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Do you even lift?

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Izuku lifted his foot onto the bench so he could tie his shoes. He was getting ready in the gym changing rooms, preparing for another vigorous workout. His mind began to wander, distracted by the latest comic book issue of The Adventures of All Might !

He had been reading it on the way here, and was nearly brought to tears! The worst part was that he was left on a cliffhanger as one of the school students had been kidnapped by the villains! 

All Might’s protégé had been devastated, the kidnapped student was his best friend and possible love interest! Although the latter was a highly debated argument within the comic community because some people thought the female lead would end up with All Might’s protégé or a different boy in the class. 

Izuku liked all the pairings in the series really, but leaned more towards the best friend, mainly because it reminded him of his own relationship with his Alpha, Kacchan. They had been friends, (though the term was used very loosely throughout middle school) since childhood. 

But that was beside the point! 

All Might hadn’t been around to save his student who was now in the hands of the biggest and worst villain of the series! The student was going to be okay, wasn’t he? They wouldn’t just kill him… Right? He can’t think that way! Izuku shook his head, trying to rid himself of the negative thoughts. All Might was going to appear to save the kid, he was the main hero after all! Yeah, he’ll appear and kick the bad guys’ asses straight to jail!

Oh God, he couldn’t wait to discuss this volume with Kacchan later. Hopefully, he wouldn’t get all emotional or Kacchan would probably start mocking him and teasing him for getting so worked up over a fictional character. 

It was hard, okay?! He got easily attached to people even though they were fictional. For example, there was once a side character who never had much luck and had a terrible backstory. It had pulled at Izuku’s heartstrings and he started rooting for the character who slowly turned from series punching bag to someone who got more respect within the fandom. Then, just when everything was looking up, they killed them off! 

Izuku had been heartbroken and cried for nearly two days straight to the point, not even his Alpha could calm him down. So yes, when he said attached to people, he really did get attached. Kacchan never let him live it down. Izuku doubted he ever would since Kacchan said it just confirmed his status as a nerd. 

Firstly, rude , despite how accurate it was. Secondly, his Alpha was just as much of a nerd as him with his collection of mint condition comics that he denied the existence of.

Next week’s issue couldn’t come quickly enough. It better not end like this week’s or he swears he’ll-

“Hey,” an unfamiliar voice cut through Izuku’s mental rambling, making him realize how long he had been standing there and most likely staring down at his shoes. Oh God, he must have looked like such an idiot, especially if he was muttering out loud too! 

He looked up to the source of the voice, and his eyes met a well built, albeit pretty normal looking guy in gym gear. If his sweat and stench were anything to go by, he had probably just finished his workout. Despite him being on the other side of the locker room, Izuku could smell his undeniably potent Alpha scent. The smell made Izuku scrunch up his nose.

It was common knowledge everyone liked different scents. So while one person-lets say an Alpha-could have one of the most attractive scents, smelling of everything delicious and drool-worthy to the majority, there were still people, particularly Omegas, who wouldn’t be able to stand it. 

Omega noses were more sensitive than any of the other subgenders, especially when it came to Alphas and even more so when the Omega was mated. Izuku ticked both boxes: Omega and mated.

It didn’t mean the person was a bad person or something, it just meant if someone didn’t like their scent it was hard to be around them for too long. In this case, Izuku wanted nothing more than to hightail it out of the changing rooms.

“Hi,” Izuku replied politely. He hoped that was all the man wanted. Maybe the guy was just being a good citizen and checking if Izuku was okay or something since he had been staring at the wall for God knows how long.

“You’re an Omega, right?”

Or not.

This guy started oozing out his Alpha pheromones like it was going out of fashion. Sweating was one thing, you couldn’t control that, but this guy was purposely pushing out his scent. Which, as previously stated, was only making Izuku want to get the hell out of there, and that was probably the opposite effect of what the Alpha was after.

“Yes…” Izuku replied warily.

“Thought so,” the Alpha smirked. “You smell nice.”

Izuku resisted the urge to release a sigh and focused back on tying his shoes. “Thanks, I guess…”

Honestly, was this shit really happening again? Now don’t get Izuku wrong, he had nothing against Alphas and didn’t judge people solely based on their secondary genders. In fact, the majority of his friends were Alphas and he loved them all from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t stand for stereotypes, it was just wrong.

However-a big, bold however -this was the third time this week he was hit on by an Alpha while at the gym. Did he have some kind of sign on his back that said mate me or something that he didn’t know about? Because he definitely hadn’t been sending out any signals or flirting with anyone.

