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A Jump From Shonen: Life After Death

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The pain was incredible. Having experienced it once before didn't undermine the painful impact. My head cracked open on the sidewalk, blood pouring out of my skull. Alix was on top of me. Why the fuck would she do this? I shouldn't have let her come to the roof with me. Her hands were still wrapped around mine. There was nothing I could do. God damn it. What a great fucking boyfriend I am. I can't even save her from her damn self.

The feeling in my feet and legs were the first to go as the blood drained out of me. I could hear yelling but ny vision was too fuzzy. My head and spine burned, my chest struggling to get air. As I slipped into blackness, I felt like I was suffocating. I was drowning in death.

I hope my body was enough to cushion her. Maybe she's not dead. I remember her words before we fell, "trust me, Katsuki." Maybe she will be there when I wake in my world. If that's how these things work.

"The future is not clear."

The truth was, I had a long talk with Horikoshi before the police arrived at that gas station. I knew exactly who he was. I had seen pictures of him online. But we couldn't tell Alix our plan was me jumping off a building and dying. I knew it would end up like this. But here we were anyway. She didn't lie when she said nothing would stop her.

God damn it. Why did I let it slip the plan was to die? Why... but I knew why. She had nothing to lose trying to follow me. She would do anything to be with me. I know that. No matter what I did, it would have ended like this.

Death isn't like in the movies. It's not a comforting blanket. It's not a slow descent into darkness. For me, there was no Heaven or Hell waiting. I could feel each cell slowly dying, each nerve going numb. I wanted to breathe, to end the suffering in my chest, but the harder I tried the more pain I felt. There was no life flashing before my eyes. There was simply pain and regret.

I should have stopped her.

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My eyes open to darkness. I could feel silk all around me. I could hear someone talking, but couldn't make out what they were saying. I reach in front of me, a hard slab above my body. Is this... fuck, it's a god damn casket.

I bang on the wood above me and the talking abruptly stops. The light rushes in as the lid is opened, an old man in pastor's robes standing above me. I sit up, every bone in my body sore. I hear a loud, collective gasp.

I see people sitting in rows. Waves of people in black clothing. My eyes land first on my parents. The old hag's eyes were puffy as she stared at me in shock. I squint at everyone. Who the fuck showed up at the funeral, anyway?

"Oi!" I clamber my way out of the casket, the bones in my knees popping sorely. The gunshot wound still hurt like hell. I could feel my shirt was wet with blood.

"You morons really think I could fucking die? It'll take a lot more than some damn villain wannabe to kill me!" My eyes scan the crowd. I barely recognize Kirishima, his hair down and no longer dyed red. Kaminari and Sero sat next to him. Random family, some of Class 1-A, even All Might was there, his hair graying with age.

The pastor stared at me with fear, pointing at his chest and waving his hands around in that motion church-goers use when they see something unholy.

"Katsuki! What the hell?!" My mother's voice yelled. I look at her, "you losers really don't get me, do you?" I try to play it off like I hadn't been through 3 months of being in another world.  They'd think I went crazy.

My mother grabs my shoulder and I can't help but groan in pain. She lets go, "how the hell did you get in there?!" I squint, "the fuck do you mean? This is my fucking casket!" My father raises an eyebrow, "your body wasn't found, son. The casket was empty. We thought you were dead."

They told me that months after the villain attack, my body still couldn't be found among the wreckage. They found my blood and, due to the amount of blood loss, assumed I had died in the battle. They decided to have a funeral for me anyway, despite not having a body to bury.

"I knew it, Explosion Boy," the familiar voice of Kirishima makes me shift my gaze to the loser. It had been over a year since we last saw eachother, and this moron dares to show up at my funeral? He looked me in the eye with a smile that makes me want to punch him. But I have more pressing matters to deal with.

Did that Bossy moron make it? I look around, not seeing anyone that looks like her. "I have to go." I don't care that everyone has questions for me. I don't care about anything but finding her. If she's here, I have to find her.

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I'm flying through the air, calling out her name. I must look crazy. My funeral was held in a graveyard deep in the woods. How did this whole thing work? If I woke up in my casket, would she be nearby? In the same city? In the same country? The same side of the world? "Alix!" I call out, flying back toward the city. Where should I even start looking for her?

What would I do if she's not here? What would I do if I couldn't find her? If she's not here, then... no, she's here. I have to believe that.

"Kachan!" I hear Deku's voice behind me. I hate that he had learned how to fly around like All Might used to. It pissed me off. Now he can annoy me airbound, too. "Mind your business, Deku!" I yell at him. No one needed to know I was looking for a girl who might not exist in this world. "Who are you looking for? What's going on?" He questions.

"I said leave me alone!" I send a blast in his direction, causing him to lose his trajectory and fall toward the ground. He'll be fine, not that I care. I rocket away. Where the hell would she be?

"Alix!" I call out. "Oi! Bossy!" I lose steam and land on a thick tree branch, sitting down with my legs hanging. The fuck was I gonna do? I woke up in an empty casket. Where would she be? She could be anywhere, couldn't she? Goddammit.

Either way, this whole situation sucked. Alive now or not, she died because of me. She had to go through all of that suffering. Her last words before dying were to tell me she loved me. She told me to trust her. Did she know something I didn't? No. She was always open about everything. She said whatever was on her mind, no matter the consequences. She wouldn't keep something from me. 

Who the fuck would love me after putting them through so much? I thought leaving her like that was the best option, but the damn nerd just keeps popping up. She would be crazy enough to try to follow me through death itself, too. Could I really blame her, though? What did she have to lose? No family or friends, nothing to leave behind or regret.

The same problem keeps boiling in my head. If she is here, where is she? I stand up on my feet, jumping down to the grassy floor of the woods. She had to be here. There was no other option I would accept. 

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Izuku had landed hard on the ground, not able to fly as steadily as All Might used to yet. His ankle had twisted badly upon landing. Older Izuku was much taller than the young boy in his first year at UA. He had his green hair cut short and his muscles were much more defined.

He couldn't wrap his head around what had happened. He saw Katsuki as he was thrown into that building. The whole thing had collapsed. How could anyone have survived that? Now, not only was he not dead, he didn't look particularly injured except where he was bleeding at the shoulder. He's been gone for three months and he randomly appears inside his mock casket? Plus, instead of telling anyone what was going on, he's flying around calling a name Izuku didn't recognize. Who was he looking for? Had Kachan gone crazy?

He turned around with a start as he heard movement behind him. Out of the bushes, a girl stumbled and reached for the tree trunk next to her, leaning on it for support. Her eyes looked cloudy and distant, as if she couldn't see anything around her. "Hey, are you okay?" Izuku asks her. Her eyes look more alive as her gaze flits toward him, stretching in surprise. "I- I made it. I knew I would." Her voice mumbled. Her knees wiggled as they gave way under her and Izuku catches her before she falls.

"Katsuki..." she says weakly. He raises an eyebrow, "hey! Hey, what's your name? What happened to you? Is there a villain nearby?" Izuku looks around but sees no-one. "My name is Alix." She says.

She gasps, rolling out of Izuku's arms. I didn't have time to stop her but she lands on her feet. "Deku! Holy shit. It's really you?!" Izuku nods with a shy smile, "y-yeah. But forget about me, are you okay? What happened? Do you need to go to the hospital?" The girl shakes her head. She was unlike anyone I've seen in Japan. Actually, come to think of it, she's definitely not Japanese, yet she was speaking the language fluently. Her pale-ish skin, mannerisms, and accent screamed American. All Might would have a field day with her. If she was a tourist, what was she doing out here? And why is Kachan looking for her, or was it just a coincidence? Probably not.

Her face relaxes as she gives Izuku a shy smile, red coloring her cheeks. She had tattoos all over her arms, short brown curly hair that was shaved around the sides like a men's haircut, and her shirt was merch Izuku didn't recognize. Her shirt... it has me and Kachan on it but... as kids? Maybe it was from the Sports Festival or something. A gentle smile of sentiment stretches on Izuku's face, remembering when he was a fanboy like her.

"Where is he? You know, don't you? Where's Kachan?" She asks. I'm not sure what to do. I don't know who this person is or where she came from. Was it really a good idea to bring her to him while he's injured? Was he looking for a fight, or was it something else? Izuku decides to walk her in the general direction he flew and see where it goes. Izuku points behind him, "I think he went this way if you want to see him."

Without hesitation, she walks the way I pointed to. I walk beside her, wincing from the twisted ankle but after breaking my bones so many times it was the equivalent of a paper cut. "So how do you know Kachan? Do you know what's going on? Where he's been for three months?"

The blush on her face gets redder, "if I told you he'd probably kill me. I'd rather wait til you asked him yourself." Izuku shrugs, "that's fair, I guess."

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Something feels wrong while I walk beside Izuku. I realize that it's because my mind is quiet beside my own voice. No abrupt interruptions, no sudden thoughts of violence, nothing but a single stream of thought. Is this how neurotypical people feel? It's almost... lonely. But that wasn't the only thing that made things feel off. Izuku seemed tense.

"Listen, I'm not his enemy, okay? You can trust me. He just... needs to know I'm alive." I say. Izuku looks at me, but doesn't say anything. Something was clearly bothering him. Why wouldn't there be? He knows Katsuki is alive, obviously, but his rival had suddenly come back to life after three months of being assumed dead?

"In that case, come on. May I?" He reaches out his hand. I don't understand what's happening, but I take his hand. He gives a small chuckle, "I'm still not very good at this, so hold on, okay? Don't, you know, panic or anything." He floats into the air, pulling me along with him. I wrap my arms around his shoulders. Katsuki would be pissed if he saw this. He'll just have to get over it when we find him.

He flies slowly to maintain control with the extra weight. "I'm sorry," I tell him, "I don't mean to be a burden." Izuku shakes his head, "I need to train myself to be better, so in a way, you're actually helping me. One day I might really need to do this to save lives, you know?" I nod, smiling. Typical Deku. That's what I like about him. My heart thumps. Stop it, you're with Katsuki. Don't crush on him. Besides, he's married to Todoroki. But I can't help it. My heart is just too big for one person. He's not even your type. Shut up. But who am I telling to shut up? It's only me in my head now. This was about to get interesting.

But was I really still with him? After breaking his trust and jumping anyway, would KAtsuki forgive me? Would he even want to be together? And what about the baby? Is it still alive inside me? Does it still exist after crossing universes? I'm not far along enough to have a belly or feel kicking or anything like that. I guess I'll have to see if I could get a pregnancy test in this universe.

It's selfish, I know that, but I was willing to sacrifice the collection of cells in my womb to be with him. Besides, I would never force life onto another human unless I knew I had what it took to take care of it.

I need to shake myself out of these thoughts. Here I was, hanging on to Izuku Midoriya and I'm worrying instead of taking in the world below me. The treetops dancing in the light breeze, the warm, but not hot sun. I really was in the universe of an anime. I look to the horizon and see a black dot flying through the air, bright explosions behind him. I gasp, yelling out, "Katsuki! Katsuki! I'm here!" He was too far away to hear me above the sounds of the explosions. We watch the black dot descent below. "He's landing!" Izuku flies a little faster, my curls blowing in the wind.

The line of trees breaks, leading up to a cliff that juts over the ocean. Katsuki is standing on the edge, staring as the sun sets in a fiery blaze. "Katsuki!" I scream. He turns around and looks up to me. An explosion wraps around him. Suddenly his body crashes into mine and he scoops me out of the air, tearing me away from Izuku. Poor Midoriya is unbalanced yet again, landing roughly on the ground.

"Fucking hell!" Katsuki's voice breaks as we fly through the air. He cushions my fall as he lands on his back, holding me tight. It wasn't a far fall so neither of us was injured. "Don't you fucking dare do that shit again! You're not allowed to die for me, you moron! That's my job! I'm supposed to fucking protect you! Why would you do that?!" He holds my head turned away, but I can tell he's crying. "God damn it! What would happen if it didn't work? What if you were just dead and there's not a damn thing I could do for you, then?! You idiot!"

I pull myself away just enough to look at him, his eyes streaming. I never thought I'd see him cry like this. "I had faith in us, Katsuki." I smile at him. He looks at me, his face grimaced as he sniffled. "I told you, I'll follow you through time and space and reality itself. So if you'll forgive me... if you'll still have me..." the nerves rise in his chest.

"Idiot!" He pulls me back in his arms, burying his face in my hair. "I'm never letting you out of my god damn sight again, you god damn Bossy bastard!" I let him hold me for a few minutes, happily in his arms, but I know we'll have to move eventually. I felt awkward knowing Izuku was hovering around somewhere, seeing Katsuki break down. I'm surprised he didn't shoo Deku off already.

"Come on, we've got shit to do. Does anyone else know you're alive?" I pull away and stand up, grabbing Katsuki's hand and pulling him along. "I don't need your help! I can stand on my damn own!" He huffs. "I made a grand fucking entrance at my funeral. Everyone knows. Not that they know what happened." He rolls his eyes and shoots a look at Izuku, "oi! Deku!" He snaps. Izuku looks like he's about to die on the spot.

"Yeah, Kachan?"

"Go ahead of us and tell everyone to fucking wait there. I'll explain everything."

Izuku nods dutifully and shoots off back toward the funeral. Katsuki grabs me and shoots up. I get a sudden feeling of nausea but I try to push it down. All this flying around was going to make me sick. "Seriously, Bossy. Never do that again. I won't be the reason you die." He says. I shrug, "don't give me a reason to die for you again and we won't have that problem." He squints at my comment, "I'm going to protect you. You're probably quirkless. If that's the case you have no way to defend yourself."

My heart suddenly sinks. Not because of what he said, but because my pockets are empty. Babygirl, the knife I cherished, had disappeared."Oh no! Shit!" I gasp, frantically patting myself down, fruitless. "What's wrong?" He asks. "My knife... it's gone." You could hear the heartbreak in my voice. "I'll buy you another one. Don't worry about it right now, okay?" I nod, still upset.

I know he didn't care since it came from another guy, but it's the one thing that's always been by my side no matter what happened. Too many times it was a source of comfort when I felt threatened. Though I've never had to use it... well, except for that one time, it always made me feel safe and in control. Like nothing truly bad could happen as long as I had Babygirl. That's the story behind its name. I take care of Babygirl, give her a home, sharpen her and take care of her, treat her with respect, and I know she'll always be there for me, even as simply a good luck charm.

Not having it made me feel naked and vulnerable. It left a sense of impending doom in my heart.

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Izuku landed among the crowd in front of the open, empty casket. Mitsuki had her head against Masaru's shoulder, gripping his shirt and crying. Even her cries sounded angry, "that boy is always causing trouble! Where has he been hiding all this time! And where did he go now?! That fucking kid!"

All Might was standing next to Inko. They had been together ever since All Might fully retired from both hero work and teaching. It was weird to Izuku, but his Mom was happy, so how could he have any problem with that? "Hey! I found him! He's on his way back!" Izuku announced, catching the attention of everyone. "He says he'll explain everything." Todoroki walked up to his husband, "are you okay, Izuku? You look scratched up." He was right, Izuku's face had minor scratches on his cheeks from falling twice.

Izuku smiled, "it's fine. He just blasted me. You know how he is."

It didn't take long for Bakugo to arrive, carrying Alix. A murmur rings through the crowd, asking, "who is she?" He sets his feet on the ground in front of Izuku and Todoroki. He doesn't let go of her hand.

Kachan disappeared for three months and came back with... a girlfriend? Weird.

He looks around, "do I really have to explain myself to everyone?" He groans, "fucking fine but I'm only saying this once. I didn't fucking die. I don't know what the hell happened but I was stuck in another world for three months. I know it sounds crazy, but it happened, okay? It was a world like it used to be here, one without quirks or whatever. But I'm back now and that's all that fucking matters."

There was no reason to tell them the exact details. No one needed to know there was some random fortune teller guy who writes about them. They were met with questions, but Bakugo blew them off. "Like I said, all that matters is I'm back." Kaminari butted in, "yeah, but who the heck is she?" The grip on Alix's hand tightened, "I met her in the other world. She's my fucking girlfriend, got a problem with it?"

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He really said that, aloud, in front of everyone?  That I'm his girlfriend? I can't help but feel sad when I see a disappointed look on Kirishima's face. After all this time, he still had feelings for the guy? That's too bad. They would have made one of the cutest couples, but I don't think Bakugo could ever actually love him. But then again... why me and not him? I'm kind of a loser. Maybe it's just that I'm a girl and he's more comfortable in a straight relationship?

It's funny, I used to say all the time that no matter who I date, it's kind of gay because of my gender identity. But he will never know. He'd think it's weird. But, in any case, he chose me, and I'm glad for that. 

As he is bombarded by a thousand questions, his gaze flicks to All Might. I never thought he could look frailer in his small form that he usually did, but aging had obviously taken a toll on him. 

"Tch. Everyone just go fucking home. I'm not answering any of your dumb questions." His look lands on Izuku, "Deku, fucking stay here." After protests from his Mom and his family, he explains, "I still have to take care of a few things. I'll meet you at home, okay?" Mitsuki doesn't look as angry, just nodding and following everyone to their cars, lined up in a crude grassy parking lot.

Inko hesitates, looking at Bakugo with concern, but All Might reassures her, "I'll meet up with you later, my dear." I look at Katsuki, "wait a minute..." my eyes flick to them and back to Katsuki, "you didn't tell me All Might and Inko are together! That's so cute!" Izuku blushes awkwardly as I say it, but doesn't say anything. Instead, he sends Todoroki off. Suddenly it was me, Katsuki, Izuku, and All Might standing there. I had always idolized Katsuki, always related to Izuku, and appreciated All Might. This was like being at the Grammy for me.

"Bakugo, my boy!" All Might's voice rumbled, "I'm glad to see you're okay, but you seem injured." He nods to the bloodstain on his shirt. Katsuki shook his head, "I'll be fine. It's just a scrape. But I'm not going to talk about me all fucking day. I need to be caught up on what's happened in the past three months. What happened while I was gone?"

All Might and Izuku looked at eachother, then to me. All Might says, "well, we've gathered some information of sensitive matters we can talk about another time." Katsuki crosses his arms, casting a gaze at me, "she's fine. She pretty much knows everything anyway." Izuku raises an eyebrow, "you told her? Kachan-" Bakugo looked at Izuku angrily, "I told you, the secret's safe with me. But the world I went to? That's a different fucking story. You tell them, Bossy."

They look at me expectedly. Where do I even start? "W-well...."

I go through the same speech as I did with Bakugo, explaining what anime is and how popular the story of their lives are, about how Horikoshi is an artist with future-telling powers, how a whole fandom knows about One For All, and All For One. They both looked genuinely shocked.

We ended up explaining everything. How we had met, how we figured out how to get back, the whole story. Izuku mumbled, "you didn't even know if it would work but you jumped, anyway? That was brave." Katsuki squinted his eyes, "it was foolish. Don't praise her." I bump him with my elbow, "I did it for you, dumbass. Plus it worked so you have nothing to be mad about."

"What about my apartment?" He asks. Izuku explains, "we all pitched in to keep it up in case you came back."

That's how my life in the world of My Hero Academia began. I learned that the theory about All For One being Izuku's father was true, that he had been born with a quirk that he had stolen. The Xray of Izuku's foot was fake. Everything about the theory was true. It was incredible.

As the moon rose, Katsuki looked exhausted. "Let's just go home, Bossy."

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Katsuki's apartment was much bigger than mine. He must have felt so cramped in my little studio for all that time. It came fully equipped with a kitchen, laundry room, the works. It was obvious he kept things simple. He had minimal decorations but had a few house plants sitting around. 

Katsuki recklessly threw his phone on the counter, which was blowing up with texts and calls from his family, mostly his mother. "They can fucking wait til morning." He grumbled. He had bags under his eyes. I haven't seen him this exhausted since the day he stumbled into my apartment. "Come fucking here, Bossy." My gaze stops flashing around the apartment and to him, looking at me with an intense glare. "I said come here, dammit!"

I step toward him, unsure of what he wanted. He pulled at the collar of my shirt, our faces inches apart. He looks pissed, more so than usual. But his tone was gentle as he says, "I'm glad you made it, you idiot." He leans down and kisses me, all his anger, frustration, and worry behind his lips. It almost felt like our mouths were at war with eachother. I feel my back being pressed against the door. He breaks the kiss, his gaze softer now. My heart beats hard.

He takes my hand and drags me into the bedroom. I didn't expect him to have a King bed, but I guess it's go big or go home for Bakugo. The bed set was dark red with white pillows, and it was the softest I'd ever seen. It took all my willpower not to dive straight into them.  "I need to shower. I smell like a fucking corpse. You gonna join or stay dirty?" He strips off his shirt and throws it into a laundry basket. I nod happily, "yeah! It's been a while since we've showered together." I strip off my own shirt, tossing it in the basket and chuckling, "I guess I'm the one who needs clothes and stuff now." Katsuki rolls his eyes, "tch. You'd probably take three hours to pick one shirt. I ain't going with you." I follow him naked to the on-suite bathroom. He turns on the water and we wait for it to warm up. Somehow, the bullet wound had completely healed. Maybe it was something to do with coming back to his own universe.

"Hey, Katsuki?" I ask, following him under the water. "What?" He wets his hair, then lets me soak mine. "Do you think I'm really quirkless? What if somehow I got a quirk being in this new reality?" He squints, "you're talking like a damn nerd. I wouldn't get your hopes up." He squirts some shampoo in my hair. He really does use Old Spice. What an absolute heathen

His fingers feel so good as they scrub my scalp. A question that's been burning in the back of my mind slips out, "Katsuki... do you still trust me?" I couldn't see his expression as I rinse out the suds. "Tch. What kind of damn question is that?"

"Well, you know... cause I kind of tricked you into letting me on the roof with you. I know you didn't want me to die but... I'm not dead. I'm right here with you." I hear him huff as if frustrated, "that's not the point. Did you even think of how I would feel if I let you die in my arms? Did you think how I would be able to call myself a damn hero if I can't even protect someone I love?"

