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Jimin was tired

And his feet hurt. And his back hurt. And his legs hurt.

Jimin was in an all-around bad mood.

He didn’t want to be. He wanted to be excited.

Tonight was supposed to be nice. Jungkook was on his way home from work and their friends were coming over to have dinner with them. It was going to be a relaxed evening in with their loved ones since Jimin couldn’t go out much anymore. He had been looking forward to it all week and planned everything, all the way down to the dinner he was currently preparing. But between the little one kicking around in his stomach, the heat coming off of the stove right into his face, and the tension that hadn’t left his shoulders since that afternoon, Jimin was uncomfortable.

And that put him in a bad mood.

Letting out another sigh Jimin turned the pot down to a simmer and covered it to keep it warm until everyone arrived. He heard the front door opening and turned just as Jungkook made his way into the kitchen.

“Hey Baby. It smells great in here!” Kook leaned in to place a kiss on his temple as he set his bag on the counter.

“Thanks, Kookie. Its almost all done, and everyone should be here in a few minutes. How was work?”

“It was just as tedious as always. A woman came in for a consult and half way through decided she no longer wanted a divorce and walked right back out. Waste of a solid forty-five minutes I’ll never get back. How are you and my little bean here?” Jungkook leaned down to place a kiss on the top of Jimin’s belly, rubbing his hands down to his hips.

“She’s being a menace,” he said with a pout,” She hasn’t stopped moving for the past hour while I cooked. And I think she’s been playing ball with my kidneys. I just wish she would calm down long enough for me to enjoy dinner with everyone.”

“Aww Baby, I’m sorry. Maybe I can help you relax and that will get her to settle a bit. Go start getting ready and I’ll be in there in a second to give you a short massage.”

“Ok. Thank you, Kookie. You’re the best.”

Jimin made his way across the kitchen and down the hall. Their apartment wasn’t huge, but it was very open and inviting. It was a spacious three bedroom with an open floor plan living area large enough for two couches, a few decorative chairs and a dining table. Walking into their master bedroom Jimin paused. The room housed a large king-sized bed decorated in navy blues and white. A large fuzzy throw blanket draped over the foot of the bed and a plush white rug covered most of the dark, hardwood floors. Jimin made his way over to the walk-in closet he shared with his husband. Rifling through the clothes he located the top he wanted to wear tonight. It was an oversized cream sweater that he planned to pair with a pair of maternity jeans he had found on sale a few weeks back. They looked great on his legs and made him feel confident while also being comfy around his growing belly.

He rarely dressed up anymore what with being six months along. His belly wasn’t massive, but to him it still seemed like a lot. Especially since before pregnancy he had always maintained a slim and fit figure. Jungkook was always telling him how sexy he thought he looked and how beautiful he found him. Jimin told him he just had a pregnancy kink but Jungkook insisted it was a Jimin kink.  It helped his confidence as he progressed, and his body really changed. It made him feel good to know his husband loved him no matter his size.

Just as he pulled his shirt over his head the door behind him opened. Jungkook walked in holding a bottle of lavender oil. He had taken off his suit jacket and rolled his sleeves up. His hair had grown out quite a bit since he started working for himself. He said that since he was the boss he could wear it how he wanted. Some people still told him it didn’t look professional, but he took it in stride. To Jimin it just made him look more handsome and authoritative.

“Ready for that massage? I’ve got the table set and Jin Hyung texted to say they are about ten minutes away. I told them to let themselves in.”

“Hell yes. Been ready for ages.” Jimin turned and sat himself at the edge of the bed.

Jungkook moved to sit behind him and lathered his hands in a bit of oil. He started at his shoulder blades and worked his way up to the nape of his neck. Jimin let out a groan at the pressure, breathing out a sigh of relief as the tension began to ease. As Jungkook worked his hands along his spine the knots disappeared one by one allowing Jimin to relax and slump down a bit.

“God, you are the best. I’m gonna have to reward you for this Kookie. This is the best I’ve felt all day.”

Chuckling Jungkook leaned forward to kiss the back of his neck. “Don’t be silly Baby. I’m glad I can help you relax. You pay me back every day that you carry our child. This is the least I can do for you.”

“How did I get so lucky?”

“I don’t know Jiminie. Maybe you sucked some magic dick in a past life?”

Jimin let out a squawk and turned to slap his shoulder. “Why did you have to ruin a perfectly nice moment!? I knew you were acting too sweet today! What the hell?” Jungkook laughed as he rolled across the bed to escape the fists of fury his husband was throwing at him.

“Finish getting ready. I think I hear the front door. I’ll go greet everyone and start putting dinner on the table.” As he made his way out of the room, he swooped in to peck Jimin on the lips. “I love you Baby.”

“I love you too brat.”


Jimin walked out to the sound of loud laughing and whining. Namjoon, Yoongi and Jin were seated on the longer couch while Hoseok and Jungkook had claimed the two living chairs. Taehyung was sitting on the loveseat throwing a fit while everyone watched with varying degrees of mirth.

“What did you guys do to him?” Jimin moved to sit beside Tae, letting him wrap him in a hug and patting his back.

“He’s just upset that none of us will to a concert with him next weekend. He says he’s going to die if he has to go alone and none of us are interested.”

“You people don’t understand ART! How could you all leave me to try and brave the fray of screaming fans and mosh pits ALONE. Do you not care about me at all?!?!”

“TaeTae you have to calm down. Is there nobody in your classes that likes this band too? You’re pretty popular. I’m sure you would have no problem finding someone to go out with you for the night.”

Tae seemed to perk up at that.

“There is this one guy in my painting course. He’s always wearing shirts with the band’s name on it. We worked together on a project last semester and he seemed pretty cool.”

“Well there ya go! You can invite him out. Maybe you two will become concert buddies!”

 “Yes! Now I’m excited again! Thanks, Jiminie! You are the only person worth anything in this group.” He shot a glare around to the rest of the room.

Everyone scoffed at that and mumbled a few choice words but didn’t argue.

“Now that the tantrum is over, how is pregnant life Jimin? Ready to get that out of you yet?” Yoongi asked with a smirk.

“Yeah you’ve gotten pretty far along. Has anything new happened? Any weird cravings or aches? I heard this is about the time it starts getting crazy.” Tae scoots closer to his side, staring at him expectedly for an answer.

 Everyone had been really interested in his pregnancy since the beginning, especially since he was the only one of them that could get pregnant. And although there were a few things he kept to himself, he had been more than happy to answer their questions. He wasn’t a very shy person and didn’t feel like there was anything he needed to hide from their friends.

“The only new development is that she’s been using my intestines as sporting equipment more and more. I’m starting to think she will be ready for the major leagues by the time she’s born.”

“Oh Jesus, that can’t be comfortable,” Jin shuddered at the thought,” I’ll keep your intestines in my prayers Jiminie.”

“Thanks, Hyung.” Everyone chuckled at the look on his face before turning to Jungkook when he cleared his throat.

“Oh come now Jimin, you know there’s been another development. We’ve been dealing with it for about two weeks now. And that one is much more interesting.” Jimin took a second to think, exaggeratedly tapping his finger on his chin. After a moment his eyes lit with recognition and he let out a gasp. “Of course! How could I forget that?”

 Everyone looked at him, excited to hear what weird thing his body was doing with probably too much enthusiasm.

“I’ve become an insatiable horn dog according to my loving husband. I can’t go a single day without getting off once or twice. It’s really quite annoying.” He shared with a giant smile.

A moment of silence passed before the first burst of laughter rang out. Jin clutched his chest, Namjoon tossed his head back against the couch. Tears streamed down Hoseok’s face. He wiped them away as everyone began to calm down.

“Damn Jiminie. I wasn’t expecting that one.” Yoongi said, trying to catch his breath.

“Yeah, Kookie says he can hardly keep up. And I don’t blame him! Who knew constant sex could be so draining!” Jimin smiled at his husband across the room.

“Let’s be clear, I can keep up with normal sex just fine. But you’ve managed to get even kinkier, and that is a whole new level of energy that’s required of me. But if there’s anyone I would do it for Baby, it’s you.”

“Aww. Such sweethearts,” Hoseok cooed,” Dirty, Nasty, Kinky Sweethearts.”

“Let’s eat before I waste away.” Jin was already walking towards the table.

The evening was exactly what Jimin wanted it to be. He relaxed and laughed and got caught up on all the crazy antics his friends got up to. He looked up to meet Jungkook’s eyes across the table, winking and giving him a smirk.

Now as long as he gets a good dicking down before bed his night will be perfect.

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It had been two weeks since that weekend and Jimin’s libido had not calmed down one bit. As a matter of fact, it had gotten increasingly worse. Whether it was getting eaten out in the shower in the mornings or riding Jungkook while they watched NCIS after dinner, he just couldn’t stop.

And he was getting aggravated.

He knew Jungkook was tired. He was working constantly to keep up with his job, help with chores that Jimin couldn’t do anymore, and keep Jimin’s body happy. He felt bad for his husband, who tried to help as much as possible, all while keeping a smile on his face. He felt like all he did anymore was burden him. So, he made the decision to give them a break. He could give his husband a weekend off. Just let him relax, recuperate. Just let him breathe. Their friends were coming over to spend the weekend there and help get the nursery ready anyways. With everyone around it should be easy for Jimin to keep it in his pants. It was perfect timing. And he was an adult. He could handle one weekend without sex.

At least he hoped he could.


“Hey guys, thanks for coming this weekend. I’m ready to have this nursery all finished.”  Jungkook greeted everyone as he made his way to the couch and settled in next to Jimin, placing his arm around his shoulders.

“It’s no problem, Kook. We know how hard you guys have had it and we are happy to help. Although, I’m sure some of us will be more help than others.” Namjoon muttered with a pointed look at Hoseok and Tae.

