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All that glitters is a good time in bed

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Iida was horny. There was no way around it. He knew it was simple biology. He was after all almost 17 and his hormones were clearly out of sync. It didn’t help that with all the training and fighting villains it pushed even more endorphins through his system.

So on a Saturday night, he found himself lying in his bed, wearing nothing but his navy blue briefs, a pillow over his face as he tried to will away the raging erection between his legs.

He tried thinking about things that would undoubtedly kill a boner; dead puppies, ugly nomus, grandma, and it would work for a short time. But before he knew it, his mind would wander, and his dick was hard again.

Now, don’t get him wrong; he knew how to take matters into his own hands. He had the whole masturbating thing down. But he found that it’s not always what he wanted. It’s like his body had specific needs that his hands couldn’t always fulfill.

Which is what led him to his current problem, hard as a rock with no relief in sight.

Tenya thought about asking a friend for a helping hand, but that thought lasted all of three seconds before he banished it out of pure embarrassment.

Although if one of them came to him asking for a friendly hand-job, he wouldn’t say no. Hell, he would he more than happy to help any of his classmates out. Well, except for that little perv, Mineta. That was another mood killer right there.

But, for right now all Tenya could think about was Ochaco’s creamy milky thighs, how plush they were, how soft they looked. How wonderful they would feel wrapped around his face or his waist.

He thought about Tsu’s long tongue and what it might feel like wrapped around his aching cock, slowly sliding up and down. Her croaky voice as it vibrated moans against his sensitive skin as she bobbed her head on his length.

He fantasized about being smothered by Momo’s pillowy breasts, licking and sucking at what he was sure was a beautiful, pert nipple while his fingers massaged the other.

And that’s just half the girls he’s dreamt about. Then there are the guys. He never realized he was bisexual until the first time he jerked off to the image of vibrant green eyes gazing up at him as soft green curls bobbed in time to him fucking a freckled face.

He got off quicker than usual that night.

There was also the night he nearly destroyed his pillow while he humped into it, imagining it being Shoto’s ass. He knew the fabric of his pillowcase couldn’t compare to the softness and roundness of Shoto’s backside, but at the moment it hadn't mattered.

Recently, however, he decided he wanted to take things further. Explore his body a little more. After overhearing a conversation between a few of the guys in the locker room about having anal sex, Tenya’s curiosity got the better of him.

After spending some extra time in the shower, he spent an evening slowly exploring his hole with well-lubed fingers and his vivid imagination.

With his face pressed into his bed and his ass in the air, he worked himself nice and loose until he found that special bundle of nerves that caused his body to jerk and tingle in the best possible way. The first time he didn’t need to imagine anyone else with him, but since he has envisioned Izuku, Shoto, Hitoshi, Hanta and even Katsuki.

After a hard day of training, he had needed to feel it harder and was more desperate for something rough. Figuring the angry teen could give him what he needed, he pulled out his favorite toy and jackhammered his way into a blinding orgasm, Katsuki’s name on his lips.

It also helped that he had decided to take advantage of UA’s private mailing address and ordered himself a few items off of an adult website. Luckily for him, he had an older brother who was completely understanding and didn't ask questions about purchases made on the credit card Tensei gave him.

Now with a few toys and a large bottle of lube, Tenya figured he could take care of his needs, but tonight was one of those nights where nothing he did could take the edge off.

He tried to jerk off, but no matter what he couldn’t bring himself over the edge and eventually he started going numb from too much stimulation.

He tried using his favorite dildo, but even that felt lacking.

Tenya knew what he really wanted. He wanted a body pressed against his own. He wanted to kiss and be kissed. He wanted to wrap his arms around someone and be held in return. He needed more than just his hands and toys. He needed a person.

“Fuck,” he groaned. And considering he didn’t curse often, that was saying a lot.

He pressed the pillow to his face tighter, wondering if he could make himself pass-out if it would solve his problem.

It was a short knock on his door that got his attention and made his eyes widen in surprise. Now he really needed to will away his erection. Taking a deep breath, he counted to five before he got up and tossed his robe around his body, just in time for the knock to sound again.

“Can I help you?” He asked after opening the door, hoping he didn’t appear too disheveled.

“Oui, Monsieur. I…” Aoyama stood at his door; his eyes widened when as he took in Tenya’s appearance. Tousled hair, no glasses, blue robe slightly opened, showing off part of his chest. “Did I come at a bad time?”  Aoyama asked with a small smirk.

