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The White Enchantress

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There was a magic place named Avalon known as the home of the Lady of the Lake. That place was the source of all magics, also known as the place where the legendary sword Excalibur was created.
On the brink of the end of Holy War, a little girl with torn clothes carried a bundle of baby whose skin still red. She flew before floating on the air right above the surface of the sacred lake.
Crying, she pleaded the Lady of the Lake “please... please, save her... if this goes on, she’ll die...”.
“it’s hard request even for me, but it doesn’t mean I can’t do it”, the Lady of the Lake explained the conditions that the baby had to go through “for a mean time, this baby’s time will stop until she’s strong enough and she can live for sure. Would you accept it?”.
“if it means she can live, I’ll accept it and I’ll wait no matter how long it’s needed!?”.
“tell me first, why would you want to do this for her? that baby doesn’t belong to you, not even your family”.
“I failed to save her parent that I consider as my family. At least, I want to save their daughter, I have to?!”.
Looking down to the raven haired little girl who cried while holding tightly the baby on her tiny arms, the Lady of the Lake took the baby in pity “...very well, but only if this baby survives, once you meet again with this baby someday, you have to do something”.
Raven-haired golden-eyed girl blinked her eyes in confusion “what is it?”.
“you have to—”.

3000 Years Later

That day a married couple, King and Queen from certain Kingdom had come, begging for a child to the Lady of the Lake. The Lady of the Lake complied their request, she could give a child for them with conditions. The husband actually felt doubt to agree, knowing they only had little time to be spent with this child who would leave them someday but considering how his wife really wanted a child, he agreed in the end, though hesitantly.
The Lady of the Lake lifted her hand gracefully as a baby, enveloped within blue, green and yellow light with silver sparkles, floating to the couple “what is your name, human?”.
“Leodegrance”, the King answered as he lifted the beautiful baby. He smiled down looking at his teary-eyed wife who looked blissful as she carrying the sleeping baby on her arms, before he looked back to the Lady of the Lake who spoke to them to give her last warning “remember, this child is just like two-edged sword because she has both sides just within her presence. She has the blessing of goddess and the curse of demon. She can bring glory but also can invite the calamity. I’ve done everything with my all might to keep her here in her deep slumber, but it’s over now. Once she reaches her 16 years old, her blood will be awaken”.
The Queen was unaffected, persisted to keep the baby with her “what is this child’s name?”.
The Lady of the Lake smiled down to them “you are her parent, just give her name. What I can tell is only one thing. Someday, she will be the Queen”.
Leodegrance caressed the messy blonde hair of the sleeping baby, looking down to her with fatherly, fond smile “from now on, your name is Guinevere Cameliard”.

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Three Years Later

"gosh, we're late", Ban leaned his Sacred Treasures around his shoulder "what should we do now, eh? Captain~".

Meliodas clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, remembered of what happened on Danafor. Escanor stood in between Merlin and Meliodas, studied their facial features. He was on his day version, though the cloud totally covered the sun on the sky today.

Merlin stood tall (floating off the ground actually) staring forward with those sad eyes yet she hardened her expression. The sight in front of her right now, burned land and ruined building with lightning struck the ground, had her reminiscent of tragic memory from her childhood in Belialuin "everything has been perished into dust, huh?".

After the tremendous earthquake that happened last morning, Zaratras confirmed that the eartquake had reached its strongest peak, coming from Cameliard Kingdom. Uther Pendragon of Camelot Kingdom as the closest Kingdom, couldn't send aide right away because of his bed-ridden state, so King Baltra had sent Zaratras with Seven Deadly Sins and troop of Holy Knights here to evacuate the survivors and checked the situation. When they arrived there, they found not only the earthquake, but also the storm had perished the once-lush green land of the Cameliard Kingdom, only leaving the ruins.

"it's so scary", Diane mumbled, looking straight with horror in her eyes "would there be any survivor?".

Gowther lifted his finger into peace sign "from the state of this crumbled Kingdom, maybe it's only 0,1% there's any survivor of this Kingdom".

"don't say it that way, Gowther?!", King sweat-dropped "it's as if the Heaven had dropped the divine punishment—".

"there's no such nonsense things as divine punishment", Meliodas cut him off and stepped forward with his Sacred Treasure unsheathed "find the survivor, even if just one?!".

Meanwhile Zaratras led the troop of Holy Knights to scout the street and dispersed with plan to gather on the Castle of Cameliard Kingdom, the Seven Deadly Sins all dispersed into three group as they said in unison "yes, Captain!?".

First group, Ban went with Meliodas.

Second group, Diane went with King and Gowther.

Third group, Escanor went Merlin.

They dispersed on the outskirt of the Kingdom, going all the way to the Castle of Cameliard Kingdom, through the died-down fire, smoke, mixture scent of scattered corpses and charred ruins. They didn't find survivors on the city. Even with Merlin's and Gowther's effort to track down any presences of survivors, it was nothing. Zaratras and the Holy Knights joined them and they also had found nothing. The last place they needed to check, was only the ruined Castle.

On the corner of the castle's hallway, Escanor turned his head right and left "do you think there's any survivor here on the Castle, Merlin?".

"I'm not sure, Escanor. This catastrophe rather distracted my magic...", Merlin lifted Aldan, her Sacred Treasure to lighten up the dark hallway "I hate this. This feels like their doing, but for what reason they did—".


Merlin snapped her head before looking over her shoulder "Escanor, do you hear that?".

Escanor blinked his eyes in confusion "what is it, Merlin? I didn't hear anything".

"save me, please".

"could it be... telepathy?", Merlin guessed there was a survivor, so she headed to where she felt the voice of the presence "this way!?".

Meliodas who heard her voice, came along with Ban "what is it, Merlin? Do you find something?".

Escanor shrugged, telling them that Merlin heard someone which he didn't before Gowther and King joined them (Diane waited outside with Zaratras and other Holy Knights to continue the search, in case they missed something).

They heard someone cried in anguish "KYAAA?!".

King fastened his pace as he floated on the air, following Merlin "someone's really there?!".

"badly, it sounded like a little girl~", Ban mumbled as he fastened his steps, following their leader who had fastened his pace as well "wonder if she's alive?".

"tch", Merlin thought they couldn't arrive in time, unless... "I will go first, then".

Merlin snapped her fingers before she disappeared, using her teleport to go first. King and Gowther still could track her down, luckily. When they arrived in front of the throne room which pitch black, King lifted his Sacred Treasure that he had turned into form seven of Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Luminosity.

However, before they barged in, the explosion came from within the throne room. The front door of the throne room crumbled into pieces before the smoke dissipated, revealing Merlin who came out with her blood covered her head, carrying a little girl on her arms.

King shrieked "Merlin, you're bleeding?!".

"it's alright", Merlin spat to the side, rocking the little girl on her arms who buried her crying face on Merlin's chest "just scratches".

"oi, oi, Merlin~ what kind of enemy who able to hit you like this, huh?", Ban looked behind over her shoulder in curiousity (because really, what kind of enemy who strong enough to able to hurt her, the strongest sorceress of Britannia, like this? Ever since the Seven Deadly Sins was formed, ZERO) and found no one "looks like you've kicked their ass, though".

Looking to the little girl who trembling slightly on Merlin's arms, they thought she was crying at first but she didn't, although she kept clinging to Merlin. Meliodas made sure there was no one, no threat or enemy was left in the throne room. Whatever happened in the throne room, it looked like Merlin had come in time to save this girl and it was all done.

"I will explain it later when we have meeting to report everything to King Baltra and Chief Zaratras", Merlin re-positioned the girl on her arms before floating on the air "is it alright, Captain?".

"nah, let's retreat, then", Meliodas sheathed back his Sacred Treasure, waving his hand "Escanor, live it down already like Merlin wanted. It's too hot here now".

"whoever that person was...", Escanor clenched and unclenched his fists in rage "how dare they hurt Merlin's beautiful face?".

King felt the castle started shaking again "we have to get out of here right now?! This place's going to crumble soon?!".

Merlin snapped her fingers and all of them instantly arrived on the outskirt of the Cameliard Kingdom, thanks to Merlin's teleport. They witnessed how the Castle of Cameliard Kingdom collapsed due to the latest earthquake.

Diane shocked when she looking down to Merlin who still carried the unconscious little girl on her arms "Merlin?! You're bleeding?!".

Merlin merely waved it off despite the blood still flowing from her head "oh, this is nothing... only the... scratches".

The opposite with her words, Merlin lost her consciousness and Escanor, ever so manly on his day version, carried Merlin on his arms with the unconscious little girl still clinging on top of Merlin's body "we have to treat her wound and check on the little girl as well?!".

Meliodas muttered "someone, can try to calm Escanor down later while I spoke with Baltra, Zaratras and Merlin?".

Ban nonchalantly shrugged "good luck, King or Gowther~".

King protested "why me?!".

Zaratras sweat-dropped "kind of remembering me with the first time I met bloodied Sir Meliodas who carried Lady Elizabeth out of Danafor. The different is, this time it's Lady Merlin who bloodied and carried the little girl on her arms out of the ruins".

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On the medical tent, when Merlin had regained her consciousness, she realized the bandages covering her head, her neck and her arms "wow, it's been long time since the last time I got wounded like this".

As she sat up, she remembered what happened the last time she woke up "the girl—".

"she's here. You seriously just realized your wounds? Looks like you've got good amounts of bruises and scratches on your head, neck and forearms", Meliodas carried the little girl who wriggling out of his grip and only after Meliodas gave her to Merlin, the little girl clung onto Merlin's body "she refused to stay far away from you, so I had to carry her while stay close by your side".

Looking down to the little girl with bruises and scratches under the bandages covering her tiny body, Merlin sighed in relief after Meliodas told her they were gonna be okay "I see".

"Merlin!? Thanks god, you're awake?!", Diane called through the tent's gap "we surprised and worried when you lost consciousness".

After Meliodas told her that Escanor was the one who carried her and the little girl, Merlin nodded to his direction "thank you, Escanor".

Escanor bowed and crossed one hand across his chest "no problem at all. I hope you will get better".

After Zaratras and King Baltra came, they held meeting to discuss about the catastrophe on Cameliard Kingdom. 'They' were the Seven Deadly Sins, King Baltra and Grand Master Zaratras with little girl on Merlin's lap, the sole survivor of catastrophe on Cameliard Kingdom.

After Gowther reported the situation where they only found a sole survivor, Zaratras stared pointedly to Merlin "and what the hell with this sudden baby-sitting?".

Merlin caressed the blonde little girl on her arms as the little girl lifted her arms playing with Merlin's Aldan. She reported that she found the little girl was trapped under the ruins of Castle's wall "her parent protected her with their body and they passed away already when I tried to pull her out".

Ban chimed in "well, isn't it kinda cute? They're looking like a chick with her mother hen~".

Meliodas stared to her, crossing his arms before his chest "uh-huh, but I'm more surprised that she let her stay clinging onto her".

Escanor contemplated tentatively "now, now, isn't it the proof that Merlin has... motherhood?".

King stifled his laughter while Meliodas and Ban laughed outright which three of them earning smack on the forehead by flying things that Merlin threw to them using her magic.

"all jokes aside", Gowther swung his finger "this girl is princess Guinevere Cameliard, the daughter of King Leodegrance".

King and Ban stared to the girl on Merlin's arms in disbelief "...seriously?".

"it's the truth", King Baltra coughed to get their attention "I wish to adopt her as my daughter, just like Elizabeth. From what I remember, princess Guinevere Cameliard here is 3 years old, she's on the same age with my third daughter, Elizabeth. I believe they will get along together—".

Meliodas cut him off, pointing to the little girl who shook her head "Baltra, I guess she just said no".

All of eyes on this tent fell on the little girl who shifted on Merlin's arms. She had chubby rosy cheeks with fair skin, her long straight blonde hair reached her back and her eyes were unique, because the little princess had different colors of eye, which she had sky blue right eye and emerald green left eye. Her round eyes gleamed in determination.

Zaratras furrowed his eyebrow, pointedly staring back and forth from the little girl to Meliodas "...Sir Meliodas, she's not your long-time separated little sister, right? You two rather have resemblances like your round eyes and baby-face—".

Baby-faced Captain of Seven Deadly Sins cut him off, punching his jaw "funny, old man".

When King Baltra and Grand Master Zaratras offered to adopt her, even Zaratras offered if Dreyfus or Hendrickson could adopt her, but she, little princess Guinevere Cameliard, persisted to turn down their offer from how she shook her head furiously on their offer. Meliodas watched how Merlin carried little princess Guinevere, inspecting the little girl's body on her lap with her golden eyes in curious way. On the other way, Merlin stared down to her eyes deeply, just like the little girl did to her. Merlin smiled fondly, sincerely, in the way they hadn't ever had before.

Looking up to them all with her trademark smirk, Merlin announced "I'm gonna adopt her".

Meliodas gawked "...oh?".

Ban wide-eyed and jaw-dropped "WHAT?!".

King hysterically shouted "SERIOUSLY?!".

Diane called from outside the window "what is it? What is it?".

The other shouted in shock at the same time with four former "EH?!".

Meliodas touched Merlin's forehead "Merlin, is this because you hit your head too hard?".

"of course not", Merlin chided him for being impolite before she looking down to her, asking for her acceptance "only if the little princess accept it, that's it".

Surprising enough that Merlin decided to adopt her.

Shocking madly that the little princess Guinevere accepted her offer because the little princess nodded her head furiously.

Lifting her hand up, little princess touched Merlin's cheek, talking to her through telepathy "can I call you 'Mommy' from now on?".

"you can call me whatever you want", Merlin smiled sweetly to her, tapping her nose "from now on, your name will be 'Gwen', my daughter".

Gwen nodded her head solemnly. Unlike children around her age, she was rather quiet or it was only the after-shock she had due to the catastrophe.

Escanor wiped his tears "well, isn't it good? With this, problem is solved".

Rather than having an adopted daughter, Ban felt like Merlin just got sort-of new toy or guinea pig. For as long as Meliodas had known Merlin at least, Merlin wouldn't do something meaningless and with note in his mind that he would drag her into conversation later. The Boar Sin of Gluttony must have plotted something on her mind thus she adopted the little princess Guinevere. Or she doesn't, that was what the Dragon Sin of Wrath thought when looking down to how content Merlin and Gwen looked together.

"all right, all right, all right, I guess it's no problem as long as you can take care of her, Merlin".

King shouted in disbelief "Captain?! You can't be serious?!".

Diane blinked her eyes in confusion "what's the problem? As long as Merlin can take care of the girl, no problem, right?".

Ban tucked his hands behind his head "no problem my ass~ what King meant is, how can we let the little girl to live with us, the so-called group of Sinners?".

"nah, no problem, right Baltra?", Meliodas ignored their protest, turning to Baltra who looked in deep thought "what's wrong, Baltra? Do you see something again?".

King Baltra looked down to Merlin "Lady Merlin, with or without your decision to adopt her willingly, I entrust princess Guinevere Cameliard to your hand. Like you said, let's just change her name into 'Gwen' so we can keep her identity as secret. From now on, she's no longer a princess of Cameliard Kingdom but your daughter, Gwen".

Merlin smiled and bowed her head "you can trust me, Your Majesty".

Baltra couldn't tell it now. He only knew that someday, this girl would be the Queen. In order to gain that accomplishment and to keep her alive, they needed to keep her real identity as secret and they had to teach her to be strong. Merlin and Seven Deadly Sins would have big role for her growth. Baltra just hoped, this little princess could go through with cruel and bloodied fate that awaiting on her future.

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Private Residence of Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas had dragged her to the veranda for their little drink session and she had accepted after she had story-telling Gwen to sleep "for as long as I've known you, you wouldn't do something meaningless. I will ask one more time, why so sudden?".

Tipping her head backward, she drank her wine before she smiled, rolling her glass "well, would you believe it if I said that this little girl kind of reminded me with my childhood? When I was too helpless, too powerless as a child... to ever fight against such powerful strength, from taking away my precious family and home?".

Meliodas remembered the wounds she had gotten from her effort to rescue Gwen "don't tell me... the wound on your head...".

"yes, it was her doing", Merlin closed her eyes and drank her wine, caressing the bandage around her head "it was an accident, nothing's serious. She didn't do it in purpose to hurt me because she was just too afraid, not knowing whom she could trust... just like when the first time I met you and big sis-sis...".

"eh, be careful now, have you drunk already?", Meliodas chuckled with toothy grin, looking down from her slightly reddened face to a ton of wine bottles behind them "and you know, if you're gonna be her mother... at least I thought you should be more careful with your drink from now on".

"don't be ridiculous. I will not let my guard down, Captain. These are still not enough to make me drunk and everyone's sleeping on their room already", Merlin scoffed, pointing the bottles behind her before she went to call the day off "well then, I guess I will wash my face before going to sleep. I need to buy new wardrobe and several new clothes for her tomorrow, after all".

Meliodas called her, looking to her bandaged head, neck and forearms "just don't force yourself, 'kay?".

Merlin simply waved her hand before she went to sleep with Gwen on their shared bed in, of course, their shared room.

The ground and the floor of the Castle... no, the Earth was shaking violently. Thunderous sounds along with lightning came one by one, struck down from the sky to the earth. It was so scary. She was afraid, even if her parent never left her side. Her mother carried her as her father held her mother's hand and led the way to the throne room. Her father closed the door to the throne room but suddenly, the door to the throne room opened wide, revealing dark shadow engulfed her parent before the wall above them collapsed and fell to crush their body. Her parent shielded her with their body and she was alive.

"Guinevere...", her mother whispered weakly and apologized "even if... you are not my biological... daughter... I always think of you as my only daughter... I love you... thank you...".

She hiccuped "no... what do you mean, mother?".

"your biological parent is alive".

Right after her father, Leodegrance told her that, a creeping shadow loomed over them and she cried in anguish "KYAA?!".

When Merlin opened the door to her room, she saw Gwen gasped and jerked her head backward before she sat up, breathing raggedly, perspiration covered all over her body.

Merlin sat on the edge of her bed "what's wrong? Do you have a nightmare?".

Gwen flinched and said nothing, wiping her tears quickly before she curled into ball with her trembling body.

Merlin didn't wait for her answer, she climbed on her bed, lying beside Gwen. Pushing Gwen gently back to bed and pulling her closer to her chest, Merlin kissed her forehead in attempt to calm down the little girl after her terror night before she closed her eyes and patted her head "just sleep, I will sleep with you".

Snuzzling her face on Merlin's chest and feeling the surge of warmth from Merlin's body heat, Gwen fell into her deep slumber once more time.

When Merlin arrived on the throne room, she found a couple shielding a toddler with their body. They wore the fancy robes with crown and tiara on their head, so Merlin could easily recognize them as King and Queen of Cameliard Kingdom. The little girl must be their daughter. Lifting her head up, Merlin saw the large shadow came out of the couple's body, trying to devour the little girl who crawled out of her parent's body. Merlin had intended to use 'Exterminate Ray' to save the little girl and get rid of the evil entity but the little girl got rid of it before Merlin did. Merlin shocked to see this girl had possessed such powerful magic. What this little girl was using to get rid of the evil entity was two rare magic spell to push the evil entity who possessed random vessel and purify any evil entity, the magic belonged to Goddess clan member, 'Let There Be Light' and 'Tranquilize'.

Above all, it came from 3-years-old toddler?

"Guinevere...", Leodegrance cupped the little princess' cheek "you are... our only hope... live...".

After that, Leodegrance's hand dropped to the floor and li'l Guinevere only could stare to her parent's lifeless body.

When Merlin approached her, the little princess was so afraid, she lost her voice but she still screamed through her telepathy "don't come closer?!".

She wasn't a goddess, but at least, she still could do it to calm this little girl. Ignoring all injuries she had sustained as she approached this little girl, Merlin pulled her into her tight embrace and kissed her forehead "sup, it's alright. You are the one who called for help, right? You're safe now. No one's gonna hurt you".

The little princess burst out into tears, clinging to her and crying without sound. She hiccupped without any sounds came out of her throat. Merlin did body-check on her and she found the mark of 'Lily' on her body, more exactly on her nape.

Stared down to mark of 'Lily' on the little princess, Merlin gasped "you truly are...".

When they felt the castle started shaking again, little princess whimpered and threw herself to her arms and Merlin carried her "we should get out of here, quickly".

Merlin creaked her eyes opened. She surprised to find all of her wounds had healed. Looking down to the sleeping princess on her side, still clung to her for her dear life, Merlin could feel the magic came from her. 'Invigorate', another magic spell from member of Goddess clan to heal all kind of wounds or illness.

"you did it when I slept, huh?", Merlin smiled and kissed her forehead "thank you, good girl".

Gwen woke up when Merlin wanted to take a bath, unbeknownst for her, actually that magic came out even without Gwen realized it. Before they slept last night, Gwen only felt guilty and hoped Merlin's wounds would heal and unconsciously, Gwen activated 'Invigorate' for Merlin in their sleep.

"yo, Merlin. All of your wounds have healed, I see? Since when did you can use healing magic spell? Hendy came to see you?", Meliodas greeted her when she entered the dining room with Gwen "though I had intended to bring you to Hendrickson, to heal your wound".

With a hint to not talk about it further, Merlin answered shortly "oh, it's healed already when I woke up, simply that".

When Diane tried to speak with her but Gwen said nothing, Merlin explained to them all "it seems like she has trauma that causing her not able to speak temporarily. I still can know what does she think with telepathy, though".

As helpful as she was, Diane mused "is there anything we can do to help you and her, Merlin?".

Meliodas waved it off "I wonder what we can do to open her heart as well, but we can't force her".

"you're right, Captain", Merlin gulped down her drink before propping her chin on her palm. Once she was sure Gwen was out of earshot as she helped Escanor to wash the dishes, Merlin smirked "I do have a plan, though. First, to make her open her heart, looks like I have to make her crying".

Diane, King and Ban couldn't believe what they just heard "...pardon?".

Meliodas narrowed his eyes "Mer, she is only 3 years old, remember? Don't be too harsh on her".

Merlin smiled confidently "it's fine. Just leave it to me".

The others wondered if it would really be alright and felt sorry for li'l Gwen.

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On the flower garden above the hill of the mountain near the capital of Liones Kingdom, about a week after the catastrophe on Cameliard Kingdom, the Seven Deadly Sins were enjoying their golden week.

"still... I hardly believe it, that Merlin really adopted her and she's surprisingly good with the kid", for Ban, Merlin was the least person in Seven Deadly Sins that he could understand or bear with, just like Gowther. He leaned his chin on his palm, lazily lifting his legs up and down as he lying on his stomach "what do you think, eh? Captain~".

"well, well, well, it's good, right? Merlin is grown up adult, mature woman. No wonder she knows by instinct, about how to raise a girl and be nurture mother for Gwen", Meliodas lazily leaned his head on his chin, lying on the ground and munching the sandwich "let's just hope she will not scare Gwen too much".

Gowther looked up from his book "I wonder what Merlin will do to make her cry so the little girl can her open her heart and feelings to us? She's been mute because she closed her heart and feelings after the catastrophe".

Diane chirped "but I think Merlin is sincere, she's really doing great to be Gwen's mother. Merlin even spared her time for her research to spend more her time with Gwen".

Escanor and King exchanged glances, they all understood what were Diane, Meliodas and Ban meant. After all, Merlin did what she usually never did like cook the sandwich, story-telling before they slept, holding hands in their sleep when Gwen was in tantrum due to her terror night, spending her time more with Gwen rather than locking herself in her room for her research.

"Merlin indeed did her best", Escanor glanced from the corner of his eyes to where Merlin sat under the tree with Gwen "I only hope Gwen will cheer up if only a little bit".

Putting down her book on the ground after she read that book, Merlin arranged Gwen's hair into braids and letting it loose over her shoulder. After Merlin put the flower crown on her head, Gwen asked her through telepathy "why?".

Merlin tilted her head to little girl who sat across her "what is it?".

"why do you keep taking care of me as your daughter? I'm just stranger for you", Gwen lowered her head further in shame "I even did terrible things, hurt you when you only tried to save me".

Merlin touched her chin and lifted her head up "tell me, how your voice sounds like? What do you want to learn? What do you like? What is your talent? I want to know it, all of you... I wonder, can you fill my thirst?".

Gwen blinked in confusion "then once I satisfy your thirst, you will get rid of me?".

"no, I want to give you everything that I have as a mother, as a sorceress and as a woman. I want to love you as my own daughter. I know who your parent were, they were really good people. You are their daughter, the one and only they have left in this world. I will protect and cherish you with raise you as my daughter in their stead", Merlin cupped her cheeks and smiled down sadly. She kissed her forehead before leaning her forehead to hers "for children on your ages, you can learn as much as you want, play with other children and do what you want, get proper eat and drink, sleep soundly and not in your terror night. You don't have to learn to restrain and hold back your feeling this early. Cry, let go every single things that saddened your heart and burdened you so you can smile again and walk forward. For now, I want to hear your voice. Would you let me?".

Ever since Merlin saved her from that catastrophe, Gwen locked her heart and feelings. The warmth of her parent that she thought she would never experience again, now she felt from Merlin. Merlin's words and warmth just like the incantation that freed her from chain of guilt that chained her ever since of her parent's death. Gwen threw herself to Merlin's embrace, crying her heart out loud for the first time ever since her parent's death. Merlin hugged her, the floral scent of Lily flowers from the little girl on her arms tickled her nose. Just like ordinary child who just lost her parent and her home without no one she could trust, she cried herself to sleep on Merlin's arms.

Meliodas tucked his hands behind his head when Merlin joined them, carrying the sleeping girl on her arms "how did you do it, Merlin?".

Ban whistled "looks like you finally opened up her heart, eh?".

"just told her how she should act as a child", Merlin smirked "let's go home. Anyway, what are you crying mess like that for?".

King and Diane cried mess, even Escanor in his day version teared up a little (maybe he would be crying mess like King and Diane if he were in his night version) while Gowther was no comment, as usual.

Merlin twitched her eyebrow up and down in irritation "what's wrong with your face, Gwen?".

Meliodas inspected the bruises on Gwen's cheek and the scratch on the corner of her lip, like someone had slapped her hardly "who did this to you? Someone hit you? Do you have a fight with someone?".

Diane nibbled her fingers "to do it to little girl's face... it's terrible?!".

Lowering her head further, Gwen pursed her lips and clutched her skirt "...I'm sorry".

"what I asked is not your apologize", Merlin sighed and shook her head before snatching the first aid kit from King's hand, started to treat her wound "what happened that make your face like this?".

King watched in worry and Gowther stared down to muted little girl whom wounds on her face treated by Merlin.

Ban scratched the back of his head before patting Gwen's head "...look, your mother doesn't angry or mad to you, she just worried. That's why, you have to tell us if there's anyone dare to hurt you or bully you. Should uncle pay them back for the bruises and scratch on your face?".

"you really needn't, uncle Ban!? I was just...", Gwen looked like want to tell the truth but she felt doubt. After Meliodas told her to say so and promised they wouldn't be angry, Gwen admitted "...I fought with evil Veronica".

King jaw-dropped "eh?! With the princess!? Why!?".

Gwen swung her hands up and down in irritation "because she's so evil?! I just wanted to play with princess Ellie and read book that princess Margaret brought but she tried to send me away and dragged her sisters away from me just because I'm mother's daughter. She even called mother, Meliodas and the others as evil criminals?! I argued with her and had a fight with her before princess Margaret asked Gilthunder and Howzer to hold me back as princess Margaret and princess Ellie holding evil Veronica".

Meliodas chuckled and crossed his arms before his chest "you're surprisingly talkative when you have your voice back, huh?".

"I'm not gonna apologize for having fight with Veronica", Gwen puffed her cheeks before looking up to Merlin dreadfully "but... I apologize if my fight with Veronica will cause trouble for mother and you all".

Merlin looked like she had sudden headache, she shook her head and furrowed her eyebrows. Gwen prepared herself if Merlin would scold her, but instead, Merlin cupped her uninjured cheek and kissed the bruises on her cheek and scratch on the corner of her lip. Gwen slightly blushed thanks to the tender gesture.

"you stupid child, don't make me repeat my words", Merlin smiled and patted her head "what I told you before? You don't have to learn to restrain and hold back your feeling this early. Just be honest to us, you needn't to keep everything for yourself and weigh your shoulder with burden. You are still too young to do what an adult supposed to do".

Gwen touched both sides of her head like she was the one who had sudden headache now "but what if I cause the trouble for you and the others?".

Meliodas tucked his hands behind his head "nah, I will talk with Baltra about it".

When she felt someone's big hand patting her head, Gwen looked up and met with Escanor who smiled to her "your mother and Captain's right. Besides you just tried to defend us. There's no way we will be mad to you for it. Just be careful and don't hurt yourself in the process again, do you? Your mother just worried and we don't want you to get hurt as well".

Gwen looked down and narrowed her eyes. They thought she would cry, but she smiled warmly instead before she looked up and told them all "thank you... I love you all".

Merlin smiled and hugged her while the other cooed how cute she was. Merlin, Meliodas and other members of Seven Deadly Sins taught her, that 'home' was the place where your family was waiting for you to go home and 'family' was people who accepted you, cared, cherished and loved you with all their heart and feelings through their shared bonds, with or without the blood relationship.

Chapter Text

Later at night, Gwen sneaked out of bed after she made sure Merlin was asleep. She knew Meliodas or Ban were still awake for their drinking session. She came in time to see Meliodas and Ban just wanted to start their drink session.

"uncle Ban, big brother Meliodas, can you help me?", Gwen revealed a necklace with beautiful stone, a gem with beautiful colors but its chain broke "when Veronica pushed me and tried to drag princess Ellie away, it broke and it was also the main reason of why I snapped out of my calm and fought with Veronica".

Meliodas inspected the gem of the necklace "it's beautiful. Is it from Merlin?".

Gwen shook her head before she told the beautiful gem in shape of teardrop was her birthstone that she had gotten from her parent "father told me once, that stone has been with me ever since I was born. Mommy also told me that birthstone is sort-of my protection charm and I should keep it close with me, so mommy made it into necklace but its chain broke".

Meliodas hummed "it's so tiny, but I will try".

Ban leaned his chin on his palm, rolling his eyes to Gwen who sat on his lap "and why did you not tell Merlin about it, li'l Gwen~?".

Gwen puffed her cheek, leaned her head on his chest "...I was afraid if mommy would scold me or feel disappointed because I couldn't take care of my things, so I only told half story".

"it's done?!", Meliodas triumphantly tied the cord of the chain from the necklace after he fixed its chain "now you're good to go?!".

Looking down to her necklace that had been fixed by Meliodas, Gwen smiled broadly and jumped to Meliodas to hug him "thank you, big brother!?".

"also, I don't think Merlin would be angry to you just because of this", Meliodas patted her head and turned to the door "right, Merlin?".

"do you seriously think I wouldn't realize it that you tried to sneak out of bed when I was asleep?", the door creaked open. Merlin smiled knowingly, waving her hand "let's go back to sleep. You said you want to read more books tomorrow, right?".

"yes!?", Gwen trotted and reached out her hand. Holding Merlin's hand, Gwen waved her hand back "thank you and good night, big brother Meliodas and uncle Ban".

Ban and Meliodas waved back before Ban caressed his chin "speaking of which, I understand why li'l Gwen called Merlin as 'mommy'... Diane as 'big sister'... you as 'big brother'... but why does she group me with Gowther, Escanor and King, calling us 'uncle'?".

Meliodas lazily shrugged "because you look older than me and around their age?".

Ban scoffed "we don't even know how Gowther looked like within his ever-present armor while King and Escanor clearly look older than me".

Meliodas grinned and chuckled "what? You want li'l Gwen to call you as big brother?".

"not that".


What were people thinking when Merlin was mentioned?

Strongest and greatest sorceress of all Britannia. Check.

Beautiful and sexy woman (also intelligent, kind and cheerful, courtesy by Escanor). Check.

An eccentric one who really liked anything rare (courtesy by Meliodas). Check.

Always locked herself for her research and had deep thirst of knowledge. Check.

Adopted a little girl as her daughter lately despite she never married? It invited attentions from people around her, of course. As long as they had known or acquainted with Merlin, never had they heard about her love-life and it had been mysterious. So looking at Merlin carried Gwen around the hallway of the Castle as she went to her workplace had the workers on the castle ogled them.

Swinging her legs up and down, Gwen blinked her eyes in confusion "mommy, why do people keep ogling to us when we passed them by?".

Merlin realized it but chose to ignore it, still carrying Gwen as she walked to her laboratory after a week off "why exactly do you think?".

She innocently leaned her head to Merlin's shoulder as she wrapped her arms around her neck "because you're so beautiful".

Merlin laughed in amusement "aw, you're so cute".

"someone pinch my cheek if I'm dreaming", mumbled one of Knight who shocked by this and after one of his comrades pinched him, he ridiculously caressed his stinging cheek "okay, I'm not".

"I don't expect this side at all from Lady Merlin", whispered one of maids on the castle "but her adopted daughter is so adorable?!".

"agreed?! She makes me want to pinch her cheeks!?", said another one of maids.

"see? I, Gowther and Ban won the bet", Meliodas reached his hand out with smug smirk "where is my prize?".

Ban and Meliodas grinned broadly. They had a gamble with Escanor, Diane, King and Gowther about how the workers on the castle would react when Merlin brought Gwen with her to her workplace. The result was, the Knights were shocked and the maids stunned.

When Merlin arrived on her laboratory and met with Vivian, Vivian shocked "so the rumour that you adopted a daughter is the truth, Master?!".

"of course. Since she is my successor, she also will learn magic and sorcery with you", Merlin smirked when she saw Vivian's reaction after knowing that Merlin chose Gwen over her as her successor. She introduced them to each other "Vivian, this is my daughter, Gwen. Gwen, this is my apprentice, Vivian. Like I said before, you can read books from the libraries in this Castle and learn as much as you want while I'm working with my research. I will pick you up when we go home at the dusk".

"how many libraries here, mother?", Gwen asked after Merlin put her down to the floor but before she got the answer from Merlin, Gwen already had the map of the Liones Kingdom's Capital on her head thanks to Gowther's power, 'Invasion'. Looking behind, Gwen beamed up and she wrapped her arms around Gowther's ever-present armor "oh, it really helps me?! Thank you, uncle Gowther?!".

Gowther kneeled in front of Gwen, offering to carry her "I will come with you because I want to read book as well".

"go with Gowther, you will get free-pass", Merlin encouraged, tapping her shoulder "be careful".

Sitting on Gowther's shoulder, Gwen waved her hand "I will see you later, mommy".

"Master, I thought you said she is your successor and she will learn with me? why did you let her run off outside instead?", Vivian was baffled to see Merlin let Gowther bringing Gwen "and above all, you chose her as your successor?!".

"she just needs a week to read all books on my home so she said she wanted to read all books on the Castle", Merlin crossed her arms and rolled her eyes to Vivian before opening one of her book "she is a child prodigy. You're supposed to know from how fluent she's talking on her 3 years old. Would you believe me? She just read and saw me practice a magic spell. Just with one glance, she could imitate my magic spell".

Last night, King argued with Ban, again. Merlin accidentally saw Gwen just read a book of magic spell and she practiced how to use telekinesis (a magic spell to move things without touch them). Merlin was curious and she told Gwen to try to throw things to Ban and surprisingly, Gwen successfully was able to use telekinesis magic spell and Ban was ended up buried under a pile of books and utensils that Gwen threw to him. Ban didn't have the heart to yell at Gwen though, not after Gwen apologized to him with those big round, teary puffy eyes, so Ban forgave her.


Vivian didn't believe Merlin that easily. As a proof for her Master's word, Vivian tried to play pranks on Gwen when Gwen played with Elizabeth and Margaret on the garden. Margaret told Gwen to take rest time after their lesson and she was the first who realize Vivian's action. It was not that bad, Vivian just wanted to send electric waves to shock Gwen and see if what she could do with it. Meliodas and Gilthunder were on the hallway upstairs on their sword training session, both heard Margaret's shout. When they turned their head down to look what happened, Meliodas was surprised to see Vivian send electric waves directly towards Gwen which might hit Elizabeth. Before Meliodas had a chance to use his 'Full Counter' and jumped to in front of Gwen, Gwen reached her hand out forward and created a shield from water of the nearby pond.

Elizabeth dropped to her butt and jaw-dropped in awe "whoa... what is that?".

"nothing, I simply use telekinesis. I haven't able to create the element like mother yet", Gwen moved her hand "water can dissolve and restrain the thunder element. Now it's my time to pay you back".

Vivian was poured by the water which had the electric waves on it. Not only soaked wet, she was also got hit by electric waves "KYAAA!?".

As Vivian collapsed in charred slump on the ground, Meliodas ran to them and kneeled near Gwen and Elizabeth "Elizabeth!? Gwen?! Are you okay?!".

Gwen shrugged "like you see, big brother. We're okay".

Margaret approached them, hastily checked on her sister and her new friend "Ellie, Gwen, you're really not injured at all?".

"um!? I'm fine, thanks to Gwen?!", Elizabeth stood with sparkles on her eyes "she's amazing?!".

Meliodas, Margaret and Gilthunder felt relieved, though two latter turned pale when they saw Meliodas glared to Vivian with dark aura surrounding his body though next second, Meliodas smirked "at first, I wanted to warn you for trying to attack the 3 years old little girl with your magic spell but looks like I will leave it to you this time, Merlin".

Vivian turned deadly pale when Meliodas mentioned her name and she felt dangerous threatening aura from behind.

Merlin stood tall, crossing her hands behind him "do you think I didn't realize your envy to my daughter or your intention, Vivian?".

Gwen clapped her tiny fist above her palm "oh, so that's why mommy told me that I can't use my magic spell to whoever carelessly but if Vivian made a prank with me, I should just pay her back ten-fold?".

Meliodas narrowed his eyes slightly as Elizabeth, Margaret and Gilthunder hiding behind him "Merlin, what did you teach her actually?".

"what you get when you dare to mess up with my daughter", Merlin put her hands on her hip and smiled sadistically, looking down with icy glare to Vivian "now, it's time for you to get the punishment from me, Vivian

They heard Vivian shrieked in fear from far distance as Merlin dragged her back to laboratory "NO!? I APOLOGIZE!? I STILL WANT TO LIVE, MASTER?!".

Margaret sighed in relief after Merlin and Vivian were out of their sight "Lady Merlin was so scary".

Even Meliodas admitted it after he heard Merlin's evil laughter when Merlin dragged her disobedient apprentice "scary".

Instead, Gwen lifted her fists with sparkling eyes "mommy is so cool... I have to try harder to become more like her".

Meliodas waved his hand "no, Gwen, how could you see it that way?".

Chapter Text

About a half year after Gwen lived with Seven Deadly Sins, she had made a good friend with Margaret, Elizabeth and Three Misfits (Gilthunder, Howzer and Griamore) though there was still a strain between her and Veronica. Although, that strain disappeared after one dangerous incident.

Elizabeth and Gwen were kidnapped.


Elizabeth was her first friend, maybe it was because their ages were really close. Today after Gwen had done studying, she played with Elizabeth on the flower garden near downhill where they usually played. Lately Elizabeth looked sad, just like this time.

Looking up to the sulking 4-years-old Elizabeth who looked down lately, Gwen asked in worry "Ellie, how your father's condition?".

"he's okay now", Elizabeth reassured although she looked sadder now "but...".

"what's wrong, Ellie?", Gwen encouraged her to just tell her what make her upset "by the way, is it really alright for you to play with me instead of with Margaret and Veronica? Usually Veronica would come out of nowhere to drag you away from me, or scolded you at least for not listen to her".

Elizabeth puffed her cheeks "I don't care whatever she said?! It's up to me, I want to play with who?! I like you and I want to play with you, it's not her business?!".

"now, now, Ellie, it's not good at all, to treat your own older sister like that", Gwen rolled her eyes as she arranged the flower crown skillfully "I understand why your sister always being hostile to me, due to my mommy and her comrades' reputation. Not that I care whatever people said about them though, they are my family and I love them".

When Elizabeth started crying, Gwen frantically tried to calm her down and in the end, Elizabeth told her about what had been upset her. Elizabeth accidentally heard the conversation between her nanny and the nursemaids that Elizabeth was adopted by King Baltra and she was not related by blood with her siblings. Elizabeth didn't know why, she felt like she could tell everything to Gwen and Gwen tried her best to comfort her.

After Elizabeth calmed down, she felt relieved after crying and wiped her tears. She remembered that Gwen also had lost her parent not too long ago, so she tried to change the gloomy topic "I heard from Mel and your mother that you will turn into 4 years old soon? Would you invite me to your birthday party?".

"I guess I'm not going to celebrate my birthday, because on that day... my parent passed away...", Gwen shook her head and narrowed her eyes, she looked more mature than her real age somehow. Gwen had been quiet, calm and composed child but this time, she had to supress her emotions because she didn't want to make Elizabeth feeling bad and thinking that she had made her crying "looks like a couple whom I thought as my parent, weren't really my parent. Just the same with mommy, they only adopted me. I heard from mommy that my biological parent passed away when I was born. My biological father died on the battlefield first before my biological mother passed away after giving me birth. After that, a marriage couple from Cameliard Kingdom who couldn't have child adopted me. Although they were only my adopted parent, I love them because they were really nice to me, who supposed to be stranger for them... although I really want to always stay by their side, I could no longer... after they passed away on that catastrophe... before mommy adopted me...".

When Gwen blinked away her tears, Elizabeth quickly apologized but Gwen only smiled and waved it off "it's alright. I'm alright, after all I still have mommy and her comrades that just like my family".

"yosh, yosh, good girl. You're so strong, Gwen. Don't doubt to tell me everything, okay? after all, I am still older than you?!", Elizabeth patted Gwen's head to comfort her this time before pulling her hand "let's play some more?!".

Gwen smiled and accepted Elizabeth's offer. This time they played to catch ball that King had given to Gwen on the garden. When Elizabeth caught the ball, she realized the shadow looming over her. When Elizabeth looked up, her eyes fulfilled with shock and anxiety.


King Baltra, Grand Master Zaratras, Dreyfus and Hendrickson were busy with Seven Deadly Sins to do the paperwork when suddenly, Veronica barged into the meeting room along with some knights.

"father?! Lady Merlin?! Help!?", Veronica panted and gripped her knees before lifting her teary-eyed face to them all "it was... Ellie and Gwen, they were kidnapped!?".

Meliodas froze at his place and he felt his blood ran cold. Merlin unconsciously dropped the papers on her hands.

The others exclaimed in panic "WHAT!?".

King Baltra instantly kneeled beside his daughter and touched her shoulders to calm her down "tell us how could this happen, Veronica".

Veronica sniffled and wiped her tears "just now, on the flower garden near downhill where they usually played...".


Veronica found Elizabeth was playing on the flower garden near downhill where they usually played with Gwen, again. She wanted to drag her away but at that time, she overheard Elizabeth and Gwen's conversation that made her hiding behind the pillar instead. Listening and looking to their conversation, Veronica didn't have the heart to interrupt or show herself in front of them.

Veronica was shocked and sad to see her little sister's tears and anguish as Elizabeth told Gwen about what Elizabeth couldn't tell to her and Margaret, but Veronica was more shocked when she saw Gwen crying. For as long as she had fought or argued with Gwen, she never saw Gwen crying. Gwen always kept her stoic poker face and had been quiet, calm and composed just like an adult. When she saw Gwen crying and playing with Elizabeth like this, Veronica just remembered that Gwen, after all, still around Elizabeth's age, no matter how tough she had been sometimes. In the end, Veronica sighed and intended to let them be but only few seconds after she left, Veronica heard Elizabeth's screams and Gwen's shouts. When she came back and hid, she saw some man kidnapping Elizabeth. Gwen tried to save her using her magic spell to no avail because a child like her still too weak to fight against several adult who able to defend against her magic spell.

The boss touched Gwen's chin and lifted her face up as one of his men held her captive, he whistled when he stared down in awe and grinned devilishly "look at the gems we have here~ dare to bet how much golds we can get from selling this little girl? She has really unique Heterochromia eyes".

From the corner of her eyes, after one of men knocked her head and carrying her, Gwen sent her words using telepathy for Veronica to run and call adult. At first, Veronica wanted to just burst in to save them but Gwen scolded her through telepathy that a mere child like her could do nothing and it was better choice to tell adults to save them before Gwen lost her consciousness, so Veronica ran to find her father and other knights who could help them.


"they said they would demand the ransom for Ellie's and they also could get golds with selling Gwen because of Gwen's unique eyes...", Veronica felt her body shook as she remembered the terrors on her little sister's and Gwen's eyes as those men kidnapped them. Tears of shame and helplessness "I'm so sorry... I could do nothing to save them and run here instead...".

Ban gritted his teeth "tch!? The nerve they have, dare to kidnap the princess and Gwen".

"no wonder, Gwen indeed has born with Heterochromia eyes where her eyes had different colors, sky blue color on her right eye and emerald green on her left eye. If they sold her, they would get gold coins but that's where they make the biggest mistake", Merlin looked oddly calm for a mother who got her daughter kidnapped, but when they saw straight on her face, Merlin needn't to see the mirror to know that her expression must have been hideous considering how their face turned pale after they saw straight her face "they just kidnap my daughter. I'm gonna make sure their death is imminent, only after they experience the worst torture that make them regret and thinking it's best to die rather than living their life".

Meliodas who said nothing from the first place, looked mad as well and just like Merlin, his expression really scared them because they never saw him that mad "oi, Merlin, can you track exactly where their location?".

"of course", Merlin lifted her hand and her Sacred Treasure, Aldan floating above her palm "remember the birthstone of Gwen's necklace? I put some of my magic spell there so in case something like this ever happened, I can track her down and always able to find her wherever she is. I don't expect this will come in handy this fast".

After Merlin mentioned that the kidnappers were on the port city, more exactly in their hideaway, an old shack on wood near the downhill, King told them that place was dangerous "that place near with the city where mostly criminals like smugglers gathered and the perfect place to trade narcotics or trade slaves. If we don't move fast—".

Zaratras cut him off "but that port city is located on the border with the neighbor Kingdom. We can't send troops or else, they will think we want to start waging war".

Gowther pointed out "which mean we only can send as less as possible people to find them".

Diane lifted her fist "yosh?! Let's go to save them?!".

Ban scoffed "Diane, you're not listening? We can't send troop or group to there carelessly. How could we sneak to that port city without invite the chaos if we go there?".

"Captain, I will go alone to save the princess and Gwen. I'm not gonna back without them and I will come back as soon as possible", looking behind over her shoulder, Merlin silently asked them all to comply with her request this time, sending her icy glare "after I make sure I have sent their soul to the purgatory through the most painful experiences on their life".

"no, Merlin", with dark fire burning on his eyes, Meliodas narrowed his eyes sharply which only could be rivaled with Merlin's icy glare "I will come with you to make sure you don't overdo it and cross the boundary".

"and it sounds like I am the one who have to make sure you two don't overdo it and cross the boundary instead", Zaratras shook his head and stood. Before either Merlin or Meliodas could protest, Zaratras stated firmly "as your superior, I will come with you two, no matter what".

Diane worriedly told them "you two, be careful and just make sure you two save them, alright?".


Zaratras, Meliodas and Merlin arrived on the hideaway of the kidnappers. Merlin told them to disperse because she felt Elizabeth and Gwen were taken to different place. They dispersed into two groups like Merlin suggested. Merlin went to the room upstairs while Meliodas and Zaratras went to the storeroom on the ground floor. On the center of the room, Zaratras and Meliodas found three men stand guard where Elizabeth was tied on the chair with gag on her mouth.

Zaratras face-palmed after Meliodas, in a second, burst into the room and instantly knocked them all out "that's fast as usual".

Elizabeth hugged Meliodas and cried on his arms after he freed her. As Meliodas checked if she was injured or not, they heard Elizabeth hiccuped as she told them "they took Gwen away from me... when she tried to fight them and bit them... seven men took them upstairs... they said if she couldn't stay still... they wanted to gouge out her eyes and sold them instead...".

Meliodas and Zaratras felt their blood run cold, afraid that they were late, especially they didn't hear any voice from Merlin or Gwen upstairs.

Meliodas carried Elizabeth on his arms, covering her eyes "Merlin?! Gwen?!".

Next second, they heard Merlin's voice "for your dolly polly, sleep has flown~ don't dare let her tremble alone for the witcher~ heartless, cold, paid in coin of gold~ he comes, he'll go leave naught behind but heartache and woe~ deep, deep woe~ la la la la la la~".

Zaratras furrowed his eyebrow "it's Lady Merlin's voice, but what is that exactly?"

Meliodas told him as they went upstairs "it's the Lullaby Of Woe, one of Merlin's lullabies".

"what a scary lullaby".

"indeed, because it's a curse".

"I admit I'm afraid now", Zaratras shuddered and turned pale "and remind myself to not stand on her bad side, ever".

They heard Merlin's voice from the room that oddly quiet, save for Merlin's voice "but one soul lies anxious wide awake~ fearing all manners of ghouls, hags & wraiths~ my dear dolly polly, shut your eyes~ lie still, lie silent, utter no cries~ as the witcher, brave and bold~".

Meliodas still covered Elizabeth's eyes, told her to not be afraid and just closed her eyes before he and Zaratras peeked through the gap of the door into that room. They sucked deep breaths in and chilled of what they witnessed before Merlin came out carrying unconscious Gwen on her arms "just let them be, they have met their demise. Let's go back to the Castle".

Using her teleportation, they came back to the Castle of Liones after Merlin snapped her fingers. After Meliodas put her down on the ground, Elizabeth ran to Baltra before tugging his sleeve, asking him to call the doctor. They turned to see Meliodas and Merlin still had grim expression on their faces and Zaratras was deadly pale. They also turned pale when she saw Merlin's gown was stained by blood and unconscious Gwen had blood come out of the corner of her mouth, blood covered her head and fingers-shaped bruises on her neck as the proof someone had strangled her.

Escanor approached Merlin "we have to bring her to the doctor, quickly?!".

Ban demanded them "how could this happen?".

Zaratras lifted his hand in surrender when Dreyfus and Hendrickson asked him what happened "I will explain later. For now, I just can tell that I just witnessed two enraged Demons in actions".

"nah, I wasn't too surprised to see her do it", Meliodas tucked his hands behind his head "if I were on her shoes, I would do the same".

Ban asked "what happened to those kidnappers?".

"taken care of them all. I wasn't gonna hold myself back after they strangled her, slammed her head to the wall and tried to gouge her eyes out", Merlin looked behind over her shoulder with dangerous smirk, floating on the air because she wanted to bring her to the doctor as soon as possible "and by I mean I have taken care of them, you know how their fate for dare to lay their fingers on my daughter, right?".

Meliodas told them all to follow Merlin who had gone first to the clinic "she's scary when she's like that".

Ban, Diane, Gowther, King and Escanor didn't even argue with it.

Chapter Text

After she wrung the water out of the rag, Merlin put the wet rag across Gwen’s forehead before she sat back. She leaned her back on the chair and crossed her arms before her chest, tapping her bicep with her forefinger as she looking down to her adopted daughter’s sleeping figure.

The doctor on the Castle had treated Gwen’s wounds. Bruises that leaving fingers-print mark on her neck. Concussion. Blood flew out from the back of her head. High fever due to concussion.

Merlin closed her eyes and leaned her forehead on her intertwined fingers “leave us. You all should go to sleep. I will watch over her”.

“unfortunately, I guess we can’t sleep well tonight, so we will stay”, Ban plopped down on the couch and pointed out “at least not with Gwen’s condition right now when you look so depressed over it”.

Merlin chuckled bitterly “what? It’s not like I’m not able to take care of her and myself, neither your words seem logical for me”.

“then maybe you could stop make that kind of face”, Meliodas just came after he made sure Elizabeth was well-protected on the Castle “it’s written all over your eyes, try to taking all the blame for yourself, for not able to protect your adopted daughter”.

“it’s the truth”, Merlin clenched her intertwined fingers until her knuckles whitened. Before any of them said something to her, Merlin offered reassuring smile though it more looked like tired and weary smile “should I give some sleeping draught for you all so you can sleep well tonight?”.

Meliodas pulled a chair and sat across Merlin, leaning his chin on his palm “this is Captain’s order. We will sleep in shift to watch over and nursing Gwen and until she’s healthy, we will sleep here. Sounds good?”.

“agree?!”, Diane lifted her hand and the others chorused but she lifted her finger up, shushing them all when Gwen stirred in her sleep “firstly, we shouldn’t be too noisy”.

“just don’t push yourself”, King asked as he lying on top of his Chastiefol in pillow shape “and we will sleep here tonight”.

Escanor nodded his head, already lying on his makeshift bed along with Ban, Gowther and Diane “don’t doubt to wake us up when you need something, Merlin”.

Merlin sighed and caressed Gwen’s sweaty locks, she felt her burning up. Leaning her back on the chair, Merlin only raised her eyebrow “do what you want, then”.

Needn’t take a long time for them to hear the even snores came from Ban, King and Diane. Gowther sat on the floor with the back of his armor leaned on the wall, reading the book to spend his time while Escanor finally fell asleep near Ban. Merlin and Meliodas were the only left while the other had fallen asleep for sure after they saw Gowther put down his book and curled into ball on the floor. Right after Meliodas put the blanket to cover Gowther (which maybe had no point), Meliodas lifted his finger and asked Merlin to come with him. They didn’t go too far from Gwen’s room, they only went to the veranda to talk a bit.

Merlin felt the cold breeze sweeping her face “what’s wrong, Captain?”.

“I’ve known you longer than anyone here, Merlin, so tell me”, Meliodas remembered the massacre in that room, how those men’s bodies weren’t intact anymore and scarreted all over that bloodied room “I knew you well enough, you... were you really the one who did that to them? Because I felt dark energy came out of upper floor before I found you with Gwen—”.

“so what, Captain? Do you think that Gwen, a mere child who just 3 years old, could kill them all in cold-blood?”, Merlin scoffed and shrugged “I thought you heard my curse to them, right? Dark energy you’ve felt back then, it was due to my black magic. I was the one responsible for their demise after I launched my curse to them, that’s all”.

“’re right. It’s impossible for Gwen to do it, of course. To kill people in cold-blood”, Meliodas sighed and grinned lopsided, how could he think that way from the first place? What a ridiculous mind. He rolled his eyes to her when they sat back on each side of the bed “I’m sorry. I was just... shocked, because I never thought you would react that way. I admit, it’s way too sadist to kill them all that way, and it’s so unlike you, to lose your calm like that and do that massacre with your own hand”.

Those kidnappers died with their body torn apart into some pieces like someone had ripped their body, just like the beast did to their prey. Also, Meliodas felt unusual dark energy for a moment, that’s why he had to ask Merlin to confirm about it.

“I was surprised as well. When I adopted her, I thought I’m ready and I can handle it. However, what happened today was a huge shock. When I found her and for a moment... I thought I might lose her, it just felt like knife piercing straight into my heart, my blood ran cold and just like that, I launched strong curse on them, enough to kill them all, to make their body torn apart and scattered all over that room”, Merlin kissed Gwen’s cheek before running her finger on her hair “I wonder... was that how it feel? How did you two feel when you two...”, Merlin trailed off but decided to drop it “forget it. You should sleep as well, Captain. Maybe I will take the day off again to nurse her, at least until she’s got better”.

Meliodas grinned lopsided and leaned his chin on his palm “I will, when I feel up to”.

Next day, Merlin and Diane stayed at home to take care of Gwen. After he had made sure of Elizabeth’s safety, Meliodas went home the latest. Escanor put the blanket to cover Merlin who fell asleep on the side of Gwen’s bed as she watched over her, telling Meliodas who sat across where Merlin had fallen asleep, that Merlin just fell asleep after she had watched over Gwen ever since last night.

When Meliodas squeezed her tiny hand and caressed her forehead that felt sticky and hot due to her high fever and perspiration, Gwen opened her eyes, mumbling in her delirious state as she looked up to Meliodas “...daddy?”.

Meliodas chuckled and patted her head, remembering that the kid in front of him was having high fever and was in delirious state “do you need something? Where does it hurt?”.

Blinking her eyes, Gwen asked with her hoarse voice “...where is mommy?”.

“I am here”, Merlin who stirred awake when Gwen called Meliodas ‘daddy’, moved her hand to caress Gwen’s cheek “sleep well, dear”.

Gwen smiled in content before slurring back to her deep slumber “good night... mommy... daddy...”.

When Elizabeth found him on his training with Gilthunder as usual, Elizabeth quickly sauntered to his side, squeezing his hand “Mel?”.

Meliodas looked down to 4-years-old princess near his leg and he crouched in front of her so he was on her level “hm? What is it, princess?”.

“I don’t see Lady Merlin today, so Gwen’s not healed yet?”.

It had been the third day ever since Gwen had the high fever and Merlin, accompanied by one of Seven Deadly Sins’ members (first day with Diane, second day with Meliodas and today with Escanor). After Meliodas smiled gently and reassured Elizabeth that Gwen would be alright. Merlin had given medicine that would help her and Gwen’s fever wasn’t that bad, but she still hadn’t opened her eyes yet after she had regained her consciousness for a while that night.

Elizabeth lifted her face with determination on her eyes, holding Meliodas’ hand “Mel, let us come to your house to see her?!”.

Not that Meliodas would disagree with her request, like he could ever refuse her request, but her word had made him baffled “us?”.

Later Meliodas found himself with Hendrickson who bringing Elizabeth, Veronica, Margaret and Three Misfits (Gilthunder, Howzer and Griamore). On the halfway, they met Escanor who carrying Merlin who barely stirred on his arms, sleeping soundly although the dark circles were evident under her eyes. Escanor told them to let her sleep because Merlin barely had gotten proper sleep as long as she watched over Gwen’s condition for three days before bringing Merlin to another room to sleep while Diane and Gowther would take over. No one could explain what exactly happened after Hendrickson brought the children to see Gwen. Elizabeth buried her face on the edge of Gwen’s bed, hoping her friend would get better and next second, as Merlin barged into this room with Meliodas and Escanor in tow, Gwen woke up, instantly sitting up.

Gwen blinked her eyes innocently before looking around in confusion as to why everyone gathered in her room. When her eyes caught Merlin’s figure, she jumped from her bed, running to her “mommy!”.

Merlin caught her before pulling her into her embrace. Closing her eyes, Merlin smiled against her head and closed her eyes as she kissed her forehead, inhaling the floral scent of white lily from little girl on her arms “thank you for staying alive, Gwen”.

Gwen blinked away her tears before offering broad, warm smile “...I’m home”.

It needed other three days until Gwen fully recovered and she was allowed to tag along with Seven Deadly Sins, back to their daily activity. Or at least, that was what they thought.

Ban barged into Merlin’s laboratory, carrying li’l Gwen like a sack of potato on his hand, deadpanned Meliodas following him in tow “Merlin?!”.

Not looking behind, Merlin stirred whatever the concoction within the boiling pot in front of her as her other hand lifted a book, still busy with her research “yes, what is it?”.

Meliodas scratched the back of his head lazily “to make a long story short, your daughter asked us to teach her how to fight”.

“your daughter has become a little too headstrong!? She’s so persistent?! Say something to her!?”.

“oh, okay”.

Ban jaw-dropped in disbelief “you’re okay with it?!”.

“believe on her and watch over her growth as long as she doesn’t cross the boundary or choose to walk on the wrong path also one way of parent to raise a child”, Merlin shrugged before she crouched herself in front of Gwen “just make sure you take care of yourself, okay?”.

After Gwen nodded her head, Merlin patted her head “now, can you tell me about why do you ask them, of all people to teach you how to fight?”.

“because big brother Meliodas is the strongest and the best knight in this Kingdom?!”, Gwen lifted her hands up and chirped cheerfully before recounting with her tiny fingers “for bare-handed fighting style, I guess I need to learn it from uncle Ban and big brother Meliodas. For sorcery and magic, I can learn as much as I can with mommy and uncle Gowther. Big sister Diane said she can teach me about how to survive on the wilderness”, Gwen puffed her cheeks “though Uncle King is good with his spirit spear and maybe I can learn about magic too from him sometimes, he told me to just learn it from you and uncle Gowther, so lazy of him. For uncle Escanor, he refused to teach me something that may hurt me and he’s afraid that he’ll hurt me, so uncle Escanor just will help me to learn with my study on books”.

“just how many things you want to learn?”, Ban rolled his eyes “guess you’ve got a lot of your mother’s nature now”.

“yosh, it’s decided, then”, Meliodas clapped his hand, patting Gwen’s head “we will start our lesson for your swordsmanship tomorrow, okay?”.

“and why did you not complain at all about it, Cap’n?”.

“the way I see it, the more she learned to be strong, the more she’s capable to protect herself”, Meliodas smiled fondly to Gwen “besides there’s no turning back, only guide them to walk further their path, for the light that started burning her spirit”.

Ban said nothing at that. True, compared to when the first time they took her in, Gwen cheered up and she was far more spirited now.

Chapter Text

After the kidnapping incident, Gwen started to become good friend with Veronica.

The first day Merlin brought Gwen to the Castle after the kidnapping incident, Elizabeth clung to her “Gwen?! You’re back?! Let’s play?!”.

“can’t breathe...”, Gwen mumbled before apologizing after Elizabeth apologized and released her “but I have to study—”.

“it’s alright to skip your lesson today. Just play with princess Elizabeth and relax”, Merlin patted her head “you’re still recovered”.

“Lady Merlin’s right. I can borrow you my notes so you can catch up with our lesson later”, Margaret chided Elizabeth to loosen her grip “and Elizabeth, I know you’re happy that Gwen came again but be careful, she’s still recovered”.

Elizabeth nodded before holding Gwen’s hand, leading their way to the garden near training ground where Meliodas could watch over them as he trained the boys for their swordsmanship. Elizabeth felt guilty as she saw the bandages still covering around Gwen’s head and neck “but are you really okay, Gwen? I’m sorry, I couldn’t do anything to help you, while you protected me”.

“really, I’m alright, Ellie”, Gwen patted Elizabeth’s cheek, offering sweet smile “and don’t apologize. It’s not your fault, but those bad guys’ doing, okay? Besides my mom, big brother Meliodas and uncle Zaratras came in time to save us”.

Veronica saw Elizabeth and Gwen sat on the flower garden near the pond to make the flower crown. She approached them and both girl on the garden looked up from their work. Veronica put her hand on her hip and reached out her hand to Gwen “...I apologize for all my rude words and manners to you all this time. Would you be my friend too? like with Ellie and Margaret”.

Gwen blinked her eyes rapidly before she accepted Veronica’s hand and beamed up “of course?!”.

Three Misfits (Gilthunder, Griamore and Howzer) gawked in disbelief as they saw Gwen joining them to train with the sword ever since this morning. Of course, Meliodas was only one of her tutors, she said (practically Gwen had dragged all Seven Deadly Seven Sins members to teach her something to get stronger).

Meliodas brought Gwen who wore pants and t-shirt instead of dress like her usual. Patting the shy girl who hid behind his legs while tugging his trousers, Meliodas rolled his eyes to the trio “don’t stare to her like that, kids. Of course, she can’t train with the sword while wearing dress, right?”.

“oh, sorry. It’s just…”, Howzer shook his head before rubbing his eyes. He blinked his eyes, as if to make sure what he had seen in front of him was real or not “it’s just… the first time we saw you wore boy’s clothes instead of dress like you usually wore”.

Gwen popped her head from behind Meliodas’ leg and grinned, her hair which tied into fish-tail braid hanging on the air “fret not, I suppose I’ll wear my dress again so that I am accustomed to practice my swordsmanship while wearing dress, once I’ve got used to practice my swordsmanship using boy's clothes”.

“are you sure, you’re alright already, Gwen?”, Gilthunder checked Gwen’s wounds on the back of her head and the yellow-bluish bruises on her neck which just fresh-healed, ruffling her hair “don’t force yourself, okay?”.

Gwen giggled “okay?!”.

Meliodas grinned lopsided and put his hand on his hip “nishishi, little Gil surely can be a good big brother for Gwen”.

Along with these three, Gwen learned to fight (which started to invite trouble for King Baltra because his second daughter had asked him to allow her to train with sword as well, many times in fact, ever since Gwen started her swordsmanship training with Three Misfits and Veronica wanted to join their training to spend more time with her friends and get stronger too). Meliodas was her main instructor for the martial arts, be it fighting-style with weapon or not. Ban and Diane mainly taught Gwen about bare-handed fighting style. From Merlin and Gowther, Gwen learned magic spells and sorcery. With Escanor’s help on her study, she learned many things from books. Thanks to Merlin and Gowther too, who really loved to read and provide her so many books.

Sometimes Gwen also learned together with Margaret like today as they read book on the garden. The oldest princess told her the meaning behind her name “do you know that ‘Gwen’ means holy, fair, white, blessed. Its origin is from Welsh language”.

Gwen just knew the meaning behind her name that time “you are so smart, princess Margaret?! No wonder Gil always praised you?!”.

Gilthunder instantly covered Gwen’s mouth and flustered “Gwen?!”.

Gwen lowered his hands, looking behind over her shoulder and blinking her eyes innocently “what is it, Gil? It’s the truth, right? You talked about Margaret A LOT and always praised her”.

Gilthunder frantically waved his hands “Gwen!? Stop it?!”.

Meliodas deadpanned and clapped his hands “I know she’s bold, but I guess she lost her mouth-filter too”.

“mommy’s gonna go to the capital of Camelot Kingdom with King Baltra for the urgent meeting with King Uther Pendragon of Camelot Kingdom for days? Only mommy?”, earning her mother’s nod and knowing her mother should go for another mission, only her along with King Baltra and King Baltra’s bodyguard, dislike the idea of get separated from her mother for days, Gwen begged to Merlin “can I come with you, mom? I promise I will not cause trouble for you, please?”.

“actually, I just wanted to ask you if you want to come with me or not”, Merlin tapped her chin “you can come with me, but don’t wander around too far from me as long as we go, okay?”.

Meliodas also told her to be careful, ruffled Gwen’s unruly blonde hair “that’s right, don’t want you to get kidnapped again”.

Gwen squawked, swinging her hands in attempt to hit him “big brother?! You make my hair tangled again?!”.

Ban couldn’t help it but ask her rhetorically “it’s unusual for you, Merlin, to bring your kid on your mission?”.

“it’s King Baltra’s order”, Merlin shrugged her shoulder with her trade-mark smirk “I simply obey the King’s order”.

Thus, Merlin brought Gwen along with her on her private mission to accompany King Baltra with the leader of Dawn Road, Slader as King’s bodyguard. No one could predict it except the King who saw it on his vision. It was also one of reasons of why King Baltra asked Merlin to bring Gwen with her.

Written on their fate, they would meet that day near the lake.

The children of hope.

The King amongst Kings.

The Queen who born as The White Enchantress.

The Knight Of the Sacred Lake.

Chapter Text

King Baltra and his group arrived on the castle of Camelot Kingdom at the night. Lately, King Uther Pendragon’s condition had gotten worsened, just like tonight. Fortunately, he was getting better and had to rest a bit so for tonight, King Baltra and his group were asked to meet with King Uther Pendragon next morning.

Gwen, already changed her clothes into her sleeping dress, got on to the bed “so mommy came here to heal the King?”.

“sort of”, Merlin pulled the blanket up to cover her daughter before lying down beside her, giving the light peck on her forehead “good night, dear”.

Gwen giggled “good night, mommy”.

Later on the morning right before the sun rose on the horizon, someone whispered “...Enchantress...”.

“...she’s calling...”, Gwen sat before mumbling with blank eyes, as if someone possessed her before she got off of her bed, walking aimlessly “who is there?”.

Merlin stirred awake from her sleep and rubbed her eyes. She was shocked when her hand touched the empty indent in the sheets, not the little girl who supposed to sleep beside her. She sat up and looked around, but found no one “...Gwen?”.

With her Sacred Treasure, Merlin easily could detect where Gwen had gone. When Merlin found her, she felt like she was gonna get the heart-attack as Gwen walked to the fond. Right before Gwen fell to the fond, Merlin flew and caught her in time “Gwen?!”.

“mommy?”, Gwen blinked her eyes in confusion when she found herself on Merlin’s arms as they floated on the air. Next second, Gwen confused to find they weren’t on their room but on the garden of the Castle “huh? Why am I here?”.

“I believe it’s my line. Are you sleepwalking again? Luckily, I found you in time. What if I weren’t? You would be drowning or worse”, Merlin sighed heavily before flying back to their room, grumbling “maybe next time I should simply hug you tight in our sleep. Remind me to teach you to swim in case you are sleepwalking to the fond again. Hopefully it’s not gonna happen, ever”.

Gwen didn’t protest, or more exactly she couldn’t. She didn’t wonder why everyone like her mother, Meliodas and her family had gotten more overprotective over her safety ever since she was kidnapped by those bad guys. One thing for sure, she didn’t doubt that their feelings and their care for her was sincere. Gwen tightened her grip on Merlin’s shirt, apologizing and it earned Merlin’s sigh before the witch told her daughter that she wasn’t angry, she was only afraid of losing her. Gwen apologized to her again and Merlin waved it off, telling her to get ready and clean up before the breakfast. Gwen nodded her head, closing her eyes blissfully.

Later, after the breakfast, Gwen didn’t know what the problem that these adults had to discuss. What she knew, they were standing right in front of King Uther Pendragon’s chamber. Gwen had no idea as to why they were waiting outside King’s chamber like this if her mother and King Baltra were invited to help to cure him. As the adult that called as councilors and advisor continued their argue with King Baltra and his bodyguard (Slader if she didn’t wrong), Gwen looked up to see Merlin merely watched to observe the situation. She got bored, so she peeked into the King’s chamber. Her eyes widened as she saw scary-looking hag with black hair reached the floor, the ulcers and wrinkles on her face.

Locking gazes with Gwen, the old hag smirked in creepy way and reached out her hand to Gwen as she called her “...The White Enchantress...”.

“KYAAA?! MOMMY?!”, Gwen jumped to cling onto Merlin’s leg, sobbing “there’s a monster... an ugly and scary hag there... right beside that grandpa’s bed... she’s so scary...”.

One of the councilors and the advisor shouted to Gwen for being noisy outside King’s chamber right in front of the King’s chamber when the King’s condition wasn’t well, Merlin sent her cold glare to silence them, enough to make them scared or nervous before Merlin carried Gwen, rocking her on her arms to calm her down. Merlin forcibly barged into King Uther’s chamber, ignoring people’s shouts because what she saw and felt in front of, was far more important “...Gwen, you could see it?”.

Advisor asked her “what did your daughter see, Lady Merlin?”.

Using her ‘Curse Discovery’, Merlin casted the magic spell to render the curse visible on other’s eyes, thus they could see the curse on King Uther Pendragon’s body. It was clear then, King Uther’s illness was caused by curse.

King Uther’s Advisor was clearly baffled because except Merlin, they couldn’t see the curse befell on the King until Merlin casted the magic spell ‘Curse Discovery’ “and your daughter could see it? With her eyes, without any magic spells?”.

“she is special”, Merlin tucked Gwen’s hair behind her earlobe, wiping her tears “she was born with these eyes, after all”.

The scary-looking hag turned to Merlin and Gwen, reached out her hand, screaming to not disturb her and telling them to go away.

“NO?! Don’t come near us?!”, Gwen who had been scared, reached out her hands and unintentionally casted the spells that Merlin saw the first time they met, ‘Tranquilize’ to netral the miasma on that old hag’s body and the old hag turned into dust. Once the old hag disappeared, Gwen cried in relief “she was so scary?!”.

“there, there, calm down, Gwen”, Merlin patted her head, swaying her on her arms “although it’s only for temporary, she’s gone already, thanks to you, although you did it unintentionally”.

People who gathered in this room shocked and gawked “unintentionally?!”.

King Baltra had seen this, so he didn’t too surprised “Lady Merlin, by you mean with temporary, the curse can come back again?”.

“don’t worry, my King. That’s why I’m here”, Merlin smirked “I’ll make sure the curse which befell on His Majesty will disappear with my spell, so the curse will be backfiring to its caster”.

After Merlin told them who had sent the curse to the King, King Uther’s condition had gotten better quickly. Before they left, King Uther recognized who was Gwen. Camelot Kingdom was the closest alliance of the fallen Cameliard Kingdom, of course King Uther would know who was Gwen, but it was not the right time to reveal who was she to everyone.

King Uther smiled fondly to Gwen, patting her head as he remembering his friend, Leodegrance. As his thanks, King Uther would send gift for Gwen and Merlin who came here to heal him and to King Baltra who brought them here.

“I owe you for saving my life, little angel. For now, I only can give you this”, King Uther gave the necklace with Ruby and Emerald gemstone carved into Camellia flower, the symbol of Cameliard Kingdom. After he put the necklace on her hands, King Uther whispered “it’s a secret, it belongs to your late mother once and it was her heirloom for you. They were my close friends, too. You should keep this, I believe she would be glad if you kept this, rather than I”.

Gwen recognized that necklace as her late mother’s necklace, she felt like want to cry when she got back her mother’s heirloom. Just like what Merlin had taught her, Gwen smiled and bowed her head “thank you very much, King Uther”.

King Baltra told them to drop by on the village, it was located on the South of Britannia, to the east of the Camelot Kingdom. It was a simple village, but it felt humid there. While waiting for Merlin who went not too far to the shop with King Baltra and Slader to get their provisions, Gwen played with her dolphin doll and waited near the horses which being tethered on the three. Again, Gwen felt like she heard someone calling.

“...The White Enchantress...”.

Unconsciously, Gwen walked down the slope to the river near flower garder, not too far from where their horses were tethered. Gwen crouched herself on the riverbank but before she peeked to see what had been reflected on the surface of the river’s water, she felt someone pulling her back and carrying her on their arms. Being lifted off of the ground, Gwen squealed in surprise before she locked gaze with unruly short blonde-haired teenager who carried her on his arms now. A pair of tan-skinned hand that carrying her felt cold like the water. Emerald orbs stared to her in awe and wonder before he put her down, kneeling in front of her as he looking down to her with kindness and sincerity appeared on his eyes.

The way he looked down to her rather reminded Gwen with the way usually Meliodas looked down to her. Tilting her head, Gwen blinked innocently “who are you, Mister?”.

“be careful, you might fall just now. Otherwise you can swim, you can be drowning and the current of the river is rather fast”, blonde-haired teenager in front of her who looked to be a bit older from Three Misfits or Meliodas, Gwen considered, introduced himself with broad grin as he pointing himself with his thumb “my name is Lancelot du Lac, and you? you do seem familiar, but I never saw you around here before. You’re not from the village, right?”.

“my name is Gwen. I came here with my mother, her comrade and her superior for... business trip?”, Gwen tapped her chin before bowing her head and lifting each sides of her skirt “thank you for saving me from falling to the river, Lord Lancelot”.

“glad to meet you, Lady Gwen”, Lancelot bowed his head and crossed one arm before his chest. He chuckled as he straightening his body and stood up “though, needn’t to call me ‘Lord’. It feels weird, not to mention I also am not someone with high-stature nor I am from high social class. You can just call me Lancelot, little lady”.

“but you are older, so honorific is needed. Since you don’t want me to call you ‘Lord’, I will at least call you ‘big brother’ or ‘Mr.’, then”, Gwen pointed out “you have rather well-built body and good clothes so I guess you might be from intermediate social class like Knight, maybe?”.

“I thought ‘Mr.’ is too old for me so I prefer ‘big brother’, smart girl. You kind of reminded me with the young master I should take care of”, Lancelot admitted that he was adopted and his adopted father, a Holy Knight worked for the King on Capital of Camelot while he, as the oldest son, worked for his father’s comrade, a rich family of this town “just like my adopted father, I want to be the Holy Knight someday although right now, I am only Holy Knight’s apprentice. When I wasn’t busy working as the Holy Knight’s apprentice, I am installed as private bodyguard and sword instructor for the second son of this rich family though I feel like becoming baby-sitter of this pampered, sheltered young master because this far I’m only baby-sitting him. I admit it is indeed quite difficult task for the 14-years-old teenager like me. Speaking of which, I wonder where the hell that kid hide now?”.

Gwen deadpanned “for a teenager and a boy who will turn into a young man, you’re pretty talkative”.

“and you’re really blunt for 3-years-old girl who soon will turn into 4-years-old”, Lancelot gave back the dolphin doll that dropped to the ground “you dropped this”.

“thank you!? ah, I should give something back as thanks, but I have nothing to give right now”, Gwen thought out loud, ignoring Lancelot’s notion that she really needn’t to give anything to him and Gwen clapped her hand, telling him that she would sing for him as thanks “my love, my love, my fearless love~ I will not say goodbye~ sea may rise, sky may fall~ my love will never die~”.

A boy with orange hair and Amethyst orbs around Gwen’s age popped his head from behind the tree “is that you who singing just now?”.

“EEEEEK!?”, Gwen jumped and hid behind Lancelot’s leg with blushing face “you heard me singing too just now?”.

“found you?!”, Lancelot pointed Arthur before waving his hand “young master, I thought you scared her, or she’s just shy”.

Arthur introduced himself before frantically explaining “ah, I’m so sorry?! I don’t mean to scare you at all!? My name is Arthur. It’s just... I’m so amazed?! Your voice when you were singing just now, it was just really amazing!? So beautiful?! I’d like to hear you singing again?!”.

“I guess it’s alright, it’s just... I was rarely singing in front of strangers or people other than my mom and our family (a.k.a all members of Seven Deadly Sins). I want to test out my voice badly just now because my mother told me to not strain my voice yet, but I really want to sing, also to give thanks to big brother Lancelot here”, Gwen smiled sheepishly as she started to pluck the flowers to arrange the flower crown for Lancelot and Arthur “because of injury that I’ve sustained due to the incident lately, I can’t sing or speak properly for a while, at least till uncle Hendy and my mom gave good medicine for my throat”.

As they talked, they sat on the flower garden and Arthur realized the remnant of fingerprint yellow-bluish bruises on her neck and the symbol of ‘Lily’ flower on her nape when Arthur put the flower crown he had made on Gwen’s head “what happened to your neck? What incident?”.

“well, I and my friends were kidnapped, but my mom and her friends came to save us, so it’s fine?! I was lucky because I just got bruises on my neck and concussion on the head because they strangled and slammed my head to the wall. My vocal cords will be okay, so I still can sing”.

Lancelot deadpanned after Gwen put the flower crown on his head and Arthur’s head “after you were kidnapped, strangled and slammed to the wall till got bruises on the neck and concussion on the head, how could you still say it as lucky, little Lady?”.

“Gwen! Where are you?”.

“ah, my mom’s calling for me?! I have to go?!”, gathering the dolphin doll from the ground, Gwen ran to the corner and waved her hand “bye bye, Arthur and big brother Lancelot?!”.

“wait, at least—”, Arthur ran after her but when he turned on the corner, he found Gwen disappeared already “what?! Where did she go?! Lancelot, do you see to where she’s going?”.

Lancelot was clearly baffled, thinking there was no way Gwen disappeared this fast, vanished into the thin air just like that, unless she had a pair of wings “unfortunately, I don’t, young master”.

Arthur struck in awe “she disappeared just like that?! She’s really just like a fairy?!”.

Lancelot should admit, he agreed with him this time “and my first impression of her, she’s just like a delicate, beautiful doll although it turned out that she’s... tough, brave girl”.

Arthur was moping and swinging his legs up and down as Lancelot carried him on the way back to his home “I hope I can meet her again someday, Lancelot, that Lily girl... I don’t even have time to ask her name or her address and she just disappeared like that?!”.

“oh, seems like you’ve fixated your eyes on her, young master?”, Lancelot couldn’t help but tease him “not that I don’t understand why, though... She’s really an adorable, innocence cute sweet girl. Also, her name is Gwen, she’s only 3 years old but soon, she will turn into 4 years old. Unfortunately, that’s all we know about her for now”.

Arthur blushed furiously “it’s not like that, Lancelot?! We are just friends?!”.

Meanwhile, right after Gwen turned to the corner, Merlin saw her from above the slope and using her magic, Merlin made her floating before carrying her back to the horses. Looking down to the flower crown made by Cosmos and Lily flower on her head, Merlin smiled “it’s so cute, Gwen. Where did you get that? Did you make it yourself?”.

Gwen touched the flower crown on her head “oh, I got this from one of my new friends?! They’re so fun?!”.

“oh? Maybe you can tell me about them later”, Merlin titled her head “however, next time you want to wander around alone nearby, tell me first so I will not be worried. Understand?”.

Gwen puffed her cheeks in cute way, twiddling her fingers “I understand, mommy... I’m so sorry, to make you worried again”.

Merlin pinched her nose with knowing smile before looking up “oh, I know you don’t intend to do it, dear. Let’s go home”.

Chapter Text

Just like she had told Merlin and everyone when they asked her about her birthday, on the day of her 4th birthday, they would not hold the party to celebrate her birthday but she still would earn the gift for her birthday. Though, Gwen earned something unexpected for her birthday gift, something people could consider as curse and blessing at the same time. On the peaceful day like usual, Meliodas trained Three Misfits while Gwen had gone to her lesson with Margaret and Veronica before Gwen could go to play with Elizabeth. Unlike the usual, ever-calm-and-composed Margaret ran to him, asking for help.

“Sir Meliodas!? Help?!”, panting, Margaret told him in her unusual panic state, stuttered “it’s Gwen?! She’s bleeding, blood pouring out of her right eye?!”.

Griamore, Howzer and Gilthunder had turned pale due to Margaret’s statement, added with her frantic explanation that Veronica had gone to other direction to call Merlin or the nearest knight while Elizabeth stayed by Gwen’s side. When Gilthunder asked what happened, Margaret shook her head with tears pouring out her eyes, telling them that they only read books and played on the garden like usual till Elizabeth realized that Gwen wasn’t nearby. Veronica and Elizabeth had gone to look for her, but when they came back with pale face (for Veronica) and tears brimming on her eyes (for Elizabeth), Margaret followed them to where they had found Gwen. After Margaret found Gwen lying on the riverbank with blood pouring out of her right eye, she quickly asked Elizabeth to stay with Gwen and told Veronica to pick Merlin or call the nearby holy knight while she herself came here to tell Meliodas.

Meliodas jumped and ran in the mad dash to where Gwen usually played with Elizabeth and Margaret. He found Elizabeth crying and asking Gwen to wake up as she crouched by her side. Meliodas didn’t waste time, he instantly gathered Gwen’s body on his arm while his other arm squeezed Elizabeth’s, holding her hand on their way to the clinic. When Merlin came with Veronica, Gwen had woken up and she lunged into Meliodas, hugging him while crying in fear and relief on his arms. The doctor had asked the others (including the princesses and three misfits) to wait outside, leaving only Meliodas with Gwen and Merlin.

Meliodas cradled Gwen on his arms and he felt her squirming on his arms when he tried to hand her to Merlin, eyebrows raised in confusion as Gwen kept crying while apologizing, without they even knew why and what she apologized for “Gwen, it’s alright. You’re safe now. Would you like to stay with your mommy instead?”.

Gwen hiccupped but she nodded absentmindedly as she released her hands off and Meliodas handed her to Merlin.

“Gwen, I will not know if you don’t talk to me”, Merlin cradled her on her arms “tell me, what happened to you till blood came out of your right eye? Did someone hurt you? Why do you keep crying and what do you apologize for?”.

Gwen squirmed on her mother’s arms before more tears flowing out of her eyes and in the middle of her tears, she managed to say it out loud “...because I’m cursed”.

Meliodas and Merlin sucked in breath sharply and exchanged incredulous look. The doctor said that her eye would be alright, several of her optical nerves broke or snapped out of place and she still needed to cover her eye using bandage but her sight would not be affected.

The problem was her mental state.

For days Gwen locked herself in her room, curling herself into ball under the blanket as if trying to hide from whatever evil entity that might hurt her on this world, she also refused to talk about it when they asked or pestered her about what happened, reasoning that she didn’t remember. At least, it happened until Meliodas forcefully brought her out of her room with permission from Merlin to take Gwen ‘somewhere’ to heal her.

“leave it to me, I know how to deal with the child who feels herself cursed”, carrying Gwen like a sack of potato on his arm while his other arm carrying their belongings, Meliodas prepared to go with note that he would go for about 3-4 days “so, we need to take her to Istar. Merlin, would you like to just send us there or would you prefer it to come with us instead? Also, in case Gwen throws tantrum, I hope you are there with her to comfort her”.

“of course, I will come with you, Captain. Though, I doubt if the Druid can help us, not to mention they are also not too opened to the outsiders like us”, Merlin also had prepared herself, turned to her comrade with all seriousness “thus, everyone, we will go for a while”.

Escanor (in day version, of course) objected, reasoning that they needed to come with Meliodas, Gwen and Merlin “not that we don’t believe you and Captain, but won’t it be more helpful if we come with you two?”.

“what is it? You want to go somewhere?”, Zaratras who came with Dreyfus, clearly baffled. After they knew that Meliodas and Merlin would go to Istar because they wanted to ask if they could help Gwen, Dreyfus explained that Hendrickson suddenly fell ill when he was asked to go to Istar to help the Druids for their problem before Zaratras cleared his throat “it’s a coincidence, but I think you can take this as an advantage to ask the Druids to help you”.

It was clear as the day that the Druid elders, Jenna and Zaneri (surprisingly looked like two little girls), were displeasure with the unexpected upcoming of the Seven Deadly Sins plus one little girl. Merlin carried Gwen on their journey to Istar, at least until their Captain was dragged by Jenna and Zaneri for private talk.

When Gwen wriggled on her arms, Merlin looked down “hm? What is it? You want to get down?”.

Gwen nodded her head. After Merlin put her down on the ground, Gwen silently approached the trio. Only when Gwen tugged her skirt, Zaneri jumped and the trio just realized that Gwen was there.

“even if he is from Demon Clan, he’s not evil”, Gwen looked up with pout “besides, you two aren’t Druid too, but members of Goddess Clan who fled from the Holy War, am I right?”.

“Gwen”, Gwen flinched when Merlin called her but she relaxed as she saw Merlin smiling down to her “the secret only can be called as secret when you never tell it to anyone and you can’t tell about it to anyone. Promise me, you will not tell whoever, what you know about their identity and what you just said?”, as Merlin told her that, she carried Gwen back on her arms. Earning Gwen’s nod, Merlin smiled and ruffled her head “good girl”.

Looking down to the little girl with bandage covered her right eye, Zaneri stared down to her as Gwen clung to Merlin’s chest, refusing to being put down “such strange aura comes from this little girl. Who is this girl?”.

“no, more exactly”, Jenna said it out loud with slightly narrowed eyes “what is she, actually? Goddess Clan members aside, only the druids, the sorcerers of the woods who worship those from the Goddess Clan, who can harness nature’s energy to use healing magic. You know it already when you adopted her right, Merlin?”.

“yes, I do know”, Merlin smirked, patting her head “of the fact she doesn’t even have the blood of the Druid flowing through her vein, neither she’s from Goddess Clan, yet she can use healing magic. She will be the first magician who can use healing magic even if she’s not Druid. It’s only one of the reasons why I adopted her, to guide her walk down her path. Though, related by blood or not, now I really have considered her as my own daughter”.

“how about we have the deal?”, Meliodas spoke with broad grin on his face when two elders of Druid turned their attention back to him “we will help you, about your problem with the troll and after that, maybe you can help us to heal this child. She has closed her heart, again, and refused to tell us about what happened to her”.

After Meliodas, King and Ban went with Jenna and Zaneri (though mostly, it was only Meliodas and Ban who worked to get rid the troll), Jenna told Merlin and Meliodas to follow them and bring Gwen to the Right Spire. Jenna gave a drink for Gwen which make Gwen falling asleep due to the sleeping drugs within that drink. The elder of Druid put Gwen on the bed, tracing the transparent liquid on her forehead and chest before they stood in circle around her.

“just like what you asked, we will check what happened to this child on her 4th birthday that make her bleeding out of her right eye and have reacted like this”, Zaneri looked up to Merlin and Meliodas “thus, we will check and find out about it from within the depths of her memory. Are you ready?”.

“of course, but...”, Merlin casted skeptical glance over her shoulder “are you sure, you want to join us, Captain?”.

Meliodas rolled his eyes “what? Am I not allowed to join now? I need to know what happened to her as well. Do you have a problem with that?”.

Merlin sighed “of course not, I just think... it’s about time, after all”.

After they held each other’s hand in circle around the bed with Gwen lying on the center, Zaneri recited the incantation “dorukimoto hekatokobe omunorea kieto”.

Though what they witnessed after that was...

“oh, they came out, finally”, Diane perked up to where Meliodas came with Merlin, Zaneri and Jenna. Waving her hand, at first Diane didn’t realize the grim expression on their face “how is it, Captain? Is she—”.

Diane cut off her speech when she realized how tense they were. If even Diane realized it, of course the others also realized that their comrades and the elders of Druid were acting strange.

Looking up to Gwen who crying silently while wrapping her arms around Merlin’s shoulders with her trembled body, Meliodas lifted his hand up and asked her in demanding tone “leave her to me, Merlin”.

“I believe her to you, Captain”, looking down to her, Merlin could feel Gwen flinched when Meliodas had asked her to hand her over to him. Leaning down to give a light peck on her forehead, Merlin told her it would be alright through her tender gesture “Gwen, I need to take care of something with Lady Jenna and Lady Zaneri. Just stay with the Captain, okay?”.

Gwen nodded and obeyed them this time. While Merlin went to talk privately with Zaneri and Jenna, Meliodas sauntered the village’s street, carrying Gwen on his arms. It was dark outside when they came out of the Right Spire at the night. As they walked under the moonlight, Meliodas gently taught her that she needn’t afraid of the dark because she would always able to find the light.

“if the Darkness does exist, then the Light does exist as well. For example, look”, lifting his forefinger up, Gwen looked up to the sky at the night. The light of the full moon and stars above the sky shone to lighten up the sky at the night, no matter how dark it was. After Gwen blinked away a single tear, she understand that Meliodas was right, she shouldn’t be afraid but still...

Lowering her head further, Gwen asked him “ really I cursed?”.

“no, you aren’t. Instead, you are blessed by power, you just can’t control your power, not yet for now, but I believe you will able to control it someday”, Meliodas patted her head, looking over her shoulder staring into nothing “don’t worry, we will never abandon you just because of your power. I promise, as long as I can stay by your side, I will protect you, I will not let you feel lonely or leave you alone. Stop crying, you better smile rather than cry. You are still too young to hate or afraid of this world, my dear”.

Gwen sniffed and rubbed her eyes in attempt to stop her tears like Meliodas asked before she narrowed her eyes. Tugging her tiny arms on his sleeves, Gwen lowered her gaze before hesitantly asking “ my birthday gift...”.

Meliodas slightly lifted her up to re-positioning her on his arms “what is it? Do you want something from me? Spit it out already”.

“can I... call you ‘daddy’ from now on? because... from what I saw of mommy’s memory, you look like daddy... I mean, my biological father...”, blushing furiously as if she just asked something embarrassing to Meliodas, Gwen waved her hands frantically “only if you don’t mind!?”.

“of course!?”, Meliodas grinned broadly and ruffled her hair, realizing her high temperature. After he touched her forehead, Meliodas realized she started having high fever and he ran back to where his comrades had waited “Mer!? She has a fever?!”.

Because it was late at the night already, they stayed for a night on Istar. After he put Gwen on the bed, Meliodas gathered his comrades “alright, now we need to clarify what happened”.

“but first, I have to apologize in Gwen’s stead”, Merlin narrowed her eyes “for unintentionally peeked on your Sins. All of you”.

Everyone felt their body stiffened before Ban voiced it out loud “what do you mean, Merlin?”.

“alright, I will explain what we saw happened to Gwen”, Meliodas pinched the bridge of his nose before telling them. That day, Gwen played with the princesses like usual but suddenly, she felt like she heard someone calling her name, again. Not for the first time, in dazed state like someone being possessed, Gwen went to the nearest pond and once she peeked to see the shadow on the surface of the water, a woman appeared in front of Gwen “she is the Lady of the Lake. She gave a power to Gwen as Gwen’s 4th birthday gift. Her power... It’s simple but powerful one, but she can’t control it, not yet, and it scared her”.

