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The White Enchantress

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After Elizabeth and Veronica checked and made sure that Isolde was gonna stay with Tristan, Veronica told Griamore to watch guard, just in case Isolde went downstairs as they discussed the problem in their hands.

“okay, since I have an important business tonight, I must go now”, Nel Hativa slung her bag over her shoulder “but I’ll be back and stay here until I make sure he’s gonna be okay”.

Merlin asked “what business?”.

Nel Hativa smirked “another patient and body-check”.

Okay, whoever Nel Hativa the Necromancer mentioned as patient and whatever she meant with body-check, they thought it wouldn’t be good to interrupt in her business so let’s just say they wouldn’t want to interrupt their privacy.

Meliodas blinked “you will stay?”.

“of course I am, I’ve got several things I need to get off my chest to that reckless brat”, a vein popped on Nel Hativa’s head and she puffed her chest before looking down to Meliodas with slightly narrowed eyes “this year Isolde is gonna reach her 24 years old, Meliodas. I needn’t explain what I’m gonna talk about with him to you, right?”.

“I understand. I’ve got your point”, Meliodas waved his hand “don’t worry, you can sleep with Elizabeth and Veronica as long as you stay here”.

Veronica tilted her head and raised her eyebrow, not too pleased with the idea “she is Lady Merlin’s sister, right? Why don’t she just sleep with her?”.

Merlin lifted her forefinger and middle finger “one, just like I’ve mentioned before, I can’t stay here yet because I have to go back to my workplace where my daughter also has been waiting for me, also to help Escanor to move. Second, rather than sleeping with my sister, I prefer to sleep with Escanor”.

Ban and Meliodas snickered when Elizabeth, Veronica and Escanor turned bright red.

Nel Hativa wrapped her arms around her sister’s shoulder, rubbing her cheek against her head “how lonesome of you, Mer-Bear. When you have a lover already, you forget your own sister, huh?”.

Merlin scowled and lifted her ring finger “and three, you realize it or not, you are so clingy when you’re sleeping and I don’t want to ended up as your pillow again”.

Nel Hativa rolled her eyes “okay then, at least you can drop me on my meeting place with this someone particular like I told you before you go with him”.

“time to go home, then”, Gelda approached Merlin “for now, bye-bye, Meliodas”.

After Merlin snapped her fingers, Merlin and Nel Hativa disappeared with Escanor and Gelda in tow using her teleport to only-gods-knew-to-where they went.

Next morning, it was chaos again on the Boar Hat, started with Hawk’s irritated shouts “MELIODAS, YOU PERVERT!”.

Meliodas scowled, pointing to Nel Hativa “it was her who sneak into my bed without I realized it”.

“I don’t see what’s the problem here?”, Nel Hativa yawned and scratched her head “we’re only sleeping on the same bed, only sleep-over and nothing happened”.

Last night, her meeting with the princess had a lot to discuss with, so it really made her tired and Nel Hativa instantly dropped her body to the bed without looking her surrounding. It was Hawk who came to wake up Meliodas and he was shocked to find the owner of Boar Hat was sleeping with Nel Hativa clinging to him like a pillow (just like what Merlin said), it was only first problem. Second problem, Nel Hativa threw her belongings to the floor before she went to sleep so she only wore lingerie. They were lucky enough that Elizabeth didn’t see this. Hawk worried about the innocence of the princess.

Veronica deadpanned, still couldn’t believe this woman “the problem is, your clothes and the way you’re sleeping with him”.

“princess, Mr. Piggy, you don’t know Meliodas like I do. He is not the type of a man who would lay his finger on the woman that he’s not fixated his eyes on. He can be obnoxious, yes, groping breasts or buttocks as he please but he only will do it with someone he’s taken interest with. He would never touch the woman that he doesn’t have interest with”, Nel Hativa leaned her chin on her palm with closed eyes before she smiled sadly “also, Meliodas only thinks of me as little sister so there’s no point of worrying about something in terms romance relationship ever happens between us”.

