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The Fallen Angel

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Chapter 1-A Monster’s Birthday


This was wrong, all wrong. Izuku knew that his fifth birthday was going to be a great day, because he would finally get his quirk but it wasn’t. Kacchan was supposed to be strong and brave, but he was crying and curled into a ball on the ground. His quirk was supposed to be something great, but it was scaring him. He wasn’t supposed to be alone in t  he woods but he was when he ran off until he was found by Kacchan mostly normal later and was dragged back. The rest of his party passed quickly after they came back to his house with Kacchan begging his mom to leave because it was boring. Kacchan never begged his mom. It was another wrongness to the day that stabbed more nausea into his gut. 


His presents were fine he didn’t remember really. All he could remember was that horrible shifting back in the forest. That feeling of stretching and his body moving in ways that it shouldn’t and then Kacchan was screaming and crying. So scared. Scared of him.


His mother asked him what was wrong, but he just wanted to forget. She was persistent, but couldn’t get anything out of him other than he had made Kacchan upset. Inko chalked up his sadness as a result of Kacchan ignoring him. She knew how proud the other child could be and how he held a grudge when others shook his pride. She wasn’t worried. They would make up soon.




They didn’t. While Kacchan often ignored Izuku he didn’t ever turn him away from joining in his activities. Now Kacchan drove him away with his explosions. It wasn’t because he was scared. No, of course not. It was he needed to prove that he was still better than that useless Deku even if he had gotten a quirk. Izuku didn’t fight back at all. He just accepted this as a new part of his life. 


He started simply accepting everything. School was just something he had to do. His teachers were concerned at his lack of any enthusiasm, but he always did his work and answered questions when asked so they didn’t worry too much. During meals he ate whatever was put onto his plate and didn’t care what it was. He just sat around in his room staring at the wall only leaving for meals, the bathroom, and half an hour each day to walk around the park near his house after his mom forced him to play outside.


Inko was very worried about her son as the months went by, even if he continued to tell her that everything was fine. She knew that he and Kacchan still hadn’t made up, but she had never seen him this upset about one of their fights. He wasn’t acting like himself at all. Izuku wasn’t the most athletic or outdoorsy child, but even he played without Kacchan’s urging. Now he stayed in his room all day. He was always interested in heroes, but now he barely showed even the faintest interest in any of the newspaper articles or TV programs about them. Whenever Mitsuki had visited before Izuku would join in their talks the way a child would blurting out whatever was on his mind. Now during her visits Izuku would leave his room, sit on the couch silent the entire time, and return once she left. It got so bad after his sixth birthday that she decided to take Izuku to a psychologist even though he was so young.




“Now Izuku, you’re here because your mother is worried about you. She told me that you are staying in your room all day and not showing any interest in the things you used to like. She’s worried about you and wants me to help you solve whatever your problem is. If I am to help you, then you need to be honest with me. I won’t judge you for anything you say because that would make it harder to solve the problem. Do you understand?” Izuku only responded affirmatively because it was expected.


“Now I believe that the main cause of this problem was a fight between you and a friend. Am I right?”




The doctor while slightly taken aback at the abrupt reply and his incorrect conclusion, was still a professional. Getting it directly from the patient was best so he asked, “Well then, what do you believe caused the problem?”


“My quirk.”


“I see. And what is your quirk?”


“Nothing.” Quirks weren’t supposed to make you a monster. Quirks weren’t supposed to scare your best friend who was always so brave into crying. Therefore what he had wasn’t a quirk. He didn’t have a quirk. If only this was true. He wanted it to be true.


“So you have no quirk. And what is your friend’s opinion on your state of being quirkless?”


“He hates me. He doesn’t want me near him.” Izuku didn’t mention the fear in Kacchan’s eyes whenever he walked too close to him or the hate that was mixed in as well. He didn’t mention how it hurt him to see someone who was his best friend in the world drive him away whenever he came close. Even so he didn’t fight it. What he did to Kacchan was bad. When he was bad his mom punished him. So it made sense that Kacchan punished him. It was what he deserved. Heros always beat up the bad guys. Kacchan was going to be a hero. He was the bad guy.


“Did he tell you this directly? Often people do not talk to each other clearly and it leaves the other confused. Are you quite certain he doesn’t want you around or could it be a misunderstanding?”


“He used his quirk to scare me off.”


“Well, I do agree that this display of aggression is rather straightforward in its meaning. But that does mean that his feelings on the topic of quirks should apply to you. You can be a very good person in society even without a quirk. In fact I believe that there are better suited people to help you with your problem. I help people through their emotional problems, but there are psychologists for problems arising specifically from quirks. Or the lack of. Here go show this to your mother,” he said handing a piece of paper with the quirk counselor's information on it.


It took awhile to schedule a new patient, but in a few days Izuku was once again before a psychologist. He was once again sitting reclined being asked questions that he only answered because he wanted to be left alone. Most of the advice he ignored because it was basic don’t be discouraged, keep hope. He only needed one question answered. Interrupting the counselor he asked the question that was burning in his heart, “Can somebody be a hero without a quirk?”


The therapist paused giving some thought to the question before he answered. “Well there are plenty of support heroes who are quirkless and lots of them in hero administration. There have also been many vigilantes some of which have been rather well known possibly because they were successful despite having no quirks. Unfortunately there have currently been no quirkless pro heros. But that does not mean it can’t be done. You can always be the first.”

Something about what the therapist said bothered Izuku. “How can there be a lot of vigilantes with no quirk, but not a single pro hero?”


“Well you see it's because the standards for heros need to be met and without a quirk it’s basically impossible. A hero must be able to succeed in every sort of situation from rescues to hostage situations to large fights, while vigilantes mostly engage in ambushes against one or two people. Also heros need to get certification while anybody can be a vigilante.”


This was the first thing to catch his interest since he had gotten his quirk. He knew that vigilantes weren’t exactly good, but they were kinda like heroes because they helped others. A monster wasn’t exactly good, but he wanted to help others. They were just like him. He didn’t want to be a hero. Kacchan was going to be a hero. He was going to become a vigilante. “How does one become a vigilante?”


The therapist frowned when he heard this. “You don’t. What vigilantes do is against the law. I know you’re just asking because you’re curious, but I can’t encourage this sort of interest. There are so many other opportunities to pursue in your life, don’t waste it breaking the law. And I know you wanted to be a hero so don’t ever feel like being a vigilante is the only option to achieve your dream. Your mother told me how inspired you are by them. I’m sure with enough effort you could easily become the first quirkless pro hero.” The therapist continued to give what he thought was a very inspiring speech to an uncomplaining audience. ‘So polite and respectful,’ he thought to himself.


Izuku had stopped paying attention when the therapist had started his spiel and had gone back to his previous near catatonic state. However, this was different than all the other times. While his expression was blank on the inside his mind was buzzing about how he would start his new dream. He needed to know more first, he had focused so much on heroes and had almost nothing on vigilantes. He also needed to practice his quirk. It wasn’t a hero’s quirk, but it was fine for a vigilante hunting from the shadows. Of course he couldn’t let his mom know about it. He didn’t want to scare her either. He didn’t want to ruin her life like he did with Kacchan. So he would have to practice his quirk in secret. Slowly the rambling thoughts of a young Izuku came together into a perfect plan in his head.



It was easy to for Izuku to ignore Kacchan when he was lost in planning his vigilante future. Unfortunately ignoring Kacchan was not the best of ideas even when he was in a good mood. Kacchan was filling with anger because that horrible Deku kept ignoring him. That monster had no right to ignore him. It was just another way that Deku was saying he was weak. He wasn’t weak at all. He wouldn’t even meet him to give him the satisfaction of beating him in a fight to prove he was still strong. It just made him so mad.


Somehow that horrible Deku had avoided him the entire day. Kacchan just couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t know what this extra did exactly, but he was pissed off. He shoved him to the ground and let his explosions pop out of his hands. He was finally feeling slightly back in control when that horrible Deku came between him and that random extra.


“I’m not g-g-going to let you hurt him K-k-kacchan.” It was pitiful to Kacchan how Deku was shaking and crying. “A h-hero wouldn’t l-let t-them get hurt.”


Those words filled him with rage. Deku wasn’t ever supposed to be a hero. He was worthless even before he got that quirk of his. And with it he would be even more worthless than before at being a hero. He was supposed to be the hero. Not Deku. Never that horrible Deku. “You won’t ever be a hero Deku. Get it inside that shitty head of yours that people would never want someone like you to save them.” Kacchan normally had a fire inside of him, but he was so angry that this… this… this monster thought it could be a hero. It exploded out of him in the form of his quirk as he hammered his fists into Izuku, emphasizing his point. “You. Are. Not. A. Hero!” For once that Deku was useful for something, Kacchan thought as he walked away. He felt so much better after beating up that shitty Deku. It didn’t last though as thoughts of Deku coming back for revenge as that monster from Deku’s birthday haunted him.


Izuku was left on the ground a crying mess, with smoke wafting from his arms from where Kacchan had attacked him. He lay there stunned. He knew that Kacchan was always proud after he got his quirk and rightly so, boasting how he would be the number one hero. But he had always let Izuku talk of being a hero. It would normally be a low ranked one which was fine because he just wanted to help people and didn’t care if he was ranked highest. Sometimes if Kacchan was in a good mood he would let Izuku dream of being his sidekick or even the number two hero. But those words kept echoing inside of his head. You are not a hero. It seemed like fate had wanted to bring another pillar of his life crumbling down by destroying Kacchan’s twisted support of his goals.


Not a hero. 


Not a hero.


Not a hero.


Not a hero.


Not a hero.


Not a hero.


No! He will be better than just a hero. He’s going to be better than Kach, no, Bakugou. Better than any hero who’s ever been. Even All Might. He would prove them all wrong. He would help so many people that it wouldn’t matter if he looked like a monster or even acted like one. He’s going to train harder than anyone, make his quirk the best one ever, and prove himself as a vigilante.


And to do that he will have to practice with his quirk.

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Chapter 2-Training From Hell


Izuku trained in his room alone for a while. He eventually had to move on because there was only so much space in his room. Plus he couldn’t exactly do much without damaging something or making too much noise which would make his mother suspicious. And she also wanted him out of the house more instead of just staying in his room. It was still good for experimenting with his turning and also stamina training keeping his forms up. Eventually he decided on the park where he and Kacch. No! Where he and Bakugou used to play together.


The park was a great place to practice. He went far along the path and then went about 60 meters from the trail so he was in a nice clearing of his own hidden by the trees. It was rather isolated as the kids stayed near the front where it was grassier and had the play equipment. Any random people who hiked or jogged the path stayed on it and didn’t enter his personal clearing. And on the few occasions that people noticed something going on among the trees he was able to hear them crashing through the thick brush as they came to investigate. When they came to the clearing nobody ever noticed the strange forms hiding among the leaves near the tops of the trees.


However, people were getting concerned with all the claw marks scratched deep into the bark of the trees in the clearing. And what appeared to be bites taken out of the trees. And the trees that were thin and snapped leaving broken trunks. And all scorch marks from his acid and poison. (No fire. He wasn’t stupid enough to try messing with it in a forest.) Okay maybe in hindsight the park was still too public, but he was too excited to have a private practice place to think about whether it was feasible. Eventually he had to stop when they had some police officers investigating. He didn’t want to get arrested and have his vigilante career stopped before he even started.


He had to put off on finding a new training area when school started up again. It was easy to avoid Bakugou while he was training, but now they were in the same class again. However, he had trained his mind as well. It was kind of the only thing he could do when the park became unavailable and he stayed in his room to avoid accidentally encountering Bakugou. His mom was actually fine with it since she had missed him with him out of the house so much with practice. Some of it had been trying to find a new training area, but he had thought of a lot of things. His costume. An actual training plan. New ways to use his quirk. And the most important: How he would keep suspicion off of him. Including making sure Bakugou didn’t become involved and ruin all of his plans.


It was simple. Bakugou was the driving force behind the other students bullying him. Without Bakugou encouraging them most of the attempts will drop off dramatically. Since Bakugou saw him as a monster that’s how he would act. He remembered how scared Bakugou had been when he first shifted. If he could tap into that fear by threatening him then Bakugou should back down and leave him alone. Either that or it will blow up horribly in his face when Bakugou snaps and tries to “make the world better by killing this freak” as he threatened to do before. Then again this was Kacchan who always shouted die whenever he started a fight with someone. He wasn’t too afraid. Mostly.


But he would have to do it carefully. Everyone took Bakugou’s comments of “monster” and “freak” as meaning he was quirkless. If they actually knew what his quirk made him, then everyone would torment him even worse. It would be like a mob in every horror movie trying to kill the monster.



The freak had been avoiding him all summer, but now he was going to get answers. Who knew what he was doing? He was a literal demon for God fucking sake. Course it was still that useless Deku so it wasn’t likely he killed someone, but he was up to something. Deku was smiling way too much to be normal for the first day of school. And those glances in his direction were anything but subtle especially because the creepy little fucker only smiled more after doing it. The monster was up to something and it involved him, so he was going to find out and then beat the shit out of the little creep for whatever stupid idea he had planned.


