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Izuku's Kinktober 2019!

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Shouta knew he shouldn't. It was wrong on so many levels, but he couldn't help but admire the green haired angel that was his student.

The way his beautiful laugh resounded throughout the classroom. The way he smiled happily with ever praise, regardless of who it was praising him. The way his eyes brightened whenever he was learning about Heroes.

And, Dear Lord, the ass on that boy was to die for. It was thick and firm. It had the perfect curve that lead to thick thighs. God, Shouta desperately wanted to worship that ass with his tongue.

He wanted to worship Izuku's whole being.

Of course, Shouta couldn't and shouldn't let himself think like that. The boy was his student for God's sake. It was hard though, especially when the cute freckled boy drew in everyone's attention with just how adorable he is.

A beautiful angel.

Shouta couldn't help but let out a long sigh as he watched Izuku blush at something Katsuki said to him.

Izuku would probably end up with Katsuki. It was such an obvious mutual crush, even to Shouta.

That's why, when Izuku ends up bent over a desk in class 1-A, high needy moans leaving his lips as Shouta slapped his hand down on the boy's perfect freckled ass, Shouta wasn't sure it was real.

Was he dreaming?

"S-sensei..." Izuku turned to look back at Shouta, eyes wet with tears and cheeks a rudy red. "P-please, more!" He arched his back, pushing his ass out into Shouta's hand.

Even if this was a dream, Shouta didn't care. He would give this boy his life.

"What do you want, baby?" Shouta smirked as he ran his hand over Izuku's red ass, the shape of his hand a distinct red mark against the pale freckled skin. "Want me to spank your ass some more?" He chuckled when Izuku nods his head quickly.

"Who knew you were a little slut, Izuku." Shouta leans down to whisper in the boy's ear.

"Please, Sensei!" Izuku whined, hiccuping as tears slipped down his face. "I want more, please!"

"Okay, baby. I'll give you more."

Shouta slapped the boy's ass until his legs were trembling and he could barely hold himself against the desk. He switched between moans, sobs, and hiccups; silently begging for more.

Shouta wanted to taste. And bite. But taste first. He kneeled down behind Izuku, grabbing a handful of the boy's ass in each hand, spreading his cheeks.

The sight of the pink pucker, twitching lightly, had Shouta groaning, his already hard cock, straining. He dived in, moaning at the taste of the boy on his tongue.

"Sensei!" Izuku squeaked, surprised but loving the attention to his hole.

Izuku moaned, melting against the desk as Shouta feasted on his ass. His dick twitching, precum drooling from the tip.

Shouta made sure Izuku was dripping with drool, his hole loose from Shouta's attention before he delved inside his treat once more.

"So good, Sensei! I'm gonna cum, gonna cum!" Izuku whimpered, his body trembling in pleasure.

Shouta smirked, sucking at the boy's rim. He leaned back, taking a breath and admiring the mess he made.

Izuku was breathless, on the verge of coming, his cute dick twitching, his legs trembling, his ass a beautiful bright red, like an apple.

of course, Shouta had to take a bite.

He took several, wanting his mark to stay on the boy's body.

"Please! Lick me more, Sensei! Please!" Izuku was begging, crying, in desperation. 

"Oh?" Shouta grins. "Baby doesn't want my fingers? My cock?" He asks.

"No, no, no!" Izuku shakes his head. "Want your fingers! Want your cock!" He whines, turning to look at Shouta, his face a mess of drool and tears. "Want everything Sensei gives me." He whispers, biting his bottom lip.

Shouta growled, taking on more bite of Izuku's juicy ass cheek before going back in, his tongue slicking the way as two of his fingers slipped in.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, God!" Izuku moaned and Shouta was thankful no one was around the school at this time.

Shouta spread his fingers, spitting into Izuku's hole before fucking his fingers in and out of the boy's ass.

"Sensei! Sensei!" Izuku pushed his ass back, fucking himself on Shouta's fingers.

As soon as Shouta found the freckled boy's sweet spot, Izuku screamed, his mouth open as drool trailed down his chin, his eyes rolled back, his come splashing onto the classroom floor.

Shouta kept massaging into Izuku's sweet spot, his body convulsing with overstimulation, little "Ah, ah, ah's" leaving his plump red lips.

Shouta pulled his fingers out and Izuku melted against the desk. Shouta stood up, unable to hold back anymore as he unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock out, spitting into his hand before grabbing it, stroking hard and fast, already on the cusp of orgasm.

