up quickly as she could, putting the load of laundry that finished on time into the tumble-dryer, in sweatpants and a short baggy top. She was sure he’d liked the fact he’d seen his bond word on her. Smiling, she came out with a towel as she dried her hair with it, asking, “Hey I didn’t keep you long, did I?”


His eyes traced over her, the cat complacent on his lap, enjoying scratches. “No.”


A bit of pleasure rushed through Ina at the sight of Shouta in her place and just happy with her cat and going through his phone and relaxing. “Good. Anything you wanted to do? Wait, Hizashi said you were a teacher, did you need to do work or whatever?” She sat next to him.


“Technically…” He flickered his gaze to his bag.


“I’ll give you my wi-fi password then, because me too.” She grinned as the cat stretched out onto her, fuzzy orange forearms on her thigh. “Want us both as a bed, huh? Greedy baby,” She cooed at her furry darling, getting purrs in return as she leant on Shouta and gave him scratches. “You’re gonna get orange fur all over your black clothing, Shouta.”


“It’s fine,” He gently told her, feeling awash in delight at having her on him, looking after their cat that purred loud enough it echoed in the apartment. “He’s got the loudest purr I’ve heard.”


A hum of agreement. “I told you he’s noisy. Sometimes he wakes me up from his purrs. Little motor. Okay,” Ina whispered and got up, getting his bag for him and handing it over. “We can work and just have him between us. Or I have this small table thing which has foldable legs you can put over him if you don’t want to move him from your lap?”


“Either.” He didn’t mind, whatever suited his darling best that was trying to be so helpful for him.


“Okay.” Getting her laptop, the foldable table, and some snacks she set them up, and for the next couple hours, the duo worked, herself on programming and Shouta on schoolwork while they were listening to soft music and sipping tea. Her shoulder was against his, and the cat had pretty much gone to sleep between them, what with the heat of their bodies and the laptops making him doze off. Every once in a while she stroked her pet gently, the large cat sprawling against her, fluffy belly available for touching, if one dared to. After some hours, she stretched her back, having done a good chunk of work, only to hear his phone go.


“Hizashi,” Shouta answered, reaching to stroke her hand, wanting the feel of her and the sound of Hizashi, “Aa. Just working. It’s not bleh, it simply has to get done.”


She made a sound of agreement, sending off what she’d done, getting a confirmation within minutes that they’d knock off four hours tomorrow. The company she worked for as programmer was good – as long as she did prerequisite forty hours, it kind of didn’t matter where she’d done it. And emails could be sent home as it could in the office. As long as she had skype available for the time she logged in so people could talk to her face to face, it was all good. In fact, one came through. “Sorry, gotta take a business call.”


Intrigued, he nodded, eyeing the screen. “Hn.”


“Enmei-san,” Ina nodded her head in greeting and gave a polite smile. “You got my work?”


Shouta was instantly silent at her suddenly reticent attitude, eyes narrowing on whoever the man she was talking to, even as Hizashi asked what had him quiet so quickly so he sent a text message to him.


We did. Thank you. What I wanted to do was send you an opportunity for a higher position in the business. You’ve worked for us for three years, I feel it is the perfect time to put you up higher.


Her mind went through why and couldn’t think anything up that was positive. “I see. Please send me the details, Enmei-san. I shall take great care in going over it. What is the time limit?”


He seemed a bit disgruntled by her polite tone and lack of enthusiasm for this chance. “The senior programmer leaves in three months, but we’d like to have someone temping to show us their ability for greater responsibility in the company, and so the opportunity to submit a letter is desired by four weeks’ time.


“Thank you, Enmei-san. My hours have been checked off for tomorrow?”


They have. I shall let you go. Please think on this opportunity.


“I will. Good afternoon, Enmei-san.” She was the first to click off the call. “Hm. Not sure what I think about that one.”


“You don’t like him?” The man wondered, sipping his drink.


“He’s… if it was any of the other three bosses, I’d be thinking on it, but him? I don’t know. I don’t get a good vibe from him.”


