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Call Me Darling

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"You're pretty much the only bright thing I want to keep in my life, darling."

On your 100th day of dating, Tokoyami Fumikage gave you a slim black flashlight you can keep in your pocket at all times.

"If you think I'm becoming too threatening to you, just shine the light on me so I'll know."

You got matching fluffy white chick keychains for the both of you, which he attached rather proudly on his school bag.

On the afternoon of your 100th-day anniversary, you were about to walk out of your classroom to wait for your boyfriend outside Class 1-A's classroom.

"Oi, Tokoyami! Isn't this a bit too cute for your tastes?" You overheard some of Tokoyami's classmates tease him over the fluffy white keychain that looked rather out of place in his style.

"I quite like it," He remarked, dismissing his classmates' teasing. "Besides, it was given to me by someone dearly beloved."

Oh, no. You felt your face heat up all of a sudden. 'He said he liked it!'

Your thoughts rushed back to that time when you were looking for a present for Tokoyami over the weekend. You were out with Kendo and the other girls of Class 1-B when you encountered the girls of Class 1-A as well.

"Ah, it's 1-B!" Ashido exclaimed excitedly. "Out shopping?"

Kendo wrapped an arm around you and pulled you closer to the group. "Darling is asking for some advice on what to give Tokoyami because they're gonna celebrate their 100th day of dating!"

"Oh! So you're the darling Tokoyami-chan was talking about!" Asui stated. "To be honest, we never thought he would date anyone at all!"

"Yes, yes, Tokoyami is kind of mysterious," Ashido stated as-a-matter-of-factly. "So you're the one he can't stop mentioning every time we start talking about lovey-dovey stuff!"

Your lips couldn't help but curve into a smile as you heard Tokoyami's classmates talk about how he talks about you. "I never thought he would go out with me, either! Especially since my hair glows and sometimes freaks out Dark Shadow."

"But you know, darling, you're probably the only bright thing Tokoyami wants to keep in his life," Uraraka remarked. "Especially since he mentioned a future with you and all!"

Spinning, spinning, spinning, your head was spinning. Flash forward again to today, and Kendo tapped you on the shoulder when she saw your spaced-out expression.

"Darling, Tokoyami's waiting for you outside!"

"A-Ah, right!" You shook your head before shuffling out of the classroom and into Tokoyami's arms. You couldn't help but think that for a gloomy person, he was pretty warm-hearted.

When Tokoyami asked you to come over to Class 1-A's dorm for a moment, you were overcome by panic. Even Monoma, who didn't really care much about matters involving the other class, was alerted by the cryptic message Tokoyami sent to you, especially since it was already past the curfew. You still went, though, followed closely by Kendo and the other girls of 1-B. Your group was drawn to a faint orange light emanating from outside 1-A's dorms. When you took a step forward, you saw a number of oil lamps and candles scattered in the opposite class' patio.

Tokoyami was standing there as well, and you were having a hard time determining if it was supposed to be a candlelight dinner or a seance.

"Fumikage!" You exclaimed happily. "Are we gonna summon a ghost?"

Kendo and the others right behind you held back their laughter, and you swore you heard snickering coming from the inside of 1-A's dormitory. As for Tokoyami, he looked visibly distressed after hearing your question.

"It was a joke!" You approached him, careful not to step on any of the candles and the oil lamps. You sensed that he was drawn to the long, pleated and light-coloured flowy skirt you were wearing.

"It's nice," he said. "You look nice."

"Thank you! But you know what's even nicer?" You brought your hands together over your chest and suddenly turned on the small flashlight from under your chin, illuminating your face in a horrific manner that startled Dark Shadow and even those from the inside of the dormitory. "Let's call a ghost."

A week after your disastrous and rather hilarious 100th-day celebration with Tokoyami, you insisted on going out on a picnic on the weekend because autumn afternoons were good for lounging, after all. You were comfortably curled up beside a sleeping Tokoyami on a pink blanket on 1-B's patio, carefully listening to the soft sound of the rustling of the remaining leaves on the trees. The cool wind felt most comfortable as it blew through your loose clothes and long skirt, Tokoyami's own loose clothing gently shifting as well.

You suddenly sat up and brought out a container filled with sliced apples shaped like little rabbits. "Want some?"

"Yes, please," Tokoyami responded, sitting up beside you. You were munching on the apples rather happily when he suddenly stated, "I heard you met my female classmates while you were out with yours last week."

You nodded eagerly at him. "Mmm! They were out shopping, too! Ah..."

You turned and gave him your full attention as he munched on the apples. "Uraraka-san said something that I wanted to ask you about, like stuff about the f-future..."

He gave you a long look. "Of course it's natural to talk about the future. You should date someone with the thought of staying together for a long time because why else would you date anyone?"

"Ah..." It was then you realised that underneath his enigmatic visage, your boyfriend was actually a romantic... And a realist. "You're right!"

"And Uraraka was right about another thing, too," Tokoyami reached out for a lock of your hair and ran his fingers through it, his sudden show of affection surprising you. He was quiet for but a moment before finally speaking again. "You're pretty much the only bright thing I want to keep in my life, darling."