“No, I was just getting ready for bed,” Tenya said. Though technically not a lie, as he was in fact in bed, but sleep was far from his mind.

“I can see that,” Aoyama giggled as his eyes kept darting from Tenya’s face to further down.

Tenya glanced down, shocked to find his cock straining through his briefs and not covered by his robe because it was sticking out too far.

Tenya felt his face burn with embarrassment as he tried to give out a proper response, but he kept tripping over his words. His face resembled that of a fish. How were you supposed to reply to being outed for having a hard-on?

Instead, he tried to close his bedroom door, only to have it stopped by Aoyama’s hand with a strength Tenya didn’t know he possessed.

“I was going to ask if you wanted to study for the English test, but perhaps you would like to study some French instead?” Aoyama winked.

“That won’t be necessary,” Tenya answered, knowing full well what it was that Aoyama was implying. He couldn’t look at the short blond teen in his doorway but was taken by surprise when a very soft hand slid over his that rested on the edge of the door.

“I assure you, monsieur président it would be no problem,” Aoyama leaned forward, putting more of his weight on the door, keeping it from closing. “In fact, I have always wanted to know what it would take to make your engines … purr.”

Tenya’s head snapped to Aoyama’s, eyes wide and gulped down the sudden dryness in his throat. The swell in his underwear only increased at the idea.

“I … wouldn’t want to you to do anything you’re not comfortable with,” Tenya said, giving Aoyama one last out if he wanted it. But the teen only smiled a devious smile and slipped into the room instead.

“I promise I am very comfortable, Tenya,” Aoyama purred as he glanced over his shoulder with a smirk gracing his lips.

Teyna slowly closed the door, and for a moment leaned his head against the cool wood. He took a deep breath to regain his composure, and with a small curl of his lips, he flipped the lock on his door before he turned around.

Tenya was greeted with the sight of Aoyama unbuttoning his shirt, he let out a sharp breath, the soft white fabric sagging in the back and falling away from small, slim shoulders.

Tenya walked up behind the shorter teen and tentatively placed his hands on Aoyama’s shoulders. He pushed down the shirt, letting the fabric collect in his hands as it slowly slid off milky white skin. He gently pressed his nose into the crown of Aoyama’s head, inhaling the soft fragrance of roses.

“Is this okay?” Tenya whispered as his hands slid down Aoyama’s skin following the shirt down and off the teen’s body.

“Oui. S’il Vous plaît, Tenya,” Aoyama leaned back against him, his naked back pressing against Tenya’s broad chest. Aoyama’s ass barely pressed against Tenya’s groin, but with enough pressure to cause the teen to hiss from a shock of pleasure.

Tenya’s hands found themselves on small hips, and he gripped tight enough to stop the blond’s movements as he centered himself and calmed the flash of sudden need to ravish Aoyama right there in the middle of his room. He knew he had been pent up, but it was at that moment that he realized how desperate he had become. When he felt he could control himself easier, he dipped his head and nuzzled his face into Aoyama’s neck, right behind his ear. “Tell me what your boundaries are,” he whispered.

“Why should we limit ourselves to boundaries?” Aoyama smiled.

“Yuga,” Tenya warned. “I … I have to know when to stop.”

Aoyama turned in Tenya’s arms and cupped his face, purple eyes meeting dark blue. “I have no boundaries when it comes to you, mon chevalier. My knight,” Aoyama leaned forward, eyes closing halfway, but didn’t follow through.

Tenya smiled, his cheeks burning red, as he closed the distance between them capturing soft pink lips with his own.

The kiss started slow. Lips pressed to lips. Shy, yet bold as their arms wrapped around each other. Aoyama’s around Tenya’s neck, while his arms wrapped around Aoyama’s thin waist, just above his belt.

The first turned into a second, and by the third, they tilted their heads to deepen the kiss further. Tenya’s erection was still hard enough to be noticed firmly pressed into Aoyama’s side, causing the blond to gasp against his lips. Tenya took this opportunity to run his tongue along Aoyama’s bottom lip before diving into the warm mouth.

A small moan of approval escaped from the blond, as he met Tenya’s assault on his mouth with his own. They took their time exploring each other with their kisses as their hands began to roam over each other’s bodies.

