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My MHA Ideas and One Shots

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Idea Number 1: MHA X WoW X Slice of Life

Timeline position: Post Two-Heroes (Added as partially canon so why not?) and Post-Joint Training arc.

- Melissa Shield sends Izuku a World of Warcraft account to try out while she's busy working at I-Island to fix damage caused by Wolfram. She tells him that all of his friends are free to use it as her company paycheck pays for the thing (She plays hardcore when not working to vent stress). Her character is a Human Protection Paladin.

- Izuku and Ochako start playing for the first chapter and the first to play as Eri watches them play World of Warcraft for the first time. He makes a Human Monk for the Windwalker spec (Deku does seem like a martial artist with his punching and kicking moves in the show). She makes a Draenei Arcane Mage (They're the closest race to fit the fandom space theme Ochako has so...yeah, if anyone has better ideas for this, tell me and I'll revise this trust me).

- Ochako and Izuku would be dating IRL and in-game and she's learning as she goes as any Newbie does since she's never played online MMOs before...and is secretly worried Melissa is trying to put moves on Deku (She's not more on that later).

- Eri finds the game cute when she sees the Gnomes and other chibi pets that are collected in the game.

- Aizawa and other teachers set rules that they can play the game under strict advisement to only play for a certain amount of time and that they finish their homework first (Like parents always say).

- The other kids find out about Izuku and Ochako playing Warcraft and are curious. Naturally, they reveal Melissa's involvement and everyone joins the fun.

- The Dekusquad members join eagerly (Some more than others). Momo would be an immense newbie, having never played MMOs before and is genuinely curious how to play. She IS however aware of the dangers of online play and giving out private info. Yes my version of the Dekusquad is: Deku, Ochako, Tenya, Tsuyu, Mei (She'd join because she hears about the different Engineering types and gear), Momo, Shouto, Tokoyami and technically Eri and Melissa.

- The Bakusquad members are more mixed. Bakugou only gives in when he hears about PvP servers (And picks Horde specifically to avoid being around Deku's crew, but he's not a dick about it avid competitor), Kirishima joins eagerly because it sounds like a cool game, Mina joins after she hears about achievements and the annual events (the Love fool event in particular she wants to do), Kaminari joins cuz he's a gamer and he's been meaning to play, Kyouka joins because everyone else is (And she's a secret gamer girl), Sero joins because why not?

- The Dekusquad primarily play as Alliance race/class combos: Deku the Human Monk, Tenya the Human Paladin, Ochako the Draenei Mage, Eri would be a Gnome Frost Mage (Whenever she's allowed to play and Aizawa has the parental settings set to MAX) Tsuyu a Dwarf Restoration Shaman (Because Hex makes everyone into frogs and the spells are primarily water based it fits I swear) though she moonlights as a Zandalari Druid, Todoroki makes a Void Elf Frost Mage (He avoids Fire spec like the plague...guess why?), Tokoyami plays Void Elf Destruction Warlock (Tokoyami's hard to pin down for specializations so if anyone can give me ideas, PLEASE TELL ME the only other option I got is a Worgen Unholy Death Knight), Momo would be a Night Elf Discipline or Holy Priest (And be really newbie-ish to the game so Kyouka would teach her the rules and lingo).

- The Bakusquad primarily go around with Horde race/class combos: Bakugou is an Orc Fury Warrior (Angry boi is angry), Kirishima goes Tauren Protection Warrior and backs up Bakugou...they're best buds. Mina plays as Troll Elemental Shaman (Is there a class that does Acid type spells? Or close to it, let me know and I'll fix this), Kaminari is an Troll Enhancement Shaman (Lightning/Wind spells), Sero is an Undead Survival Hunter (Tape...traps, again, maybe some won't play or just experiment, you be the judge), Kyouka plays Undead Outlaw Rogue (Might change later) but will switch over to Night Elf Outlaw Rogue (She'd be consistent) and help Momo out (I see her a secretly a big gamer around Kaminari (Also Bi but that's neither here nor there).

- The remaining classmates mostly choose to do whatever they want: Ojiro and Hagakure don't play mostly because they're doing their own thing (dating and studying), Satou prefers to bake so he decides to be a Pandaren Monk and focuses primarily on the Cooking profession work, Koda does not play and prefers not to play as he doesn't like the idea of killing animals (Which as we all know there's a TON of that in the game, even when the animals are Wolves, Bears, etc, he'd rather be a pacifist, Eri brings up battle pets which irks him further), Shoji would more just relax and mostly watches Jirou and Momo play (I headcanon him as a secret writer of fantasy stories or stuff), Mineta...plays a Gnome or Goblin rogue (doesn't matter what spec because the only thing he'd do is stealth around hoping to see up the skirts of female characters), or he'd be a Female...ANYTHING and just go around naked (Or no armor and weapons) in the capitol and start dancing...he'd get a crap ton of gold for it ironically enough much to all the female casts derision. Aoyama joins for the fashion based mini-events (He'd take over for anyone who wants to do the fashion events and he'd be that guy who's all about fashion right?).

- Some teachers would join or mention their games of preference: Aizawa would join whenever Eri's playing to make sure she's not seeing anything inappropriate for her age (He's her legal guardian here) and be Human Assassination Rogue (Assassination Classroom jokes abound when this happens), All Might has NO idea how to play and instead just watches Deku and Ochako play (While noticing that Deku started practicing the Monk class abilities IRL with One For All), Midnight would be a Nightborne Demonology Warlock (And ALWAYS keeps a Succubus pet out...because it's Midnight), Vlad King goes Orc Arms Warrior (I've got nothing).

- Class 1B joins but only Kendou, Monoma, Tetsutetsu, Reiko, and Pony actually play. Monoma would be a Blood Elf Arcane Mage (Because it'd fit his arrogant nature I guess? Again, feel free to tell me which suits his nature better), Kendou goes Human Monk like Deku but switches between Windwalker and Brewmaster (She'd tank a lot because she's the group's big sister), Tetsutetsu goes Dwarf Protection Paladin (Ironic, Dwarves have Stoneform, but he'd be all about defense) and work on mining and Blacksmithing for heavy metal armors, Reiko plays Undead Subtly Rogue (Dunno much about her but goes for stealth as a Ghost Quirk), Pony plays Tauren Druid (Because all the forms have horns).

- Hi-jinks ensue: First time playing tutorials, figuring out the lore and layout of the gaming world, BARRENS chat for Bakusquad. Random villain character encounters (Toga, Shigaraki, Twice and Dabi hack the game to be max level class/race combos at random times and grief the groups because it's funny to them), doing dungeons and role play moments ensue. Also the characters find out Melissa and Bakugou are in a long distance relationship (Deku points out hard to Bakugou IRL that it's ironic he's dating Melissa long distance when she's Quirkless, but he hates Deku before being that way prior to getting One For All). Bakugou for his part is a tsundere about it and Melissa just finds him okay when he's not being an ass about Deku. In-game event stories and date nights.

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Zoids AU:

Plot: If anyone here has seen the Zoids Chaotic Century series, then you know the plot but here's a few characters for this. Also this part is gonna be short. Ancient Zoidians also are the closest to having Quirks.


Izuku/Deku: Izuku is the Van Flyheight analogue. Possessing many of Van's traits while keeping some of his initial shyness. His history would be a mirror to Van's. Hisashi would be dead as Van's father Dan died. He finds Deku (Or Meku whichever sounds better, a large Rabbit type Organoid) and Ochako and Eri. He would pilot a Green Shield Liger (And use the shield more often than Van ever did in the show...seriously that thing has SHIELD in the name and it barely uses it), which like in the show becomes Blade Liger, which is recolored Green with Black and Silver trim. His main rival is Bakugou.

Meku: Meku would be Zeke's analogue. A curious and skittish rabbit Organoid, Meku would be named that way due to his association to Deku's name. He empowers the Shield/Blade Liger. He tends to stay near Ochako or Eri if not around Deku. He's also very distrusting of a lot of people, primarily Bandits or military forces.

Ochako Uraraka: Ochako is HALF of the Fiona analogue. An Ancient Zoidian. She can manipulate Gravity for a short time before exhausting her energy. Her history would be a mystery but she would be roughly like her original self. However, she has some sleeper agent qualities. She'd be Eri's protector which has programming that conflicts with her relationships. If the danger becomes too much for the heroes to handle (Which with Bakugou it does), Ochako is predisposed to grab Eri and bolt with Meku if it meant keeping her charge safe. This conflicts with her affection with Deku as she comes to like him. Meku would actually be HER Organoid partner until she decides to take off with her charges for the second time, as she decides to embrace her programming and fearing Deku's life will suffer with her and Eri in his presence, only for Meku to COMPLETELY shut her out of commanding the Blade Liger. Ochako and Izuku would confess their feelings before the final battle with the final boss of the series and (I can't write smut even if I wanted to), would consummate that feeling.

Eri: Eri is the other half of Fiona's analogue. An Ancient Zoidian who can rewind objects or people to a previous state. She doesn't use it unless absolutely sure she can handle it, like fixing small cuts. Anything more would run the risk of her overextending or hurting the target of her quirk. She'd have no memory of her past and would be seeking Zoid Eve. She views Ochako as a mother-figure and doesn't display her shy behavior from MHA. She has Fiona's cloud cookoo lander personality, not know squat about modern Planet Zi culture or foods. Trademark food: Apples (Because it's a tradition at this point for her character). She would later during the second half of the series, ship the hell outta Izuku and Ochako along with Meku. She'd be friendly to Emperor Kota Izumi.

Tsuyu Asui: Tsuyu would be Moonbay's counterpart. She'd be older than the heroes, around whatever age Fumikage would have. Blunt, honest and looking for proper pay, she's always looking for an easy score. On her Gustav transport, she delivers cargo to all over. He knows a lot about Zoids, particular reptilian and amphibious model types (I forget if there are any in the franchise but...let's say there are for story's sake). She and mercenary hunter Fumikage have known each other for years. wonders what relationship they have as there are times the two are away from the rest of the group and they come back flustered afterwards. Ochako says she'll explain to Eri when she's 50 years old.

Fumikage Tokoyami: Irvine's counterpart (I couldn't think of anyone better to fit Irvine since Bakugou is someone else). He pilots a Command Wolf, later Lightning Saix. Yeah, I know he's not piloting a aerial Zoid, but I'm keeping it close to canon for Zoids. He meets Deku and the others when separated from their Zoid partners. He at first wants to get Meku for himself but he ends up thinking Meku's too much of a hassle; also he sees Deku and Meku bond too easily. He does his usual Gothic poet style of speech but is friendly to children. Eri for her part is nervous due to memory issues involving a particular character later.

The Desert Arcabeleno Gang (AKA The Rainbow Riot Crew *AKA a chunk of the BakuSquad*): Unlike the more aggressive canon Desert Gang, these guys would have more goofier natures, closer to their MHA selves. Also they're more reluctant to be violent on the heroes. Kirishima would be Rosso's analogue. He'd be all about being a manly and honorable soldier, but he's desperate to get back into the military after an undisclosed incident gets him thrown out with his crew. Mina (Viola's counterpart) would be his most loyal member and secretly his lover. By the end of the series, she'd have his kid. She'd play a bit of a femme fatale but she does care about the kids she's forced to fight. Kaminari would be Welde's counterpart, a flirt but well meaning fellow. Sero would be Bianco's other self, mostly keeping the others in check. Satou would be Nero's counterpart as the big tough member. Jirou would be Nero, sardonic and be Kaminari's oldest friend/girlfriend. Mineta would be Bull and be the ever-present butt of the group's jokes.

Tensei Iida: Karl Schubaltz counterpart. An honorable military commander and a force to be reckoned with. He uses a Darkhorn Zoid (Ironic as Darkhorns are slow Triceratops motherhubbards VS the Iida speedy family). He hates Chairman Shigaraki for his power hungry nature in the Empire.

Tenya Iida: Thomas Schubaltz counterpart. He appears for the second half of the story. He fits most of Thomas and Tenya's nature. He at first dislikes Izuku and crushes on Ochako until told by the others that Ochako's in love with Izuku. Afterwards he earns the affections of his mechanic partner, Mei Hatsume. His Zoid, a Dibison, has an AI partner named Ingenium. It helps him speed up his Zoid's reaction and movement speeds.

Shouto Todoroki: Rob Herman's counterpart. Shouto is the military commander for the Endeavor Republic fighting the Hosu Empire. His mother, Rei is President of the Republic, but his military career is based on his actual merit, not nepotism. His primary Zoid, the Gojulas possesses mods that allow it to figure either a high intensity flame breath or a Freeze Ray. His secretary, Momo Yaoyarozu, secretly harbors feelings for him but he's too caught up in the war to notice. She'd later quit his service to try to prove her own worth as a Zoid pilot, leading to an unintentional skirmish with Deku (who Shouto thinks kidnapped her). After their initial fight, Deku and Shouto find out she only ended up meeting up with Ochako, Eri and Tsuyu; having never got into any combat yet. He becomes Deku and Ochako's chief military supporter when they go searching for Zoid Eve, using a vast intelligence network in the Republic to gather resources for them.

Rei Todoroki: President Herman's analogue. She kind and protective ruler of the Endeavor Republic (Enji in this universe is NOT the asshole he is in canon), she looks after the country with a gentle hand and is loved by her people. Her other children, Touya (who *fine I'll be a sheep here*, joined the Empire as Dabi), Natsuo (who becomes his mother's personal bodyguard) and Fuyumi, a school teacher who encounters Tensei during the peace time of the second half are all alive and well. Touya defecting to the Empire however weighs on her as Touya left thinking the Empire should just win (He doesn't think the Empire is evil and the Empire hasn't done much outside of Shigaraki's faction causing atrocities).

Gran Torino: Doctor D's counterpart. Torino was an old scientist and friend to both Hisashi and All Might (A Zoid pilot without peer). He's as crazy as they come but he's no slouch for scientific knowledge. Also has weird tastes in food.

Katsuki Bakugou: Raven's counterpart. An aggressive Zoid pilot who first starts off in a Zabre Fang, then gets the Geno Saurer and Breaker models. His taste for combat is matched only by his hatred of Deku for displaying heroic tendencies, which rub the fighter the wrong way. His history is steeped in blood as he's known only combat and just doesn't get along with anyone. His only companion, a black and orange Dragon Organoid he calls Zero (Short for Ground Zero), follows him obediently. He tends to mock Deku early on with each of his victories against him, only to suffer horribly as Deku gets better and shows that he, Bakugou, can be surpassed. He even is noted to being a shadow to Deku as things progress. He meets the Ancient Zoidian, Camie, who becomes his closest thing to a human attachment he gets.

Camie Utsushimi: Reese's counterpart. Shows up in the second half. An Ancient Zoidian who can create masterful illusions. Hiding her past from all but Bakugou (Later on), Camie is distrusting, manipulative and always smirking. Her encounters with Deku and the gang always has focus her attention on Deku. She feels that bonds are going to break no matter what. She makes multiple attempts to break up Deku and Ochako, even noting Ochako's true nature as a Sleeper and how first and foremost, Ochako will protect Eri over anything else and would abandon Deku when things get too tough (Not knowing Deku is aware and fully accepting of this). Deku doubles down and fights harder, showing a will to shatter her illusion abilities as his bond to Ochako has become stronger than anything Camie can even pull (It helps that Ochako feels the same way towards Deku, without knowing it). Eventually she encounter Bakugou when they start working for the final villain of the series, which would lead to an unforeseen redemption for the two.

Chairman Shigaraki (All for One): Prozen's analogue. Scheming, scarred and seeking power to rule all, he wants to rule Planet Zi with an iron fist. Problem is, his main opposition to this, is the newly crowned Emperor Kouta who calls for a cease fire. He first gets his conspirators (Members of the League of Villains as military commanders) and Bakugou to stage a secret coup and attempt to assassinate the young child, which leads to encountering Deku and others. Shigaraki would also have ties to Deku, having ordered the attack that killed Hisashi himself as he defended the ruins Shigaraki wanted to access (which held Meku, Ochako and Eri and information on his final project. He resurrects the Zoid; the Death Saurer to conquer the world. He nearly dies in the battle along with the Zoid's destruction. But he's saved by another worse enemy.

Overhaul: Hiltz's analogue. An Ancient Zoidian. His Quirk is like his name (I forgot what it could do but yeah). He has a fanatical disgust towards Humanity and wants to wipe out the 'disease' they are. He has a history with Eri. Eri fears and hates Overhaul for his cruelty and tries to avoid him at all costs. When Deku and the gang find out he manipulated everything to get Zoid Eve and the Death Saurer for himself, Deku and the crew start a war against his faction. He also nearly kills Bakugou and Camie, leading them to switch to the hero side (Though, Bakugou says it's a truce, he still hates Deku for his own reasons, which Deku pays the threat no mind). He's the absolute final boss of this story (Yeah All for One not being the end-all-be-all enemy).

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In a world surrounded by endless waters...The crew of the Maiden's Moon sail for glory, adventure and to mete out their own brand of justice. As a hierarchy predominantly controlled the fairer gender (I dunno why I decided that women were the made the more important gender here, I just flipped a coin and went *Fuck it*), men were treated as commoners, low level soldiers...some were even made to be slaves. As the golden age of piracy reaches its end, various pirate crews and naval warlords face each other to rule the seas. Amongst the terrors of the violet moon (kind of like an eclipse but it causes everyone to sleep...well all women...I'm making it up as I go along this may just get cut from the story entirely), the Noumu sea beasts and their mythical master, All for One...Only few dare face the challenges.

One such the Maiden's Moon.

So here's the Cast of the Maiden's Moon:

Ochako Uraraka: Captain of the Maiden's Moon. A former commoner girl who's family fell on hard times when a group of murderous pirates destroyed her home village. While still reeling from the trauma, she's found friends in like-minded women who have suffered under the plight of raiders or monsters. She's a crack-shot but her swordsmanship skills are lacking. However, she compensates by having her indentured cabin boy, Izuku Midoriya at her side. Some of her feel she doted a little too much on the young, green haired boy, but they do see the value of his skills. Rumor on the ship is that the Captain fancies her cabin boy, as he's the only man around who she feels affection towards at all...

Izuku Midoriya: The unlucky cabin boy of the ship. The crew's ever-present towel boy and gofer. An orphan sold into slavery by malicious traders, he was rescued and brought aboard the Maiden's Moon when he managed to prevent a bullet from hitting Ochako at the slave auction he was found at. Alone, despondent; he's the only one able to put up with the Maiden's Moon crew's heckling and debauchery (aka whenever he has to wake the crew up for work in the morning, they're usually either not fully dressed like no top or underwear *Momo, Kyouka, Kendou*, fully naked *Mina or Tooru* or just in a very lewd position *everyone else*). He secretly wants to leave the crew so he can find his family, but, the Captain is a little too protective of her 'property' as she claimed him as such since they saved each other from the slavers. It's not like he doesn't like Ochako...Far from it...he secretly admires and crushes on his Captain...but after a while...he feels her view of an 'all-take-no-give/no respect-since-I'm-second-class' relationship...wears a little too thin. Somewhere down the line Midoriya's thinking..."something's gonna give"...

Mina Ashido: The resident acid specialist of the crew and the 'love guru'. This pink-skinned, Tiefling woman has a thing for strong warriors and loves to test her agility against them. In her private conversations with the cabin boy (knowing full well he'll keep his mouth shut), she dreams of a warrior with red hair and pronounced fangs. She thinks she's dreaming of her soul mate...or her next ex-boyfriend. She tends to make the most overly sexualized comments or tends to wear skimpy gear when there's no work to do, upsetting the green haired boy. She teases Midoriya for his affections to the Captain and she teases the Captain for the same reason. Honestly, she just wants the two to get off their butts and get together. If only Ochako wasn't busy trying to hide her love for the young man...And the boy didn't seem to have resentments to the rest of the crew.

Tsuyu Asui: The frog girl of the Maiden's Moon. Her blunt, ribbit-ing commentary on the crew is a much needed voice of reason when the crew needs to be brought down to Earth. She's also one of the view crew members who treats Midoriya respectfully; even more so than their Captain (She's hiding her feelings at this point). Her swamp island village was raided by dark pirates before joining the crew and she hopes they'll find them so she can get justice for her family. During the many trips to island towns, the young frog girl found kinship in a dark, brooding bird man with a penchant for 'revelry in the dark' speak. There's someone for everyone right?

Kyouka Jirou: The bard of the Maiden's Moon. And their musical cover. Kyouka was a traveling bard in need of excitement away from her former musical friends. Each of her former band mates attempted to kill her as all anyone talked her and her voice. But, she was quicker, more petite, and skilled with her crossbow. She has taken a liking to the crew and secretly is head over heels for one its members. Midoriya knows but she threatens to shoot him whenever he implies she just say who. It doesn't help she bunkswith her crush without meaning to...

Momo Yaoyorozu: The runaway princess of the Yaoyorozu legacy and the tactician of the crew. Born to a wealthy family, Momo Yaoyorozu was on her way to fame, prosperity and a wealth of suitors. On the day she was to meet her arranged husband for marriage, she ran away from home. She never wanted to be tied down and lacked the desire to just be carted off to some possible pervert. The Maiden's Moon ended up saving her from a group of thieves and she became fast friends with the crew, in particular, Kyouka, who seems flustered in her presence and Midoriya the cabin boy, who's polite conversationalist skills make for good tactical studies. She has some confidence issues, but she's the smartest girl around.

Tooru Hagakure: The spy and Thief for the crew. She's flighty, bubbly and overall a friendly person. Just don't get on her bad side or she'll knock you out, steal your stuff and if you really cheesed her off; she'll shank you. And if you're lucky, it's in that order. She's also Mina's partner in romance crime. Always looking for romantic overtures whenever they hit port. She's bubbly towards Midoriya and she loves to tease her Captain about Midoriya's becoming a handsome man. But that leads her to getting a 'time out' from the Captain. In the brig...with a gag. For an hour.

Terms and Plot Points:

Maiden's Moon: A former Navy Ship (Like the Dauntless from PoTC)...Originally meant to be a gift for the Hero-Admiral's surrogate niece, Melissa Shield, Ochako, Mina and Tooru stole it upon its completion (They lied and said they were testing it's buoyancy and never looked back). It can be crewed by the group mentioned above with ease; though Midoriya...does most of the cleaning and repair chores since some of the crew are lazy (Mina, Jirou and Tooru). Her insignia is a broken heart surrounded by a crescent moon. A warning for the true Maiden's Moon...the violet moon.

Deku: Midoriya's nickname. Deku was given to him by a slaver when he heard another pirate call Midoriya such. To Midoriya, it means he's worthless, useless and pretty much a waste of existing. Ochako instead tells Midoriya she doesn't see that definition and just says it sounds like a cute re-write of his first name, Izuku (Because of course). However, years of hearing him being insulted and called that has left a sour note in the boy to point where he barely tolerates hearing Ochako call him that since she's still his friend/captain/crush. However, in heated arguments, she would call him a 'worthless Deku' in a blind rage, only to regret it when she sees how upset it makes him. It tends to cause him to shut down any attempt of apology until he calms down (which given his temper towards the name...takes a WHILE). Heaven only knows what will happen when Midoriya gets called that phrase one too many times by the crew. PS: They KNOW he hates being called Deku and try to avoid calling him that out of principle and because, despite the teasing they give him, they do want him to smile and be part of the crew.

The Violet Moon (The REAL Maiden's Moon): A stellar phenomenon that causes the moon to turn violet/pink and appear in the sky *EVEN IN THE DAY NO LESS* and causes all women to basically...lose all function in their bodies. It makes women fall asleep and leaves the world to the guys. Points for guessing how that turns out. Which is at all as bad as people would have you think. The worst are the male pirates who take advantage of it but even then there are male naval officers who step up when this issue pops up. A particular moon causes our female heroes to doze off at their island base, leaving Midoriya to face off alone the entire crew of the Dread Lord Explosion Murder pirate crew, led by former bully Katsuki Bakugou. This would lay the foundation for many issues...Izuku *finally* summoning his Quirk (One For All is like a God's Boon or something) at the cost of him going absolutely berserk for the entirety of the battle. This would lead to Ochako abandoning Midoriya on a Navy island for his safety since she feels guilty as when they found him...dude was soaked in his own blood and running on fumes in a feral state (He conks back to normal afterwards and gains OfA's proper control).

The Hero-Admiral: It's the Navy Admiral version of All Might. I don't think I can explain anything more except that for this universe he IS Midoriya's father...and Inko is an Amazonian Queen (Because I want to laugh dammit). Melissa is his surrogate niece and was to be the owner of Maiden's Moon before it got stolen. When they find Midoriya after a recent Violet Moon...All Might realizes quickly that he's found his and Inko's lost son. He tries to help get his son up to speed with using the OfA Quirk, much to Melissa's jealousy (She's so used to All Might doting on her that Izuku kind of ends up stealing him from her)...until she finds out why quickly, to which she tries to court him (which he does reciprocate for a while) until he decides he wants to find Ochako and company.

The Amazonian Queen: Inko Midoriya (Not her usual short self, but her tall self). The stoic woman of green hair, leading a tribe of amazons (The female heroes of MHA...ALL OF THEM) who takes no shit from anyone be they men or women or beast. She once kidnapped All Might to kill him for fun...but they fell in love (as you do) and have a child together ( you do). But soon, Izuku, her baby, was taken by servants of All For prevent Izuku from gaining One For All (I dunno One For All is an Amazonian only thing maybe I'll re-write this later) as its his birthright as the next Amazon King...Or so they thought. As such, she's become vengeful and her relationship to All Might is tumultuous at best...and hostile at worst (Can you guess which happens more often?). Once All Might finds Izuku, and recognizes him as Inko's son...Inko's temper finally curbs and she becomes truly joyous again. And when Izuku says he has to leave to find his friends on the Maiden's Moon; while she's at first violently hesitant...she senses why her son has to go and lets him with full blessings.

One For All: The Quirk of the Amazonian King. It appears ONLY for a male Amazonian who is of royal blood. It gives intense strength, speed, stamina and other abilities. It's said to tap into the powers of the Pantheon of Titans. Izuku was the most recent member of the clan to gain its power so when it finally turned on...well...Bakugou had to leave some men behind to save his own skin (AKA the male members of Class 1-A, Kirishima, Kaminari, Ojiro, Fumikage *who joined just to find Tsuyu*, Mineta...and Shinsou).

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Concept's first Arc: Zero's Hour (Bad word play).

Taking place just before the Winter Internships...Pretty much at Christmas.

- Izuku comes into self-awareness when he comes to conclude that Ochako may like him. This comes about when he realizes she went out of her way to get him those Mochi Chips. Also he reflects on her reactions to him over the course of the year.

- Deciding to ask her about it, Izuku comes face-to-face with a heartbreaking sight. Bakugo and Ochako, in a side-way (alley or something at the dorm), where she screams out 'I LOVE YOU'. Bakugo is smirking about it. However, Ochako and Bakugo both notice Izuku...who, understandably confused and broken, JOLTS out of the school grounds at night. Ochako screams for Deku to come back while Bakugo is stunned because Deku's reading the whole situation wrong.

- In reality Ochako has been asked BY Bakugo to assist him in getting a girl's attention. That girl being Camie Utsushimi. He offers to compensate her by trying to be nicer to Izuku and help her get his attention. He was psyching her up by making her yell out her confession with the idea that it would help get her message through Deku's thick skull (ironic, I know).

- Izuku gets lost in the city area (wherever I don't know)...and gets attacked by some MLA goons and Toga. She secretly reveals she knows all about Deku's history, his quirk and family. She's actually bull-shitting to scare him. He gets severely wounded (Like...super sliced up and bloody)...Toga makes a condescending remark about Ochako...which sets off Izuku's rage to the point where Black Whip goes berserk on her; utterly tearing her apart. But it turns out to be a Twice clone. Near dead, the world goes black for the green haired boy.

- Back at UA, Class 1-A sees a news report stating they found Izuku dead from blood loss and various MLA/League of Villain members torn to shreds. Bakugo assumes correctly that Deku accessed Black Whip and in his emotional turmoil...and fear of dying, may of killed him. He's half right. He used Black Whip but only ever killed the fake Toga. Ochako is pretty much Heroic BSOD-ing at this point. All of Class 1-A gets confused on why Izuku was even there, leading to Bakugo explaining what happened. Mina gives him an earful (because she assumes he was messing with Deku and Uraraka) and Tsuyu, Momo and Tenya console Ochako.

- Truth time: Izuku IS ALIVE! Melissa Shield, visiting UA for the Winter Internships, wanting to invite Deku and Ochako, finds him bleeding out. She contacts All Might, and Izuku's family. All Might ultimately tells Inko and Hisashi the truth of Izuku's Quirk and decide it's best to hide Deku's survival from the villains. The only known people aware of his survival are: Melissa, David, All Might, Inko, Hisashi, Mirio and Nezu.

- Deku recovers, but, in his unconscious state his mind kept replaying the Ochako's love confession to Bakugo. Leaving him rather bitter to BOTH of them. Melissa reveals a suit to hide his identity; The ZX Armor (Basically Model ZX from Mega Man ZX with a face plate and visor). Deku spends roughly a full two months recovering and mastering the ZX armor and it's beam weaponry; which gets charged up when he uses One For All...don't ask me how.

- Melissa unveils Deku under the name Zero. He puts up an act where he's anti-social and dour towards everyone...especially Class 1-A. When the class gets the chance to fight him (under the guise of sparring), Zero shows he's lost his Deku fearfulness and utterly wrecks them. He goes as far as to BREAK Bakugo's arms just for the sense of misguided catharsis, taunting him how weak he and Deku are (He views his life as Deku as dead and done). Ochako calls him out on insulting someone that (for all she knew) Zero didn't know. Zero gives her the silent treatment.

- Zero works under Melissa for a while, hunting MLA, independent villains and catching some corrupt heroes. During the Winter Internships, Ochako is brought in and partnered with Zero. Neither are happy (Ochako because Zero badmouths Deku, Zero because he thinks she likes Bakugo...broken hearts screw up logic).

- Zero and Ochako encounter Toga, which causes Zero to surge out with Full Cowl and Black Whip (Though he renames them to hide the truth). Ochako begins to suspect quickly.

- Eventually he finds out Ochako's confession was practice for Deku...which causes Zero to...pretty much feel like ass when he concludes he kept insulting his friend over nothing and broke Bakugo's arms for nothing too (But he takes some sense of guilty satisfaction since Bakugo has bullied him already).

- The League attack UA again, but this time, all of UA are aware since Toga's attacks on Zero, Uraraka and Deku have put their guards up immensely.

- Kirishima gets hurt, leading Mina to confess her feelings to him. They'd have some mutual reveals about their insecurities; Kirishima on his personal fear and weakness and Mina on being seen as just eye-candy and one-note heroine.

- Momo is attacked by Geten and Dabi. Todoroki uses his fire and ice at full powers, inspired by Midoriya's reckless use of his, to dissuade the freezing and immolation villains. Momo would then protect Todoroki from the other villains as he's exhausted himself.

- Kyouka sees Kaminari get stabbed by Toga; she gets really pissed. She literally uses sound blasts to send Toga flying away and drags Kaminari to Recovery Girl. She feels guilty he nearly died saving her when she's given him nothing but grief.

- The MLA uses the media to try and play the story as UA students on a riot. The school undergoes investigation.

Finale of the Arc:

- About a month afterwards, Uraraka is resting at home with her family where they're attacked by Toga (I really like using her as an antagonist huh?). This would lead to Uraraka's parent dying. Uraraka herself is nearly killed, only saved by a coincidental pass-by of Zero.

- He rescues Uraraka and they escape. Zero decides its best she be taken to either UA or Melissa's base (Paladin Tower...Or I-Tower...whichever fits better).

- The MLA spin the attack as Zero going rogue and kidnapping Uraraka after killing her parents. Class 1-A get together and rush off to rescue her...unaware that Zero's trying to bring her to them. Only a few stay behind to guard the wounded classmates. So Todoroki, Momo, Mina, Kyouka, Tsuyu and Tenya go.

- When being brought near UA, Uraraka asks Zero if he's Deku. He never responds as that's when the others attack him. He incapacitates all but Tenya (who's guarding Uraraka) and Todoroki (who's theorizing loudly that HE stole Izuku's Quirk since it's been shown on video). Uraraka begins to note Zero's movements are too similar to just be him copying Deku's movements. The fight becomes a near exact play for play of Deku VS Todoroki from the Sports Festival.

- Todoroki activates his fire quirk, causing Zero to bust out the Z-Saber and charge it to max with One For All. The fire explodes at Zero, while he unleashes a massive beam saber wave (He kinda does that move Zero does in X5 when he's Maverick...ya know...the insta-kill move? Or like the Life Sword from MegaMan NT Warrior) and cleaves through the fire...directly reversing Deku's loss from back then.

- Zero leaves in a rush, but a piece of his helmet broke off. Uraraka sees green hair sprout from the open area and concludes rightfully for herself: Deku is alive and he's Zero.

- Arc 2 would give more focus on Uraraka convincing Deku to come home, Tenya crushing on Melissa hard and Shinsou/Mei and BakuCamie becoming things (May iron out later).

Chapter Text


- In a world where Humans and Digimon coexist...One young boy learns that not Humans are created equal. This young boy is Midoriya Izuku. This young green haired boy has grown up in a world surrounded by Digimon...but never once has he been able to find his destined partner. Years and years of bullying from one Bakugo Katsuki, has led to this boy becoming cynical to the world and numb to emotional responses. He barely registers happy moments or even joy thanks to it being ground away by the blond bully. (I really hope I don't make him sound emo...I really do).

- Even at UA High, where Digimon are all but required for school lessons, Midoriya never received his Digimon Partner. Teachers seem to single him out whenever there's partner based lessons...which puts Midoriya off as he begins to talk back to the teachers. This puts him at odds with his homeroom teacher, Shouta Aizawa, who, while tired, stern and a bit of a dick...does show he worries for the boy's future. Midoriya counters that he just likes to pick on him because he's partner-less.

- He's not without friends however. His closest friend and neighbor (I decided to make her his neighbor, lay off people), Uraraka Ochako, has always tried her best to make him smile or just show some level of positive emotion. Her presence alone makes him feel some relief from the grind. Even her partner, Gatomon, tries to cheer up the boy...also teases her partner relentlessly about her crush on him. For his credit, Midoriya has no idea what she's on about. There's also Tenya Iida, the class president and local authority on rules. His partner Digimon is Guardromon. Also, there's Tsuyu Asui with her Gekomon, Shouto Todoroki with his two Digimon, Coronamon and Lunamon, and Momo Yaoyorozu with her Digimon, Wizardmon (I couldn't think of one for her...give me ideas here).

- Eventually, Bakugo invites the class to a large bonfire party (subtly ignoring Midoriya...or Deku as he calls him) and personally invites Ochako to come with him. Ochako, not realizing he's asking her out, agrees. She then invites Deku to come to...because obviously she wants him there. Midoriya doesn't know whether to go or not. When he gets home, Inko pretty much strong arms her own son to go so he can be with his friends. Izuku pretty much avoids social interaction since he believes everyone just pities or ignores his existence...this also includes his friends who he thinks will ultimately leave him for Bakugo.

