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Call Me Darling

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"At least have a little faith in my love for you, darling!"

Between you and Yaoyorozu Momo, a lot more was at stake for you.

Before getting into UA, you had to ace a written entrance exam and fight and survive with every tooth and nail in your body. The road to becoming a hero was rough and hard for you, but you managed to get past the first hurdle anyway.

Yaoyorozu was one of Class 1-A's top-ranking students, getting into the school through recommendations and was 'a charming rich girl' in every sense. Her elegant actions indicated the height and depths of her origins and how far a star you were actually reaching for. Regardless, she accepted your confession without a second thought and even considered you her dearest darling. To be honest, you thought her accepting your confession was part of an elaborate machination... Because, gosh, you weren't exactly the perfect 'prince'. In fact, you were a far cry from princely and more like a rogue with your wit and grit and get shit done attitude.

Compared to Todoroki Shoto, whom everyone thought was the best, obvious and more perfect match for Yaoyorozu, you were pretty much at the losing end. A lot more was at stake for you in this relationship, including your pride, but seeing Yaoyorozu smile and cheer for you every single day was enough to get you through the sea of judgement.

Yaoyorozu said she liked how you worked hard to get where you are now and that you offered her a different perspective in life apart from what she already had.

The news of your hospitalisation spread fairly quick throughout the school, even though your homeroom teacher Vlad King tried to suppress it. Your supervisor was shocked when you recklessly launched yourself into the line of battle. It was hardly a heavy attack, but you knew you had to think quick to keep the civilians safe.

It was during that certain villain attack when you realised that wit and grit can only get you so far, and that you needed to be skilled in order to become a true hero. The broken ribs pretty much told everything. Recovery Girl came to see you earlier, as well as your classmates from 1-B, some of them still in their hero costumes after they hurriedly rushed over following the news they heard from Vlad King.

"Saa, darling, what are we gonna do now?" Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu asked. "Your recklessness just cost you your internship!"

"I know," you chuckled. A searing pain ripped through your chest as you did so, shaking you back to reality. "Guess I'll have to start over."

"How long will you still have to stay here?" Asked Honenuki Juzo. You raised three fingers up with a grin.

Kendo Itsuka, who was talking to someone outside your hospital room, came back inside. "We should let darling get some rest, ne? Someone's here to see you, too."

Your classmates bade you farewell before shuffling outside your room, with Kendo the last one to leave.

"Would you like to see her?" She asked. "Yaoyorozu."

You pursed your lips and turned away from Kendo, who had a pensive smile on her face.

"You can turn her away if you want, darling."

"It's... It's all right. Let her in."

You kept your eyes on the faint setting afternoon sun that can be seen through the dirty white hospital blinds, listening to the shuffling of footsteps and the creaking of a metal chair that made its way beside your bed.


Yes, you'd recognise that voice from anywhere. You refused to face her, though, and you kept your lips tightly pursed so they could stop quivering.

Soft hands gently squeezed and held your calloused ones. "Please turn this way, darling."

There was really no way you could refuse her, but apart from your ribs, your pride was also pretty crushed. You turned your head to look at her, warm tears flowing from your eyes and from hers as well.

"How reckless..." You heard her mumble. She was in a plain pink shirt and pants, as if she hurriedly rushed over to where you were. "How could you do something so reckless?!"

You raised your hand to caress her cheek, wiping away her tears. "Y'know between the two of us, you're much more reckless... Considering what you did for your classmate back then."

"But I--!" She tried to keep her voice down. "I was simply... trying to help..."

"And so was I," you replied with a smile. "Please don't cry, Momo."

"I thought I would lose you..." She hiccuped. "I thought I would lose you even before I could completely have you, darling."

"What do you mean by that?..."

She took a deep breath and sighed. "A part of me always feels like you are drifting somewhere far away from me, as if you're trying to chase something I don't exactly know... It's as if... you're here but you're not completely here."

You raised your hand and playfully gave her head a chop. "Between the two of us, you know a lot more is at stake for me. I want to be someone... Someone worthy of standing beside someone as great and as wonderful as Yaoyorozu Momo, Creati."

It was Yaoyorozu's turn to purse her lips. "Darling, you..."

"I'm probably trying too hard," you said with a sigh. "In fact, I still feel like our relationship is one elaborate dream because it's just so good to be true. So forgive me if I'm trying too hard to fit into your reality. I just..."

The two of you were quiet for a moment, the setting sun casting its soft orange glow over the city, part of it leaking into your room.

"If you'd ask me, even I think you would be better off with Todoroki," you said with a small shrug, careful not to hurt yourself again. You were surprised when Yaoyorozu took both of your hands in hers, an annoyed expression on her face.

"Don't say that!" She replied rather angrily. "While it's true that Todoroki-san and I have much in common, he is just a very good friend. And he's hardly any fun to be with at all..."

"Are you saying you're with me because I'm fun to be with? Anyone can be fun to be with. I--"

"All I'm saying is..." She brought the back of your left hand to her chest gave you a warm smile, the orange glow that cast over her matched the wild beating of her heart. "My heart is running wild with worry and want and yet my feelings still can't reach you..."


Her grip on your hand was almost crushing, but it was overly comforting. She smiled before one last tear fell from her eye. "At least have a little faith in my love for you, darling!"