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Temptation’s Galore (breaking restraint)

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Temptation’s Galore (breaking restraint)

Those eyes, god damn

Your style, top ten

Yeah it’s us, tonight

All I want, all I want is your touch


“Jiangcheng, my eyes are up here!”


“Shut up you annoying ass.” Jiangcheng hissed, whipping his head around to glower at Weiying.


The entire fiasco with regards to Jin Guangyao was finally behind them, putting an end to the decade long war at last. But with it had come the destabilisation of the sects, plunging all four families into utter chaos. The betrayal and truth had rocked the power dynamics between the sects, and the Lanling Jin Sect was at its most vulnerable due to the vacant position at the top of the hierarchy. Two months without a leader was far too long, and as expected Jingling would be the next leader even though it pained Jiangcheng to let his nephew go. The boy was still just a child…


“He has grown you know.” Weiying said gently, once again breaking Jiangcheng out from his train of thoughts.


“I know. But he isn’t ready to fulfil that vacuum of power left behind, and definitely not to deal with the Qinghe Nie Sect’s demands of retribution.” Jiangcheng answered flatly, shaking his head as he faced Weiying, his expression grim.


“I can’t deny that Jingling lacks experience. But he has us and we all know Huaisang was only out for revenge. He doesn’t want anything else from the Lanling Jin Sect.” Weiying argued, clasping Jiangcheng’s shoulder firmly, “If we keep counting debts we’ll never have peace. You know that.”


The last phrase is said quietly, and Jiangcheng lets out a deep sigh, shooting Weiying a wry smile. A decade or so had passed and the revelation of everything was enough to make the Yungmeng Jiang Sect leader reconsider his position and views. In truth he was tired of being angry all the time, forever chasing a mirage of revenge when in the end the actual matter always alluded his grasp. He was the youngest of all the leaders, and even then, the difference in experience was enough to draw a gap between him and the other leaders. A part of him secretly wondered what would have happened if he had figured this out earlier, and if the deaths of those he held closest could have been prevented.


“Jiangcheng, you’ve got to stop blaming yourself. There is nothing we can do about what has already happened. We can only move forward and in this case, help Jingling.” Weiying paused, squeezing Jiangcheng’s shoulder once before letting go, “Which is why I came today.”


“For once being helpful?” Jiangcheng teased, earning a snort from Weiying who crossed his arms, his ponytail swaying in the breeze.


“I mean, we could talk about your love life and how you’ve been making eyes at a particular Gusu Lan Sect me-”


“Shut. Up.” Jiangcheng hissed, slapping a hand over Weiying’s mouth in horror. The other man however merely rolled his eyes before shoving Jiangcheng’s hand away, tutting under his breath.


“What are you even so embarrassed about? I’m practically a walking example of homosexuality. Did you think I was going to judge you?” Weiying raised an eyebrow, smirking as Jiangcheng punched him, expression darkening.


“Weiying I swear, if one more-”


“We just want you to be happy.” Weiying interrupted, expression becoming sombre as he turned his gaze towards his brother, “And you’ve spent a decade taking care of Jingling without finding a partner for yourself.”


“I tried.” Jiangcheng muttered, only to scowl as Weiying laughed loudly in his face.


“You call three blind dates trying? Let’s not forget how they were all women and that tall order for your ideal wife! Seems to me you were just trying to avoid getting married. Besides,” Weiying smirked, jerking his head towards the left, “isn’t he more your type?”


Tilting his head to the left, Jiangcheng felt his retort die in his chest as four men came into view. One of them was Lanzhan of course, since Weiying never separated far from his husband. Jingling and Lanyuan were there too, but Jiangcheng’s focus was on someone else entirely. Lustrous black hair like the night sky, skin as pale as the first snow that would sweep Lotus Pier in winter, Jiangcheng could only watch as the beautiful man argued with Jingling, an annoyed pout on his lips. His stature, those shoulders that dipped into a slight v, tapering at the waist, was made to be held. His voice that carried over with the wind, like the whisperings of fairies but as fiery as the fire mountains of legends called for his attention. Those hands that gripped a sword, fingers elegant and gentle, poised gracefully over the sheathe cried for worship, to trace every groove and kiss every vein. Lan Jingyi, with eyes the colour of sunlight gold and porcelain skin made to be bruised was filling up his soul, whipping up a deep frenzy in Jiangcheng that would be otherwise inappropriate.


“He’s Jingling’s best friend.” Jiangcheng finally mumbled, turning his head away from the scene before him even as his ears burned.


“You also think he’s really attractive and would love to tie him up with Zidi-”


“Do you have no shame?!” Jiangcheng snarled, hands covering Weiying’s mouth in abject terror. There was a momentary pause as Weiying gave his best sorrowful face and with an annoyed tsk Jiangcheng reluctantly released him. For a while Weiying said nothing, contented to bathe in the silence before his voice once again piped up.


“So, you did think about it?”


“… I’m a decade or so older than him.” Jiangcheng muttered, side eying Weiying moodily.


“I don’t think he would say not to the advances of the Sandu Shengshou though.” Weiying hummed thoughtfully, nudging Jiangcheng playfully, “What are you actually worried about?”


“If I wanted to just fuck it wouldn’t have to be him specifically would it?” Jiangcheng hissed, scowling as Weiying gaped at him in shock.


“You’re kidding right?”




“Jiangcheng, you’re just pulling my leg right? Right? Like old times?”


“…” Jiangcheng flushed, spinning around to walk down the stone path to the pavilion further down.


“You’ve got to be joking! Him? Really?” Weiying hissed, increasing his speed as he joined Jiangcheng, his voice going up on octave, “Since when?! No, more importantly, why?”


“What do you mean why?” Jiangcheng whispered, his cheeks pink even as he kicked his robes, settling down on the stone seat.


“He’s Jinling’s best friend!” Weiying snapped, tone shocked as he waves away the servants that had taken a step towards them, “How did you even get close enough to get to know him? Let alone- No. No way.” Weiying gaped in disbelief as Jiangcheng covered his face with one hand, red flush crawling up his neck.


“Jiangcheng, please tell me you did not deflower my disciple.” Weiying whispered harshly, his hand reaching forward to shake Jiangcheng forcefully, “You know that the Gusu Lan Sect doesn’t take such things lightly!”


“I didn’t deflower him! He came onto me!” Jiangcheng snapped before his eyes widened and he swore under his breath, hiding his face in mortification.


“He came onto you?! Jingyi?! LanYi?! Are we talking about the same person here?” Weiying mock shrieked, voice coming out in a high-pitched rasp.


“Yes, now will you please lower your damn voice!” Jiangcheng hissed, his own voice coming out breathless as he stared at Weiying deploringly. His brother returned the gaze before finally slumping forward, banging his head against the table.


“How am I going to answer this to Lanzhan? That my own brother stole the virginity of one-”


“Stop moaning! I didn’t steal anything! If anything, he-” Jiangcheng stopped short, face flushing once more as he groaned out loud, “I hate you so much right now.”


“Half of me is intrigued and the other half is in disbelief. Who are you and what have you done to my brother?” Weiying mumbled, cheek pressed against the table, “I can’t believe you got done in by someone a decade younger than you.”


“… Stop saying it out loud! And I didn’t get done in by anyone, we haven’t, we didn’t,” Jiangcheng stumbled over his words, smacking Weiying’s head as he turned a delicious pink, “we didn’t do it.”


“Why? I mean, it’s good that you didn’t, but we don’t share the same morals as them. If he had offered and you were into it, don’t deny that you weren’t,” Weiying raised a finger accusingly, poking Jiangcheng’s cheek sternly, “why did you reject his advances?”


Jiangcheng groaned, burying his head into his arms as he mumbled out a reply.


“You’re muffling your voice. I can’t hear you.” Weiying stated bluntly, poking Jiangcheng’s cheek once more.


“I said,” Jiangcheng took in a deep breath, pulling his hands away from his face, “he was drunk when he kissed me and then he offered me his headband!”


Silence filled the resident grounds before Weiying jumped up, his voice echoing as he shouted.




“Shut it! You’ll attract attention and your husband will-”


“Who cares about that?! You’re telling me Jingyi gave you his headband? You know what that means! You’re smarter than me that way!” Weiying spluttered, shaking Jiangcheng like a ragdoll.


“I know. Which is why I was studiously avoiding him until you came and brought him along on your little visit.” Jiangcheng gritted out.


“But why? He literally gave you express permission. You like him, he’s obviously head over heels in love with you, just get it on already!” Weiying shrugged, frowning as Jiangcheng stared at him in disbelief.


“Me, Lotus Pier. Him, Cloud Recesses. And that’s ignoring the fact we’re both men-”


“Jiangcheng, did you enjoy it when he kissed you?” Weiying interrupted, his gaze knowing as he eyed his brother, his gaze drilling a hole into his figure.


“T-That…” Jiangcheng trailed off, blushing slightly as he thought back to the kiss.


“Come here.”


“Wait, Jingyi-”


“It’s Lanyi.”


“No, Jingyi you’re dru-mphff!!”


He couldn’t complete his sentence before he was yanked by the collar of his robes, the younger man pressing into his personal space and attacking his lips. The kiss was soft at first, the moulding of satin lips against his own before Jingyi began to move, pressing and sucking lightly on his bottom lip. It’s warm, the wet sound of their lips separating and coming together filling the air as the two of them breathed heavily, bodies growing more and more heated. Trembling, Jiangcheng could only groan into the kiss as Jingyi pushed him onto the bed, their lips separating for a brief moment before the younger was back to devouring him.




“More, pretty, pretty please.” Jingyi gasped, whining against Jiangcheng’s mouth as he hovered over him, moonlight shining through the nearby window. He looked ethereal, his ponytail mussed up and his lips slick and swollen. Even at night his skin was pale, peeking out from underneath his messy robes and showing off delicate collar bones that Jiangheng wanted to devour. He looked appetising, like a prince that had descended from the stars that Jiangcheng wanted to keep, tie up and never let go. The Gusu Lan Sect clothes hung from Jingyi’s shoulders, narrowing down at his waist with the belt, and without thinking Jiangcheng found his hands drifting downwards, palms kneading the soft supple flesh.


“A-Ah!” Jingyi’s head jerked upwards, his facial expressions transforming as he whimpered, lips trembling as his ass hesitatingly pressed backwards against Jiangcheng’s hands.


This was a bad idea, but Jiangcheng couldn’t find it within him to stop as his gripped tightened. Jingyi’s eyes were watering, his bottom lip trembling preciously as he tried to stifle his moans. Every grope and pinch, feeling the fullness of Jingyi’s behind was driving him up the wall. With one fluid movement Jiangcheng switched their positions, his hand grasping onto Jingyi’s neck as he pushed the younger onto the bed, pressing his knee between Jingyi’s legs.


“Hng-!!” Jingyi flinched, eyes closing as he whined, hips pushing against Jiangcheng’s knee. Swallowing hard, Jiangcheng began to grind his knee against Jingyi’s erection, his thumb brushing Jingyi’s cheek as the younger man began to mewl, letting out little desperate huffs. Lifting his hips, Jingyi began to move, matching the grinding rhythm with whines and gasps of his own.


“That’s it. So good. So good for me.” Jiangcheng whispered, letting out a small laugh as Jingyi’s eyes flew open, locking gazes with him.


“O-Only for you.” Jingyi panted, and Jiangcheng felt like he could combust right there and then as the younger picked up the pace, hips stuttering with need and his chest heaving.


“Beautiful.” Jiangcheng breathed, eyes soft as Jingyi began to shake, hands clawing at the silk sheets as his hips jerked with anticipation. The younger man bit his bottom lip, back arching as his thighs tensed, gasping as he clung onto Jiangcheng, swept away by the brutal rhythm. With a sudden surge of strength and herculean effort, Jingyi reached for his forehead and pulled off his headband, crying out as the knee against his erection seem to quicken with intensity. The movement should have shocked the elder, but Jiangcheng was too enamoured by Jingyi’s eyes, the pupils blown and his lips bitten red and sucked swollen.


“Hng, hm-ah! C-C-” Jingyi stammered, his fingers curling around Jiangcheng’s shoulders as he gave out a sharp sob, his calves lifting off the bed.


“Come.” Jiangcheng purred, his hand grasping Jingyi’s neck firmly as his knee came to an abrupt stop, pressing harshly against Jingyi’s erection. It didn’t take long for Jingyi to fall apart, the sudden stop sending him tumbling over the edge, his back arching as he gave a soft moan. All Jiangcheng could do was admire, watch the show as Jingyi writhed on the bed, biting his knuckles as his legs shivered uncontrollably from ecstasy.


“No, let me hear you.” Jiangcheng murmured, pulling Jingyi’s hands and watching as the other turned to look at him, eyelashes dotted with tears and chest heaving, “How did it feel?”


“F-Feel?” Jingyi stammered, fingers still shaking from the aftermath of his orgasm.


“That was your first wasn’t it?” Jiangcheng stated calmly, even as the inner demon within him howled with delight. That had been Jingyi’s first orgasm, what with Cloud Recesses’ obsession with purity and virtue, and the joy at having been the younger’s first partner made something in him sing. The look that Jingyi bore, cheeks pink and ponytail askew, messy strands of his hair falling over his face, robes ruffled and the slightly wet front between his thighs was delicious. At his question Jingyi nodded his head, blinking slowly before a shy smile crossed his face.


“Good to me.” Jingyi murmured, hand reaching up to stroke Jiangcheng’s cheek.


“You’re drunk.” Jiangcheng stated flatly, but even then, he didn’t move, letting Jingyi run his thumb along his jaw and play with his hair.


“Hmm… Still mine.” Jingyi whispered, ducking his face into the pillow even as he peeked out of it to flash a soft smile, “Still… mine.” With a yawn Jingyi settled down, eyes closing as he removed his hands from Jiangcheng’s body, curling up into a ball as he turned on his side to sleep.


“You’re such a troublemaker.” Jiangcheng muttered, even as he pulled a blanket over the younger man, ignoring how hard he was. He had never expected something like this from the younger, and while Jiangcheng was never impartial towards the other, what a lie, with his bravery and moral compass, he had never expected to be accosted this way. Not that it would be considered that if both parties were willing, Jiangcheng thought drily as he got up. Either way, there was a high likelihood Jingyi wouldn’t remember this, Jiangcheng mused as he walked towards the door, and besides, he was old enough to understand the rules of fooling around. No one mentions what happened.


All those thoughts however, came to a halt when he passed a mirror, the flash of white catching his eye. Jiangcheng never wore white, after all that was the colour of the Gusu Lan Sect. Yumeng Jiang Sect always wore purple and perplexed by what he saw, he couldn’t possibly be that drunk after all, Jiangcheng found himself ducking under the curtains to face the mirror.


One look was all it took for the air to leave Jiangcheng’s lungs, his mouth falling open in shock as he stared at his reflection. For high up, messily done but still there, was Jingyi’s head band around his ponytail.


For the first time in a long while, Jiangcheng felt his heart skip a beat.


“Wait so you kept the head band?”


“Of course not!” Jiangcheng hissed, looking around wildly before whipping his head around to glower at Weiying, “I tied it back around that brat’s head.”


“That brat who you basically gave his first orgasm?” Weiying raised an eyebrow, lifting both arms protectively as Jiangcheng growled, smacking his head harshly.


“He was drunk! It shouldn’t have happened.” Jiangcheng groused, pursing his lips as Weiying frowned, cocking his head to the side.


“You think he doesn’t remember!” Weiying accused and Jiangcheng spluttered.


“Does it matter if he remembers or not? He hasn’t come talk to me or mentioned anything about it!”


“Jiangcheng you basically had sex with the boy, by Gusu Lan Sect’s standards at least, and then rejected his proposal of fidelity! Why would he even come near you?” Weiying snapped, looking at Jiangcheng as if he was stupid.


“W-Well, maybe he just doesn’t remember! We shouldn’t create ripples in a still pond.” Jiangcheng argued, flushing as he looked at his surroundings, watching the garden, “We all know the Lan family can’t hold their liquor any way.”


Silence. Long drawn silence followed, and Jiangcheng felt himself shift, eyeing Weiying who was now looking at him with pity, mouth twitching slightly.




“Jiangcheng, Jiangcheng ah…” Weiying snorted, covering his mouth with a hand as he tried to hold back laughter.


“What?! Stop being all smug and just-”


“The Lan family can’t hold their liquor that’s true. But that only applies to the older generation.” Weiying grinned sharply, his eyes glinting, “And it just so happens that Lan Jingyi is the best drinker of the Lan family. In fact, I’m pretty sure his alcohol tolerance matches Jingling.”


“... Y-You’re joking.” Jiangcheng breathed, staring at Weiying in horror.


“We all know Jingling’s alcohol tolerance ranks third after me and you. And if this incident happened at the banquet held just last month, where all the Emperor Smile’s wine was diluted by the way,” Weiying side eyed Jiangcheng, smirking, “It’s safe to surmise that Lan Jingyi was very much sober when he gave you his head band.”


“He’s too young.” Jiangcheng protested weakly.


“Everyone is young in your eyes. You act like a sixty-year old man.” Weiying scolded, nudging Jiangcheng pointedly, “He’s young but weren’t you the one who kept praising him for his cultivation skills and sense of duty? Who was the one going on about moral compasses while being inches away from punching one of your own Sect members-”


“That would have been a justified hit.” Jiangcheng interrupted, scowling.


“It would’ve. I should have gotten a few punches in myself. What on earth was that fool thinking, saying such things about the Lanling Jin Sect.” Weiying muttered darkly before perking up again, “But see, you fancy him!”


“He’s a kid!” Jiangcheng hissed, almost stamping his foot in frustration as he glared stubbornly at Weiying.




“Who’s a kid?” A soft voice interrupted them, and Jiangcheng jerked backwards, looking over his shoulder only to do a double take.


Speak of the devil and he shall appear after all.


“We were just discussing methods to ensure the stability of the Lanling Jin Sect.” Weiying responded, smiling kindly at Sizhui, nodding as Jinling seemed to straighten, countenance becoming alert, “We’re trying to see if an ambassador or embassy would work between the Sects and Jiangcheng was being vocal about his choices.”


“Ambassador?” Lan Wangji questioned, voice low as he looked at the two, a small furrow appearing between his brows.


“It’s not threatening to the actual running of the Sect and it would ensure the smooth transfer of information. Not to mention it represents diplomatic ties through something other than marriage. If we wish to discuss dangers I would say having a member there as a hostage is a good countermeasure.” Weiying explained, keeping his tone light even as his gaze drifted towards Jiangcheng.


“Well I agree with you on this matter, but I’m not about to go letting anyone into my Sect either. At least let it be someone I can tolerate.” Jiangcheng answered flatly, internally wondering since when did his brother become so adept at lying or twisting conversations.


“Is that so?’ Weiying sang, and almost immediately Jiangcheng felt the hair on the back of his neck stand, his gaze sharpening as he turned his attention to Weiying, his gut twinging nervously.


“What are you-”


“Then let’s send Jingyi!” Weiying commanded cheerfully, grinning widely as the group stared at him in surprise.


