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Whirlwind Romance

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Tony Dinozzo could not believe his luck. As dangerous as his job is, it had taken a car crash to bring him down. As minor as the accident was, his hand was completely mangled. The ER Doctor took one look at his left hand, and immediately called in a specialist.

"That hand is in bad shape. You're lucky one of the foermost Orthopaedic surgeons works through this hospital. Dr. Potter-Black specializes in hand injuries. If anyone can get you all fixed up, it's her. We'll get you an I.V. in, and some pain meds going. Dr. Potter-Black will be here shortly, just hold tight." He said, then left Tony alone.

Tony looked over to the side table, and grabbed his phone with his good hand. He called the one person he could always count on.

"Gibbs? There's been an accident."

Leroy Jethro Gibbs was not expecting that call. Usually, calls on his day off were him getting called in on a case. He definitely wasn't expecting Dinozzo. The tone of his voice was enough to make him take notice. The fact that he may lose some of the function in his hand was chilling.

Luckily, Gibbs was close to the Hospital, and he got there in ten minutes. One look at Tony's hand had him wincing. He was about to say something (and probably put his foot in his mouth) when there was a knock on the door, and in walked the Doctor. At least he thought it was the Doctor, although it could have been an Angel.

She was petite, maybe 5ft 3in without the three inch heels she was wearing. Apparently they had called her in from an event of some kind. She had long, platinum blonde hair that hung in loose curls. Pale skin, high cheekbones, and full lips. All of this, however, was eclipsed by her almond shaped, emerald green eyes. Looking into those eyes was like a punch to the gut to Gibbs. She was wearing a long, form fitting, navy blue sleeveless dress.

"Hello, Mr. Dinozzo. I'm Doctor Potter-Black. Doctor Miller gave me a brief description of your injury. Why don't you tell me what happened while I examine your hand?" Dr. Potter-Black said, her British accent cutting across the room.

As she was talking, she turned aroud to wash her hands, and Gibbs almost swallowed his tongue. The dress that was modest from the front was completely backless. The dark blue material was hugging her ass lovingly, and Gibbs had never wanted to be a piece of fabric more.

He was officially in trouble.


If Gibbs was having trouble schooling his reaction to the beautiful Doctor, Tony wasn't even trying. His jaw was hanging open, eyes wide. It was only a matter of time before he said something stupid, inappropriate, or both. Case in point-

"Oh my God! You are so hot! Are you sure you are the surgeon? Can we play doctor either way?" Tony's nonsense finally broke Gibbs out of his stupor.

"Dinozzo! Show some respect!" Gibbs barked as he slapped Tony on the back of the head.

Doctor Potter-Black just raised an eyebrow at them, and stated; "I am going to pretend that is the narcotic talking. I assure you, I am completely qualified. Now, I can tell by the x-rays that you will need extensive surgery, and some metal pins to provide stability. You will require physical therapy, and depending on your occupation, approximately eight weeks off work..."

"What? I can't do that! I am an NCIS Agent, I can't just take two months off work!" Tony sputtered.

The Doctor put her hand up to cut him off. "Mr Dinozzo, I can't say for sure how long you will be off. I can say with certainty that you will be on desk duty at least. This is a very serious injury. You'll have to discuss that with your superiors. For now, we need to get you to the OR." She looked at Gibbs and asked "Are you a relative?"

"I'm his medical Power of Attorney, and a friend and colleague." He said, reaching his hand out to introduce himself. "Leroy Jethro Gibbs, it is a pleasure to meet you."

As she took his hand, the air seemed to become charged with tension. "Hyacinth Potter-Black. The pleasure is mine." She said. "Let's get you to the OR, Mr Dinozzo. Don't worry, everything will be just fine." She said, and with that she left the room, and the Nuses came in to get Tony. Leaving Gibbs to wonder what the Hell just happened.


"What the Hell just happened?" Hyacinth muttered to herself as she changed into scrubbs.

One minute she was enjoying her birthday out to dinner with most of what was left of her family, then she got the call about a severe hand injury. This was not unusual. She had established herself as the go-to for complex orthopaedic surgery. She specialized in hand injuries, and received patients from the Tri-State Area.

Her life consisted soley of work, and her children. She knew it wasn't healthy, and that it worried the people close to her, but since the death of her husband she had poured everything she had into her twin boys. It was bad enough that they had never met their Father. They would never doubt their Mother's love for them, not while there was breath in her body.

Hyacinth had not felt even the smallest spark of attraction since Bill died. She was six months pregnant at the time. That was one of the darkest days of her life, and that was saying something.

Hadrian William Sirius Potter-Black and Harrison James Rigel Potter-Black were born two months later. They had been the only men in her life since then. It was disconcerting to be so instantly attracted to someone, after five years of nothing. Oh, people asked her out, a lot. But she had always turned them down. She had never even been tempted. But boy, was she tempted now!

There was something so sexy about Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The strong jaw, baby blue eyes, and intense expression. Dark blue jeans clinging to muscular thighs- "Woah, Hya. Down girl!" She thought to herself. She was disconcerted, but she had a surgery to get to. She could have a nervous breakdown later.


Six hours. Gibbs had been in the surgery waiting room for over six hours, drinking cup after cup of what he thought was supposed to be coffee. It was now after 1a.m. The Doctor had sent updates twice to let him know that Tony was stable. Gibbs was still worried, though. Six hours was surely a long time, right?

Gibbs was running his hands through his hair when Hyacinth walked in. Her name being hyphenated probably meant she was married, right? 'Focus Gibbs' He thought. Even in scrubbs, she was gorgeous. She looked tired, though.

