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The Wings of Change (A Baku/Deku story)

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Chapter 1

     Things at UA College finally were getting back to normal. After the recent issues during the summer camp, the injured class1-A, and the kidnapping and rescue of one Bakugo Katsuki, the students were quite relieved when they walked into class to see Mr. Aizawa curled up on the floor in his yellow sleeping bag, sound asleep. Everyone was excitedly talking to each other, when Deku, Todoroki, and Uraraka walked in. Deku, as per usual, was covered in bandages. It had been no secret that he and Bakugo had gone down to the training area and knocked each other senseless before All Might showed up to intervene. What they didn't know, however, was what actually happened down there and the truth that Bakugo learned about his rival. Deku was laughing at something Todoroki had said, when he walked in. Kirishima waved at the trio just as Mr. Aizawa started to stir in his sleeping bag. Taking that as a sign, the class got into their seats and waited. Bakugo and  Kaminari walked in the door and sat down, not meeting anyone's eyes, leaving whatever they had previously discussed at the door. Kirishima raised an eyebrow at Bakugo, who then proceeded to glare at him.

   "What are you looking at, Shitty hair?" He barked, waking up their insomniac teacher.

   "Nothing at all. Glad to see you're feeling better." Kirishima smiled.

  "Alright, enough. It's time to get started. Today we are going to talk about public relations. Since the Pro-visionary Hero License exam had a few of you lose points due to how you reacted during the rescue." Mr. Aizawa stared at three boys in particular, Todoroki, Bakugo, and Deku. "However, one of the three of you, yes you know who I'm talking about, quickly rectified his mistake. The other two of you will be the examples for this lesson as we go over how you could have handled each situation and future situations. The citizens look up to you as Pro Heroes. On top of being strong and fast, you also have to know how to handle the public. I know how exhausting it is to deal with them. That's why I'm here at this school. So, take out your notebooks, this is going to be a long lecture."

  The class followed instructions, with much attitude and backhanded comments from Bakugo. Iida, being Iida, tells him to just do it and stop being loud so the rest of the class doesn't miss out on the information.


    The lunch bell rang, and everyone got up to leave. Uraraka stopped to look at Deku.

    "You coming to lunch Deku?" She asked, Iida and Todoroki waiting at the door for them. Deku, slightly startled, looks up at her.

  "hmm? oh...yeah...I'll be there in a minute I just want to finish this note before I completely lose what I was writing down." He smiled at her. She nodded and met their friends at the door. She whispered something to them, looking back over her shoulder at the green haired boy, before walking to the cafeteria. Deku continues writing something in his notebook, when he hears a loud sigh and a chair scrape against the floor.

  "hmm, I thought I was the only one left in here." Deku thought to himself. He shrugged inwardly and continued writing. Suddenly, two hands were on his desk. He looked up to see Bakugo staring at him, mildly irritated. "Oh! Hi, Kacchan. Can I-can I help you with something?" Deku asked, mentally preparing himself for the string of insults Bakugo usually hurls at him. Instead, Bakugo just stares at him for a moment, contemplating something, before shaking his head.

    " Don't look at me like that, nerd!" Bakugo said, much quieter than usual, but still with his bravado. "I just wanted to say thank you, I guess, for getting me out of that shit hole with the League of Villains. and if you tell anyone about this I will fucking blow you into next week!" And with that he turned sharply and walked out the door, leaving Deku staring after him, jaw hanging opened, shocked. Deku snapped out of it, put his things in his back and walked, lost in thought, to join his friends at lunch.

Deku's POV:

 "Did Kacchan really just thank me? After that big fight the other night we had, he really just stood there and said thank you" I thought and thought over this for the rest of the day. Occasionally I would go out of my way to look at Kacchan, to see if there was any sign as to what changed. I decided to shake it off. Present Mic continued on with his lecture and before too long, the day was over. I gather my things and start walking back to the dorms, Uraraka caught up to me. "was she calling me? I didn't hear her at all." I thought as I waited for her to catch up.

   "Thanks for waiting." She said breathless. "I've been calling to you for like 5 minutes trying to get your attention. Are you okay?"

   "hmm? Oh, yeah! Just been thinking about class and training I guess. Sorry I didn't hear you Uraraka." I smiled and scratched the back of my head. She shook her head at me. "What?"

   "Class huh? mhm. SO it has nothing to do with a certain someone then, just classes in general?" She asked, smiling slyly at me. I flush deep red and know I've been caught. But I can't tell her what happened before lunch. I'm still trying to understand it myself.

    "hahaha. Yeah just class I guess. Got a lot of training and stuff to learn. Why do you ask?"

    "Oh, no reason." she smiled. "Come on, we'll go study before dinner." She wrapped her arm around mine and practically dragged me to the dorm. I'm not sure but I don't think she really wants to study.

Bakugo's POV:

,"That damn nerd I swear to god if he says anything to round face, I'll bury him in the ground." I thought to myself, watching Deku scratch the back of his head and his face flush. Damn nerd. Just then I hear Kirishima and Kaminari walk up behind me.

  "Hey Bakubro, care to go work out before dinner? Gonna go hit the gym real quick." Kirishima asked, grinning like a fool.

  "Not to night, shitty hair, I got some stuff I need to take care of. Besides, unlike you two, I don't need to hit them gym everyday." I snapped, even thought it wasn't true. I don't understand exactly why I'm not going with them tonight, I usually do. Just something on my mind that's bothering me. Kirishima notices.

  "You OK, Bakugo?"

  "Why wouldn't I be okay you idiot? Yes, I'm fine. Now leave me alone."

    "Alright. see you tomorrow Bakubro. Don't stay so grumpy you'll get frown lines." He and Kaminari laugh as the walk to the gym. I headed off to my room, locked the door and laid out on my bed. Staring at the ceiling, events from the past few weeks crept into my mind. The look on Deku's face when I was dragged into the warp portal was one of sheer heartbreak. How did I not notice that before. What does it matter? I told him not to follow me and what does the idiot and our idiot classmates do? They came anyway. They risked their lives for me and I don't know if that pisses me off more than these other feelings. Ugh feelings. I'm going to be the number one hero, I don't need everyone coming to save me. I can take care of myself! Fucking nerds. Always getting in the way. The longer I sat there and thought about it though, the less energy I had to put into it. I hear a knock on my door, and I bolt up.

  "I don't know who it is but go away. I'm busy!" I yelled. Fucking extras. Always wanting something. I get up anyway and open the door. No one is there, but there's a note taped to the door. I recognize that hand writing. And the way it is addressed...What the hell does he want? To good to say something to my face huh? I grab the note and slam my door. Looking at the note, I can't decide if I want to open it. Here I am, just staring at a piece of paper. Am I really going to let this get to me. Knowing that idiot, he pry just dropped off notes from class. Finally I opened it, carefully. Deku's handwriting, though rather messy due to his constantly thinking and writing, took up only a very small portion of the paper. I stopped dead in my tracks.

Chapter 2

,Deku's POV:

 "Uraraka, where are you dragging me to, the dorm is that way." I asked as I pointed toward the direction of our dorms. UA had each class in a separate building. He tight grip on my arm and her fast pace made me worry.

, "You will see, now hurry up or I'll float you there." She threatened with a smile. I start mumbling to myself, trying to figure out what has gotten into her. Ever since the new of Kacchan and my fight, she has been acting weird. Is she worried about me? Is she mad at me? Goodness there's just so much...Maybe she does just want to study. Maybe I'm overthinking things as usual. As I'm lost in my own thoughts about why I'm being held hostage and dragged off into the unknown by my friend, I realize she's finally slowed down and came to a stop inside on of the gardens. Meeting us in the garden was Iida and Todoroki.

"oh, hi guys. Uraraka drag you two here as well?" I ask, rubbing the back of my head, the ground looking more interesting by the second. Why do I feel like I'm in trouble? Did I do something to upset them? Oh no, they're mad at me about something aren't they? I guess I could be more attentive in class though I don't know how. That's Iida's big thing for sure. Studies are important. But that doesn't explain Todoroki and Uraraka.

"Deku, we're concerned." Todoroki says first. I snap my head quickly to look at him. Confusion must have filled my face.

 "Concerned? About me? But why?"

 "Well, ever since the incident with saving Bakugo, and then the big fight, we were just worried about how you're doing after all of that." Uraraka said.

 "We don't want you falling behind in your studies Midoriya. And if something or someone is preventing you from taking your studies seriously we are here to help make sure that you don't have to worry about them." Oh, Iida, I knew it came down to studies with him. I looked at my friends.

"I'm fine, I promise guys. Thank you for the shared concern. I promise thought, everything is okay." I bow slightly. My face I'm sure is fifteen shades of red. I can feel Iida staring at me. But he's not the first one to speak.

 "Then why do you keep staring at Bakugo? That's all you've done today in class."Uraraka asked. Panic filled me for a second.

"oh that....I...I...I..I'm just glad that he's safe and...that, um, nobody got hurt when we rescued him. That's all." I didn't think she had seen me looking at him, honestly I didn't think anyone saw. Especially not Kacchan. I guess my friends are more observant than I thought. I bowed again. "I'm sorry if it caused you any stress. " I stated my apology. Iida put his hand on my shoulder and Todoroki placed his cooler right hand on the other. I stood up straight and smiled at my friends. Just when I thought everything was going to be fine, Uraraka asked me something that I think may have changed everything.

"DO you like Bakugo?!!?!" She blurted out, before quickly covering her mouth. Todoroki and Iida obviously had no clue about this question judging by the shocked look on both their faces. Iida got ready to scold her before she cut him off. "I'm sorry Midoriya. That was very inappropriate of me. I just." She paused. "I just know that he's been really mean to you since you were children and I was thinking that maybe that's why you have let him keep being mean to you. Because the only reason I would let someone continue to walk all over me is if I loved them and they didn't know. But I'm sorry Izuku, I won't ask again, I just. I wanted to know. I see you staring at him all the time and I know you admire him, we all know that." Todoroki and Iida nod in agreement to that, once the shock wore off of the initial statement. "I just...I want you to be happy and I want you to have someone who loves you for you. Not someone who is going to use you as a punching bag just because you're there."

        I stared at her for a minute before looking to my other two friends. They're all here to support whatever decision I make. They've got my back no matter what. I am so glad to call them my friends. Is she right though? Am I? Do that can't be it can it? Could it be as simple as what she said? I mean, it's true I haven't shown interest in any of the girls at school, but we've all been busy with training and almost dying. Right? I look at Iida, who let a quick smile to Uraraka come across his lips. I guess it's possible. Suddenly I stare at the ground. Is that why I was looking at Kacchan so much today? No, that can't be it. He told me thank you for getting into his business and helping save him. Before threatening to kill me. SO he's the same old Kacchan. I don't know what to think about this.

        "Um...I ah, don't really know how to answer your question, Uraraka. And even if I did, And even if I liked Kacchan like that, I know he would never return the feelings, so there's no need to worry about me. I'm fine I promise. But if that's everything, we probably need to go study and finish our homework. We can't afford to get behind." I shyly smiled as a scratched my head. I knew that would set Iida into Class Representative mode. Just as expected Iida agreed and rushed us all back to the dorms to study. In my room, I wrote out a little note. I wasn't intended to do anything with it. Was really gonna have Todoroki burn it for me. That's what I told myself anyway. Uraraka made me really think about Kacchan and what we've been through. The friendship we started as children that turned into bullying. The this past semester at UA we seem to be getting back to the friendship part. At least, I think so. Maybe this is stupid. I'm pacing around my room, staring at the open note I've written, sitting on my desk, waiting on me to decide it's fate.

         "Do you like Bakugo?" was all she asked. and that question flies around my head. She's the first person to ever notice. I look at the note again. I should just throw it away. Not like he feels the same. I figured that much was obvious years ago. I should just throw it away. Or text Todoroki to come over and burn it. Tears streaming down my face. Why did it have to be Kacchan? Why couldn't it have been Uraraka or Iida or Todoroki? Or even Kirishima or Tsu? Why did I have to love the meanest person on this planet? Why and how did I manage to fall on love with Katsuki Bakugo? I haven't even looked at my notes from class today, when a knock falls on my door. I open it slightly to see Todoroki standing there.

        "I figured this is what you'd e doing up here. Can I come in?" He asked. I opened the door a little ways for him to come in, then locked it behind him. He spots the note on my desk just as I start crying again.

         "why? why did it have to be him? out of everybody?" I sobbed before collapsing down onto my bed, my hands covering my face. He came over and sat next to me.

         "I'm not a lot of help in this area, Midoriya. Just so you know. But, you have a big heart. We all know that. You see the good in every single person, even hateful ones like Bakugo. It doesn't surprise me that you're in love with him. It also doesn't surprise me that you're up here upset over it. It's just who you are. What were you going to do with that note when you wrote it?" He asked. I looked at him.

         "I was...When I was writing it I decided I wanted to give it to him. But when...when I...when I finished it I had a feeling that he might use it as another way to be mean to me, even though he is getting better towards me. Then I just figured I'd have you burn it, that way I at least wrote it out and got it out of my head, but the more It sits there the more the hole opens in my chest." Todoroki simply looks at me.

         "How long?" He asked. when there was no response he specified. "How long have you loved him?"

         "About 4 years now." was all I could say. Todoroki just put an arm around me and we sat like that for a little while. He asked finally what I decided to do with the note.

         "I guess I'll just tape it to his door and see what happens. I didn't sign it so hopefully he won't think anything of it. But hopefully if he does know who it's from, he won't start acting mean to me again."

        "We won't let him. If you want, I pass his room going to mine, I'll take it if you don't want him to see you doing it." Todoroki offered. All I could do is nod. "Well, I better get going then. You need to lay down and rest Midoriya. I'll see you in the morning." He got up, grabbed the note off my desk and headed toward the door.

         "Todoroki?" he looked at me. "Thank you. For everything. For being my friend. For this." This caused him to smile one of his rare smiles.

         "Get some rest, Midoriya. I'll see you tomorrow."

Third person POV:

        Todoroki walked to the elevator and went down to his floor. Note in hand, he taped it to Bakugo's door, knocked, then stepped inside his own room.

        "Leave me alone! I'm Busy!!!" He head Bakugo yell, before hearing the door open and some mumbling. Todoroki wasn't sure if Bakugo got the note, so when he heard his door slam, Todoroki went out to look. The note was gone. It was all in Bakugo's hands now he thought as he went back to his room, preparing for what might come down to a fight later.

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Chapter 3

Bakugo's POV:

  This damn nerd. Who does he think he is? Leaving me a note!! This late?!?! I looked at the clock and it was 8:35 pm. Rage built up inside me...What as so important that he had to tell me now? And not even to my face at that?!?! What a loser. I flip the note around in my fingers. A weight on my chest. What's this feeling. I shouldn't have any feelings for him!!! Damn IT!!! I slam my fists down on my desk. Just open it, Katsuki. Stop being a bitch. It's pry just notes. If it's just notes why am I nervous? I shake my head. What the actual fuck? I sat down in my chair and covered my face. I went over every single interaction with that damn nerd that I can remember. He's always been there. He's always been one step behind me. Where he rightfully belongs! HA! But why do I feel guilty for that? I stare at the note. This is about what happened in class today then. It's to short to be class notes.

   Just open it you idiot!!! I keep telling myself. I can't. What if it's him telling me he's tired of being treated like shit and that he doesn't want to be in my life anymore? HA! No way. Helpless little Deku will always be in my shadow. So why am I afraid to open this? I noticed him staring at me after lunch. After I thanked him. I swear if he's gloating I'm gonna blast him to China. Fuck. JUST OPEN IT DAMN YOU! I take the note that's written "Kacchan" on the front. Damn nerd. I look at what he wrote inside, and the note falls out of my hands and falls on the desk. I'm staring of into my wall, trying to make sure I read that right. I pick the note up again and read it. In His messy handwriting there's only one sentence written. "I think I'm in love with you, Kacchan. " That's all it said. I let the words sink in. That explains it all. He didn't pity me. He didn't look down on me. Deku followed me around and annoyed the shit out of me for most of our lives because he....and I was...I told him to jump off a building and die...and yet. still...he still...What made him decide now? Why now all of a sudden? WHO GAVE HIM THE RIGHT?!?!?! What's this feeling in my chest? I grab the note and storm out of my room.

    Deku's POV:

         Almost asleep, finally was able to calm down after a long hot shower, I hear the elevator ding. I paid no attention to it, as I lay in bed and shut my eyes...tomorrow was physical training and not classroom lecture. All of a sudden there was a knock on my door. Who? I get up, pajama pants hanging off my waist. I open the door to see who's there, only to be pushed up against the wall, the door shutting behind whoever came in.

    "EXPLAIN THIS!" Oh, It was Kacchan. Todoroki left the note I see. I look him in the eyes before looking down at the ground. he had me pinned to the wall by my shoulder and I could feel the heat off his hand.

    "Well, I um.....I've done a lot of thinking. And. When I saw the villains take you, something in that moment. I can't....I..I..I don't know. I didn't know what to do....I didn't want to lose you K-kacchan. And they took you anyway. And I had to get you back...Then the night we fought after moving in here. And....You." Tears were pouring down my face at this point, trying to speak between sobs. "All the things you said. Put a hole straight through my heart. I knew you''d never. I'm such an Idiot. So I decided...I decided I'd just be happy with being your rival...since that's what you wanted. And then tonight, Uraraka cornered me out side and asked me if I...if I loved you. And I couldn't answer her. I tried to tell her no. I tried to tell myself no. I locked myself in here afterwards and started thinking. started over thinking every single little interaction we have had over the years. every single one.. ever mean comment, every time you pushed me or hit me. every time I Would get back up, I would keep following you. I wanted so hard to be your friend. And you. You just couldn't let me in. You wouldn't. And I hated it..I hated every second you would ignore me. And I could never figure out what I did to make you hate me so much. But you finally listened...The other night. I saw it in your eyes when you finally registered everything I've been saying to you for years. If you can't or won't return my feelings, that's okay. I honestly....Honestly I expected you to come in here and blast me to hell. I guess....I guess that's it. That's all I've got to say." I finished, not even bothering to look him in the eyes. HE was silent for a long time. The heat in his hand started to get hotter. It was just a matter of time.

   "You damn nerd." Was the first thing he said through strained teeth. I braced myself for the impact I was expecting, but none came. I took a chance and looked him in the eyes. There was a wide range of emotion written on his face, shock, disbelief, anger, sadness. He met my gaze for a moment. We stayed like that for a few moments, in the dead silence of the night. I wondered what was going through his mind. Finally, one by one the emotions cleared off his face as he gained his composure back. He brought his free hand up and I flinched, but he gently placed it on my face. "So you love me, huh?" He ran his thumb across my cheek. "I'm sorry." he paused. "For everything I put you through." he said finally. He let go of my shoulder but didn't back away, his other hand still rested on the side of my face. He looked down.

   "Kacchan?" I asked, as i gently lifted my hand to his chin and had him look at me. "It's okay. I forgave you a long time ago." was all i could say. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. I was completely caught off guard. He pulled back, and smirked at me, his red eyes shining. "kaccha-"

   "Shut up and kiss me you damn nerd." He growled before pressing his lips back against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his slid around my waist, pulling me into him. This was heaven. I can't believe....well...this might only last tonight, but I'll deal with tomorrow when it comes.

Bakugo POV:

 Every word he said. Damn it. Why. Is this what I've been feeling lately. Ever since the league. I didn't know. I didn't know he felt this way. He's so soft though. Damn it. What's he doing to me? I pull away from him. He looks at me, thinking he did something wrong...I see it in his eyes. What a lovely shade of green....What the hell Bakugo pull you're damn self together. Shit. I need to tell him.

    "listen up, nerd. I'm only going to say it once and that's it. You get one chance to hear me say this." I sighed.  Why is this so damn hard. It's just the nerd. "Seeing your face when i was taken by the League, The pitiful, broken expression on your face. The reason I said "Deku, don't" and i know you heard me because i saw it on your face, was because you were already so badly injured...I knew you'd get yourself killed if you would've tried to follow me. I knew Todoroki would make you get medical attention. I knew you would be taken care of. I blamed myself for that. And I hated that I wasn't strong enough to fight them off. I was pissed. Pissed is an understatement. And then, When All Might was facing that asshole, and you and Iida and Todoroki and Kirishima and Yaoyorozu came, I was beyond glad to see you guys, but i was also furious that you risked your lives for me. And now it all makes sense. I didn't know what I was feeling. I still don't understand it. But i will say, after i beat the shit out of you the other night. And after we finally got out our bottled up emotions, There was a hole. In my chest. And it made me angry. It made me furious. And then I saw you in class and the hole didn't feel as big and that pissed me off even more. I didn't understand it. Until your note. I'm not going to reject or deny your feelings, Like you were afraid I would. Which you had every right to think with how I've treated you. I'm sorry. And if you ever tell anyone that i was mushy like this I'll kill you do you understand me you damn nerd?!?!" He nodded at me and then smiled. "If you don't mind now it's late so get in bed." He nodded and crawled into his bed. "Now lay down, idiot, we're gonna talk. a little while." He moved over and let me under the covers with him. I pulled him practically on my chest and started asking him questions until he fell asleep. I ran my fingers through his hair, listening to him breathe. So this is what peace feels like i thought as i drifted off to sleep.

Third person POV:

        Outside Deku's door, while this was going on was Todoroki and Kirishima, both had heard Bakugo's door slam and they wanted to make sure everything was okay and that Deku didn't need any help. Turned out quiet the opposite. Todoroki smiled at Kirishima.

  "Well, lets go. Give them some privacy. I'm sure they have a lot of catching up to do." Todoroki said, almost bored but Kirishima knew better. Kirishima knew that little Todoroki had adopted Midoriya as a brother last semester and that he cared deeply for his happiness.

   "Right. So do we tell them we know? or do we let them tell us?" Kirishima asked, he had his hands up behind his head as they got on the elevator.

    "I'll talk to Midoriya tomorrow about it. I need to know how this is going to effect him." Todoroki said. Kirishima nodded in agreement.

   "I'm sure Bakugo is gonna want to try to beat his frustrations out of something tomorrow so I'll get him to talk to me at the gym." Todoroki just nodded. Once they reached their floor they parted ways. Todoroki smiled slightly to himself at the thought of Midoriya being happy, but he was also worried. He would keep a close eye on them for sure.

Chapter 4

Deku's POV:

         It's hotter than usually in here, I thought as i stretched and then i realized why. Had Kacchan really stayed here all night? I took this moment to look at him. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. I ran my fingers through his hair gently so i didn't wake him. He must have noticed i had sat up to watch him, because he opened one red eye and looked at me.

 "What are you staring at, nerd?" He said half asleep. I just smiled at him.

         "Well....You." He looked at me with his one open eye, opened his arm back up for me to lay back down. Once comfortable on his chest, he kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around me. "Kacchan?"

 "hmmm?" he responded, opening back up his one eye.

 "what are we going to do....about this?" I ask. I needed to know. He needed to know. After a brief silence he opened both his eyes. He looked at the time. 530am. Almost time to get up. Bakugo looked at me. A possessive look crossed his face before a grin broke out.

 "This." he decided. He twisted us to where he was on top of me, the blankets between us, as he started kissing me again. And I let him. I ran my hand through his hair and his neck. He started kissing down my jawline and on my neck before he bit me and kept kissing on me. My back arched as I dug my hands into his back. After a few moments he sat up, a cocky little grin on his face as he surveyed his handiwork. "That'll do it." he said before getting close to me ear and lowly growling "mine. You're mine Izuku Midoriya and i had to mark my territory." My breathing stopped for a moment. Did he just...? Does that mean? I looked at him and his expression softened slightly. "If, you know, you want to be. I'm bad at this i know." He looked away. I reached up, pulled him back down to me so i could kiss him.

         "Of course. There's nothing I would love more than anything." He laid back down and we talked for a little bit more before having to get up and get ready for class. He bent down and kissed me before walking out of my room.

         "Front gates of the dorms, 15 minutes, nerd. See you there." He kissed the tip of my nose before shutting my door. My head spun. Kacchan. My Kacchan. I got in the shower, got dressed, and headed down to the front gate. Kacchan was waiting, but he didn't seem as irritated. He put his hand on the side of my neck and tilted my head to the side. "Have you looked in the mirror?" He asked me. I shook my head no which made him laugh. "Well, the class is either going to think i beat the living hell out of you or that, well, the obvious happened. You prepared for that, nerd?"

         I flushed, but nodded my head yes. He scoffed. "Whatever. Come on nerd lets go get this fanfare over with. The sooner it's out the sooner those damn extras will shut up about it." He held out his hand as he said it. I hesitated for a split second before taking it, and he pulled me into his side and kissed my forehead. "I wish you would've told me sooner. I'm sorry for everything you know that right?" He said in a low tone. I nodded and kissed his shoulder. He let out a rare smile.

        About a five minute walk later, we approach the main gate of the school only to be met by Todoroki and Kirishima. I tensed up slightly, bracing onto Kacchan, but he just chuckled. "They're fine. And if they say anything I'll blow them into next Tuesday." He reassured.

         As we got closer I could see Todoroki and Kirishima looking at us, hard to say if they were happy or not but once we got close enough you could see Kirishima literally vibrating, which made Todoroki laugh.

        "WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ICY HOT?!?!?!"Kacchan yelled. Todoroki just smiled at him.

         "You look adorable with Midoriya. I see he hasn't calmed down that rage of yours though. Now, Bakugo, I'm gonna say something." Todoroki paused as he saw my jawline and neck. Kirishima saw it too.

         "Jesus Bakugo, what did you do to him?" Kirishima went to touch one of the marks but Kacchan didn't let him.

         "Marking my territory, stupid hair. Everyone will know this little cinnamon roll belongs to me." He grinned. "He agreed. It's not like I jumped him." Todoroki and Kirishima gave him an all to knowing look. "OK, fine I might have a little bit BUT HE DIDN'T SAY TO STOP SO SHUT UP!!" Kirishima laughed at the sight of Bakugo turning as red as Kiri's hair.

         "Well, "Todoroki started. "If you so much as make him cry, Bakugo Katsuki, I'll kill you. And i won't be quick about it either." I looked at Todoroki. We've been through so much together already. Beyond glad I met him.

         "Alright, Alright. Lets get headed in the building before everyone gets here. Now that all the words have been said and threats have been made. I'm glad you two finally got your shit together. Kaminari owes me money over this. I can't wait for him to get here." Kirishima was talking the whole way up to the school. I looked up at Kacchan and he was looking straight ahead at the school, nodding to whatever Kirishima was saying. He caught my eye and smiled quickly at me before pulling me into his side.

         Now, when I say that Class 1-A was surprised. I mean they weren't simply caught off guard, you'd think a villain was teaching hero studies courses. It started off the same as the filled in in ones and twos. "I thought he hated Midoriya.?" was always the first question out of their mouths. Kacchan was sitting on the widow sill reading a book, while i was sitting at my desk, writing in my hero notebook. Kacchan had his hands absentmindedly running through my hair, every so often would look over at what i was writing, kiss my forehead and continue reading his book. Shock and surprise filled the classroom but no one said anything. We waited until we could loudly hear Kirishima shaking down Kaminari for the money he owed him we Kacchan looked up from his book. Everyone was staring at him. and me.

         "WHAT ARE YOU EXTRAS LOOKING AT?!?! DON'T YOU HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO?!?!" He yelled. Iida looked at him and went to open his mouth. He had the look of mild concern on his face. Todoroki whispered something in his ear, and a light went on in Iida's head.

        "This is wonderful news! I'm so happy for you two. But remember, classes and training come first." Iida said.

         "WELL NO SHIT!"

         "He means thank you Iida." I corrected. I could hear him muttering something about extras telling him what to do. I just shook my head. The class, although at first shocked, ended up being really supportive, especially since it got out at the same time that Kirishima had asked Kaminari out while shaking him down for the bet money. Mr. Aizawa came in, saw the high energy, Bakugo about to blow someone up for breathing, and decided not today. He dismissed the class. Told them Present Mic will see them at 1pm for class. We decided, We were going to go for a walk. Everyone else was going off into groups of twos and threes. Kacchan started blowing off steam with his quirk. He paused and looked at me.

         "That thing you did in our first class with All Might, do you remember how you did it?" He asked suddenly. Of course i knew and I told him of such. "Do you think you could use it to direct a blast?" HE asked. Thinking about the logistics behind such a combination of moves. I told him we could try it even though I wasn't sure how it would turn out. After hours of practicing and trying out new techniques, we head the lunch bell ring, and we were starving. We walked back into the school only to be stopped by Mr. Aizawa.

        "I don't know what you two were doing out there, but I could see the explosions. You two weren't fighting again were you?" He asked, eyebrow raised.

         "No, sir. We were practicing something. "I started to say. Mr. Aizawa nodded and then rolled up into his sleeping bag before rolling off to a quiet corner. Kacchan was quiet. I looked at him. "Hey, what's wrong?"

        "Does everyone here think I'm going to hurt you?" He asked, sounds rather down. I shook my head at him and kissed his nose.

         "I don't and that's what matters. " I said before wrapping my arms around him. HE breathed in my hair and then fixed his shoulders. We then proceeded to get lunch and then finish our day at school. Kacchan stayed in my room a few more nights that week before finally going back to his own, for 30 minutes to shower and change clothes. We were starting to get inseparable. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

Chapter Text

Chapter 5

Third party POV:

         A few months had past without incident for UA high school. It was now well into the fall, Todoroki and Bakugo finally passed the provisional licensing test. All of Class 1-A had finally passed. There was a big Halloween dance coming up, And Deku had been trying to figure out how to ask his boyfriend if he wanted to go. Bakugo didn't really like big parties, but could usually be persuaded by a little green headed person. It took overall two weeks to talk Bakugo into going to the party and to dress up, But in the end, he went just to make Deku happy. Their life and been going pretty well, they studied they trained, they helped each other with their quirks, the two boys rarely spent time apart. But most of the time, what was known only less than a year ago as the Bakusquad and the Deku-squad, would get together every weekend and do something because both of them wanted to spend time with each other but both refused to neglect their friends. But this weekend, was the party, So the squads and the boys decided not to go out. Bakugo and Deku curled up on one of the couches in the common room and watched movies while everyone was out and about. Kirishima and Kaminari were the first back to see Deku asleep on top of an asleep Bakugo. Bakugo had his arms wrapped around Deku, his face buried into Deku's hair and Deku was curled up, his head on Bakugo's chest, body between his legs, arms wrapped around Bakugo's sides, lightly snoring. Kirishima snapped a quick picture then left them alone as he and kaminari snuck past them to go into Kiri's room. The other's had received the picture via group chat so they knew to be quiet coming in though the common area. The only two people who didn't know were Aizawa and Present Mic, who were off to Aizawa's room to get some whiskey. Present Mic saw them first, and directed Aizawa to them. Aizawa just chuckled.

        , "I remember when we were like that don't you?" Present Mic asked.

         "Back when I had energy, I remember. Come on so we don't wake them. The one has a fiery temper when you wake him up early, and its not the one that makes bombs out of his sweat.' Aizawa said, slightly bored. They walked off, but hadn't realized they had woken up Bakugo. He sees Deku curled up asleep on top of him and doesn't want to move an inch. He starts thinking back over the past few months. How he managed to keep his attitude but gained a new love for his friends, and of course for this green haired angel. He ran his hands through Deku's hair, which made him stir slightly and he let out a soft "mmmm" Bakugo gently picked him up and carried him to his room and then laid down beside of him. Deku adjusted to where ever Bakugo was, something Bakugo just recently himself noticed but according to their friends, they've always done this. He kissed his boyfriend's head and went back to sleep.

         Three days later, the Halloween party was getting ready to start. Deku was fighting with Bakugo about his costume because Bakugo wouldn't let Deku tie his tie.

        "If you're going as a vampire, Kacchan, you need to have a straight tie. Either let me fix it, or...." Deku started.

        "Or what." Snapped his blond boyfriend. Deku's smile light up Bakugo's life for sure.

        "Or.....I go get Iida to do it." There. Deku thought, my trump card. Bakugo shrugged and then looked at Deku.

         "Fine, you damn nerd, fix it then." Bakugo snarled. Deku kissed him and fixed his tie. "Ready now?" Bakugo asked. Deku, dressed up as a vampire as well, nodded as they headed out the door. UA had rented a place big enough for the entire student population. Deku and Bakugo finally made it to their friends, who were all sorts of dressed up. They danced and drank the night away and just when everything seemed to be going perfect, everything started going wrong quickly.

         About 10:30pm The party was in full motion. The future heroes below did not see the incoming villains. There were easily about 20 of them, and they had one main objective from their boss. Shigaraki wanted Izuku Midoriya, for what happened to All for One. They had been planning this for weeks. They would go in, incapacitate the majority of the students and then They would go after Izuku directly. However, they did not anticipate that the entire 1st year class (classes 1-A and 1-B) were all licensed. As soon as the fighting started, Bakugo looked at Deku, Deku returned the look and they nodded. Suits were ripped off to show their hero suits underneath. Bakugo grabbed his grenade gauntlets from under a table, as the rest of class 1-A jumped into action too. It wasn't until the very end of the battle when Bakugo saw what the target really was. They were going after his Deku. How Dare they, he thought.

         Bakugo began fighting through the villains to get to Deku's side. Explosions are going off everywhere, nobody can see but everyone is still fighting. It's at that moment he finally gets close enough to see the attack aimed for Deku. He fires a blast at the villain before jumping in front of the attack aimed for his boyfriend. Deku screams as Bakugo collapses from the attack. Fortunately enough, Bakugo's attack landed and the villain was out cold. Deku starts screaming for help, as tears spill down his face, his quirk active, lashing out at anyone trying to get close to Bakugo. The Pro heroes and the police gather up the D list villains before Aizawa can focus on the issue at hand of a very territorial, very protective Midoriya. No one can get close to him, he is radiating so much power it's like there is a force field around him. Aizawa looks at Deku, temporarily taking is quirk, while All Might and Present Mic step in to try to get Bakugo to Recovery Girl. All Might takes Deku with him in the police car to the hospital while Mic takes Bakugo in the ambulance. Aizawa drops his quirk, returning Deku's power, but its already too late, Deku is already out of the police cruiser and riding on the top of the ambulance.

        The nurse kept telling Deku that Bakugo needed rest, but she didn't fight to keep Deku out of the room. He was curled up in bed with him, reading a book out loud so Bakugo could hear it. Every now and then he would stir but Recovery Girl said it may take him a while to wake up. About 3am Deku fell asleep, in the bed with Bakugo, the book falling to the floor. The nurse came in to do rounds and saw the two, drooling all over each other dead asleep. She tsked and covered Deku with a blanket before leaving the room. Shortly after, Bakugo woke up, extremely hot, and had no clue where he was at. But then he smelled the familiar things around him. Deku's shampoo. His cologne he wore to the party, it was Bakugo's favorite, He smelled the fabric softener that Deku's mom uses. All these things, these small things, calmed him down. He didn't care where he was as long as Deku was there with him.

         Deku felt Kacchan stir so he rolled over and opened one eye. Bakugo looked back at him, grinned and then kissed his forehead.

        "I'm so glad you're OK Kacchan!!!" Deku said. Bakugo just smiled.

         "Of course I'm okay? Do you honestly thing a bunch of Damn D listers were going to take me out? Those bastards I hope they all got burned.!!!!" Bakugo roared. Deku chuckled slightly before Bakugo caught the bruises on his love. "How bad did you get hurt?"

         "Oh?, these?' He points at his bruises "um...not too bad..i don't think....I..ummm haven't had them looked at yet. I was more concerned with how you were doing i guess i forgot about needed to see the doctor." Deku said to Bakugo.


        "Well, I take it Bakugo is awake now." Said Todoroki, as he stretches. Kirishima yawns.

         "I told Midoriya to get those checked out. He should know by now how Bakugo is about him getting injured. I tried to warn him." Kirishima said, kissing Kaminari on the forehead gently as he slept peacefully.

        There was silence for a moment then you could hear a shirt come of, what sounded simply like the word "fuck" muttered under two people's breathes, before everyone in the waiting room could hear the yelling again.


        "Oh, that's know he's mad when he's threatening his mother's cooking." Kirishima said.

         "Is it that bad?" Todoroki asked.

        "I'd rather eat week old tofu out of the trash." Kirishima said, which made Todoroki almost throw up.


         "I hear he's awake." Said Yaoyorozu. Kirishima and Todoroki nodded. "And he just found out Deku refused to be seen huh?" They both nodded again.

        "Love me" Was what the now awake visitors heard Deku respond to Bakugo. They had never actually heard the couple use the "L" word. there was a much unneeded Hushed silence.


         "I guess we should grab a nurse before he blows up the hospital." Todoroki said, deadpanned. HE and Kirishima got up to find a nurse, while the other students called the faculty and Deku and Bakugo's parents.


Chapter 6

        The nurse could hear the screaming from the other end of the hospital. She shook her hear as she got up. Aizawa had in fact warned her how the blonde was in regards to the health of his boyfriend. And she had been warned about how the little green haired kid would refuse to be looked at until all his classmates were seen first. They make one hell of a couple, Aizawa had said. They fight well together. But they're both still getting used to having the other really care about them so they have their, issue. That's what he said, the nurse recalled.

         "I SWEAR TO GOD IZUKU! STAY AWAKE! NOW COME ON, THERE YA GO WAKE UP UNTIL THE NURSE GETS HERE." She could hear him. She was sure he was over reacting to the state of the green haired boy. Her quirk, allowed her to detect illnesses immediately. The closer she is the better she can tell.

         "Kacchan, i'm tired." "I know Izuku, just stay awake for me a little bit longer okay?" She could hear them over the radio. Then something changed. "ICY-HOT!!!!" was all the blonde boy yelled. A red and white blur ran in the room, The Nurse got a really bad feeling out of no where. She got up and ran into the room, paging a code over the speaker. She came in to see the half and half boy trying to regulate the green haired boy's body temperature. "ka....cchan..i'm sorry...I should've...." his sentence ended there as he fell unconscious. The one the nurse knew as Katsuki Bakugo, turned to look at her, fire in his eyes.

         "WELL?!?!?! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE?!?!?!FIX HIM!!!!!" He yelled. The nurse took in the situation. There was poison in that burn wound...she would need Recovery Girl for this. who was on the other side of town at UA. "Katsuki Bakugo. I need you to inform you classmates I need Recovery Girl. He's been poisoned. It's in his burn." I've never seen a face go as pale as quick, even the half and half future hero paled. Bakugo pulled out his cell phone and made one quick call to the school, got a hold of All Might, who then grabbed Recovery Girl and said they'd be there in 5 minutes.

         "I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the room, you two. So I can get him ready." The nurse tried telling them.

        "WHAT PART OF I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE YOU OLD HAG DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!?!?!HAD YOU DONE YOUR JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE AND SEEN HIM WHEN WE GOT HERE, THIS WOULDN'T BE AN EMERGENCY!" Bakugo yelled. Todoroki took his side and soon enough there was one more redhead in the room, ready to fight the nurse over this little green haired person. The blocked the bed from her until All Might and Recovery Girl got there, then, and only then would Bakugo let anyone around this boy.

         "Bakugo, make yourself useful if you're gonna be in here. Prop him up so I can get to his back better." Recovery Girl said. Bakugo got on the bed, lifted Deku up and held him there so she could work on his burn. Todoroki was still regulating Deku's body temperature and Kirishima had his quirk activated, preventing the nurse from getting near Deku. If Bakugo had an issue with this nurse, Kirishima had one too. No one messes with class 1-A and he was getting bad vibes from her. Recovery Girl worked hard to pull the poison out of Deku. The nurse was glad. She wasn't sure why these guys were so protective of the little green haired one, Aizawa made sure to tell her this might happen and warned her it would be best to stay out of their way. They would take care of him. The nurse left to go get some water for them, seeing as he was well taken care of and her assistance wasn't needed anymore.

         "I swear to god that nurse is gonna get a piece of my mind." Bakugo muttered to Kirishima, who chuckled. "WHAT'S SO FUNNY SHITTY HAIR?!?!?!?!"

        "No yelling." All Might said, eyes on Deku.

         "I just think it's cute. You all like this. In just a short amount of time this person you swore to hate now means so much to you that you'd burn down an entire hospital because one nurse took her sweet time getting into the room." Kirishima told his friend. Bakugo blushed.

         "He spends so much time worrying about if everyone else is okay, he never worries about himself. No matter what, he will put everyone before himself." Bakugo said absently as he held little Deku, one hand on the back of his head, fingers in his hair, and the other arm, wrapped around his upper back, out of Recovery Girl's way. He laid a kiss on Deku's head. All Might, after having heard Bakugo say that, felt a proud moment bubble up in his chest. Recovery Girl worked for another 30 minutes before declaring that the poison is finally all gone and that she had done the best she could for the time being. That she would be back in a few hours to work on the burn a little more. Deku's fever dropped enough that Todoroki felt safe to stop using his quirk at the moment, but didn't leave the room. All Might and Recovery Girl left to go inform the others, while Bakugo got Deku more comfortable on the bed, Kirishima grabbed a chair and set it between the bed and the door, and Todoroki took a spot by the window.

         The nurse came back in with water, assured them all it was just water and that she would be leaving for the time being it was shift change. Once she left the tension eased a little, but not enough to let the three boys relax at all. Deku, started moaning like he was having a nightmare, thrashing around a lot, then whimpering in pain. Kirishima saw the pain across Bakugo's face, but said nothing. They were all hurting with him. Todoroki and Kirishima helped Bakugo get little Midoriya more comfortable, laying half on top of Bakugo, who laid a kiss between the green haired boys brow. Deku finally stopped moving and fell into a deeper sleep, much to his friend's relief.

        A few hours later, Midoriya's mom and Bakugo's mom arrived to see three very on edge boys protecting one very small, whimpering one. Mitsuki and Inko looked at the boys and about lost it. Bakugo saw his mother and her best friend and Kirishima moved to let them pass before sitting back down in the chair.

         "How is he doing? Recovery Girl hasn't been any help at all" Inko asked. Todoroki got up, felt Deku's head, and then put his right hand on Deku's forehead.

         "He keeps getting a fever, we've been fighting it for a few hours. Bakugo literally can't move or Midoriya starts having nightmares. Kirishima is keeping the nursing staff away from him, after what we found out about the attack, the UA staff and student body are not taking any risks. He's too weak still to transport back to UA's Infirmary where he would be safer. But we will manage." He said. Inko kissed her son's forehead and the other three boys as well. Mitsuki told Bakugo to have Kirishima text her if they needed anything, they'll be out talking to Aizawa. As they walked out, Iida and Kaminari walked in. Let them know they sent the girls back to the dorms and that they'll be back later with a fresh change of clothes and actual food. Kaminari grabbed a chair and took his spot guarding the bed with Kirishima, who grabbed the blonde boy's hand as they sat there. Iida asked Bakugo if he needed anything, and proceeded to get him some water with a straw before taking a spot next to Todoroki.

         Bakugo found out from Kaminari that Tokoyomi was outside the door as well. Sero had been here with him, but went to escort the girls back to the dorm. It was the weirdest scene if you ever saw it. Like walking into a house where 15 pit-bulls are guarding a newborn child. Recovery Girl came in about 2 hours later, Bakugo sitting up so she had better access to Deku's back. After about 3 more hours of working on it, she declared that she has done all she can, and that as soon as he wakes up she wants him moved back to her Infirmary where she want take better care of him. Bakugo couldn't have agreed more. He wanted out of this hospital, wanted his friends out of this hospital, and most of all wanted Deku safe.

         The girls came back with clothes and food, Yaoyorozu helped Bakugo eat a little bit, even though he swore he wasn't hungry. They tried to get Deku off him so Bakugo could change clothes but the second someone other than Bakugo touched him, he started thrashing about, making Katsuki even more determined to not move. The nursing staff brought up enough sleeping bags for everyone, and a few people fell asleep first, deciding on taking shifts. Kirishima, Todoroki and Bakugo did not sleep, nor did they speak. Only during the day when their classmates were there would they sleep and even then it was in shifts. Deku was asleep for 4 days after Recovery Girl had taken care of him. Aizawa and Present Mic stopped in to give the boys notes for classes they've missed and to check on everyone.

         Two nights later, Todoroki was in the shower and Kirishima was taking his nap, Bakugo was reading a book when he felt Deku stir. He was getting ready to start trying to stop a nightmare, when he looked down and saw a pair of emerald green eyes staring at him. Bakugo had to look twice to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. Bakugo started smiling and crying at the same time. Deku's face screwed up trying to move to wipe the tears off Bakugo's face.

         "ka-cchan.i'm...sorry." Midoriya fought to get out, tears pouring down his face. Bakugo pulled him all the way on top of him, trying to comfort him.

         "Don't ever do that to me again." he growled. Deku's eyes went wide and he saw just how exhausted Bakugo really was. Deku tried to move but couldn't. His back was stiff. His head hurt. Bakugo told Deku what had been going on the past few days. How everyone has been here. How Todoroki and Kirishima have been here since he collapsed and how tokoyomi and Iida and kaminari were here too, protecting him. Bakugo told him how worried he was and how worried everyone is. That this was a close call. Deku just nodded, not having the energy to speak. Bakugo kissed the top of Deku's head.

         "Ah, so our sleeping beauty is awake I see?" Todoroki said, stepping out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel.

        "I'm sorry, Shoto." Deku managed to say quietly. Todoroki just shook his head and smiled. The noise woke Kirishima, who, upon noticing Deku was awake, was on top of Deku, and by extension, Bakugo.

        "GET THE HELL OFF ME YOU EXTRA!!!" Bakugo yelled. Deku laughed a little and then closed his eyes again, making Bakugo panic. "oh no you don't. wake up Deku."

         "I'm awake kacchan. Everything is just spinning." Deku said. Kirishima had climbed off and stepped into the hall to make a phone call. He walked back in.

        "Recovery Girl and Aizawa will be here shortly to take up all back to school. Now that Deku is awake, we can transport him." Kiri said. And just as promised. 10 minutes later, they were all ushered into a big SUV, Bakugo carrying Midoriya, and taken back to the school. Deku was put in the infirmary as were the three boys who had barely ate or slept in a week. Recovery Girl told them all to rest and as soon as she left the room, Bakugo was over in Deku's bed.

        "Move over nerd, I got used to sleeping next to you." He smiled as Deku let him under the covers. Bakugo wrapped Deku up in his arms and whispered in his ear, "I was so scared. I thought I lost you. I didn't know what I would've done." Deku turned over and kissed his boyfriend.

         "i'm sorry, Kacchan, I didn't think I was that bad. I won't do it again, I promise."

         "you better not, or I will feed you my mother's cooking." He threatened in a growl. both of them laughed a little at that, and then fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Chapter Text

Chapter 7:

        Kirishima was the first to wake up. It was still dark outside, but he sat up and stretched. He didn't realize that sitting in that hard chair for a week would mess his back up this bad. He looked over at Todoroki, still passed out asleep, halfway hanging off the bed. He turned on his cell phone and saw the litany of text messages from his classmates. They were all excited that the 4 had made it back to campus. Kirishima was relieved as well. The hospital really had him on edge. He felt like he was always being watched. He also knew that his other two compatriots had felt the same. That's why none of them went back to the school until Midoriya did. They didn't want to take any risks. After responding to his texts, he pulled out his class notes and began to read over them for the 1400th time. At least he'll be able to pass the written test, he thought to himself.

         Not too long afterwards, Todoroki rolled over and ended up face first on the floor. He sat up, rubbing his head and climbed back in the bed. Kirishima waved at him quietly and pointed to the other two beds. one was empty of course, because Bakugo was all wrapped up in Midoriya's bed. Todoroki shook his head and smiled slightly before going to join Kirishima. They went over their class work until Recovery Girl came in and saw they were awake. She did a quick examination on both of them and then told them to go back to the dorms and get some more rest. Both were very hesitant to leave Bakugo and Midoriya, but Recovery Girl all but threw them in the hallway and slammed the door in their faces.

         "I don't like this." Kirishima muttered as they walked down to the dorms. Todoroki knew how he felt. The four of them had bonded and gotten used to each other always being there.

        "If I don't hear from Midoriya by the end of class, i'm going back up there and demanding to see them." Todoroki said. Kirishima nodded. They were in agreement then. They went to Kirishima's room, where Kaminari was already asleep on his bed. Kiri stifled a laugh, crawled in bed with the blonde and Todoroki took up the bean bag chair and both were asleep in an instant.

         Recovery Girl was in her office drinking coffee when All Might came in. She had been expecting him. He sat down in the chair across from her and took the offered cup.

         "How are they doing? I know young Bakugo was still injured when what happened to young Midoriya happened." All Might said. Recovery Girl looked at him thoughtfully for a moment.

         "Vitals are good. They're a little dehydrated and they're going to be sore for a few days. But otherwise they're healing well. I will say though, this whole incident will not help their new co-dependence at all. I've been keeping an eye on them the past few months, All Might. Both boys have grown in power. They've learned to team up together and work together. They have shown that they can put their feelings for each other aside for the sake of a mission, but where injury is concerned, One of them wants to make sure everyone else is fine before he's seen, and the other will care for his other half until trusted help arrives. Right now, Midoriya is completely dependent on Bakugo to sleep and the same goes for Bakugo. Neither will sleep if the other isn't near. What so ever the League wants with Midoriya is against me, but they're going to have a fight for sure if Bakugo has his way."

         All Might thought on what she said while he drank his coffee. She was right, he realized. "They'll make one hell of a hero team one day. If we can keep them alive long enough for them to make it to that point." He muttered almost to himself.

        "Well, so far they're doing a good job. You keep Kirishima and Todoroki near them, after this latest escapade, and I'm sure you'll have a powerful force this world has never known. This is the first time I've ever seen an entire class standing at my door waiting to see a classmate. I am so proud of 1-A even if Aizawa needs to teach them a little more restraint. The report I got from the hospital said Bakugo could be heard 4 floors down and that every nurse on the floor were scared of them. *sigh* It is what it is though. They did what they had to do to survive and at least we taught them that." Recovery Girl said.

         "We didn't teach them that. That's the difference between class 1-A and the others. Most of these kids had to learn how to survive before they even got here and then with everything that's happened to them already. They're definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with." All Might said. They continued to drink their coffee, waiting for the two remaining injured to wake up.

         The lunch bell rang and Class 1-A was lined up outside the infirmary waiting, again, to see if they could visit their classmates. Recovery Girl shooed them away again. She looked at them, still wrapped up in each other, before going to take her lunch. All Might was in the office, keeping an eye on them. Not to long afterwards, Midoriya began to stir, which, All Might noticed, caused Bakugo to wake up instantly. The look of panic on Bakugo's face when he first woke up took All Might off guard. Then Bakugo looked down and saw Midoriya readjust to Bakugo's movement, and go still again. Bakugo calmed down, and a softness filled his face. The only time he sees that look on Bakugo is when he looks at Midoriya. All Might went back to reading the paper as Bakugo laid back down, got a tighter hold on Midoriya, and went back to sleep.

        The end of class came at a slow pace, But 4pm came at its own pace and As soon as the bell rang, Kirishima and Todoroki, followed by Kaminari, Iida, and Tokoyomi were off to the Infirmary. Recovery Girl didn't even fight them and just let them in, locking the door behind them so no one else decide to come in. The 5 boys, upon seeing the state of Bakugo and Midoriya, took up two beds, spread their homework out that Aizawa and Present Mic had given them, and they sat there, in silence, doing their homework, waiting for their friends to wake up. Around 6pm Iida pulled out of his bag some sandwiches and some instant ramen and passed them around. All 5 boys sat there and ate, finishing their homework. All Might was back in the office with Recovery Girl, Aizawa and Present Mic. They watched the group of boys curiously.

        "Do we try to separate them?" Present Mic asked. All Might just shook his head.

         "It wouldn't do any good. Class 1-A operates a lot differently than the other classes in this school. They do everything together. They eat together, train together. They protect their own. Separating them would only make them try to break in here. And they're doing their school work, so at least they're being productive." Aizawa said. The teachers left, and Recovery Girl told the 5 to go back to the dorm, she'll see them tomorrow after class. She checked vitals again on Midoriya and Bakugo before going to lay down herself. It had been a long day.

         Midoriya finally woke up around 3am and had no clue where he was. As he began to panic, A soft, strong voice came to him.

         "Izuku. Are you okay? What's wrong?" Bakugo asked, startled. Midoriya looked at him for a minute before he launched himself at Bakugo, crying.

         "I'm sorry Kacchan. I'm so sorry. I didn't...I wasn't trying to...I just wanted to make sure you and everyone else were okay. I didn't know that it was this bad, I swear Kacchan, I didn't know. I'm sorry for scaring you." Midoriya said through his tears. Bakugo held him against his chest and ran his fingers through his hair.

         "It's okay. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. I'm sorry. Please don't do that to me again. You almost scared me to death." Bakugo whispered in his ear. Midoriya just nodded and kissed Bakugo. It was a sweet kiss, although tear stained. Both of them released the other and started to stretch. Midoriya tried to stand up, but fell, and was caught by Bakugo before he hit the ground. "What did I just tell you?" He growled. Midoriya just smiled sheepishly at his boyfriend. Recovery Girl heard the light talking and realized they must be awake. So she pulls herself out of bed and goes to check on them.

         "About time you boys woke up. I've had to deal with your entire class trying to break down my door." She smiled. "Your vitals are fine, however I don't want either of you in class tomorrow. Go back to the dorms. Midoriya if you don't think you can make it, you can stay here, but Bakugo, I know you're healthy enough to walk. Go on now. I'll let Aizawa know."

        "You're bat-shit crazy if you think I'm letting him stay up here another night." Bakugo muttered as he princess carried Midoriya to the dorms. Aizawa met them at the door and helped get Midoriya into Bakugo's room.

         "No funny business do you understand?" Aizawa said.

         "Please, like i'm gonna try to mess around after we both about died?!?!? I'd at least let his injuries heal all the way first. jeez. Goodnight." Bakugo shut his door. "You alright Deku?"

        "Yeah, still sore. But I guess that'll go away, huh? Why are you so far away Kacchan?"

         "Miss me huh? Been in dreamland for 2 weeks and now you're all ready for my affection?" Bakugo teased. Midoriya nodded and pulled Bakugo to the bed.

         "I thought you were gone. That's what the nightmare was. I thought I had gotten you killed. And that I was living it all over again. You getting hit with that attack. It being all my fault." Deku said, quietly. Bakugo was running his fingers through Deku's hair.

         "It'll take more than a D list villain to take me down. No worries. I'm right here. see? You can feel me." Bakugo said. Deku ran his hands up Bakugo's chest and cupped the side of his face before bringing him close for a kiss. Two weeks without being able to do this, Bakugo thought. Two long weeks. "I'm so glad you're alright, Deku. I don't know what I'd do without you at this point." This made Deku blush all sorts of shades of red. There was a knock on the door and they looked at each other.


        "Open up it's Todoroki."

         "UGH FINE!" Bakugo got up, didn't even bother putting a shirt on, told Deku to stay in bed, and opened the door. Low and behold the 5 boys stepped into Bakugo's room. He sighed. "WHAT THE HELL ICY-HOT!!!" But his heart wasn't in it. Not tonight. He got in bed with Deku, who made room at the end of the bed for Todoroki. Kirishima and Kaminari curled up on the floor, Iida and Tokoyomi found chairs and they all got comfortable. "Well, goodnight then, you bunch of nerds." He kissed Deku's forehead. The others said good night, and for the first time in a while, there was peaceful sleep.


Chapter 8

        Seven cell phone alarms went off at the same time in the crowded room. Followed by a cacophony of moans, groans and swearing.


        "We gotta get up for classes." Kirishima muttered into Kaminari's neck.

        "WE DON'T HAVE TO DO SHIT!" Bakugo yelled. Iida, first one up, looked at his phone. There was a group text sent out from Aizawa to class 1-A.


         A collective sigh of relief filled the room followed by the sounds of cell phones being shut off and the group going back to snoring. Bakugo looked down at Deku, who was still sound asleep. He was surprised the noise hadn't woke him up, but in all fairness, he understood. They had all been through hell the past two weeks. Bakugo must've moved, he noticed, because Deku mumbled something in his sleep and curled up closer to him. Bakugo kissed him on the forehead and soon fell back asleep to the sound of his breathing.

         The girls woke up and were in the common room with Sero, Mineta and a few of the other guys. They had all gotten the text this morning, but were all already wide awake. Uraraka and Tsu were curled up on the couch talking to the others when Yaoyorozu asked if any of them had seen the others. Todoroki and her had been becoming close friends, but ever since what happened at Halloween, he and a few of the others had been really distant. Ashido had mentioned that everyone was back in the dorms now according to Recovery Girl, but no one knew where in the dorms 7 of them had managed to hide in.

         "I know you're worried about Todoroki, but he's okay. I promise. As soon as Deku is back on his feet everything will go back to normal. you'll see." Uraraka said calmly.

         "She's right," Tsu responded. "Deku really went out of his way to help some of them over come their fears, and obstacles and those boys will protect him until the day they all die. Once he's okay, everything will go back to normal. I think that's the real reason for Mr. Aizawa's text. Because Deku hates missing class. He would've gotten up to go even though he's not well enough. With it being a Friday, it'll give him all weekend to get better."

        "Bakugo was really messed up for a while there, though. When Deku first blacked out. That's part of it too. That's where Kirishima and Kaminari came in. I will say, Instead of being his short tempered, irrational help, when Deku's fever spiked he did the first thing he could think of." Sero said.

         "Yes, I heard he yelled for Todoroki. It was the first person he could think of." Mineta said. Mineta hoped his friends would be okay, but let's be honest, he was enjoying time with the girls with less competition.

         "They'll be alright...just give them a few days. But for us, lets go find something to do so we don't bother them with our noise.....where ever they're at." Tsu suggested. Uraraka's eyes lit up.

         "Have you guys been to the amusement park lately? They've got some new rides." She asked. And just like that, a plan was made, a note was left and the rest of class 1-A left for the day.

        Aizawa, who had managed to stay out of eye sight of his class, listened to them talk amongst themselves about the situation. Unlike his students, He was aware of the fire hazard worth of bodies in Bakugo's room. It made him very proud of his class, putting together the canceled classes Present Mic had suggested. Tsu was right, Midoriya would've tried to go to class today. And would've pry gotten hurt which would've just set Bakugo off again. He walked down to Bakugo's room and cracked the door open. He was surprised they all fit in here. Deku was curled up on Bakugo, both snoring, Bakugo's arms tight around Deku. Todoroki was sleeping horizontally across the end of the bed, using Deku's legs as pillows. Kirishima and Kaminari were laying on top of each other on the floor, Kirishima snoring into Kaminari's ear, who didn't seem to mind. Iida was asleep with his arms crossed and head tilted back, mouth wide open in Bakugo's desk chair and Tokoyomi was asleep in an armchair by the window, curled up into himself. He snapped a picture quietly and sent it to All Might and Present Mic. Aizawa smiled to himself before realizing it was actually quiet. He went back to his room and followed suit of the boys and went back to sleep with a smile on his face.


         Dabi was talking to Shigaraki about the latest failed attempt. Shigaraki was getting irritated that the Symbol of Peace's successor was still breathing. Toga was out of the country or he's certain that this would've been taken care of. He can't run his world the way he wants if they're is still a Symbol of Peace. Dabi, just staring at him, had given him no help whatsoever. It would've been best to do it while he was still in the hospital. He was sure that one lowlife thug's quirk would've done the job but the poison didn't kill him fast enough.

         "Just bide your time and we'll actually come up with a better plan. Don't forget about the second part of the hitman's quirk" Dabi told him. Shigaraki got up and walked out of the dive bar they were sitting in. Dabi just shook his head and downed his drink.


         Iida was the first to wake up. He looked at his phone and noticed it was 3:30 in the afternoon, he rubbed his eyes and went to get up, until he realized he had Kaminari and Kirishima wrapped around his legs. He wasn't going anywhere without waking someone up. He rubbed his eyes again and decided he was just going to go back to sleep. It had been stressful. Just before he shut his eyes, he saw Bakugo was awake, watching Deku's bruised face smile in his sleep. Bakugo looked completely at peace in this moment, Iida had never seen him like this. Bakugo was absentmindedly running his hand through Deku's hair. Iida smiled quietly to himself, before closing his eyes and going back to sleep.

         Bakugo noticed Iida move out of the corner of his eye, but didn't pay any attention to him. If Iida needed him, he would've said something. He was running his hand through Deku's hair and watching him sleep. He could do this forever he thought to himself. Eventually he lulled himself back to sleep.

         The rest of the class got back to the dorms around 10:30pm. They noticed the dorm was completely untouched. It was like a ghost town. Aizawa was at the kitchen table, waiting for them.

        "Mr. Aizawa, where are the others?" Uraraka asked. The rest of the class murmured similar questions. Aizawa held up his hand and they got quiet.

        "They are still resting, Doctor's orders. They are not to be disturbed. By any of you. For any reason. They stood guard of Midoriya when he was in grave condition. They are all exhausted, sleep deprived, and most likely hateful."

        "So like you on a Monday?" Mineta asked. He immediately received a death glare from Aizawa.

         "But sir, we don't even know where they are. They're not in their rooms. It looks like no one's been in there since we moved in." Sero said.

         "I know where they are and just know that they are resting. They haven't been awake all day. They pry wont even be awake tomorrow either. Sleep deprivation takes a lot out of you. Please make sure you are considerate when in the dorm." Aizawa got up and went into his office.

         "well, I'm headed to bed guys, It was a fun day and i'm exhausted. I'll see you ladies in the morning. Let's go, Mineta." Sero said as he grabbed the little pervert and dragged him, crying to the boys side.

         "Might as well go to bed too, Tsu you coming?" Uraraka said. Tsu nodded. Soon everyone had headed off to bed or to a friend's room.

         Midoriya woke up, and he was hungry. Beyond hungry. But he noticed, he was stuck. There was no way for him to get past all his friends, and his boyfriend without waking them all up. And they looked like they really needed the rest. He sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes. When did they all get here, he wondered. No matter. As soon as he tried to put his foot down on the floor behind Kaminari, he was pulled back down on the bed.

        "Where do you think you're going?" Bakugo whispered groggily. Deku looked at him, placed a hand on his cheek.

        "Kitchen. I'm starving." He said as he tried to get back up, but was pulled back down. "Kacchan"

        "I'm coming. You're not strong enough to go by yourself and I can keep everyone away from you if anyone is up. Lets try not to wake everyone up." Bakugo slid out from under Todoroki, slid off the bed, grabbed Midoriya, and they snuck out of the bedroom and into the dark hall. Bakugo set Midoriya down and let him try to walk to the elevator. He was extremely unstable on his feet at first but was slowly getting used to walking again. Bakugo kept one arm on his back and the other on his arm. Midoriya smiled at him.

         It was a slow trek to the kitchen, but they made it and Bakugo made Midoriya sit down as he made him something to eat. Bakugo sat down next to Midoriya and ate with him. Midoriya went to get up and put his dish in the dish washer, Bakugo's eyes on him the whole time. He walked back to the table next to Bakugo, wrapping his arms around him, and kissing him. Bakugo kissed him back, wrapping his arms around Midoriya's waist. Midoriya sighed into Bakugo and was glad he didn't come down alone. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to get back to the room and over the squad. They pulled away from each other, smiling.

         "I missed you." Midoriya told him. Bakugo just laughed softly at him.

         "You've been in my arms for two weeks, but I know. I've missed you too." Bakugo kissed his forehead lightly before getting up and saying it was time to go lay back down before everyone else gets up. Midoriya nodded, took his offered hand, and headed back to bed. Bakugo lifted him into the bed over a sleeping Todoroki and Kirishima before laying back down. Deku, worn out just from going to the kitchen, curled up on Bakugo, placed a trail of kisses from his chest to his lips, before snuggling into him and falling asleep. Bakugo chuckled at him before going back to sleep himself.

        The following day, the class 1-A went back out to the amusement park, to keep the dorms quiet for not only Mr. Aizawa, but for the boys too. Finally about 2pm that day, all 7 of the boys woke up, stretching, yawning, laughing at each other's bed head. Kirishima looked like an even bigger mess that usual. They all got up, one by one, and went to their own rooms to take showers and change their clothes...They had all just slept for 2 days easily. Midoriya went to go to his room to get in the shower, but Bakugo pulled him close.

        "Oh no you don't, nerd. This is the first time I've been able to be alone with you in weeks." Bakugo growled. Midoriya just smiled at him.

        "Kacchan, I need to get in the shower. Its been weeks and I'm sure I don't smell too pleasant."

         "Use mine. I'll go get your clothes. Go on. Now."

        "Okay Kacchan. If you say so. Hurry back." He blushed as he pulled Bakugo in for a kiss.

         "Damn it, nerd if you keep this up you're gonna get something other than a shower." Bakugo growled. Midoriya fake ran into the bathroom, to the best of his ability, laughing at Bakugo.

        "I'll be waiting then." He whispered as he shut the door.

Chapter Text

Chapter 9 (Adult content!!!)

        Bakugo returned to his room with Midoriya's clothes, locked his door and then stepped into the bathroom. He saw Midoriya just before he realized who was in there with him. He peaked around the shower curtain and smiled at Bakugo. The steam coming out of the shower, damn near hiding him.

        "You coming in Kacchan or are you waiting?" Midoriya asked. Bakugo flushed a bright shade of pink before getting undressed and sliding in the shower behind him and wrapped his arms around Midoriya's waist, his hands feeling how toned Midoriya's abs and chest have become in such a short time, though they were training all the time before the party. he trailed kisses along Midoriya's shoulders and up his neck, nibbling at his ear while his hands explored his boyfriend's body. Midoriya turned around and faced him, pushing him up against the shower wall and kissing him, more passionately. Midoriya's hands ran up and down Bakugo's body, while Bakugo's nails scratched into Midoriya's back, before he remembered the burn, once he did, he took control and put Midoriya's back against the wall of the shower. He picked Midoriya up and Midoriya wrapped his legs around Bakugo's waist. Bakugo nibbled on his neck, feeling Midoriya move against him.

         "Kacchan..." Midoriya started. "You're not going to hurt me."

        "I know. but I want you to be sure you're one hundred percent ready because as i'm rather sure you're aware, I'm a very rough person. And I don't want you to get hurt. I want to pleasure you not hurt you. I'm done hurting you." He said as he bit into Midoriya's shoulder.

        "Well, I'm pretty sure I'm 100 percent ready. So come on, Kacchan, get some of that anger out. And what's the best way to deal with anger?" Midoriya asked, biting Bakugo's neck, and grabbing onto his member, stroking it. Knowing exactly what he was doing, Midoriya was going to get his way. He knew he probably will be completely drained out of the energy he's just got back, but it's worth it to see Bakugo smile.

        "Fuck!" Bakugo growls. "Alright, If this is how you want to play Izuku, it's how we'll play. I tried to let you heal up and get your strength back up but I can't wait any longer!!! I love you. and i'm sorry if this hurts."

         "I love you too. You gonna talk till we're out of hot water or?" Midoriya teases. Bakugo shoves his tongue in Midoriya's mouth to get him to be quiet before letting his hand grab ahold of him, Stroking him, getting him so close to climax and then stopping.If Midoriya wanted to play this game, Bakugo would play alright. Midoriya was panting, but refused to beg. Their egos is what makes it fun for them. Bakugo figured one more time maybe and he'll beg, and he was right. Midoriya begged Bakugo, who gladly obliged. He grabbed the lube, and started one finger at a time until Midoriya was ready and then without warning, forced it in. Midoriya let out a pleased moan just as Bakugo put his hand on his throat and gently squeezed as he brought his mouth down on Midoriya's. Midoriya clawed at Bakugo's back, leaving deep marks, as they went on until finally they both hit their sweet spot and collapsed in a mess full of limbs on the floor of the shower. Bakugo gently pulled out of Midoriya before pulling him close to him under the running water.

        "Are you okay?" He asked, making Midoriya look at him. He inspected him for any open wounds or cuts.

        "I'm wonderful Kacchan. i'm serious, don't look at me like that. I see it in your eyes you don't believe but I am. I am okay." He kissed his boyfriend sweetly before resting his head on Bakugo's chest.

        "Good, you better be or you'll be in trouble. Big trouble. Like me blasting your ass to Mars, nerd." Bakugo said. Midoriya just smiled at him. Bakugo grabbed the shampoo bottle and started working on Midoriya's hair, absentmindedly while they were sitting there, he then took and cleaned his back, since he couldn't reach where the burn scar was. He was rinsing the conditioner out of Midoriya's hair when they heard a knock on the door.

         "You two, lunch in 5. hurry up!" Iida yelled before walking away.

        "Alright, out you go, get dressed. I'll be out in a second." Bakugo smiled as he finished his shower. Midoriya just watched him, leaned up against the frame of the bathroom door.

         "What are you looking at huh?" Bakugo asked with a raised eyebrow. Midoriya chuckled.

        "Well, honestly i'm not sure. Quite possibly the sexiest man on the face of this planet." Midoriya said smoothly.

         "And you better fucking remember that too."

         They get dressed, Midoriya taking a little longer, then begin their trek to the kitchen again. Midoriya wanted to walk, much to the argument from Bakugo, who believed their shower sexcapades was a little too much for his boyfriend's health, but Midoriya knew how to get to him and knew how to get what he wanted. He had learned it from Bakugo.

         "Took you two long enough." Todoroki smirked. Bakugo glared.

        "It's not my fault that someone decided he wanted to walk knowing that he still has to rebuild strength." Bakugo said. Iida, of course took Midoriya's side.

         "Well the only way to do that is to walk, Bakugo." Iida said, which was met by a glare. Midoriya sat down at the table while the guys bickered. Kaminari passed Midoriya some bacon.

         "I don't know how you handle him sometimes." Kaminari whispered to Midoriya before laughing.

         "Me either, but he's worth it. Every single grey hair." They erupt into laughter.

        "WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT PIKACHU?!?!?!" Bakugo popped up yelling behind him. Midoriya sees Kirishima put money into Todoroki's hand. Tokoyomi sighs, resigns himself in indignation, then starts laughing at Kirishima mocking Bakugo behind his back. Bakugo turns around and pops a small explosion at his best friend, who hardens and is unaffected by it.

        "How do you handle Kirishima? All that energy and his quirk?" Midoriya asks.

         "Well, it helps some things. i'm just glad he hasn't hardened on reflex when I bite him or I might lose some teeth for sure." Kaminari said and both of them peel into laughter, Midoriya is holding his side laughing so hard.

         Aizawa hears the noise and gets up to go investigate. If its the rest of 1-A back already, he was going to be pissed. Making all that noise. He walks into the kitchen in time to see an entire group of boys laughing and joking around with each other, relaxed and well, rested. He turns to go back to his room when coughing followed by immediate silence stops him dead in his tracks. Six of them all turned to look at Midoriya, who was coughing into his shirt, Bakugo immediately by his side followed by the others, all around him, Aizawa could barely see the boy the way his friends were. Finally after a second Midoriya stops coughing.

         "I'm fine, I promise. I was just laughing too hard. That's all. I swear.." Aizawa sees the boy look into Bakugo's eyes. "Kacchan" Is all he had to say to bring that boy to the surface. His hands went straight to Midoriya's face. Aizawa sighed. He remembered when Present Mic used to be like that. and by used to be Aizawa meant still was. Once he made sure that everything was alright and the boys went back to their horse-playing, Aizawa went back to the office.

        "So, I have a question. How did we all fit in that room? and then all sleep for so long?" Kirishima asked. Roars of laughter filled the room. Todoroki smiled.

        "I don't know but as soon as I felt Midoriya and Bakugo come back into the building, I needed to be there. I can't explain it. Ever since All Might Named him his successor as the Symbol of Peace, I've had a bad feeling. Then the Halloween Party. It's like they knew. We still have a traitor in this school it seems and we need to get back into training and we need to figure out who the rat is, before something even worse happens. Cuz if we would've lost Midoriya..."Todoroki let his sentence fall sort. They all knew. Bakugo would go rogue. He'd kill anything and everything until he killed the bastard that got him.

         "Midoriya, is such a kind and selfless individual. He wants to truly help every single person he can. and In my opinion, there is no better person to put my life on the line for. " Tokoyomi said, solemnly. Midoriya looked at Bakugo for a moment and noticed that he was shirtless. Is that what he and Kirishima had been fighting about, he wondered. But at that exact moment Bakugo turned around to explode Kirishima, everyone could see the network of scratch marks down his back. Todoroki saw it too but said nothing, just smiled and nodded reassuringly at him. However, Kaminari, the perfect match for Kirishima, had seen it.

        "Hey, Bakubro! Did you get in a fight with a raccoon and lose?" Kaminari laughed. Iida turned around just in time to see Tokoyomi and Todoroki jump back away from Kaminari, Todoroki pulling Deku with him. Bakugo spun around so quick, Kaminari had no clue what was coming. Bakugo let an explosion hit near him, let the smoke clear and then grabbed him up by the collar.

        "I don't lose!" He growled in his friend's face. Midoriya buried his head in his knees, not meaning to cause a big altercation about something as small as this. Todoroki noticed that Midoriya had gotten up at this point and left the room, so he cleared his throat and pointed toward the garden, Bakugo dropped Kaminari instantly and was gone. Iida looked at Kaminari.

         "What did we learn today?" Iida asked?

         "No to joke around about Bakugo's sex life in front of his sensitive boyfriend. I forget that Midoriya isn't used to seeing us like this. It's how we've always been. The merging of the two squads really need to sit down together." Kaminari said, rubbing his head, like it hurt to put that much thought into something. Iida lit up at this idea. Todoroki and Tokoyomi had already gotten up and headed away from Iida so as not to get roped into that, but they were not quick enough for Iida and his legs. He grabbed them all and decided it was time for a chat.

         Midoriya sat down under one of the trees in the garden. He was exhausted. He was upset. He was extremely light headed and surprised he made it out this far. He leaned his head back, sighed, and closed his eyes, letting the shade of the tree protect him from the sun. It was starting to get colder now, but the heat of the sun can still get bad. Midoriya didn't know how long he was out there, but he had obviously fallen asleep. The sun wasn't too far down, he guessed, maybe just a 20 minute nap. It wasn't the sun that woke him, It was his name. He tried to get up but couldn't. He tried to call out to Kacchan, but his voice barely raised above a whisper. If he didn't get Bakugo's attention, they'd both have a panic attack. Midoriya, looked at the tree above him, lifted his hand and flicked his middle finger against his thumb and sent up a wave of pure force, before dots started swimming in his eyes.

        Bakugo heard the snap before he saw the force, but he knew where he was going now. He was worried. If Deku had to use his quirk that means he's either trapped or he can't speak. Either or isn't good. He saw Deku's green hair propped up against a tree. His eyes were closed but he was breathing and that's what mattered. Bakugo picked him up and took him back inside, thankful that the extras weren't there. Kaminari had to act like that in front of him, Bakugo thought. Deku isn't the type of person to understand those types of jokes. He thought Kaminari was making fun of Bakugo for sleeping with him. That's why he ran.

         "Iida will take care of that." Bakugo said out loud to himself.

         "Kacchan?" Deku sat up in the bed. He was still, hands in his lap, face looking down. Bakugo looked at Deku.

        "I see that look on your face, Izuku, now relax. I am not in any way, shape or form, ashamed of you. I know that's what you're thinking after Kaminari opened his mouth. He does that sometimes and it's best to just ignore him. And before you ask. I didn't ignore him because I knew he said that loud enough for you to hear him and he got blasted for it. The electricity messes with his head sometimes. But are you okay? You didn't look too good when I found you."

        "I feel tired Kacchan. Like I could go back to sleep. But I don't want you to blow off our friends either. They need you too. Maybe its been partially my fault I have been keeping you to myself." Deku murmured.

         "Well, lay down then and get some sleep. You aren't keeping me from anything. So relax. Don't worry about it. I am going to run down to the gym for a workout, will you be here when I get back" Bakugo asked. That caught Midoriya off guard since usually he demands.

        "Yeah, I'll be here, asleep most likely. Go on, take the boys with you and have fun. I'll be here enjoying dreamland in your favorite shirt." Midoriya responded as he in face was putting on Bakugo's favorite shirt.

         "You better not get so much as one drop of drool on that shirt nerd or its on!" He growled before grabbing Deku by the front of it and kissing him. "Love you, be back in a little bit."

         "Love you too. have fun." Deku said before falling off to sleep.


Chapter 10

        Bakugo walked down to the gym, He knew he had to be getting behind his classmates by now. after all the time spent in the hospital with Deku, He was sure he was losing his touch. He stretched and began his workout with a run, before starting arms, chest and back. He had to have been at the gym for a good four hours before going down to the field by the dorms, where he worked on his explosions and his moves. By the time he made it back in the dorm, it was well past dark. He stopped in the kitchen, grabbed two wraps and headed back to his room. He opened his door to see Deku, sitting in bed, with the coursework out, getting caught up on all of his school work that he's missed. He was so focused, he didn't even hear Bakugo come in. Bakugo took the opportunity to just watch Deku work. He had all his books spread across the bed, His hero journal spread out too, trying to go through scenarios Mr. Aizawa gave them to solve. After a few moments though, Bakugo cleared his throat. Deku jumped up immediately and ran into his arms. Bakugo planted a kiss on his forehead.

         "Nightmare again?" Bakugo raised his eyebrow as Deku stared at the ground. Bakugo lifted his chin up and made him look him in the eye. "it's ok. I'm not going to blow you into next week for having nightmares. I might however blow you into next week if you keep getting yourself hurt. Starting tomorrow we're back to training, do you understand? No more slacking off. Got it?" Bakugo slightly snarled that last part. He felt terrible instantly when he saw Deku wince. It reminded him of them growing up, and the things he promised he wouldn't do again.

         "I understand. And I do need to start getting back in shape. I lost two weeks. i'm playing catch up for two weeks. But i'll get there. We got this. But since that's tomorrow, what do you want to do tonight? before bed? I mean. Um i'm getting ready to put this stuff up, I just finished it all finally. I didn't know if you wanted some alone time or if you still wanted me here especially after earlier. " Deku started mumbling. Which meant he was nervous, or upset.

         "Hey, stop. I don't want, nor need alone time. I need you. In ever aspect of my life. Don't worry about earlier, I'll deal with Kaminari. If Iida hasn't already got to him. Knowing Iida he saw that as the perfect time for an etiquette lesson. Relax. We can lay in bed and talk or put a movie on. We can brave the kitchen if you really want to but I assume the others will be back soon and you have all day tomorrow to let the ladies fawn over your injuries. Since according to Kirishima i'm hoarding you to myself. Which I don't see but whatever." Bakugo said, at first, comfortingly. but towards the end there you could hear good old Bakugo come out. Deku just shook his head.

        " I'd rather lay in bed with you. Conserve my strength for tomorrow as much as possible. Then its back to work. "

        "Well get this mess straightened up while I wash off and we'll lay in bed, i'm sure at some point there will be 7 of us in here again. I found some sleeping bags in the basement, so everyone can at least be comfortable on my floor." Bakugo muttered as he walked into the shower. Deku just laughed at him as he started cleaning up his school books. Not even 10 minutes later, Deku and Bakugo were laying in bed, in a quiet, comfortable silence, when a knock fell upon the door.

         "GO AWAY WE'RE CLOSED!!!" Bakugo yelled. A laugh from the other side of the door filtered in to the room.

         "BUT I GOT TACOS!!!" Tokoyomi yelled back. Deku was almost out of the bed to open the door before Bakugo grabbed him by the waist, and pulled him back to the bed.



        Tokoyomi was out in the hall overhearing the argument, with a box of tacos in his hands, Todoroki was next to him with candy. "Should I?" Todoroki asked, eyebrow raised. Tokoyomi smiled and nodded.





         They hear a loud thud followed by:


         Deku, flushed, his shirt halfway off his shoulder, opened the door, before being pulled back quickly and thrown in the bed, Bakugo appearing at the door, his shirt completely ripped off him and bite marks trailing his chest. Holding the door open, the two boys walked in. Bakugo was fuming and Deku was trying to be innocent.

         "Good lord, Midoriya, what did you do to Bakugo?" Todoroki asked. Red bite marks and welts started appearing on Bakugo.

         "well, um.....he wouldn't let me get up and get the door."

        "SO YOU BIT THE SHIT OUTTA ME JUST TO GET TACOS AND CANDY?" Bakugo yelled. Deku shrunk in on himself and looked down at the blanket. Tokoyomi noticed right then and there the switch is Bakugo, The second Midoriya shrinks into himself, Bakugo goes from raging asshole to giant teddy bear when it comes to Him. Bakugo is on the bed in a second, wrapping Midoriya into him. The other boys couldn't hear it, but they knew what he was doing. He was doing the thing only Midoriya could get him to do. Apologize. If a person on the street were to look at them, They would see a perfect relationship. But the two boys in the room with them setting up dinner knew differently. "Bakugo and Midoriya had settled their issues long before they started dating, but sometimes this happens, and when it does, this is how you'll find them until Midoriya calms down." Todoroki let Tokoyomi know while getting things set up.

         "He definitely is trying that's for sure." Tokoyomi says. Todoroki nods in agreement. Midoriya popped up behind Todoroki, who handed him a KitKat bar and he went to sit back down on the bed next to Bakugo. Bakugo opened it for him and laughed as Midoriya got chocolate on his nose and Bakugo kissed it off.

        "You ever want something like that, Todoroki? Like they have? They know they've got issues and they know its going to be hard, but they try and try anyway because of love." Tokoyomi asked. Todoroki looked at him.

         "One day, maybe. But I don't envy them in the least. i'm glad they have each other. "

        Todoroki replied. Tokoyomi nodded in return. They all sat down on the bed and watched a move on Bakugo's computer. When it was over, Midoriya was already asleep. curled up in Bakugo's lap. Bakugo positioned him on the bed a little better while helping the others clean up. He kept looking back over to the bed, and back to what he was doing.

         Todoroki looked at Bakugo and whispered "He still having the nightmares?" Bakugo just nodded and then looked back at him again. Tokoyomi headed back to his room after saying goodnight. Todoroki sat with Bakugo for a few minutes to get a better idea of the nightmares effecting Midoriya. Midoriya started tossing and turning in his sleep, his face a mask of pain as he lets out a little whimper. In a heartbeat, Bakugo was there. and Todoroki saw just how quickly Midoriya calmed, Just knowing Bakugo was there was enough. Bakugo came back and sat next to Todoroki, talking to him about school work and everything else they missed, and the one thing that didn't escape Todoroki, was Bakugo's hand resting on Midoriya's leg. Todoroki left shortly after and heard Bakugo climb into bed with Midoriya. A year ago if someone told Todoroki that Bakugo would be like this towards Midoriya, he never would have believed it

        Alarms clocks went of in 6 rooms as the occupants turned them off and got up, groggily. Bakugo decided he would bring some of their friends today to training. And add more until they're all there eventually. So he started out with the hospital 7 as they were called. Midoriya was a little worse for the wear, but he had a good spirit today. Which he needed, since Bakugo asked Mr. Aizawa to help them today. To let them know how far behind they had gotten, Thankfully they weren't too far behind, but still it was enough for class 1-A's power couples. Before class, they trained, After class before dinner they trained. After dinner they finished homework. Midoriya spent every night with Bakugo instead of in his own room. He would do his homework and stuff in his room, but at bedtime he was with Bakugo. They both preferred it that way.

         Midoriya was back in class, caught up with his work and getting better every day. Bakugo was back to his old self with their classmates, although five of them knew how he was behind closed doors. Midoriya walked up to Bakugo and Kirishima. Both smiled at him as he bent down to kiss Bakugo. Everyone in class was used to it by now. It was as shock at first, but Midoriya really calms Bakugo down. Just like Kirishima does. They worked on their ultimate moves, over the next few weeks. They worked on their physical strength, and Bakugo helped Midoriya get expand the amount of power he can use of his quirk before breaking himself. (15% at this moment in time) The holidays are coming up, almost time for winter break. Bakugo and Midoriya would have to be away from each other for a few nights, that's all. then they'll be back in the dorms before they knew it.

         Inko called Mitsuki the first night to ask if Bakugo was acting similar, and Mitsuki let her know that Bakugo is staring at his phone, not doing anything but waiting for the phone to ring. She asked her friend how Midoriya was. Inko let her know the nightmares were starting to come out. Aizawa wanted this first night to see if Midoriya could get the nightmares to go away on their own, Inko made it halfway through the night before having her best friend send her son over. Bakugo was there in less than three minutes, his mother cussing behind him that he forgot his shoes. Inko followed Bakugo to Midoriya's room, watching her son shaking, until his boyfriend got into bed with him and wrapped him up in his arms. Midoriya, still asleep, turned to adjust to Bakugo. Bakugo kissed his forehead and both boys were still and asleep.

        "how adorable." Both mom's said as they sat down to drink some Saki. The moms, went down memory lane, laughing and drinking until the early hours of the morning. Neither Izuku nor Bakugo noticed the noise, they were in their own world.

Chapter Text

Chapter 11


     Deku doesn't remember exactly what point he felt Bakugo climb into his bed, but he was thankful for the answered prayer. His nightmares have been getting worse lately, even starting to effect him during the day. He hadn't told anyone about that, though. Everyone had worried so much about him the last time, and his friends were just now back to their old selves. Bakugo even got back to yelling at everybody and threatening to kill someone over the slightest inconvenience. Deku couldn't help but laugh at Bakugo telling a bird to die and go to Hell for stealing his rice cake. He got the death glare from laughing, but inwardly he was happy that things had gotten back to UA's regular.
      Bakugo mumbled something in his sleep, making Deku wake from his sleep and look at him. 
      "Go back to sleep, you damn nerd!." Bakugo whispered quietly, tightening his hold and kissing Deku's hair. Deku shook his head and closed his eyes. Both were sound asleep, when they heard a loud crash come from the living room. Bakugo and Deku were up instantly, out the bedroom door, quirks ready, looking for the danger. What they found though, was not a villain. It was Inko and Mitsuki, drunk, the latter had apparently tripped over the couch and had landed on the coffee table, the former was laughing at her best friend. Deku saw the vein above Bakugo's left eye start throbbing, Irritation written all over his face. 
        "WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP AND GO TO BED?!?!?!PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP! WE COULD'VE KILLED YOU!" Bakugo yelled. Both women turned to see them in fighting stances, Bakugo's hands sparking and green electrical like pulses snaking all over Deku's body.  This caused another round of laughter to erupt out of the women. 
       "Will you go look at yourselves?!?!?!" Mitsuki spit out between laughs. "Wait no, hold on." She digs out her cell phone, takes a picture, then sends it to Inko and Bakugo. Both boys are in their boxers, hair all over the place, looking like they're about to walk into the League of Villains. Bakugo flips her off and drags Deku back to bed. The sound of the women still laughing filters in through the door. 
      "MAKE ME YOU OLD HAG!!!!"
     "I'D LIKE TO SEE YO---" Deku pinned Bakugo down to the bed and kissed him, much to Bakugo's surprise.  He tried to fight the affection so he could tell his mother to shut up, he could still hear her, but could not resist the sweet taste of Deku. He wrapped his arms around the small of Deku's back, and forced him down completely on top of him, before letting his hands run up Deku's back. 
     "well, look who thinks he's in charge?" Bakugo said as he took his nails down Deku's back. Deku's body arching in response. Bakugo chuckled before biting into Deku's neck, causing him to fall into Bakugo. "yeah, that's what I thought," he growled. "you know your place I see, though I think it's cute that you did that." Bakugo thought back on the timid thing Deku was when they first got together. He's glad to see him come out of that shell finally and show his backbone. As long as he knows who the boss is.
   While Bakugo was finishing his sentence, Deku took the opportunity to grab Bakugo's wrists, and hold his hands down by his head before biting his neck. "Kacchan, try me." He raised his eyebrow challenging him. Bakugo aggressively smiled at Deku.
      "Try you, huh? When I get out of this you're gonna get it, alright." He barked before trying to get free. Deku had activated his quirk, for the extra strength, since Bakugo could easily over power him. What he hadn't taken into consideration, however, was that Bakugo would catch on to that quickly. A pair of legs wrapped around Deku and pulled him back far enough to release the hold on Bakugo's arms. Within a split second, Bakugo was on top of him, both Deku's wrists held by one hand above his head and the other hand on Deku's jawline, making Deku look at him. Triumphant smile of his face. "Getting ballsy there, huh?" Bakugo kissed a trail of kisses over Deku's chest. Deku tried fighting to get free, only to feel Bakugo's grip tighten. 
         They were both quiet for a moment, listening to see where the women went. Deku heard the tv upstairs and the two women talking, well yelling, at each other. Bakugo took that as a sign, and kissed Deku, letting his one hand wonder down his chest and under the elastic of Deku's boxers. Bakugo smiled at his boyfriend's reaction to him. Bakugo was going to take his time with Deku, but after the last stunt, he needed to reassert his dominance. He got Deku off quickly, before taking care of himself. Once finished, Deku pulled Bakugo down to him and gave him a gentle kiss. 
       "Enjoy yourself?" Deku chuckled. He liked to stroke Bakugo's ego. Bakugo grunted at him then a content look fell across his face.
       "Yeah, yeah. look at you all proud. come here and lay down." He said, reaching for his phone to check the time. 5am. "Get to sleep. it's late and now you're going to need your rest." Deku curled up beside Bakugo, who wrapped him in his arms, and closed his eyes.
        "Love you, Kacchan, I'm glad you're here." Deku murmured, half asleep already. Bakugo chuckled.
        "I know." Bakugo kissed his hair, "I love you too, Izuku."
      That afternoon, after everyone woke up, Mitsuki went back home to her husband, who was probably enjoying the quiet for once. Inko told the boys she was going to lay back down, her head was pounding. The two sat down on the couch and put a movie on, relaxed against each other. About halfway through the movie, Bakugo noticed the twitching. He looked into Deku's eyes and saw no expression. His nightmare, Bakugo thought. Bakugo placed his hand on the side of Deku's face, usually simple contact will calm Deku's mind. This time it wasn't working. Bakugo realized they were touching to begin with, since Deku's legs were on top on Bakugo's. 
      "It's a side effect of the poison." Recovery Girl had told him the first time he noticed the nightmare Deku had. "It will probably get a lot worse before it gets better. Keep faith, eventually they will stop." Bakugo remembered her saying they could get worse, but he didn't know what to do. He didn't know how long this has been happening. Deku hadn't told him. Bakugo decided he'd worry about that later. He took both hands and placed them on the side of Deku's face, pulling him closer, so he could kiss him. As soon as Bakugo kissed him, he came out of it slowly. Bakugo noticed the twitching stop first, followed by the light coming back into his eyes. Deku instantly flushed before covering his face with his hands.
      So he was hiding this from me, Bakugo thought. He started to get angry, before taking a moment to check himself. If he blew up on Deku, Deku would shut down and they would get no where. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked as calmly as he could in that moment, which to most people might have still sounded harsh, but Deku knew the difference.
     "I didn't want to bother anyone. Our friends and you too have all just relaxed from the Party incident. " he stuttered. "I-I-I didn't want anyone to have to worry about me again. I don't want everyone getting behind because of me. And I didn't tell you because I don't want to be the reason you falling behind our classmates. Because I knew you'd go into protective mode. And I want you all to be happy and smiling and not having to worry if I'm going to fall apart mentally at any given chance." Deku rushed out, not taking his hands out of his face. There was silence for a moment, making Deku peek up at Bakugo. He could see the anger on Bakugo's face. He knew he should've told him, but he wanted everyone to excel and to be happy.
    It took Bakugo a few minutes to process what his green haired love had just said. Conflict erupted in him. He didn't know if he should yell at Deku for not telling him at least or if he should be proud of the person Deku is, wanting to put others above him. After a moment, he decided on a better way. And if anyone ever heard of how he spoke to Deku over this, He would kill them all, he decided.
     "Izuku, look at me, i'm not going to yell at you, even though someone should." he deadpanned. Deku looked up. "Look, I know you're worried about us all. I know you cannot help but to make sure everyone is okay before you are. But remember, idiot, that that's what got you in this place to begin with. You shouldn't have hid this from me. I can't take care of you in sickness and health and all that other bullshit if you don't tell me about the sickness to begin with. Our friends care about you. You made me see that. If it wasn't for you, I probably would've pushed Kirishima away by being an asshole. You made me see how annoying and hyper and loud friends can be. But we have to have each other's backs, Izuku. We have to. Because I have a feeling that we will be all we have. I'm upset that you didn't tell me, don't get me wrong, but right now my biggest concern is that you're okay. I told you that night I wouldn't, couldn't lose you. And I refuse to. So suck it up, you're stuck with me. Tell me next time so I can help. I'm not going to let either of us, especially myself, get behind in class over this." Bakugo said, level headed with only the slightest bit of irritation in his voice. Deku simply nodded at him. 
        "Now, come on, time to go see Recovery Girl about that head of yours. Better try to nip this in the bud now. DID YOU HEAR ME, IDIOT! I SAID GET UP." Bakugo pulled his boyfriend up off the couch, made him get dressed and then literally dragged him to the school, after writing a note for Inko.
       "Someone better be bleeding out of their eyeballs, or so help me." Recovery Girl muttered as she went to answer the door. Her eyes fall on Midoriya and Bakugo. She sees the bags under Midoriya's eyes and the agitation on Bakugo's face. She opens the door to let them in, Bakugo literally carrying Midoriya at this point. 
     He didn't know exactly when on the walk over Deku zoned out. Deku laid twitching, eyes open, on the bed. Bakugo leaned over, gave him a kiss, and waited for him to come out of it. After a moment Deku came out of the nightmare and jumped back, scared, before realizing where he was. That gave Bakugo a hint about what the nightmare dealt with. He held his hand out to the frightened boy, who took it, and sat down next to him. 
    Recovery Girl started examining Midoriya. Heart rate: elevated, expected. Blood Pressure: elevated, expected. She checked his eyes, and then placed both hands on his temples, checking his brainwaves for missing connections. She got up, told them she would be back, then went into her office. She picked up the phone and called All Might and then Aizawa. Both men were there quickly, through the back, unseen. 


