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The Omega Support Group

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Denki Kaminari has invited Izuku Midoriya, Eijiro Kirishima, Ochaco Uraraka, and 3 others to The Omega Support Group.


Denki Kaminari changed their username to PikaPikaBitch.


PikaPikaBitch changed Izuku Midoriya’s username to BroccoliChild. 


PikaPikaBitch changed Eijiro Kirishima’s username to BabyShark. 


PikaPikaBitch changed OchacoUraraka’s username to GravityIsForFools.


PikaPikeBitch changed Yuga Aoyama’s username to SparklesEverywhere.


PikaPikaBitch changed Toru Hagakure’s username to Hide&SeekChamp.  


PikaPikaBitch changed Neito Monoma’s username to CopyCat. 


PikaPikaBitch: Welcome to my group chat! In here we can rant about the stupid Alphas and Betas in our lives while we also pine after said Alphas and Betas!


GravityIsForFools: This is a really good idea Kami!


CopyCat: Two questions, one how did you get my contact information and two why am I here? 


PikaPikaBitch: To answer your first question, magic


CopyCat: -_-


PikaPikaBitch: And to answer your second question, you're an Omega just like us plus you have an Alpha and a Beta that your pinning after 


CopyCat: Fair enough 


BroccoliChild: Just try to behave yourself 


CopyCat: I make no such promises 


Hide&SeekChamp: Monoma is my child now and if anyone hurts him I will kill them 


CopyCat: Thank you… I think? 


SparklesEverywhere: Don’t worry about it, you’ll get used to it


CopyCat: Will I really? 


BabyShark: Damn when your not insulting us at every turn you are pretty freaking funny


CopyCat: Is that a compliment? 


BabyShark: It is


CopyCat: Then thank you, I guess 


PikaPikaBitch: So with that out of the way I would like to bring forward our first issue 


PikaPikaBitch: I smiled at my crush in the hallway today and he smiled back at me and I was so blown away by his beauty that I short-circuited


BabyShark: Did you go see Recovery Girl afterwards? 


PikaPikaBitch: Yes I did but that’s not the point


PikaPikaBitch: The point is that Hitoshi Shinso is super hot and my poor pan brain can’t handle it


GravityIsForFools: Wait why did you have to go see Recovery Girl? 


PikaPikaBitch: I don’t really like talking about it but when I short circuit it actually hurts, like a lot. And it also messes up my head, like my memory and junk


Hide&SeekChamp: Oh my god Kami why did you never say anything! Everyone always laughs when you short circuit myself included! I had no idea that it hurt you! I’m so sorry! 


PikaPikaBitch: It’s fine Hagakure, really I don’t mind


BroccoliChild: Is that why you struggle in class? 


PikaPikaBitch: That’s part of the reason…


BabyShark: You can tell them Kami


GravityForFools: Tell us what? 


PikaPikaBitch: I have dyslexia 


CopyCat: I also have dyslexia


PikaPikaBitch: Really? 


CopyCat: Yes 


BabyShark: Having dyslexia is not something to be ashamed of 




CopyCat: … 


SparklesEverywhere: I think we need to get together for some much need Omega Cuddles 


GarvityFools: Agreed


Hide&SeekChamp: ^^^^


BabyShark: ^^^^


BroccoliChild: ^^^^


PikaPikaBitch: That sounds really nice 


BabyShark: Alright mandatory Omega Cuddles in my room now 


CopyCat: I hope you enjoy your Omega Cuddles...


BroccoliChild: What are you talking about? Your coming to!


CopyCat: But I don’t live in the same dorm as you guys


SparlesEverywhere: Doesn’t matter, Aizawa will just have to deal with it!


PikaPikaBitch: Come on Monoma you have to come!


CopyCat: … 


CopyCat: Alright


PikaPikaBitch: Yeah! 

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CopyCat: I’ve never felt so relaxed in my whole life


BabyShark: That’s the power of Omega Cuddles!


GravityIsForFools: Have you never had Omega Cuddles before, Monoma? 


CopyCat: I haven’t 


Hide&SeekChamp: WHAT?!


SparklesEverywhere: HOW?!


CopyCat: Well I’m the only Omega in Class 1b and both my parents are Betas so I’ve never had any other Omegas in my life until you all


PikaPikaBitch: That’s horrible! Omega Cuddles are such a fundamental part of an Omega’s life, I can’t imagine being deprived of that


CopyCat: Are they really that important? 


BroccoliChild: Omega Cuddles relieve stress and help with mental and physical health. Omegas that don’t have that run the risk of becoming touch starved  


CopyCat: That explains a lot… 


BabyShark: From now on we will have mandatory Omega Cuddles at least once a week


CopyCat: You really don’t have to do that


Hide&SeekChamp: Sshh, we’re doing this whether you like it or not 


CopyCat: But I highly doubt Aizawa will be okay with me coming into your dorms so frequently 


PikaPikaBitch: Don’t worry about him, once we explain that you’ve never had Omega Cuddles before he will understand


CopyCat: Will he really?


GravityIsForFools: Of course


BabyShark: It’s not very common knowledge but Aizawa is actually an Omega


CopyCat: Wait really? 


SparklesEverywhere: Yup!


PikaPikaBitch: But because of his intimidating presence most don’t realize it 


CopyCat: Huh, I had no idea


Hide&SeekChamp: It was just as much a surprise to us as it is to you, trust me


BroccoliChild: He still won’t tell us how he keeps people from finding out 


GravityIsForFools: It drives Midoriya crazy 


BroccoliChild: No it doesn’t!


GravityIsForFools: Midoriya, sweetie, we’ve all seen your notebook on the subject your just a little bit obsessed about it 


BabyShark: Yeah dude, you also have a tendency to rant about it a lot too


BroccoliChild: … 


BroccoliChild: Shut up 


SparklesEverywhere: Midoriya! I had no idea you could swear! 


