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The calm to my storm, my sun when it rains

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Serena swore as the lights once again flickered and went out. It was typical that she was having trouble with the electrics the one time Bernie was on the other side of the country and unable to help. She regretted now persuading Bernie to go help her son rewire his new house. Bernie had been reluctant, knowing that the opening was drawing near, but Serena had reminded her that it was only recently that Cam had started speaking to her again and that she wasn’t to do anything to jeopardise that relationship again. And anyway, Bernie had already sorted out all the electrics in the new shop so she would mainly be getting under Serena’s feet while she dealt with the last-minute things.

Groping round in the semi-darkness, Serena found her phone and pulled up the number of her second-choice electrician. Xavier Duval was competent but hideously arrogant. But beggars couldn’t be choosers, so it was him or no one. She was mainly just grateful that all her stock was safely in the fridge at home. She didn’t want a repeat of the panic she’d had two Christmas’s ago. Her cheeks coloured as she remembered. That hadn’t been all bad in the end, the fire in the workshop. It had brought Bernie into her life. She’d have put up with a lot more in order to have Bernie as her partner.

Luckily, Xav had a gap that afternoon. The job he was doing in the morning had been finished quicker that he thought.

“I’m just that good,” he told Serena on the phone while she rolled her eyes. “I’ll be round about 2.”

Her fingers hovered over Bernie’s number in her address book once Xav had hung up. Should she call her and let her know? Bernie had asked to be kept in the loop, and wasn’t it her duty as a girlfriend to tell her what was going on? But then again, she’d known Bernie for long enough to understand the depths of the Bernie Wolfe Saviour Complex. There was no way she was going to allow Bernie to drive for six hours straight across the country just to deal with a problem that would be sorted by this afternoon. No, she decided. She wouldn’t tell Bernie. Not until it was all sorted out.