They made out until breathing became a chore, and they needed to stop, but it didn’t keep Tenya from moving down to Aoyama’s jaw and laying small kisses wherever his mouth landed. His earlier level of lust returned with each kiss, edged on when Aoyama touched him or made those sweet gasping noises.

“Perhaps we can lay down?” Aoyama asked as Tenya sucked at the junction between his neck and shoulder.

Tenya pulled back far enough to swiftly lift Aoyama in his arms and carry him the few feet to his bed where he carefully laid the teen down on top of his covers.

Aoyama quickly shifted himself to be kneeling in front of Tenya who still stood at the side of the bed. He reached out with his hands, beckoning Tenya to him. “Join me, mon chevailer.”

Tenya slowly pulled the belt open on his robe and let the fabric fall to the floor. His cock pressed firmly against the fabric of his briefs, a definite wet spot from precum making his arousal evident.

“Magnifique,” Aoyama whispered.

Tenya cocked a grin at the other as he crawled onto the bed into Aoyama’s waiting arms.  His gaze traveled down the lithe form of the teen beneath him as Aoyama laid back against the pillows. “Beautiful,” Tenya replied in a whisper.

As Tenya hovered over Aoyama, keeping his weight on his knees and left elbow, he let his right-hand trail down soft skin, from throat to hip. The belt, (more streamlined since Mei got her hands on Aoyama) sitting just above the hem of his soft sweatpants.

“May I?” Tenya asked as he toyed with the loose drawstrings.  

“Oui,” Aoyama answered as he lifted his hips enough and helped to push the offending fabric out of the way, kicking them off as Tenya’s hand traveled down a long, lean leg.

Tenya gasped after his eyes trailed up the sculpted legs to see black satin panties and a straining erection pushing against the soft fabric.

“Wow,” he said as his gaze focused on the contrast of black against milky white.

“Like what you see, monsieur?” Aoyama asked shyly.

Tenya’s gaze snapped up to find the blond with a deep blush across his cheeks, quickly deepening to spread down his throat and chest.

“Very much, yes.”

Aoyama placed his hands around Tenya’s face, cupping his cheeks and drawing him down for a lazy kiss.

Tenya maintained keeping his weight up on his elbows and knees on either side of Aoyama’s body as their tongues danced around each other.

“You can press down further,” Aoyama encouraged, lifting his hips as he said so. “I want to feel you against me.”  Aoyama wrapped his arms around Tenya’s neck.

This was what he had been missing. The feel of another body against his, the feeling of arms wrapped around him. So Tenya let himself indulge. He laid his body down, pressing it from head to toes against the teen beneath him and gave in to his more carnal desires. As fingers pressed into his shoulders, Tenya nipped and sucked along a lean neck, leaving red marks that would soon darken to purple. His marks. The evidence that he was there, claiming his territory, marking what was his. (Though a small voice in the back of his mind reminded him that Aoyama was not his, they were only sharing this moment, but he didn’t care. He had wanted this for so long.)

Gasps and moans filled the otherwise quiet air of the room while Aoyama writhed beneath him. Fingers clawed at his shoulders. Up into the short fine strands of his hair, pushing against the back of his head. An encouragement to keep going.

Tenya’s hand glided down smooth skin and skimmed the edge of the satin panties before he gripped harder into the firmness of Aoyama’s bottom, cupping and groping the plush globe in his hand, before moving down to grab onto a toned thigh. For being so slim, Aoyama possessed hidden muscle that Tenya appreciated as it gave him something firm to clasp onto.

He pulled the thigh up, and both legs wrapped firmly around his waist. The shift in position caused their groins to press firmly against each other, and Tenya moaned into Aoyama’s shoulder. Tentatively he shifted his hips, thrusting against Aoyama as he kissed and sucked another mark into the soft skin. Their movements started sloppy and uncoordinated, due to being inexperienced, but soon they found a rhythm that worked for both of them.

“I want to touch you, Yuga,” Tenya mouthed against Aoyama’s lips as they exchanged heated kisses.

“Oui, oui, yes, please, touch me, Tenya,” Aoyama begged as he pushed his hips up against Tenya just as he pressed down.

With a smile, Tenya kissed his way down his lover’s body, stopping to lavish at small pink nipples, nipping, sucking and giving gentle tugs to each. Aoyama’s reactions of throaty moans and gasps of pleasure spurred Tenya on to touch, lick, and kiss as much skin as he could.