“Huh?! Are you out of your mind?!” Jiangcheng snarled, his ears heating up as he almost raised a hand to hit Weiying. This meddlesome little piece of sh-


“… I would be honoured, but that is if Sect Leader Jiang accepts of course.” The bright voice, the casual tone laced with nervousness was one he could recognise anywhere. Jiangcheng could feel himself melting as he turned to face the owner, his cold heart off-beat, echoing in his chest.


Drowning in eyes of warm sunshine, Jiangcheng thought as he finally made eye contact with Jingyi. The younger man had always been beautiful to Jiangcheng. In fact, from the moment he laid eyes on Jingyi when Jingling had brought home his friends, Jiangcheng’s gaze had been drawn towards the other. Perhaps it was in the way he carried himself, all fierce open bravado. Or was it the way he moved, poised and graceful, yet clumsy in his eagerness to serve?


When Jingyi had first appeared, eyes glowing and cheeks flushed, bowing before him, Jiangcheng for a moment thought he was seeing a restrained version of his brother. At least until the youth lifted his head and gave a shy smile, gaze skittering off to the side that made the inner beast in Jiangcheng stir. It was a hunger unlike any other, ravenous in its pursuit which surprised Jiangcheng as few people ever created such longing within him. He has had his interaction with beautiful people, and while the Gusu Lan Sect was famous for their beauty, Jiangcheng had never looked at the men there with anything but cool indifference. Except something about Jingyi seemed fragile, and Jiangcheng wanted to bend the boy. And not merely over a solid surface.


It was the way Jingyi talked, all rapid fire and loud noise when angered. Truthfully it should have made Jiangcheng turn away in distaste, but he only found himself intrigued as the boy would fall silent when corrected, cheeks flushing even as he nodded obediently. Perhaps it’s that nod, Jiangcheng had mused, the submissive acceptance that he had over stepped a line and allowed himself to be corrected. It left him wondering just how well Jingyi took to orders, wondered if he left Zidian wrapped around the younger’s torso, if he fingered the man till he was loose and aching, how well Jingyi would listen to him. Would the other beg deliciously? All tiny pants and desperate ruts against his thigh, or would he deny Jiangcheng, pompous and poised? A secret part of him hoped and suspected it was the first, while a darker part wanted to see it happen with his own eyes.


He knew that with all technicalities he shouldn’t. That such thoughts and actions of a Sect leader were inappropriate. Ignoring age and gender aside, which frankly speaking wasn’t that big of an issue for cultivators, the problem remained for two reasons. Firstly, because Jiangcheng had no heir to the Yumeng Jiang Sect, and he would never have any should he refuse to marry. He could technically adopt, but he had just spent a good portion of his life raising Jingling. Would he want to do that without a partner to another child a second time? It wasn’t as if raising Jingling was smooth sailing. But if the issue could be resolved by finding a partner then it wouldn’t be much of a problem in the first place.


Secondly, the bigger matter was, in truth, how much he wanted Jingyi. Weiying asking him if he had enjoyed the kiss was subtle but accurate – Jiangcheng was scared by his own desire. He knew he had always been rough but being stern and strict was one thing. What always scared his partners away was just how cruel he could be to them. It wasn’t the type of cruelty that involved blood shed or loved ones dying, that was ridiculous. It was Jiangcheng’s desire to monopolise them, to pin them down and lock them up far away from the sight of others and the cruelty of the world. He wanted the allowance to break them into pieces, and then fix them back with his love, all the while being reassured that he was the only one who could see them like this. The only one that they would allow to do this.


A long time ago Jiangcheng had been afraid of himself, worried he was hurting others. But then he decided that there wasn’t enough time for him to sort that out while taking care of Jingling and had resigned himself to singlehood for the rest of his life. Except Jingyi had burst in, awakening the deep hunger in Jiangcheng. The monster that wanted to bury itself so deep in Jingyi that the other man would never have anyone else, would never want anyone else. He wanted to punish him for every mistake he made, Zidian sparking through the air and have the other accept it, apologise, adore him for it. He wanted to hide him away from the manipulation of the others, kiss Jingyi’s inner wrists and weave a purple sash in his hair. But a part of him wondered if Jingyi could reconcile both those sides. If Jingyi could match him blow for blow, and still come out unscathed and accepting.


They do say that if one fears to hurt the other they would never ever do so. The awareness makes them careful, and for once Jiangcheng wants. He wants to pull Jingyi close, hide him in his chamber and bruise him with his lips, marking up soft white thighs. He wants to love him as much as he punishes him, weaving braids in Jingyi’s hair and nosing sleepily in his shoulder. He wants to spread those legs and milk Jingyi dry, watch as his toes curl and the other willingly takes everything he has to give. He wants to build a library filled with books on cultivation for the other and raise lanterns that would glow just like the Cloud Recesses should Jingyi miss home. He wants to sit the other in his lap, watch as legs part eagerly and hips lewdly sway to entice him. He wants to kiss the other on the forehead goodnight, run his fingers through Jingyi’s hair and spoil him with all that he desires. But most of all, Jiangcheng wanted Jingyi to stay. For the boy to see and experience and still choose him again and again and again.


Night-hunt with me, Jiangcheng thinks, the monster prowling within his body.


Dare to night-hunt with me for the rest of my life.


Prove me wrong.


“… Tch, very well.” Jiangcheng finally says, his eyes raking over Jingyi’s face. It’s not the answer the younger man expects to hear as wide deer-like eyes greets Jiangcheng, shock written all over his features.


“Wow that’s as good as a recommendation letter from uncle.” Jingling suddenly says, earning a snarl from Jiangcheng who spins around to glower at his nephew.


“Well now that it’s settled, let’s just try it out between the two Sects for a month or so! Jinling will only officially be made the leader next week after all. You’re still in the middle of moving no?” Weiying shifts the conversation, grabbing Jingling’s attention.


“I’ll be leaving tonight to supervise the changes at Lanling Jin Sect. I’ve already given orders to the movers here and any mistakes would be rectified by uncle.” Jingling answered readily, his expression serious.


“Actually, if that’s the case he should bring Sizhui with him.” Weiying frowned, pursing his lips, “it would at least give off the impression of support from the Gusu Lan Sect. I don’t believe the Qinghe Nie Sect would be foolish enough to launch an attack, but it’s better to be careful. Especially with Huaisang’s weak hold over the family.”


“A show of solidarity.” Sizhui murmured, nodding his head before turning to Jingling, expression open, “If you’ll have me I’d love to stay.”


“W-What? Stay? Why would you, I mean, it isn’t as if I can refuse since it’s for the good of the Lanling Jin Sect right? Stay if you want to I guess!” Jinling blustered, ears turning red as he flailed about for words, earning a graceful smile from Sizhui and an unimpressed stare from Jingyi.


Ahh… I see. Jiangcheng sighed, reaching up a hand to massage his forehead. He could almost picture the disappointment on his ancestor’s faces. Not having just one but three homosexuals in the family? He paused, glancing at the Lan family before shaking his head. At least his ancestors were dead. He couldn’t imagine what Lan Qiren had to go through every time a new disciple declared his intentions to be with a man instead of a woman. Or are we the ones leading them astray? Jiangcheng mused, a corner of his lips quirking upwards before he reverted to his stern image, turning away from Jingyi who had been watching him once more with surprised golden eyes.


“Tonight, there would be a banquet to honour your departure. Make sure everything is in order before you leave.” Jiangcheng sternly said to Jinling, watching as his nephew nodded, bowing respectfully, “I’ll head to my office to settle my administrative duties now. I’ll see you all at the feast.” Bowing to Weiying and Lan Wangji, Jiangcheng walked away, brushing past Jingyi coldly, his expression unwavering even as his heart laughed manically.




You’ll be mine.


In less than a minute since Jiangcheng left, the area exploded with noise. Weiying collapsed onto the stone chair, laughing loudly as Jingling hurried over, expression eager. Meanwhile Lanzhan said nothing, merely resting against the pillar, though his eyes spoke of great interest and curiosity. Smiling at the scene before him, Sizhui gently pulled Jingyi, Lan Yiover, sitting him down before Weiying. If anyone else had popped in then it would have seemed as though they were engaging in a secret strategic meeting, plotting to take down an enemy of theirs.


Which, well to be fair, wasn’t quite far off if one took it sexually.


“So? What did my uncle say? Did he remember?” Jinling asked, eyes glittering with mirth as he spoke out loud.


“Will you lower your voice?!” Jingyi snapped before clearing his throat, lowering his own as he spoke, “D-Did you talk to him about it Senior Wei?”


“I did!” Weiying sang, giggling before he smirked, leering at Jingyi, “You left quite an impression on him.”


“What’s that even supposed to mean?” Jingling huffed, slapping his hand against the table, “Details! That’s what we need!”


“Are you sure you want the details?” Weiying teased, wriggling his eyebrows playfully, “My brother went into quite explicit deta-”


“NOT THOSE KINDS OF DETAILS!” Jingling roared as Jingyi turned red, hands reaching out to touch his cheeks as if that would cool him down. At the mention of details Lanzhan smacked Weiying gently across the head, expression flushed as his brows furrowed.


“Perhaps we should avoid uh, explicit recounts?” Sizhui suggested, clearing his throat uncomfortably.


“You guys are no fun.” Weiying sighed before his grin turned cheeky, “but I was being serious! He enjoyed his…time with you Jingyi. And, and!!” He raised his voice as Lanzhan moved to seemingly hit him again, “he thought you were drunk when you offered your head band so he rejected it out of courtesy!”


“Oh!” Jingyi found himself squeaking, cheeks turning pink once more as every single person at the table turned their gaze towards him. It made him uncomfortable, and dare he say even a little scared as Jingling cracked his knuckles, smile a little off kilter, while everyone else seem to giggle hysterically.




“You know what this means right?” Jingling grinned, smirking smugly.


“If you say square up I won’t spend time with you anymore.” Sizhui replies calmly and Jingling flinches, biting his lip before turning his head to the side.


(“Wasn’t going to anyway…” Jingling mumbled, sulking sullenly.)


“You’ve got to offer your head band to him in conditions where he won’t doubt you.” Weiying explains, holding up a finger as he ponders, “Preferably with no alcohol or any kind of inebriation involved.”


“Do you want me dead?” Jingyi asks bluntly, staring at Weiying incredulously, “I’m not you Senior Wei! He’s the great Sandu Shengshou who wields Zidian! Let’s not forget what he’s like when he gets angry or how he tortured those people thinking they were you. I don’t want to die you know!”


“Well if you want to be with him you’ve got to get used to pain.” Weiying replies sternly before cocking an eyebrow at Jingyi, his smile mischievous, “My brother has unique tastes after all.”


“Wh-!!” Jingyi choked, turning redder as Sizhui calmly pats him on the back, expression starkly neutral just like his adoptive father even amid Jingling’s yowls of displeasure, much like a soaked cat.




“I don’t think you should be shocked by all these. In fact, I’m pretty sure the Gusu Lan Sect is notorious for being passionate lovers.” Weiying stated, raising an arm just in time to block Lanzhan’s hit, “And while I’m very pleased with my married life, I’m not just saying this from experience. Your Sect’s history of restraint only to ultimately give yourself to one person means there’s a lot that you want. Am I not right when I say there is a certain amount of possessiveness that follows when you gift your head band?”


“You’re not wrong.” Sizhui answers slowly, lifting a hand to his chin as he thought it over, “We’re to hold self-restraint in all worldly matters, so when we take off the head band and give it to someone else we’re essentially saying that person becomes our self-restraint. And if that person doesn’t ask of us to stop we let all our desires be channelled into that single figure. In that sense, and I’m not sure about everyone, but I’ll probably become greedy and desperate. I’d want to keep the person close with me, dislike people touching them, and I’d want to be physically intimate all the time.”


(“G-Greedy? D-Desperate? Close and dislike people touching them? Physically intimate a-all the time?!” Jingling whimpered softly, ears burning red as he stared at Sizhui, his eyes darting away as the other turned to give him a gentle smile. For some strange reason though, Jingling seemed to have missed the slight curl of Sizhui’s lips, resembling that of a satisfied smirk. Naughty, Weiying thought, a smug grin on his face.)


“I mean, I guess it makes sense that we’re passionate lovers.” Jingyi continued, oblivious to his surroundings, “But I don’t know if I can live up to his expectations…”


“Oh my!” Weiying jerked, eyes wide as he stared at Jingyi, “That expression… No wonder Jiangcheng wants you.” Weiying laughed, shaking his head, “Look just don’t drink tonight. He’ll come find you and when that happens hand him the head band. Don’t play around, and don’t worry. You two are a fine match.”


“You really think so? I kind of thought it was just my imagination…” Jingyi hesitated, biting his lip.


“You’re really too cute Jingyi.” Weiying smiled warmly, “Jiangcheng is going to love you.”


(Weiying doesn’t elaborate on why though Jingyi continues to ask him, needling for answers. He couldn’t tell Jingyi the reason, could he? Not because he wanted to tease the other, but because the reason was far too explicit. Jingyi with his nervous demeanour, the anxiety and desire to make Jiangcheng happy, the insecurity mixed with confidence, all of it was like an aphrodisiac to his brother. Jiangcheng always did love the submissive ones, but what he needed most was someone who could claim him back the way he claimed others. His brother might have Zidian, Weiying grinned smugly, twisting a lock of hair between his fingers, but Jingyi had his head band. And that ribbon, Weiying could attest, made for very good bondage rope.)


The banquet was in full swing, and Jiangcheng wanted nothing but to return to his chambers and drink. It was too loud and festive, people talking and singing, making random salutations and weird noises. On most occasions he wouldn’t care, might even enjoy the celebration or leave early. But this was a party to say goodbye to Jingling so he could hardly just disappear, though the idea was starting to tempt him. Sighing under his breath Jiangcheng could only rub his temples with his fingers as he downed another glass of wine, his headache growing in magnitude. Swirling the sweet liquid across his tongue before gulping it down, Jiangcheng watched with growing gratefulness as Weiying continued laughing, entertaining the guests which he should have overseen.


It didn’t take long for his concentration to wander away from the conversation, content to bask in Weiying’s voice and the raucous laughter that followed wherever his brother went. Gaze travelling away from his right where Weiying was arguing with Jingling, Jiangcheng allowed his attention to turn to his left, watching as Szihui speaks softly to Jingyi, the two of them in their own bubble as the rest of Yumeng Jiang Sect left them alone. If Jiangcheng was any lesser of a man he would have felt an overwhelming surge of jealousy, but as of now all he felt was desire, a slow warmth travelling from his lower abdomen to his chest cavity. Nodding his head at the maid who refilled his cup Jiangcheng picked it up again, closing his eyes to breathe in the sharp sweetness of the wine before lifting it to his lips.


Once his cup was empty Jiangcheng gave a soft sigh, rubbing his neck with his right hand as he gestured for a refill. He was feeling languid, like a well-fed tiger as he opened his eyes to take in the noisy scene before him again. Only to his surprise Szihui and Jingyi had left to congregate around Weiying, the first pulling at Jingling’s sleeve and murmuring sweet nothings into his ear that had his nephew squirming. Which meant, Jiangcheng tilted his head, and sure enough Jingyi was sitting nearest to him, laughing gently as Weiying stood up to act out his story.


“You’re not drinking.” Jiangcheng found himself saying as he eyed Jingyi’s cup, his voice a quiet hum in the middle of the banquet. For a moment he suspects he isn’t speaking loud enough, but then Jingyi turns, flushed cheeks and bright eyes.


It feels like the air is being knocked right out of his lungs.


“A-Ah… Sect leader Jiang…” Jingyi shifts, turning to the left to face Jiangcheng properly as he awkwardly scratches his ear.


I want to bite him, is the first thought that runs through Jiangcheng’s mind as he takes in Jingyi’s appearance. He isn’t dressed in the usual Gusu Lan Sect’s clothes, but rather the Yumeng Jiang Sect’s celebratory robes meant for guests. It’s less uniformed than his usual attire, and more daring as Jiangcheng takes in the v that dips at the front of Jingyi’s neck, revealing his clavicle and moonbeam skin. The robes are a deep purple, and Jiangcheng feels his breath catch as Jingyi puts down his arm, revealing a glimpse of his pink nipple before it disappears from view.


(“I’m not sure if this is a good idea-”


“Jingyi, trust me on this. Jiangcheng is going to die watching you in purple. I know what goes through his mind and he’s going to love you in Yumeng Jiang clothes.” Weiying flaps his arms, shooting Jingyi a reassuring look.


“B-But this is so revealing!” Jingyi squeaked, turning to Sizhui and Lanzhan for back up.


“Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this but he’s Sandu Shengshou, I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of available sexual partners for him. Besides, maybe it’ll be too provocative for a woman, but this should catch his attention nicely.” Sizhui replies, crossing his arms and ignoring as Jingling chokes.


“Mm.” Lanzhan nods from where he is seated, his expression neutral as Weiying fixes Jingyi with his best begging expression.


“S-Seriously?” Jingyi muttered, looking at them in disbelief before flushing as he stared at the robes, “I’m probably going to look really ugly in this…”


Weiying laughed.)


“Not enjoying yourself?” Jiangcheng asks, his voice deepening an octave as he fixes his eyes on Jingyi’s face, sweeping across the high cheekbones and delicate bridge of his nose. If anyone had told him Jingyi was a woman he wouldn’t have hesitated to believe them, Jiangcheng thought as Jingyi turned pink, eyes lowering to the ground.


“Ah no! It’s a great banquet. The Gusu Lan Sect actually isn’t supposed to drink, and I don’t want to make Han Guang Jun angry.” Jingyi answers, shyly ducking his head as he tries not to combust into flames. He can feel the heat of the gaze, dark and all-encompassing raking over his figure and lingering at some areas.


“Hmm… Glad to see the rules haven’t changed since I was there.” Jiangcheng said, this time fully turning to face Jingyi, leaning on his hand as he lounged on his seat, eyes undressing Jingyi as he hungrily drank in the man’s form. The younger man was beautiful, perfect posture, Jiangcheng notes as he took in the broad shoulders and the tight light blue belt around the man’s tiny waist. Not to mention Jingyi’s legs, the slit of the robes letting satin skin show through before they’re quickly covered by a deft hand. Lifting his gaze to meet Jingyi’s face, Jiangcheng wanted to laugh as he caught sight of the young man’s hands tugging at the robes, lips in an annoyed pout. Something must have given him away that he was amused for Jingyi’s face quickly turned embarrassed, cheeks lighting on fire.


“U-Um, Sect Leader Jiang-”


“Oh nothing. I was just…enjoying the view.” Jiangcheng replied, letting his eyes travel downwards before flicking up once more to meet Jingyi’s shocked eyes, the younger man turning pink as a peach.


(“He’s going to eat you alive!” Weiying squealed, clapping his hands gleefully as Jingyi twirled awkwardly.


“I’m still not sure-”


“Jingyi, you’re going to be fine. Why are you so worried?” Sizhui interrupted, frowning as he leaned against Jingling, the other man quickly turning red.


