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Operation: Avoid the Sexiest Man You Have Ever Seen in Your Pathetic Excuse of a Life

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“Jiminie, I’m off to class!” Taehyung shouts as he closes the door behind him. He hears a muffled “Good luck!” through the door and smiles to himself as he makes his way to campus. The campus is absolutely beautiful with the changing of seasons--the leaves have all faded from green to pretty hues of red, yellows and orange. The sweltering summer heat has dwindled to a pleasant warmth, with a nice cool breeze blowing in from the west.


Taehyung pauses right in front of a coffee shop, turning to watch the bustling waiters running frantically back and forth between customers. He takes a deep inhale and the earthy aroma of coffee fills his nostrils. With a quick peek at his watch, he realizes he still has another 20 minutes before class starts, and he’s only right around the corner from the art building, giving him plenty of time for a caffeine run. Taehyung wouldn’t call himself a caffeine addict, no. He just really loves the smell of coffee. And the taste. The smell and taste of coffee loaded with packets of sugars and cream is addicting okay?


He quickly steps into the small shop and waddles towards the back of the line filled with other college students in need of a powerful ‘wake me up’. He drools a little from the corner of his mouth when he sees the pastries sitting through the glass display. When the employee calls for the next person in line, Taehyung snaps his attention forward and quickly skims through the menu, deciding to go with a gingerbread frappuccino and a warm croissant.


Taehyung nibbles on his flaky croissant in between sips of his cold drink as he strolls to the art building. He notices other students sprinting with panicked faces and fists clenched tightly around their backpack straps, their heads snapping in different directions as they try to figure out where they’re going. He smirks behind his drink, thankful that him and Jimin had spent the weekend prior to classes exploring the campus and finding their respective buildings. It was a bit disappointing knowing that he wouldn’t share any classes with Jimin, but it’s to be expected considering their different majors. Taehyung was a freshman majoring in photography, therefore he would spend a majority of time in the art building, whereas Jimin as a dance major would reside in the liberal arts building on the opposite side of campus.


Taehyung had arranged his schedule for classes on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays. Today was his first day, whereas Jimin’s first day of class was yesterday. Jimin had classes on mondays and wednesdays, leaving the rest of the week available for his part-time job as a dance instructor at the local rec center. Taehyung didn’t work, not yet at least, wanting to wait for a position at the same rec center to open up for a painting instructor. Based on Jimin’s intel, a spot will open up within the next few weeks and with the funds leftover from his family’s high school graduation gift, Taehyung could manage to make his money stretch until end of the month. 


Taehyung flicks his eyes across the campus square, his hands itching to reach for the camera he usually has around his neck, wanting to capture the subtle movements of the trees that border the walkway. The breeze twirls the colorful leaves through the air as they cascade down to the pavement. After discarding his trash and empty coffee cup in a nearby trash bin, Taehyung bends down and picks up a crisp orange leaf that had fallen in front of him. When he stands back up, he notices a head of hair just as vibrant as the leaf in his hand. The aura around the stranger is bright, the smile on his face making him approachable. He seems to be walking towards the art building as well, so Taehyung swallows down his nerves and quickly hurries after the man.


“Excuse me!” he shouts, adjusting the strap of his bag across his shoulders as he breaks into a jog. When he catches up to the man, he yells once more, “Excuse me!!”


The man stops and turns, an expression of confusion on his face. Once Taehyung is an arms-length away he’s hit with a strong scent of cinnamon that makes his eyebrows shoot up, his eyes watering at the intensity. The man’s expression softens, “Oh, sorry about that, I’ve been told my scent is rather strong. “


Taehyung quickly nods his head, “No, the smell is perfect, it fits the season perfectly. All you need is some apples and you’ll be a walking candlestick.”


The man’s eyes crinkle when he breaks into a loud laugh, his smile mirroring the brightness of the sun. Taehyung’s fingers twitch again, and he really wishes he didn’t leave his camera behind today  because he really wants to capture his heart-shaped smile. Taehyung finds himself returning a grin as well, his lips stretching out into his rectangular smile. “So what’s your name? You have really awesome hair by the way,” Taehyung chirps.


“Thanks, and my name’s Hoseok, what about you?”




The two continue their introductions, realizing that they’re headed to the same building. Hoseok is a sophomore majoring in Fashion Design. He’s an alpha and lives off campus with a close friend as a roommate. Taehyung tells him he recently moved into an apartment off campus with his best friend. The two immediately hit it off, their energies equally as tiring to everyone but themselves (their individual friends can vouch this). They exchange phone numbers before parting ways to their own classes once they step into the building with the intention of planning some time aside to meet up.









When Taehyung returns to his apartment that evening he’s met with a sweaty Jimin, whose sweet vanilla scent is suffocating the whole living room. Taehyung plugs his nose and shuffles to the nearby windows, opening them to expel the stifling smell.


Jimin squeaks out a “sorry” but continues on with his pilates. He is currently in a plank but he shifts into a pike, his butt perked up into the air. As Taehyung passes him, he smacks him on the ass causing Jimin to yelp and fall onto his yoga mat. “Taeeeeee that hurt!” Jimin whines as he rubs his sore bottom, his lip jutting out into a pout.


“That’s what you get for wearing bright pink booty shorts and waving your butt in the air. How could I not smack it?” Taehyung walks down the hallway into his bedroom and throws his backpack into the room. He had no homework to work on since a majority of his classes spent time going over the course syllabus. He shuffles into the kitchen, opening the fridge to pull out some ingredients to start dinner.


“So how was your first day of classes?” Jimin asks as be bends into the downward dog position.


Taehyung pops a grape into mouth as he starts cooking. “Boring.”


“Yeah my first day was pretty bland yesterday too. Although, I did meet a cute beta in my hip hop class.”


Taehyung gasps, scrambling out of the kitchen into the living room. “You WHAT?”


Jimin is now sitting on the floor, body bending over one leg to stretch his back. He giggles, “I said I met a cute beta!”


“I heard that part! But WHO?”


Jimin rolls his eyes and dramatically sighs. “No, he’s not my mate Tae. He smelled good but I didn’t feel any special pull to him. I did get his number though! Maybe I can introduce him to you and he’ll end up being YOUR mate.” He says it with a wink.


Taehyung shoulders sag with an exasperated sigh.  “Jiminie, I haven’t even presented yet. I don’t know what I’ll be." He cups his chin and sighs as he crouches down in front of Jimin, “Maybe I’ll present as an alpha and you’ll end up being my mate.”


Jimin gets off his mat and starts to roll it up. “Tae, honestly that would be a dream. You’re already my soulmate, imagine if we were actual mates too!” He smiles shyly at the thought, his eyes finding Taehyung’s once he puts the mat away. They lock eyes and Jimin freezes when he sees the tears in the corners of Taehyung’s eyes. Jimin hurries over to him and envelopes him into a hug, rubbing his scent gland against Tae’s neck out of instinct, wanting to soothe his friend.


Taehyung grips Jimin tightly and furrows his nose in the crook of his neck as tears run down his cheeks. A broken sob escapes his lips, “Jimin, what if I’m defective? What if I never present and I end up being alone for the rest of my life?”


Jimin rubs circles into his back while he whispers comforting words into his ears, “Tae, it’s okay. You’ll present, don’t worry. Your whole family were late bloomers remember? Most of them didn’t even present until they were at least 18. You’re only 19, there’s plenty of time. I’m sure you’ll find out what you are any day now.”


Taehyung nods and sniffles, the safety and warmth of his friend’s embrace calming him down. He hasn’t been the most confident kid growing up. While his childhood best friend blossomed into a celestial angel back in middle school-- when most of the kids presented and were placed on suppressants--Taehyung was left out as the oddity. By the time high school came around, Taehyung remained the only unpresented student in school. He was picked on a lot, bullied for his lack of a secondary gender, while his best friend was doted on left and right by everyone. Taehyung grew jealous of him at times, but Jimin was nothing but supportive and protective when it came to his friend, lashing out at anyone that tried to mock him in his presence. He was grateful, sure, but when Jimin had his back turned, Taehyung was constantly dragged through the dirt. He had hoped he would present during the summer immediately after graduation, but now he's into his first year of college and has yet to feel any prospects of change.


To make matters even more irritating, when Taehyung had invited Hoseok over to introduce him to Jimin for the first time a few weeks later, Taehyung was chased out of his own apartment by an aggressive growl.


Turns out they were mates.




So now Taehyung is sitting on the steps just outside his apartment complex, sulking.  He swears he can hear Jimin’s high-pitched moans, easily identifiable after the many times Taehyung has helped him with his heats. Based on what he just witnessed and what he’s learned in his past sex-ed classes, an alpha’s pheromones do indeed trigger their mate’s heat. No two people in the world have the same scent, regardless of their sub-gender, and each individual has their own unique set of pheromones. Omegas are a special case, being the only sub-gender whose body reacts so strongly to their mate that they are thrown into a heat--the biological need to reproduce. Thankfully with the introduction of birth control there was no worry over having pups at such a young age, although the medication does not control the timings of the heats themselves. Once an omega gets their first heat, they can expect to have it regularly every 3 months.


Taehyung’s whole family were made up of alphas and betas, so he had hoped if he wasn’t a beta he could be an alpha and hopefully end up mating with Jimin. But that plan has been thrown out the window now.


Taehyung had abandoned the staircase in front of his apartment an hour ago with the sunsetting in the horizon. Now with the moon settling into the night sky, Taehyung sips his hot chocolate slowly, glad he made the trek over to the coffee shop near campus. He was in the middle of ordering his drink when he heard the ding of his phone, pulling it out of his pocket to see a text from Jimin letting him know he would be staying at Hoseok’s place tonight. Taehyung grumbles as he shoves his phone back in his pocket. He’s happy for Jimin, he really is, but being sexiled out of his apartment for four hours has left him grumpy and bitter.


The night air is chilly when Taehyung steps out of the coffeeshop. He didn’t have a chance to bring his jacket with the way he was chased out of the apartment, so he holds the drink tightly to his chest, wanting to absorb as much of its warmth as possible. The street is pretty much empty so Taehyung decides to sing quietly to himself on his walk home. What he doesn’t realize though, is how loud he actually is, his deep and rich voice echoing through the night.


Taehyung is too lost in his song to notice the person across the street walking in the opposite direction, an irritated look on his face as he nestles his nose further into his scarf. The stranger comes to a halt when he hears the soulful voice resonating through the air.


The moonlight reflects off his pitch-black hair as he snaps his head in the direction of that voice, staring intensely at the figure, watching him until he disappears around the corner.










“You guys are disgusting,” Taehyung grunts in between the bites of his sandwich, “You guys have already been together a whole month, shouldn’t the honeymoon phase be over between you two by now?”


Jimin blushes, hiding his pink cheeks behind his tiny hands. Hoseok wraps an arm around his shoulder and scoots him closer.


“How could I possible control myself when my mate’s this cute!” Hoseok says as he nuzzles his face against Jimin’s scent gland. Jimin purrs in contentment at the feeling, his vanilla scent mingling together with the strong smell of cinnamon.


Taehyung bites a large chunk off his turkey sandwich, smacking his mouth in exaggeration. But not even his obnoxious chewing pops the bubble of the newly mated pair sitting across the table from him. Taehyung scowls.


“If you frowned any harder, you’d look exactly like my roommate.” Hoseok comments off-handedly.


“Guess we’d get along if he’s just as annoyed at you two as I am.”


Jimin pouts at he turns his attention back on Taehyung.  “Tae! I know you’re frustrated that you still haven’t presented yet but you will soon! AND you’ll meet your mate too! Can’t you please be happy for me right now? Your sulking is always bringing down the mood.”


Taehyung slumps in his seat, muttering a quiet apology. “I’m sorry Jiminie, Hobi-hyung. I really am happy for you two. I just miss my two friends. I feel like a third wheel all the time now.”


Hoseok plants his palms on the table and leans over it, ruffling Taehyung’s hair. “Don’t worry Tae Tae, we’ll try to tone it down a bit. We don’t mean to make you feel left out. How about you and I set some time aside and grab some lunch together sometime?”


Jimin quickly adds in an invitation of his own. “On the days we are both off from the rec center, we can have a movie night together and cuddle all night like we used to as kids!”


Taehyung’s cheeks scrunch up in a wide smile, his eyes sparkling with happiness. “That would be really nice.”







Despite their initial plans, Taehyung instead busies himself in his schoolwork and his part-time job at the rec center. Painting has always been one of Taehyung’s hobbies outside of photography, so he really enjoyed his time working there. He got hired right before Jimin and Hoseok mated, which was a good distraction considering the two spent most of their time together back at the apartment. Apparently Hoseok’s roommate had forbid him from bringing Jimin over more than twice a week, which left Taehyung having to suffer with the two’s overbearing affection for each other almost every day. Because of this, Taehyung finds himself staying away from the apartment as much as possible, deciding only to return at night.


When he’s not working, he’s either in the art building editing his photos, at the coffee shop doing homework or at the campus library. He’s honestly even a little thankful for this predicament, because he made two new friends this way. Namjoon worked at the library in the evenings as a book clerk and offered tutoring sessions in between his classes. He was a sophomore majoring in political science.


 Taehyung had been stressed, desperately tugging at his hair while he crammed for his government class when Namjoon swooped in and saved him from hair loss. He had been muttering the words he read aloud and Namjoon had overheard him while he was pushing the book cart down one of the bookcase aisles. He came over and offered his assistance, sitting himself next to Taehyung and explaining the chapter better than the book or the teacher did. Namjoon explained the topics so easily, his voice honey-like and soothing. His hair was a dirty blonde that accented his sun-kissed skin perfectly. His outfits usually consisted of warm earthy tones, like brown, green, and blue. He had a mating mark on the side of his neck, and he caught Taehyung staring at it during a study session one night.


“What are you staring at?” Namjoon had asked, his lopsided grin marking the appearance of his dimple.


Taehyung flushed at being caught staring so obviously and stuttered in his attempts to explain. Staring at a mating mark was considered quite rude, but Namjoon has brushed it off with a chuckle despite Taehyung’s constant strings of apologies.


“I’m an omega and my partner is an alpha, though he’s one year above me. We met at the coffee shop he works at, one I used to frequent often before I got my job here.”


“You don’t smell like an omega though. Your scents faint. I can only pick up the smell of fresh cut grass when I’m sitting close to you.”


“Ah, I wear scent blockers. Apparently my scent tends to irritate those with allergies, so I try to take them whenever I have classes. It's gross when you have peers constantly sneezing or oozing out mucous right next to you." Namjoon shrugs.


“Well it doesn't bother me! I love the smell of fresh cut grass. It's refreshing.” Taehyung's eyes crinkle shut as he shoots him a warm smile.


Taehyung's earnest reply has Namjoon's features softening, his heart touched by the younger's words. His hand moves on its own when it places itself on Taehyung head, gently patting him on the head in affection. "Thanks Tae," his voice murmurs.


Taehyung relaxes under his touch for a moment before they continue their study session. 






In between his classes, Taehyung would spend a couple of hours hanging around the coffee shop off campus. He went there so much all the employees knew his name and order by heart. He even became quite chummy with the manager, whose tall and broad frame made him seem intimidating at first. His aura reeked of dominance, definitely an alpha, but the gentle smell of white lilies contrasted his off putting demeanor. After speaking with him a few times, Taehyung relaxed more and more with each terrible pun the other said, his laugh so squeaky that it sent Taehyung into a fit of laughter more than the joke itself. Turns out the alpha was incredibly kind even if at first glance he made you want to run in the opposite direction. The contrast was peculiar but Taehyung wasn’t one to judge.


Jin has been the manager of the coffeeshop since he was a freshman. He is currently a Junior, majoring in theatre. He also had a mating mark, not that it surprised Taehyung. Jin was extremely handsome and model-worthy, with plump lips that could rival even Jimin’s. He mentioned his mate was a year younger, but Taehyung had not connected the dots until a chilly September night.


“Hey Jin-hyung!” Taehyung flashes the cashier a smile as he strides into the café, heading straight to his usual table in the very back.


Jin looks up from the coffee he’s currently preparing and smiles, “Hey Taehyung. Just the usual right?”


“Yup!” Taehyung affirms with a chirp, setting his backpack down next to him in the booth. He has his textbooks opened and he’s half way through a chapter taking notes when Jin sets a warmed blueberry muffin and a hot chocolate on the table next to his notebook. Taehyung looks up at him and smiles, “Thanks hyung!”