My heart skips as he says it again. He says he loves me. I put my head against his chest, not wanting to look at his saddened face. It was too much for me to bear. "I'm sorry, Katsuki. But... it's because you love me that I had faith. If we were really meant to be together, then I knew it would work." I force myself to look at him, "I know I'm not the prettiest, or the strongest, or the funniest, but if you like me, if you can accept me as I am, then that's good enough for me. If you want me, then I must be worth something."

His hands grip my shoulders, "oi, don't say that bullshit. When push comes to shove you're the bravest fucking person I know, okay? Who the fuck else would die for me, huh? Who the fuck else would fight for me like you did when your Dad found you? Who the hell else could look at someone who hurt them with a straight face? You're worth something whether you believe it or not, dumbass. Who the fuck else would have the guts to stare at me right in the eye when I'm ready to kick their ass? You deal with my bullshit as much as I deal with yours. Come on, let's finish up here." 

As we dry ourselves off with towels, Katsuki hands me an oversized shirt and sweatpants to sleep in. As I slip into his pants, I chuckle, "hey, Katsuki. I guess you could say I finally got into your pants, right?" He smirks, "don't fucking tempt me tonight, you bastard. We both need rest after all the bullshit." I wink at him, "oh yeah? I bet you want a piece of this."

He lays on the bed, shirtless and crawls under the covers, "seriously, Bossy. I have nothing to give you tonight. We'll wait, okay?" I nod, climbing in next to him. "Okay, Katsuki." He reaches over and turns off the lamp, shrouding the room in darkness as he spoons me. "Oh, yeah, and if I ever see Deku touch you again, I'm going to need a shovel to dig his fucking grave." I blush hard. I knew he'd be mad about that.

"Hey Katsuki?"


"I love you."

"I love you too, you damn nerd. Go to sleep."

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Katsuki's apartment was much bigger than mine. He must have felt so cramped in my little studio for all that time. It came fully equipped with a kitchen, laundry room, the works. It was obvious he kept things simple. He had minimal decorations but had a few house plants sitting around. 

Katsuki recklessly threw his phone on the counter, which was blowing up with texts and calls from his family, mostly his mother. "They can fucking wait til morning." He grumbled. He had bags under his eyes. I haven't seen him this exhausted since the day he stumbled into my apartment. "Come fucking here, Bossy." My gaze stops flashing around the apartment and to him, looking at me with an intense glare. "I said come here, dammit!"

I step toward him, unsure of what he wanted. He pulled at the collar of my shirt, our faces inches apart. He looks pissed, more so than usual. But his tone was gentle as he says, "I'm glad you made it, you idiot." He leans down and kisses me, all his anger, frustration, and worry behind his lips. It almost felt like our mouths were at war with eachother. I feel my back being pressed against the door. He breaks the kiss, his gaze softer now. My heart beats hard.

He takes my hand and drags me into the bedroom. I didn't expect him to have a King bed, but I guess it's go big or go home for Bakugo. The bed set was dark red with white pillows, and it was the softest I'd ever seen. It took all my willpower not to dive straight into them.  "I need to shower. I smell like a fucking corpse. You gonna join or stay dirty?" He strips off his shirt and throws it into a laundry basket. I nod happily, "yeah! It's been a while since we've showered together." I strip off my own shirt, tossing it in the basket and chuckling, "I guess I'm the one who needs clothes and stuff now." Katsuki rolls his eyes, "tch. You'd probably take three hours to pick one shirt. I ain't going with you." I follow him naked to the on-suite bathroom. He turns on the water and we wait for it to warm up. Somehow, the bullet wound had completely healed. Maybe it was something to do with coming back to his own universe.

"Hey, Katsuki?" I ask, following him under the water. "What?" He wets his hair, then lets me soak mine. "Do you think I'm really quirkless? What if somehow I got a quirk being in this new reality?" He squints, "you're talking like a damn nerd. I wouldn't get your hopes up." He squirts some shampoo in my hair. He really does use Old Spice. What an absolute heathen

His fingers feel so good as they scrub my scalp. A question that's been burning in the back of my mind slips out, "Katsuki... do you still trust me?" I couldn't see his expression as I rinse out the suds. "Tch. What kind of damn question is that?"

"Well, you know... cause I kind of tricked you into letting me on the roof with you. I know you didn't want me to die but... I'm not dead. I'm right here with you." I hear him huff as if frustrated, "that's not the point. Did you even think of how I would feel if I let you die in my arms? Did you think how I would be able to call myself a damn hero if I can't even protect someone I love?"

My heart skips as he says it again. He says he loves me. I put my head against his chest, not wanting to look at his saddened face. It was too much for me to bear. "I'm sorry, Katsuki. But... it's because you love me that I had faith. If we were really meant to be together, then I knew it would work." I force myself to look at him, "I know I'm not the prettiest, or the strongest, or the funniest, but if you like me, if you can accept me as I am, then that's good enough for me. If you want me, then I must be worth something."

His hands grip my shoulders, "oi, don't say that bullshit. When push comes to shove you're the bravest fucking person I know, okay? Who the fuck else would die for me, huh? Who the fuck else would fight for me like you did when your Dad found you? Who the hell else could look at someone who hurt them with a straight face? You're worth something whether you believe it or not, dumbass. Who the fuck else would have the guts to stare at me right in the eye when I'm ready to kick their ass? You deal with my bullshit as much as I deal with yours. Come on, let's finish up here." 

As we dry ourselves off with towels, Katsuki hands me an oversized shirt and sweatpants to sleep in. As I slip into his pants, I chuckle, "hey, Katsuki. I guess you could say I finally got into your pants, right?" He smirks, "don't fucking tempt me tonight, you bastard. We both need rest after all the bullshit." I wink at him, "oh yeah? I bet you want a piece of this."

He lays on the bed, shirtless and crawls under the covers, "seriously, Bossy. I have nothing to give you tonight. We'll wait, okay?" I nod, climbing in next to him. "Okay, Katsuki." He reaches over and turns off the lamp, shrouding the room in darkness as he spoons me. "Oh, yeah, and if I ever see Deku touch you again, I'm going to need a shovel to dig his fucking grave." I blush hard. I knew he'd be mad about that.

"Hey Katsuki?"


"I love you."

"I love you too, you damn nerd. Go to sleep."

Chapter Text

All Might and Izuku had to pull some strings for me, but eventually, I became a citizen of Japan. I was registered as a Quirkless Immigrant in the system. Two weeks after the false funeral, I found myself sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office. I had my earbuds in, listening to music. I'm just glad this world has Van Halen in it.

I had told Katsuki I wanted to get my foot X-rayed to see if I really was Quirkless. He had a patrol to do today so it was a good opportunity to figure out if the baby survived. If it did, I'd guess I was about two months in. If that's the case, another seven to go.

But part of me hopes that I wasn't pregnant. Katsuki hates kids, so what would he think? What would he want to do? Would he keep it? Would he be mad? How would I even tell him? I had jumped, knowing full well that it could not only have killed me, but his child. How would he react to that? My thought at the time was that it wasn't a child at that point, simply a collection of cells. But would he agree to that statement?

I could always tell him I didn't know at the time. It feels shitty, I feel shitty about it, but it's probably the best option. I'm only protecting him from the truth, aren't I? I could imagine what the other voice would say at this point, how I'm a villain, a bad person, selfish. It would be right about all of those things. But if Katsuki is happy with me, I'm not going to ruin that by showing him my true nature. I'll keep it hidden, locked away forever. He'll never know about my lust for bloodshed, my longing for violence.

I've always wanted to fight, to kill, to hurt people. Maybe it's because I've always invited the pain and the call of death. Maybe I was trying to do them a favor. I was seven when I planned, attempted, and failed a murder-suicide. I was ten when I threatened to kill someone else and meant it. I was eighteen when, once again, I failed another attempted murder-suicide. Death and murder followed me around like the plague. I was nineteen when I survived a mass shooting, slept with a guy who was wanted for murder, and ran away from his gang who wanted my head on a pike when I found out he was wanted and told him to leave my apartment. It's not like it all wasn't my fault, it was. Bakugo Katsuki might be dating a villain, but I'll make it a point that he'll never know.

Across from me was a brunette lady who had a large, pregnant belly. She probably was about to pop any- her eyes shoot up to me as she blushed, embarrassed. She stood up quickly, losing her balance and tottering to gain it back. Her tan pants were soaked. Did she just... I jump up and grab her hand. The receptionist is nowhere to be found. I had seen her slip into the back earlier. "It's okay!" I gently help the woman sit back down. "Your water probably broke. I'll get help." I turn to leave and grab the attention of a doctor, but her hand gripped me tightly. I could see her stomach move as her face twisted in pain. "Don't leave me," she begged.

I kneel beside her, her hand holding mine. "Hey!" I shout, "we need a doctor! Anyone?!" No one answered. I looked back at her, "listen, if any time is good to be in labor, it's now. We're in the doctor's office. Someone should be here soon, right? Just hang on, okay?" Her face was scared, but she didn't seem to be in much pain. The contractions were far apart. That was good.

I can feel her pull against my hand. She panics as she realizes her fingers are melded together to form a bracelet made out of flesh around my wrist. Was this her quirk? "I'm sorry! I-I'm trying to reverse it!" She panics, twisting and turning her arm, "I've never been much good at controlling this stupid quirk..." she blushes, embarrassed. "It's fine," I nod, "take your time." Her fingers melded together even more as another contraction came through. She groaned, "someone help me!" The receptionist finally popped out of the back office, took one look at us and called over the intercom, "code pink in the lobby. Code pink in the lobby."

It took a minute for a doctor and several nurses to come out and assess the situation. I was stuck to this woman who was in labor, each contraction sending her quirk into overdrive, her fingers melting together tighter and tighter around my wrist. Soon I'll start losing circulation in my hand.

They ask her a volley of questions, a second doctor coming out and asking me my medical history, "are you pregnant?" He finishes with. I tell him, "I was coming here today for a pregnancy test." They get her in a wheelchair and I'm forced to walk beside her, down the hall and into a room. They manage to put her in a hospital bed. This must be a room dedicated to labor emergencies. They give me a chair to sit in next to her. They hook her up to machines and pump fluids into her. The flesh bracelet around me grows tighter and tighter. My hand starts growing numb.

I don't say anything, though. The priority now is mother and baby. I can wait. I wiggle my fingers to try to keep the blood flowing as much as possible. What if I'm stuck here for hours? The doctors get to work and I politely look away while they cut off her pants and spread her legs open, putting her feet in stirrups. "This fucking hurts! God damn it!" She screams. My hand is dying. I give in, "is there anything you can give her to loosen her grip? Any tighter and she's going to break my wrist!"

They inject something in her arm. Something that will paralyze the local area. The hand loosens enough where I can get the feeling back, so I look around to see if there was anything that might help me get out. I look over on the counter and see a bottle of ultrasound jelly, too far from my reach. A nurse, who seemed to be in training because she was watching without doing anything, glimpsed at me. "Sorry, can you grab me that? I'm going to see if I can slip out." The nurse looks at the person training her, but he's too busy tending to a woman in labor. She grabs the bottle and throws it at me, putting a finger close to her lips as if it was a secret.

I rub the jelly on both sides of the flesh bracelet, shoving a finger in between. I twist and turn, the base of my thumb popping loose. Soon, I'm free, covered in a blue jelly. I look to the doctor in charge, "can I go now?" I ask him. He nods, "see your doctor before you leave. Use the sink to wash that off." As I turn on the sink and rinse off my hands, drying them with paper towel, I hear a sound that pierces my heart. A gasp from the new nurse. I turn my head and see the doctor holding a pale, limp infant, a hole in its chest where its heart should be.

The child that everyone worked so hard to birth was stillborn. Dead on arrival. The cries from Mom sent ice shards through my chest. I leave the room and collapsed in the hallway. It's my fault. It's because I was there. If I wasn't here this wouldn't have happened. It's because everything dies around me, isn't it? I take a deep breath. No, it's not my fault. It can't be. I can't cause a birth defect, can I? No. But if I am pregnant, what if the baby dies? Then it would be my fault, wouldn't it? Fuck, I hope I'm not. I need to not be pregnant.

I stand up shakily, a doctor rushing to my side. She introduces herself, "I'm Doctor Yakobi, I heard what happened, are you okay?" Doctor Yakobi walks me to her office. She was the Doctor I originally had an appointment with. I sit down with her in a phlebotomy lab as she prepped everything she needed to take my blood. "How long does it take to find out for sure?" I ask. She answers, "the lab is pretty slow right now. You're first in line so after the appointment, we should call you in a few hours." She had inspected my wrist and determined no harm had been done, but I might be bruised for a few days.

She tries to talk to me about the incident, but I insist I'm fine. I just want her to take my blood so I can go home. 

Chapter Text

I feel a little lightheaded after getting my blood drawn. I walk out of the office, trying not to think about the horrors I saw there, and the news yet to come.

Either I was pregnant and had to deal with Bakugo's anger, or I wasn't and I killed our child. That was the reality of the situation. Whether the fetus was a child yet or not, I still made a choice that could have ended a life. Does that mean I'm a bad mom? Am I not motherhood material? I'll be honest, I probably hate kids at least half as much as Katsuki. I don't even want a child. Or at least, I don't strive for one.

I just hope that when the time comes, I'll be more prepared than that woman in the lobby. I hope he'll be the one by my side instead of some stranger.

My phone rings in my pocket. I take it out excitedly, an unknown number popping up. I answer it, "hello?" The voice is unexpected, "hey, girl! It's Mina Ashido. Your boyfriend gave me your number. Listen, he told us to find you and stay at your apartment until the villains in your area are captured. Where are you?"

"I'm just getting out of the doctor's. I'll be there in a few minutes." I hang up and call a cab,  hopping in quickly. A villain in the area? It's nice that Bakugo thinks about me at work, but did I really need bodygaurds? On top of that, Mina said "we." We who?

I jump out of the cab, into the building, and ride the elevator up. As the door opens on my floor, I see Mina and Ochako outside my door. Mina greeted me with a wave, "sorry I couldn't introduce myself earlier! I'm Mina Ashido. This is Ochako!" She grins. Ochako gives a small smile, "sorry. We don't mean to come here uninvited. Bakugo wouldn't stop yelling at us til we went and he wouldn't let any of the boys come with."

I shrug, "it's fine. I'm Alix, no need to be formal or anything." I wiggle the key and open up the apartment as they follow me inside. "Wow! I didn't expect Bakugo's apartment to be this shiny!" Mina said excitedly. Ochako said nothing, a sad look in her eye, but she covered it up with a quick, "yeah. So what should we do now?"

Mina threw her hands up, "I know! We can turn it into a girl's day! We can gossip and play truth or dare and..." she rambled on. I was apprehensive about it all. I never got along with girls before. What if they don't like me?

But, if they insist then I can't say no, right? I can try to have fun. "Yeah. Why don't we play some music and hang out on the couch?" I offer shyly. Mina claps her hands together, "perfect!" I set up a music player to my usual music, "sorry, I hope you don't mind American stuff." Mina shrugged. Ochako smiled, "I bet Jiro loves this kind of stuff." I had more Van Halen playing. We sit on the couch and Mina keeps talking, "so, what's it like?" I raise my eyebrow, "what's what like?"

Mina giggles, "being with Lord Explosion Murder. Isn't he mad at you all the time?" I shrug, "we both go back and forth all the time. It's kind of fun. He calls me Bossy and I call him Hothead. It's only fair, right?" We talk some more and I feel my phone vibrate.

"Sorry, I've got to take this." I stand up and walk out of the room. I'm sure that this time, I'd get news. "Hello?"

"Am I speaking to Ms. Alix?"


"We tested your blood for hormones indicating pregnancy. You tested positive. Would you like to schedule a follow-up appointment?"

"Can I call back later to make one?"

"Of course! Just try to get in soon so we can help you with family planning."

I give her a polite goodbye, a thank you, and hang up. I wander back into the living room. The girls stop giggling and look at me. Ochako asks, "what's wrong?"

I sit next to Mina. What could I say? Could I tell them? I guess I should talk to someone about it.

"C-can you girls keep a secret? I know you don't know me but I don't know what to do and, god damn it, it's been stressing me out for weeks."

The girls nod. I hesitate, then go on, "I told Katsuki that I was going to get my foot x-rayed to see if I'm quirkless or not. I kind of lied. I did go to the doctor but... they didn't check my toes." Mina gasps, "no way! You're not talking about...." I nod, "I took a pregnancy test. He's the father, no doubt about it."

Mina shrieks excitedly, "oh em gee! Bakugo's going to be a dad?!" I nod nervously, "he's going to be so mad. He hates kids." Ochako looks tense, her gaze fixed on the carpet. I can't stand it anymore, "what's with you and Katsuki, Ochako? Both of you refuse to talk about eachother. Do you have history or something?" Ochako blushed, panicking and raising her hands, waving them, "no! No, it's not like that!" She denies. "Then what is it?" I press her, "I'm not the type that gets mad or jealous. You can tell me."

Ochako turns her head away, the blush on her face told me everything. "You do have history. What happened?" I try to keep my voice gentle. Ochako's voice betrayed her sadness, "he and I used to... well... he would invite me to his dorm to do...well... you know.... When I started having feelings for him..." her thumbs twist together nervously, "he tossed me away like garbage." Her eyes shift up to me, "I'm sorry, I'm not trying to start anything. It's just... he did it to me, and to Kirishima...."

I lean forward, my elbows on my knees, "yeah, my man was a hoe in high school, wasn't he? I'm sorry that happened to you." Ochako's expression was hard to read. She had a crush on Izuku, too, didn't she? What happened with that? Sure, there was debate online about how they didn't actually like eachother or whatever it was, but I never believed them. As far as I was concerned they were both falling for eachother at the time. So how come he chose Todoroki? The puzzle pieces click together. She wasn't that sad about Bakugo. Izuku must have found out about their relationship and lost interest, breaking her heart. That was it. It's the only thing that makes sense.

Ochako sighed, "it's fine. Besides, you two make a great couple!"

Mina broke through the dark mood, "guys! Come on, this is a girl's night! Why so dull? Let's do something!"

The girls and I actually had fun that night, gossiping about everything that's happened simce graduation. Apparently Jiro and Kaminari were doing well, Kirishima was the godfather to their child. Izuku and Todoroki were happily married, and most of Class 1-A ended up getting good jobs as heroes or other members of hero agencies.

I was genuinely happy to have girl friends to talk to. My heart grew a size for Ochako. God, she's a precious bean that needs protecting.

Chapter Text

Katsuki doesn't get home until early in the morning. His hero costume is covered in blood, dirt, and something sticky. I don't care, though, I run up to him and hug him tight. "Katsuki! Are you alright?" He grumbles and pushes me off. He barks at Mina and Ochako, "you can leave now." They glance at eachother and scamper out of the apartment, Mina waving good-bye to me. "What's wrong?" I ask, watching him crash on the couch, still covered in gore. "Katsuki?"

"Shut up," he growls. My every instinct screams at me to leave him alone. A dark cloud hovers over him. I recognize the distant look in his eyes. Something bad happened. He definitely witnessed something out on the battlefield. But he didn't need to be alone right now, no matter how much he tries to push me away. "Fucking hell, Katsuki. You're Ground Zero, dammit. Have some dignity and clean yourself up, will you? Come on," I step toward him and pinch his collar, "get these clothes off. You're getting shit all over the couch."

His hands against me were powerful, pushing against my abdomen and throwing me across the room, "I said leave me alone!" He screams, his hands bursting with explosions. This scene was all too familiar to me. My heart shatters. He really just did that? Well, fuck him. "Katsuki! You idiot! I'm trying to help!"

I stand back up, trying a more gentle approach. I'm too stubborn to let a little violence and anger stop me from helping him. He could blow me up for all I care. "Come on, Katsuki. Talk to me. What's going on in that cute little head of yours, huh?" He refused to answer. He just stared off, not looking at anything, not moving, was he even breathing? I creep up to the couch, he doesn't even react to my movement. I gently sit on the other side of the couch, a full cushion between us. "Katsuki?" I ask softly.

I see his arm rise, small explosions flashing. I guard my face with my arms as I feel the heat and force of an explosion blow up in front of me. As I open my eyes, I realize there's something in my hand. A knife, the edge sharp and curved. It was Babygirl. Where did she come from? It shattered in my hand. Wait, could this be... my quirk? But I had bigger issues to deal with as another volley of explosions come toward me. I jump off the couch, "Katsuki! Stop!" Why was he doing this? Why was he attacking me? There was no way I could beat him in a fight. What was I supposed to do? I can't keep dodging, either?

The front door was three feet behind me. But no, like an idiot, I'm not going to run. I can't run. But what about... my hand rests on my stomach, but I don't have time to think, dodging another blow. "Katsuki! It's me! Stop!" He had a twisted look on his face. Why? Why was this happening?

He was now standing between me and the exit. "Katsuki! Fuck off!" I summon Babygirl again with my quirk, holding her, ready to use. He was panting hard, his knees weak. Maybe... I really could do this. I rush him, stepping inside his strike, avoiding his hands and tackling him down, holding my knife to his throat. Before he could blast me away, I shove my lips against his mouth. His arms fall away, his body still tense but I insist on keeping the kiss. God, this is so fucking cliche. I didn't think this would actually work.

My cheeks and arms burn painfully. I pull away, Katsuki looking confused, he says, "what the fuck are you doing? Why are you all burned up? What happened to you?" I stare at him for a moment, unsure of what to say. He just had a violent episode that he doesn't even remember. It wasn't his fault. I fold away the knife and let it disintegrate. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up. I'm fine." I stand up and grab his hand, pulling him up. "Are you hurt?" I ask. He shakes his head, "tell me what happened to you right fucking now? Who hurt you? I'll kill them! Where's round face and the alien? They were supposed to protect you!" 

I look away from him, "change and clean yourself up, then I'll tell you. That's the fucking deal, Katsuki." He grumbles, "fucking fine." He walks into the bedroom to change and shower. I collapse on the couch, shaking. What the hell? How the hell? Why the hell? Tears drip from my eyes. I won't go through this again. I can't. He hurt me. I look at the second-degree burn on my arm, bubbled up and stinging. I couldn't even begin to guess how to treat it. Should I go to the hospital? No, they'll ask too many questions.

