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Talking to the River

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~Lotus Pier, Yunmeng~

Jiang Cheng "Stay firmer. Use your balance first."

Jin Ling "Huh!? What do you think I'm doing? You're the one who is using so much force. Are you trying to train me or are you trying to show off?"

Jiang Cheng's face reddened "You- Is this how you speak to your uncle? Do you want a beating?!"

Jin Ling immediately took a couple steps back, holding his sword in a defensive way. Just as he was about to answer a disciple came running towards them. His forehead was sweating and he was obviously in a hurry. He saluted them at once and whispered something to Jiang Cheng's ear. Suddenly his face changed, his brows twitched and he was surrounded by a dark aura at once. With fright, Jin Ling wanted to take even more steps back but he was too curious so he couldn't step forward or backwards and stayed where he is, unable to move.

Jiang Cheng furrowed his brows. With a low voice he asked "BaoShan SanRen? Have you confirmed?"

The disciple shook his head. Jiang Cheng fumed "You did not? He can just be a charlatan then! Why are you disturbing me with this nonsense and not confirming his words first?!"

The disciple lowered his head, somehow sweating even more he spoke "We did not know how to confirm his words. We could only think of asking him about the spesifics of BaoShan SanRen's location but he wouldn't tell!" The disciple looked down and lowered his head even more before speaking again "and even if he did tell us, there is no way for us to know if he is telling the truth or not."

Jiang Cheng sighed as if he was trying to calm himself. His left hand went to the index finger of his right hand and touched the sizzling ring. He asked "With what reason does he want to speak to me and me only?"

The disciple "He says you would only believe him if you speak to him face to face" Hearing this Jiang Cheng's eyes grew dark and the ring on his index finger sizzled even more causing both the disciple and Jin Ling to shiver slightly.

With a dark laughter Jiang Cheng spoke "Who does he think he is? He dares come to my sect and ask for me, the leader of the YunmengJiang Sect to speak to him face to face without a solid reason."

The disciple hurried "I will go and chase him out immediately."

Jiang Cheng "Stop. Who told you to go chase him out? He gave us the name of BaoShan SanRen. He is whether telling the truth or extremely stupid. I would not want to offend an immortal. He says he wants to talk to me directly because I wouldn't believe him if I didn't speak to him face to face, right? He might be somebody I know. Tell him I will meet him but I will decide whether or not to speak to him after I see his face. If I'm not satisfied he can find his way out."

The disciple nodded quickly and dissappeared towards where he came from at once. Jiang Cheng took in a deep breath and looked at Jin Ling "Todays training is over. You should practise on remaining your posture and your balance more. You will not be able to whine it's using too much force when you face a powerful creature in the future."

Jin Ling's face reddened "I do not whine! I- Uncle? What's wrong?"

Jiang Cheng was looking at something behind Jin Ling with fixed, widened eyes and a slightly opened mouth. Jin Ling looked back too. The disciple was hurriedly coming alongside with someone who wore light green clothes with a pure white ribbon tied up his left arm and hanging down slightly. It was different from the forehead ribbon the Gusulan Sect used. He had delicate features and a slender physics. He looked quite handsome and dignified. Jin Ling couldn't take his eyes off of him for quite some time. After finally moving his eyes and looking at his uncle. He saw his uncles expression changing rapidly, his mouth opening and closind as though he wanted to speak. His face shifted between white and red. He finally managed to speak "Y-You..."

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~The Cloud Recess, Gusu~

Birds were chirping and a cold breeze swept by Wei WuXian's smiling face. He was lying on the roof of Lanshi and listening to his husband lecturing the disciples calmly. Lan WangJi lectured the disciples time to time and when Wei WuXian couldn't find anything to do in his spare time he would lie on the Lanshi's roof and listen to Lan WangJi's lectures. He would not actually listen to the lecture of course, he would only listen to his husbands stern but soft voice. He often fell asleep there and Lan WangJi would carry him back to the Jingshi. That day was no different. After lying there for a while he fell asleep listening the voice of the man he loved. By the time he opened his eyes he was already carried back to the Jingshi and putted in the bed in a proper position. Lan WangJi was kneeling right next to the bed, he closed his book with a soft 'pat'. Lan WangJi "You have fallen asleep on the roof again."

Wei WuXian shifted his face closer to Lan WangJi "Hmm, is that so?"

Lan WangJi "Yes."

Wei WuXian shifted closer again, until their lips were almost touching. Feeling Lan WangJi's soft breathes mixing with his own, he spoke "It's your fault, you know?"

Lan WangJi "How can it be my fault?"

Wei WuXian "It is! It's because your voice is so smooth and gentle that it makes me want to give in to you."

Lan WangJi's face was indifferent but he suddenly got on top of him and hold his wrists, his eyes showed endurance. Pinning him to the bed, he gazed at Wei WuXian with determined but gentle eyes. He closed the distance between their lips and kissed him passionately. Wei WuXian's legs wrapped around Lan WangJi's waist obediently and he hugged Lan WangJi's neck with his free arm, trying to pull him even closer. Lan WangJi let go of his wrist and untied Wei WuXian's sash belt. Wei WuXian, hand freed, peeled Lan WangJi's clothes off as well. Tossing everything to the floor, their lips contacted once more. Tounges interwinding, Lan WangJi caressed Wei WuXian's skin tenderly and squeezed his buttocks. He put one finger in. Wei Wuxian "Mnhh~ Lan Zhan, it seems I have given in to you long time ago."

Lan WangJi, earlobes tinted bright pink "Mn."

Wei WuXian laughed, arching his neck slightly backwards. Lan WangJi siezed the oppurtunity and bit the neck Wei WuXian exposed. Wei Wuxian "Ah! Lan Zhan, you... You just love biting so much don't you?"

Lan WangJi didn't answer. Instead he looked at the bite mark he just left on the delicate skin like he was looking at a masterpiece. He kissed the mark softly before moving his lips back to the others, muffling Wei WuXian's protests. He put the second finger in, rubbing Wei WuXian's insides. Wei WuXian "Hnng, ahh HanGuang-Jun you are, nngh, so good at this"

Lan WangJi rubbed his sweet spot a little more before putting the third finger in. After the squelching sounds and Wei WuXian's moans were almost echoing in the room, Lan WangJi finally pulled out his fingers. He put one of Wei WuXian's leg over his shoulder and held the other leg from the back of his knee. His shaft touched Wei WuXian's enterence. Unable to take it any longer, he pushed his manhood inside Wei WuXian and started to thrust. Wei WuXian let out a low scream "Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, wait a second. Let me adjust! Be slower, ah!"

