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My Hero Kinktober (2019)

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This year, I attempted something different. Last year a lot of the ships were chosen either for myself or for friends. A handful were inside jokes and ships between myself and people I rp with.
This time, I decided to take a more random approach, of the literal kind.

A few ships were hand chosen. Mostly for myself, and because I wanted to write those ships. One was written for a friend and content creator I admire, though I also wrote that for myself too.
Other than that, ships were randomly chosen (for the most part). To do this, I placed all the characters I was comfortable writing or wanted to try writing on a wheel, and span. Originally I was going to do whatever showed up, buuuut it became clear very quickly that that wasn't logical. After getting things like Uraraka/Stain for the umpteenth time, I decided to narrow it down a little more.
I span the wheel and jot the first character down. I span the wheel again and if I felt capable of (and wanted to) writing the ship, GREAT! If not, second character was jotted down too. Spin a third time and if that character fit with either 1 or 2, then that was my ship. If not, jot that name down too and keep going until I got two names I could do together (or three, if the kink called for it).
And I got some fun little matches~
As for kinks, I went off this list. I put the kinks I was comfortable doing on another wheel, and spun to choose what the ship got.
So this list is semi-random. They're all ships I'm comfortable writing, and I'm still having a hell of a lot of fun~

And hopefully you all enjoy reading too<3

By chapter -
2: Kiribaku: Spanking
3: Bakumina: Body Swap
4: Kamimina: Tentacles
5: Todotooru: Cunnilingus
6: Kiriida: Vibrator
7: Shinkiri: Blowjobs
8: Midnight/Miruko: Leather (tw: dub-con)
9: Iimono: Sadism
10: Shindeku: Pet Play
11: Midnight/Tensei: Face Sitting
12: Shishimora: Formal Wear
13: Shinsero: Lingerie
14: Bakumomo: Pegging
15: Kacchako: Praise Kink
16: Kami/Sero/Kiri: Cuckolding
17: Kamiyama: Shibari
18: Midmic: Boot Worship
19: Shintoga: Blood (tw: non-con)
20: Miritamakiri: Double Penetration
21: Serobaku: Mastubation
22: Mirideku: Swallowing
23: Iihatsu: Crying
24: Shouji/Hagakure/Tokoyami: Threesome
25: Shigadabi: Anal
26: Shiniida: Shower Sex
27: Erasermic: Smiles
28: Shouyama: Xeno
29: Tsujirou: Overstimulation
30: Iideku: Handjob
31: Bakushindou: Degradation
32: Bakuiida: Daddy


Please note that I do not have as much time on my hands as I did last year. Honestly, I have no idea how I got each chapter out on the right day last year. Past me was clearly stronger. Now, however, I am working so much more, and for much longer shifts. While, at the time of starting this, I have the first 10 complete the rest are still a work in progress. I will try to get them out ASAP, but chances are I will run late. They wont always be out on the right day. But I will get to them over the next month or so. Thank you for your patience and for reading!!

Here's hoping this kinktober is better than the last!!

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There were many things Bakugou would never admit he was into, even behind closed doors. Things he couldn’t quite bring himself to talk about, let alone ask for. He’d always been bad at expressing himself. At accepting that he felt things and that it was okay to openly talk about them in confidence. Things that were objectively embarrassing. Things Bakugou felt ashamed to admit.

It made things frustrating for both of them. Unlike Bakugou, Kirishima was so open. So eager to try anything and everything and happily talk about what he wanted to try. Whether Bakugou wanted it too or not, it was hard to tell.

In the end, finding out what Bakugou enjoyed was a more hands on experience.

Kirishima would poke and prod, gently introducing some kink in the middle of making out, looking for a positive reaction. If Bakugou snapped, Kirishima dropped it. If Bakugou’s face turned red and he kept silent, or even hid his face, then Kirishima knew he hit the nail on the head.

It frustrated Bakugou to no end that he was so easy to read, though he supposed he should be thankful for it. If he wasn’t, he probably wouldn’t have ended up here; naked and bent over Kirishima’s lap, arms folded under the pillow he’d buried his face in and ass presented nicely over Kirishima’s thighs.

All it had taken was one hard smack to his backside, a startled gasp, and a beet red face for Kirishima to lock in on it.

Bakugou’s cock was full, pressed against the hard muscle of Kirishima’s thigh, but it was left neglected and ignored for the chill in the air kissing his ass. Bakugou was a naturally warm guy, but the cold always left him shivering. The anticipation mixed with embarrassment didn’t help. At this point, he wasn’t sure if he was trembling because of the cold, the fear, or the excitement building up like a pit in his stomach.

Kirishima’s hand was warm and soothing, rubbing over the globes of his ass as Bakugou buried his face deeper into thick pillows. The air was getting stale, each breathe out against the pillow only warming his cheeks, but he couldn’t bring himself to come out from hiding. If he did, he might panic. Might come to his dumbass senses and deny himself of the very thing he wanted for his stupid pride.

Kirishima wasn’t nearly as reserved. He was cooing, praising Bakugou on his cute ass in ways that made Bakugou want to simultaneously disappear and raise his ass higher. He could feel the heat in the tips of his ears and Kirishima commented on them too.

Red eyes squeezed shut, Bakugou groaned when a strong hand groped his ass, fingers digging into soft flesh until it was damn near painful

“I want you to count for me, Katsuki,” Kirishima demanded, and Bakugou’s hands tightened into fists.

There was a difference between laying there and letting it happen, and actively participating in the act. Baring his teeth with a muffled growl, Bakugou’s red eyes peeked over the plush of the pillow.

“No,” he growled, and Kirishima’s hand stilled.

There was a brief pause, a heavy silence, and Bakugou couldn’t bring himself to look back at the other. After a moment’s consideration, Kirishima’s voice perked up.

“Oh, you want to be a brat!”

Bakugou huffed, turning his head to one side away from Kirishima. The jolliness stripped away from Kirishima’s voice and Bakugou tensed up as he felt Kirishima lean over him. A hot breath ghosted over the shell of his ear and Bakugou trembled.

“You’ll count or you’ll get nothing. You wouldn’t like that, would you?”

Bakugou peeked back from the corner of his eye, catching the mischief and glee in Kirishima’s eyes as he lent back.

“It’s just you and me, baby. Be a good boy and count for me?” Kirishima’s fingers hardened, rock-like claws squeezing his ass much harder now as Bakugou jerked. “Okay?”

Hissing through his teeth, Bakugou turned his hide his face again in the softness of the pillows but nodded in acknowledgement.

Kirishima’s hand softened, gently kneading at Bakugou’s now bruised backside. “Good boy. Ready?”

Bakugou’s gripped at the pillows from underneath, fisting the material as he gave another nod.

Kirishima wasted no time. His hand left Bakugou’s ass, only to slap back down with a sharp sting.

Bakugou jerked, gasping into the pillow as his hips pushed harder against Kirishima’s thigh, grinding against him. It didn’t hurt so much as it was startling.

It left a pleasant heat in the globe of his left asscheek, body falling pliant as Kirishima stopped.

”Katsuki,” he warned, and Bakugou tucked his chin against his chest to pull his lips away from the pillow.

One,” Bakugou counted, voice heavy and low.

“Good boy,” Kirishima cooed again and Bakugou’s ears flared pink.

Bakugou hadn’t been prepared for the second hit. Without the forewarning of Kirishima’s hand lifting for his ass, the second swat earned a sharp yelp from him. Bakugou spasmed in his lap, heat flooding to the palms of his hands as Bakugou cried out.


The third strike was aimed higher, his ass rippling with the impact as Bakugou rubbed his face into the pillow, mumbling.


“Speak up,” Kirishima ordered, rubbing his hand over the now flushed skin. “I can’t hear you when you’re like that.”

Groaning through clenched teeth, Bakugou pulled the pillow tighter to his body, propping his chip up on it as he stared at the opposing wall.

”Three,” he growled out, defiant and frustrated.

Kirishima’s hand raised, and Bakugou squeezed his eyes shut before another hard slap filled his ears. It struck his right cheek now, right over the bruises Kirishima left, and Bakugou jerked violently.

“Fuck!” He gasped, tears springing to his eyes. “F-four! Four!”

“Holy shit,” Kirishima breathed with a laugh, “you’re already coming apart at four?

Gritting his teeth, smoke filled Bakugou’s nostrils as his quirked burned the fabric of his pillow.

“Fuck y-AHH! Fuck!”

Another strike near Bakugou’s thigh, and the blond jerked in Kirishima’s lap. His cock throbbed, rubbing against warm muscle as tears trickled down his face.

“Five,” Bakugou sobbed, grinding his hips down as his ass clenched.

That one had been particularly hard, and if he didn’t know Kirishima better he would think the man had used his quirk. Neither of them wanted Bakugou’s ass to be actually torn apart, but fuck if it didn’t feel like it.

“You okay?” Kirishima tried, sounding annoyingly concerned, and Bakugou’s head thrashed with a vigorous nod.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck! Green! Again!”

“You sure?” The concern in Kirishima’s voice was gone, replaced with cruel amusement.

“Yes!” Bakugou snapped, tears and drool wetting the pillow beneath his chin. “Fucking- don’t stop, please!”

Another sudden slap forced another sharp curse from the man, followed by a cry of ’six!’

Another, and a wail of ’seven!’

Bakugou’s ass was stinging, unbearably searing heat under the skin making Bakugou squirm. The pillows were burnt between his fingers, smoke curling up from the cursing blond as goosebumps rippled over his abused backside.

Kirishima slapped him again, right on the red marks he left behind, and Bakugou’s cock pushed harder against his leg.

“Ei-eight,” Bakugou cried out, mouth hung open as he shamelessly drooled.

His eyes were glassy, unfocused and unseeing. He was falling apart in Kirishima’s lap, pliant and willing.

A ninth slap against his other thigh, and Bakugou’s words were caught between a sob and a moan. He barely forced out a ’nine’ before Kirishima’s hand landed again, landing square between Bakugou’s asscheeks as he cried out.

It took Kirishima a moment to feel it. The way Bakugou’s cock pulsed and a heat dripped down the inside of his leg.

With the tenth hit, Bakugou came, crying out into the cool room as his body spasmed and tensed. He ground his cock down, seeking the comfort of Kirishima’s lap as his body seemed to throb. His ass clenched around nothing, the ever present heat inescapable.

Trembling and sobbing, Bakugou laid there for a moment, feeling his own cum smear between Kirishima’s legs.

He laid there, trembling and clinging to his pillow until Kirishima physically moved him.

Wincing, Bakugou was pulled to roll over, lifted up until Bakugou was side-straddling Kirishima’s lap.

His cock was flushed, but not nearly as much as his red ass. Letting it hang over Kirishima’s leg, Bakugou buried his face against Kirishima’s throat, taking comfort in the warmth there.

Kirishima chuckled, low and familiar, and Bakugou melted into the way Kirishima’s body vibrated.

The pillow was pried carefully from Bakugou’s fingers, tossed carelessly to his side as Bakugou threw his arms around Kirishima’s shoulders.

Unlike the cruel hits before, Kirishima’s hands were soothing and warm. Comforting as a kind voice murmured against his ear. Loving and sweet as he let Bakugou catch his breath and relax in the hold.

His hands were warm against his back, rubbing soothing circles as Bakugou slowly came down from his submission. He blinked over Kirishima’s shoulders, silent and docile as he listened to Kirishima’s familiar voice.

“Did you enjoy that, Katsuki?”

Sniffling, Bakugou buried his face against the crook of Kirishima’s shoulder, nodding gently against the skin.

“Do you want to do it again in the future?”

Bakugou’s mouth fell open, dry and caked in drool as he tried to force the words out. He couldn’t say it. Couldn’t admit to it, and Bakugou curled up tighter in Kirishima’s hold before he nodded again, small and quiet.

Kirishima chuckled before pressing a kiss to Bakugou’s temple.

In the end, they always found a way to communicate.

Chapter Text

This was fucked up. This was so fucked up. Signing up to a life of heroics always came with a risk, but that didn’t make this situation any less horrible.

Standing in front of a full body mirror, Bakugou stared at himself in horror. Or.. at someone else.

When he and his partner had been hit with a body switching quirk, the authorities had assured them that the effects only lasted a day.

A day. A whole fucking day looking like this.

His skin was a vibrant pink, eyes pitch black around yellow iris’. His frankly ridiculous outfit was tight against his softer body. There were abs underneath, he knew that much personally. Had felt the hidden muscle of Ashido’s body in more ways than one, but it wasn’t nearly as stark as his own body.

The wide hips and soft ass and tits.

He’d fondled these tits enough to know how they felt in his hands, but this was so different. So jarring.

Bakugou grabbed his newly formed chest, surprised to find they weren’t as sensitive as his own.

“Your nipples are so sensitive, Katsu!”

Behind him Ashido was perched on their bed, already shirtless and shamelessly rolling her- his- nipples between her fingers. She bit her- his- bottom lip before openly palming at her- HIS- tits.

“You’re fuckin’ having fun there, huh?!”

Perking up, Ashido stared back at him with his face, her wide eyes and smile looking odd on his face.

“Oh like you’re any better. You enjoying yourself there, baby?”

Flushing… pinker, Bakugou’s hands dropped from her- his?- tits.

Growling, Bakugou turned to scowl at the image of his partner in the mirror. She looked weird too with his frown.

“This is stupid,” Bakugou mumbled, sneering at the outfit he was forced into. “How do you even get out of this?”

“I can show you,” Ashido offered, and Bakugou stared at her through the mirror as she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

That was a look he never wanted to see on his face.

“This is ridiculous,” Bakugou brushed her off, trying to shrug the fur lined minuscule jacket off his shoulders. “You’re ridiculous. This entire fucking thing is-”

Bakugou pulled the jumpsuit up, only to make the material press tighter against his crotch. A pang of arousal sparked deep in his gut, and Bakugou stared down mortified as something wiggled between his legs.

“What the fuck is that?”

“Hm?” Looking up from the tits she was still experimenting with, Ashido stared at Bakugou’s face before following his line of sight.

Whatever was in his tights stopped, but the bulge remained.

“Oh hon,” Ashido chirped with his voice, “you know what that is.”

He did now that he thought about it. He’d seen her naked enough times. Hell, he’d had the fucking thing in his mouth and ass before. It was just surreal to see it attached to him. To feel it move, and all logic flew out the window.

Spinning to face her, Bakugou’s shoulders hitched up.

“I have a fucking tentacle dick!

“It’s a clit, hon,” Ashido corrected with a roll of her eyes. “You should be happy! You should feel how sensitive it is.”

He could. With the clothes pulled tight around it he could feel his gut clench and tremble. Why… “Why don’t you wear a cup with this?”

Pursing her lips, her eyes raked over his form. Over the body he was currently stuck inside. Despite seeing each other naked multiple times, despite this being her body, Bakugou had half the mind to cover up in front of those prying eyes. When the fuck did his face start looking so predatory?

“Because I know how to control it, and I know how to make my little friend slip away into a cute little nub. It’s not like I work with it all hanging out.”

“How the fuck-” Turning away, Bakugou pulled the fabric away from his chest, trying to peer down into the darkness of the suit to see. “How do I make it go away?”

There was a creak of a bed and Bakugou flinched as he glanced back up to the mirror. Just like he thought, Ashido was up and creeping closer to him, eyes narrowed with wicked glee.

His face looked handsome like that, blacked out around the eyes from the makeup beneath his hero mask, and red eyes narrowed with cruel intent. Now he knew why people trembled when he looked at them like that.

“You won't-” Ashido purred with his voice, disturbingly familiar hands circling around his stomach and pressing into soft skin as she spoke, “make it go away when you’re horny, baby.”

“I’m not-!” Bakugou tried to deny, yellow eyes flicking down as her hands slipped down the expand of his body. Her body. Fuck, he couldn’t… this was messed up. “Who says I’m horny?”

Her hands angled into a ‘V’, soothing down until she framed Bakugou’s now twitching bulge between them.

“Beeecause I know this body?” She teased, her chest pressed tight against his back.

It was jarring feeling his body press up against his back. Feeling so much smaller than his own fucking body.

Ashido spoke against his ear, and he could swear she was truly him.

“And because I know you.”

“Fuck you.”

“If you insist!”

Ashido grabbed his hips suddenly, flipping Bakugou around without warning. Bakugou stumbled as Ashido grabbed his hands, practically skipping backwards as she led him to the bed. An act that should never be performed in that body.

“The fuck you think you’re doing?!”

“Fucking me!” Ashido chirped, acting fucking ridiculous in his body. He took it all back, there was no way in hell she could pull off being him. “I always thought I’d be a pretty fun fuck!”

“Fucking weird,” Bakugou mumbled, scowling as Ashido sat down and pulled Bakugou onto her lap.

Straddling her, Bakugou stared down at his own face. Even with that stupid dopey smile, he couldn’t shake the fact he was staring down at himself. It wasn’t like the two of them hadn’t tried some kinky shit, but this was… fucking weird.

Eye twitching, Bakugou looked up over her head.

Ashido’s hands gripped his hips, fingers rubbing into soft flesh.

“Don’t you want to see what it’s like too?” She pressed, smiling wide and open at him, and despite himself Bakugou glanced back down. “I know all the places that makes this body tick. I can show you what it feels like when you touch me.”

Her hands moved around to gently knead as his ass, pulling him tighter until his sex was pressed against her belly.

Twitching again, Bakugou raised his chin with a huff.

“If this gets weird-”

“Oh, hon~” Ashido cooed, hands moving up now to grip at the neckline of his suit and pull down, “of course it’s going to be weird. That’s what makes it fun.”

Bakugou huffed through his teeth, yellow eyes narrowed as she pulled his ugly costume down over his tits. Down his body until it swam around his midsection.

As she peeled it down, she undid his bra before she pulled it free and pressed her face against his tits, humming in joy as they pillowed her face.

“I’ve always wanted to do this!”

Scoffing again, Bakugou raised a brow at the mop of blond hair snuggling her face in his boobs.

“What? Motorboat your own tits?”

“It always looked so fun!”

She rubbed her face between them, and Bakugou’s brow twitched.

“It feels stupid.”

Peeking up between bright pink mounds, Ashido grinned up at him.

“Now you know how it feels.”

Flushing deep pink, Bakugou scoffed and turned his face away.

“Aww!” Ashido cried out, reaching up to cup his face before dragging him down into a kiss. He wasn’t sure how to feel about kissing himself but, considering what he was planning on doing, that ship had sailed. “You still look super cute doing it!”

“Fuck,” Bakugou snarled, leaning down again to silence her with a deeper kiss. He didn’t want to think about it. If they were going to do this, he wanted it over and done with.

His hands soothed down her back before he dug his nails in and dragged them back up.

Ashido yelped and Bakugou pulled away in shock, pink lips wet as he stared with wide eyes.


“Gentle!” She baked, wincing as a hand reached back towards her shoulder.

Bakugou blinked in confusion, unsettled by the pain on her face.

“You scratch me all the time!”

“Yes, I scratch you! I don’t maul you! My nails are longer than yours!”

Lifting one hand, Bakugou studied his nails, and the slight colour of red on the tip of them.


Scoffing a laugh, Ashido pulled him back in with a kiss, and Bakugou very carefully returned his hands to her shoulders. Maybe it was best he left scratching until he was back in his own body.

Ashido’s hands were on his hips again, holding on tight before she swiftly flipped them over.

Bakugou hit the bed with a wheeze of air, alien eyes blinking rapidly before he zeroed in on his own face hovering over him. Her wide grin was still unnerving, and Bakugou swallowed as hot hands started peeling his outfit over his hips.

Grunting and wiggling higher on their bed, it took Bakugou a bit to kick his boots free from his legs. They landed with a thump and, from the way Ashido shifted above him before following up with a thump of her own, he imagined her boots followed suit.

When she was in her own body, her eagerness and dominance was somewhat cute. Like this, with rough hands dragging his clothes off and pinning him down, Bakugou struggled just to keep up.

His suit was peeled over his sex, down his thighs as his new tentacle coiled under his underwear. It was surreal to watch. To feel. His underwear was soaked, a dark patch lining the writhing tentacle.

“You’re so excited!” Ashido cooed, peeling his outfit off entirely before straddling his thighs. Her hands braced against his belly, palms pushing down in a way that made that heat in his stomach roll and his tentacle throb.

“Shut- shut up,” Bakugou hissed, flushed and warm. “S’fucking weird.”

Blinking, Ashido looked back up at him, genuinely confused by Bakugou’s claim.


“I-” Bakugou stumbled, glancing between the appendage thrashing in his panties and the mirror image perched on top of him. “It’s embarrassing.”

“Aww, Katsuki,” Ashido sighed, a warm hand suddenly moving down to cup his thrashing clit. Bakugou whimpered, cunt clenching at the sensation. “You like it when I’m like this for you, don’t you?”

Flushed, Bakugou peeked up at her. She was right and he hated it.

“I look cute like this, which means you look cute like this. So why don’t you,” her fingers crept under the hem of his panties, lifting it up as the tip of a vibrant pink tentacle peeked out. “Enjoy it?”

Huffing, Bakugou looked up to the ceiling.

“You know this is the weirdest thing we’ve done?”

“That’s why it’s fun~” Ashido repeated, peeling his underwear away as he raised his hips.

Stripping him bare and flinging his panties away, Bakugou watched as she circled a hand around his clit.

The initial grip only earned a slight hum from the man, his eyes half-lidded at the warmth surrounding him. It wasn’t until she squeezed that Bakugou’s mouth hitched open with a startled moan.

Eyes wide, Bakugou’s body jerked as she stroked him. The squishy surface didn’t feel that much, oozing and dripping between her fingers. It was the harder core that throbbed under the pressure.

It was nothing like a handjob. It was like a direct line to his orgasm, each push of her thumb against it making Bakugou curse and squirm.

It was so much all too fast, the tightening heat making Bakugou reach up and grasp at his pillows. Acid dripped from his fingers, burning the pillows and melting them away. He thrashed, hips jerking up as best he could under her weight.

“Sshhit, Mina!” He gasped, mewling and throwing his head back.

His cunt tightened around nothing, his entire body strung like a bow as his tentacle coiled around her fingers.

They squeezed tight, dragging down as his tentacle throbbed and twitched, until Bakugou came with a scream.

The orgasm of this body was nothing like his own. Unlike the sudden hit, this one rolled. His belly clenched, a wave of static building through his gut and washing over his body. His sex clenched rapidly, body jerking as Ashido slowly let him go.

Panting and dripping, Bakugou’s thighs trembled as he felt slime and arousal drip down his ass.

She let him breathe for a moment, eyes pricked with tears as the heat of his orgasm settled in his bones. His muscles twitched, toes curled as Ashido grinned down at him.

His eyes finally focused, fixed on the woman before she spoke.

“My turn.”

Once again, Bakugou found himself flipped suddenly. His head span with the motion, light headed as his belly rolled. Ashido flipped them, her stolen body now trapped underneath him.

Bakugou sat back on his knees, panting as he felt a bulge against his ass.

“I- wait, I just- I just came- I need-”

“Trust me, honey,” Ashido purred, her hands soothing over his twitching thighs. “You’re good to go again.”

Blinking down in shock, Bakugou could still feel the aftereffects of his orgasm.


Grinning, Ashido’s hands moved to the hem of her pants, slowly easing them and her boxers down over her straining cock.


Bakugou had seen his cock every single fucking day of his life. He really shouldn’t be so surprised to see it as he was, or excited.

Fuck this shit really was weird.

Ashido’s hands were on his hips again, encouraging him to sit up and raise his ass. He followed her direction, hovering over her cock as he swallowed.

One hand moved to grip her cock, holding on tight as his other moved to his own sex. Pushing his fingers between his folds, he pushed them apart, exposing his dripping cunt.

Ashido’s hands dragged him down, and Bakugou followed obediently, easing her cock between his folds.

This was so different. So strange, but Bakugou couldn’t say he hated it.

Feeling the cock fill him up and stretch him open, it was actually enjoyable.

He was still tight with his orgasm, his heat squeezing and clenching as they fed the cock in deeper.

Panting through every inch, Bakugou moaned when he finally seated down entirely on her cock. It was so thick, filling him up as Bakugou’s hands moved to her abs.

He pressed his nails in again, careful not to dig in so deep this time as he slowly raised back up.

Ashido moaned, head rolling back as his cunt rippled and rubbed along her cock.

“God I’m tight,” she mewled, blunt nails digging into his hips.

Bakugou panted a laugh, pushing back down, easing more of her cock deep into his heat.

“Fuck you, I’m huge.”

Ashido snorted, lifting her hips and burying in deeper as Bakugou gasped.

“Do you like the feel of your own dick, Katsuki?”

Shivering, Bakugou’s tentacle thrived against Ashido’s belly, smearing pink goo over her skin.

“You’re the one- who wanted to do this.”

“But I’m not the one denying it~” Ashido sang, hips grinding up against Bakugou’s ass.

“Shit,” Bakugou breathed, head lulling forwards. He could feel another orgasm building up again. Ashido hadn’t been lying.

Rolling his hips, Bakugou started to bounce on Ashido’s cock, the ooze of his tentacle clit and his orgasm easing the friction. Ashido knew her body, but Bakugou knew his.

Grinning wickedly with Ashido’s cute pink face, Bakugou squeezed around the head of her cock, dragging down the length as Ashido groaned a moan.

Sparks danced on her hands and she quickly lifted them away from Bakugou’s hips. Taking full control, Bakugou sped up, riding the thick rod buried between his folds. He was panting and quaking, but he was nothing compared to the hazy look in Ashido’s eyes.

He knew that face. Knew the way her chest stuck up and head rolled back. Ashido was close, and it only took a couple more slaps of skin until he felt a sticky heat shoot inside him, painting him from the inside.

Seating himself down as Ashido gasped and moaned, Bakugou ground his hips down, a pink hand wrapping around the twitching tentacle the same way she had as he squeezed.

Bakugou’s walls tightened, mouth hung open as he worked himself to his orgasm.

More ooze dripped between his fingers, his cunt clenching tight around her as his orgasm rippled through him.

Panting and sticky, they both slowly eased down from their post orgasm haze.

Bakugou rolled off, ignoring Ashido as she warned him to be careful.

Falling on his back, Bakugou cringed as he felt more slime and liquid drip from his folds, pooling between his thighs.

Ashido rolled over too, laying half over his chest and smiling far too sweetly with that face.

“You need a shower after that, babe, or you’re going to melt the sheets.”

Slowly craning his head up, Bakugou stared at melted pillows, burnt sheets, and scorch marks in the wood of their bedhead.

“It’s- way too fucking late- to worry about that.”

Chapter Text

It wasn’t like Kaminari didn’t know about it. It had always been a topic that their little group of friends joked about, usually led by Ashido herself. So many ‘is that a tentacle in your pants or are you just happy to see me?’ quips and taunts. Ashido wasn’t shy about it. For her, it was natural.

It’s just… Kaminari never had a chance to see it before.

Kneeling between his friend’s legs as he slowly pulled her panties down to free the vibrant tentacle, Kaminari couldn’t help but be in awe.

Ashido Mina had a tentacle clit, and it was surprisingly pretty.

Kaminari wasn’t even sure what he’d expected. Something like an octopus’, he supposed, though he knew that was stupid. Quirks were weird. Honestly, it could have looked like anything! Now, face-to-metaphorical-face with the squirming tentacle, Kaminari couldn’t help but openly stare.

Ashido shifted under his hands, her head tilting as she reached down and threaded her fingers through soft blond hair.

“You’re going to make me nervous if you keep staring like that, hon.”

Heat flushing in his cheeks, Kaminari jerked back, honeyed eyes flicking up apologetically to the woman he was kneeling for.

“Sorry!” He squeaked, face warm as his grip tightened around her thighs.

Ashido just chirped a laugh, watching with a soft gaze as Kaminari returned his attention to the writhing clit.

It was vibrant and pink, brighter than even her skin, and Kaminari couldn’t help but wonder if it glowed in the dark. Was that a stupid thing to ask? This was all so new and exciting, and Kaminari’s lips twitched into a poorly hidden smile.

It was thick in the centre, narrowing at the top in a sharp fluro yellow tip. It coiled and danced under his gaze, dripping with some pink tinted ooze.

“What does it taste like?” Kaminari pressed, one hand moving to trace the tips of his fingers over the thick centre. The tentacle pressed back, the top flicking down to rub over his knuckles and leave behind a trail of sticky pink.

“You wanted to find out for yourself, didn’t you?” Ashido teased, excitement hitching in her voice as her thigh tensed up under his hand. “So? Why don’t you try it?

“Okay, but like-” Sitting up more on his knees, Kaminari tilted his head as he watched the tentacle rub along his fingers. “How do I do this? Do I treat it like a dick, or-?”


Blinking up innocently from between Ashido’s thighs, Kaminari’s brows rose in question.

“Just put it in your mouth.”

She sounded amused, but there was a level of command that made Kaminari squirm.

Well.. there was no reason to drag his feet now.

Excited and curious, Kaminari’s fingers nudged the tentacle to straighten up. He wet his lips, a pink tongue peeking out over his bottom lip before he bent down.

Taking the thin tip between his lips, Kaminari slowly eased down, lips stretching as the tentacle thickened in the middle. It was slippery and fruity, a light tingle settling in his lips and along his tongue. Tart and sweet, like the acidic juice of a peach. The texture was spongy, squirming over the flat of Kaminari’s tongue as he hummed.

Ashido moaned above him, her lithe fingers tightening in his hair, and Kaminari took it as encouragement to keep going.

Feeding more and more into is mouth, the thick body filled his mouth, rubbing along the roof of his mouth and flattening down his tongue. Kaminari licked up, pushing against the tentacle, moaning when it oozed more sweet substance in response.

Ashido’s fingers tightened again, her head thrown back with a breathy moan.

The tentacle was spongy, giving under the pressure of his tongue until he pushed against a hard centre. The harder he pressed, the more Ashido squirmed. All of her. Her thighs caged his head in as the tentacle pushed in deeper.

It slid down Kaminari’s throat, slipping down as Kaminari gulped. His throat tightened around it, his nose buried in pink pubes as more of the ooze coated his throat. He squeezed his eyes tight, drinking her down until his lungs screamed for air.

Pulling back, Kaminari coughed, pink drool smeared over his lips and pouring down his chin as he gulped in air.

Ashido was panting too, hooded eyes watching the man between her legs catch his breath.

Licking his lips, Kaminari pressed his hands on her knees before pushing himself up.

“That’s amazing!” Kaminari breathed, enthusiastically tearing his shirt off before fumbling with his belt.

“Woah!” Ashido laughed, shuffling back on the bed as her eyes flicked between his hands and his face. “You don’t go slow do you, hon?”

“I want to try it!” Kaminari answered, voice croaked with his recent throating. He pulled his pants down, almost tripping as he tried to pull a foot out from them and his underwear. “Can I try?”

Ashido reached up, slipping a finger under Kaminari’s choker the moment he naked, and pulled him down on top of her.

He fumbled, hands bracing against the bed before Ashido rolled them both over. Pinning the wild eyed blond beneath her, her hands cupped underneath his bare thighs, dragging him down until his ass rested against against her mound, and the writhing tentacle curling out from it.

“Well if you insist,” Ashido teased, alien eyes narrowing with predatory intent.

Her slimy tentacle grazed up between his cheeks, rubbing over Kaminari’s hole, and Kaminari’s hair fluffed up with crackling static. Kaminari was practically vibrating, pink smeared lips bitten as Ashido pushed her hips forward.

The bulge of the tentacle pushed against his ass, coating it with her slippery ooze as it squirmed.

“Minaaa,” Kaminari whined, wiggling his hips as the pressure built. “Come on! Don’t tease me!”

“You’re so cute~” She cooed, the tip of her clit flicking over his clenched bud. “Don’t worry. Mama’s gonna take good care of you.”

The thin tip pressed in, slipping in without the slightest of resistance. Kaminari gasped, mouth hung open shamelessly as inch after inch eased within his heat. The thin tip fattened the further she pushed, easing him open as pink goo dribbled down his crack.

There was no tension. No drag. Just a slow and steady feeling of full. A slow spread of his ass that made Kaminari roll his hips down. He felt flooded already, a warm liquid pouring over his walls and heating him up as he squeezed around her.

Ashido gasped, almost falling on top of him, catching the headboard before she could to brace herself. Her pretty eyes were wide, mouth open in an ‘O’ as Kaminari’s ass fluttered around her. Squeezed and made her squirm.

Her thighs shook, more ooze dripping from the writhing tentacle as it pushed in deeper. It rubbed along Kaminari’s walls, pressing into every nook. The swell of the tentacle pushed against his prostate, more static sparking in Kaminari’s hair as he moaned, loud and lewd.

”Wow,” Ashido gasped, blinking back the wetness in her eyes as she regained her composure.

Slowly, she eased her hips forward, the thick tentacle brushing over his sweet spot. Kaminari cried out, his legs hooking behind her ass as he arched his back, shoulders pushed into the mattress.

“Sh-shit, Mina!”

“Good?” Ashido panted, drawing her hips back before trusting sharply back inside.

Kaminari only moaned in response, eyes rolling back as her clit pushed in deeper. Pulsated and flooded him with her sweet ooze. He clenched around her, drawing a sharp moan from her too.

They rocked together, her tentacle curling and pushing, inhuman in motion and making Kaminari babble. His mouth still tasted of her, and Kaminari wriggled down against her hips.

“Good- good boy-” she gasped, her hands bracing against his belly as she began to trust inside. Push over and over as each squeeze of his ass sent her closer to her edge.

She was close, and she bit her lip as she tried to starve it off just long enough. A manicured hand wrapped around Kaminari’s cock, jerking it slow and steady with her thrusts.

Kaminari jerked, stomach trembling and tightening with high pitched moans. It was too much sensation all too fast, sending him crashing into an orgasm, white cum roping along his stomach and over her pink fingers.

His ass clenched tight around her, body strung like a bow as Ashido gasped. The tightness and unbearable warmth making her cunt clench as she came after him.

The ooze thickened, flooding his ass and leaving him feeling full.

Panting and trembling, Ashido let herself drop on top of Kaminari, forcing a wheeze of ’oof’ from the unsuspecting man.

They were sticky and gross, coated with a multitude of bodily fluid between them, and they knew they’d need to get up and clean up.

Right now though, Kaminari was content with just losing himself in her warmth and sweetness, and the still surreal feeling of her pulsating tentacle buried happily in the depth of his ass.

Chapter Text

Todoroki didn’t really know what he was looking at.

It wasn’t the first time he’d gone down on a woman. He’d done it in many past relationships, and he’d been told he was decent enough at it. Apparently the changing temperatures of his tongue was pleasurable, and Todoroki took their word for it.

However, Todoroki could usually see what he was doing then.

Hagakure was laying down on her pink plush blanket, and Todoroki could see that by the indents she left in them. The way the blanket dipped and flattened down under the weight of a body, outlining it enough for Todoroki to see where she was.

Sitting on his knees between her legs, Todoroki’s arms braced on the bed on either side of her body, and he could vaguely feel the warmth radiating from her skin on his right arm.

She was there, he knew that logically. It was just… bizarre. He knew she was there but he couldn’t see her.

At this point he would usually already have his head between a lady’s thighs, tongue deep between her folds as she squirmed and moaned.

Right now, Todoroki was just trying to contemplate how to start.

He stared blankly at the empty air, and the body that should be occupying it.

A slow blink, too long seconds of uncomfortable silence, and finally it started to get to Hagakure.

“Ahhh, Todoroki-kun?” She called, the blankets shifting under his gaze as she squirmed. “Are you… going to do something?”

Blinking once, Todoroki looked up to where the voice sounded. Where her face should be. “Hm?”

The indents of her arms moved, arms raising as the bed creaked. He didn’t know what she was doing with them but when he didn’t feel them touch him he figured they were likely pressed up against her body.

“You’re just kind of… staring. It’s really embarrassing.”

Hagakure squirmed again, and Todoroki blinked in surprise.

Was he? He couldn’t tell. He supposed he was, though it was hard for him to really stare at her.

“We don’t have to do this if you-” She sounded disappointed with the idea, and Todoroki was quick to reassure.

“This is fine.” Resting his weight on his right hand, his left moved to where he assumed her body was.

His fingers grazed over something warm and trembling, and a sharp intake of breath told him that he’d hit his target.

He soothed his hand down, feeling over soft skin. There was a small dip in the centre, the warmth raising with each breath, and Todoroki figured he was touching her stomach. Soft and warm under his hand.

His hand travelled down slowly, his eyes following as he felt the raise of her hip bones, then the sensation of course hair. Something bumped his thigh, his eyes flicking to his side to find nothing there. A knee, he decided, shifting his weight onto his own.

His right hand blindly sought her leg, the side of his finger brushing where thigh met ass.

This he could work with.

Sliding his hand up the expanse of her warm thigh, he finally found the hook of her knee. Moving his left hand from her mound, Todoroki did the same with the other, soothing his warm palm over soft flesh.

He slowly eased himself back, dragging her along with him as the blankets dragged along with her. She squealed as Todoroki carefully dropped off the edge of the bed, one leg after the other to kneel at the foot.

The blankets had ridden up with Hagakure, two lumps scrunched up where she was gripping them.

Todoroki lifted her legs up onto his shoulders, the invisible weight still making him blink cluelessly. He knew what he was doing, and he could feel it, but watching his hands lift up nothing felt odd.

The weight was there though, as was Hagakure’s shy little whimpers. She sounded cute, it was just a shame his eyes couldn’t quite connect with the rest of him.

“You’re- you’re staring again, Todoroki!” Hagakure protested, squirming in Todoroki’s hold.

He blinked in shock up at the empty bed, fixing his gaze where he could only assume her face was.

For someone invisible, she certainly was shy when it came to being stared at.

Or perhaps it was only when she was naked? If Todoroki remembered back to their high school days, she always seemed thrilled about any attention.

Or, most likely, she was just nervous.

Cocking what Todoroki hoped was a reassuring smile, he turned his face to press a kiss to her inner thigh, eyes still set on the empty bed. He may not be able to see her, but she certainly could see him.

“Sorry,” he apologised, grazing his lips up until a heat radiated against his cheek. “This is all new to me.”

Hagakure huffed, her heels pressing into his spine.

“Yeah, you’re telling me.”

Turning his face towards the warmth, his nose brushed against wet lips, her scent hitting him suddenly.

Hagakure sucked a breath, the bed moving as the blanket she gripped settled down. From the muffled hum he heard, he figured she was silencing herself.

There was no point in watching. In trying to see what he was doing. Instead, Todoroki let his eyes slip shut, his nose brushing up over a budded clit as he repositioned himself.

His lips brushed over her folds, something slick smearing across them, and Todoroki knew he found the spot.

It was easier with his eyes closed. When he just focused on how she felt and the sounds she made. Wrapping his arms up under her legs, Todoroki pulled her closer until his face was buried between them, a slick warmth pressed up against his mouth.

Hagakure gasped behind invisible hands, her thighs clenched around his head, and Todoroki dove straight in.

Stroking the flat of his tongue between wet folds, he hummed at her taste. The familiar sweetness and the sensation of her squirming in his hold.

His fingers pressed into her thighs, one hand heating up as the other cooled. A duel sensation that made her hips jolt up, burying his nose against her hard clit. Her thighs pressed harder around his head, trapping him there as she moaned out.

Startled at the sudden strength holding him still, Todoroki’s eyes slipped open for a beat. A brief look of surprise as he glanced up at nothing.

He could feel the wet heat and the brush of hair and her throbbing heat but, eyes open, all he could see was the indents of asscheeks on the edge of the bed.

Squeezing his eyes shut again, Todoroki tried to ignore it. Tried not to question what it must look like.

He just rolled his tongue over her heat, savouring the meek squeak he earned. Her thighs pressed tight against his ears, squeezing and trembling.

His tongue was hot, lapping over her hole and the smooth surface between it and her clit. His right hand moved from her leg, soothing up her side and feeling over invisible skin. Mapping out her ribs and the underside of a tit.

She felt smooth and soft, and when his hand cooled down, her entire body jerked.

Two hands wound up in his hair, clinging as her body curled up. A finger brushed over a nipple, stiff under his touch. He warmed up his fingers to normal at the same time his tongue cooled down.

Steam coiled from the corners of his lips, mouth switching rapidly to an intense heat down to a chilling freeze. Hagakure cursed, squirming as Todoroki pushed his tongue in deeper. Dipped into her scorching heat and lapped at the sweet taste.

Hagakure jerked, breathy gasps following a sharp tug of his hair. Pulling him closer, Todoroki’s face was held close to an invisible cunt, his scalp aching as she bucked up into him.

His hand soothed down her body again, his other joining as he grasped onto her hips. Pinning her down to the bed, Todoroki pushed his tongue in deeper with earnest. He switched from freezing to hot again, warming up the now trembling walls.

“Sho-Shouto!” She gasped, heels digging in deep against his back.

Todoroki’s hands had to tighten on her hips, struggling to keep her still as he continued to tongue fuck her. Deep laps of his tongue, switching between hot and cold every time her body seemed to get use to one.

His nose brushed over her clit, pushed down hard until he struggled to breathe. He didn’t complain though. Not when he could feel her juices drip down his cheeks and chin. Not when she was so open with her reactions, gasping and squirming and pulling him closer.

The pressure around his head was tight, soft thighs crushing his head between them, smothering him in her heat. Her body responded in kind, trembling against his cold tongue before arching up into the heat of his mouth.

He switched between dipping his tongue in deep, lapping over wet folds, and wrapping his lips around her clit and sucking. An alternation, grazing the flat of his teeth over her sensitive nub before pushing his tongue deep into her heat.

He could feel her beginning to clamp up, her thighs trembling against his cheeks as one hand lifted from her hips.

Now free to move, Hagakure humped his face, rubbing her clit over the bridge of his nose as he reached over her thigh to flick at it. Rub his thumb down until Hagakure came with a cry.

Her breathy moans hitched up, her cunt throbbing around his hot tongue as her arousal flooded his mouth.

Todoroki moaned alongside her, fingers curling against warm skin as she rode his face. Her hips dragged up, rubbing over his lips and burying him in deep. He couldn’t breathe, but he didn’t mind. Todoroki just continued to lap at her throbbing heat, greedily drinking down everything she had to offer.

When she was done using his face to get off, her hips dropped back down onto the bed, leaving Todoroki’s face messy with her taste.

Breathing heavily, Todoroki beadily blinked, eyes zeroing down at the sight of shimmering wetness. Saliva and arousal refracting light with a glossy shine. Barely, he could make out the sight of throbbing pussy lips, and the undercurve of her ass where their wetness dripped down.

Hagakure was gasping, writhing in the messed up bed and pulling the bedding closer to her body.

“That was amazing,” Hagakure cooed, her voice laboured with deep breaths.

Todoroki blinked, looking up where the voice had sounded, his face drenched from the bridge of his nose to the dip of his chin.

His tongue darted over his bottom lip, savouring her as he slowly rose to his feet, casting a shadow over the indents in the bed.

“Yeah,” Todoroki breathed, his fingers grazing over her knees. “You were.”

Chapter Text

“Your legs are like giant vibrators.”

Pausing in his reading, Iida slowly lowered his book, brows knitted in confusion at the man leaning against his kitchen counter.

“Could you… please explain?”

“They’re giant and they vibrate,” Kirishima offered, looking thoughtfully at Iida’s crossed legs.

“Ahh,” Iida sounded, his bemused frown only deepening as he tried to decipher Kirishima’s comment. “I’m afraid I must repeat my question.”

Kirishima barked a laugh, arms folding against Iida’s counter as he lowered his head to lay in them.

“I don’t know, man. When you’re reading sometimes your engines, like, rev or something?”

“They do?” Iida stressed, placing his book down in his lap to eye his legs with concern. One was hooked up over the knee of the other, the leg of his pants riding up enough that he could see the bottom set of mufflers.

That was concerning to know. If his quirk activated without his meaning to, he could burn his pants. Or worse, the couch or even his own leg. Small revs were harmless but what if he read a particularly good part of the book and overdid it?

“Why hasn’t anyone told me?” Iida mused, scowling in worry.

“Probably because it’s kind of adorable,” Kirishima laughed, now propping his face up on a hand, his cheek squished up as he watched on. “It’s a cool little quirk thing! I harden up when movies jumpscare me. Knee-jerk activation, you know?”

