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The White Enchantress

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Danafor Kingdom


“do you think so?”.

“what do you mean ‘do you think so?’!? I bet you’re just after my body?! if you come near me, I’ll kill you?!”.

“come now, don’t get so worked up. Let’s eat”.

“yo, old man”, Tristan came sauntering from the front door, lifting his hand “I’d heard from old man Cain Barzad who complained along with your comrades, you did something unbelievable again?”.

Liz blinked to the silver-haired blue-eyed man who just “um, he is...?”.

Meliodas answered with blank, innocence expression “my son”.

Liz was shocked “what!? I’d believe it more if you just said he’s your older brother or father instead!? Not to mention he doesn’t have resemblances physically with you?!”.

Meliodas ignored her outburst before taking the plates to eat “you’re not the first person who said it, thank you very much”.

Tristan caressed his chin “well, if you speak about the resemblances physically here, I indeed have blue eyes from my mother. I naturally was born with blonde hair like Dad, but due to aftermath-great-shock because of accident years ago, my hair turned into silver like this”.

Liz rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe this. Why would Meliodas invite her here if he has a son and a wife? “and where is your mother?”.

For a moment, Liz saw the hint of sadness and grief on his eyes before Tristan answered with thin smile on his face as he helped Meliodas “passed away already when I was a child”.

Liz felt guilty creeping on her heart before lowering her head, clenching her fist on her chest “...I’m so sorry”.

Tristan looked up, about to ask her why should she apologize to him before Cain came with Merlin who instantly approached him “Tristan?! Here you are!? What I told you before to not forget to check up on my place and come with your Dad?!”.

“Merlin?!”, Tristan awkwardly lifted his hand and smiled nervously as he apologized to Merlin before he turned to Meliodas “Dad?! You called her too?!”.

Meliodas grinned lopsided “no, I invited her after I knew you would drop by~”.

Tristan deadpanned “you jerk, how could you trap your own son like this?”.

Liz asked, tapping Tristan’s bicep “who is she?”.

Tristan sighed “my childhood friend—”.

Meliodas blurted out “—his ex-wife”.

“Dad?! Get your ass down here?!”, Tristan ran in circles in attempt to catch Meliodas “I’m gonna hang you up on the tree!?”.

Meliodas expertly dodged his son’s hand as he also ran in circles “ha! I’d like to see you try, son?!”.

Cain, Liz and Merlin only watched them before Merlin giggled “aren’t they ridiculous?”.

Liz couldn’t help it but laughing hard “hey, you’re right?! Speaking of which, we haven’t introduced ourselves properly. I’m Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz”.

“Merlin Belialuin”, Merlin shook Liz’s hand with confident smirk “like you have heard from Meliodas, I’m Tristan’s ex-wife, also his older sister-in-law”.

Liz blinked in confusion “older sister-in-law?”.

Later, Merlin and Liz quickly became good friends. Merlin told Liz about what happened between her marriage life with Tristan, after Isolde Belialuin, Merlin’s little sister passed away, however no one ever told about why Meliodas and Tristan had such high tension and tensed, strained relationship from how they always kept a good distance with each other, as if they restrained all of their feelings to each other while in fact, they still cared to each other as father and son. Tristan didn’t live on Danafor, he wandered around Britannia but sometimes he would drop by on Danafor, just like that night when Meliodas met Liz or when they celebrated for Liz’s pregnancy. Yep, after knowing Liz was pregnant, Meliodas held a little party with Tristan, Merlin, Cain and some of Holy Knights on Danafor.

As he drunk, Tristan had requested “I prefer little brother rather than little sister!?”.

Unusually, Merlin was drunk and she wrapped her arms around Tristan’s shoulders “Triss... I’m so sleepy...”.

“me too”, Tristan yawned and carried Merlin bridal-style “let’s sleep above, then”.

Liz shook her head in disbelief “how could you two still sleep together although you two have divorced? Just be together again already”.

“what’s the problem? It’s just sleepover”, Tristan raised his eyebrow, cheeks flushed “it’s not like we will make love and have the baby on the way like you and Dad have, Liz”.

“you impertinent, insolent brat?!”, Liz threw some of knives which expertly dodged by Tristan even if he still carried Merlin on his arms before Tristan ran off upstairs. They could hear Merlin’s and Tristan’s carefree and happy laughters before Liz shook her head “and I still can’t believe he’s my step-son”.