“enough about me”, Meliodas blushed which was rare as he offered one of his best wine to Nel Hativa “you can find the apple and the other ingredients to make something sweet on the kitchen after your low-blood-tension is getting better”.

“thank you very much”, Nel Hativa smiled and took the wine bottle. She rose on her feet, giving a light peck on his cheek before sauntering to the kitchen with smug grin on her face “brother~”.

“Neiva!”, Meliodas growled and lifted his hand up. Earning her laughter in amusement, Meliodas only could sigh in defeat “that girl, really...”.

“brother and sister, huh?”, Veronica twitched her eyebrow in disbelief “that woman is unbelievable”.

“what’s wrong, sister?”, Elizabeth just came from above, tilting her head “any problem, Sir Meliodas?”.

“good morning, Elizabeth”, Meliodas buried his face on Elizabeth’s breasts and wrapped both his hand and leg to clinging on her torso, groping her like usual “don’t worry, no problem at all, only Neiva was joking around with me again like usual”.

“you bastard! Let go of my sister!”, Veronica groaned in irritation before pointing to Elizabeth “and what kind of clothes do you wear, Ellie?”.

“uniform, obviously”, Meliodas lifted his thumb “you may pick your own liking on the warehouse”.

“godfather!”, Isolde ran downstairs “he disappeared from bed again!”.

Meliodas face-palmed “for heaven’s sake, could this boy not make us worried just for a day?”.

“Ban, not only about Tristan and Isolde’s problem, you’re thinking about Merlin and Cap’n too, right?”, King looked to his comrade from the corner of his eyes “well, Merlin and her sisters, Neiva aside, after knowing who... what they are, it’s truly shocked but the Captain, could it be he also—”.

Ban pulled King by his collars “like hell he is! There’s no way that he’s the same as that monster!”.

“of course not. Dare to think or even to put us on the same class with Demon reactors or Red Demon is an insult, Fox Sin of Greed Ban”.

Ban and King turned to see Nel Hativa sat on the tree branch, dangling her legs casually.

“just ask him. Meliodas is a worst liar I’ve ever met. Sometimes, he can be the most honest person you have ever met but to ask him spill the truth, it’s really hard. However, even if you find the answer of a question, another question will appear next”, Nel Hativa jumped to the ground, sauntering to them “after you find out that Meliodas is a Demon or not, even after knowing it, what will you do then? Will you still think the same of him or—“.

“—or will you turn your back against him, just like Mark did to me and Isolde?”, Tristan floated on the air before landing to sit on the rock “yo, someone here can tell me how long I’ve been sleeping?”.

“aren’t you supposed to be in bed?”, Ban sighed, deep down in his heart he felt relieved “it’s been three days ever since what happened on Vaizel and you have spent most of those times with sleeping, Kid. Your wife will not be pleased”.

“she’s not my wife, yet”, Tristan clarified “not in this lifetime of hers”.

“they have miscalculated when they fought against you. They thought you are just the same with them, in the reactors class? Ha!”, Nel Hativa tipped her head backwards and laughed “ridiculous... we have been mixed from the first place because in fact, we are born with it”.

Ban hissed “so you admit it, that you and your sisters, just like Tristan and Tina—”.

“yes, we are. The different is, either Tristan and Tina or Isolde and Merlin are only half-blood demon and half-blood human. Between my sisters, I’m the only one who born as full-blooded Demon. Unlike the ‘Demon reactors’ like Jericho or Guila, human who desired for power thus they drank the Demon bloods, we are from entirely different class. Higher, even. To kill them all mercilessly in Vaizel, is just like flickering our fingers if we want to. So why did you hold yourself back, Tristan? You and Meliodas don’t even use your real power. It was only 0,1% of your power”, Nel Hativa rolled her eyes “oh, I see. You have asked my sister to seal your power”.

“it’s for the best, that’s all I can do so I can infiltrate and continue to live in between human, no matter how hard it is”, Tristan lowered his glances “don’t worry, after we take back and save Liones Kingdom, I will leave”.

“it’s not your decision to be made!”, Veronica came with Griamore, Elizabeth and Diane “it’s my sister and your Captain’s, right?”.