“Hey! We are the artists solely responsible for bringing this nursery to life! Without the talents of myself and my assistant here I doubt you clowns would be able to pull off the vision! And MY godchild deserves the absolute best! Thank you very much” Tae spouted with a huff.

“Who are you calling your assistant?” Hoseok squawked. Laughter filled the room as the two continued to bicker.

“I’m sure everyone will help make the room special for our little girl. I’m ready to see what you all have come up with since you didn’t let me help at all. I wish I was a part of it but I’m glad you guys are making this with so much passion.” Jimin giggled and nestled into Jungkook’s side, moving a hand to rub along his belly.

“Thanks for the confidence boost Jiminie.  I’m positive you guys are gonna love it. And I’m personally glad we chose to keep it a surprise. Makes it more special, ya know?” Yoongi leaned over to ruffle his hair before heading to the kitchen to get everyone drinks.


As the night progressed, Jimin’s problem didn’t seem to make an appearance. Everything was going smoothly, and he was kept distracted enough to forget it. He was currently speaking with Yoongi and Namjoon about how they were going to paint the nursery while Jungkook and Taehyung had settled themselves in for a game of Mario Kart on the living room floor. Jin and Hoseok had wandered in to the kitchen to get everyone some dessert before bed. It seemed he was going to make it through the first night with no incidents.

After their bellies were once again full, everyone began to grow tired and drift to bed one after the other. Jimin was listening to a story Yoongi was telling when an unexpected yawn made its way out of his mouth. He tried to be inconspicuous about it but apparently, he failed.

“Jimin if you are tired go on to bed. You need to rest as much as possible not only for yourself but for the baby. We will be here all weekend. Plenty of time for stories.” Yoongi gave him a stern look.

“Ok, Hyung. Thank you. This little girl has been wearing me out. Among other things.” He said, patting his tummy. “Jungkook, are you coming?”

“I’ll be there in just a few minutes. Go get settled Baby.” Jungkook called back, zipping around a bend in rainbow road. “This is the last lap.”

“Alright then. Goodnight guys, see you tomorrow!”

Jimin headed to the bedroom sluggishly, he was so tired he was bound to just pass out. Which would honestly be a good thing. Maybe if he was asleep before Jungkook joined him his body wouldn’t be tempted to start any funny business.


His tiredness won out and he was out like a light when his head hit the pillow. His mind conjured up dirty visions to compensate for his lack of activities but luckily, he stayed deep in dream land. That is until he was woken up, what felt like just a few minutes later, by wandering hands running over his skin. He was still drowsy when he came to, glancing over at the clock on their bedside table. 3 AM. Why in the hell was he being woken up at 3 in the morning? He was having a great dream dammit.

Just as the thought crossed his mind, he felt the hand run down his side and across to the front of his hip. It traveled further until it fluttered over the apex of his thighs, causing him to shudder, then continued on down his leg. Jungkook’s breath fanned over the side of his neck, “Baby,” he grunted into his skin, “I didn’t get to give you any loving earlier. And I have a surprise for you. Wake up.”

Jimin moaned as he felt teeth sink into his shoulder, definitely leaving indents he would see tomorrow. “I’m up Kookie. I’m up. I was trying to give you a break. I know you’re tired.”

“Never too tired for you baby. Never.” He continued to trail his hand over his thighs and up until it rubbed over his panties. He had taken to sleeping in just underwear and one of Jungkook’s larger t-shirts as of late, because everything else was too stifling and uncomfortable. He hummed at the pressure applied over his mound, feeling himself get wetter with every touch. A sound of dissent left his throat when he felt Jungkook pull away a second later. He started to turn over towards him but was stopped when he rolled back with something in his hands.

“Here baby, let me put this on you for your surprise.” It was a long, slim blindfold. He sat still while Jungkook tied it around his head, cutting his vision to black. “There we go. Now sit up for me and go to the end of the bed. We need to get you into the right position.”

“What kind of surprise is this?” Jimin sputtered, scooting down until he felt the bed drop off. Jungkook lifted him up and into his lap, settling him to face away, back to front, and straddle his legs.

“The kind that makes you feel good.” He gripped Jimin’s hips as he ground up into his heat, startling a moan out of the boy who wasn’t expecting it.

“Kookie,” Jimin whispered, “we gotta be quiet. Don’t wanna wake everyone else up.”

“You sure about that baby? I know you love to be so loud when I make you feel good. I’m sure the others would appreciate hearing your sweet noises throughout the night. It wouldn’t bother them one bit. Might make them hard for you though baby.” Jungkook licked the shell of his ear before nipping the lobe, “Does that make you wet? Thinking about turning all your hyungs on like that? Such a naughty boy.”

 He was breathing into his neck, spewing the dirty words right into his skin. Letting out a moan as he ground up harder, rotating his hips to rub right against Jimin’s clit through his panties. They were soaked, Jimin dripping through them onto Jungkook’s sweats. He was shuddering in his husband’s hands when he felt it.

Everything froze as he sucked in a sharp breath, feeling another hand touch his knee. It trailed up his leg, touch whisper soft as the fingers danced over his thigh and passed his crotch.

“Kookie?” Jimin whispered with a shaky exhale.

“Surprise baby.” Jungkook kissed his cheek. “I thought that since one dick couldn’t satisfy you, how about two?”

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Jimin’s head was swimming.


His hands went to Jungkook’s on his hips, gripping him and throwing his head back on his shoulder while letting out a moan. He felt his shirt slide up his body as the stranger pulled it up and over his head. He flinched as the cold air hit his sensitive nipples.


“His nipples are so pretty aren’t they? He just started lactating recently and his milk is sooo good. So sweet and warm. I just love to lap it all up.” Jungkook told the stranger as he raised his hands to squeeze his small breasts. They had grown as he started producing milk, but they still weren’t that large. Just big enough to fill up Jungkook’s palms. Jimin heard the stranger let out a deep groan at the sight of him squirming in his husband’s lap. A little thrill went up his spine at the thought of turning on this man he couldn’t see. Knowing he was sexy enough to make him groan in pleasure.

He whined when Jungkook moved his hands down to pinch his nipples until he could feel milk start to trickle down. Suddenly the hands were gone, and a mouth was lapping at his breast, licking the trail of milk up until it latched onto his nipple.

“Ah ah, god yes. Please” Jimin whimpered, feeling the mouth suckle at him until all the milk was drained. His hands flew to the stranger’s shoulders, gripping him tight and leaving indents with his nails.

He could feel Jungkook rutting his dick along his panties, using his hands to grind his hips down harder along his length. All of the sensations were making his skin tingle.

He could feel a knot of pleasure winding up in his core tighter and tighter until it burst, causing him to let out a long drawn out moan.


“Oh, baby you came already. But we’re just getting started. But that’s okay, right? You’re so insatiable lately, I’m sure our guest would be glad to help me fuck your tight, little body. Does that sound good baby? Can you give us a few more?” Jungkook taunted, rubbing a hand along his stomach to settle him down.


 “Yes, please Kookie. Please. Want more” Jimin whimpered.


 “Good. That’s my good boy. Let’s get these panties off of you. Let our guest see all of your pretty pussy. I told him all about how sweet you are. And I think he wants a taste.”


Another groan could be heard from the stranger that seemed to have lowered himself to the floor in between their legs. Jimin helped lift himself up so he could grab the panties and bring them down and off. They made a soft sound as they were dropped to the floor and Jungkook grabbed his thighs. He gripped them tight and moved him so they were spread open in front of the strangers face. Jimin felt a shudder go through him as the man blew a breath on his opening.


 “Spread yourself open for him baby. Want him to be able to get in nice and deep for you right?”


He lowered his hands to spread his pussy lips open wide for the man, his clit on full display, pink and dripping wet. He nearly screamed when he felt the first drag of a tongue along his seam. The man lazily licking all the way up from his hole to his clit with his tongue flat. Circling the nub with the tip before dipping back down to his opening.


Jimin moaned at the teasing. “Please. Want it deep. Please sir, want you inside.”


 “That’s a good boy baby. Beg for him. That’s it” Jungkook was whispering in his ear, nibbling at the lobe before releasing it.


 Jimin’s pleading seemed to do the trick as the man began to get rougher. Jimin got louder as the man dug his tongue deep into his leaking hole, lapping at his walls like he was starving. His lips latched onto the hole and sucked hard, pulling at Jimin’s cunt until he was screaming. He pulled his tongue out and licked a hot trail up to cover his clit, sucking and jabbing it with his tongue. Jimin’s mind was hazy, only knowing the pleasure of this man’s mouth on his most intimate spot. Jungkook moaned in his ear at the sight of his baby falling apart with someone else’s attention. His grip on his thighs was sure to leave bruises but he knew Jimin wouldn’t mind. Loved seeing marks from their lovemaking covering his body.

Just as Jimin thought he would come again, body drawn up tight like a spring, everything stopped. The stranger pulled away causing Jimin to whine. “No, no, no wanna come. I wanna come. Please sir, please let me come. Please”


Tears of frustration started to gather at the edges of his eyes under the blindfold and Jungkook pulled one hand up to grab his chin. “Hush. You will get to come when we let you come. Stop whining. Stop it.” He jerked Jimin’s head to the side and covered his mouth with his to shut him up. Jimins whines were muffled into his mouth until he calmed down, the stranger stroking his thighs up and down to settle him.


 “Sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll be good. Please” Jimin was mindless. He just wanted to be filled, wanted to come so hard he passed out. He just wanted something.


“That’s it baby, now we are gonna turn you around. Alright? Need you to straddle me. Gonna put you on my cock. Okay?”


 “Yes, yes, yes please yes.” He readily agreed. At this point he didn’t care, he just wanted something inside him. Both of them helped him up and turned him around so he could crawl back onto Jungkook. He had stripped out of his sweats and was seated back at the edge of the bed.