He came with a long groan as soon as Izuku arched his back, grabbing his ass cheeks, spreading them apart to show Shouta his loose, pink, wet hole.

His come hit the mark and both of them moaned, Shouta at the sight and Izuku at the feeling. Shouta made sure to spread his cum around, the tip of his cock pushing some of his come into the boy's warm, tight hole. 

Izuku turned toward Shouta, a mischievous grin appearing on his lips.

"Sensei?" Izuku pushes his ass against Shouta, moaning as Shouta's still hard cock bottoms out inside of him. "More?" Izuku blinks at him sweetly, biting his bottom lip sensually.

Shouta sighs, grinding his cock further into the boy's ass.

His sweet little angel turned out to be his slutty little demon.

That was okay with Shouta though.

He pulls out of Izuku until only the head of his cock is left inside the boy's tight heat. He grabs the head of green curls before slamming right in. Izuku lets out the sweetest moan, pushing himself backward to meet Shouta's thrusts.

Shouta couldn't help but smirk as he fucked Izuku, watching him whine, wither, and mewl.

Shouta was a demon himself, after all.

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Izuku was sobbing as he sucked on Eijirou's cock, his ass in the air as the dildo inside of him vibrated on the highest setting.

Eijirou ran his fingers through Izuku's curly green hair, gently trying to sooth Izuku.

"Such a good boy. You gonna cum?" Eijirou asks as he smiles down at his beautifully wrecked boyfriend.

Izuku pulls back off his cock, a whine leaving his lips as he licks at the slit of Eijirou's cock. "N-no, Daddy, I-I won't cum..." 

"You liar." Eijirou chuckles and reaches down to turn the dildo off.

"No!No, Daddy! I've been good! Please let me cum!" Izuku cries out as he completely pulls off Eijirou's cock.

Immediately, Eijirou grips Izuku's hair tightly and pulls his head up so that Izuku's big wet eyes were staring into his glaring red ones.

"Did I tell you to stop, Baby?" Eijirou's voice is hard and Izuku can't help but moan at the tug to his hair. "Answer."

"N-no. Daddy didn't tell me to stop."

"And how many times did you call Bakugou, 'Kacchan', today?" Eijirou asks and Izuku's lids lower in shame.

"S-seven times, Daddy." Izuku whines, feeling guilty. 

Eijirou pills Izuku by his hair until the smaller boy is seated in his lap. He wraps his arms around the freckled boy's waist, pulling them chest-to-chest.

Izuku wraps his arms around Eijirou's neck, letting out a sweet "Daddy~" as Eijirou pulls the toy out of him.

"How many times have I stopped you from coming?" Eijirou whispers into Izuku's ear and the green haired boy can't help but shiver.

"Five times..." Izuku whimpers.

"I know you can hold out for two more times, Baby."Eijirou kisses Izuku's freckled covered shoulder. "You can be good for me, can't you, baby boy?" 

Izuku whimpers, pulling back and cupping Eijirou face between his hands. 

"Yes, Daddy! I can be a good boy for you! I'll be your best boy!" Izuku says and Eijirou smiles before letting the smaller boy pull him into a kiss.

"Hmm..." Eijirou hums into the kiss before pulling back. "My good boy." He smiles his kind smile before smacking his boyfriend's ass, making the boy squeak. "Now, lay down so Daddy can take care of you."

Izuku blushes brightly before laying down and spreading his legs for his Daddy.

"I wan't you to play with your nipples while Daddy play's with your cute little cock and hole, okay?" Eijirou commands in the form of a question while he lay's between Izuku's legs.

"Okay,Daddy!" Izuku giggles when Eijirou grabs the boy by his thighs, pushing them up.

Eijirou gives Izuku a hungry grin, his sharp shark teeth gleaming before he leans down and takes the head of Izuku's cock into his mouth.

Izuku arches his back off the bed, crying out in pleasure. He brings his fingers to his nipples, pinching and pulling the nubs, trying to thrust more of his cock into Eijirou's mouth.

Eijirou enjoy's watching his baby squirm, so he swirled his tongue around the head of his cock, the boy crying out even more.

The red haired boy takes him all the way to the base, feeling Izuku's cock in the back of his throat. He hums and Izuku practically screams.

Eijirou pulls back when he feels Izuku throb in his mouth. Slowly, he trails his tongue down, sucking here and there before he ends up at Izuku's cute pink hole.