Chapter 12


      Recovery Girl, after speaking to All Might and Aizawa, called 2 Pro Heroes to come to her office. There was something going on with Midoriya that wasn't normal. She looked out the window of her office that overlooked the recovery area of the infirmary. Bakugo had the bed tilted in a semi-sitting position, staring out the window across from him with an angry look on his face, arms wrapped tightly around the sleeping figure that was Midoriya. Every now and then, Recovery Girl noticed, Midoriya would flinch or a pained expression would come across his face and Bakugo would immediately look down at the smaller boy, kiss his forehead, and hold him tighter. 
    An hour passed like this, until All Might pulled up a chair next to the bed and started talking to Bakugo and placing his hand on Midoriya's shoulder blade. Recovery Girl didn't know what they were talking about, but the tears trying to escape Bakugo were evident from across the Infirmary. He was scared, and didn't know how to deal with it, which is why All Might was with him. A soft knock on the back door to the office drew her away from the window. Aizawa walked in with another man, long brown hair, yellow eyes, and a scowl set so deep, the average person wouldn't have thought this man had the capability to smile. Followed behind them was a woman, easily half Aizawa's height, fire red hair and green eyes. 
     "Ah, yes, thank you two for coming. We have need of your quirks. It's kind of a medical emergency that the patient doesn't know is an actual emergency."
    "Yes, Aizawa told us on the way up." the man said, impatiently. "Where's the patient?" 
    "This way, Doctor." Recovery Girl lead the man to Deku. Bakugo tensed up and glared at the man. 
   "Come one foot closer to Deku and I swear I will blast you into next week through that tiny window." He hissed through gritted teeth. 
     "How cute. The patient has an attack dog." the Doctor said, amused. 
    "Sorry for him, he's a bit stressed. Doctor, it's been a long time. Glad to see you came." All Might said as he stood and bowed.
    "All Might. Of course I came. The patient is your successor, correct? So that's why they brought the Fox in. I see. well, let me get started. you, Pomeranian boy, can you keep the Patient still and calm?" Recover Girl could see the steam rising from Bakugo and hid a slight smile. All Might, on the other hand, fell out of his chair laughing.
     "I've done a pretty good job of that for months since the day that damn nurse took her dear sweet time checking him out." Bakugo spat. The Doctor's eyebrows raise. As if on cue, the short red headed woman popped up.
     "Nurse you say? Can you give me a description? Name, attitude, etcetera?" She asked Bakugo quickly. 
    "Wait until i'm done with the Patient, Fox."
   "Just wait a minute," Bakugo raised his voice. He fished around Deku's hoodie and grabbed his phone, Dialed a number, and waited. 
    "How rude. This is beyond unprofessional, young man." The Doctor said. 
    "WILL YOU SHUT UP FOR A DAMN SECOND!?!?" Bakugo yelled. " oh, Sorry Todoroki, I didn't hear you answer. Grab Kirishima and the guys....yeah....yeah.....yes.....It's Deku.....JUST HURRY THE HELL UP ICYHOT!!!" He yelled before hanging up. He turned to the woman. "They'll be here to answer your questions in a few minutes. Happy now? Get outta my face."
    "Who...." She started.
    "You're about to meet the rest of the pack." All Might said.
    "Just keep in mind, you asked for this yourself." Aizawa said from inside his sleeping bag on the floor.
    "Alright, now that that's taken care of, please keep him still and as calm as possible. " The Doctor said as he placed his hands on Deku's temples. Bakugo watched him closely. Watched his eyes move back and forth rapidly. Occasionally he would say "hmmm" or "interesting." Deku started twitching after a few moments, to which Bakugo tightened his hold again and kissed his hair. All Might noticed that he was whispering in Deku's ear, while glaring daggers at The Doctor. A loud commotion could then be heard coming up the halls towards the Infirmary. Aizawa sighed, got up, and showed the Fox out to the hall. The noise got louder for a minute before fading down into what must have been an empty classroom. The Doctor closed his eyes, his hands lit up pink, and then he let go of Deku's head. They all stared at him.
      "Someone used the poison to hide a quirk being used on him. Whoever did this knew what they were doing. They basically have taken his worst fears and forced them to loop through his mind. They've gotten bolder recently it seems and have made it to where those fears play constantly in the subconscious, escaping into his waking mind. No one really wondered why only one person was able to get through. This requires a very close bond and extreme trust. I have done what I can to keep the loop, for lack of a better term, from effecting his awake hours. However there may be backlash when he's asleep. The only thing to stop them completely is to get control over the quirk user. These fears can effect his health. This can put his body in stress and can ultimately kill him. Fox will be able to assist from here. All Might, Recover Girl, please keep me posted and call me if anything changes, for good or bad. And When you do get the quirk user, call me, and I can sever the link. I just need both to do it." With that, The Doctor bowed and took his leave. 
     Bakugo looked as if someone had just hit him in the stomach with a truck. "I'll kill whoever is doing this, I swear to whatever useless god there is." He yelled. Deku adjusted to the movement Bakugo didn't realize he made. Sitting back, he looked into Deku's sleeping face. "I will not lose you. Not now that I just got you back." He vowed to Deku. 
     The door opened then, Todoroki and Kirishima walking in and going straight to the side of the bed. "The others will be here shortly. She's getting more information from them since they were actually outside the room." Todoroki told him. Kirishima placed a hand on Bakugo's shoulder. 
    "We heard what was said. What do you need us to do, Bakubro?" Kirishima asked. All Might and Recovery Girl went back into the office to let them talk. Recovery Girl looking out the little window over at them.
    "I don't know. What I do know is I need to go to the bathroom. Kirishima, Todoroki, help me up will ya? I can't be gone long." Bakugo said. They managed to get Bakugo out from under Deku, and Deku laid down on the bed, slightly restless. Bakugo ran to the bathroom while their his friends kept an eye on his love. Tears started falling from his eyes the second his back was to his friends. 
     Deku was restlessly rolling around the bed, like he couldn't get comfortable. He kept reaching for someone or something, Kirishima noticed. Todoroki knelt down and placed his right hand on Deku's back. Deku didn't completely stop moving, but it seemed to make the whimpering stop temporarily. Kirishima told Todoroki he was going to check on Bakugo and would be right back, to which he only nodded. 
     Kirishima walked into the bathroom to find Bakugo sitting with his head in his knees, crying. Without saying a word, he pulled Bakugo up and wrapped him in a hug. "Don't worry, We'll get the bastards that did this. You'll be able to blast them to the 9th level of Hell soon enough." Kirishima comforted.
      "I just, I can't lose him Kiri. I can't. I'll burn the world down before i'd lose him. It's stupid. He had to make sure everyone else was okay. Stupid. I know i'm not making sense. I should've been able to protect him. I'm strong enough. I should have protected him and the moment he needed me to protect him, I couldn't." Bakugo cried as he slammed his fist into the wall, leaving a massive hole. 
     "Katsuki, listen to me. There was nothing any of us could've done. We didn't know. But now we know what's going on. And you are helping him. You're protecting him every moment you're with him. You're protecting him from his own fears. His biggest fear is losing you, Katsuki. That's why you have as big of an effect on this. As long as you're there, he knows he's just having a nightmare. That he'll wake up and you'll be there. And that's honestly the best thing right now. He doesn't know what's going on. And I know you're gonna try to keep it from him. And I will support you if you do decide that, but don't ever say you aren't protecting him. Because you are." Kirishima finished. Bakugo looked at him, straightened up, and nodded. Just as they were about to walk out of the Bathroom, Todoroki called for Bakugo. 
       Deku was violently shaking and screaming. He was screaming Bakugo's name, crying, eyes wide open but not seeing anything. Todoroki was trying his best to talk to him, but Deku heard none of it. Bakugo blasted over 6 beds, landing almost on top of Deku before grabbing him.
       "DON'T TOUCH KACCHAN!!!" Deku yelled. Then he screamed and that scream was one that shattered hearts. The scream had so much raw pain in it, Todoroki dropped to the ground. "KAAAACCCHHHAAAN!!!" Deku screamed, his quirk activating as he tried to fight who ever was in the dream. Kirishima hardened and stood between the bed and the window. Bakugo, through tears, held onto Deku and pulled him down onto the bed and wrapped his arms around him. 
      "Izuku, stop. I'm fine. I'm here. Come back. Come back now damn it." He kept saying in Deku's ear before holding Deku's face still long enough to kiss him. Slowly Deku melted into Bakugo, calmed down finally, and peacefully asleep. Bakugo held on tightly to the small creature that was Deku. During all this, Tokoyomi, Iida and Kaminari had walked in, followed by Fox. What they witnessed had all the boys crying. Kaminari ran to Kirishima and buried his face in the other's neck. 
       "I don't have a lot of time, then, if he's like this. All Might, Recovery Girl can I speak with you as well. No sense in trying to keep this quiet. now. " The two walked out of the office while the boys, regaining their composure slightly, all moved protectively around Deku. Fox smiled.
      "No wonder she couldn't finish the job this time. I see why you call them a pack. Alright. So, the nurse you all have described to me has been the leading suspect in a lot of recent cases. That's why the local police brought me here to begin with and The Doctor. Our quirks are well suited for this. She's a hit man, you see. People hire her to do their dirty work."
      "Well she picked the wrong hit." Bakugo sneered.
     "You are correct. She did. I believe I know where she is now, and have contacted the police and other Pro's. I'll bring her back so we can fix your Beta. Or we'll kill her and that'll work too, according to The Doctor, though i'd like to take her into custody. But we will see I guess...Well, that's all I have. I'll keep in touch, we're moving on her tonight." She bowed and then left.
     All Might and Recovery Girl looked at the motley crew. All the misfits it seems from 1-A, Recovery Girl thought. "I guess there's no point in trying to make you leave. I'll go make lunch. All Might, you're helping. This is by extension still your fault." She said as she grabbed All Might by his baggy shirt and dragged him into the back. The boys got comfortable, but remained alert. Bakugo was planning something. And Iida noticed.
    "If the nurse shows up here, Bakugo, you're going to fight aren't you?" Iida asked, drawing everyone's eyes onto him. "fuck" he thought.
     "After you take Deku and run as far away as those stupid engines will take you, then yes. I will fight. And I will Kill the bitch. But only after The Doctor makes sure Deku is no longer linked to the whore." Bakugo spat. 
     "That's the best case scenario, Iida. We can cover you well enough to get you and Deku out of here while we help Bakugo." Todoroki said.
    "I DON'T NEED HELP!" He hissed.
     "Well too damn bad, Princess. You're getting it." Kirishima said. Tokoyomi agreed. Bakugo huffed and puffed but eventually agreed. 
    "And now, we wait." Said Tokoyomi, Dark Shadow already out, ready to go. 

Chapter Text

Chapter 13

        "You know they're preparing for that fake nurse to show up here, right?" Recovery Girl asked All Might. He looked out the window into the Infirmary and watched them. Todoroki was in a chair next to the bed, his right hand on Deku's back, talking to Bakugo. Bakugo still had Deku laid up on his chest, you could see his arm muscles from the other side of the room, indicating how tight he's holding onto the boy, as he listens to Todoroki. Iida is sitting across from them, looking at the maps, trying to figure out the best route to take, constantly looking up and checking on Deku. Kirishima and Kaminari are on the other side of the bed, partially facing the Infirmary door, talking quietly, occasionally Kaminari will send off a bit of discharged electric, causing Kirishima to Harden out of reflex, second nature to them. Tokoyomi is sitting on the end of Deku's bed, listening to Dark Shadow give him a patrol check.

        "Yeah, I see that. Aizawa went to go get the other teachers and will be here as well tonight. The teachers are being stationed in the shadows only they know. I assume Bakugo plans to have Iida run with Deku, If that's truly the case, Gran Tarino and I will follow, taking separate routes. Its not a great plan, but it's what I've got. I just hope we won't need it." All Might responded.

        Down at 1-A's dorm, Aizawa was making a slight change in the plan All Might created. Once word got out that Deku was here, so was the rest of 1-A. Aizawa shouldn't have been surprised to be woken up by them, but was still irate about it. He just finished explaining what needed to be done. He told them to keep an eye out for Iida. That would be their signal if shit hit the fan. Those who can assist Iida get Deku away from here need to assist. The rest were old to make sure that following Iida would be impossible. Tsu told Ururaka if they see Iida, to make sure she gets to him. Tsu had been working on her camouflage with Uraraka. The students were preparing while no one else even knew that there might be a battle tonight. Aizawa sighed and headed up to the Infirmary and sat down in the office, closing his eyes.

         Fox and the police arrived at the hospital undercover and began tracking this nurse. Fox could smell her. She had been here. She pictured what the boys described and as the image took her mind, the assassin's picture came into the frame. Fox began the hunt. She chased the nurse all the way to the third floor before the assassin jumped the window and took off running. Fox yelled an order at the police and followed her out the window at a dead sprint. They ran through alley ways and busy streets. Up emergency ladders and across rooftops. Fox knew where the woman was going before the woman did, but the woman had a slight head start. The assassin turned and headed straight up the road to the school. "Fuck!" Fox muttered. She sent the high whistle signal before continuing after her.

         JIro had her earphones plugged into the ground. She heard Fox's whistle and signaled to Present Mic. Aizawa had thought of using for this. Present Mic began sing/screaming some obnoxious music to make it seem like the kids were having a party. Little did the woman know, this is how Aizawa would be notified. As soon as he heard Party In The USA he inwardly rolled his eyes and signaled the teachers before going out into the infirmary and standing in a dark corner, unseen. Bakugo tensed up as did Iida, but all six of the boys and their teacher were prepared. The boys could hear fighting a few floors below. Kirishima and Kaminari were up and ready, having already placed the discs on both sides of the door for Kaminari to channel through.

         "Here she comes." Tokoyomi said as Dark shadow blocked Deku from view. The woman made it to the door before getting shocked to a crisp by Kaminari. Todoroki put up a wall of Ice between them and her to give Iida time to gently pick up Deku and take off out the window, engines blaring. Aizawa had placed his goggles on. The woman broke through the ice only to get hit in the face by Kirishima. As she straightened back up, Bakugo let off an explosion right at her, knocking her into the wall. Quickly she dodged another attack from Kirishima and Kaminari and tried to head right out of the window. Dark Shadow grabbed her and flung her at Bakugo's feet, who proceeded to let off a series of explosions right after the other.

        "This is a lot more work than initially told about." the woman muttered as she stumbled to get up. "But alright, you lot want to get your asses kicked before I go finish off you're friend, then bring it on." She laughed. "uh oh." Kirishima said. They all looked at Bakugo. An evil grin spread across his face. He started laughing.


        "Let's dance." The woman agreed before rushing him. Pure chaos ensued in the Infirmary room. Aizawa hadn't blinked in a solid 4 minutes. She can't use her quirk so that's what matters, he thought.

        Uraraka sees Iida fly out a window, carrying Deku. She alerts the others, who Morse code to Jiro to let the teachers know. Uraraka taps Iida as he passes by, lifting him in the air, Tsu hops on his back next and camouflages them. Uraraka gives the cue to Tsu that she's going to set Iida down so they prepare. They are out of sight now, so Uraraka turns back towards the school, ready. Fox rushes past the students and starts up toward the infirmary followed closely by the police.

         Present Mic's song changes to Shake Ya Tail feather and Aizawa knows it's almost over. Just has to hold on. The boys are all looking worse for wear, but still standing their ground. Bakugo has blown the woman up easily three hundred times, but now he's on the defense. Tokoyomi was using Dark Shadow as a shield to keep the damage done to his classmates as minimal as possible. The woman quickly turns to attack Tokoyomi, But is knocked back by Kirishima punching her in the stomach, sending her flying. Kaminari quickly walks up to her and touches her, shocking her still for a few seconds. All of sudden the door burst open and Fox was on top of the Assassin before the next wave of assaults, the police handcuffing her. The boys did not relax. Aizawa did not release his quirk. The police signaled the teachers. Soon enough, the teaching staff had made it to the Infirmary and All Might and Gran Tarino made it back last, since finding an invisible frog going Mach 1 was a nightmare. Deku was crying and hyperventilating, calling for and reaching for Bakugo, for Todoroki, for Kirishima. He was crying and screaming over his friends.

        "He started this as soon as we left the room. IT's just getting worse. Whatever he's seeing, It's not good. He doesn't have a lot of time." Iida said as he put Deku down on the bed. The assassin made to move quickly but was cut off quickly by six of the ballsiest boys she's came across.

         "Oh how right you are. He doesn't have much longer at all. I can tell you what he's seeing if you'd like. Personally targets like him that have a lot of strong emotional attachments are my favorites. He's watching all of you being tortured and slowly killed. Over and over and over again. The only thing that can break this link between him and I is..."

        "Is me." The Doctor walked in. The assassin flinched at the sound of his voice.

         "You were supposed to be in the States!!!" She sputtered.

        "Yes, I was. And was on the first red eye flight here when I was called by the police here. Be glad the angry Pomeranian didn't kill you before the police did. I wouldn't have mourned you. Now release him." The Doctor demanded.

        "What the fuck is going on here?!?!?!?!" Bakugo yelled. Kirishima was confused as well. Todoroki noticed how the Assassin behaved. That was her father, a hero. And her, a villain.

        "I said release him or I will do it for you, Eren." He threatened.

         "I will not! This is work! He's the one who killed Stain!" She yelled. "Shigaraki told me! That boy killed Stain and needed to pay for it!" Eren yelled.

         "Stain spared Him in the alley." Iida said.

        "And then saved him from the Nomu not even 10 minutes later." Todoroki added.

         "I'm done playing these games. " The Doctor placed his hands on her head and she screamed. Deku screamed and started convulsing. The boys were getting ready to attack, Bakugo already sparking. Then, the screaming stopped. Deku laid still on the bed, Eren, still on the floor. Fox grabbed the woman up, and handed her to the police, who promptly locked her in the back of a cop car, restrained several times. Aizawa blinked his eyes and then proceeded to rub them mercilessly. The police had all left. Fox was getting a statement from The Doctor about the woman. Fox also got statements from all the boys and Aizawa before leaving. The Doctor stayed long enough to apologize for his child before leaving.

         Bakugo didn't notice any of it. He was staring at Deku's form, curled up in his lap. He was running his hand though his hair thinking about what that woman said. Tortured. That's why he screamed. That's why he was screaming. That's why his screams were so heart-wrenching. That bitch! Bakugo thought. He kissed Deku's forehead. Recovery Girl was making rounds, making everyone lay down and giving them sleep medication for the night. She checked on Bakugo and Deku after everyone else was asleep. She examined Bakugo thoroughly, a smile on her face. His back was to Deku.

        "What are you smiling at?!?!" He growled at her. Suddenly he felt a weight collapse on top of him, giggling before being smothered in kisses.

        "Kacchan!" Deku said quietly, but excited. Bakugo just stared for a moment.

         "you''re okay?" Bakugo asked. Deku looked him in the eyes.

        "Honestly, I'm terrified. I saw....I saw things....What she made me see them do to you. I thought I was going to die. And then..." He paused to wipe away a tear from his cheek. "And then she started with our friends. Todo, Kiri, Tokoyomi, Iida, Denki. One by one. No matter what I said, Kacchan. Nothing I said did anything! Don't leave me, Kacchan.! I'm sorry." Deku started pouring tears down his face. Bakugo looked at him for a split second. "Does he really think i'm mad at him?" he thought.

        Bakugo pulled Deku into him and starts petting his hair. They both sat there, holding each other, crying. Bakugo pulls away to kiss Deku. "i'm not going to leave you. Don't apologize. It's not your fault. That's not going to happen okay? I'll protect you better next time. We're all alright. calm down now. Relax." Bakugo told him. Finally, Recovery Girl was able to fight them to take sleep medication so they could rest. She had The Doctor make sure that none of them would have to deal with long term effects of this, and she was assured that any nightmares would be temporary and not last more that two weeks. The only one who might have longer lasting effects would be Deku but only time could tell. Present Mic came up to help get Aizawa to his bed. Aizawa kissed his husband quickly before collapsing into his arms. Present Mic just shook his head as he carried Aizawa down the stairs. All Might made sure to check in on Deku once an hour on the hour. He had been through a lot the past year, but these boys had definitely gotten stronger and gotten closer. It would take a powerful force to bring them down.



Chapter 14

        The rest of break passed quietly. The boys were let go from the Infirmary the morning following the attack, clearly not in any rush to go anywhere. Tokoyomi and Iida headed back to their houses after walking with the group for most of the afternoon. Bakugo noticed Deku looking at his phone. He peaked down and saw the picture Deku was smiling it. Apparently Kirishima was the first awake, and decided to take a picture of Bakugo and Deku asleep, wrapped up in each other. Deku couldn't stop smiling at it. He looked up at Bakugo, smiled again and showed him the picture. He could see how exhausted they both were. The bags under Deku's eyes and the injuries on His face. But they looked so relaxed. He could understand why Deku couldn't stop smiling.

        The four walked around town, looking into shops and stopping to get something to eat. It was a quiet, much needed day. Mitsuki texted Bakugo and said he expected him home tonight and Bakugo said he would be home when he damn well felt like it. Kirishima laughed, throwing a piece of bread at him. That was the final straw before the food fight began. Deku was eating, watching them throw food at each other, yelling and laughing when someone reached out to blindly grab more ammunition off the table. Kirishima accidently grabbed Deku's half sandwich before being blasted backwards by explosive potato salad.

        "Let his food alone he needs to eat you idiot!!!" Bakugo said, handing Deku back his sandwich, before being hit in the face with a hard boiled egg. Kaminari laughed as the two boys destroyed their lunches and each other's hair. Once there was no more food to throw, Bakugo dropped down next to Deku, putting an arm around him. Deku offered him part of his sandwich, and they both finished eating.

         "Awe Bakubro, who would've thought you had a soft side? Look how cute you are?!!?" Kirishima laughed as he sent Deku another picture.

        "SHITTY HAIR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL YOU!" Bakugo yelled as he launched himself at Kirishima, who hardened just in time for Bakugo to slam into him. Kirishima laughed right before Bakugo hit him in the face with an explosion. Kaminari and Deku sat, finishing their food, and talking about the upcoming term. The sun started to go down, and they decided it was best to not be out all night, and the couples went their separate ways. Bakugo, holding Deku's hand, walked him home. "I'm glad you're okay, nerd."

        "Kaminari told me what happened last night. You guys could've been hurt. All because of me." Deku said, looking at the ground. Bakugo looked at him.

         "I told you I would protect you. You would've...and have put your self in the same place for us. Aizawa was there if things got out of hand, though i'm surprised he didn't get more involved. But that's not the point. The point is, I love you and I will protect you." Bakugo said. Deku looked up at him and smiled. "Now, let's get you home before your mother thinks you've been kidnapped."

        A week later, everyone is settling back into their dorms. Deku had moved some of his All Might figures back to his room at his mom's, to make room for pictures he had decided to frame. There's a few of the class as a whole, Different pictures with him and his friends, and most importantly, the pictures Kirishima has taken of him and Bakugo. Little did Bakugo know, Kirishima and Deku had an agreement when it came to the pictures. Deku would snap pictures of Kirishima and Kaminari and send them to Kirishima, while Kirishima did the same for Deku and Bakugo. Bakugo and Kaminari had no clue about this, nor about the majority of the pictures. There's one where Bakugo is sitting in the common room next to Deku, who's reading a book. The look on Bakugo's face as he looks at Deku was what made Kirishima take the picture. Deku had no idea that Bakugo looked at him with such love until Kirishima sent him the picture later that evening. Once his room was rearranged to his content, he went down to the common room and found Kirishima getting ready to go for a run. He asked if Deku felt up to it. He agreed so he ran and change quickly and met Kirishima by the door.

         Bakugo watched Deku and Kaminari come back from their run. He liked just watching Deku sometimes. That damn smile. The fact that he's still kind of sky and nervous with his friends. The way he rubs the back of his head when he gets embarrassed. Kirishima was right, He had gone soft kinda. When it came down to that damn nerd, He melted. He had watched his parents interact over the years, and his dad has the same effect on his mother. The Perfect calm. He was happy and he owed all of that to his little green haired love.

         Deku and Kirishima were laughing their way into the kitchen to grab some more water. Kirishima was imitating his favorite Vines and Deku was dying of laughter at him. Kirishima was glad that Deku was back to his over-analytical self. They all had a big scare the other night. He understood why Deku didn't tell Bakugo about the nightmares during the day. It still bothered Kirishima that the woman made Deku go months watching his friends be tortured in his own mind. Kiri had been watching him to see if the aftereffects would show, but thankfully Deku seemed like everything was alright. Kiri knew he was either really thankful of his friends or that Bakugo had spent the entire past week knocking the bad thoughts out of his head, which, Kiri figured, was the most likely probability. The one thing he noticed, however, was that Deku Always made sure his friends were in eye sight. More so that usual. He constantly looked for Bakugo and Todoroki and Uraraka and of course Iida, Kiri and the rest. Recovery Girl said that this would go away eventually, but Kiri and Bakugo both thought otherwise.

         Deku was in the middle of laughing at one of Kirishima's impressions, when he looked up and smiled shyly. Kiri turned around and saw Bakugo walking from the elevator towards them. Mineta went to go ask him a question and without missing a step, blasted Mineta out the open door and into the yard. "Leave me alone, extra!" He growled. There were a few claps from the ladies in the common room. He walked into the kitchen and sighed.

        "How was your run?" He asked them. Deku rubbed the back of his head.

        "What he's not telling you is he was too busy day dreaming and ran into a stop sign." Kirishima said, laughing.

         "day dreaming huh? What were you thinking about that could have distracted you that much?" Bakugo asked, taking a step towards him. Deku jumped, tripped over a chair, and hit the floor. Bakugo chuckled slightly while Kirishima burst out laughing. Bakugo helped him get up. "I see. I didn't know I had that effect on you still. Glad to see I haven't lost my touch." He lifted Deku's face up to meet his and kissed him. "You have to be more careful."

        "Okay, Kacchan." Deku said, his face flushed.

        "Now, Who's ready to go to the gym?" He asked. Both boys looked at him like he was crazy. "Alright. Let me rephrase that...GET YOUR ASSES MOVING!" Bakugo dragged them out of the kitchen and down to the gym. Deku and Kirishima could hardly walk back to the dorms after that regimen Bakugo put them through. Kiri said goodbye to the couple as he went to go take a shower.

        "Kacchan.." Deku started. Bakugo turned to look at him. "Come to my room for a minute. I....I've been working on something and I want you to see it." Deku stuttered quietly. Bakugo raised an eyebrow, but took Deku's hand and followed him up to the third floor. "Be honest with what you think. No matter what." Deku told him before leading him inside. The first thing he noticed was the lack of All Mights (thank god, he thought.). He noticed pictures all over the walls and one on Deku's desk. Deku stood by the door anxiously waiting for Bakugo to say something.

         Bakugo looked at every single picture Deku had on the walls. Pictures of the class, Pictures of the old Deku squad and the old Baku squad. Pictures of Uraraka and Tsu and Tokoyomi and Iida having a picnic with Deku's head in the front right corner. Pictures with Momo and Todoroki and Kaminari and Kirishima at the mall. There was even a picture of Sero taping up Mineta and leaving him in his room so the girls could have some peace. There was a picture of Jiro and the others fighting over the radio. Bakugo took the time to look at every single one. Most of these were back from before they realized they had been misunderstanding each other. In these pictures he looked angry. He didn't like that.

        He kept walking around the room, and got to some of him he had never seen before. The peaceful look on his face while he's reading. Ones where he's listening to Kirishima or Todoroki talk. On the wall Deku's desk was on, were dozens of pictures of him and Deku, some of them asleep. Others of them looking at each other or holding each others hands. There one where Bakugo didn't think anyone was in the garden with them that day, back at the very beginning of their relationship. he had one hand on the small of Deku's back, the other under is chin, Deku's hands on his chest, kissing him while the cherry blossoms fell. This was the picture on his desk. He picked it up and just looked at it.

        "How did you get these?" he asked quietly.

        "Kirishima. He's apparently been taking our pictures for a while now. He left them on my desk after the incident at the Infirmary you guys went through." Deku came over and handed him a note.


        After what that bitch said she put you through, I went and had these printed out for you. Just some pictures I've taken over the past year or so. I hope they help. And I noticed you didn't have any pictures of you and Bakubro so I've been trying to make sure you have some. Anyway, enjoy.


         Bakugo set the letter down and pulled Deku into him. He felt the tension leave Deku's shoulders as he relaxed. "I was afraid you wouldn't like it." Deku said. "Otherwise I would've shown you sooner."

        "No, I....I love it. I really do." Bakugo whispered. Deku kissed him and then had a mischievous look in his eyes.

         "Wanna go work on quirk stuff? It's been a while and I think I can finally kick your ass." Deku said, confidence coming out of every pore in his body. Bakugo just laughed.

         "You think you're strong enough to beat me, you damn nerd? I'm about to blast you into next fucking Tuesday! You're on."

         They bust out of his room, running towards the elevator and mowing down poor Kaminari who was just trying to get to his room. "How do they handle each other's energy?" He asked himself as he got up.

         Aizawa heard the yelling and looked up from his lesson plan. His hair was up in a messy bun and he had dark circles around his eyes, drinking coffee straight out of the pot. "those two." he muttered before getting up to follow them. He had been curious, with both their progress in class the last semester, on how they trained together. HE was going to find out right now, that was for certain. Present Mic popped up beside him as he walked down to the city scape they used for training exorcises.

        "Midoriya and Bakugo again? I thought they were done fighting each other?" Mic asked, his hand in Aizawa's.

        "Not that type of fight, Mic. I want to see how they train with each other. I want to analyze them. Something All Might had said a few weeks ago has been on my mind about them and I want to see how true it is." He responded. Mic nodded and pulled two coffees out of his speaker box, handing one to Aizawa.

         "Figured you left your pot at home." Mic said. Aizawa chuckled at him.

        "You know me well." He said. "now we can't let them know we're here so shhhh." They sat down where they would have a good view, still be able to hear them, but still completely out of their eyesight. "now let the fun begin."

Chapter Text

Chapter 15

        Both boys had gotten into their hero costumes and walked down to the cityscape together, talking and laughing with each other. Once there, Bakugo kissed Deku on the forehead before setting his face in a hard line. "You better not hold back, nerd! You're not going to get better if you hold back!" He yelled, taking his position a few feet away from Deku. Deku just laughed.

         "I should say the same to you, Katsuki. The only way you'd hurt me is if you can land a hit and we both know that you can't touch me." Deku responded with a cocky tilt to his head, activating his quirk. Bakugo laughed at him. They stared at each other for a second, the tension rising in the air. Bakugo charged first, fist out forward, before swinging his right hand to hit Deku. Deku grabbed Bakugo's arm and used it to propel himself up in the air, twisting his whole body, landing a kick to his back. Bakugo spun around and let off a blast, blowing Deku back and into a building. Deku laughed before quickly getting to his feet and using his power to get to Bakugo's side quickly, sweeping down to trip Bakugo, who dodged the attack and smacked Deku across the face.

         "And you said I couldn't lay a hand on you." He laughed, before being grabbed by the arm and flung into the air, Deku flying past him and kicking him down towards the ground, Bakugo used a blast to help maneuver him around before letting a blast go in Deku's direction. Deku dodged and launched himself at Bakugo.

        The boys didn't see that class 1-A had heard the noise and came out to watch what was going on. Aizawa and Present Mic saw them, but remained unseen. "Figures they would've came out." Aizawa muttered. "Nezu is gonna rip my head off over this." He told Mic, turning his attention back to the boys.

        "Are they training or trying to kill each other?" Uraraka asked. "I thought they had gotten past this!" Concern filled her voice.

        "I thought they had too." Tsu said. Aoyoma nodded in agreement. Kirishima laughed. He and Todoroki had spared with the two several times and knew that they were just training and not fighting. Kiri forgot the rest of the class hasn't seen them like this since they got together.

        Deku got up from that last hit, wiped blood off his lip and launched himself back at Bakugo. Both boys were screaming at each other. Telling each other where they fucked up at. Also, just really screaming at each other in the moment. "GET FUCKED KATSUKI!" Deku yelled after that last blast knocked him through a window. Bakugo laughed maniacally.

        "I WILL. AND YOU'LL TAKE IT LIKE THE BITCH YOU ARE!" He yelled back before getting hit with an uppercut and being knocked into another building. Deku laughing at him.

         "Tsk tsk, Shouldn't let you enemy distract you." Deku said as he jumped on top of Bakugo. Bakugo sneered before landing a blast to Deku's shoulder, blowing him backwards.

         "They're going to kill each other." Aoyoma said, frantic. "I thought they had gotten through their hatred." He echoed the worries of some of their classmates. Kaminari got irritated.

        IF YOU WOULD SHUT UP YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO HEAR WHAT THEY'RE YELLING AT EACH OTHER!" he screamed. Silence fell over the class. Iida and Tokoyomi walked over to Kirishima and Todoroki. and got close.

        "Wanna show these noobs some fun?" Kirishima whispered.

        "You've been around Bakugo too long." Iida fixed his glasses. "What did you have in mind?" Curiosity got the better of him. Kirishima let a nasty smile cross his face.

        "Wanna go join them?" Kirishima raised an eyebrow. Todoroki looked at him and nodded. Tokoyomi, noting how dark it was, declined. He was still working on controlling Dark Shadow at night. Iida weighed pros and cons before deciding he will join the training. Tokoyomi nodded to them.

        "i'll be watching and will give you pointers when you're done. Not as detailed as Iida would be, but still." Tokoyomi said. Kirishima nodded as the trio took off towards to cityscape.

        "Looks like things are about to get interesting, Shouta." Present Mic said, as he saw the three boys going in to join the spar.

        "They train together during class too. Tokoyomi isn't with them. He must be having issues with Dark Shadow still. This will be very interesting to see how they do this, Hizashi." Aizawa said.

        Deku had just finished throwing Bakugo into a window when he saw Kirishima, Iida, and Todoroki powered up and ready to spar. Bakugo heard them too. "Wanna have some fun?" Bakugo barked, his face split into a menacing grin. Deku nodded once. He grabbed Bakugo by the leg, spun around and launched him at the newcomers. Bakugo pulled the pins on some of his grenades, throwing them at the new targets, before Todoroki could get the Ice wall up. They were forced to dodge as Bakugo changed his trajectory and went straight for Iida. Iida countered by kicking Bakugo into a wall, which left him open for Deku to drop down and punch him in the face. Kirishima hardened and tried to swing at Deku, who dodged just as Bakugo landed a blast on Kirishima. Todoroki iced the ground, making Deku slide, before hitting him with a fiery punch. Deku narrowly dodged, flicked his middle finger and the force of power sent Todoroki flying backwards. Todoroki used his ice to prevent him from hitting the building.

         Aizawa smirked. "How did I know it would go three to two." Present Mic just watched. The class who was watching were in disbelief for a moment that Deku and Bakugo would turn on their class mates, before Sero and Jiro put two and two together.

        "They're sparring."

         "Not trying to kill each other. Just practicing combat." Jiro finished Sero's sentence. After that, they all relaxed slightly, though still majorly concerned. Uraraka was still upset.

        "Why isn't Aizawa stopping this? These boys have already gone through too much and need to be resting, not slamming each other into buildings and blowing each other up." She said as Bakugo landed an explosion on Iida, but left him open for a massive icy ball to knock him through another window.

        "Aizawa pry is just letting them get the pent up energy out. I mean, we're not breaking curfew yet, so maybe he's just monitoring the situation." Tsu said. Tokoyomi, who knew exactly what Aizawa and Present Mic were doing thanks to Dark Shadow, remained silent, watching the boys go at each other.

         Iida had thrown Bakugo in the air as Todoroki was getting ready to launch and ice attack, followed by Kirishima laying a series of punches, when Bakugo smiled wickedly.

        "NOW YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" He yelled as he pulled the pin on his gauntlet. Deku appeared above him, flicked his finger, and sent Bakugo's explosion straight down on the three unsuspecting classmates. Todoroki managed to get an ice shield up in time to spare them from the blast. The boys were all panting, sweat pouring off them. Deku's alarm went off and they all froze. He checked the time.

        "Curfew is in 15 minutes guys. we gotta rap this up." Deku said, putting his phone back up. Iida went from training mode to class representative mode instantaneously.

        "Alright, well. It seems like we didn't make that big of a mess here. I'll make sure to tip the groundskeeper well in the morning. Let's go get cleaned up. Nice training session tonight. Everyone has improved significantly." Iida said before bowing and walking back towards the dorms, Todoroki and Kirishima right behind him. Kiri turned and told the other two to hurry up and come on. Deku laughed at Bakugo and reached for his hand. Bakugo took it, plated a kiss on his forehead, and they followed their friends back to the dorms.

         Aizawa and Mic got up to head back as well. They both were glad to see the progress these boys have made in such a short time. He isn't thrilled as to how they train, but it seems like they only took light injuries.

         "Well, Shouta, love, I've not seen you look this proud in a long time." Mic said, teasingly.

         "They've grown up so well. This class will definitely be a force to be reckoned with for sure. Villains won't know what hit them if they stay together like they are."

         "I know All Might said those two boys were inseparable, but I wasn't prepared for them to flip a switch like that and go from not wanting the other to get hurt, to willingly blowing each other up." Mic said. Aizawa thought for a moment before responding.

        "Yes, but both these young men want to be heroes. They know that they have to put work first. It's good that they can switch like that. They're not dependent on each other when it comes to fighting, but they use each other's abilities to influence their own. They will be a powerful force together, since they're both individually powerful. And their friends. The entire class really, have all looked up to the boy I thought wouldn't make it a day in hero courses. I'm glad to see that he's made me eat my words. but he better not get used to it." Aizawa said. Mic agreed as they walked back to the dorms together.

         The boys met the rest of their classmates in the common room. All five of them covered in dirt, sweat, and blood. The roar of questions was deafening.


        "You guys could have killed each other!!!"Uraraka exclaimed. The class nodding in agreement. Deku stepped forward, his hand scratching the back of his head.

         "Sorry for worrying you Uraraka. It was my idea. That's how we always train. We didn't think you all would have been able to hear us." He explained.

        "Deku, for the love of all things, you're bleeding. Bakugo has a black eye and the rest of you are sliced open and bruised and burned. Classes start back in two days!!!" Uraraka said. Tsu put her hand on her shoulder.

         "Relax. They're not seriously injured. And obviously if it was that big of a deal, Aizawa would've taken their quirks or tied them up with that demonic scarf. I know you were worried. But they're alright." Tsu said. Uraraka turned on Iida, since she was getting no where with Deku.

        "And you're our class representative and you condoned this, AND joined in on it?!?!?!" What is the rest of the school going to say about our class?!!" She demanded. Iida fixed his glasses and glared at her. Yaoyorozu stood by his side.

         "As class representative, it is my duty to insure that my classmates better themselves. It is my duty to make sure that my classmates excel in every way. If that means getting into a sparing match to help my classmates work out their quirks, I will happily do that for any of you. Instead of standing here and condemning us, Uraraka, maybe you should take a second and look outside of the bubble you want to keep Midoriya in. That's what this is about isn't it. He's stronger than you give him credit for and I will help him and all of our classmates hit their full potential. So if you would like to spar one day, you know where to find me. Until then, stop it. You're acting just like Aoyama's prissy ass!" Iida said with finality. Uraraka flushed and merely stared at Iida. Aizawa took that moment to step into the room with Present Mic.

         "Mr. Iida is correct. Present Mic and I watched the entire thing to insure no injuries happened. If you the students want to spar to better your quirks, and you aren't breaking curfew, That's what the cityscape is there for. No one is injured. And I am proud to see the vast improvements from all of you. What I heard out there, You boys communicating shortcomings and failings to help the other better themselves, is what I would expect from my students. Keep up the good work. Now get in the shower, you're dripping blood all over my floor." Aizawa said, before turning to his and Mic's apartment in the building. The Class separated and went to their rooms. Bakugo took the quiet in Deku's room to check out his injuries.



Chapter 16

        Bakugo had the first aid kit out, ready to go before they even left. He and Deku took a quick shower together, taking stock of injuries and giving each other affection. He had Deku sitting on the bed in a towel while he got the supplies ready. He looked at his boyfriend, covered in scratches, burns and bruises and sighed. It was a good Spar that's for sure. He planted a sweet kiss on the tip of Deku's nose. "This might sting a little, so i'm sorry." He said before taking the cotton ball to one of the nastier cuts across Deku's nose. HE hissed a little, but sat perfectly still while Bakugo bandaged him up. He then made Bakugo sit down and let him tend to the wounds he inflicted, much to the disagreement from Bakugo. It took a few minutes, but finally he caved and let Deku patch him up. They laid in bed, and put on a movie to watch.

         "Oh, I forgot." Deku got up quickly, threw on a pair of Bakugo's sweats, and ran out the door. Bakugo looked at the fading silhouette in confusion. A moment later Deku came back in the room with a wrapped box, slamming the door with his foot behind him. Flushed, he sat down on the bed and handed the box to Bakugo.

         "What's this?" He asked, confused and shaking the box. Deku flushed a darker shade of pink and smiled shyly.

         "Just open it, you idiot." He said. Bakugo scowled at him before carefully opening up the box. Inside were a handful of framed photos, including a copy of the one currently sitting on Deku's desk. There was a picture of Bakugo, Kirishima, and Kaminari before the provisional Licensing exam. One from their second date (that one was a selfie Bakugo recalls Deku taking) and a few others. Bakugo just started at them for a moment before looking into his boyfriend's eyes. "If you don't like them, I can always get rid of them, but I figured you could use some cheering up too." Deku said quietly.

         "Shut up you nerd and kiss me. " Bakugo growled before tackling Deku and kissing him. Why did this damn nerd have to be so cute? He thought as Deku opened up for him. A possessive growl escaped Bakugo's lips as he took over Deku's senses completely.

         After they had finished, Deku handed him one more box, confusing him again. "This one is for more selfish reasons." Deku had said which confused him even more. Once he opened the box he saw a pair of custom designed Noise canceling headphones. They were very small, but matched his hero costume perfectly. "You'll be able to hear us talk to you while wearing them, but it will cancel out a lot of the loud explosions so you don't lose your hearing. Mei Hatsume came up with them for me. I meant to give them to you before we went down to the cityscape but I forgot. So, sorry about that." Bakugo just started at Deku for a moment.

         " had these made for me?" He asked, stunned.

        "ha, um yeah. Kiri told me sometimes you get a loud ringing in your ears after a long battle, so I went straight to Mei." Deku said. Bakugo just looked at him thinking. Things he would never admit, this is one of them. And the puppy dog face on this boy he had fallen in love with was enough to make him want to come undone.

         "What else did shitty hair say?" Bakugo asked. Deku looked at him, slightly confused himself. Bakugo had told Kirishima his fears of never being able to hear Deku's laugh again or how he'd never hear Deku call him Kacchan. which was a stupid ass nickname given to him by Deku as a child, that he refuses to let anyone else call him.

        "Nothing, Kacchan. Just the ringing. what's the matter, Kacchan?" Deku put his hand under Bakugo's chin and lifted his head up to see his eyes.

        "I....." he paused and sighed. "I told Kirishima while you were unconscious from the poison that I was afraid that you wouldn't wake back up and that I wouldn't hear your laugh again or hear the way you say my name or hear you call me by that damn childhood nickname. He noticed after the fight in the infirmary that I was looking around confused after the battle, holding my ears and asked what was wrong. I couldn't hear him over the ringing. He asked like fifteen times before I could hear him. So he put the two things together." Bakugo admitted finally. Damn Kirishima, Bakugo thought, more observant that first thought. Deku just looked at him, thoughtful for a moment before smiling.

        "Well, Kacchan, I shall help make sure that never happens." He smiled his cute little grin and kissed Bakugo. A knock fell upon the door, much to the irritation of Bakugo.


        "Just open the damn door, Bakugo." Kirishima said. Bakugo mumbled as he opened the door. Deku reached in his backpack and handed Kiri an envelope. Kiri's face lit up. "Are these?!?!?! They are!!!! You're amazing!" He told Deku. Bakugo was all sorts of confused. "Deku's been getting pictures for me since the day I gave him the pictures of you guys. anyway, that's not what I'm here for. Todoroki needs help. It's his dad and no one can find Present Mic or Aizawa." Deku was out the door in an instant, not caring if he was only in a pair of sweatpants. Bakugo and Kirishima were right behind him. They made it into the common room where Endeavor had smacked Todoroki to the other side of the room.

         "No son of mine is going to be in love with a man! You are to marry a woman with a strong quirk and make strong children!" Endeavor went to strike him again, but had his hand smacked away by Deku, Shirtless and bandaged from the waist up.

        "If you lay one more hand on Shoto, I will kill you. You are a sad excuse for a father." Deku yelled. Todoroki was trying to get up, but couldn't support his weight.

         "What's this? All Might's brat? Get out of the way and stay out of matters that don't concern you boy!" Endeavor shouted. Todoroki flinched at the sound. Endeavor went to slap Deku out of the way, but was stopped by Deku's hand grabbing ahold of his arm. Kaminari came down just then with his phone recording, unknown to Endeavor.

        "YOU WILL NOT LAY ANOTHER FINGER ON SHOTO'S HEAD!" Deku yelled at him. Bakugo went to grab Todoroki and get him safely out of the way. Endeavor shot flames towards Bakugo, who was protected by Kirishima's quirk. They pulled Todoroki out of the way and Deku placed himself between his friends and the now number one hero.

         "He is my son! If I want to throw him around and beat some common sense into him then I will! NO CHILD OF MINE WILL DISGRACE ME LIKE THIS!" Endeavor yelled, shooting flames towards Deku. Deku dodged at a speed that caught Endeavor off guard, and he landed a hit to the side of Endeavor's face.

         "You let Touya go, why can't you let me go?" Todoroki mumbled from behind Bakugo. This question just seemed to enrage Endeavor.

        "DON'T YOU MENTION HIS NAME AGAIN." Endeavor went to push through Deku, who didn't budge. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

        "NO! I WILL NOT STAND BY AND WATCH YOU HURT MY FRIEND!!!" Deku yelled. Endeavor's whole body lit up in flames. Deku could feel the heat on his skin, his bandages burning. He stood his ground though. None of the boys dared go on the offensive against Endeavor. He was the number one hero after all. Endeavor moved to blast Deku into the moon. HE wasn't fast enough though. Deku put 15% of his power into a jump, then redirected and yelled "DETROIT SMASH!!!" as he put all his available power into the hit. Endeavor stumbled back before charging at Deku. He made it a foot away, Deku dodged, only for Endeavor to be grabbed in Aizawa's scarf. Aizawa had his glasses on and instantly canceled out Endeavor's quirk. Deku stood in a protective stance over Todoroki.

         "Endeavor, I will not tolerate you beating your child in my dorms. Nor will I tolerate it at all. Also I will not condone you knocking out me and Present Mic to walk in here to beat your child. The police are outside so lets go without a fight." Aizawa said in his angry dad voice. Endeavor tried to fight out of the scarf, but it wasn't budging. Aizawa jerked the scarf and Endeavor went flying towards the door. You will no longer be permitted at UA nor on any of our campuses. We take the safety of our students very seriously, even against their own parents." Aizawa escorted him out of the common area.

         "This is not the end Midoriya Izuku. I will not forget this!!" Endeavor yelled from the back of a cop car. Kaminari posted the video before Aizawa could delete it and put his phone up. Deku was checking on Todoroki when Aizawa came back in.

         "Midoriya, are you injured?" he asked. Deku shook his head. Todoroki was unconscious on Bakugo's lap. Shinsou ran into the dorms and straight to Todoroki's side. Bakugo lifted him up and set him in Shinsou's arms.

         "Do you got him?" Bakugo asked. Shinsou nodded. It all clicked in his head. Todoroki was with Shinsou. He missed a lot the past few weeks. Shinsou nodded to Aizawa and then headed to the Infirmary. Aizawa looked at Deku.

         "It took a lot of bravery to stand up for your friend, Midoriya. However. That was very foolish of you. He could have easily killed you. I do not condone your actions tonight, but I will not punish you for them. Don't make this a habit. Go back to bed, all of you. Oh, and Kaminari. Between the five of us. Thanks for posting that video. Endeavor doesn't deserve the number one spot. That's all I'll say. good night." He turned and walked to the infirmary to check on Todoroki. Bakugo shook his head at his boyfriend. Always trying to help everyone. Never concerned with the toll on his own body. He sighed.

        "Lets go fix your bandages." Bakugo said, practically half carrying Deku.

        "Thank you, Kiri, for telling me. Someone needed to stand up to him. For Todoroki's sake." Deku said. Kirishima just laughed.

        "If you don't start taking care of yourself, Bakugo's never going to let you leave that room." Kirishima laughed. Bakugo swung at him.

         "Shut up you idiot. He already knows that. But still has to help his friends. I admire that. But you're in trouble when i'm done fixing these." He said, the last part to Deku. Kirishima and Kaminari took that as their cue to part ways, much to the chagrin of Deku's pleading face.

        "I'm sorry, Kacchan. I just couldn't stand by and watch." Deku said quietly. Bakugo took off the ruined wrap and cleaned the injury again.

         "I know, nerd. Just, promise me something?" He asked, reapplying the bandage and securing it.

         "What's that Kacchan?" Deku asked.

         "Wait for the rest of us to catch up first so we can help you idiot." Bakugo growled. Deku sighed. He knew that's what he was gonna say.

         "Okay." was all he could say. Bakugo tuned the light off and crawled into bed. He held the blanket up for Deku.

        "Come one now. I"m not waiting all night." Bakugo said. Deku shook his head and curled up next to him. "You're gonna be sore tomorrow, but it's back to regularly scheduled training. I'll take care of you when we get done. so no bitching!" Bakugo told him as he kissed his forehead. Deku nodded and closed his eyes. Almost completely asleep he heard the faintest whisper come from an already asleep Bakugo. "I love you. Don't scare me like that again." Deku fell asleep with a smile on his face and love in his heart.

Chapter Text

Chapter 17 (Adult Content)

        Deku stood bent over, his hands on his knees, breathing hard. Bakugo wasn't kidding when he said it was back to regular training. They've been at it all day. Running, lifting, quirk training. All Might came out with lunch about halfway through the day and gave some pointers, then proceeded to watch us the rest of the day, throwing out obstacles and scenarios and unhelpful pieces of information. Deku, having caught his breath, stood up, stretched, and went back at it. His back was absolutely throbbing as were his arms and legs.

        "IF IT DOESN'T HURT, YOU'RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT!!!SUCK IT UP NERD! YOU'RE SLOWING DOWN! PUT SOME HOP IN THAT STEP AND HURRY THE HELL UP!" Bakugo yelled from about half a mile ahead of him. They had ran from the dorms all the way down to where they had their first date and were making their way back. The sun was setting and Deku didn't know if he had the energy for the three miles left to run. But if it got Bakugo to shut up for five minutes, he'd push himself to finish. He activated One for All and pushed 18% of his power to his legs and forced himself to catch up with Bakugo and make it back to the dorms. As soon as they got to the front entrance of the dorm, Deku collapsed. Bakugo was there immediately, helping him up. He wrapped one of Deku's arms around his shoulders and helped him into the kitchen, where he sat him down in a chair. While he went to raid the fridge, Deku put his head of the counter, breathing hard.

        "Damn Kacchan. That was brutal." Deku said as Bakugo handed him a bottle of water and a banana. He took them and finished them within a minute. Bakugo chuckled, sweat pouring off of him. Bakugo had to be careful not to cause friction until he got in the shower or shit might explode. Deku stood up, staggered for a second, then started walking towards his room. Bakugo grabbed his hand and made sure he got there and in the shower before returning to his own room to shower. Once he was finished he sat down at his desk and looked at the picture Deku gave him and smiled. Damn nerd, he thought, why do you have to be so cute? He opened up his course book and started on next week's reading while he waited for Deku to come down. There was a soft knock on the door before arms were wrapped around Bakugo's shoulders, a kiss planted on the side of his face. Bakugo reached his arms up and put them around Deku, who was in ball shorts and a tank top.

         "You look exhausted." Bakugo told him. Deku simply nodded and rested his head against Bakugo's back. "come on, go lay down in bed while I get the lotion. You're holding tension in your shoulders." He said as he got up. Deku laid down, took his tank top off and buried his face in his boyfriend's pillow, his breathing slowing down. He felt Bakugo's weight on his lower back as the lotion bottle was opened. "This is probably going to be cold, deal with it." Deku chuckled at him before tensing at the coolness of the lotion. "I told you." was all Bakugo said. Their training today wasn't extremely hard on Bakugo, but he always forgot that Deku didn't always have a quirk and his body was still getting used to this kind of extreme training.

         "HHmmmm" Deku said into the pillow. Bakugo could feel the knots release in Deku's shoulders. He reached for the Aloe and started rubbing the burn on Deku's back. After he was done he made Deku sit up so he could wrap it again. Got to keep it clean. Deku demanded to let Bakugo let him return the favor. There was a little argument before, ultimately, he caved and let Deku massage his back. Bakugo rolled over in the bed letting Deku run his hands up and down his chest. Deku bent down and kissed him. He could feel Bakugo's needs between his legs. He kissed down his chest, leaving a trail of kisses and bite marks down Bakugo's chest before literally ripping the shorts off of him. Bakugo ran his hands through Deku's hair while he worked on Bakugo's issue. Once Deku made Bakugo finish, Bakugo grabbed the lotion, flipped Deku over and gently pushed into him until he was completely buried in his boyfriend. Deku let out a soft moan before Bakugo's hand wrapped around the front of his throat and squeezed before thrusting in and out of him. He knew Deku was close by the moans coming out of his mouth. Bakugo was careful not to be too rough with him due to his injuries, but he pinned Deku's arms and torso down into the mattress, leaving his ass in the air allowing Bakugo better access to hit Deku's sweet spot. It didn't take too long after that that Deku screamed Bakugo's name as he finished, causing Bakugo to finish a second time.

         He pulled out slowly before letting Deku up. A wicked grin on his face. "I told you i'd take care of you after training." Bakugo smirked. Deku just smiled and shook his head at him. He picked up the shredded ball short and flushed as red as Kirishima's hair.

         "I don't think these are fixable." He said, embarrassed. Bakugo burst out laughing at him. That was the first time he's ever had a ruined pair of shorts that's for sure.

         "You really couldn't wait to get your hands on me could you?" He laughed before planting a kiss on Deku's lips. "That's okay. If it wasn't mine ripped to shreds, it would've been yours. You're workout clothes get me all hot and bothered." Bakugo laughed. Deku laughed at that.

        "Oh do they now? I'll have to remember that" Deku raised an eyebrow. Both boys put clothes back on and went out to the common room to bullshit with their friends. Todoroki was back with the class and Shinsou was now a well installed member of their group. It was nice to see someone taking care of Todoroki. Todoroki nodded at Deku and mouthed Thank you too him, a shy smile on his face. Deku nodded with the best All Might grin he could muster. Bakugo just rolled his eyes at them. They were all talking and joking around with Kaminari ran into the room, grabbed the remote and changed the channel.

        "I was watching that!!!" Yelled Aoyama.

        "SHUT UP! Look whats on the news." Kaminari said, getting everyone's attention on the screen. It was the local news, outside the gates of UA right that moment. Kaminari turned the volume up.

        "We are outside UA College where just last night Number One Hero Endeavor was arrested. Video leaked from inside this locked down private institution revealed a very troubling case. The students of AU defended one of their own against his father. We were informed today by the authorities that they are looking into child endangerment charges on top of a long list of other charges all the way down to the abuse of his children. The Heroes Board has announced that since this video has come to light, under the circumstances, Pro Hero Endeavor will be stripped of his Number One rank and His hero license will be revoked upon further investigation. He is being held on no bond due to the threats made to his son's classmates, which are documented on the video. The school has only announced an official statement in regards to the safety of their students and has informed us the boy in question is healing from his injuries. If you'll look to the top right corner of your screen, we will show you the footage from last night. Keep in mind this is not suitable for younger viewers."

        The entire group was quiet as they watched the video Kaminari posted. The size difference, Bakugo thought, between Deku and Endeavor, he could have killed Deku. Deku tensed up at the confrontation video and Todoroki reached a hand out to him. Deku took Todoroki's hand and squeezed it. Both Bakugo and Shinsou saw, but said nothing. The boys were like brothers, Bakugo noticed. Once the video ended, the reporter started going over all the charges pending against Todoroki's father. They tuned the tv off.

        "Hey Icy-hot! You alright?" Bakugo barked. Todoroki smiled slightly at him.

         "Yeah. It's finally over." was all he said. Deku squeezed his hand again and smiled at him.

        "Good. Then no excuses. 6am be ready. you're not getting behind either!" Deku and Todoroki groaned.

        "Care if I tag along? Shinsou asked. "I won't use my quirk on you I promise." He said, hopeful. Bakugo looked at him.

         "If you try i'll blow your ass to the sun!" Bakugo said before walking into the kitchen to get a snack, Shinsou, confused looked at Deku, who smiled and shook his head.

        "That's a yes. You can join us. IT takes a while but you'll get used to him." Deku said, smiling after his boyfriend.

        "I HEARD THAT YOU DAMN NERD! I'LL BLAST YOUR ASS TO THE SUN TOO IF YOU KEEP IT UP!!!" Bakugo yelled from the kitchen. Kirishima sprayed them all with soda when Bakugo yelled that. Deku went 15 shades of red and hid his face. Todoroki just broke out in laughter. Bakugo walked out of the kitchen, not exactly sure what they were all laughing at and what had Deku hiding his face, Kirishima had a nose bleed. "WHAT'S SO FUNNY!!!"

        Kirishima replied, "You should, um pry use better wording when you're talking about blasting your boyfriend's ass to the sun." Kiri said before breaking into another round of laughter. Bakugo didn't get the chance to explode him, because Shinsou hauled of and bitch slapped him before pointing at a very embarrassed Deku trying to hide in a ball. Kirishima stopped laughing and sat next to Deku.

         "We're just teasing Bakugo, Midoriya. It's okay. Nobody is upset. Come on, you got to do what the rest of us dreamed to do. You domesticated Bakugo." Deku started laughing into his knees. Kirishima was met with a sandwich to the face.

         "I'LL DOMESTICATE YOU IN A MINUTE IF YOU KEEP IT UP SHITTY HAIR!!!" Todoroki patted Shinsou's arm in comfort as he stared at this wild, feral group of men. He wondered why 1-A was the best class at the school. Now he sees it. They don't let stress get to them. They don't let words hurt them. They fight to better themselves and their friends. And it's all because of Deku, Shinsou noticed. The entire class has been motivated by this one boy, and that's why they'd all give their lives for him. He's what heroes should aspire to be, Shinsou thought. He smiled at that.

        Bakugo sat down next to Deku, and Deku adjusted to meet him. They were holding two conversations with other people, but were still so aware of each other, it was a sight to see. 'so that's true love' Shinsou thought. Deku asked him a question and pulled him out of his thoughts. After he responded he looked around the room. Kaminari was laid up in Kirishima's lap, Deku and Bakugo were intertwined while talking to other people, looking at each other occasionally. Todoroki was resting his head on Shinsou's shoulder, listening to Deku, with Shinsou's hand in his. The gravity girl, Uraraka was it, was talking animatedly to Tsu, while holding hands with Iida. Sero and Yaoyorozu were talking to Jiro and their other classmates. Shinsou noticed it was one giant family here. That was the difference, he noticed. Then he saw someone trying to peek up Jiro's skirt, he asked Todoroki what the boy's name was. Todoroki told him, amused. The guys around him watched.

        "Mineta! I have a question!" Shinsou said.

        "What do you wa-" Shinsou got him with his quirk.

         "Stop acting like a fucking pervert. These girls will never give you the time of day if you don't stop disrespecting them. If I see you do it again i'll make you walk naked through the dorm buildings. flick yourself in the head." He said. Mineta flicked himself and broke the connection. He looked at Shinsou, terrified before sulking in the corner.

         "Thanks!" Jiro called before putting her arm around Sero. From that moment, No one questioned whether or not Shinsou was welcome with them.

         From the shadows, Aizawa snapped a picture of his class having a fun evening. He's been waiting for this for weeks. He walks back to his apartment and prints out the picture and add it to a scrapbook he pulled off the shelf. Present Mic kissed his head and headed to bed.


Chapter 18 (slight adult content)

        Classes started back up after break, and part of class 1-A was working on overdrive. Training before class, in class, and after class then homework, showers and bed. Everything got into a routine for weeks. Finally, Deku hit a breaking point one night. He was laying in bed reading his course work when Bakugo walked in and headed straight for the shower. They had been allowed to start doing the work program and both boys had been working overtime. They hardly had time for each other and Deku had enough. He put his book down when he heard the shower start and went in there with Bakugo. He wrapped his arms around him and just sighed. Bakugo relaxed into him before turning around and giving him a kiss.

        "How was work?" He asked, sitting on the counter while Bakugo got in the shower.

         "Bunch of bullshit. If I have to fill out one more incident report for a pro hero that fucked up his shit, i'm going to blast this whole agency into the sun." Bakugo growled. Deku chuckled.

         "Then start your own agency, Kacchan. But first. You have some urgent matters to deal with. "

        "Oh I do?" He asked. Deku could tell Bakugo's eyebrow was cocked.

        "Yes! Your poor neglected boyfriend is attention starved and might just die if I don't get the affection I need." Deku said, pitifully. Bakugo ripped the shower curtain back and stared at Deku, in all his glory, a fire burning in his eyes.

         "Oh? My neglected boyfriend is gonna die from lack of attention huh?" He stepped out of the still running shower, water soaking the floor. He grabbed Deku and pined him up against the bathroom wall. Deku was flushed three shades of red, looking up at Bakugo. "Well I guess i'll have to take care of that huh? Can't have you dying on me now can I?" He leans in and kisses Deku hard, enjoying the feeling of Deku letting him be in control. He grabs a hold of Deku's shirt and rips it clear of, busting the seams. He kisses down Deku's jaw line, nipping and marking his neck, collarbone and chest. His hands remove his love's shorts and boxers before his mouth makes it there. He begins the slow, steady torture he knows Deku rather enjoys, making him beg to finish. Once he does, Bakugo drags him in the shower, shuts the curtain and pins him, chest first, against the wall. He kisses the back of Deku's neck while his hands prepare him for entry. Bakugo doesn't want to hurt him, after all.

        When he's sure Deku's prepared, He slides in, letting Deku adjust to his full length, before thrusting aggressively, hitting the spot every singe time. Deku moans and calls out Bakugo's name, leaning his head back onto Bakugo's shoulder. Bakugo kisses the side of his face as his hand slides up his chest and then squeezes Deku's throat. Moments later, both of them had finished and were laying on the bottom of the bathtub letting the water hit them. Both of them looked more relaxed and content. "Happy now?" Bakugo asked.

        "Mhm." Deku responded. They waited until the water ran cold before getting out and getting dressed. Bakugo was thinking about something Deku had said.

        "I could create my own agency." He said, thoughtfully. He took to his desk and pulled out paper and started writing. Deku smiled, happy the idea actually stuck with him. Once Bakugo Katsuki got his mind on something there was no changing it. Bakugo looked up a few hours later and found Deku asleep on his course book, leaned forward. He chuckled and snapped a picture before laying him down and taking the book. Deku moved around for a minute trying to get comfortable before a frown fell over his face. Bakugo put his hoodie on the bed by Deku's face and Deku cuddled up to the smell of him and went back to sleep. He sat back at his desk and went over what he had worked on. Finally he turned off the lights, took the hoodie and then curled up next to Deku, who adjusted himself to Bakugo.


         While Class 1-A was training and working, the League of Villains was hatching another plan. Shigaraki had been watching the news and all the changes going on in the Hero world. It seemed like that damn boy was becoming more and more the Symbol of Peace as each day goes by. Its been over a month and they're still talking about that boy defending his friend from the number 1 hero. Talking about him out with an agency helping stop low level thugs. Dabi and the rest of the league were brainstorming on the best course of action. They've already tried taking that Bakugo kid and that failed. The USJ failed. The Camping trip Failed. Halloween failed. The poison and the nurse's quirk failed. Everything has failed. Everything they have done has just thrown these college kids in the spotlight more and more as heroes.

        "That's it!" Shigaraki said. The league looked at him. "I've been looking at this wrong. I shouldn't try killing this boy. He's following so well in All Might's footprints. No no. Killing him won't do. " He muttered.

        "Then what?" Dabi asked, rather bored with this already.

         "Bring him to our side. Show that power corrupts even the most innocent. I'm sure we could break him. It might take a lot of time to break him, this is true. But i'm sure you all would love the chance." Shigaraki said, looking at them, scratching his neck. A smile broke out across Dabi's face.

        "And how would you think we could get away with this kidnapping?" Dabi asked.

         "Prom. It's easy enough. Dress as staff. It's so simple. Why didn't I think of this before?" Shigaraki started muttering to himself and then started laughing. Dabi shook his head.

         Bakugo woke Deku up with a kiss before stretching and getting up. It was a Saturday that they had both taken off and Bakugo was determined to spend the entire day with his neglected boyfriend. He chuckled. Deku grabbed him and pulled him back into bed. Bakugo chuckled.

        "Nope, come on. I've got a good day planned for us today but you gotta get up. let's go." Bakugo said, getting up and heading to the bathroom. Deku stretched and sat up, rubbing his eyes. The sun wasn't even up yet. He groaned and flopped back down, pulling the pillow over his face. Out of no where Bakugo launched himself on top of Deku and started tickling him.

        "Get up now Izuku. We gotta go." He said, getting up and getting dressed. Deku got up grudgingly and went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Bakugo threw clothes into the bathroom for him to get dressed in. He put them on, slid on his red shoes, and they were out the door. Hand in hand, they walked to town. They watched the sunrise over the water at the beach where they had their third date. Bakugo took Deku out to lunch at his favorite café, they went in their favorite book store. They took a walk around the park and fed the ducks where they had their 6th date. Bakugo thought he saw Kirishima at one point. 'If he fucks this up i'm going to kill him.' Bakugo thought. Thankfully Deku didn't see Kiri at all. he was too focused on Bakugo and everything they were doing. Deku really needed a day like today. They've been working too hard between class and work and training that they didn't get to spend real quality time together.

        Bakugo took Deku to dinner at a fancy restaurant before watching the sunset from the top of the cliffs. Bakugo had one hand wrapped around the small of Deku's back, the other in his pocket. He picked the spot to watch the sunset, and while Deku was absorbed in the colors over the water, Bakugo pulled a box slowly out of his pocket and dropped down to one knee, waiting for Deku to notice. Kirishima was hiding in the shadows taking pictures. Deku was so focused on the sunset, Kirishima was losing all his good lighting, so he threw a rock in the opposite direction of where he was. Deku snapped out of it and turned to look at Bakugo, before covering his mouth and tears falling down his face. "Kacchan?" he whimpered.

        "Listen close, nerd, i'm only going to say this once. I love you. And I can't stand to live without you. I want to be where you are always. Marry me?" He asked. Deku couldn't speak so he just nodded his head furiously, crying. Bakugo took the ring, put it on Deku's finger then pulled him in for a long, slow, tear stained kiss. Kirishima got pictures of all of it. "If you tell anyone how mushy that was, I'll kick your ass." Bakugo whispered, a smile on his face. Deku just laughed at him and they turned to watch the sunset while Kirishima snuck off quietly to develop the pictures. Bakugo got a text from Kirishima about an hour later saying the pictures were dropped off. Bakugo told him where the money was for his services today. Bakugo and Deku were walking barefoot up the beach, hand in hand. They realized the time and started to head back to the dorms. Deku went to the room to change while Bakugo headed to the kitchen. Aizawa was waiting for him.

        "Kirishima?" Bakugo asked. Aizawa smiled. Present Mic came around the corner and fought the urge to wrap up around Aizawa. "Jesus Christ, Present Mic just do it we all already know." Bakugo said, making Deku his favorite sandwich.

        "What did he say?" Aizawa asked. Mic raised and eyebrow too. Bakugo smiled quickly before putting his resting bitch face back on.

         "You're advice worked...He said yes. Thank you, Aizawa and Present Mic for your help. I do appreciate it." Bakugo said.

        "No problem, Bakugo. After you told me what young Kirishima said you should do, I figured you needed actual guidance and not idiocy." Aizawa said. "But i'll let you go. I just wanted to check in about this. " He and Present Mic left and Bakugo took the food to his room. He handed Deku his food and opened the envelope that Kirishima left him. He went through them all, smiling. Deku was curious and wanted to see. So, Bakugo showed him all the pictures Kirishima took that day. Deku's face flushed.

        "I know pictures are important to you, so I made sure the second happiest day of your life was documented. " Bakugo said. Deku kissed him. "Now that you've seen them, Kirishima wants to know if its okay if he sends the picture of me on one knee to everyone so they know. Because he's a fucking girl that likes to spread the latest gossip." Deku laughed, because it's true, and nodded his head, taking another bite of his sandwich. Bakugo texted Kirishima back and set his phone down, eating his sandwich with his love. Just like clockwork, there was banging on their door.

        "If we don't answer will they go away?" Deku whispered. Bakugo chuckled quietly.

         "I wish." He responded. "GO AWAY I'M NAKED." he yelled.

        "WELL GET DRESSED BITCH BECAUSE I'M COMING IN!" responded Todoroki. Like threatened, Todoroki walked in the room to see both boys with their mouths full of food, fully dressed. "You jackass." Todoroki said before walking over, grabbing Deku's left hand and looking at the ring. "This is why you've been working over time I see. Shinsou told me you've been clocking serious hours." Todoroki looked at the Silver band, inlaid with rubies and emeralds. It was custom made, Todoroki noticed. The etching and detail had to have cost a lot. And I bet he doesn't wanting Deku to know that either, Todoroki thought. "It's beautiful. Are you happy, Deku?"

        "OF COURSE HE'S HAPPY! WHAT THE HELL KINDA QUESTION IS THAT?!?!" Bakugo yelled. Both the other boys laughed.

         "Yes, Shoto. I'm beyond happy." Deku smiled. Todoroki smiled at him and turned to look at Bakugo.

         "You just had to set the bar didn't you?" Todoroki said jokingly.

        , "Well it's not my fault I was the first to propose. Catch up Icy-hot." Bakugo said deadpanned.

        "Well, I'll leave you be. I wanted to come see it for my own eyes. Beautiful picture by the way. Make sure your mom gets a copy, Midoriya." Todoroki said before going back to his room.

        "So that's why you've been working so much, huh? I guess I'll forgive you then." Deku smiled playfully.

         "You fucking better. I spoil you." Bakugo said proudly. Deku shook his head and just smiled at him.

        "I love you, Kacchan." Deku said, crawling under the blankets and looking at his new ring. Bakugo tuned the lights off and laid down next to him.

        "I love you too, nerd." He said as he kissed his forehead. "Send that picture to your mom before someone else does. She'll never forgive me for not telling her first." Deku laughed and sent the picture to Inko. Who sent it to Mitsuki, both their phones rang at the same time and they had their eardrums busted by happy screaming.

        "This is your fault." Deku muttered.

         "Get fucked." Bakugo countered.

        "Okay then." he whispered. "Gotta go mom big test tomorrow and I need to sleep. Love you bye." He hung up the phone, hung up Bakugo's phone, turned them both off at slid on top of Bakugo. "I do believe you told me to get fucked. So get to it." He said, confidently. Bakugo growled.

        "You want to fight me for dominance, Izuku? This will be fun." Bakugo said as he launched himself at Deku.

Chapter Text

Chapter 19

        The following Monday, the boys could hardly make it five feet down the hallways without someone stopping them. Deku was beyond overwhelmed and Bakugo was starting to get pissed off. He was literally steaming. Thankfully, they came across Iida and Uraraka. Their relief was only temporary as more people from the other courses started coming up to them. Deku completely froze in his spot, anxiety all over his face. Iida tried to stop Bakugo, but was too late. He set off an explosion.


        "They're all gone, come on. Lets get you to class." She said sweetly, holding out her hand. Deku took it, zoned out. Iida lead the way, with Bakugo behind Deku, hand on his back. Once in the classroom, Iida shut the door and Uraraka got Deku to sit down in a chair.

         "SO many people." he kept muttering, staring off at the wall. Uraraka placed her hand on his shoulder while Bakugo got down to his level.

        "Izuku, lover, come here." He said quietly. Deku's eyes adjusted from the wall to Bakugo's face. "That's it. remember what we said something you can feel, hear, see, smell, and taste right? You can see and hear me." He spoke calmly and slowly. He placed his hand on the side of Deku's face, Deku leaned into it. He could smell the sweet scent of Bakugo's nitroglycerin. "Almost there Izuku. i'm not going to hurt you." He said as he leaned in and plated a soft kiss on Deku's lips. He pulled away, Deku's hands now in Bakugo's hair. It took a few minutes but his eyes refocused and launched into Bakugo.

         "Kacchan!" He exclaimed. Bakugo laughed. He got Deku to sit back down, handed him water and a banana and a KitKat and turned to talk to Uraraka and Iida.

         "Anxiety?" Iida asked. Bakugo looked at Deku and then back to Iida. "From the nightmares?"

        "That's what All Might thinks. This usually only happens when his back is against the wall and his fight or flight fails. I just think there were too many people at once and he got overwhelmed with trying to answer everyone's questions." Bakugo told him. Uraraka looked at him.

         "SO what did you just do?" She asked.

        "When he gets that bad he has to be re-grounded. Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch. It'll work for you guys too if i'm not around, it just works faster with me."

         "Because you guys are practically the same human being at this point." Uraraka pointed out.

         "Kacchan, I'm okay now." Deku said, smiling. His smile made Bakugo's heart melt.

         "So what's with the space and the water and banana?" Iida asked as they walked back over to Deku.

        "Because when he snaps back, someone in his face can put him right back. The water and banana are just tools I use. He knows I won't come back over until he eats and drinks, as much as I hate the distance. Motivational tools if you will. " Bakugo said. Deku stood up slightly and Kissed Bakugo before pulling his books out and focuses on the agency plans Bakugo had started.

         "So you've Pavlov'd your fiancé?" Iida asked. Bakugo loved to hear Deku called that.

        "In a nutshell," Bakugo laughed. Uraraka joined in the laughter. Iida just shook his head.

        "Recovery Girl said the Anxiety is temporary and triggered by large crowds. But is completely over ridden by his will to save every innocent thing." Bakugo told them while looking at the notes Deku had made.

         "You need a better slogan, Kacchan," Deku said, scratching his head with his pencil. "Something that doesn't involve the words murder or ass kicking." Iida face palmed.

        "What's wrong with the one I got?!?" Bakugo demanded, steaming. Deku just looks at him and deadpan responds.

        "Nobody is going to want to join an agency or hire it when the slogan is 'I'll murder every last one of them.' Katsuki." Iida spit water out as Uraraka hit the floor laughing.

         "well fuck them." Bakugo said. "We'll work on that later then." Deku nodded and made a note of that. He was muttering to himself about the whole thing and Bakugo just let him. He knew Deku wouldn't stop until he figured out all the details. Kirishima walked into the classroom with Denki. They hear the very quiet murmuring, look at Deku, then to Bakugo, and choose to ignore it.

        "Heard you scared a whole floor of people." Kirishima smiled as he fist bumped Bakugo.

        "They wouldn't get out of my fucking face." Bakugo shrugged.

        "It's cuz of the engagement isn't it? That's all anyone has talked about." Kaminari asked. Bakugo nodded.

        "I figured it out!" Deku exclaimed before throwing his face even farther into his notes, muttering rapidly. Bakugo handed him a new pencil.

         "You two are something else to watch do you know that?" Kirishima asked. "Like, don't get me wrong, Denki and I are pretty in sync when it comes to quirks and impulses, as are Iida and Uraraka, but you two are in a completely different level. "

         "I hadn't noticed honestly." He said as he handed the eraser to Deku right at the moment he stopped to erase where he messed up.

        "You don't say." Iida said, noticing it too. He just shook his head. Todoroki and Shinsou rushed in the room and slammed the door, panting. Deku looked up at the same time Bakugo did.

         "Panic attack, Deku?" Todoroki asked, his whole weight barely holding the door shut.

        "hmmm. oh. yeah." Deku went back to working out the agency plan. Bakugo sat a water bottle on Deku's desk and took the pencil Deku handed him.

        "I blew up a floor of assholes. I take it y'all had a hard time too?"

         "You could say that. The abused son of Endeavor apparently needs the love of every bitch in this school." Todoroki said. Iida chastised him for his language and yelled at Bakugo for being a bad example. Bakugo took the water bottle and handed Deku back the pencil without even looking at him. Deku went back to work.

        "Is he brainwashed?" Shinsou asked Todoroki, helping him keep the door shut.

        "No. That's Bakugo with Deku always. This is how they always are. They just know each other that well. You should see them spar with each other." Todoroki and Iida responded. Bakugo got tired of hearing the people outside the door. He got up off the side of the desk, handing Deku the eraser again, and stood next to the door.

        "Get behind me now!" He yelled. Both boys moved quickly, letting the door fly open. An explosion met the horde, who stopped instantly. "DON'T YOU HAVE A CLASS TO GET TO INSTEAD OF TRYING TO SEXUALLY ASSAULT A FELLOW CLASSMATE?!?!? GET OUTTA MY FACE, LOSERS!!!" The horde backed up and ran away quickly. He shut the door properly and sat back down next to Deku, who was still muttering away, and put his hand out for the eraser, which Deku sat in it and kept scribbling.

        "Having your own bomb comes in handy I see." Shinsou said.

        "It does, when its not you he's pissed off at." Uraraka exclaimed. They all laughed at that. "wait, Shinsou, aren't you supposed to be in General Studies?"

        "He was moved up to the hero course and Mineta was dropped down to general studies, effective this morning." Deku said without looking up.

        "Oh, thank fuck." Uraraka said. Iida looked scandalized by his girlfriend's language.

         "Kacchan, What do you think of this?" Deku handed him the journal. His friends all gasped. He never let anyone hold his journal. Kirishima fell off Kaminari's lap.

        "I like where you're going with this. Maybe a change here or there but overall I can see what you're trying to do. Do the numbers match up with this?" He asked, picking up the other notebook on the desk and comparing them.

        "Sorta. I'm missing a step somewhere and i'm close to finding it. try page 6. yeah that one."

        "Yeah I see where they don't come together right here. Have you tried this?" Deku handed him the pencil as he finished his thought. Bakugo wrote something in both journals and handed them back to Deku. Deku looked over the addition.

        "It might work. I'll have to play with the numbers a little more with this and see where It takes me." Deku put his head back down into the notebooks. Bakugo looked up to see all their friends staring at them, jaws dropped.

        ""WHAT?!?" he snapped.

        "There he is." Uraraka laughed. "That was amazing to watch." Bakugo huffed and took his seat in front of Deku upon seeing the time. Deku looked up at him, Gave him a kiss and kept mumbling. Their friends took their seats as the rest of the class made their way in. They only had to strong arm one person out this time. Aizawa was beyond frustrated. He sent a text message which the class assumed was to his husband, because Present Mic came over the radio and said any student caught harassing class 1A would be expelled immediately. About halfway through the class Deku completely came out of his anxiety episode and put the journals away. taking notes and working out the Agency plans weren't hard to do, just tedious. The lunch bell rang and they all braced themselves for the mob at the door. The mob scattered as soon as the first person they saw out the door was the human bomb.

        "Good. Be afraid. " Bakugo said as he walked down the hall with Deku on his arm talking to Shinsou and Uraraka. Bakugo was talking to Kirishima and Iida more about the panic attacks Deku had. Todoroki had already known about them. He told them this was the biggest attack in a long time, so its a good sign that he hasn't had more like this. They asked him if it was hard having to sometimes drop everything to help Deku with his issues. He scoffed at them.

         "I knew what I was getting into when I got in the relationship with him. He can't help the cards he's been dealt. What he needs is someone to love him that has a strong enough backbone to handle the bad days sometimes. And guess what? I'm the stubbornest mother fucker there is. That's why we have a training regimen. That's why we have an anxiety grounding system. He needs these things. They help him. And he's a lot happier when he doesn't have to fear a panic attack. He doesn't plan his day around his anxiety anymore and he's happier for it." Bakugo said. Deku tripped and fell face first on the ground. Bakugo and Todoroki turned, ready to attack. Kirishima helped Deku up.

        "Maybe if you're class pet would pay attention to where he was going, he would've seen that box on the floor."

        "Hey, I'm not the class pet!!" Deku said.

        "From what I see, you are. Just a little pet that has to rely on others. Call your attack dogs off or i'll be forced to use my quirk." The student said.

         "They're not my attack dogs, and whether they back down is their decision and not mine. They're grown adults." Deku said. The student shrugged before snapping his fingers and Bakugo and Todoroki dropped to the floor screaming in pain. Iida and Kirishima saw the switch flick in Deku's eyes and the sound of his family screaming. Neither were fast enough to grab Deku as he activated his quirk, put 18% power in his legs, launch at the other student, and land an uppercut on him. Bakugo and Todoroki stopped screaming, the impact was enough to break the connection. The student went flying down the hallway.

        "DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE THINK ABOUT HARMING MY FAMILY AGAIN OR THE NEXT PLACE YOU'LL WAKE UP IS IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM!" Deku yelled. The student got up, the bruise already forming across his jawline, and went the other direction. Deku turned to Bakugo and Todoroki and made sure they were okay, tears streaming down his face. Shinsou was beyond confused, but Iida made sure he would tell him later. Deku pulled both boys to him, waterfalls falling from his face. Bakugo reached up and petted his hair. Todoroki held onto his arm. Both boys sat there and let Deku take his time processing. "I'm sorry." He kept saying. Bakugo and Todoroki helped him get up. Bakugo sent them on to the lunch room while he calms down Deku. Once calmed down, they headed to lunch with their friends. Shinsou had been caught up to speed on everything with Deku. He was surprised that after all that, Deku's first instinct is still to protect the innocent instead of shutting down. Kirishima told him not to worry about that, Bakugo won't let him shut down. That's one of the perks of Bakugo's personality. You either do what he says, or he makes you do what he says. Shinsou made a mental note of that.


Chapter 20

        Midterm exams were coming up, and everyone was crunching to get as much information to retain. Like the finals, the midterms would have 2 components. The written and the practical. Between, work, training, and studying, class 1A was exhausted. The weekends you could find them sleeping on the couches in the common room on top of each other. Aizawa was thankful for the quiet. Getting the written tests together was a complete drain on his mental stamina, and spent just as much time as his students sleeping. Present Mic chuckled at him when he came back home from work. Aizawa was leaned back in his chair, head back and mouth open, dead asleep with coffee pot half full in his hand. He tried to take the coffee pot from him, failed, and the sighed before waking Aizawa up. Aizawa drained the coffee instantly, kissed Mic and went back to the exam.

        "Still working on it I see?" Mic asked, getting out of his hero suit. "Your test is easily the longest one in the school.

        "Yeah, Nezu already told me that, but he required it. With All Might retired and Endeavor in jail, they need new pro heroes quickly. My class has the experience, so Nezu wants to skip them a grade so that they can get out into the field quicker. I tried telling him my entire class is already working with agencies but he didn't want to hear it." Aizawa said as he rubbed his eyes. Mic handed him his eye drops and took the coffee pot.

        "I get that we need more heroes but is this really necessary? They still have so much to learn and he expects you to do it with less time? That sounds kind of reckless." Mic said.

        "All Might and I tried telling him that Hizashi. He doesn't want to listen to us. He's listening to the Heroes Board. So all we can do is prepare them the best we can I guess." Aizawa responded.

         "How are the boys doing? Your text didn't really elaborate a lot the other day." Mic asked.

        "Oh, that? Apparently the entire school was over excited about the class. Between Bakugo and Midoriya getting engaged and the issue with Endeavor, Bakugo almost blew up two entire floors of students trying to protect Midoriya and Todoroki. And then a student used his quirk on Bakugo and Todoroki, sent Midoriya into fight or flight to protect them, and ended up dislocating the third year's jaw." Aizawa sighed.

        "Sounds like Bakugo is rubbing off on Midoriya, Shouta. But I get it. After what happened. Battles are different from torture and this student definitely knew how to get a reaction. What has Recovery Girl said about the anxiety issue and PTSD?"

        "She and The Doctor checked him out the other day and said his brain is starting to repair itself. After the other day though, The Doctor will be back Monday to speed things along. He may continue to have these issues the rest of his life, but he's got a strong support system and one hell of a determined partner. So I think he'll be alright." Aizawa said. Mic nodded in agreement before pulling Aizawa away from his desk.

        The class started to stir in the common room, and soon laughter filled the dorm. Games were pulled out of rooms, a cheesy movie was put on the tv, and someone had ordered fifteen pizzas. The class had decided they needed a break between cram sessions. Uraraka and Iida went and invited Aizawa and Mic out to join them, said they weren't the only stressed ones. Aizawa grabbed his pot of coffee and his sleeping bag before joining his hyper class. Kirishima had his camera out and was taking pictures. Mic brought out his DJ equipment and started a dance party. Shinsou looked just as exhausted and sensory overloaded as Aizawa did, but couldn't help but smile at Todoroki joking around with their friends.

         "Come dance with me Kacchan!" Deku said, holding his hand out, a carefree smile across his face.

        "You know I don't dance, Izuku." Bakugo said, arms crossed, looking down at Deku. Deku's smile got bigger.

        "Katsuki!!!! Come on. please?" Deku closed the distance between them, stood on his tippy toes, and planted a kiss on Bakugo's nose. Bakugo melted instantly.

         "Fine. Be glad you're fucking adorable, Izuku." Bakugo said, smiling at him. Kirishima had secretly recorded the interaction.

         "They've came a long way." Uraraka said to Iida and Tokoyomi.

        "I noticed that. I never would've thought Bakugo had a soft side." Iida responded. Tokoyomi looked like he was about to say something. Uraraka prodded him.

        "That's what love does to a person. It's a powerful thing. You don't really notice it in couples like Kirishima and Kaminari, because they try to have good dispositions. It's when you take someone like Bakugo here, who is quick to anger and quicker to react, and see them fall in love with the human equivalent of a cinnamon roll that would give his life for his friends that you see just what exactly what love can do. There's not a person in here Midoriya hasn't unconsciously made fall in love with him, platonically and then in Bakugo's case, intimately. Even my heart he has touched, Todoroki's, Shinsou's. Kaminari and Kirishima. Hell, your's and Iida's. He radiates chaotic goodness. All Might really knew what he was doing when he chose Midoriya as his successor as the Symbol of Peace. He is a beacon of light and happiness. Even on his worst days he tried to make things better for his friends. The world does not deserve people like Midoriya Izuku. But I, for one, am glad he crashed into my life like he did." Tokoyomi said, catching Uraraka off guard. Iida stood there with pride emanating from him.

        The class watched Bakugo spin Deku around the common room, smiles on both their faces. Iida excused him and Uraraka from Tokoyomi's company before joining them. Soon everyone was dancing. Aizawa got a notification that someone was at the gate. It was the poor pizza man. He grabbed Iida and went to go get the food. Once back everyone yelled, excited for the food. Deku was sitting on the floor between Bakugo's legs, eating his pizza. Kirishima and Kaminari were on the floor across from him talking. Bakugo was holding a conversation with Todoroki while Shinsou was listening to Deku talk animatedly to Kirishima. Uraraka sat down next to Kaminari , followed by Iida and Tokoyomi. Kirishima made them all get close together so he could take a picture. They ended up taking 15 pictures, one with Bakugo screaming at Kirishima to hurry up, one with Deku kissing Bakugo to shut him up. Another one where Todoroki had his pizza in his mouth. Just a bunch of silliness. Aizawa was glad to see it.

         The little party lasted half the night, Aizawa was curled up in his sleeping bag asleep. Deku was curled up in Bakugo's lap, asleep. Todoroki was asleep, head leaning on Shinsou's should, wrapped around his arm. Kaminari was asleep leaned against Kirishima's back, arms wrapped around his torso. Uraraka was asleep on the floor, using Iida's leg as a pillow. Kirishima handed his camera to Sero to get a picture.

        "So, Bakubro, what has Midoriya been working on in those journals that he keeps showing you?" Kirishima asked. Bakugo looked up from Deku's sleeping face.

        "hmm? oh, that. Well, at the agency I work at, they have me doing solely incident paperwork. They don't have me patrolling or anything. Well one night i'd came home and was bitching about it and Deku suggested starting my own agency. Looking back on it i'm sure he was just saying that to get a reaction out of me. I had kinda been neglecting him in regards of attention due to work and classes. Anyway, I started thinking about it, so that's what we're working on. That's why we're trying to make numbers add up. We've been putting money back since then from work so we can buy a building when we graduate from here and start our own agency." Bakugo said. Kirishima was caught off guard.

        "The legal side of that is going to be a nightmare, as will your Public Relations person's job when it comes down to your attitude. I could ask my parents to talk to you about running a business if you'd like." Iida said. Bakugo nodded, letting the insult to his temper slide.

        "That would be awesome Bakugo!" Kirishima said, excited as all hell.

        "You've definitely grown a lot since the first time I met you." Shinsou said. Everyone laughed at that. "What was it? oh yes. 'Get out of my way or i'll kill you, you bastard.' I believe were your first words to me" Shinsou grinned. Bakugo looked at him.

        "Well you got outta the way didn't you?" He smiled. "You hurt Todoroki and it won't be me you have to worry about killing you." He said, looking down at Deku.

         "He's right," Iida said. "That little thing would kill you in a heartbeat if something happened to Todoroki and it was your fault."

        "He wouldn't hesitate." Tokoyomi said, sternly. "None of us would at that matter."

        "I figured that out the other day in the hallway. It's good though. Todoroki needs friends like that. That love him." Shinsou said.

        "You know, your quirk creeped me out at first, but you're an alright guy, Shinsou." Kirishima said. It was Shinsou's turn to laugh. They sat there and talked quietly amongst themselves for a while longer. Deku started to move around, accidently kicked Todoroki in the face, who woke up for a split second, rolled his eyes and went back to sleep. Bakugo decided at that point it was in everyone's best interest to go put Deku in bed. He came back a few moments later to help Sero and Jiro clean up. Present Mic cut the music at this point and picked up Aizawa, taking him to bed, still wrapped in his yellow sleeping bag. After everything was clean, everyone bid each other good night and headed to bed.

         Deku sat up, rubbing his eyes when Bakugo opened the door and came back in the room. He saw he was in a pair of Bakugo's sweats. Bakugo just smiled at him before stripping down and putting on a pair himself. "Did you have a good day, Izuku?" He asked, laying down. Deku curled up into him and shut his eyes.

        "Yes. It was a good day. i'm sleepy Kacchan." Deku yawned. Bakugo chuckled, kissed his forehead and told him to get some sleep. Bakugo laid there for a little bit, looking at Deku sleep and thinking about the day. HE knew they were right about the Public Relations and legal side of the business...He would talk to Deku about it in the morning he thought as the steady breathing of Deku lulled him to sleep.

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Chapter 21

        Not long after making it back to the room, Todoroki woke up to a massive bruise on his jawline. He looked at Shinsou and asked him about it, to which Shinsou laughed. "Midoriya accidently kicked you in the face last night when you both were asleep on the couch." He said Todoroki sighed. This was gonna make people ask questions and he was so tired of questions. He curled back up against Shinsou and decided he was gonna stay in bed all day and sleep. There were no disagreements from Shinsou. They had both forgot, however, the plans they had made. 6am rolled around to police style banging on his door.

         "GET UP ICY-HOT IT'S TIME TO TRAIN! YOU TOO ZOMBIE BOY LET'S GO!" Bakugo yelled. Both boys groaned.

         "Can't we ignore him and go back to sleep? How does he get up this early?" Shinsou asked, groggy.

        "He'll blow the door down and drag us out in our underwear. We made the plans now come on. And He's up this early because he keeps Midoriya on a strict schedule until they can fix the anxiety. And he's usually in bed asleep by 8pm." Todoroki said, putting on his training clothes. Shinsou followed suit and they both met Bakugo, Deku, Kirishima and Kaminari by the gates. "You too huh?"

         "Nope, We come with them every morning. Denki has to work on his stamina so he doesn't go all fried so quickly." Kirishima said. He was in a tank top and skin tight bike shorts. Deku also had similar on, but was also wearing his compression sleeves for his arms and knees. Bakugo had on a pair of headphone type things. Kaminari was in gym shorts and a baggy band shirt. Shinsou felt a little better about how he was dressed. He saw Todoroki was dressed like Bakugo, Deku, and Kirishima. It was all too apparent that he and Kaminari were not prepared for this day at all. Deku was stretching while Bakugo explained to Kaminari and Shinsou the routine. Shinsou knew he was going to die.

         "We're going to start out with a 10 mile run. oh shut up Kaminari. After that its weight training with All Might in the gym before a quick lunch break. After lunch we will do some quirk exercises before doing another round of weight training and we will finish with another 10 mile run. This is the easy training regimen." Bakugo said. Shinsou knew for a fact he was going to die. Deku handed him a protein bar and a bottle of water. The group started stretching before heading off on the run.

         Lunch finally came around, All Might bringing them something to eat. Shinsou and Kaminari were pouring sweat. Bakugo was a little separated from Deku, who was eating his sandwich and talking to Todoroki. Bakugo was talking to Kirishima about the pictures from last night. Kaminari and Shinsou had decided they were just going to lay in this exact spot and die. Shinsou was curious though about something. He got Todoroki's attention while Deku went to talk to All Might about hitting 18%.

         "Those two," pointing at Deku and Bakugo. "They're usually touching in some way. You never see them more than two inches apart. Is Bakugo mad at him or something?" Shinsou asked quietly. Kaminari was curious as well so listened in.

         "oh, that." Todoroki said. He laughed. "It's much like the anxiety thing. Bakugo sets rules up for training and work. You'll see them the same way if they're at work together."

