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Commence Operation "Get Jirou to confess"

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Jirou and Kaminari are on their way back to the dorms, after the last exhausting lesson of the day, trigonometry.


"Jeez, why do we have to learn these things? It's not like I'm gonna need those two weird laws in order to defeat a villain"


"One would think you'd gotten a grip by now. We can't train only our quirks. We still have to learn normal high school stuff"


"Oh, so you're pulling a Yaoyorozu now? Against your best friend? I'm hurt" he feignes sorrow, earning a strong a jab on the shoulder, but he's gotten used to it by now  "You sure spend a lot of time with her, so it's only normal for you to be influenced by her" he smirks


"Shut the hell up, won't you?" she says while blushing profusely


"Anyway, come hang out in my room after dinner"


"If I really have to" 


"You won't regret it" she rolls her eyes at his thumbs up


Once they reach the dorms, Jirou heads to her room, while Kaminari lies down on the couch and pulls out his phone.


He starts typing


-Yo mighty Strawberry. The target took the bait. First phase was a success-


-Perfect, mighty Thor. See you after dinner-


Everything's going according to Mina's plan.

You're in our capable hands.

Don't worry, Jirou, w e're gonna get you a girlfriend.

And we're gonna do it tonight.






As she promised, Jirou heads to Kaminari's room after dinner.

She doesn't even knock, before going in.

When she opens the door, she finds Sero, Kaminari, Kirishima and Mina sitting on the floor, while Bakugou lies back on the bed, playing Nintendo.


"Oh fuck, did I get caught up in a Bakusquad's reunion?" she acts annoyed, but she doesn't really mind.


They're not that bad, I guess

But she would never admit it out loud.


"Actually no. This is a convince Jirou to confess reunion" Mina says grinning widely


"Oh hell no. I'm not doing this. Bye" she turns around, tring to escape from that situation, but she finds herself imprisoned by Sero's tape "C'mon. Seriously? That wasn't necessary"


Mina puts her hands on Jirou's shoulders and forces her to sit down.


"Listen Jirou, sweetie. We're doing this for you. Each one of us is going to present their argument as to why you have to confess your love to your pretty obvious to everyone by now crush. I'll go first"


The pink haired girl clears her throat and starts talking.


"I believe I understand how you feel.

You think it's too dangerous to tell her.

You're afraid of being rejected and jeopardizing your friendship.

You try to ward off the thought of her reciprocating your feelings in any way you can.

You refuse to even think about it, to give yourself a chance.

I get it, you don't want to get your hopes up. But this is getting ridiculous.

Everyone can see there's something between you two. Hell, even Bakugou can" Jirou glances at him, only to hear him grunting in response

"Trust me, she's just as crazy about you as you are about her.

And now I'm going to expose her for the sake of my ship, since you both refuse to make the first move. Hopefully, she'll forgive me" 


Mina seems to ponder about it, as if she's asking herself if she really should, but then decides to spill the beans, or, as she would say, the tea


"So, about two weeks ago, when you felt too grumpy, emo and miserable to join us during girl's night, we were chatting and the conversation shifted on who we would like to kiss in the class. Each of us said one of the boys, but she just randomly blurted out your name"


That got everybody's attention, even Bakugou's.














"C'mon girls, spill the tea. I want to know who would you kiss among our classmates" Mina said smirking


"Why don't you start since you're the one that came up with this idea?" Hagakure shot back


"Okay okay, I guess I'll go first. Please don't mock me, but, personally, I'd kiss IIda. I kinda like the innocent, nerdy aura around him. Tooru, your turn" 


"Fine. Call me crazy, but I'm really curious about Bakugou. Like, would he be rough as his personality or would he be sweet?" all the girls laughed at the mere thought of the words Bakugou and sweet in the same sentence


"I don't feel that way about anyone, kero" Tsuyu admitted


"C'mon, Tsuyu. Not even one little crush?" Mina tried to pry in the girl's love life, but failed


"Well, you already know who I would kiss, eh eh" Uraraka said, stroking the back of her neck, blushing furiously "What about you, Yaoyorozu?"


