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The Sounds of Love

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“Shinsou, would it be ok if I study with you and Bakugou today?”


It has been about a month since the school year has started. Todoroki thought this would be a good time to make allies, who knows, might come in handy for the future. Especially after the villain attack, which Shinsou just happened to be absent for.

Todoroki was glad when he realized this.

Speaking of Shinsou, the boy looked up at Todoroki and stared at him, thinking. From Todoroki’s view, it felt like Shinsou was judging him to such great extent, his purple irises dancing. Shinsou gave the smallest possible smile, nodding, having no idea the amount of love Todoroki took from that.

“I think so. He doesn’t really like you, though, so it’s gonna take some persisting.”

“That is fine. I just wanted to study with you.”


And see if there are any possible weaknesses to your quirk strategy, along with other things.

Wait... no.

This is not manipulation, study for Shinsou, don’t use him.


Todoroki looked back at Shinsou to see his cheeks dusted with a light, reddish-orange blush. Cute.

“Haha, funny. Anyway, I’ll ask him, although I apologize in advance if he says no. Still come regardless, I don’t think I would be able to deal with him and his gang of friends alone.” Shinsou shrugs as he walks out the class, waving to Todoroki with a tired grin.


Todoroki doesn’t understand why he feels so warm and bubbly, something he is glad he can keep contained.


Bakugou wanted to scream. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was deaf, he most likely would have.


Bakugou is not one for social gatherings. He was going to study alone but his new ‘friend,’ Kirishima, aka ShittyHair, insisted he come to the BakuSquad’s study session. Pikachu ended up inviting Shinsou as well, after much begging, crying, and apologizing for ‘groping’ Shinsou in the beginning of the year.

Much to everyone’s surprise ( in a not sarcastic way) , Shinsou invited IcyHot as well.

Big study group, huh?


“WOW, I have to make a whole list of whose coming!” Mina exclaimed, as Kaminari and Bakugou sat in her room, the three planning the study session. “Wait, whose coming again?” Kaminari questioned, having had an quirk-produced seizure earlier that day, making him incredibly forgetful. Bakugou almost felt sorry for him.

“Hagakure, Kirishima, Me~, you, Katsu, Sero, anddddd Todoroki. Midoriya said he might come, depending on Katsu’s mood that day.” Mina hummed, satisfied with the list.

“Don’t call me fucking ‘Katsu,’ Pinky.” the explosion quirk user growled, hating the idea of Deku and IcyHot being at the study session.

Shinsou better not ignore him…


“BAKU~!” Hagakure yells, as she enters the room. He doesn’t notice, being in deep thought and being, well, deaf. She huffs and taps his shoulder. He turns towards her, quickly, realizing everyone is staring at him. “The fuck you want?” Hagakure shrugs, Bakugou can tell because of her long-sleeve shirt. “I yelled your name and you didn’t even respond. You okay?” Fuck, if only he was paying attention. Welp, rather now then later.

“I can’t hear you.”


“I’m deaf. And your invisible so I can’t read your lips.”

There was a small pause where no one talked, Bakugou checked to see no ones mouths moving. Then he read the stupidest thing of Pikachu’s lips.



Stupid fucking Pikachu didn’t feel anything in his jaw for a week.


Shinsou laid his head onto Bakugou’s lap, half-asleep, as everyone studied. It’s been 2 hours of relentless studying and everyone was starting to become tired. Bakugou couldn’t help being distracted and a little annoyed.

Most of the time, all Shinsou did was talk to IcyHot , help IcyHot , get things FOR ICYHOT.


It was only when IcyHot started to stare at Bakugou did Shinsou start to get,,, protective? He could tell that Todoroki was inspecting and judging Bakugou, making him uneasy. Bakugou can tell Shinsou ‘cares’ for them both, in his own way.

“Bakugou, can I talk to you privately?”

Why can’t IcyHot just stuff it and fucking die?


“Fine then, have you told Shinsou about your..” he whispers the last part somewhat, making his lips clearer to read. “Hearing?”

“No, fucking idiot. I only bring that up if it accidentally comes up, like earlier with the two idiots and invisihoe.”

Todoroki hummed and turned his attention to the now asleep Shinsou, sprawled over Bakugou and himself. Shinsou looked so tired all the time, so it was nice to see him resting.


The purple haired boy was wearing a pastel lilac hoodie, the sleeves long enough to cover his finger tips slightly. He was wearing black sweatpants, the same pair Todoroki has seen him wearing for 2 days now. His hair is pushed back by a thin, black headband, only a few outliers still in front of his face.


Bakugou went back to reading the textbook, ignoring the conversation the others in the room were having. He lifted the textbook off Shinsou’s chest and laid it on Mina’s bed, the girl animatedly having a conversation with Kaminari near the now placed book.

Todoroki was about to go back to studying his flashcards when Shinsou stirred.

“Mmngh—” Shinsou opened his eyes slowly, pushing some hair out of his face. “I fell asleep. I am going to fail…” “Shut up, Zombie. Your textbook’s on the bed.” Bakugou pushed Shinsou off him slightly, snapping at Mina, motioning for the textbook. He then let it drop the floor, near Shinsou’s head, with a big Smack . Not that it affected him or Shinsou, who was too tired to care.

Shinsou grabbed the textbook with his fingers and groaned. “Kill me now…”

Hagakure, who was next to Todoroki, on his left side (Bakugou is on his right) , picked up an unsharpened pencil and poked Shinsou with it. “Oh, he dead.” She giggled, looking towards Sero.

Sero chuckled from his spot in the corner of the room, Kirishima next to him. “You watch too many vines, Hagakure.” He shook his head, solemnly, a smile plastered on his face. She shrugged, poking Shinsou’s back once again.


Bakugou looked around and took the scene with all his ‘friends’ in. He was content this way and if it wasn’t for IcyHot, maybe, he might even be happy.