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Dana's Kinktober 2019

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The fabric was soft over his eyes, shifting lightly as Izuku tied it behind his head. At first, he could still make out spots of light, see movement through it. But as the other fastened it securely, making sure it sits well on the bridge of his nose, all light gets obscured.

It’s odd at first. Even if they were in the safety of their bedroom, he didn’t feel safe. There was something very constricting about being unable to see. Claustrophobic almost. There was such a big part of him, just gone. Everyone relied so much on sight. If you something happened, you could anticipate on it, purely by looking at it. But now he couldn’t even see where his lover was. Didn’t know if Izuku was even still close after tying the knot behind his head.

Until he felt a hand skimming his arm.

“How are you feeling, Ei?” Izuku said softly.

The sound came from his right side. Eijiro could now feel that the bed dipped a little lower on that side, Izuku’s weight pressing it down. The sound of his voice felt foreign somehow. As if he heard it for the first time. His timbre was so light. So welcoming. So… ensuring that everything was going to be okay. The way he kind of dragged his words, made it sound almost like a purr. It was all unintentional. Izuku didn’t entice Eijiro on purpose with his voice, not yet at least. But Eijiro had just never really listened. Had never really paid attention to how Izuku spoke. Until now.

A shaky breath escaped him, jumping a little when those nimble fingers suddenly slid over his collarbone. “It’s… quite a lot,” he murmured in return, sinking back in the pillows when those fingers started massaging his shoulder.

“I can imagine,” Izuku said, his voice stained with a chuckle.

Oh, how Eijiro loved the sound of that. It rolled of his back and settled nicely in his spine, it echoing through his very being. How could one sound so… lovely?

The right side of the bed dipped a little more as Izuku crawled further onto it, his weight settling beside Eijiro’s hip, Izuku’s body pressed against his bare skin. Eijiro’s attention instantly moved to that part of him, focused solely on where their bodies touched. Izuku was bare too, like Eijiro, undressed before they started. Made for easy access, and less pausing as they progressed this new adventure.

It had taken Izuku some time to convince Eijiro first. Surrendering so completely to his lover, was difficult. Eijiro was usually one to take charge in the bedroom, Izuku content with taking if that’s what Eijiro longed from him. But this time his lover would be giving. And Eijiro would have no say in it, because he could not see what was happening.

Izuku had long lifted his hand from Eijiro’s shoulder. Part of him was waiting on it to return. But he was distracted, distracted by Izuku’s soft inhales and exhales. He could envision Izuku’s chest heaving up and down, his green eyes only looking at him. What he had not envisioned was a hand landing flat on his stomach.

Eijiro gasped, body shaking in pure shock at the sudden contact. Soon after he relaxed when that hand started rubbing at his skin, circling his stomach to ease some of the tension out. Make him relax more. Izuku’s other hand moved to Eijiro’s thigh, carefully rubbing his hand up and down, easing it up higher and higher, but never quite reaching its target.

“You look really good like this, Ei,” Izuku hummed, his voice a lot lower than before. As in crouched down to Eijiro’s level instead of still seated up. The added ghost of a breath lingering on Eijiro’s abdomen told him exactly where Izuku was. “I really can’t stop touching you.”

Feeling Izuku nuzzle his pubic line, made Eijiro grasp Izuku’s knee. He missed first, reaching for air as he tried to enclose his fingers around nothing.

“Will you let me do anything I want?”

Izuku’s voice had turned huskier, a sultriness in it that made the hairs on Eijiro’s arms stand upright. “Whatever you want,” he mimicked, licking his lips when he felt Izuku nose his pubic area a little more, almost reaching that what Eijiro wanted him to touch.

His cock was not hard yet, at least not completely. Eijiro was still a little nervous. Couldn’t anticipate on anything. Izuku was in complete control.

Without warning Izuku let his tongue slide over his length, willing it to harden. Willing it to be fully erect. And as Eijiro felt the tongue slipping up, licking a long strip along his dick, blood rushed towards it. Especially when Izuku let the tip of his tongue flick against the head, trying to wiggle it under the foreskin already.

“Fuck, baby,” Eijiro whispered, pushing his head further back into the soft pillows.

His body started feeling heavier and heavier, his senses so distraught now that they had the upper hand, he could hardly keep up.

A hand had moved to his chest, fingers grazing nipples as they moved from one breast to the other. It didn’t take long before the little nubs stood fully raised. Eijiro arched into the touch whenever a nail scraped over the areola.

Now finally fully hard, Izuku played with his dick more. Mouthing at the base as his free hand tugged lightly at the foreskin, pushing it down and then pulling it back up. Tongue dipping out between lips again, it slid over Eijiro’s balls, moving them around in the loose skin. It made Eijiro spread his legs, make room for more movement, and Izuku took it as a signal to climb between muscular thighs and settle right there in the middle.

Another long strip was licked, tongue moving from the base, all the way up to the head, flicking it over the slit to taste the first drop of precum.

After that it all became a blur.

Izuku grabbed Eijiro’s cock by the base and wrapped his lips around his girth, slowly sinking down on his length. It pulled a harsh moan from Eijiro’s lungs, choked out when Izuku sucked his dick in even further.

It felt like Izuku went much further than he had ever gone. As if he had taken Eijiro’s entire length in one swallow. It felt wet and soft inside of Izuku’s mouth, teeth scraping lightly at the under side as Eijiro moved his hips a little. The tight warmth grew tighter when Izuku moved back up, sucking loudly as he reached the head. For a few rounds he focused his attention just there. Bobbing his head up and down, sinking no lower than the edge of the head, sucking so roughly, Eijiro thought he was never going to leave Izuku’s mouth again.

And while his lover did all that, his hands were everywhere.

Eijiro wasn’t entirely sure how the other managed. How Izuku managed to get his hands sliding up and down Eijiro’s calves, and in the next moment tugging at his hair. Izuku kept Eijiro’s body on edge, shifting his touches to soft and sweet, and harsh and almost painful. Pinching his sides and his thighs made Eijiro quiver, wanting to move away from the touch, and yet lean into it.

A steady stream of sounds fell from Eijiro’s lips, moans and groans filling the air, together with the sloppy sucking sounds coming from Izuku’s ministrations.

With his lips still tightly fastened around Eijiro’s cock, the other remained in heaven. His body felt too hot, body heating up due to sheer pleasure. Unable to do anything for Izuku meant Eijiro could solely focus on himself, and it was quite a lot to handle.

When one hand glided from Eijiro’s hipbone, leaving bruises in their wake, it slipped between Eijiro’s legs, right underneath Izuku’s face. Eijiro wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen, until he felt a thumb press against his perineum. It dug into the little patch of skin, sending a fresh wave of pleasure coursing through Eijiro’s body.

Mind split between even more things happening to him, Eijiro’s body trembled continuously, unsure on where to buck up into Izuku’s awaiting mouth, arch into Izuku’s hand again playing with his nipples, or press down on the thumb digging into another erogenous spot.

And then Izuku added another one.

While his thumb pressed against his perineum, his other fingers had enough room to move. Especially considering Eijiro had opened his legs even wider, needing that touch to go deeper. It gave Izuku’s fingers room to slide between ass cheeks, just below the spot he was pushing against, and there he found another target.

Eijiro wasn’t touched there very often. Usually Izuku was the one on the receiving end. Eijiro didn’t mind being touched there. But now that he could not see where Izuku’s hand was headed, could not pinpoint what was happening, the first touch was a lot. It was only one finger circling around the ring of muscles, teasing the puckered hole in its wake.

Another gasp followed, Eijiro bucking into the touch as if begging for more.

It didn’t go much further than that. With Izuku now playing with four different spots of him, all sending waves of pleasure down his body, Eijiro was done for. He could feel it all the way down in his toes, slowly building up to the rest of him.

His dick tingled with every sloppy suck from Izuku’s lips, tongue swirling around the head. His nipples were painfully hard, played with so much. His puckered hole had gotten too sensitive, the teasing fingers only dipping in just a tat, was forcing him to crash down.

Never had his orgasm been stretched this long. Eijiro felt it coming. Felt his toes curl up, his hands balling into fists. His whole body went rigid, as he moved closer and closer to that edge. And Izuku just kept it up. Could hear in the volume of Eijiro’s voice that he was close. Really close.

And then as it finally hit him, cum spurting from his dick up higher than it had ever gotten, Eijiro arched his full body into Izuku. Forced everything with what Izuku him touched to go even deeper. Milk him dry. Take everything that he could get. It was magnificent and terrifying at the same time, giving Izuku all of that. Eijiro’s mind exploded as his orgasm still wracked through him, giving himself fully to Izuku. Trust him with everything. Trust him blindly, and he was rewarded greatly for that.

Delicately Izuku pulled himself off Eijiro’s body, making sure he did everything one by one. First the fingers left his hole, the puckered skin slightly raised due to the sudden attention. Then the thumb left, leaving Eijiro feeling a weird warmth down there. Followed by the hand touching his nipples, the nubs glad they were no longer touched. And lastly did Izuku pop his lips off Eijiro’s softening dick, giving it a final suck to make Eijiro trash his head due to sheer overstimulation.

His breathing was heavy as he finally had room to move again. Eijiro could hear the harsh puffs leave Izuku’s lungs as he collected himself. Slowly Izuku crawled up again, nimble fingers going to the back of Eijiro’s head, releasing the piece of cloth from its knot.

Blinking his eyes blearily, Eijiro tried to focus. The light around was too much, his body too exhausted to move his arm to cover his eyes.

“Was that good?” Izuku asked tentatively, curious green eyes looking down at him.

Turning his head a little, Eijiro looked up at his lover. Take in the form of the one who had tipped him over the edge so fantastically. “Better than good. It was amazing,” Eijiro hummed, satisfied.

“I’m glad,” Izuku whispered, eyes softening as he shot Eijiro a look of pure adoration. Wiping a hand through Eijiro’s dyed locks, Izuku finally leaned down for a kiss. It was tender and gentle, coaxing Eijiro to relax even further into the bed. Because that was all Izuku wanted from him.

God, how much he loved this man.

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A fresh haul was spread on his bed. Izuku had gone a little crazy at the store, getting everything that seemed a little interesting. It helped that it had a reoccurring theme. Heroes. His obsession had not left him, not even after becoming pro-hero himself. There was just something so magnificent about heroes. What their quirks were, and what they could do with it. How they designed their costumes to add to their strengths. There was so much Izuku could learn about them.

This department was a little different though. The things he bought not necessarily focused on how amazing heroes were. It was still interesting to Izuku. And it combined heroes with one other thing he really loved.


The sex industry really thrived on heroes. They’d have themed dirty movies Izuku sometimes watched. Also have tiny costumes that looked similar to the outfit of the hero. Izuku still remembers how they had made Creati’s outfit even more revealing than it already was.

But the thing Izuku was mostly interested in, were toys. And that was what he was surrounded by right now.

He tested all of them. From vibrators, to handcuffs, to lube. They had everything. And so did Izuku.

Right now he had nipple clamps attached to his… nipples. They faintly looked like the shoulder pieces Red Riot wore. Not enough to be very marketable, but the added vibration function it had, made it all the more pleasant. Izuku had been really enjoying himself, feeling them buzz away on his chest, slowly bringing him to full erection.

Deciding to start a bit slow, Izuku first reached for a bottle, squirting a tiny job on his finger, and bringing it to his lips. He licked it off, and hummed as the taste hit his tongue. Sugarman’s stuff was always excellent. Choosing just the right tastes to make oral sex even more pleasurable. Izuku always pretended that Rikido had a part in designing his products. This one was presented as tasting like a lemon merengue pie, and it tasted exactly like the one Rikido sometimes made. It really was one of Izuku’s favourite products out there.

There were some other obvious choices in there. Some instead seeming a bit farfetched.

Izuku could add another feather stick to his collection, the red feathers a clear sign from whom they were copied of. They never presented anything new, and yet Izuku bought every one of them. If Hawks earned money of this, then he was a lucky man.

Massage candles were marketed with the blazing icon of Endeavor, because his flames were enough to represent a candle apparently. And the slogan had something to do with every hero needs to relax after a long day on the job. It worked pretty well Izuku had to admit.

There were bindings mimicked after Eraserhead’s long scarf. Anal beads that looked like Grape Juice’s quirk. And a butt plug that looked similar to Tailman’s tail.

One Izuku really appreciated were the toy cleaners designed by Midnight. He knew for sure that she had designed those personally, finding the after care just as important. Hygiene concerning your toys was something she valued, and so did Izuku. He had been using her products for years. Finally she had come out with a larger bottle though. He always ran out so fast.

Finally, after going through all his new playthings, Izuku’s eyes landed on the final object. One he had been really excited for, but also a little ashamed. It was a special product. One Izuku never expected would ever see the light of day. There had been rumours for months that the product was coming, but Izuku just never believed it. That specific hero would never actually work together with a company that focused on erotic entertainment.

But here it was. Carefully unwrapped, lying on Izuku’s bed, full girth exposed.

Izuku swallowed heavily, because it was a lot bigger than he’d expected. Of course he should’ve known.

The base was completely black, reaching all the way up to the orange cross stretching just below the head. Funnily enough the head was skin coloured. Izuku knew why that was. Knew why they had designed it like that. The colour was almost the same as the hero’s. Maybe it was the exact same.

Yeah, Katsuki had come out with a line of dildos. Replicas of his own dick. He had gotten hard, and had a team make a mould out of it, and now there were fake cocks out there for everyone to enjoy. And Izuku had one. Kacchan was going to kill him if he ever found out.

A thick vein moved all the way up from the base to the head, looking enticing enough to slide your tongue across.

Spreading some of Sugarman’s oral pleasures onto it, Izuku slipped his tongue across the length. The taste of the sweet essence made him groan softly. Feeling the cold plastic made him whine instead, knowing the real deal would be so much better. But this was something, and Izuku was far too excited to try it out. Especially after wrapping his lips around it. He was only able to reach as low as half of the dildo, and Izuku had always prided himself in being able to take a lot of dick at once. This one was just too… much.

After greedily sucking on it some more, Izuku’s hand disappeared behind himself, carefully pulling on the string attached to him. Slowly bead after bead plopped out of him, stretching his hole so deliciously. Those purple balls really reached the right places, but they could not measure up against this dildo.

Using his favourite lube, colour close to Pinky’s acid, Izuku made sure the fake dick was lathered in it. Izuku was going to need it.

Getting up on his knees, he placed the dildo between his legs, the head resting against his prepared hole. He could feel himself winking against the plastic, begging it to fill him up. Letting out a soft sigh, Izuku sank down onto it, trying to relax as best as he could. His legs quivered as he got lower and lower, the stretch so much more than anything else he had tested that day.

Gradually Izuku moved lower and lower, sliding down the thick girth of his new toy. A long-drawn-out moan continuously escaped him as he lowered himself. Until he just couldn’t anymore. It was just too much. It was too long, too wide, it made Izuku feel things he had never experienced.

His walls kept squeezing around it, unable to really get accustomed to it, no matter how hard Izuku tried to relax. He could feel the dildo press somewhere deep inside of him, reaching much farther than any of his other toys.

It took him a minute until he could actually move. Izuku tried to envision that this was the real deal. That this was not a plastic cock, but an actual dick attached to Katsuki inside of him. But the more he tried to fantasize, the more he moved away from it. In the end he could only think of the soft latex inside of him, rubbing his insides so well. And he could move it around just the way he wanted it.

The first bounce was quite difficult. Pushing himself so far up was not the easiest, when the length itself was so far up your ass. But After the second bounce Izuku kind of got the hang of it. Knew how far he could push himself up until only the head rested inside of him.

His pace was slow at first, walls still getting used to being this full. But once Izuku felt like he could handle it, he enthusiastically started pushing himself up and down the thick girth. Wet sounds rose up from behind him, the lube doing a fantastic job. Mixed with the moans and groans Izuku could no longer keep in, made his house full of the most erotic sounds.

Whomever would be so lucky to fuck Katsuki… Izuku envied them. Though he had the next best thing, and this toy was pretty good. Really good. Was able to make Izuku see stars as he bounced away on top of the thing.

In the meantime the nipple clamps still buzzed away on his chest, his nipples rather numb due to the rough treatment. But once Izuku turned the vibration off, and focused on how hard they were squeezing instead, a familiar warmth started spreading through him.

It coiled in the pit of his stomach, seeping through his veins, and settled down all the way in his balls.

He was tempted to reach for his dick, but he didn’t want to lose any of the other contact. His left hand held the dildo in place to make sure he could bounce on it right. And his right hand was fingering the nipple clamps, tightening their hold as much as he could.

Moans grew louder and louder as the dick filled him up even more, finally sliding in until the base hit his behind. He fucked himself harder, thrusting the object into him harshly. With his whole body trembling, Izuku’s orgasm finally reached its peak, coming all over his sheets, and various toys that laid before him.

After milking himself dry with the dildo, Izuku finally pulled it out of him, and brought it back to the rest of his haul. He eyed it again, seeing the plastic glisten with lube. There was a little autograph scribbled at the bottom. A clear sign that it was a real replica.

Izuku would never be able to tell Katsuki how he felt about the dildo. What he felt towards Katsuki’s cock. But he could leave a review on the toy. And obviously, it was going to get five stars.

This was Izuku’s new favourite toy.

Chapter Text

Tingles moved down his spine, a faint pleasurable feeling settling in the pit of his stomach. He couldn’t quite pinpoint what was happening. Not yet anyway. It was well passed midnight, and Katsuki had been asleep for hours. But that satisfying feeling only started to build up, spread through his body. Make him feel hot all over as his hips started moving on their own accord. Soft sounds slipped from his lips, gasps of pleasure filling the bedroom.

Only then did Katsuki finally wake up. Blinking his eyes open he tried to adjust to the dark. Tried to see what was surrounding him. It took him a moment to comprehend that it was his partner that had his head splayed on Katsuki’s chest, one of his scarred hands forced into Katsuki’s underwear, tugging at his dick as if his life depended on it.

“D-Deku?” Katsuki managed to whisper, groaning when a thumb slipped over the head of his erection.

Eyeing his lover Katsuki noticed the glazed eyes, staring ahead of him into nothing. Familiar green eyes missed their usual warmth. The dilation of pupils when he got horny. Izuku was currently not present for the ministrations.

It wasn’t the first time this happened, and certainly wasn’t going to be the last.

Katsuki had gotten quite used to it now, even if it was a rude awakening every time.

The first time had gone quite similar to this. With Izuku’s hand slipped into Katsuki’s underwear, jerking him off until completion. Lips had been attached to his nipple, suckling it softly. And all Izuku did for himself, was rut against Katsuki’s side until his hips stuttered and he came with a quiet moan.

It seemed all quite innocent in comparison to what Izuku did now. How far the guy could go in his sleep. There had been times Katsuki tried to stop it, afraid that Izuku was going to hurt himself. He had actually hurt himself a few times, unfortunately. But Izuku was determined to touch Katsuki. Determined to have his hands on his boyfriend, and have his way with him. And Izuku was strong, really strong. Pinned Katsuki to the bed if he fought a little. And in the end Katsuki was a week man. Had to cave, because everything Izuku did to him, felt amazing.

“Shit,” Katsuki hissed, Izuku forcing Katsuki boxers down to reveal his aching cock. The fabric settled just below Katsuki’s balls, it enough room for Izuku to do whatever he wanted to.

There wasn’t much time now. Katsuki had to be quick, or this would end in another one of Izuku will be in pain in the morning. If Katsuki had woken just a few minutes later, he would’ve been to late.

Twisting out of Izuku’s hold, Katsuki reached for the nightstand. He was prepared now. Made sure it was no longer hidden away in a drawer, but perched on the edge. Easy to grasp for when these moments occurred.

The lube.

It wouldn’t be the first time Izuku impaled himself on Katsuki’s dick without any preparation, and would certainly not be the last. He could at least make the slide easier by slicking up his length. It would still be a tight fit, but it was better than nothing. And usually Izuku wouldn’t complain as much about pain in his lower back then.

Katsuki really had tried to talk to him about this. Had voiced his concerns about Izuku’s syndrome. But Izuku had been too embarrassed to talk about it, only apologising over and over again, which was not what Katsuki wanted at all. He didn’t feel abused, even if it started without actual consent. Katsuki didn’t mind. Never had minded. He loved Izuku. Loved having sex with Izuku. And being woken up for sex didn’t seem as much of a problem. Eventually he stopped bringing it up when it happened. Izuku often knew it had happened anyway, finding himself naked and sticky the morning after.

Slipping back into the position Izuku wanted him to be in, Katsuki quickly uncapped the bottle of lube, and lathered his cock in it. His lover was already climbing on top of him, groaning when Katsuki swiftly placed his slick pointer finger against Izuku’s ring of muscles, and dipped it in a few times. More he could not manage, hearing Izuku’s dissatisfied whines, hand slapping against Katsuki’s wrist to get him away.

Needy little thing Izuku was during his nightly adventures.

Letting his arms fall back along his body, spreading his legs a little to accommodate Izuku, Katsuki waited. Izuku didn’t like it when he helped, thinking Katsuki was going to force Izuku to stop. So Katsuki simply held his breath as Izuku grasped his cock tightly, and lined it up with his puckered hole.

It took him a few tries, missing the ring of muscles, instead bumping against a plump ass cheek. But once Izuku found his goal, his hole stretching open wide to have Katsuki’s girth fit in, he wasted no time in getting Katsuki fully inside. He bottomed out instantly, their skin connected as Izuku sat down on Katsuki’s length.

Katsuki groaned, loudly. Izuku was so tight during these situations, his hole felt like a vice around his dick. It held him there, sucking at it greedily to get as much out of Katsuki’s dick as it could. The walls squeezed and squeezed, the ribbed inside creating the best friction all over Katsuki’s length.

“Kacchan,” Izuku whispered faintly, eyes still as glazed over as before.

Izuku was staring down at him, but nothing in his face signalled that he was actually seeing Katsuki. It was always an odd feeling, making Katsuki feel like he was taking advantage of Izuku instead of the other way around.

But once the other started lifting himself up again, Katsuki’s dick sliding out until only the head was inside, all reservations about this moment went out the window.

Smoothly Izuku thrusted himself down on Katsuki’s girth again, the slick sounds leaving their bodies telling Katsuki he had at least used enough lube. And even if Katsuki couldn’t see it in Izuku’s face that he was enjoying it, those little sounds falling from his lips were enough of an indication. Soft moans kept spilling over, shivering as he slipped down again to impale himself on Katsuki’s length.

The pace was always sloppy during these moments. Katsuki tried to meet Izuku’s thrusts, but was never allowed to really take control. Had to lay still for Izuku and have his arms along his sides. Couldn’t wrap his hands around Izuku’s waist, and guide him down on his cock just right.

It wasn’t necessarily needed anyway. Not when Izuku was clearly able to find his own prostrate, moaning loudly as he pounded down on the little bundle of nerves, Katsuki’s cock hitting it just right.

These nightly adventures never lasted very long. Izuku was only there chasing his own pleasure. Sinking down on Katsuki’s cock to massage his prostate, a hand wrapped around his own dick to jerk it at the same pace as his thrusts, and another hand playing with a nipple, squeezing the little nub as he moaned to the heavens above.

So Katsuki usually did the same in these moments. Just enjoy the ride. Focus on that delicious friction sliding up and down his cock, feeling how deep he really reached as Izuku forced himself down on his length. His cock twitched whenever those walls squeezed tighter around him, pulling him towards the edge faster than usual. No delay needed this time.

Izuku’s pace became erratic, his moans now choked out while his eyes closed, finally. Then his whole body stilled, every muscle clamping down. Izuku orgasmed, seed spilling all over Katsuki’s abdomen as he finally came down from his high.

This was the moment where Katsuki finally took the control back. If he wanted to finish, he had to be quick. Izuku would climber off as soon as he was done, ready to continue sleeping. So Katsuki gripped his hips tightly, making sure to leave bruises so Izuku knew, knew what Katsuki had done, and started thrusting up into that tight hole.

Katsuki fucked Izuku, fucked him like a limb doll now that Izuku was no longer participating. Except for the few mewls and whines that left Izuku’s throat, he was no longer present. A few times extra Katsuki buried his dick deep inside Izuku’s hole, groaning when finally his orgasm hit him.

Breathing heavily Katsuki relaxed again, a familiar tiredness seeping into his body.

He released Izuku from his hold, expecting the other to climb off him. But instead Izuku flopped forward, resting his head on Katsuki’s chest, already vast asleep again. Katsuki’s dick was still deep inside of Izuku. Even if he was softening, in this position it might not flop out at all.

Katsuki knew he shouldn’t stay like this. Should move Izuku to the side and let them both have a good night’s rest. But he didn’t want to. He wanted to keep Izuku right there, on top of him, with his dick inside of that twitching hole.

Maybe this time Katsuki could wake Izuku up with sex instead.

Chapter Text

With the lid down Izuku found himself seated on the toilet, for the third time that week. It became one of his go to places whenever he felt particularly stressed. When things didn’t progress the way he wanted to. Or when something bad happened during his internship. There were a lot of things that made him run back towards the shared boys’ bathroom. For very specific reasons.

There were three stalls in the shared bathroom. Two of those stalls had been transformed into something very different. All due to a little hole in the wall in between.

Who had made the hole, Izuku had no idea. At first he wasn’t sure what to make of it. Hadn’t understood the concept of having a hole between two toilet stalls. It was quite big as well, and for some reason all he could come up with was that one of the boys enjoyed watching others use the bathroom. Which was a little odd.

His thoughts on it changed when he had used the toilet in dire need, and had found someone else occupying the stall beside him.

A little not was thrust through the hole. Scribbled on there only said the word ‘suck,’ which didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Until a hard flushed dick was slid into the hole, peeking right at face height.

It took him a few seconds to really grasp the situation he had found himself in. When an annoyed grunt came from the other side of the wall, Izuku felt urged on enough to actually go through with it. A strange decision to make, but one Izuku had never regretted until this day. Never in his life had he sucked a dick, but the first one that hit his tongue, had tasted of more. And after that, he had occupied the stall more frequently, not with the intention of actually using the toilet.

As far as Izuku knew, he was not the only one using this of the wall. It was an unwritten rule that the left door was the one seeking to be pleasured, and the right door the one pleasuring the other. And it happened often enough that both stalls had been occupied when Izuku tried to squeeze in a moment for himself.

No one ever spoke when they were in these stalls. They communicated through little notes, usually it only said ‘suck’ or ‘fuck.’ The latter had been quite a step for Izuku, but had given in fast anyway. Another decision he had never regretted.

The only sounds he ever heard within these walls, were the groans coming from the other side, and sometimes the thumps of a body hitting the wood between them. Outside of the bathroom everyone whispered about the glory hole in the boy’s bathroom on the second floor, but all denied ever using it. Izuku was pretty sure almost all of them did though, having seen so many different dicks.

Sometimes he liked to fantasize about who’s dick he was sucking, or who was fucking his ass raw. He tried to memorize what their cocks looked like, and then compare it to the dicks he saw in the locker room after practice. Still couldn’t quite pinpoint whose length belonged to whose. Flaccid dicks just weren’t as impressive, and he had no idea who was a grower and who wasn’t. Plus he could not look at their dicks for too long, if he did not want to be seen as some creep. He remembered the weird look Tenya had given him once when Izuku had been staring a bit too intently.

The stall door next to him suddenly closed with a click. Izuku’s heart started racing now, anticipating on what was to come. It could go either way. He never knew what to expect when someone came in. There wasn’t a set schedule for certain people to come in. Everyone did this on a whim. Like Izuku did when he was feeling off that day.

A little note was passed through. With shaky fingers Izuku took it, folding it open, wishing it would say a certain thing, but being equally pleased if it was the other.


That was unexpected. Never had he gotten this request before. It was always one of the two. ‘Suck’, or ‘fuck’. He shuffled a little in his seat, mulling it over. Would it really be so bad? He got to enjoy both ways then, if the guy lasted long enough. None really lasted long, which was to be expected with high school boys.

Izuku just hummed in return as a confirmation, not having a pen on his side of the wall. The clanking of a belt echoed through the tiled room, followed by a shuffling as a body crept closer to the hole. Slowly a dick slipped through the hole, it only being half hard as of yet.

This was one he had seen before. With a smile on his lips Izuku brought his hand up and started stroking the parts he could reach, trying to get the cock to fill up completely. Give the other a proud erection. It didn’t take him long to see the sight he was used to. The head flushed a pretty deep pink, foreskin pulled away to show it off. He was quite thick, his girth definitely above average. His length was just right. Izuku could take him well, and enjoy him immensely. His dick curved slightly to the left, giving it the reason why Izuku recognised him.

Lips latched onto the soft head, tonguing the slid in the middle to have a first taste. He tasted a little saltier than most, which was not something Izuku minded. The groan that filtered through the walls made Izuku’s heart lift. Knowing he was doing a good job. Knowing he was making the other enjoy himself already.

The length slid further down his throat, Izuku taking as much as he could get into his mouth. His lips were stretched so wide, it felt like his mouth would split open. It meant that he couldn’t take much, but Izuku made up for it in everything he did with his tongue. Massaging around the length, wriggling the tip against the sensitive underside. He sucked fervently at the head to coax more sounds out of the other. Hear them muffled through the wall.

Swirling his tongue around the head, Izuku moaned. Made sure his friend knew that he was enjoying himself too. That Izuku wanted this as much as he did.

It didn’t take the guy long before he knocked on the wall, signalling he wanted something else. If he hadn’t stopped them, Izuku would probably have sucked him to completion.

But this was better. This was what he had hoped for. What he had prepared for earlier in his room, fingering his hole to open himself up, and get him as slick as possible. Izuku had wanted someone to write ‘fuck’ on the note.

With a shiver running down his spine, Izuku undid his pants and shoved them down to his ankles. He had to stand up for this. Place a hand against the opposite wall to brace himself, bend down enough so the cock could actually reach his puckered hole. It all had to be calculated perfectly, but Izuku knew how to stand to get that perfect passage.

Grabbing the erection that was still pushed through the hole, Izuku lined it up with his own. Gradually he started pushing himself back onto it, letting the thick girth open him up so wide. He bottomed out right away, needing everything to be inside of him. His whole body shook as he got used to it, ass pressed back against the cold wooden wall between them.

On the other side the guy wasted no time, pulling back his dick to slide out almost completely, and then thrust forward again. The friction was instantly good. It burned a little as the cock slipped inside again, sending licks of fire all through Izuku’s body.

The pace was rough, the other’s hips slamming against the wall with every thrust he delivered. Izuku was sure he would’ve been launched forward, had there been no wall between them. Now all he could do was keep himself braced against the wall with two hands, and let the guy pound away at his ass.

Izuku moaned loudly, always did when he really relished in the feeling of being fucked. It urged the other on to do more, be rougher, fuck harder. Izuku was thrilled when the thick cock kept hitting the right spot. His prostate was hit every time, every thrust delivered just so that Izuku would moan louder.

Somewhere Izuku registered that the door to the bathroom opened, but he didn’t care. Everyone knew what was happening here when both stall doors were closed. Izuku had walked in on others doing exactly these things as well, which was a major turn on to hear other people go at it like this.

All of it seemed so unimportant when he felt something build inside of him. He knew his orgasm was unimportant compared to the other, but Izuku usually managed to come as well when he had a nice cock stuffed inside his tight hole. It was one of the reasons why had come back so often.

With a few perfectly delivered thrusts, Izuku tipped over the edge, crying out as his orgasm coursed through his body, spilling all over the floor below him.

He heard the other curse as his walls clamped down on the guy’s length, making his pace turn erratic as he continuously pounded into Izuku’s abused hole. And then with a guttural groan the guy came, his hips shaking as he emptied himself inside of Izuku.

They stayed connected for a little longer, the other milking himself dry with shallow thrusts.

When Izuku really had enough, he pulled himself away from the softening length, and quickly held a bit of toilet paper against his hole, catching the bits of semen spilling out of him. The cock disappeared back to the other side of the wall, and a belt was fastened again.

The goodbyes were always quick, neither uttering a word as the left stall was always the first to leave. Izuku had not expected the sound of a surprised “hello” filling the air as the guy apparently ran into someone else. Apparently the person that had entered before, hadn’t left.

The greeting was returned, voice almost embarrassed, but also a little cocky, trailing the edge of knowing exactly what everyone did here. They shuffled around somewhat, and to Izuku’s astonishment did he hear the stall door beside him close again, signalling the other boy had now joined him between these walls.

A grin broke out on his lips, because he had recognised their voices. Knew exactly who had been on the other side of the wall, and who had joined him now. It was exciting for him to see the anonymity slowly ebb away. Now Izuku could look the guy in the eye, and know what their dick looked like hard. What it tasted like. What it felt like when he was fucked hard. And they would never know it was him.

Another note was pushed through the hole.

I want the same as him

Izuku really enjoyed the glory hole someone had made between these walls. Loved getting to know everyone’s cock on such an intimate level. Loved that none would ever know it was him on the other side of the wall, enjoying their cocks in ways they couldn’t even fathom.

Chapter Text

No one could’ve predicted that the evening would end like this. The cause? Could be the booze Denki and Eijiro managed to smuggle in. Or the little bit of weed Hanta had stored in his bedroom. The expected reason? The fact that they had all been under a lot of stress.

They all graduated today. All of 3A proved that they have what it takes to be a hero. Some passed with flying colours, and others were toeing the line to failing, but managed to pass anyway. Their evenings had been filled with studying for the past months, solo or in groups. And added to the studying they also had to train, had lessons to go to, and had internships alongside full fletched heroes to fulfil. Everyone was running on low energy levels. All a bit delirious, and unable to really see the wrong in this. It felt good, it felt right, and in truth everyone was enjoying themselves one way or another.

Where it had all started, no one really knew. Kyoka had started kissing Momo at a point during the evening, and most had just watched them for a while. Mina had casually been rubbing Hanta through his pants, their faces not showing much emotion on what was happening, though Denki couldn’t stop looking at it. The one thing that had come as a surprise, was when Yuga returned from his bathroom visit, stark naked. That was probably what it all set into motion.

Now Ochako was sitting on the kitchen table. One where they had shared breakfast and dinners at. One where they had long conversations, lasting well past midnight, sharing secrets she never thought would say out loud. But now, now she had lost her clothes long ago, undressed by people she considered friends. Tonight they’d be more than that. With her legs splayed wide, she had Izuku’s face buried deep into her pussy, tongue sliding over wet folds greedily.

Behind her sat Tenya, who had needed a bit more coaxing to sit with her on the table. Fear of it breaking, fear of ignoring rules no had ever really set. In the end he put aside his reservations, another shot of that clear alcohol fogging up his mind enough. Now he had one arm wrapped around her chest, a hand holding onto her breast as if it would keep her steadier. His other arm had wormed its way under Ochako’s right thigh, reaching underneath Izuku’s chin, two fingers lazily thrusting in and out of her.

All she could do was quiver and tremble between them, moaning loudly as they found all the right places to pleasure her. Her fingers were tangled in green curls, pushing Izuku closer, willing him to suck on her nub so fervently, she’d come right away.

Tenya was rutting against her back, the tension in his hard dick probably getting a little too much. She could feel how long it was, and it made her shiver even more at the thought of having that buried within her.

On her left was Shoto, leaning back against the tabletop rather than sitting on it. His jeans were undone, pushed low enough to only reveal his aching cock. A scarred hand was wrapped around it, Izuku barely managing to reach. He jerked it at an off pace, his own neglected dick getting the better of him. But Shoto didn’t mind. Enjoyed how it was not yet enough. Could thrust into Izuku’s hand and make the pacing even worse.

With Momo’s bare breasts leaning against him, heaving with every breath intake she took, he had something else to occupy him with. Her lips were mouthing against the skin on his neck. Trying to whisper things, murmur sweet nothings, but all she could muster was moan softly as Kyoka fingered her from behind. She twisted and turned them, enticing Momo to respond even more. Her juices were flowing freely, her cunt so wet, it would be easy to slide something bigger between her folds.

Apparently distracted from where he had been, Denki came running. Launched himself against Kyoka’s body, started pulling at her clothes with a fervour she had never seen before in him. Even as she hissed for him to stop, he was relentless.

Soon her small breasts were exposed, Denki teasing her nipples to full attention, while pushing his tongue into her mouth. She could hardly focus on thrusting her fingers in and out of Momo now. Couldn’t pay attention to her when those teasing fingers slipped down from her breasts to her stomach, going lower and lower, and fiddle with her pubic hair.

Denki had come from a different group. Had been sitting with his usual squad, sharing a bottle of liquor as their conversations went from their usual stupid things to far more intimate questions. Mina wanting to know who had the biggest dick, and none of the boys shying away of showing it to her. Even Katsuki had joined in, letting Mina’s nimble fingers slide over his cock, awakening it in the process.