“It could be a hazard,” Iida chastised, setting his book down as he unfolded his legs. Leaning down, he pulled up the pant leg on one side, frowning down at the silver rims of his mufflers.

“Nah, man!” Kirishima waved off, finally pushing himself off of Iida’s counter. He rounded the kitchen island, striding over to a concerned Iida. “If they could do that I think it would have already happened.”

“You don’t know that for certain,” Iida reminded, slipping his foot down with a sigh. How had he never noticed he did this before? “I should ask Tensei if he has the same problem.”

Iida sat back, readjusted his glasses, and glanced up at the red haired male. In his concerns, he hadn’t even realised Kirishima had began to hover. Bright eyes were fixated on Iida’s leg, brows knitted in thought with the tips of shark-like teeth nipping at his bottom lip. Something seemed to be plaguing Kirishima’s thoughts and Iida cleared his throat to try and capture Kirishima’s attention again. It didn’t seem to work as Kirishima continued to stare shamelessly.

Kirishima,” Iida tried, only earning so much as a hum in response. “You’re staring.”

That at the very least seemed to knock Kirishima from his train of thought. The other male blinked rapidly, eyes owlish as he glanced back to Iida’s face, then to his legs once again.

“Sorry! Sorry, just… thinking dumb things.” Kirishima laughed it off, a hand reaching up to rub sheepishly at the back of his neck. The implication that Kirishima’s thoughts were ’dumb’ certainly sat wrong with Iida.

“I’m sure whatever you’re thinking is not ‘dumb’, as you put it. Whatever it is it’s perfectly valid and-”

“Can I sit on your leg?”

Iida’s mouth snapped shut, lips pursed in a tight line as he stared up at Kirishima in a vivid mix of confusion and shock. It was silent for an awkward beat, the only noise between them was a sudden thrum from Iida’s legs. He certainly couldn’t miss it that time.

Kirishima broke the silence with another laugh, eyes closed as he gripped the back of his neck now.

“See? I told you it was dumb!”

“I-” Iida stammered, mouth hitching open once again as words failed him. “That is- not- I wouldn’t-” Iida readjusted his glasses, looking for something to distract him. “I wouldn’t call it dumb, though I’m… a little shocked.”

“Seriously, Iida, forget about it.”

“That is.. a lot easier said than done, Kirishima-kun.”

“It was a stupid thought. Don’t stress about it man,” Kirishima laughed, nervousness apparent in his voice as he patted Iida’s shoulder.

He rounded the coffee table set in front of the couch, heading back to the kitchen as Iida stared in bewilderment.

What an odd thing to ask.

His mouth was dry, tongue too thick in his mouth, and Iida couldn’t quite figure out why the idea had him suddenly so aware of his own body. His legs felt warmer, a slight hum settling in his body.

He was curious, of course. He had to disagree with Kirishima, though his legs were definitely giant and they did vibrate. That was just normal considering his quirk.

Iida clicked his tongue, watching in thought as Kirishima retreated.

“Okay,” Iida settled on, startling the other in his suddenness. Kirishima looked back over his shoulder, clearly lost. “You may… try sitting on them.”

“Really?!” Kirishima chirped, spinning on a dime with a wide puppy dog smile. “Seriously?”

“Just… don’t actually sit on them. It would put too much weight on my knee.”

“I won’t!” Kirishima promised, already bounding back. “I mean, are you sure? This is kind of, y’know… weird.”

“I’m aware,” Iida answered, easing his right foot up on the coffee table. He straightened his leg, knee just a little bent to keep pressure off it. “But there is no harm in… experimenting.”

Iida was no stranger to sex, though he certainly wasn’t use to this either. In all of his adventures in the metaphorical sheets, ‘can I ride your leg?’ was never something asked of him. It definitely fell on the weirder side of things.

Iida pulled his pant leg up over his knee not wanting to burn it if things went haywire.

Kirishima seemed to be a muddled ball of excited and unsure, bright eyes flicking from Iida’s leg and up to his face. Checking, like Iida would rip the chance away from him in an instant. Or perhaps he was simply waiting for Iida to retract his offer.

“Please,” he offered, waving towards his leg, and Kirishima needed no other invitation.

Throwing a leg over Iida’s shin, Kirishima lightly straddled it, keeping his weight on his bent knees as he planted himself on Iida’s propped up leg.

Iida pursed his lips, brows pinched as he tried to keep his cool and seem less uncertain than he felt.

This was fine, Iida tried to reassure himself. It was simply casual sex. Except with clothes on. And no actual penetration or direct contact with genitalia. And Iida wasn’t going to get off.

That was fine too! He’d done that before. Like helping someone unwind with their… unique kink.

Even still, while trying to talk himself through it, he could only stare at Kirishima’s expectant face. The silence drew on and eventually Kirishima drawled out an uncertain ’ahhh?’

“Sorry-” Iida cut him off.

Iida gripped the couch cushions on either side of himself, mentally preparing and perhaps procrastinating a little.


“Ready!” Kirishima answered instantaneously, sounding far too eager to try this.

It was cute, and Iida found that it helped soothe his nerves just a little. Enough for a smile to breach across his face.

“Ready..” Iida breathed this time, speaking more so to himself as his fingers dug into the soft cushion.

He concentrated on one leg, focused as to not kick start a fire. The pipes slipped out instantly, a warmth spreading in his calf before a low rev sounded in the apartment. He could feel the vibrations interwoven with his bones, travelling up to his knee. It was nothing new to him, though he rarely experimented with this state. There was never a reason to rev his engines without the intention to run until now.

There was never a pressure against his leg before either. Not quite like the balanced weight of Kirishima. Kirishima’s hands fell to Iida’s thigh, gripping onto the material of his pants as his mouth opened with a gasp.

It was light and soft, more surprise than anything as the low rumbles settled between his legs. Iida looked up at him, anxious yet curious as Kirishima’s red eyes blinked down, unseeing.

Iida started off light, of course. Testing the waters. He gave Kirishima plenty of time to get off or stop this ludicrousy. When Kirishima only closed his eyes in response, mouth hung shamelessly open, Iida took it as a ’go ahead’.

He revved it harder this time, a quick spurt that set in his kneecap. Kirishima gasped loudly, head thrown back with a filthy moan. Iida gasped alongside him, eyes wide behind wire glasses as he studied Kirishima’s reaction.

Perhaps ‘not getting off’ was premature of him.

He revved again, his leg visibly vibrating as Kirishima’s fingers hardened, clawed nails gripping into Iida’s pant leg. Not that Iida noticed at all. He was far more intrigued by the man falling apart so sweetly.

Iida could see the rows of sharp teeth over Kirishima’s lips, breathing hot and heavy as Iida revved once again.

He could swear he could feel it vibrating in his chest, his heart hammering as Kirishima started to move against him.

Kirishima’s head fell forward, hung below his shoulders as Iida could hear groans and pants over his own engine. Putting his weight onto his feet, Kirishima dragged his clothed sex slowly over Iida’s leg, pushing down to feel the vibrations better. To stimulate.

Iida could feel the drag of smooth material, as well as what lay beneath. The swell of Kirishima’s bulge and balls, and the part of his ass. He pushed down, whimpering as Iida kicked up louder and more consistent revs.

It ran straight through Kirishima, his legs tightening around Iida’s, and Iida watched in fascination as a drop of drool fell from Kirishima’s open mouth against his thigh.

He reacted instantly to each rev, thighs pushed together and trapping Iida close as he continued to hump at Iida’s leg. His head rolled back, blinking glassily at Iida, and Iida’s breath caught with a gasp.

Kirishima was a mess. Drool caked the corners of his lips, eyes unfocused and wet as a blush was set across the bridge of his nose. Kirishima trembled, mouth working uselessly.

”Please,” he forced out, voice vibrating by its own accord. It sent a spark to the base of Iida’s spine. ”Iida-”

Iida revved again, his engine purring as heat spread through his leg. Fire sputtered in his pipes, his leg jumping slightly and pushing more pressure between Kirishima’s thighs. Iida swore Kirishima’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, hands trembling.

Kirishima tried to speak, only to drool and spit formless words. Aimless sounds that failed to form something clear. Iida repeated the action, his leg rumbling as pressure pushed up against Kirishima’s balls.

“Faah-hah-” Kirishima gasped, nails now biting into Iida’s skin. And still Iida couldn’t take his eyes off him.

Kirishima dragged himself over Iida’s shin, effectively humping Iida as his body convulsed. Iida was no longer sure what he was doing, or if Kirishima was vibrating on his own. Whatever it was, Iida’s mouth was dry, open as he marvelled the man perched on his leg.

The scent of burnt orange tinted the air, fire sputtering to life and dying just as fast making Kirishima tremble and cry out.

His legs locked around Iida’s, suddenly hard as his body partially hardened up. A whimpered ’Iida’ was forced from a tight throat as a warmth spread across Iida’s shin.

The heat wasn’t like his own. Wasn’t sourced within but instead wet his skin, and Iida glanced down to towards Kirishima’s clothed cock. He was ridiculous, of course. He couldn’t see Kirishima’s cock pulsate and it was likely a trick of the vibrations. Though that didn’t stop Iida from gasping as he swore he saw Kirishima’s cock throb.

Kirishima’s voice was pitched up high, tears dripping down warm cheeks as Iida realised Kirishima came, and he was still going.

Killing the engine, Kirishima slumped forward, and Iida quickly reached out to brace him. Kirishima was completely lax, boneless and leaning down against Iida’s knee, and the larger man quickly eased him up onto his lap.

Letting his leg drop, Iida ran a comforting hand over Kirishima’s back, concern written across his face.

“Kirishima-kun?” Iida started, his free hand reaching up to wipe away a tear.

Kirishima just sighed, pleased and boneless as his head rested against Iida’s shoulder.

“Fuuuuuck,” Kirishima breathed, a quiet laugh rumbling in his chest. “That was-”

Kirishima didn’t even finish, and Iida frowned down at him.

“I’m going to have to lend you my clothes,” Iida pointed out, his hand still rubbing Kirishima’s back as his body pushed up against Iida’s. “And you’ll need a shower.”

Kirishima snorted, turning his face to brush his nose alongside Iida’s collar. He obviously heard Iida but didn’t bother answering. He seemed perfectly happy with staying where he was, so Iida relented and allowed him.

“Thanks,” Kirishima breathed, and Iida opened his mouth to answer before Kirishima cut him off. ”Vibrator legs.”

Clamping his mouth shut, Iida huffed himself, eyes rolling at the man’s antics. Regardless, he smiled all the same.

Chapter Text

Despite Kirishima’s insistence and excitement, Shinsou wasn’t entirely sure about… this.

It wasn’t like Shinsou didn’t want a blowjob. After sparing with the rowdy hero and building up a sweat, he could do with a little relief. Kirishima had caught him alone in the showers fisting his dick and offered, so how could Shinsou say no?

Kirishima was cute with that wide smile and brilliant red eyes and long steam damp hair. It was just that smile that was the problem entirely. His smile, and the rather intimidating razor teeth sported proudly within it. As cute as Kirishima was, he couldn’t help the mental image of Kirishima biting down.

And if anything could kill Shinsou’s boner, it was that mental image.

“I’m not going to bite!” Kirishima promised, laughing under the spray of water.

It soothed down the wild spikes Kirishima had carefully crafted, leaving the brutish hero looking more like a puppy of all things. In that moment there was nothing more Shinsou would like to do but to push him down and feed his cock into that eager mouth.

But he was still hung up on those Goddamn teeth. It was like sticking his dick into a beartrap, and Shinsou wasn’t that brand of idiotic.

Or maybe he was, because Kirishima was lowering himself to his knees and Shinsou couldn’t bring himself to protest.

Shinsou only lent back against cold tiles, damp hair slick against his forehead and neck as Kirishima remained under the spray. The tiles were freezing against Shinsou’s shower warmed skin, but he was far more focused on rough hands spreading over his thighs and that too wide grin.

“Come on, don’t you trust me?”

“You, maybe. Your gag reflex? Not so much.”

Kirishima barked a laugh, leaning forward to rub a warm cheek against the side of Shinsou’s half-hard cock.

“You can brainwash me if you’re that worried.”

“That would be worse,” Shinsou grunted, lidded eyes watching the drag of plump skin over his aching cock. “If you gagged and snapped out of it, you’ll bite down.”

And that was a mental image that went straight to his dick in the worst possible way. Just the idea of the pain made his skin crawl.

Kirishima nosed along Shinsou’s cock now, nudging the throbbing warmth as ruby eyes peeked up coyly.

“You think this is my first time sucking dick?”

“Can’t say I’ve put much thought into it,” Shinsou drawled, his monotonous voice cracking when he felt the swipe of something warm and velvet against the underside of his cock.

Kirishima’s tongue lapped along salty skin and the drag earned a shutter from the purple haired male. It reached the mushroom of his head, gliding under the ridge as Shinsou’s eyes fluttered. Groaning low, his head slowly thumped back against tile, eyes rolling as Kirishima wrapped warm lips over the side of his cock and sucked.

This was certainly not Kirishima’s first time and Shinsou wondered if this was really about relieving him. Kirishima seemed far too eager to get a throbbing cock into his mouth.

“Shit,” Shinsou breathed, hands sprayed out on slippery tile. There was nothing to grip or cling onto and, as Kirishima moved up towards the head, one hand reached out to grip at Kirishima’s hair instead.

There was a thick wetness of softening gel between his fingers, along with coarse strands of hair, and the sudden pull made Kirishima moan. His mouth hung open, tongue lewdly draped over his lip as a hot breath ghosted across the tip of Shinsou’s flush cock.

“Just.. fuck- Just do it,” Shinsou caved, wanting it to be over and done with before he came to regret it.

Kirishima’s eyes flicked up and Shinsou could swear he saw them crinkle with a smile. Sly fuck damn well knew what he was doing.

Before Shinsou could reconsider, Kirishima slid the tip of Shinsou’s cock along the centre of his tongue, moaning dramatically as the thickness rubbed along his willing tongue. His lips wrapped around the thickness of Shinsou’s cock, curling up under the points of his teeth to buffer between them and sensitive skin.

Shinsou was grateful to see Kirishima was so careful, because no blowjob was worth getting shredded by a blender.

Kirishima’s mouth was willing and warm, his tongue curling up around the sides as he eased Shinsou in deeper. A rough hand wrapped around the base of Shinsou’s cock, dragging and pumping slowly with the water easing the friction.

Shinsou groaned, his head rolling to the side as he watched Kirishima work.

Kirishima’s eyes had fluttered shut, pure pleasure humming at the back of his throat and vibrating straight through Shinsou’s cock. He dragged his lips up until they caught around the flare of the head. His tongue swirled around it, dipping under the ridge as he sucked at the tip obscenely. Lewd and wet as he opened his mouth and slapped Shinsou’s cock against his tongue.

Shinsou hissed a curse, pushing his hips forward to glide the tip of his head along the back of Kirishima’s tongue. Ruby eyes peeked up at him once again, blinking with false innocence as Shinsou huffed between his teeth.

“Get on with it,” Shinsou demanded, eyes narrowed as mischief burned in Kirishima’s. “Before I do brainwash you.”

An empty threat, of course, but Kirishima was being a cruel tease.

Kirishima’s eyes snapped shut again, his hand moving from Shinsou’s cock to brace against Shinsou’s hip. His lips wrapped around his girth again, sliding down the stretch of skin as he fed more and more of Shinsou’s cock into his waiting mouth.

The glide was heavenly, warm and wet, and Shinsou’s head lulled back against the title again.

The tip of his cock nudged the back of Kirishima’s throat and Shinsou was shocked to find Kirishima didn’t sputter or choke. Instead the male only moaned, loud and wanton as he bobbed his head back.

As he slid back down again, he pushed just a bit further. Shinsou’s cock kissed the back of Kirishima’s throat again, gliding over the back of his tongue and slipping down further. His lips wrapped around the base of his cock, throat bulging as the tip of his nose brushed against purple pubes.

Shinsou was so close so being nestled entirely down Kirishima’s throat before Kirishima pulled back again, dragging back to the shroomed head. Shinsou was panting now, eyes unfocused as he watched Kirishima’s cheeks hollow as he sucked around Shinsou’s length.

He bobbed back down again, and Shinsou’s hand flattened against the back of Kirishima’s head, pushing the man down as he snapped his hips forward.

All too fast, Shinsou shoved his cock entirely down Kirishima’s throat until Kirishima’s face was flat against his groin, a satisfying choked noise coming from the other as his throat fluttered around his length.

Kirishima choked, spit bubbling in the corners of his lips as he struggled to swallow around it.

Shinsou allowed him to pull back and catch his breath before repeating the action harder, burying himself entirely within the wet heat.

Kirishima was more prepared for it this time, a slutty moan following a small choke as his eyes rolled up. His mouth was slack now, allowing Shinsou to fuck his face as his tongue pushed up to taste the thick meat gliding across it.

He swallowed greedily, his throat tightening around him until Shinsou’s resolve began to crumble.

There were voices in the halls. Other people using the gym. Other people who could walk in at any moment serving as a painful reminder of just how public this whole affair was. There was no time for gentleness, not that either seemed to want it.

Kirishima was so good, kneeling like a bitch with his mouth open and waiting, and Shinsou was weak enough to use him.

Stuttering his hips forward, Shinsou buried himself between those lips again and again, no longer bothered by the sight of sharp fangs. Kirishima only watched him, mouth open as he let Shinsou use him like a fleshlight. As Shinsou’s cock slid down his throat over and over.

Hardened fingers moved to Shinsou’s hips, gripping on tight as Shinsou continued to fuck his face, but he made no move to stop him. Each push of his hips forced a guttural noise from the willing cocksleeve, wet and slurping as drool poured down his chin, mixing with the water of the shower.

It was wicked to listen to and Shinsou didn’t try to starve off his orgasm, pushed on with the pressure of raising voices. He came down Kirishima’s throat, grunting as Kirishima suckled around him drinking his seed with a pleased hum.

The orgasm was like a wall, slamming into him suddenly and leaving Shinsou breathless. His fingers twisted in red hair, mouth hitched in an ‘O’ as his cock pulsated on top of Kirishima’s tongue.

Spurt after spurt Kirishima drank down, lips wrapping tight as he took control again, bobbing slowly over Shinsou’s length. Once his cock was spent and flaccid Kirishima pulled away with a pop, Shinsou’s flushed cock hanging heavily as Kirishima licked his lips.

Kirishima pulled away, eyes twinkling as he stood up grinning happily at the tired man he’s sucked off. Shinsou was lax against the shower wall, watching as Kirishima moved back to his own stall and shot Shinsou a flirtatious wink just before a handful of others joined them in the shower.

Shinsou turned, getting back under the spray as he struggled to calm his racing heart and slow his breath.

If Kirishima thought this was the end of it, he was brutally wrong.

That was one beartrap he was willing to stick his cock straight into.

Chapter Text

The thing about media pitting two dominant risqué heroes against one another on live television? It was incredibly hard to differentiate between actual arguments and shameless flirting.

What was an actual fight and what was simply banter and a promise to continue behind closed doors? What should be taken at face-value, and what was fuel to fan the public’s flames?

”Is the old bitch mad because, no matter what you do, I’m always topping you?”

”Oh honey, I don’t need the public’s eye to top you by the end of the night.”

No matter what way the media tried to spin it, to the popularity ladder or success as a hero, there was no denying the wink Midnight offered, or the blown kiss Miruko blew back.


Kayama didn’t make empty threats and she rarely turned down an offer quite like this.

Miruko had gone for a low blow bringing up Kayama’s age, disrespecting her in front of the cameras and making such wild claims.

The young woman was good, Kayama would give her that. Strong and sexy, raking in the attention with those powerful legs of hers. Muscle-bound and gorgeous. But if she thought she could get away with acting like a brat in public like she did, Kayama was more than happy to teach the girl a lesson.

Miruko had to be waiting for her. What kind of powerhouse hero had the lights off by nine in the evening, or left the front door unlocked? It was an open invitation. The only question was; would Miruko be a good girl all dolled up and ready for her? Or did she truly believe she could wind up on top tonight?

Kayama pulled her long trench coat closer to her, the rough fabric grazing over bare nipples. A wide brimmed hat obscure her face enough from the public eye to get her here unbothered. Now that she was inside, locking the door behind herself with a click, she set her hat on a convenient coat rack.

The R-rated hero was used to the darkness, pretty blue eyes adjusting to the shadows as she crept inside.

Silly, cute, proud girl. She thought Kayama couldn’t tell when she stepped into a trap. Miruko had no patience or tact.

High heeled boots clicked on wooden floors, so much louder than the silent footfall of mutated feet. Kayama had been prepared for it but that hardly meant she was going to stop it.

The moment Kayama entered the livingroom, there was a sudden blow to her back. A body shoved up against her, slamming her cruelly against the livingroom wall. Prepared as she was, that didn’t stop her from wincing, breath stolen as she was pushed up hard against white walls.

The body pressed against her was warm and hard. Bare and shamelessly pinned against her back. It was a shame Kayama’s coat kept their skin parted.

Large hands gripped at Kayama’s wrists, yanking them cruelly behind her back pinned beneath Miruko’s belly.

“Lookie what I caught~” Miruko teased, her body pushing up harder against Kayama’s own. “A lashing on air wasn’t good enough for you? Had to come sniffing around for another beating?”

Miruko’s grip around her wrists tightened painfully and Kayama lent her head back with a moan.

“You’re so lively! So cruel. But, honey,” leaning her head back against Miruko’s shoulder, wicked eyes fixed on Miruko’s cute face. “You can’t top the best.

A plume of purple smoke filtered out from the flaps of her coat, wafting around the room and clouding Miruko’s head. The woman’s grip eased instantly, brown eyes drooping as she wobbled on her feet.

Cheater,” she mumbled, falling lax against Kayama’s back.

Chuckling to herself, Kayama smoothly extracted her hand from between them, reaching up to toy with Miruko’s hair as the woman’s head fell against her shoulder.

“All’s fair in love and war, baby,” she cooed as she turned slowly so Miruko would slump into her arms.

The hero’s ears were down, draped over the back of her head, and her little nose twitched in her slumber.

Kayama offered a high pitched hum, eyes wide with delight. In her sleep Miruko looked so soft. So open. It only made Kayama want to push her to her very limits more and more.

Getting Miruko to her bed was not an easy task. The woman was pure muscle and the dead weight dragged her down. It was a bother that her quirk didn’t work as well on women, but Kayama kept a slight haze of purple up just in case. She didn’t want her pretty prize waking up too early after all.

Miruko’s bed was massive, unsurprisingly. The entire room was lavish and soft, her bed a whirlwind of blankets and pillows settled into a little nest in the dead centre. It was almost a shame to have to deconstruct it. But, seeing the metal loops set up on the top two bed posts and another between them, Kayama just had to test it out.

“Naughty girl~” Kayama mused, soothing out the blankets and heaving the heavy woman into the centre.

Kayama shed her coat, dropping it on the floor as she explored the large room. Her body was clad in leather, from under her boobs down to the flare of her hips, cutting into a V over her crotch where a black plastic cock hung out. Her boobs were pushed up with leather, sat perky and stiff on full display. It was a shame she had to dull it down for the public eye. For them, at least. Tonight Miruko would be lucky to taste her more private collection.

Miruko, like the horny little bunny she was, was stripped nude. Shameless and pushing her body up against Kayama only minutes ago. She really wanted to get straight too it, apparently. Kayama liked the flirting and the build up, but if Miruko wanted to play that way then she wasn’t going to deny her.

It was easy to find Miruko’s supplies. Naughty girl, she’d practically left them out in the open, stuffing the box under her bed. Within was an array of vibrators and dildos and so many little kinky toys to play with. Another time, Kayama decided. Instead, she pulled out a pair of leather cuffs with interest.

The material was stiff, the inner walls lined with soft material. Just like Miruko herself. Such a rough exterior, but so completely soft.

Kayama had enough time to latch Miruko’s hands together and attach it to the loop in the center of the bedhead. Powerful long arms, strained back and locked in place. Her legs were limp, spread with her pretty little pussy on full display.

How could Kayama resist a taste?

Kneeling between long powerful legs, Kayama bent carefully, her leather outfit tight and unmoving. She dipped down, teeth biting down against her bottom lip as she watched sweet pussy lips quiver.

“Such an eager little girl,” she cooed, excitement warming her skin as she lent that little bit down.

She’d almost made her target before two powerful legs wrapped around her head and forced her the rest of the way. Suddenly Kayama’s face was buried between Miruko’s folds, her mouth pressed against a warm hole as thighs tensed up around her head, damn near crushing her.

Kayama pressed her hands against the mattress, her eyes flicking up to the wide grin stretched across Miruko’s face.

That was the downside of Kayama’s quirk. It didn’t work that long with women. Well, she did want Miruko to wake up eventually. It was just a shame the rabbit hero seemed to think she won something.

Activating her quirk again, purple tinted the air as Miruko’s smile faltered.

“Fuck!” She growled, her anger soothing down as her legs fell limp.

Kayama stopped it before Miruko could lull to sleep entirely. Her eyes drooped, nose twitching as she struggled to focus on the woman between her legs.

Kayama just sat back, her tongue running along her bottom lip to taste the sweet slick Miruko’s eager pussy had smeared there.

“You think you’re so clever, don’t you, dear?” Kayama taunted, patting the inside of Miruko’s thigh condescendingly.

The muscle jumped under Kayama’s touch, and the tired hero mumbled something that sounded distinctly of ’fuck you’.

Sitting up on her knees, Kayama planted her hands on the mattress by Miruko’s rib-cage, caging her in as she lent down slowly for a lazy kiss.

Miruko’s lips were pliant and soft, moving weakly against Kayama’s own. A small whimper sounded in the back of Miruko’s throat and Kayama drank it down.

Leaning back, Kayama licked her lips again, eyes lit up in delight as Miruko scowled up at her. The effects of her quirk was starting to fade, her body stretching in its confides to warm up her muscles.

“You’re a bitch.”

“You’re a brat,” Kayama hit back, looking far from insulted. “I was going to get you nice and warmed up for me but, if we can’t play nice, maybe a punishment is more fitting.”

“Does that mean you’re finally going to fuck me?”

Kayama clicked her tongue, eyes narrowing in disapproval.

“For once, can’t you just savour it?

“I just want you to hurry up and disappoint me so I can go back to sleep already.”

Kayama gripped under thick thighs, dragging Miruko’s hips up to sit on her lap as she sat up straight, casting a shadow over Miruko’s lovely body.

“So cocky too,” Kayama mused, nails biting into Miruko’s skin and leaving her marks of crescent moons. “I can’t wait to fuck that out of you.”

Kayama drawled the word ‘fuck’, popping the ‘k’ obscenely.

Miruko just wiggled her hips down, her arms straining up as that attractive cocky grin returned to its rightful place.

“Think you can pull that off, old lady? Try me.”

Cocky she was, the sweet little devil was. Kayama could feel her own cunt tremble in its leather confides, adrenaline coursing through her with delight. But, no, that wasn’t how this show went.

Sitting up higher, Kayama let the leather dildo of her suit drag between wet folds, her eyes lighting up with wicked glee as Miruko gasped.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

The push in was slow. Miruko was wet, but not nearly enough to push in smoothly. Her cunt slowly stretched, filled tight with silicone. Her legs instantly kicked out and twitched beside Miruko, her muscles spasming as her mouth hitched open with a pained gasp.

Kayama instantly slowed to s stop, a hand bracing against Miruko’s stomach and rubbing.

“Come on, pretty girl. You can take it for me, can’t you?”

”Fuck you,” Miruko snapped back, lifting her hips to try and push Kayama’s cock in deeper.

“Oh, honey,” Kayama purred, smooth hands gripping the rabbit hero’s hips. “I plan to.”

Pulling Miruko down on her shiny cock, the white haired woman threw her head back with a wild groan, her toes stretching as Kayama filled her whole.

She was beautiful to watch. Mouth wide and showing off her cute little pearly white teeth, the front two just that smidgen longer than the rest. Tears springing in her eyes and the ghost of goosebumps rippling over such a pretty body. Kayama just ground her his forward, a tongue peeking out to lick the top corner of a lip as the stiff material of her suit nudged cruelty at Miruko’s love button.

The little bunny’s body pushed up, strung tight like a bow as Kayama ground against her privates.

So pretty and open, all semblance of control shattered with tears. Her feet hooked behind Kayama’s back, pulling in tighter, like Kayama needed the encouragement. Cocking a grin, Kayama started to roll her hips, nudging herself in deeper and pulling out shallowly before grinding back down.

“Fucking-! Tease!” Miruko snapped, lifting her hips to try and speed up the process. Tied down as she was, Miruko was still the stronger of the two.

Instead of trying to fight it, Kayama sat her weight against her knees, reaching forward to tweak cruelly at a dark nipple.

Miruko yelped, her ass falling back against Kayama’s lap just as the woman drove her cock home. A deep, harsh thrust as sweet arousal slicked up the shiny silicone.

“Mmmm good girl~” Kayama teased, her hips pushing down harder forcing Miruko’s legs to spread wider. Her hand didn’t move from Miruko’s poor abused tit, twisting stroking over the nub with her thumb as Miruko’s thighs tightened around her again.

“Getting all worked up for me, baby?”

“You wish,” Miruko hissed, grinding up with Kayama’s motions.

Locking her legs around Kayama, Miruko pulled her arms down suddenly, the metal ring holding her arms up and away snapping instantly. Kayama didn’t even have time to react before the thighs gripped around her were flipping her onto her back, pinning her down underneath the rabid rabbit.

Miruko’s hands were still chained together, another long chain laying limp between them and dragging across the stiff black leather clad around Kayama’s ribcage.

Her pretty bunny cackled, hair half obscuring her face as long rabbit ears twitched.

“Got you,” Miruko panted, sounding downright deranged as she ground herself down on Kayama’s cock.

It wouldn’t be that hard for Kayama to knock the woman back out, get the upper hand once again, but Miruko did look downright delicious panting and laughing like a madwoman sitting pretty on her dick.

So Kayama just rested back against the fluffed up blankets, eyes half lidded as Miruko’s bound hands fell to her outfit.

“You got me, baby.”

“Damn fucking right I did!” Miruko barked, thighs tensing up as she started to rock and bounce, pushing the plastic dick in over and over. Her tits moved with her, hopping as she started fucking Kayama like a rabbit.

Each push down pressed the leather crotch down harder against Kayama’s own sex and the woman hummed in delight, devilish blue eyes sparkling.

“Fuck me, baby,” Kayama breathed, her hands landing on massive thighs and pushing fingertips in, massaging working muscle. “So pretty.”

“Fuck! Fuck off!” Miruko snapped, head lulling back as her pace picked up. Hips rocking and grinding as Kayama’s cock pistoned in and out of her. Wet noises and slap of skin and leather as the head of the bed began whacking against the drywall.

Kayama snapped her hips up, bouncing Miruko on her for good measure as the wild woman began to pant and babble. Obscenities and cruel words, all of which didn’t bother Kayama in the slightest.

“Good girl~” Kayama cooed, grinning wide when Miruko slammed herself down in some show of anger.

Miruko growled and hissed, body trembling as more wet heat coated down Kayama’s naked thighs. She was treating Kayama like a toy, and Kayama was happy to play along. Happy to sit and watch as Miruko came apart above her.

Her thighs trembled, mouth open with a guttural noise before Miruko slowly slumped forward.

Her hands still braced against Kayama’s suit, her hair wild as it hung and grazed against Kayama’s sensitive skin.

Kayama watched in delight as the woman trembled and groaned, still humping and squeezing her thighs around Kayama. She was done, her cunt pulsating hotly around plastic as Kayama’s fingers traced patterns against her legs.

“You did so well, baby,” Kayama taunted, her eyes widening with interest as the woman on her lap barked a laugh.

Cruel eyes met Kayama’s own. Bound hands moved up, grasping Kayama’s chest and squeezing tight as Kayama’s jolted with pain and delight.

”Don’t think I’m done with you, bitch.” Thrusting her hips down, Kayama moaned as the stiff leather pushed against her clit. “I warned you I’d end up on top.”

Chapter Text

There was something satisfying about getting under Iida Tenya’s skin, both figeratively and literally.

He’d always been too good. Too happy to please. Too perfect to the public eye. In his UA days, he’s been above petty fights. Been respectful and non-confrontational. He defended his peers from Monoma’s jeers, even went so far as to tell Monoma off for his outlandish insults, but he never got his hands dirty. Never delved to Monoma’s level.

He was too good for that, apparently, so it was a thrill when Monoma could break past that outer shell of self-righteousness.

Even now, he was too fucking good. Open mouthed kisses along Monoma’s collar and roaming hands, kneading and warming Monoma’s skin. His cock was nestled in Monoma’s ass, barely moving with each roll of their hips.

It was too close. Too sweet and perfect, and Monoma grew bored of it quickly. He liked the praise, yes. He liked the touch and the way Iida made him feel like a God. But God’s were cruel, and Iida was a perfect painting just waiting for someone to drive the blade into.

That one was less literal, of course. Monoma was a hero after all! Still, a trill of delight shivered up Monoma’s spin as he dug his nails into Iida’s pecs and dragged down, peeling away at the epidermis.

Iida’s mouth pulled away from Monoma’s skin with a hiss, brows knitted as bright pink lines followed Monoma’s nails. Beads of blood bubbled over tight skin and scars, leaving behind angry red marks, and Iida’s grip on him tightened.

He looked better like this. When he wasn’t so perfect. When there was a hint of anger and pain. A moment where his too good persona fell and something more primal shone through.

Monoma dug his nails into Iida’s chest, squeezing as he ground down on the man’s thick cock, and Iida threw his head back with shattered ‘Ahh!’

“Neito!” Iida chastised, brilliant eyes narrowed down the length of his nose, and Monoma only grinned back. Wide and feral.

“Come on, In-gen-i-um,” the name rolled from Monoma’s tongue like a taunt. Like he was saying something filthy. His hands moved down, clawing over Iida’s twitching belly as Iida sucked in a breath. “You’ve had worse. Always bragging about aaalll the things you’ve done better than me.”

Iida hissed, one large hand wrapping around Monoma’s wrist and squeezing in warning, but he didn’t pull it away.

“I don’t brag,” Iida denied, face set in a scowl. “And you do exceptional work-”

Monoma’s ass squeezed around Iida’s cock, silencing the man as he choked out a moan. His scowl softened, mouth hung open in an ‘O’ before Monoma lent down to catch Iida’s ear between his teeth. Biting down, Iida jerked beneath him, fucking up into his ass suddenly and making Monoma bounce.

Monoma groaned but refused to let up. He simply bit down harder as Iida’s hands moved to grip his ass.

“You are very cruel,” Iida complained, holding on a little too tightly. His perfection was cracking. The perfect lover falling away to reveal something a little more selfish.

The tight grip only made Monoma purr.

“You like it,” Monoma accused, finally freeing Iida’s earlobe. His arms wrapped around Iida’s neck, body laid over the man beneath him like a cat. “You like me.”

Monoma purred his words, sultry and teasing as Iida’s hands slowly lost their grip. Monoma could see it in his face. He was calming down, falling to Monoma’s will and a false sense of security.

“I do like you,” Iida agreed, voice soft as his hands moved back to Monoma’s hips and pulled the other down on his cock. “You’re still mean.”

“Shut up,” Monoma laughed, leaning down to ensnare the other in a kiss.

Iida seemed perfectly content with that, which made his startled yelp when Monoma bit down all the more delightful.

Catching Iida’s bottom lip between his teeth, he bit down until he could taste metal and rust, his nails digging into Iida’s shoulder blades and dragging up.

Iida actually growled against his mouth. Oh what a delight it was to bring out the worst of him.

”Neito,” Iida tried to warn, but Monoma wasn’t bothered in the slightest.

Grasping a fistful of Iida’s hair, he pulled down cruelly, tearing their lips apart as Iida’s head followed. Iida snarled, throat bared as Monoma’s twisted his grip, pulling harshly as he pressed sweet kisses to the lump in Iida’s throat.

Monoma ground his hips down, his cock throbbing against Iida’s abdomen as thick fingers grasped his ass again.

“Vixen,” Iida growled.

”Bitch,” Monoma spoke back, pressing his lips up against Iida’s ear. He nuzzled his nose in dark hair, humming happily. “I could do anything to you and you’d love it.”

Monoma tugged down again, Iida’s roots and scalp straining as the larger man hissed.

“I love you,” Iida spoke, and Monoma groaned at Iida’s purity, “but that does not make you any less cruel.”

Monoma tensed up, squeezing around Iida’s cock as the other trembled, mouth open with a gasp. Letting him go, Monoma lent back, pale blue eyes glinting with ill-intent.

“Then stop me.”

Grasping Iida’s chin with one hand, Monoma dug his fingers and thumb against the joints of his jaw, squeezing tight and wedging Iida’s mouth open. There was resistance, but so little that it was pathetic. Iida’s eyes narrowed at him, squinted as he tried to speak. With his mouth pried open as it was, it only sounded like garbled nonsense.

“Come on, Tenya. Grow a spine.”

Denying him, Iida only wrapped thick arms around the blond, holding him tight and loving as he bounced the other on his dick.

Digging his nails in, Monoma spat into Iida’s mouth, watching is tongue flinch and throat tighten up with a loud gag. Monoma let him go only to slap his cheek, the sharp noise and lingering sting in his fingers making Monoma’s heart pound.

Iida only growled again, teeth bared as his cheek bloomed with heat. He pulled Monoma down harder on his dick and Monoma gasped, cock throbbing before he barked a cold laugh.

“You really are so desperate for it,” Monoma taunted, his hands going to Iida’s chest to knead and claw, leaving behind angry red lines as Iida’s thrusts picked up.

Monoma’s vision blurred, bobbing up and down on Iida’s lap, and the blond cooed at the attempt. Iida was so thick and strong, pounding against Monoma’s sweet spot.

It was a race now. The faster Monoma came, the quicker Iida would be spared from his torture. It felt like vibrating, the motions damn near inhuman as Iida’s hips snapped up rapidly. Buried himself in deep over and over.

A lesser man would come undone. Monoma refused to give in so fast.

Pinching Iida’s nipples in a vice like grip, Monoma twisted, leaning down as he bit at Iida’s neck. A hard sharp bite that was gone as fast as it came. Another. And another. He littered Iida with bites, chomping down and leaving a scattering of teeth marks. Most turned an ugly shade of purple. Some were dotted with blood, pebbling across Iida’s skin as as Monoma’s hands moved to the back of his head, pulling at his hair once again as if he were trying to pull it clear from Iida’s head.

Iida grunted at each bite, his own teeth bared as his cock throbbed in Monoma’s tight heat.

It was no use. Iida, the so-called perfect gentleman, couldn’t withhold his own arousal.

His hips sputtered, mouth hitched open with a wild moan as cum filled Monoma’s ass. Searing hot as his cock pulsated. Slamming his hips down on Iida’s sensitive member, Iida gasped in return, gargling a moan as Monoma came around him.

Is ass squeezed tight, milking Iida for all his worth as he bit down on Iida’s shoulder, teeth sunk in as his heart raced.

They’d both slowed to a stop, panting and groaning, Monoma’s mouth still tasting of skin and blood.

He stayed latched there for a minute, panting around Iida’s skin as too kind hands rubbed along his back. Loving and sweet and undeserved.

“Let go, Neito.”

”Nooh,” Monoma mumbled around his mouthful of flesh, huffing with indignity.

Monoma’s hands were still clutching cruelly at Iida’s hair, but Iida’s own moved up only to pat at Monoma’s. To lace his fingers in fine hair and coax him away.

”Neito,” Iida repeated, his voice dipping with demand.

Grunting, Monoma reluctantly pulled away. Only because his jaw was starting to hurt, he mentally excused.

Licking at his teeth, Monoma cringed at the taste of rust.

“You bled on me.”

Blinking up at the blond mess, Iida eventually breathed a disbelieving laugh before shaking his head.

“You are an absolute gremlin.

Chapter Text

There was something empowering about making the number one hero succumb willingly. It was one thing to make someone slip and ensnare them with his quirk, pulling the strings on a limp lifeless puppet.

It was another thing entirely to see those eyes, still so bright and aware, stare up happily from the floor.

Midoriya had told Shinsou he had a surprise for him. A toy, Shinsou had assumed, or some tool to test out whatever new kink Midoriya had discovered. Shinsou had been right, of course, but nothing could prepare him for what he’d come home to.

Midoriya had been hiding when Shinsou stepped inside. Thinking back, Shinsou supposed it was because Midoriya was worried someone would see him like this.

The living room had been empty, lights turned off throughout the entire house except the warm light flooding down the hallway leading to their bedroom. Shinsou could take a hint, unwinding his capture weapon and hanging it on the rack on the wall holding his others before following the single light source.

When he’d gotten to the room it was empty there too. There was a sweet scent in the air, incense burning and leaving the air pleasant. It was warm inside, the heater above their bed humming and circulating the air starving off the chill. It was pleasant enough for Shinsou to peel the top of his hero outfit off and fold it in his hands as he glanced around.


Pale purple eyes scanned the room as he was met with silence. He set his shirt down on top of his dresser deciding to deal with that later as he sat down and waited.

“Izuuukuuu~?” Shinsou called again, his voice trailing off with a tease. Coaxing his partner to come out from hiding.

He hadn’t expected their closet door to slide open, or the rather sheepish looking man to step out from it. Shinsou didn’t want to wonder how long Midoriya had been hiding in such a cramped space. Couldn’t really. All logic had flown out the window the moment he’d realized just what Midoriya was wearing.

On the top of Midoriya’s mess of green curls was two very cute fluffy ears. Propped up and forward with plush silky black faux-fur. Matching the ears hung a long cat’s tail between his legs, a soft bushy black. Midoriya’s hands folded just over his privates, covered with black fluffy fingerless gloves. As he wrung his hands together, Shinsou could make out the cute pink pads on the palm, like a cat’s beans. There was a green leather collar set pretty on his neck, dazzling fake diamond words threaded over it to spell out ‘Izuku’.

That was all. Besides the collar and gloves, Midoriya was stripped bare and shameless, a cute pink dusting bridging over Midoriya’s nose speckled with freckles.

Shinsou hadn’t even realised he’d been staring open mouthed until Midoriya started to shuffle under his gaze.

Midoriya didn’t seem to know what to say, eyes bright and watery as he quickly slipped from cheeky to anxious. He was getting nervous under Shinsou’s silence, and Shinsou held out his hand in an offer.


Midoriya straightened up, beaming in delight as he took a step forward.

”On your knees,” Shinsou commanded, shedding his awe in favour of frightening glee as a cruel grin broke across his face.

Midoriya faltered, his blush deepening before he gently lowered himself to his knees. Despite the cute flush Midoriya looked perfectly eager, eyes staring up at his partner as he gladly crawled on hands and knees. His plush tail dragged over the floor, ears permanently perked forward.

He looked sinfully sweet and Shinsou could feel his cock swell.

Shinsou spread his knees, watching in delight as Midoriya settled happily between them, sitting back on his calves. His ass was lifted off the ground, tail hanging from it and laid out against the cream carpet. He looked nervous and giddy all the same, preening when Shinsou reached down to graze his fingers over the lettering of Midoriya’s collar.

“Do you like it?” Midoriya pressed, looking eager and curious and unfairly adorable, and Shinsou huffed a laugh through his teeth.

“How could I not?” Shinsou mused, pulling at Midoriya’s collar until the man rose up on his knees obediently. “Such a sweet little kitten, all dolled up and pretty. Lucky me.”

Shinsou’s words rolled with a drawl, half-lidded eyes gazing over Midoriya’s open and eager face.

When he’d told Midoriya he wanted to get a cat this wasn’t exactly what he’d meant. Not that he minded. No, far from that; Shinsou was rather pleased with his pretty little gift.

Shinsou’s finger slipped from under Midoriya’s collar allowing it to go slack as Midoriya slowly eased himself back down into a comfortable sit.

“What should I do with my pretty little pet?” Shinsou hummed, head tilted in mock thought as Midoriya peered through his lashes.

Such a powerhouse of a hero looking sheepish and sweet. It was hard for Shinsou to keep his hands to himself.

He didn’t have to, he reminded himself. That was exactly what Midoriya wanted. But there was a level of fun in dragging Midoriya along too.