"Hello, Mr Gibbs. Mr Dinozzo is doing well. His damage was extensive, and his hand is basically being held together by metal pins right now, but the nerve damage was minimal and I beieve he will make a full recovery if he follows my instructions, and the physical therapy. Do you have any questions?" She asked.

"What are the chances he has permanent damage?" Gibbs asked.

"About ten percent. That goes up to 30-35% if he doesn't do his therapy. I will stress this to him, but he may listen better to you. I have office hours tommorrow, so I'll be by to look him over just before lunch. He is in recovery now. Once he wakes up he'll spend an hour or so there, then he will be taken to his room."

Hyacinth looked down at the paper in her hands. "He is in room 409." She looked up again, and a tendril of hair escaped her messy bun. He wanted to curl it around his finger, and see if it was as soft as it looked. She leaned forward, and put her hand over his. She smelled like lavender and jasmine, and he subconsciously leaned forward and breathed in her calming scent.

"Go home and rest, Mr Gibbs. There is nothing you can do from here, and your friend will be fine." Hyacinth said.

"Call me Jethro." Gibbs said, his intense gaze caught and held hers.

"Go home, Jethro. You can come back tommorrow." She let go of his hand, and turned to leave the room. Gibbs didn't know if he would get another chance, so he said "Is there a Mr Potter-Black?" right before she left the room.

She turned slowly, and looked at him searchingly for a moment. "Not anymore. He died five years ago. Why do you ask?"

Gibbs was shocked. She was a Widow too? "I am sorry for your loss. I lost my first wife, as well. It's just... I am very attracted to you. Would you like to go out to dinner sometime?" He aaked in a rush. He had never felt so much like a teenager aaking a girl out for the first time, not even with Shannon!

Hyacinth was surprised, and a bit unsure. She knew it was time to move on, but it was hard! "Um, I actually haven't dated since he died. I'm probably terribly out of practice." She said, then bit her lip. "Maybe we could start with lunch, or coffee?" She asked, uncertainly.

Gibbs let out a breath he had been holding, and gave her a half smile. "Lunch sounds great. Can I have your number?" He asked. Gibbs couldn't believe how ridiculous he was being! However, he could hardly believe she said yes. She was beautiful, intelligent, and successful. She was also sexy as Hell.

"I'll probably be here around lunch to visit Tony. Would you like to get something quick tommorrow?" He asked, slyly.

"I would only have an hour, is that alright?" She asked, then bit her lip again. That right there was distracting, Gibbs thought.

"That sounds fine. I guess I'll see you then?"

"See you then." She said, giving him a shy smile.

'Yep, I was right.' Gibbs thought. 'I'm in trouble.'

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When Hyacinth left the waiting room, she got her things and headed to her car. As soon as she was inside her red, Mercedes SUV, she put her head against the steering wheel, and said;

"I have a date. I can't believe he asked me out. I can't believe I said yes! Oh my God!"

Okay, so she was slightly freaking out, but who could blame her? She had a date with a sexy man, and she hadn't been on a date since before Bill died. She felt she was entitled to the freak out.

As soon as she got through the gates of her home, she pulled up Charlie's number from her phone. Charlie Weasley was Bill's younger brother. They were extremely close, and he was one of the three Weasleys she could stand. Molly Weasley was not happy when her 'precious Bill' started dating a girl who was ten years younger than him, and had gone to school with her youngest children.

Well, that was until she found out about Hyacinth's money, and Titles. After that, all of a sudden she was their biggest fan.

The biggest problems started when Bill proposed. Hyacinth was twenty-one, and Bill was thirty-one. What Molly failed to realize, yet Bill knew all too well, was that as Lady Potter, Barroness of Godric's Hollow, and Lady Black, Countess of Blackmoor, Hyacinth and any children she had had to keep the Potter-Black name.

When Bill asked her to marry him, he knew his children would never be Weasleys. Hyacinth was the last Potter, and the last Black bearing the name. The Weasleys had five, live sons, and one daughter. Their name was secured, and they had no Title.

Due to these factors, Bill decided to take the Potter-Black name as well.

What should have been a personal decision between the two of them, turned into all-out war when Molly and Arthur found out. Bill was their eldest, their 'Heir' they said. (Heir of what, they never specified) And if Hyacinth was 'too good to be a Weasley', Bill should find someone 'not so full of herself'.

Bill was having none of it. When discussions changed nothing, and turned into shouting matches, Bill said enough was enough.
He told them he had made his decision, and they could like it, or lump it. They would invite them to the wedding. Whether they came, or not was up to them.

Lines were drawn, and the family was split in their reactions. Charlie, George, and Ginny supported Bill and Hyacinth. Percy, Ron, and Arthur supported Molly.

In the end, they all came to the wedding, only agreeing because Prince Charles would be in attendance. Bill had been semi-estranged from his family since before he met Hyacinth, so their attitude was not a surprise to him, but she still felt guilty. Had she caused the estrangement to deepen? Bill assured her it was all due to Molly's controling nature.

All these thoughts were swimming through Hyacinth's mind while waiting for Charlie to pickup. George was actually visiting her for her birthday, but it was two a.m., so he was no doubt asleep. With the time difference between Arlington, and Romania, Charlie should still be awake.

"Hyacinth! Happy Birthday, girl! Isn't it quite late over there?" Charlie exclaimed, as he answered the phone.

"Charlie..." Hya said, her voice cracking.

"What's wrong, honey?" Charlie asked, concerned.