“Let me know if there’s anything else you need before I get off. I have a date tonight!”


Taehyung pauses mid-sip of his hot drink, fluttering his eyelashes, “Ooooo you have a date with your mate? Where are you guys going?”


“We’re going to an opera.”


“Oh that’s pretty classy.” Taehyung hums and turns back down to his notes as Jin walks away to resume a few more tasks.


After 30 minutes, Jin disappears to the back of the café to change out of his uniform. Taehyung picks up his now-cold muffin, and takes a small bite, savoring the sweet flavor until he hears the doorbell chime again and he looks up. He swallows quickly and waves a hand into the air, surprised to see Namjoon who usually works at the library wednesday nights. When Namjoon notices him, he smiles in surprise and heads to his table.


“Are you here for a caffeine kick hyung?” Taehyung says in between mouthfuls of his crumbling muffin.


“I’m actually here to pick up my date.” Namjoon’s eyes are glazed with affection.


Taehyung tilts his head to the side, his eyebrows furrowing together at the statement. “Really? What a coincidence, the manager is also goin-“


“Joonie!!!”  Jin twirls through the double doors from the back and throws himself into Namjoon’s arms, smooching him loudly on the lips.


Taehyung’s eyes widen and he chokes on his muffin. He pats at his chest aggressively and coughs up a chunk of chewed up muffin mush and spits it on the table. He gasps, his hand rubbing at his neck in shock. “YOU TWO ARE MATES?”


Jin raises an eyebrow, “I would have thought you would have put it together by now you goof. Yes, we are mated, as you can tell by the matching marks on our necks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my gorgeous man.”


“See you later Tae!” Namjoon waves at him, eyes squinted in a smile with a dimple on each cheek. The two intertwine their fingers together and walk out of the café.


Taehyung slides further down into his seat and crosses his arms with a scowl. “Great, another mated pair.” He drops his head down and rests his cheek on top of the table. He stares at the sun setting into a flurry of autumn colors in the distance. He spends a few minutes just staring out the window, watching people walk by immersed in their own little worlds.


Taehyung frowns when he notices that a majority of the people are walking in pairs with their fingers laced together or their arms wrapped around one another. He does notice one person without anyone hanging off their arm and perks up in his seat. He smushes his face against the glass and squints his eyes in hopes of seeing the person better. With the sun still out, Taehyung is able to pick out a few details: sleek black hair, a small button nose, and cute rounded cheeks. The man looks young, maybe another student? He has headphones on and is bobbing his head to the beat. His face is rather impassive, but Taehyung thinks he may be able to see a small smile if he squints hard enough. His build is quite petite, so Taehyung thinks he’s either an omega or a beta.


He’s definitely attractive, totally Taehyung’s type. He wonders what the man smells like. Does he smell like fresh cut spring grass as Namjoon does? Or is his scent a sweet white lily like Jin? Taehyung finds himself captivated by the stranger, and his eyes follow him until he disappears past the frame of the windows. He pauses for a moment, contemplating his next course of action, but decides to fuck it, and shoves all his supplies back into his backpack before clearing his table and dashing outside.


He looks in the direction that the man was walking in, expecting to catch a glimpse of him, but slumps his posture in disappointment to find the man gone.











Taehyung is now a quarter of the way through his first semester of college and he STILL hasn’t presented.


The frustration bubbles more inside him with every day that passes. He hasn’t presented, hasn’t met anyone that gives off any indication of being his mate, and with all the raging hormones filling their apartment every day because of Hoseok and Jimin, Taehyung grows more sexually frustrated by the second. He hasn’t had the apartment to himself without the other two being there since they mated, and Taehyung is so tightly wound up he feels like he could snap at any moment.


His classes feel like they drag on forever, but once the clock strikes 4, Taehyung speed walks straight out of the art building. When he gets outside, he takes a deep inhale and reaches his hands up into the sky, stretching out his back. He had closed his eyes, so when he opens them again he catches a familiar figure from the corner of his eye. He sees Hobi with an arm hung casually around a shoulder that is not Jimin’s. No, this shoulder looks broader than Jimin’s and his face is scrunched up into a cute gummy smile. The two seem to be laughing over something, cause Taehyung can hear Hobi’s boisterous laugh. With the sun still high in the sky, Taehyung can pick out the details from even 50 feet away.


 Jet black hair, smooth porcelain skin, a cute button nose, and sharp black eyes. Taehyung recognizes this person as the figure he saw a month ago outside of the coffee shop. Taehyung’s eyes light up and he’s about to approach the figure (he’s never one to shy away from meeting new people despite his nerves. He has nerves of steel.) but then the man looks at him, and Taehyung swears he feels the world stop. His jaw drops when he makes eye contact with the man, who’s gummy smile fades and is replaced with a stoic expression. Hoseok seems to have noticed him and is shouting his name but Taehyung can’t process anything but those dark, captivating eyes.


The so-called nerves of steel Taehyung had rapidly melt into a putty of liquid because this man is way too attractive now that he is facing him straight on. Taehyung feels heat simmer in his cheeks and in his belly. He doesn’t even notice the shouts of protest coming from Hoseok when Taehyung turns on his heel and practically sprints in the opposite direction. He sprints and sprints until he’s gasping for air and even then he doesn’t stop until he’s reached his apartment. He stumbles with the keys in his shaking hands but he finally manages to open the door and dives headfirst onto the floor, sliding on his belly until he face plants into the shaggy rug in the middle of their living room.


Jimin was snuggled into the crease of the couch, wrapped in his fluffy blanket like a burrito when he’s startled by Taehyung’s sudden entrance. He watches in amusement as Taehyung throws his shoes off and slides onto the floor with so much momentum his head hits the bottom of the couch. Jimin winces as he detangles himself from his blanket and peers over the edge of the couch. “Tae…..are you okay?” His face is filled with genuine worry.


Taehyung lifts a shaky hand and gives him a thumbs up before he drops his hand back down.


Jimin waits for any other response, but after a minute passes, Jimin resumes the show he was watching, leaving Taehyung on the floor looking like a beached whale.









Taehyung spends the next week avoiding Hoseok at all costs, not wanting to run into the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen breathe on this planet. He can’t even think about him without goosebumps breaking out all over his body. Anytime he spots that orange head of hair, he books it in the opposite direction. He’s even become desperate enough to hide behind bushes and tree. He doesn’t risk stopping by his own apartment whenever Hoseok is over, just in case.


Jimin doesn’t understand why Taehyung’s avoiding Hoseok when its his roommate that he is actually wanting to avoid, but after bribing and begging, Jimin helps Tae out. Jimin texts him to let him know when Hoseok’s over and does his best to come up with excuses as to why Tae is unable to meet up with them whenever he wants to hang.


Hoseok becomes suspicious as the week drags on, but Jimin tells him its bro code. ‘Bros before hoes’ Jimin told him confidently, his nose pointed high in the air. Hoseok shook his head in exasperation but just went along with Tae’s foolishness.


Little did Taehyung know, that a certain alpha had noticed his frantic escapes whenever he was seen with Hobi. Yoongi had become curious regarding the certain boy who always looked like he was on the verge of peeing his pants with his skin flushed a dark pink that could be noticed from afar. It brought the alpha interest to see the effect his presence had on the boy. He had questioned Hoseok about him but Hoseok had pretended to zip his lips shut and thrown away the key. Something about a bro code he had promised Jimin.


Yoongi had rolled his eyes in irritation but kept an eye out for the brown-haired boy anytime he passed the art building. Although the building was completely out of his way to the music building, he began to leave his apartment earlier in hopes of catching a glimpse of this mysterious boy. Yoongi couldn’t help but be intrigued about him.










A full week and a half had passed since Taehyung had begun “Operation: Avoid the Sexiest Man You Have Ever Seen in Your Pathetic Excuse of a Life”. He originally named it “Ride that Dick Until the Sunset” but then realized that went completely against what he was trying to do in the first place. He couldn’t explain his feelings or why he was running away. It was truly unexplainable, even to Taehyung himself. He was never like this. He has never been affected like this by an attractive person. He feels like an elementary schooler with a crush all over again. God he's pathetic.


Thankfully, the last sighting of the man had been 6 days ago and so far Taehyung hadn’t seen him around at all. He would sometimes catch the man walking past the art building around the time Taehyung got out of his last class of the day, so he began to wait 30 minutes before leaving the building. When the clock struck 4:30pm on his watch, Taehyung confidently strutted out of the art building to be met with a figure lounging on a bench less than 30 feet away. The man had his arm hanging on the back of the bench, one leg propped over his knee, his head tilted slightly to the side. His expression was smug, a smirk on his lips as he bore his eyes into Taehyung’s.


Taehyung froze immediately, the blood draining from his face. He let out a pitiful squeak and somehow somersaulted into a backflip before turning on his heels and running away. Yoongi’s smug expression dropped, and his lips pursed as he tried to contain the laughter in his chest, his shoulders shaking with the effort to contain the snicker. He watched the boy escape like some sort of ninja, somersaulting into the air and backflipping into a sprint.


The boy was too keen on escaping that he had dropped his bookbag. Yoongi huffed as he rose from the bench and made his way over to the bookbag. He shuffled through the belongings until he found a wallet, the address of the boy's apartment written clearly on the inside. “Kim Taehyung.”


The name rolled off his tongue like butter. So the boy’s name was Taehyung. Interesting. He sniffed the bag discreetly, hoping to catch a whiff of the boy’s scent, but there was nothing. Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Was the man on some sort of scent blockers? Yoongi quickly pulled out his phone and sent his roommate a quick text.









By the time Taehyung had realized his bookbag was missing, he was already half-way to his apartment. He groaned at his idiocy and quickly turned around, sweat beading at his temple on his jog back to campus. He scanned the area in front of the building and saw nothing. How odd. Maybe he left it in his last class?


He walked through the whole building, checked every single empty room, and walked the outside perimeter. Panic arose in Taehyung’s throat when there was no sign of his bookbag anywhere. He dropped his head into his hands and tried to control his breathing. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Someone must have taken it to the lost and found or to security. They’re closed right now, so I just have to get here first thing tomorrow morning and they’ll definitely have it.”


Taehyung groaned at his stupidity for losing his bookbag, especially with his wallet still in it. At least he didn’t have cash in it. He pulls out his phone and logs into his bank account, shutting access of funds from both his debit and credit card. He tucks the phone back into his pocket when it starts to ring. The familiar chime of ‘Anaconda’ has him pulling his phone back out and answering at the speed of light.


“Jimin, why do you keep changing your ringtone back to that damn song,” Taehyung whines in embarrassment.


“Because I know you’ll answer the phone faster with some incentive.”


“Ugh, you’re ridiculous,” Taehyung sighs.


“Hmmm, actually it seems like you’re the ridiculous one Tae, especially with how desperate you are to avoid Hoseok’s roommate. You won’t even let me tell you his name.”


“SHHHHH!” Taehyung seethes, “He who must not be named!” Taehyung brings the phone away from his ear, shouting into the microphone “AND I CAN HEAR YOU ROLLING YOUR EYES.”


Jimin was indeed rolling his eyes, but what he says next only fills him with evil glee. "A little birdie told me someone found your bookbag. I heard you lost it in a brief gymnastics’ performance. I hear you’re eligible for the olympics.”


“Wait, someone found my bookbag? Oh my god thank you thank you thank youuu! Who has it?” Taehyung is giddy as relief washes over him, thankful at the prospect of getting his belongings back.


“Yoongi has it.”


Taehyung pauses, head flopping to the side. “Who’s Yoongi?”


“Hobi-hyung’s roommate.”


Taehyung drops to his knees in the middle of the pavement, the students walking home around him just staring at his dramatic performance. He clutches his hands to his head, phone dropping to the ground. “Nooooo!” he bellows for as long as he can, unwilling to relent until he’s out of breath. After 30 seconds pass, he flops onto his belly and rolls back and forth across the ground. “No, no, no--” he mumbles frantically.


“Taehyung, are you done? Just shut up and go get your damn bookbag! I sent you the address to Hobi-hyung’s apartment. I’ve met Yoongi-hyung many times already, and he’s really sweet. I’m positive you two will get along perfectly.”


Taehyung is still in denial, crying out in despair against the cold concrete. He hears his phone next to him beep, signaling the end of the call. Taehyung refuses to move. He swears he even feels a stick poking his thigh.


“Sweetie, no, put the stick down, don’t poke that man,” the mother says as she throws cautious glances at Taehyung while herding her child away.


Taehyung gives himself a few more minutes before he pushes himself off the ground. He has a few small indents on his forehead from the rocks that were digging into his skin, but he pays them no heed as he dusts off his jeans. He glances at his phone in betrayal then stuffs it into his back pocket. He rolls his shoulders back and stands with as much confidence as he can muster. “You can do this Taehyung. ‘Operation: Retrieve Bookbag Without Slipping and Accidently Falling on [redacted]’s Dick’ is a go!”


Taehyung pays no mind to the people around him giving him weird looks as he stomps off into the direction of Hoseok’s apartment.














A series of aggressive knocks startles Yoongi from his studies. He frowns as he gets up from his desk, quickly bookmarking his place in his textbook before heading out into the living room. When he approaches the front door, he halts for a moment. He takes a deep breath in, preparing himself to finally come face to face with the boy he’s been trying to track down for weeks.  His heart rate picks up and he feels heat rush into his face as he grips the doorknob. With one more deep breath in and out, he opens the door.


The warm smile on Yoongi’s face melts immediately once he realizes the person standing outside of his door is not Taehyung. The man quickly shoves his way past Yoongi, and invites himself into his apartment. The man is tall with broad shoulders. Yoongi narrows his gaze, trying to recall where he’s seen that silhouette before.  When the man turns around and proceeds to yell at Yoongi, he’s left dumbfounded.


The man doesn’t even seem to realize who he is as he starts running his mouth. “Where is it? Where is his bookbag? I know you have it, now give it you tiny spawn of satan.” When the man finally finishes scanning the entire living room, his gaze settles on Yoongi and recognition flashes in his eyes. “Wait, Yoongi?”


“Uh, hi?”


Jin is rendered speechless for a few moments and suddenly the room is filled with his squeaky laughter. He bends over, hands on his knees as he tries to contain his laughter. Yoongi feels a bit awkward now not knowing how to react to seeing one of his old lab partners. He and Jin got along pretty great but they hadn’t had anymore classes together since sophomore year so they fell out of touch. Jin is in hysterics as he wipes the tears threatening to slip from his eyes, “I can’t- I can’t believe you’re the one Taehyung hasn’t shut up about. Oh my god”


Yoongi perks up at hearing Taehyung’s name. “Oh? You're friends with him? Does he talk about me?”


Jin’s laughter dies down and he straightens up, his face beet red from the exertion of his fit of chuckles. “As much as I find this whole scenario amusing, I refuse to partake in this game of cat and mouse you guys have going on, so just hand me his stuff and I’ll be on my way.” Yoongi’s welcoming demeanor shifts instantly, the scent of burning gingerbread filling the air. Jin immediately pinches the bridge of his nose and rolls his eyes. “Oh don’t get your panties in a knot, you’ll get to meet Taehyung when he’s ready. Clearly he’s not wanting to meet you yet with how desperately he’s avoiding you.”


Yoongi flinches at the words, and his shoulders slump. The overbearing smell of burnt gingerbread disappears, replaced by the distinct aroma of sadness.


Jin wrinkles his nose. He feels a pang of guilt in his stomach and he shuffles over to Yoongi and pats his back. “Hey, hey, none of that. I have a feeling you’ll properly meet with him very soon. Don’t lose hope.”


Yoongi lets out a sigh and drags his feet over to the kitchen bar, grabbing the bookbag off the chair and passing it to Jin. Jin ends up staying over for dinner, the two deciding to cook together. They catch up on the past year and Jin makes sure to avoid any topics about Taehyung out of respect for the younger’s wishes. Yoongi doesn’t bring him up either, wanting to take his mind off the boy who has been haunting his dreams for the past few weeks.


Once Jin leaves that night, Yoongi slips into bed, glad that he and Jin exchanged phone numbers. Jin had mentioned wanting to introduce him to his mate, and Yoongi was eager to meet the man with enough patience to brave the storm that was Kim Seokjin.