- Izuku eventually goes to the beach and sees Bakugo and Ochako play fighting (If you've read Don't Drink and's that scene where Ochako pushes Bakugo off a log and he play wrestles her, Deku is watching and gets jealous). Reading the situation differently, he decides to just leave and wander the town. Ochako sees him and pretty much rushes to him and gives him a loving hug (again she's not subtle in her attraction to him since she knows he's better than he thinks he is. He just needs to be reminded of it). Bakugo saunters over and sarcastically tells Deku to join...Only to announce to him that Ochako's his girlfriend and loudly points out that Ochako did agree to being Bakugo's date (He used words that would be vague enough to avoid the 'date' connotation and wanted this confrontation). Ochako is genuinely shocked and internally broken from this. Izuku secretly did like Ochako a lot too but feared this would be the result.

- Kirishima at first is thrilled that Bakugo got a girlfriend after he and Mina got together and Kaminari and Jirou hooked up. Mina, however, is pissed that Bakugo ruined her OTP (She ships Izuku and Ochako because Izuku needs Ochako's cheerfulness in his life while Ochako needs some of Deku's realistic views to keep her grounded). Kirishima quickly realizes that Bakugo wasn't doing that because he liked Ochako. Kaminari and Jirou don't like Bakugo's being brazen about things and notice Izuku...seething.

- Deku, wordlessly attempts to leave, but Ochako tries to prevent him and tell him that 'NO' she doesn't like Bakugo and she didn't get what he asked of her. Izuku would just pull himself away from Ochako and runs off. Ochako is heartbroken herself as Deku just calls her a liar and that she 'lead him on a merry chase to heartbreak'. Bakugo laughs at Izuku's turmoil and chuckles that he didn't expect it to be that easy to make Deku cry over a girl, earning him a very visceral punch to the face from a teary-eyed Ochako, who makes a run after Deku.

- Deku ultimately considers Bakugo's oldest taunts (jump off a building and pray for a Digimon partner in the next life) but is interrupted when he sees a fight between a metallic, black and gold knight Digimon fighting a swarm of squid like creatures (The Eaters). As he helps try to move the knight from his injured spot, the Knight gives him a Digi-Egg which contrived or not, resonates with him and summons his Digivice. The knight warns Midoriya that the Eaters are from a space beyond normal digital space and the egg holds the last remaining young Holy Knight Digimon and that he must be protected no matter what. The black knight vanishes (he doesn't die luckily) and the egg hatches to a rookie Digimon, Hackmon.

- Midoriya is floored that he's got a partner Digimon but now he's swept up in a battle to save the world. He has to train Hackmon to become a full fledged Holy Knight Digimon before the Eaters come looking and keep the little guy secret from everyone he knows. All while dealing with Ochako, who he's not happy to be near anymore, trying to get him to understand that she likes him. Teenagers...Am I right?


Shigaraki Tomura- A misanthropic older teen who hates everyone along with his partner, Impmon. Eventually he gets corrupted by Eaters and Impmon is corrupted into a dark Beelzemon.

Himiko Toga - A Blood obsessed school girl who becomes obsessed with people she 'admires' after seeing them bloodied. She becomes seriously obsessed with having Izuku be her boyfriend so she can cut him and make him bleed for her. Her partner Digimon is Ladydevimon.

Dabi - a Pyromaniac with a grudge with the Todoroki family. He has THREE Blue colored Meramon. It's his fight with Todoroki that causes Deku to reveal his partner Hackmon to the the form of his champion form BaoHackmon.

Stain - a massively obsessed serial killer who believes the world's becoming too crowded with Digimon Tamers he deems as fake. He has Ninjamon as his partner. He deems Izuku worthy of living after seeing him protect Hackmon from his Ninjamon.


Chapter Text

The Kingdom of Creati...

Ruled for many years by the Yaoyorozu family, the kingdom has been a beacon of peace and hope amongst the many regions. Lord Yaoyorozu has been ruling the kingdom for nigh unto a half century and has been blessed greatly.

He and Lady Yaoyorozu finally have a child. Holding her under the peach blossom trees of their castle garden, the ruling couple named her: Momo. And their lives became blessed further as their daughter grew into a refined young woman. Possessing striking raven colored hair done in a fox-style ponytail, her height and beauty were without equal. She was the talk of many would-be suitors. She wanted for nothing and was always kind to the people. It was never uncommon for the princess to walk amongst the people of the royal city. Even in the slums, where thieves and homeless were more likely to harm a young maiden as her, she never was vulnerable. She knew how to defend herself. And that also implied to people that she was ever alone. Bold of villains to assume she was. Her shadow was never far from her.

Enter Sir Deku, or Izuku Midoriya. An orphan at the age of 4, he possessed no magic power unlike most people who did. He was tormented as a result. Both for having been called 'Magic-less' and for his features. Dark green hair, emerald eyes and freckles. He looked plain that you could be forgiven for not noticing him. Deku was even the moniker everyone in the kingdom called him; calling him worthless for having NO magic talent. But, his life was saved when the princess, ever the caring woman, took in Izuku as her personal bodyguard.

Not even her parents understood why she did this, but, they didn't stop her. But they made sure Midoriya was put through his paces. In time, the royal parents saw that this skinny child was hiding a secret strength. His determination, his will to survive against the worst odds; he defied all conventions and became the undisputed master of the skills he was trained in by Spymaster Aizawa, Court Magistrate Nedzu and the Mighty Knight Captain who's name was never uttered to anyone. He excelled in agility and swordsmanship. Izuku was ever loyal and devoted to protecting his princess, his savior. He never strayed far when she was out and about. And EVERYONE knew not to mess with the green knight. Rumors abound that he DID have some latent magic, as many whispers sprung that in the heat of battles he participated in, emerald arcs of lightning pulsated from the hero in training; but the rumors were never fully confirmed or denied. Whatever the case, Momo doted on her knight. She loved seeing the green boy smile. If only she could get him to be less formal with her though.

But as with any princess...or any woman, she wanted a true companion. She was now eighteen years of age; the age to be courted. Sure, Deku was around nearly every moment of her life; he kept her company in bed when she asked him to in private. Deku was lucky she only meant to have him keep her company in her bedroom, above the covers. They had shared the bed as children, where it was innocent enough to share it like that. But as she grew into her teen years, Deku became more noticing of her growing feminine frame. Her bust size in particular made it...difficult to be anything but formal and super nervous. Even her parents tried to convince her to drop the habit, but she still did it anyway. Deku eventually just stuck to guarding the bedroom door for Momo, telling her that he didn't want her family angry at him. She scoffed but understood. She put him in an unenviable position most men would kill for and he was practically her family too. Still she was sad that she'd never find a man like her Deku, a kind and trustworthy mate for her to smile with.

It just so happened however...her wish seemingly came true as emissaries from the Barony of Endeavor visited with heir to the Baron's estate, Shouto Todoroki. This young man, bearing half-red, half-white hair stood slightly shorter than either Izuku (who's height was a clear six feet tall even without taking his thick mop of hair into account so it's not a fair comparison) and Momo, but his handsome features practically had the princess enthralled. He was stoic and off-putting, but he was knowledgeable and courteous. He possessed the magic of both fire and ice. But he rarely wanted to use the fire half of his magic. This led to a small argument between Todoroki and Midoriya as Midoriya correctly assumed he was spiting his father.

"You hold yourself back because of your father? How petty are you, young prince?" The green knight asked, incredulous of this noble's demeanor.

"Watch your tongue, errand boy, or so help me, you'll be having eternal frostbite." The foreign prince threatened. The nerve of his upstart. Where was his decorum? His manners? "Since when did a knight talk DOWN to a higher ranking member of the nobility?".

"I only talk down to those who are limiting themselves. If you hold back your true self, you'll never be free." Deku argued.

"Izuku please. Don't!" Momo hissed. Izuku looked at Momo with a guilty expression.

"No, my Lady. Let this...squire tell me what he thinks I should be doing with my power." Shouto requested, haughtiness reeking in his tone. He wanted to break this fool's notions once and for all.

"You say it's your power but do you really view it as such, Prince Shouto?" Izuku asked. Shouto flinched. "You, who have been born with a magical gift I could only DREAM of even holding a speck of, are holding yourself back because you view your fire half as your father's power. I was born to a Dragon Knight who had the magic of fire breath and my mother could gravitate small objects to herself. And yet I have NONE of their gifts. But if it wasn't for Princess Momo here, I'd never be given the chance to be more than I ever thought I could be; even without magic.". His green eyes sparkled with awe and will. Even Shouto was a little intrigued.

"...Go on." Shouto asked. He wanted to hear this.

"Forgive me, my prince. But...just because you and your father are at odds doesn't change that what you received at yours. Not his. You should embrace what's yours. And not allow your hatred of your father stop you from being all you could be with all your being; fire magic included." Izuku finished. He bowed, apologetically. Shouto was quiet. He never met someone so strange. But his words had merit. Momo sighed in relief as the tension dropped.

From that day forward, Shouto viewed Midoriya as a friend. The two talked philosophy and mythology together alongside Momo. Shouto soon found himself enamored with the spirited princess as she left to the town with Izuku keeping his watchful distance. He followed next to her, wanting to see how she handled her people. He was not prepared for how kind and sociable the people were dealing with their crown princess chatting and befriending them all. This included her closest commoner born friend, Kyouka Jirou; a young, sardonic bard who was a part time servant girl at the Yaoyorozu Castle. More and more Shouto became curious of this princess.

Eventually, Shouto offered to bring Momo to his father's kingdom to show her his home. She agreed excitedly and brought her guardian along as well. Shouto smirked with this, he would have enjoyed showing her his home privately but having Midoriya along was fair enough. It was when the two walked amongst the people of the Endeavor Barony that Momo saw a stark difference in the rulings of the kingdoms. Whereas the Yaoyorozu were peace-minded and giving to their people, the Todoroki were more abrasive and stoic to their subjects. It wasn't to say they were completely unlike Momo's family. The eldest daughter, Fuyumi, was a teacher at a local orphanage and was loved by a guard captain named Tensei, and the second eldest son, Natsuo, abdicated the throne (again spiting his father Izuku noted privately) and became an Ice Mage Guardian. He protected the people from monsters and bandits at a skillful pace.

It was here, that Izuku met the love of his life. By sheer damned accident. As the royal courting pair and the green knight toured the city, Izuku tripped on a random rock. As he was about to hit the gravel of the ground, he stopped mid-fall. The prince and princess turned and saw a young witch in pink and brown robes stop the green and silver knight in mid-air.

"Oh I'm sorry. I had to use my magic to stop you from falling. It's bad luck dontcha know?" The witch said, beaming with pink cheeks and brown hair in a bob-cut. Izuku was placed back on his feet, his face red and expression stuck in shock at how beautiful this random witch was.

"Sir Izuku! My goodness! Thank you, young lady for saving my Knight. First I've ever seen him that...klutzy...since he was a boy." Momo exclaimed, bowing in thankfulness to the girl saving her best friend.

"Oh uh--uh it's okay. I don't mind. I-I'm just g-glad everybody's A-OK right? I'm not going to be get in trouble, right? You won't report me to the authorities...right?" The girl whispered, fear suddenly encroaching her once bright, smiling face. Izuku immediately leapt to her defense.

"It-it-it was no trouble at all, m-my lady. If anything you-you're a hero to me. Puh-Please accept my gracious thanks!" Izuku asserted, bowing so low that his head hit the gravel anyway. The prince and princess winced. The knight rose up, clutching his now bruised and slightly bleeding head.

"H-hey! Don't worry 'bout it! Like I said, we're not gonna get any...authorities involved right?" The witch said, still nervous but her blush told Momo a different idea for the nervousness.

"You are in no danger, young lady. My name is Prince Shouto Todoroki. These two are my guests; Princess Momo Yaoyorozu of Creati and her personal guard, Izuku Midoriya. I thank you for your aid. May we know your name so we may complete these introductions?" Shouto spoke, his tone focused and respectful.

"Ya--You're...You're the prince?! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Please don't be mad at me!" The girl bowed and her fearful expression was more palpable.

"Please young mage. It is quite alright. You are amongst friends here." Momo stressed to the fearful witch. Izuku placed a gloved hand on the witch's shoulder, which caught her attention and calmed her.

"Okay...okay. Well, my name's Ochako Uraraka. I'm studyin' ta be the greatest Witch of ALL TIME. My magic allows me to remove the gravity of anyone and anything I touch with my hands." The young magic user announced, smiling proudly.

"Hmmm. I see, you're studying at the Mage's Tower at my father's keep. No wonder you were worried about using your magic. Most mages are stressed to not use their magic too much outside the Tower." The stoic prince explained. But he soon noticed the soft blushing smiles of Izuku and Ochako. Already, the knight and witch seemed smitten and it was barely a few minutes since they met.

And thus, two pairs of close friends were formed. They kept close and many private visits were made between the two kingdoms. Shouto and Momo would visit in a neutral place, discussing politics, all the while hiding scandalous gossip and sharing their lips between them. Near to their leaders, the green knight and his witch compatriot stood close, while shyly courting the other with questions on love, fear of the unknown and what they want for their futures. Izuku revealed to Ochako that he feared he would soon have no purpose once Momo was wed to Shouto. Ochako revealed she worried for her family, who was impoverished and she studied to become a mage to help their lives. It was in one of those secret meetings between Shouto and Momo that Izuku and Ochako both realized and confessed their feelings to each other; seeing kindred spirits in each other's eyes. If only these futures were meant to be however.

One year later...

Momo awoke from her luxurious slumber with excitement in mind. Today was the day, after a year of courting, her prince charming would come to finally propose to her. Her heart was a flutter, her face flush with indecent thoughts as she strode her bedchambers the nude of all things. She opened the window and greeted the sun with joy and smelled the fresh air as it entered her room, brushing over her exposed skin. She quivered in anticipation as she rushed to get herself dressed. She heard her chamber door entered and smiled. Her knight has come to awaken her.

"Good morning, your majes--Momo! Why aren't you dressed? Jeez! Your parents will be here any second!" Izuku stammered. Shocked at her state of undress, he removed himself from her chambers as quickly as her mother entered. Momo quickly dressed herself and turned to see her mother. At first she felt joy but it turned soon to concern as her mother had a sorrowful expression.

"Good day, mother. What tidings do you bring?" Momo asked, hoping her aura of joy would alleviate the sad face her mother bore.

"I...have a letter from the Barony of Endeavor, my dear." Lady Yaoyorozu said, sadness echoing her voice.

"What? A letter? From Prince Shouto? Please? Is he alright? He is well yes? Please mother!" Momo asked, worry clear now in her eyes.

"Young Prince Shouto is alright. Well physically and mentally he's well. Emotionally he's not." The queen replied. Handing her daughter the letter, she stepped out. Izuku was allowed back in. Momo tore open the envelope of the letter and read its contents. A sharp gasp, tears falling fast and she fell to her knees in shock.

"MOMO!" Izuku gasped, rushing to her side. Before he knew anything else, he felt his friend wrap herself tightly around his cloaked armor and felt wet tears fall on his shoulder. Momo would not speak but cried louder and seemed to be grieving. Izuku saw the letter on the floor, leaned carefully to the ground and turned to read the text. Izuku eyes went wide as tears of his own shed softly. He dropped the letter and held his princess, his best friend close as the news sank in:

Dearest Momo,

I hope this message finds you well. Please now my love for you knows no bounds.
But alas, fate has been cruel to us. My father has kept me from sending you this news.
My father, Enji, has kept us apart due to his one-sided feud with your family.
Just when I had hoped I could finally ask for your hand and be free of his meddling, he struck a blow most foul against us.
If you've finally received this message, I am likely three months married. Please do not let Sir Midoriya see this by any means.
Yes, if you're guessing now my newly married wife, father has made me marry Lady Ochako Uraraka.
I tried to dissuade him but not only did he force this marriage on us both, but he made us...I dare not speak.
Please, my lady, my love. Forgive me. My heart is forever yours. And Ochako's belongs ever to Midoriya.
I hope we can talk this out. Please...

Yours Forever,
Prince Shouto Todoroki of the Barony of Endeavor.

To be continued................?

Chapter Text

- Izuku and Momo are heartbroken that Ochako and Shouto are married. When the two visit Momo's castle, she's rather vindictive to the both of them. Izuku is more just really depressed that this entire situation has happened.

- Shouto and Momo have a private talk where he explains how Enji basically screwed over Shouto's happy life over a grudge towards the Yaoyorozu family. He insists Ochako is a victim in his father's political games. Momo is still aggravated that Shouto has the gall to not take Ochako's feelings into account.

- Ochako tries to explain her side of the situation to Izuku. She does tell Izuku she'll always love him and she hopes he can forgive her for being Shouto's bride. Izuku (despite the IMMENSE waterworks he's failing to hold back), forgives and admits that he'll never stop loving her. At this point, Momo screams that Shouto leave as she perceives his explanation as an excuse for leading her on (Also, she wishes he says he'll never stop loving her like Deku does for Ochako).

- As Shouto and Ochako leave, both of them ask Deku to look after Momo (Ochako) and to love and protect her as Shouto would have (Shouto asks this as he does love Momo eternally, but knows he can never be with her so he essentially entrusts Deku to be there for her while promising to love Ochako as he would love Momo for Deku). rather hesitant to essentially break off his affection to Ochako and just promises to protect Momo.

- Momo becomes embittered by the experience and shuts herself off from the rest of the kingdom. Izuku tries constantly to get her to come out. She lashes out at him in a bid to get her out of her room; leaving his arm burned (She throws scalding water at his arm *aims for his head and fails*). Momo becomes extremely shocked and guilty and pushes Izuku away. Even dismissing him from the court (Her parents tell Deku to stay anyway. Their daughter needs him).

- Deku maintains his vigil on Momo's chambers. When a new suitor appears (I'd pick either Inasa or Bakugo), she tries to instantly push for marriage, but they rebuke her after seeing her state and behavior. She's distraught over her failing love life.

- Deku decides to take Momo's mind off things by arranging that they visit the family's winter estate early so she can take in new scenery. It would be during this time that Momo begins to slowly fall for Deku's kindness.

- Ochako sends Deku letters talking about how things are going at the Todoroki estate. Izuku is rather saddened but happy she still cares as a friend for both him and Momo. Momo sends Shouto an apology letter.

- At the winter estate, Deku and Momo rekindle their friendship, and helps reignite Momo's passionate nature but Momo begins to fall in love with him (he's fast to notice this). Deku tries to remind Momo she's the Princess and he's a commoner. She becomes disheartened that that's all Deku sees her as. Also she bitterly reminds him that Ochako can't be his love either...which hurts him a bit, but knows she's still hurting herself.

- Ochako sends a letter asking Deku to be there for Momo again...pretty much giving him the 'okay' to court Momo. She notes that they can't be a couple themselves but he should be with Momo as he's loyal and loving to her. So he should try to look past her status.

- Deku begins to try and see past Momo's status and remembers the friendly, spirited girl who became his friend. This would lead to Deku courting Momo who reciprocates. At the castle, they do the deed.

Epilogue: I'd say a few years later, Deku is made King with Momo as his Queen. She gives birth to their daughter, Shouko (In Shouto and Ochako's honor). Shouto and Ochako reveal their son, Izumo (In Deku and Momo's honor as their original loves). Izumo and Shoko begin to court each other.

And that's the ending...Like I said...Not my best of ideas.

Chapter Text

Another day, another lesson at UA University,

The birds were singing, the sun was shining and just like always...


Bakugou was pissed off about another pop quiz from homeroom teacher, Shouta Aizawa. It never fails to amuse everyone. He'd think he'd figure Aizawa would pull another quiz whenever he gets them started on a subject in class, but sure enough, Bakugou, Mina, Kaminari and a few others in their class were suffering from a sudden test. A logical ruse as Aizawa would put it.

"Kacchan you had to know another test was coming. Aizawa does this every week!" A green haired boy whispered. Bakugou turned to his classmate with a grimace.

"Doesn't fucking change the fact he always singles me out for these damn things, Deku! How come you never get into shit with him?" The ash blond asked, glowering. The greenette shrugged.

"Given how most of the time he singles me out for the phys-ed stuff...I think fairs fair, man." Deku replied, weakly. The blond sighed. Aizawa always gunned for them. Bakugou for academic class reasons, and Midoriya for physical education. It wasn't Midoriya's fault that half the gym classes turned into running laps around a large field and Deku wasn't that big of a runner. Half those times, everyone got lapped by the class president, Tenya Iida.

"Alright class settle down. Before we begin the days class, we have a new student arriving here. She's just transferred from the Mie Prefecture and Principal Nedzu wants me to remind you to be on your best behavior. That goes double for Bakugou *HEY!*...and triple for Mineta." The shabby haired teacher of Class 1-A instructed. "Come in young lady.".

Entering the room, Midoriya's vision blurred. A girl with brown, bob-cut hair and pink blush marks entered the room wearing the school's uniform. He was so stunned he forgot his arm was holding his head up and smacked down on his own desk; leading to a few chuckles, and giggles from the girl.

"Everyone, this is Uraraka Ochako. She'll be our newest student here at Class 1-A. Please give an introduction, miss. I can't keep this up." Aizawa asked. His tired face just screamed 'hurry up'.

"Hi there everyone. I hope we can get along. My hobbies include astronomy, construction and engineering. I want to be a great civil engineer when I grow up!" Ochako announced with a smile.

"Huh, guess that puts her outta your league, eh, Deku?" Bakugou said, smirking. He was joking of course. He and Midoriya were old friends and this was another day for the pair. But as he turned to his pseudo-brother, he saw that Midoriya was just blind to everything else. He was transfixed; no, hypnotized by the new girl. Sure she was pretty, but Bakugou didn't care, he had his girl Camie, who was much hotter at least in his opinion. But then, an idea formed in the blond's mind.

"Hey teach. Does the new girl need a tour of the school? I'm sure our boy, Deku here, would be happy to show her around." Bakugou suggested. This got the boy to wake up from his reverie and turned to his friend.

"Kacchan, what are you doing?" Deku hissed. But before he could get an answer, the new girl was already in front of his desk with a excited smile.

"Midoriya, please show Ms. Uraraka around. You're exempt from the classes today as you'll be giving her the full tour of the campus." Aizawa said, flat toned. "Why are you still sitting there? Get going!".

Midoriya shot out of his desk, rushing to the classroom entrance, Uraraka following behind nervously. A few more chuckles, even from the stoic class heartthrob, Shouto Todoroki enveloped the room. Midoriya brought Uraraka back to the school entrance to give the full tour from top. He showed the girl around to each classroom and facility. From the different homerooms, the botanical gardens, the swimming pool, the engineering and metal works classrooms (Ochako's favorite up until the engineering bay exploded from a pink haired student's apparently roughshod antics, for the umpteenth time, Midoriya added). He showed her to the cafeteria and library. Finally, he kept the best for last in his mind, the school astronomy lab. Uraraka's eyes lit up into stars themselves.

"WOW! UAU has EVERYTHING HERE! I'm so glad I was able to transfer here..." Uraraka said, smiling with tears in her eyes. Midoriya leaned into her field of vision.

"We're glad to have you here with us. I'm guessing you already have a club in mind now, huh?" Midoriya replied, a smile on his face. He was happy to impress this new student. The girl looked directly at Midoriya and smiled.

"Thanks for having me, Deku!" Uraraka thanked.


"Y-yeah, Deku's your name right?" both soon showed blush as Midoriya reacted.

"A-actually, Deku's more of a nickname. M-my name's actually Izuku Midoriya." Midoriya stammered, blush growing further. "Bakugou found it as a way to re-rewrite my n-n-name as a joke. Deku means...useless. H-He's joking around of course, he's not that bad."

"Ohmygosh! I'm so sorry. But still...Deku sounds really cute. It has this kind of 'You can do it' vibe at least to me it does." Uraraka replied, blush making her cheeks tomato red. Midoriya went wide eyed.

"W-well, if you think that. Then, you can call me Deku too! I don't mind at all." Izuku said, a smile beaming.

"Thanks, but yeah. The astronomy club looks AWESOME. What clubs are you in?" The brunette asked, her smile never leaving, but the blush calmed down. Izuku scratched the back of neck nervously, sweating profusely.

"Well...I'm in more nerdier clubs. I help out with the comic and manga clubs. I clean up after the science and math clubs...I was also a member of the Gunpla Builder club, but that club got shut down by the student council club." Izuku said, his voice quieting to an embarrassing whisper.

"...Sounds less like you're part of an actual club and more just a gofer really. And what happened with the Gunpla club...whatever a Gunpla is anyway." Uraraka asked. Izuku shot up.

"You don't know what a Gunpla is? Well...the club got canned when, during a council inspection, they found two members of the club...well...shagging on the Gunpla Battle Field system. That took a while to clean up. Surprised that both students were only just suspended for a day with Sex Ed from Ms. Nemuri as a major punishment." Izuku explained. Uraraka's eyes went wide.

"Two students had SEX on campus? In a CLUB facility? How were they NOT expelled?" She asked, genuinely concerned. Izuku shrugged.

"Who knows. But the the club shut down. And I've been just working part-time with other clubs since." Izuku replied, his shoulders sagging. It was true, Izuku never really joined any of the clubs full time. Even the Gunpla club was part-time. He just never had a reason to stick to one.

"Well...why not join me in the Astronomy club full-time?" Uraraka asked, innocently. Izuku's eyes rocketed to the brunette's face.

"J-Join up? I mean...I'm not...I'm not all that k-k-k-knowledgeable on as-as-as-astronomy. I haven't tak-tak-taken any courses in it." Izuku argued.

"Why not? It'll be fun! Clubs are always more fun when you have friends with you. Right?" Uraraka asked, tilting her head to the side, as if an innocent persuasion wouldn't be enough. Izuku's face went bright red.

"Um...well....I...Okay then. I guess I could give it a shot. No promises if I drop out or get kicked out though." Izuku relented.

"YAY! C'mon let's see if we need sign up sheets!" Uraraka exclaimed, proud to have a friend on board. She took Midoriya by the arm and dashed off to where she hoped the astronomy club would be. Izuku just held on for dear life. He never figured anyone would WANT plain old, Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya as a club member, but, this girl seemed nice. And pretty so she was two for two now. Maybe his semester was looking up now.

"Say, Deku?"

"Um, yeah Uraraka-san?"

"Do you have a girlfriend? Just asking."


Then again...who knows?

Chapter Text

February...The month of Love.

All of Class 2-A was abuzz with news that UA was having a weekly vacation away from classes to celebrate Valentine's Day. So many students were talking about how to show their respective crushes how much they like their counterparts. Well...all except one. Izuku Midoriya, the Mad Problem Child of the class, was trying his best to avoid thinking of love at a time like this. After what he's seen recently among his friends, he felt unfit to have anything to do with romance.

Izuku Midoriya. Formerly a Quirkless child now gifted with the infinite (or at least stockpiling, inheritable) power of One For All. His school life at UA has been anything but simple. Villain attacks, Hero Killer encounters, a broken heart. Oh yes, this boy has seen many things but a broken heart was something no one, not even his mother could prepare him for. He didn't realize he was in love until the first petal spat out of his mouth one day. The lad was confused and researched it privately. Hanahaki Disease, or Flower Vomit disease. Izuku was beside himself, how could he ever hope to have his feelings returned when the girl who the petals represent loves someone else. What's worse, the girl the flowers represented loved his former friend and current tormentor.

The girl he realized he loved, was none other than his first friend, Ochako Uraraka. He wasn't blind. He could list all of the reasons he loved her quite instantly when the petals started showing up. She was smart, funny, kind, caring and the first person to ever treat him like he was a decent human being instead of some...Deku.

Deku. His hero name; what once his nickname from his bully, Katsuki Bakugou. Bakugou made it as an alternate spelling of Izuku's name with the definition of 'worthless'. Uraraka, however, said it sounded like it had a 'You can do it' vibe and Midoriya has let her call him that with that connotation ever since. He started to realize his feelings may have begun to blossom around then as well. He was always the most nervous around her, more so than any of the other girls in his class...well maybe Mei Hatsume, the girl from the support course, but Mei more scared him with her constant invasions of privacy.

But that was besides the point. Midoriya knew Uraraka didn't like him as he loved he saw her kissing Bakugou after a late night spar in the gym one night. Their spars have been a regular occurrence. She wanted to keep up with hand-to-hand training and didn't want to feel weak ever again since the Overhaul incident. Bakugou didn't mind having anyone taking him on in a fight. Izuku had gone to the gym to see and give Uraraka a bottle of water if she needed it from the practice those two got into. They usually came back sweaty and almost...a too little comfy with each other. At the time, he just assumed it was some kind of macho-friendly-rival kind of thing, but it did start to bug him for a time.

He was mortified when he found her pinned under Bakugou, his whole body pressed against her. He was bug-eyed and almost felt like his breath was stolen; his gut punched by Muscular. They were still clothed, but their breathing was heavy and seemed like they were...The thought was broken when Izuku heard Uraraka gasp his name. He must have been staring and dropped the water bottle he brought as both she and Bakugou were gawking back at him in shock. Bakugou didn't seem to care or seemed annoyed about being interrupted. As he began to step away, he saw her shove Bakugou off of her but before she could say or do anything, he had bolted back to his dorm room. He tried to put the image out of his mind but whenever he tried, it would pop back and he screamed into his pillows; fat tears soaking his All-Might themed bed sheets.

Ever since, he avoided Uraraka completely. She would try to talk to him but he would either duck away, or have someone distract her before she got too close. Even when she tried to corner him before and after class to talk to him about that night, he made some flimsy excuse to get out of the conversation. He hated lying, but why would she try to justify herself to him? Bakugou even tried to get her away from Izuku, but she seemed to not be having any of it. But why would she care? Why would Ochako Uraraka, the girlfriend of Katsuki Bakugou, care for Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya...the worthless one? What's worse is that that was when the flowers finally made their appearance. Izuku cursed his luck. Of course...he liked the girl who was dating his worst bully. He wondered if she planned on it. Secretly dating Bakugou on the sly and when she had Deku's affections, "BAM!", the big reveal and insult to his face. Why else would she be the only other person who call him Deku as consistently as his biggest bully? It all added up.

When the flowers became worse, he wore his face plate mask over his mouth. Everyone wondered what the heck provoked this action but he deflected or ignored as best he could; especially from Uraraka. But it became hard to avoid when his teacher asked when he announced that week off for Valentine's Day.

"...Problem Child? Why are you wearing a piece of your costume? We're not doing any exercises today." His teacher Aizawa asked, dryly. The man looked done with Izuku's shenanigans before. But this was just tiresome.

"N-no reason. Just a..a bad cough." Izuku replied, shamefully looking away from everyone's gazes; especially one particular gaze.

"...A bad...cough? You're kidding right?" The teacher asked, his tone still tired. The boys shifted in his seat as the stares became more damning to him.

"Y-y-yes...I-I-I h-h-have a bad cough, aaaaaaaaand I was in a r-r-rush to get to class s-so I grabbed a spare mask from my costume. W-Why? I-Is there a rule against it?" asked the green haired boy. He really hoped Aizawa would let up for this. Aizawa paused. The boy was in full class uniform and having a face mask when sick was never an issue. But that was his hero costume face mask. It seemed a tad overkill just for a bad cough. But it wasn't against the rules at least.

"...Fine. But, next time Problem Child?"


"Go to Recovery Girl to get a stack of medical masks. She buys them in bulk for these sorts of reasons. I doubt she'd be upset if you went to her for that reason. Least wouldn't be a broken bone again."

Izuku nervously laughed at the teacher's suggestion. The other teens were worried too. He shuffled off after class before he could even be stopped. As the week progressed, the pain in his chest worsened. It was a constant struggle to prevent a coughing fit or keep flower petals from being seen by his classmates. And an even bigger struggle to dodge Uraraka's sight. She was tenacious.

Eventually, Valentine's Day came. Every girl in class 2-A, B, the support and even some general course kids showed up at the dorms to give their crushes chocolates. Kaminari was given a small bag of chocolates from a nervous Jirou. Mina gave Kirishima a heart shaped chocolate and a kiss on the lips. "So manly!" he would say in a non-sequitur thud as he fell to the floor in a daze. Mei gave Tenya Iida a chocolate a gear? Well it fit their relationship apparently. Ojiro was given candy hearts from Hagakure, and a kiss on the cheek. Momo...apologized to Todoroki as she ended up failing to make proper chocolates and revealed the small melted mess that had hardened up like a small iceberg looking object. Shouto, for whatever reason, bit into it and surprisingly, kissed Momo back with more passion than any student ever expected. Apparently he REALLY liked that chocolate. fake dog poop because he was a massive pervert. It even had a note saying 'EAT SHIT YA PERV'. Secretly every girl in UA had pitched in to get the prank to reach Minoru Mineta's desk. He cried bloody tears all day. Shouji, Kouda, Satou and Hanta got friendship chocolates which were appreciated. But all the girls had one last small friendly gift to give to one boy...but he wasn't around. It was a 'thank you' gift for helping them make the chocolate. Even Ochako had a gift to give. But where was Midoriya?

He was in his room, sulking in quiet grief. He didn't want anything to do with the holiday. But the girls needed help with the chocolate. Why come to him, he never got, but he did under the condition that they made sure Uraraka was no where near him. The girls, confused, accepted, but they wanted to know why...and why he was coughing so much. He deflected their questions and helped quickly. The girls were surprised he knew how to make chocolates the way he did. But they all had him help...and kept his secret crush away from him. He felt like dying, like everything was just at the end of his rope.

"*COUGH*COUGH...Ugh...Just kill me now flowers. I'm done. The universe has had it in for me enough...just *sniff*...put me out of my misery already..." Izuku coughed and sobbed in his room.


"W-whoa! OOF! Uh...W-who is it?" He called to as he fell from his bed.

"Deku-kun! It's me! Open up!" The familiar voice cried. Izuku's body sagged as he choked up. She had to come see him today, huh? What? Was she coming to gloat and see the fruits of her lies? To ask if the chocolates she had for Kacchan for Valentine's Day.

"N-No way! D-don't want you...g-getting sick because of m-m-me." He stammered in reply. He hoped she'd leave him be and let him die. He room was littered with pink petals; each petal having the same black and white streaked pattern on a round, pink petal frame. But the knocks became louder.

"C'mon, Deku! We need ta talk! You've been avoidin' fer weeks! And I have somethin' fer ya." Ochako ordered. Her voice and bubbly, but it hid a sense of concern to it; Izuku could hear it. But what would she have for him? A letter describing how repulsive he was or a picture of her and Kacchan doing something lewd to mock him. Midoriya quickly shook his head, these worries about Ochako and Kacchan and this disease really has him thinking dark thoughts lately. He walked to the door, keeping the chain lock on it but unlocking the main lock. He practically fell backwards when Ochako tried to barge in with her usual gusto.

"HEY! The door's not fully unlocked. What gives Deku?" She demanded. He could see her face right there, even when wearing his face mask. He seemed cross. But he did give her the reason of being sick. He coughed more.

