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The White Enchantress

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Under the snow, they walked together before she told him, the cold winter breeze blew her short hair and the snow fell slowly from the sky "as long as we're together, I feel happy but at the same time, I also feel suffocated. That's why, let's divorce".

"just tell me one thing", Tristan lowered his gaze "in the end, am I only a mere burden for you?".

"it's not that. I can't explain it pretty well, but... I hope we can still be a friend or family, like the way we had been before", Merlin shook her head and she didn't, couldn't answer his question, instead, for the first time, she cried for a man that she and her sister loved "forgive me".

"I understand", Tristan didn't say anything as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, he only let her leaning her face on his shoulder for a while before he asked her to promise him "promise me, you will find your own happiness someday, no matter how long it will take for you to find it and once you find it, never ever let it go".

Blinking away a single tear, she closed her eyes slowly as she leaned her crying face on his broad, warm shoulder "...yes, I promise".

The snow that fell from the sky that day, it felt as the coldest ever for her.

That night, three sisters had a drink together (which Tristan eavesdropping them).

"why do I ask Tristan to divorce, you ask?", Merlin sipped her wine "simple, don't you see it? The way he looks at her and the way Isolde looks at him, that kind of love never dies".

Lifting her finger to Merlin, Nel Hativa stated the matter of fact in front of her sister's face "you love him too".

Merlin twirled her glass with sad looks "just because I love him, it doesn't mean I have to be together with him, Neiva. As long as Tristan and Isolde can be happy together, it's my greatest happiness".

Nel Hativa raised her eyebrow "even if he doesn't belong to you and you are the only one that being left alone?".

"Neiva, do you think between me and Isolde, which one he would choose? We know the answer all too well, he undoubtedly would choose Isolde over everything. He always will, always has. It's been always like this. I should have known it better than anyone", Merlin chuckled before lowering her face further "there's no place for me on his heart from the first place".

Nel Hativa gobbled down a bottle of wine on her hand "such our luck with men, huh? Mother was a Mistress, you have difficult position in between them as his second wife".

Merlin raised her eyebrow, curtly retorted "and what's the different with you, huh?".

"I only have the unrequited love. Many things can be the reason for me like he's someone from higher stature, he's too far for me to reach him, he's too devoted to certain woman to ever fixate his eyes on another woman. Hence, he even can create an Army just from his children with his beloved woman from how many children they have had but...", with those sad looks on her eyes, Nel Hativa narrowed her eyes "above all else, this is forbidden love. There's no way I can continue it".

Merlin grunted, pointing her finger "don't make that face as if you couldn't have reconciliation with them. You should have known it that they are not the type of person who would hate you just because what happened between the three of you".

Nel Hativa smirked before looking up to Merlin, encouragingly telling her "that's the point. The three of you still can have reconciliation. Of all people, you should have known Isolde and Tristan better than anyone. They are really, really kind-hearted and good person. I may not know Tristan like you and Isolde have, but I can tell at least, Isolde would never hate you just because of this, Mer".

"Neiva is right", Isolde barged into the room before she joined her sisters. Snatching a bottle of wines from the bottle cellars, she gobbled down the wine like a starving woman before she openly admitted that she has started to regain her past-life memory. She cried and apologized to Merlin for dying and leaving them all along with Irina. She even gave thanks to Merlin with sincere smile on her face "I have seen it myself, what happened to you, Tristan and Neiva after my death... I really mean it... thank you... thank you so much, for saving Tristan and keep him alive, sister. That's why, no need for you to feel guilty over me anymore. Never ever thought that you betrayed me. As long as I'm dead, you are the reason of why he's still alive".

Merlin hugged her sister and cried along with her "I really don't deserve such mercy and forgiveness from you".

"come on, we are sisters, right? As siblings, sometimes we can easily do something cruel that hurt our siblings but our bond does undoubtedly always exist. That's why siblings are always far and near at the same time", Isolde laughed in between her tears, patting her sister's head "just remember this from now on, no matter what happened, you are my older sister and I will always love you".