         "Bakugo seems to have a lot of rules when it comes to Midoriya. Are you sure he's really happy?" Shinsou asked, concerned. Todoroki chuckled.

         "Oh it goes the same way from Midoriya. Like last night you saw Bakugo didn't want to dance, but Midoriya guilted him into it by being cute. He makes Bakugo take one day off every fortnight for a date day. He also makes Bakugo wear those noise canceling headphones so he doesn't lose his hearing. Bakugo's rules just seem more controlling because of who they're coming from and what they're about but I assure you, Midoriya isn't as submissive as everyone thinks he is. He know what he wants and he will pester Bakugo until he gets it. They're made for each other that's for sure." Todoroki said. He watched the two for a moment longer. He saw Bakugo reach over, brush his knuckles across Deku's cheek, smile, then turn back to Kirishima. Shinsou looked at Todoroki.

         "If it works for them more power to them. I, however am glad I have you." Shinsou smiled. Todoroki took his hand. Kaminari made a fake gagging sound, making the three of them burst out in laughter.

         Shortly after that, it was time to get back to training. It was a very long rest of the day, and Shinsou knew he was on his deathbed halfway back to the dorms. Todoroki chuckled and grabbed his hand. "It won't be as bad tomorrow I promise. You get used to it honestly. And he did take it easy on you and Kaminari. Usually its just Bakugo, me Kirishima and Deku and we run 20 miles in the morning and evening. Come on, we're almost there." HE said, pulling Shinsou with him.

         Once back at the dorms, Deku threw himself in Bakugo's arms and kissed him. Bakugo tightened his hold and Picked Deku up off the ground, making him laugh. Shinsou was so confused by their relationship, but Deku looked happy so that's what mattered the most to him. He and Todoroki went to shower while Kirishima loved on Kaminari and showed Deku and Bakugo some of the photos from the night before.

        "I'll bring you your copies Midoriya when I finish them after class tomorrow. Patience." Kirishima said. Deku kissed Bakugo before heading off to the shower. Bakugo stood in the kitchen bullshitting with Kiri and Denki. After a while he grabbed two water bottles and went to go get in the shower himself. He saw Deku, in a towel, In bed working on the Agency idea. Bakugo kissed his forehead, handed him a bottle of water and got in the shower. He got out and the bottle hadn't been touched.

         "Izuku. Drink your water." Bakugo said. Deku jumped at the sound of his name. He wasn't paying any attention, Bakugo thought. "What are you trying to figure out? I might be able to help."

        "Just what Iida said, yes I heard it. I can move the budget around to where we can afford to pay a lawyer and a public relations person out of pocket while we're getting all the government contracts set up. Then the government will pay them." Deku said, Bakugo looked at him.

        "But what cost are we going to have to cut out to be able to do that?" He inquired.

         "Not as much as you'd think. We would only be able to start out with ten heroes in our agency to start with though until the lawyer gets the paperwork into the Heroes Board and the government agencies. That 10 counts us if we want to receive a salary too." Deku said, chewing on the end of his pencil. Bakugo thought about it for a few moments.

         "And that's with our savings and not counting a bank loan if we needed one?" He asked, Deku nodded.

         "That's only budgeting what we're estimated to have saved by graduation. I've also included housing and food and other necessities in this as well. I overheard Aizawa say Dean Nezu wants to put our class on the express train to graduation due to what's going on outside the gates. So I've also budgeted for that, which is why it went down from 20 heroes and sidekicks to 10 total. I figure Nezu is going to try to make us lose a year so I budgeted that." Deku said. Bakugo looked at the math. Deku was right, and being an agency with only ten heroes to start would set them back behind the other agencies, but its better than just him and Deku trying to do it.

         "So, ten heroes, one Public relations person and a lawyer to start with?" He clarified.

         "Yes." Deku replied. Bakugo nodded.

        "We can work with that. I wanted to run an Idea by you over this." Bakugo said. Deku looked at him. "We could add one more hero if we asked Iida if he's want to do PR and hero work. He'd make a slightly higher salary doing both but it would open up bringing on another hero or sidekick." Deku thought about it for a moment.

        "If he would do that, then i'm alright with it. I like the idea of having our friends close." Deku said. Bakugo was glad Deku had said that, because he had a second idea.

         "Well, i'm glad you said that because I have another proposal for you. We could fill some of those spots with our fellow class mates. Not all of them of course, we want to bring in 2 or 3 experienced pros. But that would ensure that we took care of our friends too. Todoroki, Tokoyomi, Kirishima, Kaminari, Iida, Us and that would leave open for us to bring in three experienced heroes to learn from.

         Deku's face lit up. He absolutely loved that Idea. Bakugo smiled. This was turning out to be a solid plan for sure. Deku didn't want to wait to tell their friends. He was literally vibrating the bed waiting for them to come to the room. Once the 5 boys arrived, They noticed Deku bouncing excitedly. "What's up?" Iida asked.

        "I'll let Izuku tell you, before he explodes." Bakugo said. At these words Deku just started at the beginning and kept going until he finished. The five boys looked at him and laughed gently.

         "So the gist of that is that you guys are saving up to open up your own agency and want us in on it with you as a team?" Todoroki questioned.

        "Basically yes. And no before you ask, Deku and I have already budgeted for it, so we know what we can afford to hire and what we can afford to pay. At least until the lawyer gets through the legal paperwork for the government for us all to receive salary from them. Once that happens we'll be able to bring more people into the agency. But to start off We would be paying you guys. Whether you're okay with it or not." Bakugo said. They sat there as a group and weighed the pros and cons before Tokoyomi spoke first.

         "I'm in. I trust Midoriya's judgement so I will join you." He said. Deku hugged him.

        "I'll follow you anywhere Bakubro!" Kirishima said excitedly. Kaminari agreed with Kirishima.

         "I'm in. It keeps me from having to go to my father's agency." Todoroki said, bracing for the ball of Deku that launched at him. All that was left was Iida. Iida took the longest, since he had to take in consideration the position they are asking him to fill on top of having a spot at his parent's agency. He thought for a long time before finally coming to an answer.

         "Sorry that I took a longtime deciding. It's a big decision and I wanted to make the right one." Iida passed. Deku was on the edge of the bed staring at Iida. "I guess my final answer to the proposition is, yes. I will take it. I will lead the Agency to the top PR wise! I do want to say this thought. I will also contribute to the budget. As long as I am at school my parents provide me everything I need so all this money I've made working has just been sitting around. So I will put it to good use! Midoriya, you and I can talk about the numbers later. Don't even argue with me Bakugo! I'm doing it whether you want me to or not." Iida said. Deku was so happy in that moment. Making plans for the future with his friends. Shortly after, their friends left and Deku curled up on Bakugo's chest, smiling.

         "Are you happy, Izuku? Like, really happy?" Bakugo asked. Deku looked at him, kissed him and nodded.

         "Beyond happy. I love you. We're planning for our future and involving our friends in our plan. You and I are going to get married. OF course i'm happy. Are you happy Kacchan?" Deku asked lastly, concern across his face. Bakugo just laughed at him.

        "Of course i'm happy. I've got you and that's all that matters. and you're mine. And I will keep reminding people of that until the day I die, and honestly probably after that too. I love you, Izuzku, my little nerd." Bakugo kissed him.


Chapter 22

        It took about a week for everyone's excitement to die down about class 1A. Aizawa was getting tired of the excitement honestly. He just wanted to teach his kids and sleep. The bell rang and the class quieted down so Aizawa could start. "Alright class. First off, stop drawing attention to yourselves. I'd rather not have to have another meeting with the Dean about you guys blowing up two floors of students and breaking one kid's jaw. Now, secondly. The midterm test is going to see how you act in teams. It will be a search and rescue and then transition into a two on two fight against villains. The whole school will be watching the six hero classes do these exams. You will be graded against the other classes as well as my grade for you. The Dean wants you all to get used to how heroes are ranked. So that is what he's going to do. He's instilling a rank system for the exams." He paused and looked at his students.

         "You have already been put in pairs based on ability by the Dean. I will pass the list around so you all can see who you're with so you can begin training. The next week that is all you will be doing is training. You have already completed the course material for the written test. So make sure you are studying it. Do not make me look bad. Your class representative will pass out the list. Read over it and then head down to the city scape. That's where all your training for the exam will be held. " Aizawa said. Iida came around with the list. Bakugo looked at it and saw that they had put him with Deku. They were going to annihilate the competition.

         "Bakugo!" Kirishima yelled. "Make sure when you do the rescue, don't yell at the victims." He laughed. Bakugo blasted him. The whole class roared in laughter.

        "Where are you supposed to be?" Aizawa snapped. That got everyone's attention. Deku and Bakugo walked down to the cityscape after dropping off their bags at the dorm.

        "We're going to dominate this exam!!!" Bakugo yelled. Deku laughed at him.

         "I have no doubt in that. As long as we can work on your Public Relations in a week." Deku said, sticking his tongue out at Bakugo. Bakugo turned to say something to Deku, but the light caught the gems on his ring, and it made him rather smug.

        "Yeah yeah. I'll just keep my mouth shut and let you deal with them." Bakugo said. Deku just shook his head.

         "I say this because I love you, Kacchan, but I have never known you to keep your mouth shut. If I recall the second the league of Villain took the tape off your mouth the first thing you said to them was "Go to Hell!" According to All Might." Deku laughed. Bakugo started steaming.

         "Oh, you got jokes do you? We'll see about that later. But for now, lets go. We can use this time wisely and work on our combination stuff. They'll be expecting us to try to protect each other, but they will underestimate us, like they always do. We are going to have to work on your anxiety too." Bakugo said. Deku nodded.

         "I'm supposed to go to the Infirmary at lunch. The Doctor is coming in." Deku reminded Bakugo, who had completely forgot.

         "I don't trust that guy."

        "You don't trust anyone love." Deku pointed out. 'I mean, he's not wrong' Bakugo thought.

         "Well i'll be right by your side the whole time." Bakugo said. They had reached the cityscape at this point and began sparing and practicing on their combination attacks and defenses.

        The lunch bell rang and everyone literally ran to the cafeteria. Bakugo and Deku headed up to the Infirmary, where Recovery Girl and The Doctor were waiting for them. Recovery Girl checked Deku's vitals and treated the burns from practice before letting the Doctor step in.

         "I heard the wonderful news about you and the Pomeranian there. Congrats." Bakugo started steaming at being referred to as a Pomeranian. "All that aside I hear you've had a few incidents. I'm gonna check out your connections and synapses real quick to make sure everything is fixing itself properly and fix it if it's not. Now, lay down and stay still." He told Deku, who followed instructions. Bakugo was standing next to Recovery Girl, beyond on edge. The Doctor placed his hands on the side of Deku's head and did a full examination of every connection in his brain. "Oh, I see. There's the problem." He said before his hands glowed pink for a moment. Deku flinched, causing Bakugo to flinch, but after a moment, The Doctor removed his hands.

         "He'll wake up in a moment, no worries. It seemed that there was a few severed synapses in there I had missed in the initial swelling. I've reconnected them so they should heal right. He has a very active mind. I like to see that in my patients. Means they're keeping healthy. The anxiety I can still feel there, but its no where near as bad. I can't tell if the PTSD is going to surface again from my daughter's damage. I am terribly sorry about that. Let me know if there are no changes or if it gets worse and we will try another method." He said before heading into Recovery Girl's office. Bakugo laid a hand on Deku's chest. Deku woke up at the touch.

         "Training still this afternoon, Kacchan?" Deku asked. It seemed he didn't want to know what the Doctor had to say. Bakugo didn't blame him. Recovery Girl looked at him and rechecked his vitals.

        "Big improvement already. You're cleared to return to normal activities." She said before going to join the Doctor in her office. Bakugo helped Deku up and they headed to lunch. The following week was one of complete chaos. They woke up, trained, studied, trained, studied and then trained more. Occasionally they stopped to eat. Class 1A was at the cityscape from before dawn to well after dusk. More so than the other hero courses. After training they all sat in the common room, dead silent, going over notes after notes. Deku had copied his notes so Shinsou could study all the material from the beginning of the year. After they studied for four hours, they'd grab a quick snack, shower and go to bed, before waking up, grabbing a protein bar or 5 and heading back out to the cityscape. Aizawa was proud of their work ethic, though he would never tell them.

        The night after they took the written exam they spent half dead in the common room, eating pizza and other unhealthy snacks as a reward for finishing the written exam. Deku called it an early night at 730 and Bakugo followed him. Both boys showered together quickly, put on sweatpants and were asleep wrapped in each other by 745. On top of training, they had been doing night patrols with their agencies. They needed the sleep before the two part full day practical the next day. They didn't even get up at 6am to go run. When the alarm went off at 730, Bakugo went to blast it, but Deku beat him to it, using his quirk to throw it across the room. He ended up sending it through the door. Bakugo started just laughing. Which made Deku laugh.

        "Remember, No attitude with victims. Check their injuries. Don't tell them they look like shit Katsuki." Deku reminded him all the way to the arena. They were dressed in their updated hero outfits. Deku had Mei Hatsume make his a set of headphones like Bakugo, that they could communicate through. Saves from the yelling and allows them to communicate without giving away their plans to the enemies. Once at the Arena, they sat with their class. The other hero classes just glared at class 1A. Obviously upset after Bakugo about blew half of them up. Class 1A didn't pay them any mind and stayed to themselves. Shinsou was rather nervous, but the pack, as they were known throughout the college, were doing their best to reassure him. He was with Kirishima, so he felt a little better. Todoroki was placed with Uraraka. Iida with Tokoyomi. Kaminari with Sero. Yaoyorozu was with Tsu and Jiro was with Kaminari. Aizawa thought these all looked like good pairings. Each works well with the other. The rest of the class looked fairly well paired off as well, so he wasn't worried at all.

        "Alright! Hero classes! Welcome to what we call the new practical exam. one team from each class will go first. We have 6 separate areas that you will be reusing in, so you do not come across other students. You will have 15 minutes to find the minimum of 2 victims and get them safely to the first aid station in the center of the arena. They will deduct and add points as they see fit. We also have test administrators grading as well. Alright, first groups lets go." The administrator said. Aizawa sent Shinsou and Kirishima first. It took them a minute to find some injured victims but in the 15 minute window they rescued 8 people safely. They blew the other classes out of the water. Round two was Iida and Tokoyomi. Dark Shadow working with Iida's engines allowed them to safely rescued 10 people in the time limit. Class 3A rescued 8.The next few rounds, Class 1A continued to dominate. Jiro and Kaminari had a rocky start, but rescued 7 people and a stray cat that had wandered into the area. They received points for the cat. Kaminari brought it back to the stands with him.

         "You're not keeping it." Aizawa said. The cat crawled up Aizawa and curled up in his scarf and fell asleep purring. "we're keeping it." he said, the class laughing. Deku was bouncing his leg, anxious. Bakugo placed his hand on Deku's leg to calm him. Anxiety grounding overrules work rules. Deku smiled at him before taking a deep breath. "Midoriya. Bakugo. You're next." Aizawa said. There were still a few groups left after them which sorta helped. Deku put on his respirator and his mindset changed. The whole class saw it. He went from timid Deku to Pro Hero Deku in a switch. Bakugo smiled menacingly. They headed down to their area.

        A bell sounded, signaling the start of time. Deku and Bakugo took off, quirks active. It only took a second before they heard cries for help. Both turned in the direction and followed the cries. A support beam had collapsed. causing the ceiling to fall on what looked like a classroom of school aged children and two elderly teachers.

         "Well, what do we have here?" Aizawa said. All the other pairs specifically avoided the school, but not his kids, apparently. This was Deku's call, he knew. Aizawa sat on the edge of his seat.

         "Bakugo. I count 15 children and the two elderly teachers. Support wall caused the roof to fall." Deku said through the headset. Bakugo walked closer to what was left of the window.

         "We are here to assist you. Everything will be alright. Ma'am, Is this everyone from your class?" Bakugo asked. The woman nodded her head yes.

         "Are there any obvious serious injuries that you can see? It is okay if you cannot tell. " He asked reassuringly.

        "One of the little boys hit his head pretty hard. Another one's foot is stuck under a big rock. I tried to move it, but it was too heavy." The woman responded. Bakugo relayed the information to Deku, who was surveying the support beam.

         "I'm small enough to fit through the window and start handing children out. The Teachers I will have to find another way to get out." Deku said. Bakugo checked the stability of the ground around the window and judged it stable enough.

        "Alright. While you send out the children to me, I'll figure out a plan for the teachers." Bakugo said. Deku slid carefully in the window after introducing himself. One by one he handed the children out of the window. He activated his quirk to get the rock off of the boy's legs. The boy could not put weight on it, so Deku carried him to the window and placed him in Bakugo's arms. Bakugo laid the boy down away from the structure and went back to get the last child, the one that was hit on the head, out of the window. Deku looked at the teachers.

        "Are either of you severely injured?" HE asked. The lady said her back hurt but could walk. The man was bleeding from the shoulder but said he seemed fine aside from that. Deku used his light to check both for head injuries.

         "Izuku, if you can safely lift them out of this window they should fit through." Bakugo said over the headset" Deku looked at the window again.

        "The lady says her back hurts, I'd rather not risk damaging her back further. Do you think you can blast a small hole big enough to get out of?" He asked. Bakugo found a stable spot and and set a tiny explosion off, opening up a hole next to the window. Deku helped the teachers out and turned to double check that they weren't missing anyone. He noticed a hand sticking out from under some debris. "Got a child here, badly injured. Looks to be the last. I'm clearing debris away now and will be out in a moment."

        "Heard. I'll prepare everyone to move. I can see the first aid station from here?" Bakugo said. He rounded up the children. Picked up the one with the head injury and the one with the hurt leg and started towards first aid. Deku cleared the rubble, picked up the child and stepped out of the building. In the light he noticed the boy was barely breathing and had a head injury and a shoulder injury.

         "Got a rainbow here. Activating quirk and getting to aid asap." Bakugo responded in code, just now crossing into the first aid station. He found a triage nurse and informed her of the incoming as well as setting down the severely injured where she said to. Deku came running into the first aid station smoothly, not jostling the boy around at all. He takes the boy to the triage lady and she has him place him over to the side and begins triage. Deku whispered to the boy that he was safe now. The second Deku and Bakugo moved to go back, the bell rang, signaling the end of the 15 minutes. The kids and ladies got up and applauded the boys as they were shown off the arena floor.

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Chapter 23

        Aizawa was shocked. They managed to rescue 18 people. They were thorough and even found a kid even the teachers forgot about. Their communication was on par and the worked quickly and efficiently. One class didn't find a single victim. Bakugo and Deku sat back down to a roar of cheers from their peers. Deku blushed and hid his face in his respirator. Class 1A continued to dominate the rescue portion of the exam. Aizawa was beaming with pride, like the proud father he was. They broke for lunch before the second half of the exam. This part Deku wasn't as worried about. Neither was the rest of his class, since fighting against villains was nothing new to them. They didn't relax though. They ate quietly and returned to the arena. The other classes were still sitting around laughing and joking around with each other. Class 1A was in their mindset and they would stay in it until the end.

         15 minutes later, Everyone had filed back into the arena for the next step. The arena floor had been modified. There were 12 areas set up this time. The test administrator obviously wanted this over with. The rules were simple. Either defeat the villain or make it out the exit in the 15 minute time frame. This was similar to the last event they had like this. It still would be difficult though. Bakugo would have to listen to Deku this time. But they had both trained so much, Bakugo believed they stood a good ground. Deku was up to 20% of his power. Deku and Bakugo and Kirishima and Shinsou were up first from class 1A. Deku had his respirator back on and was sparking with power. Bakugo's hands were already sparking. Kirishima just shook his head and laughed. He wasn't sure why Aizawa had these two go first. The rest of them don't have the same amount of raw energy these two have together.

         The bell sounded and they were off. Kirishima and Shinsou running towards the center of the arena before getting stopped by a massive villain. He was a fire type quirk. He immediately blasted the two, But Kirishima hardened and the hit did no damage. Shinsou looked at the villain.

         "Who are you?" He asked. The Villain laughed before starting on his monologue. Shinsou got him with his quirk.

        "I can't believe he started monologuing." Kirishima laughed. Shinsou kept his eyes on the villain.

        "Escort us to the exit." Shinsou demanded. The villain turned around and began walking them to the center.

         Meanwhile, Bakugo and Deku had made contact with a heavy hitter quirk user. One punch put a hole in the side of the building. The boys had engaged combat and you could see the Villain was getting wore out, but was going berserk. Deku landed a 15% powered kick to the villain's back at the same time Bakugo let a blast go in his face. He swung and managed to grab ahold of Deku and threw him towards a building. Keeping his composure, he used the trajectory to rebound off of a building, flicking his finger the same time Bakugo pulled the pin on his gauntlets like they practiced. The force behind Deku's 20% powered flick propelled Bakugo's massive explosion hurling at the villain, he had no clue what actually hit him. HE slammed through three buildings before collapsing to the ground unconscious.

        "I'm kinda disappointed," Bakugo said as they crossed through the gate to the finishing area in the center. They were met by Kirishima and Shinsou.

        "That was pretty fun though. I haven't been thrown around like that in ages. what a rush." Deku said, sounding like Bakugo. Bakugo raised an eyebrow and ran his hands through Deku's hair.

         "I'll toss you around like that later if you like it that much." He growled fiercely. Deku smiled seductively at him.

        "Oh, promises, promises." He said. Kirishima and Shinsou just made it up to them, clearly noticing the pure sexual tension in the air. Kirishima coughed and Shinsou just laughed. "How did you guys do?"

        "Well, I blocked the initial fire blasts from our villain, and then Shinsou's fucking amazing self got our villain to monologue. Fucking monologue. He caught him with his quirk and made him escort us to the gate. How did you two do?" Kirishima asked. Deku looked at Bakugo.

        "Well, We got thrown around a bit, blasted him around a bit, and then blew him through three buildings with an explosion at Mach one, before walking through the gate ourselves." Bakugo said. Kirishima's jaw dropped.

         "Overkill much?" Shinsou laughed. They looked around and noticed that with 5 minutes left, they were the only class to make it here.

        "Are we way over qualified here or?" Kirishima asked. Deku shrugged. About that time, a group from 3A came through the gate, pretty beat up. Slowly after that the rest of the classes came through.

         "Good job, first round. Please head to the stands. Group two get ready."

         They all walked back to the stands. Since their part was over, Deku held Bakugo's hand in the stands, but continued to root for his classmates. Group by group Class 1A finished the exam. Upon the last group finishing, the administrator announced that results would be waiting in the homeroom classes. "Please return to your dorms, clean up, and meet back in your homerooms in half an hour. If you need medical assistance please go see Recovery Girl first." The administrator dismissed them. Aizawa was beaming with pride as he and his kids walked back to the dorms. Everyone went to take showers and change into their school uniforms. Bakugo kissed a cut across Deku's nose in the shower.

         They walked, hand in hand, with their classmates back to their homeroom class. In their seats, they waited anxiously for the results to come in the door and be handed to Aizawa. The moment arrived and Aizawa opened the envelope. Tears filled his eyes out of happiness. His class was confused, asking him what was wrong. Surely they didn't do that bad. Aizawa regained his composure and cleared his throat and read the rankings. The top 10 were all from class 1A.

        "The current ranking in UA student body is as followed after the examination today. Ranked First: Midoriya, Izuku, score 100. Second: Bakugo, Katsuki. score 99.5. Third: Todoroki, Shoto score 99.4. Fourth: Iida, Tenya score 99.3. Fifth: Uraraka Ochaco score 99.2. Sixth: Kirishima, Eijro score 99.1. Seventh: Tokoyomi, Fumikage score 99.0 Eighth: Shinsou, Hitoshi 98.9 Ninth: Kaminari, Denki score 98.4. Tenth: Yaouyorozu, Momo score 98.0" Aizawa read. He read the rest of the list and the rest of class 1A was ranked in the top 25. Deku was worried about being ranked first. It was Bakugo's dream to be the number one hero too, something he had been adamant about since they were children. He couldn't see Bakugo's face from behind him. He hoped Bakugo wasn't mad.

         "You are amazing students. Your hard work has paid off. Keep in mind this is out of all the hero course students here. This is where you all stand in the entire school. Keep up the good work. There is a surprise waiting for you at the dorms to celebrate. I had a feeling you were all going to place well but I never expected this. i'm proud of you." Aizawa said, dismissing them. Everyone started getting up and talking excitingly to each other. Deku had his head down on the desk, his hands on the back of his head, hyperventilating. Old habits die hard, Deku thought. He felt two hands on his legs, before one pulled his arms down and tilted his face to meet a pair of scarlet red eyes.

         "What's wrong, Izuku?" Bakugo asked. "I told you we were going to dominate and we absolutely decimated the other classes. Come on nerd, lets go home." Bakugo said. Deku looked at him.

         "You're not mad that I outranked you?" Deku asked quietly. Their classmates had heard the question and came to a dead stop, staring. This is what Todoroki was afraid of with this ranking system. "We're about to see how much he loves him." He thought. Bakugo shook his head and chuckled.

         "I should have known that's what this is about." He laughed softly. "No i'm not mad. You've worked hard and you earned it. Besides together, we're the number one and two in the whole school. Do you understand how big this is going to make my ego?" Bakugo asked. The class sighed in heavy relief. Deku smiled, took Bakugo's hand and the class went to the dorms. Aizawa had ordered all their favorite food and rented cheesy movies and brought in an actual DJ so Present Mic could enjoy the party too. They changed into their casual clothes before joining the festivities. The third year that attacked Bakugo and Todoroki and about 8 of his friends busted through the front door, apparently not seeing the three teachers (All Might was there celebrating Deku ranking #1), before walking over to Deku, who was away from Bakugo on a very rare instance. He grabbed Deku by the front of the shirt and lifted him up in the air.

        "I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but you need to learn your place. First years have no right to be on the top of the ranks. And we know it's because of you that this group of fucking misfits and losers think they can do great things." He punched Deku in the stomach. Sharp pain ran through his body, but he didn't flinch. The pain was constant, but Deku spit his blood in the third year's face. He swung his body back and landed a kick to the guy's groin. He dropped Deku, who got into his stance, power radiating off of him. He didn't see the cell phones recording him.

         "You want to know who I am? My name is Midoriya Izuku. My hero name is Deku. I am All Might's chosen successor to the title Symbol of Peace. I will not tolerate bullies like you thinking you can walk all over people younger than you. These first year students you see in front of you have worked hard, and trained hard. They have been through multiple League of Villains attacks and survived. This class is the Future of Heroes and if you cannot match their dedication to the bettering of Society then why are you in a hero course at the most prestigious college in the country?" Deku's speech ended, him floating about a foot off the ground from sheer power.

         Aizawa and Shinsou had used their scarves to wrap up some of the 8 that came in with the third year. Bakugo tackled and punched a third year in the back of the head for trying to sneak up on Deku while his back was turned. The others had been rounded up by the class. Kaminari was live streaming the altercation. Deku released his quirk and walked up to the third year.

        "If you only care about the amount of power you can get and you don't actually care about the innocent people you can accidently hurt or the situation that you put your friends and allies in that could get them killed because you're not prepared, you do not have what it takes to be a hero. If you do not want to make the world a better place, then you need to get out of my face now and maybe rethink your career. The other day you were willing to use your quirk to hurt those I care about simply because you didn't like the fact I was some supposed mascot. Or did you not explain how you got your jaw broken to your friends here? Regardless, you were prepared and did attack two innocent people just because you thought you could get away with it. That is not hero behavior. That is Thug behavior. I will not allow you to continue to attack those people I care about just because we all ranked higher than you did. Please get out of my face now so we can get back to enjoying ourselves." Deku said, turning around to walk back to his friends. The third year got up off the ground.

        "Listen to you spout your self righteous bullshit! Come back here and fight me like a man you fucking bastard!!!" He yelled, rushing Deku. Aizawa and Mic and Shinsou's hands were tied holding onto other assailants. Bakugo had one pinned to the ground and the rest of his classmates were to far away. Continuing to walk towards his friends while the third year rushed him, Deku simply lifted his arm backwards, put his middle finger under his thumb and said:

         "Boom." as he flicked his finger at 10% power. The third year was forced backwards and was slammed into the wall. The look on Bakugo's face was one of complete pride. Iida rushed the third year and pinned him. The police had finally arrived and arrested the 9 third years. Kaminari stopped live streaming as soon as the cops got there. As soon as Bakugo was able to get up, he wrapped Deku in a hug, picking him up off the ground and spinning him around. Class 1A was cheering. People outside the dorms were cheering and little did Deku and his classmates know, The entire city was cheering. Bakugo kissed Deku on the lips. Uraraka ran up to Deku to check on him and was glad to see no injury.

         "His quirk hits like a fucking semitruck that's for sure." Deku laughed. Kirishima ran up to them.

         "Boom? What the hell was that?" he exclaimed. Deku laughed.

         "Well, like I always do." Deku flushed 15 shades of red. "I ask myself what would Kacchan do if he was being rushed by a maniac. And that's what I came up with on the spot." Bakugo was speechless, mouth hanging open, staring at his fiancé. He checked himself and smiled. This really was a wonderful day.


Chapter 24 (Adult Content)

        While their party was going on, after the police left, Deku's speech was going viral. IT was being shared and reshared hundreds upon thousands of times. It was all over the news. Mitsuki called Inko, yelling at her to turn on the TV. Inko did and saw her son, giving a long winded powerful speech to some bully at his school. The image currently on the screen was the last few seconds of Bakugo spinning Deku around, giving him a kiss before the video replayed. Inko was so proud of her son at that moment. She and Mitsuki planned to go get drinks to celebrate.

         Deku and his classmates we still dancing and singing and eating well into the early hours of the morning. Aizawa finally told them to go to bed around 3am when he had had enough of the noise. Deku and Bakugo said goodnight to their friends before going to lay down in bed. It had been a long day and Deku was extremely happy. Bakugo looked at him, seductively.

        "So, You said earlier you haven't been thrown around in a long time and I figured I've failed in my goal to please you. So tonight I am going to do my absolute best to make sure I've pleased you everyway known." Bakugo said, pinning Deku to the wall and kissing him. Deku pushes back and pins Bakugo against the wall, returning the kiss.

        "But my love, you too also need to be pleasured." Deku said, sweetly. he pulled off Bakugo's shirt and ran his hands up his chest. Bakugo ran his hands through Deku's hair, grabbing on to it and pulling his head backwards, granting access to Deku's throat. He leaves a trail of bite marks down Deku's throat and collarbone, Deku's nails digging into Bakugo's back, leaving an network marks all over him. Deku took the opportunity to regain control and return the favor, biting and kissing down Bakugo's neck and chest, leaving little red welts behind. Bakugo picks up Deku and pins him down on the bed, pulling off his shorts and boxers before removing his own, both of them in their full glory, eyes hungry for each other, seeing who's going to move first. Deku goes to launch himself at Bakugo, only to be caught and thrown back down on the bed and pinned with his arms above his head.

         "Putting up a good fight tonight Izuku, i'll give you that." Bakugo pants as he ties Deku to the bed with their school ties. He gets close to Deku's ear and whispers, "but you know your place. Now let me take care of you." Once he's sure Deku can't get out, he starts kissing down his body. Deku's body responds instantly to every kiss, to every caress. He takes Deku's ready appendage and starts working on it. Bakugu's nails leaving scratches down Deku's ribs and thighs. Once he makes Deku finish, he unties him and goes to flip him over. Deku, ready, pounces and pins Bakugo, catches him off guard. Deku kisses him as his hands find Bakugo ready, and he begins rubbing him. Bakugo's back arches as Deku gets him closer to his breaking point. Bakugo overpowers him, pins him chest first against the wall, and prepares him for what's next. He lubricates himself quickly and slide into his fiancé, who moans his name. Bakugo bites down on Deku's shoulder and he's thrusting into him. Deku finishes again, screaming Bakugo's name, sending him over the edge to his release as well. Gently he pulls out of Deku and collapses on the bed next to Deku. Both panting, look at each other and start laughing.

        "Well, Kacchan, this is going to be hard to explain tomorrow." Deku said laughing.

        "You should see yourself." Bakugo said, laughing. they put on some ball shorts and venture into the kitchen to get some water, hoping no one is awake. The walk right into Kirishima, who is also covered in marks. They all start laughing.

         "I'd hate to see what Denki looks like right now." Bakugo said, laughing.

         "About like you honestly." Kirishima said, his face the same shade of red as his hair. "We are gonna have fun explaining this tomorrow." Kirishima whispered. Someone cleared their throat behind the three boys, who jumped clear to the ceiling. Present Mic doubled over in laughter, letting the guys have a rare glimpse of a shirtless Aizawa. Both Aizawa and Present Mic were also covered in scratches and bite marks.

        "Wear long sleeves and a scarf." Present Mic said through laughing. Aizawa grabbed some water and an apple from the fridge and went back to his apartment. Present Mic picked himself up off the floor, said goodnight to the boys, and followed his husband.

         "That was close." Deku sighed, grabbing water and starting back to the bedroom. Bakugo and Kirishima parted ways and Bakugo followed Deku. Once back in the room, Deku looked at Bakugo and broke out in laughter. "It seemed like everyone was celebrating tonight."

         "Yeah it does. I've never thought about why Aizawa dressed like that and why he sleeps all day. This makes a hell of a lot of sense." Bakugo laughed. He kissed Deku on the head and they both climbed into bed and fell asleep.

         The next morning, Class 1A was still on the news. Deku's face was on every screen across the country being praised. The media referring to him as All Might's successor. They used Tokoyomi's words. A beacon of light. They were all sitting in the common room, eating breakfast and watching the news. Aizawa and Present Mic and All Might were there watching it as well. Deku was 50 shades of blushing the whole time. His whole class was being praised. They were doing a new recap of every article involving this group of college students.

         "Well, the beacon of light needs to tell his fiancé to control himself." Kirishima laughed. Bakugo blasted him, his shirt burning off, letting the whole class see the red welts across his own chest. The entire class erupted into laughter. Kaminari turned about as red as Deku was. Present Mic had joined in on the laughter. Aizawa raised his scarf a little higher, catching All Might's attention.

        "I take it everyone was celebrating last night, huh Shouta?" He whispered. Aizawa glared at him, making All Might burst out in laughter. If you looked close enough though, all the students were either wearing long sleeves or high necked tee shirts. If they moved the right way, you can see similar marks on them.

         Kirishima managed to get revenge on Bakugo, hardening his hand to rip off Bakugo's shirt exposing every single mark Deku left from his jaw to his belt like and the scratch marks on his back. Aizawa lost his composure and started laughing. Deku too, had started laughing. The class could only see two obvious marks on Deku and he was being better guarded about his shirt.

         "Jesus, Midoriya. You marking your territory or something?" Shinsou asked. Deku knew better than to answer that verbally so he just nodded his head and smirked. Bakugo laughed. "I can't believe Bakugo let you mark him like that. Guess we know who's in charge of that relationship." He said, trying to lure Bakugo's ego. Deku kept his mouth shut against Shinsou. They all let it drop when they realized Deku wasn't going to budge. A few moments later, Kaminari told Deku his shirt was inside out. He wasn't lying. Deku looked down and thanked Kaminari for letting him know. Completely forgetting what his upper body looked like under his shirt, He pulled it off to turn it the right side out.

         "Good God Bakugo what did you do to that poor boy!" Todoroki exclaimed, turning Deku around in a circle. Deku suddenly remembered and rushed to put his shirt back on, but it was too late. It had been done. He had stroked Bakugo's ego.


         "Thought that's what the ring was for?" Aizawa asked, a smug look of amusement on his face. Bakugo clapped back without missing a beat.

         "I could ask you the same thing." He raised an eyebrow at Aizawa. Present Mic lost it. He started rolling on the floor laughing, All Might laughing on top of him. They stared at each other for a minute before a knock fell on the front door of the dorm. Aizawa, looking confused, went to see who it was.

         "Oh how I do love instant karma." He said, looking at a shirtless Bakugo and Deku, covered from neck to waist in bite and scratch marks. The boys look confused before the realization hit them. Aizawa opened the door and in walked both their mothers. Inko and Mitsuki took one look at their boys before bursting out in laughter.

        "Oh, thank the gods, they're still drunk." Bakugo said under his breath.

         "We'll be right back." He dragged Deku to his room and slammed the door. Their classmates went back to what they were doing. Aizawa continued to have that smug look on his face.

         "I think we traumatized the poor boys." All Might said, still laughing.

         "Good. Humility is good for them." Aizawa said, offering coffee to the boy's mothers. They declined, talking about taking their boys out today. They had brought cookies for the rest of the class. Once dressed, they walked back out and talked to their parents, before leaving to take them out to lunch.

         "What were they doing last night?" Uraraka asked.

         "Obviously fighting for dominance." Todoroki replied, laughing.

         "We know who won too." Kirishima chuckled. Uraraka looked confused. Shinsou just looked at her. Even Iida was looking at her waiting for it to click. It didn't so Shinsou told her.

        "Midoriya was marked more that Bakugo, though not by much it looked like, which means Bakugo asserted his dominance and Midoriya submitted." Shinsou said, smiling at Todoroki. Kirishima noticed the look Shinsou gave Todoroki when he said that and he looked at Kaminari and smiled. Uraraka looked utterly embarrassed but her curiosity won.

        "Is that something gay guys have to do?" She asked. Aizawa spit his coffee out and Present Mic lost it again rolling on the floor laughing as Aizawa was choking on coffee. Kirishima was laughing too. Everyone knew Aizawa and Mic were married, but only 3 boys in that dorm knew which one of the two of them was the dominant one, and 2 of those boys weren't here. Aizawa glared at Kirishima and he stopped laughing and cleared his throat.

         "Well, yes and no. It just makes roles in the bedroom easier. But straight people fight for dominance too." Todoroki said. Uraraka looked like she was going to ask another question. Todroki waited patiently. "Go ahead. I know you want to ask and i'm not going to be offended if you ask. You're curious and that's fine." She played with her fingers for a moment, so Tsu just asked instead.

        "If Bakugo is the dominant one in that relationship, which is completely obvious, does that make you and Kaminari the submissive ones in your relationships." She asked bluntly. Aizawa was on the floor laughing with Mic and All Might. Kirishima and Shinsou were also laughing.

        "She fucking called it for sure." Kirishima laughed. Kaminari was laughing as well. Todoroki looked mortified. Shinsou cleared his throat.

         "yes and no. and i'm going to leave it at that." Shinsou said, much to Todoroki's relief.

         "Alright." Aizawa forced himself to say. "Enough on this conversation. Change it before you break Present Mic. "He said, helping Mic and All Might up off the floor. Things were quiet for a few moments before Uraraka asked everyone if they wanted to go on a beach day since the weather finally wasn't cold anymore. Everyone got excited and headed down to the beach. All Might looked at Aizawa.

         "I take it you, Mic, and 3 boys ran into each other half naked last night getting water out of the kitchen?" He asked.

        "Mic scared them so bad they jumped to the ceiling. They thought they were going to get into trouble. It was hilarious." Aizawa said.

         "I wonder why Tsu didn't ask about our relationship? I know its personal but I feel left out." Mic said. All Might chuckled.

         "Because it's rather obvious, Hizashi that you're the submissive one." All Might said. Aizawa burst out laughing again.

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Chapter 25

        Deku and Bakugo went with their mothers out to brunch. It took a solid ten minutes to get them to stop laughing at them. It took Deku subtly flashing his ring to distract them from the bite marks. Mitsuki and Inko took turns jerking Deku's poor hand around in every angle to see how the light hits it. After that, the mom's calmed down, much to the boys' relief. They went out and had a nice lunch at a little café off the hidden path. Inko asked Deku to come with her for a moment and they Bakugo and Mitsuki they'd catch up in a minute. Once out of ear shot, Inko whispered to Deku.

         "I got your text. Come on we have to be quick before they think to follow us." She said. Deku and his mom navigated through streets and alleys, cutting across the city. They walked into a little jewelry store. Deku had his mother take the money and get Bakugo something for him, so they were here to pick it up. The sales lady smiled.

        "I was so excited to get this order. I was hoping that you guys would've picked my shop." She said politely.

        "You come highly recommended." Deku said. The lady blushed.

        "Ah, yes. Hizashi is in here every 6 months buying something for Shouta. It's so cute. Sometimes Shouta comes in here and gets their anniversary gifts custom made." She said fondly. "So does your fiancé know about this?"

         "Not exactly. He's definitely the impatient type sometimes so I figured it would be better this way." Deku said, scratching the back of his head.

         "Not to worry. Here is your item. I figured you'd want to inspect it to make sure its up to your standards." She said, handing him the little box. Deku and his mom looked at it. He chose the same stones as on his, but he requested for it to be flame and heat resistant and for it to be a black metal. She made an obsidian ring with emeralds and rubies set into it, a gold engraved pattern spiraling through the stones. He was going to love this.

        "It can withstand the temperature right? I'm dealing with a human bomb." Deku laughed.

        "I assure you no amount of oxidized nitroglycerin will damage this ring." She guaranteed.

         "Perfect. Do I owe you anything else for this?" He asked. The lady shook her head.

         "All I ask is that you refer me to your friends if they ever the need."

        "That I can do. Thank you so much." He shook her hand. Inko and Deku headed back to meet the Bakugos. They enjoyed the rest of their day before parting ways. Bakugo and Deku walked back towards the dorms together, laughing at each other. Deku stopped for a moment and Bakugo turned to look at him.

        "What's wrong Izuku?" He asked. Deku just smiled at him, fidgeting with something in his hands.

         "So, umm." he stuttered. " you something." He said shyly. Bakugo looked at him, an eyebrow raised. Deku closes the distance and shows him the little box he's been fidgeting with. He opens it and shows Bakugo his surprise. "I had it specially made with a material that won't melt when you use your quirk. It took a few weeks for the lady to make it and it was just finished today. I hope you like it." He said, shyly. Bakugo took the ring out of the box and looked at it. It was beautiful. The jeweler matched Deku's eyes perfectly. Bakugo was speechless. Deku held out his hand and Bakugo set the ring in his hand. Deku took Bakugo's left hand and slid the ring on it. "Perfect." Deku whispered, smiling up at Bakugo.

         "I love it." Bakugo smiled as he picked up Deku and swung him around, nearly taking out a group of small children. He plated a kiss on Deku's lips before they continued back to the dorms.

        The following Monday, Dean Nezu informed Class 1A that they will be elevated to third year classes. He felt they were ready. Aizawa was clearly not happy with this but he made no objection, since he would be staying with his class. He also announced the prom was coming up. Excitement filled the classroom. It took Aizawa a minute to calm his students in order to be able to start teaching. Bakugo and Deku fought over who was buying the tickets all through lunch, until Bakugo pulled the dominant card. Uraraka had been watching them to learn more about how that whole thing works. Her and Iida were equals in their relationship, they didn't have dominant or submissive energies. It was interesting to her. Deku settled it by saying Bakugo would be wearing red then. That was the end of that. Todoroki chuckled at them.

        The next two weeks flew by thanks to training, class and work. Bakugo and Deku went with Kirishima and Kaminari to get fitted for their tuxes the night before prom. They went out to dinner while the seamstresses did their work and then picked them up on their way back to the dorms. Bakugo literally had to force Deku to lay down that night because Deku was too excited to sleep. Finally he got Deku calm enough to go to sleep. They woke up late in the morning that Saturday and just laid in bed until there was a knock on the door.

        "It's open if you must come in." Bakugo said, irritated. Kirishima brought in some pictures he'd been working on, and Deku handed him a similar folder. Bakugo laughed at the transaction. Deku thought it was sweet as did Kaminari. Kirishima left and Deku stretched before getting up and starting the shower. Bakugo got up and joined him for a quick shower before they threw on some shorts and headed down to eat something. Everyone was excited. The girls were only down for a quick minute, since apparently it took women 8 hours to get ready for the Prom.

         "RESERVATIONS ARE AT 5 LADIES DON'T FORGET!!!" Iida called after them. It fell on deaf ears. The guys just chuckled and sat around bullshitting for a few hours. No one bothered turning the tv on. They were all tired of being analyzed by the media. Around 330 all the guys headed to get ready. Deku and Bakugo were in matching suits. Black pants, black satin vests and red satin shirts. They grabbed their dress jackets and headed down to the common room. Everyone was starting to gather now. The girls in beautiful, ornate princess style gowns. The men in nicely pressed tuxes. The limo pulled up and they all piled in and headed to the restaurant. They had a lovely meal and loaded back up into the limo which was taking them to one of the estates that was owned by an Alumni of UA. They got out and were escorted into the ballroom.

         There were marble floors and big crystal chandeliers. The tables were covered in a white cloth and the chairs were easily over 200 years old. The balcony overlooked the garden, where fairy lights had been put out. Deku was in awe, staring out over the balcony, Bakugo right next to him. Soon the other classes arrived, the music started, as did the night. Bakugo took Deku to get their picture taken, since that was important to Deku. They danced and laughed and spent time with their friends. The night seemed to go on forever. Deku and Bakugo were talking to Todoroki and Shinsou when Bakugo excused himself to get some more punch. Todoroki went with him to help. Shinsou and Deku stood there talking animated with each other. A heavily bassed song came on and the DJ started the strobe lights. Bakugo looked up and smiled at Deku before turning around to pick up their cups. When he turned back around Deku was gone, he saw Shinsou ripping off his jacket and chasing after someone. Kirishima, Iida and Tokoyomi saw this take place. IT seemed like one of the waiters had grabbed Deku and was trying to drag him away. Bakugo took off, Todoroki right behind him. Both men had stripped off their jackets and met up with the other three following Shinsou. Aizawa sees the running, sees who it is, and he tells Mic to lock down the ballroom quickly without alerting the students before running after the boys.

         Deku was trying to kick the person who had grabbed him. They had a hard grip on him, and he had no way to move. He bit down on the person's arm, who released him temporarily, but caught him again before he could land an attack. Deku couldn't move in this suit, he noticed. He just needed time. He needed to stall. He slammed his head back into his captor's face, feeling the nose break. That pissed his captor off, who proceeded to knock Deku out with a punch to the face. He tied up Deku then the captor started running again, only to be blocked by Shinsou. He backed up and whispered something into a radio.

         "Put him down now and I won't have to hurt you." Shinsou threatened. The captor laughed. HE had been studying this boy's friends and knew not to respond to this one. Deku started to come around again before being hit in the face again. The captor looked at his watch. He could hear footsteps coming from behind him. Deku heard it too and snapped awake.

        "KACCHAN!!" he yelled before getting knocked out again. A group of 5 young men came up the hallway. The captor could only laugh.

        "GIVE HIM BACK YOU BASTARD OR I'LL KILL YOU!" Bakugo yelled. They boys moved to offense and started trying to attack. Even holding a tied up body, he was surprisingly agile. The group was trying to attack without hurting their friend and that's what put them at a disadvantage. Bakugo realized that first. "I'm sorry Deku, this is pry going to hurt." He said before launching a powerful blast at the captor. It hit dead on. Bakugo's sleeve was burned off by the heat of the blast. One by one they all apologized to the unconscious Deku and began unleashing their full strength attacks. The captor was starting to get irritated.

         "NOW WOULD BE GOOD!" he yelled into his radio. Bakugo sent another blast. Todoroki sent his flames and ice at the captor at the same time, Kirishima, hardened was up close and personal laying hits on the captor. Tokoyomi was trying to use Dark Shadow to grab Deku but couldn't get a good hold. Shinsou started throwing his scarf around like Aizawa. Iida was landing kicks to the captor between long ranged attacks from Kaminari, Bakugo and Todoroki. Aizawa saw what was going on as he turned the corner and started running up the hall, his goggles on and scarf ready. A purple portal opened up and Bakugo roared as he rushed forward. Aizawa's scarf went too far and into the portal, but he had grabbed ahold of someone. The captor jumped in the portal and just as it was closing, Deku screamed for Bakugo and Aizawa jerked his scarf, pulling out a woman. The portal closed and Bakugo dropped to the ground and let out the most ear piercing, heart broken scream anyone had ever heard before punching the floor, explosions going off as tears start pouring down his face. Shinsou and Todoroki drop to the floor, defeated. Kaminari started crying and Kirishima ran his hand through the wall before dropping to the ground, crying. Iida and Tokoyomi just stood still. Not making a single move, in shock. Aizawa disabled his prisoner's quirk. Present Mic and other pro heroes rushed in to see the scene in front of them.

         "Good to see you again, Toga." Aizawa said, menacingly. She flinched at the sound of his voice. "You and I are going to become very close friends. And trust me the games I have for you, I'm simply afraid you won't enjoy." He said. Present Mic walked over to Bakugo and got down on the ground next to him.

         "Come on Bakugo. We can't help him like this." Mic said calmly. Bakugo looked at Mic, extreme pain on his face, tears pouring like waterfalls. Mic took off his direction speaker and held his arms out. Bakugo fell into Mic and broke down. Mic Petted his hair. The pro heroes helped the other boys get up and out of the house. Mic sat there with Bakugo, signaling Aizawa to go on ahead.

         Everyone in the ballroom heard the scream. Uraraka looked around. She couldn't find her boyfriend or a lot of her friends. She began rounding up class 1A. They realized who all was missing and their hearts dropped. One by one the boys came back in, escorted by a pro hero, and headed out the front door into the foyer. They counted each one. It took a few more minutes before Present Mic came through the door with a screaming, crying Bakugo trying to get back down the hallway they just came from. Uraraka dropped to the ground. Seeing Bakugo like this told her all she needed to know. Something bad happened to Deku. She started crying. The rest of class 1A joined her on the floor. They were all waiting. No one else came out of that hallway. Bakugo could still be heard screaming behind the foyer door and you could hear his explosions. The police then began coming through and IDing everyone before having them leave the ballroom. Bakugo had to be sedated and was transported to the infirmary. The ride back to the dorms was much quieter than the ride up.


Chapter 26 (extreme graphic violent content)

        Aizawa and the pro heroes started the interrogation of Toga. At first she just kept laughing at them. Aizawa lost his patience and made her restraints tighter until she couldn't take it. She started talking, but no matter what they did to her, she refused to tell them where they took Deku. The police restrained her and escorted her to prison. Aizawa called Fox in. Mic had notified All Might, and both boys mothers before they found out on the news. The police had taken to searching the whole mansion and came up with a passed out waiter in a broom closet. They took him in for questioning and continued the sweep. Fox came in and immediately knew what happened. She walked over to the spot where the portal was and started sniffing around.

         "Smells like a bar right here." Was all she had to say. Aizawa knew exactly where they teleported to, but they were easily two hours away. The police notified the local hero agencies before roping off the property. Aizawa called Mic and told him. It was the League, and they were going to try to turn young Midoriya into a villain to show the world that even innocence can be corrupted. Mic gasped.

         "Wake up Bakugo and tell him to be ready for a fight. I'm on my way and we're gonna need all the help we can get. "

         "You sure that's a good idea, Shouta?" Mic asked.

         "If they torture him enough to break him Mic, Bakugo is the only one who will be able to get through to him." Aizawa said. Mic agreed to follow the plan and got off the phone with Aizawa. Aizawa then called Inko and told her he's personally going after these bastards. All she said was to kill them all. He assured her that Bakugo would make sure they were in a million pieces. She said good. He hung up the phone and was flying down the road.

        ""Bakugo, get up and get dressed. Now. We're going after them. Aizawa needs you to pull your shit together and get ready." Mic told him, slapping him across the face. That seemed to do the trick because Bakugo started stripping and getting on his hero costume. Todoroki, Shinsou, Tokoyomi, Iida, Kaminari and Kirishima were there momentarily with Bakugo, ready to go. Bakugo was literally pouring rage.

         "He's here, let's go." Mic said. They all got in the van and burned rubber pulling out of the school.

         "I'm gonna burn them all to the fucking ground." Bakugo growled. "How dare they take what's mine. I'm gonna fucking kill them all." The rest of the boys shared the sentiments.


        At the League of Villains headquarters, someone smacked Deku across the face to wake him up. Deku opened his eyes to see Dabi smiling at him. He noticed he was restrained by his wrists and ankles, his wrists connected to the ceiling. Deku's eyes filled with rage.

         "Well, hello again. It's been so long, i'm so glad you could join us here tonight. We're gonna have a little bit of fun, you and I."

         "Fuck you." Deku sneered at him. Dabi just laughed.

        "I see your little fiancé taught you how to have a backbone. tsk. And I thought this was going to be an easy night. Turns out you've just given me the biggest surprise ever. I'm gonna have soooo much fun breaking you tonight." Dabi said, laughing. Deku squared his shoulders and spit on Dabi.

         "Nothing you do to me will get me to come to your side." He said, defiant.

        "oh, I do so love when they have a spirit to them when we start. Buckle up princess, this is gonna be a wild ride." Dabi said, Fire coming from his hand. He took a knife and put the blade right in the fire before using it to cut off Deku's suit, exposing his bare chest and back. Dabi put the blade back into the flame and then pressed it against Deku's stomach, making him cry out in pain. "Ah, my favorite sound in the whole world. You can end this at anytime, Midoriya. You just have to turn your back on the heroes. No? Okay, but now you know the safe word." Dabi said before doing it again a few times. When that didn't work he took a cane and started swinging it, burning at Deku's back. Deku gritted his teeth and refused to give in. This game continued for hours. Deku's resolve did not waiver, even when his consciousness did. He was honestly thankful for the dark. It didn't hurt in the dark. Dabi stopped using fire covered object for now, he noticed. Must have to recharge. Still don't stop him from finding something to beat him with.

         "You ready to stop?" Dabi asked, the first time in a few hours. Deku laughed at him.

         "Go to hell, you two faced bastard." Deku sneered, laughing until the baseball bat connected with his stomach. He spit blood up at that one. 'Well if they can't turn me they'll kill me. At least there's that. Kacchan. I love you. Be strong.' Deku thought. Thinking of Bakugo gave him strength he didn't think he had. He replayed every picture Kirishima gave him. Every waking moment with Bakugo and their friends. He still felt the different weapons hit him, but he went into his happy place and stayed there.


         Bakugo's ring vibrated. He looked down at it, confused. He asked Aizawa about it. He asked what Deku and his rings were made out of. Bakugo told him and Aizawa slammed on the breaks and whipped the car around. It had taken them 7 hours to fight through the villain out on the streets tonight. Pro Heroes round them up one by one. It was a deterrent, Aizawa figured. When the ring started vibrating again Aizawa stopped. Bakugo was confused. Mic looked at him.

         "The ring is telling you where Deku is. It detects distance. There's a reason we sent you both to the same Jeweler. We have a similar type of ring." Mic said. They all got out of the van and began their ascent.

         "Especially since you two both like to get kidnapped by the bad guys." Aizawa muttered.


         Deku thought he felt his ring vibrate twice, but he had already lost so much blood he was pretty sure he was delirious. Dabi had started back with his fire. His reasoning was so Deku didn't bleed out since it Cauterized instantly. So it was back to fire covered knives and the bat. God the bat, Deku thought. Shigaraki came in a few times and asked if Deku had thought about joining them. Each time he asked Deku told him to get fucked. Each time he was getting weaker, so he simply resorted to flipping him off. Shigarkai got pissed off and ran his fingers up Deku's throat, Killing just the top layer of flesh before walking out and letting Dabi continue. This last time, he held Deku's throat for a bit longer, damaging his vocal chords significantly.

         "Ready? I think we're getting closer to crushing that will of yours. What do you think?" Dabi asked playfully before taking the baseball bat to the side of Deku's face. Deku kept trying to think of Bakugo. With each hit to the head, the pain blinded his memory for a moment, but the hallucination of his ring vibrating kept reminding him of his love. Deku could hear a loud commotion from the other room. It sounded like explosions. Deku's head snapped up, listening, and trying to open his eyes. At this sign of movement, Dabi brought the baseball bat down harder than he had before, causing Deku to scream out. Debi laughed.

        "There it is." He laughed. "I was wondering when you'd grace me with that lovely sound. I guess I just wasn't hitting you hard enough." Dabi smirked. Deku spit blood out at Dabi.

        "I...I keep telling you..."He struggled to speak. "I keep....telling go FUCK can't you.....just get fucked." Deku asked. "Is it...." he coughed up blood. "Is it...because you're hideous?" Deku laughed, delirious and unsure what exactly he was saying, before getting hit in the back with the baseball bat, forcing him to spit up more blood. Deku swore the loud noises were getting louder. He could've swore he heard his name. The Warpy bastard was blown into the room with them. Dabi saw who just blew through the door and started laughing. Deku could hear multiple footsteps come in behind the first set. Someone gasped and there was a rally loud growl. Dabi just laughed, swinging the baseball bat at Deku's back one last time, snapping the bat in half. Deku cried out, but at this point it was no more than just a whimper.

         "You give up yet little Midoriya?" Dabi asked, gripping Deku's face by the chin.

         "I..."Deku coughed out blood again. "I don't think you've *cough* heard me at all *cough cough* Let me speak up*cough* " Deku was whispering. He tried to clear his throat and spat out more blood.

        "GET FUCKED DABI" Deku screamed before being punched in the stomach with Dabi's flamed covered hand. Present Mic jumped in the same time that Aizawa grabbed Dabi with the scarf. The whole point of the boys was to distract Dabi. The police rushed in between the boys and grabbed three villains, Dabi included. Bakugo rushed to Deku.

         "Be careful, Bakugo!" Aizawa said. "You'll pry scare him. I can tell you right now he can't see. Not sure how well his hearing is. Looks like he's taken a lot of head shots so he might flinch away from you. Keep that in mind"

        Bakugo walked the rest of the way up to Deku. Tears were pouring down his face.

        "Alright, Izuku, you ready?" Bakugo started.

        "I don't think the Anixety thing is going to help, right now Bakugo." Kirishima said.

        "SHUT UP!" Bakugo screamed, pain filling his voice. "Izuku, it's me okay. remember. Things we can feel, hear, smell, see and taste right?" Bakugo said calmly. "You hear me, right? it's me okay." One of the Pro Heroes took quick pictures before cutting Deku down and untying his hands and feet. He pushed himself all the way against the wall, curling up into a ball. He looked at the Hero. "THANKS NOW I GOTTA START ALL OVER AGAIN! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M DOING SOMETHING YOU BASTARD?!?!" He yelled. Deku turned his head in the direction of the yelling.

        "That's it, Izuku, it's just me. I'm gonna wipe the dirt off your face okay? That way you can see alright. I'm not going to hurt you." He said as he gently took a towel from the medic bag he brought, and went to wipe Deku's face. Deku flinched away from it, but was drawn back in by Bakugo's voice. "It's alright. It's still me. Just getting your eyes cleared so you can see okay? That'll make it all better."

         They guys watch quietly from a safe distance, remembering what Bakugo said about being in his face.

        "There. I can see your beautiful emerald eyes now. Can you see me?" He asked. Deku locked onto Bakugo's eyes. "There we go. Hi babe. Next is touch and smell alright? I'm gonna gently place my hand on your face. I'm not going to hurt you." Bakugo placed his had lightly on Deku's face, Letting him also smell the sweet aroma of his Nitroglycerin. Deku leaned into Bakugo's hand and shut his eyes. "Alright, love. Last one. Taste. I'm gonna kiss you okay? And then we'll be done." Bakugo leaned foreword and gave Deku as gently kiss. He pulled away and waited just a second, tears pouring down his face. The moment seemed to drag on. It was like time stopped.

        "Every-everything hurts, Kacchan." Deku stuttered to say. Everyone let out a collective sigh. "i'm...i'm glad you....i'm glad you're here." He whispered.

         "I'm glad we found you. Come on now Izuku. Lets get you out of here and into a nice warm bed." Bakugo said through his tears. He picked up Deku, his heart breaking at the whimpering that escaped Deku. "Let's go home." Bakugo said, voice getting stronger.

         "Don't. Please don't leave me" Deku whispered before blacking out.

         "I'm never leaving you again." Bakugo said as he placed a kiss on Deku's forehead. A paramedic tried to take Deku from Bakugo, but was blocked by the pack and Aizawa. Kirishima helped Bakugo get in the back of the van without moving Deku around too much. The boys loaded into the van. The Paramedic pushing taking him to the local hospital.

         "This is a student of my College and we will treat him with our own on campus medical staff. If you continue to persist, I will notify your supervisor and have you fired. Have a good day." Aizawa said, shutting the door and pulling out. "Anyone against reckless endangerment? no? Awesome." Aizawa said as he floored it in the van, taking it as fast as it would go. Bakugo made sure Deku didn't move at all. It took no time at all to get back to the school. The pack helped Bakugo get Deku out of the van and up to the infirmary. Deku whimpered with every step Bakugo took. Finally they made it to the Infirmary. The Doctor was back and standing next to Recovery Girl and a surgery team filled with different specialists. One in particular heals burned skin so the scar is faint, if not gone at all. The surgical team tried to get Bakugo out of the room, but the Doctor overrode them.

        "The Pomeranian stays with the Patient. So does the rest of the pack as long as they stay out of my way." The Doctor said. Bakugo sneered at them. With Deku being placed in the bed, One girl took an xray and it printed out of her arm. The Doctor looked at it. "It's gonna be a long night, everyone get comfortable. "

 The X-ray showed 8 broken ribs, internal bleeding, a concussion, both shoulders Dislocated and  a broken collarbone. The rest of Deku's injuries were all burns or cuts. Bakugo watched every single hand that touched Deku. Their friends made sure that their presence was know. Even Aizawa and All Might were in the room. Once they fixed the major broken bones, One of the surgical team placed her hand on Deku's stomach and chest and made the blood go back into the veins after filtering toxins out of it. The Doctor dealt with the concussion and the contusions to the head and neck. It took over 4 hours before they were done and had wrapped him up. His entire torso was in a bandage. The burn lady did the best she could. Deku was put on oxygen and a chair was brought over for Bakugo to sit in. He pulled the chair up as close to the bed as possible, took Deku's hand, and didn't move. The boys grabbed chairs and all sat around the bed, waiting. It was completely silent except the steady beeping of Deku's heartbeat monitor.
            Recovery Girl watched them from her office, All Might sat in a chair, with his face in his hands. Present Mic brought up blankets for everyone, and a pot of coffee for Aizawa. Bakugo was still awake, his head resting on his right arm, his left had running through Deku's hair. The rest of the boys had fallen asleep in the chairs around the bed. Mic covered them all up and sat next to Aizawa, who leaned into him. It would prove to be a very long night. Deku stayed unconscious for three days, Nobody leaving his side. The school shut down for an extended break. Deku and Bakugo's moms were there with the group during the day, Mitsuki dragging Inko home at night. Bakugo and Aizawa didn't sleep at all. Both blamed themselves. All Might had moved from the office to a chair in the Infirmary next to Aizawa and Present Mic. He blamed himself for Deku's state like Aizawa and Bakugo did.
          Recovery Girl made them all eat. That was her one rule for them staying. It was the only time there was any movement. On day 4, Deku started twitching but was still out of it. Bakugo snapped up and watched Deku's eyes moving behind his eyelids. He placed a gentle kiss between Deku's brows. a small smile crossed Deku's face briefly. Bakugo got close to Deku's ear and started whispering to him. Talking about their first date and the day he proposed.
            "Izuku, come back to me." He whispered. Deku remained asleep. It was another 2 days before Deku really started moving around and making noise. He kept calling out for Bakugo. Then out of no where he starting calling out for his friends. He called out for All Might and Aizawa and Present Mic. He called out for his mom. But always Bakugo. Bakugo and the guys started telling stories about adventures they've had with Deku. Trying to get him to come back to the surface.
       It was well after dark on day 7, they had all fallen asleep, even Bakugo and Aizawa. Deku started moving in his sleep. He was reaching out for someone. The movement caused Bakugo to wake up.
       "Kacchan." Deku whispered, putting his one hand in Bakugo's hair.
        "I'm right here, Izuku. Come on back. We miss you." Bakugo said. Deku mumbled something, scrunched up his face, and then repeated Bakugo's name. Bakugo thought about something. Aizawa heard the talking and woke up. He walked over to the bed. Bakugo looked at him and then back at Deku.
          "Izuku, i'm right here can you hear me?" Bakugo asked. Deku made a mumbling sound. "Good. Good, now can you open your eyes and look at me? Come on, you can do it." Deku rolled his head toward Bakugo's voice. Bakugo smiled a little. "Almost. You almost got it. Its time for touch okay?" Bakugo slowly placed his hand on Deku's face. Deku leaned into his hand and smelled the familiar scent of Bakugo. "Good. Now taste, Izuku. Remember it's me alright." Bakugo leaned forwards and placed a soft kiss on Deku's lips before pulling away. "Can you open your eyes, Izuku?" Bakugo asked one more time. He waited a few moments, his thumb running across Deku's lip. All of a sudden a pair of emerald green eyes were staring into Bakugo's ruby red eyes. Tears began pouring out of both boy's faces as Aizawa ran to get Recovery Girl.
          "Kacchan." Deku whispered. Bakugo started crying again.
         "Shhh it's okay." Bakugo said. Deku tried to get up and get closer to Bakugo.
          "No, lay back down Izuku. Its a miracle you're alive. Patience. i'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. Not ever again." Bakugo said. Deku wiped the tears off of Bakugo's face.
           "I'm sorry, Kacchan. I keep making you worry and I keep making you sad." Deku said, barely above a whisper.
           "No, it's not your fault. We didn't know. Relax i'm not upset love. I thought we were too late when I saw you there. I were really bad. We didn't know if you'd make it. I'm so glad you're finally awake." Bakugo said. He kissed Deku again, Deku kissing him back, his hand on Bakugo's face. Bakugo pulled away. "We gotta keep you calm for a few more days, okay?" Recovery Girl came out of her office and immediately woke up the boys so they could move out of her way. Deku refuses to let go of Bakugo while he gets his vitals checked.
           "Thank the gods of modern medicine. Does your head hurt?" She asked. Deku nodded and tried to say, yes, but couldn't get the word out. "Yes that's what I was afraid of when we saw the xrays. He took that bat to your throat didn't he?" Deku shook his head.
           "Shigaraki." Was all he could whisper.
            "I'll see what I can do for your vocal chords, they're badly strained. Does anything else hurt?"
             "Everything hurts." He whispered. She nodded. "Kacchan." tried to reach for Bakugo.
             "I Guess, if he can get up there without hurting you." She caved. Bakugo carefully slid in the bed next to him and Deku adjusted to Bakugo. Recovery Girl made him take some pain medicine and told everyone in the room not to overwhelm Deku. They all nodded. All Might started apologizing first. Deku help his shaky hand up.
         "Not, not your fault. He was coming for our class anyway for recruits." Deku whispered. Aizawa tried to apologize for not protecting him and Deku told him it wasn't his fault either. Before Bakugo could even speak, Deku told him if he's blaming himself, he's gonna kick his ass. Everyone laughed quietly. They all expressed their happiness to him finally waking up, before they all fell asleep. Bakugo kissed Deku's forehead an fell asleep for the first time in ages. Aizawa sat down in a chair by the bed and eventually fell asleep too. Recovery Girl came back out to see them all asleep. She pulled the metal shutters closed on the Infirmary windows and made it as dark as possible so they all could rest.
        It took another week before Deku could leave his bed and attend classes again. Aizawa made sure after class everyday to go over the lessons with him so he didn't get behind. Bakugo took leave from work to help Deku with the little things. Eventually Deku was able to get to the kitchen without holding on to Bakugo. His legs were coming back to him. The police came to see him to get a statement once he got better, and they had to contend with the Pack too. Deku wanted to see the crime scene pictures they took. The police warned against it, but if Deku wanted it Bakugo made sure he got it, especially right now. The officer showed the villains that were burned to a crisp and frozen solid, showed the villains that were missing limbs that managed to live and the ones that didn't. The ones that ended up electrocuted and the ones that Dark Shadow splattered against the walls. The ones that were kicked so hard, they're paralyzed from the waist down. The villains that had their quirks disabled and were squeezed so hard their shoulder sockets were shattered. The villains who bled out their ears. The Villains that had their organs rearranged by Kirishima's hands.
        Then they got to the main area. The hole Bakugo made with the Warpy Bastard's body. The knocked out body of the one who has split personalities that can clone himself. Then Dabi, restrained in Aizawa's scarf, quirkless temporarily. Then the pictures Deku really wanted to see. It was all surreal to see himself restrained like that, completely covered in blood, cuts and burns all over his torso. His black dress pants were cut all to pieces, blood pouring out of the wounds. Then they showed him the last picture, after they cut Deku down, the police had taken a photo of Bakugo with his hand on Deku's face and Deku leaned into it, eyes closed and the sheer amount of pain on Bakugo's face. Deku leaned into Bakugo in that moment and cried. He told the police a exact detailed account of what happened to him. They were all crying in the end. Aizawa escorted the police out after that and then came over and pulled Deku into a hug.
        Class 1A went out of their way to make sure nobody bothered him. The press tried everyday to speak to him but either got Bakugo or Todoroki blowing them up, or Deku and Bakugo's mom's yelling at them or even one point Aizawa told them all to get fucked. After about another week, Deku felt better to get up and go for a run, He couldn't stand another day in bed. He went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. Thankful for the familiar burn in his muscles. He was able to run 5 miles before getting winded. He walked back to the dorm and laid down in Bakugo's bed and fell asleep still in his gym clothes and half hanging off the bed. Bakugo came in the room to see Deku like that. He chuckled slightly before waking him up.
       "Kacchan you're back!" Deku said, smiling. Bakugo kissed him.
        "Did you actually make it to the gym or did you fall asleep before making it out the door?" He teased.
        "I ran 5 miles on the treadmill. Then came back and fell asleep." Deku said.
        "Good, you didn't lose too much stamina then. We'll start training again next Monday. I want you to actually rest, do you understand me?" Bakugo asked. Deku nodded. He stood up and wrapped around Bakugo. Bakugo put his arms around him and kissed his forehead. He unwrapped himself and went to get into a pair of Bakugo's sweatpants. He stripped his shirt and shorts off then put just the sweats on. It had been two weeks so today was the day he could remove the bandages. Bakugo wasn't looking forward to today, but it would help Deku get past this. Bakugo took the first aid scissors and started cutting off the bandages. After a good twenty minutes, the bandages were off. The majority of the bruising was gone. There were thin little scars on his back and one massive scar across his throat where Shigaraki had touched him. That was the one Deku had the most issues with. The massive burn on his back didn't scar so that was a small miracle.
      Bakugo kissed every single scar. And then kissed his fiancé.
       "You don' don't find me unattractive now?" Deku questioned, self consciously.
        "You're still beautiful. And I still love you. We are still getting Married and opening our own agency with our friends and we are still going to be the number one power couple in the Hero scene. I'm here. Forever. I promise. And if you tell anyone about this mushy shit, i'll kick your ass." Bakugo said as he kissed Deku. "Now, lay down. I wanna cuddle and take a nap." Bakugo said, and Deku just laughed at him as he crawled back into bed, curled up with Bakugo and fell back asleep.

Chapter Text

Chapter 27

        Recovery Girl watched them from her office, All Might sat in a chair, with his face in his hands. Present Mic brought up blankets for everyone, and a pot of coffee for Aizawa. Bakugo was still awake, his head resting on his right arm, his left had running through Deku's hair. The rest of the boys had fallen asleep in the chairs around the bed. Mic covered them all up and sat next to Aizawa, who leaned into him. It would prove to be a very long night. Deku stayed unconscious for three days, Nobody leaving his side. The school shut down for an extended break. Deku and Bakugo's moms were there with the group during the day, Mitsuki dragging Inko home at night. Bakugo and Aizawa didn't sleep at all. Both blamed themselves. All Might had moved from the office to a chair in the Infirmary next to Aizawa and Present Mic. He blamed himself for Deku's state like Aizawa and Bakugo did.

         Recovery Girl made them all eat. That was her one rule for them staying. It was the only time there was any movement. On day 4, Deku started twitching but was still out of it. Bakugo snapped up and watched Deku's eyes moving behind his eyelids. He placed a gentle kiss between Deku's brows. a small smile crossed Deku's face briefly. Bakugo got close to Deku's ear and started whispering to him. Talking about their first date and the day he proposed.

         "Izuku, come back to me." He whispered. Deku remained asleep. It was another 2 days before Deku really started moving around and making noise. He kept calling out for Bakugo. Then out of no where he starting calling out for his friends. He called out for All Might and Aizawa and Present Mic. He called out for his mom. But always Bakugo. Bakugo and the guys started telling stories about adventures they've had with Deku. Trying to get him to come back to the surface.

        It was well after dark on day 7, they had all fallen asleep, even Bakugo and Aizawa. Deku started moving in his sleep. He was reaching out for someone. The movement caused Bakugo to wake up.

         "Kacchan." Deku whispered, putting his one hand in Bakugo's hair.

         "I'm right here, Izuku. Come on back. We miss you." Bakugo said. Deku mumbled something, scrunched up his face, and then repeated Bakugo's name. Bakugo thought about something. Aizawa heard the talking and woke up. He walked over to the bed. Bakugo looked at him and then back at Deku.

        "Izuku, i'm right here can you hear me?" Bakugo asked. Deku made a mumbling sound. "Good. Good, now can you open your eyes and look at me? Come on, you can do it." Deku rolled his head toward Bakugo's voice. Bakugo smiled a little. "Almost. You almost got it. Its time for touch okay?" Bakugo slowly placed his hand on Deku's face. Deku leaned into his hand and smelled the familiar scent of Bakugo. "Good. Now taste, Izuku. Remember it's me alright." Bakugo leaned forwards and placed a soft kiss on Deku's lips before pulling away. "Can you open your eyes, Izuku?" Bakugo asked one more time. He waited a few moments, his thumb running across Deku's lip. All of a sudden a pair of emerald green eyes were staring into Bakugo's ruby red eyes. Tears began pouring out of both boy's faces as Aizawa ran to get Recovery Girl.

         "Kacchan." Deku whispered. Bakugo started crying again.

         "Shhh it's okay." Bakugo said. Deku tried to get up and get closer to Bakugo.

        "No, lay back down Izuku. Its a miracle you're alive. Patience. i'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. Not ever again." Bakugo said. Deku wiped the tears off of Bakugo's face.

        "I'm sorry, Kacchan. I keep making you worry and I keep making you sad." Deku said, barely above a whisper.

        "No, it's not your fault. We didn't know. Relax i'm not upset love. I thought we were too late when I saw you there. I were really bad. We didn't know if you'd make it. I'm so glad you're finally awake." Bakugo said. He kissed Deku again, Deku kissing him back, his hand on Bakugo's face. Bakugo pulled away. "We gotta keep you calm for a few more days, okay?" Recovery Girl came out of her office and immediately woke up the boys so they could move out of her way. Deku refuses to let go of Bakugo while he gets his vitals checked.

         "Thank the gods of modern medicine. Does your head hurt?" She asked. Deku nodded and tried to say, yes, but couldn't get the word out. "Yes that's what I was afraid of when we saw the xrays. He took that bat to your throat didn't he?" Deku shook his head.

         "Shigaraki." Was all he could whisper.

         "I'll see what I can do for your vocal chords, they're badly strained. Does anything else hurt?"

        "Everything hurts." He whispered. She nodded. "Kacchan." tried to reach for Bakugo.

        "I Guess, if he can get up there without hurting you." She caved. Bakugo carefully slid in the bed next to him and Deku adjusted to Bakugo. Recovery Girl made him take some pain medicine and told everyone in the room not to overwhelm Deku. They all nodded. All Might started apologizing first. Deku help his shaky hand up.

         "Not, not your fault. He was coming for our class anyway for recruits." Deku whispered. Aizawa tried to apologize for not protecting him and Deku told him it wasn't his fault either. Before Bakugo could even speak, Deku told him if he's blaming himself, he's gonna kick his ass. Everyone laughed quietly. They all expressed their happiness to him finally waking up, before they all fell asleep. Bakugo kissed Deku's forehead an fell asleep for the first time in ages. Aizawa sat down in a chair by the bed and eventually fell asleep too. Recovery Girl came back out to see them all asleep. She pulled the metal shutters closed on the Infirmary windows and made it as dark as possible so they all could rest.

         It took another week before Deku could leave his bed and attend classes again. Aizawa made sure after class everyday to go over the lessons with him so he didn't get behind. Bakugo took leave from work to help Deku with the little things. Eventually Deku was able to get to the kitchen without holding on to Bakugo. His legs were coming back to him. The police came to see him to get a statement once he got better, and they had to contend with the Pack too. Deku wanted to see the crime scene pictures they took. The police warned against it, but if Deku wanted it Bakugo made sure he got it, especially right now. The officer showed the villains that were burned to a crisp and frozen solid, showed the villains that were missing limbs that managed to live and the ones that didn't. The ones that ended up electrocuted and the ones that Dark Shadow splattered against the walls. The ones that were kicked so hard, they're paralyzed from the waist down. The villains that had their quirks disabled and were squeezed so hard their shoulder sockets were shattered. The villains who bled out their ears. The Villains that had their organs rearranged by Kirishima's hands.

         Then they got to the main area. The hole Bakugo made with the Warpy Bastard's body. The knocked out body of the one who has split personalities that can clone himself. Then Dabi, restrained in Aizawa's scarf, quirkless temporarily. Then the pictures Deku really wanted to see. It was all surreal to see himself restrained like that, completely covered in blood, cuts and burns all over his torso. His black dress pants were cut all to pieces, blood pouring out of the wounds. Then they showed him the last picture, after they cut Deku down, the police had taken a photo of Bakugo with his hand on Deku's face and Deku leaned into it, eyes closed and the sheer amount of pain on Bakugo's face. Deku leaned into Bakugo in that moment and cried. He told the police a exact detailed account of what happened to him. They were all crying in the end. Aizawa escorted the police out after that and then came over and pulled Deku into a hug.

         Class 1A went out of their way to make sure nobody bothered him. The press tried everyday to speak to him but either got Bakugo or Todoroki blowing them up, or Deku and Bakugo's mom's yelling at them or even one point Aizawa told them all to get fucked. After about another week, Deku felt better to get up and go for a run, He couldn't stand another day in bed. He went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. Thankful for the familiar burn in his muscles. He was able to run 5 miles before getting winded. He walked back to the dorm and laid down in Bakugo's bed and fell asleep still in his gym clothes and half hanging off the bed. Bakugo came in the room to see Deku like that. He chuckled slightly before waking him up.

         "Kacchan you're back!" Deku said, smiling. Bakugo kissed him.

         "Did you actually make it to the gym or did you fall asleep before making it out the door?" He teased.

         "I ran 5 miles on the treadmill. Then came back and fell asleep." Deku said.

         "Good, you didn't lose too much stamina then. We'll start training again next Monday. I want you to actually rest, do you understand me?" Bakugo asked. Deku nodded. He stood up and wrapped around Bakugo. Bakugo put his arms around him and kissed his forehead. He unwrapped himself and went to get into a pair of Bakugo's sweatpants. He stripped his shirt and shorts off then put just the sweats on. It had been two weeks so today was the day he could remove the bandages. Bakugo wasn't looking forward to today, but it would help Deku get past this. Bakugo took the first aid scissors and started cutting off the bandages. After a good twenty minutes, the bandages were off. The majority of the bruising was gone. There were thin little scars on his back and one massive scar across his throat where Shigaraki had touched him. That was the one Deku had the most issues with. The massive burn on his back didn't scar so that was a small miracle.

         Bakugo kissed every single scar. And then kissed his fiancé.

        "You don' don't find me unattractive now?" Deku questioned, self consciously.

         "You're still beautiful. And I still love you. We are still getting Married and opening our own agency with our friends and we are still going to be the number one power couple in the Hero scene. I'm here. Forever. I promise. And if you tell anyone about this mushy shit, i'll kick your ass." Bakugo said as he kissed Deku. "Now, lay down. I wanna cuddle and take a nap." Bakugo said, and Deku just laughed at him as he crawled back into bed, curled up with Bakugo and fell back asleep.

Chapter 28

        The end of term came quickly, Finals finished. Despite what happened at prom, the rankings still stood. Class1A had made it to the end of the year alive, barely. Shigaraki was still out there somewhere. Gathering more and more followers by the day. Deku had made it his personal mission to make sure he's the one that catches the bastard.

        On the last day of classes before summer break, Aizawa told his students that due to the recent issues, all hero course students were required to stay in the dorms over the break instead of going home. Deku was slightly happy for this, since his mother had been rather insufferable since he was kidnapped. He found out All Might had gotten the ass chewing of the year the first time Inko saw him. All Might didn't fight it either. Some of the other students were upset about this, but if they wanted to continue attending UA, they would follow the orders from the Dean. Most of the students were working with agencies over the break full time, so they didn't see each other a whole lot.

         Over the past few weeks Bakugo realized Deku started getting timid again. He'd never admit it but he was proud of Deku for telling Dabi to get fucked. However, it seemed that the League did succeed in breaking him slightly. The first few weeks after he woke up, Deku jumped at his own shadow. He wouldn't go to restaurants with waiters. Bakugo understood. He was terrified of fire after that too for the longest time. He saw Todoroki start a bonfire and went into a panic attack. It took a lot of work with Todoroki and Bakugo to get him over that one. His nightmares came back in full force but unlike the last ones, Bakugo can't do anything to calm them.

         Bakugo was woken up again to Deku screaming his name. He pulled Deku closer and gently woke him up.

        "i'm sorry I keep waking you up Kacchan." Deku had said. Irritation flashed across Bakugo's face.

         "Enough of that, you idiot. For better or worse right? Stop apologizing." Bakugo snapped. Deku put his hand, unconsciously, across his throat where Shigaraki got him. Bakugo pulled his hand down and held it. "Stop, Izuku. everything is okay now. You're home and safe." He said. Deku sighed.

         "Everyone at work has been looking at me differently since I came back from this." Deku said quietly. Everything Deku said anymore has been quiet thanks to that bastard, Bakugo thought.

        "Why didn't you tell me?" He demanded. Deku looked at him.

         "Because at first I understood the hesitation of them wanting to put me back on patrol. But it's been so long, and I've gotten back to my old stamina and everything. I'm back to getting better and I do my job flawlessly, But apparently i'm a liability and a target." He responded, upset.

         "Well, quit working for that agency. I know you like the area you patrol and some of the heroes are still nice to you, but you gotta do what makes you happy." Bakugo said. Deku looked at him, a sullen look in his eyes.

         "I've contacted several agencies to try to transfer. They all see me as the same thing. A liability. Even though my work makes up for it, they won't bring me on even to do paperwork because they feel it puts the pros at risk." Deku said. This pissed Bakugo off.

         "Every hero at one point in their career or another has been captured. Its part of the job. Just because you were in a position that you couldn't fight your way out of doesn't mean you're not a damn good hero. Them bastards." Bakugo said.

         "It's alright, I guess. I'm only there for another year until we graduate." Deku sighed. He knew the agency wouldn't get rid of him because the public saw him as the Beacon of Light in the darkness and they were using that to their benefit. This was not acceptable to Bakugo, but he let it go with Deku and tried to make him think of something happier. He had decided to let Deku have free reign over the wedding details with one exception, No All Might stuff. He switched the subject to that and watched Deku's eyes light up as he started pulling out books and mumbling quietly. Bakugo just listened to him and smiled. 'I'll deal with this agency tomorrow.' He thought.

         When his alarm went off, he tried his best to get up without waking Deku, which was harder than he thought, since the small person was completely curled up around him. He kissed Deku's forehead, told him to go back to sleep, and got ready for work. He was going to talk to his boss about the issue Deku's having at his agency. He walked out of the bathroom and Kissed Deku one more time before going to work. Once at work, he knocked on his boss's door. He was told to enter. Bakugo Bowed when he entered and his boss gestured for him to have a seat.

        "What's the matter, Bakugo? You look upset. well, more so that usual." He chuckled. Bakugo sighed and started from the beginning. The more in depth he went, the darker his boss's face got. Bakugo asked him what he thought the best move to make would be for Deku. "Have him come talk to me. I've seen you two work together, I was at your midterm exams. If his agency won't appreciate what they have, then i'll take it from them. I know it was rough for you in the beginning here, but hopefully you feel like a valued addition." His boss said. Bakugo nodded. He had to prove himself for this agency, and they put him on reports duty for a long time, before giving a chance and since they did, he has excelled and has become a part of the family here. That's why he brought this to his boss.

        "Absolutely." He responded. "I just know he's beyond upset that they took what he loved to do away from him and put him behind a desk in the back filing paperwork. He thinks its because of his scars." Bakugo confided in his boss. His boss asked what agency Deku was at and Bakugo told him.

         "That doesn't surprise me how they're treating him, even though it's not right. That's okay though. I have a place on my patrol team and Midoriya is more than welcome to fill it. You don't work today, correct? I see you're not in your suit."

         "That is correct. I came in today because this was important." Bakugo said. His boss thought for a moment.

        "Well, why don't you two meet me for lunch at this little café downtown and I will discuss this with him." Bakugo knew the place. And knew Deku wouldn't step in there because of the wait staff. He informed his boss as such. His boss laughed. "Oh, I don't eat in the front with the regular guests. I have an office in the back that the owner sees to me solely. He won't have to worry about that." Bakugo nodded, thanked his boss for his time and bowed.

         "Bakugo, Katsuki. Before you go, just know this. After I take Midoriya from that agency, I will be speaking publicly against them. It is not right for them to do that and I will not condone it. I will not use names, nor will I use this specific situation. But I will not tolerate someone hurting part of my family." He said. Bakugo nodded before seeing himself out.

         Deku was in the shower when Bakugo got back. He came out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel, and saw Bakugo admiring him. He flushed three shades of red. "Well, there's my sexy man. Damn. Look at all of that attractiveness. It should be illegal to be that fucking hot." Bakugo said. Deku smiled at him and continued drying off.

         "Where'd you just get back from, all dressed up like that?" Deku raised an eyebrow.

        "Went to talk to my boss. We apparently have a lunch date with him so get dressed." Bakugo said, smacking Deku on the ass.


         "Trust me?" Bakugo asked. Deku nodded and found something nice to wear before they left for the café. Bakugo walked around the back of the building and walked into his boss's second office. Deku calmed down when he saw the manager and no waiters. Bakugo's boss chuckled.

        "You weren't joking I see." His boss said.

         "I never joke when it comes to Izuku." Bakugo deadpanned. Deku look mortified that Bakugo would speak like that to a superior, but his boss just laughed.

        "Well, sit down, come on. I ordered food for us already." he gestured at two chairs and the boys joined him at the table. "So, Midoriya. How have you been fairing?" He asked.

        "I've been better, but i'm getting better everyday too." He replied quietly.

        "Yes, I've been keeping up to date with your healing progress, though I see there wasn't anything to be done about your voice I see. I've heard you still rank number one at your college despite the incident."

         "oh. ha, that. Yeah." Deku blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

        "Ah, Modesty I see. Complete opposite of your other half here. You two compliment each other well. So, How's things at the agency?" HE asked, getting to the point. Deku looked at Bakugo, who feigned innocence.

        "To be honest, it's not been too good lately. I guess I understand their stance though."

         "Don't you even say what I think is about to come out of your mouth." Bakugo turned and said to him. His boss raised an eyebrow. Deku looked at his hands folded in his lap.

         "Relax, Bakugo. Midoriya, why do you say you understand?" Deku sighed.

         "Well, i'll just show you if that's okay? It's easier." He responded. Bakugo's boss nodded. Deku pulled his polo off and uncovered his throat. He was wearing a white tank top underneath, which allowed for Bakugo's boss to see not only the extreme scarring on his throat, but also the burn scars and blade scars down his shoulders and arms. He put the polo back on and covered his throat.

        "Ah, so because you have scars that show that you've stayed true to your convictions, you understand that they'd rather the public not see you, even though you've most likely dealt with more villains then they have and that the public already sees you as your mentor's successor." His boss said. Deku simply looked down at his feet. "Midoriya, look at me please and remove that thing from around your neck. I'm going to give you some advice." Deku did as he was told. His boss chuckled.

         "Well, that answers that curious question I had that's completely irrelevant." Bakugo choked on his water. "Anyway, Midoriya. The people you protect will not look at your scars and think less of you, nor will the people who love you. Those scars tell a story about your life. And even though they are from a dark event, you can use those are tokens to remind you that even in that dark time, you did not waiver. You stuck by what you knew was right. And you lit the fire in the hearts of millions with your bravery. Bakugo here told me about what's going on at the agency you are employed by. Something you had said recently made him concerned and he came to me for advice, as he should have. I have a spot on my patrol team for one more hero. It's yours if you want it. I'm not going to stick you behind some desk away from the public eye. You have amazing potential and I want to give you every opportunity to grow in the time you're with me. " He said. Deku just looked at him.

        "Also, Bakugo has told me that you two plan on opening your own agency eventually, is that something that you're still interested in?" It took Deku a moment to reply.

         "Um. I mean. Yes." Deku straightened up. "We've been working on it and planning, but we've been drastically set back due to the incident and i'm having to recalculate my numbers and reevaluate a new timeline as to when we'd even be able to have enough saved up to do it. But it's definitely something we are working towards, yes." Bakugo smiled.

        "Well, If you come over to my agency, I will personally make sure you are well trained to run your own agency by the time you two have saved up enough to do it. And my agency will work closely with yours in the future, so you will have your first ally." Deku's jaw dropped open. To be honest, Bakugo wasn't expecting that out of his boss, either. "well, what do you say, Midoriya, Izuku? Shall I send your letter of resignation to your agency?"

         Deku thought for a minute, mumbling to himself. Bakugo's boss sat patiently, having been warned about this habit of Deku's. "Yes." was all Deku could say before mumbling to himself a little more. Bakugo released the breath he had been holding and smiled.

         "Wonderful. Come see me tomorrow and we'll get your paperwork sorted." He said. A waitress started through the door with the food before being jerked back and the manager walked in with the food muttering about how her staff doesn't listen for shit. Bakugo's boss, smiled and started some small talk with the boys. Asked them about how the wedding plans are going and all of a sudden a very animated Deku couldn't stop talking. Bakugo just shook his head, smiling.

Chapter Text

Chapter 29

        The two returned to the dorm to see their classmates all standing around the TV. The news was on and displaying the Breaking News image. Confused, they joined their classmates and listened. The reporter was outside of the prison, which was covered in neon blue flames. Deku had a really bad feeling. Iida saw the two walk up and came over to put an arm around Deku's shoulders. The rest of the pack came around them as well.

         "Around 11 this morning there was a mass break out here at the prison. Approximately 15 people escaped and about 6 are still unaccounted for. Several guards are in critical condition. Among the list of escaped include several head figures of the self proclaimed League of Villains. After the incident this past March, that involved the UA college's prom, this raises security concerns for the school, which has stated they will hold a press conference later this afternoon. We will show pictures of the escaped criminals. If you see them, do not engage and call the local police."

         The news kept reporting the details of the escape, and released pictures of the criminals that had managed to get out. Deku could only stare at the pictures of Dabi and Toga. Aizawa, having seen the news in his office, put a hand on his shoulder and took him, and the pack of course, into his office.

         "I was hoping you, Midoriya, wouldn't see the news yet so I could talk to you about it. UA has decided to put a security detail on Class 1A. I know you're technically class 3A Iida, but now's not the time for that. Because the League has decided that this class shows the most promise for talent and wants to get the strongest on their side. Other colleges have taken similar precautions with their top ranked classes and students. They were not able to break out that warpy bastard, so we do not have to worry about them just portalling in. We at least have that. We are not at this time going to cancel the work release program. They need the help especially now. If any of you." He looked at each of them before continuing. "Come across anyone from the League, do not fucking engage them. We got lucky Fox was still in town when they took Midoriya, and even then it still took us a long time to actually get to him. Imagine what the worst case scenario could've been if it had taken us days? I know you all want to get them. But right now, don't be fucking martyrs."

         "And if we come across them while at work?" Iida asked.

         "Your supervisors will most likely pull you into a meeting tomorrow to go over their plans for handling this. Keep in mind, the moment this all broke on the news UA had already sent messages to all the agencies that have our students and informed them that our students are not to engage with the League of Villains." Aizawa said. Deku just stared at the ground. "I will meet with the rest of the class in a few moments but I felt that you 8 needed to be talked to specifically about this. Seeing as you 8 have the reasoning to actually want to see these villains dead." They nodded. "Midoriya, stay, I want to speak with you privately. The rest of you are dismissed. That means you too Bakugo. Go on." They left the room, but did not rejoin the others. Instead they stood outside the hall and waited.

        "I swear." Aizawa sighed. "Sit down Midoriya. Its time we talked about everything." Deku nodded and sat down. Aizawa grabbed his coffee pot and got Deku some tea before sitting down. "How are you processing all of this?" Deku looked at him, thoughtful. Aizawa could see the ranging emotions in the boy's face.

         "Well, I knew it would only be a matter of time." He said softly. "I want to bring them all down. I don't want anyone else to go through what I did." he paused. Aizawa went to say something, but Deku continued. "But, after the prom incident, I know i'm not strong enough alone. I mean, it took three of us to take down Stain and even then we were lucky. I mean, we train everyday. I'm getting better. Stronger, Faster. But I was afraid of Todoroki for weeks because of the fire. I knew he would never hurt me. But it takes time to move on past that. I still can't eat at restaurants with waiters. I know this is effecting Kacchan, and my friends, and i'm trying." Deku finished. Aizawa took all this in. This is why he wanted to separate them. Deku wouldn't come out and say these thing with Bakugo around, because he doesn't want to let him down. That, and He still hasn't been able to speak above a whisper. Recovery Girl doesn't know the full extent of damage to his vocal chord injury or how long it'll take to heal.

         " You can only take it one day at a time, Midoriya. With the restaurant thing, have you all tried going as a group as opposed to just you and Bakugo going? Or have you not even let Bakugo try taking you out? I'm just asking to try to help. I'm glad to hear that you've matured enough to come to the realization you did. Even some adult Pro Heroes still don't look at things that way. I know why you out of anyone would want the League taken down and i'm proud that you realize you can't do it alone as some vigilante. I have no doubt that they'll get what's coming to them. The only thing you can do, Midoriya, is keep training. Go out with your friends. Enjoy being a student before you graduate."