With one hand Lan WangJi touched Wei WuXian's lower parts. Wei WuXian tightened around Lan WangJi unconciously, his protests were interrupted. He closed his eyes, arched his back in pleasure "H- HanGuang-Jun, how can your skin always look so white and cold as snow but your palms be so warm? That doesn't make any sense, its making me go insane!"

Lan WangJi plunged in deep, his thrusts becoming faster and fiercer. Wei WuXian "Ah! Spare me, spare me! Lan Zhan, Lan Er-Gege spare me please. I will not tease you anymore so go softer, yeah?"

No matter how Wei WuXian begged, Lan WangJi didn't slowed down the slightest bit. He held Wei WuXian down and slammed for so long that his buttocks went numb. Lan WangJi's motions were so fierce that Wei WuXian's mind got hazy from both pain and pleasure. Wei WuXian "Lan Zhan, lets switch, okay? Let me... let me ride you"

Lan WangJi, not leaving Wei WuXian's insides for the slightest, picked him up and turned so that Wei WuXian sat on him. With sitting atop, Wei WuXian swallowed Lan WangJi's member even deeper. Lan WangJi cupped Wei WuXian's buttocks and squeezed, leaving behind the marks of his fingers. Wei WuXian held Lan WangJi's right hand and put it into his mouth. He nippled his fingers and licked, grinning mischiviously. Lan WangJi's brows twitched so slightly that it was almost couldn't be seen. He plunged in deeper and slammed hard inside Wei WuXian. Wei WuXian yelped "Ah! Ahh! Lan Zhan w-wait! You... Aren't you a naughty little one? With plunging in so fierce and making me scream. You know your uncles residence is close by. Do you want your uncle to hear us? Hahahahahahaha... you bad boy!"

Lan WangJi held his waist and pushed him harder, his member going in deeper, with a shady voice he spoke "Stop... talking!"

With the thrusts Wei WuXian was unable to talk any longer. His hands on Lan WangJi's chest, he moaned uncontrollably. Lan WangJi "Lower down your voice."

Wei WuXian "Like I can! Hnnmmgh- Ah! HanGuang-Jun... let me... let me come."

Lan WangJi nodded and switched again, pushing Wei WuXian down below him. He lunged a few times, rubbing Wei WuXian's manhood with his slicky hand and together they released.

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Lan QiRen was reading a scripture with knitted brows when the door was knocked. He put down the scripture and looked up as a disciple entered. The disciple saluted and said with a twisted face "Senior Lan, sect leader of YunmengJiang, sect leader of LanlingJin and a foreign disciple who says is a disciple of BaoShan SanRen has come."

Lan QiRen's furrowed his brows his eyes suprised but face indifferent. Touching his beard he spoke "BaoShan SanRen? For what reason would they come without further notice?"

Panic flashed through the disciples eyes "Sect leader of the YunmengJiang said he wished to speak with ZeWu-Jun or Hanguang-Jun and... a-and Senior Wei."

Hearing the last name Lan QiRen's expression suddenly changed, he was infuriated "He wished to speak with whom?! Where does he think he is? I am here yet he ignores me and wishes to speak with that troublemaker? Bring them to the discussion room. Inform them that ZeWu-Jun is not here and they shall speak with me first."

The disciple saluted, then hastily turned around and left as if he was afraid he would be scolded if he stayed one second longer. Lan QiRen's brows twitched, he closed his eyes and stroke his beard in an attempt to calm down. He put away the scriptures on the table and left harshly.

As he was on his way to the discussion room, with the corner of his eye he saw Lan ShiZui, Lan JingYi and his other students along with Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian. They were making jokes and laughing without a care for anything. His anger wasn't suppressed completely in the first place and seeing his precious students and his proudest disciple Lan WangJi so close to Wei WuXian, his anger growed rapidly. He stomped his feet, going towards them boiling with anger. The first one to see him was Lan JingYi. His face paled and he backed away stammering "S-S-S-S-Senior Lan!"

In an instant, all heads was turned in that way. The youngsters were terrified. They were ordered before not to speak with Wei WuXian by Lan QiRen himself! They tried to dissipate but Lan QiRen was faster. He came near them in no time. Veins popping up on his forehead, Lan QiRen turned to Lan ShiZui, Lan JingYi and the others "Have I not told you to stay away from him? Do you not care about my orders anymore? Do you not care about our sects rules? You are all grounded! If you liked this charlatan so much then you will copy the rules of our sect three times for a month like he did in the past but you will do it upside down!"

The young disciples all shivered with fright of his voice and horror of the grand punishment. Lan QiRen then looked at Lan WangJi, before finally making direct eye contact with Wei WuXian. After holding it in for so many days he finally snapped "You! Even after everything you did before, you are still messing around with my students! Don't you understand how badly you effect them?! I don't want to see you anywhere near them again! In fact, I don't want to see you anywhere near anyone. You have a bad influence over everything!"

Lan WangJi "Uncle."

Lan QiRen didn't stop for a second "You have even corrupted my proudest disciple, Lan WangJi and made him break the rules of our sect countless times. If you truly care for him, why don't you leave him alone? Can't you see how better he would've been without you?!"

Lan WangJi spoke again "Uncle!"

Wei WuXian's eyes narrowed slighly, he took a step backwards. He was expecting a scolding sooner or later but he wasn't expecting something at this rate. Thus, he wasn't prepared. After getting a grip of what just happened, he was finally able to steady himself. He smiled. Just as he was about to speak he felt a cold breeze behind his back. Upon looking at Wei WuXian's back Lan QiRen's mouth hang open. He quickly looked at Wei WuXian before fixing his eyes on his back again. He exclaimed "You...?!"

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Hearing Lan QiRen's exclamation, everyone turned around to see what was so shocking. Lan JingYi was confused, he looked at the person behind Wei WuXian and then Lan QiRen again. He didn't understand what was wrong "Senior Lan? Are you okay?"

Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi turned around as well. Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling, along with another disciple with green robes and delicate features stood behind. Lan WangJi's eyes widened, he was so shocked even he couldn't keep his composure for a moment. Wei WuXian's eyes widened as well, then narrowed again. He blinked a couple of times, making direct eye contact. The person spoke, looking at Lan QiRen with voice cold as ice "How dare you speak to him like that?! I don't care even if you are the leader of this sect, you-"

Wei WuXian hurried over and pulled his arm harshly, also gripping his wrist he exclaimed "Yang!"