"then, we're all good! Just let past be the past! let's move forward together after we forget and forgive each other! Okay?", Nel Hativa patted both Merlin and Isolde's head before lifting the wine bottle on her hand "there, there, you two know what to do after you forget and forgive each other, right? Let's drink together for tonight!".

Snaking her hand around Merlin's waist, Isolde cheered up "agreed!".

Merlin laughed it off "you two just want to drink, don't you?".

When Tristan thought it's time to give the privacy to the three sisters and about to leave, he halted in halfway because he heard something unthinkable for him. Surprisingly, when both her older sister told her to just make it up and get together with Tristan again, Isolde told something unthinkable for them.

With sad smile, Isolde who started tipsy (being the one with the lowest tolerant of alcohol between her sisters) admitted out loud "...I thought Tristan must have hated me".

"and loved me? no way", waving her hand, even Merlin threw scrutinize gaze to her sister as if asking was she for real? "how could you say something ridiculous like that?".

"it's true!", even Nel Hativa nodded her head furiously, still pretty much sober and not even tipsy as the one with the highest tolerant of alcohol between three sisters "if anything, he loved you! Is still in love with you, even! Had he not, why would Merlin have asked him to divorce? Do you want to have a gamble with us?".

"but he has every right to hate me, especially after I brought him back to life. Believe me, it changed him. As his first wife in my previous life, I can tell something has changed from him. Not that I mind about it, that he's changed, but...", Isolde looked downcast before she covered her eyes with her palm "I... without even realizing the consequences of my selfish actions to bring him back to my side, only to leave him along with our daughter after that... I have hurt him deeply, leaving the scars, not only on his body but also in his heart".

Both Merlin and Nel Hativa crossed their arms before their chest, they couldn't say that their sister's only overthinking it when what she said was indeed the truth, but still...

Nel Hativa squeezed her hand "sister, just talk with him. Who know how people's heart work? The only thing you should do right now, is to make clear everything with him so there's no misunderstand between you two anymore".

Merlin rolled her eyes "listen to you elder. Neiva here is quite experienced for the matters of hearts".

Nel Hativa shook her sister's shoulder, squealing in protest "hey!".

Ignoring her sister's reaction, Merlin continued "but you should have known it, right? He wouldn't hate you just because of that. Just talk with him before everything is too late and what you think and can do only regret it. We don't want to see you weeping over him in despair again".

"she's right", Nel Hativa grabbed her hand "if you're afraid, we can help you to talk with him!".

"thank you, sisters. I know I should talk with him but... no, thank you", Isolde shook her head before she wiping her tears that welling from her eyes freely "I'm so sorry. I'm too coward. I'm too afraid to know... what if he really hates me now? I will accept it... for my Sin... but I don't want him to hate me more, then...".

"oh, come on!", Nel Hativa sighed in frustration and scratched the back of her nape before looking behind over her shoulder "oi, would you stay still outside there doing nothing to make it all clear with her? Just clear everything with my crying sister already!".

Tristan kicked the door, standing in front of the door. With long, heavy sigh, he slipped his hands to his pocket, tilting his head, clearly annoyed "it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard from you".

Isolde stood and covered her mouth, squealing with red face "did you hear it all?!".

"the three of you have fun bad-talking about me? hell yeah, I did", pulling her up by her wrist, Tristan slung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes "come with me, no protest and no buts".

Flailing from his iron grip in vain, Isolde waved her hands "sister, help me!".

Instead, both said-sister only waved their hands "good luck~".

"that's what you said when a bear kidnapped your sister!".

"grouping me with a bear now?".

On the outside, Tristan cornered her to the wall "don't even try to think to run away".

Averted her eyes, she blushed "...okay...".

"look, I thought I don't deserve you anymore because I betrayed you. I know this is pathetic of me, but the woman I love make me realized, just how much I need her by my side", running his fingers on his hair in frustrated manner, Tristan sighed heavily, before he pulled her into his embrace "stay with me. There's no way I would able to hate you, ever. Instead, you only make me love you more. That's why, even if you hate me, until the day you've got tired of me, stay with me".

