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The Little Merman

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くコ:彡 The Little Merman Characters くコ:彡







Jungkook is the youngest son of King Namjoon and Queen Jin and younger brother to Prince Yoongi and Prince Taehyung, and youngest grandson of late King Sihyuk. Like his mother he is curious about the humans and wishes to explore the land. He falls in love with Prince Jimin.




Jimin is the son of King Hyoshin and Queen Sejeong. His parents heavily press marriage onto him but he refuses to marry someone he doesn't love. When he's saved by Jungkook he hears his singing voice and wishes to marry his rescuer. 




Namjoon is the only son of King Sihyuk, husband of Jin and father of Yoongi, Taehyung and Jungkook. His hate for his humans runs thick due to a situation involving his husband. Namjoon told his sons their mother was dead so they'd never have to wonder when he would die. 




Jin is the husband of Namjoon and mother of Yoongi, Taehyung and Jungkook. Like Jungkook inherited, Jin is curious about humans. He saves a pirate, Park Hyosang, something happens and all of a sudden, Namjoon confirms that Jin died — that's what everyone was told.




Yoongi is the eldest son of King Namjoon and Queen Jin, eldest grandson of late King Sihyuk. He takes the older brother role seriously by being responsible for his brothers. He agrees with Namjoon since he shares the hate for humans. 




Taehyung is the second son of King Namjoon and Queen Jin, second grandson of late King Sihyuk. Like Namjoon and Yoongi, Taehyung doesn't want Jungkook involved with humans. He's in love with Hoseok.




Hoseok is a merman who's smitten with Taehyung and who the second prince secretly loves. He's a good friend of Jungkook's and thinks Jungkook should follow his dreams. He helps Jungkook in his journey to get to Jimin.



Jackson is a close friend and right-hand man of Namjoon. He has his own mate, Mark, and they have three sons: Jinyoung, BamBam and Yugyeom. Namjoon asks Jackson, whom he trusts dearly, to keep a close eye on Jungkook. 




Jaehyun is a good friend of Jungkook's and tells him all the info about the human items Jungkook finds at shipwreck graveyards. Jaehyun can transform into a bird and calls himself a "shape shifter." His mate is another human/bird hybrid like him named Doyoung.



Hyosang was a pirate that Jin saved when his crew were attacked by other pirates. An unknown situation arose amongst Hyosang, his pirate friends and Jin. Apparently, Namjoon confirms Jin died of the hands of humans. 




IU is an infamous sea witch that every mer in Atlantis knows about. She lived in Atlantis and was exiled by King Sihyuk due to her giving young mers empty promises and she would drain their youth. Once banished, she created her own lair in a graveyard of whale skeletons and has two eels, Hyolyn and Bora. 


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It's unknown what the world contains. In the beginning of time there were at all times humans and animals. No true enlightenment to the full picture of why these creatures were created and what purpose they served. An abundant amount of individuals hypothesized explanations. Gazelles and zebras for the fierce lions as the pigs, cattle and fish in the sea were made for human consumption.


Notwithstanding the amount of people who long-established truths of the immeasurable creatures and cycles of life in the world it didn't mean that humans knew everything. The world was a mystery. The inquisitive ones were ravenous for information. They hankered to find out everything there was to know about every nook and cranny in the world.


The kraken, Phoenix and dragons were from the pages of mythology books. Realists and mythologists went their own ways in life. No sailors were apprehensive with the thought of a giant squid destroying their ships with their colossal tentacles. Or even the likelihood of stumbling upon beautiful sirens that would take them to their deaths. Myths were myths and there was nothing to it.


There are those who get to experience something out of the ordinary. Not many have the indication to demonstrate what they truly underwent.


Misfortune on the face of it stroke in this story.






11 Years Ago




The last time he had been this tense before was on his wedding day. Most of his qualms involved not being a good husband or by not being devoted enough to the one he chose to spend the rest of his life with. All he sought to do was be a worthy husband. Namjoon was mindful that he was the guarded and fretful type. He worried he wouldn't get to make Jin content. Their wedding night verified he had no reason to worry.


He concluded there had to have been a reason why his beautiful Jin accepted the courtship or his song. It had been since the beginning of time that merfolk communicated with song than discussions. When he had met Jin he had reservations the other would want him. His father, late King Sihyuk, told him that mermaids and mermen would be in line to be his future spouse for the reason that he was a prince and he had a magnificent voice that would make anyone longing for him.


Namjoon owned up that there had been several mermaids and mermen he met who made an effort to amaze him with their own voice and song. Not an iota fit the unidentified description of what he was searching for. Namjoon didn't even know what he wanted in a voice. The only way he could label his craving was a voice that pulled his heart. No voices had no matter how pretty the faces and bodies were. Namjoon felt despondent.


Sihyuk left his son to his own devices and said that they would find a proper mermaid or merman for him. It was when he was just wandering around when he caught the most beautiful sound that his eardrums had ever met. From far afield he snooped and tuned into Jin's song as he viewed the fish and other sea creatures swim around him. Namjoon knew he found his one.


Time was needed to plan out how he was going to approach Jin. He didn't want to fright his would-be mate. He sang a tune of his own which captivated Jin. Both of them were singing to each other and so close that they were touching in the end. They took the time to get to know each other even more after their meeting.


Jin loved pink coral due to its color. The beauty was a tender and thoughtful mer concerning the sea creatures. His parents had passed away and his older brother relocated far away when he met his mate. During the course of any troubles, Jin was optimistic and thought about the humble, little things. Jin had a beautiful heart and soul that Namjoon wanted to care for and love. He wanted to make the other fall in love with him ever since meeting the other mer.


Namjoon was fortunate to have met the one for him. Marrying him was adding to his jubilation. The stars aligned since he was living his happily ever after with the one designed for him. In the midst of their seven years of marriage they've been amorous husbands. Namjoon on no occasion was troubled about the probability of him neglecting Jin. He couldn’t ever let himself do that without even noticing.


The best thing about them coming together in unison was what came after. Jin gave birth to their beautiful, brilliant sons. The three of them: Yoongi, Taehyung and Jungkook were produced from the genuineness of their love. Namjoon treasured his children and would protect them until his last breath. Jin would do the same too.


It was their cherished children who were oblivious of what their mother was doing. Their children had no clue that their mother was endangering his life. Namjoon could trust Jin but he was ambiguous if the ones Jin befriended were dependable.


Humans and merfolk were like a bird and fish, neither a part of the same world. Namjoon understood there was a purpose but he didn't know what it was was. His father educated him that humans were self-seeking, wretched brutes that'd lose their souls to their belongings. Namjoon, never meeting one, didn't know if he could trust his father's words. Jin had a dissimilar judgement towards them.


Jin could straightforwardly be described as the sea, untamable and mysterious. Once when Jin was taking their sons to watch the sea life as he loved to do, a human had fallen into the ocean and would have breathed his last breath if Jin hadn't noticed and rescued him. Namjoon saw Yoongi swim all the way back with his younger brothers. When Jin came back soon without any harm done to him, his worries were needless. Namjoon, not knowing whether to trust humans, didn't want Jin going back.


"My love, stay away from land," Namjoon recommended once in their bedroom. Namjoon was frightened of the option of Jin not returning. "We can't trust them."


With a wide grin, Jin leaned close to his unsettled husband, "Joon, have you ever met a human?" Namjoon shook his head which the queen anticipated. "Exactly. You can't assume they're malevolent if you've never come across one."


Namjoon agreed with Jin. He hadn't ever met a human before so he didn't know how he should feel. "I mean, you're not mistaken, but still...You're safer away from them."


Jin couldn't be swayed. "I saved a man, Joon. His name is Hyosang. He appreciated me for my honorable act. We're friends. I can trust him."




This "Hyosang" became regular in their life. Hyosang wanted to meet the boys and with gratitude Jin said that they were shy. Namjoon was unconfident with their sons around the humans he knew so little of. Hyosang told no one, plus Jin and Hyosang were alone when they met. It comforted him. It meant to a degree Hyosang could be trusted.


Moonbyul, one of Jin's and greatest friends, teased him that he might be green-eyed. Namjoon was self-assured of their relationship. Hyosang did give Jin gifts and in return Jin would sing for Hyosang but Namjoon couldn't leave his place on the throne each and every time the two met. Namjoon knew the mer he wedded. Jin was no traitor.


Right now Jin was meeting Hyosang Namjoon waited for his beloved every time Jin went off to see his friend. He didn't care what he brought back. His main concern was his husband back safe and without a scratch. It was bizarre that Hyosang asked Jin to meet him at night. Namjoon sent their sons to bed with a kiss to the cheeks and a goodnight.


Namjoon sat on his throne as he waited for his husband. Holding his golden trident he breathed out deeply and slouched in fatigue. Hyosang should start a family and leave his alone. Without warning Moonbyul swam expeditiously into the throne room with a disturbed expression on her face. Namjoon sat up and was equipped to hear what would come out Moonbyul's mouth.


"Moonbyul, what is it?" Namjoon questioned the mermaid.


Moonbyul gulped, "IU is here!"


The sea witch! Namjoon thought bitterly in his head.


IU was notoriously known for being a wicked sea witch. She had been alive before his father had been born. The cruel woman was part octopus under the sea and on land she had legs. She was a part of both worlds doing nothing but causing suffering. Sihyuk admonished him that IU cheated innocent mers by blinding them with empty promises just so she could take all their energy and youth and turn them into lugworms. It was the only reason that she looked as young as she did now.


Sihyuk banished the woman when he had found out what she was doing in Atlantis. No one knew what she was doing until Sihyuk further looked into it. Namjoon wouldn't want a woman like that in his kingdom either.


As if on cue someone swam closer and closer into the throne room. It was a woman with light skin and short black hair. She had black scales all over her chest and arms. Instead of a tail or legs, the woman had black tentacles. Hanging around the female's neck was a golden shell necklace and an octopus bracelet around her right wrist. Both necklace and bracelet luminously shined.


"Your Highness," IU greeted the king of Atlantis with mockery. Moonbyul and Namjoon kept their eyes on the sea witch. "How are the kiddos?"


Namjoon scowled at the sea witch. When the boys were born, IU had come to each birthing ceremony but was forbidden to go in. Appreciatively the one thing IU couldn't do was teleport or control Merfolk against their wills. IU sneaked back to her burrow where she belonged.


Jin didn't keep his eyes off their boys during their ceremonies with the fear of IU. Namjoon vowed that no one would go near their sons. Jin enlightened that he was terrified of IU putting some horrid spell on them. Fortuitously IU hadn't become an issue.


"Do not speak of my children, they are no concern to you," Namjoon cautioned the sea witch. He would guard his family from the woman. "Now, what do you want?"


IU rolled her eyes and stretched out her right hand, revealing her palm. She recited a small incantation and a pink conch shell trinket box appeared in her hand. Leisurely she moved toward the throne and Namjoon directed his trident near her and Moonbyul aimed her spear too. IU rose her other hand in surrender and stopped.


"Take it." IU said with the same wicked grin. Moonbyul nor Namjoon left their spot. IU grumbled melodramatically. "Take it now or you'll regret it."


Namjoon eyed her suspiciously, "Why would I regret it? For all I know this could be a trick you've cooked up."


"Will it help if I tell you this involves your lovely Queen Jin?" IU proposed. Namjoon and Moonbyul were horror-struck.


Moonbyul came forward and let down her spear and went towards the sea witch and used her other hand to take the trinket box. Namjoon gripped onto the trident strongly and took the box Moonbyul offered him.


IU bowed her head, "Ta ta." She swam out of the castle. The guards dispatched outside observed as the sea witch swim farther and farther away from the kingdom. Unaware that she'd be back.




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11 Years Later





It was a festivity worth rejoicing in his belief. The factual nature of merfolk was the love to sing and produce a beautiful masterpiece whether or not it was for their mate. Taehyung would’ve favored more black and white but those two colors didn't signify merriment as the organizer, Son Chaeyoung, believed. Taehyung let the mermaid design as she did.


No one tried to hide their interest towards the merfolk king. Eleven years had gone by since the death of Queen Jin and all the other unashamed mermaids and mermen craved a shot at governing next to King Namjoon. His brothers and he saw father dismissing those who desire to take their mother's place. They were obliged that their father was endlessly loyal to his one and true mate.


Taehyung didn't believe in second loves. Only one mer had one soulmate and that was that. Temptation existed but undoubtedly their father wasn't influenced. His heart belonged to a merman that had died long ago. Yoongi had told him that each second of the day their father was suffering since he didn't have his soulmate with him. Namjoon was being strong for his sons and people.


He stole a look through the curtains and saw all the merfolk that were sitting down in the huge room waiting for the concert to begin. Taehyung and his brothers arranged something special. They all practiced together so the merfolk were in for a treat. Their father would be mesmerized as well. Yoongi, Jungkook and him never wanted to let their father down. Disappointment was no option.


Taehyung started practicing little bits of his song.


Naneun nal ireun geolkka

Anim neol ireun geolkka


He felt a tap on his shoulder. He rotated to see Lisa Manoban, a white tailed mermaid.


Lisa radiated, "Prince Taehyung, your appa is going to be announced soon. You should maybe get—" The mermaid was interrupted as someone spoke.


"And presenting the king of Atlantis, King Namjoon!" Taehyung and Lisa could hear the advisor, Jackson Wang, proclaiming loud and clear.


Taehyung saw his father waving at the merfolk as he sat near his own booth. He could see his Aunt Moonbyul and Chaeyoung next to him. It would be time for his brothers and him to be presented too. He could tell it was time when he heard the orchestra.


"Good luck!" Lisa applauded as she gave him the thumbs up as he swam away in the direction of the where he should be.


Jackson's voice was heard again, "Here is the eldest son and heir to the kingdom, Prince Yoongi!" Cheers and claps were heard.


Taehyung could just envision his blonde haired and black tailed older brother bowing and waving at everyone with his gummy smile. He wished he could see it but he didn't want to blow his cover. He exhaled noisily as he waited for his own name to be announced.


"The second born son and prince of Atlantis, Prince Taehyung!" Jackson's enthusiastic voice rang.


Taehyung cleared his throat and smiled as the curtains moved away and he was on the stage while the audience cheered and grinned. One person he assumed would be there wasn’t. He tried not to think about it as he elatedly waved at the audience and bowed towards his father who smiled proudly at him.


"Yoongi-hyung," Taehyung greeted Yoongi who was rolling his eyes. He stuck his tongue out at his blonde haired brother.


Jackson announced again, "And last but not least, the youngest prince of Atlantis, Prince Jungkook!" The same responses went off. Even Taehyung and Yoongi applauded as their red haired and tailed baby brother was supposed to arrive.


The noise died down as no one came from behind the curtain. Taehyung felt his mouth go dry as he saw mers from behind the curtain looking around. No one was coming out.


"What the hell?" Yoongi snapped as he turned to not see their baby brother. Taehyung and he observed their father who rose from his seat, "Oh shit."


"JUNGKOOK!!!" Namjoon roared irritably as everyone began searching for the youngest prince.


Someone was busted.

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Swimming through the shipwreck graveyards always gave Hoseok the chills but never him. The absolute silence and the wreckage of ships didn't fright him. If anything it was exhilarating to him. It was a treasure chest full of mysterious that he sought after the answers straightaway. The objects left behind were what truly inspired him to keep returning.


Ever since he was a child he was adventurous (some might even say irresponsible) and unafraid of the unknown. Jungkook yearned for knowledge of the things he didn't know about. Every time he headed to the shipwreck graveyard he speculated what type of sailors that had been captaining the ships and what they used all of these left behind objects for. The objects that he collected nonstop.


With his little black bag and his blonde haired, green tailed best friend following in tow. Hoseok and he became friends when they were younger. The other merman was older than him but Jungkook respected the sparkling, ray of sunshine Hoseok was. All of that positivity rubbed onto him and he wanted to apply the same delight into his own life.


Jungkook's and his family's life had altered after the death of his mother. He had only been five but he loved his mother. Between his two parents he had been really close to him. Unlike Yoongi and Taehyung who had black tails like their father, he was born with a red tail. His mother had a pink tail so Jungkook always thought they were by some means linked in that funny way.


His mother was the most beautiful mer Jungkook had known. His voice just as beautiful as his heart and soul. Jungkook had been brokenhearted the morning when his father confessed that their mother had passed away. There was a funeral and everything. Jungkook wouldn't stop crying and he thought there was no conceivable way to carry on.


Meeting Hoseok had been a start to a cheerier life. Jungkook came to terms that his mother was in a better place. His Aunt Moonbyul told him that his mother used to be so spellbound with humans and that he had a mini collection. It got the young merman thinking. He began exploring until he found the shipwreck graveyard.


Jungkook could grasp why his mother had been engrossed by the humans and all of their innumerable items. Over the years he started his own collection. It made him think that maybe, just maybe, his mother was closer to him even as he was dead. Jungkook missed him very much but he knew he couldn't dwell on his sorrows. Life was an unceasing thing. It never paused when calamities arose and neither should he.


"Why can't I just stay over here?" Hoseok wailed as he crossed his arms and hid behind the boulder.


Jungkook didn't know how he, the youngest one, was the boldest one. He rolled his eyes, "There's nothing to be terrified of Hobi-hyung. We've been doing this for so long."


"This place gives me the creeps, Kookie!" Hoseok cried as he looked at the younger merman. He didn't fathom why his best friend was so riveted by all of this. No mer had any use of human things.


Jungkook didn't care of Hoseok was fearful, he was going. He started swimming away, "Fine, you can watch out for sharks."


It wasn't until a few seconds after when Hoseok recognized what Jungkook had said.


"SHARKS?!" Hoseok swam as fast as his tail could take him towards Jungkook.


The red haired prince was giggling, "You're such a guppy, Hobi-hyung."


Hoseok gasped, "I'm not a guppy!"


"Yes, you are." Jungkook established while Hoseok kept disagreeing. They both went through a window from the side of the ship. The glass was on the floor shattered. As Hoseok entered he didn't notice the friend that had followed.


Once they were inside the ship Jungkook instantaneously went searching for anything eye catching. He was far in the room while Hoseok was far behind quivering just by the creepy, dark abyss in the ship. He never was fond of anything eerie. He acknowledged that he was frightened of many things if it meant he didn't need to encounter them.


While he was swimming by he spotted a full skeleton of a sailor. He screeched and swam up and bumped into something from behind. All of a sudden debris was following from above and right into him and the ground.


"Jungkook!" Hoseok swam fast and tackled Jungkook onto the ship ground. He was trembling and he was pale as the image of the skeleton came back to him.


Hoseok loathed shipwreck graveyards.


Jungkook tittered and hugged his best friend. "You okay, Hobi hyung?" He was being earnest about his concern for his friend. He didn't want to give him a heart attack.


"Yeah sure, no problem, I'm okay," Hoseok quavered more rapidly as goosebumps were speckled all over his arms. Jungkook could tell his friend was trying his best to be courageous.


Jungkook detached his arms and placed a finger on his lips, "Shh." Slowly the both of them swam up towards a hole in the ceiling.


Once they went through the hole they were in another part of the ship. Jungkook's eyes landed on the floor where a sparkly little object with three little sticks attached. He was fascinated by it. He gasped and swam towards it with Hoseok following right behind.


"Oh my gosh! Have you ever seen something so wonderful in your life?" Jungkook asked his friend as he picked up the silver object.


Hoseok chuckled as he swam up, "Wow, cool!" He was dejected by not knowing what it was, "But what is it?"


Jungkook was still wholehearted by the discovery, "I don't know. But I bet Jaehyun-hyung will!" Without them seeing it, a shark swam by the large window they were in front of.


Hoseok saw something at the corner of his eyes. He gazed at the window, "What was that? Did you hear something?"


Jungkook had no interest in what Hoseok was worrying about. He put the silver object in his bag. He turned and swam towards a brown, wooden hook cup thing. "Hmm. I wonder what this one is?"


Hoseok stood right in front of the window looking at Jungkook. Right behind him was a shark coming closer to the window, seeing the sight of a merman. "Jungkook."


The red haired prince was still looking around inquisitively, "Hyung, will you relax? Nothing is going to happen."


Bit by bit Hoseok spun around to look at the window. His eyes enlarged in terror at what he saw. The shark opened its mouth broadly and bit down, the glass window shattering into numerous pieces.


"Shark! SHARK!" Hoseok screamed as he swam away from the sea creature. Jungkook looked up from one of the items with surprise.


Hoseok was swimming around with the shark behind him. Once again he tackled Jungkook. As the shark came near them, Jungkook used his tail to kick a brown wooden table towards the shark. While the shark had been hit, the two started swimming away from the shark.


Both mermen went up towards the exit of the ship as the big shark followed them. While they were swimming the floor below them broke into pieces as the shark came from underneath. Hoseok yelled as they swam the other way. Jungkook's black bag got stuck to a piece of sharp wood from the floor.


When Jungkook saw his bag missing he went back to it. His objects he had composed seemed too significant. He clutched his bag and swam up with the shark following him. Luckily Hoseok had swum the other way and had more than likely gotten out of the ship.


Jungkook found Hoseok back in the first room they were at. Both mermen swam speedily towards the little round window they entered through. After Hoseok so did Jungkook. Once they were out the shark busted through the little window causing a mess of wood all over the floor.


As they kept swimming they headed towards a long wooden stick that was stuck onto the floor. Jungkook had swum a different way while Hoseok had bumped into a long piece that was attached to the long stick. Overwhelmed by dizziness, Hoseok slowly began swimming down. The shark had followed Hoseok. With fear Jungkook tried beating the shark.


Hoseok approximately passed a large anchor. Jungkook went through the large circle attached to the anchor and seized Hoseok. The shark began swimming fast towards them. Jungkook timed it flawlessly. He dragged Hoseok through and the shark was right behind. As estimated the shark got stuck inside of the circle. Jungkook held Hoseok tightly as they watched the shark scuffle.


Jungkook picked up where he had put his bag on a neighboring flat rock. He took the bag while Hoseok stuck his tongue out at the shark. Jungkook had begun swimming up when Hoseok was staggered by almost getting chomped by the shark. Hoseok began following his friend.


"You're such a guppy, Hobi-hyung." Jungkook pestered his friend again.


Hoseok pouted, "No I'm not."



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On a rock there sat a young man with white feathers attached to his large wings as he sat down with a pirate's telescope while looking around the ocean. He was dressed in a loose white shirt and dark brown trousers. He held no knowledge on what the object was. He was the type who was keen on making findings with new objects. The wings attached to his back verified that he was no human.


The young man tried putting the telescope on top of his head like a hat. That didn't seem precise at all. He hummed a tune as he inspected the object. He put it to his ear close to the end when he heard a voice.


"Jaehyun-hyung!" It belonged to a young male.


Jaehyun looked through the front and saw Jungkook and Hoseok waving at him from far away. He knew the both of them, more so the red haired merman. It wasn't infrequent for the mer prince of Atlantis to come to him whenever he discovered something thought-provoking that belonged to a human.


To his best knowledge, Jaehyun tried to have a response for Jungkook when he brought stuff. In reality Jaehyun was no human. Like humans had no clue that merfolk were real they didn't know of the other nameless species like him. Others like him entitled themselves "shape shifters" while Jaehyun provoked them by saying they were birds.


Jaehyun transformed into a gorgeous white swan and flew around all over the place. It was a blessing that he had found his own mate, Doyoung, who was also a white swan. Jaehyun lived on the rock that was somewhat close to the kingdom of Atlantis. Doyoung vowed to come back after he confirmed to his family that he had found his mate and that they would be starting a family of their own soon enough.


Jaehyun missed him exceedingly and it had only been a week ago when Doyoung had flown off back to his home. He wasn't utterly alone which was a positive. He had known Jungkook for a while now and he came to visit him with or without Hoseok from time to time. He  mistook Hoseok as Jungkook's mate until they both confirmed they weren't like that at all.


"Oh it's you Jungkookie and Hoseok-hyung!" Jaehyun said, putting the telescope down to see the two mermen right there with smiles. Huh. It looked like they had been so far away. "Whoa, what a swim."


Jungkook didn't pay consideration to Jaehyun's words and put his bag on the rock. "Jaehyun, look what we found." The sound of things clinking in the bag was heard.


Hoseok nodded, "Yeah! We were in a sunken ship and it was really creepy."


Jaehyun put the telescope down and looked at them with wonder, "Human stuff, huh? Let me see." He inched closer to them, picking up the bag.


He started digging around in the bag until he picked up the silver object wirh the three sticks attached. Jaehyun held the item in his right hand as he scrutinized the item.


"Look at this...Wow, this is special. This is very, very unusual." Jaehyun murmured.


With elation, Jungkook retorted, "What? What is it?" He couldn't stand the excitement that was bubbling from the inside of him.


"It's a dinglehopper." Jaehyun proclaimed as he began throwing the object around, "Humans use these little babies to straighten their hair out."


Jungkook and Hoseok widened their eyes admiringly. They hadn't been expecting this.


Jaehyun put the dinglehopper through his hair and twirled it, "See? Just a little twirl here and a yank there and voila! You've got an aesthetically pleasing configuration of hair that humans go nuts over." His hair was all disheveled up as he held the dinglehopper. He offered it to Jungkook.


Prudently Jungkook took the dinglehopper in his two hands. "A dinglehopper."


Hoseok pointed at the wooden brown hook object. "What about that one?"


Jaehyun picked up the wooden object. "Ah this...I haven't seen this in years, this is wonderful. A banded, bulbous snarfblatt." He put it to the two mers' faces.


Both Jungkook and Hoseok looked at each and in unison said, "Whoa."


"Now, the snarfblatt dates back to prehistorical times when humans used to sit around and stare at each other all day. Got very boring. So they invented this snarfblatt to make fine music. Allow me." Jaehyun blows it, only to have seaweed and water come out.


Jungkook flinched at the word "music." He abruptly harked back to that there was an essential occasion today that involved his brothers, him, his father and the whole kingdom. Today was the concert.


"Oh the concert!" Jungkook cried knowing that he was far too late to fix that. "Oh my gosh, Appa is going to kill me!" He stuffed the dinglehopper into his bag.


Jaehyun coughed, "It's stuck!"


Hoseok put his hands on his cheeks, "The concert was today?"


Jaehyun, not paying attention to what the two mermen were freaking out over, was still studying the snarfblatt. "Maybe you could make a little planter out of it or something."


Jungkook took the snarfblatt from Jaehyun's hands and put it into his bag and he began swimming, "Sorry, I got to go!" He paused and waved back at his winged friend, "Thank you, Jaehyun-hyung!" He went back into the water.


Jaehyun waved back at the two, "Anytime Jungkook, anytime!"

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Oblivious to both of the mermen who were swimming hurriedly back to Atlantis, they were being snooped on by two eels, Hyolyn and Bora. Their shining eyes were by some means linked to the magic of their master, IU. Speaking of the sea witch, IU was looking through her glass ball where she could see Jungkook and Hoseok swimming.


IU was sitting inside of a large shell that was a dark abyss where she sat. "Swim back home, little prince. We wouldn't want to miss appa’s concert, now, would we? Pft! More like a waste of time!"


The sea witch had a massive clam shell opened far and wide with live shrimp inside. Scared stiff by the threatening woman, the shrimp edged away. Either way one of them turned out to be IU's victim as she picked one up. "In MY day, we feasted and bantered when I lived in the palace. Getting things done was more important than concerts." She popped the shrimp into her mouth, chewing away.


IU theatrically lies on her back, "And now, look at me – banished and exiled – in my lair wasting away. I’m meant for better things than this."


She got out of the shell, "And then Namjoon. He and his flimsy fish-folk celebrate. Well, I'll give them something to celebrate soon enough. Hyolyn! Bora!" Both of her eels listened closely to their master. "I want you to keep an extra close watch on this pretty little son of his. He may be the key to Namjoon's undoing..."









In the throne room were Namjoon, Jackson, Jungkook and Hoseok. It had been an hour since Jungkook had returned to Atlantis. As the prince had predicted the concert hadn't gone as according to plan. Since he wasn't present they had to stop everything. Namjoon had demanded that as an alternative of partying that they look for the youngest prince.