“to make it simple, Gwen has an ability to read people’s heart, as simple as reading book. Not only that, Gwen also can feel or see what happened to us, like she has experienced it herself”, Merlin crossed her arms before her chest “she accidentally activated her power and without she wanted it, she has witnessed our ‘Sins’. It’s too hard to handle with, to witness such things for a child on her age...”.

“no way”, Diane gasped “that’s why, she refused to talk about it to us?”.

“she’s afraid”, Meliodas caressed Gwen’s head “if we knew the truth that she has witnessed our ‘Sins’, we would abandon her. Silly girl, like the hell we will do it”.

“that’s why, in her stead, I apologize to you all, as her mother”, Merlin sincerely apologized “as her mother, I will do my best to help her till she can control her power. If it’s hard for you all to live with her, maybe I will start to look for another residence and move—”.

Escanor cut her off “no, Merlin!? You needn’t do it at all!?”.

Diane nodded her head furiously “that’s right?! We don’t get mad at all?!”.

King wistfully said “if it’s the case, it can’t be helped at all”.

“although I usually don’t agree with him, he’s right”, Ban shrugged “it’s not like your daughter did it intentionally. Instead, we should have supported her, right?”.

Gowther suggested “or should I help her with manipulate her memory?”.

“I don’t think it’s good idea, Gowther”, Merlin shook her head before offering fond smile “and thank you for your understanding, everyone”.

Meliodas sighed in relief, now everything was settled back. Squeezing Gwen’s tiny hand and looking down to her fragile figure, Meliodas furrowed his eyebrow “I will keep my promise no matter what”.

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Once Gwen got better, she quickly apologized to them all but like they said before, it couldn’t be helped at all. After they convinced her as Meliodas grinned broadly and patted her head, telling her that they would never abandon her just because of that, Gwen cried in relief and hugged him.

Meliodas chuckled as he carrying her on his arms “my, my, what a crybaby”.

After King cautiously asked how far she witnessed their ‘Sins’, Gwen refused to talk about it “one thing for sure I understand... you don’t want to talk about it or let anyone know about it, that’s why it’s a secret, right? I understand enough that I shouldn’t talk about it, not to mention I also will be upset if my secret are spreaded, so I will keep a secret as secret”.

“smart girl”, Ban ruffled her head before whispering “by the way, can you tell me about uncle King’s embarrassing secret?”.

King scolded him “I heard that, Ban?!”.

Gwen giggled as Meliodas and the other burst out into laughter.

Meliodas and Ban had a gamble when they were playing the bridge. Pulling one of the cards from his Captain, Ban asked “nee, Cap’n~ can I ask you something?”.

Meliodas blinked innocently “what is it?”.

“why do you let Gwen calling you ‘daddy’? or more exactly... what happened on Istar that day, within the Right Spire?”, Ban realized the stiffened body of his Captain although Meliodas kept his poker face “you sure spoil her and be more overprotective over her well-being, like a father does to their daughter. Surely it has something to do with why did she call you as her ‘daddy’, right?”.

“you are overthinking at it. She said that she saw it from Merlin’s memory, her biological parent. Looks like her father looked like me. She only has Merlin as her ‘mother’ figure and she asked if it’s alright for her to call me ‘daddy’. I guess she wanted someone to be her ‘father’ figure. How could I say ‘no’ to her? We have considered her as our family, right?”, Meliodas shrugged, pulling out a card before he cursed, scratching his neck “ah damn, I lost”.

Ban threw all of his cards to the air “yippie!? You have to treat me, Cap’n!? Now, bring it on?!”.

When Zaratras sent the urgent message to come to the Castle as soon as possible about new mission for Seven Deadly Sins regards the problem with the Vampires of the Edinburgh, Merlin and King went to fetch Gwen on her room but when they didn’t find her on her room, they knew that they could find her on their Captain’s room. After they went to Istar and Gwen started to call Meliodas as her ‘daddy’, she become attached to him just like Gwen had to Merlin.

When they arrived in front of their Captain’s room, Merlin could smell something bad “...the scent of blood and meat is coming from that room”.

King gasped “oh no, it can’t be?!”.

King barged into the room and surprised, gulped. Merlin quickly covered her nose as they saw Ban and Meliodas sat on the table with Gwen stood in between them. Ban pushed the plate of the sinister looking meat pie back to Meliodas who pushed it back to Ban while Gwen turned her head back and forth to watch them with interest sparks on her eyes.

“Gwen, you’re not sleeping yet?”, Merlin came to approach her before carrying her “and what is that, actually?”.

“I’m not sleepy yet, mommy. Look, it’s a meat pie that daddy made for uncle Ban”, Gwen pointed to the so-called meat pie “is it what people call as masterpiece of the avant-garde, mom?”.

Merlin chuckled “I wonder...”.

King shrieked “why is it moving and what kind of meat is that?!”.

Cradling her dolphin doll on her arms, Gwen explained to Merlin and King about their gamble “maybe because daddy might have not baked it long enough, that’s why the meat pie is still moving?”.

King jaw-dropped “that’s not the problem here?!”.

Merlin shook her head when Gwen asked if she could taste it “don’t eat that, Gwen. I will bake another meat pie tomorrow if you want it”.

“if uncle Ban get the stomachache, I will help him?!”, Gwen patted Ban’s thigh before she snapped her fingers and a bottle appeared out of nowhere “tada!? mommy’s magic item no. 48, Cure Angel!? It’s a ferocious bug from Hell that slips under the gut and uses its cute barb to get at organism and eat vital organs from the inside?!”.

“I think the title ‘Angel’ is more befitting for you, Gwen”, Meliodas patted her head and smiled “good girl, you’re really helpful”.

And Ban shrieked “it’s not cute at all?! You’re gonna kill me instead?!”.

Gwen smiled innocently and tilted her head, offering the bottle on her hands “don’t worry, uncle Ban, I and mommy have improved it so it won’t eat your heart or vital organs but the illness like cancer or tumor instead. We just need to get this go in to your body and for sure, you will get better once it has gotten rid of your illness!? Although we haven’t tested it...”.

Ban twitched his eyebrow in disbelief “and I’m the guinea pig now?”.

“you listen her, right? She just wants to help you. Now come on, eat up! It’s not like you’ll die of food poisoning!!”, Meliodas lifted the plate of the meat pie on his right hand while his left hand clutched Ban’s jaw “here, Mister Ban, open wide!”.

Ban pulled back to no avail “no no no, I’ll die?!”.

Ignoring the crack sounds of his friend’s jaw, Meliodas raised his eyebrow “what are you talking about? You’re immortal! Don’t waste food!”.

Gwen giggled, thinking these adults were really hilarious “that’s right, uncle Ban?! Don’t worry?! Told you, you just need to take this in if you get stomach-ache?!”.

“Gwen?! Captain?! You two seriously are gonna kill me?!”, grabbing his Captain’s wrist, Ban persisted before turning to Merlin “Merlin?! Say something to the Captain and your daughter?!”.

Merlin smirked “hm... I have a great idea”.

After Merlin explained their mission, Gwen tugged Merlin’s sleeves “mommy, can I come too?”.

Meliodas shook his head and told her ‘no’ this time “just stay with little Gil on uncle Zaratras’ home until we fetch you. Why would you want to come with us to such dangerous place?”.

Merlin rolled her eyes “you just want to find interesting sample from the vampires, right?”.

Gwen giggled cheekily “I also can use my spells to get rid of them like ‘Purge’, right?”.

King startled at that “you can use ‘Purge’ too!?”.

Gwen chirped cheerfully “I saw uncle Zaratras practiced it then I practiced it and I did it?!”.

Meliodas asked in curiosity “and his reaction?”.

Gwen tapped her chin “he was shocked and jaw-dropped”.

After that, they went to the Castle. When waiting for the meeting, Gwen read the book on Margaret’s room while Margaret and Veronica taught Elizabeth.

“well, well, well, we only have one problem now”, after the meeting was ended and it was decided that Seven Deadly Sins would go to the Edinburgh, Meliodas turned to Zaratras, Dreyfus and Hendrickson “can we entrust our li’l Gwen to stay on your home for tonight?”.

Zaratras nodded his head hesitantly “ah, of course... if Gwen doesn’t mind at all”.

When Merlin, Meliodas and the others came with Zaratras, Dreyfus and Hendrickson, Gwen instantly ran to them before clinging into Merlin’s leg “mommy?! Are you going to go for the mission tonight?”.

Merlin smiled and nodded her head, carrying her before Meliodas apologetically explained to her that they needed to go for dangerous mission, to get rid the revived clan of Vampires on the Edinburgh.

“that’s why, we will fetch you tomorrow after we finish our mission. For tonight, just stay on uncle Hendrickson’s home, okay?”, Meliodas ruffled Gwen’s head “don’t worry, uncle Dreyfus and uncle Zaratras will bring Griamore and Gilthunder to stay with you on uncle Hendrickson’s home for tonight so you can play with them until we fetch you”.

Listening to what Meliodas said just now, that Gwen would spend tonight with Griamore and Gilthunder on Hendrickson’s home, Veronica wrapped her arms around Gwen’s neck from behind “nope?! You stay with us?!”.

Elizabeth joined Veronica to hug Gwen although she hugged Gwen on her front “yeah?! Stay with us, stay with us?! play with us and sleep with us tonight?!”.

“we can read book, play the doll and listen to the story-telling before we go to bed together”, Margaret offered with light chuckle before looking up to the stunned adults “if it’s alright, Lady Merlin?”.

Merlin bowed her head and smiled “it really helps me, princess Margaret”.

Like they planned, so this night Gwen stayed with the princesses instead of with Three Misfits. Right after the midnight, they slept on the King-sized bed of Margaret’s room. When the nursemaid went to outside, thinking the girls had slept, Elizabeth grinned and woke them all under the whisper “hey, it’s safe already!? Let’s play?!”.

“after the midnight like this?”, Gwen peeked through one eye but still got up “what if we were busted?”.

Margaret yawned “you two, just sleep already”.

“by the way, I’m curious”, Veronica shifted, looking up to Gwen who sat beside her “why did you call that Meliodas as ‘daddy’? I mean, yeah, I know he’s older than us and an adult, but he can’t possibly be your father, right? Not to mention, he looks more like your older brother rather than your father”.

“because of what I know from mommy, he looks like my father, my biological father I mean, so I called him ‘daddy’. He doesn’t mind, mommy doesn’t mind either, so be it”, Gwen quickly plopped to the bed “let’s just sleep. I’m sleepy”.

Not too long after that, they could hear Gwen sleeping soundly and Veronica mumbled “that’s fast”.

It went without saying that Seven Deadly Sins was able to get rid the Vampires. When they celebrated with having little feast and drink that night, Gwen found Meliodas leaning over on the fence and she approached him.

“hey Zeldris, I bet you’re cursing me in your seal, aren’t you? your failure of an older brother”.

Gwen tugged his pants “you have a little brother?”.

Looking down to Gwen, Meliodas smiled “yes, two of them”.

“why did you look so sad just now, daddy?”, Gwen blinked her eyes before lowering her gaze “...forget that I was asking. Needn’t to tell me if you don’t want it, dad”.

Meliodas quirked his eyebrow “you saw through me again, huh?”.

Covering her face, Gwen crouched beside his leg “...I’m so sorry”.

“no problem at all. I’m not mad”, Meliodas chuckled before carrying her “as long as you understand and you don’t blabber it to other people”.

Gwen was playing with her ball when she heard her family’s exclaim “a vacation to the mountains and sea?!”.

Looking down to Gwen who approached them with sparkling eyes, Ban pointed her “guys, seems like we have another one who really thrilled for our vacation”.

“mommy, we’re going to have a vacation to the mountains and sea? The place where various animals live and the water with salt on it?”, Gwen tugged Merlin’s skirt and once she gained her nod, her eyes sparkled more “I want to test out some spells that I’ve learned!?”.

Merlin raised her eyebrow “oh? what spells this time?”.

“transformation spells!? I want to test out spells to change or add the part of my body, like change my legs into fish tail to swim, or to change my lungs into fish’s lungs so I can breathe under the water, or to add a pair of wings on my back so I can fly?!”.

“oh, I’d like to see it. Show it to me later”, Merlin turned to Meliodas “I still have the misgivings, but... well, I have some spells that I’d like to test out, not to mention I also want to see how much the progress Gwen has gotten this far”.

Of course, Escanor joined too. King decided to join after Diane lifted her hand and said she would wear swimsuit. Because Meliodas suggested this vacation, of course Ban would join. Gowther just followed them.

Just like they planned, they went to the ocean on the first day.

Patting Gowther’s armor, Gwen asked “uncle Gowther doesn’t join us to swim?”.

“the salt will rust my armor, I hate this”, leaning his back on the rock, Gowther pushed Gwen gently to just join her mother “I prefer to read book”.

Gwen dumbfounded, thinking why Gowther didn’t just take off his armor and join them to have fun. Using tranformation spells, she turned her legs into fish tail before jumping to the sea. Meliodas kept her close with him as long as he taught her to swim, making sure she wouldn’t be drowning. When they rode on the head of Wave Dragon (thanks to Merlin’s spells), Meliodas looked around while carrying Gwen on his arm.

Gwen gasped, pointing behind and waving her tail up and down “daddy?! Look at that!? there’s a giant squid that far larger than big sister Diane?! From what I read on the book, it’s Kraken!?”.

After Meliodas explained about Kraken, Ban drool thinking to eat the Kraken as snack for their drink this night. Escanor created the opening, Ban got rid the offal, Merlin casted ‘Fire Storm’ spell to grill it before King cut it into pieces using his spirit spear. Using her spell, Gwen turned a tree that they could use as skewer for the delicious grilled Kraken. Though, when they entered the forest of the mountains next day, they were shocked to see a gray-hooded man who using his bow, arrows and dagger to get rid of some poisonous bugs.

“Gwen, watch out?!”, Meliodas cried out when Gwen barely got hit by the poisonous beetle who flying to her direction but the man in the hood caught her and pierced his dagger to the poisonous beetle. After he put Gwen down on the ground, Meliodas and Merlin approached her to check on her. Looking up to the hooded man as he handed Gwen on his arms to Merlin and thanking him, Meliodas recognized him “you are...”.

The gray-hooded man pulled his hood off before looking up in wonder “...Merlin?”.

Just like Meliodas, Merlin’s eyes widened “Tristan”.

Gwen blinked her eyes, she never saw her mother reacted this way “huh? who is he, mommy? Do you know him?”.

Tristan, silver-haired blue-eyed man, smiled gently to Merlin “what a surprise, I don’t know you have a kid already. Congratulation, I guess. Who is the father?”.

Meliodas lifted his hand with smug grin “yo, Tristan. Long time no see you”.

Gwen turned to Meliodas “daddy know him too?”.

Tristan rolled his eyes “wait, whose daughter is she, actually? Your daughter or Sir Meliodas?”.

“mommy adopted me?!”, Gwen exclaimed, pointing to smiled Meliodas “daddy is my father figure”.

Tristan punched his fist on his palm after looking to the way Meliodas look at Gwen “oh, I get it”.

Merlin asked what did he do here “speaking of which, I never heard the news about you ever since you eloped with Isolde after she gave birth Irina?”.

Tristan explained that he was only doing his job to catch one of poisonous beetles here so he could use its poison “my old man told you, huh?”.

“he was the one who come to me and asking me to find you”, Merlin sighed “you shouldn’t make him worry. At least, you could have sent him news about yourself, right?”.

Tristan shrugged “it can’t be helped. I didn’t know if he would forgive me or not”.

“how could you know if you never even try to meet and speak with him?”, Merlin raised her eyebrow incredulously “...I know I’m not in the position to scold you, but even so, I still think you should at least let your father know about your well-being and try to speak him. You will not know the result, unless you try it”.

Tristan scribble something on the paper before giving it to Merlin “I work there. Just tell my old man, I’m alright”.

Meliodas peeked on the paper “but this address is the black market on the Capital of Camelot Kingdom? What kind of occupation you’ve taken this time?”.

“my background makes it hard to find proper job, unless I work on that kind of place”, looking behind over his shoulder, Tristan smirked “you two know me very well that I prefer to work behind the shadow, right?”.

Meliodas waved his hand “just don’t get yourself dive into danger too far, got it? your little brother will be upset if something happens to you”.

After Tristan did quick introduction with the rest Seven Deadly Sins, he went just like the wind. Only after Tristan had gone, Ban asked “...Merlin, what is the occupation of that shady-dangerous-looking-man, actually?”.

“Spy, Messenger, Assassin”, Merlin answered with slight smirk “or to put it simple, mercenary”.

As a souvenir for Gilthunder, Gwen wanted to share some of her bugs collection so she and Merlin went to find Zaratras. Watching and observing what happened, Gwen asked “...mommy, is this what people call as bribe or corruption?”.

“sort of, daughter. Don’t be like that when you’re grown up, okay?”.

“understood, mommy”.

Meliodas gulped and turned his head slowly, like a child was busted by their parent “...what do you two doing here?”.

“my good girl wanted to share some of her bugs collection as souvenir for Gilthunder, so we came here to ask Grand Master Zaratras to bring the souvenir for Gilthunder”.

“and you were busted, daddy”.

Meliodas tried to bribe her this time “how about we go shopping later, dear?”.

“okay?!”, Gwen smiled innocently “I only want some books?!”.

Merlin smirked “since you bribe my adopted daughter with it, how about to officially close our vacation, we all drink the finest alcohol there is to offer? On your tab of course, Captain”.

“it’s asking too much, Merlin?! What a terrifying mother and daughter, you two?!”.

Meanwhile, Gilthunder was blissfull when he got the souvenirs (poisonous beetle from Meliodas and the giant butterfly from Gwen) that Zaratras brought home for him.

On the tavern, Gwen approached Merlin and Meliodas who sat side by side “but you’ve given her plenty”.

Meliodas sipped his drink “huh? Like what?”.

Merlin smiled lopsided, somehow her eyes turned nostalgic “something you and Tristan couldn’t give me”.

Meliodas stared to her with slightly flushed cheek “...Merlin, are you drunk?”.

“hmph, I’d have to drink this tavern dry”, Merlin waved her hand and asked for more ale “forget what I mention just now. After all, I’ve got it from Gwen”.

“what is it?”, Gwen popped her head on the edge of the table in between them “what is that you’ve got from me but daddy and Tristan couldn’t give to you, mom?”.

“you will understand it when you’ve grown up into an adult”, Merlin patted her head, clearly diverting the conversation “now, do you want eat something?”.

“oh, my?! what a cute girl, Lady Merlin!? This is your daughter, right?”, the wife of this tavern’s Master wooed “would you like something to eat and drink, dear? No ale, of course. Which one would you want, orange juice or milk? Come with me to the kitchen, I have some apple pie for you”.

Gwen lifted her hand in excitement “I want to eat Lasagna and meat-steamed-buns?! For a drink, I want hot milk?!”.

Meliodas chuckled and carried Gwen, following the middle-aged woman to the kitchen. From the corner of his eyes, Meliodas caught a glimpse of Escanor sat beside Merlin, the two started to drink and chatted. Talking about what, Meliodas had no clue.

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“mommy, why do I get the title ‘The White Enchantress’? I mean, mommy is known as Sorceress, but King Uther called me as ‘The White Enchantress’ after we healed him”, Gwen lowered her book on the table, looking up to her mother “is there any differences of the titles between those who use magics?”.

“of course, it is. Let me explain it to you. Sit”, Merlin settled her on her lap before opening book ‘Magic and Sorcery’ on the table and explaining the different and the reason of why someone who use magic or the magicians were distinguished as Wizard (Witch for a female), Mage, Sorcerer (Sorceress for a female), Warlocks (a man who anomalously showed the same abilities as a witch) and Enchanter (Enchantress for a female) “for example, I’m a black magic user and known as Sorceress because of having an innate gift with magic, as well as having mystical or magical ancestry. For you, Gwen, you are referred as the Enchantress because you often practice a type of magic that produces no physical effects on objects or people but rather deceives or manipulate the observers or targets through the use of illusions and hallucinations. Some references even wrote that they can cast the good or bad fate to someone, when they’re powerful enough”.

“...but it’s written that Enchantresses in particular practice this form of magic, often to seduce”, Gwen narrowed her eyes incredulously before turning to Merlin in disbelief, whined “mom~ instead of train me with sorcery to be more like you as Sorceress, why do you teach me to be the Enchantress instead?”.

For a split second when Merlin merely smiled down to her and not answered her yet, Gwen could hear Merlin’s mind “because as someone who will stand side by side with the King as the Queen, you will need it in the future. That’s why, you need to be strong, as someone fated to be the Queen”.

Gwen dumbfounded to hear it but before she even could process it, Merlin tapped her nose with teasing smile “hey, I never wish you to be my replacement. I wish you can surpass me”.

Gwen lifted her arms and beamed up “I will do my best, mom?!”.

Merlin chuckled and ruffled her hair “I’m thrilled to see it”.

Back to their lesson, Gwen noticed something “nee, mom... other than messenger, mercenary, spy and assassin, Mr. Tristan also a Warlock, right? Written on the book that Warlock are distinguished from wizards as creating forbidden "pacts" with powerful creatures to harness their innate magical gifts. Because he has abilities like a witch and he has—”, Gwen blinked her eyes innocently and stopped her speech when Merlin put her finger on her lips as she turning her head and looking up to her “”.

“Gwen”, Merlin lowered her finger with grim expression “whatever ‘powerful creatures’ you have seen within Tristan, it’s a secret. Do you understand?”.

Gwen covered her mouth and gasped “I’m so sorry, mom!? I don’t mean to—”.

“no, my little one. I’m not mad to you, really, but...”, Merlin shook her head “just... don’t say anything about it in front of everyone, especially Tristan, okay?”.

Gwen nodded feverishly “because it’s secret”.

Merlin tilted her head to the side “but why did you bring up Tristan on our conversation, anyway?”.

Instead of giving answer, Gwen asked again “why did people get married in the first place if in the end they would divorce, mommy?”.

Merlin rolled her eyes “and why do you ask about it?”.

“because... you had married with Mr. Tristan once, right? But then you divorced with him...”, Gwen trailed off, had reluctantly revealed and she realized she shouldn’t ask about it when she saw Merlin’s frozen expression.

She thought she had made fatal mistake when the corner of her eyes caught the huge man in front of the door (seemed like he came here to do his daily examination with Merlin). Even if she was still a child, ever since she had earned this power, she learned to ‘read’ people better and thanks to that, she knew several kind of emotions just with one look. Like this time, Gwen could see ‘jealousy’ in between (insteresting, she thought) ‘pride’ and ‘humility’ twirled within Escanor’s inner turmoils. She did what kids usually did when they did something wrong that ended up messing with adults; ran away. Call her coward, she didn’t mind, but she was truly afraid of Escanor’s and Merlin’s state of minds right now.

Snatching her dolphin doll on the table, she jumped from Merlin’s lap and plopped down to the ground before running outside with a single pray for her mother that Merlin could talk properly with Escanor (considering the time of the day), exclaimed “ah?! I forgot?! I promised to play with Ellie?! Good bye, mommy?! Good bye, uncle Escanor?!”.

Escanor only stared to the running girl who turned to the corner and disappeared before looking back to Merlin with wide eyes. After several minutes that felt like eternity, Merlin stood up and welcomed Escanor with sweet smile “oh, I don’t realize that you’ve come. Come in”.

When she turned to the corner, Gwen bumped into Meliodas who caught her before she fell to the floor on her butt “whoops!? Watch out. Why so hurry, li’l Gwen?”.

Looking up to Meliodas and Gowther in front of her, Gwen crouched her body and covered her face in shame “I messed up again, dad?! If there’s a hole, just bury me somewhere!?”.

Gowther used his ‘Invasion’ magic to see Gwen’s mind before explaining to Meliodas about what had happened just now.

Carrying Gwen on his arms, Meliodas ruffled her hair “nah, you acted like an adult again. Don’t worry, they will be okay. Shall we check them out now?”.

Hesitantly, Gwen nodded her head before the three of them peeked to Merlin’s lab and they saw Merlin and Escanor speaking with high tension.

Merlin realized the deep scowl on her comrade’s face “what’s wrong, Escanor?”.

“I figured out”.

“figured out what?”.

“...that night I asked you, whether Tristan was your ex-lover or somebody else for you and you answered that he’s just your childhood friend, like your little brother. I know it’s your privacy and it’s only your right to keep it as a secret or to reveal it, but still...”, Escanor crossed his arms before his chest and sighed heavily “ah, forget it, it’s just my stupid pride being hurt. I feel like you don’t believe me at all”.

“...what I told you about Tristan is the truth”, Merlin smiled sadly before pulling out a picture, offering it to Escanor “it’s Tristan with Isolde and Irina, his late wife and his late daughter”.

Escanor’s eyes widened when he saw that Isolde, Tristan’s wife had so many resemblances with Merlin especially their face and body structure. The only differences you could tell between them was only the colors of their hairs and eyes. Merlin had dark hair and golden eyes while Isolde had long wavy brunette hair and golden eyes that identical with Merlin’s. The daughter, Irina was like the copy of her mother and Merlin, but with her short straight blonde hair that reached her shoulder and piercing golden eyes, Irina looked like mini-Merlin. One last thing Escanor realized, instead of having silver hair, Tristan had blonde hair here.

Looking up to Merlin, Escanor trailed off in bafflement “Merlin, this is...”.

“yeah, like you see... Isolde, she was my little sister... Though, she was just my half-sister, through our mother. Isolde passed away not too long after she gave birth Irina and as if she couldn’t survive without her mother, Irina passed away too, only several days after her mother’s. Oh, about Irina’s blonde hair, she’s got it from Tristan”.

Escanor could see it on the picture but he raised his eyebrow “but Tristan has silver hair when we met him?”.

Merlin narrowed her eyes “Tristan, he was born with blonde hair like his father and blue eyes like his mother, but then he... he’s been going through A LOT...”.

Escanor nodded in understanding “due to stress”.

“yes. Also, ‘Irina’ is the name that Tristan prepared for his daughter and ‘Gwen’ is the name that Isolde prepared for her daughter but in the end, Isolde gave in and told him to use ‘Irina’ for their daughter instead. Maybe... just if Irina could survive, she would be a good friend with Gwen...”, Merlin rubbed her temple and said forlornly “what happened between us after that... I and Tristan, we were in need of companions and it happened, just like that, we were together for a while”.

No matter how long ‘for a while’ here, it was in the past, but still, Escanor couldn’t help it because he couldn’t bear of thinking that someone might hurt Merlin “the reason behind your divorce with him... did he treat you poorly?”.

“oh no, of course not!? Tristan is a good man, just like his father. He’s a very kind person, genuine and through. treated me great. However, part of me could no longer bear the guilt, for taking what my little sister’s mine and I thought what we felt to each others, between me and Tristan... it’s not Love”, Merlin clarified and crossed her arms before her chest, offering thin smile "then again, I’m the Boar Sin of Gluttony. I only know how to take, not to give selflessly without discretion”.

“who decided it?”, Escanor knitted his eyebrow “it’s not your decision to be made”.

“not change the fact I can’t give what he wanted and deserved to have.... I can’t give him children due to my own circumstances”, Merlin sighed and narrowed her eyes “one similarity between Tristan and me, we have the darkness crept within our heart and we don’t even hope or try to defend and lean on our partner. I realized it’s unhealthy relationship for us, so rather than wasting his time with me, it’d be better if he could find another woman who deserve him more than me”.

Escanor took a step forward, hovering over Merlin “even if he doesn’t belong to you?”.

Merlin merely nodded with sincere smile “even if he doesn’t belong to me, as long as he can be happy, I’m fine with it and I can live with it. After what have been happened to him, I hope nothing of him but his happiness. Tied in relationship or not, he is still my family”.

Escanor shook his head in disbelief “for someone dependable and genius, you’re surprisingly stupid”.

Merlin didn’t know she should it as insult or innuendo “...excuse me? why would you say something ridiculous like that?”.

“because when I said it’s not your decisiou to be made—”, Escanor touched her chin and lifted her head up “—I really mean it, that you deserve to be happy as well”.

Looking up to the huge man hovering above her, Merlin’s eyes widened “...Escanor?”.

Meliodas covered Gwen’s eyes before he made the mad dash.

Once Meliodas put her down, Gwen looked around in confusion because Meliodas had taken her to the garden where she usually played with the princesses “daddy? Why did we run away and why did you cover my eyes just now?”.

“to save your innocence, dear”, Meliodas ruffled her hair before turning her body, lightly pushing her to where Elizabeth, Margaret and Veronica had waited for her “now, you know Escanor and Merlin will be alright, just play with Elizabeth and the princesses, just forget whatever you saw and heard, okay?”.

“...okay?”, tilting her head in confusion, Gwen blinked innocently before turning to her friends.

Meliodas stood and shook his head “man, I guess I have to talk with those two later”.

“nee, Gwen, would you be Lady Merlin’s successor?”, Veronica tilted her head “I mean, yeah, we know it already that you’re her daughter, you’re gonna be her successor but does it mean you would join Seven Deadly Sins to replace your mother’s place as the next Boar Sin of Gluttony or would you join the Deadly Sins as their new member with your own title?”.

“I don’t know”, Gwen lowered her book “now you talk about it, maybe I prefer the latter. Speaking of which, what do you think the title of Sins that befitting for me?”.

Veronica shrugged “I don’t know, why don’t you just ask your mom or your daddy or other members of Seven Deadly Sins?”.

“speaking of which...”, Margaret touched her chin “are you sure, your right eye is okay now?”.

Ever since she earned this ‘power’, her so-called ‘gift’ that she considered as ‘curse’ at first, Gwen had let her bang grow longer to cover her blue-colored right-eye using her bang so people only could see her emerald-green-colored left eye. Gwen did it deliberately because for several months after she earned her power, she felt too overwhelmed by people’s heart and feelings. It sometimes made her sick and at the times like those, usually Merlin or Meliodas would carry her who crying on their shoulder. It soothed her to her deepest heart, really.

“hm...”, staring to Elizabeth who also covered her right eye using her bang, Veronica pulled Gwen to stand side by side with Elizabeth before nodding her head in approval “I just realized... you two looked like twin this way?!”.

“eh, but it’s no way”, Gwen waved it off, lifting her forefinger up “remember that I and Ellie were born on the different time? not to mention Ellie is also older several months than me and we have different traits”.

Wrapping her arms around Gwen’s neck and pulling her into tight embrace from behind, Elizabeth laughed brightly “but you are our little sister too, Gwen?! I hope we always can be together like this?!”.

Gwen laughed brightly and the princesses laughed along with her. Without they knew, their peaceful days would be ended soon.

Everything happened too fast that day. It was started by two princesses (Veronica and Elizabeth) were playing the hide and seek with Gwen. Like usual, because Seven Deadly Sins were on mission, Gwen was entrusted to stay with the princesses. Veronica hid on the garden above the tree with Griamore and Howzer wasn’t there because he was in the town to witness the festival. Gilthunder helped Margaret to find Gwen and Elizabeth. Considering to what they heard from Veronica and Griamore, Elizabeth and Gwen planned to hide at an old castle on the outskirts of town.

“although today is the national foundation festival, those two really are... ah, found you?!”, Margaret pulled Gwen who hide under the table out of her hiding place “why should you two hide on this place? It’s dangerous to play here without adult’s supervision”.

Gwen smiled sheepishly after apologizing “but, big sis Margaret~ when I and Ellie wanted to search for hiding place, after Veronica and Griamore told us to not hide on the same place with them, Ellie was the one who suggest to hide in this place”.

Margaret shook her head “and? where is Elizabeth?”.

“ah, about it... we got separated on the halfway”, Gwen explained that on the garden as they searched the place to hide, they saw Dreyfus, Hendrickson and Zaratras discussing about an important meeting with Seven Deadly Sins on the old castle. Elizabeth wanted to see Meliodas and Gwen wanted to greet her family especially her mom and Meliodas, so they came here but in the hallway, they got separated because Gwen pursued the familiar shadow that she believed as Tristan although she didn’t find him in the end “so I also have no idea as to where Ellie was hiding right now. Sorry”.

“let’s find Ellie, then”, Margaret sighed before holding her hand, telling her to not get lost “Gilthunder is waiting outside, looking for you two as well”.

“big sis Margaret and big bro Gil surely close, huh? Are you two gonna married someday?”, Gwen giggled when Margaret was flustered, then she beamed up to Margaret who not let her hand go even for a split second and leading her way “I believe this is how it feels like, to have an older sister”.

“you’re surprisingly blunt, huh? Are you really 5 years old?”, Margaret sighed with slight flush on her cheek before she heard something from supposed-to-be empty room “ah, maybe it’s Lord Zaratras, Lord Dreyfus and Lord Hendrickson?”.

“it means mommy and the others are there too, right?”, Gwen lit up and said under the whisper before they slowly, silently peeked through the gap of the door.

It was a mistake.

They witnessed something they shouldn’t have to.

Margaret gasped and covered her mouth, same with Gwen as they witnessed Zaratras was skewered by Dreyfus and Hendrickson. Margaret did what she thought as the most rightful thing. She ran from that place, holding Gwen’s hand and dragging her as far as they could from that place. Suddenly, it felt hard to breath for Gwen, her head pounded crazily like her heartbeat. Her knees buckled beneath her and her grip from Margaret’s hand .

Last thing she saw was Margaret, horrified, reached out her hand to her and the last thing she heard was Margaret’s voice calling her name before everything turned black “GWEN?!”.

When Gwen opened her eyes, she saw Merlin and Tristan hovering above her and looking down to her with worried expression “”.

Merlin smiled and sighed in relief “yes, it’s me. Thanks god, you’re finally awake”.

“MOM?!”, Gwen wrapped her arms around Merlin’s shoulders and cried in relief before realizing that they were no longer in their home “where are we?”.

“on our home, at Istar”, Zaneri came to her side, touching her temple “seems like your fever has broken, finally”.

Jenna pushed Gwen to sleep, pointing to Merlin and Tristan “we surprised that these two came here with you who rather beaten black and blue. What happened?”.

Gwen tried to remember but she didn’t remember what happened. What she knew at least, she was with someone and they just witnessed something terrible. They needed to get out to somewhere safe and told everyone about what they saw, but who was there with her and what they just witnessed, no matter how she tried to remember it, Gwen couldn’t remember it to the point it annoyed her.

“maybe it’s because she knocked her head too hard?”, Tristan offered and only then Gwen realized that bandages wrapped around her head and forearms “I found you were barely buried under the debris, got knocked by fallen rock of the rubble from collapsed building. Just barely”.

Merlin caressed Gwen’s head, telling her to rest “you have my greatest thanks, Tristan”.

“anytime, sis”, Tristan shrugged “now, what will you two do?”.

“...I guess we have no other choice”, Merlin touched her chin thoughtfully, she needed to go to Camelot Kingdom “say, Tristan, can you help me? I need you to be my guide. Jenna, Zaneri, I need to go for a while to Camelot Kingdom. Can you two take care of my daughter until I find the proper place and make sure that place is safe enough for us?”.

Tristan scratched his head “I can be your guide, but if you can’t find place to stay, you and your daughter can just come with me—”.

“no, it’s something I myself should take care of”, Merlin only thought of how to keep her daughter safe all this time “looks like it’s about time, I know this will happen eventually but I don’t expect it to happen this fast. It’s time for her to fulfill her fate”.

Jenna exchanged glances with her sister before turning back to Merlin “no problem for us, but for how long?”.

“...I’m not sure, but I will come back to pick her as soon as possible”.

Gwen had a bad feeling about this and asked Merlin once she realized that Merlin would go for a while again, without they knew for how long and when would Merlin come back to her “I want to come with you?!”.

Merlin shook her head “no, you can’t. You have to stay here for a while with the druids because it’s safer for you”.

With that, Merlin went with Tristan to Camelot Kingdom. Two months passed and Merlin came back to pick her like her promise to her, but when Merlin told Gwen to not call her ‘mother’ again, Gwen cried “why? Because I’m not your real daughter? Because we’re not related by blood?”.

“Gwen, listen to me. Your real family is still alive. Your family, related by blood. We need to gather them back so we can be one unity family. Don’t worry, I will not leave your side but in our new place, you can’t call me ‘mother’ as I’m not your birth mother. Now, don’t cry. A woman shouldn’t shed her tears easily”.

Rubbing her eyes, Gwen sobbed but tried to stop her tears “then... should I call you ‘Godmother’ from now on? Related by blood or not, I don’t care about it at all... for me, you are my one and only mother...”.

“...forgive me, Gwen, but it’s needed if you still want to live together with me on our new place”, Merlin closed her eyes and leaned her forehead into hers before wiping her tears and cupping her cheeks “from now on, you should live with your real identity. From now on, your name is Guinevere Cameliard, the lost princess of Cameliard Kingdom. We will live on the Castle of Camelot Kingdom, with me as Great Sorceress and Advisor of Camelot Kingdom and you, as the lost princess from Cameliard Kingdom that welcomed by King Uther Pendragon”.

At the age of 6 years old, Gwen changed her name back to Guinevere Cameliard and entered the Castle as a potential fiancée for the successor of King Uther Pendragon.

Chapter Text

When she felt Gwen dropped to her knees and her grip on her hand was released, Margaret turned her head and her eyes widened, horrified as she felt the castle shook and heard the explosion. Margaret saw behind right in time to see how the floor beneath Gwen gave away and rocks had fallen from the ceilings.

“GWEN?!”, Margaret screamed in anguish, only able to reached her hand out as she saw Gwen sinking into the abyss. Next second, she felt a strong hand wrapping itself around her waist and carried her on his shoulder “who— Gilthunder?!”.

“it’s too dangerous to stay here, Margaret?!”, using his magic power, Gilthunder leapt to outside and if Margaret said (screamed actually) something, he didn’t hear it because he was too focused to bring her to safety. They arrived safely on the garden, far from the old Castle on the outskirt. Putting Margaret down on the ground, Gilthunder grabbed her biceps and checked on her “are you hurt somewhere? Margaret, why are you crying?”.

“Gil!? Here you are?!”, his cousin, Griamore came while carrying unconscious Elizabeth on his back “what happened? Where were you?”.

Veronica in tow explained “we found Ellie, unconscious and unscathed, popped out of nowhere on the riverbank so sudden... but no matter how we tried to wake her up, she didn’t wake up at all. Where’s Gwen? Maybe if it’s because of some magic, she can help us with this, or ask her to help us check on Ellie...”, panting, Veronica felt it was odd and realized how pale Margaret’s face “big sister Margaret? what happened?”.

At that, Margaret covered her face and cried harder before explaining everything that she and Gilthunder had come to the old Castle, and yes, she found Gwen there but before Gilthunder brought her to safety here, she had witnessed how Gwen sinking into abyss “at this rate... she must have been buried under the debris... it’s my fault... I shouldn’t have to let her hand go...”.

While Griamore and Veronica had started crying, Gilthunder grabbed her shoulder and shook his head “no?! Believe me, Gwen will be alright?! I’ll ask my father to—”.

“your father’s dead already, Gilthunder”, Hendrickson came with Dreyfus in tow, their faces clouded and gloomy “we found his body, but the news about li’l Gwen... we will send the Holy Knights and we will definitely find her”.

“what?”, all blood drained from Gilthunder’s face before he tugged Dreyfus’s sleeve, demanding “no... NO!? Tell me it’s a lie!? Uncle Dreyfus, it’s a lie, right?!”.

Dreyfus pulled Gilthunder into his embrace and let the little boy burying his face on his shoulder “we’re so sorry, Gilthunder”.

Hendrickson shook his head “...we suspect this is Seven Deadly Sins’ doing, but to think the little girl like Gwen should die on this tragedy...”.

Margaret glared to Dreyfus and Hendrickson, though those adult unaware of it “no, it’s your fault?! This is your doing?!”.

In the end, they never found Gwen’s body under the debris. Members of Seven Deadly Sins disappeared, all of them, and they were suspected as the killer of Grand Master Zaratras. It semed like Elizabeth had knocked her head rather hard because for a while, she didn’t remember who was Gwen but when she remembered, she cried for her lost of her precious friend that she considered like her little sister. Both Margaret and Veronica understood exactly how did she feel. Veronica started to train to be stronger, so she wouldn’t lose precious people for her anymore. Griamore helped her, because deep down his heart, he realized that Veronica, just like him, also blamed herself for their lost, like just if they didn’t loosen their watch on Gwen and Elizabeth, they wouldn’t lose her. For Margaret and Gilthunder, only when she was sure that it was only her with Gilthunder, she told Gilthunder about his father’s death after he was the one who had tried to cheer her up (because Gilthunder thought Margaret was feeling down due to her lost of Gwen). When Vivian appeared near them, with Merlin and Gwen were no longer nearby, Vivian was the only one left, as the only Sorceress on Liones Kingdom that was left. It was just like the beginning of their nightmare, for Margaret and Gilthunder.

On their way to their important meeting with Zaratras, they found they were framed instead. After they dispersed, Meliodas decided to go together with Merlin to fetch Gwen. However, in the hallway, he met Tristan instead “Tristan?”.

“Sir Meliodas?”, given their disadvantageous position and their enemy surrounding this place, Tristan lowered his dagger “let me clarify you, this is not my doing. All this mess, I mean. I came here after I saw princess Elizabeth and Gwen going in here”.

“yeah, I believe you— wait, what?! They’re here?!”, Meliodas snapped his head in disbelief before turning to the child’s voice who calling him. He reached out his hand as Elizabeth ran approaching him “Elizabeth?! What are you doing here?!”.

After Elizabeth gave quick explanation about what were she and Gwen doing here before they separated and Elizabeth realized that the old castle shook due to explosion, Meliodas, he tried to give explanation that he could muster with hope to give her understanding (and with mental note in his head to bring her to safety as soon as possible before he could try to find Gwen here). Elizabeth refused when Meliodas told her to run back to the Castle and did nothing, knowing they wouldn’t meet again for a while after this and instead, she persisted to help Meliodas and Seven Deadly Sins so they wouldn’t leave. First of all, they should get out of this place after looking for Gwen. Unfortunately, in the halfway, there was an explosion again and the old castle’s wall shook once again. The flying rocks from the crumbled wall hit Elizabeth on the head and Meliodas cradled her bloodied head on his hand.

Not again. Not again. Not again.

Tristan sucked in as he realized Meliodas started to get consumed by his darkness from the emanating miasma from his body, unconsciously calling out loud “Dad?! Snap out of it?!”.

Merlin appeared out of nowhere using her teleport, hovering above Meliodas “Captain, I’m sorry”.

After Merlin knocked Meliodas out cold, Tristan carried Elizabeth on his hand. As expected, Elizabeth’s wounds started to heal and he sighed in relief “gosh, that’s really bad for my heart, seriously”.

Merlin smirked as she snapped her finger, sending Elizabeth back to the garden on the Castle of Liones using her teleport “I bet you must have panicked from how you accidentally called him that way, Tristan. It’s been a very long time ever since the last time you called him ‘daddy’, after all”.

“like you weren’t, Merlin?”, Tristan rolled his eyes and hefted Meliodas over his shoulder with slightly flushed cheeks, shaking his head in distress “I thought for sure that, just barely, it would be the same with what happened on Danafor!?”.

“...daddy, help...”.

Tristan snapped his head “Merlin, you heard it?”.

“heard what?”, Merlin raised her eyebrow before she felt it, not hear “Tristan, can you feel it?”.

Strange, they thought. Meliodas was unconscious, then why did they still feel strong Darkness magic power emanating all over the old Castle? This feeling, undoubtedly, unmistakably, belonged to Demon.

When they peeked to outside, they found the Holy Knights that surrounding the castle had died with bloods came out of their mouth, eyes, nostrils or ears. As Merlin turned her head to him, Tristan lifted his hands in surrender “let me clarify it: it’s not my doing, at all. Are you grouping with my dad now?”.

“I know”, Merlin rolled her eyes to unconscious Meliodas which Tristan carried on his shoulder like a sack of potato “it would be more bloodied and gory if you did. Besides, rather than you or Captain, it’s more like... hers”.

Tristan raised his eyebrow “who?”.

That was when they heard a child’s voice singing “one soul lies anxious wide awake~”.

“...are you f*cking kidding on me?”, Tristan turned pale when he saw Gwen came into view, holding hand with mythical creature that they recognized as ‘Banshee’. Not that really scared him, but Tristan barely could believe it, as he saw the darkness magic power emanating from her body with twirls mark surrounding her face, just like his Dad when he’s on berserk mode “and she even came with Banshee?!”.

“Gwen?! What happened to you?!”, though Merlin never considered herself as motherly, but maternal panic was definitely setting in (if Tristan would tease her about how she had maternal a.k.a motherly instincts despite having child or not later, she wouldn’t damned care) as Merlin saw Gwen’s state. With bloods covered her head, some even came out of the corner of her mouth, she seemed half-conscious with those now-black-ink-colored blank eyes staring into nothing and obviously not able to hear her at all “tch, I should have known this might happen again”.

Tristan jaw-dropped and shouted in disbelief, seriously? “again?! So this is not the first time?!”.

“no argue for now. I will explain it later, but for now, I’ll take care of her”, Merlin lifted her hand “you, just take care of Banshee that she’s accidentally called. It seemed that Banshee was the one who killed the Holy Knights outside and Gwen was the one who called her, although she did it unintentionally”.

“you sure have a LOT of explanation for me, Merlin”, Tristan decided to not complain anything about Gwen and Banshee part, they had helped them to get rid their enemy, after all “let’s talk about it later while drinking. On your tab”.

Merlin twitched her eyebrow though she couldn’t say ‘no’ to that “yeah, whatever”.

“O, Rex tremendae majestatis. Qui salvandos salvas gratis. Salve me, Fons pietatis. Quantus tremor est futurus, Quando judex est venturus. Damnata, invisus ubique. Ab omnibus, ad infinitum”, after he put unconscious Meliodas on the floor with his back leaning on the wall, Tristan moved his hands as he recited the incantation “Mephisto Pheles?! Drag her back to the City of The Dead?!”.

Portal that connected to the City of The Dead was opened, black hole sucked in Banshee who screamed and reached out her hands before the black hole fully closed. Sighing in relief, Tristan turned his head to Merlin who cradled unconscious Gwen on her arms while whispering lullaby. Carrying Meliodas on his shoulder again, Tristan couldn’t help but smile fondly at such endearing scene but this and that was different problem.

“Merlin, who is she?”, Tristan put his hand on his waist, demanded “looks like you’ve been doing great to seal her darkness magic power and keep her sheltered till people are barely able to feel her darkness magic power, thinking she’s human... but I need to know. Depend on your answer, I’ll decide lated, to help you or not”.

Merlin turned her head to Tristan, with all seriousness “she is the ‘unborn child’, Tristan”.

The realization hit Tristan like thunder struck down the earth before, as expected Merlin thought, Tristan shouted in disbelief, again “you should have told me sooner?! I would have helped you to raise her, you know?! Does he know?”.

“obviously. With or without he knew it, he loves and adores her”, Merlin shrugged “also, it’s not like I and your dad never wanted to tell you. It’s just you weren’t nearby although we wanted to tell you and it’s not something we can talk about only through letters, right?”.

“right”, Tristan face-palmed and sighed in defeat before he shook his head, rubbing his temple as if he had gotten headache so sudden. He chuckled in the end “heh, no wonder he was really overprotective and spoiled her A LOT when I saw him with her ever since our first encounter”.

“we have a lot to take care of. Let’s go”, Merlin snapped her fingers before they arrived on the cave near Camelot Kingdom. She explained to Tristan that they needed to ‘steal’ some of Meliodas’s Demon power in order to prevent the calamity, because Meliodas’s power was too powerful and it would be too dangerous, without they nearby, to let Meliodas be. She asked Tristan’s help to pull out and seal some of Meliodas’s demon power, looking down to Gwen on her arms worriedly “I will seal it within Goddess Amber before we teleport to Istar. Once we get there, we have to treat her wounds and ask the Druid Elders to keep the Goddess Amber which seal his Demon power”.

“understood. I will help you and let’s make it quick”, Tristan nodded his head and reached out his hand, looking down to unconscious Meliodas “now, don’t think bad of us, old man”.

After they sealed Meliodas’s demon power within Goddess Amber (which ridiculously HUGE but it was understatement and understandable), Merlin snapped her fingers and they arrived on Istar and shocked Druid Elders.

In the end of Merlin’s explanation about their circumstances now, as Tristan boredly waited on the sideline after giving the first aid for Gwen’s wounds which sleeping Gwen was cradled on his arms, Jenna exclaimed in disbelief after she saw how shocked Zaneri looked like “just how many kids does that bastard have, actually?!”.

After they asked Zaneri and Jenna to take care of Gwen for a while, Merlin and Tristan went to Capital of Camelot Kingdom. That night, after letting Merlin to stay on his house for a while, Tristan invited her to the tavern like their plan, to make it clear about Gwen’s identity for Tristan.

“I can hardly believe it”, Tristan twitched his eyebrow as they waited for their drink “is she really my sister?”.

“yes, she is”.

Tristan Ravenwolf was Meliodas and Elizabeth’s firstborn son, he was the second child from Meliodas with Elizabeth no. 13, the Witch Elizabeth Ravenwolf. His mother had been powerful Witch and given how his father was a Demon Prince, you could guess that was the main reason of why (and no wonder) Tristan was such powerful Warlock.

Sipping his drink, Tristan tipped his head back “so what’s your plan now?”.

“I’m going to bring her into the Castle of Camelot so King Uther Pendragon can announce her presence as lost princess Guinevere Cameliard. With that, she will be taken care under King Uther’s protection”.

It made Tristan spit out his drink.

“are you kidding on me!?”, Tristan sputtered and cleared his throat, wiping his mouth “oh, of course you’re not”.

“Tristan, ever since I saw her, I felt her destiny. She is someone who destined to be the Queen”, Merlin tried to reason with the man who have big deal with aristocracy “I know you will not like my decision and I understand why you despise Royalty—”.

“then don’t be, Merlin. Do you realize what you’re gonna do? drag her to that place and let people know who she is, there’s no turning back for her”, Tristan slammed the glass on his hand on the table and grumbled “I don’t care about those shitty so-called destiny you’ve mentioned but don’t you dare to drag her into those filthy place with those nasty and pesky human who thought of nothing but throne and powers”.

“not all people are hungry for power, Tristan”.

“oh yes, they are nothing but hypocrite?! I thought you’re smart enough to not drag her into that place, Merlin”, Tristan glared to her and leaned closer, growling “do you think I will let you drag her into that kind of place? Think twice. Not a chance, not under my watch. She is—”.

“—is my daughter now, not your daughter”, Merlin hissed, looking straight with the same level of her her own glare “you have no right to claim her, not when I am her mother now and I am the one who have the child custody here”.

Tristan gritted his teeth and took three bottles of vodka, gobble it all down his throat.

“do what you want. I just hope nothing bad will happen to her, ever, that only will make you regret your decision to bring her into that place in the end, Merlin”, Tristan stood, his eyes looked murderous like a beast ready to eat its prey “however, remember this, Merlin. I don’t care even if it will only make you and Dad hate me, I swear I’m gonna make them pay bloods with bloods if they ever dare do something to my family. Not even you can stop me, Merlin. You know I can’t be held back anymore when it comes to my family’s protection and safety”.

Merlin only could stare to him sadly and smirked bitterly “...sometimes I wonder to whom you've more resemblances, your father or your mother?”.

“who know? obviously not my mother, because what I’ve earned from her... is only my blue eyes. You and Dad always told me that, right? After all, I wasn’t naturally born with this silver hair but blonde one like my Dad”, Tristan shrugged and threw his coat over his shoulder “but family protect each other. It’s the rule and we know the rule. You know where to find me and don’t doubt to come to me because I will lend my hand when you need my help. Royalty or not, she’s still and will always be my beloved sister”.

When Tristan left her after he paid for their drinks, Merlin turned her back to look at his retreating form “...I thought you said it ‘on my tab’?”.

Looking behind over his shoulder, Tristan smirked “ha! do you think I will seriously ask a woman to pay my drink?”.

Merlin sipped her drink and leaned her elbow on the table behind her back “I barely forgot it. Such a gentleman you are”.

The bartender who wiped glass on his hand and had watched over their quarrel, asked in pure curiosity “have a fight with your husband, Lady?”.

“hmph, we have divorced and argued over our child’s custody, that’s all”, Merlin scoffed before looking down solemnly to the surface of her drink “I just hope... the tragedy of Cornwall would never happen again. Knowing you, I don’t think you could ever forgive yourself for it. Even if it was not your fault at all, you considered it as your sin. You’re so much like your father, Tristan”.

When Merlin came back to Tristan’s house, she found he was sleeping on the couch, wordlessly leaving the bed for Merlin. Merlin quirked lopsided smirk, leaning down to kiss his forehead. Sitting on the headboard of the couch, Merlin whispered to no one with nostalgic smile “you’re so stupid... Do you realize how similar you are with your father? in the end, you don’t have the heart to hate and abandon your beloved one”.

After Merlin came into his room and went to sleep on his bed, Tristan opened his eyes and leaned his forearm on his eyes “now, it’s cunning of you, damned woman”.

From above the hill, they arrived on the Capital and looked down to the Castle of Camelot Kingdom.

Re-positioning Gwen on her arms, Merlin cradled her on her arms protectively “we’re here. Capital of Camelot Kingdom. Look”.

When Gwen looked down to the Castle with disheartened expression (she had been deadly silent on the way here), Gwen pursed her lips and puffed her cheeks “huh, not too different with Liones. Can’t we just go back to Liones Kingdom, godmother?”.

“no, we can’t, sorry”, Merlin shook her head apologetically to her who-know-how-many-times-she-had-asked-the-same-thing question that started ever since Gwen had to call her ‘godmother’ “at least, not for a long time”.

“you surely have a handful daughter”, Tristan said as he turned his back and waved his hand after they arrived in front of the gate of Camelot Kingdom’s Castle “well, good luck”.

Next second, Tristan stopped his step and looked behind where Gwen had tugged his cloak, halting him in the halfway “...what?”..

Gwen looked up to him with pleading eyes as if she was ready to cry right away once he left “’re not going with us? Don’t go... stay with us...”.

Tristan felt his heart was grated into pieves and his fatherly instinct screamed at him to stay with her (especially with how this cute tear-eyed little angel had pleaded to him to stay) and protect her but he just couldn’t, not if he had to stay in this kind of place, on the palace. What he could do now, only tried to give her the understanding.

Patting her head, Tristan smiled bitterly “...I’m so sorry, just make sure you can take care of yourself and your mother. I can’t stay here because I have to go... to do errands from your mother”.

Gwen blinked innocently to Merlin “errand?”.

“uh-huh, to find other members of Seven Deadly Sins, so we can gather again someday”, Merlin smiled fondly and nodded encouragingly “and to gather reliable ally, as much as we can. To fight against our enemy on the future, we need our own force”.

It didn’t go unheard by Gwen’s ear, so instead, despite her heart told her to not let him go, Gwen smiled and waved her hand “...take care of yourself, Mr. Tristan”.

Tristan closed his eyes and leaned down to give a peck on her forehead “...take care”.

Without looking back, Tristan left them “it’s alright. They will be alright. After all, I know Merlin is not the type of someone who ever desire for the throne, position and power. She will never use her as a mere tool. Merlin did this, not because of her own sake, but for our li’l Gwen’s sake”.

On their shared room (as Merlin and Gwen requested), Merlin put her down on the floor before pulling her into her embrace.

Gwen blinked her eyes as she felt her trembling body “...godmother?”.

“...if this only make you suffering, I’m so sorry, you have to go through this just because of my selfish decision”, Merlin sighed and smelled her floral scent “however, I hope you will understand someday that whatever I do, I do it for you”.

In her head, Gwen could remember it, tragic event of her life when she heard her musical voice chimed in as that supposed to be beautiful figure who descended down from the sky, looked so frightening as she hovered above her and standing tall before her who kneeling on the floor and crying near her adopted parent’s corpses “do you think just because you’re crying, everyone will feel pity on you? no matter how much you hope for someone’s help, in the end, the one who can save and help you only yourself, cursed child”.

“ssh, it’s alright...”, Merlin carried her and stroked her back soothingly as she felt Gwen crying silently with trembling body, fully aware of ghosts which had been haunting her “you’re gonna be alright. I’ll never let any Gods lay their hands on you or hurt you, be it Supreme Deity or Demon King”.

“don’t cry. Nothing will change even if you cry. It’s not time to be selfish”, Gwen scolded herself as she opened her eyes and tightened her grip on Merlin’s shoulders “I have to be strong. I will not lose. I don’t want to lose”.

Next day, in front of the throne room, Merlin walked behind her, tapping her back supportively “...are you ready?”.

“do I even have any choice, godmother?”, Gwen whispered and her shoulders sagged before sending her best reassuring smile, she looked far more mature than she was supposed to be “don’t worry about me, godmother. I can do this”.

The doors swung inward as the guards announced her presence “we announce the presence of princess Guinevere Cameliard”.

Walking forward, she lifted her head up and looked so regal as she entered the throne room to meet with King Uther Pendragon in front of the audiences, the councils and the aristocracies as Guinevere Cameliard, the lost princess of fallen Cameliard Kingdom. Ready or not, this was the first step to the beginning of her new life as her Kingdom’s representative and the only survivor of her fallen Kingdom.

Chapter Text

The doors swung inward as the guards announced her presence “we announce the presence of princess Guinevere Cameliard”.

Walking forward, she lifted her head up and looked so regal as she entered the throne room to meet with King Uther Pendragon in front of the audiences, the councils and the aristocracies as Guinevere Cameliard, the lost princess of fallen Cameliard Kingdom. Ready or not, this was the first step to the beginning of her new life as her Kingdom’s representative and the only survivor of her fallen Kingdom. Walking down the red carpet towards where the King of Camelot, King Uther Pendragon who sat on the throne, Guinevere could hear people whispering about her and Merlin. Ever since news about her being adopted by Merlin, the strongest Sorceress of all Britannia, had been spread among the Camelot Kingdom's society, people had been wondering if the rumors about her had been true and people on this room soon whispered and chatted that the rumors about her had been true (what rumors exactly?).

“my name is Guinevere Cameliard, princess of Cameliard Kingdom. I came here with the Sorceress Merlin, my adopted mother who raised me all along this time ever since my parent’s demise”, Guinevere stopped several meters in front of the King, lifted the sides of her skirt and closed her eyes before bowing her body to show respect and greeted the King “blessings and glory upon Your Majesty as the King of Camelot Kingdom”.

“oh, come closer, princess”, King Uther reached out his hand and once Guinevere was in arm-length, King Uther looked down with those sad eyes while cupping her cheek “you have our condolences for your lost of your parent and your Kingdom. I’m so sorry for what happened on Cameliard Kingdom. I do hope I could find you and get you sooner to my Kingdom”.

This was exactly not the first time for them to meet but Guinevere felt something stab her heart as she, somehow, remembered of how Leodegrance had touched her. The way King Uther touched her, it felt like a father’s touch. She barely teared up but she closed her eyes  “...It’s a honour for us to be welcomed on your Kingdom, even after the fall of Cameliard Kingdom”.

The bearded man beside King Uther (Advisor of this Kingdom, if she recalled) spoke to the audiences “as the rumors has it, the lost princess of Cameliard Kingdom has the most beautiful eyes with different colors like the rarest gems, long straight flowng blonde hair like golden thread and beauty of goddess. As you can see with your own eyes, audiences, this girl is undoubtedly the lost princess of Cameliard Kingdom, princess Guinevere Cameliard”.

Heck, Guinevere had to bite her laugh back as she blushed in embarrassment. What a such exaggerating rumors?! She could bet that behind her, Merlin had to hold her laughter back as well. Whatever rumors they had heard about her, she didn’t care. She just wanted to go through it and finish this troublesome, unnecessary formal ceremony as soon as possible.

King Uther pointed his chin to Merlin “and it thanks to Lady Merlin who has been doing excellent job on raise the princess as her adopted daughter. You have the greatest credits from our Kingdom for it, Lady Merlin”.

Merlin bowed her head “thank you, Your Majesty”.

“I believe you’ve been told that your Kingdom, Cameliard Kingdom is our closest ally and I don’t have a child as my heir”, King Uther announced to audience about his decision “thus, from now on, I will be looking into princess Guinevere’s well-being. There will be no need to worry because starting today, princess Guinevere Cameliard will be treated properly as princess. Whoever her potential partner, he will be the next King of Camelot Kingdom, with her as the next Queen”.


Copying Escanor, who decided it?!

Knowing he was going to marry off her with someone, whoever asked for her hand, Guinevere blurted out with hope the King would change his mind “but... you have a son”.

When the whispers from audiences started getting louder, King Uther lifted his hand and the Advisor warned them to be silence. Dropped one knee in front of her, King Uther cupped her cheek “interesting... so what I heard from your father once is true? Your father and your mother always said that you are the blessed child with power of the Goddess. The proof is your heterochromia eyes. Tell me, what do you see?”.

It wasn’t like Guinevere had no idea as to what she should see, she had known that her power was like two-sided coin. Her blue-colored right-eye could see the past while her green-colored left-eye could see the future but she never did this before (to see certain moment of someone’s future or past deliberately, usually she just saw what was going through into her mind) so she just blurted out what did she see of King Uther after she tried hard to concentrate “a woman... she gave birth a baby, a boy... she ran from the castle and disappeared with the baby in the middle of the storm...”.

Suddenly Guinevere felt terrible headache and her knees buckled beneath her. She felt like she started losing her consciousness as Merlin caught her from behind and cradled her on her arms while people around them only got noisier than before.

“Your Majesty, I apologize but I insist to not ask the princess to use her power too often. There will be the terrible side-effect for her health”, Merlin looked down worriedly to her “she has powerful magic strength but she is still a child, she just hasn’t able to control her power yet”.

“that’s why, we need you by her side”, King Uther sighed in understanding before apologizing, for push the little princess to use her power “I believe her on your care like you’ve been doing all this time, Lady Merlin”.

Before Merlin left with Guinevere on her arms, the Advisor asked King Uther about what Guinevere had witnessed. King Uther clarified that he indeed had a child with a concubine but she ran away from the castle with the baby and disappeared, no one had ever seen that woman and the baby after that, so King Uther thought it couldn’t be counted.

Merlin had an idea about how to find King Uther’s firstborn child (a boy, the one who could be his heir considering what Guinevere had seen) “there’s a sword is known as Excalibur, stuck in an enormous boulder which no Holy Knight could pull it out. Only those with the blood of Royalty in their veins and chosen by the Sword as the King who can pull the sword out”.

King Uther Pendragon stood and announced his Royal Decree that he considered as his final wish “thus I decide, whoever can pull the Excalibur sword out of the enormous boulder, will be the next King of Camelot Kingdom and marry with princess Guinevere Cameliard once they reach adulthood. I order to my people to consider this as my final wish, as the King of this nation”.

“I know trying to survive is a difficult task but I feel like I become hypocrite...”, Guinevere leaned her chin on the table before she dropped her forehead on the table “being princess is a suck”.

“now, now, this is just the beginning. Remember what your daddy said about you to just act like your age?”, Merlin touched her forehead. Good, at least she didn’t have fever “and watch your mouth. What I told you before to not copy your uncle Ban’s foul-mouthed?”.

Nuzzling her head on Merlin’s chest as she sat on Merlin’s lap, Guinevere sighed “...I wonder if daddy and everyone are okay, godmother?”.

“they will not die easily”, Merlin stated the matter of fact, fixing her hair into pigtail-style hair for today “speaking of which, I heard you just ran away from your suitor again?”.

“godmother, I’m just 7 years old!? Copying uncle Escanor, who decided it?! And if you mean Kei, yes, I do run away because I don’t like him, he’s so annoying and arrogant?! Thanks to sneak-out techniques that I’ve got from Ellie, I could run”, Guinevere snickered with mischievous glint on her eyes before sighing loudly “being Royalty is such a pain”.

“indeed”, ignoring Guinevere’s yelp as Tristan lifted her off of Merlin’s lap, he commented about how light she was “I don’t doubt that Merlin surely took a great care of you and for sure, you eat and sleep properly here, from how chubby your rosy cheeks, but I still think you’re really light”.

Guinevere beamed up at her expectant guest “Mr. Tristan!?”.

“nah, needn’t to call me Mr. because it makes me sounded old, and needn’t use honorifics. You can just call me ‘Tristan’, just like Merlin and your daddy do”, Tristan rolled his eyes, tucking his hand into his pocket “speaking of which, I drop by here to give you something as your 7th birthday gift. Here, Sacred Treasure like your Merlin’s Aldan. This is known as Galadriel Mirror. Usually people would use it as an oracle to show the future but depend on your ability and magic power, you can use it to communicate, observe something or even to fight, too”.

“really?”, Guinevere tried to test it as she holding the beautiful carved mirror on her hands and just like what she imagined, she could see Meliodas wandering on the place that looked like market “for real?!”.

Tristan smirked smugly (with note in his head to quickly meet Meliodas at the market that he recognized as the black market on the capital of Camelot Kingdom. Honestly, what did he do at that place?) as he patted her hair “see? Like I said, depend on your magic power”.

“thank you, Tristan!? I love it?!”, Guinevere floated on the air and giggled seeing Tristan’s dumb-struck expression as he saw her levitate. After telling Merlin and Tristan that she would ‘hide’ from her suitor on the library, she kissed Tristan’s cheek “love you too~”.

After Guinevere ran off to the library, Tristan rubbed his cheek, pointing out “so cute of her... I guess I get it now why could she steal your heart”.

“you sure spoiled my daughter so much, while I tried to not spoil her too much”, Merlin shrugged “don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I mind it, how you treated her. I just... intrigued and surprised, contemplating that I never saw this part of you before”.

“I guess I can’t help it, Merlin. When I saw her crying on his arms for the first time, I felt like I want to run to her side to wrap my arms around her to hide her and keep her safe after I saw how fragile and delicate she was, but then there’s a warmth in my heart... something that made me want to run to her side, to pull her into my tight embrace, something that had only become visible to me, that made me itch to wrap my arms around her, to rock her back and forth and whisper gentle words in her ears until she fell asleep in my arms”, looking down to his palm, Tristan referred to when he witnessed Meliodas carrying the crying Guinevere who just got her power, back then on Istar. Running his fingers on his bangs, Tristan smirked bitterly “she truly ignited the bizarre feeling of warmth and protectiveness that I thought had been lost of me... maybe only you who could explain it?”.

“out of the fact she’s related with you... it’s so-called fatherly instincts, perhaps? I guess... maybe it’s because you saw your daughter’s ghost on her?”, Merlin touched her chin thoughtfully before narrowing her eyes “ missed your late daughter and your late wife, right?”.

Tristan intertwined his fingers, his bangs masking his expression “well, I was thinking... just if Irina were still alive, she would be on the same age with her and maybe... they would be a good friends... so yeah, like I said, I can’t help it but want to spoil her rotten. She is indeed so lovely and you’re a great mother while I... I’m such a sorry excuse for a husband and a father”.

“Tristan, never ever think that I would hate you, ever, for what happened to Isolde and Irina. It was not your fault. After all, you were always there when my little sister needed you the most. You loved her like how she loved you and my niece, Irina was the proof of your love with her”, Merlin cupped his cheek and turned his face to look straight into her eyes before leaning her forehead into his “you’ve given everything to her, you’re her lifeline, so please, never ever think that my sister suffered because of you. Instead, you already made her be the happiest woman alive and for that, you have my thanks. Stop beating yourself over it, okay?”.

“much appreciated. Thank you very much, Merlin”, Tristan smiled genuinely before throwing his bag over his shoulder “okay, since I have finished my business here, I need to go to find gifts for those two annoying brats before continue my errand”.

Merlin tilted her head “last time I checked, you only have a little brother?”.

“indeed, he has been the Holy Knight Apprentice for a while but when he’s not working as Holy Knight Apprentice, he’s working as the private bodyguard and sword instructor for pampered, spoiled young master of certain rich family on his town. Heck, that young master is still such a little brat and I wonder how my little brother could stand with the brat”, Tristan shook his head as he remembering how the so-called young master had asked him to play with him when he visited his little brother. Looking behind over his shoulder, Tristan smirked “though that little brat is a radiant kid, almost like Gwen. I bet they can get along well together if they meet”.

Though his harsh words and foul-mouthed, Merlin smiled lopsided, knowing that Tristan must have liked this kid a lot. If he didn’t like the kid, why would he bother himself with looking for the gift for the kid as well?

You could see the nursemaids of Camelot Kingdom’s Castle, once again, wandered around the Castle, looking for the certain princess who, once again, hid (a.k.a run away) from her suitor.

A nursemaid opened the bushes, looking for her “princess?! Lord Kei is looking for you?! He has kindly brought a gift for you, too?!”.

Other nursemaid told them that the princess was not on the library “honestly, where is the princess?”.

One of nursemaid came after checking on the kitchen and warehouse “we really can’t find her. Should we ask Lady Merlin to find her?”.

“if they think I will come out of my hiding place just because Kei brought the gift for me, they better think twice”, after the nursemaids went to ask Merlin’s help, Guinevere mumbled, swinging her legs up and down as she sat on the tree branch “like Ellie said, adults have blind spot when it comes to the hiding place and the perfect place to hide is on the high place. Now, I wonder how long they can find me?”.

Just when she thought she could use this advantage to watch Meliodas through her Sacred Treasure that she’d just gotten from Tristan, Galadriel Mirror, before she could reach her Mirror, she heard someone from below “I can see your white panty from here~”.

Looking down to the familiar blonde-haired teenager below, Guinevere quickly curled her legs “KYA?! Pervert?!”.

That blonde-teenager smirked mischievously and lifted his hand “I lied, sorry~”.

A vein popped on Guinevere’s head as she floated on the air, lifting both hands with piercing looks (the expression that she had learned from Merlin to threat people). Looking down to the shocked teenager disdainfully, Guinevere glared as fire ball and ice blocks appeared above her hands “which one do you prefer? Hot or cold?”.

Lifting his hands in surrender, Lancelot gulped “wait, I swear I don’t have evil intention at all!? I just thought it’s dangerous for you to climb the tree that high?! More so, it's not proper for a princess to climb a tree like that?! I don’t know you can levitate and use magic power like this?!”.

“don’t tell my nursemaids, then”, Guinevere sighed as she clenched her tiny fists, both fire ball and ice blocks disappeared before she landing on the ground “how could you tell that I am the princess?”.

Lancelot tilted his head “well, you see... just from your appearance now, also from those exaggerating rumors about your appearance and beauty—”.

“stop”, her cheeks flushed at that. With some authority on the air surrounding her body that she’d gained thanks to from how long she had lived on the castle (either she realize it or not), she demanded “second, what are you doing here?”.

“well, you know my job, princess”, Lancelot shrugged “I only accompany my young master, that’s it”.

Guinevere trailed off “wait, it means...”.

Like she expected, they heard Arthur coming from behind “ah!? Lily girl!?”.

“it’s not my name”, Guinevere blinked to him, though deep down her heart, she felt delightful to see her friend again “and why did you call me Lily girl?”.

“well, because I saw it, you see… on your nape, you have birth mark in shape of ‘Lily’ flower, right? Your name… Gwen, isn’t it? It’s a good name. I’m glad we can meet again?!”, Arthur scratched his cheek, donning sheepish smile before he approached her and wondered why she didn’t smile. He felt it that she was different, that she had changed “...what’s wrong? Why are you sulking? Did Lancelot do something bad to you?”.

Lancelot put his hands on his hips “please don’t talk as if I always do something bad”.

Puffed her cheeks, Guinevere pointed him “peeking on my panty”.

Arthur blushed furiously, horrified as he apologizing to her “Lancelot!? I don’t know you’re a pervert”.

Guinevere convinced it was okay “maybe you can count it as ‘pedophile’, Arthur”.

Lancelot grumbled, enough with the bickering “it’s not funny, kids”.

“and here I wondered how could you my panty’s color if you really didn’t see it?”, Guinevere crossed her arms before her chest as she looking up, talking to Lancelot through telepath “don’t tell Arthur that I am the princess or I swear, you will not like the consequences~”.

Lancelot gulped, he had heard that the princess was prodigy child who had powerful magic strength in her young age but this? “what a terrifying princess”.

After that, Guinevere (and Lancelot, not like he wanted it or he had a choice) kept her real identity as princess, because only in front of Arthur, she could be carefree ‘Gwen’ again. The latter seemed clueless on her real identity as princess, thankfully. Guinevere didn’t tell that she was the princess, only told him that her godmother, Merlin worked here on the palace, that was why she was here.

Arthur beamed up, telling her that Merlin was her Master, her irreplacable Mentor and friend “I have  no idea that Merlin is your godmother, Gwen!? Let’s study together?! Promise?”.

“good idea?!”, Guinevere smiled and linked her pinky into Arthur’s “promise”.

After Arthur mentioned that she looked wary, Guinevere spilled the beans, a bit “well, you see... I have no choice but to accept the circumstances as long as we have place to stay”.

Lancelot blurted out, fully knowing the complicated circumstances the little girl was into “poor li’l girl, you should just say ‘no’ if you don’t like it and you don’t want the Lord to marry you off with his son”.

“do you listen to me or not? It’s not like I have any choice?!”, Guinevere groaned and covered her face as she kicking her legs up and down “argh?! let’s just hope he will not find his son and I can get out of his clutches?!”.

Arthur tilted his head “hm... let me give you the spell to make you feel better”.

Guinevere turned to Arthur who stood up “how?”.

Without warning, Arthur touched her shoulders and leaned down to give a light peck on her forehead and Guinevere’s eyes widened. Lancelot whistled before he had to bite back his laughter as Guinevere’s face turned bright red as tomatoes.

Arthur cheerfully lifted his hands “my master told me that she always did it for her daughter... well, I know it’s you now, when you were feeling down, like when you were sad or upset and it always works so I hope you will feel better?!”.

Guinevere indeed gave thanks to Arthur before she fled again (well, this time not with levitate, but with flying at full-speed).

Turning to his care-taker after gust of wind blew his hair, Arthur blinked confusedly “did I do something wrong?”.

Lancelot smacked his palm to the ground, howling in laughter and ignoring Arthur’s complaints in his confusion. Oh, it was too funny?!

Patting Arthur’s head after he gathered himself together, Lancelot cleared his throat “just ask her next time you meet her. Eventually, you will meet her again, for sure”.

When Merlin, the nursemaids and guards finally found her, they found Guinevere on the riverbank. At first, Merlin had prepared herself to, at least, scolding her to make her nursemaids and guards in trouble but when they found her with bright red face, Merlin picked her and touched her forehead instead “oh my, why did your face turn bright red like this? do you have a fever again?”.

Well, the reason was stupid so she would never say it to anyone. Guinevere simply slumped her head on Merlin’s chest “...dizzy... I apologize, that I have made trouble for the nursemaids and guards...”.

The nursemaids and guards exchanged worried and stunned glances to her, they convinced her that no need for her to apologize before Merlin brought her back to her room with half of her nursemaids and the half others called for the doctor or prepare the necessity for sick-princess. The guards went back for their errand, except for the guards who were installed to protect the princess so they had to stick close with the princess.

Chapter Text

The first time Tristan met Meliodas here on the black market of Camelot Kingdom, was none other than when Meliodas wanted to sell his Sacred Treasure Lostvayne. He saw Meliodas was in the process of bargain with the merchant of the shop that Tristan knew as the swindler.

Listening to their conversation and knowing this merchant tried to trick Meliodas with telling that he only could buy the Sacred Treasure Lostvayne with only 1.000 gold coins, Tristan shook his head in disbelief as he approaching them “hold on. If I were you, I wouldn’t believe this man because he is a swindler”.

“you bastard, what—”, the merchant looked up with glare, ready to fight him but once he recognized who was his opponent, the merchant turned pale and stuttered “I-I-I apologize?! I don’t know at all it’s you, Lord Tristan!?”.

Turning back and forth between the scared merchant and scowled Tristan, Meliodas waved his hand and grinned triumphantly as Tristan approached them “yo!? still famous, I see, Tristan?”.

“yo, Sir Meliodas”, after exchanged high-five, Tristan put his hand on his hip “I thought I’ve given you my address? you should have told me if you wanted to come and sell your things here, I can help you”.

“nishishi, sorry?! I have no idea whether you’re still here or not, and if you’re present or not”, Meliodas chuckled with lopsided grin “how are you? last time we met was on the wood when I and my comrades have our summer vacation, right?”.

Tristan blinked. So he didn’t remember their encounter on the old castle? Oh, my. Maybe this was one of Merlin’s deeds, or his father only knocked his head too hard thus he didn’t remember it. Luckily, one of things Tristan earned from Meliodas was his helluva poker face so Tristan could pretend easily “yes, speaking of which... I’ve heard yours and your comrades’ situation isn’t good. How are you doing?”.

“well, not bad for me, though I have no idea as to the others”.

The merchant asked in pure curiosity because he had never seen Tristan’s family and the merchant did realized the resemblances between Tristan and Meliodas “um, who is he?”.

Tristan and Meliodas exchanged glances and Tristan had to say because Meliodas said nothing “...we’re relatives, that’s all”.

Before the merchant started to fret over, Tristan touched Meliodas’ shoulders and pushed him to outside “okay, let me show you to more proper shop, because trust me, your sword can be sold 10 times higher with my recommendation on that shop”.

Meliodas drool “10 times higher...”.

Tristan shook his body “hold yourself together, old man?!”.

After he had gained 10.000 golden coins for selling his Sacred Treasure Lostvayne, Meliodas blissfully dragged Tristan to drink with him (of course his son wouldn’t mind at all) so they could catch up about each other’s condition. They didn’t want to bother the other customers in the bar (not to mention they also had to discuss some secrets and privacies on their conversation) so they decided to have drink on Tristan’s home.

“doing errands from Merlin? What kind of errands?”.

“recruitment. Long story short, I have to look for women who can be nursemaid, mentor and guardian for the princess she’s taken care of under her wings. Seriously, she indeed has incredible ability to slip under someone’s skin and slave-driver with asked people to do her ridiculous errands sometimes. Not that I can complain when she indeed paid me for it, though”, putting down the bottle of his ale on the table, Tristan caught the mischievous glint on his father’s eyes and he rolled his eyes “what?”.

Meliodas drawled “no, it’s just like the old time. You always complained about her and yet, you always helped her in the end. How nice gentleman you’ve been, big boy”.

“oh, shut up. Not you too”, Tristan groaned and dropped his head on the table, murmuring “don’t say something similar with that little brat”.

Meliodas knew Tristan referred to his youngest son “how’s your little brother’s doing?”.

“good, living his life as normal people on his adopted family”, after Tristan explained his little brother’s circumstances, he gulped down his 38th bottle of Bernia Ale (having high tolerance to alcohol like his father, eh) “at least, he’s still luckier than us”, when he realized his father’s somber mood, he flickered his finger to Meliodas’ forehead “don’t make that face in front of me, or I’m gonna smack you”.

Meliodas rubbed his forehead before grinned and lifted his hand “good luck in your errands, then?!”.

With that, Tristan buried his head on the table and grunted. However, truthfully, sincerely, Tristan lifted his gaze towards Meliodas and smiled “but seriously... I’m glad you’re safe”.

Meliodas ruffled his head and grinned broadly “what? Have you gotten drunk already?”.

Tristan only grunted “don’t treat me like a child anymore”.

Lifting the note of errands from Merlin, Tristan wondered “why the hell I agree to do her request from the first place, I wonder?”.

Here was the errands that was written on the list from Merlin :

  • Go to Edinburgh Castle to pick someone who was sealed off there, freed her from her seal and once you’ve freed her, contact me
  • Go to the ruins of Castellio Kingdom and put the bouquet for Rosa before looking for a Sword that buried underground, beneath the ruins of the Castle of Castellio Kingdom.
  • Find an Ireland young maiden named Marianna who works as slave on the New port of Glasgow City. Pay her master for selling her to you with the money I’ve given to you to freed her.

Lowered the paper, Tristan mumbled in carefree manner, looking straight to the ruins of the Edinburgh Castle “well, whatever. I just have to finish this quickly, right?”.

After Tristan found the deep crater on the ruins of Edinburgh castle, he gasped as he felt the surge of powerful demonic magic strength from within this deep hole “damn it, what are you keeping here, old man?”.

This dark magic was undeniably, without mistaking it, belonged to his father. He jumped down before landing on the ground with his feet. When he found something which was ‘resealed off’ by his father, Tristan moved his hands and recited the incantation to break the seal. After he broke the seal and found a woman, Vampire named Gelda, Tristan contacted Merlin and Merlin came with her teleport.

After Merlin revealed that she would go back to the Castle of Camelot Kingdom with Gelda to make her as their ally, Tristan asked “what’s your deal with this Vampire?”.

Merlin smirked “she is Zeldris’ lover, your father’s little brother”.

Gelda stared to Tristan in disbelief “you are... his son?”.

Tristan scoffed to Merlin (no wonder Merlin asked him to break the seal, only his father or someone with demonic magic powers like him who could break this kind of seal) before nodded his head to Gelda “Tristan Ravenwolf. Nice to meet you, my soon-to-be-Aunt”.

Tristan wondered what kind of surprise he would find next, so he asked Merlin about it but as usual, the Sorceress didn’t reveal anything, only telling him to ‘go and see it yourself’ and winked “just call me through the communication orb and I will check whether the Sword you’ve gotten is the Sword that I need”.

“yes, yes”, waving his hand in carefree manners, Tristan turned to leave once Merlin and Gelda went to the Castle on the Capital of Camelot Kingdom using teleportation spells. Looking up to the clear, bright blue sky above, Tristan mumbled to himself “oops, I have to buy the bouquet first”.

No need a long time for him to arrive on the outskirt from the ruins of Castellio Kingdom, using his teleport to move from the nearest town. Holding a bouquet of Lily and Roses that he put on the port facing the sea. he stared longingly “rest in peace, Rosa”.

No wonder Merlin asked her to do it. Hence, he would bring the bouquet with or without she asked, because Rosa was the reincarnation of Isolde Belialuin, Merlin’s little sister and Tristan’s wife. Fate had been cruel on her, because Rosa was a mere human, Merlin and Tristan didn’t even have the chance to spend their time with her. When Merlin found her and she asked Tristan to come with her to see Rosa, it was all too late. The Castellio Kingdom had been destroyed by barbarians and one of the casualties was Rosa. Tristan killed the barbarians and went berserk, only stopped after Meliodas and Merlin stopped him, after the barbarians who destroyed Castellio Kingdom had dead. About 20 years after that, around the time when all members of Seven Deadly Sins had been gathered, Merlin told him about Escanor, the cursed prince of Castellio Kingdom that was saved by Rosa. He and Merlin had communicated about it to discuss this matter.

“typical of her, die because of saving people’s life”.

“should I tell him about you and Rosa?”.

“needn’t… but just tell me, have you found her?”.

“I have. She’s on the Necropolis, the City of The Dead. It seems she hasn’t reincarnated yet. Escanor has met her. Would you like to meet her too?”.

“no need, just tell me when you find her reincarnation”.

Opening his eyes, Tristan went to finish his errand here and started to dig. Like Merlin’s instruction, he found the Sword under the ruins of the Castle. Lifting his communication orb, Tristan called her “is this the sword, Merlin?”.

“there’s no mistaking it. This Sacred Treasure is made by Masamune. This Holy Sword is the Tender Hands (Yawarakai-Te) a.k.a The Sword of Kindness. This sword will not hurt the pure and innocence beings. The most befitting sword for her, isn’t it?”.

Tristan smirked before he sent the Sword to Merlin’s place “I agree”.

Just if Tristan stayed longer, he would meet with him. Not too long after Tristan left, Escanor came with a bouquet on his hands and baffled to find another bouquet there. Putting down the bouquet with the same flowers as the former, Escanor smiled “is there someone coming here to give the bouquet for you, Rosa? Oh well, I’d like to meet that person. He really knew your favorite flowers”.­­­­­

Meanwhile, on the New port of Glasgow City, Tristan walked on the black market. This place was the easiest place to get news. Leaning his elbow on the table, he paid the broker information “tell me everything you know about young maiden named Marianna who works as slave on the New port of this City”.

The broker information stared to him warily before he told everything he knew about this Marianna “her parent died on the sea due to accident. Storm hit the ship when they sailed. They came from the Northern Ireland and being orphan without relatives, her neighbor sold her as slave to the Lord of the New port. Because of her beauty, people said that the Lady, the Lord’s wife planned to make her work as one of prostitutes on the Lady’s place in the red-light district. Seems like her name’s suited her, pity”.

This made Tristan baffled and pissed at the same time. How could human be so ruthless more than Demon sometimes?

After he got the map to the New port, Tristan quickly left “thanks for the information”.

“wait, what do you want with her, customer?”, the broker information called, usually it was not his business but because he was curious and wondered what this young man wanted, he asked “you better don’t mess up with the Lord or the Lady. Make them pissed off, they will have your hide”.

“I’d like to see them try, then”, Tristan smirked, looking behind over his shoulder. He would have died years ago if there were any human who could kill him. Waving his hand, Tristan left and gave thanks to the broker information for the warning “and about Marianna, I just do the errand from my ex-wife to pick her”.

When Tristan found the young maiden, just like the broker information had told him, she was treated poorly and Tristan understood why Merlin asked him to pick her. The young maiden turned to be the young teenager with long wavy brunette hair and steeled, piercing golden eyes.

Just like Rosa, she was the reincarnation of Isolde Belialuin, the third reincarnation.

When Tristan arrived on the New port, he just found the cowering-in-fright0 people gathering around as the Lord of the New port and the Lady punished the young maiden. The Lady accused her flirting with her husband while the husband said nothing. No one helped her, no one even dare and it truly made him pissed at cowardice of human.

“I said… I never flirted with your husband… he was the one who tried harassing me!?”, Marianna wiped blood that came out of the corner of her mouth, looking up with icy glare to the Lady who tapped the whip on her hand to her palm “besides which sane woman who would want to flirt with pig like your husband!?”.

The Lady picked her whip “how dare you, b*tch?!”.

Marianna closed her eyes and prepared herself for the hit, but nothing came to hurt her, so she was shocked when she opened her eyes and found Tristan had caught the whip with his hand, standing in front of her.

Letting go the whip from his hand, Tristan looked behind over his shoulder “…how old are you?”.

Marianna blinked “…15 years old”.

“when you come to your age, which mean only a year before you reach your 16th years old, they will use you as one of their prostitutes. Do you want it to happen?”, turning his body facing her, Tristan looked down to her and reached his hand out “choose, stay here to be one of their prostitutes or come with me so you can live your life freely?”.

Those steeled golden eyes stared him hardly as she stood shakily, supporting herself with leaning her hands on the wall “and why should I believe you and your words? We just met. Why would you help me?”.

“I don’t know for what reason people hate each other, but do we need a reason to help people who need help?”, Tristan ignored her protesting as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Lifting her up on his arms, Tristan looked straight to her eyes so she could see the sincerity and the honesty of his words “though the only reason I save you now, is to fulfill my promise to the woman I love and my ex-wife, that I will never stop looking for you and no matter how far we have separated, I will always find you and come back to your side, Isolde”.

The Lord protested “wait?! You can’t just take her away?! Her family has—”.

“the debt? How much?”, sending icy glare to the Lord who just shouted to him, Tristan threw four sacks of golden coins “it’s 40.000 golden pieces, will it be enough?”.

In fact, it was the double of the debt that Marianna’s family was having. The Lady gleefully counted the golden coins “sure~ you can just take her away”.

“wha—”, Marianna was about to protest. How could they just trade her? However, she was surprised when Tristan wrapped his cloak around her body “huh?”.

“don’t worry, let’s look for the change of your clothes later after we treated your wounds. For now, you need to stay put, don’t struggle”, settling her on his arms, Tristan carried her like a father carrying his child “and no need to worry, I will not eat an underage girl who hasn’t been mature yet”.

A vein popped on Marianna’s head “hey!”.

The Lord mockingly said as Tristan passed him by “yeah, just take the b*tch away, but make sure you throw her away somewhere properly after you have been bored playing with her. Don’t worry, Anna, you can always come back here to get job when your new master cast you aside”.

Marianna flinched, as a slave, her life had been nothing in people’s eyes, huh?

Next second, Marianna surprised because Tristan kicked the Lord on the back of his head and sent the Lord flying to the sea. With intense glare and murderous aura surrounding his body, Tristan smirked evilly “oh, my bad. I guess I just stomped on the garbage. I have to change my shoes later. Also…”.

The Lady dropped to her butt when Tristan hovering above her, threatened her “and you’re lucky, Madam. I’m not the type of a man who will lay my finger on woman, only cowards who will do it. If I weren’t, I would send you to the sea like your husband”.

The Lord who had been saved by his employees, cursing “you… I’m gonna kill you?!”.

“better not”, Tristan threatened, his eyes gleaming red “I prefer to not create massacre here”.

The Lord and the Lady wet themselves, even the employees and the Knights who gathered here also stepped backwards, no one dare to lay their fingers on Tristan who left with Marianna. Running his fingers on her hair, Tristan asked “what’s your full name?”.

“…Isolde…”, she buried her face on his shoulder, wondering if this was dream or not “…Isolde Marianna of Ireland… and your name, Master?”.

“don’t call me Master. I told you, I’m not going to make you as slave. From now on, you’re free”, furrowing his eyebrows, Tristan hoped he had found her sooner “Isolde”.

“only my parent who called me like that. I thought… no one will call me like that again, nor I will be free”, Isolde smiled brightly in the middle of her tears “thank you so much. I’m gonna do anything to repay your kindness, em…”.

Tristan rolled his eyes but he realized, he hadn’t told her his name. He smiled and answered “oh… my name is Tristan Ravenwolf”.

On the Castle of Camelot Kingdom

Guinevere stared “…you are not human”.

“very perceptive”, crouching herself in front of the little princess, Gelda smirked, showing her fangs “yes, I am a Vampire. Now, you know who I am. Are you afraid?”.

“no”, Guinevere shook her head innocently which made Gelda baffled. Looking up to the Vampire “I can feel it that you’re not evil. Instead, I wonder... why do you look so lonely and sad?”, blinked her eyes, Guinevere reached out her hands to cup Gelda’s cheeks “ah, I see... you missed your lover so badly. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t stop to believe, I think there’s a chance you can meet him again”.

“you are such an unpredictable girl, huh? well, it can’t be helped...”, Gelda shook her head. She had been told by Merlin about who was Guinevere and she still had a hard time to believe, that the little princess in front of her was actually Tristan’s older sister. Wrapping her arms around Guinevere, Gelda lifted her off the ground and kissed her forehead, carrying her on her arms “while I’m waiting for the time I can reunite with him again, I guess it’s not bad to baby-sitting an adorable princess like you~”.

“one more people got enchanted by your charm, princess?”, Tristan came, carrying Isolde on his arms “where is Merlin, Gelda?”.

“that’s really fast”, Merlin appeared out of nowhere using her teleport before she took Isolde from Tristan’s hands “great job on the Glasgow, though I wondered whether you could restrain yourself or not”.

Tristan scoffed “if you worried that much, why would you not do it yourself?”.

With dangerous evil smirk that match with Tristan’s, Merlin drawled “oh, come on~ you know I would have made them as my guinea pigs, had I been the one who came there instead of you, right?”.

Isolde gulped “such terrifying couple?!”.

Still on Gelda’s hands, Guinevere mumbled under her breath “I get it now, how could they be married in the past”, looking up, she called “godmother, who is she?”.

“she will be your new friend, just like Arthur”, Merlin smirked knowingly when Guinevere blushed furiously, she had heard from Lancelot about what Arthur had done to Guinevere after all “so started from tomorrow, I will teach you on my laboratory and Gelda will assist me as your mentor when I’m too busy. No complain about it?”.

Guinevere exclaimed gleefully “no problem?!”.

“say, Merlin”, Tristan put his hand on his hip “what about guardians for her?”.

True, they just had nursemaid and mentor. How about guardians?

Merlin smiled “you will do”.

Tristan’s expression hardened and with icy glare “NO”.

Merlin sighed, had predicted this “Tristan, for how long you’ve planned to avoid it? Your ability is too worth to be wasted away. Just if you want to open your heart again, you can help people with your ability”.

It was true, like what he had done in the past but it was the past that he wouldn’t want to remember “you know my reason : I hate Royalty and aristocrats, I hate it if I have to stay in the Castle as Holy Knight to protect them and you, of all people, know my reason?! How could you still ask me to do it, Merlin?”.