“Sir Tristan! You scared us! Glad to see you wake up!”, Elizabeth hugged him before checking him “I bet Lady Isolde would want to check on you right away. She went with Sir Gowther and Sir Meliodas on the other way”.

“what did you say just now?”, Diane asked in disbelief “you’re gonna just leave like nothing has ever happened between us? Just like that?”.

“that’s why I said, we will help you and your sister to take back and save this Kingdom before we leave, right? Don’t worry, once I tell her that I’m gonna leave and go back to our previous place, Isolde will just follow me. It’s always been like that”, Tristan squeezed Elizabeth on the shoulders, lightly pushing her away “whatever you all saw in my mindscape, of mine and Isolde’s past... just forget about it. We will not disturb your life after that”.

Griamore asked dubiously “how about the curse on you and Lady Isolde? You’re not gonna sit still and do nothing to break the curse, right?”.

“Lady Lilith is the little sister of Demon Queen and she has great magic power, barely on the same level with the Demon King. To break our curse, it’s needed magic power as great as hers or Demon King and it’s also the reason why neither Merlin nor Neiva could break our curse”, Tristan lowered his head, his bangs masking his expression “’s been 2.500 years ever since we have been cursed. We have tried everything we could do to break our curse but nothing succeed”.

Veronica was curious “speaking of which, where is Lilith now?”.

“I sent her to Purgatory”, Nel Hativa stated coldly before looking pointedly to Tristan “right after Tristan asked her to break the curse with giving up his life, so he wouldn’t able to do that suicide again as the way to break their curse”.

“don’t worry, I will not use that way again”, Tristan reassured her “don’t want to see her apologizing to me about it, just like how I don’t want to see her apologizing to me for what happened to me every time she’s reborn”.

Elizabeth squeezed his hand “...Sir Tristan, do you not want her to remember?”.

“why should she when it only would endanger her life?”, Tristan scoffed before he smiled as her smile appeared on his mind “with or without her past-life memories, Isolde is Isolde. However I feel bad for our daughters. I wonder... would we lose another daughter after we lost Irina and Iris?”.

“you are not going to lose your wife or your child again”, Meliodas said as he sat on the rock, leaning his back on Tristan’s back “you stupid child, don’t be pessimistic. Merlin and Neiva said that the third reincarnation of your wife, ‘Isolde Marianna’ is the closest with ‘Isolde Belialuin’ from all of Isolde’s reincarnations, right? Maybe this time will be different and maybe, we can break the curse on you and her”.

“it’s nothing, old man, compared to...”, Tristan trailed off. Yes, he had always thought that what he had been going through was nothing compared to what his parent had been going through. Looking down, Tristan sighed “...honestly, after what happened on the Cornwall Kingdom, I really mean it when I said that I accept the curse as my punishment but it’s Isolde and our daughters... do you think they deserve this?”.

His son’s wordless mind came to him and Meliodas sighed “idiot. No matter how many times you’ve been going through it, it doesn’t make you get used with it. To lose the woman you loved, no matter how many times it happened, it’s always hurt”.

“neither you nor Lady Isolde deserve for this!”, Elizabeth cupped Tristan’s cheeks, lifting his head up so he could see the resolve and determination on her eyes “we still have times, Sir Tristan. Why don’t we try to figure it out together and—”.

“princess, what for do you gather the Seven Deadly Sins?”, Tristan grabbed her wrist and she gasped. As the realization hit her, Tristan smiled sadly “listen, princess. What happened to me and Isolde... it’s personal problem. I know this is selfish of me but I believe she also would say the same things. No need to worry about us, just forget what you witnessed about what happened on Cornwall Kingdom. We’re gonna find our own way, once she remembers all of her past-lives memories. For now, let’s just focus to what you should finish. To take back and save Liones Kingdom”.

Elizabeth cried “but still...”.

Diane started crying as well “but it means you and her will...”.

“just give it up already, princess. He’s right”, Nel Hativa sighed “after all, nothing all of you can do to break their curse, right? No need to fret over about it anymore. There’s no point on crying or panicking now”.