As soon as class ended he was on that fucking demon. “Deku! You’ve been avoiding me all fucking summer like the little shit you are so you and I are going to have a fucking talk.”


“That sounds great Kacchan. I’m sorry that I’ve been busy, but I’ll gladly meet with you if you want me to. It’ll be just like when we were kids and hung out so much,” Deku replied shooting Kacchan another beaming smile. 


“What do you fucking mean about us being kids? It doesn’t mean anything. I’ll beat anyone because I’m going to be the best. I’ve always been older and stronger than you. You should know your fucking place you shitty little monster.”


Waving his hands in front of him Izuku tried to appease the other boy. “I didn’t mean anything like that Kacchan. I just meant how we used to play together or how you’d come over for my birthday. You remember that don’t you?” It was followed by a head tilt and a seemingly innocent blink. Izuku really wanted to hammer home the threat hidden in his words. To force Bakugou to remember the monster he had become on that fateful day and how Bakugou cowered before him.


Bakugou flinched at the memories and started to growl at Iuku before he was interrupted by two of his cronies walking over to Izuku’s desk. “Hey Bakugou are you coming with us or not?”


“Yeah man we were planning on hitting the arcade. Just leave this loser and come on.”


Izuku peered around Bakugou to look at them. “Oh. Would you like to come with us?” The two glanced at each other in confusion. “Kacchan and I were going to meet up because we haven’t met all summer. I wasn’t planning on having you two tag along, but I’m sure I could handle it. In fact,” here he turned from the duo to smile again at Bakugou, “why don’t you bring the whole gang Kacchan? I would love to meet all your friends and this would be the perfect opportunity to have them all in one place. C’mon what do you say?” People had always told his mother what a cute son he had so he tried to pour all of his charm on. Hopefully it would come 

across as trying too hard to be innocent.


Bakugou wasn’t dumb. The shitty demon was trying to get everyone together so he could do something horrible. He was the only one who knew what the little terror was capable of and the only one who would be prepared for whatever he had planned. All of those fucking extras would be too dumb to pick up any hints something was wrong and were too fucking weak to stand against the fucking creep. Of course he wasn’t going to be beaten by that fucking monster, but those extras could get in his way if he tried to stop Deku. He wasn’t going to risk anyone getting near that shitty monstrosity if he could help it.


“In your fucking dreams Deku. Nobody would ever want to hang out with someone like you. Let’s leave this little creep.” If either of his lackeys had mentioned his quick pace he would have put it down to wanting to ditch the little fucker and not have him tag along. He kept trying to tell himself he was not running away. He was just trying to keep the two losers who followed him from getting caught in the crossfire. If it was one on one he would totally beat that fucking demon. He wasn’t some sort of coward or anything. He was just making the smart choice.



Izuku kept following Bakugou as much as he could to keep up the appearance of the overeager Deku happily following around the amazing Kacchan just like they used to. Izuku could tell that Bakugou was freaked out by all of his interest, but was still too proud to admit to anyone he was scared of Deku. He kept making up excuses of not wanting to be with such a “deku” just like he had on the first day of school. It was all going to plan. As Bakugou switched from actively bullying him to ignoring and avoiding him instead the crowd followed suit.


It was extremely easy for Izuku to start looking for a place to start practicing again without any people trying to interfere by bullying him. He had prowled around the town trying to find a large isolated area with plenty of material to practice on. He couldn’t find anything until he stumbled upon the perfect place. Dagobah Beach. It was a bit far away for him to travel, but nobody went there except to dump more garbage. They didn’t even do that anymore because there was barely any open space and to get to the open areas was too much work. 


And it was dumped to the max. The horizon was blocked by the towering heights of rubbish and broken appliances. Nobody would care if the trash got destroyed even more in his practice. If they even did notice in the first place. Of course he wasn’t going to practice in broad daylight anymore. He had learned his lesson from the park. It would also be helpful in training his sleep schedule to waking up in the middle of the night to perform vigilante work.




Izuku woke up to his alarm quietly going off at midnight. He reached out of his covers and turned it off. He quietly changed from a pair of comfy pajamas to just a pair of dark pants. He also took a long sleeved blue shirt (he didn’t have anything darker) because it was going to be cold out. Crossing over to the window (it was lucky his room was on the side of the apartment complex) he opened it up and peeked out making sure that nobody was wandering about late at night. Now came the tricky part. Holding the shirt in his arms he leaned out the window trying hard not to fall out until most of his bare back was exposed to the night air. He closed eyes and concentrated on shifting himself a pair of wings. He made a mental note to himself that he would have to practice more on the speed of his transformations. He couldn’t be a good vigilante when he took about twenty seconds to make a means of escape safely. He also didn’t want to dangle out a fifth floor window that long with the one thing that can save him still forming.


With a quick fluttering of the darkened wings he inched out the window until he was fully out in the night air. Quickly orienting himself he set off to Dagobah Beach to get in a bit of practice. Izuku had planned out a schedule and currently every weeknight from midnight to 1:30 was when he would do his vigilante training. Since he went to bed to 9:30 and he woke up at 7:00 taking into account thirty minutes to actually fall asleep he would still get a healthy seven hours of sleep. He was saving the weekends for sleeping more, homework, and hanging out with Mom. The first three weeks he had dedicated to practicing his stealth flying with it taking up two thirds of his practice. This was the most important because if someone caught him he wanted to be confident in escaping them. Improving his flying skill would also help cut down on travel time leaving more time for practice after those three weeks. And combat training also had its own unique schedule for when he would train his forms.


Izuku shook his head to clear his thoughts. He was getting distracted focusing on his training instead of his flying. He had subconsciously started flying higher so his way was free of obstacles and he wouldn’t crash in his unfocused state. That wouldn’t do at all. His silhouette was far too obvious if anyone decided to look at the night sky. He lowered himself closer to the skyline until he could reach down and scratch the rooftop with his claws. God his mind was really wandering tonight. He hadn’t had problems with form overflow for the last three months in the park unless he was really tired.


Finally Izuku landed on Dagobah Beach hidden behind the mounds of garbage. Lettings his wings retreat his slipped on the shirt he had carried for the long flight. He started going through his various forms reacquainting himself with their intricacies for the first time since the park was closed off to him. He had kept up stamina training in his room during the summer, but there was a big difference holding onto a form sitting in a chair trying to do homework and actually moving around with it.


Finally it was time to return home so he slipped off his shirt again and flew himself back home. Climbing in through the window was even worse in reverse since he couldn’t inch his way in with his wings like he had going out. He had to hover and then carefully seat himself on the windowsill keeping a death grip on the glass. When his wings were gone he dropped himself into his room and fell onto his bed. He didn’t bother changing into his pajamas and could barely muster the energy to pull up the sheets. It was the latest he had ever stayed up and a glance clock confirmed he had stayed out too long. He groaned before flopping down onto the pillow. Adjusting the training plan would be a problem for morning Izuku.



The weeks seemed to fly by for Izuku. His nights were filled with destroying trash in new and unique ways. His claws were one of the easiest to train and would make up most of his hand to hand style. As long as it wasn’t too tough he could claw through it. He knew he could scratch through most metal pieces if they were thin enough from experience, but it was painful on his ears and fingers.


The abundant bags of garbage he used for practicing his fire after some trial and error. He had learned his lesson about biting things (Garbage was tough. While he had fangs his actual mouth was still soft.) so he tried clawing it the first time. He instantly regretted it as rotting liquid filth poured from the cuts and coated his front. He was able to burn it all off and was glad to have the foresight to do these exercises bare chested. He didn’t take off more than that because he was still modest even at midnight in a trash heap.


Through enough experimenting he found that he could only control the flames if he kept in contact with the fire. As soon as it left his hands it was no longer his and acted like a normal fire spreading and burning stuff. He couldn’t reclaim control once he lost it, but could contain the normal fires until they burnt out by circling them with his own flames. For some reason his flames acted like a barrier to the others which was immensely helpful in preventing the beach from turning into a massive conflagration.


All of the large metal waste he mainly bashed it into pieces after reinforcing himself. It stung, but if he was going to be beating people up then he needed to take a bit of pain in his forearms and legs. Once it was all crushed up and he couldn’t do much more with it Izuku used his acid to melt it down. This was less using it for target practice and more just testing and regulating the potency of it. Despite his best efforts to improve his distance he wasn’t able to spray the caustic poison more than about half a meter. So instead of wasting his time trying to increase something he couldn’t he just adjust his training plan once again.


Then there were his horns and tail. These posed the biggest problems for training because they were literally learning how to use a new part of his body. His wings just seemed how to instinctively react so he could fly, but the tail was another matter entirely. It did what he wanted, but how that was accomplished was the main problem. If he wanted it to wrap around something in front of him it just swung around and struck the piles of garbage to his sides not caring about what was in the way to reach its destination. Eventually he spent an entire week just visualizing how he wanted it move, to ingrain it in his memory so he could avoid mishaps.


The horns weren’t difficult to figure out. It was improving his accuracy with them that he needed to improve on. It was hard to see what he was aiming for when he had to lower his head to use them. His talent for memorization and analysis came in handy for remembering where things were so it was just a matter of developing his sense of kinesthesia. They were still cumbersome to use and so he wouldn’t probably use them in a real fight, but they were still a nice asset to have. Especially for intimidation and making him look more demonic.


His days were also blessedly peaceful without so many problems in school. It was only once in a while that he had someone pick on him and even then they were only insults. Nobody had ever gotten physical with him ever since Bakugou had stopped his efforts. It seemed without the protection of Bakugou’s reputation and the school’s hesitance to stain it nobody had the courage. It meant that he was easily able to finish his school work laughably quickly since he didn’t have to worry about looking over his shoulder. Which in turn meant more time to improve his training plan and thinking of ways to make his quirk stronger.



Izuku was filled with a quivering mix of excitement and fear for tonight because this was going to be his first act as “Dante”. He chose the name because of Dante’s Inferno which described the various levels of Hell. He felt that it was fitting because he was going to be putting villains into a personal hell as a vigilante. Speaking of, he had to give dear old “Kacchan” a little taste of hell. Bakugou had been toeing the line a bit too much at school recently and needed a reminder of what he could and couldn’t do to Izuku. It seemed that threatening him with words at school just wasn’t cutting it anymore.


Izuku knew morally what he was doing was wrong and on some deep instinctive level he felt bad that he considered this a viable solution. His mother had raised him to be kind to people. But Bakugou hadn’t listened to kindness and he was done letting him get in his way. He was going to help people as a vigilante and Bakugou wasn’t going to ruin his shot at it, like he had ruined so much else in his life. There was also a dark part of his mind that whispered what he was doing was perfectly fine. Bakugou had made his life hell, so why shouldn’t he repay the favor? If he was going to embrace his darker side why not go all the way?


As he thought more and more it became harder for him to see why he shouldn’t. Afterall punishment was meant to help make people better. There wasn’t anything wrong in helping Bakugou be better was there?


That’s when it struck him. He was trying to be a vigilante to help people. It wasn’t because he wanted to be the best or to beat people up to fulfill some violent urging inside of him. He wanted to help. All the bloodlust he felt towards Bakugou just kinda disappeared. It wasn’t that he stopped hating Bakugou for making his life miserable those long months before he accepted himself or that he was going to let Bakugou walk all over him again. Hell if Bakugou tried to stop him he wouldn’t hesitate to beat him down. He just didn’t feel the same level of anger towards him. He was still going to have a “talk” with Bakugou but it was difficult for him to imagine it being the bloodbath he had planned. Maybe he still considered Kacchan a friend. Whatever. That was going to be a problem for Izuku to figure out. Right now he was Dante off to terrorize his victim: Katsuki Bakugou.


He had gotten in a lot of practice flying and was soon hovering outside of Bakugou’s window. He hesitated a bit before steeling his nerves and pushed up the window to crawl inside the room. He carefully snuck around to the foot of Bakugou’s bed where he would be the first thing to be seen upon him waking up.


“Pst. Kacchan. Hey Kacchan. Wake up,” Izuku whispered while leaning over the sleeping boy. Grumbling Bakugou was softly pulled from sleep’s embrace just enough to catch a glance of a shadowy figure barely a foot from his face. He was awake in an instant, but any shout he would have made was stifled by the clawed hand that slapped over his mouth followed by another around his throat. 


“Now Auntie Mitsuki and Uncle Masaru deserve their rest and shouldn’t be woken up. This is just a talk between friends alright, Kacchan.” Izuku had kept up a cheery tone, but Bakugou could feel the menace hidden in the quiet words. Turning serious Izuku stated his demands. “Now I’m going to take my hands away. You’re going to speak quietly and we’re just going to have a chat. I don’t want to hurt you, but I won’t hesitate either.” After staring down Bakugou to ensure he was properly cowed Izuku removed his hands and stepped back a few steps.


“I want you to stop telling lies about me. It’s unbecoming of you Bakugou. To bully the poor quirkless boy and call him a monster.” Izuku gave a sadistic smirk towards the boy still in the bed. “Tell them the truth. I’m not a monster and can’t be because I don’t have a quirk.”


