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prompts n drabbles

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ayo this is where i’m gonna put all of my random thoughts/drabbles/prompts

if u don’t like..
- sub namjoon
- switch jungkook
- dom seokjin
- dom yoongi

then dis isn’t the right place for u sowwy 🥺 don’t comment hate pls


please be warned abt very extreme kinks!! be safe bubby

if u wanna use any of dese jus credit me thanx

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okay so 😽..
- jungkook
- big switch
- he can soft dom and hard dom what u sayin
- soft dom style: giggly daddy that laughs while he fucks his babie. super sweet and charming, will praise u until ur hiding ur face n blushing. a true paul anka stan tbh
- hard dom style: very scary sir. manhandling and force are big things for him, he adores pushing people around and flexing (literally) his strength. he’s a big exhibitionist, and pulls some dangerous shit.
- specialites: teasing, manhandling, rewards
- favorite personal kinks of his: sir kink, sadism, manhandling, exhibitionism, teasing
- he’s a rly cute sub but i don’t rly write sub jk oops-
- BUT when he subs he’s just v nonverbal n cute n whiny
- he feeds off of praise
- i see him as a sub top
- goodboy 🥺
- specialities: lapdances, hickey giving, pouting
- favorite personal kinks of his: biting (giving and receiving), praise, being watched
NOW for my babyboy
- big big big sub energy
- his subby ways rly depend on the dom he’s with
- he really loves being bratty with: JIMIN, jungkook, and jin.
- jimin: because he doesn’t even fuck him, and taehyung loves his punishments the most. jimin’s the typa dom to make you like his shoes clean and act like he doesnt wanna even be around you, and taehyung LOVES IT!!!

- jungkook: when taehyung gets bratty jungkook is the type to just talk to him real sweet n sultry like, “aww baby, you got daddy angry for his attention. adorable.” until he highkey has to submit.
- jin: as we know, boy’s got some ABS!! taehyung has a huge manhandling and muscle kink as we all know and jim is gladly there to fulfill it. jin fucks him silly!! and rough!!
- taehyung loves being obedient with: YOONGI
- yoongi is the type of dom that is so fucking intimidating you don’t want to test them. if looks could kill, we’d all be dead. the other members know it well, taehyung submits to yoongi the easiest, i don’t make the rules.
- bratty taehyung: will give you head in public type beat. hates being praised in subspace, he craves degradation and pain. big ass masochist. he’s REALLY flirtatious and extroverted.
- obedient taehyung: three words: puppy dog eyes. pouty. cries really easily, drooly. he craves touch and affection. just wants to please 🥺
- specialities: grinding, lapdances, hickey giving, smart remarks, not obeying, getting what he wants. basically being a rich bitch.
- his personal favorite kinks: MANHANDLING, DEGRADATION, HUMILIATION, PUBLIC SEX (he a hoe LMFAO jk love u bubbie)
ehem, now for the dom of the group..
- jimin is honestly so fucking scary bro.
- mean mean mean mean mean dom
- did i say mean? i think i forgot
- he’s the type of dom to condescendingly step on you with his huge black boots on, spit on you, gag you until you are crying type beat
- he’s absolutely AMAZING with punishments
- he will make you uncomfortable and shy but HE FORCES EYE CONTACT BITCH
- has a thing for ordering bigger people around and making them his bitch 👉👈
- he loves to fuck bigger subs, and make fun of how they obsess over such a tiny guy, and how they just aren’t good enough to dom
- jimin is just. mean.
- specialities: DEGRADATION!! HUMILIATION!! bruising, punishments
- his personal favorite kinks: DEGRADATION! HUMILIATION! gagging, crying, cock stepping, slapping, basically everything lmfao
now for our dumb but cute and peggable
- shy shy shy
- he prefers bottoming but can sub top sometimes
- big big big shy subby boy
- he’s an obedient baby 🥺
- easily cries
- he seems innocent til u realize, boys a COCKSLUT (love u baby)
- type of sub to hide his flushed face into the pillow and cry
- he IS jimin’s baby stfu
- loves when his doms are mean but also adores when they’re sweet
- specialities: crying, being a good boy, WHINING, SHAKING N SHUDDERING
- his personal favorite kinks: shibari, finger sucking, DEGRADATION
time for our tiniest babie
- sweet sub
- he takes care of his dom
- loves praise, doesn’t like mean doms
- loves cuddles and roses and all that jazz (haha chicago reference)
- he likes to be good 🥺👉👈
- specialities: POUTING, gripping sheets, humping, nuzzling into ur hand like a puppy 🥰🤚
- his personal favorite kinks: handcuffing, but like soft n fluffy, PRAISE, HAIR PETTING, LAP SITTING, cuddles
now, time for our fav cat
- don’t be fooled, yoongi is fucking scary.
- he knows what he’s doing
- he-
- hates brats
- scary scary scary
- just like jimin he makes you uncomfortable
- holds the arch in ur back down
- his personal favorite kinks: eye contact, BDSM, DEGRADATION, slappingn
- specialities: DEGRADATION, whips and shit, acting like he fucking hates you
- don’t be fooled his aftercare is godly
- scary and soft
- he’s so sweet but so mean
- one look and you’ve turned into putty
- he’s either really condescending or sultry sweet
- his personal favorites: MANHANDLING, praise, being a romantic fucker

