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adrenaline momentum

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When Izuku was four, the doctor told him he didn’t have a quirk. Although that shattered him at the time, he never gave up. Even if his mother didn’t believe in him, he would be able to help people like All Might one day. 



When Izuku was five, a small fell to the earth near his home at the local park. He was sad the park was destroyed, but curious to see what fell down, and of course got permission from his mom to go. “Don’t be out too long,” was his only warning. Wandering to the playground, finding a stick along the way, young Izuku was feeling adventurous. At the destroyed park, he saw a gloop of black slime moving around. He tried poking it with a stick, but it moved back. Izuku dropped the stick and crouched down, staring at it. The black slime moved back and launched at the young boy. Knocked back, the boy just wondered what happened, and went home.

A day later he found his best friend, Bakugo Katsuki bullying another kid for have a quirk “less awesome” than his. Although Bakugo was his friend, he had to defend this kid from Bakugo like All Might would. “Kacchan stop!” Izuku cried to his best friend. 

“What are you going to do, fight back with the quirk you don’t have?” Bakugo taunted him, and then was hit with a black gloop that came out of Izuku’s hand. Bakugo was about to explode Izuku when a teacher came around. “Boys! No more play time for the rest of the week if you keep fighting with your quirks.” 


“Kacchan was hurting someone!” Izuku pleaded. 


“Don’t tattle tale. No more play time for you for the rest of the week Midoriya.”



“No buts. Go back to the classroom.”

“Okay.” Izuku’s shoulders sank and walked back into the building. Sitting down at one of the tables of his multicolored classroom, Izuku looked out the window at the other kids who were playing and he wasn’t. It sucked.

Hello Izuku. 


The boy looked around. No one was there. That’s when a head came out from his shoulder.


Hello Izuku. 


The child fell out of his seat. 



“Alright calm down class! CALM DOWN!” Izuku’s teacher was giving students a handout. “You all want to go to the hero course correct?” The class’ volume rose and Izuku winced. Tomo didn’t like loud noises. Although they couldn’t help it, the class was excited for a good reason. “Don’t lump me in with these extras!” Bakugo practically screamed, “Because I’m aiming for the top! U.A.!” 


“Hey, didn’t you also sign up for U.A. Midoriya?” The teacher asked. Izuku raised his head looking up from the handout to meet Bakugo’s eyes. “You better not get in my fucking way, Deku .”

“Afraid?” Izuku dangerously taunted.

“Scared of what? I haven’t seen you use your stupid quirk since we were five. I bet it’s not even that cool, dickwad.” Bakugo let off some mini explosions. 




Izuku didn’t laugh but he did blow his air out of his nose. 



Walking home there wasn’t anything interesting unless you count the bridge Izuku walked home every day under everyday. Which was why today was weird. He got attacked by some sludge dude but before they could fight back All Might came. And quite literally knocked the shit out of the sludge villain. All Might proceeded to empty out two bottles and started to collect the guy. “Do you need some help?” Izuku tried to collect himself and was proud of being able to talk to his hero without stuttering. 


“Oh! Sure!” All Might handed him an empty coke bottle. 


After they were done picking up the sludge villain, Izuku handed him the coke bottle and went on his way home. 


You forgot to ask for an autograph. 





Although today was already action packed enough, Izuku’s mother asked him to go out for a couple of groceries, and he had already finished his homework, and he loved his mother, so, of course he went. As he was shopping, he saw an abnormally skinny man. 


That man smells like All Might. 


Lucky for him the man was right next to him when right next to him while he was picking carrots. Also close enough to hear Izuku mutter “What the fuck?”

“Excuse me young m-”

“All Might?”