Jimin got on his knees with his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders before lowering himself. He was sinking down his length slowly, savoring every inch that stretched his sensitive hole to the fullest. He let out a shout as he dropped the last few inches in one go, breathing deep as he settled in. Jungkook grabbed his hands in his and brought them to his chest.


 “Alright baby, now we gotta get you ready for our guest of honor. He’s gonna get the lube and prep you while you cock warm me. You understand baby?” He leaned forward to nuzzle Jimin’s temple, leaving a quick kiss on his cheeks under the blindfold. “Yeah Kookie. I understand.” Jimin leaned his head into his husbands’ neck, taking the moment to breath while he waited for the stranger to grab the lube and come back.


 He heard movement around the room then a bottle popping open. Hands soon found their way to his ass, one Jungkook’s and one belonging to the other guy, gripping his cheeks as they spreading him open. Then he felt the hard top of the bottle as it was pressed against his hole. He sucked in a breath as the bottle was squeezed and cold lube was poured into him.


“Ah. Cold.” He mumbled. The stranger chucked and he heard Jungkook groan as it caused him to clench around his cock. “Easy there. Jeez.” Jungkook grumbled.


The bottle was pulled away and fingers replaced it. They skimmed over his hole, spreading the lube as it trickled out when it clenched. Jimin let out a drawn-out moan when the first finger entered him, pushing in all the way to the knuckle before pulling back out. He wasn’t too tight because he and Jungkook frequently had anal sex when he was too sensitive elsewhere. The man groaned out loud as he pushed two fingers into him, massaging them up along his inner walls. Every thrust of the fingers was so good, making him rhythmically clench on his husband. Jungkook has started to subtly grind up into Jimin, giving him extra stimulation. He felt him lay backwards and followed with his arms, leaning his weight on Jungkook’s chest and raising his hips just a bit to get better leverage. The other man pulled out to add another finger, shoving them back into Jimin with a loud squelch when he felt his ass push back, asking for more.


 “Doing so good baby. Your doing so good for us. Almost ready.”


 “Ah. Feels so good Kookie. Want more though. Wanna be filled up Kookie. Please fill me up” Jimin’s head fell forward as the stranger crooked his fingers and pulled at Jimin’s ass from the inside, the pressure making him clench tight before the fingers popped back out.

Jungkook chuckled before addressing the stranger, “What do you think? You ready to feel my baby all over you? He’s so good. Nice and tight all the time. Just perfect.”


 The other man must have nodded his head because next thing Jimin knows he feels the head of his dick lining up at his hole and two hands holding his hips. “Lean forward a bit more for me baby. Yeah just like that. Good boy.”


Jimin situated himself as far forward as his belly allowed and felt the stranger start to push in. The stretch was intense and they all three let out loud groans at the feeling. Jimin was being split open and he loved it. He clenched down on them both when the man bottomed out feeling so full. They took a moment to get used to the stretch before starting up a slow rhythm. They alternated pulling out and pushing in, Jimin having to just sit there and take it. The stranger’s hands on his hips pulled him back and forth along his length, wide and curved towards the tip, it reached so far into him, filling him up so good. Jungkook gripped his thighs again and pulled him forward onto his dick harder, jerking up into him as deep as he could go. Jimin was in heaven, drooling, whining and mumbling unintelligible nonsense. He gripped hard on Jungkook’s chest and scratched lines down to his abs. He let out a squeal as they picked up speed and started pounding him harder, both rocking into him at the same time now. He was mindless, feeling the coil in his gut go tighter and tighter.


 “Kookie! Let me come please let me come. Please. Been so good. Been good for you. Please baby.” Jimin was pleading not wanting it to stop.


 “That’s up to our guest baby. Don’t you think he should decide? What do you think? Should we let him come on our cocks huh? Has he been good enough?” They heard the man grunt in assent before driving in harder, shoving in and grinding slow as he started to come. Jungkook let out a laugh at the man’s obvious urgency before doing the same, driving in and grinding while reaching down to rub at Jimin’s clit.


 He screamed as his body exploded. He clenched down on the cocks filing him up and his mind went blank. He felt the hot come spreading into him and sighed as the man behind him pulled out to watch it slip out of his abused hole.


 “Grab the but plug in the bedside drawer. It’s pink.” Jungkook flung a hand to the side, motioning for the man to grab it. Jimin was slumped forward as much as he could be with his belly in the way. Jungkook panting under him. He felt the plug being slipped into his hole and let out a small grunt as a thank you.


“Kookie.” Jimin whined, “tired” The two men chuckled at his pouting and started to shift him over to lay on his side.


“Alright baby. I’ll get you cleaned up and we can sleep. Just lay right here for me. That’s it.”


He heard the men shuffle to the door and low whispers as Jungkook bid the stranger goodnight. He was just about asleep when he felt the bed dip and a warm cloth was run over his stomach. Jungkook cleaned them both up, getting Jimin out of the blindfold, back in his nightshirt and tossing the rag into the hamper a few feet away. They crawled up to cuddle on the pillows, Jungkook being the big spoon and both of them laying their hands on Jimin’s belly.


“How was it baby? Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Kookie that was very unexpected, but I loved it. Thank you so much baby. It was amazing, but who was that?” Jimin could feel him smile into the back of his neck.

“Not telling Jiminie. You can try to figure it out if you want, but that info isn’t coming from me.”

“Jesus. You boys and your games. I’ll worry about that tomorrow.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too Kookie. Sweet dreams.”


Chapter Text

The next morning Jimin woke up to soft light coming in from the window. He let out a yawn as he started to stretch out his legs and back. Shifting, he felt the plug move in his hole which was a bit sore making him blush. He can’t believe he let a stranger fuck him with his husband right there watching. He knows it was Kookie’s idea but still. He had acted like a little slut. Although it seemed neither of them had minded. And he did feel more sated than normal. Movement from behind him brought him out of his thoughts as Jungkook draped his arm over his side.


“Morning baby. Sleep well?” He let out a long yawn.


“Yeah, Kookie. Better than I have in a while.”


“I wonder why” he said with a giggle.


“Shut up you brat. What even was that? Are you really not gonna tell me who had sex with us last night? I’m assuming it was one of our friends since I didn’t hear them leave the apartment when you sent them off. At least I’m hoping it was.”


“Don’t worry Jiminie, I love you and would never put you around anyone like that if I didn’t know for sure that you trusted them. One hundred percent. But as far as which friend it was, my lips are sealed. We discussed it and decided it would be better that way. Not to mention more arousing for those involved, you included. You are welcome to make your guesses and if you do manage to figure it out, I won’t lie to you.” Jimin could hear the smile in his voice, whereas he was sporting a less than impressed pout.


 “Ugh fine. You’re lucky I love your ass. Now get me off before I have to go out there. My body let me sleep but it’s ready for another round.” He started to squirm, shifting the plug around and making him let out a quiet moan.


“Insatiable as always I see. Let me take care of my baby then.” Jungkook moved to kiss at his neck, slowly trailing his way down his nape onto his shoulder where the mark from last night was nestled.


“Always so pretty with my marks on you baby. Make me wanna eat you up. Show everyone you’re mine.”

Jimin moaned at the thought of everyone seeing his body covered head to toe in blues and purples. Teeth marks stamped all over like a brand of ownership. Jungkook could get pretty possessive when in the right mood, and it never failed to turn Jimin into a whiny mess.


Rolling forward more Jimin hummed as his husband made his way down his back, letting his hands drag at the edges of his shirt before shoving it up to reveal his bare ass. After last night’s escapades, when Jungkook cleaned them up he had only put him in a large t-shirt, seeming to expect a morning round.

Jimin could feel his gaze all over him as he spread his cheeks wide, watching as his hole clenched around the plug that kept him full.


 “Kookie, please baby, I’m needy. Please do something. Anything” he moaned. Hearing his husband chuckle he was about to get frustrated when he sucked in a breath. Jungkook leaned down to lick a stripe up and over the base of the plug, running all the way from the top of his ass down to his perineum.


 “Ah. Yes baby, feels good. Want more” Jimin was anticipating his mouth again, but Jungkook moves a hand to grab at the base of the plug, starting to pull it out before shoving it back in, pushing it deep and swirling it around. Jimin moaned out loud at the feeling, spreading his legs more to give him better access and expose his dripping pussy. Jungkook continued to fuck the plug in and out of his stretched hole, gripping his cheek harder to keep him open.


 “Look at you baby, moaning just from a little plug. Love the idea of me fucking his cum back into you don’t you. Can feel it sloshing around in your tight little ass can’t you baby. Answer me” Jungkook growled, leaving down to bite at his husbands ass cheek, leaving a dark mark that was sure to bruise.


 “AH. Ah yes Kookie. Can feel it all inside me, love it. Love being full. Love how you fuck it into me. Mmmmmm yes baby just like that. More. Please.” Jungkook finally pulled the plug all the way out. Watching as the other man cum started to drip out of Jimin’s gaping hole, trickling down to the edge of his wet vagina. He could see it trying to clench around nothing, hearing his husband start to whine at the emptiness.


“Gonna clean you all up baby. Need you to lift your hips a bit for me. Can you do that Jiminie? Can you be good?”


“Yes Kookie. Wanna be good for you.” Jimin shifted to lift his hips more, feeling Jungkook help him move so he wasn’t putting pressure on his stomach. He was basically on his hands and knees now, legs spread wide so he could see all of him. His pussy was swollen and aching, dying for attention. And the cum was still dripping from his hole, leaving trails all down to the tops of his thighs.


“Look so pretty for me baby. The most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen. Love your tight little cunt, covered in cum. Always beautiful when you’re dirty.” The filthy praise pouring from Jungkook’s mouth made him whine in embarrassment, but it still sent a tingle down his spine and caused a fluttery feeling to spread in his tummy. His hands gripped the sheets as he felt Jungkook lean down to position his head at his hole.