"I-I told you! I d-don't want y-you to get sick, Uraraka-san." He replied, weakly. He scurried around the room to make sure the petals that littered the floor were cleaned off and put in his garbage can (which had those lids that prevented people from seeing inside them).

"Ya make it sound like I've never been sick before, Deku. C'mon! I said I got somethin' fer ya and I wan' you ta have it already! Yer missing out on the fun." She ordered again, this time she sounded more bubbly. Deku groaned. He wished he sounded like that for him only, but, he knew better. He made one brief cough and sighed. Might as well get it over with. Incoming friendship ending.

He finally and fully unlocked the door and stepped back quickly. Ochako was being forceful today. The door swung open fast and wide. There she stood, the light of the hall making her seem like an angel come from on high. It shone through into his darkened 'nerd-shrine-to-all-might' like a much needed sunrise. Izuku tried not to lose his composure but seeing her there was making it difficult. She made it harder and harder for his lungs to feel air, the petals must be getting in them now.

"Alright, Deku-kun! It's 'bout time we got ta talkin' again. I've been meanin' to talk to ya 'bout that night earlier last week." Ochako exclaimed. She thrust her index finger into his chest while he frightfully stared at the girl he was losing as a friend. "I just wanna tell ya--"

"I know, Uraraka-san. I know." Izuku interrupted. Ochako's head tilted quizzically.

"You know? Ya know what?" She asked, gently pushing him to his bed by her sheer presence.

"I know about you and Kacchan. You don't have to explain yourself to me." He replied, hanging his head low in shame. Stop beating around the bush and end it, Uraraka.

"Then why have ya been avoidin' me, Deku? If you knew me and Bakugou weren't a thing, why stay away from me?" She asked, her tone more hushed. She was worried about him. Wait.

"Because *hack* you two are a-a--wait. HUH?" Izuku stammered. "What do you *cough* mean 'not a thing'?"

"That's what I've been trying to tell ya for this long." Uraraka hissed. "Yes, Bakugou DID try to kiss me. But that was after he did something I really didn't like."

Izuku was repulsed that Bakugou would try to just kiss his friend out of the blue but...what did he do that upset Uraraka. As if reading his mind, she continued.

"See...It's like this. I asked Bakugou ta spar wit' me so I could get tougher and never worry about feelin' weak in a mission ever again." Uraraka began. Izuku, aside from minor coughs, listened with intent. "It was simple stuff. Some throwin' practice here, some punch and kick lessons there. Quirk practice too. Ya know what I mean right? You've been doin' that too."

Izuku nodded in agreement.

"Sure it was fun to practice wit' him. He was tough and knew to never pull punches. I wouldn't ask ya to spar wit' me cuz I knew you were...well..."


"What? No! Where would ya--? I meant yer kinduva worrywart sometimes, Deku!"

"HUH?...Oh, okay I guess I can see that, yeah..." Izuku hung his head further. - So that's why she was more interested in sparring with Kacchan than me. I guess I'm a bit of a worrywart. But she's my friend. Why wouldn't I worry. And I would do my best to help her if she asked. Plus she's the strongest girl I know. I'm not that bad a sparring partner, am I? I wouldn't use my full strength, just enough t--!" Izuku muttered as he felt a smack to the top of his head. His view shot up and saw a bemused brunette looking him dead in the eye.

"...Sorry but you were mutterin' again."

"O-oh! Sorry. *Sigh* Old habits die hard, huh? *Cough, cough*" Izuku coughed as his mask felt heavy. He moved his mask slightly and felt more petals in the mask against his skin. He had to clean it out without her there.

"Deku, you don't hafta wear that thing here. I promise I won't get sick."

"*Cough*No, no, Uraraka-san *Hack*. I don't *cough* don't...*COUGH, COUGH* ...Oh god breathe, Midoriya...Oh god..." Izuku choked as he felt a coughing fit come up.

"Deku! Are you okay? Ya look like yer 'bout ta--Oh crap! Get to the toilet, DEKU!" She shrieked as she saw his face turn pale green.

Agreeing without hesitation, he rushed past her to his dorm bathroom, Uraraka following in worried pursuit. Ripping off his mask behind him, he placed himself over the toilet and vomited. He couldn't hold it back. He puked up the flowers in his throat and kept hacking up more. He was so busy dealing with what he was dumping into the toilet bowl that he never noticed Uraraka pick up his mask and looked in. Her eyes went wide as she saw the petals. He flushed the toilet and sagged against the toilet in relief, eyes shut from exhaustion. That hurt. He wiped his mouth to make sure he had no more petals remaining and took deep breaths to calm his heart and lungs. Dying sucked. It was only when he palmed for his mask plate did he realize it wasn't where he dropped it. His eyes shot wide open as he turned and saw her. She looked at him slowly, tears forming in her eyes as she held the mask in one hand...and plucked a leftover petal in her other.


"Uraraka...I-I...I'm sorry I can explain...j-just p-p-please give me my--ACK!" Izuku started before being tackled back to the marble bathroom floor. He struggled to breathe as he felt Uraraka's hold him tighten. He freaked out, flailing his arms in shock, and tried to push her off him. But she kept shoving his arms aside, pulling him back into her tear stained embrace. He was confused, Uraraka couldn't like him that way, right?

"*SOB*, *sniffle*...Why?...WHY?" She sobbed. She clutched his petal-filled mask as she cried. He still didn't know what was going on.

"Uraraka-san..." He breathed. She soon pushed off him and gave an angry pout.

"Why didn't cha saying anythin'? Why didn't ya tell me 'bout this, Deku?!"

"I...I-I...I didn't..." He couldn't even form words.

"You had the Hanahaki Disease and said NOTHING! When did this start? Tell me now!" Her tears falling worse.

"I...I..." He was barely holding himself together.

"Deku-kun! Tell me this instant!"

"It started after I saw you two, OK!" He choked out. "It just...I guess I just thought..." He looked away, just feeling shame. Like this was any better than how he felt before.

"Deku...ya thought what?" She inquired, her tears stopping as she wiped them away.

"Like I said before...I thought you were in *cough* love with Kacchan. And well...If I told you about this, I knew you wouldn't want to help when you were already with him or anyone else. I mean, let's face it...I'm not the greatest. I'm a burden...I'm not the smartest, not the fastest or strongest I--!" Izuku explained before being cut off.

"H-how can you say that about yerself? Y-Yer the best guy I've ever met." She had a sad smiling expression only to give way to humor as she saw Izuku quickly fluster in blubbering confusion.

"B-But...The gym! The kiss, the bottle, your bodies-Pressing up on the--and he was--and then--I mean...WHA?" Izuku stuttered. He really was lost. Uraraka giggled as he flailed in confusion. She shushed him and grabbed his scarred hand. Izuku blushed as he silently let her lead him back to his room. He quickly however dumped the flower petals in his mask in the nearest garbage can as he swiped it away from her hand. As they returned to his room, they saw the sky darken. Night was coming.

Finally back in side and both now lying on Deku's bed, Uraraka's face creased into a relaxed smile. He felt relaxed and the happy feeling he had began to return. Also...his chest felt less clustered. -Huh, that's funny, my chest doesn't feel as congested as before...mmm- Izuku thought. His thoughts were interrupted by Uraraka poking his nose with hers.

"So Deku. You have a crush on someone?" She asked, smiling. He seemed confused. She saw the petals and knew what was wrong. Hell, she already knew he liked her he thought, right?

"I-I...I guess so?" He said confused.

"Well my Mama always told me that the best cure fer this disease and dealin' with the problem was obvious!" She beamed. She stood in front of him He looked at her curiously. Okay, he'll bite.

"A-and that cure b-b-being?" He asked, dreading the answer.

"DUH! You tell the one yer crushin' on how ya feel and kiss 'em, of course!"

"WHAT?! *COUGH* B-b-b-b-b-but...What if she doesn't like me?!"

Izuku quickly realized his error the second he spoke. A mischievous glint in Uraraka's eyes was his last warning before she pounced on him giggling.

"Of course I like you, Deku. Why wouldn't I?" She replied as she pressed her lips into his for joyous kiss. She pulled away and laughed as Izuku's face turned tomato red. She pecked his lips once more. "And I'll never stop loving ya too."

Izuku shook his head, shaking off the shock.

"Y-y-y-you mean--? But what about?" He asked. Uraraka sighed. She turned around and leaned back into the green haired hero with sad look on her face as she turned to him, her right hand cupping Deku's cheek; pinky finger away to make sure she didn't make him float away.

"Bakugou and I were sparring that day and he decided we should see how well we handled taunts. I poked and prodded at his ego but he seemed to not budge..." She explained, dropped as she continued, "But then he shot back with taunts about how you were weak and I was dumb to like you. He said he'd be a MUCH better boyfriend fer me but he mocked how fat I was and how pathetic I was to think I'd be able to improve as a hero.". Izuku wrapped his arms around her to comfort her, a small smile creasing as she blushed at the slightest of his touch. But his eyes furrowed in anger.

"Uraraka-san. You're not fat. Sure maybe a bit chubby, but I...I think it makes you more beautiful. At least in my eyes. And more, you're not weak. You're the strongest person I know. Stronger than Kacchan. Stronger than me. You know I've always thought that right?" Izuku expressed in a low whisper. His face buried in her chocolate brown hair as he spoke, Uraraka's blush intensifying.

"It wasn't the 'I'm fat and pathetic' stuff that bugged me." She replied, "It was him mockin' you that really ground my gears. Even after all the things you did fer him, he STILL has the gall to make fun of ya. I got super pissed and I rushed him. But when we tumbled, we landed with me on my back and him on top o' me. He made some lewd comment about you and me not havin' kissed. So he tried to steal mine first. Honestly, Deku...I was trying to THANK you for dropping in unannounced like that." She leaned her head back to have her face meet his and their lips connected again lightly. Izuku hugged her tighter as the embrace deepened, both their eyes shut from the moment.

"Well only one thing I can say, Uraraka..." Izuku said, his eyes covered by his mop of hair. Uraraka's eyes fluttered half-opened.

"And what's that?"

"Well, I kissed you but I didn't say the words now, did I?" He chuckled. Uraraka's face went blank, "So I have to say it. I love you. And I'm glad you told me you loved me too." He leaned in once more and kissed her as she giggled in response.

"Hehehehe, you dork."

Izuku then started another coughing fit. She worriedly moved aside from her green haired friend, hoping no flowers could appear. To hers and Deku's relief upon his coughing fit ending...not a petal fell from his mouth. The two smiled at each other and returned to hugging before the night sky shone through the window. Uraraka decided that since the curfew and classes were still off, she'd stay the night in Deku's room. She giggled as Izuku flailed and blushed at the thought. But he never protested. That was the best night the two had as Izuku felt relieved that the pain in his chest ended.

The next day...Aizawa had a quick training exercise for the class. Just a short one since most classes were still off. A Quirkless fighting exercise. And Deku and Bakugou were squared off. Much to Bakugou's eternal anger and frustration, he would lose as Deku used a taunt that floored everyone except two people.

"Well Bakugou I guess I can say I got one over you for once! I beat you to getting a girlfriend first! And I love her to bits, Kacchan!"

Chapter Text

The night sky is shimmering with stars...

The nights are always beautiful in the forests of Hosu in the mid-autumn season. The clouds are rare, the rain is more so...but the monsters are always the same.

Monsters. Creatures that worship the dark gods and demon lords. Many a village has been put to the flame as a result of these vile beasts. From the lowly Murloc to mighty Pit Lord, danger was always looming.

But tonight...Was a good night. A group of heroes from the Kingdom of Musutafu are resting from a grand battle against a horde of zombies and disgusting Lich. The party slaughtered the zombies easily and only had the hardest time with the Lich, but they faced the monsters and only the leader of the hero party received any injury, massive scarring on his arm after savagely pummeling the Lich's skeletal body to pieces with rapid fire punches.

These heroes were only just made proper adventurers less than two ago, but they, still young adults all of them, were fearsome. They were led by a young fighter boy who seeks to become a grand adventurer and is destined to be made successor to the King's throne. His party, a barbarian warrior, two mages; both girls and were a tiefling and human, a paladin, a dragonborn were celebrating by a campfire; singing songs of adventure and glorious victory.

"Ha, ha! A stunning upset by our party! Master Nedzu will be proud to hear of our exploits! Eh, Midoriya?" The blue haired paladin, named Tenya Iida, cheered. The tall knight was chugging down a mug of ale, bought from a local tavern as part of the group's joyous romp.

"Yeah! That was an epic battle, little green! We'll be given commendations for sure! Especially when we show Nedzu the phylactery we found of that Lich!" The red haired dragonborn, Eijirou Kirishima laughed, a big toothy grin adorning his face. He was swaying in hilarious dancing with his closest companion, Mina Ashido. The young pink Tiefling danced provocatively around her draconic partner; eager for more personal partying.

Sitting down on a couple logs around the fire were the remaining party members; Izuku Midoriya, the nervous leader of the party. His green hair, freckles and youthfully round eyes made him seem younger than he appeared. He was a young swordsman who learned martial arts after unintentionally saving the King from a Murloc, when the King was visiting his home. As thanks, King Yagi felt the boy had a destiny to fulfill and he would help make sure it would come to pass. Soon, after sensing a successor, he deemed the boy worthy to become King Yagi's chosen heir to the throne and wielder of the sword One For All...otherwise named Durandal. He sat alone now, simply listening and watching everyone enjoy themselves, but his eyes fell on the log nearby...and his heart ached.

On the second log were two companions he knew quite well. One was his old bully, Katsuki Bakugou. The two were from old Aldera Village. Bakugou had explosive strength and became a barbarian warrior early on. His skills in bashing opponents to paste were infamous around the youth. But Midoriya was a lowly fighter. He could barely even lift weapons of any size. He even possessed no magic blessing to aid himself as he grew, leading to being ostracized early on. Bakugou would refer to Midoriya as 'Deku' as a sign of disdain and mockery. Even some adults took to calling the boy this; not even caring when they knew it meant calling the boy 'worthless'.

Next to Bakugou was a young brown haired girl. She wore slightly shabby, pink and brown witch robes and a wielded a mage's staff. Her brown hair reached her shoulders and on her face, pink blush marks permanently adorned her cheeks. She met Midoriya when she was running from a duo of Gnolls (Hyena-Men) and after the two teamed up to defeat them, they became fast friends ever since. She even made a better definition for the name 'Deku'; just being another word for hero. But she sat next to Bakugou and while she was smiling and giggling at the antics of her friends, Bakugou had another suggestion.

"Hey, round cheeks? Why don't *hic* you and I have a more private celebration? We killed *hic* the most monsters and we made *hic* quite a team, right?" Bakugou asked, a savage smirk adorned his face. The mage giggled, hopefully to Midoriya, from drinking too much ale.

"U-uh uh! No way! Hehehe, I'm not interested, Bakugou! Besides, what about *hic* Camie? Isn't she your lover?" She asked, almost too flirty for Midoriya's taste. He kept his posture calm, but he clearly wanted to separated the two.

"Aawww...c'mon babe. Barbariansh can *hic* have many loversh. And beshides...You can't do better than *hic* me! Not the *hic* four-eyed lance-lover...and shertainly *hic*...Not that green losher *hic*...Deku..." Bakugou insisted, his drunken speech slurring. He pulled Ochako under his arm and started caressing her arm, all the while leering at the young hero with malicious intent. Izuku's face went red from frustration, but Ochako didn't even seem to mind any of it. His flush face paled when she saw her fondling the barbarian's bare chest, drunkenly...almost...lovingly. And she was looking at Bakugou, smiling and giggling.

His frustrated expression morphed to a saddened one. Abruptly, the hero lifted himself off the log he sat on, and walked away from everyone, trudging into the woods. All of the revelers soon stopped their merriment. Why was he leaving, they all thought. Well all but one seemed to mind.

"Deku? Deku, where're ya goin', Deku?" She called to him, her drunk state sobering as she saw him walk away, slipping into the dark the woods brought. She struggled to get out of the barbarian's grasp. Bakugou guffawed in what he felt was victory.

"Aaaah, let the broken shit-heel go, round cheeksh. Fuckin' klutzh could never compare to *hic* my raw power. You'd be better as my woman...inshtead of that waste of space." He murmured viciously. Ochako's mind snapped back to reality at those words. Her senses back in form, she turned and used her trademark spell, Arcane Blast and knocked the barbarian several feet away.

"Don't you EVER call my best friend those names! You hear me! NEVER!" She screamed as she ran to catch up to her sullen compatriot. The remaining party members turned and looked sourly at the drunken Barbarian.

"...The fuck did I say?" he uttered before passing out from exhaustion.


Ochako ran fast to catch up to the party's leader. The forest was thick and the nearest clearing should be very far. She worried deeply for her green haired friend. She mentally curses herself for her actions.

"Curse my stupid lack of alcohol tolerance! Stupid, drunken girl! You should have dodged Bakugou's arm and moved to Deku's log. But no...You had to FONDLE that arrogant ass! In front of DEKU no less. No wonder he left! He must think so little of you! Deku...Please where are you...?"

She quickly reaches a clearing; a sprawling, calm river right in the center; boulders around the edges of each riverside. She scanned the area frantically. She prayed she didn't lose her friend to the water. It may be tranquil, but who knows what monsters lurked. To her relief, she saw her friend sitting idly on the largest, flattest boulder there.

She slowly crept up to her friend. Blush fresh on her face from relief. As she got closer...she heard him whisper.

"...she likes him, Deku...Who wouldn't?..."

"...You're a pathetic 'Deku' alright...Barely could do anything in that fight..."

"...Why are they bothering with me...Are they really my friends or..."

Ochako's eyes widened. Each whisper she could barely hear was from some long winded ramble storm. Each statement she could even get a wisp of was more negative sounding than the last. But...who was this 'she' Deku was referring to? Him? Bothering with Deku...? What was he on about?


"Huh? Wha--?! Aaggh!" He cried as he turned and fell from the shock of seeing Ochako so close. Ochako gasped as she saw him trip over his own feet and fell to the other side of the rock. A few seconds passed and Deku's arm shot up, grabbing the stone and hoisting himself up, his face flush from embarrassment.

"Uh...y'okay, Deku?" She asked, holding her hand forward. Deku looked, still blushing, and to her shock, nudged her arm away as he got back on the rock.

"...Been better, Uraraka-san." He muttered, his tone sounding petty, "Why are you here?". Ochako huffed incredulously.

"I followed ya, ya dummy. Ya went off on yer own! It's dangerous at night, y'know." She harped. Deku's face quickly devolved into a face of annoyance.

"I wasn't going very far. I just wanted to be alone. You don't need to follow me everywhere. 'M not that accident prone." He replied, turning himself away in anger. Ochako walked around the boulder to get in front of him, putting her hands on her hips to make herself seem authoritative. Deku just looked at her deadpan.

"Maybe not, but still, ya shouldn't be out here by yerself!" She huffed. She had seen him like this before but only when he was in a self-deprecating state. She hated when he did that.

"I can handle myself! Just go back to the others. I want to be left to my own thoughts, thank you..." He huffed back. He made sure not to meet her gaze.

"Well I'm not going anywheres until you come back with me!" She barked back. The green haired boy shot a look of actual anger at her. She didn't flinch, but he was shocking her today.

"I'm not a kid! I can be alone at night, Uraraka! Just go back and hang out with Kacchan, I'm fine as you. Can. SEE." He whined. Ochako became more aggravated. She never thought she'd see the day her best friend would be this...annoying. He was better than this, at least he was never this much of child before. She briefly remembered all the more childish games they placed together back at the Academia where they studied. Sure, the games were meant for children but he showed her that they needed to unwind. She remembered how their games brought smiles to their faces when recovering from bad studies or angry teachers and lessons.

"I know that! But, I'd rather ya come back anyways. Yer arm's still all banged up!" She insisted. She knew having him worry about his health usually cows him to listening. To her surprise...he scowled.

"...Why do you always bring up my injuries like that? I'm not figurine on the verge of shattering." He growled, his eyes narrowing, "I'm beginning to wonder if you guys stick with me because you guys think I'm some 'walking trouble and injury magnet'. If that's how you guys feel maybe I should quit adventuring with you guys.". He turned his head away, his frown growing. Ochako's eyes went wide again, her mouth gaping. He looked back, deciding to speak more.

"Seriously...It seems that all you guys do to me. Whenever we're a party, with or without Kacchan or with Todoroki or the others...You and Tenya BABY me. Like one little scratch is gonna put me in the grave..." He growled further.

"Oh so US caring about you is a BAD THING?! Where do you--!" She began, before his face contorts to further anger.

"IT IS A BAD THING WHEN YOUR FRIENDS PUT YOU IN THE MEDICAL WING. FOR A STUBBED. TOE!" He yelled, tears forming from his frustration causing Ochako to reel back in shock, "For crying out loud, Uraraka...EVERYONE'S STILL BRINGING IT UP!...*Sniff*...EVERYONE'S...still laughing about it. I stubbed my toe, Uraraka...Wasn't poison *sniff* or a sword injury...It wasn't the end of the world. But you, most of all, treat me like *choke* my smallest hurts are the biggest problems.". He hung his head. "You guys make me feel like a burden...".

Ochako stood there, blankly staring at him. She knew this wasn't the main problem long was this being held in? Her memories of that day were vivid...she and Tenya did go overboard that day. She forgot how everything started but he was right that they took him to the medical wing for stubbing his toe on a couch leg. Old Lady Chiyo gave them an earful for worrying her over nothing. But they were his friends, they just wanted him to feel better because when it DID look worse than it seemed. She walked away from him, not meeting his glare, but she sat on the opposite side of the rock he sat on. His temper and tears slowed down.

"...I'm sorry." She whispered. He raised an eyebrow in curiosity, "I'm...sorry we did that. I know we apologized before...but we were just trying to help, y'know. You do so much at the Academia and get so much pain as a result, o' course me n' Tenya would worry. We're your friends, Deku...We just wanna make sure yer okay.". His anger gone, mostly; he decided to speak again.

"...But you guys act less like friends and more like babysitters." He explained, "Like one sliver is gonna cause me to get gout or something. I didn't like that at all. You both should have known that...". He turned away looking at the river. "I didn't want babysitters...I wanted friends.". The two sat on the boulder for what felt like an hour, both not sure how to react. Midoriya felt guilty now. Sure, he deflected the truth of the matter, but he had to say something to avoid what was really bothering him. But, now he felt like he tore his heart out.

Now things felt awkward. Ochako's guilt gave way to another impulse; her curiosity. Ochako decided to break the silence.





"I kinda overheard ya...You said 'she liked him'. Who's this 'she'?"

Deku sputtered in shock.

"Uh--ugh--uh...a girl?"

"A girl? What girl?" Her eyes shut but she began to sound more composed.

"*sigh*...a girl I like..." He muttered, shyly scratching the back of his neck. Ochako felt her stomach drop and gasped. Deku had a crush on someone? She hung her head in grief. She knew...she always knew. Deku had eyes on a pretty girl she didn't know...and her heart was hurting now.

Ochako held a secret. One that...was less a secret to some of her friends but more a source of teasing. She had fancied Midoriya ever since they met. She saw his bravery and kindness breathtaking. The fact she found him the most attractive young man in the Academia was just a bonus to her heart. But now, she sat on that stone, blankly, tears forming from the mental image of her crush in the arms of some tavern wench or future queen-to-be. She always felt unattractive compared to the other girls in the guild academia. She was the plainest child around, she thought.


She snapped back to reality now.

"O-oh! A girl y-ya like? What's her name?" She asked So I can know who I lost to, she mentally added.

"...No one important. She liked someone else." He replied, "I...I saw her being really cozy to some other guy. She was smiling at him, getting all touchy with his abs. Doing that whole 'gazing lovingly in his eye' thing. Kinda figured too...She...was WAY out of my league anyway.". Ochako's posture straightened.

"Wha-? Out of YER league? Yer gonna be a KING! What leagues bigger than that?!" She cried in surprise, "If anything that girl sounds like a two-bit tart! Yer prob'ly better off without her!". She huffed in anger. How dare this woman play with her Deku's heart.

"...You wouldn't say that if you knew who she was..."

"Well then tell me!" She turned in fury, "I wanna know this...this...girl!".

"I'm not gonna say anything! 'Sides...what does it matter to you?" He argued back, confused, "You're with Kacchan! I can handle a...little heartbreak here...".

"I'm not with Bakugou! Deku! We were drunk and he was a horn-dog! But...I shoulda been smarter than ta let 'im get me under his arm like that." Ochako replied back, her voice softening as she remembered when Deku left, "Sides...He's usually bedding around with that Camie tramp! Ain't NO WAY I want any of those two messes!" She turned back to face away, folding her arms in a pouting position. Midoriya, at a loss, chuckled. Ochako's heart briefly fluttered; she loved to hear him laugh.

"Are you still on about how Camie had me pinned under her when we first met her?" Deku asked, a bemused smile on his lips, "Uraraka...she had me pinned...face down with a knife to my back because she thought I was an intruder to her thought she was trying to seduce me...somehow. It was thanks to BAKUGOU seducing her...and not realizing he agreed to marry her...that stopped that debacle.".

"I still don't like her." She responded curtly, "Her illusions were weird. And some were...little too...tasteless. At least I didn't catch 'em in bed porkin' each other like no tomorrow.". She looked with a cute, smug smirk. Deku's face flushed.

"You had to remind me. I still wish I hadn't seen that." He groaned. He placed his head in hands, shaking from the memory. Looking back at each other...their anger towards each other fell away as they started laughing at the memory and argument involved. The two fell to their backs, their heads being parallel to each other as they continued to laugh. This feels better, Deku was thinking. Silence fell again until Ochako came up with an idea.

"...Hey Deku?"

"...There is something I want ya to know..."

"Oh? What's that?"

Ochako breathed deep, first a bit of bait...

"...There IS a guy I like..."

Izuku didn't show it, but he felt more depressed. Ochako had a crush? On a guy? His thoughts fell to sadder opinions of who it was or why he wished he could be her crush.


"U-uh...So? W-w-what's up, U-ura-ra-raka?" He stuttered, cringing. She smiled shyly.

"........How about we play a little game?"

Chapter Text

It was as old tales would start...On a dark and stormy night...

The blizzard of the Hosu Mountains were the stuff of legends. A near complete white out. You can barely see the first few feet in front of you.

But it didn't matter to a runaway. Especially one who cares not how she ends up. Especially an heiress who didn't want to marry a pompous noble pervert.

In her heart, Yaoyorozu Momo could only question her sanity for choosing to venture into a raging blizzard to run away from home and avoid such a fate. But she made it a mission to try. If only the company behind her wasn't the sort who would likely put a sword in her throat other unsavory things to her.




Panicking, Momo snapped at the harness of her mount to speed up. The trio of, who she assumed, were bandits and villains were gaining on her. What she wouldn't give for a proper escape. She squinted as she looked back, seeing the lead marauder right on her. The hooded villain reaches out to grab her, only to suddenly pull back and stop.


The trio stopped.


The three hooded riders fled back away from their target. Momo was confused. 'The Count'? Who was that? Why would they run? Unfortunately her questions failed to recognize that the drifts were too contorted to move. Her horse threw her off from the uneven terrain into another ditch. The snow was excruciating. The cold alone was killing her to the core. Exhaustion began to claim her.

But as her eyes began to close, a cloaked figure with red/white hair upon a large black horse strode up to her. It seemed this new figure was going to put her out of her misery. The rider dismounted his large steed and knelt to her. Placing a hand, his hand exuded a low heat upon her body.

"Easy now, my princess." The young man whispered. As Momo's eyes began to dim from the cold, she saw the man's face and burned scar. His blue and gray eyes locked to hers and her world fell still.

"You will be safe with me until the blizzard ends."

The last thing Yaoyorozu remembers, were the man's piercing eyes...


In Musutafu Village, the noble family Yaoyorozu was the reigning authority of the region. They were the richest and most aristocratic family. To meet them is to meet the closest to royalty the land had ever known.

Inside Manor Yaoyorozu...

"Now I understand your fiance is an expert in dealing with the supernatural, yes?" An old gray haired man asked to his guest. The old man hunched over. The lord of the family was pensive.

"O' Course! My man, Deku, knows how to wrangle 'em monsters better than anyone! Shoot! It's how we met for cryin' out loud!" the female guest spoke, an aura of positivity and spunk permeated from her. Lord Yaoyorozu seemed...unconvinced. This brown haired woman wore her hair in a bob-cut and looked like a common librarian. And her accent is like that of a country bumpkin.

How on Earth did this woman get to be Head Researcher of the UA Monster Research Institute?

"...I see. But what is this...'Deku's' background? I've only heard rumors of his exploits." The elder asked, his tone incredulous. The girl, Uraraka Ochako, smiled widely.

"Deku was born here in Musutafu! His family comes from two long lines of Monster Hunters!" The brunette replied, beaming. The elder man raised an eyebrow. So the Great Slayer Deku is a local?

Just then, the door to the study, from which the interview, opened wide and fast. Lord Yaoyorozu was shocked at the sudden intrusion. Ochako turned, her smile widening at the sight. Hunched over, breathing loudly from what is assumed was a mad dash, hands held atop his knees, his green hair blocking sight of his eyes and wearing, what Yaoyorozu surmised, a hunter's usual attire for monster battling, was a young man.

"Sorry I'm late, sir. Had to stop a mugging on the way over. PHEW! That was annoying." The boy wheezed. As he stretched, the lord saw various knives adorning a belt across the man's chest. On his hip, a silver, metal blade and...a morning star whip? Yaoyorozu remembered that Combat Cross whips were no longer serviced anymore.

"Young man! I don't know who you are or why you are here, but I would advise you leave." The gray haired man growled, "I'm in the middle of an important interview and we're waiting for this woman's partner.". Ochako turned, pouting.

"HEY! Don't talk ta mah man like that! Can't help it if he's sufferin' from Chronic Hero Syndrome!" She barked. Lord Yaoyorozu's eyes widened.

"THIS IS DEKU? The warrior who slaughtered a hundred ghouls? The man who stood alone against a musclebound abomination with nothing but a twig?! The hero of UA??" The lord sputtered. To say he was shocked, would be an understatement. This...pauper...was the legendary hero who was sent to rescue his girl?

"My name is actually Midoriya Izuku, your Lordship. By the way those stories are over-exaggerations." The young man, replied, finally catching his breath and standing firm and tall in front of the disbelieving man, "I only killed half of those ghouls before my friend Toogata Mirio could use a relic to exorcise the monster who raised them. I didn't use a twig to kill Muscular. It was a blessed hammer from a Viking Lord. Some of those tales possess a hint of truth. But you really need to sift through the words, sir."

Lord Yaoyorozu sat stunned. Izuku closed the doors behind him.

"I am a Monster Hunter. My oath is to maintain the peace between the fae creatures and humanity." The young man continued, "If any step out of line, I will act in accordance to see them put back in place...or put down.". Ochako's smile softened in pride. She looked at his hand set on his sword and saw a golden ring. A gold ring matching hers.

"Hmmmm...Right. Well then, Young Midoriya...I have a mission for you." The old man explained, reeling from the shock of this youth's aura of confidence. Midoriya stepped forward and sat on the chair parallel from his partner; his fiance.

"What is the mission, sir? I only was given vague details." The green haired youth requested.

"My daughter, Yaoyorozu Momo, has run away from home. Now that would be not too big a deal for one such as yourself...but I have come to knowledge that she has entered the domain of the Count of The Hosu Mountains."

"I've heard of this Count...Some say he's the son of a devil and angel who possesses fire and ice magicks."

"And that he has a large keep full o' monsters an' beasts known fer their dark intentions. It's a common tale 'round these parts, sweetie." Ochako piped up, winking at her lover. Izuku's cheeks dusted pink. She always had to get the last word in when he started talking shop.

"Quite. I'm afraid that she may be in his clutches and I want her returned safely. She's to be wed to the young nobleman, Minoru Mineta." Lord Yaoyorozu explained. Ochako's expression went from loving to terrified.

"MINETA? That low-down, dirty pervert?! You've gotta be kiddin' me, Milord!" Ochako snapped. As Ochako and the lord began to argue the merits of the union, Izuku's ear twitched. He removed himself from the chair and walked to the door. He heard haggard breathing, and pulled the door open. Falling face first, was a small man with purple hair in a pompadour.

"WHOA!" The small purple haired man yelped.

"You really shouldn't eavesdrop, sir. You may live to regret it." Izuku chuckled. When the small man looked up, his first view was of Ochako's cleavage due to her dress. He immediately stood up, bolting next to her chair, and slicked his hair back, his leer immediately upsetting the woman and her future-husband.

"HA CHACHACHACHACHA! You've got quite the pair on ya babe? What say you and I go out and--ACK!" The grape haired nobleman choked. Izuku grabbed the runt by the neck and turned him to face him.

"Listen pal. That's my wife-to-be yer talkin' too!" Izuku growled, slipping into Ochako's accent. Ochako's face bloomed red and she bit her lip. Oh how she loved her Deku.

"Excuse me but I would ask that you let Sir Mineta go. He's the man I chose to be Momo's husband." The Lord requested. Izuku dropped the purple pustule on the ground without any gentleness, "Now please. I AM begging you. You must save me daughter from the Count. At the very least!".

Ochako and Izuku looked at each other. She looked worried for a moment. He knew she'd worry about his safety...and his tendency to get hurt over small things was another issue to deal with. Izuku knelt before his love and met her gaze. Cupping her face, he saw her fears melt slowly.

"...Alright, I'll see it done, sir. Tomorrow...I make way to Hosu Castle.".

Chapter Text

Uraraka was many things, she thought. But never in her years did she expect her life to be full of such passion. She never expected her life to have such a loving partner as her boyfriend, Izuku Midoriya.

The two met at an early high school age. She remembered those days fondly. Back when she first moved to Musutafu's UA College. She made many friends and many enemies. But to her, more importantly, she met the one she felt was her soulmate. When they met, Midoriya was a shy, freckled boy with dark green hair, piercing emerald green eyes and a smile that made her want to hug him forever. Back then, she didn't reach her full womanly looks. She was more plump, plain and nerdy. Her brown hair was in her usual bob cut with two braids going down to reach her shoulders. She felt that she wasn't as pretty or busty as the other girls.

Izuku back then was meek and fearful of many of the students of UA. But even then he was friendly when he opened up. Truly passionate. He already planned his career. He was going to be a vet when he graduated. She actually seemed to see a good fit in that career for him. Animals were drawn to him and his genuine aura. The only issue back then was his bully, Katsuki Bakugo. He always gave her friend a hard time. He even gave him the name Deku; meaning useless. He wanted to be professional wrestler. But, when Izuku and Ochako first locked eyes in the college elevator, running late for classes, sparks were already flying.

The two befriended each other during classes. Izuku was a massive comic fan; especially of the hero All Might. Uraraka was a big science fiction nerd and saw the comics' sciency aspects to be enrapturing. She quickly built up their relationship as they hung out between classes with fellow nerds like Tsuyu Asui, an aspiring marine biology student, Shouto Todoroki, a scarred, brooding best friend to Midoriya who, despite his nerdy background, was fawned over by many girls for his looks. The two became an inseparable pair of friends. Ochako's closest gal-pal, Mina, teased her relentlessly for having such a nerdy boyfriend. Ochako scoffed at her. Who cared if he was nerdy? Nerds could be cute.

