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Hey everyone. Hope you're all well! Feel free to not read if this doesn’t pertain to you.

My guide for story/world building is or should be easy and simple to follow.

[The Guide]

1. What, When, and Where [These should correspond with one another] –

A. What is the story about? or What is the purpose of you writing?

B. What is the end goal? (What should happen by the end of the story?)

C. When is the story taking place? (Set a specific month and time-frame)

D. Where is the story taking place? (Set a specific place)


2. Who, Why and How [These should correspond with one another] –

A. Who is the story focused around? (If it’s more than one person, who is the main focus?)

B. How will who accomplish their what?

C. Why is who trying to accomplish what?

[My Example, Using SECOND Version of FATE]

1. What is the story about? 

Taehyung is helping Jungkook through his rut but hits a slump when he has to decide If he wants to take Jungkook’s knot.


2. What is the end goal? (What should happen by the end of the story?)

Taehyung finds out that he’s pregnant when Jungkook’s rut is over.


3. When is the story taking place? (Set a specific month and time-frame)

The Week of March 23-30, give or take a few days.


4. Where is the story taking place? (Set a specific place)

Various Regions in South Korea


5. Whose perspective is this story told from? (If more than one, who has the main POV?)

The story is told from eight different perspectives, but Taehyung is the main focus.


6. How will who accomplish their what? Or How is what accomplished?

I'm not one to drop a blatant spoiler, so i'll leave this one blank for the sake of those who want a surprise for the story.

However if don't wanna wait and see what happens and wanna totally ruin it for yourself, be my guest. it's in the door.


7. Why is who trying to do what? Or Why is who doing what?

Taehyung feels like he owes Jungkook for helping him through his heat.

[Breaking it Down]


1. What is the story about? or What is the purpose of you writing? **Prep

This question is relevant to only you and your co-authors [given that you have any]. If you're writing a story without a purpose, then it isn't a story, no matter how good it is. Ask yourself these two questions before trying to form an introduction.

2. What is the end goal? (What should happen by the end of the story?) **Prep

Another important question that's relevant to you and your co-authors [given that you have any.]

Where is the story going?

What's is the character trying to get to, get done, or succeed at?

What does getting it done to for them or the story overall? How does it change the pace of the book?

3. When is the story taking place? (Set a specific month and time-frame)

Having a time-frame not only helps pace the story, it helps you pace yourself. Setting this time will allow you to expand on your world building. You can also use this to your advantage when writing out a chapter.

No Depth Example:

Moonie put on her coat and stepped outside.

In depth Example:

The cold air chilled her even while standing behind the closed door, so Moonie slipped on her coat before stepping outside.

No depth Example:

She stepped in snow and it crunched under her feet.

In depth Example:

Snow covered her feet as she stepped in it, turning to slush with a satisfying crunch under her boot as she moved to her car.

[I'll cover sentence structure a bit later..]

4. Where is the story taking place? (Set a specific place)

As with the third point, having a relevant location will also make world building a hell of a lot easier to accomplish. Don't misunderstand. I'm not saying that you have to describe to a T everything in the surrounding, but describe enough for the reader to get a visual.

No depth Example:

The walls in the room were a stunning blue and illuminated with a glass chandelier.

In depth Example:

The small hallway gave into a den with stunning blue paint and scattered picture frames decorating the walls. The glass chandelier hung about, its hanging crystals a picture of beauty when I flip the switch to turn it on.

5. Whose perspective is this story told from? (If more than one, who has the main focus?)

If you're planning to have more than one perspective like I have, make sure you give one or two characters the higher ground when typing out chapters. For FATE [2], Taehyung is the main focus, so every other chapter or so will be from his POV. Even while giving his point of view, however, I can add in points from those around him, thus opening up the world around him by bringing in dialogue and showing how he reacts to certain characters.

This point correlates (kinda) to your what.

6. How will who accomplish their what? Or How is what accomplished?

Answering this might be very tricky, depending on your what.

Even still this question can be asked several different ways, including:

- How can

- How should

- How will

- How is

- How does

Using FATE  as an example, this how  might be asked like this:

How does life play out after Jungkook finds his fated mate in Omega Ave?


The answer? Read and find out ;)





Moving on.

7. Why is who trying to do what? Or Why is who doing what?

The answer for this might also depend on your what.

For the rest of this guide,

please assume that everything depends

on what you're planning to write about.

As with its counterpart, howthis also has multiple ways to be asked, such as:


- Why is

Why does

- Why are

Why will

[Additional Info]

After you're able to answer all of these, working out your first chapter should be a little easier. If not, just keep in mind that you don't have to go directly into your what.  Take your time and build up to it if that's what makes the process smoother.

The chapters that don't follow closely to the plot is what I call filler chapters. These should be used for world building, or your when and where.

I'll be the first to say it...yes, you can have too much filler.

Filler is just that...a chapter or two that takes up an amount of your work for when you

  1. Don't have an idea of where you wanna go with your what


  1. Want to build up your world so you can have somewhere to go with your what.

It's up to you to use it. If you have, need, or want to use it, try not to use it so generously. Once you start with a side plot, finish it and get back to your purpose with haste.

Click the book cover if you want to see a live filler chapter.

This might just be me in all of my persistent glory, so this is skippable. Try to keep a consistent word count when typing out chapters. For me, 2000 is my limit. If I'm cutting a chapter in half, I try to do 1000 words for each half. If it goes over, then double it until you hit (number * 2). i.e, if i type out 1326 words, i'll keep typing until i reach 2652 words. Like I said, this is just me being extra, so you don't have to do this if you dont want to.

What I also do, if it isn't obvious, is try to keep 3-4 to each line. I don't really care to space out the conversations unless it's a needed break. The way I write dialogue, for those who need it, go as followed.

“what was i saying?” *Tae asking Yugyeom to recollect his thoughts to him so he can continue their conversation*

he removes the eggs from the heat a minute later and sets them aside to cool. [world building/filler]

“grilled cheese or toast?” *Tae asking Yugyeom if he wants a grilled cheese sandwich or toast*

“cheese,” yugyeom answers.  “you were bragging about how sexy you are.” *From "cheese" to "are" is Yugyeom's response to Tae's two questions.*

tae lays strips of bacon in the pan with a grin slicing his face and lets the food cook to yugyeom’s liking, firm but still chewy. [world building/filler]

“i don’t think i’m sexy,” he admits, sandwiching monterey jack, swiss, and cheddar cheese slices together between two pieces of bread. “i don’t think i’m anything, really. just…tae.”*Tae hears Yugyeom's answer and picks up the conversation where he's told they left off.*

“i’d be getting off to pictures of myself everyday if i looked like you. how are you not constantly hard, i don’t understand?” *Yugyeom's response to Tae's statement*

“child, i am cooking. please don’t talk like that.” *Tae's retort to Yugyeom's vulgar statement.*

Although I cut them off to give emphasis to what they're doing, in the space of their world at that current moment, everything is spoken as one thought.

If you're having trouble putting yourself in their shoes, try reading it like this.

what was i saying? Grilled cheese or toast?

Cheese. you were bragging about how sexy you are.

i don’t think i’m sexy. I don’t think i’m anything, really. just…tae.

i’d be getting off to pictures of myself everyday if i looked like you. how are you not constantly hard, i don’t understand?

child, i am cooking. please don’t talk like that.


Easy enough to understand...right?

For good conversation, it should be cut off by the author here and there... instead of letting the character ramble. Follow the sentence structures offered below if you struggle with narrative inserts. Note: if character is asking a question, start from [2 dialogue, then shuffle to the beginning. example will be below.]

1. "[1 Dialogue]," he said, [active noun *ends in -ing* that emphasizes what the character is doing.] "[Continued Dialogue From 1]." "[2 Dialogue]." [depict if 2 responds in-world to 1's actions] "[2 Dialogue]". [Worldbuilding/Filler]. [New Series of Dialogue/Repeat from 1 or 2.]


"Fight me," he said, clenching his hands into hard fists. "Unless you're scared." "I'm not." Tae fixes his sweater around the collar of his neck and adjusts his feet on the rug. "Come at me." He gets lower, stationing himself until Jungkook is in arm's reach. The two of them throw harmless jabs at each other, each deftly blocking the Other from striking.

2. [Continued worldbuilding/filler] "[1/Question]" "[2 Dialogue/Answer]." he answers. [worldbuilder/filler]. "[Continued Dialogue from 2]." "[1 Dialogue]."


Tae eventually wrestles Jungkook to the carpet and pins him by his waist. "Am I getting better?" "Your guard could use a little work," Jungkook answers. He fans himself with his shirt before taking it off, throwing it aside, and resting back to the plush under his head. "But other than that, you're doing well. Good job, babe." "Thank you, Alpha."

All of it together:

"Fight me," he said, clenching his hands into hard fists. "Unless you're scared." "I'm not." Tae fixes his sweater around the collar of his neck and adjusts his feet on the rug. "Come at me." He gets lower, stationing himself until Jungkook is in arm's reach. The two of them throw harmless jabs at each other, each deftly blocking the Other from striking.

Tae eventually wrestles Jungkook to the carpet and pins him by his waist. "Am I getting better?" "Your guard could use a little work," Jungkook answers. He fans himself with his shirt before taking it off, throwing it aside, and resting back to the plush of the carpet. "But other than that, you're doing well. Good job, babe." "Thank you, Alpha."

Got it?


Now, I know for a lot, English isn't your first language, and for some you just want to write well or better. Please please please don't be afraid to ask or assign a co-author, be it someone from AO3 or a friend who knows about what you're working on. An extra set of eyes can always be used to spell-check, add, or take away whenever you don't have time. BTS is a good example of team work makes the dream work. Ground rules can be set in place to what can be touched and what can't be, it doesn't always have to be a one man show. If you're planning to go back and do all of this, like i am, sometime eventually in the future on a planet far far away...then ignore this. 

also, I'm always up to collab on a story with anyone so like..hmu

Are you feeling like this yet?

We're nearing the end lool. hold out just a littttle longer.

With any story comes the dreaded writer's block. i've been through one recently and was awful. no matter which way i went with my plot, i ended up not satisfied, doubting if it's good, and debating on whether i should just skip it all together. Every writer has them and it's okay to get them.

One way that I've broken my writer's block is by working on something else.




I know. I thought it was crazy too. But sometimes, you have to wander a bit in order to get back to where you should be. try walking in a square instead of a circle, so to speak. focusing too much or too hard on one thing makes you overthink.

then you start to doubt if you can do it.

then it becomes difficult to get it done.

Allow yourself to be distracted, no matter what kind of paper you're working on. [like me. i should be typing out a 5 page essay that's due in three days, but here i am :)].

You have to come down off of that stress-related high before trying to sit down and think about the 5 W's I've listed out. If anything, if you need help setting a mood or ambiance, especially for sex chapters, try turning on music. And yes, if you're going to be listening to music, you have to have an open mind about what you're listening to.

Typing a fight scene and need to get mad? Try something fast-paced with a heavy bass.

Some Suggestions That I Use:

Blasé (remix)/ Devvon Terrell and Futuristic

Rella / Hodgy Beats, Tyler The Creator, and Domo Genesis

In for it (sped up) / Tory Lanez (Don;t know if this has a video and didn't care to look because it's on my laptop so i just put it over agust d)

I'm Not Ok With That / Sy Ari Da Kidd

Thinking of a back story and wanna get a bit emotional? Listen to a song that makes you cry no matter what.

Some songs for me are:

Magic Shop / BTS

2, 3! / BTS

I'll be there / Tiffany Evans

See You Again / Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth (even just singing this to myself im tearing up fml)

Need to get in the mood? Slow bass and sensuality is the way to go.

Some Suggestions:

Could've Been / H.E.R and Tone Stith

Moonlight / Yo Trane 

3 AM / Janine (my personal go-to for now)

Close 2 U / NBDY

Hell, even if you want something 100% fluffy and happy, you can listen to something up that puts a smile on your face.

For me, these are:

Euphoria / Jungkook

Forever / Chris Brown

Dear No One / Sawyer Gibson

P.O.P (Piece of Peace) / J-Hope

Congrats, you made it to the end! Take some confetti :)

I really do hope this was a helpful enough guide to how FATE and FATE [2] came to light and the process of and behind it. If you still have any questions, this guide is an official part of this story, so you can ask any questions here. I spent six hours typing all of this together, and by the scrollbar on the side, i'd say it's a lot, so I won't drag it out any longer. 🙆🏼♀️ Have a good day, evening, or night everyone. To the one who requested this, I hope It meets your liking and answers all of the questions you may have had. 💜


Have a question?

Shoot me an email,

DM me on Twitter,

or Ask Me On CuriousCat.

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New Readers. Current Readers. Old Readers.

Welcome and Welcome Back.

Before I Say Anything Else, I'd Like to Thank You for Taking The Time to Read. I hope That This Story Doesn't Disappoint. As With The Next Two Chapters, All of The Information Below Is Worth Skimming. I do consider it Important. This Chapter Will Be Updated Whenever I Have New Information to Share, So Be Sure To Check Back Daily!

1. This Is Not A Fully Tae/Kook Book.

It's Based Around All Of Bts. Taehyung And Jungkook Are Just, More Or Less, The Main Focus. Some Of The Other Ships Include:

Namjoon & Seokjin (Nam/Jin)

Hoseok & Yoonki (S/Ope)

Jimin & Yugyeom (Yug/Min)

Please Remember: This Story Is 100% Fiction. None Of These Events Have Happened And None Of The Members Of Bts Or Got7 Have Come Out As Homosexual, Bisexual, Or Other. Even If They Are Lgbtq+, We Should And Will Respect Their Preference.

2. Speak Yourself.

If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask me or someone in the comments. I'll always answer to the best of my ability.


Simply saying "This is confusing," or "I don't understand." will do nothing but leave you lost. These are not questions and they do not specify a specific section of the book, so I can't do anything more with these statements.

If you want to upload an image in the comment section, you can use IMGBB to create a custom link. Links can also be taken from Google using "copy image address".

Code for uploading images: <img src="LINK_HERE"</img>

If you don't want to leave a comment, you can also shoot me an email or ask here.

3. This Book is Not Chapter to Chapter.

Let me explain. The chapters are linked, but this isn't a "this happened so this will happen next" kind of read. I try not to skip more than three hours at a time, but the days go by relatively quick. 

I do not and will not be laying out every single detail of every single hour. Please understand that this story takes place over a week. Yes, The characters have lives. Yes, They move about in the AU without me actually typing it out or making it relevant.

Events and propaganda happen over these hours and days passed that may or may not be brought up until long after its happened or not at all.

Instead of reading and expecting something to happen, just relax, take your time, and read as "eight men doing eight different things in, at, and around the same time."

4. The Stamps Are Not Decoration!

Pay attention to these. They set the world for you so you don't get lost or confused.

If they weren't important, they wouldn't be typed.

There are still 24 hours in a day. If you want to track the time progression throughout the story, click here.

Until AO3 allows keyframes in the css, the times won't be digital.
I could upload gif after gif after gif, but no one has time for that lmao.

I surely don't.

5. Chapter Uploads Vary. So There Really is No Rush.

I have a life outside of AO3.  I work. I attend school. I have friends to meet up with, essays due, and rent to pay. And hell, sometimes I just don't feel like sitting and dishing out chapter after chapter after chapter. I know we can all understand this. Or at least, I hope we can. When I have downtime is when I'll try to push out more than two chapters. This book is the epitome of a slowburn. You do not have to rush over the filler chapters.

If you don't know what a filler is, maybe you should check out my Writing Guide.

Shameless plug.

6. Subscribe To Me as Well as The Story.

This should be self-explanatory, but some people don't know the difference, so allow me to explain. Authors have statistics. Among These statistics Show:

User Subscriptions: # of people subscribed to me

Kudos: # of people that like the story.

Comment Threads: # of comments.

Bookmarks: # of people that have the story bookmarked (total)

Subscriptions: # of people that are subscribed to the story

Word Count: Total amount of words typed.

Subscribing to me as well as the story will simply let you know if and when I upload something new. Like Book 3 for FATE ;).

To subscribe, visit my profile , and hit the subscribe button  under my name.

My current stats, for both stories, in case you're curious:

7. I Am a PC Reader and Writer.

So everything is and will be formatted for computers. I know this makes it a bit difficult to read for mobile devices, but there's a simple solution.
Android users click here.

8. Music

So, this is hit or miss. I really don't wanna revert back to Soundcloud.

Youtube is stupid.

Vimeo is stupid.

DailyMotion isn't stupid...but it is a lot of work to upload all of these videos. (This is my best option though).

AO3 allows audio and video using their HTML codes, but the preload causes them not to load, which sucks. Hopefully, it'll be looked into soon.

9. Wondering What They Look Like?

The icons used in the Character Profile are how the characters are imaged to be, hair color, physique, and facial structure wise.

The profiles will be available in the chapters to come.

10. Creator Style

The story, of course, can be read without Creator Style on...but A lot of things around the story in general will also look much different once it is!

Any kind of "Desktop mode" will enable this workskin. 

You can find the font I used here.

11. Site Skins

So, I've kinda gotten around to making a new skin, but it alwaysss go awry. i'll get to getting one down eventually lmao. if you want my old skins, click [here].

A guide to applying the skin will also be found in the folder.

12. You can use my AU

If you want to? lmao, Mi casa, su casa. If you're writing your own fic, and can't or don't know how to build up an Alternate universe, by all means, use mine.

and also check out my writing guide if you want to learn how to build up an alternate world.

yep. I just plugged again.


if you do use my AU, please reference. (yes, i made my own tag) this is all i ask :D

And let me know if you do, so I can read. all of my authors are afa T_T

13. AU Facts will be around the story.

Another thing that should be self-explanatory, but isn't.

There is...a shit ton of information I've worked out for this book. And instead of typing it all out between three or four chapters, I just decided to puts Snippets of said information around the story as you read.

You can also check the comments or ask me if you have any questions about anything.

Please get accustomed to reading or skimming over comments. I know it seems pointless, but a question you have may have already been asked and answered.

14. Sex Chapters

Sex chapters will be marked by severity with a [x]. They are (will be) mostly told from a bottom's (Tae) perspective. Writing from a top's perspective is and can be repetitive, especially if they aren't taking full control.

writing from a top pov that isn't taking control is basically prep, fuck, cum or knot, done. unless you wanna have them spending 30 minutes doing nothing but kissing, licking, or biting all over each other, there isn't much to work with.

with a bottom, you can get into their mentality of being tied up and spanked, or fucked by a finger, etc etc. there's just a lot more possibility, as you'll see in the chapters to come and have seen from the previous book.

Please Keep In Mind That Writing A Sex Chapter. Is. HARD! Please accredit the writers who do and can write good sex fiction. I'm telling you because I's not easy. As well as not wanting it to repeat or be too boring, you also don't wanna dive too deeply into just one thing. I won't get into it. just know it's hard and deserves praise if its good.

and yes, tae will deny until he's on his deathbed that he's not a sex addict.

but he is.

I'd also like to assume that you don't click this story just for the sex chapters. I mean, if you do, that's fine...whatever. but this isn't a strictly smut book. so you'll be disappointed. i won't lie, after finishing FATE, i did go back myself to reread over the sex chapters and i do think the growth shown is immaculate. im tooting my own horn beep beep. i had to clap for myself for it being the first few sex fics i've written.

That's about it for now. Be sure to check back to this chapter daily. i'll also let it be known if it's updated. Happy reading!

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Important Information Below.
Do Not Skip!

This story takes place entirely in South Korea.
To Better Understand Why The Characters Behave The Way They Do
And Believe In What They Believe In,
A Regional Synopsis Is Required.

North Region
Also known as Seoul

Composed, Intelligent

Gentle, Empathetic


(Mostly) Ideal

No Segregation

Not Important

Cannot Mate Again After Bonding

Omegas Present At 13, Alphas Present At 18 [Both Mandatory]


East Region
Also Known as Busan

Violent, Reserved, Possessive

Cheerful, Servile, Dimwitted



No Segregation

Very Important

Can Mate Again After Bonding

Ranks Choose When They Wish To Present


West Region
Also Known as Gwangju

Prideful, Protective




Elementary and Middle School Segregation

[Semi] Important

Cannot Mate Again After Bonding

Ranks Present at 13 [Mandatory]

Illegal, But Commonly Practiced

Universal Information
Relevant to Every Region

Omegas Presenting at 13:
x Are Released Into the Care of Their Omega Mother, Father, or Closest Known Omega Relative After Presenting.
x Spend Four Years Learning How To Cook, Clean, Care For Themselves and Their Pups, And Manage Their Heats.
x Attend [Mandatory] Sex Education Seminars Twice a Month Every Two Months.
x Go Straight To College or Into The Work Field After Their 18th Birthday.
x Most Still Use Those Four Years To Self-Educate via Online Classes.

Omegas Presenting at 18:
x Remain under the care of their parents.
x Attend High school on Ground.
x Sex Education Seminars are Optional. Most Take Sex Ed on Campus.
x Are At A Higher Risk of Sexual Assault, Since They Cannot Take Days Off For Their Heats.
x Are To Always Be Scent Protected by An Alpha, Be it An Alpha Friend or Alpha Family Member.

Pups, Scents, and Ranks (Alphas and Omegas):
x Scent Glands Will Hold A Mixture of The Parents' Scents At Birth.
x Will Not Get Their [Individual] Scents Until The Age of 10.
x Their Scents at Birth Will Not Determine Their Status.
x Their Eyes, Which Will Be Red if They Are Alpha, Gold if They Are Omega, and Blue if They Are Beta, Will Be Black Also Until The Age of 10.
x [Many] Are Killed or Sent For Adoption After Getting Their Scents.
x Receptive. Alphas Do Not (Or Should Not) Scent Another Alpha's Pup. It's A Show of Dominance, Disrespect, and Aggression.

Pups, Scents and Ranks (Betas):
x Born With Their Scents.
x Can Only Be Conceived Between Betas, So There's No Confusion As To Their Status.
x Scents Cannot Fade Completely, But Can Grow Stronger If They Mimic a True Bred's Scent.
x Can Have a Mix of Smells at Once.
x All Ranks Find Their Scents Comforting.
x Not Receptive. Alphas and Omegas Can Scent A Beta, But The Scent Will Not Linger or Hold For More Than An Hour.

Marking (Skin Bond):
x Class: Non-Intimate. A Mark Left on The Wrist, Clavicle, or Above The Scent Gland.
x Used To Show Dominance and/or Claim Over A Rival or Potential Mate.
x Can Be [Made] Painful, But Feels Like A Pinch.
x Deep Enough To Leave a Mark.
x Fades after Two Weeks if Not Shallow.

Marking (Scent Bond):
x Class: Semi-Intimate. A Mark Left on The Nape of The Neck.
x Acquired Through Sexual Intercourse.
x The Rank Who is Bitten Will Have Traces of The Alpha's Scent in Their Own. (i.e if Jungkook bites Tae, His Scent Will Be a Mix of Oak and Lavender)
x Mark and Alpha Scent Fades After a Month. Cannot be Shallow.

Marking (Blood Bond):
x Class: Intimate. A Mark Left on The Scent Gland.
x As Painful as A Needle Prick for an Omega, But Can Be Highly Painful For an Alpha.
x A Sac of Hormones is Tucked Under The Tonsil. This Hormone Affects Most, But Not All, of The Endocrine System. Mostly Mood and Behavior.
x Much Like a Snake, When A Rank Bites, This Hormone is Injected into The Bloodstream of The Bitten.
x Omegas Become More Submissive, Docile, and Otherwise Excited To The Scent of The One Who Bit Them, Sometimes Involuntarily.
x For Alphas Who Have Unstable Alphas, Being Bonded Will Calm Their Aggression Significantly.


x Beta Females and Omegas (Male and Female) are the Only Ranks Who Can Give Birth.
x Reference photos have been linked above for your convenience.
x Pregnancies range from 3-4 months.

Protectors Alphas:
x An Alpha That Has Taken A Guardianship Over Another Rank. (A/B/O)
x If One of The Protected Rank Is Distressed, Physically or Mentally, The Alpha Protector Will Be Visibly Agitated, Easily Irritable, And Aggressive.
x It Doesn't Matter How Slight or Severe This Distress Is.
x Protector Alphas Will Fight Anyone, And Will Not Stop Until Their Protected Says To Or Shows A Sign of Protest Against Their Actions.

Healing and Scarring:
x For Alphas, Only When There is Damage to The Brain, The Heart, or The Throat Will They Not Be Able To Recover.
x They Can Regenerate Over Time (Typically Two Months. Longer Depending On The Damage Done.)
x Alphas and Betas Can Take A Beating. Omegas Cannot.
x The Skin Will Scab and Heal If Left Alone. If Picked at or Tampered With, It Will Heal, But Leave a Scar.
x Omegas are Strong, But Cannot Heal Without Affection and Care. If They Are Badly Beaten, They Can Die From Both the Physical and Mental Toll of Their Wounds.

Chapter Text

Important Information Below.
Do Not Skip!

Everyone Has Their Own Story to Tell. Everyone Has Their Own Scent To Distinguish Them From Others.
These Character Profiles Will Give You Better Insight into Their Childhoods, Past Living Situations,
Their Scents, and Their Relationships With Those Around Them.

Jung Kook Jeon (Kookie, Daddy)

Birthday/Age: September 1 (21 y/o)
Rank/Class: Alpha True Bred
Hometown and Current Location: Dongnae-gu, Busan, South Korea (East Region)
Personality Trait[s]: Possessive, Stubborn, Violent, Whiny
Alpha Stability: Unstable, but Controllable

x Dysfunctional childhood home. True Alpha Father & Mother.
x Parents were fated mates, much like him and Tae.
x Father was an abusive alcoholic.
x Doesn't hate his father...but can't bring himself to saying he loves him.
x Father and Mother were killed in a homicide-suicide car accident.
x Grandmother on his mother's side blames him for the death of her daughter. He soon started to blame himself.
x Was to live with his grandmother and her husband, but took refuge in an abandoned building down the street from his school instead.
x Jimin found him after hearing him crying and took him in.
x Presented and lost his virginity (to Jimin's biological brother) at 18.
x Has Omega emotions, making his Alpha more aggressive than normal.
x Possessive. What's his is his and what's yours is his.
x Mature for his age.

Yu Gyeom Kim (Yuggye, Gyeomie)

Birthday/Age: November 17 (21 y/o)
Rank/Class: Beta Hybrid
Hometown: Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea (East Region)
Current Location: Dongnae-gu, Busan, South Korea (East Region)
Personality Trait[s]: Shameless, Humorous, Blunt
Beta Stability: Stable

x Dysfunctional childhood. Beta Father & Mother.
x Grew up around Jungkook.
x Was Almost Never in School. Skipped Classes Whenever He Could.
x Spent a Year in a Juvenile Detention Center for Fighting a Teacher.
x Met Jimin his sophomore year in high school.
x Presented at 18. Mother died days after.
x His mother made Jungkook promise her that he'll protect her only son.
x Teaches at Hoseok's studio from time to time.
x Models for Namjoon.
x Jimin's future mate.

Tae Hyung Kim (TaeTae, Baby)

Birthday/Age: December 30 (22 y/o)
Rank/Class: Omega True Bred
Hometown: Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea (North Region)
Current Location: Dongnae-gu, Busan, South Korea (East Region)
Personality Trait[s]: Clingy, Naive, Bright
Omega Stability: Stable

x Ideal childhood home. True Alpha & Omega Fathers.
x His Alpha father didn't approve of him at first, but learned to love him.
x Has a younger brother and sister. All three of them are Omegas.
x "Picked a fight" with two Alphas on his way from a night class.
x The altercation eventually led to a bloody fight due to his refusal to submit.
x The two who beat him drove him to ER and dumped him in Omega Ave to die, but he survived.
x Healed with the care of Omegas in the Ave and Yugyeom.
x Either a genius or an idiot. There's no in between.
x Falls in love with Jungkook against his better judgement. Turns out to be the best decision he's ever made.

Ji Min Park (Minnie)

Birthday/Age: October 13 (23 y/o)
Rank/Class: Alpha Sub
Nam-gu, Busan, South Korea (East Region)
Current Location: Dongnae-gu, Busan, South Korea (East Region)
Personality Trait[s]: Giggly, Reserved, Caring
Alpha Stability: Stable

x Ideal childhood home. Sub Alpha Father & Omega Mother.
x Has a biological (Omega) brother, Ji Hyun.
x Model Student. A's with a few B's throughout elementary, middle, and high school.
x Ji Hyun moved to North Region after presenting, per the request of his parents.
x His family bathed them both, and Jungkook, in love. His mother was happy his father was not harsh with them like others tended to be with their pups.
x Found Jungkook on his way from school. Took him in with no hesitation, knowing his family would accept the pup.

Seok Jin Kim (Omma, Jinnie)

Birthday/Age: December 4 (24 y/o)
Rank/Class: Omega Standard
Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea (North Region)
Current Location: Southside Buk-gu, Busan, South Korea (East Region)
Personality Trait[s]: Sassy, Emotional, Rebellious
Omega Stability: Unstable

x Dysfunctional childhood home. Alpha Father & Omega Mother.
x Born in the wealth of North Region. Had a happy childhood until he began getting his scent.
x His father began coming home late, then not at all. When he finally did, he smelled of other Omegas.
x Mother confessed that she and his father were not blood bonded. Eventually began seeking another Alpha to mate with.
x They both moved to Buk-gu, Busan when she found a new mate. Jin was 11 at the time of the move.
x Sought a friendship with Jimin for the two years he was new in Busan.
x Met Jungkook during his 8th year in middle school. They have a group, Ji-Jin-Jung.
x Graduated and presented at 13.
x Met Jungkook and Jimin again in college after Jungkook bumped into him during orientation.
x Has two pups, Ji-soo (Ji) and Jin-soo (Jin Jin).
x Omega Father of The Pack.

Yoon Gi Min (Yoonie,Yoona)

Birthday/Age: March 9 (26 y/o)
Rank/Class: Beta Standard
Hometown and Current Location: Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea (North Region)
Personality Trait[s]: Quiet, Offputting, Genius
Beta Stability: Stable

x Normal Childhood. Beta Father & Mother.
x His mother died while in labor.
x His father mated again and his new wife became Yoongi's mother figure during his youth.
x Has been in North Region all his life and is still there.
x Travels to Gwangju for work and Busan to visit his pack.
x In love with Hoseok.

Nam Joon Kim (Appa, Joonie)

Birthday/Age: September 12 (27 y/o)
Rank/Class: Alpha True Bred
Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea (North Region)
Current Location: Southside Buk-gu, Busan, South Korea (East Region)
Personality Trait[s]: Quiet, Understanding, Resourceful
Alpha Stability: Stable

x Ideal childhood. True Alpha Father & True Omega Mother.
x Star pupil. Straight A's from his first day of school to his last.
x Graduated high school and college as valedictorian.
x Mated with Jin his junior year in college.
x They had their pups the year after.
x Owns a successful magazine, Kim Daily.
x Also owns a bookstore.
x Father of The Pack.

Ho Seok Jung (Seok-ah, Hobi)

Birthday/Age: February 18 (27 y/o)
Rank/Class: Alpha Standard
Hometown: Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea (North Region)
Current Location:
Geumgok-dong, Busan, South Korea (East Region)
Personality Trait[s]: Smiley, Loud, Protective
Alpha Stability: Semi-Stable

x Ideal childhood. Alpha Father & Omega Mother.
x Met Namjoon during recess in elementary school. They spent all of their youth together.
x Went to separate high schools, but met again in college.
x Moved to East Region to open his dance studio Hope World.
x Offered the upper level to Namjoon when he mentioned opening a bookstore.
x Loves Yoongi to death, but doesn't know how to tell him.



Yugyeom is his best friend.
Taehyung is his fated mate.
Jimin is his best friend and protector.
Jin is his primary mother figure.
Yoongi is his partner in crime.
Hoseok is his favorite hyung.
Namjoon is his primary father figure.


Jungkook is his best friend.
Taehyung is his best friend.
Jimin is his future mate and protector.
Jin is his favorite hyung.
Yoongi is his best friend.
Hoseok is Hoseok. They aren't friends, but they can be around each other.
Namjoon is his rolemodel.


Jungkook is his fated mate.
Yugyeom will become his best friend.
Jimin will become his best friend and protector.
Seokjin will become his Omega bestfriend.
Yoongi will become his hyung.
Hoseok will become his protector.
Namjoon will become his hyung.


Jungkook is his best friend and protector.
Yugyeom is his future mate.
Taehyung will become his best friend.
Seokjin is his Mother figure.
Yoongi is his ex and close friend.
Hoseok is his alpha bae and protector.
Namjoon is his favorite hyung and role model.


Jungkook is his pup and protector.
Yugyeom is his friend.
Taehyung will become his best friend.
Jimin is his Oldest pup and protector.
Yoongi is Yoongi. They're cordial.
Hoseok is his protector and favorite hyung.
Namjoon is his mate.


Jungkook is his partner in crime.
Yugyeom is his best friend.
Taehyung will become a younger brother to him.
Jimin is his ex, bestfriend, and protector.
Seokjin is Seokjin. They're cordial.
Hoseok is his future mate and protector.
Namjoon is his best friend and protector.


Jungkook is his protector.
Yugyeom is Yugyeom.
Taehyung is a Strange kid he grows into.
Jimin is his favorite dongsaeng.
Seokjin is his mate.
Yoongi is his best friend.
Hoseok is his best friend and protector.


Jungkook is his favorite dongsaeng.
Yugyeom is Yugyeom. They aren't friends, but don't mind being around each other.
Taehyung will become his dongsaeng.
Jimin is his alpha bae and protector.
Seokjin is his best friend.
Yoongi is his future mate.
Namjoon is his best friend and protector.


North Region Alphas smell of comfort
East Region Alphas smell of wood
West Region Alphas smell of spice

Although Beta's are born with a scent,
they're able to change it to any scent that would allow an Alpha or Omega comfort.

North Region Omegas and Betas smell of fruit or nature
East Region Omegas and Betas smell of candy or sweets (i.e caramel, candy apples)
West Region Omegas and Betas smell minty (i.e peppermint)


Everyday Scent: Burning Oakwood
Comforting Scent: Petrichor (fresh rain)
Rut Scent: Sandalwood
Smells like cigars or cigar smoke when angry


Everyday Scent: Peaches
Comforting Scent: Applepie


Everyday Scent: Lavender
Comforting Scent: Eucalyptus (honey)
Heat Scent: Lemongrass
Smells like sulfur when angry


Everyday Scent: Teakwood
Comforting Scent: Hickory wood
Rut Scent: Cardamom and Clove
Smells like ammonia when angry


Everyday Scent: Orange Spice
Comforting Scent: Sage
Heat Scent: Grapefruit
Smells like burnt paper when angry


Everyday Scent: Jasmine
Comforting Scent: Pumpkin


Everyday Scent: Chocolate
Comforting Scent: Popcorn
Rut Scent: Frankincense
Smells like bleach when angry


Everyday Scent: Amber
Comforting Scent: Rosemary
Rut Scent: Ginger
Smells like rotten meat when angry

Chapter Text

Jin: Bedroom
11:57 PM Dec 8
Southside Buk-gu, Busan

The Hallway Goes Dark as Jin Hits the Switch and Walks Towards His Bedroom, Pushing the Half-Closed Door in Front of Him So Its Opened Fully.

An Exhale Breaks the Silence in The Room and The Body on The Bed Turns Over When He Enters The Room and Closes the Door. "Sleeping This Early?" His Mate's Voice Is Gruff, But Not Deep, And His Eyes Are Low from Being Sleepy.

He's Tucked Away Comfortably, Watching Videos on His Phone with His Dog Curled Up Between His Legs Fast Asleep. Only the Bare of His Chest Can Be Seen Above the Covers. "I Should Be, But I Still Need to Put on Lotion and Check in On Kookie." "It's So Close to Midnight, Jinnie. Let the Kid Sleep.”

Namjoon Laughs and Tosses His Phone Away. "Potty Break," He Blows, Moving from The Bed and To the Bathroom. Monie Lets Out A Soft and Quiet Bark Once Namjoon's Warmth Is Taken Away from Him. "Hush, Momo," Jin Coos, Reaching Over to Scratch Behind the Dog's Ear. "And We Both Know He's Awake, Alpha. I Can't Remember the Last Time He Slept This Early."

"Yeah, but," Namjoon Says from The Bathroom. Jin Huffs. "But Nothing." His Hand Moves Away from A Once Again Sleeping Monie And Grabs the Bottle of Lotion from The Nightstand Cabinet While He Sits To The Bed. "Whenever I Text Him Now, He's Either Sleeping, Going to Sleep, Or Waking Up from Sleep. This Is 3, 4, Or 5 In the Afternoon. There's No Way He's Asleep Right Now and He Takes Five Naps A Day.”

A Laugh Rings from The Bathroom. "It’s Understandable! Jimin Told Me Its Exam Month, I’d Be Sleeping Every Chance I Get Too. Those Tests Can Be Exhausting." Jin Can Hear the Toilet Flush and Water Running in The Sink Before the Other Steps Back into The Room and Dries His Hands on The Towel Hanging in The Closet. .

"It Is Exam Month, Isn't It... I Honestly Forgot," Jin Replies, Massaging Lotion into His Upper Body and Face. "No Wonder He's So Tired. And He Still Offered to Watch the Pups. I Swear Th-." He Pauses. The Door to Their Bedroom Opens and A Small Child Walks in Holding A Blue Koala Plushie. "Jisoo, Baby, What's Wrong?" "What's Wrong, Ji?" They Both Watch the Pup with Concern. .

"We Can Hear You," She Whines, Sleepily Rubbing Her Eyes and Slugging Over to Namjoon Who's Still Standing by The Closet with His Hands on His Hips. Her Hand Clings Loosely to His Leg and She Stares Up at Him with A Mope on Her Face. The Gesture Puts A Small Smile on His. "We're Sorry Sweetheart." He Kneels Down in Front of Her and Pets Her Gently. "We'll Be Quieter.”

"T-Than You-," She Yawns. Namjoon Gives A Look to Jin Who Smiles. "Okay, Babe. Let's Get You Back to Bed." Jin watches Namjoon Lift Her While He Stands to His Feet and Walk with Her Out of Their Room and Down the Hall to Hers.

"Those Two," Jin Thinks While Running A Hand Over Monie's Back. His Tail Wags, But He Doesn't Bother to Move or Wake.

Jin Had Pups A Lot Earlier Than He Intended To, But He Regrets Nothing of It. He Knew He Wanted to Spend the Rest of His Life with Namjoon. His Mother Didn't Approve of Him Bonding Himself to Someone So Early, but...His Family Is Happy and Healthy. That's All That Matters to Him. .

He Slips on Namjoon's T-Shirt and Dives Down into The Covers with His Phone in His Hand.

Bunny Alpha

Today 12:05 AM
My baby

Are you asleep?

Are you going to sleep?

Send Omma a picture

You never believe me T_T

Jin smiles at his phone as Namjoon walks back into the room and closes the door. "Is that Kookie?" "Yeah. I told him to prove he was going to bed. Look." They both laugh to themselves looking at the picture.

"He even gave you a finger heart. But he looks...wide awake." Namjoon clicks the photo to enlarge it. “He’s wide away, Jinnie,” he says with a snort. "No, Alpha. He just has really big eyes."< br>
Namjoon laughs again to himself while Jin's hands busy on the phone. "That's not nice," he says, laying back on the bed next him. "Oh, hush.” Jin rolls his eyes. “His feelings won't be hurt."

Today 12:15 AM
such a cutie!
I’m glad you’re listening to me

Pups will be there at 3

Jimin is being mean to me

Omma T_T
it’s okay cupcake Read 12:19 AM

The Phone Rings in His Hand and He Answers It on The First Ring.


"Omma," Jungkook whines from the other line. Jin laughs to himself at his second oldest pup's cuteness.

"Stop laughing at me," Jungkook whines again, louder and more drawn out. "Jimin's being mean."

What's he doing, cupcake?"

"He came in my room and won't leave so I can lay do-." "Hyung, He's Not Even Sleepy! He Wasn't Lying Down!" Jimin yells from an obvious distance.

"We're Watching A Movie And He Told Me To Get Out When Your Name Popped Up In Case You Facetimed!" "Why are you lying like that?" Their laughing and bickering is music to Jin's ears.

"Kookie." His call goes unanswered. Namjoon's breathless scoff to their loud banters over the phone make Jin smile.

Jungkooookieee." Yesss, Omma?" The Alpha's dialect slips from excitement.

What time are your classes tomorrow? Hobi might drop the pups off.

"Uhhhh, My Econ Class Is From 8 To 10:35 A-." The Line Stalls. A Thud Can Be Heard From His Side Of The Phone And Then More Laughing Between Jimin's Curses. "My History Class Is 12:40 To 2."

"Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh..yeah, I'm fine. I just shoved Jimin off of my bed." "Bitch." Jin laughs out loud at the confession, biting it back when Namjoon growls softly next to him.

You changed your classes, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I Moved Econ For The Exams So I Wouldn't Be In Class Five Extra Days Bored Off My Ass. Why Is It So Quiet On Your End? Where's Namjoon Hyung?"

"Next To Me Listening To Me Talk To You." His Hand Strokes The Alpha's Chin. "He's Half Asleep Though."

"Damn, That's Too Bad. I Wanted To Talk To Him."

"I Can Deliver A Message."

"No, It's Fine. I Can Talk To Him Tomorrow. Jin yawns and Jungkook catches it immediately. Are You Sleepy?"

"Are You?" "I asked first." Jin can almost see the pout on Jungkook's face.

"Yes, I'm Slee-."

"Okay, Go To Sleep. Goodnightttttt."" Goodnightttttt, Hyungieee!"

"Goodnight, Kids. Sleep Tight."

"Jungkook, Move Befor-"

The Line Clicks And Jin Slides The Phone On The Nightstand With A Huff. "Was That Jimin Yelling?" "Mmhm." "They're A Mess," Namjoon Quips With A Soft Chuckle While Turning His Back. "They're Our Mess Though," Jin Responds quietly, Sliding Down And Wrapping Himself Around The Other.

"I Love You, Alpha. Goodnight." His Lips Spread Kisses Down Namjoon's Back And He Sighs With Content. "Goodnight, Angel. I Love You Too." Jin Snuggles Against Him With A Smile On His Face, Allowing His Eyes To Close As He Settles In To Sleep.

Jungkook: Bedroom
12:45 Am Dec 9
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Jungkook Throws His Phone Aside and Leans Himself Back Against His Body pillow. "Get Out So I Can Lay Down," He Whines. "Get Out, Get Out, Get Out." He Kicks Impatiently at Jimin's Calf and Jimin Shoves A Foot into His Side. "Stop Kicking Me. The Movie Is Almost Over." "I Don't Care. Get Out, I Need My Beauty Sleep."

Jimin Pushes A Piece of Rice Cake into His Mouth. "All This Beauty Sleep and You're Still Ugly." Jungkook Shoves Him from The Bed Again and Jimin Bounces to His Feet Just as Quickly as He Falls, Laying Back on The Bed Quickly Like It Never Happened. Jungkook's Head Falls Back as He Laughs. "How the Hell Did You Get Up So Quick?" "Magic," Jimin Scoffs, Eating Away at Another Rice Cake.

Jungkook Rolls His Eyes and Sits Himself Up Against the Headboard with A Smile Still on His Face. "Are You Gonna Sleep in Here?" "I Don't Know Yet." “Find Out.” Jungkook Slaps the Back of Jimin's Calf and The Alpha Yells Out in Pain While Palming Softly at The Area to Soothe It.

"Why Did You Do That, You Ass." "I Don't Want You to Sleep in Here." "Well, I Wasn't Fucking Going to Until You Hit Me. Now I Am... Just to Make You Mad." Jimin Turns the Tv Off and Flips Himself Up, Putting the Empty Bowl on The Bedside Table, And Kicking Away the Duvet on Jungkook's Bed So He Can Snuggle Under the Weight of The Blanket. "Are You Serious?" Jimin Doesn't Answer.

Jungkook Stares at Him as He Sinks Down and Disappears into The Covers with His Back Facing Him, Closing His Eyes And, To Jungkook's Surprise, Falling Asleep Instantly. "Wow...I'll Just Go to Your Room." Jimin Doesn’t Stir at The Words. All Jungkook Can Hear in Response Is Soft Snores.

What an Ass

He Moves from The Bed, Grabbing the Bowl from The Bedside, Turning the One Lamp Off That Dimly Lit His Entire Room, And Walking Out into The Hallway, Closing the Door Behind Him, Then Down One Of The Three Cases of Stairs to The Second Floor of The Large House, And into The Bedroom Turned Mini-Kitchen Tucked Away in The Hallway.

They Live in A Very Luxurious Home. It Was Their Childhood Home and Jungkook Gets Hit with A Wave of Nostalgia Every Time He Moves Around the House. The Entire House, Except For The Bedrooms and Two of The Living Rooms, Follows That of a Minimalistic, White on White Interior, With Tan and Black Accents. The Furniture Is All White Aside from Rustic End Tables, Dated and Weathered Statues, Figurines, And Black Sofa Pillows.

The Majority of It Is Jimin's Father's, Who Left It All Behind When He Moved Out of The House and Offered It to Them.

Jungkook Never Really Liked the Neighborhood the House Was In. He Still Doesn't. Too Pompous. But He Doesn't Complain That Often Because the House Holds A Lot of Memories. Even Still, He Wouldn't Mind Living in An Apartment or On Campus at His College Like Most Kids His Age Are.

His Head Hurts Even from The Small Amount of Energy He's Exerting to Wash Out Jimin's Bowl. He Was, Amazingly Enough, Very Tired. It's Been A While Since He Was This Tired, And Even Though It Feels Like Someone Slapped Him Across the Face with A Brick...He Loves the Feeling of It. It Was an Indication to Him That He Was Going to Sleep Well.

A Faint Smell of Old Milk Creeps into The Mini-Kitchen, Forcing A Gag from Him That He Didn't Even Realize He Was Holding Back. His Head Pounds at The Smell, But Before It Could Pound Hard Enough to Make Him Dizzy, The Smell Leaves. Jungkook Quickly Pushes It from His Mind.

His Body's Aching and He Desperately Wants to Lay Down, Even If It's for A Minute. His Legs Walk Him Back Upstairs to Jimin's Room and His Nose Gets Assaulted Again, This Time by Jimin's Scent, As Soon as He Opens the Door. He Hates Going in Jimin's Room. And He Hates Even More When Jimin Sleeps in His Room.

Jimin's Scent, To Jungkook, Is Like Glitter. It Gets Everywhere and It's Very Difficult and Annoying to Get Rid Of. He's Too Tired to Care About Scenting the Room So It Smells Like Him. His Eyes Close Before He Lays Down, But When He Does, His Mind Blanks. He Falls Asleep Almost Immediately.

Jungkook: Jimin’s Bedroom
3:27 Am Dec 9
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Jungkook Shifts Under What Little Cover Is Pulled Over Him. His Thoughts Are All Over the Place, And He Really Has to Pee, So He Can't Actually Focus on Sleeping. He Groans into The Pillow and His Eyes Fly Open, Blinking Back the Sleepiness That Originally Filled Them and Quickly Adjusting to The Darkness of The Room.

He Mutters Under His Breath and Pushes from The Mattress to Sit Up, Softly Massaging the Back of His Head That Feels as If It Weighs A Ton. His Headache Has Gotten Worse Since Laying Down and The Throbbing Was Fucking Up His Mood.

The Darkness Moves Around While He Takes in The Room, Looking for The Door If Anything Else. His Mind Morphs Images on The Walls and He Moves from The Bed, Ignoring It While He Steps Past the Walk-In Closet to The Bathroom. Both He and Jimin Have Master Bedrooms, So They Never Have to Travel Far in The Large Family Home to Empty Their Bladder.

That's Good for Him Because He Doesn't Like Trying to Maneuver the House When He's Sleepy. He Turns on The Faucet While He Uses the Bathroom So the Water Can Be Warm by The Time He's Finish. When He Does Finish, He Washes His Hands and Walks Quickly Back to The Bed.

Sleep Hits Him Again When He Contacts the Bed.

Jungkook: Jimin's Bedroom
7:15 Am Dec 9
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

"Jungkook-Ah," A Voice Calls Out. He Hears It but Ignores It as He Chases After the Few Minutes of Sleep He Has. The Feeling of Sleep Always Hit in Waves When Someone Tries to Wake Him. "Get Up." A Soft Jab Comes Down on His Back and He Sighs to Himself as He Moves Again.

It's Been 3 Hours, But It Damn Sure Doesn't Feel Like It and The Last Thing Jungkook Feels Like Doing Is Going to Class and Taking A Two-Hour Exam. It Was the Only Exam He Had to Take, Then He'd Be Finish for The Semester, But Even That Wasn't Motivation to Make Him Up and Ant’em.

Jimin Sits on The Bed in The Curve of His Body as He Stretches Himself Awake. "Are You Going to Class?" "What?" He Sounds Worse Than He Thought He Did and Blinks Back in Shock at The Sound of His Voice. He's Also Shocked That Jimin Is Giving Him an Option as To Whether He Goes to Class or Not.

That Never Happens.

Any Time Jungkook Would Talk About Skipping A Class, Jimin Would Go on an "Education Is the Key to Success" Rant That Lasted 27 Minutes and Would Make Him Late Anyway. There's Nothing Worse Than A Late Walk of Shame into A Class.

"I Asked If You're Going to Class. Wake Up, Jungkook Ah!" Jimin Shakes Him and Jungkook Smiles in Response. "Are You Done with Your Exams?" Jimin Looks Sleepy Himself, And He Sounds Like A Tractor Is Parked in His Throat, But You'd Never Be Able to Stop Him from Putting Jungkook First. It's Been That Way Ever Since They Were Young and Jungkook Is Honestly Grateful for It.

He Tries to Push Jimin Away from The Bed, But the Alpha Is Reluctant to Move. "Why Are You Pushing Me?" "Go Back to Sleep. I'm Not Going." "Okay, But Why Are You Pushing Me?" "The Hell You Mean Why? Are You Gonna Sleep with Me?" The Offense Lacing His Voice Makes Jimin Smile. "Kookie...This Is My Room."

Jungkook's Eyes Widen and He Looks Around the Room Confused Before His Eyes Fall on Jimin Who's Letting Out A Loud, But Coarse Laugh. "The Fuck Is Wrong with Me Today?" Jungkook Facepalms, Holding Back His Laugh as He Heaves Dramatically into His Hands. Jimin's Laugh Stops When the Smell of Diary Creeps Back into The Room, Putting Both of Them on Alert.

"Oh God...What Is That Smell?" "I've Been Smelling That Since Last Night," Jungkook Admits. Jimin Starts Wafting His Hand Trying to Move the Smell Away from His Nose; Jungkook Isn't Bothered by It Anymore. He Wasn’t Lying When He Said He's Been Smelling It Throughout the Whole of The Night. "Smells Like Someone Is in Trouble? But...Why Are We Smelling It?" "Must Be an Omega."

Jungkook Sighs, Moving from The Bed and Out into The Hallway. "Should We Get the Pups Early? Do You Know What Time Jin Hyung Goes to Work?" No Answer. "Jimin. Jimin?" He Peeks Back in The Room to See the Alpha Sprawl on The Bed Knocked Out. “Damn Shame,” Jungkook Says Through A Laugh as He Hits the Light Switch and Closes the Door. He Was Planning on Going Back to Sleep Himself, So He's Glad Jimin Didn't Give an Answer About Getting the Pups.

When He Steps into His Room, The Glitter That Is Jimin's Scent Invades His Nose. "I'm Convinced This Asshole Scents in His Sleep," He Thinks to Himself as He Closes the Door. He Takes His Time Thoroughly Scenting Everything in The Room, Replacing Jimin's Scent with His Own, Before Laying Back Down and Scrolling on His Phone.

The Smell of Dairy Is Stronger in His Room, More So by The Window in The Corner, But His Eyes Close While He's Laying Down...His Nose Falling Oblivious to The Smell as He Sleeps Again for The Third Time.

Chapter Text

Jimin: Bedroom
3:08 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-gu, Busan

The Vigorous Ringing of The Doorbell Wakes Jimin From His Sleep. His Eyes Catch Glimpses of The Clock as They Blink Open.

He Quickly Pushes Himself from The Bed, Jogging Down the Three Flights of Stairs and To the Front Door. His Eyes Smile When He Sees A Pair of Doe Eyes Staring Back from The Other Side of The Peephole. "Jinsoo~." He Sings Her Name and Slowly Pulls the Door Open, Hearing the Pup Giggles First, Then Seeing Her Rush in With Excitement as She Charges into The House Past Jimin And Straight into Jungkook's Arms.

"Hey, Hobi," Jimin Coos, Hugging Him After He Puts Jisoo On Her Feet. She Zooms Past Jimin Quicker Than Her Sister Did, Forcing Herself, Her Sister, And the Alpha to Ground as She Jumps on Him to Hug Him.

Laughs Shakes the Entire Downstairs Level of The House, With Hoseok's Being the Loudest. It's A Laugh That Could Make A Blind Man See...Jimin Smiles at The Sight of The Three on The Floor, Moving to Pull One of The Pups Off of Jungkook So He Can Get to His Feet.

"Why Are You Dropping Them Off? Where's Jin?" "Working," Hoseok Answers, Falling into The Couch and Grabbing One of The Fuzzy Black Pillows to Hug On. "Ah, Of Course. I Told Hi-." Jimin Stops When Jungkook Steps by The Archway to The Living Room with The Pups Wrapped Tight Around Him, One of His Back and The Other Around His Torso. "They Really Love You," Hoseok Giggles.

"I Think They Smell the Candy I Just Had." He Tries to Rip One of The Pups Off of Him, To No Avail. "Ji," Jimin Calls Softly. "Come Here." He Opens His Arms to Her and Jisoo Jumps from Jungkook's Back and Runs to Him. "Do You Want Candy?" "Yes," She Says Loudly, Playing with His Fingers While She Sits on His Lap. "Did You Pay Attention in School Today?" "Yes," She Repeats Again. "What Did You Learn to Do Today?" "Repeat Numbers! And Miss Eun Said That I Was Good at It," She Smiles. Pride Takes Over Her Voice, Making All of The Alphas Smile. "Jinsoo? Did You Learn to Repeat Numbers Too?" The Much Smaller Pup Nods. She's Wrapped Around Jungkook's Torso, Nodding Off Under His Warmth, And He's Sitting on The Floor in The Entrance with His Legs Crossed.

Jisoo And Jinsoo Are the Same Age... But with The Size Difference and Vast Contrast in Personalities, You'd Hardly Be Able to Tell. One Is Loud and Bubbly Like Jin While the Other Is Quiet and Serious Like Namjoon. "They're So Different with Both of You." Hoseok Speaks with Admiration. "Jin Jin, How Come You're So Calm with Jungkook And Not Me?" "Uncle Kookie Isn't Fun," The Pup Says. "So, I Just Sleep When I'm With Him." Jimin And Hoseok Both Smiles. Jungkook's Mouth Gapes at The Statement.

"Woooow." He Pouts, Looking Away from Her and Pretending to Cry into His Hand. The Sadness in His Voice Makes Jinsoo Giggle. "I'm Just Kidding, Uncle Kookie." The Pup Hugs Jungkook In A Cute Attempt to Make Him Feel Better. "You're Fun Too. But Not Like Uncle Hobi. He Takes Us to Get Ice-Cream." "You're Not My Favorite Anymore." "That's Okay. I Still Love You," The Pup Sighs Lovingly. Her Eyes Close Again and She Leans into Jungkook's Chest as She Drifts to Sleep Holding His Thumb in Her Hands.

"You Picked A Favorite Between Them?" Jimin Looks at Jungkook Looking Back at Him. "Not...Necessarily. But Ji Is Disrespectful and Likes Hit-." "What Does Dis-Ree-Speck-Full Mean?" "Mean," Hoseok Replies. His Eyes Are Glued to His Phone and Jimin Can Make Out Yoongi's Contact Name and An Array of Blue and Grey on The Screen. "Tell Yoonie I Said Hey," He Says, Catching the Other's Attention. "I Wasn't Done Spe-."

"Why Don't You Text Him? Where's Your Phone?" "Upstai-." Jungkook Throws Jinsoo's Shoes at Jimin And Jimin Slaps It Away Before It Can Hit the Pup on His Lap. His Scent Flares Unintentionally. He Knew Jungkook Wasn't Aiming to Hit Jisoo, But He Also Couldn't Help but Get Annoyed at The Fact That He Threw the Shit in The First Place. "I Wasn't Done Talking," Jungkook Mewls, Looking at The Wall to Avoid Jimin's Death Glare. "Be Glad It Didn't Hit Her," Jimin barks roughly.

His Tone Is Off-Putting.

Hoseok: Living Room
3:31 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Hoseok Watches Jimin Stare Holes into Jungkook From the Couch. "How Have You Two Survived This Long Without Killing Each Other? Every Time I Come Over, I’ll Are Arguing." He Laughs to Himself as He Locks His Phone and Sits Back on The Couch. Jungkook Moves to The Couch Next to Him, Laying Jinsoo Across His Lap So He Can Stretch.

"We're Not Always Arguing," He Insists. "You're Just Over Here at The Wrong Times." "You’re Just Argumentative." "No, I'm- Never mind." They Share A Look Before Hoseok Smiles at Him and He Looks Away. His Hands Fidget with The Tv Remote. "Hoskie~ Tell Yoongi I Said Hi." "Why the Hell-. You Fucking Tell Him," He Whines, Handing His Phone to Jisoo To Hand to Jimin.
She Drops Herself from Jimin's Lap After She Hands the Phone Off and Walks Over to Jungkook, Laying Across His Lap on Top of Her Sister as She Falls Asleep Too. "That's So Cute," Hoseok Sighs, Petting Her Like His Own Mother Used to Pet Him Whenever He Slept.

Jungkook Watches with A Twisted Face.

"Don't Get Her into That," He Spits, Slapping Away at Hoseok's Hand. The Alpha Subconsciously Moves His Hand to Rub at Jungkook's Earlobe, Ignores His Complaints About It, And Turns His Attention to Jimin. "What Are You Doing on My Phone?" He Doesn't Answer. He Breaks Out into A Giggle Fit and Stops Scrolling When He Comes to A Meme Picture of Jungkook. "What, What, What?" Hoseok Hops Up from The Couch and Goes to Stand Over Jimin So He Can See.
They Both Shake with Laughter.

"What Is It? I Wanna See." Jungkook Whines from The Other Couch, Unable to Move with The Two Pups Laying on Him. Hoseok Takes the Phone Back to Him. "Scroll," He Says with A Big Smile Still Taking Up the Majority of His Face.


Jungkook Chokes the Second He Sees the Picture. "Hyung…Why Did You Save That?" "You Look Cute," Hoseok Laughs. A Smell Overtakes His Nose, But He Ignores It and Jabs at Jungkook When He Tries to Delete the Picture. He Snatches the Phone Back with A Chuckle.

"Hyung," Jungkook Pleads. "Please Delete It." "I'll Think About It." Hoseok Picks Up Jisoo And Walks Off with Her Up the Stairs and To One of The Vacant Rooms. Jungkook Follows Him with Jinsoo And Hoseok Closes the Door After They're Both Tucked Away.

"That Picture of You Would Look Amazing Right Here." He Points to A Part of The Wall That's Void of a Picture Frame.

The Majority of The Walls in The House Are Filled with Various Polaroids And Frames of Jungkook, Jimin, Their Friends, And Their Family.

Jungkook Nudges Him While Pushing His Hair Away from His Face.

"Delete It."





"Nope. Sorry, Kiddo."

Hoseok Looks as If He’s Heel-Toeing Down the Stairs and To the Front Door with His Phone in His Hand. "I'm Heading Out, Pups, Gotta Lunch Date! I'll Talk to You Two Later!" "Hyungggggg, Delete the Picture~." "Send It to Me, Then Delete It. And Call Me Later," Jimin Yells, Peeping His Head from The Living Room. "I Will, And No, Kookie. It's Funny. I'm Keeping It."

Jungkook Punches Hoseok in the Arm Out of Annoyance and Turns Away from Him. "Asshole," He Whines. Hoseok's Watch Beeps Before He Can Retort, And He Opens the Door. "Are the Pups Staying Tonight?" "No," Jimin Answers from The Living Room. "Namjoon Usually Co-." "All I Needed to Know! Catch Up Later. Be Safe!" He Slaps the Back of Jungkook's Head and His Ring Snags in His Hair. He Yanks It, Pulling Jungkook Back A Bit, And Runs Out of The House to His Car, Flying Over the Hood and Into the Front Seat, 30% Giddy And 70% Frightened from Jungkook Charging After Him.

Jungkook Is Far More Muscular Than Hoseok, Even Though Hoseok Is Six Years Older. He Also Isn't the Type of Person to Fight With, Be It Play Fighting or Other. You Can Pick at Him and Touch Him, Poke Him and Even Punch Him, But When He Tells You to Stop or Shows Any Sign of Annoyance...You Stop. Or It Could Get Very Violent...

Very Quickly.

He Locks the Doors Before the Alpha Can Get into The Car with Him. "Love You, Kookie" He Yells as Jungkook Walks Back Up the Stoned Path to His House Steps. The Alpha Flips Him Off and Hops Up the Steps, Strolling Back into The House Holding the Spot Where Hoseok's Ring Snagged. He Feels Bad for Hurting His Maknae, But He Smiles It Off, Starting the Car and Driving Away from The House After Honking His Horn.

Jungkook: Living Room
4:14 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Jungkook Sighs as He Rubs the Back of His Head. Hoseok Didn't Hit Him Hard, But His Ring Caught the One Spot Where His Head Was Throbbing the Most Painful. He Knows His Scent Is Sour, But It Isn't Because He's Angry. He's Just Hurting. So Bad. He Walks into The Living Room and Crashes Down on The Couch.

"Hobi Hit You That Hard?" "No, His Ring Caught My Hair." Jimin Smiles When Jungkook Answers. He Knows He Sounds A Lot Whinier Than He Intends To, But He Doesn’t Care. "I Told You to Cut It, Didn't I? It's All Over the Place."

Jimin Runs A Hand Through Jungkook's Hair, Gently Feeling Over the Swell That's Forming on The Back His Scalp. Jungkook Winces but Can't Jerk His Head Away Without It Hurting Even More with The Sudden Impact of Forcing His Head Forward. "I'll Be Fine. I Don't Wanna Cut It." "Fine Isn't Good Enough. I'll Get Some Ice." He Stands to Move, But Jungkook Grabs His Hand. "Actually, never mind," He Sighs, Letting Him Go. They Both Glare At Each Other As A Minute Goes By.

Fine Is Good Enough for Me

His Hand Combs Through His Hair. "At Least Check on Ji and Jin Jin." "My Poor Kookie," Jimin Pouts, Still Doing as He's Told. Jungkook Watches Him Walk Away, Then Sulks Back into The Couch and Closes His Eyes. His Head Was Officially Killing Him.

He Was Really Dying...

The Sweet Hickory Smell That Was Fading Gets Stronger as Jimin Walks Back into The Living Room and Stops Behind Him with A Cold Compress. Jungkook Doesn't Budge. He Says Nothing. He Just Lets the Alpha Do What He Wants To. He Knew Fighting Would Only Make His Headache Worse.

"Should I Call Namjoon And Ask Him to Get Them," Jimin Asks. He Parts Jungkook's Hair with His Fingers, Exposing the Swell Completely, And Presses the Compress on It to Soothe It. Jungkook Leans His Head Back and Crosses His Arms Over His Chest. "It's Only Three Hours, And They'll Sleep for Two Of 'Me, So You Don't Have To." Jimin Mumbles in Acceptance and Begins Massaging the Back of The Other's Head with His Free Hand. "Shit," He Says Suddenly. "I Forgot to Get Their Candy."


Jungkook Scoffs. "They Didn't Want It Anyway. They Wouldn't Be Asleep Right Now If They Did." "Can You Spell Hypocrite?" Jungkook Opens His Eyes to Look at Jimin Who's Looking at The TV Hanging Over the Fireplace. "How Am I A Hypocrite?" His Eyes Never Leave the Show While He Multitasks. "Don't Ask Obvious Questions. Put Your Head Back Down." Jungkook Rolls His Eyes and Does as He's Told.

Jimin's Cold Hands Work His Scalp Until All the Tension Is Gone and He Can Relax Fully Against His Touch. Jungkook Can't Help but Sigh in Relief. He Was Always Good for A Massage, And This Was One of Those Days Jimin Was in A Good Enough Mood to Give Him One. An Act of Kindness. If You Didn't Know Jimin, You'd Easily Mistake His Kindness for His Status. Especially with Him Around Jungkook. He Has the Body and Fondness of An Omega, With the Confidence and Dominance of An Alpha. He's Aggressive, But Complaisant and Sweet to Others.

It's Confusing to Say the Least, But Jungkook Knows He Can't Talk at All. He's as Volatile as Jimin Is, If Not Much Much Worse. His Attitude Can, Does, And Will Flip on A Dime. Sometimes He Can't Control It. Other Times...He Doesn't Care To. "I Asked," He Quips with A Smile. "Okay. You Know How I Always Ask If You Want Something to Eat? And Your Fat Ass Always Says Yes?" "Mmm." "Then Fall Asleep Two Fucking Seconds Later?" Jungkook Laughs Out Loud. It's Not So Much A Laugh, More Like A Witch's Cackle. "I Don't Always Fall Asleep Though." "That's Not the Point."

Jimin Throws the Compress to The Side and Fixes Jungkook's Hair to How He Originally Had It: Parted Down the Center, Enough to Create Bangs That'll Be Split and Pushed Off to The Sides, Exposing the Middle of His Forehead. It Was His Go-To, Especially with How Thick His Hair Was. He Could Never Be Bothered to Do Any More. The Smell of Old Dairy Creeps Back into The Room and They Both Make A Face of Disgust. "What the Fuck Is That? Did Something Die Under the House?" "No, Stupid. I Told You, It's Probably an Omega." "From Omega Ave,” Jimin thinks “Seems Logical."

Omega Ave Is the Name Given to The Alleyway Three Houses Down from Jimin And Jungkook's. In and Around It, Omegas Are Working Tricks for Their Money, Getting Drugged Out, Or Both. All Times of Day, Every day. It's Almost Never Empty and The Smells That Come from The Alleyway Range from Sweet, To Musty, To Pungent, To Absolutely Disgusting. This Smell, This Old Nasty Dairy Smell, Was One of The Pungent and Disgusting. "I'll Go Down There and Check It Out After the Pups Leave."

"There," Jimin Says to Himself, Patting Jungkook's Bangs That Are Covering the Sides of His Face. "All Done. You Feel Better?" "Of Course, I Do." Jimin Pets Him Softly and He Sighs Affectionately in Appreciation. "Good. You're Welcome." "Thank You, Hyung." Jimin Grabs the Leaking Compress That Isn't So Cold Anymore and Walks Out of The Living Room, Leaving Jungkook Amidst His Own Thoughts.

Chapter Text

Jungkook: Patio
7:30 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-gu, Busan

The Doorbell Rings Throughout The House, Once, Then Twice After. Jungkook Checks The Time On His Phone. "That Must Be Namjoon," He Thinks To Himself. The Pups Are In The Pool With Jimin, Who's Acting As A Floatie For Jisoo, Who Doesn't Like Getting Wet. It's A Cute Sight. Jungkook Stands To His Feet, But Sits Down Quickly When He's Face To Face With The Much Taller Alpha. "I. I Did Not See You," He Cackles Loudly, Almost Falling Out Of His Chair From Leaning Back. "Fucking Jeez." Namjoon Smiles Warmly. "It's Good To See You Too, Kook. How Are You?"

He Sits Down In The Patio Recliner Next To Jungkook, Obviously Not In Any Rush To Get Home. "I'm As Good As It Gets. One More Exam And I'm Home Free," Jungkook Smiles. "You Didn't Go To Class Today?" "No. Jimin Gave Me The Opportunity To Stay Home And I Took It." "Wow," Namjoon Laughs. His Hand Is Busy Searching The Cooler For A Drink But His Eyes Are Locked On Jungkook's. Everyone In Jungkook's Pack Has This...Thing. They Stare Each Other Down Unintentionally. He Doesn't Know Why They Do It, But It's Been Prominent For Years With All Of Them. It Can Get Uncomfortable After A While, But It's Hard To Look Away Without Seeming Uninterested.

"No 'Education Is The Blah Blah' Bullshit?" Jungkook Smiles At The Alpha's Dry Irony. He Literally Graduated As Valedictorian From High School And College, Yet Made Education Out To Be A Joke Whenever Jungkook Brought It Up. It Was Amusing.

"Not This Time, Which I Was Thankful For. Enough About Me, Though. What's Up With You?" "Agh," Namjoon Sighs. "The Usual. Working Hard, But Hardly Working." He Swirls The Beer Bottle Before Sipping From It. "I Love Your Magazine," Jungkook Says. "I Looked Through It A Couple Of Days Ago And I Gotta Say...Your Fashion Sense Is Crazy." Namjoon Smiles To Himself, But Doesn't Try To Boast About It. "Alpha Daddy!" A High-Pitched Voice Screams In Joy From In Front Of Them. Jungkook Watches Jisoo Run Up The Stairs And Crawl Into The Chair With Her Father.

"Hey, Princess," The Alpha Smiles, Hugging Her Tight And Stroking Her Head. His Tone Is Softer Than The Tone He Was Using With Jungkook, But It's Understandable. The Other Pup Ascends The Stairs Followed By A Shirtless And Glistening Jimin. "How Was Your First Day Of Work, Pool Floatie?" "Fuck Y-." "Don't Curse," The Twins Bark In Unison. Jimin Looks At Them Then To Namjoon Who's Seems Not To Care. He Still Obliges. "Bleep You." Jungkook Laughs Into His Can At The Sound Of Namjoon Scoffing Under His Breath.

"Come On, Pups. Go Get Your Stuff. Time To Go." Namjoon Pushes The Two Off And They Run Into The House And To The Guest Room Upstairs. "They Smell So Heavily Of You," He Says, Looking At Jungkook. "You Know They Love Him," Jimin Responds, Resting A Hand In Jungkook's Hair. "I Didn't Scent Them," Jungkook Says Quietly. "I Know. You're Not Stupid," Namjoon Banters. He Stands To His Feet And Makes His Way Into The House. Jungkook Shoves Jimin Away From Him And Stands Up Where The Other Was Previously Stationary.

They Both Walk Back Into The House, With Jungkook Stepping In First, And Straight Down The Hall To The Front Door. Jinsoo Walks Down First, Holding One Of Jungkook's Plushies Tight In Her Arms. "Are You Trying To Kidnap My Cooky?" "Can I Have It?" "No," He Laughs. "Then Yes," She Taunts, Walking Past Him And Out Of The House Onto The Front Porch. He And Jimin Both Double Over Laughing.

"Uncle Kookie! Can I Have This?" Jisoo Bounds Down The Stairs Holding A White Dog Plushie With A Yellow Hoodie And Red Underwear. "Ask Jimin," He Says, Catching His Breath. Jimin Kneels Down In Front Of Her. "Uncie," She Whines. The Roundness Of Her Eyes Widen As She Pouts Cutely. Namjoon Watches Them As He Walks Down The Stairs. "Can I Have The Plushie? Pleaseeeeee." The Alpha Smiles At Her. "Are You Gonna Take Care Of Him?" "Yes, Sir." "Then You Can Have Him." She Leaps Forward To Hug Him With A Big Smile On Her Face.

Jinsoo Lets Go Of Jimin And Walks Outside To Her Sister On The Porch. Cooky Is Still Tight In Her Grip And She Stares Back At Jungkook Every Now And Then To See If He’s Gonna Try To Take It Away. “You Know She Already Has A Million And One Plushies And Toys, Right?” “What’s One More?” Jimin Stands To His Feet And Walks Out Of The House With Namjoon To His Car. The Alpha Stops Just Short Of Jisoo, Whispers Something To Her That Clearly Upsets Her, Then Continues Down The Stairs.

She Slowly Walks Back To Jungkook With Her Head Low And It Looks As If She’s About To Cry. “What’s Wrong?” Jungkook Mewls, Kneeling Down In Front Of Her And Holding Her Head Up With The Webbing Between His Thumb And Index Finger. She Holds Out The Pink Bunny To Him And Takes A Breath Before Speaking. “Daddy Said To Give This Back To You,” She Pouts With Dejection In Her Voice. He Smiles At Her, But She Doesn’t See. A Tear Falls From Her Eyes, And She Quickly Wipes It Away.

“Stay Right Here,” He Says Quietly. He Takes The Bunny From Her And She Heaves Quietly In Defeat. He Ignores, But His Scent Sweetens In A Soft Attempt To Make Her Feel Better. His Legs Carry Him Up The Stairs To His Room To His Walk-In Closet. “Where Is It?” He Ponders In The Closet For A Second Before His Eyes Land On What He’s Looking For. He Runs Back Down The Stairs To The Crying Pup Curled In Namjoon’s Arms. “What The Hell Is That?”

“Super Cooky,” Jungkook Says Loudly, Pushing The Much Bigger Bunny Plushie Towards Jisoo. Her Wet Eyes Widen And Jungkook Dabs Them With The Palm Of His Fingers. “Keep Him.” “R-Really?” Their Eyes Meet And A Smile Overcomes Her Face When She Sees How Serious He Is. “I Know He’s In Good Hands,” He Says Petting Her. She Ducks Away From His Hand, But Not Enough To Be Completely Out Of Reach. “You’ll Take Better Care Of Him Than I Will.” She Reaches Over And Clings To Him, Hugging Him Tight And Sighing Against His Shoulder As He Wraps His Arms Around Her. “Thank You, Uncle Kookie.” “You’re Welcome.”

