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The White Enchantress

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There was a magic place named Avalon known as the home of the Lady of the Lake. That place was the source of all magics, also known as the place where the legendary sword Excalibur was created.
On the brink of the end of Holy War, a little girl with torn clothes carried a bundle of baby whose skin still red. She flew before floating on the air right above the surface of the sacred lake.
Crying, she pleaded the Lady of the Lake “please... please, save her... if this goes on, she’ll die...”.
“it’s hard request even for me, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do it”, the Lady of the Lake explained the conditions that the baby had to go through “for a mean time, this baby’s time will stop until she’s strong enough and she can live for sure. Would you accept it?”.
“if it means she can live, I’ll accept it and I’ll wait no matter how long it’s needed!?”.
“tell me first, why would you want to do this for her? that baby doesn’t belong to you, not even your family”.
“I failed to save her parent that I consider as my family. At least, I want to save their daughter, I have to?!”.
Looking down to the raven haired little girl who cried while holding tightly the baby on her tiny arms, the Lady of the Lake took the baby in pity “...very well, but only if this baby survives, once you meet again with this baby someday, you have to do something”.
Raven-haired golden-eyed girl blinked her eyes in confusion “what is it?”.
“you have to—”.

3000 Years Later

That day a married couple, King and Queen from certain Kingdom had come, begging for a child to the Lady of the Lake. The Lady of the Lake complied their request, she could give a child for them with conditions. The husband actually felt doubt to agree, knowing they only had little time to be spent with this child who would leave them someday but considering how his wife really wanted a child, he agreed in the end, though hesitantly.
The Lady of the Lake lifted her hand gracefully as a baby, enveloped within blue, green and yellow light with silver sparkles, floating to the couple “what is your name, human?”.
“Leodegrance”, the King answered as he lifted the beautiful baby. He smiled down looking at his teary-eyed wife who looked blissful as she carrying the sleeping baby on her arms, before he looked back to the Lady of the Lake who spoke to them to give her last warning “remember, this child is just like two-edged sword because she has both sides just within her presence. She has the blessing of goddess and the curse of demon. She can bring glory but also can invite the calamity. I’ve done everything with my all might to keep her here in her deep slumber, but it’s over now. Once she reaches her 16 years old, her blood will be awaken”.
The Queen was unaffected, persisted to keep the baby with her “what is this child’s name?”.
The Lady of the Lake smiled down to them “you are her parent, just give her name. What I can tell is only one thing. Someday, she will be the Queen”.
Leodegrance caressed the messy blonde hair of the sleeping baby, looking down to her with fatherly, fond smile “from now on, your name is Guinevere Cameliard”.