         "I haven't even let Bakugo take me out to a restaurant. He usually picks up the food and we go have a picnic somewhere quiet. Or when we go out as a group, we take food with us and eat where ever we decide to stop." Deku answered. He knew Aizawa was right about the rest of what he said. He didn't have to say he knew, because Aizawa knew he knew.

         "Think about it like this. If you don't want Mitsuki cooking for your wedding and killing all your friends with food poisoning, you're gonna have to get over your fear of waiters. Trust me I know what it's like to have one event change how you look at things. You can ask Hizashi, in private of course, about the incident while we planned our wedding, and I was afraid of the seamstress. And I know its hard. Just like with Todoroki, it took work, right? Even though it hurt your heart and Todoroki's heart for you to be afraid of one of your best friends, he understood your fear, most likely after having his own break down involving his family history and your sudden fear being like his mother's hatred, and he and Bakugo and your other friends helped you through that. It took time though, just like the waiter thing will take time. But you'll never be able to get back to a normalish life if you let your fears prevent you from living your life. Also, call your damn mother before I make her come over here to check on you. If she so much as calls me one more time, the next thing you'll be afraid of is me." Aizawa ended. Deku laughed at him quietly.

        "Just seriously, Midoriya, don't engage with the League. Call your boss and get out of there. Now, I know those boys are still standing outside my door making sure I didn't kill you, so go on. JUst remember what I said. And." he leaned closer to Deku and whispered the next part. "If you ever want to talk to someone, that doesn't have Bakugo's explosive personality, Mic and I's door is always open. At anytime. We are your teachers and are here to guide you. That doesn't just mean in your quest to become a hero. And if you do decide to come talk, bring your wedding planning book before Mic kills me with 1500 questions I can't answer." He sat back up. "He's such a girl about stuff like that." Deku just laughed.

         "Thank you, Aizawa. I appreciate everything you have done. I really do. I feel like nobody tells you that as much as they should." He bowed before turning to the door. He paused and turned back. "Bakugo works tomorrow night so if Mic wants to help me with this planning, and to give you some much needed peace, tell him i'll meet him somewhere with these plans. I could use the help to be honest. Bakugo said he's happy with whatever I decide but....shit's stressful."

         Aizawa laughed. "I'm sure Hizashi will be thrilled to help. i'll tell him when he gets home. And you're right, the peace would be much appreciated. I love the man to death but he has no off switch or volume button." Deku smiled and then walked out the door, to see his friends three inches from his face.

         "Relax, he was just asking how I've been." Deku said, his hands up.

        "He couldn't do that with us in there?" Bakugo demanded. Deku just stared.

        "A mouse squeaks louder than I can talk on a good day." He deadpanned, unconsciously rubbing his throat. Bakugo look liked he just got smacked across the face. 'Damn' he thought 'why do I keep forgetting that?' Deku smiled at him. "Sorry, Kacchan. It's just been a long day already." Bakugo shook it off and kissed him.

         "So, I heard Bakugo's mother's name brought up, what was that about?" Todoroki asked. Deku laughed.

        "Well, Aizawa made a good point in there. He said if I didn't want Mitsuki killing you all with her cooking at the wedding that I was going to have to suck it up and deal with my fear of waiters." Bakugo about lost it. All 6 of the boys fell over laughing, tears pouring down Iida's face.

        "Fucking savage!" Kirishima said, holding his ribs from laughing too hard.

        "Well, I know we just got back from lunch, but do you want to try to go out for dinner tonight? We can all go as a group If it would help." Bakugo asked him. Iida looked up at that.

        "You know that's something I've had a lot of time to think about." They all looked at him. "They had all evening to grab Midoriya, right? Especially in the beginning when it was just our class. They waited until it was just Shinsou and Midoriya together and the strobe lights were going on. They knew that they wouldn't have been able to get close to him if he was with all of us. He knew he wouldn't stand a chance. How many times now have we faced them in a large group and they've gotten their asses handed to them?" Iida paused again.

        "That makes sense, strategically thought." Shinsou said. "Out of all of us, they knew I was the less combat oriented. And no I don't mean to be down on myself, it's true. Also my quirk doesn't draw a lot of attention. Bakugo's explosions, Kirishima sending someone through a wall, Iida doing the same, Kaminari and his lightning, Tokoyomi and Dark Shadow. Todoroki and his Icyhot quirk. They knew one of them attacking would signal all the other hero course students into acting. They studied us and they waited until It was just me and Midoriya. And when it was he and I in the hallway, he would not answer any of my questions. We had been studied." Shinsou finished.

         "So if we go out to dinner as a group, no one is going to fuck with you, Midoriya. And quiet frankly, you need to relax." Tokoyomi said.

        "ALright SHUT UP EVERYONE!" He yelled. then much quieter he said, "we aren't going to be able to hear him answer if you all keep talking at the same time." He smiled at Deku, who smiled back. His friends all looked at him patiently.

         "Okay, we can try it. Only because I would blame myself if Bakugo's mother killed you all." Deku responded. They all laughed and continued on to the common room.

         Aizawa and Present Mic had listened at the door at what was being said in the hallway. Aizawa wasn't completely truthful with Midoriya about where Mic was, but it didn't matter.

        "Why didn't we figure that out, Shouta? Once they said it it seemed obvious." Mic asked. Aizawa sighed. What they said did make sense. That was the downside of the Sports event. UA students don't get the element of surprise for the licensing exam nor with the villains they face.

        "Hizashi, sometimes even pro's miss things. I'm not surprised it was Iida and Shinsou that figured it out. Bakugo might have perfect grades but his strategies only include blowing shit up. Iida and Shinsou out think most people when it comes to battle strategies. At least they've talked Midoriya into going out. Poor boy has been wandering around the dorms for months and I know it breaks Bakugo's heart that he hasn't been able to fix what's wrong with Midoriya. " Aizawa said.

         "I noticed that myself, however, with Bakugo being captured, they had just tied him up to a chair and monologued him to boredom. That's the difference between the two. They learned after taking Bakugo that UA students wouldn't join their side just by being monologued at, They were fully prepared to kill Midoriya if he didn't break. And even though he kept his resolve and refused to turn to a villain, they did succeed in breaking him. You saw it like the rest of us did. His heart wasn't into his schoolwork or training there once he got back on his feet." Mic said.

        "Yes, but between All Might helping with his mental state and Bakugo literally focing him to get up and train like they did before the incident, you could see the fire back in his eyes. He will get there and i'll be those close to him that help him get there. That's why I offered our assistance. I know he's got all his friends and All Might, But lets be honest. All Might and Bakugo really take the same approach to things. It's just who they are. Some things need a softer approach. And we have to get that boy to speak up again. The whispering isn't helping him. " Aizawa responded.

         "Well, I'll see what I can do as far as the voice issues, and the wedding. I'm so excited about what he's planning!!!" Mic said. Aizawa kissed him before going back to his computer to monitor the news.

        "I know you are, that's why I suggested it. It'll keep his mind off of everything else for a while."


Chapter 30

        Bakugo was in the shower while Deku was pacing a hole in the floor muttering to himself. He knew tonight was going to be a stressful evening. Yes, he was basically going out on a group date with his closest friends. It should be a fun evening. A few months ago it would have been. The Incident, as they've taken to calling it, changed everything. Deku looked in the mirror. He hadn't wore a suit since then either. Bakugo walked out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist, dripping water. He leaned against the door frame and watched Deku mess with his tie. They had decided that tonight was going to be a formal evening.

         "Stop fidgeting with it, Izuku. You look perfect, relax." Bakugo said, obviously catching him off guard judging by the face he made in the mirror. Bakugo chuckled and started getting dressed. Deku turned and watched him, smiling. Bakugo could see the panic written all over Deku's face. It broke his heart to see it, but hopefully tonight would help. Deku's phone rang.

        "Hi mom." He said. Bakugo grimaced. That woman loved her son, sure. It was obvious. But Deku didn't need her adding to the stress of the evening. She had called him ten times a day for months. He understood, but there needs to be a line drawn. Bakugo's own mother tried to get her best friend to relax but it was no good. Deku started ignoring her calls at one point, and she started calling Aizawa and All Might 10 times a day. He could read the expressions on Deku's face as he heard her talking. She knew he couldn't speak loud, and she used that to her advantage. Bakugo cleared his throat and Deku looked at him.

         "Izuku, let's go. The reservation is at 7 and if you don't finish getting dressed we're gonna miss it!" Bakugo said loud enough for Inko to hear.

        "You're finally letting Bakugo take you out to dinner?" She asked, sounding relieved.

         "We're going out with Kirishima and Todoroki and the guys." Deku said.

         "I'm glad then. That means you're getting over all this nonsense that happened. It's about time you pulled yourself out of your own head. I love you and I worry about you and your happiness and safety. Have fun tonight. I'll talk to you soon." Bakugo saw the look on Deku's face as she said that. 'Fucking great, Inko. Make him feel worse about himself. That's helpful. Just what he needed tonight.' Bakugo said. Deku hung up the phone and sat down on the bed, his face in his hands. 'I'm gonna kill that woman.' Bakugo thought. He snapped a quick picture, sent it to his mother and told her if she didn't rein in Inko, he was going to kill her. Mitsuki responded similarly.

        "Izuku, look at me." Bakugo said, putting on his tie. Deku looked up. "Listen, your mother loves you. It's partly my fault she's as thoughtless with her words. I made the decision to not let her see the crime scene pictures. She doesn't know what actually happened. And i'm sorry for that, but I thought at the time it was the best way, for your sake. Had I known she was going to be like this, I would've done things differently. Don't let her get you down, love. We're gonna have a good night, okay?" He said, walking over to Deku and pulling him up into his arms. Deku nodded and shook his head, trying to clear it. Bakugo sent Deku down to the common room to meet with the guys. Once he heard the elevator close, he called his mother.

        "Katsuki." Mitsuki greeted.

         "Mom. You still have the crime scene photos the officer gave me?" Bakugo asked. He kept them with the newspaper articles for Deku. Even though he never wanted to see them again, they were an important part of Deku's life and Deku wanted it all documented. The good and the bad. Bakugo left them in a box at his mom's.

        "Yeah. They're in the closet."

        "Good. Take the whole fucking box and shove it in Inko's face. There's something we kept from you and after this last phone call, she's crossed the fucking line. We have worked so hard to get Deku over his goddamned fears, and then she calls and makes the comment 'I'm so glad you're finally getting out of your head.' And literally sent Izuku into another depression and i'm fucking done." Mitsuki was quiet for a moment, before responding to her son.

         "Alright. I take it this box isn't going to be good? I've got it and my keys."

        "No. It has copies of the initial xrays and CT scans, the crime scene pictures. The bodycam videos from the police of us raiding the place. The police report that's sealed. Everything. Every last thing tied to the Incident. Hopefully it changes her goddamned perspective. I know she wants whats best for him and wants him to be happy and safe, but the fact is, between us and Aizawa, we just now got him to agree to go out to a nice restaurant. And she starts that shit. But I gotta go, they're waiting for me."

        "Try to have a good night, Katsuki. I'll deal with Inko and try to get her off his ass. call me when you get back." She hung up. Bakugo straightened up and met the group in the common room. He smiled when he saw Deku talking animatedly to Todoroki. Shinsou walked up beside him.

         "He wasn't in a good place when you sent him down is what Shoto texted me. I heard you yelling at your mother, so i'm assuming it's his mother again.?" Shinsou asked Bakugo quietly.

        "Yep. Fixing it though. My mother is taking the box over to his mother's. Its time she sees how broken he was like the rest of us have to live with. I tried to keep her from the nightmares we all have about that night, but she crossed the line tonight." Bakugo said. Shinsou nodded. They proceeded to the group and got close enough to hear Todoroki asking Deku about the wedding. Bakugo smiled.

         "At least, if anything, that works." Shinsou whispered to Bakugo, laughing. Deku looked up and smiled shyly at Bakugo, making his heart melt.

         "Are we all here?" Bakugo asked, putting his arm around Deku.

        "Waiting on Kirishima and Kaminari." Iida said. Bakugo pulled out his phone.

        "HURRY THE FUCK UP, SHITTY HAIR OR WE'RE LEAVING WITHOUT YOU!!!!" He said into the phone then hung up. Kirishima came around the corner, Kaminari and Aizawa behind him. Aizawa looked rather irate to have been disturbed from a nap.

        "Sorry!!!! wanted a picture before we left, had to get a willing photographer, since our classmates suck."

         "They're all at work you idiot." Bakugo said.

         "Who said I was willing?" Aizawa said, before getting them all together and taking the picture, before setting Kirishima's camera down and going back to his nap. They all got into the limo Todoroki had arranged. Deku, unaware of this, froze for a moment, before Bakugo kissed his forehead and helped him in. They had a nice ride to the restaurant. Kirishima was taking pictures. Kaminari was discussing video game strategies with Tokoyomi. Shinsou was watching everyone as Bakugo and Todoroki tried to keep Deku talking about the agency and the wedding. Iida was helping Deku work through some issues with the agency he had came across.


         Mitsuki knocked on Inko's door with what her son called "The Box". She didn't know why he kept this stuff, but assumed it was because of Midoriya. That boy likes to keep memories alright, but you'd think this would be one he'd want to forget. Inko opened the door and let Mitsuki in.

         "What's going in, Mitsuki? You said this was urgent and had to do with Izuku." Inko asked, bringing tea to the living room where Mitsuki had set the box on the table.

        "Our children wanted to keep this from us to shield us from what really happened. But apparently because you want to keep making off handed comments about Izuku and his mental state and call him 30 times a day to see if he has gotten over his own head, Katsuki thought it was best if you saw this. Keep in mind, I haven't seen what all he and Izuku have in this box. He did stress that Izuku's kidnapping was nothing like his own. So sit down, this is going to be a long night." Mitsuki demanded. Inko sat down.

         "The official school statement and the doctors at the school said they had taken care of his injuries." Inko said. "Izuku also said he was back to his old self."

         "If you believed that then why are you calling him so much? You didn't before the Incident." Mitsuki snapped as she opened the box. She took the video and put it in but didn't start it yet. She pulled out the pictures and the medical scans. She took out the police report and the medical report. She began showing Inko the crime scene photos. The ones of where the boys massacred 30 villains that had tried to stop them from getting to Deku. She showed the ones of the hole Bakugo blew through the wall. Then she paused before showing the last two.

        "These last two are nothing compared to the video, but you have to see them. Keep in mind, he's an adult now and has made it clear that no matter what you say, he's still going to be a hero." Mitsuki said before showing Inko the picture of Deku tied up, bloody and cut open, still hanging from the ceiling. You couldn't even tell that it was Deku. Then she showed the second picture, of Deku having been cut down and untied, in a corner, face cleaned up by Bakugo, who was knelt in front of him. The sheer terror on his face and the pain on Bakugo's. Mitsuki put the pictures down and turned on the video. It showed the boys, Aizawa, Present Mic and the cops clearing out the hideout. It also showed the last few hits Deku took from Dabi. Mitsuki didn't know Bakugo was given a body camera. It showed Deku spitting blood on Dabi's face and telling him to get fucked before Dabi broke the baseball bat in half with Deku's back and him screaming. It showed Deku being cut down and Bakugo yelling. It showed Bakugo trying to get Deku cleaned up a little so he could see who was talking to him. It showed him being carried out of the building, whimpering could be heard with every step Bakugo took.

         Mitsuki turned the video off and grabbed the medical scans and showed Inko the complete damage done to Deku's body. The broken bones, the brain bleed and internal bleeding. The burns and cuts all over his body. The damage to his vocal chords. It was a miracle he lived. Mitsuki then began reading Deku's statement to the police. What he remembered happening to him.

         "The one called Shigaraki. His quirk is decay. Anything he touches dies. He was pissed that I kept telling them no. He ran his hand down my throat slowly. The pain was worse than the hours of Dabi's torture." Mitsuki read to Inko, who by this point was as white as a ghost. Mitsuki kept reading though. And then read the medical reports. When she was finished, both women were crying, holding each other.

         "Katsuki didn't want you to know. He tried to keep this from you. He told me he didn't want you to have to live with the nightmares he and their friends have to live with. The nightmares Izuku goes through every single night. He is getting better, that is true, physically better. Katsuki told me that for a long time afterwards Izuku was afraid of their friend Todoroki."

         "That's Endeavor's boy right?" Inko asked. Mitsuki nodded.

        "He's got a fire and an ice quirk. Dabi, the one who tortured Izuku, as the video showed, has a fire quirk. Katsuki said it took them weeks to get Izuku to not be afraid of Todoroki's fire side. The medical notes say Izuku is getting better with his mental health, but slowly. You can't be rushing him. You can't be making comments that you think are harmless. I know you want him to be happy and safe." Mitsuki pulled out her phone and showed her the photo Bakugo sent her a few hours earlier of Deku, head in his hands, dressed to the nines, crying his eyes out. "This was after he got off the phone with you. This is what your harmless comments are doing to your fucking child. He hasn't let Katsuki take him out to dinner since the Incident because the person that took him from prom was dressed as a waiter. " Mitsuki deadpanned. "You didn't even think to ask his friends how he was actually doing did you? They would've told you. They didn't know that the boys wanted to shield you from this. I know you love the boy, Inko, but right now you owe him and Bakugo and their friends a goddamned apologize and you need to stop trying to rush him into getting better." Mitsuki started putting everything back in the box and fixed Inko some more tea.

         "I didn't know. I thought he was just depressed. I didn't know. My baby. My poor baby. And I just made it worse. That's why he stopped taking my calls. And I kept making it worse." Inko was crying. Mitsuki comforted her the best she could, because inside her heart was broken for the boy too. Mitsuki let Inko talk through her grief, before telling her to get some sleep and that she would check on her tomorrow. She took the box and put it back in the closet at home and poured her a glass of whiskey before breaking down herself. She knew Inko wasn't going to sleep, because neither was she.

Chapter Text

Chapter 31

        While Mitsuki was giving Inko a reality check, The boys had arrived at the restaurant. Deku was holding on to Bakugo for his life. Deku was beyond terrified. The hostess looked at them all and smiled.

        "How many tonight?" She asked. Iida stepped forward.

         "We have reservations under the name Iida." He said. She nodded and had the group follow her. She led them to a tabled towards the back and had them sit down.

        "Here's your table as requested, Mr. Iida. Your waitress, Sam, will be with you in a moment to take your order. Enjoy." She said with a soft smile before turning to walk away. Deku was scanning the restaurant, looking for threats.

        "Izuku." Bakugo's voice drew his attention back to his friends. "Relax. We're not gonna let anyone hurt you. We'll kill them on the spot. " Deku nodded, and began looking at the menu. Todoroki gave him a sympathetic look. Their waitress came and greeted them, Deku had already told Bakugo what he wanted and kept his eyes down.

         "Awe is he shy? That's okay. He doesn't have to talk to me if he doesn't want to. As long as he enjoys his food, that's enough for me." She had said when she noticed. Irritation flashed over everyone's faces. Tokoyomi just looked at the woman.

        "Do you not recognize who he is?" Tokoyomi asked her, irritation clear in his voice. Deku smiled at his friend, who smiled back before waiting for a response. The waitress took a second and actually looked at the motley crew in her party section. Todoroki noticed the instant the realization hit her.

         "Took her long enough." He muttered to Shinsou, who nodded.

         "I thought you guys were famous, I guess not" Shinsou said, trying to bring humor to the situation.

         "I'm so sorry!!! Forgive me I didn't think.."

        "That much is obvious. Bakugo snapped, cutting her off. "If you have our food and drink order, go the fuck away, you've already did the complete opposite of what this outing was supposed to do." She bowed and left quickly.

         "Midoriya." Iida said. Deku looked up. "It's okay. relax." Deku smiled slightly.

        "Thanks guys." He said quietly. "So how's work been for everyone? I feel like we haven't really talked in ages. And that's my fault." He asked. Shinsou and Kirishima rolled their eyes.

        "Well, If one more person asks me to charge their phone, I'm going to electrocute them." Kaminari said. The group laughed.

         "That doesn't sound very hero like of you." Kirishima teased him like he used to tease Bakugo. Kaminari smiled.

        "Oh shut up Mr. Look at me i'm hard." Deku spit water out of his nose before laughing. It wasn't a loud laugh, but much louder than usual. Bakugo smiled at him, happy.

        "Sweet gods above, please end me." Shinsou muttered, making Todoroki and Tokyomi laugh.

        "What about you, Shinso?" Deku asked. Shinsou rubbed the back of his head.

        "Well, better than Kaminari for sure. Just had a meeting with the boss about my unapproachability and that I should smile more."

        "And? Did you?" Todoroki asked.

         "Yeah like this." Shinsou smiled like a deranged serial killer. They all lost it, laughing.

         "I take it he decided to let that one go." Tokoyomi asked.

        "I don't know. It is an improvement." Bakugo chuckled.

         "What about you, Midoriya? How's things going at work." Iida asked. Deku looked at Bakugo, who nodded, and responded.

         "Ever since the incident, my agency put me in the office basically filing papers in the back. Bakugo's boss offered me a position over there, so I start Monday." Deku said.

         "Why'd they pull you out of the public eye? You're the successor to All Might? That's stupid of them to pull you." Shinsou asked. Bakugo tensed up.

        "i'm apparently a liability and a target and my scars scare small children, I've been told." Deku said. The whole table was quiet.

        "I'll kill him." Kirishima was the first to say. Deku smiled at him.

        "SO that's why you started covering your throat. I thought Bakugo had marked his territory again and you didn't want us to know." Kaminari said, making everyone laugh.

        "Well, " Deku coughed "That too." Bakugo shook his head laughing. Todoroki shook his head.

         "What about you Shoto?" Deku asked. Todoroki looked at him.

         "Well, I really do whatever I want, since everyone still feels bad for me over the whole thing with my dad, so there's that. They leave me alone for the most part." He said. Deku didn't like the sound of that. He pulled out a little notepad and Bakugo handed him a pencil and he started writing notes down. "What are you doing??" Todoroki asked.

        "hmm? Oh Just making a note." Deku said, not looking up. The guys laughed.

         "Well, no shit, Izuku. I mean what about." Todoroki said, playfully. Deku looked up and smiled.

        "Oh, that your dad's agency can get fucked and what I want to tell them in your resignation when you come over to our company, whenever that is. Iida and I still have to talk finances." Deku said. Todoroki just stared at his friend for a moment, caught off guard by his reply, before laughing so hard he fell out of his chair. Shinsou looked at him like he had gone crazy. Right then, the waitress brought their food out. Deku didn't notice her this time. Bakugo noticed and smiled. The boys ate their food, and kept going around explaining what they had been up to, to catch Deku up. Deku was excited for all of them. As the evening went on, Bakugo noticed Deku started relaxing more, which was a much needed relief to him. It had been months since he had seen Deku like this. Like his old self.

         The waitress came back to clear the plates, and brushed up against Deku, who froze in his place. Bakugo and Shinsou were out of their chairs instantly. The manager saw, and quickly came over to deescalate the situation, but wasn't needed when she got there. As soon as Bakugo and Shinsou moved, Deku unfroze, and handed the lady Bakugo's plate before proceeding to tell her what desert he wanted. The guys stared at him. Deku didn't even look at the waitress while doing so. Shinsou sat back down and Bakugo put his hand on Deku's shoulder, before apologizing to the shocked waitress.

        "I'm so sorry for this." The manager said. Bakugo walked a little away with the manager, Keeping an eye on Deku, who's attention was on Kaminari doing impressions for everyone to guess who he was.

        "I knew you looked familiar." Bakugo said. The manager smiled at him.

        "Yes, I own several restaurants in the city. Your boss informed me before lunch the situation so I tried to make sure all my staff across my restaurants knew. If you don't mind my asking. How were you able to get him to come out? Your boss told me of his fear and hesitancy so we figured it would be a while." She asked. Bakugo looked away from Deku for a second.

        "Well, one of our teachers told him if he didn't want my mother's cooking to kill everyone at the wedding he needs to get over his fear. He would only come out if it was all of us. I think his protectiveness over his friends overrode his fear, since my mother's cooking could cause a genocide." Bakugo said, looking back at Deku.

         "I'll have your boss give you a list of what I and my husband own, so you know where you can take him and not have to worry about the wait staff. Would a female waitress be preferable or male? I don't have all the details of that day." She asked.

        "Female. It doesn't seem to both him as bad."

        "Alright. Just call ahead and i'll make sure everything is lined up." She handed him her card. "I'll let you go, and i'm sorry to hear about your mother's cooking." Bakugo laughed at her.

         "Feel sorry for my father. He still has to eat it." They laughed before he went and sat back down, giving Deku a kiss.

         "You know her?" Kirishima asked. Bakugo nodded.

        "She owns the café my boss has another office in. We saw her today at lunch." He said before smiling at Deku. Their dessert came followed by the check. They all put money on the table to cover it before tipping the waitress and walking out. It was a nice evening so they decided to walk back to the dorm. About halfway back, Deku heard a woman scream. He reacted instantly and ran towards the screaming, Bakugo and the others looked confused before they heard it too.

        "FUCK!" Bakugo yelled. They all took off running after Deku, who's quirk was activated and was running faster than usual. Iida blew past the group and to catch up. Deku jumped into an alley to see a low level thug trying to drag a woman with him further in the alley out of the public eye.

        "Put her down." Deku said.

        "What?" The thug asked.

        "I said," Deku tried raising his voice. "Put. her down." Green sparks flew around his body from his power.

         "If you wanted a fight, that's all you had to say." The thug threw the girl against the wall, where she was caught by Iida. The rest of the pack came around the corner just as the thug threw the first punch. Deku dodged and countered, sending the thug farther down the alley. Kirishima notified the police while Deku grabbed the thug by the back of the shirt and drug him out onto the sidewalk.

         "You don't force yourself on someone that isn't interested in your advances." Deku said. The thug broke out laughing.

        "Why are you talking so quietly? Aren't you heroes supposed to be loud, obnoxious and righteous?" He turned and saw the scar across Deku's throat and started laughing. "You're that bastard kid Shigaraki got a hold of aren't you? I see now why he wanted you on his side." Kirishima kicked the thug in the face.

         "Yes, well you can tell Shigaraki to get fucked. I'm sure he hasn't gotten the memo yet." Deku said coldly before picking the thug up, slamming him into a wall and dropping him back on the sidewalk, his foot on the thug's back. Bakugo smirked. He could see now why everyone said he had rubbed off on Deku. "You just had to ruin a perfectly good evening. You better hope There isn't dirt on this suit or you'll pay for the dry cleaning." The other boys just laughed.

        Iida walked up with the lady. "Are you okay, ma'am?" Deku asked, sweetly. The lady, clearly shaken, nodded. The police showed up, Thanked the boys, and took things from there. They started their walk back to the dorms, Deku under Bakugo's arm, smiling.

         "I am so proud of you." Bakugo whispered in his ear. Deku's smile got bigger as he flushed pink. He leaned up and kissed Bakugo.

        "GET A ROOM!!!" Kirishima yelled, making Deku flush 3 more shades of red. The guys started laughing.

         "Hey Tokoyomi, have you started seeing anyone?" Deku asked. He could've swore he saw his bird friend blush.

         "ummm. yes."

        "WHO!!!!" Kaminari demanded. Tokoyomi, uncomfortable with the amount of attention he was currently getting, sighed.

        "Tsu." He said quietly.

         "I knew that's what Uraraka was going on about the other night!!" Iida said. The guys expressed their happiness over Tokoyomi finally getting a girlfriend. Tokoyomi was embarrassed. They arrived back to the dorms and went their separate ways. Deku kissed Bakugo before getting in the shower. Bakugo looked at his phone and called his mother.

        "Katsuki." she answered. "I see now why you wanted to keep that from us."

        "How'd she take it?"

        "The same way I am, crying into a bottle of Whiskey." Mitsuki said.

         "Maybe she'll get off his ass then. I'm sorry ma. it was the only way." Bakugo said, taking off his tie and his vest.

         "It's okay, son. How did it go tonight?" She asked. Bakugo told her how the evening went. How Deku saved a woman on the way home. She was glad that everything went well. They ended the call and Bakugo slid into his sweats. Deku appeared out of the bathroom dripping wet, to kiss Bakugo. Bakugo growled at him which made Deku giggle. He launched Both of them onto the bed and made sure to take his time showing Deku how much he loved him. When they were finished, they laid in bed talking about the evening until Deku dozed off to sleep. Bakugo was almost asleep, running his hands through Deku's hair, when Deku started screaming in his sleep. Todoroki and Shinsou burst through the door, shirtless themselves, Todoroki covered in bite marks. Deku was having a nightmare. Bakugo pulled Deku up farther onto his chest and started talking to him in a low voice. Todoroki and Shinsou sat on the bed and also tried comforting him.

         "Why is it that his screams in his nightmares are so loud and filled with pain, but during the day he can barely speak above a whisper?" Shinsou asked nobody. Todoroki responded, from experience.

        "Trauma is more powerful than happiness sometimes, Shinsou." was all he said. Tears falling down Bakugo's face. They had just had one of the most progressive days with Deku, and this is how it ends. Deku shot up, slammed his eyes open and screamed: "GET FUCKED YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" before falling back onto Bakugo, eyes opened, breathing heavy.

        "Sorry guys." He whispered. Bakugo about laughed. Shinsou had to hide his face. Todoroki just looked shocked.

         "What the hell was that?!" Todoroki asked, sending Bakugo and Shinsou over the edge laughing. Deku waited until they stopped to answer.

        "In my nightmare. Shigaraki walked in and I remembered what that thug said earlier today. So I told nightmare Shigaraki to get fucked and woke myself up." Deku replied.

         "We heard that part. I'm sure Kirishima hear that in his death like slumber." Shinsou said, amused. Deku looked confused.

         "You what?" He asked.

         "You sat up, screamed at the top of your lungs and I quote ' get fucked you piece of shit' before falling back onto my chest." Bakugo laughed. Deku blushed.

         "Do I always scream like that?" He asked.

        "When you have a nightmare you never speak. You scream in pain like it's happening all over again. That's why Todoroki and Shinsou are in here." Bakugo responded.

        "Every night?" Deku asked. Bakugo really didn't want to tell him the truth, but knew it was better than to lie to him.

         "Multiple times a night, love." Bakugo whispered. Todoroki and Shinsou nodded. A defeated look fell over Deku's face, before he started crying. Shinsou looked alarmed. "Stop that now. It's fine, Izuku."

        "No it's not. I'm hurting you guys. I don't want to hurt you guys." He whispered. Todoroki was the one with the wisdom this time.

         "Midoriya, It's okay. Tonight you did something you've never done before. You woke yourself up. You didn't let your mind keep you trapped in that hell. IT's getting better."
Todoroki said.

         "Besides, You went through something that should have killed you, you idiot. I asked you to marry me. For better or worse. It'll get better." Bakugo said. Kissing his forehead. Todoroki and Shinsou made sure Deku was okay before leaving. Deku curled up against Bakugo.

        "I'm still sorry I keep waking you up." He said. Bakugo shook his head.

        "If you apologize one more damn time, Izuku i'm gonna kick your ass." Bakugo sighed. Deku smiled at him before falling back asleep. He didn't have another nightmare that night.


Chapter 32

        Deku got up with the alarm, got dressed and headed to Bakugo's work to do his paperwork. His boss called for him to come into the office and to sit down.

         "I'm surprised your other half isn't with you." He chuckled. Deku rubbed the back of his head.

        "I don't think he heard me get up honestly. Yesterday was a long day for sure. I let him sleep because he patrols tonight." Deku responded.

        "Ah, yes. I forgot about that. Well, we can get this done quickly so you can get home before he wakes up and you're not there." His boss laughed. At that moment, Deku's phone rang. It was Bakugo.

         "Too late." Deku said to his boss, who laughed as he answered. "Hello love of my life. I thought you were asleep."

         "Sucking up because you didn't wake me up before you left? Did you really think I wouldn't notice you didn't get back in bed, you idiot." Bakugo said. Deku chuckled.

         "I had to come in and do my paperwork, Kacchan." Deku replied.

        "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU HAD TO DO! I WANNA CUDDLE AND YOU'RE NOT HERE DAMNIT!!" He yelled. Their boss heard and busted out laughing. Bakugo went quiet. "You're in his office aren't you." "mhm" "and he just heard that?" "mhm" "FUCK! HURRY UP AND COME HOME!"

        "Do you want me to bring you a donut from the bakery around the corner?" Deku asked, smiling.

        "FUCK YES I DO!"

        "Alright. I love you. i'll be home soon."

         "LOVE YOU TOO, NERD! YOU'RE NOT HURRYING! BYE!!" the call ended. Deku rubbed his face.

        "Sorry about that." Deku said. His boss just laughed.

        "No need. I wasn't aware that he had a....tender...side. I figured he was just loud and obnoxious all the time." Their boss laughed.

         "He's still loud and obnoxious even when he's being a sweetheart, but that's between you and me." Deku laughed. He filled out his paperwork and bowed to the boss.

         "Midoriya. I saw the news yesterday, just like i'm sure you did. If you are out on patrol and run across one of them. You leave the area. Do you understand? I do not want you anywhere near them, for your own safety. The other Heroes will be briefed about this later, but I refuse to pull you off patrol. You're too talented to shove in an office. Just promise me you will not engage and you will try to get back to either this office or the one at the café." His boss said. Deku nodded before he was dismissed.

        He got Bakugo his donuts and started back to the dorms. It was a lovely morning for a walk. Maybe he'd talk Kirishima into going for a run today after Bakugo went to work. Deku's phone started to ring. It was his mother. He sighed before answering.

         "Hi mom." He said.

         "Oh Izuku! I didn't know!!! Why didn't you tell me I was making things worse?" She said immediately. Deku stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, shocked. Then it hit him. Last night. Bakugo must have snapped finally.

         "It wouldn't have done any good. We were trying to protect you and sometimes that means I've got to make sacrifices. I'm assuming you pissed off Kacchan." Deku said.

        "Mitsuki brought the box over and made me go through all of it. I'm sorry, baby. I wish I would've known, but I understand why you didn't want me to. Is that why you can't hardly talk and keep your throat covered?" She asked. Deku had started walking again.

        "Yeah. It's all in the report." He said. She asked a few more questions and Deku answered them. She then asked about dinner last night and he told her how it went. He had sent the group picture to All Might last night who loved it.

         "I gotta go mom, i'll text you in a little bit okay? i'm fine okay? you can relax." He said when he got back to the dorms. His mom said goodbye and he walked into Bakugo's room, which might as well be their room now.

        "Kacchan?" He called as he took his shoes off and shut the door. Bakugo was passed the hell out snoring in bed. Deku chuckled before planting a kiss on his lips. Suddenly Bakugo's arms were around him and pulling him into the bed. Deku started laughing. "Wake up Kacchan, I brought donuts." He waved the bag around. Bakugo jerked up and took the bag. Deku just shook his head as Bakugo devoured the entire thing.

         "Finish all your paperwork?" He asked. Deku nodded.

         "Yeah. I go in Monday for patrol." He said. Bakugo nodded.

         "Wonder who you're patrolling with? i'll have to look and see. It'll make me feel better." Bakugo said.

        "Not sure but he told me to tell you to come in a little early, he had to brief everyone about the League stuff." Bakugo sighed.

        "What did he tell you to do?" Bakugo asked, curious.

        "If I come across them on patrol to not engaged and try to get back to the office as quickly as possible." Deku said. Bakugo shook his head.

         "That means he's changing patrols today. He gonna send three people out per patrol instead of two to make up for the short man. Since he's got a lot of UA students there that patrol. Guess i'll see tonight. wanna go get lunch?" Bakugo asked.

         "How are you still hungry?" Deku laughed. Bakugo threw a pillow at his face.

        "Food is fuel, you idiot. Gotta have calories to burn calories." He responded.

        "You gotta get dressed if you want to go out to get lunch." Deku said. Bakugo groaned. "Want to go train first?" Bakugo shot up at this idea.

        "You sure you're ready to go all out? I know we've been going a little slower lately."

         "I can still kick your ass Bakugo Katsuki." Deku said, smiling.

         "We'll see about that you fucking nerd." Bakugo kissed him. Both boys got dressed in training clothes, grabbed their water bottles and headed out to the cityscape. The explosions were heard all the way back at the dorms. Kirishima, with Kaminari snoring on his chest, sighed. He texted Todoroki.

         Well....I take it Midoriya is getting back to his old self again.

         I noticed that too. It's too early for this.

        You're telling me.

         Wanna join them? Shinsou hasn't seen them like this yet. I wanna see his face.

        Hell yeah. Let me get Pikachu off me and i'll meet you in the common room

        How the hell is he sleeping through this?!?!?!

         I don't think you want that answer, my dude.

         Kirishima maneuvered Denki off him and made sure he was still asleep before putting is training gear on and heading out the door.

         "Midoriya is feeling better I take it, huh Shouta?" Mic said to Aizawa, who was already up cussing about being woken up. He groaned at his husband before taking Mic's noise cancelling headphones and put them on to go back to sleep. Present Mic just laughed.

        Todoroki, Shinsou, and Kirishima headed down to the cityscape. Todoroki didn't tell him what was going on. Kirishima was bouncing with excitement. It had been a long time since they were able to train like this. Todoroki looked thrilled too.

        "What's going on down there? It sounds like a damn battlefield." Shinsou asked. Neither boy answered him, knowing he was trying to use his quirk to get answers. They get down to the cityscape after a few moments and Shinsou sees Deku and Bakugo going at each other with everything they had.

        "YOU CALL THAT AN ATTACK?!?!?!?! MY DEAD GRANDMOTHER HITS HARDER THAN THAT!!!" Bakugo yelled, aiming an explosion at Deku.

        "YOUR DEAD GRANMOTHER CAN AIM BETTER THAN YOU CAN TOO APPARENTLY!!!" Deku yelled, actually yelled, at Bakugo as the explosion missed him. Shinsou just stared.

        "Are they mad at each other?" He asked confused. Kirishima just laughed.


        "MAKE ME!!!! OH, WAIT, YOU CAN'T CATCH ME!!" Deku said, as he disappeared. Bakugo was looking for him, when he came from underneath him and landed a hit, sending Bakugo flying. Deku was laughing, and didn't see the grenade until it was too late. He was blown towards Todoroki and Kirishima. Kirishima hardened and Todoroki caught him with an Ice wall. He thanked them and then jumped towards Bakugo, ready to attack.

        "This is how the practice their quirks. Deku's fast enough to dodge most of them and Bakugo has so much control over his body, that he can generally dodge Midoriya's hits." Todoroki said.

         "Glad to see Midoriya yelling again." Kirishima said. Shinsou looked at his boyfriend and friend like they were crazy.

        "This is reckless. What if they hurt each other?" Shinsou asked.

        "Recovery Girl fixes them up enough to function and sends them on their way." Kirishima said.

        "You say that like you've been there."

         "We have." Todoroki laughed. "Several times."

        Bakugo was sent flying again. "WHERE'D YOU LEARN TO DODGE FROM? YOUR DEAD GRANDMOTHER?!?!" Deku yelled.

        "Is he seriously disrespecting the dead?" Shinsou asked.

        "No, Bakugo's grandmother is very much alive. It's what we decided on as a group so as not to disrespect someone's actual relatives." Kirishima said. He looked at Todoroki. "Wanna flip for it?"

         "Flip for what?" Shinsou asked. Todoroki pulled a coin out. "You're not joining them are you?"

        "Call it." Todoroki said.

         " Tails." It landed on heads.

        "Awesome. You got Bakugo."

         "You two are crazy." Shinsou said.

        "Believe it or not, this is why our class is as advanced as it is. Studying strategies in a book won't help against an actual enemy." Todoroki said. Another loud explosion went off, and Deku was flying through the air.


         "COME UP HERE AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN KATSUKI!" he retorted. Todoroki and Kirishima put down their water bottles and cell phones and joined the fight. Shinsou just sat down and watched the craziness. A few moments passed and Present Mic sat down next to Shinsou, handed him a cookie from the big container of cookies, and got comfortable. Shinsou looked at him. He had never seen Present Mic without his Directional speaker, let alone in casual clothes.

        "Did I miss much?" He asked, pulling out a thermos of milk for his cookies.

        "You too huh? This class is psychotic." Shinsou observed.

        "I enjoy it. They get out a lot of pent up energy and sort through their emotions out there like this. It's mentally good for those like Todoroki and Bakugo who don't express their feelings well." Mic said, watching them.

         "THAT WAS A LOW BLOW TODOROKI, YOU BASTARD!" Kirishima yelled.


         "Ah, the super powerful dead grandma is back." Aizawa said as he sat down in his yellow sleeping bag and got a cookie from Mic.

         "Yes. So glad they asked for our advice on that one. It makes this much more comical." Mic said.

        "So, Shinsou, I see the cat's out of the bag, metaphorically. You pry think we're crazy in this class. But believe it or not, this is most efficient for them." Aizawa said.

        "That's what Present Mic said."

        "We're not in class, you can call me Mic." Mic said. Shinsou nodded.

         "I guess it makes sense. Seeing the amount of shit they've been through. This is why they haven't been killed yet." Shinsou said. Aizawa and Mic agreed. He took another cookie from Mic. "So why are you guys out here?"

        "A teacher has to be present when students are in the cityscape in case of emergencies. Though this is the first class to use it outside of class." Aizawa said.

        "It's also entertaining." Mic said. Shinsou kept watching them.

        "FUCK YOU KATSUKI!" Todoroki yelled.

         "HEY ICYHOT! LEARN HOW TO DODGE NEXT TIME!" Bakugo yelled. Deku came up behind Kirishima, grabbed him and threw him into Bakugo, sending both of them through a building.

         "HOW ABOUT YOU LEARN HOW TO DODGE? YOUR DEAD GRANDMOTHER SAW THAT COMING FROM A MILE AWAY!" Deku laughed before being hit with Kirishima.



        Todoroki started throwing ice balls at Bakugo and Kirishima. Bakugo set up an explosion, making it rain.

         Iida and Tokoyomi had walked up behind Shinsou and the teachers.

        "YOU'RE SLOWER THAN MY DEAD GRANDMOTHER!" Deku yelled as he lands another hit on Kirishima. Kirishima had been feinting, because he landed and uppercut on Deku and sent him flying.


         "I see Midoriya got his voice back." Tokoyomi said.

         "TODOROKI! NOW!" Todoroki used his ice to created a wall at the same time Deku snapped, sending ice knives flying towards Bakugo and Kirishima.

         "Well, you ready?" Iida asked, stretching. Shinsou just shook his head.

        "Absolutely." Tokoyomi said, handing Aizawa an entire pot of coffee and added his cell phone to the pile. Iida sat his down too and then both boys too off at a run, Dark Shadow coming out to play too.

Chapter Text

(A\N: When originally typing this, I miscounted chapters, so to avoid having to rechapter them, I've just made them one extremely long chapter. The chapter numbers are from where I started this on Wattpad. I do apologize for the inconvenience.)

Chapters 33-1

    Deku and Todoroki were standing next to each other when Tokoyomi ran up to them. The three smiled at each other before taking off. Iida joined Bakugo and Kirishima.
       "Thank fuck." Kirishima said, smiling. Bakugo fixed his head phones and took off, Kiri and Iida behind him. They met in the middle, Bakugo set off an explosion, blocked by Todoroki's Ice that Kirishima smashed through, allowing Iida to run through his fist ready. Dark Shadow knocked him aside and Deku jumped at Kirishima, punching him and sending him flying back into Bakugo.
       "GET THE FUCK OFF ME KIRI!" Bakugo yelled.
        "THAT THE BEST YOU GOT?" Deku yelled. Todoroki laughed, his fire and ice causing a smokescreen.
       Kaminari sat down next to Shinsou, setting down an entire bag of candy, some sodas and a bag of chips. He looked like he just woke up. All Might sat down too, handing Aizawa some more coffee.
         "They been going at it long?" All Might asked.
         "About 45 minutes now." Mic responded, getting a piece of candy.
        "Not joining them, Pikachu?" Shinsou asked. Mic laughed.
         "Not today. They play too rough for me." Kaminari said.
         "Pikachu." Mic couldn't stop laughing. "That's fucking great."
        "COME HERE PRETTY BOY!" Bakugo yelled as he chased Deku, explosions going off left and right. Dark Shadow hit Bakugo and sent him flying in the opposite direction just as Iida landed a hit on Tokoyomi, sending him backwards into a wall. Kirishima and Todoroki were playing keep way. By that, Todoroki kept putting up Ice walls and Kirishima kept knocking them down.
        Bakugo was back after Deku, who changed direction, met him in the middle, holding onto him, gave him a quick kiss, before kicking him to the ground.
       "THAT WAS A CHEAP MOVE IZUKU!" Bakugo changed his trajectory with his explosions and went back towards Deku. He aimed and hit Deku in the shoulder with his lazer move. Todoroki shot Bakugo out of the air with an Ice ball just as Kirishima made it through the wall and punched him in the face. Tokoyomi came out of the air and landed behind Kirishima, hitting him and sending him flying into Iida before helping up Todoroki. Deku landed next to them, using his momentum, he punched the ground and sent them both flying.
       Deku turned, only to meet Bakugo's fist, sending him backwards. He landed on his feet, flicked his finger and sent a wave of force into Bakugo, who went flying backwards.
         "YOU'RE GONNA REGRET THAT LATER!" Deku yelled after him, before turning around in time to grab Iida and throw him in the air. Todoroki jumped up and kicked him back down to the ground. Iida landed on his feet, ran towards Tokoyomi and swept his foot, sending an unprepared Tokoyomi into Todoroki. Both boys flew into an Ice wall Todoroki made to brace their fall.
    "Did he just yell?" All Might asked, shocked. Aizawa nodded. A phone rang from the pile and all 6 boys stopped.
       "WHO IS IT!!" One of them yelled. Denki looked.
      "NOT MINE OR IT WOULD SAY OLD HAG!" Bakugo yelled.
         "ANSWER IT AND TELL THEM WE'RE BUSY." Deku yelled. The boys went back to fighting each other.
       "Hello?" Denki answered.
      "You're not my son." The woman sounded amused.
        "No, Ma'am. which one is your son though? They're training and i'm hoarding a pile of cell phones." Deki replied.
        "It's Deku's mother. Just tell him to text me later. The thing he ordered arrived."
        "I will let him know when he and Bakugo are done beating the shit out of each other. Have a good day, Mrs. Midoriya." He said as he hung up, before realizing what he just said. "Shit."
       "Not your best moment there Pikachu." Shinsou laughed. All Might's phone rang.
        "Thanks kid, now i'm never gonna hear the end of this." He said before answering.
        "YOU HIT LIKE A BITCH!" Deku yelled.
        "YOU WEREN'T COMPLAINING LAST NIGHT!!!!" Bakugo responded before an explosion went off and both boys went flying.
         "No, Inko, they're not actually beating the shit out of each other." All Might said.
         "DAMN IT KIRISHIMA THAT WAS MY GOOD EYE!" Todoroki yelled.
        "They're training Inko I promise. There's three teachers including myself monitoring them."
         "OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES MIDORIYA, MY DEAD GRANDMOTHER HAS BETTER RELEXES THAN THAT!" Aizawa yelled from beside All Might. Mic burst out laughing.
          "No, that wasn't a teacher and no he's not insulting someone's deceased relative. Yes I will make sure they're not killing each other.....yes I promise they're we aren't betting on who the winner will be..."
             "We are now," Mic said to Aizawa and Shinsou who both started laughing.
          "IIDA'S DOWN, WE NEED A REPLACEMENT!" Bakugo yelled.
            "no you don't need to come up here....yes i'll check...hold on. YOUNG MIDORIYA, ARE YOU ON THE BRINK OF DEATH WITH THE GRIM REAPER'S HAND RESTING ON YOUR SOUL?"
           "AWE! YOU'RE SO FUCKING CUTE YOU DAMN NERD!" Bakugo yelled.
          "GET A FUCKING ROOM." Kirishima said. Mic had gotten up to help Iida get back to them.
          "You're turn Kaminari. Might as well get in there before Bakugo drags you himself." Mic said. Kaminari sighed, took off his jacket, grabbed his disks, set his cell phone down and headed into battle.
           "Your son said he's fine and not dying. I'll make him call you when they're done. By Inko." He said, hanging up on her.
             "PIKACHU!!!" Bakugo yelled.
             "Fuck." Tokoyomi said. The battle continued. Two red disks landed by them. Deku grabbed Todoroki and Tokoyomi and jumped on top of the building, just as soon as Kaminari let his electricity go. "This changes the whole battle." Tokoyomi said.
           "I've got a plan." Todoroki said.
           "We don't have much time." Deku said.
             "Tokoyomi, get Kiri distracted. Deku, get Bakugo's attention. If I can get Kaminari by himself I can put him in an igloo. That'll buy us some time before his white knight saves him." Todoroki explained. Deku nodded and adjusted his headphones.
             "I meant to ask, but what are those for?" Tokoyomi asked quickly.
              "SO Kacchan's explosions don't make me go deaf. He's got a pair too" Deku said before taking off, power surging around him. They initiated the plan. Deku taunted Bakugo away from Kaminari and Tokoyomi made Kirishima rage away from Kaminari. Todoroki made his ice form a little house for Kaminari before going to help his teammates. Dark Shadow kept Kirishima distracted, he didn't see Todoroki come up behind him and punch him with his icy fist. Kiri went flying.
          "Are you okay Iida," Mic asked.
         "Yeah, I had to tap. My engines got overheated thanks to Todoroki and that fire quirk of his. Glad to see Deku's feeling better." Iida said. Mic nodded.
          "So, bets?" Mic asked.
          "It'll be Midoriya, i'm sure." Aizawa said. Iida agreed.
            "My money is on Bakugo." Shinsou said. Mic wrote their choices down.
         "All Might?" Mic asked.
           "I'm gonna say Bakugo, only because I don't think young Midoriya has his full stamina back." All Might said. "Who do you think it'll be, Hizashi?"
              "My money is on the Beacon of Light." Mic said. They set up the bets and agreed on the price.
           "OH WE'LL PLAY ALRIGHT! CATCH THIS" Bakugo yelled as he lobbed a grenade at Deku, who flicked his finger and sent it back.
          "Good lord." Shinsou said. Mic laughed.
           "This reminds me of you two back in school." All Might said.
          "Ah yes, I remember." Aizawa said.
       Tokoyomi was the next to tap, Kirishima sent him through three walls and he couldn't get back up. Iida ran and got him out of the way, and he placed his bet on Midoriya. Mic handed him a soda and some candy.
         Kaminari finally broke through the Ice and headed straight for Todoroki. The two went back and forth, before Kirishima tried sneaking up behind Todoroki, who froze him to the ground from the shoulders down. before freezing Kaminari. They tapped and Todoroki unfroze them and they walked back laughing. They put their bets down on Bakugo.  Todoroki went to help Deku handle Bakugo. Bakugo definitely had his work cut out for him.
          "KIRISHIMA YOU BASTARD!" He yelled, dodging ice and fire and Deku's foot. Kirishima laughed, watching the remaining battle. Bakugo set off one of the biggest explosions They've seen without the gauntlets, sending Deku and Todoroki into each other then a wall. Deku got back up, Todoroki did not. He just laid there.
             "Call me out, Deku. i'm done" He laughed. Deku smiled at him.
             "Thanks for your help, my friend." Deku said. "IIDA COME GET TODOROKI HE'S DONE" He yelled before taking off again.
          Iida brought Todoroki back. His money was on Deku. "And we're back to the original two. Surely they can't have much stamina left." Iida said. Todoroki and Shinsou snorted. "What?"
          "You're not on the same floor as them. I can assure you, stamina isn't gonna be the issue here." Todoroki smiled. Mic and All Might spit soda out their noses, laughing.
             "I'm not surprised." was all Aizawa said. as Iida went 15 shades of red.
        "WELL STAY THE FUCK STILL"  Deku yelled. He and Bakugo jumped at each other, building up momentum with their quirks before colliding in the middle. The onlookers heard and saw the loud explosion followed by both of them flying in separate directions, then landing on their feet on opposite building. The went at each other again. Right before collision though, Deku swung his legs up over his body. He channeled 15% power into his leg before his foot connected with Bakugo's back, sending him straight to the ground. There was a loud crash.
          "FUCK THAT HURT."
           "YOU GIVE UP YET?" Deku yelled smiling. Bakugo launched an explosion which hit dead on knocking Deku into the side of a building. "THAT'S FAIR." he laughed, using the wall as a brace, to launch at Bakugo.
         "Sweet gods above, how are they still going?" Kaminari asked. Aizawa was out of coffee and made a pouty face. Recovery Girl walked up, handed him a new pot, and sat down in a lawn chair she brought with her, along with her first aid kit.
          "Anyone need to be fixed up?" She asked. Shinsou looked at her.
          "How'd you know we'd be here?" He asked.
          "Oh, I've been watching from my office. I've got the best view. I figured with all of you guys tapping i'd better head down. I see Deku's voice is back." She said as she started patching up Tokoyomi.
            "oh yes. Its been great." Mic said. "Wager a bet?" He held up the paper.
            "Hmmm. If either of them wins, I'll be Midoriya i'd think. Bakugo isn't gonna risk hurting him too bad." She said, putting her bet down and starting on Todoroki.
          Bakugo was thrown into the air, but countered Deku's hit with a blast. Deku changed direction and met Bakugo's falling body with a kick, sending him back in the air, before touch the ground and leaping after him. The connected and another loud Explosion sent them both flying again. Both boys looking worse for the wear, Got up and ran at each other again. Bakugo went to hit Deku with a left hook. Deku dodged and his foot at 20% met Bakugo's stomach and sent him flying through four buildings.
           "YOU GIVE YET?" Deku yelled, panting.
           "THIS TIME YES." He yelled. Deku ran over and helped him get up. Both boys were laughing by the time they got back to the others. Their shirts were ripped to shreds, their pants were sliced, and each boy had his fair share of bruises and cuts across their bodies. Bakugo made Deku get checked first by Recovery Girl. Mic had collected all the money and redistributed it to the winners while Kirishima handed Bakugo a soda. After Deku was patched up Recovery Girl started on Bakugo.
          "That was a good show, Bakugo." Mic said. Bakugo laughed. All Might was beaming at Deku.
           "I see you're getting the hang of your quirk, young Midoriya." All Might said, pride radiating off of him.
          "I'm getting there." Deku said, still a whisper. Recover Girl paused with Bakugo.
          "Midoriya say something again" She said.
          "Why? Did I do something wrong?" He asked, voice still quiet. She looked puzzled, but went back to fixing up Bakugo. "What did I do?" He asked, confused.
           "We could hear you yelling out there, but you still can't talk at a normal volume. She's just trying to figure out why." Aizawa said. Deku looked concerned. His friends started try to make him laugh, and eventually succeeded, distracting him from the issue. Once she was done with Bakugo, she packed up her stuff and headed back to the Infirmary to go look in every medical book she had. The motley crew and their teachers headed back to the dorms after picking up their stuff and their trash. Bakugo kept his arm around Deku, who was smiling and laughing with his friends. Once back in the dorms they all headed their separate ways to take showers and get a clean change of clothes on.

 Chapter 33-2

  While Bakugo was in the shower, Deku called his mother back. "HI mom."
             "Oh, Izuku. Thank goodness. I thought you two were killing each other." She said. Deku shook his head.
            "We were just training mom. We're both fine. Promise." He tried to reassure her.
            "If you say so. I was just calling to let you know the thing you ordered for Bakugo came in." She said. A smile broke out across his face.
             "Oh, good. I was wondering when it was going to come in." He said, relieved.
             "Well it came all the way from the States, son, so it took a while." She said.
            "Oh, that's right. I forgot. hehe. I'll come get it later." He said. He got off the phone with his mother and started changing his clothes. His phone rang again. It was work.
              "Hello?" He answered.
              "Ah, yes, Midoriya. Will you come in with Bakugo? I figured I might as well introduce you to everyone while I had them all in one spot." His boss asked.
                "Sure. He was just getting ready so i'll change and come with him."
              "You don't have to dress in your hero suit, you'll only be here for the meeting and then you can go home." His boss said. Deku said okay before ending the call and changing his clothes yet again. Bakugo got out of the shower and saw Deku in nice clothes.
              "Where are you going looking all sexy like that?" Bakugo asked, giving him a kiss before getting dressed.
                "Boss called. Wants me at the meeting." He said, debating on covering his scar or not.
               "Leave it. They're gonna see it eventually." Bakugo said, pulling his tank top over his head. Deku shrugged and left it alone. He looked in the mirror at the bruise Bakugo's right hook left. Bakugo grabbed him by the chin and kissed the bruise.  "Sorry about that."
              "It's okay. have you looked in the mirror yet?" Deku laughed. Bakugo looked in the mirror and saw the bruises on his shoulders and arms. I seriously looked like they were in a domestic dispute. Bakugo started laughing as Deku kissed all Bakugo's bruises. Bakugo grabbed his headphones and they took off to work. Once there, Bakugo clocked in and sat down, pulling Deku into his lap and wrapping his arms around him for a moment before everyone else got there. Their boss came out of the office and chuckled.
              "This is the list Sharon said she'd get you." He handed Bakugo a piece of paper. he put it in one of his pockets. "You too look like you went toe to toe with a wall and lost." He laughed.
             "Before work training." Deku said he got off of Bakugo's lap, much to his protest, and sat down in the chair next to him, taking Bakugo's hand in his. About that time all the other heroes came in and sat down. A few of them who knew the boys from school came up and talked to them. The older heroes introduced themselves to Deku. Once everyone was there, The Boss cleared his throat. Everyone got quiet.
              "As you all have noticed, I've filled the vacant spot on our roster. This is Midoriya Izuku. Hero name: Deku." Deku stood up and said hello formally. One person raised their hand, a man in his thirties. The Boss looked at him and nodded.
               "I have a question, if it's not too personal." The man asked. Deku nodded at him. He knew it was about his scar. "Okay. How the hell do you put up with your fiancé's attitude?" He asked Deku sighed in relief as Bakugo started steaming.
                "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN SHEN?!?!" Bakugo yelled. Their coworkers laughed.
                "Kick his ass. But I wouldn't recommend doing that." Deku joked. Bakugo glared at him. "In all seriousness, when someone like him crashes into your life, you take the good with the bad. His attitude isn't that bad if you know how not to piss him off." Bakugo smiled at him, shaking his head. A woman raised her hand to ask her question. Deku looked at her.
              "Why do you speak so quietly?" She asked. Everyone turned and stared at her. Deku chuckled to himself. She apparently didn't get the memo of Bakugo threatening to kill them If they asked about it.
              Deku showed her the entirety of his scar. "This is why." was all he said. She flushed. Everyone's eyes were looking at the floor. The Boss chuckled. Deku sighed, put his hand on Bakugo's shoulder to ground himself, before speaking again. "I'll only say this once, to clear the air and so I don't have to deal with the questions later down the road." He looked at Bakugo, who nodded. "I was the UA student that was captured by the League of Villains." Shock showed on everyone's faces. "I was tortured, burned, cut, beaten, and a list of other things for over 18 hours before my fiancé, our classmates, teachers, pro heroes and police were able to get to me. This scar is one of many, though it effects me more than the others. This scar is the handiwork of the Villain named Shigaraki. His quirk is called Decay. I didn't answer a question the way he wanted me too, so he ran his hands down my throat in order to permanently shut me up. Between you and me, I may have told him to get fucked and die a few times." They chuckled, Bakugo smiled at that. "I covered it for a long time. My previous agency saw me as a liability and a target. I was mocked mercilessly for it. But it's a part of who I am now and shows that I survived when I shouldn't have. I do not know If I will ever be able to speak over a whisper and completely understand if I have to repeat myself. Except in this matter. I won't speak of it again. Any other questions?" Deku asked. No one raised their hands, so he sat back down, shaking, next to Bakugo.
            "Well, now that that's out of the way, Minoto, see me in my office after this." He cleared his throat. "Now, After what happened yesterday on the news. UA college and the other hero course schools have sent all agencies statements in regards to their students. Students, please stand up." About 10 people plus Deku and Bakugo stood up. "These heroes are not in any way, shape, or form to engage with the two League members that escaped yesterday unless it is life or death. They are to return here. If you hear code purple over the radio, get there as fast as you can. That will be the code for the League. You all can sit down now. This is nonnegotiable. Patrol numbers will be changed to accommodate this. I have the list in my office. It takes effect as of this shift. Make sure you look at it. Whoever is on the radio in the office. The second code purple comes through it is your job to alert me and local law enforcement. After that you will notify our ally hero agencies. Until those 2 are back in custody or dead, whichever happens first, This will be treated as serious as it is. Also, no hazing the new kid like you did his fiancé. In times like these we need every hero we can get. Any questions?" He asked.
          "How is having him here going to effect us with the public eye?" Their PR manager asked from the back. Deku wasn't expecting that.
             "He is ranked number 1 among his peers in school with his fiancé ranked number 2. He is All Might's successor as Symbol of Peace and the word on the street is the locals see him as the Beacon of Light. His fiancé is known to the locals as the Candle in the Storm. From a PR standpoint, I think we'll be just fine. Besides, Anyone who can withstand the League of Villains 4 times, like these students from UA have, they'll always have a spot on my patrol. They're actions have proved their worth and I will not be questioned on my judgement for what I decide to do with my agency." The Boss responded. Bakugo's head snapped up at what the locals called him. Deku smiled at him. He had his own title now and was so proud of him. The PR manager's eyes dropped to the floor.
           "When does he start?" A man from the back asked.
           "You said code purple right?" A lady verified.
           "Yes, Code Purple is for the League. If there are no more questions, and you all are done harassing the new guy, get to work. The streets won't keep themselves safe." The Boss said. Everyone got up and started moving around. Bakugo grabbed Deku's arm.
           "Text me when you get home?" he asked. Deku smiled at him.
            "I will. Gotta stop by mom's first." Deku said. Bakugo nodded before giving him a gentle kiss before grabbing his gauntlets and yelling at some guy to get off his desk and move it. Deku just laughed.
             "It's weird to see two different sides of him so quickly." The Boss chuckled. Deku smiled.
             "You should see us train together. Ask Mr. Aizawa or Present Mic about it one day. They've got some great stories." Deku chuckled quietly.
              "I'm sending Minoto with you while you stop at your moms and to make sure you get back home safely. Just so Bakugo stays focused on his job. Because we both know he won't if he knows you're out there by yourself this close to dark." The Boss said. Deku nodded. Minoto walked up to Deku, blushing.
            "Calm down, I don't bite. I'm the polar opposite of Kacchan. Also, don't call him that, he'll kill you." Deku said, smiling.
            "Get your suit on Minoto. You're escorting him on his errands and home before you come back here. I still want to talk to you in my office. Oh, and tell Bakugo what I've assigned you to do." The Boss said. Terror crossed her face, but she turned and headed to do what he said.
          "You know what's about to happen right?" Deku chuckled.
           "Yes, but she's still new. Just got out of one of the other colleges. It'll do her some good to be humbled. And I hate to say it, but he's the best one for that." The Boss said. They stood their and waited. The group of heroes around Bakugo moved out of the way when she approached him. YOu could hear her tell him what the boss said. He grabbed her by the front of the uniform, picked her up off the ground, shoved her against the wall and got two inches from her face.
             "IF HE EVEN GETS ONE SCRATCH I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL MURDER YOU WHERE YOU STAND DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?! DON'T BE FUCKING USELESS AND DO YOUR JOB IF THE NEED ARISES!!!" Bakugo yelled before dropping her. The Boss laughed. Deku just shook his head. Bakugo looked at him, so he blew him a kiss and then walked out the door, Minoto right behind him
            "Is he always like that?" She asked. Deku laughed.
             "With me? not. With others? yes. You get used to it. I promise. Boss said your new here. How do you like it?" Deku asked her quietly as they walked towards his mom's house.
             "I like it pretty well. I haven't really made a lot of friends but that comes with time I guess." She shrugged. Deku observed her.
              "Well, I'll be your friend. I know Kacchan can be an ass sometimes, but he's not so bad once you get to know him and understand how he expresses things." Deku smiled at her. She returned the smile.
             "It's so crazy. You seem so calm and yet you're in love with the human equivalent of a hurricane." She said. Deku laughed.
              "I'll tell you this. You definitely have no choice as to who you fall in love with. That much is for sure, but I wouldn't trade him for anything in this world." Deku said. They made it to his mom's house and he just walked in without knocking, taking his shoes off at the door. Minoto followed suit, following behind Deku.

Chapter Text

Chapter 34

        "Hey baby." His mom said, pulling him into a hug and checking out the massive bruise of his face. "I thought you weren't trying to kill each other at practice?" She asked, deadpanned. Deku rubbed the back of his head.
          "We weren't. If we were one of us would be dead. And it wouldn't be me. I've had my fair share of near death experiences for a lifetime." Deku laughed. His mom just shook her head.
           "Who's this with you?" She asked.
            "This is Minoto. She's a new coworker. The boss felt I needed an escort with what's going on. She got to see Kacchan at his usual." He said, going to the kitchen to raid the fridge. He came back with two water bottles and handed Minoto one. She thanked him.
            "Ah, let me guess the 'If there's a single scratch on his head i'll kill you' statement?" Another woman asked from the living room. Deku beckoned Minoto to come in, and she followed him and sat down on a chair. Deku sat down on the couch after hugging the other woman.
           "More along the lines of 'I'll murder you where you stand.' I believe." She said. The Blonde woman laughed.
            "Sorry, this is my future mother-in-law, Mrs. Bakugo." Deku introduced her.
           "Call me Mitsuki, hun." She smiled. "Yes, the angry Pomeranian is mine. I'd apologize for him, but I'm sure Izuku already has." Minoto nodded. Deku's mother handed him a package. He excitedly opened it. It was an oil painting of the night Minoto guessed Bakugo proposed. "Oh baby, he's gonna love it." Mitsuki admired. Deku's mother agreed. Deku wrapped it back up before putting it back in the box.
          "We'll let you ladies continue with your game night. I just figured i'd get this while I was out." Deku hugged both women.
          "Does that son of mine have a bruise like yours on your jaw?" Mitsuki asked. Deku laughed.
          "Oh, his are way worse." He chuckled.
          "Good. About time someone put him in his place." Mitsuki said, smiling.
         "Oh, trust me ma, i'm sure i'll regret it later for sure. But I'll text you when I get home. Love you both." He said as they walked out the door. They started their walk to the dorms.
           "His mother seems so well tempered." Minoto observed. Deku laughed.
            "It's cuz you're new. Trust me she's where he gets his temper from." Deku smiled. They made small talk on the way back. Once back at the dorms, she said good night, and took off running back to work. Deku walked in and went to their room, grabbed the wedding planning stuff and headed to Aizawa's apartment in the building. He texted Bakugo on the way.
              Home love of my life.
              Good. Not injured?
             Not a scratch.
              Guess she lives another day. Love you. back to work.
            Love you to. Talk to you on lunch
        He put his phone away and knocked on the door. Mic answered quickly. He was very excited. Aizawa was sitting on the couch, asleep. Deku shook his head at his teacher.
        "Follow me to the kitchen. We'll set up on the dining room table so we don't bother Shota." Mic said.
       "I'm still awake, Hizashi."Aizawa said, eyes closed, from the couch.
        "Then get up and come join us. There's a fresh pot of coffee." Mic said. Aizawa groaned but got up, grabbed the pot and sat down at the table with them. It was weird seeing Aizawa in casual clothes and not in a sleeping bag. He was in a white tank top and a black pair of sweats with Present Mic's logo on them. Deku smiled.
         "Tell anyone about these sweatpants and I will expel you, Izuku. And you're our guest tonight, so I don't want to hear honorifics. You can call us by our first names inside this apartment and only inside this apartment." Deku nodded. His ring vibrated, which caught him off guard. Aizawa noticed.
         "You didn't know it did that?" Aizawa raised his eyebrow.
           "It's done it before but. It was during the Incident and I had lost so much blood, I thought I was hallucinating." Deku said.
           "To be honest, that's how we found you. Bakugo's ring does the same. That's the Jeweler quirk. What you're thinking about your significant other and they're not within a certain distance, It vibrates. So thankfully during the incident, You kept thinking about Bakugo." Aizawa said.
          Deku looked at his ring. Bakugo was thinking about him. "so, that's why you use her for your jewelery, Hizashi?" Deku asked. Mic nodded.
           "It helps a lot because sometimes on missions you can't call and if I'm doing DJ work and Shouta is on a mission, we can still check on each other." Mic said.
            "What's in the box?" Aizawa asked. Deku smiled.
            "It just came in. I ordered it like 3 weeks ago but it was coming from the States." Deku pulled out the oil painting. "Do you think he'll like it?"
               "It has you in it and you're happy. Yes he'll like it." Aizawa was. Mic smiled.
               "Alright. Lets see what you have for your details here." Mic grabbed one of the detail books Deku had.
             "I kinda wanted to do it in the garden out back but also on the beach but the downside with those is the weather and well, the sand. SO I've been looking at a few places and I just don't know. Nothing is thrilling me like the garden out back."
             "What about the Garden zone of the USJ?" Mic asked. Deku looked confused.
             "Does 13 even still have that zone open, Hizashi?" Aizawa asked.
            "Yeah, I think so. I just know she uses it for her own personal garden now and not for rescue training." Mic said.
             "Would she let me do a wedding there? I wouldn't want to impose or assume." Deku said.
             "Hold on, I've got pictures of it somewhere, Hizashi what did you do with the album?" Aizawa asked as he got up.
             "Check under the coffee table, Shota." Mic said as he pulled out his phone and sent a text message.
            "Found it." Aizawa came back and started going through pictures until he found the one he was looking for. That was it. That was the perfect place. Mic's phone went off.
              "Present Mic.....ah yes. It is. Wonderful." "Midoriya and Bakugo?" "Yeah. Shota was just showing him. Yes. Wonderful. i'll let him know and text you more later." Mic hung up.
              "She said she'd be more than thrilled to let you use it to get married in." Deku about cried. Aizawa smiled at him as he put the album back up.
               "Reminds me of planning our wedding, Hizashi." Aizawa said. Mic smiled.
             "Yes but ours was pry louder than most peoples." Mic laughed.
             "Because you're deaf." Aizawa smiled. Deku smiled at his teachers. IT was nice to see them relaxed and happy. "Anyway. What colors were you looking at doing? If you say green and orange i'll kill you."
           "EW." Deku exclaimed. "I'm not that colorblind, Shota. I was thinking red and white. He looks so pretty in red. Was going to put the bridal party in black suits with red vests. The women in the party would be in black dresses with red ribbons. I'd put myself and Kacchan in white tuxes with red vests. Do white and red roses and lilies. Hopefully the Sakura trees are in bloom." Deku said.
            "If you want Sakura tress, we'll make sure you get them. 13 can grow anything out of season." Mic said. Deku looked beyond excited.
            "Who are you wanting to DJ the reception?" Mic asked. Aizawa and Deku both just stared at him. "What?"
         "Seriously, Hizashi." Both said in unison before falling over laughing. Then it hit Mic. Now he was the one that looked excited.
          "I'll have to make sure I have a good playlist together." Mic said.
          "So, personal question, since one of you is going to have to actually walk down the isle. who's the submissive one?" Mic asked. Again Aizawa and Deku stared at him.
          "It's like he doesn't even know us, Shota." Deku said to Aizawa.
          "I know. You would've figured that much would've been obvious since day one Izuku." Aizawa said. Mic just stared. "Izuku is the submissive one, Hizashi. When have you ever seen Bakugo not be the power dominant?"
            "Hmmm alright, so I assume you're gonna make All Might drag you down the Isle?" Mic said. Deku nodded. GOing over the notes he sees who Deku wants to officiated the wedding and he about cried.
          "What's wrong Hizashi?" Deku asked.
        "Have you asked him yet?" Mic asked. Deku shook his head no, then looked slightly embarrassed. Aizawa looked at Mic and raised his eyebrow. Deku noticed and it hit him that Aizawa is the dominant one in their relationship. "He wants you to officiate the wedding, Shota." Mic said. Aizawa was speechless. He had to sit down.
         "really?" Aizawa asked.
        "I couldn't think of anyone more perfect for the job." Deku smiled.
         "I'd love to." He said before drinking half the pot of coffee. Now that they had gotten past that, They started working on the more finer details. They didn't need flowers since the location had them. They did however, have to decide on the caterer, the amount of people invited, what time it will be, the dress code, The press release because once they figured out a date and time Present Mic sent out a mass text to pro heroes and every single one RSVP'd. Deku was beyond excited. It must have been one in the morning by this point because Bakugo called. Aizawa and Mic went to go grab snack from the student's kitchen.
          "Hello, love of my life. How's work?" He asked. Bakugo was panting.
          "A blast. We've caught 4 of the criminals that escaped. No sign of the League though. But i'm sure they've gone back underground for now. How's your evening? I'm surprised you're still awake." He could hear Bakugo smile.
         "I'm finalizing wedding details with Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic right now. Just got a few little details left and then i'll be finished completely aside from booking the caterer and doing the invites. Are you 100% sure of the date? Since its in like a month?" Deku asked, almost at his normal voice level. It caught Bakugo off guard that Deku wasn't completely whispering. Aizawa and Mic heard it too when they walked back in the apartment.
          "Yes, sun in my sky. That date is fine. I'll book the honeymoon Monday after work. I love you. I gotta go back and do this paperwork for this latest round of thugs. I'll be home around 5." Bakugo replied.
         "Love you too Kacchan. Be careful." He hung up the phone. Aizawa and Mic didn't call attention to the level of his voice, they just gave him a soda and a sandwich.
          "Alright, back at it." Aizawa said as he started making a new pot of coffee.
         "So what are we looking at number wise? We've got like 30 pro heroes coming. family and class 1A/3A whatever we are at this point I don't know." Deku said, looking at the numbers.
         "We'll be safe and say 150 people. Not too bad. It's a good size wedding and will be easy enough to control with security. I'll talk to my agency about getting a good security detail even though with this may Pro Heroes, someone would have to be braindead to try something." Mic said. Deku nodded.
           "Catering. I've got just the lady. She makes all sorts of good food.." He handed Aizawa her card that she had gotten out of Bakugo's suit jacket.
        "Ah, yes. I love her Café downtown. She makes amazing coffee." Aizawa said. Mic pulled out a box from under the table and handed it to Deku.
         "Now the fun part. Open it." Mic said. Deku opened it to find White wedding invites with red and gold writing and inlays. Deku's jaw dropped.
          "When did you get this done?" Deku asked, surprised. Aizawa laughed.
           "We ordered them 4 hours ago once we got the date, time, and location down. That's where we went when Bakugo called." Mic answered. Deku looked at the pair.
        "They're beautiful Hizashi. Shota. Thank you so much." Deku exclaimed, hugging them both.
       "And that's not even the wedding present. But you won't get that until the wedding." Mic said. Deku just smiled at them, tears about to fall from his eyes in happiness.
        "Alright, enough. Lets get these Addressed. They're all already enveloped except the preview one on top. No need to put addresses on them. We know where they're going and will make sure they get there, so you can worry about everything else. That was Hizashi's idea. He loves wedding planning." Aizawa said, drinking his coffee. It took them three hours to address the envelopes and by that time, Deku was dead on his feet. Aizawa laughed at him.
         "Thank goodness that's done. So the only thing left is book the caterer tomorrow and get the wedding bands ordered and get the bridal party together. And get suits and dresses. That's not a lot right? It seems like a lot." Deku said. Mick chucked.
          "It's not a lot, It's just late and we've been at this since 8pm. Get you some rest, Izuku and we'll see you tomorrow to help if you need us to." Mic said. Deku organized all his details and headed back to his room. He didn't even bother getting undressed, he just fell on the bed, his papers going everywhere, asleep before he even made contact with the bed.
           "He looked so happy all night Shota." Mic said, curled up with Aizawa.
           "yes he did. I'm sure he'll barely be able to speak tomorrow but i'm glad to see that there's progress there. Get some sleep, now Hizashi we have a lot of places to go tomorrow. Including to a baker because the bride forgot about the most important thing." Aizawa laughed.
        "He forgot about the cake. Fuck I forgot about the cake. That's the best part." Mic said. Aizawa kissed his forehead.
          Bakugo walked in the door shortly after to see Deku half off the bed, their room looking like a tornado hit. He shook his head and laughed, getting out of his hero suit, putting on a pair of sweats and getting his fiancé in bed correctly, stripping him down to his boxers, before picking up the wedding details and setting them on the desk. He crawled in bed with Deku, Kissed his forehead and waited for Deku to adjust to him before closing his eyes and falling to sleep.

Chapter 35

           Deku woke up to Bakugo rolling on top of him. He just chuckled and tried to readjust to this newest development, however, being about half a foot taller also meant he had half a foot more weight, and Deku realized in that moment, he was stuck. This had never happened before. Bakugo usually didn't move in his sleep. Deku sighed, activated his quirk and tried to gently move Bakugo. In reality what happened was he was launched out of the bed. Bakugo jumped away to see a very hysterical Deku.
          "What the hell, babe." He asked, rubbing the back of his head.
         "You rolled over on top of me, I couldn't move you off. I was trying to be gentle." Deku whispered between laughs. Bakugo sat back down on the bed.
          "Oh, you think this is funny do you?" Bakugo raised an eyebrow before starting to tickle the ever living out of Deku, who was laughing uncontrollably, trying to get away.
          "Kacchan!" Deku yelled, finally getting out of his grasp, panting. Bakugo was laughing at him. The sun had just came up and he noticed a cut on Bakugo's face. Deku gently placed his hand on it, and Bakugo leaned into his hand.
          "One of those bastards got me before I blasted him into next week. I'm alright I promise." Bakugo said. Deku leaned up and kissed him. "Now come on, I've only been home for an hour, lets go back to bed." He said, laying down and holding his arm open for Deku to curl into. "Did you have fun tonight with the wedding planning?"
           "Yes! I'll have to tell you all about it when we get up though. I know you're tired." Deku whispered, but considering he was already back asleep before finishing that sentence, Bakugo laughed knowing it would've had to wait anyway even if he wasn't tired.
         They woke back up a few hours later, the sun high in the sky. Deku got the box out and handed it to Bakugo. "Here, I got you something." He said, shyly. Bakugo opened it and instantly fell in love with it. He got out of bed, sweats hanging around his hips, and found a spot on the wall for it. Deku watched how Bakugo's muscles tightened as he reached up.
          "I love it, what do you think about right here?" Bakugo asked, turning around, and saw how Deku was staring at him. A hungry grin came across his face.
          "I think right there is absolutely perfect." Deku said, getting out of bed and running his hands up his fiancé's body. Bakugo wrapped his arms around the small of Deku's back before slamming him to his chest and kissing him. Deku let him in and Bakugo took the allowance and rolled with it.
       An hour and 18 bite marks later, they walked down to the kitchen and made them some breakfast.  Present Mic and Aizawa were dressed and getting ready to head out the door with a box. Aizawa had his tailored suit on and his hair pulled up into a messy bun as was Mic. They looked adorable together.
         "Midoriya, we'll be back in a little bit to help you finish what needs to be done about the whole wedding. " Mic said. Deku nodded and waved goodbye to them
        "What do they have to do today?" Bakugo asked. Deku proceeded to tell him about most of last night. Leaving out the sweatpants Aizawa was wearing and the first name bases he was on with his teachers. Bakugo was smiling while Deku talked. He was glad that this made him happy. Bakugo was extremely excited for the wedding, even though he didn't know a lot of the details. He told Deku he wanted to be surprised and that's exactly what Deku was going to do. There were things however Bakugo had to do today though. Groomsmen. He wasn't looking forward to that. He sucked when it came to feelings and shit. After breakfast, he and Deku got dressed and headed into town. They were going to get little gifts for their wedding party. The lady at the jewelry store was happy to see them again.
        "Welcome back, guys." She smiled from behind the counter. Bakugo's resting bitch face caught her off guard, but the way his eyes lit up every time Deku showed him something told her all she needed to know about him "Anything in particular you're looking for?" She asked, coming around the counter to them. Bakugo straightened up and squared his shoulders, his usual reaction to someone walking towards Deku.
         "We're getting little things for our wedding party." Deku said, smiling as he held up his already full arm of bags. She looked thoughtful for a moment before an idea came to her.
         "How many are in the party?" She asked. Deku had to pause to count them all and Bakugo chuckled.
        "You've been asked this five times today already, love. There's 6. All men." Bakugo said. Deku smiled at him.
         "Six all men. I've got just the thing." She went behind the counter and dug around in the display for a minute. Deku took this moment to turn around and stand on his tippy toes and kiss Bakugo's nose which made him smile. She found what she was looking for and came back to show them. "I made these a while a go but wasn't sure what to do with them." Deku picked one up and looked at it. "They're called Bohemian Bracelets. This set is made out of Obsidian and red Tigerseye. They're very durable and the most nongirlish Item I have." She said. Deku held it up to Bakugo to look at.
          "Have you tested these with extreme heat and extreme cold and electric discharge?" Bakugo asked, looking at the craftsmanship.  He like the overall design.
        "I test all materials out under those circumstances and many others. I make sure the Jewelry will survive through a lot of stress as well. And anything bought in my shop has a lifetime warranty in case it does break." She said.
        "Do they do the Vibrating thing the rings do?" He asked. She raised an eyebrow at him and then laughed.
        "Oh that? No, only the engagement and wedding bands do that, which reminds me you're here to pick those up too correct?" Deku nodded. Bakugo smiled at his love while she went to get their bands.
       "Are these what you want for your goodie bags?" He asked. Deku smiled and then nodded at him. God why is he so cute, Bakugo thought. He leaned down and started kissing Deku's freckles across the bridge of his nose. "If they're what you want, then get them, sun in my sky." Deku's eyes lit up. The lady came back with two boxes, holding their bands, which matched the engagement set. Deku put them in one of his bags and then told the lady he would take the set. They walked over to the register so Deku could pay for them and get the little boxes for them before he came back with yet another bag and took Bakugo's hand. They walked out of the store and back to the dorms to put together these little gift things for their wedding party.
          Around three, there was a knock on their door. Todoroki, Shinsou, Iida, Kaminari, Kirishima, and Tokoyomi walked in and shut the door. Everyone took a seat. Bakugo sat back down on the bed behind Deku, wrapped his hands around his waist, and leaned his head down on his shoulder.
         "So, we had you come here for a reason. It's not that we don't enjoy your company because we do but this is different this time." Deku smiled. They 6 boys were looking at him with eyebrows raised. This small little person had so much energy at this moment, they were all very curious. "We decided to do this as a group because someone has issues with one on one things that involve feelings." Todoroki figured it out first. "But we decided we want you guys as our wedding party. And we got you all presents because its a special occasion and Kacchan doesn't know how to tell me no." Deku said, smiling.
        "Gotta work on that, Bakubro." Kirishima laughed. They all accepted the invitation to be the wedding party and Deku started handing out the surprises. In each little black and red box was the bracelets they picked out, little tiny cakes from Iida's favorite bakery, lots of everyone's favorite candy, and some other pastry type snacks from Deku and Bakugo's favorite bakery. Shinsou was the most surprised and Deku just smiled at him.
         "We're called the Pack for a reason, Shinsou. That makes you family. And as long as you don't rip out Shoto's heart, you'll be family to me too, so you're gonna suck it up and let me spoil you, just like everyone else in this room has grudgingly let me do for so long." Deku smiled. Bakugo just shook his head as the rest of them laughed. Shinsou shook his head and smiled at Deku.
          "Is this why Present Mic and Aizawa are all dressed up handing out invitations?" Iida asked. Deku nodded his head excitedly.
          "How did you manage that? Aizawa hates anything that's not being asleep." Tokoyomi asked, extremely curious.
           "I have my ways." Deku smiled.
          "Your way is that your tiny, adorable, and fucking spoiled beyond belief." Bakugo smiled.
          "Who's fault is that, Bakugo?" Kaminari asked, eyebrow raised. Everyone laughed at that, even Bakugo.
           "Shut up, Pikachu." Bakugo smiled, throwing a pillow at him, that was blocked by Kirishima.
          "You call that a throw? My dead grandmother could throw better than that." Shinsou said. Todoroki fell out of his chair laughing so hard and Iida choked on his water.
           "Well, guess it's official. Shinsou has made it." Tokoyomi said, laughing. They boys started joking around with each other once the serious business was taken care of and Deku fell asleep, head leaned back against Bakugo's shoulder. Everyone decided that was their cue to slip out, except Todoroki and Shinsou. Once the door closed, Todoroki had a question.
            "I didn't hear him screaming last night." Was what he choose to say. Bakugo nodded.
            "He didn't. At all after I came home from work. Aizawa and Mic were helping him with wedding plans the majority of the night, though but still." Bakugo said.
            "Fingers crossed his mind is healing. He needs it. HE's been looking more exhausted than me, and that's saying something because I look like walking death." Shinsou said. After than, he and Todoroki left, leaving Bakugo to try to get Deku in a more comfortable position. Deku stirred a little, but curled up on Bakugo who was now laying down and both boys took a nap. Bakugo's alarm went off at 530 telling him it was time to get ready for work. He woke up Deku, changed his clothes, and Kissed Deku goodbye before leaving. Deku got up, rubbed his eyes, grabbed his wedding stuff and went over to Aizawa's.
           "Fall asleep?" Mic asked.
          "Yeah. we did a lot of running around today and did the whole bridal party thing an I must have fell asleep during that." Deku responded. Mic just shook his head before pointing to a passed out Aizawa on the couch. They went into the dining room and Sat down to start making phone calls. Deku called the manager of the restaurant they went to and set up the catering. He would go in after work Monday and pay for it in advance. Mic called the baker he and Aizawa went to today to verify the cake. They made calls to make sure they had tables and chairs and called and ordered candles and balloons and little wedding giftbags for the guests. Deku called and made the fitting appointment for the tuxes. After the phone calls were finished, Mic and Deku sat there and talked about one more thing.
         "We forgot something." Mic said. Deku looked at him.
         "What's that Hizashi?" he asked, going back over his notes.
         "Photographer." Mic said. Deku slapped himself lightly.
           "The company that did ours is still open Hizashi." Aizawa called from the couch, stretching. Mic got up and looked through their stack of business cards to find the right one. Aizawa came in the kitchen and grabbed his pot of coffee and sat down next to Deku.
          "Did you have fun today?" He asked.
          "Yeah, it was a really good day, Shota. I dragged Kacchan out shopping and he didn't even threaten to murder anyone." Deku said, smiling. Aizawa laughed gently.
          "Wow. That was a good day." he said. Mic found the card and called the photographer. He gave them the information and went ahead and booked them for all day. Mic knew Deku liked to document everything. After everything was all said and done and they hung around just to bullshit, Deku grabbed everything and headed to bed. Bakugo called at one to talk during his lunch, and then Deku went right back to sleep. He was dreaming about the wedding coming up, when all of a sudden his dream went dark.
          Todoroki was woken up to the scream. Shinsou heard it to and checked the clock. 230am. Bakugo wasn't home yet, They ran to Deku and Bakugo's room and burst in. Todoroki went straight to the bed while Shinsou tuned on the light, got him some water and texted Bakugo. Deku was screaming in pain, rolling around in the bed. Todoroki looked around and saw Bakugo's hoodie, grabbed it and laid it next to Deku's face. He also felt Deku's ring vibrate. Deku calmed down slightly, but Todoroki still woke him up anyway. Deku jumped before realizing who all was in the room. He let out a relieved sigh and Shinsou handed him the water.
          "Sorry guys." He said after drinking some of the water. He held the cup in his hand, still shaking. Todoroki took his hand and told him it was okay.
          "Remember, you were there when I needed someone the most. I'm here for you too. That's what family is for." Todoroki told him. Deku's phone started ringing. so he grabbed it.
          "Hello." He said in am exhausted whisper.
          "Are you okay?" Bakugo asked, extremely concerned.
          "I am now. Todoroki and Shinsou are here."
          "I know. Shinsou texted me. Get your headset and put it on. I'm on patrol by campus so they should connect. And i'll keep the line on my headset until I get off work okay? That way you can at least hear me." Bakugo said.
          "Okay. I'll get them." Deku replied.
           "Alright i'll talk to you In a minute. Love you."
           "Love you too, Kacchan." He responded before the call ended. Todoroki handed him his headphones and he turned them on after placing them on. he could hear Bakugo breathing and mumbling to himself. Todoroki asked if he needed him and Shinsou to stay. Deku thanked them and shook his head no so Todoroki helped him lay back down before he and Shinsou left. Deku listened to Bakugo at work and listened to his breathing before finally dozing off again to sleep. His nightmare didn't come back after that.

