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The Sounds of Love

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There was a strange boy at the entrance exam.


Todoroki has never felt so curious about a single person.


An ash-blond, he had remembered, who had a sturdy build, an amazing quirk, and a “leave it to me” attitude.

How does that ash blond almost get crushed by a massive zero-pointer you can hear from a mile away and just blow up with the explosive quirk he possesses?


Todoroki wants to know.


“Okay, the fuck you want?” The blond asks. Who the fuck even is this weirdo?

Before Bakugou was a icy-hot hybrid,,, person-thing. It had asked him if they could move somewhere more private. Like the silence in my head isn’t private enough.

Bakugou realizes it might be harder to understand the icy-hot, giving Bakugou more reason to believe his hypothesis that the human like boy is actually alien. It mumbles on a horrible degree, making the silence in Bakugou’s ears unbearable. It’s like he’s straining to hear a sound, when in reality, he’s just straining to read this weirdo’s lips.

“ … zero pointer… hearable… strange…”

Might as well put this nerd out of his misery.

“Hey, idiot. Sorry to tell you half way through your pissy-statement, but I’m fucking deaf and you mumbling like an idiot isn’t really helping.”

Now he’ll shut up.

“Oh. Is that why you didn’t spot the zero-pointer?” It - HE - continued to ramble. It was irritating. Bakugou had to give props to them for making the way they talk easier to understand, however.

Usually people start to speak slower, move their mouths in weird ways, even try yelling. Obviously to no prevail. This is why Bakugou likes introverted, aka quiet people, because all they have to fix is they way the mumble and speak like a normal human being.

“So,, you are deaf? How are you going to have a hero career like tha-”



Bakugou pushed by the boy and growled, at least hoping he did. As he turned his back towards the boy, he didn’t see the lips moving to form the words: “For a deaf person, you sure are loud…” Maybe that’s for the best.


Shinsou likes skirts.

Yes, they are a ‘girl.’ Well, female.

She understands that girls, aka females, are told to always wear skirts.


She doesn’t like that. She likes being other things, too.


She likes being a boy. He likes being non-binary, too. Same with being a girl, something they have been feeling for some time. Doesn’t matter what he/she/they are, call them whatever, as long as it’s not “it” they're fine.

Too bad everyone to ever exists sucks.

“It” this. “It” that. “It”, “It”, “It.”

Hah. Hah. Funny joke.


“What are you wearing?”

Oh, wow, an idiot.

“An outfit.”

“A skirt with sweatpants? That looks stupid.”

“Oh, so, I shouldn’t wear what I want?”

“No, fuckface, I’m just saying if you want to wear a fucking skirt, try to look decent.”

That’s new…  

“What’s your name again?”

“Bakugou… wait I never fucking said-”

“Shinsou. Shinsou Hitoshi.”


This guy seems interesting.


Fucking dumb hallways, being coincidental.

That Shinsou kid found Bakugou in the hallways, saying he has the same class. Great, an annoying, stubborn, idiot. Can’t wait to see them dump Bakugou as a “friend” when they find out he’s deaf.

Everyone does that.

Even fucking Deku .


Bakugou can’t be bothered today.

He kicks the door down, the back of it hitting the wall. Well, that’s what he is assuming.

Um, Bakugou, maybe not kick the door off its hinges?”

Bakugou walks over to his seat, after taking Shinsou’s arm and sitting the purple headed freak two seats in front of him. “I don’t want your weird ass near me.” he states. Purple head chuckles, Bakugou can tell by how his shoulders move slightly.

Wish I could hear his laugh… 


“Huh? What’s a ‘Kacchan?’”







Someone taps his shoulder nervously. Too nervously.

“Fucking Deku, fucking touch me again and I will kill you.”

“S-Sorry Kacchan!”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Then turn arou-”

“I ain’t fucking turning around either.”



Damn nerd decides to sit behind Bakugou, leaving it so that some invisible chick sits in front of him. Maybe he should have let purple freak sit in front of him, they seem awkward, with everyone staring at his skirt. Even some stupid bitchass with lightening blond hair grabed his chest, seeing if they were female. Apparently Shinsou is, biologically anyway. Seems to be that they like being called male most of the time, although they don’t seem to mind someone calling them female. Maybe they are apathetic? Bakugou has read about it before, apparently people like that don’t care for pronouns.

Bakugou wanted to kick the Pikachu bitch hard in the balls for literally ‘groping’ Shinsou. He could hear Shinsou suck in a sharp breath before exhaling deeply through his nose.




“Would you mind-” Shinsou started, lifting the Pikachu’s hand slowly off him, acting as if it had the plaque, “Not doing that bullSHIT?”

“Sorry, I thought you were a guy.”

“I am.”

“,,, so you’re trans?”

“No, I’m not. I’m a guy… and a girl. And none yet both at the same time.”

Oh my fucking god.

“Is this a riddle???”

“Sure, answer correctly and you don’t get reported.”





“Please don't report me man!”



“ … Close enough. Don’t grope people, it’s gross.”

“Wait what pronouns, then???”

“All of them. Call me an ‘it’ and I’ll fucking punch you in the balls and gouge out your fucking eyeballs, though."



I’m acquaintances with a psycho.