Chapter Text












“Thank you thank you thank you!” Taehyung sobbed as he clung to Jin’s apron. Jin pushed Taehyung’s face away from him and shoved the bookbag into his arms.


“Just take your damn bookbag and scram, I’m starting my shift now.”


Taehyung clutches the bookbag to his chest, holding it so close one would’ve thought he lost his most prized possession. He starts to smooch the bag and Jin sighs as he makes his way behind the counter. He has a giant smile on his face as he plops down into his usual booth in the back of the café. It’s an early Saturday morning when he’s finally reunited with his bag, (not that he went without it for more than 16 hours).


Jimin’s smirking at him, his chin held securely in his palm. His fingers are tapping the table rhythmically. “I can’t believe you chickened out and got Jin-hyung to get your bag for you.”


“I’m not a chicken! I just remembered I had very important business to attend to.” Taehyung sets the bag on his lap and leans his elbows on the table, staring at the bed of his nails nonchalantly.


“Tae, I literally walked in on you watching ‘America’s Next Top Model’ reruns.”


Taehyung shrugs, “Listen, Tyra had a lot going on ok? She needed me there for emotional support.”


Jimin rolls his eyes. “Anyways, you heard about Halloween right? The university is encouraging students to dress up in costumes as a fundraiser. If you donate a $1 you can wear any costume you want as long as your face is visible, for safety reasons obviously.”


Taehyung perks up and he grins, “Oh yeah! I forgot about that. It’s going to have to be school appropriate. At least college is pretty lax with its dress code. What are you dressing up as?”


“Hobi-hyung and I are wearing matching costumes. I’m going to be an outlet and he’s going to be an electrical plug. Get it?” Jimin waggles his eyebrows and giggles.


Taehyung groans and slumps over the table. “Of course you guys are.”


Jin brings them over two slices of pumpkin pie and warm chai lattes. “They are what?” Jin wipes his hands on his apron and wafts Taehyung to scoot over. He takes a seat in the booth with them for a short reprieve before the usual breakfast rush.


Jimin grabs a plate and slides it in front of him, grabbing his fork and cutting into the pie like it’s butter. He shoves a huge slice into his mouth and talks with his mouth full. “I was telling Tae that Hobi-hyung and I are wearing a couple costume for Halloween.”


Jin claps enthusiastically. “So are me and Joon! We got the cutest costumes. I’m going as Mario and he’s dressing up like Luigi. We’re going to be the cutest gay plumbers anyone has ever seen!”


Taehyung slides his plate to him and doesn’t hesitate to shove the entire slice in his mouth. His cheeks are stuffed to the brim, but he smiles happily as he chews. He washes it down with a sip of his latte. “Wait, hyung aren’t they related? They’re like cousins or something.”


“They’re brothers actually,” Jin corrects in a sassy tone, “But that won’t stop us from rocking overalls.”


Jimin wrinkles his nose, “That’s incest hyung.”


Jin reaches over the booth and flicks Jimin on the forehead, who flinches at the pain and jerks back as he soothes his head with a frown. “Yah! Joon and I aren’t related so that’s a moot point. What about you Taehyung?”


Jin rests his cheek on his hand and glances at Taehyung with a smirk on his plump lips. Taehyung stares at them both in betrayal. “It’s like they always say, as soon as you meet your mate your friends are tossed to the side like banana peels.” Taehyung crosses his arms and pouts.


A mischievous gleam in Jin’s eye causes Taehyung to narrow his eyes in suspicion. “Why are you looking at me like that?”


Jin’s smile widens and his voice is dripping with honey as he leans towards Taehyung to whisper lowly in his ear, “Why don’t you ask Yoongi to wear a matching couple costume with you?”


Taehyung flushes and he covers his ears in embarrassment. “No! Why do you keep bringing him up every chance you get! I already texted him a thank you, what more do you want from me?” he whines.


Jin snickers but the chime of the front door’s bell has him rising from the booth and hustling over to the cash register to help the new customers. Jimin finishes his pie and wipes his mouth with his forearm. “I still don’t understand why you’re so unwilling to meet him. I had to tie you to a chair and force you to text him a thank you because SOME idiot dropped their book bag but he was kind enough to pick it up and keep it safe for you.”


Guilt washes over Taehyung and he wiggles in his seat. “Well it’s not like he’s made any attempt to TRY to talk to me….he has my number now.”


“Taehyung, do you really think he’s going to push himself onto you? With the psychotic way you’ve been acting of course he won’t be pushy! You run away from him and avoid him at all costs! He probably thinks you hate him or something!”


Taehyung fumbles with his fingers. “You don’t understand, I physically can’t. It’s like as soon as I see him I get filled with this need to escape, to run away! I can’t explain it.”


Jimin props an arm over the booth seat and leans back into the cushion. “Is this your way of telling me that you think he’s hot?”


Taehyung blushes and shrinks into his shoulders, chai latte forgotten and cold on the table. The café is increasingly getting busier and louder as more people come in. Jimin and Taehyung have to lean into the table to hear each other. “Jimin, he’s so god damn hot. It should be illegal. Like, the first time I saw him I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to eat MY ass or if I wanted to eat HIS ass.”


Jimin clamps a hand over his mouth but his hysterical laughter filters through his fingers. He throws his head back and smacks the table, tears gathering in his eyes. “Are you fucking SERIOUS? THIS is why you’re avoiding him? Cause he’s the hottest thing you’ve seen walk on this earth?”


Taehyung wails dramatically. “That’s why it’s called ‘Operation: Avoid the Sexiest Man You Have Ever Seen In Your Pathetic Excuse of a Life’! I’m scared if I get too close I’ll drop down on one knee and propose!”


Jimin clutches at his stomach and his laughing doesn’t cease. He throws himself onto the floor and doesn’t seem to care that he’s in the way of the servers until Jin has to come over and reprimand him. Jimin climbs back onto the booth seat and grabs napkins from the dispenser to dab at his eyes. “God, you really are the most panicked gay on campus,” Jimin wheezes.


Taehyung covers his face and groans. “I have to avoid him at all costs if I want to keep my dignity.”


“Well you’re missing out then. When was the last time you got laid anyways?”


Taehyung drops his hands and slumps lower in his seat with a string of mumbles, “I haven’t had sex with anyone yet. I wanted to wait until I presented, which is why I’m so pissed off and horny all the time. Look, my right hand is so much smoother than my left because of it.” Taehyung faces his palms up and Jimin uses his fingers to test it out for himself and concludes that his right hand is indeed much smoother and much softer.


“Don’t lose hope yet. Though maybe you should switch to your other hand for a while to even your hands out.”


Taehyung frowns. “That might take a few years. I’ve been using this bad boy (he lifts his right hand and wiggles his fingers) for too long.”


Jimin was taking a sip of his latte and snorts, the liquid gushing out of his nose and onto the table. It was Taehyung’s turn to laugh now as Jimin frantically wipes the table down in embarrassment. They hear Jin complain about their mess in the background.












Nothing gets college students more ramped up for classes than Halloween. The day had approached quickly, and although he had put a lot of thought into his costume initially, his resolution dissolved and he ended up buying a cheap banana costume instead. Taehyung enjoyed walking to each of his classes and seeing all the different costumes students were wearing. He saw the usual ones: witches, zombies, ghosts, cats, etc. but there were a few unique ones that caught his eyes.


He saw a lesbian couple dressed up as a pad and a tampon with red painted on their faces. Female Alphas, Betas and Omegas still had their cycles, but he felt especially bad for the omegas and alphas who had to deal with them AND heats/ruts. Yikes. He gave them a holler of encouragement and they waved at him from afar in thanks.


Taehyung’s professors had dressed up too not wanting to be left out of the fun. Their costumes were rather basic though, the typical angels and devils. His chemistry professor did dress up as Frankenstein and had his teaching assistant dress up as his monster. That was pretty neat. But now that his classes for the day were over, Taehyung finds himself walking though campus snacking on a banana while dressed as one too. He wonders if this would be considered cannibalism. His thoughts are interrupted as the subtle smell of crisp red apples fills his nose and pulls him from his thoughts when he collides into another student.


The impact sends him to the ground but (thankfully) his costume cushions the fall. “I’m so sorry!” a voice squeaks.


Taehyung has to blink a few times to process everything. In front of him stands a cute boy, probably his own age or a couple years younger with bouncy waves of dark hair and giant round eyes. Taehyung can tell by his scent that he’s a beta. Betas release pheromones just as alphas and omegas do though their scent is weaker. The smell of apples has him hoping he smells this good when he presents.


Taehyung grabs the hand that’s been offered to him and by the way the boy pulls him to his feet he has no doubt that this boy goes to the gym regularly. Now that Taehyung can get a good look at him, he has to physically restrain himself from hugging the boy dressed in pink bunny ears and a matching heart shaped tail.


He doesn’t even realize he dropped his banana as it lays smashed and forgotten on the ground. “Oh my goodness you are so cute!” Taehyung starts to buzz on the spot, giddy at the prospect of making an adorable new friend but as he takes a step forward he slips on the fallen soldier (the banana) and falls right back on his ass.


Taehyung whines at his clumsiness and the bunny eared boy panics, reaching his hand out again. “I’m so sorry it’s all my fault! I wasn’t watching where I was going--”


“No, no it’s not, don’t you worry that little bunny tail of yours. I’m fine, really.” Taehyung waves off the boy’s hand and picks himself off the ground.


But that’s when a scent hits him.  It's faint yet overwhelming the way the smell wraps around his body and nearly suffocates him. There’s a strong pulse that thrums through him repeatedly and he gasps as his stomach starts to cramp. It’s like all the muscles in his body are contracting and he struggles to breathe. The faint smell of warm gingerbread blinds him for a moment and he whimpers.


The breeze shifts then, and suddenly the scent is gone. Taehyung is bent over, clutching at his knees desperately as he pants. He straightens himself and closes his eyes in hopes that his vision returns.


“A-Are you okay?” the boy pats his back in comfort.


“Yeah, fine. That was so weird.” Taehyung blinks and shakes his head. His sight is slightly blurred but it’s slowly coming back to him.


“Oh, I have to go! My brother’s waiting for me. I’m glad you’re okay though! And I’m really sorry for bumping into you!” The boy turns around and jogs away, his bunny tail bouncing up and down against his tush. Taehyung coos to himself.


“Wait! I didn’t get your name! I’m Taehyung!” He waves his hand in the air and cups his mouth so his voice travels farther.


The muscle bunny halts and flashes him a toothy grin. “I’m Jungkook!”


“I hope I see you around then Kookie!” Taehyung waves frantically at him and Jungkook isn’t sure whether to laugh at his banana suit or at the nickname. He likes it though. He decides on a whim to give him a nickname on the spot too.


“Me too Tae-nana!” The boy’s nose scrunches up in a twinkling laugh as he jogs away.


Taehyung eyes crinkle in happiness until he remembers his mid-afternoon snack is squished on the sidewalk in front of him. His shoulders slump in disappointment. He spends the next few minutes scraping the remaining banana guts off his shoe.












It’s past 10pm when Taehyung makes his way to Hoseok’s apartment. He had agreed to meet the couples there before the party on the condition that Yoongi wouldn’t be home. Hoseok had sworn he wouldn’t be there, saying he was out with his brother. The party at Jackson Wang’s frat house was THE event of the night. It was halloween after all, and college kids sure love their parties.


Taehyung had switched out his banana costume out in favor of something a tad racy. He wore skin-tight black jeans and a sheer blouse that barely covered his shoulders. He wore a black leather choker around his neck and topped off his look with a pair of tiger ears and a long orange and black striped tail. He stared at himself in the mirror before he left, a pleased smirk on his lips.


As he made his way downtown, students were out and about bustling on the streets. Trick or treaters could be seen going door to door at apartment complexes, giggling with excitement as their bags were stuffed with candy. As he surpassed the safety of the quiet neighborhoods and got closer to the heart of the city, he felt a tingle of unsettlement work its way down his spine.


Their society was rather safe. Crime rate had lessened over the period of time that the dynamic between subgenders shifted. It was long ago that omegas were once seen as weak and frail, sought only for the purpose of breeding. Alphas and betas had dominated society in those times, but things were no longer that way. With decades of pushing in favor of gender equality, it was a monumental moment in history when laws were finally passed that granted omegas the same liberties and opportunities that were made available to the other genders. He’s currently enrolled in a civics class that discusses this history.


Taehyung sighs and sees the frosty exhale of air escape from his lips. He looks up at the sky, the new moon barely visible among the bright sparkles of stars that decorate the night. He shivers again. His phone tells him he has less than five minutes before he reaches his destination. He grips the phone a little harder in his hand. Walking alone at night wasn’t as dangerous for any of the three subgenders. All three produced pheromones that could attract a potential mate. But just like they could secrete those enticing scents, they could also expel putrid pheromones in extremely heightened states of emotional distress that put off any potential danger from people wanting to do harm.


They kicked in during the fight or flight response. The fight response leaves them no choice but to defend themselves, and regardless of subgender, inhaling these powerful pheromones cause life-threatening damage. There have been recorded cases he’s read online of attackers that had been transported to hospitals because their eyesight and their sense of smell were singed completely. He doesn’t want to consider the horrific possibilities of someone being defenseless when in a state of heat or rut. Because despite the lore, one does in fact have conscious awareness and can only give into their nature when they feel safe enough to do so. He tries to imagine a world where these defense mechanisms don’t exist and he frowns. Taehyung nods to himself, thankful mother nature had given them a way to defend themselves.


Taehyung is acutely aware of his surroundings, having to be more alert than others his age because he hasn’t presented yet, which means he’s vulnerable. He quickens his steps. He has an app tracker on his phone set up to notify Jimin or Hoseok if he strays or pauses from the path the phone has directed him to take to their apartment. He should be fine.


Taehyung breathes in relief when he arrives at Hoseok’s apartment without any problems. He’s about to take a step forward when another random wave of cramps hit him like they did earlier in the day. It forces all the air out of his lungs and his knees buckle under him. He falls to the ground, folding over as he clutches his abdomen desperately. There’s no one else around him, so with shaky fingers he taps on the emergency call button on his phone and presses his forehead against the cold pavement as another wave of cramps roll through him. He whines in pain.


Jimin answers after the first ring, “Tae??? You okay?”


Tears are prickling his eyes as he whimpers. He tries to stand up.


“Hold on Tae! We’ll find you! Just hold on okay??” The urgency in Jimin’s voice has Taehyung feeling a bit guilty as he yells for Hoseok in panic. He can hear their shuffling through the phone as they slam the door shut, and can hear the loud smack of their shoes echoing in the stairwell with each step. “Taehyung!” He hears them shout, the phone call ending once they see him just a few yards away from their apartment building. They rush over to help him.


Taehyung clenches his eyes shut and hopes to god he isn’t dying.


The last thing he remembers is the memory of a black haired boy with cat-like eyes when he blacks out and stumbles over.














Chapter Text









“He might present soon! And we don’t even have anything ready for him!” Jimin hisses.


“Fuck, we’ll have to make a trip to the store. There’s a pharmacy 15 minutes away we can go to. It might still be open.” Hoseok scurries around the apartment as quietly as he can, not wanting to bother the sleeping Taehyung. When the two had found him collapsed outside, they rushed him inside and set him on their living room couch. They moved the pillows and stuffed them around him, cocooning him to the center of it.


Jimin had placed his hand against Taehyung’s forehead to check for a temperature. Jimin pulled away with a frown. “He’s burning up.”


Hoseok bites the inside of his cheek in thought. “He didn’t say anything about being sick, unless—” Hoseok pauses and sniff the air. He doesn’t smell anything particularly odd, just the scent of him and Jimin. They have been cooped up in the apartment all day, so it reeks of them. Yoongi had been staying at Jungkook’s dorm the past few nights so his smell wasn’t detectable at all, save for his bedroom. But that door remained shut.


“We have to make this quick. We don’t know how long it will take for his body to go through the change. You remember how agonizing it is don’t you? We can’t have him go through this alone.” Jimin bites at his thumb anxiously.


Hoseok swipes his keys and his wallet off the kitchen counter and stuffs it into the pockets of his costume. “C’mon Jiminie, we can text Namjoon and Jin on the way to let them know what’s going on. I don’t think they’ve left their apartment yet.”


With one last glance at Taehyung, Jimin follows Hoseok outside and closes the door behind them.