Yang looked at him "But-"

Wei WuXian pulled his collar and whispered "No. Don't speak, don't make it worse than it already is, okay?"

Yang's lips twitched, but he sealed his mouth as Wei WuXian wished. Jiang Cheng spoke up "So it's true?" He hesitated then spoke again with a sharp, mocking voice "Well, it looks obvious it is though but I still want to hear you say it."

The youngsters were confused. Lan JingYi looked at ShiZui, he was about to speak when he saw ShiZui looking at that Yang person with a twisted face. He asked "Do you know him?"

Lan ShiZui "I don... I don't know. I think he is... brother Xian. I-I mean ... Wei WuXian."

Hearing this the juniors gasped with shock and confusement. JingYi  "He is Wei WuXian?!" He pointed at Wei WuXian "Then who is he?! W-wait, how do you know whether he is Wei WuXian or not?"

With a 'pfft' noice, Wei WuXian bursted with laughter. Lan WangJi ignored JingYi's last question "He is not Wei WuXian." He then tilted his head and looked at Wei WuXian with the side of his eye "But he does look almost identical."

Wei WuXian held his stomach with one hand and Lan WangJi's shoulder with the other. He nearly rolled to the ground with laughter. Finally he slowed down, about to suppress his laughter when he looked at everyones twisted and suprised faces and roared even louder this time. From laughing so hard, tears rolled down his face. He steadied himself with much difficulty and looked to the Yang persons slightly smiling face "Why did you... did you decide to visit me so suddenly?"

Hearing Wei WuXian speak with difficulty his lips curved even more. He lowered his face and looked at him under his eyelashes "I- I knew of your death seventeen years ago. But some time ago I suddenly felt your entity again. I had to come and see for myself. It took me this long to get a permission from BaoShan SanRen and prepare for my departure"

Wei WuXian laughed "Oh? It took you a year to get permission? BaoShan SanRen truly is stubborn as always, ahahahaha..."

Finally adjusting to the situation Lan QiRen fumed once more "Who do you think you are, barging in to the GusuLan sect, speaking to me so shamelessly and then ignoring me, chitchatting with that troublemaker in front of my face?!"

Yang's expression frosted and opened his mouth but before he could speak Wei WuXian touched his shoulder. He smiled at him softly then spoke up as he wanted to put an end to this miserable situation, he explained "Senior Lan, this is my twin brother, Wei Yang."

Lan QiRen's eyes showed suprise but he was still angered "Your twin brother? Who do you think you're trying to fool? If he truly is your brother then howcome I and even sect leader Jiang who has been with you ever since you were a kid doesn't know about him? What kind of a game are you playing?!"

Wei WuXian laughed again before speaking "What kind of a game could I be playing? I am only speaking the truth Senior Lan."

Wei WuXian looked at Jiang Cheng whose face twisted "Jiang Cheng doesn't know about him because Yang was taken by BaoShan SanRen before I met uncle Feingman. He was on the mountains ever since." He smiled again "I haven't seen him after that and I frankly thought I would never see him again."

Wei Yang looked down repeated "When I felt your existence once more, I had to come and see you."

Wei WuXian "How did you feel me in the first place? It's not like I was trying to reach out to you or anything."

Wei Yang looked at him with indifference "I do not need for you to reach out to me. I can feel you whenever your feelings grow stronger." He held his chest "When you died, after feeling all that pain and sorrow for so long, I felt quite empty. It went on like this until I suddenly felt your entity again last year."

Wei WuXian tilted his head "What are you talking about? I don't know any other way for one to feel the others feelings except for 'Emphaty'. How could you feel me so simply like that? You didn't perform Emphaty, did you?"

Wei Yang smiled "It was not Emphaty. Brother, before our parents died, you have always felt my feelings did you not? And I presume it stopped after they died. Well it's because I started to feel yours instead"

Wei WuXian was astonished "Y- You knew? That I... that I felt your...?"

Wei Yang "I only realized it after I felt your emotions in my mind for the first time. I thought 'oh, so this is how he always knew what I thought'. And after that I kept on feeling your emotions whenever they were strong enough."

Wei WuXian "Huuh, so that is how you recognized me with this body"

Hearing the two talk about something so fictitious Jin Ling suddenly exclaimed "How could something like that happen? Are you making fun of us?!"

Lan WangJi "... Twins telepathy"

Hearing Lan WangJi's words, even though he was still doubtful, Jin Ling was silent again. Jiang Cheng wasn't convinced either "so Wei Ying and Wei Yang? As in Ying&Yang? And we are supposed to believe all this nonsense?"

Wei Yang's lips curved upwards "Would it be persuasive enough if I said my brother took his humor after our mother?"

Jiang Cheng seemed somehow satisfied "Huuh, so thats why..."

Wei WuXian "Hey! There is nothing wrong with my humor alright!"

Lan QiRen interrupted "Lets say all that you've said is true and this is a happy family reunion. How wonderful then, you can just leave the Cloud Recess with your dear twin brother! Leave Lan WangJi here, go and never come back."

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Hearing Lan QiRen's rough words Wei Yang seemed as if he couldn't take it any longer, he opened his mouth to speak but Wei WuXian interrupted "Yes, yes. What a wonderful idea! We will leave alright. Just for the night though." He turned to Lan WangJi "Lan Zhan, is it okay if we leave for the night? Don't worry, I'll be back."

Lan WangJi "Where will you go?"

Wei WuXian "Umm not far. How about the Hunan cuisine at Caiyi town?"

Lan WangJi "I will come with you."

Wei WuXian "You don't need to. Besides, after being apart for so long, I have a lot to talk to with my little brother. You would be bored."

Lan WangJi "I would not be bored." He looked at Wei WuXian for some time, giving in he asked "When will you come back?"

Wei WuXian "Tomorrow? Probably around noon."

Wei Yang "Brother, we can just come back at night if you want to."

Lan QiRen was stern "No you can not! There is a curfew and also no one is allowed inside after nine. It is against the rules!"

Wei WuXian "You heard him! We can just stay at some inn for the night."

Wei Yang forced himself to endure that rude old man and faced his brother "Okay. When will we depart?"

Wei WuXian "How about right now? Oh no, wait! I forgot Lil' apple! Let me go get him."