I've been hit, smacked, slapped, punched, bitten, scratched, but none of that hurt as much as this did. Physically and emotionally. I had genuine trust in Katsuki. But now, it's broken. He hurt me. I've always told myself that the second a man raises a hand to me, I'd just leave. But real life isn't like that. Real-life is scary and unfair. He hurt me. What should I do? My hands tremble.

I hear his footsteps and tense up. Was I really scared of him now? I never thought I could fear him like this. He sits on the edge of the cushion next to me. I can't look him in the eye, "let's see those injuries. Do you need to go to the hospital?" He grabs my hand and I pull back.

Chapter Text

I sit next to Alix. Why is she shaking so much? Why won't she fucking look at me? What the hell happened, and why did she have a knife to my throat earlier? Besides, I thought she lost her knife a while ago. "Oi, Bossy, look at me. Who the fuck hurt you?"

She doesn't move, her shoulders tensing as her crying grows more intense, "you came home all angry, covered in blood." Her voice is shaky as she gasps for air. I put a hand on her shoulder, but she pulls away, pushing my arm, "don't touch me!" She raises her head, her face angry, sad, and scared. "You kicked out Mina and Ochako and this is what you did to me!" She shows me the burn on her arm. It was a pretty bad injury, but what was she saying? Her voice drops into a hoarse whisper, "you don't remember. But you attacked me. Look," she points around the room, where there were black marks on the carpet and walls. "I... did this?" I can't remember anything.

I know I was fighting a group of villains, one that called itself the Wolves of Justice. The police had said they wanted to end pro heroes by any means necessary. Every pro hero who was anybody was there, fighting in a warehouse not too far from here. There was dozens of powerful villains and... Nomu. It was just like the League of Villains all those years ago. The end of All Might as we knew it.

Grown-up now, I know it was inevitable, and things worked out as Deku became the next Symbol of Peace, but it was still my fault. The villains were after me. I had to be rescued. If he wasn't there, would I have been able to escape? I would have figured something out, wouldn't I?

But... why would fighting Nomu make me violent against Alix? Why would I hurt her? She's gone through so much already just to be with me. The fuck was I attacking her for? 

"Katsuki, don't." Alix's voice breaks through my thoughts. "It's not your fault. Trust me, okay? I know what it's like to go through shit, okay? We'll work through this together."

Her words surprise me. I burned her, hurt her, yet she still wants to be together? There was still fear in her eyes. Did I make her scared of me? Of course, I did. She doesn't deserve to be hurt. What the fuck was I thinking? I don't fucking understand. "Why the fuck would you want to be with me? You've already been through so much fucking pain...." I know it's useless. The last time I tried to avoid her, she was willing to fucking kill herself.

I stand up, "come on, we need to get that looked at. I'll tell them it was an accident, okay? I'm not letting you get an infected burn because of me." She pulls away, "it's fine. If it gets worse I'll go, okay?" I don't want to let her gt her way, but I know she's dead set on not going. "Why do you have to do everything yourself, Bossy?" I sit back on the couch. She doesn't answer, but says, "I know what you're thinking. You can't forgive yourself for hurting me. You think you should leave for my sake. Throw all of that away. If we're going down, we're going down fighting. That's who we are. I'm not leaving you until you say you don't love me anymore. But," her eyes shoot daggers into me, "I won't hold back next time. I will fight you."

"There won't be a next time. I'd rather die than fucking hurt you." I know she's scared, but I can't hold myself back. As gently as I can, I lean in and kiss her, breaking our lips apart and leaning my forehead against hers like she used to do to me. "I fucking chose you. You're mine and that fucking means something. I'm sorry. I'll never fucking hurt you again. I won't let myself go crazy. I'm a fucking hero, I should be better than this. I have to be."

I could feel the dark cloud over Alix drift away. She gives me a deep, powerful kiss. My chest still flutters every time she does that. It's so god damn cliche. She pulls back to say, "I love you, Katsuki."

"Yeah, I love you, too."

Chapter Text

I sigh, his voice ringing in my ears. I believe when he says he loves me. You know what? It doesn't matter if he hurt me or not. If he does it again, I'll just fight back harder. Now that I know I have a quirk, I could be better in a fight. I'll have to experiment with it later. But I have other things to worry about. If I don't tell him now, I don't know if I ever could.

"Katsuki... I have to tell you something, okay? Don't freak out." He raises an eyebrow, "what is it? I think I can handle it after all of this shit." My arms wrap around my abdomen self-consciously, "I lied to you, okay? I'm really sorry. I didn't go to the doctor to get my foot checked." He squints at me, "why the fuck would you lie about that?" I don't look at him, "well... I, um, I've been showing signs... so... I got a pregnancy test." I feel his hand slip into mine, "no! Y-you're not! You're not, right?"

My eyes wander up to his, "the test was positive. I'm sorry. I don't know what you want to do, but I understand if you don't want to keep it. I know you hate kids and being a hero gets in the way of family life. I'm okay with that."  The shock in his eyes made my heart sink as his voice mutters, "I-I could have hurt the baby! How long have you known?" I shake my head, "just today." He sits back on the couch, his hand on his forehead, "what do you want? I've seen you gushing over babies before. That mean you want one?"

I shrug, "they're cute but... I don't know if I'm motherhood material. But it's your flesh and blood. I don't want to decide for you. I could go either way." He looks at me from the side of his eye, "you really wouldn't care no matter what I say?" I shake my head, "no. We don't have to decide right now, anyway." Katsuki looks at me, "we did this together. We'll deal with this together, no matter what. I know I hate kids but... my own? You think I would hate having a family with you? As long as you want this, I do, too. I'll go to every god damn appointment. Everything. Let's do this together."

A smile stretches across my face. He really wanted this? Even though I'm not a fan of kids, how could I turn down having a family with Bakugo Katsuki? I couldn't. I raise my uninjured arm and ball my hand into a fist, "let's do this." He rolls his eyes and bumps his fist to mine. We had more than a relationship, we had camaraderie. 

Chapter Text

Katsuki pulls me into his arms, his hand gently on my stomach, "I'm gonna be a dad, huh? Little me running around? I wonder if he'll have my quirk." I gasp, tearing away from his chest, "oh yeah! Katsuki! I'm not quirkless! It's kind of lame but look." I concentrate on my hand and Babygirl materializes in my palm, blade out and ready.

"So that's where your blade went, huh? Can you do anything else? Try to make a dagger or something." I listen to him, concentrating on the blade and visualizing a dagger. Babygirl shines brightly, forming into something else. What comes out is a golden hilt, the blade on backward, the tip going into the hilt and the base flared out like a drywall scraper. "How the hell did that happen?" I ask.

"You have to concentrate. Don't let that damn head of yours get in the way. What did that damn Deku say? Quirks are more of an art than a science? You have to feel it." Feel it? That was the problem. I didn't feel any different.

I let the glorified bench scraper disintegrate, releasing my hold on it. So I can produce weapons? Is it limited to just knives? How does it work? Is it like Momo's ability to transform her lipids into items? Or what was this?

"Oi! What did I tell you about thinking? Look at me." My eyes raise to his fiery expression, "you have to learn how to control your damn quirk. You got this, babe."

Babe? That certainly was out of character, but it makes me blush. He believes in me? I try to relax my mind, not concentrating as much, just willing the dagger in my head into existence. I feel a weight in my hand and look down.

I am holding the hilt of an onyx weapon, the black hilt carved in intricate designs, a shiny ruby in the middle. The blade was sleek, but was it sharp? I graze my thumb against it. It was almost sharp as a razor. An unfamiliar feeling rose in my chest. I was proud of myself for the first time. I did something. I made something useful.

"Hey! Not half bad, Bossy!" He smirks. I shrug, the dagger going away, "that's one mystery solved." Bakugo raises his eyebrow, "There's another?" He asks.

I look at him, "you haven't been wondering about something that obvious?" He looks at me, clueless. I put my hand against my forehead, "you really haven't noticed, have you? Sometimes you're as dumb as Kaminari. How the hell am I suddenly fluent in Japanese?"

Bakugo looks like he's about to explode, "hah?! Well of course I noticed! I just didn't fucking care enough to question it!" He lies. I smirk, "tch, yeah, right. Don't lie like that, Katsuki. You just make it worse."

He pulls me back into his arms, "grenades." He says. "Um...could you elaborate a bit?" I can't see his face as mine is buried in his nitroglycerin-scented chest. "The baby. I bet he's going to be able to make grenades."

"He? You want a boy?" I ask. "Hell yeah! Little me running around? Raise him to be the best fucking kid in school, then the best damn hero!" He grins. "What if they don't want to be a hero?" I wonder. "He'll be my son. Of course he'll want to be."

I wrap my arms around his torso, "if every kid became a hero, how could anything else get done? Who would be doctors or lawyers or anything like that?" Katsuki shrugs, "those jobs are for people with useless quirks. My kid's gonna be great." I sigh, "whatever you say, Katsuki."

I fall asleep in his arms on the couch, niether of us wanting to peel away from eachother long enough to walk to the bed room.

Chapter Text

I find myself in a dark forest, the moon shining down on crisp fall leaves. The trees were all dead, hollow husks. I stood at the base of a short hill. I could hear crying in the distance. My feet move without my permission as I run, the hill only getting steeper with each step. "Hold on! I'm coming!" I yell out. Who was crying? Why were they crying? What was going on?

The ground under me turns to mud and pushes me down to the base of the hill. I look down, I'm wearing a white hospital gown, covered in blood. My hands were stained red. I'm stuck in the mud, unable to move. I see something fall down the hill, tumbling and screeching. It lands in front of me, the mud sucking me in. I'm trapped elbows-deep. I look at it in horror. It was a baby, a hole where its heart should be. It screeched loudly, opening its eyes, blinking, and shutting its mouth. I hear a giggle from it as it smiled up at me, it cooed, "Mama! Where Mama?" As I don't answer, its face twists as it cries madly, "whyyyyy! Whhhy!!" The darkness of the mud sucks me in, completely covered.

"Alix!" A rough voice calls to me. I realize it was me, I'm the one screaming, sitting up on the couch. I feel arms tight around me. As my mind comes back to reality, I hug him tight, "I- I'm sorry Katsuki. I didn't mean to scare you. It was a nightmare. God damn it. That was.. it was... fucking hell." His chest rumbles as he talks, "it's okay. I got you. It's alright. You're not the only one."

We're both broken. How fair is it that he had to be the strong one in this situation? He was protecting me, but who was there to protect him? I can't allow him to go through this alone. I lift my head from his chest, taking a deep breath, "yeah, I'm okay. Are you? Come here." I pull him down so he could lay his head on my chest. "I'm fine, I don't need to be babied like this. Don't you dare fucking look down on me." He protests. 

"Hey, I'm not weak, either. But even the strongest people need moments like this, Katsuki. You know how I feel about you. You're stronger than me, you've got the spirit of a damn warrior. Who am I compared to that? I have no reason to look down on you, Hothead." I run my fingers through his hair, "let's move to the bed, okay? We'll be more comfortable there." He nods in agreement and I take his hand, bringing him to the bedroom. 

As I lay down, I reach out my arm and Katsuki settles his head on me again. Despite everything, despite our brokenness, this was paradise. His warm body fit perfectly with mine as he draped his arm around me. "Oi, Bossy," he moves his hand to my stomach, "will we be good parents? I don't know shit about babies. What if we fucking break it or something?"

I give him a small chuckle, "hey, babies have survived for millennia before science and medicine. I think we'll be fine. Besides, your Mom can help, too. She had a kid once, right? Besides, you said you'll go to every appointment, right? You don't have to if you don't want, but if you really do that you can ask the doctors anything, you know." Katsuki takes a second to respond, "I wouldn't lie to you. I'm gonna be there every second. I fucking love you and I'm gonna love this snotnose brat, too."

I smile, my hand twisting a strand of his hair, "goddammit, Katsuki, I love you to fucking death, you know that?" He huffs, "tch, of course, I know that, dumbass. You've proven it." I rub his shoulders, making an attempt to be romantic. He seems relaxed, so I continue. He keeps talking, "you think I'd trust anybody the way I trust you? You think I'd start a fucking family with anyone else? Stop saying I'm better than you. We're in this relationship together because we're equals, dumbass." I scratch my nails up and down his back gently, unsure of each touch but experimenting to see what he would let me do. I've never been like this with him before. He says, "you keep talking like I'm not gonna want to be with you forever. Saying shit like you're here for as long as I want you. How fucking pathetic is that, huh? You act like I don't want you fucking forever."

Forever? I sigh, "I just say that because I'm willing to work at it as long as you are. No matter what happens I want to be with you and become better as both a couple and individuals. I like myself when I'm with you and I just want to keep improving." Katsuki spits, "you're too much like Deku sometimes. Fuck off with that shit, would you?" I respond, "maybe you just have that effect on people, you know?"

Katsuki's back moves with each breath he took. He's just so real. Some days my mind still can't wrap around the concept that I was really with Katsuki Bakugo. He says, "well, anyway, I want you fucking forever, okay?" He raises his head and turns to me, his lips meeting mine. He parts our mouths and his red eyes look into mine, "do I need to prove it to you?" He asks. I shake my head, "just stay with me. that's all the proof I need, sweetheart."

"Well, I'm gonna, anyway. Let's get some sleep, I have an early shift."

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I had woken that morning to an empty bed, a note left on the nightstand. Written sloppily was, "meet me at 6:30 at the fountain in Kamine Square. Wear that dress I got you." He knows I hate wearing dresses. They always made my hips look so big. But he insists I look cute in it. It was white with purple flowers printed all over it. Definitely not my style, but I wish I had taken a picture of his face when he saw me in it for the first time. I wear black leggings underneath and a necklace he had bought me.

Now, here I am, face buried in my phone and earbuds in, self-conscious as ever. I'm only ever like this in dresses. Never have I been ashamed of myself in just jeans and a t-shirt or a hoodie. Even in a tank top, with my thick arms hanging out, I never felt all that bad about myself. But dresses kill my self-esteem. The things I do to make KAtsuki fucking happy... that damn boy is late, too. Where was he?

The fountain bubbles next to me, but I'm not paying attention to it. I raise my head to look around and see him marching toward me. He had changed out of his hero outfit, into a black and red suit, like the one he had worn on I-Island. He was so sexy in that outfit, but why was he dressed so fancy?

I wrap my earbuds around my phone and shove it in my purse. Another thing I hate about dresses? No pockets. Purses make women unnecessary targets. I never understood why girls would do that to themselves. He reaches out his hand and I take it, "come on, there's a place around here I want to take you to. You hungry?" I nod, "yeah, I didn't eat much today." He gives me a look out of the side of his eye,  "oi, you need to eat regularly, dumbass. I don't want to hear that shit." His grip on my hand tightens. I follow him a few blocks down, onlookers whispering among themselves. A kid across the street giggles, "Ground Zero is the coolest!"

People recognize him out of costume? That must annoy the hell out of him. I look up, expecting him to be angry, but his face is calm. A few people with cameras flash pictures of us. The media was sure to post pictures of Ground Zero and his girlfriend. "Oi," he mutters to me, "be proud. You're Ground Zero's girl. Stop giving a fuck and just stand tall." I shake it off and look straight into the cameras. He's right. Everyone will know this boy is mine. Why should I dislike that? I give the cameras a thumbs up and a smile.

He pulls me around the corner, sighing, "not that proud, Dumbass. Come on." We enter a restaurant. It was one of the fancy ones, where the waiters were in long-sleeved white collared shirts and black vests and spoke with an upper-class poise. Bouncers outside stopped the media from getting in and disturbing everyone. The receptionist at the front desk had long, dark hair. She had red lipstick and looked like she made more in a year than I've ever seen in my whole life. She greets us, "party for Ground Zero? Your table is ready." A young man with blonde, well-groomed hair greeted us, "right this way." He led us to a private table close to a fireplace, but not so close that the warmth was overbearing. It was nice, almost too nice. I'm kind of glad Katsuki told me what to wear, though. This definitely wasn't a place for denim. 

The waiter offered us wine, which we declined opting for soda. He nodded and disappeared into the back for our drinks. I look to Katsuki, "this place is fancy. What made you want to come here?" I ask. He shrugs, his gaze fixed on me, "I figured after last night we could do something relaxing, is that so bad?" I shake my head. Despite feeling out of place, it was nice. Gentle violin music played in the background. I look over the menu and try not to gawk at the prices. I felt bad, but I knew Katsuki had more money than he knew what to do with. He keeps dumping it into various charities. 

"I know how you are, Bossy. Pick anything you want. Don't just go for the cheapest. If you do, I'll kill you. This is our night, enjoy it." Great, he knows what I'm thinking when I'm thinking it. 

I pick the third-cheapest option, a beef filet. Steak was my favorite, anyway, so it worked out. "So how was work?" I ask him. He sits back, closing his menu, "uneventful. It looks like villains noticed the increased patrols and moved to Deku's section of the city. Lucky bastard. He'll have his hands full for a while." I fidget with the wrapper to my straw, folding it into a small rectangle. "I'm gonna ask a stupid question. Don't get mad. Do you even like being a hero? You complain about it a lot."

Dumb bastard gets mad even though I told him not to, "the hell do you mean? Of course I like being a hero. It's what I've trained for all my life. What about you, Bossy? You complain about your writing all the time." I give him a smile, "you're not wrong, Katsuki. I'm just saying, you complain when it's busy and you complain when it's boring." He retorts, "besides, I don't complain! You're the one who asks about my day!"

I'm surprised he could keep his voice low, given the environment we're in. Surprised, and kind of impressed. The waiter arrives and takes our orders. The wait went by fast, Katsuki and I talking about anything we could think of. It was fun and refreshing. As our plates arrived, I excitedly say, "itadakimasu", cutting a slice of the filet. It was amazing. Perfectly seasoned, amazingly medium-rare, juicy. I could go on about it for days. It was so tender I could swallow in no time. I could smell the spice of Katsuki's dish from here. "I am not kissing you after that, you know. My lips might melt off."

"Oi," he says after a swallow, "when did you say that appointment is? Tomorrow?" I nod, "yep. I scheduled it after your patrol. You really want to go? Like I said you don't have to." He squints, "I'm going. It's my kid, too, you know." I nod, "yeah, you're right." He says, "I was thinking... we should look for a house. My lease on the apartment is almost done, anyway. We're gonna need room for junior, don't we? A nice place with a big ass yard, what do you think?"

I hadn't thought about that. How could I forget? The apartment we live in now is big, but it still only had one bedroom. "Well, we have a little over six months to find a place. think we can do it?" Katsuki smirks, "fuck you think you're talking to? We can do anything together, you know that." I smirk at him back, sarcastically saying, "oh, right, you can do anything as long as I'm around, right? It's all cause of me." The false cockiness makes Katsuki chuckle a bit.

As we finish our meal and pay the tab, I follow Katsuki out of the restaurant. "Where are we going now? Home is the other way." He spits, "think I don't know that? Last night I promised you I'd prove to you I want you forever, right? Come on." I didn't get what was happening. I didn't put two and two together. I didn't even have time to think. By the time we got out of the restaurant, it was dark out, the street lamps lighting up the city. We were walking back toward the fountain. As we rounded the corner, a crowd was waiting for us. Fireflies blinked around the entire area, small lights twinkled around the lamps.

Among the crowd were Ochako, Mina, All Might, Izuku, Kirishima, Kaminari, Todoroki, and the Bakugos. I look at them all curiously, " this?" I look at Katsuki. He only responds with, "come on." He pulls me toward the fountain and he steps up to the edge. It was wide enough where even my clumsy ass felt okay standing up there with him, looking down at the heroes of Class 1-A. I got the same feeling I did as when I was at the false funeral. These people inspired me. These people were my heroes. They made me want to better myself. They helped me through a lot, without even knowing it. 

"Look at me," Katsuki says. I turn my head to him. There was a look in his eyes, a fire I had never seen before. It was passionate, warm, but there was something else. The way his brows were furrowed. It was an emotion I had never seen in him. Was it nervousness? No way. But if not, what was that shaking in his eyes? He speaks, his voice steady, but quieter than usual.

"You know I'm not much of a damn romantic. But I know you would want something like this so... here it is." He looked a little lost. He was always the guy with a plan, what was happening? "Uh, Katsuki? What are you talking about? What is this?" Katsuki grinned, "oh, come on. You're smart, aren't you? You haven't figured it out?"

Honestly, looking back, I should have known. It was so obvious. But there, in that moment, my mind was lost in his eyes, in the happiness that my heroes were real, standing in front of me.

"I told you that I'd prove to you that I want you around forever, didn't I? Why the hell wouldn't I want you around? You're smart and strong, you don't take shit from me or anyone else. You're going to be the mother of my fucking child and I want to be there every damn step of the way for both of you." There was a small gasp from Mina. It would be my guess no one else knew until now. I heard a small chuckle from Mitsuki, mumbling, "that's my boy, always shocking everyone."

Katsuki goes on, "I'm here to prove it to you. I'll prove it to you and every other damn loser that we're going to be together for the rest of our fucking lives and we're gonna be happy." He grabs both of my hands, "you told me you don't regret meeting me. Well, I don't regret meeting you, either. The past few months have been the best of my fucking life." A blush colors my cheeks as a gentle breeze floats through the air. We're surrounded by fireflies, the water cascading beside us. It was picture-perfect as Katsuki reached into his back pocket, kneeling down on one knee. Finally, I got it through my thick skull.

He had a navy-blue box in his hands. Emotions rise into my chest, past my throat, pouring out of my eyes in the form of tears. I try to choke them down, but it was no good. They spill from me like a waterfall.  This was really happening? He says, "I want to build a fucking life with you, you hear me? I want to have you, and our child, a damn family of our own." His voice rises with emotion, "I want to wake up every morning by your side wishing I could stay in bed one more minute with you. I want to go to sleep every night knowing you'll be there beside me. I want to go to work every day and have someone to come home to. I want all of that and I'll only settle for the fucking best person to do that with. You see me for who I really am. So goddammit," he holds back his own tears welling up in his eyes, "I know you hate diamonds. I know so much about you because I fucking care about all of that. I know you want to grow and improve. This is the best way I fucking know how!" He takes a shaky, deep breath, opening the box to reveal a small black onyx ring. I gasp happily. He really did know what I like. He looks up at me, his cheeks colored with emotion, "fucking marry me, would you?"