A search party was going to leave Atlantis when Jungkook arrived. Instantaneously Namjoon sent everyone away and made sure someone told the citizens that they didn't need to keep searching and that the prince had come back home. Now Jungkook was being rebuked.


"I don't know what to do with you, Jungkook," Namjoon said with exasperation as he sat at his throne. He laid his hand over the bridge or his nose.


Jungkook sulked, candidly remorseful, "Appa, I'm sorry, I just forgot, I -"


"Due to your reckless and careless, unwanted behavior -" Namjoon was unpredictably cut off by Jackson.


Jackson shook his head, unenthusiastic of the youngest prince, "Reckless, careless and unwanted behavior!"


Namjoon continued, "The entire celebration, was..."


"It was ruined is how you'd put it, Namjoon," Jackson counselled his friend. He eyed the young prince, "The concert I spent time planning it just for my hard work down the drain! I'm the joke of the kingdom now!" Jackson barked.


Hoseok spoke up, "It wasn't Kookie's fault!" Three pairs of eyes were looking at him and he went on timidly, "Hehehe...I mean, the shark chased us, uh and we tried escaping and we did, granted! Uh um...We were safe, which is good. Then we saw the bird man—"


Namjoon bowled over by Hoseok's words, "Bird man?" Putting the pieces together he looked to Jungkook, "You went up to the surface, didn't you?!"


"Nothing happened!" Jungkook crossed his arms and pouted. He would have to go over future plans with Hoseok.


Namjoon moaned heavily, "Oh Jungkook, how many times do I need to say this? You could've been spotted by those vile beasts!"


Jungkook gasped, "Appa, they're not vile beasts!"


"They're dangerous, Jungkook. Do you think I want my youngest son to be captured by those pieces of filth?" Namjoon questioned his youngest child.


Jungkook put his foot down, "I'm sixteen, Appa, not a baby. You can't treat me like a child."


Namjoon scoffed, "Don't speak that way to me, Jungkook. While you're living in my ocean, you will obey my rules!"


Jungkook tried, "But if you'd—"


“I will say this once, Jungkook. You are to NEVER go back up to the surface, do you hear me? Never! Do you understand me?" Namjoon had elevated his voice.


Jungkook needed to say much more but he kept his mouth closed. His father wouldn't listen to him. His lips trembled as he began crying. Jungkook swam away with Hoseok behind.


"Teenagers are the worst, Namjoon. Jinyoung is past that age but BamBam likes to think he can do this and that. Who do they think they are?" Jackson ranted to his best friend.


Namjoon was beginning to doubt himself, "Do you think I was too harsh on him?"


Jackson looked disrespected, "Too hard? If anything you let him off easy, my dear friend."


Namjoon's eyes saddened, "Do you think...Do you think he would have done the same?"


Jackson glowered. He knew who his friend mentioned. He sighed, "Jin might have truly found no problem in it, but...It's not like that."


"Yeah..." Namjoon mumbled quietly.


Jackson cleared his throat, "If my sons began going up to the surface, I'd show them who's boss. Tight control, Namjoon, tight control."


Namjoon nodded, "You're right, Jackson, you really are..."


"You see?" Jackson didn't know why his friend didn't just listen to him all the time. It'd save them so much time.


Namjoon summed it all up, "Jungkook needs relentless supervision."


"All the time." Jackson said.


Namjoon smirked, "And you're the mer for the job." It took a split second for Jackson to understand what his friend had said.


And of course there were restrictions to your best friend being a king. When Namjoon gave him this assignment, Jackson couldn't say no. He had to accept it.


He was ultimately going to be Jungkook's babysitter.


Chapter Text



Jackson swam down the corridor arranging things out in his head. Unquestionably Jungkook strayed away from Atlantis. He would have to make sure to tell Mark not to wait up on him since he was trapped playing hide-and-seek with the sixteen year old prince. He noted to advise his sons to certainly not pull a stunt like this. The only reason he was tolerating Jungkook was because he was employed the task. He wouldn't be stomaching this from his own children.


"How do I get into these sticky situations? I was made to advise and compose masterpieces, not babysit princes who won't follow rules." Jackson gibbered.


On the spur of the moment he caught Jungkook and Hoseok sneaking off. He assumed they were off to their own devices. With his new job directly given to him by the king of Atlantis, Jackson followed. He didn't want to but he wasn't going to go back on his word.


He would be following the damn prince. "What is he up to?" He didn't know that he would be swimming a bit far from the palace.


Jungkook moved a boulder and went through the small entrance with Hoseok before closing it. Jackson hid so the prince wouldn't see him. He hadn't been caught. Jackson knew how to get through since he saw the young prince enter his little lair.


Jackson inaudibly moved the boulder and entered. It was a large cave without a ceiling. What he saw inside of the cave astounded him. There was a smooth, boulder in the center but there were shelves all around the cave. Jackson swallowed when he saw all the items on the shelves.


Human things.


"Oh my gosh, no..." Jackson recalled that the last mer he knew that was so mesmerized by anything human had been Queen Jin. And that didn't end well. He listened to Jungkook and Hoseok.


Hoseok sat next to Jungkook, fretful for his friend, "Kookie, are you okay? He was a bit harsh."


Jungkook held onto the dinglehopper, "I wish he could feel how I feel...That he could understand all of this. Why can't he, hyung?"


Hoseok shrugged, "I guess not everyone can like difference. Humans are different from us. No tails or gills."


Jungkook went near the candelabra for candles but in place were two other items like the dinglehopper but differently formed. Neither had little sticks, one just a stick and the other had a round shape at the end. He placed the dinglehopper in fhe center.


Neoneun nae salme dasi tteun haetbit

Eorin sijeol nae kkumdeurui jaerim


Jungkook sang as he looked around his collection, all of the shelves entirely occupied.


Moreugesseoi gamjeongi mwonji

Hoksi yeogido kkumsok ingeonji


Jungkook swam up and touched dangling watches and chains with clocks.


Kkumeun samagui pureun singiru

Nae an gipeun gosui a priori

Sumi makil deusi haengbokaejyeo

Jubyeoni jeomjeom deo tumyeong haejyeo


Jackson observed and focused on Jungkook's voice. Peculiarly he started feeling like he was enduring déjà vu. This reminded him too much of Queen Jin. Jungkook's voice was also as beautiful as Jin's. Jackson could disclose that the queen had a stunning voice (though he preferred his Mark's) and could see the relation of the mother and son.


He picked up a pair of glasses and interestedly tried them on. When he saw things so close he took them off proximately. Why did humans wear these?


Jeogi meolliseo badaga deullyeo

Kkumeul geonneoseo supul neomeoro


Jungkook picked up a box and opened it for Hoseok to see. It was a box of pointy objects. Gloomily he put it back.


Seonmyeong haejineun geugoseuroga


The red haired prince pulled his head back and looked up at the missing ceiling that showed a light.


Take my hands now

You are the cause of my euphoria



Take my hands now

You are the cause of my euphoria

Ooh yeah yeah yeah, oh

Ooh yeah yeah yeah, oh


Ooh yeah yeah yeah

Close the door now

When I'm with you I'm in utopia


Jungkook lay on the boulder with melancholy due to his tone, as if he was longing for something he couldn't reach.


Mujigaecheoreom jiwojin kkumeul chaja hemaet eulkka

Unmyeong gateun heunhan malgwa dalla

Apeun neoui nunbichi nawa gateun goseul boneun geol

Won't you please stay in dreams


Jungkook eyed a little music box with a couple figurine.


Jeogi meolliseo badaga deullyeo

Kkumeul geonneoseo supul neomeoro

Seonmyeong haejineun geugoseuroga

Take my hands now

You are the cause of my euphoria

Ooh yeah yeah yeah


Jackson investigated some more of Jungkook's collection. His eyes caught glass shaped sea life as such as crabs, shells, fish and others. This was all nothing like anything he's ever seen before. He only knew Jin had nothing bad to say about humans but he never saw a collection.


Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Jackson thought when he imagined both Jin and Jungkook.


Jungkook hugged himself and closed his eyes.



Take my hands now

You are the cause of my euphoria


The red haired merman swam all the way up to the ceiling and reached his hand out.


Morae badagi gallajin daedo

Geu nugai segel heundeureodo

Jabeun son jeoldae nochi mara jwo

Jebal kkumeseo kkaeeonaji ma


Gradually, Jungkook sat back on the boulder.


If only the red tailed prince knew what his future would behold. What else he would discover that lead him to something called love.

Chapter Text


Jackson was absorbed by Jungkook's magnificent voice and his depressed but joyful song that he started bumping into all sorts of things. He fell down with what was surrounding him, creating a loud commotion, interfering the moment and catching Jungkook's and Hoseok's attention.


Jungkook hadn't expected to see his father's right-hand man and best friend, "Jackson?!"


Jackson had come to terms that though this was all great for Jungkook but it was all poisonous to the young prince.


"What are you thinking, Jungkook? I'm so lost and flabbergasted! What is this stuff?" Jackson expressed the emotions in him.


Jungkook debated for a second before speaking, "Uh... It's my collection."


Jackson found it hysterical how Jungkook seemed so unperturbed about this. "Huh, collection, yes...NAMJOON WOULD BE ENRAGED!"


"You can't tell the king!" Hoseok shouted.


Jackson planted his hands on his hips, "And why shouldn't I? This, ALL of this, it's insanity!" He couldn't believe what he was looking at.


Jungkook pleaded, "Please don't say a word to him, Jackson...He doesn't understand any of this. And he won't."


"Jungkook, you've had a...Action-packed day? Come back to the castle and rest. This is all too much for a prince at your age." Jackson recommended.


Before Jungkook got to answer, something shielded the light that was at the ceiling. They were all staring up but it was only Jungkook that truly had intentions of wanting to figure out what it was.


"What was that?" Jungkook asked. His eyes up where this surface was. Without waiting for a response, the prince swam up until he reaches the wonder. He didn't even listen to Jackson calling out to him.


When Jungkook arose from the surface he was astonished by what his eyes looked upon. There was a loud noise and lights in the sky. There was a ship that was sailing right in front of him and there were fireworks being coming from the ship.


Soon Jackson and Hoseok arrived.


Jackson saw that Jungkook came up to the ship and hopped onto it and climbed near an opening. He could tell that wasn't a good idea and was lost your nerve inside. He was given one job and it felt like he was nowhere near accomplishing it.


"Jungkook, get back here!" Jackson called out before having to get near the ship too with Hoseok.







Jungkook couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was humans. They were all on the ship. Some of them were dancing, others were singing and others were holding objects that were making noise. He couldn't believe his eyes. All of the men looked jolly as they were singing gaily and dancing freely with each other or alone.


He didn't get to look around much when he felt his face being licked by something. Jungkook giggled as the creature pulled away and he was met by a white face and a creature with four legs. Jungkook pondered what the thing was until he heard a voice.


"Chimmy, here boy! Hey come on, buddy, what are you up to, huh Chims? Good boy." Jungkook's eyes found the voice and he was struck.


Never before had Jungkook felt the feelings that were inside of him. The young man that was with the creature named Chimmy was tremendously handsome. His hair was as black as the depths of the ocean, his skin healthily pale and his eyes just as dark as his hair. He definitely had an amazing body particularly with how loose his white shirt was and how tight his black trousers were.


Jungkook didn't know what this emotion was. But he felt like he wanted to get to know the handsome human and not leave him. He surmised that this was how his parents felt for each other. Did that mean he loved this human?


He couldn't even think correctly as he gave this handsome stranger his exclusive attention.


"Hey there, buddy, quite a show, huh?" Jungkook jumped to see Jaehyun holding onto the ship like him.


Jungkook went back to the human who had stolen his heart, "Jaehyun-hyung, you don't want them to hear you, so turn it down a notch?"


Jaehyun nodded, "Of course, of course." The bird human hybrid was hyperactive though, "We're out to discover!"


"Hush!" Jungkook put his hand over Jaehyun's mouth before looking back at the human. "I've never seen a human this close before...He's very handsome, isn't he?"


Jaehyun looked and his eyes landed on Chimmy, he disagreed, "If you're into a slobbery, hairy ones I suppose."


Jungkook rolled his eyes, "Not that one! The one playing the snarfblatt."







Ha Sungwoon, a respectable friend of Prince Jimin of Mikrokosmos, had everything prearranged. At first the gift he was going to give to his best friend was for his wedding. Nevertheless plans had changed when Jimin didn't end up tying the knot Princess Seulgi of Zimzalabim. He didn't want to try to pressure his friend but it had been what his parents wanted.


The whole reason they had gone off on the ship today was to rejoice Jimin's eighteenth birthday. King Hyoshin and Queen Sejeong weren’t fond of the idea. The king and queen thought that their only son should be taking voyages to other kingdoms with unwed daughters not celebrate his birthday with a bunch of friends.


Sungwoon sympathized with Jimin. It was visible that Jimin wasn't awestruck with the limitless girls his parents pressured him to meet. He had a theory why but he kept it to himself. Sungwoon knew what the kingdom thought about relationships such as those. It was taboo and no one ever publicized that they enjoyed the company of the same gender.


Questioning Jimin earned him the silent treatment for a week. Sungwoon swore to never ask again. Maybe Jimin was who cares? The luckless thing was that he was a prince. This meant he would involuntarily marry a girl and have an heir. Jimin would live an unhappy life. None of them wanted that for him.


Sungwoon prayed that Jimin would remember times like now. He wouldn't always be despaired about life. He would have some good memories.


Sungwoon cleared his throat, "Silence, friends! It's my pleasure to present a, EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE gift, to our Prince Jimin."


Jimin's cheeks went pink, "Hyung, you didn't have to."


"I know, but I'm too good of a friend, aren't I?" He sniggered and one of the sailors pushed something covered by a sheet. Sungwoon removed the sheet, "Happy Birthday, Jimin!"


Standing right in front of Jimin was a statue. Of himself. He was thunderstruck by what he was looking at. His other friends felt the same.


Kai almost dropped his glass of wine, "Wow..."


Taemin shook his head, "That's definitely not cheap."


"I kind of want one of my own." Moonkyu said as he gazed into the eyes of his friend. It was kind of disturbing.


Jimin rose from where he sat on a barrel. He didn't know whether to be content or startled by the thing. Where was he going to put it?


"It's really something, Sungwoon-hyung." Jimin said.


Sungwoon shrugged with ease, "It was to be a wedding present, but seeing as those plans didn't go as expected..."


Jimin grumbled, "Again with the princess of Zimzalabim, huh?" He started walking on the way to where Jungkook and Jaehyun were, the both of them ducking down.


Sungwoon pursed his lips, "We want you to be happy, Jimin, that's all. You'll be glad once you settle down."


Jimin looked at the sea, "I haven't found that person yet...But they're out there...I just haven't found them yet."


Sungwoon noted how Jimin wasn't being unambiguous about a boy or girl. He clasped his hands, "Maybe you aren't looking hard enough?"


Jimin chuckled, "Trust me, hyung, when I find them I'll know without a doubt...It'll just - bam! - hit me like lightning." As if on cue lighting was seen and thunder was heard.




Chapter Text


"A hurricane is coming! Stand fast! Secure the rigging!" A sailor yelled from the boat.


The storm was coming fast. Immense, sharp winds were in the atmosphere. The skies darkened and rain began hammering from above like cats and dogs.


The vast wind ended up taking Jaehyun up in the air. Jungkook witnessed his winged friend fly farther and farther away from him. As of right now his friend wasn't his thoughts. The red-haired prince was more troubled with the handsome human. Due to the storm, Jungkook ended up falling off the ship and into the ocean.







The ship crashed through the storm. Lightning bolts started lightening up the dark sky. Ultimately the ship had caught on fire due to the lightning. No one had seen the rock in advance. Deprived of time to dodge it, the ship crashed into the rock and there was more destruction.


Some sailors threw the lifeboat onto the ocean and one by one everyone jumped into it as the flames engulfed the entire ship. Jimin saw that time was running out. He grabbed Chimmy and edged him towards the edge of the ship. Sungwoon had his arms out ready to catch the dog.


"Jump, Chimmy! Cone on boy, you can do it! Jump!" Jimin encouraged his furry friend. Luckily Chimmy jumped off the ship and fell perfectly into Sungwoon's arms.


As the prince was running towards the edge to jump his foot got stuck on the board. All of Jimin's friends were waiting for their friend to jump. Soon the ship would be nothing about remains in the ocean.


"Jimin!" Sungwoon called out to his friend as held onto Chimmy firmly and securely.


Without prior notice the whole ship explodes and the sailors are traumatized. No one could survive an explosion like that. Their thoughts had gone into full tragedy. They had lost their friend.


"JIMIN!" Sungwoon screamed as he saw the pieces of the ship scattered all over the water. There had to be some way, there had to.


Taemin placed a hand on Sungwoon's shoulder, "Maybe he'll end up being washed up in shore? We have to get back to land!"







So much had happened that he didn't know what to piece together. He was back in the water with Jackson and Hoseok. The storm had been a shock and then seeing the ship set aflame and explode made Jungkook worry. He went back up to the surface even though he was being influenced to go back home.


"Jungkook!" Jackson called out to him.


Jungkook's mind went back to the handsome black haired prince that was on the ship. The prince had to be with his friends. He spotted a boat row away but he didn't know if the prince was with them. Just to be sure he looked around.


His eyes caught someone that was sinking down to the ocean. With interest, Jungkook swam towards the person. The man had gone completely underwater which was a plus for Jungkook since it was no struggle for him since he happened to be a sea creature. Jungkook gulped. It was the handsome prince!


Jungkook wrapped his arms around the unconscious prince. His cheeks went pink since he was holding onto the handsome man. The mer prince tried to avoid those thoughts since it wasn't important at the moment. He had to get this prince onto land. In a tussle since the prince was muscular, Jungkook swam until he found land which took until the dark skies became lighter again.


Jackson was biting his fingernails as he watched Jungkook in the water with Hoseok. Astonishingly, Jaehyun had returned. The white swan morphed into his human figure, including his large white wings. Jungkook was only inches away from the water, his tail touching the water. He had laid the human prince on his back. Jungkook rested his hands on the young man's chest, wanting him to wake up.


"Do you think he's...Dead?" Jungkook didn't want to think of that chance. In this situation he had to think of the reality.


Jaehyun exhaled. He opened the prince's eyelids and got no response. "I, I dont know." He picked up the prince's left hand and put it to his ear. "I can't make out a heartbeat."


The prince's chest begun went up and down. Jungkook smiled. The prince was alive! "He's breathing, look!" Jungkook tentatively touched the human's cheek, "He's so beautiful..."


Jungkook sang as he stroked the prince's face. All feelings emitted from his as he sang.


Jeogi meolliseo badaga deullyeo

Kkumeul geonneoseo supul neomeoro

Seonmyeonghaejineun geugoseuro ga

Take my hands now

You are the cause of my euphoria


Jackson and Hoseok were taken back by the beautiful melody that Jungkook had composed just for the human. Hoseok had never met the queen of the ocean, but Jackson saw memories come right back to him.


Jungkook without doubt inherited so much from his mother. It brought grief to him that the queen had passed on so young and that his sons had to bear such a misfortune when they were only children. Jackson could see Jin smiling down at Jungkook. If only Namjoon had heard Jungkook.






As if the human prince had been brought back to life, Jimin stirred and his eyes opened up. The illumination of the sun blinded him as soon as his eyelids opened. It hadn't been the smell of the ocean, the heat or the blinding light.


The melodious voice that had filled his eardrums is what woke him up. His body was aching however he yearned to see who possessed such intoxicating voice.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah


Take my hands now

You are the cause of my euphoria


The sweet voice sang once more. Jimin felt someone touching him. His face was being caressed too.


Who could this be?


Barking had ruined the moment. The familiar yapping came from his beloved dog, Chimmy. And he could hear someone calling his name which was none other than Sungwoon.


Whoever had been singing left since no one was touching him anymore. His eyes adjusted to the light and he opened them widely. He moaned in pain and turned to his right to see Chimmy running towards him with Sungwoon following right behind.


To try and find the person with the mellifluous voice, Jimin turned around to see if anyone else was on the beach. No one else was present. It almost felt like a dream but it wasn't.


Jimin leaned into Chimmy when his dog licked him ecstatically. Jimin nuzzled his face onto the white fur and exhaled. Sungwoon came to him and assisted him. He had to bring up the person with the rich voice.


"You really like to make me worry, don't you, Jimin?" Sungwoon lightheartedly questioned his friend.


Jimin was still looking around, "A male..." Yes, it had been a young man that had saved him. The voice belonged to a boy. "...He had the most beautiful voice I've ever heard..."


Sungwoon tittered, "I think you hit your head too hard when you ended up on land, my friend. Come on, Chimmy!" Chimmy followed the two males.







Jungkook observed everything. He jumped back into the water once Jimin's friend and his dog came in sight. Jungkook’s desire was to stay with the handsome human but he couldn't. Humans and mer weren't a part of the same world for a reason. Shorn of knowing what they'd do to him he couldn’t make himself known.


He had never met a human before and had never been so close. Once upon a time he had spotted some on land but kept his distance. His entire life he’d been warned to never go near the land where humans, vile beasts as his father titled them, would be. Jungkook was starting to change his mind now that he's met Prince Jimin in some way.


"This didn't happen, understood? Should've never happened and won't be mentioned to the king. As long as he doesn't know we'll have our lives to hold onto, do I make myself clear?" Jackson said as he eyeballed Jungkook who was still watching the prince.


Hoseok beamed at Jungkook, "That was beautiful, Kookie. Your appa would've loved it!"


"If he ever sings such song again it can never be for this human! Now, let's go back!" Jackson instructed them as he swam down just to come back up and saw the other two mermen where they were.


Jungkook swam near a boulder that rose up. He climbed up it, singing tenderly.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Close the door now

When I'm with you I'm in utopia


Jungkook sang at full volume, his eyes attached to the human prince, as a large wave crashed down.


Chapter Text



As they had been doing for a while now, IU's dear eels, Hyolyn and Bora, were spying on Jungkook as he swam back to Atlantis with Jackson and Hoseok. And of course, IU was seeing every little thing from her own dark lair where she found herself coming up with plans recently to do as she had intended to do years ago before Namjoon had taken his place on the throne.


"Pretty little mers, it's always with them, isn't it? This is all so familiar..." IU said with a wicked smirk. She muttered a few words and caressed the crystal ball to reveal a beautiful male sitting in a cell.


IU’s laughter erupted as she crossed her arms, "Oh how Namjoon is going to love this! His baby son in love with a human? Oh how sweet this tastes! Payback is the most enticing thing in the world, I swear!"


IU stared at her "garden" of lugworms. On the floor of the entrance were wriggling lugworms that weren’t their original forms. Not all of her victims ended up in the garden. The pirates she had met eleven years ago, involving the one and only queen of the ocean, had been turned into krill. She hadn't taken them with her but by now it was probable that they had been gobbled up by a whale.


She disclosed that it wouldn't have been such a waste to have just taken the youth of the queen. The merfolk weren't wrong when they had proclaimed that the Greek goddess Aphrodite must've personally created Queen Jin due to his loveliness. Namjoon's and Jin's eldest sons had become handsome but there was Jungkook who had the same natural beauty as his mother had been granted with.


A menacing plan was hatched as she well thought-out Jungkook's circumstances. Once she got the young prince in her hands she'd undeniably be stealing his youth. She could do the same to the queen too. Hell for the fun of it she might make Jin watch for her enjoyment.


Jungkook was going to be Namjoon's downfall. IU didn't know how she'd get the throne but she was going to be the queen of the ocean soon. And she could only show gratitude to the red-haired prince.


"Finally, I will get the crown and throne I deserve," IU said as she sneered at the lugworms.






The blue haired prince was once again working on his song that he had composed himself. Taehyung prepared to sing it at the concert but then Jungkook had to ruin that so now the event would have to be planned again. It was exasperating since Chaeyoung would be squabbling about decorations when the event was organized.


A few mermaids passed by while he gotten the correct tune he wanted. He had taken a breather when he saw them giggle and wave at him. Taehyung smiled gracelessly at them. If he had been attracted in a mermaid someone would know. There was no interest he held for any of them. The mermaids reminded him of when Chaeyoung would try to charm his father. The more she tried the more pitiful it got.


No one can take Umma's spot, Taehyung thought possessively. He was older and they were improper thoughts but he wasn't going to lay them to rest.


"You're emotionally disabled, Tae," the blue haired merman flinched when he heard Yoongi right behind him.


Taehyung felt slighted, "I'm taking that as an insult, Yoongi. And I don't appreciate it, FYI."


Yoongi didn't care. He took a seat right next to Taehyung, "You've created your heart song but you haven't sung it to the one who has your heart."


Taehyung wouldn't state that aloud. Not that he was mortified for fancying mermen over mermaids. He wasn't even mad that the merman who had his heart wasn't a high status mer. It was something else in entirely.


He didn't want to bear rejection. He didn't want to stop the cheerfulness his merman was born with. Taehyung didn't want to bring him down, not that he'd ever try to do so intentionally, but still.


Taehyung knew who his destined mate was when he had first met Hoseok. The green tailed mer was Jungkook's friend and he was dreaded that possibly Hoseok and Jungkook would far along become a thing. It was a relief that the two were just good friends.


It troubled him that Hoseok has not once provided him indications of desire. Nevertheless Taehyung couldn't say anything since he’s done the same; no signals. He was lost at what to do. He composed his heart song and his fear caused him to want to sing it for the concert.


"What am I supposed to do, Yoongi? I'm not confident like you, Kookie or..." Taehyung didn't even want to mutter the mer's name.


Yoongi proposed, "Hoseok?" Taehyung kept his hands in his lap. Yoongi came up with a plan, "Kookie was reproached. He's developed a strange liking for humans."


Taehyung rotated to his brother, "How do you know? Appa just stated he liked going up to the surface. That doesn't mean he's meeting up with humans."


"No, but we don't ever want it to get that way, now do we?" Taehyung narrowed his eyes, speculating what would come out of Yoongi's mouth. "Hoseok has no issue. It feels like he's cheering on our baby brother."


Taehyung disagreed. Hoseok adored Jungkook. He wouldn't ever want his red haired friend to get wounded by those brutal humans.


"I doubt that. Hoseok wants Jungkook safe." Taehyung said.


Yoongi nodded, "That's true. The fact that he isn't telling Kookie that it's bad is what's encouraging, Tae."


"What are you getting to, Yoongi?" Taehyung asked his older brother. He could only imagine.


Yoongi draped an arm around Taehyung's shoulders, "Maybe, just maybe, if Hoseok was sidetracked and swayed, Kookie wouldn't be going to the surface so much."


"What kind of distraction?" Taehyung pondered.


Yoongi picked up a close oyster and opened it up to expose a shimmering pearl. "How about a proposal?" Taehyung widened his eyes. He hadn't even considered that.


Chapter Text



Jungkook hummed Euphoria and the reminiscence of Jimin still fresh in his mind. From the time when swimming back to Atlantis all he could think about was the human prince he had grudgingly left behind. He was thinking about him repetitively and he couldn't help but wonder if the other was thinking about him just as much.


For the longest time he had known what a heart song was. It was a song that a mer made for their mate and if both songs sung together they'd create a beautiful masterpiece. All mers had a heart song. His parents had one and once when he was little they had sung small verses to his brothers and him as lullabies. His mother had said it was the love from the heart song that created his beautiful sons.


It took him time to comprehend that the song he had sung to Jimin was his heart song. Jungkook contemplated if Jimin likes to sing, maybe he would hear a composition written just for him by the human? That meant they would be seeing each other every so often which made the mer prince smile.


Jungkook plucked a flower and put it behind his right ear as he swam out of his chambers and headed for the corridor. He heard Hoseok's chirpy voice emanating from the music room in the palace. He typically found his friend here. Jackson was nowhere in sight so he found that as a plus.


Eum-ag-ui lideumdaelo

Geujeo mom-i ganeundaelo

Ulin dalbich alae shadow

Fall in... fall in...


Hoseok sang as he swam around the music room.


"Hobi-hyung!" Jungkook called out to his friend. Hoseok spun to see his friend.


Hoseok swam towards Jungkook, "Hey Kookie! What did you think about my song?"