“Why?! It’s too revealing! If I move, my legs show! And if I lift my hands too high this part shows!” With a yelp as he raised his hands Jingyi quickly covered his chest, groaning as the robes moved to now give them a glimpse of his legs.


“That is precisely why you should keep moving.” Weiying answers automatically as he goes through several belts, frowning as he laid them out on Lanzhan’s back.


“Are you crazy?! I’ll just keep showing skin!” Jingyi hissed in mortification, tugging at the robes.


“Jingyi,” Weiying turned, eyes dancing with mirth, “don’t you dare stop moving the minute Jiangcheng makes eye contact with you. It doesn’t matter what you do, scratch your ear, bite your lip, lean backwards, get up only to sit down again, just don’t ever stop moving.”




“Actually, it might be a good idea to give Jingyi some cool off time.” Sizhui stated, nodding his head sagely, “It’ll be more exciting that way and he won’t be red the entire evening.”


“Mm.” Lanzhan said in affirmative, picking out one of the belts Weiying had yet to look at and handing it to his husband.


“Oh, that’s perfect!” Weiying grinned, patting Lanzhan’s shoulder before turning back to Jingyi who’s spluttering.


“Now, hold still. I’m going to tie this belt in a way so that your robes will still move all the time.”


“What?! Wait, I don’t think that’s-”)


“Jingyi! I think I lost my ornament! The one with the Gusu Lan Sect-”


“I’m pretty sure you left it on your seat though… Hang on let me check it for you.” Jingyi smiled, patting Sizhui on his back before pausing, turning to Jiangcheng, “Excuse my brief absence, umm, Sect Leader Jiang.”


“Go.” Jiangcheng murmured, only to inhale sharply when Jingyi’s robes moved, revealing the rest of his chest, soft pink nipples beckoning invitingly before they’re covered as he straightens his back.


Tease. Jiangcheng wanted to growl, fingers digging into his cup before he forced himself to relax, grip loosening as his eyes followed Jingyi’s movement. He’s beautiful, hair swaying with every stride as he walks over, expression focused and marred by a small frown. But it’s when he bends over, hands patting the cushion in search of Sizhui’s ornament that Jiangcheng almost breaks his cup. Before when Jingyi had gotten up he had been facing Jiangcheng, and the other had not received the opportunity to see his behind. Now though, the youth was turning this way and that, letting Jiangcheng see the curve of his ass from all directions.


Patience, you will have him. Jiangcheng mentally chanted, closing his eyes before waving over a servant to refill his cup. Sipping on it slowly, Jiangcheng allowed himself to fix his gaze on Jingyi, watching as the youth straightened up, countenance brightening as he lifted the ornament. Without hesitating Sizhui went over, picking it up and thanking him profusely before dragging him back to Weiying. Not waiting for another second to be lost Jiangcheng turned, stealing Jingyi’s attention as he shifted forward, inching a little closer than the expected distance for casual encounters.


“You found it quickly.”


“Ah… I’m a good finder for lost items! Whenever people lost things back at the Cloud Recesses I was always the one being tasked to find it.” Jingyi laughed bashfully, smiling sweetly.


(“Did you see your uncle’s face?” Sizhui murmured, his hands tuggling on Jingling’s sleeve.


“He moved for once. I’ve never seen him move for anyone before. In a romantic setting I mean!” Jingling whispered back, eyes briefly gauging Jingyi’s interaction with his uncle before returning his gaze to his other uncle who was talking about the differing types of cultivation.


“Mm… Touch is a powerful aphrodisiac.” Sizhui whispered, voice soft as his hands briefly brushed against Jingling’s waist.




“Ah sorry Jingling!” Sizhui pulled back, eyes wide, “It was an accident. Don’t worry it won’t happen again, I know you don’t like being touched.”


Before Jingling could say a word Sizhui was moving towards Weiying, expression confused as he asked him questions about the history of Yumeng Jiang Sect. Sucking in a deep breath, Jingling brushed back his hair, trying to calm his heart and the shiver that had ran down his spine.


“I-I didn’t say he couldn’t…” Jingling mumbled, face flushing as he watched Sizhui move further, seemingly lengthening the distance between them.


“Mm.” Lanzhan nodded, expression passive as he sipped on his tea.)


“Is that so?” Jiangcheng slowly spoke, swirling his cup of wine before turning to Jingyi, his voice casual, “I seem to have misplaced one of my favourite head bands. Would you be able to find it?”


“U-Uh, I guess?” Jingyi jerked, pursing his lips as he thought about it, “You’ll have to tell me what it looks like and where you last lost it at least.”


So innocent. Jiangcheng thought, hiding his smile behind his cup as he downed it in one go, blood running hot in his veins. Once he was sure his facial expression wouldn’t give him away Jiangcheng placed his cup down before stretching, letting his shoulders loosen before he got up. Now towering over Jingyi, watching as the youth stared at him, cheeks ablaze and eyes trying to look everywhere but at him, Jiangcheng was tempted to yank him by the collar and just-




“If you find it, I’ll reward you. If you don’t, you’ll have to be punished for your incompetency.” Jiangcheng answered coolly, almost laughing as Jingyi clumsily got up, his speed and awkwardness like that of a bumbling baby deer.


“I-I’ll try my best!” Jingyi stammered, shrinking slightly as Jiangcheng took a step forward such that they were inches apart.


“Good. I would hate to be disappointed.” Jiangcheng murmured before turning away, waving a languid hand as if to beckon Jingyi. Shooting Weiying a worried look, Jingyi quickly followed, ducking his head as he caught up with Jiangcheng, matching the other’s pace.


(“He’s not returning is he?” Jingling muttered, side eyeing his uncle who was now laughing like a maniac.


“D-Did you hear what he said?! He said he was missing his favourite head band! Since when did he have a favourite head band? In fact, since when did the Yunmeng Jiang Sect wear head bands?!” Weiying howled, laughing hard as he clutched at his stomach, cackling wildly.


“Wait.” Jingling paused, looking at his uncle in horror, “You’re not saying-”


“He was referring to the head band Jingyi gifted him. He did ‘lose’ it after all.” Sizhui replied, chuckling softly as he helped himself to some sweets.


“Mm.” Lanzhan nodded, sipping his tea.)


He could tell that Jingyi was finding it difficult to keep pace with him, or perhaps the younger was feeling nervous from the way he kept twisting his belt, rubbing the frayed part with his thumb. It was adorable, and Jiangcheng wanted to do nothing but hug the younger man. Maybe after his punishment, Jiangcheng thought as he turned down the right corridor, content to let Jingyi panic a little. It was a beautiful image after all, the man hunched over worriedly, clutching at his robes and worrying his bottom lip.


“U-Um, Sect Leader Jiang-”


“The head band is white.” Jiangcheng uttered, side eyeing Jingyi as he stumbled over his feet before straightening up. He should let the other panic more, but a part of him was enjoying the eager way Jingyi hung onto his every word and was trying so hard to please him. Like a puppy, Jiangcheng mused as Jingyi frowned, twisting his robes.


“White? Are there any other colours on it?”


“Mm… It’s accentuated by light blue.” Jiangcheng commented as he turned left, almost snickering out loud as Jingyi nearly ran into the wall. He really was adorable.


“Does it have any special designs?” Jingyi piped up, and Jiangcheng wanted to croon.


“Not really.” Jiangcheng said, reaching his chambers and pushing the doors open. Without waiting for an invitation Jingyi stepped in, turning around in a circle as he took in the room. It’s mainly dark colours, with dark brown wood and light purple curtains. Even the beaded partitions were made from purple amethysts, and the cushions were purple with magnolia flowers embroidered all over it. The candles are flickering, and the incense burner fills the room with the scent of lavender. Jingyi is entranced, studying the room when the sudden ‘bang’ has him whirling around, tilting his head as Jiangcheng pulled the doors shut.


“Is this where you lost the head band? The room is pretty!” Jingyi complimented, stepping forward to peek up at Jiangcheng, smiling brightly.




“I didn’t lose it here. But I can see where I’ve left it.” Jiangcheng mused, watching as Jingyi’s face cycled through several emotions, confusion, happiness, and then confusion once more. It was astonishing how the man had no negative emotions like annoyance whenever it involved Jiangcheng.


“That’s good! Do you still need my help then…?” Jingyi trailed off, glancing hesitatingly at Jiangcheng.


“If you can point out where it is in this room, I’ll give you the reward. But if you can’t even find it when I can already see it, you’ll be punished.” Jiangcheng replied, stepping forward such that they were nose to nose, his lips curling wickedly, “Will you try?”


“I-I will?” Jingyi squeaked, cheeks turning red from the close proximity as Jiangcheng’s eyes glinted, “I-I mean I will! But you’ve to give me three tries.”


“Bargaining?” Jiangcheng mused, watching as Jingyi floundered, lips pouting.


“It’s night time and I’ve never seen it before! Besides I’m not familiar with this room…” Jingyi trailed off, “That’s not fair!”


Fair? Who said anything about being fair?


“True… This is my personal chambers so I’m far more familiar with it.” Jiangcheng answered smoothly, his face blank even as Jingyi gaped at his words, “Three tries it is.”


“I-I see!” Jingyi stammered, eyes quickly darting down as he felt his heart rate double, “T-three tries…”




“I-Is it behind the cushion?” Jingyi tried, pointing at a pretty magnolia cushion where something white peeked out from underneath.


“Hmm… No.”


“O-Oh.” Jingyi stilled, pursing his lips disappointedly as he continued looking around, “It isn’t in your inner chambers or something is it?”


“It isn’t. Would you like to check?”


“N-No! That’s okay!” Jingyi stuttered, ears burning as he shifted away, his eyes darting through the room’s various furniture and cupboards.


“How about the white ribbon beside the incense burner?” Jingyi tried after a while, looking up at Jiangcheng expectantly.




“Ah…” Jingyi frowned, hesitating now as he continued looking. It shouldn’t be that difficult after all, white things were rarely present as accessories in the Yunmeng Jiang Sect. He was on his last try, and Jingyi was feeling more and more doubtful if the item was in the room.


“The ribbon between the two books on the table!” Jingyi stated at last, expression determined as he pointed at Jiangcheng’s desk.


“You’re observant.” Jiangcheng said, twisting his ring as he stared at Jingyi, his inner demon purring gently.




“I got it right!” Jingyi beamed, only to stop when Jiangcheng shook his head, “I’m not… Right? But there aren’t a lot of white things in this room! Are you tricking me?”


“Are you saying I lied?” Jiangcheng countered, watching as Jingyi fumbled, flapping his arms in confusion.


“N-No… But where is this head band then?” Jingyi retorted, pouting as he returned to Jiangcheng’s side, stomping like an aggravated kitten.




Without waiting Jiangcheng grabbed Jingyi, spinning the young man around as he crowded him against the door. Pressing their bodies together, Jiangcheng leaned closer, almost laughing out loud at the way Jingyi freezes, the younger man shocked still. One arm resting against the door, blocking Jingyi from moving, Jiangcheng had bracketed the younger, cornering him like one would their prey. He could feel the air, it was almost thrumming with energy, and the tension in the room seemed to climb as Jingyi shivered, pretty red flush crawling up his neck.


“S-Sect Leader Jiang…”


“You wanted to know where’s the head band?” Jiangcheng questioned lowly, watching as Jingyi frowned before cautiously nodding his head.


“It’s here.” Jiangcheng murmured before reaching upwards and pulling off Jingyi’s head band in one smooth stroke.


“Ah!!” Jingyi gasped, eyes wide as he stared at Jiangcheng, his head band falling from his forehead and into the hands of the imposing man before him.


“Did you forget that you gave this to me?” Jiangcheng asked, fingering the ribbon between his index finger and thumb, “I was reluctant to leave it behind that night.”


“I-It was a gift.” Jingyi whispered, eyes darting downwards as silence descended on the pair.


“I have particular tastes.” Jiangcheng finally spoke, voice soft.




“I’m not a gentle person-” Jiangcheng continued, only to stop short as he felt Jingyi tugging at his sleeve, “what is it?”


“You are.” Jingyi mumbled, cheeks burning as he continued staring at the ground, his voice small, “You were gentle that night.”


This man will be the death of me. That was the single thought running through Jiangcheng’s mind as he finally slammed Jingyi against the door, shoving the other harshly before he surged forward, mouth claiming the other. It was nothing like the first kiss they had. This was carnal desire, desperate and eager. Growling into Jingyi’s mouth Jiangcheng began to suck, roughly nipping the younger man’s bottom lip before forcing his way into his mouth. Jingyi whimpered in his arms but accepted the assault, hands clutching at Jiangcheng’s shoulders as the kiss grew even more aggressive, the elder not giving him even a second to catch his breath.




“Do you remember what I said before?” Jiangcheng breathed, lips pulling away as his hand reached out to grasp Jingyi’s jaw, fingers digging into the soft skin as he forced the younger to meet his eyes.


“A-About being g-gentle?” Jingyi stammered, chest heaving as he tried to align his thoughts.


“I said if you didn’t find the head band you’ll be punished.” Jiangcheng chuckled darkly, his thumb swiping Jingyi’s swollen lips possessively.


“P-Punished?” Jingyi blinked, his voice coming out soft and curious.


“Mm.” Jiangcheng smirked, harshly yanking the younger man forward by his face, “Tonight you will serve me without complaints and without rest. I will not stop even if you beg. Do you hear me Jingyi?”


“…” Jingyi stilled, gaze hardening as he met Jiangcheng’s hungry features, “I don’t beg.”


“Good.” Jiangcheng growled, raising his hand as purple sparks began to fly, the air electrified with energy. Slipping his ring from his fingers and whipping Zidian across, Jiangcheng watched greedily as Jingyi flinched, his wrists now bound together by Zidian. Golden eyes stared at the whip wordlessly before they rose to meet Jiiangcheng, defiant and ablaze with confidence that made Jiangcheng’s cock twitch.


Raising two fingers, Jiangcheng forced the whip to shift, watching as Jingyi whimpered, shoulders jerking reflexively as Zidian shocked him, tightening their hold. The colour purple looked wonderful on Jingyi, but Jiangcheng wanted to adorn Jingyi’s pale skin with bruises, watch them fade purple and blue on his inner thighs. With that thought in mind, Jiangcheng reached for Jingyi’s belt and with a single pull yanked it off, his eyes eager to finally see the younger in full view. Gasping loudly, Jingyi made a motion to grab the belt, only to squeak as the belt trailed through his fingers, hands snagging against Zidian.


“The harder you struggle the more it will hurt.” Jiangcheng reiterates, smirking as Jingyi flushed, blowing his fringe from his eyes.


“Sect Leader Jiang, there are better ways to show your attra-” Jingyi stopped short, freezing as Jiangcheng moved forward, his steps echoing against the cold stone floor, “W-What?”


“I told you. Stop struggling.” Jiangcheng muttered, his fingers twisting in Jingyi’s collar before they shoved it aside, letting the robes pool in the crook of Jingyi’s arms.


“Ah no!” Jingyi gasped, his hands reaching out in panic to do something, anything, only to find them firmly held against a strong chest. Hand roughly grabbing Jingyi’s wrists to prevent them from flailing around, Jiangcheng ducked his head, nuzzling Jingyi’s nape as he breathed in the scent of flowers and morning dew. Jingyi is still beneath him, and no, that wouldn’t do at all Jiangcheng thinks as he attacks the younger man’s neck, biting and sucking harshly.


“Hng!” Jingyi trembled, eyes screwing shut as he felt warm lips attach themselves to his neck, wet tongue soothing over the pain left behind by teeth. He tries to keep his mind clear, but the fog is starting to close in as his body begins to burn. Blood is rushing, and the temperature feels as if it’s boiling. Whimpering as the lips began to move downwards to his collar, Jingyi quaked, head naturally falling to the side as he panted. His reaction is breath taking, and Jiangcheng can’t help himself as his free hand makes its way to Jingyi’s nipples, now free from the restraints of his robes.


“W-Wait!” Jingyi’s eyes flew open, his lips parting in shock as pleasure rocks through his body, “W-What are you t-touching? Not there, don’t play with th-ah!” His words are cut short as the fingers thumb his nipples, flicking them playfully before rubbing them roughly. It sends shockwaves down his spine, and Jingyi can’t hold back the moan that escapes his lips, hips jerking forward involuntarily.


“They’re red.” Jiangcheng comments blithely, watching as Jingyi gaps, cycling through various emotions before settling on anger.




“And there I was thinking you could never be angry at me.” Jiangcheng mused before his hand reached out to harshly tug at the swollen areolas, his voice deepening sinisterly, “Are you embarrassed Jingyi? Scared because of how sensitive you are?”


“S-Stop it…” Jingyi whimpered softly, his bound hands forcefully pushing his chest upwards, displaying his nipples for Jiangcheng to play with, “W-Why do you keep d-doing that-ah!”


“Doing what?” Jiangcheng asks cruelly, smirking as he continues flicking Jingyi’s nipples, the pads of his fingers rubbing the sensitive tip, “Playing with your nipples?”


“V-Vulgar!” Jingyi gasps, shuddering against the door, “V-Vulgar w-wor-hng!!”


“And yet you’re enjoying it.” Jiangcheng purred, shoving his knee between Jingyi’s thighs, watching as the younger man choked, his cock swelling slightly behind the single white cloth that hid his manhood away.


“Come on Jingyi.” Jiangcheng growled, rubbing his knee insistingly against Jingyi’s cock, “You did it once. Rub yourself on me and be a good boy.”


“Ngh-!!” Jingyi sobbed, throwing his head back as his body is assaulted with sensations, his nipples turning from a dusky brown to a swollen pink, tingling from Jiangcheng’s treatment. Meanwhile his cock throbbed against the only solid surface available, and no matter how much he flexed his thighs, Jingyi found himself unable to close his legs.


“Move your hips.” Jiangcheng murmured, bending forward such that his lips brushed the shell of Jingyi’s ear, “I want to see you rock against my knee until you cry.” At his words the younger man gave out a broken sob, and Jiangcheng could only huff out a laugh as he thumbed Jingyi’s puffy nipples, waiting patiently for the other to listen.


“F-Fine. S-Since you asked n-nicely.” Jingyi squeezed his eyes shut as shame ran through his soul before he tentatively moved his hips upwards.


“Hng!! A-Ah, f-ung!!” Jingyi gasped, his eyes rolling backwards as pleasure ran through his veins, his cock jumping from the friction. There’s a layer of cloth in between, but Jingyi can’t find it within himself to care as he begins to move, eagerly humping Jiangcheng’s knee.