“On the bed,” Shinsou demanded, scooting back to give Midoriya the room to jump up. “I want to inspect this gift you’ve given me a little closer.”

Midoriya shuttered though he climbed up shamelessly all the same. It was awkward and rushed, the thick gloves covering Midoriya’s palms making it difficult to get a grip. He managed it, sitting up on his knees as Shinsou pushed himself closer to the head of the bed.

It was a remarkably pretty sight, one Shinsou allowed himself a moment to commit to memory. It wasn’t fair how well it all suited him. The dazzling collar and pert ears and the tail Shinsou was eager to inspect closer.

Raising one hand, Shinsou twirled one finger, silently instructing Midoriya to turn around.

A flush settled in his cheeks, vibrant green eyes wide before he offered a shy nod. He knew exactly what Shinsou wanted. He’d expected it the moment he bought the attire.

Crouching down on all fours, Midoriya shuffled on the bed, turning to face the foot of the bed as his ass faced his ecstatic lover.

Just like Shinsou expected, the lush tail was connected to a plug nestled between two nice round asscheeks. They were speckled with freckles, fading down twitching thighs as Midoriya slowly lowered his chest to the bed, giving Shinsou a nice view.

Soothing a warm hand over the globe of Midoriya’s ass, he gently pulled it away from the other, a thumb pushing into the plump cheeks as he got a better view of Midoriya’s plug. The soft tail was connected to a black base and Shinsou experimentally traced the skin around it.

Midoriya keened, a delightfully needy mewl going straight to Shinsou’s dick.

“So pretty..” Shinsou mused, grinning wickedly when Midoriya pushed his ass up higher. “Spread your legs wider for me.”

Shuffling on the bed, Midoriya’s ass waggled as he clumsily did as Shinsou told him, tail wagging invitingly between his legs. Shinsou watched the whole display in delight.

“So needy,” Shinsou breathed, brushing a finger through fine faux-fur now that he no longer had to hold Midoriya open to see it all. “Desperate for daddy’s attention, aren’t you?”

Please,” Midoriya whimpered, toes curling as his body flushed red with heat.

“Good kitten,” Shinsou praised, idly twirling the tail between his fingers before he got a grip.

He pulled slowly, watching the way Midoriya’s puckered ass flared around the thickness of the plug. Midoriya whined, rubbing his face into the blankets. It popped past the rim, shining prettily under the low light before Shinsou pushed it back in.

Midoriya gasped, mouth hung open and drooling as Shinsou nudged it in deeper. He experimented, pushing against the base and swirling it, watching eagerly as Midoriya’s body jerked and arched with each shift.

He was so pretty, mewling and shaking, losing himself into the sensation. It was nice watching Midoriya’s ass flare as he pulled at the cat’s tail, but he couldn’t miss out on that flushed face as he fell apart.

Letting go of Midoriya’s tail, Shinsou gently slapped his ass. Nothing to hurt, simply to surprise. Midoriya gasped, knees spreading as his heavy cock hung between them, obscured by the black fluffy tail.

“Up. On my lap.”

Midoriya scrambled at the order, spinning and eager to follow every word Shinsou spoke. To please.

Shinsou lent back against the headboard, watching with a lazy grin as the naked man straddled his legs.

Midoriya perched himself on Shinsou’s thighs, the body heat between them increasing in waves, warming them both to the bone.

Midoriya was nervous and excited all the same. Skin warm and trembling with energy. He was happy with the attention, and overwhelmed with it too. Practically buzzing against Shinsou’s skin.

Shinsou’s hands lightly traced over twitching legs, fingers mapping over a litter of freckles as Midoriya whimpered.

“Daddy, please.”

“You want a reward?” Shinsou mused, a soft yet cruel smile spreading across his face, lopsided and handsome.

It only made Midoriya mewl, his arms wrapping around the back of Shinsou’s head.

“I want to make you feel good.”

And Shinsou didn’t doubt that. If he wasn’t so fixed on Shinsou’s satisfaction he wouldn’t have gone to these measures. So pretty and cute and sheepish. Still-

“You sure you don’t just want me to make you feel good?” Shinsou accused, his hands slowly moving up to Midoriya’s hips. His touch was still feather light, barely touching and chuckling as his taut skin jumped.

Hitoshiii,” Midoriya whined, his bottom lip jutting out cutely at the insult.

Shinsou couldn’t help himself. It was practically an invitation to lean forward and catch Midoriya’s lip between his teeth, sucking as Midoriya jerked on his lap.

Letting him go, Shinsou watched as one of Midoriya’s hands reached up to cover his mouth, obscuring it with the fluffy glove. That didn’t hide the wide eyed look struck across Midoriya’s face.

“Cat got your tongue, babe?”

Hitoshi!” Midoriya groaned, his head falling forward against Shinsou’s shoulder. So cute and easy to fluster. What did Shinsou do to deserve this?

Grasping Midoriya’s ass, Shinsou pulled him closer, bringing their bodies flush against each other before he wrapped a hand around both their cocks.

Midoriya whimpered again, his face pushing up against the crook of Shinsou’s neck as a shattered breath bathed over his collar. Settled and pleased as he gently rocked his hips forward.

Pressing their cocks together, Shinsou slowly rubbing his hand up and down as Midoriya trembled. He was cute hiding his face as he was. Warm and hidden away, moaning prettily against Shinsou’s ear. The slow drag left them both groaning.

Letting go, Shinsou chuckled when Midoriya huffed his frustration.

Nudging Midoriya to lean back, Shinsou held his hand up near Midoriya’s face, palm open and offering.

”Lick,” Shinsou demanded, eyes hooded as Midoriya’s widened in understanding.

Always the overachiever, Midoriya didn’t just lick. He grasped Shinsou’s wrist the best he could with his paws, fingers pressed into his skin as a pink tongue peeked out. Closing his eyes, Midoriya licked a long stripe over Shinsou’s palm. From the edge of his wrist to between his ring and middle finger. It dipped between them, sliding along the sides of Shinsou’s fingers, leaving them slick with saliva.

It was an odd sensation that sent a shiver through Shinsou’s spine, though he refused to let it show. Steeling himself, Shinsou watched on, eyes dark as Midoriya very deliberately lathered between Shinsou’s fingers with spit. Lapping over his palm and over the sensitive wrist. Over rough fingertips before he wrapped pretty lips over the tips of two fingers, sucking them down and flicking his tongue over the tip of the nails. His eyes peeked open looking deceptively innocent and Shinsou’s cock jumped.

Pulling his fingers out with a pop, Shinsou lent in for a kiss before Midoriya could close his mouth, his tongue swiping over a plump lip before he pulled back.

Wrapping his now wet hand around the two of them, Shinsou wasted no time. He stroked the two of them faster now, his fist pumping their cocks as Midoriya came apart over him. Panting and no longer hidden, Midoriya’s mouth was open, tongue poking out over his bottom lip as misty eyes watched Shinsou’s hand.

The roll of skin and pressure around the heads. Warm and pressed tight against one another. Midoriya was so warm against his cock, throbbing as pre dribbled over his hand, collecting with spit. Midoriya’s hips rolled forward, his cock sliding slowly over Shinsou’s as the brainwash hero groaned.

Reaching around with his other hand Shinsou grasped Midoriya’s pretty tail, tugging and pushing just enough to move the plug within him.

Midoriya whimpered, eyes shut tight as his grind faltered.

“Good boy-” Shinsou grunted, his own heart racing as sparks of pleasure set aflame in his groin. “Pretty kitty. Gonna purr for your master, huh?”

Midoriya moaned, nothing even close to a purr, but it made Shinsou’s heart soar. Midoriya was trembling, his pretty cock throbbing in his hand and against Shinsou’s own.

“Come on, kitten,” Shinsou teased, nudging the plug in deeper as his hand sped up, fist fucking the trembling man. “I want a taste of your milk.”

“Oh fuck,” Midoriya gasped, his body going taut before Shinsou got exactly what he asked for.

Without warning, ropes of white was flicking up over Shinsou’s chest, across his collar and over his lip. Shinsou blinked, eyes wide as Midoriya cried out, his hips rutting up into Shinsou’s hand.

Fuck, that was hotter then it should have been.

Fucking Midoriya through it, Shinsou’s tongue peeked out over his bottom lip just as Midoriya cracked an eye open, giving his kitten a full view of Shinsou tasting his seed.

“Hi-Hitoshi, please-”

Catching Midoriya’s lips in a feverish kiss, Shinsou swallowed down every whimper and moan, drinking it gratefully as Shinsou pumped them until he hit his own edge. More warmth spread across his belly, smeared against Midoriya’s pressed tight between them. He kept his hand around them, groaning as he felt both of them pulsating, throbbing against one another.

Tiny little whimpers and mewls against Shinsou’s lips, flooded with the heat between them. What a tantalising little gift.

His hand slowly moved from between them, dirtied with saliva and cum, and he knew he needed to clean it. Needed to tend to Midoriya’s needs. But, for a moment, he allowed them to just sit and breathe. Bathe in the warmth and afterglow as their kiss broke with a smack.

They sat there for a moment, nose-to-nose as they both simply breathed. Eased themselves down from their high until Shinsou could hum in content.

“I still want an actual cat though.”

Chapter Text

“You know, Tensei, you’re rather cute when you’re desperate.”

Tensei lent back against his elbows, the rims of his exhausts digging into his bedding as he propped himself up. He stared down the expand of his body at the woman at the end of his bed, haloed in the moonlight from his open window.

Shimmying his torso in his excitement, Tensei grinned proudly, sharp eyebrows playfully wiggling.

“I think I’m rather cute regardless.”

Kayama hummed in approval, predatory eyes peering over the rim of her glasses. She stepped closer, slowly rounding the foot of the bed as Tensei’s eyes followed eagerly. Idly she pressed a manicured finger against his hip as she walked, trailing up slowly over his belly.

Tensei sucked in a breath, eyes flicking down as her finger traced higher, grazing over twitching muscle and skin.

“You are very cute,” Kayama agreed, eyes narrowed in wicked glee as Tensei met her gaze once again. “But you always look cuter like this.”

Her nail grazed higher, lightly scratching up his sternum as Tensei chewed on his bottom lip.

Turning her hand, she pressed her palm against the centre of his chest, pushing down as Tensei obeyed and laid down under the pressure. He eased himself down, head flat against the thick blankets.

Kayama lent down along with him, hand still firmly placed on his chest as she bowed over him. He could feel her bare chest brush over his arm, a stiff nipple making the hairs on his arm stand on end. Her face was an inch from his, her sweet breath warming his lips.

“And you always look so much better beneath me.”

Tensei’s grin only stretched wider, oil-slick eyes light with mischief and delight.

“If you wanted a ride all you had to do was ask.”

Kayama used his chest to push herself back up, shoving him deeper into the bedding before she skilfully slipped onto the bed, one leg thrown over his body to straddle his chest.

Knees bend and calves tucked under her thighs, her soft legs pressed into the blankets beside his arms pinning them to his side. Her bare pussy and ass resting comfortably against the centre of his chest, pushing down just enough to earn a light wheeze. She sat up high, towering over him as the angle of the light left her face shadowed over. She looked villainous like this. Predatory and cruel, and Tensei’s engines revved in the sheets at their own accord.

“You’ve got a smart mouth on you,” Kayama spoke, her voice lowering in a threat.

One hand cupped Tensei’s chin, a lithe finger grazing over his lips. He opened his mouth easily, allowing her to slip a finger inside, and Kayama hummed in delight. His tongue lapped at the pad of her finger, lips wrapping around the digit as he sucked.

“Let's put that mouth of yours to better use.”

Tensei hummed around her finger, eyes crinkling as his lips pulled up around her in a smile. He just sucked harder, unbothered as her finger slid down closer to the back of his tongue. Tensei just pushed his tongue up harder, making a lewd show of suckling around her and dragging the flat of his tongue over the underside, the back pushed up into a sharp nail.

It was all a brilliantly sexual display which only knocked Kayama further off her guard when Tensei wiggled his eyebrows at her once again.

Kayama’s dominant personality faltered just long enough for a chipped laugh, a breathless smile flitting across her face as she pulled her finger free. Grabbing Tensei’s chin harsher, she tipped his head back, her wild smile settling into something far more disturbing as he grinned back up at her.

“You’re very lucky you’re cute.”

Tensei breathed a laugh of his own, his bottom lip slick with spit as his tongue darted out across it.

“I was already lucky enough to have a gorgeous woman sit on me,” Tensei offered, his voice laboured as he drew in a breath, his chest moving underneath her. “Being cute’s just the cherry on top, baby.”

Kayama’s hand reached for deep indigo locks, tangling within them and pulling down to stretch Tensei’s throat submissively.

“Is that what you want?” Kayama purred, delighted with the slight wince on the man’s face. “Would you like me to sit on you?

“Yesss,” Tensei groaned, multicoloured eyes gazing up at the domineering woman.

“Ask properly,” Kayama demanded, twisting her fist in his hair and tearing a hiss from her prey.

“Yes ma’am,” Tensei corrected, eyes fluttering before they hazily fixed on her again. A small smile twitched at the corners of his lips, mischief lighting in those gorgeous eyes of his.

”Yes mommy, please?”

Kayama drew in a sharp breath, eyes wild with arousal as she trembled above him.

“Good boy,” she cooed in return, barely capable of reigning in her own excitement. Heat pooled in the pit of her gut, her cunt throbbing at the obscene words.

Her nails scraped against his scalp, the sensation making Tensei practically melt beneath her as she rose up onto her knees. She let up the pressure on top of him but Tensei didn’t make a move. He laid obediently, watching with unashamed excitement as Kayama shifted above him, hovering over his face.

He looked so eager and willing, mouth practically watering. It was almost a shame she had to obscure it. Almost.

Legs spread, Kayama slowly eased herself down to sit squarely on his face, pussy pressed poised over willing lips.

Tensei was always quick on the ball. Never to be left in the dust or overwhelmed in it all. The moment Kayama felt warmth and skin hit her privates, there was a tongue dragging over her pussy lips. Wetting and prying as Kayama’s thighs tensed up.

There was a hot wet drag between her folds, sending a heat directly to Kayama’s core as she sighed in delight. She’d forgotten that his hands were no longer pinned down, her eyes snapping wide as two broad hands suddenly grasped at her ass. The heels of his palms dug into the dip between ass and thigh, thick fingers sprayed over soft flesh and offering Kayama some support. Encouraging her to sit down harder.

“Eager boy~” Kayama teased, grinding her hips down with Tensei’s coaxing, pushing down against the flat of Tensei’s tongue.

Her clit brushed against the tip of his nose, her sex cutting him off entirely from oxygen. Tensei seemed far from distraught, his tongue dipping between her lips to drag teasingly over her warmth. It dipped just barely, her cunt squeezing at the sensation as Kayama gasped.

Chasing the drag of his tongue, Kayama pulled his hair with a sharp tug, dragging her sex over his face as his hold tightened around her ass. Tensei hummed, drool smearing between her legs as his tongue finally dipped into her heat. The sudden reward of his hot tongue made Kayama mewl, crystal eyes fixed on the hair she had a grasp on. She couldn’t see those pretty eyes of his though she could feel the way his lashes fluttered against her inner thighs.

He drank from her eagerly, tongue dipping deeper within her sex, prodding and lapping at all she had to offer. His hands pushed her closer, her ass pressing down against his chin as she eased more of her weight on top of him. His skin was flush and warm on her bare thighs, wet with his saliva. Her sex quaked, throbbing and squeezing as his tongue worked within her.

She was so worked up, panting and grinding down on his face that it took her a moment to realise one hand was tapping her ass.

Resting her weight on her knees, Kayama raised herself just enough to let him breathe.

It was a shame to lose that skilled tongue, but the gasps and hot air against her drool slick lips was a delight in its own. Such a good boy he was to hold out for so long. He puffed out breaths, head rested back in the blankets before he offered one last tap.

Seating herself down once again, Kayama gasped in delight as his tongue pushed a little further down. His tongue prodded at her perineum, applying enough pressure that she moaned above him, legs squeezing around head as her hand tugged tighter at his hair. His nose was buried in her snatch, his chin framed by her cheeks. He only pushed her higher, his tongue flicking from the ridge of her ass to the base of her cunt, teasing and exploring.

The tip of his tongue dipped lower, prodding as her puckered ass as his fingers gripped tighter. Kayama groaned, loud and lewd as she sat back fuller in his hands. Body stretched back, her free hand fell to her sex, nimble fingers rubbing furiously at her engorged clit.

His tongue continued to pry at her bud, slick and warm and earning an onslaught of moans and curses. They were muffled between the calves pressed against his ears, but he could feel the way she bucked into him. Could see her fingers work herself just above his eyes.

She was squeezing around his tongue, thighs quivering as her breathing got shorter. Her fingers worked harder. Tensei tapped her ass again and she lifted immediately.

Tensei only took one gasp this time. In and out, then dragged her back down on him. He eased her down again, cunt square over his mouth as his tongue dipped back in. She was wetter now. Her walls tighter as they clenched around him. Her arousal smeared over his cheeks, pouring over his tongue as she reached her edge.

Thick hands kneaded at her ass, gripping and squeezing as she crashed hard. Her cunt squeezed around his eager tongue, milking him for all he was worth as she threw her head back with a delightful moan. High and lost in the haze of sex.

“Tensei!” She gasped, the warmth in her loins spreading from her core like fire. Molten warmth like liquid gold leaving her trembling and riding his wicked tongue.

And Tensei only drank from her. Pulled her tighter to his lips as his tongue dived in deeper, fucking her through her orgasm.

She was riding on a high, her entire body trembling as a mess of drool and arousal smeared between her thighs and his cheeks. Her sex throbbed, pleasure coursing through her as she whined, high and breathless.

Tensei didn’t tap her ass this time. He simply laid still, letting her ride out the aftermath and slip further down his chin. His tongue flicked over her clit and fingers, teasing as she shakily pushed herself back on her knees.

Easing herself off, Kayama sat down beside his head, raven hair tousled and wild. But it was nothing compared to Tensei’s. Pulled up and messed with knots, it only added to the pretty picture of his fucked out face.

His pupils were blown wide, half of his face slick and lips swollen. His tongue darted over his bottom lip, savouring her sweetness as Kayama hummed beside him.

Reaching out, she threaded her fingers through his messed up hair, soothing it out and brushing it lovingly.

Tensei blinked up at her, his familiar smile stretching slowly across his wet face.

“Now that’s-” Tensei started between deep breaths, “what I call- sitting pretty.”

Kayama’s hand stopped in his hair, an amused smile flicking on her face as her grip slowly tightened.

“You’re so lucky you’re cute.”

Chapter Text

Shishikura hated formal get-together's. Hated the stiff air and chipped conversations. Hated having to hold his tongue and share pleasantries with less-than-pleasant people. Hated the ridiculous bowtie Mora had tied around his neck and the way he’d told Shishikura to behave like he was a child. He hated how he was overcome with the need to act out the moment Mora demanded it of him.

And he hated how fast he’d obeyed the moment they weren’t alone. How he bit his tongue around moronic people and their moronic world views and simple minded conversations. Hated how he gravitated around Mora, using him as a buffer in conversations.

As a safe haven.

Mora was better at dealing with these things and, if how these people viewed them was so important to him, he could deal with them all.

Shishikura remained silent most of the night, stuck to his lover’s side and silently seething. All the same, he did as Mora asked. He ’behaved’ as Mora had so insultingly put it. Had even engaged with heroes he didn’t like or judged crucially.

It was easier with Mora at his side. Like a security blanket, even if Shishikura wouldn’t be caught dead seeking comfort from the other. He just watched, standing close and allowed the man’s presence to calm him. His soothing voice and the brief graze of golden hair when they brushed by just a touch too close. He knew Mora was keeping an eye on him too for a vastly different reason, but it was comfort all the same.

It was enough to distract him from the aggravating people and the stiff air and the stupid Goddamn tie for the rest of the night. It dragged on agonisingly slow, testing Shishikura to his absolute limits. His irritation must have been clear on his face. Either that, or Mora was far too in-tune with Shishikura’s signals, because each moment he felt like blowing up Mora was there with his calm presence and lingering touches. Too soft and gentle and absolutely shattering Shishikura’s aggression.

By the time the party was winding down Shishikura was exhausted with frustration, his usual stiff and perfect posture sagging at the shoulders. His sharp gaze eased into a clouded stare, unfocused as he counted the seconds that passed by. He stopped focusing to the point that Mora’s announcement that they were leaving caught even him off guard.

Blinking up at the other as the world came back into focus, Shishikura straightened up again, offering a tight ‘goodbye’ to said moronic people before practically charging out the door a step ahead of his partner.

“It’s about time,” he hissed, grateful for the chilled air of the world outside.

His hand immediately went to the bowtie, a frustrated growl huffed through clenched teeth when a hair woven hand gently pushed Shishikura’s away.

“Not yet,” Mora denied, a soft hand pressing against the small of Shishikura’s back to guide him closer to the car. “We’re still in public. Behave.”

Shishikura’s hand fell with an exasperated sigh, thin eyes darting to the other in a glare.

“You enjoy my distress,” Shishikura accused, narrowed eyes fixed on Mora’s hidden face. Mora didn’t even spare him a glance, and perhaps that was the most frustrating part.

“You’re not distraught,” Mora brushed off, shepherding the smaller man despite his clear annoyance. “You’re frustrated and running out of patience. I’m taking you home before they wear thin.”

Shishikura’s scowl tightened, his shoulders tense as his footfalls became louder. A heavy stomp on gravel that thrummed his body with poorly hidden anger.

“But-” Mora prompted, reaching ahead of the frustrated man to pull the passenger side door open for him. “You’ve done well tonight.”

More than anything else, Shishikura hated how easy it was for Mora to manipulate his emotions.

In an instant the tightness in his shoulders bled away, the bubbling anger soothing as Shishikura found himself content and quietly pleased.

Standing beside the car, his head snapped towards Mora, watching with a weaker scowl. If Mora had done it just to placate Shishikura he didn’t show it. In fact, he didn’t so much as glance Shishikura’s way. He only slipped in, squeezing his large body in the too small car, and waited for Shishikura to do the same.

Shishikura huffed, swallowed past the tightness of the bow, and got inside.

The ride was silent. Neither reached for the radio. Mora use to before it became apparent Shishikura didn’t like any of the stations. Mora had then gotten a CD player installed only to find that neither of them could agree to a style of music.

So usually they sat in the quiet, comfortable with the silence or the occasional chit-chat. Right now, after so much mind numbing small talk, Shishikura didn’t want to talk at all. Mora seemed to understand that perfectly, remaining silent the entire ride. Neither seemed bothered by it. If anything it only worked to sooth Shishikura, the built up annoyance crumbling now that he was away from the cause and settled close to his source of comfort.

Ten minutes in and Shishikura began to nod off. Little jolts of his head as his eyes began to droop. Minutes bled into one another and, before Shishikura could get a bearing of what was going on around him, he found himself pulled close to a soft body dragging his feet on their driveway.

Grunting, Shishikura shoved himself off Mora’s side, blinking back the sand in his eyes.

“I can walk fine,” Shishikura snapped, striding towards the front door as Mora calmly walked behind him.

“You’ve been good all night,” Mora commented, a thick hand grasping Shishikura’s shoulder to jolt him to a halt. Mora lent in, the golden hair of his face tickling Shishikura’s cheek as he spoke.

”Don’t start acting like a brat now.”

Mora let him go, rounding the other as he unlocked their front door, and Shishikura watched his every move. The growl of demand in Mora’s voice sent want straight to the growing pit in Shishikura’s gut, and his hand reached up to try and loosen the bow around his neck.

Sadistic bastard had put it on too tight.

Following after his partner Shishikura shut the door behind himself, narrowed eyes watching Mora as he lumbered into another room. Like he hadn’t attempted to purposely rile Shishikura up. Like Shishikura’s blood wasn’t currently at boiling point.

Fine, he wasn’t going to beg for it. Pulling at the tie vigorously, Shishikura started heading the opposite way. The shower, where he could wash away the night of nauseating perfumes and liquor. Strip away layers of stiff clothes and finally relax.

”Leave it on.”

Mora, however, was a bastard when he wanted to be.

Head snapping back towards the demanding voice, he scowled at the empty doorway of their shared bedroom. How did he even know? Granted, it was quite clearly the one thing Shishikura was itching to do the moment they got home, but he didn’t have to sound so confident of the fact.

Scoffing between his teeth, Shishikura dropped his hands from the now crooked bow.

”Why?” Shishikura forced between clenched teeth.

Mora completely disregarded Shishikura’s question, a low light flicking on in the room.

“Turn the lights off and come to bed.”

Mora was a practical man. It was one of the many things that Shishikura drew comfort from. Neither of them went to bed until they’d both prepared for it. For Shishikura, that was stripping down and cleaning himself from the day’s activities before lathering himself in a careful mix of moisturisers. For Mora, it was a shower followed by a couple hours of drying and combing his mass of hair. Failing to do so resulted with knots that could only be solved with a very sharp pair of scissors.

Which meant Mora had no intention of sleeping.

Now, Seiji.”

“Watch the way you speak to me!” Shishikura snapped back, storming towards their room and switching off the lights on his way. Pointed formal shoes didn’t land quite as heavy as his usual boots and it bothered him how much this entire outfit nullified his presence. He felt so much smaller than he ought to. Around Mora, however, that was okay.

Marching into the room, Shishikura stopped just past his door, eyes narrowed at their empty bed. Mora was not the subtle kind and Shishikura had years of hero work to recognise a trap when he waltzed right into one.

He saw the movement in the corner of his eye. Felt Mora over his left shoulder. Still, he didn’t look back. It always felt better when he couldn’t see. When he succumb to trust completely.

The bedroom door shut behind him, the final click sending a trill of anticipation shuttering up his spine. He didn’t look back when the soft silk of Mora’s hair traced along the nape of his neck, slipping under Shishikura’s own hair and trailing under the collar of his suit.

Mora had used his nicest leave-in shampoo for the night, the subtle scent of sandalwood lulling Shishikura like a warm blanket. Hair curled around Shishikura’s throat, applying just the barest pressure to the lump there and slipping down his collar. Ruffling under pressed clothes, stifling and warm, and Shishikura wanted to strip it all away once again.

“You’ve been so good, Seiji,” Mora commented, his dipped voice pressed too close to Shishikura’s ear, and the light dusting of hair and warm breath made Shishikura’s knees crumble.

Staggering back into wide open arms, Mora’s body pillowed around him, hair whisping around his waist and tightening around his body, holding him tight against his partner.

“You’re naked,” Shishikura hissed, hands reaching up to grasp at laces of hair tightening around his chest. Slipping under his vest and the folds of the shirt beneath.

It was unfair and Shishikura absolutely felt cheated.

“You know how restricting clothes are for me.”

“And they’re not for me?” Shishikura snapped back, uncaring that his comparison wasn’t exactly the fairest. With the bulk of hair coating Mora’s body clothes were overwhelmingly hot for the other.

Perhaps it was petty, but that never bothered him before.

“We’re going to have to do these nights more often,” Mora explained, golden hair rubbing over and under Shishikura’s folds of clothes, tightening around his body. “It’s better if you learn to associate dressing up like this with something positive.”

That made Shishikura tense up, teeth clenching as strands of hair slipped down, wrapping around the thickness of his thighs.

“I am not a dog!” Shishikura barked back.

Mora just hummed behind him, chest rumbling against Shishikura’s back.

“True,” he agreed, voice dangerously close to Shishikura’s ear. “We’d need your collar for that.”

Strands of hair slipped under Shishikura’s bowtie, tugging suddenly and forcing it to dig against the back of his neck.

“Though this does nicely too.”

Deft hands untied the bow and for a fleeting moment Shishikura assumed he was finally rid of the dreaded thing. Mora, however, wasn’t that kind. Retying the bow, it was much tighter this time, bobbing as Shishikura swallowed.

“Stop fussing with this. You don’t want to look indecent.”

That was fucking rich considering the bastard’s hair was prying Shishikura’s legs apart, too shiny shoes slowly lifting from the floor.

Shishikura lent back into the mass of hair haloing him, lifting him up and leaving Shishikura bound and helpless. Sharp black and white clothes pinned down with golden strands, slipping beneath and teasing over trembling skin.

“Is this supposed to be some kind of punishment?” Shishikura accused, leaning back into the mass of hair as his hands were slowly moved to bind behind his back.

Mora paused in his assault, the too long silence making Shishikura far more nervous than being bound in hair ever did.

Seiji,” Mora started in that voice he hated so much. Unlike Mora’s usual teasing or even indifference, this one was much too caring. Stern but gentle, a sure sign that Shishikura was about to receive a lecture. That was the last thing he wanted usually, least of all when Mora’s hair was creeping ever closer to Shishikura’s clothed crotch.

“I mean it when I say you did well tonight. This is not a punishment. This is,” Mora’s hair finally cupped over Shishikura’s crotch, slipping between stiff legs as Shishikura gasped, “your reward.

Mora’s hair shifted around the bulge, squeezing and rubbing, pressing down as Shishikura threw his head back. “Ahh! Na-Naga-!”

“You were very patient,” Mora went on, voice unfairly composed as hair constricted around Shishikura’s body, easing the air from his lungs as feather-light touches grazed over covered nipples, his clothes rippling as hair continued to move beneath.

“I know how uncomfortable you were.”

Shishikura sobbed a breath, teeth clamping down on his bottom lip as his hands grasped at hair between his fingers.

It didn’t hurt Mora in the slightest.

“How frustrated. You bit your tongue and forged through.”

“M-masa-” Shishikura breathed, hips pushing forward to chase the pressure.

Mora’s words were getting to him far more than they should have been. It made his chest warm, his belly tight as his cock throbbed from its confines.

It felt good and Shishikura hated to admit it. Even better than the pressure cupped around his sex, rubbing slowly now as it coaxed out more half-formed words. Soft names and broken gasps.

“You were a model hero tonight and you deserve this.”

“Sha-” Shut up. He couldn’t even bring himself to say it. Didn’t want to risk the possibility that Mora just might.

Not that he would. No, Mora could read him far too well.

The hair tightened between his legs, pushing fabric in and rubbing slowly as Shishikura’s heart raced.

So good.

So much.

Hair slipped under the waist of his pants, slipping over the crotch of his underwear. Even through the fabric, Shishikura could feel the glide. The soft silk as the scent of Mora’s shampoo made him melt.

He didn’t even remember twisting his head to bury his face in Mora’s mass, but Mora only continued to soothe. To envelope the smaller man as hair coursed underneath Shishikura’s clothes. Rubbed and filled every space, tight and warm as the pressure on his cock quickened.

“Such a handsome, well behaved hero,” Mora murmured, voice low and against his cheek in a pseudo kiss. “You deserve to unwind.”

Shishikura’s legs kicked out, body jerking as he approached that edge. His mouth was open, lips buried in silken hair as Mora squeezed around him.

“Nagama-” Shishikura whined, rolling his hips forward pitifully, eyes squeezed tight as he lost himself in warmth and sandalwood.

Mora moved around him, hair holding Shishikura tight to his body as his hand moved to Shishikura’s crotch. He pressed over the hair, gripping and pushing his palm down as his thumb stroked over the straining erection.

“You held out for so long. It’s okay. You can let go now.”

Shishikura’s hips jerked forward, a whine easing from his lungs as the warmth spread like molten gold.

His body spasmed in Mora’s hold, his cock throbbing under the crotch of tailored pants as cum stained tight briefs. He rode it out, body convulsing and rolling in binds of hair. Legs taught as his pants darkened, cum seeping into the fabric.

Lost in his orgasm, Shishikura’s limbs began to bubble and drip, chunks of formless flesh falling away.

Mora moved around him, a comforting hand cradling Shishikura’s cheek.

“You’re coming apart.”

Shishikura acknowledged Mora’s words with a grunt, slitted eyes opening to a sea of gold as flesh slowly began to rebuild once more. His body was lax, waxing from his quirk, but just barely bound together.

Mora didn’t let him down. Only moved him to cradle as he carried Shishikura from their unused bedroom to their shared bathroom.

The nightly duties would be even longer than usual. Shishikura, however, didn’t have the will to complain.

These parties were still a painful hassle but perhaps Mora had a point.

It certainly made the idea of another much more bearable.

So long as he could buy another pair of slacks first.

Chapter Text

The problem with buying online was the very possible chance that things wouldn’t quite fit. It was a risk of course, but one Shinsou just had to make do with. After all, there was snowball’s chance in hell he’d be caught in a lingerie store where anyone could recognise him. Not to mention in stores rarely had the same range of selection as he could get online.

Also, he didn’t have to actually interact with anyone. And, honestly, wasn’t that the most important part of it all?

It was a miracle that it all fit.

A little tight around the chest, maybe, but Shinsou suspected it was suppose to do that. It wasn’t like he’d ever worn lingerie before. Evident in the fact it took him a good half an hour just to put the entire outfit on. It was amazing how complicated something that barely covered him could be.

The deep purple looked too perfect on him. Lacy and frilly, and a little on the itchy side. He looked amazing but fuck he’d get sick of it fast. Over his chest, just below the dip of his collarbone, was two little cat-ear-like triangles.

So maybe he was a bit predictable, and the two paw print holes over the swell of his asscheeks was a little on the nose.

Fuck it, who said he couldn’t enjoy himself too?

He’d even gone as far as to shave his legs and moisturise and suddenly he was very tempted to keep rubbing them on silk sheets. He felt ridiculous, but hell it felt nice.

Laying on his back on their stripped down bed, Shinsou rubbed his legs together, the tight lace panties riding up over his crotch and between his cheeks. He was teetering on anxious and excited, waiting quietly for his partner to come home.

Sero better appreciate his work, because lingerie was far more expensive than it had any right to be.

Head hung upside down over the side of their bed, Shinsou eyed himself over. Knees bent and smooth, and chest puffed out from his position. The rises and ridges of purple frills that framed them. He looked good, he had to admit, but it was Sero’s reaction that would be the decider.

If Sero thought he was being subtle slowing down past every lingerie store, he was sorely mistaken.

He was also extremely late.

Perhaps Shinsou should be grateful for that. It had taken him longer than he’d expected to get all dressed up and neatly presented. Still, Sero should have knocked off from patrol an hour ago, and it was only a twenty minute drive back home. It wasn’t abnormal to be late with their line of work, but that never stopped him from being anxious about it.

Reaching out for the bedside table, Shinsou tried to grasp his phone to check the news before the front door clicked open. Arm dropping, Shinsou stared upside down at their bedroom door, and the hallways past that.

“Sorry I’m late, babe!” Sero called out, and Shinsou’s usual cheshire smile slipped lazily back in place.

Sero was kicking his shoes off, too focused on his task to look around or spot their open bedroom door. He was holding a bag, but Shinsou didn’t much care. He just continued to rub his thighs together, grinning wickedly as Sero struggled at the door, completely unaware.

“I grabbed some take-out! Figured we’d have a lazy night too-..” Sero trailed off, eyes flicking around the apartment before finally landing square on him.

Sero’s near permanent smile drooped, mouth open but teeth clenched as the little white bag dropped to the floor.

“Hey,” Shinsou greeted, absolutely giddy in the pit of his stomach.

Sero raised a hand slowly, waving dumbly. “Hey.”

Snorting a quiet laugh at his boyfriend’s response, Shinsou crossed one leg over the other knee.

“Lazy night, huh?” Shinsou teased, eyes crinkling in delight as Sero’s eyes followed his legs.

“I mean, that’s kind of ruined now.”

“No no, we can absolutely have a lazy night. I can get changed-”

“No!” Sero begged, abandoning his food in favour of practically sprinting for their bedroom, awkwardly jerking his shirt up over his head. It caught along his elbows as Sero damn near tripped over his own feet. “Nope! No! No, lazy can wait! We’re doing this now!”

“Are you sure?” Shinsou questioned with a quiet laugh, leaning up to watch Sero round the other side of the bed and hop on a foot as he struggled to pull his pants down and undo his belt in the same motion. “If you’re tired-”

“Nope!” Sero popped, head finally freed from his shirt as that wide faced smile was slapped back in place. “Not tired! No take-backsies!”

Finally kicking his pants off, Sero practically jumped on the bed, the mattress bouncing as Sero clambered on top of Shinsou stripped to his underwear. They were unflattering and grey, made for comfort and flexibility rather than style.

Shinsou still thought he looked rather handsome in them, even with the dorky grin still split across Sero’s face.

Propping himself up on his elbows, Shinsou raised a brow at the grinning man hovering over him.

“I don’t remember offering anything,” Shinsou teased, legs soothing down against silk sheets as Sero’s hips straddled him.

“You can’t tease me with this, babe,” Sero actually whined, his ever present smile falling into a comically cute mock pout. “This is for me, right?”

Shinsou snorted at the question, one brow raising as he answered; “definitely for you.”

Bracing against his right hand, Sero’s left pressed over Shinsou’s stomach, soothing up until the tips of his fingers hit lace. Sero looked excited and smitten, and it was enough to cement to Shinsou that this was a good idea.

“You like it too, right?” Sero pressed, his smile faltering with a brief moment of concern, “you don’t have to do this if you’re not enjoying it too-”

Sitting up higher, Shinsou reached out one hand to cup behind Sero’s neck, dragging him down into a silencing kiss.

Sero practically melted, hips gently lowering down to press against Shinsou’s thighs. His body draped down, pushing Shinsou to lay with him. Sprawling himself out on the bed, Sero pressed over him, his hands circling under Shinsou’s back and slowly soothing over the lace panties.
Pulling away from the kiss, Sero’s smile was lazy and content, eyes hooded as he slowly drank Shinsou in. Eyed over the body pinned down beneath him. He’d seen it so many times, and yet Shinsou couldn’t help but be proud of the fact he looked about as ecstatic as he had the first time. And every single time after that.

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I’d enjoy it too,” Shinsou promised, his fingers threading through the hair draped down the back of Sero’s nape.

Predictably, Sero shivered, breath hitching before he offered a couple pecked kisses.

“You’re gorgeous.”

“I know.”

“You’re perfect.”

“I try.”

“Gonna fuck you into the bed.”

“That’s the plan.”

Sero’s mouth moved to Shinsou’s neck, nibbling and licking over soft skin as those large hands explored.

He grabbed at Shinsou’s ass, fingers slipping into paw print holes and rubbing down on the soft flesh beneath. His mouth only moved lower, kissing and nipping over Shinsou’s collar as Shinsou rested his head back, watching passively as Sero tried out his new gift.

The hair on Sero’s legs dragged over Shinsou’s sleek, the now bare and soft skin sensitive to the drag as Sero pushed between them. Hunching himself over, the taller man pushed a knee between Shinsou’s thighs, teeth now catching on the cat ear of his bra.

He tugged on the material, and Shinsou craned his neck to watch, amused with the pure bliss on Sero’s face.

Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to get a couple more for the future.

With his fingers exploring through the holes in the lace, Sero rubbed between Shinsou’s cheeks, teasing and spreading as fabric strained. A dinger dipped between, pushing where the bud of Shinsou’s ass should have been. Instead, Sero was met with warm metal, and the taller man sat back suddenly to blink down at his grinning lover.

“Is that a plug?”

Like he needed confirmation.

Shinsou just grinned, shuffling his shoulders into the bedding as he blinked slow and deliberate.

“I come prepared.”

“Oh nooo, you haven’t come yet,” Sero teased back, grinding his knee up between Shinsou’s spread legs.

Shinsou’s pinned erection was swollen now, throbbing under the strain of lace as Sero gently pushed harder.

Shinsou damn near felt like he swallowed his tongue. A sharp gasp and uncharacteristic wide eyes as his body jolted at the motion. Fuck lingerie did nothing to protect him.

Sitting back on his knees, Sero grinned down at his spread out boyfriend, watching with amusement as Shinsou scowled up at him. It was weak and harmless, just miffed with the loss of contact.

“I just want a good look!” Sero laughed, his hands moving up to cup Shinsou’s chest. Long lithe fingers grazing over the ridges of frill and against the nubs of Shinsou’s nipples beneath. He squeezed, watching in delight as Shinsou’s hips raised.

“Gonna fuck me or not?” Shinsou huffed back, eager to get it rolling. Even if the hunger in Sero’s eyes left him preening.

“I’m getting there!” Sero insisted, his hands moving down to Shinsou’s panties now. His fingers dipped under the elastic, eyes practically shining at the imprint they left on Shinsou’s skin.

“Kind of want to take pictures..” Sero murmured, the pads of his thumbs rubbing over soft material.

“After,” Shinsou insisted, leaning up now and grabbing at Sero’s underwear in return. He tugged down, impatient. “Fuck me now.”

“Wait-” Sero choked, raising his hips anyway to help guide his underwear down over his cock as it sprung up, waiting and willing. “You’d actually let me?

“What?” Shinsou questioned, eyes too fixated on Sero’s cock to look him in the eye. “Of course. That’s the point.”

“No no! Pictures, Hitoshi! You’d let me take pictures of you like this?”

Pausing in his efforts, Shinsou peeked up at the other, brows knitted in thought.

“I- of course. So long as no one else saw-”

“I promise!” Sero shouted excitedly, cutting Shinsou off. “I mean, I wouldn’t have to begin with, but fuck if I could get pictures of you like this..”

Scoffing, Shinsou grabbed Sero’s face, dragging him back down into a kiss. Sero came down with him, laying on top once again as his cock nudged between Shinsou’s spread legs.

It was awkward and frantic, bites and frantic kisses as Sero struggled to pull Shinsou’s panties aside enough to grip the end of the plug and pull it out.

They could stop and do this properly. Strip off the panties at the very least, but Shinsou had a sneaking suspicion Sero didn’t want them to go. Have his cake and eat it too.

Shinsou didn’t care. Didn’t want to slow down. He was too invested in the teeth nibbling his bottom lip, and the long fingers pulling the plug free and parting Shinsou’s cheeks.

Shinsou’s cock was pushed up against the lower of Sero’s belly, the panties leaving imprints as Sero’s cock rubbed over the material bunched up between Shinsou’s cheeks. His fingers pulled the fabric to one side giving his erection room to rub over Shinsou’s already slick hole.

Each time Sero broke away for a breath, Shinsou chased him. Applied another open mouthed kiss as he ground down against Sero’s dick.

“Hurry up!” He growled, one hand fisting Sero’s hair and rolling his ass down against his lover.

Sero just laughed, silenced by Shinsou’s lips. It would be so much easier if he could see what he was doing, but he doubted Shinsou would even let him now. For such a closed off man, he was incredibly clingy in the best ways.

The shroom of Sero’s dick caught against Shinsou’s gaping hole, and Sero wasted no time easing himself inside with a slow push of his hips.

Shinsou mewled, hips rolling down to push Sero in deeper. The drag made Sero gasp, his fingers leaving Shinsou’s panties as they bunched up and pressed against the side of Sero’s cock.

Shinsou grabbed Sero’s hips, pulling him down entirely on his rod.

Yesss,” Shinsou hissed against Sero’s mouth, his ass squeezing around Sero’s long cock. Inch after beautiful inch.

Rolling his hips, Sero’s cock slid half way out before slamming back home. Over and over. A slow but hard pace. Each drag rubbed over Shinsou’s prostate, sending sparks through his body that spread like wild fire.

His clothes were tight now, crushing around his chest. Suffocating, and Sero’s touch only added fuel to the overwhelming flame.

Fists full of hair and the drag of lace against Sero’s warm skin. The ensnare of his teeth and the push of his hips.

Shinsou broke the kiss first, rolling his head back with a grunt as Sero’s speed quickened. Thrusting in deep and earning gasps and huffs of air. His hands were everywhere, groping and pushing beneath the fabric of his bra, only to make the tension tighter. Grazing over already agitated nipples. His mouth moved to Shinsou’s collar, nipping and sucking and leaving an array of purple marks to accompany his pretty underwear.

“Love you,” Sero mumbled against Shinsou’s damp skin.

”Fuck me,” Shinsou breathed, chest pushed up slotted against Sero’s body.

Sliding his hands out from beneath Shinsou’s bra, they landed on his hips instead, fisting the material there and making it ride up against his crotch.

Shinsou moaned, delighted by the tension and irritation.

Pulling Shinsou down against his cock, the bed rocked with their motion. Knocking against the wall as the lilac sheets below felt like water. Swallowing them whole as Sero drove home over and over. Frantic and needy as Shinsou’s half-lidded eyes watched the man over him.

