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Izutoga smut drabble

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"We've been boys since like, high school, right?" Eijirou Kirishima asked his roommate while barely giving an effort to hide the grin creeping on his face

"Uh...yeah? Why else would I ask you to be my roommate, Eijirou" Izuku Midoriya confirmed while giving his close friend a confused look. "Anything the matter?"

Kirishima leaned back on the bean bag chair he was sitting on and stretched his arms upwards "Nah, nothing's wrong...Just didn't expect that you'd bring someone else alongside me." Kirshima waved his hand in dismissal "Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the extra company, hell, the more the merrier for me but I'm kinda shocked at who it is."

"W-What do you mean?" Izuku stuttered

"I just didn't expect the guy who was too scared to talk to women back when we were in our first year of high school to suddenly become good friends with cute blondes, but that's…" Kirishima reached over and grabbed the energy drink he placed on the floor and took a large gulp "...None of my business."

"Are you talking about Himiko?"

"Okay, that actually kinda has me ticked, dude." Kirishima admitted "This girl I never met before is suddenly on a first name basis with you? Kinda came out of nowhere…"

"What are you talking about? Both of you go to the same anatomy class!" Izuku argued

"I'm talking about when we first met, you dope!" Kirishima scolded "I like meeting new people as much as the next guy but I would have liked some pointers, dude. I mean, it should be a given when the "new person" in question is your best bro's girlfriend…" Kirishima said casually.

"G-Girlfriend?" Izuku parroted in shock

"Uh...yeah? What the hell are you going on about? Aren't you two dating?" The redheaded questioned.

Izuku scratched the back of his neck "I see…"

"Oh, I get it." Kirishima gave him a knowing smirk "It would have been awkward asking your bro to let your girlfriend move in with you because you didn't want me to become the third wheel here."

"...Sure" Izuku said flatly, more stunned at the conclusion of his friend came to.

Kirishima softly punched him on the shoulder "I appreciate that you worry about me that much but you didn't have to hide anything from me. In fact, I'm lowkey pissed that you didn't know that you I would be hyped as hell for you. Then again…" Kirishima backtracked as he stroked his chin "I did tell you about how I felt like I was a loser with no friends back in middle school and I reinvented myself back in high school so I bet that played a part in your choice."

Izuku breathed a sigh of relief "Thanks for understanding, Eijirou."

"Don't mention it, bro. Even if I you weren't dating, I would be cool with Toga. She saved my ass so many times helping me with our anatomy homework. Mind telling you the deal between you two? Can't help but be curious since you're so shy and mousy while she doesn't hesitate at all to show everyone she's into you." Kirishima observed while wiggling his eyebrows.

Before Izuku could respond, the door to their apartment opened and woman that was the subject of their conversation sauntered in.

"Hey Kirishima" Toga chirped before her gaze moved onto Izuku, "Hey Izuku" she greeted huskily.

"Yo Toga!" Kirishima beamed back "What a surprise! You're just the girl we were talking about!"

Toga quirked an eyebrow in interest "Really? Did Izuku say anything about me?"

"He was just about to talk about how you two started dating!" Kirishima babbled as he beckoned her over "I'd figure you'd help tell the tale with him."

Toga giggled before sauntering over to Izuku's beanbag chair and somehow managing to squeeze herself behind Izuku and resting her head on his shoulder. Kirishima could almost see the change in temperature in his friend.

"Actually Kirishima…" Toga began as wrapped her arms around her boyfriend "The newest trailer for "All Might: Nighteye's return" just dropped and I wanted to have an in-depth discussion about it with my boyfriend…"

The innuendo wasn't lost on Kirishima and he knew when to bow out when his best friend and his girlfriend wanted some alone time...Especially when his girlfriend was as freaky as Toga. But if he were to be honest, he actually wasn't a hundred percent sure if Toga and Midoriya were gonna bang or if they actually planned to talk about the latest "All Might" trailer. She somehow matched Izuku in terms of All Might fanaticism and if anyone could spend all night talking about All Might then it was those two.

"Well you two have fun with that." Kirishima saluted "I'm probably gonna stay the night at Mina's place so don't wait up for me!"

Once the door shut, Himiko whispered a request to watch the trailer in their room. She punctuated her request by softly nibbling on the top of Izuku's ear to ensure his compliance.

"Nighteye is back! And he's evil!" Himiko nearly screeched as upon finishing the trailer. Izuku sat and watched the trailer alongside her, wide-eyed. His heart was beating quickly and his breathing short. The actions and emotions of not only All Might, but Nighteye's well, were filmed and edited to make the coolest movie trailer he's ever seen. He had to admit, he wasn't really a fan of Nighteye that much...nobody really was since he was such a dour character. He recognized that All Might needed someone opposite to bounce off of but Nighteye was too far in the other direction that he just made everything miserable to watch or read.