He Gently Pushes Namjoon, Unsteadying The Older’s Feet And Forcing Him Back As He Smiles. “Why’d You Tell Her To Give It Back?” “Because I Knew She Didn’t Ask For It. I Didn’t Know You Didn’t Care.” “If I Cared, She Wouldn’t Have Had It. Come On, Valedictorian. You Should Know These Things.” Namjoon Huffs. “Put My Child Down.” Jungkook Kisses Jisoo On Her Cheek Before Putting Her Down And Watching Her Leave With Namjoon. "Bye, Uncie," She Squeals, Nuzzling Her Plushie While She Walks Down The Porch Steps. "Bye.”

Jungkook: Veranda
7:42 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-gu, Busan

"Aren't You Gonna Walk Down To Omega Ave?" Jimin Sits On The Porch Swing In Front Of Jungkook With A Bag Of Shrimp Chips. Jungkook Exhales And Stares Down The Street In Thought. He Didn’t Really Want To, But He Did Announce That He Would. Omega Ave Isn’t Jungkook’s Taste.

It Was Worse Because He Knew Some Of The Girls And Guys That Called The Alleyway A Home. They Were College Classmates, High School Friends, And Even People He Grew Up With And Around. He Hangs His Head And Combs A Hand Through His Hair. "Yeah, I Guess I Should. That Smell Hasn't Gone Away Yet And I’m Not Exactly Up For Sleeping With It Assaulting My Nose.”

Jimin Throws A Chip Near His Mouth When He Lifts His Head, And He Catches It Without Missing A Beat. “Ooo~,” Jimin Drawls. “You’re Good.” Jimin Smiles At Jungkook Smiling At The Praise. It Isn’t Uncommon For Jimin To Praise Him Over The Smallest Of Things, In Fact He’s Allowed Himself To Become Used To It. That’s Just How Often It Happens.

He Groans As He Stands To His Feet And Adjusts His Sweats At The Waist. "Do You Want Me To Walk With You?" He Stuffs His Mouth With Chips. "I'm Not A Baby," Jungkook Whines. "Plus, The Less Alphas The Better. You Know How They Work." "Yeah, I Do," Jimin Huffs With An Eye Roll.

Most Alphas In East Region Stay Indoors After A Certain Time Of Night. It Isn't A Curfew That They're Given. Just An Unspoken Law. Being Out Late Is Like Looking For Trouble.

Jungkook Descends The Stairs And Walks Out Onto The Sidewalk With His Hands In His Pockets. "Do I Have To Go?" He Whines. "Yes," Jimin Says With A Sing-Song. "Look Down." "No." "Just Do It." Something Soft Nudges His Leg And He Looks Down To See Sunja, A Cute Red-White Cockapoo With A Big, Pink Bow Tied Around A Fluff Of Fur On Top Of Her Head, Running Around His Legs. He Sweeps Her Into His Hands The Second He Sees Her And Strokes Her Back With The Palm.

The Pup Rubs Her Head Into His Neck And He Jerks Away To Prevent Her From Scenting Him. Her Owner, Jae, Steps Out From Behind The Hedge That Separates Their Houses. Jae Is An Omega. The Typical Omega. Clingy, Quiet, And Overly Submissive. Jungkook Knew She Had An Attraction To Him, But He Never Cared To Advance On It. Her Beta "Boyfriend", Hoshi, Stays With Her, But That Has Yet To Stop Her From Throwing Herself At The Two Alphas Next Door.

She Skips Over To Him With Her Skirt Bouncing With Every Move, And He Looks At Jimin, Who's Staring Down At Them While Finishing His Chips. Sigh. "Hi, Kookie," She Chirps Cheerfully. "I See You Found Sunja." "Sunja Found Me," He Corrects, Putting The Puppy Down So She Can Run Off. "Oh," She Says Quietly. "Where Are You Going?" "Who Said I Was Going Somewhere?" "Well, You're Dressed Like You're Going Somewhere." "Mmm."

He Doesn't Care For The Conversation In The Slightest, But Walking Away, Which He Really Wants To Do, Would Be Rude. She Steps Closer And Her Caramel Scent Clogs His Nose, Making Him Push Her Back Before He Passes Out.

His Eyes Trail Down Her Small Frame As The Smell Overtakes His Nose. He Knew She Was In Heat And Knew She Was Gonna Try To Keep Him Around Her For As Long As She Could. He Shoots Jimin Another Look, Then Turns His Attention To Her When She Grabs His Arm.

"Can I Go With You? Wherever You're Going?" "No," He Says Curt. His Eyes Follow A Car Down The Street. "That's Definitely Not A Good Idea."

"Why?" She Whines Loudly, Tugging Hard At Him Like A Child. "Stop." She Lets Him Go. "Why Can't I Go?" "Why The Hell Do You Want To?" He Stares Her Down And She Slowly Backs Away From Him With Her Scent Slowly Souring.

"I-I Just Wanna Hang Out With You," She Whimpers Quietly. "We Haven't T-Talked In A Long Time." "Are You In Heat?" Her Eyes Widen And She Looks At Him In Shock. "Wha-?" "I Asked If You're In Heat." She Hesitates Answering, But Her Silence Says Enough. "Here," He Says, Taking Off His Pullover And Throwing It On Her.

He Can See The Slick Rush Down Her Legs The Second His Scent Hits Her Nose. Her Pupils Grow And She Bites Her Lip To Stop It From Shaking, All The While Staying Quiet. It Was Cold Outside, But Jungkook Was Accustomed To It. He Could See Jimin Walk Back Into Their House From His Peripheral.

"Are You Happy? Can I Go?" She Doesn't Answer. "Ja-." "Here, Pup." Jimin Walks Up To Them With Another Pullover And Drapes It Over Jungkook's Shoulders. Jungkook Can Hear His Breathing Hitch When He Gets Hit With Jae's Intoxicating Scent. "Oh My God." He Steps Back And Covers His Nose. Jungkook Skillfully Pulls The Hoodie Over His Head, And Fixes His Hair As He Watches Jimin Drink In The Tiny Omega Standing In Front Of Them With Her Legs Soaked And Shaking. "What Did You Do To Her?"

"Nothing," He Pouts. Jimin Looks At Him, Then Jae, Then Him Again. "Did She Ask You To...Y'know. Uckfay Erhay." Jungkook Laughs. "No. But I Know She Wants Me To." Jimin Stammers Over A Breath. "You Should." Jae Walks Away With An Empty Mind While The Alphas Talk. Her Small Hands Were Clutching Jungkook's Hoodie So Tight To Her Chest, You'd Think The Fabric Would Rip. She Quickly Leaps Up The Stairs And Disappears Into Her House. "She's About To Go Fuck Your Hoodie," Jimin Laughs. "I Don't Mind It." He Turns On His Heel. "I'll Be Back. Come On, Baby." Sunja Lets Out A Cute Bark And Follows Close Behind Him As He Walks Down The Street, Letting His Nose Lead Him To Omega Ave.

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Omega Ave
8:38 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Tae Straightens His Back Against the Brick Wall of The Convenience Store Behind Him. His Body Is Painted with Day-Old Burgundy and Purple Bruises. He Had No Clue Where He Was, But He Was Surrounded by Other Omegas That Were Sweet Enough to Care for Him Until He Healed Enough to Move About.

He Tried Calling His Parents, But They Didn't Answer. They Never Answered Random Calls; He Knew That Was the Reason. "I Wish They Did," He Thinks with A Sigh. Maybe He'd Be Back at His Home and Taking Comfort in His Own Bed Instead of a Cold, Wet, And Semi-Crowded Alley.

He Crosses His Left Leg Over His Right and Leans on The Bicep of a Beta Next to Him. His Name Is Yugyeom. Tae Doesn't Know Him, But He Never Showed Annoyance Towards the Omega Being Affectionate and Clingy. So Why Not? It Was Better Than Sitting Around the View in Front of Him.

A Small Circle of Omegas Riddled with Puncture Wounds from Where They Were Constantly Sticking Themselves with Needles. Others Bruised from Spending Hours Alone with Alphas Who Could Care Less About Them, Doing Who Knows What. His Nose Was Being Hit with Different Scents and He Had A Bad Headache from The Mixture of The Smells, But He Wasn't in Any Position to Be Defiant.

Every Now and Then, An Alpha Would Walk Through, And Send All of The Omegas into A Frunze, Making the Alley Smell Like A Candy Store. Taehyung's Heat Was Close Too, So He Could Understand. It Was Easy to Give Yourself Away When All You Wanted Was the Pressure of a Knot Locking You to Someone. He Had to Fight the Urge to Throw Himself to The Alphas That Walked by Just Like the Rest of Them.

He Sighs Against the Beta's Sweater and Closes His Eyes.

He Jumps Awake When A Strong Oak Scent Overpowers All the Scents in The Tight Alleyway. All Eyes Fall on The Alpha as He Steps into The Alleyway, Greeting Some and Promptly Ignoring Others. "Aye, Yuggye," He Speaks When He Stops in Front of Tae. He Sits in The Center of The Alleyway, Extending His Long Legs into The Gap Between Tae And the Beta.

"Aye, Kook. I Didn't Peg You as That Kind of Alpha." "I'm Not Here for Sex. I'm Here for This You," He Says, Glaring at Tae. Tae Can Feel His Heart Drop When the Red of Jungkook's Eyes Flash. His Face Was Hard to Read.

Here for Me? What Did I Do?

Tae Grabs for The Betas Hand and His Scent Sours with Fear. "What'd He Do," Yugyeom Asks. "You Smell That?" The Alpha Replies. "I've Been Smelling His Scent Since Yesterday." "Oh, Damn," The Beta Laughs. "Control Yourself, Tae." He Tugs Tae Over the Alpha's Stretched Legs and He Allows Himself to Be Pulled.

Tae Doesn't Speak, But He Knows His Scent Is Saying Enough. Retorting to An East Region Alpha Is Suicide. They're Known for Their Aggression and Don't Hesitate to Fight First and Ask Later. Jungkook Is Staring A Hole Through Tae And Against His Better Judgement, He's Keeping His Eye Contact.

"Tae," The Beta Calls. "He's Not Gonna Hurt You. He's One of The Good Ones. No Need to Stare Him Down." Tae Looks at Yugyeom Then Back to Jungkook. He Touches Tae's Leg and Tae Jerks It Away Instinctively. His Scent Becomes Stronger for A Second When He Realizes What He Just Did. He Knows Immediately That He Fucked Up the Second the Alpha's Face Changes. It Hardens...But Then He Laughs. "Tae,” Yugyeom whines quietly. “You're Gonna Draw Blood If You Press Down Any Harder." Tae Lets Up on His Hand. "Sorry.”

"Hi, Alpha," An Omega Purrs, Crawling to Jungkook Seductively with The V of His Shirt Pulled Down Enough to Show His Unmarked Neck. Jungkook Doesn't Bat an Eyelash at The Gesture. "Not Interested," He Speaks Bluntly. Tae Holds Back His Giggle Seeing the Omega's Embarrassed Face. He Felt Bad, But He Knew How It Was. When It Comes to Certain Alphas, You Can't Afford to Be Shy. If You Want Them, You Have to Shoot Your Shot. If You Don't, Someone Else Definitely Will.

Tae Saw All of The Omegas Taking in Jungkook, And He Knew They Were Attracted to His Dominant Aura More Than His Scent. "Rude," Yugyeom Says Under His Breath. "How? I Told You, I'm Not Here for Sex," Jungkook Spits. "Come Here," He Says, Turning His Attention Back to Tae, Who Moves with Haste Over to Him.

His Scent Flares When He's Face to Face with Jungkook. "Whaddo they call you?” “Taehyung.” “Are You Afraid, Taehyung?" Tae Doesn't Answer. "Answer Me." His Voice Is Soft, But His Tone Is Demanding. "Y-Yes." Tae Looks Away from Embarrassment, But Jungkook Keeps Bantering. "Why?" "I-. I D-Don't Know."

A Different Smell Takes Over, Slowly Engulfing the Thick Air. It Puts Tae At Ease, As Well As All of The Omegas in The Alleyway. He Sighs Audibly and Jungkook Smiles at Him. He Isn't Baring His Fangs, Which Helps Tae Relax Even More. He's Never Met A Nice Alpha, So All of This Was Kind Of...Weird.

"Is That Better?" "Yes." "You're Not from Here, Are You?" "No." "Where Are You From?" "North Region." "You Are?" The Shock Laced in Yugyeom's Question Makes Tae Giggle. "Yeah… I Guess I Should've Told You That." "He Should Picked Up on It," The Alpha Interjects. "Excuse Me, Motherfucker. How the Hell Am I Supposed to Ken-.”? "His Dialect Is Different."

Yugyeom Looks Between Them with A Mischievous Grin. "You Didn't Tell Him to Move Because You Wanted Him by You. Did you?" Tae Looks at Jungkook, Whose Eyes Are Locked on Yugyeom. “And if I did?" Tae watches Yugyeom’s face twisted into a wicked smile. “Good,” is all the Beta says, making Tae beyond uncomfortable.

Taehyung: Omega Ave
9:24 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

"What’s good about it? You know something I don’t?" Jungkook Continues Staring A Hole into The Beta in Front of Him. His Face Isn't Twisted, But He Doesn't Look Peppy. "Not at All. I Just Think He'll Be Better Leaving with You. This Isn't the Place for Him."

Tae Looks Away While the Two Are Bickering and To the Entrance of The Alley. He Can See A Small Dog Sitting Off in The Corner with A Cute Bow. “I-Is That Puppy Real?" It Was Too Adorable to Be Real, He Thought. There Was No Way. "Yeah," Jungkook Answers Behind Him. He Has His Knees Drawn to His Chest and He's Leaning Back Slightly So He Can See Where the Puppy Is. "Sunja! Come Here, Baby," He Calls, Making Everyone Turn Their Head.

Something About the Love in His Voice Calling the Puppy Makes Tae Break into A Sweat. The Puppy Breaks A Full Sprint into The Alleyway the Second He Calls to Her, and into Tae Who Was Blocking Her Straight Path to The Body Behind Him. The Pup Shows Affection Immediately, Nuzzling and Forcing Herself into Tae's Stomach So He Can Pet Her. "Isn’t That Jae's Dog?" "Damn Sure Isn't Mine," Jungkook Answers, Wrapping an Arm Around Tae's Waist So He Can Pet the Dog in His Lap. It Was an Uncomfortable Feeling. He Feels Safe, And He Doesn't Know If He Should Because He's Not Doing It Intentionally.

"How Is Jae? I Haven't Seen Her in Ages. She Still Live Next to You?" "Yeah," The Alpha Answers, Suddenly Standing to His Feet.

Tae Watches Him Bend Himself in Half Then Stand Upright with A Groan. "Didn't Know You Were One to Bend Over So Willingly," Yugyeom Jokes. The Alpha Looks at Him and His Face Hardens Again, But He Doesn't Laugh It Off. "You Are Really Testing My Patience, Aren't You?" Yugyeom Smiles. "Maybe I Am. Maybe I'm Not," He Quips with An Eye Roll. "Are We Coming with You?" "I Don't Care."

His Hand Extends Down to Tae, And Tae Takes It. He's Quickly Yanked to His Feet. He Legs Feel Like Jelly Under Him from Sitting So Long. The Blood Starts Quickly Rushing Back, Giving His Cold Legs Warmth and Making Him Wobbly and Shaky. "I Just Got Over A Headache, And I'm Not Up for Another One," Jungkook Says with A Breath. He Helps the Beta to His Feet, Then Walks Out of The Alleyway with Sunja Following Close Behind Him. Yugyeom Steps Off First, And Tae Follows with A Pep in His Step.

They Don't Have to Watch Where They're Going. Jungkook’s Scent Leaves A Lingering Trail Everywhere He Walks. It's A Straight Shot from The Alley to His House.

"Hmm," Yugyeom Says to Himself. "He's Not Like This with Omegas. Do You Know Him?" Tae Shakes His Head. "Do You Think He Knows You?" Tae Shakes His Head Again. Yugyeom Stares Hard at Tae And the Omega Smiles. "What Are You Looking For?" "Whatever He Sees in You," The Beta Says, Stepping Closer and Edging Tae Further Over to The End of The Sidewalk. He Didn't Wanna Risk Walking in The Street Even Though It Was Late and There Were Hardly Any Cars. "He's Being Too Nice to You, And I Wanna Know Why." Tae Wanted to Know Too, But He Was Too Afraid to Ask About It.

The Palms of Tae's Hands Rest on The Beta's Chest. "I'm Gonna Be in The Street If You Step Any Closer," He Says, Pushing Him Back. They're So Busy Staring At Each Other, They Don't Realize Jungkook Stopped and Was Watching Them from The Stone Path of His House. He Says Nothing to Catch Their Attention.

They Get Far Enough Away for Jungkook's Scent Not to Trail Anymore and Both Turn to Walk Back Towards the House Confused. He's Waiting with Sunja And Some Other Omega, Who's Talking to Him, But His Eyes Are Locked on Tae. Her Hair Is Disheveled and She's Holding A Bag with Something Black Rolled Up Inside. "Jae! Psst, Jae!" She Turns and Her Eyes Lock on Tae As Well, Then Shift to Yugyeom Next to Him. "Hey, Gyeomie" She Says. Tae Stops Just Short of Her as She Hugs Yugyeom.

Her Smell...She Smells Like Jungkook, And Something About Knowing That Upsets Him Beyond Belief.

He's Shot of Out His Thoughts When the Cold Air Sends A Shiver Through His Body and His Eyes Shut Tight with The Gust of Air Blowing Over Him. He Steps Closer to Yugyeom Who Sends Him Flying Towards Jungkook. The Sidewalk Is So Slippery, He Almost Falls Completely...But the Alpha Catches Him and Steadies His Feet Before Wrapping His Hoodie Around His Slumped Shoulders.

The Warmth of The Hoodie Is Immaculate. He Snuggles with No Hesitation into It and Stands Close to Jungkook, Completely Forgetting That It Was the Dead of Winter. The Alleyway Was Warm with Everyone in It Sticking Close To Each Other, But the Hoodie Felt Even Warmer Than That.

So warm.

Taehyung: Omega Ave
9:56 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

He Can Hear Jungkook Snapping at Yugyeom For Pushing Him, Then He Feels Jungkook's Arm Reach Over His Shoulder. A Loud Cackle Rings His Ears. He Looks Back to See the Beta Slipping on The Sidewalk, Desperately Trying but Failing to Keep His Balance and Taking the Other Omega Down to The Snow- and Ice-Covered Ground with Him When He Falls. All Tae Can Do Is Laugh Against Himself. It Makes Him Feel A Little Uneasy Having an Alpha Willing to Fight for Him Over Something So Small… Other Than His Father. He Had to Wonder What Jungkook Saw in Him.

If He's Not Nice to Others Like Yugyeom Said, Then Why Was He Being So Nice and Protective Over Him?

"Are You Okay, Yuggye?" Jungkook Helps the Beta to His Feet, Then Helps Jae Stand to Hers. "Why'd You Pull Me," She Whines, Pushing Yugyeom Away from Her and Dusting the Snow from Her Skirt. Omegas Only Wear Skirts When They're in Heat. It Doesn’t Matter How Cold It Is. Alphas Don't Know This, Although If They Were Smart Enough, They Could Guess. Skirts Are...Easy Access.

If A Heat Kicks Up, It's Easier to Get Fucked in A Skirt Than It Is in A Pair of Jeans or Sweats.

Tae Always Wore the Latter. He Wasn't Completely in Tune with His Omega Yet, And Wearing Skirts and Dresses Just Wasn't for Him. He Didn't Judge Those Male Omegas Who Did Though. "Can You Like...Never Push Me Again?" Yugyeom Wipes Away the Blood on His Elbow. "You Almost Killed Me." "If I Wanted You Dead, You'd Be Dead," Jungkook Says. The Remark Makes Yugyeom Look at Him and Something That Resembles Fear Washes Over His Face. "Y-You Don't Want Me De-." "No." "Okay, Good. Whew," He Exhales.

You Can See the Relief That Flushes Over Him.

Jungkook Steps Out of Tae's Way, And Tae Walks Up to The Steps of The House Still Holding on To Jungkook's Hoodie. He Jumps When He Sees Another Body Spread Out on The Porch Swing Watching A Movie on His Phone. "U-Uh," He Stutters. Jimin Looks Over at Him and His Breath Hitches.

"Holy Shit, You're Gorgeous," He Says Sitting Up and Staring Tae Down. "Thank You." " Wow," He Exclaims Again. "Where Did Kookie Find You?" He Stands to His Feet and Moves Towards Tae And Tae's Scent Sours Again. He Wants to Move Away, But He's Afraid To. He Steps Over to Jungkook When He and Yugyeom Ascend the Stairs to The House and Jungkook Instantly Picks Up on His Scent. Jae And Sunja Are Following Behind Them. "What Were You Doing," Jungkook Asks. There's A Hint of Annoyance in His Tone. "Who Is That," Jimin Asks Back.

"Question with A Question. Typical Alphas," Yugyeom Scoffs, Pulling Tae To the Porch Swing Behind Jimin And Sitting Down with Him. "Keep Me Warm," He Whines.

Tae Snuggles Against Him and The Beta Sighs. Jungkook and Jimin Are Yelling in Front of Him, And If Anything, He Knew It Was Going to Be A While Before They Were Done.

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Jungkook's Home
10:16 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Yugyeom's Long Body Is Horizontal on The Porch Swing, Mildly Inclined Between Tae's Legs and His Head Is Rested on The Omegas Stomach.

Tae Strokes Softly at Yugyeom's Hair as They Watch the Two Alphas Bicker and Argue in Front of Them. He Can Tell It's Not Them Actually Fighting. If It Was, It'd Be A Lot Bloodier and A Lot Louder. It Couldn't Even Be Called an Argument. It's All Jimin. Jimin Had No Reason to Be So Upset...But That Wasn't Stopping Him from Drilling Holes into Jungkook About Bringing Home Random People. People Being Tae. It Was Hard for Tae To Understand Where It Mattered If He Came Home with Him or Not. He Knew Jimin Wouldn't Be So Heartless to Make Him Go Back to That Nasty Alleyway. Would He?

Truth Be Told, If Yugyeom Didn't Move First, He Wouldn't Have Followed. He'd Follow Yugyeom To the Ends of The Earth at This Point. He Wasn't Ready to Be on His Own in The Unfamiliar Surroundings and As Long as The Beta Was Okay with His Clinginess, He'd Go Wherever He Went with No Hesitation.

He Still Had No Exact Idea of Where He Was. It's Somewhere in East Region. That's All He Knows. He's Heard About East Region and How the Alphas Are and Can Be. He's Convinced Jungkook Isn't Being Nice Because He Likes Him. He's Also Convinced He Needed A Shower. Badly. The Smell Coming from Him Is Faint, But Awful and Cluttered. It Was A Mix of Sweet from The Omegas in Heat and Musky from Not Having Showered. He and Yugyeom Were Both Scented by So Many Omegas Unintentionally with The Bumping of Bodies in The Tight Walkthrough.

A Harsh Breath Makes Him Look Down at Yugyeom. He Was Getting Impatient with Their Bickering That's Been Going on for 20 Minutes. It Felt Like Forever to Those Who Weren't Involved. Jae Was Also Wearing A Bored Look on Her Face. His Fingers Were Drumming on Tae's Kneecap and Sending Small Vibrations Through His Leg. "Taetae, Can You Do Me A Favor?" Their Eyes Meet When He Looks Up. "What?" "Can You Just...Say Alpha? Really Loud?" "U-Uh." He Never Had to Call an Alpha by Their Status Before. His Omega Will Cry It Out at Will Whenever He's in Heat or Distressed, But Besides That.

His Cheeks Flush.

His Father Never Made Him Call Him Alpha and All He Grew Up Around Were Omegas. Yugyeom Laughs at Him. "Why'd You Get So Pale? I'd Do It Myself, But They'd Both Be More Receptive to You. Just Tell Jungkook You're Cold or Something." "Can't She Do It?" He Points to Jae. "Meh. She Likes Him Too Much, She'll Keep Him Rambling for Hours. I Don't Know If You See or Not, But He's Not Cold at All." Yugyeom Darts His Eyes to Jungkook And Tae's Eyes Follow His Gaze. He's Standing in A White Tee and Black Sweats with His Hands Stuffed into His Pockets, Smiling at Jimin Yelling at Him.

"He's Always Warm for Some Reason. That's Why His Hoodies Feel Like A Furnace. Me, However," He Says, Bending His Hand on His Chest. "I Am Cold. And I Wanna Go Inside." Tae Was Cold Too, But That Wasn't Any Kind of Motivation. "Hurry Up," The Beta Whines. He Slaps Childishly at Tae's Leg.

Tae Laughs Against Himself at The Embarrassment He's Feeling. It Shouldn't Be This Hard to Call an Alpha by Their Status, But Here He Was with White Knuckles and A Flushed Face. "I Really Can't," He Whines. "I'd Implode from Awkwardness." "Same," Yugyeom Huffs. "Wanted to Rip My Lips Off When Jimin Made Me Call Him Alpha. Just Look Away and Say It. Do Something, I'm Freezing My Dick Off."

"A-Alp," Tae Starts with Clenched Teeth. He Breaks Out into Laughter Again and Covers His Face. "Don't Make Me," He Says in A Hushed Whimper. "Oh My God," Yugyeom Cries. "You Don't Believe Me? Jungkook!" Jungkook Looks at Them, But Quickly Looks Back to Jimin. "See? He Doesn't Care If I Call Him." Tae Takes A Deep Breath.

Just Let It Slip Out.

"A-Alpha," He Mewls Loudly, But Softly. Jimin's Head Whips Around, His Fast Speech Suddenly Stopping. Jungkook's Gaze Locks onto Him, Clearly More Concerned That Jimin Is. Both of Them Stare Him Down, And Jungkook's Nostrils Flare, Smelling to See If Tae's Scent Has Changed. "I-I'm Cold," Tae Says Softly. He Sinks into The Porch Swing from Embarrassment and Almost Submerges Himself Completely Under Yugyeom's Back.

An Audible Scoff Comes from Jae, Who's Sitting on The Porch Rail with Her Legs Open Slightly, Giving Anyone A Visual of What's Under Her Skirt. "Go Inside," Jungkook Says, Opening the Door to Their House. It Almost Sounds Like A Demand. Yugyeom Leaps Off of Tae With Haste and Bolts into The House and Tae Rises from The Swing and Follows Slowly. "He Made You Ask, Didn't He?" Jimin's Eye Smile Greets Tae As He Steps Between Them to The Door. "Ash," He Sighs with His Head Low.

Sunja Bounces Past Him and Into the House, Stamping Herself on The Fluffy Pillow on The Floor in The Corner. Tae Walks Behind Her, Letting Her Guide Him Past Two Smaller Spaces on Both Sides of The Staircase, And into The Living Room Where He Falls into The Soft Couch with His Eyes Shut.

The Entire House Smelled and Felt Like A Campfire, With the Warmth of The Central Heat and The Fireplace Adding an Abundance of Tension to The Alpha's Scents in The Air. Tae Kicks His Feet in A Fit. "Why'd You Make Me Do That," He Pouts, Turning His Legs to Yugyeom. Yugyeom Kicks Back Then Scoots Over.

"Are North Region Omegas Stupid?" Tae Gasps at The Comment and Sits Himself Straight but Says Nothing. "He's Obviously Very Protective of You. Have You Not Picked Up on The Fact That He May or May Not Have A Thing for You?" "He Doesn't Have A Thing," He Says Dismissively. "It's Just Instinct. And Don't Sit Here Trying to Play Matchmaker. I'm Not Gonna Date Him Just Because You Ship Us." "I Forgot to Tell You They Call Me Dr. Love," Yugyeom Smirks.

He Playfully Shoots Finger Guns at Tae And the Omega Kicks Him Again, Hard Enough to Propel Him from The Couch.

Taehyung: Jungkook's Home
10:51 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Tae Watches as Jimin Steps Back into The House. Jungkook Follows Soon After with Jae. Yugyeom Is Tucked in Jungkook's Hoodie That Tae Originally Had Wrapped Around Him, Sound Asleep on The Couch Next to Tae's Legs. Jimin Takes His Time Walking Over to Him and Dropping His Nose into The Beta's Hair Before Backing Away with A Look of Disgust. "Go Shower," He Barks, Softly Tapping at The Beta's Leg.

Yugyeom Groans and Slugs Away from The Couch and Out of The Living Area Towards the Stairs. Tae Stands to Leave for The Bathroom with Him and His Omega Preens When A Sigh of Appreciation Leaves from The Alpha's Mouth at Him Moving Without Being Told.

He Didn't Leave from Being Afraid of Jimin. He Actually Felt Comfortable Around Them Now, Surprisingly Enough. He Went Because He Couldn't Wait to Shower. It Was Like A Kid Going to Disneyland For the First Time. Before He Heads Up the Staircase, He Lets His Curiosity Lead Him Around the Space the Alpha's Called A Home.

Everything About the House Was Beautiful. He Could Have Guessed the Interior Was as Huge as The Exterior, But He Didn't Expect the House to Open Up as Much as It Did.

The Entrance to The House Itself Was Very Wide Open and You Had Four Options to Choose from The Second You Stepped onto The Tiled Floor: Living Room 1, Living Room 2, Living Room 3, And Upstairs. All Three of The Living Rooms, Two Small and Both Leading to The Larger Living Room Furthest Away from The Front Door, Were Decorated Differently.

The Left Archway by The Stairs Opened to A Brick-Walled, Rustic Style Living Room, With Comfy Looking Velvet Couches and A Big Fuzzy Bean Bag in The Corner. There Was A Bookshelf Standing Perfectly in The Other Corner by The Desk in Front of The Shaded Window. The Chandelier Seemed to Be the Only Source of Light, Making the Room Dim and Figuratively Closed Off. Even the Mock Fireplace Was Made of Brick, But It Was Gated to Keep Anyone from Trying to Use It. He Steps into The Space and Wanted to Fall Asleep Immediately When the Sweet Hickory Smell Whipped Past His Nose. Neither of Them Smelled Like Hickory, And Tae Couldn't Help but Wonder Who's Scent It Was.

He Steps Out and Walks Across the Tile to The Other Archway.

The Second Small Living Room Was the Opposite of The Dark and Cozy Living Room He Just Left. The Walls Were A Soft Almond Color with An Assortment of Decorations Placed About. Instead of A Couch, The Smaller Space Only Held A Set of Chairs Adjacent To Each Other With A Log Between Them and What Looked Like A Fish Tank Embedded into The Wall in Front of Them Over the Fireplace Mantle. The Space Was Welcoming with The Softer Colors.

The Glass Chandelier Hanging Between the Wood Beams on The Ceiling Was the Only Source of Light, But Tae Could Tell the Room Was All Sunshine When It Was Day. He Steps into The Space and Sits in One of The Chairs, Relaxing into The Silk with Content. The Tan Texture Carpet He Was Rubbing His Feet on Felt Like A Cloud and Jungkook's Rain Scent That Was Heavy in The Small Room Tied Everything Together. He Sighs to Himself Before Closing His Eyes and Sinking Down into The Chair.

"Cozy?" The Question Snaps Him Out of His Semi-Slumber. When He Turns His Head, He's Met with A Shirtless Jungkook Taking Up the Majority of The Archway, Watching Him. "W-Who-." "Who?" Tae Lets Out A Breath He Wasn't Aware He Was Holding. Jungkook Eyes Him Wearily. "Am I Distracting?" Tae Swallows Hard with A Nod. The Alpha Hums to Himself with A Smile. "Come On, I'll Walk You Upstairs." He Turns on His Heel and Walks Away to The Steps and Tae Trips Over Himself While Following.

They Walk Up 12 Steps, Then Five More Until They're on The Second Floor of The House. There Was A Door Right at The Top of The Steps, And the Closed Door to The Bathroom Between A Small Hall to The Left with Two Half-Open Doors and Another Case of Stairs to The Right.

Jungkook Steps into The Room That Greets You the Second You're at The Top of The Steps and Grabs A Towel, Washcloth, And Cap from The Closet Inside. "I'm Sure Yuggye Is in That Bathroom," He Says, Stepping Out and Closing the Door. "Come with Me." They Walk to The Staircase Next to The Occupied Bathroom and Move Up to The Next Floor.

This Floor Was Pretty Bare, Apart from A Bathroom with The Door Half-Open and Two Closed Off Rooms That Tae Could Only Assume Were Their Rooms. "You'll Be Able to Work the Shower Without My Help," The Alpha Huffs, Walking Tae To the Bathroom Door and Handing Him the Bathroom Essentials. "There's Also A Tub If You Wanna Sit and Soak for A While. I'll Be in My Room If You Need Me." He Walks Off to One of The Closed Doors Without Another Word, Not Caring for Tae's Nod of Understanding.

The Bathroom, Like That of The Rest of The House, Was A Gradient of Whites, Blacks, And Browns. Tae Sits His Towel on The Sink and Stacks Everything on Top of It, Then Strips Himself of His Clothes. He Folds Them and Puts Them in The Hamper That's Sitting Off to The Side Instead of Leaving Them on The Floor Like He Would at His Own Home. The Walk-In Shower Was Glassed Behind the Sink and The Toilet and It Was Easy Enough to Step into And Turn On.

The Luke-Warm Water Hits His Back and He Sighs as It Gradually Gets Hotter and Eases Away the Tension and Stiffness in His Muscles. He Thoroughly Bathes Himself, Making Sure to Scrub His Neck Roughly, And Washes His Hair. All of The Suds Gets Washed Away Quicker Than It Got Lathered On. He Steps Away from The Fall of Water and Looks Down at His Body. His Breasts Were Slowly Beginning to Develop and He Was A Lot More Self Conscious About Them Than He Should Have Been.

All Omegas Develop Them with Time, But He Considered Himself an Early Bloomer. They Weren't Full Like His Omega Father's, But They Were Perky and His Sensitive Nipples Were Almost Always Hard from The Friction of His Shirts Rubbing Them Raw. He Knew They Drew Attention and He Hated It.

He Turns the Water Off and Steps Out of The Shower and To the Bathmat Near the Sink. "What Am I Supposed to Put On," He Whines to Himself. He Dries Himself Off and Wraps the Towel Tight Around Himself Before Drying His Hair with The Hairdryer. It Had A Big and Round Comb on The End and Was Amazingly Quiet and Effective. When He's Done, He Switches Off the Light and Steps Out into The Warm Hallway with His Eyes Fixed on Jungkook's Door.

Chapter Text

Jungkook: Bedroom
11:30 PM Dec 9
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Jungkook Falls to His Bed with A Faint "Poomp." His Body Felt Like A Ton of Bricks and All He Wanted to Do Was Sleep. His Room Didn't Smell Like Old Dairy Anymore, Which Made It Easy to Relax into The Duvet. A Soft Knock to His Door Kicks Out Whatever Sleep He Was About to Get and A Heavy Sigh Breaks the Silence in His Room as He Moves with Annoyance to The Door and Yanks It Open.

Tae's Crisp Lavender Scent Hits Him First. His Small Frame Wrapped in The Towel Hits Him Second. "Uh...Hi," The Omega Says. "Hi," Jungkook Responds. He Feigns A Laugh at The Awkwardness. "You Didn't Leave Me Any Clothes." His Round Eyes Are Staring A Hole into Jungkook, But Jungkook Is Used to It.

His Hands Clap Together the Second the Words Hit His Ears. "I Knew I Forgot Some-," He Sighs. "Help Yourself." He Steps Aside to Let Tae In His Room and Closes the Door Behind Him.

He Smiles at The Sight of Tae When He Turns Around, Moving His Head Left to Right Then Right to Left, Taking in The View of His Room.

Their Bedrooms Matched That of The Two Small Living Rooms on The First Floor. Whereas Jimin's Room Was Dark, But Cozy, Jungkook's Was Open and Welcoming. The Large White-White-Sandy Brown Bed Covers Were Accented by Deep Brown Side Tables and White Candlestick Lamps on Either Side.

The Wall That His Headboard Was Facing Was Brick While the Other Walls Were A Darker Almond Color and The Entire Room Was Dimly Light but Shined Bright with Sunlight During the Day. He Had A Polaroid Wall Near His Bathroom That Was Riddled with Photos of Him, His Friends, And His Second Family.

The Only Framed Photo Was A Photo on The Right Bedside Table of Him and Jimin With Jimin's Parents at Seoul Land When He Was 9. "I Should've Went to Jimin," Tae Says Suddenly, Snapping Him Out of His Daydream. "Your Clothes Won't Fit Me." "You Haven't Even Tried Them Yet." "Well-." His Lips Form A Heart as He Pouts. He Turns Towards the Closet and Disappears Inside and Jungkook Grabs A Pair of Underwear, Different T-Shirts, And A Pair of Sweats.

"Here," He Says, Handing Tae The Underwear First. "Look Away, Pervert," Tae Mewls with An Eye Roll, Breaking A Hard Laugh from Jungkook. He Turns Away and Can Hear Tae Grunting on Purpose While He Slips on The Pair of Boxer Briefs. "Okay, I'm Done. I Want One of The Shirts First." Jungkook Looks at Him While He Steps into The Closet.

His Body Was Exceptionally Curvy for Him to Be So Lean.

Jungkook Throws Him A Shirt as He Sits on The Ottoman. "Your Body Is Really Beautiful," He Says, Still Mesmerized by Tae's Figure. Tae's Freezes and His Voice Cracks as He Speaks. "T-Thank You. I Try to Maintain It." He Slips on The T-Shirt and Twists About, Checking Himself Out with A Pout Still Pulling at His Face. Jungkook Reaches Out and Runs A Hand Down the Curve of His Ass, Sending A Visible Jolt Through Tae's Body.

His Face Turns Beet-Red, But He Quickly Regains His Composure. "I Don't Mind You Looking," He Says, Gently Moving Jungkook's Hand. "But Don't Touch." "I'm Sorry." Jungkook Smiles. He Wouldn't Usually Listen to An Omega's Demands. It Poked Fun at His Alpha in A Way He Didn't Like.

At All.

But He Loved When Tae Did It... It Didn't Annoy Him the Way It Would When Any Other Omega Tried to Do It. He Wasn't Sure What He Was Feeling or Why. Something About Being Around Tae And Having Tae Around Him Made Him Feel at Ease.

An Ease He Only Really Felt When He Was Around Jin.

Tae Takes the Shirt Off and Throws It to The Floor. His Conclusion? The Color Didn't Suit Him. Jungkook Hurls Shirt After Shirt After Shirt at Him. "Maybe I Should Put the Sweats on First," He Says Sheepishly. "You Think?" Jungkook Sighs. "Are You Tired?" Tae Turns to Face Him, Covering His Chest That Jungkook Has Already Caught Glimpses of With One of The Shirts.

"I Can Just Put Something On. The Color Doesn't Really Matt-." "Are You Self Conscious About Your Body?" "Is It... Obvious?" His Shoulders Slump and His Head Hangs. "You Don't Know Just How Beautiful You Are. Do You?" Jungkook Pulls His Hand Away from His Chest and Tae's Face Flushes A Deeper Red Than Before. "Don't Be Ashamed of Yourself," He Says Quietly. "You're Really Gorgeous."

A Smile Crosses the Omega's Face at The Compliment, But He's Still Quiet. "Get Dressed. I'll Go Make Up the Guest Room." Jungkook Stands to His Feet to Leave. "I-. I Wanna Sleep Here," Tae Says Quietly. "Please." Jungkook Smiles to Himself and Walks Out of The Closet, Pulling the Door Enough to Close Tae Off from View. "Get Dressed." Jungkook Walks Back to His Bed and Slowly Lays Himself into The Covers, Resting His Head on The Fold of His Arm as He Watches TV.

"Jungkookie," A Voice Calls from The Door. Jungkook Doesn't Bother to Turn Around. He Feels Yugyeom Sit on The Bed. "Is Tae In Here?" "Mhm." "I'm In Here," Tae Calls from The Closet. He Steps Out with One of The White T-Shirts Pulled Tight and Tucked into The Waistband of The Sweatpants.

Jungkook Doesn't Acknowledge Him, But He Sighs into His Arm When Tae Sits Close Enough to Him for Him to Smell the Sweetness of His Scent. "You Wanna Know How to Get on Jungkook's Good Side?" Yugyeom Has A Peppiness in His Voice That Makes Jungkook Quirk His Head.

"Not Re-." "Give Him A Massage." He Presses Roughly on Jungkook's Back and Jungkook Groans Under His Wild Touch. "You're Doing It Wrong," Tae Quips. "You Have to Be Gentle. And at The Right Angle." "Please Don't Start Bi-." Jungkook Huffs Loudly When He's Cut Off. "The Angle Doesn't Matter," Yugyeom Spits. "Show Me." A Scoff from Tae Blows by Jungkook's Ear. "Okay, Lay Down." Tae Pulls at Yugyeom's Arm Over Jungkook, But Yugyeom Snatches It Back. "Jungkook Is Laying Down," He Sneers. "Kookie, You Don't Care, Do You?" Jungkook Just Huffs Again.

Tae Climbs on The Bed and Over to Jungkook, Taking A Seat in The Dip of His Back and Pressing His Knees to His Sides. Jungkook Exhales When He Feels A Gentle, Weighted Pressure on The Center of His Back and Tae's Hands Start to Knead Away the Stress of The Day. Jimin Would Usually Give Him Massages, But It Was Better with Tae. His Hands Were Softer, And He Wasn't Intentionally Digging His Shoulder Blades.

His Hands Work Up and Down His Back, Around His Neck, And Over His Shoulders Before Moving to His Hips. He Leans Over Occasionally, Putting Pressure on Certain Areas More Than Others. "You Have A Lot of Stress Built Up," He Says Quietly. Jungkook Laughs and His Back Cracks Unintentionally Under Tae's Hands. "That Was Your Fault."

"I Know I Do," Jungkook Says, His Voice Barely Above A Mutter. "Doesn't Everyone?" "I Don't," Yugyeom Says, Moving to The Other Side of The Bed and Stretching Out. "I Don't Either,” Tae says quietly. “Breathe Out, Please." Jungkook Does as He's Told and His Back Cracks Louder with The Intentional Weight Tae Puts Down. A Groan of Relief Breaks His Lips Before He Can Stop It, And Tae Smiles When It Does.

"I'm Always Stressed." He Stares at The Tv, But He Isn't Watching It. "Not Sure Why." "Not Enough Sex," Yugyeom Says with His Eyes Locked on Tae. Jungkook Huffs. "Sex with Who? Jae?" "Well...Yeah." "Not My Cup of Tea." "Cup of Tae," Tae Giggles. Jungkook Looks Back at Him and He Smiles Before Apologizing.

"I Don't Even Like Her," Jungkook Laughs. "She'd Just Be an STD." "Something to Do," Yugyeom Says, Taking in The Look on Tae's Face. "Oh," He Blows. Jungkook's Phone Chimes from The Bedside and The LED Flashes Repeatedly. "Who the Hell Could Be Texting You at This Time of Night?" Yugyeom Hands the Phone to Jungkook And Jungkook Unlocks It and Hands It Back.

Omma Hyung

Today 12:15 AM
Bunny Alpha~
Are you asleep?

"Omma Hy-." "Ignore It." Jungkook Loved Jin, But He Didn't Feel Like Talking to Him. He Was Already Half Asleep and The Energy Needed to Text Back Wasn't Something He Had That That Moment. "Now I Know What You're Doing When I Text You and Get Ignored." Yugyeom Throws the Phone to The Side and Lays Back Down.

Tae Stops Putting Pressure on Jungkook's Back to Fix the Oversized Shirt He Has on And Jungkook Pouts into The Fold of His Arm. "Keep Going." "You Can't Tell Me What to Do," Tae Pouts Back. Jungkook Laughs Before Retorting. "And Why Can't I? How Old Are You?" "22." He Stations Himself on Jungkook, Sitting Himself Flat on His Butt with His Feet by His Face. "You're A Grandpa." "Grandpa? I'm Older By, Like, A Year." Jungkook Closes His Eyes and Points to His Back with A Quiet Whine. Tae Looks at Yugyeom With A Sigh. "Okay, Get Out So I Can Focus."

Tae Moves Back to His Knees and Adjusts His Tee Again. "You're Not Coming with Me?" "No." "You're Sleeping. In Here?" "Yes." "With. Him?" Jungkook Can Feel A Gust of Air Blow Past His Face as Yugyeom Gestures to Him. "Yes," Tae Says Softly. "His Room Is Warmer. And Smells Better." "Hmm." Yugyeom Leaves with His Eyes Fixed on The Back of Tae's Head and Tae Quietly Massages Away the Rest of The Tension Jungkook Holds in His Back.

Taehyung: Jungkook’s Bedroom
5:49 AM Dec 10
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Tae Wakes Up In A Still Sleepy, Drooling Daze. He Doesn't Remember Falling Asleep, And Given The Position He Slept In, He Didn't Know How He Was Able To Sleep So Well. The Room Got Cold Throughout The Night After Jimin Turned The Heater To Low, But His Body Was Hot, And He Had Taken Off The Sweatpants He Had On Because Of It. A Blanket Was Draped Over Them And The Lamps Had Been Turned Off, So He Knew Either Jimin Or Yugyeom Came In At One Point.

Jungkook Was Still Shirtless, But It Didn't Come As A Surprise Considering Tae Fell Asleep On Him. Tae Pushes Himself From The Other And Sits Up In The Small Of His Back With The Loose T-Shirt Now Clinging To Him With Sweat. The Bruises That Were Painting His Legs Are Gone, And His Legs Glisten With Dew.

He Turns The Tv On, Muting The Show That Was On So It Doesn't Wake Up The Body Under Him, And Pressing The Info Button So He Can See The Time.

He Wanted To Lay Back Down, But The Air On His Moist Skin Was Making Him Shake. He Moves Off Of Jungkook And Tries To Shift Him To His Side So His Back Is To The Body Pillow. Jungkook Was Heavy, And Tae Expected As Much, But He Didn't Think He'd Be Literal Dead Weight. "Alpha," He Mewls Quietly. His Voice Sounded Cracky, But He Didn't Bother Clearing His Throat. "Alpha, I Wanna Lay Down."

There Was A Whole Bed To Lay And Snuggle In, But His Omega Wanted To Be Close To Jungkook And He Didn't Feel Like Fighting Against It.

He Still Wasn't Comfortable Calling Jungkook By His Status, But He Knew It Was Better To Say It And Get Used To Saying It As Long As He Was With Them. Jungkook Blows A Hard Breath And Grips Gently At Tae's Thigh. The Touch, As Innocent As It Is, Sends A Heat Through Tae's Body. A Heat He Wasn't Used To Feeling. He Turns To His Side, Aided By Tae's Constant And Impatient Pushing.

The Alpha's Eyes Were Still Closed And He Was Feeling Around Tae's Legs A Lot More Than Tae Wanted, But He Didn't Mind It. His Hands Were Rough, But They Had A Gentle Touch. He Wasn't Sure If The Other Was Being Gentle Intentionally Or Subconsciously, But He Appreciated The Affection Regardless. He Tucks Himself Into The Curve Of Jungkook's Body And Jungkook Wraps A Protective Arm Around His Stomach.

The Gesture Was Only Ever Used Between Couples Who Were Expecting. It Was A Warning To Anyone That If The Omega Moved, The Alpha Would Move As Well. It's A Tight Hold, Not Only Meant To Protect The Pup, But To Soothe The Pregnant Omega, So They Can Sleep Soundly Knowing They're Safe.

It's Instinct.

"Nothing Major," Tae Thinks To Himself As He Bites His Lip To Calm His Frantic Nerves. He Had No Clue Why Or Who Jungkook Would Be Holding In Such A Way, But It Plucked At His Curiosity Why He Was Holding Him Like That. A Thought Clouds His Mind And He Pushes The Thought Away As He Rests His Head On Jungkook's Arm And Watches The Infomercials Flash On The TV.

His Blinking Becomes Slower And Slower Before Stopping Completely As Drifts To Sleep Under Jungkook's Warmth.

Taehyung: Jungkook’s Bedroom
8:07 AM Dec 10
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Chirps And Tweets From The Birds Perched On Jungkook's Windowsill Welcome Tae As He Awakes Again. He's Tucked In The Covers, But He Doesn't Remember Getting Under Them. He Stretches Himself While Glancing Behind Him, But Stops When He's Met With A Neatly Made Bed And Jungkook Nowhere In Sight.

He Sits Up And Blinks Back His Sleepiness, Hurling A Pillow Towards The Window To Shut Up The Birds That Were Singing Their Hearts Out. He Realizes His T-Shirt That Was Drenched With Sweat Has Been Changed With A More Fitted Black Tee, And Hints Of Jimin's Scent Are Lacing The Seams Although It Smelled Heavily Of Jungkook.

"Hm," He Hums, Sliding From The Bed And Walking To The Bathroom With A Pep In His Step. The Smell Of Chocolate Blows From The Vent On The Floor While He Empties His Bladder, And He Hurries To Finish So He Can Go See Where It's Coming From. He Washes His Hands And Hits The Light Switch, Darkening The Bathroom As He Strides Out Of The Bedroom, Down The Flights Of Stairs, And Through The Archway To The Left That Led Into The Kitchen.

Jungkook And Jimin Are Both Hard At Work. One Is Standing Over The Stove With A Kiss The Cook Apron On That Has A Bunny With A Chef Hat Holding A Carrot Shaped Spatula, Flipping Pancakes, Frying Bacon, And Folding Stuffed Omelets. The Other Is Deseeding, Then Squeezing Oranges And Lemons On A Juicer That's Placed Snug Over A Medium Sized Pitcher. They Both Have Airpods In Their Ears And Are Oblivious To Tae's Drooling.

"It's 2 O'clock, Still Haven't Hit My Line. I Love It When You Talk Your Shit, Hmm Hmm Hm Hmm Hmm Hmmm." Jungkook Skillfully Flips Two Hotcakes Onto A Plate. The Plate Is Decorated With An Array Of Fruits, Paired With Whip Cream Towers Placed Around The Sides, Top, And Bottom Of The Plate And The Chocolate Tae Smelled Upstairs That's In A Dipping Cone That's Also Filled With Churro Sticks.

"But You've Used Up All My Patience, Don't Call Me Your Baby," Jimin Chimes In Suddenly. "What The Fuck Am I Looking At?" Tae Feels Like He's Officially Seen It All. "Five, Five, Meet Me For Five, Five, Five." They Harmonize Together And It Sounds Beautiful. His Ears Catch The Bass Hitting Hard In Their Ears, And He Bobs His Head To The Beat That's Faintly Playing.

A Hard Slap Lands On The Right Side Of His Ass And He Bites His Lip To Suppress A Yelp That Almost Rings From Him.

Yugyeom Stops In Front Of Him And Turns To Face Him With A Big Smile On His Face. "I See You've Met Chef Beavis And Chef Butthead." Tae's Ass Is Stinging, And He Refuses To Give Yugyeom Any Kind Of Response.

Jungkook's Big Frame Looms Over The Beta And The Look On His Face Is A Look Of Pure Annoyance. "There's No Fucking Way He Heard Or Saw Him Slap My Ass," Tae Thinks. A Smell Of Cigar Smoke Crowds The Small Opening Tae And Yugyeom Are Standing In And Yugyeom Turns To See Jungkook Standing Over Him.

Chapter Text

Jimin: Kitchen
8:07 AM Dec 10
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Jimin Watches Jungkook Hold Yugyeom Down and Jab at Him with A Smile. The Beta Was Laughing at The Alpha's Rough Touch Through Half Apologies. Jungkook Is A Protector, But It Isn't Everyday He's Putting His Hands on Someone Considering His Protected Were Never in Danger. Jimin Has to Wonder Why He Was Even Fighting for Tae. It Would Be A Lie If He Said He Wouldn't, But He Could Tell Jungkook Was Doing It for Reasons Deeper Than Just Protecting.

He Wasn't Hitting the Other Hard Enough to Do Any Damage Like Jimin Knew He Could Do. He Lets Up on Yugyeom To Let Tae Pass Him and Enter the Kitchen, Then Continues Raining Soft-Hard Hits on The Beta's Body. "It's Too Early for You to Be Triggering His Alpha," Jimin Banters When He Sees Him. He Kicks the Chair Next to Him from Under the Table So the Omega Can Sit.

Tae Is Beautiful.

The Morning Sun Is Illuminating His Flawless Face Wonderfully. He's Definitely A Sight, Sucking Greedily on A Dripping Strawberry That He Picked from The Plate on The Table. "I Didn't Do Anything," He Says Quietly. "Your Scent Changed When Yuggye Hit You," Jimin Says with A Huff. He Stands to His Feet and Cleans Out the Juicer and Dumps Out the Bowl That Was Littered with Seeds and Pulp. "Done," He Says Satisfied. "Kook-Ah, Leave Him Alone and Go Shower."

Jimin And Jungkook Always Cook A Buffet of Food Whenever They Have Guests Over, And They Usually Invite Over the Rest of Their Friends for A Big Breakfast "Meeting". Jimin Already Showered, Cleaned Up the House, And He and Jungkook Had Everything Cooked and Laid Out. "Alpha," Tae Calls Quietly, Drawing Jimin's Attention to Him. He Smacks His Lips as He Chews Another Strawberry. "Do I Have to Shower?" "No," Jimin Answers. "Not Unless You Want To." "I Don't Want To." "That's Fi-."

Yugyeom Starts Screaming from Behind Them and They Both Look Over to See Jungkook Bending the Beta Backwards and Tickling Him. "H-Help Me, Dammit, Why Are You Two Watching This Abuse?" He's Kicking Wildly, But Jungkook Is Easily Overpowering Him. "Get Your Alpha," Jimin Says, Dropping His Eyes to Tae. "He Isn't Gonna Stop Until You Tell Him To."

Tae Keeps Watching with An Amused Smile. Just A Little More," He Purrs, Licking His Hand Clean. Yugyeom Is Crying at This Point, But Jimin Lets the Omega Have His Fun. He Walks Out of The Side Entrance of The Kitchen That Connects to The Living Room Furthest from The Front Door. He Can Hear the Three of Them Laughing Loudly, But He's Too Busy on His Phone.


Today 8:39 AM
Food Is Done 🔔

Come When You Like ~

Jin Jin
Wishing I Didn’t Live Two Hours Away …

Save Us Some Food 🙄
Alpha Babe

He Locks His Phone but Unlocks It Again the Second It Chimes.


Today 8:39 AM
Food Is Done 🔔

Come When You Like ~

Jin Jin
Wishing I Didnt Live Two Hours Away …

Save Us Some Food 🙄
Today 8:42 AM Yoona
Omw 🥱
Call me when you get here

Today 8:46 AM Alpha Babe
can’t make it today

Alpha Babe
im alrdy at the studio 🥺
next time Mini. Pinky promise 🥰🤙🏻

Jimin Sighs to Himself and Locks His Phone Again. He Was Glad Jin, Yoongi, And Namjoon Were Coming but Felt Dejected Hoseok Couldn't Make It. He Flips Through Channels Before His Nose Catches Yugyeom's Faint Scent Getting Closer. "Hyungieee," His Voice Whines Behind Him. "Jungkook Bit Me!"

Yugyeom Falls to The Couch Next to Jimin With Wet Eyes and Shows Him His Wrist That Has A Fresh and Bruising Bite Covering It. "Why Would He Bite Me? I'm Not an Alpha." "You Hit an Omega." "Yeah, But Why Would That Ma-. Ohhhhhhh." The Beta Sighs. "My Alpha Wanted to Slap You Too, But He Reacted Before I Could," Jimin Admits. "I'm...Kinda Glad He Got to Me First. How Long Will I Have It?" Jimin Runs A Finger Over the Bite and Yugyeom Winces. "It's Not That Deep. Even for A Skin Bond, It's Pretty Shallow. It'll Probably Fade In A Few Days."

His Phone Chimes Again, But He Ignores It.

"At Least It's Jungkook And Not Some Rando. I Don't Even Know If He Bit Me Because He Actually Saw Me as A Threat or Because He Was Playing." "You Know He Was Joking." A Loud Laugh Comes from The Kitchen and They Both Look Back to See Jungkook Carrying Tae Like A Briefcase Out of The Small Living Room and Around the Front of The House. His Mouth Is Covered in Chocolate and His Fingers Are Dirty and Stained from His Eating.

"What Exactly Was Tae Doing in Omega Ave?" Yugyeom Huffs, Still Fidgeting with His Wrist. "I Don't Know. He Wasn't Whoring Himself Out or Doped Up on Drugs When I Went to Sit in There." Jimin Looks at The Other Bemused. He Never Understood Why Yugyeom Made It A Habit to Sit in That Nasty Alleyway All the Time. It Wasn't Exactly the Best Place to Take Up A Hobby.

Tae Gets Launched Over the Couch Next to Jimin And Almost Bounces Off to The Floor Before Jimin Catches Him. He Looks Like A Rabid Dog and Jimin Catches Himself Laughing at How Quickly the Omega Ruined His Pretty Face. "Please Tell Me You Didn't Eat Up Everything." Tae Doesn't Answer. He's Too Busy Licking at His Fingers.

Jungkook Steps in Front of The Couch, Showing Off His Chocolate Covered T-Shirt. "He Didn't," He Blows Loudly. Jimin Stares at Jungkook's Face for Any Sign of Him Being Annoyed...But There Isn't One. He Nudges Yugyeom With His Elbow. "I See It," The Beta Replies with A Smile.

Jungkook Looks Between Them Perplexed. "See What?" "Nothing. Go Wash, Jin And Joonie Will Be Here in A Couple Hours." Jungkook Takes His Shirt Off and Launches It at Tae Who Catches It, Throws It Back, Then Continues to Clean His Fingers. "How the Fu-. Okay," Jungkook Laughs. "Don't Let Him Back in The Kitchen. He Didn't Eat Everything, But He Damn Sure Will If Given the Chance." Tae Nods in Agreement at The Alpha's Words. "You Know You Have to Shower Now Too," Yugyeom Says, Looking Past Jimin To Tae.

"You Should Go Shower with Jungkook." A Breathy Gasp Comes from Jimin, And He Covers His Mouth in His Own Shock as His Eyes Meet A Now Annoyed Jungkook's For A Second. Yugyeom Has Always Been Forward, But Even That Was Out of The Blue and Out of Line. All Three of Them Stare at The Beta and He Cowers Under Their Gazes. "I'll Wait Until He Gets Out," Tae Quips, Annoyance Lacing His Voice as Well. "I'm In No Rush."

"I'll Be Out In 30 Minutes. We're Gonna Have A Talk About That Comment," Jungkook Says to Yugyeom While Walking Away to The Stairs. Jimin Can See Yugyeom Swallow Hard at The Words. Jungkook's Tone Held No Space for Defiance and As Harsh as It Was, Tae Was Seemingly Unbothered by It. He's Running His Now Clean Fingers Down His Face to Scoop Up What Chocolate His Tongue Can't Reach.

"I'm Formally Invited to My Own Funeral," Yugyeom Whines Loudly. He Hangs His Head and Jimin Leans on His Slumped Shoulder with A Laugh. "It's Not Funny, Hyung. I'm Really Dead." Jimin Laughs Harder. "Jungkook Isn't Gon-." His Eyes Cut to Tae. "Oh, I Forgot About That One. Yeah, He Might Kill You. But I'll Stop Him Before That Can Happen." Yugyeom Visibly Shakes. "You Deserve Whatever He Gives You. That Was Outta Pocket." "But I Was Joki-." "No, You Weren't," Tae Retorts.

His Cold Tone Sends A Chill Even Through Jimin. He's Never Met an Omega as Mouthy as Tae Is. It Was Easy to Tell an Omega That Grew Up Around Alphas and One That Didn't. Jae Will Never Think Twice About Talking to Them the Way Tae Does, And They Wouldn't Allow Her To.

Even Though Tae's Bullshit Pokes Fun at Jimin's Alpha, He Lets It Slide.

"I Told You Not to Play Matchmaker but You're Still Trying." His Eyes Lock on The Beta's Face. "So, You Don't Like Him?" Tae Shakes His Head. "I Don't Have to Like Him to Like His Attention." "But You Admit to Liking His Attention." Tae Rolls His Eyes. "Of Course, I Like It. Why Would I Not?" Jimin Moves from Between Them, Pushing Tae Forward and Closing the Gap He Left as He Sits on The Arm of The Chair. "Why Would You?"

Jimin's Phone Rings in His Pocket and He Takes It Out to Answer It.


"Come open the door." Yoongi’s Voice Speaks Soft From The Other Line.

Jimin Hangs Up and Moves from The Couch, Leaving the Two Bickering and Running to The Door and Yanking It Open. Yoongi's Standing on Doormat with A Big Smile on His Face. He Steps Closer and Jimin Moves So He Can Get into The House and The Two Hug Before Jimin Leads Him Back to The Living Room. "Your Friend Is Here, Gyeomie," Jimin Announces Loudly.

He Doesn't Get A Response and He Steps Over to The Couch to See Tae's Legs Wrapped Around Yugyeom's Neck So Tight, His Face Was Flushing with A Blue Tint. "H-How...How Did This Happen?" "He Hit Me," Tae Whines. Yugyeom Slaps Hard at Tae's Leg in Desperation. "Let Him Go," Jimin Says. There's A Linger of Bitterness in His Voice That Makes the Omega Comply Without A Second Thought. "He's A Murderer," Yugyeom Barks Through Coughs. "He Was Gonna Kill Me."

Yoongi Scoffs from Behind Them. "You Deserved It, I'm Sure." Yugyeom Squeals When Yoongi Speaks and He Leaps Off the Couch Still Coughing Violently. They Embrace Each Other And Jimin Can Hear Yugyeom Filling Yoongi In on Who Tae Is While He Sits on The Couch. Tae Scoots Closer and Curls Up Under Him. His Scent Is Flowery but Filled with Anxiety, And Jimin Strokes His Hair to Make Him Feel Better.

Omegas Are as Anxious as They Are Submissive. It's Just Their Nature. In Stressful Situations or Whenever They're Around People They Don't Know or Trust, They Either Stick To Each Other, The Nearest Alpha, Or If They're Friends Are with Them, Their Friend. Jimin Didn't Mind Him Curling Under Him.

"Kookie Has A Ma-." "Shah!" The Loud Shushing Makes Tae Jolt and Jimin Turn His Head. "Kookie Has A What?" "A Nothing," Yugyeom Bites. He and Yoongi Lean Into Each Other Laughing and Smiling as They Continue Whispering. Jimin Rolls His Eyes. They Finish Whispering and Yoongi Steps to His Right and Into the Kitchen to Fix Himself A Plate. Yugyeom Sits in The Adjacent Chair from The Couch. "Gyeomi, What Did You Tell Him?”

Yugyeom Smiles. "Nothing," He Says with Mock Innocence. Jimin Looks Him Up and Down, Then Pulls Himself Away from Tae. "I'm Gonna Go Check on Kookie." "I'll Go," Tae Says Quietly. He's to His Feet and Departing from The Living Room Before Jimin Can Interject.

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Jungkook’s Bedroom
10:11 AM Dec 10
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Tae Walks with Haste to Jungkook's Room and Opens the Door Without Knocking. The Shower Is Still Running but Stops When He Steps Over the Threshold.


He Had to Wonder If It Was A Coincidence. He Takes A Seat on The Edge of The Bed and Flips Through Channels While Listening to Jungkook Singing Softly Behind the Closed Bathroom Door. Even When He Wasn't Trying, He Sounded Amazing. The Bathroom Door Slowly Opens, And Jungkook Stands in The Doorway, His Body Still Dripping and His Wet, Curly Hair Clinging to The Sides of His Face.

Tae’s Legs Damn Near Give Out Under Him. He's Seen Jungkook Without A Shirt, Even Slept Like A Baby on His Bare Back, But It's Still A Shock How Amazing His Body Actually Is. The Alpha Opens the Towel at The Waist Slightly and Pulls It to Tighten It Even More. Tae Lowers His Eyes Then His Head to Hide His Reddening Face. It Was Hard Not to Be Attracted to Jungkook, But He Felt Foolish Admitting That He Was. Even Without Yugyeom's Pushing and Bantering, It Was Obvious.

Alphas Were the Topic of Conversation in Omega Ave. At A Certain Age, Usually When They Turn 20, Omegas Give Themselves to Alphas to Mate. It Was Like an Unspoken Tradition That Was Commonly but Not So Often Followed. If You Liked an Alpha, You'd Offer Yourself to Him. If They Refused You, Then You'd Continue Until One Takes You. Tae Would Hear How the Other Omegas That Were Around Him and His Omega Father Would Describe the Different Alphas by Their Regions and Their Previous Sexual Encounters with Them.

From His Own Experience, He Knew North Region Alphas Were Smart, And Some Were Good Looking, But for The Most Part, Not What He Liked. West Region Alphas Came Off as Arrogant. His Last Boyfriend Was from West Region, And Tae Couldn't Have Been Happier When He Announced That He Was Ending Their Relationship. His Ex Was Loving and Affectionate, But Verbally Abusive and Nasty to Others Because Of His Rank. East Region Alphas...Were A Hybrid. The Intelligence of NR Alphas with The Affection of WR Alpha's and None of The Nastiness. Looks Were A Plus. The Omegas Also Talked About How ER Alphas Were Raised with Abusive Teachings Meant to Mold and Shape Their Minds into What They Should Be When They Get Older...That They Were Protective Because Of How They Watched Their Omega Mothers and Fathers Be Beaten into Submission by Their Mates. Tae Wasn't Sure If the Abuse Was Meant to Show Them How Not to Be, But Whatever the Reasoning, And It Was Crazy to Admit, But...

It Helped.

The Thought Makes His Heart Ache. The Room Starts to Smell Like A Rainforest, Sending Back Whatever Flood of Emotions Was About to Hit Him Like A Boulder. If It Was True, He Couldn't Imagine What Jungkook Must've Went Through as A Child. "That Must Be How He Got That Scar on His Cheek," He Thinks to Himself. He Looks Up and Catches A Glimpse of An Oblivious Jungkook Standing in Front of The LED Mirror Towel Drying His Hair. He's Clothed, Fitted with A White, Fuzzy Turtleneck and Ripped Blue Jeans. "Are You Gonna Shower?" "Yeah," Tae Answers, Lowering His Head Again.

"Can I Ask A Question First?" Jungkook Steps Over to Him and Sits on The Floor in Front of Him, Still Shaking the Towel on His Head. "What's Up?" "How'd You Get The-." His Voice Cracks. "T-That Scar?" He Points to Where the Scar Would Be If It Were on His Face. Jungkook's Big Eyes Sadden. The Question Was Already Eating at The Alpha and Tae Could Feel It. He Instantly Felt Bad Asking, But He Was Curious.

"My Father Was. Abusive." He Drops the Towel. "When He Wasn't Taking It Out on My Mother, He Was Taking It Out on Me." Tae Slides from The Bed and To the Floor in Front of Jungkook, Scooting Back to Put A Reasonable Space Between Them. They Lock Eyes and For the First Time, Jungkook Looks Away. "You've Heard the Stories." He Fights Back His Sadness and Frustration.

"First It Was A Fist...Then Extension Cords, Bats, And Oven-Heated Belt Buckles." Tae Can Feel His Lip Quivering, But He Doesn't Bite It Back. The Doorbell Rings, But They Both Ignore It. "It Was Far from A Fairytale," Jungkook Continues in A Distinct Mumble. He Reaches Out and Wipes A Tear from Tae's Cheek and Tae Stares at Him with Appreciation.

He Was Clearly Upset Yet Still Putting Him First.

"I Don't Love My Father. But I Don't Hate Him. He's the Reason I Am How I Am." "That's Crazy, Kookie. You Guys Looked So Happy in That Picture," Tae Speaks. Jungkook Stands Up and Walks to The Picture Frame on His Nightstand. "This One?" Tae Nods. "These Are Jimin's Parents." Tae Gapes His Mouth. Knowing Now That Jungkook And Jimin Aren't Related Makes Tae's Heart Ache Even More. He Stands to His Feet and Crawls Back on The Bed, Sitting Up in The Center and Keeping His Eyes on Jungkook. The Alpha Sits on The Bed with His Back to Him, Hunched Over Slightly with His Eyes Looking at The Family Photo.

"My Father Killed Himself." He Moves the Picture of Jimin's Parents Out of The Frame and A Picture of a Beautiful Woman Standing Next to A Hard-Faced Man Holding A Young Jungkook In His Arms Emerges from Behind It. His Breath Wavers When He Looks at The Picture and Tae Can See His Shoulders Slump Even More as He Exhales.

He Walks on His Knees Towards Jungkook And Rests His Head on His Shoulder. The Woman Looks Even More Beautiful Up Close, And Even in The Photo, You Can See the Years of Abuse Marked into Her Visible Skin. "He Took Her with Him." Tears Swell in His Eyes as He Runs A Finger Over His Mother's Face in The Frame. He Drops His Head into His Hands and Heaves Softly. A Tear Escapes Between His Fingers and Hits the Floor, And Tae Can Feel His Own Tears Burning His Face as They Fell Down His Cheek.

The Only Alpha Tae Has Seen Cry Is His Father. His Father Would Always Tell Him That an Emotional Alpha Is A Dangerous One. If an Alpha Is in Tune with His Inner Omega Emotions, Then His Alpha Becomes More Aggressive to Keep Control. The Fact That Jungkook Was Breaking Down Was Enough to Send His Omega into A Frenzy of Sadness, Anxiety, And Fear.

His Scent Is All Over the Place with His Omega Not Knowing How to Feel, But the Smell of Honey Overpowers It All When Jungkook Lets Out an Audible Sob. Tae Moves Forward into Jungkook's Lap and Forces Him Back to The Bed, Wrapping Himself Tight Around His Body. Sniffles Break the Silence Every Now and Then.

His Head Is Rested Over Jungkook's Heart. The Beat Is Beginning to Steady, But His Chest Is Still Heaving at An Erratic Pace. "Is It My Fault," The Alpha Asks Under Him. The Question Sounds More Like A Statement. "Do You Blame Yourself?" He Nods. "Kookie, Look at Me." Tae Sits Himself Up on Jungkook's Stomach and Moves His Hand So They Can Look At Each Other.

"It's Not Your Fault. And Don't Tell Yourself That It Is or Believe When Others Tell You It Is. You Were A Pup and You Didn't Know. Even If You Did, There Was Nothing You Could Do. I'd Rather You Be Alive Than Dead with Them Trying to Stop Your Father from Doing What He Did." Tae Doesn't Realize He's Still Holding Jungkook's Hand Until He Feels the Alpha Gently Pull It Away to Wipe His Eyes.

"Think About All the Things You've Been Through with Jimin....And How You Wouldn't Have That If You Tried to Stop Your Father at Such A Young Age. Please Understand That You Came from Him, But You Aren't Him. You're A Likeness of Him, But You Don't Have to Be Like Him. Does That Make Sense?" He Doesn't Answer. "Kookie?" Jungkook Pushes Himself from The Bed and Tae Slides Back Down onto His Lap with His Legs Still Wrapped Around Him. He Says Nothing...But A Breath of Affection Is Enough for Tae's Omega Feel Boastful.

He Felt Better.

Tae Closes His Eyes and Wraps His Arms Around Jungkook, Pushing His Head Deep into The Dip of His Shoulder as They Embrace and Console Each Other.

Jin: Jungkook’s Kitchen
10:32 AM Dec 10
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Jin is in the kitchen decorating plates with bits and pieces of the food Jimin and Jungkook laid out. He loves when they cook because they always go above and beyond the expectation. Jimin is in the kitchen with him, parked at the table thumb wrestling with Jinsoo, but Jungkook is nowhere to be found. Jungkook is usually clingy when Jin comes over, and even though he doesn't show it, he's sad about him not showing face or acknowledging that he was there. "Hyung, how was the drive?" Jin pouts, pushing his thoughts to the side. "You ride with two hyperactive pups and tell me how the drive is."

He sits a plate on the table in front of Jinsoo and another one next to her. "Jisoo, baby, come eat!" His voice carries through the large home and bounces back to him as an echo. The pup runs into the kitchen and to the empty chair next to her sister. Namjoon follows her in.

Jin pushes against Namjoon when he tries to squeeze by him to make a plate. The Alpha catches the hint quickly and sits to the table while Jin busies himself making his mate's plate and his own. "MinMin, where's my Kookie? Is he sick?" "No. He's upstairs with a friend." "What kind of friend? And what are they up there doing?" Jin snaps his head towards Jimin, who looks amused with the motherly sass in his tone.

"Not that kind of friend," he assures. "I honestly don't know what they're doing, I haven't gone to check on them." Jin bites back his curiosity and puts the plate on the table in front of Namjoon before leaving for the stairs, followed closely by an even more amused Yugyeom.

The two of them make their way to the third floor.

The mixture of honey and rain is potent on the second and third levels of the house. They get to Jungkook's door and Jin knocks softly. No one answers. He knocks again. "Jungkookie?" He can hear footsteps approaching and backs away from the door when Jungkook pulls it open. His eyes are puffy, and his face looks swollen, and Jin pulls the Alpha to him in a tight hug. Yugyeom takes a step back before speaking.

"Are you okay?" Jungkook nods, closing his eyes and nuzzling under Jin's neck. "You sure? Where's Tae?" He doesn't answer. "Who is Tae?" Jin pulls away from Jungkook and glares at him. "Did he make you cry?" Jungkook still doesn't answer. Yugyeom walks in the room and to the closed bathroom door where Tae is singing his heart out through the running water, banging his fist against the door so it can be heard.