 “Ready baby? I’m gonna make you feel so good. Make you cum so hard.”


 “Yes Kookie, please. Please make me come. Need it.” Just as Jimin started to whine more his breath caught in his throat. Jungkook leaned in, licking at his gaping hole and twirling his tongue around his rim before spearing him on the wet muscle. Jimin let out a surprised yelp followed by a deep groan as his other hand reached up to shove two fingers into his cunt, jabbing at his g-spot mercilessly. He could feel tears start to make their way down his cheeks as his pleasure continued to climb. Jungkook latched his lips onto his hole and sucked hard, drinking the cum right out of him, using a single finger to pull his hole open more. Adding a third finger into his dripping pussy he reached as deep as his digits could go, moving fast to push his husband past his breaking point.


Jimin screamed, most likely waking up the whole house, but he didn’t care. His husband was eating him out so good, making him climb higher and higher, rocketing him towards an intense orgasm. He felt his body drawn up tight before it snapped. He threw his head back, opening his mouth but nothing came out. His vision went black as Jungkook continued to finger him and lick at his hole to work him through it. Panting he collapsed to the side, pulling away from his mouth and hands to catch his breath. He opened his eyes to look a Jungkook, seeing his chin covered in slick and cum, “You’re dirty. Come here.”


 He leaned down and let Jimin use his sleep shirt to wipe at his face and clean him off, before pushing forward to kiss him. He pushed his tongue inside tasting the stranger’s cum, humming at the salty flavor. Reaching up to tug at Jungkook’s hair he dominated the kiss, brushing his tongue across Jungkook’s lower lip before nipping at it and pulling back slightly. He looked at Jungkook with love in his eyes, a smile spreading across his face.


 “Thank you Kookie. You take care of me so well.” He whispered against his lips, nuzzling their noses together, “I love you.”


“I love you too baby,” Jungkook said just as quietly, “more and more each day.”


Chapter Text

After snuggling for a decent amount of time Jungkook and Jimin headed to the bathroom to get washed up. Jimin let his husband scrub and pamper him from head to toe, humming when he massaged the soap into his stomach and lower back. When they got out, he wrapped him in one of their plush, monogrammed His and His towels and awkwardly back hug waddled him towards the bed.

 ‘Sit here baby. I’ve got another surprise for today.”

 “Another one? Is someone else coming out of the closet or something?” Jimin chuckled.

 “Ha ha you are so funny. No, this surprise doesn’t require anyone but us. Now just wait there and you will see.” Jungkook walked over to their dresser, kneeling down to root around in the bottom drawer. “Where did it...oh there it is!”

As he rose up to make his way back to the bed Jimin saw he was holding a small pink pouch. Bouncing a bit when Jungkook plopped onto the bed next to him, he looked over to see what it was. Jungkook opened the pouch and pulled out something familiar to Jimin. A pussy plug.

 They had used them in the past, before Jimin had gotten pregnant, and he remembers liking the feeling they gave him. This one was a bit different than the others they had used. It looked very similar to a butt plug but was larger and wider so it would stay in place. This particular one was made of a soft looking purple silicone and had a wide oval shaped base that appeared to be large enough to reach his clit. “When did you manage to get that?”

 “Last week I went by our favorite store after work and picked it up. It’s a little better quality than some of the other ones we tried and actually has some special features.” Jungkook answered with a mischievous eyebrow wiggle.

“Oh great. So, the surprise has a surprise.” Jimin looked to his husband expectantly. “Well spill. You seem overly excited about these mysterious features.”

 “Well for starters I’m sure you noticed the longer base. That allows it to reach your clit and stimulate you as you walk around. It also vibrates and the plug part can expand just a bit, so you feel even fuller!”

As he listed each thing Jimin’s eyes grew bigger, darting to the plug again in confusion. “But there’s no remote and no buttons on it. How do you make it do any of that?” He looked to Jungkook to see an evil glint in his eyes.

 “That’s the best part. It’s all controlled from an app on my phone. So, I can do it at anytime, anywhere. And it’s completely discrete.” He looked way too proud of himself for Jimin’s liking, but he had to admit that it was pretty intriguing.

 “So, you want me to wear this when? Today? For how long?”

 “Yes baby, I’ll help you put it in now and you will wear it all day today. If it gets too much you can step away to our room and I’ll come help you out. This way you can feel full all day and maybe it can help your body relax.” It sounded like a good idea to Jimin. He had enjoyed these things before and wearing a plug didn’t really bother him. And he trusted Jungkook not to push him too far in front of the others.

“I’m down to try it. I like the idea of feeling full. And hopefully it will keep my issue at bay, at least during the day while the others are around and working on the nursery. Do you need to connect it to Bluetooth or something?”

“No need. The app has you put in a code that comes with your device and then it’s ready to go. Like I said anytime, anywhere.” Jungkook said with a wink.” It’s all good to go. Let’s put it in and then get dressed, I think I hear people in the kitchen.”

Jimin laid down on his back and set his feet on the edge of the bed, spreading his legs wide so Jungkook could see all of him. Jungkook got on his knees in between Jimin’s legs. “Ready baby? I’m gonna get you wet first so I can insert it ok?”

 “Yeah Kookie, I’m ready.” Jimin could feel himself starting to get aroused at the thought of having something in him. Man did he have a problem, he just had an orgasm not even an hour ago. He started to huff in annoyance but ended up groaning instead.

 Jungkook has dipped his head down and was licking up and down along his lips, hands rubbing up his inner thighs to join his mouth. He used two fingers to spread him open and flicked his tongue over his clit. Jimin put a hand over his mouth to muffle the moans as he was eaten out. He felt the familiar trickle as he started to leak from his clenching hole. Jungkook used his other hand to shove two fingers into his pussy, rubbing along his walls and stretching him out to make room for the plug. He pulled his mouth away and scissored his fingers a bit more, watching the hole as it was spread open wider. When he deemed it stretched enough, he grabbed the plug from Jimin’s side and lined it up. Jimin’s juices coated the toy as it was pushed into his hole, held open more by Jungkook’s fingers. He watched it disappear until it was nestled in tightly, hole clenching around the base. He made sure everything was aligned correctly, covering everywhere from his clit down.

 “Feel good baby? Does it fill you up?” Jimin was panting lightly as he came down from the brief foreplay.

 “Yes. Fills me up perfectly. Feels food Kookie. Thank you.” He sat up straight before having Jungkook help him stand, walking around to make sure it stayed nice and snug while he moved. “All good. We can get dressed now.” He smiled in excitement.



After getting dressed for the day, with a few too many kisses in between, they managed to exit their room and head to the kitchen. It looked like most everyone was up, seated around the table eating a variety of breakfast foods and drinking coffee. “Morning everybody! Did you guys sleep ok?” Jimin chirped, settling in next to a drowsy looking Namjoon at the table.

“Was sleeping fine until someone’s loud ass moans started filling the apartment,” Jin said with a glare straight at Jimin,” I wonder who that could have been?”

Jimin had the good sense to blush and duck his gaze away, “Sorry Hyung. I may have gotten carried away. We’ll try to keep it down, won’t we Kookie?” He shot his own glare over to his husband, who didn’t look the least bit intimidated.

 “Yes sir” he quipped with a mock salute and a shit eating grin. Jimin rolled his eyes. So, it wasn’t Jin Hyung last night.

“Anyways, we have to get started on the nursery if we plan to actually get it done. The paint will need a few hours to dry and we have to get the last few things from the mall today.” Namjoon, ever the leader, brought them back into focus.

“Jimin since it’s a surprise for you, you won’t be able to help with much, but we have a task that you can do to complete the room. We want you to write some messages to the baby on card stock so we can put them in frames for one of the walls. Think you can write down about eight of those today?”

“Aww that sounds amazing. I can get those done for you no problem. Does Jungkook need to write any?”

“We actually already have his contribution to the room since he knows our plan. We have him helping with some of the shopping too, since he knows your needs best.” Namjoon took a sip of coffee before continuing, addressing the whole table, “We haven’t had any hiccups so far and I’m hoping these final steps of getting everything together will go smoothly. Let’s all do our best!” With a dorky thumbs up his little speech seemed to be over.

“Sounds great. Once everyone is ready, we can get started!” Tae was already running back to his room to wake up Yoongi and get everything moving.



Everyone was ready to get started, Jimin could hear them cracking open paint cans and opening the windows to keep the room aired out, laughing and joking around. He decided to think about his messages before using the card stock sheets that Namjoon had given him, which were a light pastel pink. He settled in the living room, turning on the tv to keep himself from wandering towards the other room as they worked. Flipping through the channels he decided on a cooking show, letting it drone on as background noise. He shifted from side to side trying to get comfortable. Every position he sat in the plug was pushed deeper and rubbed against his walls. The part of it against his clit constantly moved back and forth, making him leak all over his panties. Finally finding a comfortable position that didn’t get him too worked up he started to plan his messages.

As he started to write he heard someone passing by and looked up to see Hoseok grabbing a water from the fridge. “How’s it going in there? Any progress?”

He let out a snort, “Tae has already said we did something wrong and the first brush stroke of paint is barely up. We’ve taken to basically ignoring him for now and letting him whine in the corner.”

“Sounds about right. If you want, you can tell him I want some help with these notes and you guys can finish painting in peace. I know it’s gonna take more time than it should if he holds you guys up.”

“Jiminie you are a genius.” Hoseok rushed over to plop a kiss onto his head causing Jimin to let out a giggle, “Let me go get that brat right now.” Again, he rushed off, yelling for Taehyung down the hallway. Not a moment later more running could be heard as Tae burst into the living room with a smile on his face.