"I met someone." Hyacinth said after a long pause. "He asked me out, and I said yes. I'm freaking out here! Maybe I shouldn't go." She rambled, nervously.

"Wait, Hy. Hold up, okay?" Charlie was surprised, yet relieved at the same time. It had been over five years since his brother died, and Hyacinth was too young to be alone. She was a wonderful woman, and she deserved to be happy. He had been trying to get her back onto the dating scene for two years!
"This is a good thing, Hy. It's been five years, sweetheart. Bill would want you to be happy." Charlie said.

A lone tear ran down Hyacinth's cheek. "I know, Char. It's just so hard! I'm nervous. I've only ever had two relationships, Charlie! And one of those was just a few months of dating Cedric! I've only ever kissed three people, Charlie! What if he expects sex? I've only ever slept with Bill." She said quickly.

"Calm down, sweetie. You don't need to be so worried, okay? He can expect whatever he wants, but you can take things as slowly, or quickly as you like. Did you tell him you are a widow?" Charlie asked.

"Yes. He actually also lost his first wife."

"First wife? I wonder how many he's had? Anyway, that doesn't matter right now. I'm sure he's expecting things to go slowly. Now, I need details! What is his name? Where did you meet? What does he look like? Is he hot? Come on, lady. Don't hold out on me! He must be something special to get you to say yes."

Hyacinth laughed at his excitement. "Well, his name is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He's probably ten to fifteen years older than me-"

"You and older men!" Charlie interjected.

"Oh, hush!" Hyacinth said, blushing. "He has sandy colored hair that's streaked with gray, and intense blue eyes. He has this powerful aura around him. Very Alpha Male, you know? It's very sexy." She continued, shyly. "His friend had a hand injury, and I was called in to operate. He's a Federal Agent, and he asked me to lunch tomorrow. Well, actually, today since it's so late here. I should probably try to get some sleep, I have to be up in three and a half hours." She said, yawning.

"Okay, honey. He sounds hot, so you get some beauty rest." Charlie teased.

"Oh, you!" Hyacinth said, smiling. "What would I do without you?" She asked.

"You'll never have to find out. Kiss the boys for me, and tell me all about your date with Agent McSexy later! Talk to you soon, Hy." Charlie joked, before hanging up.

"Charlie Weasley!"


The next morning, Hyacinth was up at 5:30. After a short run, and her morning routine, Hyacinth was sitting at the breakfast table eating a yogurt parfait with blackberries. She was wearing a gray, pencil skirt, and an emerald green, silk blouse. Her hair was down in loose curls, with the top pulled back in a braid.

Harrison and Hadrian were eating toast soldiers, and softboiled eggs. George was making his march across the table, and attack the salt shaker. The boy's giggles brought a smile to her face. George stopped his 'as salt' on the seasoning, and Hyacinth couldn't help but blurt out-

"I'm having lunch with a man, today."

George's head snapped up so fast, she flinched.
"Really? Is it a-" he lowered his voice "D.A.T.E.?"

She looked at George's face, hoping he would not be upset. He looked shocked, and hopeful. "Yes. I am kind of a nervous wreck. Are you okay with this?" She asked, somewhat nervously.

"Oh, Hya. Of course I'm okay with this! You deserve to be happy." He said, looking at her earnestly. "Bill would want you happy." He said, quietly. "Don't ever think that he woild be upset with you for moving on. I think he would be excited for you. Sooo, how did this happen? I thought you were called in on an emergency last night, at the Hospital?" George asked.

"I was. He is a friend of my patient. George, I haven't been attracted to anyone since Bill, and this was instant attraction. I don't know what to do, George." Hyacinth said quietly, still mindful of the boys sitting at the table.

"Miss Hyacinth, it is 7:00." Her housekeeper Gilbert 'Dobby' Dobbs told her.

"Thank you Dobby. I have to get to work. I'll see you boys later. I love you." She said, kissing the boys on the head. "You be good for Dobby and Winky, and when I get home we can go for a swim."

"Yay! The twins yelled excitedly. "Love you, Mummy!" The boys said, as they gave her wet kisses on her cheek.

As Hyacinth made her way to the office, she thought she was the luckiest woman in the world. No matter what else happened in the past, she still had her boys.

With them, she could handle anything else life threw at her.

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Across town, Gibbs was just getting to the office. They currently did not have a case, and were catching up on reports. Gibbs was waiting for his entire team to get there, to tell them about Dinozzo. He had already told the higher ups what happened, having called them last night while Tony had surgery.

He was trying to get as much work done as he could, to be able to visit Dinozzo, and have lunch with the beautiful Doctor.

He was having trouble concentrating, instead thinking about his lunch date. Where should he take her? He really didn't want to take her to the Cafeteria. Maybe the Cafe around the corner from the Hospital? He was acting like a fool, and he needed to get a grip!

An hour later, the whole team was there.

"Listen up!" Gibbs yelled over their chatter. The team gathered around where Gibbs was leaning against his desk.

"Where is Tony?" Ziva asked.

"That's what I'm about to tell you. Last night, Dinozzo was in a minor car accident." Gibbs continued over their exclaimations of shock. "His only injury was to his hand. Unfortunately, his hand was a mangled mess, and they had to call in a Specialist. Tony had a long, complicated surgery last night. The Doc said she thinks he will get 100% function back, as long as he follows directions. As it is, he will be out several weeks. When he gets back, he'll be riding a desk for awhile."

Gibbs took a drink of his coffee, then continued. "For now, we will just stay down a man. Once we get a better idea how long he will be out, we will reevaluate."