They had been sitting on the ground in the living area, sitting in a circle as they conversed. But now Mina was in the middle, one hand on Katsuki’s dick, the other gently fingering Hanta’s balls. Eijiro ended up having the biggest cock, so won the competition no one had voiced had been there. So his dick deserved a price.

Her lips were stretched so wide, it was hard to get accustomed to. But seeing Eijiro’s red face, almost matching his hair, made it worth her time. Eagerly she bobbed her head up and down, swallowing it halfway, because she couldn’t take more. She could taste the bitterness on her tongue. Choked when Eijiro thrusted in a bit too far, saliva spilling from between her lips, dripping down her chin.

It helped that Hanta was focusing on her too, his long fingers sliding over her pink skin, squeezing at her rounder areas, groaning when he found something he particularly liked. Her ass was one of her best assets, and he seemed to agree, bringing his face closer to it, nipping at it, sucking at it, leaving her fully marked down there.

Katsuki was unfortunately far too distracted, his eyes shifting from Mina’s hand on his cock, to what was happening over at the kitchen table.

Beside the group sat Mashirao, seemingly by himself, perched on a beanbag. His blissed-out face told an entirely other story. None of the group had seen Toru take her clothes off. She had disappeared into thin air earlier in the evening, toying with Mashirao as she pleased. Place his hand on her breasts while he was talking with friends, rubbing herself on his tail to let him feel how wet she was. No one could tell, except if they looked closely at how much Mashirao had been losing his composure.

The only odd thing now, was that his dick kept disappearing. One second you could see the full length, standing up proudly, and the next it disappeared until the hilt, only balls still visible.

Toru was riding him, pushing herself down on his length with newfound excitement. His tail was wrapped around her back, keeping her steady so she wouldn’t fall backwards. All she had to do was bounce up and down in his lap to feel his girth slide so deep inside of her. Their skin slapped together whenever Toru pushed down harder, giving away that Mashirao wasn’t as alone as it seemed.

Mezo had it the busiest, having several bodies perched around him. All his extra limbs had transformed in either hands our mouths, trying to give everyone as much pleasure as he could. Koji was sitting quietly of to the side, soft whimpers escaping his lips as one of Mezo’s hands was buried in his trousers, tugging at his dick slowly, but with determination.

Closer to him sat Rikido, with between his legs Tsuyu, who let the sweet man play with her breasts, while she kept her foot firmly against Minoru’s chest. One of Mezo’s mouths had settled between her legs, licking her and sucking at her labia, creating another border between the short man and her cunt.

Yuga had joined their group too, though had flitted around the room continuously. He’d let Izuku suck his dick for a little, pulling his face away from Ochako’s wet pussy. When done there, he moved to Momo, grabbing her hand, and wrapping it around his spit slicked dick, urging her to continue. He had even fondled Toru’s breasts when he found them, mostly grasping air while he was at it. Yuga just sought out pleasure everywhere, enjoying himself the fullest when everyone’s attention was on him.

Now he let Mezo jerk him off as he rested his body on the floor, looking utterly pleased with himself as his dick twitched when Mezo stroked him just right.

But Mezo didn’t just have to focus just one everyone else’s pleasure. Between his legs he found someone eagerly stroking their cocks together. Fumikage was blushing a beautiful red, eyes closed as not to look at Mezo. But he let out pleased groans as he swiped his thumb over the heads of their joined cocks. It was magnificent to see the birdman so close to losing control. Coming completely undone right before his eyes.

It helped that he had one of his mouths pressed to Fumikage’s behind, tongue wriggling away between ass cheeks, pushing against a puckered hole. He could feel it wink against him, the ring of muscles loosening up the more Mezo touched him.

It wouldn’t be long now before Fumikage would climber on top of him, and sink down on his dick.

Time progressed, bodies writhing together, orgasms reaching peaks, and then slowly build right back up to continue what they had started. None would go to bed early tonight. Most would reach more than one orgasm. Have more than one partner.

Hanta had shifted away from Mina’s teasing hand, and had buried himself inside her box. Had greedily taken her before anyone else thought of the possibility. Harshly he was thrusting into her from behind, gripping her ass cheeks tightly, squeezing them together, and pulling them apart to see how his cock slid between her wet folds. He grinned widely as that slick friction coursed through his dick.

It made it hard for Mina to continue sucking Eijiro’s dick. But she kept on it, not intending to quit just yet. And Eijiro still seemed pleased, eyeing the way Hanta was fucking her roughly. Groaning when their skin slapped together, and his cock was forced deeper into Mina’s mouth.

Katsuki had left them long ago, the distraction in the kitchen becoming too grand. Especially when there was more to get there. He had joined Izuku in on going down on Ochako, their joined tongues doing miracles to her pussy. She was sopping wet by the time they were done with her. Tenya had managed to get in four fingers by then, slick sounds rising up from between them.

But even if the taste of Ochako was maddening, that was not what Katsuki had come her. As they left Ochako’s pussy for what it was, Katsuki still tongued Izuku. Let his tongue roam through Izuku’s mouth, tasting more of Ochako, but claiming him. Roughly he tugged off Izuku’s pants and underwear, uncaring of what happened to them.

Carefully Tenya had taken his fingers out of Ochako, pulling them away and wiping them over his bare leg. Turning her he made sure she was comfortable, lying flat on the table as he settled between her plump thighs. And finally Ochako would feel that long dick inside of her, his thick girth splitting her open so wide, her whole body shook again. Her body was in overload, several orgasms already having gone through her. She felt numb, but far too sensitive as well. And with Tenya eagerly thrusting into her, she knew she was in for a few more rounds.

The table trembled on its legs as Tenya set a pace, and for once Tenya didn’t seem to care, his eyes solely focused on the sweet girl under him.

A hand landed on his calve, gripping it tightly as Izuku tried to steady himself. Katsuki had manhandled him into a standing position, forcing him to bend over, and stick his ass out. One hand held onto Tenya, the other trying to hold onto the table itself. Eventually Shoto assisted him, lending him a hand to perch his weight on.

Because Katsuki was relentless, never stopping to give Izuku time to adjust. A spark of jealousy burst through him as the other’s attention had not been on him from the start. So he would take what he wanted. And in all honesty, Izuku loved it.

Loved it when that thick cock thrusted into him so roughly, he was launched forward, his hold wavering on the other two men. He whined and moaned when Katsuki set a brutal pace, the hands on Izuku’s hips the only that kept Izuku upright. His knees had caved as soon as Katsuki had entered him. Finally he was being touched as well. Pleasured in a way he hadn’t experienced yet with Katsuki. And hearing the even groans coming from Katsuki, made this all the better.

Shoto had turned Momo around, her behind pressed against his hips, his cock between her wet folds. Shallowly he thrusted into her, keeping her as close as he could by holding her around the waist.

Momo in turn looked utterly destroyed. Could hardly stand with how her body was touched. She didn’t even move Minoru away from her breasts, letting the smaller boy suckle at her nipples all he wanted. She couldn’t take it. Couldn’t keep coming due to these gentle hands. And with Shoto slowly fucking her, all she could do was cry out. Cry out for him to stop, but give her more nevertheless.

The other couple had moved away a little, Denki now seated in one of the large living room chairs, Kyoka in his lap with her back towards him. He was inside of her, really inside of her. She was so tight and hot, it almost immediately had pulled him over the edge. He suckled at her neck, nipped at patches of skin to leave her littered with marks. She reprimanded him for it, but leaned into his touches nonetheless. His hands kept toying with her nipples, massaging her breasts so intensely, it made the girl tremble on top of him.

Their pace was slow, Denki not wanting to thrust to fast into her, at the risk of coming too fast. And Kyoka too afraid she would mess something up. It was soft, and sweet, and when Kyoka turned her face to kiss Denki again, they were completely lost to the world.

A few more were reaching their peaks. Mostly men this time, which meant for most they were tuning out. At least for a little while.

Katsuki had been far too eager, and far too brutal. Had reached his peak long before Izuku had, coming deep inside of the green haired man. But he was not alone there, Tenya not used to feeling such friction on his length. With a few final thrusts he spilled himself inside of Ochako, groaning loudly as it felt like it kept coming.

As they all parted, Ochako took a few collecting breaths, eyeing the room around until her gaze settled on one of her closest friends sitting in front of the table, breathing heavily as he tried to recollect himself.

Scooting herself to the edge of the table, letting her legs dangle off them, Ochako opened herself up again.

Surprised Izuku looked up at her, looked up at her cunt, seeing Tenya’s seed spill from her gaping hole. He whimpered at the sight, slowly rising to his feet, legs trembling as he did so. He shuffled forward, stepped up between her legs. He kissed her, for the first time that evening he kissed her, and she could taste herself on his lips. She moaned into the kiss as Izuku lined himself up with her hole, and slowly thrusted in.

It was soft, and sweet, and what neither had expected was having another body pushed up against Izuku’s back.

It was Eijiro who had come to them, asking if he could join. Asking if he could fuck Izuku, as Izuku fucked Ochako.

All they could do was nod, have Eijiro join them. Have his cock deep inside of Izuku, and lord did it feel like his hole was split open wide. Izuku choked out a gasp as Eijiro started pushing in, his walls having a hard time accommodating to its wide girth.

When Eijiro finally bottomed out, finally inside of Izuku, they were all so close. Ochako had her arms around Izuku’s shoulders, face buried in his neck as she shifted up and down on Izuku’s length lightly. Eijiro held onto Izuku’s hips, his face on the other side of Izuku’s neck. They both kissed and licked, and did whatever else they could with Izuku’s exposed skin, marking him, pleasuring him, setting his whole skin ablaze as they slowly started to fuck again.

Katsuki had only taken a few steps to the side, going right up to Shoto. First of seeming angry until he kissed him roughly, grabbing the two-toned locks and forcing his head lower to meet Katsuki’s lips. His middle finger went up to Momo’s abused clit, rubbing it fervently as she cried out more and more. He coaxed them in further, made sure Shoto actually set up a pace, moved inside of the girl. Feel more of that delicious friction a pussy could give.

The sounds inside the common room were so loud, it was odd no one had come to check yet. No one had woken up yet from there intense lovemaking, or fuck session.

And as more and more of the teens came, completely spent as they flopped down where they stood, the evening of pleasure finally came to an end. At least for now.

Most cuddled up together, kissing lazily, because that was all they could muster. The after care was sweet and loving, but Yuga already had a naughty glint in his eyes.

Maybe they were done for now, but the night was still young, and they had nowhere to be tomorrow. He was determined to see more people fuck, in different combinations this time.

Chapter Text

It had been quite the odd revelation for Eijiro when he figured out just how much of an “ass-man” he was. Whenever they asked the question ‘are you more an ass-guy or a boob-guy’, he always shrugged his shoulders. Didn’t really matter, right? They were both soft and nice to squeeze. He really had loved both equally. Or so he thought.

It wasn’t something that happened over night. Eijiro slowly eased into it. Started looking at butts more. Ogle them whenever they bounced passed when someone had a certain skip in their step. There was just one behind that he really could not get enough of.

The first time he laid eyes on those perfect round globes, his mouth went completely dry. Seeing how they filled out their loose-fitting school uniform, the fabric so tight, Eijiro could only imagine it would rip. Hoped it would.

And that was just the beginning of their high school days. Izuku had been quite thin still at that point. Still trained a lot to get the muscle form he has now. So the situation Eijiro had found himself in only got worse, or better depending on the perspective. Especially when Izuku changed his focus from hand combat to training his legs more. His ass only got better, build up with muscles, getting even tighter in every pant he wore. Even those sinful looking shorts Izuku enjoyed to wear were not as loose at the back as Izuku might’ve hoped.

It started out with some innocent ogling, as it always did. Eijiro would watch Izuku mess around in the kitchen, or walk behind him on the stairs. He’d do double intakes whenever Izuku passed, which received him odd looks from his friends, but it really was hard to resist. How could anyone not look at Izuku’s fine ass? Why would you not want to?

But eventually the looks weren’t enough. Eijiro simply couldn’t contain himself. Especially not when Izuku got a bit more confident and joined the group of boys under the shared showerheads instead of choosing a stall for himself, after physical practise. You can’t let a thirsty man get so close to the thing he wanted most.

Bare they were even better to look at.

After that his longing stares quickly developed into playful slaps on the butt. Eijiro reasoned that he’d do this with any of his friends, but the truth was, he didn’t. Only Izuku’s ass was worthy of his handprints. And if he rubbed the spank in a little longer than necessary, then it was just to make sure it landed right.

Izuku had taken it all with surprised gasps, and confused glances, looking up at Eijiro bewildered whenever he spanked his ass again. For some reason Izuku never asked why Eijiro did it, or told him to stop. It just became a natural thing between them. Even when the spanks changed into squeezes, added with breathless groans slipping off Eijiro’s lips.

He knew he shouldn’t do this. That he was taken advantage of his friend. That he shouldn’t be jerking off to the thought of touching Izuku’s ass even more. But he couldn’t stop. Not when Izuku wriggled his ass back into his hand when Eijiro had squeezed it a bit too hard.

It was only a matter of time until they ended up here.

A shared study session Eijiro had offered, just the two of them, because there was a subject Izuku understood better than anyone else. Which was not true, but Izuku took it with a smile. And had agreed. Had agreed to meeting in Eijiro’s room and spent the evening together. This still didn’t mean anything, and it wasn’t as if Eijiro had planned on doing it. Really, he was a good guy, and would never just take whatever he wanted from Izuku without some form of consent.

But with Izuku splayed out on his bed, ass up, and chest pressed down on the bed, he looked so perfect. The soft sighs escaping his lips, and the fluttering of eyelashes over closed eyes, signalled that Izuku had fallen asleep. On Eijiro’s bed. With his ass right there.

Eijiro had taken a full five minutes before he had climbed on the bed as well, sitting right next to Izuku’s perfect behind.

With one finger he touched the first cheek carefully, feeling the flesh through the fabric of his shorts. It was soft and supple, moving along easily with whatever Eijiro did. His finger turned into a full hand, massaging the cheek underneath. It filled out his palm so right, almost spilling over with how thick it was. But it wasn’t enough. Eijiro had seen what that delicious butt looked like without clothes. So he carefully fingered the edge of the waistband of Izuku’s shorts, deciding it was time they’d come off.

It was only then that he found a pair of green eyes looking at him. Watching him like a hawk as Eijiro had been touching him.

There was no good explanation for what he had been doing, and Eijiro wasn’t sure what to say. Not when his hand was still on Izuku’s ass cheek, and his cock stood strained in his pants. Izuku must’ve noticed, but didn’t say anything. His eyes flickered to Eijiro’s tented pants, but still didn’t do anything.

Slowly Eijiro started pulling Izuku’s shorts down, never breaking eye contact with those dark green eyes. When Izuku didn’t even respond when the waistband of his shorts settled under his ass, and Eijiro had noticed Izuku had not even worn underwear underneath his short, Eijiro took this as the permission he needed.

With a drawn-out groan he ripped the shorts all the way off, exposing the beautiful round ass for his eyes to see.

It was even better this close-up. He could see the cheeks quiver as Izuku tightened his muscles, and released again. God, they were so perfect beneath him, ready for Eijiro. Ready to be assaulted by Eijiro. He wanted to touch them, feel them, squeeze them. But there was something he wanted to do even more than that.

Dipping down Eijiro let the flat of his tongue slide from bottom to top over Izuku’s right ass cheek. Izuku shivered at the sudden touch, with only encouraged Eijiro to do more. So he did it again, and again. Then nosed at the flesh, taking in Izuku’s musky scent as he felt that soft flesh all over his face.

There really was no turning back now. That first touch was already a lot, but this first taste. Eijiro could only groan out even louder as he latched onto it. Kissed every spot on those round globes, sucking at the skin to leave marks littered all over them. And even if it would make Izuku choose to shower in a stall again after practise, Eijiro would know why, and that alone was satisfying enough.

It was making him delirious to finally have Izuku’s ass within his reach. He played with the two cheeks, pushing them together, and pulling them apart to expose even more of Izuku’s ass. The boy under him kept on moaning softly, his eyes now closed as he enjoyed whatever Eijiro was doing. The fact that it was not just Eijiro who had wanted this, but Izuku seemed not opposed at all either, got Eijiro to rut at the mattress, ready to feel something else.

The sounds falling from Izuku’s lips made Eijiro bolder, eager to do more.

So it came to no surprise that when he had settled firmly between Izuku’s legs, he leaned down once more, and let his tongue slip between those two round globes.

That gasp was everything. Izuku so startled, that he pushed his ass further up right against the flat of Eijiro’s tongue. They both groaned when he reached the sensitive ring of muscles. He teased at it, sliding the tip of his tongue around the edge to pull more sounds from Izuku. Slowly he started rocking his hips back on Eijiro’s touches, trying to get more of a feel from it. And Eijiro still wanted more.

Roughly he pulled Izuku to sit on his knees, ass even higher up in the air. Izuku only moaned when his cheeks were pulled apart again, anticipating on what was coming next.

Again Eijiro’s tongue found Izuku’s hole, prying at the muscles to part for him. Slowly he dipped in, groaning when he felt those walls tightening around him, fighting the intrusion, and welcoming at the same time. He forced it further in, wriggling it from left to right to get a real feel of those ribbed walls.

A continuous stream of moans were falling from Izuku’s lips as he thrusted back on Eijiro’s tongue, willing it to go deeper than that. When Eijiro found out Izuku had reached beneath himself to grasp his own hard cock, something snapped inside of him.

He bit Izuku. Bit down hard on one of his cheeks, letting his sharp teeth pierce the skin as he groaned out. He knew that when he tasted blood, he had gone too far, but Izuku was still rocking back on him, hand fervently jerking himself off.

His own cock throbbed inside their confines, neglected still. But even without being touched at all, Eijiro already felt like his orgasm was close. So close. Quickly he tugged it open and let his hard length slide out, letting it land right on one of those perfect round cheeks.

Rubbing it all over the soft flesh, Eijiro groaned at the friction it gave, but with Izuku’s sounds growing louder and louder, his hand moving so fast, his orgasm must be close, Eijiro had to pick up the pace too. So he spat on his length and rubbed the spittle over it, slicking it up enough to have it slide easier over Izuku’s soft skin. He placed his length between Izuku’s ass cheeks, and let his cock slide over Izuku’s crack a few times to ease into it.

The thought of finally touching Izuku’s behind like this, made Eijiro pick up the pace. He grabbed Izuku’s hips and thrusted himself back and forth between those round cheeks. His skin tingled all over as the friction made him see stars. It was maddening to do this now. He was he was addicted now. Knew he would never be able to stop touching Izuku’s ass. This couldn’t be taken away from him now. He was a thirsty man and he had finally gotten the waterfall he had dreamed of for so long.

It became easier to thrust between Izuku’s cheeks with every push, his own precum slicking it up even further. He could feel the head of his dick grazing Izuku’s puckered hole constantly, and every time it did, Izuku moaned even louder, almost begging to be taken. But all Eijiro wanted, was to feel that wriggling ass against his dick. Show off how much of an ass-man he really was. Especially when it came to perfectly sculpted, muscular round asses. Ones like Izuku’s.

Izuku’s hips started to stutter, his cries growing in volume as his hand almost stilled on his erection. He orgasmed while Eijiro kept on sliding his dick over Izuku’s sensitive hole, teasing the edges just right that it sent Izuku tipping over the edge.

Feeling every muscle in Izuku’s ass tighten as he came, made Eijiro pick up the pace even more. He spanked Izuku’s ass, making the other cry out over and over. The cheek trembled against his dick as he kept on fucking between those round globes.

It didn’t take him long after that. Eijiro could feel his orgasm coursing through his length, and right as he was about to spill, he gave his cock a few extra jerks by hand, right on top of one of those gorgeous ass cheeks. He spilled his seed all over Izuku’s ass, rubbing his dick through his own fluid to spread it even more.

He couldn’t stop looking at it. Seeing Izuku’s ass covered in his jizz was beyond perfect. Nothing could ever top this, and god, did Eijiro want to do it all over again.

“Want to study together again tomorrow?”

Hearing that breathless tone coming from Izuku, seeing those hazed over eyes, and that soft smile. Eijiro’s heart thundered in his chest at the sight, and the insinuation of them doing this again very soon.

“I’d like that,” he whispered in return. “A lot.”

Chapter Text

Her hair had always been long. Well cared of. Dead ends were always cut off in time, highlights recoloured when the blond had faded too much. Her hair has always been one of her most priced possessions. She threw money at it whenever she wished to. Bought the most expensive shampoos and conditioners. Made masks specifically for her hair to shine more. The egg had made her hair smell funny. The avocado had been a bitch to wash out.

Simply said, Camie’s hair was really important to her.

It’s why Katsuki loved to mess with it.

When they first met, he would ruffle her hair whenever she had just neatly brushed some strands in place. She would huff in annoyance, but never really retaliated. Just busied herself with combing her fingers through again to make sure it was all proper like before.

As they became friends, his treatment went a little further. He’d make fun of her for spending so much money on it. For caring so much. Camie never really responded to that. Didn’t care what others thought of her hair. He did mess up once though. Once he thought it would be funny to fire an explosion right beside her. It scorched the ends of her hair. Camie was furious. Never had he seen her so angry. He tried to make light of the situation, but when she turned her quirk on him. Showing him himself in all kinds of embarrassing situations, he knew to never do that again.

Funnily enough they still started dating shortly after, despite the hair incident. Despite the fact that Katsuki didn’t understand her obsession with her hair.

The pestering didn’t end there though. Even as they spent more and more time together, got rather intimate even, Katsuki would still notoriously ruffle her hair whenever she was about to go out the door.

One day Katsuki decided to really mess with her. He walked up behind Camie as she was standing behind the stove, stirring some eggs she was making them both for breakfast. She was already dressed to the nines, ready for her day of work. Her makeup was flawless. Her hair falling in soft waves, framing her face so perfectly.

With a harsh yank on her hair, Katsuki pulled her against his chest. He was going to smirk at her cry of pain. Lightly apologise for messing up her hair again. But it ended entirely different. Camie did not cry out in pain. Instead she moaned, quite loudly as she harshly landed back against Katsuki’s chest.

Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she looked up at her boyfriend, surprised as much as her boyfriend was.

They stood completely still for a while, Katsuki still holding on to her golden locks. Tentatively he pulled at her hair again. A short hard snap. Instantly her eyes hazed over, lips parting to let out a soft pleased sigh.

This new information changed everything.

Their whole routine together went through a development. At first Katsuki was testing the waters. How far could he take this, and how much would they both enjoy. In the end that was the most important. He loved teasing her with her hair, but he’d never want to really hurt her beyond something she couldn’t get over. But much to his surprise, he often couldn’t pull hard enough.

Whenever Katsuki introduced the hair pulling while they were having sex, it always turned rough. Camie would whine when Katsuki stopped pulling. Would beg for him to do it again, harder this time.

It was making him delirious, being able to manhandle her so much, and have her love it even more than he did.

Katsuki loved to ride her from behind. Have her on her knees, and drive his cock deep inside of her. He would hold her hair as if they were reigns, yanking Camie backwards by her golden locks as he harshly thrusted forward. He never needed to worry about her orgasm whenever he fucked her like this, multiple of them wracking through her body as he jerked at her hair.

When the end was near, he’d pull her all the way up by her beautiful mane, until she was flush pressed against his chest. Much like the first time they discovered this kink of hers. He’d fist her hair tightly, and grazed his teeth along her neck as he fucked her roughly, thrusting up into her willing body.

She always got so sopping wet.

Katsuki could also be slow with her. Have Camie on her back, her hair laid out like a halo around her head. He’d ease into her, his hard length spreading her wet lips wide as he entered. Her plump mouth was always parted in a soft moan whenever he did that.

To surprise her. Have that soft moan broken off into a tight gasp. He’d ‘accidentally’ lean on her hair. Place his hand just at the side of her head, shifting his weight onto it, and yank her face to the side. Instantly her walls would tighten around him, suck him in further out of sheer pleasure. She’d whimper when his casual lean turned into a firm grasp of her locks, tugging it a few times until her eyes closed and she came without Katsuki really moving inside of her.

Camie’s hairstyle changed purely because of their newfound sex life. Her hair got longer, reaching below her waist now. Ponytails were suddenly a thing, while she had preferred wearing it loose before. Made for easier grabbing. Now Katsuki could just reach out when he was sitting on their couch, and pull. An instant signal that he wanted sex.

Sometimes Katsuki would offer to brush her hair. He’d start out soft, and full of care. But soon he would start tugging at it harshly, forcing the brush through her locks, even if it got stuck somewhere. He’d watch her squirm on his lap, legs squeezing together as if to rub them against her cunt. Katsuki had watched her come once, just by brushing her hair. It was breath-taking.

He’d never pull her hair in public though. The loud sounds she let out were only meant for him, no one else. No one needed to know that she got off on her hair getting pulled. Everyone around should treat it with care, as Camie still did outside of the bedroom. They all should keep believing that her hair is sacred, and for no one to touch but Camie, and Katsuki, when he was feeling sweet with other’s around.

No one knew this other side of her. And no one was going to know. This side was reserved for Katsuki alone. And he was going to relish in it, one hair pull at a time.

Chapter Text

His small waist, his narrow hips, his thin chest. Everything about Shoto just made Inasa stare in awe. He couldn’t quite grasp it. Not when that lithe body was beneath his large hands, moving so carefully.

Shoto never had a lot of muscle build, not required for his long-distance fighting style. Inasa didn’t necessarily either, but he was just a big man. A brute of a man. Everything about him was enormous. Reaching well beyond the two meters tall, he towered over many men. It had caused others to cower in fear of him, shying away from his height. From the way he was build, muscular, burly. Even if his personality was open and friendly. Welcoming. Perhaps a little too enthusiastic, though he had toned it down since his teenaged years.

Whenever he looked at Shoto, it was just the complete opposite. He was by no means a short man. Not at all. His height was of average sizing. There were enough of Shoto’s friends who were well below his stature. And yet, when Shoto was right beside Inasa, he felt ginormous.

At first Inasa had felt intimated by it. Thought that Shoto would never be interested in a man of his size. Would prefer the petite girls that flittered around him, calling him handsome, calling him the perfect husband to wed. Inasa could not hold up against those pretty girls. Could not compete with them. Lucky for him it was not at all what Shoto was looking for.

And now that he could call Shoto his. Could say that he had made the stoic man fall in love with him. Meant that Inasa started to feel very different about his large figure. It was something to treasure, something that really fit their relationship.

Especially when he had that perfect small body writhing under him, taking him so beautifully, it made tears form in Inasa’s eyes.

Shoto was magnificent in every way. His quirk was top tier. Something well sought after. His face was beautiful in every sense of the word. His two-coloured eyes, his two-toned hair. His strong jawline, his straight nose, the plumpness of his lips. It was all so delicate. Such a contrast to what Inasa looked like, with his crooked nose broken once after a petty fight, his thin chapped lips, his ordinary coloured eyes and hair. Nothing about him was special, accept his size.

And Shoto could accentuate that. Could show Inasa how far from ordinary he really was, simply by existing.

When they held hands, Shoto’s would disappear completely in his, seemingly devoured by Inasa’s large paws.

Inasa loved picking Shoto up in the privacy of their home, since he would get scolded at if he ever did it out on the street. With one swift move he had lifted the other off his feet, could fling him over his shoulder, and parade around with him. Inasa could do whatever he wanted, and Shoto would let him.

Showering together was also perfect, even if Shoto didn’t always like it. Inasa would take up the entire stall, the water only cascading down on him, but he could envelop Shoto in his warmth. Let the water run down his body, and flow down onto his lover. Wash him with his large hands, and feel those nimble fingers dip into every crevice of his body.

When they watched television together, Inasa would fold his entire body around Shoto. Have his lover sit in his lap, head pressed back against his shoulder, and wrap his arms around his lithe body until he could no longer move. If he sat quiet enough, Shoto would soon fall asleep, comforted by Inasa’s warmth, comforted by the large strong man he had let into his heart. It always made Inasa’s heartbeat rise.

But getting back to that best part. The best part really was in the bedroom.

Inasa loved it when Shoto was spread out on his back, legs spread so wide, his brute body could easily fit in between. Shoto was so lean, it always amazed him. How did this perfect specimen of a person fall for someone like him? But it didn’t matter. As long as Shoto kept loving him, Inasa would keep treating him like this perfect fragile doll that he would take careful care for. Except during instances like these.

Because everything was big about Inasa. His back was wide, his legs were long, his neck was thick. His cock was quite a few centimetres longer than average. There first time together had been difficult. Shoto had a difficult time taking him at first. And Inasa was a patient man. Decided it was better to have Shoto take him instead. But Shoto had been determined, even if they both had quite enjoyed the other way around too. Shoto still wanted to take Inasa’s monster cock and feel it somewhere high up in his body.

And who was Inasa to tell him no?

They succeeded, succeeded so well that they hardly ever switched roles now. It wasn’t just Inasa who loved the fact that Shoto was smaller. It seemed Shoto loved their size difference just as much.

And when that hole greedily started sucking him in, Inasa couldn’t help but stare at how his cock disappeared into that tiny ring. How those walls tightened every time Inasa’s cock slid in. It continued to be tight, Shoto’s body never quite getting used to the sheer size of his dick. Which was understandable. He looked even smaller when Inasa started sliding his entire length in.

Perhaps he imagined it, but Inasa could swear that whenever he was completely sheathed, that he could see the head of his cock bump against Shoto’s abdomen. See a little lump right under the skin. A silly thought really, because it hardly seemed possible, but Inasa could fantasize about it. Could imagine seeing the bump move whenever he thrusted in and out of that writhing body.

Inasa enjoyed making love to Shoto. Have the other feel how much he really cared for the most beautiful man in the world.

But fucking that perfect man well into the mattress was beyond Inasa’s wildest dreams. Forcing his dick in and out of that tight hole over and over again until Shoto wept real tears was a sight to behold. The pleasure that coursed through them both as Inasa’s enormous cock slipped so deep inside of him, could not be explained by mere words.

It was something almost magical that was between them. So beautiful, it was hard for Inasa to grasp.

All he could do was grin as he pounded into Shoto. Fucked him so roughly, Shoto’s body was folded in half, hardly ably to catch the slap of their bodies hitting each other. They had broken many beds already, neighbours had complained over and over again. But Inasa simply could not stop making a mess out of his lover.

All Inasa wanted, was for Shoto to feel like the smallest boy around, devoured by the big bad monster.

Chapter Text

“You’re so good to me, Deku.”

Wet slobbery noises echoed through the room, soft needy moans mixing in it so deliciously. Hazy green eyes looked up at him, sheer adoration shimmering through. His plump lips were flushed a deep red, spread so wide around Katsuki’s length. Slowly he fucked into that wet heat, trying to force his length as far as Izuku could take it. Tears pricked at Izuku’s eyes every time Katsuki got a bit reckless.

Izuku looked absolutely wrecked already, and they hardly had done anything.

“You’re so fucking good at this, Deku. You suck me so well,” Katsuki groaned, grabbing Izuku by his soft curls, and forcing his cock even deeper down the other’s throat.

Never had Katsuki imagined he would have his dick shoved down Izuku’s throat. It hadn’t been his plan for the evening. It had pretty much just happened. At first, he was listening to some stupid conversation the guys were having about who had gotten the best head, and then out of nowhere Izuku had confessed that he had never gotten a blowjob before.

It was just a slip of the tongue when Katsuki threw a sarcastic comment Izuku’s way. With a smirk playing around his lips Katsuki had simply replied with a “probably because you suck a lot of dick instead, huh? Bet you’re pretty good at it, aren’t you, Deku?”

That feverish gaze didn’t go unnoticed by Katsuki. They way those bright green orbs darkened significantly at the comment, Izuku only able to stare at Katsuki from that point on. He got scolded at by the other guys, claiming he was being too harsh on Izuku. But the other was used to Katsuki’s pestering. Didn’t know any better.

This response was different though. Very different from anything he’d ever seen. And of course Katsuki could had to test it. Had to know for certain what this meant. So his teasing only increased, ignoring the others as they came to Izuku’s defence.

“Bet you look good with a dick down your throat too. You would cry so prettily as you take that cock. Moan like the little whore you are. Any guy would be lucky to have their pecker down your throat, wouldn’t they?”

Izuku had visibly shivered, fisting his shirt tightly as he tried to restrain himself. It was glorious to watch. See how he was coming completely undone right before Katsuki’s eyes, purely based on what Katsuki was saying. It was enticing, and Katsuki wanted more. So much more. See what he could really do to Izuku. See what Izuku would do if they kept this up.

“You love to suck dick, I’m sure of it. Proof to everyone how fucking good you are. Show them the best time, and then have them begging for more. Bet you fucking love it when they come crawling back on their knees, just so you can suck their cocks again. And you’d be such a good boy and do it. Let them stuff your face. Come all over your pretty freckles. Lucky bastard never knew what was coming.” His smirk widened as he stared down at Izuku. “Well, he would, multiple times. Because you’re suck a good boy and never leave anyone unfinished.”

“Kacchan,” Izuku had replied, speaking up for the first time after Katsuki had started his taunting. “I can be your good boy.”

The other guys had fallen completely silent after that, shocked by what Izuku had offered. Not that Katsuki cared what anyone thought. Hell, they were finally getting somewhere. And staring into those dark green eyes, Katsuki knew he was in for a wild ride.

And that’s how they had gotten to Katsuki’s room, Izuku on his knees in front of him, cock still deep inside that wet mouth.

A tongue swirled around the head of his cock, pressing a little longer against the sensitive side at the back. Izuku sucked greedily, tasting every bit of precum Katsuki dropped on his tongue.

And where Katsuki’s words had started out as a way to bully Izuku a little, they ended in being very true. Everything Katsuki spilled, were his honest words. It was all real. Izuku was amazing at sucking him off. Did it in ways Katsuki had never experienced before.

“Fuck, Deku. You’re such a good boy. We should’ve fucking done this long ago. Can’t believe I’m in that pretty mouth of yours.”

Izuku whined, the sound vibrating all the way through Katsuki’s dick. It was stunning to see, see Izuku absolutely fucked out, but loving it all at the same time. Every time Katsuki spoke, Izuku perked up, blowed him a bit more fervent. Sucked harder at the head of his cock, relaxed his throat more to let it slide all the way to the back. It took him some practice, but soon Izuku had his nose stuffed in coarse blond hair, nuzzling at the base of Katsuki’s dick.

“God fucking shit, Deku. You’re fucking amazing. Gotta give me more baby boy. Gotta suck me so good. I’m gonna fucking come already. You’re such a good fucking boy. The best boy.”

It sparked a high in Izuku’s brain as he heard that he was the best boy. He really was, wasn’t he? Could take a dick like a needy bitch and make sure Katsuki came harder than he ever had before. He needed Katsuki to see it, know that he was good. That he could behave well, and give Katsuki anything he needed. Give him the best blowjob he has ever had.

“Let me come all over those pretty freckles of yours, my sweet boy. Gotta paint your face.”

Slowly Izuku slid down Katsuki’s length, sucking extra hard at the head to pull out a few loud groans. And then his cock plopped from between his lips. Instantly Izuku’s scarred hand grabbed his erection and quickly started jerking him of, aiming his dick at his pretty freckles. With his tongue sticking out of his mouth, Izuku made sure there was nothing to be wasted. He would take it all, let Katsuki paint his freckles, and taste his bitter essence on his tongue.

It didn’t take Katsuki long before he came, choking out a groan as he spilled all over Izuku’s face. It was everywhere, and to make it even worse, Katsuki decided to rub his dick through it, and spread it even further. Izuku was truly painted in Katsuki’s orgasm.

“God, fuck. You look gorgeous covered in my cum. You’ve never looked better. I wish I could fucking see you like this every day.”

And honestly, Izuku would let him do this every day. Would take his cock and suck him off so needy, Katsuki would come over his face every time. And Izuku would take it, would love it as cum was sprayed over him over and over again. As long as Katsuki kept telling him how good he was, how beautiful he was, how good of a boy he was.

And in truth, Katsuki would tell him that over and over again, because that was truly the best head he had ever gotten.

Chapter Text

Their friendship had bloomed in a very peculiar way. There were very little things they had in common, but somehow Izuku did feel like the other understood him, in ways no one else had before. Mostly due to his quirk. Izuku had struggled so much with it. Had gotten very hurt by it as well, and still didn’t have it completely under control. He was growing though. And knowing he was supported by Yuga, someone who had also struggled with his quirk, was very important to Izuku.

Even if their friendship was a little odd, Izuku did cherish it.

More and more time was spent together, Yuga actually growing closer to Izuku the more they hung out. Yuga introduced him to the French cuisine, which seemed to mostly consist of cheeses if he had to believe the other. They watched foreign movies together. Izuku learned a little French as well. It was mostly Izuku getting to know Yuga, but he didn’t mind at all. There was a good stable base between them.

Nothing could’ve prepared Izuku for what came next though.