Ban scoffed “typical of Demon, heartless—”.

“do you think we have ever asked to be born like this!”, Nel Hativa slapped Ban’s face and burst out in rage in front of his face “just remember one thing and ask yourself, do you think we have ever asked for it? Have we ever asked to be born this way? To born as Lilith’s daughters, the Demon’s child? the answer is NO! We never asked to born like this so why should people hate us just because we happened to born as Demon’s child? And what? Do you think my sister and Tristan deserve for this?”.

Meliodas squeezed Nel Hativa’s hand “Neiva”.

Earning no answer from Ban and the others, Nel Hativa sighed heavily and put her hand on her hips “next time, don’t say it in front of Merlin. I have made sure that Escanor would make you pay for it, if you dare to say something racism in front of my sisters”, turning her back, she patted Tristan’s shoulder “tell my goodbye to Isolde”.

Meliodas pursed his lips “you’re leaving now? not waiting for Isolde?”.

“no need for me to stay longer in the place where my presence is unwanted, right?”, Nel Hativa scoffed sarcastically before hugging Tristan “you have to take care of my sister and remember... don’t die”.

Tristan closed his eyes and hugged her back “...I understand. Thank you, Neiva”.

“you’re welcome”, Nel Hativa only smiled before she spread her wings out, flapping her wings as her body floated on the air, holding Tristan and Meliodas’ hands “when the time has come for us, hopefully we still can be reunited again as one family, someday”.

Tristan smiled “sure, I’m waiting for it too”.

Meliodas waved his hand and cheerfully said goodbye “take care, Neiva!”.

Nel Hativa waved her hand “I believe it’s my line, you idiots~”.

Tristan snickered “she said it to you”.

Meliodas shook his head “no, she said it to you”.

“eh? Neiva has gone already?”, Isolde just arrived with Gowther in tow, pursing her lips “too bad... I’d like to talk more with her”.

“I told her to visit sometimes. You can talk with her later”, Meliodas patted Isolde’s head “speaking of which, you don’t forget something?”.

“thank you, godfather. Eh? Something?”, when her eyes landed on Tristan, Isolde just remembered “ah, got you! This time I will make sure you have to stay in bed until you eat all your medicine, food and drink! How could you come this far again when you’re supposed to not strong enough on walking too far!”.

Tristan floated on the air and let her dragging him as she holding his hand “but I can still levitate, you know?”.

Elizabeth called the Dragon Sin which Dragon Sin turned to her with questioning looks “Sir Meliodas, considering Lady Isolde still calls Sir Tristan with honorific title and not only with his name”.

Veronica caressed her chin “not to mention, she also seems rather clueless, which means she really hasn’t—”.

“yes, she doesn’t remember, not yet”, Meliodas narrowed his eyes, with all seriousness “but this year, she’s gonna reach 24 years old which means, it only the matter of time until she remembers everything. Once she remembers everything, Isolde only has a year until the curse kills her but hopefully it won’t happen again. It goes without saying, this is gonna be the hardest time for them”.

Indeed, they thought at the same time as they wondered about one thing. Merlin and Nel Hativa were practically Isolde’s siblings and Tristan was Isolde’s husband, no wonder they would want to break the curses but what was the importance of Meliodas till the Dragon Sin wanted to break the curses as well?

“...Sir Meliodas, I thought Sir Tristan is right”, Elizabeth smiled with longing and affection as she saw Tristan and Isolde from far “with or without her past-lives memories, Lady Isolde is still and always will be his Isolde. After all, their strong bond does still exist there, right?”.

Meliodas’ eyes widened before he lowered his head further and smiled weakly “...yeah, you’re right”.

When they arrived on the Boar Hat, they had unexpected guests. Cain, Lancelot and Morgan.

Isolde trailed off “Lancelot... and Lady Morgan? What are you doing here?”.

“Isolde! We were worried sick, duh!”, Morgan jumped to hug Isolde “we have heard what happened from Lady Merlin. You make us worried sick, so we came here!”.