Izuku shyly began to court the brunette, but due to his self confidence, he felt she never noticed him compared to more 'manly' and 'attractive' men like the hard-assed Katsuki Bakugo, the class president Tenya Iida and hot-blooded Eijirou Kirishima. In actuality, Uraraka was barely holding back her desire to kiss Deku senseless; for how sweet his nerdy attempts to flirt were. He was perfect for her. Eventually, Bakugo's bullying of Midoriya and poor attempts to flirt with Uraraka led to him copping a feel and making really disturbing sexual remarks. And an altercation.

Deku could handle no more when the ash blonde boy attempted to kiss the brunette; much to her personal discomfort. The explosive tempered boy was drunk from victory and beer after winning a hard match against Ketsubutsu's lead wrestler, Yo Shindo. His attempts to take Uraraka by force unleashed Midoriya's suppressed rage and caused the green haired youth to punch Bakugo out in one shot and pulled Uraraka into a passionate kiss as if to claim her for himself. But, he felt ashamed for his violent strike and jealous reaction and avoided her; thinking he had essentially stole her first kiss and hurt her.

It took days to get time alone with Izuku without him running away in shame. Eventually, she was so frustrated with the boy's self esteem issue of self-blaming that she grabbed Izuku and kissed him with as much passion as he did when he clocked out Bakugo. And proudly announced Izuku was her boyfriend. In her mind, she wanted to call him a more personal title.

Since then, they've been more open with their feelings, Izuku began to become more confident in himself, and their private moments became more...intimate. A make out session here, touching each other's more intimate areas in their rooms. Before graduating, Izuku and Ochako gave into their desires and made love in her bedroom when they should have studied for second year finals. None of their friends were surprised. The duo still aced their finals; but Katsuki failed one and had to repeat the year. Since then, the two would go at it when they had more free time. Studies later, they agreed...with protection obviously.

Cut to four years later, and Izuku and Ochako were living their dream lives together. Izuku was working as assistant veterinarian to Koji Kouda, a fellow student and was proud of his work accomplishments. Ochako worked with her family as a construction engineer. But she always had time for her Deku, and he for her. They introduced each other to their families and were immediately accepted...although Midoriya had a mild heart attack when Mr. Uraraka busted out a 12-gauge shotgun when he heard that Midoriya and Ochako were frisky with each other. Mrs. Uraraka would later dismantle the gun and Mr. Uraraka had been in the doghouse ever since.

Today, however, she was feeling guilt and grief. She held a secret she felt would hurt her love with the green haired man. And an announcement she really, really didn't want to tell him.

But she decided to hold off for as much as possible. They were celebrating their fifth anniversary dating each other and were going camping at a conservation park. Ochako was dropped off by her father, who reminded her of what she had to tell Midoriya.

"Dang it, Daddy...Why'd you go an' remind me o' that? I wanna spend my time bein' with my ma--b-b-b-boyfriend!" Uraraka thought, sadly. She was wearing her favorite hiking clothes for the trip and was waiting intently for her man. Since those days, she filled out and lost most of her baby fat from her early college years. No doubt from their private times together. Her brown hair grew longer and her front frongs were so long they flowed over her chest. Some of her friends suggested she try modelling but she refused politely. Construction was in her blood.

"HEY! OCHAKO!" A familiar, heavenly voice called out the brown haired engineer girl. She jolted to attention, a wide smile and turned. There he was, Izuku Midoriya. Like her, he grew up a fine man. He bulked up; at whatever point, she never knew but never complained. His green hair was still a messy mop but, some of it began to grow down his back, like a small mullet. (Or kind of like Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh but he still has his main hair style). He wore baggy, black khaki pants and a green flannel shirt with a plain white t-shirt. Inwardly, Uraraka bit her lip and began to imagine that those clothes weren't staying on at all when they reached camp. Nor were hers.

She rushed to her boyfriend at top speed and leapt into his open arms. They twirled, laughing and embracing happily. When he finished twirling her around him, he cupped her face and crashed his lips into hers. Years of confidence boosting, practice kissing and whisperings of sweet nothings, lead to this constant battle of lips and tongues. Ochako never seemed to win them but, she was never unhappy whenever her man takes her lips like this. Her arms practically bolted themselves around his neck, feeling and grasping at his hair and scalp while hands moved to her sides and back; exploring areas they've never wanted to be apart from ever. Eventually, they had to separate to breath sadly.

"Ha....Ha...Haa...I missed you, Chako..." Izuku whispered as he buried his face into the crook of her neck. He sniffed her scent like it was a fine perfume. She knew she was a bit sweaty waiting in the heat of the summer afternoon, but Izuku never minded. If anything, it brought out a more primal urge in him. Ochako breathed in his musk and too wanted more. But that only reminded her of her sad announcement to her emerald eyed lover.

"I...I missed....I missed ya too, babe." Ochako breathed, nuzzling her face against Izuku's chest. He grew quite tall overall. His emerald eyes always shone brightest to her, "C-C'mon...we're gonna be late to reach our campin' spot. An' you know how I hate it when we miss out on our fun time!" Winking mischievously to him. Izuku laughed, flashing her a toothy smile.

"Okay, okay. Let's get going! Don't wanna lose time with my favorite girl!" Izuku replied, smiling. He winked back at her and she blushed. And inwardly frowned. They rushed to their campsite and pitched camp. Which took far longer than they meant to. The two were all over each other. Whenever they brushed against each other, or had a meaningful look, they pounced onto each other; whispering little seductions, mashing lips, slobbering tongues and groping each other. By the time the camp was set, Izuku's shirts were on the dirt ground and Ochako's hiking top joined the pile. And nightfall soon came.

Ochako was splayed on the sleeping bag. In nothing but her hiking shorts, her hair covering her hidden sports top she wore under her shirt as Izuku, resting himself at her stomach, slowly crawled up to meet her. He kissed her skin from the hem of her waistband and slowly edged up to her. Ochako purred as her boyfriend was intent on making sure she was happy from their little escapades. He finally reached her face and gave a quick peck. The two were becoming too tired for more shenanigans tonight. But the guilty feeling in the pit of her stomach soon became noticeable in her face. Izuku noticed almost too quickly.

"...Ochako? What's wrong, hun? Usually you loved cuddling up to me when we're alone." Izuku whispered, concern clear in his voice. Ochako turned away from her partner.

"I-I-It's nothin', Deku. N-Nothin' at all." She replied, stuttering. Now the greenette was worried. She never stuttered when they were alone together. He cupped her cheek that was facing away and gently turned her face to meet his gaze. She looked at him, still sad and he gave a soft smile. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in. He wouldn't let whatever bothered her remain.

"...Tell me, sweetie. I'm gonna worry if you don't." Izuku said, kissing her shoulder, "I mean...Did I hurt you earlier when we were making out? Or when I fondled you after dinner? Please I want to know I did something wrong, hun.". Ochako giggled lightly. Izuku knew he was getting her back to her senses.

"It's not what ya did, babe. There weren't nuthin' that you did wrong. You were everythin' I could ask fer." She whispered sweetly. She cupped his right cheek, thumbing his now fading freckles, "It's just...I'm...I'm gonna miss all o' this.". She turned her head away again. Izuku was confused.

"Miss this? Chako, we just got here..." Izuku said, worried. "Sweetie...what's going on? You've never been like this before...Kind of scaring me here". Ochako winced. She never wanted to worry or scare her boyfriend. She began to whimper in shame. Why did her parents tell her to do this?


"But why? Deku an' I are happy together!" Ochako cried. She was bawling her eyes out. Her head hidden in her hands, tears leaking past her fingers. In front of her were two individuals that to an outsider would find frightful. In front of her were two large brown wolf-like creatures. One obviously looked male and another female. And both seemed frustrated.

"...I'm sorry, sugar bean. I know you an' that Midoriya boy are havin' a good time. But, sweetheart, eventually he's gonna have to know about this." The male wolf creature spoke, his voice low and sad. He gestured to his lupine frame. The female placed a pawed hand on the brown haired young woman.

"Your father's right, Ochako. You may love Midoriya-kun, but, do you really think he'd be okay being with a Werewolf?" The female, Ochako's own mother, spoke softly. Ochako's head shot up in anger, her face scowling.

"I KNOW HE'D BE OKAY WITH ME! We love each other! He promised he would love me forever, Mommy!" Ochako yelled.

"Uraraka Ochako, keep your voice down. It's not like we want ya to give him up. But if the council were to hear this, they'd cause pandemonium." Ochako's father growled back. His dark brown fur bristled in anger. Ochako's mother placed a calming paw on her husband.

"Sweetheart, I know we're asking a great deal of you, but, we don't have many options. Either you split up with Midoriya and seek out a male werewolf to be your mate, or the council may end up hunting you both down."

"B-But...But I...No! I can't do it! I love him too much!" Ochako whimpered. Her human form began giving way to her animal form; a brown furred tail stuck out of her shorts.

"Baby, your tail's stickin' out again." Ochako's father noted. Ochako gasped, closing her eyes and focusing. Her tail vanished instantly, "Ya see. There's my proof that this won't last forever. Yer wolf side is comin' out when you get too flustered. An' that boy makes you hotter under the collar faster than anythin' else on this world" Ochako's face went bright red, she couldn't hide her boyfriend's scent from her family. " have to let him go. Unless..."

Ochako looked at her father. Her mother turned as well.

"What is it dear?" Her mother asked. Ochako's father scratched his snout.

"...Unless you can prove that he can be trusted with this secret...then I can convince the council to let you two off the hook." Her father finished, huffing in exhaustion. Ochako beamed.

"Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Ochako chanted in glee. She jumped into her father, hugging him. Her mother however, briefly bristled.

" sounds like you want our little pup to make Midoriya her mate for life..." She muttered, her voice closer to a growl. Ochako's face went blank.

"W-Well sweetums...that pretty much would be the only option. Either he agrees...or no deal. Not my fault the rules are so darned contrivin'." The older male wolf grumbled. Ochako sat down stunned. Make Deku her mate for life? It'd be her dream was all so fast. And...what if he said 'no'? Now she felt she had no choice...she would have to break up with one who she called her soulmate.


"Deku, honey. I...I...I'm sorry, baby but...I...I.....I.......................I'm breakin' up wit' you!" She hissed sadly. Izuku blanked. Did he hear her right?

"W-w-w-what? W-w-why? Ochako, sweetie! Please!" Izuku stammered, tears forming in his innocent green eyes, "If I did something wrong...I-I-I-If I hurt you when we h-h-had s-s-s-s-s-sex or...other stuff, please I won't do it again. Don't leave me, Ochako!".

Ochako began to cry as well. She didn't want to break up with him. She wanted to stay, laugh and love with him. They had a future planned and everything. But her secret was too much to bear for him.

"I-I-I-It's nothin' ta d-d-d-d-do wit' you. I have ta do this, Deku." Ochako whimpered. She bit her lip in shame. She had to rip off a band-aid but for her to do it on their first night together for this...It broke her too.

"BULLSHIT!" Izuku shouted. Ochako turned, stunned and afraid of her own lover, "I know I did something wrong! I ALWAYS DO SOMETHING WRONG! AFTER SO MANY YEARS I MESSED UP AGAIN! PLEASE TELL ME!" He continued to loudly beg her for answers. Ochako's tears streamed as she saw her best friend...her heart shatter before her. He's blaming himself for something he had no idea or control over. All of the time and effort she put in to make him know not everything was his fault or burden and it was imploding on him.

"D-Deku?! I-I just said it wasn't--!" She started.

"DON'T LIE TO ME! I did...I did something...Just what...*sob*...What did I do?" He choked, fat tears falling from his face. He buried his face in her shoulder, the tears making her shoulders soaked and she couldn't blame his frustrations. However, before she could finally explain herself, a rustle outside was heard by both campers. Izuku's temper hit its zenith.

"Seriously?! The girl I was planning to propose to just dumps me...and some god damned punks try to crash the camp?! NO! No DAMNED WAY." Izuku growled, almost unnaturally. Ochako was stunned. Izuku wanted to get married? To her? Was he planning to ask her here? What had she done? As Izuku exited the camp, tears in his eyes, angry, he howled in fear.

Ochako crawled after her lover and saw a frightful sight. A large black bear entered the camp and was trashing it. It quickly saw Izuku and rushed him. Izuku barely managed to brace himself as the bear smashed into him and pinned him against the nearest tree in the camp. He grunted in pain as the bark of the tree ground up against his back. He was sure blood was seeping out of whatever cuts his back was making.

The bear wasn't finished. It reared up and tried to land its jaws into the green haired boy. He barely had time to grab the jaws and dodge the bite. He placed his hands into the jaws, doing his best to keep the bear from his body. Unfortunately, the front claws of the bear were swiping and kept hitting and clipping his sides. It's claws dug deep and he was losing footing fast. Any longer and Izuku was done.

"Urgh...ARGH....Ochako!...Ochako RUN FOR IT! FORGET ABOUT ME AND RUN!" He roared through the pain. Ochako, still stunned, felt more pain then before. She broke his heart and his first instinct was to put her life before himself. After what she just did?

"...No...No..." She whispered. Her teeth began to grow into fangs. Her posture became more aggravated.

"Uoohhh...ERRGHH...OCHAKO HURRY *URGH* UP AND...WHAT THE HELL?!" Izuku growled as he saw it happen. Ochako's body began to grow, fur began to overtake her skin, her face became more like that of...a wolf? Her cute brown eyes morphed and glowed white in rage.

"...No....No....NO....GET AWAY FROM MY MATE, YOU FLEABAG!" Ochako howled, as she rushed the beast on all fours. She knocked the bear aside and the two squared off. Izuku slipping to the ground in confusion.

"...Ochako?" He whispered. The two animals fought viciously. Claw met claw, fang bit into flesh, but Ochako's feeling fueled her movements. Quickly...she put so much effort into harming the bear, clawing and bleeding it after it hurt her companion, the bear's fight-or-flight instincts had to have kicked in. It backed away and fled back to the forest. Howling in relief and victory, the adrenaline began to wear off. And soon a realization hit the newly revealed wolf-girl.

"...Ch-Chako? Is that...Is that you, babe?"

Ochako was stunned...In her rage, her desire for her love...she transformed into her wolf form. Tears sprouted instantly, she jumped into another patch of forest. She barely hear Izuku's cries for her. Eventually, not even caring what direction she went in, she found a cave entrance. Hell, she assumed it was bear she beat the hell out of just to save him. Entering the cave, she did what any girl with a broken heart did. They cried.

She cried for what felt like hours. In the span of one night she: made out and made love with her boyfriend repeatedly, DUMPED said boyfriend after everything she did, caused him to relapse back into his pit of self doubt...and in the midst of rescuing him...revealed her true self to him, frightening him to his core. Her parents were right. They couldn't be together.

Suddenly, she heard rustling and twigs snapping by the cave entrance. Her fear senses kicked in, growling and hoping to intimidate the intruder. She didn't want anything to--! She sniffed the air. It couldn't be? This scent it was...!

"Ochako! Ochako? Are you in there, hun?" Izuku whispered loudly into the cave. Ochako was shocked, but felt joy in that shock. He came for her. He...came to find her. She could see his green eyes practically glow in the shadowy darkness. Ochako wanted to hide further, but his voice was too alluring to her. He was calling for her. She finally stood at the entrance, her boyfriend standing there, looking at her eyes, which were still streaming tears in shame.

"Aww...babe...This? This was why you were breaking up with me..." Izuku guessed correctly. Ochako clutched her free elbow and turned away. Her bouncy brown fur flowing in the wind. It took her seconds to realize she still didn't have her top. She crossed her arms in shame (forgetting the fact that it's Izuku and he's seen her naked already.

"I...I'm sorry, Deku. We can't be together if ya gotta see me like this all the time..." She sobbed. Izuku walked to her and stroked her face. His hands, scarred from holding the bear off. All of his bloodied body standing in the wind and...wait...Ochako narrowed her eyes to see better in the dark. His body was bleeding like crazy when the bear was striking him, now they look healed like nothing...leaving minute scars on his sides and arms. Even his scuffed up face looked kissable beyond measure...more masculine.

"Why wouldn't I want to see you like this? You're beautiful, Ochako..." Izuku chuckled lightly, "Why would I abandon one of our own...especially my mate to a lonely life."

Ochako raised her eyebrow. One of their own? His mate?

"Deku...Wha...What are you talking abo--?!" She began as Izuku stood back. As the winds flapped at his attire, Izuku's form changed as well. His skin began to permeate black/grey fur, tipped in green. his lean, muscular tone morphed into a more robust, but still lean frame. His height grew a full foot higher than Ochako's. His arms, scarred and lanky now had more muscle tone His face contorted into a large wolf's head, his green eyes glowing ethereally. Ochako's mouth gaped. Standing before her was her boyfriend Izuku Midoriya...and he was a Werewolf as well.

"Deku...You...You're a..." She began, not believing her eyes. Izuku smiled softly.

"Yeah...We're the same, Ochako." Izuku softly replied. He walked to her again and held his arms open to her, "Will you...take me back? Despite whatever I did?". Ochako didn't even think twice. She leapt to her friend in laughter and nuzzled into his dark furred shoulder. She couldn't be happier.

"We're...We're the same! Oh MY GODS! WE'RE THE SAME!" Ochako cried in joy as she clutched her lover tighter. Izuku responded in kind, "I am NEVER lettin' you go, baby! Never, ever...EVER!". Izuku felt his shoulder moisten from her tears. He internally chuckled, Midoriyas had absorptive fur and skin since they were heavy criers.

"Then I guess we're official? We're mates and you' my wife?" Izuku asked, leaning back to look at his brown eyed sweetheart's eyes. The two reverted back to human forms, still partially clothed but neither cared. The two looked at each other like they had seen each other for the first time. Ochako's smile brightened.

"...YES! We're official, Deku, baby!" Ochako cried in joy, "We're mates fer LIFE! I'LL MARRY YOU! WAHOO! I'M GONNA BE MISSUS OCHAKO MIDORIYA, WORLD! HAHAHA!!!" She hugged harder. Izuku pulled her face to kiss her passionately again. They weren't going to leave each other again.

The two wolf lovers returned to their partially trashed camp. Crawling back into their tent, both looked at each other with one very specific thought in mind. After Izuku followed Ochako in, both of their shorts and Ochako's sports top flung out to the hangers where the shirts were. A mating couple needed to get 'practice' in for their futures together. And they had all the time in the world.

A week later, Ochako's father returned to pick up the lovers and found Izuku and Ochako in their tent, cuddling in the nude. And saw both had wagging tails. He sighed quietly. His baby had grown up and found her mate. To him...all was right in the world. Though he wished he didn't have to find out when his girl was naked in a man's arms. But no loss. They had it all set now.

Chapter Text

It's a cold day in hell when Izuku Midoriya comes to drink at the Chargebolt Bar without his girlfriend around his arm.

Make that his ex-girlfriend now. Poor bastard. His girlfriend cheats on him with his other ex-girlfriend...on their two year anniversary together. And she told him she's been seeing her before their first anniversary. What a bitch.

Hunched over a cold, light beer, the green haired Midoriya begins to contemplate his luck. Does he just...attract the weirdest of women? Does he just have some sign that reads 'Kick me I'm a sucky ass boyfriend' on his back? He huffed grumpily and chugged some of the bad tasting beverage down as he ruminates in his oldest friend's bar. Denki Kaminari, the owner, had known Midoriya since they were in Middle School. Kaminari already had the idea to get a bar since he's dreamed of having one to have parties with friends and make a living.

Despite how grungy it appeared on the outside, Chargebolt was a premium establishment on the inside. Even that guy on TV that checks on bar complaints came to the bar and found it surprisingly well maintained. His only minute complaint was that the bar's sign design needed fixing, but that was his opinion. Denki still updated it and found more business than before. Though, that did affect his love life.

Kyouka Jirou, the bar's biggest draw and hopeful rock star was Denki's on-again/off-again girlfriend. Midoriya never knew what kept causing their breakups and makeups but it must not be a big deal because whenever he made an apology, and when Midoriya referred to it as an apology, Jirou always came back; smiling like a giddy school girl on prom night. Jirou was another of Midoriya's pals. She once tried to get a date out of Midoriya to annoy Kaminari after a really bad breakup, but Midoriya had a code he followed very strictly, and Jirou understood when he explained; NEVER date a friends girlfriend when they breakup. Especially when it's just after. That's like asking an assassin to shoot you in the head intentionally.

But here he was, fresh from a brand new breakup with a brand new level of what-the-hell in his mind.

"Ya know Mido. We did warn ya 'bout, Shimura." the blonde bar owner said, smirking. The black lightning bolt mark in his hair, now faded to gray since they grew older.

"Yeah...Yeah you did. But I thought she was good then. I didn't expect her to have been such a bitch. Pardon my language." Midoriya apologized. Denki scoffed. Midoriya would have more 'colorfully' worded thoughts about his ex now, but he'd never vocalize them freely. He wasn't Bakugo.

"Not your fault, either. Hana Shimura was always two-faced. Just ask Tenko, dude." The bartender argued. Midoriya nodded. Tenko Shimura was a shy, pale young man but he and Midoriya got along. Well, there was tension when Midoriya became Hana's boyfriend, but, that was because Tenko knew Hana's nature and tried to spare Midoriya the headache. Last Midoriya heard from Tenko after the break, he was at an art school and his family dog, Mon had puppies with another Corgi.

"Just be glad that Toga's not buggin' ya, anymore. That girl was some serious level of What-the-Fuck. Ya pickin' up what I'm puttin' down, bud?" Denki commented. Midoriya scoffed at his friend's 'street' lingo. But he appreciated it the same.

"True. Hey, have you heard from Kacchan and Kirishima? Haven't heard from 'em in a while." Midoriya asked, absently.

"Hmmm...Kirishima and Mina are traveling to Alberta, Canada to see some kind of rodeo." Denki explained, "And Bakugo and his girl, Camie, are visitin' her folks to plan their weddin'. And ya know...prep for their first born."

"Oh right! Kacchan's getting married.....Oh shit, Kacchan's getting married." Izuku whispered, shuddering, "Guess I lost that bet, huh.". Denki laughed.

"Yeah, ya little shit. You owe Bakugo, like, what? 13000 Yen now?" Denki laughed as he made mental math about the bets for who would get married first and who would have children.

"15000 Yen. Did Kacchan say what gender their baby's gonna be?" The greenette questioned. Denki shrugged. Midoriya sighed, must still be too early to tell. Just then the bell to the Chargebolt bar rang.

"Welcome to Chargebolts! Where shit..." Denki greeted, before he saw who was entering and trailed off. Midoriya knew that wasn't good. He peered over his shoulder and beheld a nightmare.

Both Hana Shimura and Himiko Toga; his two ex-girlfriends and the worst choices he's ever made to be friends with, had entered the Chargebolt Bar.

"Hey, Dunce Face." Hana commented, absentmindedly. Himiko giggled incessantly.

"Hi there, Den-Den. How have you been lately?" She cackled. Denki sweat-dropped.

"...Been better. Little worse now that yer here." Denki replied, grumbling, "What can I do ya fer tonight?".

"Two Long Island Iced Teas. Oh right...and Himiko wants the strongest Bloody Mary you can make, Dunce Face. Chop-Chop." Hana ordered, bluntly. She saw Izuku hunched over and scoffed.

"So this is where you toddled off to after I dumped yer ass, Deku? Pathetic." Hana scoffed as she walked to a corner booth of the bar.

"Hey, Deku. Ya miss me yet?" The creepily grinning girl asked, wrapping her arms around the tall, green haired, young man in her cardigan wearing arms.

"Not a chance in Hell. Your girlfriend's waiting for you. Get lost." Midoriya growled. He was not going to deal with them today. Himiko smiled and skipped over to Hana who smiled, like she won a fight.

"Listen...Midoriya. If they're here then I know they're gonna cause you issues. Here. Take this." Denki whispered, passing a card over to the despondent customer. Izuku looked at it and raised an eyebrow in confusion. On the card was a pass to go to the 'Creati Dance Club, Bar & Grill' restaurant establishment not three blocks away. It was a fancy and highly recommended place. And heavy on exclusivity. You had to have friends of friends who were already well known patrons to even get a night entry to just sit and eat for regular meals. Everything else, you had to be a regular, get a pass (which had different levels for different things) and know people.

How in the Hell...Did Denki Kaminari get this?

"Denki...You're telling me to go to Creati's? Aren't they like, your business rivals or something?" Izuku asked, clutching the ticket like he was given a fake ID.

"Kyouka knows the owner. We're kinda regulars there when she needs to be given some special care, y'know?" Denki replied, wistfully thinking of his girlfriend.

"Hehehe. I guess. Where is Jirou, anyway?" The greenette asked, dreading the response.

"Oh, she's upstairs sleeping off a gig. My rock star babe had one helluva sweet-ass concert last night, man." The blonde electricity-style man replied, "Her band made her drink too much and I brought her home. Got the home hangover kit ready and waiting for her in our bedroom.". Izuku nodded and chuckled softly. She could never say 'no' to her crew.

"Good to see you're prepped like I told you. If you need me for more medical assistance, I can--!" Izuku started before Denki placed a hand in front of him.

"Nuh uh! You've been a great help, Mido. I can see why old man Toshi made you his successor as a Doctor." Denki interrupted, "But, now you need to get some fun away from these bitch-tits. Get goin'! And if you see the owner, tell her I finally sent you her way. You'll see.". Izuku felt cold sweat on the back of his neck. 'Her'? The owner of Creati was a woman? And she knew who he was...and Denki is sending him to her? This did not bode well for him, he thought.

At the Creati Club...

Izuku Midoriya reached the tall restaurant club and gawked at the majesty of it all. This place looked like it would fit in the ritziest part of Las Vegas than in Musutafu. Almost looked like a giant Fantasy Elf-Style temple from those online Swordcraft Games. But, the bouncer looked big, buff and ready to tear Izuku a new asshole. Literally. The green haired man walked to the bouncer, sweating buckets as he presented the ticket.

"Who sent you here?" He said.

"D-Denki Kaminari? He t-t-told me t-t-t-to t-t-t-tell the owner...He f-f-f-f-finally got me to c-c-c-come here?" Izuku responded. Sweat was drenching his body under his coat and casual attire. The bouncer squinted and turned on an intercom.

"Hey boss. We got some guy sent here by that Kaminari punk. What should I do?" The bouncer asked into the intercom. A bit of static came.

"And what is this newcomer's name, Dozle." The voice on the intercom, sounding like a woman, asked. Izuku's mind seemed to grind in on itself. She sounded familiar. But why?

"Hey kid. Tell the boss lady your name. CHOP-CHOP!" The bouncer, Dozle, grunted. Izuku moved up.

"M-my name*Cough*...Izuku Midoriya, ma'am." He replied.

"Midoriya? One moment. Do not refuse this." The voice crackled. Just then a ticket popped under the intercom box. Dozle took it and examined it, his eyes popping in sheer shock and awe, looking at Izuku with complete surprise.

"Boss? This is--Are you serious? Why does this guy get this? Who the F--?!" Dozle stammered, confusing Midoriya with this turn of events.

"Dozle Zabi, you will give Izuku Midoriya that pass or so help me, you and your siblings will never find work in this city again. Do you want your daughter's sadness on your conscience?" The voice hissed out. Izuku winced, this lady knew how to command. He wondered if this woman was a mob boss's daughter he may have befriended. Dozle shirked back in shock.

"N-no, Ma'am. I wasn't refusing to give it to him , Ma'am. J-just wanted t-to know who he was to yas." Dozle stammered, pressing the card in Izuku's chest in fear. Izuku's green eyes widened as he saw the ticket's details. On it was a Lifetime Star Platinum Pass to Creati's establishment. Izuku's mouth dried as he was given what might be the equivalents of the 'Key to the City'. A supreme level pass into the entire facility. Just who was this boss woman?! Dozle quivered in fear at Izuku.

"L-L-L-Listen, don't be scared of me! I'm as c-c-c-confused as you are!" The greenette stammered. Dozle didn't stop and just pushed Izuku into the building.

Izuku's senses were bombarded with everchanging lights, elegant music and delicious-smelling dishes. One waitress walked up to Izuku and curtsied.

"Please sir, the proprietor of our establishment has reserved a booth for you both. Please follow ranger?" The waitress requested. Izuku became incredulous. That term was something he never heard since he was in middle school. Not since...Izuku shook his head as he tried to prevent the old memory from returning.

Walking to the booth, it was a corner booth but it was one meant for larger get-togethers. Ones that required big groups and...good friends. Izuku shut his eyes and tried to piece together the mystery of this place. Denki and Jirou were friends with the owner despite being in similar businesses. Okay. Apparently the owner knew Midoriya personally. Odd but, okay again. Why Denki didn't mention the name of the owner, Izuku paused at briefly. Apparently this owner knew Midoriya enough to warrant essentially the 'golden ticket' to goddamned Mount-fucking Olympus. Okay...Seriously suspicious now. And the waitress called him 'green ranger'; a title he had when he was younger. No one knew that title of his; not even Kacchan or Denki. Now that Izuku thought about it...the place's name; Creati, was a familiar name to him. But from where?

Izuku was so lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice the lady standing at the booth's edge, facing away.

"Are you the one they call the 'green ranger'? Of Wrynn's Forest?" The woman asked, Izuku's mind was tearing itself in half as he heard those questions. No one knew those old titles. Those...old DnD elements he had from Middle School. Only four people actually knew them but...this woman couldn't be her. Could she? Looking at her from under the dim booth light, he saw the familiar raven hair done in a fox-type pony tail that ran down to her lower back. Her head turned and Izuku's mouth dropped open in stupor.

Momo Yaoyorozu. One of his oldest friends from his middle school days. Days from before his mother had him transferred to another middle school where he met Kirishima and Kaminari. Izuku hypnotically scooted out of the booth and gave the woman a once-over. Smooth looking, elegant skin, sharp raven hair, soft dark colored eyes. Izuku nodded internally. It was definitely her.

"Mosie? Is that really you?" Izuku asked, his voice hushed. Momo giggled. A familiar sound to a long lost age, Izuku mentally noted. He noted also that her dress was a rose red gown. It hugged all of her curved perfectly and was modest in showing her voluptuous bust. Izuku mentally kicked himself, he was thinking perverted thoughts of an old friend and worse, he gawking like the old middle school pervert, Minoru Mineta did when he attended.

"It's good to see you again, Izu-kun. It truly has been too long, my friend." She replied, pulling the shocked greenette into a warm hug, which he quickly reciprocated.

"S-Same. Jeez...I knew the name of this place felt familiar when I heard it opened." Izuku said, returning to the booth with Momo in tow, slapping his forehead, "It was the name of your character when we played DnD together. How have you been?". Momo smiled.

"Quite well, as you can tell." She rhymed, "I've been quite busy since we last saw each other. It's good to catch up on old friends.".

"So that's why Denki was pushing me to check this place out. He knew we were old friends? How?" Midoriya asked, his mouth creasing into a pleasantly surprised smile.

"Jirou saw an old picture of Shouto, Melissa, Tenya, you and I together in our DnD costumes on Halloween. She noticed you instantly." Momo reminisced, "She told me that you frequented Denki's bar with those loathsome witch-women, Toga and Shimura. It hurt me to hear they broke your heart in such a manner, old friend.". Izuku sighed and his expression seemed depressed.

"It's fine, Mosie. Honestly, everyone told me they weren't good for me. Guess I just...tried to see the good in everyone." Izuku wistfully explained, "But that's all over. How about you? How are Iida and Mel? And how's...How's Todoroki?". He winced at the mention of the name Todoroki. Momo gave a knowing smile of ease.

"Tenya's working as a Police Chief in Hosu. He seems to have replaced his older brother. Melissa's working well as a new robotics engineer. Both are living together too." Momo explained, his tone bubblier than Izuku remembered, "Shouto and I are also together. Have been together since...ever, really. He's working quite well at his father's law agency. He'll be a great defense attorney. I know it. And you've seen my business venture is running absolutely smoothly.".

"It really is running great...Is Shouto still...angry at me for...ya know?" Izuku asked, mentally biting the bullet. Momo sighed.

"Shouto's put that business behind him. He knows I put you up to it back then. 'Us' I mean." Momo replied, her tone soft and apologetic, "I should never have gotten you into our mess, Izu-kun. Shouto and I were having a tiff. I assumed he was seeing someone behind my back and took advantage of your friendship.". Izuku placed a placating hand on Momo's shoulder.

"But I should have said 'no'. I accepted dating you because I never dated...anyone before. And we were friends, so I assumed it wouldn't have been so awkward." Izuku comforted, "And it got bad. Neither of us knew about Shouto visiting his mother. And when he found out I was dating you...We all knew what happened then." He rubbed his neck in embarrassment. He rubbed the scar on his neck, in embarrassment.

"But it shouldn't have happened. I should have simply asked Shouto what was going on. I should have been a better girlfriend to him and communicated my concerns to him." The raven haired heiress insisted, "A better friend in general. And because of my rash judgement you were hurt badly, our group of friends was torn apart and you moved away from us. And Shouto's been feeling guilt for it ever since."

"But he should have told you! He should told you about his Mom. And I should have said 'no', like I said before." The greenette hissed, "At least it taught me a valuable lesson. Never date a friends' significant other. EVER. That is unless that was okay with it. And even then, I would ask that friend first. And it wasn't all bad, I met Kirishima, Kaminari, Jirou and made new friends. And look! We're hanging out like old times.". He gestured to the booth, causing her to laugh.

"You're right. We'll have to schedule a time for us all to get together. Tenya and Melissa would be overjoyed. And Shouto. He'd be relieved to hear that we've found our green ranger." Momo said, smiling. Izuku nervously chuckled. That green ranger bit was feeling quite childish in hindsight. Just then, a woman with brown hair in a bob cut in black and pink evening wear rushed over to the booth.

"Momo!" The woman cried, tears forming from her eyes. Izuku and Momo turned to the brunette, and Momo gasped in shock. She got out of the booth and hugged the poor thing. Izuku soon got a better look. The girl's chestnut brown eyes were red-rimmed from crying. And Her dress had tears in it. Some in places that seemed like somebody tried to get way too hands-on for a date. The medical expert in him realized that the date may tried to force himself on her. A few bruises were showing on her wrist and neck. He examined her and saw no abrasions on her leggings or her face so she just barely avoided a dreadful fate.

"Shhhh...What happened, dear? How did this come about?" Momo asked, frantic and worried. The girl sobbed and sat into the booth, seemingly unaware or ignoring Midoriya's presence next to her. Momo followed suit and they shuffled to accommodate the new guest.

"It...It was Ryudo. The bastard tried ta...tried ta fuck me in yer men's bathroom!" The woman choked, causing Izuku's eyes to widen, suspicions confirmed, and Momo to gasp in horror, "Said...Said that I was only good fer a good lay an' that mah choice in career was bullshit. Mother fucker said I wasn't smart enough to be work at JAXA. Said my accent would turn 'em away from me. Said I sounded like a bumpkin."

