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Portugal’s Endeavors

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Heavy breath, stomping and weak, limp walking found its weight across floating water. He views the outside world through a glass, falling on his knees with a hand covering his left eye, drops of blood excrete from his mouth, cough, coughing, he’s coughing from the immense defiance he had against his own body. “Meu Dues..” says he under his breath, banging at his chest rather violently to get the rest of his weakness out. At this point in time he sees Portugal at his weakness; calm expressions here and there, lack of confidence in his decisions and finds himself underneath others. That’s not what he made Portugal to be. They are the same person so why is this version so weak?!

He couldn’t handle watching from the other side of the screen. Reaching his bruised hand out, he touches the glass, only to feel a jolt run through his hand, causing him to fall back in the water he stands on. He looks at his hand, watching as it fades from his body, before turning to the figure across the glass. He moved his non-existent hand and saw that modern portugal’s hand had followed suit. Pain for freedom, as they say, and once Portugal becomes one of the superpowers of today, he won’t have his body back.

Taking the pain and pushing himself through the glass, grunts and quiet screaming was just enough to find himself through to the real world.

And Portugal to find himself surrounded by water, watching the world be controlled with his body through glass.

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João heaved another heavy breath, after managing to escape his encased glass he almost had a revelation, to take portugal’s body for himself but- he isn’t greedy, no, he isn’t spain, he won’t stoop so low as to change plans in the middle and dishonor his modern self. It took him a while to get used to everything, running around to touch everything and fill himself with satisfaction at the sense of touch.. Surely, it’s been quite long since he even could hold something without phasing past it. This was his chance to explore what he had missed in the world, maybe here, he can contact england much faster than before, and wouldn’t have to wait days for a response. João, however, needed to be mindful of where he was.. Act out of place and they’ll know something’s wrong, but it’s just so.. revolting to act all buddy-buddy with France and Spain, he couldn’t do it even if you paid him tons of gold! But, if he was going to colonize the world who needs to wait? With militia, he needed contact with Lisbon, but things such as that were awfully hard to get a hold of, even if they were your capital-

“Oi, estúpido! You’re damn late!” A familiar voice strung through his head- Ah! Lisbon! He wrung a smile and turned to his capital, running over and swooping him up in a big hug, these were rare chances, to talk to your Capital was extremely hard since both the capital and country were extremely busy. “Ey, watch what you’re doing! You never do this!”

He never does this? Fuck! Strike one, immediately letting go and viewing Lisbon rub his back in pain, were they really this weak that his capital, that once sustained the worst earthquake in Europe, the same place that helped fight back in wars with Portugal and boost economy like nothing else- were they so weak that he’d rub his back over a measly squeeze? “Ah! Eu sinto muito, meu Lisbon-“ João quickly apologized back in a sincere manner, which also garnered a glare from Lisbon. Did he do something wrong again? Because seemingly so, Lisbon had continued taking steps forward in an incriminating stare, before opening his mouth in suspicion, “Are you...” João gulps, yet his confidence doesn’t break, he continues to stay headstrong in face of possible exposure, “sick? You’re acting weird.”

The man sighed a loud moan of relief, rubbing his neck in a slight tingle of acted nervousness, “Maybe? I’m not sure, haha.” A response that seemed neutral enough, Alexandre taking one last unsure glance at his face before turning around in a hunched manner and retreating to the kitchen. João took another chance to take a better look at the house. Modern day things are so.. Complicated, yet advanced enough to convenience them in many ways. Calling out to Lisbon to tell him that he’s leaving, then receiving a snarky comment from the capital and smiling at their response, he went to leave his apartment.

It’s been a few hours since he left the house, the fresh air so nice and a kind population that treated him like a person was so much more.. Natural than he had back then. Perhaps modern day wasn’t so bad, maybe.. Portugal was right as to stay in the background. To stay out of view and let the whole world run around him like monkey in the middle.. But interjecting his once other ideals that interfered with colonizing the world, he’d continue his mischievous plans.

In broad daylight a heavy accented spanish voice that João hadn’t oh-so regrettably remembered called out his name. He would love to ignore it but these two weren’t on good terms at all back then. He supposed he couldn’t just scoff to get rid of Spain, the man was annoying enough as is and now that they often play together, it was thousands of times more annoying. But who said he’d have to wait and play all nice? That wasn’t the villain’s rule, they had nothing specifically saying he couldn’t beat the shit out of Spain here and now, except imminent war but isn’t but that what he’s aiming for?

Taking one last glance at Spain, he quickly muttered a spanish insult, before going back to whatever he was doing with a shocked expression adorning his neighbor’s face. How interesting. Spain always scoffed back at João’s remarks but now he just seemed speechless, or is it because now it’s Spain talking and Antonio’s taking the back peddles like he was? Was he to provoke Antonio? No, he’d rat him out and start an all out war against Portugal, only having England on his side, and he knew that before, they’d have a chance, but now they’d get obliterated. Nuclear weapons and advanced guns, but you can never beat a pirate in his prime.

