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Kinktober 2019

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“Babies! I’m home!” Candela calls as she smacks her door wide open. The other occupants of the hall, largely team Valor interns, have grown weary of their leader’s volume, and silently make plans to escape the dorm for the next two to three hours. Candela smiles their way, waving just once before she slams the red coloured door behind her.

Two hours of privacy is more than enough for her plans this evening.

The sound of creaking and whines makes its way through the thin walls, and Candela’s smile grows vicious. She takes her time to remove her overcoat, gloves and boots discarded by the doorway. There is a still warm cup of tea set for her in a Moltress cup, matcha and honey, and she takes a sip. Leading an international division is never easy work, and though she knows Spark and Blanche are equally hard at work, Candela tends to feel especially tired around the edges at the end of a long week. It doesn’t help that there had recently been new goals and discoveries set in place after rumors of new Pokémon set for release next month, and Team Valor is always vying to go.

She’d say Spark has it the easiest if not for the knowledge that he’s making up for the small size of his team through raw power. The rarity of Spark embracing his role as leader has made the few occurrences ever the more charming and sexy. Just thinking about it makes Candela lick her lips.

The moaning and gasping from the bedroom seem to pick up noise as she stands from her chair, tea in hand. Her apartment is a long skinny thing, with the bedroom hidden in the back after a narrow hall. She glides a hand along the wall, following the glimpse of light shining out from a crack in the door, and peers inside. A feral grin crosses her lips.

Spark and Blanche look absolutely lovely in their attire, a tightly fitted butler uniform featuring black straps on Blanche and a frilly, lace lined maid dress flaring out on Spark. Atop their heads are a pair of pointed white cat ears for Blanche, and yellow fluffy dog ears for Spark. With the accessories, Candela could imagine them waiting on her after a long day’s work, ears perked attentively as their hands keep busy with making her life just a bit easier.

                They’re not very useful servants fucking on her bed like that.

                “I come home from a long day to this?” Candela calls, knocking on the door more audibly before swinging it open. Blanche doesn’t stop in thrusting their hips forward into Spark, the two of them red faced and sweat slick as they bounce on her mattress. They do, however, turn to catch Candela’s eye.

                “Oh, mistress. My apologizes for the mess.” There isn’t much of one, Candela’s floor remarkably clean in contrast to the usual state she leaves it in. In comparison to Blanche’s room, terribly immaculate and in place, her own might come across as a shoddy ditch. Still, Candela shrugs as she gestures to the two.

                “Fucking? On my bed? Without me?” She sneers the last question, a dangerous look flickering across her eyes. Blanche frowns, their lips pulling into a pretty little pout, one that simply demands Candela come over and bite it off their face.

                “I’m trying to breed you a new servant.” Oh?

                Spark keens at the words, finally lifting his head to glance upward at Candela. He looks positively gorgeous, eyes a blurry flashing yellow as he moans, hands digging holes into Candela’s throw. It’s a rare treat for Spark to bottom outside of his own room, his destructive impulses often laying waste to the blankets and pillows propped under his body. Blanche must have known this even prior to initiating, and Candela finds herself smirking as she debates who to punish.

                It’s still odd for him to be ruining any property outside his own domain. Candela whistles, watching Blanche and Spark still to stare at her, chests heaving. The strap on tied around Blanche’s waist makes a squelching noise as it slides out from Spark, shiny with fluids.

                “Pup, turn around.” Amusement flits on his face before complying, twisting his arms out from the blankets to lie on his side. As suspected, the slim fitted red cage is strapped onto his cock, containing the otherwise equally red member. Blanche makes an aborted move to slap Spark back into place, stilling at the last moment to frown at Candela.

                “Do you need the dog for something, mistress?” Snarky. Candela grins, shrugging as she toys with the collar of her dress. Blanche’s eyes follow the movement, calculating even in the bedroom, before they return to pulling Spark’s hips sharply back. He yelps, squirming in place until Blanche’s seated deeply in him once again.

