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Kinktober 2019

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“On the count of three, your minds would have swapped bodies.




          Mina’s eyes drew up shortly, dazed blinking overtaking her as sunshine glared harshly to her poor pupils. She groans, squinting a moment, to rub at them, slowly opening her fingers to allow the blinding light to seep in.

          When she could manage them open, the first thing she realized was that she was wearing black sweatpants.

          “What?” She murmured. The air smelled distinctly less sweet than usual, more stale, somewhat dry. She parsed a hand through her hair, careful near her antennas, only to realize that 1) her hair was distinctly less soft than she liked and 2) she had no antennas.

          “What!” There, at her side, sat Mina, gaping at her with the same stock-still expression she adopted when taking a hard test. They stared at each other, pink skin to pink skin, until she realized that her hand pointing at herself was not pink but pale, her nails unpainted, and, at a quick duck down to her body, breasts not endowed.

          Behind them, someone coughed.

          “Can we go now?” Shinso murmured, nursing his boba against his mouth. He’s wearing the same purple tinted grey sweater Mina forced him into this morning, with small cats printed along the bottom and collar. The black cut off skinnies adorning his leg were also her pick, though it was Kaminari’s careful teasing and handling that got Shinso to begrudedly swap out his looser pants. He’s looking awfully calm and fashion forward for a man who’s partners are currently freaking out.

          “What?” He finally says, raising an eyebrow at them. His eyes are beautiful, even hued by the yellow round sunnies (again, courtesy of Mina, she’s so fab, she knows), especially when they narrow at them. “It worked, didn’t it?”

          “We really swapped bodies!?” Mina’s voice sounds odd to her own ears, lower and more echo-esc than she’s used to. On the other hand, Kaminari’s voice is squeaky and harsher, and she finds herself wrinkling her lips at it. Her own face does the same to her, and she groans dramatically.

          “Nooo, I’m so unfashionable now!” Kaminari, her body, sputters at her. She waves at him, her, this is so weird. “Look! Look! You’re licking at my lipstick! Reapply!”

          “Hey!” Kaminari shouts. Shinso snorts, ducking behind his boba when they both turn to him. Kaminari, in Mina’s body, ugh, so confusing, does a decent impression of her pout. She goes for a full scowl in his, very unusual, and stands at full height. Shinso raises an eyebrow at her, stoic, but all she can register is that for once in her life, she’s staring down at him not in platforms.

          Huh. She grins.

          She can live like this.

          “Alright, boys! Let’s go on this date!” Kaminari, still her, gapes. It totally wrinkles her makeup and she waves at him, shaking her head.

          “Kaminari, today I’m going to teach you the wonders of being… a girl!” Shinso doesn’t do quite as good a job hiding his snort this time, and Mina grasps his arm in hers (ooh, her hands are so big now!). Her other wraps around Kaminari, wrist remarkably slim in her hold, and she finds herself wondering for the first time if she really is so small in their eyes. Kaminari stares up at her, Mina’s hair floating around her face, and she grins.

          Gosh, she’s so cute!

          The date goes pretty fantastic considering she and Kaminari have both walked into the wrong bathroom at least twice. The only plus has been staring at other guy’s dicks with enough intensity to creep them out, and Shinso’s horrid attempts to stifle his laughter. Mina’s found he’s also less likely to run from her fingers, Kaminari’s fingers, which would make her feel bad if he hadn’t scolded her at least thrice for trying to make him lose concentration. Right.

          If Shinso goes down, this whole experiment goes down too.

          Might as well get her plan moving then.

          “To the dressing room!” Mina grins, pointing at herself. Kaminari grins back, now thoroughly enthused after being dragged around half the day, surprisingly adapt at wearing her heels. Shinso’s suggested it might be her body’s capability to wear heels, and though she couldn’t remember ever being so good at it, he simply hid his smile in reply. The largest joy of swapping bodies has been being able to see herself try on clothes—it turns out frilly dresses do look nice on her, thank Momo, and that her boobs do look awfully nice in sweaters. Okay, she already knew that, but she just wanted Kaminari to notice how nice.