Jungkook elevated an eyebrow, "Was it your heart song?"


Hoseok moped and put his arms behind his back, "Um...I'm unsure, honestly. It's kind of been stuck with me for a while now. Finally putting the verses all together though."


Jungkook knew there was someone that his friend had his eyes on. Jungkook was aware for the reason that the merman Hoseok was attracted to was his blue haired brother, Taehyung. Jungkook didn't know how he felt at first about his best friend loving his brother. The idea of Hoseok becoming his brother did bring a smile on his face so he recognized the relationship joyfully.


Yet neither mers had manned up and told each other anything. Jungkook was battling the impulse to just put them in a room together until one of them came clean. Jungkook felt like it was all long overdue. If Hoseok was anxious about how the king would feel, Jungkook had the answer. His father had no problem with Hoseok. Namjoon was gratified that Hoseok was good friends with his younger son.


"Why haven't you told Tae Tae how you feel about him again?" Jungkook interrogated.


Hoseok's cheeks went crimson, "Kookie! There's nothing...There's nothing going on between us, I swear."


Jungkook rolled his eyes dramatically, "Trust me I'm well aware that nothing's going on. That's the issue, hyung!"


Hoseok shrugged, "I...If Taehyung felt anything he surely would've said something by now, right? I'm no mind reader."


"He's just as crazy as you for not saying anything," Jungkook didn't defend his brother. "You two would be happier if you two just talked."


Hoseok was dispirited, "I'm not sure, Kookie...I don't know."


Jungkook tried thinking of what else he could say that'd be positive to his friend. He came up with something. "Look at Jimin and me, then at Tae Tae and you. Trust me, Hobi, you have nothing to worry about. Just have a little faith." He started swimming away.


Hoseok called out to his red tailed friend, "And where are you going?" He hoped nowhere near the human prince.


"I'll be joining my family at breakfast while thinking about a certain human prince." Jungkook winked at his friend before going off.


Hoseok shook his head. Jungkook was in love.





All the way through the whole morning Jungkook was grinning with glittering eyes. Namjoon couldn't help but feel fretful. The little tune his youngest son was humming reminded him of his heart song to Jin. Just by the joy radiating off of Jungkook demonstrated that there was more to his son's bliss.


Yoongi, Taehyung and him had their eyes on Jungkook all through breakfast. Even Moonbyul declared that this was all too familiar with her before the three princes had been born. Namjoon knew the mermaid was referring to Jin and him. Namjoon had no comment.


Jungkook was the first to leave the dining room. Namjoon had been taken back when his son had pecked his cheek and swam away with the same cheerful tune coming from his lips. Namjoon was trying to comprehend what was happening.


"What is with him lately?" Taehyung questioned, feeling it rather odd by Jungkook's out of the blue euphoric demeanor.


Yoongi scoffed, "He's got it bad."


Namjoon looked at his eldest son, questioning what he meant, "What? What's wrong with Jungkook?"


Yoongi sent his father an are-you-joking-me look, "Appa, Kookie is in love with someone."


Namjoon gasped at the thought. It made sense. This was starting to really feel like old times. He licked his lips. Who could Jungkook be in love with?

Chapter Text


IU departed the palace and he held onto the pink conch trinket box as if it was burning his palm. He felt Moonbyul's eyes glued to him as she was waiting for him to do something. Namjoon didn't know what IU had done but she had mentioned Jin. That could mean nothing good. He wanted to figure out what the little box meant.


For a moment he thought that IU was misleading him. Namjoon knew that the sea witch hungered after the throne and careless to how she got it. IU has wanted to be the ruler of the ocean before he had been born. His father had told him all about the sea witch when speciously the "time was right." IU was exiled a few months after he had been born.


"What are you to do, Namjoon?" Moonbyul inquired, dread detected in her tone. She must think IU was mocking them too.


Namjoon made a choice. If this was a joke he wouldn't let anyone be affected. In case a tragedy were to befall on him Jin, the queen of Atlantis, was to take control of the kingdom until Yoongi became of his age. His oldest son was only seven at the moment. Namjoon pleaded to Poseidon that this wasn't a harsh joke of IU's. He wished it had nothing to do with Jin moreover. He wished his husband would return in one piece and that IU just have him a pathetic box.


"I'll go to my own chambers and see what this is," Namjoon replied as he got up from the throne. He turned to Moonbyul, "Keep an eye in case Jin returns. Protect the palace until I return." Moonbyul nodded as if it didn't even need to be asked of her.


Namjoon swam to the chambers he shared with Jin. He swallowed heavily as he placed the golden trident on the bed where he lay with his husband. With unwillingness, the king of the ocean opened the little trinket box. He closed his eyes as he waited for something to jump at him. When nothing came he opened his eyes. Nothing was wrong. Everything in place, nothing disturbed. He felt something touch his shoulder and he spun.


What the king saw wasn't what he had been expecting. Standing right in front of him was Jin. Namjoon's eyes fell to Jin's pink tail. He felt time freeze and his heart stop. What he saw wasn't completely his beloved mate. Jin didn't have a tail, Namjoon gulped. His husband was dressed in what humans wore "trousers" and he had legs in its place.


"Jin..." Namjoon was deprived of words. He didn't know what to say. The last time he had seen his husband was two hours ago. He wasn't dressed in human clothes and he had a tail.


Jin had tears in his eyes as he beheld his husband. He sniffled, "Joon, I—" the queen of the ocean didn't get to speak as his king interrupted him.


"What has happened? I thought...I thought you had gone to see..." Namjoon didn't understand how the heck IU was involved with Jin. His husband had gone to visit Hyosang. How did the sea witch come into the picture?


With his husband silent and letting him respond, Jin did, "I...I was wrong about those humans, in particular."


Rage could be seen in the king's eyes, "What do you mean you were wrong?" Namjoon didn't want to hear these words coming out of Jin's mouth. "What are you telling me, Jin?"


Jin cried prettily as tears spilt down his cheeks, "They had IU trap me into a human form..." Jin motioned at the legs that substituted his pink tail. "...They deceived me, Joon, that's what I'm saying."


It felt like his world was disintegrating. Namjoon had so many emotions, of sorrow and fury, welling up from within. He didn't know how to react. There was the desire to sob, scream and to break something. Namjoon recognized that in this dilemma of theirs that there was nothing he could do. He was unconditionally useless and Jin was entombed in a form that didn't suit him or anyone.


Jin wasn't supposed to have legs. He wasn't made to live on land. Jin was a child of Poseidon and consequently he was meant to be one with the ocean. Untamable and adventurous like the ocean, yet he wasn't. Jin was stuck between a rock and hard place. Then there was Namjoon, stuck with him, just somewhere else.


Namjoon felt betrayed. He put the conch trinket box on Jin's and his bed next to the trident. He had imagined so much for Jin and him, but this was beyond that. A life where they, connected for life, couldn't be together.


"Jin...Why have you done this to us? How could you?" Namjoon didn't like the words pouring out of his mouth. It destroyed him that he was speaking this way, but he didn't feel apologetic. "How could you have done this?"


Jin, not expecting the venomous words, was perplexed, "I didn't want this to happen, Joon. I didn't know that Hyosang was going to go behind my back...I didn't plan this."


Namjoon sneered, "Oh?" His father's words about humans came back to him. Vile beasts. "Humans aren't merfolk, Jin, you can't trust them. They're not your own. I warned you! I told you to not trust them!" Tears were falling from his cheeks.


Jin was inconsolable to see his husband in this condition. The queen of the ocean couldn't blame IU though he did. He had been blinded by the humans. He would've never thought there was a bad bone in Hyosang. They had become friends. How could he have done this?


"Joon, I—"


"What am I to tell our sons?!" Those words had shattered Jin's heart to pieces. He was leaving behind more than Namjoon. "YOU did this, Jin, YOU!"


Jin looked down, "I'm sorry, Namjoon...I really am."


Namjoon shook his head, "Your regret does nothing, Jin. It doesn't make this situation more worst than it already is." He would have to come up with something to tell their sons, "Why did you do this to us, Jin...Why?"



There was delight to finding out that Jungkook was in love but it did bring him back to when he met Jin. After discovering his mate, all he had done was tried to get him to love him back. His heart song, Love, to Jin had done its job and Jin was falling for him. Namjoon wouldn't have ever thought that one little fault of Jin's would cause their family to live in despair. He wouldn't have estimated for Jin to cause him so much heartache.


For eleven years he had been interacting with a ghost. Jin wasn't dead, like he had made everyone believe, he was alive and well. Namjoon would open the pink conch trinket box IU had given him and the two mates would talk. Not much happened in Jin's life as it did in Namjoon's, but what was someone to experience when they were stuck in a cell?


Jin had a black crab trinket box from IU. If both boxes were open than they could communicate with each other. Namjoon found out that Jin never closed his; always waiting for when Namjoon would open his own. It was a pitiful life but Namjoon knew Jin couldn't do anything else. Jin might as well keep his trinket box open. Namjoon didn't have time to make little appointments with his husband. He had a kingdom to run.


Namjoon headed to his chambers. He was accustomed to sleeping all alone. For eight years Jin and he had been sleeping by each other and when Jin was enforced to stay on land, the bed became cold. Namjoon didn't relish it but he familiarized with it. Jin wouldn't be coming back soon.


Jackson had said that all day Yoongi would get a real taste of what it was like to rule a kingdom. Moonbyul would be overseeing over as well. Namjoon knew Jackson was keeping an eye on Jungkook too. He could trust his friend so he knew Jungkook was doing fine. Taehyung was undoubtedly up to his own good stuff he preoccupied himself with. Since he had the chance, talking with Jin wouldn't be too bad.


At first their discussions had been unkind and empty. Namjoon spoke intensely with Jin getting not anything but backbiting words from his husband. Jin never whined. He dealt with it. Namjoon knew Jin would. Although he had been infuriated with his husband, Namjoon grew to be slightly obliged. Jin wasn't dead to him, but to everyone else he was. Namjoon was the only one suffering. At least their children wouldn't ever have to cling onto dying hope.


As usual Namjoon took the pink conch sell trinket box from his nightstand and opened it as he laid the trident and trinket box on the nightstand. For adapting to sleeping alone, Namjoon preferred Jin and him catch up while being on the bed where they've slept together for eight wonderful years. And like always, Jin in his human form was lying right next to him as if he had never left. Namjoon wished his husband had never met a human.


They would be living happily as they all should've.


"Hello Namjoon." Jin's beautiful voice echoed in his ears.


Namjoon wasn't able to talk to Jin all the time. In the first years of this Namjoon only communicated to Jin at night since he put all of himself into the kingdom and the childhood of their children that Jin couldn't be a part of. Namjoon had to be more existent. He had been appreciative that Jungkook and Hoseok had become friends.


When he did get to speak with Jin, Namjoon felt his whole body hurt. Jin was his mate and they had been connected ever since their wedding night. Lacking Jin his life would just incessantly be miserable. His mate wasn't with him and all mers mated for life.


"Jin." Namjoon answered. It wasn't infrequent that he ached to hold Jin but it hurt after when they had to bid goodbye. Sometimes they did and sometimes they didn't.


Jin initiated the embrace. Years ago, Jin had been cautious. Now he was confident that his husband wouldn't reject him whether he wanted to be touched or not. Like Namjoon, Jin was yearning for their love too. The queen wrapped his arms around Namjoon and leaned closer. Namjoon didn't move away.


"How have things been?" Jin asked. Most of the time Namjoon's responses were the identical to Jin's. Jin rejected to reply since it was no different than his last response.


Namjoon heaved a sigh, "You wouldn't believe this, but...Kookie is in love with someone, Jin."


Jin's eyes widened and he beamed. He treasured hearing any information about his precious babies. It's been so long without them. Namjoon was well-informed that Jin was being tortured from being away from their sons. He didn't keep events of their lives from Jin.


He wanted Jin to know. To some extent it was to remind Jin of what he was missing out on. Namjoon wished for Jin to comprehend that his own anguish was his own doing.


Jin sat up, seeing Namjoon's frown, "You're distraught by this news? This is something to be thrilled about, Joon. Our baby is in love."


"He's only sixteen." Namjoon reminded him.


Jin smirked sneakily at his husband, "We didn't get married until we were seventeen, Joon. We were stealing kisses at the same age. And they weren't chaste and small."


Namjoon remembered. Those memories once made him happy. They no longer did. They were nostalgic.


The king looked up at his husband, stroking Jin's unblemished, creamy cheeks, "Is he not growing up too fast?"


Jin shook his head, "Mers don't age like..." The queen only used that word when Namjoon and he weren't talking so calmly. "Who do you think the lucky mer is?"


Namjoon shrugged, "I don't even know if Kookie prefers mermaid or merman. He's never been attracted to anyone from what I've seen."


Jin removed his arms, putting one hand on Namjoon's chest and the other on his neck, "It could be that the mer isn't from here?"


"Like how I met you," Namjoon grinned at the connection. It would be comical if Jungkook's mer wasn’t from Atlantis. It wouldn't be a horrifying thing as long as the mer wasn't fascinated with humans as Jin had been.


Jin leaned close to Namjoon's face, longing to kiss his husband. It wasn't Namjoon's fault that kissing was occasional. When they did Jin felt like he was on fire. He yearned for Namjoon's touch. It was torture what they underwent. Jin could only ever want Namjoon.


Namjoon didn't move away though. The king welcomed Jin bringing his face closer. Namjoon rose and claimed his husband's lips. Still as sweet, plump and soft as ever. The kiss wasn't chaste but long and passionate, both males not wanting to ever stop. The king straightaway changed their positions to where he was hovering above Jin.


Jin held onto Namjoon, not wanting to let him go either. Both males had wanted to make love to each other but it never got that far. Namjoon never permitted it and Jin couldn't blame him. Still, Jin didn't moan and groan. If all he could do was hold and kiss his husband then so be it.


Namjoon was the one to pull away from the kiss. Both of them were out of breath and their eyes full of love for each other. Namjoon stroked Jin's cheeks tenderly. In instants like these, Jin was reminded of the husband he had seen eleven years ago. He earned the malicious words Namjoon threw at him. It was nice to know that Namjoon's suffering didn't harden him wholly. He was able to love their sons hopelessly and at the same time, love him too.


"I love you, Joon," Jin whispered. His heart, body and soul would always belong to the merman above him.


Namjoon gave him a small smile, "I love you too, Jin. I give my all to you." Abruptly, his face went stoic, still he stroked Jin's cheeks, "If only you had your all to give to me."


It felt excruciating when Namjoon pulled away from him. In this affectionate moment his husband had cruel words to say to him. Jin had been enchanted by their passionate moment that had been ruined.


Jin said disdainfully, "I just live for our intimate moments. You always come up with the right thing to say, Namjoon."


With darkened eyes, Namjoon wheeled around to Jin, "Do you disagree with me, my love? What could you possibly offer me? You're not even really here!"


It was a cruel comprehension they always had to endure. Jin worried Namjoon wouldn't take it any longer that he just wouldn't ever open the trinket box. Years had passed and he was stunned that Namjoon hadn't remarried. Some people would even pressure it of him, Jin knew. But like him, Namjoon slept alone in their bed that had once been warm and loving.


Jin couldn't see Namjoon as much as he wanted to. IU was harsh enough to use sturdy magic to where they could even feel each other. They could never make love even if Namjoon allowed it. Namjoon couldn't stay hauled up in their chambers all day either. The whole condition was just painful.


Namjoon pulled at his hair in frustration, "Still to this day, I wonder..." He turned his head to Jin, "Why did you go? Hyosang didn't need you, Jin. You had no reason."


Jin irritably gazed at his husband, "A little girl would've drowned if I hadn't gotten there, Namjoon."


Namjoon scoffed, knowing Jin left out something, "Which was all a ruse for you, my queen," he mocked Jin. Namjoon didn't know why Jin protected them. "Your wretched humans lied to you, Jin and you still stand up for them. Look where they put you and you don't hate them!"


"I don't blame humans for putting me here, Namjoon." Jin told his husband. It was something they talked about a lot. "It's like an ongoing cycle."


Namjoon looked at Jin in disbelief, "That's how it'll always be, Jin." Even after this fight, like all the rest, they'd communicate again. "Do you know why I never tried saving you?"


Jin was bewildered. He allowed his husband to carry on.


"I can give myself legs and I can give myself my tail," Namjoon began. He eyed the trident, "But I can't give you yours back." A tear-jerking epiphany it was. He went to the nightstand and closed the conch.


Why, Jin? Why? Namjoon questioned.


The king of the ocean began weeping. If only he knew that on land, the queen was doing the exact same. Both soulmates living a Hell by being so far away from each other.

Chapter Text


It was arranged in his mind. It had taken the blue haired prince about a day to plan how the proposal was to go. All mers sang their heart songs to their potential mates. He would be doing the same. Taehyung had spent all last night practicing so he'd have the flawless melody and pitch. The only audience would be his intended but he'd rather not have his voice crack during the heart song.


Jungkook had established that Hoseok was spending a lot of time in the music room composing his own song. Taehyung thanked his baby brother for being a spy for him though he had never asked him to do so. Jungkook rolled his eyes and threatened him to carry out with the proposal. Jungkook wanted Hoseok to be his brother. Taehyung didn't say a thing.


Taehyung hadn't gone with the little pearl Yoongi had offered. Just for Hoseok, Taehyung had a green sea shell ring for his intended. Hoseok's favorite color was green and his tail was the same color. The green sea shell felt more suitable for the bubbly merman than the shiny pearl. He wanted it to be perfect.


It felt like a form of manipulation on the plan he had agreed on. Yoongi had suggested it and Taehyung didn't see it being the worst idea ever. The fact that Hoseok wasn't stopping Jungkook from going up to the surface proved that he may not agree with banning the young prince from doing so. Taehyung hoped Hoseok loved him enough to allow him to be distracted.


Yoongi said that he might have to be subtle about persuading Hoseok to make sure Jungkook stays in the palace. It wasn't all good but they were doing it for a good cause. Jungkook's thoughts weren't good for him.


Taehyung slowly swam up to the music room. He placed the closed oyster shell on the ground near the entrance. He was stopped by a mermaid with a soft pink colored dark and dark brown curly hair. He remembered her name was Jennie Kim. She had been one of the mermaids that have sent him suggestive looks that he politely ignored.


"Hello, Prince Taehyung," Jennie greeted the blue haired prince.


Taehyung didn't want to be impolite but the mermaid was blocking his way from entering the music room. He needed to get to Hoseok. He didn't know how long the merman would stay there.


Graciously, he responded back, "Hi Jennie...How are you doing this fine morning?" He hoped she wouldn't jabber too much.


Jennie appreciates the question, "Oh how sweet, my prince!" She shyly smiled, "I'm doing well. How about you?"


Taehyung felt his mouth go dry, his smile never went away, "Good, well really...I was going to continue composing a song."


Jennie was taken back, "Oh, how exciting!" She sent him a suggestive look, "Maybe we should meet up and compose a masterpiece together?"


As long as he got inside the music room pronto, Taehyung agreed, "Yeah sure! I'll make sure to tell you when is a good time."


Jennie was ecstatic and expressed thanks him before swimming away. Taehyung was just glad that he could finally go inside. What he saw surprised as well as what he heard. The prince stayed at the entrance of the room and witnessed.


Hamkke haneun neukkim-i joh-a, neowa

Hamkke haneun chumdeul-i joh-a, neowa

Ulin dalbich alae shadow

Fall in... fall in...


Hoseok sang loudly as he swam around the room elatedly.


I just wanna, wanna, wanna

I really wanna, wanna, wanna

Just dance


Seeing the merman all jovial and smiley faced caused him to develop feelings for him. Taehyung had a hard time continuing after the death or their mother. He figured it was worst for Yoongi who kept to himself and hardly ever talked about himself. Taehyung thought Hoseok to be foolish by how positive he was about things. He had thought the green tailed mer was too happy for his own good.


Taehyung saw the change in Jungkook though. His baby brother was smiling every day and it was more than likely that this happiness blossomed into pure curiosity that led to him being riveted by the surface. Not wanting to blame his intended for anything, Taehyung recalled that, albeit slowly, Hoseok's smiles became contagious. He began smiling randomly.


Hoseok had brought out a feeling in him that he had believed he had long lost. Taehyung had explicitly spent days to create the perfect masterpiece for Hoseok. The day of the concert, Taehyung was going to tell the blonde haired mer that the song was dedicated to him. Of course that would have occurred if Jungkook had been there and if Taehyung swore he wouldn't turn his back on the plan.


The green tailed mer sat down on one of the flat rocks and rested up his voice. Taehyung knew it was his turn to excite the other.


Mueonga kkaejineun sori

Nan mundeuk jameseo kkae


Taehyung began softly, receiving a shaken look from Hoseok. He entered slowly.


Hoseok was uncertain of what was happening do at the moment. Taehyung was reassured that no one had entered and ruined the moment. Taehyung hoped Hoseok understood what he was doing.


Nasseoreum gadeukhan sori

Gwireul maga bojiman jamel deulji mothae


The blue haired prince swam in Hoseok's path. He could see the merman's dumbfounded face. Hoseok had put the pieces together and didn't know how to react. Taehyung gently forced the mer up from where he was sitting.


Mogi jakku apawa

Gamssa boryeohajiman


Taehyung sang as he gazed upon Hoseok with adoring eyes. Hoseok was stunned.


Naegen moksoriga

Eopseo oneuldo geu soril deureo


Taehyung gripped one of Hoseok's hands and wrapped his arm around his waist, imitating a waltz.


Tell me nae moksoriga gajjaramyeon

Nal beoriji marasseoyahaetneunji


Taehyung had directed the other mer around the room.


Tell me gotongjocha gajjaramyeon

Geu ttae naega mueolhaeyahaetneunji


Finally Taehyung halted with one hand caressing Hoseok's cheek.


Hoseok was the first to respond. It was as if he had awakened from a spell. He pulled away entirely, "Uh...What was um...What was that?"


Taehyung chuckled, "That was my heart song to you, Hoseok..." He stopped himself from calling the other "Hobi" or "Hoseokie." He didn't think they were there on their relationship. "What did you think?"


Hoseok scratched the back of his neck, "It was beautiful, a masterpiece for sure, but um...You couldn't have possibly meant that for me, right?" He was inching away from the prince.


Taehyung noticed the gap and got closer to Hoseok, "No, I made no mistake, Hoseok." Jungkook had told him to be direct with his feelings. "I like you a lot, Hoseok. I have for a while."


Hoseok hadn't been expecting this. His cheeks flushed. "What?"


Taehyung nodded. The cat was out of the bag. No use in hiding anything anymore. "It's true, Hoseok... I've known for a while and I knew this was the perfect time to tell you."


Hoseok swallowed deeply, "Uh...Taehyung, um...I don't know what to say...I'm speechless right now, actually."


Taehyung took Hoseok's hands and gently touched them, "It may not be perfect, but it's true, Hoseok. You're my life mate. You bring a happiness in me that no one else does, for that I'm thankful for having you in my life."


Hoseok bit down on his lip as Taehyung leaned his face closer to him. He kept his eyes widen open as the prince's lips touched his own. Taehyung's eyes were closed as they shared a small, chaste kiss. Hoseok closed his own eyes and kissed back. When Taehyung pulled away Hoseok whimpered.


Why does it feel like my dreams are coming true? Hoseok thought as his eyes were engrossed on Taehyung.


"You kissed back." Taehyung said blithely. He wrapped his arms around Hoseok's thin waist, "Is my love requited or reciprocated?"


Hoseok couldn't fight the desire to put his arms around the blue haired merman, so he did. He nodded with a large smile, "Yes, yes! It's mutual."


Taehyung felt overjoyed and detached his arms and Hoseok's. He pecked Hoseok's cheek and swam out of the room. Hoseok's smile faded away, flummoxed by Taehyung's abrupt absence. He knitted his eyebrows when Taehyung came back holding something in his hands. Hoseok questioned that the blue haired prince was smiling merrily.


Hoseok eyeballed Taehyung's hands as the prince presented him an oyster shell. Once he put the pieces together he gasped. Taehyung didn't say anything; instead he opened the oyster shell and inside was a little ring with a green shell. His favorite color. He was astounded as tears formed into his eyes and he covered his mouth with his hands.


"Taehyung...I, what..." Hoseok was tongue-tied. It was old-fashioned for mers to use objects and their heart songs for proposals. Hoseok was to be Taehyung's betrothal.


Taehyung hearteningly smiled, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Like how the blue sky needs the sun. I love you, Hoseok."


Hoseok flushed at the proposal. Jungkook would be squealing together with him if he was here. Transparently, the third prince would be congratulating him. Hoseok was gladder to be even closer with Jungkook. Marrying the merman that made him nervous inside and transfixed was a plus.


"Yes, Tae, I accept you as my to-be life mate." Hoseok confirmed to his heart's content. He went voiceless as he watched the younger slip the ring on his finger. After he nearly tackled the other as he embraced him.


Taehyung's face, unknown to Hoseok, was distressed. The prince may have gotten betrothed to the mer he wanted to be with but it felt slightly tainted. Taehyung strokes Hoseok's blonde locks, wanting the guilt to fade away soon.


"We should totally plan our wedding soon," Taehyung recommended. It was customary for mers to dive into their wedding plans. Since Taehyung was a prince it'd be immense.


Hoseok giggled, "I don't care about how big it is. The numerous decorations or even the guest list." He drew away and looked at his betrothal fondly. "I love you, Tae."


Taehyung gave Hoseok the most sincere smile he could, "I love you too, Hobi." He kissed Hoseok, the remorse still there.



Chapter Text



Jackson swam back and forth. The lunacy the young prince was causing was assuredly raising his blood pressure. He tried to not let it disturb his personal life. Just yesterday he snapped at Yugyeom and BamBam for considering how cool it would be to explore the waters outside of Atlantis. Mark and Jinyoung gave him weird looks as he put together what he had done. He promised Mark everything was fine.


Mark and his sons didn't believe him but for now he'd keep Jungkook's secret all too himself. No one else needed to know how insane the red haired merman was. Jackson noted to stay calm when he went back home with his family. It wasn't their fault that Namjoon had him babysitting Jungkook.


While he was murmuring to himself, said red haired prince was sitting on a rock with a big smile on his face. Jackson didn't need to ask what the prince was joyous about.


"Namjoon doesn't know a thing and he won't, thankfully. Hoseok, you and I will keep our mouths sealed. I can't lie to my best friend though...This gets worst by the second!" Jackson said.


Jungkook plucked a flower and picked at the petals, "He loves me...He loves me not." It kept going until it was down to the last two petals, "He loves me not...He loves me! I knew he did!"


Jackson overlooked the merry prince, "Jungkook, don't talk nonsense like that. You don't know what you're saying. Now, back to your appa, this secret—"


"I have to see him again! Tonight." Jungkook said with determination. He glanced at Jackson, "Jaehyun knows where he lives."


Jackson was staggered by what the prince was saying. "You're not thinking straight, Jungkook. The sea is your home and that's where your mind should be!"


The prince in love exhaled, "I'll swim up to his castle, get his attention and then—" Jackson couldn't stand another word.


"You don't want to be a part of the human world, Jungkook. It's a mess!" Jackson clarified. Everything he knew about humans was the same as any other mer.


From a young age all mers were taught to never go near land and to never interact with humans. Contrasting the merfolk, humans didn't care for the ocean. They contaminated the sea and hunted striking animals such as whales and dolphins. Jackson had heard from his other father that some humans took seahorses and kept them as decorations for their walls. Humans kept some animals they seized as their pets too.


It was not allowed for mers and humans to come in contact with each other. Just by what he's been educated about humans, Jackson was gratifying that it was prohibited. He wouldn't want to ever meet such irresponsible and insensitive creatures. Jungkook needed to stop thinking about this human prince. He had to be reminded that he was better off under the sea than on land.


"Look at the world you live in, Jungkook," Jackson got the prince's attention. He spotted a school of fish passing by, "Look at the wonderful, beautiful world you were born into!"


Jungkook laid his hands on his lap and innocently stole a glance at his surroundings. There was no way that anyone could disagree with Jackson. The sea was a beautiful place and Jungkook knew all he needed to. Humans didn't believe in krakens or selkies—they were very much real. Granted he's never met one but both of his parents told him they existed like the merfolk.