Shouta took that seriously. He’d get Hizashi in on that loop. “You work for a company programming?”


“Yeah. I have a modelling job, this, and I gig. I want to stop the modelling soon but it gives me the best money, especially when I like hi-tech and expensive music toys.” She sighed, giving him a lazy smirk. “Can’t help myself.” She shrugged, and then looked at the time. “Hey, let me go get ready for the cat walk. We can meet Hizashi-”


“He’s coming now.”


Licking her lips, she nodded, putting her laptop on the table before her. “Alright. Hey, did you…” She turned to him, finding him much closer than before, nose a scant centimetre from hers. “Oh.” He was waiting, she saw, his nose lightly tracing up hers while unblinkingly staring at her. The scent of him mixed with coffee he’d drunk just now was enticing. The heat of their soulbond seemed to coalesce and flex against each other, manifesting inner wants. She took the lead, slowly coming into trace her lips over his, letting her lips gently caress his lower one between hers. Ever so faintly, her hand rose to his shoulder and pushed him back.


Shouta went back willingly, enjoying the lightness of her touching, not pushing or demanding, just asking, and he was all too eager to comply and have her touch him. The cat left, he absently noted, ruffling his fur and walking off. He ignored it, feeling her chest settle against his, soft and giving and making him realise she had no bra on and that had his hips wanting to roll forward and grind against her. Instead he traced a hand up her spine, relishing in how silky her skin felt as she peppered little kisses along his lips but never fully kissed him, lips taking a journey down his cheek and along his jaw and he felt like melting into the sofa.


Soulbond. He loved his soulbond so much.


Ina shuddered as his hand rubbed the nape of her neck from under her top, knowing her bare breasts were pushed up against his really nice feeling top. He probably also picked up on that, but he wasn’t being untoward, though his body was tense.


Letting his finger begin to slide up to the words belonging to Hizashi on her-


The door rang.


“If that’s not him…” Ina grumbled, lifting up and setting herself to rights as she got up. Striding to the door, Aizawa protectively following steps behind with his capturing weapon in hand, she opened it, getting an armful of ecstatic blonde Voice Hero and vibrating soul-heat. A grin lined her features as he blabbered on about missing her soooo much and how cute she looked and did you miss me too?! That made her give a secretive smile. “I might have missed you.”


“Miiiiiight?!” He wailed, hugging her again.


Laughing, she closed the door, not seeing him beam from happiness at how pretty his darling sounded and how much that made his mind swirl from being so love-sick. She got out of his hold and plucked up the slipper from the shoe rack. “Cats for you, too. See?” Another huge hug and thanks, and she chuckled. “Did you want to rest up for a bit or are you okay to go walk my cat with me?”


“Let’s go walk your cat! I’ve never walked a cat! Can I walk your cat?!” Hizashi asked hopefully.


“Yeah, sure thing, he doesn’t mind. We just go around the local park. Let me go prep.” She smiled at Aizawa, who traced a hand over the bare portion of her stomach as she went. Swiftly putting on a bra and vest and a baggy cardigan, she grabbed a scarf because it was getting a bit chilly, pulling it on as she came out with the harness under her arm. Her cat struggled with it, hating being in it but he loved the outdoors and then he quickly charged to the front, where the two men waited for her, lowly talking. “Shall we?”


“Let’s rock, baby! Hey Rufty!”


The cat perked its ears but was focused on the door as his owner tugged on running shoes. The door opening had him dashing out, inspecting everything.


“Hm,” Shouta looked at the cat as they went on their way and then averted his gaze to keep a watchful eye out. The roads never seemed so dangerous as when he had his two bonds with him. He came in closer, staring down people around them as the two happily chattered away about some band, Hizashi holding the leash. He understood most people stared because of a cat on a leash, and while he got it, it didn’t stop him wanting to shoo them somewhere safer. Still it was later on in the day and people were more on trains going home. A bit more relaxed, the dark haired man focused on his partners as they walked into the park.


“Shouta, you’ve been quiet this whole time, are you okay?” She wondered, tilting her head but then Hizashi suddenly kissed her cheek and hugged her enthusiastically. “Hey, hey!”