Isolde and Guinevere flinched. Gelda furrowed her eyebrows and walked away after sending icy glare to Tristan, trying to soothe Guinevere who started crying. Looking to crying Guinevere, Tristan felt the fang of guilt stabbing his heart and lowering his face further in shame.

Merlin coldly stated “why? Because it reminds you with your weakness and failure?”.

Tristan said nothing and walked away, leaving the little Isolde and Guinevere in wonder if the man that they adored, actually hated them. Why would he save them, then?

The second time Meliodas met Tristan, he decided to drop by to his residence after re-fill his supply. So, when Meliodas found his son fighting on the ring with people around them put the gamble, he did not expect it at all.

Dragging his son back to home, Meliodas told him that they would drink again and no protest “you are a mess”.

“yes, I know”, Tristan flinched when Meliodas pressed the wet rag too hard to the grazes and bruises on his face “ouch! Be careful, old man!? Just let me do it myself, then!?”.

Taking the bottles of Bernia Ale. Meliodas sat and threw a bottle to his son “tell me what happened”.

It was an order, so yes, no escape from his father this time and he had to tell him everything as they drank, again. Having high tolerance to alcohol, it took time though in the end, Tristan could never beat his father when it came to drink contest.

Throwing his body and lying on his bed, Tristan covered his eyes with his forearms after he was drunk, enough to lower his guard and loosen his tongue “…Isolde, she’s reincarnated and I met her, then I messed up everything”.

Tristan didn’t tell him about Merlin, no, he just told Meliodas that from now on, Isolde would learn to everything before she chose and entered whatever job she wanted “the problem is the place where she is now, where I can meet her and spend my time with her, but I don’t want to stay in that place as the worker there”.

“at least you saved her this time. And kid, just lemme give one advice as your father”, Meliodas sat on the edge of his bead and tapped his son’s bicep “don’t lie to your heart. Just be honest before it’s all too late and what you can do only regret it”.

Peeking through his eye, Tristan rolled to the side “yeah, you are the one who live your life with lying and hiding everything behind that mask. What the differences of us, I wonder?”.

Meliodas said nothing, only smiled bitterly “’re right”.

Chapter Text


It happened not too long after Merlin adopted her and she realized, she didn't have 'father' figure, nor her mother even cared to 'settle down' on a single man, so she asked Merlin (when she hadn't had her power to see through people's heart and she didn't know yet that Merlin had married with Tristan once) "mommy, why don't you get married with someone? You don't feel lonely?".

Merlin smiled fondly, sincerely to her and patted her head "no, because I already have you".

She had given honest answer with sincere smile to her, how could she not believe her?

Speaking of 'father' figure, Gwen listed the men on Seven Deadly Sins.

King. Scratch. He was too damned dedicated to big sister Diane. Not that she was mind about it, instead Gwen hoped, prayed even, that someday big sister Diane would realize his feeling and King's feeling would be returned by Diane.

Gowther. Scratch. He was the least of Seven Deadly Sins members that she could understand. Although after Gwen got her power, she could see Gowther's past and Gwen didn't think Gowther could move on or want to move on from his love to Nadja Liones that ended tragically (Merlin had made sure she couldn't spill it out to anyone, so Gowther's secret was safe with her).

Ban. Scratch. He was so madly in love with the fairy princess Elaine. It alone enough to make her teared up when he knew what happened to Ban and Elaine. She hoped someday Ban would be happy and he could find his happiness too.

When what was left were only Meliodas and Escanor, Gwen was kinda troubled to choose. Escanor was a good man and she knew (heck, wasn't it too obvious? Everyone in Seven Deadly Sins, except Merlin because they didn't know what was going through the beautiful Sorceress' mind and heart, knew it) of the fact Escanor was in love with Merlin. Not that she was mind about it, now just if the pride man had more faith and confident towards himself...

Meliodas was different case. Gwen knew Merlin and Meliodas had known each other for a long time to the point they were just like siblings, a family. Just like how Merlin knew Meliodas better than anyone in Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas knew Merlin better than anyone in Seven Deadly Sins, even better than Escanor she would dare to say. As a daughter, although they weren't related by blood, Gwen only hoped Merlin's happiness. She didn't think Merlin had ever had a feeling to Meliodas romantically, she meant, she only recognized it as platonic one.

Speaking of which... she never saw Meliodas had taken any interest on certain woman? (at least Gwen knew to whom her adopted mother, Merlin had taken interest to whom).

Oh, boy. Not like it was her business. She just wondered why, because of Seven Deadly Sins members, except her mother who could close her mind and heart with magic spell to prevent Gwen see through her, Meliodas was the same. Only when Merlin and Meliodas loosened their guard like when they were shocked in their meeting with Tristan, she could see through them (hence, that's the reason of why she could know that Merlin and Tristan had married once) but the one who made her really curious was Meliodas, she never could see his past except his Sin (on Danafor). Gwen only could see his emotions, like when he was enjoying it as he had tried to force Ban to eat his masterpiece meat-pie (she forgot to where that meat-pie had gone?). Even with her magic power, Gwen couldn't see through into his heart unless Meliodas let her but she thought it was unnecessary because as long as she had known Meliodas, he never lied to her and that was one of reasons why she loved him, just like a father.

Who know that she would get the answer when she met with people who would be her most trusted allies?

While her adopted mother was an independent woman who enjoy her freedom, Meliodas was different case. He lost the woman he loved and he had to witness it with his own eyes. Knowing it happened to her beloved 'daddy', Gwen felt it was her heart who was pierced into pieces after witnessed the tragedy from her fellow brothers' heart, which they were installed as her guardians after she was kidnapped, again. This time was more dangerous even, because she was barely sold in the auction.

Guinevere cried even when Tristan had gone "he hates me?!".

Gelda tried to soothe her "princess, it's not true".

She didn't believe it "but he said he hates Royalty and Aristocrats!? I am Royalty, so it means he hates me too?!".

"then he hates me too", Isolde sat beside her with sad smile "after all, my mother was Aristocrat".

Isolde still wasn't sure how her life had changed. What she knew, her mother was Aristocrat from the Northern Ireland who eloped with her father. Although they lived their life poorly, they were happy. At least, until the storm hit their ship and she was sold to the Lord and the Lady. Then everything changed after Tristan took her and gave back her freedom. Like what he had said, Tristan didn't touch her or do something weird to her, he even oh-so-kindly treated her wounds, gave her new clothes and gave her privacy when she wanted to take a bath or change her clothes.

"...look, I don't what happened to him, that make him hate Royalty and Aristocrats, but I think what's important is, it doesn't change who is he, what he has done for us and what do we feel to him", Isolde patted Guinevere's head and wiped her tears "so please, don't cry anymore, princess".

"you're so kind and strong, big sister Isolde... I hope I can be more like you...", Guinevere sniffed and swiftly wiped her tears. She had seen Isolde's heart and she wondered how could Isolde keep strong, even after what she had been going through. Looking up, Guinevere smiled sheepishly "or should I call you Aunt? Because godmother wanted to adopt you as her little sister, not as my sister".

Isolde tapped her chin thoughtfully. When Tristan showed the picture of two women who had so much resemblance with her, Merlin Belialuin and Isolde Belialuin, Isolde didn't too surprised when Merlin told her that Merlin would take her as her little sister. Of course, Isolde was really happy instead. From now on, Isolde would learn everything from Merlin, along with Guinevere and Arthur, before Isolde could decide what kind of occupation that she wanted to have "hm... but we're only different 8 years, right? Not to mention you are a princess and I am only an orphan that adopted by your godmother as a sister. It's fine to just call me Isolde, princess".

"no calling me princess?!", Guinevere puffed her cheeks "since you've become godmother's little sister, so you are my family too?! It's only fair if you also call me by my name. Just call me Guinevere or Gwen?! If there's someone who dare to scold you just because you're not calling me princess, just tell me so I can scold them back?!".

"as you wish, princess", Isolde chuckled to the spirited girl's antics "Gwen will do, then".

"one thing for sure, girls", Gelda lifted her finger pointedly "a man who dare to make a woman cry like Tristan is a jerk".

Guinevere tapped her tiny fist on her palm and innocently stated "oh, I see. He is a jerk".

Isolde nodded her head, didn't even try to deny it but still try to defend him "um, probably?".

Guinevere and Gelda only exchanged blank expression. With how Guinevere behave on the Castle, no wonder people in the Castle wanted to adore her. So, it was an understatement, that the Castle of the Camelot Kingdom was in chaos when the princess was kidnapped.

When Tristan woke up, he found Meliodas wasn't in his house but he found himself was covered by the blanket. Having bad hangover, Tristan groaned "argh, I'm such a jerk".

"yes, you are", Merlin said nonchalantly as she put the an empty glass, a jug of fresh water and a plate of apple on the table "you have made your older sister, my adopted daughter bawling and my little sister moping. Looks like you have earned an ability to make women cry like your father, huh? Well, at least your mother is the only woman that your father will never hurt or make her cry".

"of course, we promised we would make him pay it if he dared to hurt her, make her cry or ever give up on her, right?", Tristan chuckled bitterly, that was promise they had made when Meliodas committed suicide after one of Elizabeth's reincarnations died again and Meliodas had been too tired to face her death, and it happened before Tristan married with Merlin not too long after Isolde's and Irina's death "what are you doing here?".

"do you seriously think I don't know about your habit to drink?", Merlin waved a bottle of Bernia Ale in her hand before throwing the bottle into the trash-bag, snapping her fingers to make all of scattered empty bottles on the floor coming into the trash-bag "you indeed have knocked back an entire distillery, huh?".

"like you haven't? It's not like you still have any responsibility upon me. Not again after we divorced. Why should you waste your time here?".

"just think I'm doing a favor for my little sister. It's unlike I can abandon you and your family. I have considered you all as my family, after all", Merlin sat on the edge of the bed, pointing to Tristan's chest "and let me check on it".

Tristan stiffened and cleared his throat, rubbing his still-pounding head "what? No. Why should you? I feel exactly fine".

"just take your clothes off and let me check", Merlin sternly ordered, lifting her Aldan "or you would prefer it if I use my diagnosis spells?".

"no for both. Thank you very much for your concern, but it's unneeded".

"stop being stubborn like a kid. If it were really nothing, why would you so persist to refuse?".

"I just have had enough of my share for your experiments, okay!? don't start to act like my mother or my sister or my wife again!?".

"then I just have to force you".

"wha— no, wait?! Stop it?!".

When Isolde and Gelda came in, they saw Merlin grabbed Tristan's collar while Tristan grabbed both Merlin's wrist. Quickly covering Isolde's eyes, Gelda narrowed her eyes " least make sure you lock the door next time. Sorry for interruption. Just do continue".

Merlin quickly caught Gelda's shoulders when the Vampire turned her back against them and ready to bring Isolde away with her "you misunderstand".

"she's right. Don't make it sounded like we will do something lewd?!", Tristan protested and once he was alone with Merlin again, he demanded "what's gotten into you, actually?".

"do you think I don't know?", Merlin lifted her dainty fingers to inspect the long scar on his chest, right above his heart "this, your artificial heart has started to acting strange after your encounter with Isolde. Though this Isolde is the third reincarnation of my sister, this is the very first time you're really having real interaction with her, right? What if it will affect your artificial heart?".

Tristan said nothing and rubbed his eyebrows "look, I promise I will go to see you to check about it, in case I feel this is not working well. Have I ever lied to you?".

Merlin sighed, not too sure he would keep his words "...fine".

"yo, old man. What are you doing here?", Tristan waved his hand, this was the third time he met with Meliodas here on the black market "if it's about birthday gift from you, I have sent it to her already".

Yep, the Galadriel Mirror was actually birthday gift for Guinevere's 7th birthday from Meliodas.

Meliodas grinned broadly "just want to refill my supplies like usual?! Why don't you come to my tavern sometimes?".

"probably later", Tristan smirked, he was sure he would end up drinking with him again. Only, this time he needed to go somewhere "be careful, people might have mistaken you as a kid and kidnapped you instead".

Meliodas pulled his earlobe "not funny at all".

Later after the dusk, Tristan thought it was not bad at all, to go check on his father's tavern "but still, I wonder why did he give this tavern name 'The Boar Hat'?".

Next second, Tristan could feel someone, or rather several people have followed him. Turning his head, he called after talking with some of his acquaintances in front of the tavern "who? don't just hide and show yourself".

"it's just us", Gelda walked forward, pointing behind with her chin "with them".

"Merlin", Tristan rolled his eyes and recognized the people behind Gelda and Merlin as Holy Knights on Castle of Camelot Kingdom "what do you want? Still want to force me to do it?".

One of Holy Knights raised his eyebrow "um, Lady Merlin, who is he? Do you know him?".

One of Tristan's friends slung his hand over his shoulder and whistled "oi, oi, who are these hot chicks, Tristan? One of them is your woman?".

Merlin smirked, thinking how her comrades would react about this "he is my ex-husband".

Instead, Tristan scowled "the blonde one is my Aunt and the raven-haired one is my ex-wife".

Gelda blinked, this was news for her "oh, I see".

The Holy Knights shouted in disbelief "WHAT?!".

Merlin lifted her hand "don't worry. I fully know his ability. He is a Warlock and trust me, he is the only Magician who can match me".

Tristan rolled his eyes "just tell me what do you want?".

"princess Guinevere is kidnapped".

Tristan dropped his bag that he slung over his shoulder and lunged forward, ignoring Gelda's protest. Cornered Merlin in between his arms on the wall, Tristan glared down to her "I told you before, it's too dangerous for her to live in the Castle as the princess but you keep bringing her and look what happened now? So what? do you come for me now, only because you need my help?".

"we can argue as much as you want about it later, but to find and save her is our top priority now. Last time I checked, you are the one who gave the offer and told me to not doubt to come to you when I need someone's help the most?", Merlin calmly crossed her arms "with or without you were asking, I would come to you for help because of all people in this world, I trust you".

"I should admit it's annoying, how you never failed to get under my skin", Tristan stepped backward and lifted his hood, covering half of his mouth with dark cloth "let's go. We have to find her quickly and don't stop me when I'm gonna get rid of those bastards who dare to kidnap her".

Merlin smirked, as expected "don't worry. I will assist you with pleasure".

One of Holy Knights whispered "speaking of terrible couple".

Gelda shook her head "indeed".

"Merlin, you can track me, right?".

"yes, of course".

When suddenly Tristan disappeared using his teleport, Merlin lifted her Aldan "my, my, he's always in a rush".

One of Holy Knights shrieked "at least he can wait for us or tell us about where to go?!".

Gelda wondered "would it be okay to let him act alone?".

"probably, as long as he hasn't lost control... but it's better to catch up with him before he even thinks to create the massacre there".

Guinevere remembered that she was just playing hide-and-seek with Isolde and Arthur, then someone had come from behind her, covered her mouth and nose with something that smell sweet before she had fallen asleep. When she woke up, she found herself was locked within this bird-cage, both her wrist were chained. Looking down to the shackles on her neck, both her wrist and ankle, she felt something from these shackles that prevent her from using her magic. Logically, she was in real danger but it was odd, she was feeling calm. Could it be because she knew that she was not alone here?

"it's alright, papa will come to save you soon".

Looking to the side, Guinevere asked the little girl around her age that she recognized as ghost "who is your papa? Do I know him?".

Blonde-haired girl with golden eyes that resembled with Merlin and Isolde only smiled "of course you are, Aunt".

Yes, it was odd but somehow, she thought someone would come to her. Although people in the auction home clapped their hands and started to bargain their highest offer, she didn't feel scared at all. When one of guests had gotten their hands on her as the buyer who offering the highest price, ignoring the bargainer who mockingly scoffed to her about how high she could be sold due to her unique eyes and smiled wickedly, Guinevere only looked up and blinked her eyes.

"he's coming", standing up, Guinevere gripped the iron bar of the cage "if you still want to live, better to leave this place immediately".

"now, now, it's really not good to ask my prey running away from me, princess".

Suddenly, the candlelight was blacked out and as the exchange, blue fire lit up the and lightened this place. Guinevere could hear people screaming in fright as they saw gigantic Raven and Fenrir stood tall on the doors, they realized they had lost their way to run away from this place.

"oh, there you are?", saluted, Tristan found Guinevere within the hird-cage "well, well, well, because this will be gruesome, just close your eyes, princess. Don't open your eyes till I tell you, okay?".

Guinevere nodded her head and closed her eyes, covering her face with both her hand. She just knew, although she closed her eyes now, some people (mercenaries) lunged into Tristan. Those two gigantic creatures didn't budge, only stood tall on the doors to scare people and prevent them to run away. She just could feel it, how this place was stained by red colors, like how she could hear people screaming in fear.

Guinevere wondered why, why could she still not able to think bad of Tristan at all, even after what just happened in this place? What she could feel from Tristan was only hatred and sorrow, like sorrowful blood-thirst beast.

"those psycho, they turned you into the bird in the cage, huh?", slashing the iron bars, Tristan carefully wrapped clean and dry cloak around Guinevere before he picked her "are you injured? If you're scared, needn't to open your eyes now".

Like she had predicted, she saw red, red and red staining all over this place, including those people who were tied neatly (from their clothes, Guinevere recognized them as Aristocrats or nobles) " didn't kill them all, did you?".

"unlike me, you have mother's golden heart, eh?", Tristan smiled reassuringly "no, I just killed those who attacked me like those mercenary. Don't worry. Let's go home".



Looking up, she found Gelda and Merlin running to them as they met with them on the hallway "Gelda, godmother?!".

"I'm glad you're safe", Merlin quickly carried her on her arms and kissed her forehead "let's go home. Arthur and Isolde really worried sick about you".

Gelda should admit, she felt glad that Guinevere was safe. Offering fond smile, Gelda tucked her bangs behind her ear "you're surprisingly quiet and calm for someone who just got kidnapped".

"this is not the first time I got kidnapped, besides I believe godmother will find me, so be it", Guinevere pointed Tristan "though I don't expect this man to appear after screaming that he hates the Royalty and Aristocrats, yet he still came to save me".

"yeah, I apologize for that. Look...", cupped her cheek, Tristan looked sincerely guilty "I don't hate you at all. Instead, I love you like a sister, a daughter, a family. Maybe it's because you reminded me of my daughter, but when I knew you were kidnapped, I totally lost control. Sorry, if I scared you back then".

"I'm not scared at all", Guinevere shook her head, pointing him "of you, that's it".

Tristan chuckled "you're such a tough and brave little girl, huh?".

As a Vampire, blood was necessity and Gelda covered her nose "this smell... you killed them all?".

"not all of them", Tristan explained the situation, totally ignoring the collective of staring dagger that directing to him from the horrified Holy Knights "Merlin, why don't you and your comrades just bring the princess back to the Castle? I and Gelda can take care of this mess. I will send those who still alive to the Castle right away, so you can interrogate and throw them to the jail. Sounds fine?".

"sounds good", Merlin looked like just remember something, she asked Gelda to carry Guinevere for a second. Ignoring Tristan's blood-stained body and clothes, Merlin hugged him "thank you so much for saving my daughter".

Now, he could feel and hear the annoying whispers and stares from the Holy Knights. Tristan awkwardly tried to break the hug "uh, Mer... you'll get dirty too...".

"pay it no mind", Merlin whispered near his ear after that "I haven't answered you. The reason of why I want you to be her guardians... not to mention she's related by blood with you, I also hope your wounds will heal, with protecting her as her guardian".

"godmother, my turn?!", Guinevere wriggled out of Gelda's hands, running to Tristan after Gelda had put her down on the floor. Looking up, she reached her hands "I want you to come with me. I need to find out what happened in my family. For that, I need the force of my own and I need to be strong, strong enough to protect my family, my people and my Kingdom", after Tristan froze and dropped one knee in front of her, she took his hands, holding Tristan's hands "I know how hurt it must have been for you, but just give us a chance and let us prove to you that you're wrong, because I believe people can change and time will heal".

Merlin scoffed with cunning smile "now, I wonder who is the older one here?".

"I must admit she's really older than me from how wise she is", throwing disdainful glare to Merlin, Tristan scratched his head "argh, fine, fine... you and your godmother win, Your Highness".

Guinevere's face lit up "it means...!?".

Crossing one arm in front of his chest and dropped one knee, Tristan bowed his head and deep down in his heart, he was so proud of his sister. Lifting his face, he smiled fondly "you have my loyalty from now on, Your Highness".

"thank you?!", Guinevere ignored what people said about blood on his body. Just like Merlin, she went to give bear hug for Tristan and she whispered "I can't wait to meet you in the Castle, brother~".

Tristan's eyes widened as he realized what he had gotten into "she knew who I am already!?".

When Tristan came home, he didn't expect that his father would be on his room "TRISTAN?!".

Tristan face-palmed "crap, I have no idea you're still here, old man?".

Looking at him head to toe, Meliodas inspected him "forget it. What happened to you? the bloods on your clothes—".

"don't worry. This is not my blood. My job, that's all", Tristan dropped his bag to the chair "don't you think you're overreacting?".

"well, I can't help it", Meliodas shrugged and tugged his cloak "how do you expect me to react when I saw my son came home with his body covered in bloods?! Take off your clothes and clean up yourself before I check if you truly haven't got injured at all or not?!".

After he had done what his father demanded, Tristan realized to where his father's eyes landing.

Although his eyes lingered all over various scars on his body like burns, cuts, slashes, stabs, but his eyes focused on one particular scar that had pierced his son's heart, Meliodas rubbed his chin and stared to the bulging on his son's back. It was not the hunchback, not at all, because it was an artificial heart that was planted on Tristan's body after his heart stopped beating.

When Tristan dropped his body, lying on his bed tiredly, Meliodas squeezed his hand and asked "there's nothing wrong with your body?".

Covering his eyes with his forearms, he had to admit, he had no power to say that he was okay because he was damn too tired after using too much magic power when saving his sister. Heck, he couldn't let Meliodas know and risk the chance of his father activated assault mode to chase after those psycho who dare to kidnap his daughter " artificial heart that Merlin made for me is working greatly, if that's what you want to know. Don't worry, I'm just tired".

"you're sure?".

Lifting his forearm from his eyes, Tristan saw how concerned he was and he chuckled bitterly "...once more time, you're overreacting, old man".

"I can't help it", Meliodas smacked his forearm "I might have lost you, if not because of your wives. I react normally, as normal as father would do when they barely lost their son".

"dad, check it yourself", wrapping his hand on his wrist, Tristan brought his father's hand to his chest to check on his heartbeat "see? It's still beating. It's okay, I'm still alive".

"yeah, you are...", Meliodas sighed in relief before narrowing his eyes "look, Tristan. I'm sorry, I—".

"don't apologize, I'm tired of listen to your apologizes", Tristan cuts him off and convinced "for who-knows you've apologized, just don't. Whatever bad things have been happened to our family, it's not yours or mother's fault. The blames solely belong to those suck and shitty grandparents of us, not you or mom".

"heh, you've got guts, brat", Meliodas patted his head and tucked him in the blanket "sleep, I'll stay for tonight. I'll leave tomorrow morning".

Just for this time, Tristan thankfully let him because it felt warm and comforting.

Chapter Text

Gelda had to admit, she felt impressed towards Meliodas’ children. After she knew that Tristan was the firstborn son of Meliodas with Elizabeth no. 13, Gelda had asked him the same thing with what he had asked to Meliodas, especially with Vampire Clan had been perished “kill me”.

Tristan pursed his lips “no, do you think I have a hobby to kill woman? Not a chance”.

Before Merlin brought her to Camelot, Tristan had told her “I know nothing about you, neither I know what made you asking me to kill you, but just don’t throw away your life easily, okay? maybe it felt too hurt sometimes for you till you want nothing but just to die and end your suffering, but as long as you’re still alive, if you keep on living, maybe you can find reason to live your life again someday”.

Gelda thought maybe she was mistaking it, but she felt like she had seen similar grief and sadness on his and Merlin’s eyes. What Gelda knew after that, she was assigned as Merlin’s lab assistant “is this... Orlondi?”.

An eyeball, the fellow Vampire within the flask screamed “Gelda, help me?!”.

“sorry, but I’m not in the place where I can help you now, since I’m also under their mercy”, Gelda was unimpressed. She preferred to be Guinevere’s and Isolde’s caretaker for now. Though, first time Gelda was assigned to stay with Guinevere as her private nursemaid, she blinked dumbfoundedly “don’t call you as ‘princess’ and call you with your nickname ‘Gwen’ in front of Lord Arthur? Why?”.

Twirling her hair in her finger, Guinevere admitted with slight flush “because I don’t want him to see me or treat me as princess, like my suitors do. I’d like him to just be friend like the way we have been. With Arthur, I also don’t feel suffocating like the way I feel towards my suitors”.

Gelda only nodded to the lonely princess “okay”.

Though Gelda found it amusing, because the first time Isolde and Gelda joined Guinevere in her first lesson with Arthur (also the first time Guinevere and Arthur met again after Arthur kissed her forehead), when Arthur barged into the room with Lancelot, Guinevere casted spell to turn herself into invisible.

After she introduced herself to Arthur as Merlin’s adopted little sister, Isolde looked around “huh? Wait, where is she?”.

Gelda crouched herself beside invisible-Guinevere (of course, she still could feel her) “Lady Gwen, I know you’re shy, but I think it’s not the right time to play hide-and-seek”.

Guinevere released her spell and she turned visible again as she puffed her cheeks to Vampire princess “Gelda?!”.

Later, Lancelot told Isolde and Gelda with amused, broad grin carved on his face, about the reason of why Guinevere was so shy. Isolde and Gelda chuckled at how cute it was, because Guinevere felt too shy to face Arthur after she was kissed on the forehead. Gelda could feel that Arthur was fond of her, considering his reaction when knowing Guinevere was kidnapped (Arthur, panicked and pale-face, ran to her with Isolde, telling her and Merlin that Guinevere was kidnapped).

Isolde had asked Merlin and her to find Guinevere, safe and sound, before she joined Lancelot who had to deal with baby-sitting the anxious and distressed Arthur about Guinevere’s kidnapping. Gelda had to admit, she was shocked (because she didn’t expect it at all) when she was faced with the massacre that was caused by Tristan.

After Tristan sent the tied-up criminals to the Castle of Camelot Kingdom, Gelda stared incredulously to him “you really have to go and slaughter them all, huh? Not that I mind, considering what these filths did, but how do you expect me to clean this mess with you?”.

“I have no boundary when it came to protect my family. Whoever dare to hurt my family, I’m sure I’m gonna make them pay it”, Tristan closed the door behind him “you need blood, don’t you? if you don’t mind, we can share this. Only if you want it, though. The blood, I mean. It will be gruesome, better to not see if you don’t like it”.

Gelda narrowed her eyes dubiously if she heard right. She didn’t. After Gelda drank the blood (enough to satisfy her bloodthirst), she was surprised to see Tristan also drank the blood (which they had shared) and ate their hearts. Next day when Tristan came to check on his body as Merlin had persisted to ask, Gelda just knew the reason.

Staring to the bulging on Tristan’s back, no, it was a heart, still-beating heart on the surface of his back, Gelda touched her chin thoughtfully “Lady Merlin, this...”.

“an artificial heart, officially made by Merlin”, Tristan threw his shirt and cloak back on his body “any problem, Merlin?”.

“this far, thankfully no”, Merlin told him to get lost “you can find Guinevere on the garden with Isolde”.

Gelda knew better that everyone had their privacy, so when Merlin told her that Tristan had died once, thus Tristan needed to consume blood and flesh (by flesh, it meant the internal organs that can channel blood like heart, liver or nerve) to make his artificial heart working, Gelda didn’t ask her further about why Tristan died.

“don’t worry, usually he only will consume his ‘necessity’ from animals but sometimes, when he... out of control, he also could consume human’s blood and internal organs. Well, this far I never stopped him because he only consumed blood and internal organs from corpses”.

“Lady Merlin”, Gelda sincerely felt worry and questioned if this was really alright with Meliodas and Tristan, but she wondered about this woman the most, the woman who had helped Meliodas and his family this far “Tristan, he is your ex-husband, right? Do you still love him?”.

Merlin lifted her finger on her lips and smiled “depend on what kind of love you referred, Lady Gelda. I do still love him as my family, but when it comes to as a man...”.

Right now, Merlin only thought about one man when people questioned her about her love interest, to whom her heart belonged right now. Looking up to the sun on the bright, blue sky above, she smiled “I hope you’re okay outside there, Escanor”.

Meanwhile, on the garden.

“here you are”, Tristan found her with Isolde on the riverbank “crying again?”.

Looking back, she glared “I am not?! I’m just upset?!”.

“and moping alone, yeah”, Tristan scratched his head “geez, why did I agree to baby-sitting her from the first place, I wonder? What’s up this time?”.

Isolde explained “King Uther just asked her to go to the private residence of Lord Kei’s family on the east of the Camelot Kingdom. No escape this time and Lady Merlin can’t come, so she’s upset”.

“look, if he really annoyed you that much”, Tristan picked her off of the ground “don’t worry, because I, Gelda and Isolde would accompany you. You will be alright, I promise”.

Well, at least one thing that made Guinevere ‘behave’ this time when they visited Kei’s family. Because Arthur was there. They met again on the place where they had met for the first time after Guinevere had attended the entirely boring, formal meeting with Kei’s family. As Guinevere had predicted, Arthur wasn’t even there because Kei’s family had been busy to push her into Kei and moved Arthur away to Lancelot’s place temporarily. Welp, either this was coincidence or just a mere lucky, it meant Arthur only knew that he wasn’t allowed to stay at home as long as the princess stayed in the house, he didn’t know yet that Guinevere was the princess and she could use this as her opportunity to become ‘Gwen’ in front of him longer. Tristan, Isolde and Gelda had joined Guinevere when they met with Arthur and Lancelot. It was unexpected.

“GWEN?!”, Arthur lifted both his hands and lunged to her, running to her and hugging her tightly “I’m so worried?! I was so scared that I might not be able to see you again?!”.

“I apologize that I scared you, Arthur”, doing her best to calm down the frantic boy who hugged her as she tried her best to hide her blushing face, Guinevere patted his back “I didn’t mean to scare you at all... but believe me, I’m fine!? Godmother’s ex-husband here, Tristan saved me?!”.

Ignoring Isolde’s giggle and Gelda’s chuckle, Tristan twitched his eyebrows “should you mention the part ‘ex-husband’ here and now?”.

The young teenage-blonde blinked his emerald eyes in confusion and disbelief “...Tristan?”.

Tristan snapped his head to the young man who came from behind the tree “Lancelot?”.

Lancelot pointed Guinevere who still had to calm down Arthur, this time Gelda and Isolde joined her “bro, you know her?”.

Thinking this was the best chance to save her before her face was getting redder and she got fever due to overheat again, Tristan picked Guinevere on his hands “well... after this girl got kidnapped, Merlin assigned me to be this little girl’s baby-sitter and teacher, sort-of”.

Lancelot copied him, carrying Arthur on his arms “yeah, we heard that too. This young master blanched instantly and cried in distress after he heard the news about her being kidnapped from Merlin”.

Arthur pulled Lancelot’s hair that was braided on the end of his nape “hey?!”.

“though I’m more surprised that you can hold yourself together with this job, or...”, Lancelot rubbed his chin with wicked grin “you just can’t deny your ex-wife’s request?”.

“watch your mouth or next time, your head will be cut off of its place, little brother”, Tristan smiled with dangerous aura which meant he was serious “it can’t be helped, this girl is her adopted daughter”.

“so you simply can’t dodge your ex-wife’s request”, Lancelot concluded and nodded his head before patting his older brother’s back “listen well, older brother. It’s not a Sin to just be honest with yourself and before you regret it, you can just be together with her again. I believe father and our siblings will not mind at all and they will support you two instead”.

“you misunderstand it, cheeky brat”, pulling the braids of Lancelot’s hair, Tristan scowled “besides, don’t mention it as if we are meant to be together, ever, again. In the end... If we were really meant to be together, we wouldn’t divorce from the first place, right? After all, love doesn’t always end well”.

“now truth has been spoken of, nothing I can say about it, huh?”, Lancelot scratched his nape and after looking his older brother’s expression, he felt guilty “well, I know your dark history. Sorry”.

Gelda rolled her eyes, covering Isolde’s ears “you two don’t think your conversation’s topic is too heavy for two children on your arms who keep listening and staring to you two?”.

Only then the brothers realized that Arthur and Guinevere had been listening while stared to them, but they were interrupted by familiar feminine voice “have fun gossiping about me and Tristan, Lancelot?”.

Guinevere, Isolde and Arthur lit up and said in unison “godmother?! / older sister?! / Merlin?!”.

“long time no see, big sister?!”, Lancelot smiled nervously “you still look beautiful like always?!”.

Tristan blinked, approaching her with Guinevere still on his arms “I thought you said you can’t come with us?”.

Merlin smirked and carried Guinevere who kept flailing her arms to her, smiling fondly to little princess “well, I guess I could just steal a little time off to spend more of my time with my beloved daughter, my beloved little sister and my dear student, so I simply came here with teleportation spells”.

Lancelot blurted out “if I don’t know better, I will think you two are her parent”.

Merlin smirked in dangerous way “Tristan, needn’t to restrain yourself. Just punch him or do whatever you want with him. I will take my time with my daughter and my student for the mean time. Just meet us on the riverbank once you have finished”.

Tristan grabbed the back of Lancelot’s nape, already dragging him “will do”.

Lancelot waved his hands in surrender “no!? I still want to live?!”.

When Arthur casually told her that he had been moved to Lancelot’s place temporarily, Guinevere felt upset “they treated you poorly and unfair?! You don’t feel angry?”.

It was the truth. Guinevere could see what Arthur had been going through, especially how Kei had tried to kill him many times with tried faking it as accident.

Arthur scratched his cheek and shrugged “well, I guess it can’t be helped. After all, Kei is biological son and I’m only adopted”.

Guinevere pursed her lips “but still...”.

“don’t be upset because of me, Gwen”, Arthur beamed up and patted her head “you’re so kind”.

Guinevere blushed when Arthur kept patting her head, unaware of Tristan who watched from above the tree “interesting, so they have a crush on each other in such young age?”.

“say, older brother”, Lancelot hooked his legs on the tree branch, hanging on the tree downward “so she is our sister too?”.

Tristan chewed roasted-bird on his hand and nodded “believe it or not, our older sister”.

Too shocked by what Tristan told him, Lancelot fell off the tree branch “WHAT!?”.

And Tristan caught him by collar before he fell to the ground “watch out, brat. Why did you so shocked like this?”.

“how couldn’t I? She’s so tiny!? Only a kid compared to us?!”.

“I heard it?!”, Guinevere threw her fluffy dolphin-doll which successfully landing to Lancelot’s face “for Heaven’s sake, could you not talk bad or tease me even if just once, could you?!”.

When they went back to home and separated in the halfway, both Guinevere and Arthur had asked their guardians the same things.

“Tristan, Gelda”, Guinevere had resolved it and she was determined “do my instruction to bring Arthur and Lancelot to the Castle”.

Isolde was baffled “but... are you sure about this, princess? I thought you want to keep your identity as princess from him?”.

“yes, but keep my identity as secret, will do nothing for his safety”.

Tristan and Gelda exchanged glances before they smirked and dropped one knee in front of her “as you wish, princess”.

Meanwhile, Arthur who worried about Guinevere, calling Lancelot and when his caretaker looked down to him as Lancelot carried him on his arms, Arthur told him with eyes full of determination “take care of Gwen. I set you free and you have to assign yourself as Gwen’s protector”.

Lancelot scowled “no. At least, no without you. I understand if you worried about her well-being, but trust me, Tristan is more than capable to protect her. Also, it’s not like I can leave you when your well-being is also threatened by that shitty adopted older brother of yours”.

Three days after it, Tristan and Gelda came as princess Guinevere’s right hand and ambassador to the private residence of Kei’s family.

Gelda smiled wickedly as she opened the seal of Royal decree “this is Royal decree from the princess herself due to her future vision. Princess Guinevere asked Sir Lancelot Du Lac to assign the Knight Of Round Table and she asked Lord Arthur to pull out the Excalibur Sword”.

“if you can pull the Holy Sword Excalibur out of the enormous boulder, princess herself will come to announce you as the soon-to-be King of this country. Princess will come with Lady Merlin next day. We hope your arrival there”, Tristan handed official assignment for Lancelot “congratulation. From now on, you’re one of the Knight Of Round Table”.

Lancelot gawked “damn, she’s seriously doing this to us”.

Gelda smirked knowingly “and watch your language in front of the princess, Lord Lancelot”.

Arthur was shocked, he and the princess were only 8 or 7 years old. Lowering his head down, he asked his mentor “do you think I could do this, Merlin?”.

“sooner or later, you have to do this. It’s just...”, Merlin patted his back soothingly “she just has been going through this sooner than you, that’s all”.

Thanks to Royal decree from the princess, people gathered around the enormous boulder to watch if he could pull it out.

When Arthur could pull it out easily, gathered people around him cheered “so that young man is our Chosen King?!”, “we have found our King?!” or “he is the only one who can pull it out while no one Holy Knights could do it before?!”.

Kei yelled and pointed his finger accusingly “no way?! He’s cheating?!”.

“no, you’re wrong. He isn’t cheating at all”, Guinevere came into scene, wearing princess outfits like beautiful dress and jewelry (that Isolde and Gelda had told her to wear despite her protests about how troublesome it was), with Merlin, Gelda, Tristan and Isolde behind her. She glared to Kei, as sharp as her words “it’s the Holy Sword Excalibur’s will. He is the Chosen King, the future King of Camelot Kingdom. Whoever can pull it out, it means he’s worthy to be our King. Just because you can’t pull it out, you have no right from the first place to claim that he is cheating”.

Arthur blinked dumbfoundedly and struck in awe as he saw her beauty “Gwen?”

“it’s the princess?!”.

“princess Guinevere?!”.

Arthur lifted his finger shakily “so, you are... the princess?”.

Guinevere lowered her head downcast “...I’m sorry I haven’t told you”.

“no, don’t apologize”, Arthur lifted his hand “well, I do figure it out”.

Guinevere lifted her head up in surprise “you did?!”.

Lancelot snickered “well, isn’t it obvious?”.

Guinevere glared to him to silence him before turning back to Arthur “so... what do you think?”.

Oh, right. Arthur knew the risk, that he had to stay on the Castle to learn, that he had to marry with the princess, he had been worried that he could no longer meet her but after knowing she was the princess, Arthur was relieved. He blurted out it in front of her with all honesty.

“well, you see... I never want to be the King, but...”, Arthur scratched his red cheek, blushing furiously as he looking back to her, thinking how cute and beautiful she was “if... it means I can stay by your side as long as I want, then I don’t mind, as long as you are the one who will be the Queen... because I don’t know who else befitting to be the Queen but you”.

Guinevere kissed his cheek before lifting both side of her skirt, smiling brightly upon looking at his red face “don’t worry, I can wait for the day when you make me your Queen, Your Highness”.

Tristan said mockingly “you two need to wait nine or ten years later to get married, you know?”.

Aside the flustered couple, people of Camelot Kingdom cheered up and thrilled to see how these young couple would be their King and Queen.

Later, when they had lunch after the boisterous event this morning, Tristan protested “but... Merlin, why did you never tell me that our future King’s bodyguard which would be assigned as my partner is Lancelot?!”.

Because seriously, become your own older sister’s bodyguard, with your own brother as your partner? Not to mention, your brother and partner happened to be the protector of your soon-to-be brother-in-law? This was how life turned out, it seemed.

Merlin chewed the sweet chestnut that baked by Isolde “you never ask”.

Crap. Hell yeah.

Guinevere asked “godmother, do Tristan and Lancelot have bad relationship? They are siblings, right?”.

Handing over the sweet chestnut to her “for your first question, no, dear. Instead, they’re really close and they get along really well as brothers. Well, if you describe it... they have contrast characters. Tristan is hot-blooded and spontaneous like fire but also resilient and tough like the earth. Meanwhile, Lancelot is easy-going and carefree like the wind but also observant who let things flowing like the water”.

“so overall, what make they are just the same, is because of the fact that they are truly reckless, aren’t they?”, Guinevere chewed the sweet chestnut before moaned “this sweet chestnut is yummy?!”.

“exactly, smart girl. You’ve learned very well to observe and analyze people”, Merlin patted her head and chewed raisin chiffon cake this time “Isolde is great cook, especially when it comes to dessert”.

Lancelot lifted his hand “hold on, sweet-tooth daughter and mother there!? What did you two just blurt out about us?!”.

Gelda shook her head but still wondering why the event turned into family feast “speaking of terrifying mother and daughter…”.

When Arthur and Lancelot just arrived on the Castle, Guinevere was in her Art lesson. She was gonna perform for her 8th birthday party so she was in strict lesson schedule.

Gelda had offered to show the way for them “and if Your Highness willingly comes to see her, I think it will be alright”.

Tristan, Merlin and Isolde were there too when Arthur and Lancelot came with Gelda.

Lancelot blinked innocently “what’s wrong, brother? You scowl”.

Tristan remarked thoughtfully “well, I don’t think she’s in good health. She’s rather pushing herself too much lately”.

Merlin added “that’s why we’re here too, while we’re not busy on our own business”.

Isolde gasped and approached her “princess!?”.

Guinevere felt something wet on her cheek, coming out from her right eye that had been throbbing ever since last night. Looking down to her bloodied palm after she touched her cheek, she wondered “why there’s blood...”.


It was the last thing she heard before everything turned black. That night, she had high fever which only broke after the night of her 8th birthday. The dream of the tragic events from the past.

Tragedy of Cornwall that related to Tristan’s Sin.

The destruction of Danafor that related to Meliodas’ Sin and Lancelot’s lost.

When she woke up, she found Merlin, Isolde and Arthur by her side.

Isolde cried in relief “princess, you’re awake?!”.

Arthur was crying mess as well “Gwen, do you hear me?”.

Merlin leaned her forehead to hers “at least, your fever has finally broken”.

Tristan caressed her head “your eyes... can you still see us?”.

Lancelot came into her view “do you recognize us?”.

Wrapped her arms around Lancelot’s and Tristan’s neck, Guinevere cried silently “thank you... thank you for survive, brothers”.

Arthur was relieved that Guinevere was healthy now, but he didn’t feel pleased at all to the fact that she would join him for swordsmanship training with Lancelot and Tristan as their instructor. Arthur gawked as he saw Tristan kicked her and Guinevere curled into ball on the ground “he seriously kicked her!?”.

Isolde helped her to stand but she refused, so she turned to Tristan “aren’t you going too hard on her!?”.

“the way I see it, I’m gonna go as hard as it’s needed to protect her, so she can protect herself better. It’s not like I like to beat her black and blue”, Tristan huffed “besides, if I fought her seriously, then she would instantly die”.

“well, Tristan is... so much like his father”, Merlin caressed Isolde’s shoulders to soothe her “but trust me, he will not hurt the princess in purpose. He’s a good man, he’s not the type of a man who can be rude or even kill women and children, unless he has no choice”.

Tucked her chin in between his forefinger and his thumb, Tristan lifted her face to look straight into his eyes “don’t group me with my old man, Merlin”.

“why? Because it’s your weak spot?”, Merlin tapped his cheek and smirked “it’s the fact. You are so much like your father”.

Meanwhile Gelda covered Isolde’s eyes, Lancelot who covering both Guinevere’s and Arthur’s eyes whistled “you two, just find a room”.

“wanna pick a fight with me, li’l bro?”, lifting his middle finger, Tristan challenged “do you think just because we’re related, I can’t kick your ass out of here?”.

Lancelot crossed his arm with lopsided smirk “oh, I’d like to see you try”.

Arthur sighed and shook his head in amusement but Guinevere wasn’t amused and she yelled “you two, stop it?!”.

Years Later...

Tristan and Lancelot trained 16-years-old Arthur with swordsmanship on the courtyard. After kicking Lancelot on his gut, Arthur pointed his sword to Tristan’s neck.

Tristan smirked “you’re ready”.

From the gazebo where they could watch their training, Gelda who taught 16-years-old Guinevere and 24-years-old Isolde, sighed “princess, enough with your ogle”.

Arthur was baffled to find Gelda snickered, Isolde giggled and Guinevere flustered “did you just say something to her, Gelda? she’s blushing”

“no, I am not?!”, like the hell Guinevere could admit that she admired him on the training, but looking down to sweaty, bare-chested muscular body of grown-up Arthur, Guinevere had to avert her eyes with blushing face “and put clothes on your body after you clean up”.

Arthur smirked teasingly “oh, do I make you nervous?”.

Tristan smacked him “don’t tease her”.

Chapter Text

It happened not too long after her 5th birthday. When she was playing with her ball, she found a ‘rabbit hole’, the one similar with the hole that she read on ‘Alice In Wonderland’. She wondered if she could enter the Wonderland like Alice if she threw herself into this hole?

Kid and her imagination, really.

Shaking her head, after she peeked into this hole and being smart girl she was, Gwen thought it was not safe to just throw herself into this hole when she didn’t know how deep this hole, neither she knew the exit nor she could get out of this hole or not. She shouldn’t make her mother and the others worry about her. When she decided to not go into this hole despite her curiosity, someone pushed her from behind and she fell.

“eh?”, Gwen felt herself falling into the deep darkness and screamed “KYAAA!?”, when she opened her eyes, she just remembered “oh, that’s right! I forgot that I can levitate now”, but strangely enough, Gwen couldn’t use her magic and she fell straight to the floor, losing her composure and she started to panic again “ why!? It isn’t working?! I’m falling?! I’m falling?!”, when she dangerously barely hit the floor, Gwen felt herself regained her magic power as she started to float and fell slower. As her feet touched the floor, she dropped to her butt and sighed in relief “phew! But it surprised me, what happened I wonder?”.

Gwen was struck in awe next second.

First, because she just arrived on the... HUGE library within a tower underground. Yes, let’s just call this place as it. The underground tower was shaped as a cylinder, entirely was composed by books and bookshelves, with many layers of staircases and passages were built on the wall’s surfaces, myriads of bookshelves lined up on it. Somehow, just with looking around, unless you were nerdy girl who love read books like Gwen, you would feel dizzy even if just a bit for sure. In Gwen’s case, instead she just felt like she had found the greatest treasure. Just if she could have this place as her home and she had all time in the world or just stop the time for a while, she would lock herself to read all this book before she could go back home.

Only when this another presence spoke, Gwen just realized she was not alone “what a curious one, I don’t remind having granted you the access to here, so tell me how did you managed to reach this place?”.

Second, the people who just talked with her. She was, well... a girl that clearly looked a bit older than her. She had long flowing platinum blonde hair that almost reached her legs, petite height and thin limbs, smooth-looking snow-white porcelain skin and victorian-style dress using darker colors than lighter ones with frills, lace and ribbons along with a matching set headband accessory on her hair. What stunned Gwen as she locked gaze with her, was her eyes. This doll-like girl’s eyes looked exactly like hers, heterochromia eyes where one eye was emerald green and the other was sapphire blue.

Unconsciously, Gwen blurted out after stared to her for a few seconds “whoa... you really look like a living doll, big sister. so beautiful”.

“...I can say the same thing about you, but I will take it as compliment, thank you”, doll-like Guardian of Great Library led the way to the ceiling where there was a white round table with a few books placed on it besides the tea set and snacks “well, I know that you have your reason, but before having it, would you like something to eat?”.

After telling her to just sit, the doll-like girl who sat across her introduced herself as Trista and Gwen introduced herself properly. It turned out Trista serving chocolates, cakes and tea before Gwen thought warily if it was alright for her to just eat this? After all, daddy had told her to not receive something like eat and drink from stranger though Gwen felt Trista didn’t feel like stranger for her.

Still, she needed to ask “um... big sister Trista...”.

Looking up from the book on her hand, Trista blinked “what is it? Do you hate chocolate?”.

Of course, she loved it “no, that’s not it”.

“then what?”.

Gwen was doubt if it would be alright for her to just eat these while Trista had not touched the food at all “are you sure that it’s fine to give everything to me?”.

"It is. It's a present that I have received from Zaratras, but things like food would be wasted on me so go ahead and it".

What did it supposed to mean? Did it mean Trista needn’t eat food or what? Whatever, since Trista was acquaintance of Zaratras, it meant she wasn’t stranger and it was safe to eat these. Clasped her hands, Gwen bowed her head “okay, thank you for the food”.

As Gwen ate the chocolate with happy smile, Trista just watched her eat without drink or eat anything. Maybe what Gwen predicted was right, but it was not her place to ask it. Gwen was aware enough that everyone had the boundary and it was best to keep standing on the borderline so Gwen didn’t talk about it. Instead, Gwen explained what happened just now, that she was pushed by someone and fell to the rabbit hole which leading her to here.

Looking around, Gwen leaned her hands on the table “say, big sister Trista... I felt someone else other than you here just now. Where are they?”.

Trista closed her eyes and sipped her tea, unimpressed “secret”.

Gwen tilted her head and asked once more “but I feel them no longer here now. Where are they?”.

Peeking through one eye, Trista raised her eyebrow “’re sure talkative, huh?”.

Gwen crossed her arms and puffed her cheeks “don’t think so. Daddy always said that I’m quiet, calm and composed for children around my age but I can be chatty when I wanted it, not talkative”.

“yeah, whatever”, putting down her tea cup, Trista asked her “now, what do you want to do? since you accidentally got here, I can bring you back to your place right away. However, from your interest on the books here, I doubt you will want to go back home right away, at least not before you read some books here”.

“good idea?!”, Gwen exclaimed, swinging her legs up and down with sparkling eyes “if you don’t mind, can I wander around a bit and read some books before I go home?”.


Trista looked down, back to her book and flipped the page of the book “well, whatever. Do what you want, just don’t mess up—”.

When she looked up, Trista just realized that Gwen had wandered around to find books that she could read (actually, Gwen had fled right after Trista gave permission). Looking down to the little girl who floated on the air, inspecting the books on the bookshelves, Trista mumbled “...what a radiant child”.

Though, needn’t take too long time before Gwen came back with several books on her arms and Trista wondered if she could read it or not, especially considering the books that she had taken with her were difficult books. Trista had to pick some of these difficult books, ‘The Rare Magic Spells’ on her right arm and ‘Forbidden Ancient Magus Magic Spells’ on her left arm “...are you sure, you want to read this? I can show you the books which more befitting with children around your age”.

It was not without reason, Trista asked her dubiously because honestly, instead of picking books which normally children around her age would pick, Gwen had picked history books or magic spells books, some books even were written with ancient or foreign language like Ancient Welsh and Latin.

Lifting book ‘Old Belialuin Magic Spells’ on her hands, Gwen beamed up “don’t worry, big sis Trista?! I would not pick the books that I can’t read!? I can read books with Ancient Welsh and Latin language just fine because I’ve learned it and already mastered it last year?!”.

“how old are you?”.

“5 years old”.

Prodigy, Trista concluded. Ordinary people would scream for it though, Trista was sure of it.

Gwen lined up the books that she had brought on the table beside her. Trista read the title of the books with sideway glance and Trista had to admit she was surprised after looking at the title of some books, specifically to these four :

‘The Lost Metropolis Of Sages: Belialuin’.

‘Tragedy Of Cornwall’.

‘Dark History of Holy War’.

‘The Destruction Of Danafor’.

Either Gwen deliberately picked those books or not, Trista was utterly baffled so she asked “um, why did you pick these four?”.

Gwen stared back at that, she realized Trista had stared to her a lot but paid it no mind "I don't know. I was just curious and I felt like I want to read it, so I picked it. Say, say, can I borrow them? I want to show them to Mommy! I promise that I'll definitively return them, so!".

She was staring at Trista with expectant shining eyes, the spirit of a researcher was inside her. However Trista frowned.

"big sis?", Gwen looked at her with worried eyes, did she just said something she shouldn't or did it mean no?

Trista placed her hand on Gwen's forehead "If you would excuse me for a second".

Gwen blinked at the sudden action, not knowing how to react and unaware of what Trista intended to do. Speaking of which, Gwen wondered why she couldn’t see through Trista, just like what happened with her adopted mother, Meliodas and Tristan "...Big sis...?".

"I'm sorry. It's nothing", Trista removed her hand from her forehead as she apologized "you can read those books if you want, but you are not allowed to bring them back with you".

"Eh? I can't?".

"no, you can't, if you do so I would be really troubled".

"I see...", Gwen's shoulders sagged. As expected, she shouldn’t trouble other people like that. Although she was still a child, Gwen could be counted as mature for children around her age. It was not that she felt disappointed, she just felt bad for barely making Trista troubled.

Her daydream was interrupted by Trista’s sigh "however, I can recommend you some books similar to these ones, as long as you read them here".

At this Gwen immediately brightened up "really?!"


"great! I'm going to look for them!"

Suddenly, Trista stood up. When she came back with three books on her hands, Trista put those books on the table and offered those three to Gwen “you may see these as well, since you took those four”.

“huh? ‘The Infinity Children: Daughters Of Succubus Queen’, ‘The Birth Of Hydra’ and ‘The Unborn Child’? what are these?”, Gwen looked up with inquiring looks “why should I take a look on these three too?”.

“those four books you’ve picked, they are history books while these three I’ve brought are biography. ‘The Infinity Children: Daughters Of Succubus Queen’ is biography of the daughters from Succubus Queen within the history book ‘The Lost Metropolis Of Sages: Belialuin’. ‘The Birth Of Hydra’ is biography of the Chief Holy Knight who got cursed within ‘Tragedy Of Cornwall’ and ‘The Unborn Child’ is the biography of the daughter from the Cursed Lover within ‘Dark History of Holy War’. Unfortunately, for ‘The Destruction Of Danafor’, I haven’t found biography that related with it, though these seven books are related to each other, that’s why I suggest it to you from the first place”, Trista knew Gwen was prodigy child and she could read it just fine, but she still offered “should I help you to read it? Like from which book you should read?”.

Gwen gladly received the help “yes, please?!”.

It turned out Gwen needed to read ‘The Lost Metropolis Of Sages: Belialuin’ before she could read ‘The Infinity Children: Daughters Of Succubus Queen’. Gwen found it interesting when she knew that the Succubus Queen had given birth two daughters from brothers who ruled over the Sages. Last Chief of Sages had a little brother who become the Advisor of Sages Councils. Every 1.000 years, it had been the tradition for the Chief of Sages to marry a Succubus, to earn the child prodigy who would born with possessing the magic of Infinity. The Chief of Sages did the tradition, he married the Succubus Queen named Lilith then a miraculous child prodigy was born possessing the magic of Infinity. Unbeknownst to him, his little brother was also having mate with Lilith and the second daughter was born. Unlike her older sister, the second daughter was much more like her mother, Lilith. Although the second daughter was born with Infinity magic power like her older half-sister, because she had wings and horns like her mother, Lilith took the second child as her heir while the first child belonged to Sages of Belialuin but when Belialuin was destroyed by Demon King and Supreme Deity, due to the second child’s request, the Cursed Lovers came to save the first child so they could bring her to hide on her mother’s hidden Kingdom for a while.

“interesting!? So, read someone’s biography was just like reading story of someone’s life?”.

“yeah, you can say it like read novel for adult”, Trista shrugged before Gwen offered ‘Dark History of Holy War’ to her “alright, it means we will read ‘The Unborn Child’ after this”.

There were many things she learned of ‘Dark History of Holy War’ like how Mael’s death had affected the Holy War to the point the Goddess Clan had no choice but to seal the Demon Clan, how the Cursed Lovers (daughter of Supreme Deity and son of Demon King who fallen in love with each other) were punished for their crimes and how the Holy War had ended after demise of Cursed Lovers.

Gwen exclaimed in upset “Demon King and Supreme Deity are truly evil?! How could they curse their own children, even killed the unborn child of the Cursed Lovers?! Why should be having the baby was counted as the crimes?!”.

Trista patted Gwen’s head before lifting book ‘The Unborn Child’ to her face “yosh, yosh, that’s why we need to read this. ‘The Unborn Child’ of the Cursed Lovers is alive, after all”.

Gwen chirped “really?!”.

When they read ‘The Unborn Child’, Gwen fell deadly silent because too focused on listening to the story. They had moved their spot to the couch so Gwen could lie down and hugging the pillow as Trista read the book. It turned out that right after the Cursed Lovers died, the Infinity children (the daughters of Succubus Queen) found their corpses and cried, mourning for their death before they found out that their child, somehow, miraculously was still alive although it was still a fetus in its mother’s womb. If they just let her be, it would die. Without even knowing the unborn child was a girl or boy, they brought the Unborn Child to Lilith. Lilith only could give a more proper body, a baby girl’s body but even with Lilith’s help, the baby was dying due to the incapability of controlling its power. Lilith had told them to prepare themselves for the worst but first daughter refused to give up and carried the baby to another sacred place that known as Avalon, the place of all magic and the home for the Lady of the Lake. The Lady of the Lake possessed powerful strength like Supreme Deity. The different was, if Supreme Deity was the one who govern the Goddess Clan, the Lady of the Lake was the one who had full control over the Land of Britannia as one of Gaia’s descendants.

The Lady of the Lake also wasn’t sure if she could help the unborn child or not, because this child was special case. The unborn child was not only having dark magic power from its father but also the light magic power from its mother. It was just like double-edged sword for the baby, for having such powerful magic power but the vessel was still too fragile considering its was still a mere fetus within its mother’s womb before its soul was transferred to another body by Lilith. But thanks to its powerful magic too, the baby was still alive even though its mother passed away already. If they let it be, it would die sooner or later.

Normally, Demon and Goddess couldn’t have children but they could. The Lady of the Lake considered this interesting, not to mention this case was rare and she just couldn’t let innocence soul who hadn’t born to this world yet, to die meaningless. The first daughter and the Lady of the Lake made the pact, where the first daughter should find the wielder of Excalibur and trained him to be the King who was destined to rule all over Britannia while the Lady of the Lake would do her best to keep the unborn child live. The Lady of the Lake needed to stabilize its magic power and energy first. It was hard enough to keep its alive, the more so to stabilize two energy and magic power which collide against each other into one. If dark magic or light magic was too strong, the other side would be diminished or worse, the unborn child could be weakened or even perished if it couldn’t survive without one of its magic which it was born naturally with it.

“so, for years ‘The Unborn Child’ had fallen into comatose sleep and its time had stopped, just like the Sleeping Beauty? Why could the unborn child not able to survive with just one magic power?”.

Trista contemplated “hm... a bit different, I will call it as ‘Stagnation’ instead. For your question, since it was born naturally with those magics, there’s a chance it would die instead if it lost one of its magic. In the end, once the Unborn Child was stable enough to survive and start to live, the Lady of the Lake entrusted her to a marriage couple, King and Queen of certain Kingdom who desired for a child but not able to have it yet, thus they came to the Lady of the Lake for asking a child. The Unborn Child become princess of that Kingdom, married the prince of other Kingdom and they live happily ever after. The end”.

Gwen clapped her hands “I like the end of the story, though it sounded cliches to me”.

“you’re picky, eh?”.

Considering the background of this book was taken post the Holy War 3.000 years ago, Gwen read ‘Tragedy Of Cornwall’. After that, she read ‘The Birth Of Hydra’ before she read ‘The Destruction Of Danafor’.

In the end of the story-telling, Gwen was crying mess and cried herself to sleep after eating the entire box of chocolate and read close to ten books.

When Gwen stirred to wake, she realized that she was not only with Trista this time. Rubbing her eyes, Gwen blinked innocently “Mr. Tristan? What are you doing here?”.

“I can ask you the same”, Tristan took Gwen from Trista’s sofa “now, let’s go home. I bet Merlin and your dad would get worried sick if you didn’t go home right away. It’s the dusk already on the outside”.

Looking down to Gwen who smiled brightly on Tristan’s hands, somehow Trista remembered her own narration.

“The Unborn Child become princess of that Kingdom, married the prince of other Kingdom and they live happily ever after”.

“thankfully it’s a story about you and not me”, narrowing her eyes, with disheartened looks on her eyes, Trista mumbled “...I hope the life will not get too cruel and hard on you anymore... well...”.

Gwen turned her head back to Trista when she couldn’t catch what Trista said the least “huh? Did you say something?”.

“no”, Trista reached out her hand and touched her forehead "it seems that an acquaintance came to pick you up. I'm sorry but I'll have you forget what happened here for a while".

Gwen closed her eyes slowly and fell asleep. When she opened her eyes, she found herself was being carried by Meliodas on their way back to home “oh? daddy?”.

Looking down to her, Meliodas grinned broadly “yo! You’re awake? Seems like you were having too much fun, playing with Elizabeth and the princesses today, eh?”.

It was dusk already. Merlin explained that they found her sleeping soundly under the tree, surrounded by books around her. Even Margaret, Veronica and Elizabeth were sleeping by her side. Elizabeth and Veronica curled into ball on each of her side while Margaret leaned her back on the tree bark, sleeping with opened book on her lap. Gwen just remembered, she was indeed playing with the princesses before they got bored so they read the book and did story-telling until they fell asleep. Meliodas and Merlin who found them in that position, thinking it was really cute before they asked the nearby guards to bring the princesses back to their room while the Seven Deadly Sins went back to their home, with Meliodas carrying Gwen who slept soundly on his arms.

So, her meeting with Trista and Tristan must have been a dream too, right? Oh well, maybe it was because of Veronica’s tale about the Witch who lived under the Castle. Besides there was no way such place like that library did exist under the Castle of Liones? If it did exist, she would do her best to find it.

Gwen tilted her head “nee, daddy, Mr. Tristan didn’t come here today?”.

“of course not, why do you ask?”, Meliodas blinked in confusion before showing new books for her “ah, but he indeed sent the birthday gift for you”.

“new books?! Yay?! Let me see?!”, Gwen snatched the book from Meliodas’ hands before inspecting the books that she earned from Tristan “eto... ‘Hidden Kingdom Behind The Mist’, ‘The Lost Kingdom Under The Water’ and ‘The Necropolis : The City Of The Dead’. Are these a folklore?”.

“sort of”, Meliodas smiled and ruffled her head “now, what you should do when you get the gift?”.

“give thanks?!”.

“good girl”, Merlin chuckled and patted her head “don’t worry. I can send letter to him to send your thanks for him”.

Unbeknownst for them (except Meliodas and Merlin), Tristan watched them from far distance as they went back to home. A bitter smirk plastered on his handsome face “I wonder how you will react after you find out our past? Mine, with my siblings...”.

Chapter Text

Guinevere opened her eyes, she found herself staring the ceiling in her room on the Castle of Camelot. She sat and found Merlin and Isolde were asleep on each of her side, their hand slipped under the pillow while the other wrapped itself around Guinevere’s body protectively. Oh, she couldn’t help but to smile warmly. She remembered that she had a fever last night so the sisters who worried about her, moved to her bed on their shared room.

Guinevere shook Merlin’s and Isolde’s body “godmother, Aunt, wake up!? We can’t be late for Arthur’s coronation?!”.

Merlin rubbed her eyes before smiling up to her “good morning, dear. How do you feel?”.

“good morning, princess”, Isolde touched Guinevere’s forehead “at least your fever has broken, but are you sure, you still want to attend on the coronation? You needn’t push yourself”.

“it’s alright?! It was just a little fever, not too bad?!”, Guinevere waved her arm before crawling out of her bed “come on, if we’re late, we will not hear the end of it from Lancelot and Tristan”.

“Gwen!?”, Arthur barged into her chamber before gripping her biceps and touching her forehead to check her temperature. Pushing her back to the bed, he touched her shoulders “I heard from Tristan and Lancelot, you have a fever last night? Are you feeling okay now? Why didn’t you call me? If you don’t feel well, needn’t to force yourself to attend on the coronation”.

Tristan face-palmed as he leaning his back on the door “oh, boy”.

Gelda knocked the door “Your Highness, even if you are her fiancé, I don’t think it’s okay to just barge into the Lady’s chamber, especially when they are still on their sleeping gown”.

Lancelot snickered before he blurted out “and speak slowly at once, please. You make her confused”.

“first, I’m okay. Second, I’m sorry for not telling you but~ I just didn’t want to disturb you while you’re busy with the preparation of your coronation today”, lowering his hands from his biceps and lifting her forefinger to touch his lips, Guinevere smiled fondly as Arthur blushed. Pushing him gently to outside, Guinevere asked Tristan and Lancelot to help Arthur to prepare after asking Gelda to come with her to help her, Merlin and Isolde to get prepared themselves “third, why not you just go back to your room so you can get yourself prepared because we also want to prepare ourselves for the coronation? See you later on the coronation?!”.

After Guinevere closed the door in front of him, Lancelot wrapped his arm around Arthur’s neck “okay, like the princess said, let’s get you prepared~”.

Wrapped his arm around Arthur’s midsection, Tristan dragged Arthur too “let’s get you prepared~”.

Arthur protested “just because I’m the youngest, should you two be so mean to me?!”.

When Arthur and Guinevere met on the hallway to the throne room for Arthur’s coronation as the King of Camelot Kingdom after they reached 16 years old, Arthur couldn’t help but stare to Guinevere, too struck in awe. Arthur in golden armor and King’s robe. Guinevere in A-line white gown with blue lace, she wore white lily and red camellia as her headpiece instead of pearls or jewelry.

Guinevere shifted uncomfortably, cupping her cheeks “um, there’s something on my face?”.

“no, not at all?! It’s just... I’m so entranced...”, Arthur waved his hands before covering his blushing face “you’re so beautiful”.

Guinevere blushed furiously and lowered her head “...thank you”.

Tristan cleared his throat “okay, lovebirds, save it all for later after the coronation”.

Lancelot nudged him on the ribs with playful smirk “how rude of you to ruin their moment, brother”.

Merlin drawled teasingly “overprotective”.

Isolde giggled “well, isn’t it cute?”.

Gelda shook her head. Even after these years, she couldn’t help but to think how childish these kids “all jokes aside, I guess it’s better for us to go now or we will be late for the coronation”.

On the coronation, Arthur dropped one knee and closed his eyes as the Pope put the crown on his head. Guinevere smiled broadly after she realized Merlin on her side, looking straight and smiled proudly but it was not only her. Gelda, Isolde, Tristan and Lancelot also shared the same sentiment. Though, in the end of the coronation, Guinevere wondered what Arthur wanted to talk with her?

After the coronation was over, Arthur led the way to the flower garden near the pond where they usually played together when they were children, holding her hand “follow me, this way”.

“come on, Arthur. You make me curious~”, Guinevere fisted her skirt on her hand, lifting the front of her skirt to make it easier for her to walk and follow him, looking around “what do you want to talk about? I can’t see people around here”.

Although she said there was no one around here, she still could feel there indeed were people who had been watching them while hiding (if you ask who, who else? Of course, Merlin with Gelda, Lancelot, Isolde and Tristan). What were they and Arthur planning, actually? When Arthur stopped and turned around, he opened tiny red box in his hand, revealing ring with diamond in it.

After Arthur dropped one knee in front of him, Guinevere gasped, both hands flied to cover her mouth “Arthur, this is...”.

“I know, people say we’re still young, but I can’t wait anymore to make you mine, to make you be my Queen”, holding Guinevere’s hand, Arthur held up the ring in his fingers “if you still willingly want to give a honor for me to take you as my Queen, would you marry me, princess Guinevere Cameliard?”.

Guinevere smiled brightly after Arthur proposed her, even teared up a little, nodding her head furiously “yes?!”.

After Arthur slipped the ring on her ring finger, Arthur lifted her off of the ground. Guinevere laughed brightly as tears of joy fell to his face, ignoring his comment about the rain fell on his face. Wrapped his arm under her knees and the other arm around her waist, Arthur grinned broadly, telling her about how he loved her smile that looked the most beautiful as she smiled brightly after he proposed her. She blushed before wrapped her arms around his shoulders and leaned down, slowly closing her eyes as she telling him how she loved him who felt like the sun. Arthur blushed slightly but he closed his eyes as their lips crushed against each other.

“about time~”, Lancelot drawled, he had watched everything from above the tree as he sat on the tree branch, he whistled “well, aren’t they cute?”.

“yeah, you’re right”, Gelda who sat on another tree branch beside Lancelot, rolled her eyes “though at first, I thought Tristan would interfere due to his overprotective side to the princess”.

Tristan who hide behind the fence with Merlin and Isolde, twitched his eyebrow “what’s that supposed to mean, Gelda?”.

Merlin stated “it can’t be helped, right? You are the one who always interfere and being overprotective when they are being lovey-dovey”.

Tristan puffed his chest “hmph, I have to make sure she is treated well and he will not cross the boundary before their marriage, that’s all. That brat is so touchy-feely”.

“come on, brother~ he just loves hugs. It’s not like Arthur’s gonna hurt her purposely, ever. He’s damn too pure and kind-hearted. It’s unlike Guinevere can’t defend herself either”, Lancelot drawled cheekily “you’re too worrywart and overprotective~”.

Tristan retorted “and you are too carefree”.

Isolde smiled fondly as she looking straight to Arthur and Guinevere who chatted happily “but I hope all of us, we and our friends can always be happy together like this”.

“I hope so, too”, Tristan smiled fondly with tint of bitterness and loneliness in the end of his speech “no matter how impossible it is”.

Thinking she had mistaken it, Isolde blinked her eyes to him “Sir Tristan?”.

Looking down to her, Tristan narrowed his eyes and reached out his hand to her face with the way that made her heart rocketing. Isolde froze and stopped breathing, not dare to avert her eyes.

After Tristan took the leaf from her hair, Tristan snapped his finger and made the leaf flying to the air “it stuck on your hair, Isolde”.

Tucking her bangs behind her ear, Isolde blushed slightly and hoped he didn’t realize her blush, looking down “oh, thank you, Sir Tristan”.

Lancelot didn’t miss it and he wouldn’t live it down without using it as prank even if just once “speaking of which, when will you two follow their lead, brother, Isolde? Didn’t my brother once say to you that ‘you will make a fine woman and good wife’ or ‘I have no interest to a child, but I can patiently wait until you become an adult’, sort of along those lines to you... right, Isolde?”.

Tristan cracked his knuckles and growled “get your butt down here, you little monkey”.

Lancelot lifted his hands in surrender “no~ I still want to live~”.

Gelda and Merlin exchanged glances with amused grins as Isolde turned bright red. True, Tristan had said those lines to her in the past. When Isolde had baked all dessert for the princess or Arthur’s birthday party, Tristan praised Isolde that she would make a good wife. Once in the past, Lancelot teased how Tristan would end up asking for Isolde’s hand if he kept pestering her to no end about how Isolde had to be careful and had more self-conscious as she was around men, Tristan had dodged it with telling he had no interest to a child but maybe he would consider it when Isolde turned into fine woman and he could wait patiently until Isolde turned into an adult. Of course, Tristan said all of it with his helluva poker face and playful manners, but who know if his words were sincere from his heart or not?

Merlin shook her head when Tristan chased after Lancelot who ran for his dear life “my, my, they are such a kid sometimes”.

Out of the blue, the disaster came without warning.

When Arthur walked down the hallway with Isolde and Lancelot to the meeting room, they heard a man screamed in distress “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”.

Isolde exchanged glances with Arthur and Lancelot “it was Sir Tristan, right?”.

They rushed to the meeting room and opened the door. They barged in and saw Merlin and Gelda stood behind Guinevere who stood across Tristan, the high tension of this room enough to tell them that this wasn’t good.

With innocence smile on her angelic face, Guinevere smiled “so, Tristan, started from today, I set you free from your duty as my guard. You can just get lost to wherever you want”.

Gelda tilted her head “what a carefree way to fire someone, princess?”.

Arthur, Isolde and Lancelot gawked “eh?”.

Tristan narrowed his eyes “...I don’t have any choice left, do I?”.

Guinevere, Merlin and Gelda shook their head and said in unison “no”.

Tristan looked displeased at first, twitching his eyebrows in irritation manner but in the end, he sighed heavily.

“okay, fine”, Tristan bowed his head lowly before straightening his body “thank you for your kindness all along this time, Your Highness”.

Arthur jaw-dropped “WHAT?! Wait, this is serious?!”.

Merlin, Gelda, Guinevere and Tristan said in unison “of course, it is”.

Lancelot grabbed Tristan’s shoulder “wait, wait, wait, older brother?! You will just leave after lost your job without acceptable reason? Just like that!?”.

“it’s just like what she said”, Tristan shrugged and patted Lancelot’s shoulder “take care of them in my stead, okay?”.

Guinevere waved her hand with carefree smile “take care~ but make sure to drop by on my marriage with Arthur, okay?”.

Without looking back, Tristan deadpanned and waved his hand “yeah, yeah”.

Isolde tugged Tristan’s sleeve, halting him in the halfway “please wait, Sir Tristan?! Something must be wrong?! Why should you leave—”.

“Isolde, I know my place”, Tristan grabbed her bicep, looking down with cold gaze “it’s time for you to learn yours. I’m leaving no matter what. Let me go”.

Isolde flinched and let him go. She took a step backward, clenching her fist on her chest.

Looking up to Merlin, Tristan sighed “take care of the rest, Merlin”.

Merlin sighed with lopsided smirk “yeah, you can rely on me”.

Arthur squawked “Guinevere, you’re not serious, right?! How could you fire Tristan?! Where else we can get someone as talented as him?!”.

“Gelda, you can go now”, ignoring Arthur’s complaints, Guinevere turned to Gelda with all seriousness “I trust your judgment”.

Gelda crossed one hand across her chest, bowing her head “you can rely on me, princess”.

With a single bag slung over his shoulder, Tristan stood in front of the tavern ‘Boar Hat’ above the hill.

“so... here I am, huh? I can’t believe this is how life turned out to me”, Tristan lamented and sighed in distress “well, whatever”.

When Tristan came into the loud and crowded tavern, he saw Meliodas was in the middle of argue with his customers about his food “yo, long time no see you, Sir Meliodas”.

“Tristan?! Long time no see you?!”, Meliodas snapped his head, lifting his hands up to the air before he crawled to Tristan’s back to give headlock “where were you, brat? Why didn’t you tell me that you moved?”.

“gah?! I’m so sorry?! But first...”, releasing himself from Meliodas’ clutch, Tristan asked incredulously “did you seriously just serve your cook to your customer?”.

Meliodas blinked his eyes innocently “any problem with that?”.

Tristan shrieked in horror “of course, it is?! Don’t tell me you forget it already? Back then when Merlin cried—”.

Meliodas tapped his chin “hm, you mean back then, when I cooked special cakes for your ex-wife as you two had visited? I thought she cried because it was too delicious”.

“yes, when you made her cry and it was not because your food was delicious but because it was gross and for Heaven’s sake, she’s a tough woman and you could make her cry just because of your food?! I could swear...”, Tristan twitched his eyebrow at the mention ‘ex-wife’. Seriously, couldn’t his family members like his father (rarely though) or his brother (occasionally and deliberately to tease him, like Lancelot did) just live it down? Lifting his head, Tristan scowled “how could you cook all along this time, honestly?”.

Meliodas grinned “I cook without thinking about what people like and rather think about its appearance than its taste”.

“told you, please think about its taste first?!”, Tristan protested and shook his head, suddenly having the headache “geez, can’t believe this... you haven’t changed at all, eh?”.

Meliodas crossed his arms before his chest “you too, hot-headed as usual”.

With all seriousness, Tristan stared down to him pointedly “okay, for your customers’ sake, let me use your kitchen”.

This time Tristan served apple pie for the customers with sincere apologize and three customers who had become the victims of Meliodas’ bad food, now moaned in delightful “DELICIOUS?!”.

Unlike Meliodas’ bad food, although Tristan’s food didn’t have convincing appearance, its taste could be guaranteed (courtesy by Merlin).

“speaking of which, Tristan”, Meliodas looked up “you haven’t told me what are you doing here?”.

“I was kicked out of my job lately by the Lady’s fiancé after the Lady is gonna married with him because he said he didn’t like it at all when I trained his fiancée and kicked her on the gut. Being jobless, I just remembered that you once mentioned you would open the tavern as its master and I could come here whenever I feel up to. Since I love booze and I can cook, can I work here with you?”, Tristan rolled his eyes “sorry, Arthur, but it’s not like my father knew that what I was telling him is the truth or a lie. I can’t tell my own father that my own older sister who looked like my little sister kicked me out of job, right? At least, not for now”.

Meliodas caressed his chin “okay, you can work here. About your salary, maybe I can’t give you the high salary like your previous job, but at least I still can give you place to stay here, food and drink. You also can drink the booze that you like, as long as you can work as cook and waiter here. How?”.

Tristan shook his hand “deal”.

Hawk shouted in disbelief “what kind of job interview is this?!”.

Meliodas turned to Hawk “no problem, right? With him as our cook, you can eat more edible food from now on”.

Hawk’s eyes lit up “oh, you’re right?!”.

Tristan grinned “you acknowledge that your food isn’t edible now?”.

Meliodas smacked his head “watch your mouth, cheeky brat”.

“only tell the truth, old man”, Tristan leaned his elbow on the table “so, when did I start to work?”.

“nah, for today, you can just cook. You will officially work here tomorrow”, Meliodas handed a bottle of Bernia ale to him “not to mention I still need to find the uniform for you. For today, just relax”.

“thank you”, Tristan heard the conversation in the tavern, about Seven Deadly Sins and the Wandering Rust Knight, before he straightened his body and heard it, narrowing his eyes “do you hear it?”.

Meliodas turned to Tristan after serving an ale to his customer “what is it?”.

Hawk sniffled “what’s this rusty smell?”.

The customers in the tavern stiffened. Next second, someone wore rust-armor came in and reached out their hand with cracking unrecognizable voice “...The Se...Ven...Deadly...Sins...”.

All customers panicked “IT IS HERE?!”.

After all of customers ran off of the tavern in fright, Tristan casually drank a bottle of Bernia ale before he put the bottle on the table “oh, damn. Have they paid the bill? I mean, the frightened customers who just ran off”.

Meliodas tilted his head and crossed his arms “well, well, well, I wonder”.

Hawk shouted in fright from behind the table “you two, how could you be so calm like that?!”.

Next second, rust-armored knight collapsed backward and its helmet rolled to the floor. When Tristan, Hawk and Meliodas found out who was behind the rust-armored, Meliodas and Tristan exchanged their glances.

Lifting his head, Tristan stared to Meliodas “’s a woman”.

Meliodas caressed his chin thoughtfully “unya”.

Meanwhile, on Camelot Kingdom...

Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Lancelot and Isolde sat on the gazebo in circle, having lunch together.

Arthur sneezed “ACHO!?”.

Lifting her head from her tea cup, Guinevere blinked “what is it? Do you catch a cold?”.

Arthur shook his head and rubbed his nose “no? Maybe someone just talked about me?”.

“hm... at least no fever”, Guinevere touched his forehead “but why do your face turn red, anyway?”.

Arthur gulped, he even could see her curved eyelids from how close their proximity “uhm... your face was too close...”.

“what’s the problem? It’s not as close as when we kissed”, Guinevere innocently remarked before she covered her mouth, blushing furiously after she realized what she had slipped out “ah?! oh gosh, I don’t mean to!? Um, I mean... my tongue was just slipped?! That’s it?!”.

With knowing, confident smirk plastered on her face, Merlin touched Lancelot’s and Isolde’s shoulder, turning them around before ushering them “how about we give more privacy to the lovebirds here so they can spend their time privately for each other?”.

Lancelot agreed and chuckled brightly “that’s right, let’s retreat~”.

“retreat~”, Isolde giggled and waved her hand “have fun!?”.

“godmother?! Lancelot?! Isolde?! Don’t leave us just like that?!”, Guinevere lifted both her hand in irritation before raising her eyebrow. Rolling her eyes, Guinevere looked behind over her shoulder to see the man who wrapped his arms around her body and snuggled against her “um... Arthur, what are you doing?”.

Purring, Arthur sighed in contentment, leaning his head to the crook of her nape “only want to charge my energy, sweetheart~”.

Guinevere shuddered with blushing face “hey, it’s ticklish?!”.

Yep, Tristan was right that Arthur was touchy-feely.

Chapter Text

Tristan persisted to cook meal for Elizabeth because he just couldn’t let Elizabeth become victim of Meliodas’ bad food. When Tristan went upstairs to Meliodas’ bedroom with a tray, egg sandwich with bacon and milk upon it, Tristan didn’t too surprised when he saw Meliodas groping Elizabeth’s breast “come on, I know this is usual but oh well, not everything have changed even after all these years, huh?”.

Still groping Elizabeth’s breasts, Meliodas blinked innocently “oh, you come. That’s fast”.

“oh, sorry to interrupt. I don’t know you’re having fun here”, putting down the tray on the table, Tristan deadpanned before walking to the door “I will come back later. See you”.

Meliodas caught him by the back of his collar “wait, not so fast, big boy”.

Hawk stomped and shouted in disbelief “that’s right?! How could you just leave this place after said such nonchalant things as if nothing happened!? You should have saved the girl from him or at least, hit him for harrassing this unconscious girl?! That’s what normal people would react?!”.

Oh, right. Hawk didn’t know, so no wonder the pig reacted like this. Seemed like he had to get used with this. After all, Merlin only shook her head and usually, Tristan and Merlin had to cover Isolde’s eyes (in order to save her innocence) when Meliodas was having fun (like grope her) with Elizabeth although they were nearby. The idea about hit Meliodas sounded not bad too.

Tristan tapped his fist on his palm “oh, good idea you’ve got here, Sir piglet. Sorry to disappoint you, but unfortunately I’m not exactly normal person so no wonder I didn’t react like normal people would”.

“yes, you clearly are”, Hawk deadpanned before it snorted “tch, one more weird people”.

“tch, one more weird people”.

Tristan blinked his eyes “...Wandle?”.

Meliodas tapped Tristan’s bicep “no, it’s Hawk”.

“oh, I see. Okay, first...”, Tristan turned to Meliodas with broad, mischievous grin on his face “clench your teeth”.

Tristan launched fist and kick which easily dodged by Meliodas and somehow, the little quarrel between father and son here turned into arm-wrestling as they waited Elizabeth to wake up. Hawk didn’t know what to do or say so the clueless pig who knew nothing about their relationship as father and son, only able to watch them. Not too long after that, Elizabeth blinked her eyes and regained her consciousness with note

“oh, she’s awake”, Tristan rolled his eyes to Meliodas after they stopped their arm-wrestling “want me to leave you two alone?”.

“no, you can’t?! After saw what happened just now, how could you—”, Hawk protested, hopped onto Tristan’s back “oh, sorry. Right, you said it yourself that you’re not normal people”.

Elizabeth blushed furiously when Meliodas sat in front of her and continued to groping her (much to Hawk’s irritation while Tristan was used to this already, so it had no effect on him) “uh, um...”.

Meliodas crossed his arms, felt content with the groping “yup, nothing’s wrong with your heartbeat”.

When Elizabeth thanked him instead, Tristan couldn’t help but thinking how dangerous it could be for her if it wasn’t his father “Lady, is there no one ever telling you about how clueless, pure and innocence you are?”.

Meliodas put his hands on his hip “Tristan, it’s rude to say it to the stranger, cheeky brat”.

Tristan leaned down to him with cheeky grin “don’t you know it can be counted as sexual harassment, to grope someone who passed out in your place and just met with you, old man?”.

Elizabeth blinked her eyes innocently “is it?”.

Hawk dumbfounded, contemplating they were friends or not from how close they were but also hostile to each other sometimes “I don’t know what to say, you two really get along well or not?”.

“talking pig?!”, Elizabeth’s eyes lit up and she quickly jumped to caress the talking pig “I once asked my father to give me one for my birthday, but I didn’t get it?!”.

Tristan crossed his arms and chuckled “well, not all of pig can talk”.

After a little chat about where were they and Meliodas showed off his broken sword, Elizabeth blushed again when her stomach growled.

"are you hungry?", Meliodas tucked his hands behind his head before turning to Tristan “good thing you’ve brought the food and drink, Tristan”.

Once again, Elizabeth gave her thanks (this time to Tristan) before she ate and drank Tristan’s food and drink. Hawk, Meliodas and Tristan startled when Elizabeth started crying and Elizabeth told them that she had travelled from her home all alone to here. Meliodas and Tristan exchanged glances at that, they thought what could happen to her and this Kingdom, until she travelled all along from her Castle? But before they could pester her, they heard the loud bang on the door downstairs, the weaklings demanded them to bring the Wandering Rust Knight with almighty manners.

Meliodas knew what would happen next, after all he knew his son too well, knowing what his son hated the most was understatement “oh, boy”.

Tristan tapped his shoulder “I forgot to ask something. Can I ask one more condition for my salary?”.

Meliodas blinked his eyes “what is it?”.

With wicked grin, Tristan cracked his knuckles “I need the sandbag for my exercise. Some scumbags will do”.

“go on”, Meliodas waved his hand and deadpanned “don’t cross the boundary, got it?”.

“will do”, Tristan walked to the door “wait a minute. I’ll be back here quickly”.

Next second, they (Elizabeth, Hawk and Meliodas) heard people screaming in pain outside before Tristan came back with smug grin on his face “okay, can we continue our talk now?”.

Meliodas wanted to confirm “what are you doing to them?”.

Tristan caressed his chin “hm... only beaten them black and blue, tied them before hanging them to the tree on the edge of the tree. Don’t worry, the cliff under them is the slope one, not steep”.

Hawk deadpanned “I guess you just recruited crazy guy”.

Meliodas cheerfully waved his hand “don’t worry, he’s always like this”.

Hawk shouted in disbelief “ALWAYS!?”.

Elizabeth chuckled lightly, tucking her bangs behind her ear “if you don’t mind, would you like to talk about it outside?”.

On the edge of the cliff, Meliodas stared to Elizabeth who looked straight to the mountain with her back facing them “so... can we talk more about it?”.

“thank you for helping me just now. You even gave me place to sleep, also delicious food and warm drink”, Elizabeth turned her head with reassuring smile “but please, just forget what you heard from me just now”.

When Elizabeth tried to leave, Tristan cracked his neck before talking out loud “last time I dropped by in the black market of the Camelot Kingdom, there are so many refugees from Liones Kingdom. Not only Camelot, but also other Kingdoms and that’s when I heard interesting news, like how Great Holy Knights of Liones Kingdom have attempted to start Holy War against Britannia, Holy Knights planned the Coup d’etat against the Royalty thus King and princesses were captured but they covered it with telling that the King is sick, or... the third princess of Liones Kingdom disappeared”.

Elizabeth stopped walking and stiffened.

Meliodas tugged his sleeve “from where do you know it all?”.

Tristan smirked, looking down to him “from the broker information in the black market”.

“Tristan, I don’t mind at all that you’ve wandered around those ‘dark places’, but better don’t dive in to the danger too often if it’s just for having fun”.

Ignoring Meliodas’ last remarks, Tristan continued “so... care to tell us how far the truth of the news that I’ve heard, princess Elizabeth Liones?”.

Elizabeth snapped her head back “what are you talking about—”.

“don’t try to fool me. I know very well that the symbol on your earring is that of the Royal Family. I served princess Guinevere Cameliard once as her Martial Arts Trainer, so I know all symbols of Royal Family of Kingdoms on the entire of Britannia. Any question?”, but when Elizabeth looked horrified, Tristan clarified “ah, don’t worry. We will not do anything to you. The problem is, we can’t help you if we don’t even know your problem, right?”.

Elizabeth relaxed before finally, she gave in and told them everything. After knowing what Elizabeth wanted to do with looking for The Seven Deadly Sins, Tristan couldn’t help but thinking that no matter how far they got separated, eventually they would meet in the end.

Meliodas tilted his head “but there were rumors of them all dying, if I recall”.

“oh, still playing dumb?”, Tristan followed his lead “yeah, not to mention who know if they will want to help you or not. What if they’re villains like the rumors said and endanger you in the process?”

With determination and resolve on her eyes, she cried out loud “in fact, the Holy Knights are the ones who are actually making people suffer?!”.

Tristan and Meliodas blinked their eyes, thinking was this about time to stop playing dumb?

Suddenly, they felt the earthquake before the earth beneath them gave away and they fell. Tristan and Meliodas nodded to each other before Tristan wrapped his arm around Hawk and jumped first. Meliodas carried Elizabeth bridal style and five Knights neatly tied with a single rope (oops, they were the Holy Knights that Tristan had beaten black and blue, neatly tied before hanging them on the tree. Looked like they had fallen too just now).

Tristan landed on the ground before putting Hawk down “you okay, Sir Hawk?”.

Hawk nodded and thanked him before Meliodas landed beside them, releasing the rope on his hand and gently putting down Elizabeth to the ground “hey, if you’re awake, run to the forest when I give the signal. Okay?”.

Elizabeth blinked, still dazed “huh? Oh, yes”.

When Twigo confirmed Elizabeth was the third princess of Liones Kingdom and she had to be captured alive, Tristan deadpanned “told you. So, what now?”.

Pushing Tristan and Elizabeth, Meliodas gave the sign “run?!”.

Elizabeth ran as fast as possible “there’s no way I can allow myself to be captured... there’s no way I can give up!?”.

“confirmed! Accidental death!”.

The three of them and Hawk ran back to the woods, but when Tristan, Meliodas and Elizabeth looked behind over their shoulder, they saw Twigo swinging his sword. Tristan stopped and turned his back with intention to stop Twigo but Meliodas leapt, wrapping his arms around their shoulders and pushing them to the ground in attempt to save them from Twigo’s move. Tristan rolled to the side and in the process, accidentally knocked his back rather hard on the edge of tree stump. He coughed the bile before rolling to the side.

Looking down to Tristan who squirmed in pain after spewing the bile, Meliodas touched his shoulder “Tristan!? Are you still alive, big boy?”.

“fine, just... wait a minute... my back got hit rather hard... urgh!”, Tristan lifted his hand and smirked despite the pain on his back “how about princess Elizabeth?”.

Elizabeth gasped, already sitting up and looking down to him with tears pooling on the edge of her eyes “Sir Tristan, are you okay!?”.

Tristan waved his hand “nah, fine... just need to lie down for a while...”.

“just rest for a second, big boy”, Meliodas tapped his head before doing quick body-check on Elizabeth and Hawk “you’re okay. Good. Hawk looks fine too”.

“I’m being skewered here and you call this fine?!”, Hawk cried as tree branch impaling on its body before it ran, crying mess “UWAA!? MOMMA?!”.

“ah”, Meliodas stood up and turned to Tristan “should I pick you?”.

“needn’t. Just give me about 30 seconds”, Tristan lifted his thumb and closed his eyes, grunting “just let me lie down here for a while because you know what I’m gonna do to that bastard once I recover”.

“okay”, Meliodas looked up and found Elizabeth walking away “hey, Elizabeth! Wait, where are you going?”.

“please bring Sir Tristan to the safe place, I won’t be able to get away”.

Tristan peeked from his eye to observe the exchange between them as he recovered himself “selfless like usual, Mom. Now, what will you do, Dad?”.

Meliodas grabbed her wrist “but you said that there’s no way you can give up, didn’t you?”.

Elizabeth asked him to let her go “but at least, if I surrender to him quietly, he should not take yours and Sir Tristan’s life for no reason?!”.

Tristan called out “oi, sorry to interrupt, but that fucking big fatso is coming”.

Twigo raised his sword and launched his attack to them. Tristan simply rolled to the other side and he easily dodged Twigo’s move while Meliodas had pushed Elizabeth to the side, hovering above her as she lying with her back on the ground.

Elizabeth gasped, looking behind “Sir Tristan is—?!”.

Meliodas nodded in agreement “don’t worry, he can take care of himself”.

Elizabeth flopped back to the ground in relief before pleading “please! At the very least, you two should make it out alive!?”.

Tristan clenched and unclenched his fingers, he started to have his sense back “well, not without you, mom. It’s not like we can just leave you here when you’re in danger like this”.

Meliodas scratched his head “but the problem is, it looks like he’s gonna kill us either way”.

As if all her guards had been broken, she cried and broke down below Meliodas, covering her eyes as tears kept flowing out of her eyes, telling them how worried and scared she was in her journey, hiding her identity in the rust armor while she looking for the Seven Deadly Sins, with no one she could rely on and kept walking till she was exhausted. Sobbing, she hiccuped “then why... you two were so kind... to me... someone you didn’t even know... that’s why I... don’t want to wrap you two up in this... any further... especially you, whose name I don’t even know!?”.