                “Yeah, mistress. What do you need from me?” Spark’s grin is remarkably animated for a man in a cock cage, ass beat red with the sound of Blanche slapping against him knocking him forward. A wiser man would know to keep his mouth shut, but, well, Candela’s never fallen for him for his brain.

                “Careful, dog,” she warns. She grasps the hem of her dress, pulling it slowly upward with a grin at how both Spark and Blanche slow to stare at her. In an ordinary day she’d have them remove it themselves, but walking into a breeding session has made her a little more impatience. “Or you might not end up coming today.”

                Spark barks a laugh, hoarse and a little crass, gathering the fluffy skirt to pull it upwards. Like this she can see the curve of his back, perky ass in the air, dried streaks of lube dragged across it’s pink surface leaving behind cracked lines. Candela shakes off her dress, dragging a hand through her hair, waiting.

                “I didn’t think I was going to,” Spark murmurs. Blanche’s fingers tighten their grip on him, slamming their hips forward twice with enough force that he shouts, ears making an arc as he bares his neck back. Blanche’s panting, a low fire burning in their eyes, as they grip at the black mass of fabric over Spark’s back, snapping him back to sit on their strap.

                “How dare you speak to mistress in such a way,” they hiss. Candela purrs, unable to resist licking her lips, unsure whether to sway forward to join them or to wait it out. Blanche glances her way, looking amusedly catlike for a moment, before moving their hand upward to grasp at Spark’s neck. He gasps, Adam’s apple bobbing, before shooting a toothy grin at Blanche.

                “Bad kitty.” What other clever words he has are lost in a heavy groan as Blanche jerks their hips upward, pulling him down flush against their body. The pretty maid outfit is quickly wrinkling under the tension, and Blanche’s eyes flare blue a second before they break the zipper entirely, hand slipping through the new hole to wrap around Spark’s chest.

                “Careful with the clothing,” Candela calls. Blanche’s eyes are narrow and dangerous as they flicker her way, icy cold. They angle their body, rocking against Spark still, sliding their other hand from his neck to his now bare chest, dragging the ruined cress downward. His bare skin against her wrinkled, though relatively clean, butler jacket is a joyful contrast. Candela smirks, raising her hands in mock surrender, taking a seat.

                “Continue,” she offers. Spark rolls his eyes, winking playfully at Candela before rotating his hips against Blanche. They grunt, pinching at his skin, as his hands take a firmer grasp on their waist.

                Candela hums at the scene playing out, tugging on the hook of her bra until it comes loose, falling to her lap. She pinches at her nipples, rolling one nub in her hand as the other flicks at the soft thing. Blanche makes a particularly noisy gasp when Spark turns his head to bite onto their shoulder, effectively ruining their clean jacket, and the punishing slap of their hips against his in retribution is music to Candela’s ears.

                “Blanche,” Spark whines, licking at the spot and wetting the fabric, “too many clothes. Even Candela is less dressed than you.” Blanche swats his ass twice for that, eyes narrow, before dragging a single hand down to rip straight through the buttons holding their top together. Candela whistles, drawing both icy and golden eyes to flicker her way, and she knows her own have flared red in reply. She crosses her legs, letting her breasts hang as she moves forward, aware of how their ears glance downward before returning to her eyes.

                “Play nice, pets.” Spark barks for her, eyebrows waggling, before redoubling his efforts to fuck himself against Blanche. His response is an angry growl, hand pulling at his hair before Blanche leans down to nibble on his neck.

                “Mistress is too kind for a dog like yourself,” Blanche purrs, hand poking through the holes of the cock cage to stroke at Spark’s cock. He groans, hips grinding against nothing, and Candela can hear the snapping of thread under his hand’s strength. True to form, the rumpled form of her blanket falls to the floor, four finger sized holes now in it.