The way his mouth moved against him. Body bent over to taste and fuck all the same. Push and pull as sweat built between them.

Shinsou choked a moan, his cock pressed up hard against Sero’s abdomen until he teetered on that edge.

“Hanta!” Shinsou cried, body strung tight as Sero’s thrusts got faster. Shallow and hard. Nudging in deep over and over until Shinsou came with a shout.

Hands falling to Sero’s shoulders, Shinsou gripped on for his dear life, his panties soiled as he came in waves.

Sero wasn’t much longer. Catching Shinsou in another sloppy kiss, their teeth clicked together, neither caring as Sero’s hips slapped against his ass. Panties rubbing along Sero’s cock’s side and along the valley between Shinsou’s cheeks.

Shinsou moaned, swallowed by Sero’s deep and frantic kiss before his hips slammed forward one last time.

Heat pooled as Sero came, mouths finally disconnecting with a string of spin.

He groaned mouth falling open as it pressed against the pulse in Shinsou’s throat. His hot breath painted over his skin, body going lax as Shinsou’s fingers brushed through his hair.

“Love you too,” Shinsou whispered, chest moving harshly between each breath, straining the fabric wrapped around them.

Sero lent up, pressing a light kiss to Shinsou’s lips. Light and sweet compared to the utter mess they’d both been a minute before.

“Next time,” Sero started, his mouth stretching into a wide smile against Shinsou’s cheek. “Can I try them on?”

Shinsou’s eyes blinked open, staring up at the ceiling as Sero pressed loving kisses against the side of his face, hands gently stroking over his hips again.

”Give me ten minutes.”

Chapter Text

“You’ve been a good boy today, Katsuki.”

Yaoyorozu had a special knack for making something so sexy sound so fucking embarrassing. How could she say that with a straight face? Like it was suppose to make Bakugou happy.

The blond sneered at the suggestion, ruby eyes narrowed at his too lovely mistress.

She was gorgeous and perfect, and Bakugou wanted to be so much more than just good for her.

Bakugou sat up on his knees, naked and shameless as his head bobbed along the length of Yaoyorozu’s glossy black strap-on. He wrapped his lips around it, dragging along the sleek rubber as Yaoyorozu continued to stroke his hair, loving and sweet.

For once in her life, Bakugou wished she’d just be cruel.

Tell him he was awful. Treat him as such. Pull his hair or force him down on her pretty dick.

She never did though. She only ever treated him with the utmost kindness. Gentle and patient as Bakugou set the pace, swallowing down until the thick head made him gag. Even then, she raved over how good he was. Praised and cooed as heat raised to his cheeks.

It wasn’t fucking fair. She got to act all sweet and loving even knowing what they were going to do. Only Yaoyorozu could keep such a dignant air while wearing a fake dick and watching her willing bitch swallow it over and over. As he openly gagged on it and drooled, leaving a mess on her fancy carpet.

Compared to her, he was a dog. Low and uncivil, unworthy of kneeling at her feet.

And still she called him things like good and beautiful, telling pretty lies that she knew made him weak and tremble.

All he could hear was her praise, and the faint buzz from behind. The thick vibrator pushed snug in his ass, keeping him open for her alone.

“You’re doing wonderful, Katsuki! You’ve gotten better.”

Of course he’d gotten better. Bakugou had practised for hours on similar dildos, pushing them down his throat until it bulged and he gagged and sputtered for her.

Because Yaoyorozu Momo deserved nothing short of perfection and Bakugou Katsuki would never settle for being anything less.

Yaoyorozu brushed Bakugou’s hair from his forehead, smiling prettily down at him. He could see her, even pressed up close to her mound. Even over full tits and tears brimming his eyelids. Those loving dark eyes and plush lips, pulling into a genuine smile.

It made Bakugou’s gut clench and ass squeeze around the toy.

“That’s enough, baby,” she soothed, guiding Bakugou off her dick until his lips pulled away with a ’pop’.

Bakugou gasped, hunching forward to cough and drool as her wet dick hung over him. He grasped at her thighs, holding on as he struggled to catch his breath.

He should feel low and gross and disgusting.

“You’re so gorgeous like this, you know?”

But she never allowed him that.

Crouching down, Yaoyorozu made a lax fist under his chin, tilting his head up until glassy eyes caught hers. Her tits were in full display in front of his face but his eyes could only focus on her pretty eyes. His own open and vulnerable as she smiled at him. He couldn’t help but raise his chin, letting her knuckles rub over his throat.

“Now, how about I take care of you?”

“Please,” Bakugou wheezed, teeth clenched tight to bare his frustrations before her.

“Up,” she commanded, and Bakugou obeyed.

They both pushed up with their legs, neither using the other to rise up with only her loose fist under his chin connecting them.

Standing straight, Bakugou had to look down at her now, but that didn’t make her appear any less regal. Elegant and gorgeous, bare as she was.

“Back up,” she continued, taking a precise step forward, and Bakugou took a step back in turn. Mirrored movements, each of his to match hers.

The back of his knees hit the edge of her stupidly massive bed and Bakugou lowered himself slowly to sit, eyes sliding up as she towered over him once again. Perhaps not as drastic as it had been before, but enough for him to swallow, the lump in his throat bobbing against the back of her fingers.

“Be good and listen to me please, Katsuki.”

Like anything else could ever tear his attention from her.

“I want you to lay down with your bottom near the edge. Can you do that for me?”

Bottom. Bakugou fucking scoffed through his nose at that one. Even with what she was planning, obscene words like ass were much too vulgar for her.

It was a wonder what she saw in him at all.

Regardless, Bakugou followed her directions obediently. Lowering himself, his eyes never strayed from her face, expectant and focused even as the little toy nudged against sensitive spots. It was humiliating to wiggle his ass down the bed, sliding down enough that his ass was presented neatly on the edge.

Yaoyorozu’s hands rested against his knees, pushing them up just below the kneecap to guide Bakugou to bend them. He raised his feet up, bending his knees up off the mattress as heat burned in his cheeks. As if it wasn’t embarrassing before.

Feet perched on the edge of the bed beside his ass, it left his thighs wide and cheeks parted, giving Yaoyorozu a perfect view of the creation of her own design.

The little vibrator that she’d created just for him was a contrasting colour of red and black, a homage to the very woman now standing between his partly spread legs. It was quirky and considerate and only served to drive in that last shred of humiliation.

Yaoyorozu was a surprisingly kinky bitch when she wanted to be.

“You’ve been very good,” Yaoyorozu continued, using that same insult that she knew made Bakugou want to snap and tell her off. Knew perfectly well he wouldn’t too.

One gentle finger traced around his stretched rim, feeling the vibrations of the toy too and the glide of lube.

“I think we’re done with this,” she commented, finger moving from his rim to tap at the bottom of the toy. It nudged it just that little bit to jostle the man beneath her, his teeth clenched with a growl before she switched it off.

Pulling out her own device, she watched his rim stretch around little grooves she’d crafted, the pop of each making him look all that more pathetic.

It came out easily, his ass fluttering around emptiness as Yaoyorozu produced a wipe from her skin. Turning it off, she cleaned the toy while humming a cute little tune. Bakugou slowly started to slip his feet from the bed.

“Keep your knees up, sweetheart,” Yaoyorozu commanded, not even bothering to look away from her work.

Bakugou snarled, feet planting back against the edge as he ignored the burn in his thighs. Knees bent towards the ceiling, he watched her with a glare. He was empty and exposed waiting for her, and Yaoyorozu was too focused on her fucking toy.

“Momo,” Bakugou called out, trying to grab her attention.

“I’m busy, honey,” she blew him off, still working on a now perfectly clean toy.

Bakugou’s nose scrunched up, teeth bared as he raised his head off the mattress.


“If you want something, you need to ask me properly.”

Head slamming back against the blankets, frustrated tears sprung in his eyes, jaw aching as he fought to spit out the next words.

”Mistress, please,” he begged, voice cracking between anger and desperate.

“Yes what, Katsuki?” Yaoyorozu tried again, finally looking at him now.

She was smiling so soft and sweet. Loving. It was fucking cruel and Bakugou snarled, toes curling againt the egde.

”Fuck me, please,” Bakugou growled out, teary eyes narrowed in a glare as she set her toy down on the bedside table.

The flat bottom let it stand up, rigid and reminding as her soft hands reached for the draw, pulling out a small bottle of lube.

“You’re getting better at asking for things too, Katsuki! I’m so proud of you!”

That was the awful thing about it. The way she said it, he completely believed her. So fucking proud that he caved and begged.

Huffing through his teeth, his eyes fell to her hands as they warmed up a palm full of lube and applied it to the already shiny strap. She was careful with that too, taking her time as she generously rubbed over each groove. Stroked it like she was working a real dick. Cruel bitch.

“Fuck- me-” Bakugou whined, fingers tightening in the sheets.

His palms heated up and Bakugou had quickly stop himself from burning her bedding.


Rounding the bed to stand between Bakugou’s legs, Yaoyorozu grabbed him by the shins, pushing and guiding until his feet lifted from the bed.

Lifting his legs up, she moved her hands to palm his calves, bending him in half at the hips as his spine curved and ass stuck up. As if it wasn’t already humiliating before!

There was a slight burn in the base of his spine but the hero had always been flexible. He could hold it and Yaoyorozu had to know that. She just pushed, bending him entirely until his knees were pressed up over his chest.

Bending down with him, Yaoyorozu pinned his legs beneath her chest, the soft warmth feeling nice against the underside of his legs. His knees hooked over her shoulders making it much easier for him to hold the position.

It also left his face unbearably close to hers giving him nowhere to hide. Midnight hair was pulled back into a low ponytail though a few stray hairs hung and tickled his face. A slight hiccup in her perfection.

Even still, she couldn’t look anymore gorgeous.

“I’m going to take care of you, Katsuki,” she promised, her sweet smile inescapable as loving eyes shone for him. Face-to-face, and Bakugou’s eyes couldn’t help but map hers out. Pinned and smitten. Unworthy of such a Goddess.

“You just need to learn some patience.”

Bakugou’s sneer was gone, face open and voice near silent in her presence.

”I’m sorry,” Bakugou spoke, not really paying attention to what he was even saying. He was too caught up, pliant and waiting as he felt one hand move from his leg.

The rubber head of the dildo slipped between parted asscheeks, tracing over his perineum until Bakugou was trembling and clenching.

“Fuckin’ hurry-!”

Bakugou’s words were cut off by sweet lips. A loving kiss that stole his voice, demanding his silence as the rubber head pushed down, slipping easy into winking muscle.

The stretch was delightful, so much thicker than the toy that had been occupying him before. Bakugou groaned against Yaoyorozu’s mouth, his knees digging into his chest.

Her body was soft and warm, in complete contrast with the cold hard plastic pushing in deeper into his waiting ass. The wet glide and the kiss of her hips against his ass as she seated entirely inside him. She rolled her hips, the toy rubbing over his inner walls, and Bakugou cried out against her mouth.

Yaoyorozu broke the kiss, breath hot as she panted, eyes hooded and deceiving.

“You’re taking me so well, Katsu-chan.”

“Shut up,” Bakugou muttered, head twisting away from her only to land his cheek into her open palm.

Turning Bakugou’s face back towards her, Yaoyorozu pressed a too sweet kiss to his forehead.

“There’s no need to hide.”

“Not hiding-” Bakugou huffed, eyes flicking up as Yaoyorozu rolled her hips.

“You deserve this,” Yaoyorozu promised, littering butterfly kisses across his cheek and the bridge of his nose. She moved up, kissing between his eyes as they squeezed shut. “Let me reward you.”

Yaoyorozu kissed away a tear and Bakugou’s eyes shot open, looking past her as her thrusts picked up.

Deeper. Closer. Nudging against sensitive walls as his legs tensed up against her. Her hips slapped against his ass driving her cock in home as Bakugou’s mouth hitched open with a caught moan.

Her lips had moved to his throat, bodies pressed closer as Bakugou’s toes curled in the air. His legs were up beside his face, bent entirely as Yaoyorozu picked up speed. Soft kisses and hard thrusts. The drag and pull as she experimentally rotated her hips.

The plastic rubbed up against his prostate and Bakugou barked a startled ’fuck!’

Yaoyorozu had apparently found what she was looking for, her face finally moving away from his skin to smile down at him. His eyes were drawn to hers, face warm as they simply stared at each other. She was watching, excited to cause Bakugou to come apart at the seams. Eager to watch it all unfold.

Bakugou opened his mouth, probably to curse her out or voice his accusations, but her hips only trust forward. She hit her target dead on and Bakugou’s cock throbbed between them. His eyes rolled back, mouth open with a filthy moan. He couldn’t help it. Couldn’t even tell her not to watch.

Tears streamed down his temples, wetting his hair as her thrusts picked up. Faster. Perfect. Hitting that sweet spot over and over as Bakugou saw stars. His cock wasn’t getting the friction it needed trapped between them, and Bakugou sobbed as it slapped against his curled belly.

“Mo-Momo! Mistress!”

“Let go, baby.”

”Please,” Bakugou begged, his arms thrashing at his sides for something to grab onto. For something.

Yaoyorozu grabbed his hands, holding them in her own as she pinned them up by his head, fingers thread together. Her thrusts were damn near brutal now, her face sweet and unaffected as she watched him crumble beneath her.


“You can cum like this, can’t you?” Yaoyorozu pressed, her smile far too innocent for what she was suggesting.

Ruby eyes blinked back tears, his fingers curling in her grasp to hold back tight as he watched her.

“Cum for me, like this.”

Choking back a sob, Bakugou let his head rock back, blinking up at the headboard as her plastic dick hit it over and over.

She never stopped speaking. Soft praises and encouragement. Loving and soft, unlike her cruel pace.

Heat was coursing through his veins, like gasoline bubbling under his skin just waiting for the right strike. He tried to focus on his cock. Clenched his belly and squeezed around her. It was all too much and not nearly enough, all wrapped into one.

Minutes passed, her thrusts experimenting between speeds and motion, but always striking that one spot. Pushing and pushing as Bakugou’s spine ached. It felt fantastic and awful all at once, eyes completely misty.

He couldn’t even focus on her anymore, too lost in the sparks driven straight to his arousal. To the burn in his legs and the featherlight touch of hair in his face.

He clenched one last time and screamed. His body convulsed, cock throbbing as ropes of cum strung up between them. Over his belly and the underside of her warm tits. His ass clenched around her, mouth open with gargled moans and spits of uncoordinated curses.

Her pace slowed immediately, moving careful and shallow as Bakugou bucked beneath her. His hands clenched tight, nails digging into the back of hers as he struggled not to blow them up. He was drooling, spit and tears both streaking down his cheeks until Yaoyorozu finally slowed to a stop.

She pulled out slowly, smiling softly as Bakugou whimpered beneath him.

Ever the Goddess, Yaoyorozu pressed a sweet kiss to his brow, moving back as his legs fell down. He hadn’t even realised they’d been cramping up until the relief flooded him. Even that paled in comparison to his orgasm.

Bakugou’s vision was impaired with tears and stars, static filling his head as he flicked in and out of it. It wasn’t until he felt a warm cloth to his belly before he groaned, glassy eyes landing on the woman kneeling beside him with a wet cloth and a bowl of warm water.

She was humming again, a sweet little lullaby with her angelic voice, and Bakugou reached out for her. Taking his hand in one of hers, she kept working, still smiling ever sweetly.

“You’re so good for me, Katsuki.”

For a fleeting moment, before he could pass out, he almost believed it.

Chapter Text

It had been an incredibly exhausting day from start to finish. Widespread panic spurred on by multiple villains coming out of the woodworks.

Uravity wasn’t the only hero caught up in the whirlwind of confusion and violence, of course, but she had been the one who’d ended up facing off with the ring leader. Protecting the masses and handling a one-on-one fight was no easy feat. There was too much going on. Too much danger and not enough heroes leaving them all spread thin.

Fighting on instincts and muscle memory left so much of it a blur. In the end, when Uraraka was covered in blood and dirt and aching, staring down the barrel of a camera, she didn’t even know what to say.

People were shouting. She was receiving pats on the back and the praise of civilians. In the end though, she didn’t even know what to say.

Just frantic and humble deflections and flushed cheeks as reporters recounted the fight better than she ever could.

Eventually she could sneak away. Get to her agency and clean up, dress her wounds, and work on paperwork for the entire mess. She received a few calls, people singing praise that left Uraraka red faced and awkward.

She was proud, of course, but these things took time to sink in. And, after such a rush of a day, she wanted nothing more than to get home.

Bakugou hadn’t texted her all day, but that was nothing new. He probably hadn’t even seen the news. After all, the work-a-holic was on forced vacation. Watching the news would just be begging for him to come crashing into the mess regardless, only to lengthen his holiday.

And no one wanted that.

She’d shot him off a quick text telling him she was coming home and that was it. Honestly, she was just itching to get home and relax. She was still aching and exhausted and, if she wasn’t starving, she’d just crash the moment she reached their bed.

Unlocking her apartment door she found that wasn’t in the cards.


The house smelt sweet. Like sugar and honey and the telling scent of baking. Bakugou hated sweet, which only meant he’d made something for her.

Bakugou was always considerate in his own ways, and remarkably talented to boot.

Taking a deep breath in, Uraraka closed her eyes and the front door, practically floating towards the scent. Making it to the kitchen, Uraraka’s eyes lit up at little homemade pastries set on a platter, still nice and warm and begging to be eaten.

Taking one, Uraraka popped it straight into her mouth, cheeks puffing out as she chewed and grabbed another. Taking a bite of the other, her lips were dusted with icing sugar as she turned around to try and find her boyfriend.


A force crashed upon her, her back hitting the edge of the counter as warm hands grabbed her hips, frantic lips slamming against hers as she squealed.

Bakugou’s kisses were always a wild ride. He could be slow and methodical, deliberate with his motions and demanding nothing but the best. Another day, they could be all teeth and tongue shoved down the back of her throat, gross and passionate in a way Uraraka found oddly hot.

Then there were times like these. Deep open mouth kisses and a swipe of tongue, tasting the sugar on Uraraka’s lips as he groaned and rolled his hips against her own. Demanding but controlled.

Those were the easiest ones to get lost in.

Pulling away from the kiss, Uraraka giggled when Bakugou attacked her collar instead while Uraraka chewed and swallowed the last of her mouthful.

“Hello to you too!” She laughed, her hands falling to his shoulders, not pushing or pulling. Just touching. Grounding herself but keeping him from pushing closer. He was kind of like an over eager dog at times. “What’s gotten into you!”

“Watched you,” Bakugou spoke against her skin, mouthing over little cuts before he sucked at her collar, matching the bruises she made in the fight with ones of his own. “Kick ass.”

“You what?” Uraraka laughed again, bubbly and joyful as his teeth nipped at her throat. “So you came to finish the job?” She joked, hands slowly sliding up to wrap around his neck instead.

“You’d kick my ass too,” Bakugou accused, grabbing her thighs suddenly and hauling her up.

Uraraka squeaked, her arms locked around Bakugou’s head as he lifted her up onto the bench. Pulling her legs apart, Bakugou locked himself between her knees, his mouth back on hers with a demanding kiss. There was teeth this time, biting down as his hands moved up her body.

Bakugou always moved so fast. So brutal in everything he did. Already he had his hands on her pants, pulling down the zipper and sliding a hand in under her underwear.

“Katsuki!” Uraraka squealed, eyes wide in shock as two fingers slid over her nub and down towards her cunt.

Her pants were still tight around his hand, but that didn’t deter Bakugou. His fingers were already dipping inside her heat, rubbing and stroking as his wrist smashed against her clit.

His other hand had already slipped up under her shirt, groping a boob over her bra as his mouth continued down, sucking at her collar again.

“Katsuki!” Uraraka tried again, her hands gripping his shirt. “No sex on the counter! That’s your rule!

Not that Uraraka wouldn’t mind breaking it, but Bakugou was sure to bitch about it later. No sex in his kitchen. Ever. Even if he did get handsy everytime Uraraka tried to cook.

Besides, she didn’t want to smash or get anything else on her yummy little treats.

Bakugou finally pulled away, red eyes blinking up at her in thought. She was right, and Bakugou couldn’t argue with his own rule.

Snarling animalistically, Bakugou grabbed her by the thighs again, pulling her close to him until she wrapped her legs around his chest.

Wrapping her arms around his head for perch, Uraraka squealed when his face planted between her boobs, smashed in them happily as he lifted her up and walked them towards the livingroom.

It was terrifying, really. She wasn’t sure Bakugou knew how to navigate this place blindly and it was scary trusting him not to trip over. She was half tempted to make herself float just in case.

She didn’t have time though. Not when she was being dropped on the couch roughly, the woman bouncing as Bakugou towered over her with a twisted grin.

It wasn’t until now that she heard the television, her eyes being drawn to it in surprise.

There she was on the big screen, blood streaming from her hairline that, right now, had a bandage strapped over the cut. She was fighting, the villain and her trading blows as she diligently dodged and struck. She earned a couple scrapes and hits, but she didn’t crumble.

Wide eyed, she watched as she ducked under a kick, only to trip them with one of her own. The villain didn’t quite all, obviously affected by her quirk, but that just gave her time to strike him in the stomach and slam him painfully in the asphalt.

Thinking back, she vaguely remembered doing that but, so caught up in fighting for her life, she didn’t remember it being such a cool move. She was awestruck just watching it, barely recognising herself as the villain gripped her ankle, continuing the wearying fight.

She looked like a hero, which was a ridiculous thing to think. Of course she did! She was a hero! Bordering on top ten and overtaking her boyfriend himself. Still, it was hard to see the full picture when she was so close to the action. It wasn’t something she thought about much, and it never quite occurred to her just how she looked to the people around.

She remembered her amazement of heroes as a child. How she watched even her teachers fight in awe, or even peers. Bakugou. She’d always seen Bakugou like this. But her?

It was hard to even recognise herself, even as the camera focused on her determined face as she wrestled the villain’s arms back and cuffed them, cutting off his quirk.

Swallowing, Uraraka turned back to Bakugou only to find his eyes stuck on the screen too. His pupils were blown, arms limp at his side but fingers hooked in. Eager and ready, like he was ready for a fight himself. His smile hadn’t faltered. If anything, it was only that more wild. Wicked and excited.

Then he turned it on her.

Wide and deranged in the way Uraraka only saw in the midst of a good fight. It made her gut clench, molten heat pooling in her belly as she felt her cunt throb. It so wasn’t fair when he used that face against her.

Bakugou ripped his shirt up over his head, throwing it back but it only hung in the air. From when she’d grabbed it before, she suspected, but she didn’t have time to consider it before Bakugou was crashing down on top of her.

The sudden weight forced the air out of Uraraka’s lungs, her breath wheezing as her hands pressed to his chest. Instantly he was weightless, skin lifting from hers, and Uraraka wrapped her arms around him and pulled him tight to keep him grounded.

Bakugou didn’t even seem to notice. His mouth was on hers again, teeth clicking painfully as his hands worked up her shirt, bunching it up under her arms before his fingers slipped under her sports bra. He gripped her tits, pinching and rolling as Uraraka mewled against his mouth.

He ground his hips down, pinning her beneath him as she shuttered a moan. She could hear the fight restart in the background. Groans of pain and shouts as she fought, and Uraraka figured Bakugou must have had the clip on repeat.

Leaning back, Bakugou ripped Uraraka’s shirt up and off, her hair dishevelled with the motion. Her bra came off next, thrown over the edge of the couch before Bakugou’s mouth fell onto her right boob.

Sucking the nipple between his teeth, his hips continued to grind down, rubbing her pant zipper against her already sensitive mound. Her eyes flicked to the screen, watching in wonder as she caught and reflected a blow.

“Fucking gorgeous,” Bakugou mouthed around her nipple, eyes slipped shut as his hands violated her. Gripping and sliding, pushing her pants down over her ass. “So hot.”

“That’s- that’s what you find hot?” Uraraka teased, looking back down at him with an uncertain smile. It wasn’t new news, Bakugou had always been much more horny after watching her fight. Ten times more when it was him she’d been fighting.

Bakugou’s eyes flashed up, fire burning within them as he dragged her pants down.

Sitting up suddenly, Bakugou pulled them down roughly, the material digging into her thighs and legs until he managed to wrestle them off. The underwear came off too, leaving her bare with only a few bandages to cover not nearly enough. Next went Bakugou’s zipper, pants pulled down enough to free Bakugou’s cock.

Uraraka moved to sit up and touch only for a hand to press against her stomach and push her back down.

“Feel this?” Bakugou started, his eyes narrowed with a level of seriousness Uraraka only saw when he was miffed.

“What?” Uraraka breathed a nervous laugh, bright brown eyes flicking from him down to her stomach. “My belly?”

“Your abs,” Bakugou corrected, pushing his fingertips in and massaging the muscle.

It was sensitive and Uraraka whimpered, her brow trembling as he watched her mould her. Push against the muscle lying beneath.

“You’re ridiculous.”

Bakugou grabbed her chin next, turning her head towards the screen just in time to watch her throw some villain over her shoulder. From the way he landed, he wasn’t affected by her quirk. He landed with a pained groan before she pinned him down, ending another fight.

Bakugou’s mouth was on her neck now, locking her head to the side to watch as another villain jumped her.

“You’re in fucking denial,” Bakugou growled, his teeth grazing over her skin as she felt his cock kiss her pussy lips.

His hands moved to her arms, guiding them up and pressing into the muscle there. There was no meat to hide this one. Her arms were stark, bulging with muscle and tight.

“You’re amazing,” Bakugou spat, fingers pushing in until it almost hurt. “Stop lying to yourself.”

“I’m- I’m not-”

Bakugou’s hand moved to her hips, gripping on tight as he pushed his cock into her sex. She hadn’t even realised how wet she was, but that didn’t stop it from being so much so suddenly.

Gasping, Uraraka wrapped her arms around his neck, holding on for her dear life as Bakugou bucked into her.

There was no grace in this. No softness or technique. It was fast and brutal and needy, and Uraraka felt herself being pushed harder into the cushions.

“You beat eight villains,” Bakugou growled against her skin, biting down to punctuate his point as she jerked and kicked a leg out. “Twenty-six with others’ help. You saved hundreds.”

“It- I-”

Bakugou thrust in sharp, cutting her off with a yelp.

“You thrashed them. You were the star. You outdid the fucking top heroes.”

Wrapping her legs around Bakugou’s ass, Uraraka held him close, his cock pushing in to her deepest parts.

His hands kept moving. Pushing against muscle and grazing over cuts and bruises. Mapping and pointing out.

“You were hit in the fucking head,” Bakugou pointed out just in time to watch it happen on screen, and Uraraka wondered just how many times Bakugou rewatched this to know the exact point these things happened. “And you didn’t even fucking blink.”

True to his words, Uraraka used the close proximity to touch the villain and spin throw, the villain crashing against a building wall before hanging uselessly in the air.

“You’re fucking terrifying,” Bakugou growled, his teeth catching her earlobe and tugging. “A fucking beast.”

“Katsu-” Uraraka gasped, her fingers pushing into his spine. “I’m not- not gonna- last-”

That only egged Bakugou on, his thrusts becoming blind and formless. Rapid and cruel.

“Those shitty villains should be grateful,” he snarled against her ear, the flat of his teeth brushing against the shell. “Bastards wish they could have you like this. The whole fucking world’s got their dicks in their hands for you.”

“Mmph-ah! Ka-! Baku-!”

Bakugou was panting and grunting, clearly close as his cock pistoned within her.

“And I’m the luckiest bastard of all,” Bakugou spoke, his eyelashes fluttering against her temple, and Uraraka struggled to turn and face him.

He was sweating, the sweet scent of caramel and sex making her sex throb.

“You’re fucking amazing,” Bakugou breathed, brows set in a frown as he fucked her. “And when I’m done- I’m gonna fuck you on my fingers.”

“Kat-” Uraraka whimpered, her cunt squeezing around him.

“Then I’m gonna eat you out. Fuck you with my tongue.”

“Aah! Ka-Katsuki!”

“Gonna make you cum over and over until you can’t fucking walk.”

“I’m gonna-!”

“Because it’s what you fucking deserve.”

One last push was all she needed before she was cumming on his dick. Her head pushed into the cushions, cunt throbbing and sucking him in deeper as Bakugou continued to hammer inside her.

His grunts were wild and erratic, whispered words of ’perfect’ and ’gorgeous’ and ’brutal’ punctuating each thrust.

She trembled beneath him, whimpering and clinging as the renewed sound of fighting kicked up again. That seemed to be all Bakugou needed, his hips slamming in one last time before she felt heat flood her from the inside.

Pulling Bakugou’s head up to hers, she pulled him into a kiss, swallowing his moans as he ground down inside her and rode out his orgasm. She felt warm and safe and oddly giddy, he body feeling like liquid gold as Bakugou’s kiss turned into careful.

Thought out and slow as he brought them both down to earth. Hot breaths and sweet kisses, so soft and kind in contrast to how he was only moments before.

Once he was done and slipped from her folds, Uraraka’s arms fell limp, her body going lax as she closed her eyes and stretched her spine.

She felt something pop, her body practically purring as she moaned.

“So gooood,” she mewled, practically glowing.


“That was amazing.”


“You’re ama-”



Peeking open an eye, Uraraka suddenly jolted, staring up at her boyfriend floating a meter off her.

“Put me down.”

“Sorry!” Uraraka laughed off, pressing her fingers together only for Bakugou to land hard on top of her.

She only laughed louder, throwing her arms around his shoulders as she nuzzled her nose into his blond hair.

“You’re so sweet when you want to be, you know?”

“Mm sure,” Bakugou muttered, moving one hand between their bodies and pushing his fingers down between her folds.

Uraraka jolted, gasping as they dipped within.

“Katsuki! What are you doing?!”

Turning his head up, Bakugou caught her in another calculated kiss, his lips curled up in a handsome smile.

“Giving you what you deserve.”

Chapter Text

Kirishima never thought he’d see the day when ’being too horny’ was the cause of all his problems in his relationship.

Maybe that was a good thing, if he thought about it. If this was the worst his relationship got, then he was sailing smooth. Right now, however, he couldn’t see it like that.

Not when he was trying his damnedest to get to sleep while his bed rocked and squeaked and Kaminari moaned in that way that usually got Kirishima’s dick up. Usually he was right there with them too. Any other day and perhaps he’d be too busy fucking to worry about sleep. That was a problem for morning Kirishima.

Today, however, Kirishima was exhausted. Work had been hell and all he wanted to do was rest and relax before he had to face it all again tomorrow. Worst of all, he had paperwork to do tomorrow which he could barely handle on the best of days.

He needed his sleep and that was impossible when his boyfriend was balls deep in their other boyfriend.

Laying on his side to try and block the other two out, he craned his neck to glare at the pair, watching as they blaitantly ignored him to continue fucking.

Sero was laying back, hands folded behind his back and watching with that usually handsome smile as Kaminari rode his dick.

Kaminari, like usual, was moaning loud and lewd. Little pops of static snapped around his head, hair fluffed up as he bounced on Sero’s lap.

“Yeah, ride daddy! You like my dick, don’t you?”

“Daddy!” Kaminari groaned, head thrown back as he rolled his hips forward. “I love your fat cock!”

Did they always sound so ridiculous? Is that what he sounded like? In either of their positions? Right now he was way too tired for all of this.

Grabbing one end of his pillow, Kirishima laid back down, wrapping the pillow over the back of his head and pushing it down against his ears.

That was a deceivingly useless tactic. He could still hear them and feel the bed moving.

Shit, how long had they been going for now? Kirishima could swear it was over an hour. They’d both cum already! Wasn’t once enough?

“Take my big fat dick!”

Kirishima wasn’t sure if Sero was having fun with it all or genuinely turned on shouting that. In the throws of sex it sounded damn near poetic. Horny brain was just incapable of understanding how stupid he sounded.

Kirishima’s hands hardened up, pushing the pillow against his ears tighter as he screwed his eyes shut.

Their positions changed, the bed dipping with motion, and Kirishima felt a leg knock up against his own. Suddenly Kaminari’s voice was right up close to him, panting and moaning embarrassing things.

Lifting one hand, Kirishima peeked his head up to frown over his pillow at the blond.

Kaminari was now bent over on the bed, arms laying uselessly in the blankets as his face was smashed in the sheets while Sero fucked him doggy-style. Kaminari looked completely fucked out, eyes crossed and tongue hanging over his bottom lip as he drooled shamelessly.

Okay, Kirishima had to admit Kaminari looked super cute getting his ass wrecked like that. And maybe his cock perked with the temptation to busy between those lips.

Not right now though! No!

Kirishima shook his head, pointedly turning his head away and slamming his head back down on his pillow in a way he hoped got the message through.

There was a sharp slap and a cry beside his ear, and Kirishima glowered at the wall.

No, of course they didn’t.

Sitting up, Kirishima shuffled back until he was resting up against the bedhead, the knock of the wood against wall vibrating up his spine. He rested an elbow against his knee and rested his cheek against his fist. With half-lidded eyes he watched them, exhaustion and annoyance practically vibrating off him.

Sero slapped Kaminari’s ass again before bending over him for a kiss. It was messy and gross, all drool once the two parted ways.

Never in his life did Kirishima want to kick the two of them out of their bed.

He could leave, he noted. Go sleep on the couch, but they’d broken it lately. From fucking, of course. He didn’t think it was such a big deal at the time. In fact, he distinctly remembered calling ’worth it’ when it happened.

If only he had a time travelling quirk so he could go back and slap himself for ever thinking it was worth it.

He could lay on the floor, but he didn’t remember the last time any of them vacuumed. It was certainly before they all fucked on every surface of the carpet. Kaminari and Sero had the carpet burn to prove it, complaining when Kirishima used his quirk to get out of that punishment.

This is what happened when Bakugou and Ashido left them to their own devices for a month.

Slamming his head back against the headboard, he glowered as he stared at the ceiling. They were so loud and Kirishima was grateful the agency was closed. No wonder Bakugou got it soundproofed.

Kaminari was moaning a mantra of ‘daddy’ at this point, and Sero accompanied it with a chant of ‘fuck yeah’. They were both absolutely doing his head in. He just closed his eyes and wondered how any of them managed to get sleep in this sex-hazed apartment.

He listened, breathing in deep as lewd sounds drowned him out. Grunts and moans and unsexy sex talk. The snap of electricity and the slap of skin. At this point he should be able to tell when one of them was getting close. By the way Sero’s voice was rising, he was reaching that sweet sweet edge.

Sweet, because the sooner he did that the sooner Kirishima could actually get some sleep.

Opening one eye, he glanced at them, watching the dimples in Sero’s ass as he fucked Kaminari earnestly. Wild and formless as his hair stood on end.

“Close, baby!”

Thank God. Kirishima wasn’t even sure if he believed in deities but that didn’t stop him from thanking each and every single one.

Sero came with a cry, his hips slapping against Kaminari’s ass as he groaned. Eyes squeezed shut and teeth clenched tight.

He was cute too, Kirishima had to admit. He had such a pretty cum face and it was hard to remain mad at him. It was just shameless fun, and they were enjoying themselves.

Kirishima breathed a shattered laugh, rolling his eyes as Sero collapsed. It was over and done with, and cum dribbled between Kaminari’s asscheeks. It was such a pretty sight, but one Kirishima could see any other day.

Right now, Kirishima just turned to lay back down, snuggling into his blankets with a soft, fond smile.

“Alright, my turn.”

Tensing up at Kaminari’s voice, Kirishima ripped the pillow from under his head and jolted up, slamming it against the side of Kaminari’s head before pegging it at the back of Sero’s.

“Get out of my bed!”

Chapter Text

“You’re not very good at this, non?”

“I can do this!” Kaminari insisted, pulling the rope tight across Aoyama’s ribs.

The tug made Aoyama grunt quietly, indigo eyes watching as Kaminari let the rope go too slack whilst he threaded it under another. It was a disaster in the making and Aoyama clicked his tongue in disapproval.

This simply wouldn’t do! He was a star! The gorgeous prince! The shining white knight! Looking less than stellar was impossible for him, but Kaminari seemed to be doing a wonderful attempt at dulling him.

Even the purple ropes, threaded with thin silvers that sparkled like glitter didn’t do him justice. There was no coordination or style. No pretty patterns to decorate his gorgeous body. It really was disappointing. Even Kaminari’s cutely determined face could save this utter mess.

“I think I’ve got it!” Kaminari declared, tugging a rope tight over Aoyama’s belly, just under the jewel of his belt.

It was the only thing he was wearing, and rightly so. Not even his cute but rather clueless boyfriend was granted the right to see his adorable belly.

Aoyama surveyed the end result, disappointed with the lackluster work. He didn’t look anything like the woman in the book.

“There!” Kaminari cried out, seeing back on his bare ass as he grinned far too proud than he had any right to be. It was a shame he had to ruin it.

“Are we done?” he questioned, turning his head enough to try and look over his own shoulder blade. He’d hoped that he looked cuter from behind. The mirror poised behind him begged to differ.

“Yup!” Kaminari unfortunately popped, grinning like he had won some prize. Wicked and sure. He was so excited and proud of himself. Poor thing.

Kaminari raised his hands, wiggling his fingers like some taunting cartoon villain with static jumping between them.

“And now you’re completely at my mer-cy..?

Kaminari’s voice trailed off as Aoyama raised a shoulder, his arm slipping easily out of slack ropes to cover his mouth with the back of his hand as he yawned.

“Amazing work, mon chéri. I am absolutely captivated.”

Kaminari visibly deflated, arms falling slack as his bottom lip jutted out. He looked utterly pitiful and Aoyama’s heart leapt to his throat.

“No no, mon chaton!” Aoyama started, his other arm slipping from its binds as he reached out and trace Kaminari’s cheek to reassure him. “It was a wonderful first attempt! Bravo!”

“I’ve been practising for weeks,” Kaminari stressed, honey eyes glimmering with the most puppy-dog look.

“Oh.” Aoyama’s hand slowly lowered, eyes wide and clueless. Well… that made things much sadder.

“Were you practising on yourself, by chance?”

“Of course not!” Kaminari defended, as if the suggestion was ludicrous. “I used nounours.”

Squeaking in the back of his throat, Aoyama’s head swivelled to his large and deeply loved teddy bear. So sweet and innocent.. He did not deserve such awful treatment!

Not to mention the proportion was way off, and the softness and honestly. That was a conversation he was going to have to have with Kaminari later.

“Perhaps I could try?” Aoyama offered, pushing himself up off the floor as the loose ropes fell away. Stepping out of them carefully, Aoyama picked them up and started untying them.

“You?” Kaminari snorted, a brow raised in question. He sounded far too smug for a man who couldn’t tie a decent knot a moment ago. “No offence babe, but I’ve been watching hours of videos on this.”

“I have gone through your porn history, mon minou. I do not believe you have the patience to sit through the entire video.”

“Hey!” Kaminari cried out, sitting up straight on his knees, forgoing any modesty. “I can sit through the boring stuff!”

Aoyama chuckled, wrapping one end of the rope around his knuckles before pulling them tight, smiling prettily down at the other.

“Just one try? S'il vous plaît?”


When the hell did Aoyama install suspension hooks in his ceiling?

How had he not noticed them earlier?

Most importantly;

How did they hold up his weight?

There was an onslaught of questions buzzing around in Kaminari’s brain, each one leaving him more confused than the one before.

When did Aoyama learn all this? Why was he so good? Why was he so incredibly comfortable bound up like this?

Laying down on his back, the purple ropes were his only support. Threaded behind his back and crisscrossing across his body. His left leg was raised in the air, ropes travelling up his thigh in pretty diamonds and spiderwebs, tracing up to a rope wrapped around his ankle hooked up to the ceiling. Others joined them, spreading out support between his ankle, hips, mid-back, and his shoulders. His other leg was bent beneath him, ankle pressed just under the swell of his ass. His hands were bound behind his back, wrists crossed over as his head hung upside down unsupported.

Even upside down as he was, Kaminari could not miss that rather proud smile plastered on Aoyama’s face. Whether it was at his own work or for catching Kaminari by surprise, he wasn’t sure.

Both, most likely.

“So?” Aoyama chirped, head tilted as he stared down at Kaminari’s hung head.

“Okay, yeah, you’re better,” Kaminari conceded, and Aoyama beamed.

Of course he was good at this. How had he ever doubted him?

Kaminari wriggled in his binds, neck bending up as he tried to look down at himself. Unlike his ties, these didn’t budge at all. Not too tight, but unmoving. Well.. minus that slight way from the suspension. Kaminari had never felt so helpless.

Letting his head fall down, Kaminari’s hair flopped down from his brow as he watched his giddy boyfriend.

Aoyama was stalking around him now. Testing and tugging at certain binds. Trying them out until he was satisfied. Kaminari had to admit, he looked rather good like this. Aoyama was talented.

“I still want to learn how to do this!” Kaminari demanded, struggling and failing to keep an eye on Aoyama as the other moved towards his lower half.

“Of course!” Aoyama answered with delight. “I want to look as pretty as this! There will be plenty of time to practice and I am a good teacher!”

Kaminari decided not to point out that Aoyama absolutely was not such a thing. He just shuffled his shoulders, trying to dislodge rope.

“Soooo are you letting me down now?”

“Oh, no no, mon amour! I put in FAR too much effort into this!”

Pausing in his struggle, Kaminari tried to raise his head again. Why did it feel so heavy?

“So, what, you’re going to leave me here.”

“Of course not, cher. I would just like to-” Aoyama’s fingers suddenly grazed over Kaminari’s inner thigh, confident and soft, and Kaminari jerked at the surprising touch. “Enjoy this a little longer. If that is fine by you?”

“I, um-” Kaminari fumbled, trying again to peek up at the other. “Yep! That’s- That’s very fine by me!”

He was probably a little too excited by the thought if the electricity snapping and fluffing out his hair was any indication.

His head felt too heavy to keep up, his neck hurting at the strain, so he reluctantly let his head fall back down again. He felt so lightheaded at this point, his face warm and body tight. The ropes were surprisingly soft, though they held his weight with ease. A testament to Aoyama’s skills, he supposed. And his wealth.

How much did these things cost? How much did it cost to set up a whole system for it all?

Kaminari’s mind wandered, brows knitted as his head was flooded with distracting questions. For a fleeting moment he forgot all about what Aoyama was actually doing.

So the touch of something wet against his hole was startling.

Yelping, Kaminari jerked in the ropes, only succeeding in swaying and straining his body.

“Shhh~” Aoyama hushed, slick fingertips only following his motion to rub around Kaminari’s ass. “I have you, mon chaton.”

“Sorry!” Kaminari yelped, blinking at the wall as he tried to focus on what was happening to his body. “You just surprised me.”

“Oh? And we have barely started!”

Aoyama, as always, was delighted when the world was so fixated on him.

Two lithe fingers gently pressed at Kaminari’s entrance, rubbing and coating his rim with what Kaminari could only assume was lube. At least the smooth glide felt familiar enough.

It was just odd. Not bad! No, far from that! He’d just never been tied down before. Or tied up as the case may be.

Kaminari breathed a laugh at the thought, only to tense and gasp when Aoyama’s fingers pushed in deeper, until his knuckles tapped the stretched rim.

“Is something funny, cher?”

“No-haah! I- ahh! Good! Mmm hell yeah.”

Aoyama clicked his tongue, his fingers stretching from one another to scissor at tense muscle.

Kaminari’s hips tried to stretch up, the ropes around his hips and stomach pressing in deep. Being unable to move, unable to interact, was strange. Completely at the mercy of his partner. He kind of felt lazy not being able to reciprocate.

More than that, he felt vulnerable, which excited him more than it probably should have.

Each pull and drag forcing out jerked motions and wild gasps. His toes curled in and fingers squeezed tight into fists, and that was the extent of his control. Small shifts that did nothing in his predicament.

“I’m so elated that you wanted to try this, cher.”

This wasn’t exactly what Kaminari had imagined. Well… he didn’t expect to be the one bound up at least, but he sure wasn’t complaining either!

Aoyama’s fingers withdrew just enough to press a third finger against his hole, and Kaminari’s neck stretched with a lewd moan.

“I’d be happy to teach you. Better than your silly videos.”

“Hmm please,” he moaned, ass squeezing tight around Aoyama’s skilled fingers. “Fuck.

“So vulgar,” Aoyama clicked, fingers curling up to rub perfectly over Kaminari’s sweet spot.