The pang of their heart was not the first time. Meliodas thought back to what happened on Danafor and Tristan thought back to what happened on Cornwall before Meliodas grinned confidently “Meliodas. That’s my name”.

Tristan lifted his head “oh, finally”.

Elizabeth hardly believed what Meliodas had said because he looked like a child but when she saw the symbol of a beast, no, a dragon on Meliodas’ left bicep after his left sleeve torn apart, Meliodas smirked smugly. Twigo launched his attack again but instead, Twigo was the one who took the blow. Twigo was shocked to see a dragon-hilted sword with broken blade on Meliodas’ hand. After realized who his opponent was, Twigo wondered how could be Meliodas not change at all.

“have you figured out who I am?”, Meliodas stood in stance and lifted his sword. Panicked Twigo raised his sword and attacked him again but this time, Meliodas used his Full Counter “Seven Deadly Sins, the Dragon Sin, Meliodas”.

Before Twigo flew to the sky due to the impact of Meliodas’ Full Counter, tree roots tied Twigo’s hands and legs.

“my turn”, Tristan swiftly moved in front of Twigo (in the process, Elizabeth saw the symbol of Hydra, nine-headed Dragon on Tristan’s nape) and cracked his knuckles “five times. I count it, you know? For five times you swing your swords to attack us, scared her and made her cry, I’m gonna make sure you’re gonna pay it”.

Meliodas reminded as he sheathed back his sword “just don’t kill him”.

“yes, yes”, Tristan waved his hand, not in front of Elizabeth, he knew better than it. So, instead of using his magic power that might have ended up killing Twigo, Tristan only launched punches and kicks before sending Twigo flying to the sky with his last kick. Dusted the dirt from his hand, Tristan smirked “so... since I will join you from now on, can you give me a name? Title that befitting to my Sin”.

Meliodas tilted his head and grinned lopsided “well, well, well, why not just use the one that Merlin has picked for you?”.

“the Hydra Sin of Revenge”, Tristan put his hands on his hip and smiled “isn’t it?”.

Elizabeth walked closer to them “Sir Tristan, you are...”.

“...far before Seven Deadly Sins were created, I already have committed ‘Sin’ and thus I have my own name”, Tristan admitted half-heartedly before he reached out his hand and smiled to her “nice to meet you, princess Elizabeth. I am Hydra Sin of Revenge, Tristan Ravenwolf”.

Elizabeth shook his hand “nice to meet you, too?! I hope we can be friend someday?!”.

“hey, it’s not like we will get separated after this”, Tristan chuckled, patting Meliodas’ head “now you have found the first Sin here, their Captain even, I guess we will stick close together from now on”.

Meliodas elbowed him on the gut “about the remaining six, I’ve got business with them too, so I’ve started searching for them recently. I’ve been running a bar to gather information. Tristan just joined me but like you see, he has tendency of hostility to whoever dare to mess up with us even if just a little bit”.

Tristan drawled playfully “only make sure they get what they buy, that’s all~”.

“but if I have a waitress too, then I’d be able to get more customers and information”, Meliodas looked up with lopsided grin “you’ll come with me, right?”.

Elizabeth cried in joy “yes!?”.

Next second, Hawk came back with Hawk Mama, the green-colored giant pig with Boar Hat tavern on its back. Hawk threw the ladder to them before telling them to get on.

Wrapping his arms around Elizabeth’s waist, Meliodas lifted her and reached out the ladder “nice timing, Hawk Mama?!”.

Tristan followed them and climbed the ladder “I get it now, why did you give name this tavern as Boar Hat”.

Far from Boar Hat, on the Capital of Camelot Kingdom, young princess lazily laid down on her bed within her room in the castle. She rolled to her back, looking up to her Sacred Treasure Galadriel Mirror.

“it has begun, it seems”, Guinevere smiled after she watched what happened “told you, you are the most befitting for this job, little brother”.

It started from the refugees who kept coming to Camelot Kingdom. Guinevere and Arthur had worked together to spread the refugees to different areas on their Kingdom, even helping them to get new work but when the young couple infiltrated to the black market, Arthur and Guinevere found out news about how messed up the condition on the Liones Kingdom, from how hostile Holy Knights had behaved, the King had fallen ill, Great Holy Knights planned to start the Holy War and the disappearance of Liones Kingdom’s third princess.

Guinevere especially worried about Elizabeth and the princesses because they were her childhood friend so she pretended to fire Tristan while in fact, she had sent Tristan and Gelda out for the mission. Their mission was to find out what happened on Liones Kingdom and found out Elizabeth Liones, the third princess of Liones Kingdom. Merlin also had given the crystal ball to communicate with them when they wanted to give report so they could give report directly to Guinevere or Merlin through Merlin’s communication crystal ball or Guinevere’s Galadriel Mirror.

“but at least, you can tell us first, older sister”, Lancelot crossed his arms, leaning his back on the wall “Isolde even cried, you know?”.

“blame Tristan for that. He’s the one who being rude to Isolde and made her cry”, Guinevere lifted her legs up and down before Galadriel Mirror reflected Gelda “oh, Gelda. Any luck?”.

“like you have ordered me, princess, I have infiltrated to the Liones Castle”, Gelda wore maid’s uniform as she gave report on her hiding spot, at the roof of the old castle where Seven Deadly Sins had been framed “looks like the condition here isn’t too good. The King has been locked in his chamber, Holy Knights told that the King’s fallen ill thus Great Holy Knights, Hendrickson and Dreyfus are in charge now. I don’t know, whether the news about the King is ill, is the truth or not but the princesses... Princess Margaret asked to be locked on the dungeon while princess Veronica has set off for her own journey with Sir Dreyfus’ son who works as her guard, Griamore because she wanted looking for her little sister, the third princess Elizabeth Liones. Any news from Tristan?”.

“I just checked up on him. He had found Ellie already, but looks like he needed to go hunting for... you know, his necessity”, Guinevere praised Gelda for her hard work and asked her to just stay in the Castle as her spy “but could you check on him sometimes and bring his necessity? Also, stay in the Castle means you can know whatever news that Tristan couldn’t get”.

“understood, princess”, Gelda bowed her head before blinking her eyes “something’s wrong?”.

Guinevere chuckled “ah, no... just thinking, you’re cute in that outfit”.

Gelda blushed slightly “princess, don’t tease me like Tristan usually did”.

After Gelda was off, Lancelot asked “sis, it means...’.

“yeah, no need to worry, Lancelot”, Guinevere smiled to him “with Tristan by our father’s and mother’s side now, we needn’t to worry. I believe the three of them can take care of each other. We just need to observe them for now and let’s wait for the perfect time to reunite with our family and send the blow to our enemy. We can’t afford to lose”.

“you’re right”, Lancelot turned serious, looking up to the sky outside the window “we just need to play our role as long as we’re waiting for the right time to resolve everything”.

Chapter Text

Tristan hissed and gritted as cold sensation of wet rag touching his back.

Meliodas who compressed him, tapping his shoulder “are you okay?”.

“fine”, Tristan exhaled heavily and gulped, shrugging his shoulder “thankfully this artificial heart is made by sturdy stuff. I’d have more than bruises if it hadn’t been”.

“usually, you check this to Merlin, right?”, Meliodas rubbed his back to dry gently, carefully before he put on the gauze and wrapping the bandage “how have you been doing with your artificial heart when she’s not around to check and take care of this?”.

“I have a healer, talented one”, Tristan quickly shoved his turtle-neck sleeveless black shirt “although she’s pretty... strict, when it comes to order but her medicinal treatment is perfect. She always demanded to me for using her strict recipes or came to her place for check-up frequently based on schedule. When I didn’t follow her order like to check up frequently, I would hear no end of it”.

Tristan referred to Isolde. He didn’t too surprised when knowing that Isolde wanted to be a healer after Merlin asked her about what kind of occupation she wanted to be. The first reincarnation of Isolde was an herbalist named Isolde Evergreen. The second reincarnation of Isolde was Isolde Rosalita, caretaker and nursemaid in the Castellio Kingdom (and Escanor’s first love). The third reincarnation of Isolde was Isolde Marianna, Ireland young maiden who he had saved from the slavery.

“looks like her interest on occupation will not go too far from the occupation to care on other people”, Tristan looked behind over his shoulder after he wore Boar Hat’s uniform for male that match with his father’s uniform “so, where we will start our search?”.

Meliodas tapped his bicep, asking him to relax “for now, we will go to re-stock our supply in the village of Bernia”.

Tristan knew Elizabeth’s previous clothes had tattered, so they had to give another clothes (thankfully, his father fully knew his condition and no problem for Tristan to wear the turtle-neck sleeveless shirt under his uniform) but this, as he looked to Elizabeth’s uniform, he only commented about one thing because he had no words about his father’s tastes “ can just say it if you dislike it or this kind of uniform make you feel uncomfortable, you know? Also, I think this kind of clothes makes her showing too much of her skin”.

“finally, someone has to say it”, Hawk agreed “it makes you sounded a bit normal now, at least”.

Tristan caressed his chin “maybe this is just me, but I do think woman shouldn’t show off their skin too much”.

“the uniform just doesn’t suit with your tastes, right?”, Meliodas narrowed his eyes with sly grin “after all, you prefer woman with clothes that cover mostly of their skins but perfectly showing the curves and shape of their body~”.

Tristan stiffened and said nothing, turning his head to the side. Nothing he could say to deny about what Meliodas said because it was the fact (Merlin was the exception, though. Meliodas totally shocked when knowing Tristan’s and Merlin’s relationship also because of this. Unlike Isolde who usually wore dress or long-sleeves shirt with long skirt that perfectly showing the curves or the shape of her body, Merlin had entirely different tastes of clothes with Isolde which Merlin usually wore clothes that showing most of her skin, much to Tristan’s constant complaints and distaste although in the end, he gave up about it and decided to respect her).

Hawk trailed off “...pervert, both of you”.

Tristan snapped his head “don’t group me with him”.

“anoo, if it’s alright for me to ask...”, Elizabeth continued when both Meliodas and Tristan turned their head to her “what kind of ‘Sin’ you have committed?”.

For a second, Tristan froze before he smiled thinly (though he tried to hide it, for a split second Elizabeth had detected the pain, grief and sorrow on his eyes) “ you want to know?”.

“ah, if you can’t tell me at all, it’s alright?! I just...”, Elizabeth waved her hands before fiddling with her fingers “I wonder... are the Seven... are you really as much of a villain as everyone says you are? If so, what kind of crime did you commit? Because I think that everyone is just misunderstanding something! You two saved me whom you didn’t even know, after all?!”.

When Meliodas was making fun of her instead, Tristan was amused. Elizabeth was displeased “uh, Sir Meliodas, please stop making fun of me!? or is it that you really committed a crime that you can’t even speak about?”.

Tristan shrugged “sort of”.

Meliodas tilted his head “something like that”.

“...huh?”, Elizabeth felt the building shook and she lost her balance “kyah!”.

Meliodas caught her before she fell, wrapping his arms around her waist where her chest bumped into Meliodas’ face “woah, watch out”.

Tristan lifted his thumb, leaning his body on the counter “nice catch”.

Hawk growled “nice catch your ass!?”.

When they arrived on Bernia village, they were surprised to find what happened on this village. Sword of Holy Knight stuck into the ground. The sword imbued with his magic sealed the underground water source. Without famous river water that had been the source of their life and the grout, if this went on, Bernia’s ale would be no longer...

Elizabeth figured out the chill she had earlier “the Holy Knight, is it the one Sir Meliodas and Sir Tristan defeated yesterday?”.

After Meliodas clarified that the one yesterday wasn’t even the Holy Knight, Tristan explained “the one we fought yesterday is still Holy Knight Apprentice. A real one is nothing like that”.

After two knights laughed at the villagers’ useless effort, a kid named Mead claimed himself as friend of someone from Seven Deadly Sins. Two Knights who laughed at the villagers just now stiffened but the villagers were only getting more pissed off of this kid’s pranks. When a stone that intended to hit Mead instead flying to the side and barely hit Meliodas in the face, Tristan caught the stone before it hit Meliodas’ face.

“people tend to look for scapegoat and blame someone when they are on despair, reach their breaking-point or too weak and unable to do something to fix what’s wrong. Maybe this kid did wrong with his pranks, but at least, he has his own reasons to do it. Why not listen to him for a second before you judge him and throw the stone to him? Isn’t it too childish to throw a stone to a kid because of his prank? After all, children have no place to go, but to an adult that they believe and defend on”, Tristan’s iron grip was strong enough to make the stone in his hand crumbled into pebble. After patting Mead’s head, Tristan looked behind over his shoulder with threatening glare “also, watch out to where you just throw the stone. Don’t make me throw the stone right at your face, you wouldn’t like it to see the stone crumble your brain, would you?”.

The villagers backed away after looking at Tristan’s bloodlust but Meliodas shook his head and grabbed his hand, looking up “Tristan, control your bloodlust”.

Tristan closed his eyes and rubbed his eyebrow “yeah, yeah, I know. Sorry”.

Meliodas crawled to his shoulders before patting his head and ruffling his hair “don’t scowl, then”.

Tristan only scowled deeper before tipped his head back, looking straight to him “I am not~ only upset because that stone just now barely hit your face, that’s all. It’s dangerous, right?”.

Looking down, Meliodas smiled fondly at his son’s concern. Landing to the ground, Meliodas pushed him gently “okay, my big boy. Now, be a good boy and just go hunting. Luckily, there’s woods nearby. Just catch the boar or whatever animals you want to eat”.

Tristan slipped his hand into his pocket, waving his hand “yes, yes, old man. Thank you very much”.

After Tristan went away, Meliodas lifted his hands “yeah, sorry for the hostile attitude of my new waiter, but deep down he is a good boy?!”.

Deep down in her heart, Elizabeth wondered what kind of relationship that Tristan and Meliodas had shared from how protective and caring they were to each other’s well-being.

On the woods, Tristan felt someone’s presence, pulling out his dagger but after he pointing his dagger to the neck of someone who approaching him, it turned out it was Gelda. Lowering his dagger, Tristan straightened his body “it’s you”.

“still having hard time to control your bloodlust when it comes to your family’s safety, eh?”, Gelda too, lowered her dagger and smiled “not that I don’t agree with you”.

“oh, shut up. Don’t say the same thing with my father”, Tristan narrowed his eyes to Gelda who wore maid’s uniform that mostly cover her skin and perfectly show her curves, just like his tastes but like he said, there was no way he had interest on taken woman, especially not his soon-to-be aunt, his uncle’s lover. So, Tristan only praised her “I think it’s cute of you, to wear maid’s uniform”.

Gelda deadpanned “don’t copy what your older sister told me”.

Tristan snickered “oh, she has the same impression then”.

“I need to go back to Liones Castle, quickly, but I’m here since the princess asked me to check on your condition here. Is everything alright?”.

“just like you see, not too good, but I still can handle it”.

After Tristan and Gelda exchanged the information, Gelda told him to keep her presence as secret for a while from Meliodas so Tristan agreed to not talk about her to Meliodas for a while.

Before she went back to the Castle, Gelda asked, lifting teleportation orb on her hand (Guinevere and Merlin had given two orbs for her, Communication Orb to communicate with them and Teleportation Orb to teleport in case she needed the teleport, it was really handy) “just call me after you make sure that your parent have gone to sleep, I’ll come here again later at night to bring your necessity”.

“let’s just meet again here at the night after they sleep”, Tristan nodded his head before caressing his chin “speaking of which, are you gonna wear this maid’s uniform again or your usual Vampire robe?”.

Gelda lifted her hand “live it down already”.

When he came back to the Boar Hat after consumed his ‘necessity’ with a tiny bird, Tristan who had felt his body getting better, now felt pity for Mead who become victim of Meliodas’ bad food.

Putting down his mug on the table, Meliodas asked “so... your friend is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, is it true?”.

When Mead protested about Meliodas was too young to drink it, Tristan snickered. After this kid Mead realized Tristan’s arrival (which Elizabeth and Hawk came in time) to see Mead bowing his body in front of Tristan “your kind words back then truly affected me?! Thank you for helping me just now, Sir?!”.

Tristan awkwardly scratched his head, although that was not his real intention, so Tristan merely waved it off, pointing to Meliodas “ah, don’t misunderstand it. I only caught a stone that flying towards him, that’s all”.

Meliodas reminded him “you did scold the villagers too”.

Tristan turned his head “oh, did I? I only lashed out those childish villagers”.

Meliodas shook his head “you’re sure dishonest, huh?”.

“let me make it clear to you, kid, this guy—”, Tristan sat beside Meliodas, pointing to Meliodas “—is older and far stronger than me”.

Mead sat again, this time pointedly staring back and forth to Meliodas and Tristan “ truly respect him, huh?”.

Tristan leaned his head on his chin “of course, he is the one who raised me alone after my mother passed away. Well, if you ask me, he is more than friend, brother and father, family... though people sometimes have mistaken him as my kid is kinda annoying”.

Meliodas smacked Tristan in the head “live it down already, cheeky brat”.

Mead burst out into laughter “no wonder?! I also will not believe it if you say he is your father!? I will believe it if you say he is your son instead?!”.

Hawk mumbled in wonder “I wonder how old are they, actually?”.

“oh, I see... no wonder that Sir Tristan and Sir Meliodas are so protective and caring about each other’s presences”, Elizabeth mused before smiling and crouching her body beside Mead “Mead, I’ve heard it all from the Chief”.

After knowing the full story of why this Holy Knight stuck his sword to the Bernia village and looking at how Elizabeth expertly handled the kid (she always had, Tristan and Meliodas noted), Tristan stood and crouched in front of Mead “you feel lonely, right?”.

Not only with Tristan, Meliodas had the deal with his children, after all. They couldn’t reveal in front of anyone and the fact that they were actually father and son (or daughter, with Guinevere) had to keep as well-guarded secret. It was not like they didn’t want to admit their blood relationship, but when the worst came, it was needed to protect his children from the dangerous threat that might kill his children. His children understood it, including about their parent’s curses and conditions, entirely. However, it never changed the fact that it made them lonely sometimes. So, it was easy for Tristan to recognize the loneliness in Mead’s eyes.

Tristan cupped his cheek and smiled fatherly “look, just apologize to them, admit your fault and try to fix your error”.

Mead lowered his head in shame “but... what if they don’t want to forgive me? after all, I don’t deserve their forgiveness... I’m totally an outsider for them”.

Elizabeth realized Meliodas and Tristan shared the distant expression before Tristan ruffled Mead’s head “but for you, they aren’t strangers and you think of them as your family. That’s why, you defended them, right?”.

Mead’s eyes widened at that.

“deserve it or not, you don’t know it until you try it. Don’t be mistaken to choose what is precious things for you and what do you want. Not everything that you want, will bring goods for you. Meanwhile, what’s precious for you, it can’t be replaced at all. Never ever let go of what’s precious for you”, Tristan lifted his finger, pointing to Mead’s chest “deep down here, you know the answer already, right? What’s precious for you”.

Tristan’s eyes widened when Mead wrapped his arms around his neck, crying as he burying his face on his shoulder. After all, he wasn’t used to skin-ship, affectionate reactions like this, except from Arthur or his siblings like Lancelot and Guinevere but he could do this at least, copying what Merlin usually did to Guinevere. Patting his head, Tristan stroke the crying kid’s back soothingly. Hawk sniffled while Elizabeth and Meliodas smiled warmly.

After Mead had calmed down, Tristan encouraged him to go back to the village “now, as a man, you have to take responsibility of what you’ve done but remember, when you can’t do it alone, you always can ask people around you for help. Go”.

Mead nodded his head with determination on his eyes “I promise I will do my best, Sir?!”.

Although, just like they had predicted, it was impossible to pull out the Holy Knight’s sword. After the villagers collapsed backwards in exhaustion, Meliodas and Tristan entered the scene, snatching two mugs of Bernia ale from the laughing Holy Knights.

Lifting his mug of Bernia ale, Tristan walked forward “the weaklings, bastards who don’t understand the taste of alcohol don’t deserve to drink this alcohol. Right, old man?”.

“right, big boy”, tossing their mugs, they drank it as they walked forward passing the collapsed villagers and gobbling the ale. Wiping his mouth, Meliodas turned to Tristan “ah, Bernia Ale is really the best?! Speaking of which, you bring the money, my boy?”.

Tristan took the mug from Meliodas and threw two mugs behind which successfully landing on the head of two Knights who laughed to villagers just now, knocking them out “oops, nope”.

“oh, my bad. I also don’t. Well, well, well, to pay our drink... how about this?”, Meliodas gripped the sword. With broad grin on his face, Meliodas pulled out the Sword “yosh”.

The two Knights who just woke up and the villagers stared to Meliodas in disbelief after Meliodas had pulled out that sword. In the contrast, Tristan and Elizabeth stared to Meliodas in admiration and awe.

“yo, you’ve fought well, kid. Good job”, looking down to Mead who had the nosebleed, Tristan helped him up before wiping the blood from his nose. Looking behind to the cowering, stiffened duo Knights on the ground, Tristan cracked his knuckles “now, I guess it’s time for an adult to act”.

Meliodas lifted the sword in his hand, inspecting it “not so fast, big boy. I wonder how much this would sell for? Think we can sell this off on Camelot?”.

“wait, we should give the sword back to the owner, right?”, Tristan had realized the upcoming presence and he sighed “I hope you don’t mind of what I’m gonna do, though”.

Meliodas handed the sword to him “what is it?”.

Without explained it, Tristan snapped his fingers and instantly sent Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk to hide nearby with his teleport (actually, he only sent them nearby so they hid behind the corner of the villagers’ houses now).

As expected, it was Twigo who came with Alioni and his gangs.

“there are 8 of them. Alright”, Tristan smirked, leaning the sword on his hand to his shoulder when he saw Alioni and his gangs flinched at him “oh, yo! Isn’t it the bastards yesterday? Want me to kick your ass again?”.

Alioni lifted his shaking finger “you! The one from yesterday who had aided the Dragon Sin of Wrath, Meliodas!?”.

Twigo looked around “where is he and princess Elizabeth?”.

Tristan tilted his head “I don’t know where they are. They don’t travel along with me, after all”.

“liar! Don’t you dare to make a fun with me?!”, Twigo pulled his sword “yesterday I was only careless, but now, with that monster isn’t here, time for you to face your death. Verdict! Casualties of a village with a criminal?!”.

Elizabeth wanted to get out of her hiding place, asking Twigo to not kill Tristan and the villagers but Meliodas stopped her and wrapped his arms around her waist “don’t worry. Trust him. Tristan alone can handle it”.

Twigo raised his sword and attacked Tristan, along with the villagers behind him but next second, he was shocked to see Tristan standing tall in front of him, all of the Bernia villagers were safe because of Tristan’s Perfect Cube. Instead, it was Twigo who got slashed on his face. Full Counter, Tristan had learned it from Meliodas. Any physical attacks that directed to him, would be returned back to its owner instead, since the magical attacks could be handled by Tristan with his magic powers.

“you never learn, huh? watch out to where you strike your sword. You may hurt the innocence villagers behind me”, looking behind to the cowering villagers within Perfect Cube, Tristan smiled to Mead and the kids of the villagers “don’t worry. Just stay there for a moment, will you? I will make this quick”.

Twigo demanded “who are you, actually?!”.

“okay, let me tell you a secret, then. The Seven Deadly Sins members have an apprentice that they chose to be their successor and they are called as Junior Sins. This far, it’s only two of us. One is Black Swan Sin Of Desire, the White Enchantress Gwen, she is Junior Sin for Boar Sin of Gluttony, Merlin who is known as strongest Sorceress of all Britannia”, Tristan smirked in amusement “the other one is me, the Junior Sin for the Dragon Sin of Wrath, Meliodas. I am one of the Junior Sins, the Hydra Sin of Revenge, the Warlock Tristan Ravenwolf. Hopefully, you can carve it into your dense brain”.

Hawk and Elizabeth turned to Meliodas “is it true?”.

Meliodas punched his fist into his palm “oh, nice idea. I’m gonna announce it to the others and officially create it once we’ve gathered”.

Hawk gawked “so this is an instant idea from Tristan?!”.

Twigo raised his sword again but before he could attack him, Tristan slammed his head to the ground.

“listen well, I am the Hydra Sin of Revenge. My Sin is Revenge, so if you dare to harm whoever from this village, I’m gonna make sure you’re not gonna survive my Revenge~”, with hostility and cruelty on his face, Tristan smirked devilishly before tapping his chin thoughtfully when Twigo demanded why did Tristan protect this village “hm, Sir Meliodas and I really love Bernia ale~ we wouldn’t want to lose it at all”.

Meliodas put his hands on his hips and snickered “nishishi, he’s right”.

“now, have a nice nap”, after he knocked Twigo out on the ground, Tristan turned to the cowering two Knights, Alioni and his group, lifting the sword in his hand “oi, the seven of you, can you tell me who is the owner of this sword or at least, where he is stationed?”.

Alioni stuttered “he-he is on the Fort Solgales right now!?”.

“good. You have to report to him, right? I’ll gladly send you there”, Tristan reached out his hand to the side “Portal”.

There was a circle on the air that showing the Fort Solgales in front of Tristan’s reached out hand.

“here we go”, Tristan tossed the sword, Twigo, two frantic Knights, Alioni and his group to the portal that connected this place to the Fort Solgales. Waving his hand, Tristan smiled “and don’t come back~”.

After Tristan closed the portal, Meliodas approached him “good job, big boy”.

“yeah, mission complete”, Tristan tossed his hand with Meliodas’ before looking to the villagers “don’t worry, I will leave now”.

Mead stood in the front “you’re leaving now? Why!?”.

“I am the criminal now”, Tristan shrugged “you hear me, right?”.

“are you kidding? you are our village’s hero?!”, Mead ran to him, clinging to his legs “don’t leave right away like that?!”.

“yeah, he’s right!?”, one of villagers exclaimed “doesn’t matter whoever you are, you are our village’s hero?! You two saved us?!”.

Meliodas and Tristan exchanged glances before looking to Elizabeth who smiled brightly and Hawk who grinned.

Later right after the dusk, Tristan went to the wood because he felt his Communication Orb buzzing so he came alone to the wood to talk with Lancelot, Guinevere and Arthur through Communication Orb.

Lancelot opened the conversation with teasing him “Isolde started complaining about you not come to check up frequently, you know? She missed you so much~”.

Tristan deadpanned “don’t tease me, brother. Also, are you seriously gonna have the sleep-over with princess Guinevere and King Arthur?”.

Arthur smiled sheepishly “it can’t be helped at all, I guess. She’s got a cold and has a fever, but no need to worry, we are in Guinevere’s room and it’s not only us!? Merlin and Isolde will join us soon”.

Tristan narrowed his eyes “are you okay, princess? What happened till she’s got the cold?”.

Guinevere coughed a little and lifted her thumb, lying on her bed “not that bad”.

Lancelot scratched his head “well, I may... not too gentle on her training. She accidentally fell to pond when I dodged her attack”.

Tristan frowned disapprovingly “you are unbelievable”.

“and I believe it’s my line, brother. You are unbelievable. We have watched what happened on Bernia through Galadriel Mirror”, Lancelot pointed Guinevere “and seriously, Junior Sins?! Really!?”.

From her bed, Guinevere chuckled, rasping out “it looks like you have so much fun, eh? And you even announce me as Godmother’s Junior Sin without my permission”.

Tristan smirked and caressed her chin “oh? I believe you wouldn’t mind at all about it”.

Guinevere grinned and approved it “oh, of course~ I kinda love it instead~”.

Lancelot protested “hey, it’s unfair?! Count me in?!”.

Arthur pointed himself with his finger “me too!? me too?!”.

Tristan gawked “you two seriously want to join?!”.

Guinevere noted “Arthur, you can’t. You are the King of Camelot already”.

Arthur snapped his head “eh?! But you are my Queen—”.

“—not yet?!”, Guinevere instantly sat with red face, not only because of her fever, dropping the wet rag on her head but next second she collapsed backward and flopped on her bed again “dizzy...”.

Tristan chuckled nervously “King Arthur, as fun as it is for me to witness your bickering, please don’t make her fever get higher”.

When Tristan wanted to end the conversation after giving his report, Lancelot asked Tristan to wait so Isolde could speak with him, but Tristan dodged it because he had to go back to Boar Hat immediately. After Isolde and Merlin joined, they wondered why Guinevere’s fever only got higher and right after Lancelot explained what happened just now including the fact that Tristan had refused to wait longer so she could talk with him, Isolde shouted to the sky “Sir Tristan is insensitive?!”.

Merlin nodded her head “yes, he is”.

On the Boar Hat, Tristan sneezed “ACHO!”.

Meliodas wiped the glass, looking up “catch a cold?”.

Tristan blinked and wiped his nose “no, maybe someone talked bad about me?”.

Meliodas rolled his eyes with lopsided grin “I guess someone just cursed you?”.

Chapter Text

Fort Solgares

After a portal appeared on the sky, the Holy Knights on the courtyard were shocked by the arrival of a single sword stuck to the ground, followed by Twigo with seven other Knights from lower class. That night, Twigo and seven other Knights sat on the floor, reporting what happened in Bernia including about the Junior Sins.

“Seven Deadly Sins and Junior Sins. I could think this is not only pranks from that certain Warlock, but considering what happened, I guess this is real”, thrumming his fingers on the table, Gilthunder stood and walked to see the map on the wall “although I’ve been waiting for 10 years, for the destruction of Seven Deadly Sins, but now they even have a team of their successors that called as Junior Sins, you said?”.

“yes, Sir Gilthunder. Because two Knights here didn’t come back and we heard there was a commotion on the village, we went to Bernia village and when we arrived there to check the condition on the village, this Warlock had your sword in his hand. We didn’t find Dragon Sin of Wrath Meliodas or princess Elizabeth nearby. We assumed this Warlock is the one who pulled out your sword, Sir”, Twigo nodded his head, body still shaking “he said it’s only two of them right now. The one we met with on the Bernia village claimed himself as Junior Sin from Dragon Sin of Wrath Meliodas. He is Hydra Sin of Revenge, Tristan Ravenwolf”.

Gilthunder touched the map “and the other one is?”.

Twigo added “the other one is Black Swan Sin Of Desire, The White Enchantress Gwen. She is Junior Sin from Boar Sin of Gluttony, Merlin who is known as strongest Sorceress of all Britannia. That was what he said to us, Sir”.

“interesting. I’d like to meet with them. I want to make sure Seven Deadly Sins will meet their demise along with their successors”, Gilthunder turned his back, walking to the front gate of the fort “Gwen... so you’re still alive? I have to tell Margaret right away.

Later, standing on the front gate, Gilthunder borrowed the spear from nearby Knight and threw it to the Bernia village after transferring his magic power.

Bernia Village

It was understatement that the Bernia villagers were throwing party on the Boar Hat for what happened this day. They even cheerfully sang song for Seven Deadly Sins and Junior Sins to kick the Holy Knights asses.

When Elizabeth ran to outside, feeling upset of her incapability for doing something simple as become the waitress, Tristan felt pity on her but being reincarnated as the young pampered, sheltered princess, it was hard for her to do this simple things (she even misheard the order into cheese-baked pig which scared Hawk and left Tristan as the cook dumbfounded) because of the luxury she had as the princess made her having everyone doing everything for her.

Well, since his father went to outside to comfort her, she would be okay, he believed it. However, when he felt familiar magic power that he felt from the sword of Holy Knight that his father had pulled out this afternoon, Tristan felt chill on his nape before he ran to outside and he found a spear with thunder and electric waves running through its, flying to Meliodas.

Perfect Cube?!”, Tristan reached out his hand and Perfect Cube trapped the spear. After the spear with electric waves and thunder lost its magic essence and fell to the ground, Tristan crouched on the floor and sighed in relief “phew, glad I make it in time”.

“nice job, Triss?!”, Meliodas lifted his thumb “though you fully know that I can handle it, right?”.

“hell, yeah”, Tristan stood and dusted the dirt off his clothes “but it was still gonna crumble the village below and I prefer to avoid it. I guess the quicker we leave this village, it’s the safer for this village”.

“I agree”, Meliodas grinned broadly “also, I have an idea as to where we should go next”.

Later at the night, after he made sure that Hawk, Elizabeth and Meliodas were sleeping, Tristan went to the woods where he had secret dinner with Gelda.

Munching bird’s hearts and sipping the blood from the water flask, Tristan asked “do you know the Holy Knight named Gilthunder?”.

“of course, he’s quite popular”, Gelda sucked the blood from boar’s heart before handing the boar’s heart to Tristan, licking her lips “Sir Gilthunder, Diamond Rank, son of the late Grand Master Zaratras who was killed 10 years ago. From what I’ve heard on the Castle, seems like he has been wanting to take revenge against his father’s murdered. Your father and his comrades in Seven Deadly Sins were framed as Grand Master Zaratras’ death. Be careful, Tristan”.

Tristan wiped the blood from his mouth and smirked “will do, Aunt”.

The White Dream Forest

“Sir Meliodas, are you sure we can find one of Seven Deadly Sins here?”, Elizabeth looked around and mentioned about how lifeless this wood “have you seen one, Sir Tristan?”.

“same here, princess”, Tristan shook his head before turning to Meliodas “I also haven’t seen a single person or animal here. Are you sure we are on the right place to find one of Seven Deadly Sins members here?”.

Then, with his innocence face, Meliodas deadpanned “probably”.

“well, I do agree that this forest would be perfect for hiding from Holy Knights, but...”, ignoring Hawk’s constant grumbles, Tristan looked around after Meliodas explained about this place. When he wondered who would be the first Sin he would meet with, that was when he realized there were more than one Hawk “Sir Hawk, since when did you bring a cavalry of your siblings?”.

Turning from Elizabeth, Meliodas whistled “wow, it’s indeed creepy”.

Panicked Hawks ran to Meliodas and without mercy, Meliodas hit them all before all Hawks ran to hide behind Elizabeth. Next second, it was Elizabeth who turned into so many Elizabeths. When all of these Elizabeths charged to them, Meliodas wrapped his arm around Hawk before both Meliodas and Tristan jumped to the tree branch. To test which one the real Elizabeth, Meliodas was rather having fun and it successfully made Tristan falling into laughter fit.

Wiping his tears, Tristan chuckled, swinging his legs back and forth as he sat casually on the tree branch “okay, Sir Meliodas... if you have had enough having fun, can I just get rid of the fake princesses?”.

Thinking it was more than enough to have fun, Meliodas sighed “do it quick, then”.

True Eyes”, Tristan’s blue eyes turned into golden, gleaming with red sparks. Lifting his hand up, he casted the spell “Phantom Whip”.

Next second, the shadow below the fake Elizabeths hit the fake Elizabeths, leaving the real Elizabeth kneeling on the ground. Looking up, real Elizabeth struck in awe as she felt her legs turning into jelly “you’re so amazing, Sir Tristan?!”.

“just using a simple trick”, Tristan landed in front of Elizabeth “can you stand, princess?”.

After Meliodas jumped down and put him down on the ground, Hawk trotted to him “dude, if you have this useful trick, then why did you not just use this from the first place when they copied me before Meliodas hit me?”.

Helping Elizabeth to stand, Tristan grinned triumphantly “because it was funny and I need good laugh”.

Hawk growled, chewing on Tristan’s silver tresses “you are the daredevil!?”.

“oh, look. So, those were the monsters in the forest”, nonchalantly crossing his arms before his chest, Tristan pointed with his chin to the cloaked-in-tattered-cloaks-figures who ran away from them after he hit them “the prankster Imps, hide-and-seeks”.

They ran to follow the imps and be it their luck or not, they found their first member. The Serpent Sin of Envy, the Giantess Diane.

“that’s so considerate of you, Captain!? You still remember that I really love whole roasted pig?!”, with her eyes lingering to Hawk, Diane drool before her eyes landing to Tristan and Elizabeth “oh? who are they, Captain?”.

Knowing this giantess had a crush on his father, Tristan smirked when he had an idea after Diane had recognized them below and Meliodas, still on Diane’s grip, knew this was not good at all for him.

Lifting his hand, Tristan said cheerfully (as cheerful as he looked like although he was faking it) “nice to meet you, Lady Diane!? Dad always told me about his comrades on Seven Deadly Sins”.

Elizabeth and Hawk snapped their head “...huh?”.

Diane twitched her eyebrow when Meliodas face-palmed “Dad? You mean...”.

“yup, I am his son. My name is Tristan Ravenwolf”, Tristan smiled and lifted his thumb to Elizabeth “and this is my mother, Elizabeth!?”.

Hawk jaw-dropped “WHAT?!”.

Elizabeth blushed furiously to the tip of her ears and her legs felt like jelly as she dropped to her knees, sinking to the ground. From her reaction, deep down in her heart, for a split second, she didn’t mind at all “if there’s a hole, just bury me...”.

“oh, I see~”, looking to Meliodas cheerfully, Diane threw Meliodas to the ground with all might “YOU CHEATER!?”.

“wait?! Please listen to us, Lady Diane?!”, looking at the effect on Meliodas, Elizabeth quickly clarified “Sir Tristan was not serious at all?! He was lying?!”.

Please wait a moment until Diane finished her rage...

Tristan sat on the ground with both hand on his knees “sorry, my bad, I was joking”.

Meliodas, tattered but clearly fine, smacked Tristan’s head several times “Tristan, it’s not funny at all, you know? Next time, don’t make that kind of joke to Diane”.

“so that was a joke. I’m so sorry, Captain”, Diane sniffed, curling the end of her pigtail to her chin. She glared to Tristan “I bet he would make a good friend with Ban”.

“oh, believe me, it is funny... My stomach so damn hurts...”, even with his father scolding and smacking his head, Tristan couldn’t help but laughing it out loud as he clutched his stomach “well, well, well, aren’t you popular?”.

Meliodas narrowed his eyes “are you making fun of me because I was making fun of you about you being popular amongst the women?”.

“actually not, but I think it’s not a bad idea at all, I guess”, Tristan caressed his chin with mischievous smirk “after all, Revenge tastes sweet for me, you know?”.

“sweet, huh?”, Meliodas tucked both his hand behind his head “you should have been the Junior Sin for the Boar Sin of Gluttony Merlin, I suppose. Maybe I can ask Merlin to trade you with Gwen later”.

“no, thanks”, was Tristan’s immediate answer but next second, he was baffled to see the drop of water from the sky “huh? Rain?”.

“no, it’s not”, Meliodas confirmed it as Diane’s tears “what’s wrong, Diane?”.

Once again, Diane burst out into tears “Captain, I’ve been so worried about li’l Gwen?! How has she been doing ever since we have left her 10 years ago? Could Merlin pick her when we dispersed and ran away 10 years ago? After all, li’l Gwen is sooo cute, sweet, carefree and innocence little girl?! What if bad people do something to hurt her? What if she was taken by evil guy?”.

The corner of Tristan’s lip twitched “the heck her impression of you, older sister... I wonder how they would react once they know what kind of a woman you have become?”.

Meliodas cheerfully said “oh, don’t worry, Diane!? I’m sure Gwen is totally alright now, after all Merlin could pick her and bring her along with her 10 years ago?!”.

Diane lit up at that and her tears stopped as fast as it had started, before she frowned in doubt “really?! But... how could you know it, Captain?”.

“well, I knew it from Tristan here. He was the one who helped Merlin and Gwen running away 10 years ago”, Meliodas lifted his thumb to Tristan before scratching the back of his head “so, I guess no need to worry about Merlin and Gwen’s safety. After all, Tristan would make sure they are fine because he is—”.

“—I am a Warlock, Merlin’s childhood friend. Now, if you excuse us, please give us a moment”, Tristan instantly cut him off as in reflex, covering Meliodas’ mouth. Tristan lifted his hand and wrapped his arm around Meliodas’ neck before dragging him away, far enough out of earshot but still on eyesight. Crouching on the ground, Tristan whispered to Meliodas and lifted his thumb to Diane “don’t you dare spit it out to other Seven Deadly Sins members about me being Merlin’s ex-husband. I have a hunch feeling I will not hear the end of it just like how I’ve been doing with Lancelot who always teased me about it and wouldn’t live it down”.

“yep, I get it too”, Meliodas closed his eyes and nodded his head with both arms crossing in front of his chest. Opened his eyes, Meliodas whispered to him “and remember, I always can use this little secret as your weakness to shut your mouth in case you tried to pull the pranks on me with others like just now”.

Tristan narrowed his eyes in irk “are you seriously threatening your own son now?”.

Meliodas nodded his head furiously “well, as long as it’s needed to discipline my mischievous son, so be it”.

Hawk mumbled “wonder what they are talking about?”.

When they came back, with sweet smile on his face, Tristan crossed a hand over his chest and bowed his body in front of Diane “my name is Tristan Ravenwolf, Hydra Sin of Revenge. Nice to meet you, Lady Diane. I’m so sorry about my prank just now. I felt bad because I was so insensitive, especially to the gorgeous giantess like you. I don’t aware of your feeling or your relationship with the Captain”.

Diane blushed due to the notion ‘gorgeous giantess’ that Tristan said “oh, my~ you’re so considerate?! It’s totally alright?!”.

Meliodas fully knew his son and yes, he knew how his son was an expert for luring people, although nothing he could do about it since Tristan inherited it from him “such sweet-talk you’ve got there, big boy”.

“also, you have my gratitude too, Tristan?! Thank you so much for helping Merlin and Gwen!?”, Diane bowed her head before twiddling her hair “but... what do you mean with Hydra Sin of Revenge?”.

After Meliodas told Diane about his plan to create the Junior Sins team, Meliodas introduced Tristan officially “just like how Merlin made Gwen as her successor, I’m gonna make Tristan as my successor!? I can guarantee his ability?!”.

Elizabeth nodded her head in agreement “that’s right?! Sir Tristan is really strong and dependable, just like Sir Meliodas?!”.

Listening to the praises from his parent, Tristan waved his hand and covered his blushing face “stop it, you two, you make me embarrassed”.

Diane thought Tristan’s reaction just now was cute, before she leaning down and narrowing her eyes to Elizabeth pointedly “you, you’re really not in that kind of relationship with the Captain, right?”.

“just so we’re clear, we are not in that kind of relationship either”, Meliodas deadpanned “and Tristan’s too devoted to the woman he loved”.

“enough about me”, Tristan lifted his hand “speaking of which, Lady Diane, do you know about where the other Sins have gone to?”.

Diane shook her head “sorry, but I also know nothing about where the others”.

“since we’re speaking this, Diane, about what happened ten years ago...”, Meliodas looked up “I have almost no memories from that day”.

Meliodas’ statement shocked Diane, Elizabeth, Tristan and Hawk. After that, Meliodas went to recite about what he remembered “the last thing I remembered, I was alone after Merlin was using her teleport to pick Gwen on our residence. After that, I heard someone said it to me before everything went black”.

Listening to his father’s explanation, Tristan caressed his chin thoughtfully. It was clear now, Meliodas almost had no memory about what happened that day. Be it due to his great shock or under some magic spells influence, Tristan noted to himself that he needed to ask Merlin and Guinevere later. Looking up, after Diane declared she would lend her strength to save the Liones Kingdom like Tristan and Meliodas did (just because it was Meliodas’ will, though) Tristan furrowed his eyebrow at the gigantic thunder cloud above which he felt some sort of magic power on it “...say, you don’t think there’ll be a rain here, right?”.

Next second, a thunder struck the ground before electric waves trapped Meliodas, Tristan, Diane, Hawk and Elizabeth.

Looking to Elizabeth who dropped to her knees because she felt her body paralyzed, Tristan clenched his fists before he freed himself from the electric waves. Tristan approached Elizabeth and Hawk, lifting his hand “hang on, princess, Sir Hawk, I’m gonna release you in no time. Magic Cancel”.

Hawk and Elizabeth sighed in relief after Tristan released them. With one hand on his knee, Tristan reached out his hand “can you stand?”.

Elizabeth accepted his hand, still panting “yes, thank you”.

“impressive, you even could break my magic spell”, a pink-haired Holy Knight in armor with electric waves entered the scene “we finally meet, Sins”.

Elizabeth gasped “Gilthunder?!”.

Looking to her with sideways glance, Tristan asked “you know her, princess?”.

“he’s supposed to be my older sister’s bodyguard, he’s a Holy Knight that very close to the King, my father and he always took care of me like a real little sister, he’s like a big brother to me?!”.

Meliodas concluded “I see... This lightning, the damned river at Bernia and the attack last night that could have wiped out the Bernia village, it was all your actions, right?”.

“Lord Meliodas, it’s a terrible thing to say! He’s not the kind of person who would do such a—”, when she glanced to Gilthunder who had cold and cruel expression, Elizabeth shivered “it can’t be... you...”.

“sadly, in fact he did, princess”, Tristan cracked his neck “so, what do you want, Sir Holy Knight? You want to catch the princess and bring her back to the Castle too?”.

“Elizabeth, the Kingdom’s top priority is to ensure your safety, but that’s got nothing to do with me...”, Gilthunder looked up “whether you live or die, is like a grain of sand in the path to the Holy Knights’ rule. Leave, I only have business with the Seven Deadly Sins and Junior Sins”.

Elizabeth bravely stood in front of the Sins, spreading her hands to the side “no! I won’t let you lay a hand on them?! Release your spell and let them go!?”.

“well, duh... it can’t be helped, I guess...”, Tristan scratched the back of his head, turning to Hawk “Sir Hawk, your Mama will not go anywhere until we come back, correct?”.

Hawk turned to him “of course, and?”.

“please take care of the princess for a while. We’re counting on you, Sir Hawk. Don’t worry, I’m gonna make this quick”, Tristan lifted his fingers “here we go”.

Realizing what he was about to do, Elizabeth protested “no, wait—!?”.

After Tristan snapped his fingers, Elizabeth and Hawk disappeared.

Meliodas blinked “to where you send them?”.

“to Boar Hat. Now, no one will get themselves endanger in our fight. Can we start?”, Tristan rolled his neck “I will make it straight. We came here only to pick Lady Diane. There are the three of us and you are alone. If you still want to continue this fight, so be it, prepare yourself get beaten black and blue but if you can let us go, it will be convenient for both sides I guess. Also, just so we’re clear... I’ve heard about what happened to your father, Grand Master Zaratras. I do understand if you want to take revenge upon your father’s death however, you have wrong opponent right now because the one who murdered your father wasn’t Seven Deadly Sins, Sir Holy Knight Gilthunder”.

Meliodas brightened once he remembered who was this Holy Knight after Tristan mentioned who was he “oh, I remember now?! So you are little Gil?!”.

Tristan rolled his eyes and snickered “have you gone senile now, old man?”.

In a second, Gilthunder stood behind Meliodas, pointing his sword to Meliodas’ neck “do you know why we’re after your heads?”.

Meliodas hummed “I dunno. Seriously, no idea”.

Gilthunder answered “one, because Holy Knights want to purge the traitorous knights who tried to overthrow the Kingdom and second, to prove our strength by fighting the legendary seven”.

Meliodas looked behind with sideways glance “and which might you be?”.

Pressing the tip of his sword on Meliodas’ neck, trail of blood came out of the tiny scratch on Meliodas’ neck as Gilthunder glared down “both”.

“enough”, Tristan lifted Meliodas on his arm, already moved to Diane’s side. After he put Meliodas down on the ground, he moved his fingers to release both Meliodas and Diane although he fully knew that Diane and Meliodas could release themselves just fine. Looking behind over his shoulder, Tristan glared “you did a big mistake. Your opponent will be me”.

Even Diane shivered from such blood-lust, fully realized this man wasn’t ordinary man “such massive magic power... maybe as strong as Merlin!?”.

Meliodas wiped the trail of blood on his neck “come on, big boy, it’s only a scratch”.

“shut it, old man”, Tristan cracked his knuckles “even if it’s just a tiny droplet of your blood, I’m gonna make them pay blood with blood”.

“I’ve heard about Junior Sins. I want to see how strong you are, the Warlock Tristan Ravenwolf, Hydra Sin Of Revenge”, stomping his foot forward, Gilthunder stood tall in front of Tristan, looking straight to him in disdainful “right now, I am stronger than any of the Seven Deadly Sins”.

The realization hit Meliodas’s head “oh”.

“such big words you have here, dude~”, stomping his foot forward hardly on the ground, Tristan stood tall in front of Gilthunder, showing his feral grin and looking straight with his icy glare “I’d like to see you f*cking try”.

“oh, my”, too high above the battle scene, Gelda smirked triumphantly “that man is gonna die~”.

Castle Of Camelot

Arthur realized Guinevere was shivering “what’s wrong? Do you still feel cold?”.

Guinevere shrank in her bed “no, I just... I feel the chill on my nape”.

With determination on his eyes, Arthur wrapped his arms around her neck “don’t worry, if you still feel cold, I can warm you up?!”.

Merlin smiled knowingly “how about we just leave you two here alone?”.

Lancelot pushed Arthur down with mischievous grin “right, just come into bed with her, King”.

Guinevere and Arthur blushed furiously before they said in unison, squealing in embarrassment “NO?! We haven’t married yet?!”.

Isolde giggled “I bet Sir Tristan would barge in and stay here for a night if he heard His Majesty wanted to stay with the princess for tonight”.

Lancelot lamented “that’s why we’re here to make sure the King will not deflower her or my brother’s gonna kill me”.

“come on~ it’s not like I’m gonna eat her before our marriage. Like the hell I will take advantage of her and attack her when she’s sick. Where is the fun of it?”, Arthur smirked mischievously and waved his hands before wrapping his arms around Guinevere’s neck again “I’m just gonna eat her after we’ve officially married”.

When Guinevere’s face only got redder, Merlin waved her hand “uh, Arthur, just let her go before her fever’s getting higher”.

Isolde hummed “aren’t you just gonna make her fever higher than before, Your Highness?”.

Lancelot stared up to the sky at the night outside “ah, this cute couple really make me want to have a lover too... I wonder where the hell I can get the fine woman?”.

Merlin pointed her sister “there’s one here”.

Lancelot waved his hand “eeh, she’s taken and too devoted to my older brother already”.

Isolde waved her hands “hey?! Don’t just decide it on your own?!”.

Next day when she felt better, Guinevere went to Merlin’s laboratory to catch up and check about what had happened with Lancelot and Merlin.

Guinevere was shocked to see Gilthunder was about to fight Tristan “what in the world happened to you, Gilthunder?”.

Lancelot who leaned his back on the wall, lifting his head “you know that man too, older sister?”.

Guinevere hummed “call Gelda and tell her to go back here right away with Teleportation Orb to discuss our plan furthermore. Where is she now?”.

Lancelot lifted his hand “um... she is on the White Dream Forest too right now”.

Guinevere snapped her head “WHAT?!”.

Chapter Text

(That morning, Gelda worked diligently as spy-infiltrated-as-maid on Liones Castle. When she brought food and drink for Margaret, Gelda was surprised to see Margaret crying on her room. Margaret held a letter on her hand and covered her mouth, sobbing silently. Gelda quickly put the tray on the nightstand before she approached Margaret, asking her what happened that might upset the first princess of Liones. Margaret simply smiled, that was when Gelda realized the letter on her hand, from Gilthunder, telling that Gwen was still alive.

Lifting her head up, Margaret smiled in the middle of her tears “so you’re still alive, Gwen”.)

That was why Gelda went to find Tristan right away from the first place, sneaking away from Liones Castle on her break time, using her Teleportation Orb but she didn’t expect to find Tristan would fight against Gilthunder now “I must admit, I don’t expect this at all. That brat sure has such temper and he only will be upset if I interrupt. Well then, I guess I only can observe for now”.

Looking down to the approaching figures, Gelda narrowed her eyes “isn’t it... princess Elizabeth and... the pig?”.



Elizabeth and Hawk ran on the wood, they heard the sounds from far distance.

Hawk trotted full-speed “it must be the fight?!”.

Elizabeth looked down “quick, Hawk!? We have to stop them?!”.

Meanwhile, Gilthunder and Tristan still fought as Meliodas and Diane watched them. Tristan had asked them to not interrupt. Gilthunder had scoffed, asking if it would be a shame for them to lose against him and Tristan had scoffed back, telling that they’re only trying to go easy on him.

“I know you are a Warlock and just like the Boar Sin Of Gluttony, Sorceress Merlin, you use magic spells in the battle but where is your Sacred Treasure?”, Gilthunder swung his sword, sending electric waves “are you seriously gonna fight me empty-handed?”.

“empty-handed? Hah, looks like you’ve misunderstood it, greenhorn. Carve this into your mind. In the battlefield, your body itself is a weapon”, snapping his fingers, all electric waves that Gilthunder had sent to him was blocked by a water barrier. The water barrier was mixed with electric waves and Tristan sent it back to Gilthunder, the little trick that he learned from Guinevere when the princess trained with Lancelot (which ended up with poor Lancelot got a shock from electricity) “also, don’t group me with her. I’m not as softy as her”.

Meliodas teased from behind “you are the only one who said she’s softy~”.

“oh, just live it down already”, Tristan groaned before he realized the arrival of a couple that he had sent back to Boar Hat “wha— not too surprising, I should have known it”.

Elizabeth screamed as she and Hawk arrived on the battlefield “Gilthunder?! Sir Tristan?! Please stop fighting?!”.

Looking to the side, Tristan shouted “princess?! Don’t come here?!”.

Gilthunder appeared behind Tristan, lifting his sword “did your Master never tell you to not avert your eyes from your opponent in the battle?”.

Tristan looked behind, bloods splattered to the ground but it was not his blood. It was Meliodas. Before Gilthunder’s sword slashed Tristan’s back, Meliodas had jumped in between them, wrapping his arms around Tristan’s shoulders to accept the blow with his back instead. After Gilthunder slashed Meliodas’ back using his sword that being wrapped by electric waves of his magic power, Meliodas slumped to the ground, lying on his back as Tristan caught him on his hands.

Diane looked down in shock, clenching her fist “Captain...”.

Looking down to the frighteningly blank looks on his father’s eyes and limp body on his hands, memory of the past re-surfaced to his mind. When the pool of bloods kept growing larger, wider and slowly coloring his sight with red colors. Bloods from his parent who lying lifeless on the floor where he only could stand still there and freeze before Isolde and her mother had come to pick him, covering his eyes and telling him to not look the tragic scene in front of him.

Knowing Meliodas, Gelda couldn’t help but frown “he should be able to avoid it, but he chose not to, in order to protect Tristan. I know it’s something Meliodas would do, but...”.

Elizabeth screamed again, this time in fright and concern, already running to their side “Sir Meliodas?!”.

It seemed enough to snap Tristan out of his daze before Tristan lifted his finger, using Phantom Whip to tie Gilthunder neatly. Putting down Meliodas on Elizabeth’s lap, Tristan asked him to take care of Meliodas. Elizabeth lifted her head up, about to ask him what did he want to do to Gilthunder but she forgot her words at the sight of Tristan’s blood-lust eyes that chilling her spine. Next second, Tristan disappeared and appeared behind Gilthunder, wrapping his arms around his neck.

“you may tell me if you have a dying wish...”, Tristan coldly said as he prepared to snap Gilthunder’s neck “...before I snap your neck”.

“oh, shoot... He’s seriously gonna kill him?!”, Gelda thought before she launched downward “tch!”.

(Next second, Gelda disappeared and arrived on the Camelot Kingdom, more precisely in Merlin’s lab and bumped into Lancelot before both toppled over to the floor. Looking up, Gelda saw Merlin simply sat and busy with her research as usual while Guinevere lifted her fingers “wha—?! Gwen, this must be your doing, right? What do you think you’re doing? Your brother’s gonna kill him and I have to stop him!”.

“unless father does something before Tristan kills Gilthunder”, Guinevere pointed to her mirror “which I’m sure he will do. Also, I believe it’s my line, Aunt. What do you think you’re doing? Barely interfere in their fight on the White Dream Forest while I only gave order to you for infiltration and spy task. As our spy, we can’t let them see you now, not yet”.

Before Gelda could explain it, Guinevere had seen her heart and the princess nodded in understanding “oh, I see. So that’s what happened... I wonder if I should have written letter for big sister Margaret? oh, wait. I can’t do it as Gwen considering my status as successor of still-wanted-criminal... but as the fiancée of King Arthur Pendragon, princess Guinevere, we haven’t been acquaintance yet”.

Already knew about her power and had been experiencing her heart was seen by her for countless times, Gelda rolled her eyes “I don’t know I should feel annoyed and call your ability is annoying or be grateful for your ability because at least, it saved our time for explanation”.

“whatever, but can you two continue your conversation with more proper position?”, Lancelot said with muffled sounds, lying on his back with Gelda still lying on top of him which her chest pressing on his face “I feel like my face is buried under the watermelon”.

“you pervert brat, wonder from where you’ve got this side, huh? From your father?”, Gelda mercilessly stomped on Lancelot’s face, grinding further with evil smirk on her face “at least I’ll have you know that having your foot stomped on people’s face, especially to insolent brat like you, is rather satisfying experience”.

“and I will not help you this time, little brother~”, Guinevere crouched on the floor just above his head and tilted her head innocently “because this is entirely your fault, you pervert~ Should I ask Arthur, or should I help you looking for a fine woman who can be your girlfriend?”.

Holding Gelda’s shoes and foot, Lancelot turned his head up “wait?! what about Tristan, mother and father?!”.

“oh? I’m sure they will be okay”, Guinevere pointed with her chin “look”.)

But before Tristan successfully snapped Gilthunder’s neck, Meliodas had called him “Triss, stop... don’t kill him... I have something to ask...”.

Still not letting Gilthunder go, Tristan frowned and felt the pang of guilt on his chest “...go on”.

After Meliodas asked about where the others and Gilthunder answered him, Meliodas rose to his feet as if nothing happened. As the realization hit him, a vein popped on Tristan’s head before Tristan kicked Gilthunder to where Meliodas standing “you bastard?! So you were just faking it?! at least you could tell me first?! You really scared me back then, you know?!”.

“oh, sorry for scared you, big boy?!”, Meliodas said with wicked grin and easily dodged Gilthunder’s body who flying to his direction, even able to carry Elizabeth bridal style in the process “I have no idea that you were gonna that worried sick of me?! that’s kinda cute of you?!”.

“no, it’s not?!”, Tristan groaned, clenching his fist “next time you pull this stunt, I’m gonna send you to the hell myself?!”.

(Back on Camelot Kingdom, Guinevere deadpanned, crossed-arms before her chest “told you”.

Gelda face-palmed and shook her head “oh my, poor Tristan”.

On the floor, squirming Lancelot clutched his stomach, barking a laughter fit as he rolling on the floor “he hasn’t changed at all?!”.

Guinevere turned to Merlin who buried her face on the table with shaking shoulders “also godmother~ just laugh it out loud if you want to laugh~”.

Merlin covered her mouth “pfft... I’m trying to hold it back...”.

Isolde protested “sister, it’s not funny at all?! Think about how Sir Tristan must have felt?!”.

Lancelot already stood by her side, poking on Isolde’s cheek “how sweet you are, Isolde~ worried about your first love?”.

With sweet smile on her face, Isolde clutched Lancelot’s neck “I’m gonna strangle you”.)

Ignoring his son’s complaints, Meliodas lifted his hand and wiped the blood on his face after he putting down Elizabeth on the ground “thank you, little Gil!? I’m gonna pay them a visit, so let’s just continue this fight some other time before Tristan’s seriously gonna try to kill you, alright?”.

Gilthunder grabbed his sword “as if”.

“if you’re smart enough, just lay down your weapon before I’m seriously gonna kill you here and now”, Tristan stood behind Gilthunder, a dagger on his hand was pointing to Gilthunder’s neck “in fact, I truly want to kill you for hurting him but to respect his wish, I will draw myself back, only this time. Next time, I’m seriously gonna kill you despite whatever he said”.

“like Tristan and the Captain said”, Diane caught Gilthunder on her hand, unaffected by electric waves surrounding Gilthunder’s body “told you, the ‘shocking’ men aren’t popular with girls”.

Meliodas waved his hand after Diane threw Gilthunder to the sky “see you~”.

Elizabeth frantically inspected Meliodas’ injury “Sir Meliodas, what about your wounds?!”.

Meliodas waved her concern off “oh, this is not a big deal”.

Diane protested “hey, don’t get so touchy with the Captain!”.

“that’s cool, Lady Diane”, pulling the bandages from sling-bag on his hip (people usually didn’t expect this side from him, but Tristan always brought the first aid kit on his sling-bag), Tristan wrapped clean bandages around his torso “lift your hand. Big deal or not to you, we still have to treat it. For now, let’s just do the first aid to halt the bleeding”.

Looking to Tristan who diligently wrapped bandages and tapped Meliodas’ injured shoulder gently in which Meliodas had smiled up to him and thanked him, Elizabeth couldn’t help but feeling the warmth on her heart, feeling Deja Vu.

Meliodas twitched his eyebrow “...Triss, stop looking at me like that. It’s kinda creepy. I know you are mad to me”.

“oh, who said I’m mad to you?”, Tristan had intensely stared to him pointedly as long as he discussed with Diane about where Ban and King also about to where they would go after this. Faking sweet smile, Tristan answered before he turned murderous with deep frown “more exactly, furious”.

Meliodas jumped back to Hawk Mama who trotting to their next destination, standing in front of him “I already apologized”.

“and~ I told you to just let me treat your wounds properly and get some rest”, Tristan crossed his arms with deep frown “wonder who is the child here now?”.

”yeah, yeah, I get it”, Meliodas groaned, lifting his hand “after that, let’s go to pick Ban on the Baste Dungeon first”.

Sighing in resignation, Tristan tossed with him “okay”.

“but I’m against this!”.

Diane, Meliodas and Tristan exchanged confused glances to her, so Elizabeth continued “Sir Tristan is right?! We should treat your wound first and let’s just pick Sir Ban after you’ve recovered?! If you fight the Holy Knight with a body like that—”.

Tristan smiled in nostalgic way “ah, mother... always worry over people’s state rather than her own...”.

“Elizabeth”, patting her head, Meliodas smiled “don’t worry, it’s nothing. I’ll be fine once I get some rest. Good night”.

Still, they felt something was off and Hawk tilted his head “huh? I thought he would do pervert things or suggest to you to sleep with him”.

Tristan frowned before he rushing to Meliodas’ room with Elizabeth and Hawk in tow. When they only found eerie silence from Meliodas’ room, they barged in and surprised to find Meliodas lying flatly on the floor near his bead, unconscious before he could reach his bed, blood pooling on the floor from his injured back and shoulder.

Tristan quickly swept Meliodas on his arms and kicked the window, landing on top of trotting Hawk Mama in front of the Boar Hat. Looking up, Tristan shouted “Lady Diane! Do you see the nearest town from here?”.

Diane saluted and narrowed her eyes before pointing to the certain particular town, the one nearby the Baste Dungeon “wait, is Captain alright?!”.

“just park Hawk Mama near the town and meet me on the town?! I will find the doctor?!”, Tristan leapt, leaving the gaped Diane, Hawk and Elizabeth. Cradling Meliodas on his arm, Tristan landed right on the outskirt of the town before running into the nearest people in this town, asking where is the doctor’s home as he carrying Meliodas on his arms “damn it, Dad... you have to be alright. You said it yourself, this is not a big deal, right?”.

When Tristan found the doctor’s house, ignoring the wet sensation on his back due to the blood seeping on his clothes, Tristan kicked the doctor’s door, asking the doctor to save him. Diane’s body was too big, so she only could watch from outside as Elizabeth, Hawk and Tristan stayed by Meliodas’ bedside.

Putting the wet rag across Meliodas’ forehead, Elizabeth clenched her fist “...this is my fault”.

For the first time ever since they came here, Tristan averted his eyes from his father to his mother “what do you mean, princess?”.

“but... if I weren’t coming back... and interrupted your battle with Gilthunder... Sir Meliodas wouldn’t get injured”, Elizabeth sniffed “back then the first time we met, Sir Tristan also wouldn’t get injured if I weren’t...”.

“hey, listen to me”, Tristan sighed and patted Elizabeth’s head “neither I nor Sir Meliodas will blame you. This is what we choose to do on our own, not yours. So please, don’t burden your shoulders over everything like this”.

Elizabeth mumbled how she hoped she was strong and had power like Tristan, Diane and Meliodas so she also could fight, not only be burden for them “but I’m too powerless...”.

“who said that? I don’t think so”, Tristan sat on the edge of the bed, looking up with reassuring smile “you bravely walked forward and tried to surrender yourself to Twigo in order to save me and him. You also boldly stood in front of us to protect us from Gilthunder back then in the White Dream Forest. You are strong, princess. I bet Sir Meliodas also thinks the same. For now, rather than blaming yourself, we have more important thing. Do what we should do and do what we can do with all might”.

Elizabeth turned silent for a moment, looking down to her palms before looking up to Tristan with smile on her face “you’re right”.

Hawk asked “so, what we should do now?”.

When Diane decided to go to Baste Dungeon by herself, Elizabeth and Hawk had pursued her but before Tristan could follow them, Tristan felt his Communication Orb ringing.

With annoyed tone on his voice, he answered after he hid on the washroom “what?”.

Guinevere and Lancelot shrieked in the same time “IS FATHER OKAY?!”.

Tristan felt his ears ringing thanks to the duo “argh, don’t scream like that next time!?”.

After Tristan reported what happened and yes, including Meliodas’ condition, he heard the commotion outside which successfully was taken care by Diane. Tristan sighed in relief, knowing Elizabeth and Hawk were alright before realizing Diane had run off by herself to the Baste Dungeon. Maybe he should go too to help her, just in case, although he knew how strong the giantess, Tristan noted to himself and decided to go after Elizabeth and Hawk came back here. Tristan passed by the doctor who just gave the medicine to Meliodas and came out of this room. Looking down to his father who slept, Tristan frowned.

Something was off.

Why did Meliodas not wake up despite the commotion on the outside?

That was when his Communication Orb was ringing again and he heard Guinevere’s voice “Tristan, this is bad”.

Hawk trotted by Elizabeth’s side “I wonder why Tristan didn’t come out?”.

“I think he’s too worried of Sir Meliodas. It can’t be helped, Hawk. He said it himself that Sir Meliodas is sort of his godfather, right?”, Elizabeth opened the door but found Tristan nowhere. Listening to the washroom, Elizabeth frowned “someone throws up? Could it be Sir Tristan?”.

Remembering the first time they met when Tristan had coughed out the bile, Elizabeth was getting more worried of him. She knocked the door but not earning the answer, so Elizabeth just opened the door and she was surprised to find Tristan clutching his stomach, spewing bloody bile in front of the toilet. She instantly ran to his side “Sir Tristan?! Hold yourself together?! Hawk, quick call the doctor—”.

“no need”, Tristan cut her off, wrapping his arm around her wrist. Leaning his head on the wall, despite his ragged breathing, he just closed his eyes “this is not the first time... it’s gonna get better if I just take a rest a bit... I promise... it’s alright...”.

Hawk shrieked “dude, you were just puking blood which not your first time and you said it’s alright?!”.

“let me help you to rest on the bed”, Elizabeth slung his hand around her shoulder, helping him to stand and supporting him “hopefully there’s another vacant bed on other room”.

After the doctor checked on Tristan, telling them that he would be alright, he came back and asked how was Meliodas doing.

Looking up to Meliodas, Hawk commented “though he’s sleeping like dead”.

Elizabeth lifted her fists “don’t say it, Hawk?!”.

The doctor said “of course”.

After they heard the voice of a Holy Knight who praised the doctor about doing good work, surprisingly Meliodas woke up “huh? Where I am?”.

The doctor was shocked “no way?! It’s impossible for you to wake up again after taking the poison—”.

“Wolfsbane, Belladonna, Tiger Beetle, Henbane Leaf. Specially mixed poison”, standing in front of the door and leaning his shoulder on the wall, Tristan looked up “if it were ordinary people, they would never open their eyes again. But poison for me? It’s my favorite, you know”.

When Tristan walked into this room, Meliodas got off of the bed and approached him “Tristan, your eyes turn red. You drank blood or poison again?”.

“in fact, I drank yours, sorry”, Tristan lifted his hand “but the doctor tried to poison you and I have to suck it”.

Meliodas smacked his bicep in appal “you moron?! You shouldn’t do it?!”.

Elizabeth cupped her cheeks, horrified, running to his side “would you be alright, Sir Tristan!?”.

“don’t worry, I promise I will be fine. As the side-effect, it just makes me feeling... blood-thirst like the Vampire”, Tristan smirked and bared his fangs, his eyes glistening in red. Snapping his head to the side, Tristan lifted his legs and reached out his hands as if he kicked and caught something invisible. In fact, he did. Wrapping his hands around the Holy Knight’s wrists and stomping his foot on the back of the Holy Knight who turned from invisible into visible, Tristan looked behind over his shoulder with his temporary-turned-into red eyes “now, what should we do to this guy?”.

Meliodas tilted his head with smug grin “well, well, well. Nice catch, big boy”.

(Guinevere and Gelda exchanged glances while Lancelot face-palmed.

Gelda caressed her chin “...right after you told him that your father was poisoned, he sucked his blood and the poison right away. Amazing, what a devoted child”.

“Aunt, before you go back to the Liones Castle, can you drop by on his place?”, Guinevere rubbed her eyebrow “I’m gonna give him some herbs to suppress his blood-thirst and give more of his necessity”.

Lancelot crossed his arms before his chest “say, I’m staring to get worried sick. Should we send a healer to join them, just in case?”.

Guinevere and Gelda exchanged glances again before Guinevere caressed her chin thoughtfully “well, well, well, speaking of a healer, I only can think of one certain person. The problem is, will godmother give the permission?”.

Lancelot raised his eyebrow “Isolde, you mean?”.

Guinevere shrugged “who else?”.

Gelda nodded her head “you’re right. I wonder if Lady Merlin would give her permission and even if she would, Tristan wouldn’t be pleased with it”.)

Chapter Text

Meliodas reached out his hand to the side, asking Elizabeth and Hawk to not see or interfere, especially not when Tristan was in this blood-thirst mode. Because the Holy Knight, Golgius had refused to give information to them, Tristan had bit and sucked a little bit of Golgius' blood to get the information from the owner of the blood that he just sucked.

Stomping on Golgious' back and pinning Golgius to the floor, Tristan licked the blood on his lips with dark, evil smirk "I see... so you've taken Dr. Danna's daughter as hostage that you locked into the Baste Dungeon? Just if you willingly answer me, maybe I needn't to suck your blood and I will think twice to just beaten you black and blue, rather than suck your blood to the last droplet. It's gruesome, so I'll just get rid of you quickly".

Golgius surrendered "no!? Please, have mercy on me?!".

"mercy? It's funny to hear that word from you. Sure, the doctor has no choice but to follow your order to save his daughter, but you never have any intention to give back the doctor's daughter, Miss Cenette, instead you intend to just kill Dr. Danna after he finished his task to kill Sir Meliodas with the poison, take princess Elizabeth and the broken sword that belonged to Sir Meliodas back to Liones Castle with you. You even intend to keep Miss Cenette for yourself to satisfy your lust sometimes", there was sound of something crack as Tristan broke Golgius' wrist "such a coward nature like you are the type of pesky human that I hate the most. The most befitting punishment for you only will be your death".

Dr. Danna dropped to the floor, on his knees and palms "no way... Cenette...".

Meliodas crossed his arms before his chest "Tristan, enough".

With a single glance, Meliodas and Tristan knew what each other were thinking. Tristan indeed wanted to kill Golgius and sucked his blood to the last droplet but Meliodas didn't approve his way, so Tristan sighed in resignation.

"like I said, it's gruesome, so never show your face in front of us because next time will be your demise", Tristan dragged Golgius before throwing Golgius to outside through the window "now, get lost from my sight already".

Cleaning his hands off of the dirt, Tristan turned to Meliodas who frowned "what?".

Meliodas shook his head "you're merciless as usual when it comes to our enemy. Next time, don't do it in front of her and ordinary people, could you? you can scare them".

Tristan took new clothes for Meliodas and tossed it to him "like I care about it".

Hawk turned to the flinched Dr. Danna "and what should we do to this no-good doctor?".

"nah, we only have one goal : to pick Ban on the Baste Dungeon", Meliodas waved his hand off as if nothing happened despite he was the one the victim of the deadly poison "there's no point on killing or giving punishment to him, just let him be. Let's go".

Elizabeth quickly checked on his body "but how about your injury—?!".

"hm? Looks like it's been healed", Meliodas took the bandages off of his body. Like he said, the wound on his shoulder had fully healed "see?".

When Elizabeth touched him to check Meliodas was totally alright and Meliodas teased her, Tristan deadpanned (he knew all too well, must be his mother's healing magic power, but he had no idea how far she had unlocked her Goddess power) "just put your clothes on already, old man".

After Meliodas wore his new, clean clothes that Elizabeth had brought for him and they were about to depart to the Baste Dungeon, Meliodas and Tristan asked Elizabeth and Hawk to just go back to Boar Hat and wait for them so they could stay out of the harm way.

Dr. Danna tugged on Tristan's sleeve as Tristan passed him by "wait, if you want to freed someone... your comrade from the Baste Dungeon, then please?! Just please, save my daughter too?!".

Tristan coldly looked down in disdainful to Dr. Danna, pointing to Meliodas "after you put the poison on him, why should we? Not to mention as a doctor, you have done something unforgivable. As a doctor, you should save people's life, not to kill them".

"I get your point. I know, what I've done was unforgivable!? But... even so... I'm too powerless to ever able to fight back... I couldn't even protect my own daughter...", Dr. Danna lowered his head in shame, doubled over on the floor "I hoped I'm strong enough... I hoped I could have protected you, Cenette".

Elizabeth was about to interfere but once again, Meliodas lifted his hand. Tristan turned silent, in his mind he remembered the image of a single woman that he loved the most, as she reached out her hands to him with bright smile on her face, cradling the beautiful baby on her arms, calling his name with the eyes full of love "Tristan".

"...I had a daughter once. Indeed, you've done something unforgivable as a doctor, you broke your code of ethics as doctor. I do angry to you, for putting the poison on him, but I also understand your feeling as father who want to protect and save his daughter", Tristan patted the doctor's shoulder before walking away "don't misunderstand it, if we accidentally find your daughter and freed her when we go to pick our comrade from the Baste Dungeon, it's not for you, but for your daughter".

Dr. Danna choked on his tears, pressing his forehead on the floor "thank you?!".

"it's still too early for you to say thank you, I guess", Tristan turned and surprised when he saw Elizabeth crying "and why are you crying, princess?".

"I don't know why, but looking at his broad shoulders that felt lonely, as if he's only able to cry in his heart... make me wanted nothing but to run to his side and wrap him in my embrace to protect him from the cruelty of this world... why do I feel this way?", Elizabeth felt this feeling was different from what she had felt towards Meliodas. What she felt to Tristan was more pure and innocence, more platonic just like the love between family, like the one she shared with her sisters and father. Wiping her tears, Elizabeth blamed herself again for something wasn't her fault "I don't know what should I do... although I always said I want to save this Kingdom... what make you and Sir Meliodas are so strong like this, Sir Tristan?".

Meliodas and Tristan exchanged glances in understanding. Tristan shook his head. Typical. His parent was just the same.

"princess... true, maybe there's a time when you get lost in your path and it feel like your entire world have been crumbled into pieces, either because of inexperienced or still too young to know what to do, but even so, as long as you're still alive and keep walking forward, somehow the next day will come eventually and you will find another reason to live your life again. Only because I still have precious people to protect like him and someone who never stop believing on me...", Tristan lifted his head up, patting Meliodas on the head. When he mentioned precious people to protect and someone who never stop believing on him, he remembered of Meliodas and his family like Merlin, Isolde, Elizabeth, Irina, Lancelot and Guinevere "I can keep walking forward, no matter how severe the injuries or scars I'll get. Eventually, time heals all your wounds and as someone who still alive, you have to move on for the sake of those who dead as well. I've resolved to myself to live no matter how painful it feel, to fulfill my promise to the people I cared for".

"how about you? I understand why the people get hurting because of Holy Knights would make you want to cry, but is your desire to protect the people and the Kingdom from the Holy Knights so weak that it can be broken by just a tear or two? I've resolved to find the Seven Deadly Sins with Elizabeth and stop the Holy Knights", Meliodas walked forward with both hand slipping into his pocket, looking straight into Elizabeth's eyes with determination "even if you were to die, I would fulfill the promise I made with you".

Elizabeth blushed slightly and blinked her eyes, her tears stopped for a second "Sir Meliodas...".

Rememberd of Liz's death, Meliodas turned his head to the side with slight flush on his cheeks "all people eventually die, but as long as someone protects what that person stood for, their principles will never die. Once you've resolved to take on those principles, no matter how much blood and tears you shed, you follow through it. That's what a knight is".

Elizabeth lowered her head down with Hawk stayed by her side as Tristan and Meliodas left to the Baste Dungeon.

Looking to the town, Tristan asked "you think mother's gonna be okay, Dad?".

"your mother is strong woman. You should have known it", Meliodas tapped his fist to his hand lightly "besides it will be saver for her to stay in Boar Hat or in this town rather than come along with us. There are Holy Knights waiting for us, after all".

Tristan only hummed, they kept walking side by side silently after that until Meliodas spoke as they crossed the bridge on the outskirt of the town "...but I'm rather surprised you mentioned about Irina, a bit".

"the concept of save someone is a mere delusion that is made by our brain. Eventually, we never know if we truly save someone or not because we never know how another people's working unless we have an ability to read people's heart like that older sister of mine who looked more like my little sister".

Meliodas bit back his laughter "say it in front of her and I have a feeling she's gonna throw tantrum or at least, angry to you?!".

"although I know, it's only an empty hope, but just maybe.. part of myself as a father will think that I have saved my own daughter with trying to save his daughter", looking down to his palms, Tristan lifted his head with too-familiar bitter, pained smile "do you think it's stupid?".

"not at all", Meliodas smiled supportively, tapping his hand "just if you have the chance, you know, I believe you would make a great father".

"that's because I have a great father like you", Tristan tucked his hands behind his head "and~ don't worry, this time I will protect you".

Meliodas jumped on his back, ruffling Tristan's hair as he sitting on his shoulders "hey, I'm not that weak until you have to protect me, cheeky brat~".

"yeah, say the one who got injured purposely and said it was not a big deal but collapsed unconscious before he was even able to reach his bed", Tristan crossed his arms before his chest, walking forward and gripping Meliodas' legs "also, you should realize it by now, whoever people who saw us in this position now, I bet they would think that I'm carrying my son while in fact, I'm your son who carrying his father who just recovered".

"do you want me to make you turned bald? Prepare yourself to say goodbye to your hair", narrowed his eyes, Meliodas plucked Tristan's hair before an idea popped in his head, sly smirk on his face "speaking of which, when you were talking about someone who never stop believing on you, you referred to your first wife or second wife?".

Tristan twitched his eyebrow "you and Lancelot wouldn't live it down, would you?".

"Sir Meliodas!? Sir Tristan?!".

Meliodas and Tristan looked behind, they found Elizabeth and Hawk running to follow them. Elizabeth came to give Meliodas' scabbard that she had fixed for him when he was sleeping.

Lifting her hand, Elizabeth cheered "let's go to the Baste Dungeon?!".

Not too surprised, but still, Tristan snapped his head "you're coming with us?".

"I'm not a Knight. I'm not as strong as you two or Lady Diane", Elizabeth intertwined her hands behind her waist before looking back to them with fond smile on her face "but I'm not gonna stop fighting to save and protect this Kingdom. I will keep on fighting for the people and the Kingdom even if you were to die".

Meliodas and Tristan said in unison "don't kill us that fast".

Elizabeth squealed "sorry?!".

When they heard the hard stomping in front of them, Meliodas jumped to the front with his hand ready on the hilt of his sword. Looking up, they found Diane in weird condition. She seemed not focus, her eyes devoid of emotions before she seemed to snap back, surprised to see Meliodas and the others here. What happened after that was really fast, Diane attacked them and Meliodas told them to run, carrying Elizabeth over his shoulder.

Tristan remarked as he carrying Hawk "the nerve you have, you even still have the time to grope her?".

Squeezing Elizabeth's buttock, Meliodas deadpanned "the nerve you have, still having such sharp eyes to observe and criticize the little things?".

Elizabeth squealed "you two, how could you be so calm like this?!".

After they accidentally met the shepherds from Dalmary who were just coming back from the pasture, they hid behind the slope before Meliodas peeked up. This time, Meliodas turned weird too before he fought Diane.

"we have to get away from here for now. With two Sins fight each other seriously, we won't come out unscathed if we stay here", Tristan snapped his fingers, using his teleportation and they arrived on the other side of steppe "this is bad. Even Dad also got under the magic influence".

Hawk snorted "what happened to them, actually?!".

Tristan explained "sort of the mind-control magic spells from far direction. Our cunning enemy have made them see each other as enemy and they will keep fighting against each other, thinking they fight against their enemy".

"this is bad, if this goes on... they will... what should we do?!", Elizabeth turned to Tristan who seemed unaffected "but you're okay, Sir Tristan?".

"well, this kind of magic spells won't affect me... I know how to break the magic spells but I will need time to break it, especially with they're fighting right now", Tristan looked down "Sir Hawk, stay here with the princess and these two shepherds. I'll break the magic spells on them".

Hawk hummed "got it?!".

However it turned out, like Tristan said, he needed time and it was clearly not easy task, especially not with the two Sins were still fighting against each other which Tristan had to avoid or dodge their attack and approached them to break the magic spells on their mind. He even got hit by Meliodas' sword or Diane's fist.

Elizabeth watched from far distance with concern and "oh, no... I have to do something before they kill each other...".

Thankfully, he was able to break tbe magic spells from Meliodas first so he only needed to ask Meliodas to help him. The plan was, when Meliodas distracted Diane, he broke the magic spells on Diane but before they could do it, the magic spells on Diane had broken already. That was when they heard Hawk crying out loud and calling for Elizabeth's name. When the three of them turned their head, they saw Hawk had the nosebleed and big bump on his head and Elizabeth lying on the ground, barely conscious with bloods from cuts or slashes covering all over her body. Looking up, they saw two Holy Knights in armor. The smaller one mentioned how bad it would be if they killed the princess but the bigger one only laughed, mentioning about how he enjoyed to witness the little girl's face writhing in pain.

It was enough to snap Tristan who lunged to Ruin, kicking him with all might with enough for to send Ruin flying to the Baste Dungeon "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!".

Meliodas ran to her as Tristan looked down to her, asking if she was alright "Elizabeth?!".

Elizabeth smirked lopsided before she throwing the bell of Ruin's staff out of her mouth "thanks god... all of you have turned back to normal...".

Looking down to her smile despite the pain on her body, Meliodas grabbed her hand "Elizabeth, we have accepted your resolve".

"Sir Meliodas, please give the first aid for her", putting his sling-bag on the ground, Tristan stood and cracked his knuckles "I'm gonna take care of the bastard".

Dangling her legs back and forth, Gelda who sat on the tree branch from far distance to observe, lifting the Communication Orb with evil smirk on her face "ah, that man is dead for sure~ Do you think I should stop him, princess?".

("needn't, Aunt", on her place, Guinevere looked down to the reflection on her mirror with cold fury "just let Tristan kill him for hurting mom".)

Gelda chuckled darkly "good~ because I also don't want to stop him even if you ask me to~".

(In the back, Lancelot shuddered "scary... not I don't understand why though, but why should women in our family is so scary like this?".

Guinevere rolled her eyes "do you say something, Lancelot?".

Lancelot immediately "not at all, sister?!".)

Tristan snapped his fingers, using his teleport to appear in front of Ruin and sent the blow with enough force to destroy Ruin's armor, sending him to the wall of Baste Dungeon which crumbled into pieces now. Stomping hardly on Ruin's stomach, Tristan looked down disdainfully as two pair of dragon hands appeared out of his back "I needn't use my own hands to kill you because I don't want to stain my own hands with your dirty blood".

For the first time, Ruin felt fear creeping on his heart as he felt the evil magic and dark aura from him, looking up to the figure who hovering above him "what... are you?".

"good question, I also wonder what I am, actually", Tristan smirked devilishly, narrowing his red eyes "now, die".

Two pair of writhing dragon hands that had been itchy to eat their prey, ripping Ruin into shreds. Tristan looked down to the man who turned into lump now. If he heard the voice of people screaming in fear, he wouldn't care about it. If he heard someone calling his name, it would feel like coming from far, far distance memory. He failed to protect his mother, that was all he remembered and what he cared now was only to turn the one who dared to hurt his mother into shreds, no matter how people around him screaming in fear.

When he snapped out of his dazed state, the first thing he felt and saw was Meliodas who clamped on his cheek, looking down to him with concern "Triss... Tristan?! Get yourself together?!".

Tristan gasped and his eyes widened as he found himself lying on the ground, his upper body was being cradled on his father's hands. His eyes had turned back into blue "...I lost control again?".

"yup. You successfully scared them all to the point our enemy left this Baste Dungeon unguarded. We can come into this place", Meliodas nodded his head, turning to the devastated Baste Dungeon "are you okay? Can you stand?".

Tristan covered his eyes with his forearm and whimpered "Dad, I'm so sorry... I should have stayed behind with her to protect her... I was so...".

"sup, it's alright. Your mother is gonna be alright. Thanks to you who bring the first aid kit on your sling-bag, I could treat her wounds", Meliodas touched his forehead gently "don't blame yourself".

Tristan sat and chuckled humourlessly "ah, it's a shame of me... although I was the one who said that I would protect you and mom...".

"what are you talking about? It's only natural for us, your parent, to protect their son", Meliodas knew that Elizabeth had bravely taken the risk till she got injured again, in order to save them and Meliodas understood how his son's feelings. The thing was, Meliodas felt guilty for let his son experience this again. Every time Tristan drank his blood, the Demon blood would turn Tristan into the cold-blooded, sorrowful blood-thirst beast. At least Meliodas felt grateful that the amount of his Demon blood that Tristan drank wasn't enough to break the seal that Meliodas and Merlin had put on his body. Ruffling his head, Meliodas encouraged "now, just go to her side if you want to check on her. I will wait here for you and Diane".

Tristan rubbed his eyes before looking up with smile, almost child-like "yes".

When Elizabeth regained consciousness, she saw Diane and Hawk discussed with Tristan to just bring Elizabeth back to Boar Hat or the town "oh, I...".

"yo, brave princess. Thanks to you, we could turn back Lady Diane and Sir Meliodas into normal, but we need to properly treat your wounds and get you some rest", carefully carrying her bridal style, Tristan gently lifted her "don't worry, I will bring you and Hawk to the doctor's house before going back to Baste Dungeon with Lady Diane and Sir Meliodas. We definitely will search and freed Sir Ban and the doctor's daughter... Miss Cenette, right?".

Elizabeth felt somehow, despite his smile, deep down in his heart, he looked like want to cry, just like a child who ran crying to their mother and Elizabeth couldn't help it, she couldn't shake the maternal instinct in her heart "Sir Tristan, you're alright? Your eyes... you also got hit when...".

"oh, don't worry. It was just a side-effect when I drank poison or blood", looking down with trademark broad grin that matched Meliodas, Tristan waved it off as nothing before he frowned "also, you are the one who get injured badly here, duh. I swear... you should have thought of yourself too".

Hawk stomped "he's right, Elizabeth?! I will stay with you—".

"no, we have to... go to Baste Dungeon...", Elizabeth smiled weakly "after all, I promised... that I will do my best... to protect this Kingdom with its people...".

"you want to come with us no matter what, huh?", Tristan sighed in resignation, knowing all too well how stubborn she could be "alright, but you have to be patient because maybe this will be a bumpy ride. I will carry you".

After Tristan moved Elizabeth to carry her on his back, Tristan lifted his head "also, princess... if I may so bold... true, you have to fight with all might and do your best, but don't force yourself and don't try to burden yourself too much. You can ask our help because we're friends, after all. We wouldn't want something happened to you. If something happened to you, as your friends, we would be sad and we wouldn't want to lose you... right, Sir Hawk?".

"that's right?!", Hawk exclaimed, trotting beside Tristan before drooping "I'm so sorry, Elizabeth... I'm not strong enough to protect you... but next time, I will do my best as well?!".

"Tristan and Hawk are right, princess", Diane twirled her hair on her finger "also, after I saw how brave you are today... I think you also have power on yourself, the power to move me, Tristan and Captain till we want to help you. Don't worry, you can rest for a while. Just leave it to us now".

Elizabeth smiled, she felt like she could burst into tears in joy "thank you, everyone".

Looking to the slumping figure on Tristan's back, Hawk noted "ah, she's sleeping".

"just let her. She has fought hardly with her own way, after all", Tristan chuckled, thinking how funny it was as he realized how light his parent had been this day. Back then when he was a child, it was his father and his mother who always carried him on his hands, but now, it was the opposite. Not that he would mind, it just felt weird, but the warmth that he had in his heart thanks to his family, it was still the same. Looking up, he waved his hand "oh, it's Sir Meliodas".

Diane brightened "good, we also have enough information thanks to subordinate of other Holy Knight that I asked?!".

Hawk snorted "threatened him, you mean? After you showed the Holy Knight that you stomped and you beat into crap".

Tristan twitched his eyebrow "I think... I don't want to hear the detail...".

Meliodas understood when Tristan brought Elizabeth, asking him to stay put and take care of Elizabeth as they infiltrated to the Baste Dungeon to find Ban and Cenette. They found Cenette first, but they had to put her in Diane's bag because the poor woman collapsed unconscious in fear. When they met with Ban who casually broke his way through his prison, Tristan and Hawk were baffled to hear Diane asking them to keep the distance. Next second, they just understood the reason when Meliodas and Ban had exchanged rather rowdy greeting before they had a round of arm-wrestling with terrifying force, enough to destroy the Baste Dungeon.

"are you kidding?", Tristan knew that Seven Deadly Sins were his father's comrades and from what he heard of Merlin, they were crazy strong like his father but he didn't expect this. The first thing Tristan thought after re-positioning Elizabeth in his arms, carrying her bridal style to keep her safe, was to ask Ban for their own arm-wrestling match "Sir Ban, have an arm-wrestling with me later?!'.

Diane face-palmed and shook her head "my, my... told you, he will make a good friend with Ban too".

Later, after they had come back, the doctor insisted for them to stay and having a feast as thanks. Hawk got hit by Meliodas when he mentioned about 'no poison' this time. On their little feast, Ban introduced himself to Elizabeth and Tristan formally before pestering Meliodas about what did he mean with the Junior Sins that Ban had heard from the Knights who gossiping on their watch.

Diane lifted her hand up "oh, look?!".

They saw the amazing sight on the sky, the sky were filled with crossing stars.

In the midnight after everyone had fallen asleep, Tristan sneaked away to the outskirt where he had a secret meeting again with Gelda but he didn't expect at all to get hit by Gelda who smacked his head when he arrived.

Rubbing his head, Tristan protested "Aunt?! Why did you hit me?!".

Gelda narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms before her chest "Gwen had explained to me about what could have happened to you".

Tristan stiffened, had no word to deny about it.

"actually, how stupid you are? If you knew it would endanger yourself too, you shouldn't have to do it?!", Gelda smacked Tristan's head several times before she wrapping her arms around him to hug him. What happened this day had reminded her, that no matter how mature Tristan had been, he was still her nephew that still need their guidance sometimes because he was younger than her "you said to your mother to not burden yourself, while in fact, you are the one who always do it. Don't do it again, you can defend on us, you know?".

Tristan closed his eyes, hugging her back "yeah, I'm sorry. I understand. Thank you, Aunt".

Camelot Kingdom

"this is exactly that stanza from one of the ancient poems of Britannia", looking up to the sky, Guinevere smiled and put her hands on the rail "when the skies are filled with crossing shooting stars, Britannia will be visited by an immense menace".

"it is an omen of the beginning of a trial of ancient origins, a Holy War between the guiding hand of light and the bloodline of darkness. Long story short, the sign of Holy War", Arthur wrapped his arms around her waist. He touched her chin, lifting her head up to look straight to him "don't worry too much. No matter what upcoming in front of us, we can do it together".

"you're right, but do you know?", Guinevere leaned her head on his shoulder and smiled lovely, cupping his cheek before giving a light peck "this position will give a chance for you to get 'attacked', my King".