"you stupid", Isolde cried as she hugged him, burying her face on his chest "you should have known my answer... I love you, I've always loved you, be it as Isolde Belialuin or Isolde Evergreen... there's no way I'd trade you with anything...".

Merlin exchanged glances with Nel Hativa and they exchanged broad smile, sincerely feeling happy for their youngest sister. Merlin had decided she chose what was right, what she had thought of the rightest thing to do, so why should she remember this and why should he dream of this?

"..I'm alive...", Tristan blinked his eyes as he groaned in pain, he felt his body hurt like hell "again".

"don't make it sounded like you regret it", Isolde knitted her eyebrow before leaning down to touch his forehead "you're still burning up. It's good to see you awake but it's best for you to sleep and take it easy".

Tristan reached out, weakly grabbed her wrist "Isolde... you're not injured, right?".

"what is it? You are the only one who heavily injured right now", Isolde said with vibrated voice, she quickly turned her back to take the tray of a bowl of chicken soup that Ban made and drink "can you sit? You have to eat and drink something before drink the medicine—".

She saw him no longer in his bed and she dropped the tray of food and drink on her hand.


After the sound of someone running upstairs, Gelda barged in "what happened?".

They went downstairs after that and pandemonium happened on the Boar Hat.

"I swore I just averted my eyes for a second but next second I saw to the bed, he disappeared!", Isolde lifted her fists, yammering in irk "the nerve he has! Where the hell he's gone with his condition right now? He's not in good condition to wake up yet. Heck, he's even not strong enough to walk and get up from bed yet! how the hell he's capable to sneak out of his bed from the first place?!".

Gowther pointed out "he's a Warlock, remember? He still can levitate and use teleport".

"calm down, Isolde. Let's go find him outside. He won't go too far, not when you're here", Gelda told Isolde reassuringly and squeezed Isolde's shoulder, giving her light massage to calm her down before pointing "look, even Tina and Meliodas have gone first to look for him without we noticed it".

King looked around "eh! Since when?".

Diane looked around with the same level of surprise "that's fast!".

Ban drawled as he "I wonder actually what is Tina and Tristan's relationship with the Cap'n? Cap'n is quite overprotective about Tristan and he's also quite having resemblances with Tina and Tristan".

"of course they are, they are father with his children", Gelda thought before giving an advice "now, how about we go to check outside and ask Lady Merlin to help us?".

"I won't have him taking any risks on his recovery, not under my watch! If it were normal people, they would die long before or at least, still lying in bed with dying state. He's supposed to stay in bed and have a total bed rest, not to get up out of his bed and wander around instead!", Isolde burst out in distraught, holding the knob of the door before opening the door with full force "I swear once I get him, I'm gonna slap him!".

"do as you please", Gelda flatly gave in as she followed the young healer "though I don't think that's what you're gonna do".

Well, when they found Merlin with Escanor, they saw something unexpected and met with uninvited guest.


Looking behind, Merlin saw the burly man who caught her and wrapped his arms around her waist as she unconsciously kept walking and barely fell to the river. With clear concern on his eyes, Escanor put her down to the ground carefully "be careful, you could have drowned".

Merlin sheepishly admitted as she gave thanks to him "ah, I'm sorry. I was too distracted".

Escanor frowned "by what we shouldn't have to see?".

"...I'm so sorry, you have to see it", Merlin admitted that times where Isolde died for the first time, the chance meeting with her first reincarnation and the revelation of the curses, it was the worst times of her life "I don't want you to see me that way".

Escanor looked surprised at that "why? Because it's your weakness moments? Because you think that your marriage life with Tristan is your failure or biggest mistake of your life? Or... because of what happened between you with Tristan and Isolde?".

"all of it", Merlin turned her back against him, not dare to look straight to his face, not when she was not sure of his reaction "Mark crossed the boundaries. That's not something we could reveal to others, ever".

