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The White Enchantress

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Once Gwen got better, she quickly apologized to them all but like they said before, it couldn’t be helped at all. After they convinced her as Meliodas grinned broadly and patted her head, telling her that they would never abandon her just because of that, Gwen cried in relief and hugged him.

Meliodas chuckled as he carrying her on his arms “my, my, what a crybaby”.

After King cautiously asked how far she witnessed their ‘Sins’, Gwen refused to talk about it “one thing for sure I understand... you don’t want to talk about it or let anyone know about it, that’s why it’s a secret, right? I understand enough that I shouldn’t talk about it, not to mention I also will be upset if my secret are spreaded, so I will keep a secret as secret”.

“smart girl”, Ban ruffled her head before whispering “by the way, can you tell me about uncle King’s embarrassing secret?”.

King scolded him “I heard that, Ban?!”.

Gwen giggled as Meliodas and the other burst out into laughter.

Meliodas and Ban had a gamble when they were playing the bridge. Pulling one of the cards from his Captain, Ban asked “nee, Cap’n~ can I ask you something?”.

Meliodas blinked innocently “what is it?”.

“why do you let Gwen calling you ‘daddy’? or more exactly... what happened on Istar that day, within the Right Spire?”, Ban realized the stiffened body of his Captain although Meliodas kept his poker face “you sure spoil her and be more overprotective over her well-being, like a father does to their daughter. Surely it has something to do with why did she call you as her ‘daddy’, right?”.

“you are overthinking at it. She said that she saw it from Merlin’s memory, her biological parent. Looks like her father looked like me. She only has Merlin as her ‘mother’ figure and she asked if it’s alright for her to call me ‘daddy’. I guess she wanted someone to be her ‘father’ figure. How could I say ‘no’ to her? We have considered her as our family, right?”, Meliodas shrugged, pulling out a card before he cursed, scratching his neck “ah damn, I lost”.

Ban threw all of his cards to the air “yippie!? You have to treat me, Cap’n!? Now, bring it on?!”.

When Zaratras sent the urgent message to come to the Castle as soon as possible about new mission for Seven Deadly Sins regards the problem with the Vampires of the Edinburgh, Merlin and King went to fetch Gwen on her room but when they didn’t find her on her room, they knew that they could find her on their Captain’s room. After they went to Istar and Gwen started to call Meliodas as her ‘daddy’, she become attached to him just like Gwen had to Merlin.

When they arrived in front of their Captain’s room, Merlin could smell something bad “...the scent of blood and meat is coming from that room”.

King gasped “oh no, it can’t be?!”.

King barged into the room and surprised, gulped. Merlin quickly covered her nose as they saw Ban and Meliodas sat on the table with Gwen stood in between them. Ban pushed the plate of the sinister looking meat pie back to Meliodas who pushed it back to Ban while Gwen turned her head back and forth to watch them with interest sparks on her eyes.

“Gwen, you’re not sleeping yet?”, Merlin came to approach her before carrying her “and what is that, actually?”.

“I’m not sleepy yet, mommy. Look, it’s a meat pie that daddy made for uncle Ban”, Gwen pointed to the so-called meat pie “is it what people call as masterpiece of the avant-garde, mom?”.

Merlin chuckled “I wonder...”.

King shrieked “why is it moving and what kind of meat is that?!”.

Cradling her dolphin doll on her arms, Gwen explained to Merlin and King about their gamble “maybe because daddy might have not baked it long enough, that’s why the meat pie is still moving?”.

King jaw-dropped “that’s not the problem here?!”.

Merlin shook her head when Gwen asked if she could taste it “don’t eat that, Gwen. I will bake another meat pie tomorrow if you want it”.

“if uncle Ban get the stomachache, I will help him?!”, Gwen patted Ban’s thigh before she snapped her fingers and a bottle appeared out of nowhere “tada!? mommy’s magic item no. 48, Cure Angel!? It’s a ferocious bug from Hell that slips under the gut and uses its cute barb to get at organism and eat vital organs from the inside?!”.

“I think the title ‘Angel’ is more befitting for you, Gwen”, Meliodas patted her head and smiled “good girl, you’re really helpful”.

And Ban shrieked “it’s not cute at all?! You’re gonna kill me instead?!”.

Gwen smiled innocently and tilted her head, offering the bottle on her hands “don’t worry, uncle Ban, I and mommy have improved it so it won’t eat your heart or vital organs but the illness like cancer or tumor instead. We just need to get this go in to your body and for sure, you will get better once it has gotten rid of your illness!? Although we haven’t tested it...”.