Momo was deep in thoughts, staring at the floor with a strand of hair in her hand.

She took a few seconds to reply


"I would totally kiss Jirou.

I mean, she comes off as the I hate everyone type of person, but she's really sweet and kind to me, I still don't know why.

I think she's the sentimental and romantic type, even though she tries to hide it under her cold demeanor.

But she would take you on cute picnic dates, she would be the one to plan everything and she would want it to be perfect.

She's the kind of person that would take you out to see the sunset or to go stargazing and look at you the whole time, as if you were the most beautiful thing out there, like you deserved more attention than the sun, the moon and the stars altogether.

Then, she would come closer and lean in, slowly, to give you the time to back off, because she's such a gentlewoman.

But you would lean in too, because, well, why wouldn't you?

She has always been so caring and protective towards you.

I think her lips would be soft, like the inner part of a petal and you would be surprised at first, but then, thinking about it, it's Jirou we're talking about"


Momo's eyes rose up from the floor and found all the girls staring at her with wide eyes (Hagakure was probably doing the same)


The sudden realization of what she said made her face flush a deep red.


"Wow" Mina was speechless


"I-I'm sorry... I-I kind of rambled" Momo said stuttering, fidgeting with her fingers






End of flashback







Everyone but Bakugou, who's still deeply focused on his game, is shocked, wide eyes and mouth agape.


Jirou's face quickly becomes the same shade as Kirishima's hair.


"D-did she seriously say all of that?"


"I swear on my favourite pair of shoes. She spoke like it wasn't the first time she daydreamed about kissing you" 


"You betcha that wasn't the first time. She wouldn't be the only one to have done that" Kaminari said, smirking 


"Well, I don't think there's anything else I can add to be more convincing" Sero says, passing the torch to Jirou's best friend


"I just want to say that, when you're older, you'll regret not telling her now. We're almost at the end of our first year and so many things have happened. We risked our lives so many times. We never know what will happen tomorrow. So you better not waste your time, dude" Kirishima nods


"Bakugou, what do you say?" Mina calls out to the boy lying on the bed


"Tsk, just snog the fuck out of her, headphones. I don't care"


"Yeah, well, I'm trying, but someone tied me up" Jirou glances angrily at Sero


"Sorry about that. We had to make sure you wouldn't escape" he says as he unties her


The victim stands up and starts leaving.


"Where are you going?" they all asked in unison


"I'm going to tell Momo what I feel, before I change my mind" 




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As she closes the door of Kaminari's room, Jirou hears her friends share a high five and that makes her smile.


I should thank them, later.

If she doesn't reject me...


The purple haired girl makes her way to the 5th floor while pondering about what she's about to do.

She keeps replaying in her head what her friends told her.


I don't want to waste any more time.

Also, I can't hold it in, I can't control this feeling any longer.

This crush isn't just a crush by now.

It's something bigger.

And if there's even the slightest possibility that she likes me back, I need to take the leap and own up.

I have to.






And there she is, in front of her best friend's room.


"Dammit, I must be crazy"


She takes a deep breath and knocks.


"Uhm, Momo, it's me"


Jirou hears fumbling on the other side of the door, as if the other girl was tidying up.


She really can't help it, uh?


She giggles thinking about how Momo wants everything to be perfect, even in front of her best friend.


"You can come in now, Jirou"


She tightens her grip on the doorknob before entering.


And there she is:


Yaoyorozu Momo, with her red, elegant, silky pj.

Her hair down, giving Jirou the usual fond and wide smile, prettier than ever.


The wind gets the wind knocked out of Jirou.

The view astounds her, as if she hadn't already seen Momo in sleepwear.

Maybe the awareness of what she's about to do, amplifies the feelings she has for the raven haired girl, in the same exact way she can amplify her heartbeat.