Not that he would flirt with anyone other than his mate. Hell, he didn’t even know how to flirt! The last time he had tried to was with Kacchan using a line he had seen on Buzzfeed, “ Do you like bacon? Wanna strip?” Which the blond hadn’t understood and somehow ended with them going out food shopping instead of the amazing bed breaking sex Izuku had been aiming for. 

While he wasn’t good at flirting, he was damn good at being a tease. Yes, he had that down to a T, but the only person he would tease was his beloved mate.

Anyway , the only reason why he and Kacchan had joined this gym was because Kirishima recommended it, proclaiming it was a top tier gym with good facilities and training equipment. Plus, they accepted people no matter what their secondary gender was. He was right. Izuku was impressed and Katsuki had been as well despite pretending he hated it like usual.

Izuku had been to Omega only gym’s before and yeah, no, it was pathetic. What the hell were the owners thinking? The equipment was sparse and it was mostly floor space for people wanting to do yoga or whatever. There was one treadmill and it wasn’t very fast at that. Izuku could run at its top speed for two hours and not even break a sweat.

Yes, his new gym was great comparatively speaking, but unfortunately, not all of its occupants understood the word no.

“So, what’s a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?” the Alpha asked, leaning against the lockers trying to be smooth but failing miserably .

“I’m just here to work out like everyone else,” Izuku replied curtly.

“You sure you’re not just here to get an eyeful of some strong, toned Alphas like myself?” the Alpha said, wiggling his eyebrows and flexing his muscles as if assuming Izuzku would swoon over him just because he had a few muscles.

“Certain,” Izuku stated, rolling his eyes at the ridiculous display. “Now if you’re finished, I’d like to get on with my workout,“

“I can lift a car, you know,” the other announced.

“Nobody’s asked you to. Cars move themselves so you’ve wasted your time.” Izuku countered, no longer interested in the conversation.

“Sassy, I like it,” the Alpha said as he pushed himself off the lockers and closer to Izuku who kept a close eye on the guy as he introduced himself. “The name’s Ito.”

The Alpha’s foul scent assaulted the poor Omega’s nose. “How about we ditch this place and get a drink or something?”

“Sorry, I’m not interested.” Izuku turned him down with a blank look.

Ito pouted like a child at the rejection but regardless kept going. “Oh come on, baby, don’t be like that.”

“I’m not your baby,” Izuku scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest, unimpressed.

“Not yet.”

“Not ever.”

“Playing hard to get I see.” The Alpha smirked.

“I just said I’m not interested. How does that translate into playing hard to get?” Izuku all but shouted. This man was really starting to annoy him, causing his scent to sour slightly in frustration.

“Don’t be shy, I saw how you were looking at me,” Ito replied with another lecherous smirk. 

Izuku took a long, calming breath and tried to regain his composure because he was two seconds away from losing his shit.

“Pray tell, how I was looking at you?” he asked sarcastically.

“As if you saw something you liked,” Ito shot back like the obnoxious asshole he was.

“I think you need your eyes tested then,” Izuku snapped back, before letting out a long sigh. “Look, Ito, I’m sure you’re a great guy… deep down, somewhere, but seriously, this isn’t going to lead anywhere.”

Maybe... maybe that would finally get through to this guy’s thick Alpha head of his!

“Do you know how I got to where I was today?” Ito asked, ignoring all of the Omega’s previous statement.

“By failing your exams?” Izuku quipped.

That made Ito pause, eyebrows furrowed in anger. “The fuck?!”

Izuku just shrugged in reply, turning away to put his things into his locker and get on with his workout, away from this horrible scent. Did anyone have a bottle of Febreeze they could lend him to try and cover the smell?

“I’m actually very smart, I finished third in graduating my year,” Ito corrected, obviously not put off in the slightest by Izuku’s last remark, or the fact that he was not interested!

“Could have fooled me…” Izuku muttered to himself under his breath.

“Just give me a chance, okay?” Ito pressed again, apparently unable to admit defeat.

Was this guy missing a brain cell or two? How much more did Izuku need to do to get him to back the hell off?!

“For the hundredth time, no ,” Izuku shouted as he stuffed his things into his locker, slamming the door shut.  “I’m leaving.”

He stormed towards the exit but the foul-smelling persistent Alpha followed.

“Hey, wait!“ Ito called desperately, reaching out towards him. Izuku caught sight of the hand reflected in a mirror and spun around, batting away the offending outstretched hand.

Don’t touch me ,” he snarled. Seriously, this guy was pissing him off! Persistent, unrelenting, unwanted attempted flirting was one thing but no way was Izuku going to let this guy touch him.