After about three hours of questions and paperwork, Gibbs left to go to the Hospital. He was wearing a black suit, with a Kelly green tie. He tried to tell himself that it had nothing to do with a certain Doctor's eyes, of course it didn't!

Hyacinth had finally settled down somewhat. Her appointments, and then her rounds, had kept her busy. She had a group of Residents following her today, and one of them was getting on her last nerve!

"Doctor Warner! If you cannot act professional, and appropriate, you can take yourself elsewhere! If I hear another sexual innuendo out of your mouth, I am filing a sexual harassment claim with Administration. Keep your mouth shut, and your eyes and ears open! This is your last warning."

These exclaimations were followed by a stony silence.

"Now, if we are done with your locker room wit, we are at the final patient of the day. Mr Dinozzo presented last night, with injuries sustained in a MVA..." Hyacinth continued.

Inside the room, Tony and Gibbs looked at each other. "Damn. Is it wrong that I thought that was hot?" Tony asked.

Gibbs was torn between scolding Tony, and agreeing with him. It was hot, but he also wondered what the litte cretin had said to garner that reaction?

In walked Hyacinth, cheeks pink and eyes flashing. The color of her shirt bringing out the color of her eyes, and accentuating her fair hair and skin.

"Good Afternoon, Agent Dinozzo. I hope you don't mind if I have some Residents with me today?" Hyacinth asked.

"No, that's fine Doctor Hotter- I mean, Doctor Potter-Black! I'm sorry. It was a slip of the tongue, I swear!" Tony said quickly.

"Dinozzo!" Gibbs barked, slapping Tony upside the head. The look he gave Tony could have curdled milk. Tony shrank back in the bed.

"I can't feel much, except some throbbing in my palm. My fingers are super numb, is that normal?" Tony asked.

While the Doctor started to examine Tony, Gibbs started examining the group around her. It was easy to spot the cretin in question. He was hiding in the back of the group, face red, and looking chastised and trying to be inconspicuous. He looked about twenty-two. Gibbs just gave him an unimpressed stare down. He looked away, flustered. Gibbs turned back to the conversation when he heard her say;

" long as you follow the proscribed treatment. I expect you to do everything you are told. I'll see you tomorrow morning, to check in." She turned to Gibbs. "Hello, Jethro. I'll be ready to leave in about ten minutes, if that's alright?" Hyacinth asked.

"Sounds good. I'll meet you at the Nurses Station?" He asked.

"Sure thing." She said, and left the room.

"Jethro?" Tony asked, incredulously.

Gibbs couldn't stop his smirk if he tried. "I am taking your Doctor on a lunch date. By the way, stop flirting with her. She's not the kind of woman you mess around with." Gibbs said.

"You got a date with Dr Hotter? You didn't waste any time! You go, Gibbs!" Tony said, impressed.

Gibbs sighed, exasperated. "Don't call her that. I'll see you again soon, Tony."

"Have fun, you lucky bastard!" Tony said, as Gibbs was leaving the room.

"Lucky bastard, indeed." Gibbs muttered under his breath, as he noticed Hyacinth bent over picking up her satchel from behind the Nurses Station.

"Hey, are you ready to go, Hyacinth?" He asked. "You look beautiful today, by the way."

She blushed lightly. "Thank you. Yes, I am ready. See you later, Tammy." She said to the Nurse that was watching their interaction, avidly.

"Sure thing, honey."


"So, I thought we could go to the place around the corner, If that's alright?" Gibbs said. He noticed that they were getting several interested looks from some of the Doctors and Nurses, as they walked out of the Hospital.

"That sounds good. I'm starving, actually. I wasn't able to eat much this morning. I've been a bit nervous, if I'm honest." Hyacinth said, then bit her lip.

Gibbs eyes zeroed in on her lips for a second, before he replied. "I've been acting like a teenager, going on his first date, since last night." He said, wryly.

She turned to him, and smiled cheekily. "That makes me feel loads better." She said with a grin, and he had to stop himself from kissing the grin off her face.

"Glad to be of service." Gibbs said, teasingly.

After they were settled at the restaurant, and ordered their drinks (Water for her, water and coffee for him) they took a moment to look at the menu.

After deciding what he wanted to eat, Gibbs put down his menu.
"So, what did that resident say, that set you off like that?" He asked.

Hyacinth flushed, either in anger, or embarrassment - he didn't know.

"It was more than one thing, really. The final straw was him telling the kid next to him that he wanted to see my lips wrapped around his cock, and that he'd have me on my knees by the end of the week." Hyacinth said, expression deadpan.

For his part, Gibbs had choked on his drink when he heard her say the word 'cock'.

"Good God." He said. "Would you like me to punch the little slimeball? Cuz I would, with great pleasure."

Hyacinth laughed. "Oh, no you don't! If anyone gets to hit that jackarse, it's gonna be me!" They laughed together until the server came.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Lady's first." Gibbs said.

"Okay. I would like the grilled chicken ceaser salad, with extra dressing, and extra cheese on the side, please." Hyacinth said.

"Extra cheese, and extra dressing?" He asked, surprised. "Aren't Doctors supposed to get the exact opposite?" Gibbs said teasingly.

"Hey! There's lettuce in there! The chicken is also grilled." She joked right back.

"I'll have the All American Cheeseburger, medium well, and seasoned fries." He said.

Hyacinth gasped dramatically, and playfully exclaimed "For shame, Mr Gibbs! Can we open a window? The hypocrisy is getting a litte thick in here." They were still chuckling when the server left.

"So..." Hyacinth started. "You said last night, that your first Wife had died?" Gibbs nodded. He knew where this was going. "How many times have you been married? If you don't mind me asking."