He dragged his tongue down Aoyama’s body as the teen kept a firm hand in dark blue strands of hair. Tenya mouthed around the slim belt at Aoyama’s waist before he skipped over it to land kisses in the fine blond hairs of Aoyama’s happy trail leading to the black lace that outlined the satin panties. Tenya nosed at the bulge of Aoyama’s hard cock, making the teen moan louder. Though not as large as Tenya’s, Aoyama dick wasn’t small either. The perfect average length and girth outlined in black.

Tenya looked up as his tongue traced the lace along Aoyama’s hips. Eyes darkened to nearly black gazed back. With a hunger in them that Tenya was all too familiar with.

“Don’t stop,” Aoyama pleaded.

Tenya mouthed at the satin, his eyes fluttering closed as he roamed the body beneath him, his hands gripping onto small hips and firm ass. When his lips dared to kiss and mouth over the straining erection, he used extra pressure to fit as much of the hard length against his tongue as he could, the soft fabric the only barrier between him and Aoyama’s cock.

Tenya’s body felt like it was on fire from the desire boiling in his veins. An all-encompassing need quickly took over, and he felt like he was going to lose his mind if he didn’t get more skin in his mouth, in his hands, and against his body.

Aoyama gripped his head hard and shoved Tenya’s face into his crotch as he whined and that was all it took for Tenya to practically rip the garment off the teen, tossing it away. Without hesitation, Tenya licked and kissed along Aoyama’s length, from base to tip before he sucked the leaking head into his mouth. The salty taste of precum was like ambrosia on his tongue, and his eyes rolled back as he swirled his tongue around the ridge of the cock-head in his mouth. He had had no idea how badly he wanted this until that moment.

He knew after this he would never be able to go back to just fantasizing about it. Tenya knew instinctively that he would need to find a companion, someone to call his own. Someone to help him with his needs and wants as much as he wanted them. And the way that Aoyama was moaning his name, perhaps he wouldn’t have to look far to find that someone.

Slowly he slid the hard cock deeper into the warmth of his mouth, his tongue lavishing as much as he could before the tip nudged the back of his throat. He had to pull back quickly to cough, but that didn’t stop him from diving back down.

Tenya slowly bobbed his head, inching his way down this time instead of trying to swallow it in one swift gulp. Going slow seemed to be the right choice, as he was able to enjoy it more, as was Aoyama, based on the way he writhed on the bed and cried out moans between panting.

Soon, Aoyama was very slightly pumping his hips in time with Tenya’s mouth, and Tenya wrapped his arms under and around the slim thighs to hold the teen beneath him still. Taking full control, he held nothing back then as he sucked down and worshipped the cock in his mouth. His hips rutted against the bed, giving needed friction to his aching dick. He picked up the pace as Aoyama’s noises became more high pitched and his body began to tremble, a sure sign he was very close to the edge.

“Ten… Tenya, I am close… please!” Aoyama begged. His hand pulled on Tenya’s hair in an attempt to yank him away. Instead, he relaxed his throat to avoid the same reaction as last time, and swallowed Aoyama whole, until his nose buried in short blond hairs.

With a shout, Aoyama’s cock exploded in Tenya’s mouth, cum spurting down his throat, never touching his tongue. When it felt like Aoyama gave all he could, Tenya gently squeezed the remaining fluids from the tip of the softening dick onto this tongue. Gods, he couldn’t get enough of that flavor.

Tenya pulled back and off; both teens heaved to catch their breaths. After a few minutes, Aoyama tried to pull Tenya up from where he laid on the other’s thigh.

“Come here,”  he said.

Tenya pushed up and backed up the smaller teen’s body until they were face to face. Aoyama went to kiss him, but Tenya turned his head.

“You just came…”

“I don’t care, I want to kiss you,” Aoyama argued.

If Aoyama didn’t care that he might taste his seed, then neither did Tenya, and he leaned down and captured the blond’s lips with his own.

They made out with deep, open-mouthed kisses until they were both reminded that Tenya had yet to get off when his erection rubbed against Aoyama’s side, still trapped within the confines of his underwear.

“Let me help you with that,” Aoyama offered as he reached down and palmed Tenya through his briefs. “But first, take these off,”  he smiled.

Tenya wasted no time in quickly pulling down and kicking off the cotton briefs.

Aoyama looked down as he took Tenya in hand and softly stroked the long length. Where Aoyama was average in length and girth, Tenya was longer and thicker. “la perfection” he praised.