“Triss! I’m totally relieved to see you’re fine!”, Lancelot jumped to hug Tristan “well, not that I don’t believe you. I know you have the vitality like cockroach and I believe you can survive this, since you have more grievous injuries than this before and you survived miraculously, but still, I’m so so so worried that I will lose my best friend and big brother figure, you know?”.

Panting, Tristan stomped on Lancelot’s head as Ban and Gowther supported him from behind after they realized the Warlock’s body started staggering “you... do you seriously just group me with cockroach, you asshole?”.

Lancelot lamented “you’re so mean”.

“Lancelot, be careful. He’s just strong enough to get out of the bed and walk”, Isolde slung Tristan’s hand around her shoulder, supporting him “which he’s still supposed to be in bed”.

Lancelot shook his head “you never changed at all, bro”.

Morgan lifted her finger and scolded him “Sir Tristan, I have no idea about why Isolde is so taken with you but pleased don’t make her cry or worried sick, understand?”.

All of them wondered who were they, Cain aside, but it was Ban who mumbled “who are these people?”.

Meliodas ran forward, excitedly lifting his hands “Lance!”.

“oh! Hi, Daddy!”, Lancelot lifted his hands up and excitedly caught him as both father and son hugged each other tightly. Crouched himself in front of him, Lancelot grinned broadly, matching grin with his father as he tapped his father’s shoulder “glad to see you healthy, safe and sound too! Well, I believe you will survive it no matter what!”.

After backslapping him, Meliodas ruffled Lancelot’s head “Nishishi! You’ve grown so big from the last time I saw you!”.

“well, you should have visited me sometimes”, Lancelot crossed his hands before his chest, pursing his lips before having high-five with Meliodas “I work in the Camelot Castle, so you may come there when you visit, okay?”.

Meliodas clapped his hands “that’s great! What’s your job now?”.

Morgan smiled broadly before she announced proudly “Sir Lancelot works as personal guard of princess Guinevere, King Arthur’s fiancée and he is also King Arthur Pendragon’s right hand”.

From behind, after we counted one, two, three, the others exclaimed in shock “DADDY YOU SAID!”.

Looking to Diane who collapsed in shock, King tried to wake her up “Diane! Get yourself together!”.

Gowther clapped his hands “interesting. So, the Captain has a son that we don’t know? He seems like around his 20 years old”.

Lancelot clarified “I am 26 years old, actually”.

Cain tugged his trousers “are you really Lancelot?”.

Lancelot looked down and crouched himself “hm? isn’t this the old man Cain? hello, old man!”.

“oh, boy! You’ve grown so big! Let me hug you!”, Cain burst out into tears and hugged him “just look at the man you’ve become! Your parent must be so proud of you!”.

“Oof! But you have hugged me, old man”, Lancelot patted the crying old man’s back before he smiled fonldy “thank you. Glad to know”.

Meliodas tilted his head “well, well, well, how do you recognize him as Cain, son?”.

“I do remember and recognize him from his voice and his height, you know?”, Lancelot grinned before he tapped Meliodas on his forehead with his forefinger “I’m not senile like you”.

“looks like you’ve smart mouth now, huh?”, Meliodas smacked his head and ruffled his head before he turned to Morgan “and? who is this beautiful Lady?”.

“oh, actually...”, Lancelot cleared his throat “let me introduce you to my lover, Morgan Le Fay”.

Isolde turned bright red “EH! Since when? Since when?”.

Morgan sheepishly lifted her fingers in peace sign with blushing face “I am officially his lover now~”.

Tristan clapped his hands “ho-ho, finally. Congratulation, Lady Morgan, and great job, bro”.

Snaking his hand around her waist, Lancelot pulled her closer “we want to ask for your blessing because I want to court her”.

“that’s fast!”, Meliodas shook both Morgan and Lancelot’s hands with broad grin “good job, my boy. I approve. Remember, I just have two conditions. As a man, you have to treat her properly and I hope healthy grandchildren from you two”.

Morgan and Lancelot grinned, both lifted their thumbs “agreed, father”.

Hawk snorted “what kind of crazy family meeting this is?”.

