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Voltron Goretober 2019

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"Hey! Hey you!"

A grunt leaves Keith when he feels something connect with his shoulder.

He had just been walking back his hover bike to the stocks so he could return to his room and study. It seems though that he had people who would rather interfere with that.

First he makes sure he has his knife ready before he turns with a scowl to see who had thrown whatever at him. He bites back a groan when he sees James walking towards him.

James points at him with a scowl on his face, "What the hell is your problem man!?"

"Wha—my problem?" He was stunned and starting at him incredulously, "You're the one with the problem here, you jerk!"

"James...let's just go man, come on..."

"No Kinkade! I have been waiting all day for this!"

Standing a couple feet away, Kinkade looked like he wanted to be anywhere else except here. In fact he looked uncomfortable with this entire situation as he keeps his eyes averted and doesn't meet Keith's gaze,

Keith grimaced, "If you're hoping for another fight—"

"No," James cuts him off, glaring him down, "I want to race you. On that hover bike that Lieutenant Shirogane let you have."

"..." His grimace turns into an ugly scowl, "And what makes you think I would race the likes of you?"

"Because I want to prove who the better pilot is! Because ever since you come here I've been out in your shadow all because you got Shirogane's attention and he always gets you out of trouble no matter what! So let's settle this here and fucking now! Because I am so sick of some emo reject being given all this opportunity without having to work for it like the rest of us!"

Keith grits his teeth as he listens before he growls softly, "...You..." he pushes James' chest, "You son of a fucking bitch..." he leans into the other boy's space, his blood boiling, "Fine! You want to race?! You and me right now!"

Kinkade face palms, shaking his head slowly. This was such a bad and stupid idea...why does he always go along with his boyfriend's ideas? Why?

"Ryan! You'll be the start and finish line!"

Fuck me and my life.


It didn't take long for them to get the hover bikes ready. Keith was waiting as James was climbing into the dark maroon hover bike beside his red one.

It wasn't as new as his or Shiro's but it was in perfect condition and if handled right could be a speed demon. It was all about skill though and how to maneuver theses things with a clear head...

Kinkade slowly walks between the two, holding his jacket up, leaving him in his undershirt, "All right. Where I drop this jacket and stand is the start and finish line! First one back here is the winner and proves who is the better pilot. Ready?"

"I've been ready," James turns on his bike with ease.

Keith keeps his eyes forwards, gripping the handles and waiting. He needed to make this quick so he could get back and start to study. He didn't want to disappoint Shiro and he really wanted to be able to show he was capable of keeping his grades up without help.

Kinkade raises his jacket, frowning before he drops the jacket.

The poor guy almost loses his balance from the sheer force of the two hover bikes blowing right by him. He grunts before he looks after them with dust gathering up. He sighs and shakes his head.

"One of these days, I'm going to make a documentary. And it's going to be about the Recklessness of James Griffin..." he shakes his head before he stretches his arms and turns to watch the two race.

...He really hopes James is careful...


James is grinning as he manages to get ahead of Keith, when they both have to turn.

He...he was ahead of him! Ahead of the best flier in class already! It was filling him with pride and made him want too puff up his chest. He knew training with Adam would pay off!

The young man turns his head and sticks his tongue out at Keith, before he passes over a large pile of rocks when turning again. He yells when his bike tilts slightly and he almost loses his balance. He manages to steady himself...

In the process though it, the air from the hover bike sends a large rock Keith's way.

A shout sounds as Keith is hit by the rock and falls off his bike.


Kinkade freezes when he sees Keith fall and go down a steep hill of rocks.

"Oh no, oh no oh no oh no...!" He pulls his jacket on and starts to run down, "JAMES! JAMES STOP THE RACE!"

Please don't die Keith! Shiro will murder us if you die from a stupid race!


When James hears Kinkade, he looks back...and sees Keith's hover bike on it's side and with a crack on the windshield.

He sees his boyfriend running to the edge of the ravine below.

Immediately he stops his bike and jumps up to run over. He feels a sudden fear grip his stomach as he runs up beside Kinkade and sees a cloud of dirt from below. If Keith is seriously injured or worse then they would be court marshaled...

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck..." he murmured quietly under his breath.


James ours a hand over his eyes to see if he can get a better look...and then he sees Keith. He was curled up and had his head down as like he clutching his stomach. Kinkade cursed and rushed to the capsized bike to grab a first aid, while James jumps and carefully rushes down.

Fuck fuck fuck, please tell me he didn't break anything please I can't be expelled after working so hard to get here, please please please...!

"Keith! Hey! Are you ok!?"


He stops in front of the other boy and looks him over for serious injuries, "Keith!? Keith! Hey! I need to make sure there's no serious damage! If anything is injured, tell me or show Goddammit!"

For a moment, Keith doesn't answer...then slowly he looks up at James.

He took in a sharp breath when he sees Keith's hands.

The skin had been completely scraped off along his palms and under his fingers. Blood gushes slowly from them, glistening through his torn up fingerless gloves.


Keith was shaking as blood drips on to the ground.

As Kinkade was rushing down, James could only stare at the damage done to the other pilot's hands...

The worse part though was as his boyfriend was tending to Keith's injury that James felt the smallest bit of relief. Not that Keith wasn't too injured, not that Kinkade had found the first aid kit.

No what he felt relief over was that he wouldn't be expelled for this.

Which just made him feel worse.