"My God, Ochako...I'll have Ryudo barred from this place for life! No one tries" Momo began, stammering at the word both Izuku and the girl, Ochako knew she was trying to say.

"Fuck?" Izuku added, smirking. Momo pointed at Midoriya in relief.

"Y-Yes! No one tries to do that to my friends and gets away with it. And I'll have his entire life torn to shreds for harming you, sweetie." Momo growled. Izuku nervously smiled. Momo really changed and became more commanding since their DnD gaming days. She wasn't as shy about her temper it seemed. Izuku felt a stare, and saw the brunette's red eyes looking at him in, she seemed insulted at the sight of him.

"...The fuck are you?" Ochako hissed, "You shouldn't eavesdrop on a conversation, asshole." Izuku shrank. He was correct again; she didn't even know he was there. He frowned and crossed his arms in a childish huff.

"...You came up to Mosie and me when we were catching up, Miss...?" Izuku asked, now irritated. He, at least, decided to be polite, despite her attitude.

"Ochako. Ochako Uraraka. And you?" The woman barked.

"Izuku Midoriya. I'm a Physician at Musutafu General Hospital. I also volunteer as a Pediatrician at the hospital's children wards on my weekends." Izuku replied. Momo gasped in surprise.

"...Izu-kun...That's most impressive. You always said you wanted to be a Doctor. I never would have guessed you did so much." She whispered in surprise. Ochako, however, seemed...unimpressed.

"So yer a Doctor, huh? What do you call a fist in the face?" Ochako asked, sarcastically. Momo gasped.

"...A guy on the receiving end of a bad breakup. What do you call a bitchy girl who's biting a guy she just met's head off?" Izuku snarked back, causing another gasp from Momo, "O-Okay, Mosie. I'm sorry, but the gasping your doing is making me worry that you have asthma like back in middle school. Are you okay?".

"Y-yes. I'm fine, but I never expected either of you two to have such harsh language. Also, I never had asthma back then!" Momo hissed. Izuku rubbed his neck apologetically and whispered "Sorry!".

"I'm not sorry. And to answer YER question, buster; it's a broken hearted maiden." Ochako replied. Izuku looked incredulous.

"...Says the woman who dropped the 'f-bomb' and called me an asshole. We literally just met and you're calling me the ass, ass." Izuku snarked. Ochako's face went red and glared at him. Izuku just met the glare in a deadpan state. Momo feared an altercation before the two suddenly began laughing.

"Well ain't you the text book definition of a sassy-man. Where ya from, 'Zuku? And how d'ya know Mo here?" Ochako asked, smirking like their argument was not a big deal.

"I'm from Musutafu. Mosie and I here used to go to Arudera Middle School before I transferred to Coruscant Middle High." He replied, more polite now. Ochako giggled and politely shoved him.

"Ah see. An' Ah 'ssume yer here cuz?" Ochako questioned. Izuku scoffed.

"...I got hit with a bad breakup myself, actually. Two girls I used to date on separate occasions from High School basically fucked over my happiness for a laugh." Izuku replied, deadpan, "Jokes on them, Shimura's not getting any free health care now. Nor Toga.".

"Wait...Shimura and Toga...Wait, Ah know those two! Those two sluts hijacked some stuff I had worked on in College. Had to repeat mah damn Astronomy Course when the teacher didn't accept mah proof that them witches stole mah constellations project." Ochako hissed, "Hey Mo. Mind if me an' 'Zuku here have a couple o' drinks to toast those two dimbulbs?" Momo was briefly stunned before ordering beverages for the trio.

"I'll take a light beer if you got any on tap, Mosie. I try to avoid heavy stuff so I can go home and not have a hangover before work." Midoriya requested. Ochako scoffed, haughtily.

"Ha! What? You too chicken ta have drink with an Uraraka?" Ochako laughed, "Or did you hear the horror stories?".

"What does me having a light beer have to do with you being an Uraraka?" Izuku asked, "...Wait, what horror stories?". Momo sighed.

"Ochako's built up a bit of a reputation amongst my circle of girl friends here." Momo explained, her tone deadpan, "She's the heaviest drinker of us all. Her family has some really heavy alcohol tolerance. Hell it's higher than mine and I try to moderate my alcohol intake. Now I don't drink because I'm well..." She rubbed her belly, Izuku going bug eyed at the realization.

"Oh my God! Mosie, you're pregnant?! Oh my God! Congratulations! Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Midoriya cheered, "I knew you seemed a little...well bigger than normal. My God! Seriously, congrats girl!...Wait...Who's the Dad?". Momo noticed a knowing smirk on Izuku's face and blushed in response. Izuku began to laugh evilly. Ochako just stared in confusion at the response he gave.

"What? What's so funny, 'Zuku?" Ochako asked, confused.

"The prophecy has been fulfilled! HAHA! Tenya owes me 10,000 Yen and Melissa owes me 5000 Yen!...Huh, I got enough money to pay off Kacchan, sweet." Midoriya laughed, before realizing he had Kacchan's bet money right in at the ready. Ochako just stared blankly.

"It was a gag from our DnD games, 'Chako, dear. He, Tenya and Melissa all guessed whether or not Shouto-kun and I would date, get married and have children or not." Momo explained, tiredly.

"Not our faults you and Todoroki dated in real time. And he knocked up your character in the story too! When we did the sequel campaign, and we had to roll new characters, we had Todoroki and Mosie here play their kids." Izuku chuckled, "And in the end...I am the undisputed victor of that run.".

"Ooooh. In-jokes from the nerd years. I gotcha. But anyways...What say you an' I have a drink off?" Ochako offered, smirking at her challenge, "The strongest drink this place has ta offer and we see who lasts longest. Loser has ta do a favor fer the winner? Whaddya say? It'd get our minds off the bullshit we just each had.". Momo shook her head in alarm, she didn't want Midoriya to get sick after seeing him again after so long. Izuku gave an affectionate smile and turned to Ochako.

"Alright, let's do this, then." He accepted.

The duo drank from the strongest Whiskey and Bourbons the restaurant had to offer. To her surprise, Izuku barely seemed fazed by the drinking while Ochako seemed to be getting the buzz going. After nearly ending the whiskey's bottle, Izuku only then showed signs of being tipsy. The two began to argue and...flirt with each other over heroes and villains in comic books. But Ochako seemed to be losing overall. Momo had no idea Midoriya had such an intake tolerance. He was at least having fun, getting over those two witches. By the time the Bourbon bottle finished, Ochako finally fell, whimpers and groans escaped her lips. Izuku was barely faring better now, before finally slamming head first into the table of their booth.

The next morning...

"Uggghhhh...My aching head. Whut happened." Izuku groaned. He didn't remember going home. He tossed and turned in mentally induced pain. He realized instantly; he got super sloshed and was suffering the resulting hangover.

"Good job, Doc...You're coworkers are gonna love this tidbit." He scolded himself internally. He didn't remember anything after the impromptu drinking contest he had with that cute, sassy brunette. Ochako Uraraka, the name coming back to him. Before the drinking, she seemed like fun. Bit of a mouth, but he attributed that to her breakup with that 'Ryudo' guy, whoever that was. Maybe he'd see her again if he visited the restaurant. No more heavy drinking, however. He felt complacent and then soon...he realized he also felt arms around his torso.

Looking down, he saw her. Ochako was half-naked in underwear and currently cuddling his also-unclothed chest.

"What the fuck happened last night?" He mentally screamed. Ochako jostled as if registering his mental shriek as a wake up call. She blinked and whimpered at the sudden sound. Looking up and narrowing her eyes in focus, she saw the frightened visage of her sleeping partner. Ochako's eyes went wide, her rosy, blush-marked cheeked went red, and she began to inhale and exhale loudly.

And then she screamed at the top of her lungs. Unbeknownst to them, Momo was making coffee in a deadpan manner.

"Just another day at the office, Mosie. And another love story waiting to happen. Dammit, Mina. Did you know this was going to happen?"

Chapter Text

"So...let's recap shall we? First your ex-girlfriend tells you she's cheating on you with a previous ex."


"You come to my bar to drink away the pain..."


"They show up here...likely to give you a hard time. And I give you tickets to what might as well be heaven."


"With the heavy chance that Jirou and I hoped for Momo being there to meet you again..."

"Yeah...Thanks for that by the way. It was good seein' her again."

"No problem. And you meet a cute brunette who drinks about as well as YOU do..."

"...Yeah...she was definitely the cutest I've ever met..."

"And you decide to avoid her for THREE GODDAMNED DAYS...because you fear you've upset her somehow when you beat her at a drinking game SHE challenged you to. Am I even remotely correct?"

Izuku banged his head against the bar counter. Kaminari was right, mostly. A full week ago, Izuku's last girlfriend dumped him after revealing she was sleeping with his previous ex. Kaminari gave him a pass to Creati, an exquisite bar, restaurant and dance club combo. But, since there, he found out his old friend, Momo Yaoyorozu, was the owner and met the cutest brunette his eyes ever laid on; Ochako Uraraka. She was upset when her date tried to force her to give a quickie in the club's men's room and was looking for Momo to get some friendly comfort.

She didn't even know Izuku was there until he piped up and led to them having a verbal spar. Which she was impressed with. Izuku gathered no one had the gall to take her on in a verbal slap fight for fun and decided to show he some pepper in his vocabulary. Then she challenged him to a drinking contest. Which he won. But they both passed out and found themselves half-naked in a condo bed owned by Momo herself. While Ochako freaked out beyond measure at being in bed with a random stranger, Izuku himself was embarrassed. First time seeing an old friend, and he gets drop-dead drunk with one of her new friends. What's worse, was after that little experience, whenever he went back to Creati, he saw her there at the booth they had met at...and she was glaring at him whenever they locked eyes.

Truth be told, he found Ochako to be quite an interesting specimen of woman. From their meeting, Izuku could figure out a lot of her nature with some choice lines. She was sassy, fun-loving, a hard drinker, a hard worker, and devoted to her studies in Astronomy. The mentions of JAXA caused Midoriya to assume either she wanted to be an astronaut or work in Aerospace Sciences. The line about being a maiden, made Midoriya think she was a big romantic. Especially when she was extremely upset over her probably-still-ex-boyfriend and that problem thrown her way. Izuku wonders if Momo made good on her threat to ruin that man's life for hurting her.

But now, he's back at the Chargebolt Bar. The one place he bet Ochako wouldn't check out. Why go for limp toast at Chargebolt's when she could get Filet Mignon at Creati's.

"Seriously, though man. The way you're lamenting that drink off makes me think you like her, dude." The blonde bartender snarked, "Just go back to Creati's and say yer sorry. And maybe ask her out on a damn date. Lord knows you could use one after Hana and Toga's shit.". Izuku sat there, ruminating his choices. It was nice to visit Momo again. And the chance to reconnect with Iida, Melissa and Todoroki did sound pleasant. But on the other, what if she was upset he beat her. Women hate being played or made to look weak. Just like men do. And just after having her heart torn by that 'Ryudo' fellow. What if he made things worse?

"Seriously, Midoriya, there's no problem with tryin' to make a new friend." A new voice echoed. Turning to the stairs, was Kaminari's girlfriend, Kyouka Jirou. A punk rock guitarist and singer, she was well known for her relationship with the bar owner being...all over the place at best. Her dark short, purple hair bobbed in the wind as she walked down from their apartment above. Her usual tired, deadpan expression belied her hidden energetic nature. Also she made small dye marks in her hair to resemble sound waves. She was petite and most men didn't much find her attractive, which made her love of Denki all the more obvious. He didn't seem to notice or care if she wasn't the bustiest babe in the world. He just loved her for her. That and he loved how she kept him grounded from his dumber moments.

"I know...But, c'mon Jirou...I've struck out three times. First with Momo--!" Izuku began before Jirou walked up and jabbed a finger into his nose. The green haired young man, flinched and clutched his nose in pain. Jirou forgot she had her long fake nails on from her concert.

"That wasn't your fault. She was dealin' with Todoroki and his hard-to-read shit." Jirou hissed, "And don't think to add Shimura and Toga into the list. Those two were always bitches and we all said you deserved way better than them.".

"But those do count. I dated them! They dumped me. Honestly, I should just focus on my own job. Apparently, romance is not in my future...And maybe cut back on drinking away my problems." Izuku grumbled. Jirou pinched the bridge of her nose in exasperation.

"Kami, babe...How long has he been like this?" Jirou asked, tired.

"Since about a week. Seems this 'Uraraka' girl left an impression." Kaminari replied, smirking. Jirou's eyes bugged out.

"Uraraka? Uraraka Ochako?!" Jirou hissed. Izuku lifted his head up in confusion.

"Yeah...what about her?" He asked, squinting.

"Ochako's one of the sweetest girls I know. If you're scared of her, you're fine." Jirou said, a knowing smile adorned her face, "She may come off as intimidating, but it's just a feint. Just give her mochi and she's like a happy kitten with catnip...Don't tell her I told you that.". Izuku chuckled, as he heard the door ring. Kaminari looked at the door and winced. Hana and Toga came waltzing back through the door.

"Well, well, well. Little prissy Deku's back at that Charge-DOLT bar, eh? What get kicked outta some better shit hole?" Hana mocked. Izuku ignored her and simply looked at his drink with vested interest, "...Are you ignoring me?"

"Yes, we are. You wanna drink, then make an order. Otherwise, don't harass our customers, slut." Jirou snarled. Hana looked shocked before laughing.

"Ohohoho...Well would you look at this, Himiko. We got ourselves a 'celebrity'. So, Jirou...did you get any decent gigs or were they all bullshit gigs that would pay more if you showed more skin? Not that you have much to show anyway..." Hana said, openly mocking the punk rock star. Jirou's face went red and was ready to leap across the counter before Izuku raised his hand.

"...I don't know what you're trying to accomplish here, Hana." The greenette commented, his tone serious.

"Accomplish? I ain't accomplishing shit. Just tell you guys how it is." The dark haired girl snickered. Jirou was still fuming and Kaminari looked like he was going to throw them out.

"Oh really?...Because it sounds to me that you're really focused on making us miserable. Like you." Midoriya argued, turning and giving both girls a dark look.

"Miserable? Bitch please, I am the definition of living the high life." Hana replied, haughtily. The group didn't even notice a new entrant to the bar and sidled up behind the two annoying women.

"If yer livin' the high life, sister, why're ya here? Shouldn't cha be at some 'hoity-toity' five-star buffet line 'r somethin'?" A new voice cut in. All eyes turned and saw a smirking brown haired woman in a black number that hugged her curves in all the right places and looking ready for a night on the town. Izuku's mouth dropped to the floor, Ochako Uraraka was the Chargebolt...and she was most heavenly looking thing on two legs.

"Who the hell are you?" Toga asked, not recognizing the brunette. Ochako's toothy smirk widened as she took a quick glance at Izuku who was just dumbstruck at her appearance there.

"Name's Uraraka Ochako. But you dumb bimbos wouldn't remember a proper woman since you two have yer noses shoved up each other's asses all the time." Ochako commented, "But, that's fer another time. Ah'm here fer my date.". The group's eyes went wide and Izuku blanched in particular.

"Date? What date? Who'd date yer ugly ass?" Hana hissed, steaming at Ochako's comment. Ochako gave a girly smile and tilted her head, aiming her glance at Izuku, her smile softening.

"Ya comin' lover boy? We don't have all night." She stated, aiming her words at the confused, stunned physician, "Or do you need a doctor? C'mon! Let's go!"

She motioned as she walked through Hana and Toga, grabbing the greenette's hand with a giggle. She pulled him through the now-furious duo as Izuku just had no idea what just happened. But he didn't mind it at all. Seeing the looks on Hana and Toga's faces was worth all the confusion he was given. The pair walked out the bar and continued down the street. Izuku sensed their direction was leading back to Creati's. He met Ochako's pace in their walk and held her hand more appropriately, a firmer girp.

"...Uh...Thanks, Uraraka-san. You didn't have to--!" He began. Ochako scoffed in jest.

"Oh shucks. Tweren't nuthin'! I've been meanin' ta give them harpies a good slap to the face...Besides...this means I paid off my loss to ya." Ochako retorted. Izuku stopped in his tracks, causing Ochako to stop as well.

"Paid off your loss? What do you mean 'paid off'?" Izuku asked. Ochako looked at him like he grew a second head.

"Did you forget that I said the loser would do a favor fer the winner, Midoriya? How'd you forget?" Ochako argued, her voice quiet. Izuku noticed her cheeks blushed under the makeup she wore.

"Favor? But I don't remember that!" Izuku stammered, his face turning red as well. Ochako blanched; the man who beat her at drinking forgot their wager.

"S-Seriously? Well, that's a loud offa mah back. Gee thanks fer makin' me worry, Midoriya." Ochako hissed. Izuku scratched his head in nervous apology.

"Sorry 'bout that, Uraraka-san. So...How about that 'date'?" Izuku asked, a light smile adorning his face. Ochako stopped and thought about it.

"Hmmmm...I dunno. I mean...Since ya forgot our deal...I'm not beholden to yer rules..." Ochako said, slowly, leering at Izuku in a manner he felt very odd about, "...If you can give me a reason to go wit' ya on that date...I may accept."

"...I'll pay for the whole thing?" He asked, shrugging. Ochako turned, bug eyed and a wild smile adorned her features. Izuku barely realized what he had done before she pulled him along, laughing.

"Awright, then lover boy! Let's get back ta Creati an' have ourselves a party!" Ochako announced, smiling. Izuku was transfixed on her features. The dress wasn't even registering anymore. His face, once stunned morphed into a youthful smile. And he began to laugh uproariously as well as he once again went to match her pace. She turned with a smile and saw him look back, winking at her. A shy blush dusted her cheeks as he began to pull her along.

Izuku didn't know why but meeting this Ochako girl felt like a new venture for his life. And he wanted more of it!

Chapter Text

The newly minted couple are in the throes of laughter as they finally reach the Creati entrance. Like always, the bouncer, Dozle stands guard with a fierce expression.

Seeing Ochako, however, softens the brutish man...but only for a bit as he sees Midoriya next to her. Midoriya couldn't help but feel like he knows Dozle from somewhere, but can't figure it out. So he decides there to ask.

"Excuse me, sir?" Midoriya asked, politely walking to the towering bouncer. Ochako following suit, curious.

"What do you want, pal? You already have an entrance pass." Dozle growled. Midoriya nervously chuckled but pressed on.

"I get the distinct feeling you don't like me very much. I think we just got off on the wrong foot." The greenette doctor continued, a nervous smile adorned his features. Dozle just glared in response.

"Like I give a damn about you, punk. Just because Lady Yaoyorozu thinks highly o' ya, doesn't mean I gotta. Just go inside and butt out." Dozle commanded, as he looked over the line up of possible entrants.

"C'mon, Zuku. It's best not t' upset, Zabi. He's not rilly friendly ta guys all that much." Ochako hissed, latching herself to Izuku's arm to pull him along. Suddenly, Izuku froze.

"Zabi...Zabi! I knew I heard that name somewhere before!" Izuku said, his expression lighting up in surprise. Ochako and Dozle both gawk at the man, "You're daughter's Mineva Lao Zabi, right?". At that question, Dozle grabbed Midoriya and slammed him against the wall. Ochako shrieked in shock as the other entrants backed away. Dozle's face contorted with pure rage as he lifted a fist.

"I don't know how you know my daughter's name, asshole...but if you don't stop talking right now, I'll break your face!" Dozle growled, his voice low and threatening.

"Zuku, just leave the guy alone, would ya?!" Ochako shrieked. She was afraid Momo would catch the fight and get everyone in trouble.

"Does...Does-Ack--Does she still have--GAH!...That plushie--The green bunny I gave her? *GASP* From the OPERATION!" Izuku choked. Everyone stared wide eyed in confusion, Dozle's eyes widened in shock and gently set the man down.

"How did you know 'bout that bunny plush? Only me, my wife, my sweet Mineva and the doctor I asked to....! YOU! You're the doc who watched ma baby girl when I was forced to come to work when I wanted to be with her after that heart surgery!" Dozle muttered, shocked at the memory he was reminded of.

"*Cough*...Yeah, *ack*...I was the junior physician that year when your daughter was brought in for surgery. You pretty much threatened to have me watch her for you." Izuku wheezed, Ochako rushing over and rubbing his back as his breath returned, "Honestly, didn't need to do any o' that. I would have watched her even if it was a simple request." Izuku stood tall in front of Dozle, meeting the giant parent's gaze.

"Jeez man...I'm sorry. I didn't know you were the one who watched over my Minnie fer me. If I had known, I'd have been less of a dick before." Dozle apologized. Izuku placed his hand in front of him in mild protest.

"It's okay. It was a while back anyway. How's she doing? Does she still have that plush toy?" Izuku asked, smiling in relief. Ochako gawked at the sight. Before, Dozle would have pounded a guy in the wall for being a disturbance, but here...Dozle's been cowed like a baby. Suddenly, the behemoth man boomed with laughter.

"HAHAHAHAHA, are you kiddin' me? She loves that bunny. Just loves it! My baby, Minnie is doing great. She wishes she knew yer name. She just remembers you as the 'Bunny Man'...or 'Deku Man'. Oh, she's gonna be thrilled to hear I found her 'Bunny Hero Doctor'." Dozle laughed, grabbing the man in a bear hug. If Izuku was barely able to breath when he was choke-slammed into the wall, now he really couldn't breath. But, he smiled in relief as the big man, laughed and shed tears of joy. Izuku pat the man on the back nervously.

"W-well...At least I remember how I knew you, Mr. Zabi. I'm glad to hear your daughter's doing well." Izuku said, wincing from the hug. Dozle slapped the boy's back with pride and let them pass. Ochako grabbed Izuku's arm and pulled him along, making sure not to hopefully reverse the goodwill Dozle now gave the man. Inside, Ochako slapped Izuku's arm in frustration, causing a wince from the green haired man.

"Okay, what the hell? He told ya ta leave him alone, I told ya ta leave 'im alone. Yer lucky ya brought up his little tyke but next time people tell ya ta drop somethin', YA DROP IT!" Ochako hissed in anger. Izuku chuckled in pain.

"S-s-sorry, Uraraka-san. I've...I've been told that before. I'll remember that next time, I promise." He apologized, rubbing his arm. Ochako's angered face softened as she wrapped his arm in her own.

"Okay. Ya better keep it, Deku. I ain't one ta 'ppreciate repeat dumbassery." Ochako playfully huffed. Izuku quirked his eyebrow in confusion.

"Deku?" He asked, causing the brunette to giggle.

"Yeah, Deku. After the bunny ya gave Dozle's lil girl. Kinda suits ya, I think." Ochako giggled, "C'mon let's get some eats, babe.".

"Haaaah...What have I gotten myself into?" Izuku pondered in frustration. He followed Ochako back to the corner booth they first met. Both sat and ate the restaurant special, which turned out to be a big couple's dish of pasta. The two ate in silence, only breaking the eating monotony to discuss their careers. Izuku and his doctor career and Ochako and her career as an aspiring astronomer. While working at a cafe called Plus Ultra. The two shared laughter at their previous acquaintances with Momo, Denki and Jirou.

"Ooooh my god! I never knew Jirou had such a voice! An' yer tellin' me she's only reached that pitch...?" Ochako cackled as she drank her glass of water. Izuku, struggling to keep a straight face, raised his hand, with his index finger raised.

"....Only ONCE. And that was when she and Denki first got laid! I don't think I've ever heard her reach that high note ever since. HA, Denki treats that day like it was the return of Elvis, I tell ya." Izuku chuckled, spitting up his drink slightly as he chuckled. Ochako laughed louder afterwards.

"Ya sure those two 'r okay with ya tellin' me this, Deku?" Ochako giggled, trying to keep her blushing cheeks from getting redder.

"Oh don't worry. Denki's told this story to nearly everyone 'round town. Jirou never stops getting on his case about it, hahahaha!" Izuku snickered as he doubled over in laughter. Truth be told, he was barely breathing from the laughter, "What about you? Any funny stories?". Ochako sighed. Izuku stopped laughing.

"N-Not really. I...I don't have any funny stories, ta be frank wit' ya." Ochako lamented. Izuku placed a sobering hand on her hand holding a fork.

"You sure? I mean, they don't need to be about people we know...but if you're not comfortable with that, I won't force it. This has been a nice date so far...Hell I'd say the absolute best date I've ever had!" Izuku said, smiling brightly. Ochako's cheeks dusted in pink.

"Well...there is ONE story, I guess. It's about a guy I met. Real smart ass..." Ochako smirked. Izuku's face went from smiling to genuinely curious. Huddling next to her to make sure he hears her properly over the music, he didn't realize he pretty much leaned into her personal bubble, a fact she noticed but leaned into him to hide that detail. She had been enjoying their time together. A first date and he's already hitting some good marks for boyfriend material. Funny, friendly, caring...a little scatter brained with Dozle, but not too shabby otherwise. The cute freckles on his face also enticed her.

"I met him a while back. Bit of a space cadet. Met him while I was tellin' Mo 'bout a screwed up date. Dude was rilly clueless." Ochako explained, smirking smugly. Izuku quickly began to realize she was talking about him.

"...Really, Uraraka...You're talking about how we first met as a 'funny story'? I'm hurt." Izuku snarked, taking a fork full of spaghetti to his mouth. Ochako giggled, following suit and slurping up a noodle. Izuku then felt a noodle in his mouth tug away from him and he let his head tilt and be pulled with it. He was checking for signs of Momo or Shouto. Suddenly, he felt his lips touch skin and with a squeak, he turned his eyes and saw a blushing, wide-eyed Ochako, whose lips were touching his. Looking down, he realized that somehow, they pulled a 'The Lady and the Tramp' moment.

Looking between their eyes and lips, the two melted into their lip lock. Izuku cupped her cheek as he tilted his head to better deepen their kiss. After a brief moment, they separated and nestled their foreheads against each other. Ochako smiled softly as Izuku was practically transfixed with her chestnut brown eyes. Her vision was filled with Izuku's emerald green eyes as she whispered.

"Wow...jeez Deku...whatever those bimbos have against ya...they just spoutin' bullshit. Yer one helluva kisser." She whispered, rubbing against his forehead. Izuku chuckled, lightly.

"Same to you. That 'Ryudo' fellow must not have seen you like I've seen you now." He whispered back, the scent of tomato sauce and garlic fresh in his breath. To her surprise, she didn't find it at all unappealing. She giggled and found that her hand's clutching his tightly. The music on the dance floor began to cause a slow dance to hit the dancing crowd, giving her an idea.

"...Wanna dance, big guy?" She asked, her voice soft. Izuku's smile dropped and he went red. Ochako's smile widened, she had a funny story to make now. Gulping, Izuku was pulled along by Ochako's hand and the pair went to the dance floor. He struggled as they danced slowly to the music, but, with Ochako meeting his nervous gaze with blush, the green haired physician softened and followed the lady's lead. The two slow danced, tangoed and dipped.

Feeling a bit more confident, Izuku pulled Ochako closer, pressing the two together. He saw her blush in surprise, biting her lower lip from the pleasant surprise. They swayed to the music and never left their mutual embrace.


From her office, Momo was watching the pair dance with a relieved smile. After so many years, her oldest friend and party member has returned. She smiled as she saw Izuku and Ochako danced to the slow beat she had changed for the restaurant attendees. She sipped on the wine glass full of non-alcoholic wine and sighed as she realized Mina, their absent friend, was right about these two.

"...You seem in higher spirits, dearest." A voice whispered, lovingly, "...What's gotten your attention?". Momo turned and saw her fiance, Shouto Todoroki. She saw the scarred eyebrow from his past encounter with their old 'ranger' companion and smile softly.

"Just watching an old friend cut a rug with one of my entourage." Momo whimsically replied. Shouto became curious and looked out the office window. He saw the familiar green hair and eyes of Midoriya even at that distance.

"Midoriya...He is...he is here? When did he get here? How long have you known this, Momo, my dear?" Shouto inquired, his usually stoic visage showing bright excitement. A rare sight for the young debutante wife-to-be. But not at all an unpleasant sight. She remembered the same sight when she told Shouto her pregnancy.

"Only a few days ago, my Shouto. He is doing a lot better than the old days. And if I believe Mina's prediction...he will be much better with Ochako at his side." Momo replied, smiling. She saw the distant pair sway to the music, "Did you want to speak with Midoriya? I know you wanted him to be your best man at our wedding. I did not tell him because I assumed you would want to ask yourself?".

"...Maybe another time. If I went to him now, I believe I would spoil his rendez-vous with Ms. Uraraka. No doubt he...still has lingering I do as well." Shouto muttered, somberly. Momo took her husband-to-be's hand and squeezed gently, bringing his attention and smile to her.

"...We all have a cross to bear from then, Shouto. And we're all healing. If you want me to come with you when you feel ready...I will be there with you." Momo said, softly. She kissed him on the lips and he pulled her into a loving embrace.

"I have said this before and I will say it forevermore. I am extremely lucky you still accepted me after my wrongdoings." Shouto whispered, gently caressing Momo's back.

"I had wrongdoings myself, love. It would be hypocritical if I did not accept you back. And I still loved you then...Still do now." Momo replied, swaying to the music. Shouto followed up with her dancing and swayed in tandem.


Izuku and Ochako soon began to feel the oncomings of exhaustion from their laughter, reminiscing, eating and dancing. A light yawn from his female companion caused Izuku to chuckle.

"...I guess it's time I walked my Cinderella home before she turns into a pumpkin?" Izuku chuckled. Ochako pouted.

"...Notta bumpkin..." She pouted.

"I said 'PUMPKIN', Urara--!" He began to argue.

"Ochako!" She interrupted. Izuku flinched in confusion.

"Wha?" He stammered.

"I wan' ya ta call me by ma name, Deku...Can ya do that fer me?" She replied, blush fresh in her cheeks. Izuku smiled.

"It would be an honor, Ochako. Will you allow me to escort you home?" Izuku offered, bowing lightly. He wanted to be proper to her. He felt he should. She'd been the best to him since...ever.

"I'd like that, Deku. But if we do that...I don' think yer goin' ta be goin' home, yerself." Ochako accepted, before giving a knowing look. Izuku blushed, but he chuckled.

"That's a hell of a way to end a first date, Ochako." He exclaimed. The pair left Creati's smiling, and holding onto each other. They, each, worried that the other would vanish if they let go. It was only as Ochako led Midoriya to her apartment building, did he have a sincere surprise. The apartment building, UA Projects was the most familiar sight he knew.

"Ochako...You live here?" Izuku asked, stunned.

"Yup! I've been livin' here since...since I graduated outta College? Why?" Ochako replied, posing proudly.

"Ochako...I live here! I've been here since I finished Med School...Probably longer." Izuku stated, pointing at himself. The two look looked at each other in surprise. They lived as neighbors and never knew.

"Wow!...That's one heckuva coincidence, eh, Deku?" Ochako joked, "What floor do ya live on?".

"Seventh. I'm room 15. I picked it for my birthday. You?" Izuku asked. Ochako blushed.

"Twelth floor. Room 27. Same as my birthday...Jeez we're really a pair, huh?" Ochako giggled. He nodded, blushing and stammering. The elevator ride was quiet but pleasant. They chuckled at their red faces and Izuku walked Ochako to her room 12-27. After fidgetting with her keys, she opened the door and entered the doorway. Izuku smiled, and began to walk away, only to feel a grip on his hand.

Turning and looking down, he saw a hand still holding his. Her hand. He looked up and saw her blushing, biting her lower lip and giving him this exotic look he's never seen before. His mind played out multiple scenarios for what that look meant; 'Come and drink with me', 'A Thank You Kiss'? That 'come hither' look practically had him hypnotized as she pulled him into a kiss. He pulled her close, pressing their bodies together and their kiss became heated. Hands moved all over each other and Izuku heard Ochako moan that made his mind and...other regions feel very needy.

For a few seconds of their intense joining of lips, they separated, a trail of saliva between them. He realized his hands were cupping her plentiful ass cheeks from over her black dress and her hands were trying to fidget with his business shirt's buttons and trying to remove his trench coat. Looking at her, she met his gaze with that hungry look she kept giving him all night.

"I did say that if ya walked me home...y'ain't seein' yer place..." Ochako whispered, huskily. She pulled him into her apartment by his poorly tied necktie. Izuku didn't argue and resist.

"...And I said that's one heckuva of a way to end a first date." Izuku replied, his voice low and husky as well. He leaned to her ear, "But I didn't think it was going to end so easily anyway...Isn't it, Ochako?".

"Oh it won't end till I hear you say ma name...a few...more...times, baby." Ochako insinuated. Izuku closed the door to her apartment...and the next sounds out of that apartment where heavy breathing, pleased moaning and the creaking of a well-worn bed. Izuku never went back to his floor. And if Ochako was going to have a say in the matter, she wanted to make sure he never wanted to; unless it was to move his stuff up to her place.


Izuku groggily woke to the sun in his eyes. The sunlight piercing throw bedroom curtains that didn't match his own. He felt stiff and sweatier than ever before. Looking around he saw the large bed he was on had all the bedsheets all half removed. His clothes strewn across the floor of the unknown bedroom and saw a familiar black and pink dress and other female garments around his own.

He tried to get up, but found his body heavier than before. Looking down, he saw Ochako, fully naked and cuddling up to him. When he moved, her embrace around his chest tightened. Remembering their intimate moment together last night, Izuku's mind, at first entered panic mode. He just slept with a woman after a first date. The woman he drank under the table...the woman who was likely still smarting over a previous break up. The woman who...made him feel whole for the first time in a long time. She made him laugh, made him smile and made him forget about his own issues with broken hearts.

Rustling back down, he turned and cuddled up better to his lover. He closed his eyes and let sleep take him. He had nowhere to be today. He smiled as sleep's warm embrace, and Ochako's, claimed him.

"I love you, Ochako." He muttered as he fell to slumber.

"*Yawn*...Love you too...Izuku." She replied softly. That night was the best night the two ever had. And Izuku made a silent promise that he would repeat that night for her, for as long as he could for her.

Chapter Text

It was a cold spring day in early February...

The streets of Musutafu were bustling and bustling with people shopping for Spring. Shop bells were jingling, cashiers were ringing in sales...and a high school girl was desperate for a gift.

"Uuuuughhhh...How hard is it to find a good store to get Birthday presents?!" The girl hissed, "There's gotta be dozens of stores I've checked out and none of them have a good gift idea I can get for Tsu-chan."

The high school girl was wearing a heavy, brown winter coat and had pink ear muffs. She had brown hair and eyes, rosy cheeks and was a bit 'plump' some would say. She shivered in the cold winds of Winter as she scoured the market streets. Behind her was an entourage of other high school age teenagers, with different looks and personalities.

"C'mon, Uraraka! We've been at this all day! We've got Tsuyu gifts. But you're being stingy!" A purple haired girl in a bowl cut with earphone jack-like appendages on her ears complained, "My dumbass boyfriend took less time...and that's Denki! He has no idea what to buy for Tsuyu but he got somethin'.".