“if you’re worried that much, just check on them”, Meliodas, despite his bright red face and unusually was drunk, gobbled another bottle of his Ale “like they said, it’s not like Merlin will get pregnant just because still sleeping together with Tristan. Also, Tristan would not lay his finger on women when he knew she wouldn’t want it or dislike it. He’s damned too honorable to ever do it”.

Just like Meliodas said, Cain and Liz saw Merlin and Tristan slept on the same bed, having sleepover with their clothes still on and nothing happened, only sleeping together on the same bed just like two best childhood friends. This scenes had been usual sight for Meliodas, and it also would be usual for Liz, Lancelot and Cain. Later, after Liz gave birth Lancelot, Merlin would come to drop by with Tristan in tow more often to their house.

“I only drop by here just because she tagged me along with her to come here”, it’s Tristan’s usual main reasons but from how he always brought the necessity or gifts for Lancelot, they knew he’s lying.

Not that they mind at all, because Lancelot was really close with Tristan and Merlin.

However, all of their happiness seemed like an ephemeral, transient beautiful dream from how quickly their happiness was crumbled into nothing.

Camelot Kingdom

Lancelot fell off of his bed with the back of his head landing on the floor, listening to the birds chirped, perching themselves on the rails of the window on his room. The sun this morning seemed so bright, it reminded him to how happy their live had been on Danafor.

“...a dream?”, Lancelot sat and yawned, scratching his head “it’s been a long time, since I’ve dreamed such beautiful dream from long-distance memory”.

Looking to the side, Lancelot smiled to the picture on the table, where Liz and Meliodas stood side bys side as Liz carried him who still baby “good morning, father, mother. I hope brother really takes a good care of himself like he does to you two there”.

On the hallway, Lancelot met with Arthur who unusually frowned. When he looked to where Arthur’s eyes landed, they saw Guinevere talking with Morgan Le Fay, Arthur’s half-sister.

Morgan spoke so politely with sweet smile on her face that people could not aware of how mocking and hostile she had to Arthur’s fiancée “it’s such a pleasure that finally, King Arthur will get married with you sooner, princess. If you ever need helps from me to prepare your wedding with our King, please don’t doubt to ask. It would be bothersome if you fell sick on your wedding day due to working too hard”.

“no need, Lady Morgan. I don’t want to become such burden to you”, Guinevere smiled sweetly while in her mind, she tried to suppress her real emotions “we have workers who organize our weddings with my godmother’s help already. It would be inconvenient for Lady Morgan to have nothing to help with when you have so kindly offered your aide”.

“for heaven’s sake, it’s only about a half past six on the morning and the Ladies have argued like this? seriously...”, before Arthur could do something to interfere, Lancelot tapped his shoulder. Lancelot causally interrupted the Ladies’ talks, lifting his hand “yo! Good morning, Lady Morgan?! and good morning, princess Guinevere. I believe my King would be pleased to have you help him on his works as usual. Not to mention, he never averted his gaze from you every time you are in his eyesight”.

“no need to mention the latter, Lancelot?!”, Arthur immediately came to their side with flushed cheeks, smacking the back of Lancelot’s head “although it’s the fact...”.

Guinevere immediately came to his side and touched his chin with temptation smirk “oh, have I made you not able to avert your eyes when I’m in your eyesight, my King?”.

“it’s still on the morning, my Lady”, Arthur wrapped his arm around her waist and grabbed her hand as he whispered near her ear with naughty smile before landing a light peck on her cheek “no matter how tempted I am to do something with you, I prefer the privacy and it’s better to do anything about it on the night”.

Guinevere blushed furiously. Damn, although she was the one who started the teasing, Arthur never failed to reply her seduction with the way that always succeed make her blushing, he was even getting better at that.

Lancelot rolled his eyes with both hand on his hips, already was used to daily routine of the Royal couple “alright, the lovebirds, just find a room because you two make us who have watched you feeling embarrassed”

Arthur and Guinevere turned to slightly blushed Lancelot and Morgan, nonchalantly answered “don’t look, then”.

Lancelot face-palmed and groaned as Morgan giggled before she bowed her body “I guess I will make my excuse here and now, then. It would be inconvenient if I pro-longed our conversation and delayed your daily routine with King Arthur, princess. Have a nice day”.