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yeah okay obedient taehyung is cool but bratty taehyung and mean yoongi. that’s where it’s at wym??? - “taehyung.” yoongi’s voice was deep, almost like honey dripping down from the tip of his tongue. his arms were crossed, staring at taehyung, almost bored looking. taehyung was glaring right back at him, eyes confident and testing. taehyung looked unbothered, unbeknownst to all the consequences almost pressed like a gun to his head. taehyung’s attitude was sour, sassy and rude, to the point where it infuriated yoongi beyond his own belief. yoongi’s pristinely bleached hair was nicely trimmed, and he looked extravagant, gorgeous in taehyung’s eyes. he was dressed in his work clothes still, a broad suit coating his body. it held him tightly in all the right places, and it made taehyung lick his lips. it was almost painful the effect yoongi had on taehyung, a look melting him into a tiny puddle bellow yoongi’s feet.


 “what?” taehyung sounded like a teenager, his tone harsh and disobedient. he rolled his eyes, arms crossed. taehyung was the opposite of dolled up, bogum’s hoodie hanging off of his honey-like collarbones, the grey material making yoongi curse under his breath. yoongi was damn well possessive, and taehyung knew what he was doing when yoongi opened the door to their apartment just to find taehyung cursing under his breath as his hips shuddered into a fleshlight, sweater paws gripping to the leather cushions of their couch. it made yoongi boil in anger, snatching the thing with such audacity it almost scared taehyung.


 “explain.” were the only words that dipped out of the older’s mouth, as he looked down of taehyung seated on the couch. “i’m pretty sure y-you know damn well what’s up, yoongi.” taehyung teased, his voice velvety and smooth. taehyung’s neon blue hair was disheveled, but he still managed to look irresistible. and when taehyung didn’t get a response he just kept pushing, “what do you expect? me not to get horny after you looked so goddamn hot this morning? your ass is perky, damn.” taehyung smirked, watching yoongi flush. “god, you’re unbelievable.” was all yoongi said, eyes squinting. 

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yeah ok but bratty hoseok getting POUNDED into just to stare tf up at his dom and roll his eyes, “you aren’t doing very good”

OOOOH what abt femdom jimin getting annoyed by hoseok talking about how she’s too much of a slut for his dick n trying to sound dommy and instead of jimin jus getting fed up and fUcking that boi she just sat and said “go ahead n prove it” AND HOBI WOULD JUST CROSS HIS ARMS AND ALMOST ACCEPT DEFEATTT and min would just be like “well?” and look at him with challenging eyes and hoseok would pout and pout and pout and continue to talk about how much of a whore she is but his voice would suddenly break n he would cry n say he was sorry...he didn’t mean to be a bad boi 🥺🥺 and then minie would have this cold expression, unforgiving, “then why the hell did you even do it? pathetic.” and she would roll her eyes


yeahhh but subs namseok being completely different subs with their dom seokjin ): namjoonie in pretty white stockings and a pretty lace collar on n a white gag placed delicately between his lips, getting overwhelmed n shy n flushed from all of the praise he gets from soft n sweet seokjinnie, seokjin giving him head pats and soft degradation, being the soft dom of our DREAMS PERIODT! and then hoseok and his bratty ass glaring at the scene from a seat in the corner of the room, arms tied as he rolled his eyes, refusing to even look, but still having to hear the sweet sounds that made jealousy run through his head. he would never admit it, but he craves attention, and seokjin knew it well. hoseok all dressed up in dark lace thigh highs n his leather studded black collar accompanied by bruises all over his neck n he has an ASS TAT!! and PIERCINGS!! and he- it’d be such a look wtf. n then seokjin would stare at hoseok after hearing him mutter something under his breath. “what was that, whore?” and hoseok would have this snarky ass look on his face as he would clear his throat like “i SAID you only like namjoonie for his cock.” and the rest is history

my mind 😌

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  the brisk season of autumn and the everlasting effects, coziness, slipped into the study. the fireplace crackled and popped, the flames ablaze and lighting the room. the aura was soft, relaxed. peace and comfort was sprinkled in every nook in the room, and the pair, jimin and taehyung felt at home.


  taehyung was happily seated in jimin’s lap, soft fuzzy pink socks covering his feet, the cotton soft. he had on jimin’s sweater, big and puffed up on him, especially on the sleeves. velvet shorts held his thighs tight.


  jimin had on plaid sweatpants, the colors of orange coating jimin in the sense of autumn. jimin had on a gray shirt; form fitting and tight on him.


  taehyung was nuzzled into the crook of jimin’s neck, the scent of vanilla filling the room. taehyung’s eyes were filled with galaxies as her stared up at jimin, his one and only. jimin cheekily smirked, nipping at taehyung’s neck teasily.