Chapter Text

Chapter 36

      Bakugo hated overnights. Especially right now. Shinsou texted him 911 and he knew. He knew before the text. He called Deku, who sounded absolutely defeated. He had him put his headphones on and he connected his, that way Deku could hear him while he patrolled. Thank god, Hatsume likes to think outside the box when it comes to her inventions. He was a good 2 miles from the dorms, and could hear every move Deku made. 2 more hours. He just has to make it two more hours. His patrol comrades were talking to each other about nonwork related stuff. Bakugo just rolled his eyes and mumbled under his breathe. He heard Deku say his name, and he listened harder for a moment before realizing that he was talking in his sleep.
       "Hey, Bakugo, what's the point of those things on your ears?" One of his coworkers asked. Bakugo glared at him
        "My quirk involves explosions. I'd like to keep my hearing a little while longer." He snapped.
       "Your fiancé must be a damn saint, having the patience to put up with that attitude." His coworker said. "You two think you're so great because you survived the league, but you seem like self entitled brats to me. At least the green haired one seems to have a sense of humility." Bakugo turned and looked at him
         "You know. Just because I have these on doesn't mean I can't hear you. I actually hear better with these. So I would suggest keeping my fiancé's name out of your mouth. You have no room to talk considering you cried for your mommy when we went after those D list thugs earlier." his coworker went white.
         "You won't make any friends at this agency with that attitude."
         "Good. I've got all the friends I need at home. I don't need work friends. what I need is semi competent coworkers that can do their fucking jobs instead of bitching like a damn girl."  His other coworker burst out laughing. Bakugo just shook his head and kept patrolling. They came across some kids trying to break into a house, and were able to prevent the act, Bakugo terrifying the group of teens. He sighed. He needed to work on his PR. Finally, his shift was over so he and his coworkers headed back to the office. He clocked out and was headed towards the door when his one coworker blocked his way.
      "You know, It would be best for you if you found a new agency. Before something happened to you." The man said. Bakugo just laughed in his face and move to go around him, but the man blocked his path.
      "If you knew what was best for you, you'd get out of my fucking way." Bakugo growled. He didn't have time for this. The man laughed, before shoving Bakugo backwards. Little explosions were starting in his hands, steam rising out of his vents on his suit. "This is your last warning Hitoshi."
     "You're not gonna do shit. I said you needed to take your little attention seeking brat and find a new agency. We don't tolerate your kind here." The man said. His statement made their other coworkers gasp, Minoto went straight to the Boss.
      "Don't. You. FUCKING EVER! Speak about him like that, you WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!" Bakugo snapped. His temper rising.
     "WE DON'T TOLERATE THAT GAY BULLSHIT HERE! YOU TAKE YOUR WHORE AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!" Hitoshi yelled in Bakugo's face. Without thinking, Bakugo blasted him in the stomach and sent him flying.
      "I TOLD YOU TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ABOUT HIM!" Bakugo yelled, before fixing his suit. Hitoshi got up.
      "I didn't want to have to do this, kid, but you're obviously not getting my message." Hitoshi said, electricity sparking all over him. 'So he's like Kaminari' Bakugo thought. Hitoshi ran at Bakugo, sparks flying, and swung at him. Bakugo dodged. This kept on for a few moments, Bakugo kept dodging, but did not hit the man back. The man started to get winded, and when he did he started getting reckless. Bakugo dodged the next few hits before snapping. Hitoshi came at him again, fist covered in electricity. He swung for Bakugo's face. Bakugo dropped swung his right fist up, then opened his palm at the last second before impact and blasted him. Hitoshi was sent flying, hit  the ceiling, and then fell back to the floor. The Boss laughed, making everyone turn to look at him.
       "fuck." Bakugo muttered. The Boss just laughed.
       "Who here agrees with Hitoshi? Who here agrees with his thoughts?" No one spoke up. "Yeah, that's what I thought. Hitoshi, what gives you the right to sit here and say that we as a company don't tolerate his life partner choice?" The Boss asked.
       "It's disgusting and unnatural and anyone like that should be put down like feral animals are." Hitoshi snapped.  Bakugo flinched. Thank god the headsets were out of range of each other.
       "Does anyone else agree with this?" An older hero from the back stood up and nodded. Bakugo didn't even know this man. "Well, let me tell you all this. I pride myself in having an agency filled with diversity. I pride myself on having hard working heroes. What my employees choose to do in their free time, so long as its not illegal, is their business. Personally the man you called an attention seeking brat is the kindest soul I've had the pleasure to meet. If that is how you really fell then it is not young Bakugo here that will be leaving. Turn in your ID cards, you're both fired." The Boss said. Bakugo was shocked, but his coworkers weren't. Everyone was dismissed and Minoto caught up to Bakugo as he was walking out the building.
     "No one was surprised he fired them?" He asked, not looking at her.
      "No. Occasionally someone voices an opinion that's beyond unreasonable, like Hitoshi did, and The Boss will thin the heard. He believes that you have to keep your employees happy in order for your employees to want to make your business the best it can be. " She said. He nodded and checked his phone. it was already 530.
       "Fuck I need to get home. I needed to be home three hours ago. Fucking bastard wasting my time." Bakugo said, mostly to himself.
      "Everything okay? At home I mean?" She asked.
       "What do you mean by that?" He yelled. She shrunk away from him.
        "Sorry, wrong wording. Is everything okay with Midoriya?" She rephrased.
       "Oh. He still has aftereffects from the kidnapping. Tonight was a pretty bad one." Bakugo said, not letting anymore get out. She seemed concerned.
      "I hope everything is okay with him. I'll see you tomorrow, Bakugo. I'm headed that way." She pointed in the opposite direction.
       "See ya." Was all he could say. He broke off into a run before jumping, activating his quirk and propelling himself through the air. Minoto just watched, before turning to go home herself.
        Deku woke up to the door being opened. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, before being tackled by Bakugo. Deku laughed quietly, wrapping his arms around Bakugo.
       "I'm sorry i'm late. Something came up at work. How was you doing? Are you feeling okay?" Bakugo fired. Deku laughed.
        "I'm better now that you're home. Get out of you're suit, you're gonna get blood on the bed." Deku responded quietly.  Bakugo got up, changed and laid down in bed, Deku curling up with him.
      "Did the headphones help any?" He asked. Deku nodded.
      "Your coworker is an ass." Deku said, sleepily.
        "Well, he's fired now so its okay." Deku looked up at him, a confused, concerned look on his face. "Nothing for you to worry about. Relax. " Bakugo told him. Deku smiled and then laid down. It took all of three seconds for Deku to fall back asleep, using Bakugo as a pillow. Bakugo ran his fingers through Deku's hair replaying the day he had before drifting off to sleep himself.
      Loud banging woke the entire dorm up. Deku and Bakugo shot up, and ran out their door, Todoroki and Shinsou behind them, Shinsou with his scarf. The didn't wait for the elevator instead took the emergency stairs, where they encountered the rest of their classmates, all in varied stages of dress, ready to fight. They all made it into the common room, where Aizawa, shirtless and Present Mic, also shirtless, met them.
      "What's going on?" Kirishima called out.
      "I don't know but they woke me up and i'm pissed." Aizawa said, his goggles over his eyes already and his scarf ready. The loud bang sounded again before the front door blew open.
     "BAKUGO!!!!! I KNOW YOU'RE IN HERE!!! COME OUT AND PLAY!" the man yelled, walking in the door with a group of people. Deku stepped instinctively in front of Bakugo.
     "GO THE FUCK AWAY! YOU WOKE ME UP YOU BASTARD!" Bakugo yelled, flexing his hands beside Deku's head. Deku reached up and lowered them slightly.
       "YOUR FAIRY ASS GOT ME FIRED! AND I'M GONNA MAKE YOU PAY!" The man yelled. An almost sinister grin crossed his face, as the rest of the class realized this man was going to try to hurt Bakugo because he's gay. Kirishima was the first to laugh.
      "DO YOU EVE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?" Kirishima chuckled loudly.
      "How did you even get past the gate?" Aizawa asked, now extremely pissed.
       "oh, no Izuku, its fine Izuku. Nothing to worry about. he said." Deku muttered to himself. The class decided to have a little fun wit this guy. Aizawa knew it was coming. Mic did too.
       "HARD WORKERS?"
       "GREAT COOKS?"
        "SKINNY PEOPLE?"
        "GYM RATS?"
    The class yelled out, obviously being facetious. The man was getting pissed and quick. Mic had stepped into the kitchen to get his directional speaker on.
       "THEY HAVE NO PLACE IN THIS WORLD!!!! THEY ALL NEED TO BE DESTROYED!!!! SO HAND HIM OVER. AND THAT BOYFRIEND OF HIS." HItoshi demanded. Aizawa walked in front of his kids, Mic beside him.
       "I'm sorry but that's not an option here." Aizawa said.
       "And why exactly is that?" One of the other men asked. Aizawa just smiled as Mic leaned over, pulled Aizawa by the scarf to him and kissed him.
       "Because the majority of my kids are gay. Over half of the future heroes you see in front of you here are gay. And we just won't let you. You see, Bakugo may be a lot of things, but above all he is my responsibility until he graduates and you'll have to go through me first." Aizawa said, calmly, though he had a fire in his eyes.
       "you all disgust me." He yelled before about 30 people rushed in. It was chaotic. Mic sent about 6 of them back out through the front door with his scream at the start. One person rushed at Bakugo, but didn't see Deku, crouched down in front of him. Deku sent the guy flying while Bakugo set off an explosion, sending him the rest of the way to the ceiling. Kirishima was fighting a guy twice his size when Kaminari came up behind him and electrocuted him. The mountain of a man collapsed. Shinsou had three guys under his control, fighting their own people while Todoroki was fire and icing everyone who came close to Shinsou. Iida had Uraraka on his shoulders, running around the room, letting her touch the enemies before she pulled them up into the air and held them there. Tsu was throwing people around with her tongue and Sero was going behind Iida and Uraraka, tapeing up the ones floating in the air. Jiro was with Mic, blasting people left and right with their sounds.  Aizawa was erasing quirks left and right, restraining people with his scarf. Bakugo turned to blast someone behind them, when Hitoshi grabbed Deku. Bakugo turned back to see a knife at Deku's throat. Hitoshi fucked up though, because he let Deku see someone coming up behind Bakugo with a gun.
         "YOU BASTARD." Deku yelled, letting his power surge through his body, the sheer force of it sending Hitoshi flying backwards into a wall. Deku put 25% of his power into his legs, kicked off, went straight for the guy with the gun. He jumped into the air before changing direction and landing a kick to the gunman's face, sending him with a bang into the marble floor, cracking it. "WHO'S NEXT?!!" Deku yelled, pure hatred on his face. He stood there in a similar position Bakugo usually uses. Bakugo exploded someone what was trying to take out Kaminari. The sinister smiles on their faces, back to back, would've scared the most hardened of war heroes. Hitoshi had gotten back up, jumped about the chaos and landed down next to Bakugo, before using his quirk, shocking him unconscious. Deku turned and landed a punch on him, sending him flying. Uraraka came up and stood next to Iida, protecting Bakugo, while Deku took off after Hitoshi's form.
       "YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT YOU BASTARD!!!" Deku yelled as he landed another hit on Hitoshi. Hitoshi started countering and it turned into a massive fight. Sero taped up the men that Aizawa had taken quirks from. Aizawa blinked, rubbed his eyes and then ran over to aide Deku.
         "THAT'S NOT VERY HEROIC OF YOU THERE IZUKU!" Kirishima yelled laughing.
       Deku sent Hitoshi flying again. Hitoshi hit Deku with his electric attack, but it didn't even phase Deku in his adrenaline induced state.
        "DIE YOU FUCKING MONSTER!!!" HItoshi yelled as he went to use his quirk on the highest setting. Aizawa locked unto him and took his quirk
        "YOU'RE GONNA ENJOY PRISON!" Deku yelled, landing a kick to his stomach. HItoshi dropped for a second, before getting up and running back at Deku. Shinsou and Aizawa wrapped him in their scarves and tightened them. Deku stood up, panting.
        "You keep your hands away from my family. The only monster here is you. There is no room in this world for hate. There's already enough of that as there is. So what I fell in love with a man. SO what people fall in love with the same sex. Love is Love is Love. And if you cannot tolerate people for who they love, then I feel sorry for you. You're missing out on so much happiness by allowing hatred to fuel you're life." Deku told him before turning around and walking over to Bakugo, waking him up and kissing him. Out of no where a knife lodges into Deku's shoulder from above. Deku looks at it, laughs and turns, only to have Bakugo grab his arm
       "Stay with me." was all he had to say. Deku sat down and put Bakugo's head in his lap. Tokoyomi and Dark Shadow grabbed the last guy and slammed him in the ground, where Sero tapped him up. It was that moment the police arrived.

Chapter 37
         Bakugo was with the police longer than the rest of the class, due to what happened at work. The rest of their classmates were told to go back to whatever they were doing. Mic brought Deku some tea while Aizawa patched up the cut on Deku's throat from Hitoshi. "Are you okay, Izuku?" Mic asked quietly. Deku was looking at Bakugo.
        "hmm? Yeah, I guess Hizashi." Deku said quietly. He was worried about everything that happened before Bakugo got off work that would cause this man to come here. Deku's phone rang. It was The Boss. "Hello." Deku answered.
        "Midoriya. I just saw the news. Are you and Bakugo okay?" He asked, concerned. Deku rubbed his throat. Aizawa slapped his hand away from it.
         "Hmm? oh yeah. That guy and his buddies messed up coming here. Most of us are gay." Deku said quietly.
        "Is everyone alright?"
          "Yeah, Bakugo got knocked out by, what was his name, Hitoshi? But I got him in the end." Deku said.
         "I'm terribly sorry for what happened. I didn't think that he would retaliate after what happened this morning and Bakugo blew his ass around the office." Deku's face snapped up.
         "HE DID WHAT?!?!?!?!" Deku yelled. Everyone in the common room looked at Deku. The look on Bakugo's face said it all.
         "In his defense, Midoriya. He was defending himself. Hitoshi was attacking him and it took easily 50 hits before Bakugo hit back. He started telling Bakugo that you two needed to go somewhere else and then he started talking derogatorily about you and Bakugo snapped. But I didn't think he'd do this or I would've called sooner. Bakugo didn't tell you about it?" The Boss asked.
       "No, he did not." Deku said, quietly but firmly. Aizawa knew that look. So did Mic. This was about to not be good. "But we are alright. And it's okay. He and I will see you tomorrow morning." Deku said. He and his boss exchanged pleasantries and he hung up the phone.
       "Izuku," Aizawa started but Deku had already slammed his phone down and began to storm over to Bakugo. Mic and Aizawa walked behind him. Deku turned Bakugo towards him and slapped him so hard he slid backwards.
           "I'll get Izuku. meet us at Sharon's little café in half an hour." Mic said, taking off after Deku. Aizawa looked at Bakugo and sighed.
           "Time for us to have this talk I guess. Officers are you finished with him?" The officers nodded and Aizawa took Bakugo to the apartment. You could see Deku's wedding details scatter everywhere in here. "He's been excited about this and hasn't been able to sleep so he's been here while you're at work making sure everything is perfect for your guy's day. He said you wanted it to be a surprise right?" Aizawa said, headed right for his coffee pot.
          "Yeah. Deku likes to surprise me, even though I've never liked to be caught off guard. It makes him happy." Bakugo said, sitting down in the chair at the table Aizawa motioned him to.
          "So, tell me exactly what happened at work this morning. Since apparently your boss didn't think to deal with this obvious issue." So Bakugo started at the beginning. Told Aizawa everything this guy said about Deku. About this guy attacking him at work and about him trying to keep his composure before finally snapping and blowing the guy into the ceiling. He told him about the Boss seeing the altercation and asking if anyone else agreed with his stance. One man stood up. He fired them both.
         "Why didn't you want to tell Izuku, Katsuki.? Aizawa asked.
        "I didn't want him to worry. Especially with him getting ready to start there tomorrow." Bakugo said. Aizawa looked at him.
       "Listen, i'm not going to yell at you, though someone pry should, but it took me a long time to learn this with Hizashi. Sometimes our wanting to protect them is what puts them in harm's way. There were a few times where I could've really lost him, all because I wanted to protect him. Izuku will calm down about this, Katsuki, but he won't forget it. As much as you want to protect him, you both are in a very dangerous line of work. You two are also already held in high regard with the public. You cannot afford to keep information from him simply so he doesn't worry. If could end up being the death of either him, or you." Aizawa said, drinking out of his pot.
        "I understand." Bakugo said, looking at the drawing Deku had made of some flowers Aizawa had on the table.
        "Trust me, Hizashi and I get it. That's why Hizashi went after Izuku instead of me. Because there have been times, especially at your ages, where it was Hizashi running and me standing there like an idiot wondering what I did wrong. The best way to protect him, is by not keeping things like this from him. Had it had just been a minor disagreement, that's one thing, but this was not." Aizawa said, throwing a shirt on. He handed Bakugo one of Mic's band shirts. "Put this on. we're gonna take a walk." Bakugo put it on and they stopped at the front of the dorms to put their shoes on before walking to the café.
        Mic had finally caught up to Deku, who collapsed under a maple tree, crying. He sat down next to him and pulled his head against his chest, petting his hair.
         "It's alright, Izuku. Come on, let's get it all out." Mic said quietly.
        "He's an idiot." Deku said. Mic laughed slightly.
         "Love does that to a person."
        "He didn't tell me this man tried to kill him at work. All because he fell in love with me." He whispered.
        "Shota and I have dealt with that several times as well, Izuku. There have been a few times where I've slapped Shota like you did Bakugo. We've been there. Though I will say, you definitely hit harder than I do." Deku chuckled at that. "Listen, He didn't want you to worry about him and he thought he had handled it."
       "He still should've told me. If something would've happened, Hizashi, I don't know what I would've done." Deku said. And that's what this was all about. Mic knew.
       "I know. It took a long time for Shota to realize he couldn't protect me by keeping me in the dark, but you guys are still learning how to be around each other when it comes to things like this. It will take time. The best thing in this moment to do, is forgive him. He thought he was doing what he thought was best. I don't know if you know this Izuku, but that man, like Shota, would burn the world down to make sure you're happy. He just has to learn the right way to use that flame of his. He'll get there, I promise." Mic said. Deku sat up and wiped his eyes.
        "So basically, he's an idiot that has to learn not to be an idiot." Deku responded.
      "That's exactly what i'm saying. And think about it. If I'm here with you, who do you think is guilt tripping your idiot?" Mic said, an eyebrow raised. Deku smiled.
       "I hope Shota makes him realize he's an idiot."
       "Well considering the amount of wedding details scattered around our apartment, I'm sure he realized that the second he walked in our door. Now come up. Up you go. Let's go get some pastries." Mic said, holding his hand out to help Deku up. They walked down to the café and sat down. This was one of Sharon's and there was only a female waitress. They placed their order, and a few moments later Aizawa walked in with a very red eyed Bakugo. Deku got up and ran into his arms as Aizawa sat down next to Mic, taking the cup of coffee from him.
       "I'm sorry I didn't tell you." Bakugo whispered into Deku's hair.
        "It's okay. Don't do it again. I'm serious Kacchan. I can't help you, or support you, if you don't tell me what's going on." Deku sad, looking him in the eyes. Bakugo nodded ad then Deku stood on his tippy toes and kissed him.
       "Get a room." Aizawa said, smiling. The two boys laughed before sitting down and having lunch with their teachers. The group returned to the dorm and headed their separate ways.
       "Is that Mic's shirt?" Deku laughed.
      "Shut up, nerd." Bakugo teased. "When Aizawa says 'put this on' you do what he says. I saw the disaster zone that is your chaotic note taking all over their apartment."
       "Yeah I should go get all of that. I feel bad I forgot it last night." Deku said. Bakugo laughed at him.
        "I don't think they mind honestly, otherwise i'm sure they would've brought it to you." Bakugo said. He noticed the bandage on the top of Deku's throat. Then he remembered the knife that asshole had the nerve to put against his love. "Does it hurt?" He asked, running his hand gently over it? Deku flinched a little bit.
       "Yeah, slightly. I definitely know I was held at knife point, but he fucked up by keeping me facing you. I saw the man with the gun come right up behind you." Bakugo looked at him funny.
        "Gun?" He asked. And then it clicked. Deku would've froze with the knife to his throat. He reacted to a bigger threat.
        "Why didn't you tell me?" Bakugo whispered.
        "He would've shot you before you could've turned around to attack. I had to stop him before he could pull the trigger." Deku said. Bakugo kissed him.
         "I love you. I'm sorry i'm an idiot sometimes."
         "It's okay, Kacchan, I forgive you. and I love you too."
     The next few weeks passed quickly. Work was going well for them. The League stayed quiet, Deku got all the RSVPs back and had gone into Bridezilla mode, which Bakugo thought was cute. Their friends however told him on a daily basis to calm down. Pretty quickly, it was the day before the wedding. School started back up in a week. IT was crunch time. Deku had gotten up early because he and Mic had a lot of stuff to do in regards to the wedding the next day. He showered and got dressed while Bakugo showered.
         "Be careful at work today, Kacchan." Deku said before kissing him.
        "I will, Izuku. I'll try to meet you two for lunch." He said before walking out the door and heading into work. Mic met Deku shortly after.
        "Got your list?" Mic asked him.
        "That I do." Deku said, holding up the list of places they had to go. They headed out. First they stopped at Sharon's to check on the catering. She told them that everything was coming along great and that she would meet them at the USJ first thing in the morning to get set up. Deku went to sit outside with a pastry while Mic asked about the cake.
        "He still hasn't realized he forgot it?" She asked. Mic shook his head. "That's alright. I'm working on it right now. I'll make sure it stays hidden tomorrow until its time. They'll love it." Mic nodded and then walked outside, where he and Deku headed off to the Photographer's. They verified the time that she would be there and what Deku wanted documented.
         "Everything." He had told her. She laughed and Mic just looked at her.
         "He's not joking. He means everything." She got serious and nodded. They then headed off to the jeweler's.

Chapter Text

Chapter 38
   Mic and Deku walked into the Jeweler's shop. The lady smile as she welcomed them. Deku, rubbed the back of his head and smiled at her. Mic laughed softly.
        "How are you today?" Mic asked her. She came around the corner carrying two bags, one small and the other was a pretty decent size.
         "I'm doing alright. Glad for the work for sure. How are you today Hizashi? Shota keeping up well?" She asked as she set the bags down on the counter.
          "We're doing fine. Helping Izuku here with his final wedding crunch before tomorrow. Shota's his usual self as always, curled up on the couch asleep before classes start." Mic said.
          "That man and his sleep, I swear." She laughed. "So, Izuku. I've got the two things you asked me to make. The one for the guests are in the big bag, the other set is in the smaller bag, and sorry Hizashi you can't see those yet as per request, but i'll show you the first ones." She smiled as she opened one of the boxes in the big bag and handed Deku a small, Obsidian butterfly, with emeralds and rubies decorating the wings. They were no bigger than a Dime, but very detailed. Deku showed Mic.
           "As, always, wonderful craftsmanship. They'll love them." Mic said, handing it back to her. Deku handed her the money for his orders, thanked her again and said he'd see her tomorrow. They went to the beach and got easily five pounds of sand. Deku's phone beeped, and he and Mic headed to the Café to meet Bakugo for lunch.
          "How's everything going?" Bakugo asked, kissing Deku. A family passes and pulled on Bakugo's gauntlets. He bent down, smiled at them, and rubbed their hair, letting their mother take their picture with him before he was able to sit down.
           "We're almost done, just gotta go to another two or three shops and then it's back to the dorm to put the gifts together. The guys are going to come over to help with the ones that aren't for the wedding party when I get back. They offered so i'm taking them up on it." Deku said, taking a bite of his pastry.
           "How's patrol today?" Mic asked.
            "Quiet today. At least where i'm at. There was a code purple out towards the outskirts of town, but Boss has been keeping students away from that patrol." Bakugo said. Deku looked at him. This was the first code Purple since the break out. Deku shook it off. He wasn't going to let them ruin his big day. Minoto dropped in.
         "Hey Midoriya." She said before noticing who was with them. "OH MY GOD YOU KNOW PRESENT MIC!!!" she fangirled. Mic smiled and posed for her.
          "Anything for my fans!" He said loudly. Deku had to cover his ears.
           "Alright, anyway, you ready to go Bakugo? There's an issue down at the bank and Jos called for backup." She said. Bakugo sighed, kissed Deku, and left with her. Mic and Deku laughed. They finished their pastries and headed for the glass blower to pick up the bottles for the guests' gifts. They also stopped by a stationary store to get the little notes for the bottles.
           "last stop. The tailors." Mic said. Both men were already carrying a lot of bags. They walked in, to see a thug trying to rob the poor tailor. They sat their bags down quickly. Deku activated his quirk and grabbed the thug quickly, restraining him
        "Fight me and you're ears will bleed for the rest of your life." Deku said in his ear. The thug looked and saw Present Mic smiling at him, on the phone. Deku thought about Bakugo and within a moment, Bakugo and Minoto walked in.
          "I wish you people would let my fiancé shop in peace. " He said. The thug realized who was restraining him and panicked, thrashing trying to get away. Bakugo placed his gauntlet against the thug's chest. He stopped moving immediately.
        "Ha! you wouldn't shoot that thing off while you're fiancé is restraining me!" The thug spat. Present Mic laughed as did Bakugo. Minoto and the tailor were the only ones who were concerned.
         "He can take the hit, can you?" Bakugo asked. The thug paled. Minoto touched the thug. He quirk was called Bind. As long as she had a hand on a person, it was like they were tied with rope, they couldn't move.
        "Now apologize." Minoto demanded.
        "For what?!?!" He spat. Bakugo forced him to face the tailor.
        'One, for trying to rob a man of his livelihood. and two, for ruining my fiancé's day." He put the gauntlet to the thug's back. The Thug apologized before Bakugo and Minoto walked him out. "See you at home love." He said before marching the thug to the police car outside. Deku and Mic picked up the bags and walked up to the counter.
         "Are you okay, sir?" Deku asked, concerned.
       "I am now thanks to you." He said gratefully. "You're here for the suits, right? Are you getting all 10 of them?" He asked. Deku nodded. Might as well save everyone the trip. "You gonna be able to carry them?" He asked amused.
          "we'll manage." Mic said. About that Time, All Might walked in.
        "Young Midoriya! what a surprise to see you here! Hello Present Pic." All Might said.
         "All Might! What are you doing here? I figured you'd be with mom." He said quietly, smiling at his mentor.
          "Had to get my suit for tomorrow. Your mother and Mitsuki want to make sure its not baggy like everything else I own. Stubborn women." He laughed. Mic just shook his head. The tailor came out with the 10 suits and saw All Might, set the suits down and went to get his. "You gonna be able to get all those to the dorms?"
         "Yeah, it's not that far of a walk." Deku smiled. All Might Laughed at him. The tailor gave them the suits, Deku paid the man, and they walked out together. A few streets up, the went their separate ways, promising to see each other the following day. Once back at the dorm, Todoroki and Shinsou were waiting for them to help carry stuff.
          "All Might texted. We would've came with you to help if you needed it, Midoriya." Todoroki said, carrying stuff to the elevator.
           "Honestly I thought we weren't getting as much as we actually did." Deku smiled. Mic snorted.
           "I thought the same thing with my own wedding, that's why I went with you. Do you need anymore help, Izuku?" Mic asked after setting down the bags he was carrying in Deku's room.
           "I think that's it. Thank you, Mic. Sorry I kept you from Aizawa all day." He grinned.
          "Oh, I'm sure he enjoyed the quiet. Call me if you need anything, okay? I'm going to go over the playlist for tomorrow." He said before turning to walk out. Todoroki was hanging Tuxes up in the closet.
           "Do we need to call the other guys to get started on these gift bags?" Shinsou asked, looking at the massive amount of things Deku had bought.
            "Yeah, might as well get started, it's gonna take a while." Deku said, collapsing on the bed. The other 4 showed up and they began filling the little bottles with sand, the note, and the Butterfly and then corking it. Bakugo walked in after work to see easily 200 glass bottles all over their room and seven men asleep in multiple stages of filling the bottles. He took a picture, sent it to Aizawa, Mic and All Might before gently stepping over them and getting in the shower. When he got out and dressed, he heard them awake, joking around with each other. He walked out of the bathroom and Deku smiled at him.
           "Almost done?" He asked, curious. Deku nodded.
         "After our nap, we just finished the last one." Bakugo looked around and saw the glass bottles had been put in little boxes that said, thank you on them.
             "Uraraka is on her way down with the big boxes the girls made to make sure these don't knock over." Iida said. Shortly after, the door opened. Uraraka touched every box, and floated them into the big box, perfectly, before sealing it.
             "Thanks Uraraka!" Deku said. She smiled at him.
             "It's no problem, really. WE're all excited for tomorrow." She said before leaving, giving Iida a kiss.
           "Alright, Bakubro, Let's go. Get dressed, you're coming out with us." Kirishima said. Bakugo looked confused.
            "We are taking you out to dinner and to do shit. Let's go." Tokoyomi said. Deku laughed.
           "Go on, Kacchan. Have a fun night." Deku smiled.
            "You knew about this?" He asked, betrayed. Deku laughed.
             "They told me last week. I've got stuff I need to finish before tomorrow anyway and need peace and quiet to do it. So go on. i'll be here when you get back." He kissed Bakugo before pushing him out the door into the arms of his friends and shut the door. After making sure they were all gone, He pulled out 11 Jars and the little box from the jewelry store. Inside the box were obsidian wolves with one ruby eye and one emerald eye. They were so cute. He got to work. He had one for each of the groomsmen, Bakugo, himself, Aizawa, Mic, and All Might. The Pack. He mixed the sand with some glue in a bowl and then filled the jars 1/3 of the way with it, making sure it was completely compacted. he then used chopsticks to take the piece if parchment, glue it, and make sure it sealed to the glass correctly. It said The Pack on it followed by the wedding date. after the glue dried, he put the little howling wolf charms in the bottles before sealing them, putting them in little boxes, and then putting those boxes in a bigger box for transportation. He went over everything that needed to be done first thing in the morning while he was cleaning up. Once done, he put on some sweats and laid down in bed and shut his eyes. He shot up about thirty seconds later realizing something in a panic. He looked at the clock. 1030.
            "FUCK!!!" he said bolting out of the bedroom, sliding down the hall and hitting the elevator door, falling down. He got back up, hit the button and was bouncing up and down waiting for it. Once on the bottom floor he booked it across the common room and kitchen. He tried to stop at Aizawa and Mic's door, kept sliding, and crashed into a hallway table.   "FUCK!" he yelled again, before getting up and knocking politely on the door. Aizawa opened the door, upon seeing a panicked Deku. He let Deku in, shut the door and Mic came out from the kitchen, smiling.
         "What's wrong, Izuku?" Aizawa asked. They already knew.
         "I FORGOT." he paused to breathe. " I FOGOT ABOUT THE FUCKING CAKE!" He exclaimed. Mic broke out laughing his ass off and Aizawa smiled.
       "I know you did. That's why I ordered one." Mic said calmly. Deku dropped to the floor and covered his face.
          "Oh thank god." he said. "I can't believe I forgot the goddamned cake. THE MOST IMPORTANAT PART AND I FUCKING FORGOT IT" Mic kept laughing at him.
          "Izuku, relax. We wouldn't have let you have a wedding without cake. and besides you already paid for it. Did you not look at your catering invoice?" Mic asked.
   "No, I didn't. You two are lifesavers." He said from the floor. Aizawa just laughed at him
         "Alright now, calm down. Go get you some rest. We have to be at the USJ early tomorrow to get everything set up." Aizawa said, helping him up off the floor.
        "Thanks Shota, Hizashi. I mean it." He said as Aizawa led him to the door. After he was gone, Aizawa handed Mic some cash.
          "I thought it would've been tomorrow when that realization hit him." Aizawa said.
         "Oh, I had a feeling it would be tonight. He doesn't have the distractions in front of him anymore and the others forced Bakugo to go out." Mic said. They laughed.
     Deku crawled back into bed and fell asleep. He was woken up to a semi tipsy Bakugo crawling into bed with him and laying on top of him. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around Bakugo.
         "I love you, you fucking nerd." Bakugo said, before starting to snore lightly. Deku kissed his hair.
        "I love you too, you idiot." He whispered before falling back asleep himself.

Chapter 39

        Deku woke up to his alarm, Bakugo still on top of him. He shook his head and woke Bakugo up. Bakugo tried to bury himself farther into Deku to keep him from getting up.
        "We gotta go, Kacchan. We have to get the USJ to set up. 13 and Security are waiting for us." He said. That got him up. They took a shower, got dressed and grabbed the Tuxes first, taking them downstairs. They came back up for the rest of the stuff they would need before meeting the wedding party and All Might in the lobby. They were taking the van to the USJ. Once it pulled up, they loaded the stuff up and got on their way, Aizawa driving like a maniac. Once there, they were searched and checked in by the security detail that Mic had made sure to be here. 13 greeted them, and helped them unload the van. They came back outside to meet the company with the tables, chairs and the benches for the actual ceremony.
       They all got to work setting up the reception area in the dead center of the USJ and the ceremony area inside the garden. Deku was at a loss for words with how beautiful it was. They started putting flowers everywhere Deku had outlined in his details. The girls arrived shortly after, carrying dress bags and shoe boxes. 13 showed them where the dressing area would be and sent them on their way. The tables were set up, ribbons and flowers on the back of each chair. The center pieces were brought in, red and white roses were placed in the vases. The photographer had showed up with the boys, and started taking pictures of the boys, in running shorts and tank tops setting up. He got a picture of Bakugo looking at Deku, who was too busy smelling the flowers to see him looking. He got pictures of Kaminari on top of Kirishima's shoulders, putting flowers in the trellis archway at the beginning of the makeshift isle.
         "Lunch!!!" 13 called. They all sat down and ate, talking and laughing among themselves. The photographer took pictures while eating a pastry. Deku's phone rang and it was the caterer letting him know she was on the way to get set up for the reception. Deku finished eating and walked around with the big box, putting out the gifts for his guests by their place tags. Around the big table the front where the wedding party would be sitting, he pulled out the little box and placed those gifts out next to their place markers. Bakugo called his name and he looked up and smiled.
        "We've been told by the girls to get the fuck out of the way." He yelled. Deku laughed as he walked over to his friends. Mic and Aizawa and all Might told the group to go get ready. They only had an hour before the pictures were supposed to be taken and all eight of the boys were sweaty. They went into the locker room and they all showered, singing and dancing and joking around with each other. They found their tuxes and started getting dressed. the groomsmen were in Black suits with red vests. Bakugo and Deku were in white suits, red shirts and white vests. Each suit had gold accents to them. The groomsmen were all wearing their bracelets Deku got them. Deku was smiling like a kid in a candy store.
         Aizawa yelled for them to hurry up, and they headed out to meet Aizawa with his hair pulled up in a bun, in a Black suit, a red shirt and a black tie tucked into a black vest. Present Mic was dressed similarly, minus the tie. All Might was in a Black tux that actually fit his figure, with a black shirt and a red vest and tie. The photographer had the boys follow him into the garden. He did group shots and silly shots, he took pictures of Bakugo threatening to blow up Kirishima and pictures of Todoroki lifting Deku in the air on his ice. Then he took pictures of Deku and Bakugo with their parents and All Might. Then with Just their mothers and then with their teachers. The photographer also got a picture of Deku with All Might alone and one with Bakugo with All Might alone before sending the wedding party to finish getting ready. He kept Bakugo and Deku back, taking their pictures together. Bakugo lifting up Deku and spinning him around. Deku standing on his tippy toes giving Bakugo a kiss. Bakugo holding onto Deku's face, Kissing his nose, Deku's arms around Bakugo's waist, smiling. Once finished, they were sent up to wait for it to be time for their entrances.
        The guests had started arriving, leaving any and all gifts with security to be scanned. They signed the guestbook and headed to the garden to wait for the ceremony to start. Pro Heroes arrived in limos outside of the USJ. The local and national news had made it's way to the USJ to cover the event that has brought Pro Heroes to this one spot. One by one, they arrived, sending the media and the wedding guests into a frenzy. Dragon Hero- Ryukyo, Armored Hero Yoroi musha, Washing Hero Wash, Kamui Woods, Shield Hero Crust, Ninja Hero Edgeshot, Best Jeanist, Winged Hero Hawks, Gang Orca, Mt. Lady, Rescue Specailist Backdraft, Cementoss, Ectoplasm, Monster Hero Godzillo, Gran Torino, Hound Dog, 18+ Only Heroine Midnight, Nezu, Smile Hero Ms. Joke, Youthful Heroine Recovery Girl all had arrived, dressed to the nines to see two of the most promising heroes get married. The news stations were not allowed inside the USJ, but that didn't stop them from keeping up with who was coming, who was already here, and who would be here later.
      "It is reported to us the Eraser Head, All Might, and Present Mic are already inside, Mr. Principal, Nezu has arrived just now with Youthful Heroine Recovery Girl and 18+ Only Heroine Midnight from UA College. What a wonderful evening this looks like it will turn out to. Unfortunately we will not be able to show any footage from inside the wedding itself due to the wishes of the couple and the security measures the USJ and UA have placed around the event for the safety of those attending. Stay tuned for the updates as we get them."
     Deku turned off the news, pacing in the room Thirteen had put him in to wait. He knew it was almost time and he was nervous to be in front of that many people, especially his boss and the top ranked heroes in the nation and his classmates and his parents and All Might. Just focus on Kacchan he kept telling himself. What if he forgot his vows? What if Kacchan changed his mind. Deku was spiraling into a panic attack, over thinking every little detail he's brought together for this wedding. There was a now obvious path marked into the floor. Mic walked in and saw the look.
      "Izuku stop thinking for once before you give yourself a heart attack." Mic said. Deku jumped five feet in the air, startled.
      "Hizashi, hi. I didn't um see you there." Deku said, his hand over his heart.
      "I see that. Calm down, everything is going as planned. We're getting ready to start in just a minute. Shota is making all the guests sit down right now. Todoroki, Tokyomi, and Shinsou are coming up too to sit with you for the next few minutes. The photographer decided he wanted pictures of all the groomsmen at the last minute. She's good, but I forgot how big of a headache she was to deal with. I'm going to help Shota get this party rolling, so we can get you through the stressful part alive." He joked. As he walked out his friends walked in. They all looked so handsome.
      "Midoriya, come take a selfie." Todoroki said. Shinsou and Tokoyomi sighed, but they all gathered around Todoroki and took at least thirty silly pictures together. They had set up a hashtag for their guests to use so they could see all the pictures, but his friends were waiting until after the vows to post pictures with him and Bakugo. They didn't want their outfits ruined. All Might came up a few moments later to collect the boys.
        "We've already got Bakugo up at the alter with Aizawa. The groomsmen will go before you and then you and I will walk down together and give you away. Alright?" All Might told him. Deku smiled and nodded.
         Present Mic saw Kirishima's bright red hair and started playing a soft violin version of here comes the bride over his DJ booth. Instead of bouquets, each groomsmen had a single rose they held. Kirishima went first, Bakugo's best man. Followed by Kaminari and Iida, who was already tearing up. After Iida it went Tokoyomi, Shinsou and the Todoroki, Deku's best man. Once the groomsmen were in place, All Might and Deku started down the isle. Bakugo looked like he was going to cry, but held his composure. When All Might got to Bakugo, he handed Deku's hand to Bakugo, took a step back, bowed and said. "It's your turn now." Before sitting down next to Deku's mother. Deku smiled at Bakugo, who smiled back. Aizawa cleared his throat, and Mic cut the music.
         "We would like to thank you today for joining us in the union between these two.Those of us in attendance today are present to witness a statement of lasting love and commitment between Midoriya, Izuku and Bakugo, Katsuki. The ceremonial union of two people in marriage, in its primordial form, is as ancient as our very humanity and yet is still as fresh as each days sunrise. The commitment of love between Izuku and Katsuki speaks of their shared experience together and their dreams for the future, of the importance of each of them as individuals as well as the special bond they share, and of the importance of their community of family and friends.  Gentlemen, please take each other by the right hand.
       "These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you, that are holding yours on your wedding day as you promise to love each other today, tomorrow and forever. These are the hands that will work along side yours as together you build your future. These are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, and with the slightest touch will comfort you like no other.These are the hands that will hold you when fear or grief temporarily comes your way. These are the hands that will countless times wipe the tears from your eyes, tears of sorrow and tears of joy. These are the hands that will give you support and encouragement to chase down your dreams. These are the hands that will hold you tight as you struggle through difficult times. These are the hands that will give you strength when you need it. These are the hands that will lift your chin and brush your cheek as they raise your face to look into eyes that are filled with overwhelming love for you. And lastly, these are the hands that even when wrinkled and aged will still be reaching for yours, still giving you the same unspoken tenderness with just a touch." Aizawa paused looking at them, smiling.
      "Now it is time to do you're vows, which you've decided to do together, so whenever you're ready." Aizawa said. Deku looked at Bakugo, and smiled. They both took a deep breath before Deku started.
     "I promise to hold our love as a love everlasting. Not just for this moment, not for an hour, or day, or year - I will always love you." Deku smiled.
    "To you I promise to cherish and share in everything. All I have in this world I give to you, I promise to hold and keep you, comfort, protect, and shelter you, for all the days of my life." Bakugo said.
      "I promise you my unconditional love, tenderness, and undying devotion, to not ask you to be more than you are, and to love you for being you." Deku responded.
      "I promise to be here to wipe away tears of sadness, to elicit tears of joy, and to cry out to everyone who will listen how much I love you." Bakugo followed.
     "I vow to love you as your husband, for ever and ever and ever, and to know that as we write our story together it will be the greatest ever told." Deku finished.
      "I vow to be patient, to be honest, to be everything that love demands of me as a husband. To share our lives until the end of time with humility, grace, and love. " Bakugo stated finally.
      The entire group of guests at the wedding were crying. Aizawa wiped his eyes quickly, before pulling a box out of his pocket, bearing two bands.
      "Do you, Izuku, take Katsuki as your loving husband, in sickness and health, until death do you part?" Aizawa asked.
        "I do." Deku smiled.
        "Do you, Katsuki, take Izuku to be your loving husband, in sickness and health, until death do you part?"
       "I do."
        Aizawa handed them both the rings, and stepped back for a moment.
      "Katsuki I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow and with all that I am I will love and honour you always." Deku slide the ring on Bakugo's finger.
         "Izuku, I give you this ring as a reminder that I will love, honor, and cherish you, in all times, in all places, and in all ways . . . forever." Bakugo says, smiling, as he slides the ring on Deku's finger. Aizawa stepped forwards again, both of them looking from each other to Aizawa.
           "By the power invested in me by the Japanese government and the Heroes Board, I now pronounce you as husband and husband. Introducing Mr. and Mr. Katsuki Bakugo. You may now kiss the cinnamon roll, I mean *clears throat* your husband." Deku gets on his tippy toes as Bakugo wraps his arms around Deku's back and pulls him close and they kiss each other, before pulling apart and smiling at each other. Todoroki and Kirishima were wiping their eyes. Mic played the exit music and the wedding party exited the garden and headed over to the reception area. Jiro helped Mic move his DJ equipment quickly before both went to sit down in their spots.

Chapter Text

Chapter 40

        Bakugo was actually smiling. Deku was talking animatedly to Todoroki next to him, his hands moving five hundred miles an hour. Todoroki was smiling at him, listening. Bakugo had a warm feeling in his chest and he was absolutely happy. Present Mic stood up and opened his mouth, the sound going around the USJ. Everyone went quiet and looked at him
         "Dinner, Is served!" He said as waitresses came out of nowhere with plates of food. Deku tensed up and looked at Bakugo, terrified. Bakugo smiled, rested his hand on Deku's leg and gave it a light squeeze. Todoroki placed his hand on Deku's shoulder. Iida got up and stood behind Deku, hand on his right shoulder. Tokoyomi released Dark Shadow who was over the entire wedding party, on guard. Kaminari was sparking slightly and Shinsou had a hand on the scarf he had on. The guests watched this in a confused awe, but class 1A, his parents, teachers, and boss knew. Aizawa whispered something to Mic.
       "She didn't tell us she was bringing waitresses with her." Aizawa said. Mic was up in a flash and was at Sharon's side instantly.
        "You didn't tell us you were bringing waitresses." He said to her, quietly.
        "It's the only way I could serve this many people quickly. I tried to avoid it." She whispered back, watching the wedding party try to calm down the bridgegroom.
         "You still should have told us so we could have prepared him for this, or at least had Bakugo prepared for this." Mic snapped softly.
          "Sorry." was all she said. Mic went back up to Aizawa and told him of the conversation. Deku's boss, however, had a plan. He stood up, a wine glass in his hand and signaled to Mic, who quieted everyone down again.
        "I figured, now would pry be my only opportunity to give a toast." He said, Deku's eyes went straight to his boss as did all the guests. "I haven't known Izuku for very long, he's only been at my agency for a few weeks now, but I will say this. I have never seen a harder working set of young men in my entire career. They have faced many obstacles in their lives. They have faced heartbreak and pain, but have also found happiness in each other, and in their friends and families. Katsuki, although comes across as brash and uncaring and cold to most people, is always the first one of my staff to stop and say hi to the children that admire him. He's quick to help those in need, even if he makes it seem like its an inconvenience. And Izuku. Quietest employee I've got by far, but his actions speak louder than his voice needs to. He stands up for those who feel like they have no voice. They temper each other well, I believe. I, personally am beyond grateful that the Fates have crashed these two young men through my office window and into my lives."
         "I didn't crash into the window, I was thrown. By you!" Bakugo said, the guests laughing.
          "Ah, yes, I remember now. haha. Anyway, here's to many happy years, boys. I'm happy that you have let me into your lives. " He finished just as the waitresses had disappeared again. There was a round of applause before everyone started eating. Iida sat back down and Dark Shadow went back in.
        "I love you." Bakugo leaned over and said to Deku, who blushed and kissed his cheek.
        "I love you too."
          "Sorry about the waitresses. We didn't know."
        "It's okay. I know they're here now so i'll be alright. They just surprised me." Deku smiled, taking a bite of the baked chicken on his plate. Bakugo shook his head as he started eating. Bakugo looked over and started to talk to Kirishima, his hand still on Deku's leg. After they ate, the plates were cleared without incident and Deku stood up. Mic quieted them down, since Deku spoke softly. Deku cleared his throat and tried to speak as loud as he could.
         "Before the rest of the evening kicks off, I just wanted to say how appreciative we are that you all came out to be with us today. It means a lot that you'd take time out of your lives to celebrate, well, us. If you'll look next to your place markers, you'll see a small box. Those are our gifts to you. To those of you up here with me, the boxes by your place markers are my gift to you, for the late nights, and the unseen battles. I speak for myself and Kacchan when I saw we love you, we appreciate you, and we thank you for everything." Deku said before smiling and sitting down. There was a lot of movement as everyone opened their boxes. The shrieks from the ladies could've shattered glass. There were smiles everywhere. His closest friends at the table with him opened their boxes and saw the little tokens and there was a rush, before a massive dog pile happened on top of Deku. Laughter broke out among them. Mic signaled for quiet again. The Pack of boys helped Deku back into his chair and sat down.
        "Alllllrrright!!! We got a pack of wolves up here. Who's ready to PAAAAAAAAARRRRRTTTTYYY?!?!??!?!!"Mic yelled. Everyone at the boy's table covered their ears. Loud screaming erupted as Mic hyped them up. "HELL YEAH, LET'S GET THIS STARTED!!!! FIRST UP THE HAPPY COUPLE!!! GET DOWN THERE ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!"  It was Bakugo's turn to look mortified. Deku laughed before pulling him up and to the dance floor. Mic played a slow tempo Tango.
        "Just like we practiced" Deku whispered. Confidence filled Bakugo's featured as he held his hand out to Deku. Their friends were shocked to see that Bakugo could actually dance.
        "Is there anything he can't fucking do?" Shinsou asked. Tokoyomi looked at him.
       "If you find something, please let the rest of us know." He said. The guys broke out laughing. Jiro took over the DJ booth so Mic could ask Aizawa to dance. They joined the couple on the floor, Dancing what looked like a synchronized Tango with the happy couple. All Might took Inko out to dance, followed by Kirishima and Kaminari. At that point, most of the guests were dancing. Iida was spinning Uraraka around and Tokoyomi was dancing with Tsu. Todoroki had convinced Shinsou to dance with him. The Bakugo's were dancing as well as the Pro Heroes. Even Nezu was dancing with Recovery Girl.After that, Deku and Bakugo danced with their mothers. The music changed after that and the party really began.
          Each of the Pro Heroes came up and talked to the couple Individually. Mic had set this up for the class to network too. Bakugo, Deku and the pack all were given business cards from the majority of the Heroes. They stopped the party halfway through to do the cake. Neither Deku nor Bakugo had seen the cake. Everyone sat down while they got ready to do the cake cutting.
            "ALRIGHT!!!! TIME TO BRING OUT THE CAKE" Mic yelled. Aizawa was seen taking asprin. There was a cover over the cake, to keep the surprise. "FUNNY STORY ABOUT THIS CAKE!"
           "DON'T YOU EVEN PRESENT MIC!" Deku yelled at him, smiling. The guests laughed.
           "DO IT!!!" yelled Aizawa from the table.
            "SWEAR TO GOD MIC!" Deku smiled at him, shaking his head.
            "IN THEIR DEFENSE THERE WAS A LOT GOING ON AT ONCE! ANYWAY! NEITHER OF THEM HAVE SEEN IT YET SO HERE WE GO!" Mic said. Sharon took the cover of the cake and Deku's jaw dropped. It was a five tiered cake, gold icing with red and black intricate designs, frosting roses, and on the top of the cake was figures of both of them in their modified hero suits. The bottom layer had what the citizens thought of them as. In black it said "Beacon of Light, Symbol of Peace" In red It said "Candle in the Storm/Flame of Children's Hearts" Deku had his hands in his face, and his face hidden in Bakugo's chest, crying. Bakugo was in awe.
            "I THINK THEY LOVE IT WHAT DO YOU THINK?" Mic asked the guests, who cheered. The photographer got Deku to stop hiding so she could get the pictures of them cutting the cake. Both of them took the opportunity to cover the other in icing, before Sharon started cutting and handing out cake. Everyone started eating. Deku looked at Aizawa.
         "I'm gonna strangle your husband, Shota." He whispered as he passed him to sit down. Aizawa started laughing. After cake, everyone went back to dancing. The photographer made sure to get pictures of the couple interacting with the Pro Heroes before they started to head out, having to be escorted to their vehicles by security due to the media. In the end, it was just class 1A, the teachers, the wedding party and the couple left. Deku pulled Bakugo down to him and kissed him. Mic turned the music down and everyone took off their suit jackets and rolled up their sleeves and started tearing everything down. It took them half as long to take it down than it did to put it up. Thirteen hadn't asked them to do the clean up, but the felt they owed it to her. They set all the rental stuff by the front for the company to pick up in the morning. Sharon had her waitresses get all the trash and catering stuff put away before saying goodbye to them. Once everything was cleaned, Class 1A loaded up into the charter bus to go back to the dorm. The wedding party stayed inside until Security brought around the van. The media had waited until the couple came out.
      The entire party put their jackets back on, fixed vests and ties, put their trinket in their pockets, and headed to the van, the media snapping pictures and trying to ask questions. Mic, All Might, and Aizawa walked between the media and the boys as a deterrent. One ballsy reporter jumped the ropes and came up the path, only to be blocked by a wall of ice. They loaded into the van and Aizawa tore out of there. Deku rested his head on Bakugo's shoulder and fell asleep. By the time they had made it back, Aizawa looked back and they were all laying on top of each other asleep. He took a picture before waking them up and telling them to go inside. Mic flagged down Bakugo and Deku as they were saying their goodnights to their friends.
       "Aizawa and I have a wedding gift for you, but we gotta wait for him to get back. All Might is also to thank for this, but Aizawa dropped him off at home on the way here." Mic said. Deku was asleep on his feet, being held up only by Bakugo. Aizawa walked in the front and smiled at Mic. Bakugo woke Deku up, and they followed Aizawa and Mic. They turned the opposite way as the elevators and stood in front of a door. Deku and Bakugo looked confused. Aizawa unlocked the door with a key and stepped in, beckoning them to follow him.
         It was an apartment, similar to Aizawa and Mic's. Deku's eyes opened wide.
          "This is yours now. All Might and we talked to Nezu about this and we all agreed that we wanted you to have this. It'll give you actual living space and, you're welcome to stay here after you graduate, so long as you're willing to assist with special training every once and a while. Nezu believes the sparring you do would greatly help future students." Aizawa said.
       "And, it'll give Shota a break from his students after you guys graduate. But this way, you don't have to worry about paying for housing after you graduate and can save up for your agency. That is our gift to you." Mic said. Deku was literally bouncing from excitement. "Go on, look at it." Mic said and like that Deku was gone. Bakugo chuckled.
       "He's not gonna go back to sleep now. Thank you, so much. For everything. I don't know what we would've done without your guidance. And I mean that." Bakugo said, bowing to them. They both smiled.
       "Kacchan!" he thought he heard, so he turned his head just in time to be tackled. Deku was laughing. "It's so big!!!! there's lots of closets and an office and the bedroom is massive!!!" Deku said excitedly. Bakugo got them both up off the ground before Duke turned and launched into Aizawa and Mic, the three of them landing on the ground, laughing.
        "Shota, Hizashi! Thank you!!!"  he said, hugging them both. Bakugo grabbed Deku and helped up their teachers.
        "You're very welcome. There's already a bed in the bedroom and the fridge is stocked. The rest of the furniture will be delivered tomorrow but we decided to surprise you tonight. Also, your wedding gifts have been put in the office. I know you've already seen them, Izuku." Aizawa said. Bakugo just smiled at him. Aizawa handed Bakugo the keys. "We'll go so you can get him calmed down, I'm sure you're tired. If you need anything don't hesitate." Aizawa said before he and Mic said goodbye to Deku and left. Bakugo let Deku drag him around the apartment and show him everything.
        "Can we get our stuff and bring it down? Can we?" Deku asked. Bakugo looked at the time. it was only midnight.
       "Some of it tonight. We can move the rest of it tomorrow. We don't leave for our honeymoon until the next morning." Deku's eyes lit up as he bolted out the door and up to the room. Bakugo just sighed, texted Kirishima and Todoroki and followed his ball of energy upstairs. Todoroki, Shinsou, Kirishima and Kaminari helped them move everything downstairs in less than an hour.
        "This is nice!" Kirishima said, letting Deku drag him around the apartment. Bakugo was talking to Todoroki and Shinsou.
        "So the school bribed you with staying here bill free for as long as you want as long as you help with training occasionally after graduation?" Todoroki asked. Bakugo nodded.
          "That's a pretty sweet deal and will let you save money." Shinsou said. After Deku started to get tired, finally, their friends said goodnight again and Bakugo grabbed Deku before he could get another burst of energy, and made him get out of his tux and into sweats. This bed was definitely bigger than their old one, not that it mattered. They laid down finally around three and Deku still curled up on top of Bakugo.
       "Now you're stuck with me forever." Deku said, half asleep. Bakugo chuckled.
       "You're right. But that's okay because you're stuck with me too." He lifted Deku's face to meet his and kissed him. Deku deepened the kiss as he got on top of Bakugo, holding his face in his hands. "Thought you were tired?" Bakugo raised an eyebrow at him.
          "I'm never too tired for you, Kacchan" He said, seductively. Bakugo growled, put Deku on his back and kissed him fiercely.
           "Good. Because I've been wanting to get my hands on you all night." responded Bakugo as he proceeded to spend the next three hours pleasing his new husband. 

Chapter 41

        Deku woke up in a different place then normal. Then he remembered the apartment. He smiled, stretched and got up, walking into the kitchen and got a glass of orange juice before turning on some music and unpacking their stuff. Bakugo came out of the bedroom and watched his husband unpack. He smiled at that thought. Husband. He cleared his throat and Deku looked at him and smiled.
     "What are you up to?" Bakugo asked.
     "Making this homey." He smiled before putting up a few more pictures. There was a spot on the living room wall that was completely blank. Bakugo supposed that was for the wedding pictures. He couldn't lie, he was excited for them too.  He went to the fridge, grabbed a bottle of water, and helped Deku with the pictures. Once they had all the pictures hung up on the wall, they went up to Deku's old room and got the rest of his stuff from up there and got the rest of their stuff from his room. There was a knock on the door. Deku answered it and it was the movers bringing their furniture. Once they were done, Bakugo tipped them and then they left. Deku was trying to reorganize the living room.
      "Need help, love?" Bakugo asked. Deku had taken his shirt off and wiped his face with it.
       "Yeah. This is heavier than I thought and would rather not use my quirk." Deku said. Bakugo helped him pull the furniture around and then Deku went back to decorating. Bakugo went into the kitchen and started cooking while Deku worked. Once finished Deku started pulling hundreds of boxes out of the office. Bakugo brought him some noodles and they started opening everything.
       The appliances were set to one side, home décor stuff to another and everything else was placed on the kitchen table. They're closest friends had given them framed photos of them, which Deku immediately had to hang up in the entry way, before continuing to opening gifts. Once they were finished, Deku had a ton of home décor stuff to put up. He and Bakugo put up shelves and a book case they were given for the books and candles they got. Another knock fell upon the door.
       "If we ignore it will they go away?" Deku asked. Bakugo  laughed at him and opened the door. All Might walked in and laughed at Deku, extremely domesticated in this moment, hanging a picture on the wall.
        "Izuku, i'm glad to see that you've put your time to use." He laughed, taking his shoes off at the door.
        "He hasn't stopped since Shota gave us the keys." Bakugo said, offering him something to drink.
        "That doesn't surprise me In the least." All Might laughed.
       "Thank you, by the way." Deku said, getting off the top of the book shelf once he was done with the picture.
         "What for?" He asked and then it hit him. "Shota and Hizashi told you then about my hand in this?" He laughed.
         "Yeah. We do really appreciate this." Bakugo said as Deku walked up and wraped up in him.
          "I figured i'd stop by on my way to my office to see how you two were getting along. Wasn't sure if you had left yet or not."
         "We leave first thing in the morning and will be gone for about 4 days before coming back and getting ready for classes to start. Pry do something with the guys. Not sure yet." Bakugo said. All Might stayed and talked with them for a little while longer before going to start his lesson plans. Bakugo made Deku stop long enough to eat dinner before he was back at it again, only this time it was the office he was working on. Bakugo moved to the bedroom and started putting away their clothes and hanging up their school uniforms and hero outfits. He then took the picture of him proposing and the picture of him and Deku under the Sakura tree and hung them up in the bedroom. Deku came in a little while later to see what Bakugo was doing. He wrapped himself around Bakugo and kissed him
             "All done?" He asked.
             "For now." Deku said. "Waiting on the stuff from the wedding to get here so I can finish the living room, but that'll most likely all be here when we get back."
            "You ready to go in the morning?" Bakugo asked. Deku nodded.
            "Yeah. I packed what you said should be packed. I wish you would tell me where we were going though." Deku pouted. Bakugo smiled.
            "Oh no, you'll find out when we get there. Now, come here and let me love you." He said, pulling Deku down onto the bed and started to undress him. There was a knock on the door and Bakugo growled. He walked to the door and answered it. Deku got dressed, irritated, and went to see who was keeping Bakugo. It was Kirishima. Deku sighed and walked over to them.
          "Just wanted to tell you guys to be careful while you're on your honeymoon, since you two both like to attract villains to you." Kirishima laughed. Deku gave him a hug and thanked him for being concerned. Kirishima hung around for a few more minutes before Kaminari pulled him away for a dinner reservation. As soon as the door shut, Bakugo had Deku pinned to the wall, Kissing him. Deku lured him back into the bedroom.
          Later that evening, Deku was asleep on the bed while Bakugo made sure that Deku had actually packed what he was supposed to. He did not, Bakugo realized as he sighed and repacked his suitcase. He paused and lookover at his sleeping cinnamon roll. Deku was laying on his back, taking up the whole bed, the blanket only covering his waist. Bakugo noticed that Deku had finally built up his muscles. Bakugo also looked at all the scars that were evident on him. Though the one on his throat was the most noticeable, the cut he had received from Hitoshi had scarred as well. There was the scars from the summer training camp attack, The took up a good portion of his arm. He had the scar across the bridge of his nose, scars all over his legs and chest. The scar from the burn on his back. He had thin scars up his hands and forearms. Bakugo hated that Deku had to suffer as much as he had. He hoped he would never have to get another scar, but he knew that chance of that happening was low, since they both chose a dangerous line of work.
         He went back to packing before setting an alarm and laying down next to his husband, who moved and adjusted to him being in bed. Bakugo kissed Deku's forehead, wrapped him up in his arms and fell asleep.
         The alarm went off sooner than either of them would've liked, but they had a long flight ahead of them to sleep on. They got up, got dressed, grabbed their luggage and left for their honeymoon. After dealing with security giving them issues about their hero uniforms Deku insisted they bring just in case, they were off to the gate for their flight. Deku was bouncing up and down, excited and Bakugo just laughed. An older lady scowled at them and Bakugo glared at her. Nobody was going to ruin this trip for Deku and he would make damn sure of that. Once on the plane, Bakugo let Deku have the window seat so he could see everything.
       "Excuse me, buy I think you're in the wrong section. Coach is back there on the other side of that door." A businessman sneered. Bakugo shoved his ticket in the man's face.
       "Sit down and stay in your place. You're not ruining my honeymoon just because you're life is so miserable that you think picking a fight with people younger than you seems like a good idea. I can assure you, it is not." Bakugo snapped. Deku looked up at the man.
        "You're the couple that was on the news?!?!" He exclaimed. Bakugo growled under his breath and Deku just chuckled.
         "Which part of the news? We've been it a lot and most if it wasn't good." Deku smiled, scratching the back of his head.
        "The wedding all the Pro Heroes attended. I'm sorry for bothering you. Have a good day." He tilted his hat and sat down. Deku kissed Bakugo's nose.
        "Calm down, Kacchan. We don't need you blowing up the plane with your temper." Deku laughed.
       "Trust me, i'd rather have drove, but this is much faster and I can't wait to get you to myself and have no interruptions from our well meaning friends." Bakugo said. Deku laughed.
       "I almost killed Kiri last night, you know."
      "I know, I saw the look in your eyes even though he didn't." Bakugo chuckled. The plane taxied to the runway and then took off, shooting into the sky. That was definitely a feeling neither boy liked.
         "Why is it different than when we fly through the air?" Deku asked, rubbing his temples.
       "I don't know and I don't like it." Bakugo said, taking Deku's hand in his. They had a 12 hour flight before landing, so they got comfortable. They went over the plans and budget for the agency, and the numbers Deku and Iida had figured. It looked like another two years before they could afford to buy the building. That was Bakugo's fault, and honestly he was fine with it. He told Deku that there wasn't a budget for the wedding, to do what made him happy. Between that and the honeymoon, they had spent a pretty penny, but to Bakugo, the smile on Deku's face, walking down the isle, was what made it worth it. A hand gently shook Bakugo, who jumped up in attack mode.
        "We will be landing soon and the Pilot has requested all passengers put their seat belts back on and prepare to land." The now terrified stewardess said. Bakugo apologized and woke Deku up. He didn't realize they had slept through most of the flight. The plane started it's decent and Both boys had to cover their ears. Bakugo reached up, grabbed their carry on, and dug around it trying to find their headphones. Once he found them he made sure Deku got his on first. The pressure of the decent was just too much on their eardrums. Especially after training together for so long. Once they landed, Bakugo put the headphones back in the carry on and they got off the plane, heading for baggage claim. Deku wrapped around his arm as they walked, smiling.
        "There they are." Bakugo said, spotting their luggage. They grabbed it and headed to the front. There was a guy around Aizawa's age with bright green hair waiting for them with a sign. Both boys looked confused as they walked up to him.
        "TOP O' THE MORNIN' TO YA LADDIES!" He said loudly, greeting them. "I'm Jack!" He shook both their hands.
         "You're related to Hizashi aren't you?" Deku asked.
        "Cousins. How'd you know?" Jack smiled, leading them to his vehicle.
       "Just had a feeling." Bakugo said, rubbing his ears.
       "Well, anyways. Hizashi and Shota called me a few hours ago and said you would be arriving, so as to save you the hassle of fighting with a rental company, I just figured i'd drop you off at your hotel where there is a rental waiting for you. You'll drop it off back here when you leave." Jack said.  'Of course.' Bakugo thought. Deku chuckled.
        "So, where are we, exactly?" Deku asked. Bakugo smiled at him.
       "Well, currently you're in Dublin. You're hotel is right on the outskirts of the main town here."
        "Ireland?!?! YOu brought me to Ireland!?!?!" Deku said, over excited before pressing his face against the window to look at everything, taking pictures and sending them to their friends back home.
         "No wonder Hizashi took to him. Same energy level." Jack laughed. Bakugo shook his head.
        "Be glad he's restrained in a seatbelt. It gets so much worse." He smiled. Bakugo and Jack made small talk during the drive while Deku continued sight seeing.
        "KACCHAN, LOOK!" he'd yell occasionally, taking a picture, and then looking some more.
         "Got your hands full with that one, ya do." Jack chuckled.
         "You're telling me. It's okay though. Never a boring moment with him for sure."
        Jack dropped them off in front of the hotel and told them to meet him for lunch sometime before they leave. Deku waved animatedly, before being drug into the hotel.
         "Name?" The front desk lady asked, rather rude.
        "Bakugo, Katsuki." She typed on her computer for a moment before handing them a room key. They took their bags to the room and Deku went to look out the window. Bakugo just wrapped his arms around Deku's waist. "Happy?" He asked.
         "This is so wonderful, Kacchan!" Deku said, turning around and kissing him. After a moment, when they pulled apart, Bakugo chuckled.
           "Well, figure out what you want to do first and we'll go. We just need to go to customs first to exchange currency." Bakugo said. Deku sat down, cross legged on the bed and started looking up things to do on his phone.

Chapter Text

Chapter 42

         Deku had decided, finally. He wanted to do everything. Bakugo sighed out of frustration at the lack of an actual answer. Deku had been going through his phone trying to figure it out. "Well what do you want to do first? The first thing you want to see?" Bakugo asked again, for the thirtieth time as they walked out of customs, hand in hand.
        "I don't know!" Deku said, getting frustrated himself. He was still looking at his list when Bakugo stopped. Deku looked up at him. "What's the matter Kacchan?"
        "Is that a church?" He asked, pointing off into the distance. Deku looked in the direction Bakugo pointed.
         "Wanna go see?" Deku asked.
         "Absolutely." He said, finally glad for a plan. It took them a while to navigate the streets, especially with Deku wanting to look at everything along the way. When they finally got to the building, it was in fact a massive church.
        "Christ Church Cathedral." Deku read out loud before snapping a picture of Bakugo just staring at the massive church.
         "It's so big. And old." He observed. They stared at the Church admiringly before heading to the next major building, the Dublin Castle. Deku took pictures of Bakugo looking at the castle turrets, before Bakugo pulled him close and took a selfie of them together. They decided they'd just walk around the town sight seeing and would figure something out for tomorrow later. As the sun began to set, the couple found a little tavern and stopped to get dinner. Bakugo kept Deku's attention on him while the waitress was at the table. He was getting better about them, but Bakugo could still see it in his eyes. After they ate they headed back towards their hotel, only to get turned around and lost. Deku put the address into the gps and by the time they got back to the hotel is was already after 10pm. Deku jumped in the shower while Bakugo formed a plan for the next day. He planned on spending the whole day at the Dublin Zoo but knew that plan pry wouldn't stay that way. Deku got out of the shower, wrapped his arms around Bakugo's shoulders and started kissing on his neck.
       "No interruptions tonight." He whispered into Bakugo's ear. That's all he had to say to Bakugo, who had him pinned on the bed not even thirty seconds later. This time, however, Bakugo let Deku take control. He wanted to see just how much Deku had come into himself, Pretty well, Bakugo thought to himself afterwards while they were laying in bed, catching their breath. Bakugo was ready to go again and Deku raised an eyebrow at him, drinking some water.
        "Gotta catch me first, Kacchan." Deku challenged before bolting off the bed. He didn't make it far before he was tackled and they both fell to the floor.
         "Caught you." He growled before biting Deku's collar bone. By the time they were both wore out, it was 4 in the morning. Deku had finally fell asleep and Bakugo was staring at the ceiling, thinking over the past few weeks. A knock fell on the door.
          "Room service." A lady said. Bakugo got up, suspicious. They didn't order room service. He looked out the little eye hole thing and saw a lady standing there with a tray.
          "We didn't order room service." Bakugo said. The lady looked at the card.
         "I apologize, i'm on the wrong floor. Sorry about this." She said before walking towards the elevator. He crawled back in bed with Deku and finally fell asleep. He was woken up to Deku pouncing on him.
         "Wake up sleepy it's 11. Come on! Let's go." Deku said, smiling at him. Bakugo leaned forward and kissed the freckles on Deku's nose.
        "I'm up. I'm up. But I can't get out of bed if you don't get off of me." He said, throwing a pillow at him. Deku broke out laughing as he threw it back and taking off to the closet to get dressed. Bakugo got up and around before they headed out for the day. He directed Deku straight to the Zoo or they never would've got there. They were walking around, looking at the animals, Bakugo had both hands in his pockets while Deku placed his face against every glass enclosure there was.
         "Well if it isn't the Beacon of Light and his husband the Candle in the Storm. Pleasure to run into you here!" A voice boomed from behind them. Both boys spun around, quirks active, before seeing Gang Orca smiling at them. "Easy there boys. It's just me." Deku smiled at him.
           "What brings you to Dublin?" Deku asked, excited. Bakugo tried calming him down, failing horribly.
           "My sister called and said she needed my help here. I'm surprised to run into you here, though." He said.
           "Honeymoon." Deku said before excusing himself to look at the animals behind Gang Orca. Bakugo shook his head.
             "He's been like this since we landed. Anyway. What's going on that they needed to pull you from Japan?" Bakugo asked. He refused to turn the news on since they landed, since Deku would want to help every kitten get out of a tree.
            "Just some drug smugglers that keep evading arrest. Apparently they're getting bolder, robbing people and breaking into houses for jewels." Gang Orca said. Bakugo looked at Deku, who was watching a pair of moneys run around their enclosure.
           "We're in town two more days after today if you need help at all. I know we're on vacation, but if you need back up don't hesitate to call." Bakugo said, handing Gang Orca his card.
            "Let me guess, the ball of energy you married made you bring your hero suits?" He laughed.
            "Just in case, is what he said. Who would've known we might actually need them." Bakugo said, gesturing to his backpack. Gang Orca shook his head.
             "So, I just wanted to let you know, the wife and I enjoyed the wedding. You two must have worked on it for a long time."
           "That you can attribute to Izuku over there and Present Mic. I told him I wanted to be surprised. With how work was going at the time, the wedding never would've been planned had I not relinquished full control." Bakugo chuckled. "But it made him happy and kept his mind off things that had just happened."
           "Ah, yes. The Incident. I can't imagine what you went through. Glad to see that you two have made it past that." Gang Orca's phone rang. "Hello? Ah, sis, yes. Ran into some colleagues..Yes from home......Why? They're on their honeymoon.....yes, they offered if we needed extra hands....Okay, i'll meet you there." He hung up. "I can never understand how women can suffer to gossip I swear. I better go meet her for lunch before she puts a harpoon through my chest. I'll give you a call if we need assistance, Bakugo, Katsuki." Bakugo called Deku back over. "Enjoy your honeymoon, Bakugo, Izuku. i'll be in touch." He said. Deku caught the light coming off of something on a chain. Gang Orca had made the wedding gift into a necklace. He smiled before dragging Bakugo to see more animals.
         They stopped for lunch at one of the many little pop up vendors and sat in the shade to eat. Deku was telling him about all the animals and which ones he wanted to see next. Bakugo kissed him gently. After they ate, they were off to see the tigers. A man was running towards them, with what looked like a woman's purse. Deku activated his quirk, sent 15% power to his arm, and clotheslined the man before picking up the purse and handing it to the beyond grateful lady. They continued walking around the zoo for a few more hours before leaving to go get dinner. Afterwards they went back to the hotel to lounge around and relax.
          "Can we go do a haunted castle tour tomorrow night? There's one close to here." Deku asked, looking at the brochure. Bakugo smiled at him and looked at the brochure before agreeing. They also planned to meet Jack for lunch tomorrow at a little café down the street from the hotel. Deku had gotten up to get in the shower when Bakugo's phone rang.
           "Bakugo, Katsuki it's Gang Orca. It seems we may need you're assistance after all. i'll send you the coordinates to where we're meeting. Something pretty big is getting ready to go down and the police just called for our assistance. Meet you there in half an hour. Be ready for a fight." Orca said before ending the call.
          "Izuku get out of the shower come on we got a job." Bakugo said, stripping out of his sweats and getting into his hero suit. Deku came out of the bathroom, in all his glory, and got dressed as well.
          "What's going on?" He asked, pulling his socks on.
          "Gang Orca called. They need assistance with the smugglers. We gotta go." He responded, putting his mask and gauntlets on. Deku finished pulling on his boots and put his respirator on, before both of them put their headphones on, turned them on, and bolted out of the hotel.
           They met Gang Orca, his sister and about 6 other Pro Heroes at the coordinates. "I'll do Introductions. This is Bakugo, Katsuki and Bakugo, Izuku. They are colleagues of mine from Japan that have extended an offer to assist. Boys this is my sister Siobahn and her agency. Now that that's over with, here's the situation. The big boss of these smugglers has been spotted in port. Intel the police have given us has stated that some big buyers are coming out. It is our job to shut down the trade and take as many of them into captivity. The less casualties the better."
             "Question." One of the other ladies said. "What if we accidently sink the ship?" Deku and Bakugo looked at Gang Orca. This was a concern of both of theirs. "Not too sure about their quirks, but I know a few of us have heavy damage quirks."
              "My quirk is explosion, so i'm concerned about this too." Bakugo said. Gang Orca looked at them before repeating the question through a headset. An answer came quickly.
              "Police chief said if it sinks it sinks, they've got scuba gear."
             "Right on." She said.
             "Now, is everyone ready? The buyers are here?" Everyone nodded. Deku activated his quirk. "Alright, lets go. remember, catch them alive." They took off. Deku and Bakugo and the lady asking about the ship were out in front, being the quickest. Bakugo flipped his body around and held his hands together. Deku put his feet in Bakugo's palms, bracing, and the second the explosion went off, Deku jumped, using his quirk and Bakugo's to propel him higher in the air as Bakugo corrected himself. Deku used him momentum and his quirk to slam into the ground in the dead center of the meeting spot, causing the ground to crumble and the shockwave sending them flying. A few hit a wall behind them, knocked unconscious. Everyone else jumped into the fight. Deku saw the boss get up and realized his quirk was similar to Gunhead's Gatling quirk. He dodged what seemed to be shotgun blasts before shooting forward. He made impact with the boss, sending him flying into the side of the ship, which he used to kick off back towards Deku. Gang Orca popped out of the water and smacked right into him.
              Bakugo was fighting beside Siobahn, taking down the buyers. He heard Deku over the headset.
          "MY DEAD GRANDMOTHER HITS HARDER THAN THAT!" He yelled. SIobahn obviously heard him over the battle and started laughing, knocking out one of the Thugs.
          "I take it that's yours?" She asked.
           "Yes, he's mine." He said, letting an explosion hit a group of four, blasting them back and unconscious. The rest of the team was going around and gathering up the knocked out ones and tying them up for law enforcement. "I take it you two asked us here because the rest of your agency runs support better than fighting?" Bakugo asked as the next wave fell upon them.
          "That's correct. We usually do sea rescues. It's seldom that we have to attack. SO when Orca told me some colleagues were in town, I couldn't pass up the opportunity." She said. All of a sudden a green blur went flying past them.
             "YOU BASTARD THAT HURT!" Deku yelled before flying back to the head boss. They were fighting on the ship.
               "He's gonna end up-" A large blast followed by a loud bang hit the side of the ship, leaving a massive hole in it. "sinking it." Bakugo finished. Siobahn laughed. Once the thugs were taken care of and her agency came to round them up, they headed for the main event. They get close enough to see Deku running at the boss, followed by Orca attacking him. They were wearing him down, but he was still standing his ground. They were on the top of the ship now. Bakugo grabbed Siobahn and launched them up there and they joined the battle. Deku and Bakugo started doing some of the combination moves they had been practicing on. Bakugo set off an explosion at the same time Deku flicked his finger with 20% power and sent the explosion onto the boss with such force, it blew him through five decks of the ship. As the boss went to get up, he was hit with a shower of grenades that sent him all the way down to the hull. He jumped up towards the boys at the same time Bakugo used his explosion to launch Deku again, The two meeting in mid air. Deku spun his body to miss the boss's attack and landed a kick to his back, sending him the rest of the way through the hull, resounding in a loud crack, as the ship started filling with water.
             Gang Orca jumped in the water, grabbed the boss and handed him to the agency guys to tie up. Bakugo, Deku, and Siobahn got off the ship and watched it sink. The police chief walked up to them.
           "That was one hell of a light show you two." He said, shaking their hands. He and Siobahn walked off so she could do her report. Gang Orca just started laughing.
            "That's where Beacon of Light and Candle in the Storm come from. I should've known. Thank you boys so much for your assistance. I do apologize if I have put a damper on your honeymoon, but she appreciates your help." Gang Orca said.
            "It's no problem, Gang Orca. We're happy to help." Deku said.
             "And we offered." Bakugo replied.
           "Well, now the fun part boys, come with me and I'll teach you the next thing about being a Pro Hero. Dealing with the press." He laughed as the boys followed him to where the local news stations were.
            "Aizawa is going to kill us." Deku said quietly to Bakugo, who laughed.
            "I'm not worried about Aizawa, It's Kirishima we promised to that we'd stay out of trouble." Bakugo laughed. The sound was music to Deku's ears. After Gang Orca and the boys answered all of the press's questions, thanked the local law enforcement for allowing them to assist, and promising to come back and Siobahn sometime, the boys headed back to their hotel, stripped out of their suits, and instantly fell asleep on top of each other.

Chapter 43

  Breaking news out of Dublin, Ireland tonight. Japan's Pro Hero Gang Orca was asked to come assist with an issue involving smugglers and a massive trade for the underground crime sector.
         Aizawa turned the tv up. Mic came out of the kitchen and handed him a pot of coffee... "Please tell me those two did not get into that? They're supposed to be on vacation." Mic said.
           "Bakugo texted yesterday and said Izuku demanded they take their suits just in case."
      (The footage on tv shows massive explosions and sparking green light darting all over the port along with a giant Orca and a smaller Orca.) This is footage from a few moments ago as the fighting came to an end. (it showed a massive explosion followed by what appeared to be the boss coming out of a hole in the ship meeting the green blur midair then getting kicked back into the hole (the green blur yelling "MY DEAD GRANDMOTHER DODGES BETTER THAN THAT!) followed by a loud bang and the ship started sinking. The bigger Orca jumped in to get the man while the other two helped the smaller Orca off the sinking vessel) "We are  standing her now with Pro Hero Gang Orca and two of his colleagues from Japan. were the police aware that the ship may sink?" "They had notified us in advance that they were not worried about the ship if it were to sink, the Chief's words were and I quote 'we have scuba divers'" Siobahn told us moments ago you have colleagues with you but they look a little young to be Pro Heroes, would you care to introduce them? "Ah, yes absolutely. They're about to start their last year of college. These two are Bakugo, Katsuki and Bakugo, Izuku. It was quiet an accident us running into each other here in Dublin, as they're here on their honeymoon but were happy enough to assist us with this issue tonight." Well, the city of Dublin is quiet thankful for all three of your assistance. I'm sure you're teachers are beyond proud of you two. You're amazing work reflects on them and we here in Dublin are thankful to the teachers who have molded you to be the fine young men that you are. Last question. What's the next step law enforcement and local Pro Heroes are taking in regards to these issues? "Local law enforcement and the Pro Heroes will now start removing the product out of the sunken ship and then track down any of the buyers that may have slipped past us to stop the distribution of the product. If there aren't any more questions, we will take our leave. Have a wonderful evening." (They walk off camera) There you have it, Dublin. We will keep you updated as we learn more throughout the night.
        There was a loud banging on their door. Aizawa got up and let the redhead in. "I swear to god i'm going to kill them!" Kirishima yelled. "Nice place by the way. I told them to not attract villains and enjoy their honeymoon and what do they do? THEY SINK A WHOLE FUCKING SHIP!" Mic started laughing.
            "Did you honestly expect them to stay out of trouble?" Aizawa asked, sipping from the coffee pot itself.
              "YES!" Kirishima said. "They're so dead when they get home."
            "Awe, someone's mad he didn't get to blow up a ship." Mic laughed. After calming down Kirishima, Aizawa and Mic went to bed themselves.
      Bakugo and Deku woke up to a minimum of 20 texts each. Most from Kirishima. Deku sighed and threw his phone before picking it up and texting him back. They also had a text message from All Might telling them how proud of them he was. They laid around the hotel room for an hour before getting ready to go meet Jack for lunch. That proved to be a very interesting outing, since now, just like back home, little kids were running up to them wanting pictures. They finally made it to the café and met a very excited Jack. They talked and ate lunch, laughing with each other. Jack was telling them about his youtube channel and Deku was absorbed in everything Jack was saying. Bakugo snapped a selfie with the three of them before heading off to explore Phoenix park for a little bit before driving out to do the haunted castle tour. After they got back to the hotel they showered and packed up their stuff so when they checked out tomorrow they could head straight to the airport. Overall it had been a good honeymoon. They had prepared this time for take off and for the landing and had slept the entire 12 hour flight back. Aizawa and Mic met them at the front door of the dorms, arms crossed and scowling. Deku noticed his shoes were all of a sudden very interesting.
          "So you go on your honeymoon and end up blowing up a ship and fighting villains?" Aizawa said.
          "Gang Orca needed our assistance. What were we supposed to do? Tell him no?" Bakugo snapped. Aizawa's stern look cracked and he and Mic started laughing.
         "We're not mad. In fact you made the school look really good and you helped your image here too. You did what any good Pro Hero should do. You put the safety of the citizens above your own lives. We are beyond proud of you." Aizawa said. "That being said, sharkboy in there is pretty pissed. About knocked our door down when he saw you on the news."
           "We were on the news here? So that's how All Might knew." Deku said quietly.
          "Of course. Anytime one of our Pro Heroes helps in another country, our news covers it. "Mic said. They helped the boys get their stuff inside and bid them goodbye. All the wedding stuff had been delivered, but Deku just laid down on the couch and fell asleep. Bakugo made him sit up so he could lay down too, and they both were dead to the world instantly.
          Up until their door was knocked in. Bakugo jumped, sending Deku flying across the living room. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO ATTRACT VILLAINS NOT GO LOOKING FOR THEM! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE RELAXING!" Kirishima yelled.
            "We were relaxing just now until you knocked our door in." Bakugo said, irritated. Kirishima looked back at the door that he did in fact blew in. He smiled and rubbed the back of his head. Deku had just decided not to confront Kirishima as he crawled back on the couch and went back to sleep.
         "Aside from blowing up a ship, how was your honeymoon?" He asked, after being humbled by his best friend. Bakugo gestured towards the chair in the living room as he lifted up Deku, sat down, and laid Deku back down in his lap.
             "It was awesome. Deku and I have a ton of pictures to get developed and show you guys. We made some more connections and met Present Mic's cousin." Bakugo began telling Kirishima about the trip. Both forgot the door was wide open until Todoroki launched himself over the couch and landed on Deku, who, in his sleep, activated his quirk and sent Todoroki flying, Bakugo and Kirishima broke out laughing. Shinsou walked in the room in time to see his boyfriend fly into the wall. Iida, Tokoyomi and Kaminari all came in after, Iida closing the door behind him.
            "Welcome back. You two can't stay off the news can you?" Iida chuckled.
            "He must be tired if he's asleep through all this noise." Tokoyomi stated. Bakugo looked at hm.
           "I'm not kidding when I say he was going nonstop the whole 4 days we were there. I'll be surprised if he wakes up at any point tonight." Bakugo said. After a few hours of hanging out, Bakugo got up and took Deku to the bedroom and laid him down, before going to cook dinner for him and his friends. He was getting ready to start serving plates when and ear piercing scream came from the bedroom. He was in there in an instant, to see Deku was having a nightmare. He hadn't had one in a few weeks. Todoroki was in the door frame in case he was needed. Bakugo woke him up as gently as possible, but still ended up startling him.
            "Kacchan. Todoroki. i'm sorry." He said as he covered his face with a pillow. Bakugo took the pillow and made him tell them what the dream was about. It took a little bit to get it out of him, they had to threaten to get Shinsou, but this wasn't his usual nightmare. He dreamed that during the wedding Dabi used his fire quirk and killed everyone except him. He knew it didn't happen, but it still scared him. Bakugo finally calmed him enough to get him back asleep.
           "He's getting better, though, Katsuki. That's what matters." Todoroki said.
           "Still gonna kill that Dabi bastard for what he did, He literally plagues Izuku's mind." Bakugo said.
          "Well, that's what happens when you start to break the mind." Shinsou said.
         "Alright. Subject change. Eat your damn dinner." Bakugo said. They boys ate and then joked around a little more, Deku coming out of the bedroom finally. Bakugo made him a plate and made him sit down to eat. By the time he was done, he was smiling and joking around with them.
         "I can't believe in the middle of that fight you yelled 'my dead grandmother hits harder than that.' Siobahn thought we were crazy." Bakugo said. Their friend broke out laughing.
        "Are you serious?" Kaminari asked.
         "What a wonderful first impression we made with the Irish." Iida chuckled.
        "You could hear on the news when Deku sent that bastard to the sea he yelled "My dead grandmother dodges better than that." too. That's how we knew you guys were involved before Gang Orca drug you into the press release." Tokoyomi chuckled. Deku was blushing.
           "Listen, some habits die hard. And us training, that's second nature." He laughed. Now that he was feeling better, he started going through all the wedding stuff. Bakugo tried to grab him and make him sit back down, but when Deku's determined, he won't stop until he's done. He handed the massive stack of photos to their friends as he took the massive shadowbox and nailed it securely to the wall. Inside it was little round disks each guest signed along with the guest book. It was the prominent feature in the living room now. Deku sat down and started going through pictures, trying to decide which ones to hang up. Bakugo handed him one, making him smile. It was a picture of him laughing with All Might. He smiled and set it in the To Frame pile.
           "There's this one." Iida handed him. It was of all of them standing around laughing in the garden, waiting on the photographer to set up. It went like this most of the night, Tokoyomi handed him one of the boys at the alter, Aizawa smiling at them as they said their vows. Todoroki found one that had 2 copies. It was Deku standing with Aizawa and Present Mic, Aizawa and Mic had their arms around Deku's shoulders, smiling at him. He set the extra aside in a new pile, and put the original in the To Frame pile. Kirishima found one of Bakugo talking to All Might, scratching the back of his head as All Might smiles at him.
             "Look at this one!" Kaminari said, handing Deku a picture. The photographer had taken a picture during the waitress issue. Deku hadn't noticed that Aizawa and Shinsou both had their scarves read, that Kaminari was sparking and Bakugo's right hand on the table was letting little explosions off. He didn't realize Kirishima had hardened or the Iida was scanning the crowd for threats nor that Dark Shadow was doing the same. He also hadn't noticed that Todoroki's left side was aflame. It was a very surreal picture. He looked at it for a moment before it went in the To Frame pile. Bakugo looked at him curiously for this. There were pictures of Deku dancing with Bakugo and with his mom. He had decided to frame the picture of him dancing with Todoroki and Bakugo dancing with Kirishima. Then they got into the pictures with all the Pro Heroes with the couple.
              "Hey guys." Todoroki said. Deku and Bakugo looked at him. "The back of the ones with the Pro Heroes. They're all signed. Deku dropped an entire stack of photos, that scattered across the floor, forgotten. He started looking at the back of them and Todoroki was right. Even the pictures with All Might and Aizawa and Present Mic were signed out of this set. Deku started crying before setting them all aside into another To Frame pile. Bakugo already knew where Deku was going to put them. After those photos were sorted, they moved on to the set up pictures from before the wedding. Bakugo spit tea out his nose when he saw Kirishima handing upside down from the trellis, flowers all in his hair. Much to Kirishima's arguing, Deku put it in the To Frame pile. The picture of Bakugo smiling at Deku smelling the flowers was in this pile and it made it into the Frame pile. Once they were all said and done with the pictures, Deku pulled out the 5 boxes of frames they had gotten as wedding gifts, on top of the frames he had bought before hand.
              "Do you need help, Deku?" Shinsou asked. Deku looked at him and smiled.
              "Absolutely. I'm not too particular as to where these go on the wedding wall, so long as they're straight." Deku smiled. Bakugo and Kirishima took the Pro Hero pictures to the hallway. Todoroki and Iida took photos of the group to the entrance way to hand up. Tokoyomi and Kaminari started putting pictures in the photo albums. After the photos were in their spots, the boys sat down and watched Deku put up on the shelves on the wedding wall their engraved cake cutter, their engraved wine glasses and shot glasses and the cake topper as well as his own wolf figure in the sand. He then sat back down and started framing another pile of pictures. There were about 10 of them. He then put them in a box, looked at the time, and got dressed real quick. It was shortly after midnight.
              "Where are you off to?" Kirishima asked. Deku picked up the box and kissed Bakugo before answering.
              "To deliver these to who I had them made for. I'll be back in a little bit." Deku smiled before walking out of the apartment.
              "Aizawa and Mic?" Todoroki asked. Bakugo just nodded before challenging  them to Smash Bro's.
              "I'm gonna destroy you!" Kirishima declared.
             "That's not very heroic of you." Bakugo laughed at him.

Chapter Text

Chapter 44

           Deku knocked on the door and waited for them to answer. "Hold on! I'm coming." Mic could be heard yelling. He opened the door and let Deku in before shutting it. Deku just laughed at him.
         "I can come back if i'm interrupting something Hizashi." He said, before Mic realized he was shirtless and covered in bite marks. Aizawa burst out laughing from the coffee maker, a little more composed than his husband.
           "You're fine Izuku. We had just finished our business about 10 minutes ago. Someone just doesn't like wearing shirts. What's  in the box?" He asked, grabbing the pot and sitting down at the table.
           "Wedding stuff came in and the guys helped me and Kacchan go through it. I had some copies made for you two, so I figured i'd bring them over before I forgot where I put them." Deku smiled. This had definitely caught the two men off guard. Deku sat down and slid the box across the table for them to look through. Mic grabbed a hammer and the nails. The first picture he pulled out was a picture of him and Mic dancing, looking in each other's eyes and smiling. Aizawa looked really emotional. Mic handed Deku a soda before taking the picture from Aizawa and smiling.
           "We haven't had a picture like this taken since our own wedding, Shota." Mic said, taking the picture and nailing it up next to their own wedding picture. The next picture out of the box was the one with both of them with their arms around Deku, smiling. After a moment he allowed Mic to hang it up. There was a picture with Mic putting a rose in Aizawa's hair behind his ear and Aizawa smiling at him. There was one of Mic DJing and Aizawa standing next to him, looking at the computer. There was the picture from the official photos of the wedding party, both the serious one and the silly one. There was one of Aizawa standing at the Alter with Bakugo, waiting for the procession, Mic off to the side smiling. There was the one of the boys all protective of Deku, Aizawa looked at it, and pointed out something to Deku.
           "If you look right here, you see Hizashi? He was reaching for his directional speaker when this was taken. If you notice after this point in the pictures, Hizashi has it on, but before this point he didn't feel like he needed it." Aizawa said softly. Deku looked up at Mic, who was currently deciding where to hang two of the pictures. Deku had noticed that Mic had put his speaker on, but didn't connect the two until that moment. "You can even see All Might next to us steaming. We were all prepared for a fight. Bakugo had his gauntlets under the table too. Kaminari had his electric disks. Iida's dress pants were modified to allow airflow for his engines. Kirishima brought an extra suit. We were not going to allow a repeat of prom." Aizawa said, looking at the picture. Mic had came back over and saw which one Aizawa was looking at and smiled before pulling it out of Aizawa's hand to hang it up.
           There was one of Aizawa and Mic and All Might talking to Deku's mother. Deku asked if Aizawa remembered what they were talking about. Aizawa rubbed his neck and got up to make another pot of coffee. Mic looked at the picture and smiled.
           "That was the three of us telling Inko that we were adopting you as our son. Your mother's got a good sense of humor for sure. She said maybe three dads would be able to keep you out of trouble." Mic laughed.
            "Apparently the hell not after Dublin." Aizawa laughed. Deku looked at them, confused for a moment. "You know we can't have any children of our own. Neither will you and Katsuki. The only downside of being gay. Why do you think we became teachers?"
             "You want to adopt me as a son?" Deku asked, surprised. They smiled.
             "Something All Might had said to Inko when we were all talking is what made us decided. He said while you look up to him as a mentor and a hero, he's noticed you look up to us as more fatherlike figures. He had said that's the thought he got when he ran into you and Hizashi at the tailors." Aizawa said. Deku looked at them for a minute, thoughtful.
                "You don't have to accept it though, Izuku. Keep in mind it would make us harder on you as teachers, but-" Aizawa was cut off by Deku launching himself at him and Mic in a hug, crying.
                "Of course I would accept it. Why wouldn't I? You two are amazing and kind hearted and inspirational." Deku said, tears running down his face. The three started laughing with each other. "It's funny this came up because look at the last picture." Aizawa got up and pulled the last picture out of the box. It was a picture of the three of them, Deku in the center, Mic on the left and Aizawa on the right, each had a hand on Deku's shoulder, all three of them smiling. Aizawa started to cry a little. Mic laughed.
              "Well, Shota, we are now the proud half parents of two college aged boys."
               "So mom was okay with the idea?" Deku asked, drinking his soda. Mic laughed.
            "Absolutely. She was happy to hear that there were people willing to look after you as their own like she has done by herself for all these years." Mic responded, nailing the last picture up on the wall. "But keep in mind, like Shota said. We will end up being harder on you about your studies and your health. Which you should be used to by this point. Speaking of, are you ready for classes to start in a week?"
              "Yeah, kinda. Between work and the wedding, the summer has flown by. I'm sure our friends will want to go do something at some point. They did help us with the apartment tonight, you'll have to come see it. Kacchan really doesn't know how to tell me no." Deku smiled.
           "Who's that sound like, Shota?" Mic chuckled. There was some paperwork they filled out together, that way if something happened to any of them, Deku would be set up to receive the inheritance. They talked for a little while longer before Deku gave them each a hug and headed back home. Aizawa and Mic were smiling, watching him walk down the hall. You could hear Bakugo and Kirishima screaming at each other outside the apartment. He walked in to see they were playing smash bros very aggressively, the rest of their friends passed out all over the living room. He kissed Bakugo on the cheek before going to get a soda out of the fridge and sitting down, smiling. After that round Kirishima took a break to run up to his room to get another game, Bakugo kissed Deku.
              "What's got you so happy?" He asked, grinning.
               "Well, apparently we have 2 new fathers, on top of your's" Deku said. Bakugo looked at him funny so he told him what just happened.
            "I was wondering when they were gonna talk to you about that. Our mothers have been talking about it for weeks according to my mom. It was something All Might said to her. You know All Might is dating your mother right?" Bakugo asked.
             "I figured with as much time as he's spent there. I'm happy for them. Mom finally got legally divorced last year." Deku told him. Kirishima came sprinting back in the door with a game and Bakugo was ready to go. "We need to get back to training, Kacchan. Classes start back next week and our class is a target, seeing as we're all ranked. Can't be slipping." Deku said, reading a book while the two slaughtered each other.
              "Hell yeah. We'll go in the morning. What do you think, start off with a run, hit the gym, get lunch then head out to spar?" Bakugo asked. Deku nodded.
            "Sounds good to me. I'm gonna go back to bed, love." Deku kissed him, getting up from the couch.
          "I'll be in there in a bit." He said, blowing up Kirishima's character.
           "Take your time love, Kiri needs attention too or he might actually explode." Deku laughed before getting in bed and setting the alarm. He fell asleep quickly and wasn't sure exactly what time Bakugo got in bed with him, but he adjusted and went back asleep. The alarm woke them up, and everyone else in the apartment. Deku got up and made everyone breakfast.
           "Why are you up this early?" Iida asked. He was the only one who hadn't gone back to sleep.
         "Classes start in a week, class rep. We gotta start getting back in the habit of training. So i'm up making everyone a healthy, protein rich breakfast and then gonna go train. Gonna run and hit the gym before lunch, after lunch pry spar and run again before dinner. We're not gonna force you guys to go, since i'm technically forcing Kacchan." Deku smiled, flipping the eggs.
          "Training actually sounds pretty good. I know we all worked this summer and barely had time to hang out, but working and training are two different things and if we don't want to lose our ranks, we have to keep up. Plus with us graduating a year early, we have to jam two years worth of rules and regulations and laws in on top of everything else. I was actually going to propose a study night in the common room at least once a week, since students won't be working during the week." Iida said. Deku looked at him.
         "That's a really good idea, Iida. That way as a class we can all succeed. You'll have to let me and Kacchan know the day of the week you want to do it so we can tell our boss. Unlike our classmates, we'll be working during the week pulling night patrols. That way we can have the weekends to cram and sleep and spend time with you guys when you get off work and train. The wedding kinda set us pretty far back with the plans for the agency, as did them pushing us up for graduation. Kacchan tells me not to worry about how much I actually spent on the wedding, because we had it to spend. I just knew you only get married once, and I wanted Kacchan to have a very special day."
            "The wedding was beautiful, and don't worry between the two of us budgeting and Katsuki networking like he is, the agency will happen before you know it. We will sit down with the numbers this week sometime and see where we can cut some spending and see where we can speed some things along. On an unrelated note, during the press conference I noticed something." Iida said. Deku looked at him. "Gang Orca took and made the little wedding gift into a necklace and was wearing it." Deku smiled.
       "I noticed that. It made me happy." Deku said, pulling biscuits out of the oven and turning off the stove. He and Iida set up the platters. There was fried eggs, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits,  ham, and fried potatoes. He went to get Bakugo as Iida started waking the others up. Once everyone was awake and eating, Deku asked who was training with them today. Unfortunately everyone had to work soon, so it would just be him and Bakugo, which was okay. Todoroki and Shinsou helped with the dishes before everyone headed to get ready for work. Bakugo kissed Deku, thanked him for breakfast and they headed out on their run. They ran down to the beach and then ran up the coast for a few miles before deciding to swim back to the beach access they came down from. Afterwards they ran to the gym and did weight training for a few hours. Deku doing his weight training with and without his quirk, trying to strengthen both.
         "Where do you want to go to grab lunch?" Bakugo asked as they got out of their gym clothes and back into their running clothes.
          "Sharon's café is close to here and you know I love her pastries." Deku smiled. They ran down to the café and sat down inside, Sharon joining them for a few minutes at the table.
     "I'm terribly sorry about the waitress issue. I tried my best to figure out a way to serve that many people without having to use them. Present Mic is right though, I should've notified one of you so that you guys could've been prepared." She instantly apologized. Deku smiled at her.
      "It's okay. It made for one hell of a wedding party photo." He said, forgiving her. She got up and assisted some customers that had came in before coming back to the table.
     "The Boss asks that you step into his office. I've set your food down with him at his request. Follow me." She said. They looked at each other, confused, before getting up and following her into the back.
       "BOYS!" He exclaimed. "Have a seat." He gestured. They sat down and saw the newspaper he was reading.
         "Gang Orca called me the other night after you helped them with the smugglers. I just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am. Also, in case you haven't seen the news, the actions you made severely crippled the Irish black market. Apparently the boss you two and Gang Orca took down was a very big influence in the crime sector. Not only is the Irish government and heroes board commanding you for your help and have sent you medals, the Japanese government and our own heroes board have sent you medals. These medals are for your choice to put innocent lives above your own and recognition for your bravery." He slid the boxes with the medals across the tables. They were in shock. "Also, between you two and I, I have little things for you as well, as your boss." He passes them little glass trophy type awards that said Outstanding Hero Staff Award with their names on them with the company logo. "I do these one on one, so as not to call out the other employees. All My employees have at least one of these. But after your selflessness on your honeymoon, you actions reflected Japan's heroes to the international community, and after the issues with Endeavor, well, we needed good representation. We all owe you a debt of gratitude and i'm proud to have you under my employ. And because you spent part of your honeymoon working, I'm going to grant you the entire week off with pay. So you can relax and get ready for classes. I'm sure you've been out training, judging by your attire. Keep up the good work boys. You make me proud!" The Boss said. The boys thanked him and small talked for a little while longer, before going their separate ways. Deku made a phone call while they were headed back to put up their stuff before going to spar.
          "Shota! Guess what?!?!?" Deku said, excited. Bakugo couldn't help but smile.
         "What. child of mine?" Aizawa said, you could hear the smile through the phone.
         "We got metals and a shiny award from our boss!" Deku said. "We'll be home in....How long will it take us to get home Kacchan?" Deku asked. They decided to take the bus back instead of run.
         "About five minutes."
           "We'll be home in five minutes, do you wanna come see them?!!?!" He asked, literally bouncing in his seat.
          "We wouldn't miss it. Let me go get your other father and we'll meet you over there in a few minutes. " They hung up.
          "They're having fun with the whole, dads thing aren't they?" Bakugo chuckled. Deku nodded, looking at his medals, then looking at Bakugo, and then looking back. Hw put his hand on the side of Bakugo's face and kissed him. He texted pictures of the metals and award to his moms and All Might. The bus stopped at the gates of the school and Deku took off running back to their apt in the dorm, Bakugo running to keep up with him.
           "Jesus, it's just like Dublin, all over again." Bakugo panted after they got back in the apt.