Izuku whines when Eijirou licks across his hole. The red head can't help but smirk as he continues to lick into his baby boy.

"Your tongue feels so good, Daddy!" Izuku cries out, backing up into Eijirou's tongue.

The green haired boy moans and whimpers as Eijirou's tongue brings him close to heaven. When Eijirou pushes two fingers in along with his tongue, Izuku knows he won't be able to hold on any longer.

"No! I'm go-gonna cum, Eichan!" Eijirou pulls away at the nickname, knowing that his baby really didn't want to break his rule of cumming before he told him to.

Eijirou was so very pleased with his baby boy.

"You're so good for me, Baby. Letting Daddy know when you're gonna blow." 

Eijirou smiles, biting at Izuku's thigh.

"Daddy's gonna give you a treat for being such a good boy."Eijirou pushes at Izuku's thighs until his knees reach his shoulders. 

"D-Daddy?" Izuku tilts his head, confused, when all of a sudden, the tip of Eijirou's cock is pushing inside of him, all the way to the hilt.

Izuku's eyes widen, his mouth open in a silent scream as Eijirou cock makes itself some room inside of him.

A strangled noise leaves his lips before he moans as Eijirou starts thrusting into him, pounding him into the bed.

"Daddy! So big! You feel so good inside me." Izuku moans, his hands leaving his nipples to grip his boyfriend's biceps. "Daddy always fucks me so good." 

Eijirou groans when Izuku's walls squeeze down on his cock. He watches as Izuku moans and withers as he fucks into his hole harder. Izuku throws his arms above his head, his hands gripping the sheets. His big green eyes are wet with tears, his teeth biting into his swollen lips.

Eijirou can't help but bring his thumb and trace his boyfriend's plump lips. Izuku's tongue comes out and pulls his thumb into his mouth, sucking at it greedily.

He pulls himself out of Izuku, who whines in disappointment.

Eijirou lets a laugh slip out as he pulls Izuku into his lap again. He tilts Izuku's head up and gently kisses him. Izuku moans sweetly, letting Eijirou's tongue slip into his mouth.

The red head pulls back from the kiss, making sure to bite his baby's lip, and smirks before falling backward on the mattress, his arms crossed behind his head.

"Go ahead, baby boy. Ride me until you cum."

Izuku immediately has his hand on Eijirou's long thick cock. He leans down and kisses Eijirou on the lips, a quick peck.

"Thank you, Daddy." Izuku giggles before slamming himself down on Eijirou's cock.

They both moan loudly, Izuku placing his hands over Eijirou's pecks as he begins a rough pace.

Eijirou moans loudly as he watches Izuku pleasure himself on on his cock, as if Eijirou were just his toy.

Izuku grinds himself down, whimpering as Eijirou's cock hits his sweet spot just perfect.

"Daddy's cock fills me up so good, so perfect inside me." Izuku gasps as Eijirou thrusts up into him. "What about you, Daddy? How do I feel around you?" Izuku asks, leaning back and grabbing Eijirou's thighs, slowing the pace down so he can really feel Eijirou stretching him open.

"Like heaven, baby boy." Eijirou grabs Izuku's hips before pounding into him again. "Always so tight and hot around my cock. Like you were made for it."

Izuku screams as Eijirou starts a hard and fast pace again. His orgasm rushed toward him as Eijirou's hand brushes over the tip of his cock.

Eijirou moans as Izuku's walls squeeze down tightly around his cock and with a couple more thrusts, he's coming inside Izuku. 

Izuku can't help but hum at the feeling of Eijirou's warm cum spreading inside him. He flops onto his boyfriend's chest, leaving kisses here and there,

As they come down from their high's, Izuku looks up at Eijirou, his chin resting on the red heads chest.

"Thank you, Eichan!" Izuku's smile is bright and loving and never fails to leave Eijirou breathless.

"Aww, no more 'Daddy'?" Eijirou can't help but complain. 

Izuku's cheeks go bright red and he shyly looks away.

"T-thank you...Daddy..." He whispers and Eijirou chuckles at how the green haired boy could be so confident ridding his cock one minute and then be a shy little bug the next.

Eijirou smiles and brings Izuku into a slow, loving kiss.

Yeah, he wouldn't change this for the world. 

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It started with Katsuki.

The sexual tension was just too high between them, but it was still a surprise when Katsuki slammed Izuku into a wall before kissing the living daylights out of him.