If she had to do that now, she thinks se would probably tear down the whole building, considering her current heartrate.


She stands at the door frame for 5 seconds straight before snapping back to reality.


"Is everything alright?" usual sweet Momo


"Y-yeah, yeah, I hope I didn't interrupt anything. Were you going to bed? I can come back tomorrow, if now is not a good time"


Why the hell do I feel like short-circuited Kaminari, when she's nearby?



Momo giggles at her rambling


"No, don't worry. I was just reading. I don't mind the company"


The taller girl sits down on the bed, with her back on the headboard.

She pats the empy spot beside her, signaling Jirou to sit down, but the smaller one decides to take a seat in front of her crush.


"I actually wanted to talk to you about something"


Her voice comes out shaky, panic starting to take over her.

Her heart, which started to beat fast as soon as she left Kaminari's room, now's threatening to jump out of her chest.

Jirou has to take a deep breath and close her eyes, to avoid having a heart attack right in front of the girl she's trying to confess to.

She looks down at her own fingers and starts playing with the sheets.


"Then spill the tea. That's how the saying goes, right? Mina's updating me on the latest internet vocabulary"


Even in her nerve-racking position, Jirou manages to let out a chuckle.


Damn you, Yaoyorozu Momo, for being so adorable.


Another deep breath


"You're my best friend, Momo.

You make me feel safe, at ease, special and comfortable like no other.

You bring out a different, better side of me.

When you're near, I'm always in a good mood.

You started to mean so much to me so quickly.

And believe me when I say I tried to stop this... this knot in my chest that shows up whenever I'm around you.

I don't feel any butterfly in my stomach... there's a freaking tornado there.

But I couldn't do anything about it.

This feeling just grew and grew and I risk having a stroke basically every time you look at me.

For once in my life, my mind and my heart are not fighting.

I'm not confused or indecisive, like I was when I had to decide whether to become a hero or a musician.

I know what I want.

And I want you, Momo"


Jirou exhales before carrying on, the tears already starting to reveal in the corners of her eyes


"I'm really sorry.

I had to get it off my chest.

I couldn't hide it very well anyway"


Momo, as the well-mannered girl she is, waits for Jirou to finish before leaning in and taking the other girl's lips in hers.


All the noises around them suddenly vanish.

Almost like they are the only ones in the world.

The planet just shut off, it stops turning to give them the time they deserve for that so greatly desidered kiss.

All the two girls can hear is their hearts quicken at a dangerously fast pace.

But they don't care.

Both would be more than happy to die in this way.


The kiss is tender and slow but full of affection, love and words never spoken.

It's everything the two have wished, hoped and dreamed for.


Reluctantly, Momo and Jirou pull away, but stay a few inches close, forehead resting against forehead.


"S-so... how was it?" Momo asks, insecure, in a shaky breath


Jirou presses both hands to Momo's hot, reddened cheeks.


"Absolutely perfect" she smiles and gives her another peck "But in your fantasies I was the one to lean in, right?"


The smaller one realizes too late what she said and can't stop Momo from pulling away.


Oh god, why can't I keep my mouth shut?


"What d-do you m-mean?" the taller girl barely lets out in a stutter, all flustered and blushing, both for the kiss and Jirou's words


"Well, you see, Mina might have told me something about how you imagined kissing me. But she only did it to convince to come here and tell you how much I'm in love with you" 


She tries to say the L word in order to covince Momo to come closer and kiss her again, but the taller girl doesn't dare to look in her direction.


"You're not the only one, you know? I lost count of the times I daydreamed about kissing you. But none was as good as the real thing"


"Really? You did?" the raven haired girl aks while fidgeting with the sheets


"You can bet on it" Jirou admits laughing "I couldn't help it. Your lips are so damn inviting"


The smaller girl stares at her best friend's lips, unapologetically


"Then come here and kiss me" Momo manages to confidently blurt out and starts staring at Jirou, eager to taste those lips again while biting her own.