With that, not giving anyone the time to say anything else, Wei WuXian turned around and rushed over to where Lil' apple was. Wei Yang was confused "Lil' apple? He is... bringing an apple with him?"

Lan JingYi "No, no. Lil' apple is a donkey. It seems he named it Lil' apple because it likes apples."

Wei Yang laughed "He really did take his humor after mother."

Lan QiRen had an annoyed look on his face "Tch, how about you take him away and leave for good? Take him to the mountains and live with BaoShan SanRen forever. Oh, but BaoShan SanRen wouldn't want him. She didn't want him before too, right? She probably took you in and casted him out in the streets. I don't blame her though, who would want a reckless, shameless troublemaker like him? She did the right thing not taking him to her home."
Wei Yang's face darkened, a black aura surrounded him. He clenched his fists, failing to calm himself down he spoke with a very low voice "You love to make presumptions, don't you? Do you really wanna know what happened? How about you come with us? Come secretly and actually hear him out for once, how about that?" He slighly raised his voice "In fact, why don't you all come?! It would be a change for you to hear what he thinks and why he does what he does."

Lan QiRen "Huh. Why would I bother myself with something so useless? I'm not interested in hearing or knowing anything about him."

Wei Yang "That is why you rant about him so easily all the time. You presumed he was not wanted by BaoShan SanRen, did you not? Then come with us and hear the real reason, how about that, huh?"

Lan QiRen turned his face to the other side "I will not come."

Wei Yang amused " Why? Are you afraid your opinion about him will change?"

Jiang Cheng interrupted "I will come. I always wondered what was going on in that thick head of his."

Jin Ling "I want to come too!"

Lan WangJi frowned "I too, will come." He then turned to look at Lan QiRen.

Feeling everyones eyes on him Lan QiRen took in a long breath. He sighed and gazed at Lan ShiZui, Lan JingYi and the others "You will stay here."

Lan ShiZui "Senior Lan, please allow me to come too. I really wish to be there."

Remembering that Lan ShiZui grew up with Wei WuXian before he came to Cloud Recess, he had no choice but to nod his had and give permission.

Lan JingYi "ShiZui and young mistress is going so I want to come too! Senior Lan please allow me to join you."

Jin Ling exclaimed with a red face "I am not a mistress!" In all the clamor, Lan QiRen was distracted and nodded his head again without giving it much thought. Another disciple spoke up "Senior Lan-"

Three veins popped at Lan QiRen's forehead at once, he growled "You will stay here!"

A braying voice was heard from afar. Looking to the side they saw Wei WuXian pulling the rein of a donkey with much force, exclaiming "Come on Lil' apple! We will come back tomorrow okay? Don't be this stubborn. The rabbits won't go anywhere. Oh, right! How about I give you an apple when we reach that Hunan place? But you have to cooperate okay. Let's go..."

Wei Yang "Wow, it really is a donkey. Brother, why are we bringing a donkey with us?"

Wei WuXian "Why? Because Lil' apple comes everywhere with me, right Lil' apple?"

Lil' apple neighed angrily and turned it's head to the side with dejection. Wei Yang laughed "Maybe you should leave it here brother. It seems annoyed."

Wei WuXian "But I worked so hard to bring him here!"

Wei Yang "Are you willing to work that hard bringing him to the Caiyi town with us?"

Wei WuXian seemed defeated, scratching his head "Maybe you are right."

The moment its rein was released, it stomped its feet and turned around, running back to where it came from. Wei WuXian looked at the cloud of dust Lil' apple left and sighed "If only it were this enthusiastic about me for once."

Lan JingYi "Why would it be enthusiastic about you? You always steal its apples."

Wei WuXian raised his hands in surrender. Wei Yang "Brother, are you ready to depart?"

Wei WuXian "Yes, yes." He turned to Lan WangJi "I'm taking your jade token."

Lan WangJi "Okay."

Wei WuXian "No need to worry for me okay? I will not stir up trouble and come back in one piece, I promise."

Lan WangJi nodded "Be careful."

Wei WuXian smiled at him and turned around "Let's go, Yang."

They left after saluting others.

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~Hunan cuisine, Caiyi town~

When they seated at a table and ordered their meals, Wei WuXian asked immidiately "Yang, how are you? How is your health?"

Wei Yang smiled "I'm fine brother. Did you not confirm it when you hold my wrist the first time you saw me?"

Wei WuXian's eyes softened "Well, I had to check. Are you finally healed completely?"

Wei Yang "I am healed. A couple years back I was still a little short breathed and drank alcohol carefully but I believe I'm fully healed now."

Wei WuXian sighed with relief and laughed "It's good to hear that we don't have to pay attention to how much we drink hahaha"

After this short chat, Wei WuXian and Wei Yang talked about trivial things during the first part of the dinner. They chatted about how food was like in where they grew up, how they like their wine and even what lessons did they hate the most. Not knowing that Lan QiRen was not in his vision but somewhere close enough to hear, Wei WuXian carelessly said "Ah, what I hated the most? Well of course I hated Senior Lan's lessons when I was studying at Gusu. They were all so long and boring. I once stirred up trouble to escape one of those boring lessons and annoyed him so much that he grounded me and made me copy the sect rules for three times! There were three thousand rules back then, it took me a month! And not to mention he assigned Lan WangJi to observe me so that I wasn't making someone else copy them for me. It really was a cruel punishment" he laughed reminiscing the good old times.

Lan QiRen however heard all his exclamations and could only whisper fumingly "Shameless!"

Wei Yang "A month?! That truly is cruel. I'm sure you deserved it though, hahahaha."

Wei WuXian flicked his shoulder "Whose side are you on? Just because you lived with BaoShan SanRen, don't think you can look down on me! You are the little brother and you will always be"

Wei Yang "But we are twins! How older than me can you be?!"

Wei WuXian snickered "A minute? Five minutes? I don't know and I don't care. I am the bigger one. If you have a problem with that you should've born sooner!"

Wei Yang frowned. Wei WuXian laughed again and then slowed down and went completely silent. Lips were still curved upwards as he spoke but his voice was solemn "He truly is to be appreciated though. He is not the sect leader but he has been in charge of everything for so long. Along with everything happening about the sect he still lectures the disciples and... and he even raised both Lan XiChen and Lan WangJi on his own. He is someone I respect deeply."

Wei Yang coughed slightly, wanting to suppress his laughter. Wei WuXian "Hey, don't laugh! I'm serious here! He may be harsh but you should respect him as well."