After Morgan went out of sight, Guinevere sighed before grumbling about how Morgan tried to make herself involved in their wedding preparation only so she could get the advantage to blame Guinevere for ‘asking her to work for her’ despite Morgan’s status as King Arthur’s half-sister.

“I wonder why does Morgan always being hostile on princess Guinevere”, Lancelot scratched his nape before turning to the couple who stared to him in disbelief “...what?”.

Guinevere smirked mockingly and shook her head before pointing out “you are insensitive”.

Lancelot narrowed his eyes in confusion “excuse me?”.

“she’s right, you’re insensitive. Let’s go to start work for today, love”, Arthur lifted accusing finger to Lancelot before turning to Guinevere, touching her shoulders and pushing her gently “if even I can tell that Morgan is in love with Lancelot, thus she feels jealous to Guinevere because she thought Lancelot is in love with Guinevere while in fact, Lancelot just takes a good care of Guinevere that he thought as little sister like how Lancelot thought of me as his little brother, isn’t it obvious? I’m surprised Lancelot has not realized Morgan’s feelings to him at all, yet. For as long as we’ve known each other, I’m too shocked knowing how insensitive Lancelot can be to the point I lost at words at all. At this point, I feel pity for Morgan though”.

Guinevere could hear all of Arthur’s rambling thoughts and she quickly covered her mouth “pfft?!”.

Arthur rolled his eyes “what’s wrong, dear?”.

Guinevere giggled and waved her hands “nothing, just remembered of something funny, that’s all~”.

Lancelot, cluelessly, shouted in irritation “WHAT THE HELL?!”.

On Merlin’s laboratory, Lancelot, Arthur and Guinevere joined Merlin who watched what happened on Vaizel through her orb with high interests before Merlin threw her head back as she laughed hard in contentment, Guinevere gawked in shock, both Lancelot and Arthur fell flatly on the floor in shock.

And, for the second time today, Lancelot shouted in disbelief “WHAT THE HELL!?”.

Joining his best friend, Arthur recovered and joined him to shout in disbelief “what is she doing there, for heaven’s sake?!”.

“wow, I’m shocked”, Guinevere clapped her hands “never expected this side of her”.

They heard Gelda’s voice from the Communication Orb “, should I drag her back home? Though I have a hunch feeling that she wouldn’t want to go back home easily”.

“no need”, Lancelot firmly stated “princess, King Arthur, please allow me to go and big sis, please send me to Vaizel?! I’m gonna pick her myself?!”.

Guinevere and Arthur exchanged glances in awe. True, they knew Lancelot was close with her, just like sibling considering how close their ages (Lancelot was 26 years old this year and she was 24 years old this year, so yeah, they were close just like siblings, not to mention their older brother and older sister had married once).

“don’t worry”, Merlin reassured them all after recovering from her laughter fit “I believe she can take care of herself just fine, not to mention Tristan is also there with her. Tristan would never let anything happen to her. Also, although her magic power isn’t as strong as mine, when it comes to fight physically, she can do it far better than me”.


After Love Helm announced the participant’s names of this second fight who just entered the ring, Anna Maria and Howzer, King exclaimed “AH!?”.

Diane blinked her eyes “what is it, King?”.

Diane, Ban, Meliodas and Tristan leaned their head down before King told them all about what he just remembered “I remember!? That Howzer is Holy Knight?! I saw him with Gilthunder several times?!”.

“oh, it explained about why did he act like he knew us back then...”, Meliodas punched his fist on his palm “although his own stupidity saved our asses”.

“yeah, but I have a hunch feelings that he has figured out who we are after Lady Diane’s fight with that Griamore”, Tristan caressed his chin “remember how close they looked on the waiting room and how Howzer had gone to check on Griamore after Lady Diane threw him off of the ring? it’s clear that they’re friends, after all. Not to mention, I also overheard that Howzer mentioned something about protect the princess to that Griamore”.

Listening to what Tristan said, Elizabeth gasped “then could it be... big sister Veronica came here with Griamore!?”.

“how sharp your ears, Kid?”, Ban narrowed his eyes in awe before he whistled “but poor that woman~ she will get knocked out of the ring, for sure~”.

Ban didn’t know how wrong he could be.