The click of the door is quiet, but it seems to echo through Taehyung’s mind as he stirs awake. He groans at the sharp headache pounding behind his eyes, and he feels clammy. His clothes are sticking to him and in the haze of his fever he doesn’t think twice about stripping himself free from them. He whines as he struggles to wiggle out of his leather pants, cursing at the friction of it as it rubs against his thighs. He skin is hot and sensitive. When he peels the blouse off him, leaving him in nothing but his black briefs and his choker, he gasps. With nothing left to protect him from the frosty temperature of the apartment, he sighs in relief. The cold air nips at his warm skin, a temporary relief from the burning flames he feels building in his abdomen.


Taehyung rubs at his eyes and looks around him. He tilts his head in confusion. “Jimin? Hobi-hyung?”


Taehyung listens quietly for a reply, but when he gets none he grunts and lifts himself off the couch onto shaky legs. He doesn’t know why he feels so weak all of a sudden, all the energy from earlier drained from him completely. He has one hand against the wall as he moves from the living room into the hallway. He’s never been to Hoseok’s apartment, wanting to avoid it at all costs knowing Yoongi lived here. Taehyung isn’t sure why a sudden wave of cramps has him keeling over at the thought of that name. The cramps are insufferable, sweat beading across his forehead in pain. Taehyung is panting hard, and his whole body is trembling. He leans against the wall for support and makes his way further down the hall. He’s not sure where he’s going, but he feels something pulling him this way. It’s a yearning under his skin that he can’t quite place. It’s almost instinctive in nature, how his body just moves in this direction.


The hallway is dark, only a small plug-in scent neutralizer lighting up his path. A door appears on his left, but he pays it no heed. His body continues moving until he reaches the end of the hallway. Taehyung lifts his head and sniffs the air. He blinks a few times and his pupils dilate immediately. Taehyung lets out a pathetic whine and all but throws himself at the door, his hand shaking as it tries to turn the door knob. The door opens easily, and Taehyung had leaned into it too much because he falls flat on his face. He cries out in pain when his body hits the floor, his sensitive skin too responsive.


Taehyung inhales then, the intoxicating scent of the room forcing it’s entry in through his nose. The effect this enticing gingerbread scent has on him makes him cry out in need. He needs more of this scent, needs to envelop himself in it. Taehyung crawls towards the center of the room, his eyes adjusting to the dark. He reaches a hand out and touches the bottom of what must be the bed. His hands grip at the sheets and he hulls himself up onto the bed. He doesn’t hesitate to roll all over the mattress, rubbing every area of skin against the sheets so all he smells is warm gingerbread. It has a calming effect on him, and he lets out a soft sigh.


He’s not sure how much time passes until his cramps return, and he curls in on himself. It’s like he’s being stabbed in the gut repeatedly, and all he can do is cry out at the sharp spasms that overtake his body. Taehyung paws at the bed around him until he finds the pillows, clutching onto one so tightly he doesn’t know where he ends and where the pillow begins. The pressure in his abdomen grows worse, and he doesn’t realize that he’s been chanting a name like a prayer under his breath as he clenches his eyes and his teeth shut. The pressure continues to build, and he’s lost himself in the haze of his fever and pain that he doesn’t hear the front door open, nor does he hear the steps heading towards the bedroom. Another wave of cramps consumes him and he buries his nose into the sheets, hoping this comforting scent will lull the pain away. When he hears the bedroom door creak open and the lights flicker on, a deep alluring voice calls out his name in surprise and he freezes.




The pressure that’s been building under his skin pulses through him frantically, and Taehyung snaps his head up to gaze at the intruder. When they make eye contact, Taehyung’s nose flares, the delicious scent invading every corner of his mind. It’s at that moment that the bundle of heat in Taehyung’s abdomen explodes. He cries out as the fire spreads through his veins like fireworks, igniting every inch of skin on his body. Slick gushes out of him in waves, soaking through his underwear in seconds and trickling down his thighs. Taehyung’s eyes are watering but he doesn’t dare look away from Yoongi, whose eyes are wide and stands as stiff as a statue.


His nostrils flare, the thick smell of sweet buttercream coating his tongue. He licks his lips, and Taehyung follows the movement. He reaches out a trembling hand, “P-please.”


Yoongi’s shaken out of his trance, and he quickly covers his nose with the sleeve of his jacket. “I-I can’t be in here, I’m sorry, I had no idea you were here—”


Taehyung cuts him off as he begins to sob. “Yoongi…Yoongi….Yoongi…Yoongi please! Help Me!” The tears are streaming down his cheeks and his lip trembles.


Yoongi doesn’t think twice, lets instinct take over as he appears at his bedside in a heartbeat, thumbs wiping away the tears that flow over Taehyung’s lashes. “Shhh, I’m here love. I’m here,” he coos.


Taehyung has no shame as he grabs Yoongi by the front of his jacket and tugs hard until Yoongi topples over. Yoongi lands face first into the mattress with an ‘oof!’ and Taehyung scrambles over to him, nuzzling his cheek against his head softly. Yoongi sits himself up and scoots back on his bed until his back rests against the wall. He pats his thighs as if to call Taehyung to him, who wastes no time rolling there until his head lays on his lap.


Yoongi feels the tight ribbons of desire coiling in his gut but seeing Taehyung in such a vulnerable state has his protective instincts overriding his need to mate and claim.


Taehyung hums and nuzzles his head against Yoongi’s thigh, who begins to stroke his hair soothingly. Taehyung’s stiff body relaxes once again and he purrs. Yoongi smiles to himself as he watches Taehyung’s eyelashes flutter close. They don’t say anything, the two enjoying one another’s company. When another wave of pain has Taehyung cry out, Yoongi is there to hold him close.


“I know, I’m sorry love. Presenting as an omega is the most painful. Just hold on a little longer okay? It’ll all be over soon.”


Taehyung sobs and only curls in on himself more, his tears soaking through Yoongi’s pants. Taehyung is sweating profusely, and Yoongi does his best to wipe the sweat off his face. The whole apartment is silent aside from Taehyung’s heavy breathing and Yoongi’s reassuring whispers.


The moment the front door clicks open, Yoongi is set on high alert. The hairs on his neck stand up in warning, preparing himself to attack the intruders on sight. Taehyung had fallen asleep, meek whimpers falling from his lips from time to time. Yoongi carefully adjusts him and lays his head on one of his pillows, scenting it with the inside of his wrist. Taehyung snuggles into it. Yoongi carefully eases himself off the bed, the need to protect stronger than ever with Taehyung in such a vulnerable state. His bedroom door is open, so he hears the familiar whispers of his friends echo in from down the hall.


Yoongi is too consumed by his instincts to defend to recognize them, so when he stalks to the living room he lets out a throaty grumble. All his friends turn to look at him, the bags of supplies in their hands dropping to the floor immediately. Namjoon and Jin are near the door, their mario and luigi costumes on point but underappreciated due to these unforeseen circumstances. Jimin and Hoseok are huddled together by the couch.


“We weren’t sure what he was presenting as so we got the basic necessities: extra bottles of water, food, medicine, etc,” Hoseok rambles.


“Where is he? Is he okay?” Jimin asks stepping forward and receiving an unsolicited growl from Yoongi. His eyes widen as Hoseok tugs him back, squeezing his hand reassuringly. Yoongi winces, hand going up to rub at his face wearily as he watches his friends.


“I- sorry, Jimin... yeah Taehyung is in my room. He’s... he’s asleep for now, he’s presenting as an omega and it’s taking a toll on him.”


Jimin’s eyes narrow in worry, mouth set in a firm line as he nods in response.


“Wait,” Jin speaks up, “He’s presenting as an omega and he’s in your room, so does that mean... You two?”


Yoongi nods, the need to get back to Taehyung stirring up an uneasiness in him as he shifts his weight from one foot to the other. “I was on my way to the party with Kook and realized I forgot my cat ears. I came back and found him in my room; his scent was...” he trails off, unable to explain the enticing and magnetic pull that radiated off Taehyung the moment he’d walked into his room to find him laying on the bed. Everything had clicked into place then, his alpha instantly recognizing Taehyung as his mate.


“Oh,” Namjoon murmurs after being the most quiet among the group of friends.


Just then- a soft mewl breaks through whatever anyone else has to say, and has Yoongi cocking his head, listening in as Taehyung stirs and calls out softly for him from the other room. Again, the need to protect rises up in Yoongi despite his rationality telling him there’s nothing to protect against; he just wants to give Taehyung everything in this moment when he needs Yoongi most.


“He’s awake,” Yoongi breathes, already taking a small step back. “I should go to him,” he says loud enough for everyone to hear before turning around and starting to head back in the direction of his room. Jimin’s voice calling his name halts his steps briefly.


“Yoongi take care of him ok?” Jimin asks, walking forward to press the small bag of supplies they’d gotten at the pharmacy in Yoongi’s hands. His voice sounded wobbly and strained but his face showed no hint of tears, just worry for his best friend as Yoongi accepted the bag gratefully and hastily walked to his room on hearing Taehyung’s voice crack on his name.


The first thing he notices when he walks into the room is the scent. Taehyung’s scent is heavy and thick in the room, laced in with sour notes that indicate distress. Yoongi is quick to set the bag down and walk to the bed, invisible strings seem to pull him to Taehyung and he follows easily, eager to set his mate’s mind at ease. Taehyung’s nose flares as Yoongi sits carefully on the bed, his eyes opening to look at Yoongi, face wet with tears previously shed. Yoongi gently gathers him in his arms, letting Taehyung nuzzle his neck with a soft whimper. “Shh, its ok I’m here love,” Yoongi murmurs quietly.


Taehyung doesn’t say anything for a few moments, only letting his hands clutch at Yoongi’s shirt desperately as if he’s scared Yoongi will disappear. His nose burrows deeper against Yoongi’s neck as he sniffles, “I t-thought you left me.”


“I would never,” Yoongi states, his words gentle and reassuring to the presenting omega. “Just had to get you a few things. Our friends stopped by.”


At that, Taehyung perks up a little, lifting his head away from Yoongi’s neck reluctantly to look him in the eye. “Jimin was here?” Yoongi nods, hand stroking Taehyung’s hair gently.


“Jimin, and Hoseok, and Jin-hyung and Namjoon,” Yoongi says. “Everyone was worried about you, they got you water and medicine, won’t you take them, love?”


Taehyung whines and falls against Yoongi, shaking his head, “Don’t wanna,” he breathes across Yoongi’s neck, even as he squirms in obvious distress on Yoongi’s laps. “A-and the party. I’m making you miss the halloween party.”


“The party doesn’t matter. Taehyung, baby, does it hurt?”


“Hurts,” Taehyung affirms shakily, knuckles turning white as he holds onto the hem of Yoongi’s shirt while Yoongi strokes his hair down to his back in slow, repeated motions. He places a soft kiss against Taehyung’s heated forehead.


“Will you take the medicine then?” he tries again, voice gentle and coaxing but Taehyung doesn’t budge. He’s a little stubborn, Yoongi is starting to find out.


“Don’t want to. It smells bitter,” comes the breathless reply.


“Taehyung, come on, please?” Yoongi presses, worry creasing up his forehead at the refusal.




“I want you to feel better, baby. Please, for me?”


That gets a response from Taehyung as he groans softly, pushing himself up with some effort. “For you?” he asks, head inclined slightly to the side to better look at Yoongi who quickly nods.


“Fine, but only for you,” Taehyung relents, an inexplicable rise of happiness filling him when Yoongi smiles. Yoongi holds onto him with one arm while twisting over to the side, his other hand stretched out to grab the bag. He pulls out a bottle of water and the pack of medicine Jimin and Hoseok bought and turns back to Taehyung, twisting open the bottle and handing it to him.


“Have a little water,” he quickly adds when he sees Taehyung about to decline. It works again and Taehyung brings the bottle to his mouth, intending to take a small drink but ends up downing half of the cool liquid; he was parched and didn’t realize until the first drop landed on his tongue.


By the time he’s done drinking, Yoongi is holding out two tablets to him encouragingly and Taehyung takes them without protest, his eyes never leaving Yoongi’s own even as he takes another gulp of water. He sighs, suddenly exhausted as he hands the bottle back to Yoongi who twists the cap back into place and discards it to the side.


“Lay down with me?” Taehyung asks hopefully, smiling a little when Yoongi nods. He gets off Yoongi’s lap and scoots to one end of the bed and watches as Yoongi swings his legs onto the bed and settles them under the covers, brushing Taehyung’s own. “Hold me,” he implores softly.


“Of course,” Yoongi answers, shifting closer to Taehyung on the bed and putting his arms around the boy, a soft exhale leaving his lips as he presses another chaste kiss against Taehyung’s forehead.


“Funny how desperately you were trying to get away from me but now here you are demanding I cuddle you,” Yoongi teases.


Taehyung grumbles and noses the nook between Yoongi’s neck and shoulder, his nose trailing up until he finds his scent gland. Taehyung gives it a tentative lick and feels Yoongi shudder and moan. “Mm, but now that I know you’re my mate you’ll be the one running from me. You don’t know it yet but you’ve unleashed a beast Min Yoongi.” Taehyung’s whisper is too soft to be threatening, and Yoongi chuckles, pulling off the cat tail still tied around his waist. He throws it onto the floor next to him, turning back to Taehyung to watch his features relax as he falls asleep.


“Then I’m all yours tiger,” Yoongi whispers, resting his cheek on top of Taehyung’s head, eyes drooping closed.


There is still the matter of courting and eventually, mating, but that can be addressed another day. They are perfectly content in each other’s warm embrace, falling asleep in a tangled mess of limbs.









Chapter Text






Taehyung slowly blinks and lets out a soft groan--in a slight daze after blacking out for a second and nearly face planting into the sidewalk. He stands on wobbly legs.


Jimin and Hoseok sprint towards him, worry etched on their features. “Oh my god, Tae are you okay?”


Jimin reaches out and steadies him as Taehyung slumps himself against Jimin, feeling exhausted all of a sudden. “I’m fine, I just haven’t been sleeping well lately.  It was a dizzy spell. “


Hoseok has his forehead scrunched in concern, rubbing his hand in circles on Taehyung’s back in comfort. “Are you sure you still want to go to the party? We don’t have to. Jimin and I would be perfectly fine staying home with you and stuffing our faces with candy. We could all sport matching food babies.”


Taehyung snorts, “And let everyone miss out on your amazingly clever couples costume?” Hoseok rolls his eyes at the sarcasm laced in his voice. “You’re sure being fresh for someone who almost ate concrete a minute ago.”


“Yeah, Yeah whatever, m’fine,” he mumbles. Hoseok pats him on the back a few times and pulls his hand away. Jimin continues to hold him. “Are you really sure Tae? You don’t look so good.”


Taehyung ignores the growing discomfort in his belly. He’s been looking forward to this party all week. He shakes his head and walks out of Jimin’s embrace, “I told you I’m fine. Nothing a little alcohol won’t fix. C’mon, I don’t want to be late to the party.” Taehyung turns around and walks off in the direction of the frat house located a few blocks away.


 Jimin and Hoseok share a worried look but say nothing as they follow after him.


“You do know tardiness is expected at college parties right? No one EVER shows up on time,” Hoseok skips ahead and spins to face them both as he walks backwards. “Besides, the party only started two hours ago so if anything, we are right on time!” Hoseok shouts enthusiastically, thrumming with excitement.


The trio fall into banter as they approach Greek Street, and the house is already visible from down the road. The frat house is no joke. Taehyung had yet to explore the neighborhood that housed the Greek fraternities out of pure disinterest, but now that he stands in front of what appears to look like a rave from the outside, he can see how spot-on the stigma of “party animals” is. He halts briefly, looking down to inspect his outfit and adjust the tiger ears and tail before setting foot in front of a bunch of potentially ‘cute’ college students.


He stops without warning, and Hoseok who had been right on his tail (literally), runs into him. “Ow, dammit Hobi you jabbed me with your plug!” Taehyung turns around and narrows his eyes as he rubs his behind.


Hoseok has the audacity to look smug. “My bad, wrong outlet.” Jimin cracks up next to him and the trio dissolves into a fit of laughter. “God your costumes are so tacky! A plug and an outlet? Really?” Taehyung says in between chuckles.


Hoseok playfully smacks him on the head. “Hey! Don’t forget I’m older than you! And you’re one to talk, you’re wearing cat ears!”


“Hyung, they’re not cat ears, they’re tiger ears. Get your facts straight.” Taehyung twirls on the spot.