Gibbs grimaced. He hoped this wouldn't ruin his chances. "Three times. I was so lost after Shannon and Kelly had been killed. I was so lonely. I jumped into those marriages too quickly. I want... I want relationships to work, but they both didn't understand how important my job is to me. They both thought they could change me after we married. Obviously, that didn't work."

Hya was sympathetic. "I understand about work. My career is the second most important thing in my life. My sons are what comes first, however." She said, nervously.

Gibbs' eyebrows raised. "Sons?" He asked.

"Yes. I have five-year old twins, Hadrian and Harrison. I was six months pregnant when Bill died." She said nervously, yet resolutely. "Is that a problem?"

"No! No, not at all. I was just surprised. Shannon and I had a daughter named Kelly. She was killed at the same time as her mother." He said, with pain in his eyes.

Hyacinth placed her hand over his on the table top. " I am so sorry. I can't imagine how you survived. Only the knowledge that my babies needed me, kept me going in the beginning. If I had lost them too, I don't know what I would have done." She said.

Gibbs shifted in his seat. "Twins, huh? That must have been hard." He said, changing the subject.

If Hyacinth noticed, she did not mention it. "Oh, it was! I don't have much blood family, and Bill was estranged from most of his, at the time of his death. But I had a lot of help from my friends, and hired help. They are really more like family to me." She stated.

Gibbs was relieved she hadn't pushed. "So Bill was your husband's name?" He asked.

"Yes. Well, it was William, but he went by Bill." Hyacinth said.

"So was he a Potter, or a Black?" He asked.

"Oh, neither. He was a Weasley." She said. Gibbs eyebrow was raising, again.

"He took my name's when we married. Due to inheritance issues, I had to keep my names. Any children we had, would have carried them on. I was the last of my family, and he knew when he proposed that I would never take his name. I expected him to keep his surname, even though he had six siblings. Instead, he said he wanted the same last name as his children, so he became a Potter-Black too. Some of his family were not happy about that, let me tell you!" She explained.

"Wow." Gibbs replied. "Not many men would take their Wife's name. He sounds like a good man."

"He was. And I know that he wanted me happy. That's why I don't feel guilty being here with you." She said, smiling at him.

After eating, and talking about much lighter subjects, Hyacinth looked at her watch. "Is that the time? I hate to cut this short, but I have to get back to the office." She said, sounding disappointed.

"I have to get back as well." Gibbs said, throwing money down for the check. "Let me walk you to your car?" He asked.

"Please. Thank you for lunch. I really enjoyed it." Hya said, shyly.

Gibbs slowly reached his hand out, silently asking to hold her hand. She reached over, and placed her smaller, softer hand into his own. Her hand was warm, and fit perfectly into his. He lightly ran his thumb along the back of her wrist, causing her to shiver. Gibbs smirked.

"So what are the chances of me getting you out to dinner?" He asked, playfully.

"Dinner sounds nice." She said.

"How about Saturday, if I don't have a case? I know this great little Italian place. Best pasta in town." Gibbs said.

"That sounds good. George should still be in town- that's Bill's brother- and he can watch the boys." She said.

Gibbs' thumb was still moving slowly across her skin, and it was driving her mad! She stopped next to her SUV. "Call me with the details for Saturday, okay?" Hyacinth said, as she leaned against the side of her car.

Gibbs couldn't stop himself, really. She was so bright and beautiful. So sexy, and the tension was mounting. He leaned in slowly, giving her a chance to move away.

She didn't. Hyacinth's belly clenched, as he leaned in. All the hair on her arms raised in anticipation. He put his hand on her cheek, and she could feel his breath against her lips. She closed her eyes as he closed in. Gibbs brushed his nose against hers, and then brushed their lips together. The contact barely there. Then he tilted his head, and kissed her again. This time, with more force. Deeper, yet still relatively chaste.

All of his nerve endings were lit up. It took all of his self control, not to coax her mouth open with his tongue.

Hyacinth felt a swooping sensation in her stomach, attraction flowing through her like honey. Gibbs backed away slowly, and opened his eyes. Hyacinth's pupils were dilated, her breath quick.

"You are gonna be Hell on my self control, Hya." He gritted out, voice deep. He was half hard from a kiss! With no tongue! He was done for- no question.

She sighed, and leaned back. "You are starting to make me think I have very little, myself." She said. "Call me, Jethro."

Gibbs stepped back, as she opened her door. "I'll talk to you, soon." He said. Gibbs was caught off guard when she reached back out, and put her hand around the back of his neck, kissing him hard and fast. Her teeth lightly tugging on his bottom lip, as she pulled away.

Then she turned around, got in her car, smiled at him, and drove away. Leaving Leroy Jethro Gibbs speechless, more than half hard, and staring into space.

Chapter Text

She was laid out, naked, on black, silk sheets. Her hair strewn about her, like a Halo. Her pale skin was glowing, in the golden light of the room, her eyes blown, only a small ring of green to be seen. Her pale pink nipples were hard, and her legs spread. She was panting in need.

"Please, Jethro!" She begged. "Please touch me!"

How could he resist?

Gibbs leaned down, bracketing her head with his arms, and giving her a searing kiss. His tongue curling into her mouth, and thrusting against her own. He moved his right hand, using his left arm to hold up his weight. He trailed his hand down to her breast, cupping it, and tweaking her nipple.

"Ohhh!" Hyacinth moaned.

His lips moved down her neck, while his hand trailed down to her center. He brushed his finger along her pink lips, groaning at finding the wetness there.