“Then what do you call yourself huh? Because you’re looking like a fucking monster right now,” Bakugou said as he glanced at the scaled and clawed arms the other boy had. “If you want the truth so fucking bad I’ll tell all those shitty extras the fucking truth about how you’re a fucking monster and how you’ve tried to kill me. Of course you’ve done a shitty job of it because you’re a useless Deku...


“I’m not Deku! I’m Dante Lord of the Inferno and King of Hell!” Izuku stated as loudly as he dared letting his wings burst forth along with a pair of horns. He ignored the flinch of pain and the trickle of blood that came from forcing his quirk to work too quickly. If anything it would make Bakugou fear him more he thought to himself as he felt the blood begin to drip down into view.


“You’ve always been a shitty Deku and that’s all you ever be no matter what fucking titles you give yourself. I don’t care what you say Deku, I’ll fucking do what I want,” Bakugou said as a firey retort.


“Stop calling me Deku,” Izuku seethed. He had wanted to just talk to Kacchan to keep him from nosing about, but somehow Bakugou had caused all of his anger to come rushing back with just a few words.


“Why don’t you make me, you fucking nerd.” Bakugou was shocking himself with every word that came out of his mouth. Internally he was panicking for when Deku snapped and killed him. He had nearly pissed himself when he woke up and Deku was standing there in his room. It was another nightmare that seemed way too common for someone strong like him, but then it became all too real when he felt those claws on him. But he was getting fucking tired of all the mind games Deku was playing. Deku hadn’t even done anything but talk and yet there he was obeying that monster like a dog everyday in school. Bakugou just couldn’t take listening to that little fucker anymore. If that fucking monster did try to kill him he would remind Deku of how fucking useless he was.


Izuku could literally feel himself beginning to burn with anger. Here he was trying to be nice to Kacchan, and he had the audacity to go and spit in his face. He didn’t want to hurt Bakugou (not much) and he didn’t want him knowing about his vigilantism, but all those thoughts were flying out the window in his rage. “Fine. I will make you. Meet me at Dagobah Beach at midnight on Sunday. No holding back. No mercy. No surrender. We’ll keep going until one of us is at death’s doorstep. If you win you’re free. You’re free to say or do whatever your heart desires and I’ll just take it like the Deku I am.” Bakugou smirked at this. Looks like the fucking monster knew his place. 


“However, with my victory I claim your soul.” Izuku turned a predatory gaze upon Bakugou with those words. Kacchan gulped when he heard those stakes and stared into Izuku’s eyes. Where before they had been a bright and sunlit forest, now it was like staring into some hellish flame which showed no mercy. “You will not act against me in any way. You will repeat only the truth that I speak. And if you act out, I will make you burn in hell.” Despite how his heart was going to beat out of his chest Bakugou managed to spit out a “Fine” without a quiver in his voice.


“You made a deal with the Devil. I hope you keep it,” Deku said after he was outside the window before flying back home.

Chapter Text

So many thoughts were running through Izuku’s head as he flew back home. He felt elated for actually standing up to Bakugou and not letting him crush his dream, but also panic at their upcoming fight. Where had that idea even come from? How was it that Bakugou could make him so upset with just a few words. This wasn’t what he wanted at all. Bakugou was always a supporter of action over words, but did he really have to go to a fight to the pain to make Bakugou see reason? 


It might still work out he tried to convince himself. Even though he had been training his quirk Bakugou had his longer and he was physically stronger too. But he knew Bakugou. How he always opened with a big right hook. How he functioned best at close range, but could also function well at midrange. He knew everything about his opponent while Bakugou was pretty much in the dark about a lot of his quirk. He could do this. He could beat Kacchan to become a vigilante and actually use his quirk for good. The harder part was going to be making sure that Bakugou kept his half of the deal.


But was it actually a deal? Bakugou had given verbal consent, but would that be enough? Would he actually agree to keep quiet if he was beaten? He always tried to do his own thing and didn’t care what others thought. Maybe he should make a written contract and have Bakugou sign it at school. But it would be bad if someone accidentally found that. How would he handle that? Izuku realized he had once again gotten distracted by his rambling thoughts. He really needed to kick that habit. Especially because he needed to focus more on the upcoming fight rather than what came after. 


Meanwhile Bakugou was lying awake in his bed thinking about their fight as well since sleep was impossible now. He was having trouble putting the image of the cowardly Deku before his quirk with the demon that had the balls to break into his house and host a death match. How much of a twisted motherfucker had Deku become while he hadn’t noticed? He had kept an eye on him after Deku had developed that shitty quirk because who knows what it did to him? He had seemed normal until he just disappeared that summer and then came back as a manipulative bastard. He had been fine playing along to that fucking monster’s games because he was keeping those shitty extras safe. It had been annoying, but if he wanted to be a future pro hero he was going to have to get used to keeping useless extras safe.


But it wasn’t just enough for that motherfucking monster to follow him around at school. That shitty Deku followed him everywhere like they were still friends or something. He tried so hard pretending to be not be a fucking monster it was amazing that none of the extras had noticed. Sure they had noticed Deku hanging around, but all of them had bought his “innocent quirkless loser amazed by Kacchan” act. It made Bakugou want to pound the monster until Deku finally got it through that thick head he shouldn’t threaten him. If Deku had tried anything he would have stepped in, but if he had just beat up the little fucker Deku would have found some way to make himself to monster instead. And pro heroes couldn’t be fucking monsters like that Deku was.


Bakugou knew that a lot of people only saw him as overly aggressive and rude, but he wasn’t just some dumb thug. He knew heroes were some of the best, strongest, and smartest people around so he tried to make himself just like them. But that… that… that fucking monster kept beating him at every turn. He couldn’t ruin Deku without ruining his own chances of being a pro hero. He couldn’t find some clever way to alert people without endangering them. And Deku was always following him around so whenever people thought of him and how awesome he was they also thought about that monster.


Which is why he was not going to lose their fight. He was tired of being beaten. But he was going to win. He had to win. He never lost. He was always the winner. It was never going to be that fucking shitty Deku. Deku thinks that he had already lost a lot, but it was just like that talk about battles and wars. He was dead set on winning this war and finally proving that he was always going to be the winner. 


And once he won he was going to make sure that Deku learned his place. The little shit was too overconfident in himself and had just given Bakugou the best deal ever. The chance to finally win when he couldn’t win against all of Deku’s little tricks. No! When he was beaten by those tricks. He didn’t lose. He never lost. Not once.


Even tonight Deku had only beaten him because the little monster had gotten the jump and had threatened his parents. In a straight up fight he was always going to win. He was motherfucking Katsuki Bakugou and he was going to be number one. Deku was nothing more than just the first monster he was going to crush in his career as the number one hero. He was nothing. Nothing but a little bug.



Izuku had spent the few days before the fight by continuing on with his training. It wasn’t much given the short time frame, but it wouldn’t pay to slack off. He had decided to change it up a bit by practicing techniques that would help against Bakugou. The free time he had during the day was spent studying Kacchan’s quirk as much as he could until his understanding of it was just shy of the user’s himself. School was tenser than normal even without Izuku playing his games with both of them avoiding each other like the plague. Neither of them wanted to deal with the other and the doubts they represented.


Finally it was the night of Sunday with the next day fast approaching. Izuku had gained a lot of practice to sneaking out of his window with his nightly training sessions, but tonight it was like doing it again for the first time. He tried to shake off any trepidation he had. He had trained his quirk until it was super strong. He had gone over every single aspect of Bakugou from his quirk to his fighting style. He had left Kacchan behind and whatever he thought about his quirk along with everybody else when he decided to become a vigilante. He didn’t care about them because he wasn’t going to let anything stop him from his dream. So why was it feeling like that day back in the park when all of his world came crashing down? He was a monster. He knew that and accepted it. He wanted to do this. Right?



Bakugou was having more trouble sneaking out of his house than Izuku. His room was on the third floor, but he couldn't exactly fly out the window. His parents were watching the television downstairs so sneaking out the front or back door was also out as the stairs would put him right in front of his parents. It was a bit of a struggle using the balconies to get down to the ground, but he did it in the end. He was wearing black pants and a plain black shirt so as to not stick out too much in the darkness. He wanted to have one of his skull shirts on, but he would have been taken in by being some sort of a “delinquent”. Whatever. Deku was still going to be pissing his pants once he started losing badass shirt or not.


He just wanted to get this fight over with, but resisted the urge to run to Dagobah Beach to avoid tiring himself out. It would be the end of the world if shitty Deku somehow won because he was too winded to fight well. Like hell he was going to let that happen. Deku wasn’t better than anyone else who had challenged him before. He was going to fall to the awesomeness that was his quirk “Explosion”.


If only it wasn’t so damn cold out. It was hard to focus on his imminent victory when he was shaking so much. It must be the anticipation of finally being able to tell everyone about that motherfucker and how he was a literal demon after Deku was beaten. The little shit was finally going to learn the meaning of fear. Just like how he had made Bakugou suffer. It was annoying having to play that demon’s game, but he handled it like a fucking champ. It wasn’t like he was ever really afraid of the little fucker. And now everything was going to be better because his victory was already in the bag. He was going to win damn it! Man I’m really aching for the fight, he thought as a big shiver went down his spine.


 Bakugou let out a few small pops to warm himself up and let out some of his excitement. He kept letting out small bursts every once in a while still shaking despite how he had already started to warm up. Damn it! He must have a fever or something. It was the only explanation for how he was shivering and sweating at the same time. The only one that made sense at any rate. He cooled off his explosions wanting to not overheat or dehydrate himself. He must have really overdone it using his quirk to heat himself as he was still sweating as he strolled onto the heaps of garbage. Fuck! That fever must also have some sort of stomach bug because his guts had started twisting themselves around each other. After this fight ended in like five minutes he was going home to take some medicine. He hated feeling like this.



Bakugou found Izuku standing barefoot and shirtless wearing only a pair of black pants like him in a large clearing near the edge of the water. At least he assumed it was Izuku. The person had red leathery skin with claws instead of fingers and hooves instead of feet. There was a pair of black horns forming a crescent above a bed of tangled red hair the same tone as his skin with black streaks in it. There was also a pointed tail waving about easily seen as the figure was facing away from Bakugou.


“Ah, Bakugou you’re here,” Izuku said while turning around. Bakugou shuddered when he saw Izuku’s horrible face speaking with his normal voice. It still had those big expressive eyes and it fell readily into a smile, but everything else was horribly unlike Deku. The teeth were sharp and angular, his sclera were black with the pupils a bright red, and his skin was just like the rest of his body except maybe a bit paler.


Izuku didn’t say anything, he just crouched into a ready stance. He didn’t trust himself to be able to speak anymore. Somehow just seeing Bakugou here was different than thinking about their fight. It wasn’t just another thing he planned for anymore. This was really happening. Right now, here on this deserted beach. He was going to fight the one person who was kinda his friend in a weird way. He knew that vigilantes didn’t always do the “right” thing, but this was different. It wasn’t a random thug who was hurting an innocent. It was Kacchan.


Bakugou wasn’t feeling quite as sentimental as Izuku was at that moment. He vaguely remembered the day Izuku got his quirk, but seeing him like this drove home the fact of how monstrous he was. How Izuku had tried to control his life. How flippantly he threatened everyone around Bakugou while they were too ignorant to notice. How he acted like he was better than him even though he was just a Deku and would only be a stupid fucking useless monster of a Deku! He was the strong one damn it! He wasn’t going to let this fucker control him any longer. “DIE you bastard!” he roared any fear he might have once felt at this monster being burnt up by his rage.


Izuku was shaken out of his reverie as Bakugou rushed at him with his quirk boosting his jump forward. Bakugou was shocked to find himself falling, his explosive right hook meeting no resistance in the form of Izuku. Any coherent thought he might have had vanished as his world was turned upside down with the pain of his back slamming into a mound of garbage grounding him back into the fight. He had no respite as Izuku was on him like a beast madly clawing and scratching at his chest. Somehow he managed to work one of his hands into the onslaught and launched the demon back with one of his bigger explosions.


Izuku was panting after his wild assault, but was in a much better condition than Bakugou who was lying with a bruised back and lots of shallow cuts on his chest. Izuku was holding back because he didn’t want to hurt Kacchan too much. Just enough until he passed out from a combination of pain and blood loss or he literally couldn’t move. 


Bakugou wasn’t thinking about holding back at all ever since the fight started and he sure as hell wasn’t now. The little fucker had landed hits on him so he was going to die. He wasn’t mindless with rage though. With the claws Deku could deal out some heavy damage if he would stop being such a Deku. But Deku had nothing if he couldn’t reach him while Bakugou had a far reach with his explosions. And if he used both hands separately to make his attacks have a wider blast rather than focusing them together for power Deku would be helpless. It would drain him faster than just using one hand, but would also ensure his chances of hitting even if that piece of shit tried to dodge like he had earlier. Having an explosion right in front of you would disorient anyone and with that opening Bakugou would be unbeatable. He could blast away point blank as fast as his quirk would let him and keep Deku pinned down under the force until he finally had to admit Bakugou’s superiority.