Ban twitched his eyebrow in disbelief “and I’m the guinea pig now?”.

“you listen her, right? She just wants to help you. Now come on, eat up! It’s not like you’ll die of food poisoning!!”, Meliodas lifted the plate of the meat pie on his right hand while his left hand clutched Ban’s jaw “here, Mister Ban, open wide!”.

Ban pulled back to no avail “no no no, I’ll die?!”.

Ignoring the crack sounds of his friend’s jaw, Meliodas raised his eyebrow “what are you talking about? You’re immortal! Don’t waste food!”.

Gwen giggled, thinking these adults were really hilarious “that’s right, uncle Ban?! Don’t worry?! Told you, you just need to take this in if you get stomach-ache?!”.

“Gwen?! Captain?! You two seriously are gonna kill me?!”, grabbing his Captain’s wrist, Ban persisted before turning to Merlin “Merlin?! Say something to the Captain and your daughter?!”.

Merlin smirked “hm... I have a great idea”.

After Merlin explained their mission, Gwen tugged Merlin’s sleeves “mommy, can I come too?”.

Meliodas shook his head and told her ‘no’ this time “just stay with little Gil on uncle Zaratras’ home until we fetch you. Why would you want to come with us to such dangerous place?”.

Merlin rolled her eyes “you just want to find interesting sample from the vampires, right?”.

Gwen giggled cheekily “I also can use my spells to get rid of them like ‘Purge’, right?”.

King startled at that “you can use ‘Purge’ too!?”.

Gwen chirped cheerfully “I saw uncle Zaratras practiced it then I practiced it and I did it?!”.

Meliodas asked in curiosity “and his reaction?”.

Gwen tapped her chin “he was shocked and jaw-dropped”.

After that, they went to the Castle. When waiting for the meeting, Gwen read the book on Margaret’s room while Margaret and Veronica taught Elizabeth.

“well, well, well, we only have one problem now”, after the meeting was ended and it was decided that Seven Deadly Sins would go to the Edinburgh, Meliodas turned to Zaratras, Dreyfus and Hendrickson “can we entrust our li’l Gwen to stay on your home for tonight?”.

Zaratras nodded his head hesitantly “ah, of course... if Gwen doesn’t mind at all”.

When Merlin, Meliodas and the others came with Zaratras, Dreyfus and Hendrickson, Gwen instantly ran to them before clinging into Merlin’s leg “mommy?! Are you going to go for the mission tonight?”.

Merlin smiled and nodded her head, carrying her before Meliodas apologetically explained to her that they needed to go for dangerous mission, to get rid the revived clan of Vampires on the Edinburgh.

“that’s why, we will fetch you tomorrow after we finish our mission. For tonight, just stay on uncle Hendrickson’s home, okay?”, Meliodas ruffled Gwen’s head “don’t worry, uncle Dreyfus and uncle Zaratras will bring Griamore and Gilthunder to stay with you on uncle Hendrickson’s home for tonight so you can play with them until we fetch you”.

Listening to what Meliodas said just now, that Gwen would spend tonight with Griamore and Gilthunder on Hendrickson’s home, Veronica wrapped her arms around Gwen’s neck from behind “nope?! You stay with us?!”.

Elizabeth joined Veronica to hug Gwen although she hugged Gwen on her front “yeah?! Stay with us, stay with us?! play with us and sleep with us tonight?!”.

“we can read book, play the doll and listen to the story-telling before we go to bed together”, Margaret offered with light chuckle before looking up to the stunned adults “if it’s alright, Lady Merlin?”.

Merlin bowed her head and smiled “it really helps me, princess Margaret”.

Like they planned, so this night Gwen stayed with the princesses instead of with Three Misfits. Right after the midnight, they slept on the King-sized bed of Margaret’s room. When the nursemaid went to outside, thinking the girls had slept, Elizabeth grinned and woke them all under the whisper “hey, it’s safe already!? Let’s play?!”.

“after the midnight like this?”, Gwen peeked through one eye but still got up “what if we were busted?”.

Margaret yawned “you two, just sleep already”.

“by the way, I’m curious”, Veronica shifted, looking up to Gwen who sat beside her “why did you call that Meliodas as ‘daddy’? I mean, yeah, I know he’s older than us and an adult, but he can’t possibly be your father, right? Not to mention, he looks more like your older brother rather than your father”.

“because of what I know from mommy, he looks like my father, my biological father I mean, so I called him ‘daddy’. He doesn’t mind, mommy doesn’t mind either, so be it”, Gwen quickly plopped to the bed “let’s just sleep. I’m sleepy”.