Of course, from there, Katsuki fucked him against the wall, practically until Izuku passed out.

It was the feeling of Katsuki's cum filling him up, making him feel at peace and whole.

He could live off that feeling.

Izuku became insatiable, always wanting Katsuki's cum to fill him up and Katsuki hated to admit it but he couldn't handle it alone.

Katsuki almost passed out the night they went eight rounds.

"Damn it, Deku!" Katsuki growls, pushing Izuku off his dick. "You're gonna kill me!"

"Please, Kacchan! One more time! Pretty please!" Izuku gets right back on Katsuki, pushing out his bottom lip and blinking at him innocently. 

"Hah?! You've already ran me dry today!" Katsuki sighs, running his fingers through Izuku's curly green hair.

"Why don't I just call the rest of the extras from our class up here and they can fill you up the way you want." 

Izuku's eyes widen and he gives Katsuki confused blinks before a huge blush takes over his face.

"K-Kacchan!" Izuku slaps Katsuki's chest in his embarrassment.

"I'm serious." Katsuki says. "I know some of the others would love to pound your ass." 

Izuku hides his face behind his hands, too embarrassed and trying to hide the redness of it. He peeks between his fingers to look at Katsuki.

"R-really?" He asks shyly.

Katsuki scoffs, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, really. If they're not drilling holes in your ass with their eyes, they're talking about how fuckable your ass looks."

"They talk about my ass?" Izuku squeaks, surprised.

"Every time you leave the room." Katsuki chuckles. 

Izuku's quiet for a moment, thinking everything through. Slowly, he nods his head, a smile growing on his lips before it quickly turns into a frown.

"On-Only if Kacchan d-doesn't mind." Izuku says, looking into Katsuki's red eyes; his own filled with the unanswered question, 'What are we?'.

Katsuki roughly grabs Izuku's chin in his hand, his freckled cheeks puffing out along with his plump pink lips.

"Even if they fill your ass full of cum, the only person your ass belongs to, is me." Katsuki's red eyes pierced into Izuku's green ones and Izuku could feel a whimper coming up but he held it back by biting his lip. His heart was beating so hard in his chest.

Instead, he let's out a huge, bright smile. He gives Katsuki a kiss on the nose and giggles at Katsuki's scrunched up face. Slowly, he crawled down Katsuki's body until he reached his cock.

"And Kacchan's cock is just mine, right? No one else can have it." Izuku grins before taking the blonde's sensitive cock into his mouth, bringing it back to hardness faster than he thought was possible.

Katsuki groans, surprised his cock could even still get hard.

"Ahh, shit, you little fucker!" Katsuki curses, unable to keep his hips from thrusting up into Izuku's warm wet mouth.

That's how Izuku ended up in the boy's locker room, sucking Denki's cock while getting pounded from behind by Shoto.

"Your ass is amazing, Izuku, fuck!" Shoto cries out, spilling his seed into Izuku.

Izuku moans loudly, feeling himself get filled up again, which causes Denki to cum into his mouth. Izuku swallows it all, making sure to clean Denki's cock up before letting it go, rather reluctantly.

"Thanks, Izuku!" Denki smiles, patting Izuku's head before he and Shoto move away.

Katsuki can't help but admire Izuku's wrecked state.

Izuku was panting, on all fours on top of the bench. His hair was a mess from all the tugging and pulling his partners did. His pretty lips were pink and swollen, his cheeks red and his eyes dazed with pleasure. His freckled ass was raised in the air, his hole loose as cum practically gushed out, like a waterfall, running all the way down his thighs and pooling by his knees on the bench.

God, Izuku looked beautiful.

Blazing red eyes met dazed green and a dopey smile made it's way on the green haired boy's lips.

"Kacchan..." Izuku's voice was hoarse from all the cock's he's sucked. "Who's next?" 

Katsuki looked around to see the rest of the boy's of class 1-A, rearing up to go a second round.

Katsuki smirked, making his way to Izuku's well used hole.

Izuku giggled lightly, waving Tenya over so that the robotic boy could use his mouth.

Katsuki thrusted his cock in Izuku's loose hole, slapping his freckled ass so that the green haired boy's walls could squeeze around his cock. Izuku let's out a high pitched moan, loving the feeling of Katsuki's cock in him the most.