It seemed Yuga had a very different perspective on their friendship. Didn’t see them as just classmates. Their companionship apparently meant a lot more to Yuga.

A lot more.

When Yuga showed up at Izuku’s door dressed in a long trench coat, he didn’t think much of it. Yuga’s sense of style had always been a bit foreign to Izuku, who preferred his simple t-shirts with a pair of shorts. Something Yuga despised, which he mentioned a lot when they were together. So the long camel coloured trench coat was nothing Izuku paid much attention to. It was just there.

And so Izuku let the other into his room, expecting them to finish watching the movie they had started earlier.

The drop of the coat was the first thing to startle Izuku, the next thing seeing what was underneath.

With eyes wide Izuku could only stare at Yuga’s almost bare form. It was hard not to. Especially when Yuga was dressed in the frilliest lingerie Izuku had ever scene. Not that he had seen many different types of female underwear. But that was beside the point. This was just a lot to take in. Izuku hadn’t expected it, hadn’t been able to prepare for something like this. Yuga had just shown up, and was currently showing off his assists, quite visibly. Izuku’s eyes dipped a little lower and saw a straining bulge in the lacy underwear.

“W-what?” was all Izuku managed to say.

“Mon amour! I came dressed like this for you☆.”

This didn’t really help Izuku’s situation, who was still gawking at Yuga.

It really was quite the pretty set of lingerie. The tiny bra was triangle formed, stretched over Yuga’s small chest. It was of white lace, the cups completely see through, showing off small perky nipples. The edges were ruffled, giving it a cuter look. The panties matched perfectly, ruffles also around the edges, fluffed a bit more due to something that didn’t quite fit. They were quite small though, and Izuku could only imagine what the back looked like. He knew it was a thong. Wasn’t sure if he actually wanted to see it though. The garter belt was a nice touch, wrapped around Yuga’s leg.

“Uh,” Izuku replied very intelligently. “Why?”

Izuku noticed how Yuga was creeping closer, taking slow steps towards him, distance shortening. His heart raced in his throat, unsure on what to do about this.

“Mon chéri, because I want to share my perfect self with you☆.”

Yuga had gotten so close now, Izuku could almost touch him. There was no more room to back up into. The back of his knees had hit his bed, and for reason he didn’t dare sit down on it. Not with Yuga dressed like this, a predatory glint in his bright blue eyes.

“I don’t understand,” Izuku tried to reason.

“Don’t you know☆?” Yuga replied, placing a hand against his head for dramatic effect. “We are amoureux destinés☆.” Yuga let himself fall, pretending to faint at the sheer thought of being destined lovers with Izuku.

And because he was the good guy he was, Izuku caught him. Easily holding the thin boy’s weight as he almost tumbled to the floor. The smug look with which Yuga looked up at Izuku, that closed mouth smile shining up at him, let him know how much Yuga had really planned. And even with them being so close now, Izuku still hadn’t dropped Yuga.

Slowly Yuga got back on his feet, keeping his body as close to Izuku as possible. Easily he wrapped his arms around the shorter boy’s neck, keeping him caged between the bed and his lingerie covered body.

“Mon amour, I want a kiss. A French kiss☆.”

The hands behind Izuku’s head were fisted in his hair, forcing him to lean into Yuga’s form. Izuku really had little say in this, unless he started to use his quirk. But part of him was too stunned to retaliate in any sort of way.

So when Yuga closed in on him, pressing his lips against Izuku’s, he just let the guy. When a tongue pried at his lips, Izuku just let him in. And when it started to roam through his mouth, coaxing him to respond, Izuku eventually did. Because in all honesty, Yuga was one hell of a kisser. Knew exactly how to move his lips right, where to press his tongue, when to pull it back. It was perfect, and Izuku found himself whining for more when Yuga finally did part away from him.

“Mon lapin, you are so needy. You can have more of me if you want. Why don’t you touch me☆?”

The blush that had already settled on Izuku’s cheeks only deepened at that proposition. Touch him? Green eyes slipped lower once more, taking in the costume Yuga was doting still. It looked really pretty, even on a man. But there was also something else Izuku was feeling. Something stirred awake in him as he looked over the other. Seeing those perky nipples stand full of attention under the lacey bra. A bit of fabric disappearing between ass cheeks. And his erection straining against the tight cotton, pressed hard against his abdomen.

Touch him.

Tentatively Izuku reached out a hand, placing it against Yuga’s small waist. His skin was really soft, and Izuku wanted to revel in it as he slowly carded his fingers up and down Yuga’s side.

Yuga responded by dipping in for another kiss, arms tightening around Izuku’s neck as he instantly dipped in for a ‘French kiss’ as Yuga called it. It was hard to concentrate when such an expert tongue moved through your mouth, but it was the most delicious distraction Izuku had ever received. He hardly noticed where his hand moved to. Only the harsh breath intake of Yuga was a signal that Izuku had been pinching his nipples through the fabric of the bra.

But the hand didn’t remain there. Hurried lower. Wanting to feel something else. Izuku was getting a little too lost in the most amazing kiss he had ever gotten. And so fuelled by Yuga’s boldness, Izuku dared to dip his hand under the waistband of the restraining panties.

“Wait,” Yuga said. “Can you touch me on the panties?” His tone was a lot needier than before, his usual sparkle ebbing away as lust started to take over.

Hand shaking now that Izuku was aware of what he was going to do, he removed his fingers from under the waistband, and laid the flat of his palm against Yuga’s length.

The shaky moan was instant, Yuga bucking up into Izuku’s form hold. The fabric was rough under his hand, the lace scratching at his palm. But Yuga seemed to love it. Groaned loudly when Izuku started to move his hand up and down his straining erection. The head of his cock was peeping out at the top now, weeping precum all over the elastic of the panties.

Izuku could feel Yuga’s dick throb through the fabric. Could feel how needy the other was. Their lips were only a breath away from each other, but neither closed the distance as Izuku got too focused on getting Yuga off. Seeing the usual put together guy coming completely undone.

It was fascinating to watch as Izuku brought his free hand up to play with Yuga’s covered nipple. Everything off his outfit stayed in place as Izuku pleasured him. Pressed his palm a little harder against the base of Yuga’s cock, and wipe his thumb over the head to tease at the slit. The moans filling the room only grew louder as Izuku kept up his ministrations.

“Do you like the lingerie?”

A bit taken aback by the sudden question made Izuku falter a bit, but he quickly picked it back up when Yuga’s sounds seemed to diminish. “Y-yeah. You look amazing,” Izuku said truthfully.


“No one looks better than you.”

And that was all Yuga needed to come all over himself. His cum leaked from his cock as it continued to be strained inside those panties, dripping onto the lace and Izuku’s hand that still rubbed him, milking him dry for all he was worth.

A bit embarrassed now that the moment was over, Izuku pulled his hands back from Yuga’s body. The other stood there a moment longer, relishing in what they had just done. He smiled that strange smile of his as he looked up at the ceiling, as if he was relaying a message to someone.

When he finally came down from heaven, he locked eyes with Izuku, continuing to stand in the other’s personal space.

“I am also really good at giving French kisses on your pénis☆.”

This friendship with Yuga was very strange, and Izuku really wasn’t sure what to make of it most of the time. But what he had learned now was that Yuga was one hell of a French kisser, and he was about to find out what that meant down below.

Chapter Text

Izuku was a late bloomer, in pretty much everything. Halfway down his teens he finally had lost all his baby teeth. One had to be removed surgically, because it had been a stubborn bastard. He had always been short of stature, his growth spurt simply not settling in. Even now Izuku was quite short in comparison to the rest of his classmates. Late with hair growth meant that Izuku’s body was still practically hairless when it came to his intimate places. He had never shaven in his life.

Of course his quirk… was late too. And not even really his. Still in a way he was late with receiving his quirk too.

So when his second gender didn’t become noticeable during middle school, no one was really surprised. His bloodwork said enough. Izuku knew he would present as an Omega. When it would happen though, was still a mystery.

His first high school years went by without a hitch. Around him everyone had already presented. Some had started courting others already, some had even mated. Which was frowned upon, but nothing really done about. It happened. Hormones happened. Needs happened. And most stayed together even after high school. It was a well-known fact most mates met in high school. It was a bit old-fashioned, but something society thrived on.

And now, Izuku being in his third year, he still had not presented. His mother had started fussing over it, thinking if he would not present during high school, he was going to be mateless for life. Which was preposterous. And Izuku didn’t want his worth to depend on if he found someone to love or not. He was a hero. Would graduate soon. Saving people was at the top of his list. Not finding an Alpha or Beta, or even Omega he could spend the rest of his life with. It would come, in good time. There was no rush. There never had been in Izuku’s life, with anything.

But the closer he got to his final exams, the more Izuku’s behaviour seemed to change. It were little things. Things Izuku personally didn’t notice, but the people around him did. Knew all too well what was happening, either having experienced it, or having seen others go through the same ordeal.

It started with Izuku being a bit more affectionate. He was never one to shy away from a hug or leaning against someone as they watched television. But now he would actively seek out people. Wrap his arms around the ones he hardly considered friends, but still needed to touch. Rub his cheek along theirs, and purr low in his throat. It was soft, and sweet, and cute, and no one told him off when Izuku crawled in their lap to have their full body around him as they watched a movie.

Another thing that occurred that had most Alphas’ mouth water, Betas’ blush, and Omegas’ understand all too well, was when Izuku started rubbing his nipples through his shirt. It was an unconscious move. Izuku didn’t even notice he did it. They had just gotten more sensitive and puffier, and every time his shirt dragged across it, he had to rub them a little bit to release the tension.

No one said a word as it progressed in Izuku just rubbing them constantly, even as he had casual conversations with his friends. Even teachers had to endure.

As his presenting day crept closer and closer, Izuku’s behaviour became odder and odder.

He had taken to stealing clothing articles. Of everyone. He took sweatshirts, trousers, sleeping tanks, and even an occasional pair of underwear, which he regretted taking right after. Every article was strewn around his room, Izuku’s brain unsure on what to actually do with it. It told him to grab it, take it, rub your face in it and take in that person’s scent. But not what else. What it was supposed to do. Izuku had no idea he was supposed to be building a nest.

There were scents he enjoyed more than others, though he could no linger pinpoint who’s they were. It had all mushed together, especially with Izuku continuously adding pieces of clothing to the mess that was his room.

Everyone just let him. All of them knew how difficult the first time would be, and Izuku would need all the comfort he could get. And if that meant he needed their scent around him, they’d let him.

Most were endeared by Izuku’s behaviour, finding him extra sweet as his heat was licking at his feet. But there were a few who thought differently. Who had a different take on what Izuku’s changes actually meant. Finally he would present as an Omega. Finally he would go into his first heat and feel the throws of pleasure. Finally Izuku would know the longing of having a dick inside of him, and would beg for an Alpha to take him.

The Alphas not mated yet, and not yet courting, were engrossed by Izuku. Snapped at each other when they found a rivalling heart. It was not just Izuku changing, the dynamics of 3A were changing entirely.

And when that faithful day finally came upon them, Izuku waking from a feverish dream, things were going to be completely different.

Izuku’s body had been hot, so hot that he felt sweat dripping down his back. The shivers that followed made Izuku think these were the beginnings of a flu. Nothing he couldn’t handle. There was no need to lock himself up inside his room, and miss the chance of asking extra questions about the upcoming exams. These were important times in his final high school, and he had to make the best of it.

It didn’t matter to him that his brain was mostly mush, unable to process anything told to him. Ochako was softly trying to usher him back to bed. Lock the door, and hide the key until this was all over. But Izuku insisted he was fine. That it was unnecessary. Didn’t believe her when she said he was in heat. He wasn’t having any sexual fantasies yet. Didn’t long for a dick in any way or form, yet. So how could this be his first heat?

But with his mind not working properly, Izuku didn’t notice those longing stares from several Alphas. Lifting their noses up in the air to take a better whiff.

As soon as Izuku entered their classroom, Eijiro took the opportunity. Hugged the other as he did every day ever since Izuku had gotten more prone to touch. This time his hug held longer, felt tighter, and Eijiro couldn’t stop himself from burying his nose in green curls and rub his lips along Izuku’s scent gland. Easily Izuku melted into the touch. Felt amazing with such a strong Alpha wrapped around him.

Finally released from the tight hold, Izuku trailed towards his desk, feet catching at one of the table legs. He fell forward, brain unable to comprehend that he was falling. Strong arms easily caught him, balancing his weight.

Slowly Izuku looked up, meeting mismatched eyes, hazed over with something Izuku didn’t quite understand. Shoto didn’t do much more. Helped Izuku back to his feet and walk him to his desk. Which was only a few steps away from where they were. But the Alpha lingered by Izuku’s desk. Stayed as other people fretted around, trying to catch a glimpse of the little presenting Omega. Only when most disappeared, did Shoto dare to leave.

The final Alpha that turned on him, was the one sitting in front. Katsuki turned around in his seat, red eyes peering at him. There was something almost menacing about his features, darkening as they followed a bead of sweat sliding down Izuku’s neck.

“You should’ve stayed home, Deku.”

Katsuki’s voice was gruff, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed.

“Can’t stay home, Kacchan. I still have so much to learn.”

When had his voice turned so warm and light?

With Katsuki turning around with a frustrated growl, Izuku’s day continued. It was one of the hardest days he had ever had. During lunch even he had to admit that he could no longer stay at school. Denial was a strong emotion, but when one’s dick had been hard almost the entire morning, and found themselves fervently kissing the most annoying guy of 3B, Neito, then one had to consider the possibility.

After getting permission from his sensei, Izuku went back to the dorms. The feverish heat was still clinging to his body, and even after fully undressing once locked inside his room, he still felt too hot. Izuku thrashed from left to right on his bed, trying to get comfortable, trying to find some peace in his mind.

Nothing helped.

Not even rubbing himself all over the clothes he had stolen from others, their scents long gone, replaced by his own. This discomfort that began at his backside had now risen up, and spread all through his body. His skin itched, his dick ached with need, and his hole… Izuku couldn’t even fathom what his hole wanted.

Eventually he fell asleep, dreams pulling him into a need Izuku had never experienced before. Sex had never been much on his mind, his hormones not developed enough to get him there. But now all he could dream of were hard dicks stuffing him, in any hole they could get into. Feel their heaviness on his tongue. Feel it split him open from behind.

Mostly Izuku just dreamed of being mated, of being bred, of being so roughly fucked until he could no longer walk.

Hours later Izuku finally woke up. It was dark in his room, sun long having set. A quick peek at his clock told Izuku it was well passed midnight.

Next his head focused on how he was currently feeling. The heat was still surrounding him, but it wasn’t just sweat that had made him wet. It seemed that slick had started pooling out of him as he slept, his feverish dreams igniting his body. Izuku felt disgusting, tired, still very horny, but most of all parched. Losing all those fluids during his sleep, had made him long for something to drink, his throat dry and raspy.

Climbing out of his bed, Izuku felt how warm his room was. It felt almost humid against his skin, his scent thickly lingering in the air. With a grunt he threw open a window, and decided to leave his dorm for a little. At this hour, everyone should be asleep anyway.

Dressed only in a pair of boxers, Izuku shuffled his way towards the common room, hoping there would be some ice-cold water in the fridge.

The hallways were a lot cooler already, Izuku heaving a sigh of relief as he continued on, letting his foggy mind clear up a little as he finally reached the common room. It was completely deserted, at least to Izuku it appeared it was. It was too dark to really see much, and with Izuku’s expectations being so low, he hadn’t really glanced around enough. If he had, he would’ve seen someone standing on the other side of the counter, watching him apprehensively.

Taking a glass from the cupboard, Izuku moved to the fridge, searching for the cold water he needed so badly. Thankfully someone had left one there, Izuku quickly filling his glass, and gulping it down. He could feel it cooling his insides, the heat evaporating only a little. But it was enough for Izuku to feel better.

“Didn’t think you’d be out of your room.”

Startled by the sudden voice, Izuku turned around, staring right into soft red eyes. Eijiro’s hair was down, loosely tied in a bun at the back of his head. His usual smile was missing, as was his happy tone of voice, having made place for something rough, something deep. Something that rumbled right through Izuku’s insides.

“Didn’t think anyone else would be up,” Izuku admitted, voice breathless. He knew how dangerous this was. Knew what it meant for an in-heat Omega, and an unmated Alpha to be in this close of a proximity. “So I took a change.”

But Eijiro was sweet and kind, and Izuku trusted him, more than any other Alpha in their class. So he tried to relax under that warm gaze and poured himself another glass of cold water. Izuku moved after that. Closing the fridge door to shower them in darkness again. Eijiro remained close, looming over him as Izuku settled by one of the shared dining tables.

“I think you should go back to bed,” Eijiro whispered, throat tensing around the word ‘bed’.

“Why don’t you go back to bed?” Izuku retaliated, meeting that heated gaze head-on.

“Can’t sleep.”

Izuku wanted to ask why, but he already had the answer. Could see it in those piercing red eyes still shimmering in the dark. Could practically taste it on his tongue. You. Izuku was the reason why Eijiro couldn’t sleep, and why it was Izuku who should go back to bed.

The sheer thought of Eijiro thinking of him that way. Someone as amazing as him wanting Izuku in such dirty ways, made the Omega shiver, a shaky moan falling from his lips.

Another mistake Izuku made. It made Eijiro preen, hearing that little sound coming from Izuku. He pushed himself a little closer, burying his nose into Izuku’s messy green curls. A finger suddenly danced up on his inner thigh, wiping up some of the slick that was still dripping out of him. His boxers were already completely soaked through.

Turning his body to pull away from Eijiro, Izuku watched as the Alpha brought his fingers to his lips, and tasted. Licked off Izuku’s essence and groaned when the taste hit his tongue.

“Fuck,” Eijiro groaned out, closing his eyes to relish in the taste.

Izuku felt that pull of pleasure at the sheer sight of the Alpha. Looking so strong, towering over him the way Eijiro did. It was glorious to behold. Made Izuku fold himself over the table, and spread his legs. Which seems a bit presumptuous that Eijiro actually wanted him to.

“J-just tell me no, okay? If you don’t want this,” Eijiro suddenly said, sinking down to his knees, and rearranging Izuku so that he was facing the kitchen table again, ass in the Alpha’s face. “Just say no,” Eijiro repeated as he hooked his fingers under the waistband of the soaked through boxers. “Say no,” he said as he pulled the garment down to reveal Izuku’s round ass, slick glinting at him from between his cheeks. “Please don’t say no,” Eijiro finished as he buried his face between his cheeks, rubbing his lips all over Izuku’s slicked hole.

This was a situation Izuku really never thought he’d be in. And he knew this was not the smartest thing to let happen during his first heat. He still had so much to learn about his own body and mind, about his needs and wants.

But feeling that tongue wiggle against him, licking at his hole and balls, tasting him fully, made Izuku think he knew exactly what he wanted.

Izuku’s legs shook as he tried to keep himself upright, breathless moans dripping off his lips as Eijiro ate him out. Lips were wrapped around his puckered hole, sucking at the sensitive skin. Izuku had folded himself onto the table, trying to hold on. Trying to keep Eijiro right there where he was. The encouraging sounds Izuku let out, made Eijiro groan as he flipped one of Izuku’s legs over his shoulder, giving himself even more room to move.

And then that tongue dipped into him.

It roamed around inside him, touching his walls, licking up the new slick forming at the intrusion. Eijiro started fucking him on it, lapping at his hole to get every drop of slick that slipped out of him. The Alpha groaned as that fresh taste hit his tongue, trying to get more.

They were both losing themselves in the moment. Izuku was rocking back on that wriggling tongue, trying to force it deeper inside of him. Fill him up further. And Eijiro just buried his face deeper between Izuku’s cheeks, feeling the very same thing. Izuku wanted to beg him to push something else inside of him. Something thicker, longer, something more fulfilling than this. But right as he wanted to cry out for more, they were interrupted by a deep rumble.

“What the fuck is this?”

Their bodies stilled, Eijiro slowly peeling himself away from Izuku, much to the Omega’s chagrin. They both looked over their shoulders to see Katsuki standing there, fury burning in his red eyes. A few steps behind him stood Shoto, stoic expression still in place, but Izuku recognised that grimace anywhere.

Izuku visibly shivered, knowing why the other two Alphas looked like that.

“You fucking thought you could just take him, Shitty hair?”

It was a long time since Izuku had last heard that nickname.

“First I find fucking Half ‘n Half lingering outside of Deku’s bedroom. And now you’re here, face-fucking his ass. You think you get to knot him, huh?”

Eijiro’s lip was pulled up in a sneer as he looked at his closest friend, rage building behind his eyes. “Well, he wanted me to lick him. Why not knot him as well?”

The implication hung heavy in the air. It was true. Izuku would’ve let him. Wanted Eijiro to finally put his dick inside of him and fuck his hole. But feeling the fury of those three Alpha males surrounding him now, made his condition even worse. Their pheromones hung thick in the air, trying to overpower the other. Hoping Izuku would catch theirs, and beg them in particular to fuck him. And Izuku recognized their scents. Knew it were the ones he had liked most all of all the clothes he had stolen. It didn’t matter who of the three it was. One of them had to pump their dick inside of him, pop a knot, and fill him with cum. Breed him if you will. Just something needed to happen.

“You were just fucking lucky that you were here!”

“Maybe you should just fuck off, and let me continue!”

The two friends clashed, Katsuki sending off a few explosions, while Eijiro hardened himself in protection. They grunted and growled, snapped at each other. Izuku saw teeth bared at throats, threatening to bite. They were battling it out. Challenging one another in a very animalistic way. In any normal setting Izuku would tell them to cut it out and act normal, but right now… He loved how they fought for him.

Izuku whined at the sight, clambering onto the kitchen table, and lying down on it on his back, spreading his legs for someone to take him. His mind couldn’t tell him yet that this wasn’t the right position to get into. That he wasn’t offering himself right. But he would learn.

What the two Alphas didn’t notice, was the other silently creeping closer. His stealth precise as he moved right between Izuku’s legs. “Izuku,” he whispered, dragging out his name longingly. “Get ready for me. I’m going to take you now.”

A shiver ran down Izuku’s spine at those words, arching up into Shoto’s touch. He could feel the Alpha fumble with his pants, tugging it low enough for his erection to pop out. Izuku whined again as it brushed along his cleft, promising it would soon be inside of him.

Katsuki and Eijiro were still hashing it out, growling at one another, until they finally noticed the third Alpha in their midst, dick now posed against Izuku’s dripping hole.

“Brace yourself,” was all the warning Izuku got, Shoto finally pushing inside. Shoto was never one to ask permission like Eijiro did.

The newfound stretched made Izuku’s inside tingle. This was an entirely new experience, and so different from what Eijiro had done to him before. The heat from his body instantly pooled back to his behind, centring there, focusing solely on that cock splitting him open. The slick he was producing made this a lot easier, Shoto’s dick sliding inside with ease. The Alpha didn’t stop pushing until his hips were connected with Izuku’s behind, bodies pressed flush together.

Izuku’s mind was reeling with pleasure, trembling under Shoto’s cold hands. Shoto was quite soft in handling Izuku, his hands sliding up and down his form to comfort him, lips sliding over the bare skin of his neck, inching up to his chin, and then placing a kiss on Izuku’s lips.

“What the fuck?” someone said on the side, but Izuku couldn’t pay attention to it now.

Not when he was filled to the brim with something so glorious as a cock. If he had known this was what he was missing out on, Izuku would’ve long gone to the doctors to get his body checked. Induce a fake heat or something. Anything to get this feeling.

Slowly Shoto started rocking his body back and forth, cock sliding out a few inches, and then sliding right back in. It was a steady pace. Friction delicious along his walls. It was maddening slow, which made it all the better.

That tentative kiss of before had changed into a full-blown make-out session. Izuku’s tongue was thrust deep inside of Shoto’s mouth, tasting the Alpha, feeling him fill another hole of his. It was sloppy, drool dripping anywhere, but Shoto let the Omega ravish his mouth while he continued to gradually fuck into Izuku.

Unfortunately it didn’t last long, bared teeth pressed against Shoto’s neck. “You fucking think you can sneak one in, huh?

Shoto’s response was instant. Face contorted in anger he tightly grabbed Izuku’s thighs and started fucking him faster, harder, thrusting his cock deeper into Izuku’s hole. Wet sounds echoed through the room as Shoto slammed his hips into Izuku’s, the power of it all making Izuku cry out even louder, moan every time Shoto rammed into him.

The knot was forming at the base of Shoto’s cock. Izuku could feel it catch on his rim, trying to press further inside. It was why Shoto was rushing. Why he was avoiding listening to Katsuki. Couldn’t relent now, not when he was this close.

And then suddenly Izuku found himself completely empty as Shoto’s body was ripped away from him, dick flopping out of his sloppy hole.

“No, no, no,” Izuku babbled, begging for someone to fill him again. His hands were lifted up to make grabby movements, trying to find someone to be there. Tears pooled in his eyes, a sob escaping him now that the pleasure that was building up had left him again. And it hurt. Hurt to be empty now that he was hanging so close to the edge.

“It’s okay, baby,” Katsuki cooed, suddenly appearing above him. “I’m going to take good care of you.”

Arms were wrapped around him, lifting his back off the table and landing right in Katsuki’s hold. His hold was kind, though Izuku spotted a bruised lip and a bruise forming just below his eye.

“Kacchan,” Izuku said softly, unsure on what was going to happen now.

Until he was hoisted off the table, and forced to wrap his legs around Katsuki’s waist. It was clear what Katsuki wanted as soon as that dick pressed against his hole. “Gonna fill you up now, baby. Gonna make you pregnant with my pups. Gonna make you mine, and mine alone.” And as he finished talking, he started lowering Izuku down on his length, his thick cock sliding inside.

Izuku threw his head back to cry out in pleasure. Hearing Katsuki say those things played tricks on his mind. Thinking he wanted to be pregnant. Have children already. Be mated to Katsuki forever. The thought alone made Izuku want to bounce up and down on Katsuki’s cock and coax the cum out of his body. It was silly really wat heat did with not just the Omegan brain, but also the Alpha brain.

As soon as Katsuki was sheathed, he set a brutal pace, thrusting in and out of Izuku with such fever, Izuku could barely hold on. He was thrashing his head left and right, while Katsuki pounded into him, his cock sliding passed that perfect bundle of nerves every time. And Katsuki’s knot had already formed. Was really ready to fill Izuku up with his cum, and get him pregnant, breed him well. Fuck him so hard, until he had to deliver his pups.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” Katsuki gritted out, forcing Izuku’s body even rougher down on his cock. “Gonna make you all mine, baby. These other fuckers never stood a fucking chance, and they never will.”

All Izuku could do was just enjoy the ride. His body would have bruises all over, his hole would be tender for days after this, but he loved all of it. Loved the way he was manhandled, claimed, taken. Not just by Katsuki, by all three of them.

The knot started catching more often at his rim, Katsuki trying to finally push it in him, all while chanting “mine, mine, mine.” And finally with a choked-out groan, Katsuki managed to push it into Izuku, stretching his hole even further, and getting himself stuck.

The sensation of finally being filled to the brim, made Izuku spill his own orgasm all over his abdomen, and Katsuki’s. Fuelled by Katsuki’s seed spilling inside of him, overflowing his womb with cum, bloating his belly for the first time.

They stayed locked like that for a while, had to wait till Katsuki’s knot deflated. And Katsuki continued to claim that Izuku was his, all his. Oh, how wrong he was. There was no actual claim made, and courting took a lot longer than a single fuck. Not to mention that there were still two other Alphas lingering very close.

They weren’t defeated as Katsuki claimed they were. They were just on the side lines, waiting their turn. As soon as Katsuki’s cock dipped out of Izuku’s hole, cum leaking out of him together with his slick, the next one was right in line.

Shoto came back, finally finishing off his own knot at the slow pace he had wanted to initially. Rocking back and forth against Izuku’s oversensitive prostate, sending him over the edge again, and again, because he took a little longer. Another knot filled Izuku as he was bend over the table by Shoto, filling his womb with even more cum.

Lastly came Eijiro, tenderly picking him off the table, and placing him on the ground. Positioning him with his ass up in the air, and his face pressed down against the ground. As soon as that cock entered him, Izuku knew this was the best position. The way it grinded against his insides, made him turn to complete mush. There was nothing more he could want as he clawed at the floor, trying to get leverage to meet every snap of Eijiro’s hips.

He moaned like a little bitch in heat, which he was, as Eijiro hammered his cock into Izuku’s sloppy hole. It was rough, it was brutal, and Eijiro’s cock was by far the biggest out of all three of them. Izuku felt like he was going to burst as it continued to force its way into him. Thought that this was going to be the death of him, and that he would die a happy man.

But he survived, even that ginormous knot that made his hole ache from the stretch.

It wasn’t until morning came around, that the first other students finally rose from their slumber, and caught them. Izuku had been passed around numerous times by then, body completely spent, dripping fluids continuously, most not his at this point.

Their sensei was warned, because as the other students tried to pull the Alphas away from Izuku, they couldn’t fight them off long enough. Eventually they were forced to part. Eraserheads’ bindings keeping them all at enough distance, and unable to move. Not that Izuku had much strength left in him.

Recovery lady made sure nothing was amiss with him. Checked every bruise and scratch. Poked at his insides with tools Izuku rather forget about. And then forced a morning after pill on him. Which Izuku appreciated after his heat was over. There was no way he was willing to bare any of their children right now. They were far too young for that.

And so came an end to their adventurous night spent together. Izuku was locked in his room for the remainder of his heat. This time he was not allowed out of it, and was only brought food by other Omegas. Mostly Ochako stopped by, petting his hair, and purring sweet words to him as he let his heat seep into his skin.

When it finally was all over, and Izuku was able to resume his studies, it was hard to face the three Alphas at first.

But when their eyes met from across the room, Izuku knew nothing was amiss. There were only promises. Promises about this not being the last time. That Izuku would not have to worry. There were plenty of heats coming, and he would not have to spend them alone.

With a smile he sat down, knowing he’d never regret leaving his room in the middle of the night.

Chapter Text

It had been a long ass day. His work hours had stretched far beyond his usual overtime, and he wouldn’t have minded as much, if it had been out in the field. Instead he had been cooped up at the office, filing paperwork that hadn’t even been his. Someone had been slacking off, or had called in sick, or maybe they were in the hospital. Katsuki hadn’t really listened to the reason why he had to stay in late. Had just fumed in silence as he got the work done.

At least he was on his way back home now. Dinner would long be cold by now. His favourite TV-shows would’ve been over. The only thing he really could look forward to, was his bed. Crawl under the soft duvet and melt into the mattress. Have a warm body pressed against his back would make this even better.

With thoughts of rest and sleep in his mind, Katsuki unlocked the front door and stepped inside, heaving a sigh as he smelled the leftovers of dinner. At least he could come in late tomorrow.

His bag was placed to the side, coat hung on its designated rack, shoes toed off and set neatly beside the rest. Slippers were ready for him to put on just over the threshold. Stuffing his socked feet in them, he shuffled towards the hallway door, rubbing at his eyes as he entered the living room.

Blinking stupidly Katsuki looked over at his girlfriend, who had been readily waiting on him just out of the kitchen doorframe. Sweet, beautiful Camie. How they had ever gotten together, was still quite the mystery. They pretty much did everything on a whim. Kissed at a party once. Went on a date the next day. Had sex a week later when they ran into each other. Even the moving in had pretty much just happened. Katsuki stayed over more and more, and eventually just started moving his stuff into her place.

There was one thing that had been thoroughly planned though. Something Katsuki had to explain to Camie in vivid detail for her to understand fully. A secret only she knew of him, and had welcomed with open arms.

Dressed in a frilly pink apron she stood there, arms crossed in front of her chest, pushing up her plump breasts a little higher, on purpose. The look on her face said anger, lips pouted, because she still couldn’t quite muster. Even if her frown had gotten more convincing.

She never wore that apron. Hell, she never really cooked. Katsuki was the cook out of the two, simply having better skills, and also enjoying it. But she knew how much he loved the apron. Or more what the apron represented. The anger was not fuelled by something real. It was all an act. Katsuki had texted her that he would be late. That she didn’t have to wait for him with dinner. And she replied a simple good luck and that she would take good care of him when he got home.

Katsuki hadn’t expected it would be like this. Usually he was the one to initiate their moments. Let Camie know what he was looking for that day. But something she would surprise him. Sometimes she’d put on the frilly apron and wait for Katsuki to notice.

His heart raced in anticipation, body almost trembling at the thought of what she would do to him. He dared a glance to the side, breaking eye contact with Camie. There, displayed on the coffee table, Katsuki found exactly all the things she could use on him tonight. His dick twitched at the thought, quickly returning to look at his girlfriend.

“You are awfully late Bakugo Katsuki,” she spat lowly, letting the use of his full name vibrate through his veins.

It always started out with a little bit of roleplay. To get them both in the mood. And it was up to Katsuki now if he played along, to signal that this was indeed what he needed tonight. As if he had ever rejected any of Camie’s advances.

“I got stuck at work,” he muttered in return, his line not as believable as hers. He was never good at acting it out, but it never really mattered.

“So I slaved away at dinner for you, and you just stay longer at work?” Camie asked incredulously. “You think I am some sort of housewife who takes care of your every whim?”

God, she made it so believable. Katsuki really felt scolded at. Felt her words sink into his skin and settle lowly in his groin. “They needed me longer at work. It was just overtime.”

“Oh really?” Camie shifted from one foot to the other, her angry face now making place for mockery. “And who were you working late with? That stupid Uravity bitch? Or that Pinky girl?” A look of horror overtook her features, hand clutching her chest. “Don’t tell me Mount Lady was there.”

There had been girls doing overtime with Katsuki, which was quite normal. It were none of the girls Camie mentioned, but that was beside the point. Camie didn’t really care in the first place. Katsuki could work with anyone he wanted to. She trusted him. Which made this moment almost amusing, seeing her so emotional over something she didn’t care about. Her acting skills really were on point. And if he played his cards right, he could get the most out of this fake little fight.

A clack of the tongue. Feigned annoyance. “Does it matter who was there? I was just working.”

“Are you backtalking?”

And there it was. Camie had run out of patience, and did they really need to drag out this fake fight, if it only resulted the same. Right where Katsuki wanted to be. His eyes flickered to the table again, sliding over the various toys they had gathered over the years.

“As if I ever would, sweetheart,” Katsuki mused. It should’ve held a tone of sarcasm, but Katsuki’s mind was already hazing over with thoughts of what was to come next.

To Camie it didn’t matter. She’d lead them where they needed to go. She always did. Instantly she was on him, grabbing him forcefully by the chin and forcing him to look down at her. “You’ve been a very bad boy, Katsuki. This is not how you treat your lady, is it?”

Her eyes were so dark, twisted with something so deliciously dominating. Her whole stance changed. No one had ever seen this side of her, except for Katsuki, and he loved it. “No,” he returned, hissing when her nails dug into his chin. “No, ma’am.”

“I think you don’t really understand that this is not how you treat your lady. I think that you deserve a proper punishment.” Her lips grazed over his as she spoke, tempting him, trying to get him to slip up. Because if he dared to dip in for that kiss, he was certain she’d smack him right in the face. Which was not necessarily something he was opposed to. “Take of your clothes,” she commanded, pushing him away from her hold.

Katsuki watched her walk to their couch, and sit down neatly on it, right in the centre. She brushed her hands over the fabric of her apron, making sure there were no folds in it. The skirt under it was extra short, he noted. It barely covered her ass, let alone anything else.

When her dark look returned to him, impatient tap of her finger against her arm, he knew he had to start undressing. He chugged off his shirt first, his jeans following next. Her eyes moved to his crotch, giving it a pointed look as he had kept his boxers on at first. There was really nothing that could keep covering him.

Sucking in a shivery breath Katsuki slowly trailed over to her. His half hard dick bounced with every step he took, staying attentive to all that was happening. Her dark eyes ate him up. She loved how muscular he was. Loved every dip and curve of his body. And she never failed to shamelessly ogle him in these kinds of situations. Hell, he did the same to her whenever he could.

She tapped her thighs as soon as he reached her side, motioned for him to get on there. Not in the sense most people would expect. He was not going to sit in her lap.

Chewing his cheek he wondered what she was planning. As soon as he got where she wanted him, she would not be able to reach the things she had taken out of their toy box, and she hadn’t grabbed anything yet.

“Come on, baby boy. We don’t have all day,” she ordered, giving Katsuki no other option.

Carefully he crawled onto the couch beside her. Pushed his knees against her thigh, and then climbed over her, his elbows coming on the other side of her legs. With his chest pressed against her legs, ass lifted up in the air, Camie had the perfect reach for whatever she wanted. And it was clear what she was going to do as she let her hand slide over one perfectly sculpted ass cheek.