“Tae-Tae to the rescue little Jiminie! I’m here to help my preggo bestie!” Tae bounced into place next to his platonic soulmate and wiggled around to get comfortable, tucking his feet under himself on the couch.

Jimin bit his lip to stifle a moan as Tae’s bouncing and wiggling caused him to shift on the plug. Once he was settled, he let out a breath.

“Thanks Tae-Tae. I’m really struggling with these. I want them to be meaningful and something she can keep in an album later ya know. Something that will last.”

His friend leveled him with a look. “As long as you write from the heart then they are going to be as meaningful as they can be Jiminie. I’m sure no matter what you come up with she will understand that you put your soul into those words and tried your best. She will appreciate it.” Tae said with an unusually serious tone. “I’m happy to help, but you could have done this on your own. You are going to be one of the two people that knows your daughter best and you will be a great dad, so will Jungkook. You guys are the perfect team.” With a self- satisfied grin Tae sat back into the couch cushions and crossed his arms behind his head.

 “Your so cheesy,” Jimin giggled with a roll of his eyes,” but thank you for that. You always give the best pep talks.” He felt a rush of confidence spread through him, warming his heart. This was one of the things he loved most about Tae.

 “I know right. I’m the best best friend you could ask for!”

 “I think your ego is getting a bit big there. Might not fit through my door if you keep going.” Sticking his tongue out at him, Jimin turned to start writing again.


After a few hours of brainstorming the two on the couch looked up to everyone filing in with paint speckled on their arms and clothes. “You guys get the room painted? All finished?” Jimin made room for Jungkook to settle in beside him, leaning into his side and placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Painting is officially done. Now we can take a short break. And while that dries a few of us are going to get the last things we needed from the store.” Jungkook informed him. A round of head nods and hums of agreement going around the room.

“Oh, I am definitely going. Especially since you guys kicked me out of painting.” Tae huffed, crossing his arms.

“We figured as much. It’s gonna be you, me, and Jin Hyung. Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok will stay here and organize the stuff we already have. Plus, they can make lunch so we can eat when we come back before we start working again.” Jungkook said, unconsciously running his hand over Jimin’s tummy the whole time, making him smile.

“You trust Namjoon to make lunch?”

“I trust Yoongi Hyung and Hoseok Hyung to make lunch. If they want Namjoon to help, that’s up to them. Plus, Jiminie can cook too. He’s been practicing a lot for when the baby comes.” Jimin smiled bigger at his husband’s subtle praise, feeling a slight blush cover his cheeks.

“Great, now that that’s settled let’s get a move on. Don’t want to be out too long. We have plenty more to do to that room.” Jin stood up, grabbing his keys and wallet from the table and rounding up the ones that were going.

Jimin turned to Jungkook to place a kiss on his cheek. “I’m glad you get to help with the nursery. Make sure they don’t get too crazy alright. You know how Tae gets.” Jimin smirked, placing another kiss on his lips.

“Mmmhmm..I’ve got you covered baby. I’m keeping them in line. Can’t have MY baby hating the room meant for OUR baby, now can I?” Jungkook kept kissing his husband as he stood up to join the others. “We’ll be back soon. Love you.”

“Love you too Kookie.” Jimin walked him to the door and closed it behind the group as they left.

Heading back in towards the living room he was about to ask what Yoongi wanted to prepare for lunch when he jolted.

A soft vibration ran through his body.

The plug. Jungkook had turned on the plug.


Chapter Text

The vibrations were low, not enough to disrupt him, but noticeable. Once he got the plug to a comfortable position, he continued to walk back to the living room, not wanting the others that were still there to notice anything was happening. It was completely silent, so that helped too.

“What should we make for lunch? Maybe sandwiches? Or ramen?”

“Sandwiches would take too long because we don’t know what everyone would want on theirs. And ramen isn’t good for pregnant people. That’s way too much salt.” Namjoon pointed out, causing the others to look at Jimin and agree.

“How about we just make bibimbap. He can eat all of that he wants, and it suits everyone’s tastes. We can make some soup too.” Hoseok suggested, looking at everyone to see if there were any rejections.

Jimin squirmed a bit in his seat,” That sounds perfect. I can help while two of you start sorting the stuff Jungkook said you already have.”

“Alright perfect, Namjoon you and Hoseok can start on that while Jimin and I work on lunch.”

Yoongi nodded at his own order and stood up, turning to help Jimin to his feet.

“I’m not even going to fight you on that one Hyung.” Namjoon agreed immediately and headed off to start organizing, Hoseok laughing and trailing right behind him.

As Jimin was pulled up the plug’s vibrations hit his clit and he let out a short grunt.

“Everything going ok there Jiminie?” Yoongi said, brow scrunched in worry.

“I’m fine, just stretched my back the wrong way. No need to worry, let’s get cooking!” Jimin let out a slightly strangled laugh and headed to the kitchen, hoping the other would just let it go. Yoongi gave his back a curious look but decided to not question it.


Cooking seemed to go pretty smooth, Jimin chopped vegetables while Yoongi worked on grilling the meat. Everything was flowing nicely until Jimin moved to grab a cucumber from the opposite counter. The plug began to vibrate harder, causing him to shudder and drop the knife on the floor. It made a loud clang as it hit the hard wood, making Yoongi jump and whirl around.

“Jesus Jimin what is the matter?” He rushed to Jimin’s side, seeing him begin to pant, one hand gripping the counter and his legs crossing.

After another harsh breath he responded with a strained voice, “It’s nothing Hyung. The baby’s just moving a lot. It will pass in a second.”

“Pass in a second my ass! Go lay down in your bed and see if resting will make her calm down. It looks like she’s really hurting you. I can finish this on my own.”

Yoongi ushered a groaning Jimin into his bedroom, getting him to climb into bed and pulling the pillows around him. As he left, he switched on the overhead fan to low and turned out the lights, leaving the only light coming from the curtained windows in the room, hearing a soft, “thank you Hyung.”


Jimin rolled onto his back as soon as the door closed. His face was flushed, and he was starting to sweat along the back of his neck. He let out another moan as the vibrations sent jolts through his body. Flipping the blanket off of him he worked his way out of his shorts and panties, which were soaked through, tossing them off the side of the bed. The vibrations kicked up another notch, making Jimin arch up and whine. Jungkook was being merciless, ramping them up so fast after not doing anything all morning, Jimin was going to come soon at this rate. He spread his legs out on the bed, whimpering as the plug stimulated his clit and hole simultaneously, he was leaking everywhere, they would have to change the sheets.

Just as he approached the crest of his orgasm, he felt it go down a few levels, letting up on the torture for a moment. He took one ragged breath after the other, feeling his body settle down and his orgasm slip away. He whined at the loss, cursing his husband in his head for keeping him wound up. The vibrations stayed lower, not ramping up again, making him even more frustrated. He was contemplating attempting to get himself off anyways when he felt the plug begin to expand. It wasn’t by much but feeling it inside him it made a huge difference. It filled him even more than before, stretching against his walls and shifting in him as he wiggles his hips around from the feeling. The low vibrations still thrumming through his body, he reached for his phone on the nightstand.

Dialing Jungkook’s number was difficult in his state but he managed it with shaking fingers and waited to hear the phone connect. As soon as it did, he put it on speaker.

“Hey baby, is something wrong? What did you need?” Jungkook asked with a knowing purr.

“What’s wrong is that you kept me from orgasming you prick.” Jimin grumbled, the vibrations nice but just not enough, making him turn needy fast, “Please let me cum Kookie. I neeeed it. I was so close baby. Please.”

“You’re already that needy huh? Couldn’t even hold out until I got back to the apartment. You’re so insatiable baby. So naughty.”

Jimin whimpered, not wanting the other to think he wasn’t behaving. “I tried to hold on Kookie, I really really tried. I can’t help it, want to cum so bad. Hurts Kookie, it hurts.” He could feel tears threatening to spill down his cheeks. He was a mess, but he knew his husband liked him like this. Liked making him so needy he cried for him. They both did.

“Alright baby, I tell you what. Since you were a good boy and called me instead of getting yourself off, I’ll let you cum. But you need to do something for me first, ok sweets? Can you do me a favor first?” Jungkook hummed into the phone, lowering his tone to be sweet and comforting.

“Yes, anything. Will be good and do anything Kookie.”

“That’s my best boy. Look in the top drawer of the nightstand and get the black blindfold out from last night. Have you got it out baby?”

Jimin reached over to pull out the strip of fabric, “Yes sir, I got it.” His voice coming out small and needy.

“Good. Now put it on your head, over your eyes, and tie it as best you can sweets. That’s a good boy.”

Jimin struggled to sit up and place the blindfold around his head, cutting the already darkened room to black. Once it was tied, he felt around for his phone, pulling it up to speak into it again.

“Ok. It’s on me and I can’t see anything. Can I cum now? Was I good?”

“You were absolutely good sweets. Just lay back now and spread your legs. But keep me on the phone ok baby. I wanna hear you. Got it?”

“Yes sir. I’m ready.”

Jimin laid back into the pillows, legs spread and hands laying on either side of his head, the phone set beside him on the comforter. He heard the breathing of the other over the receiver and the steps of the other people in the rest of the house. Just as he was going to ask Jungkook what would happen next, he heard the door swing open slowly.


The person entered the room and quietly closed the door behind them, turning their gaze on Jimin splayed on the bed, ready and waiting. Jimin could feel their eyes roam over his half naked form, shirt rumpled across his tummy, legs laying open to show off his plugged up pussy and wetness leaking down to his ass. It made his toes curl, knowing he was being looked at by someone who was simultaneously known and unknown.

Another beat a silence passed before Jungkook chose to speak, “Alright baby, now our guest is gonna help you cum. You wanted it so bad, didn’t you? He’s gonna keep you occupied until I get home. Does that sound good to you sweets?”