Hizashi grinned widely, not letting go. “You care about Shouta!”


“Well, bond, so…”


Shouta shook his head. “Outside of walls is unprotected and I have to make sure you’re both well.” He felt Hizashi hug him with a grumbly Ina in the middle and felt so much more relieved at the touch, lifting his arm to put it around their waists and hold them to him. “This is a quieter area, less Villains, more police stations.”


“Acceptable, right?” Hizashi poked, not wanting their lovely Darling to wither away in that dinky apartment of hers. She needed to perform! To be bright!


“Of course it is. Keisuke and Osamu used to be Heroes in Fukuoka before they moved to here. They gave me the nod of approval when I suggested here,” Ina spoke, waiting as Rufty sniffed at some flower, ears going back as he disliked the smell. She moved forward, grimacing a little when Hizashi continued to hold them together while walking. “Don’t cling on, Hizashi, we can hug at my place.”






Reluctantly, he let go, sighing heavily, already feeling the ache at not touching her. He’d gotten used to not always being able to touch his first bond, but this second one was so new he felt the need to always touch her and make sure she was there. What’s the point of being around his Darling if he couldn’t touch her? “But I love touching you, baby! It makes me feel better to touch your soft skin. And you smell good. I missed you running, huh? All sweaty and breathing hard? And you won’t let me touch you now?” He sighed again, longing. “My baby is so mean to me, and Shouta hasn’t even had the honour of seeing you like I have.”


Ina eyed him in amusement. “You’re winding yourself up at this point.”


“You just do it for me. Didn’t think any but Shouta would.” He played with some strings of her hair in lieu of not being able to hold her and cherish her like he longed for, and it appeased him, if only a little as he grinned at his husband.


Eraser Head smiled a little into his capturing weapon. “Hm. Same.”


“I’ll admit, it’s… nicer to have you two than I thought.” She tugged on their sleeves at the same time, caressing and then letting go.


Hope lit up in them both. She’d been adamant about not wanting them straight off the bat.


This was welcome. Very welcome.


The two of them hovered closer.


She stared straight ahead adamantly. Their soulbond heat was intrigued, in a fashion, with Hizashi’s vibrations feeling like purring and Shouta’s spicy tingling both flaring against her. It prompted her own lust to build.


Hizashi felt in a daze as the feeling of her soulheat took him, like the heat between partners under a bedcover, sweaty and humid and instantly making him half-hard. Usually she felt like a cuddly day under covers, but this was decadent sexual want. He couldn’t wait to have her crying out on his cock, clinging to him, their own sweat blending. “Baby. You make me want to drag you back and do unspeakable things to you.”


“Unspeakable? From the Voice Hero?”


Aizawa touched her shoulder, unable to resist feeling her, coming closer to take in the scent of her tantalizing perfume. “Quite the achievement.”


“And from you?”


“Are you asking me to talk dirty to you?” He could feel her heat almost flex and ducked closer a little. “I’ll be sure to remember that.”


“Oh.” She blinked orange eyes at him, and then looked forward. “Fuck.”


“Whenever you want.”


“Wasn’t a question.”


“Mine was also a statement.”


Ina looked at Hizashi. “Oh, he’s good.” It made the blond laugh, grabbing her hand and kissing the back of it as Shouta chuckled. “Pretty charming yourself, Hizashi.” The flirting continued on like this for the walk, Rufty finally just sitting down and happily walked out. With a smile Ina plucked him up, his head leaning on her shoulder and looking around complacently, tilting his head into Shouta’s scratches, the man unable to help himself. “Home time.” Then she felt he stomach rumble. “Food. I need to eat.”


“We should have taken better care of you baby,” Hizashi instantly apologized, clinging onto her arm. How could he let her just starve when he was right there to get her something?! His baby worked hard, had two jobs she didn’t really like just to support her true passion – the very least he could do was make sure she ate good food that made her happy! He looked at her, making sure she didn’t hate him, but only got confused eyes. “I should have gotten you food, Shouta could be here and I could have gone off-!”