What Katsuki had not expected was for her to press a hand against his abdomen to lift him up a little. It followed by her grabbing his half hard length, stuffing it between her thighs, and locking her legs closed around it, making sure Katsuki wasn’t going anywhere.

He groaned at the rough handling, body trembling lightly as the sudden contact on his dick was a bit overwhelming, especially considering Camie usually avoided that till the very end, to make it all the more difficult for Katsuki.

A soothing hand was placed on the small of Katsuki’s back, rubbing circles until Katsuki melted into her. He sighed softly as the other hand massaged through his spiky locks, feeling quite relaxed right for everything would start.

“As a punishment for being so rude to me, and for looking at other girls at work, I think we should go the old-fashioned way. There is nothing better than a good spanking, isn’t that right, baby boy?”

Peering over his shoulder, Katsuki looked up into the sweet smiling face of his girlfriend. That soft innocence that was usually quite right, except for in the bedroom. All he could do in turn was groan as he faced the front again, burying his head in his hands as he just waited for Camie to start. Do whatever she pleased with him, and just make him hurt. Feel some type of physical pain to keep his mind from tipping over.

“That’s what I thought too.”

Her hand firmly rubbed over his left ass cheek, squeezing it tightly before lifting it off completely. It was about to come. She never warned him. Never held back either. She just let her hand slam harshly against his supple flesh, his cheek shaking after impact.

That first impact was always a bit much. It made Katsuki arch his back away from her touch, cursing as the pain burned into his skin. Her hand rubbed soothing circles over the spot she had just touched. His flesh felt warm already, skin red from that first slap. And it was going to be a lot worse. If Katsuki was lucky, he would still feel her handprints on his behind the next morning when he tried to sit down.

Once more her hand lifted away from his back. Katsuki tensed, bracing for that hand to come crashing down again. He knew he shouldn’t do that. She could feel it when he tried to prepare for when she’d hit him. It always resulted in her taking even longer. Waiting on him to relax his body again before she would actually lay a hand on him.

Camie had waited a whole minute before her hand came down, spanking him on his right ass cheek this time. The muscles in his butt clenched and unclenched as the pain spread further through him.

Rolling her thighs a little, she created some friction onto Katsuki’s now fully hard dick, it throbbing between her legs. “Are you enjoying this, baby boy?” she asked softly, continuing the tight torture on his cock, squeezing and releasing her tight hold.

This was dangerous territory. A roleplay he hated and loved at the same time. Showing that he didn’t want to be spanked was a struggle for Katsuki. “No, ma’am. It really hurts,” he gritted out. “It hurts so much.”

“And you don’t like pain?” she asked in return, smacking him again against his behind, even harder this time.

His whole body shook after the impact, thrusting his length between her legs to get even more friction out of her. His lips remained tightly sealed though, to not groan out how much he loved being manhandled like this. How much he loved it to feel the pain sink into his skin, and heat up his body. Turn his mind to mush. Feel like he didn’t have a care in the world, except for being there in Camie’s lap.

“N-no, ma’am. I deserve to be punished.”

“That’s right,” Camie whispered, lips sliding over the back of Katsuki’s neck as she leaned forward. “And you know that your lady doesn’t like to hurt you, right? I don’t want to see you in pain. I just want to take good care of you. I want to make you happy.”

Katsuki felt his heart tighten, taking Camie’s words differently than she probably intended. He reached for her free hand and squeezed it. Tried to convey everything he felt for her in that single touch, even if he was certain he could never tell her exactly how much she meant to him.

“See, you can be such a good boy,” Camie added, holding onto the role she needed to play. She did press a soft kiss onto his shoulder, letting some of her feelings shimmer through as well. “Why do you always need to misbehave?”

Once more her hand came down roughly, not just once this time, but three times in total. Katsuki could feel tears stinging in his eyes as the pain reverberated through him. The sound of her hand landing on his soft flesh echoed through their living room. It was so loud, it resonated through Katsuki’s ears to deep within his brain. The pain, the sounds, the smell of his own arousal. It was forcing anything else he had felt that day out of his brain. All he could think of was Camie, Camie and her firm hands.

Eventually the ring on her finger broke through his skin, creating a scratch on his skin that welled a little with blood. It didn’t make her stop though. Instead she focused on that spot more, her hand landing on the broken skin over and over again. The pain scorched further through. His dick was weeping between her legs, precum leaking onto her calves as his body kept shuddering with every hit.

When Katsuki’s body was heaving even without getting spanked, Camie took a little break. She smoothed the flat of her palm over his supple flesh, massaging the pain further in. His skin was hot, burning from the pain, completely red from the severe beating it had suffered.

Every inch of his behind she touched, every inch. First, she paid attention to just his ass cheeks. Softly touching them, helping them cool down a little. But then her finger started slipping between his ass crack. Not something foreign to them, but it was always something that kept Katsuki on edge. Still not entirely used to her touching him there, which meant she kept it up. It really broke Katsuki apart to have her do that.

It moved lower and lower, her perfectly manicured nail brushing over his puckered hole. His ass cheeks clenched as she circled around the ring of muscles with her nail, grazing the surface. The sounds spilling from Katsuki’s lips were a mix between pleasure and confusion. His hips kept rutting against her legs, trying to coax her to continue, move on, not tease him like this. Her finger dipped into his hole till the first knuckle, her sharp nail scratching at his walls. It stung, and yet it made Katsuki groan louder, feeling that burn on his ass mixed with the sting within, was making him delirious.

After a few thrusts in and out of his puckered hole, Camie moved on, sliding the finger lower between Katsuki’s ass cheeks. She pressed a little harder against his perineum, letting a different kind of pleasure course through him. She was relentless in how she handled him. Knew every button she needed to push to have him see stars.

With his balls she was a bit more tender, softly sliding her fingers over the loose skin, massaging his sensitive balls until Katsuki had fully relaxed again. It was how she worked him well. Build him up, and then have him come crashing down again. Never did she warn him about anything. Camie just moved. As she did with her life.

So when Camie finally pulled her hand away from between his ass cheeks, Katsuki’s should’ve known what was on his way. Should’ve expected that next slap again. But he had been serene to focus on that at this point. It felt like he was thoroughly fucked already, brain no longer here to actually catch onto things.

Right until her hand firmly landed back on his ass.

Katsuki cried out, head lifted from the couch as he writhed against her. Her legs tightened around his cock again, squeezing so hard, Katsuki could hardly move. He was stuck there. Left at her complete mercy. His heart started racing again, picking up speed as he felt that hand lift away from his battered flesh.

It didn’t take long for it to come back and crash down. Her nails scratched at the part where her hand landed, the sore skin burning even more. It felt like his behind was on fire. As if someone had spilled hot sauce all over his skin. It burned from within, and Katsuki wondered if this time his ass would turn black and blue the next day, bruises forming all over his skin. He would relish in them if Camie had managed.

Shifting a little in her seat, Camie forced Katsuki to slightly turn his body. With his head now closer to her sides, and his butt a little further away from her, she reached over his body with two hands this time.

She massaged the two ass cheeks at first, and then lifted them up at the same time, forcing them down so roughly, Katsuki felt like he blacked out for a second. Her hands continued to spread the heat in his skin by rubbing his cheeks with a hard press, squeezing the globes, pulling them apart and pushing them back together. Katsuki could feel the cold air slide along his puckered hole, that soft breeze making him shiver and whine as he buried his face into Camie’s side.

“Almost done, baby boy,” she mused. “I think you finally start to understand how to treat your lady properly.”

Almost done meant she wasn’t done yet. That there was still enough to come, and the end was always the best. The roughest, with surprises lingering around the edges that Katsuki could never fully anticipate on. With Camie you never knew where you’d end up.

After her nails had played enough with his sensitive flesh, plucking at the scratches she had made before, Camie lifted her hands again. In quick succession she let them spank him hard on the ass, changing it from having them land at the same time, to one after the other.

Katsuki cried out. Tears spilled from his eyes as the pain echoed all through his body. The fiery waves went straight to his crotch, his cock so hard, it felt like he was going to explode any second now. There wasn’t much that he could hold back. Not when her hands continuously came down hard on him.

Drool spilled from his lips onto her apron, Katsuki no longer able to close his lips. All he wanted was to let everything out. Scream to the heavens above. Let all his frustrations loose and let go completely. He was toeing that edge relentlessly. He just needed one little push to get over it. To release everything inside of him, and feel finally at peace.

His hips continued to rut between her legs, though his cock hardly moved between them. There was hardly any friction to find, and he felt more frustrated by the second. As the pleasure continued to course through him, setting his whole body ablaze, he couldn’t reach his end point with feeling the good friction on his dick. He wanted to claw at her, force her to do something about it, tell her that she needed to do more. But if he did, she wouldn’t give him anything. This was her time to be in control. There were other times where he could fuck her senseless, but this was her time.

Thankfully Camie understood, she always did. One hand stopped the beating on his ass, and moved under Katsuki instead. She shimmied it towards Katsuki’s crotch, pressing it down further and further. He had half the mind to lifted his weight up a little, but crashed down as soon as she slapped him again.

Eventually that perfectly manicured hand had reached its destination. She gripped Katsuki’s length tightly, just below the head, as her legs parted slightly.

Katsuki groaned at that first touch, rubbing his face into the fabric of her shirt. He thrusted into her hand, thinking she was going to jerk him off while spanking him again and again.

Oh, how wrong he was. The head of his dick was guided between her legs, brought forward more so that Katsuki had to shift with her. It all became clear when she let his cock slide between her wet folds.

That shaky moan that escaped Katsuki was a dead given. Feeling how wet she was, just because of what she had been doing. The fact that she had even opted out of wearing underwear, meant she had planned this all along. And she felt so soft, her lips parting for him so easily. The head of his cock was rubbed up and down her labia, teasing at her clit, and then almost dipping into her vagina, but not really. It was a tease. The perfect one.

All he knew now was that sweet and soft pleasure on the front, and that fiery pain at the back. That burning pleasure swirled throughout his entire body, lazily thrusting into her. The end was vastly approaching him now. He could feel it, breathe it, taste it on the tip of his tongue.

The sounds kept spilling from his lips as the torturous slaps continued to be forced down on his ass. Every fibre of him vibrated by the sheer force of it all. Katsuki had lost any sense of himself. Hardly knew where he was as Camie abused him. All he knew was her. Her wet pussy and her hard hands. There was nothing more he needed at that point. Nothing he could think of.

“Come for me, baby boy,” Camie said softly, her tone more like her usual self.

And that was all Katsuki needed to spill himself completely. His hips stuttered as his orgasm ripped through him. Katsuki cried, cried so loud he was sure the neighbours would’ve heard. His juices spilled all over Camie’s cunt as she kept on rubbing his cock against herself, his cum mixing in with her fluids so deliciously. Her hand mercilessly kept on pressing on the most painful part on his behind, milking him dry for all he was worth.

Ridding himself of that high took him quite some time. Camie had long released his length from her hold, as had she stopped torturing his ass with more touches. Still he remained in her lap, face hidden away in her side as he tried to catch his breath.

“Are you alright?” she asked softly, brushing a hand through his messy locks.

Peeking up at her through half lidded eyes, Katsuki watched her smile softly down at him, her hazel eyes holding their usual warmth again.

Carefully he peeled himself off her, pushing himself into a crouching position. He didn’t dare sit on his ass just yet. He looked at her a little longer, and then folded his arms around her waist. Dipping in for a soft kiss on her sweet lips. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he uttered, nuzzling her face.

Easily she wrapped her arms around his neck, keeping him right there in front of her. That sweet smile remained, but he could now see that slight worry in her eyes. Because maybe she had gone too far this time. Maybe this time he would be angry with her. But he never was, and never would be. Every time she did it, it was more perfect than the last. There was no one who could do this better for him, than her.

“I love you,” she said tentatively.

And with everything he owned, he knew that was true. Knew that she loved him with all her heart. And he loved her all the same.

God, did he love that stupid, stupid, perfect girl.

Chapter Text

It hardly ever happened. Never did they decide to go home at the same time, to spend some time with their families. The dorm life was good, but some weekends Izuku liked to visit his mom. And so did Katsuki. Still they had never gone home at the same time, during the same weekend. For some reason they always missed each other. Which was perhaps a lot better than the situation they found themselves currently in.

An overly busy subway, bodies pressed against each other in the most awkward ways.

Rush hour. Both had chosen that particular time to go home. Probably because they wanted to join their family for dinner, and not arrive after when it was too late to really hang out with them. Straight out of their last class they had gone to the subway station, and had taken the same crowded subway.

Why they chose the same door to enter was anyone’s guess.

To be polite and create more room for the crowd, had Izuku place his backpack on his feet. With his back turned to Katsuki, they had about an inch to spare between them. With the amount of people huddled together, the temperature was increasing by the second. The windows fogged up every time the doors closed at the next station. Izuku was feeling horrible, and they still had a long way to go.

Another station, this one filled with people that all wanted to get on this subway. It didn’t fit, but they would make it fit. People started to push, force their way into the cart, just so that they could be home a few minutes faster than if they’d take the next one. Which was idiotic, but admittedly Izuku had done the same thing when he wormed his way into the cart. Now with the added people the few inches between people disappeared.

Izuku found himself pressed flush against a side wall right beside the door, with Katsuki still behind him, his front pushed up against Izuku’s backside. It made Izuku blush, squirming under the bit too intimate touch. The last time they were touching this much, was when they had been in a fight. But now places were touching that were not supposed to touch.

“Stop fucking moving, Deku,” Katsuki hissed in Izuku’s hear. “Just twenty more minutes, and we can get the fuck outta here.”

The order made Izuku still, not wanting to make this more annoying then it already was. He tried to peek a look over his shoulder at the other, but couldn’t see much through the mass of people. Facing the front was better, safer.

It was just a little odd when Katsuki placed his hands on Izuku’s hips. Izuku wrote it off as something to brace himself on as the subway continued on. When the metro shifted tracks, throwing the cart from left to right, Izuku found an entirely different reason as to why Katsuki was holding him.

As the subway moved the people with its forceful turn, Katsuki pressed even harder against Izuku’s backside due to weight of other people coming down on him. It was at that moment when Izuku found something hard pressed against his ass. And even as the weight was lifted off them, Katsuki didn’t move an inch. Just kept his very obvious erection pressed right between Izuku’s ass cheeks, slightly rubbing it back and forth as he held onto Izuku’s hips.

“Kacchan?” Izuku whispered, trying to shoot another glance over his shoulder.

“Shut up,” Katsuki hissed, sounding a bit more out of breath than before. “It’s because you were squirming your fat ass on my dick. Just let me get rid of it. It’ll be over in a second.”

Izuku could’ve told him no. Could’ve told him to stop. Could’ve jumped off the subway at the next stop and be rid of Katsuki’s ministrations. There really was no need for him to let the other do what he wanted to do. And yet Izuku just stood there. Let Katsuki rut against his ass, rub his erection up and down between Izuku’s cheeks.

It was thrilling to stand there and have this done to him. Exciting to do these things in a crowded subway, with so many people around. Izuku found himself blushing hard at the thought of getting caught, getting turned on by it even more.

“Shit,” Izuku whispered as he felt Katsuki’s warm breath ghosting over the skin of his neck.

The push of Katsuki’s hips got a bit more insistent, his breathing a bit more laboured as he enjoyed himself fucking up onto Izuku’s behind. Feeling that hard cock, made Izuku rub at his own. Quickly, trying to not be too obvious. But just to give himself some relief as his dick hardened rapidly in his school uniform’s pants.

Katsuki had noticed though. Had felt it in the slight shift of Izuku’s hips. “Take of your jacket and tie it in front of your dick,” he huffed, giving Izuku some space to take off the grey jacket he was still wearing. A good excuse they now had was that it was quite warm inside the subway, even if it was a bit indecent. It didn’t matter. Not when he finally tied it around his waist, with the knot at the back. Katsuki’s hand quickly dove under the garment and started rubbing over the outline of Izuku’s length.

At that point Izuku couldn’t keep in the shivery moan. It was soft, really soft, but the cart had been very quiet around. Katsuki’s hand stilled, as did his hips. But when Katsuki decided the coast was clear, he continued his rough touches.

The friction felt amazing on his dick as Katsuki pressed down hard. The feeling of another body accidentally bumping into them from time to time was an even bigger thrill. When he really started pressing back against Katsuki’s ruts, was when Katsuki decided it was not enough.

“Fuck, wait,” Katsuki hissed again. His hand disappeared from his erection, and the hard press of his hips was almost completely gone.

Another jacket was thrusted into Izuku’s hands. Katsuki’s jacket.

“Tie it around your waist, facing back. And undo your fucking pants.”

Izuku did as he was told, a bit confused by what Katsuki wanted from him. Quietly he opened his belt and zipped down his pants. As soon as there was room for the garment to move, was it pushed right below Izuku’s ass by Katsuki, together with Izuku’s boxer shorts.

It precariously dangled around Izuku’s thighs, but no one could really see what was happening with the two jackets tied around him. Not that that seemed normal. No one would wear two jackets like this, but Izuku’s mind was too far gone to really care. Izuku got even more aroused when he saw the businessman that kept bumping into them eye them suspiciously now. God, if only he knew.

Katsuki fidgeted behind Izuku, the clear clank of a belt buckle being undone reaching his ears. He shivered as he knew what Katsuki was doing. What came next was a bit unexpected though.

Shoving his erection under the jacket, Katsuki forced his cock between Izuku’s legs. The head rested right against Izuku’s balls, twitching against the soft skin. It felt like the wind was knocked out of him as he felt Katsuki’s cock rest against him. It was warm and already quite slick with precum. It felt nice having it there, rub against his body, slick up his thighs with every move.

Slowly Katsuki started rocking his hips back and forth, the friction of Izuku’s body against his dick forcing a shaky groan off Katsuki’s lips.

“Fuck, just like that,” Katsuki whispered as he continued to fuck Izuku between his legs.

One hand had once more settled on Izuku’s hip to keep him still, the other diving under the front jacket to wrap around Izuku’s erection. The jerks were short and careful, matching the pace Katsuki had set behind, as to not raise suspicion. But it was good enough. The fact that they were doing it here, was forcing Izuku’s orgasm to creep closer at a rapid pace. How could it not. With all these people around. Their bodies so close, they should be able to feel the constant shifting of the two teenagers. Maybe they did know. Maybe no one just said anything.

Maybe they were all watching, enjoying the show.

Once another hand brushed against Izuku’s bare upper thigh, he knew that someone was aware of what they were doing. Wide-eyed Izuku looked up at the businessman that had been eyeing him. His face was expressionless, but there was a clear heat visible on his cheeks.

“Seems like everyone wants a piece of Deku,” Katsuki whispered with a chuckle.

Katsuki’s smooth hand left Izuku’s dick, making room for the man beside them to dip right in. Wrap his large calloused hand around Izuku’s erection, and start jerking him off. His pace was much faster, apparently uncaring if they got caught or not. Which made this whole experience even better. Izuku kept staring at the man as his hand continued to move, wiping a thumb over the head of his cock to catch his precum.

It was making Izuku delirious, feeling Katsuki continue to rub against him, his thrusts a lot more forceful now, Katsuki seemingly forgetting where they were. Katsuki’s lips were pressed against Izuku’s neck, breathing hotly against his skin. The man beside them had casually pressed his own hard dick against Izuku’s hipbone, while his hand continued to rub him tightly, fisting his cock so good, it was making him see stars.

For the first time Izuku felt his hole ache. Beg to be filled with something. Beg to be filled by someone. Not that this was the right moment for that. He couldn’t dip down and take the stranger’s dick in his mouth, and suck him off all the while Katsuki fucked him from behind. Have everyone watch them lose themselves in the moment. See how they could have Izuku. Perhaps touch him carefully as the two men took turns.

Izuku never had been harder in his life.

With a choked-out moan Izuku suddenly came. It hit him like a freight train, spilling all over the businessman’s hand. Katsuki kept on rocking his hips into Izuku, his breathing becoming very shallow as his own orgasm was creeping closer.

But Izuku wasn’t paying attention to that. Only watched the man retrieve his hand from under the jacket, releasing Izuku’s softening length. The hand moved up and up, right to the man’s face, and there he started licking up Izuku’s cum, maintaining eye contact all the while.

It was one of the hottest things Izuku had ever seen.

Right as Katsuki groaned softly into Izuku’s ear as he spilled his seed between Izuku’s thighs, they heard the announcement that their stop was coming up. Quickly Izuku pulled his pants back up, untying both jackets as if they had not done indecent things with them.

With the doors sliding open, they both hurried out, pushing passed people to be the first out of there. Izuku dared a glance back into the cart. Saw the businessman eyeing them with a smirk. But it wasn’t just them. Several others looked at him. They knew. Had noticed. Had seen. Another shiver ran through Izuku’s body at seeing their judgemental stares.

As the doors closed again and the metro continued its route, both boys finally rushed out of the station. Hastily they made their way down busy streets, avoiding all contact with anyone, even each other. But they kept close. Kept walking right beside each other. Sharing their dirty little secret in body language alone.

When they finally reached the quieter parts, Izuku’s shaky legs finally gave out. He fell onto the ground and let out a laugh he had been keeping in since they left the station.

Katsuki followed, chuckling as well as he leaned heavily against the fence surrounding someone’s garden. “Fuck, dirty little slut you are,” Katsuki said with a smile, eyes closing as he reminisced to what just happened.

“That was fun,” Izuku added.

“When you going back Sunday?”

“In the evening,” Izuku replied, knowing smile playing around his lips.

“Let’s take the subway around nine. We’ll have seats. And if it gets too crowded, you can just sit in my lap.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Chapter Text

“F-fuck, Inasa. I can’t…”

“You’re doing good, baby. Really good. Just relax…”

That was easier said than done. Shoto’s whole body was trembling, unable to hold still and sink back into the mattress. Even the shushing sound Inasa continued to make didn’t help one bit.

They had been at it for more than an hour now. Whenever they both had the time, Inasa loved to drag out the foreplay. Loved playing with Shoto until there was nothing left of him, but a shivering mess. Inasa had once explained it as seeing Shoto at his most vulnerable, completely bare, and still trusting Inasa with everything. Of course Shoto trusted him. They’d been together for years. It didn’t matter what Inasa wanted to do with him, Shoto would always say yes. Always. Even if he regretted it afterwards.

This time Inasa had introduced some new toys. Had bought a new cock ring specifically for Shoto to wear. It sat tightly around the base of Shoto’s cock, preventing him from coming too quickly, just the way Inasa liked it. An added bonus, as Inasa saw it, was that it also made Shoto’s dick more sensitive. With all the blood unable to leave his erection, it felt tighter, ready to burst, and every touch Inasa gave it, was too much.

Adding to the new cock ring, Inasa had also gotten fun little nipple clamps, as he liked to call them. Shoto had been opposed to it, in his mind. Had watched Inasa take them out of the box with a frown, which his boyfriend either ignored, or didn’t notice. Shoto expected the latter. But Shoto had still let Inasa put them on his nipples, tightening their hold to pinch Shoto’s nipples even more. The buds soon got redder and swollen, sensitive to a mere breath blown on them.

The worst part were the feathers attached to them, tickling at his chest and stomach, making him tremble even more.

The last toy Inasa had gotten them. The last toy. Shoto loved it, and hated it at the same time.

It was the perfect vibrator, explicitly designed for men. A vibrator that had a perfect aim at your prostate once inserted into the body. The thicker end part was currently resting against the cleft of Shoto’s ass, the curved length inserted in him. It wasn’t very long, or thick, especially when compared to Inasa’s thick cock, but it really hit the spot right away. And with that added piece of silicone at the base to rest against his perineum. Shoto was in heaven.

The remote control was something Inasa personally really enjoyed, changing the setting every minute to keep Shoto on his toes, sometimes even turning it off when the moans got too loud.

Understandably, Shoto was not entirely here anymore. Could no longer form a coherent thought. With everything going on inside and on his body, he was not capable of focusing on anything happening to him. Every lingering touch, every simple slide of a finger across his skin, sent fire through his body. He shied away from it, tried to avoid Inasa’s large hands anywhere. Couldn’t handle it.

The tongue lapping at the head of his cock, was maddening. It hurt, really hurt, in a way that made Shoto feel so good, all he wanted was to come. But the cock ring still prevented him. The build up still wasn’t enough. Shoto needed more, but couldn’t handle it at the same time.

“Inasa,” Shoto whined, a tone of voice he rarely used, unfitting for the stoic man. “I need…” But he didn’t know what he needed.

His hands were free to move, his legs were not fastened to anything. If Shoto wanted to come, Inasa gave him free of reign. He could clumsily jerk himself off, but Shoto didn’t want to touch himself. Knew it would be too much. So instead Inasa did it, distressing his lover even more.

The vibrator pulsated away against his sweet spot, having long overstimulated it. Every time Inasa changed the setting, Shoto’s body practically convulsed as he had to get used to it over and over again. It was painful to feel it, painful to have it vibe away against his prostate, but Inasa would not pull it out. Would not give Shoto’s body a little peace. According to him, in the end it was always worth it. At this point Shoto believed none of it.

Inasa’s tongue brushed over his nipple, playing with the sensitive nub until it left Shoto wailing in displeasure. A following gust of wind tickling at the heated nub, created by Inasa’s quirk, left Shoto trashing on the bed.

Everything ached. It had to stop, just had to stop. Shoto couldn’t stop squirming. Not even when Inasa’s strong hands grabbed him by the hips to still him. Everything that was pleasuring him, had to go. Had to leave his body. It hurt. Really hurt. It was too much. Shoto’s mind was falling apart, as he cried out, actual tears spilling from his eyes.

“Please, Inasa, please make it stop,” he whined, still trying to get away from Inasa’s firm hold.

They had reached the point where Inasa would give in, having reached his goal. Breaking Shoto completely, so he could piece him back together.

The nipple clamps were the first to go, making Shoto arch into the touch as Inasa carefully unclamped them. A shaky breath escaped Shoto’s lips as he felt himself getting a little lighter.

Grabbing the little remote control again, Inasa turned off the vibrator, and then slowly pulled it from Shoto’s hole, making sure not to tease at his walls too much. The stimulation would be too much, and they still had the main course to come. The cock ring obviously remained, its use almost completed now.

With Shoto still splayed out on the bed, ragged breaths escaping his lungs, Inasa crawled on top of his lover. The heavy weight of his large body always grounded Shoto, giving him something to hold onto. Instantly Shoto latched his arms onto Inasa’s broad neck, legs wrapping around the other’s hips, as he dragged him lower to his body.

Slowly Inasa let his cock sink into Shoto, stretching his hole much further than the vibrator did. Shoto couldn’t stop shaking until Inasa was fully sheathed, reaching Shoto’s innermost parts with his large dick.

Inasa’s thrusts were shallow and moderate, taking his time to slowly fuck into Shoto. His body couldn’t handle more at this point. Needed to be taken down carefully, instead of brutally fucked into the mattress.

And so Inasa kissed Shoto all over his face and neck and chest. Wherever he could reach with his lips, Inasa would kiss him. He’d grab Shoto’s hands and hold them tight, fingers intertwining to let Shoto know they were still in this together. When Inasa looked into those mismatched eyes, he saw nothing but a broken-down spirit, ready to give his all to Inasa. Give in to his every command. Something normal Shoto would never do, still a bit of a domineering personality. Which Inasa didn’t mind. It just made these experiences all the better.

It never took Shoto long to find his orgasm as soon as Inasa had penetrated him. It was just easier when something so big filled you up so well.

With his head thrown back, eyes rolling to the back of his skull, and mouth opened wide, Shoto let out a screamed-out moan as his orgasm wracked through him. It always lasted longer this way. Shoto’s bodies writhed down on Inasa’s cock as he continued to come. Inasa had counted his orgasms a few times when they got like this. Had noticed they could last up to fifteen seconds if he played it just right.

Just seeing Shoto get like this, and feel his walls tighten around his dick, always threw Inasa in there right with him. Inasa never needed much stimulation. Not when he had something so beautiful in front of him. Silently he spilled himself inside his lover, coming undone right as Shoto needed him to.

It would take several hours before Shoto would be even remotely okay again. Couldn’t even move an inch from where he was laying, body unable to process the request.

So it was up to Inasa to take care of him. Clean him up, put away the toys, giving him something to drink. And the most important part.

Hold onto Shoto so tightly, so that they could slowly piece him back together.

Chapter Text

“Will you come watch TV with me?”

Katsuki had just walked out of the kitchen, the swinging door closing behind him, as he had his lips pursed around a bottle of water. A bit bewildered he looked over at Camie, seeing her dressed in a short frilly skirt, soft smile on her lips. Something was up. Could be anything. The girl was still unpredictable, as her whims changed by the second. Even after living with Camie for a few years now, she still managed to surprise Katsuki.

“What’s on?” Katsuki asked in a murmur, slowly making his way to the living room to see what channel she was watching.

“Ex on the Beach.”

An instant grimace formed on Katsuki’s face, knowing exactly what show this was. One of those awful reality things that were often more scripted than anything else, with people dumb enough that they couldn’t differentiate their back end from their front.

The face he pulled was a reflex though. Camie knew how much Katsuki’s loathed shows like these. Knew there was no fun in watching these things with him, even if she always wanted to. Something about spending more time together. And Katsuki was all for it, if he also got something out of it. Call him an ass, but hell, he really hated these types of shows. So they compromised. Katsuki would watch this shitty show with her, if she gave him something enjoyable in return.

Gradually Camie lifted her skirt, revealing that she was not wearing any underwear underneath.

The grimace morphed into a smirk at that, revealing sharp canines as he took in the sight of his girlfriend. “Did that blond bitch get with that steroid muscled guy already?” he asked as he moved further into the living room, seeing the little spot Camie had adorned with extra pillows, making his seat extra comfortable.

“What blond girl?” Camie questioned as she followed him in.

“I don’t fucking know. You know their names,” Katsuki grunted as he sank down on the couch, throwing on his arms out on the backrest to get himself extra comfortable. That satisfied smirk was still firmly plastered on his lips. Growing even more as Camie sank through her knees and started to unbutton his jeans.

“Oh, well one couple got together. But some also split up. So it depends on who you are interested in,” Camie murmured, eyes glazed over as she recalled the last episode she saw. Unfortunately by herself.

She pulled Katsuki’s jeans down a little, boxers coming with them too. She pushed them low enough, so that his dick sprung free, already filling with blood at the prospect of what was coming. But it wasn’t hard enough yet. Not with what Camie had in mind.

Sighing softly Katsuki sank a little deeper into the couch cushions, shivering when Camie grabbed his length by the base and tugged it a few times. “No, I mean that fucker. That fucked everyone in the house. With the blown-up muscles.”

“Oh, she slept with him last episode,” Camie retorted. She flicked out her tongue and let it slide all the way up to the head of Katsuki’s dick where she suckled at it a little longer. “But the preview of this episode said that he was gonna sleep with someone else.”

“Cheating bastard,” Katsuki groaned, eyes closing as he focused more on what Camie’s lips were currently doing to his cock.

She slipped down, swallowing around Katsuki’s length until she could move no further. Camie was a champ at taking him. Could almost hit the base, but then her gag reflex would mess it up. Still that teasing tongue, and those plump lips of hers. She was skilled, and Katsuki loved it when she went down on him.

But the pleasure didn’t last long. The familiar jingle played on the TV, signalling that Camie’s show was starting.

With widened eyes Camie popped off Katsuki’s dick, and turned to face the device, instantly absorbed in the snippets of what was to come in this episode. But Katsuki was not here for that. Sneered at the bullshit that was flashing by already. Apparently, a lot of people were having sex in this one, which made it almost a porno. Not sexy enough to actually enjoy though.

“Babe,” he hummed, pulling Camie’s attention to him for a split second.

“Oh sorry,” she uttered, her head turned back to the television as she pushed herself off the ground. Tugging her skirt up she hovered above Katsuki’s lap, and then slowly lowered herself.

Katsuki had a firm grip on his hard cock. Watched as that ass got lower and lower, and then their bodies came into contact. Shimmying her hips a little, Camie tried to find her footing, and then Katsuki’s dick caught onto her hole. Instantly she dove down, wasting no time to seat herself in Katsuki’s lap, his dick buried deep inside her pussy.

They both groaned as that tightness enveloped Katsuki’s erection, squeezing at it first to get used to the sudden intrusion. She was already wet. Really wet. Got as excited about this as Katsuki did, even if that was not her initial intention.

Thrusting into her a few times, Katsuki relished in the feeling. Groaned softly as he latched his lips onto her neck, sucking a fresh bruise on her soft skin. But she would only allow it for a few seconds, her hand quickly pushed on his waist to keep him from moving. That was not the deal. He was not allowed to fuck her during the show. Had to remain still in that tight heat, and let her warmth seep into her. Enjoy the moment he was inside of her.

The commercial breaks were for fucking.

The series continued on the television, moving through dramas that made no sense whatsoever to Katsuki. He didn’t get the premise of it while he was paying full attention. Got even worse when he had his dick far up Camie’s cunt.

To make sure he remained erect, Katsuki would occasionally rut up into her, shallowly thrusting into her hole to let the friction caress his length. With half an eye on the television Katsuki still kissed her neck, leaving her marred with marks all over. For him this was all just foreplay. Very long foreplay. The show was on for about an hour, and even if there were breaks in between where they were allowed to actually fuck, he still had to last all the way through. It was torturous, and Katsuki loved it.

The first commercial break was on, and instantly Katsuki shoved Camie forward into a standing position. Quickly following suit to force his cock back inside. Tightly he held onto her hips as he set a fast pace, pounding in and out of that heat with fervour.

Their skin slapped together loudly, the sound of his belt buckle moving with every thrust echoing through the room. Camie moaned loudly, grasping at the table to keep herself from stumbling forward. Not that Katsuki would let her.

Far too soon that jingle came back down, Camie’s head snapping up as she glanced up at the television again. With a motion of her hand she told him to stop, which he did, reluctantly. There had been a time where he had not. Had fucked her all the way through her show. Let’s just say her revenge was sweet, and he hadn’t gotten any for far too long after that. A whole week without getting any, when living with Camie, was hell on earth.

So Katsuki sat back down, pulling Camie along with him to make sure they would not disconnect. Better keep that sopping pussy around him, her juices wetting his thighs and balls.

Camie’s attention was solely on the TV again as her show played on. The drama had even increased, several girls getting into a fist fight over literally nothing. But Camie was absorbed into it. Didn’t even pay attention to Katsuki’s hips still moving, dipping in and out of her in short moves.

It just felt too good to not continue this.

“He’s such an asshole,” Camie commented, leaning back against Katsuki’s chest as if they were really just casually watching this show.

Instantly Katsuki took advantage of the movement, his hands going up to her breasts and fondling them greedily. “The one that fucks everyone?” he said huskily, trying to button down her shirt faster so that he could reach her bare breasts.

Walls squeezed around his cock as he revealed a nipple, rubbing at the little nub with his forefinger to entice some breathy moans from Camie’s lips.

“Yeah, and he’s not even that hot,” she added as a comment, opening her legs a little for Katsuki to sink in even deeper.

“Well, no one is as hot as me,” he commented cheekily.

And it seemed Katsuki was in luck, because right at that moment another commercial break set in. Camie’s eyes moved to him as she smiled at the remark, silently agreeing as she leaned up for a kiss. Their kiss intertwined in their mouths, dancing along each other as Katsuki slowly started thrusting into her again. This time not as rough as before, taking his time, considering this position was a bit harder to pull out of her tight heat. It didn’t really matter though. Everything he did with Camie’s cunt, felt amazing. He wished he could always have it with him. Could have her sit in his lap through all those horrendous meetings he had to be in. It would make his day a lot more entertaining.

Again their moment was interrupted by the show starting up again, that jingle annoying Katsuki more and more. But Camie always granted him something extra after a commercial break. She threw her arm around Katsuki’s neck and let her exposed breast rub against his face. An invitation Katsuki could not decline, wrapping his lips around her nipple and sucking on it fervently.

Another commercial break passed, and this all became agonizing. Katsuki couldn’t really hold still anymore. His whole body burned with pleasure, skin prickling as it got over sensitive. That build up to his orgasm was excruciating. It was driving him insane as he had girlfriend posed on his lap, holding completely still. As if she was hardly affected by what they were doing.

But Katsuki knew better than that. Saw it in the way her body was flushed all the way down her chest. How her lips were parted to let out breathless moans constantly. And how she squirmed when Katsuki sneakily touched her clit, kneading the little nub until she almost orgasmed.

The last five minutes were never something they could still focus on. It was why Camie recorded the show and watched the last bit again when they were finished. It was really idiotic that Camie still wanted to watch it together. She genuinely liked the show, and really wanted to see what happened, and still she invited Katsuki to watch it with her half of the time. As if they didn’t have sex enough already. They both had high libidos, but this was bit absurd.

Not that Katsuki was going to complain.