                “You’re not too bad yourself,” he hums. His hand reaches back to thumb at the space between Blanche and their strap on, fingers pressing just slightly against their clit. Blanche startles, pulling them flush for a moment to heave, before redoubling their effort to claw and pinch at Spark’s body. They moan in unison, Blanche’s eyes misty before a piercing blue glow overtakes them, and then Spark’s shaking away from her hands, the impression of ice in the form of handprints patterning his back.

                Candela laughs, unable to cool the gnawing flames boiling under her skin. She strips off her tights without any earlier elegance, then her panties, kicking them off to join her ruined blanket on the floor. Blanche’s eyes flicker between their usual dull blue and a glowing near white shade, body shaking with the force of their orgasm, when Candela places both hands on their frozen face. Her hands burn cold for a moment before burning up again, and she captures Blanche’s lips with her own.

                Cold and hot, at such extremes, form a cloud of mist from their mouths. Blanche gasps, steam emitting from between their lips, before Candela recaptures them. Blanche’s teeth are icy cold in contrast to Candela’s heated tongue, as she refuses to pull away until they reach a more comfortable temperature. Spark presses a kiss to her lower lips, and she chuckles into Blanche’s mouth.

                By the time Blanche’s lips warm to human temperatures again, their eyes are drooped and cheeks flushed, looking remarkably well fucked. Candela grins, licking a stripe along their cheek, before glancing down to the sight of Spark so lovingly dragging his teeth on the inside of her sticky thighs.

                “You okay, Blanche?” His voice is syrup sweet despite the devilish grin on his face, slick with Candela’s drippings. Blanche rolls their eyes, sufficiently tired out, shrugging off the tattered remains of their jacket to sit back on the bed.

                “I am fine. You should be more focused on pleasing Candela.” A fine tap out if Candela’s ever heard one. She presses one last chaste kiss on Blanche’s cheek, weaving their fingers together.

                “You heard them, Sparkie. Eat up.” Needing no further incentive, Spark dives back in, tongue making quick work of entering Candela. She groans, rocking her hips against his face, careful to angle herself to bump her clit against his nose. Blanche steadies her hands down, leaving gentle kisses and nips along Candela’s shoulders and back.

                Candela sighs, feeling the day’s tension cool as pleasure begins to mount in waves. She’s always been a fan of the faster stuff, quick and dirty, and she grasps Spark’s hair to tug him to dig deeper into her vagina. His hands come up, one to pry her further open for his tongue to have more space to work with, the other to pinch and flick at her clit. She moans, bouncing on his face, leaning back against Blanche.

                “Today was unbearably long,” Candela groans, pinching at her nipple. Blanche rolls her other in their fingers, now pressing soft kisses to the back of Candela’s head. “I had so, hah, much work to do. Ugh, ah, ahh, my team is—nn, so ungrateful!” She shouts the last words, hips rutting low, certain that she’s squashing Spark under her weight.

                He squirms under her, tongue and fingers working her open with ferocity, and she pants noisily as her hips pick up pace. The sight of his own hips thrusting at the air makes her grin, and she reaches forward to pinch his dick. He yelps, vibrations shooting pleasure throughout her body, and she feels her eyes clench shut at the sensation. Her hands continue to stroke him, though they don’t loosen the cage, and his licking at her grows messy, moans overtaking his technique.

                “They should appreciate you more,” Blanche scolds, and Candela has barely a moment’s warning before they grasp her chin, angling her face to better capture her lips. She moans into their mouth, the chill in their breath, so acutely aware of the heat in her own. She’s heating up, growing unbearably hot, and Spark licks and gnaws at her lips, fingers working faster. He presses his tongue flat against her clit, shooting sparks of electricity through her veins, and she screams, feeling akin to a volcano ready to erupt.

                Her body burns hot, stars forming and imploding in her chest. Her vision is red, truly red, pleasure burning her up from her toes to her hair, unable to differentiate the sensations of Spark and Blanche and Candela herself, only aware of the waves of heat and pleasure sending vibrations throughout the air.