“You should see yourself now.” Jiangcheng breathed, his eyes drinking in the lewd erotic image before him. Jingyi’s pale skin was now pink from exertion, like the inner lips of a rose, and his nipples were jutting out painfully, standing at attention in the cool air. The purple robes hung from his arms, creases running across the cloth from all the shaking Jingyi had done against the door. And the slit of his robes, the one that had taunted Jiangcheng earlier had now opened up, displaying Jingyi’s cock that was starting to peek out from behind his white under cloth. But most of all it was the expression Jingyi bore, mouth falling open and eyes screwing shut, little whines escaping his lips every time he pressed his cock against Jiangcheng’s knee, hips circling eagerly rutting desperately as if-


“Bed.” Jiangcheng growled, yanking Jingyi by the nape and pushing the other forward. The whiplash is too much to bear, and Jingyi stumbles, tripping on his feet as the sky-rocketing pleasure disappears. His body is screaming, slick with sweat and Jingyi realises then that he really is close to crying. He had rocked himself on Jiangcheng’s knee until he wanted to cry, and the humiliation of it makes him quiver. But he doesn’t have time to bathe in his shame before Jiangcheng is hauling him up by the arm and leading him to the bed.


Throwing Jingyi onto the bed, Jiangcheng unconsciously licks his lips, his eyes darkening as Jingyi shakily lifts his head up to look at him, bound wrists still pressed against his chest. It’s a sight to behold, Jiangcheng thinks, suddenly struck with the desire to palm his own cock as he stares at Jingyi who is on display before him. With the belt gone, the robes on Jingyi had fanned open, leaving white long legs and curved ass in full view. Reaching forward, Jiangcheng grabs the white under cloth, harshly tugging it off to display Jingyi’s angry cock, dribbling pre-cum. At the feeling of his cock springing free, Jingyi gasped, making a move to cover himself with the palm of his hands. The action is late though, and Jingyi recoils in shock as his ankles are caught by Jiangcheng, and he’s forcefully pushed towards the inner side of the bed.


“You’re insufferable.” Jiangcheng says after a beat, his face still impassive even as his grip tightens on Jingyi’s ankles. When Jingyi doesn’t move at all, finally still, Jiangcheng let’s go, reaching out to undo his own belt while the younger man looks away, shy.


“I didn’t say you could look away.” Jiangcheng says quietly, and Jingyi flushes, ears steaming red as he faces the other, cheeks pink from embarrassment as he watches Jiangcheng disrobe. The man is decorated with scars, Jingyi thinks in awe as the robes move downwards, displaying a toned chest peppered with knife scars and burn marks. Jingyi is so entranced, memorising and studying it that he doesn’t notice that Jiangcheng hasn’t removed his pants, something which the other quickly brings to attention by stroking Jingyi’s cock.


“Ah!” Jingyi moans, back arching as Jiangcheng firmly strokes his cock, thumb toying with the silt that has him shaking. But just as quickly, the heat of Jiangcheng’s hand is gone, leaving the younger man dazed.


“This cock, is mine.” Jiangcheng announces before procuring the head band Jingyi had given him. The youth doesn’t say anything, neither an acceptance or dissent until Jiangcheng loops it around Jingyi’s cock, pulling it tight around the base and his balls before tying a neat bow. The action has Jingyi squealing, his eyes squeezing shut as his sensitive cock slaps against his stomach, aching.


“You’ll last longer like this, your orgasm more painful.” Jiangcheng says by way of explanation, watching as Jingyi looks at him in disbelief. It’s a good look, one devoid of fear or annoyance, and Jiangcheng feels the spark of warmth grow in his chest. Without thinking he leans forward, brushing his lips against Jingyi’s, the action soft and chaste. It’s an action that leaves Jingyi blinking in surprise and Jiangcheng flustered, the older man’s ears burning red as he lifts his arm to cover his face for a split second.


“Sect Leader Jiang…”


“I didn’t… You just,” Jiangcheng closed his eyes, his hands clenching and unclenching around the silk sheets on his bed before he spoke again, his voice embarrassed, “You didn’t say anything.”


For a split second Jingyi wonders if he’s supposed to give commentary on what has happened thus far, but that thought is quickly thrown out of the window when he sees Jiangcheng’s expression. You didn’t say anything, you didn’t tell me to stop or that I was weird, or this wouldn’t work or you loved me less is heavily implied, and Jingyi feels affection swell in his chest.


“I gave you that head band for a reason.” Jingyi says quietly, and watched as Jiangcheng, Sect Leader Jiang, the fearsome Sandu Shengshou blushed, eyes quickly darting away.


“Shut up.” Jiangcheng murmurs after a while, his tone lacking the harshness it usually has when he fixes Jingyi with an unreadable look.


“Sec Leader Jiang?”


“Call me Wanyin.” Jiangcheng whispers, his cheeks still pink as he continues to gaze at Jingyi, “Don’t call me Sect Leader Jiang anymore.”


“…Okay.” Jingyi answers, his voice softer and losing heat to match the changing atmosphere between them. Before it had been hot, a raging blaze of lust and struggle for both dominance and power. It was arousing and enjoyable, but Jingyi found himself happy to bathe in this new atmosphere. One that made him feel pliant and content, safe and affectionate in front of a blushing Jiangcheng, no, Wanyin.


At least, until his cock started to throb for attention.


“Wanyin?” Jingyi tested out the name on his tongue and blinked as Jiangcheng choked, clearing his throat abruptly as a curious red flush began to crawl up his neck.




“Wanyin…” Jingyi tried again, this time changing his tone to one more gentle, ending the last syllable with a slight lilt while his eyes remain trained on Jiangcheng. At the sound of his name the older man noticeably swallows, adam’s apple bobbing attractively.




“Wanyin, Wanyin you know you’re my first everything right?” Jingyi asks sweetly, making sure to tilt his neck attractively as he gazed at the other through hooded eyes, “I don’t know how this works Wanyin.”


Liar, liar you little minx, Jiangcheng wanted to cry out, his eyes flickering to Jingyi’s face, his own body frozen.


“I need help Wanyin…” Jingyi whines, biting his bottom lip before releasing it as he looked at Jiangcheng imploringly, “Wanyin, won’t you take care of me?”


“You’re abusing my name.” Jiangcheng finally chokes out, his breaths coming out in harsh bursts as he stared at Jingyi, gaze unreadable.


“Wanyin, I said I don’t beg.” Jingyi paused, contemplating how far he should push the other before deciding not to think so much; he was always better at following his gut any way, “But for you… For you I’ll make an exception.”


At his words Jiangcheng sharply inhaled, eyes widening as he gaped at Jingyi. For you I’ll make an exception… The younger man in turn gave him a soft smile, gentle and alluring, reeling Jiangcheng in like he had always done since the first time they met.


(“Aren’t Gusu Lan Sect members always taught to be courteous?” Jiangcheng sneered at the youth that had interrupted him, annoyed at having to deal with another imbecile.


“I-!!” The youth gaped, pulling himself to full height before stopping at the wave of Lanzhan’s hand, cheeks turning red in embarrassment as he quickly looked away.




Jiangcheng felt something in him stir.


Oh my. )


“Wanyin…” Jingyi breathed, slowly spreading his legs and letting them part to give Jiangcheng a full view of his most intimate areas, “Please… Please touch me.”


Those white legs, skin glowing in the light of the candles, supple and smooth. That heavy cock, hard and leaking with swathes of white wrapped around it like a present just for him. And Jingyi’s hole, the soft pucker slightly pink around the edges, calling his name and tempting him.


Just… Jingyi himself.


He was a marvel of life’s existence.


“…You’re insufferable.” Jiangcheng chokes out, and Jingyi lets out a sharp whine as Zidian sparks, flaring in response to its master who straightens his back, crawling towards the younger man.


“I’m going to finger you and stretch you open.” Jiangcheng says heavily, his eyes wild as he looked into Jingyi’s eyes, “I’m going to milk you until all you can say is my name.”


“You better keep your promise,” Jingyi responds breathlessly, his heart pounding in his chest as he raised his arms to hang it around Jiangcheng’s neck, pulling him close, “Wanyin.”


With a snarl Jiangcheng struck, his mouth engulfing Jingyi without any warning. The youth keened, a delighted moan that was soon swallowed up by the other, tongue forcefully entering his mouth and toying with him. It’s hot, Jingyi thinks, mind once more starting to fade into the back scene as his body ran hot and cold, goose bumps running up his legs as he felt Jiangcheng run a hand down his thigh. With a loud smack their lips parted, saliva dripping down the corner of Jingyi’s mouth as he whined, missing the taste and feel of Jiangcheng’s lips, warm and tasting of spices. At the sound of Jingyi’s voice Jiangcheng chuckled, removing his hand that was supporting Jingyi’s nape to swipe at his lips.


“You’re drooling.” Jiangcheng laughed, only to find his snickers dying out as Jingyi’s eyes rose to meet his, pupils blown and lips bitten raw.


“It’s,” Jingyi gulped in a deep breath of air, his lungs burning, “it’s a-a little o-overwhelming.”


“You look ravishing.” Jiangcheng said huskily, ducking out from under Jingyi’s hold as he pulled at the convenient drawer near his bed, “It’s a wonder no one has had you.”


“Aha,” Jingyi giggled, watching as Jiangcheng turned to face him, dropping a corked bottle onto the bed, “I’m not pretty enough Wanyin.”


“Not pretty enough?” Jiangcheng’s eyes darkened, his tone dangerous, “What do you mean not pretty enough?”


“W-Well,” Jingyi stammered, flushing under Jiangcheng’s gaze as he pulled his hands closer to his chest, suddenly embarrassed, “I’m not delicate or gentle enough in appearance? I don’t think I’m very attractive in general.”


“No, you’re just an oblivious fool.” Jiangcheng answered flatly, watching as Jingyi blushed.


“I-I really don’t think that’s the ca-”


“Well either way it’s a good thing for me.” Jiangcheng interrupted, uncorking the ceramic bottle with his teeth as he dribbled the fragrant oil over his fingers, “That just means less competition.”


“Competition? What are you t-”


“You didn’t notice?” Jiangcheng asked conversationally, tone light as he settled between Jingyi’s legs, his thighs spreading them even further.


“N-Notice what?” Jingyi whispered, his eyes flickering up and down, half paying attention to Jiangcheng and the other half trying to keep watch of his actions.


“How soft your skin is?” Jinagcheng smiled crookedly, his eyes glinting dangerously as he leaned forward to whisper into Jingyi’s ear, “Or maybe just how much of a slut you look without even trying.”


“Hng!!” Jingyi gasped, back arching as he felt shame coil in his chest at the same time something slid into his hole, warm and slightly thick. It burned, and Jingyi felt himself shake, legs tightening around Jiangcheng as he whimpered, tears stinging in his eyes.


“Look at your reactions.” Jiangcheng growled as he pulled back his finger, pushing through the virgin rim that was now a little red around the edges, “Look at what you wear.”


“N-No I w-was j-just ah!” Jingyi squeezed his eyes shut, whimpering as the finger slid back in, his lower abdomen clenching unthinkingly as the pain persisted.


“Even when you’re covered up you look delectable.” Jiangcheng growled as he shoved the finger back inside, his voice a low purr, “Seducing everyone around you, what a slut.”


“I’m n-not! I’m not! I’m n-n-ng!” Jingyi flung his head back, panting loudly as the finger pulled out before plunging back in once more, his thighs tensing tightly.


“Then explain to me why every time I see you someone is undressing you with their eyes.” Jiangcheng snarled as he pulled out the finger, his eyes burning as he leaned forward, grabbing Jingyi’s chin with his oil free hand, “Answer me.”


“I-I don’t know. I don’t know!” Jingyi whimpered, his eyes starting to fill with tears as he looked up at Jiangcheng, his body trembling.


“You don’t know?” Jiangcheng barked out a laugh, almost sneering as he glared at Jingyi, “Just look at what you wore today, begging for attention like a courtesan.”


“W-Wany-yin, I w-wasn’t! I w-wasn’t d-doing t-”


“Are you saying you didn’t do it on purpose?’ Jiangcheng asked, raising an eyebrow as he reached down once more, this time pressing two fingers into Jingyi’s slightly more relaxed body, “So you dress like this for everyone? Let them see your body and think about how they can touch you like I’m doing now?”


“N-No, no, no please ah!” Jingyi keened, gasping as he felt the size, the fingers entering him grow. Two, there’s two of them now, Jingyi thinks numbly as he feels them move, the burn growing in heat.


“You’re just another pretty face to them.” Jiangcheng hissed as he slammed his fingers back in, his nostrils flaring as he stared Jingyi down, “All they want is to have you on all fours and take you until they’re satisfied.”




“Nothing to say?” Jiangcheng rumbled, his thumb stroking Jingyi’s neck reassuringly even as the words he spoke were condescending, “Feels good to finally have someone take action instead of just staring doesn’t it?”


“N-No, Wanyin it h-hurts a l-little.” Jingyi breathed, his hands shaking as they splayed across the other’s chest, “W-Why does it h-hurt?”


“Your body isn’t used to it.” Jiangcheng’s voice changed, becoming softer as he kissed Jingyi’s forehead, “Do you want me to stop?”


“N-No…” Jingyi mumbled, voice suddenly shy, “I was dressing like that for you s-so that you, you…” He trailed off, face turning pink as he peeked up at Jiangcheng from underneath his lashes.




“You were dressing like that for me?” Jiangcheng whispered, a hint of a smile ghosting across his lips as he leaned his forehead against Jingyi, the wet squelching sound of his fingers echoing in the room.


“Mmm…” Jingyi nodded his head, letting out a soft sigh as the tension seemed to ebb away, his hole giving way to the constant plunge of fingers, “W-Wanted you to t-touch me.”


“Me and no one else?” Jiangcheng crooned, scissoring his fingers as he felt Jingyi relax, the rim softening under the movements of his fingers, “Keep breathing Jingyi.”


“U-Uh huh…” Jingyi choked out, his words coming out all garbled, “F-Felt good w-when you w-watched.”


“You were seducing me? You little minx.” Jiangcheng chuckled as his fingers began to move faster, the wet sound growing louder as Jingyi began to stir.


“D-Did it w-work?” Jingyi panted, his hips jerking a little as he looked up at Jiangcheng, golden eyes wide and innocent.


“A little too well.” Jiangcheng grunted as he crooked his fingers, seeking the spot that would make Jingyi see stars, “They were looking at you like you were a buffet. I don’t like it.”


Don’t, present tense, Jingyi’s brain helpfully supplied before it’s distracted once more by Jiangcheng’s lips, ghosting down his chin and heading towards his neck.


“You better not be thinking of someone else while I’m touching you.” Jiangcheng growled, playfully biting the side of Jingyi’s neck and watching the man moan.


“D-Don’t c-care if it’s not you.” Jingyi panted, beginning to swivel his hips as he got used to the pressure, the two fingers now easily accepted in his body as he tilted his neck to give Jiangcheng further access.


“You say that but if they did this?” Jiangcheng snarled, pressing the pad of his fingers upwards and rubbing as he lifted his head to watch Jingyi.


“AH! A-ah, hng, hng, ung-!!” Jingyi screamed, his eyes rolling backwards as he felt something electric dart up his spine, his thighs spasming in pleasure as he lifted off the bed.


“Jingyi answer me.” Jiangcheng rumbled, watching with greedy eyes as he continued rubbing, his fingertips continuing to massage Jingyi’s prostate as the younger writhed on the bed.


“W-W-hng! I-I-ah! D-D-hng!” Jingyi sobbed, his toes curling with pleasure as he flung his head back, the words coming out in gibberish as he began to shake.


“Would anyone do?” Jiangcheng breathed as he continued, insistingly needling the spot and watching as Jingyi’s hips began to shake, his hole clenching and unclenching around his two fingers.


“Hng, hng, n-no, hng!!” Jingyi managed to gasp out, his voice rising in octave as he felt, felt something, something growing in his abdomen.


“So it has to be me?” Jiangcheng spoke, voice hard as he began to pick up speed, crooking his fingers and rubbing the spot with more strength, “It has to be me or else you wouldn’t shake like this? Moving your hips and fucking yourself on my fingers like a desperate slut?”


“N-hng! Hng, hng, hng, hng!” Jingyi couldn’t answer, this time raising his bound hands to his lips as he muffled himself, shaking his head wildly as he bit his knuckles. Jiangcheng’s words reverberated in his head, but the humiliation of it all was lost in the sensations that overwhelmed his body. Without realising at all, Jingyi was dragging his hips back and forth, rocking needily against the two fingers that filled him.


“Answer me Jingyi!” Jiangcheng growled, dragging his fingernails across the youth’s prostate in retaliation, “Don’t keep quiet when I ask you questions.”


“S-S-hng!!” Jingyi gasped, eyes screwing shut as he felt something beginning to build in his cock, his balls throbbing painfully against his head band, “Fwah! Hah, hah, hah, hng!”


“Impudent.” Jiangcheng snarled, his free hand finally letting go of Jingyi’s nape, “You want to come that badly?”


“P-Plea-hah! Hah, hah, hah, hah!” Jingyi found himself breaking off, panting harshly as he felt the tension sky-rocket, his cock throbbing hot against his belly.


“Then come. Come even though you don’t deserve it!” Jiangcheng growled, his free hand pulling at Jingyi’s foreskin before fingertips dug into his silt. With a loud scream, Jingyi came, ropes of cum spurting out from his cock while his hole clenched tight around Jiangcheng’s fingers. Below Jiangcheng, Jingyi trembled, sweat decorating his body as he breathed in deeply, thighs feeling weak from that sudden orgasm.


“Enjoyed yourself?” Jiangcheng murmured, wiping his hand on the bed as he smirked at Jingyi.


“It felt good. Really-” Jingyi stopped short, letting out a soft whine as he quickly looked down, his hands scrabbling to get a hold of Jiangcheng but not being able to, “W-Wait, what are you d-doing?”


“I told you didn’t I?” Jiangcheng said gently, even as his fingers began to move once more, fingertips brushing against Jingyi’s prostate, “You’re serving me without complaints tonight.”


“B-But I j-just came!” Jingyi whimpered, eyes widening as he looked at Jiangcheng with a slightly panicked expression, “I can’t, I c-c-ah!”


“You will take whatever I give.” Jiangcheng hummed, watching as Jingyi’s eyes rolled backwards, the youth’s limp cock twitching slightly.


“N-No, p-please,” Jingyi sobbed, crying out as his ass began to involuntarily move, eagerly meeting the pump and rubs of Jiangcheng’s fingers, “C-Can’t! T-Too s-soon-hng!”


“I’m going to play with your hole until you’re crying like a child.” Jiangcheng snarled, his free hand reaching up to push Jingyi down, his expression stormy, “And then, when you’re oversensitive and shaking-”


“W-W-Wanyin p-please, p-please I c-can’t” Jingyi whimpered, his fingers digging into Jiangcheng’s arms as he jerked his hips, moving forward desperately.


“Don’t worry.” Jiangcheng laughed darkly as he inserted the third finger, watching as Jingyi recoiled in shock, the youth’s cock now at half mast, “I won’t milk you dry yet. I’ll fuck you after you come one more time Jingyi.”


“No!” Jingyi screamed, his nails dragging across Jiangcheng’s arm as tears began to dot his lashes, his voice sharp and panicky, “I can’t, c-can’t! N-Not a-again! Twice is t-too mu-hng!”