“I would if I was,” Jimin mutters, and Taehyung smacks him on the shoulder for such a lame joke.


“Now how do I look? Do I look like I could eat a grown man for supper?” Taehyung shakes his butt and his tail wiggles with it.


“You’re the cutest oversized kitten I’ve ever seen,” Jimin coos.


“Not exactly the look I was going for but I guess that’ll have to do,” Taehyung grunts in appeasement.


“You’ll have people begging to pet you,” Hoseok waggles his eyebrows and sticks his tongue out,” If you know what I mean.” Jimin breaks out into a fit of giggles behind them.


“Good, I want to get laid,” Taehyung says.


“No worries, I’m sure you’ll see Yoongi there,” Jimin mutters under his breath.


Taehyung looks at him questioningly, not catching what he said. “What was that?”


Jimin puckers his lips in a whistle and looks everywhere but at Taehyung, “oh nothingggg!”


They walk across the front lawn of the house and the music is so loud they can feel it thrumming in their bones. Red solo cups already litter the front yard and it’s barely 10’ o clock but there’s already college students passed out on the ground. The trio has to tip toe around the bodies when a hand suddenly grabs Taehyung’s foot and he nearly pisses himself as he shrieks.


“Holy fucking shit, you scared me! I almost pissed on the spot!” Taehyung whines. The lifeless bodies all lift their heads up and smirk before laying back down. Taehyung frowns as he has to shake his leg-- to get what he now realizes is a zombie --to let his ankle go. He glances back at the unmoving bodies one last time and shudders. Are they laying there all night just to scare people? “Pft, and they say college kids lack dedication.”


Jimin and Hoseok skip up the steps to the porch and Jimin reaches out to grab the door when it’s slammed open suddenly. It all happens in a blur but a flock of students pour out of the house completely nude. The trio freezes in shock, unable to focus because of the swinging penises gracing their peripherals. There’s loud chanting erupting from the house and Taehyung realizes it’s in support of these guys streaking across campus. The flock of guys cross the street and continue running until they are nothing but specks in the distance.


“What the fuck was that,” Hoseok questions in disbelief. Jimin pats his mate and his best friend on the back. “Welcome to your first college party Taehyung.”


Taehyung reaches for the door handle and opens the door, ushering his friends inside. “What a time to be alive.”








If they thought the front yard was crowded, the house is ten times worse. Taehyung wonders how everyone fit, especially with at least 20 people having run out butt naked. The house is so packed that the living room’s makeshift ‘dance floor’ is only three feet wide. There’s not enough space to fit the grinding bodies filling the area with their sweat and lust-heavy scents.


 The intermixed scents give Taehyung a headache and his nose twitches in displeasure. He feels the cramps intensify, but tries not to focus on it. “I’m going to get something to drink, you guys want something?” Taehyung asks over his shoulder. He’s not surprised to see Jimin and Hoseok have pushed their way to the dance floor, wanting to show everyone else what real dancing looks like. He shrugs and decides to let them be as he attempts to find the alcohol.


Taehyung struggles to push his way through the crowd of partying students and by the time he’s reached the kitchen, he’s sweating. He honestly can’t tell whether it’s the sweltering temperatures of so many bodies mingling together or if it’s the cramps that are getting more and more unbearable that is making him sweat bullets.


Taehyung hunches over a bit at a particularly gut-wrenching cramp and reaches a shaky hand to the counter, feeling slightly unsteady as he fights the pain threatening to overwhelm him. His eyes desperately scan the wide array of choices, deciding vodka is probably the best if his goal if to numb the pain.


He grabs a cup and reaches for the bottle but an electrifying jolt has him go rigid. Sweat beads on his forehead and on his temples and he nearly collapses. He leans onto the counter for support and closes his eyes, trying to take in a steadying breath. Another surge of pain makes him see white and an involuntary whine leaves his lips. Aside from the pain, there’s a prickling sensation thrumming in his veins, his body aching for something, for someone.


He’s not sure why he feels so on edge but the cramps are getting worse and worse by the second and another whimper leaves his lips, louder than before. The deafening music and the loud chattering of students around him masks his cries. He doesn’t know that his low whimper is heard by a particular alpha on the other side of the house, whose ears perk up at the sound on instinct.


Yoongi had arrived recently, Jungkook waiting impatiently for him because the elder had returned to his apartment after forgetting his cat ears, not wanting to show up with just half of his costume on as basic as it was.


The two had explored the house and settled on overlooking a game of poker, watching lazily as they talked. “Hyung, you good?” Jungkook is dressed in a giant purple Teletubby costume. He was in the middle of an argument with Yoongi over whether he’s considered a furry or not when Yoongi stops mid-sentence and stiffens. Yoongi tilts his head to the side and closes his eyes. He can’t explain how but it feels like he’s being called. He’s moving before he even knows where he’s going. Jungkook stares at him in confusion and tries to follow, but his damn tv-sized tummy prevents him from squeezing his way through the party. He gets himself stuck in the throng of students forming a conga line.


 “Oh hell,” he curses. Instead, he pulls out his phone and sends a text to his dance friend asking him where he is. Jungkook figures he can find Yoongi later (Spoiler: He never does that night because he finds Jimin and gets sucked in to dancing with him and his mate Hoseok, who he deems very attractive and proceeds to spend the rest of the night trying to seduce the two into a three-some. Another Spoiler: He’s successful.)


Back in the kitchen, Taehyung whimpers again and his knees buckle. An omega takes notice, a pretty girl with long barbie blonde hair. She wanders over to Taehyung and places a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, you don’t look so good. Do you need some help?”


“M’okay, just a little tipsy,” he lies. Her peppermint scent is only slightly comforting. “My friends will be back any minute, but thanks for offering.”


The girl offers to wait with him until his friends arrive but he assures her he’s okay. “Maybe you should try and get some fresh air, yeah?”


He nods in agreement, “I think so too, thanks.” 


Taehyung doesn’t waste time to try to find the exit to get some air. It’s too hot and too stuffy to stay in the house. On wobbly legs he makes his way to the backyard. He slides the glass door open and breathes in a sigh of relief as he closes his eyes and lets the crisp night air hit his face. He opens his them and scans the area. The backyard is relatively bare, only a few trees scattered in the corners. A white picket fence encases the yard, and there are piles of dead leaves bordering it. He’s not surprised to see more people out here with how full the house is, but it’s only two small clusters of students laughing and gossiping as they throw their drinks back to chug. It’s a scene right out of any college movie.


Taehyung stumbles forward when he spots an empty chair beyond a group of alphas. He can tell right away the group is made up of football players and cheerleaders. The guys are top heavy, entirely too focused on working their biceps and their pecs. Their dorito shapes aren’t elegant like Seokjin’s but rather distasteful with how disproportionate they look. It’s like they missed leg day, or maybe didn’t bother with leg day at all. But worst part is their costumes---they’re dressed up as themselves, as football players. “Really?” he mutters under his breath. In the midst of excruciating pain Taehyung clicks his tongue in disapproval. He shouldn’t be shocked that the cheerleaders are dressed up in their uniforms too. He hopes that these aren’t their costumes, hopes that they came straight here after a game with no time left to change. That would make sense, otherwise he and Jimin would spend the whole night critiquing such lame choices. (As if he should talk, he's dressed up as an oversized cat.)


Taehyung huffs when a few of their wandering eyes land on him. Thankfully, they draw no attention to him and focus back on their conversation. He feels a trickle of sweat trail down his back, his shirt sticking to him. Taehyung refocuses and notices a large pool beside this group of students, the moon reflected on its surface. He knows the night is too chilly for a swim, the water must be close to freezing.


Taehyung is careful not to get too close to the pool but the only way past the group of alphas is the small pathway in between them and it’s edge.


“God dammit, can’t I ever catch a break?” Taehyung sighs and keeps his head down as he walks past them but an overwhelming wave of pain has him cry out and he hunches over, grabbing his lower stomach. He feels a wave of wetness flow out from between his cheeks. His underwear is sticking to a wet patch on his bottom but that implication does not occur to him until the group of alphas go silent and all turn to stare at him with wide eyes and flaring nostrils.


“Omega-“ he hears one of them utter, nose pointed into the air and inhaling deeply.


In that moment a trickle of slick slides down his inner thigh and he finally puts together what is happening. He’s presenting. Here. In the middle of his first college frat party. Right in front of a group of alphas.


“Oh fuck me!” Taehyung says in exasperation, annoyed that although he’s finally presenting it has to be tonight of all nights. He ignores the groups’ stares as he stumbles to the pool chair a mere few feet away. He sits on it and curls into a ball as slick continues to ooze out of him, whining under his breath at the unsettling discomfort. He wonders if Namjoon and Jin have arrived and he’s about to reach for his phone to call them for help when the putrid smell of arousal burns his nostrils. He covers his nose and sneers at the group of alphas slowly approaching him, encircling him as if he were their prey. Their scents are thick with lust, the heavy smells of pine, roses, and sour lemons mixing together. It’s an awful combination that nearly gags him.


They close in on him and a warning growl escapes from Taehyung’s throat as the hair on his neck stands up. He bares his teeth and snaps at a hand that reaches out to touch him. The hand pulls back and who he assumes to be their pack leader steps forward. “Poor little omega needing a big, strong alpha to fuck their tiny virgin hole hm?”


Taehyung scoffs, “This isn’t the 19th century you uncultured piece of shit. If I wanted dick I’d be on it by now, so you better back the fuck up before I break your jaw. Can’t have the team captain suspended for harassing an omega now can we?” Taehyung growls again and sits up straighter, legs on top of the chair and crouching like he’s ready to gouge eyes out if they try touching him without his permission again.


Despite his defensive posture his body is trembling, fear clenching his heart. He’s scared. His slightly frazzled state has pheromones seeping out his pores, enticing the alphas around him even more. They lick their lips as if they can already taste him by his smell. Taehyung glances around to see if there’s anyone he can call out to for help but the other group of students have gone back inside so he’s all alone with them now. Taehyung bites his lip so hard he pierces it and the taste of copper swells in his mouth. Another threatening growl escapes his lips, his scent already souring enough with anxiety that it makes the alphas crinkle their noses in discomfort. If his panic heightens any further, his scent alone could knock these alphas out cold.


The sliding door slams open then, and a dark figure appears in the doorway.


“What’s going on out here?” a deep voice questions, and the commanding tone beckons their attention. The group of alphas turn around to look at the intruder with their noses buried deep into the crevice of their elbows, but Taehyung’s eyes don’t leave the captain, who happens to step a bit closer though his eyes don’t leave the person standing at the back door. Taehyung’s eyes narrow at their close proximity, looking like a tiger sizing up an opponent.


“Nothing you need to worry about. We’ve got it handled, just helping out a friend.” The captain says swiftly as he shifts to his other foot, and this leaves a large enough gap through the crowd that Taehyung finally glances up at the distraction, the husky voice snapping his head up in interest.


The wind happens to swiftly change directions in that moment, and the overwhelming smell of warm gingerbread fans over him. His body reacts violently as he starts to spasm. Taehyung’s eyes roll into the back of his head and he shudders, inhaling mouthfuls of this delicious scent as the pressure that was building in his lower stomach snaps and slick gushes out of his throbbing hole like a broken dam. His eyes snap open and he makes eye contact with those dark feline eyes and he whimpers, sounding needy and desperate even to his own ears. Taehyung’s face flushes and his eyes glaze over as his jaw slackens and the word “mate” falls from his lips.


“Taehyung?” Yoongi questions out loud, disbelieving that his instincts had led him to the boy that’s been plaguing his thoughts for months now.


Yoongi doesn’t move, eyes locked onto Taehyung, watching the effect his scent has on him. He hears him whisper “mate” breathlessly and something clicks into place--not something tangible, more metaphysical in the sense. There’s a rush of warmth in his heart, in his soul, and he won’t feel complete until he’s holding Taehyung in his arms, until the bridge between their souls is complete.


Yoongi’s peaceful bubble of bliss at discovering his mate is punctured by a horrifying revelation. Taehyung is desperately clinging to himself, hands clenching his abdomen as the enticing smell of slick fills the air. His mate is going into heat, surrounded by a pack of unmated alphas. Yoongi bares his teeth and leans forward, a roar building in the back of his throat.


Taehyung’s scent changes the second his body enters the phase of his first heat, the sour smell lulling into one of sweet sugar. The football captain and the rest of the alphas turn away from Yoongi to look back at Taehyung, their pupils dilating at the delicious smell of an omega entering heat. They don’t leave, nor do they get closer, staring wildly at Taehyung with evident hunger. Yoongi watches on, fists clenched tightly until his veins are bulging. He takes a step with plans of rescuing Taehyung, but a firm hold on his wrist keeps him from moving. His cheeks are flushed in agitation when he turns to look at the girl stopping him, a beta who’s been trying to get his attention all night. Another group of boys and girls follow behind her and he groans. It’s the same group that flocks to him anytime they see him, attempting to coax him into conversation, relentless with their attempts of courting.


He tries to push them away to get to Taehyung but only makes it a few more feet before a different girl is tugging at his arm. Yoongi huffs and looks over his shoulder, “I need you to let go right now.” He snarls at them, but his anger only makes the group scream in delight. “Fuck off,” he yells angrily with an underlying tinge of distress. Taehyung picks up on it immediately from across the yard, the breeze still wafting Yoongi’s scent in his direction.


Taehyung’s sense of self- preservation warps into the need to protect-- to protect his mate. And the haze of heat only furthers his desperate need to escape, to take his mate somewhere safe in order to claim and be claimed.  It’s purely instinctual when a guttural growl bellows from his chest at the thought. Slick has saturated through his pants completely but he pays it no heed.


Taehyung wastes no time as soon as he smells the distress emanating off Yoongi, and not even the group of alphas surrounding him can stop him. Taehyung rises and kicks the chair behind him, the jarring sound in his chest making the alphas tense up.


“What the-“ one of the cheerleaders gasp.


Omegas aren’t expected to make sounds like that, and it has them on edge with the suffocating smell of pungent cream wrapping around them. “No need to be hasty, I can take care of you, make you feel so good,” the captain attempts to reach out to soothe him but he curses when Taehyung grabs his legs and picks him up, throwing him into the pool.


“You shitty ass omega, just listen to us-“ the other alphas try to grab him but Taehyung ducks down and pushes past them with a sneer, as if he were a football player himself trying to tackle his way through an opposing team’s line of defense (For comedic purposes, please imagine a bowling ball knocking out 7 bowling pins all at once). A few of them fall into the pool, joining their captain who is shivering, clawing at the edge of the pool trying to haul himself up.


Taehyung’s eyes are homed in onto Yoongi, who is still trying to shake off the girl’s hand, not paying attention to the commotion Taehyung is causing behind him. A vicious snarl rips its way through his throat and he barrels towards the flock of girls.


“I said MOVE BITCH!” he yells as he shoves the girl away from Yoongi (please reference the bathroom scene from the movie ‘White Chicks’), who stares at him with eyebrows raised high at the sudden rescue. Wasn’t he supposed to rescue Taehyung and not the other way around?


 Yoongi can’t help but grow aroused at the sight of Taehyung snarling at the girls, who quickly puts space in between them. The girls are covering their noses and holding their breaths, not wanting to taste the smell of spoiled buttercream. The smell has the opposite effect on Yoongi-- mouth-watering at the delicious scent. It’s the first time he has smelled Taehyung and the effect it has on Yoongi only further proves their compatibility. “God, I’ve never smelled someone so good,” he slurs drunkenly, Taehyung’s scent practically melting on his tongue. The high is too sweet to resist.


Yoongi closes his eyes and relishes at the close proximity, feeling the bridge between their souls connect them completely as he wraps his arms around Taehyung’s waist, pulling him into his chest and nosing at his scent gland, unable to help but take a kitten-like lick. Taehyung moans and shudders at his wet tongue, wanting to feel that tongue lick the burning heat between his legs.


“Mate,” Yoongi whispers against his neck, scenting him eagerly.


 Taehyung’s anger evaporates, leaving nothing but a very horny omega in its wake, an omega who has two months’ worth of sexual frustration pent up. Taehyung doesn’t hesitate to pick Yoongi up bridal style, clutching him safely to his chest.  