“Or, as is very normal, I can feed myself? Better yet, you’re around mine, I should be feeding you.” Even if, She thought internally, they’d rather been pushy enough to demand so much time with me. What’s weird was that she was… semi okay with it? She knew she liked being around them, they made her smile, but wasn’t this strange? It didn’t feel wrong but-


Shouta frowned, seeing the look on her face. “What are you thinking about?”


“Is this what soulbonds are like?”


“Have we done something wrong?”


“Well, I don’t know,” She began, unsure. “I’m trying to pinpoint it.” She hummed, picking up the pace.


Hizashi was worrying, making Shouta irritable at something making him be so and more when their Darling was clearly distressed about something. “Baby, have we done something wrong? Is it because you’re hungry? Let’s get food!”


“We’re getting food, yes.” Ina kept going, but the vibrations from him upset her. That was wrong wasn’t it? To be annoyed for another after, what four days of knowing them? But he was her soulbond! She turned to him, narrowing her eyes. She stood barely a step from him, seeing his flustered and reaching for her shoulders but yet to touch. “You’re my soulbond. It’s still too fast. But it isn’t. And it’s pissing me off.”


“You’re angry because you’re attracted to us?” Shouta asked, stepping just as close.


She scowled a little. “I’m angry at the soulbond itself for almost forcing it. But not you two. Yeah, I’m attracted to you both. To have it so easily work, isn’t that just suspicious?”


Shouta was the one to nod. “Aa. I had the same feeling. Helpless.”


“Whaaat?” Hizashi said, stunned.


“It’s illogical,” Ina stated, and Shouta nodded again.




They two looked at Hizashi, who was almost in tears and both of them jerked into action to soothe him, reaching a hand to him. “Why… why do I have such unromantic soulbonds!?”


“Oi,” The two said at once, getting a choked laugh form the blond. “We need to feed him, too, I think,” Ina added to Shouta, getting a nod in return. “Hey, when did you last eat, Hizashi?”




Shouta looked at her. “Takeout?”


She flipped her phone out. “On it. You guys want pizza or curry or what? Oh and you're staying around mine, right?”


A big beaming smile from Hizashi, who cheered, "Of course, baby!"



Chapter Text


They were in her home, Hizashi in Shouta’s lap leaning his back against the arm of the sofa and Ina’s front squished up against and over Shouta’s thigh and crossed arms on Hizashi’s lap as she lay on her front, the warmth shrouding them from a fully connected soulheat softly flaring in a most luxurious fashion they all inwardly adored. The cat was on her back, sleeping, and Hizashi was idly stroking it as they watched the film in peaceful quiet, soft stroking fingers dancing between them.


But then the credits rolled.


Suddenly Ina sat up, listening to the music with confusion. Rufty meowed in agitation as he was awoken and jumped off, fluffed up in indignation at the sudden movement.




“The fuck? That’s my track?” She went to her phone, calling up Yuichi. “Yu, I don’t give a fuck what or who you’re doing, did we give any rights to Wait For You?” She froze, getting up. “This film has my track without paying?!”


"What?! Some scumbags takin' MY baby's work?!"


“Ina. Let us help,” Shouta spoke gently, putting hand to shoulder, frowning deeply when she brushed him off instead of falling into him like he wanted. The distraught look on her face pissed him off. Who the hell took some small bands song like that? Well, he wasn’t surprised when he thought about it. There were always bastards out there. “Hizashi’s a DJ, hm? We have links.”


“But…” She struggled for a moment. “I can’t accept, I still barely know you guys-”


“We’re your soulbonds!” Hizashi grasped her into a hug, his mind whirring at touching her body for a second before he shook back into it. “Of course we want to help! You help us by being around us; we need you not like this.” He squeezed her tighter, wanting to do what he could to calm his gorgeous Darling down. “Let me ring some people up. Don’t worry about a thing! I got it covered, baby. I’ll look after you in this way.” He kissed her forehead gently, right where her frown was between her brows.


With Present Mic letting go to call someone instead of clinging to her, Ina… oddly believed him?