“Twice?” Jiangcheng smirked, his voice deepening as he continued to assault Jingyi’s prostate, “You’ll come three times on this bed tonight, since I’m feeling kind.”


“K-Kind?!” Jingyi managed to choke out, hands clinging onto Jiangcheng’s arm as his lower half shook, his cock now reaching full hardness.


“I’m going easy on you since tonight is your first time.” Jiangcheng purred, his eyes watching as Jingyi’s hips began to stutter, a tell-tale sign of his orgasm coming, “Don’t worry, I’ll fuck your lewd body first thing in the morning.”


“N-Not w-worried a-a-ah! Ah, ah, ah, ah!” Jingyi forgot his words, mind clouding over as his cock began to leak, pre-cum forming at the tip and dribbling downwards even as his ass continued to shake, bouncing lightly.


“Come Jingyi.” Jiangcheng growled as his fingers increased speed, thrusting deeply into the well-stretched hole, “Come from my fingers like the good boy you are.”


“Hyaaa!” Jingyi screamed, flinging his head back as a shudder wrecked through his whole body, his ass shifting away and flinching in sensitivity. It felt amazing, like the whole universe was singing his name as he floated down from the high, whimpering softly as Jiangcheng stroked his hair, tugging off the ribbon tying his cock.


“Shh… You did good, you did good.” Jiangcheng murmured, slowly removing his fingers from Jingyi’s abused hole as the younger sobbed, tears pouring down his cheeks.


“W-Wan, W-Wanyin!” Jingyi choked out, crying softly from the over-stimulation of it all, his stomach now painted white as he leaned into the gentle touch for comfort.


“Shh… I know, I know. It’s a lot.” Jiangcheng whispered gently, snapping his fingers and calling back Zidian, finally releasing Jingyi’s wrists.


“W-Wanyin… Wanyin, Wanyin…” Jingyi sobbed, scooting over as he buried his face into Jiangcheng’s chest, his voice breaking as he tried to soak in the older man’s warmth.


“You did so well for me Jingyi. I’m so proud of you. You made me so happy.” Jiangcheng crooned, hand procuring a cloth and gently wiping Jingyi’s cum stained body, “Breathe Jingyi, breathe.”


“Wanyin…” Jingyi breathed out, finally calming down as he whispered the other man’s name, his legs still wound around Jiangcheng.


“Hm? What is it love?” Jiangcheng cupped the youth’s face, eyebrows furrowing as he took in Jingyi’s shattered expression, “Was it too much?”


“Y-You didn’t…” Jingyi trailed off, his body shivering with every swipe of the cloth as Jiangcheng let go of his jaw to focus on cleaning him. Love, he called you love, his mind sang, and Jingyi forced himself to file it away for later analysis. There were other pressing matters to attend to.


“Jingyi, you just came twice.” Jiangcheng answered without looking up, pulling the head band away as gently as he could, “You’re too sensitive. I’m not going to enter you when you’re shaking so badly.”


Looking down at his hands, now free, Jingyi rubbed his wrists, wincing as his skin twinged. They were rubbed slightly raw, and sure enough there were red welts rising up at certain areas from where Zidian had shocked him. So immersed in studying his wrists and the way his fingers seemed to tremble, Jingyi finds himself flinching when another pair of hands join his, fingers dancing gently over the welts.


“I’m not going to hurt you unnecessarily Jingyi.” Jiangcheng’s voice is hard as he gazed upwards, his expression suddenly closed off.


“I-I know that!” Jingyi squeaked, immediately shoving his wrists against Jiangcheng’s fingertips, “I was just surprised!”


I’m not scared of you, is the silent message that goes unsaid.


“… Fool.” Jiangcheng mutters, but his voice is gentle once more, and the word is said with fondness as he caresses Jingyi’s wounds, “After care is important if I’m going to touch you like that. It’s supposed to be enjoyable.”


He paused.


“Did you find that pleasurable?” Jiangcheng asks cautiously, his eyes worried as he reaches out with one hand to rub Jingyi’s cheek, his expression suddenly nervous, “I know it’s intense and I’ll get a salve for you but I’m, I’m worried,” he stumbled over his words, beginning to ramble, “I know I shouldn’t have made you come twice at all and that it’s your first time. It’s inexcusable and I…”


Jiangcheng is still talking, but the words are no longer making sense Jingyi thinks, mystified as he watches the other ramble on. When he was back at Gusu Lan Sect, Jiangcheng had always been unreachable. He had only known him as the man who saved his village from destruction in a battle with the Qishan Wen Sect, never able to put a face to his saviour. He had been even more astonished when he heard of Jiangcheng’s young age and the terrible things that had happened to the Yumeng Jiang Sect. There was a layer of respect and awe Jingyi always had when he saw the man, his saviour that never knew he existed.


But then Jiangcheng wasn’t unreachable anymore. He wasn’t just a story told when Jingyi, after being adopted by the Gusu Lan Sect, was learning about the history of the four clans. He was a breathing living human being, one who bled and spoke, and Jingyi felt something in him stutter back then. It was the realisation that Jiangcheng was human, that the brave man who had a bad temper shouldered everything on his own which made the awe turn to adoration. The re-building of Lotus Pier, the economy and study of the Yumeng Jiang Sect, the defences and books for cultivation, the upbringing of Jingling, everything the man took on was done alone.


And what a strong, but lonely back Jiangcheng had Jingyi remembered thinking, watching the crease between brows and the harsh words hide a worried man that wasn’t quite sure if what he was doing was right. The rumours that he was bad husband material because of the brutal honesty he gave instead of honey coated words, the way he brought work with him wherever he went out of fear that everything would collapse if he so much as took a break. The wariness of not being enough, the desperation to keep pushing forward just so he could protect what he loved most, all of it was so painfully human that it made Jingyi want to touch him.


He has thorns you know, people had warned him. Hell even Jingling had awkwardly tried to steer him away, and Jingling never did that unless it was truly dangerous. And in a sense Jiangcheng was dangerous. He was a man with different priorities, a vicious tongue and the power to crush thousands. But he was a man, Jingyi had realised, watching the tired slump of shoulders on the battlefield and noticing the twitching of fingers before the other turned away from Jingling. He had no idea when he began loving Jiangcheng, considering how the man appeared at the beginning of his life and saved him continuously after that, but Jingyi knew that he did.


“Wanyin…” Jingyi interrupted gently, watching as Jiangcheng stopped short, fingers twisting around the cloth before he turned to dump it into the wash basin.


Such a lonely back.


“Wanyin, please look at me.” Jingyi whispered, his fingers grazing Jiangcheng’s back only to make the other man flinch. Opening his mouth to speak again, Jingyi fell silent as Jiangcheng got up, walking to the other side of the room and rummaging through the drawer before procuring a small balm. The silence is oppressive as Jiangcheng sits back down, wordlessly scooping up the salve and rubbing it into Jingyi’s skin, his touch gentle even though his face remained impassive.


Watching him, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, Jingyi felt affection swell in his chest, a warm bubbly feeling that left him content and happy. Looking down at his wrists, watching as bigger hands held onto them, slowly spreading its content over the red welts that were starting to calm down, Jingyi wanted. He wanted to hold him, wanted to kiss away his fears, wanted to give him what he needed. But at the same time Jingyi wasn’t sure what he could give, because what could a man that have everything want?


“You must be cold. Here.” Jiangcheng muttered, covering Jingyi’s chest with his own robes as he turned to take the cloth again.


What could a man that have everything want?


“Wanyin stop.” Jingyi commanded, his voice hard as he grabbed onto Jiangcheng’s wrist, watching as the other man twitched in response before turning to face him.


“What is it Jingyi?” His voice is quiet, but there’s a resigned quality to it.


Such a lonely back.


“I…” Jingyi stopped, taking in the tired look on Jiangcheng’s face, the way those beautiful dark eyes seem to flicker with pain. Almost as if he was bracing for it.


What could a man that have everything want?


“Wanyin.” Jingyi murmured quietly, crawling over as Jiangcheng’s robes slipped from his shoulders. Pausing half way, Jingyi reached out to the table, pulling his Gusu Lan head band, now wet from the wash basin over, his eyes still studying Jiangcheng, “I-”


“If you’re going to take that back it’s fine.” Jiangcheng suddenly cuts him off, voice quiet as he stares at Jingyi, shoulders hunching forward vulnerably, “But at least stay the night. You’re in no condition to walk.”


“Take this back?” Jingyi raised his voice incredulously, his back straightening as he looked at Jiangcheng in shock, “What do you mean take it back? Is this a joke to you?”


“What?” Jiangcheng jerked, raising his head to look at Jingyi, his face twisting in confusion as he stared at the shaking man.


“Are my feelings a joke to you?” Jingyi asked, and oh, he could feel himself starting to tear up, his shoulders shaking as he glared at Jiangcheng, “Or are you just bored because I’m not a virgin anymore?”


“Jingyi, what are you even saying?” Jiangcheng snapped, expression furious as he leaned forward, “That’s not what I-”


“Then what do you mean by take it back?” Jingyi retorted, fingers shaking as his grip around the head band tightened, “You know what this head band means, you know what it means when I gave it to you so how, how could you say that after, after you just-”




“Why do you keep pushing me away?” Jingyi finds himself saying, bottom lip trembling as he stares at Jiangcheng who’s frozen still, “I want you, and I keep thinking you want me too but then you go and, and” he sharply inhaled, voice wobbling as he lifts the head band, “and you throw this back at me, as if I’m nothing but a-”


“Don’t complete that sen-”


“Slut.” Jingyi says in a small voice, and Jiangcheng’s face is stricken, “Just a slut to warm your bed the way you want and then leave when you don’t-”


“No Jingyi, Jingyi that’s not what I mean!” Jiangcheng moved, his voice shaky as he cups Jingyi’s face, his eyes wide, “You’re not a slut, not to me or to anyone.”


“You told me to take it back!” Jingyi knows he’s throwing a tantrum and he’s being childish about it, but it’s hammered into his brain. That the head band, his innocence, being touched and touching others in return, everything was to be given to one person and one person only. The love of his life, and his heart is breaking, breaking because he gave it up to him and he would never forget this-


“I thought, I thought you wouldn’t want this.” Jiangcheng swallowed, voice soft as he cradles Jingyi’s face, “I thought you changed your mind.”


“Why would I do that?!” Jingyi snaps, raising a hand to rub his eyes furiously, shoving Jiangcheng’s hands away, “I gave you the head band, I gave you myself,” his voice rose, “because I’m in love with you!”


Silence descended as Jiangcheng stared, mouth falling open in surprise.


“Did you not know that?” Jingyi asked, voice quiet as he slumped down, fingers digging into the bed as he looked at Jiangcheng, “That I, when I gave you that I meant that I’m seriously, in love with-”


“Jingyi, I’m decades older than you.” Jiangcheng chokes out, his hands shaking.


“So?” Jingyi replied in confusion, blankly staring at the older man who’s beginning to tremble, hand covering his face in shock.


“Jingyi, I just hurt you.” Jiangcheng whispered, closing his eyes before opening them again to gaze at Jingyi.


“If this is painful by Yumeng Jiang Sect standards I really want to know how your disciples survive night-hunting.” Jingyi counters, crossing his arms as he frowns at Jiangcheng.


“We’re both men.”


“Evidently.” Jingyi answers sarcastically, gesturing at the two of them, “I do not have a body of a woman Wanyin.”


“You’re beautiful though.” Jiangcheng says quietly and Jingyi stills, hands falling from his chest, “You’re more beautiful than any woman I’ve seen.”


“You…” Jingyi paused, golden eyes widening before he groaned, a free hand reaching up to tug at his hair frustratingly, “Are you serious? How can you say such things when you haven’t, you just, you-”


“I don’t have an heir, and I’m a Sect Leader Jingyi.” Jiangcheng says suddenly, interrupting the other who deadpans.


“What is this? A thousand reasons why we can’t be together?” Jingyi snapped, huffing loudly, “I know you don’t have an heir, but it isn’t like we can’t adopt. Not to mention I’m already staying here because I’m the ambassador for Gusu Lan Sect remember? Even if I’m not an ambassador it isn’t like I’m in charge of something at Gusu-”


“You… You’re not giving up?” Jiangcheng asks softly, and Jingyi feels like he’s missing the message embedded in Jiangcheng’s words.


“Why would I give up? I’m in love with you.” He settles for that reply, staring at Jiangcheng bewilderedly.


“Most people don’t want to stay.” Jiangcheng murmurs, crawling closer as his eyes seem to glow, warm and inviting as Jingyi shifts uncertainly.


Such a lonely back.


What could a man that have everything want?


Someone who would stay.


Someone, please stay.


“Wanyin…” Jingyi starts off carefully, pulling back as he looks at Jiangcheng, “That head band is only given to the person we want for the rest of our life. Even if that person dies or rejects us those feelings don’t change. Rejecting the head band is just saying that you won’t return our affection. It doesn’t stop us from loving the person we gave it to. Just like it won’t stop me from loving you.”


“You…” Jiangcheng breathed, his eyes glistening in the lamp light, “You’re insufferable.”


“Yeah?” Jingyi whispers, a small smile playing at the corner of his lips as Jiangcheng moved closer, his breath coming out shakily over his face, “Then hurry up and discipline me.”


This time when their lips meet, it’s soft, gentle, and Jingyi finds himself melting as Jiangcheng lets him lead. Jingyi isn’t experienced with kissing, but he tries, cupping Jiangcheng’s face as he suckles on his bottom lip before parting them, tongue probing for entry into his mouth. At the touch Jiangcheng gives a soft hum of approval, tilting his head and letting Jingyis’s tongue through, entwining their tongues together and kissing lazily. In fact, Jiangcheng is so focused on the kiss, enjoying the sweetness he never once got out from any of his relationships that he doesn’t notice until Jingyi pulls away.


“Why,” Jiangcheng breathes out heavily, voice rough, “why are my hands tied?”


“Because you belong to me as much as I belong to you.” Jingyi mutters, narrowing his eyes as he pushed Jiangcheng down, his expression annoyed, “Just thinking about how you might have slept with someone else next time makes me mad.”


“I won’t.” Jiangcheng laughs lightly, running his hands up and down Jingyi’s waist as he sighs, “I can’t after you.”


“You didn’t even fuck me.” Jingyi says bluntly, and watches with satisfaction as Jiangcheng splutters, cheeks turning red.


“What happened to such words being too vulgar?” Jiangcheng questioned, raising an eyebrow as Jingyi reached for his pants.


“You’ve not finished deflowering me Sect Leader Jiang.” Jingyi mutters as he pulls down Jiangcheng’s pants, eyes raking over the muscled thighs and strong calves before he chucks the offensive material on the floor.


“Jingyi, you don’t have to do this.” Jiangcheng starts, eyes wide as Jingyi reaches for his cock and gives it a loose pump that has him hissing, “Jingyi it’s fine-”


“You said that I should serve you without complaints tonight.” Jingyi murmured, his fingers moving delicately over Jiangcheng’s cock as he stroked the tip, slowly tracing the bulging veins downwards.


“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Jiangcheng grits out, nostrils flaring as he gazed at Jingyi, transfixed by his beauty.


“Yeah well, I don’t mind being a slut if I’m a slut for you.” Jingyi mumbled, licking his lips as he stared at Jiangcheng’s cock.


“You-!!” Jiangcheng swore lightly, shuddering as Jingyi bit his lip, “Get your mouth down there. Now.”


“Okay.” Jingyi breathed, lowering himself such that Jiangcheng’s cock was right in front of him. Not quite sure where to start, Jingyi hesitated for split second before gently tracing the purple vein that had caught his eye from before. Below him Jiangcheng cursed, and Jingyi found himself smiling as he began to lick with fervour, kissing and nuzzling the base before making his way to the tip.


“Oh my-” Jiangcheng groaned, looking down at Jingyi through hooded eyes, “Don’t let me feel your teeth Jingyi.”


Instead of replying Jingyi gave a soft hum before engulfing the tip, whining around the head of Jiangcheng’s cock. The other in turn swore loudly, hips raising slightly before they fell back on the bed, sweat beading on Jiangcheng’s forehead as he shuddered from the heat. It tasted strange, but it was so unmistakably Jiangcheng that Jingyi couldn’t find himself minding. Suckling gently, Jingyi swiped his tongue over the silt, massaging the head as he applied pressure, minding his teeth.


“Jingyi,” Jiangcheng gritted out, voice rough, “Let me fuck your throat.”


“But I don’t want you to come.” Jingyi said as he pulled back with a ‘pop’ sound, Jiangcheng’s cock rubbing against his cheek.


“Then what was the point of this?” Jiangcheng growled, eyes dark as he stared at Jingyi who nosed his cock, mouth running across his length erotically.


“You need to be hard if you’re going to fuck me. Besides, you’ve taken a lot of my firsts. Might as well take them all.” Jingyi shrugged as he gave Jiangcheng’s cock a final kiss.


“Jingyi, aren’t you oversensitive from-”


“Yeah I am.” Jingyi replied quietly as he slowly disrobed, pulling the robes off his shoulder and finally revealing his pale skin now littered with love bites, “How can I not be after you played with me so much?”


“Jingyi…” Jiangcheng gritted out, breathing harshly as Jingyi spreads his legs, showing off his hole.


“I’m still wet.” Jingyi says, locking eyes with Jiangcheng as he runs his fingers over the swollen rim, “You were so mean, rubbing that spot even though I told you to stop.”


Jiangcheng said nothing, silently staring, his chest rising and falling rapidly as his gaze remains fixed on Jingyi’s hole.


“What am I going to do Wanyin?” Jingyi asked softly, letting out a soft whimper as he dips the tip of his index finger into his ass, “It’s feels too g-good.”


“Jingyi!” Jiangcheng snaps, his expression wild as he tugs at the Gusu Lan Sect head band wound around his wrists.


“If I serve you, I’m going to c-come again aren’t I?” Jingyi breathes out, shuddering as he removed his fingers, leaving his hole throbbing.


“Jingyi…” Jiangcheng swallowed, adam’s apple bobbing as the youth begins to move, crawling forward.


“Mm, but that’s okay.” Jingyi breathes, swinging his leg over Jiangcheng and sighing as the cock rubs against his ass, his eyes fluttering before they land on Jiangcheng, “I’m serving you so it doesn’t matter how many times I come.”


“Jingyi, my god.” Jiangcheng shuddered, his tone reverent as Jingyi runs a palm down his own cock, wincing at the feeling.


“S-See? I can’t even t-touch myself.” Jingyi murmurs, even as he pushes back against Jiangcheng’s cock, “But you still want me to s-serve you. You’re so m-mean.”


“You, you’re perfect.” Jiangcheng chokes, his eyes soft and desperate as Jingyi rocks backwards.


“G-Going to serve you now.” Jingyi mumbles, hand reaching out to grasp Jiangcheng’s cock as he positions it at his entrance, the tip pressing against his hole, “Going to t-take my p-punishment.”