“Is it? … I have never compared myself to others. I felt it was inappropriate to look during my time in the locker room or showers,” Tenya asked.

“Not even a little peep? A side glance out of curiosity?” Aoyama teased.

Tenya felt his ears burn red because truthfully he couldn’t deny that on the rare occasion his eyes did jump over to peak at what his classmates were packing, only to realize what he was doing a few seconds later and stare straight ahead in the hopes no one noticed. It was natural human curiosity; he would tell himself every time.

“I thought so,” Aoyama giggled as if he could read Tenya’s mind. His hand kept slowly stroking Tenya’s cock, twisting ever so slightly at the top. “Don’t be ashamed; we all look.” Aoyama kissed along Tenya’s jawline. “And I have to admit, you are one of the ‘bigger’ men in our class,” he praised against Tenya, where his jaw dipped into his throat. A low moan escaped before Tenya could hold it back.

“I …” the feel of Aoyama’s soft hand slowly winding down his dick, and coming back up only to put pressure at just the right spot and time was driving Tenya insane. “… can’t help it sometimes. … Curious. … Errg,” Tenya began to thrust his hips in time with Aoyama’s hand slightly.

“Can’t be helped, darling. Human nature.” Aoyama’s hand increased in pressure and Tenya nearly dropped on top of him from the sudden jolt of pleasure. “I want you to fuck my thighs, Tenya. Would you like that?” Aoyama asked against the shell of Tenya’s ear.

“Yes, please,” Tenya pleaded.

They shifted until Tenya was on his back, with Aoyama laying on top of him. Aoyama’s legs squeezed close together as they laid between Tenya’s. Aoyama’s cock pressed between their bodies. Aoyama’s chest snugged to Tenya’s. Slow kisses exchanged. Tenya had gotten his bottle of lube out and slicked up his length before he slowly slid his dick between Aoyama’s creamy thighs.

The first few thrusts sent sparks behind Tenya’s eyes and a groan of pleasure ripping from his throat. He wrapped the smaller teen in his arms and buried his face in Aoyama’s neck, eyes closed tight. His cock slid deliciously under the other’s balls, up and through the tightly enclosed space of those soft milky thighs, to peek out at the base of Aoyama’s ass. Aoyama reached a hand back and placed it right where the crown of Tenya’s cock came out and pushed slighted, to force the dick between his ass cheeks, creating a closed space with 100% friction. The sensation was incredible. Better than Tenya’s imagination could ever conceive. Plus the feel of Tenya’s cock hitting Aoyama’s taint gave the blond even more pleasure.

Tenya’s thrusts picked up speed and strength, as the tightening in his core got stronger. The need to release getting to the point of no return. He slammed his body upward into Aoyama’s, panting as small moans flew freely from his mouth. Aoyama panting and praising him the entire time.

“More, Tenya. … Yes, Oui… right there. So good,” the smaller teen moaned loudly.

They clung to each other as Tenya kept pounding up against Aoyama, the coil getting tighter until the pressure was too much. The incredible feel of Aoyama’s thighs and Aoyama rubbing his cock along Tenya’s abs, had their orgasms overtaking them quickly, and they both cried out in pleasure. Aoyama came all over Tenya’s stomach, as Tenya coated all over Aoyama’s ass.

While the world spun behind their eyes, they leaned on each other, Aoyama’s forehead against Tenya’s, breathing the same air. When they eventually came back to themselves, and their minds slowly floated back down, they smiled and gave each other small kisses.

“That was incredible,” Aoyama was the first to speak as Tenya still held him close.

“Yes, indeed it was.”

“Perhaps next time, I will make sure to be extra clean and prepared, and we can go … all the way,” Aoyama offered, a bright blush on his pale cheeks.

“Next time?” Tenya asked with hope in his voice.

“If you want there to be a next time.”  

“I do,” Tenya smiled and gently pushed back a few strands of blond hair behind Aoyama’s ear.

“Perhaps you would like to be boyfriends, oui?” The blush deepened Aoyama’s cheeks darker pink and spread to the tips of his ears.

Tenya couldn’t help but smile broader as Aoyama’s question. “I would love that, yes, I’ll be your boyfriend,” he said before placing a small kiss on pink lips.

“Mon chevailer, mon amour,” Aoyama whispered before leaning down for a long, deep kiss.