I stop crying enough to sputter, "yes! Of course!" I throw myself at him as he stands, hugging him as tight as I could. "Fucking hell, Katsuki, that isn't even a question. I love you so damn much." His voice rumbles in my ear, "I love you, too." There was another shriek from Mina as we kissed eachother deeply. The butterflies in my chest grew tenfold. He pulls away, taking my hand and slipping the ring over my finger. As he turned to face the crowd of on-lookers. He raised our hands together in the air triumphantly. 

Mina squeals, bouncing up and down next to Ochako, "I knew it! I knew she'd say yes!" Ochako had a smile on her face, too. Our girls' night helped the situation, I think. But there was one face who wasn't smiling. Kirishima sulked next to Denki, looking up at us pitifully.

We step down from our platform, Mitsuki and Masaru smiling at us happily. Mitsuki gave Katsuki a sharp smack to the back of the head, "you should have told us first, you know! We're going to be grandparents?! I'm a little young for that, you know!" Katsuki mutters, "whatever, you old hag. You know now, don't you?" Masaru tries to diffuse the situation by being friendly, "so, we got a due date for the little bun in the oven?" I blush, telling them, "We're thinking sometime in late December. I just hope I'm not stuck in a hospital on Christmas."

I feel a hand on my shoulder, a deep voice behind us. All Might had a hand on each of us, "to be young and in love! I'm proud of both of you!" I turn around. His muscle form was so much taller than I thought as he towered over me. He poofed back into his small form, coughing. Inko rushed to his side with a handkerchief, wiping the blood from his mouth and fretting, "oh, dear! You really shouldn't do that anymore."

My eyes land on Kirishima, who had slipped away, walking down the street alone. I turn to Katsuki's parents, "excuse me. There's something I have to do." Katsuki grabs my wrist, "oi, what are you doing?" I pull away from him, "just trust me, okay? I need to do this for my own sake. I'll meet you at home." 

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Sometimes, I forget how exhausting running is, and why I don't do it, but he was already so far ahead of me, I didn't have much choice. "Hey! Wait up!" I call to Kirishima. His hair had been cut down to something more adult-like and manageable, but still the same red spikes. He turns, confused as I catch up to him, panting.

He asks, "should you really be doing that?" I catch my breath, "it's fine. Don't worry about it." He raises an eyebrow, "so...why are you following me?" I didn't expect him to be so cold about it, but there was a pain in his eyes that was all too familiar to me. I don't blame him for feeling hurt. "Listen, I know what happened between you and Katsuki. I'm sorry about that. You always look so sad when you see us together and I don't mean to make you feel that way. I hope you don't, you know, hate me or anything." 

"He told you about us?" He questions, "did he tell you... everything?" A blush colors his cheeks. I shake my head, "only that you guys used to hook up, you caught feelings and he didn't feel the same way." He nods thoughtfully. I feel a pair of eyes on my back. I turn around and see a pair of guys stumbling down the street. "Let's keep walking. I don't think this area is the best at night." I take a few steps, Kirishima joining beside me.

"He'll kill me if he knows I told you, so keep it between us, okay? And I don't mean to get in the way it's just... I'm trying to make sense of everything. That fountain that you were standing on was the same place I asked him to be more than just friends with benefits."

That same fountain? Why would he propose to me in a place like that? Kirishima answers my question on his own, "knowing Bakugo, that's the only place he could think of that was romantic enough to propose."

"So... he didn't propose to me there because that's where you asked him out, but despite of it? That's harsh." Kirishima nodded, "back then, I just thought maybe he didn't want anything to get in the way of being a hero, you know?" I glance behind me, still feeling eyes burning into my back, but no one was there.

Kirishima goes on, "so I let it go and I didn't hear from him since graduation. Then when I heard he was assumed dead... that there was no way to ever get him back. There was no chance for us. When he popped out of that coffin that was supposed to be empty... it felt like he was indestructible. He is, really. Not even death can kill Katsuki Bakugo." There was a small, sad smile on his face. 

"You're wondering why he chose me instead of you, aren't you?" I ask him bluntly. He looks at me, surprised, but confirms, "yeah. I mean, I'm sure you're great and all, but... so were we. We've been through everything together and I know you're about to have a kid and this all sounds so selfish. Dammit! I'm being so unmanly right now! The manly thing to do would be to leave it all behind."

"Hey, trust me, I'm wondering the same thing. You're the one who saved him from the League. You're the one who was around for years, his first friend at UA. The chemistry between you two was electric. It's a shame to see it all go to waste on me. I'm nobody. I'm not a hero. Just a freeloader citizen riding on my man's income. I'm pathetic." 

"Hey! You're not pathetic. Bakugo wouldn't even come near you if that was the case." Kirishima's eyes break away from me as we pass an alleyway. 

"Watch out!" He yells, grabbing me and pushing me away. Three yellow tentacles wrap around him. I grab on to his hardened arm, trying to pull him away. Kirishima looks at me intensely, "no! Run! He'd kill me if anything happened to you!" Another tentacle wraps around my ankle, pulling me along into the alleyway. I had to think fast. There was no telling what was on the other side of these things in the darkness. I summon a sharp shortsword, about the size of my forearm. I slash it down at the tentacle. It was like cutting through putty. Purple blood sprays at me as a loud screech could be heard. I stand on my feet, yet another yellow appendage shooting at me. I swing the sword to slice through it but I miss, having to dodge the attack. Kirishima was being dragged away faster, trying to tear away at them but nothing worked. I ran toward him but stop in my tracks when I see the other end of the tentacles. It was simply a giant, human-like mouth. It had sharp teeth, thick red lips, and folds of skin around it dotted with stubbly hair. It was disgusting, and the height of an average house.

I want to slice him out of his bindings, but I'm too busy dodging tentacles, slicing and slashing sloppily. His screams of panic and struggle send adrenaline coursing through me, but it isn't enough. I protect my abdomen like my life depends on it.

The tentacles retreat, and I realize Kirishima is inside the mouth. It closes with a SNAP. "No!" I rush toward the mouth, stabbing a lip. The mouth screamed in pain, opening slightly. I stab it again, up on the fleshy roof above me. I switch my weapon to a broadsword, creating a wider injury.

The mutant seems to give up, letting Kirishima roll out onto the asphalt. The mouth shrinks, and a person is revealed on the other end of the ally. He runs off, out of sight. I kneel beside Kirishima, "are you okay?" I ask. He's dazed, blood seeping from gashes on his arms, torso, and legs. I pull out my phone and dial an ambulance, kneeling beside him.

He looks down at his injuries, then up to me, "you... saved my life. You're the manliest girl I know." I smirk, "yeah. Trust me, that's probably true." His hardening probably gave out after basically being chewed up.

I hear sirens in the distance. Then, footsteps. I hold a new shortsword, stepping in front of Kirishima. "Who's there?" I call out, "stay the fuck back."

"Tch," a voice spits, "don't get all worked up. It's just me. What the fuck happened?" Katsuki melted out of the darkness. "If anyone hurt you, I'll kill them." I shake my head. "I'm fine. Kirishima's hurt though."

I look behind me as Kirishima tries to stand, I spit at him, "hey! Stay fucking still, idiot." I let the sword fall apart in my hand, becoming dust.

Katsuki huffs, "think I care? I didn't even invite this loser. I bet the damn Pikachu dragged him along. He didn't need to be here." I cross my arms, "listen, I don't give a damn what happened in high school. It's over. You're adults now. I'm glad he got to be here for this. He's one of my heroes, too! Just like Deku and Shoto." Our argument is interrupted by paramedics rolling a stretcher down the alley. As they load him into the ambulance, Katsuki spits, "go with them. Make sure the baby's okay. I'll meet you there." He casts a glance at a paramedic nearby, who nearly jumps out of his skin and urges me to follow him. It was obvious they had met before, and it wasn't pleasant.

I follow the medics into the ambulance, sitting on a bench as they work on Kirishima, stopping the major bleeding as we swerve through the streets of the city.

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Kirishima groaned in pain, the adrenaline wearing off and the reality of his injuries setting in. Each bump in the road made him gasp, his arm flailing for something to grab onto. I can't stand it anymore so I grab his thumb in my palm like we had been best friends for years. His fingers wrap around the back of my hand, his knuckles turning white.

He mutters through his pained grimace, "Bakugo would kill me if he saw this. But... thanks. I know this isn't the manliest display." I squeeze his thumb reassuringly, "you think I give a fuck what he thinks? He'll have to kill me, too." God damn it. I really wish my heart would stop doing this.

"Besides, you're manly as fuck, Kiri. Most people would have passed out by now." I give him a grin. The ambulance stops abruptly, the back doors opening. There's a wheelchair waiting for me, but I insist I can walk. Kirishima is whisked away to the trauma ward, while I am taken to Maternity. 

It took ten minutes for me to be sitting in a private room in a hospital gown, those comfy socks with the sticky pads on my feet. They left me alone in here to wait for a doctor to arrive. I was alone, stuck with my thoughts. Why was it that I couldn't just love one guy? Why did I have little crushes on everyone? Kirishima, Kaminari, even Izuku, they all made my heart pound, they all made butterflies flutter in my gut. It felt wrong, almost like cheating, to have these feelings for others. But it isn't cheating if I don't do anything about it, right? It's not like Bakugo was the type to share. This can't be like other relationships I've been in. They last polyamory I was in was awful, anyway. I never want to go through that again. Sure, I used to know people in happy multi-partnered relationships, but I'm just not that lucky. Why was I even thinking about this? I couldn't even approach the subject with Katsuki, so what's the point?

Just because I am the way I am, it doesn't mean I'll ever cheat on him. I have a bad track record of cheating in my past but... no. Never. Not this time. I value this relationship too much. Still, there's something missing. An absent puzzle piece in the center of my heart that's left a hole for a long, long, time. 

The Doctor taking care of me walks in and begins her process. Her name is Doctor Aida. I won't lie, she's pretty hot. It's a little embarrassing for me to be poked and prodded at by someone so cute. She's short, thin, perfect makeup. Why am I like this? Stop blushing goddamnit. And stop checking out her tits. That's creepy as fuck. 

She asks me questions, medical history, how far along I am, and other things. She pulls out an ultrasound kit, a monitor with a wand attached. She explains, "this will let us hear the baby's heartbeat. We can make sure no harm was done to the fetus or organs around it." She pulls out a jar of ultrasound jelly.

"Wait," I interrupt her, "sorry. Can we wait until the father gets here? I just... don't want to be alone hearing this for the first time." Dr. Aida nods in agreement, "I'll call the front desk and let them know it's okay to send him up." She walks over to a phone on the wall, dialing a four-digit extension, and speaking to someone. She hangs up and looks at me, "a nurse is escorting him to this room now."

My gut tingles, partially with excitement, partially nervous. I ask her, "i-is it possible to see the sex yet?" The doctor shakes her head, "probably not yet. You said you were three months along. Usually, genitals develop around five months." I nod understandingly. I really didn't know anything about this stuff.

There was a knock at the door and Aida opens it. Katsuki walks in, automatically demanding, "so? Is she okay? What about the baby?" Doctor Aida explains calmly, "she told me to wait for you before doing the ultrasound. Would you like to take a seat?" Katsuki looks at me while walking around the bed, "why didn't you just run away? It's not about just your life anymore." I look angrily at him, "hey, let's not fight here, okay? Let's just enjoy this. I waited so we could hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time together."

Katsuki throws himself down on the chair, not looking at me, but reaching out his hand. I take it and nod to the doctor, who spreads the jelly onto my stomach. It was cold and unpleasant. She glides the wand around until she could see something on the monitor. She looks at us, "ready?" I nod while Katsuki sulks.

She presses a button and we could hear a rhythmic sound pulsing through the speakers. It wasn't like the pounding of an adult heart, but more like water rushing in and out quickly. It was the strangest sound but it makes my own heart pound. There was a human inside of me. A real, living human being that was relying on me. A child that Katsuki and I would raise together. The beating goes on as Katsuki turns his head, his hand squeezing mine. Doctor Aida smiles, "it looks like the baby is healthy. Good, strong heartbeat, too. I just wouldn't try a stunt like that again." The doctor moves the wand around more to look for any other damage. 

I feel the warmth of Katsuki's lips against the side of my forehead, above my right eyebrow. I smile, looking at him. His gaze had gone soft, our eyes locked together.

I knew he was right. I knew I should have run to protect our child. I guess I have a lot to learn about being a mother.

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Once myself and the baby were deemed safe and healthy, I was discharged and told that Kirishima was allowed to have visitors. I start walking down the hall toward his room, but Katsuki grabs my wrist, "oi, what are you going to see him for? Come home with me." I don't take any of the bullshit, "come on, Hothead. You're not worried about your best friend?"

"Best friend? That loser?" He rolls his eyes, "he wishes." I stand my ground, "what are you avoiding, Katsuki?" I can't help but notice the eyes we're attracting. I pull him off to a separate waiting room that was empty. "Seriously," I go on, "just because he wanted to do more than fuck you hate him now? Fuck off, Katsuki. What's really going on?"

Katsuki's face blushes, "I just don't want to get myself into any shit! I love you and I'm not letting anything get in the way of that! If the damn loser still has fucking feelings, you really want me around someone who will just flirt and gawk at me all day? If someone was like that around you, I'd kill them!" I sigh, letting the truth come out, "I'm not like that, Katsuki. I love you more than anything and you know that. I want you to be happy no matter what. I want you to have friends around you and live your life the way you want to. I don't care if he flirts with you. I don't care if he still has feelings. Hell, you could still have feelings for him, too. I'm not the jealous type."

He looks at me in confusion, surprise, and a bit of anger. "You don't care? How could you say that? You wouldn't care if someone was trying to get with me?" I shrug, "I mean, if someone came onto you that was bothering you, I'd kick their ass. But it's because I care about you that I want you to do the things that make you happy, no matter what it is. If having your best god damn friend in your life does that, who am I to be against that?"

He looks away from me, "you know he can't resist trying to get in my pants, right? I don't want to be in that position." I remember what Kirishima had said, a telling blush on his face, "did he tell you... everything?" It was obvious their dynamic was a little more intense than just casual fucking. I raise an eyebrow, "is it him that can't resist, or you?"

He's taken aback by my question, "hah? How dare you- the fuck are you saying?" I pull the trigger, "you and him were more than just fuckbuddies, weren't you? Neither of you could resist eachother and when he gave you that ultimatum, you abandoned him because you couldn't be just friends with him." He spits, "what are you gonna do if you're right, huh? You gonna think I'll cheat on you with him? that's where you're dead wrong. I care too god damn much to do that shit. That's why I don't want anything to do with the loser."

He doesn't get it. He won't unless I just say it. Consequences be damned, I say, "well, you know we can't do much of the fun stuff until I have the baby and then heal, right? You're going to be so pent up for that long. Just fuck him until we can get back into it."

Katsuki freezes, his face is indescribable. Confusion, shock, anger, disgust. "Don't fucking say it like that, you loser!" He puts his hands on my shoulders, "you get what you're saying, right? Are you fucking delusional? You're telling me you're okay with me fucking a dude when we're about to get married? Did they check your head, cause I think you're going crazy."

I shrug, "I've always been like this, Katsuki. You've just never expressed feelings for anyone else so I never said anything. You know I'm a freak, Katsuki." I give him a quick peck on the lips, smiling at him with lustful eyes, my mind wandering to the idea of it all. It was almost sick, the way I say, "you think I wouldn't give anything to see you making him your fucking bitch?"

He gets over his initial shock, I think, gazing down at me with a smirk, "oh, so it's like that, huh? You sick freak. Fine, but you're the one who has to ask him about it once he's discharged."

I can't stop myself, "oh, he's not the only thing that will be discharged."

Katsuki shakes his head, disgusted, "you're an idiot, Bossy. Fuck off with that shit. You're starting to sound like Grape kid." I chuckle, grabbing his hand, "but first, I think we need to start with you talking to him. Let's go." Katsuki groans, "he's just going to tell me it's unmanly to fucking apologize or some shit."

I drag him along the halls, despite his protests. One way or another, I'm getting these two back together. I don't give any fucks. We enter a room, where Kirishima was sitting up and watching the TV screen. He turns his head with a grin, "hey guys!" He was hooked up to an IV, bandages around his arm. "Someone with a healing quirk came by. They said I should be able to leave tomorrow!" His shark-like teeth flashed. I sit in a chair beside his hospital bed, Katsuki following. 

"I'm glad you're okay. I thought you were a goner." I smile back at him. Kirishima says, "so did I! I would have been if you didn't get me out of there. Bakugo, I didn't know you're fiance's such a badass!" Katsuki has his arms crossed as he sits in his chair grumpily, "the fuck's that supposed to mean? Of course, she's a fucking badass, she's my girl. I wouldn't take anything else. She's an idiot, but she's good to have around when things go to hell."

I elbow him, urging him to talk before the subject changes to something else. "Anyway, listen up, loser. That's not what I'm here about. I guess we need to fucking talk or whatever." Kirishima raises an eyebrow, "talk? About what?"

Katsuki sighs, "about what happened before, okay? I shouldn't have left you in the fucking dust like that. I should have told you I couldn't be friends with you after what we've done. I was worried that being in a relationship with a guy would ruin my chances of being number one." Kirishima took a second to process what he heard. "So I was right. You just didn't want anything getting in the way of being a hero. I get you, Bakugo! No need to apologize, man."

This is where I butt in, "so," I lean forward, "we talked. Obviously I can't do much in the way of anything hardcore in my condition so... if you want to go back to the way things were in High School, we're okay with that." Kirishima looked as surprised as Katsuki was, saying, "you... you're okay with us...." I nod my head, "yes! Why is this such a hard concept?" I huff frustratedly, "dammit, do you agree or not? Do you want this or not?" Kirishima blushed almost as red as his hair. He scratched the back of his head, "well- I mean... you sure about this, Bakugo?"

Katuki spits, "no need to make this difficult, you loser. She said we already fucking talked about it." Kirishima looked away shyly, "o-okay, if you're sure then... yeah. I'm down. What real man would say no?" He practically radiated submissive vibes, yeah, real manly, Kiri. I even think sarcastically.

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Alix and I sit on the couch, my arm around her. We were waiting for the red-haired loser to show the fuck up. She had a weird, nervous energy around her that pissed me off. "Would you calm the fuck down?" I tell her. She looks at me as if she did nothing wrong, "I am calm. I'm just sitting here. Are you calm?" I hate it when she talks to me like that.

"Do I look fucking calm? It's not every day you're about to fuck your ex-slave in front of your fiance. You sick freak, acting like it's normal." There was a sarcastic look on her face. She always acted this way about sex, like she's already seen everything. Just how experienced is she? I know she's had a lot of partners, scratch that, too many partners, but what has she done? Has she really done it all? If that's the case, what could I do for her that other guys haven't already? Did she look down on me for not being kinkier than I already am?

I shake myself out of it, grabbing the back of her hair dominantly, but not as hard as I usually do. "It probably is normal to you, freak." I see that look in her eyes again, the way she melts under my touch. She's always so strong and independent until I do something like this that softens her gaze, loosens her muscles, and makes her fucking soaked.

I bring my face closer to hers, "oi, Bossy, I want you to know, everything I do to him is coming to you as soon as we can." I'm already feeling excited, and so is she. "You damn freak. You want to get some, don't you? That's too bad, you're just getting a tease, watching me destroy him." I kiss her, feeling her tremble under me, adding a little teeth to the kiss, grazing her bottom lip. I love the way she melts under me. I give her a sadistic smirk, "I don't want to hear a peep out of you when we get in that room. Sit in the corner like a good girl, alright?" She nods obediently.

Just in time, we hear a knock at the door. I turn my head, "door's open." The door swings open and Shitty Hair is standing there, closing the door behind him. He looks nervous, damn nerd. "The fuck you nervous for?" I call him out, standing up and stepping toward him, "it's not like we haven't fucking done this before. Let's go!" Kirishima follows me like a damn puppy to the bedroom, Alix trailing behind us with a blush on her face. Thi really was making her happy, huh? Well, who am I to deny her that? Fucking hell, how am I gonna handle two freaks in one room? At least she'll only be watching... for now.

Alix scampers shyly to the corner of the room, sitting in a chair silently. I guess there's no reason to hesitate.

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I know that Bakugo said it was stupid to be nervous, but I can't help it. I've never done anything like this in front of someone else, nevermind my friend's fiance! It was all so lewd. But there was nothing stopping Katsuki from jumping right in, grabbing my hair with a force I wasn't prepared for, pinning me against the wall. He's a lot stronger than before. I know I'm really in for it tonight. 

"You didn't forget the rules, did you, slave?" Bakugo's voice in my ear makes me tremble under him. "O-of course not!" I sound so weak, so unmanly. I hate it, but it's been so long... I need him now. But I know he likes teasing me. How long would I have to wait this time?

One of his hands holds my hair, pulling at it, the other wanders, first feeling my chest, then up to my neck, wrapping his hand lightly around my throat. He demands, "repeat them. I need to know we're on the same fucking page." I couldn't hide my lust, not in my gaze or my voice, or the burn on my face, "I-I can Safeword anytime I need to. I have to call you Master. A-and I have to have permission to- to cum." His smirk sends shivers down my spine as he says, "that's right, dumbass."

The pressure on my throat increases as he chokes me, as my mouth opens to gasp for air, he forces his tongue down my throat, gagging my moan. He presses his body closer to mine, the hardness in both our pants chafing against eachother. The pain and control I feel is just like old times. It's what got me addicted all those years ago. The ability to just let go, allow his hands, his tongue, his body to use me, feel me, abuse and hurt me. It's bliss.