“Jingyi, Jingyi I swear if you-!!” Swearing mid-way, Jiangcheng snarled, his head falling backwards as his cock is engulfed in a tight warm heat. The pleasure is intense, but this isn’t his first time, so Jiangcheng forces himself to lean forward, checking on how Jingyi is doing. He isn’t prepared though, for Jingyi’s look of satisfaction, mouth open in contentment, pretty hole stretched around his cock that’s still entering, steadily sliding into the other. It’s a lot to take in, and things only get worse when Jingyi opens his eyes, golden eyes with pupils blown to lock gazes with Jiangcheng.


“D-Does it feel g-good?” Jingyi breathes, thighs straining as he sinks himself downwards, soft whimpers escaping his lips as he forces himself to relax, “You’re so b-big. R-Rubs me w-weirdly.”


“Y-Yeah.” Jiangcheng grits out, his hands fingers digging tightly against each other in the bonds, “It feels amazing.”


“Mm…” Jingyi shuddered, “A-Almost, almost a-all i-hng!!!” With a sharp gasp, Jingyi’s back arches, his eyes screwing shut as he bottoms out, taking Jiangcheng’s cock all the way in. But that isn’t the part that makes Jiangcheng swear, it’s the way Jingyi tightens, clenching down with his walls fluttering around Jiangcheng’s cock as ropes of white paint over Jiangcheng’s stomach.


“Hya…” Jingyi breathed out, voice shaky as he stared at Jiangcheng whose eyes are wide in shock, “W-Why are you looking at me like that?”


“Y-You… You just came.” Jiangcheng choked out, his hands twitching as Jingyi looks down at their connected bodies.


“O-Oh. Yeah, I told you I would come if I s-serve you.” Jingyi answers distractedly, pushing his hair back as he places his hands on Jiangcheng’s stomach.


“You’re too sensitive.” Jiangcheng whispers, clearing his voice as he leans up, “Jingyi, it’s okay if-”


“U-Use me.” Jingyi breathes out, whimpering softly as he rocks his hips, “Hng, y-you said this was my p-punishment. S-So u-use me.”


“You’re over stimulated.” Jiangcheng grits out, his voice rough.


“T-Tell me what to d-do Wanyin.” Jingyi whines, panting as he ignores the other, shuddering as he feels Jiangcheng’s cock, thick and long sit within him, “D-Do I move?”


“Jingyi…” Jiangcheng groaned before sighing with resignation, opening his eyes as he growled out an order, “I want you to fuck yourself on my cock without stopping.”


“W-Without stopping?” Jingyi whimpers, shivering as Jiangcheng grins, eyes glinting.


“Not until I tell you to stop.” Jiangcheng says huskily, “Even if you come, you keep riding me. Even if I come, you keep rocking your hips you understand?”


“O-Okay.” Jingyi says in a small voice as he begins to move, experimentally rubbing his hole upwards, “L-Like this?”


“Lift yourself up and drop down.” Jiangcheng breathes out, holding his breath as Jingyi scrunched up his nose in confusion before tensing his thighs, pulling up before sinking back down.


“Hng!” Jingyi gasped, throwing his head back as he feels the tip of the cock press against something, something in him that electrifies his whole body.


“Did it hit your prostate?” Jiangcheng whispers, his hands clenching as Jingyi whimpers, thighs trembling around his waist, “Feels good doesn’t it? Come on Jingyi, be a good boy.”


“I d-don’t think I c-can…” Jingyi whines, stilling as he looks up at Jiangcheng teary eyed, “I c-can’t f-follow if I m-move like t-thi-hng!”


Jingyi’s voice cuts off in a sharp moan, his voice echoing in the room as Jiangcheng shoved his hips upwards, thrusting into the other. It’s hot, and the wet sounds of his hole sucking in Jiangcheng would make Jingyi blush if his senses weren’t completely overwhelmed by the feeling of something thick and hard rubbing against his most intimate areas. It should’ve started off slow, an itch in his blood making his body more receptive to each sensuous touch but Jingyi’s oversensitivity was reaching its limit. Instead every jab against his prostate left him shaking, his eyes starting to lose focus as the pleasure began to spread upwards. He could feel his cock rising, slower this time, but with the eagerness that matched the burning of his lungs.


“P-Please n-” Jingyi whimpered, lashes dotted with tears as he grinds against Jiangcheng, his chest heaving as he places a hand on Jiangcheng’s lower abdomen to stabilise himself.


“Shh… I’ve got you.” Jiangcheng murmurs, his bound hands tracing soothing patterns on Jingyi’s tense thighs as the younger trembled with every movement, muffling his cries, “Why don’t you let me go hmm?”


“N-No! Y-You’re mine, I d-ah!” Jingyi gasped, throwing his head back in ecstasy as his legs spasm, his fingers digging into Jianghcheng’s skin.


“Come now,” Jiangcheng whispers, voice husky as he finally sits up, the movement driving him even deeper into Jingyi that has the other moaning, “Let me treasure you.”


Those words are all it takes as Jingyi finally slows down from his bouncing, the ache in his thighs running through his body. Trembling from the overstimulation but determined, Jiangcheng feels the fondness in him rise as Jingyi clumsily reaches for the knots on his wrists, tugging them with a feverish desperation. It takes a few seconds but once the ribbon is removed, Jiangcheng quickly drops it back on the bedside table, twisting his wrists to get rid of the kinks. On top of him Jingyi says nothing, miraculously silent as he stares up at Jiangcheng, eyelids hooded, and lips swollen pink.


“Beautiful.” Jiangcheng murmurs as he lifts Jingyi’s hand to his lips, pressing kisses on the inner wrist before moving to his fingers, “So beautiful.”


“Wan, Wanyin…” Jingyi is blushing, porcelain skin flushed red as his eyes watch, transfixed as Jiangcheng worships his hand, kissing fingertips scarred from playing guqin, muscle hiding delicate bone structure.


“My turn.” Jiangcheng growls lowly, a deep snarl that has Jingyi whining prettily as they’re finally flipped over, his back meeting plush cushions at last.


“Tempting little-” Jiangcheng cuts himself off, groaning as he gives a sharp thrust upwards, Jingyi arching in surprise at the sudden force.


“W-Wanyin, please-” Jingyi protests weakly as Jiangcheng lifts up his legs, spreading them open lewdly, “T-This!!”


“You’re embarrassed now?” Jiangcheng huffs out a laugh as he looks down at the youth, a bright smile finally crossing his face. It’s a shocking change, and Jingyi’s heart swoops dangerously low before soaring once more as he stares wide eyed at Jiangcheng. The crease between brows, a famous mark of Sect Leader Jiang’s displeasure to everyone and life itself had smoothened out, revealing a handsome young man. That subtle raise of his brow, the quirk of his lips, eyes dark and playful, Jingyi could feel himself being transported back to Gusu Lan, only this time, he’s a disciple with a much younger and dashing heir of the Yumeng Jiang Sect by his side.




“Oh god, you,” Jingyi whimpers in frustration, his hand reaching up for Jiangcheng’s face that is now frowning slightly, “You’re so gorgeous you have no idea what you do to me!”  The compliment has Jiangcheng stilling, eyes widening as Jingyi cards his hand through Jiangcheng’s hair, writhing with pleasure below him.


“Your eyes, your smile,” Jingyi breathes, pupils dilated as he squeezes around Jiangcheng’s cock, his expression euphoric, “your voice-”




“I liked you, liked you before we even met.” Jingyi babbles, eyes shining as the words spill out of him unintended, “You saved me, saved the world, and then I met you and, and you were so overwhelming. I wanted you. When you looked at me the first time and you scolded me, I wanted to cry. But you were s-so handsome and kind and you said my name like it was the prettiest word you ever knew and you-”


“Don’t worry,” Jiangcheng finally speaks, voice hoarse and shaky as he leans forward, one arm gripping the bed post so hard his knuckles are bone white, “I have a pretty good idea what I do to you.”


“No, you don’t!” Jingyi snaps, gasping as he shallowly moves his hips, fucking himself, as ordered, on Jianghcheng who’s absolutely still and silent, “Wanted you most out of everyone else. Wanted the Sandu Shengshou first, wanted Wanyin, n-not sect leader, not anything or anyone else. Wanted to be pretty, wanted to be good, s-so good for you-”


(He’s pretty. That’s the first thought that goes through Jiangcheng’s mind when he encounters the youth again after their momentary dispute on the mountain. Jingling is snarling at Sizhui, but the other boy is smiling sweetly and demurely, speaking in calm undertones that has his nephew spluttering apologies and taking them back in the same breath. The other boy on the other hand was snickering, rolling his eyes at Jingling and shoving the other with his elbow every now and then. Each touch had Jingling scowling, but there’s a lightness to his eyes that Jiangcheng hasn’t seen in a while, and he’s content to let his nephew be.


Except that his nephew’s new-found friends, one of them in particular, is ridiculously beautiful.


The other boy, Jiangcheng doesn’t know his name but he’s sure Jingling will tell him all about it later, whether intentionally or not, must be a fairy. And he doesn’t mean Jingling’s dog. There’s a certain grace in his movements even though he’s being aggressive to Jingling, an air of surety about where he’s going that has Jiangcheng looking twice. The Gusu Lan Sect was famous for their Twin Jades, but this youth that he was seeing?


He was a cloud, light and free. He was limitless, unbound, and Jiangcheng could feel the envy stirring in his chest, like a dragon awakening from a long hibernation. It’s dirty and sinister, snarling behind the cage of bones and pacing aggressively. It makes zidian spark, purple electricity running across the ring in rapid intervals. There was a time that he too wanted to be free, wanted to run away and live his life running from the responsibilities of being an heir to a Sect. But those dreams burned, burned to the ground like Lotus Pier, and then he lost everyone he thought that he could keep, that would stay. Sadness races through his veins every day, mourning for a parallel future, but it’s sharply followed by anger. Because he has to keep burning. It is the only way out of the darkness that the world has given him, even if the only fuel is himself.


“U-Um, Sect Leader Jiang…”


“Yes?” Jiangcheng looks up, answering distractedly as he clears his mind, brushing away feelings that sit heavily in his chest. He’s taken aback, unprepared however, to come face to face with the youth of before, one that is now flushed and fidgeting in front of him.


Pink, like a sugar cloud, Jiangcheng’s mind whispers traitorously even as he schools his expression into a stern one.


“Is there something you need…?” He raises an eyebrow and waits for the youth to fill in the blanks himself, not at all curious about his name. Not at all.


“L-Lan Jingyi!” The youth says immediately, stuttering slightly even as his eyes shine, a beautiful gold that makes the dragon in Jiangcheng stir, but for a different reason entirely.


It’s like that time on the mountain, and Jiangcheng is mystified.


“And what do you need, Lan-Gongzi?” Jiangcheng speaks slowly, zidian sparking, out of agitation for an annoying child and nothing else of course.


“I was wondering if Jingling could night-hunt with us in the future.” Jingyi says, and Jiangcheng goes stiff in surprise at the look of determination on the youth’s face. It’s the first time anyone has openly asked for permission to hang out with Jingling, and the first one to have dared to. Behind him, Jingling is utterly red in shock, eyes wide as he gaps at Jingyi in disbelief. Jiangcheng has always been protective, spoilt Jingling he has not, and he frequently screened or frightened off Jingling’s potential friends. Poor friends they make if they run Jiangcheng always scoffed and Jingling would always agree, mouth trembling slightly. It made Jiangcheng’s heart ache, and yet he could do nothing about it. There were no sect heirs Jingling’s age, and that distance in terms of status would always be palpable.


“Jingling is strong sir, and I would like to know him better as a friend, comrade, and future diplomatic partner.” Jingyi taken the silence for a no, but his speech is sure, and his eyes blazing with a confidence that has Jingling gaping silently at him, and Jiangcheng mystified.


This is the third time he feels that way.


“Diplomatic partner?”


“Permission to speak sir?” Sizhui, Lan Wanji’s adopted child asks, stepping forward.


“Continue.” Jiangcheng murmurs, even though the youth has technically already spoken. Guts, he thinks to himself as he side eyes Jingyi, lips pursing.


“Jingyi and I are in the running as dual heirs to the Gusu Lan Sect. While there has been opposition from some of the elders due to our adopted heritage, it is still undeniably important for us to build relations with future sect leaders.”


Adopted heritage?


Jiangcheng wants to sneer and laugh, because the man before him is the future of Gusu Lan Sect, adopted or not.


“Or could we just say we want to hang out with Jingling?” Jingyi argues, crossing his arms as he glowers at Jiangcheng, “We don’t need a diplomatic reason to spend time with him do we? Besides, I’m probably not going to be heir.”




There’s smoke being emitted, the dragon in Jiangcheng’s chest breathing heavily with a wicked snarl on its face.


Is Jingyi a free man then?


“If he wishes to and has the time he may.” Jiangcheng says calmly and Jingling practically squeaks in disbelief before a bright smile works its way onto his face. It’s at this moment that Sizhui stills, and Jiangcheng knows that look, the way Sizhui looks at Jingling like the sun has just came up. At least there won’t be any adulterous worries for his nephew, Jiangcheng thinks drily as Sizhui finally smiles, cheeks tinted slightly pink.


“Thank you Sect Leader Jiang!”


Oh right, he almost forgot about the pretty one, Jiangcheng thinks distractedly as he returns his attention to the boy-


Jingyi is beaming, eyes sparkling and lips pulled back into the widest grin possible. His hair is swept up into a messy ponytail, and his skin, white as snow, is almost glowing under the sunlight. He’s ethereal, unreal, and Jiangcheng chokes on his own air.


It’s as if the sun had just risen.


The dragon within him prowls, jaw unhinged and grins.


Covet, covet, covet, it chants in his chest.


“Your welcome, Jingyi.” Jiangcheng says the youth’s name, testing it on his tongue as he looks at the boy warily. Jingyi gasps, and turns red, the pink flush crawling up his cheekbones and ears as he ducks his head, stuttering out excuses and places to be before he quickly leaves.


Jiangcheng stills, and the dragon in his chest smirks, knows it has won, and sets Jiangcheng’s heart aflame for the first time in years.)


“I said,” Jiangcheng growls, snapping his hips forward, punctuating his next word with a hard thrust that has Jingyi keening, “I know.”




“You think I don’t notice the stares?” Jiangcheng breathes, lips brushing the curve of Jingyi’s ear, his voice low and borderline aggressive, “The way you blush prettily if I so much as look at you? You think I don’t know that if it weren’t for the rules of your sect you would have touched yourself to me every night?”


“I w-would never!” Jingyi squeaks even as his hands claw at Jiangcheng’s back, his voice going up an octave.


“Don’t lie to me Jingyi.” Jiangcheng pants, grunting into Jingyi’s ear as he takes more, takes his pleasure from the lithe willing body below him, “Don’t lie when I’ve tried to hold myself back all this while from you.”


“H-Hya, I-I don’t k-know, hng-!!” Jingyi stammers, sobbing slightly as he obediently wraps his legs around Jiangcheng’s hips, eyes overflowing with tears as he rocks, matching Jiangcheng’s rhythm.


“You don’t know?” Jiangcheng growls, pupils blown as he takes in Jingyi’s face of pleasure, the youth’s open mouth, lips rubbed raw and swollen, the most gorgeous sounds escaping him, “Then should I tell you? How many times I touched myself to you?”


“P-Please! Please W-Wanyin, mercy, m-mercy!” Jingyi breaks, sobbing as he clenches tight around Jiangcheng’s cock, his toes curling and abdominal muscles flexing, straining prettily against the bed.


“Mercy? For what?” Jiangcheng murmurs, his breathing getting heavier as he moved, one hand clasping onto Jingyi’s leg to keep the youth still while he took him, again and again, “Do you want me to stop having you? Is that what you want? To disappoint me?”


“N-No! Ah, d-don’t want to d-disappoi-ah!” Jingyi cuts himself off, eyes squeezing shut as a weak wail escapes his lips, his hips shaking uncontrollably as he began to quiver.


“I won’t give you mercy Jingyi. Not when you’ve given me none, none with your body.” Jiangcheng hisses, and Jingyi sobs as the other finally snaps. No more words are spoken as Jiangcheng goes into overdrive, thrusting manically into Jingyi that has the youth sobbing out, voice stuck in his throat. It’s burning, driving him insane with pleasure, and Jingyi isn’t sure if he’s participating anymore. All he knows is the consuming feeling, the race up the hill, the build up in his cock every time Jiangcheng hits that spot in him, sending shockwaves across his body. The lewd sound, the slick sound of wet skin against skin, the squelching noise accompanied by the thickness, hard and branding him in his most intimate areas.


“W-Wany-yin! C-Com-hya!” Jingyi is squirming, back arching as he looks up at Jiangcheng imploringly, tears falling from the corner of his eyes.


“Then come, come rocking on my cock like a good boy.” Jiangcheng snarls, and Jingyi sobs as his orgasm rushes over him, sending his legs spasming and his hole quivering around the hot hard cock in him. It’s a dry orgasm this time, his cock leaking only a little translucent fluid as he loses himself to the mind-numbing pleasure, one that Jiangcheng fucks him through, cock carving a permanent memory in him. Through it all though, Jingyi remembers the order Jiangcheng has given him, and listens, even as his body shakes with every movement.


“W-Wanyin,” Jingyi whimpers as he rocks, grinding his hole obediently, submissively against Jiangcheng’s cock, rubbing the tip against his abused prostate, mouth falling open to the feeling, panting and whining prettily, “p-please c-co-hng!”


“You minx. You tempting little fucking minx.” Jiangcheng groans, and Jingyi cries, arms looping around Jiangcheng’s neck as he wantonly begs for more, ass canting towards Jiangcheng’s cock as if it isn’t enough for him. It’s this thought that sends Jiangcheng over the edge, teeth sinking into Jingyi’s collar as he bites him harshly, his own hips jerking forward into the warm inviting heat as he spills into Jingyi.


“T-Thank you.” Jingyi whimpers, and Jiangcheng whips his head down to look at the youth in disbelief, and wishes he never did. Because Jingyi is still moving, not as aggressively anymore due to oversensitivity, but he’s rocking, lewdly fucking himself on Jiangcheng’s cock that is slowing to a dribble, beginning to turn soft.  It’s a sight to see, a debauched Jingyi, hair fanning out behind him on the pillow, biting his knuckles while his hole, pink around the area that’s stretched around Jiangcheng’s cock expands and shrinks, taking in his length still.


“You… You were so good.” Jiangcheng murmurs as he places his hand on Jingyi’s hips, effectively stilling the youth. At his words Jingyi sniffles, arms trembling as they slide down Jiangcheng’s neck, his lashes dotted with tear drops.


“I’m so sorry treasure.” Jiangcheng croons, patting Jingyi’s head and pressing a soft kiss to his brow, then his cheek, and then his lips, “I played with you too much tonight hmm?”


“Not as much as I’ll play with you after this. A healthy dose of revenge is important.” Jingyi mumbles after a few seconds of silence, eyelids drooping as he buries his face into Jiangcheng’s chest. It shocks a laugh out of Jiangcheng and he can’t help but smile, pressing another tender kiss to Jingyi’s ear lobe.