BroccoliChild: I grew up with Kacchan, what did you expect? Besides shut up is hardly a swear


BabyShark: That makes sense 


GravityIsForFools: Yeah it does 


CopyCat: You people are ridicules 


PikaPikaBitch: You say “you people” like you’re not part of the family. Well, I’ve got news for you, buster. You’re already on the Christmas card. 


CopyCat: … 


CopyCat: Do you really consider me apart of your family? 


PikaPikaBitch: Of course dude!


BabyShark: Us Omegas have got to stick together!


SparklesEverywhere: So sorry to break it to you Monoma, but your suck with us!


CopyCat: … 


Hide&SeekChamp: Wow when you smile genuinely you look really handsome


CopyCat: How do you know that? Your nowhere near me?


Hide&SeekChamp: I have my ways 


CopyCat: Should I be afraid? 


GravityIsForFools: Probably 


CopyCat: Thanks Uraraka, that’s really comforting 


GravityIsForFools: You're welcome! 


CopyCat: -_- 


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Hide&SeekChamp: Quick question, how do I commit murder without getting caught? 


CopyCat: I have serval questions 


BabyShark: Hagakure what did you do? 


Hide&SeekChamp: I haven’t done anything


Hide&SeekChamp: Yet


BabyShark: Alright let me rephrase it then 


BabyShark: What is it that you want to do? 


Hide&SeekChamp: I want to yeet Mineta off the roof


GravityIsForFools: A valid reason to want to kill someone, but what did he do this time? 


Hide&SeekChamp: I caught him spying on me from my balcony 


PikaPikaBitch: That little bitch!


SparklesEverywhere: Isn’t he your friend?


PikaPikaBitch: Yes… no… kinda… it’s complicated… 


BroccoliChild: What do you mean? 


PikaPikaBitch: I only hang around him so that I can stop him from doing even worse things then he already does, though admittedly he’s gotten a lot harder to control as of late


PikaPikaBitch: Plus he only hangs around me because I’m an Omega and he hopes that that will help him pick up chicks


CopyCat: Didn’t you help him with tricking the girls of 1A into wearing cheerleading uniforms at the Sports Festival? 


PikaPikaBitch: That was supposed to just be a harmless prank… 


PikaPikaBitch: I’m sorry for making you girls uncomfortable 


Hide&SeekChamp: It’s okay Kami we forgive you 


GravityIsForFools: It was pretty funny all things considered


PikaPikaBitch: I wish Jiro thought the same


GravityIsForFools: What do you mean? 


PikaPikaBitch: She gave me a black eye because of it


BabyShark: SHE DID WHAT?!


PikaPikaBitch: Don’t worry about it I just got Recovery Girl to fix me up


BabyShark: Why didn’t you say anything? 


PikaPikaBitch: Because I knew you would use your big sad puppy dog eyes on Bakugo to convince him to kill her and despite the fact that we have gradually grown farther apart since coming to UA she still is my childhood friend so I really don’t want Bakugo to kill her


BabyShark: Fair enough 


BabyShark: She still didn’t have the right to punch you though


PikaPikaBitch: Can we just drop it? I don’t want to talk about it anymore


BabyShark: Fine but if something like this happens again you will tell me


PikaPikaBitch: I will, I promise 


BabyShark: Good


GravityIsForFools: Kiri is such a dad


Hide&SeekChamp: Yeah did you see how quickly he was ready to throw hands when he heard what Jiro did?


BabyShark: Guys stop you’re making me blush


BroccoliChild: Never


BabyShark: Midoriya how could you betray me like this?!


BroccoliChild: Sorry Kiri but you gotta admit, you are kinda like a dad


PikaPikaBitch: All in favour of making Kiri the group dad say aye


Hide&SeekChamp: Aye


GravityIsForFools: Aye


SparklesEverywhere: Aye


CopyCat: Aye


BabyShark: Guys!


SparklesEverywhere: What was that high pitched squeak? 


PikaPikaBitch: That was Kiri, he blushed bright red before burying his face into one of the couch pillows to try and muffle his embarrassed squeak, not that it worked very well 


PikaPikaBitch: And now Bakugo, Sero and Mina are staring at him in confusion 


GravityIsForFools: Awe Kiri that’s so cute


BabyShark: I hate you all


CopyCat: No you don’t 


PikaPikaBitch: Yeah Kiri you don’t have it in you to hate anyone 


BabyShark: … 


BabyShark: Okay you may have a point 


PikaPikaBitch: Of course I do, I may not be book smart but I am definitely people smart 


BroccoliChild: That is very true, you are a very empathetic person Kaminari


PikaPikaBitch: Why thank you Mido!


Hide&SeekChamp: Carefully Midoriya or you might inflate his ego 


PikaPikaBitch: Shut up Hagakure 


Hide&SeekChamp: Never


PikaPikaBitch: Meanie


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PikaPikaBitch: Eijiro Kirishima what did you do?!


BabyShark: I haven’t done anything! 


PikaPikaBitch: Alright, then what did Bakugo do? 


BabyShark: He hasn’t done anything either! 


PikaPikaBitch: Then why did Jiro have to go to Recovery Girl’s office? 


Hide&SeekChamp: Um yeah about that, that’s mine and Uraraka’s fault


PikaPikaBitch: What? 


GravityIsForFools: Momo threw a girls night last night and Jiro was talking badly about you 


Hide&SeekChamp: She kept going off about how you’re just as bad as Mineta


GravityIsForFools: So we kinda jumped her


Hide&SeekChamp: And we won’t apologize for it, detention be damned 


PikaPikaBitch: Guys… 


GravityIsForFools: I know you two are old friends but she’s been going too far lately


PikaPikaBitch: I know… 


BabyShark: I think you two should talk and see if your friendship with her is even worth keeping 


PikaPikaBitch: … 


PikaPikaBitch: I think you’re right 

Kaminari stared nervously at the door before he took in a deep breath and knocked, he really hoped this talk would go well he thought of Jiro as a sister and he would hate to lose her in his life.