He moves his mouth to my neck, letting go of my throat as I breathe deeply, my throat burning from the lack of air. He sucks and bites the flesh at my neck, small moans escaping my lips. I try to keep it quiet, but it doesn't work as well as I'd like it to. Bakugo growls at me, "the fuck you holding back for? I know you're enjoying this. Moan for me, let me hear your pleasure."

"I-it's so unmanly, Baku-"

"Think I give a fuck? Do it for Master."

His mouth goes back to my neck, his hands raising my shirt, peeling it off me quickly and latching on, throwing my shirt to the side, his hands feeling my chest, my abs, my waistline. "Aah! Yes, Ba- Master... ah!" I can't catch my breath, lust taking over my entire body. "Master... please," I ask.

His mouth pops off my neck, "since it's been a while, I'll be nice. But only this once. Get on the fucking bed." He pushes me toward the mattress, commanding, "hands and knees." I oblige, a little embarrassed to have my ass in the air in front of Alix, who's been sitting quietly. I can't see her, but I know she's watching. My cock twitches excitedly as I hear him open a drawer, a cold liquid being poured around my hole. At least he's always used lube.

I feel his hard tip press against me, his hand reaching down to my hair and pulling as he pressed himself inside me. "Ah~! M-Master! That's so... intense already..." I choke on my own breath as he digs right into me, pounding and massaging my prostate. It feels good. Painful, but orgasmic. I'm ready to blow already, but I hold it back, leaking pre-cum. "Ah! M-Master!" I can't contain my intense moans, each thrust inside was a stab of pleasure that rocked my whole body. "Please! Master! Let me... let me cum... please..." I can't hold it anymore.

He grunts on top of me, "soon. Hold it, you fucking moron. I'm getting close, too." His thrusts grow faster, our flesh clapping together like it's a standing ovation. "AAh!!~ M-Master! Please!" I can't control myself, my mind gone crazy with need.  I don't know how much longer I can hold back. "Cum for me," Bakugo finally commands.

I let it all go, my body shaking, my ass being filled with his seed. He slips out of me, groaning. I slowly rise from my position. It really has been too long. Just from that relatively vanilla sex I feel destroyed. "Alright, go clean yourself up. Shower's through that door." I turn to Bakugo and give him a smile, "even letting me clean up this time? Wow, Bakugo! You've gone soft."

Bakugo huffs, "tch. Just go, would you?"

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Katsuki looks at me as Kirishima closes the door to the bathroom behind him. He stands up and strips off the sheet they had messed up, replacing it with a spare one we have in the closet. "So, was it as great as you thought it was going to be?" He asks me. I give him a grin, "you kidding? That was fucking hot. Two sexy beasts fucking eachother in my bed? Fuck yeah." He puts on a pair of sweatpants and a shirt. I stand up and grab a towel from the closet and hand it to Katsuki, "give this to him. He'll need something to dry off with."

Katsuki huffs, "whatever." He knocks on the bathroom door, "oi! Shit Hair! The nerd wanted me to give you a damn towel!" Kirishima pushes the door open slightly, grabbing the towel from his friend, "thanks, man!" Katsuki pushes the door closed, "you like him, don't you?"

Part of me is panicking. I don't like to lie, but he doesn't really want to know the truth, does he? I play dumb, "I mean, he's cool. I'd hang out with him more, totally." Katsuki says, "tch. You know what I'm talking about. Don't be stupid. I know how you act around guys you like, I'm your damn fiance. I know you. But that means you also know me, too. I don't like to share, so get whatever sick fucking thoughts you have in your head out now. This is to give you a break while you're pregnant, remember?" I shrug, "I don't think he'd like me like that, anyway. He's all about you. But sharing isn't all bad, Katsuki. I like to see you happy no matter what. You know that's what I'm all about."

Katsuki sighs, "I know, dammit. And sometimes it drives me fucking crazy. I never know what you fucking want, you know that, right? I've just gotten fucking lucky. Why can't you just tell me for once what you want, you moron?" I step to his side, grabbing his hand and kissing his cheek and saying, "I want you. I want to have a life with you. And if anyone else gets involved, then I'll be happy with that, too. It's okay if you have feelings for him. It doesn't just have to be about the sex." 

He pulls away from me, "I don't know what you're fucking talking about. I was saying you liked him, not me! I told you how I felt back then." I push my boundaries and put a hand on his shoulder, "back then isn't now. Back then all you cared about is if being in a gay relationship would hurt your career. But now you have proof that it won't hurt anything. Look at Deku! He's married to Shoto and he's the damn Symbol of Peace. Maybe you're not number one to the world, Katsuki, but you're number one to me. You always will be."

We hear the door creak open as Kirishima pops his head shyly out of the bathroom, the towel tied around his waist, "uh, can I butt in? I-I don't mean for this to cause an argument between you two." He steps out of the bathroom, scratching the back of his head. "I-if you're having second thoughts we can just pretend this never happened, you know? I'd hate to get in the middle of it."

I look at Katsuki. It's his call, not mine. I know he's not familiar with any of this. "Tch," he clicks his tongue, "don't think you can just fuck and ditch us. Stay the night, there's plenty of room on the bed for three. Don't make me fucking regret this, you losers."

Kirishima's eyes dart between the both of us, "you really don't have to! I don't want to intrude or anything!" I shrug, "it's not intruding if you're invited." His gaze lands on me, "I guess you're right." Katsuki walks to his drawer in the dresser and throws a pair of gray pajamas at his friend, "here. Alix, you should change, too." I nod and pick out a shirt and a pair of shorts.

Katsuki sits himself down on his side of the bed, "I don't feel like getting squished and this is my side. You two can fight over who gets to be a damn pancake by morning." I look at Kirishima, inviting him, "it's been a while since you slept together, right? Go ahead."

Kirishima insists, "hey! He's your fiance, and I told you I wouldn't get between you two, didn't I?" I give a small chuckle, "I didn't think you meant literally. I just thought you'd rather cuddle with someone you like rather than just me." Kirishima smiles, "oh, come on, don't be like that. You-" his eyes dart to Katsuki, "uh, he'll probably kill me if I keep talking."

Katsuki huffs, "now I really want to know. Come on, spit it out." Kirishima shakes his head, "no... no... I choose to live, Bakugo. Let's just... get in bed, okay?" Katsuki's face twists angrily, "Kirishima... I'll kill you if you don't tell me!" Kirishima gives up, "okay, okay! All I was going to say was that she's cute! Geez, man." I blush, but ignore it, instead saying, "oh, really? You think I'm cute?" Kirishima nervously looks away, scratching his chin, "well, I- I heard you talking earlier and what you said about me so I, uh, thought I should return the favor, you know?"

I look at Katsuki, my eyes full with the question, "are we doing this or not?" He responds with a growl, "fucking fine! But I'm not saying it! This is your gig, not mine." I turn to Kirishima, crossing my arms, bracing for the word vomit that I was about to spew, "alright, I guess he's going to make me do all the work. Listen, I like you, he likes you, you like him and at least you think I'm cute or something. Why don't we just cut the shit and become a thing? If you don't like me all that much I get it and we can keep going as planned with the two of you. The damn idiot liked you all along but he was just too caught up in his whole hero thing to do anything about it and he fucking apologizes, right, Katsuki?" I stare pointedly at him.

He rolls his eyes, "you're starting to sound like my damn mother!" I shrug, "maybe someone here has to be a little like her and give you a little accountability." Kirishima raises his hands, chest level, "woah, it's okay. It's fine, I get it. He doesn't have to apologize. It's just... you're sure about this? You think this kind of thing could really work?"

I put a hand on Kirishima's shoulder, his toned muscles hard enough without his quirk, "we won't know until we try, right? Come on, let's get some shut-eye. You both have the day off tomorrow so we can talk about it more, alright? I'll get in the middle, I don't mind, just no one lay on top of me, okay?" 

Chapter Text

I lay between Katsuki and Kirishima, smiling happily. Kirishima had wrapped his arm around my waist, my own arm holding Katsuki. It was so warm laying between them. I hope this works out. It would be nice to be in a poly relationship again. It'll be different this time. I won't let one bad experience make me shy away from the whole thing altogether. I know Katsuki doesn't want to share me but if he can get over that I think we can all be happy. I wonder what Kirishima is like as a boyfriend? I bet we could have a lot of fun. But the worry still lingered in the back of my mind. Katsuki doesn't seem too thrilled by the idea, but then again, he invited Kirishima to stay the night. Sometimes even I have trouble reading him.

Then, other worries start to crowd my mind, we still haven't started looking for a house or went shopping for the baby. I feel bad for not paying for anything but what's the point of getting a job if I'm going to go on maternity leave right away? Besides, Katsuki wouldn't like me to work too hard while carrying his baby. We already talked about me just being a stay at home Mom but I don't know if I want to do that. I'd feel too guilty not pulling my weight. But then again, who'd take care of the baby?

I try to shake myself out of it. For fuck's sake, I have two cute boys sleeping with me and all I'm doing is worrying! I want to relax, to enjoy the moment. Both of them had fallen asleep already. How do boys fall asleep so fast? Kirishima's hot breath sends a shiver down my spine. His knee grazes against my thigh. He's just so fucking cute, goddammit

Katsuki's shoulders press against my chest. I like holding him like this. I breathe in the scent of his body, sweet like a bakery. It was all so comforting. I felt so safe and secure.

My eyelids close and suddenly, my dreams bring me to a place full of light. Bright sunshine pours into a homely kitchen, I'm cooking pancakes in a cast-iron skillet, chocolate chips in the form of a smile melt into the pancake. The stovetop is black, the counters around it a white marble, the kitchen floor tiles a light brown. A small table sits over by a long, rectangular window that looks out to the backyard. There's a short hill with a swingset at its crest, a forest stretching out beyond that. I see flashes of white and red as Kirishima and Katsuki scuffle in the backyard, yelling at eachother.

I feel a tug on my sleeve and look down, a little boy with messy blonde hair and red eyes looks up to me. "Why are they fighting?" I shake my head with a smile, "they're not fighting." I flip the pancake, "they're training like you train with Uncle Kiri and Daddy all the time." He looks out the window, "but Daddy seems so mad at him." I lean over and pick him up, "you know how your Dad is, kiddo. He's always fighting for something. That's what being a hero is about. Picking your battles and fighting for the cause with all of your heart and soul."

He leans against my shoulder, hugging me tight, "is Daddy mad because I don't want to be a hero?"

I wake with a start as the sound of a car alarm outside jars me from my sleep. What the hell was that dream? I feel a weight in my abdomen, my hand resting on my stomach. Kirishima mutters sleepily, "you okay?" I whisper, "shh. It's fine, go back to sleep." His breath slows immediately as he falls back into dreamland.

Did I just see the future, or was that just a really weird dream? I guess we'll see.

Chapter Text

When I wake in the morning, I want to stay in bed, relishing in the warmth of waking up next to the boys, but the heaving in my stomach forces me to slide away, down the foot of the bed, and stumble over to the toilet, spewing dinner from last night.

"The fuck is going on?" Katsuki's sleepy voice could be heard from behind the bathroom door. It opens and he's standing there, a hand in the pocket of his sweatpants. "Oi, Bossy, you okay? That's disgusting." I blush, coughing as more comes up. I choke out, "if you think it's gross, go away."

He sighs and sits on the edge of the tub, a hand on my back, "I told you I'd be there for this shit." Kirishima rose out of the bed, leaning against the door frame, "hey, guys, anything I can do to help?" Katsuki barks at him, "oi, don't just stand there. Go in our closet and grab a hand towel. You'll see it."

The vomit burns my throat as I try to breathe. It's awful and gross and, honestly, embarrassing. Kirishima brings a hand towel, wetting it in the sink. "You guys don't have to see this." I heave again, but nothing comes up. Kirishima smiles and gives me a thumbs-up, "hey, like Bakugo said, we're with you, right?" The heaving has stopped for a bit, so I wipe off my face and stand up straight. "Thanks, guys," I flush the mess down the toilet, "sorry you had to see that. I didn't mean to wake you guys up." I walk out of the bathroom, leaning against the foot of the bed. "So... you guys have any plans today or what?"

Kirishima shrugs, "I was just going to clean my apartment today but that's kind of boring. Why?" Katsuki squints, "you know damn well I don't work today, Bossy. What are you thinking?" I shrug, "well, I was thinking maybe we could all go somewhere. A little group date so we can all go have fun and talk about everything." Katsuki huffs, "what is there to fucking talk about? I told you, this is your gig, not mine."

I sigh, "do you even know anything about having a relationship with three people? I didn't think so. There's a lot of talking that needs to be done. Everyone needs to feel equal and happy for it to work. Besides, none of us besides me has actually said they want this to happen. So are you two down or what?" 

Katsuki looks away, "you haven't convinced me yet, you damn nerd. Why should I have to share my fiance with this loser? Besides, I'm not going to not marry you just because we have to be equal or some shit." Kirishima scratches the back of his head, "look, it's true that I like you both but if it's going to cause-" I interrupt him, "we all need to be on the same page. Either you're in or out, the both of you. What do we have to lose? We all like eachother and I think we can all get along. Why choose one person when you can have the best of both worlds? Besides, just because we're going to be married, it doesn't mean that Kiri is any less to me."

Katsuki and Kirishima shoot a gaze at eachother, Katsuki's look had a mask of anger, while Kirishima smiled, "she is right, you know. Besides, the kiddo's gotta have parents who are properly married, anyway, and they'll have Uncle Kiri to back 'em up, right? What do you say?" He holds his fist up. Katsuki huffs, "fine. Don't make me regret this." His fist bumps Eijiro. I push myself off the edge of the bed, giving them both a hug with each arm. "Good. Let's go get breakfast, okay? I'm seriously craving pancakes."

Eijiro laughs, "I don't know how you're craving anything after this morning. But yeah, let's get our girl some pancakes."

That was the beginning of a wonderful time in my life. We went out together like that every day we could, in between both of their schedules as pro-heroes. As the days went on, the worse I felt from carrying a child inside my guts for an extended period of time. Not only did Katsuki go to every appointment, but so did Eijiro when he could. They were there for me through the restless nights, the nausea.

One day, five and a half months in, we were all laying in bed, ready to go to sleep when I jump up from between them, gasping, "guys! The baby's kicking!" I grabbed their hands and put them up to the spot where I felt something move. They both looked at me. Katsuki smirks, "my kid's a fucking fighter already, huh?" Kirishima stares at my skin moving as the baby kicks, "so weird."

Katsuki barked, "you calling my kid weird, Shitty Hair?" Kirishima shook his head, "no! That's not what I meant!"

I think about that moment as we sit in a waiting room, sitting between the boys, catching stares from strangers. Today was the day we find out the gender of the baby. Which means time to pick a name was coming soon. "Oi, I got somewhere to take you two after this. I think you nerds will like it." Katsuki says out of nowhere. Eijiro questions, "oh, yeah? Where would that be?" Katsuki smirks, "not telling til we get there. I know how much this dumbass likes surprises."

I correct him, "I like getting surprises, Katsuki. I don't like waiting for surprises." Katsuki says, "tch. Now you sound like a brat." My name is called and th three of us rise. The nurse looks at us questioningly but doesn't say anything. Most people probably assume I don't know which one is the Dad or something.

I still remember the dream I had, the little boy that looked so much like Katsuki. Was my dream right? Is it a boy? I don't care either way, but I also don't want to pick from two lists of names. There's always a chance the kid will grow up like me, choosing a different name than what I was born as, living life as neither a boy or girl regardless of how people saw me on the outside. But that wasn't relevant right now. When you hear hooves, it's always better to think horses than zebras.

I get swept up into a room, and soon after the doctor arrives, spreading the jelly on my stomach. We wait, holding our breath as I clench on to Katsuki's hand, Eijiro's hand on top of mine. She moves the wand around, saying, "the baby's position makes it difficult to see but if I can just get to the right place....."

She pauses, looking closely at the screen. "You guys ready?" I nod, looking at my boyfriends, "we're ready." The Doctor reaches into her pocket, pulling out a pink lollipop, "it's a girl."

Chapter Text

"A girl?" Katsuki squinted his eyes at the monitor. Kirishima asked, "how can you tell?" The ultrasound looked like nothing but black and white nothingness to all three of us. The doctor used her pen to point out a shape in the center of the screen, surrounded by black. "There. That's the baby." She moves her pen, "and right there is her developing genitals."

Something about that bothered me. I know we came here to find out the gender of our baby, but the way she was talking about it was so weird and upsetting and I feel like I'm about to cry. It's just hormones, relax. I tell myself. I won't be the kind of pregnant that I just cry all the time. No. I won't I refuse. As I tell myself this mantra, I hear Katsuki in the background say, "I was so damn sure she was going to be a boy, dammit." So, what? He won't love the baby because she's a girl? Suddenly I'm full-on crying, which stops the boys in their tracks.

I hate this. I'm such an ugly crier. My face gets all red and puffy as two hands rest on my shoulder, Katsuki asking, "the hell is wrong with you now?" Kirishima had a much gentler approach, "hey, it's okay. It'll be fine, what's wrong?" The doctor explains to the pair of them, "when we did her bloodwork her hormones were pretty high. She's likely to be emotional during this time. She might also get sick often. Here." He hands the two of them a pamphlet, "I recommend reading this over."

Through my tears, I could see the title of the packet was Pregnancy 101: A Father's Guide. Eijiro holds it like a foreign object. I breathe deep, trying to force myself to stop crying, "sorry, guys. Hormones or whatever. Dammit." 

I get prescribed some prenatal vitamins, told to come back for another check-up, and given packets, pamphlets, and business cards to local birthing classes and more. Did I really need all of this to spit a baby out of my ass? It seemed a little over-the-top. Katsuki glances at his phone as we finally step out of the office, walking through the parking lot to his car.

"Hurry up, damn it. We're going to be late." He slides in the driver's seat, starting the car. I let Eijiro have shotgun, my stomach not feeling right after crying so much. I sit quietly as Katsuki talks to him, "oi, Shit Hair, you really up for this? She's my daughter, me and the nerd over there did this. You really want to settle down with us?" Kirishima grinned, patting Katsuki's shoulder as he drives down a street that I'm not familiar with. Where the hell are we going?

Eijiro says, "I knew what I was signing up for a month ago! We're all together in this. Uncle Kiri will always be there for his family!" I fidget with the black onyx ring around my finger as I felt kicks in my stomach. I pipe up, "we still have to think of names, get all the stuff for her so we're ready, everything. I feel like we're running out of time. We only have less than four more months!" 

Katsuki reassures me, him and Eijiro sharing a smirk, "we got you. Don't you trust me to do what's best for our daughter? As far as a name, pick whatever you want. Just don't do one of those stupid kirakira names." Eijiro raises an eyebrow, "kirakira?" I explain, "they're dumb names that don't make any sense. It's kind of like when parents name their kids after Pokemon or something."

Eijiro scratches his chin, "kind of like this one kid I saved from that fire last year, his parents named him Mew Two." We parallel park behind a black SUV, in front of a house. It was set at the crest of a small hill, a forest behind it. The yard was fenced off from neighboring lawns with a brick wall all around, a gate leading up to the walkway. The exterior of the house was a traditional Japanese two-story home, complete with the roof curved at the corners. A For Sale sign was stuck up on the gate.

Katsuki opens his door and I follow suit, the three of us on the sidewalk. I ask, "you're taking us house shopping today?" Katsuki shrugs, "maybe. Come on." He leads us up the walkway, through the gate, and he opens the unlocked front door. I happily hold Eijiro's hand while he storms himself inside. He gives my hand two little squeezes. I squeeze twice back, smiling at him. It's something we've been doing for a while. It doesn't mean anything in particular, but it means everything to us. 

A woman in business attire is standing in the entrance hall. I'm too busy looking around to truly notice her. The room we walked into was empty, set up in traditional Japanese style, sliding doors behind her. Everything in this home was stylized to exactly what you would see in an anime set in the past. "Welcome back, Mr. Bakugo." She greets Katsuki with a smile, bowing respectfully to him, then to Eijiro who is standing beside him as he introduces himself, "I'm Eijiro Kirishima." I awkwardly bow to her, not used to this yet, "just call me Alix."

She gives us a smile, "well, let's take a tour, shall we?" As we walk through, she points out every detail. The traditional style of the living space we were in, then she moves on to the kitchen. It had a black stovetop and white marble counters. The floor was a tan tile. She explains, "the kitchen was designed to be more modern and functional. If you look out the window here, you can see the entire backyard. If you purchase the house, the land and forest behind it will also be yours." A gentle, sloping hill gradually faded into woodland. there was a shack t the base of the hill.

It wasn't exactly like my dream, but it was pretty damn close. I should be surprised, but then again, we do live in an anime universe, right? Things don't exactly work like they would in the world I come from. But, in any case, I love the house. It just feels right. I turn to the boys, "what do you guys think?" Eijiro had a big, doofy grin on his face, "it's traditional and manly! Like the old days!" Katsuki says, "I brought you here for a reason, didn't I?"

I smile, "if you guys like it, so do I. But... it's gotta be expens-" Katsuki doesn't let me finish, looking at the realtor. "She likes it. We'll take it."

Katsuki fills out the paperwork, paying for the house... in cash? I knew he had money but that much money? I've probably never seen that much in one place before in my life.

Chapter Text

So I'm 20K words in and I just realized... this story doesn't have much plot. It isn't as good as the first and it's lacking the direction the first one did. Sure, there's a baby on the way and a new relationship to be worked on but I feel like it's getting boring. Maybe it's because I'm not used to writing romance, or maybe because I'm not very good at writing long-winded stuff.

This will definitely be the last book in the series. I want to thank everyone who's followed it through. I'm sorry if this one has been a disappointment compared to the first, but there is good news! After this project is finished I will be working on an original fiction and the Skyrim/MHA crossover. Those are more my territory than this kind of thing, so stay tuned for that!

I'm kind of burnt out. 40k+ words in around a month really took it out of me. I just wanted to update everyone and share my thoughts, is all. The end is coming soon, but trust me, I'll try to make it good!

Chapter Text

My legs ached as I sat in the kitchen, drinking a protein shake and wiping the sweat off my brow. Alix and Katsuki were picking up some food to eat before moving in the rest of the stuff. I was alone in our new house, looking out the window to the woods beyond our backyard.