                Candela comes down to herself on the rumpled blanket, holes and all, now sporting a fresh charred smell. She pants, dragging a hand through her apparently sweaty hair, glancing upward to Blanche kissing Spark. He’s a lovely shade of red, twitching and moaning as Blanche pulls him up by his ass, cupping and pinching the round flesh. When Blanche finally pulls away to check on Candela, she can see that his lips are burnt.

                “Whoops,” Candela chuckles. Spark grins, overly smug in contrast to the sight of his dick throbbing still in the cage, though it doesn’t burn at her. She manages to hoist herself up on wobbly elbows, smiling at the panic flitting across Blanche’s face, before nodding at Spark.

                “Come here, Sparkie.” Surprise and confusion take both Blanche and Spark for a moment, before he crawls over to her. Blanche shuffles back, though Candela catches their wrist before they can move too far. She smiles, crooking a finger at Spark.

                “Can’t breed a broken doggy, can we?” Her hand pulls at the straps of his cage, loosening the snap until she can slide it cleanly down his thighs. He pants under her, eyes darting between her and Blanche carefully, though there’s no denying the neediness in his eyes. Candela grabs at his ass, pulling him above her head, winking at them both.

                “Careful with the property,” Candela warns just once, before pulling his ass square onto her face. She licks at his puffy hole, hands spreading his cheeks for better access, hearing his startled yelp and moans loud and clear. He rocks against her slowly, heading the warning, though his thighs are quick to quiver and twitch around her.

                Spark’s whimpers and gasps grow increasingly loud in the air, so sensitive after being unable to cum for so long. Candela finds it easy to spread his hole with both thumbs fitting, still room to fit her tongue. She presses down in his flesh, feeling him squeeze and shake around her, hips beginning to take up pace.

                “Careful!” Is the only warning she gets before he grinds down onto her face, thighs squeezing tight on both sides of her head. She continues to lick at the greedy hole, twitching as it is, as Spark’s shouts hit a climax. He groans, loud and drawn out, legs tense as he shakes. Candela continues to fuck him with her tongue, dragging it along the skin from his hole to his balls, only to bump into a familiar face.

                Blanche laps at Spark’s dick, streaks of cum across their face. Spark’s noises die down to whimpers and quivering breaths, both hands pulling at Blanche’s hair. Candela chuckles, a dry passing of noise, before leaning back down to pinch at one of his balls, licking along the skin.

                “Okay, too much, okay, okay,” Spark whines, hips jerking back from every touch. Candela lets him go, though Blanche refuses to relent until they clean every remaining drop of white from his stomach, thighs, and dick. He quivers at their tongue’s movement, legs crossing around their chest, before groaning dramatically.

                “Blanche, please.” Finally sated, Blanche pops their mouth off Spark, looking remarkably pleased. Candela doesn’t resist laughing this time, sparing a pitiful glance at her destroyed blanket, now sporting more holes in it than before. Seeing her glance, both Spark and Blanche cringe.

                “My apologizes, Candela,” Blanche sighs, bundling the ruined remains.

                “Yeah, sorry!” Spark is quick to add on, though his toothy grin hints otherwise. His chest shakes as he takes in deep breaths, yet he still has enough attitude to wink at Candela. “Lucky for you, you have two replacement bed warmers right here.”

                Blanche cringes, visibly biting their tongue at the comment. Candela, however, laughs, shoulders shaking as the day’s events sag at her body. Thoroughly exhausted, though in a much more satisfied way now than before, she stands from the bed.

                “Pets.” They perk up, both eyes on her. She smirks, wondering if her eyes have flashed that lovely red she loves so much. “I want dinner.”

                “Yes, ma’am.” Unison, obedience. Candela smirks, swinging her hips as she walks to the kitchen, picking up her now cold tea. Waving it in the air, she slips out of her room, still nude.

                The sound of pattering feet behind her smooths her smirk into a real smile.

                Ah, she loves being mistress.