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The End We Start From

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The next time Peter saw Johnny wasn’t as Spider-Man but as Peter Stark. There was a benefit to gather scientists and companies interested in implementing worldwide clean energy. Stark industries was hosting the saoire.

Peter saw Johnny across the room next to sue and Reed. He was wearing a completely black suit, but his blazer had blue accents, he stood out against most other people’s regular suits and tuxedos.

His dad grasped his shoulder. “Pete, I got some people I’d like you to meet,” he said as he moved them over to where they were standing.

Peter and Johnny locked eyes as his dad walked them over. Johnny grinned at him charmingly. Did he know Peter was Spider-Man? Surely not.

“Peter this is the fantastic four sans Ben, the newest superhero group in New York,” his dad said happily.

“Yeh I know dad, I watch the news,” he laughed slightly and looked at Johnny again.

His dad scoffed. “No harm in a introduction,” Then continued as he smiled proudly at Peter. “Sue, Reed, Johnny this is my son Peter,”

Peter smiled at them and shook each of their hands. He couldn’t help but feel that Johnny squeezed his hand a bit harder than necessary while flashing his classic smile. “It’s a pleasure,” he said charmingly. Which drove a shiver up peters spine.

“It’s lovely to finally meet you all,” he said genuinely, shaking off the feeling.

“You too Peter, it’s refreshing to see a young face who’s making his way up in the Science world,” Reed contributed.

“Isn’t it, I’m a bit betrayed that he went into classic science rather than engineering though like me,” Tony said and they all laughed.

Peter hated this kind of event. Everyone was fake, with the smiles and laughs. He liked the four but talking to them like this, it was a front. He much preferred being in battle with them to this.

“Mr Stark,” someone called to his father and gestured for him to come over.

“Sorry to leave so soon but It looks like I’m needed, we’ll catch up,” Tony said and walked away, leaving Peter with them.

“So Peter how are you finding stark industries? Enjoying it?” Sue asked.

“Yeh it’s good, starting to learn the ropes,” he said politely and smiled at them.

As he finished a waiter approached with a tray of glasses of champagne. Reed, Sue and Johnny all took one but when the waiter offered him one his held his hand up politely to decline.

Johnny looked at him oddly. “You don’t drink?” Which made Sue scowl at him and whisper ‘Johnny!’ under her breath.

Peter cleared his throat awkwardly “umm no I don’t,” he said. Not anymore at least.

Johnny was looking at him which an incredulous look on his face. “Huh, I coulda sworn I’ve seen you drink before,” he said teasingly. Sue was still scowling at him. Peter looked at the ground. He needed a smoke.

He composed himself for a second before looking back up. “It was lovely to meet you all but I should be going,” he said and smiled forcefully at them and started to walk towards the balcony.

As he walked away he heard sue scolding Johnny. “You can’t just say stuff like that Johnny!” She whisper yelled at him. “I was just joking,” Johnny said back defensively while laughing a bit.

Peters addiction to drugs was well hidden from the press, only close friends and family really knew, but when Peter was 17 he started drinking. a lot. He was at party’s every weekend. Most nights not coming home till early the next morning. The press got photos of him. Drinking. Taking shots. Dancing like an idiot. Stumbling home. Basically anything drinking related they got. It was a bad time for stark industries. The press claiming he was ‘following in his fathers footsteps’. His dad hated it, Peter knew he didn’t want him making the same mistakes he did. Once Peter started using the press got more photo but every time they did his dad did damage control and told them it was drinking. He didn’t want his son affiliated with drugs. The drinking he could deal with but not drugs. If the press knew the heir to stark industries was using heroin and coccaine on a daily basis, they’d be fucked.

Peter walked out onto the balcony and relished in the cold gust of wind that hit his face. He took a cigarette out of his jacket pocket and lit it, using his hand to block the wind.

As he took a drag he tried to let the wind fill his eardrums and ignore the increasingly loud sounds of the event.

He loved being Spider-Man but his powers were also a curse, he couldn’t thermoregulate, he had insanely high metabolism and he could hear everything. The day he got his powers, he sat in his room with sound proof headphones over his ears, crying for it to stop. He’d got used to it now, but every now and then he’d get overwhelmed with the sound. He hoped it didn’t happen tonight.

He took periodic drags of his cigarette and looked at the city. It was beautiful at night. He leant up against the railing and looked down at the ground.

“Not thinking of jumping are you,” a voice said behind him. Peter flinched slightly. Stupid spider sense didn’t even work. He turned around to see Johnny.

He was smiling as usual as he approached Peter. Johnny leant against the railing with his back to the city and looked at him. “You don’t drink but you smoke?” He said rhetorically. “You’re an enigma Peter stark,” he grinned at Peter charmingly.

Peter stayed quiet, sighing and finishing his cigarette. He wanted another one.

“Listen, umm I’m sorry who it what I said before, I was being a dick,” Johnny said genuinely trying to get Peter to look at him.

“Did your sister put you up to this,” Peter asked looking at him. He put his hand into his jacket pocket and pulled out another cigarette. He tried to light it but his lighter wasn’t working. “Shit” he said under his breathe.

“Here,”Johnny said and lit up the top of his finger. Peter laughed slightly and lit the cigarette. “And no she didn’t, I just wanted to talk,”

Peter hummer and nodded. “Neat party trick you got there,” he said with a grin.