“Kaminari? What do you want?” Jiro questioned as she opened the door saw the nervous blonde standing in front of her. 

“I was hoping we could talk?” He asked hopefully causing her to raise an eyebrow before she gestured for him to come in. He let out a soft breath of relief before he walked in and sat down on the edge of her bed. 

“So what do you want to talk about?” She questioned as she crossed her arms, her eyebrows creased in concern when she saw the conflicted expression on the blondes face. 

“Jiro… do you hate me?” He asked softly causing her eyes to widen in shock and her arms to fall to her side. 

“W-what?” She stuttered in shock which only caused Kaminari to hunch in on himself. 

“I know that you’ve been talking badly about me behind my back” He admitted softly causing her to flinch guilty, Uraraka and Hagakure must have told him she mused as she remembered the way the two girls had pounced on her the night before. 

“I just want to know if I was a fool for thinking you were my friend” He stated causing her eyes to widen even more. 

“Of course we’re friends” She said causing the blonde to glare at her angrily as he stood up. 

“Then why do you treat me like I’m not worth you’re time!” He snapped harshly as he jabbed her in the chest causing an angry scowl to appear on the Betas face. 

“Oh like you’re one to talk” She snapped back causing the Omega to stumble back in surprise. 

“Ever since we got into this school you’ve been acting like a different person, gone was the shy and sweet little Omega who needed me to defend him now you’re some macho jerk who thinks it’s okay to support the ideals of a pervert!” She growled causing the surprised look on Kaminari’s face to morph into an angry one. 

“I needed to learn to protect myself! Once we got to UA you left me in the dust for you’re newer cooler friends. I had to learn to be strong, it’s already hard enough for an Omega to become a hero I couldn’t rely on someone who could so easily abandon me forever” He hissed venomously causing Jiro to stumble back in shock but before she could respond a hysterical laugh escaped the blonde. 

“And I don’t support that fucking pervert! I have put my mental health at risk by hanging around him to stop him from doing worse things then he’s already done! I hate him just as much as everyone else but I wanted to protect you and the other girls from him despite all of the awful things I’m called for doing it not only from the girls but him as well!” He shouted which caused Jiro to stumble back even more and hit her back against her desk. 

“What do you mean by putting your mental health at risk?” She asked while praying it wasn’t what she thought it meant. Kaminari just sighed tiredly as he ran his fingers through his hair. 

“I have been ridiculed my whole life for being a male Omega but by forcing myself to hang around that pigheaded Alpha I have heard more disgusting things than ever before, things that have made me want to do some very bad things” He said tiredly causing Jiro’s eyes to widen fearfully as they stared at the blonde wrist which he was gripping with his other hand. 

“Have you-” She began only to be cut off by Kaminari shaking his head. 

“No, I haven’t” He said softly, the yet was left unsaid but it made Jiro’s heart stop. Kaminari sighed tiredly before he turned away from her. 

“Sorry for yelling, I should go” He said softly but before he could even take a step in the direction of the door Jiro slammed into his back and wrapped her arms around him. 

“You don’t need to apologize you airhead, I should be the one apologizing” She whispered as she tightened her hold on the blonde. 

“Jiro-” He began but Jiro just shook her head before she buried it into his shoulder. 

“I’m so sorry Denki, I thought I had lost my brother so I lashed out to keep myself from getting hurt. I never meant to hurt you, I love you” She mumbled brokenly causing a frown to appear on Denki’s face as he turned around in her hold and gently lifted her head from his shoulder only to see the tears streaming down her face which caused his own suppressed tears to fall before he pulled into a tight hug. 

“It’s okay Kyoka I forgive you” He whispered softly as he buried his head into her shoulder which caused her to choke out a sob before she mirrored him. 

They stood like that for what felt like hours letting their pain out through their tears and relishing in each others embrace, something they hadn’t done in what felt like years. But eventually they had to pull away and when they did they shared a watery smile. 

“You look like shit” Denki giggled good-naturedly causing Kyoka to huff in amusement as she pushed herself away from the blonde. 

“You’re the one who looks like shit Pikachu” She quipped teasingly causing the both of them to laugh. 

“I missed this” Denki said softly once they had finished laughing causing Kyoka to hum and nod in agreement. 

“I did to” She admitted causing the Omega to give her a soft look before he reached out and grasped her hand. 

“From now on let’s just talk about our problems when they appear instead of letting them fester for months on end” He said warmly causing a soft smile to appear on the Betas face. 

“That sounds like a good idea” She mumbled softly causing a larger smile to appear on Denki’s face before they once again hugged. 

Neither of them noticed that someone had been listening in to their conversation and was now stalking away with an angry scowl on his face. 

Kaminari would pay for playing him for a fool. 


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“I got to go” Kamianri said as he got up from Jiro’s bed. Jiro frowned at this as she sat up, the two of them had been watching movies for the past few hours and she didn’t really want to stop. 

“How come?” She questioned as the blonde slipped his shoes back on, he just hummed as he flashed her a bright grin. 

“Mandatory Omega Cuddles, Kiri will hunt me down if I miss out on it” He quipped cheerfully which made Jiro chuckle in amusement as she imagined the redhead bursting into the room and dragging Kaminari away. 

“Is that why Monoma has been coming to our dorms?” She asked curiously and Kaminari gave her a cheery nod in return. 

“Yup! He’s the reason Kiri decreed that we have mandatory cuddles, he’s never had them before” He stated softly which caused Jiro’s eyes to widen in shock.  