"That's because he bought her a Birthday Card and a gift card to the nearest Comic Store to UA. That's not a gift. That's just...boring." The girl, Uraraka groaned.

"Just face facts, Chako. You're being cheap! Just buy Tsuyu a gift card. No one will judge ya." A pink skinned girl with black and yellow eyes and horns on her head snarked.

"Yes! We understand your family's monetary situation dearly, Uraraka-san, but maybe you should be a bit more amenable to the price tags of the products in these stores." A tall boy with glasses shouted, gesturing his hands in a karate chop fashion.

"It's not that I'm being stingy, Iida-kun. I want to buy Tsuyu a gift that had effort put into it. Something that she'd be really happy for." Uraraka argued.

The group wandered to marketplace and caught sight of other students from their class. The pink girl perked up as she saw one of the students very familiar, but sulked when she saw the other one.

"Oh hey! It's my baby, Kiri!...Oh...and Bakugo." The pink girl groaned. Uraraka panicked. She did not want to deal with Bakugo at all.

"Oh no...I gotta hide. If Bakugo sees me, he'll get all pushy on me again! Um...Uh...Oh! A Hobby Shop! You guys keep that jerk occupied!" Uraraka hissed.

"You got it, girlfriend! Get in there, we'll keep Mr. Explody-butt off yer back!" The pink girl cheered. She rushed over to the passing students, jumping into a red haired boy, laying a large kiss on his lips. The blonde scowled.

Uraraka rushed inside a plain looking hobby shop while the duo were occupied by her friends' antics; only Iida joined her inside.

The door bell rang as they walked inside. The store looked quite immaculate. Clean was just an understatement. They gawked at the lights, the comics, the models and other doodads in the store as a large, foreign-looking man walked up to the counter.

"Aaahhhh...Customers! Welcome! To the Maple Leaf Hobby Shop! No relation to the sports team." The clerk greeted, smiling. Iida and Uraraka turned in confusion. 'Sports team'? "How may we be of service for you both today?".

"O-Oh! I'm fine, sir. I've already made my purchases for this outing today. But, young Uraraka here, needs to find a gift for our friend." Iida boomed, politely.

"Iida-kun!" Uraraka gasped, blushing in embarrassment. She quickly noticed a little girl behind the counter, with white hair in a braid with a horn on her forehead and red eyes. She was just sitting there, staring deeply.

"Oh, don't worry 'bout it, young man. The Maple Leaf Hobby Shop has many products for all sorts of hobbies. Model work, Comic Books, Manga, Action Figures, Tabletop RPGs...Astronomy equipment." The clerk listed off. Uraraka's ears perked up at 'Astronomy equipment' but remembered she was there to avoid Bakugo...and find Tsuyu her gift, "Anyway, feel free to look around. If you have questions, you can ask me, my little dimple of an assistant here, and our number one employee, Midoriya."

"Dimple of an assistant?" Iida thought aloud. The owner chuckled.

"I'm talkin' 'bout this little Missy here. She's Midoriya's little sister. Say 'Hi', Eri." The owner laughed. Eri simply stared and shyly waved, "Pay no mind to her staring...she's...she's rather shy with new people. But she's actually quite sweet with our regulars." Uraraka giggled.

"She's really cute. And her brother works here?" Uraraka asked.

"Yep! Good ol' Midoriya Izuku's been here for roughly...a year now. I won't bore you two with the details, but ever since he showed up, this store's been looking better than ever. Why, I haven't had as much business back then than as I do now! Kid's a natural organizer. Little OCD, if you ask me, but kid's got management skills written all over him." The owner explained. Uraraka went to explore the store shelves as Iida continued.

"He has been here a year? Why has he not gone to High School? He is lacking a full education!" Iida asked, concerned. The owner became downcast.

"Truth be told, 'Iida' was it? Kid wanted to go to UA. But uh...He's got no Quirk. So, when he applied...they shut the door on him. Kid's family moved next door to the shop, so when he passed by, I offered him a job while he did online school work. Which he finished 6 months in." The owner explained. Iida was shocked. A teenager being denied by UA? He knew being Quirkless was limiting, but that didn't seem right.

"Why would UA bar him entrance?" He asked.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no. They didn't keep him out. They offered to put him in General Studies. But, he wanted to be a Hero. Wanted to be the First Quirkless Pro Hero. But we all know how THAT song and dance goes with the Hero Community these days, amirite?" The owner explained.

"I...Guess so..." Iida rasped.


Ochako walked down the aisles of the shop. Many of them held flashy looking comics and toys. But none of them seemed like anything Tsuyu would like. Until one caught her eye. It was a blue and white robot model kit in what appeared to be...scuba suit style armor? The label read: Mercuone Gundam. A smaller robot was floating next to it in the image, riding a jet...made of the armor? Looking at the sides, she read the instructions. The 'Gundam' in question was the tiny robot. The ship held the armor which can be attached to the smaller robot to make it look like the blue robot on the cover.

"Find anything you're looking--!!" A voice called out. Uraraka shrieked in surprise, causing her to throw the model kit into the air. She realized her mistake looked up; only to see a taller boy in dark green hair having grabbed the model kit in the air.

Really fast, she thought.

"Phew! Sorry 'bout that, miss. Didn't mean to startle you. Here you go." The taller boy said, a shy smile and pink dusted cheeks on his face from the shock.

"HEY! Is everything okay there!" A voice called out. Ochako's blush vanished from the sound.

"No problem, boss! Just uh...kinda startled the customer here. SORRY!" The employee shouted. He scratched the back of his head embarrassed.

"N-No w-worries. I should have been...Should have been more aware of my surroundings like that." Uraraka shyly apologized, "Wouldn't be good for a future pro hero to not have good spatial awareness in a store, huh?".

"Future pro hero? Oh! You're...You're a student at UA, huh?" The young man asked. Uraraka nodded with a blushing smile. She noticed the boy seemed rather cute with his freckles dotting his face, "It's a pleasure to have a Hero Student here in Maple Leaf's.".

"H-Hey! Do-Don't sweat it. I'm not a Pro yet, uh...." Uraraka replied, leaving an opening.

"Oh! I'm Midoriya. Midoriya Izuku. I'm Marshall-san's number one employee." Midoriya explained, "Actually...I'm his only employee.". He shrugged embarrassingly.

Ochako giggled at the young man. He seemed polite and funny.

"So...What are you looking for today? Do you like Mobile Suit Gundam? have the model there?" Midoriya asked. Ochako blanked and looked at the model kit. She didn't know it was from a franchise.

"O-Oh...I-uh...Not really. I'm actually looking for a gift for my friend, Tsu. Her birthday's coming up and...well I can't find anything." Ochako explained, grimacing.

"Well what does she like? I can help you look if I knew her interests." The young clerk asked. Ochako beamed.

"Well she's big into frog studies. Must be because of her Frog Quirk, honestly. She's big into books on aquatic life...Sorry if that's not helping." Ochako said, first coming off excited, then downcast.

"No, no! We have lots of stuff here that might suit someone with those hobbies. Hold onto that model. I mean, it does fit her theme right?" Midoriya explained. Ochako held the model kit box tightly as she was lead around the store. She saw several things that piqued her interest, but, none more interesting than the store boy who seemed quite animated. He rambled on about the different hobby products and options. She suddenly had a sense of familiarity.

"So...Midoriya-kun. Where are you from? I don't I've seen you before." Ochako asked.

"Oh I'm from Musutafu." Izuku replied, "Actually...we did meet before. At UA's entrance exam. You stopped me from tripping over my own two feet.". Ochako gasped with a smile.

"That's how I felt familiar with you!" Ochako gasped, "You were going to UA like I was...Wait...Why aren't you there now?". Izuku slouched.

"I failed the Entrance Exam...They didn't want a Quirkless nobody to be a they tried to put me in the General Studies Course. So I decided to go somewhere else. In the end, I did online school courses and...wound up here, under Marshall-san's employment." Izuku explained, quietly.

"O-oh...I-I'm sorry, Midoriya-kun. I didn't..." Ochako whimpered.

"I-It's okay. I'm fine, really. I got a little sister out of the deal...Oh, hey, Eri!" Izuku stammered, interrupted by the small white haired girl.

"Big brother...there's an angry, spiky boy up front. He's being loud. And he has a red haired friend and a pink girl with him." Eri whispered, rubbing her eyes. Izuku froze in concern; Ochako winced.

"No, no, no! Mina! You were supposed to keep him out!" Ochako hissed. Izuku turned.

"How do you know Kacchan?" Izuku asked. Ochako quirked an eyebrow.

"Kacchan? You mean Bakugo?" She asked, leading to Izuku to nod in response, apprehensively, "Well...He's a classmate and well we kinda, sorta, maybe...dated fer a really...really...really short while..."

"Wait...WHAT?!" Izuku shouted.

"What the fuck was that?" A snarling voice growled from the front.

"Ohnonononononono! Ya gotta hide me! Please! I'll do anything! I can't let him find me!" Ochako whispered.

"What? Why?" The store boy asked, shuddering as he heard stomping from the storefront.

"I just can't speak to him! The guy was a total creepazoid during our ONLY date. Kept mockin' my parents 'bout them bein' poor and..." Ochako rambled, developing an accent as she rambled.

"Okay, okay, okay...Um...Eri, can you take this lady upstairs for a few minutes? Just bring her to the apartment entrance for like a few then bring her back, okay?" Izuku asked his tiny sister. Eri, hesitantly agreed, dragging the brunette along, leaving her model kit behind for Izuku to hold.

As the little girl pulled her aside, she heard yelling and mocking sounds. She realized instantly that she was being a coward. Izuku shouldn't have to deal with her problems. She let go of Eri and ran back to the spot she left Midoriya, with Eri racing behind her.

What she saw, would cause worry. Sitting on the floor, groaning, was Midoriya Izuku. Apparently, Midoriya knew Bakugo from their childhood, long before she met Bakugo at UA. Before Marshall pulled him away and threw him out of the store, he was apparently talking down to Midoriya about some past issues about him being a 'Deku' and how he'll never be a hero because of his Quirklessness. As he got shoved out the store, for haranguing store staff, Bakugo just shoved past and walked out.

"Um...Midoriya-kun...?" Ochako whispered. Izuku looked towards the girl with an apologetic smile.

"Ehehe...Kacchan never misses a beat. Been so long since he's seen me that he had to relive old times...ah...Anyway, um...Here. The model?" Izuku chuckled. He played off his pain, but, Ochako didn't buy it.

"Midoriya-kun. I'm so, so sorry. I shoulda dealt with him myself. I shouldn't have let you deal wit' him like that. Are ya hurt, or injured...I'm really sorry 'bout this!" Ochako apologized, bowing frantically.

"H-Hey! Stop, it's not your fault. Besides, I'm not hurt. I've had worse treatment. Kacchan and I have had that kind of situation for years. He didn't even were here...He saw me and that was what brought him in..." Izuku said, but, again, the brunette saw the ruse.

"...Did he really? Or are ya saying that ta make me feel better. I don' like bein' lied to'." Ochako growled. She glared at him, which caused him to wince.

"Haaa....Okay, yeah he did see you. But when Eri took you, I lied to him to get him to leave. And then...he started to remind me of my place. A Quirkless...Deku." Izuku replied, somberly, "Thankfully, Marshall-san came to my rescue before things got physical. Wouldn't want people getting banned from the store." Ochako touched the bruised cheek. She could see he was trying to hold back something. But she couldn't tell what. Just then, Iida returned, his face contorted in frustration.

"Uraraka! There you are! I was worried for a moment! Please forgive us, Midoriya-san, Marshall-san. We did not know Bakugo would be so hostile! I promise that Bakugo Katsuki will be given the strictest of lectures! Mark my words, I will persevere and make him return to this store and apologize for his behavior!" Iida announced, bowing rapidly. Izuku, Eri, Ochako and Marshall all gawked at the tall boy.

"Okay, okay. I think you guys have done enough 'window shopping' for today. If you don't want anything--!" Marshall began, slightly agitated. As he spoke, Ochako held the model kit in her hands and remembered her original intention and Izuku's ramblings on their products.

"I'll buy this!" Ochako interjected, holding the Mercuone Gundam. Iida was curious by the model as well, "Also I'm going to need some green, black and yellow paints, i-if you have any."

Marshall smirked, "Ahhh...The Mercuone Gundam. It's quite a good model there, young lady. Eri here's made a bunch o' Gundam models here and we display 'em in the front window."

Iida gawked at the little one who scuffed her shoe on the ground, shyly.

"...My favorite is Bunnygguy-San." Eri whispered.

"...B-Bunnyguy-San?" Iida stuttered.

"I-It's really the Beargguy III model kit with some custom bunny ears I made for her. She also colored it green, white, black and red." Midoriya replied. He lead the teens to the front. He showed the completed, custom colored model. Iida clapped at the girl's skill.

"That is quite the skill, young lady. I do not believe I have ever seen such model building skills before...especially from one so young." Iida said, smiling. Eri blushed at his compliment but smiled as well, "Did you build any of these, Midoriya-san?"

"Yeah! Did you build any?" Ochako asked as well as she purchased the kit and paint. As a gift, she was given a model building starter kit (scissors, hobby nippers, a file, and panel liner) for free to use for the kit.

"Uuuhhh...Yeah I built the ones up there..." Izuku replied, point out to the duo, who all gasp in shock. Hanging from the ceiling were in four model kits, each posed in a combat stance in an aerial diorama. And they were labelled: Strike Freedom Gundam, Gundam 00+0 Raiser, Wing Gundam Zero Custom EW, and Gundam Dendrobium (which looked like a Gundam kit inside a GIANT battleship). The detailing and paint were insane, they saw. Each meticulously placed to give off a feel of an epic battle in the air.

"You built ALL four of these things?" Ochako asked, stunned.

"Um...Yes? I'm kind of a stickler for details and the Perfect Grades were something to take my mind off things. There is ONE more. It was next to the Bunnygguy-San." Izuku replied. From the spot where Izuku pulled the Bunnygguy, they saw a Transformer model kit. It was a green, black and silver-white Optimus Prime kit.

"Custom colors?" Iida asked, confused.

"Custom colors." The greenette replied, nodding knowingly.

"W-Well...It's been...It's been awesome to meet you, Midoriya-kun. Um...Here!" Ochako said, giving Izuku a card with a phone number on it, "If you-you ever wanna hang out sometime with Iida-kun and me...We'd be happy to schedule time to meet up. And you can even bring little Eri along.". She crouched to the little girl and smiled, causing Eri to blush and smile back.

"Well then, Uraraka. If we've done our purchasing for today, we should return to the campus. We cannot be out past curfew!" Iida said, loudly. Marshall looked at his watch.

"It's only ten after two in the afternoon. What's the rush there, big guy?" Marshall asked.

"As students of UA, we must always be prepared for any surprise class assignments!" Iida replied, "Also, I need to yell at Bakugo for his behavior.". Marshall guffawed at the young man as he left.

"So...Call me sometime, Deku-kun?" Ochako asked.

"D-Deku?!" The greenette gasped, sweating and flustering.

"Oh! Sorry...I didn't mean to...It's just...Deku sounds kind of cute! Like it has this, 'you can do it' kind of vibe." Ochako replied, her toothy smile brightening.

"Uh....Okay? If that's how you want to work it, I...I guess it's okay?" Izuku replied, confused.

Ochako giggled as she left, waving goodbye to the store owner and his employees (Or accurately, employee and his baby sister). She caught up to Iida and they met up with Mina, Jirou and Kirishima.

"Soooo...Did you get anything in that store? And sorry about Bakugo! I tried to keep him occupied, but, he saw some green haired guy and you talking." Mina apologized, "Who was that guy anyway? He seemed kinda cute...well before Bakugo laid him out.".

"Ah, that was an employee of the shop! His name was Midoriya Izuku. Quite the skillful fellow. He built a few of the models that are on the storefront display case." Iida explained.

"Wait, that nerdy lookin' guy made ALL of those kits? Huh, that's kinda impressive! I liked the one with the angel wings and the big rifle." Jirou said, incredulously.

"Well I liked the one with the massive number of wing-pod things...the Strike Freedom? I think that was the label on the display case. Which ones did you like Ochako? Iida?" Mina asked.

"Indubitably, I must say, the Dendrobium Gundam was intriguing. I must look up the series that it came from and research it." Iida replied, curious of the mecha series.

"I really liked the Bunnygguy that Eri made. It was really cute." Ochako replied, "And I got this model kit here. I'm going to paint it in Tsuyu's costume colors as I build it and gift wrap it for her. I hope she'll like it.".

"Indeed, I believe Tsuyu would love that. Customizing a figure in her colors! And it's an aquatic design. It's the perfect homage for her." Iida said, smiling as they all walked back to UA, "By the way, you gave young Midoriya your number alone without asking for his...why? What if he doesn't call?".

Ochako froze upon realizing, "Oh no! I forgot ta ask him! I forgot ta--Eh?!". She turned and saw the familiar green mop of hair run up to the group.

"Hey!...Hold up!...Just a...*Whew*...Sec!" The greenette huffed and wheezed as he made it to the group.

"Mi-Midoriya-kun? You ran all the way here?! Why?" Ochako asked, surprised by his speed and stamina reaching them.

"I-I forgot...I forgot to give you my number. Since...*oh god, I need to run more*...You gave me yours?" Izuku replied, handing her a small parchment with a phone number on it. His number. Ochako blushed and took the number, Izuku smiled and went back to the store, waving them off. Ochako just stood, smiling and blushing at the retreating boy.

"So...When's the first date, Ochako-chan?" Mina teased. Ochako's face went fully red.

"M-Mina! DON'T DO THAT!!!" Ochako screamed. As Mina ran off, cackling, Ochako smiled.

'Maybe I should check out that hobby shop more often?' She thought, 'An idea for another day...But I really hope he calls me...'

Chapter Text

My thoughts on the Ships of My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia:

Izuku Ships:

IzuOcha: My OTP for these two. They gel well. They're just cute and it is the closest canon pairing I've seen of Class 1A. Don't @ me it's just my opinion.

IzuMina: This one has gotten some traction as of late and it has grown on me since I started writing. People seem to enjoy the duo. The shy, smart boy and the outgoing, pink girl. What is it with Izuku being paired with girls in PINK that works so well?

DekuTsu (IzuTsuyu?): This one...I'm not so sure about personally. Yes, Tsuyu is the second most common girl with Deku, but I have no idea how to feel about Tsuyu. It's not her design or her powers that bug me...just...I just can't get a read on her y'know? Comes from the fact that she has one facial expression I've seen (The blank one)...I don't hate her, just to be clear just...maybe I need to read more about her to get more of an understanding.

IzuMomo: I don't know what to say. Izuku pretty much can match up to any girl as an opposites attract kind of classic tale. Izuku is a shy, nebbish boy with socially awkward tendencies...among other problems. Momo has also some self-esteem issues. Like IzuOcha they can be seen as supporting each other with their social anxieties and can be cute. Dunno why the fandom gives Momo a domination kink, but, that's not my beef.

IzuTooru/IzuJirou: Meh...Not really a big issue here. I don't see much of these pairings to begin with--Don't even consider making that a PUN. Jirou seems to be okay? I don't see them interact all that much, but people ship who they want and I don't mind.

IzuToga: To quote Scary Movie: RUN BITCH RUN!!!!!! Toga is scary as hell. I mean, okay...I can see why they pair her to Deku when they do VILLAIN AUs...But other than that, Deku has no interest in her; especially when she tries to slash his head off and stab him.

BakuDeku: Oh LORDY! Why is this a thing?! Seriously? WHY? I don't have anything against Yaoi...Far from it, fly that flag high if you want but...Bakugo and DEKU?...That's just...I don't even...why?! Bakugo hates Midoriya with the passion of a thousand suns and people ship them like it's some tsundere thing? NO! You can't just have the guy who told Deku to jump off and die be a lover. If you're a fan of this, fine...but...And I don't mean to bash pairings but...why?

TodoDeku: Okay, I can see this working. They're friendly to each other. They're awkward people. They work. I'll leave it at that.

IidaDeku: Same as TodoDeku. Not really all that interested in yaoi, but if I see some that work, I can dig it.

IzuKendou: Um...I've got nothing. If they make it work, it works I guess?

IzuNejire: Huh...Well...Um...Never really thought about all of these pairings I've talked about so far. Some of these, I've noticed thanks to writers like...Big_Diesel. I like his Izuku's Sisters stories (Barring the smut, mind ya).

I'm not gonna mention all of the pairings he's got with adult heroes, like The Wild, Wild Pussycats, or Miruko or others. That would take all day. Nor will I mention the times people pair him with Todoroki's sister or MOM (Okay...Not gonna argue people's tastes but...okay?), Bakugo's Mom (Someone has a serious hate boner for Bakugo...especially when they're anti-kacchako I've noticed, it's like a revenge trope somewhere) or HIS OWN MOM (

Bakugo Pairings:

Kacchako: Not a fan of it, since I'm more of an IzuOcha fan. But it's really to each their own. I'm not gonna bash the pairing. I PROMISE. People have given me evidence to show why it works and why IzuOcha doesn't work. I've given evidence to the opposite as well...But again; to each their own.

KiriBaku: I guess this is the main pairing I'm okay with. At least in terms of Yaoi pairings for the guy. It works, and I do find the fics they're involved in rather cute.

BakuMomo: Okay, this I've seen get some weight on it since the art of Momo and Bakugo in each other's costumes popped up. I guess it's okay.

BakuCamie: Okay this is my main pairing for Bakugo in the 'Het' style of pairings. She's funny, optimistic, a bit ditzy but fun. Bakugo's angry, short tempered and in need of someone to make him laugh...which she has. I kinda consider Camie to be the 'Ochako' to Bakugo's 'Deku'...If that makes any sense. Maybe it's the fanart.

BakuJirou: I've seen...some fics and pairings of these two...I guess it's...okay? *shrugs*.

BakuTodo: Same reason as BakuDeku...I don't see how that works really. But hey, if you like it okay.

BakuToga: ...I dunno what to think here. I'm not all that opinionated for this one.

Ochako Pairings:

IzuOcha: Already mentioned above.

Kacchako: Already mentioned above.

IidaChako: This would be my second pick for her to go with if IzuOcha doesn't pan out in canon. He's the only other boy she hangs with outside of Deku so I can see it working.

TodoChako: Um...I've noticed this became more of a pairing lately in fanart. When did this become a THING? I got nothing against it, just...can someone point out the origin point for this? Just asking.

OchaTsu: I can dig this one. It's cute, they're the closest girls I know who get paired together. I like it.

OchaMina: It's roughly the same as OchaTsu. I'd flipflop between the two.

OchaToga: Same as IzuToga to be honest. If there's a villain AU, I've seen this pairing for her. Or her and Dabi...Or Shigaraki...Honestly, I can say I've seen her paired with a LOT of the villains of the show that come from the League or otherwise.

OchaNejire: Again, like OchaTsu or OchaMina. It's cute. I'm a bit confused by it sometimes but it's no big deal against it.

Kirishima Pairings:

KiriDeku: I...I don't know much about this pairing so I'll just it's a thing.

KiriBaku: I mentioned it earlier.

KiriMina: Okay, this would be my main pairing between these two. They have history, they have chemistry. It works so well...Is it me, or is my favoritism to certain pairings like Fire Emblem Awakening? If you look up the pairings there, you can see some pairings rank up faster than any other. Chrom/Sumia, Gaius/Tharja, Sully/ I guess I'm weird.

KiriTetsu: MIRROR MATCH PAIRING! I just find it funny.

KiriKami: Eh, I guess it's fine.

Iida Pairings:

IidaDeku: Mentioned earlier.

IidaChako: Mentioned earlier.

IidaBaku: I don't see that one working honestly.

IidaTodo: ...Eh...I got nothing.

IidaMei: I can see where people get this pairing thanks to the Sports Festival. I'm okay with it.

IidaMomo: This one works too. They're rule keepers, always around each other because of school. I can dig it.

IidaMelissa: I made up this pairing for kicks. I guess I'm a sucker for nerds in glasses pairing up? She's also a slightly older and more mature Mei (also less intrusive and explody).

And now...the random pairings I've probably didn't mention or have forgotten now:

KamiJirou: It works for them. They fit the rock band love duo thing.

MomoJirou: The most popular pairing for Momo and Jirou in the Yuri setting...I guess I can see it.

TodoMomo: These two's most popular pairing when not with Deku or Jirou. I like this one too.

ToshiInko: I don't know how to feel about this pairing. Since there's no issue yet about Deku's Dad I'm gonna be on the fence about it until we get concrete evidence of negligible parenting on Hisashi's part.

EraserMic: Well...I guess it's like Todoroki and Kaminari as adults...and...meh, people like it. I got nothing against it. Rock on!

EraserJoke: Another popular pairing for teacher grade adults. I can see that.

EraserMandalay: I think I've seen like ONE image of these two together as a pairing post-Eri. I guess it can work.

EriKota: The toyship of the franchise. I don't there's been any instances of Eri and Kota talking to each other in canon, but here's hoping for the future.

Mirio/Amajiki or Amajiki/Nejire or Mirio/Nejire (or all three if you wanna go nuts): I can see where people go for these ones.

Mitsuki Bakugo/Deku: I'm not gonna lie, I mentioned it before but...I don't really get it. I swore I remember this was used for a fic or two with the idea in mind of Bakugo basically stole Ochako from Deku (Not my ideas, don't give me those looks people) and Deku basically...gets with Bakugo's Mom as revenge...Fandoms are WEIRD.

All for One/Inko: Mostly because of the ongoing AFO is Deku's father theory. Until they confirm anything, I'm not arguing anything.

Mineta X...Anyone: Do I need to make an explanation? Okay, okay, I kid. I've seen Mineta paired off with Shiozaki Ibara for the sake of opposites attract (The most pious and chaste girl in UA with the most perverted...Hey, I'm not judging comedy). Otherwise, Mineta gets no one. End of line.

Okay I know I've missed a few...But that's all I'll do for today. Hope this brings a decent discussion. Do not give me hell. These are opinions. They may not match your choices or I may have missed some but again, these are opinions. Besides, if you don't like 'em...Ignore 'em. Raise your ship flag high fellow fans of this franchise! We sail onwards to future stories and entertainment!

Chapter Text

It seemed like any other day at UA High. Sun shined, grass grew, and Katsuki Bakugou blew up another training field...again.

So Class 1-A was given individual study time for the rest of the day until Eraserhead could find a replacement location. Mina Ashido, the resident Acid Quirk user with pink skin, horns and black sclera, had just put on some casual wear after a long shower in the girls shower. It was a peaceful day so she wondered what mischief she could pull with her friend, Tooru Hagakure.

Unfortunately, Tooru was out on a date with her tailed friend, Mashirao Ojiro. So, Mina went to the common room to see if anyone was there. She got bored easily and schoolwork wasn't her favorite thing to do.

But, as she found her way to the common room, she heard snickers and giggles. The giggles she recognized instantly, as Ochako Uraraka, the brown-haired girl with gravity powers, always a sweet girl and fun to hang with. But the snickers; that's what worried her. They were snickers from Katsuki himself. Just what were they doing to make such noise?

She tiptoed into the room and saw a sight that shocked her to her core. Bakugou was lying down on a couch...with Uraraka straddling and lying on top of him. Making out with him. Mina couldn't believe it. She always assumed that Uraraka had a thing for the resident cinnamon roll with green hair, Midoriya Izuku. But this...This threw ALL of her knowledge out of whack. When did they become a thing? A cold sweat poured down her spine. She knew Izuku liked Ochako at least, after all, you don't take a name that used to be an insult and make it a name of pride like 'Deku' without a girl being involved.

She shivered and worried. If Izuku walked in on their make out, he'd surely be crushed emotionally. She turned, only to see the green haired boy already down the stairs. She rushed into him to prevent his entry into the common room.

"H-Hey, Midori! Long time n-no see!" Mina exclaimed, loudly. She hoped Ochako would hear her and hopefully pull away from Bakugou.

"Oh! Hey there, Ashido-san. Nice to see you. I came down to get some katsudon. I'm starved--!" Izuku said, only for Mina to latch herself onto his arm.

"S-Sorry, Midori, but we're out of katsudon here. Lemme take ya to Lunch Rush and see if he can make somethin' fer ya! Lessgo!" Mina hastily interrupted. She dragged Midoriya behind her, doing everything she could to keep Izuku from seeing the sight. What she didn't see were a confused Ochako and Bakugou watching them rush off. Bakugou could care less, but Ochako seemed pensive...and worried.


"A-Ashido-san! Ashido-san, stop!" Izuku cried, trying to stop the pink girl from dragging him further along, "We're at Lunch Rush's. Stop!"

"O-Oh! Sorry, Midori. Got a little...excitable." Mina replied, scratching the back of her head. Mina then lead Izuku to Lunch Rush directly, without dragging him along. He grabbed katsudon while she grabbed some turkey and potatoes. Finding a seat in the cafeteria, the two sat across from each other and ate quietly for a while.

"S-So Midori. Got any ideas for that...independent study report we're supposed to do?" Mina asked, nervously. Izuku looked at her quizzically.

"Um...I was gonna write an essay on Hero Ethics for Quirkless people." Izuku explained, "A lot of Quirkless people are trying out for the Hero Course this year and I thought I'd weigh in my thoughts on the matter."

"Huh! I did hear a bit about new students being mostly Quirkless. Wonder what they're on about...I mean...You can't be a Hero without a Quirk, right?" Mina asked, giggling rhetorically. Izuku's expression became downcast.

"You...You really think so?" He asked, quietly. Mina felt guilty. She forgot; Izuku for most of his life didn't know he had his Quirk and was deemed Quirkless until the beginning of their first year together.

"Um...Uh...Oh...Uhmmmm...I mean....Oh man. I'm sorry." Mina tried to speak, but instead became nonsensical gibberish, "I forgot you were labeled Quirkless before your super strength Quirk popped up...saving Uraraka.".

"Yeah. But she saved me too, remember. I would have been a pancake on the concrete floor if she didn't slap me with her Quirk." Izuku replied, beaming. Mina blushed. He knew she wasn't being rude, just innocently insensitive, "Soooooo....What are you doing for the report?".

"Ahhhh...Not sure to be honest. Maybe I'll just half-ass it and make up some bullcrap topic about the Kamui Woods and Mount Lady relationship stuff in the media." Mina deadpanned, causing Izuku to give her a curious look. "In case you haven't noticed, all the media does whenever Mount Lady's on screen is ask her about her relationship with Kamui Woods and not her rankings or hero missions. Just...THAT. It's like the media just wanna know gossip.". Izuku chuckled lightly, snorting.

"Sounds like you and the media have a lot in common. Given how you're always the one with gossip of our classmates and their love lives." Izuku asked, a small hint of a smirk forming. Mina scoffed.

"The nerve of you, Midori! Just because I like to hear stories of our classmates in love does NOT mean I'm like those...those..." Mina began, speaking in a mock hurt voice.

"...Vultures?" Izuku finished, the smirk fully forming before the two start laughing lightly. Mina sighed as she realized Midoriya matched her humor...which is...beyond rare since she knows Midoriya's bad at jokes.

"Ya know...You're fun to talk to sometimes, Midori." Mina expressed, her eyes half-lidded from the thought.

"What do you mean by that?" The boy asked, somewhat hurt.

"'re always so...shy and stuttering. In social situations, you're almost as uptight as Iida-kun. But right now, you're relaxed and enjoying yourself." Mina said, softly. "For crying out loud, you made a joke with me, which is like, super-rare, lil' green.". She never admitted it, but she was fond of Midoriya since the Joint Training Exercise and she did worry when that weird black stuff tore out of his arm. She would have helped him out more along with Uraraka if she wasn't stuck dealing with that purple puss-ball, Mineta.

"O-oh! I'm trying some things here and there. Can't always talk Hero Work all the time and I'm...trying to live by what Sir Nighteye told me...the world needs more smiles, so I'm trying to get the world to smile as I get better." The greenette replied. Mina blushed and felt her heart skip a beat. Such a sincere thought. A sincere...goal. "I mean...I can't always be a crybaby or let the something like a broken heart hold me back right?". Mina's face went blank. Heartbreak? No, he couldn't know, could he?

"H-Heartb-break? What do-do-do you mean, Midori?" Mina asked, sweating. Izuku's face seemed downcast.

"Mina...I know about Uraraka-san and Kacchan." He replied, softly. Mina was in a panic. She wanted him to be in the dark about those two, but he knew all along?

"H-H-How long did you--?" She began.

"About a week now. I saw them kissing after the Christmas party...after the Winter Internships...and when everyone came back." Izuku replied, sadness in his voice. "Everyone else knew about it, but everyone thinks I didn't know. So they try to keep me from seeing them. Especially Uraraka-san. Like I'm stupid...or they're walking on eggshells.".

"Oh...Midori, I'm sorry, buddy." Mina sobbed, "I just...I don't you're dumb. I was just thinking of your feelings. I mean, I knew you liked Ochako-chan. And I always thought...".

"That she liked me back? Yeah...I was actually about to ask her about that myself when I saw her kiss his cheek so I realized...I was wrong." Izuku replied, but he saw Mina's disheartened face, "B-But, I'm not that upset. Uraraka-san can be with whoever she wants. I have no right to her as much as anyone else does. If she picked Kacchan...then she picked him for her own reasons...And I'm willing to respect them."

'Even if they're wrong, you mean, Midori?' Mina thought. She couldn't understand why Uraraka would pick Bakugou over Deku. She soon saw Midoriya shudder briefly and maybe a sniffle could be heard. She moved next to him and leaned into him. She held his hand as his breathing steadied. As she thought, he wasn't completely truthful. But she wouldn't let it get to him. She won't let them hurt him.

"Hey, Zu-Zu?" Mina asked, Izuku whipped his head to look at Mina in confusion.

"Z-Zu-Zu? Wha?" Izuku stammered. Mina giggled.

"My nickname for ya. Listen, let's just finish this meal 'bout we go for a dip in the school's indoor pool?" Mina asked, smiling, "I mean, Aizawa opened it up so we can get some phys-ed outta the way. Maybe we can use to...clear our heads?". Izuku pondered and muttered about the pros and cons of swimming in the indoor pool, before Mina grabbed his attention by cupping his cheek and making him look at her eyes, "C'mon...I think you could use a bit of clearing up, don't you?".

"....Okay. I'll join you." Izuku said, somewhat choking on a sob, "It...might help, I guess."

Mina beamed, "I know it will, Zu-Zu! Grab your swim trunks, baby, we're goin' for a DIP!"

The two returned to the dorms each separately going to grab their swim gear. Izuku reached the entrance before hearing who he thought was Uraraka calling out to him, but he put those thoughts behind him as he had to meet Mina at the pool.

The two swam for what seemed like hours, laughing and splashing at each other. They dove under the surface and chased each other as they tried to make their swimming into a form of game and exercise. But, the last time they dove underwater, Mina immediately grabbed Izuku in as tight a hug as she could muster as they were underwater. Izuku became ticklish and opened his mouth, causing him to lose his air. Mina panicking as Izuku struggled to keep underwater, grabbed Izuku by the cheeks and pulled him in; clashing her lips with his.