“Listen-“ Ito started but was cut off by another, more welcomed voice…


Izuku perked up at the childhood nickname, his whole demeanor changing in that split second.

He knew that voice and scent anywhere!

“Kacchan?!” Izuku exclaimed happily, turning towards his mate. A happy grin spread across his face when his Alpha’s smoky, calming, blissful scent completely obliterated the other Alpha's gag-worthy one.

But wait, wasn’t his mate supposed to be at work right now?!

“What are you doing here?” Izuku asked with a confused tilt of his head. “I thought you were at work until late?”

“Got let out early,” Katsuki grunted in reply as he walked over and placed an arm around his Omega’s waist. “But I came to join you here and then we could get take out before we head home.”

Izuku smiled up at him.“ Sounds good to me.”

Their little moment, though, was ruined by the ever-so single-minded, unwavering asswipe that had been tormenting Izuku for the last ten minutes.

“Who the fuck are you?!” Ito butt in, glaring at Katsuki as if he’d just caught him cheating with his wife or something!

Katsuki’s eyes narrowed sharply as he glared back at the other Alpha. “ Eh ? I should be the one asking y ou that! Who the fuck do you think you are trying to touch my mate, you shitty extra?!”

Ito’s eyes widened at the fierce reply. “Mate?!”

Katsuki scowled back at him. “Yeah, boyfriend, partner, mate, whatever the fuck you want to call it. Deku’s mine so back the fuck off!” he growled, arm tightening possessively around his Omega’s waist, pulling his mate to closer to his side.

“You piece of Omega shit, you lead me on!” Ito shouted pointing an accusing finger at Izuku as if he’d been the one flirting and coming on to someone who clearly was not reciprocating but carried on regardless!

Izuku was goddamn fucking furious.

Now, normally he didn’t curse. He felt his mate cursed enough for both of them. He only did it out of frustration or rage and this was definitely one of those moments.

"Excuse you, first of all, I'd already stated several times that I was in fact not interested, but you didn't listen! But let’s just cover all bases in case you’ve got ba hearing or something. Here-" Izuku paused mid-rant to stick up both of his middle fingers at the shocked Alpha.

"You get it now? Fuck off. I'm not interested. I don't want you, and I never will! You have the personality of a brick wall and your scent makes me want to tear my hair out. I’m happily mated, not that it matters because even if I wasn't I don't need a knotheaded Alpha to tell me how to live! If you ever try and touch me without my permission again, I won’t hesitate to put you down, got it?”

“Fuckin’ hell, Deku,” Katsuki whistled lowly.

Katuski smirked down victoriously at his Omega. Oh, he loved when his usually relaxed and happy-go-lucky Deku lost his shit! While he hated that someone had pushed Izuku to that point, the result was glorious, magnificent and sensational. Watching his mate verbally, or even sometimes physically, rip someone to shreds was one of Katsuki’s favorite things.

Whoever said Omegas needed to be submissive and docile to be a good mate was fucking out of their mind. The only goddamn time Deku was submissive was when he was getting dicked down by him, whimpering for Katsuki to knot him. 

But hell, even then the little shit decided when he wanted to take control and ride him until they both came-which was something Katuski was not against in the slightest. He thoroughly enjoyed watching his Omega bounce sinfully up and down on his dick as he laid back and enjoyed the pleasure of Deku’s warm, tight hole. 

“He was being an unrelenting asshole!” Izuku scoffed, snapping Katsuki out of his not safe for work thoughts which Katsuki made a note to recreate them later.

The other Alpha snarled. “You think you can win a fight with me, Omega?” Any trace of the man’s previous niceness was gone and replaced with pure, unadulterated hostility.

Izuku looked the man straight in the eyes, unflinching and replied, “Yes.”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Katsuki added nonchalantly, more focused on trying to get his arousal under control. But with Deku’s sweet, delicious scent so close, mixed with the scene he just witnessed, it was near fuckin’ impossible.

Ito sneered at Izuku. “Listen to your mate, Omega, at least he has some sense.”

“I wasn’t talking about Deku,” Katsuki added in his mate's defense, not that the Omega needed defending. Deku could handle himself just fine, especially against this pointless extra.

“H-huh?!” Ito sputtered out, confused.

“Fuckin’ idiot,” Katsuki muttered rolling his eyes. “Let’s go, Deku.”

The Omega nodded and smiled at his Alpha before suggesting, “want to see who can lift the most?”

“Sure,” Katsuki agreed as his hands slipped down from Izuku’s waist to intertwine their fingers together. “But don’t start whining when I beat your ass.”

“If I recall correctly, I totally won last time, Kacchan,” Izuku shot back.