"no need to apologize to me, Merlin", Escanor shook his head. Caressing his moustache thoughtfully, he asked because he thought there were more than it "well, I admit I'm surprised to see your mother... but all jokes aside, do you not want us to know about your mother?".

"honestly, I don't too care about her", surprisingly, Merlin said it nonchalantly, explaining to Escanor that even without or with what happened to Isolde and Tristan, it's not like Merlin and Lilith ever had good relationship, ever "unlike me, my mother had a high hope on Isolde but after what happened on the Cornwall and our mother gave the curse, well... I have no idea. I myself don't too care of Lilith, our biological mother because, why should I? Just like she doesn't too care of me to the point that maybe, she doesn't even think of me as her daughter anymore after what happened 3.000 years ago on Belialuin, thus she deliberately could give the curse on me".

(without they knew, actually the others had arrived here but because they thought the situation wasn't perfect for them to appear, they decided to hide for a while)

Escanor carefully said "I apologize if it sounded know-it-all of me, but I thought you deliberately kept the things about your mother as secret because of... well, you know...".

"the fact that our mother is Succubus? Well, it's a lie if I said that some part of me deep down in my heart, I hope no one will know about it, especially not someone I cared deeply. You truly know how people have been thinking about Demon Clan, right? Four other Clans always think differently of Demon Clan, while in fact, not all people of Demon Clan are evil. For example, my older sister Neiva. She's not fully opened about her past to us but I know, after what happened to her, no wonder she always hides her real identity as Demon", Merlin sighed and looked up to the bright, blue sky above "I hope someday she can find her own happiness".

Escanor hummed "I hope I can meet her and become her friend too. Looks like she's a good woman".

"she really is, though I dare to say that she's really the daredevil. She is one of less people who can grate my nerves", Merlin twitched her eyebrow up and down before looking up to him, carefully asking "say, Escanor... tell me honestly, even after knowing my parent's lineage... although my father is human, but my mother is the part of Demon race, which make me, their daughter be Hybrid, half-Demon half-human... Do you still think the same of me even after knowing it?".

"why wouldn't I? I have no idea about the others, but for me, Merlin is Merlin", Escanor shrugged "maybe people will say that I'm only biased by my own love and feeling to you but just like what you sister, Isolde thought of Tristan, no matter what kind of bloods flowing through your vein, it will not change who you are to me in my heart".

"you are really kind, a good man who deserve a woman better than me", Merlin only smiled "...thank you".

"still, to think your mother put the curse on her daughters, it's so cruel of her", after Merlin only laughed it off as he lamented about it, Escanor asked "but do you really mean it? When you said that you don't mind at all about your curse?".

"honestly, with my power, I can break my mother's curse whenever I want it", Merlin said with bitter smile "but I accept it as my punishment and my redemption. After all, I deserve for it".

"not only that, right? Gwen... perhaps she knew it, that's why she asked me to talk about this with you and to think she asked me such request...", Escanor scratched his cheek with slight flushed cheek, he didn't elaborate what Guinevere asked to him but he said "in fact, you never consider about your own happiness, not after what happened between you, Isolde and Tristan. Due to your guilt, maybe even up until now, you still...".

Again, Merlin smiled, the kind of a smile to hide her own pain and to reassure other people, the kind of smile people usually wore for others but not for their own good "that's right, after what happened to my sister and Tristan... I don't know what Gwen had told you, but before I can make sure of Tristan and Isolde's happiness, I think I shouldn't be happy and I don't mind at all. After all, I don't think I deserve to be happy, so it's alright... even if I could never have my happiness".

Looking at her smile when she said it, Escanor cupped her cheek "don't make that face. If your family can't make you happy, I will give everything you want that no one can give it to you".

Everything. Himself. Her happiness. Those unspoken words reached her as her eyes widened and in her dazed state, what she could do only to call his name "...Escanor?".

"I said it years ago, that I will wait no matter how long it needed and I will not force you to accept my feeling to you", Escanor touched her chin and tilted her head up "however, once you've become mine, don't you think I will let you go, ever. Better you think twice before you answer me".