Getting up he charged at Deku with his arms spread wide and explosions ripping from his palms. Bakugou let out an insane laugh as he saw Deku tensing his legs to try and get out of the way of the oncoming blast. It wasn’t his absolute strongest explosion, but it was definitely pushing what was safe for continued use so he wasn’t going to miss. And if you were stupid enough to think that there was a gap between the two in the middle of the bursts he had actually overlapped them so it was just as strong as the rest of his attack.


Unfortunately for Bakugou, Izuku didn’t move to either side or try and rush through it, but he did do the seemingly impossible by avoiding it anyways. Bakugou was treated to the sight of a dark silhouette rising over his explosion before being treated to a kick to his head. While Bakugou was reeling from the blow Izuku swung around on his wings and slammed into Bakugou’s already bruised back for his landing. Bakugou tried to throw Izuku off, but was just pushed down as Izuku took off again.


Bakugou quickly rolled onto his back even though it hurt and launched another large explosion skywards as a preventive measure against any more dive bombing from Izuku. He stood up and blasted off more explosions anytime the other boy came close, but Izuku was too agile on his wings. Even though he wasn’t getting blasted it was a stalemate as he kept being forced to turn away from Bakugou. If he wanted to land some hits on Bakugou he was going to have to change tactics.


Swinging around for another dive he didn’t shy away from Bakugou’s explosion. Instead he stopped using his wings and instead layered his defenses more as scales poured over his body. He could feel the heat and force of the blast pouring over him, but gravity proved to be the victor as he fell and landed a staggering blow on Bakugou. Giving him no time to recover Izuku let flames pour over his arms and started swinging them at Bakugou. Bakugou wasn’t thinking about much except how to get away and used an explosion to launch himself repeating it several times to get some distance. It didn’t matter which way as long as it was away from the now burning Izuku.


What he didn’t expect was for Izuku to come running at him full tilt. Bakugou tried blasting Izuku at near point blank range, but he was unaffected by the heat and only mildly slowed by the concussive force. Bakugou was tackled by the demon and went down hard. The situation was similar to the beginning of the fight except far more painful. The scratches though painful were shallow, but he couldn’t ignore the agony the fire brought. If Izuku had been punching him it would have been merciful. Instead he was slamming his armored forearms into the mass of lacerations covering his chest and kept them there scorching his flesh before repeating the torture. Bakugou had tried to focus and blast free like he had earlier, but his mind was too hazy. The fire was sucking away his breath while darkness started covering his eyes, but cruelly kept the image of Izuku’s face clear. Even as he raged at himself for being too weak to stand up to Deku he passed out.



A draconic boy cried out a choked, “I’m sorry Kacchan. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Please. I’m sorry. Kacchan I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave me. I’m sorry. Please Kacchan. Forgive me, forgive me,” while weeping over the body of another boy badly burned and their chest a mess of cuts crusted over with dried blood.



Izuku fell into a slump after his fight with Kacchan. School wasn’t the same without Kacchan around. Plus with him being gone Izuku couldn’t follow him around school afterwards either. Surprisingly, the rest of the student body was barely affected by the loss of Bakugou. People noticed he was gone of course. How couldn’t they? There was no more explosive outbursts in class anymore about how he was going to be number one. The number of fights almost started also greatly decreased. But while it seemed like the end of the world for Izuku everyone else just carried on as usual. People continued to ignore Izuku just as they had when Kacchan was there, but it was different. Before he could always count on a pair of eyes to glare bloody murder at him while nothing was actually done to him. Now life was so boring.


He kept training to become a vigilante. It was nearly ingrained in him to do so and he had fought so hard against Kacchan for it. But was it worth it? He had lost Kacchan because of it. Even though the other boy was the main obstacle standing in the way to his dream with him gone it was like something was lost instead. He wasn’t going to stop. He had come too far to just end all of it like that. But he was going to carry this burden for probably the rest of his life. So in a way his vigilantism wasn’t just for him anymore. In a way he would be doing it for Kacchan keeping him in his thoughts as he went about helping people. Izuku smirked at that. Kacchan would hate being against the law like this, but it wasn’t like he could actually stop Izuku.



The years just seemed to fly by for Izuku. He hadn’t done any acts of vigilantism as Dante ever since that night on the beach fighting Kacchan. If you didn’t count the illegal quirk usage during his nightly training. He continued to practice his quirk and experiment with it on Dagobah Beach, but that was only a small part now.


He had convinced his mom to sign him up for self defense classes. It was easy, especially in light of what had happened to Kacchan. He felt bad about coercing his mom like this, but that fight had made it clear to him that he didn’t know the first thing about fighting. He knew that his quirk was a strong one, but he had just flailed against Kacchan rather than actually fight him. He had gotten lucky that Kacchan’s quirk had several weaknesses against his and his was versatile enough to throw Kacchan off several times. The training that he received from his self defense classes in the afternoon was invaluable in strengthening his fighting capability. Especially since he doubled what he got out of the classes by practicing in the darkest hours of the night.


The other important aspect of his training was in his continued hero watching. He knew that the other kids grew to consider his continued hero obsession odd as they outgrew their hero phases. They still liked heroes of course, but they didn’t religiously follow the exploits of every up and coming name like Izuku did. If only they knew what he actually used his hero observation notebooks for. Every single one was filled with information on how to counter, escape, or beat just about every major hero. He was constantly updating them as new heroes came on the scene or more was learned about the heroes quirks.




It wasn’t until his final year of middle school that he finally considered himself ready to have Dante start leaving his mark. This decision was mainly due to the fact that he wasn’t going to be a kid any longer. He would be expected to be choosing his high school at the end of the year which would be a major determinant in how successful he would be in his life. But he hadn’t given much thought to which school he would choose. It didn’t really matter as long as the chosen school would allow him to get a basic job to support himself later in life.


Vigilantism was his dream and he was going to follow it. He had focused almost all of his attention on it since he needed to succeed here more than anywhere in his life. Vigilantes had extremely low success rates due to either being imprisoned or killed. It was one of the most dangerous jobs to have because neither side of the law wanted them to remain active. Those few who had willingly retired from the profession and revealed themselves later in life weren’t the most successful people. Most of the talents that made one a good vigilante didn’t transfer well to other jobs except those in the criminal profession.


But Izuku wasn’t going to be like every other vigilante who had come before. He was going to succeed and keep going for years until… He hadn’t actually decided on a time to quit, but it would probably be after he had caused the world to be good enough that his efforts weren’t needed. Plus he did want to settle down and have a family. He wasn’t sure if he was ever going to reveal himself as Dante, but if he was he would do after his children had grown up so he wouldn’t ruin their lives. His mother had been an amazing person in his life and he wanted to be there too for his future family, just like his mom had been here for him.


Success would come and it would come because of how useful his quirk was. With it he had almost every base covered of the major pitfalls that other vigilantes had fallen into. By shifting forms he could totally transform himself even down to the genetic level making it impossible to identify him. As long as he was never spotted shifting into Dante no connection could ever be drawn to mild quirkless Izuku.


He wasn’t just counting on his quirk to protect him though. He had combed through as many conspiracy and vigilante sightings forums that he could and had found nothing on himself. Which meant that nobody had ever spotted him travelling to and from his apartment to Dagobah Beach. He had also practiced developing an entirely different personna for Dante so it would be even harder to link his civilian self to his vigilantism. Who would ever think that the devil spewing  madness about punishment for wickedness was Izuku Midoriya the quiet hero obsessed nerd? And once he had become more involved with the underworld it would be an easy matter to make a false identity to distance himself from his mother to protect her. And since Kacchan was gone, there wasn’t really anyone else close to him that could be used against him. He had accounted for everything.



The thing about fate is that the more one tries to change things the more that they still happen. The event just happens in unexpected ways. Izuku would learn this when he was fourteen years old.



He had stayed after school working on his hero analysis journal. There had been a very good fight with Kamui Woods, but the more important player was Mt. Lady. She was still new to the scene and this was the first time that Izuku had seen her in action. While most people wouldn’t be able to get much information out of her brief fight, most people weren’t Izuku. His analytical mind was already at work picking apart any weakness that he could find. The biggest one was that her size also hindered her movement in tight areas. If her internal structure also grew proportionally then that meant her nerves would be quite sizeable. Even small wounds could be crippling if they were just as painful. The attack would have to have high piercing potential though in order to get through the larger layer of epidermis. This and other observations were noted down in his notebook. Once he felt that he had enough written down, he packed up his books and started on his way home.


On his way back he heard several large explosions going off downtown. Rushing towards the noise he found an already sizeable crowd had gathered along with several police officers trying to keep them back. He couldn’t believe his luck. Two villain attacks in one day! And from the sounds of things there were going to be several heroes assembled to deal with such an important threat. This was going to be a great opportunity to learn more about his future opponents. Pushing people aside he wormed his way to the front of the crowd. Buildings were burning on both sides of the side street filling it with smoke and making it hard to see. There were several heroes hanging back and he overheard mutters about a hostage. He was able to make out the villain who was a large figure made out of some kind of flowing slime substance with only a large mouth and pair of eyes for physical features. His heart froze as he looked a little lower with the smoke miraculously clearing for a moment only to mock him with the sight before him.


Ashen blond hair. Red eyes full of anger. The roar of explosions as they burst forth in an explosion of light. How his struggles became more desperate and fear appeared in those eyes. Eyes that only showed fear with him before. “Kacchan.” He startled himself with his quiet whisper. It was Kacchan who was being held hostage.


His heart was pounding in his chest he tried to force his way back out of the crowd. He had to get out! He continued to struggle against the mob which seemed to have tripled in size while he was watching. The edge seemed to get further and further away as more people stopped to gawk at the spectacle. Finally he breached the edge gasping like a drowning man breaking free of the waves. He rushed over to the opposite side of the street perpendicular to where the villain was and ducked into an empty alley. With barely a glance to ensure he was alone he threw off his backpack and jacket. He didn’t care what filth they landed in, he just had to reach Kacchan in time. He only struggled with undoing the first few buttons of his shirt before lifting it over his head while cursing his well tied shoes.


As soon as he had mostly stripped he turned into a Hellspawn as fast as he could. He ignored the pain that ripped through his body along with some blood bursting out with his extra appendages as he transformed too quickly. This was nothing. Not while Kacchan was suffering and scared. 


He shot up into the air his wings straining to get them to Kacchan in time before it was too late. He let his arms combust and then he was diving as fast as he could to the sludge monster. “He’s mine!” He was vaguely aware of the monster screaming in pain above him as his flame was unquenched even as he shoved in his arms in as far as they would go. He ripped Kacchan free carefully tossing the limp boy behind him before turning back to the monster before him. "He's mine," he roared again as he continued to tear through the sludge charring the slime until it crumbled into black pieces. "You can't ever have him!" He only stopped when the monster oozed into a scorched puddle a fraction of its original size on the ground passed out from the pain.


Izuku started to turn in order to check on Bakugou when he was blasted by a stream of water by Backdraft. In the opening provided Death Arms grabbed him and threw him to Mt. Lady who caught him and kept him contained in a firm grip. It was a smart move since he was incapable of movement and even with his strongest flames it would be difficult to burn through her costume’s gloves before she could react.


“Who are you villain? And what were you planning on doing to that kid?” She was only speaking, but with her giant size and closeness to him, her questions made Izuku wince in pain.


Deciding to be dramatic for his big reveal Izuku proclaimed, “I am Dante. Lord of the Inferno and King of Hell!” He followed it with an unsettlingly wild grin, hoping he was making a good first impression to the audience. “That boy is mine as I claimed his soul years ago in my youth. I won’t have him escape his debt to me so easily.” It was remarkably easy to let the words come. He was like a natural actor.


Mt. Lady looked down at the demon in her hand with disgust. She had never expected to encounter such a twisted person so early in her career. She started to bring him closer to question him further when Izuku shifted. Sharp spines lanced into her hand, her grip loosening in shock allowing Izuku to make a break for freedom. Most of his body was changed now, covered by a black chitinous shell adorned in spikes with breaks in the armor at his joints. His wings were no longer like a pair of bat’s bursting from his shoulders, but like some twisted butterfly instead. They were slow, but sturdier than just the Swarm’s wings alone, and he really needed the extra armor and spikes that his other form provided. But they were just so annoying. Sometimes he really hated how his quirk combined his forms together.


Mt. Lady tried to reach for him again while he made his escape, but a quick spray of a weaker acid at her hand had her withdrawing it quickly as the substance was already burning through her glove. Normally he couldn’t get much distance, but with his target almost right underneath him he couldn’t miss. He started to swoop his way to freedom through the side street so Mt. Lady couldn’t pursue him. It looked like he was going to get away free when he was caught by several tendrils of wood reaching up from Kamui Woods.


He let the Swarm drop away from him and ignited his Hellspawn form. The wood quickly caught fire and Izuku caused it to spread further until it almost reached the pro hero. Kamui Woods dropped him in favor of getting extinguished by Backdraft. Izuku fell for only a second before righting himself and continued trying to escape the pro heros before more reinforcements showed up.