Diane didn’t on the same ship with Ban, instead she cheered up for the woman “Anna Maria, fight?! Do not lose against a man?!”.

Anna Maria seemed startled by Diane’s cheers but she nodded briefly before Love Helm asked “sorry, Lady!? But just like Matrona, you can keep your hood and veil but you have to take off your cape?!”.

When the Lady in White took off her white cape, the spectators whistled and cheered upon looking at the hot, sexy body that hidden under the white cape. Unlike Diane, she wore long-sleeved white dress with asymetrical skirt that showed her legs up to her thighs. She wore high dark-socks up to her thighs and blue flat-shoes. Even if her clothes covered most of her skin, her clothes perfectly showed the curves of her body. After Meliodas had caressed his chin and mentioned her three-sizes, Tristan grasped and ruffled Meliodas’ head and his eyebrow twitched several times, contemplating and really hoping this woman wasn’t the one he knew.

“Anna Maria VS Howzer”, Love Helm lifted his hand “start!?”.

“I admit, I don’t feel thrilled to fight a woman, so I will just make this quick”, Howzer lifted his fist and the tiny tornado appeared on his hand “although I didn’t want to use my powers on an ordinary woman, I give advice to you, just jump out of the ring before you’re flying to the sky, Lady~”.

However, surprisingly Howzer’s tornado didn’t affect Anna Maria at all, only blowing her hood and veil out of her face while she stood tall on her ground.

“I see, so you are the elemental, Wind user”, woman with long wavy brunette hair that she tied in braids and she let loose over her shoulder, smirked cunningly as her piercing golden eyes sparkled confidently with the way that match with her older sister’s “you can feel relieved now, gentleman. Your opponent in front of you isn’t an ordinary woman”.

Meliodas, Ban, Diane and King gawked “AH?!”.

Looking to the side, Meliodas saw Tristan had fallen flatly on his face “that shocked, heh?”.

Elizabeth asked from Diane’s chest “do you all know her?”.

Diane confirmed “no, but her face—?!”.

King finished Diane’s speech “—looks exactly like Merlin?! Except her hair’s color and length?!”.

Just like when he saw shrunken-Diane, Ban felt like his eyes about to pop out its place “Cap’n~ am I dreaming?”.

“WAIT?!”, Tristan, the most shocked, slammed his fist on the edge of the ring “what kind of clothes do you wear?!”.

Yep, Anna Maria was only her fake name because she, undoubtedly, was Isolde Marianna. Listening to Tristan’s first reaction, Isolde couldn’t help but feeling irritated “the first thing you commented about when we met again is my clothes? Seriously!”.

“it can’t be helped, right!? As long as I’ve known you two, this kind of clothes is the type of the clothes that your older sister would wear, not yours!?”.

“oh, come on?! Just stop treating me like a child or your little sister already which from the first place, I am not?! It’s easier to move and fight with this clothes!? You’re right that this kind of clothes is more suited with my older sister and not fully my taste, but at least most of my skin and important parts as my bosom and buttock perfectly covered?!”.

“fine then, I think you have expected this one...”, Tristan rubbed his eyebrow before he shouted “but just what are YOU doing here?!”.

“I have a goal”, Isolde lifted her finger to challenge him “to bring you down on your knees”.

Meliodas put his hands on his hip, looking up “what did you do to her, again?”.

“let me see”, Tristan caressed his chin thoughtfully “for make you crying before I left?”.

Isolde put her hands on her hips and tilted her head “and for leaving my older sister”.

Tristan sighed and shook his head “I and your older sister have divorced, for good. What’s the problem now?”.

“I need to clarify everything, so I need your clarity and I will not feel satisfied until I get proper answer from you, that’s my problem. Not to mention, I really want to bring you down on your knees for tears that my sister and I’ve shed just because of you”, Isolde threw her braids to behind her back “let me show you, that even I also can fight!?”.

Tristan blinked before he smirked, feeling thrilled “interesting, I’d like to see you try”.

“sorry for interrupt your spat”, Howzer already stood behind Isolde, ready to blow her out of the ring “but you shouldn’t turn your back against your opponent, Lady”.

Next second, Howzer and the audience were shocked to see Howzer only punch the empty air before the puddle of water appeared on the ring where Isolde had stood there before.

Next second, Isolde appeared behind Howzer, appeared out of nowhere “you’re right, gentleman. You shouldn’t turn your back against your opponent”.