"you fully know what my Sin, right? I don't know if my thirst will be satisfied, ever, then you have to give me more and bring heaven to me", using her magic power to levitate herself, Merlin floated on the air before wrapping her arms around his shoulders, leaning down. After they kissed, she covered her mouth as she inhaled deep breath. With light blush on her face, she asked "...speaking of which, what Gwen asked you?".

"maybe it was only a little promise with a little girl on her childhood, but I have to fulfill my promise as a man", Escanor chuckled as he wrapped his arms around Merlin's waist "she asked me to always protect you and don't make you cry but make you be the happiest woman alive".

Merlin clicked her tongue and put her hands on her hip as Escanor gently put her down "that little girl of mine... I should have known it beforehand. She must have plotted something".

Escanor tilted his head, not fully understand what did she mean "don't scold her, okay? She's a good girl and she only wanted her dear mother to be happy".

"yeah, but— kh!", Merlin felt burning on her back. She dropped to her knees before enormous waves of miasma came out of her body. Once the miasma dissipated and vanished to the thin air, she lifted her hands, shakily looking down to her palms "...what?".

"Merlin, what's wrong?", Escanor dropped one knee in front of her, frantically asking "where does it hurt? Are you—'.

"no, it's alright. In fact, my body feels light", Merlin looked up to him, with uncertainty "I don't know why, but my mother's curse... it's broken...".

"Merlin!", suddenly, someone that turned out to be Nel Hativa landed near the officially-couple after flying down full speed, leaving the crater on the ground where she had landed. Not even care to shrink her horns and wings back into her body, Nel Hativa hugged Merlin, successfully toppling them over to the ground as she rubbed her cheek on her cheek "my dear little sister, I'm really glad that finally you found your true love, got his kiss and mother's curse on you finally broke!".

Pushing her away, Merlin asked her to start act on her age "stop faking it, Neiva! I know you have been watching over me which you totally enjoy it and I bet you will not live it down to tease me, right?".

"oh, come on, it's so mean of you, Mer-bear. Do you seriously think that low of me? I sincerely feel glad for my sister, of course", wiping her cheeks, she really faked her tears like Merlin had said before she grinned broadly "but you surely have a great catch here~", Nel Hativa playfully caressed her little sister's chin as she drawled teasingly, pointedly looking to Escanor with sideways glance. Turning to Escanor, Nel Hativa shook his hands and she introduced herself "hell, my name is Nel Hativa but you may call me Neiva. First of all, thank you so much for saving my sister from her curse. As her older sister, from now on, I entrust her to you. Maybe she can be a bit shy sometimes in front of the man she loved but just to make sure, you have to make her be the happiest woman alive, okay?".

Escanor shook her hand with a sparkle on his eyes "you can trust me, older sister".

Merlin groaned and felt like having a sudden headache "sister, enough. You're embarrassing me! And Escanor, don't group with her!".

Nel Hativa lifted her hands "do you love him or not?".

"well...", Merlin lowered her head and covered her blushing face "...there's no way I say 'no' to it".

"duh, you're so shy like usual. There, there", Nel Hativa ruffled her head, totally ignoring Merlin's protest about stop treating her like a child before Nel Hativa started her rambling "oh, I feel like I can hear the li'l Gwen squealing in delight right now and knowing the good girl she is, she must be glad and she would congratulate you with him", when Escanor asked her about why did she come here, she just remembered "ah, I've heard what happened on Vaizel so I came here to check your condition due to my niece's request but in the halfway, I saw on the riverbank, Tristan speaking with his daughters while on the woods near the river, quite distraught Tina and quite panicked Meliodas which unusual of them, looked like looking for something. Could it be... again, Tristan pushed himself and woke up when he shouldn't, perhaps?".

Hell, yeah. Isolde burst out of her hiding place "you should have told us sooner about it!".

Nel Hativa lifted her hand "oh, hi! Isn't it Isolde, my other little sister? Since when did you and your companions hide there?".