Johnny laughed slightly and turned around to look out at the city. “You really shouldn’t smoke,” he said offhandedly.

Peter sighed and turned to look at him. “I know,”

They both leant up against the railing looking at the city as the event inside got more rowdy. Peter kept smoking and they just stood in silence. It was weirdly comfortable.

Peter finished his cigarette and stubbed it out on the metal railing before chucking it off the tower. The both watched the little red embers float down with it.

Johnny turned to look at Peter with an odd look on his face. “You aren’t what I expected,”

Peter laughed humourlessly. “Yeh? What’d you expect,”

“No I mean, it’s not bad, I just thought you’d be more like reed or something,”

“Well I am like Reed, I like science,”

Johnny leaned into peters space.
“Yeh, but you’re not at all like him,”

Peter leaned in, intoxicated with Johnny’s presence. “Yeh?”

“Yeh,” Johnny said and then he was leaning in and Peter was overcome with something and met him in the middle.

And suddenly they were kissing. Peter didn’t know what the fuck was going on, but he wanted it. He wanted Johnny.

The kiss quickly escalated, Peter pushed Johnny against the railing and pushed one of his hands into johnnys hair and it was perfect.

Johnny moaned into Peters mouth and grabbed into his shirt.

“You taste like smoke,” Johnny moaned out and Peter laughed slightly before going back in to kiss him again.

After a minute they broke away and rested their foreheads against each other’s and breathed heavily.

What were they doing? as much as Peter wanted to fuck Johnny into his mattress, he couldn’t. He wanted something more than that with Johnny and it was scaring him. He liked him so much and he couldn’t figure out why.

He needed to get to know him better first. Like with Harry. He wouldn’t make mistakes this time though. Johnny wouldn’t get hurt. He couldn’t.

But Johnny already got hurt. He fell, like Harry. He could’ve died.

Peter pulled back suddenly and stepped away from Johnny. He couldn’t breathe. All he could see was Harry falling and then Johnny falling except Peter couldn’t save him. He was too late like with Harry.

Johnny was talking to him but he couldn’t hear him. Everything was blurry and too loud. He was having a fucking sensory overload.

He felt himself hit the ground and lean against something. Johnnys hands were on him and he was asking him something.

Fuck. Peter needed something to take the edge off. Anything.

“Pete?,” Johnny voice came more into focus.

“Pete, are you okay?” His hands were on his shoulders, steadying him and preventing him from sliding onto the ground.

“Mmm....fine,” Peter mumbled and grasped at johnnys shirt for something to hold on to.

“Should I get your dad?” He asked tentatively.

“No!” Peter half yelled as he used Johnny to help him stand up.

“I need to go to my room,” Peter said frantically and started walking back towards the event.

Johnny followed behind him.

They may their way to the elevator relatively quickly where Peter pressed his floor number.

“Right away, mini boss,” Friday said.

Johnnys hand was on his shoulder, it was nice, but Peter knew whatever they had was gone. Peter couldn’t do this again. Relationships.

They reached his bedroom where Peter promptly tore through his cupboard and opened the secret panel. He knew his dad didn’t know about it. He just kept some extra stuff here just in case. Now was the in case. He couldn’t think about Harry.

He pulled out a small bag of cocaine. But then he remembered Johnny was there. Fuck. He put the bag back and turned to him.

“You need to leave,” he said assertively. “I’m sorry but I need to be alone,”

Johnny gave him an odd look and tried to moneavur himself so he could see the secret compartment peter was trying to hide. “What are you doing?”

“Just leave.....please,” Peter pleaded. He fucking needed this. He craved it.

“No,” Johnny said firmly. “What are you hiding Peter stark,”

Peter wanted to throw him out the window.

“Get out! This is my floor and I need you to leave,” Peter had a desperate look in his eyes and it scared Johnny.

“What are you hiding?” Johnny said quietly.

Then Tony was running into the room. He disregarded Johnny entirely and moved towards peter.

“Peter stop,” he sounded like he was on the verge of begging.

Peter looked like he was about to cry. His eyes were welling with frustrated tears.

He moved away from the compartment which his dad closed.

“Johnny please leave,” Tony said firmly and breifly made eye contact with him.

Johnny nodded silently and moved out of the room his head full of questions.


Tony moved peter to his bed.

“Peter, I thought you were getting better,” he said worriedly.

“I’m sorry,” Peter mumbled and fumbled to take his jacket off.

“He just reminded me of Harry. I can’t take it dad.” He said and leaned back into the bed.

“Fuuuuuck,” Peter groaned out and gripped his hair tightly. “I need it,” he said then repeated over and over until tears started running down his face.

“Dad please,” Peter begged. “Just for tonight, then no more,”

His dad just held him tightly. “Dad pleeeasse,” Peter groaned again.

“I’m sorry Pete I’m sorry,” Tony said and just let him cry.


Eventually peter tired himself out and fell away, dried tears running down his face.

Tony disposed of the mini cache of various drugs Peter had hidden in the compartment.

He didn’t even know how he could’ve gotten them into the tower.

As much as he hated to admit it. Tony had Friday scan Peter and his room for any illegal substances regularly to ensure he could stop him if necessary. Like tonight.

Pete must’ve padded the lining of the compartment with something to prevent Friday from seeing it. Of course Tony got an alert as soon as he opened it, which scared him half to death.

It’d be okay eventually. Tony would help him get through this. And by the looks of it, maybe Johnny too.