Kaminari cried out, eyes wide as static buzzed across his skin. Aoyama’s hand moved faster, prying and swift as he began to fuck Kaminari with earnest.

Kaminari trembled, his ankle pulling at the rope until it dug in deep. The buzz vibrated in his ears, deafening him to his needy gasps and cries. His hands pulled at the ropes, body thrashing and yet still tightly bound.

A warm hand wrapped around his cock, stroking slow in comparison to the prying fingers buried deep in his ass, and Kaminari was just barely aware of Aoyama speaking. Soft french words that Kaminari was far too lost to translate.

He only groaned, hips pushing up the best they could as his head hung back uselessly. His vision blurred, body like static as soft fingers worked Kaminari to his edge.

The static snapped, electricity jolting between their bodies, and Kaminari came with a cry.

“Ahh! -Yama!”

Aoyama continued to coo and praise and, his hand still stroking slowly as pearly seed painted across his stomach and pretty ropes. His skin twitched at the sensation, eyes rolling as his mouth hung open. Drool dripped from the sides of his mouth, far too out of it to try and swallow.

Aoyama’s fingers slipped from his winking hole, ghosting over Kaminari’s inner thigh as the last few drops splattered on his belly.

Aoyama let him go and, before Kaminari knew it, he we was in Kaminari’s vision a moment later. Cooing stroking Kaminari’s hair with the hand he hoped hadn’t been prying his ass a second ago.

“So good. So pretty. We should really try this again, chaton!”

Slowly coming out of it, Kaminari swallowed, his mouth dry as he shook away the buzz in his head. Blinking uselessly, he nodded. He couldn’t wait to try it again.

Until then;

“Can you.. untie me?”

Kaminari’s eyes flicked down to the floor that, laying back like this, looked very far down.


Standing back, Aoyama looked up at the hooks holding Kaminari up, then at Kaminari himself. Humming, Aoyama tapped a finger to his chin.

“Perhaps this was not so planned out.”

Chapter Text

Yamada had known Kayama for a very very long time. Since their old days as students in the very school they worked together in. Since she was young and first experimenting with her risqué image.

He’d had a crush on her back then, though who didn’t? He’d had crushes on pretty much half the school too, but she was always the crush. The one who could make his knees buckle at one glance at her scantily clad hero outfits.

He got better about it as their friendship grew, but that didn’t stop his blatant attraction.

Knowing her so long, shouldn’t that have made this weird? Made him unsure or hesitant?

“Kneel, Hizashi.”

Absolutely not.

Dropping to his knees with a little too much enthusiasm, Yamada sat back on his calves, knees spread to show off his bulge. Dressed down in nothing but a tight pair of grey briefs, Yamada looked particularly pathetic.

That’s what she liked though, and Yamada didn’t lose a shred of pride at the act. He’d never been the kind. Shameless and rather slutty himself.

What was wrong with sex between friends?

Not that he was entirely sure this even classified as sex, but his balls tightened at the thought all the same.

Kayama sat pretty back on her office chair, dressed much more modest than her usual attire. Somehow that made it much sexier.

She wore a pair of thin rimmed glasses sitting on her nose to radiate an aura of above him than any actual practicality. A nicely fit grey suit, buttons undone low enough over her chest to show off a pretty cleavage. Any other time he’d love to be smothered in them. Hugging her hips was a mid-thigh skirt, a slit cut up the side of one leg and showing off the fishnet leggings beneath.

But they weren’t the piece de resistance.

No, that honour belongs to the knee high latex boots she was sporting. Sleek and black that shone blue under her computer screen light.

They probably shouldn’t have been doing this in the staff room but who hadn’t? When it was late and they were horny, sometimes he just had to go with the flow. That was easy when Kayama was holding the metaphorical leash.

The heels on the girls were massive. Bigger than his dick she’d described them. In that moment, he might have believed her. The skinny tip and arch of the foot. She’d made it look so easy to wear. The latex was sleek, hugging her calves and showing off shapely legs. She had one crossed over her other knee, her foot jumping impatiently as she crossed her arms across her tits. That just made them stand out all the more.

“You’ve been a bad boy,” Kayama scolded, bright blue eyes narrowing in disapproval.

He hadn’t, but that was the fun of pretending.

“I don’t think you deserve my special kind of loving.”

Yamada swallowed, his throat vibrating with the need to vocalise his excitement. He only nudged his knees further apart, showing off as he whimpered. His entire body felt like it was vibrating at this point.

“So needy,” Kayama spoke, faux-disappointment dripping in her words. She simply uncrossed her legs before her right reached out, the tip of the toe nudging Yamada’s bulge, and the man visibly shuddered and gasped. “So filthy.”

Pressing down harder to force out a pained groan from the man, Kayama cradled her chin in the dip between her thumb and pointer, the knuckle of the middle resting over wicked lips.

“A dog like you should stay at his mistress’ heels.”

“Thank you,” Yamada panted, his tongue hanging over his bottom lip to play the part. He pushed his hips up, grinding his cock against the point of her boot. “More, please.”

No,” Kayama denied, her foot rising from Yamada’s crotch despite the whine he made. “You know you have to earn it, baby.”

Cruel mistress she was. He loved it.

Lowering his ass back down between his ankles, he placed a hand under the heel of her boot, gently raising it to rub his cheek against it.

The smooth material was like heaven across his shaven face. Cold and sleek. Yamada had always been a man of fashion. Perhaps not the latest fashions, but he certainly had his taste.

And taste he did.

Turning his face, Yamada kissed along the top part of her foot, dragging the smooth surface across his lips. It was delightful and Yamada felt proud when Kayama hummed in approval.

“Cute,” Kayama chirped, her head tilting slightly as she watched on. Yamada continued to kiss and caress, eyes fixed on her throughout the entire act. He only had a brief warning of devilish delight sparking in her eyes before she pushed the edge hard against his jaw. “But you can do better.”

The pressure forced Yamada’s head to twist, the point of the boot trailing under his jaw. Kayama had never been the kind of woman to take things slow.

For her approval, he could be good too.

Moving her foot back up, Yamada poked his tongue out once more before trailing it across the already shiny surface. Kayama took in a sharp breath at the act but Yamada kept full focus on his task.

His other hand grasped at her calf, lifting her leg up until she sat back in her chair, eyes wide with delight. Yamada’s tongue trailed over the bump of her ankle, dragging over the long sleek zipper along the side up and up towards her knee. Over each little tooth and dip. He relished in it, eyes flickering shut as he moaned.

He could hear her. The little moans and coos of approval, her leg raising against his mouth to push harder. His tongue moved from the zipper to the front, his arms wrapping around her ankle to hold her close as he alternated between kisses and filthy licks. His hot breath clouded the surface, painting the boots in fog and shimmer.

“Good boy~” She praised, and Yamada opened one eye to stare up at her. “The other one too, baby.”

Setting her foot down, Yamada dropped down for the other. Landed on his hands to bend his neck and lavish her heel with worshipping kisses. Bowing his head down, Yamada wrapped his lips against the surface, sucking at the smooth surface as he heard her heel scrape on the floor beside him.

“Aren’t you just adorable.”

Yamada chuckled himself, his tongue trailing down until his cheek pressed into the carpet. He traced over the edge of her sole stretched up to the heel. He wrapped his tongue around it, excited energy vibrating in his chest as he managed to circle his tongue entirely around it. He sucked on that too, his face pushed into the carpet as one hand reached up to caress the smooth boot. His fingers walked up the surface, teasingly inching up until the tips of his fingers traced over the rim of the boot.

Enough,” Kayama demanded, her heel ripped from his mouth before her other foot nudged the back of his neck. “On your knees, bitch.”

Pushing himself up eagerly, Yamada was practically beaming, mouth stretched in a wide smile despite the imprint the carpet left on the side of his face.

Kayama pressed the topside of her foot against Yamada’s crotch again, rubbing as Yamada moaned and lent back.

“You like my boots so much? Then go ahead. Hump me like the disgusting dog you are.”

Yamada barked for good measure, voice low as to not draw attention, but the smile she offered certainly showed she heard him.

Rolling his hips forward, Yamada gasped and fell forward, his hands bracing against her chair as heat rolled down his spine. When had he gotten so pent up?

Shakily, Yamada wrapped one arm under her knee, his body rolling forward to grind against her foot. It felt heavenly, his body trembling as he repeated the movement.

Resting his face against her lap, Yamada wrapped his other arm under the leg too, eyes closed in utter bliss as he ground against her.

Just like she demanded of him, he began to hump at her. His hips speed up, grinding and rocking against her foot to get off. The glide was heavenly against his throbbing cock. Smooth and cool as Yamada rubbed his cheek against her skirt and the soft legs underneath.

Kayama kept cooing, praises and taunts as he used her leg to get off. She only sat back, one hand reaching out to brush her knuckles against his cheek as his hips groin rubbed against her. He pushed down hard until it was near painful, sparks setting off in his spine as his eyes rolled back.

His mouth opened in a pant, still twisted in a lost smile as he chased that high. Edged himself closer and closer. Kayama pushed up against him, grinding against his cock until Yamada hit that tipping point.

Yamada’s cock pulsated in its confines, hot and throbbing as the pressure drew tears to his eyes. He continued to rock his hips forward, his briefs darkening as he spasmed and came against her boot. His arms tightened around her leg, hugging as he rode it out. Mouth open and panting in lewd display.

Contentment fell over him like a hazy cloud, absolute bliss travelling up his spine and leaving Yamada spasming.

“So gooood,” Yamada moaned, his body falling slack against her as the pressure finally eased off.

Kayama’s knuckles brushed hair from his face, still loving and soft as she smiled down at him.

“Oh honey,” she murmured, her foot setting down as she gently grasped his face and lifted it to face her. “You’ve made a mess.”

Yamada swallowed, hazy eyes blinking to try and focus.


Kayama hummed, eyes narrowed wickedly.

“Well? Don’t leave me waiting, baby. Clean it up.

Nodding eagerly, Yamada scooted back before he grasped her ankle again, tongue already lulling out.

Chapter Text

He’d been stupid. It should have been obvious.

Midoriya had been acting so strange. So giddy and overly interested. Childish, when he thought back on it. He’d been acting strange and Shinsou had blown it off as Midoriya being Midoriya.

But even Midoriya was aware of when he started acting strange. When he didn’t abruptly stop his obsessive behaviour and apologize profusely, Shinsou should have seen the warning signs then.

Maybe then he wouldn’t be in the pedicument he was in now.

It wasn’t the first time Shinsou was bound up. It was, however, the first time he’d been so outside of training with Aizawa. Or when he first got his scarfs and couldn’t quite control them fluently yet. The ropes, however, dug in much harder than his capture weapon.

They were bound tight around his wrists, pulling his arms back around the back of the chair. His ankles were bound too, feet pressed up tight against one another, along with his knees too. The ropes slipped under the base of the chair, binding Shinsou in one spot, completely helpless at the mercy of a once familiar face.

Shinsou had to give it to the shapeshifter; she wore Midoriya’s face remarkably well.

Now, as the illusion of Midoriya twisted a blade in her hands, the tip pressed again the pad of a pointer finger, is was much easier to see the difference. The obsession and crazed hunger in those pretty green eyes. It didn’t quite match the doe eyed excitement Midoriya’s relected. Shinsou hadn’t even been aware Midoriya could look so deranged.

Eyes that usually reminded Shinsou of meadows and spring now looked pure toxic. That was the fucked up part of it. Nothing about the colour or shape had changed. Just who was piloting them.

It was an odd mix of relief and disgust as that facade began to drip from her body. Shinsou wasn’t sure how long he could look at Midoriya like that.

But the process of dripping flesh pouring down her body like the melted wax of a candle was sickening, and Shinsou gagged behind the cloth settled between his teeth. He hadn’t been awake when she’d stuck it in his mouth and pressed tape over his lips, but the taste and texture of lace and sex told him it was better that he didn’t see.

Shinsou turned his head away, disgusted with the process of falling flesh as he desperately tried to take in the room he found himself in. It was dark and dreary. Cold concrete and the bolded down chair he was bound to. There were no windows and a singular metal door, fixed with an array of locks. The only light flooding the room was from a single lightbulb, hanging from a loose wire above his head. Every once in awhile it would flicker, so irregular that it only made it all the more irritating.

There were a few tables kept nice and clean sporting an array of knives, all polished and pretty.

As if that wasn’t terrifying enough, the ground was littered with dark stains, the scent of blood heavy in Shinsou’s nose. Fear bubbled in the back of his throat, his breathing quickening for a fleeting moment as dread hung heavy in the air.

It wasn’t just the floors stained in it. Speckles of blood were sprayed across the walls. One particularly large splatter was set dead centre in the door, and a thousand different scenarios of how it got there played in Shinsou’s head. Each one more sickening than the other.

Shinsou took a deep breath in, eyed as he forced himself to calm down and think it through. Dissociate. Numb himself and think rationally. The moment he panicked was the moment he lost all control.

What control did he have to lose?

No, he wouldn’t think like that. If an opportunity arose he needed to be in the right frame of mind to take advantage of that. Besides, he refused to let her see him scared.

Shoulders falling, Shinsou controlled his breathing, ignoring the heavy scent of rust in favour of putting on a mask. Indifference and apathy bled from him, eyes slipping open with a look of boredom as his captor.

She was stripped away of her own mask, and everything else with it. Shinsou kept his eyes planted straight on her face, but he couldn’t help but see the rest.

The shameless nudity and confidence. So casual and completely unashamed. Still, Shinsou wasn’t going to let his mask break so easily.

“You look so pretty when you’re sleeping Hitoshi-chan!”

Shinsou tried to speak, his voice muffled and muted behind his gag. Toga raised a brow in question, and Shinsou nodded to the floor at the lumps of grey flesh.


Because that was the most terrifying part of this all. If Toga had been running around masquerading as Midoriya, where was the hero now? How could she be so confident she could take his place and not be discovered?

Something had happened to Midoriya and no one had noticed a thing.

Toga swung the blade down to hand by her wide, childish yellow eyes bright at the mention of her obsession.

“Deku’s with us now!” That was about what Shinsou expected but that didn’t stop the dreaded cold that bathed over him at the confirmation. “Though he’s a stubborn thing. He’s so pretty when he bleeds, you know?”

Shinsou’s stomach churned at her words, eyes wavering for a moment before he forced them to lock onto her. He didn’t want to think about the blood on the floor and over the walls and painting the door.

With them. Midoriya was alive. He was still alive, and Shinsou needed to focus on that part. Midoriya had felt excruciating pains over and over, most self-inflicted in his youth. He was fine. He was okay. SHinsou had to focus on that.

So why did they need him?

Shinsou tried to speak again, his tongue pushing up against stained material before he gagged. He squeezed his eyes tight, groaning behind the tape as he tried to ignore the dry taste in his mouth.

“Shhhh shhh shhh shhhhhh,” Toga silenced, creeping to him to press her knees against his own, her body lowered as she pressed a finger over his lips. Or where they would have been if there wasn’t tape covering them. “Don’t worry! Deku-chan is okay!”

That wasn’t Shinsou’s concern at that very moment, but it was one that he was glad to hear. Though her version of fine was questionable.

“Deku’s so strong willed! No matter what we did- what I did, he just wouldn’t be a good little boy for me.”

She had the audacity to look upset about that, a small pout making it on her face at the thought. For once, Shinsou was grateful for Midoriya’s stubbornness.

“Which is why you’re going to do it for me,” Toga explained, standing up only to straddle him.

Her bare ass sat heavily on his thighs, warm and very unwanted. Toga draped her arms over his shoulders, body pushed closer to him until her face was a whisper away from his. Shinsou couldn’t help but tense up, eyes narrowed on her twisted face. No matter how disturbing it was to have her on his lap, he was far more worried about the knife now hidden behind him and out of his sight.

You’re going to control him for us. Going to make him do aaaall the things we need. Won’t you?”

No. Absolutely fucking not. He just hoped the heated glare he sent to her was enough to express that.

Toga clicked her tongue in disappointment, tired cat-like eyes narrowing as she scooted higher up his lap. Shinsou sat perfectly still, refusing to let her know she was getting to him.

“I just want you to play nice,” she moaned, looking like a pouting child. That only made things all the more disturbing. “But we can play my games too! You’d like to play, wouldn’t you? I wonder if you can handle as much as Deku can, hm?”

Shinsou tried to snarl around the material in his mouth, only managing to sound a hum as her eyes narrowed with wicked delight.

“Fine. Let’s play!”

The instant those words were out of her mouth, there was a sudden movement. An arm swinging down before pain bloomed in Shinsou’s left shoulder.

Shinsou screamed, his mouth prying at the tape tightly strapped to them as he cried out in utter agony. The pain was sharp and searing hot, burning and making his skin twitch and seize. Shinsou’s head fell forward, eyes wide as spots bloomed in his vision.

Slowly, Shinsou turned his head to see the source.

Toga’s knife was dug in deep into his shoulder, her fist squeezing it tight as Shinsou’s body shivered and tensed. It was agony, though nothing Shinsou hadn’t felt before.

But this was different. This wasn’t some wound he got on the job that could be healed by medics afterwards. He was caught and alone, with a sadistic killer in his lap.

Suddenly, Toga pulled the blade out, and Shinsou screamed at her to stop. It was useless, inaudible to even his ears. Unblocked, the new wound bled out. Blood poured down his shirt, sticky and hot as it stained under black fabric.

“It’s a shame I can’t hear your pretty screams,” Toga tsked, the blade raising up between their faces. Toga looked at it with adoration. Shinsou with absolute fury. “But then you’d use that voice of yours against me. But maybe when you start playing nice we can do this again! And I can hear you scream over!”

Suddenly, Toga pressed the tip of her blade over one pec and pushed, the blade tearing through skin and muscle as Shinsou wailed behind his gag.

“And over!”

Toga dragged the blade down, tearing through his shirt like butter as she cut a neat line down to the opposite side of his stomach.

His body was screaming, legs kicking out and making the killer bounce on his lap. The air felt like salt, painful and inescapable as hot blood poured down his belly.

Pulling away, Toga pulled the blade from his skin, using it instead to tear away at his shirt.

Shinsou’s head lulled back, vision blurred as tears spilt from the edges. His shirt was cut away, pulled away from his body, and Shinsou winced as he felt it peel away.

“So pretty~” Toga cooed, her voice making Shinsou visibly flinch.

Raising his head back up, teary eyes glance down at his torn up torso.

Blood was smeared across pale skin, dying it in a sickly red, and Shinsou had never hated the colour so much in his life.

An ugly cut was drawn into his skin, cut from his left pec down to the right side of his belly. It ached, the cut throbbing with pain as darker blood poured freely. Just looking at it made his head churn.

“You know, you’re pretty too.”

Toga’s hand reached out, unmarked fingers tracing over his wounds and smearing them in his blood. The touch agitated his skin as it twitched, a new wave of pain blossoming under his skin, and Shinsou hissed at the touch.

The pain throbbed, blood trickling down to paint her fingers. He watched in absolute horror as she brought her stained fingers to her lips and pushed them inside. A streak of read painted her plump lip, vampire fangs peeking out as she tasted his blood.

As if that wasn’t horrific enough as it was, the absolute filthy moan she made certainly was. She rutted her hips forward, her bare cunt grinding over his thighs. And the poor captive Shinsou could only watch, body quivering beneath her as she lent forward.

She wrapped her lips around an opening of the wound and sucked, hot blood flowing under the suction into her wanting mouth. The touch was raw and uncomfortable, the hero writhing as sharp teeth nipped at the wound. A hot tongue dragged up to the very tip, drinking him in before she moved up to his shoulder.

Bringing her lips to the deep wound there, Shinsou jerked and screamed when she bit down. Blood flowed freely, painting her chin and pouring down his skin.

The pain was agony, body thrashing out of his control as drool soaked the material in his mouth. The woman on his lap began to bubble, skin building and growing, but Shinsou’s vision was blotted. Black spots swimming in his vision as exhaustion weakened him. He grew reluctantly lax as the will to fight bled from him.

When her face pulled away from him, Shinsou was teetering on the edge of passing out as he stared at the face peering down at him, drenched in blood.

His blood.

His face.

“Don’t worry,” she cooed with his voice.

“There’s more than one way to skin a hero.”

Chapter Text

Amajiki Tamaki was dating two men at once.

Amajiki Tamaki had no idea how he managed it himself.

If he thought about it too long it became overwhelming. One boyfriend at a time he could manage. There were moments his poor little heart worked overtime, threatening to leap from his throat, but he had enough practice at this point to handle it.

Two at a time? Well, Amajiki never had that problem.

See, Amajiki had two boyfriends, but his boyfriends only had one each.

There was never any animosity between them. In fact, the pair were quite friendly. So bright and cheery that Amajiki often needed a moment to hide and recollect. But they weren’t with each other, and Amajiki found himself more and more sullen over the fact.

While it was sure to be suicide for his poor overworked heart, Amajiki also didn’t like having to leave one to be with the other. Instead of sharing, he just wanted them to all be… together.

Maybe that was asking too much and maybe he should count his blessings before he went and said something he couldn’t take back.

Like any emotional creature prone to foot-in-mouth, Amajiki had to go and defy his logical and anxiety ridden mind. A moment of bravery and suggestion, and the bright look in their eyes only made Amajiki whine and shirk away.

They’d loved the idea. More that Amajiki could ever hope they would. That was also the problem, because one boyfriend was already overwhelming. Two at once? Amajiki had gotten too bold for his own good.

Even if he felt absolutely wonderful in his current predicament.

Actual dating was apparently the last thought that came to mind. No, that was the problem with two active and adventurous boyfriends.

Double the horny.

Unlike most people, Amajiki preferred tight spaces. He liked to stay closer to the walls. Liked something solid behind him so he felt like no one could sneak up on him.

Kirishima was perfect taking him from behind. His body was far more solid than the other two. Hard and hot against Amajiki’s back, keeping Amajiki safe and secure as his hands hooked under Amajiki’s thighs, holding them apart as his rock hard cock pushed deeper into Amajiki’s heat.

Amajiki moaned, soft and near silent as tears sprung in his eyes. He folded his head forward, hiding his face in the crook of another’s neck.

Toogata was perfect taking him from the front. He was just as solid at Kirishima, perhaps even more so, but there was a layer of softness to him. Plush skin that radiated warmth and safety, with thick arms wrapped around Amajiki’s stomach as his thick cock pushed up alongside the first.

Amajiki felt like he was being split in half. The stretch was so much, burning and filling as tears spilled against Toogata’s neck.

A warm hand pressed against the centre of his back, the soothing voice of Kirishima easing his tension.

“You okay, senpai?”

Amajiki had hoped Kirishima would grow out of that with age. Even now the idea of being Kirishima’s senpai left him mortified and embarrassed. He was half sure that was the reason Kirishima had kept it.

Whimpering, Amajiki slowly nodded his head against Toogata.

“He’ll be fine!” Toogata boomed, his loud voice making Amajiki shy away and turn away his face, cheek now smooshed against his boyfriend’s shoulder. “He’s taken much bigger things!”

Amajiki groaned, one hand reaching up to weakly slap over Toogata’s mouth.

“Don’t say such embarrassing things..”

Something wet and slimy dipped between two fingers and Amajiki withdrew his hand, peeking up to shoot Toogata a weak glare for licking him.

“It’s really cool though! You should see him when we get past the wri-MMRPH!!”

Amajiki, in his sudden desperation, had grabbed Toogata’s face to silence him with a crushing kiss. Desperate and frantic as he tried to stop this conversation where it started.

Toogata, bless his heart, melted instantly into it. Hummed and returned it in kind as he slowly rolled his hips forward, his cock grinding along Kirishima’s within him.

“Oh, yeah! You should see him with my bad dragon collection!”

Their lips broke contact with a wet pop, the mortified middle man turning beet red as he bowed his head and hid underneath Toogata’s chin.

“This was a bad plan,” he whined, his ass squeezing around the girth inside him. “Stupid. So stupid.”

He could barely handle keeping one guy in check! How was he supposed to live with these two? It was a shame he hadn’t eaten any octopus today. What he could really do with was a multitude of arms to silence them both.

Toogata rolled his hips again with a laugh, his cock rubbing snugly against Amajiki’s prostate, and he whimpered in turn.

“Oh yeah?” Toogata challenged, a glint of mischief reaching those blue eyes.

“Please don’t,” Amajiki whined quietly, his back pushing against Kirishima’s for the comfort of surroundedness.

“Sounds like Amajiki’s been holding out on me.”

Nooooo,” Amajiki whimpered, not liking where this was going at all.

“Got any ‘cheat sheets’ to compare?”

“Oh totally!”

Amajiki whined against Toogata’s throat, his ears falling back as their bodies pushed in closer around him. At least that was nice. So warm and tight. If it wasn’t for the burning in his ass, he might have been able to sleep like this.

That was essentially the ultimate goal. The comfort of threes. The idea of sleeping between them calmed him, a pleased sigh escaping his lips before his partners had to go and ruin it.

Jagged teeth nipped at Amajiki’s pointed ear, catching it gently between them as a hot tongue traced the shell, and Amajiki almost jumped out of Toogata’s arms.

His ass squeezed around the two of them, a startled gasp sucked it against Toogata's collar. His body trembled, thighs jumping in Kirishima’s hold. Kirishima continued to trail his tongue against ridges, his hot breath too hot against his now wet ear, and Amajiki moaned.

It was loud and filthy. The kind he was sure to be mortified about after the fact. Right now though, Amajiki could only tremble and moan, eyes flitting shut.

“Oh, that one works really well!” Toogata exclaimed, sounding far too impressed with the act, and Amajiki whimpered in turn.

Stupid reactive body and his attentive boyfriends.

“Do you know this one?”

“No-AH!” Amajiki jerked, eyes wide as his head jerked back.

Toogata’s hands moved to his belly, fingertips pushing hard against Amajiki’s belly and rubbing in small motions.

Amajiki bit his bottom lip, eyes snapping shut as he whimpered pitifully. He sucked his belly in only for Toogata’s fingers to chase, the pressure feeling like sinful bliss. His belly trembled, the pressure making his muscles jump and contract. His ass squeezed too, sucking the pair in deeper.

Kirishima’s chin landed on Amajiki’s shoulder, curious eyes peeking down to watch what Toogata was doing.

“Isn’t that ticklish?”

“Nah, you just need to push in deep,” Toogata explained, showing off as he did just that.

Amajiki gasped, his breath hitching as his ears turned red.

“His belly’s really sensitive.”

“Huh,” Kirishima breathed, his hands dropping from Amajiki’s legs to reach around himself. “Let me try.”

True to his words, Kirishima’s fingers prodded around Toogata’s, pushing in as Amajiki convulsed on their laps.

“Fah-fuck,” Amajiki gasped, tears trickling from the corners of his eyes, and Kirishima gasped in return.

“He swore!”

“You’ve never heard him swear?”

“No, that’s so cool!”

“Can you both please shut up,” Amajiki groaned, his hands finding Toogata’s shoulders for perch before he began slowly pushing himself up and down their cocks. If he could get their attention back to the task at hand-

“Oooh, speaking of silence!” Kirishima chirped, one hand reaching for Amajiki’s wrist before he could complain again. “Have you seen him when you do this?

“Oh God,” Amajiki mumbled, watching from the corner of his eye as Kirishima guided Amajiki’s fingers to his mouth.

This was all very unfair. Caught between two boys who were very enthusiastically sharing all of Amajiki’s most shameful buttons. Gentle fingers grazed over shark teeth, guided over a hot willing tongue, and Amajiki trembled in their laps. He craned his neck to watch, hips rolling on their cocks. As Toogata pushed in deeper, Kirishima swallowed around him, sucking his fingers down to the back of his tongue.

“Let me try!”

Amajiki expected Toogata to grab his other hand, which made it all the more mortifying when he grasped the hand Kirishima was currently sucking off.

“W-wait-” Amajiki stuttered, face vibrant red as his fingers were pulled from Kirishima’s mouth with a pop.

Toogata pulled Amajiki’s hand closer to his mouth, pressing a chaste kiss against the back of it.

“Something wrong?” Toogata offered, too cute eyes peeking up at Amajiki with false innocence. All the while Kirishima’s hot mouth fell against Amajiki’s neck, kissing and marking as he thurst up into Amajiki’s heat.

“I- you’re so-” Amajiki groaned as Kirishima’s cock pushed up, nudging Toogata’s cock against his prostate. His ass clamped down, body trembling with wild shivers. “So gross.”

Toogata’s laugh was booming, his chest vibrating against Amajiki’s, and Amajiki practically melted in his lap.

“That’s never bothered you before.”

Perhaps, but that didn’t make it any less true. Kirishima was getting more wild, his hands on Amajiki’s hips as he rocked up into him, cock grinding along Toogata’s. Amajiki’s eyes rolled back, mouth open in a pant before Toogata took his wet fingers into his mouth.

Toogata’s teeth were much more blunt and so perfectly straight. Hot and wet and lewd, and Amajiki couldn’t help but drag his fingers across them. Amajiki’s free arm wrapped around Toogata’s neck and held on, eyes half open as he watched Toogata’s lips wrap around them.

Amajiki was coming more and more apart at the seams, body red and tense as Kirishima’s hands reached around to press against his belly. He pushed down and Amajiki could swear they nudged against the head of Toogata’s cock inside him.

Amajiki was no longer thinking, his brain far too muddled with the intensity and sensations to keep a level head, and his fingers began to shift in Toogata’s mouth.

Toogata made a sharp squeak, eyes popping open as he pulled Amajiki’s fingers from between his lips.

“Is that cum?”

Blinking rapidly to try and ground himself, Amajiki eyed his fingers and watched in horror as something white and thick started to secrete from them.

Jerking back, the two cocks inside him nudged forward, slamming against his prostate as he squeaked himself.


“Oh, dude! I think that’s mine!” Kirishima spoke behind his ear, the hot breath tracing across the shell of his pointed ear making Amajiki tremble. “Sorry, we got a bit carried away earlier.”

Toogata laughed again before pulling Amajiki’s hand towards his mouth again, deliberately dragging dripping fingers across his bottom lip and smearing them in white.

“No worries! No worries! I’ll just have to try it from the source next time!”

“Oh my God. Shut up. Please.”

“Sorry! Sorry!” Toogata’s laughs were always so full and jolly, and Kirishima’s was no better. Clear and sweet and far too bright, and Amajiki curled up between them.

His fingers were guided back between Toogata’s lips, sucking gleefully as he cleaned them of hot cum. Their hips jerked up, fucking into his tight heat as Kirishima’s teeth caught his ear again.

Sharp teeth grazing along sensitive ears. Hard fingers pushing against his already stuffed full gut. Toogata’s tongue dipping between his fingers, encouraging Amajiki to come apart again. It was all too much, and Amajiki cried out as he came, cum spilling against Toogata’s belly and pouring down his throat.

Toogata choked and sputtered, cum dripping from the corner of his lip before he drank it down, moaning lewdly as he came too.

Kirishima pulled Amajiki closer to him, hands pushing down and putting more pressure against their throbbing cocks. It took a few more thrusts into Amajiki’s writhing body before he stuffed their boyfriend full.

Amajiki’s ass throbbed around them, squeezing and milking the pair of dicks dry.

Amajiki’s fingers slipped from Toogata’s lips, hand falling limp as his head lulled back against Kirishima’s shoulder. He was thoroughly fucked, panting and hazy as cum dribbled from between the two cocks still wedged inside him.

“Dude!” Kirishima called and Amajiki winced at the sudden loud noise. “How much of my cum did he make you drink?”

Toogata wiped a thumb across his lip collecting the white seed before popping it into his mouth. Even hazy as he was, Amajiki could see the whiteness painted over Toogata’s tongue and gums.

“I think that’s the closest I’ve ever come to drowning in cum.”

”Oh my God,” Amajiki wheezed, turning his face to hide against Kirishima’s neck.

“That’s so hot!” Kirishima exclaimed and Amajiki whined again.

“No it’s not…”

“Give me a taste!”

“So gross,” Amajiki mumbled, ears down and red as he felt Kirishima lean forward.

Peeking up, Amajiki watched as his two boyfriends locked lips, tongues pushing into one another's mouths, painting them both with white. They moaned, bodies pushed up tight and squeezing the poor man between them.

Amajiki whimpered, body falling lax in the tight warm space, content and safe as he watched his two gross boyfriends make out over him.

Perhaps this wasn’t so much of a mistake.

Chapter Text

In his defence, this had started out as an innocent prank.

Bakugou thought he was so untouchable up on the top floor of a massive apartment complex. Everytime the tape hero swung past the familiar building he was perfectly aware of the open windows and drawn back curtains. Even in the middle of the night Bakugou just never bothered.

It was a harmless little prank. Slip through Bakugou’s bedroom window in the dark of the night and scare the living daylights out of him. After all, what were friends for? What kind of friend would Sero be if he didn’t take this glorious opportunity that was presented to him to fuck with the Bakugou Katsuki?

His shift was winding down and Sero had been heading back to his agency when he just happened to be passing by Bakugou’s place. The windows were wide open and oh so inviting. It wasn’t like Sero had planned to do anything truly deviant. There was a low light inside so surely Bakugou was awake. The worst that Sero would receive was a low-levelled bomb to the face as he was thrown back outside the window. And that was truly worth it.

Swinging up to Bakugou’s window, Sero was downright giddy. It was innocent! Well… as innocent as breaking into someone’s place could be. This was different though. This was just a little fun.

Or at least it was until Sero’s mask cleared the lip of Bakugou’s windowsill.

Whatever he expected to see, a very naked Bakugou wasn’t one of them. It probably should have been something Sero should have considered, but that would imply he had put any thought in it to begin with.

Under his helmet, Sero felt his face heat up. Gripping his tape tight, Sero ducked back down, his side pressed against the wall of the building as he bowed his head down. He’d only gotten a sneak peek but that had been more than enough to burn the image into his brain.

Bakugou had been laying sprawled out on his bed with one hand on his dick and the other pushing some sort of toy up his own ass. It had been black at the base and that was about all he could see of that.

There had been a box at the foot of the bed but that hadn’t exactly been Sero’s focus point.

He should go. That would be the smart thing to do. The right thing. As much fun as traumatising Bakugou for life would be, this was a step too far on the wide of fucked up.

No. He should keep going. Pretend he didn’t see a thing.

Bracing against the wall, Sero swung one arm up, elbow pointed at the adjacent building to get the hell out of there when Bakugou had to go and moan out a word that left Sero’s head spinning.


Sero’s tape sputtered and fell limp, his body slapping back against the building as his eyes bulged.

Now Sero wasn’t going to rule out the idea that maybe Bakugou’s moans just happened to sound like his name. He wasn’t going to rule out the fact that it quite possibly was his name either.

With his right hand grasping his tape, his left pressed against the side of the building, brows furrowed as he tried to listen better.

Now Bakugou wasn’t giving him anything. Just panting and grunting like a damn animal and it was starting to eat at Sero’s sanity.

That was definitely his name, right? He had to have heard it right!

“What the fuck?” Sero hissed, glaring up at the sill above his head.

What was he supposed to do? Bakugou wasn’t repeating himself. Should he look? Fuck, even if he was saying Sero’s name he probably shouldn’t do that! That was so wrong! So fucking wrong.

But he had to know, right? If he didn’t his curiosity would eat him alive. He wouldn’t be able to swing by here without remembering. Hell, he wouldn’t be able to pass by without sneaking a glance.

What was the box? Vaguely he remembered it being black and yellow, but that could be wishful thinking.

One peek? It wasn’t like he hadn’t already seen it. Besides, Bakugou was the one who left his windows wide open for-! Well… the only person who passed by up here was him, but still.

Bakugou full on whimpered, a sound Sero could never dream of hearing, and his resolve absolutely shattered.

One peek. That wouldn’t hurt, surely?

Banging his helmet against the side of the building, Sero cursed at himself before slowly and carefully raising his head.

Peeking inside he zeroed in on Bakugou’s face instantly. His hair was damp; from sweat or water, Sero wasn’t sure. His entire room felt sweet even through the filters of his mask and Sero hated how much that made his mouth water. His eyes travelled down the expand of Bakugou’s body, over tense abs and a small waist, and his grip on his tape nearly slipped. Grabbing the windowsill, Sero’s surface grip gloves clung to the wood, supporting him as he rested his chin between them.

Bakugou was thrusting his hips up violently, hand still fisting his dick as he pushed a black and yellow dildo up his pretty ass. Sero was lost at the sight, his mask popping open so he could see better past the dark tint. Bakugou was sweating, his body shimmering under the lowlight of his room, and Sero pulled himself just a smidge higher.

The lip of his helmet hit the bottom of the open window with a ‘CLANK’ and Sero ducked down, heart raising to his throat as he held on to the sill with his fingertips.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Bakugou had to have heard that, right? He was dead. So fucking-


Screwed. He was absolutely screwed.

Not only had he escaped the cruel punishments of his friend, he’d confirmed his suspicions and there was no going back now.

Swallowing, Sero slowly lifted his head, eyes peering over the sill to lock on the other.

Bakugou had moved, rolled on his side towards the window with eyes screwed shut. His legs were spread wide and Sero had a clear view of everything he shouldn’t.

Sero’s own cock throbbed and the hero choked, toes pressing tightly against the side of the building. Suddenly his spandex suit felt very tight.

Sero hooked one elbow over the sill for better support as he watched on in wonder, his trademark smile pulled down in a look of sheer wonder.

Bakugou thought about him? No, it was much more than that.

Glancing at the box now kicked to the floor, Sero recognised the trademark black and yellow box. It was one of those stupid custom hero dildos that were overly corny. Sero had bought it for Bakugou as a gag gift. Bakugou had thrown it at his head.

Bakugou had the fake dick up his ass.

Shit, Sero had never expected him to actually use it.

What the hell was he supposed to do? Leave? Pretend this never happened? That would be the logical thing to do.

“Fuckin’ tape ass bitch! Fuck me!”

But Bakugou was fucking killing him here and Sero couldn’t help but snicker, that wide smile slipping back into place. He was far more likely to get murdered now but what else was he supposed to do?

Pulling himself up, Sero climbed inside slowly, sitting back on the sill with one leg bent and perched under his ass, and the other with his toes resting on Bakugou’s floor.

This was priceless. And, really, when was he ever going to get an opportunity like this again?

Sero peeked back, eyes on the world so far below them and the unknowing civilians before he scanned the sky. There were no other buildings that reached their height close enough to see.

Clicking his tongue, Sero turned back to the show, his own legs spread wide in confidence as he pawed at his own dick. He wasn’t nearly as worked up as Bakugou was, but fuck if Bakugou didn’t get him hard quick. Compared to Bakugou’s right thrusts, Sero was slow and steady. Not really trying to get off but definitely enjoying. After all, this would serve as masturbation material long after he left.

Bakugou, however, was much further along. His lids were fluttering, mouth hitched open with moans and vile words, often punctuated with Sero’s name. It made Sero’s cock throb so much more than his own touch, his body too hot as he watched the perverted performance.

Sero’s eyes drifted down Bakugou’s body, curious eyes locked on Bakugou’s flushed cock and balls, and the black dildo pushed behind them. It was a pretty sight, one Sero gripped his own cock to as he rolled his hips up.

He watched Bakugou’s thigh muscles jump, toes curling and kicking at blankets as he pushed himself further and further over that teetering edge. He was crying out a mantra of ’fucks’ and ’Hanta’s’, legs spreading wider as his belly tensed.

Bakugou came all too suddenly, white ropes strung over bed-sheets as he slammed that dildo in deep, gargling Sero’s name as his hips thrusted in Sero’s direction.

Sero groaned, stroking his own cock as he watched Bakugou empty across his blankets, smearing them in his arousal as he panted Sero’s name. It was all so pretty and lewd, and Sero’s grin stretched wide as his eyes scanned back up Bakugou’s body.

By the time he reached Bakugou’s face, that smile was wiped away.

Bakugou was very much alert, eyes open in a usual scowl as he stared Sero straight in the eye.

If there was anything that could kill Sero’s boner, it was the absolute fear of his incoming murder. And he couldn’t blame Bakugou! But could Bakugou blame him either?

Well, yes, probably. But-

“Your window was open!” Sero sputtered, hands raised up in defence as he damn near toppled over the side of the sill. His helmet hit the window again and Sero cringed.

He was waiting for it. Waiting for the sweet release of death. Not quite the released he’d been chasing, but the one he was sure to get.

Bakugou, however, only scoffed and continued to glare.

“Fuckin’ knew you were a perv.”

“H-hey! You- you were the one with your window open!”

“So you had to watch?”

“You called my name!”

Bakugou scoffed and rolled onto his belly, his chest popped up on one arm as the other hung over the side of his bed.

“Fuckin’ creep.”

I’m the creep?!” Sero gasped, one hand on his chest in clear offence. “Do you know how many people can see into your window?!”

“One,” Bakugou answered, not so much as batting an eye.

Sero fumbled his words, blinking in clear confusion.

“I.. then why would you..?”

Bakugou’s lips curled up into a predatory smile, wicked ruby eyes narrowing.

“In case a fuckin’ perv swings by like goddamn clockwork.”

Sero’s arm dropped, body going slack as he stared dumbly.


Grasping the bottom of his helmet, Sero pulled it up over his head as he climbed properly inside, dropping it to the floor as he pulled Bakugou’s window closed.

He had to hand it to Bakugou; it seemed the joke was on him.

Chapter Text

Toogata was an exceptional hero.

With the loss of his quirk, Toogata was working far harder than any of their peers. Harder than Midoriya himself. It was the kind of drive and struggle Midoriya was sure he would have had to practice if he never met All Might that fateful day. Even then, he could never imagine reaching the heights Toogata had.

It was amazing and Midoriya always found himself awestruck with every accomplishment Toogata made. It was incredible, and all so unfair; because no matter how hard Toogata pushed himself, he could never reach the heights Midoriya or any of the others could.

Despite the clear struggle Toogata had just to stay in the race, he never did stop smiling. Never openly grieved or let others see his lower points. A hero to the bitter end, and Midoriya couldn’t help but admire the hero.

Even now, kneeling between Midoriya’s spread legs, Toogata’s smile never faltered.

Midoriya’s fingers were twisted in the bedding behind him, mouth hitched open wit quiet pants while Toogata worked over his cock. Warm full lips were wrapped around his cock, the corners of his lips pulled up into a smile as bright eyes stayed fixated on Midoriya.

He was cute and that too was unfair. Rounded cheeks hollowed as he swallowed around Midoriya’s shaft, sucking him down.

Toogata was incredibly skilled in just about everything he did, which apparently included sucking dick. The head of Midoriya’s cock was nestled deep against the back of Toogata’s throat and the tight heat felt like warm velvet.

Toogata wasn’t a quiet one either. He hummed and moaned around Midoriya’s length, his throat vibrating and tightening around Midoriya’s heavy cock, and Midoriya couldn’t hope to muffle the wicked groan Toogata deserved.

His body was flushed, his skin dark red under a speckle of freckles as his gut clenched.

Toogata sucked him down, his tongue running along the underside and working over thick veins and slick skin. He’d bob up and down, head moving slowly as he tightly wrapped his lips around him. They caught just under the shroom of his head as his tongue pushed beneath there, teasing and earning little gasps and groans.

Midoriya was quickly falling apart, his entire body rigid as he struggled not to kick out. Toogata rolled his lips down again, sucking Midoriya down to the hilt as his throat bulged out. It was incredible. Toogata was incredible, and Midoriya gave a guttural groan as the man swallowed around him.

“So ah-amazing-” Midoriya panted, thighs twitching as each bob of Toogata’s head drew him closer to his release.

Toogata chuckled- actually chuckled- and Midoriya couldn’t help himself but grasp Toogata’s blond hair for something to ground him.

He didn’t mean to pull tight, but Toogata’s mouth was too sinfully good to resist. One small roll of his hips up into Toogata’s wet heat and Midoriya’s resolve almost faltered.

No. He had to focus. This was for the best, after all. This wasn’t about him.

Squeezing his eyes shut, Midoriya bit his bottom lip, head bowed forward as Toogata’s mouth suctioned around him, swallowing and vibrating with a cheerful hum.

Toogata enjoyed this, Midoriya found. He enjoyed the thick flesh against his tongue and the fullness down his tight throat. That was probably why Midoriya had such an easy time convincing him to do this.