Katsuki questions all the time whether I'm ready for this or not, but what kind of man would I be if I backed down now? No, I'm sticking around for them. Katsuki, Alix, and the baby. I chose to be their boyfriend, and chose to take on the role of Godfather if anything happened to them. I chose this life, and the manliest thing I could do was to see it through.

I still worry about the responsibility Katsuki gave me. I'm not very good at keeping secrets, but I know if I let it slip, he'd really kill me for sure. But I can't do it alone. I have my phone in my hand, scrolling through contacts and messaging a few select people in a group chat. I know nothing about the kind of thing Katsuki set me out to do. I still had a handful of months to do it, though.

"You can do this, Eijiro!" I try to shake myself out of the self-doubt I felt. Besides, what would my friends think about all of this? No one but us knew about the kind of relationship we all had. What if they think it's a bad idea?

So far, though, it's been working out. Alix's experience with relationships like this really helps out. I honestly didn't even know people did this kind of thing. It must be some Western cultural idea or something. Katsuki seems to have gotten over sharing her, and she's really the glue that binds us all together.

When this all began, I was worried she would love him more than me. I was worried I'd be the third wheel. But she doesn't make me feel like that, and neither does Katsuki. He insults us both equally. Though, he is more protective of her. The other day, I had my hand on her stomach, feeling the baby kick, and he came in yelling, "oi, Shitty Hair! You're pressing too hard!" As if I would crush his poor kid. That's just how it is, though. I get that she's the mother of his child.

We still have a lot of work to do around the house. We got most of the furniture inside, a kitchen table, a bed upstairs. The nursery is empty right now, but Katsuki and I have that covered. I'm honestly a little excited for the little girl to arrive. Even though I don't know a thing about babies. One of these days I'll have to go to one of the birthing classes with Alix, but they usually fall around one of my shifts, especially now that I've taken extra ones to keep up. It's too unmanly to make less than my boyfriend!

The front door swings open and they come in with green and yellow bags. Katsuki looked annoyed as all hell, while Alix was saying, "I told you, you didn't have to! I just said what I wanted, I never asked you to go get it and I told you that the whole drive there!" Katsuki's voice sounded like he had murder on his mind, "you're gonna be my damn wife! How could I not get you what you want? I'm just pissed cause now I have to replace that stupid fucking brake light!"

Alix dropped the bags on the kitchen table, looking flustered. "I told him I was craving Subway, but that I didn't want him to drive all the way there so it was fine. He ignored the last part and someone rear-ended him and took off. The left brake light on the car is broken." She sits down, her belly getting bigger with each day, and takes out the sandwiches from the bags. "I hope you like ham." She passes me one of them.

Katsuki throws himself into a chair, grumpily unwrapping his own sandwich. I talk through my bite, "hey! I just got a bonus from catching that Hammerhead guy the other day. When we're done for the day I'll just go get one for you." Katsuki roars, "I don't need your damn help, Shit Brains! Just shut up!" He takes an angry bite of his sandwich.

I notice Alix is devouring her footlong sub. Whenever she eats something she really likes, she has this little smile as she chews, and a small happy dance in her shoulders. "Woah!" I tease, "slow down there, preggo! You don't want to get sick again, do you?" She swallows and speaks, "listen, I give no fucks right now. It's been years since I've had my custom sandwich. This is fucking amazing." I laugh. She's always so gung ho about everything. She's a lot like Katsuki but more bright and sunny.

"This moron thinks that disgusting pile of crap is good. She has no damn taste." Katsuki steals a drink of my protein shake, passing it to Alix just to mess with me. She looks at me with a sarcastic look on her face and guzzles down half my glass. She sets it down on the center of the table. In revenge, I grab the other half of her sandwich and take a big bite. A strange combination of flavors and textures hit my mouth. Salty, savory, chewy, crunchy, soft. It all hits me. It's not bad, but I place the half back down and swallow, "what was that?"

Alix giggles, "a lot of people think it's weird but it's American cheese, tuna, bacon, pickles, green peppers, lettuce, and tomato. What do you think?" I nod, "it's good. Weird, but good." The smile drops from her face as she shakily takes another bite. Was she offended I didn't like her sandwich? No. That doesn't make any sense, she isn't like that. But her eyes look oddly distant. Should I say something?

She suddenly stops chewing and swallows hard, spacing out and staring at the wood of the table. Her face goes pale. "Uh, you okay there?" I ask. Her eyes flick up to me, full of fear, her shoulders moving as she breathes deeply, "I'm fine. Don't worry about it." Katsuki drops his sandwich, "oi, what's wrong with you?" She stands from the chair and brushes off his hand, "I said I'm fine." Each of her breaths seems deeper than normal, almost forced. She looks scared.

Katsuki and I stand up quickly as she leans against the counter, staring at the floor now. Katsuki huffs, "oi, don't get sick in the new kitchen." As Katsuki touches her shoulder, she smacks his hand away. "The fuck is going on with you? Spit it out!" Her knuckles go white as she grips the countertop.

"Eijiro..." her voice is weak, "where's the package for your protein?" My protein? Why would she be asking about that? Katsuki wonders the same, "oi, you moron, tell us what's wrong!" I go to the cupboard and grab the jar. She takes it from me and looks at the label. She takes another forced deep breath. "I didn't know this has caffeine in it. Shit. I-I'm fine guys, really. Caffeine just gives me panic attacks. Fucking hell. I don't want you two to see me like this. It's so fucking weak." She breathes deeply again.

Katsuki says, "tch, is that it? What do you want me to do about it?" A panic attack? I used to have those all the time in middle school, but hers seems a lot different from what mine were. Nevermind that now, she needed me. She needed us. I grab Katsuki's hand, "calm down. I got this." I step closer to her, "hey, I'm going to bring you to the bed, okay? Don't freak out." She nods and I wrap my arms around her, lifting her up and taking a step toward the stairs. She's a lot heavier than I expected.

She had already made the bed earlier while we were moving the heavier stuff. I lay her down on the red sheets, Katsuki behind us. There was the sound of car doors from outside, so he looks out of the curtains, "god damn it. It's the water guys to set up the well." We could hear them knock on the door.

Alix, curled up on the bed, "it's okay, go ahead. I'll be fine. Don't let me be a burden." Katsuki turns to me, "take care of her. I'll go down there. If I find out you left her alone like this, I'll kill you." He leaves the room and closes the door.

I'm not completely sure what to do. I was always alone whenever I was going through it myself. As her boyfriend, and as a man, I know I have to do something. I sit on the edge of the bed, pulling a blanket over her. "God damn it," she gasps, "I wish I could just fucking breathe." I hush her, "shh. You can't breathe if you're talking, right? What do you need? You know I'm here."

She doesn't speak for a long second. "Just hold me, okay? I should be better in a few minutes but..." she gasps for air again. I don't wait. I've wanted to hold her since I got her up here, but wasn't sure if that would make it worse. I lay behind her, wrapping my arm around her, resting my hand against her belly. "Hey, once you feel better, why don't we look up some names?" I suggest, "we don't have to pick one now, we could do it just for fun, you know?" I try to make my voice calm and soothing, "and tell you what, one day soon I'll go build a playscape just for her. It'll be me, you, Katsuki, and your daughter. We'll all be a family. You want that, right? Cause I'm not going anywhere. I'll be right here for all of you, I swear."

She stays silent for a while, but I can feel her breathing go back to its usual, rhythmic pace. "Hey, Eijiro?" She says, her eyes looking down at the sheets. "What is it?" I ask, kissing her cheek lightly. Her next words surprise me, "I love you."

She's never said that to me before. Though, she doesn't say it much to Katsuki either. My heart pounds happily and I smile, "I love you too." She asks a simple question, "why, though? I'm not special. I'm weak. I mean, look at what the stupid ass protein shake did to me. I'm pathetic."

I reach over to her hand and squeeze it twice. "Don't say that. You saved my life from a villain that would have killed me, and while pregnant! You're not weak or pathetic. What would Katsuki say if he heard you say that? He'd say no wife of his would be weak. And that's true. Why do you think he chose the manliest man? Katsuki Bakugo doesn't date weak people. He only likes the strongest, and the strongest is you! I love you because you're strong, but you're also cute and sweet. You're considerate and you care so much about both of us. You're good at making us both feel wanted and loved equally."

She turns her head and plants a firm kiss on my lips, sending a shiver down my spine. I feel her move away and sitting up, taking a breath of relief. "God, I'm glad that's over. Let's go see how everything is going downstairs."

That's my Alix, always quick to recover.

Chapter Text

Shitty Hair and Bossy sit at the table with me. We each have a pen and paper, scrolling through different lists of baby girl names and picking out ones we liked. It was completely silent, both nerds focused on what they were doing. All I could hear was damn crickets. It pissed me off. Besides, this was a waste of time for me. I don't want to end up choosing a shotty name for my kid. It's probably better to let those two take care of it.

Ever since I proposed, I've been planning a combined wedding and baby shower with Eijiro, Round-Face, and the Alien. There was still so much to fucking do, and I didn't even tell Alix our wedding was in less than a month. I just hope I get this fucking right. When I was on her laptop, I found a website called Pinterest and she had this weird folder full of pictures of wedding cakes, dresses, and decorations. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now it was important.

The old hag tried helping, too, but she was too fucking upset I wanted a Western-style wedding for her instead of a traditional Japanese one. I hear a clatter as Alix puts her phone down, saying, "let me see your lists. If I go any longer I'll have a thousand damn names  I like." I hand her my page of only a few names. Eijiro's list has at least a half-dozen while Alix's has two columns.

She takes a pen and starts crossing out ones she doesn't like, eventually, my page is nothing but scribbles. She does this until there were six names, three from her own page, three from Shitty Hair's. "What was the damn point if you were just gonna cross all mine off?!"

She spits back at me, "I didn't know how much you suck at naming children." I cross my arms, going back on my phone and sending a text to Eijiro, "is it done yet?" But he's too busy looking over the list to notice his phone buzz. I say, "let me see these shitty ass names." I reach over and grab the pages from them.

Nagisa, Asuna, Mikasa, Taiga, Kyuko, Rika. "Taiga? That's stupid." I cross it off. "Rika and Kyuko sound moronic." Those are crossed off too. I throw the page at them. "There." Eijiro frowns, "you just crossed off all of mine!" I look at him, "well maybe you shouldn't fucking suck!" Eijiro yells, rising from his chair, "hey! We didn't think a single name on your list was good, so who sucks now?!"

Alix slams her hands on the table, "the only thing you two should be talking about sucking is each other's dicks. If you're not going to, then sit down, shut up, and let me fucking concentrate." Eijiro sits back down, a steamy blush on his face.

"Oi, don't be getting all worked up now. Just wait til later. It's been a while with everything going on." I cross my arms and wait for the final result.  

Finally, she lifts her head, "Nagisa. That's the name of our daughter."

Chapter Text

I wake up with the light streaming through the windows. Nagisa is moving around inside me, kicking and punching. The image inside my brain conjures an infant in a mosh pit doing windmill kicks. It makes me giggle. Katsuki turns over to face me, "what's so funny?" He looks like he's been awake, but just didn't get out of bed. "Nothing," I say between giggles, "Nagisa is just moving around like crazy! It's like a mosh pit for one in there."

Eijiro pulls me closer to him, "that's manly as hell, baby. Come on, we have to get up." He slides out of bed groggily. He had a late shift last night trying to capture some bank robbers. He had a cut next to his scar on his eyebrow, a small bandage over it. "Just five more minutes? I know you two are taking me out today but it'll still be there, right?" 

Katsuki goes to our closet and grabs his own clothes, saying, "we still have cleanup to do from the robbery last night. Something about paperwork." I look at them both, disappointed by optimistic, "we can still go after though, right?" Eijiro helps me stand, the baby weight I put on made it hard to do anything.

Eijiro tells me, "actually, we wanted to apologize and treat you with a girl's day! So Mina and Ochako are going to pick you up." I give Eijiro a kiss on the cheek, "that's sweet, but you know I'm not really into the stuff they are." Katsuki slips on his top, "well, if you're going to be so damn ungrateful about it, we'll just tell the damn girls to go on their own."

I frown. I didn't mean to sound like a brat. I'm just not a girly-girl. "I didn't mean it like that! I just meant, you know, what are we going to do?" Katsuki huffs, "hell do I know what girls do? Get dressed, you nerds."

We quickly change as I slip into maternity jeans and a black top with the symbol of a Japanese metal band I've taken a liking to. Eijiro and Katsuki get ready for work, but I catch them before they run out the door. "Damn heroes don't have time to kiss their girl before running off?" Katsuki rolls his eyes and gives me a peck on the lips. Eijiro follows, his kiss softer and sweeter. Katsuki grabs his boyfriend's hand, "let's go!" He pulls him out the door.

I call out to them, "I love you both! Be safe!"

Eijiro calls back, "love you too, babe!"

Katsuki's grumpy reply, "yeah, love you. We'll be back."

Chapter Text

Shortly after the boys left, I get a text from Ochako; we'll be there in ten minutes! I hope you don't mind if my boyfriend comes along! Well, at least it won't be all girls. Nope, I don't mind. I'm ready when you are! Where are we going, anyway? She texts back, you'll see!

Wait, when did Ochako get a boyfriend? Who is it? Someone from her class, or a stranger? Meeting new people is great, but I have no idea who or what to expect. Besides, what was so secret about today? 

I sit in the living room, close to the front door watching something on the TV. I can't concentrate because of my nerves, my right leg bouncing like crazy. I had put a hoodie on over my shirt, my hands in the pockets. I just wanted them to get here already.

My wish is granted as I jump off the couch, hearing a car door slam outside. Before anyone could knock, I rush out the door. Mina is staring around the house, "woah! This is your place? You guys must be doing well for yourselves!" I can see two figures in the back of her car, but can't see who they are. I smile politely, "yeah, Katsuki picked it out. Maybe we'll have dinner here sometime and show you around. Anyway, wanna get going?" Mina bounces down my walkway, and I follow her into the car, getting into the passenger seat. Behind me, Kaminari has his arm wrapped around Ochako.

I look at the pair, confused, "I thought you were wi-" Mina covers my mouth with her hand, saying, "we don't talk about it. She's not worth our time." Something must have happened between Jiro and Kaminari that I wasn't privy to. Not that these people were really my friends or anything, but I would have thought Kirishima would have blabbed about it. Kaminari pipes up, "besides, I got something a lot better! No regrets."

We take off in the car, talking about who knows what. Ochako looks super happy with him, leaning her head against his chest with a big dorky smile as his arm wraps around her shoulders. It was so cute. Ochako asks me, "so when's the wedding? It didn't happen yet, right?" I shrug, "I don't know. We haven't planned any of it yet since we're too busy with the house and our little girl on the way. He says it should be after the baby is born so I'm not sick on our wedding day." Mina says, "yeah, he told us you haven't been feeling well and that the pregnancy is hitting you hard. So he figured a fun day might distract you or something. Either way, it's nice to hang out! We should do it more!"

I nod, agreeing with her, "yeah, it seems like the only people I ever hang out with is Katsuki and Eijiro." Mina frowns, "hey, since you've talked to him, what's been up lately? He seems a lot different." That's right. Not even Mina knows what's going on. I shrug, "you'd have to ask him. I don't think it's my business, really." I feel bad for lying, but it really wasn't my business what he chose to keep secret. But then again, why were the two of them not telling anyone about the relationship? Was it because of what happened before, or something else?

We park outside of a salon, Mina turning to me and saying, "you're about to get the royal treatment!" Before I can protest, she exits the car and so does the couple behind me. I shrug and follow them inside the salon. It's a lot bigger than what it looks like on the outside. There was a section for hair, another one for nails, and a curtained-off spa in the back. "Seriously, guys," I say, "this place looks... expens-" Mina shuts me up, flashing some glossy paper in front of me, "but I got coupons!" She turns to the lady at the front desk, saying, "we're the party for Mrs. Bakugo." She slides the glossy paper to her and a plastic card. The woman smiles, "looks like everything's in order." She swipes the card and hands it back to Mina. 

A woman whisks us away. Being early in the day on a Tuesday, we had the whole salon to ourselves. Even Denki got in on the action as we're all sat with sinks behind us, getting our hair washed. He chuckles, "ah! This always feels so good! It's been a while since I got my haircut. Should I get something different?" Mina giggles, "I could tell, Denki! You've got split ends for days!" Ochako pouts, "no way! I like your hair how it is. But you could stand just a trim."

I jump into the conversation, "it's been a while for me, too. Short haircuts are a pain to maintain. My hair has been growing faster lately on top of it!" I settle into deep relaxation as the hairdresser's fingers massage shampoo into my scalp. The subject switches as Ochako asks, "so how's the new place, Alix? Settled in okay?" I turn my eyes past Mina down to her, "yeah! I love it. We just have to get the nursery finished. Katsuki doesn't care about aesthetic but it's my first baby. My daughter's gotta have a cool room, you know?"

Mina's eyebrows move up and down, "first kid, huh? So does that mean there's plans for more?" She teases. I internally panic, "no! No way! I don't even know how we're going to handle one kid!" Mina giggles. Denki butts in, "I still struggle to grasp that Bakugo's about to be a Dad. He couldn't even land anyone since high school." I shrug, "you're telling me he hasn't even hooked up with anyone since then? I don't think I believe that."

We're told to sit up and we walk to other chairs, looking at ourselves and eachother in mirrors. I hear clippers buzzing behind me, the satisfying feeling of my hair being shaved gave me to ultimate feeling of gender euphoria. Like, this is who I am. I am here. It's a bit silly that a haircut could make me feel like my identity is valid, but hey, that's just how it is for me. Especially since I hardly ever tell anyone about it. Hair rains down on the floor as we're all cut, trimmed, style, and they even blow-dry our hair by hand. I've never seen my locks with such perfect curls!

I can't help but have a big dorky smile on my face, "I've never seen my hair look this good! I'll have to get it done like this here for my wedding day!" Denki opens his mouth to talk, but Ochako speaks over him, "oh! Yeah! We should do this again after the baby is born!"

Once all our hair is done, we move on to the nails section. It was a lot to take in for one day. "I think I'll sit this one out," Denki laughs, sitting in an empty chair. I set my hands out to let the nail tech start her work. Ochako explains, "last time I convinced him to get a manicure, he accidentally shocked the poor lady!" I laugh, "how'd that happen, Pikachu?" I tease him. 

Denki pouts, "I am not Pikachu! I might be cute and cuddly and an electric type but..." Ochako can't get a grip, laughing at his reaction. It felt like no time had passed as we talked and laughed, but I knew it must have been a while as my gel nails were already set, painted, and dried. I had opted for small, round black nails. The other girls had black-themed nails, too. I figured it was just because winter was coming and black is usually a trendy color around this time.

Hair, manicures, pedicures, a hot stone treatment, leg and eyebrow waxing, and a facial massage later, I was exhausted, yet refreshed. My stomach growled like crazy. Ochako must have heard its complaints since she suggested as we melted like jello into the car, "we have dinner plans later, but want to get a little something?" I'm glad she asked me, because I'm seriously craving a burger. "Anyone up for fast food?" I ask, "honestly, I don't feel like going inside anywhere and kiddo's telling me she wants burgers." My hand rubs my stomach, trying to calm the dance party inside me. 

Denki smiles, "now you're speaking my language!" Mina drives off in the direction of the nearest Golden Arches. 

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Katsuki and I sit at a table at a small diner, coffees in our hands as we go over a checklist of things we needed to get done for the day. It was almost impossible to make sure everything was in order without organization. As we finish going over everything, Katsuki leans his head back, taking a sip of his black hot drink. I like mine the same as Alix, hot, sweet, and creamy with whatever flavor added. Though, coffee isn't the only thing I like hot, sweet, and creamy. I'm still sore from the beating he gave me last night. Just thinking about it makes me twitch.

He brings up the question for the hundredth time, "you're sure you're not going to be mad when I marry her? I know how you are, Shitty Hair. Don't suffer in fucking silence if something's bothering you. You've been texting some extra a lot more often lately. What's going on?" The last part was new. Since when did he notice things like that? I pass him my phone, but he doesn't touch it as I explain, "it's Denki. He's going through a lot right now. I told you how Jirou and him had a baby on the way? Turns out it was all a lie. She was faking it the whole time just to keep the idiot faithful." Katsuki raised his eyebrows, "faithful? She knew the idiot was a perv to begin with. It doesn't surprise me that he's a cheater." I shrug, taking my phone back, "now he's with Ochako and things seem to be okay. I didn't mean to make you worried, Katsuki!"

Katsuki spits, "yeah, well next time tell me what the hell is going on, dumbass! I don't care for stupid drama but don't make me fucking worry, moron." I feel the need to tell him, "like I said before, Nagisa deserves to have parents who are married and everything. What man would deny a kid that? Besides, I'm happy with you. I'm happy with both of you! That's what's important. We're all happy, right?"

He swallows another sip of coffee, "if I wasn't happy I wouldn't be here, dumbass. You should have seen her face in her sleep this morning, too. Fucking big ass smile like she won a million yen. Fucking idiot." I reach over and grab Katsuki's free hand. We don't spend time alone with eachother as often as we probably should. When we do, it's always about wedding or baby stuff.

Katsuki doesn't complain, letting me hold his hand as he rapidly types on his phone, "we have to go. Come on." He stands from his seat, throwing his empty cup in the trash. I smile, "duty calls, right Katsuki?" 

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I consumed my Big Mac in record time. It was Heaven on Earth. But now, where were we going? With my stomach satiated, the car traveling in a direction I had never been, I ask, "so where are we going?" Mina grinned, "nope! Not telling! You'll see when we get there!" This again? But I knew to just go with the flow when it comes to these guys.

I look in the rearview mirror to see Kaminari giving Ochako a cute kiss of the cheek, which made her cheeks rosy. They looked happy and sweet. It's good to see her be with someone she deserves. "You two look like you're having fun," I comment." Ochako laughs it off, "yeah, well, he's a sweetheart, always doing things like that." Mina says, "yeah, I can't picture Katsuki doing anything cute like that. Actually, I can't see him do anything but be angry all the time."