She fed him her air and he wrapped his arms around her waist, feeding it back. She didn't realize that they were, in essence, kissing each other for a brief second before seeing Izuku's relaxed face. She was stunned before melting into it herself. Who knew the little dork was a decent kisser? The two quickly separated as they reached the surface, silently hoping no one saw their little kissing moment. Mina rested on the side of the pool, her arms holding the ground as she kept her upper body out of the water.

"W-Whoa...That...That...Y-you were...N-Not bad there, Zu-Zu..." Mina stuttered, flustered by the green haired boy's affections. He silently came up behind her and wrapped his arms again around her waist. His chin rested on her shoulder, his hard breathing causing strange feelings in Mina's stomach.

"Y-Yeah...Thanks for...Thanks for the save, Mi....Mi-Mina-chan." Izuku rasped into her ear. Mina's face turned lavender. He said her first name! She bit her lip in nervous glee, suppressing her desire to 'sequelize' their underwater moment.

"N-no problem, Zu-Zu. L-Let's...Let's get outta the pool, d-dry off and finish that ho-homework, eh?" Mina stated, brushing her hair aside. But she noticed he didn't let go. And in her mind, she didn't want him to for a bit longer.

"Is-Is it...o-okay if I...If we stay like this? Ju-Just for a co-couple more minutes. I...I'm not ready...toleaveyet. I mean, i-if you want me to l-let go, I'll let--!" Izuku asked, stuttering. Mina blushed more, raised her arms up, and turned around to face the green haired boy, their noses touching as they felt each other's breath. Her arms landed on his shoulders as their tread water.

"Are you...using that as an excuse to hold me tightly, big boy?" Mina asked, her voice low and Izuku felt all manner of weird feelings in his chest and stomach. Their legs kept brushing up against each other, "Because...if that is the case...I certainly don't mind it.". Izuku's face went tomato red as his pupils shrank in fear. Her lips brushed his own and he wanted badly to close the gap completely for some reason, "Well? What's your answer?".

"Uh...U-uh-um-oh--I-um-You-um-ah..." Izuku stuttered in gibberish. Mina giggled lightly, her sound vibrating on his skin from their close contact to each other. He gulped and just nodded like a dope. Mina bit her lip.

"Good. I wanted a sequel to our little...underwater breathing practice. But let's stay...above the water this time." Mina breathed, before closing the gap herself. They kept their lips together for a few minutes, savoring their respective flavors. When they separated, a trail of saliva was between them.

"Ha...Ha...Okay...Okay I think...I think we should get dried off, Mina-chan." Izuku whispered, quietly. Mina giggled again, but Izuku felt the vibrations in his chest now, as now the two were pressed up against each other. They exited the pool, sitting on indoor pool chairs and just talked about random subjects, blissfully unaware that they were holding hands as they dried off on the towels.


As Izuku walked Mina back to her room, his face red with fluster and her face lavender from their new development. But, Mina's mind began to wander. Could she be enough to get his mind off of Ochako and Bakugo's romantic change? Could she be any thing but just...a friend with benefit relationship? Izuku's mind went all over the place as well; were they a couple? Was that just a one time miracle? Was she just trying to cheer him up? He did begin to realize he was happy with her like he was with Uraraka, but...would he be worthy enough for Mina?

They soon reached Mina's dorm room.

"S-So, Zu-Zu...Um...thanks for joining me for dinner and the swim there..." Mina said, her face burning. She kept fidgeting her gaze between his eyes and his lips. Just so danged kissable.

"N-No problem, Mina-chan. It was...It was really fun. Really um...Really cleared my head." Midoriya said, his throat dry. He saw she was licking her lips. His mind went to more, concerning imagery. He shook his head and mentally panicked. 'C'mon Midoriya, you're not Mineta. You're NOT Mineta.'.

"So...I guess I'll be going in here and do my homework?" Mina said, almost questioningly. Izuku nodded like a dope again and began to turn, "Although..." Izuku turned back, his ears perked up, a strange hopeful feeling forming in his chest, "...I could use an 'editor' for my work. Practice makes perfect, ya know.". She smiled, biting her bottom lip. Hoping he got the idea. Izuku's face turned beet red. Mina mentally cackled; he got it.

"Uh...Oh! S-Sure, Mina-chan! I-I can define--*Cough*, definitely, definitely b-be of service th-there. Um...May I co-come in?" Izuku asked. Mina giggled, extending her hand, which Izuku quickly grabbed before she pulled him in, a seductive smile gracing her lips as his eyes went half-lidded. The door shut and giggling could be heard from Mina's room.

Outside, however, Mina and Izuku were being watched. Two pairs of eyes down the hall had seen and heard everything.

"So...Round-Face...was this part of your 'get Deku to notice you by being jealous of you and me' plan? Because it's workin' fucking wonders for those two...Dumb ass." The red eyed watcher growled, sarcasm dripping off his lips. The brown eyed watcher teared up.

"No, Bakugou-kun...No...Why did I think this was a good idea...Why did I agree to this?" The female watcher, now recognized as Uraraka, whimpered.

"Agree to this? Wasn't this your fucking plan?" The red eyed watcher asked. The girl sobbed in guilt.

"No! Your girlfriend, Camie came up with this hackneyed...PLOY to get Deku to ask me out. Why did I let her talk me into this?" Uraraka hissed in anger.

"Hey! Don't fucking drag my babe into the mud, Round-Face! Not my damn problem you listened to her." He growled back.

"...Then why did you agree to be my 'fake' boyfriend? I mean, you agreed with Camie's plan too!" Uraraka grumbled, glaring menacingly, "If it was just so ya could try ta hurt Deku...I swear if all o' that time we were being cute I will float ya inta space, dangit! And I'll gladly let myself be expelled...It'd be damn worth it for all the crap I just did ta Deku.".

"Hey, fuck you! You coulda just asked the fuckin' nerd. But no, you were fuckin' scared like a little bitch, that he didn't like you after the Christmas gifts were passed around." Bakugo said, "Now he's with Racoon-Eyes--! Oh fuck, he's with Racoon-Eyes. Shitty-Hair's gonna be sulking in my room for days now.".

Uraraka stopped listening and was focused on Mina's dorm room door. She wondered if she'd see Deku come out of the room soon. But she wasn't that dumb. At least, she wished she wasn't that dumb now. She wanted to get Deku's attention by making him jealous enough to ask her out himself. But instead...she inadvertently broke his heart, and Mina picked up the pieces and fixed it. Bakugou was right, she should have confessed herself to him. And now, she'll never get that chance and she realizes; Deku may no longer view her as a friend anymore.

How was she going to fix her mess now?

Chapter Text

She knew she had to tell him.

She knew she had made a stupid mistake.

But...How was she going to explain herself to her best friend?

A couple of weeks have passed since Izuku and Mina have started dating. Many of Class 1-A didn't really see it coming that Izuku Midoriya would get with Mina Ashido. Least of all, Ochako Uraraka.

But to be fair, it was her fault. She had let Camie Utsushimi, Katsuki Bakugo's girlfriend, convince her to 'fake date' her boyfriend (no one knew Bakugo even was dating Camie) to get Izuku jealous and hopefully try and win her affections.

The plan was stupid from the start: Fake date Bakugo. Make Izuku jealous. Have Bakugo angrily dump Uraraka in front of everyone. And then have Izuku hopefully swoop in and be her boyfriend. What possessed her to let Camie give her that idea? What possessed her to even think it was moral or right? Was she desperate or just dumb? Honestly, Ochako picked 'dumb' because now she was dealing with the consequences.

Izuku would hang out with Uraraka and Iida like normal, but now Mina was part of the group; her arms wrapped around the boy she had a crush on. She didn't show it obviously, but, she was hurting. But, she couldn't blame Deku for finding a better girl. One who was honest with her feelings. She wasn't. Mina would sneak small kisses on Deku's cheeks, make small jokes Deku alone would get. Even Deku's personality seemed to get better. He was more open, able to make a joke and less shy around the girls in general.

Even Mina seemed to change. Since dating Deku, her grades suddenly spiked up. Aizawa was outright surprised at that. He internally guessed that Mina dating a well-known nerd had some perks. He helped her study, prep for tests and helped edit her homework to make more sense.

But, that wasn't the only change. After the two hooked up, Bakugo and Uraraka just stopped their fake dating and ended whatever shenanigans they were doing. Bakugo went back to being abrasive to her like normal, but Ochako was hiding her own hurts. Some of the class, minus Izuku and Mina, inwardly believed that seeing Deku with Mina caused a fight between the two, and they broke up. Everyone knew Ochako loved Deku, so it made sense. Hell, some were half-right guessing that Ochako dated Bakugo to get Deku's attention (But assumed Bakugo started it to piss him off; it is Bakugo after all).

However, what surprised everyone was how Eijirou Kirishima wasn't completely bothered by this development. At first, he seemed shocked and confused by the sudden change, but then, he became...almost emotionless to the pair. Like a completely different persona took over? Ochako cringed with the realization of what Bakugo meant by Kirishima sulking. Kirishima liked Mina...and because of their little stunt, Mina was in the arms of Deku. Another mess she needed to help fix.

It was Monday now, and Ochako had a plan now. A plan to apologize, to confess her crimes to her best friend and hopefully, just move past her own screw up. She thought that; even if she told the truth to Mina and Deku, Mina would condemn her for being a bitch and Deku, would legitimately hate her enough to not want her as a friend. She was fine with that; fine that her best friend would break ties with her if it meant at least being truthful.

She was sitting in the Dorm Common Room, psyching herself up for this. She was going to tell the truth. She was going to get verbally ripped to hell and back, but, she had to do it.

Getting up from her chair, she walked to the elevator. First things first, tell Mina. She half-expects Mina to throw acid at her and have all the girls turn on her afterwards; a fitting punishment.

Entering the elevator, a familiar voice called.

"Hey! Hold the elevator!" The voice cried. She knew it instantly, and held the door. Izuku was rushing back from his evening jog. He burst into the elevator, breathing hard as he recovered. The doors shut and they leaned against separate walls in brief silence. Ochako broke the silence first.

"D-Deku-kun! Hey! L-Long time n-no see!" Ochako gasped, smiling nervously.

"Yeah...Phew, sorry about that, Uraraka-san. I went farther in my run than I meant for...Oh boy, I'm tired." Izuku rasped as he caught his breath, "So...How have you been? I noticed you and Kacchan haven't been...around each other lately?". Uraraka cringed harder than before. This wasn't in her plan, but, either way, she had to. If she told Deku, he'd tell Mina. And the end results would be the same.

"Bakugo-kun and I? Oh!...Um...Oh boy...It's...It's uh..." Ochako stuttered, her plan was falling to shit really fast, "Deku-kun...I...I have a confession to make."

Izuku tilted his head quizzically.

"Oh? Um, what confession would that be? Is it quick? I promised I'd help Mina with Kirishima-san. He's been really weird lately and it's been bugging her." He explained. Ochako bit her lip. Oh boy.

"I think...I think that's my fault for him being this way right now." Ochako replied, somberly. Izuku felt a sense of concern now. What did she do?

"What did you do? Why would Kirishima-san's behavior be your fault?" Izuku asked. He stepped closer to his friend. He felt comfortable around her since she stopped dating Bakugo, a secret plus for her since she remembered he distanced himself from her when she began that hackneyed plot.

"Well....Deku...You knew Bakugo and I were...kinda...ya know..." Ochako began, nervously. His expression soured for a split second, before calming.

"...Dating?" Izuku added.

"Y-Yeah...Now...What I'm about to tell you...I don't care if ya never forgive me or not. Because I know I would never deserve it." Ochako whispered, her voice cracking. Izuku placed a comforting hand on Ochako's shoulder.

"Uraraka-san...You're my best friend. Whatever you and Bakugo were doing...You don't need to apologize for." Izuku said, "How you feel towards people...there's no control over that. You liked Bakugo and he...liked you. And I'm sorry you two aren't a couple anymore...".

"But that's the thing, Deku...Bakugo-kun and I...we were never a couple." Ochako said, voice cracking harder.

"W-What?...What do you mean? Not a couple?" Izuku asked, he briefly broke his attention and hit the elevator button to move up. Neither had pressed a button to raise the elevator and head to their floors.

"It's so...So stupid...I feel like a dumb bimbo now..." Ochako hissed, causing the boy to quirk an eyebrow, "Bakugo and Camie are dating each other. And then Camie heard something about me that she offered to help me with. And it was a stupid, stupid, stupid idea. Honestly, I should never have listened to her and now you're gonna hate me for it."

"...Uraraka...What are you talking about?" Izuku asked, his voice hushed but...a hint of betrayed feelings was laced in it. He felt like he knew what was coming.

"Camie found out that...that I...That I liked you...and she convinced me to 'fake date' Bakugo..." Ochako explained, Izuku's eyes widening in shock at the news, "Her stupid plan was to get you jealous of me an' Bakugo, then he'd loudly and in the most 'humiliating' way possible, dump me and hope you'd swoop in to 'whisk me of my feet'. But then, you an' Mina started dating and I...I knew from the start that that plan was gonna fail...I just knew it. I should have just told you how I felt and I kept pushing and pushing my feelings down that when she gave me that idea...I dunno what possessed me to agree but I did and I knew it was dumb, Bakugo knew it was dumb...Hell, all of the class probably knew it was dumb and they didn't know what was going on and I...!"

"STOP!" Izuku shouted, "Stop...So what you're telling me is...You...Loved me. And then that girl from Shiketsu...the girl who assaulted me while NAKED...The girl that turned out to be Toga in disguise (A/N: I forget if Izuku figured out this detail in canon, but I assume Bakugo knows)...Gave you a ploy to manipulate my emotions to get what you want. To get me to fall in love with you...under false pretenses?"

Ochako's tears streamed from her eyes and she nodded, whimpering. Izuku was quivering. Ochako knew why. She won't ask to be forgiven. Honestly, she expected him to lash out in a rage now.

"...Did you..." Izuku rasped. Ochako looked with scared eyes, "Did you not think to just...tell me how you felt? To just...tell me you liked me? We're friends, Uraraka! You didn't have to be afraid to tell me how you felt." Both of them had tears in their eyes. The hurt was raw and it wasn't stopping.

"I know...I know! I should have just done that. I was stupid in doing that to you. But...Then she kept saying, that a girl like me would never get with a guy like you..." Ochako hissed in shame, "That a plain, dumb girl from Mie...Would never get with a great guy like you without some stupid underhanded crap involved. That...You'd be dating someone way prettier and better than me...and how I'll be just...Just...Dammit it's a damned self-fulfilling prophecy! She was right! I don' deserve you at all! I shouldn't even be a Pro Hero if all I do is--!"

"SHUT UP! SHUT! UP!" Izuku roared, the elevator stopped. Ochako's tear-stricken eyes went wide at the volume of his voice, and she shrunk back; falling to her knees in fear. The doors opened, but the two elevator riders didn't notice who was at the entrance, "Don't you dare say you don't deserve to be here! You got into UA on your own merits! You interned with some of the best heroes in the business!...You saved me on countless occasions." Ochako's fear gave away to surprise and confusion.

The green haired boy knelt down and placed his hand on her shoulder again.

"What you did...You're right; it was dumb and wrong." Izuku said, a soft chuckle emanating from him, "And it was based on false details. Uraraka...Before you and Bakugo were doing that...I...I...*Sigh*...I had a crush on you. Like a really big crush on you."

Ochako's eyes widened. Was he for real? Was he telling the truth? He loved her? But, he's with Mina now.

"Yeah, and in a way, I had the same anxieties and fears you just confessed to. I mean, who'd love a dopey, hero-worshiping nerd who spent most of his life thinking he was Quirkless? Especially when his Quirk broke his body more times than a villain did?" Izuku explained, causing a brief chuckle between the sobbing duo, "...And maybe I still do feel something for you. But, I'm with Mina now and she makes me happy. We're happy. Manipulating how I feel...That's...that's supremely wrong and hurtful, Uraraka-san. But I guess...If I were in your shoes...I would likely do the same. I mean, if I was crazy enough or brave enough to do it."

"Deku-kun...I...I'm...I'm so sorry." Ochako whispered, " can't be serious. After what I did, you'd still be...willing to even tolerate me?"

"Uraraka-san...You'll always be my best friend." Izuku whispered, a soft, sad smile etched on his features, "Maybe I can't forgive you this exact moment...but I can forgive you. When...I sort out how I feel with everything so far."

"I'll say!" A voice came from the elevator door. A beep from the elevator sounded, rousing the emotional pair from their conversation and saw a familiar person. The pink skinned girlfriend of Izuku herself, Mina Ashido.

"M-Mina! H-H-How long have you been...?" Ochako asked, frightful. Both Izuku and Ochako rushed out of the elevator. They didn't catch that Mina hid a small, forgiving smirk on her face.

"A few minutes. Heard the whole shebang...Girl, you and I need to have a serious chat about this little stunt o' yers." Mina replied, "Zu-Zu...ya mind checking with Kiri for me? Please? I'll be with ya when we're done."

"O-Okay." Izuku replied, rushing off. That left Ochako...with a very concerned Mina.

"Now then, let's start from the top..." Mina began.


"So...Just so I get my facts straight: You love Deku?"


"And not Bakugo?"

"God no, I'm not a fan of him."

"And Bakugo's dating Camie...Who convinced you to...?"

"To do a fake dating scheme that blew up in ma face. Do I really need ta have that ground inta me like I'm not aware of how much of a bitch I turned into?"

"You're not a bitch, Chako. Just...naive."

"Mina, that doesn't make me feel any better."

"At least now you realize how dumb those ideas turn out. Why didn't you just come to me about it?"

The two girls talked in that hallway about the events that lead up the past few weeks. Ochako was silently relieved that Mina wasn't melting her face with acid, while Mina was relieved in her view that Ochako didn't love Bakugo. Respected him as a competitive opponent, yes, but wasn't in love with him.

"I guess I was just...scared." Ochako replied, "When you guys asked me who I had feelings for...ya know before the Provisional License Exams? I was scared about bein' teased and...didn't wanna lose focus on bein' a Pro Hero. But then the Joint Training Exercise happened...and the Christmas Gift Exchange happened...and my feelings couldn't stay proper anymore."

"Chako...We're your friends. We tease each other all of the time!" Mina exclaimed, lightly smacking the brunette in the gut, "Just last month I teased Tooru when I caught her and Ojiro making out in his room...and she was clothed."

"W-Wait...Tooru-chan and Ojiro-kun?" Ochako gasped, "When did they turn into a thing?". Mina shrugged, smirking.

"Not sure...But they're dating in private. They made me promise not to tease too much." Mina replied, "But it doesn't stop me from tell you what they're doing. At least they're honest with each other." She sighed.

"Yeah...Wait...whaddya mean? Aren't you and Deku?" Ochako asked. Mina sighed.

"The thing is...Before Zu-Zu and I...started this experience..." Mina replied, somberly, "Kirishima and I were dating. And technically, we never broke up or discussed what's going on with Zu-Zu..."

"You're DATING Kiri--!" Ochako began, before hands muffled her mouth.

"Would you zip it?!" Mina hissed, "Yeah, Kiri and I were always a thing. It started after you guys rescued Eri-chan. He was having bad dreams, he texted me and asked if I could come to his room and talk. One thing led to another and then we were dating in private, like Ojiro and Tooru.".

"B-But you and Deku-kun...You two are?!" Ochako whispered, frantically. If her stunt broke Deku, how would he react to this?

"Yes, I know! I didn't expect it to happen. That swim in the pool; which was just to help cool him down after I saw and Bakugo made him feel...the kissing he did-Sorry, by the way-And...Dammit I'm as guilty of this as you feel too." Mina whined, "But Kiri gave no argument at what was going on. And then started acting...super weird ya know. So, I decided that I'd tell Zu-Zu the truth about me and Kiri and...see how we can work this out. I never wanted to hurt him either. Like he barely gave his toothy smile...he barely mentioned anything manly. Hell, he barely used his Quirk right and started picking up knives for cryin' out loud ya kno--!".

"Wait...Knives? Kirishima started randomly picking up....Knives?" Ochako interrupted, her eyes narrowing in concern, "What else have you seen him with?"

"Um...He had a syringe? I saw him toss it in the trash, though." Mina replied, confused, "And those knives weren't like 'steak knives' and crap...they were X-Acto knives."

Ochako's eyes widened.

"Oh no...Oh no, oh no!" Ochako gasped. She burst into a dash, rushing to Deku. Mina shocked, rushed afterwards.

"What? What's wrong? What's with you now?!" Mina yelled as she ran up to Ochako.

"Camie was acting weird too when she gave me her 'plan'!" Ochako explained, "She didn't act like how Bakugo described her. He said she was a little ditzy but not in a bad way. But when I talked to her, she was all creepy and acted really sketchy. And she kept fondlin' her damn steak knife."

"Why did she have a steak knife?!" Mina hissed.

"We were eating at a burger place that had these huge burgers. Ya sometimes needed a knife fer 'em." Ochako explained as they ran down the halls, passing Tenya who yelled out a berating line about it, "But she kept fondlin' it like it was her baby or somethin'. Like she was preppin' ta...Ta..."

"To what? Ochako! Please make sense, wouldja?!" Mina yelled, exasperated.

"She looked ready to take that knife an' stab me an' Bakugo-kun!" Ochako shouted, "Like she tried to do with Deku back at the License exam...except...back then it wasn't her it was...!"

"Wait...Are you suggesting that?!" Mina began before a blood freezing scream echoed the halls, "Oh god! That was Midori!"

The girls and Tenya, who followed after them, reached the spot where Deku screamed, only to find him on the floor clutching his side...a knife half-buried in his side and blood pooling on the ground.

"MIDORIYA! What happened here?!" Tenya yelled, rushing to his side. Mina was panicking, there was so much blood, it was paralyzing her. But Ochako moved past her.

"Tenya, get Recovery Girl! GO! We need her!" Ochako commanded; Tenya shaking his head to get a clear thought and rushed past the pink girl. Mina was stunned, Ochako looked up at her, "I need ya to help me put pressure on Deku-kun's wound!...MINA, FOCUS!"

Mina broke out of her stupor and knelt down next to the boy. Her friend. She placed her hands with Ochako's and pressed into Deku's side, causing the boy to scream in pain.

"H-Hang on, Deku-kun! Recovery Girl's a-comin'! Jus' stay wit' us, baby!" Ochako said, frantically applying pressure as Deku struggled and cried. Mina's eyes streamed tears. How could this happen now? To Izuku of all people?

"Zu-Zu? Honey? Who did this to you? Please, sweetie! Who put this knife in you?!" Mina asked, desperate and sobbing.

"Ahhh! ARGH!...It...It was! AAAGGHHH!" Deku began. Ochako leaned over and made the boy look at her.

"Who. Stabbed you." Ochako said, calmly and focusing Deku's attention on her. Deku seemed to either be pushing past the pain as his writhing began to slow, until Ochako saw his eyelids drooping. He was about to pass out, "No, no, no! Deku we need ta know who did this ta ya! Please, don't close yer eyes on me now!"

"Ki-Ki...Kirishima..." Deku whispered before passing out.


Chapter Text

"Ki-Ki...Kirishima..." Deku whispered before passing out.

"Deku? Nononononononono! Deku! Stay with me! C'mon! Don't close yer eyes, Deku-kun!" Ochako hissed as Midoriya began to feel limp in her hands.

Mina, however, was frozen. Kirishima...Her Kirishima...Stabbed Midoriya? How? Why? If he was upset over the whole her suddenly entering a relationship with him, he should have known already that she was going to tell Deku the truth about them. Now she has no idea what to believe anymore. Just then shouts and clamoring up the halls erupted.

"What the fuck?! How the fuck did shitty Deku get hurt this time?!" the familiar, gravelly voice of Bakugo roared as the rest of Class 1-A rushed up.

"Bakugo-kun! Have you seen Kirishima-kun?!" Ochako ordered as the others looked at each other.

"What the fuck does Shitty Hair hafta-?! Wait! Are you sayin' HE did this to the damn nerd?!" Bakugo argued, "BULLSHIT! I know Shitty Hair's been acting up a bit but this ain't his style!"

"Bakugo-kun! Stop arguing with me and tell me where you've seen him!" Ochako screamed, her voice scratching. Even among the other students, Bakugo relented.

"Fuckin' hell, Round-Face! Last time I saw that dumbass, he was headed to his room earlier this afternoon! But there's no way--!" Bakugo began before Mina rushed past him in anger, tears pricking her eyes, "What the? Raccoon-Eyes! Where are you going?!".

"To give my horn buddy a piece of my fucking mind! If you want him alive, you'd better follow me...NOW!" Mina replied, her voice low and hostile.

"What the?! Raccoon-Eyes!" Bakugo yelled, rushing after her, "What about Deku? He's your boyfriend, ain't he?!" He was met with angry silence as he followed the pink girl to where the answers lied.


Kirishima silently entered his dorm room, all while holding a bloody utility knife in his hands. He took a different route that didn't let the others see him. For good reason.

Entering the room, he was met with muffled growls and cries from his bed. From...another Kirishima?

"Hehehehe. Well, looks like my mission took a biiiit of a snag there, porcupine. But, at least I got to bleed my precious Deku before I get to leave yer ass in the dust." The bloody Kirishima snickered. 'His' face contorted into a psychotic smile as the Kirishima on the bed growled and snarled from under the gag and bindings he was put in.

"To be fair, messing with yer class was fun. That whole 'fake dating' scheme shit kept all of the class in disarray while I stole samples for my work. First, swap places with Bakugo's bitch and convince Ochako-chan to 'fake-date' Bakugo and upset Deku. Get him to see Ochako for the slut she really was." The fake Kirishima cackled as his face and body melted into gray goo in front of the enraged red-headed hero. She began to put clothes on herself as she continued.

"Then, that moth girl showed up and started dating Deku, causing Ochako-chan to see how worthless she was to Deku! It's like poetry in motion, hmmmhmmmhmmm. But of course, I didn't know she was your girlfriend and that she wanted to tell Deku the truth and break things off with him. She's too nice, wanting to break things off before he got toooooo attached. Gotta tell ya, 'Shitty-Hair', you've got a loyal girl on yer hands." The body swapping villain giggled. Kirishima narrowed his eyes in disgust. Standing in front of him, naked with goo censoring her body, was Himiko Toga.

"But, I guess I tipped my hands a little too early. If Pinky and 'Chako find Deku, they'll be headed here to a beating. Hmmhmmhmm. You'll get expelled, I'll complete my mission, you'll lose a girlfriend and Deku loses whatever happy ending he was getting now. If only I could bleed him more." She whispered, insanely happy.

A loud bang at the door roused Himiko from her thoughts.

"SHITTY-HAIR! SHITTY-HAIR, OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR OR WE'LL BLAST IT OPEN!" Bakugo's voice growled from the other side. Himiko giggled, and his behind where the door would be. It broke open and Bakugo nearly tripped into the entrance.

"Okay, Shitty-Hair! What the hell was your deal with...Dafuq man!" Bakugo asked, confused. He slowly entered the dorm room, walking to Kirishima, still gagged on the bed. Kirishima grunted and squirmed, trying to get Bakugo to look behind him as Toga, eager to cause more bloody messes, snuck behind him.

"Wha? Shitty-Hair! I can't understand ya." Bakugo growled, as Toga raised her knife with a psychotic smile, "And yer fucking up the plan here."

'Plan?' Toga thought, before a splash of acid hit her hand and knife, causing her to scream in absolute pain.

"AAAAAHHHHH! What the hell?! Who?! YOU!" Toga shrieked as Bakugo untied and un-gagged Kirishima during her distraction. Toga turned and saw a seething Mina, acid dripping from her palm and glaring knives at the blonde psycho.

"You...You hurt my Kirishima...Hurt Zu-Zu-kun...I'll never forgive you...for WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!" Mina yelled, rearing up to use her acid again. But, Toga, realizing she can't face the three students, injured, dashed into Mina, smacking her into the wall.

"Arrghhh...Shiggy's gonna be pissed at me for this. Fuckin' Pink Bitch! I'll remember this!" Toga hissed as she dashed down the hall...that lead to all of the other students.

"What the?! Who the hell is this!?" The yellow haired, Denki Kaminari shouted. Ochako looked up from Deku, now slowly waking up the random, loud sounds.

"T-To...Toga! It's that Toga girl who...shape shifts..." Deku rasped. Ochako's eyes widened.

"You! You were pretending to be Kirishima-kun! YOU stabbed Deku-kun! What the hell is your obsession with him?!" Ochako yelled, causing the downed green-haired boy to flinch.

"Oh? This coming from the girl with her own obsession with 'Deku-kun? Like you have the right to him now, now that you've been swappin' spit with the explody-shit. You can't have Deku as yer first so don't come cryin' ta me, loser!" Toga mocked, jumping from wall to wall as each student tried to grab her. Tsuyu was the closest, nearly grabbing her with her tongue before Himiko made a swipe with her utility knives.

But, as she landed, she was blindsided by Ochako, who used the distraction the other classmates made to get in front of her as she landed, poked at herself with her floating quirk and did a massive jumping punch to Toga's jaw! The momentum of the punch and Ochako's anger, forced Toga to smash into the hall ceiling, electrocuting her on the ceiling light for a brief time.

"Shit! Dammit, 'Chako! You've got a temper! Too bad Deku's got eyes on Pinky, so he can't care to love you anymore! Too bad your plan didn't work out!" Toga teased, causing Ochako to freeze. And then her face darkened. Toga...She knew. Ochako soon realized. She planned it all out to hurt Deku! And used her to do it.

"You made me hurt Deku-kun...You tricked me into dating BAKUGO! JUST SO I'D HURT DEKU?! DIDN'T YOU!" Ochako yelled. Toga cackled as the other students gawked.

"Yup! To be honest, I was advised by Shigaraki to cause some disarray at UA. Cause the students to distrust each other. Ya know...standard discord behavior. But, I needed a starting line and you, my sweet Ochako-chan! Were the perfect patsy!" Toga explained, smiling manically, "Fake being Camie again, get you to make out with Bakugo in front of Deku-kun to upset him, which would cause the other losers here to fracture in groups over who's in the right or wrong. Honestly, didn't count on Deku-kun to start macking on Pinky-Pie but it stirred the pot further...But, I got impatient...and Mina wanted to break things off with our beloved so...I had to end things the way I usually do...with loads of blood, baby!"

"All of this...just to mess with everyone here? Just to what? Cause us all to hate each other?!" Ochako asked, angrily.

"Well Duh! You heroes are all about teamwork in your assignments! I should know, I was with you guys fer some of them. So boss thought, if we damaged the cohesion of your trust and teamwork, you'd all be easy pickings." Toga replied.

"So...You...Were the one...who messed with...Uraraka-san!" A raspy voice growled from behind the two girls. They turned and saw Midoriya, barely holding himself up. The knife still embedded in his side and he was breathing heavily. His face full of untapped anger and heartache.

"Deku-kun...Please get back down! You'll only make things worse for yourself!" Ochako cried out, only for Toga to use Deku's appearance to dash at Ochako with her knife. But, as she turned, a streak of green lightning moved in front of the brunette and Toga felt untold g-forces as she flew to the end of the hall, leaving a large crater in the wall.

Deku used his Quirk to make a mad-dash between the two and let loose a rage-filled, roundhouse kick to Toga's smug face. She shakily attempted to escape the crater he put her in, but, saw Bakugo, Kirishima and a very pissed Mina rushing to the scene.

"D-Dammit all...I didn't complete my job here. Aahhhhh...Fuck this shit, I'm out!" Toga hissed as she sloppily escaped from the hallway. Deku was still standing there, motionless as the trio arrived before finally, as Ochako placed a hand on his shoulder, fell unconscious entirely.


Blinding light pierced through Midoriya's eyes as he regained consciousness.

"Uuuuughhh...Wha...Where...? Where am I?" He rasped.

"Huh?! Hey, guys! He's awake! Midoriya's awake, y'all!" A familiar voice called out. Kirishima?

As his eyes adjusted, he saw what once were formless blobs become his friends. Everyone crowded around him, he was lying in a hospital bed--oh no.

"Oh no, not the hospital wing again...What body part did I break this time?" Midoriya groaned. Everyone gave mild chuckles and smiles as they knew he was alright. Midoriya hated being stuck in the hospital wing.

"Ya didn't break anything, dude. You got stabbed!" Kirishima said, with concern, "The fact you're complaining about broken bones worries me, bro.".

"Zu-Zu?! Zu-Zu, oh thank goodness you're okay!" Mina wheezed as she brushed past the others. Kirishima seemed a bit concerned. Ochako looked downcast and slowly backed away.

"Hey...Ashido-san..." Midoriya replied, causing the group surprise. Ochako perked up and Kirishima was confused.

"Wha...Don't...Don't you mean...?" Mina asked, shocked. She feared something changed.

"Ashido-san...I...Want to talk to you, Kirishima and Uraraka-san in private...if everyone's okay with that." Midoriya requested. Everyone, Bakugo included, all exited the room, giving the group some silence.

"So...Zu-Zu...What's wrong? I thought you liked calling me, Mina-chan." Mina asked, nervously.

"Ashido-san...I...I need to apologize. To you and Kirishima-san." Midoriya said, quietly.

"A-Apologize? Apologize for what, babe?" the pink girl asked, wincing.

"When you wanted to talk to Kirishima about us...I had a lot of time to think as we never...had the chance to ask him about it." Midoriya began. Ochako sat next to the greenette, "You and were already a couple...weren't you?". The red head and pink girl froze while Ochako was surprised. How did he know?

"When...when did you...?" Kirishima asked. Midoriya gave a sad smile.

"One time when Mina stayed over at my dorm...her room was getting fumigated for something." Midoriya replied, softly, "When she slept; which, by the way I slept on the floor and let her sleep on my bed because I felt it was proper; she mumbled about you. I...realized that Mina loved you and what we were doing was...was wrong. So, when she wanted to talk to you...which in hindsight meant she wanted to see Toga...I had the thought in mind to just break things off, anyway."

Mina's eyes pricked with tears and Kirishima wept as well.

"Zu-Zu...No, Midori...I'm really, truly sorry! I should have said something sooner but...everything felt so nice seemed so happy...I wasn't thinking." Mina explained, "Yes...Kirishima and I...we've always been close and I love him dearly. I should have said something to you and explained myself. But...with everything going on between you and Ochako-chan...I just didn't wanna hurt you that way...I...Ugh...I should have been more honest about that." Kirishima looked at his sad, pink skinned girlfriend.

"Yeah...I should have pulled y'aside, man. Told ya what was up when you and Mina started that thing. But...then Toga caught me by surprise..." Kirishima rasped. He felt more guilty, "But...I gotta say, in hindsight, I'm glad you were lookin' out fer my Horn Buddy." Causing the group to turn to the red hero.