He grinned widely at her, almost... almost vindictive, and wasn't that a doozy?


Lost, she turned to Shouta who was scowling deeply, and she went to him, bending so her face was the same height as his. She felt his gaze look her face over and scowl. “Yeah, Yuichi… Hizashi is calling, uhm, someone, I guess, to help?” She reached up, tracing a finger down Shouta’s jawline, seeing the man closed his eyes in bliss and tilt his head into it. She wondered at how easy it was to please her two men who wished to make her fully theirs and have her completely satisfied by them however they could… But it seemed to come at the cost of being extra-clingy, overprotective, weirdly babied, and she wasn’t sure if that was a great balance there.


But this was soulbonds, right?


She’d always been iffy about it.


So maybe she was overreacting…?


Unsure, Ina focused back onto the worrying Yuichi was doing, letting her hand drop down to lay her fingertips on his stomach. “Mm. Mhm. Yeah.” Her chin was tilted up, and Aizawa rubbed a thumb over her eye, rubbing away an un-dropped tear of frustration. It made him scowl. Wanting comfort, she grabbed his hand and put it on her neck and shoulder, with herself laying her forearm over his and holding onto the back of his hand to keep it there.


Shouta liked that. A lot. His darling wanted him to look after her. Him. As was right. He wasn’t about to deny her this, because it was good progress. His thumb rubbed up and down the front of her neck, feeling the slight bulge of her larynx, so much smaller than Hizashi’s, and it made his heart flutter with the need to keep her safe and away from the assholes of this world, but it seemed it didn’t matter if she was out or in; things still happened to her. They’d have to remain close to identify threats to their darling, he surmised. He’d ask Hizashi. This music stuff was more his area. His guitarist bond was new to it.


New to them.


A twirl of his arm and he turned her to hold her by the front of her neck to his chest and then pulled her back with him, relishing her on his lap, in his hold. She was safe, under his control and relaxed onto him, and it made something beastly in him settle completely.


He found more of a thrill with her relaxing into him, kissing the right side of her neck, and smiling as she shied away a little from the sensation.




She was so cute.


They would love her so much~


Present Mic came over while talking seriously with someone, annoyed, but then he kneeled down, putting his arm around the pair of them and nuzzled into the free side of her neck. “Uh-huh. Tomorrow, yeah! I will definitely be there, listener! Thanks!” He tossed the phone to the side and smiled up at her. “Don’t worry, baby, I got you. Got a meeting with a few people tomorrow. We need evidence you made it before they did.”


“Got it.” She was instantly on her phone, sending videos to him via Bluetooth, the man getting up to check. “From two years ago, it’s on our personal page. Just an at home garage one. I also have the lyrics saved to the cloud dated about three years ago?”


Hizashi’s smile was wide and dangerous as he looked at her in upcoming victory… and it made her shiver and clench in places. “Perfect!”


Shouta tightened his hold, feeling it too, and liking her reaction. “He looks hot like that, doesn’t he?” He murmured, kissing up to her ear and down again.


She tilted her head to his ear. “Very,” She breathed out and hummed at his shudder and the tightening of his fingers on her body before whispering, “That grin looks vicious, like a shark on the trail of blood. The slinkiness to his moves is predatory. It makes me want to stroke him and enjoy his purrs. Or watch you do so.” Then she paused, chuckling. “I’d meant his 'flank', so to speak, but I suppose that comes out sexual, hm?”


“Hey, hey! What are you being all hush-hush about? Let’s make it a top three, babies!” Hizashi came over, pushing them back and laying on her, making her the middle of the sandwich and give an annoyed sound. He only snickered because she wasn’t throwing him off. “Replay!”


Shorty’s like a melody in my head!” Ina sung in reply, making Hizashi laugh and kiss her cheeks again and again. She giggled, pulling away, but both sets of hands dragged her back. Kisses lined her face and throat, making her whine a little and shift and she buried her face in Shouta’s chest. But it was pretty hard to ignore the two boners pressing into her. “Not in the mood for sex, you lascivious cretins-”


They chuckled. “We just want you to know what you do to us!” Hizashi said with faux innocence, delight in his eyes.