          “You sure we can all come in like this?” Kaminari grins at her. It’s almost strange seeing his smile on her face—they’ve always been so similar in many ways, but now she’s noticing that he crinkles her lips a little more than she does, and that she squints her eyes more than he. Shinso wades behind them in silence, now nearing two hours of swap, more concentrated on keeping them properly hypnotized rather than engaging in talk.

          Mina gives them her signature cheeky grin, waving her body into the dressing room. Kaminari shuffles in with the swinging of his hips, winking scandalously at Shinso, who snorts and drags her in, pulling the curtain shut behind them.

          “Are we really doing this?” Kaminari’s wobble of her lip is mysteriously attractive, and Mina grasps onto her body to pull him close. It’s odd, the small shape of her shoulders, the messy ruffle of her hair, pressed against his larger body as she slides his tongue into herself. He moans, high and warbly, and she grins as she cuts his tongue on her teeth, closing her eyes.

          The best part of making out with yourself happens to be knowing what you like. Mina runs Kaminari’s hands, hers now, against her horns, rough fingertips scratching the base of her scalp. He moans against her, knees bucking, and she sucks on her own tongue. His hands grasp onto her back, pulling up his own shirt, until he’s about to draw nails down her back. She shivers, gasping into his mouth.

          This is good.

          This is really good.

          She moans, trailing her hands down to grope at her breasts, cupping them from inside the bra. She lets them fall from her hands back into the cup twice, hearing her own voice groan, and leaves a trail of kisses down her neck.

          “Is this, is this good?” Kaminari asks, breathless. She grins wickedly, tugging his shirt clean off, flexing the subtle muscles there. Months of working out together has resulted in him finally acquiring a set of abs he’s been proud to show off, and Mina is all too eager to flash them to her own eyes, well, his now. Kaminari chuckles, rubbing at her shirt, eyes flickering up. The oddity of seeing her own yellow pupils is no longer an issue, and she glides her hands up her own shirt.

          “Let me take this off.” No questions, no issues. He grins at her, toothy, her teeth remarkably sharp, and she bites down on the sudden flush of heat that runs through his body. Is this what it’s like when he sees her, confident, cocky, shirt off and breasts bare? Is this how he feels when they’re nude and sweaty, sticky lips and fingers on the bed?

          She swallows, heart pounding, as she finally pulls the shirt off her own body. His smile is a touch shy, a touch erotic, and she swallows.

          “Shinso!” She calls. He raises an eyebrow at her, back to them with his hands clutching the curtain. Only his head is turned their way, eyes bogged down with his usual exhaustion. “Come join us.”

          “No.” Mean. She pouts, expectant, but he doesn’t move. Kaminari joins her, frowning as he struggles to unhook her bra. At the very least, Shinso manages to chuckle at that.

          “I can’t focus otherwise.” Truth, perhaps, though it doesn’t stop the mischievous flickering in Mina’s stomach. She wants to play with him, pull down his pants and jerk him off against the curtain, just to see how far they can get before a store attendant notices.

          Kaminari manages to get her bra loose, and then her mind stops at the sight of her own tits.

          Not that she’s a particularly picky person, Mina’s just never found her own breasts super exciting. They’re big, and perky, and round, and yes, very much suckable. It’s just that—well, they’re hers, and she’s spent half her life with them firmly implanted on her chest, causing her back pain, weighing down her running.

          In Kaminari’s body, the rush to his groin is no mistake of the brain, and she’s finding herself particularly excited to suck at her nipples.

          “Oh.” She murmurs, his voice sounding particularly heavy, and then she’s dropping onto her knees to kiss at her own stomach. It should be odd, a strange sensation of licking herself; instead she’s heated, heavy, tongue tingling off the sweet taste of herself. He moans through her mouth as she trails the pink happy trail upward, hands drifting to slide along her sides with the barest hints of pressure she knows she likes, and then he’s running her hands through his hair, tugging just slightly.