Seeing as he was the only one left with Mt. Lady stuck on the other side, and Backdraft trying to save Kamui Death Arms took action. He grabbed the abundant rubble and launched it at the fleeing airborne figure. Though his aim was good and the pieces of debris were thrown blisteringly fast, Izuku was just too agile on his wings and finally made it out of the side street to the main thoroughfare. He didn’t go directly for the alley where his clothes and backpack were as he would have several heroes on his tail, but instead flew down about a block before diving into an alley entrance there.


He flew quickly down the tangled dark backways hoping that the heros didn’t expect him to be returning back to their location. He easily found his shirt, shoes, and jacket were he had left them and slipped them back on. Picking up his backpack he was easily able to slip out and disappear into the crowd unnoticed by anyone there. Or so it seemed. One pair of angry red eyes were on the lookout and noticed the appearance of that green mop of hair even as their owner was being checked out by paramedics. ‘Deku,’ he mentally growled.



Izuku was walking back home when he heard someone running up behind him. He spun around and was suddenly staring at a furious Bakugou. He felt a little bit of fear creep in despite knowing that he had previously beaten the other boy and had just saved his life. “Oi! Listen up you shitty Deku. I didn’t need your help today, I could have beaten that shitty villain all by myself. And I’ll never need your help because you’re a fucking villain and that’s all you’ll ever be. A fucking monster who thinks that he can play at being a hero. But I’ll be the number one hero, not you. Because you’re just going to be a shitty villain and I’ll crush you. You hear that. I’m going to be the hero!” The last sentence was roared at Izuku before Bakugou turned away in a huff and started walking away.


Izuku didn’t doubt that Kacchan was going to be a hero. He was a force of nature to be dealt with. Not much was capable of stopping him once he got an idea in his head. It still irked Izuku that Bakugou continued to look down on him. Why didn’t he see that Izuku was stronger than him? Why was he forced to play the role of a villain (technically vigilante) while Bakugou hogged all the glory of being a hero? It reminded him of when they were younger and Bakugou always forced him to be less than him whenever they played heroes.


Why couldn’t he be a hero, huh? He remembered so long ago when he tried protecting a kid from his class and Bakugou had shouted at him, You are not a hero. He was certainly that kid’s hero at that moment. And he had been a hero today when he had saved Kacchan from the slime villain. At least a better hero than the pros who had stood around rather than trying to take action. They had also attacked what was to their knowledge an innocent civilian who had simply stepped in to help: him. He had simply acted in self defense not out of hate towards heroes. (Though there was some anger at how they didn’t at least try to save Kacchan.) In his eyes he had done nothing wrong at all. Yes, he was already leagues better a hero than many others. But if he wanted to get even better he would need training. Oh how Bakugou would hate him. He smiled at the thought.

Chapter Text

Izuku was standing in front of the giant gates of UA the tall building shining brightly in front of him. He was nervous about going in, but if he couldn’t even take a few steps forward then how could he ever prove he was a better hero than Kaccha would ever be? He took a deep breath and marched in not taking his eyes off of the building in front, just in case his resolution failed him. Unfortunately this trick worked against him when he couldn’t see a bit of uneven pavement and tripped.


In a panic he activated his quirk and braced for impact throwing his arms before him. He kept waiting for the harsh hit of the ground, but it never came. Slowly he opened his eyes which he had clenched shut and found himself floating staring down at the ground.


“Woah, is that your quirk?” The speaker was a girl with brown hair in a bob cut (sue him if he doesn’t know girls’ hairstyles) with perpetually pink cheeks. She was referring to the smooth golden covering on top of his arms.


“Oh, um yeah,” Izuku awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. Geez where was the confidence he had as Dante? He had been training to be a vigilante. How was he scared of talking to a girl? “Part of my quirk. I can uh cover myself in this armor.”


“That’s really cool,” she said looking at him in amazement. “I can only make things float if I touch them.” Her eyes widened realizing that the boy was still floating. “Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry, I just saw you starting to fall and I didn’t think. Here,” and she gently righted Izuku so he was floating with his feet down, “and release.”


Now that he was standing back on his own two feet Izuku stuck out his hand. “My name is Midoriya. Izuku Midoriya.”


Ochaco absentmindedly gave her name as she shook his hand, but her attention was focused on the strange material still covering it. It was incredibly smooth, only slightly warm,  and was much more rigid when compared to normal skin. He was right in describing it as armor she thought. It was like his skin had been covered instead of just turning into that strange golden substance. Izuku was getting uncomfortable as the friendly handshake had started becoming awkwardly long as Ochaco kept her attention on his hand. He jerked his hand away to rub the back of his neck. “So, we should probably get going to our exams. We don’t want to be late.”


Ochaco broke out of her investigating daze and hurried with him to enter the large building. They kept up their small talk while walking to the auditorium, but split up once they entered. 


Izuku was internally freaking out because of all the amazing quirks around him. He wanted to break out one of his journals right there and see if he could be inspired to think up contingencies against any pros. His obsessing got even worse when Present Mic took the stage. Even though he was fundamentally opposed to heroes in his work as a vigilante didn’t mean that they weren’t helpful to learn from. He wanted to help people. Even if he had no other way than to act as a monster and break the law to do so. And heroes were the best at helping people. At least they were when they did their job and didn’t just stand around in a hostage situation. But hey, learning what not to do is important as well.


Present Mic went through the process of explaining the practical exam. It was going to be fighting robots in a cityscape which set Izuku's nerves at ease. Robots weren't like humans because they didn't feel pain which left a lot of his attacks worthless. Therefore he would have less of a chance of blowing his cover if he had to change his fighting style. He already planned for  limiting what Arc could do, but now the decision was being made for him. He even had a few dozen small acts of vigilantism to consider as well. They weren’t as public as the sludge villain incident, and most didn’t even have a single pro hero show up, but it was still experience for fighting in an urban environment.


Present Mic's overview seemed rather straightforward to Izuku, but a kid with glasses had decided to interrupt. Something about how UA should ensure that their handouts have the correct information since they were such a prestigious hero academy. Present Mic then explained how there was a type of robot that wasn't worth any points so it was best to be avoided.



After what seemed to be forever they were finally sent off to the battlegrounds. Everyone was standing around stretching or readying their quirks in order to prepare for the exam. Except for Izuku. He was trying to observe quirks in an attempt to gauge the competition. He was focused until he spotted Uraraka doing some leg stretches. He had never thanked her for stopping him from tripping earlier. Plus she had seemed friendly and interested in his quirk. It would be nice to talk with her before the exam actually started.


He had started walking over to her when the guy with glasses from earlier stopped him. “She seems to be very focused. I would suggest not disturbing her from her efforts. Unless you are deliberately trying to disrupt your competition?” the strict boy questioned.


Why did he jump to the more villainous conclusion about Izuku’s actions? Izuku was concerned in how the other boy was also paying a lot of attention to him. He was trying to avoid any sort of attention so nobody could even think of him being Dante, even as a crackpot theory. “W-what no. She helped me a bit before the exams and we talked for a bit. I was simply trying to be friendly. After all everyone here is trying to be future heroes,” he said swinging up his fist into a thumbs up in order to play off the concerns being presented to him.


Glasses quirked his eyebrow at the first part of Izuku’s statement. “How did she help you exactly? An unfair tactical advantage for either of the upcoming exams?” he said as he leaned into Izuku’s personal space.


Crap! How did he make the situation worse? Izuku really didn’t want the strict boy to think he was cheating. If there was an investigation, especially considering that it was UA, the top hero school… Izuku started sweating as his mind ran away with the implications of such an occurrence happening. Damn it! Why was Glasses being so nosy? “N-no! Nothing like that. She simply stopped me from tripping,” he said panicked arm movements accompanying his declaration of innocence.


A nod of understanding followed by an “I see” finally allowed Izuku’s nerves to rest and he let out a subtle sigh of relief. “I still believe that it is best if you refrain from interacting with her though. Even if your intentions are friendly they can still throw off her concentration. If you are trying to be her friend then you should focus on passing first. If either of you fail to pass then it is unlikely that there will be any chance of developing a friendship. And now if you will excuse me,” he left the rest of his statement unsaid as he returned to doing some warm up stretches.


As much as Izuku hated to admit it, Glasses was right. If Uraraka didn’t pass then there was little chance of them ever meeting again. And if she did then he would have plenty of time to hang out with her in class. The thought of him not passing did not even pass through his thoughts. That’s the kind of confidence one gets when they have escaped several pro heroes multiple times. But confidence doesn't mean being an idiot who is unprepared and so Izuku started to get ready like everyone around him.


“Why are you stripping?!” Every person gathered hurriedly turned to stare at the rapidly reddening bare chest of Izuku. Izuku tried to use the shirt he just removed as cover stretching it in front of him and compressing himself. He hadn’t expected people to really be paying attention to him when he took it off. And he most certainly did not expect people to come to that conclusion about his actions. And of course it had to be Glasses who noticed and announced it to everyone else.


“I’m not stripping. It’s for my quirk,” Izuku hurriedly tried to explain hoping that people would lose interest and he would be spared further embarrassment.


“What kind of quirk-


“AND START!” Everyone turned to stare at Present Mic standing on top of one of the nearby towers in confusion. Izuku had never been more grateful than in that moment for Mic’s loud and thankfully distracting voice. “There aren’t any countdowns in real life! GO, GO, GOOOOO!” Taking any sort of opportunity to escape this situation Izuku brought out his wings (obviously not his Hellspawn or Swarm ones) and used them to dart over the heads of his competitors and into the exam. Shocked out of their stupor that the stripping accusation and Mic’s interruption had placed them in, the crowd streamed into the mock city as well.


Izuku’s head start didn’t give him much of an advantage only allowing him to get two one pointers before the horde of prospective students showed up and quickly eliminated any available points in the area. Still his wings were giving him a definite advantage over the others in terms of mobility and seeking out points. Not only was he faster on them than most people could run, but he could also just fly over the rubble of already destroyed bots in his search for more.


Izuku had caught the attention of many of the observers of the entrance exam. Not only was the number of faux villains he was taking out high, but he was taking them out extremely quickly as well. Any of the one or two pointers had their wiring in the exposed joints slashed through in a second by blades made entirely out of fire. The three pointers being more heavily armored instead had their eyes targeted as their weak points. The savageness of Izuku punching the reinforced glass and then tearing out the electronics was slightly worrying, but was simply marked down as a result of efficiency born from the limited time available and the stress it could cause. It was easy to so that all of the observers were impressed by the winged boy’s actions.


Izuku was getting increasingly anxious as more time kept slipping by. He knew that he had destroyed a good number, but it was hard to keep track of the points when he was entirely focused on taking down the next target. And the numbers that everyone was shouting out seemed to make his counts pale in comparison. Damn it! Why hadn’t he thought of that? It would be useful for keeping track of his points and a good intimidation tactic as well.


The momentary lapse in concentration was enough for one of the robots to get a good hit in. Normally such a blow would have been painful but quickly recovered from thanks to his armoring, but he was standing with his back close to one of the buildings in the mock city. 


Crunch! Izuku rebounded off the brick wall falling onto his hands and knees knowing that at least one of his wings was broken and the other was likely in a similar shape. Fighting through the pain he raised his head to see the robot responsible aiming right for him. Closing his eyes in expectation of the impact Izuku was surprised the only thing he felt was a slight tingle playing over his skin. Reopening his eyes brought him the sight of a blond boy standing behind the smoking heap of the downed robot. Giving a little wave to Izuku the other boy shouted, “Sorry man got to run,” as he took off.


Izuku tried to dispel his crippled wings, but any sort of movement with them was too painful for it to work. Even walking away from the area hurt, with his wings being jostled by the steps he took. That pain however he could manage. And he wasn’t going to give up just yet. He set off towards where he heard a lot of noise hoping that there would be even a few faux villains left for him to pick off. He came upon a scene of utter chaos once he exited the alley.


Everybody was running down the street in utter panic. Izuku looked back and was frozen in shock. When they had showed the zero-pointer he had expected it to be tougher than the others. He didn't think that UA would make a robot as tall as the surrounding buildings and sic it on their prospective students. He stood there taking in all of its monstrous glory knowing he would be relatively safe in the small alley especially since it moved at a slow speed when he saw something among the rubble near its treads.


Uraraka. He didn’t think that UA would let their students get seriously injured, but he was still worried. But seeing the panic on her face as she struggled and the dust obscuring her face again. It was too much. Far too similar to Kacchan.


He didn’t even realize he was in the air until the giant face of the zero pointer was looming in his vision. He barely had the presence of mind to come to a stop midair before he crashed into it. So much was rushing through his mind but the main thought was, “Not like Kacchan Not like KacchanNotlikeNotlikeNot” . He wasn’t ever going to let that day happen again. He wasn’t going to let anybody have that look of utter panic. He wasn’t going to be a coward like the other examinees or those heroes. “Never...won’t...not like…” His fire was instinctual, intensifying with every contrary statement that was blazing through his head until he was shooting the equivalent of a welding torch about his height and a bit over 12 meters long from his outstretched hands. “Not Ever Again!” The zero pointer fell backwards, a hole melted through its head, the inside nothing more than molten slag that was previously high end electronics.