“Right. Sure.” She shifted up onto hands and knees above Shouta, but her blond soulbond followed, grabbing her hips and rubbing his clothed dick into her ass. Her eyes widened, stilling at the grinding. It felt good but… Something in her said no.


Shouta saw it, desiring it, but he was very focused on making sure she’d give in to them when she was more comfortable whenever they wanted. What was a few untouched boners when later on she’d be instigating so many more instead of this hesitance? He’d rather have another enthusiastic lover over one that didn’t want them. This was his soulbond, his darling to be cherished, and he did not want her to feel like they were rapists. They could never be so cruel to their Darling. He could bide their time well. She would love them soon enough. She had to. She was meant to. Ina would be madly theirs. “Another time, Hizashi. Our darling has had too much stimulation for one night.”


The man pouted, pulling her to him and flopping back opposite of Shouta, their six legs in the middle of the sofa. “I’ve been such a good bond though!”


Ina noted he had, twisting to him, on all fours above the blond. “You really have.” She tugged at the hair band keeping her long hair back, waves of sweet lime smelling hair dropping down to dance around them as a curtain and he gawked up at her, hearts practically in his eyes. “Can I kiss you in thanks?”


“YES!” He blurted out, thrumming with energy, wanting her lips on him so bad. "I'll do anything to have you kiss me baby, you're so gorgeous, so soft and lovely and talented~! I can't deny you or your hands! Please touch me and kiss me and love me so badly too!"


Ina swallowed, incredulous, turned on, and feeling a bit soppy. He begged so prettily. She turned to her bond behind. “Shouta, may I kiss your husband?”


“Please do,” The man replied quickly, holding his internal delight back as she tugged a very willing Hizashi up and pushed his back to Shouta’s chest.


Ina smiled raunchily, making sure to part Hizashi’s thighs while sitting on Shouta’s. “My, my, but you do look so good splayed out like this, Present Mic. Presenting Mic, perhaps.” She eyed his tented pants where what looked like a nice cock hid, making Shouta smirk widely and Mic give a little needful whine in his throat. Her hands climbed down his thighs, a thumb barely skimming over his hard dick and making him gasp loudly. It sent a thrill down her spine, but she instead slid her hands up to ignore it. The woman slid his top up and instead of being enticed by the abs, her eyes went to the snail trail of hair leading down into his pants, just as blond as his hair.


Her thighs clenched, and she could not resist ducking down and rubbing her cheek against it, looking up into his eyes.


That was so hot he didn’t know what to do but remark with a choked out, “Fu-uuuuck, baby-! Please! Adore me! Do that again! Let me see it baby, it looks so good-!”


A lazy smirk and she did, kissing his hip bone. “Sorry, bit of a weakness.” She tugged at the hair there at the base, and he made a wanting sound. Her arms swept around his waist a second later, with her lower body shifting forward so the heat of her core rest on the heavy line of cock belonging to Shouta. She ground a little and remarked in English as Shouta choked out a loud grunt, “Hizashi, you’re such a good boy, doing this for me, protecting my music.” It made a sound come from him and she got closer, leaning on his chest and rubbing his thighs, cock pressing into her stomach. “Such a good bond. So good to me. What a lovely bond, so good-looking and good to his baby.” That got a louder sound and she could feel him rub against her belly. “Will you let me kiss you, Hizashi?” She came up slowly.


His lips crashed to hers and she sighed into his mouth, giving back just as good as she got, the blond holding her face and giving her all his feelings. He kissed her hard, passionate, not wanting to let go and groaning loudly into her mouth, hips bucking hard. Shouta’s hand went to her hips and she could feel him stare, so she took over the kiss and the situation, running a hand into both of their hair at the base and gripping, pulling back slightly, getting loud twin groans of pleasure. She pulled back to smirk at them and then dove back into Hizashi’s wanting mouth, watching Shouta alone.