“Don’t get cocky, Deku,” Katsuki chided, making his partner roll his eyes.

“That's the pot calling the kettle black, Kacchan! I swear your head turned into the size of a blimp once you won at the wrestling match last week. I wasn't sure it’d fit back in our apartment,” Izuku quipped with a grin.

“Sassy little shit,” Katsuki mumbled before changing tactics and leaning down so his breath ghosted along Izuku’s ear causing a shudder down his mate's spine, before whispering, “but who wouldn’t get smug with their sexy ass Omega panting underneath them?”

“Kacchan!” Izuku admonished, flushing bright red and lightly slapping Katsuki’s free arm which only made the Alpha’s smirk wider.

The pair started to walk off, completely forgetting about the other Alpha in the room, too engrossed in each other to notice the guy was getting more and more agitated the longer he went ignored. Especially after they both mocked him!

Nobody mocked him and got away with it, especially not some weak ass Omega.

“Oi I’m not finished yet-“ Ito started while reaching out to grab Izuku’s arm to teach the little fucker a lesson. In the blink of an eye, his head was smashed into the floor, arm pinned painfully to his back by the full bodyweight of a person on top of him.

“AHHH!” the Alpha exclaimed in pain as he wiggled around to try and dislodge whoever the hell was on his back, but they didn’t budge. “What the fuck?!”

Ito turned his head to see his attacker. His eyes landed on the Omega glaring down at him darkly, and if looks could kill he’d be six feet under within a second.

“What the hell did I just say about touching me without my permission?” Izuku hissed furiously, twisting the guy's arm and eliciting another pained cry. “I swear if you touch, talk or even look at me again I will put your face through that wall, got it?” 

“Y-y-yes!” Ito exclaimed, desperately agreeing to anything that would get the Omega to release him! Fortunately, it did the job and Izuku released his arm and slid off. Ito rolled onto his back and sat up. The fucker was strong and scary as hell. What kind of Omega was he? Little freak!

“Good,” Izuku said as he stood by his awaiting mate. “Now go.

Ito didn’t wait to be told again. He pushed himself up and scrambled away.

Izuku took a couple of calming breaths as he watched Ito scamper around the locker room for his things before running out of the locker room.

Okay, so maybe Izuku had gone a little overboard there but, in his defense, he had told the guy explicitly not to touch him without his permission. Hopefully, this time he got the message.

“I’ve changed my mind,” Katsuki announced suddenly. Izuku glanced over at him confused.

“What do you mean, Kacchan?” 

“We’re going home,” Katsuki declared as he pulled his mate to his chest.

Izuku blinked, still confused. “Huh, why? We’ve just got here and-“

“That was hot as all hell and unless you want me to fuck you against that wall," Katuski cut him off, whispering into the shell of Deku’s ear as he jerked his thumb at the wall Izuku had previously threatened to smash the other Alpha’s face into, “then we should leave. Right now.”

Izuku’s eyes widened, suddenly smelling the scent of his partner’s arousal and feeling the familiar thick bulge pressed into his backside. Deku had to bite his lower lip to stop himself from letting out a whimper, knowing exactly how that bulge felt stuffed inside him, and oh God

He was getting wet just thinking about it! Slick slowly leaking from his ass, which he presses back against Kacchan. His mate thrust forward, growling into his ear, nipping and biting the lobe. They really needed to get out of here! This instant! 

“Y-y-yeah, let’s go K-Kacchan,” Izuku managed to stutter out, panting. They definitely shouldn’t be doing this in public!

He could feel Kacchan’s smirk against his neck. “Good choice,” the Alpha rumbled before dragging him out of the gym and back to their apartment for their own special workout.

Izuku laid in bed exhausted but happily sated. Kacchan had attacked his ass as soon as they made it back into their apartment, somehow managing to make it to their bed. Not that Izuku was against floor, door or wall sex, but he preferred the bed because that was where his very soft and comforting nest was.

The only downside was now it was slightly mussed with a few items out of place. They needed to clean themselves up and the nest, but it was totally worth the mess. Plus Kacchan was surprisingly great at aftercare.

Izuku shifted closer to Kacchan, happily nestling in his mate's arms. Kacchan pulled Deku against his chest preferring to be the big spoon.

“Oi Deku.”

“Hmmm?” Izuku hummed in reply. Katsuki muttered something into his shoulder that he didn’t quite catch. “What did you say, Kacchan?”

The blond huffed into his shoulder. “I said I love you, damn nerd.”

Izuku grinned happily, turning his head to the side and placed a small, sweet kiss on his partner’s nose. “I love you too, Kacchan."