Izuku could feel the exhaustion setting in even as he tried to fight against the dark closing in on his vision. Even when he went all out trying to establish his upper limits he had never made a fire that intense. The effort had drained him beyond whatever little bit of energy he had used during the exam. His eyes closed, his mind went blank, and the six winged boy started to plummet.



Izuku woke up slowly and found himself lying on his stomach in a hospital bed. He was feeling well rested and tried to get up only to find his hand brushing up against his wings. Slowly the memories of what he did in the entrance exam came back to him. He remembered seeing Uraraka in danger and blasting the zero pointer with a huge lance of fire, (he hoped that it was vaguely sword shaped), but after that he only remembered feeling absolutely exhausted. He assumed he must have passed out from using his quirk in such a powerful way.


“Oh good you’re finally awake. I was getting worried. Most cases of quirk exhaustion aren’t as extreme as yours. I’ll give you one final check up before your full healing and then you’ll be free to go.” Izuku wasn’t able to see the speaker as he was facing away from whatever door they had entered but he decided that he liked the voice. It was kind and gentle even if it sounded elderly.


“Oh, y-you d-don’t need to do that. If it’s just my wings then I can fix them myself. There’s no need for you to use your quirk and waste it,” Izuku spoke up not wanting to be a burden on such a seemingly nice person. “Here I’ll just, ahhh!” He had forgotten how his wings being broken before were what prevented him from dispelling them in the first place. He flopped back down onto the bed in pain from trying to move his wings around.


“Now you just stop that. You’re going to cause even more internal damage moving them around than you’ve already done. You’re lucky that your bones didn’t break through your skin. How you managed to not have that happen is a miracle considering that all the major bones in your left wing were broken. Your right wing is the same as your left except your radius is in three pieces not just two. Not to mention the carpals are just completely shattered to pieces.” The voice paused and gave out a sigh which sounded distinctly disappointed to Izuku’s ears. “How did you manage to absolutely destroy a third of your wings while the rest are completely unscathed?”


Wait a third of his wings? Then that meant that he would have six wings if two of them were broken. Izuku was ecstatic when he figured out he had six wings even though two of them were pulverized. He had been practicing with his Swarm combinations trying to see if he could use it to create more limbs since it was capable of letting him have six appendages when he went 100%. (Though he wasn’t sure whether the two new additions counted as arms or legs). It was how he had gotten the wings on his back instead of transforming his arms into the wings instead. He had even gotten up to four wings with a lot of effort, but this! This was pushing the boundaries of Swarm’s replicability abilities. He was going to have to do more experimenting after this to see just how far he could push it.


His mind was swarming with ideas until the realization struck him that it would be useless to practice further. He wasn’t going to be using these wings (he really needed a name for this form) in his stunts of vigilantism as Dante. And he if he was going to be keeping within the limitations of the quirk he supposedly had then anything more than six wings was going to be suspicious.


Izuku was broken out of his thoughts when he saw a pair of lips suddenly descending into the top of his vision. Balking at the look of them he was powerless to stop the wrinkled skin from kissing his forehead. As they withdrew Izuku noticed just who the lips were attached to. His internal freakout of being healed by the youthful heroine was interrupted by the feeling of his bones shifting around in his wings and joining together. Even though he was used to having his body contort in unusual manners due to his quirk this was a rather different feeling. He could actually feel each bone come and fuse back together draining him as each one reformed. Izuku was struck by a wave of exhaustion when Recovery Girl decided to speak up. “There. You’re all healed now, but I recommend that you get a bit of rest before going home. What you did was very reckless and you paid the price for it. And since my quirk uses your body’s energy to speed up the healing you’ll be feeling extremely drained after an injury like that. I’ll wake you in an hour or so,” she said turning to leave her patient to get some much needed rest.


Even through the haze of tiredness something was bugging Izuku. “Wait!” he cried out to the retreating figure of Recovery Girl.  “My written exam. I still need to take it and I’ll miss it if I sleep for that long.”


A wave of pity crossed Recovery Girl’s face and he could hear it as she spoke even though she turned away. “Oh sweetie. You’ve been unconscious for nearly three hours. The written exam is already finished. And because of all their preventions against cheating if you’re not in that room when they pass out that test you’re out of luck. I’m truly sorry, but there’s not much you can do.” She gave a sigh and turned to leave once again. “Just...try to get some rest.”



At first he was in shock just staring at the ceiling wide eyed trying to process what had happened. He had mostly given up any hope of being a hero, but there was that one obstinate part of his mind that kept trying to cling to miracles. He wanted to become a hero out of nothing more than spite because none of the pros were actually being heroes, but he didn’t have a plan. And then it seemed as if the universe smiled and arranged for the perfect opportunity to fall into his lap. He was given a new purpose and had a plan for how everything was going to work out. 


So of course the universe just had to come along and crush any small chance of him being a hero. Fate just seemed determined to have him be a vigilante. A monstrous quirk. An even more monstrous friend who deserted him. Ignorant heroes who almost let someone die because of their ineptitude. Getting him addicted to that sense of power and control his quirk gave him when he had just given a thrashing to some back alley villain. Everything was pointing to him being a vigilante and Izuku was fine with that fact. He had already embraced what he thought was his destiny. If the universe was going to deny him the chance to be a hero he wasn’t going to force it to change.


What was making him upset was UA and how horrible they were. They were supposed to be the top hero school in all of Japan but he hadn’t seen that. It was because their exam was so poorly designed that one of their hopefuls was almost killed. They didn’t even have pros on standby in case something went wrong which was why he had to step in. And then UA had the gall to turn around and not make any sort of accommodation for him even after what he had done. 


It was just like heroes to say they only accepted the best and throw away people just due to the universe giving a big old “fuck you” to them. They could have given valid reasons like how a proper school would have done. He had been doing well in the practical and he was top of the class in Aldera so the written exam would have been easy. But because he was a decent human being instead of being a heartless piece of shit like a pro hero they punished him. But instead since they were the “best” they could treat people like garbage and be applauded for it. Even Uraraka’s death would have been nothing more than a “tragic accident” and UA would have steamrolled over any criticisms of its programs. 


Which was fucking bullshit in Izuku’s opinion. If they were going to be the best then they have higher standards than anyone else. If Bakugou had been there he would have just walked away and let Uraraka get crushed because she was less than him. And they probably would invite in that fucking bastard with a big welcome party because he fit in so well. Just the thought of anyone like Bakugou getting in was making Izuku furious. How could anyone have such a biased system which would let in uncaring assholes like Bakugou and deny people who wanted to help no matter what?


When Izuku finally arrived home he was fuming having gotten himself worked up over the problems of UA and heroes in general. He quickly found his mother in the kitchen making dinner and eagerly started to spill the problem of UA denying him the chance to take the written exam along with everything else. Inko learned of his meeting with Uraraka, Glasses who had caused some grief for Izuku, then his experience in the practical, and finally that fateful meeting with Recovery Girl. 


Izuku was glad that he had decided to come clean and tell his mother the truth. Well at least the “truth” that he was going to tell to everyone else. Izuku loved her too much to let her know what he was actually doing or what his quirk really was. He didn’t doubt that she would love him still. Inko Midoriya was that kind of a person. Even though he desperately wanted to tell the truth and not have to lie to her it was better this way. She would have deniability and wouldn’t have to live with his shameful legacy clinging to her if he was ever found out.


Inko was properly sympathetic and comforting as Izuku told his tale. She could tell that he was holding back something that was fuelling his deeper frustration, but didn’t push him. She was just glad that he was finally opening up to her. She remembered how conflicted she felt when he had shown her his quirk and revealed the reasons for why he had hid it. She was horrified at all the problems it had given her precious baby, but she was upset at herself too. She had been an okay parent, but wasn’t as involved as she could be. Which was why she was going to be there and support Izuku in everything he did.


Finally Izuku ended his rant feeling like a weight had been lifted off of his chest. He knew that changing UA’s mind was going to be impossible, but it still felt like everything was different. Somehow his mother was able to turn his entire mood around. His frustration was at UA and heroes was still there, but now it only simmered instead of boiling. His mom was amazing like that.


“Now go wash up,” Inko said shooing him away from where she was working. “Dinner’s almost ready and I made your favorite because today was a big day. And now it can help cheer you up too.”


“Oh wow! Thanks Mom you’re the best,” he exclaimed giving her a quick hug before hurrying off to clean up. He didn’t want to miss his mom’s katsudon. Somehow all of the problems of the day vanished at the thought of having some of Mom’s cooking. She was amazing like that. A small smile graced Inko’s face at the thought of Izuku still being an excitable child despite all the trouble he had gone through.



“You won’t get away with this. The others will stop you and make you wish were dead. Nobody messes with the Fellowship of Pain.” The barely audible words that came from the scorched girl lying on the ground brought a twisted smile to his face. How naive she was. The first part of her punishment had only just ended. Now it was time to start the second phase. Physical torment could only go so far after all.


“Who? The Brothers of Slaughter? The one with hammers had his bones crushed, the one with knives was cut all over, and the chains was beaten to a pulp while he was paralyzed. Which one of them is going to save you? Or did you mean your other half of the Twins of Agony?” At this the monstrous figure gave a playful smile that would haunt her nightmares. “I’m afraid she’s a bit indisposed after taking a relaxing acid soak. She needs to rest after having her flesh peel away from her bones.”


The girl could only stare wide eyed in fear at the monster before her. She had no problem using her quirk to torture others watching their skin crack open and their blood spill out of the newly formed gaps. She laughed at how they squirmed and tried to avoid her streams of caustic liquid. To her acid was just another tool to play with as she went about her victim’s torment. But hearing how her toy had been turned against her sister sickened her.


“What’s wrong little girl? I thought you and your sister loved pain. Isn't that what your whole schtick was about? Your quirks are two sources of the most painful torture and you two had such fun bringing agony to others. So why are you upset? Is it because you never knew how painful it was? You could laugh in your ignorance at how they screamed, how they begged, how they saw death as a better end, but the second it’s turned upon you, it suddenly loses its appeal. Your sister burnt dozens of people to death and now those flames used for wickedness are being used for punishment of the wicked. But I don’t think that you’ve learned your lesson enough yet.” And with that flames ignited on the demon to light up that alley once again only to be extinguished upon the arrival of a new figure. The new arrival seemed indifferent to the state of the girl at his feet, with only a look of minor annoyance on her face.


This was the real prey that Dante had been waiting for. The other members of the gang known as the Fellowship of Pain were all rather horrid people, but their boss was the worst. Mostly the fellowship only tortured other criminals who tried to muscle in and occasionally attacked people unfortunate enough to be at the scene of their crimes. But the leader, Madame Pain, orchestrated mass kidnappings of innocent civilians for her own twisted pleasure. Her quirk allowed her to activate all the pain receptors in someone’s body via touch and she indulged using her quirk profusely. She even encouraged her subordinates to use their quirks to engage in more traditional torture of her victims while she kept her’s activated to make it absolutely excruciating for the people she kidnapped. But now she would face her own personalized hell.


Without waiting to give her a chance to prepare Dante rushed towards the other end of the alley where she was standing. Giving a cruel smirk she raised her hands up just waiting for the chance to see him fall into unending pain. The cruel woman considered herself a normally level headed person, but she wanted him to suffer like nobody had before. She had always wondered if it was possible for someone to die from pain alone and now she had the perfect test subject. She would actually try to keep him alive (unlike all her previous victims) while she tormented him to make sure he experienced as much punishment he could before he died.


What Madame Pain was not expecting was for him to fall to the ground about two meters in front of her. But it was exactly as he had planned. If she could have seen his back while he was running she would have noticed it turning from a dull red to a glossy black in preparation for what would happen. 


She noticed the change too late when he prostrated himself as black plating covered his tail, with the end growing a stinger before it whipped forward and stung her in the arm. She tried to slap a hand to the offending appendage, but the damage had already been done. Her arm began to burn until it felt like needles forged in the sun were trying to burrow their way out of every layer of skin and muscle. She was unaware that she had collapsed to her knees or that she was screaming her lungs out in a feeble attempt to describe the pain in the only way available. She didn’t notice his tail stinging her again and again as he laughed madly as her whole existence became only pain. Even when she passed out she continued to twitch and spasm from the shocks her nerves were still processing. And Dante simply stood there basking in the suffering he had caused and the terror it would form.



“And what’s got you in such a good mood today Izuku? I must admit it’s a nice change after you were moping from that trouble with UA.”


“I can’t really explain why, but last night was just really pleasant. It took a lot of stress off my shoulders and I’m feeling a lot better now.”


“Well I hope that you’re feeling well enough to read the mail. A letter from UA came today,” here Inko took a moment to compose herself. She still felt guilty about how she hadn’t supported him as much as she could as a child. Even when he had come out to her about his quirk and she couldn’t help much because of limited time before the exams she still felt that it was her fault. Which was why she was here for him now.