“Err, Portugal? Are you sick?” That disgusted him, he knew it was genuine but the fact that this bastard was sharing the face with the same man that continuously tried to marry him without his consent was absolutely horrid. He had to suck up a remark, but heed not, why was he being so damn respectful? He didn’t need to be respectful, he’s trying to colonize the whole damn world!

“Don’t patronize me idiota!” João retorted back in an angered awe, glaring daggers and bullets at Spain with piercing animosity, and sure enough, that would get Spain to fall back in fear. Of course! The eyes of João, the start of the Portuguese empire! The same eyes that beat Spain relentlessly, wouldn’t he remember? Shivering to keep himself composed, he only took a gulp and a nod before turning away to retreat- but oh no.

The Antonio he knew wouldn’t retreat so why should he now? It was almost sadistic how João grabbed Spain in a desperation to pull him back, considering how he was now he wasn’t sure if it would work- but, surely enough, it did, how lucky he was to be much more smarter than his neighbor, to have a good capital that rose their GDP each year. Leaning down, João mumbled, oh so quietly, “you’re mine.”

That really seemed to make Spain snap. He struggled, so much so that João was forced to let go so he didn’t sustain an injury. “I don’t know who you are un puto, but if you’d please get out of Portugal, that would be nice, Gracías.” The Spanish man scoffed, tinging in sarcasm and despicable disgust. He knew what was going on way too quickly and he needed to get this over with quick.. maybe, he’d get news spread across all over the world that Portugal’s waging war against Spain! It wouldn’t be anything suspicious, most people would blame Spain anyways, if they remembered how he relentlessly harassed João for 600 damn years!

What he didn’t expect was the brunette to charge at him with such aggressiveness, which only excited João much more, as he was quite the sadist when it came to these things. Swiftly clasping his hands together, he swung down with force onto Spain’s head. Of course that wouldn’t knock him out but it did hurt a shit ton from what he saw. No time to waste, as he continued on with the assault, kicking Spain in the stomach while the man was still recovering from the last attack.

Don’t stop.

Don’t give them a chance to fight back.

That’s all he had to follow and he would be set in stone, but obviously, he had to be good at fighting. João reached for his cutlass, but like the idiot he was- he always used to carry it! But now he didn’t an-

Before he could even finish his thoughts, a hard, solid punch was felt as it connected from the angered Spaniard’s fist to the Portuguese man’s liver, coughing a sufficient amount of blood to escape through his nose and mouth. The liver.. Good choice, but that wasn’t enough to stop him!

It was a clutch to the liver and a hard swing from João’s rather nice legs, The Spaniard tried his hardest to dodge it, but he couldn’t undermine his bleeding headache or his pained stomach- he was disappointed. Even after centuries, João was still much more stronger than him.. João, João... João?! Why is João here? He was sure he died ages ago and-

If he’d have to learn a lesson, it’s to not have an inner monologue each time João left a hit on his body. This couldn’t continue on, this- he needed a weapon. João is a Pirate and they play by no rules, this wouldn’t anger him and it would leave Spain at an advantage over him. A win win.

He’d stick with his standard battle axe. Rarely does he carry this now-a-days but it’s not like he doesn’t take it with him from time-to-time, mostly to piss off Portugal by adorning such a bad memory on his body. Today, it made good use.

Spain would grip onto the weapon tightly, quickly raising it above his head and swinging it in a slanted horizontal manner, clicking his tongue whenever João managed to evade a hit, but he did leave some large and small cuts that decorated the darker haired man’s body.

This made Spain too happy. Was he finally able to win a battle against Portugal without the witness of a major beat down to his morale and money? He’d stop having to sparkle soon because the sound of a gun loading was enough to extract the soul out of him.

Reacting slow, unlike to him, a gun faced its entrance to Spain, the man stunned in fear, as he hadn’t faced this much danger in decades. “Never bring a knife to a gun fight, or battleaxe.. meu amigo”

So patronizing.

It started off like a physical fight between the personifications of their respective countries, but now everybody in the world has recognized that Portugal had declared war on Spain, and now everybody knows that Spain is his own retrospect, lost. Naturally the man should have chosen death over handing over his country but a simple mischievous glare to one of the Spaniard’s young citizens was enough to cease his independence.

Spain, however, was beaten and bruised, and was incredibly disgusted, yet he held onto hope, the hope that Portugal was still in there, the hope that what he witnessed when tears started sprinkling out of the unknowing murderous man’s eyes was real, and he knew he had to stop it. For his neighbor, and for his good friend.

For now, Portugal returns to an empire, Spain now under his wing he aims for France, yet deterring for him, the Frenchman had unexpectedly already sent men on the ready after hearing the fight between the Iberian countries. This needed England, he needed England to continue on with his passage, but as of now their treaty would mean nothing against facing war with the entire world.

João supposed he’d stay out of England’s way for a bit, but after he takes one of the European powers he’d have enough influence to aim higher.
From France, he’d advance to Belgium. From Belgium, he’d advanced to an extremely pissed Netherlands, but not after taking over Luxembourg. He had everything set out, all he needed to do was make it a reality.