Jin can see the picture of Jungkook's mother in the picture frame where he knew Jungkook kept the picture of Jimin's parents. Everything Jungkook told him and Namjoon two years ago rushed back to him. He looks the bunny Alpha in his eyes and runs his finger over the scar on his cheek. The only question that was plucking at Jin's nerve was who Jungkook trusted enough to open to.

He pulls the door to the bedroom closed before cupping the Alpha's face. "Talk to me, my cute bunny." "There's nothing to say," he croaks softly. "Of course, there is." He blows a strand of hair away before it slips into Jungkook's eye. "Who is Tae? And why did he make you cry?" The Alpha leans away from Jin's touch, sensing the agitation that he was trying hard to hide. "He didn't make me cry," he says with hostility. "And I can't explain who he is. Talk to him and find out. And please don't be your usual extra self. I'm not in the mood for the bullshit."

He gently pushes past Jin and down the stairs. Excited squeals can be heard and Namjoon's soft voice asking if Jungkook is okay from the second floor, then descending footsteps as they all left. Jin looks at the door, at the stairs, then back at the door. He twists the doorknob quickly, then pushes the door open, his eyes falling straight on a grey-haired man with a small, curvy frame, standing in the doorway of the bathroom in front of the mounted mirror drying his hair and talking to the Beta that's on the bed. His body feels hot with anger. He hated seeing Jungkook upset, be it intentionally or not. He was angry, but he masked his scent well and was more than ready to take that anger out on Tae.

He doesn't catch much of their conversation except Yugyeom asking the man if Jungkook opened up to him. "I just said that, Yuggye. Do you listen to me at all?" "I just had to make sure I heard you right because he doesn' that." Tae scoffs. "I know. Blah blah blah, not friendly, blah blah blah." He tightens the towel around him before taking a step into the bedroom, stopping in his tracks when he sees Jin. "Oh...h-hello." "Are you Tae?" "That's what it says on my birth certificate," Tae says with a shrug. "You made my Kookie cry?" "Your Kookie?" They both stare at each other. "Yes, my Kookie. Who the hell do you think you are?" "I just told you who I am. And I didn't make him cry." Tae steps into the closet and closes the door behind him slightly. "At least not with intention. It's a long stor-." Jin walks over to the closet and opens it fully.

"Wha-." "You're a nobody," he bites. "Don't think for a second that you're just gonna come in here and become a part of our pack. We don't want you." "I-I want him," Yugyeom says quietly. "We don't want you either," Jin says, turning his attention to the Beta. "You're gonna let some random whore come in here and upset someone you claim is so close to you? What kind of friend are you? I don't know why Jungkook even considers something like you a friend."

Jin's blood is hot. Tae's nonchalant behavior and Yugyeom's presence in the room was annoying him and he wasn't amused in the slightest. "Whore?" Tae steps back into the room next to Jin with one of Jungkook's oversized shirts on. "Can we just sit and tal-." Jin violently shoves Tae away from him and the Omega falls hard to the floor. His head bounces from the carpet, making his scent go awry, and Yugyeom rushes to the floor next to him to make sure he's okay. "Was that really necessary?" "Oh, shut up. I barely touched the little wuss. And don't act like you care for him. We all know he's just a rut toy f-"

Jin feels a hard grab on his shoulder, then he's thrown back to the floor. Jungkook's scent becomes heavy and only adds to the thick tension that Jin created. The Alpha says nothing, but his silence is loud enough. Jin watches him stand Tae to his feet and gently nudge the stunned Omega back into the closet so he can continue getting dressed. His eyes move to Yugyeom sitting on the floor. "Are you okay?" "Y-yes, Alpha," he nods. He refuses to look Jungkook in the eyes. Jin tries to sit himself up, but Jungkook kicks him back to the floor and kneels next to him.

Jin has always seen Jungkook "torture" others when he's mad, but he's never been on the receiving end. The Alpha doesn't usually care what Jin does or says to anyone and Jin doesn't know how to feel about the situation he's in. A shiver falls down his back when Jungkook speaks. "I need a little help understanding what the fuck Tae was doing on the floor." Jin doesn't answer and a harsh slap falls on his cheek. "You don't hear me speaking to you?" "I-I do, Alpha. I-I'm sorry." "What was Taehyung doing on the floor? Did you hit him?" Jin was afraid to answer.

If he lied, Jungkook would slap him again. If he told the truth, Jungkook would force a fist into his nose. "P-please. I-I'm sor-." Another slap cracks against his skin and a hot tear rolls down his cheek. "Save the tears for your Alpha," he spits. "Not buying that shit. Cannot fucking believe you. Asked you not 20 minutes ago to not do this." Jungkook stands to his feet, walking away to the closet and stepping in with an exaggerated groan. Jin sits himself up and holds his stinging face. He could see it was taking everything in Jungkook not to hit him like he wanted to and something in him is happy that it was. He made sure his scent wasn't too strong with fear. The last thing he wanted was Namjoon coming in the room and the two of them fighting.

Jin knew better than anyone how dangerous Jungkook was and could be. Jungkook beat a man half to death in a parking lot for trying to force himself on the Omega and Jin could do nothing but watch the Alpha howl in pain.

His ear catches on Jungkook's quiet whimpering coming from the closet and Tae quietly telling him that he was okay. He closes his eyes but opens them when he feels a tap on his shoulder. "Here." Yugyeom hands him a damp cloth and Jin presses it to his cheek. "T-Thank you." "Yeah," Yugyeom sighs, walking away to the closet. Tae appears from the closet and Jin looks away from him in embarrassment. "J-Jin," the other calls. He falls to his knees in front of Jin and pulls him into a hug, catching Jin completely off-guard. He pulls himself away quicker than he threw himself on him and they look at each other.

"I'm just gonna tell you everything so we can all go about our day. Yes, I'm...random, but I'm not a whore. I wouldn't be here if Yugyeom wasn't, and I don't have any intention to stay. He's your Kookie and that's fine and all, but he's also a grown man. Smothering him with protection and forcing his Alpha to give to you will only make him push you away. Or do stuff like this because you're attacking people, he cares about enough to call a friend. We're not friends I don't think, I don't know what we are. But we're something and as his friend and Hyung, you should respect that and respect me and Yuggye." Jin is amazed at Tae's fast rambling but even more amazed that he can say all of this while staring him in the eyes.

It made him feel worse.

"We're all adults," Tae says grabbing Jin's hand. "We shouldn't fight like children. I forgive you...Whether you forgive yourself is up to you." Jin can see Jungkook's stone face from the closet with his arm wrapped around Yugyeom's waist. He looks just like the man in the picture on his nightstand. He's snapped out of his daydream when Tae pulls him into a hug again then stands to his feet with a sigh and walking over to the others and hugging them both.

Chapter Text

2:32 PM Dec 10
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Tae, Yugyeom, And Jungkook Have Been Walking About, Collectively Clearing Their Heads as They Bounce Their Frustrations and Confusions Off On Each Other. Jungkook Was Originally Going to Walk by Himself, But the Two Joined After Yugyeom Suggested Sitting and Resting at A Local Park A Few Blocks Over from Jungkook's House and Across the Street from His.

The Neighborhood Is Buzzing with Kids Dressed Like Tiny Eskimos Playing in The Snow and A Lot of Them Run Over and Hug at Jungkook's Legs. Seeing How He Happily Bends Down and Hugs Them Back Makes Tae Feel Dizzy For the Same Reason He Got Dizzy When He Found Out the Alpha Wasn't Related to Jimin.

Alphas Don't Socialize with Pups That They Don't Consider Family and They Surely Don't Touch Them. Since Pups Are Receptive to The Scents They're Met With, An Alpha Touching Another Alpha's Pups Can Make for A Hostile Situation. Jungkook Sets Another Pup on His Feet and He Waves at Tae Before Running Off. "Damn, I Can't Wait to Have My Own Pups," The Alpha Sighs with Content.

"You Don't Need Pups," Yugyeom Bants Behind Him. He's Been Quiet for The Majority of The Walk, Breaking His Silence to Occasionally Spew His Rants at Jungkook. Jungkook Scoffs and Looks Down at The Ground. "This Sidewalk Is Slippery," He Says in A Playful Lisp. "Is it?”

Yugyeom Shoves Jungkook Before the Alpha Can Shove Him. Watching Him Fall Is Like Watching A Mighty Oak Being Cut Down. Tae Screams with Laughter and He and Yugyeom Both Double Over Laughing. Tae Loses His Footing, But the Alpha's Hand Holds His Wobbly Leg Steady. Yugyeom Extends His Hand to The Sitting Alpha with A Smile on His Face. "Are You Okay?" Jungkook Takes His Hand and Yanks It, Forcing Him to Slip and Fall Face First Next to Him. He Puts His Arm Under the Beta's Face Before It Can Hit the Concrete Sidewalk.

Tae Bites His Lip as He Laughs, Trying Not to Be Too Loud in The Quiet Neighborhood. He's Come to Love Their Constant Picking At Each Other. They Bickered Like Best Friends. Fought Hard and Loved Harder. His Best Friends Back Home Were Nothing Like That.

It Made Him Question Whether They Were Actually Friends or Only Made Themselves Hang Out Because Of Their Rank. Whenever Tae Got Too Touchy or Clingy, They'd Push Him Off and Get Upset. Instead of Spending Time Together, They Spent the Time Out of Class at The Mall, Going Their Separate Ways Then Meeting Back Up in The Food Court, Or Driving Around to Places Tae Didn't Care to Go but Went Anyway Because They Wanted Him To.

Tae Watches Them Lock Arms and Use Each Other As A Leverage to Get to Their Feet. "Are You Two Okay?" "Yeah," Jungkook Says. Tae Helps Him Dust the Snows from His Arms. It Still Amazed Tae That Jungkook Was Outside In 50 Degree Weather with Just A Turtleneck and Jeans On. Both Yugyeom And Himself Were Bundled to The Hilt.

"Can we get going? It's Cold," Yugyeom Whines. He Quickens His Pace to A Cute, Hasty Waddle as He Rushes to The End of The Street. "We're Not Going to Your House, Are We?" Jungkook's Whiny Tone Makes Tae Smile. His Mouth Parts in A Yawn and Tae Yawns Just as Quickly as He Does. They Both Laugh When They See Yugyeom Yawning in Front of Them. "Which One of You Assholes Yawned?" Tae Yawns Again as Yugyeom Speaks and It Hits Him Just How Tired He Is. Jin Took A Lot Out of Him, Mentally and Emotionally.

They Walk A Little Further Down the Street and Jungkook Grabs at Tae's Arm When He Comes to A Stop. "Why Are We Stopping?" "Because He Lives Right Here," Jungkook Answers. Tae Can Barely See the House Through His Third Yawn. Yugyeom Has Disappeared Inside, Leaving Tae Alone with Jungkook. It Isn't His First Time Being by Himself with Him, But It's Still as Nerve-Wrecking.

He Lowers His Head to Fight Against the Cold and Jungkook Moves in Front of Him Before Speaking. "You Seem Tired." Tae Nods. "I Always Get Tired When People Yawn Around Me. And Now That One Has Come Out, They'll Never Stop." He Can See the Body Standing in Front of Him Shake with A Soft Chuckle. He's Blocking the Wind That Was Blowing, And Tae Lifts His Head to Look Around, Flipping His Hair Away from His Eyes.

"I'm Not Tired Enough to Sleep," He Adds. "But Tired." Yugyeom Steps Back Out of The House and Bounces Down the Steps and They All Turn to Head into The Park. Tae Steps Past Jungkook And into The Street, Walking Confidently as If He Knows His Way Around the Unfamiliar Surroundings.

When He Gets Closer to The Entrance, He Sees Just How Beautiful It Looks Inside. "Damn, I Miss My Camera," He Mewls, Taking in The Fairytale Winter Wonderland-Sequa View. "This Would Be A Perfect Picture." "This Park Is Always Gorgeous in The Winter," Yugyeom Says Next to Him. "You Do Photography?" "Yeah, Sorta." He Bends Down, Grabs A Handful of Snow, Molds It into A Ball, And Throws It at A Tree.

Yugyeom Is Dressed in All Black Now, Wearing A Bright Red Beret to Give the Dark Look A Pop of Color. His Long Legs Are Accentuated in The Black Leather of His Pants and His Bangs Are Stopped Just Shy of His Browline. Tae Has to Wonder How He Can Manage Having His Hair So Close to His Eyes. "Jungkook Does Photography," He Says Quietly. It Snaps Tae Back to Reality.

He Looks at Tae And Tae Keeps His Gaze for A Second Before Looking Away. "Not Trying to Throw Him at You. I Just...Thought You'd Wanna Know." "I Wouldn't Peg Him as The Photographer Type," Tae Admits. "I Guess That Explains the Pictures All Over His Wall." His Eyes Follow A Snowflake That's Swirling in The Cold Wind. "Well, He Prefers Videos, Actually. Jimin Is the One Who Does the Pictures." A Comfortable Silence Falls as They Walk Through the Park. Tae Can See a Ferris Wheel In the Distance and Changes the Course They're Walking So They Can Walk Towards It.

"I Really Do Miss My Home," He Sighs Finally. "Being Around You Guys Made Me, Realize I Need to Do Some Serious Friendship Evaluations." Yugyeom Laughs. "You're Jealous of Our Friendship?" "Yes! My Friends Are Terrible. I Don't Even Know Them. I Couldn't Tell You Any of Their Favorite Colors or Songs." "Jungkook's Favorite Song Is A Cover of Dear No One By Sawyer Gibson. Black Is His Favorite Color, But He's Getting into Red Lately. He Doesn't Like Fried Food Because He Says It's Fattening Which I Think Is Stupid. And He's Alle-."

"I Get It, You Ass." Tae Shoves the Beta and He Softly Nudges Him Back. "I'll Be Honest with You, Since I'd Feel Like Dying If I Tell This to Jungkook Or Jimin." Tae Looks at Him and Sees That His Eyes Are Low. Betas Don't Have Strong Scents, But Tae Can Feel His Sadness. The Atmosphere Gets Heavy Even Though They're Outside and Tae's Honey Scent Drifts Off into The Air.

"It's Not That I Don't Like Being Around Jungkook, Because I Do...But Sometimes I Feel. I Don't Know...Out of Place?" Tae Nods. "It's Not Even About Him Being an Alpha and Me Being A Beta. It's Just About Us. It's Hard to Really Understand Where Our Friendship Is. One Minute, He'll Be All Over Me, Then Two Seconds Go by And He's Standoffish as Fuck Like We Didn't Grow Up Together. He's Always Been Protective of Me. Even When We Were in Middle and High School." He Sighs.

"Shit, How Do You Ask an Alpha If They Genuinely Care?" "You Just Ask," Jungkook Says. Tae Looks Over at Jungkook Walking Past Them and His Face Is Back to Being Unreadable. He's Lost in His Own Thoughts with His Air pods In His Ear. "I Care About You." Yugyeom Stops in His Tracks. "Keep Walking," Tae Bites. "I Just Don't Know How to Go About It Without It Becoming Something That Feels Wrong. Caring About Someone Calls for Vulnerability. To Show Vulnerability Is to Show Weakness...And an Alpha Is to Never Show A Sign of Weakness to Anyone." Tae And Yugyeom Both Stare Holes into Jungkook's Back as The Words Spill Out of His Mouth.

"We've Known Each Other For Years Though, Kook. Friendship Isn't Weakness." "Allowing Yourself to Love Someone Is Weakness," He Says Quietly. "That Doesn't Sound Like You," Tae Says Softly. He Walks Away from Yugyeom And to Jungkook, Jumping onto His Back So He Can Get Warm.

The Ferris Wheel Is Slowly Getting Closer.

"You Know, I Promised Your Mother That I'd Protect You No Matter What. That's One of The Only Reasons I Kept You Around Me." "Wait, What?" Yugyeom Runs to Catch Up with Them. "When We Presented," He Says. "She Made Me Promise Her That I'd Protect You. I Had You Around Me So I Could Watch You for Her." Yugyeom Blinks Rapidly and Tae Scoffs When He Sees Tears Slowly Rimming His Eyes.

He Could Understand Why It Would Be Emotional, But He Was Tired of Being Sad. "No No No," He Whines. He Pouts While Nuzzling at Jungkook's Neck. "No More Crying!" His Foot Contacts Yugyeom's Elbow, And the Beta Begins Laughing Uncontrollably. "See? We're Happy! Harappa!" "Yeah, Let's Change the Subject," Yugyeom Responds. His Eyes Drop from Jungkook's. "We'll Finish This Later."

"I Do Have to Ask Though," Jungkook Says. "What?" "What the Fuck Is This?" He Pulls the Beret from Yugyeom's Head with A Loud Laugh and Runs When the Beta Tries to Get It Back from Him. Tae Holds Him Tighter So He Doesn't Fall and All of Their Laughter Brings Life to The Nearly Empty Park.

Jungkook Runs for An Eternity.

At Some Point, He Loses Yugyeom, And Comes to A Stop A Few Steps Away from The Ferris Wheel. It Looks Old and Weathered, But Still Amazing Covered in Snow. Jungkook Squats Slowly, Allowing Tae's Feet to Rest Firm on The Ground Before Standing Back Up and Fixing His Top. Tae Steps Over to It in Awe. "Do You Know How Long This Has Been Here?" He Touches It Hesitantly. "Ever Since I Was Young," Jungkook Answers. He's Looking Around for Any Sign of Yugyeom.

"Wow," Tae Hums Quietly. He Opens One of The Doors to The Old Amusement Ride and Sits Down Inside the Rusty Car. "Curiosity Killed the Cat, Pup," Jungkook Speaks Without Turning Around. Tsh. Tae Blows A Silent Raspberry in Response but Doesn't Answer. The Ride Looked as If It Hadn't Been Used in Years, Which, Yes, Made It Dangerous to Be on With How Unstable It Might Be, But Not Dangerous Enough for Tae To Wanna Get Off.

A Big Red-Bellied Spider Crawls onto His Hand While He's Sitting and He Screams Out Loud, Very Loud, While Trying to Kill It, Drawing the Attention of Jungkook To Him and Yugyeom Who Was A Distance Away Tiredly Looking for Them. Jungkook Almost Slips in The Snow Laughing but Steadies Himself Before He Can. Tae Runs Out of The Wheel Car and Shakes Himself Around Vigorously to Rid Himself of Any Unwanted Body Guests.

"Exactly What You Get," He Can Hear Jungkook Say with A Huffed Sigh. Tae Pouts and His Scent Sours, Making Jungkook's Laughter Stop Just as Quickly as It Started. The Alpha Steps Over to Him, Suddenly Serious, And Nuzzles His Cheek with The Tip of His Nose. Tae Refuses to Let It Soothe Him. He Tries to Push Jungkook Away, To No Avail. "Don't Touch Me, Meanie."

"I'm Sorry," Jungkook Whines into The Space Between Their Lips. His Scent Gets Stronger and He Pulls at Tae's Waist to Bring Him Closer. Tae Lets the Other Hold Him, And He Catches an Older Man Smiling at Them Fondly as He Walks by With His Pups. Tae Feels Uneasy. He Has to Remind Himself That Him and Jungkook, Although It Looks Like It in That Moment, Aren't Dating.

Nuzzling Someone Is A Very Intimate Thing to Do and Is Usually Only Done Between Family Members and Mates. And as Far as Tae Knew, He Was Neither. He Pushes Against Jungkook To Move Away. "I'm Fine, Kookie. Let Me Go," He Says by His Ear. "Smile First," Jungkook Pouts. Tae Pushes Against Him Again with A Big Smile and A Bellow of Fake Laughter. "There, Happy?" "Yes." Tae Shakes Himself Against Jungkook’s Pull but Gets Pulled Anyway Up and Over the Alpha’s Shoulder as He and Yugyeom Walk Away from The Ferris Wheel.

Chapter Text

Jimin: Mickey’s Bar and Grill
5:20 PM Dec 10
Southside Buk-Gu, Busan

Jimin Is Balanced on The Barstool Next to Hoseok. Jungkook's Words Had His Head Spinning Even More Than the Two and A Half Liters of Beer He Had. He Almost Didn't Want to Believe What the Kid Told Him.

"Okay," He Says Loudly, Catching Hoseok's Attention and The Attention of The Man Behind Him. "So." He Sighs Dramatically "Jungkook...Slapped Jin. And He Feels Bad About It but Doesn't Wanna Apologize." Hoseok Looks Up from His Mug with Wide Eyes, Then Laughs His Head Back Down to The Straw. "Good Job for Him. I Love Jin, But He Probably Deserved It. I Told Him Jungkook Was Gonna Do That Shit Some Day." "Wai-Wait." Jimin Can't Hide His Amazement at The Other's Response. Of All of Them, Hoseok Is the Most Protective of Jin. Him Finding It Amusing Gave Jimin More Than Enough Reason to Relax.

"You Don't Care?" "No." "Well Damn, I Guess I'm The Only One Stressed for Nothing. He Said Jin Put His Hands-on Tae, And Th-." "Tae?" The Curiousness in Hoseok's Tone Makes Jimin Look at Him. "Kookie Has A Bae?!" Hoseok's Back Straightens and He Smiles at The Thought. "Fucki- No," Jimin Laughs to Himself. "Well...I Can't Answer That for Him. I Don't Know What He Thinks of Tae And I Don't Know What Tae Thinks of Him." "He Gets That Unreadable Attitude from You, Jiminie." Jimin Scoffs. "This Isn't About Me. And Fuck You, I'm Not Unreadable." They Both Take A Long Sip from Their Mugs and Hoseok's Exhales Loudly as He Sets His Back Down on The Bar. "Isn't That Some Kind of Thing? True Breeds Become Like Fated Mates or Something After They Meet?" Jimin Nods. "Is Tae a True Breed?"

A Rank Is Considered "True" If Both of Their Parents Are of a High Ranking and It Carries Through At Least Two Generations. "True Bred" Alphas and Omegas Are Considered Superior Over the Other Respected Ranks.

The Alphas Are Much Stronger and Their Scents Are Able to Wash Out That of Any Other, Which Gives Them Away Immediately. The Omegas, However, Are Elusive. Of Course, They Are Beautiful Beyond Standard, But Their Scents, Although Strong, Can’t Overpower Another's. Jimin Doesn't Know If Tae Is A True Breed or Not, But Judging by Jungkook's Instant Instinct to Protect, He Could Figure He Is.

"He May Be," He Answers After A Short Thought. A Low Hum Roars Quietly from Hoseok's Throat. "What's He Like?" Jimin Feels A Soft Nudge on The Small of His Back and Jerks Away from The Touch of The Omega Pushing Himself Against Him. "Can You Stop Fucking Touching Me," He Barks Over His Shoulder. It Doesn't Come Out as A Question. Hoseok Smiles and Giggles, Turning Away When the Omega Looks at Him Over Jimin's Shoulder.

The Nudging Stops Just as Quickly as It Started and A Soft Whine Makes Jimin's Ear Twitch and His Alpha Feel Apologetic. He Fights the Urge to Let Out A Scent to Soothe the Man Behind Him, Flipping His Bangs from His Face in Response as He Continues Speaking. "He's Sweet. But I Mean, Every Omega Is. He Has A Habit of Being Defiant, But It Makes Him All the More Fun to Be Around." "Mhm," Hoseok Says as He Listens.

"If You Would Have Come Over, You Would've Met Him. I Think You'll Like Him." Jimin Punches the Other Playfully and They Share A Laugh. "I Had A Class to Teach Today, I'm Sorry. You Wanna Head Over There Now?" "We Can, But They Aren't Home. Jungkookie Said They Were Walking Through the Park." "Ooo~," Hoseok Drawls. "How Romantic." "Yugyeom Is with Them Stupid." "Ahh," He Says with Mock Disappointment. "That's No Fun!" "Yoongi Was There Too," Jimin Says Suddenly, Turning Away to Drink from His Mug While Side Eyeing the Stunned Alpha.

"H-He's-. He Was?" "Mmm," Jimin Says Through A Gulp. He Smiles at Hoseok's Saddening Face. Hoseok And Yoongi Have A ...Complicated Relationship. They're Both Deeply in Love With Each Other, But Neither Wants to Advance on The Other Willingly. "Why Won't You Just Love Him," Jimin Asks with A Soft Push. Hoseok Swirls the Straw Around in Mug. "Because He's Your Ex." "You're an Idiot."

A Part of Jimin Appreciated the Act of Kindness That Hoseok Was Trying to Push, Saying He Didn't Want Yoongi Because He Dated Him. The Other Part Wanted His Alpha Bae to Be Happy No Matter What, And If That Meant Being with Yoongi, Then He Didn't Mind It at All.

"Love Him. He's My Ex for A Reason, And I Won't Say I Don't Still Love Him, But I Don't Love Him Enough to Wanna Keep You from Loving Him. Plus, Y'all Would Be Cuties~"

Hoseok Nods at The Words, But His Hand Is Still Anxiously Fidgeting with His Straw. "Okay, Tell You What. I'm Gonna Get You Really Drunk Someday and Bring Him Around You So You Can Spew Your Feelings with No Shame." "Ahh, Don't Do That," Hoseok Laughs. "No No No, We Have To! Nothing Wrong with A Little Liquid Courage, Hyung. And You Won't Do It While Sober. Now Come On." They Look At Each Other And Jimin Raises His Almost Empty Mug. "To New Beginnings," He Says with A Smile. "To New Beginnings," Hoseok Repeats with A Reflected Grin.

Their Glasses Clink and They Both Chug the Remainder of Their Beer Before Standing to Their Feet to Leave.

"Are We Going to Your House?" "If You Want To," Jimin Says, Walking Around to The Driver's Side of His Car and Opening the Door. "I'll Call Yoonie And See Where He Is. Are You Riding with Me?" "I'll Tag," Hoseok Speaks as He Crosses the Street. "Are You Sober Enough to Drive?" Hoseok Nods, And Jimin Laughs as He Reaches for His Phone. For Them, Drinking Alcohol Was Like Drinking Water. They Couldn't Get Drunk Enough Off of Just Two Liters.

Jimin Dials Yoongi As He Steps into His Car and Rests in The Seat, Adjusting His Mirrors as The Line Clicks Over.


Hey, Yoonie. Whe-." Jimin Pauses When His Ear Picks Up on The Sound of Cars Passing from The Other Line. "Are You Driving?"

"Uh, Yeah. I'm On My Way Home. Did Kookie Tell You What Happened with Jin?"

“Yeah, That's A Mess."

"I Know," Yoongi Laughs Quietly. "I'm Sure Jin Deserved It. He's the Last Person Jungkook Would Ever Put A Hand On, So He Had to Have Really Fucked Up."

"You Sound Like Hobi," Jimin Says as He Closes the Car Door and Starts the Engine. He Watches Hoseok Drive Down the Street and Come Back Up from The Opposite Way So Their Cars Are Facing the Same Direction. Yoongi's Voice Brings His Attention Back to The Call.

"Don't Compare Me to Him." Jimin Sighs While He Transfers the Call to His Bluetooth Radio, Honks His Horn, And Pulls Away from The Street Curb, Maneuvering Down the Street to His House. The Streets Were Bare for The Most Part, With Most Locals Not Wanting to Drive While It's Cold and Snowy. Kids Can Be Seen Playing in Front of Every Home He Drives By. He and Yoongi Are Both Silent, Too Busy Focusing on Driving to Try and Speak.

"Yoonie," Jimin Calls After 7 Minutes.

“I'm Here."

"You Need to Call Hoseok."

"For What?"

"What Do You Mean for What? Just Call."

“For What?" He Asks Again.

"Call Him, Yoonie."


Jimin Hits the End Call Button on The Radio Before Yoongi Can Finish His Banter. He Knew Yoongi Was Asking Because He Was Genuinely Curious, But He Didn't Care.

His Phone Lights Up with A Notification but He Ignores It and Continues on His Commute in Silence.

Jimin: Home
7:34 PM Dec 10
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Jimin Pulls Into The Driveway First And Turns Off The Engine To The Car. He Felt Stupid Leading Hoseok All The Way To His House Just To Send Him Back On A 2-Hour Drive To Buk-Gu Where He Lives. He Opens The Door To His Car, But Doesn't Step Out Until Hoseok Pulls Up On The Lawn, And Comes To A Stop In The Snow Covered Grass. He Steps Out Of His Car With Haste And Walks Over To Jimin, Whose Busy Cleaning Out His Backseat.

"Jimin, Did You Talk To Yoongi?" He Asks When He's Close Enough For His Voice To Be Heard. "I Told Him To Call You," Jimin Answers. "He's Not Here, He Was Already On His Way Home. If You Wanna Le-." "Hi, Alpha!" Jimin Looks Behind Hoseok To See Tae Slouching Against Yugyeom's Back With His Arms Wrapped Tight Around The Beta's Waist. His Eyes Are Low, But He's Cheerful And His Smile Is Spread From Ear To Ear. Hoseok Looks Between The Three Of Them Confused.

"Hey, Jimin," Yugyeom Says With A Tired Huff. "Hey, You Two," Jimin Responds Quietly. He Stands To His Feet With Full Arms And Pushes The Car Door Shut With His Hip. Tae's Eyes Wander To Hoseok And His Body Gives Off An Anxious Odor As He Holds Yugyeom Tighter. Jimin And Hoseok Both Tense As They Key In On His Scent, And A Sweet, Herby Smell Takes Over. "He's Another One Of The Good Ones," Yugyeom Assures Him After He Relaxes. Hoseok Looks At Tae, Then Jimin, Then Back To Tae. "Is That Him?" He Asks With Genuine Curiosity.

Jimin Nods, But Doesn't Speak As He Passes Through The Three Of Them, Up The Path, And To The Porch. Jungkook Is Planted On The Top Step, Hunched Slightly With His Elbows On The Very End Of His Thighs, With A Bag Of Jimin's Shrimp Chips In His Hand And They Smile To Each Other When Jimin Passes Him And Walks To The Door And Into The House. He Doesn't Take Long Emptying The Contents Of His Arms Onto The Couch And Walking Back Out Of The House, Taking A Seat On The Porch Next To The Younger. "Want Some," Jungkook Asks, Tilting The Bag So Jimin Can Dig His Hand In. "No, I'm Good. But Thank You." "Mhm." Jimin Watches Yugyeom Drag Himself And Tae Back To The Steps And Tae Bounces Over To Jungkook As Soon As He Sees Him.

"Aye, Kookie," Hoseok Says While Following Them Over. "Hey," Jungkook Says Tersely. "Sorry About Your Hair, Kiddo," Hoseok Whines As He Steps On The Porch And Wraps Himself Around The Other. Jungkook Sighs But Doesn't Say Anything. He's Too Focused On The Bag In His Hand. Hoseok Hugs Yugyeom As Well Before Taking A Seat On The Second Step Between Jimin's Legs And In Front Of Tae.

They Both Side Eye Each Other. "So...You're The Infamous Tae," Hoseok Says With A Smile. Tae Shifts, Visibly Uncomfortable, And Rests His Head On Jungkook's Knee. Jungkook Takes In The Look On Tae's Face Before Asking. "What Have You Heard About Him For Him To Be Infamous?" Jimin And Hoseok Both Look At The Other Alpha Staring A Hole Through Hoseok. "Just That He's My Future In-Law."

Yugyeom Chokes On A Chip Behind Jimin And Tae Buries His Face In The Fabric Of Jungkook's Sweats To Hide The Blush Overcoming Him.

Jimin Laughs Out Loud And Punches Hoseok In The Arm, Who's Smiling Himself At The Nonsense He Just Spoke. "I Didn't Tell Him That," He Pleads To Jungkook. "He Didn't," Hoseok Confirms, Sensing The Tension Jungkook Is Giving Off. "I'm Serious...What Do You Consider Yourselves? It Has To Be Something." His Eyes Shift To Tae. "You're Not From Here, Are You? I've Seen You Around North Region Before." "You Have?" Tae Speaks Into Jungkook's Knee, Then Turns To Stare At Hoseok As If He's Trying To Remember Him. "Yeah, I Think So? Don't You Have A Younger Sister?" Tae Nods. "And A Younger-." "Brother," They Say Together. "I'm Sorry...I Don't Remember You," Tae Whines Quietly. "That's Okay. Just Call Me Hobi."

Jimin Watches Them Shake Hands And The Tension Slowly Creeps Away. "You Didn't Answer My Question," Hoseok Says Turning His Attention To Jungkook. He's Still Holding Tae's Hand, And Jungkook Gently Pulls Tae's Hand Out Of His Grip. "What Was It," He Quips When He Leans Back. "What Are You Two?" Jungkook Scoffs. "What Do You Mean What Are We? I Just Met Him A Day Ago." "Oh Really? You Act Like You've Known Him Forever. I Know You Know About Fated Mates," Hoseok Retorts. Jungkook Glitches, Then His Attention Turns To Tae. "I Don't Think-. Are You A True Breed?"

Tae Hesitates Before Answering, And His Voice Goes Quiet When He Finally Does.


Yoongi: Rest Stop
8:10 PM Dec 10
Seocho-Gu, Seoul

Yoongi is sitting in the parking lot of a rest stop with his phone in his hand. He's been debating on texting Hoseok since he spoke to Jimin close to three hours ago. Even if he did have the courage, he wouldn't have any idea what to say. His hands are shaking and his nerves are frantic. Hoseok barely speaks two words to him whenever they're around each other. Now he suddenly wants to talk... He leans over and sighs.

The only noise in the car is the ticking of his wrist watch and the drumming of his fingers on the steering wheel. Yoongi and Hoseok have always been so close, and yet so distance with each other. As much as he hated it, he could never bring himself to tell Hoseok how he felt. He wasn't even sure the Alpha would feel the same way, considering he wasn't an Omega. It's a rare occurrence for Alphas to consider Betas as mates.

Rare...but not abnormal.

He sighs again while looking at his phone. The screen comes to life with a text from Jimin, encouraging him to call the Alpha or come back to the house to talk to him. He was conflicted. It was a three hour drive back to Dongnae and a three hour drive back to his own home. He really needed to talk to someone. Someone who wasn't Hoseok, but knew a lot about him. He unlocks his phone and holds down the second number on the dial pad until Jungkook's name pops up and the phone starts to ring. He relaxes back into his seat when the Alpha's voice booms from the other line.

"'What’s up, Yoona?”

"Hey, Kookie. Can you talk?"

"Oh. Uh, Yeah. Hold on." Yoongi can hear a soft grunt, departing footsteps, a door unlocking, more footsteps, and then another grunt when Jungkook stops moving to sit somewhere.

"Agh. Alright, talk. You okay?”

"I'm fine. For the most already know who this is about." Jungkook scoffs.

"He's over here if you're looking for him."

"Is he?" Yoongi suddenly contemplates taking the three hour drive back to Dongnae. If anything, he'd want to talk to Hoseok in person.

"Did he say anything about talking to me?" Yoongi can hear the nervousness in his voice and clears his throat to try and get rid of it.

“No. He was kinda down though. Not as loud and annoying as he usually is. Did you two fight or something?"

"I wish," Yoongi says to himself. "Jimin said he wanted to talk to me. Should I call him?"

"Yes," Jungkook says with ease. "Love him you fucking idiot. You two are perfect for each other. Actually." The line stalls and Yoongi can hear Jungkook breathing heavy on the other line. "Here," he says quietly.

"Hello." Hoseok's strong accent is music to Yoongi's ears.

Chapter Text

Jungkook: Veranda
8:25 PM Dec 10
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Jungkook Is Back on The Top Step of The Porch with His Legs Hanging by Tae's Sides. His Head Was Hurting, And Not Because Of The Strong Mix of All of Their Scents Clogging His Nose. Too Much Was Going on For Him to Try and Keep Up With, And Something in Him Wanted to Just Go Back in The House and Call It A Night. Hoseok Is on The Phone Next to Him Scheduling A Time to Meet Up with Yoongi.

Jimin Is on The Porch Swing with Yugyeom Half Asleep While the Beta's Hands Play with His Hair. He Wasn't So Sure Why Yugyeom Wouldn't Tell Him That Tae Was A True Breed. If That Was the Case, Jungkook Would Have Fought Against His Better Nature to Talk to Him. Betas, Unlike Alphas and Omegas, Can Tell the Difference Between True Breeds and Average A/O. Their Olfactory Is Stronger Than Any of The Other Ranks, And Jungkook Knew He Knew About Tae's Status.

He Wasn't Upset About Yugyeom Not Telling Him...Just Curious.

Once A True Bred Alpha Meets A True Bred Omega...Well, They Might as Well Blood Bond the Second They Meet. They'll Be A Lot More Open To Each Other On Both Ends, Which Isn't Good for Young Alphas. Jimin And Hoseok Could Be Around Tae In Public with No Hesitation, But Whenever Jungkook Was Around the Omega, His Alpha Felt Nothing but Aggression and Paranoia.

Aggression If the Omega Smelled of Anything Other Than His Natural Scent, And Paranoia If They Were Too Far From Each Other For A Prolonged Period of Time. The Way He Felt for Tae Wasn't Just His Imagination. And He Knew Tae Felt the Same Way, Even Though They Were Both in Denial About It. He Looks Down at Tae Unknowingly and Foolishly Bearing His Neck. It Takes A Lot for Him Not to Mark Him. He Bites His Lip and Fixes the Other's Sweatshirt So the Hoodie Covers His Scent Gland.

Hoseok Stands to His Feet and Drops Jungkook's Phone on Tae's Lap Before Fixing His Jeans at The Waist. "I'll See You Tomorrow. Pups'll Be Here At 3." "I'm Heading To Class Tomorrow So I Can Take This Exam," Jungkook Sighs. "Around 3?" "Uh...No." "Then Why Are You Telling Me?" "So, You Fuc-. Okay, Bye, Get Off My Porch." Jungkook Pushes Him and He Loses His Footing, But Tae Steadies Him Before He Can Fall Back.

Hoseok Pouts, Then Smiles. "Trying to Kill Me? Wow, I Thought We Raised You Better." "Love You, Hyungie." Hoseok Plants A Soft Kiss on Jungkook's Forehead. "Love You Too, Kookie. I'll See You Tomorrow. Be Safe, All of You," He Says Looking Around as If Addressing an Auditorium of People. "When Are We Not Safe," Yugyeom Whines from The Porch Swing. Hoseok Looks Back but Doesn't Retort. "Beat His Ass for Me. I Gotta Go," Jungkook Hears Him Say While Descending the Steps. "Give Yoongi a Hug for Me!" Hoseok Holds Up An OK.

Jungkook And Tae Watch Him Get into His Car and Back Away from The Lawn Recklessly, Doing A Small U-Turn in The Middle of The Street, Then Speeding Away with A Honk of His Horn. "He's Very Unique," Tae Says Quietly. Jungkook Laughs. "You Don't Know the Half." "I'm Gonna Go Inside, It's Too Cold Out Here." Tae Lifts Himself from The Steps and Walks Away into The House. Jungkook Moves to Follow but Stops and Sits on The Bench in Front of The Porch Swing. "Why Didn't You Tell Me He Was A True Breed?" Yugyeom Stares at Him with Wide Eyes. "We Haven't Exactly Been Alone for Me to Tell You," The Beta Answers.

Jungkook Can See by The Way He's Looking That His Tone Wasn't Friendly and He Relaxes Himself Before He Gets Mad. "We Both Have Phones. That's Something You Could Text Me." "I Don't Like Texting You. Your Ass Doesn't Know How to Reply." Jungkook Rolls His Eyes. "Just Apologize for Fucking Jungkook Into A Corner," Jimin Spits with Authority. His Eyes Are Still Closed and He's Still Letting Yugyeom Comb Through His Hair. "I Am Sorry," Yugyeom Says. There's No Sincerity in His Voice.

"I Don't Need A Half-Ass Apology. I Need A Reason. Why Did You Not Tell Me?" Yugyeom Straights from Under Jimin, Using His Hands to Support the Alpha's Head While He Moves.

"Because," He Starts. "I Knew You Wouldn't Let Him Go with You If I Did. I Don't Have to Preach to You About How Heartless You Are." Jungkook Jerks Back as If He's Been Slapped. "Kook, He Didn't Belong in That Alleyway. Even If You Didn't Come There Yourself, I Would've Bought Him to You Because I Knew You'd Keep Him Safe. It Isn't Like I Pretended Not to Know. I Just Didn't Care to Tell You." "So, You Do Understand the Situation I'm In Right Now."

He Nods and His Tongue Runs Along His Lips. "I Want You Dead," Jungkook Says. His Scent Isn't Giving Off Just How Pissed Off He Is That Yugyeom Put Him in The Situation He Did, But the Sick Laugh That Bellows from Him Is Enough. Yugyeom Cowers into Jimin And Jimin Moves Away from Him. "Don't Use Me as Your Shield," He Laughs. "I Told You Why," Yugyeom Says. "You See How Gorgeous He Is. Any Other Alpha Would've Just Taken Advantage of Him or Put Him in A Sex Farm. I Knew You Two Wouldn't Hurt Him." Jungkook Leans Back on The Bench, Then Pushes Himself Forward to Stand. He Didn't Care to Talk Anymore.

He Just Wanted to Lay Down.

He Walks Off Without Another Word and Into the House. Tae's Lavender Scent Is Crowding the Downstairs Walkway, And It Gradually Grows Stronger When He Walks Up the Stairs. His Nose Leads Him to One of The Vacant Rooms on The Second Floor. The Door Is Slightly Open and He Can Just Make Out Tae's Voice Speaking. The Phone Is Sitting on The Nightstand, With the Line Trilling Loudly into The Empty Room. Jungkook Feels A Tug at His Waist but Doesn't Turn Around. The Line Clicks After Three Rings.


Daddy? It’s Tae.

“Ah, Nae Agi! The Voice Sounds Sad-Happy. "I Miss You So Much, Are You Okay? Where Are You, I'll Come Ge-."

Daddy, I’m Fine. I’m Safe. I Miss You Guys Too. Where’s Other Daddy?”

“He's Asleep. He Hasn't Been Sleeping, So I Gave Him Medicine. Whose Phone Is This, Who Are You With?"

"It's A Few Different People. Two Alphas and A Beta."

“Are They Taking Care of You Well? What Is the Address?"

"You Don't Have to Come Get Me," Tae Sighs, Leaning Back Against the Headboard. "And They Are. At Least Right Now They Are. I Don't Wanna Be Here When My Heat Comes."

"Your Heat Is Coming This Week, Isn't It? Was It This Thursday Or the Next?"

"This Thursday." Jungkook Feels Another Tug at His Waist and He Turns Around to See Jimin Standing Behind Him, Leaned Against the Wall, Pulling Him Away from The Doorframe. His Face Has A "What the Hell Are You Doing?" Look. Jungkook Steps Away from The Doorframe and All Three of Them Walk Back Downstairs. Jungkook Didn't Even Realize Tae Didn't Give His Phone Back. They All Sit Around the Second Living Room.

It's Silent. No One Knows What to Say...

"Uh," Yugyeom Says Quietly After 10 Minutes. "So, His Heat Is in Two Days." Jimin Bites at His Bottom Lip. "I Don't Wanna Be Here for It." "Neither Do I," Yugyeom Says. Jungkook Stays Silent and They Both Stare at Him. "What Are You Gonna Do," Jimin Asks, Kicking Him Softly to Snap Him Out of His Daydream. "I Don't Know," He Answers. "We'll See How the Next Few Days Pan Out." Tae Walks Downstairs with Jimin's Robe Wrapped Loose Around His Body. "You Okay?" "Mhm," He Says Quietly, Sitting Next to Jungkook And Handing Off the Phone. "I Talked to My Parents. Well, My Omega Daddy."

"How'd That Go?" "As Good as It Could Have." He Looks Between the Three of Them. "What Were You Guys Talking About?" There's Hostility Coming Off of Him. "Nothing," Jimin Yawns. "Hmm. Well I Should Probably Tell You Guys Now. My Heat Is Coming in Two Days."

None of Them React.

"Don't All Speak at Once." "We Heard You. We Just...Don't Mind It. I'm Not Gonna Be Here." "And I Have My Own House That I'm Going Back to Tonight." "What About You?" Jungkook Feels A Soft Tap on His Thigh and He Looks Over at Tae Looking at Him.

"I'll Be Here," Jungkook Answers. "Would You-." Jungkook Looks at Him, Already Seeing His Face Change When He Realizes What He's About to Ask. "I-I Mean, Do You Want To." Tae Visibly Shakes and Both Alphas Release Calming Pheromones. "N-Nevermind," He Says Quietly, Looking Away. "Were You Gonna Ask Him to Help with Your Heat?" Tae Glares at Yugyeom, But Nods.

Jungkook Catches His Scent Sweeten When Yugyeom Asks for Him. He Continues to Talk with A Flushed Face. "I'd...Do It Myself, but...You Can See Where That Won't Work." "Okay," Jimin Says Loudly, Clapping His Hands Together as He Stands. "This Is the Part Where We-." He Walks Over to Yugyeom And Grabs His Arm. "Leave So They Can Talk. Goodnight, Pups," He Says, Ruffling Jungkook's Hair and Bowing His Head to Tae. "Goodnight, Guys," Yugyeom Says, Letting Jimin Pull Him.

Tae Lets Out A Soft Whine While Adjusting the Robe Around His Neckline and Biting at His Bottom Lip. "If You Want Me To, I Will," Jungkook Says as He Watches Him. "Only If You Want To," Tae Responds. "I. Don't Touch Me." Jungkook Pouts When Tae Slaps at His Arm Out of Nervousness. Tae Slaps His Arm Again Intentionally and The Alpha Blows A Breath. "You're Stubborn." "You Would Know."

Jungkook Pushes Him and They Bicker Until Tae Finally Stops and Scoots Away. "I Have to Tell You. I Get Really Clingy When I'm In Heat So..Sorry in Advance." "Nothing I Haven't Seen Already," Jungkook Says, Smiling When Tae Kicks at Him. "I'm Not That Clingy. I Don't Even Cling to You, So You Have No Say." "You Don't Have to Cling to Me. I Watched Yugyeom Drag You to The Porch." "So," He Squeaks Through Giggles. "He Likes Dragging Me Around. Hater." He Curls into A Ball on The Couch and A Seriousness Takes Over His Face Again. "I Do Have A Few Rules, If We Do Have Sex."

"No Scenting, No Marking, And No Knotting," Jungkook Says. "SMK. Trust Me, I Know."

Tae's Eyes Widen, But He Nods. "I Guess This Isn't Your First Rodeo?" Jungkook Shakes His Head. "I'm Not That Kind of Kid Though. I Don't Go Around Fucking Everything with Two Legs and An Ass."

He Watches Tae Shift and Stands to His Feet, Walking Out of The Living Room and To the Linen Closet in Front of The Stairs to Get Him A Blanket. "You Really Don't Miss Anything," Tae Says with Minor Amazement. He Takes the Blanket and Bundles Himself into It. "Thank You." "Mmm. You Haven't Had Sex with Any Other Alphas?" Tae Shakes His Head. "I've Dated Them, But We Never Got That Far. I'd Isolate Myself Whenever A Heat Kicked Up."

Jungkook Stares at Him in Disbelief.

There Was No Way in Hell Tae Was A Virgin. He Refused to Believe It. The Thought Alone Has Him Laughing to Himself, Covering His Face to Hide His Delusion and Amusement. "I Wanna Believe You. But Fuck. Wow, I Can't. That's..." "Crazy, I Know. Laugh It Up." Jungkook Laughs Harder When He Thinks About It Again. "Okay," The Omega Says in A Small Whisper. His Scent Was Flowing with Sadness and Jungkook Immediately Felt Bad.

"I'm Sorry," He Whines. He Pushes Himself Next to Tae And Nuzzles His Chin, Reluctant to Move Until His Flowery Scent Comes Back. Tae Pushes Him, But Not Enough to Move Him. "I'm Okay. Move." "Not Until You Smile." Tae's Mouth Shapes into A Boxy Smile and His Eyes Squint.

Jungkook Lays on His Stretched and Covered Legs. "I Can't Promise You That I Won't Leave Some Kind of Mark on You. But I Won't Knot You or Scent You." "I Don't Know." Tae Fingers at Jungkook's T-Shirt, Thinking Hard About What He Wants to Say. "I Kinda Want You To? That Could Just Be My Omega Talking...I Surely Wouldn't Mind If You Did." He Exhales Loudly. "I Got So-. So... Mad When That Jae Girl Smelled Like You. I Wanted to Rip Her Eyes Out." "Seriously?"

Jae Shouldn't Be Any Kind of Challenge to Tae. If He Holds Hostility to Anyone, It Should Be Jin. "Jae...She's Like A Mosquito. The More You Swat at Her, The More She Bothers You." "You're Just Not Swatting Hard Enough." There's More Animosity in His Voice Than Jealousy. "You'll Get Used to Her." "I Don't Want To. I Don't Have to Know Her to Know She's Full of Herself. That Isn't Something I'd Want Around Me. All of My Friends Are Awful as It Is, I Don't Need One More."

"That's Not Nice. Even Though, You're Right. Jae Lives by A. Beauty Over Brains Mindset." "Uneducated and Hopeful That Her Looks Make Up for It." "Exactly." Jungkook Turns on His Stomach and Rests His Head on His Forearms. "Is That What Alphas Down Here Go For? That's Ridiculous," Tae Bites. "For the Most Part. Who Cares About It, Though? Half Of 'Me Only Fuck and They Never Speak Again. That's How Jimin Is."

A Loud Scoff Comes from The Hallway and Jimin Steps Back into The Living Room with Hurt Written on His Face. "I Am Not Like That. Is That How You See Me?" "I Was Jo-." His Words Are Cut Off When Jimin Sits on Him and Hits Him into Tae's Legs with A Pillow. Jungkook Could Have Easily Moved Him, But There Was No Fun in Making It Something Serious. "Fucking Asshole," Jimin Huffs. He Sits Up and Moves Off of Them with A Breathy Laugh. Jungkook Pouts. "Have You Really Been Listening to Us This Whole Time?" Jimin Nods, Too Out of Breath to Speak. "Where's Yugyeom?"

Another Breath Comes from Behind Him.

"Why Leave at All If You're Just Gonna Eavesdrop?" "I'd Feel Guilty Staring You Down to Your Face," Yugyeom Says in A Hushed Voice. "All of You Do That," Tae Says. He Looks at The Wall to Avoid All of Their Eyes on Him. "Like Right Now. Stop Looking at Me."

Chapter Text

Yoongi: Hoseok’s Home
11:37 PM Dec 10
Geumgok-dong, Buk-gu, Busan

Yoongi Pulls into The Driveway Behind Hoseok's Car and Turns Off the Engine. He Isn't as Nervous as He Is Excited. It's Been A Minute Since He and Hoseok Were Actually Alone. Not Alone with The Two Children of Their Pack (Jimin And Jungkook, But Mostly Jungkook).


They Barely Talk To Each Other When Everyone Is Near Them, So He's Interested to See How Hoseok Would Be Now. The Nervousness Shoots Back When He Realizes the Reason He's Actually There. It Isn't Just to Hang Out.

He Steps Out of The Car and Slams the Door Shut So Hoseok'll Know He's Outside. One of The Neighbor's Porch Lights Spring On, But He Ignores It, And Makes His Way to The Steps of The Alpha's House. The Door Opens While He's on The Third Ascending Step and Hoseok Peeks Out with Straight, Wet Hair, A Bare Chest, And A Heart-Shaped Smile on His Face.

Yoongi Could Just Barely Make Out the Towel Wrapped Tight Around His Waist. "Did You Speed Over Here," He Laughs, Pulling the Door All the Way Open. "Must You Be So Extra? You Had an Entire Hour to Take Wash Up and You Choose the Hour That You Knew I'd Be Back in Town," Yoongi Retorts Quietly. He Loves the Visual in Front of Him, But He Still Tells Himself It's Extra.

It Takes Two Hours for Hoseok To Get from Dongnae To Buk-Gu, And Six Hours Total for Yoongi To Get from East Region to His Home in North Region, But He Wasn't Home. He Almost Was.

The Three-Hour Drive Back to ER Was A Fairly Quick Drive Considering the Low Traffic. Even If He Did Speed, He Could Lie About It.

"You Know I Alw-." A Gust of Wind Blows Over the Empty Street and Hoseok Visibly Shivers. "Okay, Small Talk Over. Come On," He Speaks. "Get Inside. It's Cold." Yoongi Complies and Walks Past Him into The House. Unlike Jungkook's House, Hoseok's Home Is Only Two Stories. Like That of The Other's House, The Furniture and Walls Are A Clean White. The Very Back Wall of The Living Room Leading to Two Archways That Open to The Kitchen and Dining Area, Is Painted Black with Scattered White and Red, Small Handprints, Ji and Jin Jin's Handprints, Decorating It.

The Black and White Couches, Armchairs, And End Tables, Fitted with Candy Cane Striped Pillows, Snowman Shaped Candles, And Heavy Blankets, Compliment Well. Hoseok Decorates His House to Fit Every Season. During the Spring and Summer, It's Very Vibrant, Open and Welcoming. During the Fall and Winter, It's Very Dark and Cozy. The Living Room They Were in Had A Lot of Space and It Wasn't Exactly Closed Off. It Was A Walkway to Every Aspect of The House Including the Backdoor, The Kitchen, The Dining Room That's Half-Walled Off from The Kitchen, And the Downstairs Bathroom.

Yoongi Takes Off His Shoes and Takes in The Atmosphere Before Sitting His Shoes by The Door. He Took Them Off Not Only Because It's A Customary Tradition for Hoseok That He Wants to Respect, But Because the Felt Carpet Covering the Hardwood Between the Couches Is A Spotless White and He Didn't Want to Dirty It. "So, What Did You Want to Talk About," He Yells as He Picks Up Mickey and Snuggles Himself into One of The Armchairs Closest to The Door Leading to The Staircase with The Puppy on His Lap. Hoseok Walks Back Downstairs and Into the Open Space with A Black Tight-Fitted T-Shirt on And A Pair of Loose Sweats.

It's Rare to See Him in Relaxed Clothing. Any Other Time, He's A Label Whore, Decked Out Head to Toe in SUPREME or Chanel. "Agh," He Sighs to Himself While Glancing in The Mirror. Yoongi Hides His Tension Through Clenched Teeth. He's Glad His Scent Isn't Strong Enough to Show It Off. "There's Nothing to Talk About...Is There?" He Asks with Genuine Curiosity, Watching the Alpha Come Around the Sectional and Sit in Front of Him.

Hoseok Laughs Then Slouches Back into The Cotton of The Sectional and His Hand Runs Through His Hair. "Don't Make This Hard for Me, Because I Really Don't Where to Start." He Laughs Again, Only This Time It's Filled with Anxiety. Yoongi Puts Mickey on The Carpet and The Pup Bounces Away. Hoseok Watches Him and Yoongi Takes the Opportunity to Scoot Close and Sit Next to Him. "Just Say It, Hobi," He Encourages.

He Knew His Scent Was Making Hoseok Feel Better. He Also Knew He Sounded Impatient, But He Truly Wanted to Know What Had Hoseok, The Most Confident of The Seven of Them, Nervous. They Look At Each Other And Hoseok Sighs Before Looking Away. "Okay," He Starts. His Hand Fidgets in His Still Wet Hair. "I Really Do Like You." The Air Catches Around Yoongi's Now Hung Open Mouth, But He Doesn't Try to Close It. "W-What?" "I-I Can't Really Even Stop It at Like," He Giggles. "You're Lying," Yoongi Bites, Shaking His Head Violently to Snap Himself Out of The Dream He's Positive He's In. He Knew Hoseok Wanted to Talk, But If He Knew It'd Be About This, He Would've Mentally Prepared Himself in His Car.

He Stares A Hole Through Hoseok And Tries His Best to Get Out What He Wants to Ask. "You Just Like Me Being Around You. You've Already Told Me That." "It's More Than That," Hoseok Says Quickly. He Sits Up and Gives Yoongi The Same Intense Eye Contact That Yoongi's Been Giving Him Since He Sat Down. Yoongi Feels His Heart Stop. "I Love Being Around You, But I'm Not Talking About Your Company. I Love You. Everything About You. Your Eyes, Your Smile. The Way Your Shoulders Bounce When You Laugh and How You Always Get Shy When Someone Tells You You're Cute." Yoongi Averts His Eyes, But He Can Still See A Smile Creep on Hoseok's Face as He Thinks About It.

"I-. I-." Yoongi Stumbles Over His Breath. "This Is Definitely A Dream," He Thinks to Himself. "Yo-You Love Me?" Yoongi Manages to Speak Clearly. His Heart Is in The Pit of His Stomach Now. "I Love You," Hoseok Says Again. "I Always Have. I Just Didn't Know How to Tell You." "I-. I Never Knew How to Tell You Either." "What?" They Lock Eyes Again, But Neither of Them Look Away. "I Love You Too," Yoongi Says with A Soft Smile. "And I'm Honestly Glad You Said It First. I Don't Think I Could Have Taken the Rejection If You Didn't Feel the Same." Hoseok Returns His Smile, Then Extends an Arm Around His Waist, Pulling Him Gently into A Tight and Warm Hug. His Scent Is Intoxicating, But A Good Intoxicating.

Yoongi Moves Away to Look at Him, Still Smiling. He Closes the Gap Between Their Lips and Hoseok Holds Him Closer as Their Lips Meet. It Almost Feels Too Good to Be True...

But He's Glad It Is.

The Kiss Is Passionate and Slow. Neither of Them Wanted to Rush Anything About It. Yoongi Knew It'd Be Too Early in Their Relationship to Have Sex, Even Though They Both Really Wanted To. He Has to Fight Himself to Break the Kiss and When He Does, The Other Nuzzles His Face into His Neck. Hoseok Has Always Been Affectionate with Yoongi, And He and Jungkook Are the Only Alphas Who Ever Really Are. Jimin Stopped Being Affectionate with Him Soon After They Broke Up, Although They're Still Very Close Friends. He Lowers His Head to The Crown of Hoseok's Hair. "Don't You Have to Mark Me," He Asks Quietly. His Fingers Instinctively Rub and Pull at His Earlobe.

Only He Knows Hoseok Is Sensitive There.

"Do You Want Me To?" Yoongi Nods Against His Hair and Hoseok Moves His Head to Look at Him. "It's Gonna Hurt," He Whines Softly. "I Don't Care. I Want You To." Yoongi Kisses Him Again to Let Him Know It's Okay. He Felt Amazing Knowing He Could Kiss Hoseok Whenever He Wanted to Now. He Moves the Collar of His Jacket and Bares His Neck, Mentally Preparing Himself for The Sting That Was to Come. "Don't Warn Me, Ju-." His Breath Chokes Him When He Feels Hoseok's Fangs Dig Deep into His Scent Gland. It Wasn't A Pleasant Feeling, But It Wasn't A Bad Feeling Either. He Holds Back the Urge to Jerk Away, And the Sting Soon Fades and Hoseok's Fangs Retract. He Licks the Area to Soothe It Before Offering His Neck. Yoongi Stares at Him in Surprise.

"Y-You Want Me to Bite You?" "Of Course, I Do," Hoseok Laughs from Under Him. "I'd Be Lying If I Said I Wasn't Saving Myself for You," He Says with Clarity. "I Wanna Be All Yours. Mark Me." He Tilts His Head More and Yoongi Combs His Fingers Through Hoseok's Hair and Kisses His Neck Before Sinking His Own Fangs into The Other's Scent Gland. He Can Feel Hoseok Tense Under Him, And He Caresses His Cheek with His Hand. A Soft Sigh of Affection Comes from The Other and The Squint of His Eyes Disappear When He Relaxes.

The Taste of Blood Crowds into Yoongi's Mouth and He Gags at The Irony Taste, Wiping His Tongue on His Jacket Sleeve When His Fangs Retract and He Can Move Away. "Sorry If I Bit Too Hard," He Says Quietly. "I'm Not Really Used to Marking People." Hoseok Hugs Him Close. "It's Fine. I'll Be Used to It In 10 More Years." The Thought of Being with Hoseok for 10 Years, Forever, Makes Yoongi Smile Hard Enough for The Line of His Gums to Show. "We're Gonna Be So Old," He Laughs, Leaning Himself to The Side and Taking the Body Under Him with Him When He Lays Down on His Back. Hoseok Fits Himself Between His Legs and They Stare At Each Other In A Comfortable Silence.

"I Love You, Alpha," Yoongi Mewls Softly. Hoseok Smiles Down at Him. "I Love You More." They Kiss Again, Hungrily Savoring the Taste Of Each Other.

Taehyung: Guest Bedroom
3:16 AM Dec 11
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Tae Hugs Himself into The Cover with A Quiet Whimper. His Stomach Was Killing Him and He Really Wanted to Get Up and Find Some Medicine, But He Knew It Would Hurt More to Move. He Pushes His Hips Back into The Curve of Yugyeom's Back in Desperation. "Yuggye. Yuggye, Wake Up." He Doesn't Budge. He Doesn't Even Mutter A Sound. He's Tucked Away in Comfort, Sound Asleep. Tae Whines into His Pillow in Frustration.

He Hates Cramps, And He Hates Even More Getting Them A Day Early. They Usually Hit Him Hard Before A Heat Kicks Up, But Never Like This and Never This Early On. Yugyeom Hums in His Sleep Before Letting Out A Loud Snore. Tae Snaps His Head Around Bemused. He Isn't Sure Why He Didn't Accept Jungkook's Offer to Sleep with Him. Yugyeom's Snoring Wasn't as Annoying as It Was Loud, And He Tuned It Out the Majority of The Time They Were Asleep, But Now That He Was Awake, He Wanted Peace and Quiet.

He Won't Make It If He Tries to Go Upstairs on His Own. That Much He Knows.

"If He Really Is My Fated Mate, Then He'd Come If My Scent Changes," Tae Says to Himself. Yugyeom Snores A Response but He Tunes It Out. He Floods His Mind with Sad Things: Trying His Best to Manipulate His Scent. Nothing Works. He Closes His Eyes and Thinks Hard.

Mental Images of His Fathers Flash into The Darkness of His Eyelids. He Can See Their Smiles That Always Hold Their Face Whenever They See Him. Their Open Arms Waiting and Beckoning Him for A Hug. He Can Almost Hear Them Laughing and Calling Out to Him, Telling Him How Much They Love Him, Miss Him. Want Him to Come Back Home and Visit Them.

He Blinks Back His Tears, Tense with Different Emotions but Even More When He Feels Someone Moving Him. The Smell of Rain Is Washing Over His Nose in Waves. He Pretends to Sleep While He's Moved. His Body Is Placed Gently in A Bundle of Covers and The Warmth of Jungkook Moves from Over Him Then Away from Him After He's Settled In.

He Hears the Door Close and He Opens His Eyes to A Dark Room and Empty Bed. A Sigh of Content Breaks the Air, But He Can't Help but Feel A Little Anxious. The Thought Makes His Stomach Hurt Worse. Jungkook Came to Get Him the Very Second His Scent Changes. And It Wasn't at All Strong Enough to Set Off Jimin's Alpha or Yugyeom's Calming Pheromones. How Would Jungkook Have Known? He Couldn't Have Known...Unless?

He Tries Not to Think Too Much About It as He Curls into The Warmth of The Covers. The Lock Clicks and The Door Swings Open Again, Sending in A Draft of Cold Air That Hits Tae's Face. The Cover Is Warm Enough for Him Not to Shiver in The Sudden Temperature Drop. Jungkook Steps into The Room and Quietly Nudges the Door Shut with His Foot. His Hands Are Too Occupied Holding A Tall Glass of Ice Water and A Small Orange Bottle Filled with Pills.

Tae Sits Himself Up, And Jungkook Almost Stops Completely in His Tracks When He Moves Before Continuing to The Bed and Taking A Seat by His Covered Thigh. He's Quiet and Tae Feels Bad Knowing He Woke Him Up Out of Pure Selfish Need. He Forgot Jungkook Mentioned Going to Class for An Exam, And That Makes Him Feel Worse. He Waits for The Alpha to Hand Him the Bottle and The Glass of Water Before Setting It on The Bedside Table.

Even Though He Knew the Answer, He Asks Anyway. "Alpha, Did I Wake You?" It Comes Out as A Whine So High Pitched He Has to Wonder If It Was Him That Actually Spoke. Jungkook Nods but Waves A Dismissive Hand. He Pulls Himself onto The Bed and Lays Down Horizontally in Front of Tae's Feet with An Exhale. The Moonlight Makes Him Look Like A Silhouette.

Tae Pouts Even Though Jungkook Can't See and Crawls Over onto His Back with A Sigh. His Back, Like the Rest of His Upper Body, Was Toned, But Soft and It Made for A Fantastic Pillow. The Smell of Oak Was Radiating from Him but Was Quickly Being Washed Over with The Smell of Rain When Tae Rested His Head on Him.

"I'm Sorry, Alpha," Tae Coos into His Back. His Stomach Is Still Hurting, But He Pushes the Pain Away as Best as He Can Until Jungkook Lets Him Know It’s Okay. A Low, Throaty Croak Rumbles from Jungkook, But He Still Doesn't Speak, Making Tae’s Omega Feel A Lot Better. He Nuzzles His Back and Smiles When A Sigh of Affection Makes His Ear Twitch. He Moves Away and Grabs the Glass and Pill from The Bottle That Has An 800 Inscribed on One Side. The Pill Wasn’t Big, But It Wasn’t Small. He Still Tosses It into His Mouth with No Hesitation and Drinks Down Half of The Glass.

His Cramps Slowly Begin to Subside, But He Sits Up For 25 More Minutes, Waiting for The Pill to Work Efficiently Before Moving Back Over and Tucking Himself into The Alpha's Side. “Alpha. Can You H-.” Jungkook's Arm Once Again Falls Down Tight Around Him, Pulling Him Closer and Making Him Feel Safer Than Safe. “Thank you,” he mewls softly. He Falls Asleep Swiftly Under His Warmth.


Taehyung: Jungkook’s Bedroom
9:47 AM Dec 11
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Tae Stirs in His Sleep and His Eyes Flutter Open. His Cramps Are Slowly Returning, But Not as Hard as They Hit Him Before Which Is Good. He's Tucked Under the Covers and The Shower Is Running, But It's Yugyeom's Voice Screeching from The Closed Door. Tae Holds Back His Laugh at How Awful the Beta Sounds.

Yugyeom Was A Good Singer, And an Ever-Better Dancer from What Tae Has Seen in Omega Ave, So He Wasn't Quite Sure Why He'd Purposely Crack and Hoarse His Voice to Sound the Way He Does Now. Tae Rolls Away from The Bed Stands to His Feet with A Happy Exhale and Walks to The Bathroom to Empty His Bladder. When He Knocks on The Door, Yugyeom's Singing Halts. "I'm Coming In To Pee," Tae Says Quietly While Pushing the Door Open and Stepping into The Bathroom. Yugyeom Closes the Curtain Back and Continues to Screech at The Top of His Lungs, Causing Tae To Hyperventilate with Laughter.

"Were You Calling Me in Your Sleep Last Night," He Asks Suddenly, Peeking Out of The Curtain. His Eyes Fall to Tae's Naked Lower Half and Tae Snaps His Fingers While Yelling Gibberish to Get His Attention. "Sorry," He Laughs Sheepishly. "I'm So Sorry, Believe Me. I Don't Even Know Why I Looked." "Curiosity Killed the Cat," Tae Says. He Fakes A Gag When He Realizes He Sounds Like Jungkook. "You Sound Like Kookie. He Says That So Much," Yugyeom Verbally Agrees. He Leans Back into The Curtain. "Can You Answer My Question?" "Yes, I Was Calling You. The Fact That You Know I Was Calling You Means You Ignored Me," Tae Whines.

He Shakes Himself Dry, Pulls Up His Sweats, And Flushes the Toilet. "I Wasn't Ignoring You. It Was Coming Off as Something Else in My Dream." Ugh. Tae Rolls His Eyes. "What Were You Dreaming About, For Me Calling You to Come Out as Something Else." Tae Thinks for A Second Then Quickly Speaks. "Don't Answer That. I Think I Know." Yugyeom Laughs. "Why Would You Be Thinking of Me Like That, You Perv?" "I Wasn-. I Mean It Wa-. Uhh. I Was Dreaming About You and Jungkook," He Says Through Stutters.

Tae Blinks Back His Confusion. "You Were Dreaming About Me and Jungkook...Doing What?" He's Leaned Over the Sink with Wet Hands Checking His Face for Any New Pimples or Blemishes. When He's Satisfied, He Sits on The Toilet Seat to Listen. "You Should Already Know. I Don't Know Why I Am, I Keep Getting Visions." "Visions, Huh? Are You Sure You Aren't Some Kind of Beta Hybrid?" Beta Hybrids Are A Kind of Beta Than Can See (Kinda) Into the Future Through Visions or Visuals. 99% Of Everything They See Is Accurate.

They're A Very Rare Breed.

Yugyeom Huffs from The Shower. "I Don't Think I Am. We'll See," He Says. The Shower Turns Off and He Throws the Shower Curtain Over, Exposing Himself Completely to Tae's Virgin Eyes with A Smile. Tae's Mouth Drops and He Quickly Looks Away, Standing to His Feet and Tripping Over Himself to Run Out of The Bathroom with Exasperated Huffs. "I Did Not Just See That," He Says to Himself. "Don't You Have Any Shame?!" All He Can Hear Is Yugyeom's Witch Laugh Echoing from The Bathroom. "You'll Be Okay," He Screams Back. The Knob Twists and Tae Skips to The Bedroom Door and Out of The Room Before Yugyeom Can Scar Him Any More.

Chapter Text


Jungkook: University
10:52 AM Dec 11
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Jungkook Slouches into His Computer Chair. The Exam Didn't Take as Long as He Thought It Would nor As Long as He Wanted It to Even Though He Could Have Taken His Time to Drag It Out. He Excelled, Amazingly, With A 93.7%. His Professor Left Soon After Recording His Grade and Officially Dismissing Him as A Student, Ruffling His Hair While Wishing Him Well, And Telling Him That He Hopes to Get A Bright Pupil Like Him Next Semester.

He's Always Had A Strong Relationship with His Professor and He Loved Knowing That It'll Stay That Way Whether He Was in His Class or Not. It Wasn't Often He Considered an Older Man A Father Figure, But His Professor Certainly Took Up the Role of One.

After the Man Left, Jungkook Stayed for A While to Use the Computer. He Didn't Do Much Other Than Catch Up on News, Look at Memes, And Scroll Through Twitter. "I Should Really Upload Something New," He Says with A Chuckle, Realizing That the Last Post He Shared Was Over Two Years Ago When His Hair Was Shorter and A Light Brown. He Couldn't Fathom How He Still Managed to Have Over 18 Thousand Followers.

He Wheels Himself Over to The Couch in The Corner and Moves from The Computer Chair to The Leather Cushion While Pulling Out His Phone. The Photo Uploads Quickly Despite the Lack Of WIFI.


Jung Kook Jeon

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The post blows up quickly.


Jung Kook Jeon

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Jimin's tweet stands out the most to him because's Jimin.


You're so cute ㅋㅋㅋ. Come home soon. Jungkook Jeon @JeonJCooky 🎯 ❤ 829 11:13 AM - 11 December 2019 721 people are talking about this

He Expected as Much. Unlike Himself, Jimin Was Always on Twitter. Even Got His Account Verified So He Could Be Seen As "Important."

It Was Still Early in The Morning, And Though He Didn't Care to Go Home, He Does Anyway. He Packs Up to Leave, Turning Off All of The Computers Like the Signs Hanging on The Board Asks, Pushing in All the Chairs, And Closing the Lab Door After Turning Off the Light Before Heading Out to The Front of The Building to The Student Parking Lot. The Walk to The Lot Was 20 Minutes.

A Long Ass Walk That He Was Well Over Used to Making.

He Was Glad He Had His Own Car. He'd Seen A Lot of Students Sit Outside and Wait for Hours on End for Their Ride to Arrive. He'd Even Offer A Ride to Some of Them That He Knew. His Car Was A Birthday Gift from Hoseok On His 19th Birthday and He Was Sure to Make Good Use of It.

He Lets His Airpods Serenade Him as He Moves Through the Empty Lot That Used to Be Filled with Cars, Eyes Glued in His Phone, And His Bag Hung Loose Over His Shoulder.

A Tug on His Waist Brings Him Out of His Harmony and He Turns to See Jae Walking Close Behind Him with A Smile on Her Face, A Leash Around Her Wrist and Sunja Walking by Her Side. She's Dressed in A Tight Beige Sweater, A Black Beanie, And A Black Skirt. Her Tan Boots Are Covering the Majority of Her Legs. Jungkook Blows A Harsh Breath, Turning Up the Music in His Ears, And Quickening His Pace to Get Away from Her.

It Wasn't That He Didn't Like Jae, Because He Did Enjoy Her Company...Sometimes. Just Not When She Was in Heat.

She Catches Up to Him Again and Yanks One of The Earphones from His Ear Before Speaking. "You Didn't Tell Me You'd Be Up Here Today. I Thought You Were Finish with Your Exams?" "I Don't Have to Tell You Shit," He Spits. "It Would've Been Nice to Know," She Sulks. "How's Your Friend Doing?" "What Friend?" "What Was His Name? Terrance? Terry?" Her Eyes Dart to The Right as She Looks Up at The Sky.

Jungkook Knew She Knew Tae's Name, But He Didn't Try to Give Her the Benefit of The Doubt of Correcting Her. He Instead Walks to His Car in Silence with Her Trailing Behind. "What's His Name?" She Asks, Walking to The Passenger Side When They Finally Reach the Vehicle. Jungkook Ignores Her Still. He Was Getting Annoyed with Her but Decided Not to Let It Get to Him. His Mind Was Somewhere Else. He Wasn't Thinking About Tae Until She Brought Him Up.