“Just know that I’ll always support you Izuku. No matter what happens or what you decide to do. I won’t judge you for how your quirk was and why you kept it hidden. I’m your mother which means that I’ll always love you. If you don’t want to open it that’s your choice. If you want to open it that’s also your choice. I just ask that you involve me no matter what you choose.” And with that she gently placed the letter on his desk and closed his door as she left the room.

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya was once again standing before the giant gates of UA, but he was annoyed more than nervous this time around. It was just like UA to send a rejection letter saying he didn’t get in and then two weeks before their term started turn around and accept him.


It made sense when he thought about it since UA was a school of heroes. And heroes were people who chained themselves up in bureaucracy and proper procedure that they were willing to let a kid die instead of attacking the villain. UA was making a great impression on him so far. 


The only reason he was even here was because his mom was inadvertently forcing him to go. Since he  had taken the entrance exam for UA it made it seem like he was interested in attending and becoming a hero. So when that second letter arrived she was so happy for him because now he could achieve his “dream”. He wasn’t heartless so he played along. He couldn’t just crush his mother’s spirit especially because she was trying to be more involved in his life. (Even though she was already a great mother and didn’t need to change) But her increased attention on Izuku’s life was slightly bothersome because he had to keep coming up with excuses for his daytime vigilantism. 


So it wasn’t all bad going to UA. It would be a good reason to be out late for “extracurricular” activities and a way to explain away any minor injuries he got since they were heroes in training. Surely they would be sparring and using their quirks. Unless all they taught was to sit around on one’s ass claiming to be a hero while people suffered. Which was seeming more likely every second he continued to wander the extensive halls of UA. The school was obviously compensating for the sub-par standards for the heroes in training by its impressive architecture. Finally he found the massive door for class 1A and opened it.


And immediately wished he was anywhere but here. Right in front of him were two people he did not want to deal with. Glasses from the entrance exam and... Bakugou. Having Glasses in his class was a pain because of his bad habit of being too nosy and drawing attention to Izuku. Throwing Bakugou into the mix was just the universe's way of saying he should give up any hope of getting through UA with his secret intact.


And now Bakugou was glaring at him with Glasses stalking over with this stern look on his face and he had no idea what was going on because of his minor freakout. Izuku was startled when the other boy went into a ninety degree bow right in front of him. “My name is Iida Tenya, graduate of Somei Private Academy. I apologize deeply, as I did not mean to embarrass you during the entrance exam, but was genuinely curious as to your actions and your state of undress.”


Izuku reddened at the last few words and didn’t know how to reply to the apology. He did not expect Glasses (Iida. His name was Iida) to be apologizing based on how snobbish he had seemed at the entrance exam. “Um, I uh accept your apology?” he said questioningly. “And as for why I took my shirt off, well I didn’t want my wings ripping it,” he said haltingly, choosing words carefully so he would not have another stripping accident again in case anyone was listening in.


“I see. A wise decision. But then why not just bring a support item in the form of a modified shirt? It would have negated any hassle caused by the removal of your shirt.”


“Well you see..


“Midoriya! You’re all right!” Izuku was cut off in his explanation to Iida by a sudden embrace from someone. “I was so worried after Recovery Girl took you away and then you never showed up for the written exam, but you’re all right now.” The arms left as quickly as they appeared allowing Izuku to turn and see a sheepish looking Uraraka. “Sorry about that, but it was super stressful when you were falling and I’m just really relieved that you’re okay.” 


“Oh, hey Uraraka. I’m glad to see that you passed too. And that you’re fine after that whole deal with the zero pointer. It was, What the hell is that!” he shouted, pointing to the ground behind her.


Surprised at his outburst she turned around and stood there just as shocked as him. There was a person(?) wrapped up in some bright yellow...thing, just lying there on the ground staring up at them impassively. “I’m Shota Aizawa your homeroom teacher.” After saying this he took a pouch of some processed meal and drained it in one go while the class muttered about the appearance of their teacher. “It took you too long to quiet down. If you want to be heroes then you need to be rational in your actions and wasting time is anything but rational. Now put this on,” he said as he held up a PE uniform. “We’re going to be doing a quirk assessment test.”



Soon the whole class was gathered outside standing in a huddle on a sandy field. Aizawa quickly began explaining the reasons for the test. “It isn’t rational to not be aware of the capabilities of the people I’m going to be teaching are. All of you will be doing the middle school fitness tests except for this you can use your quirks. This would be easier if they simply allowed quirk usage for the actual tests, but instead we have to treat everyone ‘fairly’.”


"Midoriya." Izuku startled at his teacher calling his name. "You came first in the entrance exam. Take this," he said holding out a baseball, "and..


"Like hell he did! I came in first! Not that fucking monster!" Bakugou was fuming that anybody would imply that he was second rate to that miserable little Deku. It was impossible. Deku shouldn’t even be here much less taking the place that should be rightfully his.


“Technically you only came in first because Midoriya was unable to take his written exam. Thus him and his score were excluded from the other participants since he was considered a failure. UA accepted his test scores from middle school in lieu of the written exam because of his exceptional score of 103 in the practical. They felt that it would be a waste of talent to simply reject him outright because of situational factors and so came up with this compromise. However,” and here Aizawa turned to glare at Izuku. “I was not among those who felt this way. Incapacitating yourself for several hours and needing outside assistance to escape what would likely have been fatal injury should not be condoned, much less rewarded. I will be judging you more than your classmates.”


“Midoriya came in first?!” “How strong is he?” “What kind of quirk does he have?” “How much training has he had?” “How the heck did he get such a high score?” “What did he actually do in the entrance exam?” “If he got such a crazy score, how strong is the person who saved him?” All of these questions and more were buzzing about the crowd before Aizawa silenced them to let Izuku concentrate and let him get on with the demonstration.


Turning his back to the crowd allowed him to pretend that they didn’t exist to prevent embarrassment when he stripped off his PE shirt. Confused murmuring broke out until Izuku grew out his wings. They curved down from his shoulder blades to the back of his knees, sticking slightly outwards, not entirely flush with his back. Since this was the first time for many assembled there to see the wings, the crowd was stunned by the beauty of them. The wings were layered with feathers of a shining gold color and the down had a slight green tinge compared to the actual feathers.


The beautiful moment was interrupted by a harsh shout. “That’s not your fucking quirk!” Bakugou yelled startling everybody out of their enchantment with Izuku’s wings. Izuku turned around with a questioning look as he glared at Bakugou. "Your quirk makes you into a fucking.." The rest of the sentence was left unsaid, Bakugou's rant interrupted by a fist straight to his face.


Izuku stood in front of a seething Bakugou collapsed on the ground, his wings settling back and his armored fist still outstretched. "You have no right to say that! You don't know me or my quirk! So shut your fucking mouth!"


"Make me you bastard! You fucking villain!" With an inhuman roar Izuku launched himself for another strike again only to be blasted back by a more prepared Bakugou. The two started fighting in earnest with Izuku armoring up fully and Bakugou unleashing bigger explosions. They were blind in their hatred for each other causing the other students to scatter in order to avoid the crossfire. Izuku was flying quickly and low to the ground when his wings suddenly collapsed sending him tumbling. Bakugou was quick to capitalize on the opening, leaping towards the downed Izuku and bringing his hands together for a massive blast only for it to fail. The lack of recoil caused Bakugou to land awkwardly on his hands leaving him open to be wrapped up in a cocoon of fabric.


With both of the two boys restrained Aizawa finally blinked ending the erasure of their quirks. “What is the meaning of this?” he sternly asked the captive students.

“It’s because..” You see..” “His quirk..” “Kacchan was..” “Is evil.” “Traumatized.”


Aizawa held up a hand to stop their overlapping arguments. “One at a time. Bakugou you go first.”


Bakugou smiled evilly at this turn of fortune. Finally he was in control instead of that fucking demon. “His quirk makes him a demon. He’s literally evil I’m not fucking kidding. He’s Dante for crying out loud. I haven’t told anyone because he kept threatening to kill everyone around me. He’s a fucking villain, but you’re a pro and some of these extras have to be better than just total losers so I took a chance. And it paid off. So what are you going to do Deku?” he asked tauntingly. He radiated smugness at how the tables were turned, even though he was tied up and on the ground himself. “Think you can be a hero now? Everybody’s finally going to see you were always a fucking villain and I was right,” he sneered at Izuku.


“And what do you have to say to this Midoriya?” Aizawa asked turning to the other downed student. “Is this true?” The pro hero had seen much in his career as a teacher and trying to get another student expelled because of rumors was uncommon, but it did happen. Some people were disliked by their peers or there was jealousy because of another’s success. The two certainly had a rivalry going off of Bakugou’s speech and Midoriya’s aggressiveness. 


But this was much more audacious than claiming another student had cheated on an exam or peeked in the dressing rooms. If Bakugou was right then he really had Dante tied up right in front of him ready to be handed over to the police at a moment’s notice. It seemed unlikely, but Midoriya had reacted quite violently at the accusation which was highly suspect. It would also be smarter for Bakugou to try a less outrageous rumor unless there was reason for him to actually believe it to be the truth. Of course if he was trying to frame Midoriya of being a villain that was a very serious offence itself.


In this quirk based society even a disproved rumor of villainy could ruin one’s life. Few would hire them, they were more likely to be falsely accused and charged with crimes, and there was the social ostracization. Legal accusations of villainy got as much investigation into them as murder cases because of the severe repercussions. Since he was a pro hero and Bakugou was saying this right in front of him, it could be considered a report to a pro. Legally Midoriya could take Bakugou to court over this. One of the two were going to be facing legal repercussions and he wanted to have the full story before making a judgement.


Izuku had stayed quiet during Bakugou’s speech because he was frantically trying to come up with some way to salvage this. His explanation needed to address the concern of his quirk while garnering sympathy for himself and discrediting Bakugou. And whatever lies he told were going to have to sound likely to a pro hero. It was basically going to be impossible to pull this off. He almost considered turning himself in but he had already come so far and he didn’t want to fail because of a complete and total accident. If his identity was actually found out that was one thing, but as long as there was a sliver of a chance that he could get out of this he was going to take it.


Taking a deep breath to steady himself Izuku began his explanation. He recounted the falling out he and Bakugou had as kids over his quirk. How he needed therapy sessions to accept his quirk. How Bakugou still viewed him as a monster and a villain even when he showed the other boy his quirk in a much more controlled manner. How he had threatened Bakugou just so he could live a life free of torment, but he never took it farther than that and never towards anyone else.


Of course Bakugou had some choice words about Izuku’s story. “You shitty lying bastard! You fucking hospitalized me for two days! I don’t know how the hell you have those other wings, but that’s not your fucking quirk. You’re a fucking monster, not some shitty angel.”


“I’m not a monster! It’s my quirk not yours so stop acting like you know it better than me! Your quirk was amazing. Everybody loved you. I thought you were the coolest person ever and wanted to be just like you.” His look of starry eyed adoration turned to one of disgusted rage. “Until you fucking betrayed me and showed how much of a monster you really are! You’re the monster Kacchan, not me!”


“Like hell I am! You’re the fucking sadist who stalked me and those stupid extras. You always had that creepy smile like you were gonna murder us all in our sleep. You broke into my house and threatened to kill my parents to force me into a deathmatch you fucking bitch! I don’t know what kind of fucked up world you live in if that doesn't make you a monster.”


“Stop calling me a monster! Stop comparing me to every single villain that pops up! I’m not Dante. I was never a villain and I’m not ever going to be one. What will it take for you to get it through that thick skull of yours that I just want to help people?” Izuku was outwardly growing more frustrated at Bakugou, but inside he was secretly pleased. Bakugou had regained his fiery temper in Izuku’s absence so it was all too easy to rile him up. And with Bakugou so frustrated it wouldn’t be too hard to pretend that he was the victim here.


“You can help everyone by blowing your shitty brains out! Stop pretending that you’re anything but a demon! DIE!” Even though he was restrained in Aizawa’s capture weapon Bakugou began to violently struggle and lightly use his quirk. It was painful to have his explosions going off so close to him, but he had had enough. Everybody was letting that fucking monster Deku lie through his teeth and accepting it. If nobody else was going to force him to confess he would and finally this fucking nightmare would be over.


His quirk died with a single glance from Aizawa and his squirming also stopped under that penetrating gaze. Aizawa let out a tired sigh as he made his decision.


“I will be escorting both of you to Principal Nezu after these tests. Midoriya, you will not be allowed to be near the other contestants for the duration of the tests for obvious reasons. If you continue to use your quirk after an exercise has ended I will erase it. If you display any demonic qualities you will be handed over the authorities. Now just throw the ball Midoriya,” Aizawa said as he handed over the baseball.


“Sensei you’re going to let him do the quirk test? Even when he might be a potentially dangerous criminal?” Of course it was Iida causing trouble for Izuku, but he did have valid points that the rest of the class agreed with, even if they didn’t speak up themselves.