Turning him evil was the best choice ever made. It started with the eighties storyline "Chill of the Night" where Nighteye was revived from the dead after being killed off for being such an unpopular character. It was retconned that he was revived and was brainwashed by All Might's arch nemesis in order to give a foe that would give All Might a sadistic choice- kill his former friend or let himself get killed by the man Nighteye became, The Nightstalker.

Of course, he couldn't continue his musings about the movie trailer or the arc it's based off since Himiko crashed her lips onto his own in a fierce kiss.

"I really hate to interrupt this," he murmured, keeping eye contact. "But if we're going any further, I'll need to get condoms."

Himiko growled in annoyance before relenting to her boyfriend's request. It was hard enough training to become a nurse without being pregnant and later needing to take care of a baby. Izuku always excelled at using logic to get her to do things. She turned off the television in their room and flung the remote somewhere where She needn't worry. They would have to fish for that later when they wanted to view the trailer again.

She took great care into carefully pulling her top off over her head, normally she wouldn't give a damn if she damaged her clothes but this was a shirt Izuku gave her for her birthday and she didn't want anything. The fact the buttons of Izuku's shirt were popped off told her that he didn't share the same reservations as her.

Izuku paused in unzipping his pants when he saw her. Kneeling for her, back straight, chest out, chin up, completely naked in front of him and undoing the messy buns that she almost always wore, letting her hair fall freely in front of her face. She was staring at him as if she was a lion staring at her prey and it was the most erotic sight he had ever seen.

"Dammit," he groaned, shoving his pants down. Izuku slid over to her and captured her lips this time, while grabbing her blonde locks with his right hand. His left hand grabbed her hips and pulled her against him. They lost balance and she fell against him. Himiko used the opportunity to straddle him, sitting on his upper thighs. Immediately his hands went to her hips as she pressed hard kisses to his chest, working her way back up to his soft mouth, leaving faint bite marks on his skin, an ever-present memory of what they were doing that. Shifting her weight forward she brushed his hard member and he inhaled sharply.

Himiko wanted to revel in the power she had over Izuku; however, she was also extremely horny. She reached over to her bedside table and picked up one of the condoms he'd brought, slightly fumbling with the package before giving up and ripping the packaging off with her sharp canines, taking the barest minimum not to damage the rubber

Izuku groaned as Himiko rolled the condom on. He had kept his eyes open to watch her, but couldn't help but let them flutter closed as she slowly encased him in her slick heat. He quickly opened them again to catalogue her reactions, and not even for film-making purposes. She wasn't his third favorite show for nothing.

When Himiko taken all of him in she smirked as she took a deep breath. Her crimson eyes bore into his soul and she clenched her thighs around him just to tease him, which made Izuku buck up and squeeze her hips. Her boyfriend's action made her let out a hoarse moan, her breath hitching. Izuku couldn't take it anymore and brought her face down to his. He captured her mouth, sucking on her bottom lip. Back to his previous position of one hand in her hair and the other on her hip, keeping her as close as possible, reveling in the shared body heat. He rolled suddenly, using his forearm to keep his weight from crushing her and the hand on her hip slid down to her thigh, pulling it higher on his hip. It allowed for a deeper angle and when he hit that spot, she let out a high screech that made his ears ring

Himiko scratched chest a little harder than she'd intended, but she couldn't really help it. She always had a preference for drawing blood, something her loving boyfriend enabled but she still felt worried. Even though she found blood play absolutely fucking sexy, she still wanted to protect her boyfriend because of their intertwined past. A soft nuzzle from Izuku silently assured Himiko that her fetishes weren't going to change anything between them.

Izuku was getting close, he could feel it. He leaned forward into her neck and whispered, "Himiko...touch yourself. I'm getting close." He pressed a kiss to her pulse point and grazed the joint of her neck and shoulder with his teeth. This made her breath hitch, so he bit down a little harder. She liked hurting Izuku in bed and she enjoyed receiving the pain just as much, it made her feel like their souls were intertwined when they were making love and as a result she moaned in response and her hand slipped between them to circle her clit. The hand not supporting him went to her breast, his thumb brushing over her nipple. His mouth still at her shoulder, his hand at her breast; it was all proving to be too much stimulation for her. One more bite and Himiko was crashing down around him, crying out. Izuku wasn't far behind, her spasming walls milking him for all he was worth. Her name was on his lips as he struggled to breathe through his climax.

He collapsed on his side still buried deep inside her, both unwilling to move, both catching their breath.

"That was..." Himiko trailed off, still breathing heavily.

"Yeah," Izuku replied, eyes at half-mast, still watching her. "We should do that more often."

"Watching trailers together or the sex?" Himiko teased