It wasn't tough to believe his parents' words. His father had royal blood in his family from a long line. Then there was his mother who hadn't lived in Atlantis his whole life. Yoongi, Taehyung and him knew better than to not believe in the fact that "sea monsters" (as humans called them) existed. They were real, just didn't want to be troubled.


It was standard for mer siblings to share a room in their youth. The nursery was the nearest to Namjoon's and Jin's chambers. The room was given the name, "the nursery" and it had formerly just been Yoongi's until Taehyung came along and he was Yoongi's roommate and then Jungkook arrived and the nursery belonged to all three princes who were just a year a part in age.


Though it had been Yoongi's room in the beginning, he had gotten used to Taehyung and Jungkook being present. The older mer had grown accustomed to sharing a room with his younger brothers. He didn't complain one bit. It made reading stories and singing lullabies easier for his parents when nighttime came around.


Since Namjoon was the king of Atlantis and was always needed, it was normal for only Jin to be in the nursery. Sometimes it was just Jin with the three mer children since Namjoon was caught in important meetings that couldn't be avoided. Even when Jin was in their chambers and the children were fast asleep, the king remembered to kiss his sons' cheeks before heading to his own bedroom.


Tonight was a night like some. The whole family was present in the nursery. Namjoon and Jin were sitting next to each other on the floor with their children all over them. Yoongi was leaning close to Namjoon's side, Taehyung was sitting in between his parents and Jungkook was lying on top of Jin's lap. The children were giggling while Namjoon and Jin smiled down at their babies they loved dearly.


"Do krakens exist, Umma?" Taehyung looked up at his mother. The five year old had mentioned he had seen a bunch of squids so he got thinking about the large squid like monster.


Jin stroked Taehyung's dark blue locks, "Yes, Tae Tae, they exist just like merfolk do."


Dazed by his mother's words, Yoongi leaned closely, "Have you seen one before, Umma?"


Jin giggled and shook his head, "Nope, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. It just means they want to live their lives lonely and peacefully, that's all."


"We have no right searching for them. It'd only provoke them. The ocean is their home and therefore they can't be blamed for attacking." Namjoon explained to is three sons.


Cutely, Jungkook asked, "What about selkies?"


"They exist too, Kookie," Jin guaranteed his youngest. "And like krakens, they wish to live unbothered. Everyone wants to live happily and no one to harm them, right?"


Namjoon agreed with his husband, "How would you feel if someone went into your room and made a mess of it, hm?" The three boys gaped with widened eyes.


"That's not nice." Yoongi reasoned with a pout.


"Punish them!" Taehyung cried.


Jin giggled, "Violence isn’t always the answer, Tae Tae." He observed all his sons, "We shouldn't disturb anyone. Treat everyone the way we want to be treated." With big smiles the little mers nodded.



The memory was a sweet one. Long time ago Jungkook would have his mood dropped by thinking about the past with his mother alive. He stopped thinking that way though. Jungkook had cried too much that it had gotten glum. Life didn't seem so remarkable without his mother. But his mother wouldn't want him to remember him with tears. He'd want Jungkook to continue living and to be happy. The prince had Hoseok to thank for that.


Hoseok hadn't been living a picture-perfect life when Jungkook had met him. Jungkook had made that slipup of supposing he did due to his jubilant mood. Hoseok was an orphan. Hoseok had been enjoying a good time with his parents and older sister as they were travelling away from Atlantis. During their travel, Hoseok's parents had been harpooned. Hoseok's older sister tried leading him away until she was harpooned herself.


The cheerful green tailed mer had his family's blood all over him when guards from Atlantis found him trying to return home. When they had taken him in, Hoseok had run away and hid in Atlantis, not wanting to be found. Jungkook didn't know why Hoseok was still so happy with that tragedy that had befallen onto him. Jungkook had been proven that the awful event that awakened something beautiful instead.


Hoseok told him that a few days after he continued in hiding, he found a baby sea turtle hiding from a barracuda. Hoseok aided the vulnerable sea turtle and it altered his look on life. He had witnessed the sea life around him and he was amazed by the beauty by it that he cried of contentment. Life was beautiful and disastrous at the same time.


The sea turtle reminded Hoseok of himself. Not all of the babies from the nest had made it, evidently, but this one did. Hoseok told Jungkook that he didn't have time to sit and cry. Hoseok lived out his childhood on his own. Jungkook couldn't believe such a young mer could recover from that. It had inspired him to not cry for his mother anymore, but to smile for him. Jungkook wished to be enthusiastic about life and it had led to now.


"Under the sea, how can you not be living with a smile on your face? What more could you be looking for when you have the ocean is your oyster and you are its pearl." Jackson enlightened.


Jungkook was about to thank Jackson when he spotted Hoseok. He grinned and waved at his friend. Since Jackson was so preoccupied by his own words, Jungkook found it being the right moment to escape. Jackson was still going on as Jungkook snuck out following Hoseok.


When Jackson turned around to where Jungkook had been sitting he felt overpowered. "Jungkook? Jungkook!" He shook his head, "Aish...Someone's got to nail that boy's fin to the floor."


Jungkook had run off as he always did. He still didn't know why he hadn't told Namjoon about this yet. The king had no clue of his son's collection, the fact that he rescued a human and that he was in love with this human.


How could things get any worse?


When you least expect it, things get worst. Moonbyul swam swiftly towards Jackson with a look of worry. Jackson turned to the mermaid.


"Jackson, where have you been? I've been looking for you." Moonbyul stated. Hearing the woman's heavy breathing proved she was right. "Namjoon wants to see you."


Jackson tilted his head, "What's wrong?"


"He says he wants to see you right away," Moonbyul continued. "It's about Jungkook." Jackson paled at the merman's name.


I'm dead! Jackson worried as he trailed Moonbyul back to the throne room where Namjoon was awaiting for him.

Chapter Text


He psychologically equipped himself for what was to arise. Moonbyul went off to her mate at their shared home. A mermaid, present to help Solar, notified Moonbyul that the baby would be arriving soon. Jackson wished the blonde haired mermaid as she swam fast to her mate to welcome their child.


He would've gone inside the throne room but he could hear Namjoon talking with a guard about the perimeters of Atlantis. No one was allowed to interrupt the king and therefore Jackson was staying where he was until the guard left and it was his turn to talk to Namjoon, which he was dreading heavily.


As he stood waiting, unpredictably the two older princes came up to him. Yoongi was the first to question, "Jackson, what are you doing?"


Jackson felt his mouth go dry, "I'm going to be talking with your appa soon, why?" Soon enough Yoongi and Taehyung would know of their brother's love.


Taehyung wrinkled his nose, "About what?"


Jackson's pale face told the older princes it wasn't something good. "Jungkook."


Yoongi grinned as if he knew what Jackson meant, "Let me guess, it's about Jungkook being in love, correct?"


He could visualize Namjoon's enraged eyes once he found out what his baby son was in love with. No mermaid or merman.


"More or less..." Jackson replied, dodging eye contact from the two prince's. He didn't want to be the one to tell them.


Taehyung had been inaudible for a second and his cheeks went pink. Jackson and Yoongi noticed this. Evidently the blue haired prince was thinking about something not so pure.


Yoongi broke the silence, "Tae is engaged." Taehyung sent a glare at his older brother who gave him his signature gummy smile.


Jackson wished he could be more contented for Taehyung but all he could think about was that he hadn't said farewell to his family. Surely Namjoon would want him lifeless when finding out that Jungkook loved a human. It was a fact that Taehyung would he getting married sooner than Jungkook since there'd be no way that Namjoon would he accepting a human as his family.


"Amazing, really...Good for you, Taehyung," Jackson didn't use formalities when with the boys. They were like nephews to him since Namjoon and he were like brothers.


No brotherhood is going to stop your death sentence, Jackson warned himself.


"Do you think you can guess the lucky mer?" Yoongi said with a smirk as Taehyung bore holes in his head.


Jackson couldn't think who Taehyung fancied. He could write up a list of mermaids and mermen who fancied him though. So many mers were in love wirh Taehyung's deep voice. On more than one occasion, Jackson unfortunately overheard mers mention how they'd want the blue haired prince to say their name and how erotic his voice was.


Nevertheless of his deep voice, Taehyung was a handsome merman. Both older princes were eye-catching. They got their masculinity voices from their father. Then there was Jungkook, a beautiful merman, his beauty and soft intoxicating voice being inherited from Jin. Jackson could tell that they would all have numerous admirers.


Namjoon and Jin had an equivalent amount of admirers for the exact same reason. Namjoon was a gifted, handsome prince. Jin was had a beautiful voice and face. Mermaids and mermen wanted Namjoon for his power to have everything while others wanted Jin was his beauty. The princes would be desired for the same reason as their parents.


There was not one name that popped into his head when it came to Taehyung's engagement. "I can't think of any names."


"Hoseok." Yoongi revealed.


Jackson wasn't too shaken up by Yoongi's response. Hoseok was Jungkook's best friend and so was no stranger to anyone. It had been tragic what happened to his family. Jackson couldn't imagine the pain the green tailed merman bore. Hoseok had a different, yet pleasant singing voice and he was unceasingly creating songs as he was making people smile.


It was a fitting match. Taehyung wouldn't ever have to worry about being sad or angered since Hoseok would be there.


"Hoseok is a good, respectable merman. Your appa will be pleased to call him his future son." Jackson's words put a smile on Taehyung's face.


Yoongi patted Taehyung's shoulder to stiffen the resolve of whatever was bothering him. Jackson somehow doubted Taehyung wasn't worried about what Namjoon would say about Hoseok. He would leave it a mystery for now.


"Your turn." The guard said to Jackson as he exited the throne room. Jackson gulped. The two princes were excited for no reason. Once they found it was a human Jungkook was in love with, they'd be speechless.






Today had been a peculiar one indeed. When he had begun his lessons to be king when he was way younger than Jungkook, Namjoon had an idea that he would be stressed and all over the place. It had been nothing when Jin had been present to watch over the children while he dealt with the responsibilities of ruling a kingdom. It wasn't child's play like some mers thought it to be.


His duties had never strained Jin's and his marriage. Namjoon had made sure to let Jin know what was expected of him long before they had married. Jin took the duties of a queen precisely. Jin recognized that wearing the king's crown had a steep price. Namjoon didn't plan his life out; he was born into it. Above and beyond, if he had eloped with Jin, there might have been a chance of IU getting what she always wanted.


Either way, he had a list of things to do today. He had gone over any situations that had arisen in the kingdom which was not much. Then there was Chaeyoung stressing the postponed concert and she always leaned close to him when they discussed things. Namjoon was taken by a beautiful traitor and he didn't want to remarry. He only wanted Jin even though they so far away from each other. Namjoon had no time to hunt IU or deal with Chaeyoung's attraction towards him.


Last but not least he wanted to get down to Jungkook who was in love. At the moment the kingdom and his sons were his main concern. It's marvelous that Jungkook had found someone to love him and who he can love back. He had called for Jackson since his best friend had been keeping an eye on his youngest. For certain Jackson would know who has stolen Jungkook's heart.


"Hmm...I wonder who it is," Namjoon said inquisitively. He noticed Jackson entering the room, "Jackson!"


Jackson slowly moved toward his best friend, he smiled, trying not to sound jumpy, "Namjoon."


"I believe you know why I asked you here." Namjoon said, raising his eyebrows. The king had no clue what he'd learn soon enough.


Jackson bit his lip hard till he could taste blood. He recalled he wasn't alone, "Uh..."


"About Jungkook?" Namjoon proposed. Noticeably the king couldn't tell that there was something off about how his friend was acting.


Jackson shuddered, "What about Jungkook?"


"Haven't you seen him distracted? What's you say up in the clouds? Daydreaming? Humming a joyous tune." Namjoon had made a grand observation.


Jackson nodded, "Yes, he's been...Uh, excessively in a good mood." As if he was trying to he subtle about it.


"You've yet to inform me of something, Jackson," Namjoon gave him a warning look. Jackson stiffened.


Jackson licked his lips, "Yet to inform you?"


"About Jungkook?" Namjoon reminded his best friend. Jackson wouldn't be able to hide anything anymore. Jungkook wasn't making things stress-free and Jackson knew the secret would be difficult to keep. "Him being in love?"


Jackson broke down. He tugged at his dark locks and felt the tears come to his eyes. He had known Namjoon since they were only children! How could he keep such a massive secret like this? Especially when it did have to do with life and death. They all knew how keen and adventurous Jungkook. What if he actually tried to go to the land and meet with this human? He could die!


Another loss for Namjoon and it would be Jackson's fault. If only he had told him.


"I tried, Namjoon, I swear! He wouldn't listen though. Humans are horrible creatures and I told him to stay away!" Jackson swore as he kept his head down.


There was a mixture of emotions rousing inside of the sea king. First it was bafflement since he didn't know what Jackson was talking about. It took no time to finally put all the pieces and Jackson's words together. Namjoon tightened his grasp on the trident and his blood simmered. Now he was fuming.


"Humans?" Namjoon questioned calmly. Jackson looked up to see Namjoon's wrath. "Who said anything about HUMANS?!"


Jackson started biting agitatedly at his nails. He had created an enormous error.




Chapter Text


Taehyung's affectionate confession motivated him to do something for Jungkook. It was a while before the red haired boy's birthday so it wouldn't be that. Hoseok had an idea that Jungkook had helped out Taehyung. Jungkook was just persuasive that way. Plus they could celebrate which would be downright fun! Hoseok snuck to the shipwreck graveyard and searched for any items that might be of interest to Jungkook.


There were countless objects for Hoseok to choose from but they didn't seem special enough for this type of occasion. Hoseok tried seeing if there was anything human like that had been abandoned nearby. He squealed and felt fruitful when he found the perfect gift for Jungkook. He quickly took it back to Jungkook's lair and left it there so he could get the lucky boy.


Taehyung was going to go around and tell his family about the engagement. It was the right time for Hoseok to go looking for Jungkook's gift.


Hoseok found Jungkook with Jackson. Namjoon's right-hand man was prattling while Jungkook was absent-minded by what he believed to be a certain human prince.


Jungkook asked, "Why can't you just tell me what this is about?" Hoseok told him he had a surprise for him. He was on pins and needles, curious to what Hoseok had for him.


Hoseok was the one to move the rock and the first to enter. He swam quickly and stood in front of Jungkook's surprise. Jungkook moved the rock back and gaped at Hoseok with impatience.


"Surprise!" Hoseok exclaimed as he moved away to reveal the statue of Prince Jimin from the ship. He witnessed Jungkook's reaction and knew he had done right.


Jungkook's eyes sparkled as they set on the statue. Ever since seeing Jimin for the first time on the ship, he couldn't get the human out of his head. Jungkook tried just for the attempts to remain futile like always. This wasn't a little fascination, it was so much more. He loved Jimin hopelessly.


He beamed and swam towards the statue, "Hobi...I...This is amazing! It looks exactly like him! His eyes and everything." Jungkook placed his hands on the statue's chest, "Run away with you, Jimin? Oh I'd love to!"


Hoseok gasped and Jungkook wheeled around and could understand why his best friend had been left open-mouthed. Standing at the entrance of the lair was Namjoon with his golden trident in his right hand. The most noticeable thing about the king was his infuriation that could be seen in his eyes.


"Appa!" Jungkook couldn't find anything to say. His father wasn't going to like this one bit no matter what he told him. He spotted Jackson right behind.


Namjoon advanced towards his son, "I'm a practical king, Jungkook. I know what rules to lay out for my children. Why does it seem like you aren't onboard with my rules?"


Jungkook rested his back to the statue as if for support, "Appa, I—"


"Did you rescue a human from drowning, Jungkook?" Namjoon felt those words too familiar with this situation.


Jungkook objected, "Appa, I had to!" He couldn't have allowed Jimin to die. It would have been a tragic loss to the world to lose someone so divine.


"Humans and merfolk interacting is forbidden, Jungkook! You know this. Everyone but you seems to be listening!" Namjoon knew another name but Jungkook didn't need to know that. No one did.


Jungkook shook his head, "He would've died!"


"One less human to worry about." Namjoon had loathed humans ever since Jin's departure.


"You don't even know who he is." Jungkook argued back.


Namjoon didn't need to know any to know that they're vile creatures. All they do is destroy and steal. Polluting the oceans. Murdering. Stealing what didn't belong to them.


"I don't need to know him, Jungkook," Namjoon snapped. "They're all spineless, savage, repulsive, thieving monsters lacking any emotion."


Jungkook cried, "Appa, I love him!" He gasped when he took in what he had proclaimed. Hoseok and Jackson shared the same appalled expression.


Namjoon's eyes widened. What he had dreaded and never predicted was happening. "No...It can't be..."


While he loved his mate dearly, Namjoon had questioned him once too many times. He didn't comprehend why Jin wanted to be friends with humans. Why his love needed to see the humans and their repellent world. Jin was getting a taste of it and the price was steep; his tail and family.


Maybe Jin didn't fall in love with Hyosang but Jin had been misled by the "friend" he trusted. Jungkook would fall into the same place as Jin or even worst. Namjoon had let Jin fall into his faith for humans but he wouldn't be letting Jungkook. He lost Jin, his love, but he wasn't going to lose his own son.


"I swear to you, Jungkook, I'm going to end this infatuation of yours." Namjoon swore. He didn't stop Jin but he could stop Jungkook. The trident began glowing as he pointed it towards one of the shelves, "If this is how, so be it."


With the power of his trident, Namjoon blasted each and every item that his son had ever collected. Hoseok and Jackson had watched near the entrance in terror of the king's wrath. Jackson was sympathetic while Hoseok was grief stricken to see every single thing Jungkook had admired so much all gone. Even if Jungkook let go of his love for the human prince, he would at least have all the items he had been charmed by.


No, Hoseok thought mournfully as he was frozen. He couldn't help Jungkook.


All Jungkook would do was beg and cry out as he watched his father destroy everything he had come to cherish. He had spent time assembling everything. Jaehyun had helped him out by figuring out the names of each item. He had learned all of their names and was riches to him.


Once everything surrounding them was demolished and just dust, there was one last item left. The statue of Jimin had remained undamaged. To see one thing still in flawless shape while being surrounded by debris of memories was sad. What Namjoon was about to do would be more a devastation towards Jungkook.


"Appa, no!" Jungkook begged his father as Namjoon pointed the Trident at the statue. In flashes, the statue was only pieces on the floor.


It was like witnessing a daydream being torn away from his grasps. All he had of the human prince was the statue. He didn't know what would ever come of them but at least he'd have the statue. It wasn't like that anymore, regrettably. His father had blasted the beautiful masterwork into smithereens. Jungkook sat on the floor near where the statue had been standing as he sobbed hardly.


Hearing his son's sobs broke his heart but Namjoon could only have faith that this would end Jungkook's concentration on humans. It had to be done and he had been doing it for the right reasons. With grief, Namjoon left the cave that had once been full of things Jungkook valued.


The last thing he heard of Jungkook for a while was his cries.


Chapter Text


All he wanted to do was embrace Jungkook and promise him that everything was going to be fine. Being the hopeful optimist he was Hoseok didn't know how things would be turned onto the bright side. Not all situations could easily bring back a form of joy. Hoseok witnessed Namjoon take everything that Jungkook had found important. Instead of staying in the castle, Jungkook had explored and collected.


Hoseok didn't know what had happened. One moment he's giving Jungkook a present and then the next he's sobbing while surrounded by destruction. The first person he'd make sure to question was Jackson. The mer had said they'd be keeping this secret and they were the only three that were aware of Jungkook's collection. They were supposed to keep their lips sealed. Someone had told the king.


Jackson approached the sobbing red haired prince, "Jungkook, I didn't—"


Jungkook refuses to look at anyone, "Just leave me alone..."


Hoseok swam out with Jackson. Neither expected to see Namjoon talking with Yoongi and Taehyung outside of the lair.


Hoseok hadn't been expecting Taehyung and no one knew about Jungkook's lair. This was all a story that he wanted to know about. Seeing Yoongi's and Taehyung's face told him that they had just found out what there was to know about their brother's fixation with humans.


Namjoon and Yoongi swam away from the cave while Taehyung stayed, glaring at Hoseok. Seeing his betrothal looking at him that way did hurt. Jackson ended up brooding near some coral and clownfish while Hoseok went in the direction of Taehyung.


"Did you really give Kookie a statue of a human prince?" The sound of Taehyung's voice would intimidate anyone by the bitterness.


Hoseok couldn't resist shrinking a bit; he brushed it off promptly, "I saw no harm in it. I thought it was a gift that he'd—"


Taehyung snapped, "What were you thinking, Hoseok? It was a horrible mistake! You're encouraging Kookie to keep his interest in humans."


Hoseok didn't like the way this discussion was going. He gave his friend a human gift but he wasn't trying to push him out of the sea and into a human's arms. He was concerned about Jungkook's protection as well. Hearing Taehyung like this made sense but it all seemed off.


It sounded like his betrothal was calling him a bad influence on his best friend.


"It's a statue, Tae, not an actual living human being," Hoseok kept to his word. The gift was harmless but sweet.


Taehyung scoffed, "You're badly swaying Kookie, Hoseok. He's not supposed to love humans, he's to hate them."


Hoseok took one look at the ring on his right hand ring finger. How could Taehyung say that to him? He's been friends with Jungkook for a long while. It was as if the blue haired merman was calling him a bad friend. If there was one thing he wasn't it was a horrible friend.


He had wanted to do something extraordinary for Jungkook. And the only one who thought that was a good thing was Jungkook and him. It wasn't the best situation Jungkook was wedged in and there were two sides of the coin. Hoseok didn't have to undergo being stressed to detest humans since he had no family to tell him how wicked they were. He was a bright, faithful person who'd rather hope than assume.


He slipped off the ring Taehyung had given him and shoved it into the prince's hands before swimming towards the brooding Jackson.


He swam to Hoseok and Jackson, "Hoseok, what are you doing?" Taehyung questioned the merman he treasured.


Hoseok wheeled around with tears in his eyes, "How dare you? You think your appa, Yoongi and you are the only ones who care about Kookie? You're so wrong!"


"I didn't..." Taehyung moaned in frustration. Nothing was going right. "I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings, Hobi, please let's talk."


Hoseok didn't wipe the tears away, "Talk about what? It would appear that I impact Kookie incorrectly. How could you say that?"


Taehyung began to see Hoseok's viewpoint, "I shouldn't have..." He couldn't believe how the day he proposed to Hoseok was the day their relationship might end. "I was hoping that you would persuade Kookie to stop."


Hoseok looked betrayed, "Is that the only reason you proposed to me, Prince Taehyung?"


Taehyung didn't favor the jeering but it was the least of his worries. He tried grabbing Hoseok's hands but failed, "Please, let's just...Let's resolve this back at the palace."


Hoseok wouldn't be going anywhere with the mer he thought loved him hopelessly. "No. I'm staying with Kookie. Like a best friend would do."


Taehyung sought to stay and influence his gorgeous green tailed merman but there was no getting through him now. He had done enough harm. He dreaded he'd make more errors and end up with more regrets. He loved Hoseok but he knew he had done wrong. Calling Hoseok was a bad friend was wrong of him.


Hoseok rotated away from him and Taehyung knew he'd have to try another day. The blue haired prince hastily swam away from the lair.


"I'm sorry, Hoseok," Jackson asked for forgiveness to the young merman who had his back turned towards him.


Hoseok refused to blame anyone for what Taehyung had said. Right now he had more significant problems to handle with than try to fix something that was on the face of it broken.







Right where everyone had left him, Jungkook was sobbing at the loss of his collection. He felt so shattered and lost. If his own father couldn't comprehend him, whoever would? Was it so bad for him to dream of an impeccable world of his own that had to do with humans? Humans aren't perfect but neither are mers, Jungkook would've disputed. He felt too blue to do anything though.


The young prince had been too forlorn that he was uninformed of the appearance of guests. Jungkook detected there was someone else there and thought it to be Hoseok or Jackson. He would've told them to go away but the voice that he heard didn't belong to either merman.


"Poor child," a female said in a distraught, understanding tone. Jungkook had never heard of the female's voice before.


Another female's voice was heard, "Poor, sweet, child, Hyolyn." Jungkook spun to see two females he had never seen before. Their lower halves were the body of an eel.


The one called Hyolyn with curly bright blonde hair retorted, "You have a serious problem, my dear. Doesn't he, Bora?"


Bora, the other one, with short dark brown hair agreed, "If only there was a way we could stop the pain."


Hyolyn put a finger on her chin, "But there is something."


Jungkook swallowed, "Who...Who are you?"


Bora sat beside the prince and wrapped an arm around him comfortingly, "Don't be scared, sweet prince."


"We know someone who can help you," Hyolyn took a seat on the other side of Jungkook.


Bora nodded, "Someone who can make all of your dreams come true."


Both Bora and Hyolyn said in unison, "Just imagine..."


Bora picked up the broken statue's face and held it out to Jungkook, "You and your dashing prince—"


"Can live your happily ever after, together, forever and ever," Hyolyn ended Bora's sentence.


Jungkook glimpsed back and forth at the both of them, not taking the statue's face, "What do you mean?"


"IU has wonderful powers that can turn your dream into reality." Boraanswered.


Jungkook knew that name too well. If there was something worse than humans it was the sea witch. His mother said his brothers and him to by no means trust a woman by the name IU. When they got older, they learned who IU was. Jungkook wouldn't ever want to be in the woman's presence.


"No! I would never—get out of here! Leave me alone!" Jungkook rejected help from someone like that. He scooted away from the eels.


Hyolyn got up, "Suit yourself."


"It was only a suggestion." Bora said, following the other eel. Before swimming out, she gradually placed the statue's face on Jungkook's lap.


The prince's eyes set on the statue's face. Timidly, Jungkook reached out and picked up the face from his lap. The eels mentioned his dreams coming true. Could that really happen? Was there really a way that he could be with Jimin always and he wouldn't ever have to worry about his father trying to stop him?


It sounded too good to be true. But he longed to be with Jimin. He loved the human prince. If it meant going to such jeopardies, Jungkook would do it. He just has to get back to his prince.


"Wait!" Jungkook called out to the two eels that rotated back with corresponding grins.


Chapter Text


Outside of Jungkook's cave, Jackson and Hoseok were in deep chat. Hoseok wanted to know how Namjoon found out all about this. And of course as he pointed out, only three people knew about Jungkook's collection: Jungkook, Jackson and himself. Jungkook and he kept their lips shut meaning that only one other person did it.


And he was right.


"I feel horrible for Jungkook!" Jackson clarified miserably. Hoseok could tell the merman didn't mean to. "It was an accident!"


It was ironic to Hoseok. Jackson's idea to bury the secret and to make sure that neither Jungkook nor he said anything. The one who wanted to hide it all was the one who ended up exposing it. It was funny but not really.


Unexpectedly Jungkook swam past them, following two female eels. Wondering what was going on, Jackson and him followed.


"Jungkook!" Jackson called out to the young prince who swam aloofly. "Where are you going?"


Jungkook kept his head straightforward, "I'm going to see IU."


Knowing that name so well and how infamous the woman was, Jackson panicked. "Jungkook, no! The woman is a barbarian!"


Jungkook bitterly snapped back at Jackson, "Why don't you go tell my Appa, hmm? Since you do that so well." Jackson felt hurt by the comment but regardless followed the prince.


Hoseok heard bits and bits of who IU was. He didn't really have anyone to tell him who she was. Naturally parents forewarned their children of the hazards that might be out there waiting to get them. IU was one of them but Hoseok knew her as the "sea witch." He heard she had done some horrible stuff and was exiled by Namjoon's father, Sihyuk, long ago.


You're doing this for Kookie, Hoseok thought as he eyed his stoic friend.


As the five kept swimming they were surrounded by huge skeletons that they assumed to be whales. Only one had been noticeable. One of the skeletons was glowing purple and some type of white smoke was coming out through the uncountable bones.


It was all odd and eerie, appropriate for a sea witch.