The dark eyed man watched hungrily as she sucked Hizashi’s lower lip between her own and tugged away a bit, letting go and smirking at him when the DJ keened for her, his head instantly lifting for more kisses she dodged.




She was a tease and he half-loved it and was half-disgruntled by it.


Ina stood up on her knees, looking down at them. “Hm. Yes. I think this is how I want to leave you until I enjoy your… specific attentions. Minutely sated and a lot frustrated.” She looked down. “You look like you have good looking cocks hidden away, too. I look forward to frustrating myself at not knowing how good they look,” She said with courage, and it seemed to turn them on if the reaching out to drag her down she jumped away from was anything to go by. “No, no! I want to build up tension.”


“Baby, we got yer tension, right here,” Hizashi said lewdly, gripping his cock and his lovers, Shouta putting his nose into Hizashi’s neck and grunting noisily.


Ina rub a hand over her face. “Fuck me if that’s not hot.”


“Can we fuck you if it is hot?” Hizashi asked hopefully, green eyes locked on her orange ones.


She swallowed, thinking it over, and in those two seconds of pondering it, Hizashi was up and on her, not taking the silence as anything but a yes. She made a sound as he plucked her up so she was sat high on his chest, hands gripping her rear, a cheek being squeezed in each hand. Her cheeks went red, because being just manhandled a bit was a thing for her. Being picked up and moved into position so the one she wanted could just enjoy her… Ngh. Her legs loosely locked around his torso.




Hizashi grinned widely up at her, inwardly jittering at the thought of being able to touch her like he’d wanted the moment he’d seen her and feeling like his skin was on fire from where she touched him. “So?”


“Well. No. As hot as this is,” She said at his pouting like she'd ended his world, rolling her eyes, “I still want to wait. I want to tease.” Her foot came to his front, and she rubbed his cock with her foot, smirking at his little whine and turning to Shouta.


The man was stretched back, temple to fist and elbow on the sofa arm, smirking lightly at them as his other hand idly rubbed his erection.


Hizashi followed her gaze. “You’re so fucking hot, Shouta.” He gripped onto his pretty lady tighter. “You know his cock feels so good inside?” The blond told her and then went to Eraser Head’s side to sit down, keeping her on his lap but turned to face Shouta. “He looks so good when he cums for you, baby. Watch, Darling.” He wrapped his arms around her waist. “Watch our man.”


Shouta had already taken his dick out, and Ina swallowed the sudden well of saliva in her mouth, because that was a chunky dick. Average in length, perhaps shorter than her usual, but girthy as fuck, and would definitely stretch anyone out. Veins lined up and her tongue moved in her mouth, wanting to trace the patterns up to the straining red head that was weeping more pre the longer the two of them watched him. He used it to slick the way and he watched Hizashi kiss her neck, making his own lips ache with not being able to do the same, but he could see her eyes were latched onto his cock and he wanted her attention. He shifted so there was a cushion behind his upper body as he lightly jacked himself off, letting her have a better view.


“Watch me, Ina. Watch what you do to me,” Shouta murmured, seeing Hizashi grin wider as she clenched him tighter in her grasp.


He wanted her eyes on him. The thrill of it was making him tremble, feeling his cock throb with wanting to stick it in her. Maybe in that pretty, slightly opened mouth of hers as her hands clenched onto Hizashi, who made a little sound of want and rocked into her from behind, which only prompted Shouta to copy the motion. He felt dizzy, like he could come any second, but what the fuck kind of showing was that?


“Keep looking at me, darling. I want your gaze on my dick. It’s yours,” Shouta gruffly stated as his hand gripped his dick harder at the base, winding it in a circle her eyes followed, as did Hizashi’s, “Anytime you want to bounce on it, you just find me. I know I can make you come hard. I can satisfy my woman. My bond. Mine.” His teeth flashed, jaw half-clenched. “You. Hizashi. Both mine. Such fucking pretty bonds.”


Ina was half lost in a haze of want that thudded around her, breathing hard, eyes lidded as she bit her lower lip, gripping onto Hizashi’s thigh and he made a sound, ever noisy and willing to show his affection.