Isolde kicked Howzer on his thigh, in result knocking Howzer who dropped to his knees. Standing in front of Howzer, Isolde put her hands on her hips with lopsided, evil smirk carved on her beautiful face and icy glare on her golden piercing eyes “stand. We can’t even call this as warm-up, you know?”.

Tristan called out “oi, that kind of face doesn’t suit you, that evil smirk suits your older sister better”.

Instead of offended, Isolde smirked triumphantly instead “thank you for the compliment. You do know better than anyone how much I love my older sister and want to be more like her~”.

“I didn’t praise her, but whatever”, Tristan crossed his armbs before his chest and smirked triumphantly “Howzer, I wouldn’t underestimate her if I were you!? After all, she has mastered 29 types of martial arts ever since she was 16 years old?! From all of martial arts she has learned, she even created her own type of martial art that has the movements such as dancing that she gave name—”.

“—The War Dance”, Isolde lifted both her hand gracefully “since you’re the wind magic user, I think I know which dance I should use to fight you”.

As Isolde started to move and there were duplicates of Isolde, five of them standing around Howzer, the spectators cheered in awe as Meliodas clapped his hands “wow, she’s getting better~”.

Diane tugged Tristan’s sleeve “that’s so cool!? What is that?”.

Dance Of Water. The technique to create physical clones with compressing the content of water in the air to produce illusions to deceive her opponent's eyesight thus she can take it as advantage to hit her opponent when his opponent knocked her clones. Especially in humid place like this, this technique is quite effective”, Tristan explained as Howzer kept punching Isolde’s clones “when she fought Taizoo, she was using Dance Of Iron to hold Taizoo’s before she sent Taizoo flying out of the ring with Dance Of Wind. I should have realized it’s her from the first place”.

Ban whistled “pretty nice trick. You seemed really close with her. Lovers?”.

“of course we’re close”, Tristan closed his eyes and shrugged “after all, I am the one who picked her of her previous place, helped her adopted older sister to raise her and taught her everything she needed to learn, included martial arts. You can say our bond is only between Master and Apprentice, or an Older Brother and Little Sister. Sorry to disappoint you”.

Diane, King and Ban stared to him. Unbelievable. From how they interacted to each other, whoever saw them would think that they were lovers who had a fight, especially after their ridiculous quarrel.

Meliodas shook his head “I can’t believe this... still having bad habit to make woman crying, Tristan?”.

Tristan deadpanned “please don’t speak as if I always make woman crying while in fact, you’re just the same with me, and even worse than me sometimes, you insensitive pervert old man”.

Again, Meliodas crawled up to sit on Tristan’s shoulders before ruffling and plucking his hair “Tristan, my boy, that’s not very nice to talk that way to your elder and that’s not nice to treat a woman that way, understand?”.

King stated the matter of fact “oh, speaking of which... we still can know who is the real one once we have gotten rid all of her clones, right?”.

Howzer heard King’s statement before he smirked “I can’t believe I have to use this”.

Using more than two Rising Tornado to trap Isolde, Howzer wiped away all of Isolde’s clones and in result, cornering Isolde on the rings. In front of Isolde was Howzer, Rising Tornado on her right and left side, and the spectators behind her as she stood on the edge of the ring.

Howzer warned her “I don’t like to hurt woman, so it’s better to just give up now before I launch my Rising Tornado, Lady Anna Maria”.

Tristan warned him with murderous intention surrounding his body “Howzer, better you don’t hurt her even if just a scratch!?”.

“no need to worry about me, Sir Tristan!? I can’t afford to failed in front of you, my Master who have taught me all martial arts I’ve known?! Just watch and see”, she really meant it, how could she failed him? Not a chance. Tristan and Meliodas (plus Gelda on the rooftop) prepared themselves to catch her in case she was thrown off of the rings, just in case, before Isolde stood in stance “Dance Of Earth”.

Surprisingly, even after she received several of Howzer’s Rising Tornado, Isolde didn’t have bruises or scratches on her body at all, only her clothes got ripped into shreds, in result showing mostly, half of her skin was shown, like how her torso exposed, showing her lower breasts down to her hips and her ripped skirt only enough to cover her waist down to half of her thighs. The spectators had nosebleeds due to delicious sight in front of him and Meliodas felt the uprising blaze from his son.