"You are so wet, so ready for me." Gibbs said, voice rough.

His lips continued their journey down to her breasts. Taking her straining nipple into his mouth, and sucking, drawing more delicious moans from her.

"Please." Hyacinth said, not really sure what she was asking for, just needing something.

Gibbs answered her plea, by pushing one of his thick fingers inside her. They both groaned at how amazing it felt. She was so tight, and hot, Gibbs couldn't wait to get inside her.

Gibbs startled, as he felt her hand wrap around his cock. He closed his eyes. It felt so good, and for a minute, he was overwhelmed.

"Please, Jethro. I need you inside me!" Hyacinth whimpered.

He looked at her. Her skin was flushed, her eyes bright. Her thighs trembled, everytime he brushed her clit with his thumb. His cock throbbed. He couldn't wait any longer! He placed his cock at her entrance-


Gibbs woke up disoriented, and hard as a rock. To say he was frustrated, was putting it mildly. That dream was so vivid, so hot!

He got himself into the shower, and lathered himself up. He was still hard enough to drive nails. He gripped his erection, and swiped his thumb across the head. He pumped himself up and down, quickly.

The thought of Hyacinth, spread out before him, her pretty, pink nipples straining, pussy clinched tight around him, and he was coming in no time flat!

As he came down from his orgasm, he leaned against the wall of the shower, catching his breath.

"Get a grip, old man." Gibbs muttered.

Their date was tonight, and there would be no sex involved. Not yet. Not that he didn't want it. He did, badly. But he wanted to do this right. They would take things at her pace. No matter how slow, or how fast that may be.

Gibbs was picking her up at her house, and he was nervous. He would probably meet her brother in law. He might even meet her kids. Was it too early for that?

He had no problem with her having children. To be honest, he had always wanted more children. A son to play ball with, and teach how to be a good man. A little girl he could treasure, and threaten any boy that got within 10 feet of her. He usually pushed these thoughts to the side, thinking they were disrespectful of his late daughter.

But he knew it was time to move on. To stop trying to shove his partners into a Shannon shaped hole. They would never take the place of his late wife. It wasn't fair on Gibbs, or the women to make them try.

Hyacinth was Hyacinth, and that was exactly how he wanted her. Gibbs felt in his bones, that this relationship was different. Now, he just needed to not screw it up.

They had been texting back and forth for the last few days. He hated it, but they were both so busy, it was the only way to talk and learn about each other. Like the fact that Hyacinth had two horses (Firebolt and Nimbus) and was looking into ponies for the twins. Apparently, being an aristocrat required riding horses.

And wasn't that a shock? They were talking on the phone last night, after the twins were in bed. Gibbs had been confused when she had said her husband took her name for inheritance issues. So he asked her about it.

"You said your husband took your name for an inheritance? Why is it tied to a name? Can't you get the money no matter what your name is?" He asked.

"Oh. Um. Okay." Hyacinth started, uncomfortably. "I have two Titles in England. One from my Father's family, and the other from my Godfather. My Grandmother on the Potter side was also a Black. Because of my Black blood, my Godfather was able to make me his Heir. He had found out he was infertile, so he made me his Heir at birth. That's how I am a Potter-Black." Hyacinth paused, taking a sip of water.

"If my parents had had a son, then he would have inherited at least the Potter Title. However, my parents were killed in a terrorist attack when I was 15 months old. I was sent to live with Sirius, my Godfather. He adopted me within that same year. Technically, I am the Barroness of Godric's Hollow, and the Countess of Blackmoor. It was always stressed to me, that I needed to have an Heir for each House. I lucked out having twins on the first go." She said, wryly.

"Due to birth order, and the type of Title, Hadrian will be Lord Black. Harrison will be Lord Potter. The firstborn takes the higher Title." Hyacinth said, taking a deep breath.

It all sounded convoluted to him, but all it really came down to was the fact that she was loaded, and apparently a very important person in England.

"So have you met the Queen?" Gibbs asked sarcastically.

"Aunt Lilibet? Several times. She's great. Totally different than what you would expect." She said, seriously.

"Huh." Gibbs said, not sure what else to say.

Hyacinth could sense his unease about the whole situation, so she decided to make light of it.

"Does that make me your sugar Mummy?"

Hyacinth was so laid back, that Gibbs was surprised she was an aristocrat. He decided to just let it go. It wouldn't have any effect on him either way.

Gibbs spent the day finishing up a case, and rushing through the paperwork, so he could go home, and get ready. His team could tell something was up, but they didn't ask. Abby was busy in the Lab, and Ducky wasn't there. Tony was still out, and those were the only people who had a chance at getting answers out of Gibbs.

They had no reason to believe he would tell them anything personal. And it was personal. McGee had heard Gibbs on the phone earlier, ordering a bouquet of tulips, to be picked up later. This was prime information! Was there a new redhead in Gibbs life? They didn't know, but they would find out eventually.

Hyacinth lived on about 65 acres, in a large, plantation style home. Potter Plantation was a red brick, three story house, with white wrap around porches on each level. There was a large barn on the property, along with a restored carriage house. There was an in ground pool in the back, alongside a spacious patio.

The property was gated, and the quarter mile long driveway was lined with stately trees. Gibbs could see two Dobermans, and a Rottweiler roaming around. They must be well trained to be allowed to be around the boys.

Gibbs was nervous as he parked the car. He rubbed his sweaty palms on his pants, and took a deep breath. He was wearing a dark blue suit, with a snowy white shirt- no tie, the top two buttons undone.