Katsuki gave a little chuckle at his cum dumpster of a boyfriend, who was currently sucking the life out of Tenya's dick like a first rate pornstar. 

Class 1-A was gonna have a lot of fun with their new cum dumpster.

Chapter Text

It should have been harder to get someone alone in the bathroom of a mall, what with how crowded it is.

Fortunately, Tomura had no trouble getting Izuku cornered in a stall.

All he had to do was bring up a bomb in the building, which wasn't really there, and the little brat was following him, willing to do whatever he said.

Tomura was only going to talk to the boy, threaten him. He changed his mind when the green haired brat looked up at him. His viridian eyes were wide, full of determination, his face hard and serious.

Tomura felt a warm heat grow in his lower regions. Arousal. It wasn't a foreign feeling to him but it was rare.

And Tomura could't resist the need to see fear in the boy's eyes. To see hopelessness. He wanted to see Izuku look like an animal, trying to escape it's killer.

He needed to see this boy beg for Tomura to end his torture. 

Just like that, he decided to play a new game.

"Maybe I won't blow this place to pieces...If you do whatever I say." Tomura couldn't help his wide smile as he stared down at the boy.

"Anything! Just don't hurt anyone." Izuku's voice was hard with purpose. He wouldn't let the villain hurt anyone.

"Perfect." Tomura grins in a unsettling way. "Get on your knees."

Izuku looks at Tomura in confusion. "Why?" 

Tomura clicks his tongue with impatience, grabbing his shoulders and pushing the teen to his knees.

"I told you to get on your knees, not ask questions." Tomura unzips his pants and pulls out his semi-hard cock. "So you can suck my dick, obviously." 

Izuku's eyes widen with panic. He knew Tomura was a villain and he should have expected anything to happen but he was still surprised. He didn't think the man would go this far.

Tomura grabbed the freckled boy's face, his finger nails digging into the Izuku's cheek. 

"You even think about doing anything and i will kill everyone in this place." He pulled the teen's face to his cock.

Izuku felt disgusting. He knew he had no other choice but god, anything but this.

"P-please...d-don't-" Izuku tries but all he gets is a hard slap to the face that has him falling to the floor.

"Fine. Guess I'll just let them blow this place up." Tomura snarls, his hand moving toward his pocket.

Izuku panics. There were kids here. Innocent people just going about their day. His classmates. They would all die if he resisted. 

He couldn't allow that to happen, no matter what.

"No! No! I-I'll do what you want!" Izuku scrambles toward Tomura and carefully grabs the man's cock. "D-don't hurt anyone...P-please!" Izuku can feel tears well up in his eyes. 

Tomura can't help the smirk that crawls on his face, his eyes full of satisfaction. "Then get to it."

Izuku leans forward, placing the cock in his mouth and he wants to vomit. It smells like dried piss and musk and the taste makes him gag.

Tomura moans, just from the look of disgust, horror, and fear in the boy's eyes.

Izuku wanted to get this finished as fast as possible. He felt disgusting and dirty as he took more of Tomura's now fully hard cock into his mouth.

Tomura thrusted his cock all the way in, hitting the back of the boy's throat. He laughed when the boy gagged, the tears in his pretty green eyes spilling. 

"You're such a dirty slut, Izuku. Imagine if someone saw you like this, sucking a villain's cock." Tomura taunted, thrusting into Izuku's mouth, fast and uncaring. "All Might must be so proud of you. What do you think he would say if he saw you like this."

Izuku could barely breathe as Tomura thrusted into his mouth. He gagged and choked every time the cock the back of his throat and he just wanted the cock out of his mouth. It hurt but not as much as Tomura's words did.

All Might would be so disappointed in him. Everyone would be so disappointed in him. He should have found another way to get Tomura away from the mall. He should have done more to try and stop him. Instead, he was on his knees with the villain's cock in his mouth. Izuku felt more tears slip from his eyes as he choked around Tomura's cock.

Katsuki was right, he really was useless.

God, Tomura could come just from the look of devastation in Izuku's eyes. His face was an absolute mess of tears and spit. Tomura had to pull out before he came into Izuku's mouth.

He wasn't done with the boy just yet. 

Izuku looked wrecked as he hacked and coughed for breath but Tomura wanted to destroy him.

Tomura grabbed the boy's green hair and yanked him up, pushing him to lean over the toilet. He pulled Izuku's shorts down and ripped his underwear open enough so his cock could slip in. He made sure to push the boy's head into the wall.