Not too long after that, they could hear Gwen sleeping soundly and Veronica mumbled “that’s fast”.

It went without saying that Seven Deadly Sins was able to get rid the Vampires. When they celebrated with having little feast and drink that night, Gwen found Meliodas leaning over on the fence and she approached him.

“hey Zeldris, I bet you’re cursing me in your seal, aren’t you? your failure of an older brother”.

Gwen tugged his pants “you have a little brother?”.

Looking down to Gwen, Meliodas smiled “yes, two of them”.

“why did you look so sad just now, daddy?”, Gwen blinked her eyes before lowering her gaze “...forget that I was asking. Needn’t to tell me if you don’t want it, dad”.

Meliodas quirked his eyebrow “you saw through me again, huh?”.

Covering her face, Gwen crouched beside his leg “...I’m so sorry”.

“no problem at all. I’m not mad”, Meliodas chuckled before carrying her “as long as you understand and you don’t blabber it to other people”.

Gwen was playing with her ball when she heard her family’s exclaim “a vacation to the mountains and sea?!”.

Looking down to Gwen who approached them with sparkling eyes, Ban pointed her “guys, seems like we have another one who really thrilled for our vacation”.

“mommy, we’re going to have a vacation to the mountains and sea? The place where various animals live and the water with salt on it?”, Gwen tugged Merlin’s skirt and once she gained her nod, her eyes sparkled more “I want to test out some spells that I’ve learned!?”.

Merlin raised her eyebrow “oh? what spells this time?”.

“transformation spells!? I want to test out spells to change or add the part of my body, like change my legs into fish tail to swim, or to change my lungs into fish’s lungs so I can breathe under the water, or to add a pair of wings on my back so I can fly?!”.

“oh, I’d like to see it. Show it to me later”, Merlin turned to Meliodas “I still have the misgivings, but... well, I have some spells that I’d like to test out, not to mention I also want to see how much the progress Gwen has gotten this far”.

Of course, Escanor joined too. King decided to join after Diane lifted her hand and said she would wear swimsuit. Because Meliodas suggested this vacation, of course Ban would join. Gowther just followed them.

Just like they planned, they went to the ocean on the first day.

Patting Gowther’s armor, Gwen asked “uncle Gowther doesn’t join us to swim?”.

“the salt will rust my armor, I hate this”, leaning his back on the rock, Gowther pushed Gwen gently to just join her mother “I prefer to read book”.

Gwen dumbfounded, thinking why Gowther didn’t just take off his armor and join them to have fun. Using tranformation spells, she turned her legs into fish tail before jumping to the sea. Meliodas kept her close with him as long as he taught her to swim, making sure she wouldn’t be drowning. When they rode on the head of Wave Dragon (thanks to Merlin’s spells), Meliodas looked around while carrying Gwen on his arm.

Gwen gasped, pointing behind and waving her tail up and down “daddy?! Look at that!? there’s a giant squid that far larger than big sister Diane?! From what I read on the book, it’s Kraken!?”.

After Meliodas explained about Kraken, Ban drool thinking to eat the Kraken as snack for their drink this night. Escanor created the opening, Ban got rid the offal, Merlin casted ‘Fire Storm’ spell to grill it before King cut it into pieces using his spirit spear. Using her spell, Gwen turned a tree that they could use as skewer for the delicious grilled Kraken. Though, when they entered the forest of the mountains next day, they were shocked to see a gray-hooded man who using his bow, arrows and dagger to get rid of some poisonous bugs.

“Gwen, watch out?!”, Meliodas cried out when Gwen barely got hit by the poisonous beetle who flying to her direction but the man in the hood caught her and pierced his dagger to the poisonous beetle. After he put Gwen down on the ground, Meliodas and Merlin approached her to check on her. Looking up to the hooded man as he handed Gwen on his arms to Merlin and thanking him, Meliodas recognized him “you are...”.

The gray-hooded man pulled his hood off before looking up in wonder “...Merlin?”.

Just like Meliodas, Merlin’s eyes widened “Tristan”.

Gwen blinked her eyes, she never saw her mother reacted this way “huh? who is he, mommy? Do you know him?”.

Tristan, silver-haired blue-eyed man, smiled gently to Merlin “what a surprise, I don’t know you have a kid already. Congratulation, I guess. Who is the father?”.

Meliodas lifted his hand with smug grin “yo, Tristan. Long time no see you”.

Gwen turned to Meliodas “daddy know him too?”.