Chapter 45
    Aizawa and Mic walked into Deku and Bakugo's apartment and saw the sheer massive amount of pictures on the wall. They stopped and looked at every single one. They noticed the entry hall pictures were of their friends and classmates. Deku heard the door and was literally being held in place by Bakugo, tell him to calm down and let them look at the pictures. They came into the living room and Deku broke free of Bakugo's hold. The boys had their metals and awards on the coffee table while Deku tried to figure out where to put them. Aizawa and Mic hugged the boys and congratulated them on their first awards as heroes.
        "You'll acquire a lot of things like these over your career, but the first ones are always the most meaningful." Aizawa said. Mic was looking around the living room at all the pictures. There was a spot on the bookshelf free.
      "Izuku, you've got a spot right here for those. Should hold all 6 without you having to rearrange anything. I'm sure that'll save your husband a headache, whether he'd admit to having one or not." Mic chuckled.
        "Izuku isn't usually a headache, unless he can't decide where to go first." Bakugo chuckled.
         "Well had you told me where we were going on our honeymoon I would've had a plan." Deku stuck his tongue out at him, arranging the awards on the shelf.
        "I was trying to get you to not plan something. You were planning a wedding and an agency at the same time the last thing you needed was something else to not sleep over."  Bakugo said, handing a full pot of coffee to Aizawa, who was grateful.
         "Wow. Deja Vu." Aizawa said, smiling at the boys and his husband.
         "What is, Shota?" Deku looked at him. Aizawa smiled.
        "You two sound like me and Hizashi."  He responded. They all sat down and were chatting together when a knock fell on the door. Deku looked confused. All their friends were at work. Bakugo moved to get up, but Aizawa motioned for him to sit down as Mic got up.
          "Hello?" They heard Mic answer.
          "Yes, I have a delivery for Izuku Bakugo?" The young man said.
        "He's not home. I'll take it though." Mic said, taking the small package and signing for it.
        "Thank you, have a wonderful day." Mic shut the door and came back to the living room, allowing the tension to ease. He handed the package to Deku, who looked at it for a moment. It had no return address and he didn't recognize the handwriting. He opened it to find a wrapped up picture frame and a note.
         Such a beautiful ceremony. We would like to extend our congratulations to the newly married couple. Here's to long lasting happiness to you both.
The note said. Aizawa had a bad feeling, but was too late. Deku looked at the picture in the frame then dropped it, glass shattering. He sat frozen, staring at the space the picture just was. Aizawa grabbed the picture while Bakugo tried to get Deku to snap out of it.
        "How?" was all he kept whispering. Aizawa looked at the picture. It was Toga, dressed as a waitress, at their wedding.
         "Hizashi!" Aizawa yelled. Mic looked at him, then the picture and then was on the phone. Aizawa looked at the actual package. Thankfully it just had Izuku's name and the college's address. It wasn't addressed directly to this apartment. Bakugo let Deku sort all this out while he made a phone call to his boss. Aizawa was on the phone with All Might. Mic was on the phone with the police.
       "No, Toshinori, he hasn't moved from the spot. Hizashi in on the phone with the police. Yes, i'll keep you and Inko updated. No the package was addressed with the school's address not their apartment. Yes that's a very good thing. Alaright. I'll let you know what happens. We have them both safe and taken care of right now."
         "Yes I want one of you immediately. Because the bitch that kidnapped my son was at his wedding and made it past security and about 30 pro heroes undetected and I DEMAND ANSWERS!"Hizashi was yelling. Deku heard everyone yelling, but was frozen. He felt an arm around his shoulders. He turned and looked.
          "Shota." He whispered. "Why can't they just leave me alone?" Deku asked softly. Aizawa gave his shoulders a little squeeze.
           "I don't know, Izuku, but know this, we won't let them take you or anyone you love again. We'll kill them before that happens." Aizawa said. That seemed to break through to Deku.
         "They're so loud." Deku said, rubbing his temples. Aizawa pulled out some pain meds and handed Deku two of them
        "Little tip. Always carry asprin." He chuckled. Deku took it and smiled. There was an explosion come from the bedroom.
           "I SWEAR TO GOD IF SHE DILIBERATELY LOST THE LIST I'LL MAKE SURE SHE NEVER GETS ANY BUSINESS AGAIN!" Bakugo yelled. There was a pause. "Yessir. I apologize, i'm just beyond pissed. Yes we're home. hmm? Izuku's adopted fathers are here. Yeah, it's complicated. Yes. Alright, sir." Bakugo hung up and walked back into the living room.
        "Well, it looks like you get to meet The Boss." Bakugo said. Deku looked at him. "He's coming over with all of Sharon's paperwork from the past 6 months. she said she can't find the list of waitresses she hired." Bakugo said.
        "That's good. This'll help the police, when they get here." Aizawa said, getting up and making them all some tea. Mic got off the phone with the police.
          "What did Toshinori say?" Mic asked.
         "Just that he and Inko would see what they could figure out on their end. They could hear you and Katsuki here yelling through the phone so they knew we had it handled." Aizawa said, handing Deku some tea. Deku had started picking up the shattered glass off the floor. Bakugo had him stop and told him to go get a shower and relax that he'd get it. Deku listened and Bakugo waited until he heard the shower before bending over.
          "What is it Katsuki?" Mic asked. It was another picture, hidden behind the first.
          "Dabi." Aizawa said, looking at it. "They realized they don't have hold over his mind anymore so they're trying to get to him. GIve this to the police but don't let him see it." Aizawa told him.
           "I'll murder him, Shota. He better hope he doesn't come across me. I'll blow him into so many pieces the police won't be able to identify him." Bakugo growled. Mic put a hand on his shoulder.
           "We'll help. It's not very heroic but he's been through too much and this is sadistic." Mic said. Aizawa nodded. A knock on the door pulled them out of it. The police arrived. Deku was still in the shower, so Bakugo quickly handed them the picture, explained the situation and the officer hid the picture in his folder before Bakugo went to get Deku from the shower to talk to the police.
           "So which one of you were the one to call the station?" The officer asked, curious.
          "That would be me." Mic said, questioning.
           "You scared the poor girl working dispatch. She came over the radio saying that assistance was needed by Pro Hero Present Mic about his son and she was like 'I didn't even know he had a husband up until 5 days ago." Mic laughed. It's not surprising since he and Aizawa didn't make it out much. Deku came around the corner holding hands with Bakugo.
             "Officer. Thank you for coming." Deku said softly.
           "I see you're still having volume issues. All Might has kept me updated. Now, your fathers and husband have already answered all my questions, I just wanted to tell you that we have already pulled the security team to our facility for questioning. Someone royally fucked up and they're going to pay for it. " A knock fell on the door. Aizawa answered it before leading The Boss back to the living room.
              "Ah, good, officer. I have some papers for you in regards to the waitresses. This is from the caterer. She leases out one of my buildings. Needless to say, once my employee here called and told me of the situation, I did what I could from my end." He hands the officer a massive box of papers.
             "Thank you. I was just getting ready to leave. They've given me their evidence and this will hopefully lead to some clues."
          "Wait!" Deku whispered. "The photographer. Someone should call her and see if she has any other pictures that didn't make it to the final set I have." Bakugo got her card and handed it to the officer.
         "Good idea, Mr. Bakugo. I will be in touch." He said before showing himself out.
         "Shota, Hizashi, this is The Boss." Bakugo introduced.
        "Oh we know." Mic smiled.
          "We went to school together." Aizawa said.
       "Yes, Present Mic and Eraser. It's been ages. Young Izuku, I didn't know your fathers were these two." The Boss said.
         "It's a fairly new thing. Mom loves it." Deku said, scratching the back of his head.
         "Well, I need to get back to the office. I'll see you boys Monday night, correct?"
        "Yessir." They said and bowed before Bakugo showed him out.
        "Monday night? You two aren't seriously working during the week are you?" Aizawa asked.
         "Yeah. Saving up for our own Agency. Going to be doing a study group weekly with Iida too and training."
        "If your grades start slipping." Aizawa started. Deku smiled.
        "Then i'll only work on the weekends, I know Shota." He responded quietly.
         "Good, well now that that's settled. It doesn't seem like they know exactly which dorm your in nor where you're apartment is. So you two should be safe on campus. Just be careful if you leave campus the next few days. I don't think they'll do anything but i'll make us and your mothers feel better." Mic said. Both boys nodded.
         "Alright. We're going to have a conversation with the guards and Nezu and see how this shit keeps happening. If you need us call us." Aizawa said, giving Deku a hug. Mic hugged both boys before they left.
          "Do you still want to spar or do you wanna stay home?" Bakugo asked, letting Deku make the decision. Deku thought about it for a moment, mumbling to himself before setting his shoulder, determined.
        "I'm not going to let them think they can control my life. I'm gonna be ready so that next time we come face to face, I can send every last one of the straight to hell!" Deku said quietly. Bakugo chuckled.
         "Well then, lets get dressed. You better text your fathers so they know where we are. I'll get a pot of coffee ready to go as well. Maybe I should make two." He said, heading into the kitchen and starting the coffee maker. Deku went and changed and came back out into their living room. He sent the text while Bakugo was getting changed.
          Going to the cityscape to spar. Kacchan made you two pots of coffee.
     Once Bakugo was dressed, they grabbed the coffee and their water bottles and headed down to the cityscape to start sparring. Mic and Aizawa could see them out Nezu's window going at each other. "You weren't kidding when you said you had an amazing view." Aizawa said.
         "Of course I wasn't. Anyhow, I have received the paperwork from Inko and you two in regards to Bakugo, Izuku. And the police brought by the report. Security here will be increased around the clock. We've fixed the issue under the wall, and above it, so anyone wanting to cross will have to get a little more creative. Now, get down there and make sure they don't kill each other." Nezu said. They nodded and started towards the cityscape. Aizawa saw the coffee sitting with their cell phones.
          "What do you say we give them a run for their money, Shota?" Mic asked. Aizawa thought for a minute and then agreed.
          "We haven't had good fun like that in a while." Aizawa said, getting his scarf and goggles ready. Mic put on his speaker and they stepped into the cityscape. Nezu watched from his office window.
          "I said make sure they don't kill each other, not kill them yourselves." Nezu sighed, pulling up his office chair and calling Recovery Girl to come join him. Midnight came as well.
           "Oh, this will be wonderful." Midnight said.

Chapter Text

Chapter 46

             Bakugo and Deku stopped when they saw Mic and Aizawa walking up to them. "Everything okay?" Deku asked.
          "Perfectly fine."
        "Deku get back." Bakugo said, since Deku was walking closer to them. Mic smiled.
         "We figured you two could use some....hands" Aizawa said, smiling. Deku jumped back towards Bakugo.
         "Well, bring it on then, Shota." Deku said, confident, not making eye contact with him. Aizawa pulled on his glasses. Mic opened his mouth and sang a high pitched note, the force pushing them backwards.
          "They're both ranged attackers, but Shota has his scarf and getting too close to Hizashi could burst your eardrums." Deku was muttering to himself, trying to strategize.
          "Not gonna be able to do that with them, love. This is gonna have to be a spur of the moment kinda battle." Bakugo said, sending a grenade at Mic. They jumped and headed straight for Aizawa, before switching last minute, both kicking Mic into Aizawa, he dodged and sent his scarf after Bakugo. Bakugo jumped, but  Aizawa had temporarily taken his quirk. He got caught and was being pulled towards Aizawa, when Deku landed a solid hit, sending him flying and letting Bakugo go. Mic ran at them, ready to swing, Bakugo set off an explosion, rocketing himself in the air, only to get hit with Mic's scream and blown off course into the side of a building. Aizawa jumped towards Deku, who dodged and swung a kick. Aizawa had managed to take his quirk, but that was no matter. The kick landed and sent Aizawa back, catching himself and shooting out his scarf, which wrapped around Deku's leg.
        Deku jumped up, dragging Aizawa with him, and quickly changed trajectory, trying to fling him off. That failed, however Bakugo landed a hit with his explosion on Aizawa before Mic went to use his sound attack. Bakugo dodged and the attack hit Aizawa and Deku, sending them both into a building.
           "DON'T GET CAUGHT AND FLUNG AROUND LIKE A DAMN RAGDOLL THEN!" Deku was freed from the scarf, so he put 15% power into his legs and pushed off the building, headed straight for Mic. Mic brought his microphone up, and then swiftly down, sending Deku flying to the ground. The impact made a loud bang, as he broke the concrete. Aizawa jumped up and headed down to Deku to wrap him up, when Bakugo slammed into him, shooting an explosion at Mic, and sending Aizawa into a building. Aizawa spun around and was on the back of Bakugo, making him take the blunt of the force upon impact. Deku was up now and going after Mic.
      The pack had heard the noise before they saw what was going on. "IF YOU TAKE MY QUIRK ONE MORE TIME OLD MAN I'M BLOWING YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!"
         "Is that?" Iida asked, running towards the cityscape.
       "Present Mic and Aizawa against Katsuki and Izuku?" Todoroki said, questioningly.
        "This'll be good!!!" Kirishima said, sitting down to watch next to the pile of cell phones. Kaminari sat down next to him followed by Iida, Shinsou, Todoroki and Tokoyomi.
        Bakugo came up to the side of Aizawa, who dodged the swing and Punched Bakugo in the stomach, sending him flying. He chuckled before trying to get a good lock on Deku to take his quirk so Mic could take him out.
          "GONNA HAVE TO MAKE ME!" He yelled back, landing a hit on Mic and sending him flying through a window. Bakugo and Deku came together only for an instance. Bakugo pulled the pin on his gauntlet the same time Deku flicked his finger with 20% power and sent the explosion racing towards Aizawa. Aizawa used his scarf to get out of the way of the blast, barely missing it. In this instance, Mic had came up behind them and let out a shriek, amplified through his directional speakers, sending both boys through three buildings.
         They got up, stretched and jumped back into it, only for Aizawa to get Deku's foot with his scarf and hurl him straight towards the ground. Mic let out another voice attack, blowing Bakugo away from Deku. Deku braced for impact and grabbed Aizawa's scarf and flung him into Mic. They impacted and Bakugo sent an explosion their way. It hit, and blew them into a building.
       "They're pretty evenly matched against each other." Iida noticed.
       "Yes, but you can see the difference in the way Aizawa and Mic attack vs how Izuku and Katsuki attack. This match is going to come down to who gets tired first and even then you can't count anyone out. Besides Recovery Girl isn't down here yet, so you know this is nowhere near being over yet." Tokoyomi said, thoughtfully. Iida agreed.
       "YOU TIRED YET, SHOTA? ISN'T IT PAST YOUR NAP TIME?!" Bakugo yelled, launching a series of explosions towards him.
       "I COULD KICK YOUR ASS IN MY SLEEP KATSUKI BAKUGO AND SO COULD MY DEAD GRANDMOTHER!" Deku came up behind him and kicked him into one of Bakugo's explosions.
      "YOUR DEAD GRANDMOTHER WOULD'VE SEEN THAT COMING FROM HER GRAVE!" Deku yelled before dodging Mic's voice attack that put a nice ten foot deep crater in the asphalt. All four of them were panting, obviously getting a workout from hell, but all four would not let their pride take a hit. They kept going for easily an hour and a half, the sun starting to go down, which made things even more interesting, especially because Deku's quirk made him light up like a Christmas tree as did Mic's directional speaker, whereas Aizawa blended in too well with the dark. Recovery Girl had came down finally with her first aid kit and her lawn chair, sitting down to watch and prepare to treat the injured.
        "Things look like they're wrapping up?" Todoroki asked her.
        "Honestly with these four I have no idea. It got too dark for me to see the show from my office so I had to trade my box top view for front row seats. I see Izuku is having fun with his new fathers, that's for sure." She said, unaware that the boys hadn't been told yet. They all let it slip for a second before it hit them.
        "DO what now? You mean teachers, right?" Kirishima asked.
        "Oh, I'll let Izuku tell you tonight. I forgot he wanted it to be a surprise. Silly me. Now shhhh." She said.
        "MAYBE INSTEAD OF GIVING AWAY YOUR LOCATION TO YOUR ENEMY BY TRYING TO TAUNT THEM OUT OF HIDING, YOU SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH AND LISTEN." There was an explosion followed by "LISTEN TO THAT OLD MAN!" followed by another loud bang, where Aizawa got him with his scarf after taking his quirk and sending him flying into a building.
         Deku and Mic were atop opposite buildings. Everytime Mic would use a voice attack, Deku would flick his finger and cut the sound right in half, the force blowing right around him. The next time Mic let off a voice attack, instead of flicking the sound wave, he flicked his fingers towards the building, propelling him up, over the soundwave and then clapped his hands together at 25% sending a massive wave of force at Mic, off guard, sending him flying off the building. Deku went to go after Mic, but was grabbed by Aizawa's scarf.
        "Alright, time to wrap this up i'm hungry." He yawned, jerking his scarf and throwing Deku into the ground. He walked over and helped Deku up before going to help Mic. Deku went and dug Bakugo out of the remains of the building. All four of them were covered in debris and blood and bruises, laughing, as they walked up the hill out of the cityscape. Recovery Girl started fussing over them immediately.
         "Hey, Izuku. Recover Girl said you had a surprise for us?" Kirishima asked, one eyebrow raised. Deku scratched the back of his head and looked at Mic who nodded.
         "Yeah. Um. so this kinda doesn't leave us. For right now anyway. but um so you see." He was stuttering.
       "Izuku?" Shinsou questioned.
      "Yeah?" Deku responded, Shinsou caught him with his quirk.
       "What do you have to tell us that doesn't leave us. without the stuttering this time." Shinsou said.
      "Aizawa and Present Mic talked to my mother and now i'm their adopted child."
      "Flick your forehead."
       "Ow. Shinsou! I would've gotten around to it." Deku said indignantly.
      "Yes, 10 years from now." Tokoyomi chuckled. All of them laughed except Deku who pouted.
       "So, like. how does that work, you not being a minor?" Todoroki asked.
       "Well, There's paperwork of course but other than that, that's it." Deku said.
        "It's no big deal. We all kinda assumed this would've happened a while ago." Kaminari said laughing.
       "Why does everyone keep saying that?" Deku asked quietly.
       "Really?" Todoroki asked, a smile on his face. "Guess the obliviousness doesn't surprise me Mr. I forgot about the most important part of the wedding." They all burst into laughter, even Deku. After Recovery Girl patched them all up and headed back to her office, the guys all headed back to the apartment. They decided it was horror movie night tonight. Aizawa and Mic stressed to them before going their separate ways, that until they graduated, this had to be kept quiet. Only because of the ranking. They all agreed and that was that on the subject.
         Deku made enough popcorn for everyone and Bakugo got out the beanbag chairs for their friends to sit on. They were debating between slasher horror or psychological horror. Deku used to love psychological horror so that's what he voted for. Bakugo was a little weary, but agreed. They had all sat down, turned the lights off and started the movie. The first one wasn't so bad so they put on another one. They had watched three of them with no issues whatsoever except Kaminari's girl scream, which made them all laugh. The fourth one they put on however, set off Deku's ptsd, majorly. At first he zoned out, holding Bakugo's hand, but he came out of that pretty quickly and continued watching the movie, smiling with his friends. It was the climax of the movie that got him. The protagonist was chained up similarly to the way he had been, and was blindfolding, being sliced up and beaten. Bakugo's reaction was too late, Deku was up and out the door. His fight or flight kicked in and he was gone. Deku had blacked out and forgot his phone.
       "Kirishima, get Aizawa and Mic. tell them 911. The rest of you with me. as long as he didn't activate his quirk he wouldn't have made it far. I hope. Iida, scout ahead, you're faster than the rest of us by a landslide." Bakugo said, running his team. "Tokoyomi, Dark Shadow, go with Kaminari and check campus. Todoroki, you and Shinsou start checking towards town. Shinsou, you may have to get control of him. He may get upset about it right then and there but if he's blacked out and in fight or flight, he might accidently try to hurt any of us....especially if he's flashbacking. Don't take it personally." Their friends nodded and everybody separated. Bakugo had his headphones on just in case. He checked all of Deku's favorite places and couldn't find him. Aizawa caught up to Bakugo.
        "Mic's with Shinsou, If he activated his quirk, he could be miles from here by now." He said.
       "I've got Iida scouting ahead. I've already warned Shinsou he may have to use his quirk against Izuku if his fight or flight is still running high."
        "Good planning there. Have you been down to the beach yet?" Aizawa asked, turning in that direction. Bakugo turned too.
        "Not yet I've been checking around here and his favorite spots."
        "Use your rings, Katsuki." Bakugo forgot they even did that. He thought about Deku and where he could be at. It took a minute for a clear image to come to mind.
        "I know where he's at, or where he's been recently." He said, changing direction. Aizawa right beside him as he headed off to the spot where he first asked Deku to marry him. Aizawa communicated with Mic who then let the rest of the pack know and everyone headed to that spot. Iida made it first and confirmed it, keeping his distance to not frighten Deku. Aizawa and Bakugo arrived next. Bakugo was cautious but walked slowly up to him.
       "Izuku can you hear me?" He asked, getting closer. There was no response. He kept asking until he was close enough to place his had on Deku's shoulder. Deku jumped, spun around and activated his quirk. His pupils were so dilated, you would never had guessed they were green. "STAY BACK UNTIL SHINSOU GET HERE! HE'S FIGHTY NOT FLIGHTY." He yelled to Iida and Aizawa. Aizawa had his scarf ready in case Deku tried to bolt.
          "Izuku it's me. Look at me. It's Kacchan, remember? You're husband." Bakugo said. He reached out slowly to reach for Deku's face. Deku jumped back, the green energy from his quirk jolting all over his body. "Alright. we'll do it this way. Something you can see. Can you see me?" Deku's eyes lock on him. "Good. That means you can hear me too. i'm gonna reach forward and place my hand on your face, but i'm not gonna hurt you okay?" He said, slowly trying again. Deku jumped back. 'Fuck. that's not gonna work.' Bakugo thought.
           "Alright, we'll do this you're way." Bakugo got in the same position as Deku and started letting off tiny explosions.
            "Are they really going to fight? Right here?" Iida asked, mildly concerned.
          "Bakugo has his headphones on. He's really just trying to make noise that's familiar to Izuku. It appeared the anxiety method didn't work. But if it comes to a fight, then yes. It'll break his heart, but he'll do it. Especially since he knows this isn't his Izuku fighting him. It's chained up and tortured Izuku in self preservation mode unaware who he's actually fighting." Aizawa said, analyzing the situation. He got a hold of Mic to see where they were at.
           "Give me five minutes. We're almost there."
           "We don't have five minutes Hizashi! Tell them to run faster!"
        Deku internally heard the explosions and realized it was Kacchan. However he was seeing something completely different. Dabi had him backed into a corner. He surged his quirk. Bakugo had to take a step back from the surge.
          "I DON'T THINK HE SEES ME." Bakugo yelled.
          "NOT YET. I CAN HOLD HIM OFF IF I NEED TO. IF WE TAKE HIS QUIRK NOW, WITH HIM BEING SO CLOSE TO THE EDGE, I DON'T WANT HIM TO JUMP THINKING ITS ONLY WAY TO STOP THE PAIN!" Bakugo yelled. Aizawa didn't even think about that. In that second Deku rushed Bakugo. Bakugo dodged and landed an explosion on him. Deku spun around and faced Bakugo. He heard him mutter Dabi's name. "I'm gonna kill that bastard." Bakugo told himself. Deku rushed again, this time anticipating the dodge, he jumped up, met Bakugo in the air and landed a kick to the back. Bakugo twisted around and fired his lazer at Deku, knocking him farther into the air. They kept going at it.
            'We're here. sorry. I see they've started?" Mic said. Shinsou got his scarf ready and walked closer to the two boys, attacking each other. Todoroki was anxious for all of them.
           "Is he going to be able to get Izuku to talk to him?" Todoroki asked. Aizawa looked uncertain.
         "I hope so. The next option is to have Kaminari shock him. Gonna try to keep your fire quirk away from him though. He's been calling Kasuki Dabi for the past few minutes. He isn't seeing the real world. He's in his nightmare and living it. This is what the League wanted. Him to attack everything he loves." Aizawa said.
           Shinsou got close enough to the two and sighed. "here goes nothing." he whispered to himself. "IZUKU WHO DO YOU SEE IN FRONT OF YOU RIGHT NOW?" Deku snapped his attention to Shinsou.
           "I." That's all it took. Shinsou had him. Bakugo slowly walked him over to Shinsou.
           "Izuku. You gotta wake up. We won't put that movie back on, okay? You're safe with your family. Your husband, your fathers, and your closest friends. We won't let anything hurt you. Flick your forehead." Shinsou said. He always loved that part. Deku did and came back too, looking around frantic. Once he took in everything and everyone around him, he passed out, being caught by Bakugo.
          "Thank the gods for Shinsou." Aizawa sighed as he led the group back to the dorms.

Chapter 47

       Bakugo's heart hurt. Sparing with Deku was one thing. This was completely different. This was a side of his husband he'd never seen before. Beyond terrified. Fighting for his life. Anger swelled inside of him. He was gonna make that bastard pay for what he did to Deku. He didn't care if it made him a villain or not. He was going to enjoy blowing that bastard apart limb for limb. The walk back to the dorms was a long, quiet one. Well, They were quiet. Aizawa was giving them all the ass chewing they deserved. Mic was walking beside Bakugo, checking on Deku.
        "I'm not sure exactly what possessed you all to watch something like that with him. You all should have known the risk you were taking. Watching horror movies is all fine and dandy, but next time use your damn brains. Imagine what would've happened if we didn't find him, or if Shinsou and Todoroki were farther away. This was completely reckless. Beyond absolutely fucking stupid. You all saw the state he was in with the League. SO why the FUCK would you put on a movie that has the same shit in it?" He kept going. All the boys looked like kicked puppies. No one bothered to argue with Aizawa. He was right. The first time Deku reacted to the movie they should've changed it instead of listening to Deku telling that he was fine.
        "Can you imagine the guilt he's gonna feel when he realizes the black eye Katsuki has is from him on top of the other injuries he's given Katsuki tonight?" Aizawa said. The boys all stopped dead in their tracks.
        "I have a question, if its okay." Todoroki said. Aizawa glared at him. He shrank back, but continued. "Why didn't you take his quirk?" Aizawa softened slightly and looked at Bakugo.
         "Because Katsuki made a point even I didn't think about at the time. They were out towards the edge of the cliffs. If I would've taken his quirk at that time, his fight or flight would've changed from fight to flight. Katsuki was afraid he'd jump off the cliff if he felt threatened enough. My hands were tied." Aizawa said, before leading them the rest of the way to the dorm. Recovery Girl was waiting, Mic having called her.
          "Where do you want him?" Bakugo asked, barely above a whisper.
         "Put him in bed. I'll attend to him there. And this time, as your punishment from me, none of you will be allowed in there for your shitty judgement." She snapped. Bakugo flinched as if she had actually hit him. So did their friends. He laid Deku down on their bed and left the room as Recovery Girl walked in and slammed the door. Bakugo went and sat down on the open window's ledge in the office, staring at his wedding ring. The boys were all sitting apart from each other in the apartment, close enough to react if need be, but all of them were feeling miserable. Aizawa looked at his students and then at his adopted son in law. He sighed.
          "Do you think I was to hard on them, Hizashi?" Aizawa asked his husband. Mic was watching them too.
        "No, and yes. Izuku has made so much progress lately, I'd say they honestly were more hopeful than reckless. They should've paid better attention, yes, but Izuku was fine through the other three movies, even laughing at one of them. I don't think any of them knew about that scene. According to Katsuki, he reacted as soon as he could, but Izuku was faster than he was. But they also needed to realize that although he's getting better, His mental health isn't where it used to be. He's lived through some terrible things that no one should've gone through. Hopefully this won't set his progress back. We'll have to keep an eye on him for the next few weeks, with school and work." Mic said. Aizawa thought about what Mic said and nodded.
        "You want the adopted son-in-law or the students?" Aizawa asked him. Mic chuckled.
       "Well, Shota. That's a rock and a hard place really. Katsuki though pry needs you more in terms of what he just had to do, whereas the students just need to be kicked in the ass a little bit." Mic said after a moment of thought. SO they decided to divide and conquer. Aizawa sat next to Bakugo on the ledge.
       "What's going through your mind?" Aizawa asked.
       "He wasn't seeing me. He was seeing that bastard. He was attacking me, in a fight for his life, from that bastard. And when he finds out, it's going to break his heart. That was his biggest fear after it happened, you know? That he'd hurt someone he loved because of his nightmares. And we did that to him. I had a feeling, but he wanted to watch them and I wanted him to be happy and this has caused more pain to him." Bakugo said, still playing with his wedding band. Aizawa sighed, looking at him.
         "Well, here's the thing you need to look at, Katsuki. He is getting better. He's been making progress very well and very quickly. He's going to think he's going to be able to handle things like he used to. And he did for three whole movies. That's a major accomplishment. I know you're not going to let Recovery Girl heal you, as some penance of punishment towards yourself, but here's the thing. He needs to know. He needs to know exactly what happened. He needs to know what he said to you when you were fighting. So he can understand what happened. I know your heart hurts. Mine does too. Hizashi's does and all your friends as well. And he is going to take this badly. I'm not even going to try to lie about it. We both know better. The best way to handle this is to be honest. Hizashi and I can help with the depression if it surfaces. You're not doing this all alone, Katsuki. You've got a pack behind you." Aizawa said. Bakugo looked at him, tears streaming down his face.
         "I'm supposed to protect him and I failed." was all he said. Aizawa pulled him into a hug and let him get it out. After a few moments, Aizawa made him look him in the eyes.
       "You did not fail him. You fell like this is solely you're responsibility, and it's not. Believe me when I say Izuku will be getting his ass chewed too. He is alive, and you kept him that way. I was fully prepared to protect you by taking his quirk, but you had already analyzed the situation and the results had I had gone through with it. Yes it ended in that battle, but let me tell you something. You kept him away from the edge, and you let him out of the corner he had boxed himself into. That's why he responded to Shinsou. I have a theory, but I cannot confirm it until Izuku wakes up. I think subconsciously he was watching it all. As a prisoner in his own body. When Shinsou stepped out towards  you two, Izuku hesitated. I know you noticed. You two know the move the other is going to make before they make it. His body and his conscious mind made him attack you. His subconscious mind was reaching out for help. Probably was trying to after you set of the small explosions in your hands. That's just my theory though, which is why for the sake of his mental well being, I suggest not healing that black eye right away." Aizawa said. Bakugo looked shocked and Aizawa could see his mind going over the whole fight. He jerked his head to face Aizawa. He had came to the same thought too.
       "Izuku, honey wake up." Recovery Girl said after checking his vitals. Everything checked out fine all things considered. Deku didn't move a muscle. She sighed, and put her fingers up to his temple and examined his synapse functions. Everything was firing as it should. She was very perturbed by this series of events. It had to do with the picture. The picture had set him back and triggered his PTSD, she realized. He had been a time bomb waiting to explode, and it just so happened to be the catalyst of the movie.
        "Kacchan." Deku whispered in his sleep. She looked down at him and noticed he was crying. The boy was out cold to the world, but was still crying. "I'm sorry Kacchan. I'm sorry." He kept repeating in his sleep. "I didn't mean to hurt you." Recovery Girl watched him for a solid 15 minutes repeat the same three sentences in his sleep over and over again. She checked his vitals one more time before leaving the room. She signaled for Aizawa and Mic, who had finally made progress with all the boys.
        "Follow me." She said to the two, leading them into the room. They heard the whispering and saw the tears pouring down his face. Aizawa covered his mouth. Mic went and sat down next to the bed and was whispering to Deku. Aizawa and Recovery Girl stepped out of the room to speak. "He's been like this for 20 minutes. Now I know I said I was punishing them, but I thought of something. It was the picture earlier today that set this off, Shota. It set off his PTSD and he was a ticking time bomb. Unfortunately, when it hit him was during that movie. Which didn't help matters, but it means its not completely the boys' fault." She said. "His vitals are fine. He'll be okay, medically stating. None of us will know his mental state until he wakes up."
        "Well, give me and Mic a minute with him before  sending all of them in." Aizawa said, before walking back in the room. He sat next to Mic and they both were talking to him. They hoped he heard them, but if not, they'd tell him once he woke up. Recovery girl sent Bakugo in first. Bakugo was by his side in an instant. He heard what Deku was whispering and started crying again. He pulled Deku up to him, kissing his hair. The rest of the pack entered and took up their posts. All of them listening to him. It was proving to be a long night.
         "Kacchan. I can't breathe." Deku said. Bakugo released his death grip. "Thanks." He said, looking into Bakugo's face and seeing the black eye. He looked to Shinsou and Iida and Todoroki and all his friends. He looked at Mic and Aizawa and Recovery Girl. All before he started crying. Recovery Girl insisted to take his vitals before leaving. As soon as she left 1900 sorry's came from his loved ones.
He tried to bend his arm, to wipe the tears off Bakugo's face, and realized he couldn't move his arm. Panic sat in.
       "Stop. It's fine, um. That's from me." Bakugo said, very quietly and extremely upset.
       "I know. It was like watching someone else controlling me. I'm so sorry, Kacchan. I'm sorry to all of you. Shinsou, thank you. For reading the sign I was trying so hard to send." He looked back to Bakugo and his black eye. "I'm so sorry. I tried to stop. I didn't want to hurt anybody. I wasn't. I wasn't trying to hurt you and I couldn't stop and I tried. And I hurt you. I could've hurt all of you and I couldn't...I tried so hard to shut myself down. I tried and I failed and I hurt you." Deku whispered, before curling up in a ball and crying. Aizawa and Mic laid a hand on his back. Nobody knew what to say. Deku mirrored Bakugo's earlier thoughts.
          "Stop, Izuku. None of us are blaming you. It's kind of our fault that you were put in that position anyway. We love you and we aren't blaming you. You didn't fail. You were in a PTSD induced hell. None of us are blaming you for what happened." Bakugo said. Their friends all made similar statements to him. Aizawa was torn between being happy he's awake and being pissed that he did this to himself and scared the ever living out of him.
          "I just want him to leave me alone. I want him out of my head." Deku said finally. That was something every single person in the room agreed on 100%.
         "Trust me, Izuku, We'll get the opportunity to send him to hell eventually. We just need to focus right now on our training and studying. After we graduate, we can begin hunting for the bastards. And we'll do it as a family." Iida said, pride shining off his face. Deku looked at him from the blanket.
         "Really?" He whispered. Iida nodded.
         "Of course, Izuku. He's pissed me off tonight for the last time." Todoroki said. Deku looked at him.
         "Will you use your fire, Todoroki? Just for a minute?" Deku asked softly. Todoroki nodded and his left side caught fire. Deku didn't flinch away from him. Both boys smiled. After a while, they all were talking and laughing with each other, Deku holding Mic and Aizawa's hands in one hand and Bakugo's in the other.  One by one they all fell asleep. This latest incident really hit home with them how important each other was and they did not like being apart in this moment. Deku was one of the first to fall asleep, exhausted from the events of the day, and feeling safe with his family.

Chapter Text

Chapter 48

            Deku woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. He looked over and noticed Mic was the first one up. Deku crawled out from under Bakugo's arm, slid around Aizawa and went out to the kitchen and sat down. Mic waved to him and brought him a glass of orange juice.
           "Feeling better this morning?" Mic asked. Deku nodded, sipping his juice.
           "Kinda wondering where my shirt went that I was wearing last night, but not too concerned about it." Deku said softly.
           "Yeah, I'm sure that was Recovery Girl's fault. But it's alright. How's the burn on your arm?" He asked, turning back to flip the bacon.
           "Is that what this is? I remember Kacchan saying he did it, but I don't remember. It's all hazy today." Deku said, rubbing his neck.
           "Here, let me see it. I think the bandage needs to be changed anyway." Mic said, grabbing the first aid kit from under the counter and sitting down next to Deku.
           "You're other father may have some words to say about last night. He was pretty worried." Mic said as he unwrapped Deku's arm. The burn didn't look half as bad as it felt, but it was a pretty good size. Aizawa put some burn ointment on it before wrapping it back up in a new bandage.
            "I figured he would say something about it. I really thought it would be alright." Deku replied, getting up to stretch. His battle with Bakugo really messed him up. About that time, Bakugo came out of the bedroom, sweats hanging off his hips. Deku saw the massive bruises that covered his chest, abdomen and the one that went around his ribcage to his back. He had one going down the side of his hip. Those along with the black eye made Deku sit down and start fidgeting with his ring. Hizashi turned and gave him a glass of orange juice as well, letting him know breakfast would be ready soon. Bakugo kissed Deku on the forehead.
         "Stop fidgeting, Izuku. They're not as bad as they look I promise." Bakugo said, smiling.
        "I'm sorry Kacchan," Deku started. Bakugo looked like he was about to say something, but Deku wanted to get this out. "I hate how this shit still effects me. I feel like I'm going crazy and you knew the one thing I was afraid of was hurting those close to me and look at what the hell I did to you, Katsuki! I know you don't blame me. And I love you. And I feel like shit that I can't get this fucker out of my head. And I feel like a goddamned idiot. I wanted to believe that I was finally back to normal, mentally. I had so much fun last night watching movies and throwing popcorn at my friends. And then that one part brought forth so much terror and destruction, I blacked out and almost killed you. You may not blame me, Katsuki, but I do. I blame me for not being stronger to kick his ass the first time at the Summer training when he took you. I blame myself for not getting strong enough to keep him from taking me. I blame myself for letting that sadistic fuck break my mind even though he didn't break my will. And I blame myself for this *gestures to their injuries* I blame myself for our friends being woken up to my nightmares and not getting any sleep themselves and always having to worry about me. You might not blame me, love, but I do." Deku finished, tears on the verge of falling down his face. Bakugo and Mic stood frozen in their places. Aizawa, who had started coming out of the bedroom, had froze as well.
          "Izuku." Bakugo whispered, pain filling his voice. Deku looked at him and then fell into his arms, crying. Mic looked to Aizawa before walking over and wrapping and arm around him. Their friends had heard what Deku had said from the bedroom. None of them had realized the toll this was taking on him. They didn't realize that throughout all of this, Deku's main concern was for those he cared about and not himself. That was the biggest reality check they most likely had ever gotten. They decided that they were going to do something for him. They just needed to figure out what.
           "Izuku, love. I don't blame you, and honestly if it happened again, I would make the same decision. Had Shota taken your quirk, I know for a fact you would've jumped. It was either fight you there until Shinsou could get there, or risk letting you run, and us not be able to find you again. We made some hard decisions last night and if we had to go back, I wouldn't have done any different. And you have gotten stronger. A lot. Look at this. That's your entire leg going across my chest. I swear to god I can see your knee cap. We will get you through this, one day at a time. It's gonna take time. That's what you have to remember. And if you listened to what you just said, your main worry wasn't concern for yourself. It was the effect this was having on me and our friends and family. And that means something, love. It shows who you really are, and that's exactly why I don't blame you. I can go toe to toe with you at your current strongest. Our friends can't. Well, Todoroki maybe could. But they haven't spared with you like we spar. Because I know the second they step in the cityscape, you don't go at your strongest so you don't hurt them.
           "Last night you came at me with all you had. Now shush you need to hear this. You did not hold back at all, and I met you blow for blow while trying to avoid explosions close to your ears because you didn't have your headphones on. I lost count with how many times you called me Dabi. That's how I knew you didn't see me and were trapped in your mind. And I'm not upset at you. You just need to know the amount of balls Shinsou had to walk in between us last night to get you. Especially being as squishy as he is. You could've hurt him when he came between us, but instead you hesitated, before coming at me, that's where the burn on your arm came from. You could have hurt him and you didn't. That hesitation let him know that you needed help. So that's what he did. You have no clue how many lives you're selflessness has touched and how many people's lives you improve daily with that cute ass smile you always have. That's why we don't blame you. Because that bastard tried to take the most sweetest, caring person in this whole entire world and turn them against themselves for the betterment of the crime sector and what did you do? You spat blood in his face and told him to get fucked. I love you. Your family loves you. We're called the Pack for a reason, and we're gonna help you get through this and then once we do, we're gonna help you send those bastards to the fiery pits of hell one appendage at a time." Bakugo said.
          "That doesn't sound very heroic, bro. Sign me up. " Kirishima said, coming out of the bedroom with the rest of their friends. "Good God Bakubro." Bakugo sent an explosion at him before he said anything about the bruises that would send Deku back down the rabbit hole. Shinsou walked up to Deku and gave him a hug.
          "I'll be okay Izuku. I trust you, even when you're fighty not flighty." he laughed. Bakugo sent an explosion at him too.
           "I DIDN'T REALLY HAVE TIME TO GO INTO ANY MORE DETAIL IN THAT MOMENT AND IT GOT THE POINT ACROSS DIDN'T IT??!!!?!?" Bakugo yelled. Everyone burst out laughing except a very confused Deku, who just shrugged his shoulders and drank his orange juice. Mic made everyone sit down and served breakfast, handing the entire pot of coffee to Aizawa. They ate breakfast and talked, The boys not acknowledging what they overheard from the room. After breakfast and clean up, they headed out to get showers and change, a few of them had to work, others had school stuff to shop for.  Aizawa and Mic headed out to shower and change and said they'd be back after to spend the day with the couple. Deku curled up on the couch with Bakugo, after they took a shower and let off some steam, kissing the bruises he had left on his husband during the blackout. Bakugo was checking Deku's injuries. The burn to his arm, the cuts and scrapes on his shoulders and back, the bruise that ran all the way from his right shoulder blade all the way down to his hip.
          "We really did a number to each other, love." Bakugo chuckled. He was trying to get Deku to the point of joking about it without beating himself up.
          "Looks like I kicked your ass again to me." He replied, eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face. Bakugo smiled before gently kissing Deku.
           "Keep it up and i'll just have to show you who the boss is around here." He growled quietly.
           "RIght now, it's me princess." Deku said, sticking his tongue out. Bakugo lunged at him, the impact making both boys fall off the couch and onto their injuries.
            "Ow, fuck that hurt." Bakugo said, as both of them erupted in laughter. Aizawa and Mic walked in to them shirtless on the floor holding their injuries, laughing and just shook their heads.
           "We leave you alone for half an hour and you're on the ground laughing in pain?" Aizawa asked, humored.
            "He called me princess!" Bakugo declared, causing Deku to start a new wave of laughter mixed with ows as he held onto his ribcage. Bakugo helped Deku get back on the couch and Aizawa wanted to check their injuries to see if they needed to see Recovery Girl. He was shocked to see just how bruised they were.
             "Deku, you're not to be watching horror movies for a while until we can get your PTSD under control. You about gave me a heart attack last night and i'd rather like to live until my timely death at 150, not at 31" Aizawa said. Deku nodded.  "Bruises don't look too bad, should be healed in a few days. In the meantime, classes start in 4 days. It's time to start getting back in the routine. Back to training and the whole nine yards. Might even benefit you to look at the textbooks and get a good head start on that before classes. We have to fit two years worth of lessons in less than a year. If I didn't think your class could do it, I would've told Dean Nezu so, but I have the utmost faith in you. Not to mention, this years sports festival will include the other schools in the country. We will hold one to see which of our students will be going to represent us. It will fall down to the ranking system Nezu put into effect last semester. You two are the top two in the school. Others are going to be gunning to take that from you. So you're gonna have to work hard to keep not only your training up, but your academics as well because those factor into the ranking." Aizawa told them. Both boys nodded.
           "We brought you these. It's the modified textbooks for your courses. You're classmates will have theirs delivered later today. It was just easier to bring yours by now. That way you two could go ahead and start looking at what you'll be learning. If you can master the written early on, it's one less thing you'll have to worry about and you can focus on the practical and work. It'll also open up extra free time for you two. This next year is going to be hard, but we wouldn't put you through it if we didn't think that you could do it." Present Mic said.
           "Is your homeroom class jumping ahead?" Deku asked Mic.
           "No. Not this year, thanks to Monama and his cocky ass attitude. His grades are horrendous and he definitely needs to be knocked down a peg or three." Mic said. "There's a few in my homeroom that really need to decide if this is what they truly want to do."
          "I'll knock him down a peg or three." Bakugo muttered. Aizawa chuckled.
          "Still sore about that I take it?" Aizawa asked, making Deku laugh. Bakugo threw a pillow at him. "I'm serious though. We're gonna head out and start getting ready for the term, you two need to start going over this now. The sooner the better." They got up to leave.
              "If you start hurting, Recovery Girl will be in her office all day. She figured it would be best to be on hand just in case. Just go up and see her. Better to deal with her now while she's not busy than deal with her later." Mic said. They left the boys with their books.
               "Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to go see her. I'm sure she pry wants to check this burn out anyway. TO be safe. Then I guess we'll come back and try not to bash our brains in with this massive ass book." Deku said, making Bakugo laugh.
              "I'll order take out when we get back and we'll just stay in and study today. It'll be a relaxing day." Bakugo smiled. They threw on their UA shirts and headed up to the Infirmary.

Chapter 49

      Recovery Girl was sitting in her office, hoping that Aizawa and Mic were able to get those boys to come see her about their injures. Last night she was more concerned with Deku's mental state she hadn't gotten around to checking out either of their injuries. She had Deku's file on her desk, having to update emergency contacts. His file was easily three times thicker than even her clumsiest third year. She sighed. The amount of injuries this one boy had gone through in his time at the college was astronomical. It was a miracle the boy was still alive. A knock on her door pulled her from her thoughts. She got up and let the boys into the infirmary.
        "It's about time you two got here. Making me wait all day. Come on. sit down and lets see how bad you messed each other up." She said, purposefully sounding cranky. She couldn't let them know how worried she actually was. Aizawa and Mic had told her that they had gone full blast at each other. Deku and Bakugo took their shirts off and sat down on the bed. She unwrapped Deku's arm to have a better look at it too. "Well, it's not as bad as I expected it would be. Though I'm sure none of this is helping your mental state, is it?" She asked. BOth boys shook their heads. "Well, let's see what we can do about it." She took care of Bakugo first, since his injuries seemed the lesser of the two.
           "See, I told you I could see your knee cap on my chest." Bakugo laughed as she sped up the healing. Deku just shook his head. It took a minute but the bruises had all but disappeared. She turned to start inspecting Deku. Taking his vitals and then looking at the burn first.
          "Well, It looks like there is no permanent nerve damage, which is wonderful, however the damage to the skin itself is already done and there's nothing I can do about a scar." She said as she sped up his natural healing with his stamina. It took a little longer with him, but when she was done, aside from the scar, both boys looked good as new. Deku gave her a hug, which caught her off guard.
           "He's been doing that today. Sorry, Recovery Girl." Bakugo apologized. She shook her head.
           "Nonsense. He can hug me whenever he wants as long as he promises not to go off and do this again. Gave us all a heart attack." She chided. Deku nodded and both boys left, going to study she hoped. This year was going to be a busy one for her Infirmary she feared.
          "I got take out on the way. Time to start getting into this book I guess." Bakugo said. Deku laughed at him.
           "I'm sure it's not going to be too bad. Just a lot of information." Deku said. His phone went off as did Bakugo's. Iida had posted a message in the Pack's group chat.
           Books are in for this year. Anyone want to study tonight? ~Iida
            Ew. Books. I guess we probably should. ~ Kirishima
           Shinsou and I get off work at 5. Then we can meet whenever and where ever. ~ Todoroki
           Absolutely. We have to stay ahead. ~Tokoyomi
           I'm down and have snacks. Who says we can't make this fun? ~ Kaminari
  "They can come over but they're bringing their own food." Bakugo said. Deku laughed.
          We'll be home in like 5 minutes if you want to study somewhere that isn't the common room and is actually comfortable. Kacchan said bring your own food though he's not sharing his take out. ~ Deku
            What the shit Bakubro??!?! Thought you loved me? ~ Kiri
          I got snacks guys, it'll be alright. ~Kaminari
          Mom made us something and won't tell me what it is. ~ Iida
         I hope she cooks better than Kacchan's mom. ~ Deku
         My dead grandmother cooks better than Katsuki's mother ~ Shinsou
         "Sweet gods above. You sure this will be a relaxing evening?" Deku laughed. Bakugo shook his head.
          "As long as you're happy, I will be happy. And I can blast Kiri to hell better if he's within range." Bakugo laughed. They got back to their apartment, leaving the door unlocked, and started setting up the living room for the study group. Deku thought it would be a good idea to have extra supplies for their study group. The take out got there and they sat at the table to eat while they waited for their friends. Deku was talking about the dream he had last night where he trained a dragon to tapdance. Bakugo laughed at that.
           "I mean, he was pretty good, all things considered. Could've been a real star had he not ate the judges." Deku said.
          "That was just added on my list of shit I would pay good money to see." Bakugo said, smiling. Iida was the first to come in, leaving his shoes at the door, Carrying a massive pot.
          "What's that Iida? Did she tell you?" Deku asked, making space on the stove for it.
           "She didn't say. Just that she thinks everyone will love it."
           "Well it doesn't smell like immediate death, so it'll be better than my mother's cooking." Bakugo said.
            "Your mother's cooking could be used to start a mass genocide." Deku responded. Todoroki and Shinsou were in next, with even more food they wouldn't tell Deku what it was. He looked at Bakugo and his friends suspiciously. Kirishima and Kaminari walked in with even more food followed by Tokoyomi. Everyone had brought mystery food, when there was a knock on the door. Deku went to get it, but Bakugo made him sit down as he answered the door. Yet even more food had arrived. Deku looked at his friends and love and was even more suspicious now than ever.
             "ALright, now that everything is here, Izuku, come in the kitchen." Bakugo said. Deku got up and went in the kitchen, to find all his favorite foods. Every last one of them.
             "We may have overheard you this morning. And we decided that we were going to do something for you that you would love. Todoroki came up with the food idea. We called your mom and asked her and she sent us a list. So while we spend most likely the next 4 days with our noses shoved in a dusty textbook, there will at least be good food to keep us all from bashing our heads through the wall." Shinsou said. Deku was speechless as he looked at them.
             "I love you guys!!" He said, tears of happiness pouring down his face. Bakugo smiled at him. They all got plates and drinks and sat down in the living room to eat before starting to study. "So are you guys done working for the time being?"
             "We're off for the next 2 weeks. Boss wants us to get a good routine before starting back." Todoroki said.
            "Aren't you the boss though?" Deku laughed. Todoroki smiled at him.
             "Yes, yes I am."
              "That's not unheard of. My mom's got all the college kids on her payroll doing the same thing." Iida said.
             "Same here, but if I want to go in before then, I can" Tokoyomi said. "Though Tsu really wants me to use the weekend to spend time with her." He laughed. Deku could see that.
             "Kaminari and I are both off for the next two weeks. Our boss said it comes down to our work load and training schedules here to see if we'll come back in two weeks or on breaks only." Kirishima said.
           "What about you two?" Shinsou asked. Deku rubbed the back of his head and looked at the ground.
            "We go back Monday night for patrol." Bakugo said, answering for him.
           "What?!?! Your boss isn't making you take time off?" Kirishima asked.
          "This week is our week off. It was our choice that we made." Bakugo said to him. Iida looked slightly concerned.
           "Aren't you two going to be tired? With classes all day then training and then work and homework?" Iida asked.
          "We have our days pretty scheduled to allow for the maximum amount of sleep possible to still maintain function. Plus we have two nights off a week. We'll be alright. The areas we patrol have really gotten used to our presence, moreso after the Dublin incident, so they really hounded The Boss until we worked out an arrangement. Which reminds me. What day did you decide on doing the study group, Iida?" Deku responded.
         "I figured Wednesdays would be good." Iida said. Everyone agreed, then added it to their calendars. Deku texted The Boss to inform him.
         "Alright, let's get this started. This is a long book and we still need to get in some training today too." Bakugo said.
       "Math is going to suck balls. 2 years of math in one go? Ectoplasm is going to kill us all with these numbers." Kirishima said.
         "Math is going to be the easiest part. Heroics is what's gonna do us in." Kaminari said. This was true. This is where they learned all the laws and regulations.
        "Yeah, but All Might makes it pretty easy to understand if you stay awake long enough to listen to the whole lecture." Deku laughed. They sat there in relative quiet, going over their text books, taking notes and marking parts they had questions about, while eating randomly through the night. Deku got up at one point and put on one of Present Mic's CDs to cover the deafening silence. It was overwhelmingly quiet and it made him on edge. There was a knock on the door, and without taking his nose out of his book, or the pencil he was chewing on out of his mouth, he opened the door and let Aizawa in. He sat back down on the couch and Deku put his head back in his lap, scribbling notes down in his book.
          "Well, would you look at this. You all actually listened. Your classmates are all out in the common room, partying." Aizawa said upon seeing the Pack lounging all over the living room in funky positions going over their work. "Any questions yet?" He asked, sitting down in the chair Deku reserved specifically for him and Mic. At this moment, all eight of them shot up and started speaking at the same time. Aizawa held his hands up and they went silent. "One at a time." So they each took turns asking a multitude of questions. It seems they all had similar questions, and were scribbling notes frantically as he answered them all. Aizawa was impressed they took this that seriously.
         "Are you hungry Shota? Is Hizashi? They brought me all my favorite foods and I don't know if we're gonna be able to eat it all." Deku asked him between questions. HIs classmates no longer looked at him funny for calling their teachers by their first names.
          "Hmm? I'll text him and see if he's hungry. You can surprise me though. If they're your favorites then you already know they're good." He said. Deku got up and went in the kitchen to make him a plate and to grab the coffee. He brought both back and handed them to him before sitting back down. Mic walked in the door shortly after, grabbed a plate and sat down with Aizawa, to help answer questions.
         "Keep in mind, we'll be going over all of this stuff in more detail in class, but i'm glad to see you are taking it seriously. Class 1B was trying to get me to come DJ for their party tonight. Seems like no one is taking this seriously. But your class has all the more reason to have your nose in these books. English isn't going to be easy. I've had to fit 2 years worth of reading into 6 months for your class." Kirishima groaned.
         "Man I sucked at the regular amount of reading you gave us." Everyone laughed. Deku was still taking notes about the heroic chapter he was reading through. It was good to have something to actually work on again. Keep his mind busy. Sine the wedding was done and the agency was going to be another two years out unless they won the lottery or killed themselves with overtime, He really had nothing to plan. Bakugo cleared his throat and brought Deku back to the real world.
         "Hmm?" He asked. They all laughed.
        "YOu haven't asked any questions about your course work so far tonight." Aizawa noticed. Deku smiled at him.
          "Oh, Ha. Um. I really don't have any that haven't already been answered. The only thing I'm really worried about is Heroics and even that is just memorizing the laws and regulations. Most of my questions are more practical related. Such as calculating trajectory and impact zones on the fly but I think most of that will come with more experience." Deku started. "But Things like rescue situations, it comes down to calculating the entire distance of the excavation zone and the probability of survivors versus the amount of residents who actually evacuated before things got too bad and the statistical estimates of exactly how many people need to be rescued and the severity of injuries that could have been acquired by those unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire." He finished. His friends and Bakugo just stared open mouthed at him. Aizawa smiled.
          "Ah, mathematics. Your critical thinking is going to make Ectoplasm extremely happy, and make your classmates hate you, Izuku." Aizawa observed. "However, thinking like that as you're approaching a disaster zone is what save countless amounts of time and lives. It's a good thing to think like that, or at least have one person on the team that does. Between you and Iida, you two would make one hell of a team going into a rescue mission, whereas Katsuki and Kirishima would make one hell of a lead team going into battle. Tokoyomi would be good to have on a rescue team and Todoroki would be good to have during a battle. Quirks like Shinsou's would best fit both as would Kaminari's. It's all about knowing who you're going into the situation with too and how their quirks can assist with the mission. But you'll learn that more this year in Heroics. I think there is a field trip of sorts being planned to handle stuff like this, but i'm not sure. That's all All Might. They just tell me when I have to go." Aizawa said. They boys nodded. Aizawa and Mic got up and left the boys to study. Once out of the apartment, they heard the rest of the students still blaring music in the common room, laughing and having a fun night.
            "They're gonna hate themselves after the first week when they're behind those boys in there." Mic said, chuckling.
            "FIrst week my ass, Hizashi. Those boys were asking me questions about stuff I don't have planned to go over until after Christmas." Aizawa said. "I guess I better go redo my lesson plans again." He sighed.
             "I'll get the other coffee maker out and start your coffee. I should probably go over mine as well. It looks like those boys are going to keep their ranks pretty solid." Mic said. They heard the apartment door open, all the boys were dressed for a run.
              "It looks like no one is touching those ranks. " Aizawa confirmed, walking into their apartment.

Chapter Text

Chapter 50

            "Well, it's only 1am who wants to go for a run?" Bakugo asked. Iida was the first to agree. Everyone got up and around, having brought clothes with them that Deku hadn't seen them bring in. Bakugo obviously planned this. Once everyone was dressed, Deku and Bakugo put on their headphones and they all headed out the door. "Alright, Keep in mind it is the middle of the night and Night Patrols around this area are typically done by our boss's agency. We shouldn't be bothered unless one of our coworkers needs help, which I doubt." He said. their friends nodded and they took off on their run. A small woman dropped in on them about 2 miles away from school.
             "Hey Minoto. How's work?" Deku asked. She smiled at him
             "Still can't sneak up on you, can I? Work's alright, pretty slow tonight. I'm surprised you guys are out this late training."
             "Classes start back Monday. We have to hit the ground running, literally. I believe you met everyone at the wedding." Deku said, gesturing towards their friends.
             "Yes, everyone knows the Pack around here." She said as she told everyone hello.
               "Boss post the rotations for next week yet?" Bakugo yelled back to her.
            "Yes, finally. It's you, me, and Izuku all next week."
            "Thank the gods, I was afraid he was going to put me with Sanders again." Bakugo laughed.
            "Well, threatening to kill the man for stepping on your foot may have helped that." She laughed. "But, i'm off, I saw you guys and figured I'd pop in. Keep safe." She said as she jumped and left.
          "They running out of people to put you with Bakubro?" Kirishima laughed.
          "Oh there's plenty to put me with, Just a few that are scared of me after the incident with Hitoshi." Bakugo said. They ran for another 20 miles before making it back to the apartment. They took turns with the shower and changed, before sitting back down with more food and music to study.  Their classmates were all still partying in the common room when they got back, trying to get them to join.
          "You all should be studying. Classes start back in three days and you all are going to lose your ranks if you're not prepared. We're all targets due to our ranks and you guys need to start taking things seriously now." Iida had chided them. They shrugged him off and turned the music up.
          "Let their ranks fall, Tenya and they'll listen to you then." Todoroki said. Deku agreed.
       "Well, onto my arch enemy, math." Kirishima said, pulling out his math book and a notebook Deku had put in front of him. Bakugo laid out on the couch, Deku laying between his legs on his stomach, using Bakugo's stomach as a desk to take notes on. Todoroki was leaning against Shinsou reading through his literature book, Shinsou was eating some noodles, going over his Heroics book. Tokoyomi and Kaminari were talking through situations and Iida was working through Math as well. Deku looked up quickly, sending Bakugo's book into Iida.
               "THERE'S GONNA BE A POP QUIZ ON DAY ONE!" He yelled. They all looked at him like he was crazy as Iida handed Bakugo his book back.
              "Elaborate on your thought process." Todoroki said.
            "Why would they give us our books 4 days early, stress that we need to study, then come answer our 1900 questions at 1 in the morning if they weren't planning on doing a pop quiz?!?!" Deku explained.
            "Holy shit! That's why they laughed at our classmates not taking this seriously." Tokoyomi responded. Deku's realization changed the complete attitude towards them studying. Everyone grabbed more food and soda and threw themselves into their work. They studied everything, Even their Modern Hero Art History book for Midnight's class that they all had ignored. When they decided to take a break, they trained. They went to the gym, they ran, they worked with their quirks against each other. Then they went back to studying. The 8 of them only leaving Deku and Bakugo's apartment to get more food or to train. If they fell asleep, it was in whatever position they were studying in. They threw situations around for the others to answer.
              At one point, Aizawa and Mic came in to check on them and saw dishes of food everywhere, books open all over the living room, and all eight boys passed out all over the place, in various different stages of sitting and laying down. Deku was asleep on Bakugo's stomach between his legs arms wrapped around his waist, Bakugo's head leaned back against the arm of the couch, his left leg wrapped around Deku's legs, his right dangling off the couch. His arms wrapped around Deku. Iida was using Bakugo's leg as a pillow, sitting on the floor, glasses half off his face. Kirishima and Kaminari were asleep on top of each other, Tokoyomi asleep on Todoroki's legs while Todoroki was asleep on Shinsou's chest. Shinsou asleep propped up against the wedding wall. They shook their heads, laughing quietly. Mic took a panorama picture, sent it to All Might and then helped Aizawa quietly pick up the apartment for the boys, loading the dishwasher, and starting it. Aizawa got the blankets out of the hall closet and Mic put on smooth jazz instead of his album. They covered up the boys and quietly left, deciding to come back later with dinner.
           Deku woke up first, trying to stretch, and accidently kicking Iida in the face, knocking his glasses the rest of the way off. Iida sat up, rubbed his eyes, and put his glasses back on. Deku apologized, which woke up Bakugo. It was a domino effect. They all woke up, looked at each other, and broke out laughing. Everyone had stood up to stretch, Deku went to the fridge, to find they were out of everything. They had ate through all his favorite foods and then started eating everything else.
          "Kacchan, we have to leave the apartment and go shopping if there's going to be any more studying." He said, closing the fridge and getting a glass of water.
           "Why's that?" He said, pulling a clean shirt on.
          "We are completely out of everything and if I don't get some orange juice in the next ten minutes, there's going to be a casualty." Deku said. They guys laughed. They all got dressed and used going to the market as an excuse to get in a good run. They didn't buy healthy meal stuff like they should have, but they bought a ton of junk food and some sodas and their protein drinks, Deku grabbed ten boxes of protein bars. Running back to the dorms was interesting to watch, each one of them bogged down with bags of food. Once back in the apartment, they put everything away and got back to studying.
          "So, who woke up and started the dishwasher?" Deku asked, after realizing the absolute mess the apartment was before he fell asleep.
          "I was wondering that myself." Tokoyomi replied.
           "And who put on smooth Jazz?" Bakugo asked, putting Present Mic's CD back in. No one admitted to doing it so Deku pulled out his phone and texted Aizawa. They let the issue drop and went back to studying with a fury. They had easily already done three months worth of homework in two days. Classes started in two days. A few hours passed and Aizawa and Mic came in the door with grocery bags. Deku looked up, confused but happy to see them nonetheless.
         "We're so proud of your dedication, we're making dinner." Mic announced, smiling.
          "Good lord did you send a child to the market? None of this is good for you." Aizawa said, seeing the cabinets filled with complete junk food goodness.
          "It's fueling our will to live is what its good for." Kirishima said, not looking up from his math book. They all burst out laughing. Aizawa shook his head as he started a pot of coffee, his own he brought with him was almost empty. The two started cooking as the boys kept studying.
          "Hizashi, were you guys here earlier?" Deku asked. Mic smiled.
         "Yes, we came to check on you guys." Mic said.
          "And found that a typhoon had hit the apartment. Were you guys stress eating last night? That was a lot of food, gone and plates everywhere." Aizawa said.
          "We kinda fell asleep before getting around to cleaning." Deku said, rubbing the back of his neck. Aizawa laughed.
          "Well, we figured we'd help out a bit before tucking you all in." Mic said. Deku thanked them and went back to studying. Shortly after dinner was done, and Aizawa and Mic made them put their books down and actually enjoy the meal. They boys were beyond grateful. After dinner, they cleaned up and decided it would be a good time to train for the day before going back at it.
          "You guys need to actually get some sleep tomorrow night. So you're rested for class. No studying after 10pm tomorrow night. I'm serious and I will be checking. Your classmates just now started looking at their textbooks. Monday is going to be rather entertaining." Aizawa said, making them promise to get some sleep the following night, before he and Mic took their leave. They walked out of the apartment behind them, off on their run and their trip to the gym. About 5 hours later, they had made it back to the apartment and rotated showers. Deku ate six protein bars while going over his literature book. Bakugo came and asked him if he wanted to join him in the shower, to which Deku was happy to do. Once in the locked bathroom, Bakugo pinned Deku quietly to the wall and kissed him.
         "i'm gonna need you to be quiet this time, love." He whispered into Deku's ear. Deku nodded, eyes hungry. Bakugo turned the shower on, got their towels ready and then undressed himself and Deku before pulling him into the shower. Deku stood on his toes and kissed him. Bakugo proceeded to prepare him for what would come next, not messing with foreplay this time. He slid into Deku and proceeded to pleasure his husband in the shower until they both finished. They quickly washed off afterwards and got out of the shower. Bakugo kissed Deku as they got dressed and headed out to the living room so the next person could shower.
          "Izuku, question." Kirishima asked.
           "Go for it."
          "In an avalanche rescue mission, would it be more efficient for a fire quirk user to melt the snow to free the entire area quickly?" Kirishima asked. Apparently he and Todoroki had been debating this while he was in the shower.
           "Actually, no. It may seem like a good idea, but here are the reasons its not. YOu could fry every person stuck in the snow. You could take an avalanche rescue and turn the grid below it into a flood rescue. You would risk making the snow in the grid above unstable again, causing another avalanche. Fire quirks are good in avalanche situations for individual one on one rescues since they would only be melting enough snow to get either to a door of a home, or an individual. " Deku said after thinking for a moment.
           "I told you." Todoroki said, smiling. Kirishima made a note of this and went back to studying. They spent the next 18 hours with their noses in their books, writing notes and sticky noting pages, highlighting parts they had questions about, and taking in as much information as possible. It was getting close to the 10m deadline Aizawa gave them and decided they were going to go to the cityscape and get in a quick spar, forming teams. At 10m on the dot when Aizawa came to check on them, he was handed a pot of coffee and drug to the cityscape.
            "Well I guess I should have been a bit more specific yesterday." He said as they got into their groups to spar.
             "Should've known we would've gotten around that one." Todoroki said, stretching.
            "What was it, 20 hours straight studying. We didn't train today so we could get in as much information as possible." Iida said. The boys nodded before setting down their cell phones and got in some night sparring in. Mic had came down shortly after.
             "I take it they found a loophole?" Mic laughed.
            "I literally didn't even knock on the door. As soon as I got to the door I was handed a pot of coffee and drug down here." Aizawa chuckled. Recovery Girl had made her way down too.
             "Gonna patch them up as soon as they get done so I don't have to do it tomorrow." She said, setting down her industrial sized kit. The three watched the boys fight each other for a solid two hours before Aizawa ha Mic use his quirk to end it. They came laughing and limping up the hill covered in debris and blood. "Line it up boys I don't have all night and you're not getting your school uniforms bloody this early in the term." She demanded. They lined up quietly and waited their turn to be patched up. Once they were all done, She packed her stuff and headed to her office. Aizawa and Mic walked with them back to the dorms and bid them a good night.
              "Well, back to my room to get ready for tomorrow. Sleep well guys." Iida said. The rest of their friends agreed as they all packed up their books and clothes and left. It wasn't long until it was only Bakugo and Deku in their home. Deku locked the door as Bakugo picked up their books and they both got their bags ready for the next day. Bakugo then lead Deku into the bedroom for some much needed alone time. Afterwards they laid in bed, wrapped up in each other and fell asleep.

         The alarm woke them up the following morning and they both groaned as the stretched and got out of bed. Bakugo went to the bathroom to brush his teeth as Deku got dressed into his uniform. They then switched places. Once they were dressed, they sat down at the table and ate some breakfast before heading out to the school. In the classroom they sat down, pulled out their books and got in a little more studying. Uraraka walked up to Deku and smiled.
        "Feels like I haven't seen you all summer." She said. Deku looked up from his book and smiled at her.
          "Yeah we've both been busy working and then the wedding. Did you have a good summer?" He asked her. She proceeded to tell him how her summer went and where her and Tsu spent a good deal of their time when they weren't at work or with Iida and Tokoyomi. Tsu came in the door about that time and Uraraka said her goodbyes and took off to talk to her friend. Deku went back to his studying. The pack came in and started talking to their classmates. Everyone was talking about their summer and how everyone's work was going. A few of their classmates came to talk to Bakugo and Deku for a few moments before the bell rang. Everyone sat down and waited for Aizawa to come in.
          "Alright, students. I hope you learned something this summer aside from how loud you can be in the common room before pissing me off." Aizawa said, walking into the room. Some of their classmates looked down at their feet. "This year is going to be a very busy year for all of you. Between the sports festival, you will also have to Hero Licensing exam, which you will need to pass to be able to graduate. There is also your regular tests and of course practical exams. You students will have to learn two years worth of information in about a total of six months. I believe I heard your class rep telling you at one point the past week to go study your course books instead of blaring music in the common room and partying. And I believe I heard you that were in there laugh at the thought. Well you should've listened to your class rep. Pop quiz time." He said as he was passing around a very thick packet for each of the students. "Homeroom today will last until lunch. This test is to see just how much you retained from last year but the majority of it will gauge to see how much of the new material you know. It will help me and your other teachers figure out how horribly behind you are so we know where exactly to start. You have three hours. Begin." Aizawa said, pulling on his sleeping bag and setting a timer before laying on the floor and falling asleep.
          The Pack was ready for the test as was Yaoyorozu. Deku was flying through the almost thirty page test. Bakugo as well. Todoroki, Shinsou, Iida and Tokoyomi were making good time. Yaoyorozu, Kirishima and Kaminari were taking their time reading the questions twice to fully understand, but were making serious headway. Tsu, Uraraka, Sero, Jiro, Shoji, and Ojiru were steadily answering the questions. Aoyama, Mina, Koda and Sato were all scratching their heads, obviously having issues with the test. Aizawa's alarm went off and he got up, taking off his sleeping bag and sitting at his desk.
          "Fifteen minutes left. If anyone is already finished please bring me your tests now." He said. Bakugo got up and held his hand out. Deku handed him his test as did Todoroki, Tokoyomi, Shinsou and Iida. Kirishima stood up and Kaminari handed him his test as well. Both guys walked to the front and handed the eight tests to Aizawa before sitting back down. Mina just stared at them. A few moments later Yaoyorozu, Tsu, Uraraka, Sero, Jiro, Shoji, and Ojiru all turned their tests in as well. "Alright." Aizawa said ten minutes later. "Time is up. Bring me your tests." The rest of the class closed their tests and handed them to Aizawa. "I hope you all studied. I will have these graded and handed back to you at the end of the day. After lunch you are headed to English with Present Mic. I will see you for homeroom at the end of the day. You are dismissed." He said right as the bell rang. Everyone bolted out the door to go to lunch except Bakugo and Deku, who were still putting their stuff away.
          "How long did you sit there after you finished your tests?" Aizawa asked him curiously. They both smiled.
         "Well, I was doodling on the empty pages of the test for a good hour before you gave the 15 minute notice." Deku said.
           "Pry about the same really, though i'm sure his doodles are better than mine." Bakugo smiled at Deku. They headed towards the door and Deku paused in front of his desk.
          "It was a good test. I called it three days ago though." Deku said, smiling before walking hand in hand with Bakugo to lunch. After Lunch they walked into Present Mic's class to see yet another test already sitting on the desks. The class groaned. Present Mic told them to take a seat and get started. They had two hours. Like the last test, you could look around the classroom and see who had actually looked at their course books. When Mic called time, they passed up their tests.
         "We gave you those books early so you could study. You were all told at the end of last term you would be put on the express course. I'm going to grade these and let your homeroom teacher know how you did before homeroom. You're dismissed to go to Midnight's class." Present Mic said, sending them on their way. An hour and another test later, they walked back into their homeroom class. Deku pulled out two protein bars and handed one to Bakugo, who sat down on the top of Deku's desk and gave him a kiss. Deku smiled, kissing him back. They pulled away and ate their protein bars, waiting for the bell to ring and their classmates to come sit down. The warning bell went off and Bakugo slid into his seat, ready for the results. The rest of class came in and sat down before the final bell rang.
       "Well, some of you did very well on the tests today. some of you need to decide if this is really what you want to do with your lives." Aizawa said bluntly. Half the class gasped. "First i'll return both my test which was over all the materials and Present Mic's test so you can see what you did wrong and what you need to work on by Friday. Then I will tell you the class rankings based on the tests today. This will be updated every Friday." Aizawa said. Deku looked at him. He didn't know they were going to do class ranking. Aizawa passed the tests back and Deku looked at them. Perfect scores on both. He looked at Bakugo, who also scored perfectly. They smiled at each other. Once back at the front he looked at another piece of paper.
        "Alright, well according to this, we will have to wait for the rest of the tests before being able to properly rank you. Since there were eight perfect scores on both tests and twelve perfect scores on Mic's. The perfect scores on my test are as followed: Bakugo, Izuku; Bakugo, Katsuki; Iida, Tenya; Kaminari, Denki; Kirishima, Eijiro; Todoroki, Shoto; Tokoyomi, Fumikage; Shinsou, Hitoshi. The lowest scores on my test belong to the following; Aoyama, Yuga; Ashido, Mina; Hagakure, Toru. You three also received the lowest scores on Present Mic's test. The other four who received perfect scores on Present Mic's test are as followed; Uraraka, Ochaco; Asui; Tsuyu; Yaoyorozu, Momo; Ojiro, Mashirao. Maybe If you would have all listened to your Class Representative, those of you who did horribly would have done better. Your academics will also effect your schoolwide ranking. You need to keep this in mind. There will be plenty more testing the rest of the week and then we will go to weekly testing on Fridays. Friday mornings you will do written testing in here with me. It will be like today's test. After lunch will be practical testing and physical training testing with All Might and Thirteen. This is how your school year is going to go. Snap out of it and get your heads on your shoulders because it's going to be a long year. Don't think I won't still expel you for multiple failures after this first week." Aizawa told them.
        "I have told you who finished with perfect score not only to congratulate them, but to show you all that it is possible. I have posted a list on the wall over there of open study groups for those of you who have done poorly. I would suggest you use the resources you have been given. That's all I have for you. You are dismissed." Aizawa said. His students, some defeated, walked out of the classroom in groups. The Pack waited. "What's next on the schedule?" Todoroki asked Bakugo.
       "Next is the gym for an hour, followed by a 5 mile run, dinner, homework and then a nap before work." Bakugo said. The Pack nodded and all headed to the gym. They decided at some point over the past four days they would do all their basic training together. They would do quirk training and sparing on their own, but they had gotten into a routine and they stuck to it. After the gym and their run, they parted ways. Deku went to get in the shower while Bakugo started getting their work stuff around. Once Deku was out, Bakugo got in. They sat down and ate a quick dinner while working on their English homework Mic had given them before curling up on the couch to get some sleep before work. Their alarm went off at 10pm and they got up, stretched, and got ready for work, before heading out. They walked back into their apartment at 5:25am and went back to sleep for 2 more hours before their alarm woke up for class.
       "Tired?" Bakugo asked Deku as they were getting dressed. Deku walked over and kissed him.
         "Nope. We got a good three hours of sleep before work. And then two more hours after work. Better than I thought we were going to get." He said, grabbing his bag and his protein bars. They headed up to class. Ectoplasm and Cementoss had tests for them as well in Math and Modern Literature. Cementoss told them they could be dismissed as  soon as they finished the test. Deku and Bakugo finished first within five minutes of the other, handed in their tests and went to their home room class. They had two hours to kill before having to be in homeroom for end of the day announcements. Aizawa was sitting at his desk, grading papers, when they walked in. Aizawa smiled at them and pointed to the closet in the corner, where there were sleeping bags stashed. Aizawa set a timer as the boys crawled into the sleeping bags and were instantly asleep on the floor behind Aizawa's desk, so as not to be bothered. The alarm went off fifteen minutes before it was time for homeroom. They got up and put the sleeping bags back in the closet before sitting down at their desks, falling back asleep. Aizawa just laughed at them. The noise of their classmates walking in woke them up.
        "Alright, come on, we don't have all day." Aizawa said. "Today's tests were better. The same eight from yesterday got perfect scores on both tests, however, the rest of you are improving. See what studying does? Keep up the good work. You are dismissed." Aizawa said. The boys finished their school day routine and headed to work, which was as uneventful as the night before. Easy nights are better. They got home and fell asleep before class. Today was the Heroic course test, which would take all day. Written in the morning and practical after lunch. The practical involved negotiating a hostage situation. They were put in groups of six and had fifteen minutes to defuse a hostage situation. After the practical, they headed back to homeroom to await the results of the testing with All Might. Aizawa looked at the paper that just printed out and smiled.
        "Finally after all this we have a solid ranking. Now we have something to build upon. I will keep this updated weekly. Bare with me as I write this ranking on the board. Please refrain for reacting until it is completely up here." Aizawa said as he started writing behind the pull down thing for the projector. Once he was finished, he lifted the projector screen and revealed the ranking.
1) Bakugo, Izuku 2) Bakugo, Katsuki 3) Shinso, Hitoshi 4) Kirishima, Eijiro 5) Todoroki, Shoto 6) Tokoyomi, Fumikake 7) Iida, Tenya 8) Kaminari, Deki 9) Yaoyorozu, Momo 10) Ojiro, Mashirao 11) Uraraka, Ochaco 12) Shoji, Meza 13) Asui, Tsuyu 14) Jiro, Kyoka 15) Sero, Hanta 16) Sato, Rikido 17) Koda, Koji 18) Hagure, Tori 19) Ashido, Mina 20) Aoyama, Yuga
        "You three on the bottom of the ranking, your scores were so low I thought maybe you were braindead when you took the test. I'm going to give you a week. One week. To bring your scores up. By the end of the day next Friday after testing if you're scores haven't dramatically improved, I will expel you. Scores like this show me that you don't actually want to be heroes that you just want to be popular. You all have amazing potential and you are wasting it. You have one week. That is all, you are dismissed." He said before walking out of the classroom. The rest of the class looked at Deku and Bakugo.
        "How are you two ranked the top of everything here?" Mina asked. Bakugo looked at her.
        "We literally spent the last 4 days of freedom holed up in our apartment with our study group and did nothing but study and train. Iida tried telling you the day we got our course books That you should have been studying" Bakugo said, putting his stuff in his bags and helping Deku up.
         The pack all headed to the gym and then to their run. Afterwards they parted ways and showered, getting ready for their study group.

Chapter Text


         5PM on the dot, the Pack walked in their door, ready to study. They had brought snacks and were already in jammies. They made their way into the living room, where they pulled out their books and started going over the material from this week to prepare for the test Friday. They went ahead and studied into next week's materials too just in case. Homework wise they didn't really have any, since they finished a good portion of it during their study crunch the previous week, so they were really just going through the motions to make sure the information actually retained in their brains. Around 8PM they called it a night and the Pack left, letting Bakugo and Deku have some alone time. 9:30pm rolled around and they were both sound asleep in bed.
        Their alarms woke them up and they were off to another day of classes. This set them in motion for weeks of routine. Class, training, homework, nap, work, nap, repeat. Before they knew it, it was already getting close to Halloween again. It had been one hell of a year for them, a year that almost killed them, but also brought them happiness. UA decided the Halloween Party this year would be held on campus, since Security was a thousand times better. Deku was really anxious to go and none of his friends blamed him, though in the end he decided he was going.
        "I can't let them control my life." He had told Bakugo one night. Bakugo agreed, but was weary about him going too, after last year. Bakugo talked through Deku's decision with their friends and his adopted in-law and came to an agreement that he would not be away from at least one person combat efficient and He told Deku as much. It was a small compromise to sooth everyone's anxieties over it. Deku had decided he wanted to be a mafia boss and talked Bakugo into joining him.
         "Why do I get the feeling you're just trying to find excuses to put me in a three piece suit?" Bakugo laughed, giving into him.
          "I love seeing you in three piece suits." Deku agreed, smiling. They had contacted Gang Orca about the idea, and he set them up with his tailor to get their costumes made. The next few weeks past and the day of the party, they went to get their costumes and got changed. He could see why Deku liked him in these. He put his fedora on and walked out of the bathroom. His suit was black with a red shirt and black tie. Deku was in a black suit with a green shirt and black tie. Both fedoras were black as well. They met their friends in the common room. Shinsou was going as a zombie. Todoroki was going as Jack frost. Kirishima and Kaminari were going as Team Rocket. Tokoyomi was going  as a spy cam crow. His black shirt read "THE BIRDS WORK FOR THE BOURGEOISIE" and Iida was dressed as the American President Ronald Reagan, who supposedly killed all the birds according to the latest viral videos. They took pictures together before heading to the party. Once there they saw Aizawa dressed up as a mummy and Mic was dressed as a Necromancer. Once Mic saw Shinsou, he was in heaven.
          "heyo! two birds one costume!" He said, excited. Aizawa had his scarf on as part of his costume. He smiled at Deku before heading up to his DJ booth and getting the party started. Aizawa handed Deku some asprin, as he took some himself.
          "I see the handiwork of Gang Orca got ahold of you two." He chuckled. "Mob bosses?" Deku smiled.
         "Yes. I figured it would be fun." Deku said. Aizawa raised an eyebrow and had came to the same thought Bakugo had when they first had the discussion.
         "Fun huh? Has nothing to do with Aesthetic does it?" Bakugo choked on his soda. "On that note, i'm going to go supervise the other students. If you need anything, call and I mean it." He said before walking off. The music was blaring and Deku wanted to dance. The Pack split up at that moment to see friends and spouses, but every last one of them kept one eye on Deku. Overall it was a relatively calm night. Someone had spiked the punch, in which Deku didn't realize. All of a sudden Bakugo was dealing with a very drunk, very affectionate Deku. He called Aizawa, who found them immediately.
          "Every year there's always one. Poor kid. I guess take him home and let him lay down. Mic's getting ready to wrap this up in a minute anyway. That way you can get him back without a millions eyes and cameras on him. I'll let the Pack know." Aizawa said. Bakugo helped Deku out of the auditorium and to the dorms with very little resistance. Once back in the apartment, he helped Deku out of his suit, so it didn't get ruined, put him in one of his baggy shirts and tucked him into bed. Deku closed his eyes but was up a few seconds later, barely making it to the bathroom before throwing up. Bakugo went in there and rubbed his back. Finally done, he flushed the toilet and laid down on the bathroom floor.
          "I don't feel good, Kacchan." He said barely above a whisper. Bakugo chuckled.
          "I'd say not with how drunk you are. I'm gonna go get out of this suit real quick then i'll come back and get you in bed, okay? Let your stomach settle." He said, kissing Deku on the forehead before going into the bedroom to change. He heard what sounded like an explosion from the bathroom, so he ran, halfway undressed down the hall to find Deku hallucinating, in attack mode. He managed to get Deku to look at him, shirtless with his dress pants unbuttoned. Deku slid down the wall and curled up in a ball, crying. Bakugo picked him up and put him in bed.
          "I don't know how I got so lucky. You're so beautiful and sweet and you're mine and I love you." Deku started saying. Bakugo just smiled at him.
         "You called me an ass 15 times yesterday, babe." Bakugo laughed.
        "But. Hear me out. You're a cute ass. And your mine and you'll always be mine. And i'll fight anyone who tries to take you away from me. DId you know how beautiful your eyes are?" Deku said, looking very intently into his eyes. Bakugo flushed a deep shade of pink.
       "No filter on your mind tonight is there?" He laughed. Deku shook his head and smiled.
        "Nope.  And you know what? It feels nice to not have so much stuff in my head. And I'm glad I talked you into wearing that suit. You always look sexy in a nice pressed suit. I don't know what i'd do with out you, Katsuki Bakugo. Even when you were a meanie face I still wanted to be your friend, and now look at us! We're married, and you love me and Everything is perfect right now. You're perfect and our home is perfect and our friends are perfect and Shota and Hizashi can be mean sometimes but they're perfect too and our biological parents are perfect except Mitsuki's cooking. And All Might is perfect. Everything is perfect." Deku said, a smile spread so wide on his cute little adorable face, it made him even cuter. Bakugo couldn't help but smile. Aizawa texted that he would be there in a few moments with Mic and some hang over cures.
       "And what about yourself, Izuku. Because I think you're perfect yourself and if anyone of the two of us is lucky to have the other, It would definitely be me being the lucky one. You're selfless. You put other's needs above your own. Your dream is to be a Symbol of peace to the world. You have a big heart and you love willingly and openingly. You're beyond intelligent. And you're so fucking adorable. All the time. And i'll be completely honest with you, I'll let you put me in a nice pressed suit anytime you want, so long as you wear one too. You looked so stunning tonight. So absolutely beautiful I almost didn't want anyone else to see you. But you wanted to dance and gods do I love it when you dance." Bakugo said, sitting down on the bed next to him.  Deku propped himself up and gave Bakugo a kiss. He must have brushed his teeth while I was changing, Bakugo thought. Bakugo's heart caught fire in that moment and he pushed Deku back on the bed and kissed him harder, Deku opened up to Bakugo's advance. Deku's hands ran up Bakugo's chest and settled on the side of his face. Just as  Bakugo was getting ready to pull the shirt over Deku's head when there was a knock on their front door. Bakugo growled before remembering who it was. He kissed Deku softly before answering it.
          Aizawa walked in with Mic and a bag full of random stuff. "Alright, so he needs to drink this now, and take this too. And then first thing in the morning, he needs to drink some orange juice and take some more asprin. He's gonna want to avoid all light if he gets a migraine." Aizawa said. Bakugo took the bag and looked at his adopted in-laws.
           "Well, he's a lovey drunk not a fighting drunk thankfully." Bakugo told them.
        "Well that can be a good thing. Just make sure he stays hydrated. Whether he's trying to beat the shit out of you or trying to smother you to death, just keep him hydrated. Not sure who spiked it this year, but I always find out and they always get expelled." Aizawa said."I'd stay and check on him myself, but currently I have 12 more children to go make sure don't die during the middle of the night. Like I said, keep him hydrated and text us in the morning."
          They left shortly after and Bakugo made Deku take the asprin and drink the electrolyte infused water before anything else.
           "Now, where were we?" Bakugo raised an eyebrow. Deku smiled at him seductively, and pulled him down to the bed. They spent the better half of the rest of the night taking care of each other's needs. Nothing else mattered in those hours except each other. Once Deku fell asleep, Bakugo thought over their conversation before drifting off to sleep himself.
         Deku woke up the next morning feeling like his head went through three buildings and then was ran over by a train. Bakugo woke up as soon as he felt Deku stir.
         "Good morning, love." He said quietly.
        "Why are you yelling?" Deku asked. Bakugo just chuckled before getting up to get the orange juice and the asprin Aizawa dropped off the night before. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror in the hallway as he passed through to the kitchen. He had bite marks everywhere. He turned around and noticed the long, parallel scratches zig zagging his back. He lifted up the bottom of his boxers and saw the bite marks on his inner thighs.
       "Note to self, drunk Deku is a biter." He chuckled to himself as he headed back to the bedroom. He had listened to Aizawa about the light and had blacked out the bedroom window. "Here, love, take this and drink your orange juice. It'll help." Bakugo said, making him sit up and take the meds. He drank the orange juice before covering his head with the pillow.
        "What the hell was in the punch last night?" Deku asked.
          "Someone put alcohol in it. I will say, though, after you stopped puking your brains out you were quite affectionate." Bakugo said, smiling. Deku lifted the pillow off his face for a moment before realizing it was so dark in the room, he couldn't see Bakugo.
          "I'm not the only one that was affectionate last night. I don't even want to know what I look like right now." He laughed then winced because the sound hurt his head. "I do remember last night rather clearly. You think i'm sexy in a suit." Bakugo could hear the smile in Deku's voice.
          "Of course I do. Have you seen yourself in a suit. Completely irresistible." Bakugo said. They sat in silence for a few minutes, before Deku sat up slowly.
          "Thank the gods the high pitched screech is gone. I wanna see what I did to you last night." Deku chuckled.
           "Oh trust me you'll see it alright, in a few minutes once I'm sure the light won't cause you to go up in flames." Bakugo said. Deku pouted but knew he was right. After about half an hour, Bakugo had Deku close his eyes while he turned the nightstand light on. Deku flinched for a quick second and then his eyes adjusted.
            "I did a pretty good number on you that's for sure. There's no hiding this at all." Deku chuckled. Bakugo showed him the inside of his thighs.
            "You, my love, are a biter when you're drunk." He laughed. Deku crawled into his lap and leaned over his shoulder, looking at his back.
            "And a scratcher too apparently." He chuckled.
            "Well, I see I got you back pretty well." He smiled, looking at the bite marks across his husband like they were freckles. Deku's back was also pretty scratched up. Deku just laughed. "Wonder how our friends faired. Shota said he had to make sure 12 other kids didn't die in their sleep." Bakugo wondered out loud. They sent out a message to the Pack's group message, telling everyone to come over after they got up and around. There were no responses so that told them at least 4 of their friends were in the same condition as Deku was.
            "Can we spend all day in bed? I feel drained." Deku asked. Bakugo nodded before turning the light back off and laying down with him.