At the side, Lan QiRen's expression was indifferent but his face paled and his eyes showed a tint of astonishment. Without anyone seeing Lan WangJi smiled slightly looking at his loved one.

Wei Yang "Alright, alright! No need to get so worked up. It's not that I'd disrespect him or anything... as long as he knows his place."

Hearing his last words, Wei WuXian furrowed his brows, he frowned "Wei Yang! I was only joking earlier but are you truly looking down on us? I don't care whether you like him or not but he is your elder. This alone is enough for you to show him respect. I don't want to hear you say things like that again."

Wei Yang spoke honestly "I would never look down on you, brother! And I too wouldn't wish to disrespect my elder. But as I said, he is badmouthing you so much! I- I can't take it."

Wei WuXian sighed "I know that. And I also understand how you feel but that doesn't give you the right to badmouth about him in return, does it?"

Wei Yang still seamed unconvinced but didn't dare speak up again and only said "It does not."

Wei WuXian "Thats right! Besides, just so you know, even if he was a complete asshole you still can't badmouth him."

Wei Yang exclaimed "Why is that?!"

Wei WuXian "Because he is the uncle of Lan WangJi."

Wei Yang "Lan WangJi? He is the one who was beside you, right? The one you told not to worry."

Wei WuXian chuckled "Yes! The most handsome one!"

Wei Yang "... why? Who is he?"

Wei WuXian "Don't tell me you don't even recognize your own brother-in-law?"

Wei Yang first spoke carelessly "What brother-in-law?" He then looked blank as he thought about it more and the second time he spoke his voice was hazy "My brother-in-law ... My brother-in-law?! What... are- are you... m- m- married to him?"

Wei WuXian beamed "Of course! He is my husband!"

Wei Yang "Husband... but- but when we were little you always played with pretty girls and you- you brought them gifts... I never thought you would... turn out to be g-gay?"

Wei WuXian "Hahahahaha you stammered so much hahahaha... Well I never thought I would turn out to be a cut sleeve either. I still can't think of myself as one but... you know... its okay. If its Lan Zhan, I don't care whatever its called."

Seeing his brothers soft eyes, Wei Yang was astonished. He was somehow emotional, forcing a smile as he spoke "You have always cared about other people more than yourself. But for some reason I've always thought... that I was the only one you thought about so dearly. Seeing you so devoted to someone other than me... it makes me extremely happy for you but... it still slightly stings."

Wei WuXian laughed "Why are you being so emotional all of a sudden? I still do care about you deeply. Did you think I forget you just because you lived in the mountains with BaoShan SanRen?"

Wei Yang "Of course not! I only wish that we could've lived together..."
Wei WuXian "You know, Yang, it wasn't easy for me to give up on the only family I have left too. But if one of us had the chance to desert the streets, it had to be taken."

Wei Yang "I know. I am sorry. I just... I would've wanted to live with you at the mountains... If there wasn't that rule-"

Wei WuXian "But there was. BaoShan SanRen would only accept one member of the same family. We couldn't have lived there together and its not like you could've survived the streets on your own in a condition like that. The choice was rather easy to make."

Wei Yang "If only I wasn't born sick like that we-"

Wei WuXian "But you were Yang! And even if you weren't, do you think I wouldn't do the same choice? I could never let my little brother live on the streets alone could I?"

Wei Yang "I would've choose to live on the streets together with you!"

Wei WuXian finally snapped "Yang! What nonsense are you babbling about?! Living together with me on the streets? You're saying non of us should've chosen the salvation? You think if we were together we would've lived happily ever after? Do you have any idea how hard it was being on the streets?! If uncle Fengmian didn't find me I would whether become a street bagger or just end up dead at a corner! Do you think any of that would've changed if we were together? It would only double all the trouble!"

Wei WuXian used up all his breath at once, his face was red with anger. Wei Yang only saw that face a few times but it was the first time Lan QiRen and the others saw him like this. After some time, he steadied his breath and spoke in a calmer voice "This was the only way. We were extremely lucky BaoShan SanRen took you in. Make sure to show her your gratitude properly. Maybe we sould get something for you to take back to her... oh right! Speaking of it-" he searched for something in his sleeves and then exclaimed "A-ha! Found it!" He took out a long, black sword.

Chapter Text

The sword was shining glamorously.

On the side Lan JingYi was confused "Whose sword is that?"

Lan Wangji "It is his own spiritual sword, Suibian."

Lan JingYi sneered "Wait, its name is Suibian? As in Whatever? Hahahahah what a lame name"

Wei WuXian gave the sword to Wei Yang "Here, try to unsheathe it."

Wei Yang unsheathe the sword, he asked "And then what?"

Wei WuXian "Nothing. Sheathe it back. It is yours now."

Wei Yang "Mine? Why? Whose sword was it?"

Wei WuXian beamed "It was mine"

Wei Yang "Yours? Why are you giving it to me? What will you do without your sword?!" He immidiately gave the sword back in Wei WuXian's hands.

Wei WuXian "Well, I'm giving it to you because I don't need it anymore and you seem like you lack a sword."

Wei Yang "It's true that I don't have a spiritual sword right now but I can't just take yours. You may not need it in this instant but you sure will in the future!"

Wei WuXian "I guarantee you that I definately will not need it in the future."

Wei Yang "How can you not need it in the future? Are you retiring? Even if you're retiring you should still keep your sword with you brother. I can not take it."

Wei WuXian "Yang! I'm not saying I won't need it in the future because I'm retiring, I'm saying I won't need it because I can't use it anymore. Just take it, alright?"

Wei Yang finally took the sword back in his hands but he was still confused "You can not use it anymore? Why?"

Wei WuXian sighed "Well, I lost all my spiritual powers a long time ago and without spiritual powers a sword is not something so vital, is it?  It only weighes in my sleeves."

Wei Yang was awestruck "You lost your spiritual powers?! That is not... that can not... How can that be?!"

Seeing him change his sentence so many times Wei WuXian snickered "How? I lost my golden core when I was still young in my past life. It's not like one can rebuild another so I ended up losing all my spiritual powers."

Wei Yang "Brother, are you making fun of me? How can you lose your golden core?"

Wei WuXian "It's not exectly that I lost it but I gave up on it."

Wei Yang "You what? Why? How?"

Wei WuXian "Someone else needed it more than I did so I asked someone to transfer it to the others body."

Wei Yang "H- how can something like that happen?.."