Next second, when Merlin and Escanor realized that they were watched intensely from the first place, the terrifying couple demanded their comrades to have proper conversation about it after they found and talked with Tristan first (which obviously Isolde and Gelda could avoid it).

Isolde rolled her eyes "are you sure, it's his daughters?".

Nel Hativa tilted her head "well, well, well, I recognize them not as human but spirits from the Capital Of The Dead and they have wings, one with golden wings and one with rainbow-colored wings, who else they could be?".

When Meliodas and Tristina found him on the riverbank, Tristan floated on the air using his magic power to levitate as he talked with his daughters who visited and came all the way from the Capital of The Dead.

The oldest one, Irina asked with concern on her eyes, holding his hands "Daddy, is your body really alright now?".

"you know I'm strong, right? No need to worry about me", Tristan said as he sat down above the rock on the riverbank "sorry, we have to meet here, but we can't risk the chance for your mother to see you two when she doesn't remember yet".

"it's alright, Dad. We understand", Irina, so mature, nodded in understanding "it's not like we can see mommy too when she doesn't remember us yet, right?".

"right", the younger one, Iris nodded her head before she burst out into tears, crying mess "though I'm so scared! I thought Daddy was gonna die... Poor mommy if you had...".

"I'm so sorry for make you scared, honey", Tristan apologetically smiled "I promise, next time I will visit with your mother".

"we will visit for sure", Meliodas convinced as he landed on the rock "hi, dear!".

Both Irina and Iris outright brightened before excitedly cuddling to him (despite the fact they couldn't touch him) "grandpa!".

As Meliodas was busy with his grand-daughters, Tristina floated down beside Tristan "as we thought, you're here".

Tristan turned to his twin, already sensed her on the Boar Hat ever since he woke up "how could you know that I'm here?".

Tristina scoffed at that "hello, who do you think I am? I'm your twin, of course I know you. You have a habit to seek for the seclusion when you want to be alone. You always sit on the rock near the riverbank as looking up to the bright blue sky when you're in deep thought or to meditate. You always hide above the tree when we played hide and seek, though there was once I found you sleeping on the tree when we played hide and seek".

"oh, I remember that. We played hide and seek, I hid above the tree and we ended up sleeping on the tree together. Dad scolded us because we came home late and mother told us to not do it again".

Meliodas pointed out "hey, it was your fault to make us worried, kids!".

When he saw his twin's scowl, Tristan concluded "you're mad".

"oh, sure~ I do, but because you came here to see your daughters, I'm holding myself back. At least, you could have told us before you went to see your daughters, you know?", Tristina sighed before she turned, telling him and Meliodas that she would leave with Irina and Iris "even Isolde wanted to hit you, though I know it too well, she doesn't have the heart to hurt you and let you taking risk in your condition right now. I think she's gonna cry in relief and joy, then hugs you before giving good scolds to you instead, so prepare yourself".

When the others arrived here, they saw Meliodas and Tristan waved their hands to Tristina, Irina and Iris. Like Nel Hativa said, they saw both Irina and Iris had a pair of wings on their back, although they had different colors where Irina had wings with golden feathers meanwhile her little sister, Iris had wings with rainbow-colored feathers, just like her name. Rather than with the descendants of Demon, they more looked like an angel.

Iris waved her hands, cheerfully said "see you again, Daddy! Take care!".

Irina waved her hand, still worried "don't risk your life and endanger your life again, okay?".

"listen to your daughter", Tristina floated beside him "or~ I'm gonna haunting you~".

Tristan scoffed "hence, it won't scare me again".

Tristina clicked her tongue at that "tch".

Once Irina and Iris disappeared with Tristina after they said goodbye, Tristan's body staggered and he fell to the side, but before Meliodas caught him, Ban caught him "aren't you supposed to be in bed, Kid?".

Looking to his father's eyes, Tristan mumbled despite his ragged breath and perspiration as Meliodas and Ban helped him to sit on the ground, leaning his back on the rock "...I'm fine, don't glare to me like that, old man".