Arthur blushed before he chuckled lightly "oh, you want to tease me now? Alright~ I'm in".

As they brought their lips together, Isolde and Lancelot who watched them over, exchanged fond smile. They really loved their friends and they hoped they would be happy together. But still, Isolde felt there was something empty in her heart ever since Tristan left.

That night, Isolde came into the vacant room in the Castle, more precisely Tristan's room in the Castle of Camelot. She threw herself on the bed that no longer had his smell, holding green bluish shawl that she had gotten from him as she lying on this bed, tears threatening to fall from her eyes as she felt the yearning on her heart "I only want to stay by your side, always together with you... does it too much to ask?".

"then just go", Merlin sat on the edge of the bed, cupping her cheek with knowing smile "looks like it's my time to let go my little bird".

"sister...", Isolde wiped her face, blushing furiously "ah, I'm sorry!? I shouldn't have to... after all, he's your ex-husband...".

"but he is your savior and your first love. You love him, do you?", Merlin smiled fondly when gaining Isolde's nods "then just go, find him and tell him how you do feel, before it's too late and what you do only regret it".

Isolde lifted her head hesitantly "but sister...".

"sup, you don't have to think about me. It's about you and him", Merlin put her finger on her lip and encouraged "if you can be happy with him, it's my greatest happiness. What's important is your feeling to him. How he will react, let's just see it later. Don't worry, I will always be your place to rest and go home whenever you need me".

Isolde cried in joy before she wrapping her arms around her waist "thank you, older sister".

Next day...

Lancelot barged into Merlin's laboratory "ISOLDE'S RUNNING AWAY FROM HOME?!".

Arthur dropped the books on his hands "WHAT?!".

Lancelot, panicked, showing the letter "look, she just left this letter in her room?!".

"please forgive me because I can't say goodbye. Don't look for me and no need to worry about me, I can take care of myself. I'm looking for Sir Tristan. Isolde", Arthur took it and read it "seriously?!".

"women in our family are really...", Guinevere shook her head in resignation "not that I never predicted this before. I'm just surprised it took this long for her before she decided to depart on her own and she didn't even tell us before she left. I don't know Aunt Isolde could be this... impulsive".

Arthur immediately wrapped his arms around Guinevere's waist, settling her on his lap "I think whoever can be impulsive when it comes to loving someone, right?".

Guinevere giggled and kissed his cheek "you're right".

Lancelot waved his hand, deadpanned "both of you, just find a room".

Blushed Guinevere fuming "Lancelot?! Just for once on your life, could you not tease us, could you?!".

Lancelot laughed hardly "sorry, but I can't because it's too funny?!".

Merlin reassured "at least, she asked my permission first".

Arthur blinked. Oh, no wonder she was so calm. "and what did you say to her, Merlin?".

"this is her life, so she is the only one who can decide and do whatever she wanted, that's it", Merlin smiled cunningly "also, no need to worry about her because I have given Sacred Treasure and some my magic items for her as protection".

Lancelot nodded his head "no wonder she's so calm".

Chapter Text

Camelot Kingdom

Guinevere cupped her cheeks, leaning her head on her palms with her elbows on the table “now I’m also getting worried... will Isolde and Tristan be okay? because... their next destination to look for uncle King will be Necropolis”.

Lancelot caressed his chin “maybe we can ask Aunt Gelda later to pick Isolde if you’re worried for her that much”.

Arthur tilted his head “but I wonder now, what kind of person are Sir King and Sir Ban?”.

Guinevere explained “uncle King is crybaby but kind-hearted. Uncle Ban sometimes could be so mean, but actually he’s a good person who couldn’t abandon someone who need for help too”.

“oh, it reminded me of that time when Ban went through a phase of collecting stuffed animal. Ban once was the bandit, so he has really bad habit of his hands and he went to steal every stuffed animal on the Kingdom”, Merlin smirked cunningly “one of stuffed animals is Guinevere’s dolphin doll and princess Elizabeth’s teddy bear. It was their favorite doll and they were crying mess when they lost it. After Ban fell asleep because of drunk, the Captain took the dolls and gave it back to Guinevere and princess Elizabeth. However, after knowing it was Ban’s doing, Guinevere threw tantrum to Ban while crying and calling him evil for stealing her doll before Ban apologized to her and promised he wouldn’t do it again because he felt guilty for make her crying”.

Guinevere blushed furiously and squealed “godmother?! You don’t have to explain about it all?!”.

Lancelot covered his mouth “pfft!? she indeed brought the dolphin doll when the first time we met?!”.

“but it was when I was only about 4 years old, Lancelot?!”, Guinevere covered her blushing face “it’s embarrassing of me, that’s why I don’t want other people to know”.

Arthur chuckled before patting Guinevere’s head “why should you feel embarrassed, Gwen? it’s so cute of you!?”.

Guinevere lifted her hand, diverting the topic “enough about me. We can ask Aunt Gelda about Isolde. What’s more important, I wonder if Tristan would be okay? This is the Necropolis we’re speaking about”.

“Necropolis, the Capital Of The Dead, the place where people who passed on live”, Arthur tucked his hands behind his head “I hardly can believe Tristan had lived on that place once before he came back to life. Basically, it’s like the afterlife, right?”.

“don’t worry”, Merlin reassured them “with his family is still alive on this world, he doesn’t have the reason to live on Necropolis”.

Lancelot trailed off “but... his daughter, Irina is there, right? Now I’m getting worried too”.

Merlin smiled knowingly “but Isolde is alive. Tristan doesn’t have the heart to leave her on this world alone although he can join the dead to live on Necropolis whenever it is when he wanted to. As long as Isolde is still alive, he will not join the dead”.

“fine then, and...”, Guinevere twitched her eyebrow to Lancelot and Arthur “don’t tell Tristan about the stuffed animal. I bet he wouldn’t live it down”.

Meliodas just came back from the river. After Elizabeth took a bath, he helped to wrap the bandages on her wounds (under Hawk’s intense watch, of course). When Meliodas came back to Boar Hat carrying Elizabeth on his back, Meliodas couldn’t help but want to ask as he looking down to Ban and Tristan “...what are you doing?”.

“like you see, arm-wrestling”, Tristan was having this unchanged expression as he and Ban had arm-wrestling “been a while here ever since you went with the princess. Welcome back, anyway”.

A vein popped on Ban’s head “you brat, be serious?!”.

“oh, sorry... okay”, Tristan tightened his muscles before slamming Ban’s hand to the ground before he stood up with smug grin “so this makes me as the winner, right?”.

“and how about this?”, Ban smacked (punched, actually) Tristan’s head with enough force to send his Captain flying back then on the Baste Dungeon, but surprisingly Tristan stood still on his place with broad grin “really!?”.

“my turn~”, Tristan punched Ban on his gut and accidentally sent him flying “oops... looks like I overdid it again... but since he’s immortal, he would be fine, right?”.

Meliodas waved his hand before he reassured Elizabeth further “don’t worry. In fact, you only make him getting more excited”.

When Ban went back, he looked like excited child who just got the new toy or new friend to play with “the hell that power you’ve got here, kid?! It’s almost as strong as the Cap’n?! No wonder he took you in as his successor?!”.

Tristan moved his hands to dodge Ban’s punches with broad grin “thank you very much, I will take it as compliment”.

Meliodas shook his head “what a kid”.

Both only stopped their fight after they were exhausted.

“Isolde”, carrying the wriggled baby within the tiny bundle on his arms, Tristan blinked away his tears “in the end, nothing I can do to save your life...”.

“please, don’t cry... lovers aren’t fated to be together forever, but to complete each other... you have to be strong for her... take care of her... our precious daughter...”, her eyes that green like the forest blinked away her own tears. Her tangled wavy long hair that brunette like bark of tree on the woods disheveled, cascading down her shoulders. She weakly smiled and reached out her shaky hand “I’m so sorry... I have to leave you and our daughter’s side this fast, but... we will meet again eventually... after all, we have been fated to meet and be together by Gods...”.

Tristan gripped her hand and kissed her hand before leaning down to kiss her forehead “...I love you”.

She only smiled in the middle of her tears, weakly whispering before she breathed her last “I love you too”.

In front of two freshly, new gravestones besides his mother’s grave, Tristan stood under the rain with a bouquet of Lily, Merlin and Meliodas stood behind him as they wore black clothes.

Looking up to the dark, greyish sky in the middle of the rain, Tristan lifted his face up after he putting down the bouquet of Lily on the gravestones “although I have this powerful strength... what’s the good of it? In the end, I can’t even save the woman I loved”.

Turning his head to the side, they could find the ruins of Cornwall Kingdom “what I could do only to bring the destruction”.

With beads of sweat covering his body, Tristan gasped before he sat up. Running his fingers on his hair, he smirked bitterly “...a dream? heh, how pathetic... even after all these years, I haven’t able to forget and forgive, huh?”.

Ban kicked the door of Tristan’s room “yo, Cap’n Kid?! Rise and shine!?”.

There were three rooms on the Boar Hat. Right above the bar was the one where Elizabeth shared room with Meliodas. The second one was Ban’s room while Tristan slept on the vacant room at the attic, he preferred it because it was the highest and he would prefer the privacy, thus he chose to sleep on the room at the attic rather than share a room with Ban who sometimes called him the Cap’n Kid because Ban thought Tristan was just like the Captain’s kid from how they interracted to each other.

Tristan just finished to take a bath and luckily, he had shoved half of his turtle-neck sleeveless black shirt down his torso so Ban didn’t see his beating heart on his back.

“I woke up already, thank you very much”, Tristan quickly wore the Boar Hat’s attire “but next time, can you please knock the door first before barging into my room?”.

“that’s quite the scars you’ve got on your body~”, Ban whistled, having witnessed half of Tristan’s scars “say, I have heard a little from the Cap’n and Merlin about your rather dark background, but I wonder~ what kind of life you’ve been living with that make you earn those scars?”.

Tristan didn’t answer him, only passing him by “beats me”.

When Tristan and Ban went downstairs to the bar, Elizabeth sat with Meliodas and Hawk nearby “oh, good morning, Sir Ban, Sir Tristan!?”.

“good morning, princess, Sir Meliodas, Sir Hawk and Lady Diane”, Tristan turned on the corner to the kitchen “just wait a second, I will prepare the breakfast for us”.

Diane chirped from outside “don’t worry, Tristan!? I have hunted meat for my own breakfast?! Thank you for considering me?!”.

Sitting in front of the counter, Ban yawned “Cap’n~ give me an Ale”.

Diane narrowed her eyes “although this is still on the early morning”.

“here”, after serving the breakfast complete with the dessert for Elizabeth, Meliodas and Hawk, Tristan handed a bottle of Aberdeen Ale to Ban before he drinking his own share, a bottle of his favorite Bernia Ale. Realizing Meliodas and Elizabeth who stared to him, Tristan raised his eyebrow “what?”.

Elizabeth waved her hand before munching on her breakfast “ah, I think this is the first time for me to see you drinking the Ale on the morning, that’s all”.

Meliodas leaned his head on his palm with his elbow on the table “...Triss, do you have a good sleep?”.

Tristan shrugged “of course, why do you ask?”.

Meliodas deadpanned “you only drink the Ale on the early morning like this because you want to forget what you’ve dreamed of, like when you have the nightmare”.

“well, that’s suck how you’re always able getting under my skin easily, Dad”, Tristan stiffened under the collectives of staring dagger to his back and before Elizabeth wanted to ask if he was feeling alright, Tristan diverted the topic “so, care to tell us about where we should go next, Captain?”.

Meliodas narrowed his eyes “calling me Captain too now?”.

Tristan rolled his eyes playfully “it’s shorter than Sir Meliodas”.

Meliodas tucked his hands behind his head “well, well, well, our next destination is the Capital Of The Dead, Necropolis. We’ll look for the Grizzly Bear Sin of Sloth, King there”.

Tristan clutched his stomach, laughing hard “wait until I meet again with Gwen?! I’m not gonna live it down and I have to tease her about how cute she was when she was crying and throwing tantrum to Ban just because Ban accidentally stole her dolphin doll!?”.

“don’t do it”, Meliodas shook his head before turning to the door “how about we go to the village and looking for Ban?”.

However, their encounter with King wasn’t pleased one because they saw King trying to kill Ban, in vain, because Ban was immortal. When Diane and Meliodas had come to the village with Tristan, Hawk and Elizabeth, King ran off before Ban dragged two kids from the village to Boar Hat to treat them with food, which was great to the point Tristan and Ban had decided to make a shift for their cooking job.

Listening to Ellen and her brother’s explanation, Meliodas remarked “what if we kill ourselves?”.

Hawk squawked “are you stupid?!”.

Tristan added the dry joke “perhaps it’s not too bad idea. How about you try to send me there?”.

Meliodas tugged his sleeve before lifting his fist, ready to punch him “clench your teeth, Triss”.

Tristan lifted his hands in surrender “just kidding”.

After giving foods and drinks for Ellen and her brother, Ban remarked what should they do “we don’t even know if this city even does exist or not”.

Meliodas looked up to his son “looks like we need your help to get into the city, Triss”.

Ban turned to Tristan “have you been there?”.

“not only have visited it... I also even have lived on that City once, after all”, Tristan smirked lopsided “yeah, before you brought me back to life, Isolde”.

Ellen’s brother gasped “that’s not possible?! Unless you died, there’s no way you could live on—”.

“it’s possible because I did died once”, before all of them (except Meliodas) who shocked with various reactions like Elizabeth, Diane and Hawk who gasped or Ban who warily raised his eyebrow, Tristan turned his back “let’s go. I will open the entrance”.

King and Oslo peeked through the bushes, looking down to where Meliodas, Diane and the others had gathered.

Diane looked around “are you sure, this place is the entrance, Tristan? We don’t see any entrance here”.

“because not all people can get into this City just because they want it. The priceless memory shared with the deceased will open the path to the Capital Of The Dead, that’s what people know. Unless, you have the access to pass the entrance”, Tristan moved his hands as he started reciting the spells “Ashes turned into Ashes. Dust turned into dust. When people die, their body turned back into Earth, leaving only their names and memories on the living people’s heart. First spell for my mother the Phoenix on the Heaven. Second spell for my father the Raven on the underworld. Third spell for my daughter who live on the Capital Of The Dead. Last spell for my lover whose soul keep wandering on the Earth. In the name of the Dead Man, open the gate”.

A pair of dark, large wings like Raven’s wings appeared out of Tristan’s back, spreading his wings out before the flowers with purple and white colored flower petals grew on the ground. The flower petals floated to the air, opening the gate to the Capital Of The Dead. When they opened their eyes, they had arrived on the entirely different place from the previous village, beautiful place fulfilled with transparent crystals and lush green sky.

King who sneaked his way into the Capital Of The Dead along with Meliodas and the group, couldn’t help but wonder “there’s no doubt about it. This is the Capital Of The Dead but who is that man? I’ve tried so many times but I could never get here and that man could open the gate with just try it at once?”.

“now, we have arrived here”, his wings shrunk a little as Tristan turned his body, looking behind with those red eyes “what should we do?”.

Ban tapped his temples “...first of all, can explain to us why your eyes turned into red and why did you have those wings?”.

In front of them appeared the blonde-haired girl with a pair of golden eyes and beauty mark high on her right cheekbone crouched herself to catch the ball, she wore dark dress with off-shoulders top. Looking up, she tilted her head innocently, carrying the ball “papa?”.

Tristan snapped his head back and looked behind over his shoulder, his eyes widened “...Irina?”.

“papa, let’s play hide and seek?!”, the brightened little girl waved her hand before a pair of wings (that identical with Tristan’s but hers had golden colors) burst out of her back. Spreading her wings, she fled to the sky “papa has to find me first?! I bet you can’t find me at all?!”.

It had been a while ever since he had seen her and how she could grow up here, he had no idea, he just had to talk with her because as long as he lived on the Capital Of The Dead, he never met Irina or Isolde and when he was about to be brought back to life, it was the first time and the last time he met her here, and he hadn’t even had the chance to speak with her before he was awakened.

Spreading his wings out, Tristan was soaring to the sky “Irina, wait?!”.

“Tristan, wait?!”, Meliodas called out, but it was too late because Tristan had fled too far and too fast “tch, that’s fast”.

Ban lifted his shaky finger with shock in his face “um, Cap’n... that girl is...”.

Meliodas hummed with concern on his eyes “yeah, she is Tristan’s deceased daughter, Irina”.

Hawk squealed in fright “the ghost really appeared?!”.

Elizabeth cupped her cheeks in fear, touching Meliodas’ shoulders “but Sir Meliodas, what if Sir Tristan didn’t come back?!”.

Meliodas scratched his nape “hopefully he didn’t get lost the track of time or path again and decided to stay here... it will be troublesome because I’ll have to ask Merlin to summon him back later”.

Diane pointed out in panic “we don’t even know where is Merlin, Captain?!”.

Then they heard another young girl’s voice chimed in “Irina, where are you? Let’s go back home”.

They turned to see a blonde-haired little girl floated with her white dress fluttering. Another ghost, it seemed.

“wait!?”, Ban called out as he, too, fled to chase after the girl “I won’t let you get away!?”.

“stop!?”, King flew straight to follow Ban this time, passing by Diane, Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk “I won’t let you get away!?”.

When Ban had fought with King, Tristan had caught off with Irina and asked her about why did she never show herself and Irina said she simply didn’t want to hear his apologize because she wanted him to stop blaming himself for his ‘Sin’ but Tristan persisted “Irina, it’s called as ‘Sin’ because it’s the unforgivable things you’ve done that can’t be erased no matter what you do”.

Irina leaned down “then I and mom also the Sinner, for causing you to suffer”.

Tristan snapped back “no, you aren’t!?”.

“then don’t blame yourself over our death anymore, papa. I and mommy would have never blamed you, we wouldn’t have even thought of blaming you because we love you”, cupping his cheeks, Irina leaned her forehead to his with understanding, love and affection that heartbreakingly similar with her mother “but if you still feel guilty, then you have to survive, keep on living your life for us to repent your Sin. Also, can you promise me one thing?”.

Tristan cupped her cheeks “I’d do anything for you. What is it?”.

“surely, you already know about this, right? Mama has reincarnated again”, with bright smile on her face, Irina asked “it’s not that I’m telling you that you have to be together with Mama again. I just want you and Mama to be happy. Promise me, you will clear everything with Mama and you two have to be happy for me?”.

Tristan smiled fondly, sincerely “I promise”.

That was when Tristan and Irina snapped their head, they realized there was an intruder. Looking to his daughter, Tristan remembered his father and his comrades.

Nodding her head, Irina smiled “let’s go, papa”.

Though, Tristan met with Elizabeth and Hawk who trying to pull out King’s Spirit Spear “what are you doing here?”.

King snapped his head “oh, you?!”.

“Sir Tristan?! Thanks god?!”, Elizabeth gave quick explanation before she got on Hawk “let’s go to the battlefield?!”.

“so you’re Irina’s father?”, Elaine appeared beside Tristan “Irina always told me about how strong her father”.

“so, you are Elaine”, Tristan noted before giving fond smile “thank you for taking care of my daughter. She told me that you’re like a big sister for her”.

King gawked “you can see her?!”.

“why not? speaking of which, it’s better if we go to the battle right away”, Tristan handed Irina to Elaine “Miss Elaine, please take care of my daughter, could you?”.

“sure, and you can just call me Elaine”, Elaine carried Irina and smiled, waving her hand “take care”.

When King and Tristan arrived, they saw Ban, Diane and Meliodas were cornered, though Tristan rolled his eyes when King pierced his Spirit Spear through Ban’s chest again “should you do it?”.

King hummed “hmph, I guess you just have to bear with witnessing this, newcomer”.

“it’s not my name, my name is Tristan Ravenwolf”, Tristan landed on the ground, telling Guila “sorry, my daughter just took a nap. I need to defeat you quickly so can you just lose before you do something that can wake her up?”.

Guila scoffed “what kind of Knight who would baby-sitting a kid on the battle?”.

“unfortunately, I am not a Knight. I am a Warlock”, Tristan turned to Meliodas, Diane and Ban “yo, all of you, still alive?”.

“yeah”, Meliodas waved his hand “Tristan~ King can take care of this battle by himself, you know?”.

“yeah, I know, but I will not be satisfied if I don’t beat her even if just a bit. Not to mention, I also hate the kind of insolent woman like her. Well, well, well, what should I do with you now?”, Tristan caressed his chin thoughtfully before he snapped his fingers “okay, I’ve decided to use which one of my pets. Bind her, Jormungand”.

Guila was surprised when the earth beneath her gave away and a gigantic snake appeared out of the gap on the earth to wrap itself around her body.

“nice trick, but to make it fair, could you let me take care of the most with her so you can protect them?”, King smirked and snapped his fingers “Spirit Spear Chastiefol Form Five : Increase”.

“will do”, Tristan stood near Ban, Meliodas and Diane. When Meliodas remarked it was unusual of him to listen to what people said to him, Tristan simply shrugged it “my position is still Junior, after all”.

They watched on the sideline as King fought Guila with Tristan’s help as the support sometimes. In the end of the fight, Guila barely landed the blow on King. King could dodge it but Elizabeth and Hawk. Before Guila’s attack successfully landed on King, Tristan snapped his fingers and King was exchanged by Tristan’s Shapeshifter who mockingly ate Guila’s bomb attack and laughed to her. Elizabeth and Hawk were safe because Tristan’s Griffin protected them, hovering above them.

“unfortunately, that was only my Shapeshifter”, carrying King like a sack of potato on his hand, Tristan snapped his fingers “your time’s up. Go back to your world”.

Griffin opened its mouth before launching fire and wind to Guila who got blown back to the world.

“yay?! See? Like I said to you, big sis?!”, Irina clapped her hands “papa is so strong, right?”.

“you’re right”, Elaine smiled warmly, patting her head before she explained “oh, looks like this world has started to reject the living who do not belong to this world. She went back to her own body because she came here only with her spirit, meanwhile you all came here with your real body... but why did you not get rejected like them all, Sir Tristan?”.

“you can say I have free-pass to come and stay here so I can choose that I want to stay here on the real world. If I want to, I can just stay here while the others can’t do it”, Tristan crossed his arms before his chest. He had to cover Irina’s eyes when Elaine and Ban kissed, though “and please remember that there is a kid here”.

Meliodas warned him before his body fully disappeared “Triss, you have to come back with us?!”.

After all of them except Tristan had gone back to the real world, Irina knew her father’s choice “papa, tell mama, grandma and grandpa that I love them, will you?”.

“of course, dear. I just want to stay longer with you, but... I have to go back before your grandpa starts getting more worried sick and upset”, Tristan asked Elaine to take care of Irina before he kissed Irina’s forehead “take care of yourself, my dear. I love you”.

“I love you too, papa”, Irina waved her hand “don’t forget, say hi from me to everyone and tell mama that I love her”.

Meanwhile on the real world, when they had been back, Elizabeth looked around because she couldn’t find Tristan and they found Guila instead “wait, where is Sir Tristan?”.

Meliodas started panicked “Tristan?! Where—”.

“don’t make that face, I’m still here”, Tristan appeared from behind them, his eyes had turned back into blue and the dark wings on his back could no longer be seen anywhere. For the very first time, they saw him smiling sincerely and brightly and he directed this to Meliodas “don’t worry too much... although it’s not entirely yet, but at least... I feel like I was just released from some of thorny chains that have been holding me back, some of those had been broke already”.

Meliodas leapt to wrap his arms around Tristan’s shoulders and clung to him. Tristan blinked his eyes as he carrying Meliodas on his arms, didn’t expect this kind of reaction from Meliodas of all people.

Meliodas whispered near his ear “next time, don’t scare me like that again, you moron”.

“oh, did I scare you? That’s so cute of you”, Tristan chuckled before whispering back “I’m not going anywhere, not with a troublesome old man that I should take care of”.

“cheeky brat”, Meliodas gave a good head-butt to Tristan before pulling his cheeks “or is this your good idea of Revenge for what happened on White Dream Forest?”.

Tristan rubbed his cheeks before patting Meliodas’ shoulder “I’m so sorry, for making you worried”.

Elizabeth smiled warmly, looking at Meliodas and Tristan, just like Diane and Hawk while Ban and King couldn’t help but wonder, actually what kind of relationship and bonds the young man had with their Captain till their Captain reacted this way to this young man?

Ban wrapped his arm around Tristan’s shoulder to lock his head as his other hand grinded on his temples “now, explain the details to us. You owe a LOT of explanations to us, Cap’n Kid~”.

King also had to admit that he wondered “that’s right, what are you, actually? That dark, large wings aren’t Fairy’s wings, obviously”.

“okay, look at this carefully”, Tristan snapped his fingers before a Raven appeared and perched in his forefinger “this is one of my pets, Raven. Before I start explaining, do you know what the differences of the Magicians’ titles? Like why they are called as Sorceress, Enchantress or Warlock?”.

Ban, Hawk, Elizabeth and Diane shook their head before Tristan sighed “I have to explain it then?”.

“no need”, King waved his hand before explaining to his comrades about differences between Sorceress, Enchantress and Warlock “for Tristan’s case, you can call him as Warlock because he has abilities like a witch who creating forbidden ‘pacts’ with powerful creatures to harness his innate magical gifts. My question is, with how many creatures you have the pacts?”.

“not that much, only 11 creatures for now”, Tristan munched his roasted meat, ignoring disbelief stares from the others “also, they are only creatures who officially have pacts with me. With or without pact, I still can call other creatures but those 11 certain particular creatures are those who often work together with me, those who I usually call and I can trust the most, so I create the pacts with them”.

King shouted in disbelief “unbelievable?! How could you have created the pacts with so many powerful creatures like them from the first place?!”.

Tristan shrugged “what? It’s not like I’m gonna die just because I have the pacts with them. Also, with me having the pact with them, they also can possess me like Raven did when we entered the Capital Of The Dead. Raven is known as the powerful creature who live on the realm of the Dead, symbol of the death. Thus, I can stay on the Capital of The Dead as long as I have the pact with Raven, only when it possesses me though”.

Elizabeth asked in worry “but would it have any effects on your body?”.

“told you, it’s no problem, princess”, Tristan convinced her “this is the matter of trust between me with them. As long as I don’t break the rule or end our pact and I can fulfill their necessity, like to feed them with fresh meat or blood sometimes, I will be totally fine”.

“like he said, he will be fine. No need to worry about him”, Meliodas patted Elizabeth’s head “and what make you looked so worried like this?”.

Elizabeth sheepishly smiled and scratched her cheek “well, I guess it’s because of what happened on the Necropolis... I was afraid because for a moment, I thought we wouldn’t see Sir Tristan again”.

“so it’s your fault”, Meliodas narrowed his eyes pointedly to Tristan, lifting his finger accusingly “you have to apologize to her, brat”.

Tristan bowed his head “I apologize”.

Elizabeth waved her hands “eh, no need, really!?”.

King blinked his eyes in confusion and watched the exchange in wonder “then, what is their relationship with the Captain?”.

This time, it was Meliodas who smirked mischievously before throwing each arm around Elizabeth’s and Tristan’s shoulders, one of his hands groped Elizabeth’s breast “let me introduce you to my little family, King. This is Tristan Ravenwolf, my first son and this is Elizabeth—”.

Gaining the sign, Tristan cut him off and joined him on his pranks, lifting his thumb “—my beautiful mother is still looked so young like my Dad, right?”.

Diane who faked her sleep, instantly woke up “CAPTAIN?!”.

Ban spurted his Ale “she’s your wife?! I thought for sure that you’re lovers but this—?!”.

“you’re the Captain’s wife and son?! Why didn’t you tell us sooner, Captain? Have I known, I would have treated you better?!”, King exclaimed in panic before bowing his head to Elizabeth frantically “I’m so sorry, ma’am?! I don’t know at all!? But actually, how old are you, your wife and your son, Captain?”.

Hawk bit and chewed on Meliodas’ hairs “enough with your pranks, pervert?!”.

Next second, Elizabeth frantically explained to convince King and Ban that they weren’t in that kind of relationship while Tristan and Meliodas were howling in laughter.

(on the background between the tree lines, Gelda clutched her stomach, lying on her side and smacked the ground beneath her “like father like son, huh? I could swear...”.

From the Communication Orb, they also could hear Guinevere’s quivering voice “Aunt... don’t laugh too hard... they would know you’re here...”.

Lancelot laughed hardly “but you laughed too, sis?!”.)

Chapter Text

After Elizabeth cleared the misunderstanding (which Tristan and Meliodas earned good scolding from Hawk and bump on the head by Diane) and explained about their mission, King agreed to join before he pointedly stared to Diane, Ban and Meliodas "guys, where is your Sacred Treasures?".

Diane winked and stuck her tongue out, twiddling her fingers with her pigtail-style hair "I lost mine~".

Meliodas grinned lopsided and lifted his O-shaped fingers "I sold mine~".

Ban chimed in musically "mine was stolen~".

After King's outburst rage in disbelief and Hawk's constant complaints to Meliodas, Hawk, very smart, turned to Tristan "now King mentioned it, I just realized... where is your Sacred Treasure, Tristan?".

Tristan drank his Ale as he closed his eyes "...since I am a Warlock, I use the Sacred Treasure to increase my magic power like Merlin's Aldan".

King floated beside him, hugging his Chastiefol in pillow form "but like the Mr. Pig said, I never saw your Sacred Treasure on the fight?".

Ban added "now you mention it, we also never saw it".

Diane leaned down "nee, nee, can we see your Sacred Treasure, Tristan?".

"no", was his immediate answer but at the collectives of the staring dagger to him, Tristan clarified "ah, I'm so sorry but let me make it clear, it's not that I don't want to show my Sacred Treasure or I can't... I can show it to you, but... I don't think you would like to see it, anyway".

King, Ban, Diane, Hawk and Elizabeth asked in unison "why?".

When Tristan casted his glance sideways to avoid their curious gazes, Meliodas answered in his stead "it's because his Sacred Treasure is planted on his body, precisely within his heart".

King raised his eyebrow "...excuse me?".

Ban laughed as he threw his arm around Meliodas' shoulder "kakaka~ Cap'n, it's not funny at all, you know?".

Diane waved her hand with smile "that's right, Captain. Why should you give us the dry joke like that?".

Tristan leaned his head on his palm, elbow on the tree stump that they used as dining table "he's not lying at all. It's the truth".






King's eyes looked like about to pop out of its place "how could your Sacred Treasure be planted in your heart?!".

"yup, my Sacred Treasure is planted in my heart, so if you still want to see it, I just need to cut off my chest to show it", Tristan took the dagger on his hand already "so... should I show it?".

King waved his hands "nope nope nope nope nope".

"NO!?", Elizabeth snatched the dagger from Tristan's hand immediately, shaking her head as maternal instinct and a mother's protectiveness rose again "no need to show it to us if you have to hurt yourself in the process like that?!".

Diane nibbled her fingers "she's right?! Not to mention it's also gory and bloody?!".

Ban narrowed his eyes in suspicion "how could you be so calm like that, Cap'n? Have you seen it?".

"well, of course I am. I saw it myself when it was planted on his body, back then when he was dying", Meliodas pointed to Tristan "in fact, I was also one of those who had helped certain someone particular who planted 'it' on his surgery. Well, the certain someone particular forced me to help, actually".

This time Ban turned to Tristan "and how in the world you've got your Sacred Treasure planted on your heart, Kid?".

"it was... complicated and long story... to make long story short, I thought I was dead already thus my soul lived on the Necropolis, the Capital Of The Dead for...", Tristan crossed his arms and turned to Meliodas "how long? About several weeks?".

"for several months!? You were sleeping in coma and I'd like to say that you were sleeping like dead!?", Meliodas grumbled in distress, the memory of those days when he, Merlin and Isolde had to painfully wait for him to open his eyes again or had to let him go to die, was still clear on his mind "and thanks to that, your wife was literally crying nearly every day".

The others were surprised of their Captain's outburst.

"yeah, thank you very much for the reminder", he said it apologetically. Though the words weren't spoken of, it was clear he apologized in his own way. For a moment, somber aura hang heavily on the air before Tristan continued, scratching his head as if nothing happened "so that is, I thought I was dead while in fact, I was sleeping in coma. It seemed like my soul got carried away to the Capital Of The Dead when I was dying, perhaps? just barely, I would have died for sure but then I'm back with my Sacred Treasure has already been planted within my heart to strengthen my chance to life. I admit, that was close, but since I'm back to life, no problem at all, right?!".

King shuddered although Tristan laughed it off sarcastically in the end of his words "I still don't think it's funny topics that you could laugh off about".

"eh, I see... with you, as a Warlock, having the pacts with powerful creature and had lived once on the Capital Of The Dead, no wonder you have the access to go back and forth there", Ban asked "but who is the certain someone particular that have so kindly planted your Sacred Treasure to your heart in order to save your life?".

"my late wife", Tristan smiled sadly before the situation turned heavy again. Yeah, when they entered Necropolis, they all saw Irina, his daughter and the question now, how about his wife? Could no longer bear the heavy, tensed situation, Tristan broke the silence "but speaking of Sacred Treasure, I heard something interesting. Do you know Vaizel?".

Meliodas shrugged "of course, it's a merchant town and it hosts a flea market Festival every year. Any news?".

"anything can be sold there, junk, weapons, jewelry. Supposedly, there was even a royal crown from a distant kingdom once. I heard a rumor about a certain eccentric princess who asked her identity is kept as secret, has given the 'weapon that no one can use' as charity for the grand prize of annual Vaizel Fight Festival this year", Tristan smirked smugly, leaning his head on his palm "whoever join the annual Vaizel Fight Festival this year will earn the grand prize one hundred gold coins and a Giant's War Hammer. Do you familiar with this Giant War Hammer that could be someone's Sacred Treasure?".

Diane gasped "could it be—?!".

King figured it out "don't tell us, it's Diane's Sacred Treasure, Gideon!?".

"check on it will not bring harm, right?", Tristan drawled "and~ if it's really Lady Diane's Gideon, we just need to join and win the Vaizel Fight Festival to earn back Lady Diane's Sacred Treasure".

Ban had this evil expression on his face "of course we should enter this Fight Festival, right, Cap'n?".

Meliodas approved and cracked his knuckles "good idea?!".

"don't forget, our main purpose is to only find Sacred Treasure, guys. If this grand prize really Lady Diane's Sacred Treasure Gideon, we have to earn it back for her as comrades but I don't think there's a point on joining the Fight Festival if it isn't...", Tristan waved his hand but he was surprised as he felt himself was being lifted off of the ground "huh?".

"if it's really my Sacred Treasure, you have my greatest thanks, Tristan?! It's so considerate of you?!", Diane rubbed her cheeks against Tristan's head like she usually did to Melidoas "you're also my other favorite human after the Captain?!".

King turned into his old-fat-man as a vein popped on his head, enlisting Tristan as his rival other than the Captain.

They didn't know what kind of fate that would be upcoming to them.

(Guinevere called from Communication Orb "Aunt, please smack Tristan's head later for calling me as the eccentric princess?!".

Gelda hummed and caressed her chin thoughtfully "unfortunately, I thought he's not wrong at all".

Guinevere squawked "Aunt?!".

Gelda wondered "speaking of which, how could you even earn her Gideon?".

"godmother collected the Sacred Treasure of her comrades, I simply provide it for them back, only after I thought they're worthy enough to use it again and they passed my test", Guinevere laughed slyly "after all, no pain no gain, right?".

Gelda deadpanned, somehow felt pity on Meliodas and the others "...aren't you being too difficult on your own family and comrades?".)

"anyway, we wouldn't know if we didn't check. We can just make it clear after we check on Vaizel", jumping from Diane's hands, Tristan landed on the ground before walking away "I want to take a bath. Let's discuss further about the plan later".

Ban and King exchanged glances, they still wanted to pester several things from Tristan like from who he earned this information, to know better about their new member or maybe, if they were lucky enough, they would able to know something about him like about his family (his wife and daughter, maybe).

Ban threw his arm around King's shoulder "then, how about we take a bath too, King?".

For once, King let him and agreed "you may join us, Captain".

Instead, Meliodas caught them by the back of their collars with lopsided grin "sorry, I decline and you have to give him a privacy to take a bath alone. Tristan really doesn't want to take a bath with another people".

"oh, now you mention it", Diane tilted her head "Tristan indeed always takes a bath alone. I thought it was simply because you and Tristan have the deal to take a bath on the different time so one of you can watch guard while the other one takes a bath".

"maybe it's because of his scars?", gaining Meliodas' questioning looks, Ban explained "I accidentally saw it on the morning. Not all of it, though. Only burns and scars on his hands and his belly, and I bet there are more of his scars that I haven't seen but when looking at his scars, I can't help it but wonder... what kind of life he's been living with, until he has so many scars like that on his body?".

"don't pester him further about his scars, unless he himself who willingly want", Meliodas' expression turned serious as he narrowed his eyes to Ban and King "it's an order. I mean it".

"the Seven Laws Of The Seven Deadly Sins, number Three. A Sin shall ask no questions of another member's Sin... that is?", earning Meliodas' stern look, Ban scratched his neck "yes, yes~".

King couldn't help but wonder "...Cap'n, is he related by blood with you? He indeed has resemblances with you but actually, what does his relationship with you?".

"well, well, well, I have told you about who is he for me. You have to ask him yourself about who I am for him", Meliodas tucked his hands behind his head before casting his eyes downward "after all, even I'm still not sure... about what does he think about me".

Elizabeth felt her heart tightened at the sight of unusual sadness and loneliness on the Dragon Sin Of Wrath before Meliodas went back to the Boar Hat "Sir Meliodas?".

Tristan took off his clothes and put his neatly-folded clothes on the rock nearby on the riverbank before he dipped himself on the water to take a bath. Just when he felt relaxed, he realized another presence nearby from the bushes right behind him " about your job as spy on the Liones Castle, Aunt? I don't think you come here only to disturb my bath-time".

"I have finished my work as maid before I came here and I will come back to the Liones Castle again after we exchange the information we have", Gelda sat on the ground behind the bushes to avoid other people saw her "but first, are you seriously gonna go to Vaizel?".

Tristan shrugged "that's the plan, right?".

"true, but somehow I have really bad feeling after the unnecessary meeting between Holy Knights with two Great Holy Knights of Liones Kingdom", Gelda put her hand on her hip before explaining about the meeting between Dreyfus and Hendrickson with the Holy Knights on the Castle of Liones Kingdom "ignoring their King's wish to avoid the Holy War, they prepare to start the Holy War instead. What I know, right now there's two factions on the Holy Knights".

After Gelda explained about two factions on the Holy Knights and New Generation, somehow, Tristan also started to have his own suspicions "and what's up with these so-called New Generation?"

Gelda narrowed her eyes "would you believe me if I told you that I feel the familiar, the very same dark pulse on them, like the one we have?".

Tristan frowned "you mean...".

"yeah, believe it or not, I feel it, very clearly... they have the Demon blood in their veins", Gelda touched her chin thoughtfully "but it's not something natural like us or your father. They weren't born with it, but they clearly have it forcefully. It also changed them".

Tristan demanded "by you mean with 'changed them', how?".

"remember Guila?", gaining Tristan's hum, she continued "she didn't have magic power at all and only Holy Knight Apprentice when we met the first time, then she has magic power and at the same time, I feel the Demon blood on her. Not only her, but also from all of the New Generation. The question is, how?".

"I don't know from where they earned the Demon blood, the source of it I mean... but I know what kind methods they used. They drank the Demon blood to gain the magic power and like you said, it changed them like turning them into merciless and heartless although it indeed gave them more magic power", Tristan frowned in deep thought "I couldn't believe this... to think this happened again... Hopefully mother, Isolde and older sister will be alright. All of these are exactly similar with what happened 2.500 years ago on the Cornwall or 16 years ago on the Danafor. They will need the blood of the Goddesses, the descendants of Goddesses or the Apostle of the Goddess to break the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness".

Tristan's eyes widened and trailed off "...Aunt, how is Isolde doing?".

Knowing her nephew, she knew how he would react and there was no point on lying to him. Guinevere even asked her to not tell him considering how he would react, so Gelda told the matter of fact which not a lie at all "Lady Merlin watched her over, obviously she's doing alright".

"I see", Tristan closed his eyes and sighed in relief "she has to alright, she has to".

Damn, Gelda couldn't help it but feeling guilty, for lying to her nephew, so she asked instead "may I ask you something?".

"what is it?".

"what happened on Danafor?".

Tristan narrowed his eyes "...why do you ask?".

Gelda explained what she heard (when she was eavesdropping) on the private meeting between Dreyfus with Gilthunder and Howzer after the latter two had taken care of the barbarians "after all, your father was once known as the next heir of Demon King, so I wouldn't be too surprised of his power but the question here is, why did he do it? What happened on Danafor? I only know that Kingdom was fallen due to great calamity 16 years ago and that Kingdom is where Lancelot was born, before he was taken care by The Lady Of The Lake for a while, at least until a family of Holy Knight from Camelot Kingdom adopted him".

"if you really want to know what happened on Danafor, you can just ask Lancelot. I also have no clue about what happened on Danafor. Not entirely, I mean. The one who knew what happened on Danafor would be my father, Lancelot and the reincarnation of my mother no. 106, Liz. Though, we can't ask her at all... what I remembered after I had arrived on Danafor, I was only thinking of bringing Lancelot to the safe place, accidentally going to the opposite direction with my father who brought my mom, the reincarnation of my mom, Elizabeth no. 107 out of Danafor and I kept running, until I was unconscious outside Merlin's house", Tristan got out of the river and took the towel to dry himself clean "Lancelot also was dying because of covered by Miasma on his body, so I and Merlin had no choice but to bring him to The Lady Of The Lake, to ask him purify the Miasma on his body with condition, The Lady Of The Lake raised Lancelot for a while".

Gelda came out of the bushes "I wonder if it has something to do with why Lancelot still can't use his magic power?".

"just the same with Arthur, right?", Tristan put his clothes on "speaking of which, no one feel suspicious on you or recognize you as Vampire?".

"thanks to Lady Merlin's magic item", Gelda pointed to the bracelet, Merlin's magic item that disguised her magic power and presence into human "this\really helped me to disguise as a mere human".

"just be careful, Aunt", Tristan nodded "anyway, I have to go. Let's meet again in Vaizel, if you worried that much".

(on the Castle of the Camelot Kingdom, Arthur and Lancelot sneezed at the same time "ACHO?!".

Guinevere blinked her eyes "huh? catch a cold at the same time?".)

Despite knowing his older sister's plan, Tristan asked "so, it is?".

Ban who ridiculously went on topless apron to Vaizel confirmed "yup, it is indeed Diane's Gideon".

"yosh", with excitement of a child, Meliodas punched his fist on his palm "let's join the Fight Festival, then!?".

"let me enter us, then", Tristan waved his hand, knowing Fairy Clan's nature, obviously King wouldn't want to enter "only me, you and Ban, right?".

This time, King felt grateful for Tristan's understanding "I will only support you as the spectator since this Fight Festival is using your physical strength. Fight?!".

"speaking of which, I wonder now", Tristan leaned down beside Meliodas "I know he's so strong with his Spirit Spear, but how is King doing when it comes to fight physically?".

Meliodas simply stated "super weak".

King squawked "Captain?!".

After all participants of the Vaizel Fight Festival had entered the fighting ring on top of the giant rock, the referee who introduced himself as Love Helm announced after explaining the rules "the Vaizel Fight Festival Preliminary begins now!?".

King felt really relieved for not joining the Fight Festival after Love Helm explained the rules "I'm glad I'm not joining this brute Fight Festival. There are women who join this Fight Festival, even".

By King meant the women, there were indeed two mysterious women. The one wore dark purple high-collar cape and high hat of the same color with pink ribbon. The other one wore white high-collar cape, white hood that wide enough to cover her head till her eyes could no longer be seen and the white veil that covered her lower face. While Ban, Meliodas and Tristan had no problem with their own fight, they were surprised to see these women also could hold their own fight even if the latter didn't do that much because the former, woman with dark purple cape and hat, knocked most of the men with her own hands while the others only realized the latter, woman with white cape, wide hood and veil, because she even could knock Taizoo, the old geezer who was known as three-time champion, ex-mountain bandit turned mega-merchant, out of the ring. When Taizoo charged to her and was about to knock her, she simply her hand gracefully like dancing to halt Taizoo's fist before she charged forward and pushed Taizoo out of the ring after her hand touched Taizoo's stomach. Taizoo was blown away out of the ring, knocked to the ground.

The referee, Love Helm commented "that Lady in White even could knock Taizoo out of the ring with only one push of her hand?! such power from her tiny body, just like the other Lady in Purple!?".

While Meliodas mentioned how good they were and Ban wondered if these women would ever be able to get married, Tristan frowned deeply because he had a hunch feeling, somehow, he knew these women but since he couldn't see their faces, nothing he could do. After the remaining fighters were only eight people on the ring, Love Helm asked them to gather on the waiting room and draw the lottery.

Ban whispered when Love Helm started to announce their names "oi, Tristan, you'd better not use our real name, would you?".

Tristan whispered back "I'm not that dumb. I have predicted it, don't worry".

"now we have the match-ups?! First round, fight A is...", Love Helm referred to the muscular man with the Lady in Purple "Griamore VS Matrona?!".

Meliodas stared to the the muscular guy and the blonde man who helped him just now "do those two... know each other?".

"next, the first round, fight B is...", Love Helm excitedly pointed to the Lady in White and the muscular, blonde man "Cain VS Lancelot?!".

Tristan crouched beside Meliodas before whispering "it's you".

Meliodas narrowed his eyes in suspicion "why should you pick your brother's name?".

Tristan narrowed his eyes pointedly "do you prefer I use your brother's names, then?".

Meliodas groaned, preferred using Lancelot's name rather than Estarossa or Zeldris "ah, yeah, yeah".

They heard Love Helm announcing the next participants, pointing to the Lady in White and blonde man "for the first round, fight C is Anna Maria VS Howzer?!".

"Anna Maria? Never heard of her", Meliodas squinted his eyes "the world sure is a big place".

When Tristan looked at her, Anna Maria averted her head, leaving Meliodas and Tristan wondered but before these two could react, Meliodas realized "but yours and Ban haven't been picked?".

Tristan and Ban snapped their head to each other with widened eyes before Love Helm announced "the last fight of the first round, fight D, is Tristan Jr. and John Doe?!".

Meliodas sputtered before squirming on the floor, clutching his stomach "such creative names you have here, big boy".

With a vein popped on his head, Ban locked Tristan's head, grinding his fist on his temple "just from where and what do you mean with this Mr. John Doe, Junior~?".

Tristan half-heartedly laughed "but isn't it perfect? I can't think of other name, after all".

"but it's sure fast?! On the first round?!", Ban cracked his knuckles with thrilled grin "I guess finally I have the best chance to fight with you before I beat the Captain in the final~".

"on your dream", Tristan smirked and cracked his knuckles as well "I'm gonna beat you before you even have a chance to beat him".

"excuse me, you...", Howzer approached them before inspecting Tristan, Meliodas and Ban one by one but he lifted his hand after that "ah, my bad?! Sorry, I've mistaken you with somebody else?! After all, the names are different?!".

Tristan, Meliodas and Ban only exchanged confused glances at that. Without they knew, two women sighed in relief, thinking it was just barely.

King also laughed when Meliodas told him about the names that Tristan picked for them in this Fight Festival after Ban, Meliodas and Tristan went back to the ring with other participants. To say they were shocked to see that Matrona was shrunken-Diane was understatement. However, they thought it would be fine and they would definitely able to gain back Diane's Gideon since there were four of them who entered the Vaizel Fight Festival. They just didn't know yet, there would be five of them actually.

After she explained what happened to her and shrunken-Elizabeth in her chest, Diane exclaimed "what should we do if we couldn't go back into our real sizes?!".

Tristan promised he could figure out "don't worry. Usually, the shrunken-body effect is temporary, but I can provide the antidote if you need it later".

"really?!", Diane brightened before wrapping her arms around Tristan's head this time, hugging him as his face buried on her chest "thank you, Tristan?!".

Once again, a vein popped on King's head before the Fairy King apologized to Diane "I'm so sorry, Diane?! I can't participate although I also want to—".

Ban cut off "it can't be helped~ the Fairy Clan is known for their laid-back attitude~".

Diane waved it off with bright smile innocently (without evil intention at all, seriously) "don't worry, King?! I don't expect you to do it at all?!".

King crouched on the ground, moping "she didn't expect me at all...".

"be patient, Senior", Tristan felt pity for him, patting his back before turning to Meliodas "speaking of which, it's your turn now, right? Against that old man Cain".

Diane cheered "do your best, Captain?!".

Elizabeth did the same from Diane's chest "please be careful!".

Meliodas swung his hands "leave it to me".

Still, Tristan felt uneasy creeping on his heart as he looked at the old man and that Anna Maria "this old man seemed familiar to me, just like that Anna Maria... who are they, I wonder?".

Ban realized his friend's uneasy "what's with that face, Tristan?".

Before Tristan could answer him, they heard the old man Cain spoke (due to their sharp ears) "you sure resemble him... I thought it might be possible when I first saw your face, but when I heard the name Lancelot, I knew it for sure then... without doubt, you are Meliodas' son, right?".

Ban, Diane and King exchanged confused glances "huh?".

On the opposite, Anna Maria and Tristan kept looking straight with knowing looks, wondering who and from where this old man Cain. Although Meliodas and Cain were talking under the whispers, Tristan and three other Sins still could hear them.

Cain mumbled "I find it hard to believe you since you can't remember me".

Meliodas scratched his forehead "yeah, sorry".

"if you really are the Meliodas that I know...", Cain started to attack Meliodas with his kicks before he took his cape off "the Kingdom that you swore to protect, the people, the person important to you, I'll not forgive someone like you, who betrayed everything he stood for?!".

Tristan and Meliodas' eyes widened "that crest... Danafor?!".

People started murmuring about Danafor, the Kingdom that was destroyed by a great calamity 16 years ago after they looking at the crest on that old man's clothes. Elizabeth thought about her father who told her once that she was born on Danafor. Meliodas did nothing to dodge or avoid Cain's attack and it sent Tristan, King and Diane unsettled while Ban too-well-knowingly mocked how Meliodas took it on the purpose.

"there's a survivor other than us? Cain, could it be he...", Tristan looked up and called out after Cain's outburst "old man Cain Barzad?!".

Cain snapped his head to Tristan and gasped after throwing the huge ball of fire to Meliodas "you... that face and the way you called me... could it be you...".

"he really is... but I have to make it clear for Dad!?", Tristan smiled in nostalgic way, as if answering Cain's unanswered questions before he tried to clarify in his father's stead "you're misunderstanding?! About what truly happened on Danafor that day, he never—".

"TRISTAN!?", using Counter Vanish, Meliodas wiped out Cain's fire ball before glared down to his son "not a word. It's an order".

Usually, ordinary people would flinch under his glare but instead, Tristan glared back with his cold blue eyes.

"...fine, do what you want. Geez", Tristan scratched the back of his nape before turning his back and walking away "but you better do your best to avoid or dodge his attack, not to take it on purpose instead, you moron old man?! There's really no point on worrying about you, after all!?".

Elizabeth called him in worry "wait, where are you going, Sir Tristan?!".

"take a piss", Tristan obviously lied and waved his hand before going down to the toilet near the waiting room. Closing his eyes, Tristan sighed "what is it?".

"you do realize you look like a little kid who sulking after getting scolded by his father, you know?", Gelda jumped down from the rooftop "I have a day off from my job as maid today. I thought it's good to have a nice holiday so I came here and I have rather interesting show~ I never expected him to be that harsh to you, though".

"shut it, Aunt", Tristan gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes in distress "not my first time to get treated this way by him, after all. It's just... I hope he didn't try to burden the weight of the world on his shoulder solely".

When Tristan and Gelda peeked to the ring because they heard the cheers, it looked like Meliodas and Cain had cleared everything as Cain cried mess, hugging Meliodas while Meliodas smiled, patting his old friend's back soothingly.

Tristan sighed in relief before a bitter smile appeared on his face "see? There's no point of worrying him, after all. He can do everything even without my help, why should I bother to help him from the first place, I wonder".

"no one can do everything alone, little one", Gelda patted Tristan's head and smiled, sometimes he and his siblings could still be a child for her "and you are his son. No wonder you want to help him. Just talk with him, okay? I'm just gonna watch from safe place~".

Ban looked behind over his shoulder to where Tristan had gone off, still contemplating about should he go to check on him or not because he thought the kid needed privacy and Ban thought he was not in the right place to talk to him about this, because it was the Captain who had every right to talk about this with him later.

"however, you're still going hard on your own son, huh?", Cain patted Meliodas on the shoulder "just go easy with him sometimes. I know deep down in his heart, he's a good man and a great son. He tried to clarify everything in your stead to clear your name, for you".

"yeah, he really is", Meliodas smiled proudly of his son but then, the guilt crept on his heart before he jumped down, asking Ban to where Tristan had gone. When he found Tristan who sat on the stairs, still turning his back against him even if he must have realized he was here, Meliodas couldn't help but feeling more guilty "Tristan, what are you doing here?".

"self-introspection and enjoying my solitude in my exile place after get the good reprimand", Tristan crossed his arms before his chest before looking up to his father who tried to apologize but Tristan cut him off "look, I'm not mad. I'm just upset because you have bad habit on taking the blame, even for something that isn't your fault at all. Next time you do it again, I'm gonna use you as my sparring bag".

"no problem at all if you can forgive me with it", Meliodas chuckled with lopsided grin before patting his son's head "and I apologize, for shout to you when you just tried to defend me".

In the end, it was only an empty threat because Tristan thought for sure, he couldn't and wouldn't able to do it to his own father because for him, hero or criminal, his father would always be his father.

Patting Meliodas on the shoulder, Tristan only smiled "should we go back?".

"yup", Meliodas smiled and reached out his hand to pull Tristan up, patting his hip "by the way, how could you know it's Cain Barzad?".

"I do remember his sound and I confirmed it's him from his magic power", Tristan smirked, patting his head "unlike you, I'm not going senile yet".

Meliodas smacked him on the stomach "cheeky brat".

When they arrived to where Elizabeth, Hawk, Ban, Diane and King had waited for them, they were once again surprised to see Cain burst into tears, only this time Cain cried in relief as he wrapped his arms to hug Tristan that he thought just like his son considering he was his old friend's son too.

Love Helm excitedly lifted his hand "next, Anna Maria VS Howzer?!".

On the rooftop, Gelda narrowed her eyes in suspicion "Anna Maria, don't tell me...".

Chapter Text

Danafor Kingdom


“do you think so?”.

“what do you mean ‘do you think so?’!? I bet you’re just after my body?! if you come near me, I’ll kill you?!”.

“come now, don’t get so worked up. Let’s eat”.

“yo, old man”, Tristan came sauntering from the front door, lifting his hand “I’d heard from old man Cain Barzad who complained along with your comrades, you did something unbelievable again?”.

Liz blinked to the silver-haired blue-eyed man who just “um, he is...?”.

Meliodas answered with blank, innocence expression “my son”.

Liz was shocked “what!? I’d believe it more if you just said he’s your older brother or father instead!? Not to mention he doesn’t have resemblances physically with you?!”.

Meliodas ignored her outburst before taking the plates to eat “you’re not the first person who said it, thank you very much”.

Tristan caressed his chin “well, if you speak about the resemblances physically here, I indeed have blue eyes from my mother. I naturally was born with blonde hair like Dad, but due to aftermath-great-shock because of accident years ago, my hair turned into silver like this”.

Liz rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe this. Why would Meliodas invite her here if he has a son and a wife? “and where is your mother?”.

For a moment, Liz saw the hint of sadness and grief on his eyes before Tristan answered with thin smile on his face as he helped Meliodas “passed away already when I was a child”.

Liz felt guilty creeping on her heart before lowering her head, clenching her fist on her chest “...I’m so sorry”.

Tristan looked up, about to ask her why should she apologize to him before Cain came with Merlin who instantly approached him “Tristan?! Here you are!? What I told you before to not forget to check up on my place and come with your Dad?!”.

“Merlin?!”, Tristan awkwardly lifted his hand and smiled nervously as he apologized to Merlin before he turned to Meliodas “Dad?! You called her too?!”.

Meliodas grinned lopsided “no, I invited her after I knew you would drop by~”.

Tristan deadpanned “you jerk, how could you trap your own son like this?”.

Liz asked, tapping Tristan’s bicep “who is she?”.

Tristan sighed “my childhood friend—”.

Meliodas blurted out “—his ex-wife”.

“Dad?! Get your ass down here?!”, Tristan ran in circles in attempt to catch Meliodas “I’m gonna hang you up on the tree!?”.

Meliodas expertly dodged his son’s hand as he also ran in circles “ha! I’d like to see you try, son?!”.

Cain, Liz and Merlin only watched them before Merlin giggled “aren’t they ridiculous?”.

Liz couldn’t help it but laughing hard “hey, you’re right?! Speaking of which, we haven’t introduced ourselves properly. I’m Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz”.

“Merlin Belialuin”, Merlin shook Liz’s hand with confident smirk “like you have heard from Meliodas, I’m Tristan’s ex-wife, also his older sister-in-law”.

Liz blinked in confusion “older sister-in-law?”.

Later, Merlin and Liz quickly became good friends. Merlin told Liz about what happened between her marriage life with Tristan, after Isolde Belialuin, Merlin’s little sister passed away, however no one ever told about why Meliodas and Tristan had such high tension and tensed, strained relationship from how they always kept a good distance with each other, as if they restrained all of their feelings to each other while in fact, they still cared to each other as father and son. Tristan didn’t live on Danafor, he wandered around Britannia but sometimes he would drop by on Danafor, just like that night when Meliodas met Liz or when they celebrated for Liz’s pregnancy. Yep, after knowing Liz was pregnant, Meliodas held a little party with Tristan, Merlin, Cain and some of Holy Knights on Danafor.

As he drunk, Tristan had requested “I prefer little brother rather than little sister!?”.

Unusually, Merlin was drunk and she wrapped her arms around Tristan’s shoulders “Triss... I’m so sleepy...”.

“me too”, Tristan yawned and carried Merlin bridal-style “let’s sleep above, then”.

Liz shook her head in disbelief “how could you two still sleep together although you two have divorced? Just be together again already”.

“what’s the problem? It’s just sleepover”, Tristan raised his eyebrow, cheeks flushed “it’s not like we will make love and have the baby on the way like you and Dad have, Liz”.

“you impertinent, insolent brat?!”, Liz threw some of knives which expertly dodged by Tristan even if he still carried Merlin on his arms before Tristan ran off upstairs. They could hear Merlin’s and Tristan’s carefree and happy laughters before Liz shook her head “and I still can’t believe he’s my step-son”.

“if you’re worried that much, just check on them”, Meliodas, despite his bright red face and unusually was drunk, gobbled another bottle of his Ale “like they said, it’s not like Merlin will get pregnant just because still sleeping together with Tristan. Also, Tristan would not lay his finger on women when he knew she wouldn’t want it or dislike it. He’s damned too honorable to ever do it”.

Just like Meliodas said, Cain and Liz saw Merlin and Tristan slept on the same bed, having sleepover with their clothes still on and nothing happened, only sleeping together on the same bed just like two best childhood friends. This scenes had been usual sight for Meliodas, and it also would be usual for Liz, Lancelot and Cain. Later, after Liz gave birth Lancelot, Merlin would come to drop by with Tristan in tow more often to their house.

“I only drop by here just because she tagged me along with her to come here”, it’s Tristan’s usual main reasons but from how he always brought the necessity or gifts for Lancelot, they knew he’s lying.

Not that they mind at all, because Lancelot was really close with Tristan and Merlin.

However, all of their happiness seemed like an ephemeral, transient beautiful dream from how quickly their happiness was crumbled into nothing.

Camelot Kingdom

Lancelot fell off of his bed with the back of his head landing on the floor, listening to the birds chirped, perching themselves on the rails of the window on his room. The sun this morning seemed so bright, it reminded him to how happy their live had been on Danafor.

“...a dream?”, Lancelot sat and yawned, scratching his head “it’s been a long time, since I’ve dreamed such beautiful dream from long-distance memory”.

Looking to the side, Lancelot smiled to the picture on the table, where Liz and Meliodas stood side bys side as Liz carried him who still baby “good morning, father, mother. I hope brother really takes a good care of himself like he does to you two there”.

On the hallway, Lancelot met with Arthur who unusually frowned. When he looked to where Arthur’s eyes landed, they saw Guinevere talking with Morgan Le Fay, Arthur’s half-sister.

Morgan spoke so politely with sweet smile on her face that people could not aware of how mocking and hostile she had to Arthur’s fiancée “it’s such a pleasure that finally, King Arthur will get married with you sooner, princess. If you ever need helps from me to prepare your wedding with our King, please don’t doubt to ask. It would be bothersome if you fell sick on your wedding day due to working too hard”.

“no need, Lady Morgan. I don’t want to become such burden to you”, Guinevere smiled sweetly while in her mind, she tried to suppress her real emotions “we have workers who organize our weddings with my godmother’s help already. It would be inconvenient for Lady Morgan to have nothing to help with when you have so kindly offered your aide”.

“for heaven’s sake, it’s only about a half past six on the morning and the Ladies have argued like this? seriously...”, before Arthur could do something to interfere, Lancelot tapped his shoulder. Lancelot causally interrupted the Ladies’ talks, lifting his hand “yo! Good morning, Lady Morgan?! and good morning, princess Guinevere. I believe my King would be pleased to have you help him on his works as usual. Not to mention, he never averted his gaze from you every time you are in his eyesight”.

“no need to mention the latter, Lancelot?!”, Arthur immediately came to their side with flushed cheeks, smacking the back of Lancelot’s head “although it’s the fact...”.

Guinevere immediately came to his side and touched his chin with temptation smirk “oh, have I made you not able to avert your eyes when I’m in your eyesight, my King?”.

“it’s still on the morning, my Lady”, Arthur wrapped his arm around her waist and grabbed her hand as he whispered near her ear with naughty smile before landing a light peck on her cheek “no matter how tempted I am to do something with you, I prefer the privacy and it’s better to do anything about it on the night”.

Guinevere blushed furiously. Damn, although she was the one who started the teasing, Arthur never failed to reply her seduction with the way that always succeed make her blushing, he was even getting better at that.

Lancelot rolled his eyes with both hand on his hips, already was used to daily routine of the Royal couple “alright, the lovebirds, just find a room because you two make us who have watched you feeling embarrassed”

Arthur and Guinevere turned to slightly blushed Lancelot and Morgan, nonchalantly answered “don’t look, then”.

Lancelot face-palmed and groaned as Morgan giggled before she bowed her body “I guess I will make my excuse here and now, then. It would be inconvenient if I pro-longed our conversation and delayed your daily routine with King Arthur, princess. Have a nice day”.

After Morgan went out of sight, Guinevere sighed before grumbling about how Morgan tried to make herself involved in their wedding preparation only so she could get the advantage to blame Guinevere for ‘asking her to work for her’ despite Morgan’s status as King Arthur’s half-sister.

“I wonder why does Morgan always being hostile on princess Guinevere”, Lancelot scratched his nape before turning to the couple who stared to him in disbelief “...what?”.

Guinevere smirked mockingly and shook her head before pointing out “you are insensitive”.

Lancelot narrowed his eyes in confusion “excuse me?”.

“she’s right, you’re insensitive. Let’s go to start work for today, love”, Arthur lifted accusing finger to Lancelot before turning to Guinevere, touching her shoulders and pushing her gently “if even I can tell that Morgan is in love with Lancelot, thus she feels jealous to Guinevere because she thought Lancelot is in love with Guinevere while in fact, Lancelot just takes a good care of Guinevere that he thought as little sister like how Lancelot thought of me as his little brother, isn’t it obvious? I’m surprised Lancelot has not realized Morgan’s feelings to him at all, yet. For as long as we’ve known each other, I’m too shocked knowing how insensitive Lancelot can be to the point I lost at words at all. At this point, I feel pity for Morgan though”.

Guinevere could hear all of Arthur’s rambling thoughts and she quickly covered her mouth “pfft?!”.

Arthur rolled his eyes “what’s wrong, dear?”.

Guinevere giggled and waved her hands “nothing, just remembered of something funny, that’s all~”.

Lancelot, cluelessly, shouted in irritation “WHAT THE HELL?!”.

On Merlin’s laboratory, Lancelot, Arthur and Guinevere joined Merlin who watched what happened on Vaizel through her orb with high interests before Merlin threw her head back as she laughed hard in contentment, Guinevere gawked in shock, both Lancelot and Arthur fell flatly on the floor in shock.

And, for the second time today, Lancelot shouted in disbelief “WHAT THE HELL!?”.

Joining his best friend, Arthur recovered and joined him to shout in disbelief “what is she doing there, for heaven’s sake?!”.

“wow, I’m shocked”, Guinevere clapped her hands “never expected this side of her”.

They heard Gelda’s voice from the Communication Orb “, should I drag her back home? Though I have a hunch feeling that she wouldn’t want to go back home easily”.

“no need”, Lancelot firmly stated “princess, King Arthur, please allow me to go and big sis, please send me to Vaizel?! I’m gonna pick her myself?!”.

Guinevere and Arthur exchanged glances in awe. True, they knew Lancelot was close with her, just like sibling considering how close their ages (Lancelot was 26 years old this year and she was 24 years old this year, so yeah, they were close just like siblings, not to mention their older brother and older sister had married once).

“don’t worry”, Merlin reassured them all after recovering from her laughter fit “I believe she can take care of herself just fine, not to mention Tristan is also there with her. Tristan would never let anything happen to her. Also, although her magic power isn’t as strong as mine, when it comes to fight physically, she can do it far better than me”.


After Love Helm announced the participant’s names of this second fight who just entered the ring, Anna Maria and Howzer, King exclaimed “AH!?”.

Diane blinked her eyes “what is it, King?”.

Diane, Ban, Meliodas and Tristan leaned their head down before King told them all about what he just remembered “I remember!? That Howzer is Holy Knight?! I saw him with Gilthunder several times?!”.

“oh, it explained about why did he act like he knew us back then...”, Meliodas punched his fist on his palm “although his own stupidity saved our asses”.

“yeah, but I have a hunch feelings that he has figured out who we are after Lady Diane’s fight with that Griamore”, Tristan caressed his chin “remember how close they looked on the waiting room and how Howzer had gone to check on Griamore after Lady Diane threw him off of the ring? it’s clear that they’re friends, after all. Not to mention, I also overheard that Howzer mentioned something about protect the princess to that Griamore”.

Listening to what Tristan said, Elizabeth gasped “then could it be... big sister Veronica came here with Griamore!?”.

“how sharp your ears, Kid?”, Ban narrowed his eyes in awe before he whistled “but poor that woman~ she will get knocked out of the ring, for sure~”.

Ban didn’t know how wrong he could be.

Diane didn’t on the same ship with Ban, instead she cheered up for the woman “Anna Maria, fight?! Do not lose against a man?!”.

Anna Maria seemed startled by Diane’s cheers but she nodded briefly before Love Helm asked “sorry, Lady!? But just like Matrona, you can keep your hood and veil but you have to take off your cape?!”.

When the Lady in White took off her white cape, the spectators whistled and cheered upon looking at the hot, sexy body that hidden under the white cape. Unlike Diane, she wore long-sleeved white dress with asymetrical skirt that showed her legs up to her thighs. She wore high dark-socks up to her thighs and blue flat-shoes. Even if her clothes covered most of her skin, her clothes perfectly showed the curves of her body. After Meliodas had caressed his chin and mentioned her three-sizes, Tristan grasped and ruffled Meliodas’ head and his eyebrow twitched several times, contemplating and really hoping this woman wasn’t the one he knew.

“Anna Maria VS Howzer”, Love Helm lifted his hand “start!?”.

“I admit, I don’t feel thrilled to fight a woman, so I will just make this quick”, Howzer lifted his fist and the tiny tornado appeared on his hand “although I didn’t want to use my powers on an ordinary woman, I give advice to you, just jump out of the ring before you’re flying to the sky, Lady~”.

However, surprisingly Howzer’s tornado didn’t affect Anna Maria at all, only blowing her hood and veil out of her face while she stood tall on her ground.

“I see, so you are the elemental, Wind user”, woman with long wavy brunette hair that she tied in braids and she let loose over her shoulder, smirked cunningly as her piercing golden eyes sparkled confidently with the way that match with her older sister’s “you can feel relieved now, gentleman. Your opponent in front of you isn’t an ordinary woman”.

Meliodas, Ban, Diane and King gawked “AH?!”.

Looking to the side, Meliodas saw Tristan had fallen flatly on his face “that shocked, heh?”.

Elizabeth asked from Diane’s chest “do you all know her?”.

Diane confirmed “no, but her face—?!”.

King finished Diane’s speech “—looks exactly like Merlin?! Except her hair’s color and length?!”.

Just like when he saw shrunken-Diane, Ban felt like his eyes about to pop out its place “Cap’n~ am I dreaming?”.

“WAIT?!”, Tristan, the most shocked, slammed his fist on the edge of the ring “what kind of clothes do you wear?!”.

Yep, Anna Maria was only her fake name because she, undoubtedly, was Isolde Marianna. Listening to Tristan’s first reaction, Isolde couldn’t help but feeling irritated “the first thing you commented about when we met again is my clothes? Seriously!”.

“it can’t be helped, right!? As long as I’ve known you two, this kind of clothes is the type of the clothes that your older sister would wear, not yours!?”.

“oh, come on?! Just stop treating me like a child or your little sister already which from the first place, I am not?! It’s easier to move and fight with this clothes!? You’re right that this kind of clothes is more suited with my older sister and not fully my taste, but at least most of my skin and important parts as my bosom and buttock perfectly covered?!”.

“fine then, I think you have expected this one...”, Tristan rubbed his eyebrow before he shouted “but just what are YOU doing here?!”.

“I have a goal”, Isolde lifted her finger to challenge him “to bring you down on your knees”.

Meliodas put his hands on his hip, looking up “what did you do to her, again?”.

“let me see”, Tristan caressed his chin thoughtfully “for make you crying before I left?”.

Isolde put her hands on her hips and tilted her head “and for leaving my older sister”.

Tristan sighed and shook his head “I and your older sister have divorced, for good. What’s the problem now?”.

“I need to clarify everything, so I need your clarity and I will not feel satisfied until I get proper answer from you, that’s my problem. Not to mention, I really want to bring you down on your knees for tears that my sister and I’ve shed just because of you”, Isolde threw her braids to behind her back “let me show you, that even I also can fight!?”.

Tristan blinked before he smirked, feeling thrilled “interesting, I’d like to see you try”.

“sorry for interrupt your spat”, Howzer already stood behind Isolde, ready to blow her out of the ring “but you shouldn’t turn your back against your opponent, Lady”.

Next second, Howzer and the audience were shocked to see Howzer only punch the empty air before the puddle of water appeared on the ring where Isolde had stood there before.

Next second, Isolde appeared behind Howzer, appeared out of nowhere “you’re right, gentleman. You shouldn’t turn your back against your opponent”.

Isolde kicked Howzer on his thigh, in result knocking Howzer who dropped to his knees. Standing in front of Howzer, Isolde put her hands on her hips with lopsided, evil smirk carved on her beautiful face and icy glare on her golden piercing eyes “stand. We can’t even call this as warm-up, you know?”.

Tristan called out “oi, that kind of face doesn’t suit you, that evil smirk suits your older sister better”.

Instead of offended, Isolde smirked triumphantly instead “thank you for the compliment. You do know better than anyone how much I love my older sister and want to be more like her~”.

“I didn’t praise her, but whatever”, Tristan crossed his armbs before his chest and smirked triumphantly “Howzer, I wouldn’t underestimate her if I were you!? After all, she has mastered 29 types of martial arts ever since she was 16 years old?! From all of martial arts she has learned, she even created her own type of martial art that has the movements such as dancing that she gave name—”.

“—The War Dance”, Isolde lifted both her hand gracefully “since you’re the wind magic user, I think I know which dance I should use to fight you”.

As Isolde started to move and there were duplicates of Isolde, five of them standing around Howzer, the spectators cheered in awe as Meliodas clapped his hands “wow, she’s getting better~”.

Diane tugged Tristan’s sleeve “that’s so cool!? What is that?”.

Dance Of Water. The technique to create physical clones with compressing the content of water in the air to produce illusions to deceive her opponent's eyesight thus she can take it as advantage to hit her opponent when his opponent knocked her clones. Especially in humid place like this, this technique is quite effective”, Tristan explained as Howzer kept punching Isolde’s clones “when she fought Taizoo, she was using Dance Of Iron to hold Taizoo’s before she sent Taizoo flying out of the ring with Dance Of Wind. I should have realized it’s her from the first place”.

Ban whistled “pretty nice trick. You seemed really close with her. Lovers?”.

“of course we’re close”, Tristan closed his eyes and shrugged “after all, I am the one who picked her of her previous place, helped her adopted older sister to raise her and taught her everything she needed to learn, included martial arts. You can say our bond is only between Master and Apprentice, or an Older Brother and Little Sister. Sorry to disappoint you”.

Diane, King and Ban stared to him. Unbelievable. From how they interacted to each other, whoever saw them would think that they were lovers who had a fight, especially after their ridiculous quarrel.

Meliodas shook his head “I can’t believe this... still having bad habit to make woman crying, Tristan?”.

Tristan deadpanned “please don’t speak as if I always make woman crying while in fact, you’re just the same with me, and even worse than me sometimes, you insensitive pervert old man”.

Again, Meliodas crawled up to sit on Tristan’s shoulders before ruffling and plucking his hair “Tristan, my boy, that’s not very nice to talk that way to your elder and that’s not nice to treat a woman that way, understand?”.

King stated the matter of fact “oh, speaking of which... we still can know who is the real one once we have gotten rid all of her clones, right?”.

Howzer heard King’s statement before he smirked “I can’t believe I have to use this”.

Using more than two Rising Tornado to trap Isolde, Howzer wiped away all of Isolde’s clones and in result, cornering Isolde on the rings. In front of Isolde was Howzer, Rising Tornado on her right and left side, and the spectators behind her as she stood on the edge of the ring.

Howzer warned her “I don’t like to hurt woman, so it’s better to just give up now before I launch my Rising Tornado, Lady Anna Maria”.

Tristan warned him with murderous intention surrounding his body “Howzer, better you don’t hurt her even if just a scratch!?”.

“no need to worry about me, Sir Tristan!? I can’t afford to failed in front of you, my Master who have taught me all martial arts I’ve known?! Just watch and see”, she really meant it, how could she failed him? Not a chance. Tristan and Meliodas (plus Gelda on the rooftop) prepared themselves to catch her in case she was thrown off of the rings, just in case, before Isolde stood in stance “Dance Of Earth”.

Surprisingly, even after she received several of Howzer’s Rising Tornado, Isolde didn’t have bruises or scratches on her body at all, only her clothes got ripped into shreds, in result showing mostly, half of her skin was shown, like how her torso exposed, showing her lower breasts down to her hips and her ripped skirt only enough to cover her waist down to half of her thighs. The spectators had nosebleeds due to delicious sight in front of him and Meliodas felt the uprising blaze from his son.

Nonchalantly waving his hand that didn’t help at all to lower the temperature, it wasn’t Meliodas did not understand why and how his son must have felt “Triss, it’s too hot...”.

“it’s no use. With the wind, maybe you can sway the Fire and shake the surface of Water, but no matter how strong your Wind, you will not able to shake the Earth”, Isolde felt her eyebrow twitched in irk as she sent the blow to Howzer “and look what are you doing to my clothes?!”.

Isolde sent the blow strong enough to send Howzer flying out of the ring before Love Helm announced “the winner is Anna Maria?!”.

“geez, the men at this era, really... is there something to cover—”, Isolde grumbled as she crouched and covered her body in vain, looking around with flushed cheeks before she felt someone wrapping his arm around her wrist “huh?”.

Isolde was surprised when Tristan covered her with his sleeveless outer-vest. Pulling the red tie on his collar, Tristan ripped his tie into makeshift ribbon before asking her to lift her hands up. Since his vest was still a bit bigger, he wrapped the makeshift ribbon around her waist and stomach so the sleeveless vest would cover her torso perfectly and not expose her belly or her bosom. Tristan even took off his white shirt, ignoring the gasps they earned from the sight of gruesome scars and burns on his hands. Isolde lifted her hands, about to ask him about what did he do before Tristan wrapped his shirt around her waist to cover her waist down to her thighs.

“maybe this isn’t much helping, but at least this will help to cover your important parts”, satisfied with his work, Tristan grabbed her hand, pulling her before gently giving a light peck on her forehead “woman shouldn’t show their skin like that, do you understand?”.

Blushing furiously, Isolde timidly twiddled her fingers on her makeshift skirt from Tristan’s shirt as she nodded her head briefly, silently feeling truly happy from how sweet his way to show respect on woman like usual, also from how he highly cared of her and protect her modesty rather than caring of people’s reaction about the scars on his body that he usually hid. Isolde was too distracted by her own minds to the point she didn’t realize how Tristan sent murderous, threatening icy glare to the spectators (mostly men) who had ogled to Isolde’s exposed skin, successfully silenced them before Tristan grabbed her hand and led the way downstairs out of the ring.

Diane covered her mouth, blushing “so sweet~ it’s how a true gentleman treat a woman, not to ogle on her exposed skin instead”.

King flinched, wondered whether he would do the same, if it were Diane and not Isolde?

“my, my, isn’t it little Maria?”, Meliodas waved his hand, offering a white cape for Isolde “let’s go to find new clothes for you later... But I’m surprised, you’ve grown so big?! You’ve grown up into a fine, beautiful woman!”.

Ban blinked his eyes “you knew her too, Cap’n?”.

Diane narrowed her eyes in suspicion, again “what is her relationship with you?”

“godfather?!”, Isolde beamed up and wrapped her arms around Meliodas’ shoulders, burying his face on her chest “long time no see you?! I missed you?!”.

Diane, King and Ban shrieked “GODFATHER?!”.

“yes, he is!? Of course, I’m fond of him?! He’s a great father for me?!”, Isolde cheerfully added before she looking to Meliodas from head to toe “but~ how could you not change at all? What kind of ageless elixir you and my sister used till you two have barely changed at all?”.

Cain appeared out of nowhere, tapping Isolde’s shoulder “you do resemble her... say, your older sister is...”.

Tristan quickly cut off “my ex-wife, she adopted her as her little sister”.

Again, Cain burst out into tears before he and Isolde had a nice chat, about how Merlin and Lancelot were doing on Camelot Kingdom. Of course, Isolde talked about this with Cain when she was alone with Cain after Cain offered to accompany her to find new clothes for her on the market while waiting for her turn. Isolde and Cain promised they would come back right away because they still wanted to see Tristan’s fight with Ban.

After Isolde went with Cain, Tristan sighed in relief, tapping Meliodas on the shoulder “remind me to find that Howzer later”.

Meliodas narrowed his eyes “what do you want to do?”.

Tristan cracked his knuckles “he’s lucky because Isolde knocked him out of the ring and sent him flying far from here, or else I’m gonna kill him”.

“how gentleman you are, Kid~ and before you kill him”, Ban whistled and tapped him on the shoulder “prepare yourself. After a little break we have here, it’s our fight”.

Chapter Text

Because Meliodas believed Cain would like to have conversation with Isolde and he could believe on his old friend, Meliodas suggested “why don’t you accompany her to find new clothes for her, Cain? We still have some break time before next match”.

Of course, Isolde didn’t mind and Cain was more than welcoming the idea.

Though, before she left with Cain, Isolde turned to Tristan, inspecting how people reacted to his scars (the scars of various weapons and the red pinkish burns marred his pale skin that looked gruesome in the eyes of ordinary people who know nothing of him and for Isolde’s case, the scars that Tristan didn’t deserve to have) and cautiously asking with a roll of bandage on her hand “Sir Tristan, if it makes you more comfortable to fight later, may I cover your hands with these?”.

“...of course”, Tristan trailed off as he reached out both his hand, staring down to Isolde who wrapped the bandages neatly on both his hand, enough to cover his scars. Carresing the bandages on his left arm, he patted her head with fond, genuine smile. She always thought of his well-being and every single little thing of him. He felt glad and grateful to her for it, really “thank you very much. That’s very considerate of you, as usual”.

Feeling satisfied with her works and his praises, Isolde smiled brightly before going with Cain, waving her hand “we will come back in time to see your fight?!”.

Diane twiddled her fingers on her hair “she’s really a kind-hearted and good woman”.

“she’d make a fine wife, for sure~”, Ban smirked wickedly as he slung his hand over Tristan’s shoulder “what do you think, Cap’n Kid?”.

“I do think so”, Tristan said as he closed his eyes, seemed unaffected by Ban’s teasing “whoever marry with her in the future, he’s really lucky to have her but I thought it wouldn’t be me of all people”.

Again, Diane, King and Ban stared to him. Unbelievable. At the same time, they thought the same thing of him “is he for real?”.

Meanwhile on the market, Isolde thanked the merchant, middle-aged woman who allowed her to change her clothes behind the curtain. The middle-aged woman thanked Isolde instead because she had bought three sets of new clothes in her shop. On their way back to the ring, Isolde also didn’t forget to give her thanks to Cain for accompanying her to buy new clothes.

Cain caressed his beard “but I’m really shocked, although you are only Merlin’s adopted little sister, but you sure resemble with Isolde”.

“you’re not the only one who said it, Sir Cain. Thank you”, Isolde only nodded with sweet smile “but... do you personally know this Isolde, perhaps? Like how did she look like or her personality”.

Cain shook his head at that, telling her that he only knew little about Isolde Belialuin from Merlin who rarely talking about her, even more so Tristan who perfectly kept his mouth shut but then he wondered “say, why do you want to know about this Isolde Belialuin?”.

“I wonder, how does she look like. My sister indeed showed her picture, her little sister, Isolde Belialuin with Sir Tristan and their daughter, Irina. I mean, I knew how they passed away but I wanted to know her better... I wonder if I can be more like her”, Isolde hugged two new sets of clothes on her hands with sad, ironical smile “after all, I want to see my older sister be happy and I think she would be happy to see her little sister is back to her. I never saw Sir Tristan looked that happy too, when I saw him with his late wife and daughter on the picture. I really hope that someday, I can see them be happy like that ever again, thus I wonder if I can be ‘Isolde Belialuin’ for them... but they are not the type of someone who have the tendency to bringing up their past. My sister only told me about her late little sister when I’d asked her and Sir Tristan perfectly kept his mouth shut when it came to his late wife and daughter... maybe I stuck my nose in too far as an outsider between them but...”, looking up to the bright, blue sky, as she smiled fondly “I hope nothing but their happiness, because they are the most precious person of my life”.

Realizing what she had just said, Isolde turned to Cain with sheepish smile “oh my, I shouldn’t blabber around about this to you, Sir Cain. Forgive me. Please just forget what I—”.

Isolde was shocked to see Cain was crying mess and she flinched “eh! why are you crying, Sir Cain?”.

“you are truly a good, kind-hearted woman...”, Cain sniffed as he wiped his tears “but know this, young lady, for as long as I’ve known Tristan, he isn’t the type of a man who would lay his finger on random woman as he please because he only would lay his finger on the woman he’s fixated on”.

Isolde nodded solemnly “yes, like my older sister”.

Cain briefly added “like you”.

Cain told her about how Tristan had interacted with Merlin after their divorce. Right, they were really close but the in different kind of close, not as lovers, but more like platonic love as siblings or childhood friends who had known each other and be friends for years ever since they knew each other. The proof was, although sometimes Merlin and Tristan still touched each other, the skinship wasn’t intending as the romantic gestures “do you think why would he touch you protect your modesty and covered you with his clothes, ignoring people’s reactions to his scars, even kissing your forehead?”.

Usually, Isolde could dodge it, giving a reason that Tristan only took a great care of her as little sister but now, she really wasn’t sure of what did he think about her. True, he kissed her forehead, calling her as ‘woman’, covering her body in order to protect her modesty and oh-so-protectively holding her hand as he led her downstairs out of the ring, even giving murderous glare to all men of the spectators who had ogled to her (Meliodas told her this but she wasn’t sure if it were the truth because she didn’t even realize it happened). However, once again, Isolde shook her head before sighing, tenaciously telling her own stupid brain that she should get herself together and it was really stupid mind “I should have known it better... he has taken a great care of me just because I resemble so much with his late wife”.

Isolde merely smiled down “I think we should go back now, Sir Cain”,

Though, Isolde was surprised as someone wrapped his arm around her wrist “eh?”.


Isolde blinked her eyes in confusion “, maybe you have mistaken me with someone?”.

The man who had mistaken her with ‘Rosa’, whoever she was for him, lifted his hands “oh, forgive me, young Lady! You have so much resemblances with someone I know”.

Isolde nodded in understanding “no problem at all, Sir”.

When they arrived back on the ring, they made it in time to see Tristan and Ban entered the ring. Cain and Isolde joined Meliodas, Diane (with shrunken-Elizabeth on Diane’s chest still went unnoticed, thankfully) and King on the side of the ring. Tristan only wore his sleeveless turtle-neck black-shirt and long dark trousers, both hand was still neatly wrapped by bandages from Isolde. Ban tilted his head and cracked his neck before he wriggled his fingers.

Diane cheered up “I will support Tristan!?”.

King tapped his chin with his finger thoughtfully, contemplating the fact about Ban as Immortal even if he didn’t know fully about Tristan’s power level yet “but Ban has higher endurance and knowing who he is, I think the chance for Ban to win the match is higher”.

“hohoho, then you just don’t know about Tristan’s power level, yet”, Cain caressed his bread “back then when Meliodas was the Great Holy Knight on Danafor Kingdom, only Tristan who could match against him although in the end, Tristan also couldn’t beat Meliodas. I don’t know about the spiky-haired man’s power level, but I dare to say that Tristan’s power level is almost as strong as Meliodas”.

Meliodas blinked innocently to King and Diane (plus Elizabeth on Diane’s chest) who stared to him “what?”.

King and Diane exclaimed in shock “you were the Great Holy Knight on Danafor?!”.

Isolde didn’t surprised at all because she knew it already. She tapped Meliodas’ shoulder, still holding Tristan’s clothes “and do you think who will win in this match, godfather?”.

Knowing his best friend and his son, Meliodas could predict what would happen on this match and the fact his son maybe could lose against Ban (because Ban was using his dirty trick) was upsetting. Tristan had higher chance to win, he knew it, but Meliodas needed to give him the permission to do it when the time came. So, before the match was started, Meliodas called his son and Tristan looked behind over his shoulder with questioning look.

With lopsided grin, Meliodas approved “when you think the situation is dangerous enough, you can use it?!”.

Tristan blinked his eyes and narrowed his eyes inquisitive “...are you sure?”.

Meliodas lifted his thumb “yup, I bet the little Maria here want to see you win, after all!”.

Isolde hissed in shy, blushing furiously as she swinging her hands up and down “godfather!?”.

Ban tilted “how partial, Cap’n~ how about me? do you have to play favorite here?”.

Meliodas smirked smugly, patting Isolde’s head “no, of course I don’t. I just support my little girl here”.

Isolde covered her mouth and giggled at how Meliodas spoiled her while Ban clicked his tongue.

Tristan only smiled knowingly, fully aware of Meliodas’ habit to always spoiled Isolde “well, well, well, I guess I have no choice but to answer their hope”.

Love Helm announced “Tristan Jr. and John Doe, start?!”.

“hey, Kid~ how about we have a gamble?”.

“about who will win the match?”, Tristan rolled his hand to loose his shoulder-blade “sounds good to me. What the winner will get?”.

Ban smirked “if I win, tell me everything about your little family, like your ex-wife, your father or your relationship with Cap’n and that young maiden Isolde”.

“...okay, but if I win~”, Tristan cracked his neck with lopsided smirk “I want you to have a night of drink with me and tell me your story about you with this Elaine. Oh, I overheard you mumbling her name when I tried to wake you up. Not that I have any intention to eavesdropping because it was you who sleep-talking”.

“deal. Sounds fair for me. And just because you’re Cap’n’ favorite, I won’t go easy on you”, looking around contemplatively “now, this kinda reminded me of the old time, back then when the first time I met with Cap’n~ this ring has the same size with the first place we met”.

“oh, I have heard it once when we have a night to drink. It’s hard to stop him once he talked about his trusted comrades and he seemed to trust you guys a lot”, Tristan chuckled, remembered of when his father told him the story about how he had met with Undead Ban “he busted you out by force, right?”.

“yeah, and that expression... such helluva poker face you have, Kid. Just the same with the Cap’n. I’ve been wondering... actually, what is your relationship with the Cap’n? Because even if you two seem really close, but you two also seem far at the same time”, Ban had to admit, with or without they realized it, Tristan had so much resemblances with Meliodas. Ban understood how the Captain was fond of their new member, even Ban also started to feel fond of him “you two care to each other but also keep the good distance with each other. It’s just like... there’s an invisible wall in between you with him. I wonder what happened?”.

Next second, Tristan appeared behind Ban “talk less, fight more”.

When Ban turned to look behind, Tristan launched the single blow that strong enough to split the ring into two. At first, it wasn’t too exciting but as the fight continued, it turned intense. Howzer had come (along with Veronica and Griamore in tow, though they only wanted to looking for Elizabeth) to see the fight between Tristan and Ban after being sent flying out of the ring by Isolde, too excited to see the other member of Sins’ fight. Even after the ring on the great Vaizel rock had been split into two, the spectators and the referee who wondered if this ring could survive or not, decided to stay and watch the intense match.

King gulped, sincerely feeling glad that he had not need to fight them both and calculated as Tristan and Ban fighting. Ban indeed had superior speed and endurance. Tristan’s speed maybe could match with Ban but his ridiculous strength was indeed barely on the same class with their Captain. Elizabeth and Isolde both weren’t the fighter type, but they forced themselves to bear watching the intense fight. This would be the fight of endurance and vitality. When they thought Tristan would win the fight as Ban dropped to his butt, suddenly Tristan staggered, his body swaying before he dropped to his knees and palms.

Meliodas clicked his tongue “he’s really done it, huh?”.

Elizabeth blinked to him “what’s wrong?”.

Even Isolde could know something was off “Sir Tristan should be able to hold his fight longer than this”.

Tristan looked up to Ban with lopsided smirk “pretty nice trick you have here”.

Ban rose to his feet and all his wounds disappeared without trace before King explained what happened, including about Ban’s power, Snatch. For a moment, Ban could corner Tristan on their so-called death match (from what a spectator said) after he robbed Tristan’s physical abilities but Tristan caught Ban’s fist as he kneeling on the ground. As Tristan lifted his head, Ban’s eyes widened to see Tristan’s pristine blue eyes had turned into bloody red and his optical-nerve on the corner of his eyes bulged.

“Berserk Mode First Level : On”, Tristan threw Ban to the ring until half of Ban’s body from his head to his midsection was buried on the ring. Dusted the dirt off of his hands, Tristan smirked “surprised?”.

Looking at Tristan’s bloody red eyes, Diane confirmed “just like on the Dalmary when we tried to pick Ban, this is the second time for me to see this and still, it kinda makes me feel uneasy”.

King couldn’t help but mumbling in wonder “what happened to him?”.

“Sir Tristan, his heartbeat—”, Isolde said, in result the others turned their head to Isolde who clenched her fists on her chest “—is faster”.

Meliodas confirmed “Tristan can increase his heartbeat until 1.000 times faster than ordinary human”.

When Diane was clueless about what the effect of it, Isolde as a doctor explained “heartbeat is just like the hand of clock for each organism’s life. How fast the speed of heartbeat can decide how fast the time will flow by for one organism of life. For example, Sir Tristan’s condition now. The faster his heartbeat, the faster he can move. Maybe, in his eyes, he feels like everything around him move far too slow for him but in fact, it’s him who move far faster than us”.

King was amazed as he saw this time, Ban was cornered by Tristan “but how could it possible—”.

Meliodas and Isolde cut him off “—it’s possible because who is he”.

Cain, Diane and King turned to Meliodas and Isolde. Meliodas and Isolde exchanged glances and trailed off.

Isolde smiled thinly after thinking how could Meliodas know “ah, of course you know”.

Yes, of course. Meliodas was his father.