          “Mina, Mina, wait.” Breathless, fast, and then he’s tugging her off her body even before she can reach her breasts, just staring at the shadow descending off the fold of them over her stomach. She’s panting, drooling, saliva pouring out her mouth. Is he always this needy?

          The thought warms her heart, sending tingles down his body.

          “Kaminari,” spit leaks onto his chin, his pants. She hooks his fingers into it, shoving them down to his thighs, letting his dick prop up and smack his stomach. He pants overhead, messy, wanting, and she smiles.

          “Kaminari.” Softer, sweeter, even though the voice is an octave lower and scratchier than any she’s used before. He moans in her voice, and then she’s sliding her own skirt down, staring at the lace thong she chose that morning. It’s firmly wedged against her now, pink tinted fluid soaking through the lace and down her thighs, and she smiles.

          “Kaminari, can I eat you out?” Kaminari’s breaths are shaky, sweet, and she presses his tongue against her, sucking through the lace. He shakes, her thighs coming to press close to her head, as she licks lines upward through the thong, sucking and kissing where she knows her clit is. She’s no stranger to her own body, and the intimate knowledge that her clit grows larger when she’s aroused makes it more erotic to press his lips against hers, tasting herself.

          “Mina! Mina, please!” Sweet, salty, an almost sea flavor washes over his tongue. She wonders if it’s possible to electrocute herself with his quirk, something he’s done to drive her wild before, but it’s probably best to not play too much. Instead Mina focuses on digging her tongue against her thong, pushing it against her clit as she rocks her head back against it.

          “Mina, I-I’m, I!” What he could say was quickly cut off but pleasure wracking her body, and then Mina’s swallowing down against the lace, sucking on the slick wetness squirting from her. She grabs onto her own hips, shaking him against her, until the wet slows to the stop.

          He’s shivering, hands clasped tight against her mouth, and she can see that he’s cut her fingers against her teeth. Kaminari manages to stare down at her, his beautiful dazed confusion evident on her face, and she grins.

          “Mina.” They turn to Shinso, shuffling the curtain with his left hand. He’s remarkably unfazed for a man with an erection straining against his jeans, a pink flush trailing from his ears to his nape, ducking under his collar. “We should go. I think store staff noticed something.”

          Hard not to, with how loud Kaminari was. Well, she’s normally loud too, so she can’t fault him too harsh with this one. Pouting softly, she points at the erect dick in place.

          “And what am I supposed to do with this?” The world dims around her, hazy, unbalanced, and Mina shakes in place. She falls to her knees, blinking fast, until her eyes squeeze shut and her throat clenches, dry, wet, and then she’s starting at Kaminari’s face, red and wet with drool wiped across his cheek.

          Back in her body, him in his. Her body feels remarkably sore, sticky, and she notes with absent humor that she’s never enjoyed wearing wet panties, and here she is, at her own hand. Kaminari stares at her still, eyes wild, pupils large and lips shaking.

          “Kaminari?” His hair falls over his eyes, cheeks flush, and then he’s pressing just the barest hint of his lips against hers.

          “Mina.” Her heart beats sharp against her chest; when was the last she’s seen him like this? When was the last she’s been so taken?

          It was, it was.

          “Mina. Kaminari.” They turn to the curtain, flaring open just at the edges. Shinso points out the back.

          “Hotel reservation in 12 minutes. Let’s go.”

          Mina grins, swinging her skirt back onto her hips, grasping her top from the floor. Kaminari yelps, not bothering to tug his top on, awkwardly shuffling out with his pants still pooled at his thighs.

          “Shinso!” Her arms come around his waist, pulling him a step back. He startles, eyes flickering between her and the curtain, and she grins.

          “I wanna switch with you next.”

          Exciting, warmth. Her limbs shake, with desire, with tenderness, and she thinks about being in his body, about feeling the little twitches of his heart, the heated grasp of his limbs. The little fondness with which he views her and Kaminari alike.

          Mina presses a kiss against his cheek.

          She must be the luckiest girl in the world.