Izuku panicked as Tomura positioned him. He began to struggle, trying to get out of the man's hold. He didn't have enough control over his quick to use it so all he could do was fight against Tomura and try to escape him.

"No! No! Don't do this! Please!" Izuku begged, his elbow managing to hit Tomura's face.

Tomura loved watching the boy struggle but he had enough of it as soon as the teen's elbow hit his face. He snarled, grabbing the brat's hair, pulling his head back and smashing it into the wall.

Pleased that the boy stopped struggling, Tomura moved on to the finale.

Tomura moved so that his cock was at the young hero's tight entrance. He pushed himself into the tight heat, the only thing to ease his cock in was what was left of Izuku's spit on his cock.

Izuku's body went limp with the disorientation from his head being smashed into the wall. He was dizzy, his vision swimming and his head throbbing.

There was no time to recover as Tomura's cock pushed into him. His eyes went wide, his vision filling with black dots from the pain. Fresh tears spilled down his red messy cheeks as he screamed out in pain. He was being ripped apart, a statement that proved to be true as he felt liquid run down his thighs.

Tomura moved to cover the boy's mouth, muffling his scream. The brat's walls were so tight around him, it was like heaven. He moaned loudly before pulling out and thrusting right back in, starting a fast and rough pace. When he noticed the blood wetting the boy's underwear and spilling down his legs, Tomura went into a blood lust, wanting to spill more from the teen.

His other hand went to the boy's hip, his nails digging into the flesh until he saw more red.

Tomura laughed manically before leaning over the boy and biting hard around his neck, deep bites that caused even more to spill.

The man's hips moved faster and harder as he destroyed Izuku's body and soul, making sure that his marks would stay and scar.

Tomura will make sure that Izuku will never forget him.

"Oh?" Tomura says when he noticed the boy's erect cock. "Looks like you're enjoying this, I~Zu~Ku~." 

Izuku looks down at himself to see that the villain wasn't lying, his cock was hard. Hot shame and humiliation washes over him. How could he feel anything but pain from what Tomura was doing to him? He was so disgusted with himself, his stomach was churning. 

Izuku vomited, making an even worse mess of his face. He couldn't handle what was happening to him anymore. He'd rather die than be were he was. 

When Tomura noticed the dull and defeated look in Izuku's eyes, he moaned loudly, spilling his seed deep inside the boy. He gave a manic laugh, biting the boy's cheek before pulling out of him.

The boy's body was limp, leaning on the toilet. His eyes were wide open but his mind was nowhere near the bathroom.

Tomura slapped him until Izuku looked like he was back with the world instead of looking empty and blank. 

The villain smiled before leaning down and invading the boy's mouth with his tongue. As he pulled back he noticed the wet spot in the boy's underwear that was somehow still hanging on his body.

"What a dirty little whore," Tomura sneered down at Izuku. "Coming in your underwear like a slut, just from being raped." 

Izuku cries out in shame, his face moving to hide behind his arms.

Tomura tucked himself back into his own pants, whistling a happy tune as he zips himself up. He leaves the stall, moving to the entrance but stopping at the door.

"Good job, Hero! You managed to save everyone here today!" Tomura says in a mockingly cheerful voice before he clicks his tongue like he just remembered something. "Ah, I'm sorry. You managed to save almost everyone."

Tomura laughs as he leaves the bathroom, Izuku's small cries and hiccups the last thing he hears from the boy as he exits. 

The villain felt like he was on top of the world as he left the boy ruined, broken, and tainted in the stall of a public bathroom.

He doubted the boy would recover from the trauma he had left with the little hero.

Tomura had squashed him before he could even really start.

Chapter Text

Denki still couldn't believe he was lying in bed, next to this beautiful babe.

He lovingly ran his fingers through his boyfriends curly green hair. His fingers didn't get very far, tangling immediately due to those curls and he laughed lightly, trying not to wake Izuku up.

Denki cupped the man's freckled cheek, admiring his beautifully handsome boyfriend.

God, he was lucky.

"Mmm..." Izuku's pretty green eyes fluttered open. A small content smile reached his lips when he noticed bright yellow eyes staring into his.

"Good morning, baby." Izuku giggles out, reaching up to cup the blond's cheek.

"Good morning, honey!" Denki pecks Izuku's lips.

He gathers his giggling boyfriend in his arms, laying on him and pushing him into the mattress. 