It was my turn to laugh it off, "yeah, that's because he is angry all the time. He's not much of a romantic but I admire his strength. Besides, he can be sweet for me, you guys were there when he proposed. It was perfect." Denki chimes in, "yeah, that was totally out of character. I was surprised he's even interested in marriage." I shrug, "honestly, we both weren't even thinking about it until we found out about Nagisa. I mean, we haven't been together very long but our daughter deserves a real family, right?" At least, that's what Katsuki said. I disagree, though. Any family is a real family. A single mom and her kids, couples with no kids, poly families, they're all real and valid. But if letting that concept slide means my daughter has parents who fit the norm, I'm okay with that. I don't want my daughter to grow up with a hole in her heart like I did.

We park outside of a building named, Aunt Sina's Dress Shop. "Oh, I'm not really a dress kind of person," I blush, but Mina tries to hype me up, "oh, come on! You'll like this, I promise! You gotta try on dresses someday, anyway! Why not now? We can all do it and have fun with it!"

Mina always has a way of dragging me into things I wasn't really into. But I always have fun with them, so why not? I honestly never felt like I'd belong with the "cool kids", but here I was. We walk in to the shop and a plump woman greets us. Again, being midday during the week, the shop was empty besides us. "Welcome! Can I help you with anything?" Behind her were sections of dresses. Casual dresses, prom, wedding, they had it all. The front of the store felt like it was the size of a football field, but it was probably a lot smaller. 

Mina smiled at her excitedly, "we're here to try on wedding dresses!" The woman smiled back, "oh! Who's the lucky bride?" Mina gestures toward me, "she's marrying one of my friends! It's gonna be so great! I was thinking about trying your Crow collection. I don't think she's the white dress type." I had to admit, Mina knows me better than I thought. I didn't want something typical. My dream was never to walk down the aisle in a white wedding dress. The woman smiles and introduces herself, "I'm Aunt Sina. It's nice to meet you." She turns away and walks through racks upon racks until we get to a section of long, black dresses.

It took long enough to figure out my size, especially in Japan where most women are tiny, but we finally narrowed it down to five choices. The first one I tried was too long, dragging across the floor as I tripped over it, the second one was made of a strange velvet material, but the third one made me stare at myself in the mirror, Mina, Ochako, and Denki doing the same. It was long, but not like the first one, still trailing on the floor but not dangerously. It was pure black, the top was lacy, wrapping around my shoulders, down my arms, and forming into fingerless gloves.

My hands are against my mouth in awe. I was ready to cry. This was the one. "I'm definitely getting this one when I get married. Gah! I hope they still have it by then!" It fit perfectly, the bralette cupping my breasts, not too tight or too big. The best part was I felt good in it. 

Ochako and Mina were giggling, "you look so great!" Ochako is floating above the couch they were all sat in. Mina looks at her phone, gasping at the time, "oh! We're going to be late! Come on, change quick!" She wouldn't explain what we were late for, but I had a feeling now that this was more than just a girl's day out.

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Dumb Hair and I ignore the rest of the idiots around us. We're too damn busy on our phones, taking care of various business. "Oi, Ei," I say, looking up at him. His eyes meet with mine like the dumbass he is. I put my head in my hand as we're both sitting cross-legged on the floor. "You really think it's a good fucking idea for round-face to make nice with the nerd?" What happened between us was a long fucking time ago, but if she finds out we have history, would she get mad? Not that I care much, she'll get over it, but I don't want unnecessary bullshit, either.

The question is met with a dumbass grin when he says, "oh, come on, Katsuki! You should know her better than that. She'll probably think it's cute or something if she finds out. I mean, look at what happened with us!" I roll my eyes, "well, yeah! But I don't think she's into girls like that. I'm just saying it might be different. I don't need any bullshit, especially not today." Eijiro scratched his chin, "I don't know, didn't she mention a couple of ex-girlfriends? But anyway, I don't think it's going to be any trouble."

"Tch, it better not be. Just remember if shit happens it was your idea. I only sent her that one time to keep Alix safe." I turn back to my phone screen, finishing up what I was doing. Eijiro reminds me, "hey, it's almost two. We have to help finish this or it'll never get done." I wave him off, "go, I'll meet you over there, I just have to take care of something."

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So there's going to be a day or so of no updates because I'm writing a few parts that I want to be published all together instead of one or two a day. Don't worry! It'll be back soon with more content than usual in a single day! See you then!

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Mina drives down a scenic road, forest stretching for miles on either side of our route. On the radio, some Japanese pop song is playing. Mina's voice strains to hit every note, not missing a single lyric as her thumbs tap to the beat on the steering wheel.

We've been driving for what feels like forever. I'm still in the dark as to where we were going, and why. I stare out the window, watching tree after tree pass, the light of the world dimming ever so softly as the sun went down. Nagisa is moving inside me as my hand rests on my stomach. It's not a bad feeling, in fact, she's not hurting me at all.

The line of trees ends sharply, the forest halting at a steep cliff. My mouth hangs agape as I take in the scene in front of me. The ocean stretched before me, the setting sun painting the water a fiery orange and yellow. There was a small island in between the two cliffsides that hugged the sea, where a lonely lighthouse had been built. Ochako says, "Bakugo told us you love the water. He said it reminds you of home. So we thought you'd like seeing this."

I can't help the fact that my eyes shine with water as my hand covers my mouth. The ocean really is beautiful, the sunset shining its rays like a Bob Ross painting, happy little trees swaying in the breeze on the small island. I could even see someone fishing on its edge, a boat docked not too far away. "Did where you live before have a lot of water?" Ochako asks. I answer, "well, I live somewhere a few hours from the nearest beach. I didn't go as often as I should have, though." A pang hits my heart. There's a reason why I loved the water, but it didn't apply here.

I explain, "not to be a downer or anything, but my Mom loved the ocean, lakes, wherever she could sit and relax by the shore. She died when I was eleven. She was cremated and her ashes spread at her favorite place to fish. I liked to think wherever there was water, she was there with me. But... it doesn't apply here. She never existed in this universe." My eyes are torn from the sea as we drive past more forest. "But hey! You don't want to know my life story. Are we almost there?"

The mood had shifted, and it was my fault, but Mina does her best to break through it. "Yep! It's right around the corner!" She wasn't wrong. We turn along a curve in the road and I can see a building in the middle of nowhere, pink balloons tied around a tree. The building was brown, only one story, made of brick and a dark brown tile roof. There's cars parked outside already, a van for a catering company, and a limo off to the side. I  couldn't see much behind the building, the earth stopping at a sudden horizon as the sky darkened. We step out of the car after Mina parks next to what I recognize as All Might's red, white, and blue Jeep Liberty.

"He's such a weeb for America." I shake my head, "so it's a baby shower, huh? We really didn't need to do this." I follow Mina inside, the door opening to reveal a large room. Everything looks like it was dipped in Pepto-Bismol. Pink tablecloths, balloons, streamers, cups, plates, everything. "We're here!" Mina announces. There were people all around, drinking from pink cups and picking at appetizers. My eyes land first on All Might, sitting next to Inko, sharing sushi off of a plate. Present Mic was in the back of the room, using his quirk to DJ behind a table. Midnight, in her lewd hero costume, was seen at a table with Eraser Head and Joke, holding hands. They ended up together, too?

I saw a lot of random pro-heroes too, ones who aren't in the anime but exist in the future. Like the Twins, Okkako and Okakko. They both wore nothing but full-body black suits, their faces and bodies masked from the tight spandex. There was no way to tell them apart at all. Kamui Woods was wandering around, as well as Mt. Lady, Best Jeanist, and Melissa Shield.

Most of the graduates of Class 1-A were there, too. Finally, Katsuki and Eijiro were making their way through the crowd toward me. "Oi! You're fucking late!" Katsuki's outfit is weird, cute, but weird. It matched Eijiro's. They both had a baby-pink collared pinstriped shirt and blue skinny jeans. I can't help but laugh, "what the hell are you two wearing?" Katsuki spits, "tch, I don't want to talk about it." He looks away from me angrily. Eijiro scratched the back of his head, "it was Momo's idea. The jeans make it look more Western-style or something. You know, 'cause that's where you're from."

I smile, looking around at all the people and food, "seriously, guys. You didn't have to do this all for me." Katsuki grabs my hand, "hey, are you fucking hungry or what?" I shake my head, "we already had some food. Nagisa demanded burgers." Eijiro followed us back through the crowd and Katsuki says, "alright, then. We can get this shit started." He drags me toward a table that has several gift bags on it and some wrapped boxes. Present Mic announces, "YEEEAH! Looks like our lovely lady Alix is ready to get this thing poppin'! Everyone gather around!"

As the guest's heads turn toward me, I laugh out of embarrassment. I didn't expect to be in front of so many people today. Katsuki's grip loosens as he guides me to sit at a chair. Everything has just happened so fast, I almost feel dizzy. There I was, pro heroes all around me, opening presents for a baby I never expected, never really strived for, with Bakugo Katsuki on one side, and Eijiro Kirishima on the other. It takes me forever to unwrap everything, ending up with piles and piles of baby clothes, gift cards, toys, diapers, everything I could ever want or need for our daughter. 

As I finish, I ask Katsuki to help me stand, my legs tired after a long day. "Thank you so much!" I address the crowd. Directly in front of me stood Todoroki, Izuku, All Might, Inko, and most of the BakuSqaud. "I never expected any of this!" There was a grin on my face that I couldn't wipe away. Izuku smiled at me, "don't thank us. It was Kachan and Kirishima who did most of the planning. We just helped a little." 

It took me forever to notice, but Katsuki's parents were nowhere in sight. Was there a reason they couldn't come? My attention is dragged away from that as Mt. Lady pops up out of nowhere, putting her arm around me and taking a selfie on her phone. "So," she says, "got a name for the little girl yet?" I tell her, "Nagisa. Nagisa Bakugo." She's so much prettier in the flesh. Her breasts bounce with every movement.

"Oh, really? I used to teach a class with a boy named Nagisa, before I went pro-hero. Is that really a name for a girl?" She questions. I nod, "yeah, I'm sure there's plenty of girls named Nagisa. I thought it was a popular name in Japan?" Mina shakes her head, "no. I've never met anyone with that name before." I turn to Mt. Lady, "so you were a teacher before you were a hero?" I didn't know that about her. She smiles, "I've been many things. Not my proudest profession. They used to call me Professor Bitch. Those brats."

I'm assaulted by a volley of conversations. Katsuki and Eijiro had disappeared somewhere. Suddenly, Mina grabbed my wrist, "come on! We've got one last surprise!"

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Suddenly, I find myself shoved in a closet with Mina and Ochako. I don't know what's going on, but Mina asks, "trust us?" She holds up a black band of fabric. "I-I guess... what's going...." The blindfold is wrapped around my eyes and I hear something shuffling around. "I'm taking off your shirt, okay? Just trust me." I shrug, "do what you have to do, I guess. Uh...." I'm honestly clueless, but I let her take off my shirt, bra, and pants. I feel her guide me to step into something, fabric being pulled up to chest-height. Is she putting a dress on me? It takes a long minute for anything further to happen as I ask, "seriously, guys, come on. There can't be anything more than a baby shower, right? What's the surprise?"

She tells me to take off my socks and shoes and she gives me flip-flops to wear. Ochako says, "sorry, Alix!" Her fingers touch my shoulder and suddenly, I'm weightless. Mina has a firm grip on my wrist, tugging me along like a balloon. I can't see anything through the black cloth. I don't know where I'm being tugged, but I can hear a lot of chatter, clinking, clanging. A sudden rush of cool breeze brushes through my hair, still perfect from the salon. Ochako releases me gently, my feet touching the ground. It sounds like the crunch of sand. 

The light floods into my eyes as Mina removes the blindfold. Rows and rows of chairs, with an aisle down the middle, were filled with people wearing black and dark purple dress clothes. The ground that stretched before me was covered in a black rolled-out carpet, blood-red rose petals scattered everywhere. My little emo heart skipped a beat. This was exactly how I used to picture my wedding when I was young. But what made my chest go radio silent was the sight of Katsuki at the end of the aisle, standing under a black arch which was covered in roses. His suit was dark red with a black tie. All Might stood in a black and red suit behind him. Eijiro was behind Katsuki in a matching suit. Ochako and Mina had gone to stand on my side as bridesmaids.

Beyond the arch stretched the ocean, pulsing with wave after wave, the full moon shining brightly above the sea. I look down and realize what they had shoved on me was the exact dress I had deeply loved in the shop. It looked even better in the moonlight. 

I see something move next to me and Izuku stands by my side, grinning and telling me, "I know you don't have family here so Kirishima asked me to walk you down the aisle, if that's okay. I know it's not really my place but-" I cut him off, "i-it's fine. But..." I look around to the crowd, a wave of emotion coming over me as I finally process what's happening. "I-I didn't even know...."

Izuku stretches his arm out, "we know. Kacchan insisted it should be a surprise." I'm getting married right now? How? How did Katsuki plan all this without me even knowing? How did he know... actually, I know how he knew. He must have seen my Pinterest. I take a deep breath, trying to withhold tears. Everything was just happening so fast. I shakily take Izuku's arm, blushing out of embarrassment. I am so unprepared. As we take our first step, the sound of drums and guitar burst to life. It's an edited version of Forever by In This Moment. The one song I've always wanted at my wedding.

Still endless days and nights/I wait for you/'Cause deep inside this flame/I know it's true

She sings as we walk halfway up the aisle, the emotion growing in my chest, spilling over down my cheeks. Waterproof makeup is my best friend at the moment. 

Forever starts today/Forever we will be/Forever's every day/Forever faithfully

The music fades to a soft volume as I reach Katsuki, Izuku breaking off to stand behind Eijiro. I'm dumbstruck, every snarky comment gone from my mind. "How did you do all of this?" I ask. Katsuki smirks, happiness in his eyes, "you thought I couldn't? You know I'd do fucking anything for you, Bossy. This is your night, I wanted to make it fucking special." He glances at All Might and nods, grabbing my hand.

All Might refers to notes in a small book in his hand as he says, "on this day, we witness the marriage of Alix and Katsuki Bakugo. Out of an extraordinary circumstance, comes the wonderful light of love and happiness shared between those before us. Katsuki, would you like to say your vows?"

His gaze, so intensely focused on me, sparkles with the lights above us. "I promise you, Alix, I'll be here for you forever. I'll be there through every god damn sleepless night, every shitty day, and every time you feel fucking alone. You might not have anyone here who's related to you, but you'll always have a family. I fucking promise you that. No, I promise all three of you that. Fuck this," he reaches behind him and grabs Eijiro's hand. Everyone but Katsuki and All Might raised their eyebrows, confused. Katsuki glimpses out to the crowd, then back to us as we stand side-by-side in front of him. "On paper, you're my wife, Alix, but I don't give a fuck about what's on paper. This is between us, this is about the fucking family we've built. You both are fucking important to me and that's all I care about. So if you'll have me, Ei, take this fucking ring and shove it up the ass of anyone who has a problem with it." In his hand, he holds out a black titanium band.

Eijiro blushes out of shock, but smiles with confidence, "of course I'll take it on! We're all in this together!" Katsuki slides the ring on Eijiro's finger. It was unconventional, but none of us cared. Who would dare challenge the family of Ground Zero and Red Riot? Katsuki went on, "I'll be there for both of you, and Nagisa, for the rest of my damn life."

I couldn't be happier. If I needed any proof Katsuki was ready for life as a poly family, this was it. He was shouting it from the rooftops, proud to be part of this life. He really has changed in all the best ways. All Might turns to me, asking, "is there anything you want to say, Alix?" Oh, no. It's not like I had time to prepare a vow. But then again, I know exactly how I feel. I'll just let it all spill.

I give them both a smile, "Katsuki, Eijiro... when this all started I was nervous. I wasn't sure if it really could work. But both of you have proven time and time again you're more than ready for this. You both are the loves of my life and I will never, ever regret anything that led to this moment. All the pain, the victories, the defeats, everything in my life has led up to this moment, and I don't regret a damn thing." My hand reaches up to caress both of their cheeks, "we're a family, ride or die until the end. There's nothing and no-one that can change this. I'm here forever, this family will last forever. I promise you both that I will do my best to be there for you, as much as you've been here for me."

It was Eijiro's turn to speak, as we both turn to him, his eyes shining with emotion. He managed to choke out, "I'll be there every step of the way, too! As a hero and a man, I'll never abandon my family! Not for anything!" All Might turns the attention back to me, "Alix, would you take Katsuki Bakugo as your lawfully wedded Husband?"

"I do." My voice shakes.

He turns to Katsuki, "Katsuki Bakugo, do you take Alix as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do. Obviously." The look in his eyes was just like the one when he proposed to me. Full of fiery passion, a look of complete love and pride. 

All Might goes on to say, "Eijiro Kirishima, do you accept Katsuki Bakugo and Alix, though not technically on paper, to be your family from now, until death do you part?"

"Hell yeah, I do!" He flashes a grin, the tears gone from his eyes, replaced with joy.

All Might gives us all a thumbs up, "with the power vested in me, I now pronounce all of you a family. Congratulations! You may now kiss!" Before I know it, my face is tackled by Katsuki. I lean into it, but then break off, letting the boys have their kiss. Eijiro turns to me and softly meets his lips to mine. My heart flutters from all of the emotion, my knees shaking in delight as I take the hands of my boys.

As the ceremony ended, we're met with mixed emotions. The majority of our friends and family were supportive, but a little offended that we hid the nature of our relationship. Others, like Izuku and Todoroki, greeted us with the same joy as before. It all turned out perfectly, though. Anyone offended by our life choices was free to leave, or speak their mind, but no one caused too much of a ruckus.

The party afterward was amazing. Dancing, laughing, eating cake and having a good time with family and friends was all that mattered to any of us.

That was the beginning of my happily ever after.

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As the wedding guests file out, some drunk, some exhausted, some both, I kick off my flip flops that have been digging into my swollen feet and flop myself onto a chair.

Suddenly, my abdomen tightens, pain shooting through me like fire. I grip my stomach, yelling out in pain. Katsuki is on the scene quickly, I can feel his hand on my shoulder as he asks, "what's wrong?" I open my eyes to see him sitting beside me, Eijiro crouched in front of me with a concerned look on his face.

"I-it's-" another contraction tightens in my gut. Katsuki says, "It's not the baby, is it? Now? You're not even far enough along yet!" I shake my head, "it's probably Braxton-Hicks, remember? The doctor said this might happen around seven months." Katsuki nodded, "yeah, that's right. So you're fine. Good." Eijiro passes me a glass of water and I take small sips.

"I'm fine," I insist, grabbing both of their hands with a smile, "I still can't believe you both planned this without me knowing. You slick bastards!" People in gray outfits with garbage bags and carts come around the side of the building. They must be part of the clean-up crew. Katsuki gives me a kiss on the cheek, "come on, let's get out of here. There's one more surprise we have in store for you." They both lift me from the chair, my knees wobbling a bit. Something about the tone of Katsuki's voice, the blush on Eijiro's face, makes my heart pound. What were they planning?

I follow them through the building, where more crew was cleaning up after our mess. My feet were pulsing with soreness. I'm led outside once again, the only vehicle left was a van and the limousine. A man waits outside of the long car in a fancy suit. "A limo? Really?" I ask. Katsuki smirks, "you ask a lot of dumb questions, Bossy." As we get closer, the man opens the door. Eijiro slides in first, then I follow. We sit together on a bench seat, small compartments filled with ice and beverages on either side. There was a blacked-out window between us and the driver. The vehicle takes off.

Before I could say anything, Eijiro places his hand under my chin, guiding my head to turn to him. His lips meet mine, his hands on my hips. Katsuki's warm breath against my skin makes my hairs stand on end as he kisses my neck. I can't help but melt into their touch, sensation awakening inside me. I wanted them both so much. The doctors say it's okay to have sex until the eighth month, but could Katsuki control himself? He's never been gentle before with anything.

He reads my mind, his voice deeper than usual, "I can learn to be gentle for a night. After all, who would miss out on their wedding day?" Eijiro's lips break away from mine as he says, "we'll take care of you, babe. Don't worry." One of his hands wanders to my thigh, while Katsuki cups one of my breasts in his hand. A small whimper escapes my lips as Eijiro returns his lips to mine, his tongue entering my mouth, swishing around. He tastes so much different than Katsuki's sweetness. His mouth was saltier, almost like licking a stone. I guess that makes sense, since he's the rock-hard man.

Katsuki's teeth brush against the skin of my neck, Eijiro's hand creeping up the skirt of my dress. I'm in complete euphoria. It's been so long since Katsuki has touched me like this, and the new experience with Eijiro made me feel that much closer to him. I pull away from Eijiro, taking my own hands, putting them at the back of each boys' heads and guiding them to kiss eachother. God, Katsuki and Eijiro just looked so good together, their lips locked as Katsuki dips his tongue in his husband's mouth. Their tongues wrestled with eachother, a line of spit between them as they parted, Eijiro moving his mouth to my neck, kissing and sucking at the flesh. Katsuki mutters in my ear, "yeah, you like seeing that shit, don't you, you dirty slut?"

"Yes, Senpai," my voice shakes as Eijiro's hand teases outside of my panties, rubbing gently up and down. Eijiro chuckles, "Katsuki, she's already soaked. It's so lewd, what should we do with her?" The boys look at me, a sadistic lust in both of their eyes. They knew they couldn't get too rough, but I could sense some kind of plot on their minds.

Katsuki's voice grumbles, "I say we tease her until she begs for it. Until we drive her fucking crazy." A small shiver runs down my spine as he says it, my eyes stretched wide. Were they going to tease me for the whole ride? We were at least an hour from home! I don't know if  I could take that.

Eijrio smirks, "I think that's a great idea. A nice little punishment game for watching us do the deed so many times." I whimper, "I-I don't know if I can take all of that..." Eijiro keeps rubbing as I speak, "I already feel like I'm going to explode." A knot of lust was quickly tightening within me the more he rubbed against me. Katsuki has his hand under the cups of the dress, massaging my breast lightly, his thumb circling around my nipple.