Nonchalantly waving his hand that didn’t help at all to lower the temperature, it wasn’t Meliodas did not understand why and how his son must have felt “Triss, it’s too hot...”.

“it’s no use. With the wind, maybe you can sway the Fire and shake the surface of Water, but no matter how strong your Wind, you will not able to shake the Earth”, Isolde felt her eyebrow twitched in irk as she sent the blow to Howzer “and look what are you doing to my clothes?!”.

Isolde sent the blow strong enough to send Howzer flying out of the ring before Love Helm announced “the winner is Anna Maria?!”.

“geez, the men at this era, really... is there something to cover—”, Isolde grumbled as she crouched and covered her body in vain, looking around with flushed cheeks before she felt someone wrapping his arm around her wrist “huh?”.

Isolde was surprised when Tristan covered her with his sleeveless outer-vest. Pulling the red tie on his collar, Tristan ripped his tie into makeshift ribbon before asking her to lift her hands up. Since his vest was still a bit bigger, he wrapped the makeshift ribbon around her waist and stomach so the sleeveless vest would cover her torso perfectly and not expose her belly or her bosom. Tristan even took off his white shirt, ignoring the gasps they earned from the sight of gruesome scars and burns on his hands. Isolde lifted her hands, about to ask him about what did he do before Tristan wrapped his shirt around her waist to cover her waist down to her thighs.

“maybe this isn’t much helping, but at least this will help to cover your important parts”, satisfied with his work, Tristan grabbed her hand, pulling her before gently giving a light peck on her forehead “woman shouldn’t show their skin like that, do you understand?”.

Blushing furiously, Isolde timidly twiddled her fingers on her makeshift skirt from Tristan’s shirt as she nodded her head briefly, silently feeling truly happy from how sweet his way to show respect on woman like usual, also from how he highly cared of her and protect her modesty rather than caring of people’s reaction about the scars on his body that he usually hid. Isolde was too distracted by her own minds to the point she didn’t realize how Tristan sent murderous, threatening icy glare to the spectators (mostly men) who had ogled to Isolde’s exposed skin, successfully silenced them before Tristan grabbed her hand and led the way downstairs out of the ring.

Diane covered her mouth, blushing “so sweet~ it’s how a true gentleman treat a woman, not to ogle on her exposed skin instead”.

King flinched, wondered whether he would do the same, if it were Diane and not Isolde?

“my, my, isn’t it little Maria?”, Meliodas waved his hand, offering a white cape for Isolde “let’s go to find new clothes for you later... But I’m surprised, you’ve grown so big?! You’ve grown up into a fine, beautiful woman!”.

Ban blinked his eyes “you knew her too, Cap’n?”.

Diane narrowed her eyes in suspicion, again “what is her relationship with you?”

“godfather?!”, Isolde beamed up and wrapped her arms around Meliodas’ shoulders, burying his face on her chest “long time no see you?! I missed you?!”.

Diane, King and Ban shrieked “GODFATHER?!”.

“yes, he is!? Of course, I’m fond of him?! He’s a great father for me?!”, Isolde cheerfully added before she looking to Meliodas from head to toe “but~ how could you not change at all? What kind of ageless elixir you and my sister used till you two have barely changed at all?”.

Cain appeared out of nowhere, tapping Isolde’s shoulder “you do resemble her... say, your older sister is...”.

Tristan quickly cut off “my ex-wife, she adopted her as her little sister”.

Again, Cain burst out into tears before he and Isolde had a nice chat, about how Merlin and Lancelot were doing on Camelot Kingdom. Of course, Isolde talked about this with Cain when she was alone with Cain after Cain offered to accompany her to find new clothes for her on the market while waiting for her turn. Isolde and Cain promised they would come back right away because they still wanted to see Tristan’s fight with Ban.

After Isolde went with Cain, Tristan sighed in relief, tapping Meliodas on the shoulder “remind me to find that Howzer later”.

Meliodas narrowed his eyes “what do you want to do?”.

Tristan cracked his knuckles “he’s lucky because Isolde knocked him out of the ring and sent him flying far from here, or else I’m gonna kill him”.

“how gentleman you are, Kid~ and before you kill him”, Ban whistled and tapped him on the shoulder “prepare yourself. After a little break we have here, it’s our fight”.