Hoseok and Jackson stayed a bit behind though weren't leaving Jungkook all by himself. Bora and Hyolyn led them through the front which happened to be the whale's mouth that was wide open. By instinct, Hoseok grabbed into Jackson's arm as he saw how dark it was inside. The green tailed merman took a deep breath before continuing.






The first thing Jungkook's heard was small whispers. He gulps and feels his wrist being grasped. His head whirls around to see a lugworm around his wrist. Jungkook trembled as he saw another lugworm swim towards him. He felt something touch his fin. The prince's eyes averted to the floor and his breath was taken away. There was a garden of lugworms right below him.


Jungkook tried pulling the lugworm on his wrist just for another one to nearly wrap around his other wrist.


"Come in, sweet prince, come in!" A female's voice, neither Bora's or Hyolyn's echoed. Jungkook observed the lugworms detach themselves and swim swiftly back down. "You're here for a deal, aren't you?"


Jungkook followed the voice to enter a large room. There were shelves with jars full of living creatures and colorful liquids. He spotted some thick books as well. He expected all of these items were used for the spells IU casted.


At the center of the room was a large black cauldron. IU, a woman with short black hair, black scales all over her upper body and black tentacles instead of a tail and fin. Jungkook noticed the golden seashell necklace dangling around her neck and the golden octopus bracelet around her left wrist.


"Now, you seem to have eyes for a human prince? He's uh, quite a handsome one, isn't he?" IU began the discussion, trying to go over Jungkook's general issue. She intertwined her hands, "Your solution is simple, dear. You need to be human to get that prince of yours."


Jungkook's eyes sparkled with hope. The woman was a sea witch. "Can you do that?"


IU scoffed as if what he had asked her was the simplest question to answer. "Pft! Can I? Darling, I live for this kind of work! Sure your dear Merfolk describe me as a witch, I get it, no hard feelings. I flipped my switch though. I'm a helper now."


Jungkook didn't know how much he could believe the woman. He eyed her questionably, "How so?"


"I've got a bunch of people asking me for favors, dear. Someone wanting to be thinner? Bam! Someone wanting to get the attention of another? Bam! I help them, of course. It's what I do." IU effortlessly prattled.


If so many others before him had been aided by IU, surely it wouldn't hurt for her to help him. He would just be another mer searching for someone to help him. His father drew the line at trying to understand him. There was no going back if he accepted IU's help. He had no one else to turn to. In layman's terms, he was very desperate.


"There have been those poor unfortunate souls who couldn't pay the price," IU rattled on as she took items from her shelves and threw them into the large cauldron, causing all sorts of colorful smoke to emanate from it.


IU cleared her throat, "Now, here's the deal. I'll give you a potion that makes you human for three days. Here's the gist. Before the sun sets on the third day, your prince has to kiss you."


Jungkook flushed at the thought. Being able to be with Jimin again made his heart skip a beat. Visualizing them kissing made his heart stop. It sounded all like a beautiful dream that he couldn't wish to come true.


"It's not just any kiss though, it's the kiss. True love's kiss. If he kisses you, forever you'll remain human. If he doesn't, you're back to a merman and you belong to me." IU sinisterly said the last part with eyes of mischief. She was waiting for the merman to fail.


Jackson cried out, "Jungkook, don't!" Hyolyn and Bora blocked him.


"So are we sealing the deal?"


Jungkook was dismayed by the true reality of being with Jimin, "I'll never see my appa or hyungs ever again..."


IU rolled her eyes. Namjoon's and Jin's older sons were soldiers and she could never use them as bargaining chips. Even trying to lure Taehyung's plaything Hoseok wouldn't be worth her time. The green tailed merman had nothing he would ever go to her for. It's not like she had the ability to bring someone back to life.


Which she doubted he would ever want due to his morals.


"True, but you'll have your man. Tough choices are one's main obstacle in life," IU could care less about Jungkook's family he'd be leaving behind. She got down to business, "Now, we need to discuss about payment. Nothing's for free, if you know what I mean."


Jungkook didn't have anything valuable that the sea witch would want. He didn't really own one specific object that was the closest to him.


"What could I possibly give you?" Jungkook questioned. The sea witch was giving him the chance to be with his life mate.


IU shrugged mindlessly to how the prince would answer to the price, "I'm not asking for the world here. It'll totally be unmissable. What I want...Is your voice."


Jungkook touched his throat. It was definitely not was one would call "nothing to miss." Mers didn't consider themselves anything without their voices. All mers could sing, some beautifully and others plainly, but they used their voices. Whether it was to attract their potential life mate, lullabies, tell stories, or even if they wish to sing every day in their lives.


His whole life he had always been told he had been granted with a voice soft like his mother's. He would be giving up his red tail which and now his voice, both what helped keep him going after his mother's death. Without either one he didn't really have much of him. It made him crestfallen.


"My voice?" Would Jimin really fall in love with him? Together was he to remain mute? Jungkook wanted to sing his heart song to Jimin and that wouldn't be able to happen ever.


IU nodded, "Yup. No talking, singing, zip!"


Jungkook could hear Jackson panicking. From within, Jungkook was doing the same. He would definitely miss his voice. Would his mother really be okay with him doing all of this?


Jungkook speculated how he'd communicate with Jimin. "But without my voice, how will I be able to—"


"No one cares about opinions up there on the sand, sweetcakes. All that matters up there are survival, really. You're rich or poor, king or servant, you know?" IU didn't care what she had to throw at the young prince. She was getting his voice. "Besides, you get to keep your face and body—no reason he shouldn't be heads over heels! You're one beautiful boy. I guess we can thank daddy and mommy for that, hm?" IU winked at him.


He would've said something but this was all a big choice to make. His life wouldn't ever be the same. To be with Jimin, he had to give up his life under the sea. He wouldn't be able to see his family. Suddenly he remembered what Hoseok had said to him while he was still mourning. When he used to stay hauled up in his chambers.



Both young mers were swimming around in the kingdom. Jungkook had just met Hoseok officially four days ago and had learned so much about the other mer. Hoseok had endured a similar situation that sounded way worse than his. Hoseok told him to never compare how much pain someone endures. Everyone went through huge painful obstacles since life wasn't paradise. It had its harsh moments.


Seeing Hoseok in his blissful state made Jungkook wonder if it was even right to have that mindset. Hoseok had lost his parents and older sister yet here he was living his life jovially. Jungkook didn't want to be gloomy all day and he could see how beautiful life was. How he didn't have to give up and isolate himself from everyone else. But should he? Would it not be insulting his mother to continue on?




Hoseok spun to smile at his friend, "What's up, Kookie?"


"I...I want to ask you something," Jungkook said. The two mers proceeded towards some coral, away from other mers.


Hoseok could see Jungkook's frown. In concern, he asked, "Are you okay, Kookie?


"I've been thinking a lot...I want to be happy too, like you," Jungkook began. He saw Hoseok's gratified smile. "What would my umma think though?"


Hoseok draped an arm around the young prince's shoulders, "Kookie, your umma loves you. He would hate to see you cry or be sad. He wants you to live your life to the fullest."




Hoseok nodded positively, "Definitely. He wants you to love and be loved, Kookie. He's happy as long as you are."



Jungkook was planning to be happy. If Jimin loved him back then Jungkook would be content. He would be with his life mate and that made all mers live euphorically. Jimin was his euphoria and he was just finding a way to get to him.


His eyes caught something glowing. Behind him was a crystal ball. It was significant by what he saw inside of it. It was an image of the beach and on a rock; someone was sitting on it with a white dog running around. Jungkook's eyes widened when he noticed the person was Jimin. The prince looked like he was searching for someone...Jimin was searching for him!


Jungkook lightly touched the crystal ball, his eyes glued to Jimin. This was important. He was trying to get to his prince. His happy ending. No one was getting hurt. He was just returning to his love.


Unknown to Jungkook, IU was grinning widely as she glanced at Hyolyn and Bora who were now standing at her sides. "Young love, right? Hmm...It reminds me of two mermen who were ALL over each other! Who knew that they would create my way back into Atlantis hmm?"


Jungkook sighed deeply, "We have a deal."






Hearing those words got IU on cloud nine. Things were going according to plan. No longer did she have to crave for retribution. It was long overdue but she could claim the throne that should rightfully be hers. To Hell with the royal family and their honorable "morals." IU was going to be the new queen of the ocean.


With a snap of her fingers a radiant gold contract was in her hands. Hyolyn handed Jungkook a feathered pen and swam back to Bora. IU presented the contract in front of Jungkook. When seeing the line to sign, Jungkook scrawled his name as the shining contract blinded him. He let go of the pen after, inquisitive to what steps would be done now.


Smirking cleverly, she recited an enchantment and the whole room began glowing by the colorful smoke that appeared. What drove her to do this was Jungkook's agreement to the deal. The only left work for her was to make sure Namjoon's and Jin's precious baby didn't get the prince of his dreams.


And with her magic, she had all her chess pieces on the board. They'd all regret exiling her.


"Now sing." IU said mischievously.


Jungkook recollected why he was doing this. Euphoria would forever remain in his heart, so he sang. All he could think of was in moments forthcoming he would be with Jimin. That's all that mattered.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,



Jungkook frightfully saw a hand come from the cauldron and stretch near his throat.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,



The hand clutched for air and Jungkook saw a shining ball of yellow that it gave to IU.


IU cackled piercingly as she held Jungkook's voice in her hands. A cloud of white smoke encircled Jungkook's flower half body. The young boy observed his tail morphing into legs. He wanted to scream due to the pain but nothing came out. It felt like his tail was being torn in half and his bones were being restructured. The agony had preoccupied him from observing his legs.


Watching Jungkook's transformation, Jackson and Hoseok hastily swam towards him and grabbed him. IU's laughter was heard as the two mermen swam fast to the surface before Jungkook's lungs filled up with too much water that caused him to suffocate.


A deadly deal had been made for the love of a merman and human.


Chapter Text


On the beach close to the castle of Mikrokosmos, Prince Jimin sat on a rock while Chimmy was pestering a crawling red crab. The seventeen year old kept coming to the beach as he searched for the male who had saved him. He used any of his spare time looking around, expecting someone to show up and announce that they were the one who prevented him from drowning. Jimin would ask them to sing and once more, the beautiful voice would fill his heart.


Life had become straining as it had before his seventeenth birthday. It was the same dispute. His father, King Hyoshin, clamored him to agree to receive one of the many marriage offers from princesses. Princess Seulgi of Zimzalabim had been the fifteenth, his mother, Queen Sejeong, had kept count. His mother wasn't even willing to help as it was a prince's nature to pick a princess, marry her, reign the kingdom and produce an heir to continue the Park bloodline.


Unbeknown to his parents and friends, Jimin would not ever envisage finding the female body to be as pretty as a picture. No offense to women, Jimin just couldn't imagine himself in a relationship with any. He discovered his predicament in his adolescent period. Some painters had come to the castle with their models who happened to be young males. Jimin had watched and realized he didn't want to be with a female no matter how much he was pressured.


He had kept it to himself, never daring to make this information known. His family would disown him; he would he a joke to society. People attracted to the same gender were ridiculed and treated with impertinence. Jimin commiserated with those who had publicized their preferences. Unveiling the gender he favored was a risk; he was uncertain whether he wanted to take such a leap.


Jimin's anxiety of anyone accepting him had hit the floor when he was saved by the male stranger with the euphonious voice. He set his heart on finding the male; he yearned to know who this perplexing person. All he had to go by was the sound and the song the male had sung.


Take my hands now,

You are the cause of my euphoria.


Jimin sang soothingly. He eyeballed the the big waves crashing onto the rocks and sand. Chimmy got wet and scampered towards him.


"I can't get that voice out of my head," glowering, he stroked Chimmy's white fur. He breathed out, "I've looked everywhere, Chims. Where could he be?"






When Jungkook's red tail turned into human legs, Hoseok and Jackson swam all the way up. Gratefully they had gotten him at the surface in time. As a mer you're an excellent swimmer. However Jungkook was no longer a mer. He wasn't really a human either. In all aspects he was a freak of nature. He was born half fish but now had legs instead of a tail and fin. He had done it all for a reason though.


On the other side of the rocks, far from where Prince Jimin and Chimmy were, Jungkook was washed up. In exhaustion, Jackson and Hoseok breathed heavily as they remained in the water. Their main concern was getting Jungkook on land. He wasn't as great as a swimmer anymore due to the transformation. They would all be regulating to this new circumstance of theirs.


Jungkook gazed upon his legs and was left aghast. He had human legs! He could walk freely on land. If so wished he could go to Jimin without worrying about him figuring out that he's not a human. On the face of it, things were working out splendidly. Now he just needed to find his prince and work on having him fall in love with him.


"Look at what the catfish dragged in!" Jungkook spun around to see Jaehyun landing next to him from above. "There's something different about you, Jungkookie, hmm...I can't tell though?" Jaehyun inspected his friend.


Jungkook giggled, finding it odd that no noise came out like he was used to. IU was absolutely incorrect about his voice being "something that he won't miss." He had given up his voice for Jimin though, he reminded himself incessantly.


Furiously, Jackson shouted, "He's got legs, birdbrain! LEGS! He traded his voice to the sea witch for HUMAN legs!"


Jaehyun laughed dryly, "I knew that."


"Kookie has been turned into a human, Jaehyun. He's got to make the prince fall in love with him and kiss him." Hoseok explained.


Jackson threw his hands on the sand in exasperation. "And he's only got three days to do it. Look at him! A mer with human legs. This is madness!" He pulled at his hair, "What would Namjoon say? I should head back to Atlantis and tell—"


Jungkook placed a hand on Jackson's shoulder and gave him a little smile. His innocent dark sparkling doe eyes swayed anyone.


Jackson said threateningly, "Don't look at me like that, Jungkook...Ugh, maybe we can get back your voice, hmm? Live a miserable, life." Tears filled Jungkook's eyes and he thought about his collection being destroyed. "Damn. I'm becoming soft."


"If you want to be human, Kookie, you got to dress like one, you hear me?" Jaehyun asked. Jungkook nodded rapidly smiling radiantly.


Hoseok gazed at Jaehyun confusingly, "How are we going to dress him as a human?"


Jaehyun rubbed his chin, "Hmm..." An idea popped in his head. "I got an idea! I'll be back, wait here!" The young man morphed into a white swan and flew off.


"Where do you think he flew off to?" Hoseok inquired with interest and curiosity.


Jackson only looked ahead for the disasters Jungkook's friends would start, Jaehyun being no exception. He considered Jaehyun to be worse than Hoseok. If only Namjoon would meet the bird man. He would lose his head.


"Up to no good," Jackson would've rolled his eyes just by thinking of where Jaehyun had flown to. He got no chance since the young mer prince, who formerly had a tail and now legs, was trying to stand up at a leisurely pace.


Hoseok observed Jungkook's attempts too. One moment Jungkook was standing, smiling nonchalantly, until he took a step and his legs wobbled uncontrollably. In the end Jungkook fell down forward, his mouth filling up with familiar salt water. While Jackson shrieked, Jungkook pushed his drenched red strands of hair out of his face.


Jackson facepalmed, "HOW exactly is he supposed to get a human to fall for him when he can't even walk?!"


"Dang, all you do is fret!" The three spun their heads to see Jaehyun in his human form, his wings put away. In his hands was a black type of clothing.


Jackson suspected what was in Jaehyun's hands, "What is that?"


"These are what humans call trousers, drama king," Jaehyun retorted. Jackson gave him a death glare. Jaehyun eyed Jungkook, "Trust me, Kookie, I know what to do."


Jackson scoffed, "Oh do you now?"


Jaehyun nodded in self-assurance, he motioned his own legs, "I'm a pro."


"Can you teach Kookie how to walk?" Hoseok asked with hope.


"I sure can! In the land of humans, you can't prance around naked, so here," Jaehyun passed the trousers to Jungkook who put his arms through the sleeves. Jaehyun sniggered, "Not like that, buddy."


It was as if Jungkook's eyes were saying so why don't you it explain to me. Jaehyun got the signal.


"You put them through your legs and there's a button at the middle to put through a hole so they won't fall off," Jaehyun enlightened his friend.


Jackson couldn't comprehend trousers, "Humans would live happily if they were born with a fin and tail like us Merfolk. That trouser looks to be troubling."


Hoseok wondered aloud, "What'll happen if he doesn't wear them?"


Jaehyun was frightened of that thought, "Kookie would be raped for sure. He's got the face, exotic hair, body and even his legs are nice for a human."


Jackson tilted his head, "Do you deliberately look at people's legs?"


"No, but from what I've seen Kookie's aren't bad. The human prince should be crazy over them soon enough," Jaehyun explained. He rotated to see Jungkook dressed in the trousers. "You look perfect!"


Jackson disagreed, "No. He looks ridiculous. Mers aren't meant for this form of unnatural nature."


"Can you stand, Kookie?" Hoseok was more concerned for his friend than Jackson's opinion. "Help him, Jaehyun, please."


Jaehyun replied by grabbing Jungkook's hands and steadily pulling the other male up on his feet. Jaehyun studied the prince. Some humans were into wet hair, the human prince might be. Jungkook also happened to be half naked which should be a treat for Jungkook's intended. Jaehyun couldn't imagine his friend like that but how could anyone resist? Jungkook's human prince would be falling head over heels for him in seconds.


"Slowly, move one foot at a time when walking. No walking fast because it looks weird. People don't like peculiar things." Jaehyun taught Jungkook.


Jackson retorted, "Pfft! Isn't it odd enough of his red hair? He's going to be the laughing stock."


"Have a little faith," Jaehyun guaranteed the male. As instructed, Jungkook moved his feet one at a time, but waveringly. "Good!"


Jackson rumbled, "It looks like he's about to fall again!"


Jaehyun smirked, "The other prince can carry him then. Won't that be romantic?" He wriggled his eyebrows at Jungkook, "Wouldn't you like that, Kookie?" Jungkook's cheeks went crimson.


This would be the beginning of Jungkook's effort to make Jimin fall in love with him. He had gotten here. Now he needed Jimin's love. And then they could live their happily ever after.

Chapter Text


While he was humming his savior's song, Chimmy lifted his nose up. Jimin stared at the waves of the wide deep blue when Chimmy sniffed something out. As it had been food or a toy, the dog ran off while barking. Perplexed by Chimmy's sudden reaction, Jimin couldn't even visualize what his dog had sensed.


"Wait up, Chims!" Jimin called out to his dog that kept running, Jimin trailing behind.


The human prince was unmindful to the reality that he'd be meeting the one he looking for finally.








Jaehyun had his arms crossed while inspecting Jungkook. No human had fiery red hair and no man had such enthralling beauty — they'd be riveted with his voice if he still had it. Voice for legs. This would all prove if Jimin and Jungkook truly loved each other. He didn't know how love can be developed in three days but sometimes others knew faster than other folk. He knew Doyoung was perfect for him when seeing him the first time.


Mers sang heart songs (what he learned from Jungkook and Hoseok). Jungkook in a way had accomplished that step when he saved Jimin. Now they would need to see if the human loved Jungkook.


At the moment Jungkook was standing up straight, as best as he could. Being a first timer at having legs, he could be doing worse. He wasn't quivering every second if he had begun walking normally. If he walked steadily with a leisured pace his legs weren't too wobbly. It was all a process.


"You can do this, Kookie!" Jaehyun applauded and flinched when he heard a dog barking. Jaehyun turned to see a dog running towards Jungkook.


Hoseok gasped, hiding underwater. Jackson followed the green tailed mer. Both only kept their eyes on the surface as they witnessed what was to happen. Jaehyun had morphed into his swan form and stayed behind a rock as he observed.


Jungkook was tackled onto the sand as the dog jumped on him in exhilaration. Like on the ship, he was being happily licked by the dog. He wiped away the slobber just for more to get on him. His attention was caught when he heard someone familiar.


"Chimmy! Calm down, boy...What's gotten into you?" Jimin went towards Chimmy and ruffled his fur. Jimin saw Jungkook. "Oh, now I see...Um, are you okay, sir?" He assisted Jungkook up to his feet by grabbing Jungkook's soft hands.


Jimin apologized, "Sorry about Chims. He's harmless, I promise. Have we...Have we met before?" Jimin smiled elatedly. "We have met! You're the one! The one I've been searching for! What's your name?" Finally, he had found who he was searching for.


Jungkook mouthed "Jungkook" to Jimin. Jimin sulked.


"What's the matter? Y...You can't speak?" Jimin asked, earning a shaken head from Jungkook. Jimin was disheartened, "Oh, you can't be who I've been looking for."


In frustration Jungkook began motioning things with his hands. Jimin watched, "Are you hurt?"


Jungkook took one step frontward just to drop down. He never touched the ground since Jimin's reflexes were on point. Jimin caught him before he fell. Jungkook gulped. Things were coming together one by one.


"Whoa, whoa, be careful, easy," Jimin said as he held Jungkook, wrapping an arm around the red head's waist. "Don't worry, I'll help you, I promise."


The beginning of something beautiful, Jungkook thought as he couldn't resist the desire to lean into Jimin holding him.








The hospitality he had been given was pleasant, in Jungkook's opinion. As an outsider and guest he was being accommodated well. His thoughts were mainly on meeting Jimin that he hadn't considered the likelihood that he would be disregarded since he was some stranger the prince had discovered half naked on the beach. Jimin didn't even know his name!


The castle and beach were fairly close so he didn't get a look at what the whole kingdom looked like. He anticipated that he would since it would be nice to see a human kingdom in comparison to the mer kingdom he had been familiarized with his entire life. Once Jimin brought him to the castle they were welcomed by Jimin's friend from the ship that gave him the statue. His name was Ha Sungwoon.


Sungwoon had called out to someone named "Jeonghee" who came running into the throne room. Jungkook had his eyes set on the two thrones. It was like back under the sea. His mother's throne was still left unoccupied as his father wanted. Many admirers sought the throne that belonged to Jin, but it the only mer it would be handed to is Yoongi's life mate once he was crowned king and married.


Jeonghee was dressed in a black dress with a white apron as she listened to what Sungwoon was telling her. Jimin promised him that they'd meet in the dining room while Jeonghee helped him get ready. Jimin advised Jeonghee that Jungkook was light on his feet.


That was how Jungkook was in the position he was in now. Sitting in a large tub of water and bubbles. In his sixteen years of living he'd never seen the white, fluffy substance Jeonghee called "bubbles." The woman said bubble baths were comforting and the best when under stress. Jungkook recognized that it was quite an enjoyment he could get used to.


Jungkook scooped up some bubbles in his hands and blew them. He giggled. If only Hoseok was with him. He carried on with playing with the bubbles.


"Don't worry about a thing, dear, we'll have you feeling better in no time," Jeonghee comforted Jungkook. She held his torn, damaged out trousers. "Hmm, definitely not appropriate for dinner." The boy would need a new wardrobe.








Sungwoon had been hearing the same thing ever since Jimin's seventeenth birthday. He had supposed his friend had been continuing a bad injury. Jimin knew who he was and all about his life (Sungwoon had made sure just in case.) Jimin was physically and emotionally fine. Mentally was a different can of worms and it involved a story from Jimin himself.


The boy who saved Jimin from the ocean. The boy with a beautiful voice. The boy who just vanished into thin air once Chimmy and he spotted Jimin on the beach. It was nonsense! Nonsense that Jimin swore was accurate.


The two men were in the large dining room. There was an enormous window that displayed a brilliant view of the beach. A long rectangular table with three chairs, one at the end at two at the left and right. Jimin was at the end and Sungwoon sitting at the left chair.


"Be rational, Jimin-ah," Sungwoon started. They had gone through this a few times before. "The boy with the rich voice saving you? My friend, you just washed up a shore."


Jimin objected strongly, "He's real, Sungwoon-hyyng! And I'm going to find him and I’m going to —"


Sungwoon raised an eyebrow, "What are you going to do when you find him, Jimin? Marry him?"


Jimin glowered at him, "I didn't say that."


"You wanted to, though," Sungwoon pointed out. It's like Jimin wasn't trying to be subtle, but things slipped up.


"You know things can't be like that...I...I want to find him regardless, Sungwoon-hyyng." Jimin said.


Sungwoon breathed out, "How are your parents going to feel when they come back from their voyage to discover you brought in a random nobody into the castle?"


"Don't be mean," Jimin didn't regret bringing the red haired boy in. He was cute. "He's a friend."


Sungwoon took Jimin's hands, "You can tell me anything, you know? I won't judge you at all no matter what it is. You don't have to share EVERYTHING with your parents, but you can with me. You know that, right?"


Jimin sent him a small smile. "I know...Thank you, Sungwoon-hyung."

Chapter Text


Jeonghee entered the dining room. At the doorway of the dining room there was a shadow. She chuckled, motioning to come forward, "Come on, dear, don't be shy!"


After the soothing bubble bath, he had been given a long comfortable robe before being taken into another room that Jeonghee told him would be his chambers. It was nothing like his own in Atlantis. No seashells, sand or water. There was a large bed, a table and two chairs, a long mirror and a nightstand with a small mirror. There was also a balcony with long dark blue curtains.


On top of the bed there were clothes Jungkook had never seen before. They were unlike the trousers he walked in or the outfit Jaehyun swore regularly. Jeonghee guaranteed him that she had it picked out and that there would be additional clothing added to his wardrobe as soon as possible. The shirt was a long sleeved silky dark ocean blue with a black and matching blue ribbon attached. Feeling the shirt brought a smile to his face; the silk felt cool on his skin. Jeonghee brought socks and shoes too.

Looking at the shirt in the mirror reminded him of his home he was so far away from but close. He was getting homesick.

This was all foreign to him that Jungkook wanted to run back to the ocean thinking his tail would grow back. He remembered why he was doing this though. For Jimin. He would have to endure these peculiar customs. If Jimin kissed him he would be human forever and have to get familiar with it either way. All that concerned he was that he'd have Jimin with him always.


Putting a shirt on had been as bizarre as wearing shoes. It was weird having so many layers on his body since all he had formerly was his tail. When he had dressed into the full ensemble, he suspected his look in the mirror. Jeonghee congratulated herself on picking something that made his red locks stand out. Mers would be scandalized by looking at him. He smiled positively as he exited his chambers while trailing behind Jeonghee.


Now he would be presenting himself to Jimin, his life mate. They would have their first meal together, not alone, but still. Jungkook wanted to look nice for Jimin and Jeonghee thought so. Jungkook would suck up the outlandishness of it.


At a slow pace he stepped away from the doorway and was brought into the light. He swallowed as Jimin's eyes landed on him. He held firmly into hope that Jimin liked what he saw.








"Oh Jimin..." Sungwoon didn't know where his words were. One glance at his friend and the savior was definitely out of his head. "Isn't he a vision?"


Sungwoon's words suggested something other than friendly emotions towards someone who appeared well dressed. Jimin had no words. The boy did look phenomenal. He felt like his thoughts were betraying his heart. He could tell that when it came to "love" he was sold on the person who had saved him. This boy wasn't his rescuer but Jimin couldn't resist.


Wow, if my heart wasn't already stolen, Jimin thought in distraught.


He wanted to believe that he would find the young man who had prevented him from drowning. It didn't help that his parents were pressuring him to marry a girl or that he had no lead on his savior. Seeing this red haired boy in all black was not helping him either.


The boy's red hair. His creamy, flawless skin. His doe dark eyes. His beautifully sculpted body. Everyone would be making a mistake to ever reject such a beauty. Jimin felt like an imbecile for thinking this way towards this stranger when all he had been yearning for was the stranger who saved him with the rich voice.


Could and would he pass up on someone that was right in front of him?


Jimin had felt his mouth go dry. He cleared his throat, "You look wonderful." He said too quickly.


"Come, come, you must be famished," Sungwoon said sending Jimin a look.


Jeonghee stepped out of the room as the boy moved towards the table. Jimin pulled the chair on the right for the red haired pretty boy who express thanks him with a nod and sat down. Jimin saw the visible blush on the boy's face. For an instance, he pondered on the thought that this boy might find him interesting.


Probably not, Jimin scolded himself. No male would be open about liking other males. The boy probably hasn't been complimented like that before. Which didn't sound right to him.







Sungwoon gazed upon Jimin, "It's not often when we have guests, is it?" While the two humans are engaging in their own chat, Jungkook felt useless slightly.