But Now That He Was Thinking About Him...He Couldn't Stop.

He Rests Himself in The Seat of His Car and Adjusts His Mirrors While She Blabs on About How Her Day Was in The Seat Adjacent. He Didn't Exactly Agree to Her Riding with Him, But It Was Too Late to Get Rid of Her Now. He Adjusts His Seat and Starts the Engine, Pulling Out of The Parking Space, Out of The Lot, And onto The Street in The Direction of Their Homes.

"Are You and Terrell Dating Now?" The Question Catches Him Off Guard, But He Retorts Quickly. "You're Gonna Stop Disrespecting Him, Jae. You Know Damn Well What His Name Is." "Oh. Finally, You Answer Me. Are You Two Dating? How Come You'd Date Him and Not Me?" "Why Would I Want To? You're Annoying." He Glances at The Clock Then Back to The Street. "I Can Learn Not to Be," The Omega Mewls Quietly. "You Never Give Me Any Chances to Show You." Jungkook Lets Out A Cold Laugh. "Aren't You with Hoshi? Would He Approve of You Asking Me to Give You A Chance?" Jae Rolls Her Eyes. "Hoshi Doesn't Care What I Do Anymore," She Sighs. Her Sad Tones Makes Sunja Whimper Under Her Seat.

Jungkook Isn't Surprised.

"I Wanna Break Up with Him," She Admits.

That Surprises Him.

He Laughs Against Himself but Stops When He Catches the Look on Her Face. "I'd Sympathize, But He Never Treated You Right from The Jump. I Been Warned You Not to Get Caught Up with His Bullshit." She Sighs Again. "I Know. I'm Sorry for Not Listening." "Don't Be. You're Nothing to Me, I Could Care Less If You Listen or Not." His Phone Lights Up with A Text from Namjoon, But He Doesn't Bother to Check It. The Ride Continues in Silence, With Jae Finally Understanding That Jungkook Doesn't Care About Her as Much as She's Let Herself Believe.


Jungkook: Home
12:47 PM Dec 11
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Jungkook Whips The Car Into The Driveway And Shuts Off The Engine. "Bye," He Huffs Quietly, Turning His Attention To The Other In The Car With Him And Motioning For Her To Get Out. He Reaches Down And Pets The Puppy On The Carpet Between Her Feet And Jae Shrugs His Arm Off Of Her Knee. The Gesture Pokes Fun At His Alpha, But He Blows It Off. She Doesn't Speak While Departing From The Car.

Sunja Follows Her And The Two Of Them Walk Over To Her House, Up The Stairs, And Into The Door, Disappearing From View. Jungkook Steps Out Soon After She Does And Walks To His Own Porch After Double Tapping The Lock Button On His Key Chain, Once To Lock The Doors To His Car And Again To Activate The Alarm.

Yugyeom Is Chasing Tae Around The Yard With A Huge Ball Of Snow Taking Up His Palms. The Two Of Them Look Like Overgrown Children Giggling And Playing, But It's A Cute Scene. Jimin Is Sat On The Second Descending Step With An Exhausted Look On His Face. "Is This Why You Said, 'Come Home Soon'?" He Nods. "How'd The Exam Go? I Thought It'd At Least Take Three Hours." "It Was Fairly Easy," Jungkook Sighs, Plopping Down Next To The Tired Alpha. "What's Up With Those Two?" "I Wish I Could Tell You. They've Both Been Giddy All Day."

Jimin Drags A Hand Down His Face. "I Heard Tae Screaming From Your Room Earlier, But I Didn'-." "You What?"

Jungkook Can Hear The Vexation In His Tone, And It Makes Jimin Look At Him Crazy. "Not That Kind Of Screaming, Kiddo. I Don't Think Yugyeom Would Be That Stupid To Try And Do Anything With Tae." Jungkook Exhales Slowly. Something In Him Wanted To Believe That, But He Knew Yugyeom Better Than Anyone. His Scent Was Flaring And He Can See Tae Sneaking Glances At Him While He And Yugyeom Put Together A Snowman By The Hedges. "Could You Make Out What He Was Screaming?" Jimin Nudges Him Softly.

A Small Show Of Assurance.

"I Told You It Wasn't Like That. It Wasn't A Sexual Scream. More Like..." He Glances Away For The Right Word. "Terrified? He Asked Him If He Had Any Shame." "Ahhhh. I Know What He Did," Jungkook Sighs. "Remember When He Flashed You While In The Shower?" "Mmm." "That's What Happened. I Can't Even Be Mad About That, I Knew It Was Coming Eventually." Jimin Laughs And Jungkook Relaxes. His Scent Still Smells Like A Burning Cigar, But It's Slowly Dispersing. He Tenses Again When Tae's Scent Hits His Nose.

The Omega Bounces Onto The Porch, Having Finished Their Bare Naked Snowman, And Circles Around Him, Rocking Them Both Back, Then Forth When He Hugs Him.

He Smells Different. As If Someone Had Just Finished Squeezing Fresh Lemons. The Gold Of His Eyes Are Glossed And Hazy.

His Smell Makes Jungkook's Head Hurt.

An Omega's Heat Can Last For Up To Four Days. That Number Can Drop If Their Alpha Fucks Them Out Of It. During Those Four Days, Their Behavior Can Range From Standoffish To Clingy, Clingy To Irritable, Irate To Affectionate, And Affectionate To Clingy. Even The Most Defiant Omegas Become Docile And Grounded While In Heat.

Jungkook Could Guess This Was Taehyung's Affectionate Omega Peering Through.

"Kookie," The Other Mewls From Behind Him. He Glances Over His Shoulder, But Doesn't Answer. Tae Keeps Whining, Drawing A Smirk From Jimin And A Scoff From Jungkook. His Nose Bounces Between Jungkook's Shoulder Blade And The Triangle Of His Neck Before He Speaks Again.

"Why Do You Smell Angry?" "I'm No-." A Weight Comes Down On His Back And Jungkook Leans Against It So They Don't Fall Forward Off Of The Step. It Was Well Under 50 Degrees Outside, But Tae's Body Felt Hot Against Him. "I'm Not Angry," He Hums In Response. His Eyes Grow Wide When He Realizes The Omega Is Biting Down On The Tip Of His Ear While He Answers Him.

It's Something He's Used To, So He Doesn't Mind It. Jin Does The Same Thing When Jungkook Is Upset Around Him. Jin...

"Fuck. I Need To Call Jin," He Thinks Out Loud. The Pups Come Over Every Monday, Wednesday, And Friday To Sit With Them Until Namjoon Gets Off At 7. After What Jungkook Did, He Was Sure Jin Wanted Nothing To Do With Him. He Was Also Sure He Wouldn't Wanna Be Around Or Have Ji And Jinsoo Around Taehyung During His Heat.

He Stares At Jimin Like He's Waiting For The Alpha To Say Something...

After A Pause, And A Winded Breath, He Finally Does.

"Are You Sure He's Gonna Wanna Listen? If He Hasn't Reached Out To You, Then You Shouldn't Waste Time Reaching Out To Him."

"He's Gonna Listen To Whatever The Fuck I Say To Him," Jungkook Spits. Jungkook Loved Jin With Everything...But There Was One Thing He Always Hated. His Petty Behavior. Jin Is As Petty As He Is Caring. Whenever He Doesn't Get His Way, He Shuts Out Everyone Except Namjoon And His Pups And Uses The Three As A Reason To Talk Shit Or Carry What Jimin And Jungkook Call His Petty Mail.

As Annoyed As He Wants To Feel About It In That Moment, It's Proving Hard With Tae Nuzzling At The Back Of His Neck. The Omega Is Now Wrapped Around His Back Completely, And Has Been Scenting Him Tirelessly Over The Last Few Minutes. He's Starting To Hate It, But He Doesn't Push Him Off And Tell Him To Go Inside Like He Wants To.

"You Know He's Not Gonna Answer. Unless You're Planning To Keep Calling Back Until He Does." Jimin Combs His Hair With His Fingers While Speaking. "I Might Be," Jungkook Responds, Grabbing His Phone From The Bag Between His Legs And Dialing Jin's Number. The Line Trills For What Feels Like Forever Before Rolling Over To Voicemail. He Dials It Back Again And Again Until The Line Finally Clicks Over And Someone's Voice, But Not Jin's Voice, Booms Over The Speaker.

"Kookie, I'm Busy. Are You Okay?"

"Where's Jin?"

"Home. He Said He Wasn't Feeling Well." Jungkook Scoffs.

"What's That Scoff For? I'm Sure You Know Something I Don't?" The Small Aggression Behind His Tone Makes Jungkook Wince. Of All The Alphas In Their Pack, Namjoon Was The Only One Who Jungkook Was Kind Of Afraid Of. Not Because He Was Aggressive...But Because He Wasn't. He'd Play With Your Mental And Make You Believe You Were Crazy, Driving You To Harm Yourself Before He Could Even Think About Raising His Fists. Though It Was Something Jungkook Admired, It Was Also Something He Feared.

Namjoon Was A King At Mind Games.

"Judging By That Question, I Guess Jin Already Told You What Happened." Tae's Nails Scratch Gently At His Chest And He Pushes The Omegas Hand Away. "Don't Move Me," Tae Whines From Behind Him. He Gropes Him Again With A Small Pout And Jungkook Just Smiles. He Turns His Attention Back To The Call Just In Time To Hear Namjoon Explaining Why Jin Said He Wasn't Feeling Well.

"-Ying For The Past Couple Of Days. You Of All People Turning On Him Like That Put Him In Such A Weak Headspace." He Catches A Breath From His Rambling.

"He Won't Feel Better Until He Knows You Love Him Still And He Can Talk To Tae."

"Tae Probably Won't Be Able To Talk To Him Any Time Soon," Jungkook Says Quietly.

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Veranda
1:54 PM Dec 11
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Tae Listens to Jungkook Speaking into The Phone About Why He Won't Be Able to Talk to Jin. For the Most Part, Everything He's Saying Is True. Tae Wouldn't Want Jin Around Him While He's in Heat, And He Wouldn't Want Him Around Jungkook Or Jimin Either. Jimin Is Amazingly Quiet, Compared to How He's Been the Past Day or So. Tae Sneaks Glances Over at Him and The Scratches on His Neck Are Still Very Visible. The Fact That the Alpha Wasn't Trying to Hide Them Makes Him Happy.

Tae Put Jimin Through Hell. The Last Thing Any Alpha Wants Is to Be Held Down Against Their Will and Scented by An Omega in Heat. It Was Not at All A Pretty Sight, But Yugyeom Found It Utterly Hilarious. It Had to Be Done. Jimin's Scent Was Enough to Make Him Wet, So He Knew Jungkook's Would Make Him Gush with Slick the Second It Hit His Nose.

That Is Not Something He Wanted to Deal with This Early into His Heat. He's Already Lost Two Pairs of Boxers Being Around Jimin, Which Is Why He Had to Scent Him.

He Rests His Head on The Broad Space of Jungkook's Back. He Smells Like Him Now as Well. Tae Had to Admit, He Was Surprised Jungkook Showed Little Resistance to Being Scented, But Something Inside of Him Expected the Alpha Not to Care. He's Still on The Phone, His Tone A Bit Softer Now That He's Speaking to Jin Who's Loudly Whining Apologies from The Other Line. Tae Has Never Seen an Alpha Apologize to An Omega and Actually Mean It. The Two Would Have to Be Very Close for Something Like That. Most Alphas Wouldn't Bother Trying to Say They Were Sorry. Their Pride Wouldn't Allow It.

Tae Is Happy. His Cramps Are Subdued Under 1600 Mg of Ibuprofen and He's Feeling Good. Great Even. He Was the One Who Suggested They Sit Outside for The Day Instead of Being Inside the House, And It Was A Decision He Didn't Regret the Second It Dropped from His Lips. He Was Wearing What His Alpha Father Would Consider Next to Nothing. A Snug Hoodie Over A Pair of Boxers That He Cut into The Shortest Pair of Shorts He's Ever Worn...And A Pair of Socks. Given That It Was Cold as Fuck Outside, Anyone Who Saw Him Then Would Know Instantly That He's in Heat with How Much Skin He's Baring, But He Doesn't Care. Apart From A Few Kids, The Winter Streets Were More Naked Than He Was. A Car Would Drive by Every Now and Again, But That Was About It.

The Line Clicks After 20 Minutes and Tae Watches Jungkook Lean Over into His Hands with A Sigh. His Strong Scent Is Starting to Radiate and It's Making Tae Sweat. He Doesn't Smell Sad or Angry. He Just Smells Amazing. Tae Decides Against Asking If He's Okay, And He Doesn't Have to Anyway Because Yugyeom Does Before He Can Muster the Courage. "I'm Good," Jungkook Answers. "Jin Is Just. A Handful." "Are You Two Back on Good Terms?" Jimin Looks Just as Concerned, If Not More, Than Yugyeom Does While Asking. Jungkook Nods. "We're Good."

Jimin Sighs Audibly, And the Children Playing Across the Street Turn Their Heads When Jungkook's Loud Witch Laugh Echoes in The Air. "Did You Really Think Jin Would Stay Mad at Me for Long? I Just Wish I Could Hug Him and Show Him I'm Sorry." Tae Leans Back on His Palms and Daydreams While Listening to The Alphas Talk and Joke. Yugyeom Is Stationary in Front of Jimin, Playing with His Hair Like He Always Is. What Catches His Eye Is Jimin's Hands Subconsciously Rubbing and Caressing the Beta's Thighs, A Lot Higher Than Most Would Be Comfortable With.

Yugyeom Is Jungkook's Best Friend. That's Obvious. Yet...He Clings to Jimin More Than He Does Jungkook. He's Also A Lot Touchier with Jimin Than He Is with Jungkook.

It Started Eating at Tae And He Really Wanted to Know If the Two Were A Couple, But He Knew It Was None of His Business. He Couldn't Help but Wonder What His Friends Were Doing. His "Friends".

Of Course, He Could Go Home at Any Time, But He Really Didn't Want To. In Seoul, He Was Considered One of The Beautiful Omegas, And Was Always Put on A Pedestal Wherever He Went Because Of His Visuals.

Here, Nothing Like That Ever Happened. At Least Not Yet. Alphas Weren't Trying to Kiss His Ass and Impress Him in Hopes of Breeding. He Could Move Around Outside Without Having Anyone Stare or Make Vulgar Comments Towards Him. The Only Reason He Can Think of As to Why Is the Fact That He's Almost Always Around an Alpha That Doesn't Look Old Enough to Be His Father.

That Fact Alone Makes It Even Better.

He Didn't Miss Anything About His Life in North Region Other Than His Fathers and His Dogs. He Knew His Friends Weren't Searching for Him Like They'd Search for A Birkin Bag or A Gucci Sweater Whenever They All Went Shopping. He Finds It Funny Now That He Made It A Running Joke with Them Saying He'd Disappear One Day and They'd Have No Clue.

The Irony.

He Sits for A While Longer, Thinking About His Fathers Until A Ball of Snow Slaps His Face. "Sorry," He Can Hear Jimin Laugh Out Loud. Tae Was So Gone in His Thoughts That He Was Unaware Jimin And Yugyeom Were Running Around the Yard Pelting Each Other With Snowballs. He Had an Idea That Jungkook Had Disappeared Somewhere When the Space Between His Legs Went Cold and Felt Empty. He Loved Being Outside, But He Wanted to Be with Jungkook, And the Only Place He Could Have Gone Was Inside. "It's Okay," He Yells to Jimin. "Where's Kookie?"

"He Went Inside," Yugyeom Says Quietly.

Called It.

Tae Whines to Himself and Turns Over to His Stomach, Arching His Back and Stretching Like A Cat Before Crawling to The Front Door. It Completely Blanked His Mind That He Wasn't Wearing Sweatpants Like He Usually Is, And A Blush Takes Over His Face When He Realizes He Just Gave Jimin And Yugyeom a Memorable Sight of Semi-Naked Lower Half Under His T Shirt. "Sorry! Please Don't Look at Me," He Yells with A Pout. He Only Gets Laughter in Response.

He Makes His Way to The Door and It Flies Open as Soon as He Does. Jungkook Looks Down at Him with An Amused Confusion on His Face. Tae Ignores It, Crawling Past the Alphas Long Legs and Into the House to The Second Living Room on The Left.

The Vent in The Archway That Was Originally Flowing with Warm Air Is Stale When He Crawls Over It, Letting Him Know That Jungkook Turned the Heat Off. "Augh," Tae Sighs, Pulling Himself Up onto The Couch. He Rolls Around with Content, Not Caring That Jungkook Has Walked Back and Is Watching Him from The Arch Frame "You're A Cat Now?" Tae Meows in Response and Jungkook Exhales Loudly While Walking into The Room and Sitting on The Floor. His Scent Is Back Stronger and It Puts Tae On Alert.

"I Have to Scent You Again," He Says, Moving from The Couch and To the Floor. "No," Jungkook Barks. Tae Watches Him Scoot Away and He Moves Closer. "I Don't Do Well with People Scratching Me. I Saw That Shit on Jimin's Neck." "I Won't Scratch You If You Just Stay Still," Tae Mewls Quietly. Jungkook Starts Laughing with Delusion Again, His Eyes Shaping into Crescents While His Head Falls Back.

Tae Takes the Opportunity to Get Closer, Pulling Jungkook Out of His Laughing Fit. "Tae, Back Up," Jungkook Huffs Between Giggles. "I'm Telling You This Won't End the Way You Think It Will." His Hands Fly Up to Protect His Neck and Tae Smiles as Hard as Jungkook Is. "Just Let It Happen! It Won't Be Bad."

If You Haven't Gotten It Already...Alphas Hate Being Scented.

An Alphas Scent Is Like That Last Piece of Pizza That You Want, But Your Younger Sibling Wants Too or The Photocard Of Your Beautiful Bias That Your Best Friend Got Instead of You and Leaves Unattended on Her Nightstand Whenever You Visit to See If You Try To Steal It. (Speaking From Experience. My Best Friend Sucks. Fuck You, Krysten.)


To Sum Up How Scenting an Alpha Is Achieved in One Word? Force.

Tae Pushes Himself onto Jungkook And Tries His Best to Force the Alpha Down to The Carpet. Jungkook's Putting Up A Fight, But Not as Much as He Could Be. He's Too Busy Laughing to Try and Take Away Tae's Weight Moving Him Down. "J-Just Laaay Down," Tae Grunts. He Forces Jungkook Down and When His Back Is to The Carpet, He Starts Yell-Laughing for Tae To Move. "You Did This to Yourself," Tae Quips. Jungkook Is Still Flailing His Arms Even Though Tae Has Them by The Wrists. "Let Me Go," He Pouts from Under Him. He's Panting Softly, But Still Smiling.

The Air Is Thick with Good Tension.

Tae Takes A Minute to Catch His Breath Before Scenting. Something About the Alpha Laying Under Him, Sweaty and Panting with An Oaky/Lemony Scent All Over Him Makes Tae's Legs Feel Queasy. It's A Sure Sight He Would Love Getting Used To. The Other's Eyes Are Still Closed and He's Still Whining but Not Verbally. He Jerks His Hips Around to Get Tae To Move, But Tae's Stable. Jimin Comes Running into The Small Living Room with Yugyeom Following, Both Wearing A Smile. Both Alphas Begin Harmonizing with Laughter. "Hyung, Help Me," Jungkook Whines with A Giggle.

Jimin Laughs Louder and Harder. His Laugh Has Always Been the Most Normal, But It's Turning into A Hearty Cackle Like the Two Youngers. "I Don't Think You're Sure You Want Me To." Jungkook's Bunny Smile Makes A Rare Appearance as He Turns Away from All of Their Stares.

"Can You Two Get Out? This Doesn't Concern You." Jimin Huffs at Tae's Request and Tae Smiles at Him. "Not Until I See You Put Him Through the Bullshit You Put Me Through." "I Could...But Maybe I Don't Wa-." Jungkook Throws Tae Off of Him, Catches Him Before He Can Hit the Carpeted Floor, Then Jumps Over Him in A Full Sprint Out of The Living Room. "Oh Shit," Yugyeom Laughs. Tae Jumps to His Feet and Him and The Beta Both Take Off After Jungkook, Leaving Jimin In the Living Room.

Taehyung: Patio
3:42 PM Dec 11
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Jungkook Is A Magician. Tae Is Sure of It. Either the Asshole Knows Magic and Can Disappear at Will or Tae Is Just Awful with Direction.

Or Both. Because Tae Is Awful with Direction.

He Lost Yugyeom In the House When the Beta Chased Jungkook Up Then Downstairs and Outside to Where He's Resting Now. The Patio Is Empty Though, So He's Confused. He's Been Calling Them for Ages And No One Has Popped Up. Since He's Alone, He Decides to Take in The View of Their Backyard. "Amazing. As Expected," He Thinks to Himself. The Patio Is Sat High Above the Pool Deck.

The Marble Surrounding the Pool Is as Gorgeous as Mountain Covering Most of The Backdrop. He Leans on The Railing with A Sigh, Resting His Cheek on The Palm of His Hand. He Wanted to Know How the Hell Two College Students Were Doing Well Enough to Own A House This Amazing. And in Such an Amazing Neighborhood.

He Can Hear Panting from Behind Him and An Arm Wraps Tight Around His Hips, Pulling Him Away from The Railing That He's Desperately Clinging To. "Fucki-. Let Go, Stupid," Yugyeom Drags. Tae Gets Yanked Away from The Railing and Pulled Back into The House. "Yuggye? Where's Jung-." "Shh! Shut the Hell Up." Yugyeom Pulls Tae Into the Linen Closet in Front of The Stairs and Slowly Closes the Door, Holding the Knob Twisted So the Lock Doesn't Click.

"Can You Control Your Scent?" Tae Shakes His Head. "Please Fucking Try To. Jungkook May or May Not Be Pissed Off," The Beta Whines. Heavy Footsteps Pass in Front of The Door and Depart Up the Stairs. Tae Side Eyes Yugyeom Behind Him. "What the Hell Did You Do?" Yugyeom Laughs at The Annoyance in Tae's Tone.

"He Was Feeling A Little Hot So I Cooled Him Off. I'm Quite Proud of It." He Hitches His Breath When the Footsteps Come Back Downstairs and Stop. Tae's Scent Begins to Flare with Fear. He's Never Been A Fan of Hide and Seek, And He's Always Had Mild Panic Attacks When He Was A Hider Ever Since He Was Young. The Knob to The Door Twists and The Door Gets Pulled Open with Force.

Jungkook Is Soaked and His Shirt Is Clinging Tight to His Body. His Large Frame Is Taking Up the Doorframe Entirely. He's Not Holding an Annoyed Look, But His Hands Are Holding A Hose That's Been Folded to Prevent It from Spraying. "Step Out," He Says Quietly. Tae Brushes Past Him First, Holding His Breath So He Doesn't Smell the Alphas Scent. Yugyeom Follows Him, Getting Pinned Momentarily Against the Door by Jungkook's Body Before Squeezing Himself Out.

Tae Knows It Would Be A Bad Idea to Try and Touch Jungkook, But He Takes the Risk, Climbing onto The Alpha's Back and Scenting Him While His Attention Is on Yugyeom. "You Put Up All That Fight, just for Tae To Scent You Now," Yugyeom Points Out. "You Sprayed Me with Water. In 53 Degree Weather." Jungkook's Tone Is Low, But Playful. "Strip," He Barks Suddenly, Catching Tae And Yugyeom Off Guard.

Tae Covers His Eyes, Jealous, And Not at All Shocked at Yugyeom's Confidence to Shed His Clothes Without A Second Thought. Only After He's in His Boxers and Nothing Else Does He Question the Morality of The Situation. "Wait, Are You Gonna Spray Me While I'm In the House?" Jungkook Doesn't Answer, But Jimin Does with A Hard Laugh. Tae Almost Didn't See Him Tucked Away in The Living Room Behind Them Watching with A Grin on His Face. "Let's Go for A Walk," Jungkook Says. He Points the Hose to The Door with An Unsettling Calmness.

"I'll Uh-. Catch Up with You Two," Tae Speaks, Jumping Down from Jungkook's Back and Walking into The Living Room Where Jimin Is Unraveling His Legs for Tae To Lay On. His Scent, Unlike Jungkook's, Hasn't Tried to Return Since Tae Scented Him. He Falls into The Alpha's Open Arms, Nuzzling onto His Lap and Using His Arm as A Blanket So He Can Relax Soundly.

Yugyeom's Screaming Echoes Back into The House with Haste the Minute the Front Door Closes and Tae Can Hear Jungkook Yelling for The Beta to Come Back to Him from Outside and A Smile Spreads His Face. "Are They Always Like That?" Jimin Nods and Tae Closes Him Eyes While Jimin Pets Him Softly. It's an Excuse Not to Talk Since He's on The Phone, But Tae Is Okay with It. His Earphones Were Snug in His Ear with Hoseok's Voice Speaking with Joy from The Other Line. Even on The Phone He Was Quiet. Most of His Replies Consisted of an "Mhm" Or A "Yeah."

Jimin Was Very Affectionate...As Affectionate as An Omega. And Soft. His Thighs Felt Like Pillows. It Was Crazy to Think He Was So Strong. His Hands Were the Softest Thing on His Entire Body. Exceptionally Softer Than Jungkook's, But Not as Gentle. You Could Tell He Had A Rough Side When He Touched You, But the Kindness Always Made It Seem Like A Lack Thereof.

After A While, All Goes Dark and The Sounds Become Distant Whispers. Tae Sleeps Like A Baby on The Alpha's Lap.

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Jimin’s Bedroom
8:53 PM Dec 11
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Tae Rolls Out of His Sleep with A Quiet Whimper, Horribly Uncomfortable and Sticky from The Thigh Down. He Pulls Himself from The Mattress, Sitting to His Knees and Palming Softly at The Soaked Cover That Was Under Him with Wide Eyes.

He's Almost Completely Naked Already, Only Wearing Soiled Boxers That He Desperately Wants to Change Out Of. Neither Alpha Is in The Room with Him. Thankfully. He Isn't Sure How They Would React to The Sweet Smell Radiating Off of Him, And He Didn't Wanna Test Out the Running Theory of Whining So One of Them Can Come in The Room with Him...Even Though the Idea of Being Knotted by Either of Them Is Soothing the Raging Heat in His Belly.

Omegas in Heat Can Be Around Alphas if They Don't Wet Around Them.

Wetting Is the Name That Omegas for Generations Have Given to The Action of Producing Slick, A Thick, Tacky, Shiny, And Clearish Smooth-Textured Self Lubricant That Only Omegas Secrete. It's Treated as A Show of Sexual Attraction Over All Three Regions. Most Alphas Treat It as Consent, But It Isn’t. And Never Will Be for Tae.

The Smell of An Omega's Heat, Just Like the Smell of An Alpha's Rut, Isn't Much of An Aphrodisiac for Sex. It's...More of A Relaxing Nuisance. An Alpha Looking to Rape an Omega Will Force A Wetting, Using Touch to Stimulate the Other's Body for A Reaction. A Good Alpha Won't Advance Until the Omega Starts Wetting on Their Own.

A Draft Blows into The Room from Under the Door and Tae's Wraps A Hand Around the Sweating of His Neck to Block A Shiver. His Finger Bumps A Ridge on The Nape of His Neck, Then He Feels Over More with Frigid Fingers. He Doesn't Remember Letting Someone Mark Him. He Looks at His Other Hand Hovering Over the Darkening Spot on The Bed and He Notices One of His Nails Missing. A Panic Moves Through Him. The Length of His Nail Has Been Broken Off, Meaning He Was Scratching and Pulling at Someone. Out of Self Defense.

What the Hell Happened to Me?

Judging by The Room Interior and The Sweet Hickory Smell Taking Over the Atmosphere, Tae Knew He Was in Jimin's Bedroom, And It's Making His Heart Pound Harder. His Ass Wasn't Hurting and Neither Was His Throat or Back, So He Couldn't Have Been Held Down. He Moves from The Bed and To the Bathroom to Clear His Thoughts and His Bladder, Taking A Clean Pair of Jimin's Boxers with Him.

Okay. I Woke Up in Jimin's Bed. Good. But Half Naked and Covered in Slick. Bad. I Don't Remember How I Got Upstairs and One of My Nails Is Broken. Double Bad. Someone Bit Me to Protect Me. Good. But Why. Why Don't I Remember Anything?

The Last Thing Tae Can Remember Clearly Is Falling Asleep on Jimin's Lap Downstairs. After That, Everything Is Fuzzy.

He Leaves the Alpha's Room and Takes A Slow Walk Down the Stairs After Finishing in The Bathroom and Cleaning Himself Off. He's Dressed in One of Jimin's Shirts. Wearing the Alpha's Pants and Wetting Them Wouldn't Be A Good Idea, So He Decided Against Any Clothing Other Than Boxers. The House Is Cold Inside with The Temperature Being the Same as It Is Outside, But He Doesn't Mind It. It's Also Quiet. Every Room Is Empty.

"Jungkookie? Jimin? Yuggye?" He Calls Their Names Repeatedly But No One Stirs or Acknowledges. "If You Guys Are Playing A Prank, I'm Not Amused," He Whines. He Peeks in Every Corner of The House, Being Weary of The Dark, Hidden Crevices and Crooks Around the Large Living Space. "Where the Hell Is Everyone?" He Walks Back to The Front Door, Stopping in Front of An End Table When He Sees A White Box with A Sticky Note on Top of It with Yugyeom, Jungkook, And Jimin's Numbers in Their Respective Handwriting.

Tae Laughs to Himself, Holding the Sticky Up So He Can Read It Clearly. They Even Write Like Their Personalities. Yugyeom's Handwriting Is Messy and Big, Taking Up the Top of The Small Sticky. Jimin's Is A Little Cleaner, But Still Looks Smudged as If He Was Rushing. "Thank Me Later," It Says Under His Name, Decorated with Small Hearts and A Smiley Face Over the A. Tae Rolls His Eyes. Jungkook's Signature Is the Neatest, Written in A Straight Line Across the Bottom in A Different Color Ink. "Gym" Is Written Next to It as Well As His Number. He Scoffs at The Word. "As If You Need to Go to The Gym."

Tae Puts the Sticky on His Shirt Before Grabbing the Box and Opening It, Being Met with The Crisp Screen of a New Phone. "Whoa," He Exclaims at The Large Display. He Pulls the Phone from The Box and Puts the Box Back on The Table Before Walking to The Front Door and Stepping Outside into The Winter Air, Moving Quickly to The Bench to Sit. The Screen Powers on With His Aid and The Entire Phone Comes to Life. He Doesn't Waste Time Setting the Phone Up and Sending Yugyeom, Jimin, And Jungkook a Text Letting Them Know What the Phone's Number Is. Jimin And Yugyeom Both Reply Immediately, But Jungkook Doesn't Reply at All.

Time Passes as He Breaks in The Phone, taking 100 Selfies with The Five Different Camera Modes, Downloading A Heap of Games to Play and Watching Videos on His Twitter Feed of His Friends. After Growing Bored, He Settles with A Movie While Laying Down on The Bench. His Legs Are Slightly Parted and Arched, Giving the Air Access to The Heat Between His Legs. He Can Understand Why Jae Was Sitting the Way She Was on The Rail. He Isn't Wetting Anymore, But His Body Is Still on Fire, So the Breeze Feels Fantastic.

"Uh, Hello?" A Voice Speaks from The Porch Steps and Tae Sits Up Flustered. The Deep Red Eyed Man Steps onto The Porch and Leans Against the Column. His Scent Is Strong, But Tae Doesn't Let It Affect Him. "Do You Live Here?" The Man Stares at Him in Confusion. "No, I Don't," Tae Huffs Quietly. "I'm Sorry, Who Are Y-?" The Man Cuts Him Off. "Where's Jungkook? Why Are You Here If Don't Live Here?" Tae Rolls His Eyes and Shrugs. The Guy Clearly Had A Problem, But He Wasn't Gonna Put Up with The Attitude. "Can You Leave Me Alone Please? I'm Busy." He Resumes His Movie and Rests Himself Back Down on The Bench with An Annoyed Sigh.

"Are You Being Defiant, Pup?" The Man's Tone Gets Harder, But Tae Doesn't Pay A Mind to It.

Typical Alpha.

He Sighs Under A Breath. "Sir, I Asked If You Could Leave Me Alone. You're an Alpha, And That's Nice and All, But I Don't Care. Unless Jungkook Sent You, I Don't Have to Tell You Shit." Tae's Ear Twitches at The Breath That Shoots from The Man Behind Him, But He Finishes His Thought.

"The Only Thing More Annoying Than Your Disgusting Attitude Is Your Audacity of Thinking I'd Be Up Here Without Being Invited. You See Me Watching A Movie." He Waves His Phone Around in His Hand Then Fixes His Head Back on The Cushion. "I Won't Ask Again." He Blows A Sigh Again, Much Louder So the Man Can Get the Hint, But He Doesn't. Empty Threats Ring into The Air, Washed Out Every Now and Then by Tae's Continuous Ranting About Not Caring.

A Familiar Oak Scent Blows in The Air Next and Tae Sits Up to See Jungkook Approaching Behind the Man with An Unreadable Face. His Presence Alone Makes Tae Salivate with Hunger. His Lemony Scent Flares and Jungkook Glances at Him Before Turning His Attention Back to The Man in Front of Him. "Hyung? What the Hell Are You Doing," He Asks the Man as He Steps onto The Porch.

Sweaty Jungkook Is A Sight. Tae Watches Him Flip His Wet Bangs from His Face and Tug at His T Shirt to Detach It from His Body While His Hand Fans Him. "Who Is That," The Man Responds. Jungkook Stares the Man Down. Their Height Is About the Same, But Jungkook Stands A Little Taller, And Not Because He's Step Up. "Answer My Question," Jungkook Curts. The Older Alpha Stammers Over A Breath, Struggling to Find an Answer. "Just Being an Ass, Huh? Should Stop Making It A Habit of Coming Over Here with That, Don't You Think?" Jungkook Pats The Alpha on The Shoulder Then Walks Away from Him to Sit by Tae.

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck No No No No No No No No Nono No

Tae Prevents Jungkook From Sitting Down While Mentally Panicking. He's Wetting and He Knows Jungkook Can Tell by How the Alpha Tenses Under His Touch. The Other Alpha Shoots A Look at Tae, Picking Up on His Sweetening Scent as Well, And the Red of His Eyes Get Brighter. "An Omega in Heat? Is He Your Little Sex Toy? Huh?" Jungkook Shakes His Head. "Are You Gonna Fuck Him Out of It? If Not, I'll Gladly Take Him." The Alpha Licks His Lips Before Glaring at Tae Again with A Fanged Smile. "I Won't Hurt You, Beautiful. You Can Trust Me." His Face Says Otherwise.

Any Other Time Tae Would've Been Afraid, Because He Would've Been Alone. But Instead of Trying to Retort, He Does What Any Smart Omega Would Do.

He Quietly Moves His Alpha in Front of Him, Jungkook Letting Himself Be Pulled Without Resistance. "It's Time for You to Go, Isn't It Jackson," He Says Quietly the Second He's Steady on His Feet and Blocking Tae From View. His Tone Has No Space for Defiance. He Doesn't Sound Annoyed, But It's A Seriousness Tae Hasn't Seen from Him Yet.

It's Exhilarating.

His Scent Isn't Souring, But It Is Growing Stronger. Tae, Who Was Scratching Lines into The Hardwood of The Bench, Stands to His Feet, Wobbling Because They Feel Like Jelly Under His Weight but More Because His Cock Is Hard and Rubbing Against the Waistband of His Boxers, Sending A Tsunami of Heat Through His Body. He Nudges Against Jungkook's Back and The Alpha Squats in Front of Him to Let Him Get on Him. Tae Doesn't Hesitate to Dig His Nose into The Crook of The Jungkook's Neck and Taking Big Inhales.

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Jungkook’s Bedroom
9:31 PM Dec 11
Dongnae-gu, Busan

The Older Alpha Continues to Ramble and Insist That Tae Leave with Him and Although Tae Can Hear Him, He Isn't Listening. He's Too Busy Nuzzling A Bored Looking Jungkook And Asking to Go Inside. After A Few Minutes of Endless Whining, Jungkook Finally Grants the Omega's Wishes, Walking to The Front Door and Into the House, Locking the Door Behind Him, Then Heading Up the Stairs and Throwing Tae Down to The Bed When He Steps into His Bedroom.

Tae Is Still Wetting, But He's Not Stupid. He Knows Better Than to Throw Himself at An Alpha That Isn't Showing Interest. He Sits Up on His Knees with His Eyes Focused on The Other's Back. Jungkook Is Standing in Front of The Closet, Taking His Shoes Off and Putting Them Back Alongside the Other 40 Pairs of Sneakers Lining the Bottom. "I'm Sorry About Jackson," He Sighs Loudly, Stepping Away from The Closet and Closing the Door.

His Sigh Echoes as He Walks to The Bed, Taking A Seat on The Edge and Quickly Slipping Out His Slick Soaked T Shirt. "You Gotta Learn to Control Your Wets." Tae's Lips Shape into A Heart and He Fingers at The Bedsheet Under Him While Averting His Eyes. The Slick Drenched Boxers He Had on Are Glued to The Floor. They Were Getting Too Uncomfortable to Wear. He Speaks Softly. "It's Not Like I Can Help It, Alpha. It's Your Fault." "Don't Blame Me. Learn to Control It." Tae Lowers His Head at The Alpha's Harsh Tone.

Jungkook Pauses What He's Doing, Turning to Throw His Shirt at Tae's Face and Almost Hitting Him If Tae Didn't Move Out of The Way. "I'm Not Mad at You, I'm Sorry. I'm Just Saying You Have to Be Very Careful About Who You Wet Around Down Here." He Opens His Hand. "Can You Throw That Back?" Tae Looks at The Shirt Then Picks It Up with His Thumb and Index Finger. "You Don't Need This," He Says, Throwing It to The Ground on Top of His Lonely Boxers.

"And I Wouldn't Have to Control Anything If I Have You to Fuck It Out of Me." He Whines Impatiently. Jungkook Doesn't Retort and Tae Puts on A Blank Face. "I'm Giving You Permission to Do Something." Still Nothing. He Lays Back on The Body Pillow, Mushing His Foot into The Alpha's Back and Pushing Him Forward with Each Word While the Other's Hands Busy on His Phone. "Give. Me. Attention."

The Other Tosses His Phone Away. "Give You Attention?" Tae Nods. "Come Here." Jungkook Offers His Hand and Tae Takes It Without Hesitation, Letting Himself Get Pulled Closer, Then Upright onto The Alpha's Lap. "How Do You Want Me to Give You Attention?" Jungkook Flips His Hair from His Eyes and Wraps His Arms Tight Around Tae's Waist. His Everyday Visual Is Gone and Tae Can Hardly Believe That He's Able to Look So Serious When He Usually Looks Like A Fluffy Muscle Rabbit.

"I Don't Know, Do Whatever You Wanna Do. Just Do Something," He Shrugs. He Clears His Throat Before Talking Again. "But Be Gentle. And Don't Bite Me." He Looks Away in Thought. "And Can You Call Me Baby? I Like Hearing You Say It." A Look of Sadness Draws into Jungkook's Eyes. "You Said Whatever I Wanna Do," He Whines, Squeezing Tae In A Cute Attempt to Persuade Him. "I Wanna Bite." "No," Tae Says with Authority. "Please, Baby?"

Tae Looks at The Ceiling with A Derry Grin, Not at All Shocked That Jungkook Can Call Him Baby So Easily. He Almost Wants to Give In, But He Just Rolls His Eyes. "Absolutely Not." "Why?" "Because I Said No. Would You Like Me Biting on You?" "I Would Love You Biting on Me." Jungkook's Head Cocks Back as If He's Been Slapped, And He Scowls Playfully While Holding Both Hands to His Chest. The Offense Lacing His Voice Makes Tae Quirk His Lips to The Side.

They Both Smile At Each Other Before Tae Breaks the Silence.

"You Missed the Point." "I Didn't," Jungkook Quips. "The Point Is That I'm Gonna Bite You Anyway. I'm Gonna Mark All Over You. And You're Gonna Let Me." "Like Hell I Will." "Should I Give You A Preview of What You're Already Missing?" His Arrogance Makes Tae Scoff and Shake His Head Defiantly. "Actually...Sure, Go Ahead. Give Me A Preview." Jungkook Smiles and Wraps His Arms Around Tae Again, Hugging Him Closer, Then Mouthing and Latching on To One of His Rocklike Nipples Through His Shirt, Breaking A Breathy Moan from His Lips and Making Slick Ring His Anus Before He Can Stop It. Everything About It Feels Amazing.

Jungkook's Saliva Starts to Dampen the Fabric, And He Pulls Back Gently, Licking at The Hardness Between His Teeth with A Contented Growl. Tae Shuts His Eyes, Letting His Mind Empty at The Feeling Until It's Taken Away. A Loud Whine Sings from His Throat, Getting Cut Off Prematurely When Jungkook Crashes Their Lips Together in A Rough, Passionate Kiss.

Tae Pushes Against the Body Under Him, Raising Himself Off of The Alpha's Lap and Deepening the Kiss in The Process. It Not the First Time He's Kissed Someone, But It Is the First Time He's Liked It. Jungkook Is A Fantastic Kisser, But Tae Is Already on Fire and He Wants More. He's Mentally Screaming for Jungkook's Touch, And Jungkook Must’ve Felt the Heat Move Through His Body. As If on Command, He Shifts His Weight, Gently Laying Tae Back to The Mattress and Ripping His Shirt in Half Effortlessly While Licking Along the Line of His Jaw. His Hands Are Controlled, But Eager, Strongly Gripping Tae's Hips and Pinning Him Down While Their Tongues Dance Together.

When the Alpha Finally Breaks Away from The Kiss, It's to Tug at The Skin of Tae's Neck. His Fangs Are Scratching Small Lines and Sending Cold Shivers Down the Omega's Spine. Tae Wants It, But He Feels A Need to Still Be Reluctant. He Doesn't Want Jungkook To Get Too Comfortable Around His Neck, No Matter How Much His Body Is Crying for His Mouth There and Everywhere Else. "K-Kookie, N-No Biting," Tae Mewls Quietly, Putting His Hands on The Other's Chest to Push Him Away.

A Breath Comes from Jungkook, Almost Sounding Like an Apologetic Whine, And He Moves, Taking Both of Tae's Hands in His and Kissing Each of His Fingers Before Pulling His Arms Over His Head, Crossing the Left Over the Right, And Keeping Them There. Tae Feels Helpless and Exposed and It Brings Another Blush to His Face, Making Him Look Away. "You Have to Trust Me, Baby." Tae Doesn't Say Anything. He Isn't Sure What to Say.

An Omega in Heat and Alone with An Alpha Is Never A Good Thing and Telling an Alpha You Trust Them Is Like Signing Away Your Wellbeing. Alphas Give into Themselves Quicker Than Omegas Do. At A Certain Point of Sex, They Begin Thinking with Lust and Not Logic, Making Them More Aggressive, Rough, And Dangerous. It's Hard to Get Them Back to Reality When They're Too Far Gone.

A Pain Drops to His Stomach and He Swallows Hard Before Nodding. It's More to Comfort Himself Because He Doesn't Know What Jungkook Is Thinking and He Doesn't Wanna Test His Patience. "I Won't Hurt You. I'll Never Hurt You." Jungkook Nuzzles Tae's Chin Before Dropping Kisses to His Forehead and Lips and Peppering More Down His Neck and Collarbone. His Scent Sweetens to A Creamy Sandalwood, And It Helps Tae Relax into The Duvet. He Let His Eyes Close, Locking Their Fingers Together and Laboring His Breathing While Jungkook Spreads Reddish-Purple, Bruising Flowers Around His Upper Body.

He's True to His Word. His Biting Isn't Rough or Painful. It's A Feeling of Velvety Affection. Tae Jerks Under the Nibbling, And His Neglected Cock Bounces Desperately, Sticking to The Precum Coating His Stomach Each Time.

"K-Kookie." His Cry Chokes His Throat and Jungkook Kisses Softly at His Adam's Apple Before Trailing A Hot Tongue to His Chest. Soft Groans Ring His Ears and His Legs Shake with Arousal Around Jungkook's Waist. The Other Lets His Hands Go and Tae Wraps Himself Around the Alpha, Tangling His Fingers into The Curls of His Hair and Holding Him Closer to His Body. He's Never Been So Hot...But Then Again, He's Never Had an Alpha Touch Him. At Least Not Like This.

Jungkook Licks Around His Areola Before Latching onto His Nipple Again, Repeatedly Pulling Then Licking Softly. Tae Rubs the Strain of His Cock Feverishly Against Jungkook's Erection, Moaning Harder Than He'd Ever Allow Himself to Into the Other's Shoulder While Gripping His Hair Tighter. The Feeling of Jungkook's Mouth Is Even More Electric Without Tae's Shirt Acting as A Barrier.

Jungkook's Hand Wraps Around Tae's Waist and Tae Gets Pushed Further Back on The Bed, Giving the Alpha More Than Enough Space to Comfortably Move His Mouth Lower and Lower. He Leaves A Flower on Every Visible Inch of Tae's Skin Then Moves Suddenly, Standing Up Behind Tae And Looking Down at Him. "Turn Over," He Demands. Tae Slowly Rolls Over to His Stomach. He Felt Cold and It's the Pain of Knowing That Jungkook Isn't on Him Anymore That's Making Him Ache. He Presents Himself Quickly, Arching His Back and Pushing to Gape His Hole. "P-Please Hurry," He Says, Shaking His Ass Eagerly.

Jungkook Looks Like A Different Person and Tae Has to Strain His Eyes to Make Sure It's Still Him. His Scent Has Become A Hard Mix of His Own and Tae's With the Omega's Lemony Scent Being the Most Prominent. He Steps Closer to The Bed and Tae Lowers His Head. He Blinks Back Shock When He Catches A Glimpse of Himself in The Standing Mirror Behind Jungkook, Hair Disheveled, Painted with Freshly Raw Hickeys, Glistened with Sweat and Slick, And Willing Gaping.

A Visual.

Instead of His Cock or Even A Finger, Jungkook Spreads Tae's Ass Open and Presses His Mouth to His Anus, Shooting A Shiver Through Tae's Body and Up His Spine. He Starts to Pump His Cock with One Hand While Knotting the Sheets Behind Him with His Other. Jungkook's Mouth Moves with Expertise, Licking Lines Up and Down His Crack, Kissing and Sucking Hard at His Entrance, And Smiling with Content When Slick Oozes onto His Lips and Face. It's Becoming Clear That It Really Isn't His First Time.

Tae Mumbles Something While Working His Heat, But He Isn't Sure It Came Out the Way He Wanted It To. He Isn't Sure Jungkook Is Paying Attention Enough to Catch What He's Whining Either. He Can Feel the Pads of Thumbs Spreading Him Again Then Something Hot Stretching Him Very Slightly. "Ss-Shiit-," He Croaks, Pushing His Hips Back Against Jungkook's Tongue. His Body Jumps Involuntarily and His Eyes Roll to The Back of His Head.

Jungkook Moves Against His Rocking, Fucking His Tongue into And Out of Him. Tae's Legs Shake Even Harder and His Breathing Hitches Before Hardening. His Heart Starts Throbbing in His Chest. Jungkook Pops His Hand, And Tae Chokes on Another Moan When Jungkook Takes Over and Starts to Pull and Massage His Cock with His Hand. "A-Alpha, Please," He Whines Softly. Jungkook Chuckles Under A Breath and Moves onto The Bed with Him, Flushing Himself Close Against Tae's Body.

He's Holding His Weight Back, But It's Enough to Make Tae Feel Hot Under Him. His Hand Finds A Way to Tae's Throat and Tae Gets Pulled from The Mattress, Yelping Loudly and Barely Holding Himself Up with His Jelly Arms. Good Thing He Has Jungkook's Aid.

Jungkook Keeps Their Eyes Locked While Slowly Prodding A Finger Inside of Him and The Stretch Doesn't Hurt as Much as Tae Thought It Would. He's So Loose and So Wet, Jungkook Could Slide in Just as Easy If He Wanted To. And Tae Wouldn't Be Defiant If He Did. He Knows Fingering Is Just for Prepping and Jungkook Is Being Considerate, But He Sees No Need for It. Jungkook's Soft Growl from Behind Him Makes His Body React Embarrassingly, Shaking and Drenching the Alpha's Hand Even More Than Before. "Are You Always This Wet, Baby?" Tae Bites His Lip and Shakes His Head. A Soft Kiss Brushes Tae's Forehead and His Omega Preens at The Appreciative Sigh That He Hears Over Him.

Tae Listens to Jungkook's Soft Complimenting Next to His Ear While the Alpha's Finger Moves Deeper and Deeper into His Body. A Knuckle Catches on His Rim, Making Him Twitch Under Jungkook's Weight with A Quiet Whimper. Jungkook Brushes His Lips to His Forehead Again When He Hears Him Panic, Pushing in Another Finger and Stretching Him Even More. Tae Has Fingered Himself Before, But the Thought of Having Someone Else Do It Makes Him Quiver.

His Orgasm Is Building Faster Than Ever.

The Dim Lit Atmosphere Makes It Build Even Quicker and So Does His Moaning That's Filling the Silence. Tae Has Always Thought Against Dirty Talk. He Loves Jungkook Complimenting Him and Telling Him He's Pretty. He's Already Insecure of Himself and The Last Thing He Wants Is to Feel Belittled While Being Fucked. He Is A Quiet, Affectionate, And More Action Driven Sex Partner, And He's Glad He Is.

The Other Moves Forward, Driving His Fingers Even Deeper into And Out of Tae's Anal Cavity. The Feeling Is Intense, But Somehow Still Not Enough. A Third, Then Fourth Finger Slides In, And Tae Rocks Himself Back, Muttering Incoherently for More. He Can Feel Jungkook's Fingers Start to Search, And Both of His Hands Move to A Quicker Pace as He Does. Tae Mewls into The Duvet, Reaching Back to Hold and Push the Alpha's Wrist, Taking Away Some of The Tension He's Building in His Ass.

Jungkook Smiles at Him Again. "Tae." Tae Whines in Response. "Why Are You Pushing Me? Had Enough?" Tae Whines Again, Louder and Harder. "Answer Me." "Y-Yes, Al-Alpha." "You Wanna Cum for Me, Baby?" "Y-Yes." Just the Recognition Has Cum Leaking from Him. Jungkook's Finger Presses Against His Prostate as Soon as He Breathes Out an Answer, And Tae's Body Convulses While He Cums in Jungkook's Hand, And All Over the Cover Under Him.

Jungkook Continues to Brush His Fingers on Tae's Prostate While Stroking Faster and Harder. His Thumb Rubs Over the Tip of His Throbbing Cock Gently, Massaging in The Cum That's Slowly Oozing Out and Tae's Grip Loosens Around the Alpha's Wrist.

Everything Goes Black.

Tae's Mind Blanks. He's Panting in An Empty Bliss and Can't Focus Enough to Comprehend What Jungkook Is Saying to Him. He Hasn't Cum That Hard In... Ever. His Omega Is Speaking, But It's Barely Above A Whisper. He's Still Semi-Aware of Where He Is, Who He's With, And What He's Doing. But He Knows He'll Be on Thin Ice If He Has Another Orgasm Like That Again.

It's Only When He Feels the Alpha's Weight Over Him and His Hand Still Pumping Him Dry That He Comes To, His Whines Breaking and His Hand Tiredly Trying to Get Jungkook's Hand Off His Sensitive Cock. Jungkook Finally Pulls Back, Resting A Slick Soaked Hand on The Curve of Tae's Ass and Taking the Cum Soaked Hand to His Mouth and Licking It Clean.

"Taehyung," He Calls. Tae Doesn't Answer. His Brain Is Trying to Process the Rollercoaster of Emotions He Just Went Through. "Taehyung," Jungkook Calls Again. Tae Feels A Hard Slap Fall on His Ass and He Cries Out, Mewling Softly at The Alpha Hitting Him. He Rests His Head into The Duvet, Turning to Look at Jungkook With A Pained Pout. "I'm Sorry, Baby." He Laughs and His Regional Dialect Slips, Making His Tone Sound Insensitive. "Can You Go Again?" Tae Slowly Moves Himself to A Sitting Position, Ignoring the Alpha but Fixing Their Eyes Together in Contact While His Hands Swiftly Yank Jungkook's Sweats Down and Stroke Eagerly at The Length Standing to Attention in Front of Him.

Jungkook Tenses, But He Doesn't Look Away. Amusement Is Glued to His Face. "Do You Know What to Do with That?" Tae Scoffs, Half Heartedly Hawking A Spit at The Tip and Using It to Wet the Shaft. "I Said I Was A Virgin. Not My Mouth." Tae Plays with The Tip, Licking and Sucking Softly, Working His Way Down the Shaft and Not Leaving Any Inch Untouched. He Continues Mouthing and Kissing, Then Takes in A Breath, Forcing the Majority of Jungkook's Cock Down His Throat, Shaking A Groan from The Alpha He's Swallowing. His Throat Tenses with The Presence of The Foreign Object, Making Him Gag Audibly When the Tip Touches the Back of His Mouth, But He Relaxes as It Adjusts.

He Slides Off of The Bed, Pushing Jungkook Back A Little with His Free Hand, Then Resting Comfortably to Knees on The Floor. Jungkook Pulls at His Head Once He's on His Knees, Forcing the Rest of His Length into His Mouth and Further Down His Throat. He Gags Again but Doesn't Move Jungkook Away. His Eyes Wet with Tears, Blurring His Vision and Stinging His Eyes Shut, But He Still Moves His Head Against Jungkook's Pull, Creating A Hot Friction Between His Tongue and The Alpha's Shaft That He's Working with His Hand.

"Mmm," He Groans, Shaking His Head Away from Jungkook's Hold Then Sucking Passionately While Pumping Slower. He Stops, Puckering His Lips Tight Around the Tip and Slowly Pulling the Hardened Length from His Mouth. "Am I Good?" He Hawks Another Mixture of Spit and Precum On the Tip, Catching It and Sucking More Before Looking Up at Jungkook With Puppy Eyes. "Very Good," Jungkook Smiles. He Bends Down to Kiss Him Again, And His Precum Creates A Line Between Their Lips Before Breaking in Two. Tae's Knees Weaken Under His Weight. "Keep Going, Baby." "Gladly," Tae Hums with A Small Smile. He Takes His Time Licking Down the Length and Kissing and Sucking Softly at The Alpha's Scrotum.

Jungkook's Fingers Dance in His Hair and Tae Brings His Head Back Up to Fill His Mouth Again, Bobbing Up and Down, Gagging Himself Roughly, And Sighing Through His Nose When He Hears A Shallow Breath Come from Jungkook. Jungkook's Hand Tugs His Hair and He Pulls His Head Away. Their Eyes Meet Again with Jungkook Looking Down at Him While Teasing the Tip of His Cock Against Tae's Lips. "Don't Tease," Tae Spits. "Fuck My Mouth."

Jungkook's Head Reels Back at The Request and He Blinks Back His Arousal Before Laughing. "You Sure?" "Yeah, Come On," Tae Whines, Hanging His Tongue Over His Bottom Jaw, And Purposely Weighing It Down to Expose the Raw Redness of The Back of His Mouth. He Fakes A Cough, Making Jungkook Laugh Again. "Look at You. You're A Mess." Tae Can't Help but Agree.

He's Always Loved the Feeling of Sucking Someone Off and He Loves Even More Seeing Himself in The Mirror. His Eyes Are A Teary Milk Gold, And the Hair That Isn't Pulled Tight into Jungkook's Hand Is Wet with Slick and Sweat and Sticking to His Face. Jungkook Looks About the Same, Breathing Hard and Glistening with A Mix of Body Liquids. His Broad Shoulders Are Blocking the Majority of The Light from The Lamp on His Bedside, Making Him Look Much Scarier Than He Is.

Tae Makes A Soft Grunting Sound, Pointing to His Mouth Before Moving His Hand Under Him and Slipping Down His Own Fingers, Soaking Them in Slick and Bouncing Them into Himself.

He's Still Amazingly Wet, But It's No Shock. Jungkook Makes Him Feel Wanted. Not A Lot of Alphas Are as Patient with Sex as He Is and That Means A Lot.

Tae Covers His Teeth with His Lips Before Flushing Them Around the Alpha's Cock Again. Instead of Moving Himself, He Lets Jungkook Thrust Hard into His Mouth, Again Audibly Gagging Him and Making Him Cry More. "You Sound So Pretty, Baby," Jungkook Mewls, Using His Mouth as A Toy to Get Himself Off. Tae Moans in Response, Keeping His Eyes on The Alphas Face and Watching It Soften Over Time as He Fucks Himself into His Mouth Over and Over.

When the Alpha's Grip Tightens Even More, Tae Pushes at The His Wrist, Groaning to Tell Him to Move It, Then Takes Over and Throats the Alpha Before Pulling Him Out of His Mouth and Licking Down Again to His Scrotum Then Back Up to The Tip. He Can't Stop Himself from Moaning While Sucking and Massaging All of Jungkook With His Hands. "You Feel Like You're About to Cum," He Smiles. His Voice Is Hoarse with His Throat Now Completely Dried Out and Aching. Jungkook Groans Under His Touch and Tae Giggles While He Strokes Him Softly. "Cum for Me, Alpha."

He Throats All of Jungkook Again, Gagging Himself Until He Can't Breathe and Tightening His Throat as Tight as He Can Around Jungkook's Length While Pumping Him Harder. Jungkook Breathes Curses as His Cock Throbs Against the Roof of Tae's Mouth and Tae's Heads Gets Forced Down More, Making Him Convulse and Cough Against the Tip While Jungkook Cums Into His Throat. He Swallows Everything Without A Second Thought, Choking Unintentionally While Trying to Catch His Breath. Jungkook Smiles Down at Him and He Moves His Head from His Cock That's Still Hard and Pulsing in His Grip. His Legs Wrap Around Jungkook's Hips When the Alpha Bends Down and Picks Him Up to His Feet, Kissing Him Deeply While Walking Them Back to The Bed.

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Jungkook’s Bedroom
10:53 PM Dec 11
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Tae Gets Sat On the Bed and Jungkook Moves Back to Look at Him. His Heat Has Him Delirious, But He's Doing A Good Job of Hiding It. Or At Least He Thinks He Is. He Grabs One of The Alpha's Hands and Jungkook Puts Up Little Fight to Being Tugged Down to The Bed. Tae Pouts While Scooting Back Then Sitting on His Knees. "Don't Give in To Me That Easily." The Hoarseness of His Voice Makes Jungkook Bite His Lip. He Has to Wonder What It Is About Him Barely Being Able to Speak That's Such A Turn on For Him. "I Wanna Be on Top. Is That Okay?" Jungkook Rests Himself Slightly Slouched Against the Headboard, Comforting His Back with The Body Pillow While He Talks. "I'm Down for Anything. Just Don't Hurt Yourself. I'm Not Up for Driving You to The Hospital."


"You Care About Me So Much," Tae Huffs with An Eye Roll. "I-" Jungkook Cuts Himself Short and Looks Away in Thought. His Face Hints That He Doesn't, But the Sheepish Grin That Follows Quickly After They Make Eye Contact Assures Tae That It's Clearly Otherwise. "You Don't Have to Say It," He Says as He Leans Over and Locks Their Lips Together in A Gentle Kiss. "Don't Get Me Used to You Kissing on Me," Jungkook Whines Affectionately. Tae Moves Away to Pull Himself onto The Body Under Him, Hearing but Not Bothering to Answer.

He Holds His Weight Over the Alpha and Starts Teasing Himself on The Tip of His Erection. "How Are You Still So Hard?" An Offended Gasp Comes from Jungkook And His Eyes Harden With Fake Annoyance. "The Fact That You Even Had the Fucking Audacity to Ask That," He Starts Bantering. "You. You. And You." He Says It So Easily. A Pain Throbs in Tae's Arms, And They Damn Near Give Out Under Him. He Wants to Fight Against Dropping Himself Completely on Jungkook And Giving into His Omega's Want to Please Him, But It's A Losing Battle. If He Did Try to Take Jungkook All at Once, Which Is Exactly What He's Planning to Do, He'd Probably End Up Hurting Himself Like the Alpha Cautioned.

But Does He Care?


He Sits Himself on Jungkook. "Shouldn't We. Use A Condom?" "Do You Want To?" Tae's Lips Shape into A Heart Once Again as He Thinks Hard. Sex Partners Don't Usually Use Condoms If They're Comfortable With Each Other. Jungkook Isn't Exactly Random and Tae Can Tell He Isn't the Type to Run Around Fucking Anything Thrown at Him. And If Jungkook Knots Him, He Runs A Low but Risky Risk of Getting Pregnant... Even That Thought Makes His Heart Race. He Shrugs. Jungkook Stares Him Down. "If You Want To, I Won't Fight You About It. Take Your Time and Think It Out."

Tae Sits for Another Literal Second.

"Thought About It," He Answers, His Tone Now Impatient. "I Don't Want To." He Pulls Himself Back Up and Using His Hand to Steady the Cock Against His Opening and Lowering Himself Slowly, Taking Inch by Inch of Jungkook's Cock Without Hesitation. A Hard, Shallow Breath Leaves from The Alpha's Throat and Even More Slick Drips from Tae At the Guttural Sound. He Ragged It Earlier, But He Had to Admit That Jungkook Did A Really Great Job of Prepping Him. There's Little to No Sting and He's Able to Take All of Him Effortlessly, Breathing Softly Against His Chin While They Both Watch the Length Disappear Inside of Him.

When He's Fully Down, He Moves Back, Rolling His Hips While Sitting Flush on The Alpha's Lap. A Hotness Comes Over Both of Them and They Jerk Against the Feeling of Being Joined for The First Time. "Shit, I Guess I Shouldn't Doubt Your Ability to Ride Me to Filth, Huh?" "You'll Do It Better," Tae Scoffs, Fixing His Hair and Eyeing Jungkook Eyeing Him. They Give Each Other A Glare Filled with Electric Intensity. A Hint of Appreciation Was All Over His Voice, Making Tae Feel Just as Proud as He Was Full.

He Pushes the Hair from Jungkook's Face as Well Before Placing His Palms Down on The Alpha's Chest and Pulling Himself Up to See If It's Painful to Do So, Slowly Gliding Back Down and Making Jungkook's Head Fall Back with The Friction He Just Gave Him. He Circles His Hips, Kisses the Alpha's Adams Apple, And Pulls Himself Up Again, Sliding Down and Repeating the Motion Until He's Bouncing at The Rhythm He Usually Uses with His Dildo.

He Slows Down, Pawing Softly at Jungkook's Chest and Dropping His Eyes to Meet the Eyes Looking Up at Him. "Alpha," He Mewls Softly. Jungkook Moans Quietly in Response. "If I Start Begging You to Mark Me, Please Please Don't. Okay?" A Breathy Snicker Comes from Jungkook. "Gonna Lose Yourself That Bad?" "I'm Serious....Please Promise Me." Jungkook Extends His Pinky and Tae Wraps His Own Around It Before Pressing Their Thumbs Together. "Now Keep Go-." Tae Throws Himself Down, Clenching the Alpha's Cock Tight and Shutting Up His Banter Before It Starts.

He Gets Back to His Working Pace, Then It Starts to Quicken Hysterically as He Fucks and Grinds Jungkook Into the Mattress, His Moaning Mixing with Jungkook's Admiration Filled Talking. The Praises Make Him Want to Move Faster and Harder. Jungkook Bucks His Hips Every Now and Then, Stopping Some of The Moans That Tae Is Harmonizing Before They Can Leave Him. "D-Don't T-Tease," He Quips, Leaning Over and Tucking Himself Under Jungkook's Neck While Bouncing Back. Jungkook Smiles. A Slap Stings on His Ass and Tae Yelps Quietly, Closing His Eyes and Biting His Lip to Stop It from Shaking.

The Pop Hurts...But Damn If It's Not Addictive.

"A-Again," He Whines Louder. He Moves Jungkook's Hands to His Ass and Jungkook Works Blood to The Area Before Popping Him Again, Then Again, And Again, And Again, Stopping Only to Grip Hard at The Reddening of His Skin. "T-Thank You, Alpha." He Grabs for Jungkook's Arms, Leaning Himself Back to Support His Weight with The Alpha's Wrists, And Forcing Jungkook To Watch Him Fuck Himself on Top of Him. "You've Surely Have Some Practice, Haven't You?" He Doesn't Answer. His Nails Dig into The Skin of Jungkook's Wrists and A His Eyes Narrow While A Deep Growl Rumbles from His Throat. It's A Warning Growl, But Even Still, A Tingling Feeling Dances Up Tae's Spine at The Sound. He Giggles, Licking and Sucking Savagely at His Lips at Jungkook's Hardening Face.

The Scowl and The Growling Only Adds to The Heat That's Coursing Through His Veins. He Moves His Grip from His Wrists, Slowly Feeling Over the Muscle of The Alpha's Arms and Hastily Pushing Their Lips Together in A Messy Kiss While Leaning into Him. Jungkook Hugs Him Closer, Closing the Gap Between Them and Allowing Tae's Cock to Rub Hard Against His Stomach as He Bounces. Their Pace Quickens and They Bite, Lick, And Kiss At Each Other Until Jungkook's Mouth Starts Trailing Again Around Tae's Neck. Tae Lets Him, All His Earlier Thoughts About Not Letting Jungkook Get Comfortable Around His Scent Gland Going to Hell.

He Pulls Away from Jungkook's Hold and Slows His Pace, Bringing Them Down from A Euphoric High to A Subtle Low. "Your Turn," He Says Quietly, Giving Jungkook One More Gentle but Eager Kiss. He Stands to His Feet Over Jungkook, Doing A Quick 180°, And Falling Carelessly Back Down with No Regard to The Other Under Him. Jungkook Catches Him, Cupping His Thighs in A Hard Grip and Kissing at The Mark on The Back of His Neck Before Lifting Him and Slamming Him Down. "Ss-. O-Oh, M-Much Better." Tae Holds the Alpha's Wrists Again to Steady Himself, Keeping Well from Falling Back into Jungkook's Body While He's Impaled Repeatedly, Restlessly, And Relentlessly.

The Sounds of Wet Slapping Is Soon Drowned Out by Loud, Indescribable Cries from Tae, His Conscious Getting Lost Somewhere in Another Empty Bliss, And His Lips Pleading and Begging Whatever Able Body Is Listening for Jungkook To Not Stop Driving into Him. He Tugs at His Own Heat, And His Hand Slowly Begins to Match the Alpha's Pace, Becoming More And More Frantic When He Feels A Heat Pooling in His Stomach.

He Couldn't Believe He Was About to Cum Again. Jungkook Fucks Him Better Than He Fucks Himself. That Much He Can Credit. For A Second, He Ponders What Giving into His Omega's Submission Would Do. He Sweats at The Idea of Jungkook Biting Him. Marking Him and Claiming Him as His.

His Baby.

It Was Good When He Was in Control, But It's Even More Amazing with Jungkook Railing Him the Way He Is, Breathing Praises into His Ear About How Pretty He Sounds, Laying Kisses on His Neck, And Fondling Him with Rough Touches While Encouraging Him to Scream Louder. Every Inch of His Body Is on Fire. He Rests His Head into The Groove of Jungkook's Shoulder, Fucking His Hand Faster as Precum Seeps from The Throbbing, Wetting His Shaft and Making the Stroking Hotter.

"C-Cu-," He Mewls Softly. Jungkook Says Something Against His Shoulder, Then Holds Him Up A Bit Higher, Rutting into Him Faster and Making His Eyes Sting with Tears. Tae's Breathing Gets Erratic and His Orgasm Shakes Him Out of Nowhere with Jungkook's Fast Thrusting. The Convulsions Rock Him Much Harder Than It Did the First Time. "A-Alpha." He Can Hardly Croak the Word Out, But His Hand That's Scrabbling and Pushing Jungkook's Wrist to Make Him Stop Gets the Message Across. He Rests Back Against Jungkook When He's Finally Lowered onto The Alpha's Lap, Breathlessly Opening His Mouth to Catch His Own Cum.

White Lines and Droplets Paint His Stomach, His Face, And Jungkook's Face and Hair as He Milks Himself Dry. Jungkook Moves His Hand and Takes Over, Stroking at Him Cock Endlessly. Tae Can't Suppress His Soft Whimpers When A Sensitiveness Flushes Over Him and Jungkook's Hand Becomes Too Much for Him to Take. Jungkook Chuckles, Gently Lifting Him Off of Him and Laying Him to The Mattress on His Side. The Air of The Vent Blows Between His Parted Legs and The Duvet on The Untouched Side of The Bed Soothes the Aching That His Back Is Feeling. He Relaxes Fully into The Top Cover, And the Tightness of His Chest Slowly Depletes.

He Watches Jungkook Lick Away at The Cum Dripping from His Lip and Clean the Punctures on His Wrist Before Taking A Few Steps Back Over to Him, Yanking Softly at His Leg and Pulling Him Back. "Tired?" Tae Nods. "Did I Hurt You?" Tae Shakes His Head. He Swallows and His Saliva Catches in His Throat. He Has to Swallow Again Just to Force It Down. "Still Want More?" Tae Nods, Opening His Legs A Little More. "K-Kn-Knot," He Manages to Say. "You Want Me to Knot You?" Tae Nods Quickly, Shaking Himself into A Dizzy Headache. He Groans Under A Breath and Closes His Eyes to Stop Them from Rolling.

"Did You Make Yourself Dizzy?" Tae Groans Again and Jungkook's Loud Cackle Adds Noise to The Somber Atmosphere. He Can Feel the Alpha Lay on Top of Him and More Kisses Fall on His Neck. Tae Cocks His Head, Quietly Baring Himself in Submission, But Jungkook Doesn't Bat an Eye. "You Look A Little Worn Out. You Sure You Can Go Again?" Jungkook Was Still Very Full of Energy and His Erection Had Not Gone Down at All. "Y-Yeah." Tae Pulls Jungkook Up Further onto Him and Seals the Space Between Their Lips When They're Face to Face.

Chapter Text

Jungkook: Bedroom
12:10 AM Dec 12
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Jungkook Pushes Himself from Tae, Letting His Mouth Drag Down the Omega's Body and Leaving A Clean Line from His Stomach to His Thigh While He Stands to His Feet. He's Enjoying Sexing Tae Speechless, Even Though He Knows He Shouldn't Be.

A Smile Comes Over His Face When He's Stood Straight. His Eyes Follow Tae As He Wordlessly Turns to His Stomach, Laying His Chest Flat Against the Cover, Arching His Back, And Wiggling Himself to The End of The Bed Until He's Close Enough for Jungkook To Take Over. His Hips Moves Back Hard, Pushing and Unsteadying Jungkook From His Feet Slightly.

His Face Is Fixed with A Content Pout and Jungkook Laughs, Not at All Hesitating to Shove His Index and Middle Finger Right into Tae's Flushed Pink Ass. He Instantly Clenches Tight Around His Fingers, Pulling Them in Slowly. He's Dripping Slicker Than Ever, But It's (Oddly) Still Not Enough for Him to Feel Wet. Just Sticky.

Jungkook Scoffs Under A Breath with A Boastful Beyond Belief Grin. His Fingers Aren't as Deep as They Could Be...But He Changes That Quickly. He Sits on The Bed with His Head to The Cum Dripped Headboard and Yanks Tae Over His Lap, He's Laying Across Him. His Movements Start Slow but Get Quicker and Rougher the More He Fucks His Hand into Tae. Faster and Harder Until They're Thrusting into Him with No Remorse.

Tae's Mouth Gapes and Jungkook Can See Him Desperately Searching for Something to Squeeze, Ultimately Ending with An Abundance of Covers Held Tight in A Ball. Loud, Choked and Broken Moans Come from Him, But Jungkook Ignores Them, Popping and Massaging His Ass Repeatedly While Keeping His Fast Pace. His Fingers Are Drenched with The Omega's Slick and The Room Smells Like Lemon Meringue Pie.

Tae's Body Was Still Overly Sensitive, And Every Other Pop Made Him Shake Violently. But It Was Understandable. His First Time Being Fucked by Someone and He's Already Cum Twice Plus One After Jungkook Is Done with Him. The Omega Starts to Move His Own Hips on Jungkook's Knee, And More Labored Moans Slip from His Mouth.

"You Sound So Fucking Beautiful, Baby," Jungkook Mewls. He Means Every Word. "Cry for Your Alpha."

A Sharp Moan Bellows Deep from Tae In Response....Low Enough to Sound Inhuman. He's Throwing His Hips for His Life, Face Down in A Pool of Drool Against Jungkook's Other Leg, Fucking Himself on The Alpha's Soft Thigh Until His Once Flaccid Cock Is Rock Hard and Oozing Precum. Jungkook Knew He Was Prepped Enough as It Is, Considering He's Taken All of Him Just A Few Moments Ago, But He Wasn't in Any Rush to Just Knot Tae And Call It A Night.

He Wanted Tae To Get Himself Off While He Watched.

His Cock Jerks at The Thought of Watching Tae Fuck His Own Fingers, Unable to Cry His Name, But Still Begging to Be Touched All Over. "Fuck," He Says Under A Breath, Closing His Eyes and Watching the Mental Images Spin Around the Darkness of His Eyelids.

He Slides in Another Finger, Fucking Tae Quicker and Squeezing His Ass Harder with His Own Arousal Building to A Peak. Tae Moves His Hand Under Him, Circling It Around Himself Like A Flashlight with Loud Whines, Still Humping, Shaking. He's Barely Able to Keep A Grip on His Throbbing Heat. His Moaning Is So Loud, It's Embarrassing. It Makes Jungkook's Heart Pound in His Chest.

