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Victory Kiss

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The sports festival was over she was a live wire of rage.

She was angry that Shoto gave up. She was furious that the teachers chained up Katsuki. And she was drugged up enough to make some bad decisions.

As soon as the award ceremony was over she was out of her seat and on her way down to the ready rooms. She doubted that anything she said at this point would help but she was drugged up and emotional enough to not care.

She found him in the waiting room arms still tied together and muzzle on his face. Her stomach gave a roll of discomfort at the sight, she was undecided as to want to do. Leave before he noticed her letting him is pride, or release him and risk him getting more angry thinking she pitied him.

She was going to have to be bold, "that was some shit."

His head snapped in her direction his eye in a fierce glare and a rumble behind his mask.

She stops beside him and with her arm not in a cast she lifts the gold medal from around his head and tosses it on the table. The action is enough to throw him off a bit, he stops rumbling his eyes taking on a calculating glint.

“You deserve a better fight than what he gave you." she continues as she steps behind him and starts working off the muzzle. It's tricky with just the one hand and her fingers still hurting.

"I was mad when Todoroki didn't give me his all, after his declaration earlier he then doesn't even fight me with all he had. I didn't care about his reasons for holding back the fact that he thought he could win with just half of his strength made me so angry it's like I wasn't a worthy enough opponent. I wanted him to fight me seriously like you and Ochako. I was furious, I fucked up my arm to make a point."

"They should have at least let you decline the ceremony instead of all this. Lean forward a bit I almost got it." And to her surprise he does. After a bit more fumbling she manages to get the lower latch off, she doesn't even bother with the upper latch; just grabs the muzzle and pulls it off his face.

"You know where the key to the cuffs are?" she asks looking around the room

"Fucking bullshit, it will unlock in it's own when I'm calm or some shit" his voice is raspier then normal.

She thinks it's probably from all the screaming.

He is staring at her still angry but not at her "why are you here Deku." It's not a question it's a demand. she points to her arm, "I'm still a little drugged from surgery, I was hoping you would walk me home."

She feels herself sway on her feet a bit.

Katsuki stands in front of her and in a quick motion he gets his bound arms looped over her in a mockery of a hug before sitting down. She has no choice but to follow him stumbling till she is straddling his lap. "Rest shitty Deku, walking around like you're fine and shit, you are barely standing anyone could take advantage of you in this state." his cuffs poke squarely into her back but it's not too bad.

Izuku just smiles into his neck. She brings her hand up and begins to run her fingers through his hair in a calming motion. It has been too long since they were last this close with each other. She feels a little floaty still and Katsuki’s warmth is lulling her into a doze. Somehow she had forgotten that he was a furnace.

“Awe you do care about me.”


"The cuffs will release when your not angry right?" she asks not even sorry that she cut him off.


“Then just relax with me.”

"I don't need to fucking relax," he snaps but he pulls her closer.

“Of course not, silly me.” she replies lightly scratching at the base of his neck delighting in the soft hair at the nape of his neck.

"You know I had wanted to give you something if you won but considering the victory..."she trails off as she feels him tense up beneath her.

"Tell me."

"You know when were in elementary school and some older kid would try to pick a fight and then you would defeat them, how I would give you a reward."


Katsuki very vividly remembers a young small Deku praising him and then giving him a delicate peck on the cheek. The thought of Deku giving him a cheek kiss now seemed almost babyish; but the thought of kissing her wasn't terrible. The thought of her mouth anywhere on his face sounded nice.

"Oi Deku look at me."

She raises her face from his neck a blush dusting her cheeks. In this moment, with all her bandages and bruises hair all messed up, she has never looked more pretty.

He leans forward and presses his lips to hers.

She is frozen for a moment, shocked that Kacchan would kiss her. But she melts into it pressing against his lips and her one decent hand clutches at his hair. Their kiss is soft and chaste neither really.know what they are doing but both liking what was happening.

She feels like she is floating but that would also be the drugs. Kissing Kacchan is all she has ever wanted to do but never felt bold enough and he was the one to kiss her first!

Their first kiss was long and soft just lips pressing against each other moving gentle and slow.

When it's over she leans back in and kisses him again and then she can't stop herself kissing him just all over his unfairly handsome face she feels his mouth curve into a smile when she kisses the corner and his brows furrow when she kisses the space between them. She is barely aware of how when his face is relaxed how much more attractive he is. It really isn't fair.


The impulse to kiss her had come out of nowhere but he does not regret it. And then the nerd kept kissing him just everywhere like she had been holding it in this entire time. And it feels nice to have this attention the feeling of her soft lips brushing over his entire face.

Something tight inside him loosened; something that had been there awhile. It's while she is kissing a line up his jaw that he feels the cuffs release from his hands and thump to the ground.

He runs one hand through her hair, it's just as soft as he thought it would be, and the other come up to her face cupping her jaw. She squeaks and pulls back. He just pulls her forward again till their lips meet again, this time with more heat.


She doesn't know when the cuffs release his hands but the feeling of them shocks her out of her plan to kiss his entire unfairly gorgeous face. There is a hand in her hair and a hand guiding her face bringing their lips crashing together again.

This time there’s teeth and biting and lip sucking and it makes her gasp breathlessly and then Kacchan’s tongue is in her mouth fighting with her own licking into every corner of her mouth, it is hot and wet and it sends a shiver down her spine, she presses forward and...

Pain, pain, pain, she pulls backwards with a yelp.

Pushing closer had squished her broken arm too much and it was now throbbing at the jostling movement. “Stupid broken bones.” she curses under her breath

Kacchan huffs out a laugh and bringing his face close enough that their noses brush as he stares into her eyes.

“Come on, let's go, Auntie is probably worried about you.”