Meliodas blinked his eyes “...I’m surprised he has told you too?”.

“I am his private healer, that’s all. Of course I know, because when he felt something’s wrong with his heart, obviously I am the one who should fix it for him as his healer”, Isolde shrugged before she put her hands on her hip “although he’s one kind hell of my patient. Too stubborn and troublesome like a child sometimes”.

Meliodas remembered what Tristan said about his private healer and punched his fist on his palm “oh, I see. So, it’s you, after all”.

Tristan exclaimed in protest “I can hear you two?!”.

Because Tristan was too hard to catch, Ban was using another dirty trick where he robbed the physical abilities from the spectators on the sideline. Even Meliodas, Diane and Isolde dropped to their knees.

It was enough to make Tristan stop as he yelled in protest to Ban “what do you think you’re doing?”.

Ban smirked and reached out his hands “if you don’t want me take theirs, then just let me take all of yours”.

Tristan gritted his teeth and stood still as he let Ban to rob his physical abilities this time before Tristan fell backward, lying limply with his back pressing on the ring, his bloody red eyes turned back into the pristine blue.

As he stood, Meliodas slammed his hand on the edge of the ring “Ban! Dare to hurt him seriously, I’m gonna send you out of the ring myself!?”.

“nah, don’t worry, old man”, Tristan stared up to Ban “I’ve got this”.

“how could you say it when I have completely robbed all your physical abilities? I dare to bet that you don’t even have the power to lift your finger”, Tristan pointed Meliodas “but~ even I also am still feel afraid of his Wrath, so maybe if you surrender—”.

Tristan scowled “on your dream”.

“why are you so persisted? True, whoever win between us, will fight the Cap’n on the final if one of us and the Cap’n win the semi-final...”, Ban narrowed his eyes and trailed off as the realization hit him “...oh, I see. That little Maria, isn’t it? If I win here, I will meet her in the semi-final and you don’t want it”.

“crap, how could you get under my skin like that old man?”, Tristan grumbled “I simply don’t want her to get hurt, that’s all”.

Clenching her fists on her chest, Isolde begged “Sir Tristan, just yield?! I don’t want anything happened to—”.

“sorry, but my answer is the same”, Tristan doesn’t budge “no turning back for a man once they enter their battle”.

“that’s the spirit”, Ban cracked his knuckles with evil smirk “well then, I will deliver the final blow as you wish”.

Even with the spectators asked the referee to stop this match, the referee could do nothing because the contestant isn’t knocked out and he refused to give up. Meliodas looked on edge as Elizabeth asked him and Ban to stop this, calling Tristan to just give up, like Isolde did ever since minutes before. Diane and King wondered what would happen. Ban sent the final blow and hit Tristan’s body with everything he had. Tristan coughed and threw up bloods but Ban still didn’t hold up even if just a bit. In the midst of the dust and debris from the blow that hit Tristan, they couldn’t see anything on the ring.

Isolde dropped to her knees and Elizabeth teared up as they screamed out loud in unison “Sir Tristan?!”.

Meliodas calmed them down “sup, look”.

When smoke and dust had dissipated, they saw Tristan, alone, stood tall on his feet, with bloods came out of his head though.

As usual, Tristan made it light and lifted his hand with lopsided grin despite blood came out of his head, both eyes closed as blood clearly came out of his eyes and pouring down to his cheek, even from his mouth they could see the trails of blood “yo! Don’t worry, I’m alright”.

King waved his pointer finger to the bloods that pouring down Tristan’s face out of his head “you’re bleeding!? With that much bloods came out of your head, your eyes and your mouth, pouring down to your face, how could you still say that you’re alright?!”.

Diane cupped her cheeks, horrified “that’s right?! There’s too much bloods came out of your head, your eyes and the corner of your mouth?! We have to treat your wounds as soon as possible?!”.

Love Helm looked around “huh? But where is John Doe?”.

“hm... I wonder if I sent him flying too far?”, Tristan lifted his finger to where Ban had landed on the wall out of the ring. When the referee Love Helm stuttered, Tristan lifted his thumb to himself “yup, that’s exactly what this means. It’s my win, isn’t it?”.

After the Love Helm announced Tristan as the winner of this match, Tristan dropped to his knees and coughed blood again “uh-oh, looks like we need medical attention here?!”.

“no need?! I am a doctor?!”, Isolde immediately rushed to his side and dropped to her knees in front of him “seriously! What do you think you’re doing?”.

“nah, looks like I overdid it...”, although he still couldn’t see with his eyes closed, Tristan apologetically smiled as he wiped the blood from his mouth, knowing too well what kind of expression she had right now “I just want to answer your resolve just now... there’s no way I failed you too...”.

Clenching her eyes shut tightly, she held back the urge to yell at him about how stupid he was, so Isolde cupped his cheek and leaned her forehead into his instead “stop talking and stay still”.

It was different kind of relief from soothing healing magic power like the druids had, it felt more like the relief from the soothing healing magic power with warmth that would embrace him with affection and love, enveloped him protectively like a mother’s embrace, just like the Sun. Instead of the green yellowish light, the perfect mixture of orange, yellow and white colors just like the sun enveloped them after the warm light came out of Isolde’s hands before wrapping around them. After the light of the sun faded, they saw all Tristan’s wounds had fully healed, both Tristan and Isolde opened their eyes slowly before they locked gazes.

Isolde tilted her head, looking straight to Tristan’s blue eyes as she cupping his cheeks “...can you see me now?”.

“thank you, that’s so considerate of you, to heal your next opponent”, Tristan froze when Isolde bumped into him, clinging to him “...what’s wrong?”.

On the verge of her tears, Isolde digged her fingernails on his back as she hugged him tightly “do you have any idea how scared I was? You dummy, don’t scare me like that...”.

“I’m so sorry, not my intention to scare you like this”, looking down to her guiltily, Tristan sighed and inhaled her floral scent, running his fingers on her hair as he stroking her back soothingly “please, don’t cry”.

“sorry kids, hate to ruin your sweet moment, but if you want to being lovey-dovey, could you do it out of my sight somewhere isn’t here?”, Meliodas crouched beside them with unimpressed face “and how could you forget there are spectators here?”.

Realizing they were watched from the first place, intensely, Tristan and Isolde instantly broke the hug and awkwardly apologized to each other for getting themselves too carried away. They had other break time before the semi-finals and Isolde offered to buy drinks for them all, Cain also offered to help her. Tristan and Meliodas thought it was better for Isolde to have more times to calm herself down and Cain could help her.

“ah, also... I admit I’m still mad because you made me really really really worried sick and afraid when you fought with that spiky-haired man, but... thank you for trying to answer our hope and my resolve...”, before going with Cain to the market again for the second time, Isolde kissed Tristan’s cheek and she smiled sheepishly “it’s a gift. After all, you will always be my savior”.

Even after Isolde and Cain were out of sight, Tristan didn’t move so Meliodas waved his hand in front of his face “Triss? Oh my, she broke him”.

To snap his son out of his dazed state, Meliodas smacked Tristan’s head several times before Tristan protested but Meliodas simply narrowed his eyes “that’s for making two women cry”.

Tristan scratched the bumps from Meliodas on his head “one is Isolde. The other one?”.

Meliodas locked his head and whispered “apologize to your mother, you moron”.

Next second, indeed, when Tristan tried to apologize to Elizabeth, Elizabeth pouted, scolding him about how he had scared her and Isolde. After Tristan apologized, Meliodas mentioned about how protective Elizabeth of him before Elizabeth simply stated as she sheepishly twiddled with her fingers “I guess I would be more worried sick and afraid if it were you, Sir Meliodas”.

This time, Meliodas froze and Tristan snickered. On the back, Diane and King discussed about what they saw just now, or more precisely what Diane saw clearly within the smoke.

Camelot Kingdom

By the end of the fight between Tristan and Ban, Guinevere caressed her chest and sighed in relief as both grown-up young men, Arthur and Lancelot dropped to the floor in huge relief. At least, Isolde was there to heal him but it didn’t mean they wouldn’t feel worried, right? Though, when Tristan froze after Isolde kissed his cheek was something Lancelot would never live down. Next second, another orb near them was ringing loudly. When Lancelot and Arthur asked about what it was and what for that orb, both Guinevere and Merlin had their expression hardened, the way of Holy Knight who ready to fight.

Looking up to the bright blue sky outside, Guinevere narrowed her eyes “the storm is coming”.

Chapter Text


Camelot Kingdom

Arthur shook his head and sighed in exasperation "first Isolde, and then Tristan. These two seriously...",

Lancelot rose and turned his back "I'm gonna pick her—".

"wait", Guinevere caught Lancelot by the back of his collar "there's no need for us to interfere here".

"seriously?", Lancelot choked, caressed his neck "with our enemy is getting closer to Vaizel—".

"don't forget, although her magic power is not as strong as mine, Isolde's magic power is still powerful enough to the point she can protect herself. Tristan and the Captain with three other members of Seven Deadly Sins are also there. They should be fine", Merlin cut him off "though I don't expect to see you in Vaizel, Escanor".

That was when Guinevere saw Merlin's heart, about what happened that day. Yes, when she who was still a child, accidentally brushed the old wound on her godmother's past, about her divorce with Tristan right before Escanor came into the room. When she had cowardly run off of her godmother's laboratory and bumped into her Dad, Meliodas who had encouraged her to go back, to see if she should apologize to Merlin in case she really did something wrong (because Meliodas had convinced her that she didn't do anything wrong, it was purely her curiosity getting the best of her as a child and how could she be blamed for it?) that make Escanor and Merlin have a fight. Meliodas had so persisted to drag her to the garden after that and Guinevere never pestered about what happened between Merlin and Escanor after Meliodas dragged her, but now she knew.

Guinevere saw it, what happened that day.

Escanor confessed his feeling to Merlin but Merlin still felt doubt to accept it. He leaned down but she turned her face to the side, holding his biceps. No, it was not because of she still had feeling and was still in love with Tristan. Merlin and Tristan truly had been a good friend and they didn't even think to get together again, romantically. It was just, Merlin still felt doubt if she deserved to be happy with the man she loved, after she had betrayed her little sister (which she didn't, Guinevere thought, honestly. How could she think she had betrayed her little sister just because she had married with, well, the man who was her little sister's husband, before her little sister passed away).

Back to the main topic, Escanor had promised Merlin "it's fine even if you don't return my love and feeling. I fully aware that you are not the person that would walk alongside me. However, I will protect what's precious to you so your smile won't disappear".

Merlin lowered her head futher "why? I don't think I am the woman who deserve your affection, such devotion and fidelity...".

"because when I was drowning in absolute darkness, you are always the one who illuminated the path of my life. That's what a sun does, to keep shining without hoping for anything as return. I love you. Even if you don't belong to me, it's alright. As long as you can be happy, then it will be my greatest happiness", Escanor said as he cupped her face before turning his back "...I should go, it's about noon already. But please remember, I really mean it when I said I will protect what's precious to you, be it little Gwen, the Captain, our comrades in Seven Deadly Sins or even your ex-husband. Also, I do think you should talk and clear everything with Tristan".

Merlin tugged the back of his shirt before Escanor went, leaning her forehead on his back "about my answer to your confession... could you wait until I'm ready?".

"of course", Escanor turned his back and stood tall face-to-face with her "if it's for you, I can wait for centuries"

They locked gaze. Merlin looked up. Escanor looked down. As they closed their eyes together, they—

"KYA?!", red-faced Guinevere dropped the books and scrolls on her hands, tucking her bangs behind her ear and crouching on the floor to gather the fallen books and scrolls "oh, my bad".

"what's wrong?", Arthur quickly came to her side and helped her "it's unlike you to being clumsy".

Right after she put the fallen books and scrolls to the chair nearby, Guinevere buried her bright red face on his shoulder with hope she could calm down her heart, pointing to random place "...a cockroach".

Arthur immediately lifted the scroll, looking around to find the cockroach but didn't find it "huh? Where is it? Where?".

Lancelot crouched behind her and narrowed his eyes "why did your face turn red, huh? You don't think about something lewd, right?".

Guinevere turned to him with her usual poker face "don't group me with you".

Lancelot stuck his tongue out "cheeky".

"ah... so that's what happened?", Guinevere had to cover her blushing face behind the book. Oh, my. No wonder Meliodas instantly dragged her from that place. It was so cunning to see other people's heart like this, she knew it, but with her naturally born with it, what she could do? Looking to Merlin, as her adopted daughter, Guinevere decided "...a push to that direction wouldn't hurt, then".

"godmother", when Merlin turned to her questioningly, Guinevere pleaded "why don't you just go to Vaizel to see if you can get uncle Escanor and bring him here? I really mean it".

Merlin raised her eyebrow, it was unusual for her adopted daughter to ask her to do something for her, at least not ever since she was a child and they entered the Castle "'s an order from the princess?".

"well... no, just an advice from your daughter because... if we will invade to Liones Castle, we need the force of our own. Uncle Escanor's aide will be a big help for us, right?", Guinevere pushed further, one more push "and about Vaizel, I believe everyone will be okay since Daddy and everyone are with Aunt Isolde, Aunt Gelda and Tristan there".

"well, I guess you're right", Merlin caressed her chin thoughtfully before looking straight to her adopted daughter in suspicion "but you don't plan something out of my knowledge, do you?".

With a bright smile that far too innocent, Guinevere laughed "hohoho, of course not, godmother! We have no secret, remember?".

Merlin rolled her eyes before she sighed "...fine then, I guess I will go to pick him. I will come back in minutes".

After Merlin snapped her fingers and disappeared, using her teleport to go to Vaizel, Guinevere lifted both her hand "mission started~".

"so you do have a plan", Lancelot narrowed his eyes "what are you planning now?".

Guinevere smiled cheerfully and chirped "be a cupid for godmother and uncle Escanor".

Lancelot grabbed his sister's hand and shook her hand "count me in, sis!?".

Arthur shook his head to their antics "I wonder what kind of crazy family I'm about to getting into?".


Ban spat his blood to the side "tch, that brat got me".

On the latest moment when Ban thought he was gonna win, instead his own attack got back to him as Tristan smirked "Full Counter".

Thus Ban got hit as Tristan sent him flying.

When Diane and King turned to ask Meliodas, Meliodas confirmed "yup, Full Counter. Unlike mine, any physical attacks that directed to Tristan, would be returned back to its owner instead, since the magical attacks could be handled by Tristan with his magic powers".

"Sir Meliodas can repel any magic attacks with Full Counter, right?", Tristan tilted his head "it's the subtle difference between us. My Full Counter make me can repel any physical attack delivered against me back at its user at greater than double the strength".

Elizabeth pouted "but you really make us worried! You even make Lady Maria crying".

Meliodas snickered as his son apologized to Elizabeth again. Diane and King still felt uneasy because what kept bugging their mind, was what happened right after that.

Yes, after Tristan used Full Counter and Ban's blood splattered to his body, some of Ban's blood had landed on Tristan's lips, some even came into Tristan's mouth and strange thing happened. Tristan's pristine blue eyes turned bloody red and the white of his eyes turned into black, his eyes turned into the eyes of blood-thirst beast. For a split second, Diane and Ban thought they saw a diamond-shaped red stone gleaming on Tristan's forehead and a pair of scaled-hands(?) came out of Tristan's back to push him off of the ground. On a mere second, Tristan stood and caught Ban's wrist before he giving some blows that strong enough to send Ban flying.

What was it actually?

At first, Escanor only wanted to re-fill the supply of his Ales and food, but like he didn't expect to see the spitting image of Rosa, he also didn't expect to meet again with the love of his life.


Looking back, Escanor in his day version dropped the barrels and a wooden basket of fruits on his hands "Merlin?!".

"I wonder what will change when we meet again", Merlin chuckled as she approached him, helping him to gather the fruits back into the wooden basket "you have moustache now".

Escanor covered his blushing face "and you're still beautiful as ever".

"let me come with you?", Merlin carried the wooden basket of fruits on her hands, tilting her head to the side "well, I guess I can help you to go back to your place right away with my teleport and we can... spend time together to catch up, about what how we have been doing for these 10 years...".

"very nice idea", Escanor smiled brightly, telling her the exact location of where he had taken residence right now "I open the bar now, and I have your favorite Bernia Ale".

"really?", Merlin smiled before lifting her hand "let's go, then".

After Merlin went with Escanor using teleport, Gelda who watched everything from the first place on her place on the rooftop, lifted the Communication Orb on her hand "...Gwen, what are you planning?".

(on the Camelot Kingdom, Guinevere grumbled "oh, come on, just give godmother time to have fun. She's been restlessly working lately, so give her time to relax will not harm and why do people keep thinking that I have plotted the schemes here?".

Arthur and Lancelot said in unison "because you did".

Guinevere whined "not you too, love!?".

Arthur wrapped his arms around her waist when she pouted, crossed her arms before her chest and turned her back against him "don't be mad to me, honey~ I'm just kidding".

"just find a room, you two?!", Lancelot sighed in exasperation as the Royal lovebird turned on into their usual necessity. When Merlin wasn't around them, this was how his life turned into, huh? Lancelot just remembered "oh, shoot! I just remembered! How could I forget it? I have to meet with Lady Morgan".

Both Guinevere and Arthur snapped their head to Lancelot.

Guinevere smirked "for a date?".

Arthur jaw-dropped "are you dating with my sister now!?".

"NO! She just asked for my help on her job, that's all?!", Lancelot went red-faced this time as he went to explain "I have to find proper clothes for your wedding and she said she can help me if I help her to go shopping today when we go to infiltrate into the black market. The thing is, what she want to find is only can be found in the black market and it's not proper place that a Lady like her should visit alone, so I volunteered to accompany her when she asked me if I can find someone who can be her private guard when she goes to the black market".

Guinevere giggled "a gentleman you are, huh?".

Arthur still felt uneasy but since it was Lancelot who would go with his sister, he could believe on him "take care of my sister, Lancelot".

"will do", Lancelot lifted his thumb and on the door, he narrowed his eyes "and keep clothes on as long as I leave".

"just go already!", Guinevere threw her shoes to the door that instantly slammed closed by Lancelot before Guinevere said "good, at least Morgan took my advice about how to have a date with him".

"see? You indeed plotted the schemes", Arthur shook his head at her antics "first Isolde and Tristan, second Merlin and Escanor, now Lancelot and Morgan. Actually, how many couples do you want to match with?".)

"...I just know you have a hobby of being the matchmaker, niece", on the rooftop, Gelda looked up and stood as she felt the magic power approaching "...the storm is coming".

"Isolde, do you love him?".

Cain's question startled her and successfully made her squealed but remembering what happened just now, no wonder the old Knight asked her about it.

"...he is my first love", Isolde admitted as she tucked her bangs behind her ear, nodding her head with bright, flushed cheeks before she covering her blushing face "and I did something outrageous again!? I don't know what's getting into myself... I lost my mind when I'm with him around me...".

Cain laughed with mirth genuinely before he asked her "even if he is a widower and had married with your adopted older sister once, even having child with his late wife? Despite all bad news about him that people told you?".

"I don't care about his past. I don't care he had a child from his late wife and had married once with my adopted older sister. I don't care even if he is a widower. Whatever bad things people said about him, Sir Tristan is Sir Tristan. I really mean it, when I said he's my savior", looking up to the bright blue sky above, Isolde smiled "it's a lie if I say that I never hope or want him to return my love and feelings for him, but I don't hope he will return my love... I only hope, he can be happy even if he doesn't belong to me...".

Cain suggested "you should tell him".

"you're not the first person who told me that, Sir Cain, but... no, I can't...", Isolde shook her head "after all, Sir Tristan took a great care of me, only because of my sister and I resemble with his late wife".

Cain still suggested her to talk and clear everything with Tristan. Isolde just nodded her head, telling him that they really should go back.

On the semi-final, first round was between Meliodas and Diane. Diane wanted Meliodas to win, so she went easy on him and she even told him that he could throw her off of the ring.

Which he did.

Diane whined as she landed on King's Chastiefol in pillow form "Captain! That's so mean of you?! You truly threw me off of the ring?!".

Meliodas scratched the back of his head as he approaching them "but you said I could throw you...".

"it doesn't mean you should really throw her off like that?!", King shrieked before trying to comfort the crying shrunken-giantess "please, don't cry, Diane".

Tristan scoffed and shook his head "see? told you, you are an expert on make woman crying, even worse than me".

Meliodas crossed his hands before his chest, leaned up "wanna have a fight, cheeky brat?".

Tristan crossed his hands before his chest, leaned down "oh, why not? remember we will meet on the final—".

"both of you are just the same", Isolde stood in between them and smacked their head using the side of her hands with sweet smile on her face "and don't forget, you still have to fight me before you can fight godfather on the final, Sir Tristan".

Meliodas protested to her "just hit Tristan's head. Why did you hit my head too, little Maria?".

"that's for make her crying", Isolde chided him "it's not really nice way to treat a Lady, godfather".

After Isolde scolded him, Meliodas apologized to Diane "I apologize, Diane".

Diane forgave him, of course, and after she stopped crying, Diane wrapped her arms around Isolde and gave her a bear hug "I started like you?! You're so kind?!".

Isolde smiled brightly "ahaha, godfather's friends are my friend too. Only doing what I should do for friend".

"second round of the semi-final, Anna Maria VS Tristan Jr.!?", Love Helm announced "let's see how the lover here finish their quarrel!?".

Tristan and Isolde shouted in unison with blushing face "we are not lover?!".

Tristan had to admit, he didn't expect to fight Isolde, at all. He kept dodging and blocking her attacks but he never attacked her. If even Hawk could realize it, of course Meliodas, Elizabeth, Cain and the Seven Deadly Sins members along with Isolde realized it.

Isolde even stomped as she whirled and sent flying kick to his head "be serious!?".

"I don't want to hurt you", Tristan caught her ankle before pushing her. As Isolde lost her balance, she fell backward with her head barely landing on the ring but Tristan caught her first, wrapping his arms around her waist "but how do you expect me to be serious when I already am?".

Isolde only got angered as she gave good head-butt to him "you do not... you never did?! Why? Because I am a woman? Or because you still think of me as your little sister? sorry to disappoint you, but I don't want to be a mere 'your little sister' anymore?! I don't want to be only protected by you!? I'm tired of it already?!".

Rubbing his forehead, Tristan demanded "then what is it? what do you want?".

"I need your clarity. I only want you to acknowledge me. I don't want to fight and I hate the violence. As a doctor, the only thing I'm good with, is to heal people and not to hurt them. Even so, if I have to sacrifice something, even if it means I have to fight, I want to protect you too. I always look up to you. That's the only reason of why do I choose to learn martial arts and fight. Why don't you understand such simple thing, you moron!?", Isolde launched her fist which caught by Tristan so easily. Looking down and gasping breath, Isolde narrowed her eyes as tears threatened to burst out of her eyes "...or is it? in the end, I'm only your burden?".

"don't tell me you want to protect me", Tristan wrapped his arm around her wrist, pulling her before he kissed her eyelids as he running his fingers on her hair "it only will make me become greedy".

She felt her face burned before she pushed him before launching another fist with enough force to leave a crater on the ring "ah, stop teasing me already!".

Tristan deadpanned, arms-crossed before his chest "do you think I teased you? I'm serious".

"what the—", Isolde's eyes widened as she turned her head up "coming! In 10 seconds".

"that's fast. Let's end this, then", Tristan put his hand on his hip "as your Master, I know your ability and I believe you. For how long you can dance?".

"with my magic power right now, about a half hour", Isolde lifted both her hands gracefully "for how long will it take for you to move all living things here to safety?".

"good, because I just need 30 seconds to move them all to the safety", Tristan smirked as he moved his hands "Moventur Ad".

Right before Meliodas wanted to jump to use his Full Counter to dodge meteor that flying to them, Isolde lifted her hands up "War Dance Second Stage : Gaia".

There was a large magic circle on the ground, the one Tristan was created as he closed his eyes, casted the incantation. In ten seconds that Isolde mentioned, there were some large boulders with fire, meteors that flying to them. People were panicked but Isolde kept dancing. What happened next time was just like miracle. The Water extinguished the fire of meteors, Earth and Woods blocked and protected them from the fallen meteors. Some of Meteors were even flying to the sky.

Guila tightened her grip on the hilt of her sword "oh, interesting magic power. Who is the caster that powerful enough to switch the direction of my magic attacks while moving the Earth and Water in order to protect the commoners, I wonder?".

After about 20 seconds, Tristan was able to move them all from the Vaizel to the meadow near Vaizel where they could see Vaizel was destroyed from far distance. This place was surely far enough for the commoners to have the chances to run for their life.

Ban exclaimed as he tapped Tristan on his shoulder "you really did move us all from there?! Great job, Kid!?".

Isolde dropped to her knees, gasping breaths "is... everyone... alright?".

Diane came to support her "yes, you did great!?".

"I see... thanks god...", sweats covered her face, Isolde smiled weakly before she fell forward "I guess... I will take a rest... for a bit...".

Diane caught her before Tristan carried her bridal style, turning to Cain "old man, can you take care of her for us? We have to go. If you can, help Taizoo and that Holy Knight to evacuate the commoners".

Cain nodded his head, supporting Isolde "wait, where are you going?".

"it's our fight now", Meliodas waved his hand "let's go!".

Tristan asked them "Elizabeth, Hawk, just stay with Isolde, okay?".

Elizabeth nodded her head "be careful, everyone".

However, it turned out that Isolde ran back to Vaizel once she regained consciousness, knowing Tristan and Meliodas with his group had gone back to Vaizel in order to fight their enemy "I only want to be with you and always stay by your side. Although it won't become my voice, even if you just take advantage of me or even use me as your tools, if it will make you wanted to live your life again, I don't mind at all, because... I will die too if you die. Please, be safe".

Of course, Hawk and Elizabeth had gone to pursue her.

Cain reached out his hand "Isolde, wait?! Go back!? It's too dangerous?!".

"don't worry, old man", Escanor tapped his shoulder "we will make sure they're gonna be fine".

With confident smile, Merlin floated by his side "though I never expected we will be gathered this fast... I hope this is worth enough and we can have dinner next time".

When they arrived on Vaizel, they found Meliodas and Ban collapsed on the ground and King just dealt with two Holy Knights "princess, young Lady, Hawk, take care of the Captain when I take care of them, will you? and if you're not tired anymore, please heal them".

Tristan was nowhere to be found nearby because he was with Diane to get Diane's Gideon right now, but as a healer, Isolde had more urgent task as she carried Meliodas and Hawk carried Ban "leave it to me, Sir King!?".

Once they reached the safe place (well, as safe enough as they were on the battlefield) to hide, Elizabeth lifted her hands, praying as Isolde healed them. Hawk rubbed his eyes, telling that Elizabeth was getting bigger before indeed, Elizabeth turned back into her normal size. Veronica and Griamore were shocked to find Elizabeth, naked, but luckily Isolde had two more sets of clothes that she just bought on Vaizel. Elizabeth borrowed them thankfully but Isolde convinced she could take them just fine. Veronica and Elizabeth had an argue and at some point, Veronica even questioned if Isolde who aided Meliodas and Seven Deadly Sins with healing them, was trustworthy enough or not.

"I don't know for what reason people hate each other, but do we need a reason to help people who need help? Then again, what did you say about Sir Meliodas and Sir Tristan just now? What do you know, princess? I dare to challenge you, you don't even know anything about them and you dare to say those terrible things about them? they are monsters, you said? Actually, who decided it?", Isolde stood tall and lifted her chin up proudly as she challenged the second princess of Liones Kingdom "I don't care if you're a princess or Lady Elizabeth's older sister, but princess Guinevere that I know personally and I proudly serve on Camelot Kingdom, she is truly loved by her people because she never discriminate anyone based on appearance and social status, she would never do such things like you did just now, accusing people you barely know just because of whatever bad things you have heard from people. Better you watch your mouth if you know nothing, princess".

After Isolde had mockingly called her 'princess' in the end of her speech, Veronica pulled Elizabeth to bring her home by force. Hawk and Isolde were about to interfere but Meliodas woke up. Standing tall in front of Elizabeth, he pushed Veronica away, shielding Elizabeth behind his back and telling that he promised he would protect Elizabeth even if it would take his life as its cost.

"you really brainwashed Ellie", Veronica pulled her necklace "let's see who... or what you truly are".

When Meliodas were trapped in the Goddess Amber, Elizabeth snatched the Goddess Amber from her older sister, lifting Meliodas' broken sword and demanding "get Sir Meliodas out of this stone!?".

Veronica refused because she didn't know how to get him out too, and tried to bring Elizabeth back by force as Griamore used his Wall to trap Elizabeth.

"Isolde!", Tristan landed near them, breaking Griamore's barrier "what are you doing here?".

"we have no time to argue, Sir Tristan! Sir Meliodas, he's trapped in that stone?!", Isolde touched his biceps, frantically asking "you have to get him out?!".

"I get it. calm down", Tristan grabbed her biceps, asking her to calm down before looking up "we just have to figure out how to— wait, where were they going?".

When Tristan and Isolde spoke, Elizabeth had run off and Veronica pursued her. Griamore stayed here to watch over two women, Holy Knights who were given order by their leader to catch and bring back Meliodas' broken sword and Elizabeth, within his Wall.

Looking at Ban who lying bloodied on the ground, Tristan asked her "heal him, Isolde. I'm gonna get the princesses before trying to get that old man out of the gem".

Isolde nodded her head "be careful".

After Isolde healed Ban, they heard Guila said something regards capturing the princess, live or dead, before Griamore ran off to pursue the princesses too. Ban and Isolde had really bad feeling so they also ran to find their companion. They were shocked to see what happened after. Right before Guila's bomb that was planted under the ground exploding, Tristan pushed both Elizabeth and Veronica out of the way. Elizabeth and Veronica were shocked to see Tristan lying on the ground, bloodied from head to toe.

As Griamore went to check on Veronica who was totally alright, Elizabeth reached out her trembling hand to shake Tristan's body "...Sir Tristan? Why... no, why should you protect us?".

Veronica grabbed Griamore's hand with her shaking hand "I don't understand... why should you protect us and sacrifice your body?".

"sacrifice? Don't make me laugh", Tristan grunted as he coughed bloods "the reason... why do I protect you... princess Elizabeth... just laugh at it... but you have so much resemblance... with my mother... you reminded me of her... that's why...".

Hawk cried out in horror "Tristan! Elizabeth!".

"Kid, get yourself together!?", Ban gritted his teeth, approaching them "Isolde!?".

"no way... Sir Tristan...", Isolde dropped to her knees, holding him tightly as she tried to heal him with her healing magic but he didn't budge, neither he opened his eyes "no... please, wake up... you're lying, right?".

"ah, it's really a mess", Guila said, holding Meliodas' broken sword as Jericho took care of Ban "now, come with us, princess Elizabeth".

"ah, and you, the healer woman. You also should come with us", after Jericho took care of Ban, as Guila took care of Griamore and Hawk, Jericho forcefully grabbed Isolde's biceps "come on!? Don't be such a burden!? It's no use on clinging to a corpse".

Isolde slapped Jericho's hand, holding Tristan tightly on her arms and glaring up to Guila and Jericho "...I would never forgive you, ever".

Guila scoffed "and? Nothing you can do but to clinging to his corpse. Pathetic, I don't understand why our superior asked us to take you too".

Jericho reminded her "hey, Sir Helbram said she has ancient healing magic power that included as Lost Magic, that's why he asked us to not kill her and bring her back with princess Elizabeth and the broken sword, remember?".

Holding Goddess Amber tightly on her arms, Elizabeth kept calling out "Sir Meliodas, help! Save us!".

"no matter how you begged for your hero to come, he will not able to get out of that Goddess Amber", Guila lifted Elizabeth by her biceps "now, just come with us. Jericho, take care of that woman".

Crying harder, Elizabeth screamed "Meliodas!".

Still resisting from Jericho's iron grip, Isolde cried out "Tristan!"

Next second, Goddess Amber broke as the dark magic power spreading out and the red light enveloped Tristan's and Isolde's bodies. Meliodas stood up and and Tristan floated on the air, seemed unconscious even if their eyes were opened with frighteningly blank eyes and expression.

Escanor looked down, holding Sacred Treasure Ritta Axe on his hand "interesting transformation. What should we do now, Merlin?".

Even Merlin turned pale "oh, no... this is not good at all".

Chapter Text

Ban was lying on the ground, unable to move after Jericho attacked him. Griamore was no better, after Guila attacked him with her bomb and Hawk was charred. Veronica tightened her grip on the hilt of her sword, but she didn't sure if she could fight these two. At least, their situation was in dire before strange things happened.

They saw it right in front of their eyes.

What they remembered, Elizabeth who holding the Goddess Amber in her arms, was crying desperately as she called Meliodas, begging him to save them. On the other side, Isolde kept cradling Tristan's head on her embrace, tears streaming down her face as she crying desperately, calling Tristan's name as well.

What they saw unfolded in front of their eyes after that, the Goddess Amber was broken as dark magic emerged from within the Goddess Amber. Unable to hold back the powerful dark magic, the Goddess Amber broke, emanating the waves of darkness before revealing Meliodas, stood tall with strange pitch-black marks swirling around half of his body. His usual green eyes had turned into dark, amethyst orbs.

On the other side, red light enveloped both Tristan's and Isolde's bodies before Tristan's body jerked up and floated on the air, you even could see there were two pairs of dragon hands from his back that supporting him. His pupils turned into golden and there were more than one of pupils on each of his eyes. His eyes were gleaming bloody red and the white on his eyes turned black.

The only same thing from them, they didn't seem aware of their surroundings even if their eyes opened.

There was not mistaking it, Ban thought. Once you felt it, you wouldn't forget it easily. The presence he had felt from the Captain was, undoubtedly belonged to Demons. However, it was different with the presence that Ban felt from Tristan. Ban felt like the presence from Tristan was, unmistakably was the presence belonged to human but there were more than one presences of human in Tristan's body. Or it was not only that? Some part of Tristan's presence also felt resembled with the Captain somehow.

Looking up with teary-faced, Isolde blinked "...Sir Tristan?".

Ban felt chilled as he looking straight to Tristan's eyes and warned Isolde to move away from him but surprisingly, Tristan cupped her cheek and smiled down gently as he grabbed her wrist, helping her to her feet "why are you crying?".

Isolde wrapped her arms around his waist, burying her crying face on his chest "I thought... I've lost you already...".

"don't cry", Tristan wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her wet eyelids before looking over her head to Jericho with deadly glares "...are you the one who make her crying?".

"Meliodas! How could you break out of the Goddess Amber?", Guila lifted the broken sword on her arm as she took a step backward. Next second, Meliodas got his broken sword back along with Guila's hand and Guila screamed on top of her lungs. Holding the wrist of her lost hand, Guila staggered "you bastard...".

Isolde, Elizabeth, Jericho, Hawk, Ban, Veronica and Griamore looked to the source of bloodcurling scream in horror when Meliodas took off Guila's hand of his broken sword and simply threw Guila's hand to the ground. Tristan tightened his grip on Isolde's shoulders protectively, but showing no interest on what Meliodas was doing or what just happened.

"what are you two... are you joking...", Jericho gasped, lifting her sword with her trembling hands before she lunged into Tristan "what are you, actually!".

"what an eyesore", floating on the air as he held Isolde on his hands, four pairs of dragon hands appeared out of his back, launching to Jericho. Disarming Jericho of her sword and snaking one of his dragon hand around Jericho's waist, Tristan threw Jericho off to behind "behave yourself there".

Jericho went flying and hit Guila's body, toppling them to the ground before Meliodas lifted his broken sword and a light swung from him, it was enough to send them flying. Jericho quickly retrieved Guila's hand and put it back on her arm, using Hyper Recovery Spell orbs. After Guila and Jericho recovered and argued over Helbram's hypothesize about Meliodas, Ban who had gotten recovered too, whistled after thanking Jericho and showing the incantation orbs that he'd stolen from Guila. Jericho grabbed the hilt of her sword, about to slash him again into pieces but Ban warned them as Meliodas lunged into them.

"you... are you really the Capt'n?", Ban prepared to strike him but something wrapped itself around his waist and pulling him out of the way "wha—".

It was Tristan who had pulled him using the dragon hands that came out of his back. Not only Ban, but also Elizabeth, Hawk, Griamore and Veronica before he shielding them from the flying debris, due to Meliodas' attacks on his rampaging condition.

"if you don't want to get your body slashed into two, just stay still here behind my back", Tristan took some step forward after telling Griamore to use his barrier. Griamore did what he instructed, using his Wall to protect them as Tristan walked forward to Meliodas, ignoring Elizabeth and Isolde's call when they banged Griamore's Wall. Unfortunately, even Griamore's Wall didn't strong enough to hold back Meliodas' attack and Tristan had to stand in front of them. When Meliodas wanted to strike him, Tristan simply crossed his hands before his chest, pointing his dragon hands to his face "stop it, you moron. You don't even recognize us?".

Meliodas sharply stopped on the air before landing on the ground, sniffling to both Tristan and Elizabeth before lifting his right hand. The darkness on his body shifted to his right hand in form of a wing before Meliodas flew to the sky, leaving them all gaped in wonder (except Tristan).

When Elizabeth and Hawk wondered what happened to Meliodas or was he even Meliodas, Griamore blurted out "um, maybe he recognized us from our smell?".

"just like the dog, you mean?", Veronica scoffed "forget it. Just to where he's gone?".

Tristan shrugged "maybe looking for his another prey?".

Ban still felt uneasy, lifting his hand to halt Elizabeth and Isolde "are you... Tristan?".

That was when they heard groans in pain from Guila and Jericho who lying on the ground, barely alive.

"oh, still alive?", the dragon hands from Tristan's back wriggled "well then, I just need to finish them off".

Before he could send his dragon hands, Isolde spread her hands to the side and stood in front of him "stop! They will seriously die if this goes on!".

Tristan frowned disapprovingly "why should you protect them? They are our enemy".

"that's right, I haven't even forgiven them for hurting you, Sir Tristan, but I also don't want to see you kill anyone in front of my eyes. They are our enemy, but to kill anyone mercilessly and unreasonably", Isolde shook her head "this isn't you".

"you really have the heart of gold, Isolde", he touched her chin and lifted her head up, leaning down "that's what make me fallen in love with you".

"NO!", Isolde pushed him and backed away. Unlike the usual, this time she felt cold when he touched her and she clenched her fists on her chest "who are you? You are not Sir Tristan. I can tell for sure".

Elizabeth felt shivers on her nape, somehow her instinct told her to believe Isolde's words "who are you? Get out of Sir Tristan's body and give him back to us!".

"why is it always 'Tristan' for you?", whoever he was, he glared down to Isolde as he reached out his hand to her "my, my, your devotion to Tristan is unwavering, huh? While I can say it's admirable but your devotion is also what make your husband suffering, Isolde".

Before he could reach her, unfortunately, he jumped backward as the ice pillars came out of the ground "why, hello... isn't it the Great Sorceress Merlin? Overprotective of your little sister as always, huh?".

"stop disturb my little sister", Merlin stood in front of Isolde, lifting her hand to the side "I know it's you, Mark. Give back that body to Tristan".

"she's right. You have to walk over our dead body before you lay your finger on her. Dare to mess up with our little sister, you have to prepare yourself for the consequences", Escanor caressed the corner of his moustache, leaning his Divine Axe Rhitta on his shoulder "not to mention, women dislike pushy and overbearing man, you know?".

Merlin smirked and clapped her hands "that's very good words we have here, Escanor. Thank you very much".

Elizabeth blinked her eyes "um, you two are...".

"sister!", Isolde wrapped her arms around Merlin's waist, never she felt this relieved to see her again "you really come for me!".

Merlin smiled fondly and patted her sister's head "anything for my little sister. Glad to see you're safe and sound. Tristan does a great job of protecting you, huh? Though, that idiot must have slept inside. We have to wake him up".

Ban jaw-dropped, pointing to the reunited sisters "you are her WHAT!".

"yo, Ban. Long time no see, but how shameful for you, Fox Sin Of Greed, Undead Ban. To think you could be slowed down by the weaklings of those little wench from Holy Knights and someone before us, whoever he is", Escanor lifted his hand before he shook his head dismissively. When he looked back to Tristan, there was a bloody red stone in diamond shape gleaming on his forehead and both his hand and leg had turned into dragon-clawed limbs "what an interesting transformation. Unlike the Captain who seems unaware of his surroundings, you can even speak and recognize them. I bet our words are getting through to you clearly, right?".

"silence", he glared up and spoke with the voice of more than one persons "who do you think you are, you lowly human, speak that way to us? and who did you call as the weaklings just now?".

"how impertinent", Escanor tilted his head "you don't seem like the Tristan that we know and why did you refer yourself as 'us' while Merlin called you as 'Mark' just now? who... or rather, what are you? I mean, all of you inside him. Actually, how many people within you?".

"why should you ask? You, human, are the ones who have created us. We are what you, human, call as Homunculus. Mark only one of us and while it's right, this body belongs to Tristan, it's not like we can get out of this body just because we want it", Tristan swiftly moved to behind Escanor before both he and Escanor fought as Merlin kept the others safe within her Perfect Cube. Wriggling his fingers, 'he' or 'they' within Tristan's body, smirked "hm, as expected of Great Holy Knight of Cornwall Kingdom. This body is really strong".

The Cardinal Helbram appeared, landing on the ground near them after he sent last blow to Meliodas who had fallen unconscious on the crater of the wall "care to share me the story, Homunculus?".

"to make long story short, this man, the body where we have been resided, is dead already, ever since far too long, long time ago, but he was brought back to life by his wife even if it's undoubtedly the Sins they have committed...", glancing sideways, when his eyes landed on Meliodas' unconscious figure, he clutched his head and groaned in pain "kh!".

He dropped to his knees and looked like struggling against his own self, before he transformed again. His pupils turned into jet-black. His sclera that had turned into black, this time turned into bloody red. The dragon hands on his back turned into wings. Black-pitch marks, the one like Meliodas had on his body before, covered his limbs, swirling all around his torso before he growled and lunged to attack Helbram, the Cardinal of Holy Knights (from what Veronica and Griamore told them).

"Escanor, don't let Tristan go and snap him out of his berserk mode as quick as possible, please. If this goes on, he will die!", Merlin said as she holding Isolde back "that fool...".

"don't worry. I will not let him to", Escanor smiled "I will keep my promise to you no matter what".

"we rely on you", Ban nodded his head, lifting his hand "we will retrieve the Cap'n and Diane when you take care of him. Fox Hunt".

As fast and gentle as he could, Ban retrieved Meliodas' and King's bodies. Throwing Meliodas over his shoulder and carrying King on his another arm like a sack, Ban realized Diane's magic power "oh, crap. We really should get out of here".

When her little sister tried to go to the same direction to where Escanor, Tristan and Helbram were, it was not needed a genius to know what she was gonna do. Merlin caught her wrist "Isolde, don't! It's too dangerous even for you! He's not in his right mind!".

"but I can't lose him! You said if this goes on, he will die, right?", Isolde tried to resist "I can't afford to lose him and I have to stop him before it's too late!".

Merlin couldn't stop her, so she hugged her instead "you two have to come back in piece to us, safe and sound, understand?".

Isolde smiled with tears brimming on her eyes before she nodded her head, running to where she found Escanor tried to stop Tristan who wanted to send the killing blow to Helbram. Thinking this was his only chance (due to Hendrickson's instruction with urgency on his tone of voice as well, realizing that Diane in her cold fury was about to arrive there) to retreat and run, Helbram went to retrieve two of his disciples.

Realizing that his prey tried to run away, Tristan kicked Escanor on the gut and sent him flying before he tried to pursue Helbram "don't you dare to run!".

Isolde hugged him from behind "Sir Tristan, don't! Please, just stop this madness! This isn't you!".

"what do you know?", he turned to look behind over his shoulder "you know nothing of me".

"yes, I do know you. You are the only one that I love!", Isolde pulled him down and cupped his cheek, slapping his cheek lightly "look at me, look only at me! Snap out of it already! Remember who you are! You are the one who freed me from slavery. You are my savior, the light of my life. If you can hear my voice, please... just stop this. Don't lose from your darkness, Sir Tristan".

"...Isolde", Tristan blinked his eyes "why are you crying? What happened to me?".

"at least... my voice reached you...", just by looking at his eyes, she knew her Tristan had come back and she felt huge relief on her heart but next second, she was surprised to see him collapsed backward and she had to catch him before she cradled him on her lap "Sir Tristan! Stay with me! Where does it hurt?".

"this is why I always told you to stay away from me... don't come near me... if you stay close with me... it only will endanger your life... the least thing I want to happen... is to endanger your life...", clutching her sleeve, Tristan whispered weakly with his shaky voice as his tears cascaded down his face silently "you have to stay away... before I endanger your life... I'm nothing but an ugly monster...".

Isolde's eyes widened as she felt the wet on her lap where his head was lying and for several seconds, she also had to get herself together as she held back her own tears and tried to regain her composure.

"no, you aren't. What are you talking about? The fact that you're upset because you can't fully control your power, is the fact that you, without doubt, are human and have kindness within yourself, right?", Isolde said at least after gulping. She didn't care if her voice was shaky because of her own tears threatened to fall like waterfall and her heart was still shattered in pieces after looking at how the man she loved broke down in front of her eyes "No matter what your form, as long as you still have the heart to feel and tears to cry, you're not a monster. Even if your form could change, do not let it change your heart as well. It's alright, it'll be alright. No matter what people say, as long as you are you, Sir Tristan, you will never be alone because I'd keep my words to you, that I will never betray you, nor I will leave you alone. Even if the entire world turn against you, I will never leave your side or abandon you".

"thank you, Isolde", Tristan wrapped his arms around her waist, digging his fingers on her back before his grip started to get weakened "tell my father... it's alright... if you want to tell everyone... about what I am or my Sin... I...".

"Sir Tristan, you're sleeping?", Isolde looked down but after looking at perspiration covered his face, his body started getting cold and his lips turned into worrisome bluish tint "somebody, help?!".

Gelda came to gather them, telling her that Merlin was using her teleport to send them to the outskirt of Vaizel. Only several seconds after Gelda put Tristan and Isolde on the outskirt, they saw the flying giant boulder (Diane stood on top of it with Gideon on her hand after realizing what Helbram had done to her friends) as big as a mountain above Vaizel and Vaizel was wiped off of the map.

"wow, I admit this is crazy", Gelda saluted at the amazing event she just witnessed before crouching beside Isolde and Tristan, realizing the necrosis on some part of his body "this idiot. Luckily princess has predicted this, so she asked me to give this medicine to you. You have to take care of him and after you treat him, it's up to him to survive this or not. We rely on you to heal him, Isolde".

Isolde nodded her head and wiped the tears from her eyes "tell the princess, thank you so much and she can leave it to me".

The first thing Meliodas did after he regained his consciousness, was to check on everyone. He accepted Ban's punch that send him flying to the boulder, slashing the big boulder into two as the effect of Ban's fist. Elizabeth helped him to stand and Meliodas stood before Elizabeth hugged him in relief (much to Veronica's distress). After Meliodas groped her butt and mentioned to wear the underwear, Veronica, Hawk and Diane squawked to him. However, when Meliodas told Elizabeth that everything was gonna be alright for him (even if his precious broken blade was stolen by Holy Knights) as long as Elizabeth was alright too, Veronica couldn't protest after looking at how flustered her little sister who blushed furiously.

"but~ we really didn't expect to see Merlin and Escanor coming here together. Not to mention, the fact that Isolde is Merlin's little sister, is also more than a little shock", Ban scratched his nape and narrowed his eyes suspiciously "do you know it already, Cap'n?".

"you never ask", Meliodas pointed out the matter of fact before looking around "speaking of which... where is Tristan and Isolde? Obviously he can take care of himself, I believe he's that dependable, even if he can be too reckless sometimes. Also, what do you mean with Merlin and Escanor were coming here together?".

Not too long after Ban and Elizabeth explained what had happened when Meliodas was rampaging, it was more than shock to see how Meliodas blanched. They never saw their Captain showing this kind reaction in their daily life. Right when Meliodas wanted to look for them, using her teleport, Merlin came with Isolde and Escanor who piggyback-ride unconscious Tristan on his back.

"Tristan!", unusual of him (and for his companions), Meliodas was panicked "Isolde, treat him, quick!".

Merlin asked Meliodas to calm down "we need to treat him in proper place".

They quickly went back to the Boar Hat that was parked on the mountain near Vaizel. Because of her request, Diane's body was shrunken into human size like Elizabeth and the others. Hawk trotted to the bed before leaning his upper body on the edge of the bed as Escanor and Ban helped Meliodas to take off Tristan's clothes before Merlin and Isolde started to treat his wounds and stabilize his magic power. Veronica and Griamore decided to come with them, they stood on the sidelines along with Elizabeth, Diane and King who floated on the air as Merlin, Isolde, Meliodas, Ban and Escanor stood by the bed-side. They all saw what 'thing' exactly on Tristan's back that usually Tristan hid very well as one of his biggest secret.

Pointing to the diamond-shaped red stone that attached on the surface of the bulge on Tristan's back that throbbing like a heart, Elizabeth timidly asked "...Lady Merlin, is that?".

Merlin explained with grim expression "his artificial heart that was made by me due to the request of my little sister, Tristan's late wife, Isolde Belialuin. The diamond-shaped red stone that attached on his artificial heart is the source of life for Homunculus, the Philosopher Stone. This is also Tristan's Sacred Treasure and this is the secret of his massive magic power".

King was amazed because he just witnessed the Philosopher Stone that was planted on someone's heart "amazing... isn't it the stone that only exist on the legend? I can't believe I can see it myself with my own eyes".

Diane lifted her hand to cover her mouth "so, Tristan has the legendary stone as his Sacred Treasure? Great".

"it's not great at all", Merlin couldn't help but looked down in despise "Philosopher Stone is made by other people's life, after all".

"and not only a single soul", Meliodas added, ignoring the collective gasps around them "to create the Philosopher Stone as big as this, it's needed the lives of the entire Kingdom. Mark or whoever they are that you have met when Tristan was under his berserk mode, they are human who have been sacrificed to create this Philosopher Stone".

Isolde hissed when the others started demanding full explanations from Merlin and Meliodas "would you all just shut up so I can concentrate to heal him or just wait outside, please?".

After Isolde healed the wounds on his body, the real problem started as Tristan's body started thrashing around. Merlin asked Ban and Escanor to help Meliodas to hold Tristan down as Tristan's body writhed in agony.

"...kill me...", Tristan coughed violently, puking bloods and bile to the bed as bloods came out of his eyes and nose "KILL ME ALREADY!".

Isolde lifted her hand to wrap his body as she started using her healing magic power again "Sir Tristan, hang on! Get yourself together, please! You have to survive!".

"all of you, please wait outside. We've got this", Merlin asked them all to wait outside, ushering them all out of the room except Escanor, Isolde and Meliodas "Escanor, help the Captain to hold him down as I stabilize his magic power and Isolde keeps healing his wounds".

Ban, King, Diane, Veronica, Griamore, Elizabeth and Hawk peeked into the now-sickroom worriedly before Elizabeth grabbed Merlin's biceps with tears brimming on her eyes "Lady Merlin, he's gonna be alright, right? Please, you all have to save him! He was... he's getting injured because of protecting me and my older sister. I also consider him just like a brother, a family for me, so please... save him".

"leave it to us, princess", Merlin touched her shoulders gently and smiled down fondly, asking her to not blame herself "besides, Isolde is here. She will never let Tristan die, ever".

Outside the tavern, Gelda sat on the tree branch "are you sure, I needn't to interfere here?".

(Guinevere remarked, concern was obvious on her voice "let's just believe on Isolde and godmother".

Arthur squeezed her shoulder reassuringly "it will be long night".)

It would be a very long night, indeed.

Chapter Text

Liones Castle

Howzer shouted in disbelief "Veronica and Griamore... dead? No way! That must be a mistake!".

"it's the truth", Gilthunder said coldly "it seems that when the Seven Deadly Sins attacked Vaizel, they met an untimely death".

"who could do such a... there's no way Griamore would die that easily! Besides, how are we supposed to report all this to princess Margaret! Where is Great Holy Knight Dreyfus?".

"he locked himself up in his private room", Gilthunder looked to outside through the window before he turned his back against Howzer after they talked about precursor to the Holy War "if you have time to fret around, just think of what you should do as Holy Knight".

When Gilthunder wanted to turn around the corner, he bumped with Gelda who dropped to her butt and sat on the floor. She bowed after looking up "oh! I'm so sorry, Sir Gilthunder. I don't see you. I was in a rush!".

"it's alright", Gilthunder reached out his hand "you... one of princess Margaret's maids, right? Why are you such in a rush?".

"forgive me, Sir. I'm in distraught because I've just got news that my nephew is dying due to terrible accident. I have to go right away", Gelda accepted his hand before she stood up. lifting her skirt and bowing her body "now, if you excuse me".

"sure, but could you tell princess Margaret next time you meet her? I need to talk with her. Tell me if she's ready to meet me later", Gilthunder closed his eyes, turning his head to the side "now, you're free to go. Hopefully, your nephew will be alright".

"I understand. Thank you for your kind words, Sir", Gelda bowed once more time before she ran off "excuse me!".

Howzer commented about how beautiful Gelda was even if she was only a maid. Meanwhile, Gilthunder went to his room right away. In his room, once he was sure that no one watched him over, Gilthunder opened the letter that he got from Gelda "big sister Veronica and big brother Griamore are with the Sins and Ellie. They will be safe. Wait until we can reunite again. Please, hang on until then, big brother Gil and big sister Margaret. Gwen".

Looking up to the sky, Gilthunder narrowed his eyes "...I and Margaret are waiting the day we can meet again with you, our dearest little sister".

When Margaret and Gilthunder met on the prison, Gilthunder slipped Guinevere's letter to Margaret's hand and after Margaret read it, her heart felt light and she, just like Gilthunder, also waited for the day they could reunite again. Although, deep down in her heart, Margaret wondered about why did their dearest little sister Gwen was claimed as the Black Swan Sin Of Desire?

Camelot Castle

Lancelot looked up to Guinevere who just came back with her teleport "welcome back. How is everyone doing?".

"it will be okay", Guinevere took of her cape that she hung to her coat hook before she flopped to her bed "I have met and told uncle Gowther to go to meet with them on the Boar Hat so they can take care of the rest with uncle Gowther's help. In case father refuses uncle Gowther's help to dive into Tristan's mindscape, we still can ask our sister to meet with them and persuade father so godmother and Aunt Gelda can help them to explain what they need to know from what Tristan wanted to tell them. About Isolde, we can take care of it later once Tristan's condition is better".

Lancelot asked in wary "which sister?".


"do you seriously ask Tina to meet them? She's a ghost and supposed to stay on the Capital of The Dead!".

Guinevere deadpanned "come on, it's not that bad to meet one or two ghost in your life".

"poor them. I bet they will be shocked and there must be a calamity. Well, knowing father and Tristan, I believe father will refuse which means, they will need our sister's help to explain it to the Sins. I can't believe we even have to ask her aide", Lancelot crossed his arms before his chest "although, I'm still feeling doubt. Do you really think this is gonna be okay?".

"he has given the permission, remember? Isn't it good? It means Tristan has started to open his heart and believe the Sins. Well, maybe it's also because our parent is there too. Our sister can take care of the rest, for sure", rolling to the side, she was lying on her stomach, lifting her legs up and down "so, how is your date with Lady Morgan?".

Lancelot sputtered and twitched his eyebrow "it's not date and nothing special happened, if that's what you expected. Sorry to disappoint you".

"tch", Guinevere clicked her tongue, leaning her chin on her palm "where is Arthur?".

"on his work room. Just like you, he doesn't think he can go to sleep tonight so he continued to work on the papers instead. Actually, he told me to not tell you because he doesn't want you to get mad to him and he would prefer it if you could get some rest. I only come here to check you because he thought you can't sleep as well", Lancelot rolled his eyes when Guinevere got off of her bed and took the change of her clothes "wait, where were you going?".

"to his work room, obviously", Guinevere wrapped her red shawl around her shoulders before walking out of her room, passing by Lancelot "what make you and Arthur think that I can go to sleep tonight?".

Lancelot who stood beside the door, walking forward to pursue her "sis~ you do realize that I am the one who will get scolded by him, right?".

Guinevere simply drawled playfully "take it, it's your own risk~".

On his work room, Arthur leaned his chin on his palm as he looked down to the scrolls on the table "oh, this is bad. The refugees of Liones Kingdom only get increased and the refugee camps are already full. I guess we have to visit Liones Kingdom to discuss about it and meet the King ourselves, other than to officially give our wedding invitation to them. What do you think?".

Guinevere knocked the door before walking into his side "I think you shouldn't work too hard and you should get some rest already, my King".

"and I believe you're supposed to be in bed already, my bride", lowering the scroll from his face, Arthur raised his eyebrow "Lancelot told you, huh?".

After Guinevere nodded her head, a vein popped on Arthur's head "remind me to scold him, my bride~ and prepare yourself tomorrow because I'm gonna beat you on our training, Lancelot".

From behind the door, the voice whined at the King's threat "come on, my King~ it's not my fault that you have such handful and stubborn princess as your soon-to-be-Queen".

"okay, I guess I needn't ask you about what make you upset", putting down all his works on the table, Arthur reached out his hand to settle her in his lap "look, I know what we have witnessed is what make you upset, like how it does to me. However, unfortunately I am not mind-reader like you so you have to tell me, what make you upset".

"'s not my intention to disturb you or distract you from your work, but...", Guinevere narrowed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his shoulders before she leaned down and sighed heavily "...I can't help it".

"trust me, you will feel better once you get it out off of your chest. Told you, you can tell me everything so don't doubt and feel free to tell me everything", Arthur smiled knowingly, encouragingly hummed "hm? What is it?".

"...maybe this is sounded so naive of me, but I can't help it. I think it's so unfair for them...", Guinevere closed her eyes and leaned her forehead to his with distress on her beautiful face "Isolde and Tristan. They were tricked by someone they trusted, the one that they considered as their best friend. They were framed as the Sinners when in fact, they weren't. They did nothing wrong. They only love each other, so why...", burying her face on his shoulder, Guinevere whispered hoarsely "...why should it be their Sins?".

"not all things have answers", running his fingers on her hair, he squeezed her in attempt to calm her down. He knew she usually would get upset like this when she could do nothing to help someone after she witnessed what happened to certain people's heart "unfortunately, it's something I just learned after I met you... but do you think it's alright?".

Guinevere looked up to him "what do you mean?".

"I mean, Tristan and Isolde have been lovers ever since her previous life. Wouldn't it be better for her to remember?".

"well, I don't know and I'm not sure, dear", Guinevere shrugged "sometimes, for some people, they will be happier when they don't remember. Everyone has the right to keep their own secrets. Not every secret should be revealed, after all".

Arthur trailed off "...I'm thinking".

Oh, that mischievous sparkles on his Amethyst eyes again. She quirked smile, knowing he was gonna tease or say something embarrassing again "of what?".

Arthur kissed her cheek "you will make a great Queen".

Guinevere chuckled lightly, he always could make her feeling better "oh, come on. Not again".

"heh, say the one who always keeps everything for herself".

"who?", Guinevere snapped her head and looked around before turning to Arthur "do you hear that?".

Arthur blinked in confusion "hear what?".

"I don't say anything as well, you know?", Lancelot added with the same confusion "it's only the three of us here".

"it's no use. Only you who can hear us".

"oh hush, she's been keeping secrets in order to protect her beloved ones".

"to protect her beloved ones or herself? Very nice. I wonder how she would react if she remembered who is she or what she has done".

Suddenly, Guinevere felt the terrible headache before she collapsed backward.

"Guinevere!", Arthur caught her body before she fell to the floor, carrying her bridal style "Lancelot, call the Royal Healer and tell her to go to her chamber, quick!".

Lancelot nodded his head before rushed to the Royal Healer's place "as you wish!".

Outside the Castle, looking down to where Guinevere was lying unconscious on her bed, the little girl who floated on the air, furrowing her eyebrow in distress "you are claimed as the Black Swan Sin Of Desire because of your strong Desire is just like the double-edged Sword. You have both sides, Light and Darkness, your presence alone even can bring blessing and destruction. Be careful, sister... for your Desire can be your power and your Sin".

The floating little girl turned her back, flying to where her brother was, considering her brother's dying state was more urgent. As a ghost, she could say it for sure because she witnessed with her own eyes, what kind of Sins her siblings had done.

That night, in her dream, Guinevere felt herself sinking into abyss as she heard two people arguing in her head. She was not in her usual body, so she knew this must be a dream or in her mindscape, as she was in her child form (when she was around 4-6 years old, maybe). Standing and looking around, she found the shadow of two women on far distance. One fulfilled with gentle and warm light with two pairs of white-feathered wings from her back. One surrounded with shadow and dark mist with a pair of large, dark-feathered wings from her back.

Guinevere narrowed her eyes, unable to make out their faces "who are there?".

"stop it. It only will hurt her".

"oh, I don't think so~ She needs to know. What happened on Istar or the fallen Cameliard Kingdom is more than enough to be the proof, that we can't escape who we are, never will".

"what happened on Istar? What else happened on my fallen Kingdom that I don't know?".

"do you want to know?".

"Dark Side, stop it. You've crossed the boundary".

"you are the one who keep giving reason that you don't want to hurt her, Light Side. In fact, you think it won't make her getting hurt deeper the longer she knows? The longer we keep this secret, the more painful it will be for her once she knows the truth".

"what truth?".

The one surrounded with shadow and dark mist with a pair of large, dark-feathered wings from her back that somehow, for some reason, Guinevere recognized her as Dark Side who came closer and reached out her hand, pointing behind her "remember it yourself".


Guinevere turned around. Back on the Istar, after Meliodas calmed her down, she realized that Meliodas and the others went to the Druid Altar again, with Zaneri and Jenna. She didn't know why, but just like the shadow on their feet, she could hear what they were speaking about and see what they were doing very clearly. They discussed as they went back to the Druid Altar right before the sky had dawned and the sun still hid on the horizon (considering Escanor was still not fully on his Day form) that the Trolls they had gotten rid yesterday, they were only the underlings of the main culprit. They dispersed into teams where Escanor went with Ban and King while Meliodas went with Zaneri and Jenna. While the former team dealt with the trolls, the latter team dealt with the main culprit that turned out to be one of Goddess Clan, Jelamet, who Meliodas claimed as Elizabeth's best friend.

"hah, some best friend you are... sounded more like a villain even if you are from Goddess Clan", she mocked the goddess, dangling her legs as she sat on the edge of the cliff "I've had enough of listening and observing. Now, accept your punishment. For hurting my father that you called as filth demon and even have an ill intention towards my mother".

Meliodas looked up "Gwen! What are you doing here?".

Ugly and fat vessel of the goddess Jelamet looked as shocked as the goddess sisters "it can't be... you are their—!".

"my name is Guinevere Cameliard. I am first daughter of Demon Prince Meliodas and Goddess Princess Elizabeth, the firstborn Hybrid", standing tall, she lifted her hand and snapped her fingers as she spread two pairs of white wings out of her back, her blonde hair turned into long straight silver hair and her heterochromia eyes turned into pristine gold eyes with symbol of goddess on her pupils, just like her mother's. Thanks to her tiny body, she could move swiftly to dodge Jelamet's attack and instantly, she stood behind Jelamet "Purge".

With Purge spell, Guinevere could kick Jelamet out of her human vessel. Tilting her head, Guinevere tapped her fingers on her cheeks "well, well, well... come to think of it, it's needed Darkness power to annihilate the goddess, so~ okay, I just need to use my other side. Dark Side".

This time, her long straight silver hair turned into long straight raven hair, her eyes turned into jet-black with demon mark on her forehead. Lifting her hand, shadow around Jelamet tried to consume her "now, die".

"stop!", Meliodas wrapped his arms around her and hugged her from behind "don't do it, Gwen".

"why not, daddy?", Guinevere looked up with pure innocence and confusion "she's an enemy. She said it herself that she wanted to kill mom just because mom can reincarnate again and she's hurting you who apologize to her instead, daddy. It's more than enough reason to kill her. Don't stop me, this is not my first to kill, after all".

When Guinevere turned around, Meliodas lifted his hand "forgive me, my daughter".

After Meliodas knocked Guinevere out and Guinevere fell unconscious, Meliodas wrapped his arms around her to protect her from Jelamet who tried to attack them.

"sorry, but since her biological mother isn't in condition to able to raise her, her custody is on me right now", Merlin stood in front of unconscious Guinevere and wounded Meliodas, looking up with deadly cold glare to Jelamet "don't you dare to lay your filt finger on my dearest adopted daughter. Are you okay, Captain? Is she okay?".

"nah, I'm fine", Meliodas chuckled as he touched Guinevere's forehead "but she's burning up. We have to finish this quickly so we can treat her".

"needn't to stain your hands, Merlin", Escanor touched Merlin's shoulder before walking forward "after all, I promised you and myself to protect what precious to us".

Guinevere wondered. Come to think of it, her Dark side said this was not her first to kill, then when...

Dark Side answered as she touched her shoulder, her hand felt so cold "do you forget it? Far before what happened on Istar, back then... when you and your mother's reincarnation were kidnapped by the weaklings, no... even far before it, back then on the Cameliard Kingdom...".

Such important thing. How could she forget it?

Back then when she and Elizabeth were kidnapped, she was, or to be more precise, her Dark Side was the one who killed those kidnappers in order to protect Ellie and herself because daddy, Meliodas and godmother, Merlin wasn't there.

Back then on the fall of Cameliard Kingdom, her encounter with the most powerful, the most beautiful Goddess she had ever seen, yet her presence also scared her for some reason.

Behind her, the one fulfilled with gentle and warm light with two pairs of white-feathered wings from her back, the Light Side pushed the Dark Side into the bird cage and tied the Dark Side with the chains before the Light Side covered her eyes "this is not the right time for you to remember it. You are not ready yet. You can just forget everything for now, until then—".

Guinevere jerked her head back and gasped, instantly sat on her bed. Panting, she covered her mouth "...a dream?".

"could you wake up with more pleasant and normal way next time? You're surprising me".

Guinevere realized she was on her chamber as she turned to see Lancelot crossed his arms before his chest and leaned his back on the wall "Lancelot? I was...".

"lost consciousness last night. I watch guard here because King Arthur wanted to take a bath and change his clothes before he goes back here to check on you. Before you ask, yes, we didn't sleep because we kept our eyes to watch over you ever since you collapsed last night", Lancelot walked closer and yawned before pulling the chair, sitting beside her bed "what's wrong? A nightmare? And before you even rried to say that you're okay, don't give me that shit when you look so pale and you are drenched with sweats from head to toe, sister".

"talkative as usual, brother. You know, that the way you react towards me like this, is what make people who don't know the fact that we are siblings, thinking that you're in love with me", Guinevere scratched her head and chuckled lightly before lifting her hands in surrender "and about your question, I'm sorry, I don't remember what I was dreaming of".

Lancelot narrowed his eyes "sister".

Guinevere tilted her head with reassuring smile "hey, come on, I don't lie at all. I can't tell you what I don't even know, right?".

"geez, if you really don't remember it, fine then, just don't force yourself, okay?", Lancelot scratched the back of his head "also, when will we tell King Arthur about this? you're gonna marry with him and he doesn't even know we are siblings. I can tell him, but you have persisted that you want to tell him yourself and you haven't told him, yet, until now".


Both Arthur and Morgan stood in front of the door with shock on their faces. Arthur quickly pulled his half-sister to come into Guinevere's chamber before closing the door behind him.

Once the Royal siblings stood beside Guinevere's bed, Morgan was the first to talk "...Sir Lancelot, you and princess Guinevere... are siblings?".

Lancelot face-palmed "crap, they heard us".

"good job, brother. You don't even check there's someone outside my room? The siblings knew too, now", Guinevere pinched Lancelot's cheeks (which Lancelot cried out in pain that it was not his fault, they didn't know that Arthur and Morgan were there outside her chamber and heard their conversation, anyway). Only after she had felt satisfied of pinching and scolding Lancelot, Guinevere sighed as she turned to Arthur "...I'm so sorry to keep this as secret even from you, Arthur".

"I know it already, of the fact you've been keeping secret for yourself. Morgan kept telling me to beware of you, but I think it's not like you and Lancelot have any ill intention to us", Arthur said as he sat on the edge of her bed before patting her head and giving his usual cheerful, broad griin "I do want to know but~ rather than beware of you, I'd rather to believe you instead. I'm waiting until you're ready to tell me everything because I don't want to force you to tell me when you're not ready to tell me yet, simply that".

Morgan rolled her eyes "you're unbelievable, brother".

Lancelot caressed his cheeks and joined Morgan "she's right, my King".

Arthur quirked a smile "you two, why don't you just get engaged already? I will give my blessing for sure and I believe you will make a good couple".

When he felt someone tapping on his shoulder, Arthur turned his head to the side. Guinevere wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Morgan squealed and covered her mouth before Lancelot covered her eyes as Guinevere and Arthur kissed.

Smiling against his lips, Guinvere opened her eyes slowly with sparks of delightful and joy on her eyes "I love you".

Arthur blushed furiously and chuckled lightly before settling her on his lap "at least, you're being honest at that".

Lancelot touched Morgan's shoulder before turning to leave, pushing her gently to outside "Lady, I believe it's better for us to not disturb them and give them some privacy".

"you're right. Let's retreat~", Morgan giggled "ah, how about we have the breakfast together when you explain everything to me. Arthur can get the explanation from the princess, after all".

Lancelot lifted his thumb "nice idea".

Looking to the retreating figures, Arthur remarked as he trapped Guinevere in between his arms and cornered her on her bed "see? They will make a good couple".

"indeed", lying on her bed, Guinevere touched Arthur's shoulders "um, Arthur, you don't think that our position is rather scandalous? I wonder if we will get trouble with godmother once she's home after the people who see us in this position, whoever they are, telling godmother about what they see while in fact, they misunderstand things again".

"say the one who kissed me and triggered me just now?".

"you did what?".

"nope, just forget it", Arthur grinned cheekily before carrying her "let's just get you cleaned up. I don't want to exhaust you after you collapsed last night. We still have a ton jobs to do but... we can do it one by one, slowly. We still have time, after all".

"oh, how gentle and considerate of you~", Guinevere leaned her head on his shoulder "right, we still have time... hopefully you're alright, brother. I have sent Tina to help you, after all".

The Boar Hat Tavern

Once the sun had set and the night was coming, Ban traded place with Escanor to help Meliodas holding down Tristan's body when Isolde healed all his wounds and Merlin stabilized Tristan's magic power. Merlin told them that the reason of why Tristan was writhing in pain, was because of he couldn't handle the massive magic power within his body that struggling to come out of his body. Meliodas also said something about Tristan was fighting against people that were sacrificed in order to create Philosopher Stone. After hours of listening to his screams in agony and struggles, they were exhausted. Thankfully, Ban was still healthy enough to prepare their dinner. Merlin and Meliodas were the last to arrive on the dinner table.

As Ban prepared the food for them, Escanor prepared the wines for them "good work, Merlin. How is he doing?".

Elizabeth asked worriedly "and how about Lady Isolde?".

Meliodas slumped as he sat on his chair and sighed heavily, dead tired "Tristan's still having high fever and he doesn't wake up even if just for a second. but he's calmed down, at least... She said, tonight will be important".

"she's alright now. Well, only on the outside, I guess. Also, Captain", when Meliodas looked up to her, Merlin continued "Isolde told me that before Tristan was unconscious, he asked her to tell you that it's alright if you want to tell everyone here about what he is or his Sin".

Meliodas furrowed his eyebrow in disbelief "are you sure?".

"just ask my little sister if you don't believe me", Merlin shrugged "you know she's not gonna lie to you about Tristan, right?".

"I will ask her myself, then", pulling tray of foods and drinks for him and for Isolde, Meliodas rose to his feet before walking to upstairs "hopefully I'd be lucky enough to able to persuade her to get some food and drink, or even to get some rest. She'd push herself too much if we didn't take control of her, for sure".

"let me help", Elizabeth took a tray from Meliodas' hands "it will be easier to do it together, right?".

"don't forget your food and drink too, Ellie", Veronica decided to help her "you are clumsy, after all".

"ah, it can't be helped at all", Ban snatched the trays of foods and drinks from Veronica and Elizabeth, carrying the share for princesses while Meliodas carried the trays for himself and Isolde "leave it to us, princesses~".

When they peeked into the room, they saw Isolde sitting on the chair beside the bed. Isolde grabbed his hand and whispered as she leaning her forehead on his hand, crying silently "you have to survive... I will die too if you die, that's far I need you by my side... that's why, please... come back to me...".

In the end, only Meliodas who came into the room to put the tray of foods and drinks on the nightstand. Meliodas touched her shoulder gently, telling her to not forget to drink and eat, also to call him if she wanted to sleep so he could watch over him when she was sleeping. Isolde shook her head, telling him that she would do it although she wasn't sure if she could. After leaving note to her that he would come back later to watch over him in shift, Meliodas told the others to go back downstairs. On the bar turned into dining room, Meliodas had confirmed that Merlin told him the truth, that Tristan was indeed telling Isolde about it before he lost consciousness.

"first of all", King floated on the air and hugged his Chastiefol in pillow form "what do you want to do now, princess Veronica and Holy Knight there?".

"hm, I can't leave Ellie here alone in between you all", in fact, Veronica felt truly grateful that they, instead of the Holy Knights, helped and saved her sister, especially Tristan who saved them but she still felt wary of Meliodas and Tristan after witnessing how they went berserk this day "so I guess I will stay to stick close with my sister. Not to mention I can't trust the Holy Knights, except you, Griamore, after what happened today in Vaizel. Feel free to go home if you want, Griamore. I don't want to force you to stay with me. Don't make your father worried".

"but I have to protect you, Lady Veronica", Griamore insisted "I will stay no matter what".

Veronica grinned thankfully "thank you, much appreciated".

Ban drawled playfully "it's getting cramped here~".

"don't worry, I and Escanor still have some business to take care of, so we can't just leave our places to join with you and stay in Boar Hat, at least not until we finish our business", Merlin cleared her throat and clarified "I still have to go back to Camelot because some business there and Escanor still has to finish his latest job as a master of his bar before he closes his bar, so we can join you again after we have finished our business".

Diane pouted "so lonesome, Merlin".

"um, but what should we do after this?", Escanor timidly asked "true, we still have to wait until Tristan is getting better but what is our goal next? Is it true that we will invade Liones Castle?".

Before Meliodas continued, they heard someone knocked the door from outside.

"what is it? Don't they see the 'CLOSE' board on the door?", Ban grumbled before opening the door "sorry, customer~ but we close the bar for tonight".

"oh, everyone gathers here already", green-haired man with glasses lifted his hand, carefreely came into this tavern "let me see... the one who opened the door... unmistakably Undead Ban. The woman that I recognize as the spitting image of Merlin... could it be the Boar Sin Of Gluttony, Sorceress Merlin? Ah, the girl with orange leather clothes beside her really must be Diane".

Ban quickly closed the door behind him before hovering above the young man "who are you?".

Merlin smiled cunningly, leaning her chin on her palm "fret not, Ban. What's wrong with your hair and where is the armor that I've given to you, Gowther?".

Meliodas stared in awe "hey, hey, hey".

Ban's eyes looked like about to pop out of its place "no way in hell!".

"yup, I am undoubtedly the Goat Sin Of Lust, Gowther", the young man's green hair turned into pink as his golden eyes looked around, crossing his fingers under his chin as he stood in a pose "long time no see you all, fellow comrades".

King confirmed this was really Gowther when he found the tattoo of Goat on his chest "but how could you get here, anyway?".

"beautiful young lady and a little girl led my way here", Gowther lifted his finger "and the little girl has been sitting there".

They indeed saw the little girl around 8-9 years old wore dark nightgown with long wavy silver hair reached her back in bunny-tail-style, a pair of emerald eyes greeted them mischievously as she dangling her legs up and down, sitting on the fence above the window "hi, good evening I guess?".

Meliodas lifted his hand "yo, Tina. Since when did you come here?".

Hawk shouted in shock "how could she get that high and since when?".

"fret not, I can just get down".

When Tina jumped down, Veronica tried to catch her but her hands only passed through the little girl's body instead. Veronica's face turned pale as she saw the little girl chuckled creepily after the little girl passed through her body and now floated on the air behind her "huh? you... don't tell us, you...".

Merlin calmly chided her motherly "Tina, what your parent told you before about what should you do when you meet the people for the first time?".

"oh, right. Sorry, I forget to introduce myself", she tapped her tiny fist on her palm before she tilting her body "hi, everyone! My name is Tristina, you may call me Tina. My name is formed from names 'Tristan' and 'Sistina'. I am Tristan's twin, his little sister who passed away for centuries ago, so yeah, I am a ghost".

They screamed in fright or shock (except Gowther, Meliodas and Merlin) "GHOST!".

Elizabeth was about to collapse in shock, if not because of Veronica who collapsed first and Griamore supported her. Escanor hid behind Merlin who convinced that she was a good girl (hey, it's not the point here!). Hawk instantly hid under the table, begging for forgiveness. King and Diane hugged each other in fright. Gowther showed indifferent expression. Meliodas deadpanned, had expected this. Ban only jaw-dropped, not expected this at all. After they all calmed down, Tina tried to explain what make her coming here.

Chapter Text

Well, Meliodas wasn’t surprised at all to see his late daughter, Tristan’s twin little sister, Tristina came here. She and Tristan were twin siblings, after all. Obviously she could feel it if something would ever happen to her twin, and if she even came all the way here from the Necropolis, it meant this was serious. Hell, yeah. Of course, Tristan was still dying as they were still speaking here.
As the others, they had calmed down a bit and with various state of post-shock, they showed various reactions to Tristina’s sudden appearance, like how Veronica protested to her to never do it again to her (pass through Veronica’s body because seriously, it’s really weird and creepy especially when Tristina did it with creepy laugh of her).
“oh, I can’t promise it, princess~ where is the fun of being a ghost if I can’t even tease people?”, Tristina laughed in pure mirth and her Emerald orbs sparkled mischievously “also, think of that as a punishment from me. You all are so rude. Just because I’m a ghost, should you react like that to me?”.
King waved his hand “the fact that you are a ghost, is exactly what make us frantic and freak out just now!”.
Ban lifted his thumb “yup, I believe she is really Tristan’s twin, little sister”.
Not only that, Tristina was just like the girl-version of Tristan, except the child-appearance and a pair of Emerald orbs of her.
Diane remarked before looking to Tristina with scrutinize eyes “but you indeed look so young, Tina... Did you pass away on young age?”.
“well, Assassins came into our house when I was... about 8 or 9 years old, maybe? They killed me and my parent. Dad tried to protect us but got stabbed on the heart along with mom and I was the last to die in their hands”, Tristina scratched the back of her head “I felt bad for Triss, he was the only one who wasn’t at home because he went hunting with his friends and when he came back to home, yeah... you know what happened. He only found our corpses”.
They blanched, to think it happened to Tristan’s family when Tristan and Tristina were only about 8 or 9 years old... and how could she say about it all so casually?
“you poor thing!”, Elizabeth gasped before lifting her hand “my apologize for my presumption, miss... I mean, Lady Tina”.
Tristina waved her hand with warm smile on her face “you can just call me Tina. It’s fine, princess. Despite my appearance, I can say for sure that I’m far older than you. What is it?”.
“we apologize for how rude we behave just now”, Elizabeth really meant it “Sir Tristan is truly a good man and he really helps me a lot”.
“he really is. He’s always like that, though he can be too reckless sometimes, just like this time”, Tristina shrugged, her laid-back attitude was just the same with her twin “I even feel sorry for Isolde. It must be tiring for her, to have my brother as the man she loved”.
“say, if you were still alive, which means you are on the same age with Tristan right now”, Ban asked with his eyebrow twitched up and down “how old are you?”.
“it’s rude to ask woman’s age, you know?”, “but oh well, if I were alive, I would be on the same age with Tristan. About 2.5xx years old, maybe? If I don’t count it wrong. Just ask Triss once he wakes up if you want to know more accurately”.
Ban sputtered his Ale “you’ve gotta kidding on us!”.
Elizabeth asked what she truly wanted to ask from the first place “anoo… after you and your parent passed away, how about Sir Tristan?”.
“Aunty Lilith, Merlin and Isolde’s mother took him but heck, he ran away, going to certain Kingdom in order to find the people who killed me and our parent, seek the revenge for the death of our parent and me”, Tristina sighed and shook her head “seriously, from the time of our birth that only different several minutes, I’m supposed to be the little sister but I have to take care of my handful twin older brother instead. It took years for me to persuade him to live his life, not to seek for revenge but to live his life for the people who love him and he loved”.
Ban laughed teasingly “little girl with the wise of an old woman, are you?”.
“Ban, watch out—”, Meliodas tried to warn his best friend but it was too late when they saw Ban’s face was freezing “…too late”.
“oh, I forgot to mention. Mine and Tristan’s, our mother was powerful Witch so when I passed away, I become a physic ghost, a ghost with magic power. I may not as strong as my twin brother but I’m still strong enough to kill people”, Tristina reached out her hand forward, the essential of ice and cold mist were still on her hand. She smiled devilishly as she tilted her head “better you watch your mouth if you don’t want me to freeze your mouth next time~”.
Meliodas chided her, pointing his accusing finger as he helped to get rid the ice from Ban’s face “Tina, it’s not good to freeze and scare people like that. What I told you before to not do it?”.
Tristina stuck out her tongue “tch, it’s not like he’s gonna die just because I froze his face. I know it already from Elaine that he’s immortal. Oh, Elaine asked me to tell you that she missed you and loved you. Message delivered”.
“Tina”, Meliodas wasn’t amused, pointing to Ban “apologize properly to him”.
Like ordinary little girl who just got scolded by her father, Tristina floated down and bowed her body in front of Ban with pout on her chubby face “I apologize, uncle Ban”.
“message accepted, tell her later that I love her and miss her too”, Ban lifted his thumb with smug grin on his face “and I forgive you, little girl”, Ban waved his hand but then the realization hit him “wait, she isn’t a little girl because she’s clearly far older than me. I should call her as what? And don’t call me uncle, just call me Ban! You’re older!”.
Meliodas and Tristina laughed in amusement before Tristina grinned lopsided, expression so familiar with her twin “told you, you can just call me Tina, like how you call my brother only with his name”.
On the corner, King hugged his Chastiefol in pillow form, sulking “I was forgotten”.
Diane tried to encourage King, patting his back “yosh, yosh, cheer up, King”.
Merlin convinced the others to not feel afraid of Tristina “true, Tina is a ghost with magic power but she is still a ghost. She will not do anything to bring harm to anyone as long as you’re not her enemy. You can relax”.
“everything matches and I remember it now. I read it on the book with title ‘Tragedy Of Cornwall’, one of history books in Liones Castle’s library that I read with little Gwen”, Gowther lifted his glasses “Cornwall Kingdom is glorious and powerful Kingdom with fertile land just like Danafor Kingdom, Camelot Kingdom or Liones Kingdom, but just like Danafor Kingdom, Cornwall Kingdom had fallen on one night because this Kingdom was annihilated by great fire of a monster from legend, Hydra”.
King glanced sideways to the ghost “care to explain it to us, Tristina?”.
“and that’s why I’m here”, Tristina shrugged before floated down, looking around to see them with so much familiar “Tristan isn’t too good with words and express his feelings. Well, maybe except when he was seducing Isolde”.
Merlin chuckled “hey”.
“but he is the type of someone who will hide his own wounds and worried more about the others, the type of complete, dumbass idiot. Considering how he gave permission to let you all know what is he and his Sin after he went berserk instead of sneak away to disappear without even say goodbye, I believe he has wanted to open his heart and it’s the proof that he believes you all. For being his friends, thank you very much”, Tristina smiled fondly to them all, bowing her body and she looked far more mature than her appearance “I really mean it because this is the first time he wanted to open up his heart and has friends again… well, not after the bastard betrayed him and Isolde”.
Elizabeth asked timidly “your mother… what is her name?”.
Tristina looked down with sad smile “…Elsa, the Witch Of Dark Woods, Elsa”.
Veronica asked “you said just now that your mother was powerful witch. Does it have something to do with why your family was assassinated?”.
“well, it’s complicated, long story”, Tristina crossed her arms “what’s your point? I know, no wonder you all have a bunch of questions but I have a hunch feeling that you have similar, one particular big question in your head. Other than the fact of what is Tristan’s Sin and who is he”.
King asked another big question “who is Mark?”.
Only a second after the name ‘Mark’ spilled out of King’s mouth, this place froze and Merlin asked her “Tina, calm down. Don’t freeze this place”.
With dangerous venomous tone on her voice, Tristina asked with icy glare “how could you know that traitor bastard’s name?”.
“ah! The last King of that Cornwall Kingdom was indeed King Mark!”, Veronica caressed her chin thoughtfully “when he went berserk, whoever they are, they indeed mentioned that Tristan was Great Holy Knight of Cornwall Kingdom, right?”.
After Merlin and Elizabeth told Tristina (with attempt to calm her down) about what happened when Meliodas and Tristan went berserk, Meliodas turned his head with innocence expression as Tristina sharply turned to him with icy glare. Sighing heavily, Tristina chuckled bitterly “…as a ghost, I have an issue with skin-ship and touching things, but just if I can touch the things of the living realm, the first thing I want to do is to beaten you two black and blue while scolding you two about how stupi you two and how dangerous it was to go berserk like that”.
“don’t yammer while trying to freeze me, please”, Meliodas waved his hand, pointing to his feet that started to freeze “she’s just like her mother at this point”.
“well, I know it’s not easy at all, to confess our Sins to others but our situation is dire and this is not fine at all. My twin brother has so kindly given permission to let them know. I don’t see the problem here”, scratching her head, Tina floated in front of Meliodas with knowing smile “we can dive into Tristan’s mindscape with uncle Gowther’s help but knowing you, you will not allow it, right?”.
“well, what do you expect of me?”, Meliodas tilted his head with innocence expression “the Sins know the rule. Everyone has their own privacy and we are not allowed to interfere on other Sins’ Sin”.
Merlin sighed with knowing lopsided smirk “the Seven Laws Of The Seven Deadly Sins, number Three. A Sin shall ask no questions of another member’s Sin, right?”.
“unless the Sins themselves who willingly wanted to tell them?”, Tristina so cleverly stated the matter of fact “Tristan is my twin brother. I know that if he said it’s alright to tell them all about who or what is he and his Sin, then he realizes something is going to happen that has something to do with what happened to him and Isolde in the past. Tristan… and maybe even you, must have realized that it has something to do with what’s gonna happen to Britannia, or what’s happening to this Kingdom”, she pushed forward “Tristan and Isolde may be able to stop it but they lost their daughter. Original Isolde lost her life. Tristan lost his wife, his daughter and his best friend. Isn’t it better to tell them all in order to prevent the worst to ever happen?”.
“it’s not that I’m not gonna tell them, Tina”, Meliodas growled in frustration “I’m gonna tell them all because I believe them and I need their help in order to stop what’s gonna happen to this Kingdom but not with this way. We are not gonna use Gowther’s Invasion to dive into his memories”.
Tina calmly straightened her body “then let’s just use another method”.
Meliodas narrowed his eyes “what method?”.
“have you heard the theory that water has memory? It’s similar like that. We can see the memory of someone’s life just from their blood. Well, it’s not me who can do it, since I’m nothing but a ghost. Since blood is the media that we will use, this is her turn because she’s an expert for this”, turned to the side, Tina called out “Aunty~”.
“huh, I wonder why should we play hide-and-seek ever since yesterday if in the end, I also have to come here to help you, niece?”, Gelda sat on the fence of the window, leaning her chin on her palm “well, I do have a good laugh outside, so I may join here if I’m allowed to join, that’s it”.
Meliodas slipped out of his chair before standing, leaning his elbow on the table of the bar “you... Gelda! What are you doing here and how?”.
“how did I get out of the seal? Well, Tristan got me out 9 years ago”, Gelda casually sauntered into the bar “Tristan is a Warlock. He didn’t get me out for nothing. We have a pact. I have to protect his lover, Isolde and his siblings who still alive, when he’s not around them”.
“wait, wait, wait, who the hell are you, huh?”, Ban stood tall in front of Gelda “it’s not like we can believe a stranger like you right away and why did Tina call you Aunty?”.
Gelda casually crossed her arms before her chest “because I am. My lover is a little brother of Tina and Tristan’s father, so technically I am their Aunt~”.
Escanor could feel the familiar feeling from her “you are not human”.
Gelda smiled, her fang was shown off of the corner of her lips “of course, I am a Vampire. My clan is the Vampire Clan that was annihilated by your group 12 years ago. Thank you very much, by the way, your action only freed me of my clan, instead”.
King dubiously asked “how could we believe you?”.
“about 3.000 years ago on the Holy War, my father, the Vampire King plotted the rebellion against the Demon King due to his ambition for the throne of Demon King. Vampire Clan lost and they were executed by the Executioner but instead of execute us, the Executioner sealed us instead”, she closed her eyes as she told them her past and Gelda opened her eyes with sadness and lonely on her eyes “he did it for me. The Executioner is my lover, that’s why he only sealed us. I am the only survivor of my Clan and knowing what kind of fate that I and him would have, I don’t want to continue my life, only to live my life meaninglessly and continue to drink bloods. That’s why, I asked Tristan’s father, older brother of my lover, to kill me but that jerk only sealed me instead. His son, Tristan freed me and once I knew that he’s that man’s son, I asked Tristan to kill me… but do you know, what he said to me instead?”.
“I know nothing about you, neither I know what made you asking me to kill you, but just don’t throw away your life easily, okay? Maybe it felt too hurt sometimes for you till you want nothing but just to die and end your suffering, but as long as you’re still alive, if you keep on living, maybe you can find reason to live your life again someday”.
“that idiot, despite his words, he is the one who recklessly not doubt to throw away his life to protect his precious people and make me worried”, Gelda shook her head in distress before she smiled “but like he said, right now I have my own reason to live my life, to protect my niece and nephew that I adore and love. They’re adorable and lovely, after all. I owe Tristan for getting me out of the seal and let me to live my life, so I have a reason to live, to continue my life again. If there’s something I can help him and his siblings, I will do it”.
Meliodas should admit, he felt touched and he had to give his thanks properly to Gelda later. For now, they still had several things to do. The others turned silent after listening to her story and witnessing the resolve of the Vampire. Crossing his arms before his chest, Meliodas broke the silence “there’s a reason of why I refuse to dive into Tristan’s mindscape with Gowther’s Invasion. Tina is clever girl, surely she suggested to ask your help because of a reason. What do you suggest us to do, Gelda?”.
“actually, there was once, I drank Tristan’s blood. I was heavily wounded after protecting her lover in our mission, from the fallen debris of collapsed building. Just from drinking someone’s blood, I can see their memory and I have seen… what kind of life he has been living”, for a split second, Gelda’s eyes shone in sadness and grief before she lifting the bloodied bandage “this is Tristan and Isolde’s bloods. We can see what happened from their memories in their bloods. Let’s ask him through his blood about what he wanted to tell us. I guess it’s better than to ‘dive’ into his mindscape with your friend’s help, right?”.
“of course”, Meliodas sighed “out of the fact we can avoid to see his memory that we shouldn’t see”.
An idea popped up in Diane’s head “wait, but if what you’re talking about Tristan fights the souls in Philosopher Stone is the truth, Captain… it means we can wake him up from inside, right?”.
“maybe you’re right, but the chance is too small”, Merlin explained that within Tristan’s body, it was not only Tristan, but also Mark and other thousand souls of different lives that had been resided in the Philosopher Stone “in between the waves of thousand souls with different minds from the Philosopher Stone, how could we find him? I don’t think we can find him easily. I don’t like this too, but just like what happened before, what we can do right now only to wait him open his eyes and wake up”.
Gelda told them that from her latest conversation with Tristan lately, she realized that Tristan must have realized something “at least, our enemies haven’t moved but the fragments have been collected, they can move whenever they want”.
Veronica stood and demanded “wait, who is our enemy? What do they want? What they’re after? If there’s something you know and we don’t know, tell us right now”.
“who our enemy, we can’t tell it for sure, not yet”, Gelda said apologetically, looking to Meliodas with sideways glance “but we know what they wanted, after they stole Meliodas’ broken blade”.
As the eyes of all his companions fully turned to him, Meliodas explained about the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness and how the dragon hilt of his broken blade was the fragment of the Coffin “if what Gelda said is true, then maybe they have collected all of it”.
Elizabeth asked in wonder “but what for?”.
Gelda narrowed her eyes “the revival of Demon Clan”.
Ban clicked his tongue “tch, Demon Clan again?”.
“well, this is not the first time”, Tristina shrugged “it happened too on Cornwall Kingdom but Isolde and Tristan could stop it. Although, there were prices that they must have given. They have lost their daughter, their beloved ones, their best friend, their home and their Kingdom, all of it because of the betrayal of the ignorant, selfish and greedy man, a sorry excuse for a King, a man and a friend. Mark, he is the worst”.
Meliodas scowled “I still don’t think this is good idea”.
“the one who has given the permission and the one who will earn the consequences of the revelation is my twin brother. If you still don’t agree of what we’re gonna do or you think it’s too fast for them to know the truth, why don’t you stay with him and Isolde upstairs?”, Tristina narrowed her eyes to her father in disbelief “I will stay to watch closely. After all, I have seen it before my very eyes”.
“take your time, then”, Meliodas waved his hand and waved his hand as he walked upstairs “I will watch over them for tonight”.
After he closed the door behind him, Meliodas found Isolde was sleeping on the bedside, still holding Tristan’s hand. No wonder she wasn’t going downstairs no matter how boisterous they had been. He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth before going to punch the door behind him, cursing for his own cowardice. His children had been ready, more than him. Nothing he could do but to accept it. After he saw that the food and drink on the tray had been empty (good, it means she ate and drank it, she’d need it for sure), Meliodas covered her with blanket before he sat on the chair on the bedside across where Isolde had fallen asleep.
Leaning his eyes on his intertwined hands with his elbows on the edge of the bed, Meliodas sighed in frustration “…I’m such a sorry excuse of a father. Hey, Triss, I wonder if you haven’t forgiven me yet”.
Downstairs, although Elizabeth still worried, she also wanted to see the truth that Tristan wanted to tell them so she chose to stay as Gelda started to use her magic power to see the memory within the blood of Tristan and Isolde “let the bloods led the way, show us the memory of the past”.
What they witnessed after this was a story of how Ignorance of a King, Devotion of a young maiden and Revenge of a man had brought the destruction for a Kingdom that once known as powerful and glorious Kingdom.