"I mean...if you and Mina broke things off after that swim thing...and Mina went to me...She'd have been dealin' with that crazy freak show, Toga." Kirishima explained, "You kept her safe. And kept her smilin'. If anythin' were t'have happened ta her while I was stuck in that position for so long...which by the way, was NOT a pleasant experience...I dunno what I would have done. But you looked out for her...even when you knew it was wrong. And in the end, we're...all okay."

"...You're not the one in the hospital bed with a knife wound..." Midoriya grimaced, mostly about the stabbing. Kirishima flinched.

"Oh...Oh crap, right. Sorry." The sharp-fanged student winced.

"It-It's okay, Kirishima-san. We're all okay." Midoriya stuttered, "I-I'm just glad you're not upset that I unintentionally tried to...steal Mina from you. Had I known then...what I learned today...Things would've been much easier to deal with.".

"S-So...Midori...Are we...ya know..." Mina asked, hesitantly.

"We're friends still...Ashi-Mina-san. It may take some time before I...try to sound informal again. But we're friends." Midoriya replied, his smile bright and honest. Mina choked on a tear and leapt to hug the green haired cinnamon roll. Even after everything, he's so forgiving. Kirishima joined, making it a 'manly' hug. Ochako sat back and watched, dabbing a tear from her eye. She tried her best to keep quiet and not disturb the trio.

"Hey, Midori-bro?" Kirishima whispered, getting Izuku's attention, "What about Uraraka-san? Are you two...ya know? Gonna be alright?". Mina narrowed her eyes at her boyfriend; way to spoil the mood.

"Yeah...I just need to talk to her about some things. We'll be fine." The greenette said, rasping. Mina and Kirishima took this as their opportunity to leave, but Mina briefly went to Ochako.

"Now you listen here, Ochako-chan...Zu-Midori's still exhausted. Recovery Girl's medicine might kick in soon. If you do anything...that stresses out our little cinnamon roll...You got a Red Riot and Alien Queen to deal with, got it?" Mina mock-threatened. Ochako sweat-dropped while Izuku puzzled the phrase 'cinnamon roll'. Mina then winked at her and walked out, snagging her arm around Kirishima as the two left with smiles. They were back to normal easily.

And now...there were two. Izuku coughed awkwardly as Ochako moved her chair back to him.

"So....What happened while I was--?!" Izuku began before seeing Ochako tear up.

"I'm sorry." She rasped. Izuku tilted his head quizzically.

"Sorry?" He repeated.

"I'm sorry for everything. For the lies, the stupid dating Bakugo, when in hindsight, I never needed to. For...getting you hurt!" Ochako rambled, "All of what's happened here! All of what happened to you! To Mina-chan! Kirishima-kun! It's all. My. Fault! I'm such a bitch!".

"U-Uraraka-san! You're not to blame! Toga--!" He tried again, but Ochako shot a glare.

"Toga only pushed the idea on me! Even if she was pretending to be someone else...I still did what I did! And you all almost paid the price for my being a stupid...A STUPID WHORE!" Ochako yelled, her tears falling to her skirt and hands scrunched up in her lap, "I have no right to be your friend! No right to even...To even...!"

"If you say you have no right being here at UA, I swear by All Might, I will NOT forgive you!" Izuku said, harshly and quietly, "Fine! What you did was a really...monumentally bad decision. But, you cannot take full responsibility for it. Yes, you dated Bakugo to manipulate my emotions. But, it was because Toga took advantage of your feelings for me. I heard what she said at the fight. And I'm not blameless either." Ochako looked up at her friend in confusion.

"Mina was just trying to cheer me up...and maybe some...darker portion of my mind and heart wanted to make you jealous. So when she kissed me underwater when we keep me from drowning..." Izuku explained, "I decided to see she and I a thing; get over the...bad feelings I felt about you and Bakugo. Which is petty of me since I knew better. I had no right to you! You can be with anyone you want! And I should be happy for you. But...For that brief moment, I didn't want to be and that's stupid of me I didn't know about her and Kirishima...If I did, I wouldn't have done that. Just like you and the Bakugo-dating fiasco. I just...wanted to stop feeling hurt."

"...Deku-kun..." Ochako whispered, before feeling a hand wrap around one of hers.

"So...From now on...I want us to be honest with each other. At leasht as honesht ash we kin be...ash friendsh...ash...whatever we are any...more." Izuku rasped, his voice began to slur. He was tiring out. Recovery Girl's medication for him must be kicking in. "Aww...crapbashketsh...I'm...I'm gettin' rilly tired..."

"It's okay, Deku-kun. You get some sleep." The brunette whispered as Izuku yawned. She slowly tiptoed out of the room as she saw him fall asleep. 'So peaceful'

"Hey...Ura...raka-san?" Izuku slurred, causing the girl to perk up and turn back to the room.

"Y-Yes, Deku-kun?" She replied. She was worried he was going to just pass out from slumber at this point.

" be here...when I wake...up?" Izuku asked as he fell fully asleep. Ochako smiled softly, walked over to the slumbering patient and gave him a peck on the forehead, causing his sleeping visage to smile.

"Always, Deku-kun. Always." Ochako whispered sweetly as he slept.


"C'mon, Deku-kun! You're so slow!" Ochako laughed as she rushed outside with a smile.

"No running in the halls, Uraraka-san!" Tenya called out in the common room, "MIDORIYA! You mustn't run in the--!" But Izuku didn't listen and ran past the tall, engine quirk user.

"Sorry, Iida-kun! But Uraraka-chan promised that if I catch her in our game of tag, I can pick the movie for tonight's movie night!" Izuku shouted back as he ran out of the dorm after the gravity user. Tenya balked.

"But...This is Yaoyorozu's turn for movie night...Isn't it? Wait...Uraraka-chan?" Tenya asked, confusedly scratching his head. Mineta mumbled something about Midoriya being super lucky while Bakugo was on the phone.

"Yeah, you sure you're you, babe?...Hey, don't gimme that lip, I just found out my baby's been swapped for a damn thotty, psycho-bitch who's obsessed with Deku...O' course those two are fuckin' fine. Those two dipsticks talked it out while he was in the hospital for the stabbing. The stabbing he got from the psycho-bitch, weren't cha payin' atten--Hello? Don't you fuckin' mute me, Cams!...Are you talkin' to that tornado-fucker from the Provisionals!? Cams? Cams?!"

"Baku-bro? What's going--?" Kirishima asked while Mina nuzzled into his arms.

"I need ta get a teacher to drive me to Shiketsu! I am NOT losin' a girlfriend to that tornado-makin', half-n-half-loving, motherfucker!" Bakugo roared as he rushed to the teacher's lounge. Mina giggled as Kirishima stroked her hair softly, in confusion.

"Tornado-makin', half-n-half-loving...Motherfucker? What's he on about?" Kirishima mumbled in confusion. Just then Shoto and Momo walked down from the dorm rooms, slightly disheveled. Mina noticed a small mark on Momo's neck.

"I believe he's referring to Yoarashi-san from Shiketsu. His Quirk is Whirlwind. It's likely that Bakugo's being insecure that someone who's close to Utsushimi-san in class is also close to her romantically. But, knowing Bakugo...He'd just yell and say otherwise." Shoto explained. Just then, Bakugo stomped back in.

"YER DAMN RIGHT, HALF-N-HALF!" Bakugo yelled before exiting again. Everyone was briefly stunned. But Mina decided to play her usual mischief.

"So Momo...You look rather tired. Y'okay, sweetie?" Mina asked. Kirishima sensed something was up now.

"O-Oh! Yes. I didn't get enough sleep last night and need some coffee. Would you like some?" Momo asked, innocently.

"Nah! I've got my personal wake up stuff right here. So glad I can cuddle up to my horn buddy again." Mina giggled as Kirishima blushed with a smirk.

"It could not have been all bad with Midoriya as your liaison for that little while. He did improve your grades with your studies..." Momo said, pointedly reminding Mina of her increased grade average.

"Oh yeah, Midori was a great tutor...But, Kiri's my man to the end. Right, babe?" Mina replied, getting off of Kirishima and turning to Momo, sitting at the kitchen island with Shoto. Kirishima smirked wider and got behind her, wrapping his muscular arms around her waist. A familiar feeling, but less guilty now, filled her gut.

"That's right, babe. Y'ain't gettin' rid o' me that easily. MWA!" Kirishima said, smiling before kissing her shoulder. He placed his lips there again before blowing a raspberry on it, tickling the pinkette into a fit of giggles.

"S-S-Stop, Kiri! C-C-C'mon! You're emb-arrassing me! HAHAHAHA! Stop, b-b-b-babe!" Mina giggled as she tried to wrench herself from her hard-skinned boyfriend, "K-K-Keep this up and I m-m-may try ta get back with...with...PAHAHAHAHAHAHA! STOP, C'MON!!!"

" least some things are back to normal around here. I just wonder if Ochako-chan and Midoriya-kun are going to actually be alright." Momo said, softly.

"I believe they will recover. Midoriya can be the 'easily forgiving' sort. Taken his relationship to Bakugo...which if it were anyone else; aside from Kirishima, none of us would be as...friendly and forgiving to him." Shoto explained, "I'm still surprised that Ochako lasted as long as she did with Bakugo. Or Utsushimi-san. If it were me in that position *shudders*...I'd freeze myself to death as quickly as possible."

Momo giggled, eliciting a smile from Todoroki.

"Yeah! You'd be more interested in leaving a hickey on Yaomomo's neck, you sly dog!" Mina cackled, finally free of Kirishima's grip.

"Wait! Hickey? On Momo's neck?" Mineta gasped, rushing over before Shoto gave the pint-sized pervert an icy glare full of death threats and rage. The purple haired perv backed away slowly, before bolting up the stairs. Momo clutched her neck side in embarrassment.

"So what led this on, Todoroki-kun?" Kiri asked, genuinely curious.

"When Mina and Midoriya were...interested in each other...I felt a sudden desire to try out expressing my feelings as well. With Momo-chan." Shoto replied quietly, blushing intensely, "And when the whole thing between you and Midoriya got fixed...Momo-chan and I just continue. We would only do this when we have no schoolwork or internships to focus on. We did not need distractions from work."

"A-And we're going at our pace. Not all of us can be as quick in the romantic field as you, Mina-chan." Momo interjected, "Or with your physicality in the relationship."

"All while sporting a hickey I can see from here? Sounds like you guys let out some serious repression this mornin'." Mina exclaimed, smiling. Momo blushed profusely, "H-Hey! It's fine! I'm happy for you both, Yaomomo! Todo-kun! You guys needed to live a little! Spice things up for you both."

"At least it's First Base! It's not like he went and stole Second Base and left...Uuuuhhh?" Kirishima began, before noticing Momo's blush intensify, covering her chest while Shoto's eyes widened and began to shudder, "Oh sweet mercy...You DIDN'T!"

"Wha-?! Kiri, what are you on about?!" Mina asked, her eyes shining and grin widening.

"Kirishima...If you tell her...I will hurt you." Shoto interrupted, his glare burning, his tone; icy (naturally). Kirishima became concerned. This news was too good to pass up, "I know what you're thinking. Don't. Tell. Her.".

"Indeed, Kirishima-kun. I would rather not have Mina...react." Momo hissed.

"What? That Shoto and you went and stole Second Base?" Kirishima replied, not realizing what he said. He saw Mina bounce maniacally and gasp at the pony-tailed hero, while Todoroki got off his chair...and began to walk right to him. "...Uh oh. Mina, baby...if he kills me, make sure my funeral's the manliest funeral you can make." He whispered to his Alien Queen, who nodded; not likely listening.

"BAKUGO! TAKE ME WIT' YA, BUDDY!!!" Kirishima screamed as he ran out the door, followed by an enraged Todoroki.


Ochako and Deku were lying in the grass, their chase ended with Izuku catching her...and falling on his ass. (A/N: Stupid rhyme at a stupid time, never on a dime).

The two were laughing and tickling each other. Finally relaxing after the drama they underwent over the last month. They moved to a private spot under a tree and watched the clouds.

"Haaaaahhhh...It's good to get some time away from the crazy stuff, eh Deku?" Ochako asked, rhetorically. Deku hummed in agreement, his shut his eyes and let the air flow by him. He felt weight on his shoulder and smiled softly. Ochako nestled up to him and enjoyed the quiet.

"So...Did you know Todoroki-kun and Yaoyorozu-chan are dating in private?" Ochako asked. Deku opened an eye and looked at his companion.

"Yeah...I saw them yesterday, actually. Honestly, those two needed to cut loose...though I think they overdid it." Deku replied, pointing nervously as Kirishima ran, screaming as Todoroki chased after him with both Quirks activated. Ochako giggled.

"How 'over' were they 'doing' it?" Ochako asked, flirtatiously.

"...Second Base..." Deku replied, shyly. Ochako sputtered wildly.

"T-T-They w-w-w-w-went to S-S-S-S-S-Second Base?! Already?! How did you know?" Ochako asked, leading to Deku giving her a telling look of fear, "Oh. So...Did Yaomomo leave hickeys on Todoroki-kun's chest or did he...?"

"I am not answering that one...Todoroki and Yaoyorozu-san were okay with me telling you but they did NOT want the details given." Deku replied, sternly. Ochako glared.

"Ya saw Shoto leavin' hickeys on Yaomomo's boobs, didn't ya?" Ochako asked, deadpan.

"...Yes..." Deku replied, quickly adding "She-had-a-bra-on!". Luckily, Ochako giggled at her friend's blush and nervous reaction.

"I bet she did." Ochako said, huskily. Deku flinched and blushed harder "So...Should we go for First Base ourselves...?".

She was cut off by a pair of lips pressing against hers. She moaned at the sudden contact but pressed back at her companion's surprise attack. Deku may not have been her first kiss, and she may not be his, but this was perfect enough. Lips mashed and tongues lashed against each other for a few moments before separating.

"Hah, hah...Better...late than never, huh?" Deku asked, with a wobbly smirk. Both were panting heavily. A week of talking things out, apologizing up and down...and discovering a few things, led to this moment.

"Hah...Yeah...Better than never. I'm...Glad we talked things out and told each other these things, Deku-kun..." Ochako whispered as she nestled back into Midoriya's shoulder.

"Yeah...Me too...Kinda wish we'd done this way earlier...spare us a lot of trouble...among other things...ah...still tender..." Deku said, wincing at his side.

"It's like that cuz you keep pokin' at it. Let Recovery Girl look at it again if it hurts so much." Ochako said, hushed and worriedly.

"I'd...rather you..." Deku began, before trailing off. His cheeks were apple red.

"Rather me what? Look at it?" Ochako asked, before noticing the blush, "Or maybe...kiss it better?". His cheeks went full crimson, "Okay...later tonight. I'll come over and check it out. I may not have Recovery Girl's Quirk...but...anything to help ya feel better, m'kay?"

"Y-Yeah...Same here. I'm...I'm glad we're a...a...a thing now, Ochako." Deku whispered, huskily. Ochako blushed as she bit her lip.

"Me too, Deku. Me too." Ochako whispered back. They were at peace.



Until Kirishima screamed to the high heavens as Shoto blasted him with his Fire Quirk and got shot into the air...At least there was their little night time rendezvous to look forward to.


Chapter Text

*Izuku POV*
Star Date: 01-01-20XX
Huff...Huff...Huff...Okay, communication recorder set, notification protocol set...Okay. Guess I just...make my journal entry here.

My name is Izuku Midoriya. I am...or was, an Ensign aboard the Starship UA. Our mission was to follow Earth's orbit counter-clockwise to prove the existence of the 'Alternate Earth' theorem envisioned by Dr. Shoto Todoroki. Not half a year in and...we found out it was real. I was in the middle of a standard test flight of the shuttles to see if they can survive re-entry--I always get the suicidal tests. They think I'm lucky because despite wearing the 'red-shirts' of cannon fodder, I survived the deadliest of accidents and encounters the crew's dealt with.

But...I guess I took my luck with me when the ship got attacked. Some strange monstrous Xenomorphic entities cascaded into the ship. No one survived. Not even my old friend, Kacchan. My shuttle got hit by those monsters and I crashed onto the planet. Everything here is...beautiful. The foliage, the fauna...everything! Dr. Todoroki was right! It's a near-exact copy of modern Day Earth...just...haven't seen any humans.

Starting to wonder if I landed in a random park. And I have a confession to make...I was saved by a local! They look as near human to us as anything. Just...They seem to have...technicolor bodies? This local...a girl; really cute, really pretty...oh man! She resuscitated me when from my unconscious body. I thought I died and went to heaven. She was...very...really pretty. I'd like to add to the journal that I have ZERO skills when it comes to dealing with girls. Only girl I was normal around was my pal, Uraraka. I was happy to be there at her wedding to Tsuyu. Lovely affair, anyone who finds this recording, you missed out......I wonder how they're doing?

Anyway, I should go on to mention a detail that...kinda floored me. This girl; the local...whom I've personally taken to call...Pinky; see cuz she's got this hot pink color to her skin, but, she's kinda got a violet tint to her skin--I'm rambling, sorry! She was stark NAKED! Like full on, just--Letting everyone see her chest, her butt...her...yeah, you can see where I'm going with this. And I had this weird inkling that...she was really happy to meet me. Like I'm an old friend she hasn't seen in a long time. I wonder if she speaks a language like ours...Ensign Midoriya Out!

*Normal POV*

Izuku Midoriya was a strange one. Always lucky to survive the worst of experiences. He tries to be friends with everyone he meets, but they try to avoid him. The problem was he was awkward and shy outside of mission work on the Starship UA. Him being on that shuttle when UA was destroyed was the craziest luck he had ever had.

Midoriya fell unconscious after crashing down on the 'Alternate Earth'. He didn't know he would be helped by a local. The local, Pinky as Izuku would call her early on, found him out cold near his escape shuttle. The crash site was not far from her home as he would learn. Izuku would find her to be the strangest creature he's ever met. And strikingly, the most exotic too.

When he awoke from his unconscious state, she greeted him with exuberance and joy. While also greeting him with a fully nude, wet body after apparently taking a swim in a river by her hut. She didn't understand why he was so flummoxed by her appearance. She did switch to a tribal-style top and loincloth two-piece but this was just the beginning.

A week has gone by and Izuku's shuttle couldn't be repaired. He sighed in annoyance as his Earth food stuffs and supplies were dwindling. He didn't know if he could survive without the exosuit he wore from the crash until Pinky noted to him that she gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation to keep him from asphyxiating in the suit. In truth, she didn't even need to; just pop open the visor and let the atmosphere of 'Terra' into his system and he'd have been fine.

But it wouldn't have been as fun for her then. She kept it secret. While Izuku called her an Alien, it was more accurate to say he was the Alien. She led him along various walks about her home. He was fascinated by her. Their world was a mirror of Earth in its entirety. Almost similar histories too. Also, by this point, Pinky revealed her name; Mina Ashido. A pretty unique name for a pretty unique girl. She had been living in the woods by herself for years. Sure, she goes to the City whenever she wanted...but, no one came to see her. She was alone and had no one to talk to. So, Izuku decided to give her some friendship.

She was what Izuku referred to as a Naturalist. She preferred the comforts of the outdoors, roughing it, camping, hunting and swimming. She had store bought foods for certain times she couldn't do that, but, otherwise, she's out there getting her meals the old fashioned way. And she did it with barely any protection. Her body secreted a liquid acid that didn't melt humanoid flesh but could paralyze or melt anything if she put her mind to it. Izuku, upon being told and shown that ability, was enamored...and more than a little concerned for his well-being.

Izuku sees Terra City for the first time. It was just like any modern Earth City that he's lived in before, but the people were; like Mina, technicolor.

Izuku has been shown around Terra's main city for about a month now. The people around him are in constant awe of the new arrival to their world. For Midoriya's part, he's unbelievably shy about it. Mina, however, is all smiles about it. She loves to bring him along for her little adventures. Again, to Midoriya's credit, he's nervous about it. Apparently, Mina wasn't the only one who believed in the walk-around-in-your-birthday-suit lifestyle. Some wore clothes. Not a lot. But they did at least.

Mina began to cling to Izuku when more of the females of her kind began to flock to him.

"S-s-s-s-so many people...I'm not good in crowds, Mina...Especially...these kinds of crowds..." Izuku whispered fearfully.

"Okay, Midori. Let's get you some place quiet and safe." Mina hushed back. She pulled him along and they ran fast and swiftly through the city ways. Midoriya was impressed with Mina's dexterity and speed. She knew where to go, how to get there and what to move. Eventually, the young man found himself in a secret garden-like location within the green-zone of the city; Green-Zone meaning city where the foliage is more plentiful. The light of the sun filtered from the trees, striking Mina's form like the image of a painting; clothes or no clothes.

"Wow...Thanks for...bringing me here...Mina. It's...unbelievable. Nothing like Earth's cities...or plants." Izuku gasped as he turned himself around to gaze on their new secret spot.

"Yup! I come here all of the time. It's my little hiding spot. So...Since I showed you my secret place, I have a request." Mina said, her mischievous smile nearly splitting her face. Izuku felt dread. Nothing good came from her prankster mindset.

"Umm...Uh, what's the request?" He asked.

"Can I have a hug?" Mina asked, innocently.

"...Wait, what?" The green haired explorer asked, confused.

"I would like a hug. But with you OUT of that dumb robot suit...And maybe without the form fitting shirt on...but baby steps." Mina said, smiling with outstretched arms. Izuku stuttered for minutes for passing out from the imagination of hugging a naked girl in his regular clothes. Mina sighed.

"Man...this boy's really making me work for it.".

Izuku officially moved into Mina's hut outside Terra City.

Izuku has been living with Mina for roughly a month. He's found no place for himself and whenever he tries to return to the shuttle, Mina drags him to her hut to sleep in her bed. She believed the shuttle was an unsettling home for him and not comfortable.

'I mean...she's not wrong but...' Izuku muttered.

Eventually, he had to face facts. Mina wanted him to stay with her. The shuttle doesn't work. It can't fly, the recording system got fully fragged by the time Izuku placed his first audio journal in. Ultimately, he accepted and moved himself in. He helped with chores, making food...but to his fault, he can't help but feel flustered when Mina walks around without clothing.

Another detail, Izuku had noticed. He found patches of his skin begin to change color. Pale green with a single black streak. He wasn't sick. His suit would alert him to disease. Mina giggled and made no issue of it. This lead to Midoriya worrying. Lately, since moving in, he's noticed Mina in the more...intimate light. Her swaying hips, her plump lips. He can't help but find some form of attractive feature to her. And that's not getting into how he admires her personality. She's playful, thoughtful, makes jokes that relaxes him. She's also always giving him comforting hugs when he's upset or depressed with his current state of living.

He just has to wonder...Does she find him okay to be around?

Two Months and Izuku's worried about himself.

He wonders if he's going native. Since moving in, he's begun to notice in himself new habits. He's begun to wear less clothes. Thankfully, old instincts keep his pants on but even then, he's almost forgotten five times.

The patches on his skin have grown in number. He has almost perfectly symmetrical patches on his arms, legs...even on his torso and the back of his neck. He really begins to worry if he's not turning into a monster from the food he's eaten.

And then...there's his friendship to Mina. Lately, he's been more receptive to her hugging him. He hugs her back, but catches himself...being very clingy to her. Like he never wants to break apart from their hugs; which she doubles down and pushes him down and cuddles next to him for. He slowly strokes her back and he feels very...happy...when she hums and moans to his ministrations.

'What the hell am I doing?' Izuku thought. He's seen how the people of Terra are quite physically affectionate. The ones in relationships seem to not have any physical boundaries or get upset when they are held by their significant other or giving public displays of affection. Is it his mind processing these reactions to himself as a 'when in Rome' kind of sensation?

He felt guilty for it but he made a resolution. He had to leave Terra, otherwise he'd do something horrible to Mina.

"Hey, Midori..." Mina whispered, half-sleeping from her comfy spot on Midoriya's prone body.

"Um...Yes, Mina?" Izuku asked, stuttering. He felt her nose and cheek nuzzle against his bare chest. These strange feelings in his body were erupting and wanting more from her.

"...'M glad you landed here...You've made my life so much more fun..." Mina slurred in her sleepy state.

"Mina...Somehow I'm going to fix my ship...I...I think I'm going crazy. I've got these green patches on my body...My mind keeps getting weird thoughts...And not like, good weird thoughts." Izuku explained, his eyes full of fear and confusion as the pink-violet colored girl looks with genuine concern. She becomes downcast.

"Midori...Get up...I...have something to give you." Mina muttered, somberly. Midoriya was confused and concerned. Mina was a bubble of pure joy and positivity during his arrival to Terra. For her to just...become so sullen, it hurt him to not know why. They put on clothes; to be accurate, Mina put on some clothes. It was night time. It was bit chillier than the day...and Noumu, whatever a Noumu was, were said to prowl the night.

She led him back to the crash site of the shuttle. Izuku tilted his head quizzically. What was important here? She moved to a boulder near the former-wreck and pushed it away. Underneath it...were some parts that were missing from it. The Hydro-Spanner, the Samophlange, the ignition coils and core...How did she know they were there?

"Mina...You knew these were here when I repairing the shuttle months ago? Were you...keeping me from leaving?" Midoriya asked, a voice harsh with restrained fear.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know what they were for! But, when you were looking for missing parts for your ship...I...I didn't know what to do!" Mina sobbed, "I wanted to tell you...but I was scared of you leaving...You've been the first friend I've had in years and...I'm sorry. I won't...I won't get in your way...Please...You can go home..."

Mina walked to her hut as she sobbed, leaving Midoriya to solemnly finish his repairs on the shuttle. He labored and found the parts' places easily. He re-installed them and saw the shuttle rumble to life. But instead of accomplishment...he felt a sense of sadness. Sure Mina didn't tell him where the missing parts were, but...he never asked her if she did know at the time. He just said nothing to her. And Mina was alone for years. Checking the fuel gauge, Izuku came to a realization.

Back at the hut, Mina sat in the couch of her home, trying her best to stop her tears. She wished she just showed him the parts before. But no, she wanted to keep Izuku with her. She was alone for so long that her desire for companionship overrode her morality. She wanted to give Izuku the parts. She wanted to help him succeed and fix his ship. But, at the cost of again living in near-isolation? What could she really do?

Just then, the door to the hut opened. She turned and gasped as Izuku entered, his face stone-stoic and focused on her. He got on his knees as she sat at the foot of the couch, her eyes never leaving his gaze. His hands cupped her face to her confusion.

"Uhhhh...Midori? Why are you--Mppph?!...Mmmmmmm..." Mina asked, interrupted by Izuku's lips mashing against hers. She was shocked, but the euphoria of his kiss let her melt into his arms. The mashing of their lips caused the patches on Izuku's skin to grow more in size on his body. Mina saw and pulled away, "M-M-Midori! Stop! If you stay, you'll...Your skin's changing!".

Izuku sat next to Mina, who feared for her new friend as she pawed at the changing marks of skin. What once was Caucasian-White (A/N: Or just...Asian? I don't know skin colors, sue me), began to become pale green with minor black streaked marks; like side-way V's.

"I kinda figured...the longer I've been here on your planet...the more I become one of your people. So I was wondering...if you...came with me on my shuttle, would you change too?" Izuku explained. Mina backed away in worry. Surely, he wasn't thinking of it.

"Don't...Don't worry, I'm not going to take you on the shuttle. I...checked a few things about it. Only got enough full to be in the air...for like maybe a few minutes. I wouldn't get very far anyway." Izuku said, calming the pink girl. He extended a hand. She took it as he pulled her closer, wrapping her in his arms. "So...I am a bit mad that you hid those parts from me...but in all honesty, I'd be stuck here even if you did show them to me.".

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I should have given them to you from the start...I just..." Mina muttered, tightening her hold around his waist. Izuku felt her skin against his as he nuzzled into her shoulder. "I won't ask to be forgiven. I...I've been selfish, Midori....So......I'll help you with anything. Please, let me make it up for how I hurt you, Midori!".

Izuku gave a soft smile before pressing his lips against hers. She melted again into it. Her hands sifted through he hair, he moved her to the point she was then straddling him. One hand held the small of her back while the other sifted it's way to her hip.

"What I a friend to help me get used to these changes. Will me with that?" Izuku asked, a shy smile as he pressed his forehead against hers. Just barely avoiding her little horns.

"I will...I'll help long as you'll...have me, my Midori." Mina replied, breathily. She leaned in, eager to make up to her 'friend'.

Months Later...On Earth...

A shuttle crash lands on the Aerospace Division strip of the UA research Center.

"Move aside, move aside!" A doctor yells as he passes military police, "If there are any survivors of Starship UA, I must see to them."

A military commander stops him, "Sorry, Dr. Todoroki. The wreckage had no one inside. Just a flight recorder."

"Show me." Todoroki ordered.

The commander led Todoroki to a closed room with the video data already installed.

"What does the recorder have?" Todoroki asked. The commander shrugged.

"It has two recordings on it. Journal entries from one, Ensign Izuku Midoriya of the Starship UA." The commander explained, "We notified his next of kin. His only relative. His mother will be here shortly and she asked us to wait for you both."

Just then a portly woman with green hair and eyes entered the room.

"Dr. Todoroki! Did you watch the recorder? Did it show my son?!" She clamored.

"Calm yourself, Ms. Midoriya. I only arrived myself." The dual-haired man replied, "Commander...would it be alright if we watched the recorder in private?".

"Sure. The boys already examined the footage. Strangest thing too." The commander said, "Didn't the Ensign to go full native on us...but given the fuel the shuttle had left apparently, that ending seems preferred to 'death by planetary re-entry'.". He exited the room, leaving the concerned mother and doctor to watch.

The video flickered on, revealing Izuku facing the recorder camera. They listened to the first recording (The recording at the beginning). And both gave a sigh of relief. It was the second recording that Ms. Midoriya and Dr. Todoroki surprised them. They didn't expect Izuku's body to have green and black markings on his skin. But, they saw him smiling, which relieved them further.

"Um...Hello? Is this thing working?...Oh okay, it's working. Um...Hi there, this is the final recording of Ensign...Well, Former Ensign Izuku Midoriya. Several months ago, um...Our mission to reach the 'Alternate Earth'...which as it turns out; is called Terra by her people; failed. I was sent first as part of the scout unit to reach the planet with the shuttle...the one I hope reached you guys, otherwise this recording's gonna be a waste...Um...The Starship got attacked by these weird monsters called...'Noumu'. They...wiped out the ship. Kacchan's gone. I saw him die. I wish I could've saved him."

Ms. Midoriya shed tears. She'd have to tell Mitsuki about this. Bakugo's parents and lover would need to be told about his passing. All of the crew's families would need to know.

"Midori! I'm home, honey!" an unfamiliar voice came out. It surprised Todoroki and Ms. Midoriya thoroughly. They saw Izuku brighten significantly, blushing and leaning away from the camera.

"Hey! I'm in our room, Mina! Just uh...ooooh. Right. If this is being shown to my friend Dr. Todoroki and...Mom...I hope you guys are okay. And don't worry 'bout these uh...these um...markings? From what I researched...this may be due to my body adapting the planet's atmosphere or environment or something. Totally harmless. Since I landed, things have been...actually not at all bad. I've made friends with the people here. All of them a very friendly and kind. Dr. Todoroki, I hope this message helps prove your theorem about the Alternate-Earth orbit project you told me. Oh, and Mom...Eheh...I bet you heard that voice now, huh? Um...Yeah, when I landed...I met this girl. Her name's Mina and she's the best friend I ever had. Bar none."

Ms. Midoriya teared up. Her boy was safe...and he had someone special with him.

"I mean, yeah...she hid some of the shuttle parts for a...for a while before she showed me where they were. But she had good reasons. She...was always alone and never really had someone to be there for her for so long so...she was scared when she found out I was trying to come home...But, heyheyheyhey! She and I are okay now. In fact, we're um...way more than okay. We're um...Um uh...Oh jeesh, how do I explain this?"

Todoroki gave a knowing smirk to the teary-eyed mother. She sniffled and smiled at the stoic doctor.

"Um...Mina and I...we, um...well since my body adapted to the environment of decided to um...oh jeez...I'm really scared on how you'll react, Mom. But, here goes. Ah...fuck it. Mina and I had sex, okay? I'm fully native now. And I, uh...I, um...Asked her to be my wife. And she said 'YES'! So...We'll um, be married by the time you get this message. And uh...With a kid on the way, too. Hehe, you're gonna be a grandmother to a half-human, half-terran baby girl, Mom. Likely, she'll be here after the message gets received. We're naming her Izumi. Izumi Ashido-Midoriya. And if Hanta Sero makes a pun about her initials; I swear to All Might, I'll find some way to reach him and smack the bitch outta him....Wow, I've gotten snarkier over the months."

"I'll say, honey. But, that makes you all the better a lover." The female voice said, off-screen. Her voice was husky and Inko sensed it was full of desire.

Ms. Midoriya was floored while Todoroki chuckled.

"Your son has been it seems." Todoroki joked.

"Yes...And he's made me proud." Inko sobbed, dabbing tears from her eyes. A father; her son is a father now.

"So yes...I became part of this society. Been teachin' 'em about Earth and it's people. Comparing histories of our worlds., yeah. That's uh...that's it. I'm safe, happy, in love, married and soon-to-be a father. I hope you find your way here, Mom. I really want you to meet the family I...*leans from the camera and smiles*...We made. I love you. This is Ensign Izuku Midoriya of the Starship UA signing off...once and for all."

Before the recording ended, a woman with pink skin, black and gold eyes and little horns came into camera view and sat on Izuku's lap; her belly protruding as a mark of advanced pregnancy. The two gazed into each other's eyes longingly as he caressed her belly gently.

"I promise I'll look after our boy, Ms. Mama Midori. truly happy you brought him into my life. I love him so much. I hope you meet the rest of us. Or maybe we'll find our way to you. We've got people on it." Mina said, huskily. She placed a hand on her stomach and cooed, "She's kicking, honey..."

The recording ended. Silence descended on the room.

"Well...Not exactly how we envisioned our mission to go out. But, your son's home now, Lady Midoriya. And he's growing stronger everyday now." Todoroki said.

"Yes. And he's found himself a beautiful mate for himself. Continuing the royal line without even knowing it." Inko said, shakily, "We'll have to make a new Starship UA. More of us need to return to Terra after all."

Todoroki nodded, "Indeed. When you told me your son was showing signs of his evolution to full Terran...All of our covers would be blown." Inko nodded as well.

"I'm just glad he made it to our planet safely. My son, a family man and a liaison to Earth?" Inko stated.

"Do not worry, Lady Midoriya. I already have people working on UA2 since the creation of the first ship." Todoroki noted, "We'll be prepped soon for the voyage...and the chance to see your son become a King...with his new 'Alien Queen' will be ever higher now."

Inko brushed her wrist, revealing green and black markings.

"Well I need to call Mitsuki about her son. The Bakugo family protected our clan for many generations along with the Todoroki family. She needs to know her son at least reached Terra's sight." Inko stated as she got up.

"Indeed. I'll call the others in too. Ochako, Tsuyu, Tenya, the Shield wife. Kyoka and Kaminari. We're almost ready to reach home." Todoroki concurred, rubbing the 'burn mark' on his face.