Finally they cut to what would happen next week. Even if Camie wanted to know, this was where Katsuki drew the line. He flipped her off him, and forced her on her hands and knees on the couch. His dick was out of here for a split second, but as soon as he sank back into her, they both moaned as if it had lasted a decade.

God, he fucking loved her pussy.

The pace turned brutal again, as it always did. No time to waste. Katsuki needed that rough and raw friction. Feel it ignite inside of him, burning all through his veins. He grabbed Camie by the neck and pounded into her, pushing her forward with every thrust.

Camie screamed in pleasure, high on the hormones her body had been letting loose since they started. It didn’t take her long before her whole body convulsed, her orgasm shooting through her, and making her tighten up completely. Katsuki couldn’t move anymore. Couldn’t force his cock deeper inside of her. He was stuck, captured in the vice that was Camie’s body. And as he fought the restraints, rocking his hips back and forth, he came as well.

Flopping down in the pillow on the armrest, Camie let Katsuki’s length slip out of her. She grabbed the towel from the backrest, placed there just for this purpose, and held it by her hole, catching all the escaping fluids, so it would not drip on the couch. Always a shame he could not watch his milky fluid dribble out of her.

“Always a great fucking show, huh,” Katsuki said, slapping Camie on the ass for good measure.

She shot him a look over her shoulder, still busying herself with the towel. “You know there is a marathon on this weekend.”

“I’m gonna fucking die this weekend, and I’m gonna be a happy man doing it.”

Chapter Text

“Could… Uh, could you sit on the bed, please.”

Frowning a little, but still wearing that sweet reassuring smile on her lips, Momo did as she was told. Brushing the folds out of her skirt as she sat down, hands posed in her lap as she eyed her girlfriend curiously.

“Okay, just…” Kyoka motioned at her, wanting her to stay seated.

It wasn’t clear what Kyoka had planned. She was fidgeting more than usual, seeming very uncertain of herself, which was not a look Momo liked on her. Those insecurities had been hard enough to battle away, and Momo knew Kyoka still saw herself as less beautiful than all the other girls from their class. Momo didn’t agree, but it was very difficult telling someone that when they were so adamant.

Moving to her computer, Kyoka pressed a button. A song started to play, sounding a little louder through the speakers that she had in her room. Momo was used to listening to all the songs Kyoka loved most, but this was an odd one. One that didn’t fit the repertoire.

It was Freaky Baby by Another Level. Don’t ask Momo how she knew. It was just a very funny song.

The setting Kyoka was painting, was not funny though. Not at all. Slowly she started moving to the rhythm, letting the instruments guide her through the song. A deep blush settled on her cheeks as the lyrics really set in. They insinuated enough.

Kyoka threw her hands up, her hips swaying from left to right, eyes closing as if she was really enjoying the music. It looked a little awkward at first, Kyoka still finding the confidence to show what she could do. But Momo was sold instantly. Loved those slow movements focusing solely on the best parts of Kyoka’s body. Showing her off. And it was all just for Momo to see, and she would drink it all up.

Fisting the fabric of her skirt in her hand, she gasped when Kyoka got closer, her behind only inches away from Momo’s face. It was setting a tone Momo had not been ready for when she entered Kyoka’s room, coming here under the ruse of them needing to study some more for the next midterm.

Arms were moved down again, fingers sliding under the hem of Kyoka’s shirt, tips sliding over a bare stomach as Kyoka lifted the garment up. It was all so sensual, even as Kyoka threw the shirt to the side, her dark eyes looming over Momo.

“Kyoka-kun,” Momo breathed as her girlfriend leaned forward, face getting closer to press a soft kiss on Momo’s lips.

It lasted a mere second, but had Momo leaning in already. She wanted more. Feel more. Have her girlfriend’s body stay so close, so she could touch. But Momo didn’t want to step out of line. Didn’t want to ruin Kyoka’s plans by taking something she wasn’t meant to have yet. So she kept fisting her skirt, knuckles turning white at the sheer pressure.

“You’re so beautiful, Momo,” Kyoka said softly, hand sliding along her jawline as she started to pull back. “Don’t ever look at anyone like you look at me, okay?”

A slow nod was Momo’s only confirmation, not fully registering what Kyoka meant by that. All she was focused on, were those gyrating hips. Now with part of her skin bare, Momo wanted to feel more of her girlfriend. Have her close again. But Kyoka remained distant. Let her fingers flit towards the front of her bra, and unclasp is. She didn’t take it off right away, her small breasts still hidden behind the cups.

A shaky breath escaped Momo as she watched Kyoka reveal first one bare breast, and then another. She was very familiar with them. Loved how small they were, fitting perfectly in the palm of her hand. The perky nipples almost always hard, ready for attention. Such a difference to her own larger cup, always getting in the way when she was doing things. Momo loved Kyoka’s smaller ones. Loved the responses she could pull from her girlfriend when she touched them. It fitted Kyoka’s thin frame, and her punky look.

Reaching for Momo’s hand, Kyoka brought it to her body, placing it flat against her abdomen. It gave Momo permission to touch, feel, grasp at whatever she wanted.

Moaning softly she slid her fingers up and down Kyoka’s stomach, flittering closer to her breast with every stroke. And when Momo could no longer contain herself, she cupped Kyoka’s boob in her hand, her nipple peaking through her fingers.

“You’re so beautiful,” Momo heard herself say.

Kyoka let Momo touch her for a little while, hips still moving to the music, song on loop to replay over and over again. She enjoyed the ministrations, having Momo feel her up with such fervour.

But there was more to be then. So she grabbed Momo’s hand by the wrist and placed it back in her lap. She twirled and around, hips turning on every beat. Eventually she stopped, her back now turned to Momo. With a last look over her shoulder, Kyoka started to undo her jeans, grabbing it by the waistband. With as much hip movements as she could do, Kyoka pushed the garment down her legs, and tossed it to the side, revealing a lacy red thong underneath.

Kyoka had never worn something so revealing. Nor that sexy. The girl preferred comfort, and cool, over sexy. Which Momo loved, because it was who Kyoka was.

This though. This was exciting. Seeing her skin through the fabric, freckles on her butt even more pronounced.

And Momo got to enjoy it even more as Kyoka dropped herself in Momo’s lap, slowly sliding down her girlfriend’s body as she dropped down on her knees on the floor. The friction of the sudden touch made Momo tremble, wanting to touch Kyoka even more.

The girl was not done yet though, turning around as she set on the floor. Opening her legs to show off what was between her legs, her pussy unfortunately still covered by red lace. But it was a promise of something so much more. And Momo was craving it now.

Slowly Kyoka got back on her feet, stepping towards Momo to flaunt her crotch right in front of Momo’s face. Her moves were calculated, a perfect dance that was meant to seduce Momo, and seducing it did. She could no longer contain herself. Stop herself from taking what she wanted from the girl that was teasing her so much.

With a yank she pulled the thong down, revealing Kyoka’s freshly shaven cunt. Momo could see it shining in the dimmed light, her juices already flowing out of her. Licking her lips Momo got ready, ignoring the pushes against her shoulder as Kyoka tried to stop her from taking. But Momo firmly wrapped her arm around Kyoka’s hip and brought her even closer.

A shaky moan escaped Momo as she wrapped her lips around Kyoka’s clit, greedily sucking on the little nub until Kyoka stood trembling on her legs. Clawing at Momo’s shoulders she tried to keep upright as her girlfriend pleasured her.

That tongue that kept flicking against her little nub, increasing pressure every time Kyoka moaned approvingly. The harsh sucks that sent Kyoka’s system into overdrive. The music was long forgotten as the pleasure wracked through Kyoka’s body, trying to remain composure.

But how could she when Momo knew exactly what to do?

Knowing Kyoka’s body so well, Momo lapped up all of her girlfriend’s juices flowing out of her, moaning as her tongue reached the top again and flicked against Kyoka’s clit. It continued to do that as Momo closed her mouth around it again. At an even pace she kept moving that tongue, making sure nothing would break the pressure. Not even Kyoka as she still tried to fight Momo in what she was doing, getting more sensitive with every flick of the tongue.

Her cries of pleasure echoed through the room, her hips bucking into Momo’s touches, betraying her. The only thing Kyoka could hope, was that the song still playing would drown out her sounds. But it wouldn’t be the first time one of their classmates overheard them.

It didn’t matter though as Kyoka’s orgasm got closer and closer, fingers now fisting Momo’s hair as she pulled her face closer to her pussy. Not that Momo was going to stop anyway.

And as Momo dragged her tongue along her clit one final time, Kyoka came. Her hips shuddered as it moved through her, lips parted to let out a long-drawn-out moan. Her whole body felt like exploding as she had dangled on that edge for so long. And when she finally tipped over, it was the most glorious place to be in. Her girlfriend still holding tight onto her hip as she let Kyoka ride out her orgasm on her lips.

Kyoka collapsed onto the floor as soon as Momo released her, sending a tired look up to her girlfriend. “I was supposed to be pleasuring you,” she commented accusingly.

Wiping at her skirt again to rid herself of invisible dust, Momo put on that sweet soft smile Kyoka knew too well, showing of an innocence unfitting for what had just happened. Especially with her lips still glistening from Kyoka’s juices. And with a matching soft voice, Momo responded.

“But you did pleasure me, more than I could ever imagine.”

Chapter Text

“I want to try something.”

It had all started so innocent. Everything she did started out innocent. She would wear that sweet smile of hers, the one Shoto had never been able to resist. A flash of her teeth, the way she would hold her hands in front of her stomach, practically pleading him to say yes. If he hadn’t known any better, he would think she was manipulating him. But she is not type of person. She was naïve, kind of like Shoto was too. It’s why he liked her. She didn’t know more than he did when it came to things like this.

Or so he thought.

Apparently, she had done the research. Had looked up on the internet what one could do inside… the bedroom. They had been dating for a while now, and of course had gone further than merely holding hands. Needs had developed after that first kiss they shared. That first time had been incredible, and Shoto found himself longing for more every time he saw her.

That didn’t entail anything like this though.

Momo was sitting on the edge of the bed, preparing a few things on the nightstand. She had told Shoto to strip down and lay on the bed. Which he had done after giving her a confused look. Momo had blushed, but had still urged him on to get completely naked. Usually they would strip one another, hands wandering over body parts, trying to get under that constricting clothing.

“Are you almost done?” Shoto asked her.

She glanced over her shoulder, still wearing that sweet soft smile of hers. Their eyes met, and Shoto could feel his heart skipping a beat. He was nervous. Nervous for what she had planned. Wished she had told him what it was that they were trying out tonight, so that he could prepare. But she kept it a secret. Told him it was more fun when he didn’t expect what she was going to do.

“Yes,” she answered. “Are you ready?”

Holding her gaze Shoto tried to convey everything was feeling, eventually letting out a sigh as he looked up at the ceiling again. “Yeah.”

The bed dipped under her weight as Momo crawled further onto it. She lifted her leg up to place her knee right beside Shoto’s hip, sitting down right on his crotch area. Letting his eyes roam over her body, he felt his dick twitch in interest. Damn, she was beautiful. Dressed in lacy black lingerie, fitting around her breasts perfectly, her panties covering only half of her behind. He wanted to grab her, rock into her, feel more of her against him.

A hand placed against his chest prevented him from acting on his feelings. Momo was in control.

Slowly she leaned forward, her smile more contained, a soft blush dusting her cheeks. Shoto found himself shivering as he looked up into her dark eyes, trying to prepare for what was coming, but unsure what he was preparing for.

And then her lips found his, kissing him gently. Her lips were cold, colder than usual. A frown formed on his face as he thought of it a little longer, automatically opening his mouth to let her tongue inside. It was then that something else entered his mouth as well. An ice cube. It was an odd sensation to have the cold invade his mouth like that. His body did its best to rid of it, but Momo’s tongue kept on pushing the cube through his mouth. The cold seeped into him more and more, until his tongue felt numb.

Only then did she stop, the ice cube fully melted. Momo pulled away, pleased smile on her lips as she reached for something else on the nightstand. Shoto didn’t catch what it was. Only saw she did something else in her mouth.

Shoto was in the midst of warming his mouth back up when Momo’s lips latched onto his again, letting something else slip passed his lips. Hot tea. Very hot tea. The unexpected warm sensation made Shoto swallow it, coughing heavily as it didn’t go down well.

“I’m so sorry,” Momo cried out, slapping her hands in front of her face.

“It’s okay,” Shoto replied once the tea had left his lungs. He smiled up at her, pulling her hands away from her face. “That was quite clever.”

“Y-yeah? You think so?”

Shoto nodded, pulling at her hand in encouragement. Mostly because he wanted to kiss those lips again. Feel their softness move against his, sending thrills through his body he never experienced with anyone else.

That soft smile appeared on Momo’s lips again, reassured enough to continue. She bit her lip as she reached for the bowl on the nightstand, taking out an ice cube. Instead of putting it in her mouth, she held it against Shoto’s chest instead, making the other shiver under the sudden cold. She let it slide down, leaving a wet trail behind as it slowly melted against his warm skin. Circling it around his nipple, she made the little nub stand straight up,

The fiery side of his body tried to fight off the cold, but couldn’t withstand it. Not when that ice cube continued to press against his skin. So focused on that ice cube pressing against his nipple, Shoto didn’t notice Momo grabbing her cup of tea again. Not until her face got closer to his chest, her hair sweeping over his body. Her lips were wrapped around the little nub, that sudden heat enveloping him again.

Shoto groaned, trembling as that heat quickly spread through his chest. “Momo,” he breathed, his hands going up to hold her hips. “Shouldn’t I be doing stuff like this? Since I am the one who has a fire and ice quirk.”

Swallowing the tea herself this time, Momo moved back up, blush deepening. “I actually thought it would be more fun this way. You don’t really feel temperature, right? So I thought… Maybe this way you would.”

“Clever,” Shoto complimented her again, groaning when a fresh ice cube was suddenly pressed against the head of his dick.

Those ministrations continued as Momo lifted her hips a little, letting the ice cube slide alongside his length down towards his balls, and then up again. His cock felt number every time it touched more of him. It was maddening, all sensations leaving him.

Until Momo sat back down.

Without Shoto noticing, Momo opened her legs a little further, her labia opening up as she sat back down. It was then that Shoto realised that Momo was wearing crotchless panties. He could clearly feel her folds surround his length, enveloping it in warmth once more. Every bit of feeling that had left him, came crashing down as her body warmth heated him back up.

“You’re so cold,” Momo murmured, rocking her hips back and forth on Shoto’s length.

She was wet already, her essence slicking her movements as she swayed back and forth. It felt amazing to have her on top of him, have him feel things he had never really felt before.

A few more times she passed the ice cube along his length, and then heated him back up with her labia. It sent Shoto’s sensations into overdrive trying to get accustomed to it, but the temperature changing too fast for that.

The last thing he really had not expected though.

Momo reached with the ice cube behind herself, and then made it disappear. Shoto only knew where it went when she grabbed Shoto’s dick by the base, and lined it up with her hole. Slowly she sank down on his length, those tight walls sucking him in further. But there, pressed against the head of his cock, he still felt that familiar cold of an ice cube. It was not slowly melting inside of her, numbing everything in the process.

The difference in temperatures now played with them both. Momo’s insides were cooling down rapidly with the ice cube inside of her. It was now Shoto’s length that was warming them both up.

Moaning so prettily, Momo bounced up and down in Shoto’s lap, his length pressed further in with each thrust. This was a position they rarely were in, Shoto usually on top as he took her gradually. He was always careful. Took his time with her. Got them both lost in that slow grinding of their bodies together.

This was a lot quicker. There was no pause where Shoto’s dick stayed completely inserted. Momo was already pushing herself off again to let that cold seep into her skin more. It felt anything better than anything they had ever tried before. With each thrust inside, Shoto felt his dick grow warmer, burning away at that ice cube still inside of her. There must only be a sliver left, but it was enough to keep Momo’s walls cool.

The rocking off her hips became more erratic, her body unable to keep up with the sensations as her orgasm crept closer. Her body started shaking, the exertion becoming clear. Shoto took over then, grabbing Momo’s hips tighter and thrusting himself up into her awaiting body. He watched with amazement as her lips remained parted to let out moan after moan, head thrown back as the pleasure coursed through it. With a few last harsh thrusts up into her, she came hard, walls squeezing tightly around his length as her whole body went rigid.

Shoto was not far behind, everything that Momo had done that evening getting to him. Pushing his dick as far as it would go inside of her, he spilled himself, a soft groan falling from his lips as he locked gazes with her.

Both breathing heavily they take a moment to collect themselves, chuckling softly once they realised what they had just done. It was all so new and exciting, and Shoto didn’t fully know what to make of it.

“Did you like it?” Momo asked softly after another minute, slowly climbing off him.

“I think you’re better than me at handling temperature,” he murmured, caressing her cheek as he gazed up at her. “Maybe I should try bringing in some toys next time. Give you a surprise.”

The embarrassing squeak she let out as Momo hid behind her hands, was all worth it.

Chapter Text


It wasn’t unusual for her to say his name. It was the way she said it, that made his throat feel dry, his skin tingling under the sultry tone.

They were currently in a restaurant, sharing a nice meal, talking about some things that had occurred at work. Tenya always loved listening to her stories. Her enthusiasm. Her righteousness. Everything about her was amazing to him.

The thing he could not get used to though, was how Ochaco’s mood could change in an instant. From serious, to something very different.

“You know I really like that suit on you.”

Her smile was soft, almost sweet, if it was not for that knowing look in her eyes. Dark brown eyes burning with an intensity, it felt like she was peeling his clothes right off him.

“Thank you,” he returned, pushing his glassed up on his nose again. It had gotten significantly warmer in the past few minutes, sweat making it slide down the bridge of his nose.

Crossing her legs Ochaco leaned forward a little, creating a more intimate circle. As if there were no other guests around. As if the waiting staff did not pass by every few seconds to tend to others. They were not alone, but Ochaco never seemed to care much. “You know what would be a good look for your suit? On the floor beside my bed.”

Tenya wanted to laugh. Wanted to chuckle away the tension that was slowly rising up his spine. But couldn’t. It was indecent talk. The wrong place. The wrong time. But it felt so good hearing her say that. She knew what buttons to press. Even with a silly line like that.

“I rather fold it neatly to put on your dresser, if that’s okay?”

That pleased smile made Tenya shiver. He had now confirmed he was going home with her. It was something they started a few months ago. After one night of too much to drink they had ended up at Ochaco’s place, the woman wasting no time in getting Tenya out of his clothes, and onto her bed. It had been an amazing night. Definitely something they both wanted to repeat. And that they did. More and more. This was the second time they saw each other this week.

And Ochaco had discovered a week spot.

“That’s quite alright,” she mused, pouring herself another glass of water. No alcohol was involved anymore since that first time. “I’ll add my dress to the pile, but that will be the only thing.” Ochaco shot him a naughty glance over the rim of her glass. “Since I’m not wearing anything else.”

Tenya’s eyes instantly snapped towards her crotch area, though it remained covered by the table that was between them. A shaky breath escaped his lips as the thought of her being nude under that dress created very vivid images in his mind. This was so wrong. This was not how his mother had raised him. But everything about Ochaco was just so good. Everything she said was another rub at his crotch, awakening something inside of him Tenya had always denied.

Suddenly she rose, grabbing the little purse she had brought, and walked over to him. With an arm wrapped around his shoulders, bosom pressed against his back, Ochaco whispered into his ear. “You know, ever since you came in, I’ve been thinking of ripping that suit right off your tight body. It left me so wet. I’m worried you’ll see a stain in my dress.”

Tenya had to bite his lip to prevent himself from groaning at the thought. How could she do this to him?

With a pat on the back Ochaco pushed herself away and started walking towards the bathroom, casting one look over her shoulder as some kind of invitation.

All Tenya saw was that little wet patch of fabric right below her buttocks.

He flew up from his seat, announcing loudly to all the other patrons and the waiting staff “I’m going to the bathroom!” and then hurried after Ochaco.

The only sign of where she went, was the swinging of the door to the disabled toilet. He quickly entered, seeing her already pressed against the sink, hoisting the skirt of her dress up to reveal her bare behind. It was tantalizing to see her like this. In this setting. Showing off her private parts in a dirty bathroom. It was so indecent. Tenya could feel his mouth water, wanting to get his hands on her and ravish her. He was a lost man, captivated by her charm.

“Tenya-kun… You really can’t walk around like that,” Ochaco whined, lips pursed as she looked at him with an innocent stare. “How am I supposed to resist you? You look so good that I can feel my pussy throb.”

The word cut right through to him. So vulgar. How could she use that word to describe her neither regions? She ought to be better than that. Ochaco should know better. As did Tenya, because that word made his cock throb as well.

Damn it, what was this girl doing to him?

Pushing his glasses up on his nose again, Tenya tried to stop looking at her folds. But with the way they glistened in the dimmed lighting of the bathroom, it was a very difficult step to take. “I don’t know what else to wear, Ochaco-kun,” he replied, voice a lot more breathless than it usually was.

“Nothing works! You’re just too sexy, Tenya-kun. You should just stay locked-up indoors.” Her eyes dropped down to his crotch, seeing the significant bulge there. “Maybe I should lock you up in my apartment. Have you walk around naked all day.”

Tenya finally closed the distance between them then, stepping up behind her, and reaching out to grab her chin. But his hand was quickly slapped away, Ochaco in no need to be kissed.

“Come on, baby. I need you. Drop your pants. Please, just drop your pants,” she whined, rubbing her bare behind up against his leg.

It was hard to resist such a tempting offer. Especially when she kept on chanting a ‘please’ over and over again. His hands flew up to his belt, unbuckling it quickly, and then pushing his dress pants down together with his boxers, revealing his flushed dick. This was something he never had even considered doing. Never crossed his mind to have sex in a public bathroom. One not even meant for them. But seeing Ochaco’s body quiver, her folds a deep pink, inviting him in.

How could he not press forward, and have the head of his dick easily slide inside.

Her broken moan riled him up even more, her lips parted to let out a steady stream of sounds as he pushed forward until he was fully sheathed. It was a glorious feeling. Have her walls surround him, warm and wet, squeezing tentatively as if she still needed to get accustomed. And perhaps she did, if he had to believe her next words.

“Oh, you’re so big, Tenya-kun. I feel so full.”

Of course he had to pull his hips back then, letting that first bit of friction settle in the pit of his stomach. He was so excited, ready to burst already. Sex with Ochaco had always been better than with anyone else. But this, this definitely hit the mark. Tenya felt so helpless in her hands, her words sliding down his body like a liquid, sticking to him like a glue. He was feeling delirious as he started to rock his dick inside of her.

“Harder, Tenya-kun. Fuck me harder. Please, I need it.”

And he did. He fucked her. Really fucked her. Never in his life had he ever considered thinking of sex in such a manner. He was taught about lovemaking. About making babies. But never about this raw sexual tension that was between them.

Any partner he had before her, had been so mellow in comparison to her. It was soft and sweet, and most of all slow.

Now Tenya was pounding his cock inside of her, their hips slapping together with the force Tenya used to drive his length deeper inside of her. His glasses stood crooked on his nose as he fucked her harder, ready to slip right off his face, but he didn’t care. He needed to hold onto her hips to pull her back onto his cock. Needed to thrust as hard as he could, so that she would moan louder. Cry out in pleasure as her orgasm wracked through her body.

Tenya could always fuck her right into her orgasm if he did it hard enough.

Neither lasted long. The setting of it all getting to them so much. Knowing anyone could be knocking on that door any minute now.

Ochaco came first, crying out indeed as her walls clamped down around Tenya’s cock, driving him right towards his orgasm as well. He spilled inside her pussy. Coating her insides in his cum. The thought of it dripping down her thighs after he pulled out disgusted him, and turned him on at the same time. Ochaco had made a perverted man out of him.

Coming down from their high, they slowly pulled apart. Ochaco was shaking in her heels, knees about to give out, but she managed to stay upright. “You’re still coming home with me, right?” she asked between laboured breaths.

The thing Tenya liked most about Ochaco, was that this was all as new to her, as it was to him. Neither had much experience before this, especially when it came down to the kinkier stuff. But Tenya had awakened something inside her, as she had done for him.

“Of course I’m coming home with you, Ochaco-kun. I still need to see where my suit looks best.”

Chapter Text

Early mornings had never really been Izuku’s favourite. Shoto had learned that very quickly when they moved in together a few months ago. He would snooze until he barely had any time left to get ready. Would mumble negative things under his breath as he dressed, and prepared breakfast. Took as little time as possible in the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Izuku was not a morning person.

It was then that Shoto had decided to make mornings a bit more bearable for his lover. Even if his shift would start much later than Izuku’s. There was just so much that Izuku had taught him, that Shoto felt like he could do something in return. Care for Izuku as Izuku cared for him.

They had made a lot of progress. Izuku had gotten used to Shoto’s meddling, and seemed to welcome them now as well. One of Shoto’s favourites, was interrupt Izuku’s shower time. Hop in the stall with him and cramp himself under the hot water, bodies pressed flush together. The first time Shoto had done so, was not with the intention to take things further than that. He simply wanted to kiss Izuku silent and wash his body for him. Things had taken a turn as soon as Shoto started rub his inner thighs.

Now they were planned as such.

As soon as Izuku’s final alarm went off, Shoto would kiss him awake. Warm his body up just a degree higher than normal, and have his lover cling to him as if his life depended on it. Carry Izuku to the bathroom. Strip him from his dirty boxers, and turn the shower on. Share lazy kisses as they waited for the water to heat up enough, and then climber into the stall, trying their best to stay connected.

Ever since they started doing this, Izuku had gotten out of bed much easier.

Depending on how much time they had, Shoto would calculate how much they would be able to do.

This time Izuku had been stretching it. Got in way too late last night, caught up in a news message of a hostage situation that ended past midnight. It was always harder to get him out of bed after nights like that.

So Shoto settled for something simple.

First he raked his fingers through Izuku’s curls, letting the water spread until his hair was flat against his scalp. Shampoo followed next, Izuku humming in content as he leaned into the touch. Shoto always did his best to massage the shampoo in, giving Izuku the best experience he could get. A quick shave to remove the few hairs that had sprouted on Izuku’s still youthful face. And then finally a wash of Izuku’s body, trying not to linger too long on sensitive spots.

They couldn’t help it that they were already hard. It had become part of their routine. Their bodies were aware of what was about to come, and Izuku had already been jerking Shoto off, rubbing his thumb along the ridge of where Shoto’s foreskin had once been. Izuku always said that he loved that Shoto was circumcised. Didn’t really matter to Shoto. He loved Izuku’s dick either way.

Having only a few minutes left after Izuku had washed off all the soap, Shoto wrapped his hand around both their erections and rubbed them together, only to get a soft whine from Izuku.


It was a plea. And Shoto knew what Izuku wanted. Longed for. And Shoto couldn’t say he didn’t want that as well. Of course he did. A simple mutual masturbation session was not as amazing as the real deal. But there was no time for that.

“You’ll be late,” Shoto replied, ignoring the steady hand grabbing his wrist.

“I’ll eat breakfast on my way to the station,” Izuku argued, hoping Shoto would give in.

And of course Shoto relented. How could he resist such a sweet face? Or Izuku’s hand already dragging Shoto’s fingers between his ass cheeks.

Their soft lazy morning kisses turned more urgent as Shoto’s first finger dipped into Izuku’s hole. Shoto eagerly swallowed Izuku’s gasp, loving the way he leaned even closer to Shoto’s warm body. They fell into a pattern as Shoto gradually opened him up. He’d prefer to take his time. Feel around Izuku’s walls until he had touched every inch of Izuku’s insides, but they were pressing for time. Making love was made for different times. So one finger turned into two, and quickly after made place for three fingers.

It was Izuku who decided that he was ready, opened up enough on Shoto’s fingers. Pulling Shoto’s arm away from his behind, he let the fingers slip from his hole, it winking at the sudden emptiness.

The shower was not the best place to have sex. Shoto had learned that long ago. It was far too cramped to really move, or have their bodies rightly aligned. But that was what Shoto liked about. Liked about their found morning habit. It wasn’t easy. Izuku had to turn around, pressing his hands and face against the tiled wall. Shoto would then slot himself behind Izuku, leaning backwards as he pressed the head of his dick against Izuku’s prepped hole.

That first slide in was always the best. The quick squeeze as Izuku had to get used to being filled again, while the cold of the tiles, and the heat of Shoto’s body seeped into his body at the same time. They had gotten so accustomed to each other, bodies moving in perfect sync, that Shoto remembered every little spot on Izuku’s body that he had to touch.

“Shoto,” Izuku breathed out, voice muffled by the wall.

He didn’t say more. Didn’t need to. Shoto understood.

Slowly he pulled his hips back, as far as he could go without slamming into the shower door. The water was cascading down his face, obscuring most of his vision. But it didn’t matter. All he needed was to make Izuku feel good. Wake him up in the best way.

A faster thrust forward, and Shoto was fully sheathed again, feeling those walls continuously squeeze around him. Suck him further in. Feel more of his dick slide along his most sensitive parts. Their sounds filled the tiled room, moans and groans mixing in together with their skin slapping against each other with every thrust. Water uselessly went down the drain, it only falling on Shoto’s body and Izuku’s back. Neither really cared at this point.

Pleasure was building fast, their need to hurry playing parts in it. Shoto could feel it tingle down his spine. Could feel his orgasm building as he slid in and out of that tight heat. It felt amazing to be wrapped around his lover like this. Feel him shiver as Shoto’s thrusts brushed that bundle of nerves over and over again.

And then Izuku full on shook, trembling as he opened his legs a little further to let Shoto sink his dick even deeper. The end was nearing. Quick.

Wrapping his hand around Izuku’s length, Shoto made his orgasm come even faster. Those walls tightened even more as Izuku cried out in pleasure, closing his eyes as he let the pleasure overtake him. And then as his hips started to stutter, unable to really keep up with Shoto’s steady pace, Izuku came over Shoto’s hand, spilling his seed, and letting it drip down the drain.

Shoto was not far off after that. A few quick snaps of his hips, forcing his length as deep as it would go, and Shoto came as well with a soft gasp.

As he rode out his orgasm, he pressed kiss after kiss all over Izuku’s neck. Letting him come back down. Relax. Feel refreshed for a new day of work.

Blearily Izuku blinked open his eyes as Shoto finally pressed another kiss on Izuku’s lips. Their gazes met, a soft smile grazing Izuku’s face. It was so sweet, so full of love, it made Shoto’s heart clench. With just one smile, and Shoto fell like falling apart under its weight. No matter how hard Shoto worked, he could never match the love Izuku could show with just one look. He leaned into Izuku’s body, burying his face in his wet neck as he huffed in annoyance.

“Better hurry, or you won’t be on time,” he muttered.

“Hey,” Izuku hummed, making Shoto lift up his head to look back at his boyfriend. “Good morning.”

“Good morning, Izuku.”

Chapter Text

“Has Kacchan been a good boy?”

His tone was soft and sweet, kind to the man sitting on the floor, collar strapped around his neck, fake ears placed on his head. Katsuki was completely nude. A tail dangled between his legs, signalling that he was wearing his favourite butt plug. The one that made him look even more like a dog.

It was something Izuku needed to get used to, and even now he still never expected it. Katsuki never did give a warning when he was going to play dress up. Izuku would only find out when he entered their shared home after a long day at work, and saw Katsuki sitting on the floor rather than the couch, dark look in his eyes, begging for Izuku to treat him like nothing more than an animal. Like the pet he always wanted.

Katsuki never did speak when he was in this kind of mood. Let Izuku do all the talking as he would only grunt and growl, and sometimes whine. But it was okay, because Izuku got to pet his boyfriend. Got to scratch him on his head and rub his belly. Got to talk sternly to him when he misbehaved. But most of all he got to decide when it was Katsuki’s time to take him, and it would only happen if Katsuki was a good boy.

Getting down on his knees in front of Katsuki, Izuku pulled him in a hug, rubbing at his spiky hair until Katsuki sank into the hold. “Did you have fun all day? Must get really lonely, huh?” Izuku said, pretending that Katsuki had not gone to work as well in the morning. Pretending that this was what Katsuki’s life was always like. “But now we’re together again, and we can do something fun! Do you want to play… or are you hungry?”

That spark in Katsuki’s eyes always caught Izuku off guard. It was that soft excitement he never got to see in Katsuki’s normal demeaner. But when he felt like a dog, this innocence creeped in, and even if his face remained in this cool expression, it were his eyes that lit up.

“Or, do you want to do something else?”

It’s not like Izuku hadn’t noticed Katsuki’s cock growing as soon as he uttered the words ‘good boy.’

And a quick glance to the side table in their living room, was also a good indicator. Katsuki had brought everything they needed for this roleplay to continue without delay. Lube, and even a leash were laid out, ready to be used.

Katsuki nuzzled his head against Izuku’s chest, and then with a push made Izuku topple over, grunting in delight as Izuku spread his legs in surprise. It was followed by Katsuki rubbing his face all along Izuku’s thigh, resting his nose against Izuku’s crotch, whining softly as a hint of what he wanted. Words weren’t needed in situations like these. Especially not when Katsuki was so good at conveying what he needed.

“Alright, alright, Kacchan,” Izuku said with an amused chuckle, pulling Katsuki’s face away from his crotch and up to his face. “I guess we’ll play a little first.”

Sitting back on his haunches, Katsuki waited for Izuku to continue. He licked his lips as Izuku took off his shirt first, revealing a scarred chest for Katsuki’s eyes to roam over. He wanted to sit up and ravage it. Sink his teeth in and rut against him until Katsuki felt satisfied. But he remained seated. Took the petting in stride when Izuku delayed his undressing. But soon enough Izuku was fully undressed, legs spread wide to reveal his fluttering hole.

“Now I’ll prepare myself for our little playing session. You be a good boy and stay right there,” Izuku said softly, giving Katsuki a stern look.

Instantly Katsuki perked up, hovering a little closer to Izuku’s body, ready pounce and just claim.

“Stay, Kacchan,” Izuku said again, and when Katsuki made no further move, he finally reached for the bottle of lube on the table.

Spreading the lube all over his fingers, Izuku took the time to ease that first finger in. Went for the first knuckle, and then pulled it back out. Second knuckle, and leaving Izuku’s body again. It was all to tease Katsuki. Have him fully on edge, so that the reward afterwards would be all the better.

With a huff let Katsuki drop himself to the floor, face flat on the hardwood as his red piercing eyes focused solely on the fingers dipping in and out of Izuku’s hole. It glistened now, the lube coating more than just his insides. His thighs quivered when three fingers entered, a soft moan pulled from Izuku’s lips as he saw Katsuki’s pupils dilate when his hole made a squelching noise.

It was enough. Had to be enough.

Izuku ripped the fingers out of himself, and then sat back up straight, wrapping an arm around Katsuki’s shoulders as the other sat up too. His lover licked his lips again, clearly ready for the second course.

“Kacchan,” he singsonged. “Let’s play now.” Reaching for the table again Izuku grabbed the leash, and clicked it to the collar on Katsuki’s neck. “Does Kacchan want to have me? Play with me? Mount me?”

Growling at the words Katsuki latched his teeth onto Izuku’s shoulder, and pulled. Izuku had no choice but to give in, Katsuki not scared to have his teeth bite through if needed. So with a chuckle he let himself be dragged to the side, limbs following along in the position Katsuki wanted him in. Reaching the carpet right by the couch, Katsuki huffed when Izuku didn’t move fast enough, only nuzzling Izuku’s face when the other got on his hands and knees, ass perched perfectly in the air.

Izuku still had the leash in his hand. Started tugging on it to have Katsuki move as well. Have him sit right behind him, eyes glued to his fluttering asshole.

“Come on, Kacchan. Mount me,” Izuku ordered, hazy look in his eyes as he glanced over his shoulder.

Crawling forward Katsuki placed his hands right beside Izuku’s, hips flush pressed against his ass. That first bit of friction, feeling Katsuki’s length slide along his ass, sent a shiver down Izuku’s spine. He was so ready for this. Ready to have Katsuki’s thick cock inside of him as he fucked him from behind.

“Let it slide in, Kacchan,” he hummed, closing his eyes as he felt Katsuki pull back a little and settle the head of his cock against Izuku’s hole. “Good boy.”

Katsuki then shoved himself inside, thrusting forward desperately as if this had all taken too long. In this state Katsuki was always extra brutal. Claiming what he wanted. Taking his reward as if he was a spoiled puppy who deserved more. Katsuki pounded into him, hips smacking against one another with every hard push.

But Izuku moved too much, thrown forward every time Katsuki thrusted into him.

Growling harshly Katsuki latched his teeth onto Izuku’s neck, holding him in place, forcing him to stay there as his hips continuously plunged forward.