Chapter Text

Although what they saw only the split seconds of several moments, through Tristan's and Isolde's blood, they saw what happened 2.500 years ago, the tragedy of Cornwall Kingdom. They knew now that 2.500 years ago, in attempt to revive the Demon Clan, King Mark had gathered all fragments of the ritual relic that known as the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness. Not only that, Cornwall Kingdom also created an army that known as the Homunculus. Just like the 'New Generation', they were powerful Holy Knights who had earned their power unnaturally. Tristan was indeed the Great Holy Knight of Cornwall Kingdom. His wife was clearly Isolde, but this Isolde was different. She was not human and her name was Isolde Belialuin. She was the Great Healer and Cardinal on Cornwall Kingdom, Head of researchers on Cornwall Kingdom. They smelled something amiss but it was their daughter, Irina, who found out about King Mark's plan. They didn't see what happened to Irina, Tristan and Isolde. They only saw that King Mark spoke to someone on the throne room that in order to revive Demon Clan, after gathering all fragments of the ritual relic, the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness, he still needed the sacrifices to complete the ritual. The sacrifices would be the lives of the citizens or an Apostle of the Goddess, he said. However, before King Mark could revive the Demon Clan, Isolde and Tristan stopped him before the Cornwall Kingdom was destroyed by Hydra, nine head of Dragons came out of the Cornwall Kingdom's Castle and went rampaging in the end on one night. Last thing they saw was two people came out of the burned Cornwall Kingdom, Tristan who carried Isolde's corpse and Merlin who carried Irina's corpse, both crying silently with fire on their eyes.

After the vision was ended, Tristina grumbled in frustration "just that? seriously, brother... you don't even show us the detail! You just told us the detail of what we needed to know, not fully even! What a stubborn brother of mine".

"true, we still needed more information", Gelda squeezed the bandage on her hand "maybe they still have doubt to tell what happened, that's why their blood don't fully show the truth".

"how about we just dive to Tristan's mindscape to make it quicker?", King suggested "I believe that we also can earn more information, not to mention we also can try to wake him up from inside".

Merlin crossed her arms before her chest "you do realize that the Captain wouldn't let you that easily, right?".

Gelda tilted her head "well, maybe I can try to persuade him".

When they told Meliodas about their idea because they didn't earn enough information, Meliodas only rolled his eyes "...I'd like to see you try".

Surprisingly enough, they earned his permission so with Gowther's help, they (except Isolde who still fast asleep, also Meliodas and Merlin who decided to stay) went into Tristan's mindscape...

...only to get kicked out after they were inside in several seconds.

"welcome back", Meliodas leaned his chin on his intertwined hands "told you".

Escanor felt like he had sudden heavy headache "what was that?".

"that's crazy...", Ban grumbled as he rubbed his temples, he felt like he just had the worst hangover "how could this kid survive that voices?".

What they heard and they saw in Tristan's mindscape, it was the waves of various memories from the different people, they even could feel and hear the rush from the waves of different voices came from people's minds and hearts with various feelings. All of that came from souls in Philosopher Stone that had been planted on Tristan's artificial heart.

"I will help you all, to silent the souls in Philosopher Stone as long as you're looking for Tristan so we can wake him up, with one condition", Tristina floated beside the bed "whatever your impression after whatever you witnessed on his mindscape... just talk it properly with my brother".

Meliodas was about to protest "who give the permision to—".

Merlin, Gelda and Tristina pointed Tristan "him".

Meliodas face-palmed "very smart".

"come on, Cap'n~ we know you think of him just like your family... well, you said he's just like your son but~ it's not that we want to interrupt his privacy", Ban slung his hand around Meliodas' neck and ruffled the Captain's head "but we've gotta try to help him, just like how he has helped us. What do you think?".

Meliodas sighed "there's no way I can say 'no' to it".

This time, with help from Tristina to 'silence' the souls in Philosopher Stone, they went into Tristan's mindscape again. Since Gelda, Merlin and Meliodas had known already, they decided to not join them and only waited out of Tristan's mindscape to watch over Isolde and Tristan. After the others went to Tristan's mindscape with Tristina and Gowther's help with their astral forms, leaving their body in the living world, Meliodas turned to Gelda and properly told her about his thanks, sincerely told her that he felt really grateful for her action and protection towards his children and Elizabeth's. Gelda merely smiled, telling him hopefully they could help Tristan to wake him up.

They couldn't say that Meliodas was wrong after they witnessed what happened on his mindscape. Not only they revealed what happened on the Cornwall Kingdom about 2.500 years ago, but they also revealed the truth behind the cursed lovers, even.

For Tristan and Isolde, they felt like they were dreaming of happy life from the far-distance and long-forgotten memories.

The story was started from a glimpse of two little family who looked so happy.

One was a single mother who having horns on her head and wings, with two daughters. First daughter perfectly looked like human but her little sister, the second daughter was just like her mother, having a pair of horns and a pair of wings.

The other one was a couple with twin. The father looked exactly like Meliodas. The mother had long straight raven hair that tied into bun, pristine blue eyes and her face looked like Elizabeth. As for the twin, they looked like Tristan and Tristina but they had different hair color. The boy had blonde hair and the girl had raven hair. They chased each other, running on the flower garden.

The short-straight-raven-haired golden-eyed little girl who seemed to be the oldest one, called out the twin "Tina, Triss, don't go too far!".

"big sis Mer-Mer, carry me", little girl with wavy brunette hair and golden eyes reached out her hands to her sister, being the youngest, despite the wings on her back, she still asked as she clinging to her older sister "up, up".

Merlin tilted her head "what's the point of asking me to carry you when you have a wing, Isolde?".

Before Merlin could carry her sister or Isolde asked her again to carry her, Tristan lifted Isolde off of the ground from behind "why don't you just admit it that you're too weak to carry her like I do?".

"Tristan, you jerk!", Merlin chased after him "come back here, you brat!".

After handing Isolde to his twin, Tristan ran "ha! I'd like to see you try, Mer-Boar! You will lose your breath after running for 5 minutes!".

Unexpected but not too surprising, Merlin tackled him from behind after she was flying and lunged into him "you forget that I still can fly, idiot?".

Being stomped under her feet, Tristan protested "hey, it's cheating!".

Tristina held Isolde's hands, pointing to Tristan and Merlin "Isolde, don't be like them when you're big, okay?".

Isolde nodded her head "aye".

Their parent only laughed at their antics. However, happy moment of their life was screwed up after one day, Tristan came home with Merlin and Lilith in tow, only to find Tristina and his parent died on their home. His parent hugged each other's lifeless body, lying bloodied on the floor with the pool of blood was getting wider and wider, seven spear and swords piercing through their body. Tristan ran to search for his twin and he found her corpse on their room. Tristina's previous raven hair turned into silver hair as she reached out her hand to the window, her blank eyes stared into nothing as the blood covered her lifeless body. What he remembered, he cried out desperately that day before everything turned black. When he woke up, he was crying silently after having a nightmare. Looking around, he realized that he wasn't in his home but Lilith's home.

Merlin opened the door, only to find Tristan star-gazing on his bed "do you have a nightmare?".

Without turning back, he answered "no, I just can't sleep again".

"move aside", Merlin got onto the bed and pulled the blanket, helping Isolde to get on the bed "Isolde, you sleep on the other side".

Crawling on the bed, Isolde yawned "aye".

Tristan jaw-dropped, frantically looking around "wait, why should you two sleep here with me?".

Merlin lifted her finger pointedly "don't get me wrong, I just accompany my sister, she is the one who want to sleep with you tonight, she said".

"because I think you will feel lonely, I will sleep with you", Isolde flopped on the bed "big sis, can you sing the lullaby that mommy usually give to us?".

Tristan awkwardly moved "Isolde, just sleep in the middle already".

In the end, the three of them were having sleep-over with Isolde slept in the middle.

On the funeral of his parent, the King of Cornwall Kingdom had told him that Tristan could come to the Castle of Cornwall Kingdom to assign himself as Apprentice Holy Knight whenever he wanted. In front of his parent's and his twin's grave, Lilith promised to find the murderer of his parent and his twin, thus she asking Tristan to refuse the proposal from the King of Cornwall Kingdom and stay with her in her home on her Clan. In front of his parent's and his twin's grave, Tristan promised to seek for justice and to take revenge on his family's death. That night, when Lilith wasn't at the home due to her job as the Head of their Clan, Tristan took this as advantage to sneak out of the home. Merlin and Isolde chased after him.

Merlin floated down with Isolde in tow, holding Tristan back "Tristan, wait! You're not serious that you are leaving, right?".

"no, I'm not. I'm leaving no matter what", Tristan swatted Merlin's hand "I promised to Tina and my parent that I'm gonna find the murderers".

"and what you're gonna do when you find them?".

"kill them, obviously".

"I will come with you", Merlin sucked in the deep breath before she grabbed his hand "I promised big sis Elsa and your father to protect and take care of you".

Tristan frowned "you don't have to, I'm not that weak until you have to protect and take care of me".

Merlin pursed her lips "true, but you're too reckless. I can't let you go to Cornwall Kingdom alone".

"I'm not alone", Tristan cut her off, pointing to the side "Tina is here with me".

Merlin raised her eyebrow, she didn't see anyone here "what the—".

"he's not lying, sister", Isolde who had been silent, finally spoke as she pointing the empty air beside Tristan where Tristina's ghost had been standing there "I can see Tina too".

Tristan stared to the youngest amongst them "how about you, Isolde?".

"...I will stay. I can't aide you for your revenge. I'm not as strong as you and my sister, but at least, I still have something to do here", even being the youngest, somehow she sounded so mature as Isolde told them with sad, reassuring smile on her face "after all, mother said that she needs a successor and she chose me. This is for the sake of our clan".

Merlin and Tristan exchanged glances before the three of them hugged each other in three-way hug. The scene changed into their next encounter, when they had turned into an adult. On the garden, they saw Tristan was lying on the ground. He was totally grown up as a man. He wore red purplish armor and white cape, a badge of Cornwall Kingdom on his chest.

Merlin as an adult woman who wore black dress appeared to his view, looking down "what are you doing here, lazying around, Sir Great Holy Knight?".

"Merlin, I'm not lazying around", Tristan stood up and shrugged, cleaning the dust off of his clothes and cape "only waiting for our clumsy prince".

"your clumsy prince is here already", short-raven-haired purple-eyed man with red cape appeared and smacked Tristan's head with the scabbard of his sword "you're so mean as always, Great Holy Knight".

Tristan rolled his eyes in amusement "you're too slow, prince Mark".

Mark pursed his lips "you're too fast".

"you two, let's just move before the dark", Merlin chided them "the Phoenix Clan shut all their doors and windows after the dusk because they shut all activity and stay in their home after the sun set. If you want to discuss about the union between Cornwall Kingdom and Phoenix Clan, we have to arrive on their Clan before the sun set".

"of course", Mark waved his hand "but to think the Head of Phoenix Clan is Merlin's mother...".

Merlin shrugged, telling it was not that great "after all, the successor will be my little sister. I and my sister are only half-sibling, that's why I suggest you to not be surprised when you meet my sister and my mother because you find them different from me".

Mark just understood why what Merlin meant with 'different' when they met with Lilith, the Head of Phoenix Clan. Of course, Lilith welcomed the arrival of young prince Mark, the sole heir to the throne of Cornwall Kingdom, even praised Tristan who earned the title as Great Holy Knight on his young age, when he was only 19 years old. Mark and Merlin explained their purpose to come here and Lilith told them to discuss about it further with her successor, Isolde.

Lilith informed them to continue the discussion next day because Isolde wasn't in home "she's rather busy to help the confinement of her friend. You may stay on my house tonight".

While they waited to discuss about the union between Cornwall Kingdom and Phoenix Clan next day, Mark wanted to learn more about Phoenix Clan and Lilith welcomed his intention. Phoenix Clan was said as the direct descendants of the Hybrid who born from Goddess Clan with Fairy Clan, the proof was their wings and horns.

Mark pointed to Merlin "but Merlin doesn't have wings and horns?".

"Merlin is my daughter with human. His father was a Sage and seems like her father's blood is thicker than mine in her body, unlike her little sister, Isolde. That's why, based on the law of our Clan, I have to choose my second daughter as my successor".

Tristan felt the tensed situation between Merlin and her mother but he knew this was the usual, so he told Mark and Merlin that he needed to go "I won't be long".

Mark blinked his eyes "take a peek?".

"visit my parent and my sister's grave", Tristan said simply as he smiled sadly. Before earning more fretting-over from his friends, Tristan mounted on his horse and rid his horse to the grave. There, he heard someone was singing "this is... lullaby?".

Tristan's eyes widened as he saw the figure who floated near the tree, flying with her large wings and singing as she used her magic power to fix the broken tree branch that snapped by the wind "when the wind meets the sea~ there's a fire sunk down to the earth~ sleep, my darling, safe and sound~ your parent waited on your bed~".

Without any intention to scare her, Tristan recognized the woman in front of him "Isolde?".

She squealed before flying to hide above the tree. That was before she peeked through the tree and she recognized him as well "Tristan?".

Of course, they remembered each other. Isolde jumped into him with delightful squeal. Tristan caught her and scolded her to be more careful, deep down in his heart feeling glad as well. After Tristan told her that he wanted to check on his parent and his twin's graves, they went there together. In front of his twin and his parent's graves, after Tristan put the bouquet of White Lily, Chrysanthemum and Marygold that Isolde prepared, they prayed together in front of the graves.

Isolde glanced sideways "but looking at Tina is still here with you, it means you haven't found them? The people who killed your parent and your twin".

"...I haven't. Although I went to Cornwall Kingdom and trained until I become strong, I realized it at some point, one day when I saw the moon that night after a mission", Tristan didn't tell her what kind of mission, he only lifted his face with those sad eyes before looking down to his palms "no matter how strong I am now, I don't even know their faces. Actually, to whom I should seek for revenge of my parent and my twin's death? Who are the people that I should kill for my revenge?".

Isolde only stared to him before she narrowed her eyes solemnly " you think Tina know and see them? Have you asked her?".

Tristan shook his head "Tina never told me, many times I asked her but... no, she never answered".

"who is Tina?".

Isolde and Tristan snapped their head behind, only to find Merlin and Mark approaching them. Unlike with her mother, Merlin had warm reunion with her little sister. After the sisters hugged each other, the young prince demanded Tristan to answer his question. Merlin, Tristan and Isolde only exchanged glances before Tristan fully explained, only after Mark forced him to.

Mark was horrified when he knew who was 'Tina', shaking Tristan's shoulders "bro, how could you not tell me! You've been haunted by your twin sister and you never told me!".

Tristan shrugged as he chuckled dryly "come on, what's the point on telling you, Mark? I mean, it's not like she's gonna do something to harm me and no one can see her other than me, Aunt Lilith, Merlin and Isolde".

Thanks to her increased magic power, Merlin could see Tristina right now. Only Mark who couldn't see her and somehow, it made him feeling unsettled.

After some discussion and the negotiation between Isolde as the representation of the Phoenix Clan and prince Mark as the representation of the Cornwall Kingdom, it was decided to create the formal alliance between them and Isolde had to stay on the Cornwall Castle as Cardinal and Great Healer.

That night, on his night patrol, Tristan saw someone jumped on the rooftop, the spitting image of his father with darkness surrounding his body. Isolde, Merlin and Mark saw Tristan slumping into the wall as he covered his face. They just wanted to ask him to go out with them for drinks.

Realizing his unusual state, Isolde touched him gently "what's wrong, Sir Tristan? you look pale, like you just saw ghost".

"hey, it's not funny at all. He has a ghost twin sister who has been haunting him already, remember?", Mark only laughed it off but earning no reaction from his best friend, Mark concerned "Triss? Come on, I'm just kidding. What happened?".

"sorry, I just...", Tristan rubbed his temples, shaking his head "let's discuss it further tomorrow. I need to talk about it with you two, Merlin and Isolde".

Mark pouted, telling him about how unfair it was because he was not involved here. However, several minutes later, a Holy Knight came to them, telling them about the news "prince Mark! Your father... he's dead! We found the body on his room!".

The four of them went to the King's chamber, only to find the King, Mark's father was lying lifeless on the floor. With his blood, the King wrote 'Demon' on the floor.

On the funeral of his father, in front of his father's grave, Mark whispered weakly "it's my fault. I've been ignorant of my responsibility and I failed my father".

As a friend, Tristan touched his shoulder and squeezed his shoulder gently "Mark, it's not your fault".

"yes, it is, Triss. Sometimes, Ignorance is also Sin", Mark looked behind with tears on his eyes before he hugged Tristan, burying his face on his shoulder "I always told you to not take revenge... but only now I fully understand your feeling, Tristan... I'm so sorry... I have no idea, how hurt it felt for you... to lose your parent and your twin that way when you were child... while it feels this hurt for me when I lost father as I'm an adult already".

"hey, it's fine, bro", Tristan patted his head, stroking his back "I never felt angry to you just because of it".

"if there's someone who dare to tell us that Revenge is futile, just forget it, then they should be insane. No matter what, we will find them. You will find the murderer of your parent and your twin. I will find the murderer of my father. I promise, we will find them, together", locking gaze with vengeful eyes, Mark reached out his hand "then let's kill them with our own hands. We will take revenge for the death of our precious people. It's a promise between us, as a friend".

Without doubt, with the same vengeful eyes, Tristan accepted his friend's hand "a promise".

Later, after Mark's coronation as the King, Merlin and Isolde had forcefully pulled him to their lab.

Merlin shook her head "such promise you've made with Mark, huh?".

"I'm against this! Re-think about it!", Isolde insisted "nothing you and Mark will gain back even if you two take revenge!".

"who decided it?", Tristan narrowed his eyes in disdainful "you are not the one who get their parents killed and saw their corpse in front of your eyes".

Isolde flinched and clenched her fist on her chest. Merlin walked forward and slapped him hardly and it made both Isolde and Tristan shocked.

With stern glare, Merlin pulled him by the collar "don't you dare to talk that way to my sister, Tristan. Come with me, you brat".

After Merlin dragged her to outside, Merlin whispered something to his ear and Tristan narrowed his eyes to Merlin in disbelief "it's not funny at all, Merlin. How could you tell me that my parent is still alive? I was... I saw it myself! You, Isolde, Aunt Lilith and everyone—".

"yes, we saw their corpses and hence, we buried them, their graves still do exist on my Clan", Merlin sighed in defeat "but just because people die, it doesn't mean they will not reincarnate, right?"

Next day, Isolde blinked her eyes to Tristan " want to know if there's a chance that your parent has reincarnated or not, and see if I can find them or not?".

"um, for the second thought, just forget it", Tristan lifted his hand, awkwardly covered his face "also, I apologize... I really shouldn't say it in front of your face, yesterday".

Isolde shook her head and smiled "no, it's fine. You're right. After all, I don't remember my father at all and my mother is very alive. Let's see if I can find the trace of your parent or not".

Tristan asked dubiously "you can do it?".

"well, what do you expect of me?", Isolde smiled confidently "as a member of Phoenix Clan, we have the job to help the dead go to the Capital Of The Dead, aide them to go to the Heaven or send them to the Hell due to our judgement, even to bring the invitation for the souls to reincarnate. I need to check it on the list, but it won't take too long, I promise".

Next day, after Isolde told him there was a chance he could find his parent's reincarnation on the city not too far from the Capital, Tristan had asked the permission to Mark to urgent business. Last time Tristan saw Isolde, Isolde was praying on the chapel, who know what she asked. However, before he reached his destination, Merlin halted him in the halfway, telling him to go the Capital with her right away.

Holding his biceps, Merlin frantically told him "there's a fire on the laboratory and the Archives room on the Great Library of the Castle! Isolde is still there!".

They went back to the Castle of the Cornwall Kingdom.

Chapter Text

Camelot Kingdom

“honey, I know at the midnight is the perfect time to do the crimes, whatever crimes you want to do, but I would prefer it if you told me before you sneaked out of your room”, Arthur leaned his back on the door with broad grin before approaching Guinevere who wanted to sneak out of her room, about to jump out of her room “I don’t remember I have given you permission to leave. Not to mention, I also prefer you to have more rest after you collapsed this morning. How do you feel?”.

Guinevere pouted and puffed her cheeks as Arthur wrapped his arms around her waist but she didn’t resist nor she refused his affection. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his waist before leaning her head on the crook of his neck “oh, come on~ I’m alright now, just low-blood tension. I just want to meet Daddy’s friend. I need her help. If you are worried that much, just come with me”.

Arthur beamed up “sure! Why not?”.

“you sure spoil her rotten, brother”, Morgan rolled her eyes, pointing to the Royal couple “Lancelot, you don’t feel tired to be their guard?”.

“Lady, I have been their caretaker ever since they were children so yeah, I’m used to this already~ not that I mind at all”, Lancelot offered thin smile to Morgan before caressing his chin “in fact, I’m rather enjoying it, to watch over this cute and innocence couple”.

Guinevere narrowed her eyes “despite your complaints about baby-sitting job, you’ve been enjoying to watch our quarrel, huh?”.

Lancelot waved his hand with mirth on his laughter “oh, come on. It’s been ever since I met you two”.

Arthur jaw-dropped “since that long!”.

Ignoring Arthur’s reaction, Lancelot turned to his older sister “speaking of which, which one of Dad’s friends that you want to meet, sis?”.

Tapping her finger on her cheek, Guinevere smiled innocently “Aunt Neiva”.

Lancelot twitched the corner of his lips “...sister, you fully know she is Necromancer, right?”.

Guinevere blinked innocently “uh-huh. And?”.

Morgan jaw-dropped and squawked, waving her finger frantically to the princess “for heaven’s sake! This is Necromancer we’re speaking about, princess! What do your business with this Necromancer, anyway?”.

Guinevere shrugged “like I said, if you’re worried that much, why don’t you all just come with me to make sure I don’t have any ulterior motives, Lady Morgan?”.

Arthur turned to Guinevere and Lancelot “Necromancer? Your father even has a Necromancer as his friend? It’s so cool!”.

“I don’t think so, brother”, Morgan slumped, gave in to her half-brother’s antics “what a laid-back and carefree brother of mine”.

Lancelot explained “her name is Nel Hativa, but we call her Aunt Neiva. She is our father’s old friend and yes, she is a Necromancer”.

After wrapped Guinevere and himself in cloak Arthur carried Guinevere bridal style, ready to jump from the window “what are you waiting for? You’re coming with us or not?”.

“so you’re going with her, after”, Lancelot dropped his head further before following him “of course, I am”.

Morgan tugged Lancelot’s cape “wait, I’m going too!”.

“well then”, Lancelot carried Morgan bridal style as well, seemed obvious of her blush “hold on tight, Lady”.

Earning muffled laughter and snicker from the Royal couple, Morgan glared to Guinevere and Arthur “what?”.

Arthur and Guinevere simply whistled “nothing~”.

They met with Nel Hativa on the wood in the outskirt of the Capital of the Camelot Kingdom. Nel Hativa a.k.a Neiva was turned out to be the beautiful woman with long straight silver hair and blue eyes, which his right eye was covered by her bang. She greeted them politely “it’s been a long time ever since the last time we met, princess”.

Guinevere hugged her, looking up to her with bright smile “Aunt Neiva! Long time no see you!”.

Lancelot raised his eyebrow in surprise “you two have met before?”.

Morgan raised her eyebrow in suspicion “when?”.

“long time ago~”, Guinevere offered thin smile before turning to Nel Hativa “right?”.

“I’m surprised you still remember me, princess. I thought princess wouldn’t remember me, we met long time ago when you were so young, after all”, Nel Hativa patted her head “and as I expected, you have grown up into a beautiful woman. I believe your parent will be so proud of you, just if they could see what kind of woman you’ve become”.

“you give me too much credit, Aunt. You also doesn’t change at all, still look so young”, Guinevere giggled before she went to the point “speaking of which, have you brought my request?”.

“of course”, Nel Hativa pointed to the coffin on her back “we can start whenever we want. Princess fully knows the rules and already has what we need, right?”.

Morgan asked warily “Lady Neiva, can I ask you something?”.

Nel Hativa blinked curiously to the young Lady “yes, what is it?”.

Morgan bluntly asked with blatant curious “why do you become a Necromancer?”.

Nel Hativa only blinked at that before she smiled and answered “because there’s a lot of things I can learn from the dead that impossible to learn from the living, just like how we can learn from the living that impossible to learn from the dead, young lady. The Necromancy is the part of divination. We can ask something to the dead. Also, the dead make good soldiers, they can’t disobey, never surrender and don’t stop fighting when a random body part falls off”.

Morgan lifted her hand “okay, it’s enough for now”.

It took several minutes before they decided to wait until Merlin came back because it was Merlin who had the last fragments. Who know what fragments they meant and what did they want to do, whatever the business the princess had with the Necromancer, Morgan decided to not interfere at all. When it came to Merlin and Guinevere that related to research and experiment, it wasn’t a good fit at all she thought, so she very cleverly avoided to get involved despite the fact Morgan was also Merlin’s pupil, just like Guinevere and Vivian. When Guinevere offered to Nel Hativa to stay in the Castle, Nel Hativa refused her offer gently, telling her that she wanted to stay on the inn of the Black Market in Camelot instead, because it was easier for her to find her necessity and she still needed to go to somewhere in the Black Market on the early morning.

Surprisingly, when they went back to the Castle, Morgan apologized to Guinevere and Lancelot for all her hostile and rude manners to Guinevere due to her misunderstanding about relationship between Guinevere and Lancelot, without she even knew the fact that Guinevere and Lancelot were siblings.

Of course, Guinevere forgave her “it can’t be helped, Lady Morgan. You don’t know, after all”.

“but still... I can’t help it but feel guilty... just like the people said, huh?”, Morgan lifted her head up and chuckled bitterly “sometimes, Ignorance is a Sin”.

“Lady Morgan”, Guinevere touched her chin, lifting her head up so she could see straight to her eyes, that she didn’t have any grudge against her, only understanding. Guinevere so firmly stated “I don’t blame you. You didn’t know, after all. Not all secrets can be revealed. Sometimes, you can be happier when you don’t know, even”.

For a split second, Morgan felt chilled on her nape after looking straight to the cold and sad gazes of the princess.

Arthur furrowed his eyebrow “...Guinevere?”.

Next second, Guinevere smiled before tapping Morgan’s shoulders gently “so please, you needn’t to blame or beat yourself anymore about it, okay?”.

Morgan nodded her head before Guinevere asked Lancelot to accompany Morgan back to her room with knowing smile “Arthur is enough for me to bring me back to my chamber”.

With knowing smile, Arthur carried Guinevere bridal style “like she said, good night~”.

After Arthur made a mad dash while carrying Guinevere who giggled to his antics, Lancelot shook his head with glee before turning to Morgan who looked feeling relaxed. With all seriousness, he asked “now, can you tell me why did you feel afraid of my sister just now?”.

When Morgan looked up to him with surprise on her eyes, Lancelot scoffed “come on, not only King Arthur and her, I also have to baby-sitting you so yes, I know you and it’s obvious that you feel afraid of her just now”.

“I’m sorry, Lancelot, it’s just... I don’t know how to put it, but sometimes, I can feel it, the darkness lingering from her and somehow, it makes me feeling afraid of her... but as a princess who will be the Queen of this Kingdom, she’s doing great. I can’t help it, but want to get closer to her so we can stand as an equal. Even I admit it, she would make a great Queen, just like Arthur”, Morgan pursed her lips “but I don’t want to lose from her. I’m so jealous of her, even the man I loved also adore her. If I can, I want to be greater than her so I can be acknowledged”.

Lancelot looked down to her curiously “by the man you loved? Who?”.

Morgan looked up with slight blush on her face, timidly fidgeting with her fingers “”.

When Lancelot froze, Morgan felt like being slapped on the face before she quickly waved her hands frantically “ah! Just forget what I said! Now, I know you two are siblings and I have misunderstood it, I think it’s better if I let you know. No need to return my feeling, it’s fine! You’ve been so kind to us and I’m satisfied already with the way we are now! I don’t think I deserve your—”.

Lancelot put his forefinger on her lips and cut her off “let me give my answer properly”.

After he trapped her chin in between his thumb and forefinger, lifting her head up, Lancelot leaned down and Morgan’s eyes widened when he kissed her.

“honey, they kissed”, Arthur confirmed as they looked down from the hallway “one more couple has shipped!”.

“ha! Told you, Lancelot is insensitive and simple-minded, so if you don’t tell him outright, he would never realize it. Granted, Morgan is the type of blunt woman so she is brave enough to tell him about her feeling”, Guinevere tossed with Arthur “mission complete. Now it’s only Isolde & Tristan, also godmother & uncle Esca~”.

“say, I have a hunch feeling”, Arthur narrowed his eyes in suspicion “but... do you want to assign my half-sister, your little brother and even Isolde, as the Junior Sins?”.

Guinevere grinned broadly “why not?”.

“yet you refuse me to join”, Arthur pouted before asking “but if so, what is the title of their Sin?”.

“let’s see... I guess Lancelot would be uncle Esca’s Junior with title The Tiger Sin Of Prejudice. Lady Morgan could be big sis Diane’s Junior with title The Leviathan Sin Of Jealousy. About Aunt Isolde, I don’t think Tristan would be pleased with it but perhaps, in order to protect Tristan, especially after what happened on Vaizel, I guess big chance that Isolde would want to join the Junior Sins”, leaning her back on the wall, Guinevere twiddled with her hair before tilting her head “if so, then the title that the most befitting of Aunt Isolde, would be The Dove Sin Of Devotion”.

“Devotion?”, Arthur tilted his head in confusion “dear, I can see why Desire, Prejudice, Revenge and Jealousy can be Sins, but I can’t see why the Devotion can be the Sin?”.

Guinevere only smiled sadly “because that is her Sin”.

Arthur might think that Guinevere knew it because she saw it with her power to see people’s heart but it was not the case. Guinevere couldn’t tell him that she had witnessed her brother with her own eyes, thus she knew what kind of Sins that Isolde and Tristan committed till they were cursed. Just like how Guinevere couldn’t tell them that she had met Nel Hativa about centuries ago as she was only in her soul, more precisely her Dark Side, when her body was still in her stagnation state, still unable to use and lying in between death and life on the Avalon, in the Lady Of The Lake’s residence.

Arthur said good night and giving light peck before went to his own chamber. After Guinevere closed the door behind her and made sure her chamber was perfectly locked, she pushed the hidden button on the wall to open the secret passageway, leading to the secret hall downstairs. Lifting the lantern on her hand, Guinevere found herself on the great library that located underground the Castle Of Camelot.

She had a guest this night, snapping her fingers before the candlelight lit up on the round table “good night, Neiva”.

“it’s been a long time, Your Highness”, Nel Hativa bowed her body “I’m honored to serve you. If I may so bold, I prefer your form right now”.

“unfortunately, I can’t let them see this form of mine, not yet. I call this form as my ‘Dark Side’, the manifestation of Demon blood from my father”, she said as she sat down on the chair. Guinevere had changed her form as she walked down to meet with Nel Hativa here. Her blonde hair had turned into raven hair, her heterochromia eyes turned into jet-black and a pair of large dark wings like raven spread out of her back. Her clothes turned into dark gown with asymetrical skirt and heart-shaped top, revealing the tattoo of Black Swan on her chest right under her collarbone above her cleavage. Demon marks that resembled with her father’s when Meliodas was still the leader of Ten Commandments, appeared on her forehead, crawling down to her cheeks passing through her eyes. She lifted the wine on the table, inspecting the fine wine “I prefer to use this form to meet with the fellow friend from Demon Clan”.

Nel Hativa sat on the chair across her, pouring the wine for herself “how about your Light Side and Human Side?”.

“Human Side is sleeping and Light Side watches over her, that’s why I can get out to discuss with you here”, after gulping down her wine, Guinevere asked “how about the preparation?”.

“like I said to your Human Side, we already have all fragments, almost”, Nel Hativa stood and led her to the coffin above the magic circle with six poles of candlelight around the magic circle “the easiest way to resurrect your sister will be the Silver Thread method, since she’s dead on the young age and she doesn’t have people who have strong bond to her, other than her parent and her twin. What you need is the blood of your parent and her siblings. Granted, she has a twin brother and a Warlock even, so we can ask him to give a droplet of his blood and make him as her contractor”.

“will it give bad effect on my brother?”.

“I promise you, there will be no harm or side effect on her twin’s body. My role here is only as the summoner of the soul and the witnesses to the pact while the Contractor of the resurrected soul is the person who gives their blood to create the ‘bond’ that connects the living with the dead who will be resurrected. It’s needed a person with strong bond with the dead to resurrect the dead, like their lover, their sibling or their parent. In your brother’s case, the contractor is Lord Tristan and the resurrected soul will be his twin sister, Lady Tristina, right?”, Nel Hativa convinced her “the last fragment we needed is the body to possess. Finally, I can get proper body that will be the perfect vessel for Lady Tristina from the Lady Of The Lake. She can be stingy sometimes”.

Guinevere knew too well about the nature of the Lady “so, what did she ask from you as the exchange of this body?”.

“she asked me to collect some magic objects that she will use to create the Sacred Treasure. What a pain”, Nel Hativa cracked her neck “but... why do you want to resurrect your sister now, of all times?”.

“well, she asked me to because she really worried sick about her twin and watch over the living is no longer bearable for her, so she wanted to go back even if as an Undead. I know how it feel, so yeah, I guess I can do her a favor too”, Guinevere sighed “at least, finally I can get out of Avalon with my body, not only my soul. It will not bring harm to anyone, for me to do a favor for your own sibling, right? Although, I have no idea about how my father will react over this”.

Nel Hativa hummed, as one of Meliodas’ handmaiden who once fell in love with the Demon Prince and be a friend with Elizabeth and Meliodas, Nel Hativa couldn’t say ‘no’ at all to their children when one of their children asked for her help like this time “knowing prince Meliodas, I guess he will not mind that much”.

Guinevere chuckled “still calling him as ‘prince’, huh?”.

“it can’t be helped. I’m used to it”, Nel Hativa sighed “unfortunately, Lady Elizabeth can’t know”.

Guinevere hummed, thinking in wonder “just if we can use this method or I can see them sooner... I wondered if the Tragedy of Cornwall Kingdom wouldn’t happen? What do you think? Triss, Isolde, Irina, Iris... just if I was strong enough and could save you all...”.

“at least, we just need to wait until Merlin is back”, Nel Hativa looked around “but I never expected to see this Great Library still exist. I thought this place had been crumbled into pieces that night”.

“that’s why this place is the perfect place to resurrect my sister”, Guinevere crossed her arms before her chest “after all, under the Camelot Kingdom was where the Cornwall Kingdom once stood tall”.

Isolde opened her eyes, she found herself in the middle of the fire that burning the laboratory and she was trapped under the heavy pillar. She cried out for help, but no one was coming. She tried to get out of the pillar but her wings stuck. She earned burns on some part of her body and wings. With little of her consciousness was left, when she was barely conscious, she saw someone approaching her and she felt like someone freed her out of the heavy pillar that trapped her before carrying her to outside.

Several minutes before, Tristan and Merlin came in time to see the fire burning the laboratory and the Archives room on the Great Library. Ignoring the warnings or yells that came from the Holy Knights and his friends, Tristan jumped into the fire, shielding his body with his own fire, Hell Blaze. Tristan had darkness fire as his magic power, the opposite of his twin who had ice as her magic power. When he found Isolde trapped under the pillars, he lifted the pillars and turn off his fire so his fire couldn’t harm her. After he brought Isolde out of the fire to the safety, Tristan collapsed unconscious as well. When he opened his eyes, he found Mark and Merlin looking down to him with concern on their eyes.

Lifting his bandaged hand, Tristan blinked “...oh, I’m still alive”.

Merlin slumped on her chair, rubbing her temple “this brat, really”.

“you scared us to death, you moron!”, Mark hugged him, crying in relief “don’t do it again!”.

“ouch!”, Tristan winced, groaning in pain as he clutching his stomach when he tried to sit up “I don’t remember anything after I got Isolde out. What happened?”.

“surprisingly, you inhaled more smoke and got more burns rather than my sister. You fell asleep for a day. No wonder we were worried, right?”, Merlin stood up, pointing to the chapel beside “if you’re strong enough to wake up, meet her on the chapel and ask her to rest”.

Tristan rolled his eyes in disbelief “instead of rest, what is she doing there?”.

“praying for you, you moron”, slung his friend’s hand over his shoulder, Mark supported him to stand “let me support you”.

When they came to the chapel, they indeed found Isolde sat in front of the chapel, kneeling with both hand intertwined in praying position. Releasing himself from his friend’s support, Tristan wrapped his arm around her shoulder, gently hugging her from behind “last time I saw you, you were praying as well. What are you praying?”.

Isolde looked behind over her shoulder with tears streaming down her face “I’m praying for Gods to not take you from me and your safety, so you can come back to me”.

“don’t tell it to Gods”, giving light peck on her wet eyelids and her forehead, he cupped her cheeks “just tell it to me”.

Wrapping his arms around Merlin’s shoulders, Mark sniffled as he hugged Merlin from behind and burying his face on Merlin’s shoulder “Mer, I’m broken-heart. Comfort me”.

Like a mother tried to comfort his son, Merlin simply patted his head “yosh, yosh, poor boy”.

When they spoke this to Lilith, Lilith agreed to create the new official alliance and the union between her Clan with Cornwall Kingdom with marriage between Tristan and Isolde. Phoenix Clan officially become the part of Cornwall Kingdom. Tristan and Isolde even had a daughter, beautiful daughter just like her mother named Irina. Mark spoiled her rotten even. Irina didn’t have horns like her mother but she still had a pair of golden wings.

However, once again their happiness crumbled into pieces.

That day, Isolde asked “what do you think? If we meet with your parent’s reincarnation... Last time I checked, your parent’s reincarnation live on the outskirt”.

Tristan looked doubt “well, out of the fact that they are younger than me now, I don’t think there’s a point to meet with them when they don’t even remember me”.

Isolde only smiled “maybe you’re right, but just a glimpse to check if they’re doing okay or not, will not bring harm, right?”.

Tristan agreed and they decided to go but Mark didn’t give them the permission to go “unfortunately, I got the news from a Knight who got the report from the civilian that there’s an epidemic on several cities on the outskirt of our Kingdom that caused so many casualties. The place that you mentioned is included. If you really need to go, don’t bring Irina to there. It’s too dangerous for a child”.

Tristan and Isolde decided to ask Merlin and Mark to take care of Irina when they went to the outskirt. They met with a woman named Nel Hativa there, the only survivor who sent the report to the Knights. As Tristan inspected the casualties and went roaming the city, Isolde interrogated Nel Hativa.

“you may call me Neiva. I don’t even know what happened. I’m only the traveler who passing-by this city. When I arrived on this place, the citizens of this city here were dead already”.

Isolde wrote down the medical check-up “are you really feeling well? Would you mind if you stay with us, just in case, if there’s a chance that you will get infected”.

“I’m totally fine”, Nel Hativa pointed to behind “and why don’t you just check on your husband? He looks deadly pale”.

Tristan indeed looked pale when he came back and Isolde rushed to his side to check on him. Tristan fell silent for several hours before finally, on the dinner as they grilled the meat, he started to speak to her “I still remember it, my father’s cook is the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. He’s the worst cook. Even my sister, Tina cried when he forced us to eat his grilled meat that he got from the hunting, before my mother cooked for us all”.

“really? I get it. My mother is a great cook, so I and my sister learned to cook from her. Though, the first time we cook, it was so terrible but my mother kept eating it”, Isolde said with light chuckle but her smile fell as she recognized the despair on his eyes, she dreadfully calling “...Triss?”.

“...I found my parent’s reincarnation in between the casualties”.

Isolde gasped and covered her mouth. To see his parent’s corpses twice...

With trembling voice and whitened knuckles, Tristan chuckled bitterly and covered his eyes “hence, they looked exactly like how they were last time I saw them, seemed like they were on the same ages with when they... They died due to this epidemic and... they died in each other’s arms... hugging each other’s body, just like before...”.

“stop”, with tears brimming on her eyes, Isolde pulled him into her embrace, burying his face on her chest “it’s alright... you don’t have to tell me how painful it feels... but please remember, that you are not alone... for better or worse, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, as long as we both shall live... I will always be there. I’ll never leave your side. I love you, no matter what”.

Tristan didn’t say anything, he only buried his face on her chest, crying silently with her. Next day, as his mind cleared and his heart calmed down a bit, this time Tristan interrogated Nel Hativa “anything? Like there’s something you witness as the source”.

Nel Hativa who decided to stay to help the Knights to bury the casualties, impaling the shovel to the ground “what is it, Sir Great Holy Knight? After your wife, now it’s you?”.

“just answer my question”, Tristan rolled his eyes “I’m in bad mood already”.

“now you mention it, I indeed felt the dark magic from the town and I saw it, the miasma spread out to the town along with demon creatures”.

“you didn’t tell my wife about it”.

“your wife is a Healer, not a Knight. I planned to tell you when you interrogated me, also...”, Nel Hativa shrugged before she caressed her chin “also, I’ve been meaning to ask you, are you perhaps...”.

After Tristan leaned his ear to her mouth, Tristan’s eyes widened “you know of my parent!”.

“well, Elsa is my best friend. The different is, Elsa is a Witch and I’m a Necromancer”.

Isolde spoke from behind Tristan “oh my, and his father is your first love?”.

Nel Hativa blushed and turned her face. In the end, the three of them became friends and they parted with Nel Hativa in the halfway. Tristan and Isolde had decided to discuss this with Merlin and Mark, about how the evil entities like miasma and monsters from Demon realm could come to this world. As the Great Holy Knight, Tristan gathered all Cardinals and Knights Diamond-rank to discuss about this further with King Mark. Mark even suggested to call Lilith so Merlin went to pick Lilith despite her complaints.

“this is deadly serious problem”, Isolde patted the papers on her hand, telling them the result of her and Merlin’s examination on the corpses “they died because of the miasma leaking out of the Demon realm, not because of epidemic. How could be the miasma and monsters from Demon realm appeared on the outskirt of our Kingdom?”.

“it’s clear that someone has tried to revive the Demon Clan”, Lilith came in time with grim expression “and we still have other problem”.

With clear distress on her face, Merlin revealed “the Philosopher Stone and the ritual relic, the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness is stolen”.

Outside the throne room, Irina peeked through the gap of the door. Even if her father and mother had come home, they couldn’t play with her because they were still busy. Feeling bored, Irina decided to play with her ball and she accidentally went into the King’s chamber. Under the bed, she found old and rusty box that large enough for her to hide. When she thought maybe she could startle King Mark and opened the box, Irina found the pieces of puzzles, the green relic. Irina’s eyes lit up and excitedly, she arranged the pieces of puzzle into one. She felt like she had seen the relic before, but she didn’t remember it where and when. Ah, maybe she could ask her mother or her aunt Merlin, they were the genius, after all. Isolde felt bored and she opened the drawer to see if there was something she could read or play with, but instead, she found the other box with the same symbol as puzzle box. Both had Phoenix symbol on it.

“hey, it’s not good, you know? You have to tidy up these after you play with it or Mark will scold you”.

Looking back, Irina found a beautiful young woman cladded in black who smiled fondly to her “who are you? Daddy and mommy told me to not speak with the stranger”.

The mysterious woman simply tapped finger on her cheek “well, I’m not stranger at all, in fact... I am your family. Your father is Tristan, your mother is Isolde and your aunt is Merlin, right?”.

The little girl seemed curious “you are... my family? Who are you?”.

She smiled and when they went home, Irina asked her parent after the dinner “mommy, daddy, why did you never tell me that daddy has such beautiful older sister?”.

Isolde frowned, had Tina come to see her? Well, Tina had gone to the Capital Of The Dead after she and Tristan married so they wondered, but Irina mentioned older sister “daddy indeed had sister, twin little sister”.

Tristan stood and touched her shoulder, his face dreadfully pale “how could you know it, Irina?”.

“from Aunt! Aunt came here and told me!”, Irina exclaimed before they felt the presence of someone from the door. When the woman cladded in black appeared in front of them, Isolde and Tristan stood with chill on their nape and the opposite, Irina ran to approach her “ah, it’s her! Aunt!”.

Isolde wrapped her arms around her daughter’s and caught her “Irina, don’t get closer to her!”.

The spirit calmly lifted her hand “calm down, I’m not here to bring harm on you or your daughter”.

“who are you?”, Tristan stood shielding his wife and daughter behind his back “you are not human... only a soul, not fully even... only the piece of soul...”.

“yup, you can say that this is my Astral Projection, because it’s only half of my soul that could come here out of that place. Half of my soul is still in my body. My body is still in stagnation state, unable to used, unfortunately”, lifting her hand, she tried to touch Tristan but unfortunately, her hand only passed through his face and her face turned into troubled “I am Unborn Child. Obviously, you know the story, right? As Phoenix Priestess, your wife may check it later on the list with your mother”.

Still carrying Irina on her arm, Isolde asked “how can we believe you?”.

“I believe you”, Tristan said, full of conviction “my father indeed told me once, that I was supposed to have an older sister who died on my mother’s womb due to the miscarriage. You also have so much resemblance with mother and father”.

“well, I’m supposed to be dead, but I didn’t. My body is still sleeping in between death and life. It’s... complicated story. You may ask Merlin and Lilith for the full explanation”.

Tristan and Isolde exchanged glances. After telling Irina to go to her room, Isolde and Tristan started to talk with this spirit and Isolde asked first “what’s your name?”.

“being an unborn child, I don’t have a name, unfortunately”.

Next, Tristan asked “what do you want to tell us, sister?”.

“listen to me, I can’t get out of ‘that place’ easily and I can’t stay here too long, so I will make it quick for you. Tina can’t tell this to you, so I will”, she lifted her head up “the one who killed our parent and Tina is King Mark’s father”.

Tristan smiled sadly “...I know”.

“ know? All along this time?”, Isolde squeezed his hand “you don’t even consider to tell me?”.

“...I know, I’ve talked about this with Tina and she only smiled, she told me it’s okay for me. Even if I choose to not take revenge on her and our parent’s death, she said it’s alright. She only asked me to live my life... to continue my life, not to take revenge, but to protect my precious people, and it’s my choice. After I told her that, Tina disappeared. It happened not too long after we married”.

The unborn child asked her “please, don’t be angry to him. As her wife, you surely know what has he been thinking. He needn’t explain to you about why did he not take revenge on Tina and our parent’s death, right?”.

Yes, as his wife, Isolde knew all too well. How could he? How could he take revenge on King Mark’s father when he was his best friend’s father? Isolde shook her head and squeezed his hand “Triss, you really should have told me. Don’t try to carry your burden alone”.

“forgive me, I was so... I’m not sure how you will react to this, but since my sister came here to tell me, so I think it’s time to be honest with you”, Tristan squeezed “I don’t know how, but I thought... I saw our father that night when Mark’s father died. If it’s really my father who killed Mark’s father as revenge for our mother’s death... Gods above, I’ve been thinking how could I tell Mark?”.

“needn’t to tell him, he knew it already”.

Isolde and Tristan turned to their older sister but then, Isolde gasped, pointing to her “sister! your body...”.

“oops, looks like my time’s up. She must have realized that I’m gone for a bit”, she sighed before she sternly told them “listen, don’t do anything reckless. Go to discuss about this further with Lilith and Merlin, bring Irina with you two to safety. They surely know what to do next. Stop Mark’s ambition to revive the Demon Clan and create another Philosopher Stone”.

Tristan reached out his hand “wait, where is your body?”.

“Avalon, under the care of the Lady Of The Lake”, she smiled as she accepted his hand although they couldn’t touch each other “be safe, Triss, Isolde, Irina”.

Not too long after that, when the marriage couple hadn’t fully recovered from their shock, Irina came with her sketchbook “huh? Aunt’s gone already? Oh my, although I want to show my drawing...”.

Tristan covered his eyes “maybe I can talk about it later with Neiva, about my sister. It’s too much to take in”.

“yes, we also have to talk with my sister and my mother later”, Isolde crouched her body in front of Irina “don’t worry, dear. Let’s show your drawing to Aunt later, okay?”.

When Isolde saw Irina’s sketchbook, she froze “Tristan, come here. Look”.

Tristan raised his eyebrow and he was surprised to see what Irina drew. Isolde pointed the sketch “this is the Philosopher Stone”.

Tristan pointed the sketch on the next page “this is the ritual relics, the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness... have you shown these to Irina?”.

“not only that, look”, Isolde flipped the page “these are the boxes that my Clan use to keep the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness and Philosopher Stone”.

After they knew that Irina found these on Mark’s chamber, Tristan handed Irina to Isolde with cloaks “Isolde, go to Merlin’s house, bring Irina with you and three of you, go back your clan. I’ll go to see you after I check on Mark’s chamber”.

Isolde had really bad feeling, so she tugged his sleeve “wait! promise me, you will come back to me”.

Covering Irina’s eyes, Tristan cupped her cheek before he kissed her “promise me, should something ever happen to me, you have to continue your life. If not for yourself, do it for me, for Merlin and for Irina”.

Without turning back, Tristan went to the Castle and after he found the boxes that keeping the ritual relics, the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness and the Philosopher Stone, he was stabbed from behind. Blood pouring down from his chest where the sword pierced through his heart. When Tristan looked behind over his shoulder and coughed blood, he saw him “Mark... why...”.

“good night, my friend”, with tears streaming down his face, Mark pulled out the sword from his body before he crouched down, closing Tristan’s eyes “don’t worry about Isolde and Irina. I will take care of them”.

Before everything turned black, Tristan heard a single woman’s voice whispered “although I told you to be safe—”.

Chapter Text

“do you think it’s your fault that your children are suffering?”, Gelda shook her head in disbelief and sighed “Meliodas, even I can tell it... none of your children would blame you. Out of the fact they are really good children, not all bad things that happened to them is your fault”.

“no, for Tristan’s case, it’s clearly my fault. I don’t regret it, to kill Mark’s father who sent Assassin to kill our family after he found out that I’m a Demon. However, I wonder...”, Meliodas leaned his face on his intertwined hands “had I not killed that man, maybe Tristan and Isolde wouldn’t have to suffer like this? I wasn’t even there when they needed me the most”.

“father, you should have known better than anyone that brother wouldn’t blame you, right? Especially not when you tried to protect him”, Tristina floated down, hoping she could comfort him with gentle touch “older sister said to not tell Dad about her. It means I can’t carelessly tell Dad than older sister has helped us a lot 2.500 years ago on the Tragedy of Cornwall Kingdom. Oh, well... it’s unlike the Sins can know too, not now at least. After all, older sister appeared in front of us with her Dark Side form only”.

Tristina closed her eyes solemnly, remembering when she went to meet Nel Hativa to ask for her help, Tristina met with Guinevere (only her soul, in her Dark Side form) in the halfway. Due to the oldest daughter of their family’s request, Nel Hativa went to aide for the Necromancy in order to bring back Tristan although it didn’t end up well, it ended up as the tragedy instead, because they were late.

When Merlin and Isolde went back to the Castle of Cornwall Kingdom after they had brought Irina to Lilith’s home, Mark ushered them to the operation room—

—only to find Tristan’s corpse.

“no... wake up, Triss”, Isolde reached out her shaky hand before her body started shining with glow of the sun, activating her healing magic power as she hugging him “open your eyes!”.

As the Phoenix Priestess, Isolde had strong healing magic power but if this went on, Isolde would use her life-force so Merlin wrapped her arms around her sister’s shoulders, pulled her away from Tristan “Isolde, stop!”.

Isolde struggled and cried out “sister, let me go!”.

Mark also asked her to stop “enough, Isolde! He has...”.

Isolde covered her face before standing “he’s just sleeping”.

Merlin sucked in deep breath “Isolde”.

Isolde clenched her hands “he will wake up, he will open his eyes again”.

Merlin grabbed her biceps “Isolde!”.

“don’t ask me to let him go, sister! He has everything I have, ever since we’ve married, we have been one body one soul so I will die too if he dies! That’s why, don’t...”, Isolde shook her head with tears streaming down her face, desperately asking “if you kill him, you kill me”.

Isolde persisted to keep Tristan’s body in her home and that day, when Merlin came to check on their house like usual, Merlin found Isolde carrying Irina and singing the lullaby for her in the middle of the mound of books. Mostly about the Necromancy, the Resurrection and specifically similar topics. The condition on the Kingdom also got worsened even under the new Great Holy Knight. Mark got stressed, almost every day there came a report of the casualties on the outskirt due to the failed effort to revive the Demon Clan.

She couldn’t take this anymore, so Merlin barged into Lilith’s house “do me a favor just for this once, mother”.

Lilith raised her eyebrow “it’s so rare for you to ask me to do a favor, daughter”.

Merlin wasn’t amused “you know what I’m gonna ask you. Have you seen her?”.

Lilith shrugged “well, the last time I checked on her, she’s been trying to find out the way to bring her dead husband back to life”.

“then help us! I can’t bear it anymore, to see my sister’s—”.

“—pathetic condition?”, Lilith coldly stated the matter of factly “Merlin, it’s not that I don’t want to help my daughter but you know the rule of our Clan. We are not allowed to revive the dead”.

Merlin hissed “mother, this is my sister, your daughter we’re speaking about. She’s just like the living corpse or broken marionette who lost its strings ever since Tristan’s death. Irina is still too young. I’m afraid if this goes on... Isolde is gonna follow after him”.

“I’m surprised, you underestimate me like that”, Isolde came carrying Irina on her hands, knocking the door “you may think that I’m in denial because I’ve just lost him but I’m not”.

“Isolde, I know it’s difficult to be lost, but—”.

“I can feel it through my bond with him, he’s still struggling inside, that’s why his soul hasn’t left his body yet”, Isolde cut her off “have you asked Tina, whether Tristan has been on the Capital Of The Dead or not? no, he’s not, which means he’s not dead yet”.

Another knock on the door “excuse me, do I come in the worst time? if so, then maybe I can come back later”.

Turning to the door, there stood the familiar woman. The Necromancer Nel Hativa. She explained that last night, two spirits came to her house, woman cladded in black who claimed herself as Tristan’s older sister and Tristan’s twin sister, Tristina. They asked her to go to Lilith’s house in order to help Tristan and Isolde. Although Nel Hativa didn’t have any idea as to what she should do, she still came here and here she was.

“you just come in the perfect time, in fact!”, Isolde grabbed her hand “Neiva, you have to help us!”.

When Nel Hativa was dragged by Isolde to her house, not only Liltih and Merlin, but Mark also there as Nel Hativa inspected Tristan’s body “hm... as expected of Phoenix Priestess. Your healing work is immaculate. His body looks so pristine”.

“this power wasn’t of any use at all in the end...”, Isolde clenched her fist “I can’t even save the man I love with this healing magic power”.

As Mark squeezed Isolde’s shoulder, telling kind words to soothe her, Nel Hativa glanced sideways before she said apologetically “nothing I can do with him either”.

Mark raised his eyebrow “excuse me? You are the Necromancer and you’re telling us that you can’t bring him back to life?”.

“let me make it clear now. Yes, I’m a Necromancer but to resurrect people’s life, it has the price. Not all people will be back into their normal self after they are resurrected from the death. Mostly which it is the usual case, they will lose something, either their emotions, their ‘self’ or their memories. Even worse, they will lose their memories and themselves that I call as ‘broken’ state where they don’t have their memories before they are resurrected and turn into different people with the different personality entirely compared to before they are resurrected from death. Are you sure, you really want to resurrect your husband? Are you ready to see your husband come back to life, but not as himself, not as your husband that you love?”, looking to the deadly pale Isolde, Nel Hativa felt bad for her before caressed her chin “well, actually there’s a few methods to resurrect people with less side-effect or even without side-effect at all that I know and I can try... but we will need Philosopher Stone”.

“the Philosopher Stone can bring the dead back to life if you plant it into their body, yes”, Lilith lifted her hands and lowered her head further “but Philosopher Stone has been stolen along with the ritual relics, the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness”.

“and you don’t even tell me?”, Nel Hativa rubbed her temples, suddenly having headache “seriously... try to communicate with me so I may try to do the divination with asking the dead, mother”.

Mark and Isolde raised their eyebrow “mother?”.

“oh, I forget to tell”, Lilith lifted her hand, pointing to Nel Hativa “Neiva is my firstborn daughter. Like Isolde and Merlin, she has different father with you two, so yeah, she is your siblings, your half-sister”.

Merlin simply stated to the questioning looks from Isolde and Mark “I know it already”.

“actually, how many daughters do you have!?”, Mark jaw-dropped before an idea popped on his head “oh, then why don’t we just create new Philosopher Stone?”.

“no, we can’t... because if we could, I would do it before...”, Merlin shook her head before turning to her mother “about time to tell them, mother”.

Lilith explained to them that their Clan, the Phoenix Clan as the descendant of Goddess Clan, had an important mission to protect the ritual relics, the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness and Philosopher Stone in order to not misused by someone. After telling them that the composition to create Philosopher Stone was human’s souls, Lilith explained that the Chief Of Sages on metropolis Belialuin, Merlin’s father was the one who create the Philosopher Stone using the souls from the casualties of the Holy War 500 years ago “even I admit it, that Tristan is a good man. If I could, I also would want him back to life. However, as one of the Phoenix Clan members, we are not allowed to resurrect the dead. Sometimes, death is better”.

Isolde was horrified “mother, how could you—”.

“think it, Isolde. You should have known your husband better than anyone. Do you think he would be happy, to live his life again using other people’s life?”.

“enough, I understand”, with despair and newly-lit-up determination on her eyes, Isolde frowned “you all decide to give up, fine by me. However, I will not give up. I can’t be despair, because if I do, I will really lose him entirely, forever, and it’s what killing me slowly”.

When Isolde went back to her laboratory on the Castle, Mark chased after her and once they were sure that Mark and Isolde had long gone out of their eyesight and earshot, Nel Hativa sighed in relief “now his murderer has gone, can we put our hands on the real matters now?”.

Merlin shook her head “I... it’s still hard to believe that Mark killed Tristan. Wonder how Isolde will react over this once she knew?”.

“told you, I saw it myself, he killed my twin”, Tristina appeared out of nowhere, floating beside them “one thing I don’t understand, though. Why did he even bother to ask you resurrect my twin when it’s him who killed Tristan?”.

“the condition of this Kingdom has been worsened ever since Tristan’s death. Without the Great Holy Knight that capable to surpass him, it lowers their morale”, Merlin sighed “not to mention the miasma leaking out of the Demon realm and the monsters from Demon realm keep appearing on the outskirts as the result of the effort to revive the Demon Clan when they try to break the seal”.

“true, the lives of the citizens as the sacrifices still can do to use in the ritual, but it only can leak the miasma and the low-class creatures of Demon realm. To break the seal of high-class Demon like the Demon Princes, Ten Commandments or other Demons from the same class with them, they will need the real sacrifices. In this case, the descendants of the Goddess Clan or on other words, the members of Phoenix Clan like us will do”, Lilith referred to Meliodas and the Ten Commandmets “I do realize Mark felt nervous, in case Tristan can be resurrected with all his memories are intact, thus Tristan will retaliate. However, the problem on our hands telling the fact that even Mark realized, this Kingdom still needs Tristan. I saw it on his mind, he has tried to persuade Isolde to help him to bring Tristan back to life”.

Tristina grumbled “that dumbass man truly has such audacity after what he’s done to my brother”.

Nel Hativa scoffed “typical of human. Do it first, regret later”.

Merlin and Lilith exchanged knowing glances before Lilith sighed “hopefully your sister will not do something dumb before we bring his husband back. Knowing who is his father, Tristan shouldn’t have to die this easily. I’m surprised Isolde even knew that Tristan hasn’t fully died yet. I know they truly are in love madly to each other, but I don’t expect their bond will be this strong”.

“well, what do you expect to them? This is Tristan and Isolde we are speaking about. The kind of love they have is the type of love that would never die”, Merlin smirked lopsided “I know we can’t bring back Tristan with Philosopher Stone, but do you have other option or method, Neiva?”.

“Isolde was right when she said that his soul hasn’t left his body yet, but his has heart stopped beating already. We may try to use the method to bring him back with create an artificial heart for him”, Nel Hativa hummed and rolled her eyes before turning her head to Lilith “but I thought you just said we are not allowed to bring the dead back to life?”.

“because he’s not dead yet, just like your sister said”, Lilith shrugged “you can say Tristan is still in between death and life. His soul hasn’t left his body yet, after all. Stubborn man. Whatever you do this time, kids, I will close my eyes”.

Irina opened the door, trotting to her Aunts and grandmother “grandma, Aunt Merlin, Aunt Neiva, when will daddy wake up? If daddy woke up, mommy wouldn’t cry anymore, right? I want to play with daddy again. I want to hear daddy telling me story and mommy singing the lullaby before we go to sleep together. After daddy falls asleep, even if mommy tried to hide it from me, I know mommy keeps crying every night, asking daddy to wake up after she sang the lullaby and told me to sleep”.

Merlin and Nel Hativa exchanged glances with sad eyes while Lilith offered smile to Irina, patting her head “it will, dear. It will”.

“let’s do this”, Nel Hativa put her hand on her hips, tilting her head as she looking to Merlin “for our little sister and our sweet niece”.

Merlin nodded her head “of course”.

After Lilith went back to her house on her clan, when Merlin and Nel Hativa started to discuss about how they could get the compositions to create an artificial heart, Irina came into Merlin’s laboratory where they had moved Tristan’s body here, tugged Merlin and Nel Hativa’s skirt “say, Aunt, if daddy is alive again, mommy will not be sad and she will stop crying, right?”.

Tucking her hand to her pocket, Irina handed the familiar Philosopher Stone “here, the Philosopher Stone”.

Merlin and Nel Hativa were shocked, before Merlin took the Stone from her “where did you get this, dear?”.

“daddy’s older sister, Aunt told me to take this from uncle Mark’s room and gave it to Aunt so Aunt could bring daddy back to life, but she said it’s a secret. Aunt Neiva and Aunt Merlin also should keep it as secret, okay?”, Irina put her finger on her lips “Aunt told me to not tell mommy, grandma Lilith or uncle Mark. I thought it was belonged to uncle Mark but Aunt said it belongs to grandma. Since this beautiful Stone belongs to grandma, it’s alright to borrow it so we can wake daddy up, right?”.

Merlin stood with brightened face “Neiva”.

Nel Hativa smirked “it’s perfect”.

That night, when Irina and Isolde were on the Castle, Merlin and Nel Hativa took this as advantage to create the artificial heart using Philosopher Stone. They planted the artificial heart on Tristan’s body but he didn’t budge. They wondered, what should they do to trigger his heart beating once more time.

Merlin lifted her hand, electric waves running through her hand “should we try to send electric waves to trigger his heartbeat?”.

Nel Hativa put her hand on the artificial heart in attempt to give the heart massage “let me assist you”.

Tristina tilted her head to the map on the wall “...say, Mer, where is the locations of the casualties that died due to the failed efforts to revive the Demon Clan happened? All of it”.

Merlin looked behind over her shoulder and her eyes widened. Merlin took the white chalk before she starting to draw the lines into the circle “it’s not failed efforts. They have finished the circle of human transmutation to create the Philosopher Stone”.

Tristina snapped her head “where is the center of the circle, Mer? We have to stop them no matter what”.

“no need to go anywhere, Tina. The center of the circle is...”, Merlin lowered her hand before turning behind “Neiva, stay away from him!”.

Everything happened so fast. The great earthquake happened before red circle appeared right on this laboratory, more precisely under the table where Tristan’s body lying on the center of the circle. The waves of powerful energy came into Tristan’s body, sending Nel Hativa away but Merlin wrapped her arms around Nel Hativa’s waist to catch her body, before Merlin snapped her fingers “Perfect Cube”.

“it’s too late!”, Nel Hativa changed her form into her Assault mode, where a pair of horns came out of her head, a pair of wings came out of her back and darkness spread out of her body as Demon marks appeared on her forehead “the new Philosopher Stone has been created on his artificial heart!”.

Tristan’s eyes snapped opened wide, his blue eyes turned into bloody red before his body jerked up. Tristan slammed his fist on the wall, completely obliterated the wall before a pair of dark wings appeared on his back. Looking behind over his shoulder where Merlin, Nel Hativa and Tristina were in Perfect Cube, Tristan coldly stared to them before he flew straight to the Castle. Isolde and Irina were on the Castle as well. Fear of what might happen, the three of them went to pursue him.

That night, after Irina had fast asleep, Isolde went to Mark’s chamber because he invited her. There, he tried to seduce her passionately and pushed her gently to the bed. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders—

—next second, Mark covered his nape, blood coming out of the scratch on his nape before he looking up to Isolde “what are you doing, Isolde?”.

“what am I doing?”, Isolde got off of the bed, walking forward with dagger on her hand. Mark’s blood was still fresh on it “trying to kill the man who killed my husband, obviously”.

Mark smiled sadly “so you knew and realized it, thus you tried to kill me now?”.

“I don’t want to believe this at first, but I heard my mother’s conversation with my sisters. Not only that, as the Phoenix Priestess, I am allowed to see people’s Life Record. With a single glance, I can see what have you been doing for the rest of your life and I really don’t want to believe this...”, Isolde shook her head before she cried out with tears brimming on her eyes “of all people... how could you... Tristan considers you as his best friend, so why... how could you kill him, Mark?!”.

“do you think I don’t know who he is? Who are you and your Clan?”, Mark scoffed and told Isolde, when he tidy up his father’s chamber, he found the Secret Archives of Demons. From this Archives, Mark learned that previous King, his father sent the Assassins to kill Tristan’s family after he learning that Tristan’s father was high-class Demon “his father is Demon and his mother is Witch. Even if you know your husband is a Demon, do you still love him?”.

“so what’s the problem with it? I’ve known it for so long. Yes, his father is a Demon and his mother is a Witch, but then what’s the problem with it? Do you think I’m gonna despise Tristan just because of it? The fact that he is the descendant of Demon, would never make me hate him”, Isolde declared with ironclad conviction “Tristan is Tristan. No matter whatever kind of blood he has, Human or Demon, it won’t change who he is to me and my love to him is unwavering”.

“so devoted, Isolde. It make me want you even more”.

“even if I’m also the descendant of Demon? you said it yourself, you know who I am and my Clan so I figure out, not only the fact who is Tristan’s father, you also must have learned about my real Clan”.

“yes, I know of the fact that Phoenix Clan is not the descendant of Goddess Clan with Fairy, but the Fairy with Demon race, more precisely Succubus Clan because your mother, Lady Lilith is the Queen of Succubus. Your mother is the part of Demon Clan’s Royal family, even. Just like Tristan’s father”.

“was”, Isolde clarified with grim expression “only Neiva... my sister, Nel Hativa who fully has blood as Demon. Both my father and big sister Merlin’s father are siblings from human race, more precisely the Sages from the metropolis Belialuin. My father, the Advisor of Sages Councils, is a little brother of big sister Merlin’s father, the last Chief of Sages on Belialuin”.

“I guess it’s the reason of why your mother, Merlin and you aren’t aging like normal human do?”.

Unimpressed, Isolde walked in half-circle near him before turning back to him with icy glare “you knew that I’m half-Succubus, just like my mother, yet you still asked me to be your Queen? After what you did to my husband, you could easily say to me to just forget him and I can be your Queen? Just like that, like nothing happened?”.

“because in fact, I don’t care about the fact that you and Tristan are the descendant of Demon. Tristan and I have been growing up together, I spend my time with him even longer than I am with you. I’ve considered him as my brother, even. You are his wife and my first love. I respect him and I believe, as long as Tristan can make you be the happiest woman alive, it’s alright for me. However, I was wrong. I was so wrong... remember when my father died, he wrote ‘Demon’ with his blood? Well, I even saw this Demon that night. On the night when my father was killed. I overheard him discussing about this with Merlin, that Tristan’s father is still alive. It’s clear my father was killed by the Demon, Tristan’s father”, laughing severely, Mark covered his eyes and tipped his head backward before he shouted in rage “he knew it... he knew who was the one that killed my father and he hid it! He knew of my love to you and yet, just like how he hid the fact that his father killed my father, he’s being ignorant of my feeling! Why should I care about him if he doesn’t even care and ignorant of me? so when I knew he was gonna be an obstacle again for me when he found the Philosopher Stone and the ritual relics on my chamber—”.

“you killed him”, the words tasted bitter on her tongue as she sighed. Covering her eyes, she shook her head in distress. Lowering her hand, she blinked a single tear “I wonder... actually, who is the one that being ignorant? In fact, Tristan knew it”.


“Tristan knew it already, of the fact that your father is the one who have the responsibility over his parent and his twin’s death but he chose to put aside his Revenge because of you. He knew there’s a chance that his father was the one who killed your father and he’s been thinking how to tell you, he’s too afraid to hurt you further. He even felt guilty to you, the son of the man who killed his parent and his twin, the man who had killed him”.

Mark froze before shakily answering “...I have no idea—”.

“oh, of course, you are! Because you’re ignorant! You can find the truth, you can figure it out or even if you do, you choose to ignore it! Your ignorance kills Tristan, your friend who decided to throw away his revenge over the friend he cared about and he protected... only to get himself be killed by his so-called best friend!”, Isolde cut him off and burst out in rage. Panting, she retorted “you are right when you said that sometimes, Ignorance is a Sin. That is your Sin”.

“not only that, you’ve been envious and jealous of my brother, right? In your eyes, compared to you, my brother had everything you want”, Tristina appeared, floating right near Isolde “Power. Respect of people. Even the happiness with the woman you love”.

“if you have a regret even if just a little bit, it’s been too late already. Do you think, I don’t know... of your plan to create new Philosopher Stone, in order to make yourself become Homunculus? Human being who have superior being above ordinary human”, Isolde smirked darkly “don’t worry, the new Philosopher Stone will undoubtedly be created. I saw the circle of human transmutation to create the Philosopher Stone on your desk and I modified it a little so the center of the circle would be moved an inch. It won’t be you who will become the Homunculus. It will be Tristan”.

Mark turned deadly pale “are you insane, Isolde? In order to bring back your husband from the dead, you even sacrificed the lives of Cornwall Kingdom who have fallen!?”.

“yes, I am. Ever since we vowed to each other on our marriage, as his wife, all my words are to obey and respect him. All my actions are to show my love, affection and eternal fidelity to him. I dedicate myself solely to my husband. I help you to create the Philosopher Stone not to aide you, the Ignorant King for your Revenge against the Demon. I do this in order to bring my husband back to my side, I will do everything for him as my Devotion to my husband, even if I have to sacrifice people”, Isolde lifted her clenched fists on her chest “that is my Sin”.

“you don’t have the right to criticize Isolde, Mark. After all, what’s the difference of you with her and me? You, I and Isolde are just the same. We only care of what we care about. That’s what the human race call as Greed, is that not?”, another spirit appeared beside Tristina, the woman cladded in black now had the pair of large dark wings from her back with dark markings on her forehead “anyway... what do you hope to gain with trying to revive the Demon Clan?”.

With Philosopher Stone, Mark intended to turn himself into Homunculus. In order to create peaceful world without Demon, he intended to kill all Demon after he had become the Homunculus. Thus, he stole the Philosopher Stone and ritual relics, the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness, with intention to make Phoenix Clan agreed to create more Philosopher Stone when he tried to break the seal. After listening to his crazy plan, unlike unimpressed Tristina and Isolde who stared to Mark in disbelief, the Unborn Child tipped her head backward and laughed like crazy woman instead.

Feeling offended, Mark shouted in irritation “what’s so funny!”.

“ah, human is hilarious. You are so weak, yet you hope and strive to be the powerful God?”, Unborn Child smirked devilishly and tilted her head, tapping her cheek “but thanks to you, my brother is fully awakened now. Unlike me and Tina, even if half of our blood belongs to Demon, Tristan’s Demon blood has been asleep but after you killed him, he’s re-awakened as Demon’s son whose his blood as Demon now has fully awakened. I wonder, will he still be the same Tristan we know? Or will the essence of his humanity be stripped and become the vile Demon?”.

“although I’m thrilled like you, I can feel it too”, Tristina hummed “he’s coming”.

Next second, the ceilings crumbled into pieces as a single Demon landed from outside. Standing tall, Tristan looked down with icy glare. His eyes bloody red like blood. His hair turned into white just like the snow on the winter. Isolde blinked away a single tear as she felt joy and relief to see her husband again, standing in front of her, very alive, but that joy quickly replaced by dread after she saw Tristan did not even cast a single glance to her and lunged to Mark instead.

“thanks to you, Mark”, Tristan clutched Mark’s neck, lifting him off of the floor as he smirked bitterly with those sad eyes “I’m no longer human”.

Tristan threw Mark to the side. Mark’s back slammed on the wall hardly before Mark slumped to the floor, coughing bloods.

“you know... for Isolde, for Irina and for you, I chose to throw away my Revenge after knowing the fact that your father is the one who sent the Assassins who killed Tina and my parent. Even after you killed me, not that I’m mad because you killed me... but I disappointed, it felt like my heart shattered into pieces because you chose the Revenge over our friendship, trampled over the years we have spent together and you even dare to lie your finger on my wife? How could I not be mad?!”, Tristan sent several blows to Mark before sent him flying with a single kick. Standing tall in front of Mark, Tristan glared down “I’ve been averting my eyes but no more. What have been left on me right now, only my Wrath and I’m gonna take my Revenge no matter what”.

Mark crawled on the floor backwards until his back pressed on the wall “Triss, please... I beg you...”.

Unborn Child clapped her hands with evil smirk “it’s really nice expression you have~ I’d like to see you begging for your life. Do it again”.

“sister, I guess people will start wondering who is the evildoer now”, Tristina rubbed her temples “do you think we should stop him?”.

“you do it if you want”, Unborn Child shrugged with unimpressed face “I don’t think I have any right to stop him”.

“after he killed my brother? No, thanks”, Tristina’s face turned sour “but if there’s someone who sane enough to stop him, it will only be...”.

Isolde realized her husband was no longer her husband that she knew, but she believed it was not too late. She remembered what Nel Hativa told her about the resurrection but she had to try it, she could not be despair. Merlin and Nel Hativa arrived in time to see Isolde hugging Tristan before Tristan who lifted his hand, could kill Mark. Both Tristina and Unborn Child had surprised expression on their face, not too shocked though.

“Tristan, don’t! He doesn’t deserve it, to die on your hand! Don’t stain your hand with his blood!”, Isolde leaned her crying face on his chest, desperately holding his body tightly, cherishing the warmth of his body and his heartbeat as tears streaming down her face “Tristan, please... I will do everything to repent my Sin that changed you like this. I promise. That’s why, please... no matter how your form changed, don’t let it change your heart as well... I’m still here. Even if all worlds turn against us, I will never betray you. Come back to me, please”.

“Isolde”, looking down to her trembling body clung to him, Tristan calmed down as he savoring her scent, lifting his wife and leaning his forehead to hers “forgive me for the tears you’ve shed and thank you, for fulfill your promise to me no matter how hard it is”.

“I promised I would not lose to my despair and keep living, right? Besides I always believe... that you will always find your way back home and come back to me”, Isolde sniffled and hiccupped “I always believe you... I love you...”.

Tristan kissed her, running his fingers on her hair before smiling to her “I’m home”.

Isolde smiled broadly in the middle of her tears “welcome home”.

However, their joy and delightful on their reunion had to crumble into pieces. Nel Hativa and Merlin quickly stood protectively in front of Tristan and Isolde before Merlin warned “it’s over, Mark. Better you stop your ambition—”.

“it’s too late”, Mark smirked before he broke the ring on his finger “if I have to die, you all have to go to Hell with me”.

When various monsters went rampaging, Mark told them that he and his researchers had created his own cavalry that he called ‘Chimera’, they were created by the Holy Knights who wanted more power and the Apprentices of Holy Knights who wanted the power. One of them was Irina whose half of her torso fused with beast’s body. When Irina attacked them with her beast-like claw, Isolde stood tall in between Tristan and Irina. She pushed Tristan behind thus Irina’s claw piercing through her heart and Tristan’s stomach. Both Isolde and Tristan coughed bloods as Nel Hativa, Merlin and Tristina cried out their name.

Tristan shakily wrapped his arms around her body from behind “Isolde, why you...”.

“forgive me... but, I couldn’t... lose you again...”, Isolde lifted her hand, with tears cascaced down her face, she smiled “sleep well, my daughter”.

Using her fire, Isolde could separate Irina from the beast’s body but Irina got burns on several places on her body. Merlin carried Irina in bundle after Nel Hativa wrapped her with her dark robe.

“Triss, I know what you’re thinking... this is so selfish of me, I’m sorry... but wrath and hatred... only add the fuel to fire... I understand your Wrath, but... don’t stain your hand with blood... just because of me and Irina... it’s not what we want from you...”, with her last energy that left on her, Isolde cupped his cheek and kissed him for the last time “I love you”.

Isolde’s head tipped backwards as she closed her eyes and breathed her last. Her hand slumped to the floor and Tristan handed her body to Nel Hativa before he stood “you have done unforgivable things, Mark. You turned our daughter into monster to make her become a weapon against her own parent. In result, you killed my wife indirectly after my wife tried to save our daughter! Thanks to you, my doubt has finally disappeared. This time, I learned to not doubt and I will make sure I’m gonna make you pay blood with blood. I even will make sure to not leave the trace of your existence in this world, so I’m gonna destroy you along with this Kingdom”.

Nine gigantic dragon heads of the legend, Hydra came out of his back as Tristan started destroy all of the rampaging monsters along with this Kingdom. After all, other than them, all lives of this Kingdom had turned into Philosopher Stone, leaving the lifeless bodies scattered all over the land of Cornwall Kingdom, leaving the Kingdom barely lifeless.

Before Tristan killed him, Mark gulped “are you seriously gonna destroy this Kingdom?”.

“yes, I am. After all, nothing has been left on this Kingdom. Let this Kingdom be perished along with Isolde’s death”, Tristan blinked away a single tear, tear of blood “we are friends, right? That’s why, I will not apologize. Goodbye, Mark”.

After Tristan’s hand pierced through his torso and created the gaping hole on his torso, Mark coughed blood before cupping Tristan’s cheek with his bloodied hand “Tristan... you have to live... it’s your punishment... for your Sin...”.

“no need to tell me what I should do”, Tristan continued to destroy this Kingdom until he stood on the outskirt of the Capital, carrying Isolde’s lifeless body on his arms as he looking down to the burned city “what do you think Isolde would say to me... if she knew what I’ve done?”.

“who know? One thing I know for sure... whatever your choice, my little sister wouldn’t have blamed you. Isolde would never have the thought of blaming you, even... that’s why...”, carrying Irina on her arms, Merlin also blinked away her tears “don’t blame yourself for my little sister and your daughter’s death, Tristan. It’s not your fault”.

“Tristan, better you put down Isolde’s body right away”, Nel Hativa suggested, wiping the tracks of her own tears before taking over Irina’s body from Merlin’s hands “once members of Phoenix Clan die, their body will turn into Phoenix bird before their soul return to the Capital Of The Dead”.

“I know. No need”, Tristan smirked lopsided with those grief and sorrow on his eyes “just let her fire burns my body”.

When Isolde’s body turned into the Phoenix bird, her fire wrapped his body and leaving burns on his hands and torso. Just like her mother, Irina’s body turned into Phoenix bird, leaving the burns on Nel Hativa’s hands. They saw two Phoenix burning the ground of the Cornwall Kingdom, purifying all evil entity like miasma and heal it, so this land could live and grow again. After Irina and Isolde’s soul returned to the Capital Of The Dead, the three of them turned their head but it was Tristan who spoke.

With distress expression, Tristan smirked “so, you’ve finally come with Lady Lilith, Dad. I guess it’s time for your judgment, huh?”.

Chapter Text

They fell deadly silent after they witnessed what had happened 2.500 years ago on Cornwall Kingdom. Diane and King were crying mess, just like Escanor and Elizabeth. Ban clenched his fist till his knuckles whitened with note in his mind to have proper talk with Tristan later. With trembling body, Veronica noted to herself to properly apologize to Tristan and Isolde. Gowther tilted his head, watching the scenes with interest. Griamore understood the distress that the second princess felt, so he pulled her into his embrace to let her crying on his chest. They just understood now, what Meliodas said was right, what they had witnessed, was not something that Tristan could and would easily reveal.

Crouching his body in front of her, Meliodas touched Elizabeth’s shoulder “Elizabeth, are you okay?”.

“you’re right, Sir Meliodas”, Elizabeth said with trembling voice as she welled up, clenching her fists “it’s not something we should witness... even if Sir Tristan allowed us to know... how could he, Lady Merlin and Lady Isolde face it?”.

Meliodas sighed, running his fingers on his hair with clear distress on his face, this was one of reasons about why did he against this from the first place “Elizabeth, do you still remember what Tristan said to you back then on Dalmary?”.

Elizabeth nodded “he said to me back then...”.

there's a time when you get lost in your path and it feels like your entire world have been crumbled into pieces, either because of inexperienced or still too young to know what to do, but even so, as long as you're still alive and keep walking forward, somehow the next day will come eventually and you will find another reason to live your life again ”.

“I wonder, actually... just how much blood and how many tears he’s shed over... to be strong like this?”, Elizabeth sobbed “is there really nothing I can do?”.

Patting Elizabeth’s head as he let her crying on his shoulder, Meliodas commented as he turned to his daughter “but it’s surprisingly fast?”.

“oh, about it... we were kicked out by the impact of duel between Isolde and Mark’s Astral forms in Tristan’s mindscape”, Tristina sighed before sternly telling them all to sleep even if just a little “look, I know maybe it’s hard, but we are all exhausted and what we need is a proper sleep. It’s over the midnight already so just keep everything you want to talk about and let’s discuss about all of it tomorrow. Good night”.

King deadpanned as he saw Tristina was asleep, cuddling with her twin “even ghost needs proper sleep, huh?”.

Next morning, just like they had planned, they discussed the serious problems after the breakfast.

Elizabeth lifted her hand hesitantly “um, but before we start our discussion... is it really alright to leave Lady Isolde out of this discussion?”.

Carrying new water basin full of washcloths, Isolde remarked “it’s totally alright, I have my hands full right now”.

They squealed in surprise (except Merlin, Gowther, Meliodas and Tristina) before King protested while waving his finger “don’t appear so sudden and scare us like that!”.

Ignoring King’s protest, Isolde mumbled an apologize with blank expression before she walking back upstairs swiftly, still looked graceful though her presence was barely felt by the others.

Veronica stood, halting her in the process “wait, Isolde!”.

Isolde stopped in the halfway, looking down with those blank, tired eyes “what’s wrong, princess?”.

“well, I think I crossed the boundary, you see... on the Vaizel, when we met the first time”, Veronica felt shrinking under her scrutinize eyes and scratched the back of her head “”.

“no need to apologize to me for anything”, Isolde curtly nodded her head before walking upstairs as she spat with clear despise “after all, I think you owe an apologize to Sir Meliodas and Sir Tristan for calling them ‘monster’, instead”.

When Veronica flinched at that, Meliodas merely threw his hands behind his head “well, well, well, I don’t think what she said about the ‘monster’ part is entirely wrong. After all, you are not the first person who thought or said it to us. No need to apologize to us, I think Tristan also will say the same thing with me”.

“dare to say it in front of Isolde? I bet she’s gonna smack you and give you good scolding for hours”, Tristina scoffed before she crossed her arms before her chest and sighed in relief “well, at least she’s awake. Good. It will be bothersome if she’s trapped in there”.

“she’s just like a ghost that way”, King wondered as he remembered how pale she looked. Speaking of which, King remembered of particular someone who also had the strange ability to suppress their presence to the point people would unaware of their presence but this was not the right time to think about it now “wonder if she’s gonna be okay?”.

“just let her be. She’s always like that when Tristan is... well, in this condition”, Merlin knew she didn’t need to elaborate “she wouldn’t listen to what we said to her in her condition right now because what she cared right now is only his condition and to nurse him until he’s recovered. She will be her usual self again once Tristan’s condition is getting better but until then, she would not leave his side to nurse him”.

Diane tilted her head considerately “strange, you’re so calm like always, Merlin. This is your little sister we’re speaking about”.

“and this is Tristan we’re speaking about. Do you think this is the first time he’s dying? No, and he’s not gonna die easily, thankfully. That dumbass is just too reckless and he really should stop doing this to my little sister”, a vein popped on Merlin’s head before she turning to the upset second princess “so, needn’t to be upset, princess. And please, forgive Isolde. When she’s in this state, she’s just like the ice blade that ready to slash anyone who dare to disturb her when what she really want to do is only to stay by his side. You’re not at fault. I believe we can start the discussion now, Captain?”.

“she’s right”, Meliodas sighed and lifted his hand “first of all, any question?”.

Ban scratched his jaw before he drawled playfully “well, I admit it’s really huge shock, so... Tristan is your ex-husband, Merlin?”.

Merlin choked and sputtered her drink. Wiped her mouth with handkerchief from Gelda, she mumbled ‘thanks’ to her Vampire friend “of all things... are you seriously bringing it up here and now?”.

“not that we want to see it all, you see”, Diane twiddled her fingers and looked conflicted as she stared worriedly to Escanor, just like King did as King head-locked Ban “the thing is, we shouldn’t have to witness it from the first place, but...”.

“if it’s the fact that Tristan is Merlin’s ex-husband, I knew it already”, Escanor in his day form confirmed confidently “though it’s true, we don’t expect to see that not only your sister, his wife and their daughters”.

“Merlin, Isolde Belialuin and Isolde Marianna, are they…”.

“I believe you all have figured it out”, Merlin nodded to Ban’s hidden question “Isolde Marianna is third reincarnation of my little sister, Isolde Belialuin. With Isolde Belialuin, they had Irina, their first daughter who died because of the burns on her body. With first reincarnation of my little sister, Isolde Evergreen, they had Iris, their second daughter”.

“let me guess”, Meliodas rubbed his temples “one of spirits from Philosopher Stone, probably Mark, took Astral form and showed just what kind of shit Tristan had to go through?”.

Elizabeth lowered her head further and somehow, she looked downcast “not only that”.

“well, to make it short”, Tristina slipped her bangs behind her ears, blowing her hair behind her back “yes, it’s not Tristan because he’s still asleep to recover. It’s Mark who dare to show Tristan and Isolde’s Sins. Not only that... Gowther, summarize it all”.

Gowther narrowed his eyes, wiping the dirt on his glasses before using his Searchlight and Broadcast to show Gelda, the Captain and Merlin about what the group had witnessed last night “as you wish”.

Before the group turned their head back to look at Tristan’s father and Lilith, Tristina lifted her hands and swiftly froze their surrounding “ENOUGH!”.

Escanor flinched “Tina?”.

The others also surprised because this was their first time to see her outburst. Usually, she was so calm and composed, just like her ice magic power.

“show yourself!”, Tristina demanded as she turned her back against the group behind her “my brother is not the type of someone who will show this all from the first place. That’s why, he only asked Isolde to ask him to tell us in his stead from the first place”.

“of course, it only would hurt his pride, to show his own Sin and weakness moments”, Mark appeared in front of Tristina with confident smirk “after all, he has high pride”.

“I should have known it. No wonder you can get out and show us that. Tristan must have slept like going under the deep water”, Tristina scratched her head before pointing behind Mark with lopsided smirk “but~ you underestimate their bond. Look, behind you”.

When they saw passing through Mark’s shoulder, they saw there, Isolde stood and covered her mouth as she looking down to the puddle of blood “there you are, Sir Tristan”.

Mark warned her and caught her wrist before she trying to jump into the water “Isolde, don’t go! If you go too far, you will be drowning!”.

“I don’t mind at all”, Isolde said with tears brimming on her eyes “people may think I’m crazy, but I’d rather to be drowning with him there, instead of let him be drowning and sleeping in his deep slumper”.

Mark hissed, lifting his hand as the twirl of the wind appeared on his palm “I won’t let you—”.

Isolde lifted both her hand, fire ball lit up on her hands “—you really should let me”.

The impact of their battle sent the group back to the real world as they saw Isolde took the chance she had and jumped into the pool near her feet, she reached out her hands to wrap her hands around him as they drowned in that pool. When the group were sent back to the real world, they saw several moments of the memories from Tristan’s life.

Started from Tristan was about to get executed by Lilith herself after the trial in Phoenix Clan, only to get Merlin and Nel Hativa asking for their mother’s mercy and Merlin did something unpredictable “I have lost my sister, mother. I don’t want to lose him too. I love him”.

Lilith narrowed her eyes before she snapped her finger and the chains on Tristan’s body fell off to the ground. Turning her back, Lilith said in distress without looking back “...very well, then you have to watch him over as long as he’s under house arrest”.

Nel Hativa brought them to the hut deep on the wood where she sometimes would drop by “since I am traveler, feel free to use this house. Bye~”.

“so carefree like usual”, Merlin shook her head as her sister went to travel using her teleport. When she wanted to treat Tristan’s wounds, Tristan grabbed her wrist and Merlin felt his trembling body “Triss?”.

“no need to do something meaningless, Merlin”, Tristan shakily said as tears threatened to fall from his eyes “you should have let me be. After all, I failed your sister and our daughter”.

He wanted to die. She knew it but it was so selfish of her, she didn’t want him to die, she couldn’t let him die after what happened to her sister and their daughter. His words to let him die was enough to snap her as she pushed him to the bed, straddling on his midsection.

“let you be, you said? Get yourself together! If you die too, I will never, ever, ever forgive you!”, Merlin held back the urge to slap him, pulled him by the collar instead before he cupped his cheeks and tilted his head up “you may think your life is unworthy but think about how my sister would feel if I let you die there. To get executed by burned alive and keep burned until your body is perished into dust? Do you seriously think I can bear with it after witnessing my sister and my niece’s body turned into ashes as their soul that turned into Phoenix burned their body? Do you think I’m only faking it... when I said that I don’t want to lose him and I love you?”.