He couldn't talk so he had nothing to say. Why did IU have to take his voice? Opinions didn't matter according to her but humans talked just as much as mers did! Jungkook brushed it off. He got his legs so he’d have to endure it all. He wouldn't have been able to have this moment plus two days with Jimin if he had his tail.


Jungkook's eyes averted down where his silver plate was in front of him. On top of the white napkin cloth next to the plate was silverware. Jungkook was left mouth opened when he spotted a dinglehopper. He picked it up and recalled what Jaehyun had told him about the human object.


Humans use it to straighten their hair. He familiarized with the human things so it only made sense that he dove further into their lifestyle.


Jungkook confidently began combing his hair with the dinglehopper. He was laid back since he had known about it that he hadn't realized that the two humans in the room observing him. Both were thunderstruck by what they were seeing.


The red haired merman caught the two pairs of eyes and his cheeks went crimson. He was nervous. Jimin's and Sungwoon's dinglehoppers hadn't left their cloths. Jungkook set his down with an uncomfortable smile plastered on his face.


Sungwoon cleared his throat and withdrew a snarfblatt. Jungkook brightened at the sight of the human object. Perhaps he could fix his mistake since he knew how to use a snarfblatt too. Sungwoon had seen Jungkook's joy.


"Uh, do you like it?" Sungwoon gave the object to Jungkook who held it assertively in his hands. "It's actually fin—" Jungkook blew into the snarfblatt just for the contents to blow into Sungwoon's face.


"Oh my!" Jeonghee exclaimed. She had plates in her hands. Jimin chuckled at what happened. She caught Jimin's joy.


Jimin held out a napkin to Sungwoon, "Sorry about that, hyung."


Jeonghee intervened, "Jimin, that's the first time I've heard you laugh in a long time."


Sungwoon wiped his face, "Ha ha, very funny." When Jeonghee put the plates with food onto the table, he came up with an idea, "You can't spend your youth moping and waiting, Jimin. You should go do something."


Jimin was about to protest when his friend carried on with the topic. "Maybe you should show our guest our lovely Mikrokosmos?"


Jungkook thought of the idea before Jimin answered. He would be seeing more of what the human world was like. It sounded exciting! He would be closer to Jimin by the time they would be spending together. Surely they would get close enough and form a bond to where attraction might grow on Jimin's behalf.


Jimin opened his mouth to reply when the dining room door opened and in came three guards. A man and woman, dressed majestically, entered the room. Jungkook could tell they were Jimin's parents due to the crowns on the man's and woman's heads.


"What are you doing, Jimin?" The king interrogated his son not so kindly. He wasn't patient for an answer either.


Jimin gulped, Jungkook missed the smile that had been on his face. Evidently there was tension between Jimin and his father, Jungkook didn't know why. It made him sad. Nonetheless if his own father didn't understand him, Jungkook was never feared him. He loved his father, king of the ocean, hopelessly which was why it hurt to leave his family behind. Jungkook wished this wouldn't stress his father like it did.


Why couldn't he just let him be happy?


"Appa, I'm having a meal with my friends..." Jimin retorted back, rising up from his chair. He motioned at Sungwoon and Jungkook, "That's all."


The queen's eyes averted to Jungkook. "Who's this? We've never seen him amongst your group of friends before, Jimin."


Jimin licked his lips, "I found him on the beach. With the generosity a prince should have, I invited him and let him stay in the castle for however long."


The king was appalled by his son's words, "You let a random commoner into the castle? He's a stranger for crying out loud, Jimin!"


Jimin shook his head, "I see him as a friend of mine now. I don't treat my friends below my birth status."


"We have things to discuss later, Jimin," the king forewarned his son. He sent Jungkook a disapproved look, "Befriend whoever you wish, for all I care." Both king and queen exited the room with their guards.


Jimin slowly sat back down. Jeonghee and Sungwoon looked down. Jungkook wanted to say something to Jimin that would put a smile on his face. His family might get along but Jimin's didn't it seemed. All he could do was smile and hope Jimin could somehow understand what he meant.


"You're not a low commoner, you're a friend of mine," Jimin spun to him. Jungkook blushed. Jimin changed the mood, he glimpsed at Sungwoon and then back at Jungkook, "Would you like to join me on a tour of my kingdom tomorrow?"


Jungkook nodded. He wanted his human prince to forget all about the intense situation with his family. Jungkook hoped that Jimin would be okay.


"Wonderful!" Sungwoon cried joyfully as he lifted his silverware, "Now let's eat before this crab runs away."







Once night arrived Jungkook had felt so fatigued. He wished Jackson and Hoseok could join him on this journey but he knew his friends were crossing their fingers that he would do alright. Jaehyun had entered through his window just moments ago to check on him. His bird friend was officially on the list of those helping him to achieve this goal.


Jaehyun wandered around his room checking everything out while Jungkook had gone to the balcony. He closed his eyes and relaxed as he heard his home call out to him. The waves too addictive. It made him homesick. He did miss his family. It was the first time being without them. They all just needed to understand that he truly wanted this.


He hadn't noticed that Jimin was outside right beneath his balcony playing with Chimmy. Jungkook gulped when Jimin looked up at him and waved. Jungkook waved back before rushing inside in humiliation.


"Jackson-hyung gave me an overview of how he feels about all of this. I'm telling you, Kookie, he's a worrywart!" Jaehyun exclaimed with a head shake. "He kept complaining too! Tomorrow you have to make that prince kiss you. Bat your eyes; pucker your lips like this!" Jaehyun demonstrated just to find his friend sleeping on the bed.


Jaehyun chuckled lightly. He had so much to tell Doyoung when he came back. For now he was to focus on helping out Jungkook with his Prince Jimin. Jaehyun was determined to help out Jungkook like always. Jackson, Hoseok and him would aid him on making sure that Jungkook is kissed by his prince.


"Good night, Kookie," Jaehyun blew out the candle before transforming into a white swan and flying out from the balcony.


They all had an objective and a lot to go through tomorrow.


Chapter Text


Unlike Jungkook's pleasant experience on land, back in Atlantis there was nothing delightful at the moment. It had been no surprise since a family was missing one family member. There was no reason to be pleased by anything.


Namjoon sensed that Jungkook wanted to be left alone. Yoongi, Taehyung and he swum back to Atlantis with the knowledge that Jungkook would come to terms with how life was. How there was a reason why mers didn't have legs and why humans didn't have a fin and tail. Interaction between both races were prohibited.


Hearing Jungkook say that he loved a human brought him back to Jin. His husband never expressed those types of emotions for Hyosang but Namjoon pondered on the thought on some occasions. During the early conversations of theirs Jin had confirmed that IU had turned Hyosang and his pirate friends into krill for not delivering the payment therefore they paid the price.


Namjoon would've ranted on to Jin had situations been different. He blamed his husband at the moment for having a preference for humans. Jin had never had such a massive collection of human objects unlike Jungkook. This was all Jungkook had been doing when he left Atlantis. If he had known Jungkook would've been forbidden to leave the kingdom. Like with Jin, Namjoon had taken Jungkook's freedom for granted.


Now his youngest son had run away and they were desperately trying to search for him. Namjoon had no leads since Jackson and Hoseok were both gone as well. Namjoon had been hoping that Jungkook had been blowing off some steam elsewhere. Namjoon doubted his thoughts once time had passed. Where had Jungkook gone? What was he doing?


"Any sign of them?" Namjoon interrogated Moonbyul when she entered the throne room. Hours before he had congratulated Moonbyul on the birth of hers and Solar's son, Seungcheol.


He apologized to Moonbyul for interrupting her time with the addition to her family but his friend had understood completely. Moonbyul loved the boys and would guard them with her lives. Finding Jungkook was as serious to her as if her own son had out of the blue gone missing. Namjoon appreciated her deeply.


"Sorry, Namjoon-ah," Moonbyul didn't want to deliver bad news but it was duty to report. "We've searched everywhere. No sign of Jungkook or Jackson."


Namjoon exhaled, "Keep searching. No one shall rest until he's safe at home," he instructed the mermaid.


"Yes," Moonbyul was about to swim away. In support and comfort she gave him a small smile, "We're going to find him, Namjoon," she promised before exiting the throne room.


Namjoon was planning on communicating with Jin about this but he had been too enraged. Jin's trinket box may be wide open waiting for him but he wouldn't be opening his anytime soon. Namjoon had other matters to concern himself with. One of the matters omitted Jin. He didn't need to engage in chats with his husband. They needed to find Jungkook.


His fear was birthed from the thought of IU finding Jungkook. Namjoon warned his sons about her so he had a sliver of hope that Jungkook would heed to the advice. If IU aided Jungkook his son would end up as a victim of hers. Namjoon prayed to Poseidon that Jungkook was safe with Jackson and Hoseok rather than striking a deal with the sea witch.


"What have I done?" Namjoon whispered woefully.






As the proposal had been planned so had his apology. Taehyung had even composed a song, Stigma, for Hoseok. He wanted to gain his beloved's trust once more. They had been a part for less than a day and Taehyung was losing his mind. He had gotten familiarized with seeing Hoseok every day since Jungkook and he would always hang out. Not seeing the bubbly, smiley merman was starting to make his heart ache.


He deserved it of course. He truly loved Hoseok and wanted to marry him, it's just that his intentions weren't all pure. Yoongi had been the one to suggest it but he had acted on it. Taehyung was hoping to talk to Hoseok, after telling his family about their engagement, to think about their wedding plans and to not distract him with other things so he wouldn't be too stressed. He was even going to suggest to Hoseok that Jungkook help with the wedding.


It was manipulation. Even afterwards he had made the situation worse when he had mentioned to Hoseok that he wasn't the best influence for Jungkook. Taehyung came to terms that he wasn't perfect and that he had done something pretty terrible. Hoseok deserved better.


Now Jungkook, Hoseok and Jackson were missing. What things have been different if he hadn't said anything hurtful to Hoseok? Would outcome would that have been? Worse? Better?


Taehyung couldn't comprehend why Jungkook had a fascination for humans. Whether or not Jungkook remembered or had buried the memory, their mother had died because of humans. Jungkook had only been five at the time so it wasn't a surprise that he had suppressed the memory. He was more than likely mourning and too devastated to piece together what anyone had said.


Yoongi and he reminisced as if it were just yesterday.



Last night hadn't been too strange. The three young boys had gotten used to their mother putting them to sleep. It was a real joy when it was all of them in the nursery. The only difference was that it was always their mother that woke them up in the morning. Taehyung demanded to be held while Yoongi held Jungkook on his back. They would eat breakfast with their father and that was how their day would start.


The three boys had noticed that sometimes their mother sometimes was gone during the day. Namjoon told his sons that their mother was on his own little trips helping some other mers out. Though the three were smart boys they never questioned it. They were exhilarated that other mers were being assisted by their mother. It made them love Jin even more than they already did.


This morning had been unlike any other. Jin hadn't entered the nursery. There was no sweet melody that awoke them from their sleep. No one softly stroking their soft locks if hair and suggesting that they wake up before all the food is gone. It had been a servant mermaid, Heize, who had entered their room and gently shook their little bodies to wake them up. Heize sent them a sympathetic smile as she led them to the dining room.


Making the morning more peculiar, their parents weren't in the dining room. Their Aunt Moonbyul or Uncle Jackson weren't even there to tell them something. The boys were fed and left alone. Yoongi, being seven, searched around the room. He hoped his parents were playing hide-and-seek or joking with them. It was becoming too unbearable.


"Where's Appa and Umma?" Jungkook, five years old, questioned his older brothers with tears in his eyes.


Taehyung gazed at Yoongi, "Do you know where they are, Yoongi-hyung?"


Yoongi couldn't believe that his two younger brothers were looking at him for answers that he didn't have. He didn't know what to say. He was just as lost as them.


"I don't know..." Yoongi replied. Suddenly breakfast wasn't so appetizing. Yoongi refused to eat.


Heize had come back in the dining room. She was frustrated to see Yoongi had left his food untouched, "Prince Yoongi, why haven't you eaten?"


"Where's our Appa and Umma?" Taehyung answered for Yoongi. Heize stiffened.


Jungkook asked innocently, "Are we playing a game?"


"No, Prince Jungkook, there's no games," Heize said with sadness. Yoongi and Taehyung looked at her strangely while Jungkook was becoming tearful.


Jungkook's lips trembled and tears were streaming down his cheeks, "Did...Did Appa and Umma leave us?"


"No Kookie." The three boys and Heize turned to the entrance of the dining room. Namjoon was standing there in distraught with Moonbyul behind him. "Appa didn't leave you, I promise." He picked up Jungkook from his seat.


Yoongi lit up, "Appa! It's good to see you." He didn't know why his mother wasn't with him. "Where's Umma?"


Taehyung stretched his arms out since he wanted to he lifted up as well. Moonbyul approached her nephew and picked him up. Taehyung smiled contentedly. Moonbyul wasn't looking too joyous either.


"Appa had something to tell you," Namjoon announced as he sat at the end of the table as always. His sons looked at him. He exhaled, "Umma...Umma is in a better place."


Yoongi narrowed his eyes, "Is Umma helping mers right now, Appa?" That's what Jin had been doing is what their father told them.


Namjoon gave Yoongi a sad smile, "No, Yoongi. Your umma isn't helping anyone at this moment...He, um...When someone goes away for a long time, as in forever, they go to a place where they won't have to suffer anymore."


Taehyung tilted his head, "Umma was suffering?"


Namjoon shook his head, "No, Tae Tae, Umma loves his life here with all of us. We're what he loves...But, Umma isn't here anymore, Tae."


Jungkook lifted his head from where he had placed it on Namjoon's chest. "Umma...Is gone?"


"Yes." Namjoon replied.


Taehyung, being young and innocent, asked, "Why don't we just go get him back? And then we'll make sure he doesn't go away again."


This was getting harder for Namjoon. He carried on, "Tae Tae, we can't get Umma back...Umma is...Umma is dead, Tae." Tears formed in the king's eyes.


For being so young the three did know what death meant. Not all sea creatures born on land made it to the ocean as their mother had explained. All sea creatures had to eat and that meant other animals had to die in order for the other animals to survive and continue on with their lives.


Death was something they had thought they would only be taught and see amongst others. They had never anticipated that they would have to be told that their mother was dead. Within seconds after Namjoon's words set in, all three boys were in deep grief. Taehyung and Jungkook sobbed while Yoongi remained quiet and unemotional.


"What...What happened?" Namjoon and Moonbyul were astounded to hear those words come out of Yoongi's mouth. They wouldn't expect any child to ask something when being told of such bad news.


Taehyung had his attention on what the grownups and Yoongi were talking about. Jungkook had hidden his head in his father's chest as he sobbed hardly. Namjoon wrapped his arms securely around Jin's and his youngest son.


"Do you remember how Appa taught you not to go anywhere near humans?" Namjoon earned a nod from Yoongi and Taehyung. "...Umma was helping a mer out and they didn't know there were humans nearby..."


Yoongi gulped, "Humans...Humans killed Umma?"


Namjoon nodded, "Yes, Yoongi. Your umma was killed by humans." The king sniffled, "Don't EVER trust humans. They're horrible creatures. All they do is destroy everything beautiful."



Taehyung listened to everything that had come out of his father's mouth. Yoongi and he hated humans because of what they did to their mother. They didn't know how the humans killed him but they just hoped it was quick and painless. Their mother was too caring of a person to ever deserve a slow, unbearable death. It was haunting that Jungkook had become enthralled by the dreadful beings that killed their mother.


Did Jungkook remember?


It was futile to wonder Taehyung realized. It's not like Jungkook would blame the humans. Hoseok would encourage him to think on the bright side and consider the "good" humans that existed. Taehyung doubted they existed. Nothing good would have killed their mother. Humans were corrupted and vile. Taehyung hoped the humans that killed the queen of the ocean endured agonizing deaths.


If Taehyung hadn't tried to manipulate Hoseok or call him a bad influence, maybe they could've prevented Jungkook running away? It was too late for the "what ifs." They had to deal with the situation that they were in now. He just prayed to Poseidon that the three of them were somewhere safe and they would return to Atlantis soon.


Chapter Text



Once the sun rose to the sky and the sunlight peaked into the windows, everyone woke up. It was odd waking up in a room and on a bed that didn't belong to him. Or one that wasn't deep in the ocean. It took a few instants for Jungkook to recollect all of his previous memories. He made a deal with IU. He got his legs. He met Jimin. Now he was Jimin's guest.


Jungkook couldn't resist the blush that appeared on his cheeks. Not only was he in Jimin's home, but after dinner he agreed to go on a tour with Jimin in Mikrokosmos. He was honored to see more of what humans did but he would be with Jimin all day. There was so much that was to be done today. It was the second day and he had until sunset tomorrow to have Jimin kiss him. The thought of Jimin's lips on his made him blush harder and nearly faint.


It was about two minutes after he woke up when Jeonghee barged into his room with a box with a ribbon on top. She babbled about how she had another great outfit for him to wear today on his tour. Jungkook believed her and wondered what was in the box. Perhaps Jimin would like it as much as he liked yesterday's outfit?


Jeonghee removed the ribbon and lid from the box and picked up the pieces or clothing from inside. There was a simple cotton light grey shirt and black trousers. 

Kindly and patiently Jeonghee helped him into his clothes. Jungkook tried to think positive and had faith that Jimin would think he appeared desirable. He prayed to Poseidon the prince of his dreams was attracted to him.


Sungwoon was waiting in the dining room when Jungkook arrived. He searched for Jimin. He would he attending breakfast too, wouldn't he?


"I suppose you're looking for Jimin," Sungwoon interrupted while Jungkook sat down in the same chair from last night. "He's having a serious talk with his father, the King Hyoshin at the moment."


Jungkook winced. That couldn't be a good talk and he didn't need to be present to know that. Sungwoon could tell he was well aware of that.


"Don't worry, Jimin will still be attending the tour," Sungwoon assured Jungkook. He sent Jungkook a smirk, "I gave him this idea...You see, Jimin has a hobby of singing."


Jungkook's eyes widened in amazement. There were humans that loved to sing and the fact that his human did was all the better. The reality of Jimin composing something for him was delightful to ponder on. He couldn't wait to tell Jaehyun, Hoseok and Jackson know — well, he'd try his best to let them know that Jimin liked to sing.


He was curious to hear the sound of Jimin's voice. His beloved heard what he sounded like, though he didn't know, it was fair that he knew what kind of voice Jimin had. Jungkook was excited.


Sungwoon could see Jungkook brightened, "I suggested that he give you a private concert."


Jungkook bounced in his seat and nodded vigorously. It sounded like the best idea he had heard! He was going to hear Jimin sing something him all to himself.


"You're happy about that? That's...That's good, he'll be glad but embarrassed." Sungwoon explained. He whispered, "Just as a warning, Jimin has an amazing voice."


Jungkook was convinced. He could only wonder what Jimin sounded like. He couldn't wait. The anticipation was eating at him by the second!






This lecture was like any other he heard recently. They never strayed away from the main objective: why he wasn't married. Jimin once believed that princes were crowned kings at eighteen. He had just turned seventeen so there was still one more year to go. Hyoshin changed it specifically for his only son. The king altered the age because Jimin hadn't agreed to any of the offers.


From the day he turned fifteen his parents sent him to all sorts of kingdoms to meet princesses that he got to choose if he'd marry. At first it was no big deal that he rejected the offers in the first year. Hyoshin and his wife, Sejeong, thought that their son just hadn't found his potential wife yet. It felt like Jimin put no effort since there was not even a girl, princess or not, that captivated him.


Jimin wasn't stupid. His parents were growing tired and soon enough they would just be arranging their son's marriage if he didn't find someone before his eighteenth birthday when he was going to be crowned king of Mikrokosmos. They didn't know that he had no interest in marrying whatever girl they threw at him. Jimin never said such things though.


"You can't keep playing this game, Jimin," Hyoshin declared in the throne room. Sejeong was sitting beside her husband, staring at their son. Hyoshin continued, "You need to pick a girl to marry soon!"


Sejeong chimed in, "Dear, by now boys your age already have a girl they fancy. Are the girls you've met repulsive?"


Not necessarily the girls, but their gender, Jimin thought. "I haven't...I haven’t found the right one yet, Umma. Is it that hard to believe?"


Hyoshin ridiculed, "What do you wish to do? Sail around the world until you find the right girl?"


Jimin bit back what he really wanted to say. "I thought I got a say in this. You let me reject the previous girls. I can't do so until I find the right one?"


"This is getting ridiculous, Jimin," Hyoshin overlooked his son's words. "Most princes have arranged marriages. I stepped away from tradition since I believed you could complete this simple task."


Jimin disagreed, "Finding the person you're to live the rest of your life with isn't as easy as getting dressed. This girl will be my wife, mother of my children...I have to be smart about this."


Hyoshin eyed Jimin questionably, "Sometimes it feels like you don't try hard enough. Do you need to not see your friends for you to understand the gravity of this?"


Jimin paled. He loved his friends. He hadn't even told Sungwoon about his attraction towards males. Sungwoon wouldn't judge and none of his other friends would but he had kept this secret to himself for so long. He didn't know what would become of him if his parents found out. Would they threaten him? What was he supposed to do?


He was stuck in a puddle of mud. He couldn't get out of the situation he was in. Jimin didn't want to marry a girl nor have babies with her. He wanted to find the boy who saved him. Regardless how much Jimin loved children; he would sacrifice that desire if it meant he got to love the male that made him want to live.


"My friends aren't to blame for me not finding the perfect girl out of the millions in the world," Jimin retorted bitterly.


Hyoshin gripped the armrests of the throne, "You need to start taking this seriously, Jimin. For now I'll let you keep searching. If you don't have a girl before you turn eighteen you'll have a wedding arranged for you." The prince was dismissed.


Jimin felt his mouth go dry as he exited the castle. He had eaten early though he would've preferred to eat with Sungwoon and the red haired boy — whose name he still didn't need to know. He planned to ask him his name during the rowboat trip.


It was luckless but Jimin knew that he would either be choosing his freedom over his family. Was it even worth losing it all? He didn't hate his family. They wanted him to live a life he didn't want but every royal was born and raised into that lifestyle. Could he really blame them?


For now he would keep those thoughts out of his head. He was going to spend the day with the pretty red head. Plus he would he singing for him. Jimin wished he could sing to his savior but he would have to wait until that moment.


Little did he know that the pretty red head was his savior without his mellifluous voice.

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Waiting was all he did most days. His daily routine had changed for being away from his true home for so many years. Even after being out of the ocean for eleven years, Jin still had a detailed visualization of his home. The sea was a sight one could never forget if they had been living in underwater their entire life. Jin yearned for the ocean like he did for Namjoon and his babies. Being away from his family was torture.


He had no one else to blame but himself. Jin had helped Hyosang and that should've been it. Humans were as unpredictable as any creature that roamed the ocean. A human swimming in the water had no clue if they would be attacked by a shark or not, it was a risk. Trusting Hyosang had been a risk too. One smile and gratitude from the male human had caused Jin to trust him. It had been an error of his though. A fault he couldn't take back.


For a long time he had an interest for human life. Mainly he was fascinated by how different humans and mers were. Never had he gone up to land and observe one. Jin had been wandering the ocean ever since his parents died and his brother moved away with his mate. Jin hadn't been expecting to find his mate being the to-be king of Atlantis. So many unexpected events occurred.


Jin never sought after wanting to be a human or live in their world. He thought that having a friend would give him insight on what human life was like. He would've never asked IU for legs yet she gave them to him because he was her prisoner instead of being Hyosang's. It was pretty bad regardless of who was his captor. Still he was stuck in his "human form" and millions of miles away from his family.


Telling Namjoon what had happened was tear-jerking. After so long the other blamed him and Jin didn't disagree. It only made sense that he told their children that he was dead. Who knows? Maybe they would've tried to reach out to IU to get him out and end up making a horrible decision by sealing a deal with the wicked sea witch? Jin wouldn't have wanted that at all. His sons thinking he was dead was better than going to any lengths to save him.


He didn't want Namjoon to come and get him. Jin deserved this. Namjoon had so much on his plate already just by being king of Atlantis. Jin felt horrible that he had caused his husband more issues.


What kept him motivated to continue was what Namjoon told him about their sons. Hearing that Jungkook was in love brought tears of joy to his eyes. Love meant marriage and marriage meant children soon enough. Jin was missing out on too much and he yearned to be with his family and not here on land where he was imprisoned. It was likely best that he just stayed a prisoner until death. Therefore he wouldn't break his children's hearts by them finishing out that he wasn't actually dead.


They might blame Namjoon for lying to them. Jin didn't want them to think of their father that way. It wasn't Namjoon's fault. Jin loved Namjoon and always would. It hurt that his husband would question if he had fallen in love with Hyosang. Although the traitor was attractive, Jin never saw him that way. He didn't want to. It wasn't easy to persuade Namjoon due to the circumstances they were in.


Three days had gone by since IU visited his prison. Not that he favored the moments the sea witch mocked him, but it was bizarre. She made it a necessity to come to land and tease him on everything. Jin couldn't do a thing but glare at her. One the things he could tell from the woman's eyes was the jealousy that filled them. It took no time to figure out why the filthy witch would be envious of him.


Namjoon told him all about IU and her desire to rule Atlantis. Jin learned that she wanted to rule Mikrokosmos when she asked Hyosang to deliver Queen Sejeong's heart to her. IU would try to seduce King Hyoshin as she had done with Namjoon's father, the late King Sihyuk. Jin was disgusted by what she had done to young mers but to her that she'd go as far as killing people not making deals was beyond cruel.


IU yearned to rule everyone who had a heartbeat. She wanted every creature to bow to her and appease her needs through her commands. Jin wondered if she would've done the same to Namjoon if they hadn't met. Something told him that she would've. He also was aware that Namjoon wouldn't be allowing the awful woman anywhere near the throne. The world would fall if IU were to ever rule any parts of it. Since she wanted to rule Atlantis, Namjoon's mother and he stole those positions from her. No wonder she despised him and took pleasure in his suffering.


Jin theorized she was cooking some trouble up. What she was doing he was unaware of. He likely didn't want to know since it was nothing good but if it concerned the safety of others she needed to he stopped. It's not like he could do a thing while being trapped in a cell inside of a random house.


"Hello?" Jin spun his head to see a beautiful human girl inside. She had curly dark hair, red lips and pale skin. She looked familiar.


Jin tilted his head, "Yes?" He had never seen her before but it looked like she was looking at a ghost. Maybe she could help him?


The girl took a step forward and handed him a book through the bars. Jin grasped the book. He did some reading since IU had left behind some books for him (none were spell books unfortunately.) He taught himself to read since he had been in captive for eleven years. Whatever activity he could take up he did. It was a pain when you had absolutely nothing to do and no one to interact with.


"It's a book about famous myths...Harpies, krakens, unicorns...Sirens and mermaids." The girl explained as she eyed the book.


Jin smiled. Most of the people who had written these books were long dead by now and people they knew more than likely didn't believe in what these pages talked about. Jin knew that everything in the book he had been given existed (maybe not harpies and unicorns.)


"Thank you," Jin appreciated the gift. He wiped a falling tear. He sniffled, lifting his head up, "What's your name?"


The girl stiffened, "Uh...Seo Soojin." Jin's eyes widened at that name. He had heard of that name once upon a time.



It was strange that Hyosang had told him to meet him up at night. Jin trusted the man though. They were friends and that meant they were both trustworthy towards each other. Namjoon had expressed that he was weirded out as well since they usually met up when the sun was up. It relieved his husband that the two would be alone and therefore no other human should be out at this time.


Jin could see how his new schedule was tiring his husband. Namjoon haf told their sons that he was helping out other mers. He had agreed and his sons loved the idea and said they wanted to help. In fear, Namjoon told them it was dangerous for young mers to go along. Jin kissed his husband and promised his sons when they were older they could help out mers in need of aid.


There was so much Namjoon endured and Jin felt guilty. Being a king wasn't easy and relaxing. Jin promised that he would stop seeing Hyosang for a little bit after today. He hadn't told Namjoon yet since he kind of wanted it to be a surprise. When he returned he'd tell his husband and maybe they could engage in some exciting activities alone in their chambers. Jin blushed at the thought.