"Baby." Tae Groans into Jungkook's Thigh, Too Distracted to Answer. "Baby," Jungkook Calls Again. "I Wanna Watch You Cum." The Words Have His Cock Twitching Again, Tapping Lightly Against Tae's Stomach with Genuine Eagerness. It Sounded More Demanding Than He Wanted It To, But He Doesn't Take It Back.

Tae Stops, Nodding Between Pants into His Puddle with Half Cracked Eyes, And Jungkook Pulls His Fingers Out, Taking Them to His Mouth with Haste and Licking Them Dry, Then Moves the Other on His Knees Next to Him. Tae Moves Slowly, Presenting Himself, Instinctively Inserting His Own Fingers into His Already Stretched Hole from Between His Legs, And Fucking Them into Himself Blindly While His Hand Works Around His Cock Again. His Face Is Buried in The Duvet, But Jungkook Can Still See His Mouth Moving, Begging and Speaking Silently with His Eyes Shut.

Jungkook Is Salivating at The Sight Next to Him. He's Testing His Own Patience, Sitting with A Slack Jaw and Pumping His Cock with A Strained Hand. He Watches the Omega for What Feels Like an Eternity, Gyrating His Hips with Hunger, Quickly Stroking Himself to His Next Orgasm. "K-Kook," He Moans into The Duvet. "I'm Right Here, Baby.” “T-Touch M-M,” Tae Whines Brokenly. Jungkook Moves Himself Over Tae, Knowing His Weight Is Enough to Get the Omega Weaker Than He Is Right Then. Tae’s Hands Become Frantic with The Contact and His Whimpering Turns to Shallowed Breaths.

“A-Alp – Mmm.” “Cum for Me.” Jungkook Moves His Hand Over Tae’s While Watching Him Thrust Hard, Spraying Cum All Over the Covers Under Him and Jerking with Another Breathy Groan When the After Shock Hits Him. He Falls to His Side Under Him, Rolling Over to His Back and Staring at Jungkook Starting Back at Him.

"Good Job, Baby," Jungkook Says Quietly, Pressing Their Lips Together While Pulling Himself Higher and Resting on His Palms. His Hips Drive Him into The Body Under Him and Tae Groans Again Against His Lips, Squeezing His Legs Around Jungkook's Thighs and Slowly Rocking Himself Against the Alpha's Thrusts. Jungkook Was All for Fast Sex, But He'd Rather Take His Time with His Sex Partners. Wearing Them Out and Making Sure All They Can Think About the Next Day Is Him.

It Didn't Matter If It Was for One Night or For One Hundred, If You Had Sex with Him, You'd Wake Up Covered in Hickeys. Love Bites, Or Both.

Jungkook Can Feel Tae's Teeth Pulling at His Bottom Lip, Biting Down Hard and Ripping the Skin Until It's Bleeding into His Mouth. A Heat Runs Through Jungkook's Body as Tae's Tongue Fucks the Laceration, His Blood Tasting Like the Vanilla of His Scent. His Hand Trails Down and He Squeezes at Jungkook's Shaft While Knotting Their Tongues, Stroking Roughly While He's Fucked Into. "Fuck, Tae," Jungkook Growls Softly, Lowering His Head into The Omega's Shoulder. "You're Doing Good, Baby. Work Alpha to His Knot." A Sigh of Affection Makes His Ear Twitch and His Body Visibly Tremble When A Tingle Moves Down the Bone of His Spine.

Jungkook's Knot Was Swollen at The Base of His Cock, But That Didn't Stop Him from Taking His Time Digging Tae Out and Losing Himself While Face Down in The Crook of The Other's Neck, Inhaling Every Last Bit of Lemony/Vanilla Scent. He Was on The Brink of His Orgasm for Ages, And He Couldn't Wait to Release.

Tae Was Teasing Him Endlessly, But He Loved It. He Loved It More Than He Should Have. He Loved Every Second. Feeling the Omega's Hands Tugging His Hair and Stroking His Cock While He Fucked Him, Hearing the Soft Moans by His Ear, The Passionate Kisses All Over His Neck, The Gentle Licking, Hard Sucking, And Wet Biting Softly at His Skin. For A Virgin, He Was Definitely Experienced.

Jungkook Could Feel the Waves of His Orgasm Coming and Tae Could Feel It Too. His Stroking Quickens, And Jungkook Roughly Drives Himself Deeper into Him, Taking the Omega's Wrapped Legs with Him as He Pushes Forward. Tae's Breathing Hitches and He Tenses as Jungkook Forces His Knot In. His Hips Keep Moving, But His Mind Blanks. He Can Hear Soft Whimpering Coming from Tae And He Looks Under Him to See Tears Rimming the Omega's Eyes.

He Still Smiling Softly, Reassuring Jungkook's Alpha That He's Okay. He Sits Up, Locking Their Lips Together Again and Rolling His Hips Around the Fullness He's Feeling. "Good," He Says Quietly, Moving Back. His Hand Holds Jungkook's Cheek While Staring at Him, Wiping Away A Drop of Sweat from The Side of His Face and Kissing Him Again.

Jungkook Never Cared for Knotting, And He Was Thankful His Knots Didn't Last Long. He Lowers His Head Back Down to The Crook of Tae's Neck, Licking Away the Itchiness That Comes Over His Sharp Teeth. He Had Enough Control to Not Bite the Man Like He Wanted So Badly To. Tae's Hips Stop Moving and His Hung Open Mouth Starts to Hum with Soft Snores While He Sleeps. His Lavender Scent Is Also Starting to Come Back. Jungkook Scoffs with An Eye Roll. "Goodnight, Tae," He Says Through A Laugh, Glancing Back at The Clock to See If It Was Well into The Night Like He Assumed It Was.

It Was.

His Eyes Close and He Falls Asleep Almost Immediately, Getting Lost in A Lavender Haze While His Mind Replays the Last Few Hours Back to Him in His Dreams.

Chapter Text

Jin: Bedroom
10:12 AM Dec 12
Southside Buk-gu, Busan

Jin wakes up in an empty bed, rolling over and sighing heavily as he stretches. He hasn't been able to sleep comfortably in years, but he has been for the last couple of days. God did he need it. His nerves have been wild. He wants to ask Jungkook over for breakfast. He apologized over the phone to his bunny Alpha, but he wanted to do it in person as well. And more so to Tae.

He pushes himself from his mattress on stiff arms. Namjoon's t-shirt is resting on the knob of his nightstand drawer where he always leaves it. It would usually be gone if Namjoon were there. He puts it on and hugs himself. Namjoon and their pups went to stay with Hoseok for the week out, and he's kind of starting to regret ever letting them go. The house is far more quiet than he's used to, and it makes him slightly uncomfortable.

His short legs straighten from the bed and he leaves for the kitchen while singing and taking his phone with him. Jin was an excellent cook and he took his craft very seriously no matter what he was cooking. Since it was just Jungkook coming over, he decided not to go all out. "A small buffet will suffice," he says to himself. He ties an apron around him then takes to the cabinets to search for the waffle batter while dialing Jungkook's number.

The line trills once before Jungkook's voice speaks from the other line.

"Hello." He doesn't sound annoyed, which Jin is grateful for.

"Hi, cupcake. Did I wake you up?"

"Hey, Omma." Jin smiles at the word. It was nice hearing Jungkook call him that again.

"Yeah, but it's fine. Are you okay?"

" other cupcakes are gone and I'm lonely." Jin pouts even though Jungkook can't see, grabbing the batter while holding his phone between his ear and shoulder.

"Can you come over? I'm making breakfast." Jungkook yawns from the other line and Jin fails to fight the need to do so himself.

"Uhgh...I actually had some plans today..But you're more important. I'll be there soon." Jin can hear Tae groan softly in the background. Probably because Jungkook moved from the bed."Gimme about an hour."

"Is Tae still with you?" Jin knows he sounds more upset than he should, but it's unintentional.

"Mmm." An audible annoyance comes over Jungkook when Jin mentions the Other Omega.

"Well...he can come too."

"I was gonna bring him anyway," Jungkook spits. "I'm hanging up. We can talk when I get there."

"Alright, hun. I love you."

"Love you too, Ma."

The line clicks over and Jin stands from the table. Knowing that Jungkook is coming puts a giddiness in his movement as he quickly cleans the entire house and pool, feeding his sugar gliders and walking Monie after he's done, then jumping in the shower to clean himself. He doesn't realize doing all of this takes him an hour and 30 minutes. He keeps himself busy, singing while he finishes cooking an assortment of waffles and hotcakes. He's just about done squeezing fresh orange juice when the doorbell rings.

He wipes his hand and sets the pitcher of orange juice on a display table where everything is laid out before walking to the front door. Instead of opening it, he glares through the peephole, his eye falling on Tae's staring back closely until Jungkook pulls him away and tells him to put his shoes in the porch cubby. Tae backs away, talking shit through whines but still bending himself in half to untie and take off his sneakers. Jin nearly chokes on his saliva at the sight of his body. He's dressed boldly in a white sweater crop top that looks like it's been cut to stop just under his chest, and tight black jeans that have a bedazzled J (for Jimin) on the front pocket.

The white only highlights the red and purple patches covering his entire torso.

You definitely wear it with confidence.

Jin glances at his neck for any sign of Jungkook marking him, and sighs with relief when he doesn't see one. He sucks his teeth and opens the door, forcing a smile to them both. Jungkook doesn't say anything, but he returns his smile, stepping to him and kissing his cheek before walking past him and heading straight to the connected door, downstairs to the kitchen. "Hi, Si-. Ji-. Hyu-. Uh.." Tae stammers over his greeting, biting his lip sheepishly. "Hi," he settles on finally, pulling Jin from the doorframe and into a hug with a big and boxy smile. Jin hesitates before hugging him back. He smells heavily of Jungkook's oak scent, but Jin isn't surprised. The Alpha's scent is so powerful. It sticks to you if you're around him too much or too long.

"Hi, Tae. You can call me Jin or hyung if you want." Tae sighs next to his ear at his affection and something in it makes Jin relax immensely. His ear twitches when Jungkook laughs behind them. "Now kiss," the Alpha says loudly, drawing the attention of the man walking by. Jin smiles at his neighbor over Tae's shoulder then steps away from him. Tae scoffs at Jungkook, who's standing in the doorway with a plate stacked high with hotcakes, cheeks extended and full, and eyes closed into crescents. It didn't surprise Jin that he was back so fast. His two front teeth aren't the only reason they call him Bunny. He can bounce up any amount of stairs with ease. "You'd like that wouldn't you," Tae bites, wafting a hand in dismissal. Jungkook scoffs. "I would love every bit of it." Bits of food fly from his mouth as he speaks, and he dabs his face on his sleeve before turning his back to them.

"But not with nae Omma." Jin fakes a gag while rolling his eyes. The thought of Jungkook even thinking of him like that puts a bad taste in his mouth. Tae pouts, not bothering to retort because he has no clue what to say, and Jungkook laughs from in front of them. "You...need to be slapped," Tae says finally. He's trying hard to hide his smile. Jin looks between the both of them, stunned at their sudden closeness. Jungkook is standing in the living room with his eyes glued to the flatscreen TV over the mantle. "Come slap me," he says quietly, glancing over his shoulder to the door. Tae takes the invitation and moves to step into the house. He stops suddenly, moving his leg from over the threshold and turning to Jin. "Hyung, can I.." Jin nods, folding his arms over his chest and watching the other Omega charge at Jungkook through the door with spastic hands.

Jin can already tell why they were much closer than they were when he was first around them. Tae's body, his back looking just as bruised and beaten as his front, was concrete evidence. Sex would make anyone close, no matter how many times you've had it or why. Allowing yourself to be that vulnerable for an amount of time would call for you to be extremely comfortable with them. Although he wanted to confirm, he didn't bother to question. It was heat season and he assumed Tae got his. If he really was going home, the last thing Jungkook was gonna do was let him leave while he was susceptible.

He finds himself smiling again, genuinely, as he watches them fight and argue. Jungkook is always excited around them, for the most part. He's a very excitable child. But seeing how he smiles effortlessly when it's Tae makes his heart feel warm. Of course, the father in Jin wants nothing more than for his pup to be happy. If Tae is that happiness, then he'll just learn to live with it.

Jungkook is still eating while Tae holds him down on the floor, slapping at his chest with laughs. A piece of fruit falls to the floor under them, and Jin jumps from the doorframe. "Okayokayokay. Hey, hey, hey," he calls loudly, stepping into the house and clapping his hands like he does when Jisoo and Jinsoo are fighting. "Hey! I didn't invite you over to mess up my house. Get up." He pulls at Tae, but the Omega is reluctant, holding himself down against Jungkook and preventing Jin from getting a grip of him. "Oh my god, I expected you to be better," Jin whines, now pulling at Jungkook's leg. "What happened to 'We shouldn't fight like children'?! Both of you! Up. up. up. Now!"

"nOw" Jungkook teases, snatching his leg back then smiling at the man sitting on top of him. "You can move me," Tae teases back between pants. Jungkook almost looks offended when the words leave Tae's mouth. "I can. But I don't want to." "I bet you don't," Tae says softly, pulling his knees to the Alpha's sides then rising to his feet over him. "Sorry about that, Hyung" he says even softer. Jin stares at him wide eyed when he turns to face him and lowers his head in respect. It's something Omegas don't do to each other. It truly takes Jin for a shock. "Where's..the kitchen?" "I-. I'll walk with you," Jin says, extending his arm to the direction they'll be going and stepping off after Tae when he moves forward. "I saw that, you nasty," he smiles when he sees Jungkook pop the slice of strawberry in his mouth from the rug. Jungkook just sighs and continues eating.

An awkwardness follows Tae and Jin while they walk out of the main part of the house and downstairs to the kitchen. "Your house is beautiful," Tae says with full admiration, breaking the engulfing silence. His head has been on a swivel, taking in all Jin's house has to offer with round eyes. "All of you are living so lavish." "Oh, please," Jin scoffs. "This is lavish for you?" Jin nudges Tae softly through the door and into the second part of the house, that's mostly guest rooms and a large kitchen. Tae sits at the table while continuing to talk and praise Jin's home. "My house is nice, but these are so much better" he says, stroking the table with the pads of his fingers. "You should move here," Jin responds. He doesn't even know why he said it.

Jin is...used to being around Alphas. They give him attention, but when he gets too clingy or emotional, they don't know how to calm him down. He was the only Omega in their pack, so having Tae, another Omega, to sit and talk with was comforting even though he didn't want to admit it.

He places a plate full of different foods on the table in front of Tae, while talking. "Are you still considering going home?" Tae huffs, cutting his hotcake into bite size pieces and nibbling on them one by one. It reminds Jin of his pup, Ji-soo. She does the exact same thing. "I thought about it," Tae admits. "But there's nothing for me there but disappointment." "How so?" "Well," the other Omega starts. "Being around the Alphas and Yugyeom and seeing how they can just...sit and talk to each other effortlessly made me realize my friends are dickless assholes who don't care for me. We only really hang out because of our status. Y'know?" Jin nods, sitting in front of him at the table and listening intently.

"Getting beat up for bumping someone and being left for dead in a dirty alleyway miles away from home. No one has even tried to come look for me or anything." Tae stabs the hotcake on his plate. "People only like me for how I look. I hate being stared at." Jin doesn't realize he's once again staring a hole through Tae, but the Other's words make him look away quickly. He's actually feeling bad for the kid knowing now that he went through what he did.

" were beaten?" "Yeah," Tae sighs. "I was gonna say not badly, but waking up covered in bruises is never a good thing." He looks up for a second, pondering what he just said. "Not in this case. Another one. They didn't do anything too bad to me though. I'm okay." Jin was realizing Tae is just as open as he is beautiful. He doesn't hold his tongue and he's not afraid to talk about life with people. Admirable. "Can I ask you a question, hyung?" "Sure." Tae puts his fork down. "Why does Kookie call you Omma?" Jin smiles, feigning a giggle before answering.

"Me and Kookie...all of us really. We've known each other for years. He's always joked about calling me his mother because of my age and my status. You know calling an Alpha Omma wouldn't sit well with their ego." Him and Tae both huff. "I was the only one, other than my Joonie, who helped him learn to control his Alpha. He's in control of himself now, but God, he used to be bad at getting over his things. If he was sad, he'd be sad for days. Weeks even. It was worse when he was angry." Tae takes another piece of pancake to his mouth while listening.

"He started calling me Omma soon after that, like for real. It just stuck with us, I don't know." "That's so sweet," Tae coos. His plate has been cleaned of the contents on it and the only left is a puddle of chocolate sauce. "I'm sure he's very thankful to you for being there for him. I don't know if he says it, but he loves you a lot. And I'm really sorry for what happened that day." "That's the other reason I wanted you guys to come over. To apologize." "Don't," Tae says, pulling at Jin's hand to make him meet his gaze. He was learning the artistry of their intense eye contact. "I already forgave you. We'll be the best of friends now. We can have play dates and go for walks in the park and go shopping." Jin laughs at the younger's enthusiasm. "That'd be fun." "Come on. Bring it in." Tae leans over the table and wraps his arms around Jin, and Jin doesn't hesitate to hug him back.

Chapter Text

Tae: Patio
12:17 PM Dec 12
Southside Buk-gu, Busan

Tae And Jin Laugh And Giggle With Each Other While Making Their Way Back Upstairs. Tae Was Happy Jin Was Taking To Him Well And If He Had To Be Honest, It Felt Good Talking To Him. "What's Your Jean Size," Jin Asks, Pushing The Door To The Living Room Open. "Do You Know?" "29," Tae Answers, Allowing Jin To Go First Over The Threshold. "Well, I've Gotten A Little Weight On Me Since I Had My Pups, So My Clothes Don't Really Fit The Same." Jin Laughs At His Own Comment, Making Tae Laugh Under His Breath While He Closes The Door. "You Can Have Them." "Than-. Oh My God."

Jin Laughs Again, Harder, And Tae Covers His Mouth When He Sees Jungkook Sprawl On The Couch Knocked Out. They Both Let Out Soft Coos, Calling The Alpha Cute Under Their Breaths. "My Gorgeous Baby. We Left Him Alone Too Long." Jin's Hand Strokes Jungkook's Hair Over The Couch. He Moves, But Doesn't Wake. "He Would Always Give Into His Food Comas When He Was Left By Himself," He Explains. "I Know He Tried To Wait For Us. He's Been Like This Since Middle School." Tae Looks At Jin Looking Around The Room. "Throw That Blanket On Him." He Points To A Large Blanket Folded In An Armchair. "We Can Go To My Room."

Tae Nods, And Walks Around The Couch To The Armchair. He Keeps His Eyes On Jungkook While His Hand Grabs The Raspberry Colored Blanket, Taking His Time To Shake It Out, Then Drape It Gently Over The Alpha. "I Didn't Know You Guys Knew Each Other That Long." He Speaks As He Tucks The Softness Around The Alpha And Pushes His Mouth Closed With A Finger Before Moving Away. "Oh, Yeah. Me, Mini, And Kookie All Went To School Together. We Weren't Always Close Though, Just Around My Third Year." "And Then You Presented," Tae Adds, Completing The Other Omega's Thought. He Nods In Agreement, Walking Down The Hall To His Bedroom. Tae Follows After Making Sure Jungkook Is Comfortably Tucked Away.

He Has To Admire The Room When He Steps Into It. Not To Be Totally Confused By The Small Entrance, The Room Opens Up Impossibly Into A Large Master Bedroom. It Also Smells Like Buttery Popcorn, Giving Tae A Sense Of Comfort As Well As A Craving For The Taste. Jin Starts To Throw An Array Of Clothing Onto The Bed From The Closet, Humming And Telling Himself What He Wants To Or Doesn't Want To Keep.

A Red Satin Button Down Shirt Catches His Eye When It Delicately Flutters To The Bed, And Tae Lunges Forward, Grabbing For It, And Skipping To The Adjacent Bathroom To Try It On. "Jimin Actual-." Tae Steps Out From The Bathroom With The Shirt On, Twisting And Flaunting And Stopping Jin's Talking In Its Verbal Track. "That...Actually Looks A Lot Better On You." Jin Laughs To Himself, Continuing To Pull Clothing From The Closet. "Don't Tell Jimin I Said That. He Had His Eyes On It Too."

Tae Loved This Side Of Jin..The Affectionate Side. He Knew Jin Probably Still Had A Lot Of Hostility Towards Him, But It Was Nice To See Him Trying To Change.

Tae Continues To Try On All Of The Clothing. Some A Little Skimpier Than Most. He Blushes Just Looking At The Pieces Of Lingerie. "You Actually Wore Stuff Like This," He Asks, Sitting Slowly To The Other's Bed And Holding Up A Pink Lace, See Through Bodysuit. "Of Course I Did."

Jin Throws The Blouse From His Hand. "Maybe In The Future, We Can Go Shopping Like You Suggested And Get You Some Things Like That." Tae Watches Jin Wiggle His Eyebrows In The Closet Mirror With A Scoff. "Lingerie Shopping Isn't Really My Thing." "Whaaat?" Jin Turns To Look At Him, And Tae Bites His Lip. "You Don't Wanna Walk About With Your Ass Out Every Now And Then?" "N-. No. I'm..Not Confident In My Body." "Talk About Needing To Be Slapped. I Should Slap You."

Tae Winces At The Sudden Change Of The Older's Tone.

"You'll Look Back On This Day When You're Swollen With Pups, And I Guarantee You'll Come To See And Miss How Amazing Your Body Was. I'd Love To Have Your Body. No Stretchmarks, No Belly Fat, No Sagginess." Jin Walks Over And Sits Next To Him. "You Are Beautiful, Tae. I'm Sure People Say That To You A Lot, But It's Time You Start Saying It To Yourself." "Yes, Hyung," Tae Whines Quietly, Fingering The Bedsheet In Embarassment.

Tae Has Always Hated Being Scolded, No Matter Who It Is. He Doesn't Like Being Yelled At. "No Need To Feel Bad, Pup. You're Still Young, You'll Learn To Love Yourself." Jin Pats His Leg, Gives Him A Smile Only A Father Could Give, Then Moves Away From Him And Back To The Closet. Tae Doesn't Say Anything. Jin's Words Are Still Running Through His Thoughts.

Maybe It Is Time I Start Being Confident With Myself...

"I'll Go With You," Tae Says With Determination. "But Not While I'm In Heat. I Don't Need To Give Jungkook Any Reason To Hurt Me Seeing Me Dressed Like That." Jin Looks At Him As If He's Questioning Whether He's Serious, Then Doubles Over, Slapping His Knee Raw And Heaving Squeals Way Harder Than He Probably Should Be.

Jungkook Hurting Me Is Amusing?

Tae Stares At Jin With A Little Hostility. "What's Funny?" "I'm Sorry," Jin Laughs Again, Waving A Hand. "I Thought You Were Joking. You Said Hurt You. Jungkook? Jungkook Jeon? My Pup, Cupcake? Hurt. You?" He Points A Finger Then Laughs Again, Clapping Like A Hyperactive Seal. The Sound He's Making Becomes That Of A Damp Windshield Or Window Being Wiped Clean With A Cloth. "We're Talking About Two Different Jungkook's Right?" Tae Shakes His Head Bemused. He Knew His Emotions Were Crazy, But Jin's Emotions Were His Emotions X 10. It Was Almost Scary.

"Jungkook Would Never Hurt You. Hurting You Would Be-. Like Hurting Himself. Shit, I Saw Firsthand His Willingness To Fight For You. Trust Me, I've Been On That Rollercoaster." He Stands Straight To Catch A Breath. "I'm Still On It To This Day. And You See Where I Am. Happily Settled Down With A Family Of My Own And A Loving Alpha." Jin Looks Him Up Then Down. "Are You A True Breed?" "Y-Yes?" "Ooh," Jin Drags. "Get Out While You Can, Baby."

Fuck, Please Don't Call Me That.

Tae Can Feel His Legs Shake At The Word And He Has To Question How Jin Missed His Body Involuntarily Jerk The Second He Said It. Or Maybe He Saw It And Didn't Know What It Was? "Is 'Baby' Your Trigger Word? Fuck, He Saw It. Tae Swallows Hard Before Nodding. "It's Mine As Well. Doesn't It Just Make You Hot?" Jin Fans Himself Dramatically And Tae Smiles Before Looking Away. "Don't Let Yugyeom Know That Though." "Something Tells Me He's Gonna Already Know," Tae Says Softly. He Starts To Fold And Sort All Of The Clothing And Jin Sits Next To Him To Help.

They Chat Until Every Piece Of Clothing Is Folded And Stored In A Suitcase For Tae To Take With Him.

Tae: Pool
2:21 PM Dec 12
Southside Buk-gu, Busan

Tae and Jin spent the last couple of hours cleaning up, putting the suitcase full of clothing in the back of Jungkook's car, and sitting by the pool getting to know each other. Tae would be lying if he said it didn't feel nice knowing he has someone else to talk to and chat with. The lingering hostility and awkwardness they had with each other had vanished completely and they were both visibly relaxed. Tae even let Jin talk him into putting on a bikini to get in the pool. He was still hesitant about it, but he knew if he had to start anywhere to build body confidence, it'd be with Jin and it'd be in a bathing suit.

The bikini was revealing and it had to be the brightest shade of pink imaginable, but it was snug and covered just enough for Tae to be okay with it. Jin wasn't wearing a bikini, just a black oversized tee with FG on the front in bold white letters. Hoseok, Namjoon, and Yoongi came to visit with the pups, giving Jin some kind of comfort that Tae couldn't give him. The five of them ended up sitting and talking about Hoseok and Yoongi's bonding. The three left soon after filling their stomachs on what was left of the food. Amazingly, but no surprise to Jin, Jungkook slept through all of it.

"Can you at least go put something on that shows more than just your arms and legs, hyung. I'm getting a little self-conscious," Tae whines to the poolside Omega. He's waist deep in the pool, allowing the water to float him around while he pouts with puppy eyes. "Being self aware is the first step to self acceptance. This is good for you," Jin responds, refusing to give a definite answer.

"This isn'-. Can I just have a slow yes? Instead of a fast no?" Tae stares with puppy eyes. Jin says yes, but drags it out enough for it to become a hiss. "But only after you get out of the water and run like I told you to." "Do you promise?" "Promise what?" "Tae-Tae! Jin-Jin!"

Tae and Jin both look over to the backdoor at the sound of Jungkook's gruff question and Yugyeom's loud cracky shouting. Jimin is there as well, quietly waving.

Fan. Fucking. Tastic.

"Hi, you guys. Come, come, come. Tae needs an audience," Jin sing songs, tapping the wet with water, bare spot next to him. Jimin takes a seat in the lounge chair behind Jin after hugging him, and Yugyeom runs to sit next to the him with a smile. Jungkook stretches before moving to sit between Jimin's feet. "Omma," Jimin calls softly, rubbing his foot softly against Jungkook's thigh. "Why do you have the pup in the water?" Tae can't help but smile at the hint of agitation that comes over Jimin's face as he asks.

"We're doing some confidence building," Jin answers easily, fanning away the annoyance filled heat radiating from his oldest pup. "It's like 53 degrees," Jungkook huffs. "He's gonna get sick." "He'll be fine," Jin and Yugyeom bark quickly in unison. Jungkook rolls his eyes, very obviously pissed off at the entire situation. Jimin, looking annoyed as well, wraps his legs around Jungkook's waist and pulls him back, stroking his hair softly so he can relax. "I'm fine with it, Jimin. Well, I was until you all came out here," Tae whines in front of them. "I'm not doing it now."

"You can't back out," Jin squeals loudly. "I promised!" "You wh-. No you didn't," Tae squeals back through a delusional laugh. "Well, i'm promising now! So do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!" Jin starts a chant, jerking his hand back and forth as if he's waving an idol light stick and getting louder and louder with every yell. "Do what?" Yugyeom's eyes light up with excitement. "What does he have to do?" The Beta has no idea, but joins in the chant anyway. Tae fakes a cry. "Alpha, tell them to stop. This is peer pressure." He turns to look at, then pouts at Jungkook. "Well, he did promise," he says quietly. "I wanna see what you got on anyway." Tae sighs heavily, submerging himself under the water to hide his red face at the eagerness lacing Jungkook's voice.

This is a test of endurance...and he's determined to get over it.

Tae takes a breath, then slips back under the water, swimming under the water surface to the edge of the pool, pulling himself and planting his feet firmly on the marble before running around the length in his bikini. He felt beyond stupid, but the two that have been giggling and pressuring him cheering him on and cat calling made the feeling in his stomach quickly shift from demeaning to thrilling. "Do a flip or a cannonball," Yugyeom yells, shedding his own clothes and diving into the deep end of the large water rectangle.

Tae runs to the stairs leading to the patio, giving himself a running start to do a front handspring into the deep water. He can see Jimin clapping for him with his wide eyes. "Holy shit," Yugyeom breaths. "That was something." Tae doesn't answer, but he smiles in response, clenching his teeth while struggling to catch a breath. "You need to teach me that," Yugyeom mewls quietly. "I-. I will after I stop dying."

The water wasn't cold thanks to heated jets at every end of the pool, so Tae wasn't going into shock. He just couldn't breathe. He can't remember the last time he showed off his gymnastic ability. Yugyeom sends a wave of water his way and the two of them start splashing each other violently, completely oblivious to Jin's cries for help and Jimin's broken laughter. Tae looks up just in time to see Jungkook succeeding to manhandle Jin into the pool behind them. "This is too much," he says to himself, taking a slow swim back over to the pool edge and hoisting himself up, sitting on the pool edge so he can take in everything that's going on.

The scene Tae was in was just another reason for him to not miss his home. Sitting around at a friend's house with good food, good company, and something to do was never something he did in Seoul. He and his "friends" only hung out and talked in school or on the way to the mall.

Yugyeom swims over to him while he's daydreaming. "You okay, kid? You look a little down." Tae scoffs. "Who are you to be calling me a kid? I'm older than you." Tae kicks his leg that the Beta is leaning on. "Are you okay, hyung?" "I'm fine," Tae answers, pushing Yugyeom's hair from his face. "Why are you sulking then? Happy people don't sulk." "It's just..." Tae takes a deep breath before speaking again.

"I feel like I need to go home before I get too attached." "You're gonna just...leave forever?" A sadness comes over the Beta's face and Tae immediately feels bad. "Why not just move down here? You can stay with me." "I can't just leave my house. My family and my dog? What about them?" "Move them down here with you. Jungkook has another house he won't mind your parents staying in. Your dog can stay with us."

Is this child serious?

"I'm no-." "Hey." Jungkook's voice cuts him off before he can finish his verbal thought. The Alpha's gentle touch sends a heat flying from his stomach to his feet. Tae suddenly becomes aware, very aware, of what he's wearing, and slides back into the pool to try and cover himself with the water. "Stop hiding like I wasn't all over you last night," Jungkook spits, kicking water at Yugyeom when he makes a suggestive face.

"Are you coming with me and Jimin?" "Where are you going?" "To the store." Tae shakes his head. "Just don't leave me here," he whines. "I might," Jungkook smiles. He and Jimin walk back into the house and Jin follows after them with a towel wrapped around him. His t shirt is hung over his forearm. "Come in when you're ready," he says softly, leaving Tae with Yugyeom in the pool.

Chapter Text

Jungkook: Store
3:24 PM Dec 12
Buk-gu, Busan

"The ones they have here are disgusting," Jimin whines when he steps into the store. He and Jungkook wave to the cashier and both immediately head to the back where the chips are. Jungkook isn't hungry, but he still thinks about what Yugyeom and Jin would want to eat. Any time they go to the store, Jimin gets what he wants, Jungkook gets what he wants, then they buy something for whoever they're going back to. It's not a tradition, but it's been happening since they were young. Neither Alpha has a problem with it.

"Hurry up," Jungkook pouts, rubbing his foot on Jimin's ankle. "Don't you dare rush me. You know what you signed up for." Jimin pushes away bag after bag, desperately trying to find a bag of shrimp flavored chips that didn't look tampered with. "Get Yuggye those." Jungkook points to a bag of honey butter chips that Jimin knocked to the ground. Jimin nods, but it goes unseen. Jungkook's phone is vibrating in his pocket and the LED is flashing brightly, drawing his attention before he could catch the nod of acceptance.



Today 3:28 PM
Can you get me some yogurt jelly.
and come back please..

Jungkook laughs out loud, unaware that he did until Jimin turns to look at him. "What?" "Nothing," he answers. "I'll be back." He tries to grab Yugyeom's honey butter chips, but Jimin stops him, shooing him away with a hand then standing to his feet with the bag and his bag of shrimp chips in his hands. "Get whatever you want. I'll be at the register." "Alright." Jungkook walks the opposite way to the aisle where the jelly snacks are. "What flavor does he e-." He unlocks his phone and goes back to his messages.



Today 3:28 PM
Can you get me some yogurt jelly.
and come back please..
Today 3:33 PM
strawberry flavor
thank you ❤

He locks his phone, not bothering to reply now that he had his answer. He grabs one of each jelly flavor available, grabs two more of the strawberry flavor, then walks to the counter. "You don't eat those," Jimin barks when he steps up next to him. "You said whatever I want. Mind your business." The Other smiles while Jungkook pays for the candy. "Are they for who I think they're for?" "Thank you," Jungkook sighs, grabbing the bag from the blue eyed man across the counter and ignoring Jimin's question. The Beta nods at him. "Are you ready?"

Jimin says goodbye to the cashier and they both depart the store, taking their time to walk across the street to Jungkook's car. "You're buying him stuff now? The sex couldn't have been that good." "The sex isn't why i'm buying it for him." "Oh? Then why are you?" "Can we not talk about it?" "I want to." Jimin banters like a child. He continues to ramble questions to an apathetic Jungkook as they get into the car and fasten their seatbelts. Jungkook takes an extra minute connecting his bluetooth to the radio before starting the engine and speeding down the street back to his Omma's house.

Jin, Monie, and Yugyeom are sitting on the steps outside when he pulls into the driveway. "Tae is missing," Jimin announces, as if Jungkook can't see with his own two eyes. "Get out," he hisses in response, taking his bag and stepping out as well. They both slam the car doors shut and Jungkook taps the lock button twice, once to lock the doors, and twice to activate the alarm. Yugyeom smiles when he sees them approaching. "That was quick," Jin says, holding his hands out expectantly.

Jungkook blows a breath while handing Jin his cola candy. "He's in the guest room," the Older one answers like he was asked a question. "He said his head was hurting." Yugyeom stands and Jimin takes a seat where he rises from, pulling the Beta back to his lap as he opens the honey butter chips, then his own. They all enjoy their snacks and talk amongst themselves. Jungkook walks past them into the house, manuvering through the living room to the connected door, and downstairs to where the guest rooms are.

The smell of lavender is overwhelming the closer he gets to the door that leads to the guest rooms and even stronger when he opens it and steps inside. He lets his nose guide him to the room Tae is in, which is the room he almost always goes in himself when he's planning to stay at Jin's house for more than a day.

It was the smallest guest room, but the coziest. It also had Jungkook's scent all over it, and that's probably what Tae went in there for.

A Emotionally Attached Omega (EAO) will seek out their Alpha's scent whenever they're left alone and uncomfortable. It isn't always discomfort with who they're around. Most of the time, it's when the Alpha leaves and is gone for longer than what the Omega would have expected.

He pushes the cracked door open to find Tae laid out on the left side of the bed with his feet hanging from the side and his eyes glued to the tv. His face, for the first time, is unreadable. "You okay?" He nods. Jungkook sets the bag down on the nightstand and wraps his arm around Tae's waist, moving him up on the bed then laying down between his legs. Tae doesn't react. Jungkook frowns. "Talk to me," he whines loudly, nuzzling the lower half of the Omega's stomach. He doesn't usually beg for attention, but he wanted to know what was wrong and he knew Tae couldn't ignore his display of affection.

Tae sighs dismissively, and Jungkook takes the hint. He isn't sure what he did, even though he could guess. He pushes himself away from the Other, sitting back and watching him watch TV. "Tell me what's wrong." "You're what's wrong," Tae finally speaks. He sounds mad. "What am I wrong about?" "L-leaving me by myself." Then sad.

A blush washes over his face, and he sits himself to the headboard with his knees pulled to his chest. Jungkook rolls his eyes. "Don't you think you're getting too attached?" He watches the Omega's face harden, and can't hide the little shock that comes over his own face when he realizes his question hit a nerve. "I-. Tae, I'm joking." "I'm not. I want you around me. D-don't leave me by myself, Alpha. Please."

His face softens, but he doesn't cry. It still makes Jungkook's heart sink. He couldn't tell if it was Tae or his Omega speaking, but at that point, he didn't care. It'd usually be easy to tell, but that's the problem with True Bred Omegas. Alpha isn't just a recognition for them. They use the word like it's a second name. Tae will call Jimin Alpha before he calls him Jimin.

"I'll always come back to you," Jungkook says softly, pushing himself back into Tae's smaller frame and snuggling his neck. "I won't leave you again, okay? Don't be mad at me." Tae's scent sweetens to a fruity oak/lavender when Jungkook gets closer to him. "Okay. But you're heavy. Move." "Say you forgive me." "Move first."

Jungkook adjusts himself so he can lay comfortably on top of Tae...per his request of course. "That-. Is not moving." "You didn't say move off of you." Jungkook grins at Tae's annoyed face. "Whatever. I forgive you, but there's still something else I wanted to ask you about," Tae says now that Jungkook isn't hovering over him. "What's gonna happen when my heat is over?"

"What do you want to happen?" "Don't do that. I asked you." "Whatever you want to happen is what's gonna happen." They both stare at each other with blank faces. "So if I want to leave, you'll let me?" Jungkook nods. "And if I don't want to?" "Then you won't have to." "What if I-." "When it's over, you can decide. You're stuck with me until then." Tae lowers his head while he nods. "Fine." Jungkook pulls himself up, gently pressing their lips together and forcing Tae to the bed before backing away. "No more thinking about it." Tae answers with another kiss, keeping a hold on Jungkook's face and wrapping his legs tight around his waist so he can't pull away.

"I thought I told you not to get me used to this," Jungkook smiles against Tae's lips. He didn't mind it, but he definitely wasn't about to let Tae know that. "You can move," Tae retorts, pecking his face repeatedly. "I can. But I don't want to." "I bet you don't." They locks lips again, neither willing to pull away until the Other does first.

Chapter Text

Namjoon and Yoongi: Hoseok’s Home
7:29 PM Dec 12
Geumgok-Dong, Buk-gu, Busan

Namjoon leans over to look his pup in the face, checking thoroughly to see if her ponytail is straight before humming with satisfaction. "Good to go," he smiles, nudging her away to her sister. Ji-soo takes off down the steps and into the snow where her twin was building a snowman. "Since when did you do hair?" Hoseok's snappy comment, followed by a shallow laugh, breaks the winter silence. "Since the love of my life decided to bless me with two more of him," Namjoon answers with a firm look at the other Alpha. He looks uncomfortable but happy slouched between Yoongi's legs, getting his hair combed through with Yoongi's long fingers. His eyes are closed, and he winces every then and again from the cold air.

"Uh, Seok-ah? Are you comfortable?" "Hell no," Hoseok barks. Yoongi shakes softly with a chuckle at the agitation in his tone and Hoseok looks up at him with loving eyes. "What are you giggling at," he asks softly, returning Yoongi's smile back to him. Namjoon watches Hoseok rub at Yoongi's leg with playful content. "I'm giggling at you," Yoongi grins, leaning down to press their lips together. "This is the millionth time I've told you to come up here and lay on me." Hoseok whines, but still moves to lay on his stomach across Yoongi's lap. Namjoon quirks his lips. He loves seeing his bestfriends happy with each other.

Hoseok and Yoongi haven't known each other long. Jungkook introduced them soon after Yoongi and Jimin broke up. No one except Jungkook knew why Yoongi called it quits with Jimin, but Namjoon was glad they could all be cordial and there was no bad blood.

"Daddy, can you hold this please," Jin-soo quietly asks, running up the steps and handing off a small medallion with NJ engraved on the back. "Of course," Namjoon says, taking the locket with a gentle hand and petting the pup with an even gentler touch. Jin, Namjoon, and the twins all have and wear with pride a locket that holds a photo of the four of them. Ji-soo took hers off prior to going outside so it wouldn't get dirty or damaged. He puts the locket around his neck along with his own. "You take such good care of them," Yoongi praises. He watches the two kids chase each other with hands full of snow.

"They're my everything. You'll feel that when you have pups." Namjoon can hear a sad sigh fall from Yoongi. "You know Betas can't catch with Alphas, Joonie." "Nothing wrong with adoption or a surrogate." Hoseok shifts, hanging his leg over the porch step sound asleep on the Beta's thighs. "I know," Yoongi pouts. "But I don't want some unknown person carrying Hobi's genes. I asked every Omega I know and they all said they didn't want to."

"Jin said no?" "Okay, well everyone except him. I know you wouldn't want your best friend knocking up your mate." "Yeah," Namjoon sighs. "What about that one that's with Kookie? What was his name?" Yoongi looks away in thought. "Tory? Or something like that." Yoongi pecks a kiss onto Hoseok's exposed forehead.

"Anyway," he continues. "That's Kookie's mate. I'm no-." "Kookie has a mate?!" Namjoon asks much louder than he intends to, but Hoseok doesn't turn or wake. "Ca-calm down," Yoongi grins. "I don't know for sure, but we know Kookie. He doesn't let people stay with them. And he's not the type to play Captain Save-A-Hoe-Mega." Namjoon still has wide eyes, and he only knows this because the cold air is making his eyes sting and tear. "I wonder if he's still with Jin," he says, wiping his eyes. "Call him." Yoongi waves a hand. "You call him. That's your man." "...I meant Jungkook, Yoona." Another gummy grin comes over Yoongi's face. "Oh," he says quietly.

His hand digs into Hoseok's back pocket and pull out a phone. He pouts when the facial recognition doesn't register. Namjoon watches Yoongi struggle. "You should've just typed your pin the first time," he says scratching his shoulder. "Shut up," Yoongi spits, holding down the 2 on his dialpad until the phone rings Jungkook's number. The line trills for what seems like forever.

"Hmm?" Jungkook's chewing makes Yoongi fake a gag. He puts the phone on speaker so Namjoon can hear.

"Hey, Kookie. I have a question. And Joonie is here." "Hey, Kook."

"Aye, Abeoji. What's up?"

"Are you still at Jin's?"


"Is that guy still with you?"

"Why?" His tone suddenly switches to one full of hostility.

"Well, two things. Is he your mate? And would he be okay with bearing me a pup."

"Hyung, what kinda shit is that?"

"Stop cursing, Uncle Kookie," Ji-soo yells softly from Namjoon's lap. Her hands were cold from the snow, but Namjoon didn't mind it. The obvious softness in Jungkook's voice when he apologizes makes the pup smile.

"Answer me," Yoongi demands.

"He's not my mate," Jungkook quips. "And I don't know about the pregnancy thing. Even if he agrees, I can tell you he won't be willing to give you the pup."

"Ask him, please."

"Uhhhhhhhhh." The maknae glitches and Namjoon holds back his laugh.

"Just ask. He's in heat, isn't he?"

"-hhhhhhhhhhhhh. How do you know he's in heat?" "Stop talking about me."

"Yugyeom has a big mouth," Yoongi laughs, stroking softly at Hoseok's hair as he speaks into the phone.

"Come over here. I can't do this over th- yo back the fuck up. Ow, why ar-. Get off me." Jungkook's laughing makes Namjoon and Yoongi stare at each other. "Just gimme the phone!"


Jungkook's still laughing at a distance and they both know he's put his phone down to deal with Tae. "I know Yugyeom said they had it bad for each other, but damn," Yoongi says under his breath. "I know," Namjoon laughs to himself. "Kook'll deny it until he's on his deathbed though." Yoongi shoves Namjoon over and Namjoon gently pushes him back while they laugh.

"Tae, I sw-. Sto-. Ow, you fuckin-." They hear a loud slap echo over the phone and Tae's pain filled laughing.

Namjoon reaches over and ends the call. "He'll call back," he says. "Yeah. And I'll go over there tomorrow. I wanna talk to Yugyeom and see if he knows anyone else I can ask." Yoongi stretches back then leans over into Hoseok's hair. "Come on, honey. Let's go to bed." "This early?" Namjoon looks at his watch. "It's only 6:43." "I know," Yoongi says quietly. Hoseok moves again for the first time since falling asleep, pushing away from Yoongi's lap then offering his back for the Beta to get on when he's upright. "Gimm," he mumbles with closed eyes, gesturing for Ji-soo, who has also fallen asleep.

Namjoon hands the pup over and the three of them disappear into the house.

"Those two," he says under a breath. He looks at Jin-soo looking back him, bored now that her sister isn't playing with her. "Daddy, I miss Omega daddy." She crawls onto the second ascending step. "Can we go see him? Pleeeeeease." "Sure," Namjoon smiles, moving from the porch and scooping the pup into his hands. "Let's go see him." Jin-soo squeals with so much excitement, she almost wiggles out of Namjoon's hold. "Careful, cupcake. Go get your RJ. You can show him how well you're taking care of him." He puts the pup down and she runs to the house with giggles. It doesn't take her long to run back outside carrying the alpaca plushie.

Namjoon is already in the car waiting for her with the engine running.

"Here we go go go go, on an adventure," she sings, opening the door and stuffing the plushie into the car then jumping in herself. "The thingamajigger is up and away! Go go go go." Namjoon smiles watching the young child fasten her seatbelt and kick her feet to the beat she's humming.

"We'll be there sooner than later," he informs. "Go go go go," Jin-soo replies, wafting her hands in a forward motion. Namjoon pulls away from the street curb, gliding down the street with a big smile on his face at his daughter's singing. She ends up falling asleep 30 minutes into the drive, leaning over and holding tight at her plushie that's holding her Omega Daddy's scent. Namjoon keeps his attention on the street, humming along to the sounds of the radio.

Namjoon: Home
7:29 PM Dec 12
Southside Buk-gu, Busan

Namjoon pulls into the driveway to his house and turns the engine. "Jin-Jin," he coos, reaching back and shaking the sleeping child's leg. "Jin-soo, wake up." The pup squeezes her plushie tighter while yawning herself awake. Namjoon steps out of the car and gets tackled to the snow covered ground by an excited Jin. "My babies!" He peppers kisses all over Namjoon's face. "I missed you," he suddenly whines, sitting himself up and slowing his heaving chest. "I missed you too," Namjoon says softly. "I take it you had a good day." "I did, actually. That Tae guy is su-."

"Daddy!" Jin opens his arms when he sees Jin-soo charging towards him and scents her immediately the second the pup is in his arms. "Hi, my precious. Are you having fun at Uncle Hobi's house?" Namjoon runs a hand up Jin's thigh to get him to move and stands to his feet when he does. "Yes. But I missed you," Jin-soo says quietly, hugging Jin again. "I still have RJ." She shows him the plushie and he smiles. "And you've taken care of him well, my angel."

Jin spreads kisses on the pup's face before standing to his feet holding her. "Tell me you're staying," he whines to Namjoon. "Ji-soo is still with Hoseok and Yoongi. I actually wanted to talk to you about that." "Oh boy," Jin says, setting his daughter to her feet. "Cupcake , go in the house. Daddies gotta talk." "Yes, sir." Jin-soo runs to the house and Monie follows.

Namjoon leans against his car, pulling then holding Jin tight to him before kissing him deeply. "How was your day?" Jin sighs with content. "So much better than I thought it'd be," he says softly. "Tae is like...He's literally a baby. He's such a sweetheart, Joonie. He cuts up his pancakes like the pups do." Namjoon blinks to hide his surprise. "I bet your heart melted, didn't it?" "Yes. It was so cute," Jin coos. "What about you? What did you wanna talk about?"

"Well," the Alpha sighs. "Yoongi and Hobi want a pup. Uh no wait. They don't want one, but they're thinking about it." "Awwww." "Yeah, but Yoongi doesn't wanna ask you. He wanted to ask Tae." "Oh my. Hobi would have to kill Kookie if he wants to get anywhere near that child like that." Jin turns and wraps Namjoon's arms around his waist, waddling them back to the house while he talks. "Why didn't Yoongi ask me? I don't mind." "I mind," Namjoon huffs. "It's not like we'll need to have sex," Jin says softly. "Artificial insemination is a thing, you know." Namjoon huffs again. "I'd rather it be Tae. Kookie isn't gonna keep him around long anyway."

"Tuh," Jin scoffs. "That baby is not going no where, Alpha. Oof, you shoulda seen the way Kookie bit all over him." "Same way I bite all over you?" Namjoon playfully bites at Jin's shoulder and the Omega laughs before trying to pull away from his tight hold. "Yes the way you bite on me. But don't do that right now. There's kids out here." "They don't care," Namjoon laughs. He spins Jin on his heel, then picks him up and carries him in the house, throwing him up slightly with every other step.

Chapter Text

Tae: Living Room
9:13 PM Dec 12
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Tae is leaning over, arching his back slightly and scratching at the black fuzzy pillow under Jungkook's head. Jungkook is under him taking up the majority of the couch, scrolling on his phone and laughing at the 10 second videos he's watching on Instagram. Tae can tell the scratching is annoying the Younger. He also knows he's not gonna tell him to stop.

They just got back to Jungkook's house. They walked around and went sightseeing before going to dinner at some fancy restaurant. Tae suggested they come back early to shower and put on a movie neither of them will watch. Not because it was a bad movie...but because Jungkook had his phone and Tae had Jungkook.

Tae was dressed comfortably in one of Jin's pink hoodies and a pair of pink, frilled, fresh out of the pack panties. In case you're wondering...yes.

All of the undergarments Tae got from Jin are feminine. More feminine than most male Omegas would be okay with wearing. But Tae didn't mind it. He'd take a pair of panties over boxers any day. He liked the tightness and security that panties offered.

Jin told him to stop wearing pants around the house. He was complying, laying with one leg hanging off the side of the couch half naked on top of the shirtless Alpha and playing with the fuzziness of his hair and the fuzziness of the head cushion.

He loved the idea of being in a house, snug on a warm sofa with nowhere to go and nothing to do but annoy his Alpha senseless. His arm that he had wrapped around Jungkook's neck was still covered in bruises, but they had become faded and washed. He was disappointed that they were disappearing. His heat was eating him alive and he'd give anything to have Jungkook all over him again...

His pride would never let him admit that to Jungkook though.

"Alpha," he mewls. "I have a question." Jungkook moans softly in response. His eyes stay glued to the phone in his hands, but he's responsive. "Why do Alphas like to bite so much?" A scoff makes his ear twitch and his body shakes when Jungkook laughs under him. "Why wouldn't an Alpha wanna mark what's theirs?" "I-. I'm not yours." Tae tries his best to sound offended, but the words and the assertion in Jungkook's tone makes his head spin. "Ouch. You're not my baby?" "I-. Uh..." Tae's body melts at the recognition and he physically relaxes into Jungkook. The sigh of satisfaction makes his heart skip a beat.

His Omega is screaming for him to say yes, to confirm that he's Jungkook's baby, but he blows it off. "No, stupid. I'm not. I'm Tae." "Hmm," Jungkook hums, locking his phone and throwing it to the carpeted floor. "Okay, Tae. I guess I can't call you baby anymore, huh?" Jungkook pulls them to the arm of the chair, taking the pillow with him and dragging it back so he can rest his head on the softness. Tae sits up on top of him, curling his lips into an odd pout.

Take a damn joke.

Jungkook pushes up and kisses him before smiling. "Stop pouting." "No," Tae whines. "I hate you." "Damn! Jin really changed you. You hate me now," Jungkook asks with chuckles. "That actually kinda hurts my feelings." Tae stares at the man under him. Tae is a visual, but Jungkook is even more beautiful. Jin had straightened his hair before they left, and pulled it back into a messy bun, exposing the Alpha's forehead and strong eyebrows completely.

"I don't mean it," Tae sulks before he can stop himself. "Well, I kinda do... But I don't? I mean I don't... but I don't like you like you. Not a lot." He stops rambling when he catches the way Jungkook is grinning. "Okay anyway.. When I was getting dressed earlier, I saw a shoebox on the top shelf of your closet. And of course, you know curious little me had to know what was in it." Jungkook's cackles make Tae's ears pop. "What did you find," he asks with amusement.

wHaT dId YoU fInD. As if you don't already know.

Uh...this," Tae answers, pulling a purple UOO (unidentified oval object) from the hoodie pocket. "And this." He pulls a red diamond bedazzled collar from the other side of the pocket. "What is this?" He sits the UOO on Jungkook's stomach while putting the collar on. Jungkook pauses, staring at him with a lust filled thirst before answering. "It's a vibrator." "Oooohh." Tae has three vibrators, but he's never seen a small one. All of his are wands. "How would you even use this," he questions, holding it down between his legs.

He forgot Jungkook was under him, but he knows the Alpha doesn't mind his demonstration.

"I think if you knew, you wouldn't have it," Jungkook answers, watching his phone vibrate on the floor. "Tell me what it does, and I'll decide on that." Tae whines loudly, pouting again and drawing a smile from the Other. "Move. And lemme see it."

Tae slides away from Jungkook. The Alpha stands to his feet and disappears out of the living room with the egg shaped toy. "Uh..Am I supposed to follow?!" No answer. Tae glances around while sucking his teeth. "Welp," he says out loud. Jungkook isn't gone long, but it still feels like forever. Heavy footsteps let Tae know he's coming back down the stairs and when he enters the living room, he has a similar purple colored digital remote in his hands.

He drops the remote to Tae's lap while configuring the egg toy, and Tae eyes it suspiciously. The screen suddenly comes to life, making him jolt back with shock. There's only an up arrow, a down arrow, a number row at the very bottom, and a bold white number between the two arrows. "Umm. What am I supposed to do with this?" The zipper of Jungkook's jeans is very close to his face when he turns back to face him and it sends a hot flash through his body. "God, just take them off already," he thinks. "Nothing," the Alpha answers. He moves away from Tae when he sees the hardness on the Omega's face, but Tae moves him back.

"I think I got it. Here," he says, dropping the egg to Tae's lap and grabbing the remote. "You wanted to know what it did, right?" Tae nods and grabs the egg to get a good look at it. "Imagine me pushing this out," he laughs, stuffing the UOO under him and resting on it like he's a bird. "Alpha, look," he giggles, crossing his legs with the left over the right to create a "nest". Jungkook smiles at him while fidgeting with the remote.

The fabric of Tae's panties are so thin; he can feel the tip of the egg settled against his rim. The pressure makes him once again question the morality of the toy.

"How do birds do this shit? There's no way in hell someone could fit this inside of them," he thinks out loud. Jungkook huffs from over him, backing away once he's done with the remote. "Why are you moving? And huffing like I'm wrong. Think about it, this would be so un-co-com." Jungkook presses the 3 on the number row, and Tae's mind blanks. "H-holy sshit." He starts wetting immediately. The pressure of the tip of the egg just adds to the shaking that's rocking his core. "F-fuck. P-please. T-turn it o-ffff," he whimpers softly. "A-alpha, t-urn it o-off."

Jungkook: Living Room
9:40 PM Dec 12
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Jungkook pouts at the man on the couch. "You want me to turn it off?" Tae nods quickly. "What if I don't want to? Will you defy me?". "Mmm," Tae says, shutting his eyes to hide the pleasure he's getting. "Answer me." Jungkook presses the up arrow on the remote, and a broken groan escapes from Tae. "N-no," he says shakily. "Hmm. Good answer." Jungkook hits the 0, and Tae relaxes with a hard sigh. His thighs don't stop shaking, but his breathing slows. "Tae, I wanna play. Is that okay?" "God, do whatever you want," Tae answers. "I really just want you to fuck me already." Jungkook steps over to and kisses the eager Other and Tae pulls hard at his lip when he tries to pull away, forcing him to kiss him again to free himself. "Patience, beautiful. I'll be back," "H-hurry."

Jungkook steps out of the living room, hitting the 5 on the remote while walking up the stairs back to his room. He grabs the box of toys and gags from the bed where he left them, and bounces his way out of his room and down the steps back to the living room with haste. "Tae," he calls quietly, turning the egg off again and making the Omega bellow a loud whimper. "Hush," he laughs, kissing him again and offering him the box. "Pick out a toy or two." Tae looks in the box and points to the things he wants Jungkook to use: A vibrator wand like his own and a bundle of shibari rope. "Is that all?" Tae nods while pointing to one of the red ball gags at the bottom of the box and opening his mouth to make it easier for Jungkook to fasten it.

Jungkook puts the box down after grabbing it and Tae rubs at his stomach while he's wrapping the leather around his mouth and tightening it. "Don't be so servile." Tae scoffs around the ball gag, slobbering instantly around the foreign object. He points to the remote in Jungkook's hand. "Oh? Are you being good because you want me to turn it on?" The Omega nods. "Ahh," Jungkook sighs. "Good job." Jungkook presses a kiss to Tae's forehead while hitting the 4 on the remote, making the Omega shake and moan against the vibration. "Now let's get you a little more comfortable."

Tae groans, and pulls at his panties, nearly ripping the fragile fabric under his hard touch and making Jungkook step back with a smile. His flushed pink cock, swollen with heat and glistened with precum, bounces out and stands at attention against his stomach, twitching and begging to be touched, but Tae's too busy yanking the slick coated panties off. Jungkook helps him take the hoodie off and Tae throws it to the armchair before sitting himself back on the egg.

He's given into his submissive ego quicker than he did the first time. Jungkook feels a little proud to have the Older more comfortable with him.

"Present yourself," he demands with a sultriness that makes Tae's eyes roll. "You like that tone, baby?" Tae moans loudly around his gag. "I'll use it from now on. Now do what I say." Jungkook turns the egg off and Tae complies through whines, turning to his side and arching his back with his bare ass pointing towards the right archway that leads to one of the backdoors and the kitchen. His scent was all over the place, mixed with the smell of an oak lemon tree, a hint of anxiety, and diminishing scents of sage and lavender. Jungkook reaches under him, purposely letting his arm rub against the Omega's cock while he grabs the egg. Slick rings Tae's slightly gaped rim and Jungkook smiles.

He grabs the shibari rope that Tae picked out from the armchair. "What you doin', baby," he asks when he hears moaning coming from behind him. He turns to see Tae working his cock hungrily. He's drooling mindlessly around the ball in his mouth with his eyes shut. "You're a little too eager, aren't you?" Jungkook asks softly. Tae nods. "I couldn't hear you, sweetheart." "Mmfmm," Tae nods again. Jungkook pulls gently at his arms, kissing his fingers before holding his wrists down and restricting them with (too much) expertise. Tae's already face down in the couch cushion, whimpering softly while watching.

"Do you fuck yourself like this when you're by yourself?" "Mmm," Tae moans quietly and quickly. His face flushes at the question. "It's a little too late to be shy about it," Jungkook smiles, kissing softly at his ass before circling the pad of his index finger around the Omega's rim. Tae jerks under his touch. "I'm not gonna prep you long. I know you can take whatever I give you," Jungkook says appreciatively. Tae whines in response to the praise. "Mmm," Jungkook moans quietly, licking his finger clean and coating it again before pushing it into Tae's anal cavity. Tae's tight clenching and refusal to let him pull the length out makes him laugh.

Tae grunts roughly, immediately pushing back on the Alpha's finger. "Keep going," Jungkook purrs, letting Tae fuck himself back and stretch himself out. Finger by finger, with patience, until he's gaped and wet enough for Jungkook to push the egg inside of him. "Mmh?" Tae stops, coming out of his headspace momentarily and looking back at Jungkook with wide eyes. "You'll know what that was soon enough, baby." Jungkook lets his hand tug at Tae's cock while he kisses his restrained arm. "Relax."

Tae relaxes instantly, slipping away to his subconscious again. The anxiety leaves his scent, but Jungkook doesn't continue until the smell is gone completely. Tae's nostrils flare again and his breathing becomes labored exhales through them while Jungkook strokes his cock. "Mmm," he moans softly. The sound is so sexy, so genuinely pleasing to the ears that Jungkook has to let out of a breath he wasn't aware he was holding. "Make that sound again, and I might have to untie you," he says with seriousness. Tae lets out a muffled laugh. "Don't fuck with me like that," Jungkook laughs back. "Hmm." Tae's golden eyes open and he gives Jungkook a look of pure submission before winking at him.

"You're a tease," Jungkook says, biting his lip. Tae mumbles, shaking his ass impatiently. "I'm sorry? Can I not admire you?" "Mm mm," Tae groans with an eye roll. Jungkook loves how quickly Tae's defiant Omega comes back.

He hits the 4 on the remote he has behind his back and Tae lets out a hard, loud, and broken mutter when he's being stimulated once again. "Are you gonna keep being defiant, babe?" Tae shakes his head. "Mm mm," he mumbles. "Are you gonna learn to be submissive?" "Mmhm." "Good job, baby," Jungkook keens, increasing the vibration by two and moving his hand from under Tae. He turns his back to him again, listening to Tae's muffled crying while grabbing the vibrator wand from the arm chair and stepping over, kneeling down in front of the sweaty Omega.

"Let's take this off for now, huh?" He unfastens the spit covered ball gag and it drops to the couch. "A-Alpha," Tae whines the second he can speak. "Hmm?" "K-kiss me." Jungkook licks the spit from Tae's bottom lip before obliging, sealing their lips in a soft, passionate, and drawn out kiss before breaking away. "You look like I already fucked you up," Jungkook smiles. He pulls at Tae's lip and Tae sucks on his finger before he moves it. "M-more," Tae whines, biting his lip and tugging at the broken skin.

"Yeah? You want me to fuck you?" "Y-yes." "Hmm," Jungkook hums, puckering his lips and rolling his eyes. "I don't wanna touch you tonight, baby." "P-please." Tae's voice cracks as if he's about to cry at the rejection. "No," Jungkook says, standing to his feet and walking away. "You're gonna cum without me fucking you. Aren't you, sweetheart?" "Y-yes," Tae cries out softly.

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Living Room
10:07 PM Dec 12
Dongnae-gu, Busan

The vibrations stop and Tae tugs softly at his restraints while catching his breath. He feels dirty, neglected, and sticky. Jungkook leaning on the mantle smiling at him has his ears burning with embarrassment. He's trying to come to terms with knowing that Jungkook doesn't have an interest in touching him..or so he says. It's taking more than it should from Tae not to beg the Alpha for attention. He lets himself fall to his side, staying quiet as he does and staring back at Jungkook with a pout. "I didn't tell you to relax," Jungkook barks. "You didn't tell me to not not relax," Tae barks back breathlessly. "I'm grown. I can do what I want."

A soft scoff shakes his ear.

"You're very mouthy, aren't you?" Tae nods. "Keep it up. All the more reason for me to not touch you." "So you're making me wait on purpose," Tae pouts. "I guess you could say that." Jungkook pushes off the mantle and takes a step over to the couch where Tae is stretched on his back, locking their lips together briefly while laying between his legs. Tae can't stop the blush from taking over his face at how close Jungkook is to his cock. A wild fantasy for an Alpha to suck off an Omega.

Wild.. but not far fetched.

Tae glitches at the mental sight of Jungkook's mouth wrapped around his cock. The man was skilled with his tongue, and Tae can attest to that. The thought has precum leaking onto his stomach. Jungkook calling him makes him jolt back to reality. "W-what?" "What you thinking about?" Jungkook fingers the pool of clear liquid coating Tae's lower abdomen before taking the finger to his mouth. "I-it's stupid." "Tell me anyway." Tae sighs. "It's just.." then looks away sheepishly. When he looks back, Jungkook greets him with his signature bunny smile.

"That's not helping. He jerks his thighs to move the Other away. "Ah," Jungkook says suddenly. He pulls himself up and over Tae, intentionally giving Tae friction against his sweats while undoing the shibari around his wrists. "Might as well." Tae's kisses the Alpha's neck, but doesn't say anything. "Now, what were you thinking about?" "You don't wanna know." Tae pushes Jungkook back down to his thighs once he's free. "Stop pushing me and tell me before I slap you."

They hold no bitterness even though the words sound harsh slipping from Jungkook's mouth with his thick and unfriendly accent.

"Fine," Tae huffs loudly. "I was thinking about you sucking me off. There, happy?" Tae scrunches his face when Jungkook's loud laugh makes his ears pop. "Woooow. Really?" "Yes?" "...Alright." Jungkook shrugs and Tae stares at him confused when he starts shifting and moving himself about, pushing the Omega's legs open a bit more to accommodate for his large frame. "You-. W-What are you doing?" "I'm giving you what you want," Jungkook answers. "I told you I'm down for anything. As long as you don't get hurt."

The answer sends a raging fire through Tae's body. He was starting to let himself think Jungkook actually cared about him. "We don't h-have to.." Tae stops talking and watches Jungkook smile while getting himself comfortable instead. "I mean, yeah we don't have to. But you want to," he says, holding his weight up on his elbows and letting one hand stroke the shaft while his tongue teases the slit and head of Tae's cock. Tae cums immediately, throwing his head back as he paints Jungkook's lips, tongue, and the tip of his nose with crooked and broken white lines.

He doesn't allow himself to feel bad about it. Even if he tried to hold it back, it wouldn't work. To date one of the hardest orgasms he's ever had.

He can feel Jungkook's hand trailing up his body, encouraging the arch in his back to go back down to the cushion through semi muffled chuckles while he keeps pumping against his tongue. His lips have been licked clean, and now his eyes are holding a hunger for more.

"F-fuck, s-stop," Tae whines quietly, grabbing and pulling then pushing Jungkook's hair. The aftershocks he's experiencing are painful enough to make him cry, and he doesn't fight back the tears that start to burn his cheeks. Jungkook engulfs him completely, growling affectionately as he does and making Tae mumble and moan nonsense in response, much louder than he'd ever allow himself to. The back of Jungkook's throat is just as soft as his lips, and as gentle as his touch when it closes around the sensitiveness of Tae's cock head.

His big toe hits the 7 on the remote in Jungkook's pocket when he jerks, making the egg in his ass that he's forgotten about rumble with force against his prostate. "S-shit." He bucks his hips, taking himself deeper into the Other's throat. It was an accident at first...but then he does it again. And again. Roughly fucking himself into Jungkook's mouth at an erratic pace.

Another muffled chuckle comes from the Other, and he grunts loudly before pulling back. Tae moves with him, pulling himself on top of him and resting on his chest while continuously and mindlessly driving his hips forward. Jungkook's eyes are fixed on his face and he can feel the Younger staring him down while his mouth is fucked into. Everything about Jungkook being composed makes Tae leak with slick.

He moves himself over Jungkook, quickening his pace while whining empty praises. He exhales what little breath is caught in his throat when he feels Jungkook's finger sliding in and out of him. "A-Alpha, I-I'm. I'm cu-." Tae's breath quivers and he buries his head into the arm of the chair while fucking into Jungkook's mouth even harder. When he tries to pull away, a low warning growl shakes his spine, and Jungkook wraps his forearms around his thighs, stationing him on top of him. Tae can feel his cum spurting violently into Jungkook's throat, and his moans switch to soft whines as he gets more and more sensitive.

He keeps thrusting, slower and slower as his breath leaves him and the high of his orgasm starts to take effect. Jungkook lets out another affectionate sigh while Tae rolls his hips, lifting his head and following the cock out his mouth while sucking away the clinging liquids. Tae scoots back and licks what Jungkook didn't before kissing the Other gently and deeply. "What about you," he asks quietly, scooting back further and sitting himself on Jungkook's erection. "What about me," Jungkook questions back. His voice is hoarse and it makes Tae's still throbbing hard cock twitch.

"I'm not gonna get fucked out of my heat and leave you like this." Jungkook looks amazingly relaxed as he waves a disregarding hand. Tae pouts. "Baby wants Alpha to feel good," he whines loudly. He slides off of Jungkook, taking the Other's sweats and boxers with him and throwing them to the floor in front of the mantle. "See," he mewls, grabbing Jungkook's cock in his hand and pumping it softly while mouthing at the base of his knot. "You're already knotting. And I want it." He knew his snappy tone caught Jungkook's attention even though he didn't say anything to it.

He kisses the tip softly before laying back and opening his legs. "Gimme." You're stubborn," Jungkook spits. "And you're selfish," Tae spits back, locking their lips in a kiss before breaking away. Jungkook pulls Tae into a tight hug and places one hand down into the cushion. The other finds space around the upper part of Tae's back. Tae wraps around him, reaching down eagerly to guide his erection into his waiting hole. The Other doesn't need to ease in this time, and Tae catches a sigh of satisfaction next to his ear at how easily he takes him.

His Omega feels boastful.

He can't hold in his content at the thought of being joined with Jungkook again. He shouldn't have missed it as much as he did, but he'd be lying if he said he didn't.

Jungkook doesn't bother to ask how he wants to be fucked. He sets a slow and hard pace, letting his hips drive him deep into the Omega's body.

Tae realized the first time just how much of a preference Jungkook has with sex. He doesn't hate fast sex, back to front sex, the usual "norm" that everyone follows, but he doesn't love it. There are times when he can go for quick, rough, and messy...get it over with sex. But it's clear he loves face to face, slow, deep, and passionate.

Sex is psychological. It isn't so much about who you're with or what you're doing. It's about giving in to your psyche and allowing yourself to know that you're getting pleasure. That's what gets most people off and makes sex unforgettable for them...the thought of sex.

Jungkook is different.

He's already clearly pass the psychological aspect of sex..He's more into the physical. He gets off on the feeling of having sex with someone. Tae wants to be able to slow down like he can, take in everything that's going on instead of getting too into it too quickly and losing himself entirely. He wants to control his Omega the way Jungkook controls his Alpha.

Jungkook gently drops him back to the couch and peppers kisses and deep red hickeys from his neck to his chest. "How do I always end up giving into you," he asks with a smile before kissing his neck again. "Who knows," Tae answers quietly. "Maybe you love me." "I do love you. You're mine." Jungkook pulls between his legs, holding himself up higher and biting harder at his neck.

Tae can feel the skin break, and the sweetness of Jungkook's scent wraps him in a blanket of delusion, stripping him of what's left of his sanity. Harsh moans break from him as he shakes violently against the Alpha's body at the confession, and the warmth of his second orgasm spills onto his stomach between them. Some manages to shoot up and cling to Jungkook's neck and Tae licks it away before kissing him again.

He smiles while rubbing the base of Jungkook's knot, forcing a deep moan from the Alpha. The feeling of fullness takes over as Jungkook's cock grows inside of him with his touch, and he's ready to welcome everything the man gives him. He holds on to his forearm as Jungkook leans into him and pushes even deeper. Tae could feel his body heating up at the painful prostate stimulation, and tears sting his eyes as they roll down his cheeks again.

Feeling Jungkook burrow into him and slowly work himself to his climax...he understands that this is what he's gonna miss when he leaves.

To be honest, he already misses it.

The base of Jungkook's knot presses against him rim each time he pounds into him and the Alpha's pace slightly quickens. "Give it to me," Tae demands, wrapping his legs around Jungkook so he can only go deeper. "F-fuck." Jungkook forces his knot in, resting his head in the groove of Tae's shoulder while his orgasm hits him like a boulder. Tae clenches as tight as he can, rolling his weight around Jungkook's swollen knot and making the Alpha growl into the groove of his neck. "Hmm," he hums softly. He strokes Jungkook hair while letting the heaviness of his eyes take over. "I love you too."

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Patio
6:32 AM Dec 13
Dongnae-gu, Busan

"My heat only lasted for a day. Yes, it came early like you said. I'm very glad it's over. Yes, Jungkook is the reason for it leaving early. Daddy, I am not talking to you about my sex life. No, we're not dating. I never said we we-... Daddy, I-. What do you mean why not date, I don't wan-. Do you have to? It's not that serious...I- I guess, Daddy. Yeah, we can stop by today. Not now, Daddy, it's so ear-. No, I'm not whining. I'm not whin-, okay. Yeah. I know you're kidding. Whenever he wakes up. Because I'm not waking him up. I don't want to. Alright. Okay, see you soon. I love you too."

The line clicks and Tae stands to his feet with an exasperated huff, holding a deep red silk robe, that he got from Jin, closed around his torso while taking his time walking back into the house. He can see where the being naked was an advantage because trying to put on clothes would have been pure struggle.

He got up early, pained as he may be and barely able to walk, to clean the living room and scent it before Jimin and Yugyeom came back for the day. He slept for about 7 hours prior to the time it is now, so he was well rested..just aching. He lets out a prolonged sigh as he sits on the couch, playing back some of the mental images from the hours before when he runs his hand over the now clean velvet.

He wasn't sure what made Jungkook say he loved him. Tae himself was joking, so he for damn sure doesn't know what made him say it back. Yeah, he does actually... Jungkook sexing him the way he was had him purely out of his mind. "Oh well," he says to himself. He doesn't regret it. He loves the way Jungkook toys with his emotions and the way the Alpha makes him feel safe and wanted.

Growing up around only Omegas...that's not a type of affection you get often unless its from your Alpha father.

The sound of the door unlocking makes him tense, but he relaxes when Jimin's hickory scent takes over the entire downstairs area.

That's also something he can proudly admit to.

He loves Jimin's scent. It's bearable and you don't get dizzy no matter how much you inhale it. It wasn't as harsh as Jungkook's, but it was still very strong and clingy on the olfactory, giving you comfort even after the Alpha is away from you. Jungkook's scent was more intimidating, strong on purpose to let everyone know he's not the kind of man you want to pick a fight with. His face did most of the work in its own right.