Jimin whimpered at the thought of Jungkook hearing him get pleasured by someone else over the phone, “Yes sir. I’ll be good for you, promise. I’ll be good for him.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear. Now he’s gonna come help you get any clothes you have left on off and after that I want your hands by your head. No touching him ok. He’s only allowed to touch you.”

He heard the other man make his way to the bed, feeling it dip as he crawled on and over to Jimin. After some rustling, which he assumes was the man removing his clothes, bare legs move to straddle his body on either side of his thighs. He feels hands come to the bottom of his shirt and start to inch it up his stomach, then he is pulled up some to allow the shirt to come up and over his head. Once the shirt is gone, he is laid back down and he moves his own hands back to their previous position beside his head. He feels the other man run a hand over his baby bump, and then a pair of lips place a soft kiss on it. He is reminded that this is no stranger, this is someone he trusts and that loves him. This is someone his husband asked to help them, and he knows they won’t hurt him.

He lets out a steadying breath, “Ok, Kookie I’m naked now. What next?”

“Now he’s gonna play with you a bit baby. He knows what he can and can’t do without me there. I’m gonna stay on the phone but he can do what he wants for now. We are leaving so I’ll be there soon enough in person sweets.”

“Ok. Gonna be good. Won’t move my hands.”

“Good boy. Always so good at taking orders. Alright, you can start playing.”

With the permission to start given, Jimin immediately feels a mouth at his neck. He tilts his head to the side to give them room as they start to kiss and lick at his neck, moving their way down to his clavicle. He moans as they bite down, sucking his skin hard and then releasing it. The vibrations of the plug haven’t stopped and the other man moves one hand down to rub the plug into him more, causing a whimper, “ good. Feels so good sir.”

A tongue trails down his chest further to circle around his nipple and then a hot mouth latches over it. He arches into it as the man suckles at his nipple, letting out a shout as he begins to draw his milk out. The sensations of being sucked dry and the vibrations stimulating his clit are almost too much. Before he can get to close to his orgasm the man pulls his hand back from the plug and he lets go of his nipple. The hand trails up to rub over his stomach and then grab the nipple he just released.

“Ahh, please. Want more. Please sir.”

The man huffs a laugh at his desperation and moves to suck the other nipple into his mouth, simultaneously twisting the first nipple between his fingers. Jimin is panting, drool beginning to fall from his lips. Small grunts of pleasure are heard throughout the room as the man sucks at his breasts, switching between each nipple over and over. By the time he is done they are both red and slightly swollen, milk completely drained for now.

The hands wander back down over his stomach and continue to the tops of his thighs. The man shifts to settle between Jimin’s legs on his knees, trailing his fingers lightly up and down his thighs. As he trails to his calf, he grabs both ankles and pushes up until Jimin has both knees bent and legs splayed open flat against the bed. Although he was pregnant, he kept most of his flexibility in his legs and hips so that was no issue for him.

He let out another moan as he felt the man grip and release his thighs before moving again to grip the base of the plug. He pulled at it a bit to test it.

 “Ahhhhh, no! It’s too tight. Kookieeee. Plug is too tight. It won’t come out cuz it’s inflated.” He gargled out, drool dripping out more as the plug attempted to stretch his opening even further, hands gripping the sheets with white knuckles.

“Ok baby, I’ll let him take it out. Give me a second to loosen it sweets. You sound so good moaning for him baby. Doing so good while you wait for me.” The praise made Jimin’s tummy tingle and a blush worked its way across his face and down his chest. He hummed in content when he felt the plug begin to shrink, the pressure releasing and letting him relax.

He felt the man begin to pull at it again, letting out a gasp as it popped out with a squelch. He felt his hole contract around nothing. Feeling so empty after having it in him all day, juices dripping out of him in streams.

“So empty. Don’t like being empty. Please sir, fill me up again. Need to be full!” He whimpered and whined, squirming around in discomfort from the feeling.

A hand gripped his hip hard to make him still as the other reached down and gave him a good whack on his exposed ass cheek. He yelled at the sting before moaning out, “Another. Give me another!”

Another smack on his other check, he could feel the skin tingle as his ass jiggled from the harshness of it.

“Are you being bad sweets? That sounds an awful lot like a spanking and you know you only get those when you’re bad. Do bad boys get to cum baby? Answer me.” Jungkook growled through the speaker.

Tears started to drip from under the blindfold as shame ripples through Jimin, “I’m sorry! I’ll be good. Always be good! Please let me cum. Please! Be good for you. Always be good for you.” He continued to cry out, hoping for mercy.

“You better be good. I’m almost back and I would hate to leave you high and dry. You know I don’t like punishing you, but I will if I have to. Now let him fuck you until I get there, then I’ll fuck you too. We’ll make sure your all sated as long as you stay good for us.”

“Yes! Yes, please fuck me please. I’ll be sooo good. Just make me not empty. Please fill me up sir!”

He quieted his crying and whining when he felt two fingers pull his pussy lips open to reveal his gaping hole. Then he felt as the man position his head at the opening and push in. He gripped at the pillow under his head as he felt the man slide all the way inside in one long thrust, stretching his hole wide with his pulsing dick.

He didn’t reach as far into him as he did last night but he stretched him so much wider, making him whimper in pleasure.

“So full. Feel so good stretching me out, gonna be feeling you for days sir. Please fuck me! Fuck me so good.” Jimin arched up to get the man to move, wanting him to pound him into next week.

Th man did start to move, but he went slow, pulling out until just the tip was inside him before shoving back in harshly. This process continued, making Jimin’s breath stutter and thighs tremble. As he moved, he got faster, starting to pound into Jimin’s pussy harder, the wet sounds of skin hitting skin echoing throughout the room.

“Oh god, yes. So good sir. Fucking me so good. Wanna cum. Can I please cum sir? Need to cum!”

He heard grunts and groans from above him, making him think the man was just as close as he was. The man sped up even more, using his arms to leverage himself by pushing jimins thighs further into the mattress, spreading him as wide as he could go. Being held open like that made Jimin’s orgasm approach even faster, his cries rising in pitch the closer he got.

Caught up in the amazing pounding he was receiving he didn’t notice another person entering the room.

The third person made his way to the bedside, watching Jimin take everything the other man was giving him, his pussy clearly cinching down around the man’s pulsing shaft. His juices coating every available bit of skin between their hips.

He kept repeating a chant of please,please,wanna cum,please... until the man couldn’t hold out anymore.

“You can cum sweets. Cum all over his dick baby, show him how good your pussy feels when you squeeze all around him.”

Jimin burst, his whole body shaking as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through him. He let out a scream that was only muffled by the large had that was placed over his open mouth. He tried to breathe but another wave of pleasure traveled from his core out to his fingertips and stole his breath again.

As his body finally relaxed, he felt his eyes flutter before promptly passing out to the feeling of hot cum filling his cunt.


Chapter Text

Jimin regained consciousness a few moments later to the feeling of a familiar mouth on his. He began to kiss back on instinct, moving his tongue in tandem with his husbands. They moved together in perfect harmony from years of practice and it helped to calm him down until Jungkook pulled back.

“How do you feel baby? Did he fuck you good sweets?”

“So good sir. Feel so good.” Jimin rubbed his legs together at the feeling of cum trickling out of his hole. He felt a bit sore but still needy. Hands reached out to his head to remove the blindfold from his eyes, causing him to blink rapidly to adjust to the dim light in the room. After getting his bearings Jungkook took his hands to pull him into a sitting position, moving to sit behind him and bear his weight as he leaned into his chest. Looking around the room Jimin realized it was only the two of them.

“Where did he go?”

Jungkook let out a chuckle. “He left to eat lunch baby. Hyung finished cooking and called everyone to eat. I stayed here to look after you. I figured we could eat after everyone has gone back to working on the room unless you are super hungry.” Jimin grinned, his husband was always thinking of him. If he asked him for the moon, he would do everything possible to get it. “I love you,” Jimin leaned back to kiss his cheek,” and that sounds fine to me. I don’t mind waiting to eat.”

 “Good,” Jungkook leaned forward to whisper in his husband’s ear,” because I distinctly remember telling you on the phone that I would fuck you when I came home. My turn sweets.” Jimin whimpered, his body already gearing up to be filled again. Jungkook reached around to rub at his sensitive nipples as he kissed down from Jimin’s ear to his shoulder, nibbling along the path. Jimin tipped his head back at the feeling, almost too much on his raw buds, as his breathing began to pick up again.

 “Our guest sucked you dry didn’t he baby. He got his fill and didn’t leave me any. How rude.” He shifted his hands down to rub along Jimin’s tummy, leaning back up to peck his cheek, “but he took care of both of my babies so I guess I can forgive him.”

Jimin let out a giggle that turned to a moan as his husband’s hands traveled even further, rubbing over his swollen pussy, spreading the cum and juices all around his lips and clit.

Two fingers dipped in shallowly and then popped out, continuing lower to rub between his cheeks around his rim. Jimin tried to thrust his hips up into his hand, begging for him to do more, but the hand on his hip held him still.

“As much as I love your holes down here baby, I think I want to fill something else. You wanna be a good boy and suck me off sweets?”

The idea made Jimin shudder in excitement, he hadn’t done that in a while. He loved the feeling of choking on Jungkook’s cock, letting it thrust deep into his throat until he was gagging.

 “Yes please! Want you to fill my throat. Wanna be good sir. Make you feel good!” Jimin turned to press kisses all along Jungkook’s cheek and neck.