“Taehyung-ah? What are you—” Yoongi questions, but is compelled into a state of tranquility when Taehyung nuzzles him, drenching him in his sweet sugary scent that leaves his head foggy. It’s like buttercream frosting, light and airy on his tongue. Yoongi wonders if he’ll taste like it too. His dick twitches at the thought.


Taehyung’s nostrils flare again when he smells Yoongi’s growing desire, and that only spurs him on further once he finds the back gate that leads to the front yard. They promptly flee the party.


Yoongi groans at his painfully hard erection, and he dips his nose into the crook of Taehyung’s neck in hopes of finding some relief if he drowns himself more in his mate’s scent.


Taehyung sprints faster, Yoongi small in his arms, but he knows appearances are deceptive. Yoongi is a strong alpha, he can tell, but Taehyung’s need for release has him coiled so tightly that he didn’t have enough patience to wait for Yoongi to resolve the situation. Ariana Grande didn’t raise no bitch. He see it, he like it, he want it, he got it. And he knows without a doubt now he wants Yoongi.


Taehyung doesn’t question whose place to go to, the most logical being Yoongi’s apartment since it’s only a few blocks away from the party. Taehyung leaps over the college students still playing dead on the ground, and he feels like he steps on something soft but doesn’t stop even when he hears a startled yelp. He shouts a “sorry, not sorry” over his shoulder as he runs down the street.


When they reach Yoongi’s apartment, Yoongi tells him they can walk the rest of the way, but Taehyung’s stubborn and horny and refuses. They reach his apartment in five minutes, a new record, and Taehyung dashes up the stairs as Yoongi clings onto him for dear life.


Taehyung sets him down once they’re in front of the door. He gasps for air and catches his breath as Yoongi digs into his pocket in search of his apartment keys.


“Ironic how much you were trying to avoid me only to find out we’re mates” he says teasingly with a cocky grin. He enters the key into the lock and turns the doorknob, looking at Taehyung with sultry eyes. Taehyung’s jaw drops when he finally takes in Yoongi’s disheveled appearance.


Yoongi’s face is flushed, pupils blown wide and lips wet. His glossy black hair is tousled messily and he’s dressed in all black. Taehyung holds his breath when he spots the black tail peeking behind him and the black cat ears. What shocks him most of all though, is the dainty black choker around his neck with a small shiny bell that chimes softly with every bob of Yoongi’s throat.


“Uh, Taehyung?”


“Hm?” he says, mouth gaping wide as his eyes don’t depart from Yoongi’s throat, the black choker rubbing against his scent gland.


“You’re drooling.”


Taehyung doesn’t have enough braincells left to feel embarrassed as he wipes the drool dribbling down his chin. Yoongi smirks again and his eyes twinkle with delight until he stammers at the next words that come out of Taehyung’s mouth.


“My mouth isn’t the only wet thing here,” he says huskily.


Yoongi doesn’t have the decency to be grossed out, and he must be some sick twisted bastard for his cock to harden completely at the words. “W-wow, I’m totally going to eat your ass if that’s okay with you.”


“Baby,” Taehyung groans, “I’ll be the one eating YOUR ass. I’m going to devour you.”


Yoongi’s eyes widen and he nods in acceptance with a throaty “YES” before Taehyung smashes his lips against his. Taehyung grabs at Yoongi’s waist urgently, pulling him close until their groins are pressed together. Taehyung walks them backwards and as inexperienced as he currently is, he lets Yoongi take the lead, kicking the door shut and locking it, guiding them down the hallway and into his bedroom. Taehyung turns them around and pushes Yoongi towards the bed, the back of his knees hitting the edge of the mattress and landing on his back with an ‘oof!’.


“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Taehyung inquires, hesitant as his hands hover over his zipper.


“I am, are you?” Yoongi’s hands slither down to the waistband of his jeans.


“Oh, my tongue will be so far up your ass I’ll be tasting last night’s dinner.” Taehyung licks his lips hungrily and Yoongi groans at the imagery, taking a shaky inhale.


“Jesus Christ,” he says, palming his bulging erection.


“Oh you’ll be needing him by the time I’m done with you.” Taehyung’s own needs are pushed to the back of his mind wanting to see his mate, his alpha, squirm helplessly under him in the throes of pleasure. Taehyung’s pupils dilate in excitement, and he doesn’t care that he practically rips Yoongi’s clothes off, leaving him in nothing but the cat ears and the chiming bell around his neck.


“Yoongi,” he breathes out, feeling the alpha shiver against him.  Taehyung can do nothing but marvel at the beautiful body below him, skin as delicate as porcelain. His eyes tread down his body, taking in every inch of him. His cock lays hard against his flat tummy, and Taehyung curses. His eyes travel even lower, past his groin and down to his petite legs, long and lean. Taehyung licks his lips and his eyes flicker up to Yoongi’s, whose gaze has steeled upon seeing the desire clouding Taehyung’s.


“What do you need?” Yoongi asks, his voice a low timbre that intensifies the fire in the pit of Taehyung’s stomach. He feels no shame in being the only one undressed at the moment, not minding that the omega is taking the lead. He’s never been in a situation like this before, where HE’S the one being stared at with a predatory gleam, let alone by an omega. The fact that it’s his mate only excites him further, curious as to where the night will lead if he lets Taehyung call the shots.


“You,” he groans , “You. I want you, Yoongi.”


Yoongi’s eyes are dark, darker than Taehyung’s seen before, when he nods. “Take whatever you need love.”


The nickname makes Taehyung purr, a deep rumbling resonating through his chest as he leans his head down, using his hands to spread Yoongi’s thighs. The need to taste him resurfaces, and the heat burning under his skin serves as encouragement. He wants to bite.


“I’m going to eat you up,” he whispers, lips brushing the inside of Yoongi’s thighs. Yoongi shivers at the touch, cock twitching in anticipation. Taehyung opens his mouth and flattens his tongue, licking a long strip of skin before closing his lips around a spot centered mid-thigh, just a few inches from his groin. He sucks hard on the skin, and Yoongi tenses as a hiss leaves his lips. With a loud pop, Taehyung pulls away, a string of saliva connecting his tongue to the pink hickey blooming on creamy white skin.


Yoongi’s thighs look too delicious, and Taehyung wastes no time in digging back in, sucking every inch of skin until Yoongi’s thighs are littered with pink bruises. He pulls back to admire his work and preens when he notices Yoongi’s half-lidded gaze, chest heaving with heavy pants. Yoongi’s cat ears still sit on his head, and the choker is pressed tightly against his neck. His legs are spread open and Taehyung’s art is on full display. He already looks so wrecked and Taehyung has barely finished his appetizer, wanting to bide his time before starting the main entrée.


Taehyung pulls back completely, tugging off his jeans that have a giant wet patch in between the back pockets.


“Ah, I’m soaking wet.” Yoongi’s response is a grunt of approval.


He kicks the jeans to the corner of the room and peels off his shirt, the heat under his skin becoming unbearable. When the cool air hits his skin he sighs in relief. He pulls off the tiger ears and throws them next to the tail that had come off with his jeans.


 As Taehyung undresses, Yoongi watches in fascination. His mate is absolutely gorgeous. His stomach is soft but toned, a honey-like caramel. His arms flex with each movement, and Yoongi’s eyes drag down to his briefs, that are completely soaked through with slick to the point that it escapes down his thighs. His dick is tenting his briefs, and Yoongi moans at the sight, wanting to take him right then and there.


“Like what you see, alpha?” Taehyung purrs again.


Yoongi nearly blows a load being addressed so directly by his status. He’s about to pounce off the bed to pin Taehyung to the wall but Taehyung moves faster. He peels off his briefs and throws it at Yoongi’s face, slick-soaked fabric blinding his sense of sight and his sense of smell. Yoongi hums at the strong smell of slick permeating from Taehyung’s underwear when it lands on him, and he holds the fabric in place against his nose as he desperately inhales the sweet scent of slick. He shudders another drawn out groan, cock so hard that he involuntarily thrusts into the air, desperate for some sort of friction.


“I need to fucking taste you Taehyung, fuck you smell incredible.” Yoongi sniffs the slick stains and pulls the boxer briefs away to reveal a red flushed face completely drunk with lust.


“In due time alpha. Let your omega take care of you.” Taehyung prowls back to the bed, a trail of slick dripping onto the floor with each step. He grabs Yoongi’s ankles and tugs him forward until his legs are dangling off the bed. Taehyung uses both arms to push his legs backwards, exposing his backside completely. “My alpha has such a cute little hole.” He trails a finger around the rim, watching it pucker and clench as Yoongi tenses. Taehyung peeks an eye around Yoongi’s leg, watching him splayed out on his bed, hands fisted into his white satin sheets. Strands of black hair lie against the sheets in a stark contrast to the neutral colors decorating his bedroom. Yoongi trembles beneath him.


“T-Taehyung?” Yoongi mumbles, a blush arising on the apple of his cheeks.


“Everything ok?” he asks, tilting his head to the side as he waits for Yoongi’s to elaborate.


“Yeah, just wanted to let you know that I’ve never been eaten out before. I’m usually the one doing it so this is out of the ordinary for me.” Yoongi clears his throat awkwardly.


“To be honest this is my first time doing any of this too. Are you comfortable with it? If you’re not I won’t do it. I want you to enjoy this.” Taehyung gives him a small smile.


“No, it’s okay! I just wanted you to know. You can do anything you want with me, I’m all yours.” Yoongi doesn’t break eye contact. Adoration fills Taehyung to the brim and he can’t stop himself from surging forward and pressing his lips to Yoongi’s, soft lips caressing his own. Their kiss is sweet and tender, slow as their lips melt together. Taehyung gives him one last kiss before peppering them across Yoongi’s jawline and down his neck. He works his way down his stomach, and the hair leading Taehyung even further down his body tickles his nose.


Taehyung pauses when he reaches Yoongi’s throbbing cock, a bead of precum glistening at it’s peak. The head is a bright pink, engorged with blood and aching for attention. Taehyung lets his breath fan over it and Yoongi growls through his teeth. Taehyung flickers his eyes up to Yoongi’s to see them dark with desire. Taehyung smirks and playfully sticks out his tongue, giving the head a gentle lick, letting the salty taste of precum coat his tongue.


He smacks his lips together in show, “Mm, yummy.”


Yoongi narrows his eyes. “You’re really trying to rile me up aren’t you?”


“Of course alpha. My heat’s just starting, which means I still have a couple hours until it fully hits. I’ll be all yours then, but for now I’m going to have my fun with you. Being around you makes the pain more bearable anyways. Your scent is comforting. Now then, shall we get started?”


Taehyung smiles fiendishly, and suddenly takes all of Yoongi into his mouth in one go, pulling a string of curses from Yoongi’s lips at the action. Yoongi curses loudly, throwing his head back against the mattress as he feels the hot and wet warmth of his mate’s mouth engulfing him, swallowing him deep until his nose is brushing the hair surrounding his cock.


“S-shit, god your mouth feels amazing, holy fuck!” Yoongi gasps when Taehyung hums, the vibrations sending shocks of pleasure up his spine. Taehyung gags when Yoongi accidently thrusts into his mouth but he continues bobbing his head up and down, placing a hand on Yoongi’s thigh to steady him. Taehyung is messy, spit trailing down the corner of his mouth to pool at the base of Yoongi’s cock. Taehyung closes his eyes and relishes in the scent of gingerbread, a tad spicier with the mix of Yoongi’s arousal. It motivates Taehyung to go faster, to swallow deeper, until the head of Yoongi’s dick is brushing the back of his throat.


Taehyung keeps his eyes open to admire Yoongi, watching his expressions change. His thick dark eyebrows pull together when Taehyung accidently grazes his teeth along the shaft, and his mouth gapes open in a silent moan. Taehyung opens his mouth wider to keep it from happening again, wanting to focus on swirling his tongue around the head like a lollipop.


 Yoongi’s hand finds its way into Taehyung’s hair, and he gives a slight tug at his roots in warning, fisting strands in between his fingers. Taehyung hisses at the feeling, intent on keeping his mouth wrapped around his cock. He wants him to near the edge, to feel as though he is seconds from unraveling himself in his mouth. He feels the soreness in his jaw, muscles unused to this type of action. With how thick and delicious Yoongi tastes, he thinks he’ll be able to get used to it quickly.


Taehyung quickens his pace and grips the base of the cock with a hand, giving a firm squeeze every time it hits the back of his throat. Yoongi’s panting hard, and his eyes are small slits as he tries to focus on Taehyung, to drink in the image of this gorgeous omega who had been plaguing his dreams. Those supple lips are bright red, shiny with spit as they slide up and down his shaft. It’s a scene right out of his wet dreams, and knowing its happening to him right now in real time has him approaching his climax.


“Taehyung, I’m gonna cum, Taehyung I’m gonna cum, you need to-“ Yoongi repeats over and over, voice pitching higher as he approaches his climax. Taehyung smirks when he releases Yoongi, a web of spit stretching between them until Taehyung wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.


“I can’t have my alpha cumming yet can I?” Taehyung bats his eyes innocently and Yoongi clenches his fists into the bedsheets as he turns his head to the side to whine. The whine is hoarse and gravelly, and it makes Taehyung’s own cock harden at the sound. Taehyung pushes Yoongi’s legs backwards again, and he levels his head with his tight hole. Yoongi has his eyes clenched shut, still whining, but hand covering his mouth, trying to muffle the sounds he can’t help but make. Taehyung is displeased at this, wanting to hear his alpha’s guttural moans. Yoongi has such a sexy voice, and he wants to hear his name falling from the alpha’s lips in that same tone.


Taehyung uses one hand to push both Yoongi’s thighs back and snakes the other arm in between them to wrap his hands around the wet cock still coated in his saliva. Taehyung licks around Yoongi’s rim, smiling when the hole clenches as he starts to stroke him .


Yoongi’s eyes roll back into his head at the sensation, at the tight grip Taehyung has as he strokes him and at the tongue that dances around his asshole. It’s a strange feeling at first—the wet tip of a slimy tongue prodding at his entrance, but when Taehyung slides his tongue in and starts fucking him with it-- Yoongi sees white. His whole body stiffens, the pleasure so overwhelming that Yoongi swears he sees stars for a second, but then the world comes crashing down on him as he’s forced back to earth when a strong orgasm rips its way through his body.


“Oh my fucking g-god,” he gasps, the tightness in his abdomen releasing itself in milky white ribbons of cum that shoot into the air. Taehyung pulls his tongue out of him in time to catch a few drops on his tongue, while other strings of cum land on his cheek and on Yoongi’s flexed stomach.


Taehyung licks his lips in delight, “So good, hyung.” Taehyung straightens up and climbs onto the bed, knees sinking into the mattress as he crawls up towards Yoongi’s head. Yoongi lays there dazed, eyes unfocused with a satisfied smile gracing his mouth. Taehyung swallows most of the load, but leaves some under his tongue as he bends down to kiss Yoongi. Yoongi can taste himself, and he finds he doesn’t mind it too much. Then Taehyung opens his mouth and pushes the remaining bit of cum into Yoongi’s mouth who accepts it with ease. They kiss like this, swapping cum and spit as their tongues dance together.


Yoongi licks into the heat of his mouth, swipes the tip of his tongue against the roof of Taehyung’s pallete. Taehyung whimpers at the tickle and clenches his thighs together, rubbing them against each other discreetly. He so badly wants to feel this tongue inside of him.


Taehyung pulls back and looks down at him as he brings his hands to his chest to touch his body. “Hyung, look what you did,” Taehyung murmurs as he kneels next to Yoongi. Taehyung circles his tanned nipples with the tips of his fingers, watching as Yoongi follows the path of his hands down to his dick. Taehyung strokes himself a few times, head lolling back as he whimpers.


Yoongi stares in awe at the sculpture of perfection before him. He notices a chiseled jaw and a straight nose as Taehyung throws his head back, neck stretched out enough to see the bob of his adams apple. Yoongi gulps and he feels his cock twitch in response to the sight in front of him; he’s going to get hard again just by watching his omega touch himself. Taehyung raises his head, eyes locking with Yoongi, and his expression has completely changed, demeanor shifting from bratty and teasing to submissive and pleading before his eyes snap shut again.


Taehyung slides one hand down his backside, finger entering him with no resistance with the amount of slick coating his cheeks. His jaw slackens, a wordless moan falling from his lips. Yoongi reaches a hand out and grabs his arm, pulling his hand away from his wet hole. Taehyung’s eyes are half-lidded as he watches Yoongi pull his slick coated fingers into his mouth, tongue laving and weaving in between his fingers. Once he’s completely cleaned them, he pulls the fingers from his mouth. “Y-Yoongi, I need you, p-please, it’s hurting so much now,” Taehyung begs,  nearly on the verge of tears.