"Hey, you guys," he coos quietly, opening his arms to Yugyeom and getting lifted off of the couch when the Beta hugs him. Tae forgets just how strong Yugyeom is.

A Beta gets their strength or submission based on what rank they're raised around. If Yugyeom's been around Jimin and Jungkook since childhood, then he'd have more Alpha aggression than Omega submission. Yoongi grew up around mostly Omegas and Betas, so he's defiant, but also submissive.

Yugyeom usually doesn't let it show how strong he is, but his arrogance gives it away before anything else. It'd be easy to mistake him for an Alpha if you didn't know him. Tae sniffs out every bit of Jimin's hickory scent that's lacing the Beta's neck before being sat back down. "I know damn well my eyes are playing tricks on me." His voice is deeper and more faded than usual, and Tae has to blink back his utter shock. "W-what happen to your voice?" "Jimin," Yugyeom answers easily. "Y'all had sex?" "We always have sex. Damn, where have you been for the past few days?" "Not here, apparently."

Knowing that Jimin and Yugyeom are and have been having sex makes Tae give Yugyeom a knowing smile, which he shamelessly returns.

"I kinda suspected you two liked each other. I'm happy for you, kid." Yugyeom smiles. "Alpha, can you come look at this? Is it a blood bond?" Jimin walks into the living room within seconds of Yugyeom calling to him, and cocks Tae's head up and to the side when he's in front of him, baring his neck so he can get a better look. Yugyeom slips to his knees and sticks his head into Tae's robe.

A scoff blows from the Alpha while he's smiling. "What happened to 'No SMK', pup?" Tae rolls his eyes. "It went to hell with the rest of my inhibitions." Jimin runs a finger over the bite and Tae whines quietly, failing to jerk his head away from the Alpha's strong hold. "I'm sorry," Jimin purrs, caressing his cheek with a finger before letting him go. "It's not a blood bond. I'd give it a week or so to fade." "I know it's not a blood bond, Alpha," Tae quips, closing the robe around him that Yugyeom's been breathing into.

"Why are you so obsessed with my chest, creep." He kicks a sore leg at the Beta to make him back away, laughing softly and hiding the amount of effort it took to do so behind his pout. "I'm sorry," Yugyeom whines. "They're so..plump. Just wanna bite 'em." He makes a nomming noise and Tae scoffs. "And you still question why Jungkook beats your ass on a daily," Jimin disses, scooping Tae from the couch before he can retort, and carrying him like he'd carry Ji or Jin Jin while walking away to the kitchen. "I can stomp Kookie into the ground if I really wanted to." "Did you eat," Jimin asks, ignoring the ranting Beta walking behind them. "Yes." Tae snuggles himself into Jimin's neck, sighing as his scent waves over his nose.

The vast differences between Jimin and Jungkook's Alphas are impeccable. One is more caring than protective and one is more protective than caring. With the both of them, you'll never run out of endless love.

Jimin sits Tae on the counter while he washes his hands. "Why are you up so early anyway? I know you're still sore." "I had to clean up the living room." Tae swings his legs, but stops when he sees Yugyeom walking into the kitchen and straight to him, sitting in the chair adjacent and leaning over onto his thighs . "Damn, I forgot how comfortable you are," he sighs.

Tae's scent flares with anxiety when he remembers that he's going to see his dads today. He looks at the clock and realizes that he probably should leave now if he wanted to get there by a good time. It doesn't take long for Jimin to pick up on his scent change, and Yugyeom's usual roasted marshmallow scent gets overpowered with a faint smell of strawberry orangeade, giving Tae a feeling of home that he doesn't miss as much as he did before.

"I need advice," he sulks. "My Omega daddy wants to meet Kookie." "So suddenly?" Tae nods. "Well.. Just go for it," Jimin says. "What if he doesn't like him," Tae asks. "Kookie is loveable," Yugyeom chimes. "Yeah," Jimin says quietly. "Just do it. Your pops will adore him." Tae quirks his lips while he hums. "He wanted me to come as soon as possible, which I think is the best idea now. It'll take like 4 hours to drive to Gwangjin." "I'll go wake him up," Yugyeom says, moving off of Tae and stepping out of the kitchen. The weight of his timberland boots can be heard ascending the stairs.

"How exactly do you plan to let your dad know that you let an Alpha mark you without being involved with him in any other way other than sex?" "Alpha's bite," Tae says, sliding down from the countertop to his feet. "He'll understand." "That's true too." Jimin stands to his feet and they walk through the living room and upstairs together with Jimin leading the way. "Oh lord," he huffs as soon as he hears Yugyeom's hoarse screaming and laughing for help from Jungkook's room. "Why did I even let this kid go wake him up." He starts to skip a few steps at a time until he's on the hardwood past the last step. Tae continues to take his time, hitting the same stop three minutes later.

"Kookie," Jimin calls loudly, knocking on the Alpha's door twice then slinging it open. Tae watches Jimin disappear from view as he squats down laughing. Tae blinks back the horror when he steps to the door next to him.

Jungkook has Yugyeom handcuffed to the nightstand. His hair is messy and everywhere and his mouth is stuffed with his own t shirt. He's hanging his head, unable to lift it because he's laughing his ass off at the situation he's in. Jungkook is nowhere to be seen in the room, but they both still step in with caution. "Mm mm, Mm mm!" Yugyeom shakes his head frantically and darts his eyes to the closet. "He's still in here," Jimin asks through laughs while working on getting the cuffs off.

Tae eyes the closet where Jungkook's scent is the strongest before peeking in and the red of the Alpha's eyes greet him before he gets snatched by his waist. "God, you fucking scared me," he squeaks quietly when he's in the closet. "I'm sorry." Jungkook kisses him while laughing and Tae sneakily pulls the key to the handcuffs out his back pocket. "It's okay," he says, pulling away. Although Jimin and Yugyeom's speech is muffled, Tae catches his name and closet.

That anxiety feeling comes back that he always gets when he plays hide and seek. "Hide behind that door." Tae turns then pushes on the part of the wall that the Younger points to, opening a small in width, but tall in height secret "chamber" hidden away in the corner. "What the hell is this even here for," he says to himself, taking two steps in and closing himself off. He sticks the key in the inside breast pocket of his robe and listens to the main closet door open and Jimin yelling and laughing, sounding similar to Yugyeom's that they heard on the steps. It lasts a little longer, but then all goes quiet.

Tae doesn't like the silence at all. It makes his heart race. The door he's crouched behind opens and he jumps in pure terror, screaming while covering himself and making Jungkook take a few steps back shocked. "Baby, it's me. Jesus Christ." Tae peeks at the stunned Alpha then covers his face, laughing loudly into his hands to mask his panic. "Fuck. I'm so sorry, Kookie. I really hate hide and seek." "It's alright," Jungkook cackles. "Come here." Jungkook pulls him from the doorway, holding him close and kissing him again before nuzzling him. He doesn't move until Tae feels better.

Tae steps out into the bedroom where Jimin and Yugyeom are handcuffed to each other and sitting on the center of the bed. "," Tae snickers. Jimin isn't gagged simply because Jungkook doesn't want to break one of his long fangs. "Tae, help us," Jimin whines with a pretty eye smile. "I can't stand being cuffed to this idiot." Yugyeom is still cracking up with laughter and it's making Jungkook double over laughing with him.

"You guys seriously play everyday all day," Tae awes. "That's really cute." "Yeah, totally adorable," Jimin cracks. "Being handcuffed at 7 in the morning by a wiseass is absolutely kawaii." Jimin bats his lashes. "Oh," Tae says, turning his attention to Jungkook. " you feel like driving to Seoul?" "Right now?" Jungkook looks at the clock. "You're leaving?" "No," Tae answers quickly, putting his hands on Jungkook chest.

He averts his eyes while verbally contradicting himself. "I mean, y-yea. I'm not lea-. Ugh, it's complicated. please just answer the question. My Omega daddy wants to meet you and I'd rather go to him then have him come down here." "Ahhh, okay okay. Yeah, gimme about half an hour." Tae watches the Alpha step away from him and back to the closet, grabbing a white hoodie and a pair of dark blue jeans that are ripped at the knee, throwing them to the bed, then heading to the bathroom and closing himself behind the door to shower. When he's sure Jungkook isn't stepping back out, he pulls the key from his pocket and uncuffs the other two on the bed.

"You sneaky little devil," Yugyeom says quietly, high-fiving Tae then walking past him. Tae watches him leave then turns to see Jimin fixing his shirt before stepping to and stopping in front of him. "You should shower with him," he says when they're face to face. "Less wait time." Jimin, just like Jungkook, was the same height as Tae, but because of his muscled build, he stood just a little taller. Tae didn't mind. He always liked the slight height difference between all four of them.

"You're right," Tae hums, holding up his thumb with a nod of approval. Jimin smiles at him before gently moving him out of his way. "Tell your dad I said hi," he says as he leaves the room. "Wha-." "I'm tired of you making me wait," Tae can hear Yugyeom whining from the hall. A hushed scoff makes his ear twitch. He waits until their footsteps are faint to peek out just in time to see them kissing their way back to Jimin's room.

He smiles to himself at the sight. He was glad he finally got a definite answer as to what was going between them. Granted, they didn't owe him shit and it was still none of his business. He was just curious. He had to wonder how Yugyeom could even have sex with Jimin without it being downright painful.

Tae's father has always told him that an Omegas body is built to withstand an Alpha and their roughness. A Beta's body isn't meant to, and more than likely can't take an Alpha with ease. Yugyeom can't catch with Jimin and the Alpha isn't in a rut, so they had to be having sex just for the hell of it, which makes Tae even happier. He doesn't know them like that, but seeing how they've taken care of him and made sure he was okay no matter what....he's happy they're happy. They deserve it.

He steps over to Jungkook's closet, fingering through the side where he put all of the clothes he got from Jin. "Hmm..." He peeks out of the half cracked door to look at what Jungkook picked, then picks something that would match the colors he's wearing. The pull string on the hoodie is a bright, but not too neon orange, and that's the color he goes for. He never really wears orange because he can never find anything flattering in the color. He pushes and pulls across the clothes until his semi see-through orange button down shirt catches his eye.

The orange matches perfectly with the orange on the pull string and he rolls his eyes. "Not shocking if his ass grabbed it on purpose." He grabs a pair of white jeans and the white platform sneakers under them, tosses them on the bed on top of Jungkook's clothes, then heads to the bathroom, shedding his robe and not bothering to knock as he slips into the opened door and into the shower with the Other.

In case anyone is wondering what Jungkook's hoodie looks like

Chapter Text

Jungkook: Taehyung’s Father’s Home
12:19 PM Dec 13
Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Jungkook whips the car into the snow cleared path, parking behind the altima thats already in the driveway, and vibrating his lips after shutting off the engine. The drive from Busan was a straightshot. Tae drove the first 2 hours and Jungkook offered to drive the rest of the way so the Older could sleep. Unlike Busan, Seoul was bustling with cars on the street and people in the parks, sightseeing and enjoying the wintertime like they do every year.

"Tae," Jungkook calls quietly, undoing his seatbelt and softly shoving Tae's shoulder. His eyes flutter open and it doesn't look like he was even asleep. "We're here." "God, already?" Tae shifts and stretches before undoing his seatbelt, getting out of the car, and walking over to the driver's side where Jungkook's door is already open. "I could barely sleep." He looks away to fix his shirt into his jeans.

The white base of his sneakers sink into the slush when he steps back, and he loses a few inches off of his height. "And I should've wore regular shoes." "No need to be pessimistic," Jungkook says with annoyance, throwing everything they're not taking inside to the backseat. "And you slept. Your snoring is worse than Yugyeom's." "That's-." Tae slaps a frail hand at Jungkook's face. "You're so mean."

"Would you prefer me be nice?" Jungkook steps out of the car with a childish smile, kissing Tae before moving him away so he can close the car door, then offering his back so the Older doesn't have to struggle walking through the layers of white on the ground. "I'm serious though...the way you snore is so fucking bad," he says as he walks, tossing Tae up with every other step so he can wrap around him comfortably.

"I'm gonna throw up in your hoodie if you keep bouncing me." "Get over it, pup." "How can you call me a pup when I'm older than you! I'm gonna start making you call me hyung!" Tae grunts with anger Jungkook laughs at the show of fake aggression. "As if I'd ever call you that," he jabs, rubbing softly at the Older's calf while walking to the door. The path is mostly cleaned off, and his boots make it easy to get over the mounds of snowfall.

He sets Tae on his feet and Tae taps the doorbell twice before adjusting his shirt again once they're on the marbled step up. "I hope Tannie is here," he mewls quietly. "My dad is also very..touchy. Please just let him do whatever." "I'm used to it," Jungkook sighs, leaning back on the circular porch rail. Tae moves to hug him, but gets snatched into his father's arms when the door swings open. Joyful screams make those walking by turn their head. The man spins around with Tae like he weighs nothing, but Jungkook is more focused on the black and tan pomeranian squeaking at his foot.

Jungkook playfully swings his shoe and frowns his lips to hide his smile at the small ball of fluff bouncing in front of him trying to catch the lace. He can hear Tae yelling to be put down, but it's the sound of a nasty gag that makes his father drop him to his feet quicker than he snatched him off of them.

He reacts instinctively, reaching past the doorway to steady Tae on his feet and the Elder smiles before addressing him. "So you're Jungkook?" Jungkook nods and damn near trips over the small dog when he gets yanked into the house and into a warm hug. "Thank you so much for taking care of my baby," the man says, kissing his cheek and hugging him tighter.

"Daddy, you can't call me that anymore," Tae says quietly. The crack in his voice gives away just how much the recognition has an impact on him. Tae's dad steps away from Jungkook, and sits him down on the arm of the sofa sectional, looking him up then down twice while asking how old he is. "21." "Hmm... He does look like a little mean poodle," the man says, turning to Tae with a small grin. "Excu-. You called me a mean poodle?" Jungkook darts his eyes to Tae, who quickly looks away while biting his lip.

Jungkook runs a hand through his hair to get it away from his face, and Tae's father takes the opportunity to start petting him as if he's the puppy running around Tae's leg. "Tae already filled me in, but we can get into what he didn't wanna talk with me about in a little." The man winks dramatically and Jungkook leans into his touch while looking away and laughing.

He knew the comment was an attempt to make him feel comfortable, but he was fine. Tae's scent was wavering with fear, and Jungkook softens his to a shallow smell of rain to soothe the Omega. The older Omega visibly relaxes as well the second the smell takes over the large living space. "Scent control," he huffs quietly.

"Do you really wanna know about my heat," Tae pouts. "I feel like my sex life shouldn't be a topic of conversation." "I'm your father and he's your sex partner. Nothing to be so shy about." "He's got a point," Jungkook agrees. He doesn't care for what the man is saying, but he knew him agreeing would piss Tae off.

He fights back a questionable growl when the man's hands slip into the sleeves of his hoodie, and start feeling over his forearms and biceps. Tae scoffs softly and Jungkook looks at him. "Kookie, move him. Why are you letting him do that?" "I don't mind it." "You're too nice." Tae throws one of the pillows from the couch he's on. "Wasn't I too mean just a few minutes ago?" They smile at each other, then Tae turns his attention back to his father.

Time seems to fly by while the two Omegas talk. Jungkook quirks his head with a hard sigh. Anyone else would've moved away from him by now, but the man has been stroking, twisting, and braiding his hair for what feels like an eternity and he was getting slightly annoyed. "You have amicable patience," the Older praises. "Daddy, he's not a dog. You haven't even introduced yourself to him." "Oh? Oh! I'm sorry! And you're a sweetheart just letting me pet you," the man squeaks when he comes back to reality.

He takes a step back with a sheepish smile. "Kim Byung Woo. A pleasure to meet you." He bows his head and Jungkook returns it. "Shit, I was really gone, wasn't I? Oop-. I'm sorry, I shouldn't curse." His loud laugh makes Tannie look at him. "But goodness, it's like a deep abyss of softness on that head. Baby, why won't you grow your hair out like that and give your old man something to play with when you come visit?" "I don't wanna grow my hair out." Tae whines with a pout and his father mirrors it.

This must be how Tae felt with us...

Jungkook stuffs his hands into his pocket and glances around the large living space while Tae and his father play fight and giggle. He spots an empty cubby by the door and steps out his boots to place them in the large cube. Hoseok has the same cubby by his door for when you step into his house, so Jungkook knew what it was for even though he never used it at his hyung's house.

"Gimme your feet." He steps over to Tae, who raises his legs while play fighting his father from pulling his hair. Byung Woo pulls him and he kicks a bit too wildly. Jungkook has no time to move before he's kicked in the face. His scent sours, and he looks away for a second, but not because he's mad. Just stunned beyond belief. His licks over his lip are to see if it's bleeding, but it's not. He can feel Tae tense when his scent changes, and the Omega pulls his legs away, spewing instant apologies while standing and wrapping himself around Jungkook in a tight hug.

The thought of an Omega kicking him in the face pulls at his Alpha, but he throws the violent thoughts aside before they can surface. The last thing he was ever going to think about is hurting Tae.

He nuzzles the Older instead to try and soothe him, but Tae's still frantic. "Baby, I'm fine." "Are you sure?" "Yes." Jungkook smiles reassurance and Tae sneaks a kiss while letting up on his vise grip of a hug. Byung Woo watches the entire time, scanning both of them with focus while Tae unwraps himself and slinks back down to his feet. Jungkook steps away to place the shoes in his hand on top of his own in the cubicle, leaving space for anyone else's open on the side. "Gentle and well-mannered," he can hear the Elder say to himself.

The man's been taking mental notes of everything Jungkook does and his demeanor overall. That's very common for Omega parents. Had this been Tae's Alpha father, they would've been sparring outside or roughhousing for dominance. An Omega parent would usually want to see a more gentle side of the Alphas their sons/daughters are involved with. The Alpha parents, of course, would rather see if their pup's mate is able to protect and test the limits as to which they're willing to.

"Well then.. I'll let you two get settled for a few. The door to the back porch is unlocked when you're ready to chat." The man hugs Tae and scratches Jungkook's head one more time before taking a leave out of the door he spoke of. When he's gone, Tae slouches with relaxation. "Alpha, I'm sorry," he says again, moving around the sectional and taking a seat next to Jungkook. Jungkook fakes a sob when Tae's able to see him. "I'm hurting," he whines loudly. "In here." He point to his heart and Tae scoffs. "I'm serious. Tell me you're okay."

"You care about me so much," Jungkook mewls, repeating the words back to the Omega while pulling him in a loose hug. He can see the reflection of Tae's father standing at the back door watching them through the TV mounted on the wall, but he doesn't let that stop him. He runs fingers through Tae's curls, pulling some of the twists straight while singing under his breath. It's something he's watched Jimin's father do whenever Ji Hyun was upset and something he does when Jin has one of his many episodes. He doesn't let Tae move out of his hold until his lavender scent is strong enough to give him a headache.

Chapter Text

Yoongi: Mom’s Coffee Bar
12:53 PM Dec 13
Southside Buk-gu, Seoul

"So you guys are the best of friends. Just like that." Yoongi stares at Jin sipping his latte from across the table. "Is there a catch?" Jin huffs while raising his head and rolling his eyes. "No, Hyung. There is no catch. The kid is a doll. He's so naive and so precious." The Omega slips into a ramble of how much Tae reminds him of his pups and Yoongi rubs his lips together in disbelief. He couldn't tell if Jin was lying to make Jungkook happy or lying to ease his spite. It was probably both. Yoongi isn't in any position to judge. He isn't close enough with Jin to tell him about himself even though he easily could, and the only thing he knows about Tae for sure is that he has grey hair and True Bred blood running his veins.

He doesn't care enough to listen to the younger one chatter away. He drinks his iced americano with leisure, sucking on the few ice cubes that manage to slip pass his lips while watching the television behind Jin's head. There was never anything good on, it typically stayed on boring cartoons or news. Besides, no one really watched it for entertainment, it was just something for the eyes. "...Hobi holding a bouquet," he can hear Jin question, making him look down confused. "What?" "I'm sorry, did I say that too loud? I didn't think anyone was listening to me." Jin feigns a smile and Yoongi fixes himself in his chair while grinning back. "I'm sorry, Jinnie."

"Mhm. I was asking why a special someone is here holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers." Yoongi turns in his chair to get a look at the door but gets blinded by Hoseok blocking his view. "Looking for me," the Alpha asks with a smile. He bends down to wrap Yoongi in a tight squeeze before offering the large bouquet of white roses that are accented with purple tulips.

Yoongi can feel the tips of his ears burning and Hoseok rubs the top of his left one while asking. "Are you feeling okay, beautiful?" "I'm fine, thank you," Jin says from across the table. The two of them share a laugh, with Jin's squeaky hyperventilating drawing eyes from around the small coffee bar. "I'm okay. Thank you for the flowers." "Mmm." Hoseok pecks around Yoongi's face before finally landing on his lips.

"I gotta go. I have a class at 1:30. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you." "You're still teaching classes? It's the dead of winter!" Jin looks shocked as he yells. "Dance doesn't stop for a lil bite in the air," Hoseok snaps quietly, drinking from Jin's cup while hugging him. He pulls Yoongi into another hug when he walks around the table. "I love you, love you, love you," he smiles, rocking them both side to side while layering kisses on the Beta once more.

Yoongi can't do anything but smile. "I love you, love you, love you too, Alpha. See you at home." "Tell my cupcake I said I hi!!" Hoseok holds up an okay as he walks with a quickened pace to the door and out of the bar. "Your cupcake?" Jin nods and sighs with mild dejection. "Yeah, Ji-soo stayed at his house last night. All of them were over there, but Namjoon and Jin came a little early." "Ahh," Yoongi sighs. He can feel Jin's gold eyes burrowing into his lowered head. "Speaking of cupcakes," Jin says suddenly. "Why didn't you ask me to have your pups?"

"How did yo-. Namjoon told you, didn't he?" "Mmmmmhmmmmmmm." Jin drawls while nodding dramatically. "Heh." Yoongi sips from his cup. "I talked to him about it. I don't think he'd be comfortab-." "He's not having them though, now is he? What is there for him to be uncomfortable about?" Jin eyes the tv over the bar. "I wanna do it. If he gets upset, he can pick it up with me."

Yoongi would love to make it easy and have Jin deliver for him, but Taehyung's pups are of more value. His pups will not only be beautiful but will be born with semi-supremacy having a True bred parent. He could also knock Tae up himself, but Omegas catching with Betas is a rarity that he doesn't feel like gambling with.

"I can't put you through that," is all he says to mask his true intent. "What? You can't put someone who has gone through childbirth... Through childbirth. But you'll put someone through it who hasn't." Jin eyes Yoongi with suspicion. "Well, I-." "Well I nothing. What are you thinking about? Do you really think Jungkook is gonna just throw Tae to you? Let you and Hoseok do whatever you want as if he'd be okay with it? You can't be so sadistic." The sad anger taking over Jin's eyes is startling. His scent flares but dies down when he remembers they're in public.

"Tae is too innocent to be put in such a nasty situation. And I refuse to be associated with whatever you do. We're done with this conversation. I'm leaving. You do follow if you want to." Jin stands to his feet, sticking his wallet back into his bowie satchel after dropping ₩5000 on the table and grabbing for his cup. "And I will be letting my pup know your intentions." He speaks with his back turned and walks to and out of the doors of the bar.

"Kookie won't answer," Yoongi laughs to himself. He still stands to follow after getting his cup refilled. The cold air surrounds him immediately when he steps outside, and the smells of burnt paper, leave a clear trail to Jin's location. He's already far down the street, walking in the direction of his home while talking on the phone. A small panic hits Yoongi. If he's on the phone with Jungkook or Tae before he even has time to plan what he wants to do, then he's 100% done for. He manages to catch up to the Omega while calling for his attention. “...I'll call you back. I love you too," is all he catches of the phone call. "W-Who were you talking to?" "Someone." "Who is that someone?" Yoongi keeps close to Jin as they walk. "Someone," the Omega repeats, throwing his straw away when they step past a waste container. "You can move, by the way. I said follow, not walk with." Yoongi blinks in surprise at the hostility, but still lets the Omega walk ahead of him. "Why are you being so hostile? You don't even know what Kookie's gonna think."

"What he thi-? I don't give a damn about what he thinks. I'll give you that, you're right. I give a damn about what he does," Jin says. "You're a Beta. You do know that...right? Jimin and Kookie'll beat the shit out of you if you hurt an Omega in front of them. Let's be aware of what they'll do if you try that shit behind their back. And with Tae of all people, someone Kookie has literally been all over. You've lost your mind." Yoongi watches Jin rub over his cheek when the sting of Jungkook's hand resonates as he talks.

"Yeah... He can do all of that," Yoongi responds. "That isn't gonna stop me from getting Tae to have my pups." "Just!." Jin halts his walking to close his eyes and take a breath. "I'll have them. Let me do it. Please." "No offense, but I want pretty pups. Can you imagine what Tae's pups will look like," Yoongi asks with curiosity, looking away to his imagination while he pictures them. "They'll be so breathtaking. I wonder what his natural hair color is. I hope it's a deep brown or jet black. God..."

A gummy smile overtakes Yoongi's face. "Hyung... Do you even hear yourself? You sound fucking delusional." Jin's words are carrying weights of worry, but Yoongi ignores him as they continue walk down the strip. Only when the silence gets to be too much does he bother speaking. "Question...What are you so upset about? It's just sex. Tae won't mind. Hobi and I won't either." "Okay. The three of you won't mind. Which if you're thinking about getting the pups the way I know you're thinking of...Tae will mind. He'll mind a lot," Jin assures. "And what about Kookie? Hmm? You two have been SugaKookie since he was a pup himself." Yoongi shrugs and his eyes shoot to the ground when Jin's mouth hangs open in shock.

He wasn't going to let Jin get in the way of his perfect pups. His mind was made, and he was fixed on getting Tae to have his pups one way or another. All he needed was a good reason to get Tae alone with Hoseok. Jin's eyes are wet with tears and his voice cracks as he spits curses at Yoongi from a distance. "I hope you get exactly what you deserve from all of this, Yoongi." Hearing his name come from Jin's mouth makes him cough violently. He's never heard Jin call him anything other than hyung. It hits him then and only then just how much he might be fucking up his relationship with the Younger.

The Omega hawks spit in the direction Yoongi's walking, then turns on his heel into an empty alleyway to distance himself even more. "Good riddance," Yoongi huffs under his breath, also turning on his heel to head back to the coffee bar. His thoughts were only filled with images of his soon to be pups.

Jimin: Bedroom
2:13 PM Dec 13
Dongnae-gu, Seoul

Jimin raises himself from the body under him when the ringing of his phone hits a point of annoyance. The notification isn't loud, but it is repetitive and irritating when you're trying to sleep. Yugyeom wakes up when he moves, extending his long body in a stretch before scooting from under his weight and sliding from the bed, then out of the room to the bathroom adjacent from Jungkook's room. "Why didn't you just go to the bathroom in here," Jimin asks as he runs a hand over his face. He doesn’t get an answer back and he doesn’t bother asking again. He sits up on his elbows while snatching his phone from the nightstand. His eyes widen when he sees the mass of messages from Jin.

Alpaca Hyungie

Today 2:08 PM
Today 2:10 PM
Are you asleep?
I need to talk to you
Wake up...
Today 2:13 PM
Please come over 🥺
Get Ji and bring her with you. 🥺🥺🥺

"Ughhh..." Jimin heaves a sigh while turning to his back. "That's some hot ass breath," Yugyeom whines when he steps into the room. He doesn't close the door behind him since they're the only two in the house and Jungkook won't be back until late. Jimin rubs his face again, a little gentler than before, watches Yugyeom move towards him through the space between his fingers and feel the Beta's weight plop down on top of him. The Other's question is muttered while he crosses one leg over the other. "Why the long face?" "Go get dressed," is the only thing Jimin says as an answer.

Yugyeom shrugs a nod and rolls off of him, taking a hard fall to the floor and landing in front of the closet, leaving them both breathless from laughing. "So, fucking stupid," Jimin smiles through giggles. "That's exactly what you get." "Thanks for caring," Yugyeom fake cries, leaping to his feet and grabbing a pair of his jeans and a hoodie from the top shelf while rubbing his stinging bottom.

Jimin inhales then exhales, breathing easy when the Beta disappears into the bathroom. There's a reason he loves having Yugyeom around him. The Beta is comforting even when he isn't trying to be. There are times when his naturally active aura gets hectic, but even still... You can't ever have a bad day with Yugyeom around. It's literally impossible.

He waits until Yugyeom is finished in the bathroom to go in himself and wash up. The Other keeps asking why he had to get dressed and where they were going while brushing his teeth. "To Jin's house," he answers after a while. "He sounded adamant to talk to me, and I can't trust you by yourself in my house." "Whaaaaaaat?"

Yugyeom smacks his lips over his brush. "I'm very trustworthy. How dare you." "My ass," Jimin tsks. "You can't disagree with me." "I disagree." Jimin ducks when Yugyeom launches a blob of foam from his mouth. "How did I miss that," he pouts. The two of them smile at each other before Yugyeom buries his head in the sink. "Do you know if its cold outside today?" Jimin usually checks the weather himself but he's been occupied for the past couple of hours. "It is," Yugyeom informs. He dabs his mouth while checking his face in the mirror. "Your breath will keep you warm though."

Jimin feigns a smile and continues getting dressed. This is a typical conversation with him and Yugyeom. It's easy to think they hate each other if you ever see them in public and don't know about their relationship. He knows, though, that no matter how much the Beta says it, he doesn't mean it.

"Make yourself useful and find my keys," he wants to the side of the Younger's face, turning him while he's fixing his hair in the mirror and pushing them both from the bathroom to his closet to get his shoes. He shoves Yugyeom further before kneeling in front of the closed off door are. He tries on every other pair of shoes available, and eventually land on a pair of loafers that he's been wearing since his first year in college.

Jimin is a fashionista in his own right. His style is a little more exotic than that of Jungkook's, but both Alphas always eye catching no matter what they have on.

Yugyeom is spilling curses left and right while looking all over the house for the car keys. Jimin can get to his keys, he knows exactly where they are. He just needed a reason to get the Younger out of the room so he could focus on topping off his ootd. "I can't find them," Yugyeom whines loudly from the door. "Where'd you last put them?" Jimin pretends to think over the question.

"I-. I don't think I had them last," he concludes. "You did have them. I put them in your pocket this morning." Jimin fights the smile he can feel creeping onto his face. " didn't. They were in your hand." He stares at Yugyeom staring at him. "Well, the-." Yugyeom's head turns down to the floor then up and left to the nightstand. "Are you sure?" "Mhm." "Huh..." Yugyeom rushes back from the door and the heaviness of his boots could be heard running back downstairs.

"What an idiot," Jimin laughs out loud, stomping his foot to adjust his shoe before closing the closet door, turning off the bathroom light, closing the bathroom door, walking out of the bedroom, and closing that door behind him as well. He looks in his mini backpack to make sure he has everything he wants: earphones, Chapstick, wallet, and car keys, before making his way down the flights of stairs.

He was out of breath by the time he got to the fifth step on the second floor.

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Father's Home
4:39 Dec 13
Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Tae hums to himself while washing up his plates from the table. He couldn't fathom why he was so hungry, considering he ate before and during the ride to his dad's house, but he ate again anyway. He's sated now that he's full. A feeling of fatigue is hitting him in waves, and he would give anything to nestle into a blanket and sleep it away, but he didn't want the Alpha to be awake and alone with his father for too long. "Done," he smiles into the empty sink, letting the flow of the water rinse his suds covered hands.

He goes upstairs after tidying up the kitchen to change into something more casual and looser. It's always nice for an Omega to dress just as good as they look if they wanted the eye of an Alpha, but Jungkook was the only Alpha Tae wanted looking at him that way and he knew the kid could care less about what he had on.

Nostalgia slaps him in the face when he opens the door to his old bedroom.

He has to exaggerate a huff while looking at the hoard of Shiba and Gudetama plushies taking up the majority of the bed and all of the shelves. "I don't even like that stupid egg anymore." He giggles quietly, letting his legs walk him to the bed while he recalls his memories. The cover was soft, and it's been a while since he's been on it. He lets himself fall into the mound of stuffed characters, pushing some of them off that flip onto his face then closing his eyes while he relaxes.

He takes a deep inhale, relaxing his shoulders as he breathes out, then back in again. He feels at peace by the time he opens his eyes. He looks around some more, fiddling with things here and there, and eventually rearranging the room in its entirety to the way he remembers it when he was 8. All of his plushies call the shelves a home now instead of his bed.

The faded pink-purple cover is folded in half at the center like how he would always make and leave it before he went to school. He didn't do it like that because he liked it that way... He could just never be bothered to make his bed when he was young. His fathers, mostly his Omega father, were strict on hygiene for him since he was an Omega. He had to build a tolerance to cleaning, being told to clean, and being expected to clean. His siblings were the same way.

He's glad Jungkook and Jimin were neat freaks.

Not like he would’ve left if they weren’t.

He steps over to his old closet that's filled to the hilt with clothes. He always made sure to leave something to change into at his fathers' house for when he comes to visit. Everything was on a hanger and folded, even his sweatpants. He takes a step back when he grabs the hanger and throws it to the bed. It doesn't take him long to shimmy out his jeans and slip the sweats on.

"Agi? Agi!" His father calling made him hurry to finish folding the jeans over the hanger he took the sweats from. "Be right there," he yells into the hallway. "Agi?" His father calls again and Tae sighs before answering. "Na yeogiiss-eo!" Heavy boots can be heard ascending the stairs and Tae slams the door shut with pure panic before Jungkook can see his room. "Open the door," the Alpha laughs when he gets to it. "I-I'm...changing," Tae mewls softly. "Is that supposed to deter me? Open the door." Tae can feel Jungkook using his weight on the door to force it open. "Okay. Okay! I'll open it. But you have to promise you won't laugh." "I... promise?" His voice shakes as he holds back his laugh. "That didn't sound sincere," Tae pouts. "I promise," Jungkook says again.

Tae slowly pulls the door open and he watches Jungkook's face shift from confusion to amusement at the sight. "I'm hoping this is a childhood bedroom," he says quietly, head on a swivel as he looks around. "," Tae responds, watching the Alpha rush to one of the plushies with a kiddish grin on his face. He sits the way he usually does to the bed, stepping back on one leg then sitting with it folded under him. "It's not as bad as I was expecting," he informs. "I was hoping for more glitter." "Ohhh. No no no." Tae wags his finger. "I don't like glitter. It's an STD." "Oh? How so?" "It spreads easy and it’s hard to get rid of," Tae says, adjusting his sweats at the waist. "I like glitter," the Alpha retorts with a pout. His big eyes meet Tae's and Tae smiles at the cuteness.

"You're adorable." "I'm not adorable." Tae takes two steps over to Jungkook, gripping softly at his jaw while shaking his head around. "Cute, cute, cute bunny poodle," he coos, pouting his lips while kneeling slightly. Jungkook slumps in his touch, but the smile on his face tells that he loves the affection. "I'm not cute," he whines again. "Oh yes you are. Don't deny it."

If Tae tried doing this with any other Alpha, they would’ve seen it as a test of their dominance. The tension they'd give off would be a clear indicator to back up and stop touching them, but there was no tension in the air. He leans over and presses their lips together before moving away. Neither of them saw Tae's father standing at the door with his arms folded over his chest. He makes his presence known with a low grunt. Tae's scent flares without permission, and he turns with haste to the door.

"You can't be creeping up on people like that," he whines loudly. Jungkook straightens his numbed leg that's probably tingling now that the blood was rushing back to it. "Come talk to me," Byung Woo whines back, taking Tae by his arm and pulling him out of the room. "I guess I'll be back, Alpha," he says to Jungkook, who nods while punching the egg plushie into a ball. Tae lets himself get pulled and he trips with every other step while he's dragged down the stairs. "He's a very patient young man, isn't he," his dad acknowledges. "I wish Alpha Daddy was that patient."

"Don't compare them, please," Tae says softly, masking his annoyance while pulling his hand away from his father's hold when they're downstairs. "I can walk from here." Byung Woo nods and stuffs his hands into his robe pockets while they walk over to the couch. "I noticed that he marked you. Are you okay with it?" "Not really, but it doesn't bother me. It's not a blood bond. And I'd rather it be him than someone else." "Hm, okay. Where's...he told me his name earlier." He looks at his father looking away to his memory. "J-Jimin? Is that right?" "Mhm."

"And the other one... The Beta?" "Yugyeom." "Yugyeom," his father repeats. Tae sits on the couch and his father sits next to him. "When can I meet them both? I wanna thank them for taking care of you." "You have to ask Kookie." His father nods again. "How are you feeling? Do you know what happened to you?" Tae averts his eyes when the question hits him. "I bumped into a few Alphas while leaving class, and they beat me up because they saw it as a sign of disrespect." He can hear the audible hiccup leave Byung Woo, but he keeps talking. "Apparently, I need to be taught a lesson if I’m not willing to strip in the middle of the street and present myself as an apology." Tae shakes his head to clear it. "But I’m okay, Daddy. They didn't do anything else. They just took me to Busan and left me in some alley." "You say that like it's a good thing," his father hiccups again. Tae puts a soft hand on his dad's knee.

The heavy smell of rain envelops both of them and Byung Woo sighs into his hand as the feeling of relaxation takes over his nerves. Jungkook's long leg is resting at an angle on the top step, but the rest of him is hidden in the shadow. Tae smiles to himself at the Alpha's willingness to soothe his Omega father. A lot of Alphas could care less to comfort an Omega that's not their Omega. If you're not a mate, protected, or family, they don't care. This is just more proof for Tae that Jungkook is indeed different.

"Daddy, you know...the situation could’ve been a lot worse." "Yes, I know." "I think Yuggye said it was called Omega Ave." Tae can see the shock come over his father's face. "I take it you've heard of it?" Byung Woo nods. "Prostitution. Trafficking. Drugs. That place isn't for you, baby." "Yuggye said that too. Thankfully enough, Alph-. I mean Kookie...popped up. We left with him. There was also a really cute puppy." Tae looks back to the top of the stairs where his puppy is curled up next to Jungkook's foot.

"Jungkook went to Omega Ave? Is he keeping you around because he thinks you're a pros-?” "No no no no no." Tae shakes his head while raising a hand. He can't help but laugh at the assumption. "He said he came there for me. I don't know how, but he picked up my scent from his house." Byung Woo falls silent. "TaeTae," he calls quietly. "Is Jungkookie True Bred?" "Yes." "And you are too..." "I know." "So, you two are fated mates." "Yes." There's a small hint of fear in Byung Woo's voice and it makes Tae uncomfortable. "That's not a bad thing. Is it, Daddy?" "... Kookie, come here," Byung Woo says suddenly, turning his head slightly towards the Alpha's location. Jungkook obliges immediately, bouncing down the stairs with Yeontan following, and sitting to the floor in front of the Elder so the Older doesn't have to look up at him.

Tae watches Byung Woo push away Jungkook's bangs from his face, exposing his forehead completely and leaving a kiss on the center in its place. "Take care of our baby. Please," he pleads quietly. The words choke him, but he doesn't begin to cry until Jungkook's scent gets stronger. The Alpha rises to his feet and pulls Byung Woo to him in a tight hug when he's sat on the arm of the chair. Whatever they talked about had them closer than they were a couple of hours ago. Or maybe it was the sudden news. Being fated mates couldn't be that bad. Right? Jungkook was easily loveable. His dominating aura would give anyone, even another Alpha, a sense of protection and comfort.

Tae looks back at Jungkook with his arm wrapped around the slumped Elder, resting his chin in the straight of the man's hair while staring a hole into the space by Tae's face. "Something's bothering you," he says quietly. "Yeah... Alpha, you know about fated mates, don't you?" Jungkook nods. "What's so bad about it?" "Well," he says, nuzzling his face into Byung Woo's hair when the Older Omega shakes a breath. He wasn't crying anymore, just slightly hyperventilating. "We share a heart in a way." Tae furrows his brows in confusion. "What does that mean?" "It means I go through everything you do." "Even when I was in the alleyway?" "I told you my head was hurting, didn’t I." Tae looks away bamboozled. His head was pounding every hour of the day when he was in Omega Ave. To know Kookie was feeling it too made his heart skip a beat.

What the fuck is happening...

"So... if I get hurt-." "I'll feel it," Jungkook answers. "And if I'm sad?" "I'll feel that too." "That's-. This is a lot to take in," Tae huffs. "Don't know if he told you, but Yugyeom is a hybrid. He knew what he was doing bringing us together." Tae gapes his mouth in disbelief. Of everything he's heard in this moment, that had to be the most shocking. "I knew it! I knew it, knew it knew it knew it knew it. Ugh." Tae stands to his feet and wraps himself around Jungkook when he moves from the couch. "Well, I'm glad you're my mate. I'd prefer you over anyone else. You're really nice." Jungkook rolls his eyes with a scoff. "Just tell me you love me."

Tae kisses the Alpha again instead of letting the three words fall from his mouth, jolting with electricity like he does every time their lips meet, before reluctantly pulling away and throwing himself over onto his father. "Daddy, we really do have to go. It's gonna be late by the time we get back if we don't. Are you gonna be okay?" Byung Woo nods and Tae snuggles the man’s chest when he's pulled into a hug. "Get in here, too, pup" the Elder smiles to Jungkook, yanking him down on his lap and into the hug. His scent is a lot sweeter now that he was feeling better. Tae was happy that his Omega daddy liked Jungkook. The real challenge would be getting his Alpha father to accept him too.

Jungkook pulls away first and he and Byung Woo wrestle over Tae's body when Tae tries to move away. "Stop sh-shaking me! I just ate," he cries through laughs. Jungkook yanks him and Tae almost pulls the Elder with him when he's ripped from his father's tight hold. "I let you win," Byung Woo sighs, resting back into the cushion breathless. "F-fuck," Tae whines under his breath, covering his mouth so he doesn't puke on the floor. His stomach is usually never this weak. He steadies himself on Jungkook's shoulder while the Alpha puts his shoes on for him. The contents of his stomach sting his throat when he swallows it, but he doesn't let it be known.

"I should’ve just threw up right there. Give both of you a reason to feel bad making me sick." Tae fixes himself on Jungkook's back and Byung Woo pulls him down into a hug before hugging Jungkook. "Protect him, Alpha. Please keep him safe." "I will," Jungkook assures, nuzzling the Older Omega again before stepping onto the porch. Tannie follows them out, sitting by the Alpha's foot as if he wants to go with them. "No. You have to keep Daddy company." "Take him with you," Byung Woo sighs. "He's too clingy for me." "You see where he gets it from," Jungkook spits, kneeling down easily like Tae isn't on his back and scooping the puppy into his hand. "Both of you stop! He's not clingy. Isn't that right, cutie?"

"When are you coming back," Byung Woo asks. It doesn't sound as if he's looking for any kind of specific answer. Tae rubs his nose on Tannie's. "I'm not really sure," he answers honestly. "Hyung... I have another house if you wanna move closer to him," Jungkook says softly, drawing wide eyes from the Elder. "You'd give me your house?" "Of course. Why not, I don't use it. If Tae is gonna be with me in Busan, I'd rather you be at least in the same region." "You really are something else." The Elder runs a hand through Jungkook's hair while smiling.

"I'll have to talk to my mate about it, but I'm sure he won't mind at all. Thank you, Kookie." "You have my number if he agrees. I'll give you the address." "Okay, pup. Take care. Both of you." Byung Woo waves them off and Jungkook walks to the car, opening the passenger door first and letting Tae get in before going around to the driver's side, stepping in, and driving off after starting the vehicle.

The ride back to Busan is quiet with Tae and Tannie both fast asleep in the warmth of the Alpha's hoodie.

Chapter Text

Yoongi: Lotte Mart
6:30 PM Dec 13
Hwamyeong, Buk-gu, Busan

Yoongi Treks the Aisles of The Store, Letting His Hands Fan Over and Grab What He Wants from The Shelves as He Passes Them. "Yoonie, Is This How You Shop?" He Was So Focused, He Forgot Hoseok Was with Him. They’ve Been Walking for A Little Over 30 Minutes, And Yoongi Was Finally Done, Grabbing A Jar of Jelly and Dropping It into His Full Shopping Cart. "Is It That Bad, Alpha?" He Can’t Hide His Smiles at Hoseok's Confusion Filled Question.

“Yes. My Legs Hurt,” The Alpha Whines. “I Wanna Go Home.” Yoongi Gets Pulled Back and Into Hoseok’s Warm Embrace. He Drags the Alpha with Him as He Gets Snuggled. “We Actually Do Need to Talk. I Might Know A Way to Get Tae To Have Our Pups.” Yoongi Speaks Loudly and Freely Since the Store Is Half Empty. “Know A Way? Did He Say No?” “I Haven’t Talked to Him About It, But I’m Gonna Use That as An Excuse to Get Him to Our House.” “Are We Gonna Force Him If He Says No,” Hoseok Asks with A Tint of Happy Sadism Coloring His Words. “Yes.” Yoongi Nods While They Both Stroll Down the Main Walkway of The Large Mart to The Self-Checkout.

“Seok Jin Insists That Jungkook Actually Likes Tae, But I Doubt It.” “They Looked Pretty Close,” Hoseok Says While He’s Distracted. “But Looks Can Be Deceiving.” “So, You’re In?” “Mmm. If It Makes You Happy, Then Of Course.” They Share A Look While Scanning Items and Packing Them in Bags to Put in The Cart. “We Gotta Be Careful Though, Yoonie. Jungkook Is Dangerous When He’s Mad.” “Yeah, I Know.” Yoongi Sighs. “And Kook Is Never Gonna Let Him Out His Sight.”

Hoseok Runs with The Cart Before Holding Himself Up on The Back Bar and Letting the Acceleration Carry Him to The Store Entrance. “W-What-.” Yoongi Laughs to Himself While Following Behind. “Wait. Yoonie?” Hoseok Steps Down from The Cart and Turns to Look at Yoongi With A Sudden Seriousness, Sending A Shiver Down His Spine. He’ll Be Heartbroken If Hoseok Changes His Mind Now. “Have You Considered Those Pills That People Take? Or Do You. Yanno? Not Wanna Be an Omega?”

Estrogen and Clomiphene (Cloe-Ma-Fen) Citrate Pills Are Only Given by An Over the Counter Pharmacist, If You’re Anything Other Than an Alpha and Wanting to Have A Pup. The Pills Are Relatively Easy to Obtain, But They Aren’t for Everyone. It’s A Serious Risk That Not A Lot of People Would Be Willing to Take for Someone They Claim They Love. Especially If You Aren’t Bonded for Life.

For Omegas, Male and Female, These Two Pills Can Increase Their Chances of Having Twin Pups. For Betas, It’ll Start A Process Of “Rank Reconstruction.” The Body Will Begin to Develop Like That of An Omega, And They’ll Slowly Become More Receptive to Others’ Scents. By Contrast, Any Beta or Omega Looking to Become an Alpha Can Take Progestin and Testosterone Pills to Stop Ovulation and Harden Their Body, As Most Call It.

Yoongi Has Looked into It. He’s Looked into Every Possible Option, But He Isn’t Sure He’d Be Able to Cope as An Omega. Sensitivity Isn’t His Strong Suite, And Shit Spills More from His Front End Than His Back End. “I’ve Thought About It,” He Starts. “But I Don’t Think I’d Be A Fit Omega. My Rank Suits Me as It Is Now.” He Looks Over at Hoseok And Something That Resembles Disappointment Flashes Over the Older’s Face Before He Turns Away. He Doesn’t Mutter A Response.

“D-Did You Want Me to Be an Omega?” “No.” The Alpha Answers Quickly. Too Quickly for The Answer to Be Genuine, But Yoongi Doesn’t Let It Bother Him. He Knew His Answer Was Going to Have Some Kind of Effect on Hoseok’s Alpha. It’s A Trick Question, Really. If You Say Yes, They Can’t Believe You. If You Say No, They Don’t Want to Believe You.


He Looks at The Ground While They Walk to The Car, Kicking Pebbles as They Do, And Only Stopping His Steps to Help Load Groceries in The Trunk. They Spend the Whole of The Ride Home Discussing What Their Pups Will Look Like with The Aid of Tae’s Pure-Bred Genes.

Jungkook: Large Living Room
9:02 PM Dec 13
Hwamyeong, Buk-gu, Busan

Jungkook Turns Over to His Side on The Floor, Hiccupping and Yawning with An Exaggerated Noise as He Sits Up. He Doesn’t Even Remember Falling Asleep, But He Isn’t Complaining About It. They Got Back Earlier Than Intended, With the Little to No Traffic After Leaving the City Allowing Jungkook To Straight Shot An 80 All the Way Back to Busan. His Entire Body Is Sore and He’s in Nothing but His Boxers. The Small Pup Yipping for Affection Next to Him Quiets Down When He Growls at Him.

He Stands Himself Up, Letting His Bones Crack at Will While Stretching and Moving Towards Then Up the Stairs to The Bathroom. Tae’s Naked Back Greets Him at The Last Few Steps. His Body Is Still as Curvy as Ever, If Not A Little Curvier Than Usual, And Even Though Jungkook Has Been on And Seen All of Tae, It Still Seems Like Forever Since He’s Admired Him. He Lets His Eyes Cascade Slowly, Taking in Every Inch of The Other’s Smaller Frame. Jungkook Couldn’t Tell What He Was Covered in But Judging by The Citrusy Smell Coating the Entirety of The Large Space, He Could Guess It Was Slick and Sweat.

Whatever It Was Had Him Glistening in The Glow of The Warm Lights Above Him. His Scent Was Definitely Enticing. Tannie Zooms Past Jungkook’s Foot and Over to The Omega, Yipping and Whining Continuously for Attention. “Not Right Now, Tannie. Daddy Wants to Show….” His Talking Mutes When Jungkook’s Scent Flares Out of Pure Confusion. He Doesn’t Turn as He Speaks Again. “How Long Have You Been Watching Me?” “Long Enough,” Jungkook Answers.

“I was so horny,” Tae Laughs Against Himself, But Jungkook Knew He Felt Embarrassed. “I Couldn’t Wake You. I Really Tried, I’m Sorry.” “So, You Fucked Me to Hell and Back While I Was Asleep.” Jungkook Scoffs Not A Second After the Words Leave His Mouth. “I’m Sad, Wow.” “I Tried to Wake You,” Tae Mewls. His Pout Makes Jungkook Smile. “Are We Taking A Shower?” “We Aren’t About to Do Anything, But Yes. I Am About to Take A Shower.” Tae Pushes the Door Open and Disappears into The Bathroom. Jungkook Moves to Follow, But He Has Ask Why Tae Was Using the Bathroom Literally No One Uses Instead of The One in His Room. “This Shower Gets Hotter,” Is His Only Answer Before Walking to The Far End of The Bathroom and Starting the Shower. “Wait, Why Are You in Here? Get Out.”

Jungkook Looks Taken Aback.

“We-We’re Taking A Shower.” “Not We!” Tae Forces A Breath. “Me! Me, Me!” “Same Thing,” Jungkook Laughs. He Strips the One Piece of Clothing He’s Wearing and Steps into The Hot Spray of Water, Letting the Drops Pelt His Back and Relax His Muscles. Tae’s Reluctant Whining as He Steps in Too Gets Washed Out by The Harsh Whish of The Water. This Particular Shower Was Indeed A Lot Larger and Offered A Bit More Than Jungkook’s And Jimin’s.

For Both of The Showers That Weren’t in The Alphas’ Rooms, There Was A Heated Bench in The Very Front, Away from The Water Spray, To Rest Anything On, Be It Yourself, Or Your Things to Wash with Like A Loofah or A Container of Body Wash. He Didn’t Know About the Water Being Hotter Though. All the Showers, As Far as He Was Concerned, Felt About the Same. “Did You Sleep Well?” “On the Floor Where You Left Me,” Jungkook Asks Through Pouts. Tae Smiles, But He’s Too Focused Lathering Soap on Himself. “I Slept Just Fine.” He Blocks His Face from The Droplets Ricocheting from Tae’s Rinsing. “Good,” Tae Hums.

He Turns to Face Him and Starts Using the Excess Soap on His Bath Sponge to Wash Off Jungkook’s Upper Body. “I’m Sure You’re Gonna Say Something Stupid,” Tae Says Softly, His Hard Eyes Focused on The Alpha’s Torso. “But What Did You and My Dad Talk About?” “The Usual.” “Did He Tell You Anything Embarrassing?” “Only That You Slept with A Blanket for Six Years,” Jungkook Says, Tugging One of Tae’s Nipples Between His Thumb and Index Finger. It Hardens Instantly with His Touch, But Tae Is So Unbothered by It That Jungkook Has to Laugh.

“I Didn’t Sleep with A Blanket for Si-.” “Sparkles? That’s What You Called It?” Tae Lets His Hands Wander Around Jungkook’s Body. “I Didn’t Sleep with A Blanket,” He Retorts Softly, Pressing Himself Close Against the Alpha So He Can Work Suds onto His Back. “He Was Just-.” “He? Sparkles Has A Gender,” Jungkook Laughs. Tae Digs One of His Crooked and Broken Off Nails into The Small of His Back and Jungkook Laughs Harder at The Ounce of Pain He Gets, Dropping His Head into The Crook of The Omega’s Shoulder to Keep His Dizziness at Bay. “Stop Making Me Laugh, Man. Fuck, My Head Hurts.”

The Air Around Them Was Too Hot for Him to Be Laughing Himself Light-Headed, But It Wasn’t Long Before the Infectious Giggling He Couldn’t Stop Spread to The Man Holding Him. They Keep Smiling While the Water Cleans Them Off. “Okay Now Get Out,” Tae Says Stern. He Pushes Against Jungkook, And Jungkook Takes A Step Back Before Ducking Under Him and Getting Out of His Way. “Why Do I Have to Get Out?” “I Need To…Just Get Out, It’s A Little Embarrassing to Say. Just Know I Need to Be Alone.” “Tell Me,” Jungkook Says, Sitting on The Bench. “I Have To… Finish.” “You Have to What?” “Just Get Out, Kookie,” Tae Demands.

Jungkook’s Eyes Linger on Tae’s Hardness Bouncing in His Face. “Can You At Least Help Me Wash My Hair? Please, Babyyy?” Jungkook Smiles at Tae’s Very Obvious Scoff. He Knows the Omega Can’t Stand Him Being Cute. Tae Steps Closer, Unintentionally Resting the Tip of His Cock on Jungkook’s Lip While He Grabs for The Shampoo. “Why Can’t You Wash Your Hair on Your Own,” The Omega Whines. “My Hands Are Busy,” Jungkook Pouts. “Busy W-Wi, Oh Fuck, K-Kook.” Tae Squeezes the Shampoo Bottle A Little Too Hard When Jungkook Starts Licking and Sucking the Precum That’s Seeping from The Tip While Pumping His Cock.

Shampoo Goes Everywhere Except Where It Needs To.

Jungkook Has Never Been One to Suck Off an Omega, But He Damn Sure Didn’t Feel A Need to Not Suck Off Tae. He Loved Watching the Older Fuck His Mouth and He Was Very Eager to Have Him Do It Again. He Knew His Submission Was Only Aiding to The Tension Building. The Shower Was Hot, But Tae’s Cock Easily Gliding into And Out of His Mouth Was Hotter. Every Inch Throbbed Against His Tongue with Nothing but Want.

“I-I Hate You S-So Much,” Tae Whimpers Softly, Struggling to Keep His Focus. His Nails Are Scratching and The Pads of His Fingers Are Massaging Jungkook’s Scalp, But He Stops and Tenses with Every Other Throating. The Soft Rainfall from The Unhooked Shower Head Brings Down All of The Shampoo from His Hair and Jungkook Closes His Eyes Just as Tight as He Does His Mouth Around Tae’s Length to Keep the Suds from His Eyes and His Mouth.

Tae Looks Out of It When Their Eyes Meet. He Sweeps the Hair from His Forehead While Jungkook Keeps Sucking, Licking, And Kissing on And Around His Cock. Jungkook Circles A Finger Around Tae’s Rim While His Mouth Works. His Initial Intention Was Just to Tease, But the Water Slips His Finger in Effortlessly and He Chokes While Laughing and Pulling It Out. Tae Rams His Hips Forward, Moaning Broken Cries at The Sound of a Hard Gag That Escapes from Jungkook. The Moan Was Loud Enough to Reverberate Off of The Shower Walls.

They Were Far Enough Away from Whoever Would Be in The House and The Water Should’ve Been Loud Enough Anyway to Drown It Out, But Neither of Them Cared If What They Were Doing Was Heard. Jungkook Holds His Head Cocked at A Comfortable Angle, Opening His Throat to His Omega. He Watches Tae Start to Lose Himself and Get Reckless with His Thrusting, Standing Back with His Hand Gripped Tightly Around Jungkook’s Jaw While He Grinds Back Then Forward Gently but With A Roughness That Jungkook Couldn’t Help but Take A Liking To.

Jungkook’s Throat Can Take A Beating. He Knew It Could. And He Knew Tae Knew It Could, Which Is Why He Didn’t Need to Question the Morals Behind His Deep and Hard Driving.

“Doing Good, Daddy. You’re Perfect,” He Moans Affectionately. “So So Perfect. My Perfect Alpha.” Tae Loosens His Grip, But Only to Run A Soft Line Against Jungkook’s Jawline with His Nail. He Pulls Himself Back and Leans Over, Smearing A Sloppy Kiss Against Jungkook’s Lips Before Stepping Back Again. Jungkook Smiles and The Heat of The Steam Brings A Painful Sting to His Throat When He Swallows.

“Mmm,” Tae Moans Softly, Eyeing Jungkook’s Jumpy Cock That’s Aching to Be Touched. He Turns the Water to A Much Needed Cool and Steps Closer, Leaning Over and Placing His Palms Down on Jungkook’s Thighs Before Kissing Words Against His Mouth. “I Think Alpha Daddy Deserves A Reward for Being So Good Today.” “I Think I Do Too,” Jungkook Slowly Agrees Through Affectionate Growls, Licking at The Wetness of Tae’s Lips as He Talks. “Yeah? What Does Daddy Want?” “You,” Jungkook Says, Dragging Tae Into Another Kiss and Standing to His Own Feet, Lifting Tae Off of The Floor and Pressing Him Against the Coldness of The Shower Tiled Wall. Tae’s Legs Wrap Around Him and He Lets Up The Grip He Had on The Omega’s Waist, Giving Him Enough Freedom to Adjust His Unpuckered Rim Right on Top of Jungkook’s Waiting Cock. “Give it To Me, Daddy.”

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Shower
9:47 PM Dec 13
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Tae Circles Himself on The Stiffness Under Him Without A Second Thought. He’d Be Telling A Storybook of Lies If He Said He Didn’t Need This. He’s Been Stressed All Day. He Eased Some of It Earlier, Riding, Bouncing, And Grinding Himself Silly on A Sleeping Jungkook Until He Couldn’t Anymore, And Yet the Feeling of Anxiety Kept Coming Back and Stronger Every Time It Did.

Jungkook Runs His Tongue Along the Sharpness of His Jaw While Forcing Himself Inside, Sending A Ring of Electricity Down Tae’s Spine That Spins Cold Under the Not Too Hot Water Raining on Him. He Manages to Bite Back the Strangulation of Noises That Want to Sing from His Lips When the Alpha Moves, Bucking His Hips with So Much Force That Tae Gets Pushed A Little Higher on The Wall Behind Him.

Jungkook Isn’t Being Rough on Purpose. Tae Knows That. He’s Probably Wanted to Fuck Him Up and Make Him Forget How to Walk Since They Met. Now That Tae Is Not Only Beyond Comfortable with Him but Able to Take All of Him and Take Him Well Without It Hurting, Jungkook Was Going to Fuck Him Like He’s His.

His Hot Mouth Bites into Tae’s Collarbone, Sucking and Kneading Sharp Fangs into The Soft Skin While Bucking and Thrusting Harder Than He Usually Does. Tae Can Feel His Body Going Lax. His Mouth Is Moving but Nothing More Than Soft Pleas Come Out and His Omega Is High Jumping Hurdles of Ecstasy While Jungkook’s Voice Dances Along His Ear Lobe. His Harsh Breathing Hits A Peak and He Shoves Jungkook Back Before He Has A Chance to Cum and Ruin It. He Huffs Tiredly and Lets Out Soft but Vicious Coughs While Sliding to The Shower Floor, Completely Unable to Stand.

“Get Up.” The Alpha Pouts While He Laughs. Tae Whines A Response Harder Than He Intends To, But He Doesn’t Care. He Hates How Calm Jungkook Is. "Baby, I Wasn’t Done with You,” The Alpha Whines Back. The Red of His Eyes Are Peeking Through the Wet and Hanging Strands of His Hair. Tae Can Feel His Legs Shaking Under Him Even While He’s on The Floor, But He Still Pushes Himself Up to His Knees, Eventually Getting Yanked to His Feet When Jungkook’s Impatience Gets the Better of Him.

Hard Slaps on His Ass Force His Lips Away From Each Other, Giving Jungkook’s Tongue All the Access It Needs When He Kisses Him. Tae’s Moaning and The Wetness of Jungkook’s Hand Still Smacking His Ass Numb Sound Obscene Over the Flush of Water. “Present Yourself for Daddy, Baby.” Tae Turns with Haste, Seemingly Skating When He 180’s On His Heel. “Don’t Slip,” Jungkook Warns While Watching. “Shut Up.”

Tae Presses His Front Against the Coldness of The Shower Tile and His Already Rock-Hard Nipples Begin to Ache with Pleasure Against the Surface. He Knew He Had to Be Losing His Mind If the Shower Wall Was Getting Him Hot. His Hips Bump Back and He Runs the Wet Crack of His Ass on Jungkook’s Shaft Behind Him. He Can Feel Jungkook’s Hands Searching and Finding the Firm of His Chest.

Dainty Fingers Squeeze and Fondle the Radius of His Breasts While Jungkook’s Sharp Teeth Trail Hot Lines on The Nape of His Neck and Down His Back. "You're So Fucking Beautiful, Baby,” Jungkook Groans by His Ear. The Awe and Desire in His Tone Makes Tae’s Knees Buckle Under Him. The Water Pelting on Them Feels All Too Hot Against His Skin. “I Want It, Daddy. Please,” Tae Whimpers in Response, Feeling the Hardness of Jungkook’s Cock Throbbing Between His Cheeks. “Take It, Baby.”

Jungkook’s Fangs Dig into The Top of His Ear Before He Pulls Back. Tae Doesn’t Have to Be Told Twice. He Stands on His Toes, Raising Himself Up A Little Too Eagerly, But Still Just Enough for The Tip of The Alpha’s Cock to Slip In, Then the Rest of Him All at Once, Making Them Shudder Against Each Other.

His Heart Feels Like It’s About to Pound Out of His Chest.

Tae’s Fucking Himself Back Like His Life Depends on It, Taking One of His Own Hands and Pumping Himself at The Same Pace, But He Stops as Soon as Jungkook’s Hips Move Against His and A Heat Finds Its Way into The Low of His Belly. “Oh, Fuck… Fu-Uff.” Tae Almost Blacks Out at The Hard Pace Jungkook Sets with Him. His Mind Is Going Crazy, But His Hand Around His Heat Is Going Crazier.

His Breathing Gets A Little Too Shallow for Jungkook’s Liking and Tae Can Feel the Weight Coming Over Him as The Pace Slows to A Gentle Thrusting. “Breathe, Baby. You’re Not Passing Out on Me, Are You?” Jungkook’s Mouth Leaves Soft Kisses on Tae’s Back. “I’m S-Sorry, Daddy.” Tae Takes in A Big Inhale as If He Was Told To, Letting It Escape as A Ragged Exhale Before Speaking Again. “You Feel So-. I Can’t Think.” “Mhm.”

Tae Gets Weak If Not Weaker in The Knees Again. Jungkook Starts Kissing Soft Hickeys into His Back, Sweetening His Scent Enough to Keep Tae Calm. Tae Could’ve Slipped into Shock from Going Too Quickly Off-Bat, So He Was Extremely Happy Jungkook Had Enough Sense to Not Be Too Reckless with Him.

Jungkook Guides the Limp of His Arms Forward Before Gripping His Wrists with One of His Hands, Crossing an Arm Over the Other and Holding Them in Place Over His Head. His Thrusting Gets Harder, As with His Deep Growling, And Tae Has Already Forgotten That He Needs to Breathe to Stay Conscious and Enjoy It. His Thoughts Stall and He Can Hear the Breaths That Do Get Out Pleading for Jungkook Not to Stop.

Some Odd Reason… His Thoughts Suddenly Shoot Back to Tuesday, When He Was Sleeping with Jungkook For the First Time. The Way the Alpha Held Him, The Warmth and Safety He Felt Wrapped in The Tight Hold with The Younger’s Arm Tucked Under His Stomach. He Can Picture Himself Swollen with Jungkook’s Pups, Days Away in The Future Laying in That Same Position, But Now with Reason. The Thought Alone Has His Cock Oozing with Precum.

Jungkook Starts Toying with Him, Leaving Him Gaping, Empty, And Cold Every Time He Pulls Out, But Only for A Second. Tae Opens His Eyes Just in Time to See Jungkook’s Hand Folding Around His Cock, Swallowing the Much Shorter Length with Ease and Giving Tae All the Reasons in The World to Cum in His Grip. He Stops His Moans by Covering His Mouth with His Hand While Stroking into The Alpha’s Hold.

Jungkook Wraps an Arm Around His Waist, Walking Them Out of The Shower and Over to The Sink While Still Pumping Tae Dry. Tae Looks in The Mirror with Shock. He Looks Like Shit. He Looks Worse Than Like Shit. He Was on Cloud Nine for A Minute, But He Snapped Back Quickly. He’s Feeling Thankful His Refractory Period Is Very Small When He’s Not in Heat Because He Wouldn’t Have Been Able to Enjoy Watching Himself Be Fucked Into. Jungkook Is Busy Admiring Him Just as Much and Tae Huffs Impatiently While Bringing A Leg Up on The Sink.

“Give It to Me Before I Take It,” He Demands Quietly. “You Won’t Take Shit,” Jungkook Laughs, Spreading Kisses Down His Back While Fondling Him Again, A Little More Affectionately. It’s Shutting Up All of Tae’s Attempted Retorts. “Except For What I Give You,” The Alpha Says by His Ear. His Touch Gets Rough and Tae Blinks Back His Shock with How Quickly Jungkook’s Alpha Showed Face.

He Complies Physically Instead of Verbally, Planting His Left Foot Firm on The Ground and Using It to Support His Weight When He Bends Over the Sink. The Other Lines Himself Up with His Hole and Tae Pushes Himself Back, Just to Poke Fun at Jungkook’s Alpha the Way He Was Learning Only He Could. His Breath Comes Out in A Strained Huff When Jungkook Snaps His Hips Forward the Second He Tries to Be Defiant.

Time Seems to Stand Still with Jungkook Quickly, Roughly, And Deeply Digging Him Out. His Own Cock Was Bouncing Against Him Every Other Second, Getting Harder at The Sight of Himself in The Mirror. The Running Shower Is Doing Nothing to Mask the Sounds Tae Is Making, But He Could Give A Fuck Less. He Feels A Little Embarrassed Knowing That It’s His Own Reflection Making Him Wetter Than Ever. Jungkook Must’ve Picked Up on It Because His Shit Talking Right in Tae’s Ear Is Only Making the Omega Clench Harder.

The Sultry Dialect That Seems to Only Come Out When He’s Aroused Is Back. “P-Please, Daddy, Please Fuck Me Harder. Fuck Your Little Omega.” Tae Can Hardly Stop Himself from Vocalizing How Good Jungkook Feels. He Throws Himself Back Against the Alpha’s Moving, Determined to Make Him Feel Just as Good as He Does. It Gets to A Point Where His Moaning Feels Almost Forced as His Breath Hardens to Lumps in His Throat.

The Acrylic of His Nail Runs Across the Sink When He Tries to Grab It, Engraving A Memory into The Porcelain of This Exact Moment. Jungkook Slows Their Pace and Tae Looks Back at Him While Creating A Radius with His Hips. “I Thought I Told You Not to Stop,” He Barks. “I Do What I Want,” Jungkook Smiles at Him. He Takes His Other Leg and Places It on The Sink While Pushing Tae’s Front Forward Slightly. “You Are Not About to Fuck Me Like This,” Tae Pouts. “And Why Can’t I? Shut Up. You Talk Too Much.” Jungkook Brings Their Lips Together in A Deep Kiss While Continuing His Pace.

Tae Can See Himself Fully in The Mirror Now and He Can’t Help but Marvel at The Man Staring Back at Him Through Crested Eyes. He’s A Sweaty, Sticky, And Citrusy Mess. Jungkook’s Licks at And Bites Every Inch of His Body That His Mouth Can Get To, Sending Tae Back to His Blissful Headspace. Both Are Speaking Praises to Nothing, But Neither of Them Can Stop It.

“All Mine, Baby,” Jungkook Purrs into The Crook of His Neck. Tae Can Hear the Alpha Talking, But He’s So Gone. It’s Not Registering What He’s Telling Him to Do Until Jungkook’s Hand Comes Up on His Throat. “Say You’re Mine, Baby." Tae Mutters Something. It Doesn’t Come Out the Way He Wants It To. “Say It,” Jungkook Spits, Gripping His Throat Tighter. It’s Not as Tight as It Could Be, Just Enough for Tae To Be Conscious Enough to Listen and Do What His Alpha Wants Him To. “Y-Yours,” Tae Chokes Softly. “Again.” Tae Repeats the Word Each Time the Alpha Tells Him to Until It’s Falling from His Lips Naturally with Every Deep Thrust. His Cries Are Only Fueling Jungkook’s Movements.

“I’m All Yours,” Jungkook Mewls Softly. Right in His Ear. The Three Words Send His Omega Over the Moon. He Gets Snatched from The Sink Before the Words Process Fully, Desperately Trying to Cling His Arm Around Jungkook’s Neck When the Younger Starts Tossing Him on His Cock Again Like He Still Weighs Nothing. “J-Just Like That, Daddy, Fuck You Feel So Good.”

Tae Lets His Head Hang and His Spit Drips from His Mouth to His Neglected Heat Bouncing Along with Him. Jungkook’s Hand Wraps Around His Cock Not A Second After It Does. Tae Needed to Feel Complete. He Needed to Know That Jungkook Wasn’t Going Anywhere. “Please Knot Me,” He Whines Breathlessly. “Knot Your Omega, Daddy.” Jungkook Isn’t Talking Anymore, But Tae Can Still Hear Him.

I’m All Yours.

The Words Replay in His Mind Over and Over. He Can Feel Himself Being Bent Back Over the Sink and Jungkook’s Weight Over Him While the Alpha Fucks into Him at An Inconsistent Pace. His Whining Is Implacable and Indistinct, But What He Wants to Say Gets Out Clearly. “I Love You So Much, Kookie.” “I Love You Too, Baby.” The Quickness in The Alpha’s Response Sends Tae Past His Limit, And He Exhales with Content, Tensing Again When His Orgasm Rocks Him to His Core Along with Jungkook’s.

He Was Completely Unaware That Jungkook Had Knotted Him, But the Fullness Hits Him When the Tension Starts to Fade. Both of Their Hands Stroke Him Until His Legs Quiver and Try to Give Out Under Him. “S-Stop,” He Whines Softly When the Friction Gets Too Hot. Tae Rests His Head on The Sink, Breathing Heavy and Blinking Back What Tears Didn’t Fall. He Can’t Rest Long Before Jungkook Forces His Knot Out and Picks Him Up, Sucking the Hardness of His Nipple While Walking Them Back to The Cold Shower to Wash Off.

Chapter Text

Taehyung: Bedroom
2:56 AM Dec 14
Dongnae-Gu, Busan

Tae Sits Up in The Bed. His Body Is Sore, So He Couldn’t Dare Move, But That Isn’t What’s Bothering Him. He Felt. Sad? Angry? Confused? All Three?

All Three.

Yugyeom Is Next to Him, Ringing His Ears Softly with His Snoring. “Yuggye. Yuggye, Where’s Kookie?” Tae Shoves Him and Yugyeom Turns Over, Kicking His Leg to The Door to Signal Tae That Jungkook Is Downstairs. His Eyes Are Still Closed, And He Smells Faintly Like Apple Tea, A Scent Tae Has Only Smelled Twice. Tae Snuggles Himself into The Body Pillow, Letting the Beta Hold His Waist in A Hug.

“You Smell Amazing, Yuggye. Is That Your Natural Scent?” Tae Digs His Nose into Yugyeom’s Wrist So He Can Engulf His Olfactory with The Smell. Yugyeom Answers by Holding Him Tighter. “It’s Kookie’s Mother’s Scent.” “Wha... Why Would You Smell Like That?” “He’s Hurting,” He Says Softly, Snug with His Head on Tae’s Chest. The Words Immediately Put Tae On Edge. “And You Have Me Up Here with You? Let Me Go.” He Tries to Fight Himself Away from Yugyeom’s Hold, But the Kid Is Strong.

“Mmmdoooooon’t,” the Beta Whines, Trying to Hold on To His Sleep the Same Way He Is Tae. “Hmm -- Told Me to Keep -- Up Here.” “I Don’t Care,” Tae Barks with Anger. He Kicks Himself Free, Fixing His Shirt Before Moving Down the Stairs to Find Jungkook. Tae Peeks Behind Him to The Large Living Room Before Peeking in The Much Darker One on The Left When He’s Down the Steps. His Lower Body Is Aching but He Fights Against It.

