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Aizawa Shouta used to hate loud things

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Aizawa Shouta used to hate loud stuff. They tended to irritate him. He always had liked the quiet more. The loud noises were always off-putting because they were bringing unwanted memories back to him. Loud noises were making him remember things he so badly wanted to forget.

His childhood wasn't the best. The most suitable description would be - loud yelling and violence. Someone was always shouting at him. Loud noises were a constant accompaniment for him growing up. They were usually followed by a physical display of how much of an annoying kid he was. 

Aizawa Shouta used to hate loud things and loud people because of the emotional baggage he was carrying deep into his soul. 

Unfortunately for him, two of his closest friends from highschool Hizashi Yamada and Oboro Shirakumo weren't the people you could describe without using the word loud. Everything about them was just screaming in high tones. Even without mentioning their quirks. The vibrant personality, the smiles too bright for Aizawa's tired eyes. It was a really bad mix. How he got into a friendly relationship with them, even after all these years was still a mystery. It just happened without him even realizing that he created the bonds he wanted to cherish forever. 

How two bright people would like to be in his close gloomy proximity was beyond Shouta. Yamada and Shirakumo were… Unique. In every aspect of this word. 

They slowly became an inseparable part of Shouta's life. Slowly but with the utmost delicacy, they were breaking through all of his barriers and earning the title of his first friends. 

They were loud, always too loud, too cheerful and too sunshine-y. Instead of him being annoyed by that, Shouta learned how to like that. How to cherish every loud shout because they were lined with affection and care. Yamada and Shirakumo were the perfect hero materials. Nothing like his old hopeless self.

The tragedy pushed Shouta to become a reliable hero. To change. 

Slowly, without even realizing it, Shouta couldn't imagine his life without the two of them. He started to love loudness if that meant spending more time with bright people, with these two dorks for whom Shouta was slowly developing feelings for. His bad memories were slowly being overwritten with something good. Loud noises were slowly starting to associate with something good. Not only with violence but with friendship and affection.

Shouta wasn't sure about that last until it was too late. 

The thing about himself, that Shouta had hated the most was his indecisiveness. His slow start and being unable to take action by himself. He wasn't sure of his capabilities which were slowing him, and sometimes even his friends, down. And one time it led to disaster. 

Aizawa Shouta used to hate loud things, now he misses the Loud Cloud so much. 

Loud Cloud. That hero's name was awful. Utterly awful. Shirakumo shouldn't have spent so much time with Yamada and be fed by more stupid ideas. But, at the same time, Shouta had to admit that it was a charming name.

Loud Cloud, Oboro Shirakumo - the boy who was everything Shouta would never be. The perfect hero with creative use of his quirk and neverending enthusiasm. Sometimes just super silly, like every teenager should be. Sometimes clever, following his sharp instincts and using the perfect tactics he came with on spot. Sometimes just too heroic for his own good. Always ready to help others. Shirakumo was a good friend. It's a shame that Shouta was too scared to push that relationship into something more. Something both of them wished to have but never spoken the word to not scare the other. 

Aizawa Shouta as he was now, had nothing against loud noises but sometimes, on the days that brought cruel cold for him, he wanted to listen to sounds no louder than a whisper. To the soft and harsh " I love you." He never had a chance to reply. 

Once a year Shouta would bundle into his sleeping bad with headphones on and listen to the soft tunes, gentle like a cloud touch. Sometimes he would play the old recordings of poorly performed karaoke songs. The rare laugh he had saved by accident was helping him survive the worst. 

On days like this Hizashi was always hanging near. Always ready to offer his shoulder for Shouta to cry on. The older they got the fewer tears they shed. It was an old wound, the wound never meant for being healed.

But they were adults now. 

They were heroes now. 

They were heroes who should know how to deal with grief.

In theory.

Aizawa Shouta used to hate loud things, now he misses them a lot. Despite it not being entirely his fault, he blames himself for losing a person truly dear to him. Yamada usually tells him it wasn't his fault. But Shouta knows better. He was too slow, too inexperienced with his binding cloth. This was the first and last time he made such a grave mistake. 

He devoted everything to teach the next generation of heroes some basics. To make sure they wouldn't make the same mistakes as he did. That they would get better so they wouldn't lose a friend.

Despite having a lot of regrets, one of the biggest was not telling Shirakumo about his feelings. Not admitting that he was the first person that made him smile willingly.