His heat continues to worsen, and if he thought the waves of pain he felt at the party were bad, this is just pure torture. When Yoongi notices his eyes are beginning to water, unshed tears collecting at the edge of his eyelashes, Yoongi beckons him forward.


“Come sit on my face Taehyung-ah,” he urges, wanting to take away his omega’s pain, wanting to replace it with blissful pleasure like he had felt. Taehyung sniffles and nods, but he hesitates, not knowing how to position himself.


“Just straddle my face love, but make sure you’re facing my legs. It’ll be easier for me that way.” Yoongi waits patiently for Taehyung to approach him. Taehyung feels so shy now, despite having been acting like a ravenous and starved beast only minutes ago. He blames the amount of hormones pumping through his body now. The confidence he had earlier has dissipated and now all that’s left is this blushing shell of a virgin. He’s naked and dripping wet, but now Yoongi wants him to sit on his face. The sexiest man he has ever seen in his pathetic excuse of a life is ASKING HIM to sit on his face. A blush burns his cheeks and he swears he must be completely red but he gathers up the remaining courage he has and throws a leg over Yoongi’s head, crouching on all fours, head facing his belly button.


“Good, now lower yourself for me baby, let your alpha taste you, I’ve been waiting all night,” he encourages. Taehyung closes his eyes and his body trembles with embarrassment. The tips of his ears burn and he shakes his head. “This is too embarrassing,” he mumbles under his breath.


“It’s okay love, don’t worry. I’ll take care of you, trust me.” Yoongi raises his hands and brushes the sides of Taehyung’s outer thighs. Taehyung’s rear end is right in front of his face. All he needs to do is to lean back a little and Yoongi will be able to taste him perfectly, to drown in him. Taehyung bites his lower lip and forces his butt backwards a little too much, practically smothering Yoongi in between his ass cheeks. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to push into you that hard-” Taehyung tries to pull away but Yoongi grips his thighs, locking him in place and Taehyung’s apology is replaced with a loud keen. The sounds of slurping are absolutely filthy as Yoongi wraps his lips around Taehyung’s leaking hole and proceeds to suck as much slick as he can out of him. The pleased growl rumbling softly in Yoongi’s chest at his taste makes Taehyung release another wave of slick, and Yoongi laps it up eagerly. It feels so good, too good, that his arms slacken and the top half of his body falls forward. He leans his head on Yoongi’s stomach, blubbering cries echoing through the bedroom as Yoongi continues to eat him out. He feels Yoongi’s hands grip the globes of his ass, spreading him wider so he can taste as much of Taehyung as he can.


Taehyung is almost delirious with pleasure, his fingers and toes curling at the loud noises Yoongi makes as he eats him. He starts to feel that familiar build up in his groin, and his fingers and toes go numb, signs of an impending orgasm. The pressure grows and grows, and Taehyung is practically sobbing at this point, too busy moaning to notice he got drool on Yoongi’s belly. Taehyung peeks an eye open and notices Yoongi’s soft cock has hardened again, angry at the neglect it’s received. Taehyung licks his lips and scoots forward slightly to wrap his mouth on the head of Yoongi’s flushed cock. He hallows his cheeks and sucks hard, letting his teeth lightly graze the slit.


Yoongi moans into Taehyung’s hole, his own spit mixed in with slick. Slick coats the tip of his nose and the lower half of his face. He pays no heed when he feels it dripping onto his neck. He stuffs his face back in between Taehyung’s cheeks and licks fervently, loving the way the hole tries to suck his tongue in deeper.


 Taehyung circles his tongue around the head of his cock and groans, his body tensing as he nearly reaches his peak. Yoongi is not far from his second orgasm, and Taehyung wants them to cum together, so he deep throats Yoongi all the way down and uses his fingers to lightly massage his balls, beckoning him to orgasm with him.


Neither bother to notify the other of their orgasms, too absorbed and focused on ensuring the other cums first. Yoongi thrusts into Taehyung’s mouth with a grunt as he cums, spurts of his seed trickling down his throat. Taehyung milks his cock until no drop is left. Taehyung follows soon after yelling brokenly as the wave of ecstasy washes over him, flooding Yoongi’s mouth with a milky color, different from the clarity of his slick. Yoongi swallows every last wave of cum that seeps out of his hole, and he finishes cleaning Taehyung up with his tongue.

With an exhausted sigh, Taehyung rolls off of Yoongi and adjusts himself so he’s right side up. Yoongi wipes his mouth with his arm and lets out his own content sigh.


“That was-“ Taehyung starts.


“Amazing,” Yoongi finishes.


“Jesus, and you haven’t even stuck your dick inside me yet.” Taehyung giggles.


Yoongi snorts,” Oh we’ll have plenty of time for that. Your heat just started. And I have a feeling you’re going to end up triggering my rut too. We’ll be at this for days.”


Taehyung turns his head to face Yoongi, flicking the bell dangling from the black choker still wrapped around his pretty neck, and waggling his eyebrows up and down. “I’m satiated for now, but I probably only have an hour or so until the next wave of pain hits me. You thinking what I’m thinking?” Taehyung’s stomach growls loudly, filling the silence between them.


Yoongi’s eyes crinkle up in a laugh, “No, but I think I do now that your stomach has told me what it wants. Was my cum not filling enough for you? I’ll make sure to fill you up even more the next round.”


Taehyung shakes his head in disbelief, “Listen, I’ll suck you so dry you’ll be nothing but a thin leaf blowing in the wind.”


Yoongi leans up on his elbow and hovers over Taehyung. “I”ll be looking forward to it,” he says, smooching him on the lips. “But first, let’s get you cleaned up and get you some food and water okay? You’ll start feeling hazy soon and I want to make sure you’re prepared for the next few days.”


Taehyung throws Yoongi a boxy smile that has his heart rate speeding up, thumping erratically in his chest. “That sounds good, thank you” he whispers gratefully. Yoongi gets up from the bed and stands on wobbly legs but successfully carries Taehyung in his arms to the bathroom.









Taehyung awakens to a burning fever in his head and he’s sweating like a hooker in church. His whole body aches and he swears he’s dying, swears he’s about to catch on fire and burn until all that’s left is ashes. His sweaty back is sticking to his sheets and although his eyes are closed, he can sense Yoongi sleeping soundly next to him. Taehyung starts to whimper, tears overflowing down his cheeks. He wants this to be over. It’s been two days since his heat started, and he’s so so tired. He sniffles and hiccups, turning over to his side to stuff his face into his pillow.


“Taehyung-ah? Does it hurt again?” Yoongi says groggily, voice hoarse from sleep. He rubs his eyes to wipe the exhaustion from them and opens them slowly as he reaches out to run his fingers through Taehyung’s hair.


Taehyung whimpers, nodding his head in a silent yes. Yoongi scoots himself closer and inhales his decedent scent, buttercream sweet and enticing. He feels another wave of arousal crash into him, blood rushing south.


“How do you want it this time love?” he asks softly, using his thumb to wipe the tears from Taehyung’s cheeks.


“I just—I need you. Wanna feel you,” he blubbers. His face is muffled by the pillow but somehow Yoongi hears him loud and clear.


“Then turn around for me hm?” Taehyung rolls onto his side and pushes his bottom out. Yoongi starts to grind against him as they spoon eachother. They are both completely nude, still lying in sheets dirty with dried cum and slick. Yoongi palms his erection and guides it to the entrance, and he slips in with no resistance at all. They fit together perfectly, and although Taehyung is taller, he looks small cuddled against Yoongi’s chest. Yoongi peppers kisses under his ear and down his neck, nipping at the swollen scent gland. Taehyung’s back arches at the sensation and he lets out a high pitched mewl.


Yoongi’s thrusts are slow and purposeful, wanting to feel every muscle tighten around him. Taehyung’s hole is greedy, swallowing him up every time he slides out and pushes himself back in. “Ah, so tight, god—” Yoongi mutters. He watches his cock disappear inside Taehyung, who continues moaning loudly with no other care in the world. His hand lowers to grab the back of Taehyung’s fleshy thigh to pull his leg into the air. Yoongi peers above Taehyung’s shoulder and down at his twitching cock, a glistening bead of precum crowning the tip.


“Harder alpha! F-fuck me harder!”  Yoongi smirks at the desperation in Taehyung’s voice. He does the opposite, decreasing his speed until Taehyung is begging with broken cries. “Alpha, please please please-“


He’s cut off when Yoongi decides to have some mercy on his mate and slams into him, repeating the pounding of skin on skin over and over. Taehyung throws his head back onto Yoongi’s shoulder. His eyes are rolled back and his mouth is slackened as he cries out at a particularly hard thrust that brushes that one spot inside him that has fireworks exploding behind his eyes. His body goes taut and he whines against Yoongi, “T-there! Alpha right there PLEASE!” His moans are beautiful, like music to his ears. Taehyung’s rich voice is captivating, so unbelievably beautiful that it fuels Yoongi’s desires to hear his voice broken and hoarse from his own pleasure.


Yoongi huffs and uses his chest to push Taehyung forward, so he’s folded over his knees and his butt is pressed against Yoongi’s groin. Yoongi pistons his hips at a higher angle, and each thrust presses against that buddle of nerves inside of Taehyung. His omega is practically shaking, a hand gripping his pillow while the other strokes his smaller cock. “Alpha, I’m gonna cum! Mark me, please make me yours—” he begs.


“Not yet love,” he whispers against Taehyung’s skin, lips brushing over the gland. He grasps Taehyung’s hand and intertwines their fingers. Cries of pleasure resound through the apartment when Yoongi nips at the engourged scent gland, thus triggering Taehyung’s orgasm. He keens as a symphony of curses fall from his plump lips, and Taehyung straightens himself so he can turn his head to kiss Yoongi once the waves of pleasure settle over him like a comforting blanket. At the touch of Taehyung’s tongue inside his mouth, Yoongi nears the edge. He pulls out quickly, not wanting to cum inside him until they’re ready to make their bond permenanent. He pumps himself a few times and spurts his thick load across Taehyung’s lower back, groaning deeply against his ear.


Taehyung relaxes in his embrace and he brushes the hair sticking to his sweaty forehead, pressing a kiss to his temple. Yoongi licks his lips and tastes the tangy and salty flavor of his sweat. He doesn’t mind it. He caresses Taehyung’s tummy with his hand, hoping the heat radiating from it helps with his residual cramps. “How are you feeling?”


Taehyung pushes the covers down with his foot, not liking the way the sheets are stuck to his body. His body temperature is still elevated but the embers of heat simmering in his abdomen have been quelled. At least for now. “Mmm,” he drawls.


A chuckle reverberates through Yoongi’s chest and Taehyung can feel it against his back. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Taehyung whines, turning his head to the side to bury his face in between Yoongi’s neck and shoulder. He noses at his gland and Yoongi tilts his head more to give him better access. Taehyung inhales deeply and rubs his nose against it, letting his delicious gingerbread scent seep into his skin. It makes him drowsy almost instantly, his eyes drooping. “Want you to stay inside,” he whispers groggily.


“Anything for you, love.” Yoongi is limp, but knowing his cock will be surrounded by his mate’s clenched heat has him hardening enough to slip in. Taehyung sighs in content and snuggles closer. Yoongi throws an arm over him and rests his head on his other arm, using it as a pillow since Taehyung is hoarding them all on his side of the bed.


When Taehyung’s soft snores reach Yoongi’s ears, he knows he’s fast asleep. Yoongi uses this time to rest, allowing himself a short reprieve. Caring for an omega during their heat is exhausting, and it’s drained him of most of his energy. He needs to recharge, but he feels restless. He tosses and turns in bed, frustration crinkling his forehead. It’s when he senses his pheramones spiking that he sits up in bed, annoyed that sleep escapes him though he knows he’ll need it if he’s going to be able to keep up with Taehyung.


Yoongi shakes his head, a throb steadily building behind his eyes. The headache is sharp and he tries to massage it away, but no luck. He decides to watch Taehyung sleep instead, a soft smile on his lips as Taehyung somehow manages to sprawl himself all over the bed, kicking most of the pillows off. The sheets are pooled at his feet and he’s spread out like a starfish. Yoongi slips out of the covers and tip toes across the bedroom to his door. He opens it carefully but leaves it cracked in case Taehyung wakes and calls out for him.


Yoongi ransacks his kitchen in search of more water bottles and small snacks. Taehyung doesn’t seem to like heavy meals during his heat, choosing to snack on small fruits and dried pieces of meat. Yoongi’s appetite is horrendous, because he practically inhales all the left overs in his fridge. His hunger doesn’t subside, and it’s when he is half way through his third sandwhich that he realizes he only eats this much when he’s going into rut, as a way for his body to begin preserving nutrients to keep him satiated until the cycle ends.


He isn’t surprised though. He had a feeling Taehyung would send him into rut relatively soon, he just didn’t think it would be this early on. Their bodies will end up syncing though, and his rut will end as soon as Taehyung’s heat does. Ruts are only a couples days in comparison to the 5 to 7 day long length of a heat. With them only ending day 2 of Taehyung’s heat, he thinks it will be a long one, especially if his rut is only just now approaching. He estimates it’s arrival within the next 24 hours.


He wishes he had more time to get to know his mate before this string of events, but he doesn’t regret it one bit. After all, they all have the time in the world now that they have found each other.






Time has escaped them, both too focused on each other to hear the distant sound of the apartment door clicking open. “Why does it stink so bad in here,” Jimin wonders aloud, stepping inside. Hoseok follows behind him with a antsy Jungkook holding his hand in tow.


“Oh god, are they still at it? It’s been five fucking days!” Hoseok complains into the air, fist shaking in the air. “I live here too ya know! How much longer are you guys going to fuck!”


A vicious snarl tears through the silent apartment, and Hoseok stiffens. “Ok, ok sheesh, no need to be a knothead!” he yells at Yoongi. “C’mon you two, guess we’ll have to stay at Jimin’s even longer.”


Jungkook shrugs. “Eh, I don’t mind, just means we can have some more fun too." He wiggles his eyebrows. "Oh! Could we stop by Jin and Namjoon’s place for dinner? They said they were going to order pizza!!” Jungkook hops eagerly on the spot. He’s familiar to the heavy smell of Yoongi's rut so it doesn't bother him, but Hoseok and Jimin glance at him with their noses scrunched up in disgust.


“It literally smells like a discontinued Yankee’s Candle in here,” Jimin waves his hand under his nose to waft the smell away. It doesn’t help much. “Taehyung! Why do your scents mingled together smell like one of those cheap gingerbread house kits you buy around christmas time to entertain annoying kids? You do realize it’s only November right? And you better not be trying to make any babies in there! I'm too young to be an uncle!”


Taehyung’s angry hiss echoes into the living room, and it sounds more threatening than Yoongi’s. The trio high tails it out of there, snickering to themselves as they close the apartment door behind them.









Yoongi’s lips are coated in strawberry juice as he takes a bite into one, humming at the sweetness. Taehyung can only watch with his mouth agape as Yoongi licks his lips and grabs another one, shoving it whole into his mouth until his cheeks puff out while he chews. Taehyung’s throat goes dry, so he quickly grabs his bottle of water in hopes of quenching his thirst. He finishes the whole bottle in three gulps and throws it behind him. He’s staring at Yoongi and the other doesn’t notice until he’s mid-chew into his fourth strawberry. His fingers are coated in the pink juice and Taehyung leans over the table with his mouth wide in a silent plea to be fed. Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to grab another strawberry and places it in Taehyung’s mouth.


There’s a glint in his dark eyes when Taehyung closes his mouth not just around the strawberry, but around Yoongi’s finger too. He chews carefully, not wanting to bite his finger on accident and swallows. A little bit of that ripe sweetness lingers in his mouth, and he leans forward to taste more of Yoongi’s finger. Yoongi watches in awe, arousal sending blood downwards. His fingers are sticky in Taehyung’s mouth, but he feels his warm wet tongue slide over and around the digits. Taehyung doesn’t break contact when Yoongi pushes another finger into his mouth and proceeds to slide them in and out, loving the way Taehyung’s lips look sucking on his fingers----and Taehyung loves the way Yoongi’s eyes grow heavy with lust, his bottom lip caught in between his teeth. He wants to taste him again, wants to feel his hot cum shoot down his throat and---




Taehyung flinches and looks around him, heart pounding in his chest at being startled from a daydream. Jin is glowering at him with a hand on his hip and a serving tray in the other. He remembers that he’s cooped himself up in the café to study for finals. He flushes pink and fidgets awkwardly. Jin tsks and pushes his steaming latte in front of him.