Midoriya’s eyes flickered, his concentration waning as thick fingers pressed into his calves, massaging tight tendons. His tongue lapped along the underside of his cock, savouring the taste.

Toogata’s eyes slid shut, rosy lips wrapped tight despite the pleased smile still fighting the corners of his lips.

Midoriya watched him through lidded eyes, breathless and admiring. He was amazing, and laughing at Midoriya’s claim wouldn’t make it any less true.

Swallowing thickly, Midoriya ran his fingers through blond locks, his bottom lip trembling as the pit in his stomach felt dangerously close to guilt. Or perhaps like loss.

Toogata was blissfully unaware, his eyes sealed shut as he moaned around him, filthy and aroused. Each time the seal of his lips pressed against his base and his nose pushed against his stomach, Midoriya’s cock twitched in kind.

Buried so deep within the vibrating hot cavern of Toogata’s throat, it was all so much.

Midoriya gave a quiet sob, his free hand reaching up to cover his mouth and silence himself.

It was too late apparently, because Toogata’s eyes were open again, head pulling back until only the tip rested on his bottom lip. He breathed in and out, bathing Midoriya’s wet cock with his hot breath, and Midoriya gasped behind his palm.

Toogata raised a brow in question but Midoriya only shook his head, gripping Toogata’s hair a little tighter before guiding him back down his length. Midoriya groaned as the underside of his cock rubbed along a filthy wet tongue, and Midoriya inwardly apologised as he buried himself in deep.

Toogata just took it in stride, accepting Midoriya’s little whimpers as a sign of closeness as he continued in stride. He hollowed his cheeks and took him the entire way down until green pubes pressed against the bridge of his nose.

Toogata took back control, gripping the sensitive insides of Midoriya’s thighs as his speed picked up. Harder and faster, wet noises vibrating in Midoriya’s ears as he panted against his own hand.

Focus, Midoriya reminded himself, green eyes squinted as he rocked up against Toogata’s hand and willing mouth.

As his impending orgasm crept all the more closer, Midoriya’s eyes never moved from Toogata’s face. He watched, enthralled and so close as he admired Toogata’s handsome face. So gorgeous and warm. So dedicated to others and selfless in his acts. He took great pleasure in servicing Midoriya’s cock just as he did everything else he loved, and Midoriya was certain as he focused.

His orgasm hit all so suddenly, his body thrashing up into Toogata’s mouth as the large man finally choked, eyes squeezed shut as Midoriya forced himself to sheath entirely down his eager throat.

Warm seed spilled down Toogata’s throat, the heat squeezing around Midoriya’s throbbing cock as he milked him for every hot spurt. White cum poured down Toogata’s eager throat.

Toogata’s fingers pressed tighter against Midoriya’s thighs, the skin beneath turning white as Toogata swallowed Midoriya’s thick load. It was hot and heavy as it coated his walls, his throat convulsing with the need to cough. He swallowed despite it, concentrating and determined as Midoriya grunted and tugged tighter at beautiful hair.

Cum poured liberally, sitting heavy in Toogata’s stomach until Midoriya was entirely spent.

With Midoriya’s encouraging touch, Toogata pulled off with a wet and lewd ’POP’, drool shimmering on his bottom lip before he gave a wet cough. He sat back on his heels, hands sliding down Midoriya’s legs until they rested on his knees.

All the while he was still smiling, and Midoriya slowly lowered his hand from his mouth.

So handsome and generous and perfect.

Midoriya watched Toogata cough a little, speckles of white cum catching on his tongue. Midoriya’s cum.

When All Might had told him it was possible to pass One For All onto someone through force, he had found the idea horrifying at the time.

Now, watching Toogata rock up into a stand and offer Midoriya a hand up, Midoriya was certain he’d made the right choice.

Toogata would forgive him one day. All Might too.

For now, Midoriya just tried to bask in the afterglow, rather than focus on the overwhelming sensation of loss.

Chapter Text

Hatsume knew she could be a little much from time to time. Most the time. All the time.

She also knew without a shadow of a doubt that she didn’t care. Most people were kind of boring to begin with. Personality-wise at least. So many people had such fascinating quirks. So many capabilities and powers that were oh so fun to examine and dissect. Bodies that were far more interesting than the personalities attached to them.

Iida had been one of those people at first. Boring. Disapproving. Strict. That was what he was on the surface at the very least. But good old Iida was a glutton for punishment. He always came back. Or perhaps Hatsume just had a knack for tracking down his specific scent of fear.

Orange citrus! Or perhaps that was his default scent and he just so happened to look terrified everytime Hatsume cornered him. Brandishing a handful of shiny new babies to test on him probably didn’t help.

He was fine though! Iida was a tough boy! He could handle it! Most of the time. There were a few… experiments, but Iida always bounced back! Besides, Hatsume always made it up to him. Cute little Iida, he was so easy to read. Hatsume always found each and every one of his buttons eventually.

After a few years of… ’dating’ as Iida called it- Hatsume personally saw it as ‘dinner and then intense sexual experimentation’-, Iida was far more open to her twisted ideas. Iida wasn’t nearly as resistant to her proposals now.

He still blushed and sputtered, the adorable thing, but most of the time he would agree. After insuring no one was listening in, of course. Perhaps she should stop proposing these things in the middle of the Idaten hallways? But then she wouldn’t get to see his cute flustered face!

And that was half the fun.

While Hatsume found most people and their dull personalities completely uninteresting, Iida had such dramatic reactions to everything. Even the things he did enjoy. And she did know them all! She’d created a list detailing his reactions to each kink, as well as his measure of enjoyment during, and his eagerness to consider doing it again. Each kink she had rated between 1 and 10 on his behalf despite Iida’s constant insistence that this wasn’t what Idaten’s computer system was used for.

Ha! Like that ever stopped her! Or like the lab being for official hero work stopped Iida from throwing her down on the tables and fucking her brains out. Or her bending him over and making him moan like a whore.

And that was half the fun. For such a stickler for the rules, Iida was both a wildcard and a hypocrite.

’Idaten’s support tech budget isn’t to be used to create your sexual monstrosities’ he’d bark while stripping down naked. Yeah, as if Hatsume was even listening in the first place.

Iida Tenya, once he got past his own fear and irrational hangups, was very fun to fuck with. Both mentally and literally. At the same time, preferably. Iida just had a knack for sparking Hatsume’s creativity.

Iida had surprisingly little limits. So long as he could research it and properly prepare himself, it wasn’t too hard to talk him into something new.

And this was certainly new.

It wasn’t the first time Hatsume had stuck something where it probably shouldn’t be. Iida’s mufflers, namely, were incredibly sensitive once she reached a certain point. Iida usually jerked and kicked at that one and, after one boot to the side of her head, Hatsume learned that strapping Iida’s legs down was best. Iida had tried to describe the uncomfortable sensation but she could only dream about feeling it herself. He seemed incredibly sensitive to things being inserted inside of him.

Which led to Hatsume’s newest idea, and Iida’s newest fear.

After years of sexual experimentation, Iida was less nervous over kinkier things. So it was a rush of adrenaline straight to the heart when Iida nervously eyed the device in Hatsume’s hand.

It was so thin and delicate looking. A simple metal rod, shining prettily as Hatsume rubbed lubricant along the surface. She didn’t know why she hadn’t thought of it before. If Iida got his kicks from a finger pressing into the holes in his legs, surely sticking a rod down his cock would make him come completely apart. Hatsume was downright gleeful at the idea, target eyes narrowing at the tip.

“You didn’t.. create that yourself, did you?”

“Oh please,” Hatsume scoffed, honestly insulted by the accusation. “As if I’d stick something inside my favourite pet that I didn’t create myself!”

Iida grunted at Hatsume’s response, head falling back flat against her array of pillows. Originally Hatsume had created her little nest bed in her lab to minimize her need to leave. Now it was much more convenient for her little Iida experiments.

Hatsume crawled over Iida and straddled his legs, ignoring the way the blankets and pillows sunk under her weight. Iida grunted at that too, eyes narrowed in his usual ’I’m TRYING to be mad at you’ frown. It was so cute and pathetic, completely failing in his task to make her feel some semblance of guilt.

“I’ve done all the research!” Hatsume insisted. “All the toys I found were so tame-

“Perhaps that was for a reason,” Iida pointed out, eyes wearily flicking from her enthusiastic face down to the Hatsume-crafted device.

“Don’t worry so much! You’ll still be able to use your penis when I’m done with it!” Hatsume promised, her left hand wrapping around Iida’s half hard cock as she carefully pressed the tip against his urethra. “It might hurt to pee for a couple week though.”

Hatsume-” Iida warned, his voice wavering between stern and unsure.

Glancing up to her sexual partner, the pair locked eyes for a moment.

Hatsume looked so completely unfazed, a tight lipped smile barely holding back her excitement. Targetted eyes zeroed in on his face, watching every twitch of his eyebrows. The bead of sweat forming from his brow, and each thread of hair plastered there.

Iida sighed, eyes closing for a moment as he steadied himself. Leaning his head back, he nodded slowly.

“Be careful.”

“When am I ever not?” Hatsume practically sung and the tightness in his jaw was all she needed to know she should start before he pulled up that list.

Catching the rounded tip against his hole, her eyes widened with awe as it slipped inside so easily. She’d expected resistance thought was pleasantly surprised to find none. The metal rod slid in with ease, guided down with a delicate finger threaded through the loop at the end.

Iida took a breath, his chest rising as his belly clenched and twitched. Still, he showed no signs of pain. Simply discomfort. Even that didn’t seem to be much. Hatsume downright cackled to herself, yellow eyes wide as she watched the shiny surface slide deeper within.

“How does it feel?”

Iida took a deeper breath through his nose, eyes cast to the ceiling as if looking would somehow make this worse.

“It is.. odd-”

Hatsume snorted, the underside of her finger touching the tip of his cock as the entire rod fit snugly inside.

“I could have figured out that one. Details, Iida!”

Iida’s eyes flicked down to her for a moment with a brief scowl before returning above, trying to distance himself from what was currently happening to his body.

“It is very… tight. Full? I’m not-” Iida’s eyes narrowed, his fingers clutching pillows at his side. “It’s hard to put it into words. It’s not exactly a sensation I’m use to feeling. I feel.. blocked?”

Hatsume hummed, her thumb rubbing over the ridge at the bottom of his cock, gliding over glands as excited eyes flashed betwen how his cock responded and the tightness in his face.

“Are you ready to turn it on?”

“What does it do?” Iida pressed, those distrusting eyes returning to her again.

“A question that should be asked before I stick it in your dick~” Hatsume sang, sitting back to fumble around for a controller.

“I did ask. You told me not to worry about it.”

“And yet here you are, worrying about it.”


“It’ll send vibrations through your dick,” Hatsume explained, tapping her thumb against the now rigid underside. “From the inside.”

“That’s.. rather tame of you-”

“And it’s sitting pretty on your prostate.”

Iida’s jaw fell open, voiceless as he stared to the heavens for help. ”Oh.”

“So, are you ready?”

“I suppose I’m as ready as I’m going to be.”

“I’ll take that as a ’yes’,” Hatsume decided, flipping the switch on the rod’s remote.

Instantly she could feel the metal looped around her finger start to vibrate, but that was nothing compared to Iida himself.

Iida jerked up underneath her, hips jutting up, and Hatsume had to follow his motion to make sure the rod didn’t cause any accidental damage. Sitting the remote on his belly, she wrapped her hand around his cock again and felt the pulsation within. The vibration of his cock buzzing under her palm. But Hatsume was always so much more fascinated with her little guinea pig.

Iida’s eyes were bulged, mouth open in a silent gasp as his hands shot up. They both reached up over his head, grasping at pillows as his legs flexed. There was a rumble of engines, hairs on his arms standing on end. Her eyes narrowed in, flicking rapidly over his face and body as she watched every muscle strain and twitch.

Her hands moved slowly, one pumping slowly over his vibrating cock as the other nudged the rod in slow circles. Pushed down and watched as Iida gasped and threw his head back.

He was struggling to keep himself silent, his breathing cut short and laboured. Hot pants, and Hatsume watched his bottom lip tremble.

“I’m going to turn it up,” Hatsume warned, her voice quiet with awe.

His eyes turned down to her, head framed between his arms as he gripped tighter. He didn’t try to stop her. His bottom jaw just jumped, neck bulging as tendons jutted out.

True to her word, her hand left his cock to palm the controller, her eyes reluctantly peeling from Iida’s face to watch what she was doing.

She knocked the intensity up, a delighted gasp escaping her as he bucked up at the change.

He wasn’t silent anymore. No, he was practically buzzing himself. His throat had opened up, a long string of a groan sounding pretty with the thrum of the toy. The metal was blur against her finger, his cock quivering under her touch. His cock felt like a vibrator itself, the shake making his cock look fuzzy even to her enhanced eyes. She raised her finger up a little, the rod following before she pushed it back deeper, grinning wickedly when Iida kicked up.

“Ahh! Fahh-!”

Crosshaired eyes fixated on Iida’s face again, a wicked grin stretched across her maw as she studied him.

Tears were pricking in the corners of his eyes leaving them glassy and wide. His face was darkening, pink and cute as he couldn’t find something to distract himself with. His eyes flicked across the cieling, fat tears rolling down his temples as more sweat bubbled across his brow.

Leaning over him, Hatsume rested her weight in her knees and spine, one hand clasping his vibrating cock as the other caressed his cheek.

Zeroing in on Hatsume’s face, Iida’s eyes squinted, lashes wet as steam started to fog his glasses.

Brushing a thumb up, she nudged the glasses from his eyes, resting them up over his forehead as pretty eyes blinked blindly up at her. His face was red now, body tensing and convulsing under her.

“Your tears are so pretty,” Hatsume mused, all too happy to watch the man beneath her cry.

She chalked it up to a side effect of his quirk, but they always seemed so much more colourful. They reflected light in an array of pretty blues and purples. Like a clear oil. Each streak leaving a pearly surface on his skin like oilslick.

Her finger continued to move, edging the toy up and down within his cock as more tears rolled down puffy cheeks, wetting his earlobes and darkening the pillow beneath him. Some carved a different path, leaving streaks of shimmering oily tears in its wake. His eyes too seemed to shimmer too, swimming and changing in an array of colour under bright lights.

It was so mesmerizing and pretty, and Hatsume found her head swimming with more and more questions.

What did they taste like?
Were they thicker than normal tears?
Did they taste of citrus or chemical?
Were they flammable?
Was it cruel of her to do such cruel things to her willing test subject just to see him sobbing pitifully below her?
Why did he always let her?

“Ou-out-” Iida gasped, and Hatsume hummed in question.

Blinking out of her fixation of fat tears, she raised a brow at him, unsure of what he wanted.

“Out!” Iida yelped, hands clawing at the pillows as his eyes rolled back, pretty and shifting as they were.

Jerking back to reality, Hatsume sat back and pulled the rod out from his cock, the tip barely slipping out before Iida came with a cry.

White pearly cum arched up, ribboning over her stomach and painting her in his arousal. Iida jerked under her, more tears pouring down the sides of his face as his cock spasmed and leaked against his belly, his stomach twitching as his body fell limp.

Iida was breathing in deep, eyes flicking closed as he struggled to collect himself, but Hatsume only sat back on her thighs to watch him in all his glory.

The pool of cum on his belly. The raised hair and pebbled skin. The flush in his cheeks and slackness in his jaw.

But the best of it all was the streaks of oilslick tears, branching out and down the sides of his face, leaving his skin so shiny.

Laying down over him, Hatsume didn’t mind the cum smeared between them. Didn’t even acknowledge the grunt Iida gave, or the pathetic twitch of his cock. She only perched herself on top of him, her chin rested on his pecs as a curious finger traced over trails of his tears. They smudged under her touch, staying wetter for much longer than normal tears should.

Bringing her finger to her lips, she slipped it into her mouth, her tongue sliding over the pad of her finger as she hummed at the barely there taste of citrus.

Iida watched her, eyes unfocused without his glasses. His eyes still seemed to shimmer, colours swirling together as he blinked lazily back at her.

“You should… turn it off,” Iida reminded, voice laboured, and Hatsume blinked in surprise before she noted the still there buzz in the air.

Her little toy was left abandoned in her makeshift bed, vibrating violently, but Hatsume refused to take her eyes from her favourite toy of all.

“I wonder.. how will I make you cry next time..”

Iida groaned as his head rolled back, one arm reaching up to rub his wrist against an eye.

“Lunatic scientist.”

Hatsume just cackled, pushing herself back up as she braced her hands against his still wet belly.

She was sure she could still squeeze a couple more from him this session.

Chapter Text

The problem with having a sentient quirk? Sometimes your interests do not line up.

Or perhaps they do, but they’re in such drastic contrasts that they cannot have one with the other.

Tokoyami had a boyfriend, and the pair were perfectly happy with each other. And while Dark Shadow was rather fond of Shouji themself, it was clear their affections lay elsewhere. Dark Shadow did not understand why they couldn’t pursue their own preferred mate. When he tried to sit down and explain it to them, Tokoyami couldn’t quite pick the reasons himself.

Hagakure was incredibly pretty, or so Dark Shadow seemed to believe. Tokoyami would have to take their word for it on that one. Shouji seemed to agree with them on that fact and Tokoyami wasn’t entirely sure if his boyfriend was humouring the quirk or if his echo location gave him some image in his mind to go off on.

Hagakure herself was… wonderful. Admittedly sweet and adorable, though at times Tokoyami had difficulty distinguishing his own emotions and the influence of the quirk binding him to another conscious. She was much louder than Shouji. Much more of a handful. Then again, so was Dark Shadow.

Tokoyami had tried to go to Shouji about the pardicument and was rather taken aback when Shouji had offhandedly suggested to let Dark Shadow ask her out. He hadn’t even so much as looked up from his book as he said it.

When he tried to explain that doing so would mean he’d have to join them Shouji only looked quietly concerned, finally glancing up at the distraught man.

”Do you not like her?”

That wasn’t the point! But the point apparently was not one to his partner. The concern of sharing was apparently his alone.

Further discussion on the topic had lead to Shouji suggesting it was more like ‘double dating’ only with two components of the two pairs being conjoined. Tokoyami found himself questioning Shouji’s understanding of the intimate connection between the two and that one could not quite experience something without the other feeling it too.

Though if his partner saw no problem in it then Tokoyami had no reason to deny Dark Shadow. Especially when he could feel the pull of longing himself.

When Tokoyami had started his courtship of Shouji, he had been classy in his opinion. Flashy, perhaps, and a little dated. What he did not do was collect every piece of shiny material he could find to present to his interest, no matter how tempting it had been.

Dark Shadow wasn’t nearly as reserved about these things.

He would admit that the tiara was a nice touch amongst mirrors and shards and various coins, though he hadn’t the slightest clue how or when Dark Shadow had gotten that.

Hagakure had been ecstatic and proceeded to hug and stroke the quirk, and Tokoyami found himself standing off to the side feeling rather flushed and overwhelmed himself. Shouji, the traitor, simply gave him a thumbs up.

This was all so oddly complicated. Even as they went on multiple dates Tokoyami couldn’t quite find the word to pin to their mixed relationship.

Tokoyami was dating Shouji. Dark Shadow was courting Hagakure, though Tokoyami wasn’t sure how serious she was taking it. Dark Shadow and Shouji had their moments of intimacy through Tokoyami. Tokoyami was subjected to a multitude of affection driven emotions for Hagakure that was getting harder and harder to seperate from Dark Shadow’s own. And Shouji and Hagakure got on… surprisingly well.

Hagakure was incredibly touchy and Tokoyami constantly watched her gloves grip and feel his boyfriend’s arms, or trace over his webs while going on about the years of training they did together. Tokoyami was sure he was supposed to feel territorial over the display. Which made it all the more perplexing when he wasn’t.

He wasn’t with Hagakure, and yet he was.

It was strange and confusing and all the more frustrating because he seemed to be the only one who couldn’t figure out where any of them stood in all this.

At least it was until they’d all shared a few drinks together.

They weren’t drunk per se, they’d simply taken the edge off. A night of satisfaction and good company which spilled over into the dead of the night. Dark Shadow kept flat against his back, their beak poked up over his shoulder as they meditated to keep their mind in the shadows of the moon.

They were headed back to Tokoyami and Shouji’s shared home and it became increasingly clear Hagakure wasn’t branching off from them to return anytime soon, far too focused on chatting bubbly with Shouji and stroking Dark Shadow’s head over Tokoyami’s cape.

It was… enjoyable and pleasant, and for those fleeting moments he forgot all about his uncertainty on their relationship dynamic.

Until it all came crashing back so fast Tokoyami couldn’t possibly think it through and he found himself drowning.

They’d invited Hagakure inside. In the safety of their own home, Dark Shadow had thrown off Tokoyami’s cape, wicked clawed hands grasping at an invisible body and dragging the giggling mess closer to them. Dark Shadow was on her. A black mass of pulsating energy, groping and peeling at clothes as a tentacle-like tongue pushed between her lips.

Tokoyami’s hand instantly went to his beak, eyes wide and feathers fluffed as he could feel it. It was all so intimate and vivid to the point he could swear he felt her skin against his fingertips, and Tokoyami felt like he was an uninvited guest in a makeout session he wasn’t physically involved in.

Shouji had just grabbed his hand in turn, tugging the flustered man towards their room. Tokoyami’s eyes flashed between his calm partner as the black force groping at an invisible entity, unsure how to voice that they couldn’t part. That he was stuck between them whether he wanted to be or not. That he couldn’t be divided and that pulling him in here only meant Dark Shadow and Hagakure would follow.

And follow they did.

Dark Shadow had lifted the woman from the ground and Tokoyami could feel a phantom pressure around his neck, his feathers fluffed out as the four of them piled into the room.

It was a flurry of motion. Dark Shadow’s claws tearing away at whatever was left on his dear loved one, and Shouji’s calm strong hands helping gently slide piece after piece off the smaller man. Dark Shadow drew closer, dragging the invisible woman with him, and Tokoyami could feel the familiar sinister energy buzz across his skin.

The two began to meld, darkness sticking to his skin like static until the two were indistinguishable. Clawed hands enveloped his human hands as they gripped against an invisible force. Hagakure’s lips pressed against the side of his beak, her voice high and giddy as Dark Shadow purred around him.

Shouji’s arms wrapped around all of them, picking and maneuvering as Hagakure gasped and laughed. Tokoyami was swept up in it all, pliant and simply existing between two desires. His love for Shouji and the sudden overwhelming desire for Hagakure.

And perhaps for once he shouldn’t try and differentiate between the two.

Hagakure was dropped in the middle of a nest of blankets, the material dipping under her naked weight. Dark Shadow’s force vibrated around him, overshadowing him and dancing across his skin. Red eyes peered down from the mass, two glowing yellow eyes sitting above.

He could feel Dark Shadow’s desire. Could feel the need course so freely within him like it was his own. Still, he couldn’t shake his own trepidation that he was doing something so incredibly wrong.

A thick but gentle hand pressed between his shoulder blades, soothing Tokoyami’s fear and making the darkness surrounding him rumble with pleasure.

Tokoyami wasn’t the only one affected by the melding. Even the slight touch of the larger man had Dark Shadow trembling and aching, only intensifying Tokoyami’s own.

Tokoyami followed the guided touch, easing down ontop of the squirming woman as a heavy weight settled against his back.

Tokoyami was use to Shouji’s touch. To the multitude of hands sliding over his skin and massaging. Kneading into soft flesh as a muzzle pressed against the feathers of his right cheek. He didn’t remember when Shouji removed his mask or even his clothes but with the amount of hands he could possess at once he long stopped questioning it.

The press of Shouji’s monsterous maw was familiar and comforting against the buzz of aggitated darkness clouding him, but the invisible touch of a palm against his other cheek was new and startling.

Tokoyami gasped and Dark Shadow rumbled around him, pricking at his skin and making his hairs raise.

“Is this okay?” Shouji offered, nuzzling against soft feathers.

“I- yes,” Tokoyami admitted, red eyes flicking to his right despite his inability to turn and see the other. “But- is this fine to you?”

“I wouldn’t be here if this wasn’t fine,” Shouji promised, thick hands parting Tokoyami’s asscheeks as a warm wet finger prodded as his opening.

Shouji’s quirk left him everywhere at once and it came as no surprise that in the midst of working this all out, he’d managed to find a bottle of lube and prep a couple fingers.

Tokoyami supposed he wasn’t much different. He too seemed to be in multiple places at once. Shadows were dripping from him, painting across a quivering belly and making her partly visible to the eye.

His body moved to its own accord, like a haunted marionette, caught in the whims of a cursed demon.

His shadow-hooded hands moved up her body, cupping two warm mounds as Shouji prodded and massaged his rim, coating it in warm lube.

A mass of darkness formed between his legs, a harsh pressure pressing against his cloaca. It pressed inside, rubbing over his sensitive opening along with the fingers scissoring his ass. The other side of the mass grew, arching up into a makeshift penis. It was long and thick, the surface buzzing like static. Shifting endlessly as it flickered under lowlights.

Hagakure gasped under him and Tokoyami could feel her legs spread under him.

“You can make it anything?” She questioned, voice breathless and excited, and tentacles darted from Tokoyami’s stomach to wrap around her forcing the pair closer until the shadow’s cock pressed against her folds.

“Anything for you, my shiny,” Dark Shadow rumbled, another wave of desire throbbing over Tokoyami’s skin and pulsating within his cloaca.

Tokoyami whined, his head bowing as the sensations throbbed all over.

“Too much?” Shouji questioned, his maw now grazing lovingly over Tokoyami’s shoulder.

“No!” Tokoyami gasped in union with Dark Shadow’s; ”Don’t you dare!”

“I’m fine,” Tokoyami promised, his entire body feeling like it was alight with so many sensations.

He could feel Shouji’s fingers inside his ass. The force of darkness within his quivering sex. The warmth and glide of Hagakure’s entrance against his makeshift cock.

“You’re so cute like this, Tokoyami!” Hagakure praised, and Tokoyami’s lids flittered as he looked back down towards her.

Dark Shadow growled, jealousy clawing at his throat and making the mass grow around him.

“And you too!” Hagakure promised, reaching up to stroke Dark Shadow’s head coating Tokoyami’s own. “My pretty birdy.”

Dark Shadow preened at the compliment, the static surrounding him pricking and rumbling.

The cockhead kissed between Hagakure’s pussy lips just as Shouji’s fingers left his ass and his cock pressed against his own, already slippery with lube.

It all happened at once, the push forward of Shouji’s hips as his cock sunk in home, nudging Tokoyami and Dark Shadow forward into Hagakure’s welcoming heat.

The darkness disappeared within her folds, pressing in deep as residue of darkness spilled across her cunt, vibrating over her surface.

Hagakure jumped, gasping and reaching around to try and grasp at the darkness as static jumped over her sensitive clit and against warm slick walls.

His cock wasn’t a single form solid mass. It shifted and grew. It filled her entirely pushing her wider and rubbing over each groove. It sunk in as far as her pussy would allow, filling her until Hagakure was squirming and grasping for the comfort of darkness.

And Tokoyami could feel everything.

He could feel everything within her as if it were his own fingers pressed within, or his tongue. Could feel her squeeze and pulsate around him, throbbing as the darkness grasped at her clit and flicked. The darkness crept over her thighs, digging and biting her skin with darkness tipped claws as her chest rose up into his hands.

He could feel each push of her hips press the darkness deeper within himself. Feel it nudge deep inside him and against smooth walls. It rubbed until Tokoyami was trembling, falling forward and only propped up by Dark Shadow’s puppet strings.

He could feel the throbbing warmth of Shouji’s cock. The thickness stretching him wide and pushing deep within. Shouji was kind with his motions, fucking into him slowly. Two heavy hands landed on the bed on both sides of Hagakure’s head, the webbing and more hands wrapping around Tokoyami’s darkness dipped body. Rough hands flicked at his nipples and rubbed over his trembling belly, soaking in every moan and gasp he was rewarded with from his trembling boyfriend.

Dark Shadow wasn’t nearly as kind. Spurred on by the darkness of the room, they were turning crueler. Needy and selfish as their clawed hands moved to Hagakure’s wrists. They slammed her wrists down against the bed cruelly, holding in tight as Tokoyami’s hips were forced to rut up hard against hers.

His thrusts were getting wild and animalistic, and the buzz across his skin was getting near painful as Dark Shadow lost themself further in the heat of it. Hagakure was squealing, her cunt squeezing tight around them as Tokoyami choked a moan.

Each forced thrust only made him push back harder against Shouji’s cock until Tokoyami was stuffed full.

Dark Shadow was growling, growing as the darkness pulsated. It flickered across her skin, pinching and twisting her nipples and grinding against her throbbing cunt. It draped over her throat in pseudo violent kisses, biting at her skin as she desolved into a mantra of ’yesss’.

Shouji was grunting against Tokoyami’s cheek, trembling and struggling not to get pulled into Dark Shadow’s madness. Tokoyami’s ass was bouncing on his cock, forcing him in deep.

The conflicting and overwhelming duel sensations sent Tokoyami spiraling over the edge, his cloaca squeezing around darkness as cum dribbled from his opening. Tokoyami spasmed, head thrown back with a grown before Dark Shadow fell from him like a second skin.

The disconnection was instant, the pressure against and invisible cock gone until all he could feel from Dark Shadow was the lingering emotion.

Dark Shadow descended on Hagakure, wrapping around her as the woman giggled and squealed. The darkness throbbed around her, still fucking into her and bending her awkwardly in half, piledriving inside of her.

With his arms still wrapped around Tokoyami, Shouji pulled the exhausted man back, sitting him up on his cock as he slowly fucked inside his clenched ass.

He was soft and slow, whispering praises against jet black feathers as fingers rubbed gently over his entrance, smearing cum there. It was soothing and welcomed, and Tokoyami’s head fell back against his lover’s shoulder as Shouji slowly worked himself up to an orgasm.

Tokoyami just took it, limp like a ragdoll as Shouji used him to get off, still praising and sweet as his fingers dipped between his folds.

It took a few minutes, but when Shouji came it was heaven. Warm and familiar that made his feathers fluff out. His cock pulsated within his ass, pumping him full with his warm seed.

Tokoyami hummed, pleased and full before his eyes slowly focused on the mass on the bed below them.

Dark Shadow was still wrapped around her though there was no movement past an arm stretched across her chest. She was breathing in deep, pleasant groans escaping her as Dark Shadow nuzzled their beak across her skin.

The folds of her cunt were glossy and visible, and Tokoyami could make out the way they throbbed and squeezed, dribbling more arousal to their stained sheets.

There was a grunt to Tokoyami’s side before Tokoyami was manhandled into a cocooned wing, holding him close and snug before the other reached out to collect the other pair.

Disrupted from snuggling with their new partner, Dark Shadow retreated to Tokoyami, but he could still feel their happy chirps as they slipped away.

Shouji shuffled off the bed carrying the remaining two, holding them close and warm as he trudged towards the bathroom.

Tokoyami was just grateful they’d gotten a spa to accommodate Shouji’s hulking size.

If this was what their relationship meant, then Tokoyami had the sneaking suspicion that they’d need it often.

From the rumble of a laugh deep inside him that was not of his own, he assumed Dark Shadow was inclined to agree.

Chapter Text

“Never have I ever set alight to my own hair.”

Dabi snorted as he raised his beer in mock ‘cheers’ before taking a very pointed swig. The awful scent of burning hair still lingered faintly in the air but he at least had the pleasure of watching Spinner shamefully drink alongside him.

Setting his bottle down, Dabi smacked his lips as he shot Magne a rather dry look.

She thought she was so clever teaming up with that brat Toga. He knew their play. They all just wanted to see him drunk off his tits. Eventually they’d be disappointed to find it wasn’t that interesting. Drunk Dabi wasn’t all that different from sober Dabi. Both would rather be sleeping.

He didn’t know why he even agreed, or why the vast majority of the league joined in. He supposed they were all just as curious as he was.

Magne was adorably PG with her questions and Dabi suspected she was one of the few who was playing it for the fun of it all. Toga, however, had absolutely no filter.

She sat up straight and shouted her question, unbothered by the flinches she received from half the party.

“Never have I ever stuck something up my ass!”

“Classy,” Dabi droaned, rolling his bottle between his fingers as Jin flickered between berating her on the unlady-like question and praising her for her boldness.

The entire circle proceeded to lift their bottles to their lips, throwing their heads back as they drank in union.

Well.. minus one.

Swallowing his mouthful, Dabi nudged Shigaraki beside him, uncaring when their leader shifted away and scowled.

“Drink up,” Dabi prompted, voice drowned out by Jin’s recounting of the largest dildo he’d ever gotten his hands on, and how incredibly small it was.

Shigaraki tensed beside him, stiff and unmoving as he glowered at the other.


“Look,” Dabi drawled, propping one leg up and bending the knee to rest his elbow on. “We’d all rather be doing anything else. But we’re suffering together. Aren’t you, like-” Dabi gestured at the other with his bottle, “obsessed with games and their rules?”

“I’m not breaking any rules,” Shigaraki hissed, shoulders hunched up as a couple eyes flicked to them.

“If you’ve stuck-”

”If,” Shigaraki stressed, voice snippy despite his obvious attempt to keep his voice low. As if no one else would notice.

Dabi continued to roll his bottle between his fingers, his brow risen in curious thought.

“If? Come on, there’s no way in hell you haven’t-”

“Why the hell would that be hard to believe?” Shigaraki hissed.

From the corner of his eye, Dabi could see Shigaraki’s hand twitch and tense with the desire to just be rid of him. Not that that ever scared Dabi off before.

The game continued on without them, Spinner’s voice ringing out with pure glee; “Never have I ever earned my red wings!”

Toga screeched, flushed from either excitement or embarrassment. Or perhaps some sick concoction of both. Whatever. It gave Dabi a breather to lean in with a lop-sided lazy grin.

“Because you’re the biggest pillow princess in this godforsaken building.”

Shigaraki’s fingers all connected with his bottle, the glass dissipating before the liquor splashed on the flood. Behind him he could hear Kurogiri sigh.

“Well I haven’t,” Shigaraki stressed, and Dabi scoffed in doubt.

“So why not?” Probably a little too personal of him to ask, but tonight they’d all said their good-fucking-byes to whatever shred of decency they had left.

Shigaraki reached out, his hand gripping Dabi’s pantleg without warning. Dabi jerked away, his beer sloshing from the rim of the glass as he pulled away from Shigaraki’s grasp. It didn’t do any damage to him but his pants didn’t escape unscathed.

A shame too. Dabi doubted he could staple that hole together. But it did answer his question.

“Never have I ever been cockblocked by my own quirk,” Compress sung out, snatching away Shigaraki’s frustrated glare.

Chuckling, Dabi’s eyes crinkled with sick mirth as he took another drink. Shigaraki held out his hand for Kurogiri to pass him another drink, throwing back his shot while Compress questioned Spinner if he’d used the word correctly.

Leaning closer to their fearless leader, Dabi let his head lull towards the other.

“I could help that.”

His shoulder brushed against Shigaraki’s and Dabi could feel just how tense Shigaraki had gotten.

Red eyes turned to him, scarred lips pursed tight as Dabi cocked a grin back, uncaring and unbothered.

“Never have I ever offered to stick something up Shigi’s butt!”

Shigaraki reeled back and scowled at Toga as another bottle shattered in his hand, dousing the wooden floor in more alcohol.

“It’s not your turn!”

Dabi simply chuckled before he finished his drink.


Dabi didn’t really expect Shigaraki to take him up on his offer. He’d stripped down into his boxers and crawled in the dingy bed the shithole league provided, half asleep before his head even hit the bed.

By the time he managed to get there the offer was nothing more than a funny joke he’d pulled. Something he didn’t expect to be taken seriously.

His door suddenly being thrown open however said otherwise.

Poking his head up from his folded pillow, Dabi blinked in the darkness as he tried to make out who came barging into his room. The intruder flicked a light on and Dabi hissed, hiding his face in his pillow again.

“Why are you asleep?”

Shit, he knew that voice. Dabi groaned in protest, his head twisted in reluctance to blink back at the other and try to adjust to the light.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Shigaraki grunted as he kicked the door closed behind himself, his right hand raised to scratch at his neck and irritate it.

“Don’t promise things if you’re not going to stick to it, asshole. It’s not fair.”

Dabi hummed, legs stretching out under his blankets as he slowly rolled onto his back.

“Mmm the virgin’s come to lose his virginity, huh?”

Shigaraki stalled halfway to the bed, sunken eyes narrowed in poorly hidden fury.

“Don’t call me that.” His hands twitched at his side and, quite frankly, Dabi would rather get laid than laid to waste.

Dabi groaned as his sat up, his spine popping as he did so.

“Come on then. Get in.”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Shigaraki argued, climbing into the bed awkwardly regardless.

He tucked his knees together, sitting with a lean on his hip and hands hovering, unsure what to do now that he was here.

Dabi just closed his eyes and sighed, one hand reaching up to rub at an eye.

This was going to be a long night.

“Right, I’m doing the work then.”

“What are you-”

Dabi rolled over Shigaraki, shutting up as cold hands shoved at Shigaraki’s chest, knocking the sickly man down. Dabi’s knees dug into the uncovered mattress at either side of Shigaraki’s hips as he leaned over the other, reaching for his bedside table.

“This room is filth,” Shigaraki complained, his hands still awkwardly hovering as he watched what Dabi was doing.

“Thanks,” Dabi grunted, pulling out a small bottle and a silver packet. Despite Shigaraki’s clear inexperienced he identified the little metallic square easy enough.

“You use condoms?”

Dabi snorted at the question, lips pulled back in an ugly sneer as he flicked the wrapped condom between his fingers.

“Oh you poor little virgin. You think any of the lowlives we’re teamed up with are up-to-date with their screenings?” Dabi tutted clearly condescending, amused with the livid frown he was returned.

“Kurogiri and Compress make sure to keep us stocked.”

“Of course they would,” Shigaraki huffed, his fingers twitching at his side as he just laid there.

He was nervous and it was adorable. It just unfortunately meant Dabi had a lot of work cut out for him.

Dropping the bottle and condom to their side, Dabi’s chilling hands gripped at Shigaraki’s shirt, his hips raising as he got to work stripping Shigaraki.

Shigaraki hissed as his shirt was tossed and Dabi’s hand went further south.

“You’re freezing.”

“Yeah, ain’t that a bitch?” Dabi drawled, shuffling back on his knees as he dragged his boss’ pants down scrawny legs. Throwing them to the ground, Dabi planted his hands on Shigaraki’s bare hips, blue flames flickering against pale skin as Shigaraki shrieked. “Better?”

“Fuck you!” Shigaraki snarled, one foot kicking out only for Dabi to deflect it.

Grasping Shigaraki’s thigh in one hand, he shoved it cruelty to the side, his legs slotted between Shigaraki’s as he held the other wide open.

“I’m planning on it. Don’t get your panties in a bunch,” Dabi mumbled, tired eyes gazing down to the swell of Shigaraki’s ass to his cock and balls.

Shut up,” Shigaraki hissed, and Dabi could feel his thigh stiffen up under his hand. “Or I’ll change my mind.”

Blinking slowly, Dabi looked back up at the other.

“I’m happy to go back to bed-”

“Shut up!” Shigaraki tried again, his fingers curled in as he struggled not to lash out. “Just do it!

“Yes, sir,” Dabi droned, unenthusiastic as he grabbed the bottle of lube.

Pouring it over his pointer and middle finger, Dabi didn’t bother trying to warm it up first. It wouldn’t work and, besides, why not take the opportunity to mess with Shigaraki while he could?


Any nice guy would have taken it slow. Would have rubbed and gently soothed over the budding virgin’s little fuckhole. Would have been gentle and sweet and slow.

Too bad Dabi was an asshole.

Dabi pressed two cold fingers against Shigaraki’s twitching hole and pushed. They slipped in past tight resistance, pushed down until his knuckles kissed his rim, all the while Shigaraki shouted and kicked out.

Dabi grunted as Shigaraki thrust his hips up, his hand following to keep him fingers pushed in deep as his other hand pressed against the man’s belly to force him back down. Shigaraki’s hands grasped at the mattress before they began to blacken and fade away.

“Hey! Hey, don’t pull that shit!”

“Fuck you!” Shigaraki spat back, his hands raising from the now exposed wiring.

“You know, you’re pretty fuckin’ ungrateful,” Dabi grunted back, his fingers slipping half way out before he started scissoring, prodding at warm muscle.

“You’re- you’re doing it on purpose,” Shigaraki accused as his face pinched in a grimace.

“Would it kill you to relax?”

“I’ll kill you if you don’t hurry up.”

“Slow down. Hurry up. Demanding little shit,” Dabi muttered, pushing down against Shigaraki’s belly as he finger fucked him open.

Shigaraki, to his credit, stayed compliant after that. He bit his own scarred lips and squeezed his eyes tight, uncomfortable and agitated, but silent. Just grinning and bearing it, Dabi supposed. So long as he wasn’t nagging Dabi was happy with that.

Besides, it was kind of a powertrip to watch his boss writhe and grunt in pain under him.

Maybe he was enjoying this more than he let on.

Pulling his fingers free, Dabi sat back to simply observe.

Shigaraki’s ass was nice and shiny now, shimmering with thick lube and winking all needy and pathetically empty. Shigaraki enjoyed that about as much as Dabi suspected.

Reeling a knee back, Shigaraki kicked Dabi square in the stomach, forcing a winded grunt from the other.

“I didn’t come here so you could stare,” Shigaraki complained, his marred face twisting into an ugly sneer.

Prying Shigaraki’s leg aside, thin fingers grasped at his condom again before he tore it open, slipping the plastic disk out. He rolled it down the length of his dick, his fingers pinching the top until it was flat to his base. Shigaraki’s eyes shamelessly followed, his sunken skin paling. Dabi just chuckled, amused with Shigaraki’s sick interest.

“Just keep your pinky up, princess.”

Falling over the other, Dabi grasped Shigaraki’s wrists and pulled them up over his head, fumbling to secure them in one hand as Shigaraki instinctively kicked out.

”What do you think you’re doing?!”

“I don’t need you touching me,” Dabi drawled, slipping the two together before his palm heated up in warning. “Or anything else. Forgive me if I don’t trust your ability to keep your hands to yourself.”

Shigaraki relaxed reluctantly, falling silent as Dabi’s now free hand reached down between them.

It wasn’t easy or even fluent. He fumbled with his cock before slipping the head between Shigaraki’s cheeks. It pried under his balls and between the clef of his ass, slipping over the target as Dabi grunted in frustration.

It took three more goes to finally hit the spot, catching on Shigaraki’s rim before he eased himself forward.

He sunk in, pushing inside Shigaraki’s tight twitching heat as Shigaraki hissed below him. Dabi was never the biggest, but his dick was at least thicker than his fingers. Longer too, and it stretched Shigaraki open wider than he’d been prepared.

He rolled his head back, eyes clamped shut as his teeth were set in a pained sneer. It was slow and cruel, inching in deeper as Shigaraki struggled not to buck up and dislodge the man over him.

“It-” Shigaraki started, voice tight and high in his throat, “it doesn’t- this isn’t-”

“What you’d thought it would be like?” Dabi offered, slowly easing until his hips tapped Shigaraki’s ass.

Red eyes peeked open, still set in his permanent scowl.

“The hell did you think it would feel like?”

Shigaraki’s head rested back, his eyes rolling up to stare into nothingness.

“I-I don’t know,” Shigaraki admitted, his voice trembling but much more put together now that Dabi was still. “Better. Why the hell do you people do this?”

Dabi chuckled again, a flicker of light lighting his eyes like flames.

“It’ll get better, trust me.”

Dabi wasn’t sure if Shigaraki did trust him, but at the very least he didn’t suggest otherwise. He simply sighed through his nose, eyes slid shut once more.

“Just relax,” Dabi instructed, his head falling down to Shigaraki’s collar. His lips rested against Shigaraki’s tight throat, grazing against tense skin in a pseudo-kiss.

“Easy for you to say,” Shigaraki complained, and Dabi felt the resistance in Shigaraki’s wrists fall flat.

Ignoring him, Dabi slowly eased his hips back, his cock sliding halfway out before he rolled them gently forward, burying himself inside once more. Shigaraki grunted at the action but he didn’t tense nearly as much. Each little slow roll seemed to draw less and less of a reaction until his tight walls felt far more pleasurable than constrictive.