He pulls my dress down, taking the other nipple in his mouth. Eijiro moves his hand past my panties, teasing my clit with soft rubbing and pulling back every so often. "Please," I whimper, squirming under them both, Eijiro's mouth hitting every weak spot on my neck. "Goddammit, you two... just please... please... I can't..." My breath deepens. I don't even care that the driver could hear us. He was probably warned about this, anyway. All I want is release. I want them both inside me. They have both of my arms pinned to the seat with their shoulders. I can't move or resist, I can only take whatever they give me.

Eijiro slides his fingers around my wetness, hitting my clit every so often, sending a jolt of pleasure through me. This torture goes on for what seems like forever, the knot tighter and tighter inside me. No matter how much I beg or whimper, they keep going. At one point, Katsuki switches places with Eijiro, his fingers rubbing against my clit, then retreating to the outside of my lips. 

"K-Katsuki," the desperation thick in my voice. We're interrupted by a knock on the window, the driver announcing, "you have arrived at your destination." Katsuki pulls up my dress and opens the door. We all slide out onto the sidewalk, our home waiting for us. 

Suddenly, I'm lifted into the air, cradled in Katsuki's arms, "the fuck are we waiting for?" He walks through the gate and forces his way through the door. I feel safe in his strong arms as he walks up the stairs, a blush coloring my face. The knot that had built up inside me was loosening as more time passed without him touching me, but I know that won't last long.

He places me on the bed, sliding the dress off of me, tearing my panties away. Katsuki says, "you really expect to please us both laying like that? Hands and knees, slave." I turn myself over, the new position more comfortable and giving them easier access around the baby bump. "We're gonna play a little game," his voice drips honey, "get it wrong and I'll kill you." A piece of fabric is wrapped around my eyes, blinding me. I hear belt buckles drop to the floor.

Eijiro chuckles, "that's right. You're gonna take one of us up top and one on the other side. You'll have to guess who is where." The idea of a game sounded fun, but this would be much too easy. I can feel the bed dip down in front and behind me as they position themselves at each pair of lips. Without a word, I open my mouth, playing along with their game. A moan from the penetration down below is muffled by the cock that slides into my mouth. Just by the taste, I can tell who I'm sucking off. The salty sweat was a dead giveaway. I pull back to say, "you taste so good, Eijiro." I take his head and suck it back into my mouth, taking inch by inch down my throat, rhythmically bobbing up and down, holding back moans from each stab of pleasure, Katsuki's cock attacking my G-Spot.

My body tenses as I feel like I'm about to cum, but both cocks exit my holes. I whimper, "I was so close, Katsuki!" I can tell the boys switch positions, a sweet smell in front of my face now. Katsuki enters my mouth, Eijiro quickly following. Katsuki growls, "I want to watch your pretty fucking face as you cum, slut."

Eijiro's cock fills my nethers, Katsuki's member pushing into my mouth, making me want to gag from the pressure. A moan escapes me that not even Katsuki's thick meat could stifle. Eijiro's thrusts were more gentle than Katsuki's, but the precise pounding drove me crazy, hitting my weak points every time. My body tenses up again, preparing to cum. My eyes roll back, Katsuki groaning as his cock pulses in my mouth, "cum with me, baby. Come on, you slut. You're Senpai's good little cumslut." His words break me, my cum squirting all over Eijiro's member as my mouth is filled with seed. Eijiro pants, "ah! I'm so...close..." he's driven over the edge in a few pumps as I swallow Katsuki's cum, taking seed inside my pussy. The twitching of Eijiro's cock inside me makes me gasp. It was so hot.

Eijiro pants as he slides out of me, Katsuki taking me in his arms and taking off the blindfold. I smile at him, my bare chest against his, "you boys spoil me." Eijiro collapses next to us, a hand on my thigh and his other hand resting on Katsui's arm. "I never thought that would feel so good, damn, Alix!" He had a bright blush on his face.

I raise my eyebrow, "wait... am I the first girl you've ever...?" Eijiro nods, looking away, "yeah, it's kind of embarrassing. I've only ever been with you and Katsuki." I give him a smile, patting his messy hair, "that's so cute! It's not embarrassing." I lean over to kiss him gently, then give Katsuki a soft peck on the lips.

Chapter Text

I was two weeks overdue. Katsuki and Eijiro took time away from work to be with me, checking and double-checking everything. We had a list, thanks to the advice for the classes we've been taking and the internet, of things that needed to be packed and ready to go once my water breaks. Eijiro and I sit on our bed as I read off the list and he checks the suitcase. Katsuki paces back and forth, ranting, "I know the doc told us it's fine, but should we go back? Get a second opinion? What if she's a fucking moron?"

Finally, I can't take it anymore, "shut up, Katsuki! I was overbaked, too. It's probably just in my genes. It'll be fine." Katsuki stops in his tracks, looking at me in horror, "overbaked? We're not talking about a cake! This is my fucking baby!" I spit back at him, "hey, she's my kid, too! If she's anything like either of us she'll be fine no matter what." Eijiro tries to calm the tension, "okay, okay, we need to focus on this. It's not manly to worry about everything! We have to make sure everything is ready. Did you get the car seat hooked up?" Katsuki grumbles, "you think I'm some kind of moron? I did that two god damn weeks ago!"

Eijiro looks at me, "and the birth plan you downloaded? Did you fill it out?" I nod. The birth plan was a sheet I had printed out from the internet explaining everything I wanted during labor. Who would be there, what hospital, if I wanted an epidural, and all the little details. "Katsuki, if you want to help, I'm seriously craving a vanilla milkshake. Any way you could..." he doesn't let me finish, "yeah, yeah, I got you. I'll be back."


I slam the apartment door behind me. Our baby is late, and all the fucking brat is concerned about is her fucking cravings? What if something is wrong? I can't stand it. But then again, she did say she was born late, too, and she's perfectly fine. I jump in the car, starting the engine. Why doesn't she ever send Ei out? It's always me doing the fucking work. But then again, it is my kid. We did this together.

Sometime soon, I'm going to be a father. The nursery won't just be a storage room for diapers and pacifiers anymore. It will be the room where our child grows up in for at least eighteen years. This decision we made will last a lifetime. When our kid becomes an adult, I'll be reaching forty years old. The reality of it was hitting me, and it was seriously pissing me off. I pull into a drive-thru, waiting behind someone in a blue pickup truck. "Oh, fuck off!" I yell. They were taking forever just to order a god damn meal. Finally, I get to the speaker, a young girl's voice asking, "Welcome to ShakeWorld! Would you like to try our new Pumpkin Mochi shake?"

"Fuck no, I don't. Just give me a medium vanilla, extra whipped cream. Don't you dare put a cherry on that, my wife will kill me. Two medium chocolate shakes and that's it." She repeats the order back to me, then tells me to pull up. As I get to the window, an empty uniform greets me, "hey, Katsuki! I knew it was you!" I pass her some money, not wanting to small talk. "Yeah, well, if I don't get home with this shake my wife will probably stab me with that quirk of hers. Keep the change." I pull up to a second window. It takes a few minutes before I'm passed a tray of milkshakes, then a bag. "I didn't order this!" I try to give it back to the guy at the window. He shakes his head, "Tooru says it's a gift for your wife, I guess. It's on the house." I shrug, tossing the bag to the side and driving off.

The fuck did Invisible just give us? I reach into the bag and take a peek. Three orders of large fries, still hot and steamy sat inside. I've never seen Alix turn down food, she'll be happy about this.

My phone rings in my pocket, connecting to the car by Bluetooth. The call is coming from Shitty Hair. I hit the talk button on the steering wheel, "tell Bossy I'm on my way with her damn shake!" Eijiro yells back, "you gotta get here, man! I don't think Nagisa is going to wait!" In the background, I can hear Bossy groan in pain. "What?! Right now? I'm almost there."

The house was just a few minutes away, but the guy driving in front of me was moving slower than a dead fucking turtle. I drive along the curb around him, blasting by. Four more blocks. Three. Two. Finally, I pull up on the side of the road, jumping out of the car. Eijiro was carrying the suitcase and holding Alix's hand as she walked unsteadily to the car. I grab her, "come on. Ei, put that in the trunk." Alix pushes me off, "I'm fine, I can get to the car, it just fucking hurts."

She gets to the car, opening her door, putting the shakes and fries on the floor of the car and slides into the seat. I run around and get behind the wheel, "hurry the fuck up, Ei!"The trunk slams and Eijiro jumps into the back seat. I take off like a bullet, toward the nearest hospital. Alix reaches down, "here," she passes Shitty Hair a milkshake. Eijiro grabs it, "awe, babe! You got one for me, too!"

I snap at them both, who were digging happily into the fries, "how can you two even think about..." I'm cut off by Alix shoving my shake at me, "oh, cool off. The contractions aren't that close together, it'll be a while before she actually gets here." She puts it into the cupholder next to me. "You damn brat! I thought you were close!" Alix laughs, "Eijiro might have been exaggerating. But still, it would be better to get to the hospital now so we can settle in."

How the hell could Bossy be so calm at a time like this? I never understood that shit about her. When shit hits the fan, she's always calm about it, but one sip of caffeine can trigger an absolute meltdown where she's curled up in bed just trying to breathe. Not to mention the times she's had panic attacks for seemingly no reason. She would never admit having one of them since the protein shake incident, but Eijiro and I always knew when they were happening.

Still, she's not weak, despite all of that. I wouldn't be with her if she was, I wouldn't have even thought of it back then. Sure, the situation fucking sucked, but I'm glad it was her apartment I ended up in. I reach over and grab her hand, driving with the other. I glance over to her, happily munching on fries and joking around with Eijiro. Both of them were strong, and so am I. We can get through anything together.

I pull in to the parking lot of the emergency room, Alix gasping in pain as we park. "Ei, get the bag." Alix squeezes my hand, "yeah," she says, "it might be a good idea to hurry." Her face is scrunched up in pain. The fuck did that mean? She was all happy and smiles a minute ago. As I hurry to get out of the car and go around to her side, I see her body go limp, her head leaning to the side and her face pale. "Oi! Alix!" I rip open the car and try to get her to look at me, but she almost looks like a corpse.

"Ei, get help!" I say and he drops everything, running into the hospital. My first instinct is to put my fingers against her neck. She still has a pulse, that's good. But why did she suddenly pass out? Was it the pain? I unbuckle her and lift her up. Even for me, it was a struggle. I kick the car door closed and see a nurse rushing out of the doors with a gurney, Eijiro beside her. I meet them in the middle, laying her down on the rolling bed. The nurse asks me questions, "how far along?" I answer, "she's overdue by two weeks. What's wrong with her?"

The nurse doesn't answer, and a team of medics take the gurney. I go to follow them, but the nurse stops us, "I know you're worried, sir," she says, "but we're going to do everything we can for her and the baby. For now, please wait so we can figure out what's wrong with her."

She walks off, following the team. I look to Eijiro, "they seriously expect us to just sit here and wait?" He puts a hand on my shoulder that I don't bother to shrug off, "hey, it'll be alright." He turns to the entrance of the waiting room, only a few other people there. He says, "she'll be fine, they're going to figure it out."

"I can't just sit here and do fucking nothing while my wife and child could be in danger!" I can't even think about sitting down, pacing around the waiting room until Eijiro takes my hand and pulls me into a chair, "come on, man! Relax. You're bothering everyone else!" He was right, a man across from us looked just as stressed as we both were.

I had to have confidence in her. For her sake, and mine. I have to have as much faith in her as she did in us when she took the leap. 

Chapter Text

I couldn't help but agree with Katsuki. It didn't feel very manly to just sit around and wait for news. Our girl was hurt, and there was nothing we could do. What happened? She seemed fine just seconds earlier, despite being in labor.

But Katsuki's pacing didn't help. Even as he sits in his chair, his knee bounces. We watch the man sitting across from us in the waiting room be pulled away by a woman in pink scrubs.

It was silent until we could hear a pathetic whimper from the man down the hall, "how could this happen? How did they both die? That's my wife and son! How could you let this happen?!" The man's voice rose.

Suddenly I felt like my fingers were going to snap as Katsuki grabbed my hand with a powerful squeeze. "That's not gonna happen." He chokes out. "Not to us."

My heart stops as a man in grey scrubs locks eyes with us. "Mr. Bakugo and Kirishima?" He asks. We both stand up, Katsuki asking him, "she's okay, right?" The man, with his name badge claiming his name was Elrich Snidder, says, "Mrs. Bakugo is fine. Her blood pressure dropped to a dangerous level, but she's stable. She requested both of you to be present during the C-section, if you'd like to follow me."

He turns and explains as we walk, "the surgery has already begun to save your baby. She is currently wrapped in her umbilical cord, so surgery is necessary to avoid further risk. Please be advised of what you might see walking into the surgical theater." We enter a room with sinks and a closet. The nurse passes us gowns, caps, and masks. We're instructed to wash our hands and suit up. The sanitary garments felt like plastic on our skin, the sleeves tight around our arms, my hands felt sweaty inside the gloves they gave us. The nurse follows the same procedures, washing hands and dressing up.

Through a second set of doors, we follow Snidder into a bright room where we could see a team of surgeons. "Ei, don't look. Just focus on her face." Katsuki talks through his surgical mask, his voice steady but the look in his eye surprised me. He almost looked scared. Did he get a glimpse of something? I can't tear my eyes away, despite what he said, my gaze falling on the slice in Alix's abdomen. My heart lurches. How could anyone ever recover from that? I keep my feet moving forward, forcing my eyes to look at our girl's face. She stared up at the ceiling blankly. Whatever drugs she was put under must have been powerful. There was a blue sheet above her head to keep her from seeing the horrors below.

"Katsuki, Ei," she mutters. Katsuki grabs her hand, saying, "I'm here. We both are." Alix doesn't look at us, a frown on her face, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I put my hand on top of theirs, holding them both tight. Katsuki reassures her, "you don't have a damn thing to be sorry about." I chime in, "yeah, you don't have to worry! We had faith in you that you'll be alright!" I want to say more, but the scream of a baby shatters the moment.

"Mr. Bakugo," one of the doctors says, "would you still like to cut the cord?" Katsuki gives Alix's hand a last squeeze, and I let him go, staying by Alix's side. She smiles, but my eyes are turned away from her, watching Nagisa being placed onto a bed of towels as the doctors wipe her off.


I stand in front of my child, honestly dumbstruck. There she was, my baby girl, crying louder than anything I've ever heard. A yellowish tube hangs from where her belly button should be. That's really what an umbilical cord looks like? The doctor hands me a pair of surgical scissors and points to where to cut. Nagisa was so pink and chunky, her chubby legs kicking in the air. I talk to her as I slide the scissors in position, "hell yeah, that's my girl, putting up a fight already." I snip away the cord.  

Someone carries Nagisa over to Alix, who looks more alert now. They place my daughter on her chest, the crying calming down to a small coo.

I don't know how hard this is going to be. Even though I went to every class, every appointment, I still don't know shit about being a Dad. But seeing my family like that, my daughter in the arms of my wife, holding the hand of Eijiro, I know this is what I want. No matter what anyone thinks. The grin on Alix's face was no lie. This family is my whole god damn world, and I'll die protecting it if I have to. Maybe it's a little unconventional, but I don't care. Damn Bossy has a knack for opening my mind to new things. This is no exception.

Chapter Text

Hours after surgery, I finally come out of the haze caused by the initial dose of pain medication. Katsuki and Eijiro had gone to get the suitcase a kind security guard had grabbed from the parking lot after seeing us leave it behind as we had rushed into the hospital. 

A young man sits in a chair next to my bed, watching closely as I hold Nagisa, my arm under her head and wrapped around her. She's latched to my breast, feeding herself for the first time. The boy in the chair was a medical student. He wore black scrubs. His dark curly hair stuck out of his head like hundreds of tiny slinky toys. He scribbles in a chart, recording my and the baby's vitals.

"Kodae," I turn to him, "what made you want to work maternity, if you don't mind me asking?" He shrugs, "I like kids. Getting to help them when they're at their most vulnerable means a lot to me. Why do you ask?" I give him a shrug back, "I was just curious. No reason, really."

Nagisa turns her head away, apparently done with her meal. "Remember how to burp her?" I nod, moving her up to my shoulder and patting her back gently. A small pop comes out of her tiny mouth. I thought this would be a happy moment, feeding my baby for the first time, bonding with her. But honestly, my mind and heart just feels blank. This was my responsibility now, and that was all. I wish I could just feel something, but I can't. I try to talk to the student to keep myself distracted, trying not to sink too low. But what could I say to him?

"You know," he speaks first, "most mothers are nothing but smiles when feeding their baby for the first time. Are you in pain? I'm not a midwife or anything, but I can help you if you need anything." His words weren't the best of choices, but I could tell his bright blue eyes were sincere. He wanted to help me, I just needed to reach out to him and say something. But I can't. Does it make me a bad mother to be apathetic toward my child? Of course, it does. During the entire pregnancy, I was worried about whether I had what it takes to be a Mom. But I was excited, too. I'm building a family. I'll be able to treat Nagisa better than my family treated me. I can provide a good life for another person.

But, in the end, parents will always mess their kid up in different ways. It's inevitable, really. I've seen kids spoiled rotten, neglected, abused, ignored. No matter what you do, or what you don't do, there's always a chance your child will grow up miserably. No one ever asks to be born. Why am I forcing someone to exist? What gives me the right? Existence sucks and there's nothing we can do to change that. 

"Here," he passes me a flyer he had stashed in his pocket. It had a list of names and numbers of offices specializing in mental health and postpartum depression. "In case you ever need it." He says. "Do you need anything else before I go?" He stands up from the chair.

I shake my head, "no, I think I'm okay." He says good-bye and turns away. "Wait," I catch him before he leaves, "what if I don't have what it takes?" He turns his head and gives me a smile, "the fact that you worry is a sign you'll be a great Mom. It would be different if you didn't care." Without another word, he slips out of my room.

As he left, I was alone with Nagisa, who was cooing and kicking her legs. What was taking the boys so long to get the bag?

I force myself to look down at my child's chunky face. Her dark blue eyes look up at me. Come on, you idiot! This is the human you and Katsuki created. You grew her inside you for nine months. Get a fucking grip. But still, I feel empty coldness as if my heart turned to stone.

"Nagisa," I speak in a low tone to her, sucking at her own fingers. "You're my daughter. I love you." I hoped saying it out loud would spark some joy or feeling, but it doesn't. My voice is as empty as my chest.

It's just postpartum depression. It will end soon and maybe I'll feel something. I try to reason with myself.

Chapter Text

Katsuki walks in, holding the red suitcase in his hand, rolling it in the room. Eijiro is soon to follow behind, panting and holding a vase full of flowers. He sets the vase down on a stand near my bed, bending down to kiss my forehead and smiling, "how you feeling, babe?" Katsuki pulls out my fuzzy blanket and a pillow, handing it to me.

"I'm okay. It's sore but I'm fine." My arms are starting to burn from holding Nagisa, the incision in my abdomen throbbing. "Katsuki, can you take her?" I look to him. He gently slides her in his arms as I say, "keep her head up, okay?" He spits, "yeah, do you think I'm a damn moron? I know!"

His outburst triggers Nagisa's cry, she screams at the top of her lungs. A frustrated look twists Katsuki's face. "Would you stop that?" He tells the baby. But of course, she doesn't stop. "Here," Eijiro reaches out to Katsuki's arms, "let me try." Katsuki looks at him with eyes that could kill, "you'll just drop her, idiot."

I sigh, "boys! Come on, I'm sure Eijiro will be fine. Besides, you yelling about it will only make her cry more." Katsuki huffs, transferring the screaming newborn to Eijiro's arms. The crying dulls to a softer volume. Eijiro speaks softly to Nagisa, "hey, hey, it'll be okay. I know your Daddy's pretty scary but once you get to know him, you two will be thick as thieves!" Her crying slows, then she's silent, looking up at Eijiro's face with a smile.

Eijiro has the biggest shark-toothed grin on his face as he says, "that's right, little Nagisa! You're gonna be a Daddy's girl, and Uncle Kiri is gonna be right here, too!" He takes a seat on the chair next to my bed. Instinctively, I reach out to her chunky little hand, her fingers grasping my thumb. Katsuki pulls a chair beside Eijiro. 

The boys look so perfect together, Eijiro cooing over Nagisa, Katsuki sitting back with a smirk. I could see the love in his eyes for his little girl. This family needed me to be strong. This dark cloud hovering over me needed to not only go away, but I need to kick its ass. Fuck this depression bullshit, fuck the self-doubt, fuck all of the negative emotions.

I've never been a motivated person. I've never felt drive or passion or anything I admire my husband for having. He's going to give parenting his all, and so am I. Eijiro is going to be by my side, by all of our sides, too. I plaster a fake smile on my face. One that hides the fear, the sadness, the doubt. A smile that shoves it down into the deepest parts of me. This was my child, my family, my god damn life.

There's a knock on the door and my surgeon comes in. He's tall, bald, and probably in his late forties. He explains to us that because I got a C-Section, I would have to stay in the hospital for at least four days to make sure I'm well enough. He tells us Nagisa is in perfect health, but that I will be monitored closely due to my condition coming into the hospital. 

During my stay, Eijiro and Katsuki never left my side, taking turns helping me care for Nagisa, sleeping in shifts so that I would never have to be alone. As time passed, I began to bond more with our daughter. My emotions may be shaky, but one thing is for certain; I will never abandon my family, just like they will never abandon me or Nagisa.

Eijiro sleeps on the couch, drool down the corner of his mouth, as Katsuki sits up, awake, as Nagisa sleeps in his arms.

"Oi, Bossy," his voice is in a low whisper, "we're really parents now, huh?" I nod with a genuine smile, "yeah, we are." He leans over and kisses my lips. As we break apart, he says, "I'm gonna be the best damn Dad to this little girl of ours. And you're already the best fucking Mom she could hope for." I lean up to kiss him again, "I love you, Katsuki." He leans his forehead against mine, "I love you too, you damn brat."

That was the beginning of the rest of my life with Katsuki, Eijiro, and Nagisa.