Tristan’s eyes widened “what? Since when...”.

“...for me, my love isn’t something I should embrace tightly forever, but to let them go so they can gain their dream and happiness. I was afraid, that I only would be an obstacle for your happiness. If in the end we will be separated, I think there’s no point to be tied in relationship. As long as you can be happy with my sister, it’s been enough for me”, Merlin lowered her head further, her bangs covered her face as she grabbed her bicep “I believe I choose the right thing. Look at my sister, she’s been so happy with you and your daughter”.

Tristan covered his eyes as he leaned his forehead to hers “but she’s dead because of me”.

“no, you’re wrong! You’re not at the fault. It’s Mark’s fault! Don’t you remember it? She said she loved you as she smiled on her last breath, so you have to live! Live your life, if not for me, then for her and your daughter, no matter how cruel and painful the life has been! Don’t you think it’s only you who can never forgive themselves for my sister’s death!”, panting, she rose before turning to leave “...I’m sorry, but I really should go to get some fresh air outside”.

Tristan caught her wrist “Merlin, look at me”.

“let go!”, Merlin cried out and when Tristan saw the tears from this tough woman, he hugged her and she dropped to her knees, covering her face and her body trembling violently on his embrace “I really shouldn’t... show my weak side to you...”.

“why? Because you’re older?”, pulling her by her wrist, he let her burying her crying face on his chest as he running his fingers on her hair “Merlin, no matter how strong you are, you’re still a woman”.

“my sister wouldn’t forgive me...”, digging her fingernails on his back, she sobbed “what I do right... is just the same with betray her”.

“well, it’s suck, but...”, Tristan lowered his gaze, leaning his forehead to hers “, ...I can’t let you alone right now”.

“...I lose”, Merlin whispered as she blinked her tears away, wrapping her arms aronud his waist, closing her eyes slowly “I can’t win against you”.

They married when they decided to move on but then, they met with first reincarnation of Isolde. Her name was Isolde Evergreen. This Isolde was different, she didn’t have horns and wings. She had long wavy brunette hair and green eyes, but her features, her entire being was undoubtedly Isolde. Torn in between guilt and regret, Merlin asked Tristan to divorce. Once, Tristan tried to talk over it to think about it because he just didn’t understand why. After all, this Isolde didn’t remember them. However, he eavesdropped the conversation between Merlin and Nel Hativa when the sisters had drunk together and it was more than enough to change his mind. What he could do as a man, only to accept Merlin’s decision to divorce.

As expected though, Lilith was hardly against it when Isolde Evergreen told her she wanted to marry with Tristan “listen to me, Isolde! You only will be suffering if you’re together with him! I don’t remember I’ve raised you into such rebellious daughter!”.

“of course, because it’s not you who have raised me, but godfather and big sister Merlin! And what you said just now? I only will be suffering if I’m together with Tristan, actually who decided it? I am happy because I’m with Tristan! Other than him, I don’t want it!”.

“I warned you, I only hope you won’t regret it”.

One day, Isolde came to Tristan and told him “Tristan, I remember everything! My past-life memories. All of it”.

“it’s great—”.

“listen, this is not great at all! We have been cursed!”.

“what do you mean?”.

“I mean... you and big sister Merlin. It’s my mother, as the punishment for you two”, Isolde hastily added “as for me, she gave me two blessings. First, Rebirth Of Phoenix, so I can reborn with my magic power and my past-life memories but I only will gain my magic power and my past-life memories back when I reach 24 years old, when physically I died as Isolde Belialuin. Second, Red Thread to create the bond between us so we can meet again eventually no matter what the circumstances. In case you are in relationship with somebody else other than me, or I am in relationship with somebody else other than you, we will get separated with whoever our partner no matter what. We will eventually meet again and inevitably, I will fall in love with you, thus we can be together as lovers again eventually, no matter what the circumstances every time I reborn. My mother must have known, you wouldn’t mind about it. Heck, she said it’s blessing for me, but I thought it’s more like the curse for the latter, though I don’t mind at all”.

“well, it’s indeed suck but as long as I can be together with you, I don’t mind at all”, Tristan admitted as he covered his blushing face before he asked “but you said your mother cursed me and Merlin?”.

Rebellious Vassal, it’s your curse”, Isolde lifted her finger, pointing his chest “right now, your life is depended on Philosopher Stone, right?”.

“your point is?”.

“it’s related with your curse. Every single soul or lives that you kill, every drops of blood you drink and every flesh you devoured, whoever they are, their souls will be the source of your life because they will go into Philosopher Stone. For example, you have killed Mark, thus Mark’s soul has been trapped in Philosopher Stone as one of your life source. In case you drink bloods, be it from animals or whatever creatures they are, it only will strengthen your vitality”.

“wait, you don’t mean that I’m immortal now, right?”.

“no, you are not immortal, you still can be killed if someone break your Philosopher Stone but you are barely immortal. You can regenerate, your wounds heal fast, you will not get sick and you will not be aging but all of it, it’s all because of people’s lives in Philosopher Stone that you use. Not only that, you also have to be careful because... when you drink blood too much, there’s a chance that one of souls from Philosopher Stone will take over your body. That’s what make your curse is known as Rebellious Vassal”.

“what about Merlin’s curse?”.

“big sister has the curse Virgo which make her unable to produce children”.

When Isolde dragged him to meet Merlin, Merlin told them “unfortunately, mother’s curse is too strong. I can’t break it, but maybe...”.

They came to Nel Hativa because as Necromancer, Nel Hativa was also an expert on Death Magic and curses “it’s no use. Even if I tried to break it, the curse would come back again. We only could do what mother demanded to do. Usually, mother would give a condition to break the curse. But to think she’d give the curse to the three of you...”.

When Tristan and Merlin narrowed their eyes, it clicked on Nel Hativa’s head “typical of you, you don’t even tell them that you also have been cursed, Isolde?”.

Isolde lowered her head “...before I reborn, she gave me choices to leave your side or to stay together with you”.

“and what did you choose?”.

“well, what do you think of me? Obviously, I chose the latter. However, my mother was enraged by my choice and she gave a curse on me as well, like how she did to you and big sister Merlin. Glass Heart, it’s my curse”.

“how about your curse? what will happen to you?”, Tristan squeezed her hands tightly “Isolde, answer me. What will happen to you?”.

Isolde averted her eyes “every time I’m reborn, no matter what the circumstances, I will eventually and meet with you again and inevitably fall in love with you again, right? My mother... she wants an heir from me, so I have to bear your child and give birth an heir for her. It’s the only way to break our curses, the three of us, if I don’t...”.

Nel Hativa touched Isolde’s forehead to read her mind and her eyes widened as she sucked in the deep, shaky breaths “...then you will die in age of 24 years old due to heart attack. Once you reach 24 years old, after you regain all your magic power and your past-life memories, you only have a year before your curse kill you with crushing your heart. If you’re not together and get married with Tristan within a year after you regain all your magic power and your past-life memories, for sure you’re gonna die either way”.

This time, Tristan turned deadly pale “then let’s just get married and give what your mother wanted to break our curse!”.

“it’s impossible. If Isolde gives birth a daughter, she will die due to heart attack after giving birth your daughter. Not only her, even your daughter also will die not too long after Isolde dies because your daughter’s life will be depended on her. Should something ever happen her that lead to her death, your daughter will die too”, Nel Hativa covered her eyes “true, if Isolde can give an heir, your son will be her heir and it will break your curses but it’s impossible for us, Lilith’s descendants to give birth a son”.

Tristan narrowed his eyes “what do you mean?”.

Merlin explained with grim expression “because of the curse from Demon King. Lilith, our mother once was the Mistress of Demon King and she invited the Demon King’s wrath. At first, mother should be executed but because mother is the little sister of Demon King’s Queen, Demon King only cursed her with curse ‘Hollyhock’. Hollyhock is the symbol of woman’s ambition and fertility. This curse makes our mother, Lilith and us, her descendants only can produce daughter and we can’t produce son. Demon King may also fear of our mother’s power as the Queen of Succubus, that’s why he gave this curse, so our mother couldn’t produce a son and earn the heir of her own”.

“even knowing it, she still...”, Nel Hativa slammed her hands on the table “even if it’s a punishment for you three, it’s too much!”.

Before Tristan could ask her, Merlin held her sister’s hand “Isolde, why didn’t you tell us sooner about your curse?”.

“mother said it’s the punishment for us... for big sister, who betrayed me... for you, who make me died indirectly and only would bring suffer to me... and for me, who using people’s life to create Philosopher Stone in order to bring you back as Homunculus”, Isolde intertwined her hands as she sobbed “about the curse, I accept it as my punishment, but for the curses on you and big sister... I’m so sorry...”.

“look, it’s true that our mother’s curse is too strong. Even I and Merlin can’t break it with our magic power”, Nel Hativa waved her finger “but let’s figure it out together. I am not gonna let my little sister die twice”.

“needn’t to think too hard, about trying to break your curse with another way”, Lilith appeared out of nowehere “I have told you about how to break your curse, haven’t I?”.

Unexpected, Nel Hativa who usually the calmest and carefree, burst out in rage “what do you think you are doing, mother? You cursed your own daughter! How could you do this to my little sister, your own daughter?”.

Lilith simply lifted her hand and shrugged “oh, please. I’m not the first”.

“hell yeah, I know, but I think you’re better than them!”, Nel Hativa shouted in pure rage before she spat in despise “but now I know, you’re no better than them. You are just the same with that b*tch and the bastard who don’t have heart to the extend they even cursed their own children!”.

“don’t group me with that bastard. The curse he gave upon us isn’t deadly. I and my descendants only can produce daughter, but we still can continue our lineage, our clan can still exist”, Lilith touched her daughter’s chin and lifted her head up “what’s the problem with that? I don’t see the problem here, for us getting cursed”.

Nel Hativa swatted her hand with harsh glare before she scoffed “hah, I should have known it before, how insane you and him have been. Even knowing it, you put that curse to Isolde and Tristan!”.

“hm, I guess I will give a little dispensation”, Lilith tapped her finger on her cheek, looking straight to Tristan with evil smirk “kill yourself, Tristan. Break the Philosopher Stone, then I will break free my daughters from the curse Virgo and Glass Heart that afflict them. It’s simple, right? But for Merlin’s curse, she has different way to break it. She has to find her true love and once she gets true love’s kiss from the man who loves her sincerely, her curse will be gone but it can’t be with Tristan. Anyway, I think you don’t even care with your curse, right?”.

“that’s right, I don’t care even if I have to bear this curse for the rest of my life, I will take it as your punishment and my redemption, however…”, Merlin lifted her chin up with stern glare “what you said as dispensation, it isn’t the best solution so don’t you think we will agree with it”.

Lilith quirked smile “well, I wonder… we will see it later”.

Later, Tristan met with Lilith and Lilith welcomed him “as I expected. You are just the same with your father, after all. I know you’re really a good man. That’s why, I know you will do this for my daughter. However, I wonder which my daughter?”.

“both, because for me, Isolde is the love of my life and Merlin is my life-saver”, Tristan took a deep breath “but promise me, you will break free Isolde and Merlin from your curses with my life as the cost”.

“you’re not afraid of the death?”.

“nothing can scare me to death, other than the death of the woman I loved or the suffering of precious people for me”.

“needn’t to worry about them”, Lilith grabbed the Philosopher Stone on his artificial heart “I can take care of them”.

When Lilith started to pull the Philosopher Stone from his artificial heart, Tristan coughed bloods and vomiting bloody bile, it felt like his heart was torn into shreds. Three sisters came in time, right before Lilith fully pulled the Philosopher Stone out of his artificial heart.

“stop!”, Isolde spread her hands to the side, hovering above Tristan “if you want to kill him, you have to kill me too!”.

After Nel Hativa tackled Lilith to the side and threw the Philosopher Stone to Merlin, Lilith snarled “do you want to fight against your own mother? Neiva!”.

“for my younger sisters and the son of the man I loved, yes!”, Nel Hativa lifted her hand to the side and her shadow turned into Death Scythe. Lifting the Death Scythe on her hand, she looked behind over her shoulder as she turned into her Assault Mode “go!”.

Cradling Tristan’s head on her arms, Isolde blinked her tears away, about to protest “but—”.

“don’t worry, mother can’t kill her”, Merlin lifted her finger, using her teleport to move them to their house on the wood “Neiva won’t die, after all”.

Right in time, as Merlin and Isolde wanted to start the surgery, Meliodas came “yo, do I come in the wrong time?”.

Isolde dragged Meliodas by his sleeves “perfect time, godfather! Help us!”.

Meliodas blinked in confusion but he followed “huh? okay”.

When Tristan woke up, he lifted his hand “…I’m still alive?”.

“yep, thanks to my sisters”, Nel Hativa crossed her arms before her chest, standing tall beside his bed “and don’t make it sounded like you regret it that you’re still alive”.

“Neiva, I know you’re holding back your urge to stomp on him”, Merlin waved her hand “but wait until he fully recovered if you want to beaten him black and blue. Not only you who want to hit him”.

“okay, ladies”, Meliodas pushed them gently out of the room “why don’t you two give them some privacy?”.

In fact, Meliodas, Merlin and Nel Hativa watched them over from outside as they had spat. Unlike her older sisters, Isolde burst out into tears in relief and joy as she hugged him “don’t do it again! Even if you said it’s for me, don’t be! If you gave up your life to my mother, you might be able to save me and break our curses, but do you think I and my sister would be happy? What’s the point of breaking the curses, if you have to give up your life as the payment in order to break our curses? It wouldn’t make us happy at all!”.

Tristan covered his eyes with his palm “you don’t have to worry about it. Once you’re reborn in your next life, you can find your own happiness with someone you truly love, not because of the feelings from your previous life that being imprinted into your heart by your mother”.

“are you seriously saying that my love to you is merely something imprinted by my mother and not my real feelings?”, Isolde clenched her fists and stood, tears brimming on her eyes “well then, why don’t you just let me be and live your life happily with my older sister? Go with her and have happier life. After all, I’d forget all my memories and I’d die a year after I get it back in the end, right? Why should you care about me? Just let me die and continue your life happily with another woman who deserves you more”.

“I believe it’s my line. Why don’t you just let me die on your mother’s hand? I don’t think my life is worthy enough to be saved. From the first place, I don’t deserve such mercy and forgiveness from you at all. After all, I betrayed you and I hurt your sister. What I can do to fix it, only to break your curses even if it will take my life as its cost!”, Tristan looked up with remorse and guilt “I really mean it when I said I don’t think my life is worthy enough to be saved. Why should it be worthy, when I live my life until now, using other people’s lives? I’m nothing but a monster. Just let me die, so you and Merlin can free from your mother’s curse and continue your life without me—”.

“forgive me... I put you in such tough position… I should have thought of how you feel… I know this is so selfish of me, but no matter what... I want you to live. That’s why, live for me... don’t give up on your life… don’t just live, but live and thrive, thus you will always have a reason to live… don’t call yourself as monster, because if you’re a monster, then I’m the one who have turned you into like this, also a monster…”, Isolde hugged him, burying his face on her chest as tears welled from her eyes, ignoring the wet on her clothes that came from Tristan who cried silently “we still have time left… why don’t we figure out and try what we can do to this curse?”.

They married and no need a long time for Isolde to get pregnant. As they had expected, Isolde gave birth a daughter. Isolde’s body had started weakened ever since she reached the forth months of her pregnancy.

“Isolde”, carrying the wriggled baby within the tiny bundle on his arms, Tristan blinked away his tears “in the end, nothing I can do to save your life...”.

“please, don’t cry... lovers aren’t fated to be together forever, but to complete each other... you have to be strong for her... take care of her... our precious daughter...”, her eyes that green like the forest blinked away her own tears. Her tangled wavy long hair that brunette like bark of tree on the woods disheveled, cascading down her shoulders. She weakly smiled and reached out her shaky hand “I’m so sorry... I have to leave you and our daughter’s side this fast, but... we will meet again eventually... after all, we have been fated to meet and be together by Gods...”.

Tristan gripped her hand and kissed her hand before leaning down to kiss her forehead “...I love you”.

She only smiled in the middle of her tears, weakly whispering before she breathed her last “I love you too”.

In front of her funeral under the rain, Tristan looked behind with bitter smirk “don’t ever forgive me, Merlin”.

“like I said before, neither you nor my sister at fault. How could you expect me to hate you?”, Merlin shook her head before looking straight to him with newly-lit-up fire “if you ever give up on my little sister, I’m gonna make you fulfill your promise”.

“Tina contacted me from the Capital Of The Dead, she found Irina and Iris”, Nel Hativa came rather late, but it was not without reason “she said needn’t to worry about your daughters, she would take care of them”.

Tristan, Nel Hativa and Merlin made a promise in front of gravestones of Isolde, Irina and Iris, they would find the way to break the curses on their family members and kept in contact.

It was Nel Hativa who found the second reincarnation of Isolde “the second reincarnation of Isolde was Isolde Rosalita, caretaker and nursemaid for the cursed prince in the Castellio Kingdom. She is known as ‘Rosa’ this time”.

Well, other than them who called her as ‘Isolde’, Isolde Evergreen was known as ‘Eve’.

Tristan furrowed his eyebrow “cursed prince?”.

After Nel Hativa explained about the second prince, Escanor that claimed as cursed prince due to his power, Merlin caressed her chin “seems like he’s interesting man”.

Tristan stared to her in disbelief before Nel Hativa asked to focus “let’s think about it later. What’s more important, we have to hurry. She’s imprisoned on the jail for helping the cursed prince run away from their Kingdom. She should have enough time to run away from this Kingdom, but she decided to stay and just like that, she was imprisoned”.

They arrived when Castellio Kingdom was under attack by the barbarians. There was an earthquake and just like on that fire, Isolde Rosalita was only a human, she hadn’t earned back her power and she couldn’t fight back when the barbarians tried to use him and dragged her out of the jail. She fought back with all might, only to get stabbed on her body. When Tristan killed the barbarians who tried to defile her, she gained back her memories.

“you finally came…”, Isolde smiled and cupped his cheek, thanking him to save her again and telling him how she had been dreaming of him “I’ve been waiting for you, but you took so long”.

Tristan had heard from Nel Hativa about her waiting for something but he had no idea that it was him that she had been waited “why… you should have run away for your life. Why did you choose to stay here instead?”.

“because I’m afraid, I will not able to meet you if I leave”, she coughed blood and clutched her stomach as she was on his arms “whatever you are, Demon or human, Tristan is Tristan. The blood in yourself will not change who you are. I’m glad… to see you alive… I’m afraid if I leave… I can no longer meet with you anywhere… so there’s no point on leaving…”.

After she asked him to bring her to the port, he asked her to hold herself together, carrying her gently on his arms “I’ve known it for so long, that this world is cruel... but the woman I love taught me, this world is too beautiful for us to spend with do nothing and to forget with. No matter how hurt it feels, I will live if it’s for you”.

“good to know”, when they reached the port, she told him that this place was where the last time she saw Escanor after she helped him running away “could you do me a favor? Find him and tell him to live, and never ever feeling guilty of whatever happened to me… he’s kind of remembering me with you and our children, and he’s just like my own son, that’s why… and if you can, save the people of this Kingdom from the barbarians”.

“I understand”, settling her on his lap, he knew her time was not that much “I haven’t told you… our second daughter’s name, the one you gave birth when you were born as Isolde Evergreen…”.

With shaky breath “oh, what is her name?”.


“it’s a beautiful name”, lifting her shaky hand, she croaked weakly, breathing become harder “don’t make that face… we may get separated for a while… but we will meet again for sure…”.

Leaning his forehead to hers, he squeezed his eyes tightly, holding her hand as the rain disguised his tears with the droplets of rain “I promise, I will never stop looking for you and no matter how far we have separated, I will always find you and come back to your side, Isolde”.

“I will always wait for you. After all, I trust you of all people in this world”, she smiled lovely “I love you”.

After they kissed, she asked him in her last breath to throw her body to the sea before he burned him again after he died. He couldn’t let her go, so just like the previous times, after she died, as her body turned into ashes and her soul turned into Phoenix, her fire burned him which his wounds quickly healed thanks to his regeneration. Looking back to the Castellio Kingdom, Tristan went back to the Castle where he found the barbarians tried to kill the Royal family. When the first prince asked him to save him and his family, Tristan only glared to them in disdainful before he asked.

“what did you say to Isolde Rosalita before she was imprisoned?”.

Yes, Isolde didn’t do anything wrong, she only saved an innocence soul yet they blamed her and they imprisoned her, in result she died and he was too late to save her again. They didn’t deserve for her mercy and forgiveness, just like him. For the civilians, he could save them like her sisters thrive to do, but for the Royal family who imprisoned her? He just watched as the barbarians killed them all before Tristan himself killed the barbarians and turned this Kingdom into ruins. First thing he remembered once he snapped back out of his berserk mode, was Meliodas and Merlin stopped him after Nel Hativa called him.

Meliodas asked him “do you realize what you’re doing?”.

“yes, I do”, Tristan said without remorse as the single track of blood came out of his eye “after all, unlike your Wrath, I can choose to do my Revenge or not. I could choose not to, but I chose to do it for the woman that I loved and just slipped out of my hands. That is my Sin”.

Knowing what kind of fate that befell on the second reincarnation of Isolde, Merlin and Nel Hativa only hugged him. Like his promise, he found her again as Isolde Marianna.

Isolde smiled fondly “but I hope all of us, we and our friends can always be happy together like this”.

“I hope so, too”, Tristan smiled fondly with tint of bitterness and loneliness in the end of his speech “no matter how impossible it is”.

Thinking she had mistaken it, Isolde blinked her eyes to him “Sir Tristan?”.

Merlin narrowed her eyes. Her little sister just had no idea yet, how much blood and tears this man had shed over her.

When they had finished watching it, there was sudden poltergeist. The things on this room suddenly floated as strong breeze was swirling around this room.

Meliodas called her firmly “Merlin!”.

Merlin snapped out of it before she covered her face “…I’m so sorry, Captain”.

Meliodas waved his hand, he knew all too well that she always reacted like this when it came to her little sister and her mother “no problem, just take it easy”.

Merlin sighed heavily before standing “forgive me, but I need to get fresh air outside”.

Escanor lifted his hand, walking to outside as well “don’t bother, just let me”.

“I will check on them upstairs”, because she heard something loud above, Gelda walked upstairs, only to walk downstairs with Isolde “Tristan is gone!”.

Chapter Text

Under the snow, they walked together before she told him, the cold winter breeze blew her short hair and the snow fell slowly from the sky "as long as we're together, I feel happy but at the same time, I also feel suffocated. That's why, let's divorce".

"just tell me one thing", Tristan lowered his gaze "in the end, am I only a mere burden for you?".

"it's not that. I can't explain it pretty well, but... I hope we can still be a friend or family, like the way we had been before", Merlin shook her head and she didn't, couldn't answer his question, instead, for the first time, she cried for a man that she and her sister loved "forgive me".

"I understand", Tristan didn't say anything as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, he only let her leaning her face on his shoulder for a while before he asked her to promise him "promise me, you will find your own happiness someday, no matter how long it will take for you to find it and once you find it, never ever let it go".

Blinking away a single tear, she closed her eyes slowly as she leaned her crying face on his broad, warm shoulder "...yes, I promise".

The snow that fell from the sky that day, it felt as the coldest ever for her.

That night, three sisters had a drink together (which Tristan eavesdropping them).

"why do I ask Tristan to divorce, you ask?", Merlin sipped her wine "simple, don't you see it? The way he looks at her and the way Isolde looks at him, that kind of love never dies".

Lifting her finger to Merlin, Nel Hativa stated the matter of fact in front of her sister's face "you love him too".

Merlin twirled her glass with sad looks "just because I love him, it doesn't mean I have to be together with him, Neiva. As long as Tristan and Isolde can be happy together, it's my greatest happiness".

Nel Hativa raised her eyebrow "even if he doesn't belong to you and you are the only one that being left alone?".

"Neiva, do you think between me and Isolde, which one he would choose? We know the answer all too well, he undoubtedly would choose Isolde over everything. He always will, always has. It's been always like this. I should have known it better than anyone", Merlin chuckled before lowering her face further "there's no place for me on his heart from the first place".

Nel Hativa gobbled down a bottle of wine on her hand "such our luck with men, huh? Mother was a Mistress, you have difficult position in between them as his second wife".

Merlin raised her eyebrow, curtly retorted "and what's the different with you, huh?".

"I only have the unrequited love. Many things can be the reason for me like he's someone from higher stature, he's too far for me to reach him, he's too devoted to certain woman to ever fixate his eyes on another woman. Hence, he even can create an Army just from his children with his beloved woman from how many children they have had but...", with those sad looks on her eyes, Nel Hativa narrowed her eyes "above all else, this is forbidden love. There's no way I can continue it".

Merlin grunted, pointing her finger "don't make that face as if you couldn't have reconciliation with them. You should have known it that they are not the type of person who would hate you just because what happened between the three of you".

Nel Hativa smirked before looking up to Merlin, encouragingly telling her "that's the point. The three of you still can have reconciliation. Of all people, you should have known Isolde and Tristan better than anyone. They are really, really kind-hearted and good person. I may not know Tristan like you and Isolde have, but I can tell at least, Isolde would never hate you just because of this, Mer".

"Neiva is right", Isolde barged into the room before she joined her sisters. Snatching a bottle of wines from the bottle cellars, she gobbled down the wine like a starving woman before she openly admitted that she has started to regain her past-life memory. She cried and apologized to Merlin for dying and leaving them all along with Irina. She even gave thanks to Merlin with sincere smile on her face "I have seen it myself, what happened to you, Tristan and Neiva after my death... I really mean it... thank you... thank you so much, for saving Tristan and keep him alive, sister. That's why, no need for you to feel guilty over me anymore. Never ever thought that you betrayed me. As long as I'm dead, you are the reason of why he's still alive".

Merlin hugged her sister and cried along with her "I really don't deserve such mercy and forgiveness from you".

"come on, we are sisters, right? As siblings, sometimes we can easily do something cruel that hurt our siblings but our bond does undoubtedly always exist. That's why siblings are always far and near at the same time", Isolde laughed in between her tears, patting her sister's head "just remember this from now on, no matter what happened, you are my older sister and I will always love you".

"then, we're all good! Just let past be the past! let's move forward together after we forget and forgive each other! Okay?", Nel Hativa patted both Merlin and Isolde's head before lifting the wine bottle on her hand "there, there, you two know what to do after you forget and forgive each other, right? Let's drink together for tonight!".

Snaking her hand around Merlin's waist, Isolde cheered up "agreed!".

Merlin laughed it off "you two just want to drink, don't you?".

When Tristan thought it's time to give the privacy to the three sisters and about to leave, he halted in halfway because he heard something unthinkable for him. Surprisingly, when both her older sister told her to just make it up and get together with Tristan again, Isolde told something unthinkable for them.

With sad smile, Isolde who started tipsy (being the one with the lowest tolerant of alcohol between her sisters) admitted out loud "...I thought Tristan must have hated me".

"and loved me? no way", waving her hand, even Merlin threw scrutinize gaze to her sister as if asking was she for real? "how could you say something ridiculous like that?".

"it's true!", even Nel Hativa nodded her head furiously, still pretty much sober and not even tipsy as the one with the highest tolerant of alcohol between three sisters "if anything, he loved you! Is still in love with you, even! Had he not, why would Merlin have asked him to divorce? Do you want to have a gamble with us?".

"but he has every right to hate me, especially after I brought him back to life. Believe me, it changed him. As his first wife in my previous life, I can tell something has changed from him. Not that I mind about it, that he's changed, but...", Isolde looked downcast before she covered her eyes with her palm "I... without even realizing the consequences of my selfish actions to bring him back to my side, only to leave him along with our daughter after that... I have hurt him deeply, leaving the scars, not only on his body but also in his heart".

Both Merlin and Nel Hativa crossed their arms before their chest, they couldn't say that their sister's only overthinking it when what she said was indeed the truth, but still...

Nel Hativa squeezed her hand "sister, just talk with him. Who know how people's heart work? The only thing you should do right now, is to make clear everything with him so there's no misunderstand between you two anymore".

Merlin rolled her eyes "listen to you elder. Neiva here is quite experienced for the matters of hearts".

Nel Hativa shook her sister's shoulder, squealing in protest "hey!".

Ignoring her sister's reaction, Merlin continued "but you should have known it, right? He wouldn't hate you just because of that. Just talk with him before everything is too late and what you think and can do only regret it. We don't want to see you weeping over him in despair again".

"she's right", Nel Hativa grabbed her hand "if you're afraid, we can help you to talk with him!".

"thank you, sisters. I know I should talk with him but... no, thank you", Isolde shook her head before she wiping her tears that welling from her eyes freely "I'm so sorry. I'm too coward. I'm too afraid to know... what if he really hates me now? I will accept it... for my Sin... but I don't want him to hate me more, then...".

"oh, come on!", Nel Hativa sighed in frustration and scratched the back of her nape before looking behind over her shoulder "oi, would you stay still outside there doing nothing to make it all clear with her? Just clear everything with my crying sister already!".

Tristan kicked the door, standing in front of the door. With long, heavy sigh, he slipped his hands to his pocket, tilting his head, clearly annoyed "it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard from you".

Isolde stood and covered her mouth, squealing with red face "did you hear it all?!".

"the three of you have fun bad-talking about me? hell yeah, I did", pulling her up by her wrist, Tristan slung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes "come with me, no protest and no buts".

Flailing from his iron grip in vain, Isolde waved her hands "sister, help me!".

Instead, both said-sister only waved their hands "good luck~".

"that's what you said when a bear kidnapped your sister!".

"grouping me with a bear now?".

On the outside, Tristan cornered her to the wall "don't even try to think to run away".

Averted her eyes, she blushed "...okay...".

"look, I thought I don't deserve you anymore because I betrayed you. I know this is pathetic of me, but the woman I love make me realized, just how much I need her by my side", running his fingers on his hair in frustrated manner, Tristan sighed heavily, before he pulled her into his embrace "stay with me. There's no way I would able to hate you, ever. Instead, you only make me love you more. That's why, even if you hate me, until the day you've got tired of me, stay with me".

"you stupid", Isolde cried as she hugged him, burying her face on his chest "you should have known my answer... I love you, I've always loved you, be it as Isolde Belialuin or Isolde Evergreen... there's no way I'd trade you with anything...".

Merlin exchanged glances with Nel Hativa and they exchanged broad smile, sincerely feeling happy for their youngest sister. Merlin had decided she chose what was right, what she had thought of the rightest thing to do, so why should she remember this and why should he dream of this?

"..I'm alive...", Tristan blinked his eyes as he groaned in pain, he felt his body hurt like hell "again".

"don't make it sounded like you regret it", Isolde knitted her eyebrow before leaning down to touch his forehead "you're still burning up. It's good to see you awake but it's best for you to sleep and take it easy".

Tristan reached out, weakly grabbed her wrist "Isolde... you're not injured, right?".

"what is it? You are the only one who heavily injured right now", Isolde said with vibrated voice, she quickly turned her back to take the tray of a bowl of chicken soup that Ban made and drink "can you sit? You have to eat and drink something before drink the medicine—".

She saw him no longer in his bed and she dropped the tray of food and drink on her hand.


After the sound of someone running upstairs, Gelda barged in "what happened?".

They went downstairs after that and pandemonium happened on the Boar Hat.

"I swore I just averted my eyes for a second but next second I saw to the bed, he disappeared!", Isolde lifted her fists, yammering in irk "the nerve he has! Where the hell he's gone with his condition right now? He's not in good condition to wake up yet. Heck, he's even not strong enough to walk and get up from bed yet! how the hell he's capable to sneak out of his bed from the first place?!".

Gowther pointed out "he's a Warlock, remember? He still can levitate and use teleport".

"calm down, Isolde. Let's go find him outside. He won't go too far, not when you're here", Gelda told Isolde reassuringly and squeezed Isolde's shoulder, giving her light massage to calm her down before pointing "look, even Tina and Meliodas have gone first to look for him without we noticed it".

King looked around "eh! Since when?".

Diane looked around with the same level of surprise "that's fast!".

Ban drawled as he "I wonder actually what is Tina and Tristan's relationship with the Cap'n? Cap'n is quite overprotective about Tristan and he's also quite having resemblances with Tina and Tristan".

"of course they are, they are father with his children", Gelda thought before giving an advice "now, how about we go to check outside and ask Lady Merlin to help us?".

"I won't have him taking any risks on his recovery, not under my watch! If it were normal people, they would die long before or at least, still lying in bed with dying state. He's supposed to stay in bed and have a total bed rest, not to get up out of his bed and wander around instead!", Isolde burst out in distraught, holding the knob of the door before opening the door with full force "I swear once I get him, I'm gonna slap him!".

"do as you please", Gelda flatly gave in as she followed the young healer "though I don't think that's what you're gonna do".

Well, when they found Merlin with Escanor, they saw something unexpected and met with uninvited guest.


Looking behind, Merlin saw the burly man who caught her and wrapped his arms around her waist as she unconsciously kept walking and barely fell to the river. With clear concern on his eyes, Escanor put her down to the ground carefully "be careful, you could have drowned".

Merlin sheepishly admitted as she gave thanks to him "ah, I'm sorry. I was too distracted".

Escanor frowned "by what we shouldn't have to see?".

"...I'm so sorry, you have to see it", Merlin admitted that times where Isolde died for the first time, the chance meeting with her first reincarnation and the revelation of the curses, it was the worst times of her life "I don't want you to see me that way".

Escanor looked surprised at that "why? Because it's your weakness moments? Because you think that your marriage life with Tristan is your failure or biggest mistake of your life? Or... because of what happened between you with Tristan and Isolde?".

"all of it", Merlin turned her back against him, not dare to look straight to his face, not when she was not sure of his reaction "Mark crossed the boundaries. That's not something we could reveal to others, ever".

"no need to apologize to me, Merlin", Escanor shook his head. Caressing his moustache thoughtfully, he asked because he thought there were more than it "well, I admit I'm surprised to see your mother... but all jokes aside, do you not want us to know about your mother?".

"honestly, I don't too care about her", surprisingly, Merlin said it nonchalantly, explaining to Escanor that even without or with what happened to Isolde and Tristan, it's not like Merlin and Lilith ever had good relationship, ever "unlike me, my mother had a high hope on Isolde but after what happened on the Cornwall and our mother gave the curse, well... I have no idea. I myself don't too care of Lilith, our biological mother because, why should I? Just like she doesn't too care of me to the point that maybe, she doesn't even think of me as her daughter anymore after what happened 3.000 years ago on Belialuin, thus she deliberately could give the curse on me".

(without they knew, actually the others had arrived here but because they thought the situation wasn't perfect for them to appear, they decided to hide for a while)

Escanor carefully said "I apologize if it sounded know-it-all of me, but I thought you deliberately kept the things about your mother as secret because of... well, you know...".

"the fact that our mother is Succubus? Well, it's a lie if I said that some part of me deep down in my heart, I hope no one will know about it, especially not someone I cared deeply. You truly know how people have been thinking about Demon Clan, right? Four other Clans always think differently of Demon Clan, while in fact, not all people of Demon Clan are evil. For example, my older sister Neiva. She's not fully opened about her past to us but I know, after what happened to her, no wonder she always hides her real identity as Demon", Merlin sighed and looked up to the bright, blue sky above "I hope someday she can find her own happiness".

Escanor hummed "I hope I can meet her and become her friend too. Looks like she's a good woman".

"she really is, though I dare to say that she's really the daredevil. She is one of less people who can grate my nerves", Merlin twitched her eyebrow up and down before looking up to him, carefully asking "say, Escanor... tell me honestly, even after knowing my parent's lineage... although my father is human, but my mother is the part of Demon race, which make me, their daughter be Hybrid, half-Demon half-human... Do you still think the same of me even after knowing it?".

"why wouldn't I? I have no idea about the others, but for me, Merlin is Merlin", Escanor shrugged "maybe people will say that I'm only biased by my own love and feeling to you but just like what you sister, Isolde thought of Tristan, no matter what kind of bloods flowing through your vein, it will not change who you are to me in my heart".

"you are really kind, a good man who deserve a woman better than me", Merlin only smiled "...thank you".

"still, to think your mother put the curse on her daughters, it's so cruel of her", after Merlin only laughed it off as he lamented about it, Escanor asked "but do you really mean it? When you said that you don't mind at all about your curse?".

"honestly, with my power, I can break my mother's curse whenever I want it", Merlin said with bitter smile "but I accept it as my punishment and my redemption. After all, I deserve for it".

"not only that, right? Gwen... perhaps she knew it, that's why she asked me to talk about this with you and to think she asked me such request...", Escanor scratched his cheek with slight flushed cheek, he didn't elaborate what Guinevere asked to him but he said "in fact, you never consider about your own happiness, not after what happened between you, Isolde and Tristan. Due to your guilt, maybe even up until now, you still...".

Again, Merlin smiled, the kind of a smile to hide her own pain and to reassure other people, the kind of smile people usually wore for others but not for their own good "that's right, after what happened to my sister and Tristan... I don't know what Gwen had told you, but before I can make sure of Tristan and Isolde's happiness, I think I shouldn't be happy and I don't mind at all. After all, I don't think I deserve to be happy, so it's alright... even if I could never have my happiness".

Looking at her smile when she said it, Escanor cupped her cheek "don't make that face. If your family can't make you happy, I will give everything you want that no one can give it to you".

Everything. Himself. Her happiness. Those unspoken words reached her as her eyes widened and in her dazed state, what she could do only to call his name "...Escanor?".

"I said it years ago, that I will wait no matter how long it needed and I will not force you to accept my feeling to you", Escanor touched her chin and tilted her head up "however, once you've become mine, don't you think I will let you go, ever. Better you think twice before you answer me".

"you fully know what my Sin, right? I don't know if my thirst will be satisfied, ever, then you have to give me more and bring heaven to me", using her magic power to levitate herself, Merlin floated on the air before wrapping her arms around his shoulders, leaning down. After they kissed, she covered her mouth as she inhaled deep breath. With light blush on her face, she asked "...speaking of which, what Gwen asked you?".

"maybe it was only a little promise with a little girl on her childhood, but I have to fulfill my promise as a man", Escanor chuckled as he wrapped his arms around Merlin's waist "she asked me to always protect you and don't make you cry but make you be the happiest woman alive".

Merlin clicked her tongue and put her hands on her hip as Escanor gently put her down "that little girl of mine... I should have known it beforehand. She must have plotted something".

Escanor tilted his head, not fully understand what did she mean "don't scold her, okay? She's a good girl and she only wanted her dear mother to be happy".

"yeah, but— kh!", Merlin felt burning on her back. She dropped to her knees before enormous waves of miasma came out of her body. Once the miasma dissipated and vanished to the thin air, she lifted her hands, shakily looking down to her palms "...what?".

"Merlin, what's wrong?", Escanor dropped one knee in front of her, frantically asking "where does it hurt? Are you—'.

"no, it's alright. In fact, my body feels light", Merlin looked up to him, with uncertainty "I don't know why, but my mother's curse... it's broken...".

"Merlin!", suddenly, someone that turned out to be Nel Hativa landed near the officially-couple after flying down full speed, leaving the crater on the ground where she had landed. Not even care to shrink her horns and wings back into her body, Nel Hativa hugged Merlin, successfully toppling them over to the ground as she rubbed her cheek on her cheek "my dear little sister, I'm really glad that finally you found your true love, got his kiss and mother's curse on you finally broke!".

Pushing her away, Merlin asked her to start act on her age "stop faking it, Neiva! I know you have been watching over me which you totally enjoy it and I bet you will not live it down to tease me, right?".

"oh, come on, it's so mean of you, Mer-bear. Do you seriously think that low of me? I sincerely feel glad for my sister, of course", wiping her cheeks, she really faked her tears like Merlin had said before she grinned broadly "but you surely have a great catch here~", Nel Hativa playfully caressed her little sister's chin as she drawled teasingly, pointedly looking to Escanor with sideways glance. Turning to Escanor, Nel Hativa shook his hands and she introduced herself "hell, my name is Nel Hativa but you may call me Neiva. First of all, thank you so much for saving my sister from her curse. As her older sister, from now on, I entrust her to you. Maybe she can be a bit shy sometimes in front of the man she loved but just to make sure, you have to make her be the happiest woman alive, okay?".

Escanor shook her hand with a sparkle on his eyes "you can trust me, older sister".

Merlin groaned and felt like having a sudden headache "sister, enough. You're embarrassing me! And Escanor, don't group with her!".

Nel Hativa lifted her hands "do you love him or not?".

"well...", Merlin lowered her head and covered her blushing face "...there's no way I say 'no' to it".

"duh, you're so shy like usual. There, there", Nel Hativa ruffled her head, totally ignoring Merlin's protest about stop treating her like a child before Nel Hativa started her rambling "oh, I feel like I can hear the li'l Gwen squealing in delight right now and knowing the good girl she is, she must be glad and she would congratulate you with him", when Escanor asked her about why did she come here, she just remembered "ah, I've heard what happened on Vaizel so I came here to check your condition due to my niece's request but in the halfway, I saw on the riverbank, Tristan speaking with his daughters while on the woods near the river, quite distraught Tina and quite panicked Meliodas which unusual of them, looked like looking for something. Could it be... again, Tristan pushed himself and woke up when he shouldn't, perhaps?".

Hell, yeah. Isolde burst out of her hiding place "you should have told us sooner about it!".

Nel Hativa lifted her hand "oh, hi! Isn't it Isolde, my other little sister? Since when did you and your companions hide there?".

Next second, when Merlin and Escanor realized that they were watched intensely from the first place, the terrifying couple demanded their comrades to have proper conversation about it after they found and talked with Tristan first (which obviously Isolde and Gelda could avoid it).

Isolde rolled her eyes "are you sure, it's his daughters?".

Nel Hativa tilted her head "well, well, well, I recognize them not as human but spirits from the Capital Of The Dead and they have wings, one with golden wings and one with rainbow-colored wings, who else they could be?".

When Meliodas and Tristina found him on the riverbank, Tristan floated on the air using his magic power to levitate as he talked with his daughters who visited and came all the way from the Capital of The Dead.

The oldest one, Irina asked with concern on her eyes, holding his hands "Daddy, is your body really alright now?".

"you know I'm strong, right? No need to worry about me", Tristan said as he sat down above the rock on the riverbank "sorry, we have to meet here, but we can't risk the chance for your mother to see you two when she doesn't remember yet".

"it's alright, Dad. We understand", Irina, so mature, nodded in understanding "it's not like we can see mommy too when she doesn't remember us yet, right?".

"right", the younger one, Iris nodded her head before she burst out into tears, crying mess "though I'm so scared! I thought Daddy was gonna die... Poor mommy if you had...".

"I'm so sorry for make you scared, honey", Tristan apologetically smiled "I promise, next time I will visit with your mother".

"we will visit for sure", Meliodas convinced as he landed on the rock "hi, dear!".

Both Irina and Iris outright brightened before excitedly cuddling to him (despite the fact they couldn't touch him) "grandpa!".

As Meliodas was busy with his grand-daughters, Tristina floated down beside Tristan "as we thought, you're here".

Tristan turned to his twin, already sensed her on the Boar Hat ever since he woke up "how could you know that I'm here?".

Tristina scoffed at that "hello, who do you think I am? I'm your twin, of course I know you. You have a habit to seek for the seclusion when you want to be alone. You always sit on the rock near the riverbank as looking up to the bright blue sky when you're in deep thought or to meditate. You always hide above the tree when we played hide and seek, though there was once I found you sleeping on the tree when we played hide and seek".

"oh, I remember that. We played hide and seek, I hid above the tree and we ended up sleeping on the tree together. Dad scolded us because we came home late and mother told us to not do it again".

Meliodas pointed out "hey, it was your fault to make us worried, kids!".

When he saw his twin's scowl, Tristan concluded "you're mad".

"oh, sure~ I do, but because you came here to see your daughters, I'm holding myself back. At least, you could have told us before you went to see your daughters, you know?", Tristina sighed before she turned, telling him and Meliodas that she would leave with Irina and Iris "even Isolde wanted to hit you, though I know it too well, she doesn't have the heart to hurt you and let you taking risk in your condition right now. I think she's gonna cry in relief and joy, then hugs you before giving good scolds to you instead, so prepare yourself".

When the others arrived here, they saw Meliodas and Tristan waved their hands to Tristina, Irina and Iris. Like Nel Hativa said, they saw both Irina and Iris had a pair of wings on their back, although they had different colors where Irina had wings with golden feathers meanwhile her little sister, Iris had wings with rainbow-colored feathers, just like her name. Rather than with the descendants of Demon, they more looked like an angel.

Iris waved her hands, cheerfully said "see you again, Daddy! Take care!".

Irina waved her hand, still worried "don't risk your life and endanger your life again, okay?".

"listen to your daughter", Tristina floated beside him "or~ I'm gonna haunting you~".

Tristan scoffed "hence, it won't scare me again".

Tristina clicked her tongue at that "tch".

Once Irina and Iris disappeared with Tristina after they said goodbye, Tristan's body staggered and he fell to the side, but before Meliodas caught him, Ban caught him "aren't you supposed to be in bed, Kid?".

Looking to his father's eyes, Tristan mumbled despite his ragged breath and perspiration as Meliodas and Ban helped him to sit on the ground, leaning his back on the rock "...I'm fine, don't glare to me like that, old man".

"sure~ try to stand up and walk, then~", Meliodas deliberately challenged him and earning his grunt, he sighed "see? You don't even have the energy left to stand and walk. Wonder of whom did you get this stubborn, Triss?".

Clutching his stomach, Tristan closed his eyes as he tried to regain the rhythm of his breathing "you're mad?".

"of course, I am. You recklessly endangered your life, again", Meliodas growled before he sat beside him, patting his son's head "but since I also went berserk this time, looks like I have no place to scold you, so let's call we're even, just for this time. Although, unlike you, I don't have to endanger my life. Actually, when will you stop risking your life like this?".

"dunno", Tristan sighed, telling the matter of fact "besides I didn't endanger my own life, but risk my life in order to protect the precious people that I have to protect".

"you idiot!", Isolde rushed to his side, already sitting by his side "no one asked you to risk your life!".

"here we go again~", Gelda gave an advice to the others to wait "please wait for a moment. They will have their spat but this is their daily routine".

Meliodas joined them to watch on the sidelines "yup, she's right".

Tristan scowled "do you think who would feel the most distraught if something happened to you?".

"and what? you think I wouldn't feel the same? Let me make it clear for you, I will die too if you die! I can't bear to live in a world without you!", Isolde cupped his cheeks, despite her distraught, her eyes only showed her determination and resolve "don't you understand it? I don't want to fight, but if I have to fight in order to protect the precious people of me, I will fight! Even if this world turns against you, I'm not afraid as long as I'm with you. I will never leave your side, because that's far I need you by my side. No matter what happens, I will never betray you, ever. Just stop thinking so low of your own life!".

"damn it... how could you always able to drive me crazy?", running his fingers on his hair, Tristan slung his hand around her shoulder "you said I'm your savior, but you have no idea, how many times I've been saved by you".

Isolde blinked in shock "I have... saved you?".

"yes. Even just your presence, it's enough to make me want to live again. Thank you, Isolde".

Listening to his sincere words about how he wanted to live because of her, it successfully brought her into crying mess.

Nel Hativa shook her head "oh my, you make her crying again".

Looking to the side and just realized she was here, Meliodas lifted his hands in excitement "Neiva!".

"Mel-Mel!", Nel Hativa spread her hands to the side before hugging him "long time no see you and I'm glad to see you healthy, but you're still small like always".

Meliodas pinched her cheeks "cheeky".

Elizabeth caressed her chest after looking at how close Meliodas and Nel Hativa (which not go unseen by Veronica) as she felt something on her chest. Whatever, she could talk with Meliodas later but she thought this was something that Tristan should know so she squeezed Tristan's hand. With fond smile adorned her face and motherly affection, she patted his head "Lady Isolde's right. Please, don't think so low of your own life. Not only Lady Isolde, there are people who will be sad if something happens to you. Thank you, for saving us and survive, Sir Tristan".

In a split second, Meliodas appeared behind Elizabeth and groped her breasts, earning her squeal and moans "listen to your mother".

For Isolde's purity, sanity and innocence, Merlin quickly covered Isolde's eyes.

Veronica grabbed the hilt of her sword and shouted "you jerk! Let your hands go off of my sister!".

"let me assist you", Nel Hativa appeared behind Meliodas and head-lock him with ridiculous speed before she turned to Elizabeth and Veronica "ladies, if you want to take revenge on him, now it's your chance".

Veronica gladly accepted her aide but Elizabeth tried to stop them, asking them to not hurt him and in result, earning incredulous glances from the others. They laughed at their antics before Tristan heard someone whispering in his head "you can't escape who you are".

"I know, but even so... I will live like my father has decided, for the sake of the precious people I have to protect, for the people who want me to live and the woman I love...", Tristan leaned his head on her shoulder, whispering weakly "sorry, Isolde... I guess... I'm gonna sleep a bit...".

"Sir Tristan?", cradling his head on her chest, she instantly lowered her hand from his forehead in reflex "he's burning up! Godfather, help!".

Meliodas landed on the ground after Nel Hativa released him "geez, this is why we told you to rest, dumbass brat".

"let me, Cap'n", carrying Tristan on his back, Ban beckoned to Merlin "Merlin".

"understood", Merlin snapped her fingers, using her teleport to move them all to Boar Hat. On the Boar Hat, after they made sure Tristan was under care of Isolde's good hands, she asked her sister "I believe you came here not only to reunion. What do you want, Neiva?".

"well, well, well, actually I need you to come with me for some errands from The Lady Of The Lake", Nel Hativa showed her the list "and your daughter's special request, which I will meet her tonight".

On the rooftop, after Isolde told them that Tristan was gonna be okay, Meliodas decided to call the day off and told them all to rest so they would continue their discussion about their next move later, Ban sat on the rooftop star-gazing in deep thought, same with King.

"Ban, I haven't asked you yet until now because I'm too scared to know... but tell me...", King floated in front of the Undead "where is my little brother? How is he?".

"oh, you mean Elias, Elaine's twin brother?", Ban drawled with sing song tone, with all seriousness "...he's gone...".

King narrowed his eyes "what do you mean he's gone?".

"...I couldn't find the body wherever, unlike with Elaine. Last time I saw him, he injured terribly...", —he tried to create the opening for me and Elaine to run away when the fatass Demon before I saw his body slashed into two in front of my eyes, his bloodied body dropped to the ground and—, but the words stuck in his throat so what he could say only "...I'm so sorry, King. I have no idea where is he".




On the Castle of Camelot Kingdom or more precisely from Merlin's laboratory, Arthur and Morgan heard the delightful squeals "KYA! / HORAY!".

Arthur noted "'s Guinevere".

"and Lancelot", Morgan added before rushed to the laboratory "what happened?".

When Arthur and Morgan arrived there, they saw other sibling in this Castle, Guinevere and Lancelot knitted their hand in their elbow and dancing around in pure happiness delightfully like children who just got the greatest gift on their life. Arthur thought it was cute of them, but after looking at his half-sister's scowl, he couldn't help it but want to laugh it off.

Arthur cleared his throat after he had had enough of his own laughter "honey, what happened?".

Guinevere wrapped her arms around his shoulders before excitedly reciting about what happened to her dearest godmother Merlin "you should have seen it, Arthur!".

"hee, that's happened to Master. We have to give proper congratulation for her", Morgan nodded her head absentmindedly "and what will you say to her when she's back with her lover, princess?".

Guinevere tilted her head innocently "that I don't mind at all to have another godfather? Whatever, we have to celebrate it!".

"don't get too excited, sis. Remember what the healer said about your blood-tension—", right after Lancelot said it, Guinevere collapsed and Lancelot face-palmed "told you".

Arthur carried her bridal style and beckoned the explanation from Lancelot "Guinevere! What did the healer said?".

"the healer said to be careful and watch over her blood-tension because she has low-blood-tension due to her lack of sleep", Lancelot narrowed his eyes as he put his hands on his hop "and before you scold me, my King, let me remind you that you are one of her reasons why she lacked of her sleep".

Morgan tapped her fist on her palm "oh, because of their secret rendezvous every night?".

Lancelot deadpanned "indeed".

"don't make it sounded like it's fully my fault and I have deliberately kept her awake on the night due to personal desire. It's unlike we do something pervert because she only helped me to organize what happened in our Kingdom and she is too stubborn to let me work alone. You see, the thing is, I have asked her to just go to sleep and she still chose to stay with me and only went back to her chamber once I'm done!".

Lancelot knew, of course "good to know, although sometimes you two also can be lovey-dovey in the middle of your work".

"glad to know our future King and Queen are dependable, but...", Morgan narrowed her eyes, sternly scolding him "you are gonna be his husband, brother. You have to take a great care of your woman so her health is your responsibility. Not to mention it's troublesome if your bride isn't on fit condition on your wedding, is it not?".

Chapter Text

People called the vast forest that stretched across North Britannia as “The Fairy King’s Forest”. At the heart of the forest, laid a clearing free from trees that grew so thick, they blocked anyone from entering. In its center stood a massive tree with a canopy of pink leaves and at the top of the tree, there was ‘The Fountain Of Youth’, the treasure was guarded by Guardian Saint. That was what people knew, but little they knew, that Guardian Saint who guarded the treasure was twin. The older one was Elaine, the Holy Maiden and Fairy Princess who had the power to control Wind. The younger one was Elias, Fairy Prince who usually hid behind the shadow and had the power to control the living of nature. Like usual, that day they protected the Fountain Of Youth in the Fairy King’s Forest from the intruders. Unlike his older sister who wore white dress, Fairy Prince who had short blonde-hair and honey-colored eyes wore black shirt under his green jacket and navy blue trousers which the design matched with his older brother’s clothes.

“Oslo and the birds told me there are the intruders, a group of mercenaries”, Elias floated down but before he went to the woods, he told her “just take care of the Fountain Of Youth, sister. I’ve got this”.

“yes, yes”, Elaine sighed with note in her head, those mercenaries wouldn’t survive. Unlike her, Elias was rather merciless and usually he wouldn’t leave any survivors when it came to someone who would bring harm on them or whoever had an ill intention to them “take care”.

“I believe it’s my line”, Elias scoffed before he went flying down deep to the woods where he found a group of intruders, the mercenaries “human never learns, huh?”.

Elias only needed to move his hands, using his power Animancy to take control of the living around him to get rid these mercenaries once he knew that the mercenaries were just the same with other greedy humans who had sneaked out here. It was not that he liked this job, but he had no choice. He promised his older brother to protect not only his twin and the Fountain Of Youth, but also Fairy King’s Forest with its people, to protect their home, their family and their clan as long as his brother left. Disappeared more exactly. Usually, it was him who did this dirty job to protect his sister.

“what a mess”, Elias said as he cleaned the dirt on his hands before a bird perched on his shoulder. His eyes widened “what? Another intruder?”.

“have a lick and live ten more years~ take a swig and live a hundred more years~ drink the whole thing and you live forever~”.

Elias did nothing to this spiky-haired man because he believed his twin sister but he saw something so unusual, for the first time “...okay, this is weird. Why should this forest protect and save this human?”.

No matter how many times Elaine blew the strong wind to send this human flying off of the tree, he would survive somehow. Either he grabbed some branches on the way, fell on some trees growing close enough to cushion him of his fall or lucky enough to land on some giant mushrooms. Even Oslo didn’t attack him after the bandit landed on top of him, the black hound only continued to sleep instead. Elias floated down and asked the sleeping black hound when the bandit started to climb up the tree again.

“Oslo, why did you not attack him?”, Elias frowned when he earned the black hound’s answer “...this Forest said he’s not dangerous at all, you said?”.

Well, it was true that the Fairy King’s Forest never showed this kind of reaction to the intruder. This was also the very first time for him to see this happened. Elias decided to watch over and observe for a while from above. Neither his sister nor the bandit would realize his presence, after all he had special ability to suppress his presence and disguise his own presence with the nature, so people would mistake him as part of the nature, to the point even his brother and sister also could mistake his presence as the part of nature when they were playing hide-and-seek back then and it was impossible for them to track him as long as Elias used his ability.

Panting, the bandit grabbed the nearby branch as support “would you just knock that off!~ You sure are persistent!~”.

Elaine huffed, having her own irritation on the same level with him “it’s my line! You’re so stubborn!”.

Elias covered his mouth, his other hand clutched his stomach as he tried hard to hold his laughter. They were so funny, maybe he could tease them later. When the bandit was able to steal the grail that contain the Fountain Of Youth using his weapon that imbued with magic, Elias lifted his hand “not so fast”.

Once Elias snapped his finger and tree branches wrapped itself around the bandit’s body, Elaine realized her brother had come back, using this chance to scold the bandit about how important this Fountain Of Youth for Fairy King’s Forest.

“why are you playing around, sister?”, Elias floated down as he ordered the tree branch to put back the Grail into its place “if you can’t kill him, I will do it”.

Be it her own brother, Elaine didn’t want to see her twin to kill this strange unusual human in front of her eyes “Elias, wait!”.

“kidding”, Elias deadpanned, innocently added “I’ve watched over what happened. Even I’m interested, it’s unusual for this forest to save the outsider, especially of human race. I have the principle to not kill whoever that will not bring harm or didn’t have an ill intention on us like him”.

Elaine dropped forward before she straightened and yelled “please don’t give such dry joke on me! It’s unlike joke at all when it came from you!”.

“she’s right, kid. You shouldn’t say something about kill someone so easily like that. Your parent will cry because I think no one parent would want their kids to be murderer~”, the bandit asked him to let him go already “speaking of which, where is your parent?”.

“we are not a kid anymore. I bet we’re far older than you, human. We don’t have parent, anyway”, Elias snapped his finger, he knew this human didn’t lie when he said he would give up after his twin scolded him “my name is Elias and she is my twin sister”.

“to be more precise, from the time we born, his older sister”, Elaine floated beside him “my name is Elaine”.

Ban grinned after he cracked his shoulders “I am the Bandit Ban. Nice to meet you two!”.

The twin exchanged glances and that was how the twin started to spend their time with the Bandit Ban.

When they were talking about why Ban wanted the Fountain Of Youth, Elaine asked “but what if you become immortal and still nothing good ever happened to you?”.

“we’ve been watching over this forest ever since the King of this Forest, our brother disappeared. It’s been 700 years and not one good thing has ever happened in all that time”, Elias looked forward to the direction of the outside world where his brother had gone. Narrowing his eyes, he clenched his hands “actually, where have you been, Harlequin?”.

“7... 700 years? You two must be bored out of your mind!”.

The twin fell forward and staggered after listening to the bandit’s reaction before they straightened their body.

Looked behind over his shoulder, Elias twitched his eyebrow “of all things... that’s all you have to say about? Seriously?”.

“it’s the first time anyone’s said that”, Elaine showed the same disbelief and shock before she burst out in rage “but you are right! we are so bored! Bored! Bored! Bored! We may not feel too lonely because we have each other but still!”.

“that’s righ! Without we even know where is he or if he’s still alive or not, we have spent all those 700 years in this forest so we don’t know anything of the outside world or what’s happening in it!”, Elias joined his twin and gave up his own outburst “thanks to my ability though, we still can spend time to play together here”.

Ban asked in curiosity “what is your ability, actually?”.

“my sister’s power is Miracle Wind and my power is Animancy. Maybe it’s not as strong as our older brother’s Disaster ability but I still can control and manipulate the living with my power”, Elias snapped his fingers and some leaves from the tree turned into bird and butterfly “usually, we play hide and seek, or we play together with the Golems that I created, like this”.

Ban caressed his jaw before he jumped down the tree “I can’t bear this boredom”.

They thought Ban was leaving for good, so when Ban came back to show the book of his personal Ale Label Collection, telling him that they thought he had gone for good.

Ban laughed it off “and leaving you lonely kids here? No way! I figured since you were bored, you two might like to look at it. Though, unfortunately I only have two books with me”.

When Ban handed the other book to him, Elias furrowed his eyebrow “the Fairy Tales for children”.

Ban smiled sadly “belonged to my late little sister. I tried my best to keep it, though”.

“...thank you”, Elias nodded solemnly before started flipping the pages of the book. Looking up to Ban after he looked at the book for a while, Elias asked “will you show us more of your Ale collection and tell us about the world outside, Ban?”.

“sure thing!”, Ban settled Elaine on his lap and pulled Elias to sit beside him “now, it’s what I’m gonna talking about!”.

When the night came and Ban thought sadly it was too dark to read, the fireflies came flying to lighten up their surrounding. Elias smirked, he snapped his finger to call the luminosity butterflies, the butterfly who could glow in the dark. The three of them were lying on the ground on the midnight when they felt like sleeping.

“say, Elias, Elaine, your older brother is the Fairy King of this forest, so it means you two are the Fairy Princess and Fairy Prince, right?”.

“yes, we’re kinda like one”, Elaine giggled “brother always tried to act tough while in fact, he’s such a crybaby”.

“so he’s nothing like you two~”.

Elaine blushed “huh?”.

“what do you mean?”, Elias blinked but he had to admit, he never thought of it before “it’s a coincidence that our older brother is the King”.

Ban deadpanned “how laid-back, typical of Fairy”.

Elias groaned and rolled to the side “needn’t to talk about him. Maybe he’s dead already”.

Elaine instantly sat up “no, he’s not! Gerharde said it, right? As long as the Fairy King is alive, the Fairy King’s Forest will live no matter what!”.

“then where is he? Why don’t he come back home already? For heaven’s sake, it’s been 700 years, Ella!”.

Elaine started crying “you’re evil, El!”.

When Ban narrowed his eyes with sour face, Elias started panicking and trying to calm her down “fine, I’m not serious! I also hoped that he’s alive but where is he? We don’t even know where is he, nor we know he’s still alive or not and he’s not someone who will break his promise so I bet something has to happen to him! I’m tired of waiting him, wondering how is he and when will he go back home!”.

“and do you think I don’t feel the same?”.

Lowering his head in shame, Elias sighed “...I’m so sorry”.

“kids, kids~”, Ban clapped his hands before patting their head “let’s just go to sleep, okay? Usually kids get fussy when they’re sleepy~”.

Elias and Elaine turned to Ban and yelled “we are not kids! / don’t treat us like kids!”.

The twin exchanged glances before they burst out into laughter along with Ban. Ban told the story for them before the three of them fell asleep together. Elaine slept as her head rested on Ban’s shoulder, Elias slept with his head on Ban’s thigh and Ban slept with his back lying flatly on the ground, snoring loudly. It was a miracle Elaine and Elias didn’t wake up due to his loud snore, but one thing for sure, Ban loved them.

That day, there was the intruders and Elias went to kill them. When she was waiting on the tree with Ban, Ban asked if it was alright “I have to admit, he doesn’t look like the type of someone who could kill people”.

Elaine smiled sadly, she told Ban about what happened on that day ever since their brother decided to leave this forest and disappeared so Gerharde pointed them to become the Guardian Saint, protectors of this forest and the Fountain Of Youth.

“it’s scary~ okay, I admit the type of woman like this Gerharde is the type of woman that I don’t like at all. How could she just throw the burden of protecting this Forest on you and your brother when your older brother the King disappeared? How could she so heartlessly told you and your brother that you two have to kill the intruders when it needed?”, Ban tucked his hands behind his head “no wonder your brother has cold demeanor and less cheerful compared to you, like he is so stressed over something”.

“’s because of me”, Elaine hugged her knees, telling Ban about how her twin brother burdened all the weight on his shoulders ever since their older brother, the King’s disappearance “he takes over all of responsibility included to kill humans. If only I’m stronger...”.

“one thing I can tell for sure”, Ban patted Elaine’s head “your twin does it to protect you, because he really loves you, he doesn’t want you to get hurt, so he takes the burden instead. I bet he wouldn’t hate you just because of this”.

“of course I am. We are twin, after all. Don’t say something ridiculous like I’m gonna hate you”.

Elaine waved her finger “s-s-s-since when did you here?”.

“since Ban mentioned that Gerharde is the type of the woman he doesn’t like at all”, Elias lifted his hand to Ban “at least we have one similarity”.

Ban smirked and tossed with the Fairy Prince “yup!”.

Elaine only shook her head before she went to pick the leaves of almoka (to drink) and berries, but Ban asked if there was mushroom and chestnut because Ban felt like wanted to eat roasted mushroom and roasted chestnut or he could just cook it into soup. When Elaine read Ban’s mind and knew Ban’s plan to talk with Elias, she told Elias to stay with Ban while she would gather the ingredients.

After his twin went, Elias turned to Ban “so... what do you want to talk about?”.

When Ban turned to him with shock, Elias snickered “oh, don’t look so surprised like that. I also can read people’s mind, just like my twin”.

“deep down in your heart, you don’t want to kill people, right?”.

“I have no choice. It’s not like I can choose from the first place”, Elias sighed, already predicted it “I don’t mind at all, as long as I can protect my twin and our home”.

“you know, you can tell me everything”, Ban offered “people said your feeling will get better when you just pour it out loud rather than you lock your feelings and keep everything to yourself”.

Elias smiled “much appreciated. Thank you”.

When Elaine came back with Oslo, the ingredients on the wooden basket, Ban cooked the ingredients and the food he had cook tasted like the gift from the heaven.

Both Elaine and Elias delightfully exclaimed and moaned in delightful “DELICIOUS!”.

Seven days had passed and it was only half of the book left.

Elaine sighed heavily at that before she smiled fondly with flushed cheeks “if only... I wish Ban didn’t come here to steal the Fountain Of Youth, but instead... came for me...”.

Elias crouched himself behind her “are you in love with him?”.

“KYAAA!”, Elaine lifted both her hands, blushing furiously  “do you hear that? since when did you...”.

“ever since Ban left to get food”, Elias floated down and mentioned about how red her face “hey, do you think Ban will leave for good after he finishes the story of his Ale?”.

“perhaps”, Elaine mumbled sadly, twirling her hair on her finger “what do you think about it, El?”.

“honestly, listening to his story is fun, I even interest to take a sip of Ale, to know how its taste. Just like you said, it feels like we’re going with him to all those places he mentioned. I want to see the world outside, to have a journey with you and Ban, freely flying on the sky to see the world outside, not stuck here with you just to protect this stupid treasure. Just if he allowed, I would like to ask him to bring us to come with him on his journey”, Elias sighed heavily as he looked up to the blue sky above, wondering what omen the dark cloud had brought “but freedom isn’t something we can possibly have, sadly”.

Elaine stared to her twin in disbelief “Elias, you wouldn’t mind if I decided to go to outside with Ban... and instead want to ask Ban to bring us?”.

“well, it’s not like he’s gonna kidnap us and sold us, right? it’s also unlike we can’t fight him. I want to set off on the journey with him but I can’t leave you here alone so if he let us to come with him, yes”, Elias shrugged before crossing his arms before his chest, pursing his lips “well, I bet if older brother were here, he would against our idea but who care about his permission? Yes, I know he has his own reason to leave this forest, in order to save Helbram and our brethren but we haven’t heard any news about him. He is the one who leaving this place first and I swear, if he never came back here because of a single woman, I’d like to strangle him once we meet him”.

“I will change my question, then”, Elaine rubbed her temples “Elias, I know what do you think of human race so tell me... you don’t mind at all if... I love him?”.

Looking at her blushing face, Elias deadpanned with deep scowl “Elaine, where in the world there’s a brother who will gladly let his sister go only to hand over her to another man?”.

“...I’m sorry”, Elaine sighed and dropped her head forward before she smiled encouragingly “don’t worry, I will not leave you”.

“okay, then I’m just gonna steal you~”.

“KYAAA!”, Elaine squealed with blushing face “don’t scare me like that and don’t tease me! Are you grouping with my brother to scare and tease me now?”.

“okay, I will give you two privacy, so just clear it out, you two”, Elias rolled his eyes before lifting his hand “let me make it straight, it’s not like I have given my blessing, especially not because you’re from human race. I believe you are a good man but you have to walk over my dead body and get my older brother’s blessing first if you want me to give my blessing. Here I go~”.

Using his ability to disguise his own presence, Elias watched over as Elaine and Ban sheepishly talked to each other. When Ban promised Elaine that he would find their brother and bring him back here so they could free and they could come with him for his journey, Elaine hugged him and thanked him for letting them to come with him. Elias smiled, he felt glad for his sister but like he said, it was not like he could just give away his twin easily.

Suddenly, next second the red-skinned fat-bodied Demon landed on the tree. Using tree trunks as the shield to protect Elaine and Ban, Elias told them to run “Ban, take my sister to the safe place! I’ll do my best to hold the Demon back!”.

Unfortunately, both Elaine and Elias didn’t have the Sacred Treasure like their brother so they fought only with their magic power. When he tried to create the opening so Elaine and Ban could run while Ban pulled out one of Demon’s hearts, Elaine told them to run and mentioned something about Demon having more than one heart. The red Demon turned around and he was using his laser beam that create the gaping hole on Elaine’s body, slashed Ban’s body from his right shoulder down to his right stomach and cut off Elias’ body into two on his midsection. Elaine and Ban cried out his name in horror as his body fell from the tree to the ground after the Demon slashed him again with his claw, this time only scratched his head though, but still enough to make blood flowing out of his head. Before his separated bodies hit the ground, someone caught him.

A woman with long silver hair and blue eyes caught his upper body, looking down to him in horrified “hold yourself together, kid!”.

From the corner of his eyes, Elias saw a man with silver hair and blue eyes cradling his body from his midsection down to his legs with the same level of shock “Neiva, I’ve got his under body! Put it back together, quick!”.

“well, I can put it back together but I can’t do it here, idiot nephew! Let’s just retreat for now so we can treat him, Triss!”.

Elias coughed bloods as he closed his eyes “it hurts... am I gonna die like this?”.

When he opened his eyes, Elias blinked his eyes as beautiful pale-skinned woman leaned down and touched her forehead into his. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had long straight silver hair that felt smooth like the snow and gentle Emerald orbs.

She smiled when looking straight to his eyes, touching his forehead “ah, it’s good to see you awake. It seems your fever has broken, finally. You have been sleeping for a half month, though it was no wonder, considering how terrible your wounds”.

When she straightened her body, he just realized she had a pair of large wings with three colors. White like the snow, green like the lush-green-forest and blue like the bright blue sky. His impression of her for the first time, she was just like the woods in the middle of the winter under the bright, blue sky. Not only that, she also had a pair of horns from her head.

Someone with baritone voice cleared his throat “a-hem, I think it’s rude to stare at people like that, kid. Especially to the Queen”.

“sorry!”, Elias unconsciously squealed before he squirming in pain. Looking to the side, he found the source of voice who had scolded him just now, clearly not human from how his body was entirely stone but before he could think of what or who was he, Elias remembered what he said “...Queen?”.

“Spriggan”, so-called Queen chided Spriggan, the middle-aged-looking man with stone-bodied who had scolded him. Gracefully, the Queen smiled and asked “could you bring my son here? I’d like to speak with him but it’s about time to feed him”.

Spriggan gruffly bowed his body “as you wish, my Queen”.

After Spriggan sent last glare to Elias (which make Elias flinched, earning the Queen’s narrowed eyes) and left this room, the Queen apologized “Spriggan is my advisor and trusted right hand, he’s not too friendly to outsider”.

“yeah, I can see it”, Elias groaned in pain as he sat up, holding his bandaged-chest. When he looked up, he saw the unbelievable sight outside through the window “what... who are you guys? Where am I?”.

Elias saw so many creatures who just like her, the creatures with horns on their head and a pair of wings from their back.

“welcome to the Enchanted Woods. My name is Lily Titania, Queen of Fay Clan. We call ourselves as Fay Clan, Dark Fairy. Our ancestors are born from the descendants of Goddess Clan who marry with Succubus Clan of Demon race and Fairy Clan, that’s why we have these bird-like large wings, a pair of horns on our head and magic power to control the nature. Unlike Fairies, Demons or Goddesses, we are born like them but we also aren’t part of them”, Lily gently explained to him “once upon a time, it was only the survivors of Holy War, mostly elderly with women and children who lived on The Dark Mist Woods. Succubus named Lilith created Phoenix Clan and she become the first head of Phoenix Clan, but someday, Lilith cursed her own daughters. Some people weren’t pleased, even pissed off by her actions and Phoenix Clan was divided into two factions. One was to Lilith’s faction and the latter was Lady Bethany, my mother’s faction. Once all members of Phoenix Clan who sided with Lilith left this land due to Lilith’s disappearance and my mother was crowned as Fay Queen, she changed name ‘The Dark Mist Woods’ into ‘The Enchanted Woods’ due to my father’s advice and this land totally belongs to Fay Clan”.

“but that old man Spriggan didn’t have horns and wings?”.

“Spriggan had horns and wings just like us but he lost it when he fought against intruders of human race who tried to invade us. Spriggan helped my father to protect this land and has been the right hand of the Queen ever since my mother was crowned as the Queen. I was the only child of previous Queen and I was still too young to fight when it happened. The staff he used is to help him walking and it’s also his Sacred Treasure”.

“I see, no wonder his movement is rather stiff”, Elias considered before bowing his body “thank you very much for saving my life, Queen. Is it you who bringing me here?”.

“don’t mention it”, Lily bowed her head absentmindedly “my little sister who lives on Necropolis found out about what happened on the Fairy King’s Forest because of how many lives who dead from the fire and she asked me to help you. Unfortunately, as the Fay Queen here, I can’t leave this place as I please easily so I asked my family to get you”.

“the ones with silver hair and blue eyes?”.

“yes, his name is Tristan Ravenwolf. He is a Warlock and he is the one who bring you here, but the one who re-attach your body and treat your wound is my father’s old friend, Nel Hativa, usually we call her Neiva. I will introduce you with them later”, she tapped his cheeks before woman cladde in pink came with a sleeping green-haired baby with deer-like horns on his head, Lily smiled fondly as she accepted the baby from her “thank you, Silky. Oh, Silky here is Spriggan’s wife. She is also my baby-sitter, the Chief of maids and household. You could say she is the one who manage the household on this castle so just ask her when you need something”.

“Queen, I’m not surprised to know her job or position but I’m shocked to know she’s that grumpy old man’s wife”, Elias ogled to Silky, he covered his mouth when he heard Spriggan cleared his throat again and squealed, apologizing after knowing that Silky couldn’t speak “sorry!”.

Lily giggled before she re-positioning her son to introduce him to Elias “this is my son, Oberon. We welcome you here as our guest as long as you’re recovering, Elias”.

“Elias... is it my name?”, Elias touched his head only now he realized the bandages that wrapped around his head, other than the bandages that wrapped his torso “um, I know this sounded weird, but... who am I?”.

Later, after Elias fell asleep, Lily put her son to sleep beside Elias so he wouldn’t feel lonely or thought he was alone before Lily went to discuss about this further with Tristan and Nel Hativa.

When Nel Hativa touched Elias’ forehead with her glowing hand to check his memory, Tristan asked “he doesn’t remember who is he? At all?”.

“well, we’re lucky we could know his name is Elias from the bracelet on his wrist, but yes, he doesn’t remember anything, not even his name. Either it’s because of the hard blow on his head or he’s locked his own memory subconsciously due to huge trauma. No wonder, he thought he saw his twin and his only friend died in front of his eyes in the middle of that fire”, Nel Hativa told them what she knew after she touched his forehead before lifting her shining finger “should I use my Invasion to bring his memory back by force?”.

“he said he only remembered that he was dying and barely died when you two found him in the middle of the fire”, Lily shook her head “don’t do it. I don’t think bringing his memory back by force is a good idea, Neiva. Let him remember it all with his own will”.

Nel Hativa lifted her hands in surrender when they discussed about what should they do with Elias “I don’t think I can take him with me”.

“me neither”, Tristan caressed his jaw “Lily, you wouldn’t mind to take care of him and let him stay here, right?”.

“what do you think of me, brother? I am the Queen here. Take care of one lost Fairy kid will not bring harm”, Lily scoffed before looking down fondly to her son and Elias who slept soundly, caressing Elias and Oberon’s head “it’s not like I can abandon or neglect the lost kid like him”.

“so motherly~”, Tristan clapped his hands with broad teasing grin that matching with his father “when you have your own kid, you turned soft, huh?”.

Lily scowled “are you mocking me?”.

“no, it’s just...”, Tristan smiled in nostalgic way “you’re just like mother with that way, you know?”.

“like you didn’t spoil your own kids”, Lily raised her eyebrow before she smiled fondly “but thank you, brother. I barely know anything about mother, so knowing that I have something similar with mother... it really makes me feeling happy”.

“and whoever Meliodas and Elizabeth’s kids who have children, I can enjoy my role as nice older sister with spoil them rotten~”.

Tristan deadpanned “it’s not older sister, but Aunt”.

Nel Hativa glared as she stomped on Tristan’s head “want me to spread your embarrassing moments to your siblings, brat?”.

Tristan bowed with his forehead pressing on the floor “forgive me”.

Lily wrapped her arms around Nel Hativa’s shoulders “older sister~ tell me~”.

“okay, you two can stop now!”, Tristan clenched his fist “Merlin, I’m so sorry that I doubted you but you’re right when you said she’s the daredevil”.

When Elias was healthy enough, still recovering though, Tristan and Nel Hativa decided to leave.

Elias looked up to Tristan and Nel Hativa, Lily carrying him “are you leaving?”.

“don’t worry, I will try to find your family or your home”, Tristan ruffled his head “just stay here and be a good kid as long as you stay here, okay?”.

Nel Hativa hummed “we will visit sometimes and when we get some news, we will send letter”.

Succubus was known as Demons who could sneak into someone’s dream to seduce people and having sex with them, so they naturally were born with an ability to read people’s mind and sneak into people’s heart (just like how Gowther’s Invasion worked) but a bit different where they not only could dive into people’s heart but they also could sneak into people’s dream to seduce or persuade people. Lilith was using this ability when she was a Mistress of Demon King but they didn’t want to use it for bad things. Nel Hativa, Lily and Isolde who also had this ability, decided to not use it on the bad way, but to use it for helping people. Like this time, using natural ability, she could see his nightmare.

“Elias, do you have a nightmare?”, Lily sat on the bed, gently caressing his head. Earning no respond from him, Lily went to pick her son before she put Oberon in between him and her, pulled the blanket up to cover three of them. Patting the blanket, Lily smiled “would you want to hear a lullaby?”.

Elias said nothing, he only moved to Lily’s other side so he could cuddle on her while Oberon slept on the other side. Lily smiled warmly as she patted his head and started singing the lullaby “when the wind meets the sea~ there’s a fire sunk down to the earth~ sleep, my darling, safe and sound~ your parent waited on your bed~ carefully, she touched your broken heart, hoping for your powerful, flawless, perfect future~ the sky is so blue, just like long-forgotten sadness unstoppable shattered for the sake of next day~ the sky is so vast, the wind feels like melody~ Hopefully, human will realize someday, of happiness from pursuing a dream~ from the eyes of a child, you always believe I always will stay by your side, passing through the frozen woods together~ so the sadness of the world never stain you~”.

As long as he lived here, Elias learned to be far stronger. He learned magic skills from Lily and various martial arts from Spriggan. Sometimes, he helped Lily and Silky to take care of Oberon or following Spriggan to the Capital. There was once when Spriggan allowed him to drink Ale with him, which Lily and Silky didn’t really approve it and they ended up getting scolded by them. Elias didn’t remember his family but he thought, if someone asked him, he would say that he thought Lily as a perfect image of a mother for him.

Four years later, Tristan visited here with a kid named Lancelot, telling Lily something about Danafor was destroyed, Liz’s death and their father’s whereabouts. Lily didn’t cry, only encouraged Lancelot and Tristan but when she was alone, Elias saw she was crying. When he hugged her from behind, she looked surprised before she hugged him while crying silently, telling him that she was gonna be alright.

Three years later, Nel Hativa visited with beautiful Lady named Merlin who carrying toddler on her arms, beautiful little princess with unique heterochromia eyes named Guinevere Cameliard but for now, they only had to call her ‘Gwen’. Merlin didn’t tell them why, only telling Lily to carry her and Gwen was her sibling. Lily carried her with so much love and affection, but there was also relief and yearning as she held the little princess.

Three years later, Tristan came with Merlin and Gwen, or should they call her ‘Guinevere’ from now on, to tell Lily what happened on Liones Kingdom to their father which Merlin and Guinevere ended up to live on Camelot Kingdom.

Ten years later, princess Guinevere who had turned into 16 years old came with Nel Hativa, Merlin, a man named Escanor and Vampire named Gelda. After Nel Hativa used her Broadcast to show what happened to Ban, Elaine and King Harlequin due to Guinevere’s request, Elias remembered everything after knowing what happened to King Harlequin and Elaine, his siblings.

For the first time after for so long time he kept everything to himself, Elias reached his breaking-down point but when he tried to hold himself back, Lily touched his cheek with disapproval frown “you stupid child. No matter how you tried hard to keep everything to yourself, every people have their break-down point. Don’t hold it back”.

Elias choked on his own tears “but... just if I haven’t failed them...”.

“yeah, I know”, Lily hugged him tenderly “you fought so hard. Great job”.

Just like a lost child who yearned his mother’s presence, he let out his break-down and when Lily sat him on her lap, he looked up as they sat on the tree “so... Lily also has ever had break-down point?”.

“of course, I do. You saw one of them, right?”, Lily smiled sadly “when the man that I love, Oberon’s father died. When my parent died. I even cried when I knew someone’s death, doesn’t matter they are our enemy or our friends. I’m really a crybaby, right?”.

“no, I think it’s just because Lily is too kind”, Elias swung his legs up and down “but who is Oberon’s father?”.

Lily smirked “you will be surprised when I told you~”.

Elias jaw-dropped “eh! The Fairy King Dahlia!”.

After Elias was having mother-son bonding with Lily, Guinevere told him out loud about her intention to come here “we need your help to join our force, to fight against what’s gonna come to us”.

Elias was conflicted, he couldn’t deny the fact that he wanted to go outside but he also didn’t want to leave Lily. When he felt someone squeezing his shoulder, he looked up and he saw Lily encouragingly smiled to him.

“you have wings on your back. You can fly wherever you want and remember, blood may stop flowing but as long as there’s someone who still alive, you will find the light”, squeezing his shoulders, Lily told him that she knew this day would come, the day when he would flight with his own wings “when you can no longer find the light to lighten up your path, then it’s time for you to protect the light. Go, protect the light of hope for this world”.

Because Lily asked him, because he wanted to help and meet again with his siblings, he had to leave and he knew it. Despite disheartened a bit, he resolved to himself before Elias squeezed her hands “can I visit here sometimes?”.

Lily smiled brightly “of course. I’d like to welcome you and your siblings here, even”.

When Elias said goodbye and thank you to Silky and Spriggan, Silky smiled as she hugged him before Spriggan said “no need to give thanks. It’s been our obligation to give help to those who needed it”.

Before Elias went, Lily lifted both her hand and started singing the lullaby that she usually sang to them. Tiara on her head was shining before the large tree grew near them. Spriggan told them that this tree was Lily’s Sacred Treasure. Lily picked a fruit of the tree and when the crystal fruit broke, it revealed the golden bracelet.

Lily wrapped the golden bracelet on Elias’ wrist, asking him to take care of it “this is the Sacred Treasure ‘Gate Of Babylon’. It can create the gate to other dimension and keep as much as weapons you want. I have filled it with so many weapons so you only need to use it. Be safe on your journey. It is my only hope of you that I have thought as my own son”.

Elias kissed Lily’s forehead and hugged her tightly “I love you, Lily. Thank you so much, for being my mother’s figure. I’m going, mother”.

“take care”, Lily waved her hands with smile on her face. Once Elias had gone with Guinevere’s group, Lily sighed heavily “ah... maybe he’s just like my own son”.

“don’t worry too much, mother. I believe he’s doing great outside”, Oberon sat on the rock near the tree “he’s my step-brother, after all”.

“you’re right”, Lily smiled and put her hands on her hips “now, how about we continue our activity?”.

Meanwhile on the outside world, as they arrived on the outskirt from the Capital of Liones Kingdom, Elias asked Guinevere about what should he do. Guinevere gave him a job to be her spy with Gelda as his partner and they would infiltrate to the Castle of Liones Kingdom.

Chapter Text

After Elizabeth and Veronica checked and made sure that Isolde was gonna stay with Tristan, Veronica told Griamore to watch guard, just in case Isolde went downstairs as they discussed the problem in their hands.

“okay, since I have an important business tonight, I must go now”, Nel Hativa slung her bag over her shoulder “but I’ll be back and stay here until I make sure he’s gonna be okay”.

Merlin asked “what business?”.

Nel Hativa smirked “another patient and body-check”.

Okay, whoever Nel Hativa the Necromancer mentioned as patient and whatever she meant with body-check, they thought it wouldn’t be good to interrupt in her business so let’s just say they wouldn’t want to interrupt their privacy.

Meliodas blinked “you will stay?”.

“of course I am, I’ve got several things I need to get off my chest to that reckless brat”, a vein popped on Nel Hativa’s head and she puffed her chest before looking down to Meliodas with slightly narrowed eyes “this year Isolde is gonna reach her 24 years old, Meliodas. I needn’t explain what I’m gonna talk about with him to you, right?”.

“I understand. I’ve got your point”, Meliodas waved his hand “don’t worry, you can sleep with Elizabeth and Veronica as long as you stay here”.

Veronica tilted her head and raised her eyebrow, not too pleased with the idea “she is Lady Merlin’s sister, right? Why don’t she just sleep with her?”.

Merlin lifted her forefinger and middle finger “one, just like I’ve mentioned before, I can’t stay here yet because I have to go back to my workplace where my daughter also has been waiting for me, also to help Escanor to move. Second, rather than sleeping with my sister, I prefer to sleep with Escanor”.

Ban and Meliodas snickered when Elizabeth, Veronica and Escanor turned bright red.

Nel Hativa wrapped her arms around her sister’s shoulder, rubbing her cheek against her head “how lonesome of you, Mer-Bear. When you have a lover already, you forget your own sister, huh?”.

Merlin scowled and lifted her ring finger “and three, you realize it or not, you are so clingy when you’re sleeping and I don’t want to ended up as your pillow again”.

Nel Hativa rolled her eyes “okay then, at least you can drop me on my meeting place with this someone particular like I told you before you go with him”.

“time to go home, then”, Gelda approached Merlin “for now, bye-bye, Meliodas”.

After Merlin snapped her fingers, Merlin and Nel Hativa disappeared with Escanor and Gelda in tow using her teleport to only-gods-knew-to-where they went.

Next morning, it was chaos again on the Boar Hat, started with Hawk’s irritated shouts “MELIODAS, YOU PERVERT!”.

Meliodas scowled, pointing to Nel Hativa “it was her who sneak into my bed without I realized it”.

“I don’t see what’s the problem here?”, Nel Hativa yawned and scratched her head “we’re only sleeping on the same bed, only sleep-over and nothing happened”.

Last night, her meeting with the princess had a lot to discuss with, so it really made her tired and Nel Hativa instantly dropped her body to the bed without looking her surrounding. It was Hawk who came to wake up Meliodas and he was shocked to find the owner of Boar Hat was sleeping with Nel Hativa clinging to him like a pillow (just like what Merlin said), it was only first problem. Second problem, Nel Hativa threw her belongings to the floor before she went to sleep so she only wore lingerie. They were lucky enough that Elizabeth didn’t see this. Hawk worried about the innocence of the princess.

Veronica deadpanned, still couldn’t believe this woman “the problem is, your clothes and the way you’re sleeping with him”.

“princess, Mr. Piggy, you don’t know Meliodas like I do. He is not the type of a man who would lay his finger on the woman that he’s not fixated his eyes on. He can be obnoxious, yes, groping breasts or buttocks as he please but he only will do it with someone he’s taken interest with. He would never touch the woman that he doesn’t have interest with”, Nel Hativa leaned her chin on her palm with closed eyes before she smiled sadly “also, Meliodas only thinks of me as little sister so there’s no point of worrying about something in terms romance relationship ever happens between us”.

“enough about me”, Meliodas blushed which was rare as he offered one of his best wine to Nel Hativa “you can find the apple and the other ingredients to make something sweet on the kitchen after your low-blood-tension is getting better”.

“thank you very much”, Nel Hativa smiled and took the wine bottle. She rose on her feet, giving a light peck on his cheek before sauntering to the kitchen with smug grin on her face “brother~”.

“Neiva!”, Meliodas growled and lifted his hand up. Earning her laughter in amusement, Meliodas only could sigh in defeat “that girl, really...”.

“brother and sister, huh?”, Veronica twitched her eyebrow in disbelief “that woman is unbelievable”.

“what’s wrong, sister?”, Elizabeth just came from above, tilting her head “any problem, Sir Meliodas?”.

“good morning, Elizabeth”, Meliodas buried his face on Elizabeth’s breasts and wrapped both his hand and leg to clinging on her torso, groping her like usual “don’t worry, no problem at all, only Neiva was joking around with me again like usual”.

“you bastard! Let go of my sister!”, Veronica groaned in irritation before pointing to Elizabeth “and what kind of clothes do you wear, Ellie?”.

“uniform, obviously”, Meliodas lifted his thumb “you may pick your own liking on the warehouse”.

“godfather!”, Isolde ran downstairs “he disappeared from bed again!”.

Meliodas face-palmed “for heaven’s sake, could this boy not make us worried just for a day?”.

“Ban, not only about Tristan and Isolde’s problem, you’re thinking about Merlin and Cap’n too, right?”, King looked to his comrade from the corner of his eyes “well, Merlin and her sisters, Neiva aside, after knowing who... what they are, it’s truly shocked but the Captain, could it be he also—”.

Ban pulled King by his collars “like hell he is! There’s no way that he’s the same as that monster!”.

“of course not. Dare to think or even to put us on the same class with Demon reactors or Red Demon is an insult, Fox Sin of Greed Ban”.

Ban and King turned to see Nel Hativa sat on the tree branch, dangling her legs casually.

“just ask him. Meliodas is a worst liar I’ve ever met. Sometimes, he can be the most honest person you have ever met but to ask him spill the truth, it’s really hard. However, even if you find the answer of a question, another question will appear next”, Nel Hativa jumped to the ground, sauntering to them “after you find out that Meliodas is a Demon or not, even after knowing it, what will you do then? Will you still think the same of him or—“.

“—or will you turn your back against him, just like Mark did to me and Isolde?”, Tristan floated on the air before landing to sit on the rock “yo, someone here can tell me how long I’ve been sleeping?”.

“aren’t you supposed to be in bed?”, Ban sighed, deep down in his heart he felt relieved “it’s been three days ever since what happened on Vaizel and you have spent most of those times with sleeping, Kid. Your wife will not be pleased”.

“she’s not my wife, yet”, Tristan clarified “not in this lifetime of hers”.

“they have miscalculated when they fought against you. They thought you are just the same with them, in the reactors class? Ha!”, Nel Hativa tipped her head backwards and laughed “ridiculous... we have been mixed from the first place because in fact, we are born with it”.

Ban hissed “so you admit it, that you and your sisters, just like Tristan and Tina—”.

“yes, we are. The different is, either Tristan and Tina or Isolde and Merlin are only half-blood demon and half-blood human. Between my sisters, I’m the only one who born as full-blooded Demon. Unlike the ‘Demon reactors’ like Jericho or Guila, human who desired for power thus they drank the Demon bloods, we are from entirely different class. Higher, even. To kill them all mercilessly in Vaizel, is just like flickering our fingers if we want to. So why did you hold yourself back, Tristan? You and Meliodas don’t even use your real power. It was only 0,1% of your power”, Nel Hativa rolled her eyes “oh, I see. You have asked my sister to seal your power”.

“it’s for the best, that’s all I can do so I can infiltrate and continue to live in between human, no matter how hard it is”, Tristan lowered his glances “don’t worry, after we take back and save Liones Kingdom, I will leave”.

“it’s not your decision to be made!”, Veronica came with Griamore, Elizabeth and Diane “it’s my sister and your Captain’s, right?”.

“Sir Tristan! You scared us! Glad to see you wake up!”, Elizabeth hugged him before checking him “I bet Lady Isolde would want to check on you right away. She went with Sir Gowther and Sir Meliodas on the other way”.

“what did you say just now?