“What?! Is he okay? I know how awful that an be for an Omega” She questioned worriedly, Kaminari just gave her a soft reassuring look as he patted her shoulder. 

“Don’t worry us Omegas have got him covered” He stated confidently before he glanced down at his watch and winced. 

“But I do really got to go, see you later Kyo” He said cheerfully as he left the room and all Jiro could do was chuckle fondly at her brother’s antics before she pulled out her phone to see if Momo would be up to hang out with her. 


“Hey, Kaminari!” Mineta called out and said blonde let out a soft sigh as he turned to face the shorter boy, he was so not in the mood for this. 

"Sorry man I’m going to late, we can talk later okay?” He suggested with a fake smile on his face, Mineta just smiled and started digging through his pockets. 

“Oh this won’t take long I just wanted to show you something” He said cheerfully which piqued Kaminari’s interest. 

“Sure man, what is it?” He asked curiously only for Mineta to pull a cylinder-like object from his pocket and spray some weird gas directly into his face. His eyes widened in fear as he struggled to not breathe in the gas, but it was hopeless. Mineta grinned cruelly as the blonde collapsed to the ground and gave him a fearful look as his eyes began to droop shut. 

“Don’t worry Kaminari I won’t hurt you too badly but you do have to pay for lying to me” He said smugly with a large smirk on his face, which only grew wider when the blonde finally fell into unconsciousness now all he had to do was get him to his room without anyone seeing them. 

It was such a shame he had to use this gas on Kaminari, it was a one time use and he had been hoping to use it on one of the girls but oh well revenge came before pleasure and as long as he didn’t get caught he would be able to have a lot of fun with the blonde so it wasn’t a total waste. 

What Mineta did not know however was that while Kaminair had been struggling he had managed to send a single message. Hopefully, they would be able to help him in time. 


“How weird, Kaminari’s never late for Omega Cuddles” Kirishima pouted as he glanced around the room, the others just hummed in agreement this was rather odd behaviour for the blonde. 

“Maybe he’s still talking with Jiro?” Uraraka suggested and the others nodded in agreement at this. 

“Yeah, that’s probably it” Midoriya remarked only for Aoyama to suddenly gasp in horror as he stared wide-eyed at his phone.  

“Aoyama? What’s wrong?” Hagakure asked worriedly but the blonde just shook his head as he flipped his phone around to show them the message that he had been sent. 


Help Mineta’s gone crazy sprayed me with some kind of gas losing consciousness fast please hurry


Everyone eyes widened in horror before Kirishima quickly took charge, he refused to let one of his friends get hurt. 

“Hagakure, Aoyama, Uraraka go and get Mr. Aizawa. Midoriya, Monama you’re with me we’re going to track down a bastard” He growled out and the others just nodded in determination before they bolted out of the room, each of them praying that they were able to save Kamianri before something horrible happened. 


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Kaminari grunted in pain as something punched him in the gut, he slowly cracked his eyes open only for them to widen in fear as he saw Mineta standing in front of him with a nasty smirk on his face.

He attempted to move his arms but they refused to budge, a quick glance upwards showed that they were being held in place by Mineta’s stupid balls a quick jerk in his legs showed that they were equally stuck.

“You can struggle all you want but nothing will detach them” Mineta remarked smugly as he walked even closer to Kaminari who just glared at him as he attempted to use his quirk only for nothing to happen. He gasped in shock which seemed to please Mineta a great deal if the condescending laugh was anything to go by.

“You didn’t think I would let you have free rein of your quirk did you?” He asked smugly as he gestured to the blonde’s neck and that’s when Kaminari became aware of the heavy feeling around his neck.

“That’s a quirk cancellation collar around your neck” He stated proudly and Kaminari’s gave him a vicious glare.

“Why are you doing this?” He snapped angrily only for Mineta to punch him in the gut again which made him gasp in pain, the stupid bastard had a surprisingly strong punch.

“I have to make you pay for deceiving me” Mineta growled as he aimed another punch but this one was for the blonde face, Kaminari grunted in pain as his head was jerked to the side. That was definitely going to leave a bruise.

“What are you talking about?” He questioned only to get punched in the face once again.

“You know I hate male Omegas, I always have, I find them disgusting and no better than fags” Mineta commented offhandedly as he turned away from Kaminari so that he could grab something off of his desk.

“But with you, I saw potential you seemed just as into the female body as I was so I ignored your secondary gender” He continued to explain as he turned back around and revealed what was in his hand. Kaminari’s heart stopped as he saw that the Alpha was holding a knife.

“But recently I’ve noticed you seemed less interested in girls and more into that mind control freak from general studies, I was angry. I believed that you had been tricking me but then I rationalized it and figured the freak was just using his quirk on you and was taking advantage of you. So I decided that I would keep a closer eye on you so that I could protect you from him” Mineta remarked casualy as he fiddled with the knife. Kaminari could not stop staring at it, was Mineta going to kill him?

“But turns out I was the fool, it would seem that the innocent little Omega was trying to save everyone else from the big bad Alpha” Mineta growled angrily as he stabbed the knife into Kaminari’s thigh making the blonde scream in pain.

“And now I have to make you pay for lying to me” He hissed as he twisted the knife before pulling it out. Kaminari gasped out in pain as the knife was removed before he gave the shorter boy a venomous glare.

“You won’t get away with this, someone will find us eventually” He spat angrily only to blink in confusion when Mineta started laughing.

“Oh you stupid naive idiot no one is coming to save you” He stated smugly as he wiped the blonde off of his knife.

“What do you mean?” Kaminari questioned in confusion which caused a smug smirk to appear on Mineta’s face.