It hurt, every thrust burned Izuku’s insides, just the way he liked it. A tug on the leash made Katsuki lean his body fully on Izuku, his weight pushing Izuku down, but the other stayed strong. Carried his weight as Katsuki rutted into him. The pace was quick, hips snapping over and over against Izuku’s ass. Sounds tumbled off his lips, words incoherent as Izuku tried to praise Katsuki. His brain turned to mush as pleasure licked at his balls, ready to burst all over their freshly cleaned carpet. Didn’t matter. Was unimportant. The only thing currently on their minds, was getting off, fast.

“Oh, god fuck,” Izuku choked out as Katsuki angled his hips just a little different. “Such a good boy, Kacchan. Right there, fuck me right there.”

And Katsuki of course obliged, tongue lapping out to lick up the blood on Izuku’s neck. Broke skin again. It would easily blend away with all the scars already marring Izuku’s skin. His pounding didn’t let up as his breathy sighs turned into pleasured howls and grunts.

They came in unison, bodies going rigid as they spilled their seed. Izuku’s dripping down to the carpet, Katsuki’s buried deep inside of Izuku’s body.

They remained slumped over each other, because there was another thing Katsuki liked to pretend. Like a real dog, he wanted to pretend he was stuck until all his seed was absorbed by Izuku’s body. Didn’t matter that it wouldn’t take. It was the thought that counted. And it usually meant Katsuki would get his dick hard again in the process, so they’d go for another round.

“Such a good boy, Kacchan,” Izuku hummed, pressing his face down on the carpet to relax a little.

“I’m the best boy, Deku,” Katsuki suddenly spoke, voice hoarse from all the grunting and growling.

Izuku could only laugh in response.

Chapter Text

Water was steadily streaming down the showerhead, posed right above Izuku. It cascaded down into his curls, flattening it along his face. It was just the right temperature, keeping Izuku warm as a thick cock kept on thrusting into him.

The slapping of their skin echoed through the tiled room. It was horribly loud, louder than usual. But not as loud as the cries of pleasure that kept on tumbling off Izuku’s lips. He couldn’t keep it in, not when Katsuki was aiming his dick right into his special places, sliding along his walls to hit his sweet spot over and over again.

This really was not the time, nor place to be doing this. Izuku knew that. Knew this was stupid, but still couldn’t help himself. Not when Katsuki was so damn seductive.

After they both finished their training a little bit earlier than their other classmates, they got a little frisky in the locker room. Started taking off each other’s clothes, hands dipping into places they probably shouldn’t this publicly. And before Izuku knew it, he was holding onto the faucet, trying not to slip down the tiles as Katsuki rammed his cock in and out of his hole. They should’ve chosen a stall to do this. Should’ve waited until they had gotten back to their dorm room. But they couldn’t contain themselves, and there was a certain thrill to this. Izuku found himself moaning louder than he had ever done before.

Of course they were going to get caught. Their head start on the rest was only about ten minutes, tops. They knew their classmates were going to walk in any second now, but somehow neither seemed to care. Couldn’t stop meeting each other’s thrusts as Katsuki’s cock slipped deep inside of Izuku.

“Jesus, fuck!”

Slowly Izuku turned his head to the side to see who spoke. He hadn’t even flinched at the sound, still relishing in that thick cock pumping into him. Not for a second had Katsuki stopped fucking him. Clearly as unimpressed by the interruption as Izuku was.

In the entrance to the shared bathroom stood a wide-eyed Denki, being the one who had spoken as well. Right next to him stood Mashirao, tail dropped to the floor as he gaped at the couple. Rikido took the rear, at first not really noticing what was happening, until Katsuki smacked his hips against Izuku’s ass rather loudly. Round eyes snapped up as lips were pursed in confusion. The three of them just stood there, looking at them. Watching them as they continued to fuck. It made Izuku let out a shaky moan as he turned back to face the tiled wall.

More boys joined the three stunned ones, conversations dying out as soon as they noticed what was happening. Everyone stayed silent as they watched, unsure on how to move on from this. It was Tenya who eventually broke the silence.

“Why is everyone just standing here? Get to the showers!” he ordered, trying to push through the crowd of boys.

With his glasses left by the lockers, made it hard for Tenya to see what was happening in the distance. He peered at the two bodies moving, but couldn’t make out what they were doing. Right until Katsuki groaned out an “oh, fuck.” Izuku knew it was on purpose, knew Katsuki did it just so that Tenya would hear. So that everyone would hear. Give an even better vision on what they were doing, and how good it was feeling.

“Midoriya-kun!” was the first thing Tenya shouted after that. Blinking his eyes open again, Izuku looked over at his friend. Saw the deep blush settling on his cheeks as Tenya realised what Katsuki and he were doing. “That is indecent behaviour! You must stop this immediately!”

A click of the tongue echoed through the bathroom as Katsuki showed his annoyance. “Fuck off, Glasses. We’re kind of busy here.”

And they were, because nothing about this made Katsuki stop fucking into Izuku. His hips continued to snap against Izuku’s behind, pace never faltering as the rest of their class watched them. It made Izuku let out a shaky moan, arching up into those slides of Katsuki’s cock into his ass. Words were something Izuku avoided when they had sex, purely because he didn’t trust his voice. Didn’t think he’d even be able to form words. So replying to Tenya was out of the question.

“What the fuck are you standing there for? Go do your fucking business, fuckheads,” Katsuki scolded, pulling everyone out of their staring trance. Even Tenya had gotten completely mesmerized by the continuously slapping of skin against skin.

A few showers were turned on as the boys finally moved, some disappearing into the privacy of a stall, most still choosing the ones around the pair.

As Sero and Minoru passed them, Katsuki let out a loud groan, slapping Izuku against his ass with a flat hand. “Fuck, Deku. You’re so fucking tight.”

The words sent a thrill through Izuku’s body, eagerly pushing back against his snapping hips. He knew Katsuki had done it on purpose. Had pulled the attention of the two boys to them with the intention of getting them to look. See how well Izuku took Katsuki’s thick cock. Show them that he was made to take cock.

“Geez, Midoriya. Are you okay?”

Denki had gotten up next to them, clearly as shameless as Katsuki and Izuku were. His yellow eyes roamed over their naked skin, settling on the space they were joined together. Where Katsuki’s slick cock moved in and out of Izuku’s puckered hole.

“Of course he’s fucking okay. Have you heard him?” Katsuki retaliated, angling his hips just right to entice another sound from Izuku’s lips. “Can’t do much better than this.”

Shifting even closer, Denki just watched Katsuki’s cock move, eyes glued to that point. Completely unabashed by what others may think. And Katsuki granted him the look. Granted him a show even as he brought his hands to Izuku’s ass cheeks, and pulled them apart. Showing off exactly how far Izuku’s hole stretched around Katsuki’s girth.

As Katsuki fingered the ring of muscles, a new wave of pleasure coursed through Izuku’s body, his walls clamping down on Katsuki’s dick to pull him further in. Their joined moans were extra loud in the tiled room, pulling a few other eyes back towards them.

“Don’t think I gave you permission to touch, Kirishima,” Katsuki growled suddenly.

Izuku shot a look over his shoulder. Saw Katsuki holding onto Eijiro’s wrist as the redhead had his hand posed above Izuku’s body. Ready to touch him in a similar fashion Katsuki was doing. That possessive line was enough for Izuku to fuck back on Katsuki’s cock again, considering his pace had gotten a lot slower since his attention was pulled elsewhere. Eijiro quickly retracted his hand, eyeing Izuku’s face for another response, but didn’t find any.

If Katsuki said no, then it remained a no.

Even if Eijiro’s erection looked rather appealing from Izuku’s point of view.

Slowly Izuku let his eyes slide through the room. Look over at all of the boys around. Noticed Eijiro was not the only one having a problem. Some were ignoring their erections with all their might, heavily scrubbing their hair and body. A few were silently jerking off, facing away from the couple, but possibly listening in as best as they could, relishing in the sounds they let out. But there was also a group completely unashamed, watching them with fervour as they quickly pulled their dicks. Denki was still standing right beside Katsuki, sneakily sliding the head of his cock against Izuku’s ass cheek every few times he jerked his cock.

It was driving Izuku insane, seeing everyone turned on like this. His sounds grew louder and louder, the more he noticed others getting hard because of him. And then the best came when his eyes finally landed on Tenya.

He was still standing a few feet away, stunned to silence as he watched Izuku and Katsuki move. Without his glasses he still probably didn’t see much, but the idea was there, and the noises they made only fed the image. Izuku groaned as he looked at his friend, carrying around a hefty cock, flushed a deep red and weeping precum.

“Hey Glasses,” Katsuki called out, clearly seeing Izuku’s need. “Why don’t you come a little closer and actually get a fucking look?”

Dazed Tenya looked up into those piercing red eyes, taken aback by the knowing smirk Katsuki wore. But Tenya wasn’t deterred by Katsuki’s challenge. Decided to meet it head on and slowly trail towards the couple, stopping right in front of them. Now he was close enough to see. Could really see that cock disappearing into Izuku’s body.

“What…? Is it…? Can you…?” Tenya finished none of his sentences, clearly unable to form any coherent thought. It made Izuku smile, that sweet smile of his that only turned Tenya’s blush into a darker shade.

“He’s pretty when he gets fucked, isn’t he?” Katsuki commented, eyes focused solely on Tenya now. “Those cute little freckles even more pronounced against that red skin. Don’t you wanna come all over those pretty freckles? Just smear your cum over it. Rub your dick on his cheek.” Tenya released a shaky breath at the image Katsuki was painting. “Why don’t you do it? Come all over those freckles? Come on, just put your dick on his cheek.”

Tenya stepped forward without a word, transfixed on Izuku now. Carefully he grabbed his dick in one hand and slowly started stroking it. Foreskin pulled back to reveal that flushed cock, and pushed all the way forward again. Izuku licked his lips as his erection came closer. It was odd to know that he got his friend this turned on, but in return Izuku got turned on over how horny Tenya had gotten over him. Purely from watching him. Seeing him come undone on Katsuki’s cock. So badly that he wanted to have his cock on Izuku as well.

The wet head was placed on Izuku’s cheek, rubbing at the plush flesh to relief himself of some of the tension. It felt nice and soft, and seeing those dilated pupils from Tenya as he looked down at Izuku’s face. It was glorious. Those lips were parted to let out soft gasps as Tenya stroked himself, faster and faster as the moment really caught up to him.

Izuku saw it. Saw it in the way Tenya’s body tensed up. The way his hand moved in an off pace.

Letting his tongue peek out of his mouth, Izuku let it caress the side of the head of Tenya’s cock. That slight touch alone pushed Tenya over the edge. Come all over Izuku’s cheek, as Katsuki told him to do. The hard length rubbed at its own essence a little bit, trying to spread his cum all over those freckles. Unfortunately the shower washed it all away in mere seconds, but Tenya didn’t seem to care much. Just remained rubbing his dick back and forth, watching Izuku’s face closely.

“Didn’t think you had it in ya, Glasses,” Katsuki commented, baring his teeth as he drove his cock into Izuku even deeper.

They were reaching their end station as well. Both had gotten more excited when eyes had started watching them. It made that familiar warmth build up faster, and then settle low in Izuku’s abdomen, ready to burst. And it seemed Katsuki was right there with him.

With a quick yank by the hair Izuku was pulled up into a standing position, head leaning back against Katsuki’s shoulder.

Those quick jerks on Izuku’s cock were familiar as Katsuki continued to fuck into him, trying to push Izuku over that edge before Katsuki himself reached it. And he always succeeded. As soon as Katsuki did that, Izuku was already done for. With a few final loud cries Izuku as he came all over himself, dick twitching in Katsuki’s hand.

The tightening of his walls as he came was Katsuki’s undoing, chanting over and over again “fuck, fuck, fucking fuck.” Those stuttering hips were the finale, Katsuki unable to keep pace as he came deep inside Izuku’s hole.

The whole room went silent as they couple were finally done with having sex so openly in front of them. Katsuki and Izuku simply relished in each other’s hold, still coming down from their high with heaving breaths and twitching dicks. Katsuki’s softening length slowly slipped from Izuku’s hole, cum instantly dripping down Izuku’s muscular thighs.

“Fuck, I want to fuck Midoriya now,” Denki said, breaking the silence.

“Too fucking bad, Dunce face,” Katsuki said over Izuku’s shoulder. “You only get to fucking watch.”

Chapter Text

“You know I have no gag reflex.”

The comment had come out of nowhere. Here Eijiro was, minding his own business, scrolling through someone’s social media. And then Denki had to break the silence with a remark that did not refer to anything they had been talking about previously. In Denki’s defence, it was well past midnight, and they were still hanging out in the common room. They were asking for strange conversations to be held, but it was better to be eased into it, instead of just having it sprung up on you.

“What?” Eijiro responded, pretending he hadn’t heard correct, giving Denki a way out.

But the guy was honestly too oblivious for that, turning his face away from his own cell phone as he shot Eijiro an excited look. “I have no gag reflex! I found out once when some dude tried to shove the banana I was eating down my throat. It went down without a hitch and then came back up without me having to throw up. One of my hidden talents, man.”

“What?” Eijiro asked again, a bit less believable this time.

“Yeah, I can totally relax my throat enough to take about anything.” Denki shrugged his shoulders, leaning back into his seat on the couch, phone back in his attention area. “Dude said I could probably suck dick pretty well. Well, he ain’t wrong.”

At that point Eijiro was at a loss. Denki admitting that he was good at sucking dick, meant that he had sucked dick. Instantly red eyes snapped towards those plush lips, imagining them wrapping around his…

No, no, no, that is not how you think of a friend.

“J-just because you have no gag reflex, doesn’t automatically mean you’re good at blowjobs,” Eijiro retaliated, trying to keep himself from staring at Denki’s mouth.

Yellow eyes snapped up to Eijiro’s face, a stern look on his features. “I know. I sucked a few dicks, and always got compliments. Sucking dick is whatever, man. Once you get the hang of it, guys find you a pro quite quickly.”

“Whose dick did you suck?” Eijiro asked, a bit more invested in this story now that he was learning new things about his friend. When something stirred in his loins, he tried his best to ignore it. Just because Denki was telling him these things, didn’t mean anything.

“Oh, Sero’s once. We got high one time, and it sort of happened. Don’t remember what the instigator was,” Denki said with a shrug, his attention still on his phone for some reason. “Caught Midoriya once in the showers masturbating. Said I could help him out, and eventually Midoriya was convinced. He has a nice dick, by the way.”

“You… you give our friends blowjobs?” Eijiro said flabbergasted, staring at his friend as if he had grown an extra head.

Finally Denki put his phone away, meeting Eijiro’s confused glance. “Yeah, man. We gotta help our friends out. We’re bros, right? This is what we do for each other. Can’t have horniness hold us back on the job or whatever.”

“But… you suck our friends’ dicks.”

“So? I’d suck your dick,” Denki admitted. “You trust me, right? I think when friendship is this deep, then we can trust our friends with our deepest needs. I get what you’re going through. I know sometimes you just need to have your dick sucked. And I’m here to do that!”

“Wait, but?”

“Come on, I’ll show you. I’m really good at it.” Without waiting on a reply, Denki scooted off the couch and shuffled over on his knees towards Eijiro.

All words were caught in his throat as Eijiro watched Denki’s fingers move up to the button of his jeans. He really should tell his friend to stop. Catch his hands and move them away from his crotch. But how could he when those fingers slid over his hardening length, his dick already betraying him, showing off how bad he was into this. God, he really wanted Denki to suck his cock, didn’t he? How pathetic.

His pants were shoved passed his ass by Denki, wiggling his eyebrows when Eijiro’s cock sprung free from its confines. That knowing smile made Eijiro buck his hips up towards Denki’s face, ready to shove that pretty mouth right into his crotch.

“You definitely won’t regret this,” Denki murmured as he reached for Eijiro’s length.

Firmly Denki gripped Eijiro’s cock, stroking it a few times to expose the head. Those yellow eyes kept watching him, measuring Eijiro’s every move. Seeing if he was still doing well. Even when he let his tongue dip out, and slide along Eijiro’s length, Denki still never broke eye contact. That tongue moved up and up, lapping at the head of Eijiro’s cock, humming when that drop of precum hit his taste buds.

Relaxing his legs Eijiro opened up for his friend. Let him shift closer to his lap and bring his face easier to Eijiro’s cock. This really was a dumb move, Eijiro knew that, but how could he resist.

Especially when those lips wrapped around his cock, and slowly sank down on his girth.

Eijiro let out a shaky groan as he watched Denki take more and more into his mouth. About halfway he stopped swirling his tongue around Eijiro’s dick. That sudden pressure got Eijiro bucking up into the move. Try to feel more of it. Try to have his dick further shoved into that pretty little mouth.

But Denki still managed to pry himself off Eijiro’s length, and sent a soft smile up to his friend. “You’re pretty big, man. Quite the challenge.”

“I’m sorry,” Eijiro instantly replied, ready to pull his pants back on and call it a day. He was not about to abuse his friend just for a little pleasure. He could still jerk off in privacy.

“Nah, nah, is fine, dude. It’s a nice feeling so far. Don’t worry about it.”

And with a smile twinkling in his eyes Denki moved right back down, easing a little lower this time. Eijiro could feel that throat constrict around him. Tighten as Denki swallowed and swallowed, grinding against his dick so deliciously, Eijiro groaned again. This time his voice steadier, almost wanton as Denki got even lower.

There was barely anything left. Denki had almost swallowed his way to the bottom, and apparently that was the only thing the other wanted. Tears sprung to his eyes as he tried to go lower. His throat ached as Eijiro’s dick chafed at his insides. Eventually he managed, nose brushing those black curls at the base of Eijiro’s cock, getting a whiff of that musky scent. His lips were wrapped around the base, the heavy weight of Eijiro’s dick on his tongue as he continuously swallowed.

“Fuck, dude,” Eijiro groaned out, his hand going up to fist Denki’s hair.

Slowly Denki slipped back up, throat relaxing once the intrusion was gone. Fervently he sucked at the head, gaining appreciative moans from his friend as he teased at the slit a little with his tongue.

Denki knew all the tricks in the book. Knew what the most sensitive parts of a penis were. Knew how to use his tongue just right to make it even better. Divide his attention to keep the other on edge, sometimes focusing on balls or the perineum. There was a lot to have fun with, and he made sure to do all those things to Eijiro.

It was tantalizing, and he knew he was getting to Eijiro. Two hands were now buried in his hair, wanting to guide Denki’s head down his cock, but not doing so. Eijiro’s arms shook with the sheer strength of not just pounding in. Seeing his friend come undone like that, sounds no longer coherent as Eijiro tried to chase his orgasm, but Denki only let it dangle in front of his face, never letting his friend reach the end point.

Placing his hands on either thigh of Eijiro, Denki braced himself. With his lips still wrapped around the head of Eijiro’s cock, he gave his friend a wink as a confirmation, and after a second, Eijiro finally caught on.

With a harsh push, Denki’s face was forced back into Eijiro’s abdomen, and held there. With Eijiro’s length deep inside his throat, tickling at the back of his neck somewhere, Denki sucked the air in through his nose. It was hard to just stay there like this, feeling Eijiro’s dick throb inside of his throat. Repeatedly he swallowed around Eijiro’s length, making his friend moan louder and louder. The sound echoed through the common room.

And when Denki’s throat was about to constrict around Eijiro’s dick, the other finally let him slide back up.

But there was not much time to relax, Eijiro quickly shoving Denki’s face back down. It became an instant pace, Eijiro roughly fucking his dick into Denki’s awaiting mouth.

Denki found himself moaning around that thick girth, loving the way Eijiro was treating him like some kind of play toy, abusing his throat in the most brutal way. Those sharp teeth glimmered in the soft light as Eijiro’s lips stayed parted to let out sound after sound. Eijiro couldn’t quite settle on looking at Denki to see how he was moving his face, or thrash his head back into the backrest of the couch. It was feeling too good. Too amazing to continue on like this.

Pushing his hips up to thrust himself into Denki’s awaiting mouth, instead of forcing Denki’s face down into his lap, made for an even rougher treatment. Eijiro was face fucking him, his state of mind no longer coherent as he lost himself in the friction.

Denki found himself moaning too, the violent treatment really doing something for him. He had sucked quite a few dicks in his life, but this was one of the best so far. It was brutal with the way Eijiro was fucking his throat raw, preventing him from speaking much after this.

“Oh, god fuck, I’m coming,” Eijiro blurted out, his hold tightening on Denki’s hair as he forced his friend all the way down again, spilling his seed deep inside Denki’s throat.

Eijiro was completely spent after that, his limps falling to the side as he finally released Denki’s head.

Carefully Denki pulled himself away, shaking on his legs as he got back to his feet. He shot a smile at Eijiro, who still seemed very out of it. “So, uh, did you like it?” he asked, biting his lip as he slowly sat down on the couch, rubbing at his own hard dick through his pants.

“Y-yeah,” Eijiro replied, suddenly blushing in embarrassment, as if this was the most awkward out of everything they had done. “It was really good. But uh…” His red eyes snapped towards Denki’s crotch, his palm still firmly rubbing at it to relief himself of some of the tension. “Do you want me to return the favour?”

Raising an eyebrow Denki looked a little confused at the offer. “You want to suck my dick?”

“What are friends for, right?”

Chapter Text

Tugging at the knot of his tie, Eijiro pulled it a little lower. Less constricting against his throat. The mirror in front of him said he was finished, everything neatly in place. The jacket had been pressed, as were the pants, the fold crisp. It had taken him quite some time to choose the right suit. Something that really fitted him, but still looked good enough to wear at a party like this. Presentable.

“You done?”

Casting a glance over his shoulder, Eijiro looked over at his friend. Best friend he sometimes called him in his mind. Katsuki was sitting on the bed, already fully dressed, save for the tie still loosely draped around his neck. There was a certain redness to Katsuki’s cheeks Eijiro couldn’t quite place.

“Yeah,” Eijiro murmured, eyeing the tie around Katsuki’s neck. “Want me to fix it for you?”

Katsuki raised an eyebrow, sitting straighter up as he looked almost defensive. “Fix what?”

Motioning towards his own tie, Eijiro let the other know what he was implying, eyes still glued to the black tie Eijiro had brought with him. The outfit really was impeccable, the vest fitting tightly around Katsuki’s chest. The print gave it something extra. Something inviting. And the red dress shirt… It was just Eijiro’s favourite colour. They needed to match.

“I don’t wanna wear a fucking tie.”

“But it finishes the outfit,” Eijiro replied, moving towards Katsuki. “Here, let me tie it for you.”

Without much thought Eijiro reached out a hand to help Katsuki stand up. Just a kind gesture. Eijiro meant nothing by it. But Katsuki still eyed it suspiciously, and then got up without using it. A line the other did not want to cross for some reason. The thought on how ‘manly’ it was flittered through Eijiro’s mind, but he quickly pressed it down. Instead he aimed for the two ends of the tie, grabbing them and instantly wrapping them around each other, easily fixing the knot in the right place.

“You know I can do that myself,” Katsuki muttered

Eijiro shrugged, sending a soft smile Katsuki’s way. “I know, but you don’t want to wear it, so I’ll do it for you.”

Cool red eyes burned on his skin as Eijiro focused on his task again, tugging the thicker end through the loop and tightening the knot against Katsuki’s throat. It was nerve-wracking to feel Katsuki looking at him like that. Have his friend so close, touching almost intimately. Eijiro could feel his throat turning dry as he watched Katsuki lift a hand and grasp at Eijiro’s tie as well.

“This should be tighter,” Katsuki mused, mimicking Eijiro’s push against the knot, pressing it neatly against the collar of his dress shirt. His hand then slid down, tugging at the breast pocket of his jacket. “You have to put a handkerchief in here.”

A shaky breath fell from Eijiro’s lips, trying to maintain is composure as Katsuki fingered the neckline of his shirt with his other hand, brushing the bare skin of his neck occasionally. “I didn’t bring one,” he admitted, feeling a little lightheaded when those fingers dipped under the collar.

“What the fuck kind of preparation is that?” Katsuki accused, though his voice lacked the usual menace. “I brought one, but it’s from the old hag, so you better be fucking careful.” The bite came back a bit, but the fingering of his collar didn’t let up. Nor did Katsuki wear his usual frown. There was just something so soft and sweet about this, and Eijiro felt like the ground was falling from under him.

“Okay,” was all Eijiro managed to say.

Those fingers started digging deeper into his skin, moving away from his shirt, now straight on his neck and chin. “You look good,” Katsuki murmured, blush deepening on his cheeks as he moved a little closer. “Really good.”

And that was all Eijiro could take. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into him, but that soft-spoken praise, falling from Katsuki’s lips, made his brain numb. Eijiro reached for Katsuki’s tie, and tugged him forward by it, planting a harsh kiss on those inviting lips.

It was all teeth as they clashed together, Eijiro clumsily trying to find some sort of pace. The deep breath intake by Katsuki said he was at least doing right, the other agreeing as much as Eijiro that this needed to happen. The hand that had been steadily brushing his skin, had moved to the back of his neck, grasping the low part of his red hair.

Eijiro felt suffocated as tongues roamed through mouths, tasting the dinner Katsuki had before. How was he supposed to deal with this? Kissing his best friend? Kissing that gorgeous man that had ladies fawn over him, if he didn’t scold them beforehand. But now Eijiro had the chance. Had those soft lips move against him with an urgency he recognized from Katsuki’s fighting style. It was all just taking what Katsuki wanted. Claiming. Forcing Eijiro to give it to him in ways Eijiro hadn’t even thought of.

And then he felt something rubbing against his crotch.

A shivery groan escaped Eijiro as he pulled back from Katsuki’s lips, a string of saliva still connecting them. “Those pants don’t fit around your cock, huh?”

It was quite true. The fabric was straining around his erection, clear bulge visible in his trousers. And with Katsuki’s hand pressed against it, squeezing around his girth, it only seemed to grow, twitching under the touch. That feral grin on Katsuki’s lips didn’t predict anything good.

“Don’t…” But Eijiro’s warning was cut off as Katsuki decided then that he was going to rub his hand up and down Eijiro’s length.

The cotton of his pants created a burning friction that made his dick weep. That rough hand warm against his dick as Katsuki’s rubbing fastened, his palm digging into Eijiro’s warm flesh. Teeth nipped at the skin of his jaw, diverting the attention away from Eijiro’s cock as he tried to lean into Katsuki’s teasing lips.

“Fuck, you look good in a suit,” Katsuki growled against Eijiro’s lips, granting him one kiss before continuing his ministrations along Eijiro’s jaw. “Your usual style is pretty shitty, but you with a tie. Fuck.”

Eijiro found himself easily giving in to Katsuki’s pace, blinking blearily as two hands grasped for the button of Eijiro’s pants. Before he knew it, his pants were undone, Katsuki having shoved his hand into his boxers to grasp his heated flesh.

Fervently Katsuki tugged his cock, swiping his thumb over the head of Eijiro’s dick to make the movement slicker. All Eijiro could do was let out soft groans of pleasure, hips swaying closer to Katsuki to give him as much space to move as he needed. Never had this moment crossed Eijiro’s mind. He never had dared to picture his friend in a situation like this. But here Katsuki was, jerking him off with such fever, it was making Eijiro delirious.

“You better not wear this often, because I’d never be able to stay away from you,” Katsuki gritted out, teeth latching onto Eijiro’s lip, nibbling at the supple flesh softly.

Eijiro steadied himself on Katsuki’s shoulders, fingers tight in the fabric of his vest. His hips met every jerk of Katsuki’s hand, trying to get as much friction out of it as possible. His balls felt tight, ready to burst already. Hell, Eijiro had never been touched by anyone before. And this was Katsuki. One of the most handsome guys in their year. Eijiro’s closest friend. Katsuki was special. And this made it even better.

“Kiss me,” Eijiro huffed between groans.

Their lips clashed again, Katsuki as rough as he had been before. Tongues danced around one another as Eijiro tried to keep pace with it all. A deep warmth was settling inside of him, his dick tingling with every stroke of Katsuki’s warm hand. It was coming. Eijiro was coming.

With a few final harsh strokes on his dick, Eijiro spilled himself all over the bottom of his dress shirt, moaning loudly into Katsuki’s mouth. His hips jerked as Katsuki stroked a few more times, overly sensitive after the rough treatment.

Eijiro shuddered when Katsuki finally pulled back, a heated look in those deep red eyes as the other stared back at him. God, Katsuki was gorgeous.

Far too quickly Katsuki stepped away, grabbing one of the towels they had used before after showering to clean off his hand. A bit dazed Eijiro watched him move around the room, pants still opened, the head of his dick still exposed to the cold air.

“W-what about you?” Eijiro uttered, eyes glazed over as he stared at Katsuki’s crotch, noticing a significant bulge there too.

Katsuki clacked his tongue as he turned to look at Eijiro, fastening the button of his sleeve again. “I ain’t getting my suit messed up with cum, shithead,” he bit out, hinting at how gross Eijiro’s shirt and underwear now were.

A bit defeated Eijiro looked down at himself, embarrassingly stuffing the shirt back into his pants, and buttoning it back up, hiding away the dirtied part.

“But you can get me out of this after the party,” Katsuki added.

Chapter Text

“Babe, what are you…”


Denki’s mouth fell closed. Seeing the dark look on her face, glaring down at his nude form, sneer on her lip. She was ready to chew him out. Tell him exactly what was wrong with him calling her that. Which he already knows. Denki is rarely allowed to call her babe. Only when she was feeling extra sweet. When she was mush in Denki’s hands, and he could hold her in the most loving way possible.

Kyoka was a rough woman, having no time for the softer moments. At least not when it came down to sex.

“S-sorry, I just…”

“You just what?”

The restraints felt tight around his wrist, keeping him locked to the bed, but enough leeway to move around on it. Not that he could reach her. She was lingering right behind the bed, looking down at him with that same dark stare.

There wasn’t much he could say to appease her. She had her own way of doing things, and Denki was only along for the ride. Had to live up to her bidding, and hope he was doing well enough. She was his Alpha, and Denki loved it. Loved being at her mercy. Toeing the edge of behaving well, and getting punished. Either way it always ended up oh so wrong, but oh so right. He’d feel her wrath if he had done wrong, her fingers prying him open, reading him for the large strap-on she had once bought. And he’d feel her love if he had done right, Kyoka settling on her lap and riding his cock.

“Why don’t you get on the bed? I want to feel you.”

It seemed he was doing well, seeing Kyoka walk around the bed. Her arms were still crossed, eyes still dark as her stare never wavered. Denki shivered under it, feeling her domineering aura filling the air. It was a miracle she even listened to his request, which had almost been a demand.

Clambering onto the bed, she looked like a cat ready to pounce her prey, and Denki would gladly be that prey. He tugged at his restraints, trying to reach out for her. Touch her bare skin. Feel her small bosom under his hands. But his arms were still not given too much room to move, only his torso able to reach out for her. He must look stupid. Must look desperate for her.

Thankfully this time she wouldn’t call him out on it. Wouldn’t make fun of him for wanting her so much he was frantically seeking her out. It had always been like this. He had always chased after her, and Denki still found it a miracle that he had actually caught her. At least it seemed that way. They were in a relationship. To everyone around they were equals, but Denki knew better. Kyoka was so much more than him. And he loved admiring her, especially from close by. Stand beside her and have her outshine him in every way.

A hand was pressed against his chest, telling him to lay back down and sink into the pillows of their bed. He obediently did so, his eyes wide as he stared up at her, wondering what she was going to do next.

Automatically he reached up for her, wanting to hold onto her as she let her hands slide over his body, but his hands were quickly slapped away.

“I didn’t tell you, you were allowed to touch me.”

The whine was out of Denki’s throat before he knew it. A smile formed on Kyoka’s face, clearly satisfied with that reply. She often relished in the noises he made. Needy. Longing for only her.

With his hands back on the bed, body completely still, Denki waited on her. Waited on Kyoka to take the lead. And of course she did. Her slender figure settled against his body, her hip pressed against his as her eyes roamed over his nude body. She bit her lip when her dark gaze fell on his twitching hard length, which only fuelled Denki’s need. Kyoka hardly ever looked at his dick, until it was absolutely necessary. It was preferred that Denki orgasmed without his dick being touched, which was a whole other experience.

The hand still pressed against his chest suddenly started moving. Slid down his stomach and stopped on his abdomen, only a breath away from touching the head of his twitching length. Denki groaned, wanting to push his hips up and have the back of her palm graze his sensitive part. But he knew he couldn’t. Would chase her away in an instant and be left here, waiting until she felt like having him again.

Her palm rested there a little longer. Kyoka did it on purpose. Trying to get him to respond. Testing him. But Denki had learned. Knew exactly what she wanted from him, and could play it all just right to end up where he wanted to be.

Moving her hand back up Kyoka’s hand slipped back up to his chest, nails scratching at his hardened nubs, pulling groans of pain mixed with pleasure from his lips.

Kyoka surprised him then, shifting in her place and laying down next to Denki. Her fingers still danced over his skin, circling around a nipple, and then dipping down to move to his navel and tease him there.

Denki’s whole body had gone rigid, afraid that if he’d make one move, she’d leave. Especially when her lips were pressed against his exposed neck, softly kissing her way up to his jaw. It was all so soft and sweet, so odd for Kyoka, and Denki wanted more of it. Carefully he turned his head to the side, trying to have her lips closer to his, and with a pleased sigh, she gave in, kissing him on the lips.

The kiss quickly turned messy, tongues coming into play as Denki moaned into her mouth. Her hands moved more urgently over his body, grabbing at his thighs, rubbing the skin around his hard dick, tweaking his nipples just a bit too rough. Kyoka was pushing Denki to his limits, without ever touching his cock. Touched him anywhere, but there. It felt amazing, but it wasn’t enough, he needed more. Needed her to go further than those teasing touches.

“Ky-Kyoka, please,” he whined, bucking his hips up towards her hand. It was a risky move, but his brain was no longer working. She had effectively turned it to mush.

“Please, what?”

The challenge in her voice made Denki open his eyes. Look at her to see what he needed to do.

“P-please, I need you.”

“Need me to what?”

“Touch my dick.”

It was harsh to say like that, but Denki needed to be clear. Needed to let Kyoka know what he wanted her to do. He was behaving well. Telling her exactly what he wanted from her. She had to give it to him, right?

“Beg for it.”

The smug look on her face, made Denki’s face heat up, his heart racing. A shaky breath escaped his lips as he looked at her. Beg for it. Not a first he heard that. Not a first he pleaded for her to touch him either. Something she loved.

“Kyoka, please. I need you to touch me. I can’t take it. Please, Kyoka. Please.”

“You can do better than that.”

The whine became a constant in his voice, his eyes burning in need as her fingers danced around his length, just a hair away of actually touching his heated flesh.

“P-please, Kyoka. I need you. I-it hurts. I can’t…”

His lip shivered, a sob pulled from his throat as Kyoka squeezed his nipple harshly. Her eyes had hazed over as she stared at his face. Took in his dishevelled look. The flush on his cheeks, those parted lips to let out sounds, teary eyes as the pleasure was slowly turning into pain.

“Fu-, Kyoka, please. I’m begging you. Please, touch me. Please, please, please…”

Her hand was on his dick in an instant, squeezing at the base to keep him from instantly orgasming. The sudden touch was glorious, the cold of her hand cooling the need from his dick. Denki’s whole body shook as Kyoka slowly dragged her hand up, giving his dick the first bit of friction. The precum he had been leaking before, had turned to even more as soon as her hand came into contact with his cock. How could it not, when everything she made him feel, felt this amazing.

Soon she found a pace, her hand making quick jerky movements as she tried to get Denki to his end station. Her eyes were glued to his face as she rubbed him, wanting to see all the little emotions form. Kyoka wanted to catch everything that she was able to do to him. Loved having Denki come undone right under her hands.

Whenever they played like this, Denki always came fast. He would be lingering on that edge from the moment Kyoka laid her hand on him. So when it came down to actually touching his cock, he was long gone.

And this time she let him come.

With a few final strokes Denki pushed his hips up into her hand, crying out as he orgasmed, seed spilling all over her thin fingers.

Denki’s whole body shook as he came down from his high, shivering as he tried to collect himself. His orgasms were much more intense whenever Kyoka helped him with it. One touch of her was enough to sent him over the edge.

“You behaved so well,” Kyoka whispered in his ear, tugging at his dick a few more times to milk him dry.

Blinking his eyes open, he looked up at her. See a small smile grace her lips.

“Maybe if you beg some more, I’ll take out my new strap-on. Got one that vibrates.”

Denki instantly fell into a practised plea, begging Kyoka to take out the new toy. He really couldn’t wait to feel her inside of him again.

Chapter Text

“Ever been fucked by two people at the same time?”

The evening had started out innocent enough. They had all been relaxing on the couch, watching a movie after a long week of schoolwork. Exams were on there way. Everyone had been studying constantly, either because of a fear of failing, or because they were prone to study. But Denki had demanded a movie night. Had demanded they’d all relax in the common room, and not think of the test they’d have next week.