Shigaraki was breathing louder, short and trembling until his mouth slowly fell open, panting hot in Dabi’s hair.

Leaning back slowly, Dabi stared down at the man’s face, watching him as his rolls turned into trusts. In and out, pushing in deep as Shigaraki groaned. His eyelids flickered as his hands pushed up against his palm unintentionally.


“Better,” Shigaraki admitted. “It’s okay.”

Dabi snorted, one lazy brow raising in amusement. “Just okay?

“Your dick’s just shit.”

Dabi slammed his hips forward, delighting in the sharp ’ah!’ and strain in his wrists that came from it.

“You want more then?”

It was Shigaraki’s time to snort, his twisted lips pulled back in a disgusted sneer.

“You have more?”

“Just keep your hands up here.” He punctuated his point by squeezing Shigaraki’s wrists, pressing into bone and nerves.

“Don’t tell me what to do.”

“Just keep them there,” Dabi droaned, giving one last tight squeeze before finally letting go. He was pleased to find Shigaraki kept obediently still despite protest.

Dabi’s hands fell to his hips and gripped on tight. He lifted Shigaraki’s ass off the mattress and slid his knees under Shigaraki’s thighs, propping him up until his cock nudged up. From the wide eyes and open mouthed breath, Dabi was sure Shigaraki could feel it.

Dabi rolled his hips up, grinding his cock up into Shigaraki’s heat. From the new position he was hitting all new areas. His head prodded against trembling walls, sinking in deep and rubbing over velvet walls.

But it was the tight bundle of nerves that made Shigaraki see stars that he was aiming for.

Pulling Shigaraki’s hips down, Dabi fucked up into his ass. He was slow and methodical, grinding against Shigaraki’s prostate with purpose. Shigaraki’s cock was flat against his belly, full and heavy and a pretty pink. Shigaraki himself was struggling to keep his hands up above his head.

His elbows bent in, drawing his hands closer to his head as he groaned. Each finger twitched, clawing in as Dabi’s thrusts sped up. Each panted moan encouraged him to push on, burying in over and over as Shigaraki trembled beneath him.

Shigaraki’s right hand moved and Dabi watched it cautiously, leaning back slightly just in case.

”Watch it,” Dabi warned, but Shigaraki’s hand continued regardless. His hand skimmed over his belly and reached out for his cock, and Dabi snorted at the sight of Shigaraki fisting his cock with his pinky out.

His hand started to move rapidly, sporadic and desperate, and Dabi picked up speed to match it. Apparently Shigaraki was in a rush. Fine.

Leaning forward, Dabi braced his hands against the mattress before he started pounding down into the tight heat. He was rather formless with his motions himself, unsteady and frantic as he fucked down into him.

Shigaraki’s leg kicked out beside him but Dabi ignored it. His crystal eyes were fixated on Shigaraki’s red, hazed with sex and heat. Shigaraki’s free hand was pawing at the mattress, one twitching pinky raised as he struggled to hold on.

Dabi’s hips slapped rapidly against his ass as his tension filled. He snarled as steam poured between clenched teeth, fire licking up his throat. He refused to cum before the fucking virgin.

Shigaraki’s hand lifted up and Dabi lent on his left hand, his right hand slamming down on Shigaraki’s to pin it down. Their fingers slipped between each others and Shigaraki instantly latched on, holding on tight with his pinky barely hovering from his heating skin.

The dead of the night was broken with frantic grunts and high needy breaths. Steam billowed between Dabi’s seams, clouding him in white as his thrusts became shallow and hard.

Shigaraki’s hand continued to work over his cock until he finally hit that sweet release, cumming and roping semen over Dabi’s too hot belly. Feeling Shigaraki clench tight around him, fire licked along his tongue, blue flames flickering between his teeth before he came too.

His hips slapped forward, burying in deep as he emptied himself inside his condom. Spurred on by pleasure, Dabi’s hips stuttered forward, slapping a couple more times before he began to sink.

The world opened up beneath the two of them and Dabi felt his belly roll before his knees slammed into wood. Dabi grunted and slammed down against Shigaraki, knocking the wind from his lungs.

Groaning in pain, Dabi rolled off the other, his cock slipping free as he sat up on his ass. Blinking back the haze of sex, Dabi stared at the fucked out face Shigaraki was sporting, and the pile of dust his bed had become.

“God you’re a bitch,” Dabi groaned, laying back against the hard floor as he, glaring heatedly at the ceiling as a round of giggles and snickers sounded behind his closed door.

Dabi threw an arm over his eyes and closed them, trying to fall asleep despite the cold floor and his still wrapped and very uncomfortable cock.

Shigaraki on the other hand seemed to snap out of it fast enough, because another round of laughter started up as he hissed; ”I’ll kill them all.”

Chapter Text

“Get up, Hitoshi.”

“Mmmmm noo..

“Hitoshi, please.”

One lazy eye peeked open, amused to find Iida bent over from the edge of the bed, fronting straight down at him. His usually perfectly brushed hair was loose, falling down from his hairline. His glasses were barely holding on to the tip of his nose, too far forward that they didn’t much help with his attempt at a judging scowl.

He looked stupidly cute which meant he absolutely deserved for Shinsou to reach up and push his face back. Iida faltered, his nose and glasses smooshed up as Shinsou stretched out. Like he knew Iida would, he backed off to straighten up and fix his glasses.

“You need to get up.”

“Make me~” Shinsou purred, wiggling down slowly to edge the blankets up higher.

“I will flip the mattress.”

“No you won't,” Shinsou called his bluff, his eyes slid shut in total confidence.

“I’ll pull the covers.”

“You’re not so mean,” Shinsou answered back with a wide-mouthed yawn.

“Hitoshi, please, you have work in three hours.”

“Then that’s two and a half more hours I could be sleeping~” Shinsou practically sang, his wide faced grin only stretching as Iida retaliated.

Iida hooked a hand under Shinsou’s armpit and dragged the man closer to the edge of the bed and out from his covers. Shinsou didn’t fight back, but he didn’t help either. Like a ragdoll, he went completely lax. Just dead weight as Iida manhandled him out of the bed.

It was an effort even for the bulkier man but Iida managed to drag Shinsou up, resting Shinsou’s chest against his belly as Shinsou’s spine bent backwards.

“This would be easier if you’d get up.”

“No no,” Shinsou spoke through his teeth, his chin resting on moving muscle as his head was craned back. He blinked lazily, watching the Iida who seemed to tower from his perspective. “You’re doing fine.”

“Rascal,” Iida huffed as he hooked his hands under Shinsou’s arms and hefted him up this time.

It should be awkward and difficult with Shinsou’s slackness, and the fact that it wasn’t reflected just how much of a pain Shinsou could be. And how adapt Iida was to these reluctant mornings.

In one swift and fluid motion, Iida had Shinsou thrown over his left shoulder and dangling there like a fresh kill. Iida’s shoulder was hard against Shinsou and he supposed that was his punishment. It was worth it though. It gave him quite the nice view of the globes of Iida’s ass as the man turned and carried him out of the room.

Gave him a nice handful too.

Iida didn’t so much as flinch when Shinsou squeezed his left buttock. He simply kept soldering on and Shinsou admired the way the flesh shifted under his hand, even under his pants.

“Two and a half hours…” Shinsou mused, squeezing to emphasise his point.

“Two and a half hours to prepare for the day, yes,” Iida pointedly agreed.

Letting go of Iida’s ass, Shinsou gave it a succession of taps, drumming out a pointless beat.

“Is that what we’re calling it now? Preparing?” Shinsou teased, watching as carpet shifted to tile as the heat of the bathroom’s lights hit his back.

Shinsou practically mewled, his bare cock pressing just below Iida’s left collar bone as he stretched.

“It wouldn’t kill you to actually just shower,” Iida tried to argue, gently sliding Shinsou back down his front until the balls of his feet hit tile.

The drag against his cock was absolutely heavenly and he was sure by the warmth resting in Iida’s cheeks he was acutely aware of it himself. No matter how often they did this, no matter how confident Iida had become, there was always that level of modesty.

Iida, bless his thoughtful soul, had already turned on the heaters and the shower, and Shinsou was sure it was at a perfect temperature just for him.

Catching Iida’s hands, Shinsou walked backwards towards the shower, dragging Iida along with him.

Iida fumbled, arms stretched out to try to gain some distance so he had enough time to tread on the bottom of his pyjama pants and drag them off. Shinsou slowed down just enough so the big guy didn’t trip.


“Don’t act like you didn’t know this would happen,” Shinsou quietly laughed, eyes squinted in mirth. It happened every day. And like every day, Iida came prepared which just proved he knew he’d wind up here. “You’ve got your exhaust caps on.”

“I am aware of your devious ways,” Iida argued, oilslick eyes darting between Shinsou and the water the man slipped under. “Hitoshi, my glasses-

Shinsou tugged Iida in the last step, pulling him under the warm spray of water as it flattened down his hair and speckled along the inside of his glasses.

Iida’s mouth snapped shut, lips pursed as he frowned in Shinsou’s general direction. Shinsou just snorted, slipping back under the spray to plaster his body against Iida’s, grinning up at the poorly set scowl on Iida’s face.

“You look cute with your glasses.”

“Wonderful!” Iida shouted over the pounding of water. “You look like a blur!”

Shinsou snorted a laugh as his hands slowly travelled up Iida’s pecs, his fingers pressed in deep in a pseudo-massage.

“Everything’s a blur in the morning,” Shinsou countered as he slowly coiled his arms around Iida’s neck, locking himself in place and pressing them close. “So why don’t you wake me up?”

Iida reached up over Shinsou to pull away his glasses and set them aside, his unkempt hair plastered over his forehead.

“The shower is what’s supposed to wake you up.”

“I could fall asleep like this,” Shinsou countered as he pressed his forehead into the crook of Iida’s neck. Iida was so nice and warm and he absolutely could fall asleep standing like this. He’d done it before.

“That would be a slip hazard.”

“Your dick is a hazard.”

“Oh? Is that why you choked on it last night?”

Shinsou snorted, the tips on his fingers tapping Iida on the back of his neck, grazing over the soft spikes of his buzz cut.

“Did not.”

Iida simply offered a sceptical hum, not voicing his argument but making it perfectly clear he had to disagree. Shinsou just ignored it, more interested in nosing under Iida’s stiff jaw and tracing lazy fingers over the base of Iida’s skull in the way he knew drove the man wild.

“Don’t make me beg, Tenyaaa~” Shinsou drew out, lacing his fingers up through long strands of hair. “Make me get down on my knees and-”

“Slip hazard,” Iida repeated, circling his thick arms around Shinsou’s waist regardless. “I would rather not have to call your agency to explain you’re in hospital, or why.”

“Hmm, more concerned about your image than me? How mean, Tenya-”

“That’s not-” Iida tensed up under Shinsou’s arms and Shinsou chuckled, face turned up to the hot spray of water. “You’re riling me up on purpose.”

“Am I?” Shinsou mused, blinking up through the water to smile in mock innocence. “Then you’re just going to have to punish me, aren’t you?”

“I think you’d like that a little too much,” Iida answered, his voice closer as he pressed a kiss to Shinsou’s temple.

Shinsou’s eyes fluttered shut, his mouth stretched in a satisfied grin as Iida’s hands wandered down. Over the swell of his ass and hooked behind his thighs.

Shinsou knew what was coming before Iida even commanded ’up’. Tightening his grip around the back of Iida’s neck, Shinsou pulled himself up, his legs guided up around Iida’s ass for perch. The lift and closeness pressed Shinsou’s cock against Iida’s, the sudden friction sending sparks straight up his spine.

He gripped on tight, arms locked around Iida’s neck as the larger man pushed him up against cold tiles. It was uncomfortable and freezing, and it only made him all the more receptive to Iida’s touch.

Shinsou’s cock throbbed, his body strung tight as Iida pressed hot open kisses along his collar. His hips jutted up, thick arms braced between the wall and the swoop of Shinsou’s spine. The stark difference between the chill of the tile and the warmth of Iida’s body had Shinsou craving the heat. Had him pressed up tight and rutting forward, breathing filthy moans against the shell of Iida’s ear.

Each rub and grind sent his head spiralling, the heavy steam sitting heavy in his throat. He was lightheaded and catching his high, his chest squeezed tight against Iida’s as he struggled to breathe in deep. The hot water pounded against the back of Iida’s head and Shinsou’s face, the slip of their cocks making Shinsou desperate for more.

Iida’s knees hit the tile, one arm moving to brace a hand beside Shinsou’s body, keeping them both rooted to the wall. Closer and heavy as Iida panted hot breaths against his skin.

Blunt nails pressed into the skin of Iida’s back, dug in deep as Iida’s hips ground up. His cock felt so thick and heavy against his own, pent up and twitching with every rub against Shinsou’s. It was delightful and addicting, and Shinsou nosed along Iida’s cheek until Iida got message.

Iida turned his face up, ensnaring Shinsou’s in a heated and formless kiss. It was heavy and desperate, lazy from the still lingering haze of sleep. A flash of teeth gently biting down against a swollen lip and the push of tongues into too hot mouths.

All the while Iida continued to rut up against Shinsou’s cock, soft moans sounding between eager lips. Each push up slid Shinsou’s back over cold tiles, sending violent shivers through his body as he clung on tight.

Shinsou imagined his breath wasn’t the freshest in the morning, but Iida never seemed to mind. He drank it in all the same, breaking apart only for quick breaths before raining down on him again.

Iida, however, tasted of orange pulp and plum. He was always delectable, and Shinsou fell apart so happily at every touch and taste. Bumps of noses and quickened breaths under the beat of water.

Shinsou had to break away, the arousal and steam making his breaths sharper. Made it all the more harder to gulp down breaths. His vision fuzzed around the corners, eyes barely open as he stared down at Iida.

Free from Shinsou’s demanding lips, Iida’s face was pure bliss. Mouth hitched in deep pretty moans and water-mused eyebrows pinched down in a barely-there frown. Shinsou scratched his nails over tight skin and Iida moaned in kind, head lent back as water poured down his forehead, sticking strands of hair there.

He was so pretty and perfect, and Shinsou couldn’t hold on a moment longer under Iida’s brutal grinding.

Shinsou came with a sharp moan, eyes pinched tight as his body tensed up in Iida’s arms. His toes curled, legs squeezed tight around Iida’s solid body. His seed dripped between them, instantly swallowed up in the hot water and swirled down the drain. His cock throbbed, sensitive and red as Iida’s hands moved to Shinsou’s ass.

He lifted Shinsou up higher, his spent cock perched tight against the lower of Iida’s belly as his stiff cock rubbed between his tense cheeks.

Shinsou pushed his face against Iida’s collar, mouth open and wet with quiet ‘ah’s’ as each motion rubbed against his sensitive cock. Iida was mumbling, his voice drowned out by the cascade of water, but Shinsou could feel them. Feel the words push out his chest and vibrate in his throat. Felt his name on those swollen lips. The rumble of his voice was pleasing, drawing Shinsou in deep until Iida’s cock throbbed against his ass.

Something hot rubbed between the swell of his ass and the cold tile, thinning with water as the evidence began to wash away.

Iida lent heavily against the wall pinning Shinsou tight between the wall and his addictive body.

Humming happily, Shinsou’s fingers crept up the back of Iida’s skull, catching wet locks and absently twirling them between long digits.

“Good morning, Tenya…”

Iida huffed through his nose, his hot breath bathing over Shinsou’s collar.

“Good morning, Hitoshi,” Iida answered back, his voice caught between biting sarcasm and poorly hid amusement.

“You know,” Shinsou drawled, his cat like grin pressed against Iida’s ear with a whisped voice, ”there’s still two more hours to fill.”

Chapter Text

“If you need me, you have my number.”

“I kn-”

“You can leave whenever you want.”


“Mandalay will check in with you every hour.”


“Don’t forget to-”


Glancing over his shoulder, Aizawa frowned towards the man draped over his couch.

“Leave the poor girl alone. It’s a sleepover!”

“I’ll be fine, dad!” Eri’s voice reassured, exasperation laced in her tone in a way she could only have ever picked up from him.

Aizawa turned away from Yamada ignoring the annoyed click of a tongue in favour of the phone pressed up to his ear.

“Just… be safe.”

“I’m with four pro-heroes, dad,” Eri laughed, far more amused by it all than Aizawa was. “I’m as safe as it gets.”

Now it was Aizawa’s turn to click his tongue in disapproval, all too horrifying memories coming to mind the last time he trusted the Pussycats with the safety of children.

That event hadn’t been their fault but the reminder sat heavy in the back of his mind.

“Eri, I-”

The phone was snatched from Aizawa’s hand, a weight pressed against his back making him stumble forward.

Yamada slung one arm over Aizawa’s shoulder, his chin rested on the other as his lanky body draped against him. He cradled the stolen phone between his ear and shoulder, practically singing into the receiver.

“Eri-chaaaan, be safe! We love you!”

“Don’t steal my phone,” Aizawa complained though he made no attempt to take it back from him.

“I will!” She promised, bright and cheery in a rare show of joy. Even with the distance between him and the phone, he could hear it. How could he deny her a weekend of normality?

Stealing the phone back as Yamada made to sing once again, Aizawa elbowed Yamada off and ignored the pained wheeze.

“Just call us if you need anything.”

“I promise.”

Aizawa sighed through his nose, his eyes clamped tight as he tried to make it past his initial fears. The silence dragged into an uncomfortable moment and Aizawa could feel Yamada leaning close behind him, trying to listen in.

“Can I.. go now?”

Children were so cruel. He knew it wasn’t logical but did she have to sound so eager to get him off the phone?

Aizawa lent against a wall, body hunched in and head turned to block out the curious male crowding him.

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“Love you dad!”

“Love you too,” Aizawa answered, at least a little grateful that Eri let him finish before cutting him off with a deadline.

Aizawa hit ’end’ at the same moment Yamada threw himself at him, wrapping his arms around Aizawa’s back as he rubbed his cheek against Aizawa’s shoulder.

“You love me too, right, Shoutaaa?”

Aizawa grunted at the impact, one brow twitching before he started to stride forward, dragging the clinging man behind him.

“Don’t act so shameful.”

“Hmm? So mean. So meeaaan. That wasn’t a yes!”

“You’re worse than the children.”

Yamada let him go with an indignant huff, straightening up just to watch the overworked disaster pace back and forth.

“This is the first time in a year we’ve had some actual alone time!” Yamada reminded. “It’s good for Eri to experience normal childhood fun! Let her live a little!”

Aizawa dragged his feet to a stop, his brows still set into a thoughtful scowl.

“It’s good for her to experience this. Still,” Aizawa’s brow twitched and Yamada’s raised in curiosity. “Why did it have to be a boy?

“Eh?” Straightening up, Yamada tilted his head as he raised two hands and tapped his forefingers together. “You don’t think they’d..”

Aizawa turned his scowl on the other, face pinched in clear agitation that made even Yamada shy away.

“They’re nine,” Aizawa shut down as he returned to his pacing. “Kissing boys is the last thing on her mind.”

Yamada only looked more perplexed. “Then why does it matter?”

“Boys are idiots,” Aizawa drawled, shuffling through his apartment as he eyed the clear carpets. He’d forgotten what it was like to have his place in child-free order.

“Hey! Hey! Heeey!” Yamada interjected, as defensive as Aizawa thought he’d be. He jogged up beside Aizawa, voice obnoxiously too loud for the too quiet apartment. “I was a smart kid!”

Of course Yamada took it as a personal offence. Aizawa huffed from his chest, the corner of his lips twitching into an amused smile. He turned away before it could fully form, heading back to the livingroom with Yamada tailing behind.

“You can be smart and an idiot. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.”

A finger pressed against his cheek and Aizawa jerked his head away, scowling at the blond. Trust Yamada to pick up even on the smallest of smiles.

“Were you an idiot kid, Shouta~?”

“Not the point,” Aizawa brushed off, waving away Yamada’s hand as it went for another unwanted poke.

Yamada curled one hand around Aizawa’s waist before he pulled the now squirming man to his side. Aizawa grunted as he pressed a hand against Yamada’s cheek and pushed.

You’re acting like an idiot,” Aizawa accused, his scowl set in place as he slowly gave him, narrowed eyes aimed at the ceiling as Yamada pulled him sidewards into a hug.

“Come oooonnnn, Shouta! When was the last time we had a chance to relax?”

Aizawa didn’t dignify it with an answer. Mostly because it didn’t matter.

Partly because he couldn’t remember.

A few years, he supposed. Before even Eri. Everything was a Goddamn drama and Aizawa never got time to sleep, let alone enjoy himself. At this point he wasn’t sure what he even enjoyed.

A nap. He sure as hell could go for one of those. From the way Yamada was not so subtly dragging them to the couch, he doubted that’s what Yamada was implying.

It wasn’t like they didn’t have sex anymore either. It was just always very quiet. And at certain times. And never outside of their locked bedroom.

He really should have known Yamada’s mind would go straight to the gutter the moment they were left alone at home for… a long long time.

“I could help you relax~” Yamada offered, his voice just that notch higher in excitement and anticipation.

“I could put a sock in your mouth,” Aizawa countered, eyeing his capture scarf hung up at the front door. It was oh so tempting.

“Don’t be so meeaaann!” Yamada whined, dragging Aizawa down with him on the couch.

Aizawa landed with a grunt, his shoulder pressed up against the back as Yamada balanced on the edge, one leg thrown over Aizawa’s for closeness and perch.

His lanky body didn’t quite fit the length of the couch properly forcing Yamada to curl in and cling, and Aizawa watched as Yamada struggled to dig his elbow into the couch cushion to prop himself up over the other.

“Was this couch always this small?”

“There’s a perfectly good bed we could be using,” Aizawa pointed out, his own head tilted forward painfully as the armrest dug into the back of his skull.

“Heeeell no!” Yamada screeched, his piercing voice making Aizawa grunt and cringe below him. “You’ll just fall asleep on me!”

“Wasn’t plannin’ it,” Aizawa admitted, though a grin crept across his face at the thought. “But I might now.”

Nooooooo,” Yamada cried, coiling his arms under Aizawa’s body and constricting him tighter into his space. “So mean! You’re so mean, Shouta!”

His hips rolled forward and Aizawa could feel the jut of an erection press into his hip. Aizawa rolled his eyes up, falling lax as Yamada tried to tuck one foot up behind Aizawa’s thigh.

“You’re going to-”

It was too late for warnings. The shift only served to nudge Yamada all the more closer to the edge and Aizawa watched with a blank look as Yamada scrambled, only to slip off the couch with a crash.

Aizawa held onto the cushions to keep himself from crashing down too. He simply popped his head over the edge, a tired smile fitted on his face at Yamada’s wide eyed look.

“How’s your back?”

“I think I popped a rib..”

“That’s what you get,” Aizawa drawled as he rested his chin on the edge of the couch, his left hand hung down to rest on Yamada’s now exposed stomach. “Acting like a child.”

Yamada grabbed his arm in the midst of his taunts, tugging and dislodging Aizawa from his perch. Aizawa’s torso slipped over the edge, his chest hitting Yamada’s as his legs half hung across the couch. Aizawa didn’t respond to the sudden crash down and the wheeze he felt beneath him only made him all the more smug.

“That was a lot sexier in my head..”

“I could fall asleep like this,” Aizawa drawled. It was far from comfortable hanging from the couch as he was but he’d certainly fallen asleep in worse positions. Besides, it was worth the pitiful whine below him.

“Please noooooooo,” Yamada protested quietly as he wrapped his arms around Aizawa’s shoulders and held on tight. “We need to make the best of this.”

“I can,” Aizawa answered, muffling a yawn against Yamada’s chest. ”I will.”


Yamada rolled over, dragging Aizawa over the side until his body hit the ground like a ragdoll, pinned down as Yamada rolled on top. He ground his hips down, pressing his cock against Aizawa’s hip again.

Aizawa breathed a laugh at the desperate action, blinking up past the overhead lights to glance at Yamada’s determined face. His scowl wasn’t nearly as terrifying as he probably hoped. Aizawa wasn’t sure if it was exhaustion or the shift in household that had him so on edge, but he managed to let another laugh slip all the same.

Maybe he was more tired than he felt. Though, honestly, he only ever got more agitated in his exhaustion.

It was probably Yamada himself, looking so determined and output by his stumbles and the possibility of Aizawa falling asleep mid-way.

It was nice, he had to admit. He missed Eri and Yamada couldn’t fully distract him from that, but it was nice just being like this with his husband. Maybe he missed this a bit too.

Even if Yamada’s dick was trying to poke a hole into his hip.

“Horndog,” Aizawa insulted, a breathed laugh wheezing from his chest.

Yamada’s own scowl softened, a smile slipping so naturally on his handsome face. If he was insulted, he certainly didn’t show it. Not with the growing smile splitting across his face before Aizawa was assaulted with peppered kisses.

He squeezed his eyes shut, head turning away in vain as Yamada pressed kisses against his cheeks and over the bridge of his nose. Quick and uncoordinated, barely even managing to catch his lips.

In his attempt to make Yamada stop, Aizawa reached one hand around Yamada’s hip to grab his as Yamada distracted it was all too easy to push his hips up, knocking Yamada off him before swinging himself back on top.

Aizawa was very deliberate as he sat back, pushing his ass against Yamada’s trapped cock. Even under multiple layers of clothing, he could feel the bulge hot between his cheeks.

Aizawa pressed his fingers against Yamada’s chest, pushing him down in a silent order to lay still.

Yamada just stared up at him, eyes wide in awe and sickening love. He looked like a lovestruck teenager. The same idiot he’d fallen for so many years ago. Even in their old age, not that much had changed.

That was nice too. Somehow, even after all these years, they’d both continued to be true to themselves. And somehow it all still worked.

“I love you,” Yamada breathed, voice so low Aizawa wasn’t sure Yamada knew he’d said it out loud.

It was humbling, and Aizawa’s hand slid down Yamada’s chest down to the edge of his shirt over his belly. He pushed himself up higher, his ass pushing down against Yamada’s staining cock at the man gasped below him.

“I love you too,” Aizawa admitted, his stoic face falling into something genuine. Open and honest as his lips inched up into a smile.

They both knew it. None of this was new for them. Perhaps though neither of them got much time to really think about it.

He remembered the first time they’d said it too. Coincidentally, it had been a lot like this.

They’d been in a park rather than his livingroom floor, and neither of them had said it with such confidence. There was nerves and fear laced in their intentions before.

Now, with Yamada staring up below him, hands moving to rest on Aizawa’s hips, Aizawa was nothing short of content.

He pushed his hips down, grinding low and slow, and he watched in great satisfaction as Yamada threw his head back with a choked moan.

It was sweet and satisfying, little unashamed whimpers and moans of his name egging him on, and Aizawa’s lips cocked up in a lopsided grin at the sight.

The first exchange had been a lot like this too. With Yamada struggling to keep quiet and keep himself from blowing his load when he shouldn’t.

Aizawa hadn’t even meant it back then. He didn’t realise he was sitting directly on Yamada’s dick.

Now, though, with Yamada’s rock rubbing between his legs, he was perfectly aware of what Yamada was going through. More than that, he wondered what else hadn’t changed.

A few rolls of his hips, his ass pressed snug against Yamada’s trapped cock, and Aizawa watched with great amusement as Yamada threw his head back in his signature ‘O’ face.

All teary and wide-mouthed as his moan grated on near painful. Aizawa’s hips slowed to a stop, ass planted on the slowly darkening tent in Yamada’s pants, and Yamada’s eyes snapped open in shock as he slapped his hands over his mouth.

He blinked up, shocked and embarrassed at the wide smile split across Aizawa’s face.

Yamada squeaked something behind his hands and Aizawa laughed, tapping his hand against Yamada’s twitching belly.

“Don’t worry. We’ve got the weekend to ourselves,” Aizawa reminded, his wide smile turning down-right wicked. “Plenty of time for you to do the laundry.”

Yamada squawked, thrashing as Aizawa pushed himself up and shuffled towards their bedroom, chuckling in sick satisfaction to himself as he listened to Yamada scramble to get up and chase after him.

Chapter Text

Aoyama had always had a fascination with arms.

Shallow, perhaps, but who wasn’t when it came to their ‘types’? What was the difference between his fascination with rather thick arms compared to another’s preference for blonds? Or a lover who was taller? What was so wrong about wanting someone who could quite easily pick him up and handle him like the prince he was? Aoyama looked even better in the arms of a muscular man.

And perhaps his tastes were more of a hassle, like the one time he caught the bomb-shell Bakugou at the gym and proceeded to nearly get his face blown off. As far as Aoyama was concerned, that was Bakugou’s fault entirely! Who gave him any right to show off his arms like that in public?! It was practically indecent! Even if Aoyama enjoyed every moment of it.

Still, one could not tame the desires of the heart!

He had many crushes in his time in UA. Brief little flirtation spells with the likes of Iida and Satou that very unfortunately never led all that far. Dedicated little heroes his peers were.

Branching out into heroics, he was spoiled for choice on muscular men to team-up with. Flirting on the battle-field usually led to trouble, true, but what else was a boy to do?

It wasn’t like he had planned this. In all honesty, Aoyama had been quite blindsided himself. He’d flirted with the idea of Shouji before of course. Anyone with a taste for men in their right mind would have! But perhaps Aoyama had ruled that one out far too early. If he thought back on it, he wasn’t entirely sure why he hadn’t considered digging his fingers into this one.

Perhaps Shouji had been too closed off. From a different clique. Perhaps Shouji’s body was too busy and hard to comprehend for extended periods of time, so he didn’t.

Whatever his reason was, it was stupid of him, he was sure. Because how had he never obsessed over those arms.

It all started with a job. Aoyama and Shouji just happened to team up in a free-for-all criminal brawl. Suped up troublemakers getting over confident and hitting back at the heroes. Aoyama had managed to get hurt, and in the franticness of it all, Shouji had been the one to pick him up and carry him to the medics.

Yes, of course, arms were the pinnacle of attraction. And if he enjoyed the sensation of being picked up in a heavy set of arms, he was completely overwhelmed by the sensation of his.

Six arms. True, for did not always function as arms, but they were thick and heavy-set all the same. They bent and flexed tight around his body, comforting and sturdy. It wasn’t like Aoyama hadn’t been with a man with multiple arms before though. The webbing though? That was new, and Aoyama was just as surprised by the development.

They weren’t thin like tissue. Not weak or cold. No, they throbbed with a pulse. Thick and arm; a map of leathery skin warm to the touch. It was like being wrapped in a blanket of skin. It should have been disturbing, Aoyama knew. A webbing of flesh was something from a horror movie, and Aoyama never enjoyed those.

This, however, was nothing but pure bliss. Like a pillow of lovers. Arms curled tight around his body, muscular and lovely, and Aoyama had forgotten entirely about his pain.

When Shouji had unfortunately settled him down for a medic and they’d asked him what was hurt, Aoyama had stared blankly, completely confused and blissfully unaware of his wounds.

After that, Aoyama wanted nothing more to touch them further. To run his fingertips over the skin and feel the muscle beneath.

Which was why it was such a misfortune that Shouji was always busy on search and rescues. Handy little thing he was, always needed by the masses for those glorious arms and webs of his. It was admirable and Aoyama wasn’t conceted enough to believe his needs was more important than Shouji’s work. Still, couldn’t he be a little selfish? So long as he didn’t act on it?

Because Aoyama was absolutely frustrated that Shouji’s work kept him far away. Added to the fact that Aoyama’s own hero work kept him scrambling and away from that mountain of glorious muscle and flesh, and Aoyama was a very sexually frustrated ball of glitter.

Aoyama even went out of his way to try and meet up with Shouji. After all, it was very rare their work ever lined up. Shouji should appreciate the amount of work Aoyama went through to oh so casually show up at the same coffee shops and grocery stores! Because apparently this man did nothing actually fun. It was fine. Aoyama could go shopping! In a completely different city than the one he lived in, but that didn’t matter.

What mattered was that Shouji never brushed him off. Didn’t exactly reciprocate past polite back-and-forth, but it was enough to give Aoyama a spike of courage. Enough to outright say it;

”Sleep with me.”

Now true, that was likely not the thing to start off with in the middle of feeling vegetables in a market, but Shouji had worn a muscle tee and that was simply unfair.

Usually Aoyama’s confidence would carry him through. Usually he could flirt shamelessly and feed off the energy of the one he was trying to bed.

Shouji, however, never gave a thing away. Maybe Aoyama had obsessed himself to the point of unease. Perhaps Shouji was simply too much for even him to flirt with and it sparked some sense of shame. Or, most likely, that mask left the quiet man very hard to read, and Aoyama couldn’t handle the question in those pretty eyes of his. Shouji was so unbearably unreadable and Aoyama had never turned tail and fled so fast in his life.

Aoyama avoided Shouji like the plague after that. After struggling so hard to get some time alone with the man, the world seemed determined to pair them up at every chance. It was humiliating and mortifying because Shouji wouldn’t even look him in the eye.

So focused on his heroic career, he didn’t even seem to notice Aoyama slyly trying to inch away from his side.

He’d made an absolute fool of himself, he was sure, which is why he was so gobsmacked when Shouji made the next move;

”Chez toi ou chez moi?”

It was stiff and deliberately pronounced, a voice whispered against his ear as Shouji rested his hand on Aoyama’s shoulder for some pictures for the press.

Aoyama rightfully jumped, head turning to the hand pressed on his shoulder, and the webbing laced down his shoulder-blade. Shouji just pushed him to straighten up, bright eyes snapping back to the camera in a mix of shock and giddiness.

It was clear Shouji had practised his little comment, which just made him all the more delighted.

Your place or mine?

They’d ended up at Aoyama’s. After all, Aoyama wanted the satisfaction of knowing he got this man in his bed. More so than that, it was closer and Aoyama didn’t have the patience to weather the drive.

Aoyama had never known Shouji to flirt. He was, apparently, excellent at it. Skilled hands and a wicked tongue. Tongues, as the case may have been. And it certainly was, because each little extended mouth on the nub of each arm liked to whisper filthy things.

Promises of what was to come. Shouji’s own desire and need. Praises and compliments on Aoyama’s looks. Those ones Aoyama liked the most.

Aoyama had practically thrown himself on Shouji the moment he’d pushed his front door shut. Had flung himself into the thick arms of the hero and wrapped his arms around his neck. He hadn’t thought it through though, suddenly reminded of the mask sparing Shouji’s mouth from horny driven kisses.

He’d blinked, wide eyed and lost before thick hands had grabbed his ass and hauled him up higher. Aoyama wrapped his legs around Shouji’s thick torso, the web of his arms draped over his thighs as they wrapped around his back. Surrounding him and pressing him to the man tight.

It was hot and strange and new, and Aoyama practically melted in Shouji’s hold. This was so much better than the first time.

There was no panic or pain. He was held so much more flattering. Well.. if he could call the hands grabbing his ass and slipping up the back of his shirt ’flattering’. But the most important part of it all was that Aoyama could touch.

Incapable of distracting them both with hungry kisses, Aoyama instead put his focus on his hands, and just where he could put them. He kneaded into the tight muscle of Shouji’s shoulders. Dipped his fingers in and rubbed in warm circles. He felt the joint of bone and sinew beneath. The alien connection of multiple shoulder-blades. A knot one after the other; solid and shifting.

His fingertips moved over tight web, still as warm and pulsing as he remembered. It was all so fascinating and awe striking. Perhaps a little too much so, because poor Shouji was saying something and Aoyama hadn’t the slightest clue what.

”Aoyama,” Shouji stressed in a tone that made him sure this was not the first time the man had called his name.

“Hm?” Aoyama unintelligently offered, finally meeting Shouji’s eyes again. He supposed he had been staring a little shamefully.

“Your room?”

They didn’t need his room. He of course wouldn’t voice that fact but that hardly stopped him from imagining Shouji slamming him against a wall and having his way. With his arms to cushion the blow, of course! He didn’t need to put stress on his poor tummy or earn a bruise.

His bedroom also happened to be the only room supplied with lubricant.

Okay, perhaps they did need his room.

“Hallway,” Aoyama answered, only half paying attention as his fingers continued to explore. To feel over every stretch of alien skin and delight in the way it throbbed and twitched to his touch. “Last door to the right.”

Shouji was already heading down the hall, his multitude of arms keeping Aoyama pressed snug against him.

“Careful,” Shouji grunted, a hand forming above Aoyama’s head to gently push it down to duck under an arch.

So thoughtful and caring. Such an absolute gentleman. Aoyama found himself cursing his naive younger self.

Hands continued to move. Stroking through long stands of golden hair and pressing against the dip in his back. Gripping his ass and tucking up his thighs until Aoyama’s swollen cock ground against his abs.

It all had Aoyama mewling like a kitten. He reacted to each touch. Pushed into them and sighed with complete satisfaction as multitudes of hands continued to ravish him so sweetly all at once.

There was a creak of a door before a hot hand was pushing his head down again, easing them both under the doorframe. It made Aoyama all the more aware of just how massive Shouji was. A gentle giant. It had Aoyama’s heart aflutter.

Shouji’s hands and webbing braced behind his back. They cradled his skull and his shoulders. Held onto his ass and back as he gently lowered him into a sea of purple and blues. Aoyama’s bed was like silk. So soft and smooth. A heavenly little bed of clouds. Everything within it was just as soft, and Aoyama was itching to get something much more rugged into it.

It was a shame when Shouji’s arms retreated from around him, pulled until Aoyama lost contact. Aoyama dug his elbows into his bed and propped himself up, watching with eager eyes as Shouji straightened up and towered above him in all his glory.

His arms fanned out like wings, stretching before he started to reach for the sleeve of his right arm.

Aoyama shot up at that, eager to undress the other himself. He was too excited. Too focused on taking everything. In marvelling that gorgeous body as he grasped the bottom of Shouji’s shirt and pushed up.

Shouji stopped his movements to let him, watching as the shirt bunched up under his lower arms before stagnating. Aoyama’s eager gazed faltered, bright eyes blinking in bewilderment as he tried to figure out the next step.
He hadn’t thought this all out. Hadn’t considered the fact that he couldn’t exactly pull the shirt up over those arms and he was filled with a mix of gratitude and disappointment when Shouji gently grabbed his hands and eased them away from his shirt.

“Let me,” Shouji insisted, voice far too soft and coaxing for a man twice his size. It was satisfying and comforting, and Aoyama lent back to watch him exercise his skill.

Shouji hooked his fingers under the top hemming of his shirt sleeve and pulled up, the elastic fabric stretching up high above his shoulder before Shouji pulled his arms down through, slipping in the hole with ease. With one yank up and left, it pulled over his head and down his left arm. He shook it off his wrist with ease and Aoyama was rewarded with an intimate view of his new lover’s body.

He felt it all before. Perhaps not as much as he’d felt over Shouji’s arms, but his dick had certainly gotten nice and personal with those godlike abs.

He was like an actual Adonis only with arms any man, mortal or God, would envy. Tall and thick, heavy set with massive pecs Aoyama was itching to feel.

It was just a shame that the mask was still very much in the way. Though he supposed an aura of secrecy had its own sex appeal.

Shouji’s knees hit the edge of the bed before his top set of hands braced against the bed around him. The sudden closeness forced Aoyama to lean back, spine hitting the bed as Shouji’s webs boxed him in. It shut out the light, casting Shouji’s glorious body in shadows. A sense of danger had Aoyama’s heart pounding, heat pooling in his gut as butterflies turned into a hurricane in his stomach.

His webs curled in, hands forming to tug up his shirt and shamelessly feel over his body. Rough fingers pressed against the seam of his belt, pushing down until Aoyama felt the metal separated from skin.

Aoyama jerked, his stomach rolling before his hands slapped over Shouji’s own.

“That one says on, monsieur!” Aoyama rushed, relieved when Shouji’s hand moved without further question.

He still touched. Still slid Aoyama’s clothes up and off with delicate ease, disposing of them gently as he groped Aoyama’s soft body. His hands still brushed and nudged his belt, but they didn’t push to move it this time. He was careful with it, tracing over the seam that made Aoyama coo, but never made to remove it.

Hands everywhere, groping and stripping. They slipped his pants down off his legs before Shouji’s own were planted between them. Limbs were branching off from one another, working over everything.

Stripping Aoyama. Stipping himself. Touching. Stroking. Stroking over his aching cock as Aoyama’s hips lifted up off the bed.

All the while, Shouji just stared. Heavy eyes fixated on the man beneath him as Aoyama thrived at the attention.

It was like being pinned down and watched like a hawk and Aoyama couldn’t help himself. Mask or no, his attentive bedmate was getting a kiss.

He craddled Shouji’s face and pulled him down, delighted when the man followed him down and didn’t bother to resist. His lips met fabric, feeling over them in search of lips. For a barely there kiss, ruined by a thin layer of fabric.

Shouji pulled away at that, leaning his weight onto his upper left hand before the pointer of his right hovered over the seam of his mask.

“It’s not pretty,” Shouji warned, voice oddly grave for a man who even still continued to grope and part Aoyama’s willing legs.

It was a shame and so miserable too. Such a gorgeous man so unsure of his own attractiveness. So critical of himself.

“Non, monsieur!” Aoyama argued. “You are gorgeous. Beyond compare!”

Shouji hummed a quiet laugh, so obviously doubtful, but his finger hooked under the fabric of his mask all the same.

Aoyama didn’t get time to see. Shouji didn’t let him. Didn’t want him to.

The moment Shouji’s mouth was uncovered, it was upon Aoyama's. It was broad and flat, his thin lips cracked as they caught Aoyama in a kiss.

It wasn’t so much of a kiss than a mashing of mouths. Shouji’s lips moved in an attempt, his entire mouth twitching with it with a lack of control or finesse. That was fine. Aoyama could kiss for the both of them.

His lips moved fluently over Shouji’s stiff. Like kissing a moving statue. A gargoyle. Shouji’s lips pulled up and Aoyama could feel teeth graze over his lips.

There was a spark of danger the moment he felt them. The edges were sharp, digging into Aoyama’s lips and threatening to split them. Jagged and pointed, like some sort of predator. It was like kissing an alligator. Tough stiff skin and cruel teeth.

It was honestly a shame he didn’t get to see.

Something warm and wet nudged between his cheeks and Aoyama yelped against Shouji’s maw, his hands hooking onto Shouji’s shoulders for support.

In all their chatter Shouji must have found the lube, not that Aoyama had hidden it all that well. After all, the only kinds of people he let into his room were the kind he wanted to find it.

A finger breached through his twitching hole, pushing and probing as Aoyama gasped against hot teeth. The thick finger seemed to shift within him, thickening without adding anything to it. It simply grew, growing rigid as it twisted inside.

The hand had reduced to a nub, stroking his inner walls and spreading them with sweet smelling lubricant. Aoyama mewled, fingers tangling in silver hairs as he moved his mouth along the line of Shouji’s. He searched for a corner, mystified to find that it just didn’t seem to end.

His mouth curled up over his cheek, continuing up the jaw until Aoyama was kissing over the side of his face, and the split he found there.

All the while Shouji worked him open, stretching him as hands continued to knead and stroke warm skin. His arms curled around him, slipping under his petite body as Shouji shuffled higher.

The motion tore Aoyama’s lips from the side of Shouji’s jaw, but Aoyama certainly didn’t mind. Not when he could feel the press of those brilliant wings surrounding him or the thick pulsing warmth slap between his leg and asscheek.

Thick fingers parted Aoyama’s ass, holding them in fistfuls as the tentacle nub slipped from his gaping ass.

“Are you ready?” Shouji questioned, and Aoyama quivered at the sound. He was so much clearer without his mask in the way. His voice was deep and rumbled like a distant storm.

It thrummed deep within Aoyama’s chest and the blond nodded eagerly.

”Please,” Aoyama purred, arching up into the other. “Fuck me, s'il vous plaît?”

Shouji’s arms tightened around him, that warm throbbing web curled tight around his naked body, and Aoyama melted in absolute delight. His fingers pressed into the joints of Shouji’s connected shoulders, touching and craving as Shouji’s massive blunt head kissed his rim.

It caught instantly before he pushed, sinking in nice and slow and filling him with his entirety. It was thick and warm, flaring into a massive head that stretched him beyond belief. It popped in, caught snug as Aoyama’s ass squeezed around it.