Wei WuXian "How this, how that, all you say is how how how... I refuse to answer anymore!"

Wei Yang's eyes widened with realization "I remember that one time... I believe it was around twenty... twenty five years ago? I've felt a massive pain and grief. For days it lasted. And just when I was getting used to it... something... I felt something different. It felt like my internal organs were being cut apart as if I was being tortured. The pain was so unbearable that I've fallen to bed. The pain went on for two nights and a day. After that, I never felt the same ever again in my own body. Does this have anything to do with you... losing your golden core?"

Wei WuXian "Why are you still asking about these old boring stuff?"

Wei Yang "Please brother, I need to know."

Wei WuXian sighed, he spoke with a straight face "Well, before the transfusion, my sect was burned down, people so dear to me died. That must've been the pain and grief you felt before. So, yes it probably was the time I transfered my golden core. I'm sorry I made you feel that too."

Wei Yang's eyes showed horror "I always wanted to ask you about the details of my telepathic feelings but I never thought amongst them would be something with a reason like... this. If it was that bad for me, I can't imagine how bad it was for you..." thinking about it some more his eyes widened "Brother, is that the reason why you chose the crooked path?"

Hearing the last sentence, except for Lan WangJi and Jiang Cheng who already knew about this, everyone gasped with realization. They were speachless as their eyes showed utter terror.

Wei WuXian "I don't think of it as crooked, but it surely is a difficult path. A single-plank bridge I had no choice but to walk. And so, I do not need Suibian anymore. Ever since long ago I have never even carried it anywhere with me. The ironic thing is, it sealed itself after my death. So right now only you, me and Jiang Cheng can unsheathe it."

Wei Yang "Jiang Cheng?"

Wei WuXian "He's the one who came with you to the Cloud Recesses. The one with bad temper and purple clothes."

Wei Yang "Why can he unsheathe it?" He knitted his brows. After some thought he spoke carefully "... is he the one who recieved your core?"

Wei WuXian "That is correct."

Wei Yang almost screamed "Him? Why would you give up your core for somebody like him?! You should take it back!"

Wei WuXian burst out in laughter, he slapped his knee and kept on laughing for some time. "Wei Yang you... I can't take it back! The medic who made the trasfer is long since dead. Besides I wouldn't do it even if I could. I gave it away myself and I did it for a reason. He needs it more than I do."

Wei Yang "But- "

Wei WuXian "There is no but! Just take the damn sword and eat your food. Speech is forbidden when dining!”

Wei Yang "Huh? What kind of a stupid rule is that?! Besides, you too are speaking as you eat!"

Wei WuXian snickered "It's a rule of the GusuLan sect. I don't understand most of their rules either hahaha"

Wei Yang "I will not care about such a prohibition then."

Wei WuXian "Alright, alright. Are there no such rules on the mountains? I know there are 'some' rules."

Wei Yang "There are a lot of rules and prohibitions but I think they are all reasonable. Not like this 'Speech is forbidden when dining' rule."

Wei WuXian "Come now, I'm sure there is a reason behind it. Maybe someone choked when trying to speak with food in his mouth or something?"

Wei Yang "If this truly happened, then it only shows the incapability of the person, does it not? Why make it a prohibition? And you are purposely changing the subject, aren't you?"

Wei WuXian laughed "Hahahaha, it seems you've not changed one bit!"

Wei Yang lowered his head "Yes, but I see you have changed a lot brother."

Chapter Text

Wei WuXian, lips still curved upwards "Oh? Is that so? Howcome? I thought I was still the same too."

Wei Yang "You make it seem like you are, but I can see right through you brother. I can tell the difference of your smile..."

Wei WuXian's smile froze. The curve on his lips disappeared, lips becoming a straight line. Wei Yang looked down for some time, then gathering up all his courage he looked at his brothers eyes "Brother Ying... mother was... she was wrong."

Wei WuXian warned "Yang."

Wei Yang "She was wrong brother! I can see it in your eyes that you are still holding on to that promise. You must stop! Break the promise and-"

Wei WuXian raised his voice "Yang!"

Wei Yang "You can shout at me all you want! But you know mother wouldn't want this either. She didn't know those would be her last words! She didn't know that promise would become her dying wish. She could never have imagined it would become your everlasting agony. She simply wanted you to be a good boy until their return."

Wei WuXian interrupted him "You can not know her thoughts, can you? Besides, maybe she did maybe she didn't. It's still a promise. A promise I said I would keep."

When Wei Yang spoke, his voice was really low as if he was talking to himself instead of his brother "I... I have always admired you brother. Even when I was just 5, I knew how strong you were. I would recognize your back anywhere, because you have always stood in front of me. Arms open wide, you have always protected me, never letting anything get through. I knew of your strength so well that when mother made you promise something like that, I knew you would keep it. I could never have enough strength to keep it for a day but I knew you did. And when I realized that, I also realized what a cruel promise it was." Wei Yang had to stop his speech, his eyes were red. They showed sorrow and suffer.

Wei WuXian was obviously not interested in making this conversation, he frowned "Yang, its not that I never broke that promise. And it's not something new either. Why are you getting so emotional over something that happened when we were little?"

Wei Yang couldn't hold it in for a second and screamed slightly "Because-" hearing his own shrill voice he stopped, letting the crystal drops at his eyes fall. He lowered his voice "Because I saw you... brother... I saw after a couple of days, when they came to inform us about our parents' passing away... I saw... your smile. When you heard, after freezing for a second you smiled and asked about their bodies. They told you..." Wei Yang had to stop to steady his shaking voice. He sniffed and continued "They told you coldly that everyone at that area was torn to pieces so they just burned them at the spot. Then still smiling you asked about their ashes. They vulgarly told you that they didn't have the time to find which limb belonged to whom so they put together all the body parts and burned them together. They said that they collected all the ashes and scattered them at a river close by."

At this point Wei Yang was speaking with much difficulty "You were still smiling brother. I was able to see the endurance in your red tinted eyes, but your smile never faltered. Even when they cast us out from our own home, not letting us get anything from inside, you still smiled. You smiled until there was just the two of us... and then I saw how you broke down. Your condition was even worse than mine. You mourned for three full days before finally calming down. You only stopped when my stomach was growling untamed. I still remember it perfectly. You looked at me and wiped your tears from your bloodshot eyes, told me to 'stay put' and left. After about an hour you came back with a piece of bread and gave it all to me, saying you 'ate on the way'. I was too young and hungry to understand that you were lying." His voice showed regret.