He was getting closer to the beach of Mikrokosmos where he met up with Hyosang. He noticed there was a boat in the water. He raised his head up and saw Hyosang on the boat and a little girl falling into the water.


"Soojin!" Hyosang called out to the little girl.


Jin gasped. He swam down and spotted the little girl struggling to get back up to the surface. It was clear that she couldn't swim. Jin speedily got to the little girl and scooped her up with his arms. He was frightened when he saw her eyes close. He had to get her to land as soon as possible!


The queen of the ocean had swum until he got to the beach and brought the little girl, Soojin, onto the sand. He laid her on her back and blew air into her mouth so she could breathe. It had taken about a few minutes until Soojin's eyes opened and she was coughing up water.


With a smile, Jin moved the soaked hair out of Soojin's face, "You're okay, I promise. You're going to be fine."


He someone coming and turned to be taken back by a net falling over him. He could see Hyosang right behind the four men that had surrounded him. Hyosang came to take Soojin far from him. The puzzle pieces came together and Jin comprehended that he wouldn't be going back to Atlantis.



Jin swallowed. He was looking at the little girl who had nearly drowned if it hadn't been for him. It was all a ruse though. When he had been brought into this house belonging to IU's, Hyosang explained everything bit by bit. His friends and he were pirates that were searching for anything worth selling. They wanted a spell from IU that would give him legs if he was dry and when wet his tail would appear.


He was to be their pretty pearl that they would show off and sell to someone who would pay a pretty penny for an exotic pet. Jin couldn't believe that Hyosang, who he trusted, had betrayed him.


Why was Soojin here? How could she be?


"I know you..." Jin scoffed. If he hadn't gotten there she would've drowned. "You're the little girl Hyosang wanted me to save."


Soojin swallowed, "I'm...I'm really sorry." She had tears in her eyes, "Hyosang paid me to save my Appa...He just randomly picked a little girl on the street."


Jin hadn't known that. Everyone did certain things for the people they loved. He would do anything for his family. Soojin had been doing the same. It still didn't answer why she was here or how she found him.


Jin looked away, "I'm sorry about your appa...Is he okay?"


Soojin frowned, "Karma follows you. I didn't make it in time to buy the right medicine...When I can back home he was gone."


Jin couldn't imagine his boys without one of them. Fortunately they had Namjoon. He hoped Soojin had other family who watched over her for eleven years.


"What are you doing here?" Jin questioned. It didn't make any sense. "How did you find this place?"


Soojin shrugged, "Hyosang had said this sea witch would help him get more money...People in Mikrokosmos say this is wear an isolated woman lives...As a witch I'm guessing you could only isolate yourself from society?"


Jin nodded in agreement, "Okay, so you found IU's place...Why are you here? Are you hoping to strike a deal with her?"


With a shameful face, Soojin nodded, "I...I was hoping that maybe...Maybe since she's a witch she would know how to...How to—"


"Bring your appa back to life?" Jin didn't need to ask. He had his answer already. "I wouldn't make any deals with IU, Soojin."


Soojin knitted her eyebrows in confusion, "Why? Didn't Hyosang and his friends get what they wanted? She, IU, was supposed to pay him or something?"


"You know I'm a merman...Hyosang wanted to sell me as a pet for some trusted wealthy person who'd pay his friends and he a pretty penny." Jin clarified.


Soojin crossed her arms, "Since you're here, I'm guessing Hyosang didn't hold his end of the deal?" Jin nodded. She looked around, "Where are they?"


"She turned them into krill," Jin replied. He witnessed the horrifying transformation. "I'm just a prisoner because..."


Soojin put her hands up in surrender, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. You don't owe me anything. Honestly, I kind of do."


"Even if you helped me escape I wouldn't be able to return home...IU can only give me back my tail. I wouldn't be able to reunite with my family." Jin said.


Soojin was discouraged, "I'm sorry...I didn't know you had anyone to go back to...I wouldn't have done it if I knew you had people to leave behind."


Jin nodded truthfully. He didn't want to make her feel bad but it was good to talk to someone. "My husband and children is what I left behind."


"Husband?" Soojin asked curiously. It was as if that was so foreign to her. "You can marry your own gender in the ocean?"


Jin hadn't known that humans couldn't. "Y-yeah..." He was guessing males didn't get pregnant as regularly as mermen. "Do your human males...Can they be impregnated?"


Soojin was scandalized, "What?!" She was in awe and disbelief. "Do mermen, are you saying they can get pregnant and give birth to babies?"


Jin remembered all of his pregnancies. He loved his children to death but having them was not easy. His first pregnancy had been stressful but after holding his eldest son he wished to have more children. He wanted Yoongi to have siblings and Namjoon loved the idea of being a father to more children. That was how Taehyung was born a year after and then Jungkook.


He missed the three of them dearly.


"Yes, we can. I've been pregnant three times." Jin said without any shame. Clearly human men couldn't do what mermen could.


Soojin licked her lips, "Can all mermen get pregnant?"


Jin shook his head, "Not all. My husband doesn't have the ability but I do. A mermen couple can always ask a willing mermaid to carry their child. My husband must confirm this as an agreement so the couple can have full parental rights towards the child."


"Your husband sounds like an important merman." Soojin realized by the important task he has to deal with.


"He's the king of the ocean and his home, Atlantis," Jin enlightened her.


Soojin gasped, "That means you're...Wow, I helped trick a queen, the queen of the ocean?! How do you not hate me?"


"You didn't do this with hate, Soojin," Jin explained. He didn't blame. She was only a child at the time. "Thank you for talking with me. It sucks being all alone in here."


Soojin wished she could do more, "Are you sure there's no way that I can help you? ...I feel horrible about this."


Jin couldn't think of a way. She couldn't force IU to give her his fin and tail back. IU would kill Soojin in an instant. Maybe if he had more company? That would be nice. He could educate Soojin more about the Merfolk. It wouldn't be horrible. He wouldn't have to wait for Namjoon all alone.


"Keep visiting. I enjoy your presence. You’re a good person, Soojin." Jin praised the young girl.


Soojin wasn't influenced, "I don't know about that...It wasn't nice of me to have you imprisoned here."


"It was Hyosang's, his friends' and IU's doing. Don't blame yourself. I don't, I swear." Jin promised the human girl. Soojin smiled and exited the house.


Not all humans are bad, Namjoon. Hyosang and his friends were deceitful but that doesn't make all of them had, Jin thought.


He still had a captivation for humans. Mers and they were unlike each other. Jin didn't want to be a human. Still, Jin had hope there were good humans. Hyosang just hadn't been one.




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Mikrokosmos was not similar to Atlantis, not just one being on land and the other underwater. Jungkook had a luminescent smile on his face while Jimin led him around the kingdom. Jungkook had so many ideas of what the human world looked like. Now getting a taste of it, Jungkook could see his visualizations he created in his mind didn't precisely fit the bill.


If all human kingdoms were like Mikrokosmos, Jungkook would like to have the honor of visiting them as well. The kingdom was large, the massive island belonged to the royal family of Park. Jimin had stated that he was the only child of his parents ergo he was to produce an heir so the bloodline of Park would continue.


Jungkook blushed at the "producing an heir" part. Not all mermen could get impregnated like his mother or Jackson's husband, Mark, and other mermen. It wasn't frowned upon either; some mermaid couples had surrogates to carry their child. It was a long process that the king had to be a part of so the rightful parents would get their child instead of the surrogate that would on occasion decide they want to keep their child.


He could've had Jimin's children if circumstances were different. The only way they would've ever been able to figure out of that likelihood is if Jimin was a merman. On top of that he'd permanently be a human if Jimin kissed him. Maybe they could have children through a surrogate like the mer couples underwater?


Just from hearing little bits of Jimin's responsibilities, he could tell it was stressing the prince out. Humans and mers were incredibly different, Jungkook realized. Yoongi was never pressured like that. His older brother was eighteen and still learning how to reign rather than being demanded to find his life mate and produce an heir.


Not only did Jimin's duties demonstrate the differences but Jungkook couldn't spot any males with males affectionately or female with females. Jungkook was waiting for Jimin to grab his hand since their hands kept touching accidentally but the human prince kept his distance. Jungkook couldn't tell if Jimin wanted to hold his hand. Perhaps humans didn't accept relationships like those?


The reason why mermen could even have the possibility of being carriers was centuries ago during the beginning of the Merfolk, mermaids were being murdered by pirates. Poseidon had created some mermen that were able to reproduce. This resulted in more mermaids being born and other mermen having the ability to bear children as well. It worked out since there were Merfolk all over the vast ocean.


Jungkook bit back the urge to grasp Jimin's hand. The last thing he wanted to do was lose his chances. He didn't want to scare Jimin away. He was already considered a stranger.






While Jungkook and Jimin passed the water canal in the kingdom, Jackson and Hoseok were watching. When Jaehyun returned to the beach after observing from afar doing the best he could, they wanted a report on Jungkook's process. The big positive was now Jungkook was living in Jimin's castle and as of now things were getting better since they were spending together.


Hoseok had his hopes high. He had to. Jungkook truly loved Jimin and if only Jimin knew Jungkook was the one who saved him, he wouldn't resist kissing him. Sad to say, IU took Jungkook's only way to tell Jimin that he saved him. It was devastating to see Jimin realize Jungkook couldn't be the one who rescued him. Hoseok prayed to Poseidon that the stars would align for them.


They deserve each other, Hoseok thought as he watched Jimin and Jungkook go further into the kingdom.


"Has he kissed him yet?" Jaehyun asked as he sat down near the tree that was close to the canal. His wings were hidden.


Both mermen kept down low so no one would spot them.


"Not yet," Jackson answered. He exhaled in exasperation, "I don't get what he sees in that human boy. Legs aren't as breathing as a mer's tail."


Hoseok elbowed the crabby merman, "Hey! Don't judge my friend's life mate." His eyes were only for one merman. That didn't work out. "Besides, Jimin isn't that bad."


"As in looks?" Jaehyun questioned.


"I'm more curious to how good his singing voice is," Jackson intervened. Mers were all about song. "Jungkook sang him his heart song; does Jimin even have an interest in music?"


Hoseok rolled his eyes, "Jimin took him in when he didn't have to. Jimin is a good person. Jungkook is a stranger who can't talk. Who can believe a complete stranger, washed up on the beach half naked, insisting they cannot speak? Jimin was nice even to let him in his castle for crying out loud!"


Jackson wasn't convinced, "Whatever you say."


Hoseok couldn't win with anyone it seemed.






"Come with me," Jimin said as he led Jungkook towards this little hut that was well hidden by two large buildings selling items. Jungkook trailed right behind.


With curiosity Jungkook followed without hesitation. He was starting to believe that as long as he was with Jimin he'd follow him to the ends of the Earth. If anything he wished and hoped that Jimin would do the same for him. Mers only loved once, his parents' relationship proved that. So many mermen and mermaids sought after his father's heart and he was still devoted to his deceased beloved.


Jungkook needed no one to tell him that Jimin was his life mate. The memory of being in IU's lair came back to him. Unless IU had done it herself, he had saw Jimin searching for him on the beach. He had heard Jimin call his voice the most beautiful when he watched Sungwoon get him the day he saved him. Jimin, deep down in his soul, had to feel something for him.


Desperately he longed to tell Jimin that he was the one he was looking for. He saved him when no one else would. The song he had heard was meant for him. They were meant to be together, no one and nothing ever to break their bond created by the gods. They were one soul with two hearts.


If only his family could see that Jimin was meant for him maybe they wouldn't be too harsh. Jungkook understood that they didn't want to lose him. Losing their mother was hard enough. Jungkook wished they would understand this was the right path for him: Jimin.


When they entered the hut there was a large amount of people inside, both male and female. Jungkook could smell a heavy scent waving in the air that came from everyone besides Jimin and him. Everyone was holding mugs or glasses in their hands while bantering and laughing. Jungkook was curious about the dark red drink that everyone seemed to be drinking.


"Jimin!" A male voice rang out in the room. No one turned their heads, but two males were making their way towards them.


With a large smile Jimin hugged two feminine males, a curly bright blonde and a black haired one. Jungkook could see their toned bodies and their remarkable facial features. Under the sea they would receive plentiful admirers by their appearance. Jungkook couldn't help feeling slightly jealous. Just by how they approached Jimin they clearly knew who he was.


"Sungwoon said you might be making a stop here," the blonde one said cheerfully. He pouted, "I feared you had gotten tired of us."


Jimin rolled his eyes, "Taemin-hyung, I could never get tired of my best friends!" Jungkook could see Jimin's sincerity. "My parents are just being...The usual stubborn, bossy parents they've always been. Where's Moonkyu-hyung?"


"He set off on a trip last minute," the black haired male replied. "I'm guessing Sungwoon-hyung won be making a special appearance?"


"Speak for yourself, Kai." Taemin and Kai spun around to see Sungwoon standing behind them with two mugs in his hand. He glanced at Jungkook, "Jimin, have you introduced your friend?" Taemin and Kai looked back.


Taemin brightened when spotting Jungkook, "Who's this, Jimin?" He asked excitedly.


Jimin cleared his throat and motioned at Jungkook, "Um...I found him yesterday on the beach. Chimmy actually found him."


"Hello!" Taemin exclaimed happily. He extended his hand for Jungkook to shake, "I'm Lee Taemin, friend of Jimin's. And co-owner of WANT."


Jungkook raised an eyebrow and gazed at Jimin who read his mind. "WANT is the name of the tavern we're in. Taemin and Kai are the owners."


Kai frowned, "He doesn't..."


Jimin shook his head, "No he doesn't. And we don't shame on anyone with disabilities."


"Of course not," Taemin agreed. He smiled at Jungkook before glancing at Sungwoon, "Did you get him a drink?"


Sungwoon nodded, extended his hands that held the mugs towards Jimin and Jungkook, "Yes, here you go."


Jungkook held the mug in his hands and stared down at the dark red liquid inside. Everyone else was guzzling down this drink and the heavy aroma emanated from it as well. He had never had anything but water, sea water specifically, his entire life. Last night during dinner all he had drunk was water while Sungwoon's and Jimin's cups were full of a similar dark red liquid.


He was adventurous but he didn't know what to drink. He had never had a choice and he couldn't trust exactly everything.


Jimin noticed his hesitance, "It's wine. The best too." He took his own mug and drank out of it.


Jungkook watched and was glad to see Sungwoon, Taemin and Kai were in a deep conversation that they hadn't realized he hadn't drunk from his mug. Nothing happened to Jimin. He was perfectly fine. Surely he would be fine too, right?


He shrugged and wished himself good luck to the new experiences. Slowly, he drank from his mug, opening his to allow to the liquid to fill his mouth. The drink was sweet and it lingered on his taste buds. For a moment it was strange since he began feeling light-headed and then dizzy. And then out of the blue he was in high spirits.


He was so happy he could sing of course that was if he still had his voice. Jungkook drank more from his mug, pleased with the reaction he was getting out of this.






"He's going to be drunk soon enough," Sungwoon advised Jimin. He drank from his own wine, "Don't give him too much. You want him to enjoy your concert, don't you?"


Kai was surprised, "Concert? You're whipping out that voice of yours again, Jimin? It's been some time."


He's known Sungwoon, Taemin, Kai and Moonkyu for some time. Sungwoon and Taemin had lived in Mikrokosmos since birth. Kai's parents had been relocating due to some debt his family had with a group of swashbuckling pirates and Moonkyu was a family friend of Kai's. Jimin became best friends with Sungwoon and Taemin at a young age while meeting and befriending the other two at age twelve.


Either way the five of them had grown up together and knew each other well. It was the reason why Sungwoon had his suspicions about his preference. He wouldn't be able to keep it from him for too long. It was stressful for him just keeping it to himself. His friends were supportive and not judgmental at all, but he was still accepting it himself. In a perfect world he would be able to say it aloud. In a perfect world he would have the male he loved who he couldn't find.


Princes weren't supposed to take a liking in the forms of art. Singing, painting or dancing was out of the question for a prince. The only reason a male was dancing was to waltz with a female which proved an attraction towards each other. Instead of drawing or painting, he had favored singing and dancing. In secret, his friends would have little concerts for themselves.


His parents were unaware of his love for singing and dancing. Ever since finding his passion he was always practicing. Writing and composing a song was harder in his opinion but he made an effort at it. It had been the night on the day he had been rescued when all of the emotions had poured out and Jimin was writing down lyrics on his journal he used to make songs. Finally he had come up with something worth listening to.


To him it hadn't felt that long but he had stopped singing. His mother caught him humming a tune and since then he had stopped. It had been five months ago when he had gone with them to see the Princess Sunmi of Gashina. Sejeong had her eyes on her son throughout the trip. Princess Sunmi was Jimin's dance partner during the trip and he stopped singing. Not even a hum.


Even for as old as they were they had still secretly held concerts in Taemin's and Kai's tavern. That was until five months ago when he had told them he would stop since he didn’t want his parents finding out. Jimin missed it and finally he would be singing once again. For a stranger. It wouldn't be too bad. The song was supposed to be for his savior but that'd have to wait. He still had to get the boy's name.


"He wrote it for his unknown savior," Sungwoon said. Taemin and Kai were aware of Jimin's story. "But he's singing it privately for his new little friend."


Taemin nodded in understanding, "Why are you so adamant to find this man, Jimin? For all you know he could be a horrible person. He's a stranger."


"A horrible person wouldn't have saved me from drowning, Taemin-hyung. They would've left me to die," Jimin protested. He's defend the male forever. "And...I think he should he appreciated for his noble deed."


Kai raised an eyebrow, "How do you plan on showing your appreciation?" Jimin's cheeks went red. Kai chuckled, "Would you really sing to him?"


"I didn't think that far." Jimin sipped from his mug.


Taemin refused to believe that like the rest of them besides Jungkook who was smiling brightly, "No, I don't think so...I think you have an idea, you're just unsure if you want to."


Jimin sent a deadly glare at them, "You don't know...Anything about that."


Sungwoon spoke sympathetically, "Jimin, you can trust us. It hurts that you can't find it in yourself to tell us about something that you're struggling to keep to yourself."


Jimin tightened his grip on his mug, the drunk affect appearing by how light he felt, "Well you clearly all know the secret so why don't you just say it, hm? Instead of walking on eggshells."


"We don't want to hurt your feelings, Jimin. We want you to trust us, that's all. We want to help you." Taemin said.


Jimin scoffed, "Well might as well get it over with, right? You'll be the only ones to know." He drank the wine left in his mug, "I want to find my savior and marry him! I want to sing to him as he did for me. That song he sang...It sounded like...Something you'd sing to someone you love."


Sungwoon tilted his head, "What do you mean?" Jimin told him the story but he never mentioned into depths about the song.


"Euphoria!" Jimin screamed, Jungkook blinked and glanced at his human. Tears were beginning to form in his eyes, "He called me his euphoria! When I'm with you, I'm in utopia, he sang to me. Isn't that beautiful?"






Jungkook was lost in the feeling that the wine had given to him. He was beginning to comprehend why everyone seemed so happy in WANT. The wine here was like some magical potion that caused a person to feel joyous and light. Jungkook wanted to run around but he doubted his new legs were prepped for that. Even the small steps weren't normal like a human's.


The feeling was euphoric but not as addicting as Jimin. To an extent it was a splendid feeling but it was no substitute. Even his drunken state there was only one thing his heart yearned for. Jimin was all he could ever want or need.


Jungkook watched Jimin from the corner of his eyes. He wanted to touch him. He wanted Jimin to touch him. When he had saved him and laid his on the sand, they had been so close. He caressed the human's cheek over and over. Jungkook wished to do that again. Jimin was talking so none of that could happen right now.


"Euphoria!" Jimin screamed and his attention was on his favorite human in the world. Slightly he regretted not listening to what they had been talking about before.


Euphoria was the name of his heart song for Jimin that he sang. Was Jimin feeling euphoric or was he talking about the song? Even so Jungkook listened closely now to what his human prince was conversing with his friends.


Jimin was going on about how he called him his euphoria. He even restated one of the lyrics, "When I'm with you, I'm in utopia." Jimin called it beautiful. Jungkook wanted to cry and hold Jimin closely, never wanting to let go. When awakening Jimin had called his voice beautiful but he said the song was. In a way, Jimin had accepted the courtship. There was no way to tell Jimin that he was the one who had sung those beautiful, significant words to him.


"My parents...I believe they love me though they want me to marry and have children not be happy. You're my friends and clearly you want me to be happy, but...Someone calling you their happiness...It felt like I was needed by someone who would only ever need me."


Taemin inquired, "Like soulmates?"


Jimin nodded, "Yeah."


"Do you think this man is your soulmate, Jimin?" Sungwoon questioned never expecting these words to come out of his friend's mouth. "That's...That's a hard one."


Jimin had tearstained cheeks, "I don't even know where he is...Why did he leave if I'm his euphoria? Calling someone that, you'd think it as a love song."


Kai shrugged, "Maybe he had to go?" Jungkook nodded his head as he felt sadness in his heart.


"Where to?" Jimin asked. All of this was too much for him it seemed. "... I wanted him to stay. He sang it so lovingly, he even touched my face...I want to give back what he gave to me."


"Love" Jungkook mouthed.



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It wasn't until they were exiting WANT when Jungkook noticed how the mood had been slightly ruined. Whatever had gotten Jimin down was because of something that his friends had talked about. It had made Jimin sad and for that Jungkook was a bit upset with them. He wished for no one to make Jimin feel anything but joy. Jimin's smile yesterday and his laugh were beautiful. Jungkook wished to see and hear more.


Jimin seemed more isolated as they walked farther from WANT. Jungkook had been glad that Jimin's friends had changed the topic. Jimin was having a hard, Jungkook could tell. His parents stressing demands, accepting himself and then not knowing where the one person he wanted to be with was.


It was heartbreaking to hear Jimin miserable about his disappearance. Jungkook knew he hadn't been functioning right since he was thinking about the human and he knew exactly where he was. It was totally different for Jimin. Jimin's world didn't accept male and male relationships and Jimin thought he was a regular human, not a mer. It broke his heart that Jimin was hurting more than him.


The feeling the wine had given him had worn off and he was feeling just happy being around Jimin. Sungwoon had said that Jimin had prepared something and he still hoped that he could. He'd understand if he wasn't up for it. He would love to hear Jimin's voice, especially the song he had written.


Unaware of what was to come Jungkook trailed behind his beloved.








"Hoseok-hyung!" Jaehyun called out to the two mermen who were still in the canal. Jaehyun saw Jimin and Jungkook leaving a tavern. "Is that where they were?"


Jackson nodded, "They walked in and stayed inside for a long time. I don't know what happened in there."


Hoseok had watched carefully. He had seen the attitude both males had when they were leaving castle to now. It wasn't the same. Something had happened. Jimin wasn't holding hands with Jungkook like before but it seemed different. As if something was stopping Jimin from doing so - or even someone.


"They didn't kiss," Hoseok confirmed. Jackson and Jaehyun gazed at him with questioningly. He clarified, "They're not as happy as before."


Jackson knitted his eyebrows in confusion, "How can you tell? They weren't holding hands before and they were happy. Doing the same now."


Hoseok shook his head, "No, I know..." His only experience was what Taehyung and he had briefly shared. It wasn't much. "They still have to."


Jaehyun frowned, "Come on! Let's follow them. Something tells me they're going to need some help." While Jaehyun flew over the two mers swam.








Like Jimin had confirmed about their rowboat ride, the two of them were on a little boat as Jimin rowed. Jungkook wished he knew what the sticks Jimin was holding were called. They were human items so that interested him all the time. Jimin had called them anything but they were useful in rowing the boat. He would have to find a way to ask Jaehyun.


As it was many moments ago Jimin wasn't smiling. He was stoic. Jungkook didn't blame him. Jungkook exhaled deeply as he didn't know where else to stare off besides what was surrounding them. He spotted a patch of land with a large tree that was not that far away from them. The lagoon was nice and relaxing. Jungkook pondered on the thought that perhaps Jimin came here to sing or simply for some peace and quiet for his loud world.


Jimin put the rowing sticks down, "I'm sorry about the atmosphere. I know I'm...Withdrawn. My friends they just...You love them but sometimes they bring up stuff you don't want to talk about."


Jungkook smiled at the human. Jimin was apologizing for no reason.


Jimin carried on, "It's stuff I should think about...But I can't with everything going on between my parents."


Jungkook gently placed his hand over Jimin's and sent him an understanding smile. If he could take all of this stress from his beloved he would. Sad to say it wasn't possible. Maybe if Jungkook had his voice it would do something.








The three followed Jimin and Jungkook as they rowed their boat. Travelling and hiding was easier for Jaehyun since he was just a white swan. It would he strange for Jimin to see random rippling that came from Jackson and Hoseok pooping their heads up and down to observe what was going on.


Jimin had stopped rowing the boat until they were near the little piece of land with the tree. It was the perfect place for them to hide and watch the two interact. Jimin's distress still could be sensed according to Hoseok so they would have to come up with something to make the mood romantic for the two lovebirds. Jungkook needed that kiss!


The three had of them had promised that they weren't going to lose Jungkook to the sea witch. They would defend Jungkook even if meant trying to kill the witch themselves. Jungkook deserved to live rather than to be a prisoner of the horrible woman.


Jaehyun morphed into his human form and his behind the tree, "Have you seen them share a kiss yet?" The two mers had gotten there before him.


Hoseok shook his head, "No, not yet." He had watched Jungkook place his hand on Jimin's. How sweet.


Jaehyun exhaled. He was quick and smooth with Doyoung. He didn't want any waiting and it was going to have to be the same tot these two.


"Well they better start. We don't have much only until sunset of tomorrow." Jaehyun said. He hadn't hidden his wings so he blocked Hoseok's view.


Hoseok pushed at Jaehyun's long white feather, "Hey! Move your big feathers. Aish!" Jaehyun hid his wings.


"Ugh! Nothing is happening and one day left. This doesn't look good at all." Jaehyun narrowed his eyes at the pair on the boat. "We need to make this atmosphere scream romantic!"


Jackson cleared his throat, "Leave that to me." He had been silent and just viewing Jimin and Jungkook for a bit. Jaehyun sent a questioning look to Hoseok who shrugged.








Live off of you

Live off of you

Cause you're mine


Live off of you

Live off of you

Cause you're mine



Jungkook swallowed when he heard Jackson's soothing voice. He had gotten the opportunity to hear Jackson's voice many times. The concerts they hosted in Atlantis were planned by others but the idea had been created by Jackson during the first year his parents were reigning over Atlantis. It was a festivity that all Merfolk seemed to agree on.


Jackson's voice was nice and Mark was lucky for having a life mate with a wonderful voice. Regardless of his relaxing voice the mer was grumpy and authoritative as always. He wondered why Jackson was singing. Maybe he was trying to help! Jungkook definitely owned him one.


"Do you hear something?" Jimin asked, his head turning around to see where the noise was coming from.


Jackson continued singing.


I'm topless walking to the frontline with no ammo

I know I might get shot but I still go though

Go hard, go hard, go hard in beast mode

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

All I wish is the clock be ticking in slow mo', yeah


Jimin knew he could hear someone singing but he guessed it was okay for now. He brushed it off, "I feel like a total jerk, you know?"


Jungkook frowned. There was no reason why Jimin should feel bad for anything. He could only imagine why Jimin would feel bad for something. So far all Jimin has been is a sweetheart with a caring heart. He hoped that for the rest of Jimin's life he remained sweet and kind - that nothing, especially his family, would harden his personality.


The world needed more people like Jimin.


"I don't know your name and I don't want to keep calling you 'red head I met on the beach' so...Maybe I can guess your name?" Jimin said.


Jungkook didn't know how this would turn out but it was better than nothing. At least Jimin wanted to know his name.


"Okay. Um...Seongyoon?" Jungkook shook his head at the first name. Not even close but he wondered if Jimin could even guess a name with a J. "How about Jeongin?" Jungkook wrinkled his nose proving that to be a no. Jimin guessed again, "Sunyoul?"


As loud as he was singing, Jackson softly said, "Jungkook. His name is Jungkook."