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alpha joon and omega jin is such a concept. like sure sub bottom joon is obviously AMAZING and INCREDIBLY TASTY but damn..lemme just-

“oh no sweetheart what’s wrong?” jin instantly slammed his bags from work down on the table rushing up the stairs to their shared room. his work shoes clattered against the floor as joon’s sobs got louder. joon would just be wailing and his breath would but shuddering and he would hiccup like a little baby :( and poor seokjin’s heart would break over how soft and innocent his baby sounds.

and so then jin would open the door just to find namjoon rutting up into seokjin’s pillow and sniffing it ): missing his omega’s scent ): and seokjin would instantly just tear off his clothes and wipe his alpha’s tears. “sweetie did your rut come early?” he would whisper with nothing but care in his voice and joon would just nod, so tied up into the intoxicating scent of peaches and cinnamon.

and then soon enough joon would have his hips stuttering into jin’s hole ): and he’d be SO shaky and he’d whimper little things like, “is this good jinnie?” and he would just bury his head into his omega’s shoulders as he cried and as jin played with his hair. )))):

oof...but subbottom joon and domtop jin...



joon all dressed up for jin, pretty, pearly stockings on his beautifully tan, peachy skin. his thighs would be so big that it’d be like with anime girls when they wear their stockings ): his thigh would kinda overflow over the fabric ): yknow? and a nice pretty white collar and leash on his neck )))))):

and jin fucking him rough and shoving his fingers in his mouth as joon took it all, jin harshly pulling at his leash as his fucked him DEEP. and jin would pivot his hips so they hit joon’s prostate EVERYTIME and joon would just cry and his moans would go SO high pitched and SO loud ): and he’d just be so cute, falling apart. and jin would just be so mean like, “you’re such a fucking painslut for hyung, eh?”



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“you gotta say it sweetheart.”


  taehyung whines at the thought familiar feeling of heat and crimson red spreading all over his face as jimin huskily proceeded to tease and tease.


  taehyung thought it was, and he sure was right. see, taehyung was touch deprived, finding himself getting worked up over the smallest touch to his olive skin. he just hated having to admit it.

 but unfortunately for taehyung, jimin loved to watch taehyung writhe and whine and hide his face, repeating, “i’m shy! y-you can’t make me do THIS minnie!” pouting and crossing his arms like a little toddler.

it was cute.


taehyung was cute.


 so here they were, lying on the couch, rain slowly puttering against the glass windows, curtains closed. tiny splatters of sunlight flooded the living room. jimin was all the way on the other side of the couch. taehyung wanted his attention, his touch.


jimin didn’t let this go unnoticed.


 he had his legs spread wide, cheeky smirk playing on his lips as he knew his words were replaying in taehyung’s mind.


you have to ask for it, prince.”


 taehyung hated “asking for it.” he hated admitting that he craves attention and needs it dearly. he was needy for touch, for praise. but he was just so..




 “baby you’re taking ten years, admit it already. my lap is lonely.” jimin fake frowned, hiding his giggle when taehyung whined consistently, hiding his maroon face. he was red all over, even down to his chest.



jimin was just too charming.


  tensions were high, even if jimin was just teasing. taehyung felt vulnerable and watched by jimin, the glint mischevious in his eyes. taehyung curled up, slowly moping his way over to jimin, pretty hands still pressed to his face. but right before he made it to his lap..


ah ah ah, taehyung.”


”tell me what you want.”


“use your words.”


  oh for fucks sake, taehyung thought. “but min-“


”tell. me.”


 taehyung’s heart skipped a beat, humiliation searing through his veins in the best possible way.


”minnie can you please..”


 he hated begging, he usually always got what he wanted. jimin wanted to prove that you have to work for things with him, he wanted to...

discipline him.


“jimin, can you please give me..hhh..”


 taehyung hiccuped.


”attention? please minnie”


 taehyung’s eyes were glassy, big and hazy as he stared up at jimin. jimin’s eyes were slowly pouring into his soul as his felt the dark glint behind them, looking away for a second.


”what kind of attention, hm pup?”


 taehyung’s breath hitched.


 taehyung melted at the pet name, brain going soft and fuzzy as he felt his cheeks redden, and he finally just sputtered out a quick, rushed sentence.


”please hhh just hug me and cuddle me and call me your baby and hhh and i don’t know just please minnie you know what i-“


 and jimin giggled, almost mockingly.


awww, if you wanted hyung’s attention that much you could’ve asked. puppy’s shy but still loves all the attention, right?”


 taehyung whined again, high pitched and humiliated. he hated being affected that much. jimin knew exactly the affect he had on him, and he craved making taehyung beg and whine for what he wants, just as much as taehyung craved the attention and humiliation. taehyung’s spoiled for sure, but jimin doesn’t let it slide.


come sit in hyung’s lap, hm?”


 but as soon as taehyung sat down, caged between jimin’s legs, jimin’s whole demeanor switched, giggling innocently.


”well hey there stranger!”


 and taehyung groaned, “minnie that was mean!”