Especially when his mark was touched.


Hizashi keened and then kissed her hard, making out with her and then pulling back so her back was staying to his chest, because she was in a skirt and if her just leant back as he held her cheek-


He watched Shouta, who snapped his gaze down, and slipped his tongue into Ina’s mouth, making sure to distract her well so his lover could enjoy their Darling a bit more than allowed. They had to get her ready for their extensive list of things they wanted to do to her and their darling was clearly up for it, being such a temptress! Oh, they were going to have so much fun in the future! Their bond of three was going to be perfect more and more each day! He shuddered, rubbing his cock against her ass.


Shouta’s eyes were magnetized to her green lacy knickers on show as he saw under her skirt. His balls clenched, noting there was a small dark patch. His body moved without him thinking, reaching forth underneath the pleated material and his pinkie finger touched her mark while his thumb unerringly found her clit, having made sure to memorise its’ placement last time. The scent of her want danced in his senses, mouth-watering and making his eyes roll.


But at her gasp into Hizashi’s mouth, which gained her Mic’s loud groan and harder kissing, he made a strangled sound.


Ina snapped out of her lusty daze and looked at Shouta, he was cumming over his shirt as he slumped back, cock twitching, and spurting last weak shots as he slowly milked the last of his jizz from his heavy balls.


“S’what you do to us.” Hizashi looked at Shouta heatedly, loving the sight of his husband so satisfied.




Shouta looked up.


“You look good like that Shouta. You’re pretty, too.”


Hizashi made a happy sound. “I tell him that! Never believes me.”


“His cheeks are so red and looking so undone… Debauched and decadent dark-haired darling,” She murmured, Hizashi clinging to her while gently rubbing his cock against her, and she breathed out heavily.


The MC made a groaning sighing sound. He told her weakly, “I love it when you speak charmingly.”


Ina got up in a scramble, saying in English, “I want to write lyrics. Where’s my phone? Don’t let him move, Zashi. My momentary muse. Oh! That’s a perfect title!” She went to her phone, typing down lyrics, intent on a song that sounded dark, a sort of in the back of a club and eye-fucking type deal, saucy and licentious. She was feeling turned on, hot, pussy feeling empty and wanting to clench down on cock. She zoomed through some words, notes for extending the song as Hizashi spoke dirty in the corner of her attention to Shouta, who was stroking a hand up his blonde lovers thigh and rubbing his cock.


And then her mind was blank as she watched Hizashi’s dick coming out. Her pussy twitched. Hizashi was longer than his husband though slimmer – elegant. If a cock could be called that. Shouta was almost more gruff, fuzzier, from his pubes up to a generous snail trail that made her mouth water, and she could see the fuzz went up over his chest. He exuded testosterone in this position, smirking up at a needful looking Hizashi, fully in control of his blond lovers’ orgasm.


Then more lyrics came in and she typed away, if a little bit more distracted.


Wow he knew how Hizashi liked it, she noted, "Destructive, devilishly delectable dearest. I want to see you ruining, ruin, and ruined." She sung a little, getting closer to them.


She shuddered the same time the blonde man groaned louder and then she slunk over, free hand delving into golden locks and lips slanting over his to swallow his moans, shoving her phone in a pocket to let her hand be free to rub his mark of her soulbond words. Her face was cupped and he cried out into her mouth as he came within seconds, and Shouta was covered in his lovers cum, mixing with his own. Oh shit he sounded so good.


Ina parted a few seconds after, a smirk on her face, lazy and knowing up at him.


Hizashi groaned at it, pressing his forehead to hers, and so damn happy she joined in he was half close to crying.


She parted, looking down at Shouta, who was in something of a lust-filled la-la-land. She traced one hand over his chest, mixing the cum with one finger and said in unabashed amusement, “The bathroom is free for you two.” She lifted the slicked finger, putting it in her mouth, making them grip each other as if to hold on, and walked off to the kitchen.


She had a notebook of lyrics to fill out.


And a mindful of sex her body wanted to reenact.


She needed a damn coffee.