He opened his mouth to speak again but Wei WuXian interrupted "Enough, Yang. I don't even remember such things happening. We're both alive, aren't we? Isn't it whats important?"

Wei Yang "You don't remember?"

Wei WuXian "Nope."

Wei Yang "Do you remember your promise to mother?"

Wei WuXian's eyes widened slightly and then narrowed immidiately, making it seem like an illusion. He spoke calmly "I remember the promise."

Wei Yang "Say it"

Wei WuXian furrowed his brows with annoyance "Why would I say it now. I won't say it."

Wei Yang "Say it brother, please." Making his brother say the promise out loud was Wei Yang's true intention for bringing all those people from the Cloud Recesses. He wanted them to know his brother wasn't a reckless shameless troublemaker, he wasn't smiling because he was amused. He wanted them to know that his brothers smile held back so many emotions, so much desolation. He wanted them to regret their disdemeanor greatly.

Yet, Wei WuXian dejected again "I don't want to say it. Why are you pushing me Yang?"

Wei Yang knew his brother well. He wouldn't say the promise no matter what and there was only one way to persuade him. He had to use his last trump card. Wei Yang lowered his head and looked at his brother between his eyelashes. He smiled with grief as he spoke "I want to hear you say it brother. Those were also the last words of mother. I want to reminisce them with you."

Hearing what his little brother said, Wei WuXian frowned "Even though you clearly remember it as well..."

Wei Yang smiled again. Wei WuXian seemed like he gave in "Alright, fine. I'll say it."

Chapter Text

Wei WuXian blinked a couple of times, he cleared his throat and started speaking with a solemn face "Mother and father was just about to leave to go night-hunting. I had a bad feeling about the hunt and I didn't want them to leave so I threw a big tantrum. After trying to reason with me for so long mother finally gave in. She held both my arms and pinned me to a place...She spoke up 'Ying, you know we must go night-hunting. This is what cultivators do, and we are doing it to bring peace to the regular people. They need us in order to live peacefully. You are going to become a cultivator too, you must not cry over something like this." Wei WuXian had to stop for a second to prevent his voice from cracking. He gulped and spoke again "Promise me Ying, from now on you will never cry in front of others. No matter what happens, you will keep on smiling. You're only allowed to cry when you're with your family. Now repeat it if you understand.' So after I wiped my tears and sniffed I repeated 'I will never cry in front of others. No matter what happens!' After I promised her she hugged me, she said 'Here's my good boy!' Then she hugged you too, as she was about to leave she smiled and said 'I love you both so much' and then she left..." Wei WuXian ended his sentence with a small smile.

Over at the side where they were eavesdropping the conversation, everyone was astonished. Some thought time to time that Wei WuXian's smile was strange but non was expecting something like this. They simply thought he had a screw loose. Remembering their ill behaviours to him upon seeing his smile, they felt so remorseful. Lan WangJi was sternly looking down, the corners of his eyes were tinted red. He seemed like he was fighting hard to maintain his indifference.

Wei Yang "Even though your memory is a mess, you remember it all so clear."

Wei WuXian smiled bitterly "Of course I do. It was my last conversation with mother after all."

Wei Yang stayed silent for a second, then he spoke up solemnly "Brother, come back with me."

In the corner, Lan WangJi widened his eyes.

Wei WuXian was confused "Come back? Where?"

Wei Yang "To the mountains."

Wei WuXian mused "What are you talking about Yang. BaoShan SanRen said it herself that in the mountains there couldn't be more than one of the same family. How could I come?"

Wei Yang "Truth is, the reason it took me almost a year to get a permission to visit you was... also because I asked for permission to bring you back with me. BaoShan SanRen already knew you stirred up trouble in the mountain before to make her choose me and cast you out. She never resented you for anything, in fact she once told me she regarded you with much esteem. She permitted, brother. You are allowed to come back to the mountains with me!"

Wei WuXian's features froze. After some time adjusting to the situation he wanted to burst out laughter again but upon seeing his brothers serious face, he held it in with much struggle. He smiled genuinely "I am flattered by your offer and I can not be grateful enough by BaoShan SanRen's words. But my life is here Yang. I do not belong in the mountains like you. I've lived and even died in this world. This is where I belong."

This was truly the first time in a very long while Wei WuXian felt like he belonged somewhere. Thinking of this his stomach filled with warmth "With much gratitude, I must refuse your offer."

Wei Yang was bewildered "You refuse? Why? There isn't anything binding you to this place is there?!"

Wei WuXian smiled with much sincerety. Seeing his brothers warm, soft smile he suddenly widened his eyes with realization "Is it because of that Lan WangJi guy? Are you seriously turning down my offer because of him?"

He saw his brothers unfaltering smile, he quickly added "M- maybe he can come too! He seems like a decent man, I'm sure I can get him a permission from BaoShan SanRen, we can go together, we-" looking at his brothers sympathetic face, before he could speak more his face froze dreadfully and he backed down.

Wei WuXian leaned forward and stroke his little brothers head gently with his slender fingers. Wei Yang's head hung low. Upon seeing his brothers heartfelt smile, he had no choice but to acknowledge his defeat. Wei WuXian "It's not only because of Lan WangJi. I still need to keep on looking after Jiang Cheng, I couldn't keep my promise to him about being his subordinate for all my life but I still want to be at his side whenever he needs me. I'm sure he would never admit needing me though hahahaha... and I need to be sure Jin Ling doesn't only takes after all of his fathers and uncles bad habits. He should learn to be more kind and caring towards others like my shijie and I'm sure Jiang Cheng wouldn't be able to give it to him hahaha. I also still want to see how SiZhui and the others will become in the future. Yang, I am bonded to this world with more then one string."

Wei Yang rubbed his forehead with his right hand, his eyes were brimming with tears. He understood his brother made up his mind long ago, and there was no way of changing it. He spoke with a hoarse voice "I can not persuade you, can I?"

Wei WuXian answered "I'm sorry Yang."

Without moving his head, Wei Yang looked up and slightly to the left only with his eyes "I hope that Lan WangJi guy cherishes you properly." It was a warning to Lan WangJi directly, he was saying you better be worthy of my brother and not let him get upset. Even though Lan WangJi knew Wei Yang won't be able to see him, he still nodded with devout.