Shouji’s cock was just as alien as the rest of him it seemed. There were ridges beneath, stretching his rim before it popped back in place in a groove. Each stretch between ridges was an inch long, like a notch keeping count of how far down Aoyama sunk.

Aoyama thrived beneath him, nails digging into darker skin as he held on for his dear life. He felt so full and satisfied all the same, gasping and groaning at the delicious stretch. His hands slid down Shouji’s chest, pushing in the pads of his fingers as he threw his head back with a filthy moan. Long eyelashes fluttered as his asshole stretched with each ridge.

Shouji moved within him, grunting as he pulled halfway out. It was much harder pulling out than slamming back inside. Pushing in, it was easy for Aoyama’s ass to slowly stretch with the steady growth. Pulling out, Aoyama’s ass caught on each groove, stretching the rim before it popped over. It was like his own inbuilt anal beads, and Aoyama was gasping in wicked delight.

Shouji’s hands pulled his thighs apart further, digging in his fingers as Aoyama’s nails clawed down his chest. Each slow and eased pull out was followed by a rough slam forward, each motion fucking another groove deep inside. Aoyama was already so full and he hadn’t even bottomed out yet.

He felt overly stretched and stuffed to his limit, but the enchanting cock was all too tempting. He needed it in all its glory, and Aoyama egged Shouji on with coos and cries of ’deeper’.

Shouji only pushed so long as Aoyama told him to. Pushed in that inch deeper everytime Aoyama demanded it. Wild hands rubbed over the folded skin of Shouji’s webs, the sensation sending Aoyama’s head spinning along with the massive cock.

He could swear he felt his belt shift from the head of Shouji’s cock. Felt it press against his delicate belly as Shouji’s hips finally stated to ghost against his ass.

“All!” Aoyama demanded, eyes rolling back as his poor cock wept against his belly, smearing them both in pearly pre. “Want all of you!”

That seemed to give Shouji pause, his hips faltering as Aoyama groaned in frustration. So close.

“Are you sure?” Shouji questioned, not sounding all that sure himself. “It’s.. a lot.”

No, his self-doubt wouldn’t do! Aoyama’s hand snapped up to Shouji’s face, fingers dipped between set lips and pressing in. Shouji’s jaw parted instantly, careful not to bite and worried Aoyama would cut himself along jagged teeth as they traced over the tips.

All of you,” Aoyama demanded, pulling away enough to finally see Shouji’s handsome face.

A split wicked smile, accompanied with rows of pointed teeth. He looked absolutely monsterous and Aoyama was smitten.


“All!” Aoyama agreed.


“BOTH!” Aoyama nodded eagerly, so caught up in the demand and sex to think those words through.

It wasn’t until Shouji pulled back to the very tip and Aoyama felt something else blunt kiss is stretched rim.

Blinking sex hazed eyes, the cogs in Aoyama’s mind began to turn.


With a heave, Shouji was easing inside again, the snug fit of two dicks stretching him beyond belief. The second cock wasn’t as big but, along with the first, it was like he was being split in half.

Aoyama’s toes curled, mouth open in a gape as Shouji growled, lips curled around Aoyama’s fingers in a snarl as he pushed inch after agonising inch.

Aoyama scrambled, fingers moving from a wet dangerous mouth to grip at silver hair. He held on tight, pulling at the roots as he threw his head back with a strangled scream.

It was like a fire burning deep in his core, his ass stretching over two thick cocks until Aoyama’s own exploded. Split open around them, Aoyama came with a start, his ass clenching painfully tight over Shouji’s cocks.

Shouji’s hips kissed Aoyama’s ass, two cocks settled in deep before he came too, hot and heavy and pouring into every crook. His fingers tore at Shouji’s hair as the man bowed his head, nuzzling his maw along Aoyama’s collar. A hot tongue poked out, lapping at salty sweat as Aoyama’s ass with filled more than it ever had been.

Heavy loads of semen were emptied deep within his gut, bloating his belly and making his belt feel tight around him. His cocks were caught inside, the ridges refusing to slip free with Aoyama’s ass throbbing around them so tightly, desperate to keep them inside.

Aoyama’s eyes rolled back as his hands finally slipped from long locks. Shouji’s hand were petting his ass and thighs, stroking lovingly as Aoyama eased himself back down.

He’d never felt so full in his life. It was all too much, and Aoyama delighted in the comfort of Shouji’s webbed arms and the kitten licks of his wicked maw. He felt so safe and so utterly fucked.

He wasn’t sure when he’d be able to pull Shouji’s cocks free but, for now, Aoyama was content to lay in the arms of such a glorious man and feel the muzzle of his mutant lover worship his skin and ease him down from his state of ecstasy.

Chapter Text

Tsuyu didn’t date around all that much. It was a common known fact since the very day they met each other. It didn’t seem to stem from shyness but simple disinterest. Truth be told, most flirting attempts simply went over her head.

Running into an old friend at some late night dance club, Jirou didn’t really expect it to be any different. She flirted because she honestly enjoyed her newfound confidence. Enjoyed the thrill and the race of her own overworked heart.

She didn’t actually expect Tsuyu to reciprocate. After all, it was just friendly.

Jirou, despite actively flirting with the woman, was completely surprised to find herself here. In Tsuyu’s small but rather cute bedroom. Little cartoon frogs decorated various surfaces, and Jirou found them oddly charming.

The air was humid, small mist machines set up in various corners pumping out moisture into the air. It clung to Jirou’s baggy clothes, sticking them to her skin and making her sweat. The nervousness eating her alive certainly didn’t help in that apartment.

Tsuyu had a nice ass. Everyone knew it and everyone knew not to actually say it. Even if they were all thinking it.

Then again, none of them had been invited into Tsuyu’s exclusive room or had the absolute pleasure of watching the woman strip.

Tsuyu was just as nervous as Jirou was. Flushed in the cheeks and never quite catching Jirou’s eyes. Tsuyu, who was so unshakable, was out of her element. But Tsuyu would never do something she didn’t want and that helped soothe Jirou’s own nerves.

Tsuyu’s pretty dress was dropped to her feet, her rounded body almost glimmering under her heated lights. Tsuyu had always been clammy, but this was her in her own element. Shimmering and slick over a gorgeous body.

And then there was Jirou. Jirou, who had been so confident and self-assure before, was practically tripping over her tight black jeans. She’d gone for hot over practical and now she was paying the price.

She was nervous, awkward, and thrilled, all rolled into one messy ball. Her shirt was absolutely drenched by the time it thudded beside Tsuyu’s dress on the floor. Her bra seemed to stick from the humidity, the relief of air satisfying in its own right.

Tsuyu’s large hand caught hers, her fingers like suctions as they clamped around her wrist, and Jirou happily followed her down into her bed.

It was stiff without much give, but Jirou certainly didn’t mind. After all, she wasn’t here for the bed.

Unlike sticky sweat, the moisture of Tsuyu’s body was slippery to the touch. Large boobs were pressed against her chest, chilled skin gliding over Jirou’s pert nipples, and Jirou marvelled at the sensation. She’d always known Tsuyu secreted mucus but she’d never gotten the chance to see it in action. Never thought she’d want to. She’d expected something green and gross, but this was simply clear and glittered in the light. She sparkled like a diamond, her wet body sliding without friction against Jirou’s own.

It was odd and new and Jirou was eager to get to know it all better.

Tsuyu gave a quiet croak, a sweet little ’kero’ that made Jirou’s heart hammer in her chest.

She ducked her head down, pressing a brief nervous kiss to Tsuyu’s wide mouth. Tsuyu returned the kiss in earnest, ever sweet and reserved with tame motions. Her stick hands had moved up Jirou’s back, her fingertips sticking to spots along her spine whilst Jirou pushed a knee between thick thighs and wedged them apart.

“Kero!” Tsuyu yelped, pulling back with wide eyes.

Jirou jerked back too at the disconnect, her arms pushing against the bed to give Tsuyu some distance, only to be anchored down by Tsuyu’s hands.

“Sorry!” Jirou shot back, her face flooded with heat as she fumbled over herself for a proper apology. “Too much?”

Tsuyu was always so hard to read, but it was compensated by Tsuyu’s ability to tell it like it was. No one ever actually had to read her because the woman was perfectly fine with telling them just what was on her mind.

Tongue-tied and lip-locked, it wasn’t like Tsuyu could give her that.

“N-no!” Tsuyu assured, her thighs parting further to offer more room. “Just- surprised,” Tsuyu admitted, her cheeks turning dark with a flush. ”Excited.”

Jirou could tell though she was polite enough not to say it. Unlike the rest of her cool body, heat was rolling from between her legs. Jirou had to wonder if it had something to do with her quirk, but mentioning that too seemed rude.

Instead, she just continued. If Tsuyu wanted to stop Jirou knew she’d say it.

Her knee crept up, pushing up gently between parted legs, and Tsuyu threw her head back with another startled croak.

Tsuyu was wet. Very wet. Jirou wasn’t sure if the mucus was just potent down there or if Tsuyu had been anticipating this more than she thought. Just the slightest nudge forward had her body locking up and jerking, mouth open with a sharp gasp.

”Holy shit,” Jirou breathed, braced high enough to watch the woman beneath her.

Her body seemed to glide over her sheets, slick and thriving. Thick thighs clamped around Jirou’s knee before Tsuyu humped up against her.

“Don’t- stare,” Tsuyu croaked, eyes half lidded and drunk with ecstasy.

They’d barely started and she already looked so close to coming undone.

“Shit. Sorry. Just.. let me try something.”

Tsuyu nodded but her legs remained clamped around Jirou’s leg, holding her in place.

“You need to let me go, Tsu.”

”Kero.” She sounded almost pitiful at the request, and Jirou’s heart damn near lept from her chest. She’d never seen Tsuyu so vulnerable. It was so unfairly cute.

Trembling legs finally parted around her, and Jirou was quick to slip down the length of Tsuyu’s body before the sensitive woman changed her mind.

She grabbed Tsuyu by the hips and pushed her further up the bed, her slick body sliding with ease as Jirou settled between wet thighs.

Feeling how wet Tsuyu had gotten was one thing, but seeing it properly was another entirely. Her pussy lips were puffy and open, her cunt open and glistening in pearly white.

Tsuyu groaned a chesty ’kero’ as her legs started to close and Jirou was quick to press her hands between her thighs, struggling against muscle to keep them parted.

“I won't stare!” Even if she had been. But Christ, how could she not? Seeing girls this wet only ever happened in porn, and everyone knew it wasn’t actually real.

“I’ll stop staring. I promise.” No, as pretty as her lips were, there were better things to do than just stare. Plus she wanted Tsuyu to enjoy this all, not get self-conscious about her gorgeous body.

Tsuyu took a deep breath, her chest rising as slippery boobs sagged sidewards to gravity.


With that, shaky legs parted for her again, and Jirou was quick to respond. No staring. Okay, she could manage that. Besides, Jirou was naturally more attracted to sound anyway.

The tips of Jirou’s fingers breached Tsuyu’s aching cunt, pushing in with ease as more arousal dribbled out from around them. Jirou had fingered a lot of pussies in her life, but none were quite as smooth as this one.

Her walls were like warm silk, clenching and pulsating as two blunt fingers pushed in and parted. She twisted her wrist, feeling over throbbing walls and pushing down against her g-spot. She tapped her finger against it, feeling as Tsuyu’s body tensed and pushed up at the sensation.

But that paled in comparison to the high needy moans it drew from her cute face. Tsuyu’s hair was fanned around her, her body rolling with each motion of Jirou’s fingers as she gave shattered gasps. Broken ‘keros’ and trembling legs. She sounded delicious, and she hadn’t even felt the best bit yet.

Jirou pulled her fingers free, Tsuyu’s cunt like a suction around her before they were dislodged with a pretty wet noise. Tsuyu almost cried out, whining a frustrated ’nooo’ before Jirou grasped her slippery ass and lowered her face down.

As much as she’d love to slip her tongue between those wet folds, she wanted Tsuyu to see stars so much more.

Her jacks stretched out from her lobes, the left pointed for Tsuyu’s quivering cunt. It wasn’t a thick intrusion, but size wasn’t what she was going for.

The metal of her jack slipped into the slick warmth and Tsuyu jerked under her, her neck craning up with a questioning croak.

Finding the perfect spot before, it wasn’t hard to slip in deep enough to press the tip of her jack against Tsuyu’s sweet spot.

A flood of Jirou’s pittering heartbeat vibrated against Tsuyu’s most sensitive spot, and Tsuyu practically screamed.

Built legs wrapped around Jirou’s head and the woman barely had time to yelp before her face was being forced against a dripping cunt.

Not that Jirou minded getting close and personal with a woman’s privates, but fuck Tsuyu’s legs were like a vice around her skull. Her heart-rate picked up which only picked up the kick of the pulses within Tsuyu.

Large desperate hands clenched at the blankets and headboard, searching for something to ground herself.

Jirou’s face was smothered in drenched lips, her thick arousal smeared against her lips before Jirou’s tongue began to lap over her entrance, delighted with the thick taste. She could still work with this, even if she couldn’t exactly see what she was doing.

Her other jack searched blindly, not quite hitting its mark, and Jirou’s right hand snaked around Tsuyu’s thigh to find it through touch. Her thumb nudged against Tsuyu’s clit, the contact making the woman jerk and groan, her cunt pulsating against the tip of her tongue and her jack.

For a moment, Jirou paused, certain that Tsuyu climaxed. Her pussy was still throbbing, her slick arousal smearing over her cheeks and flooding her senses of smell and taste. But her legs never let up.

Instead, they only squeezed tighter, holding Jirou down as she rolled her hips forward. Her body jerked and thrived with every beat of Jirou’s overactive heart, but she never give Jirou room to stop.

Pushing on, Jirou snagged the end of her free jack before guiding the metal to press against the hood of Tsuyu’s clit, the beat of her heart pulsating directly to her g-spot and clit in unison. It throbbed, vibrating to her very core, and Tsuyu jerked up with a strangled cry.

Her body was like a live wire, thrashing with pretty gasps and clear cries of Jirou’s name. Something thinner than her arousal flooded her tongue, her pussy squirting as her entire body pulsated along with the beat of Jirou’s heart.

Overwhelmed with Tsuyu’s scent and forced down against her cunt, Jirou’s heart only sped up. Only pushed more thudding pulses through Tsuyu’s thrashing body.

Her nails dug into Tsuyu’s asscheeks, struggling to keep her grip as more slippery mucus bubbled from her skin. It was near impossible to keep her grasp, locked and losing control as Tsuyu ground against her face.

Jirou’s tongue dipped along with her jack, forcing its way into the tight pulsating heat as a string of croaks and near-curses fumbled from Tsuyu’s mouth. Pretty little whines and quivering muscles.

A large fist found Jirou’s hair and clung, messing it up as she forced Jirou’s head down harder, her hips rising to push Jirou in deeper. Jirou’s heart-rate jumped with a spike, and Tsuyu came once again, her arousal pouring down the poor woman between her leg’s chin.

Her own heart was racing beyond belief, and Jirou could hear it racing to meet her own. Feel it. The thrum of a stuttering heart-rate. The wheeze in her chest and clench of her belly as she squirted again, drenching Jirou’s face.

Her slippery legs finally slipped from around Jirou and the woman pulled back to catch her breath. Letting go of the wild woman’s ass, she slipped her fingers back inside her pulsating cunt alongside her jack, pistoning them in and out with delicious wet squelches as she finger fucked the woman open.

Tsuyu cried out, thrashing and twisting up onto Jirou’s fingers, burying them in deep with the beat of her heart. The sheets below her were drenched in her heat, pools of damn growing as more clear slick poured over the globes of her ass.

Jirou chased it, licking up Tsuyu’s asscheek before she took a bite at her inner thigh, her heart kicking up as Tsuyu croaked and groaned.

Her cunt continued to squeeze around her, clenching and unclenching as her legs shook.

“Kyouka!” Tsuyu cried, and Jirou’s jacks retreated instantly, cutting the spent woman off from Jirou’s racing heart.

Tsuyu’s legs fell uselessly open, her chest heaving with breaths as her pretty bubble ass was coated in her own juices. Jirou’s fingers slipped free, leaving Tsuyu’s cunt gaping and throbbing with the new emptiness.

Tsuyu peeked up at her, her face just as red and hair dishevelled as Jirou’s.

Jirou’s fingers were coated in arousal, shimmering and smelling thickly of Tsuyu’s scent, and Jirou cheekily brought them to her mouth to slowly lick clean.

Tsuyu turned her head away with a croak, face flushed red as Jirou laughed, leaning over the woman to press a kiss to her slippery cheek.

“I’m sorry! I won’t tease again.”

Tsuyu swallowed, dark eyes flicking back up to Jirou.

“You’re… quirk is… very satisfying,” Tsuyu pointed out, and Jirou raised a brow in question.

“I should… show you mine. To say thank you.”

Tsuyu’s lips parted and Jirou’s eyes shot down, her face turning cherry red with that long tongue peeked over shimmering lips.

It was all too much for her poor little heart to take.

Chapter Text

In the world of heroes, sometimes sacrifices were necessary. Sometimes heroes had to put their bodies and their lives on the line to save another. Sometimes bones got broken.

Those were the excuses Midoriya liked to fall back on. After all, it was true and even Iida couldn’t argue with that logic. But when it became a repeated issue starting from long before Midoriya was a full-fledged hero? Well, Iida didn’t seem to see Midoriya’s heroic actions quite the same way Midoriya did.

Midoriya had been in the wrong and he knew that well enough. But what was done was done. The day was saved. The people kept from harm. And Midoriya found himself once again bandaged up and dealing with a passive-aggressive and very disappointed boyfriend.

Recovery Girl was away on some cruise. While other healing quirks existed, most that made it to the profession of medic work were more specific. For now Midoriya had to wait until she returned, and Midoriya wouldn’t be all that surprised if she took her time coming back just to prove a point. It seemed like Iida and the woman were on that same wavelength.

Iida himself was overly attentive. Buzzing around to make sure Midoriya was at the utmost comfort and taken care of. Even with that loving attention though, Iida continued to radiate that aura of ’I’m very disappointed in you’.

Little quipped comments and unsubtle reminders that Midoriya would be perfectly capable of brushing his own teeth if he hadn’t done something so reckless. Midoriya was certain that Iida was trying to give him the silent treatment and a lecture rolled into one, but his inbuilt need to communicate and fret hindered his attempts to truly express his frustrations.

It really wasn’t necessary, Midoriya already felt bad about it all and in the aftermath he’d been able to pinpoint multiple other actions he could have taken to avoid this much damage.

Midoriya was just grateful to have Iida around. If he weren’t, he’d have to stay with his mother, and he didn’t want to put anymore stress on her than hearing the news already did.

Iida, while being very distraught over the whole ordeal, was also incredibly kind, caring, and loving.

He was also incredibly hot, which is where Midoriya’s current problem was.

There was only so much television watching he could do, and he felt bad making Iida flip pages on a book or search the internet for him. So a lot of his day went to ’Iida watching’.

Iida had taken time off to be home for Midoriya and refused to leave the house without Midoriya at his side. So the nervous bundle of pent up energy had taken to cleaning the house over and over, flittering from room to room but never staying out of eyesight from Midoriya.

Whenever Midoriya was too quiet for too long, Iida would chance a glance, visibly relieved when Midoriya wasn’t more broken than he left him. It would take him a second or two longer to remember he was suppose to be upset before he’d huff and turn away in a big dramatic show.

It was cute. Iida was cute. He was wearing old clothes to do his cleaning, all of which were a little faded and just a little too tight on him.

And, well, having a shower was a struggle. Especially when Iida insisted on assisting him which, at this point, would probably have the opposite effect. So the only reasonable option that didn’t lead to Midoriya’s suffering was-


- ask for help.

Midoriya could swear he saw Iida’s ears perk up, head snapping towards him in instant panic and concern, oilslick eyes flicking over his partner before zeroing in on Midoriya’s sheepish smile. Deciding that Midoriya wasn’t in pain, Iida’s eyes narrowed in suspicion.


“I need-” Midoriya’s mind churned, trying to decide on the best way to breach the subject- ”a hand?”

Midoriya’s fingers wiggled from the casts and sling folded over his chest. They felt like static, skin pricking like pins, and Midoriya’s sheepish smile only grew all the more awkward at his awful joke.

Iida’s eyes slid shut with a sigh before he heaved himself up off his knees and removed his gloves, grabbing a wipe after to clean them of residue. His arms flexed with the motion, his too-tight old shirt straining with the bulge, and Midoriya’s little problem was suddenly so much worse.

“I’m sure whatever it is you need help with, it is something you could have done alone if you weren’t so reckless with your own safety.”

True, but admittedly it wouldn’t be nearly as fun or feel remotely as good. Iida just liked to rub salt in the wound in the hopes Midoriya would show some more self-preservation next time.

“Tenya please,” Midoriya stressed, unashamed to add a whine to his voice.

The verbal strain gave Iida pause, his eyes flicking over Midoriya’s body searching for some pain he might have missed.

“I didn’t say ’no’, of course I will help you, Izuku. What is it you need?”

His hands fell on his hips, his shirt straining over full pecs, and Midoriya pressed his thighs tighter together.

Iida’s eyes followed, drawn to his knees first before finally settling on Midoriya’s lap.


“Yeah, I-”

“You have an erection.”

Midoriya snorted as he hung his head between his shoulders, struggling to keep himself from laughing as he nodded.

“You- really didn’t need to point it out, but yeah.”

“What provoked this?”

Midoriya peeked up through his bangs, his lips pursed to keep a wide smile at bay as he looked Iida in the eye.

“That shirt’s a bit tight, don’t you think?”

Iida’s chin dropped, eyes peeking down at the stretched fabric and the clear outline of his massive chest.

“Well I wasn’t ruining a good shirt.”

Midoriya shuffled a little on his spot on the couch, his own eyes fixed on Iida’s strained shirt and the God body beneath.

“So you’re saying you wouldn’t mind ruining that one?” Because Midoriya absolutely would love to watch it rip down the centre.

Iida straightened up, brows drawn down in thought as he processed Midoriya’s implication. It didn’t take long for it to dawn on him, and it took less time than that for Iida to find a way to turn it back on Midoriya as a form of punishment.

“Well that’s something we would have been able to address if you hadn’t broken your arms now isn’t it, Izuku?

Midoriya winced at that and sucked a breath through his teeth. ”Ouch.”

“I think this shirt will remain intact until someone proves they take their own well-being seriously.”

”Tenyaaaaa,” Midoriya whined, shuffling further towards the edge of the couch. “Don’t be meeaaannn.

“This is not being ‘mean’,” Iida argued. “This is consequence and reward. Being mean would be leaving you to deal with that.”

“So you’ll help?”

“Of course,” assured, waving Midoriya to sit back properly on his chair before he carefully settled on his knees at Midoriya’s feet, nudging the man’s legs apart. “ But the shirt will remain in one piece.”

“I can live with that.”

“Of course you will,” Iida agreed, pinching the zipper of Midoriya’s pants between his thumb and the first knuckle of his pointer and pulling down. Midoriya could feel the vibration of the separation of teeth over his erection causing more blood to rush straight down. “You don’t have a choice.”

Midoriya snorted again, offering a lop-sided smile as Iida worked open the top button before working the pants down over Midoriya’s ass.

“That sounds a bit threatening.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Is the suggestion that you’ll live a threat to you? Is that why you’re so insistent on throwing your body into perilous situations?”

”Tenyaa!” Midoriya groaned, struggling to sound annoyed when Iida’s warm hand finally wrapped around his dick. “Do you have to do this now?

“You needing relief does not pardon you from a tongue-lashing.”

“Well… If you want to use your tongue, I’m not going to stop you.”

Midoriya expected the flat look Iida shot him, but it didn’t stop him from being amused at seeing it. If Iida thought Midoriya’s quip was clever or smart, he certainly didn’t show it.

The fingers of Iida’s left hand pulled the waistband of Midoriya’s boxers down lower as his right pulled Midoriya free, his cock framed by the teeth of his zipper and snuggled in Iida’s strong fist.

Midoriya didn’t think he was exactly small, but fuck if Iida’s hands didn’t dwarf everything they got a hold of. It was nice and warm and pleasantly tight, and that relief alone had Midoriya shuttering.

“This is not a reward.”

“No! N-no,” Midoriya agreed, his fingers curling under the ends of the casts. “Of course not.”

“I hope that through this you remember that I am still incredibly disappointed in you and your recklessness.”

“Oh, yeah, sure!”

The frown set on Iida’s brow suggested he didn’t exactly believe Midoriya, but he accepted it all the same. If either of them wanted this to end anytime soon, the last thing on Midoriya’s mind would be that.

Iida’s hand left Midoriya’s cock for a moment, and Midoriya was embarrassed to find that his dick didn’t so much as falter. It was rigid and red, curved up at attention and unwavering. It really was a tight shirt.

Iida spat in his hand, the action rather dirty for a man who’d spent the last couple days cleaning every nook and cranny of their shared home. It made Midoriya’s cock pulsate, his heart-rate pumping blood and making Midoriya’s face flush as deep as his cock was.

Neither of them were new to this, especially with one another, but the sudden dependence Midoriya had on the other and his inability to do this alone made him all the more aware of the man on his knees.

With slick spit in the centre of his palm, Iida wrapped his fist around Midoriya’s girth again and began to pump, working Midoriya up. Like that needed any help.

It only took a few strokes for pre to begin to dribble.

Iida’s left hand was on Midoriya’s thigh for balance, his right working over Midoriya’s cock with long strokes. His thumb would catch under the shroom of his head, rubbing soft circles on the glands there before stroking down to the base. A twist of his wrist and sweet friction had Midoriya’s toes curling.

His mouth hitched open with a moan, long lashes fluttering as the pure bliss of Iida’s fist washed over him.

Iida was amazing with his hands. Amazing in general, but it was always his hands and fingers that seemed naturally talented. A perfect combination of work calluses and perfectly cared for skin. Rough in certain patches and smooth the rest. His grip tightened around the head before loosening to sink to the base. Stroking and rotating as he picked up speed, working Midoriya all the more closer.

Midoriya’s eyes rolled back, his breath hitched as his arousal pooled and grew in his groin. A tight blazen heat fuelled by Iida’s attentive actions.

Midoriya’s knee jerked and Iida’s hand pushed down, fingers dug in deep as he picked up speed.

“We wouldn’t have to do this if your arms-”

“Not-” Midoriya panted, peeking down at the stubborn man kneeling for him. “Your best argument h-here.”

Iida pursed his lips, his fingers tightening right at the base and making Midoriya mewl.

“We’d be able to do so much more if your arms weren’t in casts.”

Now that was a stronger point, and Midoriya shuttered at the thought. It really was a shame.

Satisfied that he proved his point, Iida’s hand picked up speed, swapping method for sensation. Delicious friction and warmth that left Midoriya delirious.

Midoriya’s hips bucked up into Iida’s fist before Iida’s free hand pushed him down again, demanding compliance for his work.

“You’re close.”

There was no rise in his tone. No question. A simple state of fact, like he knew Midoriya so well.

Midoriya whimpered, head spinning as he nodded a little too hard. ”So close.”

Iida hummed in thought, eyes flicking to one side than the other.

“You’re going to make a mess.”

”Fuck yesss,” Midoriya hissed, trying to buck up again into that tight heat. He was completely oblivious to the fact that Iida was more worried about the carpets he just dry cleaned.

Iida clicked his tongue, his fist still working Midoriya closer and closer to that sweet spot.

“Perhaps I-”

That had been Iida’s mistake. In his attempt to spare the carpets, Iida lend down. He’d made to take Midoriya into his mouth. Swallow Midoriya’s load rather than scrub it clean from the floor. It was, in his mind, the logical action.

Like Midoriya’s recklessness and quick thinking in order to save a civilian only to make a mess of himself, Iida had acted on impulse in a split decision, and made a mess of his own.

Iida didn’t quite have the time to cover Midoriya’s cock. Didn’t even get the time to finish his comment before ropes of white were sprayed across his face.

Midoriya’s orgasm hit so suddenly, his pent up need from days of unrest getting him to that edge a little faster than usual. Faster than Iida could predict. It felt amazing, that golden warmth spreading through his muscles and making his body and skin spasm. His cock pulsated in Iida’s grip, hot and heavy as his seed poured from his tip.

The sensation left Midoriya limp, stars bursting in his vision as those pins and needles spread to his entire body. The ultimate satisfaction was a lingering glow, and Midoriya blinked back the stars to look his lover in the eye.

Or at the very least try.

That afterglow stopped suddenly, that lasting heat radiating in his body dropping as Midoriya sputtered a laugh. His hands flinched, trying and failing to cover his mouth before he quickly sealed his lips shut.

It was too late. The damage was done.

Midoriya had hit his edge, and Iida had earned a coating of cum splattered across his glasses as his reward.

Iida had frozen, his hand still clenched around Midoriya’s cock as he stared into nothingness. He was blinded in white, along with a few stray ropes across the bridge of his nose and down the corner of his lips.

Midoriya felt bad. He felt so so bad. He wanted nothing more than to break free from his cast and help wipe away the cum on Iida’s glasses. Get a wipe to clean his lover’s face. But that wasn’t going to stop Midoriya’s kneejerk need to laugh.

With a quiet poorly held back ’pfft’ from Midoriya, Iida was up and blindly marching across their livingroom, his shoulder smacking into the corner of a wall before he corrected himself and continued.

“I’m sorry!” Midoriya laughed, struggling to his feet without the use of his arms and his now limp dick now free and cold outside his pants. “Tenyaa, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to laugh!”

Midoriya’s belly hit the kitchen island counter as he bent over it with a wheeze and a laugh, his casts clanking against the surface.

“I love you!”

“I love you too, troublemaker!” Iida snapped back, sounding more like he was scolding a child rather than assuring his own love.

Midoriya heard the tap turn on as Iida started furiously scrubbing, and the hero cackled as he pressed his forehead to the counter.

Once Recovery Girl returned he would have to make it up to him.

Chapter Text

Shindou You was the single most smug son-of-a-bitches in the heroing world. The false persona he put on for the public eye oozed charisma and that particularly nauseating ’nice guy’ façade he liked so much.

It was disgusting and all the more frustrating when no one else seemed to see it.

The pretty boy heart-throb he liked to play was far too popular, shooting the sub-par hero up in the ranks at an insane rate. Shindou was riding on Bakugou’s coattails with half the effort and it never failed to get under Bakugou’s skin.

It was impossible to escape. The public seemed to love comparing him to the charming hero. A few little reluctant fights fought side-by-side, and suddenly they were lumped together. That was a normal occurrence in the hero world. One fight together and people were frothing at the mouth for more. It was easy to ignore and move on, but Shindou really was that kind of bitch.

The kind to throw his arm around Bakugou’s shoulder and pull him into pictures. To brag and talk up Bakugou so Bakugou’s own distaste for him seemed petty. To linger and touch and keep that fake smile spread wide while Bakugou glowered at the cameras. To shoot Bakugou those eyes that didn’t quite match the rest of his face, knowing full well no one else would see them.

No one ever fucking believed him either. It was all in his head, even his closest friends told him. It made Bakugou look like the dick and Shindou used that against him.

He pushed buttons. He taunted Bakugou so openly trying to get a rise. He hung around and bothered and followed behind. He pushed his way through Bakugou’s front door and mocked and jeered and pushed Bakugou down on his knees and buried his cock down Bakugou’s throat.

Bakugou’s still pissed at himself for that last one.

Pissed that it never really changed.

Shindou got bolder. Clung to Bakugou and practically threw him in the lens of every camera. Tongues were wagging and rumours spread like wildfire. They’d become the hottest topic with people arguing over their supposed friendship, to the possibility of a merging of careers, to the suggestion that they were much more.

Shindou thrived on it. Thrived on Bakugou’s discomfort. He threw fuel on every flame. Lent in close and whispered utter filth against the shell of Bakugou’s ear, all while smiling so brightly for the cameras.

Little suggestions of what they could do for the cameras.
Implications that Bakugou would enjoy it.
That it was a shame no one got to see just how low their hero could get.

Bakugou couldn’t respond. Couldn’t react. No one would believe him and he’d be seen as the asshole. Bakugou could only seethe and try to jerk away from Shindou’s grip, thankful for the bagginess of his pants.

Shindou wouldn’t let him go until he was done. Until Bakugou was pent up and ready to blow, visibly agitated and snarling at the cameras at which Shindou would apologise on his behalf. Make up some crap about Bakugou being the wild and uncontrollable one. They were all too fucking blind to see the one who needed to be controlled was the fox grinning for them.

It always led to some secluded area from there. The dressing-rooms. A public toilet. The backseat of Bakugou’s tinted windows car. Or, in this case, a back alley, just an earshot away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

It all depended where they were, and where Bakugou could escape to. Not that he could ever go alone. Shindou always loomed over him like a fucking shadow, so casual with his cruelty that it came natural.

The moment they were free from the prying eyes of the public, Shindou had him pressed face first against some scummy alleyway wall. His cheek pressed against the rough surface, one hand pressed against the side of his head to keep him pinned there. A light vibration rumbled against his skull, his vision blurring as his thoughts scrambled. It made it hard to focus, his teeth grit as he couldn’t quite make his eyes focus.

His gloved hands were pressed against the wall too, his hips parted enough from the wall for Shindou to press a hand between them, cupping his dick and balls as more vibrations worked around him.

Bakugou couldn’t help himself. It was shameful and fucking awful, but his hips seemed to work at their own accord, rutting forward and grinding Shindou’s hand against the wall. He chased those vibrations, the sensation tapped directly to his straining cock.

“You’re really pent up today, hah, Katsuki?”

Fuck him. Fuck the smug bastard. Always taunting and teasing and trying to get to his dick, only to turn it around like Bakugou was the indecent one.

“You like those cameras on you, don’t you?”

The only fucking reason Bakugou got a boner for the camera was because Shindou couldn’t keep his fucking perverse thoughts to himself everytime they were on. That wasn’t Bakugou’s fucking fault.

“Do you reckon any of them would follow us?” Shindou suggested, and Bakugou’s hazy eyes snapped to the corner of the alley.

It was no use. He couldn’t focus on a Goddamn thing with his world spinning like it was.

“Desperate,” Shindou continued, grinding the heel of his palm against Bakugou’s cock hard enough for it to hurt.

Bakugou snapped his teeth and hissed, eyes clenched shut as his groin tightened up.

“Humping my hand like a dog. Bet you’d love that,” he accused, wrapping his hand around the outline of Bakugou’s cock and surrounding it in those wild vibrations. “Want the world to know how much of a bitch you are? Broadcast it onto every screen?”

N-no,” Bakugou growled, holding onto whatever dignity he could muster.

Shindou didn’t take to it too kindly, grasping a fistful of hair before pushing down against Bakugou’s head. Squeezing until Bakugou’s skull began to throb.

“I think you’re lying,” Shindou suggested, his voice dangerously close to his ear. Taunting and dripping with cruelty. “I think you’d love everyone knowing what a little slut you are. Hell, you’re so close already just thinking about it.”

Fucker knew it was the vibrations. Who wouldn’t have a boner? That was it. That was all. Bakugou grit his teeth, betrayed by a small whimper.

“What do you think the villains would do to you if they knew? Probably pass you around like the worthless cumdump you are. Grind your pretty little face into the concrete as they fill your gut with their loads.”

To punctuate his point, Shindou ground Bakugou’s face against the wall, delighting in the snarl it earned.

“Fah-fuck you,” Bakugou spat, one ruby eye cracking open to glower in Shindou’s direction. Even with his head throbbing, he could still see that unhinged look in Shindou’s eye. The one only he ever seemed to see.

“Now, Bakugou,” Shindou tutted, squeezing painfully around Bakugou’s sensitive cock. “You know you have to beg for that.”

It was all too much. The vibrations and the tightness around him. The filthy words and that Goddamn look in Shindou’s eye.

Bakugou bit his bottom lip as he came, his hips jutting sporadically as his pants dampened under Shindou’s hand.

The vibrations cut out instantly, the warm hand squeezing around him as his cock throbbed. Bakugou refused to cry out. To make too much noise that Shindou would get the satisfaction of having his fantasies come true. His cum stained the inside of his underwear, the seed smearing over his cock as the tightness around him became unbearable.

Bakugou gasped in pain, his head spinning as Shindou finally backed off, leaving him lightheaded and weak on his feet.

Bakugou sagged against the wall, his shoulder digging in as he tried to straighten up his head, blinking back the static.

He heard a disappointed ’tut’, a click of a tongue before he could focus on the asshole.

“You really are a freak.”

Bakugou huffed in turn, too out of breath to scoff or retaliate. He just needed a breather.

Pressing his back against the wall, the back of Bakugou’s skull lightly smacked the wall, his vision coming to focus as he took a deep breath.

So suddenly, it was cut off. Shindou’s hand was planted around his mouth, the edge pressed just below his nose, and Bakugou’s senses were assaulted with the pungent smell of his own seed.

Shindou leaned into him, wedging a knee between Bakugou’s leg until his thigh was pushed up against Bakugou’s spent cock. The vibrations were instantaneous, applied directly to his sensitive member, and Bakugou’s legs clamped around it on impulse. He thrashed, his hands grasping Shindou’s arm as Shindou pushed his knee higher. Bakugou pushed up onto his toes to escape the intense pressure, but Shindou only followed.

“You got me dirty, Katsuki,” Shindou breathed, leaning close enough to him that his breath warmed Bakugou’s face. “Be a good little bitch and clean up your disgusting seed."

Bakugou opened up his mouth to bite, but Shindou only took advantage of it. The moment Bakugou’s teeth were pried apart, Shindou’s hand slipped in. The side pushed between his teeth, Bakugou’s canine digging into Shindou’s knuckle as the edge of his palm pressed against Bakugou’s tongue.

There wasn’t much but it was there. The slight taste of arousal that had seeped out of his pants onto Shindou’s waiting hand. Bakugou could taste himself, and he squeezed his eyes shut with disgust. It was so absolutely filthy, and Bakugou whined at the taste and the pressure against his soft cock.

Bakugou’s palms heated up, warming Shindou’s skin, and Bakugou heard Shindou hiss at the pain.

”Careful,” Shindou reminded, and Bakugou snarled around the skin in his mouth before he pulled his hands away, slapping them against the side of the wall with a rumbling explosion.

“That’s just going to draw attention, Katsuki,” Shindou chilled, and Bakugou peeked an eye open to glower in return. “Or perhaps that’s what you want? You’d like an audience, wouldn’t you?”

Shindou’s thigh pushed up harder and Bakugou’s eyes rolled back, a pathetic whine sounding from him as he began to drool around Shindou’s hand.

“You like to show off, don’t you? Are you really that cock hungry? Am I not enough for you?”

Shindou’s hand pushed in harder, pressing at the corners of Bakugou’s mouth and prying his jaw apart. It ached. His cock too. Everything ached and sparks popped in Bakugou’s hands.

“A little cumslut like you? You’re never satisfied. Maybe I should leave you here to get fucked by every stranger that passes? Sell your ass for every ugly bastard desperate enough to fuck even someone like you.

“Fu-Furg-k-” Bakugou snarled around his hand, drool caking his chin as his cock throbbed once again, weakly dribbling cum into his already stained pants.

Shindou pulled away, catching Bakugou when he collapsed with him.

Shindou laughed as Bakugou ragdolled, coughing and sputtering and grasping onto the other for support.

“Hey! Woah! Woah! Easy now,” Shindou cooed, easing Bakugou carefully to his knees.

The metal pads on Bakugou’s knees clinked on the concrete. Lowered down, Bakugou’s hands fell to Shindou’s hips, holding on as sparks settled in the base of his spine.

Bakugou was absolutely spent. Coughing and drooling and struggling to sit up on his knees as the fabric rapidly cooled around his limp cock.

He glanced up, eyeing the shadow cast over Shindou’s face. That mask was gone. That happy friendly bastard Shindou pretended to be. His eyes were nothing short of cruel, delighting in the state Bakugou was in. It was stupidly attractive, and Bakugou turned and spat at the concrete in frustration.

A hand fell into his hair, brushing the grit and debris from a day of work away.

“You’re still thirsty for my cock, huh?”

“You-” Bakugou wavered, hazed eyes fixed on the pick’s face. “You put me down here.”

Shindou chuckled. Actually fucking chuckled. It set Bakugou’s blood ablaze and he bore his teeth and snarled in return.

“Then get up.”

Bakugou’s fists tightened, fisting the material of Shindou’s pants as he narrowed his eyes. He didn’t budge.

He never did.

“Face the truth, Katsuki, you stay because you like it.”

“Go fuck yourself.”

“If you insist,” Shindou shrugged off.

He made a move to step back only to be halted by Bakugou’s hands holding on tight, refusing to let him leave.

Shindou laughed again, self-satisfied and knowing.

“Then get to work.”

Bakugou hated him. Hated his stupid smug face and how well he did it. Hated that his body acted naturally and he didn’t really need to think about it. That he leant forward on instinct, heart hammering in his chest.

He hated Shindou’s stupid fucking scent. How his clothed cock felt against the bridge of his nose. How thick and warm it felt, and how his mouth watered at the thought. How Shindou’s hand grasped the hair on the back of his head and pushed him forward, smashing Bakugou’s face against his growing erection and holding him there until Bakugou wrapped his lips around the outline and sucked.

Most of all, he hated that he loved it. He hated how degrading it all felt, and how it went straight to his overused cock. How his body still vibrates even without Shindou using his quirk. Hated that he instantly imagined cameras filming his filthy act. How the thought of waking up in the morning to find his lewd actions all over the news filled him with dread and unwanted arousal.

Hated how he responded so well to Shindou’s voice, and how it seemed to have a direct line to his dick.

“You’ve got a knack for this, you know?” Shindou hummed, his stupid sexy voice making Bakugou suck harder around the width of his cock. “You might never make it to number one hero, but at least you’re in for a shot as Japan’s hungriest cock sucker.”

Bakugou’s brows pinched, his hands heating as they burnt away at Shindou’s costume.

Shindou pushed him tighter, the heavy scent of Shindou’s arousal forcing a groan from the blond on his knees.

“Don’t worry. When I make it to the top I won't forget you. After all, I need a pretty little bitch’s mouth to keep my dick warm.”

Bakugou tightened a hand into a fist and slammed the side against Shindou’s hip, only early a laugh for his action.

“Relax! You’re so aggressive, Katsu! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you nice and full. When I’m busy saving the people, you can keep my sidekicks nice and satisfied. Chain you up in the common room to use as they see fit. Every good agency needs a good cumdump.”

Bakugou slammed his fist again, sparks popping in his palm before Shindou wrenched his head away from his groin.

“Open up, slut.”

Bakugou’s top lip lifted into a sneer, teeth bared as Shindou fished out his cock.

Heart hammering in his chest, Bakugou slowly opened his mouth, willing and waiting.

“Tongue out.”

Bakugou glared daggers up at the smiling man, heat blooming in his face before his tongue slipped over teeth and his bottom lip.

Shindou’s hand left Bakugou’s hair and Bakugou lent back, mouth open and waiting as Shindou jerked himself off.

When he came, it didn’t exactly hit his mark. White ropes traced over his tongue and lips at first, before arching up to carve a mark over Bakugou’s mask. It sprayed over the bridge of his nose and Bakugou closed his eyes before it sat heavy in his eyelashes. It traced over his cheek, marring Bakugou’s red face in white seed. It dripped from every surface. Over his fringe and an eyebrow. Across his forehead and down to his spit covered chin. Only a part of it had reached his actual tongue.

Swallowing it down, Bakugou pulled away, face twisted in disgust.

“Nice aim, jackass.”

Bakugou heard a click, his eyes snapping open to stare up at the camera of a phone, and the pleased smile of the bastard behind it.

“Now that’s a pretty sight. You think it would sell?”

“Fucker!” Pushing himself up from his knees, Bakugou grabbed for the phone, chests pressed against each other as Shindou raised it up over his head.

The bastard laughed, holding it just out of reach while Bakugou glowered eye-to-eye.

“Give me the phone, fuckface.”

Shindou hummed, grinning that stupid wicked smile.

“What’s it worth to you?”

Bakugou scoffed as he pulled away. He reached up to wipe the cum from his face on his right wrist, his left hand catching Shindou’s wrist before he dragged him towards the corner of the alley again, marching off back home.

Shindou laughed, the still present photo of Shindou’s own smug smile plastered on the screen of the phone.