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Dabi walked, hands in pockets, to the beach. As he reached the sand he discarded his shoes and rolled up his pant legs. The aand slid between his toes as he walked towards the ocean. The sun was dipping low on the horizon casting orange and pink hues over the ocean waves. He closed his eyes and soaked in the sun. He glanced up and down the empty beach before taking off his jacket, revealing more scarred skin, and sitting in the sand. The ocean washed over his feet and he curled his toes into the sand. There he sat as the sun dipped lower, he didn't move iluntil the sun disappeared and the stars took its place. The moon hung in the sky, a cheshire grin. Dabi sighed and stood up; he would be here soon. He heard the rush of wind and the flapping of wings. He felt sand fly up and hit his arms and back. Causing him to turn around with a small smirk.

"Hey, birdman," his smile fell as he saw the look on Hawks' face.

"The time has come, I'm flying away," Hawks face was slightly sad but resigned, "I dont, I don't know what to say."

Dabi stepped towards hawks, reaching for him. His wings curled around his body.

His next words were whispered "although I'll be out of sight dear know I'll be right here." Although the words were whispered they were clearly strained. Dabi hesitated, he was never one to comfort somebody, but this was Hawks. He stepped forward slowly and held out his arms. Hawks collapsed against him, trying to chuckle but only succeeding at what sounded like a whimper.

His voice came out slightly stronger, "when you look to the night skies," Hawks looked at the sky above them, "don't think of goodbyes." He pleaded.

Dabi stroked his scarred fingers through hawks wings, "thank you for teaching me lessons," a tear slid down his cheek," thank you for listening to mine."

The taller man rest his chin on hawks head and bit back a sob. An outsider would have thought he was angry, but that was simply the easiest emotion for him to show in the moment.

Hawks managed a weak chuckle into dabis chest, "don't be scared, you'll be fine."

Dabi grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away gently, so he could see his face. His face was wet with tears.


"No you can't come with me."


Hawks voice broke, "I wish I could."

He managed another small smile, "I'd stay if I could, but the universe won't let me."

Dabi aggressively wiped some tears off his face, hoping to put on a facade of anger he shoved hawks away. It was a sad excuse for a shove, the intent was there, but the strength, the strength didn't follow through.

"No! You cant leave me like everyone else." The facade was broken when his voice cracked at the end.

Hawks stumbled back, despite the lack of strength, and pushed his wings out to prevent himself from falling over. He let out a sigh and wrapped his arms around himself. His wings dragged through the sand as  he took a few tentative steps forward, unsure, testing. When Dabi failed to react and instead kicked at the sand with his foot, Hawks moved closer and hooked Dabi's forearms, pulling him closer. One hand let go and he caressed dabis scarred jaw, his thumb ran over the staples gently.

"Please be good, don't you forget me."

Dabi leaned down pressing his forehead to hawks.

"Although I'll be out of sight, dear," his hand ran down dabi's neck to rest on his chest, right over his heart, "know I'll be right here, right here forever."

Dabis voice came slightly above a whisper, shaky, "and when i look to the night skies, I won't think of goodbyes," his voice cracked, "I'll think how you're right here."

Dabi brought his hand to rest on hawks' hand his pale and purple flesh creating a stark contrast. Tears fell leaving dots on their shirts and the sand below them. Dabi felt the presence of hawks wings around him, he wasn't sure when they got there but a sob escaped his body. He would never feel them again. Hawks lifted Dabi's chin and started gently wiping away his tears with his thumbs. Occasionally brushing over his staples. As more tears fell he placed small kisses on each tear. Stopping them with his lips. He put his forefinger under Dabi's chin and placed a small kiss on the taller man's lips. He pulled away and examined Dabi's bright blue eyes stark against dark scars and dark hair. He could not understand how a hero like him and a villain like dabi ended up like this. How had someone so corrupted with hatred come to be his most trusted friend, and then more.

Meanwhile, Dabi was trying to memorize every aspect of hawks, every crinkle every imperfection. He burned into his retinas the color of his eyes and the way his hair was so perfectly messy. He placed a soft hand against hawks cheek, his staples slightly brushing his jaw and cheek. Hawks leaned his head into the touch, closing his eyes softly and taking a deep breath. Dabi attempted to dedicate the image to memory, if he was going to remember Hawks he wanted to atleast remember this. He wanted to remember the times Hawks made the world a little more bearable, the times Hawks made him smile so much his staples stretched and tore his skin. Hawks sighed softly, his wings protecting them from the outside world.

"Dont think of goodbyes."

The words pulled Dabi from his thoughts and only succeeded at eliciting more tears from both men, but Dabi's face had gone cold. Hawks hated it but he understood.

Hawks went to pull away but Dabi grabbed his arm and shook his head. Hawks gave a small smile and stood there a few moments longer, but he knew he would have to leave soon.

He gave Dabi a final kiss and they let go.

Dabi's hand fell to his side, Hawks' wings spread out wide, he could feel a light breeze run through the feathers, he rolled his shoulders and enjoyed the moment of bliss. He passed by Dabi their arms, hips and shoulders lightly grazing eachother as they shared a final glance. A glance that said so many things, but mostly I love you. With a few more steps Hawks pushed off the ground and shot into the sky. A silhouette of his wings appeared on the sliver of the moon that was left.

And then he was gone.