“and? I bet you lovebirds don’t come here only to ask his blessing?”, Tristan pointedly lifted his finger “please don’t tell us, it has something to do with the King and the princess”.

“well, I think because we will come here, why not just tell my father about our relationship?”, Lancelot laughed awkwardly before tucking his hand to his pocket, pulling out a scroll “actually, yes, it is. This is the Royal Decree from the princess”.

Tristan face-palmed “hell no, not again... whatever her ‘Royal Decree’ is, I don’t think this is gonna be good for me”.

Camelot Kingdom

Arthur leaned his chin on his palm, whispering “honey, using your own position to make people obey your wish and make them to do what you want, it’s rather cunning, you know?”.

Guinevere laughed under the whisper, covering her mouth with the paper on her hand “ha-ha-ha, come on, Arthur. What’s the point of having social status and high stature class as princess of certain Kingdom if you can’t even take advantage of it?”.

Arthur deadpanned “ least, I’m glad that you are not the type of someone who like to take advantage of your own position”.

King Arthur’s another ‘right hand’ and advisor, Bedivere cleared his throat “a-hem, princess, King, we are gonna start our urgent meeting with The Knights Of The Round Table so you two may continue—”.

“kids, we’re home!”, Merlin barged into the room with Escanor in tow “welcome your new godfather and my soon-to-be husband!”.

All members The Knights Of The Round Table instantly stood and their chairs dropped backwards at the same time “WHAT!”.

Another Merlin came into view from behind Escanor and smacked the first Merlin with her fan “Neiva! Stop using my form like this in front of other people!”.

They heard something popped and after the smoke dissipated, the first Merlin changed into Nel Hativa. Tapping Merlin’s chin, Nel Hativa whistled with mischievous grin “I was joking, sister~ can’t you take a joke?”.

Merlin flatly stared “ just want to embarrass me, don’t you?”.

Nel Hativa playfully drawled “nope~ just want to create new impression of you in front of their eyes~ though it’s dramatically failed~”.

Merlin clutched her neck “you clearly enjoy it and just want to play around, right?”.

“first of all, godmother never called us ‘kids’ like that and compared to godmother, you’re so cheerful and carefree while godmother is so calm and composed”, Guinevere covered her mouth, trying hard to hold back her laughter “so yes, obviously we can recognize you”.

Arthur clutched his stomach, squirming as he buried his face on the table “love, don’t laugh... I want to laugh too but I tried to hold it...”.

Bedivere trailed off, lifting his shaking finger “uh, my King, princess, the one who looks exactly like Lady Merlin is...”.

Guinevere re-composed herself and chuckled “well, you may explain it to them all, Arthur. First of all, the Lady who looks exactly like Merlin is Merlin’s older sister, Lady Nel Hativa”.

Nel Hativa lifted her hand “just call me Neiva!”.

“she will work together with Merlin from now on, to replace Lady Gelda’s position”, lifting his hand, Arthur beckoned them to calm down and silence because he hadn’t finished yet “and the man beside Merlin is Sir Escanor, he is... well, like Lady Neiva said, he is Merlin’s soon-to-be-husband. Although it’s temporary, he’s gonna be one of our trainers”.

Despite the pandemonium that happened after they knew who were Escanor and Nel Hativa, Guinevere so cleverly told them that Gelda would go in furlough due to family problem so Nel Hativa would fill her position. Knowing Merlin’s reputation, Escanor and Nel Hativa were welcomed quickly.

After the meeting had ended, Escanor smiled proudly “who would ever expect, that little girl back then would grow up into such beauty and mature woman like this? Knowing your godmother, no wonder, though”.

“uncle Escanor!”, Guinevere hugged him and smiled brightly “I missed you!”.

“hoho, glad to see you again, Gwen”, lifting her off of the ground, he earned her sincere and innocent laughter, just like the child version of hers “I’m really relieved, knowing you’re doing great”.

Arthur and Merlin exchanged fond smile, feeling the same with Escanor and deep down in their heart, they hoped they could see her sincere and innocent smile with pure happiness, just like she had when she was only a child who knew nothing.