 Jungkook let out a huff of laughter, “Isn’t my baby eager? Let’s get you to the edge of the bed so I can fuck that pretty throat of yours.” Both of them shifted around to get Jimin positioned. He was on his hands and knees, Jungkook standing in front of him, his face level with his husband’s hips. Jungkook was already shirtless, so he reached to pop the buttons on his jeans and slide those and his underwear down and kick them off. He gripped his length and pumped it a few times to make sure he was fully hard, his precome making the slide easy as it dripped down from the tip. Jimin whimpered at the lewd sight right in front of him, eager to taste.

 “Alright sweets, get started.” Jungkook said with a smirk, tilting his head to the side and quirking a brow in expectation. Jimin felt the tip rub along the seam of his lips and immediately opened up to suck it into his mouth, moaning loudly at the salty taste on his tongue. He gave it a few good sucks before leaning in further to take in more. Slowly he made his way down Jungkook’s length, taking it in inch by inch until his nose rubbed along his happy trail.

 “God baby yeah....just like that...mmm so good.” Jungkook moved a hand to grip blond locks, holding Jimin’s head in place for a moment longer before allowing him to pull back. He continued to move back and forth, pace slow and steady for now. Jungkook kept his grip on him, not forcing but guiding the mouth on him. He glanced down to be met with the sight of Jimin’s eyes looking up at him, his mouth stretched wide around his dick. It made him clench his fingers unconsciously, causing Jimin to moan around him, sending vibrations straight to his core.

They broke eye contact as Jimin heard the door open again behind them. He tried to pull off and turn his head to look but Jungkook’s grip on him tightened, keeping him facing forward. He let out a whine in agitation but was silenced with a look from the other man. Jungkook then turned his gaze on the intruder.

 “Heard us having fun and decided to join, Hyung?” The other man let out a short grunt, Jimin assumes in agreement. The bed dips as the other man crawled up to settle behind Jimin, running his hands along his hips and over the swell of his ass. The feeling was too light and tender, Jimin wanted to be manhandled and fucked. He pushed his ass back, wiggling it to entice the man to move faster.

 Jungkook looked down at his face knowingly, “He’s so needy, wants to be filled and fucked. Don’t you sweets? You want to be fucked hard and rough, don’t you?” Jimin moaned loud at the thought of being roughly pounded into from both ends, filled up as much as possible. He nodded his head as best he could with his mouth still stretched around Jungkook.

 “You heard him Hyung, let’s fill up our needy baby.” Jimin felt the stranger shifting as he undid the button of his jeans, hearing the zipper lower. Then the other man shuffled forward to line up his cock to Jimin’s still dripping hole, rubbing the head along the seam of his pussy lips. He teased at Jimin’s entrance, pushing forward but not enough to enter him before pulling back and rubbing along him again. Jimin let out a frustrated grunt, wiggling his backside more to try and push back onto the dick.

 “What have we always said sweets? You get what we give you. Learn to be patient, won’t you? Only good boys get treats, and you are not acting like a good boy.” Jimin whined louder at Jungkook’s disappointed tone, as he moved his eyes back up to connect with his husband’s tears starting to gather at the edges out of frustration. Just as he was about to really start crying, he felt the stranger thrust hard, going deep into him in one go. His mouth opened wider in pleasure, giving Jungkook the opportunity to shove into his mouth as well.

Jimin was in heaven, having both men thrust into him simultaneously. The feeling of Jungkook going deep into his throat as the stranger filled up his pussy, pleasure coursing through his veins. His mind was fuzzy, letting him float into the feelings and sensations deeper. He let out sporadic moans when the other man would hit particularly deep or hard.

He could feel himself drip out around his dick, his cunt pulsing at the stimulation after already being fucked harshly earlier.

Jimin’s eyes had slid closed while he enjoyed himself, so he missed the silent exchange between Jungkook and the other man. Both nodded as they made eye contact before beginning to speed up. Jimin’s eyes flew open as he was roughly pounded into. His whimpering increased as he felt Jungkook’s long cock slide deeper down his throat, one of his husband’s hands coming up to grip under his throat as the other used the grip on his hair to pull him back and forth along the length. He had drool dripping from his chin and let out choking noises as he was filled up so quickly. He widened his legs and he was roughly fucked into on the other end, cunt clenching down around the stranger as he reached deep into him. Every thrust rubbed him along his special spot, making his juices drip out around the dick even more, coating the man’s balls as they slapped against his cunt. The pressure in his core was becoming tighter and tighter as he neared his climax. He looked to Jungkook to let him know he was close, scratching at his leg. “You close baby,” a breathless Jungkook grunted,” me too. Good boy for letting me know. We’re gonna fill you up as you come. Gonna make you all sloppy for us. You can cum sweets.” He thrust into his throat a bit harder. “Go ahead and cum!” He punctuated his order with a growl and by thrusting in deep and holding Jimin down on him, starting to release right down his throat. Jimin swallowed around the cock in his throat, milking him. The man behind him grunted as he speared him one more time before beginning to cum deep into him as well. The feeling of being filled by hot cum on both ends was enough to send Jimin over the edge. He squealed, his body began to shake as he was wracked with waves of pleasure, everything clenching tight, his eyes rolling back in his head. When his body finally relaxed, he felt both men pull out of him, Jungkook leaning down to wrap him in his arms and pull his limp body into a pseudo-hug, draping his head and arms over his shoulders and pulling him to sit at the edge of the bed. Jimin nuzzled his nose into his husband’s neck, faintly hearing the stranger zip up his jeans before some more rustling and the door opening and closing.

“How are you feeling baby? Did we make you feel good?”

Jungkook lifted him and made his way to the bathroom. Jimin let out a short hum of affirmation.

“Glad you liked it sweets. Let’s get you cleaned up. Sit here for me. There we go.” After placing him on the closed toilet his husband got a wet wash cloth to wipe him down, making sure to be gentle around his sensitive areas and cleaning him thoroughly. After sitting there for a few minutes, he felt some of his energy return, eyes still drooping with slight drowsiness. Jungkook helped him stand and the made their way back into the bedroom, getting him dressed in a fluffy purple robe. After he was settled in bed Jungkook left to get both of them some food.

When he came back in the room, he saw that Jimin had moved under the blanket, leaning back against the pillows with his eyes closed. He made his way over to slide in next to him, pulling him over into his lap. Jimin opened his eyes to sleepily look up at Jungkook. He pursed his lips for a kiss, smiling into it when Jungkook pecked him repeatedly against his lips then all over his face. They stayed there together, Jungkook feeding him bites of food before eating some off of his own plate. When the food was gone, they moved to lay down, Jungkook wrapping Jimin in his arms and running his fingers through his hair. Jimin began to drift when he heard his husband whisper, “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” 

Chapter Text

After snuggling for a good long while, Jimin insisted they get up and rejoin the others. Jungkook helped him to the closet to pick out a new set of clothes for the afternoon. Jimin picked out his softest pair of leggings that he had nearly worn into the ground. He had been wearing them regularly for so long that they were close to tearing in several places, but they were his comfiest pair and he would wear them until he couldn’t anymore. Before he put them on Jungkook helped him into a simple pair of cotton panties, white with a small pink bow on the front. Next, he chose his top, a white t-shirt with his favorite cardigan. The housecoat was long, almost to his feet, and plush. It was a light grey accented with stripes of pink and purple. Jungkook had come home with it the week after he told him he was pregnant. He insisted that he never wanted his baby to be cold in their home while working so hard to bring their little one into the world. Jimin grinned at the memory as Jungkook slipped it onto his shoulders.

“Thank you. Kiss?” Jimin puckered his lips at his husband, demanding attention.

Jungkook let out a small chuckle but leaned in to comply. “Anything for my baby.”


Once they were both dressed Jimin headed out to the living room to work on his notes again while Jungkook went to help with the nursery. Jimin could hear as everyone asked how he was doing right before the door shut behind his husband. He rolled his eyes as he knew at least one person in that room had just seen him a little bit ago. The fact that he was no closer to figuring out who had been screwing his brains out along with his husband was beginning to drive him up a wall. However, he couldn’t complain too much, he was being given all the attention he could want and knew he was loved by whoever it was. He trusted Jungkook wholeheartedly and in turn trusted whoever was helping them.

As he settled into the corner of the couch with a fuzzy throw blanket and his notepad, he let his mind wander. His memories with each of the people in his tight knit group ran through his head.

Namjoon taking him to a museum opening a few years ago, narrating the importance of the artist’s message. Telling him how the history of the artist had shaped his brushstrokes around his emotions and, in the end, helped him to become the well know name he was today. Explaining how his pain turned into something beautiful for others to learn and grow from.

Yoongi going with him to his first interview. He didn’t come in but knowing he was close was a great comfort to his nerves. And when he didn’t get the position, Yoongi was sure to take him for lunch and reassure him, in his own way, that there would always be opportunities and you couldn’t live life regretting taking them just because they don’t always work out.

Jin, taking time out of his busy schedule as a chef to give him cooking lessons when he wanted to impress Jungkook for their first date night. His nerves made him so jittery that he knows he was unnecessarily hard to teach. But Jin, ever patient, took his time to make sure Jimin calmed down and practiced until he could make the recipes in his sleep, knowing how important that date was to him. To this day Jimin credits that success to his friend. 

Hoseok, working with him night and day to perfect his first solo performance in the ballet program he was invited to participate in. He often thinks his perfectionism would have killed him if he hadn’t had the rock that is his friend helping him to pace himself. Without Hoseok he doesn’t know if he would have made it to opening night, but his kind words and gentle critiques helped to calm his mind and give the performance of his life.

Jimin smiled wide at that one, remembering how Jungkook had overloaded him with multiple bouquets and told everyone he could for the rest of the night how beautiful his baby had looked on stage. He shivers a bit recalling the way he had made love to him that night to reward him for doing so well.