Aizawa turned tiredly to the gathered students. “It’s the only rational option,” he explained. “One of them is telling the truth, but I can’t figure it out so I’m leaving that to Nezu. Midoriya would be a fool to expose himself in front of this many witnesses especially considering he is on a campus filled with pros and heroes in training who could easily capture him. And if Midoriya isn’t Dante then I still need to know how capable he is, which means he has to take the test. We’ve already wasted enough time so we’ll start with the ball throw for real.”


Seeking any excuse to get away from potential accusations by his classmates Izuku wriggled out of the loosened fabric and stepped into the chalk circle. He regrew his wings out and used them to fly straight up thus remaining “within” the circle before reaching a desirable height. He couldn’t really strengthen himself using only the armor and he was already under more scrutiny than he wanted. But by starting from high up he would increase the airtime of the ball and gain more distance that way. It wasn’t foolproof as he didn’t want to fly too high and misjudge where the circle was disqualifying himself, but hopefully it was high to enough to add some distance. Winding back his arm Izuku threw the baseball as hard as he could and started to descend back to the ground.


When he landed all of his classmates were chattering about his actions. "That was so cool what he did. It looks like fun!" Similar comments were made by the crowd of students at the prospect of using their quirks freely.


"So this is fun, is it? It's like a game to all of you. So then let's make it a game. The person who comes in last place is the loser and will be expelled." Giving a sadistic smile Aizawa gave them a parting message. "Have fun.” Turning back, he turned to look at Izuku. “Midoriya. Don’t think that expulsion means you’re off the hook for the chat with Nezu. He and you are going to talk no matter what.”


The rest of the tests passed slowly for Izuku. Because Aizawa wasn’t taking any chances he had to stand apart from the group and it was too awkward to be shouting if he wanted to join the conversation. That didn’t prevent him from noticing the many whispered conversations with him as their topic. It was obvious to tell when there were pointed looks and fingers directed at him before the people talking turned back to each other. He simply turned his back to them and tried to focus on preparing for the upcoming tests.


 He also went last and always by himself as a preemptive advantage for quirk erasure. It was disheartening seeing so many people succeed with their quirks and then try to match the feats that they performed. He did well in the long jump, the 50m dash, and the distance run using his wings. For the other tests he had to simply rely on his physical training as neither armor nor flaming swords were really applicable.


Finally he was standing off to the side, but just as anxious for the results as all the other students. He didn’t really care where he placed as long as he scored better than Bakugou. It would be nice to prove that he was better than the explosive blond in some way. He didn't know where he would be placed, but he was not expecting to be placed almost dead last in eighteenth place.


"And I was lying about anybody being expelled," Aizawa stated as he minimized the holographic screen. "It was simply a logical deception in order to bring out your best. If there wasn't any risk then you would have no motivation." Izuku silently fumed when he heard Aizawa's reason. It was just like a hero to lie to people and claim that it was for their benefit. 


“Bakugou, Midoriya with me. We’re going to be seeing Nezu now.” He didn’t give the two a chance to follow, he just wrapped them in his capture weapon and kept them tethered to him. Izuku found his mode of being forced to follow insulting even if he was considered a threat and had no idea where the principal’s office was.


Finally the trio arrived at Nezu's office and were ushered in by Aizawa. Izuku was slightly nervous standing before the super genius animal, but was trying not to show it. The biggest reason for his lack of panic was Kacchan blowing up and threatening to kill him. That combined with the depressing fact that almost all of his testimony was true and his life had been kinda shitty it was all too easy to paint himself as the victim. He kept having to remind himself that he was with his supposed childhood tormentor and should not be as pleased as he felt inside.


After hearing both stories Nezu was stumped. Just because one was a genius didn't mean that he could tell when one was lying. His information on both subjects was limited. He only knew what he had seen in the entrance exam and whatever was stated in their school transcripts. Sure there were tells such as avoidance of eye contact or increased heart rate, but for humans those often overlapped with being in stressful situations.


And this was certainly a stressful situation for both. Midoriya was either trying to desperately prove his innocence or hide the fact he was a wanted criminal. For Bakugou he was possibly with someone who had threatened him and needed to put him behind bars or hoping that his lies held and he wouldn’t face expulsion. 


Bakugou was most certainly aggressive as he had demonstrated on several occasions. But he did not seem to be one who would stoop to rumors in order to vent his violent tendencies. He spoke rudely and in an uncouth manner, but Nezu did not sense any deceit or hidden meanings.


Izuku in the other hand was slightly more troubling. He had shown a hidden violent streak during the entrance exam and in his aggression against Bakugou. However, it seemed to be directed only against Bakugou and possibly justified given the fact of their history. If Iuku was tormented in the ways he described experiencing trauma at such a young age when he was extremely dependent on Bakugou for support… It would be more surprising if he didn’t harbor some animosity against his former friend.


Their sincerity for what they believed to be the truth made this a difficult task for Nezu. Both of them honestly believed whatever they were saying, but in reality only one of them could be telling the truth. What he needed was a fool proof way to determine who was lying and who was telling the truth. Knowing when he was beaten Nezu decided to delegate this problem to someone else. Someone who had helped UA multiple times and was an important ally. Detective Tsukauchi.



Tsukauchi was truly perplexed by his interrogation of Bakugou and Midoriya after he had explained his purpose for being there and questioned them. “I have no idea what to tell you Nezu,” the detective explained to the principal. The detective had given his findings for the principal to pore over while both of the boys were still under watch by Aizawa. “People often try to lie by trying to justify their actions. They use logic to twist their perception of reality until they honestly believe that the self deception they have crafted is the truth. But on some instinctual level they know the truth and my quirk picks up on that. Yet somehow they were able to give contradicting answers and both of them were being honest.” 


“Are you quite sure that there isn’t some misunderstanding? Some loophole in your questioning that they could abuse?” the principal asked the detective.


Tsukauchi was adamant that they couldn’t fool his quirk. “I was direct and simple as possible. I asked each of them if Izuku Midoriya was Dante and they each responded as expected. I also made sure that Dante wasn’t an alternate personality he had and was escaping detection that way. I just don’t understand it.”


Nezu pondered what the detective had told him. “I see says the blind man. Facts and thus the truth is simply based upon our observations of the universe. Depending on how we perceive events unless we are given reason to doubt, the conclusions we form are the only truth we know. Therefore even if what we know as truth is false to others it still rings true for us.”


“I’m not sure I follow. What exactly are you saying?”


“If you ask a child what an insect is they might include a spider as an example. Even though in reality spiders are arachnids the child does not know and thus ‘spiders are insects’ is their truth and your quirk would determine it as such. You said that people can’t lie to themselves and Midoriya answered negatively to your queries. It seems impossible that Midoriya could block out every piece of evidence to the contrary of who he actually is. So he can’t be Dante. A stranger however can misread a situation and form a false opinion on the matter much more easily. Therefore I believe that Bakugou honestly does believe that Midoriya is Dante even when in reality this is false. Now we have to deal with this fact."



Inko Midoriya was not expecting UA to call her on the first day of school. She rushed over as quickly as she could once she heard Izuku was involved in an incident. She was greeted by Tsukauchi at the gate and he presented his credentials which only made her anxiety worse. Why would a detective be necessary? What had happened to her precious Izuku?



"Please, what is going on? Is Izuku okay?" Inko desperately asked once she was settled in Nezu's office. She needed to know that her son wasn't hurt. If he had been...She wasn't sure if she could handle it.


“I called you here to discuss whether you would be taking legal action against the Bakugous.” Whatever Inko Midoriya was prepared for it was not this. Nor was she ever expecting such a sentence to be coming from the mouth of the small mammal in front of her. She was still in a state of shock when Principal Nezu continued on. “Under normal circumstances you would not be able to seek legal recourse, but due to the fact that he provided his testimony to an officer of the law you can easily take him to court. If Officer Tsukauchi hadn’t been here we might be having a very different conversation.”


“I’m sorry, but what? I have no idea what’s going on,” Inko said apologetically. “If you could explain a bit more I’d be grateful.”


Nezu took a moment to gather his thoughts before condensing the events that had happened. “Katsuki Bakugou accused your son of being the villain Dante. Their hostility resulted in a physical altercation. Their homeroom teacher Shota Aizawa attempted to resolve the issue but was unable to come to a conclusion about who was the guilty party. He turned that responsibility over to me hoping that my improved intellect could solve this conundrum. In the end I was unable to determine the truth and enlisted the help of Tsukauchi to help in this matter. He has declared that your son is innocent of the claims that Bakugou has made. However, the issue of falsely accusing one of villainy is a crime with serious repercussions. Since your son is a minor you were called in to determine what legal action, if any, you will be taking,” Nezu said coming to the conclusion of his long winded explanation.


Inko was shocked at what she was hearing. “I am appalled at your actions. You call me in without any warning to tell me that my son was interrogated by the police and I wasn’t present or informed of it despite him being a minor. Then you tell me that there was a very real possibility of my son being falsely arrested. Why would you even believe Katsuki? What could possibly make you believe my son was anything but innocent?” Inko was shouting, but she was beyond caring. “Izuku’s not a villain and he would never harm anyone.”


Nezu continued to sit calmly at his desk despite Inko’s mounting outrage. “Your statement is false. Izuku was very willing to harm Katsuki when he tried to reveal Izuku’s duplicitous nature regarding his quirk. You should also consider our position before you make judgments. We have a villain with a track record of sixty seven assaults oftentimes with multiple victims with nine counts within the past month alone.” This gave Inko pause. She knew that he had committed a lot of attacks, but she had no idea there were that many. 


“The only evidence we have is the testimony of the victims, who describe their attacker in conflicting manners. The one thread that connects all of their accounts is that the villain declared himself to be ‘Lord of the Inferno and King of Hell’ to at least one person in each group they attacked.” 


Nezu paused considering whether he should let such sensitive information out to a civilian before seeing no downside with his quirk. “Dante is currently one of the top five priority villains to capture despite his status as a vigilante. His unchecked acts of vigilantism are causing concerns among the population about the capabilities of heroes and undermining people’s faith. Only eight pro heroes have caught sight of him. Four of those were in his initial debut in broad daylight. The other half are underground heroes who have failed to capture him despite being trained to capture elusive targets.” Nezu paused in his explanation for a moment to let that information sink in. Despite him committing over sixty attacks he was only spotted by four heroes.


“He is far more dangerous than most villains as people find it difficult to hate someone who is taking down other criminals. Through his actions he is portraying the unregulated use of quirks in a positive manner advocating people to take the law into their own hands. Even if he is not actively preaching this he has inspired several minor copycat vigilantes to follow his lead. If he continues it will only be a matter of time before people of comparable skill begin engaging in such behavior. We could very well be looking at an upheaval of society due to Dante’s actions.”


Inko cut him off before he could continue on his discussion of the societal impacts of Dante’s actions. “I understand that you’re desperate to catch him, but that still doesn’t explain why you thought my son could be him,” Inko said shooting a stern gaze towards the principal. “I could claim any person off the street to be Dante and you wouldn’t pay any attention. So why my son?”


Nezu ignored the dark glare that Inko was giving him. Despite being principal of UA he was first a pro hero and had faced down hardened villains who could do far worse than incensed mothers. Still he was smart enough to know that you should not mess with a mother’s son so he picked his words carefully. 


“Dante has a transformation quirk which allows him to take different forms. Due to this it is impossible to ascertain his identity. Your son also has a transformation quirk.” He held up his paw to stop the argument he could sense was going to come from Inko. “Them having the same type of quirk is circumstantial, but the transformations they have aren’t. Both of them can grow wings, have some form of armor, and also limited pyrokinesis. Then there is also the issue of your son having only registered his quirk a few months ago. It is highly suspicious when there is a drastic change in the quirk registry. He clearly had it before it was registered as he displayed enough competence with it to get into UA. Was he trying to hide something? Are you hiding something?”


“My son has had a very traumatic childhood and I will admit I wasn’t the most supportive mother. He only recently told me about all of his experiences and why he did things like hiding his quirk. It would be an utter betrayal of all of the trust he has placed in me after I promised I would be there for him as a mother. So no, I will not be telling you why he recently registered his quirk, but suffice to say my son had very good reasons for not registering.” Inko was eerily calm during that exchange channeling all of her politeness to hide the venom which still leaked into her voice.


“I will not be pressing charges against the bakugous because I don’t want Mitsuki to have to suffer. My son will be attending your school and this situation is inexcusable. I want you to do your job and make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. I don’t care what you do with Katsuki, just make sure that my son doesn’t have to put up with any more slander or trauma from that boy. Otherwise, I don’t care that you’re UA, you will be the ones facing legal action.” 


A small wobble broke into Inko’s voice despite her best efforts to be stern. “My son is already braver than any hero to have gone through what he has and come out alright. I won’t allow anyone to crush his dream of helping others. If I do nothing I would be ashamed to call myself his mother.” She stood up from the chair in front of Nezu’s desk and bowed to the principal. “Good day,” she said as she straightened and then left.



Inko had promised Izuku that she would support him no matter what. And she would keep that promise. Even if it was UA she had to face down to help her baby she would do it in an instant. Neither Heaven nor Hell would stand against Inko Midoriya once she was set on a goal.