“Don’t tell me you were dreaming about Yoongi again,” he complains.


“Was not! I was thinking!” Taehyung crosses his arms and pouts.


“Yeah, thinking about Yoongi. I can tell because you had this dumb look on your face and you were breathing heavily like some pervert.” Jin places the tray under his arm and sighs. “You guys have been dating for over two months now. You’re worse than Joon and I were when we first started dating, and trust me, we were insufferable. You guys are all over each other when we’re all hanging out together. You even had the audacity to flirt in front of my salad when the three of us went out for lunch last week.”


Taehyung shrugs his shoulders. “I can’t help it. He's unleashed a beast. Hyung, when I tell you our sex life is magical I’m not exaggerating. He has the stamina of a horse and this cowboy could ride him all day long.”


Jin cringes and grimaces. “Gross.”


“Like, I orgasmed so hard last night that my soul left my body. I literally ascended into the heavens and saw god. He said ‘child, it is not your time yet, follow the bright light. Let it guide you back down to bliss’. When I came to, I was blessed with the sight of Yoongi-hyung hovering over me with his dark bangs sticking to his sweaty forehead and the sexiest lob-sided grin I’ve ever seen in my life. I came again on the spot. By the time we were done, I was so spent that my dick looked like a sad twinkie.”


“That is…wow I wish you never told me that. And what does a sad twinkie even look like?" Jin's disgust is overpowered by his curiosity.


Taehyung smirks. "Imagine a starved man with a twinkie in his fist whose sucked out every last drop of cream filling. A twinkie without any filling is depressing isn't it? It just looks like a sad piece of squished bread."


Jin stares at him in disbelief, his eye twitching. He is silent for a solid minute before he replies. "If you’ll excuse me, I’m departing from this conversation now.” Jin shakes his head and turns to leave, the strings of his apron hanging behind him. Taehyung hears him mutter a quiet, "I'm never eating a twinkie again." He laughs about it for a while, but soon refocuses on his textbook and goes back to studying.


There’s a loud clang in the back kitchen a few minutes later, but the café is crowded with enough people that no one hears the manager scream in pure dismay, “Oh god! Why does that image of them keep popping into my head? Bleach! I need to bleach my mind! Where do we keep the bleach!”








Taehyung has his scarf wrapped tightly around his neck and he sees a puff of breath with each exhale. The frigid temperatures of December have coated the landscape in a blanket of snow, marking the beginning of winter. He hears the snow crunch under his boot with each step, and he glances behind him to see their footprints. He shivers underneath his coat, every limb nearly numb with the cold. The only warmth he feels is the hand intertwined in Yoongi’s. A smile curves his lips up when he turns his head to look at him.


Yoongi’s cheeks are pink, and the tip of his nose is red. He can’t stop himself from pulling him closer so he can smooch his button-like nose. Yoongi blushes and looks down, but he holds Taehyung closer to him. When they arrive at Taehyung’s apartment, he’s shocked to see candles lighted around his living room, a dim glow emanating from their flame. Taehyung’s eyes widen in surprise, and he grips Yoongi’s hand tighter, who brings their interlocked fingers to his lips in a gentle kiss.


“Why?” Taehyung asks breathlessly, his heart in his throat with the overflowing waves of happiness radiating from his heart.


Yoongi slowly begins to unwind the scarf from around his neck, giving him quick pecks every few seconds until the scarf is discarded on the ground. He begins to unbutton Taehyung’s jacket, and the other remains frozen in place. Yoongi shrugs off his jacket and lets it fall to the floor. He rubs his hands up and down Taehyung’s arms and looks into his shiny brown eyes. The question falls from his lips in a whisper when he presses his lips close to his ear. “Do you want to seal our mating bond?”




Taehyung shivers, goosebumps erupting over his flesh. He nods eagerly and dips his head into the crook of Yoongi’s neck and rubs the tip of his nose against his scent gland. “Please make me yours.” He nips at the gland and hovers his lips over it to feel it swell. Yoongi’s pheromones grow stronger at the touch, and Taehyung’s own body responds to it.


“Wanna kiss you,” he states, his gaze dropping to Yoongi’s lips.


“Then kiss me,” Yoongi murmurs, his hands hoisting Taehyung’s thighs up and encouraging them to wrap around his waist as their lips meet with passion. Yoongi carries him to the bedroom and sets him gently onto his bedsheets. Taehyung  rolls them over and pushes Yoongi down into the mattress instead.


The moment their lips reconnect, Taehyung lets out a soft groan and moves his leg over both of Yoongi’s own, effectively straddling him as they kiss. It’s fast, needy, and it’s heated; eyes fluttering closed, their lips move over each other, Taehyung leading and sucking on Yoongi’s lower lip. He nips lightly at it and lets his tongue slip out to soothe the bite by running over it repeatedly.


Yoongi’s hands rest on Taehyung’s waist as a small rumble starts in his chest in response. His lips part easily for Taehyung as he slips his tongue into Yoongi’s mouth.


Taehyung teases his tongue over Yoongi’s own and retracts it as Yoongi’s tongue chases after it. He traces it over Yoongi’s lips once before moving to greet his tongue again. He takes Yoongi’s bottom lip into his mouth once more as their tongues tease and curl over each other.


Experimentally, Taehyung rolls his hips against Yoongi’s and shudders at the rush of electricity that races up his back. He swallows Yoongi’s soft moan, feeling his hands tighten their hold on his waist.


“Taehyung,” Yoongi exhales against his lips.


“Again?” Taehyung asks, equally breathless, but letting out a pleased sound as Yoongi nods in affirmation.


He grinds his hips down against Yoongi, and almost hisses in pleasure at the sparks that ignite deep in his stomach from the friction, loving the way Yoongi’s hands tighten on his waist each time he moves against him.


"Wait," Yoongi murmurs, lips pressed against Taehyung's neck. "Clothes. We're wearing too much clothes, want them off."


Yoongi helps Taehyung peel off his pants first underwear following soon after, nose flaring at the more prominent scent of buttercream filling the air the moment the pants come off. Taehyung is more impatient as he takes off his shirt, wanting more contact with Yoongi, and he’s on him the instant his clothes are off too.


Taehyung wets his lips once before he’s kissing down Yoongi’s neck, sucking marks across it and leaving soft bites that has Yoongi tilting his head to give more access. The smell of arousal spikes in the room when they press their bodies together, lower halves brushing deliciously against each other. Yoongi’s quiet moans and harsh breaths are music to Taehyung’s ears as he grinds against him, feels Yoongi’s hands glide down his waist to cup his ass and lets out a soft rumble against his skin as he flips them back around.


Yoongi takes his time with Taehyung laying under him. He places wet kisses along Taehyung’s neck, taking time on the special spot on the side of his neck where there’ll later be a mark and Taehyung lets out a gasp as his back arches naturally, wanting more. Yoongi hums out in response, tongue peeking out to run softly against the rest of the lovebites he’d already made against Taehyung’s soft skin before trailing down to pay attention to his nipples, taking one in his mouth and softly tweaking the other between his fingers.


 He catches the peaked nipple between his teeth and gently sucks on it, pulling a choked moan from Taehyung’s lips as the omega’s fingers wind into Yoongi’s hair, eyes fluttering shut.  A small tug on Yoongi’s hair follows afterwards with Taehyung letting out a low whine, voice breathless as he begs, “Yoongi please, more- I need more, don’t want to wait any longer.”


Yoongi relents, nose flaring at the heightened scent of Taehyung’s arousal in the room. He allows his lips to trail down his chest, stopping to press kisses onto Taehyung’s stomach in appreciation, eyes looking up to meet Taehyung’s hooded gaze. “You’re really fucking beautiful Tae,” he murmurs, lips moving further down as Taehyung’s breath catches.


Yoongi’s mouth presses a kiss against the head of Taehyung’s cock. “My gorgeous omega,” he preens, the hint of pride and the vibrations of Yoongi’s words sends a burst of electricity traveling through Taehyung’s body.


Fingers trail down Taehyung’s stomach, leaving goosebumps in their wake as Yoongi’s lips linger for a moment, brushing over the length of Taehyung’s cock before moving down.


A warm, wet tongue licks along his perineum, drawing a sharp “Oh!” from Taehyung, and before he can process anything more, the tongue licks into his entrance and Taehyung grips the sheets under him, back arching until Yoongi lays a hand on his stomach to hold him.


“I can’t believe I was lucky enough to have you as a mate.” Yoongi’s voice is low, guttural, sends a hot curl of need pushing through Taehyung as his body lets out more slick in response. A mewl escapes him, his omega all but melting at the words of praise and obvious adoration in Yoongi’s tone. It fuels Taehyung, gets him impatient as he tries to grind into Yoongi’s teasing tongue. Lets out a soft hiss of frustration when Yoongi’s hands tighten their grip on his waist a little more; not too tight, but a clear message all the same, “Be patient, sweetheart,” Yoongi says, voice humming against Taehyung’s skin before his tongue goes back to leisurely circle his rim, catching some of the slick that drips out while the rest runs down Taehyung’s ass and onto the bed.


Taehyung is breathing heavily now, a light sheen of sweat beading his forehead as his arousal licks in hot bursts inside him. Yoongi is toying with him, fanning his desire but not sating it yet, and it gets Taehyung gripping the sheets, fingers opening and closing as he groans softly.


“Yoongi,” he pants, a shudder running through him when he’s met with the alpha humming against his ass in response, tongue now occasionally pushing into him and dragging along his walls on the way out. Yoongi is enjoying himself way too much and Taehyung doesn’t want to be teased anymore. A low growl bubbles in Taehyung’s throat as he tries again to move against Yoongi’s mouth but is held down once more.


He gasps when Yoongi replaces his tongue with his index finger, slowly tracing it along his rim, letting it slip in just a little and then going back to circling the leaking hole.


“When we fuck, I’m going to be on top,” Taehyung promises, his voice low and raw with need. Yoongi’s eyes look up to meet his own and they’re dark as he lets out another hum, pleased, lips glistening a little with Taehyung’s slick.


“’S that so?” he drawls, and Taehyung nods, eyes hooded and unable to look away. Yoongi pushes in the finger and Taehyung exhales softly as he feels it moving in and out of him. “And I won’t be slow then,” he continues, breathing harsh as his eyes flutters shut briefly.


He’s really getting into the rhythm Yoongi has set, able to rock his waist down against it since there’s only one hand holding him now, he exhales shakily, opening his mouth to speak again when Yoongi slides a second finger in. It goes in easily, with how wet Taehyung is but he still sucks in a shuddering breath, moans brokenly when he tries to fuck himself down on them but gets held down by Yoongi, fingers going still inside him.


“OK, baby?” Yoongi asks and Taehyung nods quickly, squirming, “Move, please move, Yoongi I want more,” he rasps, breathing out a sigh when Yoongi lets go of his waist and starts moving his fingers, slowly at first, building up an agonizingly slow pressure in his stomach that makes Taehyung groan and ask for more, asks Yoongi to stop teasing ‘cause he wants his cock in him soon, and Yoongi, with a huff and a growl that rumbles in his chest, relents.


He fucks into Taehyung with both fingers, hard and fast, until they’re coated over and over with slick that doesn’t seem to stop pouring out of his ass. Taehyung snaps his eyes shut, lips parted in a silent gasp as he rocks his hips down in time with Yoongi’s fingers as they spread him open and loosen him up.


When Yoongi adds a third finger without slowing the pace, a small sound gurgles in his throat as he archs his back. And then… then Yoongi’s other hand moves over his cock, hard and steadily leaking precum, but it’s a ghost of a touch and it’s gone before the shocks of electricity can travel across Taehyung’s body, and he lets out a soft whine then.


He blinks, vision cloudy for a few seconds until he’s looking clearly at Yoongi whose eyes are hooded and trained on Taehyung, taking in every contortion of his face as his fingers first brush against that special spot inside him. Taehyung shudders, breath hitching as he feels it the first time, moans when Yoongi’s fingers curl and hit it the second time, and all but melts into the bed when Yoongi’s other hand wraps around his cock finally, thumb gently swiping across the throbbing head. Taehyung feels the hot pressure in his stomach start to build, and he’s breathing hard now; between Yoongi’s fingers inside him and his other hand steadily stroking his cock, he knows he’ll come soon from the telltale signs he’s already feeling.


Yoongi,” he pants, voice cracking as Yoongi’s fingers curl once more inside him. Yoongi pauses, fingers stilling, and Taehyung almost wants to demand that he keeps going but instead he says, “Now. I want you now.”


When Yoongi’s fingers pull out of him, slowly, one by one till there’s nothing left, Taehyung sighs, ass still dripping slick and gaping open. He’s quick to straddle Yoongi as soon as he lays on the bed, lines himself up with Yoongi’s hard cock and slowly lowers himself onto it as Yoongi’s hands go to grip his waist, a soft hiss escaping his lips. Taehyung lets out a groan as he sits still for a few moments, letting himself get used to Yoongi inside him before he starts to move. He sets the pace, starting out slowly and steadily until he can move faster, pace building each time he raises himself up and presses back down onto Yoongi.


Yoongi’s hands are tracing over Taehyung’s back and down to his waist in a deliberate manner as he murmurs words of praise and encouragement to Taehyung, urging him on and telling him how good he’s doing, even as his own voice breaks on moans at times.


Soon, Taehyung feels the tight ball of heat in his stomach start to build again and his eyes screw shut, movements faltering as a he mouths Yoongi’s name breathlessly. He feels Yoongi’s hands stop on his waist, tightening his hold before helping Taehyung raise his hips then push him down against Yoongi’s cock. Taehyung’s lips part in a moan as the action gets repeated again and again, hair falling into his eyes, sticking onto his sweat-beaded forehead and there’s nothing else he can do except push the strands aside.


“Yoongi I’m… can I-“ his words are jumbled and cut off as Yoongi sits up, thrusting up once into Taehyung with a quiet groan. Somehow he understands Taehyung’s unfinished question, moving in to press a soft kiss on his lips first before answering, “Yeah, go ahead, love.” He tilts his head, baring his neck to Taehyung who licks his lips once, moving to gently nose at the slightly swollen scent gland before putting his mouth over it. He hears Yoongi suck in a breath before his teeth bite against the spot, breaking skin until the coppery taste of blood trickles out. A loud moan escapes Yoongi’s throat as his hips jolt, cock pushing more into Taehyung, all at once hitting his prostate.


A choked whimper bubbles in Taehyung’s throat as Yoongi’s hand wraps around his cock, stroking him in quick bursts even as he thrusts into him repeatedly. He feels Yoongi’s teeth bite into his neck just as he comes, shuddering and spilling onto Yoongi’s hand; it’s more intense somehow and the afterwaves don’t stop for a while and Yoongi comes soon afterwards, the base of his cock inflating. Taehyung feels it catch on his rim as the knot pushes itself inside, but soon their bodies are locked together, Yoongi’s warmth spreading inside Taehyung and filling him to brim.


With their mating bonds officially in place, their scents are forever altered, marking them as a bonded pair. It’s a wholeness, like puzzle pieces coming together and fitting just right. Taehyung is thankful it took him so long to present, as if his body was waiting for Yoongi to come along all this time. Taehyung pecks him on the nose and gives him an eskimo kiss, their noses softly brushing against each other. “I love you,” he whispers.


“I love you too,” Yoongi murmurs into his ear.


Later when Yoongi has cleaned them both up and they’re laying in bed, lips placing feathery kisses on each other’s faces, both still a little hazy from the aftermath of their new mating bonds, Taehyung smiles softly, fingers gently tracing his mark on Yoongi’s neck.


“Mine,” he whispers.


Yoongi smiles in return, moving Taehyung’s hand down to his chest, letting him feel the steady beating of his heart. “Yours,” he murmurs, eyes holding so much warmth and affection in them it makes Taehyung move forward to press their lips together in a proper kiss. His body hums with the bond they’ve sealed, silent promises coming across from both of them to love, to protect, and to be there for each other, always.