Izuku had found himself shoved on the couch, sandwiched between Katsuki and Eijiro. How he had gotten there, he couldn’t quite remember, but he enjoyed the warmth of their bodies, and the comfort of Eijiro’s arm slung over his shoulders. It was nice, it really was.

Until Katsuki decided to hiss that particular question into his ear.

The question had come out of nowhere. Made Izuku look up in bewilderment, a deep blush instantly settling on his cheek. It definitely didn’t help that Eijiro tightened his hold around Izuku’s shoulder right as Katsuki had spoken.


“Just you, and two fucking dicks inside of you,” Katsuki murmured, bringing his lips a little closer to Izuku’s face.

“At the same time?!” Izuku had been loud. Several people had turned around to look at what was happening, but this really was not something Izuku needed people to eavesdrop on. So he shot them an apologetic smile until they turned back around and focused on the movie again. It was bad enough that Eijiro was evidently listening in, if Izuku had to believe that thumb caressing his shoulder blade. “I can’t take two dicks at the same time,” Izuku hissed back, trying to glare at Katsuki.

A wide grin formed on Katsuki’s lips at that remark. “Why not?” Lifting up his hand, Katsuki slid his forefinger over Izuku’s bottom lip. “One dick at the front, and the other at the back.”

Eijiro nuzzled at Izuku’s curls, and only then did it dawn on him. He had not chosen to sit between the two boys. He had been placed here, as the two schemed, hoping they’d be able to talk Izuku into their bed. Or well, talk him into taking both their dicks at the same time. It was ridiculous really, thinking they’d be able to convince Izuku with so little argument towards his pleasure.

“If I don’t have to do much work, then one can be in the front, and the other at the back.”

Izuku may have given in a bit too easy, but it was tempting to have both hot males interested in him. Even if it was just about fucking him. That warm glint in Eijiro’s eyes was tempting, seeing that pure longing deep within those red hues. Katsuki’s grin was less menacing, teetering on the line of happy around the edges.

It was how Izuku found himself dragged up to the top floor, and thrown into Katsuki’s bedroom, choosing the one furthest away from anyone.

His heart was beating fast, a red blush spreading all the way down his chest as he found both men looming over him. Requesting to do hardly any work had been taken very seriously. Izuku was manhandled by both, stripped off his clothes, and forced down on his knees and hands on the floor, only a carpet cushioning his skin.

Hands flew up to undo tight fighting jeans around hard cocks. Eijiro’s length almost bounced right into Izuku’s face as it was freed of its confines. Lips were parted to reveal sharp teeth, a sigh escaping the redhead as he pushed forward, ready to have his length stuffed between Izuku’s plump lips.

“You better both get naked if you want to fuck me. No half-assing this. I rather enjoy the feel of your bare skin, than the roughness of a zipper gnashing at my skin.” Izuku had mustered the last bit of attitude, it dissolving into a groan when Katsuki stuffed a finger inside his hole.

At least it worked, since both men quickly shed themselves on their clothes, discarding them to the ground beside them in quick succession.

“Sorry,” Eijiro breathed out as he leaned down to Izuku’s level, rather than shuffling forward on his knees to stuff his cock in Izuku’s mouth. “We’re both a bit eager.”

That little wrapped up compliment went straight to Izuku’s dick, as did the second finger wriggling into his hole to stretch him further. What really did it, was Eijiro capturing Izuku’s lips into a searing kiss, showing exactly how much he wanted to be inside of Izuku, in any form possible.

Izuku sucked in a deep breath as he parted his lips, easily melting against Eijiro’s sturdy body as a tongue invaded his mouth. With an arm wrapped around his shoulder, and another hard body behind him, Izuku felt almost safe. Completely enveloped by beautiful muscular boys, here to take what they wanted from Izuku, and in turn give him pleasure as well. And as that tongue roamed around his mouth just right, and fingers pressed against a specific spot mercilessly, Izuku let them know just how much he was enjoying himself by moaning loudly against inviting lips.

It was hard to just not tell them to get on with it. Especially considering they were rushing along already. But when the need got higher and higher, all Izuku wanted, was to be taken.

Getting properly back down on all fours, breaking that intoxicating kiss with Eijiro, Izuku let them know he was ready.

There wasn’t much talking after that. Only happy grunts and groans as the other two got in position too. Izuku heard a condom wrapper being ripped open, and shivered at the thought of Katsuki rolling it onto his hard dick. He couldn’t see it. Not when he had Eijiro’s cock dangling in front of his face, his girth so wide, Izuku wondered if he could actually take it all.

Not that he had any choice, Eijiro already pressing forward, the head of his dick pressing against Izuku’s lips, smearing precum everywhere. With a sigh Izuku parted his lips and let Eijiro’s cock slip passed the barrier, sliding along his tongue until its heavy weight was settled in nicely. Only half of it was inside of Izuku’s mouth now. He couldn’t even imagine taking more.

There wasn’t any time to think about it, Katsuki choosing that moment to press forward as well, Izuku gasping around Eijiro’s dick as Katsuki instantly bottomed out. Now he was really filled from both sides. Taken by two dicks at the same time, just like Katsuki had asked if he had ever done it. Izuku could honestly say he had now. And didn’t hate it so far.

Without delay Katsuki pulled back, instantly setting a rough pace by thrusting his dick in and out of Izuku rapidly. Izuku should’ve known Katsuki was a rough one. Should’ve known he would pound Izuku into the ground with a snap of the hips so hard, he could feel his ass cheeks reddening under the impact. The harsh friction inside of his hole burned deeply. His bundle of nerves was brushed against continuously, the head of Katsuki’s cock gyrating against it. Even if Katsuki was using Izuku like his little cocksleeve, only there to pleasure him, Izuku felt extremely satisfied already.

Eijiro was a lot softer, not just focused on how Izuku felt around him. With both hands cupping Izuku’s cheeks, he slowly pushed his length back into Izuku’s mouth over and over, eyes focused solely on Izuku’s face. Watching his dick disappear inside Izuku again and again. There was something almost sweet about it, seeing Eijiro almost vulnerable above him while fucking into his mouth. And Izuku was grateful for the slow pace, considering Eijiro was pushing more and more of his cock in, forcing Izuku to take it in its entirety.

Completely filled to the brim Izuku found something tingling inside of him. The more he thought of how they were both using him, together, the more he felt his own erection twitch between his legs. He was at their mercy. Could only take their cocks the way they wanted to. And of course he could use his quirk and kick them both away, but he didn’t want to. He wanted to be there between them. Take their dicks and have them ravage him. Claim him. Force him to do their bidding.

And as both cocks were deeply inside of him at the same time, Izuku came, hard. He cried out in pleasure as he felt Eijiro’s cock hit the back of his mouth, Katsuki’s length rubbing over his special spot roughly.

He writhed between their bodies as he came down from his high, completely overwhelmed by the sudden burst of pleasure. Tears streamed down his face as they continued to fuck him, Eijiro’s thumbs rubbing them away, but not relenting at all in his deep slow thrusts.

Izuku remained stuck between them for a little longer, until he finally felt cum hitting his tongue, Eijiro groaning loudly as he spilled his orgasm inside of Izuku’s mouth.

Katsuki followed next quickly, his thrusts turning irregular as he tried to stuff his cock as deep as he could, slamming his hips against Izuku’s ass over and over again. And then he choked on a groan, filling up the condom wrapped around his cock.

The clean-up was quick, dicks pulled from his holes as the other two got to work quick. Rubbing a wet towel over Izuku’s body, wrapping a blanket around his form, and eventually stuffing him in Katsuki’s bed until he was completely enveloped by their hard bodies, keeping him as captivated as before.

And even if Izuku’s jaw hurt from being opened for so long, and his hole burned warmly from the stretch, he still found himself say…

“I like being fucked by two people at the same time.”

Chapter Text

It had been a long, and mostly hard day. Both men came home at the same time, no words shared between them as they took of their shoes and hung up their coats. Hands lingered on arms and shoulders, reassuring the other that they were not alone. They fell into this familiar moment, reminding them of how often they felt absolutely shattered after a particular rough mission. It didn’t happen that they’d both be on the scene.

Dealing with missions like these was hard. Losing innocent people was hard. Failing in apprehending the villain was hard. Izuku felt like his body was about to explode with emotions, his mind wracking on the line of a complete breakdown. Tears were pricking in his eyes as he tried to force down the incoming panic.

Katsuki was not faring any better, hands shaking at his side, anger flitting through his veins as he was about to burst out and yell at the world to stop existing. Wrath clung to his skin like a far too tight shirt, his tongue heavy in his mouth as he swallowed down every insult he wanted to throw at Izuku’s head.

It wasn’t the first time they came home like this, and wouldn’t be the last. Finding something to make them deal with this, had been quite the obstacle, but they managed. Found that one thing that satisfied both their needs in ways they had never expected.

Stepping out into their living room they each started undressing, discarding themselves of the clothes they wore after leaving the police station. Ridding themselves of the evidence of what had been their day.

Reaching their bedroom Izuku moved out to the middle of the floor, the soft fluffy carpet warm under his feet. He took a collecting breath, closing his eyes to steady himself as he heard Katsuki rummage in the background. A shiver ran down Izuku’s spine when he felt Katsuki’s hot breath tickle at the back of his neck, a soft kiss pressed against his nape.

Warm arms wrapped around his shoulder, captivating him completely. And then he felt a rope pressed against his chest, lining up just above his breasts, wrapped around his shoulders and torso. He released a shaky breath as he instantly leaned into Katsuki’s warm body, but his lover was relentless, not giving Izuku the comfort he was seeking. Comfort they both knew wouldn’t help anyway.

The rope was wrapped around him twice more, it tight around his chest. Katsuki’s nimble fingers caressed the skin of Izuku’s back, tying a knot so expertly it took Izuku’s breath away. Katsuki continued his movements with practised ease, the rope moving around him again, this time a little lower, tightening around his breast area instead. His pecs were bulging out slightly, the rope pressing into his flesh tensely. Not enough to really bite into his skin, but just to keep Izuku aware of the rope around him.

Three more times it was looped around him, and then rounded his neck, the rope stuffed underneath the bottom three twists to life up Izuku’s pecs a little. He felt it fit snug against his skin, feeling not just his body being tied up, but his emotions as well.

The shake of Katsuki’s hands had disappeared as he moved the rope around Izuku’s body, reaching for Izuku’s arms and placing them against his back, tying up his wrists to make him lose some mobility. Izuku stumbled a little, the shake of his body making his feet a little unsteady. But Katsuki was there to ground him. Press his chest against Izuku’s shoulder to give him something to lean against. And it was necessary, considering Katsuki’s next step.

Bringing a hand down to Izuku’s thigh, he let it slip down, caress Izuku’s supple flesh until he reached the back of Izuku’s knee. Then he proceeded to lift it up, and bring the rope back around to tie around his leg, fastening his ankle to the back of his thigh.

The knots Katsuki made were meticulous, all intricate designs, but still easy to get out off. They were perfected through the years of doing this together. Every time they teetered on the line of losing themselves, they found themselves in this bedroom, getting lost in one another. Have Izuku completely immobile and at Katsuki’s mercy. While Katsuki carefully enveloped Izuku in perfect positions until he could no longer think of anything but him.

Katsuki found his restless mind, filled with anger, relax as he focused solely on tying Izuku up properly. It was so important to not tighten the rope too much, or place a knot wrong, that he had no time to think of what happened before. His mind turned blank as he followed every line and curve of Izuku’s body, knowing what the tension of that rope did to Izuku.

Izuku was breathing heavily now, shivering under every brush of a hand on his skin, ready to burst then and there.

With a final knot at Izuku’s back, they had gotten to their final part. They had ridded themselves of their tumbling emotions, but were not finished yet. As the frustrations dissipated, a warmth settled onto their skin. Completely enraptured by one another they clung to each other with a passion only achievable when their sorrows had gotten so low.

After a quick uncapping of a bottle of lube, Izuku soon found himself taken by a hot girth, stretching his hole to a recognizable size. The slide was slow, careful, still making sure Izuku’s mind stayed foggy and tranquil.

One arm was wrapped around Izuku’s torso, slightly tugging at the ropes to keep Izuku aware of them, the other moved around his hips. Katsuki’s fingers kept on caressing the curls at the base of Izuku’s dick, teasing his erection as he thrust into Izuku’s hole.

They hardly moved, Izuku’s position not letting him do much of anything. Just stand there and take whatever Katsuki wanted to give him. Accept every brush of his cock against his special space inside of him. Soft moans flitted from Izuku’s lips as he leaned his head back against Katsuki’s shoulder, the rope on his neck tightening deliciously as he did so. The one leg he stood on started to shake with exertion, an ache in his muscle appearing as if he had run a marathon. It was glorious to feel. Have his lover this close, binding him, constriction him, preventing him from letting loose any of his destructive emotions.

It could take them hours to finally come down back to earth. No matter how strained their bodies were. How exhausted their minds were. They were so enveloped around one another, that they could only focus on that. Their orgasms would be drawn out, lasting longer than usual as they groaned softly, letting it all loose.

Their orgasms were intense, far different than usual. Softer, sweeter, a lick of pleasure lasting a lifetime. But it made reality not hit them as hard as they returned to the real world. They could linger on that cloud of pleasure a little longer, even as Katsuki slowly started releasing the knots again, giving Izuku the control over his body back.

Soft kisses were pressed anywhere they could touch. Reassuring touches that they were still there.

It had been years since they had their explosive fights, where hands were raised, and bodies collided in frustration rather than passion. There were no curses, or accusations. They found a way to get in a better state of mind, relishing in very different feelings for one another. They could talk now, properly, without trying to kick the other in the face. But the words they shared most after they had rid themselves of all the negatives, were…

“I love you.”


Chapter Text

A dance arranged by the young pro-heroes, for the young pro-heroes. All freshly graduated in the recent years. It was supposed to bring them closer together. Have them get to know one another, considering they could be working alongside each other soon. It was meant as progress, but there was one thing Izuku didn’t fully understand.

If they were supposed to get to know each other, then why were they wearing masks?

Ochako had picked out his. The same with his outfit, saying he didn’t know to dress properly, and they were here to impress. Or something along the line. His face adorned a bunny mask now, hiding away his typical features, though his unruly green curls were still very noticeable on the sides and back. Izuku couldn’t truly hide away everything that made him, him, but he had gone unnoticed for years. Was an expert at disappearing in large crowds. The bunny mask was just going to make it easier.

Because today Izuku wanted to disappear.

Normally he’d seek out his usual group of friends. Hang out with them, and have them as a safety net as he talked to different people. But tonight he didn’t want to. Didn’t dare to. Even if there was a slim chance he’d run into… He rather avoid it. The news was still too fresh.

With a glass of fake champagne in hand Izuku made his way down the dancefloor, avoiding the dancing bodies as best as he could. He recognised a few people. Ochako’s cute mouse mask, Shoto’s traditional kitsune mask, Hanta’s scary Jason Voorhees mask, and Kyoka’s easy surgical mask.

There were no rules to what kind of mask it had to be, as long as it covered at least half of your face. As Izuku’s did, his mouth still open to the world to see. The masks did work to make most unrecognisable though. Izuku had no idea who most of these people were, though he did not know that many other freshly graduated heroes anyway.

Looking through the crowd Izuku’s eyes fell on a very familiar mask, Katsuki going for the easy way out by using his hero mask. Beside him stood a redhead Izuku had always liked. That bright toothy smile shone through the mouth hole in Eijiro’s Oni mask, shining brightly just for his…

Izuku had to look away. Had to avoid that sight of happiness, feeling it already cut away at him. It was then that he ran into someone, bumping into their back as he tried to rush away.

“Watch where the fuck you’re going,” the person cussed at him, turning around to reveal the right part of his face covered by a Phantom of the Opera mask.

“S-sorry,” Izuku stammered, trying to brush of the invisible dust of the other’s suit jacket. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

The person looked at him a moment longer, eyes narrowing as his gaze slid over his features. Izuku knew who this was. Recognized the almost black messy hair, fringe covering his forehead. Those deep warm brown eyes. That smile that moved from friendly to something far more mischievous.

“All good, bunny,” face turning slightly to the side, cocking his chin down to cast a glance at Izuku’s behind. “No need to cry about it to your mommy.”

Another sign that made Izuku know who this was. But it seemed Yo had no idea that he was actually Izuku, someone he had met before. Had spent time with. Had tantalized then too. “I’ll be careful next time,” Izuku retorted, ignoring the bait Yo was dangling in front of his face. He was about to turn away, leave Yo to his own friends, when an arm was wrapped around his waist, and pulled close into a warm solid body.

Yo was still quite a bit taller and wider than Izuku was.

“No need to leave yet, little bunny,” Yo said with a smirk staining his lips, leaning down to whisper in his ear. “Or wanna get out of here together?”

Casting a look across the room, Izuku met with red eyes staring intently at him. Two pairs of them, looking over at him as if he were about to do something wrong. But he wasn’t doing anything, and as far as Izuku knew, no one had made claims on him. No one. He was never part of their confession. Had been left behind as they grew together, and forward.

“Get me out of here,” Izuku told Yo, squeezing the hand that was still firmly wrapped around his waist.

Warm brown eyes widened for a second before a feral grin flitted onto those thin lips. “Alright then, bunny. Let’s go.”

With one final look cast at the couple, Izuku followed after Yo, getting pulled along by his wrist roughly as they made their way through the crowd. A strange sort of excitement bubbled up in his chest. Many people looked at them as they rushed through the dancefloor, but most shouldn’t even recognize him. Had no idea it was him following after Yo. It gave this all a certain anonymity he craved for the first time in years. During middle school he wished no one would look at him, in fear of what might come after. In high school he wanted people to notice him, and how much he was progressing. But right now, now he wanted people to look, and wonder.

Entering the hallway Yo still didn’t let up, feet stomping on the carpeted floor as they turned a corner, and then Izuku was shoved behind a small counter. It was the wardrobe no one was attending to right now. Coats hung abandoned on the side, and that’s exactly where Yo flung him into.

“Take your pants off. We need to get a move on,” Yo ordered, glancing around the corner to see if anyone was coming.

This was where Izuku had his reservations. He had been insinuating that this was what he wanted to do, but not necessarily at the party. They had homes they could go to, right?

When Yo turned back around, an annoyed frown formed on his features. “I’m pretty sure you wanted to fuck, so take those pants off. We have about ten minutes before someone starts looking for us. Or am I wasting my time here?”

It was rude to say the least, forcing Izuku into a position he may not want to be in. But hearing the line about people looking for them… No one was going to look for him. His friends knew to avoid him, his mood awful. And who else was going to find him? They certainly wouldn’t. He certainly wouldn’t.

His pants were shimmied off quickly after that, following Yo’s orders who nodded approvingly. Under the counter Yo found a bottle of hand lotion, squirting some of it on his right hand, rubbing it all over his fingers. Izuku followed the movement, knew what it meant. Knew those were for him. Lubed up enough so Yo could take him soon. For some reason his dick twitched in interest, seeing how expertly Yo rubbed the lotion all over the digits.

Izuku was about to turn around. Present his ass, and let Yo have his way, but the taller man instead cornered him against the wall behind the clothing rack, hiding them away between the many winter coats.

His arm circled around Izuku’s hip, and then slowly started to slide between his ass cheeks, teasing at his rimmed hole. 

“Just relax, and then we both can have some fun soon.”

God, Yo was such a jerk. And that was exactly what Izuku needed right now. Someone that riled up his emotions for different reasons. Not out of pain and hurt, and sadness, and loneliness, and all those other emotions he wanted to ignore. This was raw irritation, anger licking at his throat as that first finger slipped inside of him. Izuku wanted to hit Yo in the face, mostly to let out everything he was feeling. Wanted to kick the other to ground. Have him physically hurt, as Izuku did mentally.

Instead Izuku pulled him down for a rough kiss, silencing those tantalizing lips as he shoved Yo’s mask away.

The kiss was a mess, sloppy, spit dripping down their chins as their tongues mashed together, uncaring of how it really felt. It was more about claiming, taking, roughing the other up as best as they could. It seemed they were both in the same headspace.

When three fingers were thrusting in and out of him, Yo making quick work of preparing Izuku, the bunny masked hero threw his head back in pleasure, feeling the tips of Yo’s fingers grinding against his sweet spot. He groaned loudly as he bucked his hips up into the touch.

“When bunny behaves, he’s actually quite a good boy, huh,” Yo teased, slowly pulling his fingers back.

He made quick work of his own pants, unbuckling the belt, and zipping it open, flipping out his own hard cock, already leaking precum. Izuku was delighted to see that. Know that someone found him attractive enough. Wanted to do this with him. Even if Yo had no idea who he was. It didn’t matter. Izuku would show him how good he was, and how well he could take cock. If someone else didn’t want to find out, then he’d grant it to anyone who wanted to know.

Lifting up Izuku’s left leg, Yo folded it over his hip, opening up Izuku’s hole to press the head of his dick against. He had to angle it just right, sinking a little through the knees to get to the same height. But as soon as Izuku felt his cock, he felt his whole body shiver. This was it.

That thick cock slid into him, grazing his tight insides slowly until Yo’s dick was sheathed all the way.

“Such a good bunny,” Yo murmured, nibbling at Izuku’s neck as he pulled his length back out.

The was pace slow and even at first, Izuku too tight to actually drive his cock forward. But those pained groans Izuku let out at first, soon turned into breathy moans, the bunny masked hero angling his hips up to make sure more of Yo’s cock disappeared inside of him. The friction felt good. Yo knew what he was doing. Izuku was definitely not his first, which was very beneficial if you wanted a good fuck. The guy was handsome, had a way with words that must lure all kinds of people right into his bed. Izuku had sort of fallen for it, though had possibly craved it beforehand already.

When Izuku’s walls had finally loosened up, Yo set an entirely different pace. He pounded into Izuku’s hole as if his life depended on it. Sought out the deepest crevices of Izuku’s body and tried to force his cock into it. It was rough, and hard, and Izuku had not known that this was what he had needed.

Pleasure coursed through him with every slam of those hips. All Izuku could do was, hold on tight to Yo’s neck, and enjoy the ride.

They were both being loud. Combined with the slapping of skin against skin, the groans tumbling off Yo’s lips, and Izuku’s lusty moans, they were certain to get caught once someone walked this hallway.

It made it all the more exciting, realising that if they did, Yo would be fucking a nameless bunny. A masked man taking his cock over and over again. He’d be the best bunny, the best cocksleeve.

A side door opened further down the hallway, but neither men noticed, absorbed completely in their rough fuck. The coatrack around them shook, some jackets having fallen to the floor already, revealing part of Yo’s back. Izuku had his head thrown back, moaning to the skies above, drool dribbling from his lips as he was unable to swallow it.

He felt amazing as Yo continuously pounded into him, striking his prostate with every other thrust, teasing him with his movements as much as he did with words.

“Deku, I know you’re fucking here somewhere,” came a booming voice from somewhere down the hall. “I saw you slip in here with that slimy motherfucker.”

Yo slowed his pace a little, the sounds they were making silencing as he turned a sharp look at Izuku. “Your little boyfriend coming to check on you, bunny?” he mocked, grinning down at the other.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Izuku replied.

“Oh,” Yo hummed. “Too bad. Thought I could start up some drama. Always fun to see a couple fight over you.” Hoisting Izuku up a little higher, he let his cock slip in even deeper, gradually picking up the pace again. “But I guess I still can. Don’t think you wanna get caught by that angry idiot, huh Midoriya?”

Izuku’s eyes snapped wide open at that, realising Yo knew exactly who he was fucking. It hadn’t been a secret at all, and that feral grin was right back in place. Yo was smart, calculating, possibly had seen in Izuku’s eyes what he was feeling before they got here. Had seen Izuku stare at Katsuki with a longing he should’ve kept locked up far away. Because Katsuki was not his. Katsuki was Eijiro’s, and Eijiro’s only.

But Izuku had no time to retaliate. Could relay the words to make Yo stop as the other instead picked up the pace even further. His cock was pistoned inside, thrust so harsh and deep, Izuku’s eyes rolled to the back of his skull, tongue lolling out of his mouth as all he could do was keep himself upright and have Yo use him like a fuckdoll.

“Deku, are you here?”

The voice was a lot closer now. Just a few steps away. The sounds must obvious. Must tell exactly what they were doing inside the wardrobe.

Footsteps came up behind them now, and in a small voice they heard.

“Izuku, is that you? Are you…?”

A few coats were pushed aside, revealing exactly who were pushed in there. And right as vibrant green eyes met with piercing red, Izuku came all over himself. His orgasm hit him like a freight train, wracking through his body as he cried out.

Masks may hide a lot, but it would never cover up the look of pure horror as Katsuki watched Izuku come completely undone by someone else.

Chapter Text

A shiver runs down her spine as she tugs the duvet higher up, sheltering her face away from the cold wind currently blowing through her room. It hadn’t been this freezing when she went to bed. And surely she hadn’t turned the heater off. But the cold winter air was still streaming through her chambers, chasing away any bit of warmth she desperately tried to cling to.

After tossing and turning for another minute, trying to find that last bit of heat, Momo finally had enough. Pushing herself up she let her eyes slide through her room, instantly finding the culprit. The doors to her private balcony were opened wide, her curtains flapping back and forth in the wind. The icy winter weather was quickly taking over her space, ignoring the heater with an ease she didn’t appreciate. She must not have locked it properly before she went to bed. Or the maid had not put the chain on when she had cleaned out the potted plants that had been on there.

Reluctantly she threw her legs over the side of the bed and slowly let her feet touch the cold carpet below. Unfortunately there was only carpet around her bed. As soon as she stepped away from it, her bare feet would come in contact with the hardwood floor.

Rubbing at her bare arms, the small silky nightgown doing nothing to keep her warm, Momo moved over to the balcony doors, and pushed them close. Finally shutting out the icy winds. She heaved a sigh as she turned around, ready to climb back into bed, and hopefully regain some of the warmth.

That was until she stared right into two mismatched eyes, curiously eyeing her up and down.


The scream died on her tongue as fear overtook her completely. In complete shock she stared at the man in front of her. One eye blue, one eye silver. Hair parted in a pearly white, and a deep red. A scar on his face that should’ve made him hideous, but Momo had to admit this was the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. If he hadn’t had small sharp horns on his head, large wide wings folded behind his back, and a forked tail flicking back and forth behind him.

“You’re pretty,” the man commented, cocking his head to the side as his gaze lingered on her bosom a little longer than she liked. “Didn’t think you’d wake up.”

Momo tried to find her words. Tried to will herself to move away from the balcony doors and run towards freedom. Though she would have no success in reaching her bedroom door, considering the creature was right in between.

“You’re quiet.”

It was a statement that made Momo shiver, knowing how vulnerable she was in her current predicament. “Please,” she breathed out, pleading with the creature to just let her go.

“Please what?” the man relayed, not fully comprehending. “Please make love to me until I am with child? I smelled a fertile woman. I was guided here by your womb, asking me to breed you.”

That seemed preposterous. As if her body would crave him! This beautiful man with a gorgeous face, and an amazing muscular body. Honestly, he was perfect. Anything Momo could ever want in a man, except for all the extra parts a normal man wasn’t supposed to have.

“W-what?” was all she managed to say to that.

Stepping forward the creature got closer to her, lifting a hand to brush a strand of her hair out of her face. His touch was warm against her skin, instantly heating her up. “I’ll take good care of you. I promise.”

In that instant, as his hot breath fanned over her face, Momo felt something change inside of her. Her fear dissipated as the creature closed the distance between them, his lips brushing over hers in an alluring fashion. The glint in his eyes made her knees weak. The touch of his hand on the bare skin of her shoulders making her brain foggy. The idea of wrong disappeared into thin air as she let herself be kissed by the man, his lips softly moving along hers.

“What’s your name?” he asked, his voice deep and soft like silk, making her heart thump faster.

“Momo,” she whispered, looking up at him in admiration, trailing after him as the creature started stepping back, guiding them both to the four-poster bed.

A quick tilt of the lips said he was pleased with the answer, his eyes glinting in the moonlight still filtering through the windows. “I’m Shoto. Will you join me in your bed, Momo?”

Slowly she nodded as she took the offered hand. Shoto spread his wings wide as he pushed her forward, looking menacing to anyone else who would encounter him. Except for the enchanted Momo, who marvelled at the sight of him, finding him glorious as he towered above her.

With a hand placed against her bosom, palm cupping her lightly, Shoto pushed her back on the bed. Eagerly she clambered onto it, pushing away the cold duvet. A pleased smile flittered onto his lips again as he regarded her, folding his wings back to fit under the canopy. The bed dipped under his weight as he followed after her, climbing over her, forcing her to lay down flat on the bed.

His fingers trailed over her thigh, dipping between her legs until it reached its mark at her private region. A forefinger slid over her clothed parts, teasing her lips a little. “Your womb is ready for me, Momo,” he whispered above her, his eyes shining even without the moonlight hitting them. She now noticed the sharp teeth in his mouth, and felt the sharp nails on his hands. But it didn’t bother her as it should. It excited her further as she opened her legs as an invite. “Let me have you, Momo.”

“Yes…” she practically moaned, pushing her head back to bare her neck. “Please.”

Her plead was different now, begging for something entirely else. Everything Shoto was saying about her, was true. Momo wanted him, craved him, needed him to take her in any way he wanted. As long as he did.

And that was all the confirmation he needed. With his sharp nails he turned her nightgown and panties to a tattered mess. He bared her body for his eyes and took in her naked form greedily. Relished in the heaving of her chest as she breathed in and out. Held onto her squirming hips as she tried to get closer to him, feel his body against hers. She wanted it all.

Undoing only one button on his pants, revealed a very hard and large erection. It flushed a deep red, a drop of precum at the tip that made Momo’s mouth water. She wished she could taste it. Take Shoto’s hot length into her mouth and pleasure him on her tongue.

But it’s not what he wanted.

With both hands placed against Momo’s thighs he opened her up even more, her lips parting to reveal a slickened centre. She really was so wet already, her cunt ready for his dick.

Without another warning Shoto dipped his hips down and thrusted forward, sheathing himself completely in her wet pussy. Mouth opened to let out pure sounds of ecstasy, Momo felt her eyes roll to the back of her skull. Shoto was big, really big. It felt like his cock was splitting her in half, the head of his dick reaching her womb to impregnate her instantly. The idea alone made Momo writhe on his length, her first orgasm coursing through her body as she pushed herself up and down on Shoto’s length.

Never had she acted like this before, but Shoto pulled it out of her. The creature had turned her into someone she never thought she’d be, but she loved it. Loved feeling so full. 

“Hold still now, sweetheart,” Shoto murmured, reaching down to press another kiss to her lips. “Let me take care of you.”

And that’s what she did. Gave herself completely to Shoto as he started thrusting in and out of her. He drove his cock so far up her cunt, she could feel her stomach bulging under the sheer pressure. The sounds of their skin slapping against each other made her delirious, the knowledge of having sex with such a glorious creature almost overwhelming. She was not good enough for him, but here she was, willingly letting him take her. Were there no prettier girls around? Surely in the village close by.

“You’re perfect, Momo. You’ll be such a good mother to my children.”

Trembling in Shoto’s hold Momo could no longer comprehend what was happening. Pleasure was all she knew as he pounded into her roughly, pace changing from slow and sweet, to rough and deliberate.

Shoto barely made any noise as he kept fucking her, only holding her body steady to make sure she would take every slide properly. With her legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms around his neck, she clung to him like a vice. Needed him to be as close as he could be. And when he unravelled his wings again, the leathery texture like a veil above her, for a moment it felt like she was captured by an angel.

Shoto had to be an angel sent down from heaven.

After a few more rocks of Shoto’s hips, Momo came down from another orgasm slipping down her spine. This time Shoto finally followed suit, his hips stuttering as he found his release, pushing his cock in as far as it could go, warming her belly with his hot cum. Momo imagined it shooting right into her womb, granting him the children he craved so much.

Peeling himself off her, Shoto disentangled himself from Momo. She reluctantly released him, wishing he would stay on top of her a little while longer. His thick length slipped from between her folds, cum instantly dripping out of her gaping hole.

A whine escaped her lips as Shoto pushed himself off the bed, getting ready to part, and leave the girl on her own in the cold bed.

“Don’t fret, princess,” Shoto muttered in reply. “I’ll return to make sure you’ll carry my children. We can’t be certain to first time actually took.”

And right at that moment, Momo couldn’t be happier.  

Chapter Text

Izuku always had a little bit of an obsession. As a child he was already focused on sucking on things. Preferably long and big things that would stretch his plump little lips. It took his mother a long time to give up on the pacifier. And even after that he always found something to put in his mouth. During his normal classroom days, mostly through middle school, he’d suck on the back of his pens. Had often gotten blue lips from ink spilling into his mouth.

And yet he could never really rid himself of this habit.

When he reached puberty, specifically the moment where his body got interested in other things too, sexual things, his obsession changed a little bit. That first click towards gay porn was enough for his fixation to slip into something specific. Seeing those long hard lengths on his screen, being touched, caressed, licked, but most of all sucked on. That was it for Izuku. He wanted that.

Living in the dorms with a high number of males didn’t make it easier for Izuku. Especially not when they shared a bathroom to freshen up in. The little shower stalls were private, a curtain dragged before them. But no one undressed inside of it, finding it far too cramped. Or probably uncaring of who would witness their dangling dick between their legs. Enough of them were cocky enough to show off their girth, strutting through the bathroom as their lengths moved back and forth with every step.

It made Izuku’s mouth water whenever he saw a good specimen.

But there was one he really loved seeing. Even flaccid it was almost as thick as Izuku’s forearm, the head exposed due to being circumcised. It was always flushed a nice red, as if it was begging to be looked at. And the one walking around with that nine-inch monster, was someone who didn’t even seem to know his dick was perfect. Someone who wouldn’t show it off when entering the shared bathroom. Instead he hid behind a towel as he took of his boxers and quickly got in a stall, as if he had something to be embarrassed about.

Izuku had counted himself lucky that he had seen it a few times. Just a glimpse. But enough to really fuel Izuku’s need to touch it.

Eijiro really had a gorgeous cock.

To not give into these temptations, Izuku decided to change his schedule. Shower later than the rest, after finishing studying. It was safer to have the bathroom all to himself, so his eyes would not wander to crotches, and take in the beauty of their dicks. It was always a little awkward when he got hard with so many people around.

The one thing Izuku had not counted on, was Eijiro changing his shower time as well.

As Izuku trailed through the abandoned hallway, towel and soap in hand, he reached the bathroom door. All seemed quiet, and he was certain he was alone. Until he pushed open that door and saw Eijiro in all his glory. Alone he was not as shy it seemed.

Instantly Izuku’s eyes were dragged down to his crotch, shivering as he let his gaze slide down his never-ending length. Right up until hands were placed in front of it, hiding it away from Izuku to see.

“Hey, man,” Eijiro said, voice breaking in embarrassment.

Izuku’s eyes snapped back up, watching Eijiro’s face for a moment. The words left his lips before he really knew it. “Why do you hide it?”

“What do you mean?”

Chewing on his bottom lip Izuku took a few steps forward, eyes slipping back down to look at the covered-up crotch. “Your… your dick. Why do you hide it?”

Eijiro’s mouth opened for a second, gawking at Izuku in surprise. “B-because it’s awkward. People always make comments and tease me about it.”

“But it’s so beautiful.”

Izuku realised his mistake right away, eyes widening as he watched Eijiro’s expression change to utter shock. He hadn’t told anyone about his fixation on dicks. Knew no one would really understand him anyway, and was afraid people would pester him with it. Which was not something he had fond memories of. But now he had slipped up. Had complimented Eijiro, on his dick.

“You, uh…” Eijiro stumbled over his words, gnawing on his lips as he contemplated something. And then slowly but surely his hands moved away from that perfect length, revealing it again like Izuku hoped he would. “Thank you,” he breathed out, shooting Izuku a careful smile.

They were treating dangerous territory now. Eijiro was giving Izuku permission to look. All Izuku now wanted, was even more. Give him a finger, and he’ll take the whole arm if he could.

“Can I touch it?”

His voice echoed through the tiled room as silence stretched between them. A deep blush formed on Eijiro’s cheeks at Izuku’s question, but seeing his dick twitch in interest, made Izuku shiver again. He faintly wondered how big it would get once fully hard. Would it hurt to take it?

Tentatively Izuku took another step forward, and then another one, slowly closing the distance between them. He could see the tension in Eijiro’s shoulders, but the other didn’t make a move to stop Izuku. Just watched him get closer and closer, until Izuku was right before him, only a few inches between their bodies. If Izuku reached his hand forward, he could brush his knuckles against Eijiro’s thigh.

“Can I?” he asked again, this time with a soft whine in his voice as if pleading with Eijiro to say yes.

Eijiro swallowed heavily, still mulling the idea around in his head. And then he finally nodded.