Gibbs walked up to the door, but before he could knock, the door opened. A tall, ginger haired man answered. He had bright blue eyes, and his face was covered in freckles.

"Hello, you must be Jethro. Come in! Hyacinth is just getting Harry and Haddy into their pajamas." George said. His smile seemed friendly, but had a few too many teeth. Gibbs was on alert.

He stopped into the main hallway, and his eyes were immediately drawn to the sweeping staircase. There was a portrait to his left, of who he thought was Hyacinth, with a man who had messy, black hair. She was sitting in a chair regally, and the man was standing beside her. They both looked stiff, and slightly haughty.

"Ah. That is Hya's Grandparents, Charlus and Dorea Potter. Everyone was shocked when she was born with that light blond hair. She was the spitting image of Dorea, just with her Mother's eyes. I guess everyone expected her to have black or red hair." George said, leading them into the living room.

"Thank you." Gibbs said, as George told him to have a seat.

"Hyacinth should only be another minute. So, this is where I give you the 'shovel talk', yes?" George asked, grinning. "Hya is like a sister to me, and she has been through a lot. Don't dick her around, and we will be just fine. If you do, just know that my brother works at a wildlife preserve. They would never find your body." He said, still smiling.

It had been awhile since Gibbs had been given the overprotective, male relative talk, but he had to give the guy credit.

"I have no intention of hurting Hyacinth. She is beautiful, inside and out, and I am lucky she is giving me the time of day." Gibbs replied.

"George Weasley! Did you just seriously threaten a Federal Agent?" Hyacinth said exasperated, as she came in the room.

Gibbs stood up, turned around, and promptly lost his breath. 

"Hyacinth" Gibbs breathed out. "You look... amazing." She was wearing a kelly green, body con dress, that was off the shoulder, with three quarter sleeves. The dress ended right before her knees, and her legs looked killer, in her stillettos.

He handed her the flowers. "These are for you." Gibbs said.

She flushed prettily. "Thank you. I love Tulips." She said. "You look very handsome, as well."

George cleared his throat., getting their attention.

"Yes, I am still here." George said, dryly.

Hyacinth's blush intensified. "Oh! Sorry. Would you put these in water, George? Also, the boys are in the playroom, watching a video. Please don't give them any sweets, and put them to bed by 8:30. I'll have my phone on me. Remember, it's 911 in America, not 999. I feel like I'm forgetting something..."

"Hyacinth! Stop rambling. We will be fine. You kids have fun, but not too much fun." George said, looking straight at Gibbs.

"Thanks George." Hyacinth said, checking her bag one last time.

"No problem. You guys be careful." George said, shutting the front door.

Gibbs put his hand on the small of Hya's back, as he led her to his car. "You really do look gorgeous. I don't know how I'll focus on anything else tonight." Gibbs said, as he opened the car door for her.

"Maybe that's all I want you to focus on." Hyacinth said impishly. She leaned up, and kissed his cheek, then slid gracefully into the car. Gibbs just stood there for a second, before closing the door.

As they drove to the restaurant, Gibbs said "You have a beautiful home."

"Oh, thank you. It used to belong to my Grandparents. I had it renovated before we moved in. It was stuck in the Sixties. There was shag carpet in some rooms!" She exclaimed, laughing.

Gibbs watched her laugh with a half smile on his face. As nervous as he had been, as soon as he saw her, it just seemed so easy. He reached over, and took her hand, resting them on the console in the center.

He could already tell, it was gonna be a great night.


Chapter Text

They arrived at the restaurant in no time, at least it seemed that way to Hyacinth. She had to keep herself from drooling when she saw Jethro, he was so sexy to her.

She had thought she would have had a harder time reconciling the fact that she was sexually attracted to someone other than Bill. She had not, though.

Maybe it was because it had been five years? Anyway, the reason didn't really matter. Hyacinth wasn't the type to sleep with someone without feelings involved, but damn, if it wasn't going to be hard! She hadn't had sex in well over five years! Not that she was counting or anything.

She and Bill had had an active sex life, when he wasn't out of the country on a dig. It was difficult to get cut off, and have no partner for five years. She was frustrated, and there was a prime piece of man meat sitting right next to her! He smelled delicious, too. 'Man meat', Hya? Hyacinth thought, shaking her head.

"We are here." Gibbs said, putting the car in park.

"Oh, good. I'm starving! We have spent the whole day, riding and swimming, with only a break for lunch. I feel like I've been running all day." Hyacinth said.

Gibbs opened the door for Hyacinth, and helped her out of his large SUV. He put his arm around her waist, as they walked towards the restaurant.

She was all warmth, and curves - soft, yet firm. Feeling her body so close to his, was trying Gibbs' self control. Her scent was washing over him, and he wanted to bury his face in her hair, and inhale.

"Welcome to Scarpetta! Do you have a reservation?" A perky brunette in all black, asked.

"Reservation for Gibbs, at Seven o'clock." He answered.

"Ok. Right this way, Mr and Mrs Gibbs." The hostess said, then started leading them to their table.

Jethro and Hyacinth looked at each other, but followed without correcting her.

After sitting down, and ordering their food, they started to talk. "I've been wondering something." Gibbs started. "Does it bother you that I am so much older than you?"

Hyacinth furrowed her brow slightly. "Well, I don't think you are that much older- but I wouldn't care, even if you were. Bill was ten years older than me, and we started dating when I was 18. I am 31 now, and my guess is that you are 10-15 years older than me. So, no. That doesn't bother me at all. Does it bother you?" Hyacinth asked, tilting her head.