“I have spent months soundproofing this room and I have also filled it with a scent neutralizing gas, so no one can hear or smell you” He remarked cruely which made Kaminari’s eyes to widen in fear, Mineta just smirked at this before he stabbed the knife back into Kaminari’s thigh his smirking growing as the blonde cried out in pain.

“It’s really a shame I had to use this set up on you, my plan was to use it on one of the girls preferably Uraraka or Hagakure so that I could have my way with them” He said in disappointment as he gave the blonde a sad look. Kaminari just gave him a nasty glare through his pain.

“Stay away from them” He growled only to gasp out in pain as Mineta once again pulled the knife from his thigh. The purple-haired boy just laughed in amusement as he stabbed the knife into Kaminari’s arm and relished in his scream.

“You should really be more concerned about yourself” He said smugly only to frown in annoyance when Kaminari just continued to glare at him defiantly.

“So stubborn” He muttered in annoyance as he reached for the knife only fo a sudden bang from his door to catch him by surprise. He turned around just in time to see the door being busted down by Kirishima and Monoma.

“What?!” He screamed in outrage only to be tackled to the ground by Midoriya who made quick work of pinning him to the ground.

“Kaminari!” Kirishima gasped out in fear as he rushed towards the blonde who gave him a weak smile.

“Hey Kiri” He said softly as the redhead and Monoma attempted to free him from Mineta’s balls.

“Don’t worry Kami the others went to get Aizawa” Monoma said reasuringly as he destroyed the collar since they couldn’t remove the stupid balls, Kamianri sighed in relief as he felt the electricity once again flow through his veins.

“Get off of me!” Mineta shrieked as he attempted to struggle out of Midoriya’s hold but the green-haired boy was a lot stronger than him so he didn’t get very far.

“You are going to pay for what you’ve done” Midoriya hissed angrily which made Mineta whimper in fear.

“Yes, he will” Aizawa growled as he stepped into the room with Uraraka, Aoyama, and Hagakure behind him. He made quick work of erasing Mineta’s quirk allowing Monoma and Kirishima to free Kaminari who fell limp in their arms, the pain had finally caught up with him.

“The six of you get Kaminari to Recovery Girl, I’ll take care of Mineta” Aizawa stated and the others nodded before they all rushed out of the room with Kaminari being protectively held by Kirishima. Once he was sure they were gone he gave Mineta a terrifying glare as he wrapped the boy up in his capture weapon.

“I’m going to make you wish you were never born” He hissed venomously which must have been too much for Mineta because he passed out from fear, Aizawa just scowled in disdain before he began to drag the boy out of the room. He would make good on his threat, Mineta would regret the day he ever thought targeting Kaminari was a good idea.

Chapter Text

Kaminari groaned softly as he slowly blinked his eyes open only for them to snap open in a panic as he remembered what had happened with Mineta. He whipped his head around and his shoulders slowly relaxed as he realized that he was in the infirmary and Mineta was nowhere to be seen.

He let out a soft breath of relief before he smiled as he gazed at the six sleeping figures scattered around him, Uraraka and Aoyama were sharing a chair and had fallen asleep leaning against each other, Hagakure and Monoma had fallen asleep in a similar position, Kirishima had fallen asleep holding his right hand while Midoriya had fallen asleep holding his left.

He was kinda surprised to see them considering Recovery Girl had a tendency to kick out visitors before they even had a chance to fall asleep, she must have been in a good mood.

He glanced up curiously as the door opened only to smile warmly as Aizawa walked into the room. The older Omega couldn’t help but relax slightly when he saw that Kaminari was awake.

“How are feeling?” He asked softly as he pulled a chair up next to Kirishima so that he could sit down while also being careful to not wake the other Omegas up, Kaminari just gave a soft chuckle as he gazed up at the ceiling.

“I’m… okay, a little disoriented and sore but okay” He said softly as he glanced away from the ceiling so that he could give Aizawa a small smile, Aizawa just nodded and his shoulders once again relaxed a bit.

“That’s good, you had us really worried” He remarked softly to which Kaminari winced slightly.

“Sorry” He mumbled but Aizawa just shook his head.

“Don’t be” He stated but that didn’t erase the conflicted expression from the blondes face.

“What… what happened to Mineta?” He asked softly only to bite his lip worriedly when he saw the angry scowl that had appeared on Aizawa’s face, when he noticed this he tried to quell his anger before he began speaking.

“He’s currently in a holding cell awaiting trial for what he did, but there has been a few… complications” He explained tentatively which only made Kaminari’s worried expression grow tenfold.

“What kind of complications?” He asked worriedly and Aizawa sighed tiredly as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Despite our best efforts to keep this incident away from the media they still found out and quite a few people have rallied around Mineta and are supporting his actions” He explained softly. Kaminari blinked a few times in shock as he gave his teacher a horrified look.

“What?!” He practically shrieked which jolted the six sleeping Omegas up and they instantly began searching for some kind of threat before they turned their attention to their exhausted teacher and distressed friend.

“What happened?” Kirishima questioned worriedly as he tightened his grip on Kaminari hand, the blonde was too distressed to even notice. Aizawa let out another sigh as he gazed at the six worried Omegas.

“The media has become aware of the circumstances behind Mineta’s detainment and a disturbingly large amount of people are rallying behind him in support” He explained once more, the six Omegas were quick to show their anger and horror at this turn of events.

“How could anyone possibly agree with that monster?!” Uraraka shouted angrily as she stood up with a furious expression on her face, Aizawa just tiredly gestured for her to sit back down which she reluctantly did. He gazed at Kaminari who seemed to be trapped in his own little world, this just made his heart squeeze painfully.

“There are a number of reasons why they are supporting him but most come back to their bigotry, no matter how far we have come there are still many who believe that Omegas don’t deserve rights. They believe that Mineta as an Alpha had every right to punish Kaminari how he saw fit, the situation is only made worse by the fact that Kaminari is a male Omega” He explained angrily which was mirrored by the other Omegas in the room.