"sure~ try to stand up and walk, then~", Meliodas deliberately challenged him and earning his grunt, he sighed "see? You don't even have the energy left to stand and walk. Wonder of whom did you get this stubborn, Triss?".

Clutching his stomach, Tristan closed his eyes as he tried to regain the rhythm of his breathing "you're mad?".

"of course, I am. You recklessly endangered your life, again", Meliodas growled before he sat beside him, patting his son's head "but since I also went berserk this time, looks like I have no place to scold you, so let's call we're even, just for this time. Although, unlike you, I don't have to endanger my life. Actually, when will you stop risking your life like this?".

"dunno", Tristan sighed, telling the matter of fact "besides I didn't endanger my own life, but risk my life in order to protect the precious people that I have to protect".

"you idiot!", Isolde rushed to his side, already sitting by his side "no one asked you to risk your life!".

"here we go again~", Gelda gave an advice to the others to wait "please wait for a moment. They will have their spat but this is their daily routine".

Meliodas joined them to watch on the sidelines "yup, she's right".

Tristan scowled "do you think who would feel the most distraught if something happened to you?".

"and what? you think I wouldn't feel the same? Let me make it clear for you, I will die too if you die! I can't bear to live in a world without you!", Isolde cupped his cheeks, despite her distraught, her eyes only showed her determination and resolve "don't you understand it? I don't want to fight, but if I have to fight in order to protect the precious people of me, I will fight! Even if this world turns against you, I'm not afraid as long as I'm with you. I will never leave your side, because that's far I need you by my side. No matter what happens, I will never betray you, ever. Just stop thinking so low of your own life!".

"damn it... how could you always able to drive me crazy?", running his fingers on his hair, Tristan slung his hand around her shoulder "you said I'm your savior, but you have no idea, how many times I've been saved by you".

Isolde blinked in shock "I have... saved you?".

"yes. Even just your presence, it's enough to make me want to live again. Thank you, Isolde".

Listening to his sincere words about how he wanted to live because of her, it successfully brought her into crying mess.

Nel Hativa shook her head "oh my, you make her crying again".

Looking to the side and just realized she was here, Meliodas lifted his hands in excitement "Neiva!".

"Mel-Mel!", Nel Hativa spread her hands to the side before hugging him "long time no see you and I'm glad to see you healthy, but you're still small like always".

Meliodas pinched her cheeks "cheeky".

Elizabeth caressed her chest after looking at how close Meliodas and Nel Hativa (which not go unseen by Veronica) as she felt something on her chest. Whatever, she could talk with Meliodas later but she thought this was something that Tristan should know so she squeezed Tristan's hand. With fond smile adorned her face and motherly affection, she patted his head "Lady Isolde's right. Please, don't think so low of your own life. Not only Lady Isolde, there are people who will be sad if something happens to you. Thank you, for saving us and survive, Sir Tristan".

In a split second, Meliodas appeared behind Elizabeth and groped her breasts, earning her squeal and moans "listen to your mother".

For Isolde's purity, sanity and innocence, Merlin quickly covered Isolde's eyes.

Veronica grabbed the hilt of her sword and shouted "you jerk! Let your hands go off of my sister!".

"let me assist you", Nel Hativa appeared behind Meliodas and head-lock him with ridiculous speed before she turned to Elizabeth and Veronica "ladies, if you want to take revenge on him, now it's your chance".

Veronica gladly accepted her aide but Elizabeth tried to stop them, asking them to not hurt him and in result, earning incredulous glances from the others. They laughed at their antics before Tristan heard someone whispering in his head "you can't escape who you are".

"I know, but even so... I will live like my father has decided, for the sake of the precious people I have to protect, for the people who want me to live and the woman I love...", Tristan leaned his head on her shoulder, whispering weakly "sorry, Isolde... I guess... I'm gonna sleep a bit...".

"Sir Tristan?", cradling his head on her chest, she instantly lowered her hand from his forehead in reflex "he's burning up! Godfather, help!".