Wei WuXian sneered "You shouldn't think about those stuff, you are the little brother dummy"

Wei Yang looked at his brothers smile, he had been looking at it again and again ever since their conversation started. He noticed that every time they mentioned Lan WangJi, his brothers smile would soften and warmth would spread his features. Wei Yang smiled bitterly, he admitted "You truly love him... as much as I hate that I will be leaving without you, I am relieved. It seems you are finally smiling like you used to. I am so happy to see you found someone to make you smile like that again brother."

Wei WuXian "Yes, yes, yes. It's your turn to bring me a wife you little bean."

Wei Yang blushed "Don't call me a bean, I am not a kid anymore!"

Wei WuXian bursted "Pfft- ahahahaha okay okay calm down, little beans shouldn't get mad hahahaha..."

Wei Yang's face flushed even redder. Wei WuXian "You seem like an apple ahahaha..."

Chapter Text

After they wrangled for a while they finally calmed down. Looking at his brothers happy face Wei Yang smiled and then solemned again, he spoke "Brother" after recieving his brothers full attention he continued "Do you remember there was this one time when I was so upset that without our parents ashes, we didn't even have a place to talk with our parents or mourn."

Wei WuXian seemed indifferent "Was there such a time?"

Wei Yang smiled slightly before continuing "Yes. You held my hand and took me to the nearest river. You opened your arms wide and told me 'they are here Yang! We may seem unfortunate but it's the contrary. We are lucky because we can talk to our parents at all rivers around the whole world! Whenever I get into a river I feel their presence, whenever I talk to the river I feel they're listening to me!'... it was your words that kept me going brother."

Wei Yang took in a deep breath, he asked "Did you tell about him to the river?"

Wei WuXian stopped for a second, his face was still indifferent. When he was finally defeated by his smile, he spoke "Of course I have."

Wei Yang closed his eyes, lowering his head he smiled too as he whispered "Of course you have..." His brother telling the river about Lan WangJi meant just how mush he cared for him. He knew his brother sometimes spoke with the river casually, just to ease his stress. Except for these casual talks, Wei WuXian was someone who held everything inside. Both about his love and hate, he would only truly talk about it if his emotions were really deep or strong. This made him feel relieved somehow.

The two brothers sat there for hours, speaking about both major stuff and trivial stuff, catching up with each other. They ate one dish after another. Wei WuXian insisted they had to drink Emperor's Smile since they were in Gusu and ordered two jars. Wei Yang wasn't so fond of alcohol so he only drank a couple of cups, but it was enough to make his face flush and get a little drunk. Wei WuXian pointed and laughed at him, making fun of how easily he got drunk. Him on the other hand finished his jar, and his brothers half empty jar. His face flushed and him too got slightly drunk. Not feeling satisfied he ordered another. Now that he was with his brother, he had nothing to hide. He didn't have to suppress anything either, not his feelings, not his suffering, not his wails. It had been a long time since he let himself loose completely so he was determined to get drunk. After some more unimportant chitchatting they decided to get to an inn.

It was halfway through the night when they got to the inn and get themselves a room. Wei WuXian was almost completely leaning on Wei Yang and laughing loudly as he was bubbling something not understandable. Wei Yang already didn't drink that much. Now that he was trying to half-carry his brother inside the room he was much less sober. On one side at the room there were two beds when on the other side there were a round table and cushions. Once they were inside the room Wei WuXian tried tossing away his boots and lied on one of the beds. He fell asleep in no time. Wei Yang, however, after making sure his brother was asleep, got out of the room and got down to the hall. While they were walking towards the inn, he saw with the side of his eye that the others were following them from a distance. As he had assumed, they were in the hall. All their faces was showing different emotions. Lan QiRen's face was flushed slightly but he was trying to maintain his indifference, Jiang Cheng's and Jin Ling's faces was twisted in a weird way when Lan SiZhui and Lan JingYi's faces were dark with sorrow and astonishment. On the other hand Lan WangJi's face showed almost no emotions. He was only looking down with a solemn face. His brother smiles so tenderly even at the mention of Lan WangJi's name. He even told about him to the river! So upon seeing his lack of emotions, although Wei Yang didn't say anything, he was irritated. He walked past Lan WangJi and turned towards Lan QiRen "Was it worth you time?"

Lan QiRen didn't give him a sarcasting, wry answer this time. He kept his silence. So Wei Yang spoke again "If you still did not understand and going to ask why I was the one who stayed at the mountains and not him, I will answer it for you. I was very sick ever since I was born, my condition didn't even allow me to go outside and play. That is also the answer to why nobody ever knew of my existence. When our parents died and we were forced to live on the streets. Even at my young age, I knew I wouldn't last long. Of course, brother Ying knew it as well. He tried very hard to not show his worries to me. He would always bring me food but barely eat any himself, saying he ate already. He would always let me rest but he himself only slept when he was at the edge of fainting from fatigue. He actually fainted sometimes too. We lived like that for a year. Even with brother Ying doing everything he can, my condition kept on worsening. I was aware that my time limit was approaching. One night I woke up nearly choking in my own blood. It seems I threw up blood in my sleep. When brother heard my coughs and saw the blood he was as pale as paper. I've never seen him be so agitated before. Somehow we got through the night. In the morning though, after we woke up we weren't in that sideroad anymore. We found ourselves on a brimming heaven-like mountain. It was the infamous mountain of BaoShan SanRen. Shortly after we woke up, she greeted us herself. She conversed with us for some time and then she made her offer; 'I would like to welcome you in this mountain but sadly I cannot take both of you. In this mountain of mine, only one person of the same family can reside. I want you to please chose who will accompany me.' Before I had the time to understand what was happening brother Ying suddenly stood up and started laughing. He pointed at her, spoke vulgarly with BaoShan SanRen and runned around, picked delicate flowers, smelling and tossing them away. Basically he stirred up trouble with all his might. And as a result BaoShan SanRen told him he was not suitable to live in the mountains. Brother knew of BaoShan SanRen's reputation and he was also aware that my body was at the edge of collapsing. He did not take any chances and got himself casted out. That was how he went back to the streets and I got to stay. Even with BaoShan SanRen, it took a decade for me to be healed."

Wei Yang measured everyones faces before looking back at Lan QiRen's pale face "You were correct. He really was casted out of the mountains. Are you satisfied now?"

Not getting an answer from his opponent again, Wei Yang shook his head. He turned around, took a couple steps and then he stopped. He tilted his head to the side "Mr. Lan WangJi, would you please accompany me? The rest, have a good night."