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Call Me Darling

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"Maybe I really can't keep my eyes off you, darling."

You could tell that Iida Tenya had an eye for detail when he was staring at your chest when you confessed to him.

"I-Iida-san? My eyes are up here!"

"I-It's pink!" He exclaimed. "Darling shouldn't be wearing coloured underwear underneath your uniform! It's improper!"

No one in their right mind believed that the prim and proper class representative of Class 1-A would go out with a troublemaker from Class 1-B. Your classmates found it strange how you were particularly dazzled by Iida's straightforwardness, especially during that time he was thrown against the wall after the media break-in at school. Even Kendo was surprised to see the twinkle in your eyes while you were gazing up at the blue-eyed boy, absolutely bewitched at the 'uncool' sight of Iida trying to pacify his fellow students.

On certain days when the two of you weren't busy, you would eat together at Lunch Rush, and Iida would have a hard time maintaining eye contact with you because of the distracting colour of your underwear.

"It's blue," you heard him mumble. He never failed to state what was already obvious to you.

"You sure can't keep your eyes off me, ne, Tenya?" You replied before taking a sip from his orange juice.

"Wh-- Darling!"

You thought the flushed and aghast expression on his face was rather cute until he raised his hands and started rattling about indirect kisses and passing on germs through mouth to mouth contact. Honestly, his pure heartedness is causing you to sin everyday, but you delighted in teasing your uptight boyfriend.

"Tenya, wait a moment!"

During downtime weekends, you and Iida would make time to go out with each other. Today was that kind of day, and he was held back when you paused inside a lingerie shop.

"Let me just get a few things from here!" You happily pointed into the shop.

Iida suddenly let go of your hand, a tinge of red spreading over his face. "I can wait out here if you don't take long!"

"Oh, but I will take long," you hurriedly grabbed his hand and gently dragged his unwilling self in the shop that had its logo in neon pink light hanging on their glass window. "They have seats in here, so don't worry!"

A brunette clerk in a bright pink suit approached you with a warm smile. "Good afternoon! How may we help you?"

"Ah, yes, I'm looking for a few pieces..."

Iida looked terribly uncomfortable, his face still a bit red from the sight of frilly underwear, but when he felt you squeeze his hand, he was prompted to turn and meet your sight.

"I was kidding. I won't take long," you smiled at him. "Wait for me over there while I try a few things on, all right?"

Iida, who was in a blue dress shirt, was finally seated on a velvet red divan. "Ah, darling...?"

He watched you fill up a shopping basket with a few colourful items and he couldn't help but sigh to himself. A mannequin wearing a racy set of dark blue underwear caught his attention and for a moment, his thoughts drifted to his darling and how her figure would look--

Iida placed a hand over his mouth, brows furrowed in annoyance at his own thoughts. 'Ah, how improper.'

It took you about 15 minutes to try on everything you bought, which were all bundled in a hot pink paper bag. You waved bye to the brunette clerk who assisted you and made your way out of the store with Iida.

"Sorry I took so long," you hummed at him before sliding your smaller hand into his own. "Would you like an orange cream soda? My treat!"

"I..." He started, but he simply sighed in defeat and smiled at you. "All right, darling."

"You know I can't focus if you're looking at me so intently, Tenya."

You raised your eyes from your book and looked back at the figure looking at you from across the table. Monday afternoons meant study dates at the school library for you and Iida. You tilted your head and gave him a coy smile.

"I can't see any colour," he replied. "It's white."

"Yeah, I bought a bunch of white underwear when we went out because you keep on getting distracted by the coloured ones I wore. Of course, even though it's white, it's still pretty cute!" You answered. "Would you like to see?"

Iida flinched in his seat, a small blush spreading across his face. You laughed as he started to raise his hands and scold you for teasing him. "Darling, how improper!"

"I was joking!" You replied with a giggle and winked at him. "Though you can always tell me if you want to."

The startled look on his face was absolutely delightful and you were damn sure you were definitely the last on the list of people going to heaven.

"How improper! This isn't how a hero is supposed to act, you know!"

"You really are fun to tease, Tenya," your lips curved into a cheeky smile.

"Maybe you're right," Iida said with a sigh of defeat. He smiled at you before reaching out for your hand. "Maybe I really can't keep my eyes off you, darling."