           There was a knock on the door a few hours later, and Bakugo got up to answer it. Todoroki and Shinsou walked in. Todoroki looked about as horrible as Deku did. Shinsou on the other hand looked completely frustrated, a few burn marks up his right side. Bakugo raised an eyebrow, shutting the door behind them. "I'll explain in a minute. Someone's been wanting to crawl in bed with your husband and pass the hell out." Shinsou chuckled.
        "Come on, Shoto." He said, leading his husband's best friend to the bedroom.
       "Todo!" Deku said quietly, but excited. Todoroki crawled into bed with Deku and proceeded to start talking to him about the night before. Bakugo laughed and shut the door, going to make him and Shinsou some coffee. He made it to the kitchen to see Shinsou was already a step ahead of him.
        "I take it Todoroki is a fighter not a lover when he's drunk?" Bakugo laughed over his coffee cup. Shinsou looked so exasperated.
        "You don't even want to know. I didn't realize that human beings had that many emotions. He went from happy to sick to lovey then to sad then back to lovely and somehow her got on the topic of his father and when he did his left flamed up faster than I could dodge and tada, third degree burns." Shinsou lifted his shirt up to see the massive burn.
          "Damn. Have you put something on it?" Bakugo said, grabbing the burn ointment he keeps around the house for Deku and some bandages and putting on a pair of gloves.
         "No, I've been trying to calm him down since then. I don't know how you deal with Deku's depression especially if it's anything like Shoto's." Shinsou said. Bakugo made him take his shirt off.
          "This may burn, but I have to clean it first." Bakugo said, taking a giant Q-tip with Iodine on it and rubbing it gently across the burn. There was a knock on the door. "ITS OPEN!" Bakugo yelled as he started applying the burn ointment. Kirishima and Kaminari walked in.
           "Damn, Shinsou." Kirishima said. Bakugo and Shinsou both glared at him. Bakugo started wrapping the burn with a bandage.
           "So which one of you were the one to get drunk last night?" Shinsou asked.
           "Kirishima. and let me tell you it was a damn nightmare." Kaminari said. Bakugo had finished patching up Shinsou and helped him get his shirt back on.
           "What did you do, Kiri?" Bakugo asked. Kirishima looked rather upset at this question.
           "Well, I may have possibly tried throwing a toy pokeball at Kaminari to catch him, and when the toy bounced off, I tackled him, knocking over my bookshelf over top of us." Kirishima said.
           "Which set off your fight or flight and you ran outside, half naked and decided to fight with 15 trees since the bookshelf was made out of wood and you felt it was the trees fault. It took me 45 minutes to get you back in the dorms and I eventually had to electrocute your ass just to get you to slow down for thirty seconds." Kaminari deadpanned. Shinso and Bakugo looked at each other and started laughing.
           "Did you have any issues with Deku last night? HIs PTSD flare up at all?" Shinsou asked. Bakugo rubbed the back of his neck.
            "We had one little incident but it was easily controlled. He's uh....he's a lover not a fighter when he's drunk." Bakugo said. The guys dared him to take his shirt off, and he did, reluctantly.
            "Bless the old gods, Bakugo. how many are there?" Kirishima asked.
            "97 on my chest, abdomen, neck and shoulders. These don't count the ones you can't and won't ever see." Bakugo said, turning so they could see his back.
            "It was the suit wasn't it?" Shinsou asked, eyebrow raised. They all burst out laughing. Bakugo didn't even bother putting his shirt back on.
            "Speaking of Izuku, where's your husband?" Kaminari asked.
            "Gossiping like a girl in bed with Todoroki." Bakugo said. There was another knock. "IT'S OPEN!" He said. Tokoyomi and Iida came in. Both looked like absolute trash.
            "Please god someone have asprin." Iida said, pinching the bridge of his nose under his glasses. Bakugo handed him some of Deku's. "You're a saint and a scholar." He took some and sat down at the table. Tokoyomi just looked at Bakugo.
             "I see i'm not the only one that was assaulted by their spouse last night." Tokoyomi said, lifting up his shirt to reveal similar marks as Bakugo's."Sweet gods she was something else last night and I either need to be put down or drink 15 pots off coffee."Bakugo handed him a cup and gestured to the coffee maker.
            "Did Uraraka not take care of you last night Iida?" Kirishima asked. Iida looked at him.
            "Considering I look like Bakugo and Tokoyomi, yes, but in the staying hydrated and having asprin department, no." He sighed. They all chuckled. Deku and Todoroki joined them a little while later, laughing with each other.
            "Izuku has an effect on him no one else does." Shinsou whispered to Bakugo.
            "Izuku was his first friend ever. Endeavor never let him have friends. He and Izuku have been through so much together, It's likely that he's the only one that'll be like that with Todoroki, though you'll be just as close with him." Bakugo whispered back. Shinsou didn't know that. He watched them interact with each other.
           "How drunk were you last night Bakugo?" Kirishima asked. Bakugo looked at him.
           "I wasn't. Why?"
            "Your husband is just as marked up as you are." Kirishima laughed. Bakugo looked at Deku and saw he had came out of the bedroom in just sweats. That fire in his chest started burning again and he had to shut it down.
            "Gotta mark my territory, Kiri. Make sure these ladies know he's well taken care of at home." Bakugo smiled. Kirishima shook his head.
            "It was the suit wasn't it?" He asked again, laughing. Bakugo just shook his head. Deku came up and kissed Bakugo, before asking Shinsou to show him what happened. Bakugo helped him get his shirt off to show the bandages wrapped around his entire right side from the bottom of his ribcage up his neck.
              "Alright, injury check, come on. Aizawa needs to know if Recovery GIrl needs to come down here." Deku said.
              "Which translates to, Recovery Girl will be here shortly and we need to be ready for her." Tokoyomi said. They all pulled their shirts off to check for injuries. Kaminari was covered in bruises and was Kirishima. Shinsou was severely burned. The rest of them, however were covered in bite marks and scratches. It was that moment Aizawa and Mic walked in and burst out laughing.
            "Well, you guys are better off than the rest of your class for sure, however, you better get shirts on if you're not injured. Otherwise that'll be a lecture from Recovery Girl." Aizawa said, trying to regain his composure. Those not injured followed the suggestion. Bakugo handed Aizawa the coffee pot.
           "How's everyone feeling?" Mic asked. They all murmured been betters and Mic laughed. "We figured you all would be here once you all woke up."
            "Good call." Kirishima said.
          "So, Just so everyone is aware, We've caught the person who spiked the punch. He has been expelled. We aren't supposed to say who it was though it'll be obvious Monday morning when you get to class."
          "My money is on Aoyama." Todoroki said, calmly. Aizawa just looked at him.
          "That''s you figure it out?" He asked.
           "Easily enough. Think about it. He's constantly trying to be the center of attention. He may smile on the outside when one of our other classmates is on the news but look who all got effected. Izuku, me, Kirishima, Iida, Tsu, most likely Yaoyorozu, Jiro and Sero. It would've been suspicious if he would've went for the Pack directly and effected all of us, but he was strategic enough. Deku's PTSD, My PTSD, Kirishima's need to protect those he loves, Tsu because she wants to protect everyone. Yaoyorozu, Jiro and Sero try to help everyone as well. All of us have been in the media spotlight since the USJ incident and we have stayed there, for better or worse. And Aoyama wasn't happy that he wasn't getting the attention. SO what's the best way to do that?" Todoroki asked.
            "Get two of the most powerful students in our class drunk enough to set off their PTSD, hoping they'd take out their own and thin the numbers of people he would have to compete against for the spotlight. Deku and Bakugo can go toe to toe, but not without risks. Todoroki managed this, just thinking about his father while drunk. Kirishima would try to step in to stop both of them for their own good and the safety of his friends. He'd get hurt after a while, his quirk won't last forever. This would set of Kaminari. Iida's under stress taking on his brother's legacy, which could cause him to try to jump in too. Honestly, If I were to want to break us apart from the inside, that's how I'd do it honestly. I see where Shoto's thought process is." Shinsou elaborated. Deku looked at Bakugo, eyes wide.
             "That makes it sound like he's the UA traitor." Aizawa said. They all snapped their attention to him and Mic.
             "It does make sense though. People being overshadowed by other, stronger heroes, who have weaker will power, will go over to the bad side." Mic told him. Deku and Todoroki looked at each other. Bakugo and Shinsou locked their eyes on them, ready to react.
            "It makes so much sense." Deku whispered, almost to himself. "He didn't come see me when I was first back from the Incident with Dabi. He didn't even really talk to me for months after that. That night. Last year on Halloween. Shoto do you remember what he said to me?" Deku asked him. Bakugo knew. He knew exactly where Deku's thought process was.
           "It's not so much what he said but how he said it. He said, This is going to be so much fun. and then looked at you and said. I hope you have so much fun tonight." The last sentence was echoed by Bakugo, Deku, Kirshima and Iida. They all looked at Aizawa. Mic was stepping out to call security. Deku and Todoroki glanced at each other quickly. Bakugo and Shinsou had dropped their guard temporarily to answer a question Aizawa asked. Deku quickly sent his power to his legs, grabbed Todoroki, who activated his ice so he would glide, and they were out the door before the others could react. Once far enough away, they started running normally.
            "I'll kill him. I swear to the gods, Shoto." Deku said.
             "We can't kill him. We just have to capture him before he makes it to the bar." Todoroki said. They zigzagged through alleys and abandoned streets. "Someone is watching us." Todoroki said without missing a step. Deku had felt the eyes on him too but kept running. Aoyama saw them at the same time they saw him and tried to run. Todoroki blocked his path on three sides with Ice. He turned and shot his navel lazer. Deku and Todoroki dodged, then Deku flicked his middle finger and sent a shockwave of power at him, knocking him back into the ice wall.
             "I can't believe you, Aoyama. You sold us out to the league." Deku said, being cautious and not getting too close. It could be a trap and he would need clear room to get Todoroki out if it turned out to be.
            "Finally figured it out did you? That kind heart of yours is what's going to get you killed, Izuku." He said.
           "Why would you betray us? We were your friends?" Todoroki asked.
            "Why?Because I don't need friends. I want the spotlight and you two and that friend group of yours kept taking it from me, so I decided I was going to take what you really wanted. Happiness. I am the one who sent the League after Izuku. I'm the one that your older brother told stories too about your abusive father!" Todoroki froze. Deku grabbed his hand and brought him back.  "And then you go and get rescued and now here were are, you're ranked number one in the school, that little group of yours is dominating the rankings and the media. They follow you around like they're lost puppies, riding your rise to fame as a way to be in the spotlight too. No, this ends here today." Aoyama said. Deku and Todoroki braced for a fight. Dabi walked out of a green warp portal and grabbed Aoyama, sending him through to the League.
              "Ah, Little Izuku. I see you got your fighting spirit back. I so look forward to breaking it again soon. And who's with you? Little Shoto Todoroki? You're getting so big."
             "Toya." Todoroki said. Dabi's head snapped to Todoroki.
             "Ha! The only way you'll even know if that's true or not is if you join me. But looking at the fact that you're still posed to attack me, I guess you'll never know." Dabi said, stepping back into the portal and disappearing. Deku and Todoroki dropped to the ground and both started crying. That's exactly how Aizawa, Bakugo and Shinsou found them, about two hours later. In an alley, leaned into each other, crying. Deku's ring vibrated as Bakugo got closer and he looked up in time to see him getting down to pull him into his arms. Shinsou had pulled Todoroki into his chest and held him. Aizawa spoke into a headset momentarily before getting down to see them eye to eye.
            "Come on. Out with it before everyone else get here." Aizawa said. Deku and Todoroki told him what happened and what was said. And then told them about Dabi and the warpy portal being green this time instead of purple. And told him what Dabi said. Aizawa's face looked grim, but relieved there wasn't a fight here.  "Alright, come on let's get out of here. It'll be alright, you two. We won't let them get ahold of you two." Aizawa said to reassure them. The news spread like wildfire around campus. Thankfully the news didn't get ahold of the story. It took a few days for the two to get back to themselves but routine will do that.

Chapter Text

            Shigaraki and Dabi were talking in the bar. They had gotten in touch with warpy bastard's twin brother. While similar, their quirks are slightly different. The twin cannot drop a portal just anywhere unlike his brother. There's limits.
            "That class. I want them all. They're so self righteous. The public looks up to them all. No, not the entire class. The ones that follow that Midoriya kid around." Shigaraki said, scratching at his neck.
             "He has surrounded himself with the strongest of his class that's true, but breaking them won't be easy, Shigaraki. It would take weeks of keeping them separated and  hysterical and paranoid. Physical breaking is my favorite method. But this group would call for some severe mind games." Dabi thought out loud.
            "Well, figure it out! It's now your responsibility to make them come to my side." Shigaraki said, getting up to leave. Dabi sighed and finished his drink. He couldn't get that one kid out of his head. He knew who he was. Little Shoto Todoroki had finally found his older brother, but Dabi was pretty sure his little brother wouldn't be proud of what he became. TIme to figure out how to break a group of 8 of the strongest future heroes he's seen in a long time, he thought.
            The next few months flew by and before they knew it it was time for the finals signifying the end of the semester. They would get two weeks off for the holidays and then right after that it would be time for the Sports festival. The Pack was spending every waking hour studying. The boys told their boss after Halloween that it would be better to take a break from work going into finals and the festival. The Boss understood 100% and told them that He would hold their positions and if they needed to make some money he can always add them on last minute. Things had finally gotten back to normal with him and Todoroki, Deku thought. They would slip back into it sometimes, but never for long. Since they weren't working, Deku and Bakugo had taken to sparring more in their free time as well as training more. Their friends joined them the majority of the time and you could see the progress in each of them. They had all gotten muscular and had extremely high stamina. They thought quickly and could handle situations on the fly extremely fast. Even Shinsou got into sparing with them, Aizawa having taught him how to perfect using the scarf. They dominated the rankings in academics and the practical aspects. Aizawa and Mic were the proud fathers of their now 8 kids.
            "So, tomorrow is the written test and Friday is the practical right?" Kaminari had asked. Deku looked up from his English textbook.
             "Yes. All day tomorrow is for the written tests. Friday it'll be first a PT test, to see if we're still in good shape, them we'll go into faux situational missions in the afternoon. After all that we'll go back to homeroom and await the results." Deku responded.
             "Then we'll all come back here and eat all the junk food we've been avoiding for months and watch cheesy rom coms we won't tell anyone we actually enjoy." Bakugo said, kissing Deku's forehead.
            "That sounds like a wonderful evening." Deku agreed. They were all exhausted. Their training had gotten more intense. They had mountains of homework. They hardly had time for themselves let alone each other. This break coming up was much needed. They just had to make it that far.
            "I suppose we should all get some sleep now, since its already late and tomorrow and the next day are going to be pretty stressful days. I'll see you all in the morning." Iida said, putting his books away. The rest of their friends followed suit. Deku and Bakugo stretched and went to bed, ready to have the tests over with.
             The alarm went off the next morning, to be thrown into the wall and shattered. They got up, got dressed and headed to class. Once there, Bakugo took his spot on top of Deku's desk, his head resting on Deku's shoulder. Deku kissed the side of his head and chuckled. The rest of the class followed by Aizawa entered and everyone took their seats.
             "Alright. It's going to be a long day. Hopefully you all have studied. Failure is not an option. If you fail, at this point, you're out. That's where i'm at. Now, open your books and get started. We will break for lunch, in which I will take the tests until after lunch. Stop looking at me and start taking your test." Aizawa said, sitting down in his chair and watching them all. This test was much more difficult than usual, but Deku knew all the answers. Time flew by pretty quickly and before they knew it, Aizawa was calling for them to hand him their tests and go to lunch.
              "Man he really pulled the tiniest details out of that course book to test us on." Kirishima said, rubbing his face.
             "Good thing we studied. Otherwise i'd be screwed." Kaminari said. Deku and Tokoyomi agreed. They ate lunch and went back to their class room.
              "Once you're finished, you're dismissed. So hurry up but take your time. I don't want to be here all day." Aizawa said. Deku and Bakugo were the first as per usual to finish. They handed in their tests and headed home. They got out of their school uniforms and into their training clothes before taking off on a run and then hitting gym. Afterwards they met The Boss for dinner at the café.
              "Boys! So glad to see you! How are Finals going?" He asked as soon as they sat down.
              "So far so good. Tomorrow is the big part though. The practical." Deku said.
             "You'll do just fine, Izuku. Unless you're afraid of making your classmates look bad. Even then, it'll still be okay." The Boss chuckled.
               "Sports Festival is coming up too. They're doing a big national event this year, and each school is sending their top 12 ranked students." Bakugo said, taking a bite of his salad.
              "So who are the other four going?" His boss laughed. Deku smiled at him.
             "We won't know until after the practical tomorrow who they'll send through. It'll be interesting to see though."
             "Yes, it will. Be sure that myself and Gang Orca will be there too. I think he said his sister is coming in for it." The Boss said.
              "I'll be nice to see Siobahn again." Deku agreed. Of course the Pro Heroes would be there. They'll be scouting for graduates, he thought.
              "How's patrols going?" Bakugo asked.
             "Things have been pretty quiet here lately. Makes me paranoid that something big is about to happen." The Boss said. Deku looked at Bakugo. They had told their boss about what happened with their classmate and Dabi and ever since then, the agency they work for has been on high alert.
             "Hopefully they decided to leave me and mine the hell alone. I'll kill them all if they try." Deku said softly. Bakugo smiled at him, but completely agreed.
           "Well for right now focus on your finals and we will deal with the manhunt of the League. Relax." He told them. Boys nodded and kept eating. They talked about random topics for a little bit before heading back to the dorm to shower and get ready for bed.
        The next morning they were up early to get a good run in before getting dressed in their hero suits and heading to the event center. They met the rest of the Pack in the common room and they walked down together, Tsu and Uraraka with them. Once at the event center, they found Aizawa sitting in the stands and joined him. The rest of their class showed up in twos and threes. A bell rang and Mic told everyone to sit down. He started off making the daily announcements before getting into the rundown. The practical was for hero course students. He called the students down to the track below and explained the first task would be the PT portion. He had them all get ready as he showed them the map. Deku activated his quirk, sending 20% of power into his legs. Mic counted down and the Snipe shot off a round signaling the start. Deku and Iida pulled out into the lead quickly. They fist bumped as they pulled away from their classmates. Soon after though they could hear quirks being activated. Soon, Bakugo and Todoroki were up beside them. A few people from other classes were pretty close to them, barely being able to keep pace.
             They crossed the finish line after the 10 mile run, taking the first four positions. The resto of the pack finished in the top 10. Running definitely was not their strong suit. They moved on to other Physical training type tests, their class dominating. The third years were pretty shocked at the progress of this one particular class of students.  After the PT tests, they were sent back to the stands while the arena was changed for the next task.
              "This next test is going to be the final test of your finals. You will be put in groups of 8 according to the ranking before finals started. You will handle a rescue situation and a villain attack. The villains will be Pro Heroes that have volunteered their time today. You must rescue as many people as possible. The villain will decide on his or her own time when they will join the situation. You have five minutes to get with your team and meet on the field. Your homeroom teacher will tell you what number area you'll be in." Mic said. The Pack wasn't worried about this at all. They've practiced this scenario with Mic and Aizawa several times. And, since they were the top 8 ranked, they were together. Aizawa laughed at them.
             "Well, this will be good. You are at number 4. Good luck." Aizawa said. The boys looked at the terrain from the stands for area 4. Not the greatest but they could work with it. More outdoorsy tham cityesque but they would manage.
            "Alright, so Kacchan and Todoroki are good with battle strategies, whereas Iida and I have quirks that would best help rescuing. I think the best thing to do is start with the rescue immediately. The villain will come to us, which will allow Kacchan and Todoroki and two others to lead the villain away from the rescue mission. While they're fighting the villain, we will need to move quickly, but efficiently to clear the area of victims." Deku whispered.
          "My quirk works best with combat, I don't want to accidently shock someone." Kaminari said.
          "Dark shadow would be good to assist with rescues." Tokoyomi said. Shinsou nodded.
        "My quirk is good in rescues to help scared victims to cooperate better."
         "I go where Bakubro goes!" Kirishima said. Deku felt good that they had a plan.
          "Worse case scenario, Izuku. If the villain gets past them, you'll have to be the one to go up against him. i'm good in fights too, but it would be best for me to quickly move the injured out of the way." Iida said. Deku nodded.
            "Alright, we have a plan. Let's get this done. We got this." Deku said. Bakugo looked at them and then threw his head back and let a howl come across his lips. The rest of them shrugged and followed suit. Aizawa heard the wolfish howl coming from the field and turned to see his 8 children howling at a hidden moon. He also saw the other students in the other areas look rather frightened for a moment. He shook his head, chuckling to himself.
            "Heyo! Students listen up!! Rules. No deadly force. To pass this exam you must successfully rescue 10 people. This is an hour long test. All rescued people must be safely brought to the triage center in the center of the arena. Good luck." Snipe sent off another round and the teams started.
         They headed towards the center of the area. From there they fanned out, extremely quiet, listening. "Over here. Got a family of 6 trapped in the house." Tokoyomi said over their headsets. Everyone met at his location and they analyzed the situation while Deku talked to the family.
          "Hi. I'm Deku and we're gonna get you out of here safely, okay? Is anyone injured?" He asked, calmly.
           "We've got two with injuries. My husband hurt his leg pretty bad and one of the children I think might have a broken arm. We were sitting in the living room when something hit the roof and caved it in." The woman said. Deku nodded.
           "Alright, ma'am. We're going to work quickly and efficiently to get you all safely out." Deku turned to Iida. "2 injured. One leg adult male. One arm, child gender unknown broken arm. Something hit their roof and collapsed it." Deku reported. Iida thought for a minute.
             "Tokoyomi, can dark shadow lift heavy objects?" Iida asked. Tokoyomi nodded. "Alright, I've got a plan. Tokoyomi, have Dark Shadow lift up a portion of the roof so Kirishima can knock a hole into the wall so we can get the family out. Todoroki, as soon as the roof is lifted I want you to use your ice to make sure it doesn't fall back down. " Iida said. They got to work. Deku kept talking to the family while his team worked. It took about three minutes to get the entire family out of the house. Iida carried the adult male and the injured child ahead quickly to the first aide station. Deku escorted the rest of the family with Shinsou. The rest of their group sought out more victims. As Iida, Deku and Shinsou were heading to meet them, they came across Kaminari and Tokoyomi leading another group of 3.
          "There are 4 severely injured with Bakugo waiting for you to get there." Tokoyomi informed in passing. Iida grabbed one of Shinsou's arms, Deku the other and they took off quickly. Shinsou opted to stay with Bakugo this time. Deku and Iida got the other 4 to the first aide station and they had all met back up to keep searching, when they heard a loud thud come from inside the forest area. Deku signaled to Bakugo.
            "There are still people that need to rescued and I have a feeling we're about to meet our villain. Once he shows himself, we'll separate so we can deal with both issues quickly." Deku whispered.
           "You remember the codeword for assistance?" Bakugo asked.
           "Yes, the phrase my dead grandmother hits harder that that." Deku said. Bakugo smiled. The group kept walking, quirks ready to go. Kaminari had his shocky disks ready. Finally, out of the woods Gang Orca burst, knocking down three trees with his impact.
           "Well, hello, boys. Pleasure seeing you here." He smiled, menacingly.

            "Fuck." Deku said. Shinsou looked at him. "This is going to get a lot harder than I planned for." He started mumbling, analyzing the situation.
            "To be quiet honest they didn't tell me who was assigned here. This is going to be so worth my time." He cracked his knuckles. Bakugo and Kirishima moved to attack. Kaminari threw his disks on opposite trees surrounding Gang Orca and sent his shock out. Todoroki put up a massive wall of Ice before looking at deku before turning to engage. The other 4 took off, using the wall for protection. Deku stopped just in time for Kirishima to be thrown through the ice wall, leaving a massive hole. He got up and jumped back into the fray. Once the rescues squad made it safely to the school building they saw from above, they heard children crying. Tokoyomi used Dark Shadow to survey the building. The door had been damaged pretty bad.
            "There's a fire coming from the other side of the building, let get these kids out quickly." Tokoyomi said. They got to work quickly. Shinsou got the kids to back away from the door as Iida kicked it in. Deku went in first and talked to the kids, getting them to file out in 2 lines. Once all the kids were out Deku asked if they were missing anyone.
           "Miss Yuri is still in there. She went after one of the other kids from a different class that was in the bathroom." One of the little girls said.
          "It's okay, we'll find them." Deku smiled at her.  He turned to Iida and his team. "Iida, You and Tokoyomi start leading the kids to the first aid center. It's only about half a mile from here. Shinsou and I are gonna go in after the teacher and missing student." Deku said. "Keep moving with the children even if you hear the codeword, Shinsou and I will respond to it. These kids are more important." Deku said. They parted ways as Deku and Shinsou entered the building, respirators on.
         "Is that the best you got? I Had higher expectations from the Candle in the Storm." Gang Orca said, sending Bakugo flying. Kaminari charged again, temporarily paralyzing Gang Orca. Bakugo got back up as Todoroki sent his flames at the villain. As soon as the villain fought his way out of the flames, Kirishima charged, hitting him square in the chest and forcing him back. Bakugo sent off an explosion that sent Gang Orca flying. All four of them were panting. Gang Orca let out a laugh before jumping into the air and slamming down on the ground, creating a shockwave that cracked the ground.
     The shockwave was felt at the school, causing the load bearing beams to shake. "We gotta hurry." Shinsou said. They heard a woman call for help and took off running. They found her with an unconscious child.
           "Oh, thank god. It's the smoke I think." She said. Deku helped her up and then picked up the child. He took off his respirator and put it over the child's face, to filter in clean air.
           "Follow us, Ma'am. We've already gotten the rest of the children out." Shinsou said. He lead the way back out, Deku started to cough really bad, but pushed forward. Once outside, Shinsou grabbed the teacher up into his arms before jumping onto Dek's back, wrapping his legs around his waist. Deku activated his quirk and ran them quickly to the first aid area. The child was handed to a triage nurse and the teacher went to the children. They met up with their squad, Deku putting his respirator back on, still coughing. They heard the yell from half a mile away.
            "IS THAT ALL YOU'VE GOT?!?! MY DEAD GRANDMOTHER HITS HARDER THAN THAT!!" Bakugo yelled. Deku grabbed Sinsou, Iida grabbed Tokoyomi and they ran as fast as they could. Once at the Ice wall, they set their teammates down before Deku launched over the wall, landing a hit on Gang Orca at 30% power sending him flying back into Kaminari, who released a shock, electrocuting him. Gang Orca used a water type attack, spraying Deku with water at the force of a firefighter's water hose. He hit the ice wall and then ran back. Tokoyomi broke a piece of the wall off with Dark Shadow, who then proceeded to throw it. Shinsou watched the battle for a few moments, staying in the shadows. Once close enough to Gang Orca he took his scarf and confined Gang Orca. His teammates surrounded the villain, as Shinsou walked closer.
           "Why did you set fire to a school with children inside?" He asked. Gang Orca gave his best villain laugh.
             "Why no---" Shinsou had him.
             "Let's go, big guy. Time to go to the police and turn yourself in, huh?" He said. Iida and Bakugo took point, With Deku and Todoroki guarding Shinsou, who didn't blink. They make it next to the first aid station where law enforcement had set up operations and Gang Orca was turned over to them, hand cuffed and restrained before Shinsou dropped his quirk. Gunshots from Snipe signaled the end of the test. Gang Orca was untied and walked up to them.
            "That was the most fun I've had in a while, boys. Thank you for that. And I'm sorry if I hurt you, but it had to be realistic. Good luck!" He said, parting ways with them. They headed back up to Aizawa. They were the first group back.
           "Iida, did you count how many children we pulled from the school?" Shinsou asked. He shook his head.
            "In these exercises I don't count victims unless there's a specific number known to be in the area." Iida said as he sat down. The rest of them sat down, Bakugo giving Deku a kiss. They waited for the rest of the students to get of the field.
             "Heyo! What a good bunch of tests to watch. Never a dull moment. Now! Please head back to your homerooms while we calculate scores and all that fun stuff." Mic said, dismissing them all. Once back in the classroom Aizawa congratulated them all on the effort they put into the exams. A set of papers printed out and Aizawa looked at them.
            "Alright, students. Here are the statistics for the rescue. Most victims rescued by a group is 54. From area 4. Quickest Villain fight went to area 2 with 3 minutes before the villain destroyed them. Shame, those were third years. Only one team was able to take their villain into custody. area 4." Aizawa said.
           "Damn, whoever was in area 4 are badasses!" Sero said. Deku scratched the back of his neck.
           "Area 4's Villain was Gang Orca. The students in area 4 are in this room. It shouldn't surprise you who it was." Aizawa said.
           "Now, the rankings. 1) Bakugo, Izuku 2) Bakugo, Katsuki 3) Todoroki Shoto 4) Iida Tenya 5) Kirishima Eijiro 6)Tokoyomi Fumikage 7)Shinsou Hitoshi 8) Kaminari Denki 9) Kendo Itsuka 10) Shiozaki Ibara 11) Yaoyorozu Momo 12) Sero Hanta. Those are the 12 that will be representing our school at the Sports Festival. The entire ranking will be posting in it's regular spot. I will pass out your individual results for you to go over. After you have your results, you are Dismissed and I will see you hopefully after the holiday, if you guys don't piss me off with your loud music." Aizawa said, going down the rows handing out results. Deku's had a sticky note on it that said he and Mic would be over shortly. The pack got up and headed home. Once at the dorms, they went their separate ways so they could shower. Deku and Bakugo took one together. Once dressed they went over their results.
          "I seriously lost a point for saying my dead grandmother could hit better than that?!?!" Bakugo said, fire in his eyes and anger in his voice. "I made a 99 because Gang Orca didn't understand the reference!" Deku laughed at him.
        "He left me a note under comments that said he hasn't been hit with a right hook like mine in a long time and to keep up the good work." Deku smiled. There was a knock on the door, before Aizawa and Mic came in.
         "The way you two carried yourself out there makes up proud. You took it seriously and you took your teams quirks into consideration when making the call to separate. Katsuki, You were phenomenal in keeping the villain's attention away from the squad that was rescuing those students. Deku, it was reported from one of the children that you informed Iida and Tokoyomi that if the codeword came across your headset, to disregard and continue getting the children to safety, that you and Shinsou would respond to the call for help. What was it you said, The lives of the children are more important? That's how you lead a team. You let the kids know they would be safe and not abandoned, and a lot of Pro Heroes today will drop what they doing to respond to a 911 call from a teammate. YOu understood that the innocent lives are why we do our jobs. We are beyond proud of you. Both of you. You have showed us that you have grown up into respectable young men and that you can handle running your own agency one day.
           "Katsuki, I want to say how extra proud of you I am. You focused on the mission at hand and you did not let worrying about Izuku get in between you and the mission. By doing this, you have showed every agency that both of you put your work before each other. Although you two have proved this several times already, but it really drive it home In situations like this. In fact, during the whole fight, you knew where each of your comrades were. You made sure to offer them cover fire and you gave them openings to assist. This may not mean a lot with who you've grown into, but to me, you're a completely different Bakugo Katsuki that sat in my classroom on your first day, refusing to participate in teamwork. We are so proud of you." Aizawa finished. Mic smiled. Deku ran up and hugged him.
           "We brought you something. We've been talking about it for a while now, but we figured now would be the best time." Mic said. He handed them a wrapped box. Bakugo let Deku open it. Inside was an old photo, of Mic and Aizawa, on their wedding day. Deku looked at it, and then grabbed their own wedding photo, and held them up next to each other. They had the same look in their eyes. Their smiles were identical. Deku smiled and took and hung up both pictures on the wedding wall, before looking back in the box. Inside was two rings, One for each of them. They had Aizawa and Mic's family crests on the sides, the top crest Bakugo recognized as his family's crest.
          "We had these made a few months ago, but weren't sure when we wanted to give them to you. After how you handled yourselves today, we felt today was the right time." Aizawa said. Bakugo put his on his index finger on his left hand .Deku put his on his ring finger on his right hand. Both boys hugged their adoptive fathers. Mic and Aizawa smiled, hugging them back.
         "You boys make us proud. And we love you dearly. Keep up the good work. Oh, and Christmas dinner will be on Christmas eve. 6pm. Don't be late and wear something nice." Aizawa said. The boys nodded and shortly after, Aizawa and Mic left. About an hour later the Pack showed up with junk food and rom coms, laughing and joking with each other. Everyone got comfortable and enjoyed relaxing a destressing with their family.
           "Guys I have a question." Deku said during the ads. Everyone looked at him. "Would you all be willing to take a very professional picture, dressed to the nines, for Aizawa and Mic?" He asked.
          "For Christmas?" Bakugo asked. Deku nodded.
           "They don't have one of all of us except the wedding pictures." Deku said. Their family agreed and Deku smiled.
          "Is there a reason, by the way, Katsuki, that we howled before the practical?" Todoroki asked, a smile on his face.
           "Yeah, to let everyone know the Pack was there and we were gonna fuck some shit up." Bakugo growled with a smile on his face. Everyone burst out laughing.
           "Well, guess we now have something we have to do at the Sports Festival." Kirishima said, laughing. The movie started and they all stopped talking to watch it. It was the first of many that night.

Chapter Text

    Deku woke up, on the couch, Bakugo on top of him dead asleep. He tried taking in his surroundings, saw that his friends were asleep too, the movie's menu playing on a loop. He shifted slightly, causing Bakugo to stir, before getting comfortable enough again to fall back asleep. Bakugo woke up a few hours later, the sun blaring in his face. He realized he was asleep onto of Deku and smiled, Deku;s arms wrapped around him. Usually it's the other way around, he chuckled, before untangling himself and going to the bathroom. He came back to see Deku was sitting up on the couch, still asleep. He shook his head, smiling.
           "You awake Izuku?" He asked, quietly.
          "Hmmm?" Was the only response he got. Bakugo sat down on the couch and the moment he did, Deku curled up in his lap, wrapping his arms around Bakugo's waist, still asleep. He tilted his head back against the couch as was back asleep. They all woke up to a loud bang coming from the kitchen. Seven out of eight of them were up and in attack mode. All just to find Kaminari was trying to make breakfast, having dropped a pan on the floor. He looked extremely terrified. They all laughed, sitting back down.
          "Did anyone else make it the rest of the way through that last movie?" Kirishima asked.
           "I don't even remember what movie was the last movie." Tokoyomi laughed.
          "Me either." Deku agreed. Bakugo kissed Deku's hair before going to help Kaminari in the kitchen.
          "I think I made it halfway maybe. She was crying in the rain. I don't know what it is about American movies and crying in the rain." Iida said.
          "I washed it. It looked like it had better days." Kaminari said. Deku quickly looked at Kirishima. They both were up In an instant.
         "YOU WASHED MY CAST IRON!?!?! ARE YOU STUPID?!?!?!?! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE THAT!! IT'S CALLED SEASONING!!!JESUS CHRIST ITS ALREADY STARTING TO RUST. THIS IS GOING TO TAKE WEEKS TO FIX!!!" Deku pulled Bakugo out of the kitchen and into the bedroom while Kirishima tried to explain to Kaminari why you don't wash cast iron.
           "He. Washed. My. Cast. Iron." Bakugo said through gritted teeth. Deku pushed him up against the bedroom wall, pinned him there, and kissed him. It took a good minute, but Bakugo wrapped himself around Deku, kissing him back. After a few moments, Deku pulled away.
          "You know he didn't know any better. He was just trying to be helpful." Deku said quietly. Bakugo sighed against him.
           "I know. It just took me so long to get it seasoned right." He said. Deku petted his hair.
          "I know, but you gotta give him a break." Deku said. "Are you good to go back out now?" Bakugo kissed him again, aggressively, for a moment before nodding. They walked back out into the living room. Bakugo walked up to Kaminari and hugged him quickly before letting go.
            "Sorry, Pikachu. Just, next time you want to be helpful, ask what can be washed, okay? It took a long time to get that skillet seasoned like that and now my food isn't going to taste right for weeks." He said. Kaminari smiled and nodded. Now that that homicide was avoided, everyone relaxed again, eating breakfast and restarting the movie they all had fallen asleep to the night before. They spent three days, cooped up in the boys' living room watching cheesy movies and eating absolute garbage. Deku looked at the calendar.
           "Fuck." Deku said. Everyone stared at him. "Christmas eve is in two days. We have to do that picture like, tonight!" Deku exclaimed. Everyone laughed at him.
          "I thought it was something more life or death than that!" Kirishima said. The glare on Deku's face stopped him dead.
          "If it doesn't get done tonight, It's going to be life or death, Eijiro." Deku said, rather menacingly.  Bakugo started laughing.
           "What color shirt do you want everyone in? We may have to go to the tailors." Bakugo asked.
           "Its Christmas, what other colors would I want?" Deku said, smiling again. They did in fact have to go to the tailors, who thankfully had shirts in their size. They went back to the apartment and got dressed in their suits before meeting the photographer from the wedding.
              "How big are you wanting this made?" She asked. Deku smiled at her.
              "He wants it pretty big. It's a present for his adopted parents." Bakugo chuckled his response. She had them all pose around the bar she had in her studio. Deku and Bakugo in the middle. Shinsou and Todoroki and Tokoyomi were to the couple's right, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Iida were to their left. Bakugo was sitting on the bar, Deku leaned up against him, his arms around Deku's waist. Deku had his hands on Bakugo's. Shinsou and Kirishima were sitting on the bar as well, mirroring the couple. Tokoyomi had his arm resting on Todoroki's shoulder, his right foot crossed over his left, right toe of his shoe touching the floor. Iida was the mirror image, his left foot crossed over his right. Both hand their free hand in their pockets.
             "Alright. That picture has been taken. Any poses you want to try before we call it a night?" She asked. The boys had an idea, one Deku wasn't ready for. They made Deku sit on the middle bar stool and then they posed around him, each in an aggressive, protective stance. Bakugo was behind him on the bar, ready to attack. Todoroki was on his right on the bar, Kirishima to his left. the other four posed around him. all of them looked like they were about to go to war. She took the picture.
           "One more. Then we'll call it and i'll show you what I have." She said. They stood together in a semi circle and threw their heads back, closed their eyes and howled. She had to back up a bit and get on top of a shelf to get this picture at the right angle. They stopped and broke out laughing. She had them all come over and look at the three she decided were the best. Deku told her he wanted all of them blown up to a decent size for the present and then he wanted copies for all of them in the regular 8 by 10 format. She showed Deku some frames for the gift pictures and he settled on one that was gold with spirals etched into it. She told him she would bring them by in the morning when she finished them. Deku paid her and they all walked back to the dorms, laughing.
         "Happy now, Izuku?" Tokoyomi asked. Deku nodded and smiled at him.
         "Yes. Yes I am." He smiled. Tonight, they all went their separate ways, going to sleep in their own rooms. Deku and Bakugo took this time to provide each other with some much needed attention before going to bed.
      "Are you ready?" Deku asked, buttoning the top button on his green satin shirt. Bakugo came out of the bedroom tying his tie.
       "Almost. What time is it?" He asked.
       "Quarter till 6." Deku said. They really needed to be walking out the door. They both got their shoes on and checked the mirror before Deku grabbed the massive box with the pictures in it. The photographer did not disappoint him when it came to the size of the pictures. They were easily two feet tall and a foot and a half wide. They walked down the hall and Bakugo knocked on Aizawa and Mic's door.
          "I believe I said dress nicely, not as a box." Aizawa said, smirking as he let them in, shutting the door behind them.
          "What's in the box?" Mic asked, impatient. Deku made them both sit down before setting the box on the ground between them.
           "A little preface, Deku threatened to murder everyone to get this present." Bakugo laughed. Aizawa and Mic opened it. Mic pulled out the first picture, which was the serious one. Deku, Todoroki, Kaminari and Iida were in green satin shirts. Bakugo, Kirishima, Shinsou, and Tokoyomi were in red. It looked like Aizawa was going to cry.
       "All our children in one picture." Mic said, his voice cracking. Aizawa smiled at them before pulling out the next picture. This is the one where the Pack is protecting the one thing they all have in common. Aizawa and Mic laughed at this one.
         "Now, the last one is my personal favorite." Bakugo said. Deku was bouncing up and down in his chair. Mic pulled out the last one and about lost it. It was the boys all howling. Aizawa and Mic looked at their pictures and were speechless.
        "We love them all." Aizawa said, getting up to hug them. Mic was looking around the living room before finding the perfect place for all three to stay together at. He put the serious one in the middle of the three.
         "I knew you didn't have any recent pictures of all of us together since the wedding and I figured this would be perfect." Deku said.
         "So you really threatened homicide?" Aizawa raised an eyebrow.
        "Not directly. I believe Kirishima said it wasn't a life or death situation and I told him if it didn't happen when I wanted it to it would turn into a life or death situation." Deku said, scratching the back of his head.
         "It shut Kirishima up real quick." Bakugo laughed.
          "Awe. The puppy got its big boy teeth in finally I see." Mic joked. They all laughed. "Now, get to the table it's time to eat." They all sat down and Mic brought out dinner, which smelled amazing. They ate quietly, enjoying each other's presence and the quiet. It was the quiet they were going to miss the following day, when they had Christmas with their mothers.
         "Are you two getting ready for the sports festival? It'll be the first weekend after classes start." Aizawa asked them. Deku nodded.
         "Aside from our movie binge, we've been training and getting ready. After tomorrow it's back to the grind though." Deku said.
         "And you're gonna hate me every second of it." Bakugo said. "No sweets, no caffeine. Bed at a decent time. No junk food. Early mornings." Deku groaned, making Aizawa laugh.
          "Definitely not going to let another school win that's for sure. It'll be a UA student whether its us or not." Deku said. Bakugo agreed to an extent.
           "Good to hear then. But go easy on the no caffeine. Poor Izuku might die if he doesn't get any and you're running him into the ground training." Mic said.
           "It'll be alright. We've done it before. It was a sad time, but necessary." Bakugo said. Deku nodded slowly. They spent a little more than half the night talking with Aizawa and Mic before calling it a night. After the boys left, Aizawa went into the living room and looked at the pictures.
           "What's wrong, Shota?" Mic asked, coming up behind him and wrapping his arms across his waist, resting his head on Aizawa's shoulder.
           "Hmm. Oh nothing. I was just admiring these. It's a nice feeling to have. At graduation I want to take them to get a set made with us. They are our adoptive children after all. Well, two legally, but still." Aizawa said. Mic understood why Aizawa wanted to wait until they all graduated before everyone could find out, but at the same time, it bothered him that Aizawa was being robbed by himself of all the proud dad moments he could publicly be having.
           "Shota, just let the news out. You know how you're going to be at the sports festival. Might as well let it out now. That way you can be the proud dad and the supportive teacher. Their classmates will understand. And since the rankings are set by tests graded by administrators and not the teachers, the student body literally cannot hold it against them, or say they had an advantage. Because the finals, even I didn't know what was going to happen until they told me which was literally right as I was saying it. It'll make your life and theirs so much easier." Mic said. Aizawa looked torn for a few moments, looking at the picture of his boys howling. He squared his shoulders, letting Mic know he'd made a decision. Mic hoped he made the right one.
            "Alright. I've decided." He said, turning to face his husband. "You're right. I can't keep this up, not being able to he the supportive dad and proud teacher. I guess it's time it came out. I need to call Inko." Aizawa said, Mic handed him his phone. He called and she answered immediate.
           "Well isn't it my son's fathers." She said. He could hear her smile.
           "Absolutely. So, did they show you their gifts to me and Hizashi?" He asked.
            "Yes they did! It was such a good set of pictures. I'm glad you loved them. We've got the wedding photos up all over the walls here. Toshinori loves them all. What's wrong, Shota? ANd don't you lie to me. Mom intuition wins every time." She said. Aizawa sighed.
            "Well, what do you think about letting the news out about the paternal adoption of Izuku?" He asked. Hizashi was looking at him, worried slightly.
            "I was wondering when you were going to ask about this. Honestly, Shota, I figured you would've done it at the wedding." She said, catching him off guard.
           "You've been expecting it?"
           "Of course I have. The world already knows he has a supportive mother and mother-in-law, and that he has an amazing mentor, and it's about time they knew that the Future Hero that kids are going to look up to has two amazing fathers. If you feel like it's time, Shota, then let Hizashi shout it from the rooftops." She said. "Are you two coming over tomorrow?" She said.
          "Before the boys do to drop off yours and Toshinori's gifts as well as our gifts for the boys and Mitsuki and her husband. Then we have to go to Hizashi's family's for dinner." Aizawa said. It was going to be a loud day tomorrow and there wasn't enough asprin in the world. His cousin Jack was coming in from Dublin.
          "Well, get some rest, Shota and we'll see you in the morning. But if you think it's time, then go ahead and let the world know. It may cause issues at first, but those two and their friends can handle themselves well and you know it."
          "Alright. If you're alright with it, then that's what i'll do. You and Toshinori have a good night and we'll see you in the morning." Aizawa said before ending the call, relieved. He and Mic made a copy of the adoption certificate they had for Izuku and framed it. In the same frame he added the picture from the wedding of him and his husband with Deku and Bakugo. Only then would he lay down and get some rest.


          "Do I really have to wear this? We're just going to mom's." Bakugo said, fixing his red tie.
          "Yes. And, if it helps, I've always loved you in three piece suits." He purred, walking up to his husband and grabbing him by his vest, pulling him close. "And I can't wait to strip this off of you myself when we get home." Bakugo grabbed Deku by his face and kissed him, pushing him back to the bed. After a moment they pulled away from each other, breathing hard.
          "If that's the case, then I can't wait to get you back home." Bakugo growled. They got up and finished getting ready. Deku was having issues with his tie, as always. Bakugo helped him tie it, before pulling him into a kiss with it.  "Got your jacket?"
          "Yes. Are you ready?" He asked.
          "To get home, yes." Bakugo smiled. Deku blushed. They walked out of the apartment, locking it behind them. It took a little bit to get to Deku's house, but they enjoyed the walk. They were arm in arm, whispering close to each other. Once at Inko's, Deku pulled out his house key and they went in, locking the door behind him.
         "Mom, we're here!" Deku called, taking his shoes off by the door.
        "Izuku! We're in the living room." She called back. He and Bakugo walked into the living room and said hi to his mom and his mother-in-law before saying hi to All Might, grinning like an idiot. His mom just told him this morning that All Might had asked her out and she said yes.
        "Young Izuku! Katsuki! You two boys make me proud!" All Might said, hugging them. He too was forced into a suit.
         "Where's dad?" Bakugo asked Mitsuki.
          "At home nursing the flu." She said, giving the boys hugs. They talked for a few moments, about classes and finals and the ranking. All three were so proud of them. The boys handed them their presents first. Deku's idea was to get them pictures of them and their friends from the past year. In the center were pictures of both boys as children standing in front of both boys in their hero suits. All Might's had both boys dressed as him as children and then them in their hero suits behind the children. They were all crying. Deku smiled.
           "I hope you guys like it. We decided this year to do pictures." Deku said, scratching the back of his head.
          "And it's entertaining to watch Deku try to find the perfect pictures." Bakugo laughed.
           "You boys did a good job." Mitsuki said, smiling.
          "Alright, my turn to give you boys my present. We already did our gift exchange." All Might said. He had the tailor make All Might footie jammies in the design of his last hero suit for the boys. They loved them. They were soft and fleece. Mitsuki had gotten new headsets made by Hatsume since theirs had definitely seen better days. These fit them a lot better and blocked more sound. Inko looked at the boys and smiled. Inko had gotten both boys digital cameras. Nothing fancy like Kirishima had, but still top of the line for what they were. Deku's first picture was of All Might, who managed to hold his form long enough for the picture to take. Bakugo's first picture was of Deku smiling.
           "We love them all!" Deku smiled.
           "Now you two have one more present here." Mitsuki said. All Might was smiling as was Inko, who had her phone out, video chatting with someone. The boys didn't know who. "Here." Mitsuki handed them the box, smiling.
        "Well this is very unnerving. They're all smiling." Bakugo said. Deku found it curious too. They opened the box and found the framed adoption certificate, with the picture of him and his husband with Aizawa and Hizashi at the wedding. Bakugo smiled at this, but there was also an envelop inside the box along with a metric ton of their favorite sweets.
         "Read it out loud." Inko said. Deku looked at Bakugo, confused. Bakugo shrugged.
        "Open it and read what it says. I'm just as confused as you are." Bakugo said. Deku fumbled with opening it. Once he got it opened, he read out loud what it said.
           "Izuku and Katsuki. Hizashi and I have thought about this for a long time now and last night looking at the pictures you two had made, we started talking. We even went as far as to check with Inko and Mitsuki before coming up with a decision. This year, our Christmas present to you both is this. We have came to the conclusion that we want to make it known publicly that you two are our sons. We would like to be able to have the opportunity to openly support you two as your fathers and Inko and Mitsuki have made it well known that we were stupid for wanting to be cautious about it. All Might had stronger words to say, but agreed with your mothers. We hope that this is okay with the two of you. We love you both. If you two are okay with this, Hizashi said he would like to shout it from the top of the dorms, although I have told him that's how we get noise complaints but you know how he is when he's excited. I'm rambling now, shit. Anyway. Which ever way you decide, we will love and support you. Merry Christmas, sons. We love you." Deku read out loud. He was crying. In all honestly he had started crying three sentences in and it took him a while to read it all. He looked over at Bakugo, who was also crying.
          "Well?" Inko asked. The boys looked at each other for a moment before nodding at her, too afraid to try to speak in case more tears started. Inko flipped her camera around and showed them who she was on the video chat with. It was Aizawa and Mic. All four of them were crying and smiling. Deku looked over to notice their mothers and All Might were crying too.
           "We're so happy." Was all Aizawa could say.
           "Best Christmas ever." Deku finally said, trying to get control over himself. "How were you planning on outing this?" He laughed. Aizawa and Mic smiled.
            "Alert the media would be the one way to do it." Bakugo said. He was technically right.
           "Well, sort of. Hizashi, All Might, and I will be attending an interview tomorrow in regards to the Sports festival. Not sure how, but that's probably when it'll happen, even if we were to all try to hide it." Aizawa said.
            "You let us worry about that. We're hoping that your classmates won't start anything with you about it. That's why we wanted to wait in the first place." Mic said.
            "And I told you that you were being an idiot about that." Inko said.
            "Yeah, Shota. It's not like Katsuki hasn't almost blown up two whole floors of students before over news regarding them." All Might said, falling out of his chair laughing. They all chatted for a moment before Deku and Bakugo heard him.
              "TOP O' THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES!" Jack said into the phone.
               "Hey Jack!" the boys said. They caught up with Jack before they all said their goodbyes and ended the call. Deku folded the letter up and put it in the picture frame. Inko then got up and told them it was time for dinner. The boys stayed for a few hours and enjoyed time with their family. Once it was time to head out, they all said tearful goodnights and hugged. Both boys tackled All Might.
              "You better take care of my mother, All Might." Deku said smiling. He knew his mother was in good hands. Bakugo and Deku had their bags and headed home. Once in the door, they set their bags down, kicked off their shoes, and Deku had Bakugo pinned against the door by his vest, kissing him.
               "If you keep this up, we wont make it to the bedroom. Do not think I won't strip you right here." Bakugo said quietly, his eyes afire.
             "Oh really? See the way I see it, Kacchan, is I have you pinned." Deku said, biting Bakugo's neck. Bakugo melted at his touch, leaning his head back, allowing Deku better access. He ran his hands up Deku's back before digging his nails in. Deku's body responded just how he knew it would, it submitted to the one in charge.
           Four hours later, the pieces of their suits were thrown all over the apartment, the boys wrapped up in each other asleep on the couch in their new jammies. They made sure to send a picture to All Might when they put them on. Inko proceeded to respond with a picture of All Might crying proud tears of happiness. They woke up a few hours later to a text from Hizashi telling them to turn on the news. They sat up, groggy, and put the news on. It was the interview.

        "So, going into the Sports Festival, most of the 12 going are from your 3A class, correct?"
         "Yes. 10 out of 12 of them are from my class." Aizawa said.
         "Bet that makes you a very proud teacher."
         "Absolutely. And a very proud father." The reporter looked at him and Mic and All Might.
          "I'm sorry. You said father?"
          "Yes." Aizawa said.
           "Can you please elaborate on your comment, Eraser?" The reporter asked.
           "We officially, My husband and I, adopted two of our students before the start of the last term." Aizawa said, matter of factly.
             "Why now let the cat out of the bag?"
             "I'll answer that one. Imagine finding out the teacher's kids topped the ranking since the day it was instituted at the school as a student. Your first thought would be favoritism. Your second thought would be that the rankings are rigged. These two kept it under wraps so as not to ostracize the boys from their peers." All Might responded.
             "Well, let us be the first to congratulate you. I take it they're going to the Sports Festival.  How do you feel UA will do against the other schools?" 
             "Well, the 12 students going have made a lot of progress since they started attending our college. They're very strong willed, goal oriented students and quiet frankly, none of them are to be underestimated. They all have trained hard to get where they've made it to and I have no doubt in my mind the students representing UA will go beyond and do well in the festival." Aizawa answered.
            "Do you think they're really prepared?"
           "Absolutely. These students have done everything to excel and I personally am so proud of them all for getting this far. These students push themselves past their breaking point everyday to get better. To get stronger. I would tell all the other schools to be ready. UA won't go quietly." All Might answered.

          The boys were in shock. It wasn't Aizawa that gave away who they adopted. It was All Might. Deku still had a massive smile on his face when his cell phone went off. It was Uraraka and the class had questions to meet her in the common room. They sighed and went to face their friends,
          "Izuku, is it true?" Uraraka asked. Deku looked at her. "Did Aizawa and Present Mic really adopt you two?"
           "Wrong." Bakugo said, holding Deku close to him. "They adopted Izuku. They got me when we got married. I guess it still counts." The Pack had came down and stood around Deku and Bakugo.
           "How awesome is it to have teachers as parents?" Tsu asked.
          "It's a fucking nightmare sometimes." He laughed. "They're harder on me than they are with the rest of you. I study constantly. If we're not studying, we're training. If neither of those we're asleep. But to answer the questions no one wants to ask, No, we don't know what is on the tests. No, we don't get easier tests. If anything my final seemed a lot harder than a regular test. No, we aren't given free passes on assignments. If I don't turn an assignment in on time, not only do I get the upset teacher in the classroom, but I also get the disappointed father at home. But his support makes me want to be the best I can be. They, along with my mentor, help me iron out my quirk and their support makes me feel like i'm 220 feet tall." Deku said.
           "Do you two get stuck in  an endless cycle of go ask your father?"
            "We're adults, but yes. dad jokes for days." Bakugo said, laughing. Their classmates asked a few more questions before the end of it all. The pack followed the boys back to the apartment.
              "I'm so happy for you guys!!!!" Kirishima said, giving them both a hug.
              "You've known about this since it happened, Kiri." Deku laughed.
                "Well yeah, but this is bigger. Everyone knows now." Kirishima said. That realization had just hit Deku too. He smiled.
              "Alright, well, now that all that is over with, and the actual holiday is over, we need to be preparing for the Sports Festival." Bakugo said, taking control of the conversation.
                "Yeah, we were thinking about that too. We had our break to relax but now it's back to the grind." Tokoyomi said. Deku was eating sweets from a box beside the couch.
                 "Well, let's get ready." Bakugo said, before seeing what his husband was doing. "Babe, we talked about this. You gotta wait until after the Sports Festival to get into that." Deku handed him a note from the box, as he took a bite out of the pastry he was holding. Bakugo took the note and read it.
                Katsuki, let the boy eat his damn sweets! It won't effect his training any! love always- Hizashi
         "I should've known. Well, let that be the last one so we can go and kill ourselves in training." Bakugo sighed, defeated by Deku's cuteness and his father's note. "How many notes are in that box?" He asked. Deku shrugged as he got up and went to go get in his training clothes. Their friends all laughed before leaving to do the same. Deku walked out of the bedroom, half dressed, and offered the rest of his pastry to Bakugo. Bakugo smiled and took it from him.
           "Don't be mad. I just love sweets." Deku said, smiling.
           "I'm not mad at you. It's just better for your body when you're training to eat high protein. I just don't want you getting sick." He kissed Deku's forehead.
           "I know, but they're yummy."
           "So are you, now lets finished getting ready, I'm sure the guys are waiting for us."

Chapter Text

           The Pack met in the lobby and were getting ready to head out when Mic and Aizawa walked in. They met in the middle. "That went better than expected. Only got thirty questions in regards to you two. And then the reporter called me out on the rest of you." Aizawa said, rubbing the back of his neck. The boys chuckled.
           "Well, the only other one out of the group you can claim legally is Shinsou. Maybe Todoroki." Iida said, laughing.
           "We would, if they let us." Mic said under his breath. Shinsou and Todoroki both looked at him.
          "Do what now, Hizashi?" Shinsou asked, smiling.
           Aizawa laughed at his husband. Mic straightened up and cleared his throat.
          "What I said was, we would, if they'd let us." He said, flushed pink. Todoroki just smiled. Shinsou looked to him in this moment.
           "If it's what you want, love. You and I have already talked about it." He said. Shinsou looked back at Mic and nodded, trying not to cry. Shinsou didn't have parents, according to his school file. Deku and Bakugo smiled and gave Shinsou a hug. Bakugo walked over to Todoroki while the others were talking with Mic and Aizawa.
            "When are you two getting married?" Bakugo whispered. Todoroki looked at him, shock on his face.
          "How did you-" He started, then laughed. "Deku huh. Boy can't keep quiet about anything I swear. We're going to do the announcement tomorrow. We'll let him have today for this. But we're  thinking the next break. Definitely not going to be as big as yours and honestly, I don't know how he didn't trigger his own PTSD with that many people." Todoroki said.
           "I know, but thankfully he didn't. Well if you need anything, at all, let us know. Deku has no issues spending money when it means his friends happiness." Bakugo said.
           "We will. And you let him, Katsuki, which shows all of us that you care too." Todoroki laughed.
          "Yeah well, still working on that no word with him. Anyway, you realize you're doing what I did right? Marrying into the family." Bakugo chuckled.
            "I'm okay with that. It's a good family to want to marry into. You see how they are with you and Izuku, and it makes your heart happy. I'm glad that Shinsou is getting to have a normal family on top of the clusterfuck I call mine." He laughed. Bakugo agreed, before they walked back to join the main conversation.
              "Shinsou when you all get back, Come see us. Mic's gonna call our lawyer to get the paperwork ready. Izuku, Katsuki, Shoto, come with him please. Now," He straightened up. "You boys need to stop loitering around the entrance way and go get to training! You will not represent this school poorly!" Aizawa said. Mic laughed. All eight boys nodded and took off. Aizawa turned to Mic.
             "Now we have four kids, Hizashi!" Aizawa said, happy, as they got back in their apartment.
             "We have three, Shota." Mic laughed.
            "Nope, We have 4. Did you not notice the ring he thought he was able to hide? We'll have 4 in no time." Aizawa said.
             "Are you happy, Shota? I know they told us we wouldn't have our own kids, but I know you love these kids with everything you've got." Mic asked, handing him some coffee.
             "I am happy. I've got you, my loud, attention loving husband, I've got our first son, and his husband and now, we'll have a second son and soon his husband." Aizawa smiled. He looked at their walls, covered in pictures from the past year. "And now I have to make room for more pictures."
             "Well, I'm glad you're happy because I'm happy too! We finally have a family. And we don't have to worry about having the Don't get your girlfriend pregnant talk." Mic said. Aizawa looked at him, before the realization hit him.
            "They're all gay. Thank God. That's a talk I don't want to have ever." Aizawa said, fake mortified.
        The boys had stopped for lunch at Sharon's café, It had became their lunch destination months ago. They were pouring sweat and eating healthy, though Sharon slid Deku a pastry when Bakugo was in a deep conversation with Todoroki. Deku split it in half and handed part of it to Shinsou under the table. Iida just shook his head at the two eating the pastry.
         "I can still see you, Izuku." Bakugo said. Deku smiled and finished his pastry before finishing his salad.
          "They're so yummy though!!" He said. Bakugo turned around and kissed him, before returning to his conversation.
            "So are you." He said.
           "Get a room." Kirishima said after making a fake gagging sound. They all laughed. It was well known that even the biggest ass in the school had a sweet side. And that sweet side was his husband.
           "Gym next, or cityscape?" Tokoyomi asked.
            "Gym today. Tomorrow is cityscape." Iida said, looking at the schedule he had made for them. Tokoyomi nodded. They got up and headed to the gym for about 6 hours worth of workouts, All Might had stopped by to throw them through a new work out. When they were finished, They headed back to the dorms, each going to shower and change. Shinsou and Todoroki said they'd come down to the apt as soon as they were ready. Deku decided tonight would be his All Might footie jammies on. He wasn't worried about getting all dressed up tonight.
            "Now, come on, Izuku, you know there's gonna be pictures taken tonight. At least put on regular clothes. Yes, I know they're comfy." Bakugo said, putting on a torn pair of jeans and a band t-shirt. Deku sighed before putting on a pair of jeans and his All M t-shirt. Todoroki and Shinsou had made it down, both dressed similarly. They walked over to Aizawa and Mic's, knocking on the door. Aizawa opened the door and let them all in. Shinsou looked nervous, but was set in his resolve.
           "It doesn't take long, Shinsou. Just a few papers to sign, promise." Deku said, smiling. He sat down at the table next to Shinsou for support, Aizawa at the table as well with the lawyer. Mic, Bakugo and Todoroki were in the kitchen making dinner.
           "Hizashi doesn't sit still well, so I sent him to be useful." Aizawa laughed. Both boys shook their heads, laughing. The lawyer got started.
            "Well, hello, Izuku. Glad to see you again. I hope all is well." The Lawyer asked.
           "It is. I've gotten Married and now this. It's been pretty good." Deku said, smiling. Under the table he offered Shinsou his hand, which he took.
         "Wonderful. Now, Shinsou, Hitoshi I have a couple of papers that we have to sign, to make this official. It won't take too long, I promise. It took twice as long to do Izuku's because we couldn't get him to stop bouncing." They Lawyer said.
         "I completely believe that." Shinshou said. They started the mountain of paperwork and after about half and hour it was all finished.
         "Aizawa i'll be back in a few days with the certificates. Congratulations!" He said, putting the papers in his folder and leaving. Deku tackled Shinsou in a hug as soon as the lawyer left.
         "Bakugo! get your husband off me!!!" Shinsou yelled to the kitchen. Deku hugged him tighter.
          "Just play dead." Bakugo yelled. Aizawa shook his head.
          "You gotta get used to that, Hitoshi. He's the lovey one." Aizawa said. "Izuku, come on, you're crushing his ribs." Deku go up and apologized for hurting him. Shinsou just shook his head.
          "It's okay, Izuku, you're just happy. I'm happy too." Shinsou said. They got up off the floor and headed into the kitchen.
          "See, told you." Bakugo laughed. Todoroki smiled at the two of them. "Sit down, it's time to eat." Bakugo demanded. They all ate and like Bakugo thought, Mic had taken a picture of all of them together, which would be framed at put on the wall. After dinner they talked for a little while before heading off to go to bed, since Iida had actually made them a training schedule. Aizawa and Mic smiled after their boys.
           The next few days were training hell. Deku doesn't remember ever being this tired. He stepped on the scale Sunday night, to realize he's gained 10 pounds over the past week, solely in muscle. He got in the shower and when he got out, Bakugo was standing in the doorway, ready to pull his husband to their bedroom. After taking care of their needs, both of them were asleep, wrapped in each other.
          The new alarm clock went off and met the same fate as its brother. Smashed into millions of pieces on the floor. They got up and got ready for class. It was the first day back after break, the Sports Festival happening the upcoming weekend. And It had gotten out the Aizawa and Mic also adopted Shinsou, and by default Todoroki, since they announced their engagement and wedding date over break. Their classmates were happy for them, but they couldn't say the rest of the school was thrilled.
        "That makes sense as to why the rankings are going the way they are, because the teacher's kids are all in hero courses.!" A third year yelled. Deku and Bakugo turned.
          "Do you want to know why we rank better than you? Because we're better than you!" Bakugo yelled.
         "Prove it!" The third year said. He didn't even see Deku move from his spot beside his husband, nor did he see the right hook send him flying halfway down the hallway. What he did see though was a bright flash of green.
          "ANY OF YOU BASTARDS WANT TO FIGHT, THEN COME FIND US AFTER CLASS FOR A FRIENDLY SPAR IF YOU'RE SO WORRIED ABOUT WHY WE'RE ON THE TOP OF THE RANKINGS AND YOU'RE NOT" Bakugo yelled. He and Deku walked into the classroom as they sat down they saw a wall of Ice split the hallway in half, followed by Shinsou walking in the door, Todoroki behind him. Todoroki melted the Ice once he was sure Shinsou was safe with Deku and Bakugo.
          "Jesus Christ these people. I'm about to fight every last one of them." Shinsou said. Bakugo agreed completely. Once the rest of the class came in and sat down, they had made Aizawa's four kids get as far away from the door as possible, for their safety and the safety of the other students. Aizawa came in the room and saw what was going on. He turned around and walked out of the room, heading up to Nezu's office. He was back approximately 10 minutes later.
         "Good morning, students. It has been brought to my attention that there has been some confusion on how the ranking system works. It is simple. All of your tests that go towards the ranking, and all the practical tests, are graded and scored by a third party. Our own teachers here do not score for ranking. Instead of jumping to conclusions and harassing other students just because they were adopted by two teachers you actually asked how things worked, then we wouldn't have had an issue. But I will say that you have gone and put an entire class into fight or flight, and you picked the wrong class to do that with, considering this entire class out ranks and out performs all of you. If I hear of one more incident involving the ranking, the person who started the confrontation will be expelled so then you won't have to worry about someone else's progress being better than your own. Mind your own business. You don't know everyone's personal lives and you have no right to make assumptions. Have a wonderful day." Dean Nezu said over the intercom.
         Aizawa noticed the class had relaxed, but his boys hadn't. The way this class was towards each other made him love them all. Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki had Shinsou in the corner, their backs to him, ready. Then the rest of the pack was surrounding them, followed by the rest of the class in the front. He looked to see a few first year students trying to look into the room. He walked over and opened the door.
          "Have you ever see a pack of dogs go after fresh meat?" He asked them. They shook their head. "Well if you don't stop staring at my class through the door, you'll learn first hand. Get to class." Aizawa said. The boys ran off, terrified. He went back behind his desk. "BOYS!" He said, using his dad voice. The four of them looked as well as the Pack. "Sit." They found their seats and took them. That made the rest of the class sit down as well. "Good. Now. The Sports Festival is this weekend. If you would like to go spectate, We need to know now. We have an entire school to arrange transportation for." They all told him they wanted to go watch. "Great, now, next on the list. Izuku stop sending people flying down the hallways. Especially when they don't see you. There's a Third year in the infirmary saying a ghost threw him." The class burst out laughing.
           "Yes, sir." Deku responded.
          "Good. Time for class to start now." Aizawa started his lecture and the class took notes. At lunch, they kept together as a class. Eating and joking around. The other students were wary of them. After school, Deku and Bakugo were walking home with Shinsou and Todoroki when some kids from class 2B ran up to them, saying that the announcement was fake and that they cheated their way to the top. They activated their quirks, just as a big group of kids came out of the school, and rushed the 4. The 4 of them dodged every single attack attempted without even looking winded. They all activated their quirks finally. One kid rushed Deku, who spun and kicked the kid, sending him airborne. One went for Shinsou who wrapped him in the scarf and kept him restrained, using him as a shield against his little friends. Bakugo dodged the student running at him, before spinning midair and launching a small explosion at him. Todoroki had his attacker incased in ice.
          "I swear to god, you all are going to end up getting hurt. WE're top ranked for a reason. It has nothing to do with who our fathers are. It has to do with the fact that we don't sit around and complain about not being stronger. We get off our ass and we train. All the time. We spar against each other. We run and we work out. We eat healthy, get decent sleep and keep up with our class work. We don't sit around and gossip about other people's personal lives. Grow up. If you want to take my rank, you're gonna have to work for it. I'm not ranked number one because i'm adorable. I'm ranked number one because compared to the lot of you, I'm the best there is. FInd something to motivate yourselves with. Family, friends, your damn cat, I don't care, and let that motivate you to get better. YOu don't have to get better for you if you don't want to. Get better for your little brother, who needs someone to look up to. Get better so you can protect yourself and your siblings from an abusive parent. Get better just because you're bored and have nothing to do really. Get you some motivation and a support system and do better. Be better. Go beyond! Plus Ultra!" Deku yelled at the crowd that had amassed at the fight. It easily had to be the entirety of the school. Everyone stared for a minute before the whole crowd started clapping and yelling. Deku turned bright pink.
          "That's why he's ranked number one. Because of this right here." Bakugo told Shinsou quietly.
        "He is very charismatic that's for sure. He's got the strength and he has the people skills." Todoroki said.
           "I'm serious, though. Coming at us like these students did is very dangerous. We will hurt you. We won't mean to, but our quirks aren't cute little fluff quirks that would tickle. Our quirks are deadly in battle, and we would rather completely avoid situations that involve us using them. If you have an honest question, then ask, but do not under any circumstances run to attack us. This is your only warning. You will get hurt and then i'll end up crying because you got hurt, which will piss off my husband and you'll get hurt again. So let's agree to avoid that, yeah? Alright have a Plus Ultra day." Deku said, turning to go back home. The students clapped and yelled, before dispersing into smaller groups.


          The entire faculty was up in Nezu's office watching dismissal before a staff meeting. Nezu had his window open to let the breeze in. They watched the 4 boys attempt to attack Aizawa's boys. He watched how they dodged and maneuvered. The staff watched as his boys shut them down quickly and with minimal injury.  "The entire school is watching them." Cementoss observed. Aizawa and Mic looked to see that it was true. The entire student body was standing there, awestruck. They watched Deku take a few steps towards the group.
        "Shota, what's he doing?" Mic asked.
        "Shhh. Listen, Hizashi." Aizawa said. Deku's speech could be heard through the open window.
        "I swear to god, you all are going to end up getting hurt." Was the first thing they heard. Aizawa facepalmed and shook his head. He listened to what was being said though. " We don't sit around and gossip about other people's personal lives. Grow up. If you want to take my rank, you're gonna have to work for it. I'm not ranked number one because i'm adorable."
        "Look at Katsuki's face." Hizashi laughed. Bakugo was in fact trying not to smile.
        " Get you some motivation and a support system and do better. Be better. Go beyond! Plus Ultra!" They heard him pause.
         "Is he done?" Midnight asked, curious.
         "Is he ever done?" Ectoplasm said, laughing.
         "I'm serious, though. Coming at us like these students did is very dangerous. We will hurt you. We won't mean to, but our quirks aren't cute little fluff quirks that would tickle. Our quirks are deadly in battle, and we would rather completely avoid situations that involve us using them. If you have an honest question, then ask, but do not under any circumstances run to attack us. This is your only warning. You will get hurt and then i'll end up crying because you got hurt, which will piss off my husband and you'll get hurt again. So let's agree to avoid that, yeah? Alright have a Plus Ultra day."
         "Now he's done." Aizawa laughed. All Might snorted as did Mic.
         "For now." They both barked, laughing.
        "I will say this, Aizawa, Mic, All Might. Those are some fine young men you've got there. They show restraint. The show control. And they show empathy. This is why they are currently ranked top of the student body. These are future heroes that small children will want to be like. It is a very good thing. This is the example of what I want all the students graduating from UA to behave like. Calm, measured, and collected. Shota, Hizashi, you two have done a fine job molding those boys into what they are. All Might, you have been an amazing mentor teaching these boys what being a hero actually means. The rest of the staff that has interacted with these boys, keep up the good work. The goal here at UA is to provide the public with well trained, well mannered Heroes." Nezu said, starting off his faculty meeting.
        "You're going to end up viral on social media again for that speech Mr. I'm not ranked number one because i'm adorable. You're so fucking adorable it amazes me every time." Bakugo kissed him. Deku smiled.
          "Well, hopefully the point gets across to them to leave us alone. I won't keep holding back if these students want to keep up their shit." Deku said, getting into his training clothes.
        "I'll blow them all to the moon for you, my love." Bakugo said, flexing. Deku kissed him.
        "Come on, Iida and the pack are waiting." Deku said, pulling him out their front door. Bakugo was right, half the student body recorded the entire confrontation, and these boys were back on the news. The boys didn't know yet, with training being as rigorous as it was. Aizawa and Mic, however saw it.
          "I knew it wouldn't be long. The school is going to have to do a press release about this I just have a feeling." Aizawa said, pinching the bridge of his nose.
         "Nezu will let this one go. I'm pretty confident in that. But if you listen to what he's saying, it's very motivational. I'm surprised Todoroki didn't say anything about the abusive parent part though." Mic said.
         "He knows Izuku wouldn't call him out like that. And what he said is probably something the older Todoroki siblings probably all took to heart early on. Izuku sent out a good message to all the future heroes that are old enough to understand him. He also got a pretty good message across to the student body." Aizawa said.
           "Yeah, especially bringing in the protective husband card." Mic laughed.
          "I can't wait for this festival to be over. I want to die right now." Kaminari huffed, breathing hard. He was sparring against Deku this time.
            "Come on Denki. You got this." Deku said, barely breaking a sweat.
            "If you'd stay the hell still for three seconds i'd have you alright." He snapped. Deku laughed.
            "Ah, but the likelihood of a one on one enemy standing still is very small, unless you can get him to monologue." Deku said, dodging another blast. He felt someone coming up on his 6, so he spun and swung, catching Kirishima in the stomach, sending him flying backwards before dodging another shock from Kaminari.
           "Damn, bro. I was just coming to tell you Katsuki called it." Kirishima said, picking himself up. Bakugo came over to see Kirishima walking out of the side of a building.
           "I told you to call it, Kiri." Bakugo said.
           "Your husband sent me through the wall before I could even open my mouth." Kiri responded.
           "Should learn to dodge better." Deku stuck his tongue out at him. Kaminari tried one last blast, Deku dodged without even looking at him, and the charge hit Kirishima, sending him back into the building.
           "We'll work on dodging tomorrow Kirishima." Bakugo laughed. They all walked back to the dorms for bed. The next few days were hell. Class, training, homework then bed. Before they knew it, they were getting on a chartered bus Friday night, to head to Hosu City, where the festival would be held. The schools decided that they would all travel to a neutral city for the festival. His entire class was on this bus as well as Mic's homeroom class. Mic started playing some music after the bus took off, starting a dance party. Aizawa was curled up in his sleeping bag with earplugs in. Deku and Shinsou went up and sat with him for a few minutes.
       "Nervous?" Aizawa asked, sitting up and turning to face them. Both boys nodded. "I don't blame you in the least. Just know that all you have to do is your best. That's all your other father and I ask of you. We're all proud of you. I know you'll kick ass. And we will be there to support you, as teachers and this time as your fathers too." Aizawa said.  Both boys smiled before going back to their seats. A little while later, Mic put on some slow, relaxing music and it took all of 10 minutes for all the students to fall asleep.
          The following morning they had stopped to get breakfast before arriving at the stadium. The classes were definitely a lot quieter than last night. At least, those competing were. Aizawa and Mic's kids sat with them at the restaurant with the rest of the pack, barely talking. Aizawa and Mic smiled. After breakfast they loaded back on the bus and headed to the stadium. Once there, the 10 competing out of Aizawa's class grabbed their cases with their hero suits and headed off to the locker rooms. Aizawa and Mic lead the rest of the students to registration and then to their section. The director of the festival had tried to get Mic to MC, but no amount of money made him cave.
          "I'm not here for work today, I'm here to support my children and my other students." He said in finality. The director sighed and walked off, calling the back up. Every student who attended UA was here, which meant all the teachers were here too. Recovery Girl had set up a temporary nurses station along with the other healers from the other schools. She pulled band aids and candy out of her bag and set them on her desk.
          "TOP O' THE MORNING TO YA, LADDIES! GLAD EVERYONE COULD MAKE IT OUT TODAY FOR WHAT'S GOING TO BE A VERY PROMISING EVENT!" Jack yelled. Bakugo and Deku broke out laughing. "ALL RIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. THE FIRST EVENT IS GOING TO BE AN OBSTACLE COURSE. THE MAP IS POSTED ABOVE MY HEAD HERE. NOW I WANT YOU TO LISTEN VERY CLOSELY TO THIS NEXT PART. ONLY THE FIRST 32 STUDENTS ACROSS THAT LINE WILL MOVE ON TO THE NEXT TASK!! GOOD LUCK BE WITH YE!" Snipe sent off a shot from the UA area of the arena, starting the course. All of the students took off, Quirks activated. The first obstacle they came to was giant robots.
           "WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE ROBOTS?!?!?! EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!" Kirishima yelled, dodging a lazer blast. Deku pushed power into his legs and launched at one, blowing clear through it, landing on the ground and continuing to run. Bakugo blew a whole line of them up with a single explosion. Iida threw Kirishima and Kaminari at two, paving the way through. Todoroki froze a few of them, Shinsou using his scarf to get them over the remains. Various other students had also gotten past the robots. It was a pretty close course at this stage, all the students used to the robots at this point. They came up to the next obstacle, which was the ruins of a destroyed city and Dean Nezu was operating a crane as were the other Deans, trying to stop as many students as they could. Iida and Deku were the first two through, speeding as fast as they could to make it before they were noticed. Shinsou had managed to capture three Deans in his quirk, allowing for safe passage. Todoroki used his ice as a shield while Kirishima used his quirk to walk through nonchalantly, unscathed. Tokoyomi used Dark Shadow to navigate through. Kaminari and Bakugo blasted their way through. Sero used his tape to get across the field with the cranes themselves.
                The final obstacle was a villain. They just had to get past him. The villain, however, was Ectoplasm. "Any tips for this?" Iida asked Deku.
             "Yeah, dodge as much as possible. That's the only way to get through without wasting time fighting." Deku said. He put 35% power into his legs, Iida supercharged his engines and they took off, almost completely unseen. Ectoplasm could only have thirty clones at one time. Iida and Deku did their best to make it without having to engage in combat. Deku made it through and across the finish line. Iida got caught by the last clone, but a swift kick to the clone was all it took to get him across the finish line as well. All The UA kids who knew Ectoplasm's quirk got past him quickly enough, making it to the next round. The other students however, had issues. Several students were knocked out and had to be carried to the infirmary set up. The 12 students from Shiketsu College made it through. There were only eight spots left. Those last eight spots were filled finally by students from Ketsubutsu Academy.
            "ALRIGHT LADS AND LASSIES! THAT'S IT. CONGRATS TO THOSE WHO MADE IT THROUGH! GOOD JOB TO THOSE WHO TRIED THEIR BEST, BUT DIDN'T MAKE IT! THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR, YEAH?" Jack yelled. Aizawa and Mic were just as excited as their students. Down on the field, Bakugo wrapped his arm around Deku's shoulders. Shinsou was smiling at Todoroki. The pack had found each other, threw their heads back and howled loudly, their classmates in the stands threw their heads back and howled too. The other schools looked at them funny.
            "You all are all going down during the tournament." One of the students from Shiketsu College said. Bakugo broke out laughing.
              "You losers aren't strong enough to stop a water sprinkler, I doubt you'll so much damage to us." Bakugo snapped.
              "We don't have to take you all down. We're not stupid. If you take down the Alpha, the whole pack breaks down. We just have to take out little Izuku there and that'll take care of the rest of you." The student said. In an instant, making the student jump back, the 11 students from UA had surrounded Deku, ready to fight.
              "Hate to tell you this, nerd, he's not the Alpha of this pack. I AM! And if you even think you're going to lay a finger on him, we'll kill you." Bakugo snarled. The student backed up to his classmates, who laughed at him.
              "You just put a target on your back, kid. Everyone knows how UA is about that little green haired cinnamon roll. Who, by the way, has enough power to blow you to the moon with his pinky finger. NEVER underestimate the students from UA. We learned that in the Provisional License exam." One of the older student told him. The kid paled.
               Deku's head jerked up to the stands. He though he heard Aizawa. Aizawa was standing at the railing. All he said was boys, and the entire pack turned too. He shook his head and all the UA kids backed down and walked away.
               "NEXT UP IS THE PART EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR! THE PRELIMINARIES. WE'LL GO FROM 32 TO 16, THEN 16 TO 8, THEN 8 TO 4 WHICH IS WHERE WE'LL GET OUR TWO CONTENDERS FOR THE GOLD. GET READY! WE BEGIN IN 5." Jack yelled. The UA students had a feeling they would end up facing each other.

Chapter Text


            The preliminaries were a piece of cake for The Pack. For their classmates, not so much. Only the Pack made it through the first round. They each would face someone from one of the other academies this round. (A/N: I have a migraine, so I wont go into too much detail until the next round to save my head a little. I'll add it in at a later date) Izuku was up against the kid from Shiketsu that decided to run his mouth. Oh how he was going to enjoy this. The kid's quirk was water spout. Right off the bat he tried to blast Deku out with a very powerful hydro cannon. Deku dodged easily, Putting 30% power into his legs. He ran at the kid, who tried again. Deku jumped into the air, redirected, and landed kick to the kid's stomach at 30% power, sending him flying into the wall of the stadium, unconscious. Deku stood up straight as he landed, straightening out his suit. Jack called it and Deku stepped out of the arena.
         Bakugo went up against Seiji Shishikura, much to his pleasure. "Oh, look! I get to kick your ass again! This'll be so much fun!" Bakugo growled. Shishikura was not amused and rather irritated.
         "Students like you shouldn't be allowed to be heroes. Vulgar and disrespectful." Shishikura said. He proceeded to start throwing balls of flesh at Bakugo, who kept blowing them up. Bakugo, tired of dodging, turned his explosion into a laser and dealt a massive burn across Shishikura's chest, infuriating him. He formed a giant hand and attempted to grab Bakugo, who dodged, blew up the hand, launched into the air and once he was directly behind Shishikura, Pulled the pin on his modified gauntlets, sending out a massive, blinding explosion. Shishikura was knocked out of bounds, and declared the loser of the fight. Bakugo smiled as he went to walk away. Shishikura, upset, sent his quirk out to try to turn Bakugo into a meatball. Deku made it to Bakugo first, pushing him out of the way and turning, dodging the attack and slamming him into the wall, pinning him.
           "I believe the match has been called, that doesn't mean you attack someone when their back is turned. That's not very heroic of you is it? You make your school look bad with underhanded moves like that." Deku said, letting him go and walking back with Bakugo.
         The rest of the pack had moved on to the next round except Kaminari and Tokoyomi. They joined Aizawa and Mic in the stands, covered in blood and dirt.
          "You need to see Recovery Girl." Mic said.
         "We need to see our classmates obliterate those shady bastards." Tokoyomi said. Mic didn't fight them on that. The eight that proceeded were Bakugo, Deku, Kirishima, Todoroki, Shinsou, Iida, Nagamasa Mora from Shiketsu, and Inasa Yoarashi from Shiketsu.
             "They're going to have to fight each other at this point." Aizawa said.
             "This is going to be a good show. I brought snacks." Mic said, opening his directional speaker and pulling out a shit ton of candy, sharing with Aizawa and the two boys.
             "Up first. Todoroki Shoto and Inasa Yoarashi. Begin!" Inasa started his whirlwind, and Todoroki used his ice to prevent himself from being blown back across the line, before using his fire to try to suffocate Inasa to stop. It took a moment but it worked and when it did, Todoroki incased him in ice from the neck  down. He walked up to Inasa and unfroze his feet, before backing up, running and kicking him out of bounds. Jack called it and Todoroki unfroze Inasa.
                "You've gotten quicker!" He said, before they parted ways. Shinsou was up against Nagamasa Mora. Thankfully he was not aware of Shinsou's quirk. There wasn't really a long battle. or a battle at all.
              "HOw do you like things over at that school of yours. I heard it's real pretty in the spring." Shinsou said, getting his scarf ready.
             "Oh it's wonder-" Shinsou got him as he was walking into range to use his hair quickly.
             "Walk out of bounds." Shinsou said. Mora turned and walked out of the ring. Jack called it. "Flick your forehead." He said and Mora did.
              "Goodness, that's a handy quirk to have." Mora laughed, shaking his hand.
           "Well that's the last two not from UA." Tokoyomi said.
            "Bakugo, Izuku versus Kirishima Eijiro." Jack called.
              "It's gonna come down between Izuku and Bakugo." Kaminari said.
            "How do you figure?" Aizawa asked.
              "Easily. Iida has speed yes, but Bakugo has raw power and a quirk that can hit a vast area. Iida can only dodge for so long. Same with Kirishima. His hardening will crack eventually. Izuku just has to keep wearing on him. Plus they may train together but we all know those two hold back. They won't hold back today for sure." Kaminari said,
             "This is going to be so bad, but so good." Mic said.
          "I know you hold back during training, Izuku but you better not hold back today! When I beat your ass I wanna know I did it with you at full power!" Kirishima yelled to Deku. Deku smiled and pulled on his respirator.
           "Just know, Kiri, I'm sorry about this then." Deku said. Jack signaled and in a heartbeat, Deku put his full current power, 49% into his legs and all you could see was green energy. HIs legs connected with Kirishima in multiple places. Kirishima landed a well timed punch to Deku's stomach, sending him up into the sky. He jumped up, punch ready as Deku changed projectory. He met Kirishima's fist with the tip of his boot, sending him flying at a very high speed to the ground. His body left a massive hole in the floor of the arena. He shot up, hardened skin cracking already, landing a kick on Deku sending him to the ground. Deku prepared for the landing, his toes touching the ground, and launching back up at Kiri. Kiri was ready to defend against a kick, so he didn't see the almost invisible fist swing at his face, before Deku twisted his body around to the other side of Kiri, landing a kick to his back, sending him back into the ground, making the hole twice the size. Kirishima did not get back up. Jack called it after a moment and Deku ran to help him up and walk him to Recovery Girl.
            "I'm sorry Kirishima." Deku said, tears pouring down his face. Kirishima just laughed.
             "Don't apologize Izuku. I'm the one who asked for it. Do me a favor yeah? Kick your husband's ass for me and we'll be even." Kirishima laughed. Deku laughed with him as he laid him down on a cot.
              "I'll do my best. I hope you're up in time to see it. If he even beats Iida that is." Deku said.
            Iida kept dodging explosions left and right. He hadn't expected Bakugo to have gotten this quick. He jumped up and landed a solid kick to Bakugo, before taking an explosion to the face. He was blown into the ground but was up quickly. He zigzagged on the ground before jumping up to strike again. Bakugo dodged and his him with a grenade that exploded instantly. While he was falling back to the ground, Bakugo pulled the pin on his gauntlets and blasted Iida 20 feet into the ground. He didn't get back up. Jack called it and Bakugo rushed to get Iida out of the hole and to Recovery Girl. Deku then proceeded to beat Shinsou and Bakugo defeated Todoroki, though that was one hell of a fight.
          "I still love you no matter who wins this. But don't hold back on me. This is just another spar alright?" Bakugo said.
           "I still love you too. I'll be your nurse when we get home if I hurt you too bad. I don't want you to hold back either. We need to do this on even footing." Deku said.
           "ALRIGHT LADS AND LASSIES! THE TIME WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING ALL DAY FOR. THE FINAL MATCH OF THE DAY ARE YOU READY!?!!?!?! BAKUGO, IZUKU VERSUS BAKUGO KATSUKI!" Both boy walked out and stood across from each other. Deku surging with power. Bakugo already sparking. Both boys pulled something out of their pockets and put them on their ears.
           "They almost seriously forgot their headsets?!?!!?" Aizawa asked, incredulously.
           "ALRIGHT GENTLEMEN! ON YOUR MARK!" Jack yelled. In that instance, they jumped at each other, Deku kicking Bakugo into the air, Bakugo letting an explosion go. Deku dodged it, and flicked his finger, sending a surge of power at Bakugo, knocking him higher into the air. Deku launched himself up, dodging most of the explosions Bakugo sent after him. He spun himself around Bakugo and kicked him, Bakugo spinning at the same time, blasting him. One was thrown into the ground, the other into the ceiling. Both braced for impact and used the momentum to launch back at each other. Bakugo used his laser technique, hitting Deku in the shoulder, Deku flicked his finger and knocked Bakugo off his trajectory. They stood opposite of each other, panting, before Deku went to 50% power. Bakugo pulled the pin on both his gauntlets at the same time sending a massive, full powered bomb at Deku. Deku flipped over it and landed his kick on Bakugo's shoulder, implanting him into the ground. Bakugo threw a grenade and blew Deku back.
          "This is going to take all night. DO you know how much stamina they have, on top of knowing each other's attacks and moves?" Kirishima said.
           "All it takes is for one of them to hesitate." Aizawa said, not taking his eyes off the match.
          "Is that all you got, babe?" Deku taunted, jumping out of the way of a series of explosions. Deku felt the blood pouring down his face and down his arms. The arms of his suit were burned off at the beginning of the match. Bakugo's shirt was all torn to shred. Both boys were cut and bruised and covered in blood and dirt.
          "If you'd be so kind and stay the fuck still this would be over and we could be on our way home to go eat at Sharon's!" Bakugo tempted. Deku smiled at him before taking off, faster than Bakugo could see. "So you wanna fucking play baby, we'll play! COME HERE PRETTY BOY!" he yelled. He timed Deku and set off an explosion where Deku should've appeared. Deku appeared above him. While his body was rotating he planted a soft kiss to Bakugo's forehead.
         "You missed me baby." He whispered before kicking Bakugo in the back at 50% power, sending him straight into the barrier wall below the stands. He was launched out of bounds, and unconscious. The battle took 45 minutes, before Deku could get Bakugo's guard down. Jack called the match and then ran straight to Bakugo, helping him up. Both boys just burst out in laughter as they hobbled to Recovery Girl, who was shaking her head at the two of them.
           "THERE WE HAVE IT LADS AND LASSIES! GIVE US A FEW MOMENTS TO FIX THE ARENA AGAIN AND WE WILL DO THE AWARDS CEREMONY!" Jack said. Shinsou was there still being bandaged up. Deku looked at Shinsou and smiled. All three of them burst out laughing.
          "Got your ass kicked by a bottom I see." Shinsou raised his eyebrow and Bakugo before he and Deku lost it.
            "I'll kill you, brother." Bakugo growled, a smile on his face. Recovery Girl finished with Shinsou before looking at the couple.
             "How come every time I see you two, you're always covered in blood?" She asked, using her quirk to stop the bleeding and get the cuts to scab over on both boys before wiping the blood off of them. She kissed both their foreheads before sending them to get into their school uniforms for the awards ceremony. They kissed each other, got dressed and headed back out into the arena. Deku was placed in First, Bakugo in second, Todoroki in third and Shinsou in forth. Aizawa and Mic took pictures the whole ceremony. Their boys had won and they were so proud of them all. After the awards ceremony they all headed outside to wait for the bus. Their class was giving them congrats when Gang Orca, his sister Siobahn, and The Boss walked up.
            "We wanted to say congrats to you four and to UA college for their amazing hard work today." The Boss said. Gang Orca and Siobahn were talking to Bakugo and Deku slightly away from the rest of the class. Enjoying the moment together before they all went and congratulated the rest of the students. Once their bus pulled up, Aizawa shuffled them all on and they departed, saying goodbye to their friends and boss. At least this time they'll be on the news for something nondramatic. All the contestants were asleep before the bus even left the Stadium.