"Denki? You okay?" Izuku asks, curious as to why his boyfriend was being so cuddly.

"Of course I'm okay! My amazingly beautiful, wonderful boyfriend just moved in with me! I'm more than okay!" Denki said before peppering Izuku's neck with kisses, causing his boyfriend to giggle even more.

He kisses all the way toward Izuku's lips. He licks the corner of his mouth, trying to get Izuku to kiss him back. Instead, Izuku turns his head away, his cheeks going red.

"Denki~" He whines. "I have morning breath!"

Denki pulls back, reaching up and cupping Izuku's face between his hands.

"I don't care about that, baby. I just wanna kiss you." Denki whispers, leaning down and kissing Izuku.

Izuku sighs, parting his lips when Denki's tongue pokes at them. He moans when Denki's tongue enters, meeting his in a slow loving kiss.

Denki pulls back when they can barely breathe, a laugh leaving his lips.

"What's so funny?" Izuku asks when his boyfriend starts laughing.

"You really do have morning breath!" 

"Denki!" Izuku slaps the blond's chest, feeling mortified. He pouts, feeling betrayed. "It's not like your breath was any better." 

Denki gasps dramatically, looking offended. 

"How dare you?! My breath smells like cupcakes and rainbows!" Denki pulls away from Izuku. He lifts his hands, wiggling his fingers. "You need to be punished for the crime of a false claim!" 

"Denki, no!" Izuku sits up, trying to back away from his boyfriend but his back ends up hitting the headboard. 

Trying for a different escape, he dives to the other side of the bed. He starts crawling toward the edge of the bed but that's when Denki jumps on his back, stopping him from moving anywhere.

Denki's hands are at sides instantly, tickling the life out of him.

"N-no! De-Denki! Pl-Please don't!" Izuku begs, laughing hard and trying his best to wiggle out from underneath his playful boyfriend.

Izuku's wiggling causes Denki's cock to wake up, the green haired man's ass rubbing against his front.

The blond stops tickling his boyfriend, instead, rubbing his hands up and down Izuku's body. Denki leans down, kissing the back of Izuku's neck.

Izuku is still breathless when Denki starts kissing at his neck, his hands moving toward his ass and squeezing his cheeks.

"D-Denki..." Izuku shifts, rolling over so that they were facing each other. He wraps his arms around Denki's neck, his legs spreading so that the blond was in between them.

They were pressed together, Denki still kissing at Izuku's neck while grinding down onto Izuku. Izuku himself was getting hard, moving his hips and grinding right back.

"Denki..." Izuku whispers in the blond's ear. "Please fuck me." 

Denki groans, his kisses trailing down Izuku's chest, licking and sucking at his nipples.

"Anything for you, baby." 

Denki pulls back, taking off his and Izuku's underwear. He makes sure to grab the lube before leaning back down, his kisses trailing down until he reaches Izuku's pretty cock.

Izuku moans as a warm wet heat surrounds his cock. His hands reach down, fingers gripping into bright yellow hair, hips thrusting up when Denki gives a hard suck.

He whimpers when he feels Denki's lube covered fingers rubbing at his entrance. He cries out when two of those fingers enter him, loving how the stretch and burn feels.

It feels even more amazing when Denki is pushing inside of him, both of them moaning and clinging to each other.

"Denki! Denki!" Izuku can't help but moan out the blond's name as his thrusts pick up speed.

"So amazing, Izuku. So tight." Denki moans, his hips moving faster and harder. 

Denki leans down, kissing the green eyes man.

Izuku gasps, pulling away from Denki's kiss when his boyfriend's cock starts hitting his prostate dead on.

Denki's hand wraps around his cock as his pace continues to get faster, his thrusts getting deeper.

"Izuku!" Denki moans out as he spills inside his boyfriend, his hips  still going ans his hand moving up and down Izuku's cock until his body arches, come splattering between their chests.

"Mmm...I love you, Denki." Izuku sighs out when their breathing finally calms down.

"And I love you, Izuku." Denki kisses all over his boyfriend's face before giving him a gentle and loving kiss on his lips. "Even with your morning breath." 

"Denki!" Izuku whines, embarrassed with his boyfriend's teasing.

They snuggle back under the covers, Izuku wrapped around Denki like a koala, already asleep.

Once again, Denki's fingers were tangles in Izuku's curly green hair, admiring the beautifully freckled face of his sleeping boyfriend. 

He couldn't be any happier.