For the First Time in A While, Jungkook’s Scent Is Like… Completely Faded. Tae Almost Doesn’t See Him Sitting in The Corner. He Doesn’t Look Mad or Sad. His Face Is Back to Being Unreadable. Tae Knew Whatever It Was That Had Jungkook Moody Was Eating Away at The Younger in More Ways Than He’d Ever Show. His Omega Doesn’t Like Jungkook’s Silence.

“D-Daddy,” He Sing-Songs. He Steps Over to Jungkook, But Jungkook Shoves Him Away. “Yugyeom Can’t Ever Listen,” He Whines as He Sulks. “Yeah, Well I’m Sure He Understands That I Need to Be Around You When You’re Like This,” Tae Says Back, Standing Jungkook Up in Front of Him and Walking Him Back to The Couch. He Rests Himself Flush Against the Alpha’s Lap While Leaning Up So He Can Look at Him. “Tae.” Jungkook’s Hand Stops on His Waist and Tae Looks Up from Fastening His Sweats, Getting Lost in The Deepness of The Eyes That Are Staring A Hole into Him.

“I Don’t Know When You’re Gonna Leave.” He Pauses and Tae Can See the Words Choking Him. “But I’ve Always Loved You. And I Always Will. I Know That Already.” He Sighs Before Continuing. “It’s My Fate. I’ve Already Accepted It.” “I’m N-.” “Let Me Finish.” Tae Nods and Pushes the Hair Away from Jungkook’s Face, But It Falls Back into His Eyes When the Alpha Moves. “I Can’t Show You Me. Not All of Me. And I’m Sorry for That. But Just Know That This Is Yours. Forever.” Jungkook’s Finger Tap Over His Heart Twice While He Speaks. “I-… Tae, Please Don’t Lead Me On. Don’t Hurt Me. I Can’t Take Another Heartbreak.”

The Muted Plea Makes Tae Choke Back an Audible Gasp. He Sucks His Teeth, Dragging Jungkook’s Lips to His to Placate His Alpha. “Is This What Has You All Sad and Moody, Baby?” Jungkook Pouts, Fingering Tae’s T-Shirt So He Doesn’t Have to Look at Him While He Nods. “I Love You.” Tae Kisses the Alpha’s Forehead. “And I Mean It. Don’t Let That Chew You Out. Look at Me.” Jungkook’s Puppy Eyes Meet His and He Has to Throw Away His Urge to Call Him Cute.

He Didn’t See Tannie On the Couch Next to Them Until the Puppy Unbundles Himself from Under Jungkook’s Another Arm to Stretch. “I Know My Omega Says Some Shit, But It Doesn’t Say That Just to Say It. It’s Genuine. And I Don’t Wanna Leave. I’m Not Leaving.” He Pulls Jungkook’s Hand to His Heart and Holds It There. “This Is Yours Forever. And Only Yours. All of Me Is. I Don’t Know How You Guys Do It Down Here, But in North Region, We Mate for Life. I Liked You Since I Met You, Even Though I Tried My Best to Deny It. I Wanted to Bite You Right Then and There in That Alleyway, But I-.” “You Should’ve.”

Tae Looks Up from His Rambling. “I-. What?” “I Wouldn’t Have Fought You If You Marked Me.” “Uh-. So, If I Try It Now.” “If You Try It Now, I’m Gonna Beat Your Ass into This Couch.” Tae Stares A Hole into Jungkook.

“I Don’t Like You, Kookie.” “I Don’t Like You Either, You’re Ugly.” “I Don’t Like You More, You’re Stupid.” “You Smell Like My Shit.” Jungkook Fans Their Locked Hands to Rid the Room of An Imaginary Funk. “You Are My Shit.” “Oh Really? Because I’m Always in Your Ass?” “Mhm.” “Like I’m About to Be Now?” “Right Now.” “Ride Me.” “Strip.” They Both Smile at The Quick Turn Their Bickering Took, Meeting Halfway in A Heated Kiss While Tae’s Hands Start Working Off Their Clothes.

“Can’t Be Too Loud,” Jungkook Says with A Gentle Grin. “I Can’t Be Loud,” Tae Mocks with an Eye Roll. “I-I mean. Yugyeom-.” “Has A Front Row Seat to Watch Me Ride My Alpha to Filth.” “That’s Hot.” “You’re Hot,” Tae Coos Busily, Licking His Lips While Working Jungkook’s Cock to Hardness Then Letting Himself Go Sliding Down on It. A Heat Shoots to His Stomach and He Tenses While Trying to Steady His Breathing. “Lean Back, Daddy.” Jungkook Does as He’s Told and Tae Adjusts So He Can Get Comfortable.

He’s Already Sore, So He Doesn’t Mind the Pain of The Stretch. He’s Bouncing by The Time He’s Flush on His Alpha Again. “When Are You Not Wet,” Jungkook Muses. His Hands Grope Tae’s Ass Tightly Between Slaps. “When I’m Not with You.” Tae Bites Their Locking Lips Then Shifts Back So He Can Tuck Himself Under Jungkook’s Neck and Watch Himself Get His Alpha Off.

Jin: Living Room
5:00 AM Dec 14
Southside Buk-Gu, Busan


Jin Finishes the Rest of His Water, Then Walks to The Couch to Sit Down. He Couldn’t Sleep Anymore. He Barely Slept as It Is. He Was Tired, But Any And Every Time He Did Close His Eyes He Saw Tae, Bruised And Crying, Sitting With His Clothes Torn In A Pool Of Blood And Slick, With Hot Tears Streaming From His Eyes While He’s Screaming At Him For Not Helping, For Not Telling Him Even Though He Knew What Yoongi Was Planning, And For Not Caring About Him And Leading Him Into A False Friendship.

He Muffles His Shaky Breaths with His Hands. He Couldn’t Cry About It Anymore. He Didn’t Want To. He Just Wanted the Nightmare to Be Over, To Go Back in Time and Not Even Bring the Subject Up to Yoongi In the First Place. Would Yoongi Have Said What He Said If Jin Didn’t Say Anything? He Would Have. He’s Had His Mind Made Up on The Whole Thing Long Before Jin Said Something. It Showed in The Way He Walked with A Pep in His Step. The Way He Talked His Way Down the Street with A Smile on His Face Like What He Was Saying Wasn’t Horrid and Awful. Jin Wished Jimin And Yugyeom Were Some Kind of Help When They Came Over, But Neither of Them Offered Any Kind of Comfort.

Not Because They Didn’t Care for Their Hyung, But Because Jin Couldn’t Share What He Knew with Them, So They Saw It as Another “Episode” That He’s Well Known For.

He Wipes A Finger Over the Rim of His Eye to Stop the Tears That Were Trying to Fall. The Sound of Small Footsteps Make Him Straighten Himself into The Cushion. “D-Daddy?” Jin-Soo Leaps onto The Couch and Curls Herself into A Ball in Jin’s Lap, Hugging Him as Tight as Her Short Arms Will Allow. “Daddy’s Fine, Baby. Why Are You Awake?” “I Wanted to Sleep with You,” She Says Sheepishly. “But You Weren’t in The Room with Alpha Daddy.” “Aww,” Jin Coos. Jin Strokes His Daughter’s Hair. “Daddy Just Has A Lot on His Mind, Sweetheart.” “About New Uncie?” Jin Leans Himself Over to Stare His Pup in The Face with Round Eyes. “How Did You Know?”

Jin-Soo Pulls Jin’s Phone, That He Gave Her Before He Put Them Down for The Night, From the Front Pocket on Her Onesie. She Goes to What She Wants to Show, Then Hands the Phone Off. It’s A Written Reminder to Text Tae and Tell Him That He’s in Danger and Needs to Avoid Yoongi And Hoseok And Any Cost. He Blinks Back His Shock That Jin-Soo Found It, But Then Again, He Probably Never Closed It.

“Daddy?” “Yes, Cupcake?” Jin Puts His Phone Down and Gives All of His Attention to His Pup. “Is Uncle Hobi And Uncie Yoona Gonna Hurt New Uncie? Jin Looks Away, Knowing She Already Knew the Answer Because She Named Yoongi As Well. He Doesn’t Answer. If He Said Yes, She’d Be Afraid. If He Said No, She’d Know He Was Lying. “T-They Are,” She Says Quietly, Looking Away as Well and Fidgeting with Her Fingers. “I Heard Uncle Hobi Talking About It with Uncie Yoona.” “Jin Jin-.”

“I D-Don’t Want Uncle Hobi Around Uncie T-Taetae,” The Pup Whines Softly, Squeezing Her Hands into Small Fists. “O-Or Unci-Uncie Yoona!” She Lifts and Slams Her Arms Repeatedly in A Fit. The Squeal from Her Anger Makes the Round of Her Eyes Start Swelling with Sad Tears. “I-It’s N-Not Right,” She Says Calmly, Letting Her Tears Fall. It Hits Jin, Right Then, That She Knew All Too Well What Hoseok’s Intentions Were with Tae.

Hoseok Is Her Favorite of The Six and For Those Words to Leave Her Mouth… It Hurt Her. It Showed That It Hurt Her. She Puts A Hold on Jin’s Waist That’s Tight Enough to Asphyxiate. He Pulls the Pup Closer to Him, Lowering His Head into Her Hair and Snuggling Her with Kisses and Quiet Affection While She Sniffles Away Her Cry. His Heart Is Breaking, And His Scent Is Past the Point of Wonky. No One Ever Wants to See Their Pup Cry, And It’s Making the Pain Hurt More Knowing Why She’s Crying.

She’s Smart. Too Smart. Why Was Hoseok Even Discussing Such A Thing with Her Around Him? “That’s Sick,” Jin Thinks to Himself. He Fights His Anger to Comfort His Daughter. That with Hoseok Was Something for Another Time. Right Now, Jin-Soo Was What He Needed to Worry About. She’s Never Met Tae. Never Seen Him A Day in Her Life. Yet Here She Is, Crying for Him and His Safety.

Pups Really Are Too Pure for The World. A Purity That’s Almost Undeserved.

“Tae Will Be Fine, Baby. I Promise. Come On, Let’s Go Back to Bed.” Jin Stands to His Feet and Walks with The Pup Wrapped Around Him to His Bedroom. A Smooth Chocolate Overpowers the Scent Jin Is Emitting as Soon as He Opens the Bedroom Door and He Can Feel Jin-Soo Relax into Him.

Namjoon Shifts in The Bed, Pulling Them Both into His Warm Embrace After Jin Takes His Slippers Off and Sits. “What’s Wrong, Babe?” “We’ll Talk in The Morning, Alpha.” Namjoon Speaks an Inaudible Response. “Uncie Taetae Will Be Alright, Ji Ji,” Jin Says Reassuringly Next to His Pups’ Ear. “He’ll Be Just Fine.” The Pup Relaxes Again into The Soft Cover and Jin Relaxes with Her, Sending His Message to Tae Before Allowing His Eyes to Close and Falling Asleep Knowing What He’s Just Done Is the Right Thing to Do to Keep His Daughter’s New Uncle Safe.

Chapter Text

Yoongi: Living Room
10:02 AM Dec 14
Geumgok-Dong, Busan

Yoongi Smacks His Lips Together While Chewing. He’s Searching His Contacts for Yugyeom’s Name So He Can Get Tae’s Number from Him. He’s Sure Jin Hasn’t Blabbed Off to Anyone and If He Did, They Wouldn’t Believe Him Anyway. “Did You Find Him?” Hoseok Comes Walking into The Living Room Fixing the V of His Shirt. “Yeah,” Yoongi Answers. “I’m Calling Him Now.” He Stands to His Feet, Still Chewing, But Stopping to Kiss Hoseok, Then Walks to The Sink to Rinse His Bowl While Holding His Phone to His Ear. The Line Rings for A While Before Yugyeom’s Mellow Voice Speaks from The Other Line.

“If It Isn’t My Only Beta Friend.”

“What’s Tae’s Number? I Need It.” Yoongi Doesn’t Care for Small Talk.

“Oh Uh… I Gotta Look for It, But -- Um. Why Do You Need His Number?”

“I Wanted to Talk to Him,” Yoongi Says While Licking A Finger Clean. “I Don’t Have His Number.” Yugyeom Is Quiet on The Other Line for A Second.

“… Talk. About What?”

“Just Text Me His Number, Yugyeom. I’m Busy.” Hoseok Steps Up Behind Him and Wraps His Arms Around His Waist While Yoongi Is Leaned on The Counter.

“Answer My Question First.” Yoongi Rolls His Eyes.

“I Wanna Meet Up with Him Somewhere. If He’s Gonna Be Around Kookie, I Have A Right to Meet Him as His Mate’s Hyung.”

“That’s-. Not How That Works.” “Just Give Him the Number.” Hoseok Lets Out an Annoyed Grunt and Yoongi Guides the Alpha’s Head Down into The Crook of His Neck So He Can Relax.

“Hmm. You Wanna Just…. Randomly Meet Up with Someone.” Yoongi Rolls His Eyes Again. “Sure. You Can Meet Up with Him Over Here.”

The Line Clicks Before Either of Them Can Say Something and Hoseok Sighs. “Do You Think He Knows?” Yugyeom Is as Witty as He Is Hyperactive. He’s Always the First to Catch on To Something Shifty or Out of Place. Yoongi Huffs His Own Breath Before Replying. “He Doesn’t, But He Might Figure It Out If He Has Enough Time to Think on It. I Guess We’re Going Over There to Get Him. I’m Definitely Not Calling Jungkook Or Jin.” “I’ll Go Pack A Bag.”

Yoongi Jerks Forward When Hoseok Slaps His Ass Before Walking Away.

He Puts His Phone in His Back Pocket, Sighing Even Heavier and Slumping Over Even More When He’s Alone. It Shouldn’t Be Taking This Much Effort to Get Tae Alone, But He Expected It To. The Kid Was Surrounded by People Who Were Willing to Keep Him Safe. “Just Need This Go Easily,” Yoongi Says Quietly to Nothing. His Hands Push Him Away from The Counter and He Walks Upstairs to Go Shower and Wash Up. The Ride to Dongnae Won’t Be Long, But It Will Be Stressful. “Here’s Hoping There’s as Much Reward as There Is Risk.”

Taehyung: Jimin’s Bedroom
10:22 AM Dec 14
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Tae Squirms Himself from Away from The Man Holding Him, Stretching His Body Wildly to Get Comfortable for Five More Minutes. He Yawns with Exasperation When He Can’t Seem To. He Really Has to Pee, As Always, But His Legs Are A Ton of Bricks and He’s Already Accepted That He Won’t Get There on His Own.

“A-Alpha,” He Croaks. Jimin Turns Over but Doesn’t Groan an Answer. “Alpha, Take Me to The Bathroom.” He Whines Loudly, Shoving the Older’s Shoulder Until Jimin Turns Over to Look at Him. His Head Is Still Resting in The Fold of His Elbow and His Eyes Look Glossed When They Crack Open. He Knew Jimin Was Wondering Why He Was Even in His Bed, Wearing Nothing but A bra and Panty set, Reeking of Jungkook, And Riddled with Love bites And Bruises that are Painting Him Red and Purple.

He and Jungkook Were Fucked Out Last Night. Their Late-Night Sex Session Ran A Little Longer Than They Expected It To. Jungkook Would Usually Wash Him Up After They’re Done, But They Were Both Tired. After They Got Up the Stairs, They Each Went A Separate Way to Find Somewhere to Sleep. Tae Was Originally on The Second Floor in The Guest Bedroom, But It Was Cold Downstairs and He Wanted Someone to Snuggle With. Unfortunately for Jimin, His Door Was the First Door Tae Saw After Emptying His Bladder on The Third Floor.

“You Got Two Legs,” Jimin Groans Finally. “Use ‘Em.” “I Would But. I Don’t Think I Can Walk.” Tae Laughs Loudly. What He Said Isn’t That Funny, But He Finds It Hilarious Because the Pain He’s in Is Almost Too Excruciating to Be from Sex. “Jimin Pleeeease. Pleeeeeease. Im About to Pee in Your Bed.” Jimin Blows A Breath. “That’s So Nasty.”

Tae Keeps Bantering, Ignoring Everything Jimin Is Saying in Return. “You’re A Big Strong Man, Minnie Alpha. I Don’t Weigh Much.” “Stop Talking.” Jimin Scoots from His Bed, Grabbing Tae By His Ankle and Dragging Him with Him. “Be Gentle,” Tae Pouts. “I Said Stop Talking.” He Tosses the Omega Up and Over His Shoulder Then Walks Over to The Bathroom with Him.

Tae’s Talking Doesn’t Seem Like It Can Stop During Their Small Journey About How Easy It Is to Carry Him. He Can Hear Nothing but Scoffs Coming from Jimin In Response, But That’s No Deterrence.

“Thankk you. Now Get Out,” He Barks When He’s on His Feet in Front of The Toilet. “If I Get Out, I’m Going Back to Sleep. Pee.” Jimin Covers His Mouth While Yawning. Tae Is Hesitant but Doesn’t Put Up Much of An Argument. He Really Had to Go. The Alpha Doesn’t Bat an Eye Watching Him Use the Bathroom.

When Tae’s Finish, He Washes His Hands Then Lets Himself Be Hung Over the Alpha’s Shoulder Again. “You Can Take Me to Kookie If You Feel Like It,” He Hums Happily. Jimin Is Already Asleep by The Time He Launches Tae To the Other Side of The Bed While Falling to The Covers. “Owwww, Jimin, You Have to Be Careful with Me. And You Aren’t Ever Gentle When You’re Sleepy. Therefore, I Like You Better When You’re Fully Awake.” Tae Expresses A Playful Sadness to The Fact That He Isn’t Being Taken Care Of. “You’re So Abusive! See This Is Why No One Likes Being Around You When You’re Tired. Are You Always Like This or Is It Just with Me Because That’s ?ea-.” “Tae, I Swear to God. Shut. The. Hell. Up.” “Okaaaaay. Geeeeeeeeeeez.”

Tae Lays on His Back and Stares at The Ceiling in Silence.

He Hates the Silence.

He Was Wide Awake and Needed Something to Do and Someone to Pay Attention to Him. His Eyes Wander Around Until He Gets Bored. “Alphaaaa,” He Sings to A Sleeping Jimin. Jimin Doesn’t Stir. Hmph. Tae Pokes the Man Next to Him to See If He’s Fully Asleep, Then Lays His Back Against the Mattress Again. “I’m Bored,” He Says to Himself. “Jungkook-Ahhh‼ Yuggyee‼!” His Screams Are as Loud as The Hoarseness of His Voice Will Allow. “Someone Please Come Save Me‼!”

The Door to Jimin’s room was wide open, pure evidence that Tae bombarded himself in last night. He knew one of the two others heard him. Jimin’s Breathy, Annoyed Laugh Rings His Ears, But Yugyeom’s Even Louder Cackles from The Hallway Is What Makes Him Smile. The Beta Is All Smiles Himself When He Steps into The Bedroom. “The Hell Are You Doing,” He Says Quietly. “What kinda scream was that?” “Gyeomie, please Take Him with You,” Jimin Speaks Muffled into His Pillow. “Let Me Sleep. Jimin Only Want Sleep.”

Tae Opens His Arms to Yugyeom And the Beta Pulls Him from The Bed, making a face of disgust when he realizes how naked he is, but still Letting Tae Wrap Himself Around Him Before Stepping Out of The Room and Closing the Door. “Sleep Tight,” He Coos to Jimin, Who Sighs with Content in Response. “Why was he so mean to me,” Tae Fake Sobs. “You Smell Like Sex. And Jungkook,” Yugyeom Informs. “Plus, You Talk Too Much. I could hear you coming up the stairs.” Tae Kicks the Beta in His Side, But Yugyeom Keeps Walking and Listing Everything Wrong with Him Until They’re to Jungkook’s Bedroom.

To No One’s Surprise, Jungkook Is in The Same Predicament. Laid Out in The Messy Side of His Own Bed, Mouth Hung Open, And Deep in His Sleep. His hair is falling everywhere except his face. Tannie Is Curled Up on The Pillow In a patch of The Alpha’s Hair Fast Asleep as Well. “Is There Anything You Feel Like Wearing Today?” “Something Snug,” Tae Answers. “Jeans are not gonna work out.”

Yugyeom sits him on the edge of the bed then takes a walk back to the closet. He Pushes and Pulls the Clothes on The Hangers, Waiting for Approval from Tae To Take Certain Pieces Down. Tae doesn’t feel like even wearing clothes today, so he decides to go with one of Jungkook’s sweaters. And that’s it.

Yugyeom Is Making So Much Noise, It’s A Wonder How the Two on The Bed Haven’t Woken Up Yet. “Yuggye, Don’t You Think You’re Being Too Loud?” Yugyeom Scoffs. “Let Me Give You A Little Insight. Jungkook Can and Will Sleep Through Anything. I’ve Watched His Ass Fall Asleep on A Rollercoaster and He Slept Through Fire Alarms Every Other Month in School. He Is Not Gonna Wake Up for A Little Metal Scraping.” Yugyeom Scratches the Metal Hanger Across the Steel Pipe, Generating an Ear Bleeding Screech in The Process and Making Tae Cover His Ears to Subdue the Noise.

He Turns Around When the Beta Stops to See If Jungkook Is Still Tucked in The Covers with Tannie Still Curled Up in His Hair. They Are. Both Are Knocked Out. “Starting to Think You Like Him More Than You Like Me, You Old Dog,” Tae Whines to His Puppy. “Which One?” He snorts. “I’m just kidding. Jungkook’s Warm and He Smells Good. That’s What Yeontan Likes.” Yugyeom Slams the Closet Door and Steps Over to The Bed, Picking Tae Up the Same Way Jimin Did Then Setting Him on His Feet Again in The Bathroom Door.

“Yoongi And Hoseok May or May Not Be Coming Over to Visit, So I Took These Down Just in Case.” Tae snatches the pair of tights from the Other in front of him. “Why Are They Coming Over Here?” Yugyeom shrugs. “Go Shower.” Tae Gets Nudged into The Bathroom and He Doesn’t Waste Another Second Stepping Out of What Clothing He’s Wearing and Into the Shower to Wash Off and Relax.

Chapter Text

Introduction Pt. 1

2:15 PM Dec 14
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Yoongi Bangs Two Hard Knocks into The Maple of Jungkook’s Front Door. Audible Chaos Ensues Instantly. He Can Hear Tae Whining That He Wants to Open the Door, But Yugyeom Slings It Open First, Keeping Tae Behind Him with His Arm and Preventing the Two Outside from Stepping In. “Move,” Yoongi Demands Quietly. “Jungkook-Ah?!”

“See? I told you it was nobody. No one listens to me in this house,” Tae pouts. Jungkook Steps to The Door, Pushing Past Yugyeom And Pulling Tae Out of View. The Majority of The Maknae’s Attention Is on The Piece of Toast Covered with Purple Jelly in His Hand.

Yugyeom’s Eyes Never Leave Hoseok’s Eyes That’s Been Wandering and Lingering on Tae’s Small Frame.

“Uhhhh… What Are Y’all Doing Here?” “Well Hey, Kookie,” Hoseok Says Softly. “Hey, Kook-Ah,” Yoongi Says as Well. “Can We Come In? It’s Freezing Out Here.” “I Guess?” Jungkook’s Eyes Shift Between Them. “But Why Are You Two Here? Neither of You Called.” “I Can’t Pop Up on My P.I.C?”

Yoongi Pushes Himself into Jungkook And the Younger Moves Slowly and Hesitantly. “Ooo, Hey You Two! Why Didn’t You Call,” Jimin Purrs, Leaping from The Steps to Throw Himself into Hoseok’s Arms. Hoseok’s Laugh Echoes in The Hall. “Do We Really Have to Call Before Dropping By?” “Yes,” The Two Alphas Sing in Unison. Jimin Hugs Yoongi Briefly Before Quickly Pulling Away. “So,” Yoongi Starts. “Have Either of You Talked to Jin?”

Jungkook Shakes His Head and Jimin Mutters A No While Ushering Them All to The Large Living Room. “Gyeomie And I Stopped by His House Though. He Was Whining About Something, But You Know How He Is.” Yoongi And Hoseok Share A Look. Tae Starts A Walk Between the Couches to Sit Next to Yoongi, But Yugyeom Pushes Him Towards Jungkook When the Alpha Steps into The Archway. “Why Do You Keep Pushing Me, Asshole? Let Me Walk in Peace,” He Mewls. “We Have Guests,” Yugyeom Mewls Back. “So?” Tae Pulls Himself Out of Jungkook’s Hold and Wraps Himself Around Hoseok’s Back with A Smile, Getting Wild Eyes from Jimin And Yugyeom, But Even Wilder Eyes from Yoongi And Jungkook. “See? Nice. H-Huh?

Hoseok Pulls Tae Over onto His Lap and Runs A Hot Hand Over His Bruise Covered Leg. “I See You Like Playing Rough, Huh?” “U-Uh.” A Visible Panic Slips onto The Omega’s Face. Jungkook Is Pulling Tae Off of Hoseok By the Time the Question Slips from The Older’s Mouth. “Try That Shit Again, Jung Hoseok,” He Says to The Man in Front of Him While Pushing Tae Away. “I’ll Show You Who Likes Playing Rough.”

“Alpha, Relax,” Yugyeom Says Gently from The Armchair. His Dialect Slips from His Own Panic While He Talks. Tae Steps with Haste Back to Jungkook, Wrapping Himself Around the Alpha and Hiding Himself in The Cotton of His Turtleneck. “He Was Just Joking. Just. Joking. Everyone, Caaaalm Down.” “We-. Well, I Just Came to Say Hi. I Wanted to Hang Out with Tae Since He’s Gonna Be My New In-Law and I’m The Only One Who Hasn’t Spent Time with Hi-.” “Namjoon Hasn’t Spent Time with Him,” Yugyeom Interjects. “Hoseok Hasn’t and Won’t Either,” Jimin Adds.

The Heat Radiating Between the Two of Them Would Have You Thinking the House Was on Fire. Neither of Them Liked Hoseok’s Little “Joke” He Just Pulled, And They Weren’t Shy About Showing It. Jungkook’s Cigar Scent Is Hidden Behind Tae’s Amazingly Overpowering Honey Scent.

Introduction Pt. 2

2:42 PM Dec 14
Dongnae-gu, Busan

“If This Is About Him Having Your Pups, Please Just Say That, Yoonie.” Yugyeom’s Words Spark Round Eyes from Jimin, The Only One in The Room Who Was Completely Unaware of Yoongi’s Intentions. “Whaaaaaat? No No No,” He Huffs, Waving A Hand. “Tae Hasn’t Even Had Jungkook’s Pups. What the Fuck Makes You Think He’s Having Yours?” “That’s What I Said,” Yugyeom Scoffs Again with An Eye Roll. “Why Are You Two Even Talking,” Hoseok Asks. He Runs an Agitated Tongue Over His Lip. “It’s Been Nothing but Bitterness from The Both of You Since We Got Here.”

Jungkook And Tae Are Both Amazingly Quiet, Tucked Away Laying on the Floor in The Archway. They’re Talking to Themselves With their legs tangled And Not Caring About the Situation Unfolding. “Kookie,” Hoseok Calls. “Kookie? Jungkook-Ah?” Hoseok Leans Over the Back of The Large Couch So He Can Look His Maknae In the Eyes. The Air Gets Even More Electric When They Stare Each Other Down. “Do You Have Anything to Say?” .

Jungkook Bites His Lip. Everyone Except Hoseok and Tae Suck in An Audible Breath, Equally Curious About What the Youngest’s Opinion on Everything Is. Jungkook has something to say. He Has A Lot to Say in This Moment. But He Still Decides to Be Respectful to His Hyung And Simply Go Along with The Two Older’s Bullshit. “You Can Hang with Him.” Tae Looks Ready to Cry the Second the Words Leave the Alpha’s Mouth. “Don’t cry, Pup. We’ll Have Fun,” Yoongi Assures, Standing to His Feet. He smiles, but it isn’t genuine. “We Can Go to The Coffee Bar by Seokjin’s House, Then Head to The Park.” “No,” Tae Pouts. “I Don’t Trust Hobi Anymore. And I Don’t Know You.”

Tae Wraps Himself Around Jungkook Again, Very Unwilling to Let Go. Jungkook Whispers Something in His Ear but The Only Distinct Is the Word “Go” Before Jungkook Kisses Him and Pushes Him Away. Tae Whines Softly, Moving Himself Quickly Out of The Living Room and Up the Stairs to Get Dressed and Get His Bag. “You Have Some Sticky Eyes,” Yugyeom Quips to Hoseok. “If Your Rut Is Coming, The Last Person You Need to Be Around Is Tae.” “My Rut Has Come and Gone, Mutt. Shut Your Mouth.” “How About You Come Shut It for Me,” Yugyeom Quips Again.

“Can You Guys Stop.” Tae Slowly Descends the Stairs Now Dressed in All White with A Black Scarf, Black Heels, And A Crème Handbag Draped Over His Forearm. He’s Whining About the Tension in The House, But Everyone Is Focused on His Choice of Fashion. “You Get Dressed Really Quickly,” Yoongi Laughs. “You Look Amazing.” “I Appreciate the Hospitality, But Please Save It. Let’s Just Go and Get Whatever the Hell You Wanna Do Over With.” “I’m Glad You’re So Eager,” Yoongi Thinks to Himself, Nodding to The Omega’s Words. “You Three,” Tae Calls, Pointing A Finger to Jungkook, Jimin, And Yugyeom. “Can I Have A Hug? Please?”

Tae Stays by The Front Door with His Arms Open. Jimin Is the First to Get to Him and Hug Him, Followed by Yugyeom Who Lifts Him from The Floor and Motorboats Him Before Setting Him Down Just in Time for Him to Get Snatched by Jungkook. It Takes Him by Surprise Just How Strong the Younger Is. “I Really Don’t Want You to Go,” Jungkook Pouts, Nuzzling Himself into Tae’s Cheek. “I Don’t Wanna Go Either, But I’m Sure This Is Good for Me Somehow,” Tae Says Quietly. “I’ll Be Back, Alpha. Pinky Promise.”

Everyone Watches the Two Lock Their Pinkies Together and Seal Whatever They Promised with A Deep Kiss. Tae Hugs Jungkook The Longest. It Becomes an Apparent Struggle When He Has to Fight Himself Out of The Other’s Tight Hold. Jungkook Has to Fight Back A Depressed Whine Watching Tae Leave with Yoongi And Hoseok. “He’ll Be Okay, Kookie,” Jimin Says, Lingering A Soft Hand in The Curl of Jungkook’s Hair.

“Uh…Kookie Alpha,” Yugyeom Lisps Quietly in the living room. His Accent Slip and The Sudden Recognition Puts Both Alphas on Alert. “I Think You Need to See This.” Jungkook Steps with Haste Behind Yugyeom So He Can See the Text from Jin Displayed in The Dimness of Tae’s Phone Screen.

Cute Lips

Yesterday 5:42 AM
I know they’ll tell you im being extra but please listen
Hoseok And Yoongi Might Be Coming to Get You Soon. DONOT GO WITH THEM.
They’re Dangerous Tae, they’re going to hurt you.
Im So So Sorry I Didnt Tell You Earlier
I’ll Come Get You Tomorrow and Explain Everything
Today 3:08 PM
Hyung Is Sorry. I Hope You Aren’t Upset with Me.

Jungkook’s Scent Is All Over the Place by The Time His Eyes Hit the Last Text, Staying Mostly in A Range of Sadness, Anxiety, And Anger. He Walks Away, The Pit of His Stomach Letting Out A Growl Even the Deaf Can Hear. “Do Not Follow Me.” He Slams the Front Door Hard Enough Behind Him for It with To Come Off Its Hinge. “We Have to Go After Him.” The Sound of a Car Door Opening Then Violently Shutting Makes Yugyeom Wince. “Go Get Your Shoes, Yuggye. I’ll Be in The Car.”

Yugyeom’s Nod Goes Unseen as He Hurries Up the Stairs to Jimin’s Room to Grab Their Jackets and A Pair of Boots. “I Know He Didn-.” Jimin Grabs Jungkook’s Keys from The End Table and Steps onto The Porch with Wide Eyes. His Car Is Gone. The Tire Tracks Left in The Snow Show Just How Recklessly Jungkook Reversed Out of The Driveway.

He Huffs A Breath and Steps Down the Stairs and To Jungkook’s Car Parked Where His Shoild Have Been. “Where’s Your Car,” Yugyeom Asks While Tossing Him His Jacket. He Throws It in The Backseat While Sitting. “Where the Fuck Do You Think It Is, Yugyeom? Get in The Damn Car.” Jimin Can’t Help but Smile to The Beta. He Knew It Was A Way to Ease the Tension, And to Be Honest, It Was Helping. It Was Helping A Lot.

Chapter Text

Tae: Car
3:33 PM Dec 14
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Fuck, Fuck Fuck. Tae Shifts with Discomfort in The Backseat After Searching Himself for The Third Time, Panicking Now That He Has Clarification of The Fact That His Phone Was Left Behind. They Were Already A Good Distance Away from Jungkook’s House and Turning Back Would Be… Pointless. Yoongi And Hoseok Have Been Silent for Most of The Ride, Aside from Yoongi’s Need to Play 20 Questions from The Front Seat. Tae Makes It Fun Ignoring the Beta the First Two Times Every time He Asks One of His Stupid and Very Personal Questions.

“What’s Your Hair Color?” Yoongi Turns to Look Back at Him and The Blue of His Eyes Look Like Glaciers of Ice. “Grey,” Tae Answers Quietly. “I Mean Your Natural Hair Color,” The Older Laughs Dryly. “Is It Black?” Tae Nods. “Black and Sandy Brown.” Yoongi Runs His Hand Through Hoseok’s Hair. “Good Combo.” Tae Stares with Confusion. “Are You Still in Heat?” “No…” “Hmm. Guess That’s Why Kookie Was So Willing to Let You Go. Are You Pregnant?” “Not That I Know Of.” “Well, Would You Be Okay with Pregnancy?”

Yoongi Looks at Him Again. “Not for You,” Tae quips. “Oh, That’s Cute. I Wouldn’t Talk So Bold If I Was Alone with Two Strangers and Didn’t Have My Phone.” Tae Is Taken Aback by The Remark. His Scent That He’s Been Able to Keep Under Control Peaks Finally with Anxiety. “W-Wha-.” “Hobi Took It When You Dropped It on His Lap, Kiddo. He Wouldn’t Risk Snatching You the Way He Did in Front of Jungkook If It Wasn’t with Purpose.” Tae’s Breath Goes Shallow. His Stomach Suddenly Isn’t Sitting Right. And with The Questions Yoongi’s Been Asking for The Whole Ride, He Has an Idea of What They’re Planning to Do.

“Take Me Back to Kookie.” “Hobi Will Be Your Kookie For A Couple of Hours, Beautiful. He’s Gentle, Don’t Worry.” The Two in The Front Seat Start Joking and Laughing With Each Other About How Well They’ll Take Care of Him and Tae Swallows Hard Enough for It to Be Heard.


The Car Is Going Down an Empty Street. It Wouldn’t Be the First Time He’s Jumped from A Car. He Found It to Be the Quickest Way to Get Away from His Old Friends Whenever He Had A Change of Heart About Going with Them.

When the Car Starts to Approach A Light, He Tries to Unlock the Door and Push It Open, To No Avail.


“Did You Think We Weren’t Gonna Put on The Child Lock?” Hoseok’s Laugh Adds Noise to The Car for The First Time in A Long Time. “You Are A Child, Afterall. What Kind of Caretakers Would We Be If We Let the Only Pup in The Car Get Hurt?” Tae Isn’t Trying to Hide His Scent, But Hoseok’s And Yoongi’s Are Overpowering Together, Making It Hard to Stay Tense About the Trouble He’s In. He’s Not Sure If They’re Trying to Calm Him on Purpose or If It’s Just Instinct. Yoongi’s Scent Smelled Like A Hard Mix of Jungkook’s And Jimin’s: A Lush Rain forest with Hickory-Oak Trees. Tae Loved It, But He Refused to Let It Soothe Him.

He Pulls A Wet Wipe from His Bag Then Throws the Bag to The Floor While Clutching the Wipe Tight Around His Fist When the Car Rolls Up to The Light. “We Should’ve Went Down the Other Way. This Light Takes Forever,” Yoongi Whines Quietly. This Red Light, Like Many in The Area, Change with A Sensor. Hoseok Stationed Behind the Line Needed to Change the Light to Green Gives Tae All the Time in The World to Punch Out the Glass and Crawl His Small Body Through the Window, Scraping His Calf Slightly, But Not Enough for The Scratch to Bleed or Ache.

He Takes Off the Second He’s Free, Darting Through Different Alleyways and Hiding When He Needs To. It’s A Sick Game of Hide and Seek. And the Price of Being Found Is Much More Than He’d Ever Bargain For. It’s Broad Daylight Outside, But Everything Is Dark for Tae. He’s Tucked Behind A Dumpster Having Palpitations in His Heart That Make It Feel Like He’s Going into Shock.

“Taee~.” The Sound of Yoongi’s Voice Sends Him into A Heavier Panic. “Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are~.” Tae Squeezes Himself Under the Dumpster, Curling into A Fetal Position So His Feet Don’t Show and Holding His Breath to Keep the Rancid Smell Out of His Nose. “Are You Sure He Came This Way, Yoona?” “I Know He Did. I Watched Him Turn in This Alleyway,” Yoongi Answers. He Continues Talking While Opening the Dumpster Where Tae Is. Hate Hide and Seek, Hate Hide and Seek. Fuck I Hate This So Much, Please Just Go Away. Leave me alone and go away.

Yoongi Kicks Dust Under the Bin, Then A Scoff Makes Tae’s Ear Twitch. “Tae, Love. Come from Under the Dumpster.” Tae Shuts His Eyes to Stop His Tears. “Don’t Make Me Come Get You, Pup.” Hoseok Hits the Dumpster and Tae Covers His Mouth to Mute A Scared Squeal.

“Yoongi? Hoseok? What Are You Two Doing?” The Voice Sounds Familiar, But Not Familiar Enough for Tae To Break A Run to It. “Hey, Jackson,” He Can Hear Hoseok Say from A Now Obvious Distance. God, Why Couldn’t It Be Someone Else. “Uh, Hey. What Are You Doing?” “T-Throwing Out Some Trash,” Yoongi Says Sheepishly. “What Does It Look Like?” “I Didn’t Know It Took Two to Do Something So Simple.” “It Doesn’t, But Hey. Here We Are.” Hoseok and Yoongi Laugh, But Jackson Doesn’t. “Y-Yeah,” He Says Quietly. “We’ll Have Fun. I Guess.”

The Alpha’s Pinewood Scent Hits Tae’s Nose When He Walks Through the Alleyway, Offering Him A Little Comfort Even Though He Knows He Shouldn’t Take It. He stops for a moment in front of the trash bin, sniffing loudly like he can smell Tae’s fear under all the rubbish. “Hmm,” he hums quietly.

Tae watches his legs disappear out of the alleyway and out onto the street. “Now Tae,” Yoongi Calls Softly, grabbing his attention. “You’re Getting Dirty, Beautiful. Come from Under There. Alpha is Impatient.” Tae Doesn’t Say Anything and Hoseok Huffs, Laying on The Ground and Reaching Under the Dumpster to Get Him. Tae’s Thigh Gets Grabbed First, Then His Ankle. Hoseok Snatches Him from His Hiding Spot with So Much Ease, He Doesn’t Have Any Time to Panic from Being Found.

“See? Look at You,” Yoongi Coos, Kneeling Down to Move Hair from Tae’s Face. “All of This Could’ve Been Avoided If You Would’ve Just Been A Good Boy.” “Fuck You.” Tae Hawks A Spit into Yoongi’s Face. “You Litt-.” Yoongi Wipes His Cheek with A Slick Smirk Before Bringing the Same Hand Down in A Swift Motion to Slap Tae’s Cheek. Hoseok’s Rings on His Fingers Cut A Clean Line into The Side of His Face. “See What You Made Me Do,” Yoongi Quips.

Tae Doesn’t Bark A Response. He’s Scared and It’s Showing. Tears Burn His Eyes, But He Doesn’t Blink Them Away, Letting Them Roll to The Cut Stinging His Face to Soothe It. “Damn, You’re A Work of Art. How Is That Possible?” Yoongi Flips the Hair from His Face. “You’re Even More Beautiful When You Cry,” He Coos Again, Wiping Away the Blood Leaking from The Gash and Licking It Away from His Finger. “Let’s Go.” The Beta Stands to His Feet and Tae Gets Snatched to His.

Omegas Don’t Have Sharp Fangs Like Alphas and Betas, But They Are Sharp Enough to Break Skin. Tae Latches His Mouth onto Hoseok’s Wrist When the Alpha Tries to Pick Him Up, Biting Down Hard Enough to Draw Blood. Omegas Also Don’t Get to Bite Alphas Unless They’re Blood Bonding or Family. That’s the Only Unspoken Law Followed by Everyone. Tae Wouldn’t Dare Bite Jungkook Or Jimin, Though He Knows Neither of Them Would Have A Problem with It. He Is Their Omega Now, Of Course. If He Bit Them, They’ll More Than Likely Bite Him Back or Brush It Off.

Any Other Alpha, However, Would React with Violence.

Loud Growls Ring from Hoseok, But It’s His Fist Crashing into Tae’s Stomach That Makes Him Bellow A Pained Whine of His Own. Every Inch of Breath Is Taken from Him in The Few Seconds Hoseok’s Fist Is in His Stomach. The Blackness Starts to Fade In, Slowly Eating Away His Ability to See. All He’s Able to Make Out Is Yoongi, Stepping Between Them as Tae Fails to Hold Himself Up Any Longer, Pushing Against Hoseok With Desperation to Stop Him from Hurting Tae Too Badly. “-- To Bear Our Pups. Hobi, He Has -- Pups. Let it Go, -- Take it -- Bed Later.” That’s All Tae Can Make Out Before His Eyes Close and His Body Goes Weak.

The Coldness of The Concrete Feels Nice Against the Cut on His Cheek, But It’s Taken Away When Yoongi Lifts Him from the Ground, Making Sure to Keep His Nose Tucked into The Crook of His Neck So He Can Inhale Jungkook’s Radiating Scent Being Emitted. His Omega Slips to A Headspace of Bliss. He Can Feel His Lips Moving, Pleading to His Alpha to Help Him, But the Only Thing He Gets in Return Is Laughter and Mocked Cries.

Jin and Maknae Line: Hoseok’s house
5:21 PM Dec 14
Geumgok-dong, Busan

Jin Sighs into The Emptiness of His Car, Slamming His Head Repeatedly but Softly on The Top of His Steering Wheel. He Could Crack the Screen with The Grip He Has on His Phone, Clutching It Tight in His Hand While Waiting for A Reply from Tae. He’s Been Crying Nearly All Night and Barely Sleeping. His Sleep Paralysis Was Awful, But That Wasn’t the Reason.

Tae Never Replied. Didn’t Even Open His Message. He’s Been Debating on Calling Jungkook For the Past Two Hours. The Guilt of Not Calling Him in The First Place Is Eating Away at His Omega. He Should’ve Told Jimin And Yugyeom When They Came Over. He Has So Many Regrets, But He’s Determined to Right Them. He Dials Jungkook’s Number and The Line Trills Just Once Before Clicking Over.


“.. I Guess by Your Tone You Know…”

“What I Wanna Know Is Why the Fuck You Didn’t Tell Me When You Found Out.”

“I’m Sorry, Koo-.”

“Where Are You?

“A-At Hoseok’s House.”


“… Down the Street Parked Behind A Van.”

The Link Clicks Again. Jin Stares at His Phone for A Second Thinking the Alpha Hung Up on Accident but Throws It to The Passenger Seat When He Realizes He Didn’t. He Leans Away from His Steering Wheel, Closing His Eyes So He Can Try to Relax. He Jumps Awake When Someone Knocks Loudly on His Car Window. “J-Jimin?” Jin Unlocks the Doors and Jimin Walks Over to The Passenger Side. Yugyeom Slides into The Backseat, Quieter Than He Usually Is. “How Long Have You Been There,” Jin Asks, Realizing That He Probably Slept Through Their Knocking. “Not Too Long.” Jimin Is Staring at Him and Jin’s Scent Is Becoming More And More Strong with Anxiety.

“So Yoongi And Hoseok Are Planning to Do God Knows What with Tae And You Couldn’t Tell Us?” “I-I’m Sorry.” “We’re Supposed to Be Your Extended Family. You Shouldn’t Keep Things Like That from Your Family.” “I Know, Alpha.” Jin Feels Like He’s About to Cry, But Yugyeom Reaches Over His Seat and Wraps Him in A Warm Hug. “It’s Not Your Fault,” The Beta Comforts. He Smells Exactly Like Namjoon And That Gives Jin All the Comfort in The World. “I’ve Been in That Fight or Flight Situation Before. It’s Hard to Know.”

“Don’t Listen to Him,” Jimin Barks, Waving A Hand with An Eye Roll. “I Love You, Jin, But I Want You to Feel Guilty. This All Happened Because Of You. We Are Here Because the One Time You Need to Open Your Mouth, You Don’t.” “Y-Yes, Alpha.” “Have They Come Back Yet?” Jin Shakes His Head. Jimin And Yugyeom Both Look at Their Watches. “They Should Be Back Any Minute,” The Beta Informs.

A Black Rolls Royce With Tinted Windows Pulls Up Across the Street. Everyone in The Car Watches the Man Behind the Wheel Park with Expertise, Completely Clueless to Who It Is. “Oh,” Yugyeom Says with Small Excitement. “Kookie Alpha.” Jungkook Steps Out of The Driver’s Side, Slamming the Door Behind Him While Looking Both Ways So He Can Cross the Street and Confirming the Beta’s Strong Olfactory Sense.

Chapter Text

Jin and Maknae Line: Hoseok’s House
5:34 PM Dec 14
Geumgok-dong, Busan

Jimin Starts Whining and Questioning the Whereabouts of His Car the Second Jungkook Is Within an Earshot. Its Obvious Jungkook Doesn’t at All Care to Answer. “Mini, Your Car Is Fine,” He Sighs with Annoyance, Pulling the Car Door Open and Letting Jimin Hug Around His Waist. “It’s at My House.” “Hoseok And Yoongi Should Be Here Any Minute,” Jin Informs. Jungkook Tenses Under Jimin’s Hold When Jin Speaks to Him and His Scent Hits A Point of Sour That Makes Everyone in The Car Gag. He Doesn’t Say Anything, But His Silence Is Enough. “I Should Have Told You, Alpha. I’m Really Sorry.”

Jungkook Has to Blink Himself into Listening to Jin’s Apology, Sweetening His Scent Enough to Give the Omega Acknowledgement So He Doesn’t Break Down and Cry. “Get In, They’re Gonna See You,” Jimin Yawns Lowly. Jungkook Gets Snatched into The Car Before He Can Protest, And Jimin Slams the Door Shut After the Other Is Fixed on His Lap. Yugyeom, Feeling Left Out, Pulls Himself from The Backseat and Onto Jin’s Lap While the Omega Is Talking About A Game Plan, Cutting the Older’s Words Short in The Process with Exaggerated Noises. “You’re A Light Little Pup, Aren’t You? Are You Not Eating Well?” “Here We Go.”

Jungkook Watches the Beta Curl Himself into A Big Ball While Whining, Playing into Jin’s Affection and Making the Two Alphas Scoff with Exasperated Second-Hand Embarrassment.

“I Don’t Eat at Their House. Your Kids Don’t Feed Me.” “Wow, You Two Are So Mean! Why Don’t You Two Feed Him?” Jin’s Motherly Sass Makes A Very Rare Appearance. “I Don’t Know Why Kookie Lets Him Starve. I Feed Him Every Night.” Jimin Looks Between Yugyeom’s Flushing Face and Jin’s Twisting One. “N-Not Tha-. No, Pup. No No No.” Jimin Smiles Watching the Beta’s Face Get Redder and Redder Before Looking Away. “I Didn’t Wanna Hear That,” Jungkook Whines Quietly, Leaning into The Fold of His Arm on The Dashboard of The Car with His Eyes Locked on Hoseok’s Driveway Across the Street.

“You’re So Moody Today,” The Beta Retorts. “Right,” Jimin Agrees. “We Don’t Need to Hear You and Tae at 3 In the Morning, but We Have.” Jimin Wraps His Arms Around the Younger’s Torso to Give Jungkook a Bit of Comfort When He Slumps Forward at The Mention of Tae’s Name. “I’m Sorry, I Shouldn’t Bring Him Up.”

The Strong Oak Scent That Was Once Filling the Car Is Now A Faded Smell of Lavender. This Drastic Change of Smell Is the Only Thing Keeping Jungkook At A Bay, Knowing That His Omega Isn’t Dead or Badly Wounded. “Kookie,” Yugyeom Pouts, Shoving His Foot Gently into The Alpha’s Arm and Knocking Him Out of His Headspace. “You Smell Like Tae Now. That Means They’re Close, Right?”

Jungkook Turns His Cheek into His Arm. “It Does, But It Doesn’t Mean He’s Okay.” Everyone’s Eyes Fall on His Puppy Eyes When Jungkook Returns the Beta’s Pout. They All Know How He’s Feeling… Or At Least Trying to Feel. Everything in Him Wants to Rage. His Alpha Has A Desperate Need to Fight, But He’s Biting It Back for The Sake of Himself and His Pack. Letting Himself Lose Control of His Alpha Is Never the Best Option for Any Situation They’re Put In, And It Definitely Won’t Be the Best for This Situation Now.

“So… Do We Have to Fight? I Kinda Wanna Square Off with Yoonie.” Yugyeom laughs at his own comment. Jungkook’s Dressed in An All Black Tracksuit with His Hair Pulled Back in A Small and Messy Bun; His Timberland Boots Have Been Replaced with Black Hiking Boots and He’s Not Wearing His Usual Hoop Earrings, A Little Justification That He Has Come for An Anticipated Fight. “I Wanna Fight Too.” Jungkook’s Dialect Slips Through His Pursed Lips.

“I Don’t Want Any of You Fighting,” Jin Whines with A Hesitant Hand, Eventually Reaching Over to Stroke Jungkook’s Head. “They’re Only Doing This Because They Want True Bred Pups,” The Omega Says Softly. Jungkook Scoffs. “I Don’t Care. I Want Tae, But Do I Have Him? Nope.” Jungkook Shakes His Head and His Hair Swirls Along with The Movement. “Tae Is Mine. What Part of That Have I Not Made Clear?”

“The Fact That You’re That Possessive,” Yugyeom Coughs, Rolling His Eyes Up to Nothing. “You’ve Only Known the Kid for A Couple of Days. And Tae Is A Human Being. He’s Not Yours. He’s Not Any of Ours.” Jungkook Stares at The Beta Comfortably Tucked on Jin’s Lap Next to Him. “You Really Think This Is A Time to Lecture Me. Do You Wanna Fight?” “M-Me and You Fight? With You Acting Like That?” Yugyeom’s Eyes Scan Over Jungkook Leaned Over the Dashboard. “Hell No.”

“Then Shut the Fu-.” “I Actually Wouldn’t Be Totally Against That,” The Beta States. “Imagine How Hot You’d Look Beating Me into The Ground Dressed Like That. You’re Kinda Scary, But That’s Not Gonna Deter Me from Letting You. It’s A Hot Sac-.” “Yugyeom, You’re Making My Baby Uncomfortable,” Jin Quips, Taking in Jungkook’s Face in The Reflection of The Window. “I’ll Call You Daddy Too,” Yugyeom Coos. He Clicks His Tongue Twice While Winking Dramatically, Forcing A Sigh from Jungkook As He Turns Away.

Jimin’s Laughing His Ass Off at Yugyeom’s Weird Bashing. “That’s Your Best Friend,” He Says After Catching A Breath, Running His Hands Through Jungkook’s Hair. “And That’s Your Boyfriend. So Why Are You Letting Him Talk to Me Like That?” “Cause He’s A Grown Ass Man. Am I Supposed to Stop Him” “Yeah? He’s Weird.” “Let Him Be Weird.” Jungkook And Jimin Continue Bickering Until Jungkook Gives Up and Closes His Eyes to Relax His Nerves. “I Should’ve Spoken Up Sooner,” Jin Sighs Under His Breath. “Me and Jin-Soo. Pff. Two of The Same Heart.” “What Did Jin Jin Do?” Jimin Turns His Attention to Jin, Who’s Eyes Flash with Anxiety When He’s Spoken To.

It’s Rare for Ji and Jin Jin To Get in Trouble, So Whatever Jin Is About to Say About His Daughter Is Worth Paying Attention To. “I Don’t Think I Told You, Jimin. She Was Staying with Joonie At Hoseok’s House… When Was That, T-Thursday?” Jungkook Nods When Jin Looks Around. “Well Anyway, She’d Stayed Behind While Ji Ji and Namjoon Came Home Later That Night.” Jungkook’s Watching Jin With So Much Intensity, It’s Almost Frightening. He Isn’t Doing It on Purpose.

Jin Already Knows Anything Involving His Pups Is A Trigger for The Younger. When Jin Was Pregnant, And on Nights When Namjoon Was Either Working Late or Out of Town on Business, The Older Made It A Habit to Sleep with Him. Whether He Went to Jungkook’s House or Whether Jungkook Came to His House. The Comfort of Being Held by An Alpha Helped Him Sleep Knowing He Was Safe.

“She Told Me Hoseok Was Talking About Tae To Yoongi In Front of Her. She Cried and Everything.” “Tae Met Your Pups?” “No, But They Know He’s Kookie’s Friend. That’s Enough for Both of Them to Love Him.” Jungkook’s About to Speak, But His Attention Is Caught by Hoseok’s Car Turning into The Driveway of Their House. The Heat of His Anger Returns in Waves When He Sees Yoongi Carrying Tae’s Lifeless Body Over His Shoulder into The House.

“Give Them A Minute, Alpha,” Yugyeom Says, Suddenly Serious When He Feels Jungkook’s Muscles Tense Under His Foot. “Attempted Rape Isn’t Probable Cause for Murder.” “I’ll Go Over,” Jin Says, Undoing His Seatbelt and Opening the Car Door. “I’m The Reason We’re All Here Anyway.” Jin Calls Jungkook’s Phone, Then Slips His Phone into His Back Pocket While the Call Is Clicked Over So the Alphas and Yugyeom Can Hear Their Conversation.

“Tae Is Protected?” “Skin Bonded and Scent Protected,” Jimin Answers. Jin Nods Without A Verbal Answer as He Steps Out of His Car and Jogs Across the Street to Hoseok’s House. The Three Left in The Car Watch with Hard Eyes, But Their Attention Is on The Voices Coming Through the Phone. Hoseok Doesn’t Look at All Surprised That Jin Is Stepping into His Yard. “What Was Wrong with Tae,” Is the First Thing Jin Asks When He’s Face to Face with The Oldest Alpha.

“Damn, Not Even A Hello?” “Answer My Que-. Don’t Touch Me. Answer My Question.” “Tae’s Fine. He Fell Asleep While We Were Driving Around. Yoongi’s Gonna Let Him Sleep, Then We’ll Take Him Back to Kookie. Is That Okay with You?” “He Shouldn’t Be with You Two in The First Place,” Jin Spits, Crossing His Arms Over His Chest with A Huff. “Why Were You Talking About Him Around My Pup?”

Hoseok Laughs Hard and Loud into The Winter Air. “That’s What We Do? We Talk, Jin. Jin-Soo Can’t Tell You Anything. Who Will You Believe? Will You Re-. Do You Wanna Come Inside and Talk to Him?” “How About You Bring Him Outside?” “I Just Told You He’s Asleep.” “Okay? Wake Him Up.” “Ji-.” Jin Holds His Hand Up, Mushing and Unsteadying Hoseok Off of His Feet to Cut the Alpha Off. “Wake Him Up. Bring Him Outside. And Let Him Tell Me He’s Okay. Or I’ll Call Kookie.”

Unlike Jungkook, Hoseok Will Never Think About Raising A Hostile Hand to Jin No Matter What the Omega Does to Him. Instead, He Turns on His Feet to Walk Up the Stairs of His House. “Okay,” He Says, Opening the Front Door. “Call Him.” Hoseok Slams His Front Door Behind Him and Jin Can Hear the Lock Click. “Dickweed.” Jin Slips His Phone from His Pocket and Pretends to Dial A Number Before Holding It to His Ear. “Can You Three Still Hear Me?” A Chorus Of “Yes” Sings from The Other End of The Phone. Yoongi Peeks Out of The Curtain and Jin Catches It.

“Seokjin,” The Beta Calls from The Now Open Door. “Come Inside.” “I’m Fine, Sweetheart, But Than-. Kookie. Kookie?” Another Visible Panic Comes Over Yoongi. Jungkook Can See It from The Windshield of His Omma’s Car. He’s the Last Person Yoongi Wanted Jin To Call.

“Are You Aware That Tae Is with Yoongi?” Jin Puts the Phone on Speaker While Jungkook Confirms Tae’s Location. “Jin, Can You Please Just Come Inside So We Can Talk? I’ll Explain Everything.” “Why Do You Want Me Inside So Bad? Are You Gonna Knock Me Out Too?”

Yoongi Doesn’t Answer.

“You Were, Weren’t You? Disgusting, Yoongi Min. I Expected Better. All of This for A Pup? Namjoon Is A True Bred Too, You Do Know That Right? I Don’t Mind Carrying Your Pup, You Know That Too. So Why Can’t We Just Do It?” “I Told You I Want Pretty Pups,” Yoongi Says Quietly. Jungkook, Jimin And Yugyeom Duck Down When Yoongi Looks Over at Jin’s Car. “Is Someone in Your Car?” “My Daughters. Namjoon” “Oh. I Thought I Saw Yugyeom Too… Well, You Four Can Come in And Talk to Tae When He Wakes Up. Are You Hungry, I’m About to Cook?”

“I Don’t Like You Two Back to Back Asking Me to Come Inside. Is Tae Even Alive?” “Yes.” “I Say Otherwise. Prove Me Wrong.” Jin Waves A Hand and Yoongi Walks Back into The House but Doesn’t Close the Door Behind Him.

“Take Me Off of Speaker,” Jungkook Says When the Beta Is Gone. Jin Obliges. “I Really Don’t Want You to Go in There, Ma.” “I Know What’s Gonna Happen If I Go in There. The Same Shit They Did or Gave to Tae, They’re Gonna Do or Give to Me. I’m Already Mentally Prepared for It.” “You’re Loud and Dramatic,” Jimin Chimes. “Play Along and Stop Being Hostile. Hang Up. If You Get Uncomfortable, Scream and We’ll Come Get You.”

“You Better Come Get Me the Second You Hear Me.” Jin Sighs Loud Enough for Them to Hear, Clicks the Line Over, Then Bounds Up the Steps into Hoseok’s House. Tae Is Nowhere in Sight When He Steps Inside.

Chapter Text

Tae: Hoseok’s House
6:13 PM Dec 14
Geumgok-dong, Busan

A Muffled Growl Leaves from Tae’s Stomach When He Comes To. He’s Still in His Clothes and Covered with Dirt Residue, So He Knows Yoongi And Hoseok Haven’t Touched Him. His Hands Have Been Cuffed to The Headboard and His Legs, Although Not Very Tightly, Are Cuffed at The Ankle.

He’s on His Back So He Can See Everything and He’s Aware of Where He Is and Why He Is Where He Is. Jungkook’s Scent Is Starting to Roll Off of Him, Which Should Be A Good Thing, But It Only Leaves Him More Confused.

He’s Always Smelled of The Alpha After Being Marked by Him Twice, But His Usual Lavender Scent Is Gone Completely.

He Can Hear Hoseok And Someone Else Downstairs, Not Yelling but Speaking, Loudly, About Why He’s in The Situation He’s In. It Sounded Like Jin, But Tae Doesn’t Get His Hopes Up. He Looks Around the Large Bedroom, Taking in The Seasonal Decorations Mounted on The Walls and On the Shelves. There’s A Window in The Corner with Fake Snow Placed Around It That He Could Possibly Lift Himself Out Of… But He’d Have to Get His Cuffs Off First If He Wanted Any Way to Protect His Face from The Fall.

The Sound of Someone Humming While Stepping Down the Hall Towards the Room Tae Is in Snaps Him Back to Reality. He Shuts His Eyes and Fear Flows into The Oak He’s Letting Off When Yoongi Steps into The Room and Closes the Door Behind Him. “Wake Up,” He Says Roughly. “Time to Get You Washed, Kiddo.” Yoongi Undoes the Cuffs Keeping Tae Bound to The Bed Then Sits Him Up.

“Did You Have A Nice Sleep?” “No,” Tae Hisses Quietly. “Oh, That’s Too Bad. What Kept You?” Yoongi Tries to Slip Tae Out of His Turtleneck, But Tae Bends His Elbows to Keep the Top from Going Any Higher. “I Can Undress and Wash Myself. You Can Step Out.” “I’m Fine with You Washing Yourself, But After That Stunt You Pulled Earlier, I Don’t Think I Trust You Around Windows.”

Tae Yanks His Top Down Then Intentionally Kicks Yoongi Back So the Older Can Undo His Ankle Restraint. “No.” Tae Gets Lifted from The Bed and Thrown Once Again Over the Beta’s Shoulder. “You’re So Light. You Know That?” “Had No Clue,” Tae Quips Through Scoffs. As If He Wouldn’t Know He Weighs Next to Nothing. “I’m Sure That Comes in Handy During Sex, Doesn’t It? Jungkook Like Throwing You Around?”

Yoongi Sits Tae On the Toilet Then Leans Over to Run A Mix of Hot and Cold Water into The Tub. Hoseok Calling for Him Gets Both of Their Attentions. “We’re Here, Alpha.” Yoongi Pushes the Bathroom Door Open and Hoseok Stands in The Doorway with His Eyes Locked on Tae. “Jin Is…Taken Care Of. For Now,” He Says with A Blank Face. “Did He Go Easy?” “He Can Take A Few Hits. Unlike This One.”

The Alpha Shrugs His Head in Tae’s Direction and Tae Rolls His Eyes. “But I Like That You’re Not A Fighter. More Reason,” The Alpha Says Softly, Taking A Step into Tae’s Direction and Running A Finger Along His Jaw. “Don’t Touch Me,” Tae Bites, Snapping His Teeth at The Alpha’s Hand. “Me Touching You Now Should Be the Least of Your Worry.”

Yoongi Lets Out A Silent Huff as He Drops A Pink Bath Bomb into The Tub Full of Water. “Okay, Alpha, Get Out. Tae Has to Wash Up.” “I Can’t Watch?” The Alpha Lets Out A Soft Whine While Stroking at The Cut on Tae’s Cheek. “Oh.” His Hand Comes Down Harsh Along the Same Cheek When He Steps Away, Knocking Tae From the Toilet to The Floor and Forcing His Scent to A Potent Stink of Fear. “Don’t Think I Forgot About You Biting Me, Bitch. Know Your Place.”

An Involuntary Whimper Escapes from Tae And He Looks at Yoongi, Who Quickly Positions Himself Between the Two of Them Again. “Hoseok,” He Says Softly but With Agitation, Pushing Himself Against Hoseok And Moving Him Away to The Door. “Violence Will Only Make Him Misbehave. He’s Under My Care Right Now, So Please. Please Let Me Get Him Washed Up.” Hoseok Licks His Lips Then Turns to Leave Without Another Word, And Yoongi Closes the Door Behind Him. “Sorry About That, Hun.” Yoongi Lifts Tae From the Floor and Sits Him Back on The Toilet. “He’s A Little Unpredictable.”

The Beta Sighs Away His Annoyance While Straightening and Slipping Tae Out of His Shirt and Bra. He’s Exceptionally Unphased By Tae’s Bruise Covered Body. “I-I Want My Alpha,” Tae Whines Quietly, Holding His Cheek Where Hoseok Hit Him and Letting His Tears Blur His Vision. He Pushes His Face into The Low of Yoongi’s Stomach Out of Nothing but Pure Instinct to Keep Himself Quiet and Ease His Omega for The While He’s Being Taken Care Of.

“Do You Really Think Jungkook Loves You?” “H-He Does Love Me.” “Does He? If I Drown You in My Tub Right Now, The Only Way He’d Know Is If I Told Him.” Tae Watches Yoongi Kneel and Undo the Cuffs Around His Ankles Before Reaching for And Unfastening His Jeans. “He Doesn’t Even Like You. Jimin Doesn’t Either. They’d Probably Just Feel Bad Having Sex with You Then Putting You on The Street.” “Tha-… That Isn’t Gonna Work on Me,” Tae Pouts.

Yoongi Picks Tae Up and Lowers Him into The Tub. The Water Is A Deep Pink from The Rose Bath Bomb the Older Let Dissolve. For A Second, A Very Quick Second, Tae Completely Forgot His Purpose of Being Washed. When He Remembers, The Anxiety and Fear Takes Over His Faded Oak Scent. “Those Are Kookie’s Words,” Yoongi Shrugs. “Not Mine.” “W-What?” Tae Lowers His Head When Yoongi Squeezes Water into His Hair from The Rag in His Hand. “We Talked Earlier While You Were Asleep.” Tae Looks Over at The Beta. His Face Is Past Unreadable and His Voice Is Stable. He Can’t Tell If He’s Lying.

Yoongi Moves the Shower Curtains So He Can Get to And Lather Body Wash on Tae’s Slumping Back. “H-He Really Sa-Said That?” “Why Else Would He Let You Come with Us?” Yoongi’s Blue Eyes Meet Tae’s In an Icy Seriousness. “You Said It in Front of Him That You Don’t Trust Hobi And You Don’t Know Me. Didn’t You?” Tae Nods While Fighting Back His Tears. “So Why Are You Here?” “I-.” “Don’t Answer,” The Beta Says, Cutting Him Off. “It’s Because He Doesn’t About Care What Happens to You. You’d Be Better Off Just Giving Me My Pup Then Letting Me Drive You Back to Your Home.” Tae Sulks. He Isn’t Listening to Yoongi Anymore.

Stupid… I’m Stupid.

His Heart Feels Like It’s About to Break. The Palpitations Are Back in Full Swing, But for A Different Reason. He Doesn’t Bother Taking Back the Sob That Lets Itself Out. “Hey,” Yoongi Purrs Softly. His Hand Cups at Tae’s Jaw, But Tae Yanks His Head Away. “I Didn’t Wanna Tell You,” The Beta Coos with A Lisp. His Hands Circle Around Tae’s Breasts with Soap, Then Down to His Torso Before Traveling Back Up to And Around His Neck, Then Over His Arm. “But He Never Would Have,” He Continues, While Leaning Over Tae To Suds Up His Other Arm. “Hell, This Isn’t the First Time He’s Broken Someone’s Heart. You Know His Neighbor, Jae Choi? They Were A Thing A Couple of Months Ago. But He Got Bored with Her.” Months

Tae Hiccups Even Louder When Yoongi Brings Up Jae. He Already Thought the Two of Them Had Something at Some Point, But He Always Pushed It Away. “Don’t Take Comfort in Him Anymore, Babe. It Won’t Work Out.” Yoongi Runs A Hand Through Tae’s Wet and Tightly Curling Hair, Petting Him to Try and Ease His Crying, But It’s Not Working. Even After All of That, The Beta Is Still Letting Off Jungkook’s Rainforest-Like Scent.

His Bath Continues with Him Slumped Over, Holding His Head in The Palms of His Hands While Yoongi Rinses Him Off Then Lathers Him Again Head to Toe Until He’s Clean to His Liking.

7:00 PM Dec 14
Geumgok-Dong, Busan

Tae Steps Out of The Bathtub and Stands While Yoongi Dries Him Off. He Can See the Beta Touching Him, But He Feels Nothing. “Now Im Sure You See Already That Hoseok Can Get A Bit Violent,” The Older Says, Keeping His Hands Busy to Dry Tae Completely. “Be A Good Boy and He Won’t Have to Hurt You.” Tae Doesn’t Say Anything in Response. He’s Already Mentally Gone from His Current Surroundings, Having Now Forgotten Whatever Is About to Happen to Him. He Isn’t Sure If What Yoongi Said Was True, But One Thing Is for Sure. If Jungkook Cared, He Would Be There. He’d Have to Feel It. If They Are Really Fated Mates – If Being Fated Mates Is Even A Real Thing – He Would Be There to Save Him.

Tae Isn’t Sure. He Knows Nothing Anymore and His Omega Feels. Stuck? Humiliated? Embarrassed Knowing That He Opened Himself Up to Someone Who Fed Him Lies to Keep Him Like Putty for His Own Sick Fantasy? All the Above. Yet Even Still… He Can’t Help but Miss Jungkook.

A Tear Slips from The Rim of His Eye, But He Still Says Nothing. “Babe, Are You Done.” Tae’s Eyes Snap Towards the Door. Hoseok Is Leaning in The Doorway with Hunger Laced Over His Eyes Taking in Tae’s Naked Body. “Yeah,” Yoongi Huffs, Straightening to His Feet and Cuffing Tae’s Wrists Once More.

Hoseok Snatches Tae From Where He Was Once Standing. His Amber Aura Has Been Taken Over by A Spicy Ginger and His Pupils Are Dilated. His Breath Wavers When He Lowers His Head into Tae’s Neck, Inhaling What’s Left of The Rose Bath Bomb on His Scent Gland That’s Now Flowing with Lavender. Tae Tries to Push Away Repeatedly, To No Avail. His Head Hurts, And Struggling Is Only Making the Pounding of His Head Worse.

“Tae, Sweetheart. Didn’t I Tell You to Be A Good Boy?” Yoongi Steps Over to Him and Forces A Pill into His Mouth, Hitting His Throat Softly Until He Swallows It, Then Takes His Clothes and Shoes from The End of The Bed, As Well As the Towel He Dried Off with And the Rag That He Was Washed With, With Him as He Heads to The Door. “Hope You Like Him Sleepy. Try Not to Break Him. And Knot Him as Quick as You Can,” He Tells an Impatient Hoseok, Who Nods Without Hearing.

Hoseok’s Impatience Becomes More Apparent as Soon as The Door Closes. He Strips Himself After Throwing Tae To the Bed with His Head Facing Away from The Headboard. The Bed Gets A Lot Heavier When He Lays on Top of Him. Tae Closes His Eyes but That Doesn’t Stop the Slight Anxiety from Taking Over His Scent When He Feels His Legs Being Pushed Open by The Alpha’s Knee. “W-Wait,” He Yells Loudly. “Y-You Didn’t Prep Me.” Hoseok Is Already Rock Hard, And with How Quickly He’s Moving, Tae Knew Prepping Wasn’t in His Agenda. Hoseok Snatches His Neck and Forces Him Back to The Bed, Muttering A Low Warning Growl in Response While Aligning Himself with His Free Hand.

A Scared Whimper/Squeak Escapes from Tae But Gets Drowned Out by A Rough Gasp of Air When Hoseok Slaps Him Again. He Tries to Pull Himself Over the Edge of The Bed and Get Away, But the Grip Around His Neck Tightens When He Tenses. A Metallic Smell Blows by His Nose, Sending His Omega into A Frenzy of Panics When He Realizes the Cut on His Cheek Is Reopened. “Fuck, You’re So Tight,” Hoseok Whines with A Soft Growl of Appreciation While Circling Himself on Tae’s Rim. “I Don’t Think I Can Fit.” He Presses Forward Anyway. The Tip Goes in Easily.

That’s About All That Goes in Easily.

“This Is Why Kookie Keeps You Around.” Hoseok Laughs Dryly While Shoving the Rest of His Length In.

The Stretch Is What Can Only Be Described as Excruciating.

Tae Bites His Lip, Barely Keeping Back the Series of Sobs That Are Making His Face Hot as He Cries. He Wants to Be Anywhere, Anywhere Except Where He Is Right Now. “P-Please D-Don’t,” He Whimpers Brokenly, Gasping to Try and Get Enough Air to His Head So He Can Stay Conscious. “I’ve Wanted You,” Hoseok Whines Again. His Hips Buck Forward, And Tae Throws His Head Back in Pain, Unable to Scream or Cry Without It Taking the Breath That He’s Failing to Hold on To. “Ever Since We Met.” Hoseok Releases His Grip on Tae’s Neck and Holds Himself Over Him While Driving Himself Faster, Then Deeper, Then Without Repent.

“Mmm, You Feel So Good. Cry for Me. Let Me Know I’m Ripping You Open,” Hoseok Breathes Over Him. He Grabs for Tae’s Neck Again, Making the Omega Cry Out Involuntarily. “You Sound Good Too,” He Smiles Darkly, Holding Tae At an Angle While Licking and Sucking Hot Hickeys and Wet Lines Over His Jawline and Face. Tae Can’t Do Anything but Moan Against the Alpha’s Rough Moving and Touching with Mixes of Pain and Unwanted Pleasure. Hoseok Leans Back, Taking Tae With Him as He Rests Slightly Against the Headboard.

He Starts Throwing Tae Down Roughly on Top of Him, Latching onto And Biting His Hardening Nipple Raw as He Fucks into His Own Pounding. Tae Opens His Mouth…But A Shrilled Scream Comes from Somewhere Else in The House, Making Hoseok Stop Just as Quickly as He Started. “What the Fu-. Ugh,” Hoseok Growls.

Tae Gets Launched to The Other Side of The Bed. He Curls Himself into A Ball and Starts Laboring His Breathing So the Pounding in The Back of His Head Can Go Away. He Can Feel the Blood from His Gaped Anus Seeping from Between His Legs onto The Cover. The Alpha Dresses Himself in His Boxers and Sweats and Steps Out of The Room, Closing the Door Behind Him as He Walks Down the Hall in The Direction of The Scream.