Jirou notices the look in her best friend's face and she makes a show of slowly getting closer, teasingly.

Until Momo decides she can't wait anymore and crashes their lips together.


The seconds kiss is less timid, far more passionate.

They kiss like they have to make up for all the time they lost wondering if the other liked them back.

Like they're finally complete, two halves of a whole finally combined.


They kiss for what feels like hours, but really it's only a few minutes.

They take a break from all the enthusiastic kissing.

They press their foreheads together, not wanting to pull away the slightest bit.


"I'm going to kill Mina" Jirou giggles at Momo's words


"I think we should thank her instead" Momo feels the other's hand on her cheek and leans in, nodding


"Maybe you're right. But I'm going to kill her first"


The two laugh again, finally happy to fully enjoy each other's presence.





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After a few minutes of exploring each other's mouths and getting to learn new things about one another (for example the way Momo moans when Jirou bites her bottom lip or the way the latter almost purrs when the taller girl holds and scratches her nape), Momo pulls away with a shaky "Wait"


"Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?" one could sense the concern in her voice


"No no, everything's perfect. But I wanted to express my feelings too, if you don't mind"


"Not at all, go on" Jirou says, giving her a reassuring smile


The smaller girl sits in front of her probably girlfriend? and gets ready to listen.



Momo, not daring to look Jirou straight in the eye, starts talking and gesticulating, like she does when she's venting about a book she just finished reading.


God, is it possible to be this cute?

I think it should be illegal.

It's really dangerous, for my heart especially.

Pay attention to what she's saying, idiot.



"I just wanted to get this off my chest, because you opened you heart to me and told me what you felt and yes, the kiss was pretty much an answer, but I need to say something else.

I wanted to tell you that I've never felt like this before.

I've had crushes and all, but this, us, it's different.

It's so much more intense.

I didn't even understand what IT  really was until the girls started saying things like you have it bad, you're in deep, after I rambled about kissing you.

So they had to open my eyes, because I really didn't understand until that moment.

And I had to come to terms with my feelings.

I didn't realize that you were more than a friend until that night.

All my daydreams were totally normal to me, as if every person costantly thinks about their friend and in such a way.

Since that conversation, I started noticing the way my body reacts to the simple things you do.

How my skin burns when you unintentionally brush my arm, while studying together.

The way my heart jumps in my chest when you call out to me or touch me.

How I look absolutely idiotic staring at you when you laugh.

How you're the only one who flusters me enough to not be able to form a coherent sentence or make me speechless.

Or how I'd be willing to watch you doing literally anything for hours, without ever getting tired of blatantly staring at you"



Momo' words get cut off by Jirou, who suddenly hides her face in the crook of the taller's girl neck


"Is everything alright? Is this too much?"


"No it's just that you're stupidly cute and the way you're rambling makes me want to kiss the hell out of you, but I don't want to be rude and interrupt you"


Momo starts laughing, hugging the smaller girl tightly at the same time.


"I'am almost done, I promise. Then we can go back to kissing"


"Mh, okay" Jirou says, her voice muffled


"Well, I..." Momo decides to not waste any more time and get to the point, since Jirou's not the only one who wants to get back to making out "You make me extremely happy, Kyouka, and I'd be even happier if you would accept to be my girlfriend"


The purple haired girl shifted and faced the other girl


"Who would be so foolish to tell you no?" the taller girl seems puzzled and kind of anxious "Oh, Momo, of course yes. I'd come back from the dead to tell you yes again and again"


Jirou notices that the other girl was on the verge of crying, so she takes her in her arms.


"Momo, were you really worried I could say no to that after I told you I'm in love with you and we made out for like 10 minutes?"


The raven haired girl blushed at her stupidity


"I don't know. Mybe you weren't ready for a relationship" she says, caressing her now girlfriend's cheek, but not looking at her, still flustered and embarassed


"You're an idiot, but you're my idiot"


Jirou closes the space between them, ready for another make out session, one of many.