Gibbs gave a half smile. "No. As long as you are at least thirty, I'm fine. I am sixteen years older, by the way."

"You cradle robber!" Hyacinth teased.

They shared an appetizer of bruschetta, with sundried tomatoes, basil, goat cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil. After they both had at least a piece, they settled back into conversation.

"Your kids seem pretty active. Who watches them while you work?" Gibbs asked.

"Well, since it is Summer, they go to a day camp for four hours, then they have lessons at home with Dobby. Any other time of day, Winky watches them. She cleans the house, and watches the boys. She also runs them around town if I am at work. I always try to cook dinner, unless there is an emergency. That is almost over, though. They start Kindergarten really soon." Hyacinth said, looking sad at that fact.

They settled in, and ate their dinner.

"Mmmm." Hyacinth moaned. "This gnocchi is delicious! Would you like to try some?"

Gibbs crossed his legs. If she sounded like that over food, what would she sound like in bed? He bet she was a screamer. If she wasn't before, he would make sure she became one!

"No thank you. I'm not a fan of the texture. My Veal Picatta is amazing. Would you like a bite?" Gibbs asked as he held up his fork. There was a bite of his meal on it.

"Sure." Hya said, gamely. They both leaned forward, and Gibbs placed the fork inside her mouth. "Mmm, that's good." She said, then licked her lips. Gibbs' eyes followed the movement of her tongue.

The sexual tension continued to rise throughout the evening. Fingers brushed, voices lowered, and hearts raced. Eventually, they made it back to the car. Gibbs backed her gently into the side of his SUV, his hands on her hips.

"Please let me kiss you? I have to kiss you." He said, voice rough with arousal.

"Yes, please."  Hyacinth said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He grabbed her hip with his left hand, and brought the other one to clasp the back of her neck. His thumb stroked her cheek, and she shivered . And then, he was there, his lips against hers. This time, it was no chaste, hesitant searching. Jethro kissed her hungrily. Like he was dying of thirst, and she was the last, fresh water on Earth.

Hyacinth gasped, and Gibbs' tongue curled into her mouth, the thick muscle thrusting against her own. She could feel her toes curling in her shoes. The sheer, erotic force that was Leroy Jethro Gibbs, overwhelmed her.

His thumb was rubbing circles on her hip bone. He was plastered against her, as she leaned against his vehicle. She could feel his erection against her stomach, and her body tightened. She was becoming aroused. Gibbs was reeling from the feeling of the kiss, and her body against his. He was losing all coherent thought, most of his blood located elsewhere.

They broke apart, when the need for air became too much.

"Ohhh!" Hyacinth moaned, and it was too much for Gibbs.

He kissed her again. They kissed for several minutes, before Hyacinth stopped them. Her lips were bruised,  her eyes dilated, and her hair mussed. Gibbs swallowed. She looked so desperately sexy, it took everything he had not to kiss her again.

"I'm sorry, we need to stop. I'm getting a little carried away, and I don't want to regret anything later." Hyacinth said, catching her breath.

"You're right, I'm sorry. You are so sexy, I got carried away, too. It's this chemistry between us. I don't think I've ever been that turned on from just kissing someone." Gibbs said, then kissing her softly.

He helped her into the car, and closed the door. Jethro took a moment to collect himself. He was still hard, and he was trying to think of things that would get rid of his erection. "Ducky's mom in a bikini." Gibbs mumbled under his breath. That did it, Gibbs thought.

"Thank you for dinner, I really enjoyed it." Hyacinth said, reaching over to squeeze his knee.

"Does that help my chances for another date?" Jethro asked, giving her that half smile she was growing to love.

"Over a hundred, if you keep kissing me like that." Hyacinth said, wryly.

"I promise to try my very best." Gibbs said, voice low.

Hyacinth raised an eyebrow at that. "Are we dating exclusively? If we aren't, can we be? I don't share, and while I am not ready for sex right now, I fully intend for us to have lots of vigorous sex later. We cannot do that, however, without being exclusive." She said, as calmly as if asking for the salt shaker.

Gibbs cleared his throat. "Absolutely. I don't share, either. I am willing to wait as long as you need for sex, vigorous or otherwise. Although, I must admit if I get that worked up from kissing you, I might not survive anything else." He said.

"I guess that's what happens when you get so old." Hyacinth teased, laughing at his indignant expression.

When they returned to her home, they were met by three huge dogs, two Dobermans and one Rottweiler.

"Hello, boys! Are you keeping things safe tonight?" Hyacinth said, while scratching them all behind the ears.

"Those are some serious guard dogs." Jethro said, slightly wary.

"They are very protective of all of us, but are highly trained. They are actually very docile, otherwise I wouldn't let them near the boys. They are named Alvin, Simon, and Theodore." Hyacinth said. (Theodore was the Rottweiler)

"The three chipmunks?" Gibbs asked incredulously. They were a lot bigger than chipmunks, that's for sure.

"Yes, unfortunately. I have seen that movie enough to understudy for every role in it." She said, sarcastically. "Goodnight, Jethro. Call me about another date." 

"Don't I get a goodnight kiss?" Gibbs asked, closing in on her, slowly.

"Of course. Come on, now. Kiss me, then." She said, leaning against the door.

A few, toe curling kisses later, and Hyacinth was panting. Her breath was short, and her panties were wet. They had to pull themselves away, each wanting more, yet knowing she wasn't ready.

"I'll talk to you tomorrow, Hy." He said. He waited until she was inside safely, and then got in his SUV, and drove away.

Inside the doorway, Hyacinth couldn't believe how great their date went. She could only hope, they would continue to do so.