“Will… will he be set free?” Kaminari asked worriedly and Aizawa was quick to put some of his worries at ease.

“No, he won’t. His long history of harassment will guarantee that he goes away but because of all of the support he’s getting he may get a shorter sentence then he deserves” He explained softly and Kaminair let out a shaky breathe at this.

“That’s good” He said softly as he attempted to run his fingers through his hair only to realize that both Kirishima and Midoriya were both still holding his hands.

“Are you okay Kami?” Aoyama asked worriedly as he leaned closer to the blonde who gave him a small tired smile.

“Yeah I will be” He said softly as he stared down at his lap, he missed the worried looks the others shared.

“Well Recovery Girl has demanded that you get more rest but I’m pretty sure if the others have to wait any longer they might just start a riot” Aizawa suddenly remarked in an attempt to break the tension. Kaminari glanced up at him with a confused look on his face.

“Others?” He questioned curiously as he tilted his head to the side and Aizawa couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement.

“The media weren’t the only ones to find out what happened, all of a1 is out there as well as a large number of people from different classes and years” He remarked with an amused look to which Kaminari just chuckled softly.

“I’m a very social person” He said sheepishly and Aizawa just snorted fondly.

“Obviously, if you weren’t Bakugo wouldn’t be threatening to blow the door down just to get in” He said which made all of the Omegas laugh, Aizawa smiled slightly at this only for a frown to take over his face. He leaned in close to Kaminari and made sure no one else could hear what he said.

“Later I would like to speak with you in private, it’s important” He whispered and Kaminari bite his lip worriedly before he nodded.

“Okay” He whispered back and Aizawa nodded before he made his way towards the door so that he could let in everyone who was waiting outside.

His mind a million light-years away as he pondered over what he needed to discuss with Kaminari, he already knew there was going to be tears.

Chapter Text

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” Kaminari asked worriedly as he stared at his teacher who let out an exhausted sigh.

“A number of things but I’ll start with the most pressing first” He stated as he gave the blonde a stern look.

“Would you like to explain to me why when I was trying to get in contact with your parents to inform them of what happened I was met with disgust and was told that they haven’t been in contact with you since you presented as an Omega?” He asked making Kaminari wince softly.

“Um, yeah about that, they uh kicked me out after I presented, I’ve been living on my own ever since” He said softly and Aizawa narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Then who was it that I met when I came to speak to your parents about you moving into the dorms?” He questioned. Kaminari winced once more before he gave the man a sheepish grin.

“Technically you did meet my parents” He remarked cheerfully only to deflate slightly when he saw the unimpressed look on the older Omegas face. He sighed tiredly and ran his fingers through his hair.

“My cousin Natsumi was visiting, she had heard about what happened at the training camp and was worried about me, and well she has an illusion quirk so I convinced her to use it so it would seem like my parents were there for your meeting” He explained softly earning him an exasperated sigh from Aizawa.

“And why don’t you live with your cousin?” He asked and Kaminari just chuckled softly.

“She lives in America and I refused to move in with her since I had my heart set on attending UA, she was really understanding about it and sends me money so that I can buy the essentials and before I moved into the dorms she helped me pay rent for my apartment” He explained softly and Aizawa let out a tired sigh.

“Why did you never tell me about any of this? I could have helped you” He questioned with a soft frown on his face which deepened when Kaminari just gave him a heartbreakingly soft smile.

“I didn’t want to burden you with my problems” He explained softly which just broke Aizawa heart, he reached out and grasped the boy’s hand.

“You could never burden me Kaminari, but I can’t fault you for keeping it a secret since I did the same thing when I was younger” He said softly and Kaminari gave him a surprised look.

“Really?” He questioned in surprise, Aizawa just hummed as he leaned back in his seat.

“My parents were traditionalists, they believed that a woman should only be an Omega or a Beta and that a man should only be an Alpha or a Beta. So when I presented as an Omega they couldn’t kick me out fast enough, I was already a disappointment to them with my “weak” quirk so this was really just the final nail in the coffin. If it hadn’t been for Nemuri I would have ended up on the streets” He explained tiredly and Kaminari bite his lip in thought before he rested his head on the man’s shoulder.

“I want to help you Kaminari if you’ll let me” Aizawa said softly and Kaminari just nodded softly in agreement.

“I… I would really appreciate that” He whispered which made a soft smile appear on Aizawa’s face before it was replaced with a frown as he glanced down at the hand he was still holding.

“There’s another thing I wanted to discuss with you” He began and Kaminari just hummed waiting for his teacher to continue.

“I saw the scars” He stated softly. Kaminari’s eyes widened in panic as he jerked up and pulled his hand away from Aizawa.

“It-it’s not w-what it looks l-like, I-I ha-haven’t done it i-in years and…” He rushed to explain only to trail off as Aizawa sat up and rolled his sleeve back to show off his forearm which had an uncountable number of faded scars. His eyes widened as he gently touched the older Omega’s arm.

“I know Kaminari but after an incident like the one you just went through and everything that is bound to follow I just want you to know you can come to me for help, no matter how strong you think you are or how confident you are that you've stopped for good anything can trigger you into doing it again” He said softly before he glanced down at his own arm with a deep frown on his face.

“I haven’t done it since I was a teenager but after the USJ incident and the Training Camp fiasco I was hit with such a wave of hopelessness and deep-seated self-loathing, I blamed myself for everything that had happened in fact I still do and I very nearly fell back on old habits if it hadn’t been for Hizashi. I don’t want that to happen to you so if for even for a moment you think that you need to cut come to me immediately no matter what time it is” He stated seriously and Kaminari couldn’t help but to nod as tears streamed down his face.