Chapter Text

6:38 PM Dec 14
Geumgok-dong, Busan

The Pounding in Tae’s Head Gets Worse When the Yelling Outside of The Door Gets Louder and More Aggressive. His Eyes Are Starting to Feel Heavy and His Vision Is Getting Hazy Even While He’s Fighting Against Closing Them. Just 5 Minutes. 5 Minu... “I Guess You Really Aren’t Going Anywhere,” A Gentle Voice Bants As the Sound of The Door Opening Grabs Tae’s Fading Attention. A Weight Comes Over the Room, Smelling Heavily of Popcorn and Sage.

“A-Alpha -,” Tae Manages to Whimper Out, Pulling His Knees Higher to His Chest to Cover Himself and Hardly Strengthening His Foul Stench to Let the Man Know That He’s Hurting. Doing So Takes What’s Left of His Energy. He Doesn’t Know the Man Standing Over Him, But He’s Hoping Whoever It Is, Is There with Good Intent. Even If He Isn’t, Tae Can’t Fight Anymore. His Body Is Too Weak. His Eyes Close and He Loses The (Short-Lived) Battle He Was in Fighting to Stay Awake. The Man Covers Him with A Blanket And Pets Him Softly While Speaking. “Sleep Knowing You’re Safe, Tae. I Won’t Hurt You.”

Namjoon Gets A Good Grip on Tae’s Body and Carries Him Out of The Bedroom Much Like A Groom Would Do Their Bride, Easing Down the Hall Where Jimin Is in The Other Room Catering to Jin, Then Down the Stairs, Stepping Past Jungkook Who Has Overpowered and Pinned Hoseok Under His Weight. The Oldest Alpha Is Howling in Pain as He’s Bent Backwards at An Abnormally Obtuse Angle and Jabbed Into. Yugyeom Has Yoongi Strung Up to The Ceiling Fan by His Wrists with Tinsel, Using His Limp Body as A Punching Bag While the Beta Spins at A Leisurely Pace. Jimin Comes Down the Stairs Shortly After Namjoon Hits the Last Step, Carrying A Sleeping Jin In A Similar Position, And Pausing Only to Switch Him Out with Namjoon So He’s Holding Tae Instead.

“He Needs Clothes, Min. It’s Cold Outside.” “I’m Not Going Back Upstairs to Find His Clothes. I’m Ready to Go,” Jimin Pouts, Already Heading Out of The Door and Running to The Car So He Can Get Tae Out of The Cold. “Gyeomie!” “Coming,” Yugyeom Huffs While Yelling, Undoing Yoongi’s Restraint and Letting the Older Fall to The Floor Before Punting His Stomach with His Boot. “Pardon Me, Alpha,” He Says, Slipping Past Namjoon And Out the Front Door Behind Jimin, Bouncing Over to And Eventually Disappearing Inside the Car.

Yoongi’s Coughing Goes Unheard as Namjoon Sits on The Arm of Hoseok’s Sectional, Fingering Away the Hair Covering His Mate’s Face. A Smile Creeps onto The Omega’s Face at The Touch. “Hi,” He Smiles, Not Stifling His Giggle as He Pulls Himself Up and Locks His Lips with Namjoon’s. “I’m Fine, Alpha. I Was Pretending to Sleep So Mini Would Carry Me. Where’s Tae?” Jin Pulls Himself to A Stand, Then Sits Back on His Alpha’s Lap. “Jimin Took Him.” “Was He Okay?” “No,” Namjoon Says Softly, Rubbing Jin’s Waist When the Younger Goes Weak in The Knees at The News. The Two of Them Watch Jungkook Beat Hoseok To Deserved Pulp.

“Shouldn’t We Stop Him? He’s Gonna Kill Him,” Jin Whines. “I’d Kill Him Too If He Had You Handcuffed and Ass Naked in A Puddle of Blood.” “Had Him What?!” Jungkook’s Loud Growl Sends A Shiver Through Jin’s Spine. Hoseok Lets Out A Blood Churning Scream, A Scream A Man Should Never Let Out, When He’s Bent Back Further. “Did I Fucking Tell You to Scream? Don't Open Your Mouth Until I Tell You To.” The Sound of a Wet Snap Makes Namjoon Flinch Slightly and Even He Has to Hold Back A Gag When He Sees the White of Hoseok’s Bone Sticking Out of His Knee. Jin Lurches Over and Involuntarily Chucks Out Vomit That He Couldn’t Hold In. “Alpha, Stop. Please Stop.” Jin Holds A Hand Over His Mouth While Shaking His Head When Jungkook Continues Beating the Oldest into The Hardwood. He Heads Out of The Living Area to The Door, Then Leaves into The Winter Air.

Jungkook Licks Hoseok’s Blood Away from His Fangs Before Shoving the Alpha Away from Him. The Mark Left on Hoseok's Wrist Starts to Darken and Bruise Immediately. “Pathetic Ass Can’t Even Put Up A Fight. Weak Little Bitch.” Jungkook Spits in Hoseok’s Direction Then Turns His Attention to Yoongi Who Backs Himself Away from The Man Approaching Him. “Yanno, I’m Not Even Gonna Try with You, Yoona,” Jungkook Says with A Dry Chuckle. “Because I Don’t Know If I’ll Wanna Stop Myself. Why Did You Do It?” “I’m Sorry.” Yoongi Swallows Hard Enough for It to Be Seen, Sweetening His Scent to The Smell of Apple Tea When Jungkook Kneels in Front of Him. “You Know It’s Funny How Life Works,” He Smiles Sadly While Lowering His Head. “There’s One Thing My Father Always Told Me. Yanno,” The Alpha Shrugs. “When He Wasn’t Beating My Ass. That One Thing... Was To Not Kill What You Once Loved.”

His Scent Fades to A Shallow Rain While He Speaks About His Father, But Spikes Back to A Burning Cigar When He Looks at Yoongi. “He Killed My Mother Though.” Jungkook Spits Out More Blood Before Continuing. “All That to Say This. I Do Love You, Yoona. But I Will Not Fucking Hesitate to Kill You If You Ever Try to Get Out of Line with Me After Today, Do You Hear Me?” “Y-Yes, Alpha.” The Beta Cries the Words Before He Can Think to Stop It. Jungkook Sighs Happily. “Glad We’re on Good Terms.” He Presses A Kiss to Yoongi’s Forehead Before Shoving Him Away. “I Could Use A Nap,” He Whines Quietly to Namjoon, Who Watches the Maknae Come to A Stop Next to Him and Feel for His Key While Yawning. “You Really Are Something Else, Pup,” Is All Namjoon Can Say as He Takes in The Carnage.

Hoseok Is in A Pool of Blood, Whimpering Softly While Trying to Force His Leg Straight and Yoongi Is in The Corner, Crying and Confused. Yugyeom Kicked Hoseok’s Dog to Death and Left It by The Fireplace. “Even the Dog?” “Well … Mickey Should’ve Minded His Damn Business.” Jungkook’s Smile Makes Namjoon Feel A Bit Uneasy, But He Doesn’t Show It. “Where’s My Baby?” “Tae?” “Baby,” Jungkook Corrects. “Uhh… With Min and Yugyeom.”

Namjoon Stands to His Feet, Grabbing His Own Keys Out of His Pocket as He Follows Behind Jungkook, Who Has A Deceptive Pep in His Step as He Run-Walks to His Car. “Are We Going Back to Your House,” Jin Asks from His Car Window. Jungkook Nods but Doesn’t Say Anything. He Bundles Tae And Yugyeom Under A Crowd of Blankets That He Threw in The Backseat. Yugyeom Is Fast Asleep and Wrapped Tightly Around Tae’s Naked Body, Covering What Needs to Be Covered with His Hands and Arms All the While Radiating Various Scents to Keep the Omega Quiet and Relaxed.

Jin Drives Off First, Heading Down the Street in The Direction of Dongnae. Namjoon Follows After, Then Jungkook With Yugyeom And Jimin. “Oh,” Jungkook Says, Looking Occasionally at Jimin While He Speaks. “Call an Ambulance. Hoseok May or May Not Bleed Out.” “Oh, Fucking Goodness, Kookie.” Jimin Laughs Against Himself as He Pulls Out His Phone and Dials 119. He Doesn’t Give All the Details, But Enough for Them to Get to Where They Need To. “Yuggye, You Okay?” Yugyeom Moans Out A Response While Shifting Himself to Support Tae’s Weight When Jungkook Hits A Hard Right. “Yeah, But Tae Smells Funny,” He Whines Groggily. “Like Metal and Ambien. And He’s Cold.”

Jungkook And Jimin Exchange a Look.

“Is He Still Bleeding?” Yugyeom Reaches Down to Touch Between Tae’s Legs, Gagging Out A No When His Fingers Brush Over the Dried Blood Coating the Omega’s Inner Thighs. “It Might Just Be Because He’s Naked. You’re Breathing So I Know He’s Alive.” Jungkook Sucks on His Bottom Lip. “Just Keep Him Warm, Yuggye. We’ll Be Home Soon.” “Yes, Alpha.” Yugyeom Pulls Tae Under Him So He Can Put His Weight on Him, Sighing Quietly as He Drifts Back to Sleep with His Head Lowered into The Omega’s Hair.

Jin: Jungkook’s Home
9:07 PM Dec 14
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Jin Steps Out of His Car Parked Diagonally on Jungkook’s Snow Covered Lawn, Sinking into The Slush of Snowfall and Struggling to Move Towards Where Namjoon Parked Behind the Youngest Alpha. He Watches Jimin Step Out from Jungkook’s Car with Disheveled Hair and Puffy Eyes. How Could He Possibly Sleep? Namjoon Is Out of His Car as Well and Heading Towards the Front Door of The Alphas’ House, Sitting in Front of The Heater That They Tend to Leave on The Porch to Stay Warm in The Lowering Temperature.

Low, Frightened Grunts Come from The Backseat of Jungkook's car and Jin Leans Over Jimin’s Shoulder to See Tae’s Glossy Doe Eyes Staring Back at Him with A Scared Expression While Covering Himself with One of The Covers. He Looks Wide Awake, But Still Very Sleepy. “What’s Going On?” “He Won’t Let Me Touch Him,” Jimin Pouts, Reaching Out His Hand Towards Tae, Who Grunts Again While Pushing Himself Away. “Move, Let Me Try.” Jungkook Steps Out of The Car and Slams the Door Shut, His Face Holding Equal Confusion with Jimin’s When He Sees What’s Happening.

“Come here, My Little Pup,” Jin Coos Softly, Wrapping Another Blanket Around Tae Tightly and Lifting Him from The Backseat with Ease. “Oh, You’re Light Too,” He Laughs Softly. “Are You Hungry?” Tae Nods Then Nuzzles His Face into Jin’s Hair Before Wrapping Himself Around Him. “Let’s Go Get You Some Dinner,” Jin Mewls. “Alpha Is Gonna Give You A Piggyback Ride, Okay? He Can Move Through the Snow Easier.” Tae Looks at Jungkook, Then Glares at Him with Hostility Before Looking Away. “You Don’t Want Kookie Alpha?” Tae Shakes His Head. Jungkook’s Scent Gets Noticeably Weaker the Second Tae Says No.

Yugyeom’s Long Legs Bump Jin Forward and Jimin Steadies Him Before He Has A Chance to Fall. “Sorry,” The Beta Says Quietly, Stretching Himself Awake Before Closing the Car Door. Tae Reaches for Yugyeom and Jin Hands Him Over with No Shock. “Take Him Inside,” He Demands. Yugyeom Quickly Does as He’s Told, Making Tae Smile Softly as He Bounces Over Mounds That the Neighborhood Kids Have Built and Packed into The Snow on The Front Lawn.

“O-Omma.” Jungkook Starts Heaving and Whining Weakly, Tugging Jin’s Sleeve Before Exhaling What Sounds Like His Last Breath and Falling Quickly to The Ground. His Head Lands Hard on the snow, But the Fact That It Doesn’t Look Like He’s Breathing Is What Sends Jin Into A Quiet Slew of Panics. “Oh No. No No No No, Dammit.” Jimin’s Scent Goes Awry and His Voice Cracks as He Picks the Younger Up and Runs with Him to The House. “Call My Dad,” He Barks to Namjoon.

“W-What Just Happened? Alpha, What’s Wrong with Him?” Jin Takes the Cleared Path on The Side of The House Since He Can’t Maneuver the Snow Like the Alphas and Yugyeom. He Stops by Namjoon Who Looks Just, If Not A Little More, Concerned While He’s on the Phone with Jimin’s Father. “Tomorrow? Okay, I’ll let him know. You too.” “Joonie, what’s going on?” Jin already feels like he’s about to cry. “Your Pup’s Fated Mate Just Rejected Him,” The Oldest Says. “You Just Witnessed Heartbreak.”

“It’s That Fucking Severe?! His Heart Literally Breaks?!” “They Share A Heart Now, Jin. You Need Two Halves to Be Whole.” Namjoon Is Uncomfortably Calm as He Talks. “He Needs Tae More Than Tae Will Ever Need Him. And for Whatever Reason, He Doesn’t Have Him Anymore. At Least Not Right Now.” “O-Oh M-. So, He’s Just Dead?” Jin Chokes Back His Sob. “Not Necessarily,” Namjoon Pouts, Pulling Jin Down to His Lap and Hugging Him Tight. “He’s in A Coma. When Tae Accepts Him, He’ll Come To. If or When He Doesn’t, Then He’ll Run A Risk of Dying. I’ve Never Seen It Hit Someone So Instantly, So Kook Must Really Love That Kid.” Oh my god.

“The State He’s in Now Is… A Purgatory,” Namjoon Goes On, Looking Away to The Sky. “That Space Between Life and Death.” “M-My B-Baby,” Jin Sighs. “He’ll Be Okay, Jinnie. Tae Loves Him Too. If He Didn’t, He Wouldn’t Have Stayed. We Just Gotta Give Him Some Time. He’s Not Thinking Straight Right Now.” “O-Okay,” Jin Breathes, Taking Deep Inhales and Exhaling Shakily. “I’m Gonna Go Check on Him.” “I’m Behind You. Hey. Stop Crying, Okay?” Namjoon wipes away his tears and Jin Kisses His Alpha Before Moving from His Lap and Heading into The House While Wiping the teary stays in His Eyes.

Chapter Text

Tae: Guest Bedroom
10:42 PM Dec 14
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Tae Rubs the Round of His Belly While He’s on His Side and Partly on His Back in The Center of The Bed. He Feels Full, Tired, And Sick. The Back of His Head Has That Pounding Feeling, His Heartbeat Is Slower Than He Feels It Should Be, And He Can’t Keep His Mouth Wet to Save His Life. But He Refuses to Fall Asleep and He Refuses to Try and Drink Anything. He Wanted to Go Downstairs and Get Another Blanket but His Body Is Aching and Walking for Him Would Be Like Tap dancing On Hot Coal.

Thankfully, He Has Yugyeom Wrapped Around Him, Offering Some Kind of Warmth.

He Showered with Jin And Ate What He Could Then Sat Around to Make Sure He Didn’t Throw It All Back Up Before Laying Down for The Night. Jungkook And Jimin, Well They’ve Been M.I.A Since Tae Left Them Outside, And Since He Knows the Reason for Their Absence, He Isn’t at All Shocked.

“Taetae.” Tae Lets Out A Pained Squeak When He Gets Squeezed. “Can We Talk?” Then Shakes His Head. “Why Not?” “There’s Nothing to Talk About,” Tae Answers. “Just Pretend I'm Not Right Here.” “How Can I Pretend You Aren’t Here If You-.” Yugyeom Squeezes Tae Again and Tae Lets Out Another Squeak. “- Squeak Every Time I Squeeze You. My Pillows Don’t Squeak.” “I’m Squeaking Because It Hurts.” Yugyeom Quickly Lets Him Go, But Wraps an Arm Around Him Again, Loosely, When He Realizes How Cold It Is in The Room. Tae Locks His Hand with The One Resting on His Stomach.

“Yuggye, How Do You Ask an Alpha If They Really Love You?” “You Just Ask,” Yugyeom Says Quietly. He Rubs the Back of Tae’s Hand When Tae Tenses. “We Learned That A Few Days Ago.” “Y-Yeah. But What Do You Do When He Lies?” “Make Him Tell the Truth.” “I Can’t Make Him Do Anything. I’d Rather Him Tell Me.”

“Is This About Who I Think It’s About?” Tae Nods. “What Did He Lie About?” “Loving Me,” Tae Starts with A Slow Exhale. “Caring When He Doesn’t. I’m Just A Sex Toy… But I Guess Most of That Is on Me. I Hate My Heats.” Tae Bites His Lip. “I’m Just Taking Up Space.”

Yugyeom Listens but Can’t Help Laughing at The Words Coming from In Front of Him. “Tae, Who Told You He Doesn’t Love You?” “It-.” “Don’t Say It Doesn’t Matter. It Does.” Tae Frowns While Looking at Yugyeom’s Bandaged Hand. “Well, In Any Case… If You Didn’t Hear It from Jungkook Himself, Me, Or Jimin, Then It’s Not True.”

Yugyeom Leans Off the Side of The Bed to Stretch Then Throws Himself Back Over on Tae With A Quiet Sigh.

“Jungkook Did Say It Though,” Tae Frowns. “Just… Not to Me.” “He Never Said Any of That Though.” “I’m Telling You He Did, Yugyeom.” “And I’m Telling You He Didn’t, Taehyung.” Tae Closes His Eyes but Pulls Them Open When He Almost Falls Asleep. “After Today, I’m Ready to Lay Down in A Box and Call It A Night. I Don’t Know Who to Trust, So I Won’t Trust Anyone.”

Tae Moves His Head When Yugyeom Tries to Stroke His Jaw. “Let Me Pet You,” The Younger Bants. “Not There.” Yugyeom Pouts Through A Yawn When He Realizes Why, Leaning into The Bend of Tae’s Shoulder When the Yawn Gets Heavier. It Triggers A Series of Yawns from Tae That Bring All the Sleepiness That He Was Pushing Away to Him at Once. “Sleepy?” Tae Nods and Tucks His Arm Under the Pillow. “I Love You, Yuggye.” “I Love You Too.” Tae Closes His Eyes While Smiling.

He's Already Knocked Out in The Fluff of The Pillow by The Time Yugyeom Moves. The Younger Hums to Himself While Lifting and Tucking Tae Under the Covers. “I’ll Be Back by Morning.” He Bends Down to Kiss the Cut on Tae’s Cheek and Doesn’t Look Back When He Steps Away.

The Door Is Kept Open Just Enough for Yeontan To Run in And Out at His Own Will When He Steps Out into The Hall and Makes A Way for The Stairs.

8:51 AM Dec 15
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Minimal Pain Washes Over Tae In Scattered Aches and It Hurts When He Tries to Stretch, But He Fights Through the Bends and Pulls So He Can Wake Fully. He Feels Refreshed Aside from The Stabbing in His Arms from The Way He Slept. Yugyeom Is on The Bed Next to Him, Snuggled in The Covers with Tannie Sleeping in The Bend of His Knees. “Aren’t You Cute,” He Coos Hoarsely, Getting Gentle Grunts in Return When Tannie Rolls Over to His Back. Multiple Voices Are Coming from Downstairs, Two of Which He Can Recognize as Jin And Jimin, And the Other Two Being A Woman and A Much Older Man.

Who Is That?

Tae Doesn’t Remember Much of Yesterday Because He Was Asleep Through Most of It. The Hours Really Did Fly by Him. “Yuggye.” Tae Pushes Yugyeom Until the Beta Turns Over and Looks at Him with Half Cracked Eyes. “Rise and Shine! Who’s Downstairs?” “Go Look.” Yugyeom Sounds Pissed Off, But Tae Smiles It Away. “Kinda Can’t. So, Tell Me.” “Minnie’s Parents.” “Ohhhh.… Why?”

Tae Pushes Against A Sleeping Yugyeom Again and Yugyeom Would Have Fallen from The Bed If He Didn’t Catch Himself. “What, Tae?” “Did Something Happen?” “Yes, But They Can Handle It. Lay Down.” Yugyeom Wraps an Arm Around Tae And Pulls Him Under His Weight. “Ow, Be Gentle with Me.” “Go Back to Sleep.” “Tell Me What Happened.” “You Broke His Heart.” He Says Out of The Blue.

I Broke His Heart?

“T-That’s Not A Real Thing.” “Doesn’t Your Heartbeat Feel A Little Slower Than Normal?” Tae Looks at Yugyeom In Utter Shock. He Totally Forgot He’s A Hybrid. “Have You Seen All of This Happening? At Some Point?” “Most of It.” “So, You Knew They Were Gonna Do That to Me?” “If I Did, I Would’ve Stopped It.” “Hmm.” Tae Scans Over Yugyeom’s Face for Any Sign of Him Lying and Doesn’t See Any.

“And I’ll Take You Home. I Wanna Hang Around and For A Minute.” “Is He Gonna Be Okay?” “Mmm,” Yugyeom Grunts. “Promise Me You Won’t Fall in Love with Anyone Else.” “I Don’t Think I Will,” Tae Grimaces with Honesty. “Good. I’ll Be Right Back.” Tae Nods and Yugyeom Leaves the Room. “Breaking Someone’s Heart Doesn’t Kill Them.” He Wraps His Hand Around His Neck While His Head Is Lowered and Laughs at The Thought of Someone Dying from A “Broken Heart.” “Can’t Break What I Never Had,” He Jokes to Himself Quietly.

A Frown Is Taking Up His Face When Yugyeom Steps Back into The Room. “Are You Okay?” “Mhm.” He Slips Out of His Shirt and Starts Getting Dressed Piece by Piece Until He’s in A New Outfit. “Hey.” Jimin’s Head Peeks into The Room and Tae Leans Over So He Can See Him. His Eyes Are Puffy and It Looks Like He’s Been Crying. “I Need the Key-.” “Alpha,” Tae Whines Cutely, Cutting Jimin’s Words Off.

Jimin’s Eyes Glide to His and His Scent Adds A Sweet Thickness to The Air. “Hug Me.” Tae Puckers His Lips While Opening His Arms and Though He Wavers at First, Jimin Steps into The Room and Over to The Bed, Wrapping Tae In A Warm Hug That He Can Tell Jimin Needs.

Tae Knows What Yoongi Said About Jimin Not Liking Him, But His Omega Can’t Help but Try Anything and Everything to Placate Jimin’s Alpha. His Own Honey Scent Overpowers Jimin’s Hickory and They Both Sigh into The Embrace That They’re Locked In.

He Straightens Himself When He Can Finally Make Himself Move Away. It’ll Be A Lie If He Says He Won’t Miss Getting Completely Covered In To Jimin’s Glitter-Like Scent. “How Are You Feeling?” He Reaches Over to Move the Hair from Jimin’s Face While Asking. “How Are You Feeling?” Why Do All of You Do That? “I Asked First, Alpha.” “And I Asked Again.” Tae Stares at Jimin Staring at Him. “Can You Answer?” “Can’t You?” “I’m Fine.” “Then I’m Fine Too.”

“So-. Awkward,” Yugyeom Drawls. Jimin Stands from The Bed and Moves Towards the Door Where the Beta’s Standing. “I Just Came to Get Kook’s Keys.” He Opens His Hand and Yugyeom Covers His Palm with Keys With No Second Thought. “I Need Those Back When You’re Done. I Was Gonna Take Tae Home.” “Jinn Will Take Him. We Might Not Be Back in Time.” “Alpha… I-Is Kookie Okay?” “… I’ll Ask Jin To Come Upstairs.”

Jimin Walks Over to The Bed and Hugs Tae One More Time. “Since You’ll Be Gone by The Time We Come Back.” The Sudden Dryness in His Words Send A Much Sharper Pain Through Tae’s Body. He Puts A Hand Over His Heart After the Alpha Walks Away, Wincing Only A Little When He Brushes Over A Bruise Hoseok Left When He Was Biting Him.

His Heartbeat Is Still Astoundingly Slow.

“Why Does No One Wanna Answer Me? What Is Happening with Jungkook?” “I Told You What’s Happening.” Yugyeom Starts to String Up His Boots in Front of The Mirror. “I Wanna See Him.” “No.” “Why?” “He’s Not Awake.” “So? He’s Still Downstairs, Right?” “Yeah.” “So, Take Me to See Him.” “That’s Not A Good Idea.” Tae Hangs His Mouth but Closes It Just as Quickly as It Hung. “So, He’s- Like… Seriously Hurt?”

Jin Steps into The Room Holding an Alpaca Plushie Under His Arm. “Who’s Hurt?” He Steps with Haste Over to The Bed Where Tae Is Still Tucked Under the Blankets, Handing Over the Huge Plushie Then Wrapping Tae In A Soft Hug. “Are You Feeling Okay? Not Sleepy?” “I’m Fine. Just A Little Achy. Yuggye Won’t Take Me to See Kookie.” “I-. I Think That’s for The Best.” Tae Rolls His Eyes.

How Are These People Telling Me What’s Best for Myself?

“What’s Best for Me Is Seeing My So-Called ‘Mate.’ Isn’t He Technically My Responsibility?” “You Can Surely Play Omega Daddy If He Wakes Up, Pup.” Jin Kneels by The Bed and Pulls A Piece of Lint Away from Tae’s Lip. “But for Right Now, We Need to Get You Washed Up and Fed. Mini Said You’re Going Back to North Region, Right?” Tae ignores Jin’s question to ask his own. “What Do You Mean If He Ever Wakes Up? I’m Not Understanding What’s Happening And No One Is Giving Me Anything to Go Off Of.” “Yuggye, Can You Step Out for A Seco-.” “Already on My Way Out,” The Beta Interjects, Walking Over to The Bed and Wrapping Tae In A Hug, Then Jin.

He Says Nothing When He Walks Out but Dejected Sigh Makes the Tip of Tae’s Ear Twitch. “Okay,” Jin Says with A Huff, Pulling Himself Up to The Bed. “I Just Learned This Too. It’s Gonna Sound Stupid but Bear with Me.” Tae Holds Tight on The Plushie In His Arms.

“You and Jungkook. Share A Heart,” The Older Starts. He Laces His Hands Together in A Lock. “His Heart Beats -- For You. And Only for You. And You Being There for Him Is What Keeps Him Going.” Jin Pulls His Right Hand Away and Closes His Left into A Fist. “When You Rejected Him Last Night, You Broke His Heart.” Tae Sits in Confusion While Jin continues his thoughts. “I Witnessed It. I Am Telling You Right Now, Tae. I Thought He was Kidding Too but He Hit That Ground So Fucking Hard.” Jin’s Heaved Laughter Adds Noise to the Quiet Room. “Way Too Damn Hard to Be Faking It.” “H-He Passed Out?”

“Yes. Now Listen.” Jin Lowers His Hands with A Sudden Seriousness. “Your Heart Doesn’t Necessarily Beat for Him?” “I Mean, It Does, But…I-.” “Let’s Say You Fall in Love with Jimin.” Jin Fakes A Gag, And Tae Smiles to Himself.

Chapter Text

Tae: Living Room
9:36 AM Dec 15
Dongnae-gu, Busan

“If You Fall in Love with Jimin, Jungkook’s Heart Will Stop. He’s Already in A Some Coma-Like State According to Joonie And Jimin’s Mother, Which Is Why His Heartbeat Is So Faint.” Jin Keeps Going on With His Explanation, But Tae Tunes Him Out, Eventually Cutting Him Off to Express His Confusion. “I Know, It’s A Lot. I Was Confused Too.” “Not About That,” Tae Spits, Slapping A Gentle Hand on Jin’s Bent Knee.

“Yoongi… Told Me That Jungkook Said He Didn’t Love Me. That’s Why He Let Me to Go with Them.” “I Guess Yugyeom Hasn’t Filled You in On What Jungkook Did to Hoseok, Has He?” Tae Shakes His Head. “I’ll Tell You. He Beat Him to Near Death Then Dislocated His Knee Enough for The Bone to Pop.” “O-Oh.” Tae Shudders at The Mental Visual He Gets. “And Since You’re His Omega and You Weren’t There to Stop Him, He Kept Going Until He Got Tired, Which Thank God Wasn’t Long.” “So Hoseok Is… Dead?” “Shit, He Might Be.”

Jin Rolls His Eyes. “If He Is, Then Kook Deserves A Slap on The Wrist and A Cookie.” “Let’s Hope He Isn’t. What He Did Wasn’t Right, But I’d Rather Him Live Long Regretting It Than Die Short Forgetting About It.” Tae shifts slightly. “What Can I Do to Make Sure Jungkook Is Okay?” “Keep Loving Him. Even When You Don’t… We Need Him.” “Hmm. Are They Gone?” “I’ll Go Check.” Jin Leaps to His Feet and Sprints Out of The Room.

He’s Returns Quicker Than He Left.

“They’re Gone, But He’s Still Downstairs. You Wanna See Him Now?” “Yeah.” Tae Gets Lifted from The Bed and Jin Carries Him Down the Stairs to The Largest Living Room.

The Sound of a Monitor Beeping and The IV Pole Stationary by The Sectional Couch Make Tae Shake. He Struggles to Swallow the Lump Forming in His Throat. He’s Never Been Good with Seeing People Hurt, And Especially for Someone So Strong Like Jungkook.

He Gets Sat Next to The Maknae’s Legs That Are Taking Up the Majority of The Couch and Jin Moves the Curl of Hair from Jungkook’s Forehead When He Sits on The Floor in Front of Him. “I Hate Seeing Him Like This,” He Moans Quietly.

“Hyung, I Have More Questions.” “Ask, Kiddo.” “Uh… Did Kookie and J-Jae. You Know…” “Date?” Tae Nods. “If an Hour Is Long Enough for Them Be Considered Official,” Jin Laughs. “They Weren’t Even Dating Seriously. They Were Dating Through Text Messages.”

Jin’s eyes shape into half-moons while he’s laughing.

“Funniest Relationship in History! Kookie Only Said Yes to Get Her to Shut up. 59 Minutes Later, He Blocked Her Number, Made All of Us Block Her Number, And Cut Her Off. Pretended Not to Know Her for A Month.” “That Was All Months Ago?” “Hell No. God No! Damn, How Long Ago Was That?” Jin Looks Away to The Ceiling as He Thinks, Still Fingering Jungkook’s Hair as He Does. “L-Like…F-F-Five Years? Four or Five Years. I’m So Old. Kookie Was A Baby. More of A Baby Than He Is Now.”

Yoongi Was Lying…

A Wave of Relief Showers Over Tae. “So, He Never Dated Jae And He Never Said He Didn’t Like Me…I’m So Senseless.” He Hangs His Head and His Scent Sours. The Heart Monitors Beeps Frantically Not A Second After His Scent Changes and Tae Can Feel His Heart Pounding in His Own Chest with Paranoid Anger, but small hints of sadness.

Both Omegas Look at Jungkook.

“D-Does He Know I’m Down Here?” “Duh, He Does,” Jin Scoffs. “You’re His Mate, Why Wouldn’t He Know?” “I Wanna Lay on Him, But I’m Scared.” “Do It Anyway. What Bad Is It?” Tae Scoots Himself Closer to Jungkook Until He’s Up Between the Length of His Legs and Leans Over onto The Low of His Stomach.

Jin Continues Talking While Fixing His Legs. “Now Let Me Get This Straight. You Rejected Him Because Of What Yoongi Told You? Of Everyone?” Tae Nods with Embarrassment. “Yugyeom Was Trying to Tell Me Last Night, But I Was So Caught Up in My Emotions. Imagine Me Killing the One Man Who Has Ever Loved Me Because of My Own Stupidity.”

“It’s like that sometimes, pup. I Totally Understand. I’m A Lot Worse.” “No, You Aren’t.” “You’re Gon-.” “Actually, You Are,” Tae Laughs Quietly. Jin Grabs One of The Pillows While pulling himself to the arm chair and chucks it at Tae’s stomach. Tae sighs after hitting it away. “I Don’t Know, Jin. I wanna stay because I want more time with him, but… I wanna go because I need some time for myself. Does that make sense?” Tae Locks His Hand with Jungkook’s.

Jungkook’s Body Isn’t as Warm as It Usually Is, Which Bothers Tae Beyond Belief, But He Isn’t Able To, Move So He Doesn’t Complain About It. He Keeps Talking Even Though He’s Sure Everything He’s Saying Is Going Unheard. “We’re Too Young to Be in Love Complications,” Jin Huffs.

His Heels Tapping on The Hardwood Resonate Through the Empty House. “Sometimes, I Wish We Could Change the Past. Get A Do Over Whenever Something Goes Wrong.” “I Do Too. But We Can’t So. Live with It, Learn from It, And Move Forward.” “I’ll Drink to That.”

Jin Stands to His Feet and Walks Away to The Kitchen. His Heels Clack Louder When He Transitions to The Kitchen Tile. “Jinnie,” Tae Calls. “Is… Is Your Mate Your Fated Mate?” “Fated Mates Only Happen Between True Breeds. I Wasn’t Blessed with True Bred Parents.” Jin Walks Back into The Living Room with A Cup of Wine and A Bottle of Soda, One with A Straw and One Without.

“You Couldn’t Get Me Some Wine? I Think I Deserve It.” Tae Pouts to The Older Omega Who Smiles Back at Him. “I Honestly Didn’t Know You Drink,” He Says Sheepishly. “Well Thank You Anyway. I Guess You Don’t Know If Kookie’ll Die If I Leave, Do You?” “He Won’t Die If You Leave, But He’ll Die If You Stop Loving Him.” “I’ll Always Love Him,” Tae Says with Honest Significance. “I Really Owe Him Everything for Taking Care of Me.”

“It’s Gonna Be Different Without You Here,” Jin Whines Quietly. “It’s Only Been A Few Days, But I Swear I’ve Known You Forever. I Might Cry Tomorrow.” “Don’t Cry Over Me. We’ll Cross Paths Again in The Future.” Tae Looks Over at Jin Who Has Tears Swelling in The Rim of His Eyes. “Didn’t I Just Tell You NOT to Cry, Jin. Don’t Do This to Me, I Cry Easily.” “It’s A Natural Defiance, Shut Up,” The Omega Chokes Out While Dabbing His Eyes. “My Body Naturally Tears When Someone Tells Me Not to Cry.” Tae boos with an eye roll. “You’re That Dramatic? I Hope You’re Going to School for A Film Major.”

“Okay, First, Fuck You. I Am Not Dramatic.” Jin Throws Another Pillow and Tae Ducks Away from It. “And Second… I Am,” He Boasts Loudly. “And I Cannot Wait to Graduate. School with Two Kids? Big No. I’m So Grateful to Have Namjoon.” “I Never Got to Meet Your Mate,” Tae Whines Quietly. “You Didn’t See Him? He Brought You Out of That Nasty Alpha’s Bedroom.” “Oh Really? Well, I Guess. All I Can Remember Is Smelling Popcorn.” “That’s My Joonie.” “Hmph,” Tae Says, Sipping His Soda. “Tell Him I Said Thank You. He’s A Good Alpha.” “He Is,” Jin Agrees. “Kookie Looks Up to Him A Lot.” “Kookie Is A Good Alpha Too. And Fluffy.”

Tae Squeezes the Younger’s Hand After Sipping His Soda And, For A Second, It Feels Like His Hand Gets Squeezed Back. “Oo-. Am I Crazy or Did He Just Move?” Jin Looks at Tae With A Wild Look and Tae Mirrors It to the Alpha Under Him.

The Smell of Rainfall Slowly Takes Over the Room, Washing Out the Mixture of Honey and Sage Permeating from The Two Omegas.

The Heart Monitor Starts to Beat at A Regulated Pace.

Jungkook’s Body Heats Up to The Usual Warmth He’s Always Giving Off.

HeTakes in A Deep Breath and His Body Relaxes When He Breathes Out.

Jungkook is awake.

“Watch How Much He Starts Whining,” Jin Giggles, Sitting Back and Folding His Arms Over His Chest with His Mouth to His Cup. A Mound of Drawn Out Complaints Certainly Slip from Jungkook’s Mouth as Soon as He’s Aware. “Still A Baby, Kookie,” Jin Coos at Jungkook Who Huffs in Response. He Runs His Hand Through Tae’s Hair, Giving Tae An Amount of Comfort That No One Has Been Able To.

“You Pepped Up Quick. Are You Feeling Okay?” Jin Hasn’t Stopped Smiling Since the Youngest Moved. “I’m Good as Long as He Is,” He Groans with A Sigh, Nodding His Head Down Knowingly in Tae’s Direction. “Kiss on Him While You Can. He’ll Be Back in Seoul In A Few Hours.” Tae’s About to Sit Up When He Gets Pulled, High Enough to Be Able to Rest His Head Under Jungkook’s Neck. Jin Snatches His Soda Before It Can Spill on Them.

Tae Can Tell by The Sudden Obstruction in Jungkook’s Scent That He Doesn’t Want Him to Go, But He’s Also Not Going to Stop Him. “You Look Like Shit,” He Banters Quietly. “Tell Me You’re Okay.” Tae Kisses Jungkook’s Scent Gland to Assure Him That's Feeling Better. The Electricity That Shoots Through the Both of Them is Unmissable. “Are You Okay?” “I Will Be. Don’t Worry about me.” “I hope you know I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” Tae Spits Jokingly. “I Won’t Miss You More,” the Younger spits back.

“I’m Already Forgetting You.”

“I Already Forgot You.”

“You Can Never Forget Me.”

“You’re Damn Right.”

“Because You Need Me.”

“Forever and Always.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Jungkook: Veranda
10:20 AM Dec 15
Dongnae-gu, Busan

Jungkook Sings Silently to Himself While He’s on The Porch Alone. He Isn’t Sure What Happened, But He Could Guess Fate Caught Up to Him. He’s Been Trying for A While, Even When He Was Unconscious, To Wrap His Head Around Tae Saying No to Him. Yes, He Can Easily Go Ask About It, But He Doesn’t Want to Relive Yesterday Just Like He Knows Tae Doesn’t.

Jimin And Yugyeom Are Also Gone, Which Has Him A Little Confused and A Lot Pissed Off. Of Everyone, He’d Expect Jimin To Stay Behind and Care for Tae Even If Tae Didn’t Want Him To. For Him Not to Be There Hurt Jungkook a Little More Than It Should.

His Eyes Lock with A Kid That’s Playing Across the Street and The Pup Throws Down the Snow in His Hands Before Running Over to The Porch, Taking His Time to Bounce Up the Snowed-on Steps with Big Eyes. “Alpha Smells Funny,” He Says Through Quiet Whines. “I’m Oka-.” Before Jungkook Can Fully Reply, The Pup Is on His Lap Nuzzling and Hugging Around Him Tightly to Try and Make Him Feel Better.

It Does.

Jungkook Holds the Child Closer to Him, Relaxing in The Hold the Pup Has Around His Hips and Sweetening His Scent Until the Pup Sighs with Relief. “Thank You, Yeonnie.” “Why Is Alpha Angry?” “Alpha’s Not Angry.” Jungkook Smiles Tenderly. “Just Thinking Some Things Through.” “Cause of Your Boyfriend?” “My Wh-. My What?” The Pup Looks Away with A Big Grin on His Face While Fixing Himself on Jungkook’s Knee. “Your Boyfriend~~,” He Sing-Songs.

“Alpha Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend, Yeonnie.” “My Mom Said Your Taste Buds Disappear When You Tell Confident Lies,” The Pup Quips. Jungkook Scrunches His Face in Amusement. “Is That So.” Hands Move Through Jungkook’s Pocket, Searching for What Jungkook Always Keeps There.

The Pup Pulls Out A Strawberry Flavored Lollipop with A Knowing Smile Then Proceeds to Unwrap It and Stick It in His Mouth. “Did You Ask?” “May I Please Have the Lollipop, Kookie Alpha?” Jungkook Lets Out A Soft Grunt of Approval.

“I met your boyfriend before. I saw you guys walking with Yuggye Hyung.” “How many times do I have to say it? He’s not my boyfriend.” “Yes, he is.” “What makes him my boyfriend? Im curious.” Jungkook tilts his head in confusion. “You don’t walk with people if you don’t like them plus, he’s pretty and smelled like flowers so he can’t be an Alpha too.” “All of that is true… but Friends can walk together.” “Alpha doesn’t have friends, Alpha has family.” Jungkook stammers over a response. He was right.

Jungkook doesn’t consider anyone he has around him a friend. He’s grown up with all of them, with the exception to Tae, but even Tae was a little higher on the list. He felt stupid lying to a child about not having someone he cares about, but it’s making for an interesting conversation. “Uh oh.” “Wha-?”

Jae’s Ascending the Top Step with Her Hands Stuffed Under Her Armpits and exasperated huffs parting her lips. Jungkook Hasn’t Seen Her Since He Went to Take His Exam, But He Has No Problem with That. She Isn’t A Priority. “Yeonjun, You’re Supposed to Be Across the Street,” She Scolds Loudly. “But Noona.” The Pup Drags His Words. “Kookie Alpha Is Having Love Problems.” “And You’re Helping Him? You’re 12, You Don’t Even Know What Love Is. Get Your Ass Over Here.” “How About You Come Over Here,” Jungkook Retorts. “Yeah,” Yeonjun Butts in With A New Confidence. “You Come Over Here.”

Jae Steps onto The Porch but Keeps Her Distance to Jungkook’s Demands. “Why You So Far Away?” “I Don’t Need My Scent Getting on You. Tae Might Rip My Head Off.” “He’s Not A Fighter,” Jungkook Says Softly. “And He Not in Heat. Come Sit.” Jae Sits on The Porch Swing and Keeps Herself Warm in The Blanket Folded in The Corner of The Chair. “Where Is He Anyway?” “With Jin.” “Hmm.”

She Shifts and Jungkook Fixes Her with A Strong Gaze. “So,” She Says Quietly. “Yeonnie, Go Play for A Second.” “I’ll Listen This Time,” The Child Lisps Over His Sucker. “Bye, Kookie Alpha. Tell Your Boyfriend I Said Hi!” Yeonjun Hugs Jungkook Again Before Being Set on His Feet. He’s Gone in A Flash.

“Yeah… So Yoongi Called Me,” She Says. Jungkook Tries His Best to Keep His Scent from Souring, But He’s Only Scarcely Succeeding. “About Me?” She nods. “What Was Said?” “To…Tell You and Your Pack That He’s Sorry.” “Not Even Man Enough To Apologize Directly.” “You Popped Out His Mate’s Knee, Alpha.” “Okay?”

Jungkook Sits Back So He Can Stop Inadvertently Staring Daggers into The Woman Across from Him. “Mean Alpha. What Did He Do That Was So Bad? For You to Do That?” “Oh.” He Lets Out A Misleading Laugh. “He Told You What I Did, But Not What Hoseok Did? That’s Cute.” “What Did He Do?”

Jungkook Stands and Takes A Few Steps to The Front Door. “Why Do We Have-.” “Get-. Go in The House.” Jungkook moves the door back then forth and Jae Drags the Blanket with Her into The House. “Ooo, I smell honey.” Jungkook Steps in After Her, Closing the Door Behind Them Then Ushering Her Upstairs to Where Tae And Jin Are Packing. “Ooo~,” Jae Mewls. “Who Smells Like Warm Honey? Is It Tae?” “Duh.” “Would You Be Mad If He Scents Me?” “Duh.”

Jungkook Knocks Twice on The Guest Bedroom Door. “Come In!” “Jae?” Jin’s Eyes Shoot to Jungkook, Then Tae, Then Back to Jae. “Hi?” “Hey.” Jae waves at Tae and Tae smiles. “Pup, What’s Wrong. Why Is Sh-.” “Yoongi Called Her.” Jungkook Steps Over to The Bed and Lays Down on His Stomach Behind Tae. “For What?” The Two on The Bed Blink Off Jin’s Sudden Hostility, But Jae Visibly Shivers. “You Get Used to It,” Tae Says Lovingly, Fanning A Hand to Tell Jae To Come In.

The Room Has Warmed Up A Lot Now That It’s Morning. The Heater Is on High and Valiantly Fighting Against The 23° Weather Outside. Jae Sheds Her Blanket the Moment She Steps Over the Threshold.

“He Wanted Me to Tell You Guys That He Was Sorry…” “He Can Take That Sorry and Shove It in His Ass,” Jin Spits. “Yeah, Sorry Is Just A Five Letter Word,” Tae Adds. “He’s Saying Sorry Because Of What Happened…Not Because He Feels Bad That It Did.” “I-…I Still Don’-. It’s Not My Business, But-.” “He Had Hoseok Sexually Abuse Tae For Pups,” Jin Enlightens. “His Consequences Were Because Of His Own Actions. And None of Us Feel Bad About It.” Tae Agrees with A Grunt While Aggressively Nodding.

A Thick Silence Falls Over the Room.

Jae Has Been Staring at Tae Since She Stepped into The Room, But Now Her Glare Is A Little Softer and Heavily Sympathetic. “That’s Disgusting,” She Mewls Quietly, Slipping on The Bed and Sitting in Front of Tae On Her Knees. The Two of Them Stare Each Other Down Until Jae Catches Jungkook Watching. “A-Are You Okay?” Tae Shrugs. “Life Happens. Sometimes You’re Ready for It and Sometimes You Aren’t.”

"You-." Jae Pulls Her Phone from Her Pocket and Dials A Number Before Any of Them Can Protest. “Excuse Me,” She Says with Hushed Anger. She Slips Away from The Bed and Steps Out of The Room and Her Vulgar-Filled Screaming to Yoongi Echoes Behind the Closed Door of The Bedroom. “Wow, She’s Really Upset,” Jin Laughs. The Pile of Clothing He Had in Front of Him Has Been Folded and Put Away in The Suitcase. “I Didn’t Think She’d Care.” “Tragedy Tends to Bring People Together.”

The Sound of An Engine Turning Over Outside Catches Jungkook’s Ear and He Moves the Bed and Out of The Room Then Downstairs Quickly to See Who It Is. “Go in The Kitchen,” He Tells Jae When He Steps Past Her Near the Front Door. She’s Still Having A Shouting Match Through the Phone with Yoongi About Why He Did What He Did. He watches Jimin And Yugyeom Scoot from The Backseat of his Car.

Who The fuck-.

He Pulls the Door Open but Stops in His Tracks When His Eyes Fall on Who Gets Out of The Driver’s Seat. “O-Omma?” He Isn’t Aware the Word Slipped Out Until Jimin’s Mother Makes A Beeline Through the Snow and To the Porch to Tackle Him into A Teary Hug. “Ay, My Precious Baby, You're Okay! You’re Not Hurting, Are You? Have You Eaten?!” The Questions Flood Over Jungkook, But He’s Too Busy Laughing with The Older Woman Pinning Him Down to Check and Scent Him. “Can I Get Up, Please?” 

The Lady Steps Away from Him After Helping Him to His Feet. "We Thought We Lost You, Pumpkin." “Ahhh, I’m Okay. Takes More Than T-."  “Jungkookieeeee‼‼” Jimin’s Already Flying Towards Him from The Last Step, and They Hit the Floor of The Porch with A Hard Thud. “J-Jimin, M-Move. Fuck, You’re Heavy.” “So Glad You're Awaaaake.”

Jimin’s About to Lift Himself, But Yugyeom Falls on Top of Them, Momentarily Pinning Jimin Even Closer and Mushing Jungkook Even Further into The Wood. “Ew, Too Close, Too Close,” Jimin Gags Softly, Still Managing to Push Himself Off of Jungkook. Yugyeom Wraps Himself Around Jimin’s Back and The Alpha Makes It to His Feet with A Little More Ease.

“Playing Rough,” The Older Man Asks as He Approaches the Last Step. Jungkook Opens His Arms to The Man When He’s Front of Him, Being Snatched in A Very Tight Embrace as He Usually Is When the Alpha Hugs Him. “L-Let Me Go,” He Whines as He Suffocates. The Man Eases His Hold and Jungkook Falls Playfully, Unintentionally Making Everyone’s Scent Go Askew with Fear That He Passed Out Again.

He Quickly Springs Back to His Feet. “Too Soon?” “Way Too Soon.” “I Swear I’m Fine. I Promise.” “I Wanna Meet the Person Who Put You Through That,” The Woman Says with A Firm Tone. “She Sounds Like Jin, Doesn’t She?” Jimin Laughs While Pointing A Finger at His Mother Who Bites It Away.

Jungkook Agrees Despite the Looks He’s Getting from The Older Woman and Opens the Front Door to Let Them All in The House. He Says Nothing While Taking His Mother’s Hand and Walking with Her Up the Stairs. “Where Are You Taking Me, Pup? I Smelled Hot Wings.” “You Said You Wanted to Meet the Person. I’m Taking You to Him.” “Ahhh.” “Omma, Slow Down.” The Lady Takes Off in A Mini Sprint Up the Stairs Towards the Mixed Smells of Honey and Spiced Orange With An Anticipating Grin.

Chapter Text

Tae: Guest Bedroom
10:50 AM Dec 15
Dongnae-gu, Busan

“Im Gonna Leave the Rest Here and Come Back When I Have Time. This Suitcase Is Gonna Explode If We Stuff It Any More.” Tae Pushes the Suitcase Away from Him with A Groan and Jin Closes It While Speaking. “So, You Are Planning to Come Back. I Knew You Couldn’t Stay Away from Us.” “That’s Not Wh-. Uhm.” He Stalls While Staring at The Familiar Looking Woman Approaching the Bed. “Hello Gentlemen,” She Speaks Softly, Barely Above A Whisper When She Notices the Bruises Surrounding Tae’s Neck and Jaw. “Hi?”

Tae’s Scent Flares but Not with Nervousness. He Knows Who the Woman Is and He Never Expected Her to Be Even More Beautiful Than Her Picture. She Looked Unreal. “So That’s What Smells So Nice. Your Scent Is Very Flavorful.” “T-Thank You.” Tae Jolts His Eyes Away to Jungkook Standing Next to Jin. “Ma, You’re Scaring Him.” His Words Go Unheard. Tae Watches the Woman’s Ringed Hand with Anxiety. She Looks at Him with Awe and Pushes the Hair Away from His Forehead and Fingers Over the Scratch on His Cheek. “Who Would Scar Such A Pretty Face? They Should Be Ashamed.” “Christ, Take A Picture, Iseul.” Jin Lets Out A Loud Huff and Jungkook Whines in Agreement to It. “Both of You Shush,” The Oldest Omega Spits.

Tae Continues Letting Iseul Examine Him. Her Touch Isn’t Rough or Hostile. It Feels Like A Kitten Pawing His Face Whenever She Moves Him to Look Him Over. “I Feel Defiance Radiating Off of You,” She Muses. “But You’re Still A Sweetheart. What Do They Call You?” “Taehyung.” “Taehyung,” She Breathes as She Repeats. Her Lips Pucker, Her Eyes Drop, And Her Hands Grab at His Chest. “W-Wha?” Jungkook Leans Over to Pop Them Away When She Starts to Squeeze His Breasts. “Sorry, They Looked Soft.” The Woman Laughs but Tae Isn’t Amused.

He Stares with Wide Eyes While Covering Himself. “Who Does That to Someone?” “You’re the One Who Had Them on Display!” Tae Laughs with Disbelief. “Okay? Do You Go to Museums and Fondle Naked Statues? You Aren’t Supposed to Touch Displays!” “Baby, I Am So Sorry.” Jungkook’s Giggling Himself, But His Words Are Sincere. “She Did the Same to Me. Just… Don’t Get A Hard On. You’ll Be Fine.” Iseul Swats A Hand at Jin’s Arm While He’s Bent Over Jungkook’s Heaving Back Laughing at His Comment. He’s Making Jungkook Laugh Even Harder Every Time He Whines About Not Being Able to Breathe.

“You’re Groping My Friends? Since When Do We Do This?” Jungkook Dabs at His Eyes That Are Wet with Tears. “Right? I Feel Dirty,” Tae Pouts, Fixing His Shoulder Less Top So the Fullness of His Breasts Don’t Show. His Chest Feels Swollen and Tender but He Doesn’t Let It Bother Him. “Alright! Play Time Over,” The Woman Says with Claps.

Jae Steps Back into The Room Followed by Jimin’s Father with A Plate of Wings and Bones from The Few She Already Ate. Everyone Except Tae And the Older Alpha Reach for One. “Hi Kookie Momma,” She Greets, Taking A Comfortable Seat Next to Tae So No One Can Grab the Two Wings Left. “Hey, Jae. Are You Doing Good?” “Yes Ma’am.” “That’s Good. Now, Tae. I’m A Straight to The Point Kinda Girl,” The Woman Starts with A Mouthful. “I Don’t Want an Apology and I Don’t Need Excuses. I Want A Reason.”

Tae Tenses at Her Words, But Still Keeps Her Eyes on His. “Why’d You Stop Loving My Son for The Short Time You Did?” “I Didn’t. Kinda? I… Had Doubts. And I Didn’t Know or Think Having Those Doubts Would Hurt Him.” The Woman Moves Away, But Tae Keeps Her Eye Contact. The Man Clears His Throat Before Asking. “Did He Give You Those Bruises, Pup?” “No, Alpha,” Tae Barks Quickly.

The Offense That Engraves Itself into His Face Makes the Woman Smile.

“Did You Meet Someone Else?” “Even If I Did, I’d Never Love Them the Way I Love Him.” Jin’s Scent as Well and Jungkook’s And His Mother’s Sweeten at The Words That Tae Let from His Mouth. The Man Hums Low with Approval. That’s Obviously the Answer They Wanted to Hear, But Tae Didn’t Say It for Iseul Or Her Mate. He Said It for Himself. And He Means It.

Jungkook Walks Away to The Bathroom to Wash His Hands and Comes Back in The Room with Damp Hand Towels for The Omegas Who’re Eating as Well to Wipe Theirs Off When They’re Done. “Jungkook-Ah,” The Older Alpha Barks Again. “Do You Love Him?” “Of Course, I Do, What Kinda Question Is That?” The Equal, If Not More Offense in His Voice Makes Iseul And Jin Silent Laugh. Jungkook Steps Up Behind Tae And Slumps Over His Shoulder, Nestling His Chin into His Hair and Locking Their Hands Together While Swaying. “He Just Doesn’t Love Me,” He Whines.

“We Have A Complicated Relationship,” Tae Adds, Summing Up Everyone’s Suspicion to Jungkook’s Quip. “But I Do Love Him. And I Always Will. You Won’t Lose Your Son.” Tae Shifts His Gaze to The Man Standing Behind the Oldest Omega, Giving Him an Intense Eye Contact That He’s Learned from Being in Busan For the Week He Has. “Well, Mr.-.” “Ta-.” “Taehyung,” Everyone Says, Answering for Him. “Thank You, Taehyung. I Can’t Speak for Iseul, But I Know I’ll Sleep Easier Knowing Kookie Has Someone Like You to Lean On.”

“I Guess We Can Take A Leave, Alpha. Tae, May I Have A Hug?” Tae Opens His Arms but Hugs Them Around His Chest When the Woman Tries to Grope Him Again. “God, Again?! You Don’t Touch. The Displays!” “I Can See Why Kookie Loves You,” The Older Alpha Laughs with An Eye Roll. “I Know,” Iseul Giggles, Wrapping Tae And Jungkook In A Warm Embrace and Cooing When They Both Return It. When She Moves, Tae Crawls Over to Jungkook’s Father to Hug Him Too. “We Haven’t Talked Long, Alpha, But You’re Family Too and I Love You.”

The Man Sighs Affectionately While Hugging Tae Back. “I Love You Too, Son. I See You’re Leaving, But Please Come Down and Visit Us. We Live in Victoria Heights Just 40 Minutes Away.” “Yes, Sir.” The Two Older Ranks Leave the Room After Hugging Jungkook, Jin, And Jae. Their Car Engine Can Be Heard Turning Over Shortly After.

Another Silence Falls.

Jin Clasps His Hands Together. “Yes. Okay,” He Sighs Loudly. “Kookie, Would You Be Up to Take Tae Home? Folding Clothes Is Tiring.” “Yeah, I’ll Take Him. Have You Washed Up Already?” “No, I Just Changed,” Tae Replies, Puckering His Lips While Adjusting His Top Again. “We Can Shower When We Get There.” “Now It’s We.” Jungkook Scoffs While Walking Away from The Bed and Out of The Room.

“Pretend You Can’t Walk,” Jae Says the Second He’s Gone. “Make Him Carry You.” “Oh Uh-.” Tae Stalls and Jae Smiles. “I’m Just Kidding.” She Nudges Softly at His Arm Before Standing to Her Feet. “I Know We Haven’t Really Talked but You Make Alpha Happy, So I Guess You’re Cool. Come Back and Visit Some Day and We Can Spend Time Together.” Jae Wraps an Arm Around Tae’s Neck and Tae Rubs Her Forearm Affectionately.

And with That, She Leaves.

“She’s Gonna Be All Over Him,” Tae Whines. He Sulks but Doesn’t Even Remotely Let His Scent Change. “I Feel It.” “Kookie Isn’t Like That, Tae. He’s Not Gonna Give Her Attention Just Cause You’re Gone.” “I Know But… That’s Not Gonna Stop Her. You Know How Omegas Are.” “Yeah, But He’ll Fight Her Before He Fucks Her. Don’t Worry About Her Tae. If He Had Eyes for Anyone Else, You of Anyone Would Know. He’s Not Gonna Play You.” Jin Scoots to Where Tae Is Sitting and Wraps Himself Around Him. “Thank You, Hyung.”

“I’m Gonna Go Catch Up on Some Sleep While I Can, Kiddo. We’ll Miss You.” “I’ll Miss You Guys Too.” Jin Moves from The Bed While Screaming for Jungkook To Come Take Tae’s Suitcase to The Car as He Leaves Out of The Room. “Alone Again,” Tae Sighs, Falling Back to The Mattress and Closing His Eyes with A Heavy Sigh. He’s Never Realized Just How Constantly Busy It Is at Jungkook’s House.

The Silence Is So Hilariously Comforting. He Sighs Again with Very Little Tension When He’s Lifted from The Bed. “I’m Not Asleep,” He Quips Loudly, Kicking His Legs Wildly to Get Jungkook To Put Him Down. He Gets Set on His Feet at The Bottom of The Steps. “And I’m Not My Sui-.”

Jungkook Pushes the Suitcase Next to Tae’s Leg Then Leans Over on It While Wafting A Hand. “Now Shoo. Go Say Bye to Them So We Can Go.” “You’re – You --.” Tae Walks Away and Peeks His Head in The Dark Living Room Where Jimin And Yugyeom Are Laying Down. One’s Asleep and The Other Is Watching A Movie. “Alpha,” He Calls Quietly, Stepping Over to Jimin And Dropping on His Lap. “I’m Going.” “Aww Now? We’re Gonna Miss You, Pup. It’s Been A Fun Week with You Around.” “It’s Been A Fun Week for Me Too,” Tae Says Honestly, Nuzzling Himself Under Jimin’s Chin and Letting the Alpha Squeeze Him.

He’s Never Really Hugged Jimin But He’d Be Lying If He Said It Didn’t Feel Just as Nice as He Thought It Would.

Jimin Snuggles Him Before Letting Him Roll Over onto Yugyeom’s Back. “Bye, Yuggye.” He Spreads Kisses on The Side of His Face Before Moving Away. “I Love You Guys.” “We Love You Too, Taetae. Be Safe.” “You Too.” Tae Moves Back Towards Jungkook Who Drops in Front of Him So He Can Get on His Back While He Carries the Suitcase. Tae Was Nowhere Near Dressed for The Weather Outside, But Jungkook’s Back Was Warm Enough to Fight Against It.

He Felt Bad for Leaving, But After What Happened with Hoseok, He Needed Time Away from Busan. Time to Get His Life Back in Order Alone Instead of Trying to Figure It Out the Way He Was Doing While He Was with The Alphas and Yugyeom. He Gets Sat On the Hood of The Car While Jungkook Pops the Trunk to Put the Suitcase In.

“You’re Not Sad About Me Leaving?” “Why Would I Be?” “I Don’t Know,” Tae Pouts with A Scrunched Face, Buckling His Seatbelt After Being Sat in The Passenger Seat. “I Did Almost Kill You.” “But You Didn’t. And Now I Know That You Won’t.” Jungkook Pulls His Door Shut and Turns Over the Engine, Then Locks His Right Hand with Tae’s Over the Cup Holder While Reversing Out of The Driveway Out onto The Street.

Tae’s Mind Starts Racing When They Pull Away from The House. “Damn, It Feels Weird Now. I Hate This Feeling I’m Getting.” “Aww,” Jungkook Coos. He Tugs Gently at Their Locked Hands. “My Baby Isn’t Gonna Cry Is He? If You Cry, I’m Pulling Over.” “I’m Not Gonna Cry.” “You Need To. I Know You’re Hurting.” “How Do You Know What I’m Fee-. Nevermind.” They Both Scoff at Tae’s Retort. Tae Looks Down at His Feet…

Then His Eyes Grow Wide and His Scent Douses Itself with Shock.

“Oh Shit.” He Leans Over to Look in The Backseat. “Oh Fuck. Dammit!” “What? What’s Wrong?” “Do You Notice Anyone Missing?” Jungkook Looks Around as Much as He Can, Then Tae Watches the Shock Wash Over His Face. “You Dog Isn’t in The Car. L-M-A-O.” “Kookieee~,” Tae Whines Loudly. Jungkook Bites His Lip to Stop His Laugh. “Kookie, We Left My Puppy! How?!! How Do We Leave A Whole Dog! God Fucking Dammit.”

He’s Upset but Tae Can’t Stop Laughing About the Situation and Neither Can Jungkook. “Ohhh Fuck, That’s Funny. Do You Wanna Go Back?” “No.” Tae Sucks His Teeth. “Ugh, No. Fuck It. He’s in Good Hands.” They’re Close Enough to Turn Back, But It’s A Waste of Gas. Besides…The Pup Really Is in Good Hands. “Are You Sure?” “Yeah, Just. Keep Going.”

Tae Leans Back in His Seat with A Mad Huff. “Babe,” Jungkook Calls Softly. “I’ll Bring Him to Your House. Relax.” “I Usually Suck My Thumb to Relax.” “That’s… Adorable.” “Yeah, Well I’m Not Sucking My Thumb in Front of You. It’d Be Weird.” “You Could Always Suck Something Else.”

Tae’s Body Heats Up the Second the Words Slip and Jungkook Chuckles but He Doesn’t. He Can’t Tell If the Kid Is Being Serious or Not with His Eyes Narrowed and Focused on The Road. His Scent Sweetens Without Permission and Jungkook Shoots Him A Quick Glance. “I-. I Was Joking.” Tae Pouts. “I Can’t Relax with An Empty Mouth.” “That’s Honestly the Sexiest Shit You’ve Ever Said.”

Jungkook’s Dialect Slips and The Sudden Change Only Makes the Hardness in Tae’s Jeans Push Harder Against His Zipper. “But You’re Not Serious,” The Other Laughs. “You Can’t Be.” Tae Pushes in The Cup Holder and Takes Off His Seatbelt, Curling His Small Body in His Seat Before Leaning Over with His Head Under the Steering Wheel. He Didn’t Need His Mouth Full as Much as He Needed Jungkook’s Cock Being the Reason It Was. He Felt Heavily Sex Deprived Even Though Hoseok Tried to Force Him into It the Night Before.

He Didn’t Get Any Pleasure from That Experience. At Least Not Wanted Pleasure.

He Rests Himself Lazily and Licks Along the Length He Can See Pressing Against the Alpha’s Sweats. The Car Speeds Up Momentarily Before Jerking Back to The Pace It Was Going Before. Tae Giggles While Steadying Himself Again, Bringing the Cock to A Tight Bulge with Soft Kisses Before Snatching Away the Fabric. “Maybe I Shouldn’t” He Teases, Looking Up at Jungkook.

A Guttural Whine Sings Low from Jungkook’s Throat and Tae Licks His Lip When He Feels the Heat Shoot Pains into His Stomach. He Doesn’t Waste Any Time Giving the Man What He Wants, And What He Needs Himself, Raising Up A Little So His Mouth Can Drop Around the Glistening Head of Jungkook’s Cock with Ease.

A Sharp Breath Is Inhaled and The Car Speeds Again When Jungkook Relaxes His Foot on The Pedal. “Focus on Driving,” Tae Spits, Licking Away the Precum Seeping from The Tip Before Dropping His Head Again. Jungkook Doesn’t Say Anything and Tae Moans Affectionately Around the Throbbing Heat Between His Lips. His Hand Starts to Move Along with His Mouth, Using His Spit to Ease the Friction That He’s Building Between the Shaft and His Palm. “Mmm, I Needed This,” He Whines Quietly When He Moves Away.

“I Needed You, Daddy.” “Please Don’t Fucking Call Me That.” Tae Circles His Hips on The Seat He’s Curled In, Whimpering Softly as He Gets A Friction Too. “Mmm, Daddy, I Wanna Swallow You Whole. Would You Like That?” “Yes, Baby.” “You Love Your Omega’s Mouth, Don’t You?” “Fucking Love It.” “Baby Wants to Feel You, Daddy. So Bad.” “You Will.” Jungkook Combs His Free Hand Through the Curls of Hair in His Lap and Tae Drops His Head Down, Swallowing Fully Around the Cock Again.

His Fingers Are Frantic Pulling His Own Jeans Away and Rubbing Harsh Circles into The Soaking Fabric of His Panties. He’d Usually Try to Stay Composed, Not Making Too Much of a Mess, But He Needed This. And the Sloppy, Breathless, And Reckless Drooling Was A Tell Tell.

A Jolt of Arousal Runs Over Him and He Closes His Eyes, Shutting His Throat Tightly When His Hand Slips Past the Frill of His Panties and His Fingers Slip Inside of Him. His Whimpering for His Alpha to Touch Him Aren’t Going Unanswered, Which Is Making Him Fuck His Fingers Harder Than He Ever Has. His Free Hand Reaches Under the Fabric to Fondle and Caress the Alpha’s Balls.

A Tinge of Impatience Becomes Obvious When Jungkook Tries to Force Tae Down, But Tae Is Quicker, Bringing His Hand Back Up to Hold Jungkook’s Wrist. “B-Baby, Please.” Tae Breaks Away, Hawking A Breathless Spit on The Shaft and Using It to Pump the Still Throbby Length While Catching His Breath. “That Cum Isn’t Being Wasted,” He Pouts, Dropping Kisses onto The Younger’s Exposed Thigh. “Pull Over.” Jungkook Swerves Over to The Side of The Semi-Empty Street, Crossing Over Two Lanes Without A Care in The World to Get to Where He Wants to Stop.

When He Puts the Car in Park, Tae Pulls Himself Over onto His Lap, Dragging Him Up into A Deep Kiss While Sliding Down on Top of Him. The Younger’s Hips React Immediately to The New Warmth Engulfing Him and Before Tae Can Comprehend, He’s Being Rutted into At an Alarmingly Rough Pace.

It Doesn’t Hurt. But Damn It’s Fast.

He and Jungkook Strip Each Other Of Their Shirts, And Jungkook Holds Him Closer, Leaning Them Back into The Leather of The Seat They’re in So He Can Fuck into Him Deeper and Harder. Tae Feels Like His Tongue Is Going to Knot with How Fast He’s Speaking, Urgently Trying to Get Something Out to Let Jungkook Know How Fantastic He Feels. “Y—I, Mms, So G-Goods.”

He Blinks Away the Rolling of His Eyes and Detaches His Nails from The Holes He’s Pressed into The Cushion When His Conscious Slips Back Momentarily. His Hips Begin to Move on Their Own, Throwing All of Him Down Relentlessly Against Jungkook’s Thrusting. They’re Both Breathing Tasteful Nothings Into Each Other’s Mouths, Kissing and Biting At Each Other’s Lips Occasionally Until Tae Has to Lean Away.

Anyone Walking or Even Casually Driving by Would Hear Him Crying Out Jungkook’s Name and The Soft Chuckles That Come After. “You Always Look So Good on Top of Me, Baby,” Jungkook Praises. Tae’s Lips Part but Nothing Comes Out. “Fucking Yourself on Daddy Like A Good Boy.” Jungkook Slaps His Ass and A Pleasure Filled Huff Escapes Tae’s Lungs. “I Love You So Much,” The Alpha Coos, His Voice A Lot Softer and Quieter Than It Just Was. Tae Moans Something but He Can’t Hear Himself Anymore. He’s Back in His Headspace That He Doesn’t Want Out of Any Time Soon.

Jungkook Licks Lovingly Over Every Hickey and Bruise Hoseok Left on His Omega, Then Aggressively Replaces Them with His Own Flowers That Tae Has Come to Enjoy Seeing on Him. “F-Fuck. D-Daddy,” He Cries Softly, Feeling Himself Getting More And More Sensitive as He Moves. Jungkook’s Arms Wrap Around Him and Tae Slows His Pace, Wrapping Himself Around the Body Under Him and Letting Jungkook Move Them to The Backseat.

The Windows Are Completely Fogged Over but Looks Natural with The Temperature Outside. Tae Pushes Jungkook Down to The Back Seat and Stares at Him. He’s Gorgeous. Even More Gorgeous Than He Always Is. Thick Beads of Sweat Cascade Down His Face and His Panting Is Almost Forced. And He Smells Wonderful with A Mixture of Lemon and Honey Floating Through His Sandalwood/Oak Scent. Tae Can Feel His Legs Get Queasy All Over Again. “See Something You Like?” He Nods. “What Is It?” “You.” Jungkook Smiles at Him and His Dark Pupils Disappear.

Wavy Strands of Hair Are Covering His Eyes, But Tae Doesn’t Bother Moving Them. They Just Add to The Visual. “I’m Gonna Miss You, Daddy,” He Mewls. “I’m Gonna Miss You Too, Baby.” “Can I Ask A Favor?” “Anything.” “Fuck Me Like You Love Me.” Jungkook Answers with A Long, Passionate Kiss, Pulling Tae Over Until He’s Leaned Enough to Slowly Grind Into. Jungkook Sets A Pace Where They Don’t Have to Rush to Get That Electric Heat They Build Up When They’re Together.

Hours Melt Away and After Various Positions, They Fall Asleep.

Tae Wakes Up First but With Reluctance and Pulls Himself Away from The Man Under Him into The Driver’s Seat After Dropping A Kiss to His Lips. It’ll Be Late by The Time They Get to Seoul. A Text Message from Jin Letting Him Know That They Left Tannie In the Living Room with Jimin Is Lighting Jungkook’s Phone and Tae Unlocks It To Send A Reply Informing Him That They Can't Come Back.


Omma Hyung

Today 1:23 PM
You guys left someone

Come get him he won't leave me alone
Today 2:42 PM
Nope We're Not Turning Back Sorry

Tae Locks the Phone Then Turns Over the Engine After Chucking It Away to The Passenger Seat. His Body Is Aching and His Head Slightly Hurts, But He Powers Through It All Knowing He’ll Be to His House Quicker If He Doesn’t Give Himself Time to Whine About It. Like He Predicted, The Ride to His Home Is Smooth and Stress Free with Every Street Being Borderline Empty Because Of The Holidays. The Sidewalks, By High Contrast, Are Crowded with Bodies Carrying Bags and Christmas Samples from Outlets and Stores on The Strip.

Jungkook Is Awake by The Fourth Hour into Him Driving and They Get Dressed to Stop at One of The Diners for A Snack Before Continuing on Their Way to Yongsan. “Alpha, I Have A Question.” “Ask,” Jungkook Muffles. “Are You Gonna Mark Me?” “No.” “W-Why?” “Because I Want You to Live Your Life. Without Having A Reminder That You Belong to Me. We’re Still Young and We’ll Meet Again Soon.” Jungkook Offers A Piece of Cheesecake and Tae Takes It. “Plus, I Trust You. I know you won't be stupid and let someone else bite you.” “Well, I Wanna Mark You.” “Do It.” “Now?” “Right Now.” “In Front of These People?” “Of Course.” “Kookie, No.” “Don’t Make Me Beg.” Jungkook Looks from Across the Table with Puppy Eyes and Tae Pulls His Face into A Squeeze. “Fine.”

Jungkook Pulls the Collar of His Sweater Down to Fully Bear His Neck and Tae Moves Over to The Other Side of The Table with A Boastfulness He’s Never Felt. “I Might Bite Too Hard,” He Says Gently. “Nothing Im Not Used To.” Jungkook Tilts His Head and Tae Kneads the Skin Under His Fangs Before Breaking the Sink to Force Them In. Blood Oozes Slowly into His Mouth and He Closes His Lips Around the Puncture While Waiting for His Fangs to Retract. The Blood Isn’t Irony or Metallic and It Tastes How Smoked Barbecue Would Smell.

He Leaves Kisses Over the Teeth Marks Left on The Skin Before Moving Away. “Did That Hurt?” “Yeah, But I’ll Get Over It. Im a Big Strong Boy.” Tae Shoves Jungkook Over and The Alpha Laughs While Sitting Himself Straight. His Plate Is Cleaned of The Cheesecake He Was Nibbling At. “Ready to Go?” “Yeah.” Tae Clears the Table and Jungkook Pays for The Food.

The Air in Seoul Is Thick and Warm from The Sunshine, A Lot Warmer Outside Than Busan Was Because the Sidewalks Are Busy, But Still Chilly.

Jungkook Is Back to Sleep by The Time They’re Set Off in The Car Going Towards Tae’s House.

It’s Well into Night When Tae Pulls the Car into His Driveway and They Take His Suitcase Inside.

They Hug with Pinkies Locked, Promising Each Other That They’ll Always Be There For Each Other.

The Goodbye Are Short… But Meaningful…With Neither of Them Letting Go Willingly.

Tae Closes the Door with A Sigh When They Do Part, Watching the Alpha Speed Through His Window Without Looking Back.

I Love You, Alpha.

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