Meliodas landed on the ground after Nel Hativa released him "geez, this is why we told you to rest, dumbass brat".

"let me, Cap'n", carrying Tristan on his back, Ban beckoned to Merlin "Merlin".

"understood", Merlin snapped her fingers, using her teleport to move them all to Boar Hat. On the Boar Hat, after they made sure Tristan was under care of Isolde's good hands, she asked her sister "I believe you came here not only to reunion. What do you want, Neiva?".

"well, well, well, actually I need you to come with me for some errands from The Lady Of The Lake", Nel Hativa showed her the list "and your daughter's special request, which I will meet her tonight".

On the rooftop, after Isolde told them that Tristan was gonna be okay, Meliodas decided to call the day off and told them all to rest so they would continue their discussion about their next move later, Ban sat on the rooftop star-gazing in deep thought, same with King.

"Ban, I haven't asked you yet until now because I'm too scared to know... but tell me...", King floated in front of the Undead "where is my little brother? How is he?".

"oh, you mean Elias, Elaine's twin brother?", Ban drawled with sing song tone, with all seriousness "...he's gone...".

King narrowed his eyes "what do you mean he's gone?".

"...I couldn't find the body wherever, unlike with Elaine. Last time I saw him, he injured terribly...", —he tried to create the opening for me and Elaine to run away when the fatass Demon before I saw his body slashed into two in front of my eyes, his bloodied body dropped to the ground and—, but the words stuck in his throat so what he could say only "...I'm so sorry, King. I have no idea where is he".




On the Castle of Camelot Kingdom or more precisely from Merlin's laboratory, Arthur and Morgan heard the delightful squeals "KYA! / HORAY!".

Arthur noted "'s Guinevere".

"and Lancelot", Morgan added before rushed to the laboratory "what happened?".

When Arthur and Morgan arrived there, they saw other sibling in this Castle, Guinevere and Lancelot knitted their hand in their elbow and dancing around in pure happiness delightfully like children who just got the greatest gift on their life. Arthur thought it was cute of them, but after looking at his half-sister's scowl, he couldn't help it but want to laugh it off.

Arthur cleared his throat after he had had enough of his own laughter "honey, what happened?".

Guinevere wrapped her arms around his shoulders before excitedly reciting about what happened to her dearest godmother Merlin "you should have seen it, Arthur!".

"hee, that's happened to Master. We have to give proper congratulation for her", Morgan nodded her head absentmindedly "and what will you say to her when she's back with her lover, princess?".

Guinevere tilted her head innocently "that I don't mind at all to have another godfather? Whatever, we have to celebrate it!".

"don't get too excited, sis. Remember what the healer said about your blood-tension—", right after Lancelot said it, Guinevere collapsed and Lancelot face-palmed "told you".

Arthur carried her bridal style and beckoned the explanation from Lancelot "Guinevere! What did the healer said?".

"the healer said to be careful and watch over her blood-tension because she has low-blood-tension due to her lack of sleep", Lancelot narrowed his eyes as he put his hands on his hop "and before you scold me, my King, let me remind you that you are one of her reasons why she lacked of her sleep".

Morgan tapped her fist on her palm "oh, because of their secret rendezvous every night?".

Lancelot deadpanned "indeed".

"don't make it sounded like it's fully my fault and I have deliberately kept her awake on the night due to personal desire. It's unlike we do something pervert because she only helped me to organize what happened in our Kingdom and she is too stubborn to let me work alone. You see, the thing is, I have asked her to just go to sleep and she still chose to stay with me and only went back to her chamber once I'm done!".

Lancelot knew, of course "good to know, although sometimes you two also can be lovey-dovey in the middle of your work".

"glad to know our future King and Queen are dependable, but...", Morgan narrowed her eyes, sternly scolding him "you are gonna be his husband, brother. You have to take a great care of your woman so her health is your responsibility. Not to mention it's troublesome if your bride isn't on fit condition on your wedding, is it not?".