“I-I promise” He sobbed out before he buried his face into his teacher’s chest who just hugged him tightly, a part of him wished he could just shield this boy from all of the world’s hardships but he knew that was impossible especially for a young hero in training.

They continued to sit like for a while as Aizawa let Kaminari cry for as long as he needed to, he likely had bottled everything up for so long that he all he needed was to let it all out through his tears. Not too long after that, the blonde had cried himself leaving Aizawa in a bit of pickle since the younger Omega was clinging to him like a koala. He turned to glare at the door when he heard the very familiar sound of his husband giggling only to see that Hizashi had just taken a picture.

“Delete it now” He growled but Hizashi just continued to smile as he typed on his phone.

“Sorry, sweetie but I’ve already sent it to the group chat” He remarked cheekily earning a groan of frustration from Shota as he imagined Tensei and Nemuri cooing over the picture.

“I hate you” He grumbled but Hizashi just gave him a large smile as he sat down next to him.

“No, you don’t” He said cheerfully as he leaned over and pressed a kiss to the man’s cheek which definitely did not make him blush like a freaking teenager.

“Your insufferable” He grumbled fondly and Hizashi’s grin widened before he glanced down at Kaminari with a soft look in his eyes.

“How is he holding up?” He asked softly as he reached over to run his fingers through the blondes hair, Shota couldn’t help but smile fondly at the sight before it was replaced by a frown as he remembered all he had discussed with the blonde.

“As well as he can considering the circumstances” He remarked and Hizashi hummed thoughtfully at this.

“I’m worried about him Sho” He mumbled worriedly as he gazed up at his husband who let out a tired sigh.

“You’re not the only one” He said softly as he stared down at Kaminari’s sleeping face.

“Did you get in contact with his parents?” Hizashi asked only fro a worried look to appear on his face as he saw the angry scowl on the Omegas face.

“I did but as it turns out they haven’t been in contact with Kaminari since he presented” He growled angrily, Hizashi’s eyes widened at the implications.

“What?!” He practically shrieked only to be shushed by Shota who was staring at Kaminari, the blonds face scrunched up slightly but he just snuggled more into Shota’s side and continued to sleep.

“His parents kicked him out for being an Omega and from what I’ve gathered the only family he has is his cousin who lives in America” Shota explained softly. Hizashi’s shoulders slumped slightly as he stared sadly at the sleeping Omega only for his eyes to suddenly harden with determination.

“We’re going to protect him, right Sho?” He questioned seriously and Shota just gave him a slight smirk.

“Of course you idiot” He stated earning him a slight huff from his husband but before he could say anything there was a knock at the door and Chiyo poked her head into the room.

“Aizawa there’s someone out here who would like to speak with you” She said and Shota’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Who is it?” He asked earning him a blank look from the women before she responded.

“Its a woman named Natsumi Kaminari”

Chapter Text

After detaching Denki with some help from Hizashi Shota stepped out of the infirmary and came face to face with the sight of a raven-haired woman pacing back and forth, the hall was practically filled with the scent of anxious Omega. He cleared his throat to gain her attention, she whirled around and quickly approached him with a worried look on her face. Now that she was this close he could see she had the same golden eyes as Denki’s only hers had a purple ring around the pupil. 

“How is he doing?” She asked instantly and Shota simply gestured for her to take a seat as he took his own. 

“He’s doing well, all things considered, the days following now will be a true test to his will power but I have faith he will be able to pull through this” He explained and She let out a relieved sigh as she slumped into her seat.

“That’s good to know” She said in relief before she sat up and gave him a sheepish grin. 

“Sorry I should have introduced myself first, I’m Natsumi Kaminari It’s a pleasure to meet you” She said as she held out a hand and Shota felt his lip twitch upwards in amusement as he shook her hand. 

“Yes it’s nice to properly meet you as well” He remarked and her smile turned even more sheepish, he could really see the family resemblance now. 

“Ah, Denki’s told you about the illusion thing huh?” She asked and he nodded to which she let out a sheepish chuckle. 

“Sorry about that it probably doesn’t give you the best impression of me but when Denki gives me those big puppy dog eyes I just can’t tell him no” She apologized as she ran her fingers through her hair and Shota couldn’t help but snort in amusement, he understood how difficult it was to say no to a good pair of puppy dog eyes. Eri has gotten away with a lot due to her killer puppy dog eyes. 

“I understand that the situation was complicated so I won’t hold it against you, but don’t do it again” He stated seriously to which she just gave him a bright grin. 

“Promise” She said cheekily as she pretended to cross her heart and he just rolled his eyes in exasperation. 

“Do you think I could see him?” She suddenly asked softly as she stared at the infirmary door, Shota bit his lip in thought before he nodded. 

“He’s sleeping right now but as long as you’re quiet I don’t think Recovery Girl will have a problem with it” He stated as he stood, a dazzling smile appeared on her face before she followed him into the infirmary. 

Shota smiled slightly in amusement when he saw that Hizashi was now being cuddled by Denki who seemed to have a tight grip on the blondes hair.

“Shota our student is like a kola bear” Hizashi whined childishly earning a snort of amusement from Shota and a muffled giggle from Natsumi. 

“Yeah, he’s always been like that” She remarked cheerfully as she approached the two blondes and took a seat next to Hiazshi. She reached over to gently run her fingers through Deki’s hair and she smiled fondly when he made a purring sound and leaned

into her hand. Her smile faltered slightly before she steeled her nerves and turned to face the two other adults in the room. 

“This may be a bit much, but could I ask for a favour?” She asked nervously and Shota and Hizashi a look before the blonde gestured for her to continue, she took in a deep breath before she pressed on. 

Denki scrunched his eyes together in an attempt to stay asleep only to hear a very familiar giggle. His eyes snapped open and a gasp escaped from him when he saw Natsumi was sitting next to him with a fond smile on her face. 