With a visibly trembling hand Izuku reached between their bodies, aiming for Eijiro’s length. It was hardening already, filling out even more, flushing an even deeper red. It was enticing to see it all happen from up close. See that little twitch when Izuku’s fingers were so close. He knew Eijiro was watching it all happen as well, as curious as Izuku was, in a different manner.

First, he let the tips of his fingers caress the heated flesh. Slide them up and down to feel that smooth skin. It hardened even more after that cautious touch, giving Izuku a spur of confidence. If this was okay, then more should be okay too.

Quickly he changed his fingers for his full hand, wrapped around Eijiro’s thick girth, his palm pressed flush against it. It felt heavy in Izuku’s hand. A real weight dangling between Eijiro’s legs. His cock got harder and harder, the more Izuku dared to touch. The head had turned a deep purplish red, thick and bulging at the tip of Eijiro’s cock. A little white drop of precum appeared in the little slit, making Izuku’s mouth water even more just at the thought of having a taste.

“You… You like it?” Eijiro asked carefully, blowing a harsh puff of air into Izuku’s curls.

Slowly Izuku dragged his eyes back up to look at Eijiro. See his pupils blown wide as their gazes met. He nodded curtly, unable to look away from that perfect cock in his hand. “It’s amazing,” Izuku breathed out. “Have you…?” But his line was cut short when he found lips roughly pressed against his, Eijiro kissing him harshly as he pushed their bodies closer together.

The kiss turned feverish fast, tongues twisting around each other, messily moving around as drool spilled from between lips. And with Eijiro’s cock still in hand, Izuku decided that he could move to the next stop. Slowly stroke his length and feel how far his hand needs to move from base to tip. The drag was languid and soft, not putting on too much pressure yet. Izuku wanted to savour it. Have it last as long as he could. Maybe this was the only time Eijiro would let him do this. He wanted to burn it into his memory.

“Oh fuck,” Eijiro groaned when Izuku’s thumb swiped over the head, catching that drop that had been ready to fall to the floor.

With the kiss now broken, Izuku had free reign again. And his mind was still too occupied by what was happening down below. That drop was still on his thumb. That little bit of precum. Retreating his hand from Eijiro’s length he brought it up to his face. Saw the little drop smeared out on the tip of his time, and then greedily lapped it off. He relished in the bitter taste of it, moaning loudly as he let it move through his mouth.

“Oh, god,” Eijiro said in return, watching Izuku like a hawk. “You need more, baby?”

And that really caught Izuku’s attention. Green eyes snapped up again, shining in the dimmed light of the bathroom. More. Yes, he needed more. Much more. Eijiro’s large hand was lifted, and then firmly placed among the curls on Izuku’s hand. He grabbed his hair tightly, and then started to push down, firmly, not giving Izuku any reason to turn him down.

Sinking through his knees Izuku came eye to eye with Eijiro’s monstrous cock, it twitching when it brushed against Izuku’s cheek. This close up was even better. Izuku could see the thick veins moving from the base all the way to the tip. See the little point where his foreskin was once attached, leaving him with his most sensative place exposed. His slit was gaping a little, making Izuku want to wriggle the tip of his tongue in. He was salivating, heavily, at the sight of Eijiro’s dick. This was beyond Izuku’s wildest fantasies. Having this in his mouth, would be an accomplishment on its own.

Looking up for a moment Izuku met with warm red eyes, sharp teeth exposed between thin lips as Eijiro just watched him. His hand shook on top of Izuku’s head, either showing how nervous he was, or out of sheer anticipation. Either would be good.

And with no other word spoken between them, Izuku pushed himself forward with a shivery groan, burying his face at the base of Eijiro’s length. He nuzzled at the black curls there, inhaling deeply to have Eijiro’s musk deeply ingrained in his brain. His lips slipped over the soft skin of Eijiro’s balls, mouthing at them to feel them move.

Why had he waited so long for this? If Izuku had known how glorious the feel of a dick really was, then he would’ve grabbed Eijiro that first day he had caught a glimpse. Audience be damned. All those missed opportunities.

Lapping out his tongue, Izuku finally let it settle against Eijiro’s heated flesh. He felt his dick pulsate underneath. Dragging his tongue up, following one of his thick veins, he got a real feel of how long Eijiro’s cock really was. All those inches Izuku licked, needing have every bit of it covered in Izuku’s spittle. And those soft encouraging groans helped a lot as well. As did that guiding hand on top of his head, pushing and pulling him to places Izuku had not quite reached yet.

He ended at the tip, face dangling in front of it. It was clear what Eijiro wanted. Of course that was what Eijiro wanted, but Izuku couldn’t care less. This was about what Izuku wanted from him instead. He eyed that thick head in front of him. Tried to measure how wide his girth really was. Imagined how far he had to stretch his lips to even fit around it. It seemed impossible, which only made Izuku more determined to do so.

With one final look up at Eijiro’s face, Izuku opened his mouth and slowly moved himself forward. His lips had to part even wider. It felt like his jawbone was coming undone as he pushed it far passed its limit. But when the head of Eijiro’s cock finally slipped in between Izuku’s lips, all he could do was moan out loudly, relishing in that first feel, that first taste. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he pushed on, taking in more and more until he couldn’t sink any further down.

Izuku hadn’t even gotten halfway. Felt his throat tighten already at the amount he was taking.

Fuck, this was good. Nothing could compare to this. Eijiro’s dick was the most amazing thing Izuku ever had the chance to behold.

Fingers tightened in his hair again, signalling he was taking too long to move. Even if Eijiro had groans constantly dripping from his lips, feeding them to Izuku like candy.

This was a first time for both. Eijiro never had anyone near his cock before, and Izuku never had the opportunity to suck someone off either. It meant it was sloppy work. Izuku tried to set a pace while bobbing his head up and down, sucking harshly at the tip, but eventually got too lost in everything that was Eijiro’s dick.

The coarse black hair at the base he kept running his fingers through. The soft supple skin of his ball sack dangling between his legs. That heady musk that felt heavier and thicker by the second, Eijiro’s body heating up, sweat slowly dripping down his abs. And then that long and thick cock that was weighty on Izuku’s tongue.

It was hard to swirl his tongue around, his mouth simply not having enough space, but he also didn’t want to pull back too much. Didn’t want that cock to disappear from his mouth, and stop stretching it. He wanted his jaw to ache. Wanted his lips to split around Eijiro’s girth.

Fervently he sucked at it, cheeks hallowing at the sheer pressure.

Eijiro’s knees started to shake the more pressure Izuku gave. It didn’t matter that everything he did was off. That there was no real pace, nor a lot of attention to specific places. Just seeing his classmate between his legs, treating his dick almost lovingly, it was all very overwhelming. Never had he thought that someone would be interested in his cock like this. He expected people to run away in fear, not run towards him with a passion beyond compare.

It didn’t take Eijiro very long to feel a familiar heat building inside of him. How could it with that gorgeous boy between his legs, sucking at him with so much power.

Deep inside of Izuku’s mouth he spilled his cum, coating his tongue in a pearly white. Izuku groaned when the taste hit him, swallowing it needy and then trying to coax more out of Eijiro’s dick until he had nothing left to spent.

After that Eijiro really tried to pull back. Tried to get Izuku away from his softening length, slapping away those grabby hands. But Izuku was strong, and Eijiro’s knees were still weakened. Once they finally gave out, and Eijiro sat down on the tiled floor, Izuku was on him again.

With his tongue tasting every inch again, sucking at the head to will Eijiro’s cock back to life. It was hard to figure out if Eijiro’s groans were out of pure pleasure, or sheer pain. But nothing could stop Izuku from taking a few more orgasms out of that perfect cock.

Really, if you give Izuku a finger, he’ll take the whole arm, and then some.

Chapter Text

Just her luck, honestly. This was supposed to be a normal mission. They had all gone out to find the guy, tell him about all his wrong doings, and get the police to lock him up. It was supposed to be that easy. Everyone had said so. This should’ve been a piece of cake. It should’ve been suspicious that they had sent out four good heroes for this, but hey, Camie enjoyed hanging out with the old squad. It was fun when they all got together, and with how little time they had, missions were the perfect opportunity.

What was not perfect was the situation she was currently in.

While the three boys all had flashy quirks that they could travel with easier, two of them flying through the air, all Camie had were her legs. And even if she looked amazing in those four-inch heels, it was a bitch to run in.

Still she found herself right on his heels, the perpetrator not having any flashy quirk to travel faster either.

Oh, how wrong she was. As her heels click-clacked through the deserted building, the cement rough under her feet, she ran. Busted through doors, kept her hazel eyes right on the guy’s back. They were almost outside, and she knew the others had to be waiting out there somewhere. Ready to assist. Their voices echoed in her ear through her earpiece, but she ignored it. Felt her victory creep closer. If she was lucky, she could soon use her quirk and distract him enough to tackle him.

If only she had paid more attention. If only she had watched what the guy was moving through.

The villain rolled through a hole in the wall, and with Camie as close as she was, she tried to do the same. But right as she was mid-waist through it, the brick collapsed around her frame, clamping down on her.

She got stuck.

It was stupid. Humiliating. Of course this had to happen to her. The guys were never going to let her live it down. And the worst part was, that she had to call them for help. Ask them to release her from this weird little prison she was in, because it was hurting a little bit. The edges of the wall that surrounded her waist were quite sharp, cutting into the fabric of her costume. It didn’t take long for it to pierce through and scratch at her bare skin instead.

Honestly, could this day get any better?

With her costume being as tight as it was, as soon as it ripped, it would crimp in on itself. So as the fabric around her waist cut loose, it instantly slipped lower, halfway down her butt by now.

“Fam,” she radioed in, her hand against the earpiece. “Come help a girl out. She stuck.”

“Camie! Are you okay?! Do we need to call back-up?!”

Inasa’s loud voice boomed through the earpiece, almost deafening everyone who listened in.

“Nah, just you guys.” Camie did not need any more people to see her in this situation. Just the people she knew were enough. The whole police force didn’t need to know she got stuck in a wall, plus she was showing a bit too much of the goods.

“Where are you?”

Shoto’s stoic voice sent a wave of relief through Camie, knowing she also had someone around who would not make fun of her right away. He was too naïve for that. Or just not interested enough.

“Still in main. Half of me out in the alley.”

“What the fuck are ya doing? We after a villain here. Can’t this fucking wait.”

“Calm down, Katsuki. You go after the villain, Inasa and I will go help Camie. You almost got him anyway.”

“Thanks Fam.”

Camie tuned them out after that, glad that the worst out of the three was at least not coming. Katsuki would really give her hell. Normally Camie didn’t care that he was kind of a stuck-up ass, but today it would’ve made things a lot worse.

Only a minute later did Shoto slip into the alleyway, sliding in on his ice, and dropping off right in front of her. Camie tried to smile, tried to look a little embarrassed, but not too much. Even if her breasts were almost exposed to the world.

“What happened?” Shoto asked, keeping his usual stoic face with his monotone. Something Camie really appreciated at this point.

She heaved a sigh, hanging defeated in the weird hole that still surrounded her. “I was tryna catch the perp, and he slipped through the wall. Then I got stuck.”

Shoto eyed the hole, odd-coloured eyes taking in every bit of skin Camie was showing off. At least it’s what she was imagining. He was probably just measuring the situation she was in, trying to grab a feel on how to proceed. It’s not like they wanted to hurt her more.

“So you’re really stuck.”


“Hey Camie!” Inasa shouted, apparently having appeared on the other side of the wall. There was a window right next to her, opened a crack to get his voice through easier. The smile in his voice left an awful taste on her tongue. “You always go commando under your hero-costume?”

Curiously Shoto moved to the window, pulling it open further to see what Inasa was seeing.

Camie could feel large hands pull at the stretchy fabric of her costume, tugging at the rags that were left of it. His hands were a bit too low. A bit too close to her private area. It sent a shiver down her spine as the back of his hand brushed against the bare skin of her behind.

“I ain’t playing here! Get me out! This bitch hurts!”

A hand continued to brush her bare skin now, sliding up and down her back, creeping lower and lower, casually pushing the fabric further down her ass. As if per accident.

“Inasa, wrap your cape around her body, then we’ll squeeze it through the hole. She’ll be more comfortable then, and then we have more time to figure out how to get her out without destroying too much property.”

“Good idea!” Inasa shouted again, hand finally leaving her body.

Soon she felt the warm cape draped over her, the furry neckline tickling at her exposed abdomen. As it surrounded her hips completely, Inasa started pushing it forward. It caught at the sharp ridges of the bricks a few times, ripping at the thick fabric of Inasa’s cape, but eventually it managed to pass through the other side, where Shoto pulled it further through. The force of it made the last bit of Camie’s costume pop forward, her breasts now fully exposed.

“Fam,” she said as Shoto got back beside her head. “This ain’t it. Get me out of here.”

Even if she felt a bit more comfortable with Inasa’s cape around her, the brick wall no longer hurting her body, this still was not a position she wanted to be in. Too much of her was exposed. She wasn’t entirely certain, but she expected not just her breasts to be let free.

“We need to find a good way to break only a little bit of the wall around you, so we can get you unstuck. But we need to do it without hurting you,” Shoto elaborated as he looked at the wall. At least he seemed to be on top of it. Inasa had not shown his face yet, still lingering inside the building with Camie’s backside. “We can’t really use my fire powers for this, which is unfortunate.”

“Sis, I will take the L. Just do it,” Camie started, trying to get Shoto to do something. But right then fingers slipped along her private parts, making her release a surprised gasp. “Inasa!” she called out, turning her body towards the window as if he was standing there. “You wanna catch these hands, or you gonna stay away from me?”

A chuckle was the only reply she got at that, fingers still rubbing at her snatch, dipping between her labia to really get a feel. “You’re really soft, Camie!”

Shoto shot a confused glance down at Camie, wondering what the two were on about. “What is he doing?”

“High key touching me!” she told him, which was not enough information for someone as naïve as Shoto. Instantly Camie regretted saying anything at all as Shoto walked back over to the window, looking at exactly what Inasa was doing.

Right then those fingers dipped a little lower, inching towards her clit, and as soon as Inasa found the little nub, he rubbed at it tentatively. It was hard to not just wantonly moan at the touch. Camie tried to muffle her sounds, biting her plump lips to keep it in. But as Inasa’s touching became more incessive, Camie could no longer keep it in. Moans dripped from her lips as he rubbed at her sweet spot.

Mismatched eyes glanced back at her, watched a blush form on her cheeks as pleasure started to rock into her. And then Shoto moved his eyes back to Inasa’s ministrations. Watch him move his fingers up and down between her cleft. The excited smile was still plastered on his face as he did so, clearly enjoying the feel of Camie’s cunt.

“I think she wants you to stop,” Shoto murmured, voice not entirely convincing.

Inasa glanced up at him, smile faltering for a second, before creeping back full blown. “But she’s really wet already. I think she likes it. But I can do more if she wants.”

“Inasa is offering to do more if this is not enjoyable enough,” Shoto said with a deadpan look.

“Don’t do me dirty. Get him off me,” Camie spat, trying to wiggle her hips away from those intruding fingers. But the more she moved, the more those fingers probed at her.

The worst part was that Shoto didn’t relay Camie’s message. Only looked at her for a second, and then just nodded at Inasa, telling him to continue. Leaning on the windowsill, Shoto just watched everything Inasa was doing. Seeing how the tall man sank through his knees right behind Camie’s pussy, and lap out his tongue.

Feeling that wet tongue suddenly slip between her lips, made Camie squirm. This really was not what she intended when she asked for help. But the more Inasa pressed his tongue against her folds, wriggling at her hole, the more Camie seemed to relax.

It felt good. Really good. Having Inasa’s mouth surrounding her vagina. Lap at her fluids in a greedy way. And when those fingers started to move in again, prying at her lips to slip in between them, Camie started to tremble in his hold. Two fingers at the same time dipped inside of her, rolling around along her walls, feeling her soft insides for the first time. Because she had never, ever, let Inasa get between her legs before. Which apparently made her miss out on something amazing, because god, was Inasa eating her out well.

His tongue continued to graze over her clit, tease the little nub with a flick of the tip. And when those fingers moved in even deeper inside of her, Inasa wrapped his plump lips around her bud and sucked on it fervently. Her first orgasm of that day wracked through her body as Inasa fucked his fingers in and out of her, and abused her nub continuously.

“Good job, Camie!” Inasa praised as he moved his face away from her cunt.

Camie wanted to scold at him. Tell him he’s an idiot and stop what he’s doing. This was not okay. This was not the place, nor the time to be doing these kinds of things. Even if that had been one of the best orgasms she had ever experienced. But she was too out of breath to say something, and seeing Shoto’s heated stare looking down at her, made her realise she was definitely not done yet.

“You should continue, Inasa. We’re all having fun,” Shoto told the other, the glint in his eyes betraying that there was something he wanted too.

Completely floored by deception, Camie just gawked at him. This was not something she had foreseen in the usual stoic guy. But seeing his erection straining his loose-fitting blue jumpsuit, made her realise he was really enjoying this. Perhaps a little too much, and possibly not enough.

And Inasa didn’t need to be told twice to continue his ministrations, instantly thrusting his fingers back into Camie’s vagina, sopping away at her fluids. His mouth found different spots on her behind. Biting and sucking at the flesh of her eyes, making bruises bloom under his lips all over her cheeks. And as those two fingers changed to three, Shoto started moving back towards where Camie’s face was.

In this position he could no longer see what Inasa was doing, but apparently it didn’t matter anymore. His fingers moved towards his belt, clicking it loose and letting it fall to the ground. Next to go were his shoulder pieces, discarding them right next to them. And then that zipper slowly moved down, revealing bare flesh underneath. Skin Camie had longed for to see for a very long time. “Such a snack,” she breathed out as Shoto revealed even more as he tugged off the jumpsuit from his arms and let it drop down. Only his boxers remained as a border between Camie’s face, and Shoto’s straining erection.

She eyed it for a second, contemplating if this really was a good idea. She still, sort of, had a choice in this. Could refuse to wrap her lips around his dick and suck him off.

“Camie! You taste really nice! Can I do this more often?”

The question pierced through her foggy brain, embarrassment flooding her senses. Did Inasa really just ask that? How was she supposed to reply? It’s not she gave him permission to do this right now, even if she was really enjoying it.

“If you get her stuck again, I think she’ll let you do about anything,” Shoto returned for her, speaking on her behalf again. Saying things she definitely would not have said, again.

“Dick,” she huffed at him, hazel eyes glaring, though she never looked angry enough.

Unimpressed by her behaviour, Shoto pushed his still covered cock against her face, urging her on to do something for him as well, while Inasa continued to lap at her cunt.

With a grimace on her face Camie started pulling Shoto’s boxers down to meet the pool of clothes at his feet. She had never been much of a fan of sucking dick. But if Shoto wanted to have a good time, then Camie was going to show him one hell of a good time. She may not like sucking dick, but she was really good at it. A pro if she may say so herself.

Springing free from its confines, Shoto’s length presented itself in front of her face. The head was flushed a deep red, already leaking pearls of precum . It was quite long, but not as thick as most she had seen, and it curved slightly up. Such a treat to look at. Especially considering Shoto was circumcised as well, which she should’ve expected of such a rich family from which he came.

Firmly grabbing Shoto’s girth by the base, she heard the first groan slip from his lips. A satisfied shiver ran down her spine hearing the sound, knowing she was able to have the stoic man makes noises unfitting for him. With her free hand she steadied herself against Shoto’s hip, forcing the man to step a little closer to her face.

Slowly she rolled her tongue around the head of Shoto’s dick, getting that first salty taste to hit her tongue. Mismatched eyes watched her do it. Watched her take his cock gradually further in her mouth. Those plump lips were wrapped around it, sucking on the head fervently, making Shoto tremble on his legs. It please Camie, feeling him respond like this.

And they had only just started.

It was easy to swallow more down, have Shoto’s dick slide further onto her tongue, deeper into her mouth. The heaviness felt nice, as did the soft touch against the roof of her mouth. It throbbed a little, Shoto’s heartbeat mostly felt down in his dick at this point.

When she swallowed even more down, Shoto finally let out a loud groan, carefully rocking back and forth against Camie’s mouth.

At some point she could no longer swallow more down, her gag reflex working against her. So she firmly placed her hand around Shoto’s girth to mark that point as too far, and started bobbing her head up and down his length. It was a fast pace, because she knew how much men loved it. And Shoto seemed to appreciate it too if she could go by the fact that he had his hand buried in her hair, trying to force her down continuously.

Camie had hardly noticed Inasa moving his mouth away from her clit, his fingers pulled out of her sopping cunt. Only when he spoke again, did she remember he was still there, and she was still stuck in a wall.

“Camie! I’m going inside now!”

That was all the warning she got. And with Shoto’s dick still deep inside her mouth, she could not protest. Only cry around Shoto’s cock, the vibrations making Shoto want to inch in even further.

Inasa was big. Really big. Camie had tried to grasp how big by staring at his crotch sometimes. But now that she felt it sliding into her wet cunt, she really knew how big he was. Huge. By the time Inasa finally stopped moving, it felt like the head of his dick was firmly pressed against womb, which was not a place where she wanted to feel him. His girth was so wide, it felt like it was splitting her open, her walls burning due to the intrusion. Her labia squeezed around his length, trying to force it out, but Inasa only groaned at the feeling.

“Camie, you feel so good,” Inasa said, voice finally not as loud anymore, sounding a bit more breathless.

And now Camie was surrounded by two dicks, one in her face, the other at her back.

It was a bit much, and got even worse by the time Inasa actually started moving. Slowly Inasa moved his length back, sliding almost all the way out of her, and just as only the head remained inside, he snapped his hips forward again, rough. It made her jostle a little, eyes rolling back into her head as the pleasure coursed through her. This felt amazing. That thick dick splitting her open, rubbing at her soft walls along places that made her see stars.

No longer could she keep up with sucking Shoto’s dick. Her arms could only hold onto Shoto’s hips as he rolled his hips back and forth, stuffing her lips with his cock. He reached much further than she had, constantly activating her gag reflex. Drool dripped down her chin as she continued to choke around him, the contraction of her throat making Shoto groan even harder.

“What the fuck are you guys doing? It’s been half an hour. I caught the fucking guy, and you guys are still not here. What the fuck?”

The voice startled all three of them, their earpieces still on their heads. Camie could definitely not speak with a dick in her mouth, but the other two were not doing much better than her. Still they had to say something.

“Kind of busy still,” Shoto breathed into the earpiece, then dropping his hand back to Camie’s head to hold her on his dick.

“She’s still stuck? What the fuck happened?”

“We’re having a good time!” Inasa said, voice a bit more strained than usual, hips snapping forward even rougher than before.

And right at that moment Camie could feel it building. She ignored all the voices around as that familiar warmth formed in her gut. Her pussy tingled more with every brush of that huge cock against her insides. As her moans got louder and louder, Shoto cheekily pressed the button on her earpiece, and let the sounds of her orgasming relay through it.

“… What are you guys doing?”

“Oh, that sounded good, Shoto!”

“We’re just very busy, Katsuki.”

And then finally they went back to radio silence. Camie soon forgot all about the explosive boy, only interested in the one stuffing her cunt, and the one stuffing her mouth. Her body had gotten really sensitive now that the second orgasm had gone through her. It got even worse when Inasa wrapped his arm around her hip, and brought his hand back to her clit, rubbing at it while he continued to fuck her.

The sounds falling from her lips were loud, echoing through the alleyway they were still in. They were lucky no one had come to find them yet. Until the stomps of feet on paved street reached their ears. For a second Shoto looked up in horror, but it quickly subdued as he noticed who it was.

“This is what you are doing?” Katsuki asked exasperated, watching as Shoto was still thrusting his dick into Camie’s awaiting mouth. “Where the fuck is Inasa?”

Shoto merely pointed at the window. Suspiciously Katsuki eyed the gesture, and then slowly walked over to it, peering through to see exactly what Inasa was doing. His mouth opened for a second, intending to say something, and then he just looked over at Shoto one final time, before climbing inside to join Inasa.

“What the fuck. You have a huge ass cock,” Katsuki’s voice boomed from inside the abandoned building.

It made Shoto halt his thrusts for a second, glancing down at Camie’s watery eyes, rubbing a thumb over a cheek as sign of comfort. “Are you okay?”

For the first time since this all started, he checked if everything was actually going alright. Which was considerate, but a bit late. Still at this point Camie’s mind was so far gone, she was okay with everything. That third orgasm was left hanging on the edge, and she was not giving up on that right now. Just a few more harsh thrusts into her wet pussy. Fuck her tight hole roughly. And then she’d tip over and come again.

A caress of the tongue around Shoto’s cock was Camie’s confirmation, giving Shoto permission to continue, which he gladly took.

Inasa’s thrusts became a bit erratic, his sounds growing louder and louder as they echoed through the empty room. His thumb kept on rubbing at Camie’s clit, coaxing her to come again. Right before he did. And of course Camie did.

In the throws of her orgasm, Camie’s entire body shook. Her walls clamped down around Inasa’s length, locking him place, unable to move much more. Which was exactly what he wanted, coming right alongside of her, spilling his seed deep inside her belly. Filling her up so good. What she had not expected, was that Shoto had been close too. Was now emptying himself deep down her throat, holding Camie by her hair as he buried his dick inside of her mouth.

After a few slow rocks of the hips, both men pulled away from her, finally leaving her empty. Her pussy felt like a gaping hole now that Inasa pulled his cock out. It felt wrongly vacant. As if it was not meant that way. Her walls squeezed, winking at the two men still behind her. Begging to get something more. Even if Camie herself was completely spent.

Again she had no say in this though. Unfortunately for her another of her teammates had joined them. And had gone inside for a very good reason. If they were all having fun, then Katsuki was going to join in as well.

The clank of a belt buckle being undone was a first sign. Camie tried to look back at what was happening, but still had the wall that prevented her from seeing anything. A zipper was loudly pulled down, pants shoved to the floor.

A warm body was pressed against ass again, erection flopped onto her back to make her feel its weight. As she was about to tell him off. To not do it. Katsuki had already positioned his cock against her weeping hole, cum still dripping out, and had thrusted roughly inside of her.

As he sheathed himself on her pussy, Camie’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, tongue lapping out as she lost all control of her body.

Inasa had been rough, but still handled her slow. Gave her time to prepare for a thrust before it was delivered.

Katsuki had no such considerations. He brutally fucked her. Jackhammering his hips into her, his cock filling her up over and over again. It burned against her oversensitive insides, it feeling raw as Katsuki’s cock rubbed along it continuously.

And all that fire inside of her, all that pain, felt fantastic. Feeling those hips slap against her, roughing her pussy up in ways it has never suffered. Katsuki was a hard lay. A very hard lay. Didn’t have a break on his hips either. Couldn’t stop moving at the speed he did, groaning as Camie’s walls kept squeezing around him. Trying to hold him still. Trying to make him lose speed. All it did was fuel his efforts. Fuck Camie even harder.

The force which Katsuki used to fuck Camie, jostled her into the wall repeatedly. The cloak surrounding her rubbed at the wall, getting caught in pieces of it. All Camie could do was hold onto Shoto’s waist to keep from tumbling forward. She could feel that she was actually coming loose. That this was helping in a way, stupidly enough.

Not that she noticed. Camie was just screaming, crying out as Katsuki rubbed at the best places inside of her. That burning sensation just spread throughout her. Warping her mind into a mush. She knew nothing but pleasure as he pounded into her.

And then for the fourth time Camie orgasmed, this one dragged out a bit longer as Katsuki’s hips didn’t let up. She was exhausted. Couldn’t even move anymore as Katsuki was still fucking her. Shoto had to hold up her front, cradling her in his lap. While Katsuki had his hands wrapped firmly on her hips, holding her upright to keep her in the perfect position.

It took Katsuki another five minutes before he finally came. Finally succumbed to the pleasure the others all had felt already. And those hips had hardly slowed down, even as he reached his end point. It was amazing, and horrifying at the same time, Camie glad she did not have to endure this regularly.

With a spank to Camie’s ass, Katsuki finally pulled back from her, his cock sliding out of her hole, seed dripping down her thighs right after.

The wall crumbled away a little as Camie shifted, unable to keep her legs under her anymore. Inasa’s cape had scraped away enough of the wall to widen the hole she had gone through. With help of Shoto at the front, and Inasa at the back, she finally got loose, slipping out of the hole right into Shoto’s arms. They quickly wrapped Inasa’s cape around her to keep her warm, Inasa lifting her up bridal style to carry her away. Which she let him, because they better take care of her after they fucked her so hard.

Katsuki was last to join them in the alleyway, still fumbling with the pieces on his arms as he clambered out. “You guys really can’t do fucking anything without me, huh?” Katsuki said accusingly. “First I need to go after the villain all by myself, and then have to get her unstuck as well.”

“What would we do without you,” Shoto said, unclear if he was sarcastic or not. The glare Katsuki shot him said he was very sarcastic. It was deserved though, because the last bit was hardly a rescue mission. Rather a lucky accident. Katsuki had not intended to fuck Camie right out of being unstuck.

“Camie doing okay?” Inasa said with a big smile, thumbs rubbing at her sweetly.

“Getting fucked out in the open while you’re stuck in a wall? Yeah, love that,” she spat, and then snuggled a little deeper into Inasa’s hold. “You all so extra, fucking me like that.”

“Yeah, about that,” Katsuki started, glare becoming even more intense as he stared the other two down. “When you plan shit like this, invite me. What the fuck is this shit of letting me go after that asshole, and you enjoying her tight pussy without me? Fucking assholes.”

Everyone fell silent at the little tirade, not fully understanding what Katsuki wanted, considering none of this was planned. At least not by Camie. And the other two seemed to just have gone with it once they saw Camie’s situation.

“Next time we’ll invite you,” Shoto then replied in a monotone, making Camie’s eyes snap open again.

“Excuse me?!”

“Oh, we could all get together next week. Go for dinner first, and then head back to my place. I’ll make sure everyone has enough room to move, and I’ll get some extra beds, so no one has to leave afterwards,” Inasa said excitedly. “We can go for ramen noodles!”

“I prefer cold soba.”

“Fuck noodles. I want fucking curry.”

“And I don’t want to be invited!” Camie retaliated, moving in Inasa’s arms as if she were about to jump off, but he only tightened his hold, easily taking her with them.

“We shouldn’t get her stuck again, though,” Inasa said almost seriously. “It was quite unfortunate to not be able to touch her breasts.”

“She does have some good knockers on her.”

“I don’t want to go-o!” she whined again.

A week later she still met up with them at a Korean barbeque place. Ate dinner with them. And then went to Inasa’s home with all three of them.

Hell, how could she stay away when these three men had given her the best orgasms she had ever had.

Chapter Text

Ochako really loved making love to Izuku. Loved every soft caress, every slow drag of his hips as he pushed his length into her. She really loved every soft moment he had to offer. But sometimes she just needed something else. A few times a month Ochako was not in the mood for soft lovemaking. Needed to feel more empowered than that. In those moments it was her who took the initiative.

Nothing about slowly undressing her when they were watching television. Or grinding his hips against her ass when she was cooking them dinner. Instead Ochako would wait for him, already completely naked. Would stand in the middle of the living room, breasts bare, pussy wet, until he came home from another long mission. That quick flush of his cheeks would never get old, as wouldn’t that stuttered greeting, or the yelp when she finally dragged him to the privacy of their bedroom. Really, why waste time?

Ochako had found herself in one of those moods today where she just needed to take. Needed to be pleasured. Have Izuku take care of her the way she wanted him to.

It was how Izuku found himself flat on his back on their bed, looking up at her with wide green eyes as she slowly crawled on top of him.

Only did she stop once her hips were posed above his face, her hands tightly wrapped around the bars on the back of their bed. She was hovering above him, her brown eyes blown wide as she stared at her lover. Izuku knew what she wanted. Needed from him. Didn’t need words from her to be told what to do. But it didn’t make this less overwhelming. Every time again he was impressed by her dominant side, and she relished in the submissive looks he gave her then.

Carefully he parted his lips a little, making Ochako moan a little as she finally sat down, firmly placing her pussy right on top of those plump wet lips.

That first groan that tumbled off Izuku’s lips sent a shiver straight down Ochako’s spine. She loved how he always seemed to enjoy eating her out. He was good at it. Really good. A hidden talent she had only discovered after they had finished high school. A pity really.

Izuku started with mouthing at her lips, sucking on her inner folds, and then releasing them again to move his lips a little lower. Once his tongue got into play, teasing at her labia, it really started. It moved from all the way down by her vagina, back up to lick at her little nub.

Fingers tightened around the metal black bar, knuckles turning white as Ochako willed herself to not move into his touch. Her thighs quivered once he continued to flick his tongue back and forth over her clit, exposing the sensitive spot to the cold air more and more. She hissed when he actually blew on her, his breath not warm enough for her heated skin.

Her cunt must be leaking fluids now, but Izuku eagerly lapped it all up. Swallowed her wetness down. Relished in the taste of her pussy. He always said he loved the taste of her. And that was exactly how he licked her as well. With a greediness unfamiliar to her. Never had she sucked his cock with quite such fervour. What he managed to do with his tongue, was incredible.

Once she was really soaking wet, he would dip his tongue inside of her, wriggle it as far as it would go. Thrust it into her as if to get her ready for something bigger. Something wider. A thick cock she could ride as if her life depended on it.

But hearing the slick sounds behind her, said that Izuku was planning no such thing, jerking himself off to the sheer feel of her pussy was enough for him. Such a selfless lover he was.

His nose brushed through her little fluff of pubic hair at the base of her vulva, now that his tongue was so low, deeply buried inside of her. It almost reached her special spot. They always ended there. Ochako suspected Izuku did it on purpose, because as soon as she noticed he was close, she would start rubbing her hips back and forth onto his face. Her cunt would slide over his lips, decide exactly where his tongue would land, or if his nose would touch her little button.

Izuku loved it when she was writhing above him, relishing in every little touch he could give her.

Soft groans escaped his lips as he greedily lapped at her pussy, sucking at her folds, taking her clit between his lips and graze his teeth along it to have her hips stutter. She always was overly sensitive when it came to these moments. And when her orgasm was creeping closer, the little hood over her skin would’ve retreated quite a bit, enabling Izuku to drag his tongue across it.

It hurt a little whenever he did that. Her hips would slink away from the touch, but Ochako still loved it when it pained her a little. Pushed herself forward again to have that tongue press up against her.

The slick sounds behind her increased in volume, Izuku’s hand moving around his own hard cock quickly. He groaned as he bucked up into his own hand, his orgasm invading him a lot faster than Ochako’s had done so far. But she was delaying. Pulling away from Izuku’s soft tongue whenever she felt that edge closing in on her. A tease to herself really.

One slide of her hips forward had Izuku choke out another groan, spilling all over his own abdomen as he settled back down on the bed. A hazy look in his eyes said how satisfied he now was. It was beautiful to see her boyfriend so willingly lick her folds while not being touched at all in return. He loved being used by her. Loved having her weight on his head, thighs tightening sometimes when he was teasing her just right.

But now that his hands were free, he would force her over that edge. A wet sticky hand was placed again her hip, steading her on his face, while the other moved underneath her, and teased at her lips. She cried out when not just one, but two fingers slipped inside of her at the same time, stretching her walls so deliciously.

Ochako tried to move again. Tried to rut against his face to get the best friction on her clit and labia, while dragging those fingers in and out of her, but Izuku’s hand kept her still. Prevented her from doing more. And it was a good thing, because he knew exactly what he needed to do.

Taking her clit into his mouth, he started sucking at it harshly, tongue flicking at the little nub at a continuous pace. The fingers slow and shallowly thrusted in and out of her, making sure to stay inside of her as much as they could. She needed to feel full constantly to really relish in the touch. And it really was magnificent.

Her moans became broken cries, tears stinging at her eyes as the pleasure was almost too much. Ochako closed them tight, focusing solely on what Izuku’s mouth was doing to her. Her arms were shaking on the bar she was holding onto, her thighs trembling with every stroke of his fingers. She was reaching her end station, and there wasn’t much else she could do.

That warm build up was sliding through her veins. Her cunt throbbed with need as that tongue flicked over her clit. With her head thrown back she cried out to the ceiling, her orgasm hitting her like a truck. It lasted a few more seconds as Izuku carefully lapped at her clit one more time.

And then he retreated himself, knowing she’d be too sensitive to handle even more.

Completely exhausted Ochako retracted herself, slowly lifting herself off Izuku’s face. Almost falling forward, because her knee gave out. But Izuku was there to catch her. Tug her into the bed, under their warm duvet as he shot her the sweetest of smiles.

Sometimes Ochako really needed to take control, and have Izuku focus on pleasuring her. But that soft after care that belonged with lovemaking, she would cherish that forever.

There was nothing in the world that she loved more, than Izuku’s warm loving heart.