   Aizawa really hated waking his boys up when they got back to campus, but knew he had to. There were moans and groans and not a single one of them got up. The rest of the kids had already headed In the dorm, but the Pack was dead to the world asleep. He sighed. "Sorry about this boys." He said, putting his ear plugs in.
      "HEYO!" Mic yelled. All eight of them jumped up, ready to fight, half asleep.
         "We're home. Go to bed." Aizawa said, pulling out his ear plus. All the boys zombie walked off the bus and into the dorms, headed straight for Deku and Bakugo's apartment. Deku dropped the keys ten times before getting it into the lock and letting them all in. Aizawa knew they weren't going to make it past the living room if they even made it that far. He and Mic laughed as they grabbed the boys stuff they left behind and went in their own apartment to call it a night.
        Deku and Bakugo literally fell on the couch, asleep before they hit it. Kirishima grabbed the pillows and blankets out of the hall closet, throwing them haphazardly at everyone before curling up on Kaminari and passing the hell out. Everyone else just fell asleep where ever they happened to have fallen. They woke up very late Sunday afternoon, bodies hurting from the strain the day before. Deku and Bakugo both had migraines from hell. Deku texted their father for assistance, since none of them could move. Aizawa pulled out the spare key to the apartment, after sending Mic to the market. He also called Recovery Girl. He walked in the door to see the scene in front of him.
         There were bodies everywhere, the living room as black as night. Dark Shadow had apparently covered the windows for the boys. "May the gods have mercy" He whispered.
          "Why are you yelling dad?" Deku groaned from underneath Bakugo. He was using Bakugo's weight to try to force the migraine to go away.
          "I'm not yelling. Do all of you have migraines?" He asked. They all groaned. "I'll take that as a yes. Just lay there and relax. I'll make something to eat, Hizashi is on his way back from the market with Asprin and Orange juice and hopefully Gatorade." Aizawa said, turning the kitchen light on. They all hissed at him, trying to cover their eyes. He chuckled. Mic walked in the door.
           "Heyo!" He said loudly. Deku threw the couch pillow at him at 35% power.
          "They've got migraines, Hizashi, you have to be quiet." Aizawa said.
           "Well i'd have a migraine too if I was stupid enough to tell the Alpha and Betta not to hold back. Pretty sure Izuku sent three of them through the barrier wall." Mic said, laughing. six more pillows were launched at him, all hitting. He went and helped Aizawa in the kitchen. Once food was done, Aizawa and Mic made each one of them take asprin and drink a glass of orange juice before giving them their food. They sat down and waited for life to seep back into them. When that didn't happen they began to worry.
             "What's wrong with you boys? Like symptoms." Aizawa asked. His phone rang at that moment. He told the boys to lay back down. It was Joke. "Hello?" He asked.
             "Hey handsome! Got a question. Your students that made it past the first obstacle, are they acting funny too?" She asked.
              "Define funny?" He asked.
                "Like they're hung over, but meds aren't touching it. They're unresponsive." Aizawa's phone dropped. Mic looked at him, worried. He picked it back up.
                "Have you called the other school?" He asked.
              "Yes and their students are fine." She said, as suspicious as he was.
               "Get your students on a bus and get them here as soon as fucking possible. I want to get to the bottom of this." He said, hanging up the phone.
               "Hizashi, this is now a 911 situation. Get the other four kids that made it past the first test in this room now." He said. Mic didn't question it. He was up and out the door. Aizawa was on the phone again. "Recovery Girl this has turned into a 911 situation. We need The Doctor ASAP. I hope he's still in town."
               "He's right here with me. He stopped in to say bye before leaving town. We'll be there in a moment let us grab our bags." She hung up. He called Nezu and told him to make a press report. Before walking up to Deku.
             "Izuku, son. sit up for a minute. come on." He got Deku to sit up slightly. Bakugo didn't even more to adjust. Something was wrong, seriously wrong. "Izuku did you guys eat or drink anything yesterday at the festival?" He asked.
               "Hmmm? Um. I don't remember. Water maybe. Bottle water." He said, before passing back out. Aizawa felt his forehead. It was burning up. Bakugo was the same. He checked the rest of them and they were all burning up. He tried to get Deku to respond, but he wouldn't even open his eyes. Hizashi came back and reported that the other students were perfectly fine. That made Aizawa more concerned. Recovery Girl and The Doctor walked in and saw the scene.
             "They've been poisoned. I can tell by the color of their skin. Recovery Girl, will you verify." The Doctor said. He set his bags down and started going through them. Aizawa texted Nezu the update. He was getting the press conference ready.
              "It's poison, you are correct. Shota were you able to get anything out of them?" Recovery Girls responded.
            "I managed to get Izuku say they were drinking water bottles." Aizawa said. The Doctor was going through vials in his bag. Joke walked in with six of her kids, being carried by six of her other students. "Bring them over here and lay them down." He told her. Once all the kids were positioned on the floor, The doctor found the right vial. He pulled out fourteen needles and filled each one. He showed them how to inject the medicine and then handed the teachers the needles. They went around the room and made sure each student got it.
            "Do we need to move them to the infirmary?" Joke asked.
             "No. We need to keep them in here since Nezu is going to do a press conference. We do not want them on the media like this especially since the League wants my boys." He said. She nodded.
              "How long will this take to get through their systems?" Mic asked.
            "It can take a while. This basically removes all the poison from their bodies, so it depends on who got it the worst. We'll just have to monitor them all until they start to come around." The Doctor said. Nezu walked in the apartment and saw the scene. Students all over the floor, looking like they're dead.
            "Aizawa, i'm gonna need you, Ms. Joke, and The Doctor to come with me for this press release. I promise you can get right back to your boys after this is over." Nezu said.
           "We got the students, Shota, go on." Mic said, worry written all over his face. Aizawa reluctantly left his children and their friends, to go get changed for the press release. Mic pulled out his phone and called Inko.
           "We've got a problem. Aizawa is about to do a press release. Students that competed yesterday were poisoned. The Doctor is here. Yes the same one. Yes. We have two schools worth of students here. Aizawa will have more information and The Doctor and the other school's teacher. Recovery Girl and I are with the students. No you don't have to come back from your honeymoon. Enjoy the States. I'll keep you updated." He hung up and started checking on the students. He had to pull himself out of his head.
           "UA college has requested the following media press release involving an incident with two different school's competitors. We will now cut to them"
           "There has been a recently noticed incident in regards to some of the students that competed yesterday at the Sports Festival. The affected students are the ones who made it to the tournament from the obstacle course. We currently have all the known students inflicted here on campus being treated. The Doctor thankfully was in town to assist us with this." Nezu started.
           "My children woke up late this afternoon with severe migraines. Medications and other known remedies did not work. One of them texted 911 to us and we headed straight over. They were almost catatonic and nonresponsive within five minutes of us being there. Ms. Joke called me shortly after, asking if my students were acting the same as hers, to which we had her bring the students here and we updated Recovery Girl, whom thankfully The Doctor was visiting. All fourteen affected students are still in comatose like states." Aizawa said.
            "It was a similar situation at my school. One of the students had reported feeling light headed and had a severe sensitivity to light. We then checked on all of our students and only the eight that made it past the obstacle course were effected. Aizawa told me to get the kids here, so I enlisted the help of some of my Third Year students and we got here quickly."
           "The fourteen students inflicted currently are running very high fevers, are having migraines and are in severe body pain. Upon further checking, we have come to the conclusion these students have been poisoned. I have administered medication to clear the poison from their systems, but only time will really tell if we need to make more drastic options. These students will be monitored closely by medical personnel until further notice. One of the students was coherent long enough to tell us the only thing they consumed yesterday was water bottles. To any of the schools that had competitors yesterday, please check on your students. Symptoms would be as followed: light sensitivity, severe body aches, inability to move, migraines, shaking, high fever, high blood pressure, light headedness. If they show any of these signs, please contact your school's medical professional immediately."
          "If your students show any of these symptoms, after calling your medical professional, please call our local police department. They have opened an active investigation. Any information in regards to the actions from the Sports Festival yesterday would be greatly appreciated. Any questions before we wrap this up?" Nezu asked.
           "None of the other students have been effected?"
           "No, only the contestants that made it past the first event so far have showed symptoms. We will provide updates as we get them." Aizawa replied.
            "Will the students effected recover completely?"
           "I believe we caught it soon enough to where there should be no long term effects, although only time really will tell." The doctor responded.
             "So you believe this attack on the students comes from the League?"
           "No, we do not at this time have any evidence to suggest that this was a League attack. If that were the case, they wouldn't be trying to kill these kids, they'd take them and try to turn them to the crime sector. You have to realize these are the strongest students in the country. Honestly the only reason they haven't died yet is because of the amazing health and conditioning their bodies are in." Aizawa said. You could see the sheer amount of worry on his face.
            "You said your boys were affected as well?" One reporter had the balls to ask. Aizawa glared at them.
             "My boys were competitors yesterday as well as the other students. Yes they were affected. And i'd rather be with them, than sitting here being asked obvious questions." Aizawa said.
          "Will charges be pressed?"
         "Are you retarded? Of course charges will be pressed. Fourteen charges of attempted murder." Ms. Joke said.
           "Any more questions?" Nezu asked. He didn't give them time to answer. "Since not, we're going to let The Doctor and these teacher get back to care for their students. Either we will give you an update, or law enforcement will. Have a Plus Ultra day." Nezu said before getting off his chair and walking away. The others followed suit. Aizawa pulled his hair down as soon as he was out from in front of the cameras, pulling off his tie and shoving it in his pocket. Nezu went to his office and the rest of them went back to the boys.
          "How are they doing?" Aizawa asked Mic the second he walked back in the door.
          "The same. I tried moving Izuku to get a reaction out of Bakugo, and neither of them moved to get to the other. There's still pretty far in the woods." Mic said, moving Shinsou's hair out of his face and putting an icepack on it. All the students had icepacks on. Aizawa bent down and put his hand on the side of Deku's face. Deku didn't even flinch. The Doctor and Recovery Girl went around and checked vitals.
          "Heart rates are slowing down, that's a good sign." Recovery Girl said.
          "Blood pressure is still way to high." The Doctor responded. Mic grabbed kitchen chairs for the three teachers and they all sat down, elbows on their knees. It would be another twelve hours before they got any kind of reaction from the students, vitals being taken every half an hour. Aizawa had picked up Deku, and Bakugo reached out, pulling him back down. That was the only response they could get. They did the same with all the couples and got the same results.
          "Is that good?" Aizawa asked, hopeful.
           "It's a small improvement. They're still no where near out of the woods." The Doctor said. Aizawa ran his fingers through Shinsou's hair. No one slept that night and classes had been cancelled until further notice.

Chapter Text

          It had been over 36 hours since the students fell comatose, and the teachers hadn't slept a wink. The quiet was beyond unsettling, but no one could suffer to turn the radio or tv on. Out of no where, Todoroki and Deku started screaming bloody murder. Aizawa and Mic were up in a flash, trying to calm the boys. Recovery Girl and The Doctor moved too. They checked vitals.
        "We've got high heart rates, high blood pressure, and increased brain activity. There two are living through their nightmares." Recovery Girl said. Bakugo and Shinsou, still unconscious, pulled the two into their chests, and the screaming finally died down for silence to take its place. The screaming was what broke Aizawa in that moment. He collapsed on the floor and started crying. He couldn't help it and he couldn't stop. Hizashi came and pulled Aizawa into his arms, tears sliding down his cheek too, and held his crying husband until they both fell asleep from exhaustion. Ms. Joke got up and covered them with a blanket, and then proceeded to check on the students. The Doctor went around again and gave them all another round of the medication. This dose twice as strong as the last. Then they waited again. Aizawa and Mic woke back up, Mic making coffee for everyone. It was another 48 hours before anything else happened.
          Aizawa was checking Deku's temperature when he saw a pair of green eyes staring at him. "Hi, dad." He said quietly. Aizawa pulled him into a hug.
          "Thank the gods. How are you feeling?" Aizawa asked as the Doctor checked his vitals.
         "My throat burns and my body hurts. What's going on?" He responded very quietly.
         "All the poison seems to be out of his system. Vitals are back to normal. He will pry sleep for another week on and off, so his body can heal, but he should be okay. The rest should be coming around soon." The Doctor said after checking his vitals.
          "Poison. Were we? were we poisoned?" Deku asked, all of a sudden afraid.
         "Yes, you and the rest of the pack and then the students from Ms. Joke's school." Aizawa said. Deku wanted up so he helped, him sit up. Mic brought him water and made him drink it slowly.
          "Have they figured out who did it?" Deku asked.
        "Honestly we don't know. None of us have watched the news, nor have we answered our cell phones except for parents of the students in this room." Aizawa said. Deku looked around and saw all the bodies on the floor. He suddenly felt really angry.
         "How dare they?!?! How dare they attack my family. How dare they attack other innocent students?!!?" Deku said, quietly but angrily.
          "Calm down, son. We will deal with that later. You need to conserve your energy. You still have a long way to go." Aizawa said. About that time Deku leaned forward and rested his head on Aizawa's shoulders. Aizawa pulled him gently down onto the floor, propped himself up against the coffee table, and let him go back to sleep. Hizashi had curled up with Shinsou using his lap as a pillow. Bakugo jerked up when he realized Deku wasn't in his arms, looked around panicked and found him asleep on top of Aizawa. Aizawa saw him, moved Deku to his right side and opened his left arm. Bakugo flopped ungracefully off the couch and curled up on Aizawa, putting an arm around him, one on Deku and fell back out of it. Aizawa put his arms around his boys and fell asleep. Recovery Girl took this opportunity to take a picture of the two fathers asleep with their sick children. Todoroki had moved on top of Shinsou's back, his arm around Mic. Mic had an arm around each boy.
        The next morning, The students started waking up one by one. Once all of Ms. Joke's students were up and coherent enough, The Doctor cleared her to take them back home, so long as she had them monitored for another 24 hours. Aizawa and Mic stayed asleep with their boys, The rest of the Pack had woken up. Recovery Girl fed them as The Doctor checked their vitals, before sending them back to their dorm rooms to get some more sleep with orders to see her as soon as they wake back up. They all nodded and left, reluctant. The Doctor checked the vitals of the four boys again, and of their fathers. Everyone's vitals seemed fine, and he didn't find any more poison in their systems.
          "I'm going to head and check on the other schools, before leaving the country. If anything happens or turns for the worst, call me immediately." The Doctor said. Recovery Girl nodded, before going back to her book. She had her rocking chair brought down from her office. Todoroki was the first one of the four to wake up and actually wake up. He was groggy but didn't really feel like moving. Recovery Girl made him get up and drink some water and eat a little something.
          "How are you feeling?" She asked him.
          "Like I've been ran over by a semitruck." He said. She nodded.
          "Poison does that. You've been out for a week, I believe it's been." She said. He looked to his future in-laws and his friends. They were all still asleep. "They'll wake up soon too, no worries." Todoroki went back to eating his food. Shinsou and Hizashi were up next, Todoroki told Shinsou they were poisoned. Hizashi verified it. They all were eating, when Deku and Bakugo started stirring. Aizawa woke up first, followed by his boys. They didn't get off the floor until Recovery Girl made them. Bakugo and Deku definitely got the brunt of it all. They looked beyond horrible.
            "Sit down and eat something. Here's some water." She said, checking their vitals. "You two got hit the worst by this because you expended a hell of a lot more stamina fighting each other. That's what you get for showing off for 45 minutes." Recovery Girl scolded. "But now you're alright and I can go get some sleep for the first time in over a week. I want you six to eat and take it easy today. Yes, Shota, Hizashi, you too. All of you come see me tomorrow so I can check on you." She said getting up. "My assistant will be down for my chair."
          "I feel like death skull fucked me into oblivion." Bakugo said, eating his noodles. His family groaned in unison.
         "Guess we should turn the news on, Shota. We need to know what's going on." Hizashi said, sending a text message to Inko and Mitsuki letting them know the boys were up but under doctor's orders to stay in bed. Aizawa turned the news on. There was a conference on.
           "Thanks to tips from anonymous witnesses, we have in custody the person behind the attack on the competitors from the Sports Festival. Seiji Shishikura, A student from Shiketsu college has admitted to poisoning water and giving it to students he believed did not have qualities that Heroes should have, though one of the students poisoned is known for his kindness and willingness to help his community. Charges have been pressed against him from both school as well as the Heroes board." The police chief reported. Their jaws dropped.
         "I knew I should've killed that bastard when I fought him again." Bakugo growled.
          "Any word on the condition of the students?" The reporter asked.
          "Yes, just moments ago we were informed the last of the students had woken up. The students from Ketsubutsu Academy Had woken up and returned back to their school. Ms. Joke reported that they have made it safely back and they are resting. Recovery Girl has informed us that all of UA's students are awake and resting. We have also been informed by Dean Nezu that since it is a Thursday and classes have been out all week, that classes will resume on Monday, allowing the staff and the students the opportunity to recover in order to be back to their top performance. They are very thankful for everyone's concerns."
           "Will the schools release a list of the affected students? Since they are not minors, there is no law against it." Another reporter asked.
          "The press will have to take that up with the schools themselves. As of right now we will not be releasing a list of affected students. That is a call both the schools will have to make on their own terms. If that's all the questions, we'll go ahead and end this. Trial will be announced within the next few hours, after the perpetrator goes in front of a judge. We will inform the schools and students first, and then will release the information to the media. Thank you for your patience in this." He said, before walking off the stage. The news went back to the reporter at the desk and Aizawa turned the news off.
         "This is going to make Shiketsu look horrible." Mic said, shaking his head.
         "I thought they got that boy under control at the Licensing exam. I guess not." Aizawa said. Deku had leaned against Aizawa's shoulder, with Bakugo's hand in his. Aizawa had started petting his hair absentmindedly. Hizashi had Shinsou and Todoroki laid against him. All four boys looked completely exhausted. Hell Aizawa and Mic looked just as bad.
        "Alright. Everyone here needs a shower. I know I know. But its true, we've all been in the same clothes for a week. Shower, change and we'll meet back here and lay around and watch movies, sound good?" Aizawa suggested. They all nodded. Shinsou and Todoroki going to Shinsou's room to shower. Mic and Aizawa getting up and going home to shower. Deku and Bakugo sat on their couch for a few moments before Bakugo forced Deku to get up and in the shower. They washed off quickly, putting on their All Might footie pajamas and sitting back down on the couch, only to get up and spray Febreze on everything they owned. Then they sat back down. Shinsou and Todoroki were back first, Shinsou in an umbreon pokemon footie jammies and Todoroki in an Eevee footie pajama set. They all laughed quietly at each other. Mic and Aizawa came in in sweats and t-shirts bringing an armful of movies and some pastries from Sharon's. They put on the first movie, then got comfortable. Deku and Bakugo sat on one side of the couch, Shinsou and Todoroki on the other. Aizawa and Mic sat down in the middle of the couch, in each other's arms and that's how they stayed for the rest of the night. They all fell asleep on the couch, on top of each other.
          Deku was the first to wake up the next morning. He detangled himself from the mess of limbs on the couch. How six people slept comfortably on that thing was a miracle to him. He started a pot of coffee before going in the bedroom. He had meant to start getting dressed but the second he sat down on their bed, he was asleep again. About an hour later, Aizawa woke up to the smell of coffee. He got up, noticed Deku was missing from the couch and went in search of him to make sure he was alright. He found him, half hanging off his bed, halfway undressed, snoring softly. Aizawa shook his head before going to make himself a cup of coffee. He sat at the table, reading the latest news articles on his phone. Joke had texted to let him know all the students were doing better. He made a mental note to check on the rest of the boys after everyone here was up. Bakugo sat up quickly, half asleep, looking for Deku. Aizawa pointed to the bedroom and Bakugo walked like the living dead down the hallway. He heard Bakugo fall onto the bed and then the squeak of him scaring the ever living out of Deku, pulling him closer.
        Hizashi was up next, got a cup of coffee before kissing Aizawa. He rested his head on his husband's shoulder, sipping his coffee.
         "Boys still asleep I take it?" Hizashi asked quietly.  Aizawa nodded.
         "We have to check on the students. Make sure they're alright." He said. They got up quietly to check on the other affected boys. When they came back, Todoroki and Shinsou had moved to take up the whole couch, still asleep, and Bakugo and Deku were sprawled out on their king sized bed. Mic looked at the time.
        "It's 4 in the afternoon, Shota. They need to eat something." Mic said. Aizawa nodded and the two started making food. Deku was the first one out at the smell of food. He hugged both his dads before sitting down at the table.
          "Still getting light headed?" Aizawa asked.
         "Yeah, a little." Deku said, rubbing his temples. He laid his head down on the table as was asleep again. Mic texted Recovery Girl about this sleeping all of the boys were doing. She called him.
         "If they're not up and active by sunday around noon, then i'll worry. Their bodies have been through a lot. It'll take a lot of rest before they get their stamina back. Just wake them up to eat every so often and to get fluids in them and let them sleep after. It's if they go unresponsive again that we'll start worrying." She said before hanging up.
          "She could've just texted that." Mic said under his breath. Aizawa chuckled. "So this worry. This is part of being a dad too huh?"
         "Yes. Inko made sure to stress that in the beginning remember." Aizawa said, pulling the pastries out of the oven. Bakugo stumbled out of the bedroom at the smell of the pastries. Shinsou and Todoroki got up too and joined Deku at the table, before all three of them fell back asleep with their heads on the table. Aizawa sighed. "She's sure they're fine?"
       "Yeah, She says they'll be like this for another day or two." Mic said. Aizawa didn't look to sure about that, but she was the professional after all. They finished the food and made the boys plates and drinks and made them wake up long enough to actually eat and drink.
           "Mmmmm Pastries." Deku said as he ate it first. They looked like zombies. Bags under their eyes, their injuries and bruises in that weird yellowish purple stage of healing. Eyes sunken in. They were all really shaky. After the boys ate and tried to help clean up, they were sent to bed again. Shinsou and Todoroki on the couch, Deku and Bakugo in bed.
          "I'll go get the laptops and go check on the students again, making sure they've ate something today. i'll be back in a little bit." Mic said, kissing Aizawa. Aizawa sat down in his recliner Deku always saved for him, leaned his head back, and he was asleep instantly. Not one sound was made the entire time Mic was gone.


        Mic had came back into the apartment to find everyone asleep. Aizawa in his chair, Shinsou and Todoroki on the couch. He walked down the hall to see Deku half on top of Bakugo, asleep, with Bakugo's arms around him. He shook his head and sat down at the table, pulling his laptop out to start grading tests. He got about halfway through and his eyes just couldn't take it anymore. He closed his laptop, went over to the comfy chair Aizawa was in, and fell asleep. A knock had fallen upon the door, but all six of them were dead asleep. Inko and All Might walked in to see everyone asleep. All Might checked on Deku and Bakugo first. They were still asleep in the same position Mic found them in, breathing softly. All Might watched Deku jerk in his sleep and Bakugo's one hand went from the small of his back to tangling in his hair, both still dead asleep. Deku calmed immediately.
         "I'll leave the food on the counter. Recovery Girl warned that they'll pry be like this for a few days." Inko said. All Might nodded.
         "Poison is no fun to heal from. Especially after a big event like the Sports Festival." All Might said, from experience. She sat the bag down on the counter and left a note saying they'd stopped by and that she and All Might loved them all. After that she and All Might left, locking the door behind them.
        They all woke up Saturday morning, long enough for Mic and Aizawa to make them breakfast. Deku kissed Bakugo's shoulder. All four of them were still pretty shaky, but were looking a little bit better. The boys sat down on the couch after breakfast and started a movie, though none of them made in ten minutes in. Aizawa and Mic were sitting at the table, working, when they noticed Bakugo's head fall back against the couch, signaling they were all already asleep.
         "This worries me, Hizashi." Aizawa said, looking over at the boys. "I know she said to wait until tomorrow but they should be making more progress than this."
         "They'll pull through this. The others have been up and around. I saw Iida this morning. Kaminari and Kirishima were out last night in the common room with Uraraka and Tsu and Tokoyomi. It'll just take time." Hizashi said. Aizawa was still not completely sure. Shinsou was the first of them to wake up in the afternoon, actually able to stay awake for longer than ten minutes. He got a cup of coffee and sat down with his parents.
         "How are you feeling, son?" Aizawa asked.
         "Still like death, but less like death at the same time. My body hurts but my head is clear again, finally." He said, taking a drink.
         "At least you're awake. I'm worried about your siblings and fiancé."
        "Shota, you're being paranoid again." Hizashi called from the kitchen.
          "Not completely. The big three. The top three students, can't stay awake for more than ten minutes. They're the top three future heroes in the country. I don't blame him for being worried. I'm worried too." Shinsou replied, Looking at the others. Kirishima and Kaminari walked into the apt.
          "Shinsou, you're awake!" Kaminari exclaimed loudly. Shinsou nodded. An explosion hit him, blowing him back a few feet. Everyone turned and looked at a half away Bakugo.
         "If you wake these two up, i'll kill you." He snapped, gesturing to Deku and Todoroki, both using him as a pillow. He rubbed his eyes before leaning his cheek against Deku's head and falling right back to sleep.
          "Well, that's an improvement. He's threatening to kill people again." Hizashi said, hopefully, from the kitchen. Aizawa sighed in exasperation.
         "We figured they would've been up and around about the same time we were." Kirishima said, sitting down next to Aizawa.
          "Shinsou just completely woke up a few minutes ago, unless I've finally gone delirious and am imagining things." Aizawa said, looking at his empty coffee cup.
          "You're not delirious yet, Dad. I'm here." Shinsou smirked, passing the coffee pot to him. They all ate dinner, trying but failing to get the three on the couch to wake up. It was close to midnight when Deku rolled off the couch and got up. He was still pretty shaky, but made it to the table with Shinsou's help.
          "Are you okay?" Shinsou asked. Deku looked at him, but it was like he was looking right through him.
          "I feel like I need to move around but I also feel like I need to slip into a coma. Is this how it's supposed to be?" Deku asked, grabbing his head. That was all Aizawa needed to hear. He called Recovery Girl, while giving Mic a look. Mic sighed as he moved over to Deku. He was still running a fever. His eyes weren't dilating, and his heart rate was through the roof. He got up quickly and checked the other two, who were all responding the same as Deku. Mic got on the phone, to call the police, telling Shinsou to get the ice packs from the freezer. Shinsou moved quickly. Aizawa got off the phone and checked on the boys. Deku was slightly still awake. Mic could be heard telling the police to hurry. Shinsou was placing ice packs on everyone's foreheads.
          "Izuku, son, does anything hurt?"
         "Everything hurts. Everything burns." He said. Aizawa looked at Mic, who yelled louder. Shinsou put his arm around his brother.
           "It's alright, Izuku. We're gonna figure out what's going on alright?" Shinsou said. "Is there anything I can do to make it better, even for a minute?"
           "Put me out of my misery. No. Don't do that. I don't wanna die. I just want the pain to stop. I'm scared, Hito." Deku said, calling him by the pet name he'd given him. Shinsou pulled Deku into his chest and ran his hands through his hair, to keep him from seeing the tears. Sweet, kind, caring Deku asking to die ripped his heart in two.
          "Do you want to go back to sleep?" Shinsou asked.
         "No. Anything but sleep. That's where they can get me." He said. Aizawa looked at him.
          "Who, Izuku."
           "The worst memories of my life. They day when we were kids and Kacchan told me to jump off a building. ThenKacchan being kidnapped. The entire USJ event. The training camp attack. The Halloween party. The entire Dabi issue. This. The me being poisoned by that nurse. Everything." Deku whispered. Shinsou froze. Aizawa and Mic knew at what and looked right at him.
           "Bakugo told you what when you were kids?" Shinsou said through clenched teeth.
           "Hmm? Oh, that. He told me to jump off a building and die. He's grown out of his childish bullying, though." Deku said quietly. Shinsou let Deku lay his head on the table and was up, a now busted chair leg in his hand, walking towards Bakugo. Aizawa got him with his scarf, restraining him mere inches from Bakugo, and Mic took the chair leg. Aizawa's scarf covered Shinsou's mouth, so he couldn't ask a question to activate his quirk against him.
           "Now's not the time, son. There's no honor in beating a man when he's on death's door." Aizawa said.
            "Poor choice of words, Shota." Mic said.
           "What happened between them as children is part of their past, Hitoshi. I can tell you from experiencing this, that it eats him up everyday that he said that. Why do you think he can't tell Izuku no? Why do you think he's as affectionate towards him? If you look at his everyday actions, you'll see that he's been trying to atone for his past towards Izuku, by making sure every breathing moment of Izuku's life is filled with love and laughter and happiness. Izuku forgave Bakugo years ago over this." Aizawa said.
          "If he truly forgave him, Dad, He wouldn't have nightmares about it!" Shinsou snapped, getting his mouth free of the scarf. Aizawa was getting ready to say something, when Deku got up, slowly and shaking, and walked in between Shinsou and Bakugo before giving Shinsou a hug.
          "I have never been able to be upset with Kacchan for long periods of time. I've forgiven him for a lot of things in our past, that included. You weren't there the night he told me he loved me. The night that changed my entire life. And if you repeat what i'm about to tell you, i'll kill you myself. You didn't see him on his knees, crying, pain on his face, grabbing his chest and his head, as he apologized for every single last thing he's ever done or said to me. You weren't there the first few weeks of us being together, him making sure that I had a smile on my face. You weren't there the countless times I've been passed out in the infirmary, him crying into my chest, praying to whatever gods would hear him, that i'd wake up, that he didn't mean what he said as a kid. You're not there in the morning when the first thing he tells me is that he loves me or at the end of the day when his last thought is to give me a kiss.
           "I love you all, but if it wasn't for this brash, loud, short tempered, caring, loving blonde ass, I wouldn't have made it back from the Dabi incident a future hero. I'd either have been dead or worse, I would've lost my will to fight and would've caved just to get the pain to stop. I went through hell. I know you saw what I looked like when you found me, but the sheer amount of torture I went through would've driven a normal person insane. The whole time. The entire goddamned time I was hanging by the ceiling in that one star hell hole, being burned and beaten and sliced fucking open, the only thing I could think about was making it home. That I needed to stay alive to make it to Katsuki. And I pictured how he would handle the situation I was in. And how he would handling it if I died. And how it would've absolutely killed him if I had submitted. Because if I would have he would've blamed himself every single day until one of the Pro Heroes killed me, he would've believed it was his fault because he couldn't have saved me in time. You all would've thought that.
           "So that's why, no matter what he said or did when we were children, I forgave him. I forgave him and I let my heart decide instead of my head and honestly i'm so glad I did. This irrational, outspoken, short fused, ticking time bomb has made me the absolute happiest man. He may seem like an ass on the outside, because he is, but he loves me and he would die to keep me safe. That doesn't make up for the things he said, but the point of this, Hito. Is that people change and people grow. If you want to yell at him when he wakes up, then i'll understand, but you won't lay a finger on him to harm him, or I will Detroit Smash you to the moon, and then of course come get you and tend to your wounds because you're my brother and I love you, but it'll still get the point across." Deku said, loudly at that. Shinsou was caught off guard, as was Mic and Aizawa. Aizawa released Shinsou, who just stood and stared at Deku. Deku smiled at him before going pale as a ghost, his eyes rolling back into his head, and he started to fall. Shinsou caught him.
          "CALL AN AMBULANCE!" He yelled to their parents. Bakugo and Todoroki jerked up, took in the scene, and were up. Todoroki was next to Shinsou on the floor, putting his right hand on Deku's forehead. Bakugo was on the phone with the dispatcher, shaking. His body was just as bad as Deku's but that didn't matter to him at all in that moment. Aizawa ran out the door to get Recovery Girl immediately while they awaited an ambulance. Mic called their mothers.
          "It's not helping." Todoroki said. The bags under his eyes made him look as though he had the plague and wouldn't survive the winter, but he kept trying.
          "Izuku. wake up. come on now." Shinsou said, trying to get Deku to respond to him. Bakugo got on the ground and put his head gently on Deku's chest. His sharp intake of breath made everyone look at him.
            "IF HE DIES I SWEAR TO THE GODS ABOVE AND BELOW, LADY!!! HE'S BARELY BREATHING AND HIS HEART SOUNDS LIKE A JACKHAMMER! GET YOUR SHIT INTO GEAR OR YOU'LL BE FACING A GODDAMNED LAWSUIT!!!" Bakugo yelled into the phone, his hand on Deku's chest. Recovery Girl burst into the room and moved all three boys out of the way, laying Deku all the way down. She checked his vitals and a grim look showed on her face. She took the phone from Bakugo and all she said was: "Code Blue." She handed Bakugo the phone back before checking Deku's pulse again. Aizawa had walked in the door as soon as she said it. He dropped to the floor, his face in his hands. Hizashi made a phone call and an announcement was made over the campus wide PA that there is a lockdown in effect. No student is to leave where they are unless they are in a commons location. In that situation they are to return to their room until further notice. Hizashi then ran outside to flag down the ambulance. Bakugo dropped the phone, tears pouring down his face, staring at his husband, lying motionless on the floor.
            Todoroki was crying as well, still trying to cool down Deku's body temperature. Shinsou sat in shock. HE shook his head and got up. He got Aizawa and brought him over by Deku and Bakugo. Bakugo thought of something and got up running out of the room.
           "BAKUGO!" Shinsou yelled. Then it hit him. Code Blue, Cardiac arrest. "He's getting Kaminari." Shinsou said. Aizawa snapped up at that, and so did Recovery Girl.

Chapter Text

      Bakugo ran through the dorm, frantic. He got to Kirishima's door and damn near knocked it down, running inside. Kirishima and Kaminari looked at him, about to say something before they saw the look in his eyes.
       "Izuku." was all Bakugo had to say before they bolted up and followed him. They blew back into the apartment to see Aizawa, tears pouring down his face, counting as he was performing CPR. Bakugo and Kirishima froze. He wasn't fast enough. He collapsed, having a mental breakdown. Kirishima caught him and pulled him into his chest. Kaminari rushed over to Aizawa.
       "Remove your hands on three. Trust me, mom's a nurse. I know what to do." Kaminari said. Aizawa looked at him and nodded. Kaminari rubbed his hands together, letting just a little spark cover his hands. He counted and at three Aizawa lifted his hands up, Shinsou quickly sliced his shirt off with a steak knife, and Kaminari set his hands quickly but gently on Deku's chest, let off a small shock and pulled his hands off. Aizawa checked for breathing and shook his head. Kaminari tried again, a little stronger of a pulse. Nothing. Aizawa started CPR again for a minute while Kaminari called his mom.
           "Tried it on these two settings, ma. I don't want to fry his heart. Yes he's the code blue that came in. No the ambulance isn't here yet. His father is performing CPR, his husband is having a mental breakdown. His brother is helping Todoroki try to get his core temperature to drop. His other father is outside to flag down the ambulance. His mother is out of town again. Well, when The Doctor says they'll heal completely, people tend to listen to him. The rest of us are fine except Bakugo, Todoroki and Izuku. Yes it's suspicious i'm not worried about that tell me what the hell to do mother!" He yelled frustrated. "Alright. I'll do that. If that doesn't work we'll keep doing CPR. Tell the ambulance driver to hurry the fuck up ma or heads are going to roll." He hung up.
          "Alright. New plan. Same count." Kaminari said. He counted to three, Aizawa removed his hands as did Todoroki. Kaminari put one hand on the side of Deku's head, by the temple and one on his heart before sending a steady shock through for about 5 seconds. Deku took a sharp intake of breath and Kaminari removed his hands. Deku continued breathing, though shallow and quickly. "I got him, Katsuki." Kirishima helped Bakugo get over to Deku and Aizawa. He laid his head gently on Deku's chest, crying, holding his hands.
         "Come on, Izuku. You're stronger than this. Fight it. I cant....I can't lose you again. Please, Izuku.....wake up. I'm sorry......i'm so sorry....come back to me, my love." He was saying through his tears into Deku's chest. Shinsou looked at Aizawa and he completely understood everything Deku said to him. He looked at Todoroki and didn't know what he would do if it were him. Right then Hizashi lead the paramedics in. Rage filled Bakugo about how long it took. He got up and stood between Deku and the paramedics, little explosions going off in his palms. He was in protective mode. "IT TOOK YOU 45 GODDAMNED MINUTES FOR A CODE BLUE?!?!?!? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!?!!? ARE YOU INCOMPETENT OR SOMETHING!!!!" He was screaming. Shinsou and Aizawa got him with both their scarves and pulled him away from Deku, which was a fight for them both.
          "Why's he angry? We got here as fast as we could." The one paramedic asked, taking vitals.
         "I don't know, maybe because for 5 minutes his fucking husband was dead, on their living room floor because the paramedics don't know how to drive fast with their lights on. We had to get a student who's quirk is electrical, just to get his heart started again. WE HAD TO TAKE THAT RISK BECAUSE OF YOUR NONCHALANT ATTITUDE!!!GET HIM TO THE GODDAMNED HOSPITAL!!!!" Aizawa yelled. The paramedic shrank into himself. Hizashi dropped to the ground. He had been outside and didn't know Deku's heart had stopped. Recovery Girl was yelling at the paramedics now, updating them on vitals and timelines and what all she tried and how long Aizawa did CPR. They loaded Deku up on to a stretcher and rushed him into the ambulance. Aizawa sent Hizashi and Recovery Girl with him to the hospital.
       "Katuski, calm down or i'll have Shinsou use his quirk. We need to get Tokoyomi and Iida. Let's go so we can get to the hospital." Aizawa said, he and Shinsou unwrapping Bakugo. Kirishima went straight to him and helped get him to the van. Shinsou helped Todoroki and Kaminari went to grab Iida and Tokoyomi, before they all met at the van. Once in, Aizawa flew to the hospital. They ran in and met Hizashi in the waiting room.
          "Recovery Girl is back there supervising all nurses and doctors. After last time she isn't cutting any corners. He coded three times in the ambulance on the way here. They finally got him stablish enough to get him in the hospital without him crashing. The doctors on staff said they will update us as soon as possible." Hizashi said, he too was crying. Kaminari was talking to one of the nurses. She nodded and turned to walk into the back.
          "That was my mother. She's going to check on Izuku and to get us into a private waiting room, since we're all known and you two are Pro Heroes." Kaminari said. Aizawa was in Mic's arms, Bakugo was literally being supported by Kirishima. Iida and Tokoyomi were standing protectively around them. Shinsou was holding onto Todoroki. Kaminari's mom came back and led them to a private waiting room in the back.
           "Apparently the antidote didn't clear all the poison out of his system. I've been instructed to provide Bakugo, Katsuki and Todoroki, Shoto and Shinsou Hitoshi with another dose just in case. So far he is stabilized. They have him on oxygen because he's having issues breathing on his own. They also have an IV going with more antidote and fluids. He has been restrained because he keeps fighting the doctors. So far we've had to treat three of our own staff." She said.
         "He's the UA student that was tortured by the League. Putting an oxygen mask on him and stabbing him with needles has set off his fight or flight. He'll keep fighting until you stop poking him. He's trapped in a nightmare right now. The poison is making him relive his worst memories." Shinsou said, turning to Bakugo. Bakugo did not meet his eyes. He knew already.
         "I'll inform the staff. Currently they are only allowing Recovery Girl in the room with him. I'll notify you or a doctor will, when they feel he's stable enough to have visitors." She said before walking out of the room. Kaminari sat down and stared at the ground.
          "Well, Might as well get this over with. We have to have words, Bakugo Katsuki." Shinsou said.
        "No, we don't. I already know what you're going to say. So just save yourself the breath. Do you not think that I wouldn't know that some of those memories are of me as a kid? Do you think I don't know that some of those memories are from me as a teenager? I'm not stupid Shinsou. Do you think it doesn't haunt me ever hour of the fucking day that I told the love of my life to jump off a building and fucking die?!?!?!!" Bakugo began cornering Shinsou. "Do you not think that nothing I EVER do in this world is going to make up for how cruel I was to him as kids? He swears he's forgiven me for it, but I haven't fucking forgiven myself for it. So go ahead and call me a monster and a piece of shit. Go ahead and beat the shit out of me because you found out what everyone else in this FUCKING ROOM ALREADY KNOWS! That I am the last person in this world that deserves his love and affection. And that i'm being selfish for wanting it after our past. Just fucking say it. That this is my sick, twisted act of Karma for what I said to him." Bakugo backed off of Shinsou, walked away from his friends and family and collapsed in a chair, bringing his knees to his chest, crying.
          Aizawa looked at Shinsou, eyebrow raised. That was his fatherly way of telling him to fucking fix this. Their friends and family looked at the two of them in shock. Shinsou walked over to Bakugo, squatted down, and made him look him in the eyes.
          "Listen. Initially when I found out, I absolutely thought those things about you. I'm not even going to lie to you about that. But a little green haired angel told me something I honestly wouldn't have believed, until I saw it happen with my own eyes. You may be a lot of things,Rude, hateful, a dick, brash, loud, you get the point. But you are not selfish. You are not a monster. You're not a piece of shit. You woke out of a near coma when I yelled for an ambulance, saw the situation, and acted. You had a panic attack over the state of your husband, He codded when you went to get Kaminari and honestly you're the only one of us that even thought to grab Pikachu. The sheer amount of love and concern you have for my brother, it what shows me you've grown the hell up since then. If he has forgiven you, then you need to forgive yourself. He's always going to remember what you said, but he's also going to remember the way you smiled when he accepted your proposal, like he's going to remember your first kiss and your wedding night. He's under the effects of a poison. His body is betraying him. And right now he doesn't need you to be having this panic attack. And that's what this is, Bakugo. It's a panic attack because the love of your life has just died 4 times and your body has gone into shock. You're a hell of an Amazing husband. You do what you're supposed to do and that is spoil your husband rotten. And trust me, Izuku is as spoiled as they come. He doesn't know what the word no is. Honestly you're what I aspire to be as a spouse. So be easier to yourself. All I'm gonna say is if you hurt him or break his heart, what he went through with the League will look like Child's Play when i'm done with you. Now. Come give your brother in law a hug so we can move past this and work together on breaking the staff's will to let us in that room." Shinsou smiled. Bakugo hugged him and they laughed before starting to plot.
          Kaminari's mom came back a few minutes later to give Bakugo, Todoroki and Shinsou another shot of the antidote. They asked how Deku was doing.
           "Y'all are an impatient lot aren't you?" She laughed. "He hasn't changed. We're glad that you all acted as quickly as you did. This would be completely different if  not. He's stable and he's breathing. That's about all I know at this moment." She said before leaving. Mic texted Recovery Girl.
            Staff isn't giving detailed updates at all. What's going on?
        She texted back a few moments later.
          He's stable, as far as his blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal, for him anyway. His Oxygen level is sitting at 65% and he's on oxygen currently. They're running fluids and the antidote through an IV. They did blood work, an MRI, an EKG, and have him hooked up to a machine that monitors brain function. They put a catheter in to be able to get samples for a urinalysis. They just did an x-ray as well. Waiting to see what the results of all the tests are. He's still unconscious but i'd say the 5 doctors he beat the hell out of are looking pretty bad. They've got him restrained.
      They need to unrestrain him. If he wakes up restrained it's going to trigger his PTSD and we'll have a bigger issue to worry about besides him dying four times.
       That's what I've told them, but they said they're not done with the poking and prodding.
       They're about to be poked and prodded.
      I agree. I'll update you as soon as I know more.
   Mic repeated the text out loud. Bakugo was pissed. He was worried. And most of all, He wanted to see his husband. He was pacing a hole in the floor. Aizawa tried to get him to sit down and he wasn't having it. After about 2 hours, a doctor came in.
        "Family?" He asked.
        "Most of it. His mother is out of town." Aizawa said.
         "Okay. Well, the blood test came back with the poison still in his system. That's what shut down his heart and his lungs. After the antidote was administered, his heart went back to working normally. Which is good because it shows there is no damage to it. His lungs, however are taking a little longer to get back to normal. His brain function is through the roof, but we anticipated that with what Mrs. Kaminari said. He should wake up soon." The doctor said.
         "When are you going to unrestrain my son?" Aizawa said, his angry dad face on. The doctor shrunk back a little.
         "How did you....?" He asked.
         "Answer the question or i'm calling the media." Mic said. "My son is not a menace to society nor is he under arrest therefore he should not be restrained. He has PTSD from the incident, which is in his file. That also states he is not to be restrained for any reason." The doctor looked at the ground.
         "He injured 5 doctors."
          "Did you read his chart that states that one of his fathers or his husband are to be in the room with him when having testing done?" Aizawa asked. The doctor wouldn't make eye contact.
         "If you don't unrestrain my husband, we will be pressing false imprisonment charges against you." Bakugo growled. "And, on that note, his file also states that he is not to be left alone. It states that we are to be in the room with him. If it wasn't for our own medical professional in there, what kind of testing would you have done on my husband? Since you're obviously disregarding his medical chart. At this point I might as well call the police and start pressing charges. My family and I fear for the welfare of my husband." Bakugo said, pulling out his phone.
        "Now. That's not necessary. I will go double check his chart and be right back." The doctor said, running from the room. Bakugo texted his contact at the police department, updating him. His contact said he would be there shortly.
          "Took care of that." Bakugo said. Aizawa joined Bakugo's pacing. Everyone in the waiting room looked very anxious, worried, and slightly irate.


          Blood test shows the poison. Lungs had gone into complete failure until Kaminari set his system. Lung condition and function are improving slowly. His breathing is getting better. Still waiting for them to unrestrain him.
           Take pictures of the restraints and send them to me quickly.

    Recovery Girl and Mic texted. She sent him a few pictures of how they had Deku restrained and Bakugo lost it. At that time, his police contact showed up. Mic showed him the pictures and told him about Deku's medical chart. The officer lead Mic and Bakugo to the nurses station, where the doctor was looking through a file.
          "Can I help you?" He said, not looking up, pen in his hand.
         "Yes you absolutely can. Give me Bakugo, Izuku's chart right now. I've just seen you modifying it. The family has already provided me with the original copy." The officer said. The doctor looked up to see the police officer standing with Bakugo and Mic. "Also, there is a patient not only unlawfully restrained, but inhumanely restrained. Yes we have pictures. Get up, lets go." The doctor got up, handed the chart to the officer. He then lead them to Deku's room. In person the restraints were 100% worse than the pictures.
           "I've been trying to keep the blood flow moving through his limbs, since I was threatened with my life if he was unrestrained." Recovery Girl said, nodding behind the privacy sheet thing. Bakugo jumped and tackled the man with a gun behind it. The officer put the doctor and the armed man in handcuffs and paged his backup to come up. Todoroki walked in with the rest of their little family. He immediately began burning the ropes Deku was restrained with.
           "This isn't oxygen." Aizawa said, looking at the tank. "It's no wonder his breathing hasn't increased." He turned and punched the doctor in the stomach. Recovery Girl moved everyone out of the way and started trying to fix the damage. Deku's eyes jerked open, pupils taking up the majority of his eye. "Get ready." Aizawa warned. Deku's fight kicked in. Bakugo tackled him before he could start. He pinned him down.
         "Izuku, enough. It's me okay. Calm down. Lets breathe okay?.....Alright we'll do this your way." He said before leaning in and giving him a kiss. It took a few seconds before Deku melted into Bakugo. Bakugo pulled back. "Can you see me?" He asked.
         "No. I can hear and feel you though." Deku said quietly. Bakugo looked at the doctor.
         "What. Did. You. DO. TO. MY. HUSBAND?!?!!" He yelled, little explosions popping in his hands.
          "Simple. It's temporary so He didn't see who was in here. As long as I'm conscious, he won't be able to---" Shinsou hit him over the head with a tray he found.
          "Kacchan?" Deku said. Bakugo looked at him. "KACCHAN!" He yelled, leaping at him. His IV ripped out of his arm, spraying blood everywhere. He didn't even feel it as he tackled his husband and smothered him in kisses.
         "Bakugo, Izuku come here." Recovery Girl said. Deku sat up and listened. She checked him over. "Good. Mhm. Yes, much better already. Not thrilled with that but it'll get better." She mumbled to herself. "Well, Aizawa. He's starting to heal well. Now that he's off that gas. His lung function is getting better. Not too thrilled about his blood pressure but he has been through another ordeal. He is pry going to sleep all day tomorrow, but i'm sure most of you will. Nezu is pushing classes out again until Wednesday. His words were this is the last extension and you and Mic owe him, Shota." She said. The entire emergency department had been arrested including Kaminari's mother. She was laughing manically. Kaminari looked at her, hurt written all over his face. He shocked her unconscious as she passed. Kirishima just hugged him and kissed his forehead.
           "Alright. Everyone home. Recovery Girl says its bedtime for you all." Recovery Girl said. They all got up and headed to the hallway so Bakugo could help Deku get dressed.
            "I'm sorry. I don't know what happened but I can see the pain on your face. I'm sorry I keep hurting you, Kacchan." Deku said, placing his hand on the side of Bakugo's face.
            "Oh, Izuku, no. I'm okay. I promise. Come here, and i'll tell you before you hear it on the news. You died. 4 times tonight. Cardiac arrest. We had to use Pikachu to bring you back. Then they wouldn't tell us anything until we brought the officers in. Recovery Girl snuck Mic a picture of how they had you restrained. Yes, we know what your chart said. They had Recovery Girl at gunpoint and They were trying to change your chart when the police came in.They told us they were giving you oxygen and antidote, but they weren't. YOu woke up in fight or flight."
            "Oh I remember that part. cuz you kissed me. I like to remember those moments." Deku said. He was kind of in shock over everything. Bakugo could see it in his face. He stopped and smiled.
          "I was so hopeful that you would." He said.
           "Why does all this shit gotta happen to me Kacchan?" He asked.
          "I don't know, love, but somehow i'm gonna put a stop to it. Until then, I will do my best to protect you." Bakugo said. They walked out of the room and a thought hit Bakugo.
           "Recovery Girl, will you check Shinsou, Todoroki and I? They gave us a shot of supposed antidote." He said. Deku's eyes went wide as he was back in fight mode. She checked them out, he hand glowed on each of them for a moment and then was done.
            "Fixed it. Removed whatever it was just to be safe. Now, home to bed." She ordered. They all piled in the van and went back to campus. "From here on out, all medical emergencies are to be brought to my infirmary. I am no longer dealing with that emergency department." She said. They all nodded. Once back to campus, the boys all went to the apartment, another night of not wanting to be apart. Aizawa and Mic walked in, in jammies, not wanting to be away from him either. Deku ran up to them and hugged them.
          "I'm sorry for scaring you." He said before running to Shinsou and Todoroki and doing the same. He apologized to all his friends with him. He went into the kitchen to get something to snack on.
          "Did he really just apologize for dying 4 times?" Shinsou asked.
         "Yes. And that's how he is. He worries about those he cares about more than himself, which is why HE'S GETTING A PASTRY INSTEAD OF SOMETHING WITH PROTEIN IN IT!" Aizawa raised his voice. Deku came around the corner with a pastry in his mouth, looking ashamed. Shinsou shook his head.
           "I like sweets though." He pouted, before seeing the look on Aizawa's face and heading back into the kitchen.
          "Katsuki you gotta break him of that."
        "We all know on a scale of 1 to 100, there's a 100% he's gonna give in to him." Shinsou said, making their friends laugh. Bakugo shook his head and chuckled.
         "He almost died, cut the poor guy a break." Kirishima said.
         "Correction, he did die, cut the poor guy a break." Kaminari said.  Deku came around the corner with two more pastries and a protein bar. "Denki, are you okay? your mom....?" He started, but couldn't find the words to finish.
          "Yeah, I think. I guess I really don't know. My emotions are everywhere right now, but I guess it's not surprising. You're alive and that's what matters." Deku looked at him and then his pastries and then back at him. He shuffled across the floor, in what Bakugo noticed were his All Might footie jammies. He handed Kaminari a pastry, put an arm around his shoulder, and got about two inches from his face.
           "Listen, Denki...It's all fine and dandy that i'm alive, but your happiness matters to me too, okay? So if you're having a hard time or you want to talk or whatever, I want you to know that I want you to be happy too. Don't cut your own feelings short to make sure i'm okay. Your feelings are valid. You are valid. And I love you and owe you my life. You are important too, Denki." Deku said. "If it wasn't for everyone in this room, and a few that aren't in this room, I wouldn't be who I am today. I care about all of you. I want you to be happy and to succeed. I want you all to live long, healthy lives. And I will do what I can to make sure that happens. If that means being a listening ear at 4am or hiding a body, I'll be here to help. You guys are my friends and my family and I love you."
            "He's drunk." Bakugo whispered to Aizawa. Aizawa chuckled. Deku turned to look at him.
          "Love of my life." He smiled sweetly.
          "Moon in my sky." Bakugo responded. Kirishima fake gagged.
          "Can we have a sleep over? All our friends are here and our dads and brother and future brother and our brothers who aren't legally brothers but we've bled for each other so that makes us brothers too. Please?" Deku asked. Aizawa realized Bakugo wasn't joking.
         "I don't know. Are they all going to behave and not eat all my goddamned mint chocolate chip ice cream this time, Kirishima!!!!!!" Bakugo replied.
           "I can't exactly promise that because we all like sleep and we all like to blow shit up." Deku said.
           "I guess then. Go Pick out a movie and get your friends settled." He laughed. Deku started getting things around.
           "I told you. He's under the influence of something. He only acts like this when he's drunk. He'll go from this've seen....Then he sleeps for 18 hours." Bakugo said.
           "I bet they got him high on pain killers to keep his fight or flight toned down." Aizawa said.
         "Obviously not enough since he woke up in fight or flight." Mic laughed.
          "Nope just enough to act like a kid again, which honestly he could do more often instead of stressing out about everything. But it is what it is." Bakugo said.
            'Come on Kacchan! Come on Dads! Get comfy!!!" Deku said. They all went and got comfortable and Deku put on a Disney movie. Everyone fell asleep within the first thirty minutes except Deku and Bakugo. Bakugo literally kept himself awake to hand the next stage of Deku's intoxication. And just like clockwork, He leaned forwards and started kissing Bakugo. Bakugo pulled him into their bedroom and told him they had to be really quiet so as not to wake their friends. Deku nodded before jumping Bakugo. Tonight, instead of Bakugo being in control, he let Deku, and he was not disappointed. After they were done and Deku started falling into the extremely tired phase of intoxication, Bakugo carried him back to the couch and they laid down, Deku half on top of Bakugo. He was asleep instantly. Bakugo ran his fingers through his husband's hair. You died four times today, and you fought the veil to come home to me, he thought.
           "I love you." He whispered in Deku's hair, before kissing him goodnight.
          "I loves you too, Kacchan." Deku whispered back, still asleep. Nobody woke up the next day. It was well into the wee hours of the next day before anyone stirred. Had someone walked into the apartment before then, they would've swore they were all dead. Deku was the first up, feeling like he was hit by a truck, his head throbbing. He untangled from Bakugo, and stumbled into the kitchen, smacking into the island and falling down, making an ungodly amount of noise when the pans fell from their hanging place on the side of the island. Just like that, everyone was up. The only sound they heard was Deku's small voice saying ow from the kitchen. Their friends all laid back down and went back to sleep. Bakugo and Aizawa got up to see what happened.
          "Love of my life," He said softly, smiling at Bakugo, holding his knee to his chest. "Dad." Aizawa shook his head and smiled.
          "My moon and stars, what happened? Are you okay?" Bakugo asked, getting down on the floor to try to get Deku's leg to look at his knee.
         "Well, Everything hurts and I've got a headache. I was coming to get water and not wake anyone up. Not sure what I tripped on, but my knee hit the island and I fell and so did the pots. I woke everyone up didn't I?" Deku asked, his mood swinging from one extreme to the other.
          "It's okay, Son. They all went back to sleep, even your other dad. Let Bakugo see your knee." Aizawa said.
        "But it hurts." Deku said. Bakugo placed the back of his hand against Deku's forehead.
         "That explains the mood swings. He's got a fever. Pry still fighting off poison and pain killers. I know it hurts, sun in my sky, but I gotta look at it so we know if we need to put an All Might band aid on it." Bakugo said. Aizawa got the med kit and got out some fever reducer and the band aids. Deku let Bakugo look at his knee. "That's what I thought." Aizawa got down on the floor and patched up Deku's knee. They then helped him up and to the table. "The fuck happened to my chair?!?!!" Bakugo asked.
         "That's my fault. Shinsou. You're not mad are you? I can go get us a new chair." Deku said, looking at his feet. Bakugo looked at Aizawa, who texted Recovery Girl about the moods and fever.
          "I'm not mad, Izuku. His reaction was what I would expect from someone who care about you. I take it he was going to beat me to death with a chair leg?" Bakugo chuckled.
          "Yeah. I wasn't feeling good. That's when I passed out. I had just got done telling him all the ways you had changed and he was getting ready to respond to me and Everything went cold and dark and I heard him yell for an ambulance, then I woke up tied to that bed and they put the mask on me and I fell back asleep I think cuz I woke up not being able to see and it set know." Deku said.
          "That's why Shinsou decided to confront me at the hospital. What he said made more sense. But shh now it's okay we're alright. " Bakugo told him.
          "Izuku, take this and then drink some water." Aizawa said, handing him fever reducer and a glass of water. Deku listened to him and then Bakugo got him to come lay back down on the couch. Aizawa got comfy in his big chair. Once Deku was asleep, Bakugo asked if Aizawa was still awake.
          "You look exhausted, Shota."
         "So do you, son. I don't think we've had one restless night in a while." He said.
         "It's been a rough few weeks. What did Recovery Girl say?" Bakugo asked.
        "She looked into what all they had put in him and said this is common. He'll get back to his old self hopefully tomorrow. It's just gotta pass all the way through his system." Aizawa said.
          "We need a vacation on a deserted island for a few days. Let everyone recuperate without villains." Bakugo said.
        "You're not wrong. But you need sleep, Katsuki. Remember we still have to deal with Inko and All Might over this. God knows it will be on the news already. Mic said he texted her." Aizawa said.
           "I'd rather eat my mother's food. But you're right. You need to sleep too, Shota. I know you're worried. I am too. We all are. When it comes to loving someone like Izuku, that's so pure of heart, You'll run yourself to death trying to keep him safe. ANd he'll see it and tell you to not be stupid to take care of yourself like he basically said to Kaminari. He'll worry about you And I know this, because he apologized for hurting me when he went into cardiac arrest. Something he had no control over, yet he apologized to me for constantly being hurt. He thinks he's responsible for the pain, when he's not. So at least for his sake, you have to get some sleep. We'll all hopefully feel better later today." Bakugo said.
         "He did what? That boy I swear. He wants to protect everyone but has to realize he's got to protect himself too."
           "You know he won't unless it's a last resort. He sees the good inside of everyone. He believes the best of everyone. And I love him for it. He can go around and help all the children and the innocent, and i'll protect him until my last breath to make sure that he can save as many innocent lives as possible." Bakugo said into Deku's hair.
         "That's why you stopped with the dream of being number 1?" Aizawa asked. He had been wondering for a while.
        "I haven't stopped wanting it. That will always be my dream. And i'll accomplish it. You can bet your ass I will. But that doesn't mean I can't do both. He and I make one hell of a formidable team. Ultimately as long as he's happy with our life, that's all that matters right now. We've got the rest of our lives to dominate the rankings. Right now I want him to be able to enjoy the little things. Like this little sleep over, even though he pry needs to be resting in bed, this made him happy. Most of the people he loves, asleep in the same room. That's what right now is about. If anyone deserves the little things, it's him and I will make sure he has them. Everyone jokes about me not telling him no a lot. Honestly though, ever since The Incident, I've been trying to create enough happy memories to overshadow the bad ones. Like the wedding. Should I have given him and Mic a budget? Most likely. He's worried about the numbers for the agency since then. But I see him looking at the wedding pictures and the smile on his face as he thinks about the moment what ever picture he's looking at, That's why I let him have free reign. He doesn't think about class or work or stress when he looks at his pictures. He smiles this adorable little smile that he thinks I cant see and his eyes light up. It's things like that, that make me decide the things I do." Bakugo said. Aizawa was quiet for a moment.
         "You've grown up well, Son. MAybe work on reining him in a little, but your thought process is completely understandable. Believe it or not, I'm the same way with Hizashi. We've been married 10 years and I still can't tell him no. I can tell him to shut up all day, but never no. And he knows it. I don't mind his DJing or his loud music because that's who he is. It's part of why I fell in love with him. He couldn't hardly put 5 words into a sentence when we first met, but he could remix 3 songs to get the same point across. But you are right, right now if anyone needs the little things, it's Izuku. And to be prepared for those little things, we need sleep." Aizawa said, getting under his blanket and wrapping around Mic, who adjusted to the position change, arm around Aizawa, while still asleep.
          "You're right. Let's see If I can get comfortable without waking him up." Bakugo said, picking Deku up softly. Deku instinctive reached out for him. Bakugo got comfortable, laid Deku back down and covered them up with the blanket. "I'm glad we have you two." Bakugo said, as he drifted off to sleep. Aizawa smiled to himself as he closed his own eyes,
           "We're glad we have you guys too." He whispered and could've sworn he saw a smile on Bakugo before shutting his eyes and going to sleep himself.

Chapter Text

      Inko and All Might had just gotten home, their voicemail had 20 messages. They looked at each other before hitting play. They listened to all 20 of them. The last one was from Deku, apologizing for worrying them and that he was okay and back home and that he was pry going to sleep for a week. And that he loved them. Inko looked at All Might.
        "Is being a hero like this for everyone?" She asked him. He gave her a small smile, before answering.
        "For a lot of them, yes. It's just like being a police officer, although this time it sounds like he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. They called an ambulance and Kaminari's mother was one of the nurses. Nobody knew she was a villain. Poor Kaminari is pry having a hard time. The news report said the entire emergency department was arrested and 15 people were found at various stages of experimentation. He thankfully wasn't actually targeted this time, but unfortunately was at the wrong place at the wrong time. We can go see him if you want, Inko." All Might said.
         "I think that would be best, Toshinori. Let's change and head over. Even if they're all asleep, I just want to see that he's breathing. Mic's voicemail said Izuku died four times. Something about the poison having not been completely cleared from his system." She said, walking to their bedroom.
         "Well, let's go see him." He said and she nodded.
         Bakugo woke up to the sound of their front door opening. He carefully slid out from under Deku and walked to meet whoever it was before they got closer.
           "Ah, Katsuki, you're awake." All Might said. Bakugo sighed in relief.
         "Heard you guys come in. Everyone else is still asleep, come on." He lead them to the living room. Inko saw Deku wrapped up on the couch, his All Might jammies on, sound asleep.
       "This is the most peaceful I've seen him in a while." Inko said. Bakugo nodded.
       "Recovery Girl said he should be back to normal later today. After what happened at the ER she did her best to heal him completely, but we found out last night, what ever drug cocktail they had him on had caused him to be kinda, intoxicated. It was like he was a kid again. She said that should be out of his system later today too, if he wakes up. It seems like all we've done for weeks is sleep." Bakugo said, yawning. They walked back to the kitchen table and he offered them some coffee. Inko nodded.
        "SO health wise he's alright? How's his mentality?" All Might asked.
          "Well, he apologized to everyone last night for dying four times." Bakugo said, making Inko's coffee.
          "SO he's back to normal then." All Might laughed, softly so as not to wake anyone up.
          "More or less. We'll see later today." He replied, handing Inko her drink. She sipped it for a moment.
           "Hopefully this is the end of the bad luck for you boys. Does your mother know?" She asked him.
          "Yeah, already called and yelled at me for being in a coma myself. Jeez." Bakugo said. They talked a little longer, before Deku started mumbling for Bakugo. Mic heard him and got up, to see Deku on the couch alone and Bakugo in the dining room with Inko and All Might. He got up, tucked Aizawa in better, and joined them.
           "Glad to see you made it back safely." Mic yawned.
          "Us too. Turbulence was bad on the way back." All Might said.
          "But you guys were on international news again for busting that emergency room. We knew it was time to come home." Inko said. Mic had a feeling this was going to make the news.
          "I was hoping you'd get our voicemails before the news posted but I guess I wasn't fast enough." Mic said.
           "As long as our boys are safe, Hizashi, it's alright. Had I gotten home and they weren't okay, then we'd have bigger issues. Toshinori and I just wanted to come by and see for ourselves that all of you were alright." She said.
           "You guys look like I do. Exhausted. You all need to be getting rest." ALl Might said. Bakugo and Mic chuckled.
           "Trust me, we know. As much as Izuku isn't going to like it, tonight i'm separating them all. He'll be safe with Katsuki. This one did some quick thinking last night for sure." Mic said, pride glowing from his tired face.
              "Howso?" Inko asked.
            "Well, it's nothing really, but when Aizawa started CPR, I ran and grabbed Pikachu." All Might burst out laughing at Kaminari's nickname. "Kaminari," Bakugo corrected. "His quirk is electrocute. We used him as an E.E.D. the first time Izuku's heart stopped." Bakugo finished.
           "What made you think of that?" All Might asked. It was Mic's turn to laugh.
           "Go on, tell him." Mic chuckled. Bakugo rubbed the back of his head.
           "We use him to charge our phones when we're training. He swear it helps him with wattage control." Bakugo said. All Might and Inko joined Mic in laughing. "I figured he could do the same thing. And thankfully his mother did teach him how to resuscitate someone."
           "Well, we will let you all rest. Have him call me when he gets up, alright son?" Inko asked. Bakugo nodded. They all hugged goodbye and as soon as the door was shut and locked, they both let out a heavy sigh.
            "We weren't killed." Mic said, relieved.
            "I thought for sure she was going to kill us." Bakugo said, as they headed back to the living room.
             "The look on All Might's face said he thought she was going to as well." Mic retorted. They both laid back down and went back to sleep.
           Closer to noon, everyone started stirring. Mic was the first to actually get up. He started coffee and breakfast for everyone. They were all going to protest, and he knew it. One by one they all woke up and sat around the kitchen. Deku and Aizawa were the last two up, and both tried to crawl as far as they could into the darkness to go back to sleep. Mic wasn't having it this morning and made them both get up. They sat down at the table, put their heads down and tried again to go back to sleep. Mic made them sit up. He turned his back to start getting plates fixed. When he turned back around they both had their heads leaned back, mouths wide open, asleep.
           "I swear, the old gods won't be able to save them." Mic said under his breath as he cleared his throat. "SHOTA!"  He yelled. Aizawa and Deku fell out of their chairs, wide awake.
           "For the love of all things, Dad!" Deku yelled, his hand on his heart.
           "You could've given him another heart attack, Hizashi!" Aizawa yelled.
           "I'm about to murder you two myself if you don't wake up and eat. None of us have really ate anything in the past two weeks. Time to start getting back into a routine." Mic said. Everyone's eyes were wide. Deku got up and sat at the table, staring down at his hands. Aizawa got up and grabbed the coffee pot before sitting back down again. He looked at Deku before turning back to Mic.
           " *sigh* Hizashi." He said, gesturing with his eyes towards Deku. Mic looked at him, immediately regretting his choice of words. He went to take a step towards Deku, when Deku got up and went to the bedroom, slamming the door. Bakugo looked at Mic and Aizawa, before looking down the hallway towards the bedroom.
          "This is going to stop. And it's going to stop now. I get it. We're all tired. We're all worried and stressed. But this is the final straw. You all already know how he feels. Just....I don't know, everyone just eat breakfast. I'll be back." Bakugo snapped, walking down the hallways. The guys started eating right then. Mic and Aizawa looked at each other, and then down the hallway.
        Bakugo went to go into their bedroom, but couldn't because Deku had locked the door. He closed his eyes and sighed before opening them and knocking softly.
         "Go away."
         "I'm not going anywhere, love of my life. Open the door." Bakugo replied. It took a few minutes, but Deku unlocked the door so Bakugo could come in. He shut the door behind him, before seeing Deku curled up on the floor in a ball, crying. He walked over towards him, but Deku told him not to touch him. Bakugo flinched like he was just hit in the face. Deku saw the flinch and started crying harder. Bakugo sat on the end of their bed, which was as close as Deku would let him get.
          "What's wrong, Izuku?" Bakugo asked softly. This was killing him.
          "Everything is my fault." He replied after a minute.
         "Oh, no, Izuku. Nothing is your fault." Bakugo said. He went to move closer but remembered Deku didn't want to be touched. Deku sat up and tried rubbing his eyes, but the tears wouldn't stop.
          "Yes it is. Everything is my fault. Ever since the incident, everything has been my fault." Deku said. He wrapped his arms around himself.
          "No, it hasn't. If it was your fault, you would've been the one to orchestrate everything that' happened. And you didn't. You wouldn't hurt your friends like that." Bakugo said quietly.
         "He's about to say something he's gonna regret." Aizawa feared as he and Mic headed towards the bedroom.
        "I WOULDN'T BE HURTING ANY OF YOU RIGHT NOW HAD I JUST LISTENED TO YOU WHEN WE WERE KIDS AND FUCKING JUMPED OFF THAT BUILDING!"  Deku screamed, grabbing his chest and falling to the floor in a panic attack. Bakugo was frozen to the spot he was in.
        "Izuku..." was all he could say, his heart breaking in pieces. He started to cry, himself, as he slid off the bed and went to Deku, wrapping him in his arms tightly. "We worry about you because we love you and we want you to be happy. I'm sorry we have all made you feel like this is your fault, because it's not. Goddamned it, Izuku, we love you. You have never hurt any of us. Except the one time you kicked Todoroki across the room, but that doesn't count. Even now, you think you're hurting us because of what just happened last night and what dad said this morning. But you're not. We are all fine, Moon in my sky. And I never wanted you to jump off that building, Izuku. I knew you never really forgave me for that, nor will you ever, but I love you and I want to see you happy and I want to make you smile.
        "Yes things are hard right now. We've not really caught a break have we? But that doesn't mean that you're hurting us. You have always been the one to motivate others to do their best. You make small children happy when they see you in public. That smile of yours makes our entire dysfunctional family happy. We love you." Bakugo whispered. They both sat there crying for a long time.
       Aizawa and Mic heard Deku's last comment, as did their friends. Shinsou was up and at the bedroom door in an instant. He knew that that one sentence was like Deku taking a knife and slitting Bakugo's throat. Aizawa and Mic stood there, eyes wide. They couldn't hear what Bakugo was saying, over the crying.
      After about 45 minutes, Deku looked at Bakugo. "I'm sorry."
       "Don't be." Bakugo said, looking at the wall instead of at Deku. Deku knew in his panic attack he fucked up big time.
      "But I am. Because I have actually hurt you. Twice today." He said, sitting up. He crawled into Bakugo's lap, placed his hands on both sides of his face, and made him look at him. "Kacchan." He whispered. Bakugo wrapped his arms around Deku, locking them on the small of his back. He leaned his forehead against Deku's, not breaking eye contact with him.
        "I never wanted you to jump." He whispered. "I was a horrible child. I said a lot of things, that I never meant, I did a lot of things I never should have done. I said the hatefullest thing I could in that moment, and I regret it to this day. I never wanted you to die. I want to make you happy and be the best husband there ever was. I know things are hard right now. I know you feel responsible. Please never say that you wished you had listened to me and jumped. I cannot begin to picture a world without your smile in it." Bakugo finished.
       "I told you the day that you told me you loved me that I forgave you a long time ago for how you were. And I meant it. I did not lie to you about that. I just wish that all this stuff would stop happening so we can go back to laughing and training and not having to worry about anything more than the test on Friday i'm pretty sure i'm going to fail. It breaks my heart to see you all worried about me, especially when I want you guys to be happy and smiling and relaxed and loved. You are my whole world, and in the midst of a panic attack, I hurt you twice. I saw you flinch when I told you not to touch me. I saw you reach for me, and catch yourself, I saw the pain on your face. I've felt like the past few weeks, Had I not been around, things would've been easier on everyone. And then I see you smile or Shota laugh at Hizashi or Shinsou being adorable with Todoroki, or any of our friends being happy for that matter, and i'll feel like maybe everything will be okay. And then something else happens. I hate feeling like this." Deku said, pulling back to look at the ground. Bakugo took one hand and made Deku look at him.
        "Why didn't you talk to me about this sooner, Izuku? You didn't see how our friends took the news of you dying the other night. Shota couldn't get off the ground from crying after Pikachu started your heart back. You didn't see him frantically doing CPR. You didn't see Hizashi and me and Kirishima drop to the ground crying. Our other friends were torn to shreds when Kaminari told them to get in the van. You didn't see Shinsou and Recovery Girl trying to get you to wake up or Todoroki crying while trying to regulate your body temperature. If you were to die Izuku, none of us would ever be able to move past it. We may look like zombies, Izuku, but we're so happy you're still alive. We all love you. I know things are bad right now. I know you feel like it's your fault, but you walked into all of our lives and we decided to let you in. We made that choice, for better or worst. Next time you feel like this, tell me before it gets to this point, love, so we can get through it together instead of you having to suffer alone. I can't help if I don't know." Bakugo said.
        "I didn't tell you because you were already so stressed out about my health and well being and I didn't want you to worry more. I didn't want anyone to worry more. I'm sorry, Katsuki." Deku said, looking down. Bakugo tilted Deku's chin up and kissed him softly.
         "Don't be sorry. I meant what I said. I'm not going anywhere and we'll get through this. If it'll make you feel better, in a little bit we can go for a little run down to Sharon's and get some pastries. But. I have one requirement for this." Bakugo said.
          "What's that?"
         "We don't have to tell everyone just yet, but we need to tell Dads, and Shinsou how you've been feeling lately. YOu can decided if you want to tell our friends afterwards or if you would feel better telling them yourself, but right now we need to have this talk with your family here. I'm not going to even suggest bringing it up to our mothers. That would be a nightmare." Bakugo said, meeting his eyes.  Deku sighed.
        "Okay. But I want Shoto in here too. Then...I guess I'd feel better if you or Shota told our friends. I don't think I can look any of them in the eye right now." Deku said. Bakugo kissed his nose.
         "That's fine, love. Go sit up on the bed and i'll go get them." Bakugo said. They got up and Deku sat on the bed. Bakugo handed Deku one of his hoodies to hold on to before walking out the door and smacking right into Shinsou.
          "I should've known." He said. Shinsou looked concerned. "Go Grab Todoroki and come here. Dads, go on in. we're gonna have a chat. And then Izuku wanted to know if you would tell the rest of the pack when we're done. He's....he's not in the best place, I'm sure everyone heard." Bakugo said. Aizawa and Mic nodded. Shinsou came back with Todoroki and they all went in.


            Bakugo sat on the bed with Deku, who took his arm immediately. Aizawa, Mic, Shinsou and Todoroki propped up against the wall, looking at Deku. He sighed and firstly apologized for his behavior at breakfast, before, slowly, and cautiously explaining what he told Bakugo about his feelings and how he's felt the past few weeks, if not longer. The shocked looks on their face said it all. No one had even thought he felt like that.
          "Son, I wish you would've told us sooner. But we're glad you told us now." Aizawa said. Mic nodded in agreement.
         "Shinsou and I know how you feel, Izuku. In fact, it was you who helped both of us through it, even though you would've never known it. " Todoroki said.
          "I had a feeling, when you threw your childhood in Bakugo's face, that this might have been what the underlying issue was. Shoto is right though. And we will be here to help you through this. It doesn't have to last forever if you don't let it." Shinsou said.
          "We love you, Izuku. We do not see you as at fault for any of this, and as your family, we are always going to worry about you, like you worry about us. You aren't hurting any of us." Mic said.
          "Except when you launched me across the damn room. That hurt." Todoroki said. Deku smiled slightly.
            "I'm sorry." Deku said.
            "Enough of that, now." Bakugo told him.
          "We'll help you through this. We love you and will support you. As will the rest of the Pack. We did not realize that we had made you feel like this, otherwise we would've dealt with it then." Aizawa said. Deku nodded. They all hugged him.
        "I'm going to go talk to the rest of the Pack, so be prepared to get tackled in a few minutes." Aizawa said. Deku was trying to stop crying, whipping his face and eyes.
          "Okay." He said. Bakugo kissed his hair. Todoroki started talking to him, to keep his mind off of his own thoughts as Aizawa walked out of the room. He gathered Kirishima, Kaminari, Tokoyomi, and Iida in the living room and told them what's been going on and how Deku has been having suicidal thoughts for a while now and how he blames himself for everything and that he feels like he's hurting everyone he loves. The Pack was at a loss for words, until Kirishima got up and marched into the bedroom. He tackled Deku, sending Bakugo flying.
         "If it takes the rest of my life I will prove to you that you are the most selfless, caring, kind, adorable fucking human being on this planet!! And if you so ever feel like this again and you don't tell us, then i'll be forced to take drastic measures. And by that I mean I will confiscate all your All Might stuff." Kirishima said. Deku looked at him for a second and burst out laughing. The collective breath none of them realized they were holding was released.
          "That's a pretty drastic measure, Kiri. But. I don't think you have a box big enough for that." Deku said, rubbing the back of his head. Bakugo launched Kirishima off Deku. Mic and the other three came in the room. Deku couldn't bring himself to look into their eyes, so he fiddled with this fingers. All of a sudden, Dark Shadow was in his face. Deku looked up at Tokoyomi.
          "If you need to talk to someone, we're here, okay?" He said. Deku nodded. Iida agreed with Tokoyomi. Kaminari just crawled onto the bed and he and Deku hugged, both boys crying.
          "I just lost my ma, for all intents and purposes. I can't lose you too." He whispered. Deku put his hand on the back of Kaminari's head.
           "I'm not going anywhere, Denki. Just in a really dark place is all." Deku told him.
           "Then we'll have to turn on the lights." He replied. Deku smiled at him.
            "I guess we will." He said. Mic cleared his throat.
             "This doesn't leave this apartment. Not even to their mothers. The first person that causes us to almost die again by Deku's mother, will get their ass kicked." Mic said. Deku looked confused. "YOur mom was here earlier and we barely escaped with our lives." Everyone agreed. "Now, breakfast. Everyone go eat. Go on. Everything is alright now. Bakugo go on. Let Deku talk to Shota for a minute. Yes he'll be out in a minute. Come on. Move it." Mic ushered everyone out and shut the door. Aizawa came and sat down next to him on the bed.
            "I do wish you would've told me sooner. We could've avoided all this. I do understand why you didn't though. I've been there. Fighting your own mind is harder than fighting any villain. Next time you start thinking that way, come find me. I don't care what time it is. You're not a burden and these feelings, with what you've been through are understandable, but you don't have to suffer alone, son. Even if we just sit at the table together and you don't feel like talking, it'll help in the long run I promise. It'll help once you can get back to class as well and back to training. I'm sure living in your own head for two weeks if what brought this on, but just know that no matter what, we still love you and are here to support you and make sure you are happy and healthy. With that being said, we better go eat, since this whole day went to hell quickly because we wanted to sleep and pissed off Hizashi." Aizawa said. Deku chuckled at the end and they both headed into the kitchen. Bakugo grabbed Deku, pulling him onto his lap, and letting him eat off of his plate.
          "Now, I was planning on separating you all tonight, but after what has happened this morning, I'll allow one more night, but y'all gotta start getting back into classes and you need actual rest, not falling asleep on the floor at 3am." Mic said. They all nodded.
           "And we're sleeping in our own bed tonight, Izuku. Our friends will be fine without you watching over them. Todoroki could roast a potential intruder alive within seconds."
          "Meat's back on the menu, boys!" Kirishima yelled. They broke out laughing. Deku smiled at them all. His heart felt happy for the first time in a while. They all separated for a few hours to shower and eat more. Bakugo and Deku ran down to Sharon's and got Deku his favorite pastries.
          "God lord, boys. Your boss is about to have an aneurism if you two don't stop almost dying." She said, exasperated with them.
          "We're going to have an aneurism if we don't stop almost dying." Bakugo said back.
          "Is he here?" Deku asked, quietly.
           "No, he's at the agency today. If I see him, i'll let him know you're alive even though you look like you're going keel over any second. Seriously, though. You guys had us all worried." She said. Deku looked at the floor of the café.
            "Hey, what did we talk about?" Bakugo asked him. Deku shook his head slightly and looked up.
            "Sorry." He said. Sharon looked at him, her head tilted, for a second before handing him a pastry. His eyes lit up as he took it and went to sit down to eat it.
            "Blaming himself, I take it?" She asked.
            "That obvious?" Bakugo replied. She had a very empathetic look on her face.
            "Such a sweet boy to have to go through that. Understandable though, with all the trauma. I'll make sure my staff knows TO be gentle with him for a while." She said, handing him a bag filled with pastries. "These are on me. They seem to make him smile, at least for a minute or two." She said, looking at Deku, who was on a video call with his mom, smiling and eating a pastry.
            "He does love pastries that's for sure. We appreciate it, Sharon. Let The Boss know if he needs anything to give us a call. Not sure when he'll be able to go back to work, after the poison, but if The Boss wants to have lunch or something soon just have him give me a call." He told her. She nodded and he went over to Deku.
            "Well, you look a little better than you did last night." Inko said.
            "Yeah, we just got up not too long ago." Bakugo said.
             "That's what Izuku was saying. we'll let you two go, I just wanted to make sure you were okay, and Toshinori was worried too. But you're okay and that's what matters. Love you both." She said before disconnecting the call. They got up and headed back to the dorms.
                "I'm gonna get better. So nobody will have to worry anymore." He said with new determination on his face.
             "We're still going to worry about you, silly. That's what loved ones do, but, there's something that I know might make you feel better." Bakugo said, the tone in his voice made Deku stop and look at him, eyebrow raised. Bakugo leaned down, as if to kiss him, but went right on the jawline and bit him, softly. Before leaning up, giving him a kiss, and continuing to walk home.
           "That's a low blow, Katsuki." Deku laughed.
           "Awe, but I just miss you is all. and it puts a smile on your face every time." Bakugo said. They made it back to their apartment in the dorm and Bakugo set the pastries on the counter. Deku had went into the bedroom to get out of his running clothes.
           "Kacchan, catch." Was all Bakugo heard before turning and Deku slamming right into him. Both of them went strait down to the floor, laughing. "That was a bad catch, Kacchan."
          "Well, love, had you given me more than 2 seconds to respond." He replied, arms wrapping around Deku.
           "We have the house to ourselves for a bit." Deku said, smiling, one eyebrow raised.
           "That we do. We could enjoy the silence." Bakugo said, being coy.
           "Or...hear me out here...we could break the silence."
           "If I have to listen to Hizashi's music one more time..." Bakugo replied. Deku sighed, and bit Bakugo's neck, making him moan.
           "So you're gonna play dirty now are you?" Bakugo growled, quickly asserting his dominance, and switching their positions.
           "Listen here, mister, you started it." Deku said, giggling. Bakugo kissed him.
           "You sure you wanna do this? I'll understand if you don't." He asked, cautious.
           "I may be fighting myself in my mind, but nothing would ever make me not want your sexy ass." Deku smirked. Bakugo shook his head. He took Deku's consent and had a field day with his husband all over their apartment. They ended up in bed, both panting and sweating. The whole house smelled like caramel. Deku leaned over and kissed Bakugo.
           "I'm sorry. About earlier. It bothers me still." Deku said. Bakugo sighed.
            "It's okay. I'm serious. Relax. I won't lie to you. I'd have preferred it if you had just stabbed me instead, but it was that moment that made all of us realize the pain you were really in. You would never say something like that unless you were really in pain. It's alright. We'll work through it. You just have to remember to tell us." Bakugo said. They heard their front door open, so they got up quickly and started getting dressed.
             "Is Bakugo baking?" Shinsou asked.
             "Oh, you don't know." Kirishima said, starting to laugh. "Bakugo sweats nitroglycerin, which smells like caramel."
              "Then why does the whole house smell like this?" Shinsou asked. Kirishima looked at him until it hit him.
              "BAKUGO! STOP FUCKING IZUKU AND GET OUT HERE!" Kirishima yelled. Shinsou looked mortified.
              "I'LL DO WHAT I WANT IN MY OWN HOME, SHITTY HAIR!" Bakugo yelled back from the bedroom. Todoroki walked in with Kaminari, carrying bags. The smell of the apartment hit them like a brick wall.
               "Well, he wasn't joking about making Izuku feel better." Todoroki chuckled.
             "You all know about this?" Shinsou asked. They laughed at him.
             "Yeah. You weren't around when they first got together. It was bad." Kaminari said, chuckling.
              "OPEN A DAMN WINDOW NEXT TIME YOU'RE EXPECTING COMPANY!" Todoroki yelled, setting the bags down on the counter.
              "YOU'RE ABOUT TO EXPECT THESE HANDS, SHOTO." Bakugo yelled from the bedroom. Todoroki just shook his head and started unpacking the bags. Iida and Tokoyomi walked in with more bags and just shook their heads.
             "Well, if anything will make Izuku happy, it'll be Bakugo's attention for sure." Iida laughed.
             "You all are crazier than I thought." Shinsou observed. They all laughed at him.
              "I thought you were aware that our mental states were all pretty fucked up to begin with." Tokoyomi said. Dark Shadow went from Tokoyomi's chest and down the hall. "What do you think you're doing?" Tokoyomi asked him. Dark Shadow popped his head through the wall. YOu could hear Deku scream followed by an explosion.
                "GOD DAMN IT TOKOYOMI!!! CONTROL YOUR DAMN SHADOW BIRD!" Bakugo yelled. They all roared in laughter as Dark Shadow came back and hid inside Tokoyomi. A few moments later Deku came out of the bedroom.
                "It smells good in here." He said, smiling back down the hallway at Bakugo. Their friends burst out laughing as Bakugo shook his head.
                "It smells like me in here." Bakugo said, raising an eyebrow at him.
               "Yes, and I love that smell." Deku said, kissing him. Kirishima fake gagged.
               "Awe Kiri is jealous." Todoroki said, laughing.
              "What do you guys have in there?" Deku asked, grabbing a pastry out of the bag and taking a bite of it.
               "Snacks for tonight. Dinner stuff." Iida said.
                "I wanna see." Deku said, curious. He was blocked from the kitchen by Todoroki.
                "No, sir. It's a surprise." He said. Deku started to pout. "Bakugo, come get your husband."
                "Izuku, come here." Bakugo said from the living room.
               "Low Blow, Shoto." Deku said, walking into the living room. Todoroki sighed.
               "That was close, Tokoyomi said, pulling cupcakes out of one of the bags. Todoroki went back and started making some cold Soba. Kirishima and Shinsou went in the living room to keep Deku occupied.
               "Our friends are ridiculous." Shinsou said, looking directly at Kirishima.
               "I'm just surprised you didn't notice Bakugo smells sweet all the time.." Kirishima said.
               "The fact that your mind jumped to sex and not training is the ridiculous part, since it's logical he could've been training." Shinsou said, deadpanned.
                "Easy. Do you see how exhausted Izuku looks. Bakugo isn't going to train without;Izuku, so the fact that they were at home and not at the gym, there's only one reason for the whole house to smell like Bakugo."
                 "Aside from the fact he lives here." Shinsou said.
                "You get used to the sweet smell, so when it's that strong, Shinsou, its obvious."
                "And if Kirishima ever smells like a storm just passed, Kaminari got a hold of him. That boy gets shocky when he's in the middle of it. So that gunpowder smell of lightning hitting a rock, tends to fill the air." Bakugo said, laughing.
               "That's also how his hair is always standing up like it does. The electric charge." Deku said.
               "Awe come on now you guys." Kirishima said, rubbing the back of his head.
               "And actually, Shinsou you're pretty lucky that Todoroki doesn't have a natural scent like mine." Bakugo said, turning the subject back to him.
              "I wouldn't say that. His entire left side randomly catches fire when he's excited. We've had to replace our bedroom set three times already." Shinsou said. They all broke out laughing. "I'll have to show you after dinner if I can catch him off guard. it's so fucking adorable."
              "Dinner!" Todoroki called from the kitchen.

Chapter Text

      They got up and went into the dining room. Shinsou walked up behind Todoroki, wrapping his arms around his waist and kissed the right side of his neck. Todoroki went still and you could here the fwoom of his left side catch fire. Kirishima fell out of his chair laughing. Bakugo had to cover his mouth with his hand, trying so hard not to laugh.
          "Shoto, you're adorable." Deku said, smiling, reaching for the bag of pastries from Sharon's. Shinsou let go of him and went to sit down at the table, just in time for Todoroki to smack Deku's hand away from the pastries.
           "Nope, you're going to eat actual food, Izuku. Not sweets. Since Bakugo won't get you under control, I will." Todoroki said, glaring death towards his fiancé.
          "Have you seen him eat a pastry? It's fucking adorable, why would I stop that?" Bakugo said, pointedly.
          "I'll smack you too, Bakugo." Todoroki said. He set bowls of Soba in front of everyone. Deku was excited. He grabbed his chopsticks.
           "Wait, cold or hot?" He asked Todoroki.
          "Yours are cold, that's how you like them." He said, smiling. Deku nodded and started eating. Todoroki just shook his head.
            "I smell buttercream. Why do I smell buttercream?" Deku said, pausing eating.
           "How do you smell anything other than caramel in this house?" Tokoyomi asked.
             "He's used to how I smell. ANd when it comes to sweets, you really gotta ask." Bakugo said, putting noodles in his mouth.
            "Well it doesn't matter because he's going to sit there and eat his dinner." Todoroki said. Deku went back to eating his food and talking to Iida. They were going over the numbers for the agency again. Bakugo was talking to Kaminari and Tokoyomi. He texted Tokoyomi about the buttercream. Tokoyomi replied that there were cupcakes hidden in the kitchen. Bakugo looked at him.
           "Are you serious?" He whispered. Todoroki looked at them. Bakugo sighed before texting Tokoyomi back.
            "Yes." Tokoyomi responded out loud. Bakugo groaned before pinching the bridge of his nose.
            "What's the matter, Kacchan?" Deku asked, looking concerned. He shook his head and smiled.
             "Nothing, love. Everything's alright." Bakugo said. Deku smiled and went back to talking to Iida and Shinsou. Todoroki refiled Deku's bowl before getting Bakugo to come into the kitchen. He showed him the complete collection of sweets they had bought.
              "Are you planning on sending him into a sugar coma? Cuz that's what's gonna happen." Bakugo said, looking at all of it.
               "Most of it's actually healthy sweets. We made sure that we weren't going to kill him, Katsuki. The only thing that's actual real sugar is the cupcakes." Todoroki said.
              "So you said no to the pastries as a rouge. I see." Bakugo shook his head smiling. "He's gonna love this."
            "Don't tell Aizawa and Mic though, we're supposed to be all getting back on track." Todoroki laughed.
            "I don't plan on it. I'd rather not have to punishment train with him and Mic. It's a nightmare." Bakugo said. They headed back to the dining room and saw that Deku had finished his second bowl of Soba and was absentmindedly reaching for his pastries. Todoroki cleared his throat and got him some more of dinner. Deku smiled and started eating it, correcting an issue with Iida's numbers.
            "Burn a lot of energy this afternoon, Izuku?" Kirishima asked. Deku nodded.
            "Yeah, you jealous? I would be if I wasn't the one fucking Kacchan." Deku said not looking up from the numbers. Bakugo and Kirishima spit noodles out across the table as everyone else broke out laughing. Deku looked up. "What?" Which made everyone laugh harder.
           "You need some Ice for that burn, Eijiro?" Kaminari asked, laughing at his boyfriend.
           "That was savage, Izuku." Tokoyomi said, wiping his eyes. After everyone calmed down, Todoroki and Tokoyomi brought out the sweets and set them down on the table. Deku's eyes lit up like Christmas lights.
             "I KNEW I SMELLED BUTTER CREAM!" He yelled. He looked at Bakugo and Todoroki who nodded and he got a cupcake, taking a bite out of it and getting icing on his nose. He was holding it with both hands.
             "See? Adorable." Bakugo said. Tokoyomi rolled his eyes. After a few minutes, Deku grabbed two more cupcakes and some sweets and his pastries, those when Todoroki wasn't looking, and went in the living room and put a movie on. He was sitting on the couch, legs crossed, holding onto Bakugo's hoodie no one knew how he got, and snacking. Bakugo was talking to Kaminari, watching Deku. Todoroki had went and sat down on the couch with him, and Deku was leaned against his shoulder, sharing his snacks.
             "Who would've thought he was having the thoughts he's been having?" Kaminari asked, leaning up against the wall. Bakugo nodded.
              "It's usually the ones like Izuku, who try to make everyone happy that are the saddest on the inside. I should've seen the signs, but I didn't." Bakugo said.
              "Katsuki, you can't blame yourself for this either. None of us realized it. In fact, people blaming themselves is exactly why we got into this. We have to stop this kind of thinking." Kaminari said. Deku burst out laughing at something Todoroki said, making Bakugo smile.
              "I know, Denki. Just hard not to do, you know?" He paused. "I meant to ask, since feelings need to really be talked about more, I guess. Does us calling you Pikachu bother you at all?" Kaminari chuckled.
             "No, it doesn't. It's cute." Kaminari said, chuckling.
             "HOw are you doing about your mom?" Bakugo asked, looking at him.
              "It's hard. You think you know someone. But i'm okay. Kirishima is helping a lot and so is Todoroki. It'll just take some time I guess." He said. Bakugo put his hand on his friend's shoulder.
             "Our door is open anytime you need us, Denki. I mean that." Bakugo said. Kaminari nodded.
             "Our's is as well. We really need to start talking about things, instead of beating it out of each other." Kaminari laughed.
              "Some things are easier to deal with when you have an outlet like sparing. But you're right." Bakugo said. They looked over and everyone had moved into the living room to watch the movie and joke around with each other.
              "Back to training tomorrow?" He asked. Bakugo looked at him.
             "Yeah. We gotta stay in shape and Izuku and I will have to go back to work eventually before we blow through our savings." Bakugo said. Kaminari laughed.
           "Well, we'll do it together. God knows we're all starting to get out of shape." Kaminari said. Bakugo nodded. "Come on, lets join the others." Bakugo nodded and then they joined their friends in the living room. Bakugo took his hoodie from Deku and replaced it with himself. Deku smiled at him, giving him a kiss on the nose before taking a bite of his pastry, having already demolished through the massive stack of sweets he had. Shinsou kissed Todoroki on the forehead and all of a sudden there was a fwoom and their couch went up on fire. Todoroki put it out immediately. Deku was laughing his ass off, rolling around on the floor next to Kirishima, who also was laughing.
            "You're doing that on purpose aren't you?" Todoroki asked, putting himself out as well.
            "I just want to show you that I love you. It's not my fault you set yourself on fire whenever I kiss you." Shinsou said innocent.
            "Kirishima and Izuku laughing on the floor says otherwise."
           "YOU SET MY COUCH ON FIRE!" Bakugo yelled, sending Deku and Kirishima farther into the pits of laughter.
             "IT'S NOT MY FAULT! HE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS EVERY TIME!" Todoroki yelled back. Shinsou started laughing.
         "CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS THEN!" Bakugo yelled.
        "OH, YEAH, BECAUSE THAT'S POSSIBLE! TURN OFF YOUR CARAMEL SMELLING BULLSHIT THEN!" Todoroki yelled. That was the final straw for Shinsou and Kaminari. They were all on the floor rolling. Tokoyomi and Iida were trying to defuse the situation.
          "I CAN'T! AND I WOULDN'T ANYWAY BECAUSE IT MAKES IZUKU ALL HOT AND BOTHERED!" Bakugo yelled. Iida facepalmed. Todoroki just looked at him for a second.
           "NO WONDER HE'S ADDICTED TO SWEETS THEN!" Todoroki yelled back. Tokoyomi lost it. Bakugo stared at him, incredulously. To add insult to injury, Deku had a cupcake in his hand while laughing on the floor. Aizawa and Mic had burst in the door at the yelling, to see Todoroki half on fire, a burned couch, and the smell of Caramel.
         "WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE" Aizawa yelled over them all. Silence quickly fell.
          "He set my couch on fire."
          "Why does it smell like caramel in here?" Mic asked. That started the laughing up all over again. "I believe I asked a question." Mic said, using his dad voice.
         "Bakugo's nitroglycerin sweat smells like caramel." Kirishima laughed. Bakugo was turning red in his face.
          "Then why does the entire house smell lik--" He let the question drop as it hit him. The boys broke out laughing even harder, even Bakugo and Todoroki.
           "Is that a cupcake. In Izuku's hand?" Aizawa asked. Deku's eyes got wide, before trying to hide it.
          "No...." He said. "Don't take my cupcake. I love it and it's yummy." Deku said.
          "I'm not going to take your cupcake. We could hear you two yelling all the way in our apartment. Keep it down, or we'll separate you all." Aizawa said, sweetly at first to Deku, and then in angry father mode to everyone else. He looked all of them in the eyes. They all nodded. "Good, now, If there isn't a cupcake in my hand in 10 seconds, i'll ground you all." Dark Shadow handed him a cupcake and gave one to Mic. "Now, keep it quiet. Todoroki, stop setting shit on fire. Shinsou, I know you're responsible for that, so stop. Izuku, take it easy with the snacks." They turned and left the apartment.
          "Sorry, Katsuki." Todoroki said.
          "It's alright, Shoto. I hated the color of that couch anyway." Bakugo replied. They started laughing.
         "Movie?" Deku asked, crawling back up onto the couch with his cupcake. They all agreed and put another movie on. Deku fell into a sugar coma, from the pastries and cupcakes. Bakugo shook his head.
        "We're gonna sleep in bed, I said. We're not going to fall asleep on the couch. What does he do? Fall asleep on the couch." Bakugo sighed. He let him sleep while they finished the movie. Their friends put on another movie and Bakugo got up, said his goodnights, and carried his husband to bed.  Deku started reaching for him after he was laid down on the bed so Bakugo could change his clothes. "I'm coming. I'm coming jesus." He whispered, pulling his sweats on. He got in bed and under the blanket, Deku getting comfortable half on top of him. Bakugo kissed his forehead before falling asleep. That night Bakugo had his first nightmare. His scream woke Deku up with a start.
         "Kacchan!" He said, gently shaking him. Bakugo shot up, looked around frantic, before settling his eyes on Deku and lunging at him, crying. "Shhhh. It's okay. Do you want to talk about it?" Deku asked. Bakugo just cried for a few minutes. Deku did his best to comfort him.
         "You jumped." Was all he said. That was a slap to Deku's face. This was his fault. This is because what he said earlier. He kissed Bakugo's head, tears falling down his face.
         "I'm sorry." He whispered into Bakugo's hair. Bakugo realized what he was apologizing for.
        "What did I say about that, love." Bakugo said. "Promise me, no matter what happens, you won't jump." Bakugo said.</