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The White Enchantress

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Private Residence of Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas had dragged her to the veranda for their little drink session and she had accepted after she had story-telling Gwen to sleep "for as long as I've known you, you wouldn't do something meaningless. I will ask one more time, why so sudden?".

Tipping her head backward, she drank her wine before she smiled, rolling her glass "well, would you believe it if I said that this little girl kind of reminded me with my childhood? When I was too helpless, too powerless as a child... to ever fight against such powerful strength, from taking away my precious family and home?".

Meliodas remembered the wounds she had gotten from her effort to rescue Gwen "don't tell me... the wound on your head...".

"yes, it was her doing", Merlin closed her eyes and drank her wine, caressing the bandage around her head "it was an accident, nothing's serious. She didn't do it in purpose to hurt me because she was just too afraid, not knowing whom she could trust... just like when the first time I met you and big sis-sis...".

"eh, be careful now, have you drunk already?", Meliodas chuckled with toothy grin, looking down from her slightly reddened face to a ton of wine bottles behind them "and you know, if you're gonna be her mother... at least I thought you should be more careful with your drink from now on".

"don't be ridiculous. I will not let my guard down, Captain. These are still not enough to make me drunk and everyone's sleeping on their room already", Merlin scoffed, pointing the bottles behind her before she went to call the day off "well then, I guess I will wash my face before going to sleep. I need to buy new wardrobe and several new clothes for her tomorrow, after all".

Meliodas called her, looking to her bandaged head, neck and forearms "just don't force yourself, 'kay?".

Merlin simply waved her hand before she went to sleep with Gwen on their shared bed in, of course, their shared room.

The ground and the floor of the Castle... no, the Earth was shaking violently. Thunderous sounds along with lightning came one by one, struck down from the sky to the earth. It was so scary. She was afraid, even if her parent never left her side. Her mother carried her as her father held her mother's hand and led the way to the throne room. Her father closed the door to the throne room but suddenly, the door to the throne room opened wide, revealing dark shadow engulfed her parent before the wall above them collapsed and fell to crush their body. Her parent shielded her with their body and she was alive.

"Guinevere...", her mother whispered weakly and apologized "even if... you are not my biological... daughter... I always think of you as my only daughter... I love you... thank you...".

She hiccuped "no... what do you mean, mother?".

"your biological parent is alive".

Right after her father, Leodegrance told her that, a creeping shadow loomed over them and she cried in anguish "KYAA?!".

When Merlin opened the door to her room, she saw Gwen gasped and jerked her head backward before she sat up, breathing raggedly, perspiration covered all over her body.

Merlin sat on the edge of her bed "what's wrong? Do you have a nightmare?".

Gwen flinched and said nothing, wiping her tears quickly before she curled into ball with her trembling body.

Merlin didn't wait for her answer, she climbed on her bed, lying beside Gwen. Pushing Gwen gently back to bed and pulling her closer to her chest, Merlin kissed her forehead in attempt to calm down the little girl after her terror night before she closed her eyes and patted her head "just sleep, I will sleep with you".

Snuzzling her face on Merlin's chest and feeling the surge of warmth from Merlin's body heat, Gwen fell into her deep slumber once more time.

When Merlin arrived on the throne room, she found a couple shielding a toddler with their body. They wore the fancy robes with crown and tiara on their head, so Merlin could easily recognize them as King and Queen of Cameliard Kingdom. The little girl must be their daughter. Lifting her head up, Merlin saw the large shadow came out of the couple's body, trying to devour the little girl who crawled out of her parent's body. Merlin had intended to use 'Exterminate Ray' to save the little girl and get rid of the evil entity but the little girl got rid of it before Merlin did. Merlin shocked to see this girl had possessed such powerful magic. What this little girl was using to get rid of the evil entity was two rare magic spell to push the evil entity who possessed random vessel and purify any evil entity, the magic belonged to Goddess clan member, 'Let There Be Light' and 'Tranquilize'.

Above all, it came from 3-years-old toddler?

"Guinevere...", Leodegrance cupped the little princess' cheek "you are... our only hope... live...".

After that, Leodegrance's hand dropped to the floor and li'l Guinevere only could stare to her parent's lifeless body.

When Merlin approached her, the little princess was so afraid, she lost her voice but she still screamed through her telepathy "don't come closer?!".

She wasn't a goddess, but at least, she still could do it to calm this little girl. Ignoring all injuries she had sustained as she approached this little girl, Merlin pulled her into her tight embrace and kissed her forehead "sup, it's alright. You are the one who called for help, right? You're safe now. No one's gonna hurt you".

The little princess burst out into tears, clinging to her and crying without sound. She hiccupped without any sounds came out of her throat. Merlin did body-check on her and she found the mark of 'Lily' on her body, more exactly on her nape.

Stared down to mark of 'Lily' on the little princess, Merlin gasped "you truly are...".

When they felt the castle started shaking again, little princess whimpered and threw herself to her arms and Merlin carried her "we should get out of here, quickly".

Merlin creaked her eyes opened. She surprised to find all of her wounds had healed. Looking down to the sleeping princess on her side, still clung to her for her dear life, Merlin could feel the magic came from her. 'Invigorate', another magic spell from member of Goddess clan to heal all kind of wounds or illness.

"you did it when I slept, huh?", Merlin smiled and kissed her forehead "thank you, good girl".

Gwen woke up when Merlin wanted to take a bath, unbeknownst for her, actually that magic came out even without Gwen realized it. Before they slept last night, Gwen only felt guilty and hoped Merlin's wounds would heal and unconsciously, Gwen activated 'Invigorate' for Merlin in their sleep.

"yo, Merlin. All of your wounds have healed, I see? Since when did you can use healing magic spell? Hendy came to see you?", Meliodas greeted her when she entered the dining room with Gwen "though I had intended to bring you to Hendrickson, to heal your wound".

With a hint to not talk about it further, Merlin answered shortly "oh, it's healed already when I woke up, simply that".

When Diane tried to speak with her but Gwen said nothing, Merlin explained to them all "it seems like she has trauma that causing her not able to speak temporarily. I still can know what does she think with telepathy, though".

As helpful as she was, Diane mused "is there anything we can do to help you and her, Merlin?".

Meliodas waved it off "I wonder what we can do to open her heart as well, but we can't force her".

"you're right, Captain", Merlin gulped down her drink before propping her chin on her palm. Once she was sure Gwen was out of earshot as she helped Escanor to wash the dishes, Merlin smirked "I do have a plan, though. First, to make her open her heart, looks like I have to make her crying".

Diane, King and Ban couldn't believe what they just heard "...pardon?".

Meliodas narrowed his eyes "Mer, she is only 3 years old, remember? Don't be too harsh on her".

Merlin smiled confidently "it's fine. Just leave it to me".

The others wondered if it would really be alright and felt sorry for li'l Gwen.