“We need to clean you up now.” Jiangcheng grabs a cloth from the bedside table, unable to hold back his grin as Jingyi groans, batting his hands away.


“I just want to sleep! God I’m so tired…” Jingyi whines, wincing slightly as Jiangcheng pulls out, leaving him aching, sore, and most importantly, empty.


“Come now, if we don’t clean up it’ll feel worse tomorrow. Besides, do you really want to sleep in a bed covered with all our fluids?” Jiangcheng raises an eyebrow and watches as Jingyi flails.


“F-Fine!” Jingyi scowls, and Jiangcheng shakes his head in endearment as he begins to wash Jingyi, wiping away cum and sweat, dipping the cloth into the bowl every few minutes to wash it. He’s silent in his concentration, brows dipping as he takes care of Jingyi’s body with a touch so gentle it makes Jingyi warm.


“I need to clean your-”


“No.” Jingyi hisses, eyes widening as he feels the brush of Jiangcheng’s index finger against his hole, “I’m not letting you-”


“Jingyi, I can’t let you stay like this.” Jiangcheng is frowning, but his tone is amused as he watches Jingyi fuss, pouting.


“But I’m so sensitive now!” Jingyi whines, and Jiangcheng can’t help himself, can’t stop himself from kissing Jingyi on the nose.


“Be good for me one more time tonight.”


“… O-Okay.” Jingyi mumbled begrudgingly, his ears turning red as he obediently uncrosses his legs, pulling them apart so that his hole, pink and stretched, is facing Jiangcheng once more.


“Such a good boy.” Jiangcheng praises, laughing lightly as he pushes a finger into Jingyi and scoops out his cum. Jingyi winces, biting his bottom lip but is otherwise silent, and Jiangcheng finishes cleaning up in a few minutes.


“Are you cold?” Jiangcheng murmurs as his fingers turn Jingyi’s face, eyes raking over his body worriedly. I hope I didn’t hurt him, I hope I didn’t hurthim, I hope I didn’thurthim, IhopeIdidn’thurthim.


“No. Thirsty though.” Jingyi says quietly as Jiangcheng tucks a lock of his hair behind his ear, touch overwhelmingly careful and hesitant. It’s kind, it’s a kind touch.


“I’ll go make you a cup of tea right now.” Jiangcheng whispers, and Jingyi wants to scream, but for different reasons. Because a fucked out Jiangcheng, a sated Sandu Shengshou, is the most attractive thing he has seen. Pulling on a pair of lose pants, forgoing the underwear, Jiangcheng steps out of the room to bring in a tea set, lighting the fire underneath it. That’s pre-prepared, and Jingyi feels his heart skip a beat.


“You’re staring.” Jiangcheng says after blowing out the flame on the match, eyes darting to glance at Jingyi who is watching, transfixed. After that intensity, Jingyi is at last allowed the time to admire, and he can’t help it, can’t help the joy that leaps in his chest at being able to see Jiangcheng like this, worn out and comfortable. His hair is a dark raven mess, curling around his broad shoulders instead of the neat bun it’s usually in, and the pants dip at his hips, revealing light skin, scars from knives and battles Jingyi had never participated in. He’s beautiful.


“Nothing, just, taking it in.” Jingyi finally makes out, voice slightly shaky.


“Jingyi, it’s okay if you’re uncomfortable but you need to tell me.” Jiangcheng’s brows are starting to furrow, and this time there’s no slight leak of worry. It’s there, the anxiety, it’s woven right into his words. It’s obvious this time.


“No, I’m okay. I’m not lying.” Jingyi replies automatically as Jiangcheng fixes him with a glower, making grabby gestures to the pot, “Just really want my tea.”




“And admiring you.” Jingyi reluctantly admits, cheeks turning pink as he’s finally handed his cup, ducking his head to hide his expression even as he mumbles, “You’re just really, a lot. I feel lucky, and you’re just so perfect to me. Beyond what I’m capable of expressing.”


There’s silence, and Jingyi cautiously sips his tea, keeping his head low as he focuses on the warmth being emitted from the cup. It’s when the quiet extends, that Jingyi looks up worriedly, wondering what’s going on, only to be met with a scene he mentally captures for eternity.


‘Y-You…” Jiangcheng attempts to speak but words fail him, and Jingyi is stunned, watching as the Sect Leader of Yunmeng Jiang, famous for his ferocity, his coldness, stutters, cheeks burning red. It’s a welcoming change as Jiangcheng cover his face with a hand, looking away as his other arm wraps around his body, covering up scars and burn marks that makes Jingyi stir. He knows, he knows that look, because that’s how Sizhui looked the first time Jingyi said he was amazing after years of people telling him he didn’t belong because he was adopted. It’s the same look Jingling gave him after he called him a friend after everyone the other knew didn’t want to be near him. It’s lonely, it’s painful, and damn it he really did have a type didn’t he?


“Wanyin, you know I think you’re beautiful right? That-”


“Shut up! Shut, up…” Jiangcheng almost whimpers, almost, as he turns his back on Jingyi, cursing his heart that’s beating way too loudly in his chest and his cheeks that are burning way too hot.


He had never experienced this, this gentleness, this, this devotion, for what other word could it be? People had always feared him, or at least did after the Sun shot campaign. There had never been time for romance when he was younger. He always assumed it would be a political marriage, and never bothered looking anywhere else. And with people who feared him, with his name blacklisted on almost every available matchmaker’s list, he had never felt it. Never felt what it was like to have someone utterly starry eyed with him, him, the nobody whose golden core didn’t even belong to him, the nobody who lost everything and gained nothing, the nobody that was living on borrowed strength and nothing el-


“Wanyin! Look at me!” Jingyi snaps, and at that voice Jiangcheng turns, sharply, eyes wide as the other man scowls at him jaw clenched as he places the tea cup back onto the table. It takes a moment, a split second perhaps, but Jiangcheng relaxes.


It’s a split second too long for Jingyi’s liking.


“We should sleep. After all you Lans wake up early.” Clearing his throat, Jiangcheng steps away to blow out the candles, leaving Jingyi seething on the bed. He knows that panic, that fear and astonishment that flashed across Jiangcheng’s face. He knows because he has been on the receiving end of those emotions far too often and seen it on his friends’ faces way more. It’s reluctance, it’s disbelief. It’s a man utterly terrified of being loved and it breaks, breaks Jingyi’s heart and soul in more ways than one.




Jingyi jolts as he feels arms wind around his waist, and his anger dies down slightly. It’s still simmering, but it’s not boiling over just yet. Turning, allowing his eyes to adjust to the dark room he smiles, brushing his nose against Jiangcheng’s cheek as he presses a soft kiss there, as if whispering I love you in the quietest of ways. The stiff arms around him relaxes, and Jingyi takes his time, running a hand up Jiangcheng’s wrist to his shoulder, touch light. There’s an exhale, a small huff, and Jingyi hums as he presses closer, nosing Jiangcheng’s neck. He doesn’t know why he’s so bold, after all he’s sure if the lights were on Jiangcheng would be flushing from embarrassment, but maybe it’s the vulnerability. It’s the knowledge that he’s the first one to stay in Jiangcheng’s bed, the realisation that he’s the first who is close enough to fully understand, comprehend, and hold this complex enigma of a man.




“We should sleep.” Jingyi whispers, sliding his hips against Jiangcheng, curling up against him as his lips brush the other man’s own, a ghost of a smile on his face. He paints butterfly kisses against his face, touch light as a feather, and he feels, rather than hears, Jiangcheng’s pained whimper. He knows, he knows and understands the truth now, Jingyi thinks as he presses another kiss to a bare collar.


“Sleep.” Jingyi murmurs, and grins as he feels two arms grab him, pulling him impossibly close, hears the shaky breath belonging to Jiangcheng in his ear.


“Sleep.” Jiangcheng agrees, voice hoarse, and Jingyi lets his eyelids close, sighing into the comfortable warmth of darkness around him.


Jingyi wakes later than he usually does at Gusu, his eyes squinting to adjust to the room’s lighting. He knows that Jinling would leave in the early afternoon, so there was plenty of time before Lotus Pier awoke once more. Sunlight wasn’t shining into the room just yet, but it was slowly making its presence known, placing the time somewhere between six and seven in the morning. Jingyi’s body ached deliciously, the sting in his wrists were gone, and his bottom was sore but not in pain. It felt as if he had just done an intense training under one of his teachers, and humming quietly, Jingyi stretched, working out the kinks in his necks and shoulders. He only froze when he heard a disgruntled groan, and an arm wrapped around his waist tightened its grip on him.


Turning on his side, Jingyi felt the air escape his lungs, his breath taken away as he stared down at the love of his life. Dark hair, wavy curls fell across a beautiful face like a halo, framing soft pliant lips, a sharp nose, perfect jaw, high cheekbones. Almost whimpering out loud in awe, Jingyi can’t help himself as he runs a hand through those curls, carding through them and watching as Jiangcheng stirred, pressing closer. Lips, pink as the lotuses that float in the gardens, caught his eyes and Jingyi felt the want creep up in him, a desire to cherish, to adore, to make precious.


“Mmm…” Jiangcheng hummed, shivering as he felt warm lips press against his eyelids. Slowly, they moved, touching his cheek, his nose, and then his jaw. It’s warm, the blanket around him keeping him sleepy and content. He only begins to truly wake when those lips move to his neck and begin to suck.


“A-Ah…” Jiangcheng sighs, eyes blinking blearily as he peers up, snorting as he meets the gaze of a bashful but grinning man.


“What a way to wake up.” Jiangcheng murmured, a soft smile taking over his face as he runs his hand through Jingyi’s hair, pushing away the loose strands to get a clearer look of his face.


“I could say the same.” Jingyi replies, voice low, and it’s this statement that has Jiangcheng blinking away sleep before turning slightly pink.


“Jingyi wha-”


“You say you know but I don’t think you have any idea how much you appeal to me.” Jingyi continues, voice husky as he runs his nose up and down Jiangcheng’s neck, “Everything about you, it’s attractive.”


“Jingyi-” Jiangcheng grits out, biting his bottom lip as Jingyi pressed an open-mouthed kiss to his chest. The younger is going lower, and Jiangcheng feels panic close around his throat as Jingyi continues down, his brain forcing his body still even as every part of him wants to be in control instead.


“You’re beautiful. So, so beautiful.” Jingyi croons, and smirks as Jiangcheng shivers under his touch, watches as the other man blushes, cheeks turning red and a pretty pink crawling up his neck. He moves downwards, tracing scars with his tongue and pressing gentle sweet kisses to every mark he finds on supple skin.


“Hey, don’t be a brat after last night.” Jiangcheng whispers, but the harshness is lost in the breathiness of his tone, in the way he shifts delicately under Jingyi’s ministration, and the growing flush on his neck.


“Yes, but I’m your brat.” Jingyi laughs, voice soft as he finally reaches what he’s been looking for. Jiangcheng’s cock is half hard, and Jingyi pressed a kiss to the head, watches as Jiangcheng shivers at his touch.


“Don’t be a-arrogant.” Jiangcheng tries to force some roughness into his voice, but it’s lost once more as Jingyi’s tongue flicks out over the tip of his cock, playing with the slit gently. It’s good, it’s good and Jiangcheng wants to whimper and moan.


“About the fact that I have you? Always. I’m always going to be arrogant.” Jingyi whispers, and that’s all the warning Jiangcheng has before the younger man takes his cock into his hand, sucking and lapping at the head.


“A-Ah, J-Jingyi-!!” Jiangcheng gasps, and he’s pretty, Jingyi thinks, eyes hooded as he bobs his head, Jiangcheng is prettiest in the morning when he’s soft and vulnerable like this. Swirling his tongue as best as he can, Jingyi moves forward, sinking down onto the cock and watches as Jiangcheng honest to gods whimper, fingers digging into the bed and curling around the hem of the blanket. His head is thrown back in ecstasy, and Jingyi feels carnal desire for more well up in him.  Pulling back, Jingyi says nothing as he sucks on Jiangcheng’s balls, laughs softly when the other gasps and tries to move his legs.


“You…” Jiangcheng tries to sound accusatory, but he can’t, not when all he wants to do now is bend himself in half for Jingyi. And the younger man knows, Jiangcheng thinks nervously, his breathing shallow as Jingyi watches him with glittering eyes, knows how much he wants it to be the other way around this time.


“Can I?” Jingyi asks gently, hand rubbing soothing circles into Jiangcheng’s thighs and crawling up to meet him face to face. Their cocks rub against each other, and Jiangcheng inhales sharply, hips jerking as his hard cock rubs against Jingyi’s half hard one. It’s embarrassing, knowing that Jingyi’s touch has turned him on so much, and the prospect of losing control scares him. But with Jingyi looking like that, looking at him like he’s the sun? Jiangcheng wanted to say yes to whatever he asked.


“C-Can you what?” He tries to be tough, he really does, but it’s failing Jiangcheng miserably as Jingyi peppers kisses along his shoulder, as hands wrap around his cock and pump him, once, then twice.


“Can I have you Wanyin? Can I take you?” Jingyi croons, sighing softly into Jiangcheng’s ear as he pumps the other man loosely with his free hand, the other carding through the man’s hair.


“Y-You don’t even know how t-to prepare me.” Jiangcheng stammers out, only to internally curse as Jingyi fixes him with a beatific smile. He hadn’t rejected the suggestion, and Jiangcheng feels the inherent desire to squirm, to bury himself somewhere far, far away.


“You could teach me? You could do it yourself and I can learn by watching.” Jingyi whispers hotly in his ear, and Jiangcheng almost moans aloud at the suggestion, trembling as fingers danced along his rib cage, stoking desire in him.


(This is bull shit. This is wrong. Jiangcheng trembles, hands clutching the table tightly as he tries to refrain himself from throwing the papers into the air. What a total load of, he exhaled, trying to calm himself as he thought back to Huaisang, shaking. He understands, he knows the pain, but to put the peace they had built, to cause so much chaos, for other people they, he, trusted to have been so cruel, it sends anger and fear, fear so sharp it makes him weak in the knees.


The only thing that came from this event is Weiying, that Weiying is back. But even then, there is so much, so much hidden and kept secret. He’s still alone, alone heading the sect, and Jingling lost more family again. His feet feel like they’re sinking into quick sand, and Jiangcheng wants to cry, he really does. But it has been a long time since he wept, since he has allowed himself to feel that panic and let it destroy his soul. His fingers tighten around the table’s edge, and zidian sparks.


“Sect Leader Jiang!”


He’s jerked out of his reverie by one of his attendants who knocks on his door. Eyes narrowed, he slowly pries his fingers away from the table, calms his heart, and opens the door.


“What is it?”


“Um, i-it’s the Gusu Lan Sect sir.”


“I beg your pardon?” Jiangcheng states frostily as the attendant cowers before him, aware of his terrible mood.


“T-Two disciples from Gusu Lan Sect have arrived. I believe they’re names are Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi.”


The names give Jiangcheng a pause, and his patience, still short and burning towards the end, is temporarily, and slightly, just slightly, restored.


“And what do they want?” He asks calmly, and the attendant straightens his back, looking relieved.


“I believe they are requesting a meeting with you and Young Master Jin sir.”


“Granted. Set up tea in the meeting room and send someone for Jinling.”


“Yes sir!”


With the attendant hurrying away, and no doubt sending preparations to be made, Jiangcheng closes his bedroom doors, rubbing his forehead as he sighs. Lan Xichen would no doubt be in terrible shape, and he knows Weiying and Lan Wangji were rushing back to Gusu right now with him, both to offer their support and probably discuss the new political crisis in Gusu Lan Sect. Which begs the question why these two idiots were here, Jiangcheng sighed again, huffing as he shuffled his papers neatly, packing up his desk. Judging by the state of things, which were not good at all, he thought darkly to himself, the entire balance of the four clans had been thrown out of the window. Qinghe Nie Sect’s internal chaos was worrisome enough, but to pull a stunt like that meant that there would be political repercussions on all fronts. Lanling Jin Sect would need Jinling to step in as the new Sect Leader, and Gusu Lan Sect’s heir’s position could be destabilised due to diplomatic reasons or the elders’ disapproval. The only Sect that had zero political issues were his own.


“Sir, the two disciples and Young Master Jin await for you in the-”


“Understood. Now leave.” Jiangcheng responds curtly, and the attendant behind his door immediately walks away. Shaking his head at the political headache, not to mention emotional upheaval he was going through, Jiangcheng squared up his shoulders and headed to the meeting room. If they were here to ask for assistance or question his political motives, he had to be prepared with appropriate responses.


It is hardly what happens though, as when he enters Jinling is squashed between the two disciples who are hugging him tightly, cooing over his nephew that is, for once, oddly compliant.


“What are you two doing here?” Jiangcheng gets straight to the point, settling down on the chair opposite to theirs, pouring himself his own cup of tea.


“We heard the news so we rushed down to give Jinling our support.” Sizhui answers, and that, well, that is an answer Jiangcheng for once can believe, judging from how tightly the disciple is clinging onto his nephew.


Good heavens I’m going to have Lan Wangji as an in law, he thinks wearily as he takes a sip of his tea.


“You as well?” He redirects his question to Jingyi, his voice tired, and watches as the usually bright and loud youth nods solemnly.


“We obtained permission from our Elders and made our way down as soon as possible. Is Jingling really set to inherit the Lanling Jin Sect immediately?” Sizhui asks, and that, that question makes Jiangcheng’s heart ache as Jingling turns to look at him, bottom lip trembling and eyes watering.


What is it like to be the youngest sect leader in history?








“Not immediately.” Jiangcheng says quietly, “I will do my best to prolong the reinstating of a Sect Leader but given political climates and the size of the territories they’re holding, Lanling Jin Sect would wish for someone to step up immediately. Two months is the maximum I can give you.”


At his words Jinling bows his head respectfully, but Jiangcheng can see his shoulders shake and the way his hand grabs onto Sizhui’s own, fingers interlacing.


“… Pardon my intrusion or rudeness,” Jingyi speaks suddenly, voice soft, and Jiangcheng turns his attention to him, “But how have you been faring Sect Leader Jiang?”


If anyone else had been asking this question, Jiangcheng’s first reaction would be, well, on guard. It’s a fishing attempt for weaknesses, and he is determined to show none that would put Lotus pier in peril. But this is Jingyi, this is Sizhui, and this is Jinling. And so he settles back, for the first time in a long while, and speaks, voice low.


“It is not a good time. Politically or emotionally for anyone. There is utter chaos between all four Sects and not to mention the repercussions if information is leaked or revolts happen. As of now tensions are most high between the Lanling Jin and Qinghe Nie Sects. The demands for retribution might have been quelled on Huaisang’s side but not necessarily on the people. Not to mention how it has affected the other Sects, for example in the case of your heir.” The words have Jingyi’s lips tightening into a flat line, and Jiangcheng hates that he can do nothing about it.


“We probably have to return soon then.” Sizhui states, and the look of utter panic across Jinling’s face makes Jiangcheng want to break several things.