“Nat!” He practically shrieked as he reached over and pulled her into a tight hug earning him a fond chuckle from the women as she returned the hug. 

“Hey Denks” She remarked as she ran her fingers through the blondes hair who just gave her bright grin as he snuggled even closer to her. 

“What are you doing here?” He questioned to which Natsumi scoffed in disbelief. 

“Do you really think I wouldn’t have rushed over here as quickly as I could the minute I heard what happened to you?” She asked rhetorically and Denki just smiled sheepishly. 

“That’s fair” He remarked before he snuggled up into her shoulder to which Natsumi just rolled her eyes fondly. 

“You are such a koala bear” She stated and Denki just gave her a lazy smile. 

“I’m your koala bear” He sasses back earning an amused chuckle from Natsumi as she tightened her hold on the younger Omega. 

“That you are” She said softly as she smiled fondly down at Denki. After a moment of enjoying each others company, a small frown appeared on the ravenette’s face. 

“How are you holding up?” She asked softly and he let out a tired sigh. 

“I’m doing well, but I also haven’t been alone since the incident so I don’t know how I’ll be when I am” He confessed and Natsumi couldn’t help but tighten her grip on her baby cousin. 

“I’m moving back to Japan” She stated seriously, Denki’s head jerked up in shock. 

“But you love living in America!” He practically shouted in shock but Natsumi just gave him a soft smile as she ran her fingers through his hair. 

“I did enjoy it, but you need me here more than ever” She stated and Denki’s shoulders slumped slightly, he didn’t want her to uproot her entire life just for him. Natsumi was quick to notice his drop in mood and gently tilted his chin up so that he would look at her, once he was she gave him a soft smile. 

“None of that it’s not your fault, besides I’ve been planning this for a while this was just the final nail in the coffin” She explained and he let out a soft sigh before nodding, he was still conflicted about it but it would be nice to have her here more consistently. 

“I’ve talked to your teachers and they’ve agreed to watch over you for me while I get everything ready to move” She continued to explain and he just nodded in understanding, he really didn’t mind practically all of the teachers were better parental figures than his had ever had been. 

“Now that that's all out of the way, why don’t you tell me what you’ve been up to lately” She said warmly and Denki smiled brightly as he began to eagerly explain about the Omega Support Group he had formed. 

Chapter Text

PikaPikaBitch: I’m back bitches!


GravityIsForFools: He’s only been out of the infirmary for five minutes and he’s already being a dork


PikaPikaBitch: Excuse you! I am adorkable!


GravityIsForFools: Right my mistake


CopyCat: I didn’t think I would miss your chaotic energy so much, but damn has it been boring without you 


PikaPikaBitch: Thanks Mono, I missed you all as well


Hide&SeekChamp: Aww Kami you’re making me blush!


BabyShark: Are you coming back to the dorms today?


PikaPikaBitch: I’m having lunch with Nat before she has to head back to the states so I’ll see you all before dinner


BroccoliChild: We’ll set the lounge up for some much need Omega Cuddles


PikaPikaBitch: Thanks Mido, I’d really like that


BabyShark: I’ll get Bakugo to make dinner for us all!


CopyCat: How are you going to manage that?


SparklesEverywhere: Kiri won’t admit it but he is a Bakugo whisper, he’s the only one who can get him to do whatever he wants


PikaPikaBitch: It doesn’t help that Bakugo is super gay for Kiri


BabyShark: Guys! That’s not it at all! Bakugo and I are just really good friends!


GravityIsForFools: Kiri you are the only person he lets hug him without making a big deal out of it


BabyShark: We’re just good friends


SparklesEverywhere: Mon Amie he cooked you a full course meal for your birthday


BabyShark: That was for everyone…


BroccoliChild: Kiri, he literally flew hundreds of meters across the sky just to hold your hand


BabyShark: … 


BabyShark: I need to go


Hide&SeekChamp: I think we broke him 


PikaPikaBitch: He has such a massive crush on Bakugo but he’s too insecure to acknowledge that his feelings might be returned


BroccoliChild: Poor Kiri


GravityIsForFools: All in favour of getting Kiri to confess his super gay feelings to Bakugo say Aye!


PikaPikaBitch: Aye!


BroccoliChild: Aye!


Hide&SeekChamp: Aye!


SparklesEverywhere: Aye!


CopyCat: I think we are the least qualified people to help some confess to their crush but I’m on board regardless, so Aye!


GravityIsForFools: Your not wrong but do you have to say it? 


CopyCat: Yes


BroccoliChild: That’s fair


PikaPikaBitch: Well Nat’s demanding my attention so I’ll see you all later


Hide&SeekChamp: Bye Kami!


GravityIsForFools: Have fun with your cousin!


PikaPikaBitch: I will!

(Kiri > Baku) 


Kiri: Hey Bakugo can you make dinner tonight? 


Baku: For just you? 


Kiri: No, Kami’s coming back to the dorms tonight so me and the others are having Omega Cuddles in the lounge and I was hoping you would make dinner for all of us


Baku: What’s in it for me? 


Kiri: Huh? 


Baku: Well that’s a shit ton of food your expecting me to make, what do I get in return for doing that for you and the other extras?


Kiri: Well what do you want?


Baku: … 


Baku: A favour 


Kiri: A favour? 


Baku: Yes a favour


Kiri: What kind of favour? 


Baku: You’ll know when you need to know 


Kiri: Oh, okay then I guess it’s a deal 


Baku: Good, you better not back out of this Shitty Hair


Kiri: I would never!


Kiri: Backing out of a deal is super unmanly!


Baku: Then I best start preparing for dinner 


Kiri: Thanks Bakugo! Your the best!


Baku: Damn right I am