Tristan rolled his eyes “wait, whose daughter is she, actually? Your daughter or Sir Meliodas?”.

“mommy adopted me?!”, Gwen exclaimed, pointing to smiled Meliodas “daddy is my father figure”.

Tristan punched his fist on his palm after looking to the way Meliodas look at Gwen “oh, I get it”.

Merlin asked what did he do here “speaking of which, I never heard the news about you ever since you eloped with Isolde after she gave birth Irina?”.

Tristan explained that he was only doing his job to catch one of poisonous beetles here so he could use its poison “my old man told you, huh?”.

“he was the one who come to me and asking me to find you”, Merlin sighed “you shouldn’t make him worry. At least, you could have sent him news about yourself, right?”.

Tristan shrugged “it can’t be helped. I didn’t know if he would forgive me or not”.

“how could you know if you never even try to meet and speak with him?”, Merlin raised her eyebrow incredulously “...I know I’m not in the position to scold you, but even so, I still think you should at least let your father know about your well-being and try to speak him. You will not know the result, unless you try it”.

Tristan scribble something on the paper before giving it to Merlin “I work there. Just tell my old man, I’m alright”.

Meliodas peeked on the paper “but this address is the black market on the Capital of Camelot Kingdom? What kind of occupation you’ve taken this time?”.

“my background makes it hard to find proper job, unless I work on that kind of place”, looking behind over his shoulder, Tristan smirked “you two know me very well that I prefer to work behind the shadow, right?”.

Meliodas waved his hand “just don’t get yourself dive into danger too far, got it? your little brother will be upset if something happens to you”.

After Tristan did quick introduction with the rest Seven Deadly Sins, he went just like the wind. Only after Tristan had gone, Ban asked “...Merlin, what is the occupation of that shady-dangerous-looking-man, actually?”.

“Spy, Messenger, Assassin”, Merlin answered with slight smirk “or to put it simple, mercenary”.

As a souvenir for Gilthunder, Gwen wanted to share some of her bugs collection so she and Merlin went to find Zaratras. Watching and observing what happened, Gwen asked “...mommy, is this what people call as bribe or corruption?”.

“sort of, daughter. Don’t be like that when you’re grown up, okay?”.

“understood, mommy”.

Meliodas gulped and turned his head slowly, like a child was busted by their parent “...what do you two doing here?”.

“my good girl wanted to share some of her bugs collection as souvenir for Gilthunder, so we came here to ask Grand Master Zaratras to bring the souvenir for Gilthunder”.

“and you were busted, daddy”.

Meliodas tried to bribe her this time “how about we go shopping later, dear?”.

“okay?!”, Gwen smiled innocently “I only want some books?!”.

Merlin smirked “since you bribe my adopted daughter with it, how about to officially close our vacation, we all drink the finest alcohol there is to offer? On your tab of course, Captain”.

“it’s asking too much, Merlin?! What a terrifying mother and daughter, you two?!”.

Meanwhile, Gilthunder was blissfull when he got the souvenirs (poisonous beetle from Meliodas and the giant butterfly from Gwen) that Zaratras brought home for him.

On the tavern, Gwen approached Merlin and Meliodas who sat side by side “but you’ve given her plenty”.

Meliodas sipped his drink “huh? Like what?”.

Merlin smiled lopsided, somehow her eyes turned nostalgic “something you and Tristan couldn’t give me”.

Meliodas stared to her with slightly flushed cheek “...Merlin, are you drunk?”.

“hmph, I’d have to drink this tavern dry”, Merlin waved her hand and asked for more ale “forget what I mention just now. After all, I’ve got it from Gwen”.

“what is it?”, Gwen popped her head on the edge of the table in between them “what is that you’ve got from me but daddy and Tristan couldn’t give to you, mom?”.

“you will understand it when you’ve grown up into an adult”, Merlin patted her head, clearly diverting the conversation “now, do you want eat something?”.

“oh, my?! what a cute girl, Lady Merlin!? This is your daughter, right?”, the wife of this tavern’s Master wooed “would you like something to eat and drink, dear? No ale, of course. Which one would you want, orange juice or milk? Come with me to the kitchen, I have some apple pie for you”.

Gwen lifted her hand in excitement “I want to eat Lasagna and meat-steamed-buns?! For a drink, I want hot milk?!”.

Meliodas chuckled and carried Gwen, following the middle-aged woman to the kitchen. From the corner of his eyes, Meliodas caught a glimpse of Escanor sat beside Merlin, the two started to drink and chatted. Talking about what, Meliodas had no clue.