Then there was Taehyung. His best friend since they were toddlers. Always there for him when he needed a shoulder to cry on, or someone to help him think through a difficult situation. He always knew how to make Jimin laugh, how to build him up when he felt so close to crumbling down. He was his rock. His person. His soulmate. Every moment with Taehyung made him feel fond and reminded him how loved he truly was.

Each memory brought with it a wave of realization that without the people around him he wouldn’t be who he was. The idea that these same people would surround his daughter as she grew up and built her own life made his heart stutter. He couldn’t think of a better group to help him raise his little one, and he knew Jungkook felt the same. With those thoughts in mind he set to work creating the notes that he hoped would inspire his daughter.


As the day progressed, he saw everyone coming and going from the room. It seemed like everything was going smoothly as he didn’t hear anyone complaining when he asked how things were developing. During dinner they laughed and relaxed, everyone beaming at almost finishing their project. Into the evening they played games and enjoyed each other’s company. Jimin was wholly content in Jungkook’s arms with their friends surrounding them.

Later, when Jimin and Jungkook retired to bed his husband helped him to put on his pajamas, kissing his cheeks and fluttering his hands all over him, gripping at his ass and thighs sporadically, making Jimin giggle in delight. Jungkook settled him under the covers, turning off the overhead light and then climbing in after him. As Jimin’s eyes began to close he felt himself be pulled into his husband’s arms, breath fluttering against his nape as Jungkook sighed out, “Goodnight baby. Sweet dreams.”

Chapter Text

In a familiar series of events Jimin found himself being woken up in the middle of the night for sex. The biggest difference from the previous evening is that this time he was woken up by the feeling of a very hard, very large dick slowly filling him up. That was definitely not his husband. He let out a loud groan as his mind tried to clear the fog of sleep and catch up to everything going on around him. He was on his side with the other man saddled up behind him. His eyes were covered by a large hand, causing his head to tilt back into the stranger’s shoulder, and the man’s other hand had his leg hitched up to give him easy access to his pussy. He shuddered as his focus shifted to the man’s actions, feeling him slowly start to pull out of his hole, every inch rubbing against his channel.

“Looks like someone is awake.” Jungkook let out a rough chuckle, alerting Jimin to the fact that he was laying in front of him.

Jimin stuttered as he tried to focus on the sensation of being slowly fucked open and figuring out what was going on. “J-Jungkook. W-What’s…ah…What’s h-happening?”

Jungkook reached forward to place his hand on the side of his neck, shifting it down to trail over his collarbones, and then further to his breast before giving it a rough squeeze, eliciting a yelp from his small husband. “Isn’t that obvious baby? I decided I would let our guest have his fun so you could get another good night’s rest. That’s what you said this morning right? That last night helped you sleep?”

“Y-Yes Kookie. Yes, I like it. Wanna be worn out.” Jimin felt Jungkook’s other hand join the first, kneading at his breasts and causing milk to start pebbling at his nipples. “I’m leaking Kookie. It’s coming out.”

“Well we can’t have you wasting any of your juice can we sweet thing? Don’t you worry, I’ll lap it all up for you baby.” Jimin set out a sigh as Jungkook leaned forward to lick a stripe up the round edge of his breast, following the trail of milk that had started to run down, before latching onto his nipple and beginning to suck it right out of him.

Jimin was in heaven at the dual sensations of his pussy being filled up by the mystery man behind him and his husband taking long pulls at his chest. His body was wracked with shivers and tingles danced up and down his spine. His head was becoming even more foggy, it never fully clearing from sleep. He let out whimpers when the man behind him started to speed up, shoving in harshly and deep before pulling out to do it again. The pressure in his core started to build, he could feel himself clenching tight around the man’s shaft every time he pulled back, and just as he thought he might tip over the edge-

“Stop.” Jungkook’s rough growl cut through his pleasure, making him whine loudly in discontent. The man behind him let out a short grunt as well, making Jimin think he didn’t like this any more than he did.

“No, no, no, no please Sir. Please, I’ve been good. Please let me come. Wanna come.” Jimin was squirming on the dick inside him, trying to push back on it further.

Jungkook roughly grabbed his hips, “Stop it. Stop squirming. You’re like a bitch in heat.” He pushed himself tight against his front, trapping him between the two bodies, “Be still dammit. Be good, or you won’t come at all.”

As Jimin stilled he took deep breaths to calm his body down. He could feel tears threaten to roll down his face, “I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll be good. Just wanna be good. Good for you, Sir.”

“That’s right baby. There’s my good boy.” He leaned in to place a kiss on Jimin’s mouth. “Now listen to me sweets, we are gonna let you come but only from our dicks. Ok baby?”

“B-both of them?” Jimin stuttered.

“Yes baby. We are gonna stretch you wide open and fill you up. Does that sound good sweets? To be filled up with both of us?”

The man behind him let out a groan as his walls clenched down on his dick, Jimin’s body thrumming in anticipation of being stretched out on two large shafts. “Yes! Yes Sir, so good. Wanna be filled up with both of you.” Jimin was moaning, wanting to start squirming again but trying to keep control so as not to anger Jungkook any more.

“Alright baby I’m gonna start with a few fingers and then we’ll work up to getting me inside you. Be good and stay still. You understand?”

“Yes, Sir I’m a good boy. I’ll be good.”

Jungkook gave him another kiss before making his way down his body until he was low enough to see Jimin’s wet pussy stretched out around the throbbing dick of their guest. He reached forward to rub his fingers over his clit, eliciting dirty moans from Jimin’s mouth, before trailing his fingers down to brush at where the two were connected. He began by pushing one finger in, slowly working it into the tight channel alongside the large shaft filling his husband. He was so wet the slide was easier than it should have been, but he still went slow. He didn’t want to hurt his baby.

After the finger was settled as deep as it would go, he kept it there for a moment to allow Jimin’s body to get used to the extra stretch before beginning to thrust it in and out, making both of the other people in the bed groan at the sensation. Once the slide was easier, he pulled it almost all the way out and aligned his second finger against the entrance and began the process again. After a few minutes he was able to get four fingers into Jimin’s sopping pussy. Jimin was letting out soft whimpers and purrs throughout the entire time, small pleas of more, more, more falling from his lips.

“That should be enough.” Jungkook slid himself up to align his aching shaft against Jimin’s hole, “Are you ready baby. Ready to be all filled up?”

“Yes. Yes, Sir. So ready. Just wanna be filled up.” Jimin sounded just this side of delirious as he mumbled his replies. Jungkook said something and the stranger removed his hand from over Jimin’s eyes. He tilted his husband’s head forward until they were staring right into each other’s eyes. He could see the fog slightly clear as he tried to focus on him.

“You tell me if anything hurts or if anything feels bad. Do you understand me baby?”

“Yes, Kookie. I understand. I promise.”

“Good boy,” He leaned in to nuzzle Jimin’s nose with his own, “I love you baby.”

Jimin’s mouth spread in a smile and his eyes scrunched up, “I love you too.”

“Ok, lets do this. You ready?”  Jungkook addressed the man behind Jimin’s head, and Jimin felt the bedding shift as the man nodded in reply. He continued to stare at Jungkook’s face as he felt him line himself up and start pushing in.

His mouth dropped open as the pressure built. His eyes began to roll back into his head as his husband slipped in, inch by inch, stretching him out around his cock. He felt so full as he settled in all the way, stopping to allow Jimin’s body to get accustomed to the stretch. Jimin was having a hard time trying to catch his breath, he was stretched out so wide, he could feel his cunt clamp down on the two shafts, felt every shift and throb of them inside him. It took a few minutes more for Jimin to finally pull himself together and feel his body relax.

“I’m ok. You can move now.” He opened his eyes when Jungkook reached up to grip his face, rubbing his thumbs on either side of his cheeks.

“Are you sure?”

Jimin smiled again at his husband’s caring look, “Yes, Sir. I promise.”

Jungkook must have believed him. He watched as his face morphed from “worried about you” to “ready to wreck you” and his mouth move into a smirk. “Good boy.”

Jimin thought he was prepared for the pounding he was about to receive. Wrong. He felt as both men pulled almost all the way out of him before shoving back in at the same time. He let out a shout as he was mercilessly fucked open. His muscles all tightened up as his cunt was split open time and time again. Every ridge on the shafts brushed against his walls and shot pleasure through his core. His mind instantly went to his headspace, fog taking over and not letting him focus on any one thing. The sensations wracked through his body, drool sliding down his chin from his open mouth. Endless streams of whimpers and moans filtered out of all three men, the atmosphere becoming tense as the pressure grew.

Soon Jimin’s body tightened up, core clenching as the first tendrils of orgasmic bliss began to shoot through him. His body became taunt, head thrown back, and he let out a guttural yell, only stopped by Jungkook slipping his hand over his mouth, as he pulsed over the two shafts. They both continued pounding into him, riding him through the waves as the other men neared their release. As Jimin came back to himself he began to whine in oversensitivity. Each drag against his walls just this side of too much, each ragged breath shuddering out of him. After another moment he felt both men start to fill him up. Spurts of hot cum coating his insides, making him twitch at the sensation. Jimin whimpered as the both pulled out of him one by one, letting his leg drop back to the bed.

He turned his face into the pillow and let out a sigh as he faintly heard Jungkook help the stranger out of the room. When he came back to the bed, he once again cleaned them both up, helping Jimin into new pajamas and settling him under the bedding. Returning from the washroom he slid in next to his husband, pulling him over to spoon against his front and nuzzling his nose into the top of his head.

“You’re just full of surprises this weekend, aren’t you Kookie?” Jimin smiled in contentment at his husband’s cuddly side.

“Just want to make you happy Jiminie. Always just want to make you happy.”

“Kookie we could be anywhere, with anyone, doing anything, and you would still make me happy. You are everything I could ever ask for. I love you so much. Always.”

“I love you too baby. More than I will ever be able to show you. Always.”