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Hecate's Chosen, The Other Potter

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Charlus Potter, and Abraxus Malfoy were staring out the window, watching Lucius help Carina onto a children's broom. She was trying to sit side saddle, much to Lucius' dismay. Charlus snorted at the look of indignation on his little face.

"Carina had a vision a few weeks ago. She and Lucius were married, and had twin sons, and a daughter." Charlus said, looking conflicted.

Abraxus raised an eyebrow. "Really? There hasn't been a set of Malfoy twins in over two hundred years! A daughter, though? The last was over four hundred years ago!" He said, a faint, hopeful tone in his voice.

The two men watched bemusedly, as Lucius showed Carina how to grip the broom handle.

"Yes. Altair and Draco she said. Daughter's name was Celeste. The Black naming customs seemed to carry over. Potters' name after Kings and Queens. You name after Emperors, or some such, correct?" Charlus asked.

"Yes. He must love her very much, to let her name his Heir." Abraxus said.

He contemplated for a moment, then decided to broach the subject with Charlus.

"This situation with the Dark Lord, and Prewitt dying, has me concerned for the future. I want to secure the Malfoy bloodline, and legacy as securely as possible. Would you be amenable to a Marriage Contract between our houses? As you know, the House of Malfoy is not as old as the Potter name. However, we hold much influence, politically. We are also the richest, next to the Blacks. It would be a fine match." Abraxus said, sipping some tea that a House Elf just brought.

Charlus hummed, thinking of the current situation. Whatever was going on with Dumbledore was almost more concerning than the so-called Dark Lord! (To him at least.) He wouldn't put it past Albus to try to take control of Carina and James, if something happened to the adult Potters. He would do anything to prevent that. Marriage Contracts were one way to protect Carina. He just wished it wasn't necessary.

"If I had a galleon for every Marriage Contract request I have received, I would be as rich as you, I think." Charlus said, wryly. "I had wanted to wait until Hogwarts age to think about it. I was hoping she could find love with a suitable match on her own. The current situation has changed that, however." Charlus said, taking a bite of strawberry tart. Tea at the Malfoys was always excellent.

Abraxus huffed. "Who else are you giving serious consideration to? If Carina has seen Lucius and her together and happy, isn't it inevitable?" He asked.

"Kiefer Shacklebolt has expressed an interest for his son, Kingsley. His cousin, Omar Shafiq, has put out feelers as well. His nephew Ameer is a few years older than Carina. There have been others as well, but we are hoping to unite with a family we have not joined with for generations, to diversify the blood. You are also on that list, as there has not been a Malfoy, Potter union in a very long time. I think a Malfoy married a Peverell sometime in the Sixteenth Century, but that is all." Charlus said.

"I have agreed to a meeting between the Shacklebolts, Shafiqs, and ourselves in two weeks. You are welcome to join us. The future changes all the time, with every decision made. I will finalize a Marriage Contract for Carina before the end of the year." He said, closing the subject.

Abraxus sighed. "My Wife would also like us to consider the daughters of Cygnus Black. She adores Carina, but she does not want to put all our hopes into one girl, before a Contract is made."

"Belladonna is an astute woman, Abraxus. I believe Bellatrix, the second daughter is being seriously considered by the Lestranges. The eldest, Andromeda, is a sweet child, but a little wild. She is always questioning authority. Your best option there, may be Narcissa. She is two years younger than Lucius and Carina." Charlus said, musingly.

"However, I believe we could come to an agreement, if you are willing to be flexible." He said.

"Flexible, how?" Abraxus asked. He settled down in his arm chair, expecting a long discussion.

"Good job, Carina! You fly like bird!" Lucius said, excitedly. He had a small lisp, and it was coming out strongly today. "You could be on the quidditch team at Hogwarts! We could play together!" He said.

Carina's face fell. She knew that would never happen. "I'm not allowed to play in public. It isn't 'suitable for a young Lady'." She said, sadly.

Lucius looked indignant. "That's not fair!  If you can play good, you should be able to do it. Even if you are a girl." He said, stomping his foot.

Carina smiled brilliantly at him. "I know! But the uniform is not proper, and I could hurt myself. At least that's what Mother says. I can only play in private."

Lucius pursed his lips, thinking hard. "Well, you can marry me, and I'll let you do whatever you fancy!" He said, proud of his solution.

Carina smiled at him, as they ventured over to the veranda for Tea. "Oh, Lucius! Our father's will decide who we marry. Well, at least mine will. Maybe if we tell them we want to get married, they will let us?"  She said, unsurely.

Lucius' mother was seated at the table, chaperoning. She thought their conversation was adorable, if a little sad 

They sat quietly for a few minutes, drinking lemonade, and eating small sandwiches and cakes. Carina nibbled on a small cake, giving Lucius and idea. He moved his chair closer to her, watching his mother from the corner of his eye. She pretended to be absorbed in her book.

"Father told me I could never take a Maidens first kiss, unless we are gonna marry." He whispered loudly to Carina. "If we kiss, we hafta get married. It's the Law." Lucius said, with all the logic and seriousness a five year old can muster.

Carina started slightly. "Won't we get in trouble?" She asked, wringing her hands. "I don't know what a maiden is, Lucius. How do we know if I am one?"

Lucius nodded, trying to sound wise. "Oh, you are. It's a Pureblood girl that isn't married." He said, gravely.

Lucius really liked Carina. She was nice, and wasn't a crybaby like Primrose Parkinson. She didn't make him play 'tea parties' like Mallory Abott. He didn't want to be stuck with a ninny his entire life! Marriage was forever, and it was best to find someone you got along with, according to his father.

Belladonna Malfoy was amused by the conversation she was hearing, but maybe it was time to intervene? She looked up, just in time to see Lucius grab Carina's cheeks, and smash their lips together.

A bright light flashed, causing her to shut her eyes, quickly, gasping. As she reopened them, she saw Lucius and Carina floating three feet in the air, surrounded by a golden aura. Her jaw dropped, and she screamed.

Charlus and Abraxus had come running. They had seen a brilliant flash of light, and ran outside to see what was happening. They heard Belladonna scream, and arrived just in time to see the children settle, unconscious in the brick veranda.

"What happened?" Both men yelled, running towards the children.

"Lucius kissed Carina. They are Soul Bonded." Belladonna said, breathlessly.

Soul Bonds were really rare, and considered a Blessing from Mother Magic, Herself. This was an auspicious day for the Houses of Malfoy and Potter.

Charlus looked at his baby, his little girl, who was as good, or better than married now. His princess, his miracle child- and promptly fainted.

Abraxus looked at the mess around him, and sighed heartily. He should be used to outrageous situations. Being friends with a Potter, it was bound to happen. He looked up to the Heavens, looking for strength.

"Floo Healer Abbott, Bella. We need to check the children." He said.

As his shocked wife ran off to do that, Abraxus enervated Charlus. He came to with a gasp, and rushed over to the children.

"I guess that Marriage Contract is redundant at this point, Abraxus. However, I will be talking to your Heir about his ungentlemanly behavior, later." He said, a distinct chill in his voice.

"Of course, Charlus. I expected nothing less." Abraxus said. Everyone knew, if Charlus was anything, he was an overprotective father.

On the Brightside, at least they secured the Potter girl for his son.

Nothing but the best for a Malfoy.