“We should go in a day or two.” Jingyi says quietly, patting Jinling on the head which his nephew accepts, before he glances up at Jiangcheng, “I assume that the watchtowers done by Lanling Jin Sect are now officially closed?”


“They have to be. Now people would start questioning the integrity of their usage and continuing to use them would just invite more political backlash.” Jiangcheng replies, and he doesn’t miss the look Jingyi and Sizhui share, knowing that it means Jinling has to deal with the issues when he inherits the position.


With the chair, he will take with him all the problems.


“Sect Leader Jiang, I understand you have a lot on your plate,” Jingyi hesitates and Jiangcheng has to bite back a sigh. The request for him to do something, to do anything, to fix this, he knows, he already knows he has to do-


“But please do take care of yourself amid the chaos.” Jingyi finishes, and Jiangcheng goes absolutely stock still, while Jinling whips his head, tears miraculously gone, to stare with narrowed eyes at Jingyi. Beside him Sizhui coughs lightly behind his hand, and all at once Jingyi is flustered once more, apologising for overstepping boundaries. Any other action, and Jiangcheng would have just waved it away, or shocked the person with zidian, but for now he has to suffice with hidiing a small grin threatening to take over his face, whereas Jinling is making no attempts to hide his murderous persona.


It’s a wonderful change in atmosphere.


“Thank you for the concern.” Jiangcheng finds himself saying gently, interrupting Jingyi’s babbling with a gracious nod of his head, “I appreciate your visit and hope that all is well at your Sect too.” Jingling gaps in disbelief as Jiangcheng paused, “Although speaking of which I do have some matters to attend to and must take my leave.”


“Of course, Sect Leader Jiang. We thank you for your hospitality once more.” Sizhui answers, but Jiangcheng only has his eyes on Jingyi even as the youth dips his head respectfully. Nodding, Jiangcheng leaves, heading back to his own room once more.


“My uncle?! Of all people you chose, you chose my uncle? Do you have a death wish Lan Jingyi!” Jinling hisses once his uncle has left, shaking Jingyi by the front of his robes.


“Guys, come on now-”


“I’m sorry! Should I have asked for approval?”


“It’s not about approval!” Jingling practically howls, shaking his stupid, friend, by his robes, “Do you want to die?! My uncle is terrifying! And you just asked him about his well-being! My heart dropped to my feet! I thought he was going to shock you with zidian!”


“B-But someone should show that they care? About him?”


“WHY DOES THAT SOMEONE HAVE TO BE YOU? DO YOU WANT TO DIE?” Jinling smacks his own forehead, groaning, “Of all the people, the one you chose had to be my uncle?! The Sandu Shenghsou? The Sect Leader of Yumeng Jiang? Miraculously blacklisted by almost all the matchmakers within our territory?”


“But Jinling, Sect Leader Jiang didn’t shock him with zidian at all though.”


“…That, is true. Actually, he gave a pretty cordial reply which never happens, ever, by the way.”




“Maybe we should talk to Senior Wei about this. For better chances.”


He’s adorable. Jiangcheng thinks as he shuts the door behind him, cheeks red and ears tinged pink. He whirls around to face the mirror and he wants to smack himself as the feelings, light, tasteful, burn through him. Jingyi’s words are reverberating in him, and Jiangcheng has never felt this way before, pliant, needy, almost docile. He’s usually always angry and threatening, hardly ever in a good mood, but this man, Jiangcheng almost whimpers out loud as he replays the gentle words and the serious look Jingyi gave him. He had brushed it off, acted calm in front of his nephew and the disciples, but internally he had been screaming.


Yes, he’s tired, he’s exhausted, and in truth, he just wants to be taken care of.


No one gets that.


But Lan Jingyi, the pretty fairy gets that.


And Jiangcheng is unprepared for what that knowledge is doing to him.


This is a bad idea. This is a terrible idea. Jiangcheng thinks shakily as he grabs the oil by the bed, his fingers trembling as they uncork the bottle.  Within seconds he’s shucking off his pants, yanking them down and throwing them on the floor of his bedroom. He has never done this with any of his sexual partners, but that is not to say he has never done it on himself. Trembling, Jiangcheng pours the oil over his fingers, even as his mind whirls in two jarring directions, conflicting against one another.


You are a Sect Leader! Such actions are inappropriate!


This is a long time coming, and Jingyi did say you need to take care of yourself!




“Shut, up.” Jiangcheng whimpers, gasping as the first finger breaches his hole, sliding into his tight heat immediately. Clutching onto at pillow, legs spread backwards, Jiangcheng squeezed his eyes shut, imagining someone gentle, someone taking away everything he must do, and just letting him feel.


If the person of his imagination took on the form of Lan Jingyi, who was he to stop that?


“Oh god, it’s been awhile,” Jiangcheng whispers, letting out a pained sound as he tries to slide the second finger in, feeling the burn ride through his body. He imagines someone is holding him down, taking him slowly, opening up his body for them to use, to see, to admire. He imagines that person with strong thighs and arms, crooning soft words of endearment, imagines the two fingers rubbing against his prostate, and promising to take care of him. He imagines and imagines, and it ends far too soon and far too easily.


It leaves him empty and hollow, determined to shut down his attraction to a disciple fifteen years his junior.


Or at least, that was the plan until the trio got drunk and he was accosted by Jingyi in his own house.


Then the plan flew out of the window.)


“Wanyin?” Jingyi’s voice is gentle, sweet, and Jiangcheng for the life of him doesn’t know why, but the next words out of his own mouth stun not just Jingyi, but him as well.


“I want you to do it.”


There’s silence, as the words register, and Jiangcheng wants to bury himself into the ground as Jingyi stares at him wide eyed, hands splayed over his chest where his heart is beating too fast.


“I-I mean, you can watch me, and then you try.” Jiangcheng stammers out, cheeks flushing as he wriggles out from underneath Jingyi, grabbing the bottle of oil unceremoniously placed on the bedside table. He wants to busy himself, to do anything, anything at all but look at Jingyi until he hears the other laugh.


“Are you laughing at me?” Jiangcheng snaps, about to turn around and probably beat the hell out of Jingyi when the younger presses a kiss to his back that has him stilling.


“You’re so attractive.” Jingyi whispers, tracing constellations and drawing maps on Jiangcheng’s back with his mouth, leaving kisses and tracing the scars across his skin with his tongue. Below him Jiangcheng shivers, and Jingyi can’t help but smirk when he sees that the other’s shoulders have turned slightly pink from embarrassment.


“So pretty.” Jingyi purrs, and there’s no mistaking the effect his words have on Jiangcheng, the way the elder stiffens and trembles, goosebumps rising across his skin and the silence; they are all good signs.




Oh my.


“Praise does a lot to you doesn’t it?” Jingyi breathes, and Jiangcheng swallows, hands wrapped tight around the porcelain bottle, his breathing coming out shallow.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“So gorgeous. So hardworking, so strong and so brave.” Jingyi croons, and watches as Jiangcheng practically collapses, hunching forward with a shaky exhale, “Always taking care of other people. But who has taken care of you hmm?”


There’s no mistaking the involuntary gasp from Jiangcheng at Jingyi’s words, and the youth smiles, bright and sharp like a cat that caught its prey, eyes glinting. Jingyi had noticed the night before that Jiangcheng was obsessed with control, power and most importantly praise. It was the idea of controlling what was happening around him, the ability to make someone submit. It had been an amazing night, but Jiangcheng’s reaction to everything was the usual. It was what he had before, and Jingyi didn’t want that. He wanted to give the man something no one else could give him and love him in all the ways he needed it. Even when he refused to acknowledge it.


“Wanyin…” Jingyi shifts, turning Jiangcheng’s hips with his hands, running his nose up Jiangcheng’s nape, “Let me take care of you. Teach me.”


There’s silence.


“Please?” Jingyi purrs, uncorking the bottle with his free hand, watching through hooded eyes as Jiangcheng breathes out shakily, eyes darting to the bed and back to Jingyi’s face.


Trust me, is implied.


“Fine.” Jiangcheng whispers, closing his eyes as he dribbles the oil on his fingers, flushing as Jingyi grabs his pants, slowly undressing him, pulling it off his hips, his thighs and finally his calves. He’s on his knees now, back to Jingyi, and he can’t help the anxiousness, the prospect of doing this in front of someone else, that has his blood racing and body quivering.


“So beautiful.” Jingyi whispers hotly into his ear, and Jiangcheng smacks Jingyi’s shoulder, cheeks burning as the younger man kneads his ass, squeezing it gently. In all his thirty five years, had he ever imagined he would be in bed, having his ass fondled by a man fifteen years his junior? No, he did not, and that image would have killed his own sexual desire if it weren’t for the fact it was Jingyi. Jingyi who was now guiding his hand backwards and pulling his cheeks apart.


“Let me see. Show me Wanyin, I want to see what makes you feel good.” Jingyi breathes, and Jiangcheng gives in, he gives in because how can he not, and presses his index finger against his hole. The oil makes it easy, and he makes a small noise, a soft hum as it slips in, sighing as his index finger makes its way through.


“Gorgeous.” Jingyi whispers reverently, and Jiangcheng flushes as his cock throbs insistently against the bed sheets, looking away resolutely even as he begins to pump his finger in and out.


There’s no sound save for the wet smack of oil and skin, a squelching noise that makes Jiangcheng’s ears red as he feels Jingyi’s stare. He almost whimpers out loud when the younger man slides between his thighs, spreading his cheeks and keeping it like that as he loosened himself up.


“J-Jingyi, what are you doing?” He tries to ask, pausing in his ministrations only to gasp as Jingyi pushes his hand and answers him calmly, voice low and gentle.


“Learning. Why are you stopping?”


Those words have him quiet and weak as he obediently continues, trembling, was it from shame or was it from arousal, Jiangcheng had no idea. But all he knew was to continue under the watchful eyes of Jingyi, and so he entered a second finger, this time unable to hide his keen as the stretch burned.


“Beautiful. Doing so well, so pretty.” Jingyi purrs, and Jiangcheng would smack him if it wasn’t for the way his body flushed, the way those words went straight to his cock, now heavy and leaking against the bed, untouched. Jiangcheng gave an experimental pump, sliding his fingers in and out, waiting for his body to get used to the feeling before he began to scissor them in quick intervals. He’s starting to get lost in the feeling, the feeling of his fingers in him, slick and wet that he doesn’t notice he’s beginning to rut, hips rocking against the bed as he keens needily, at least until Jingyi pulls his hand away.




“It’s my turn.” Jingyi tell him gently, and Jiangcheng is dazed for a minute, numbly following Jingyi as the younger flips him onto his back before spreading his legs once more. He can only watch, transfixed as the younger grabs the same bottle of oil and dribbles it onto his fingers.


“Can you hold your legs open for me Wanyin?” Jingyi asks softly, and Jiangcheng snaps out of it, cheeks burning as he gaps at the younger, his legs closing on their own accord.




“Let me take care of you.” Jingyi insists, and Jiangcheng flushes, ducking his head before slowly widening, widening his stance so that once more his hole is on display, shiny and wet with oil. Jingyi sucks in a deep breath, before he moves forward, oiled fingers pushing their way in.


And it’s different, Jiangcheng realises, far too late as he lets out a sharp cry, back arching as Jingyi’s long fingers fill him. It’s very different from his own because his fingers were never that long, and Jingyi’s hands are beautiful, pristine, and most importantly, long from hours of practising the guqin.


“Warm. You’re so warm.” Jingyi murmurs, and Jiangcheng can’t help the way he covers his own mouth as he feels the fingers, Jingyi’s fingers, move, exploring him, delving into him and touching, caressing.




“Shh I know, I’ll find it.” Jingyi whispers reassuringly and for a moment Jiangcheng is confused what the younger is looking for. It clears up not a split second later when the pads of Jingyi’s fingers brush against a spot that send his entire body into shockwaves of pleasure.


“Hah!” Jiangcheng gasps, hands grabbing onto the blanket as he watches Jingyi, the man’s brows furrowed with concentration and two fingers deep inside him.


“O-Oh,” Jiangcheng whimpers, eyes closing as he feels Jingyi curl his fingers, and feels the way his hips rock in reply.


“That’s the spot right?” Jingyi breathes and at Jiangcheng’s shaky nod, the younger attacks, and Jiangcheng has to stop himself from screaming out loud as Jingyi’s fingers turn insistent, demanding, abusing the spot in him that his hips shaking and his toes curling.


“J-Jingy-yi! W-W-” Jiangcheng gasps out loud, only to be silenced as the younger man kisses him, lips soft and slow, a complete opposite of his fingers that are relentless, abusing Jiangcheng’s prostate that has the older man’s thighs trembling with every curl.


“Do you think you can take a third finger?” Jingyi murmurs, and Jiangcheng finds himself nodding rapidly, eyes unfocused as he pulls Jingyi down for another kiss. When the third finger breaches him, Jiangcheng lets out a soft noise, throwing his head back as his hips quiver.


“Shh… I know, it’s a lot.” Jingyi croons, thumbing Jiangcheng’s lips as the other man stares at him with teary eyes, “but I’ve got you Wanyin. I’ve got you.”


Nodding numbly, Jiangcheng allows Jingyi to kiss him, to suck bruises on his neck that has him sighing, all while the fingers played with his hole. It’s erotic, Jiangcheng knows it probably is from the way his legs are splayed open and the lewd wet sounds Jingyi’s fingers are making every time they pull out only to enter him once more. It’s not dignified, nor is it appropriate, and yet Jiangcheng only feels contentment, acceptance as Jingyi plasters kisses and sings praises of him.


“I-I think that’s enough.” Jiangcheng breathes, pushing Jingyi’s hands away as the younger stills, finally pulling out his fingers. There’s the sound of wet oil, of flesh eager for something more that has Jiangcheng flushing and Jingyi hard.


“Come here.” Jingyi whispers huskily, and Jiangcheng finds himself crawling over, whining without thinking as Jingyi kisses him, and praises him for being so good, so beautiful. It’s overwhelming, it’s perfect, and when Jingyi spreads his cheeks, Jiangcheng doesn’t flinch. He blushes pink, but let’s Jingyi lead him, let’s the head of Jingyi’s cock breach his hole, and buries his head into Jingyi’s shoulders as he sinks, down down down onto Jingyi’s cock.


“Oh,” Jingyi breathes, and Jiangcheng trembles, shaking as he finally peeks up to get a look of Jingyi’s face, “You feel… Phenomenal.” Those words have Jiangcheng whimpering as Jingyi shushes him with praise, all the while feeling the thickness of Jingyi’s length, long and hard, staking a claim of him.


“How does it feel?” Jingyi murmurs, and Jiangcheng turns pink even as he opens his mouth to answer.


“I-It feels good.” He manages out, voice softer than usual, and feels a part of him sigh as Jingyi kisses him languidly, enjoying the feeling of being connected, of the moment. It’s lost however, when Jingyi rocks upwards, and Jiangcheng cries out, hands turning into claws that grip Jingyi’s shoulders.


“Can I? Will you let me move?” Jingyi whispers reverently, and Jiangcheng nods shakily, biting the knuckles of his hand as Jingyi grabs his waist, lifts him up, and begins to thrust.


“Hah, hah, hng, hng, ah!” Jiangcheng gasps, throwing his head back as Jingyi begins to fuck him, timing each powerful thrust with each lift of his waist. He’s like a doll, and all he can do is cling on as Jingyi drills into him, taking him over and over again. His legs do nothing, splayed apart and all Jiangcheng does is stare, stare at Jingyi’s look of love and reverence, feel the emptiness of his body only to be filled, go with the motion as he lets Jingyi have him.


“J-J-hng!! L-Lan Yi-” Jiangcheng sobs out without thinking, and Jingyi growls in response, hips pistoning faster and sending the elder into a frenzy, moaning and biting down on his shoulder.


“So pretty. So good. So strong.” Jingyi pants out, and Jiangcheng buries his head into Jingyi’s neck, letting out high whines as each thrust brings him closer, sends electricity up his spine. It’s Jingyi’s face that pushes him over the edge though, blown pupils and grunts of pleasure that has Jiangcheng scratching down Jingyi’s back, head thrown back in a silent cry as he clenches down on Jingyi, spasming with pleasure. It’s what brings Jingyi to an orgasm too, and Jiangcheng melts, boneless as Jingyi lets out a low groan, hips finally stilling as his cum spills into Jiangcheng.


“You said my name.” Jingyi whispers, breaking the comfortable silence and grinning softly as Jiangcheng gives a noncommittal hum, eyes closed.


“Feels strange calling you Lan Yi.” Jiangcheng mumbles, and Jingyi laughs, carding his hand through Jiangcheng’s hair before leaning down to peck the other man on the nose. That has Jiangcheng opening his eyes, and Jingyi’s heart starts pounding when he sees the smile start to form, a soft curve on the side of Jiangcheng’s lips, before it spreads across his face, sweet and gentle.


He’s beautiful.


“I love you.” Jingyi blurts out without thinking, eyes staring at Jiangcheng in awe, and Jiangcheng feels it, feels the way his heart beats, slow and content, the way his body fits perfectly with Jingyi’s, and leans forward.


“I love you too.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to Jingyi’s forehead.


(“You don’t think uncle will miss my going away ceremony right? Jinling frowns, scowling as he paces back and forth across the field, gesturing wildly.


“No.” Wangji states calmly, and Jinling nods furiously, in return.


“Exactly! Uncle is too proper, and he wouldn’t miss nagging about all the things I have to look out for! He’ll definitely come and-” Jinling continued ranting, wringing his hands nervously beside Han Guang Jun who nodded sagely in response to every sentence.


“I’m scared he doesn’t feel the same way.” Sizhui whispers nervously, twiddling his thumbs as he looks up at Senior Wei, his adoptive father, expression tense, “You know how badly he reacted to-”


“Lan Yuan, my dearest Yuan,” Weiying frowned, patting his son on the head, “You will be alright. You are far too attractive, far too kind and far too smart to not get my nephew. You just have to be bold and use the knowledge you have on Jinling!”


“Really?” Sizhui asked hesitantly, only to smile as Weiying swept him into a tight reassuring hug.


“Don’t worry! You’ve got this. And besides, me and Lan Zhan will be following you guys to Lanling Jin Sect just to help smooth things over.” At those words Weiying’s face darkened, “That is one matter I’m not looking forward to. In fact Jinling will probably need you and Jingyi more than ever.”


“Do you think Sect Leader Jiang and Jingyi will visit?” Sizhui whispered, eyes wide as he looked at Senior Wei.


“We all know that the one thing they have in common is their love for Jinling. Speaking of which,” Weiying smirked, jerking his head in the opposite direction, “Look who’s arriving now.”




“What the- Stop crying! You’re going to the Lanling Jin Sect as its next leader and your face is like that?!”


“I have a handkerchief!”


“Thank you Jingyi. Honestly Jinling I’ve told you before-”


Weiying smiled at the scene before him, pausing to wink at Lan Zhan who blinked back at him in surprise before raising an eyebrow in return. That was one successful couple done, Weiying chuckled, and one more to go!)