Jimin repeated the name in his head and ignored the voice, "Jungkook?" Jungkook gave him a toothily smile and nodded. "Jungkook? Huh...Kookie...That's a cute name." Jungkook blushed.


In a room with no exit

Not expecting things to be like this yeah

Time keep passing by

I'm just gonna slowly close my eyes

Can't breath for now I might die

Just hoping you be mine

Come back to my life, come back to my life







Jimin couldn't deny the romantic atmosphere. It was dark, the lyrics from that unknown voice were full of love and he enjoyed the red haired boy's - whose name happened to be Jungkook - company. Granted they haven't even been together for a week and Jimin loved Jungkook's toothily smile. It reminded him of a bunny.


The human prince didn't know where Jungkook had come from but a sort of innocence radiated off of him. Jimin hadn't asked how old he was but he seemed to be young, not any older than eighteen. Jungkook was like the only light in a dark world - there was something interesting and addicting about him. Jimin couldn't ignore the beauty Jungkook held as well.


Life wasn't about the materialistic things and Jimin knew better than to fall in love with someone because of their faces and bodies. Jungkook was beautiful and his innocence showed more of him that one would expect. Jimin was beginning to feel the urge to hold his hands or even share a kiss with the red haired boy. He shouldn't be thinking these things though. Forget what society or his parents thought about relationships like those.


It was his savior.


Jimin was devoted and in love with the one who rescued him. One day he wanted to hear that voice again. It was all he had from his savior - the beautiful voice that sung him a beauty melody. Jungkook didn't deserve to be someone's replacement. Jimin didn't want to do that to him. Even though his thoughts had good intentions, his heart was telling him to get closer to Jungkook.


He promised that once he found his savior he would sing to him something as loving - why was he performing it for Jungkook then? He still planned on doing so as well. Jimin didn't know what to do but he was starting to become curious about having Jungkook in his life. It would mean letting go of the one who saved him forever.


Was it worth it?


He enjoyed Jungkook's company and it was fun showing him Mikrokosmos. Having someone like Jungkook in life wasn't horrible. It was euphoric, ironically. Jungkook didn't seem to be upset that the mood was ruined. He understood and he didn't try to bring his spirits up. He gave him time to himself and in his own silence. Jimin appreciated it.


Maybe he left for a reason, Jimin thought about his savior.


It was suggested that the reason why his savior had left was because he couldn't stay. Maybe that was the truth? Life had its ups and downs. Perhaps the down was meeting once and that was all? As cruel as that reality was it wasn't unbelievable.


Would he rather remain alone or take a chance on something right in front of him? Jimin didn't want to wait anymore.


Slowly, Jimin leaned close to Jungkook. He saw the surprise in the other's face but he didn't pull away from him - that was a sign that this wasn't going to end up awkward or bad. Jungkook would've pushed him away if he didn't want to do this. Jimin didn't stop.


Deep in your shadow I dive

Want you to be in my life








Swallowing down the lump that had formed in his throat, Jungkook nervously stated into Jimin's eyes. He saw his beloved human contemplating things in his head - thinking deeply - he wished he could read Jimin's mind. It wasn't until after a few minutes that Jimin started getting closer to him. He realized soon what was going on.


Jimin was going to kiss him!


He didn't flinch or move an inch. He didn't want Jimin to think he didn't want this. Jungkook just kept his eyes attached to Jimin as their faces came closer inch by inch. Finally their faces were too close that there was no mistake that they'd kiss.


Jungkook leaned a bit as he closed his eyes, waiting to be kissed by his life mate. Jimin's lips nearly touched Jungkook's when...


Live off you

Live off you

Cuz you're mine


Live off you

Live off you

Cuz you're mine



The rowboat flipped over out of the blue. Jackson, Hoseok and Jaehyun bit back the desire to help out the two males. They couldn't make themselves known to Jimin. They stayed back and watched from afar to make sure the two were fine. Clearly this mood had been ruined and there was no way Jimin would kiss anyone.


Although they hadn't kissed just like when they had met, Jimin was first to help Jungkook. Jimin helped the red haired boy on his feet and even draped an arm around Jungkook's waist since he knew the other had trouble walking.


"Are you okay?" Jimin asked the other, pushing the red drenched strands out of Jungkook's eyes. Jungkook nodded. Jimin exhaled, "The night still isn't over you know?"


Jungkook bit down on his lip. He had forgotten for a second! How could he? It was the best part of their time together. Jimin had a song to sing and Jungkook was going to get it all to himself. Sungwoon had said Jimin's voice was pretty amazing.


He didn't doubt it.


"Let's head back..." Jimin began as he looked deeply into Jungkook's eyes. The desire to kiss him was still present. "We still have that concert, remember?" Jungkook smiled.


There was still the concert when they might share a kiss. Jungkook held onto the hope.







Even after Namjoon's and Jin's baby son had left her lair, IU wasn't dumb enough to not keep an eye on the former mer. She hadn't been too concerned at first. She knew there was no way Prince Jimin would even attempt to kiss Jungkook. She didn't need to keep an eye to make sure that happened. All she had to do was make the price for Jungkook's legs the red haired merman's voice.


She watched Jungkook ever since he had found that fork and pipe. It was crystal clear that Jimin wouldn't fall in love with Jungkook because the lack of his voice. That human prince was in love with a fish that could sing - who was no longer part fish or could sing. Jimin couldn't let go of the merman who saved him. He wouldn't be able to replace that person.


IU was lucky that she had at the last minute sent Hyolyn and Bora to go check up on Jungkook. If it hadn't been for the hunch she would've been ruined! There wouldn't have been a way for her to get the throne of Atlantis. She wasn't going to let that happen. Jungkook was her way to getting what she's always wanted but was stolen from her.


"Good work, girls. That was a close one." IU went back and forth, her eyes resting on the crystal ball. The lovebirds were rowing away. "Why did I question it? Of course that boy would have something up his sleeves! When you have two charming mers mate it only makes sense their offspring would end the same!"


The crystal ball changed. No longer was it on Jimin and Jungkook who were maling their way towards Mikrokosmos. Now it was showing Jin stuck in the cell on land in IU's hideout. The sea witch couldn't refrained a chuckle. Sinisterly, IU was anticipating for the family reunion that was so long overdue. For Jungkook to know his mother was alive and imprisoned in the same kingdom where he was pursuing his human prince.


IU always wondered what Namjoon had told the children. She had always believed he had come up with some excuse. Whether or not they knew didn't matter to her. Just seeing the king and queen a part and Jin away from the family he loved dearly was a treat. She sometimes debated whether having Jin as a bargaining chip would've worked but it might've been different.


It's not like Namjoon could give Jin his tail back. When Jungkook fails he'll be back in the ocean and the only thing left for Namjoon is to make a different deal. Jin was the love of Namjoon's life but they would definitely put their children before themselves. If she had used Jin as a way to become queen, the beautiful merman would've begged Namjoon to never let her. It would've been heartbreaking but Namjoon might've listened.


Besides now she could kill two birds with one stone. Take Jin's and Jungkook's youth and kill them. Crown herself queen. She'd turn Namjoon into some weak sea creature and the rest of the Merfolk would be under her command as it should've always been. No one would be able to stop her. Not even Namjoon's and Jin's brave soldiers back in Atlantis.


"It's time I took matters into my own hands," IU said as she started throwing all sorts of items from herself and into the cauldron. Light purple smoke began surrounding her. "Namjoon's son will be mine and then I'll make him writhe! Namjoon will be a wriggling worm on a hook!" She laughed as her tentacles faded and she had legs.


Like a human.


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Eagerness was all Jungkook felt as they returned to the castle. The sky darkened but he didn't feel tired at all. The thought of Jimin singing to him would be keeping him energetic enough. He might not even go to sleep afterwards just with Jimin's voice stuck in his head.


The difference now that they were going back to the castle was that Jimin's hand was holding his tightly. Both still soaked yet happy. Jungkook could feel the emotions emitting from Jimin. The other must be just as excited to share his masterpiece. Jungkook had so many ideas but clearly the end result was going to be better than he expected.


The guards that had been posted at the front of the castle were talking with a citizen so no one caught them holding hands or entering the castle. There was no one in the throne room meaning Jimin's parents had more than likely retired to their chambers. No one should be summoning Jimin meaning he would have his beloved all to himself.


Jimin was giggling as he led him into a hallway with a bunch of doors. It had taken going through countless doors until finally Jimin told him to enter before him. Jungkook did so and could hear Jimin right behind him. He heard the door close and he spun around to examine the room they were in. He was left awestruck.


The room was excessively spacious. The long windows had their dark red curtains pushed back and the moonlight peeked through the windows, giving light in the massive room. Jungkook didn't know what this room was called but he thought important things happened here. It reminded him of the room where the concerts were held. Would Jimin be singing in here?


Jungkook wheeled around to Jimin who could tell what he wanted to ask. "This is the ballroom. When we host balls and parties this is where it happens. It's a sight to see...All these people dancing in one room."


He watched as Jimin walked in front of him. Jungkook could see the yearning in Jimin's eyes. Something told him that the show was about to start soon enough.


"I wrote this song for someone else...Someone who sang a song for me. I wanted this to be as beautiful and meaningful as that person's." Jimin explained.


Jungkook wondered if Jimin could tell if he was asking why he wanted him to hear it. His question was answered.


"I'm singing this to you...Because you're not like my group of friends. You're...Jungkook." They both grinned, Jimin laughing a bit. He carried on, "You've made me feel different, Jungkook. We've only been together for two days yet...It feels like it's been more. You're different from everyone else, that's why I wanted to share this with you. I trust you with these feelings."


Jungkook nodded at the human prince would smiled back at him. Jungkook straightened up as he watched every single move Jimin made.


I modeungeon uyeoni anya

Geunyang, geunyang naui neukkimeuro

On sesangi eojewan dalla

Geunyang, geunyang neoui gippeumeuro


Jungkook widened his eyes by the sound coming out of Jimin's mouth. Sungwoon saying Jimin's voice was "amazing" was an understatement. Jungkook imagined Jimin to have a wonderful voice but this was more than amazing and wonderful. Jimin's voice was beautiful.


Standing right there with his eyes on Jimin, he was listening to the heart song written for him. Jimin wouldn't ever know who he truly was but that didn't matter at the moment. Listening to Jimin's voice made him think only about the lovely human he had fallen in love with. How he didn't want to ever leave him.


Seolleneun mankeum manhi duryeowo

Unmyeongi uril jakku jiltuhaeseo

Neomankeum nado manhi museowo

When you see me

When you touch me


All of a sudden Jimin came closer to him. Jungkook remembered them being back on the rowboat in the lagoon. Was this the moment that Jimin was going to kiss him? Even though he had closed his eyes the first time, Jungkook couldn't bring himself to do it again. Instead he kept his eyes wide open as he watched Jimin.


Jimin's lips never touched him but that didn't mean he avoided him. Jimin wrapped one arm around his waist and grasped one of his hands. It took Jungkook a second to realize what Jimin was doing. It was a similar form of affection mers did - Jaehyun said humans called it a "waltz" and for humans it was a form of dancing.


Jimin was dancing with him. Before getting the opportunity to think of anything else, irrelevant or relevant, Jimin waltzed him away from where they had been standing. Jungkook kept his eyes on Jimin's as the human prince led the dance. Jungkook hoped he wasn't too horrible but he noticed waltzes weren't that difficult after a while. It was rather romantic.


Neon nae pureun gompangi

Nal guwonhaejun naui cheonsa naui sesang

Nan ne samsaek goyangi neol mannareo on

Love me now

Touch me now


It was all so much. Jungkook couldn't even find the words to describe how magical this all was.


Just let me love you

Just let me love you

Ujuga cheoeum saenggyeonasseul ttaebuteo

Modeun geon jeonghaejin geoyeosseo

Just let me love you


Hearing "just let me love you" and Jimin staring right back at him, the moment felt so perfect. Everything seemed to be going so right - better than back on the rowboat. Jungkook had to believe that Jimin would kiss him during this passionate and affectionate time. He would wait and see. And they always had tomorrow until sunset.


All he wanted to do was let Jimin love him like he wished. He longed for them to both touch each other as lovers did. Thinking about all the possibilities of things they could do together made his cheeks go red. All that really mattered was that he was with his prince.


Let me love, let me love you

Let me love, let me love you


Jungkook was surprised when Jimin suddenly dipped him down. Regardless, Jimin was holding him securely. Their faces were close once more and Jungkook was into the moment. It didn't take long before Jimin himself realized that he was into it as well.


Just as what had happened before, Jungkook saw Jimin's face getting closer to his. Within seconds their lips were ghosting over each other's. Jungkook closed his eyes and placed one of his hands on Jimin's chest just as Jimin was about to claim his lips.


The kiss never came.




Jungkook and Jimin turned to where the door was and saw Hyoshin and Sejeong and a few guards standing at the doorway.


Jimin carefully brought Jungkook properly without dropping him. Jungkook was no longer concerned about their kiss. He was worried about what would happen to Jimin. Seemingly humans weren't fond of couples with the same gender and the fact that Jimin's father had caught them nearly kissing wasn't going to end well.


If he could Jungkook would grab Jimin's hand and run out of the castle with him. That's what he wanted to do.


"I demand to speak to you right now, Jimin." Hyoshin commanded his son angrily. Sejeong didn't look too happy either.


Jimin at the moment would obey but he needed to do something first. "Right away, just let me say goodnight to Jungkook." He picked up Jungkook's right hand and kissed the back of it. "I'll see you tomorrow, Kookie."


Jungkook wasn't just blushing because of the kiss on his hand or the little nickname. The fact that Jimin suggested they'd be seeing each other tomorrow. He still had tomorrow left so there was a chance that Jimin would kiss him!


He nodded at Jimin before running out of the room. He had to pass the royals and guards but he did so. Jeonghee was outside so she escorted him back to his room. All he could think about was how tomorrow would be the beginning of the rest of his life with Jimin.


Tonight he'd sleep with a smile on his face and Jimin's song and voice echoing in his head.






Nothing had changed. Nothing would ever. From here on out their words would remain the same. The feelings that welled up in them would be exact. There wouldn't be a change. No compromise. No one would end up happy. Someone lost and someone won. So far throughout all of these times, he has lost. Now, he wasn't too sure about that.


Hyoshin had been enraged to have walked in on that. Sejeong stayed back nodding and agreeing with her husband. Like two minds attached, Jimin thought about his parents.


His father hadn't screamed but he had made threats. Hyoshin swore that he'd disown Jimin and he'd be nothing in Mikrokosmos if he kept it up. Jimin listened while thinking about his life and the choices that were laid out for him. He had to make a decision and someone was going to lose and someone was going to win like always.


Things had been changed. His parents were going to arrange a marriage for him. No longer would he be calling the shots. He would be getting married once a random chosen princess was picked and arrived at the kingdom. He'd be married. He'd be king. And he would be unhappy and lying to the world that he was something he wasn't.


He didn't want that though. Although he didn't want that life he couldn't just jump out on it. He wanted to he completely sure of the choice he was choosing.


After agreeing to their terms he had ran off to the beach. It was beautiful outside. A nice breeze and the waves crashing on top of each other. Coming out to listen to the ocean was soothing and it helped him think. He would find the answer here.


"Jimin!" He turned to see Sungwoon approaching him.


With the thought of these choices and Jungkook in his head, Jimin had forgotten all about the pain his friends had made him feel. He would have to apologize to them.


"Sungwoon-hyung? How did you know I was out here?" That was a stupid question to ask but he still asked it.


Sungwoon wasn't disturbed, "Are you still searching for your savior?"


Jimin looked at the waves that once had carried his unconscious body until someone saved him.


"I don't know." He answered bluntly.


Sungwoon was taken back by this, "What? I...This is new, Jimin." He took a seat on the rock Jimin was on. "What do you mean you don't know?"


Jimin felt bad for saying it, "I think...I think I might be developing feelings for Jungkook...I wanted to kiss him and we nearly did." He gazed upon his friend to see a smile.


"You see, Jimin? We search for an answer just to realize one was right in front of us this whole time," Sungwoon clarified. Still it didn't prove why Jimin looked distressed. "So what's holding you back?"


Jimin exhaled, "My parents caught us...I'm going to betrothed to some princess."


"You don't want that, of course," Jimin nodded. Sungwoon raised an eyebrow, "So what's stopping you from running into Jungkook's arms?"


Jimin searched around the beach, "If I choose Jungkook I lose not only my family but my savior. The one who loves me."


"Think of it this way, Jimin. Jungkook can be your savior." Sungwoon summed up. Jimin questioned him with a look. "You'll he unhappy with your arranged life, if you choose him you're free from it. Why can't you have Jungkook as your savior?"


Jimin bit down on his lip. Sungwoon wasn't entirely wrong about that. Jungkook would be his savior from his depressed life. He would get to be with him. It didn't sound horrible at all.


"It's a leap, no doubt, but you get to decide if you want to take it." Sungwoon said as he got up from where he sat. He turned to Jimin, "If I may say, far better than any savior boy, is one of flesh and blood, one warm and caring, and right before your eyes." He left and headed back.


Jimin glanced at the balcony where Jungkook's room was. In that room was the one he beginning to develop feelings for. Maybe he'd never get to see the man who saved him. He had Jungkook who was here now and wouldn't leave him, it seemed.


It was decided. He was going to choose Jungkook.


Jimin got up from where he sat and was about to make his way back to the castle when he heard something familiar.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah



Those words. That voice. Jimin felt his head suddenly ache a bit. It was the words that only one person knew besides him. It was the person he was searching for. The one who saved him from his demise.


The human prince spun around and out in the far distance there was a large cloud of fog. He tried to adjust his eyes but he couldn't see clearly due to the fog. He wanted to though. He wanted to look upon his savior.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah



The fog went light and there walking closer and closer was a young woman. She had long dark straight hair and white flawless skin. She was dressed in a long purple dress and there was a black cloak over her shoulders blowing in the wind with her hair. She also had a golden seashell necklace that was oddly glowing.


He could see her mouth moving too and noise coming out. Her voice was so beautiful. Jimin realized that this was the one who saved him. His thoughts would've told him that in no possible way could that have been his savior since it had been a male's voice. However his thoughts weren't necessarily in his control.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah



No, this was the girl who had saved him. He had been searching all this time for a female. The beautiful song she had created just for him and how lovingly she sang it. Serendipity was meant for her and no one else.


Jimin's eyes glowed gold as the woman finally was face to face with him. All he could hear was that voice and those words that repeated in his head. Unknown to him it was those words and voice that he loved that were manipulating him to do something that would ruin his life without him even knowing.



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They didn't need to know and they never would. He kept it a secret for a long time that it would more than likely remain that way forever. It would likely be this way until after Yoongi became king of Atlantis and his own life mate and they had their own children. It was a dreadful situation but it was not one Namjoon could really fix.


He’d never done this before but he had the power to, like he had told Jin. It was his life mate that was the reason why he was doing this. Their usual communication wasn't enough for this conversation. Namjoon wanted to really be in Jin's presence when he tells him all about what was recently going on.


Namjoon told Moonbyul to keep guard on the kingdom. He had told her that he was going to see someone he thought might be able to help them find Jungkook. He hated that he lied to Moonbyul but she wasn't aware of the secret he had been keeping for so long. She wouldn't have approved of it at all which was why he hadn't told her. He didn't even tell Jackson.


He had gotten close enough to the shore before using the trident to change his tail to legs. The process was painful but there were more agonizing things in life he had to deal with. Like him, IU could do the same and make her human - it was how she was able to trap Jin on land in her prison. Humans normally didn't walk around naked so he tried to remember how Jin once described the clothes humans wore.


With an image in his head he used the magic from the trident to create the picture in his head. It stung a bit to remember Jin describing the strangeness of the clothing and materials that human beings wore.


"Men wear something called shirts to cover their top. There are sleeves that they put their arms through. They have 'trousers' which cover your lower half. You put your legs through the sleeves, sometimes there a button to put a hole through. Women don't even wear the same! They wear something called 'dresses.'"


At that moment they had been chatting in the throne room alone. Their sons had gone off to play while Moonbyul was training some new guards and checking the perimeter of the kingdom to make sure everything was functioning correctly. Jackson took the day off to spend time with his family. Kings got no days off, he noticed.


Jin was vibrant and full of joy when he talked about humans. Of course the only things he knew about them was the answers Hyosang gave him. Namjoon had been a bit astonished that the human had been patient with Jin's desire for knowledge. It was nice to see something make Jin happy. Namjoon preferred Jin to let the man drown if it meant preventing their family from breaking a part.


Dressed in the all black attire he had created with his memory and the magic of the trident, Namjoon steadily got up from where he sat on the sand. Legs and wearing clothes were so otherworldly to him. Even walking was a big change from always swimming. He didn't know how Jin could want to know more about humans when they were so odd.


Using a simple spell he learned he was able to transform the long golden trident into pendant on a simple thin string that he used to make a necklace. In order to be human he would have to be as odd as them - including the fact that they couldn't know anything about his real identity.


The only reason he had an idea that IU had hidden Jin here was because of the sudden black magic aura he was getting. He wasn't trying to get anywhere near the sea witch. She was more than likely making deals with foolish humans here in this kingdom. He would know if she was anywhere nearby due to her strong aura. She wouldn't know he had invaded her space. With his trident she couldn't do anything to him.


Turning his head to look around the beach suddenly he felt a pull at his heart. Namjoon gazed at the kingdom near the beach. He was planning to make his way over there but something stopped him in his tracks.


I’m the one I should love

Heundeulligo duryeowodo

apeuro georeoga

Pokpung soge sumgyeodwotdeon

jinjja neowa manna


He could tell the voice was nowhere nearby but the only reason he could find it was the connection it had to his heart and soul. A tear nearly escaped his eye. There was no time for tears. This being his first time searching for Jin it wouldn't be difficult since he was calling out for him already.


It was Epiphany, Jin's heart song to him. The song was the most beautiful he had ever heard since it was meant for him just as Love was meant for Jin. Namjoon hadn't communicated with Jin since Jungkook disappeared. It had been some time since Namjoon hadn't been able to interact with Jin every day. It became easier when the boys got older. Jin was yearning for him - and he was longing for his beloved too.


Wae nan ireohge

sojunghan nal sumgyeodugo


Mwoga geuri duryeowo

nae jinjja moseubeul sumgyeotneunji


The song called out to him, helping him find Jin. Those lyrics would forever be in his heart and only Jin could ever sing the melody beautifully. Hearing Jin's heart song after so long brought back memories - ones that he had long buried due to the agony. Thinking of Jin only added to the pain that he wasn't with them in Atlantis.


How could anyone survive not being with their destined one?


He thought that he could learn to live with it. Namjoon knew he had to be strong for their sons as well as being a great king for his people. As time went on and even until now he thought he had done well. All of the issues that have occurred fell onto him and he was beginning to feel like a failure.


If I was a good appa, Jungkookie wouldn't have left, Namjoon thought. It had been a fear of his - being a disappointment to those who meant the world to him.


His father had expected so much about of him and he believed he could never live up to those expectations. It was with Jin that he began understanding that he might be able to even be a better king than his father. Jin, being supportive and loving, never wanted him to lose hope and to think on the bright side.


To not think about when we would fail but rather ponder on succeeding. After a while Namjoon believed it. With Jin by his side he knew he would be the best he could be. It felt like without Jin everything had just slowly fallen apart. Nothing helped - the warnings he told his children - he still ended up losing one of his children.


What had he done wrong?


I’m the one I should love

In this world

Bitnaneun nareul

sojunghan nae yeonghoneul

Ijeya kkaedara

So I love me

Jom bujokhaedo neomu areumdaun geol

I'm the one I should love


With confident strides, Namjoon made his way into the kingdom and used the link he had with his beloved to search for him. It would be easier to track Jin as long as he kept singing. Jin wouldn't know that Namjoon was nearby unless he decided to sing the heart song that was made for him.


Since it was nighttime there was no citizen outside. There were a few who were bantering outside of a place called WANT with mugs in their hands. Namjoon paid no attention to the humans he despised. There was someone else who would have his undivided attention - someone who never had to ask for it either.


He eyed the castle that belonged to the royal family who ruled the kingdom. Mikrokosmos. Jin had said that's where Hyosang lived. Hyosang could only deceive Jin somewhere nearby where IU would be - Mikrokosmos was where Jin was being held. Unbeknown to the king of the ocean, his youngest son was sleeping in one of the rooms in the castle.


I’m the one I should love

Oh oh oh

Oh oh oh

Oh oh oh, oh


Namjoon had passed by numerous buildings and homes before he spotted the one he needed to get to. The singing was clearer and louder. It was as if Jin was singing right in his ear.


The building appeared damaged and old. Regardless of its age, the building was still standing and nothing was unordinary about it. It had a roof, four walls, a window and a door. There were little stairs that led up to the door. Namjoon went up the stairs, his eyes averting towards the ground where a few large beetles were surrounding a pot with flowers.


Victims of IU's, Namjoon thought at the hopeless bugs that could just be squashed at any moment - like that their lives gone.


It wouldn't have been hard for IU to end Jin's life. She didn't even have to give him legs. It was peculiar and if Jin knew anything he would've definitely informed him. It just proved the point to never trust the sea witch.


Ignoring the beetles he pushed open the door for it to be unlocked. When he entered the building he was greeted by shelves and tables full of items. There was a bowl of seashells and sand dollars, dead seahorses and fish, cowries and shells from clams and oysters, etc. It was a shop.


It made sense that IU would choose this as a perfect disguise. The filthy woman made deals with innocent people blinded by her powers. Shopkeepers did their best to get you to purchase whatever they had to offer. IU was handing out presents to people with strings attached.


Of course there was only one thing he could ever want in this forsaken shop of IU's. He could hear Jin coming behind the doorway where a curtain of cowry and crab shells. Without hesitance he made his way towards the curtain and peeked through. Although he knew what was ahead he was still thrown off completely by the reality of it all.


The room was small. It was half a dungeon and the other half had shelves with books and weird jars full of small sea creatures like starfishes and sea urchins. Inside of the cell was none other than his dear Jin. There was a small window in front of Jin where he was singing out of as he tried peeking through it.


I’m the one I should love


Just as it has been long ever since heard Jin's heart song to him it's been just as long for Jin. The last time they had sung their heart songs was when they sang lullabies to the boys in the nursery for bedtime. Those moments were precious and full of love. Namjoon was busied by the matters concerning the kingdom so on occasion Jin would be the one to lull the boys to sleep.


Like now Namjoon could hear the verses Jin sang to their children as a lullaby. Namjoon did the same before and after Jin's departure.


Oh oh oh

Oh oh oh


Namjoon stayed back, leaning his back against the wall and preparing himself for what he was about to do. He hasn't sung his heart song ever since the boys stopped living in the nursery together. This would affect him as much as it would affect Jin.


Oh oh oh, oh oh

I’m the one I should love


There was a bit of silence and Namjoon left it at that. He wasn't going to leave now.


Manyak naega gandamyeon eotteolkka

Naega gandamyeon seulpeulkka neon

Manyak naega animyeon nan mwolkka

Gyeolguk neodo nal tteonalkka


Namjoon felt the emotions he felt the first time he had sung his heart song to Jin. It had been a week after he had first spotted the pink tailed merman. At that time he wanted to love and care for Jin for as long as they lived. Even now after elven years and just singing those four verses, Namjoon still wanted to love Jin relentlessly.


He wished he could see Jin's face, no doubt the other thought this to be a cruel joke from IU. Namjoon would expose himself to Jin. He wanted to, but even he was lost in the song and feelings in his heart.


Neon naye saram, saram, saram

Neon naye baram, baram, baram 

Neon naye jarang, jarang, jarang 

Neon naye sarang

Dan han sarang


After what felt to be so long Namjoon went through the curtain and entered the room. His eyes were glued onto Jin, who was no longer looking through the window. Jin, dressed in human clothes, looking as beautiful as ever watched him with shock. Namjoon guessed the only way his husband would believe it's him is if they were to touch.


Without struggle Namjoon approached the cell, putting his hands on the bar. "Hello, Jin."


Jin gulped, "Namjoon? It's...Is it really you?" Namjoon could see Jin's want to touch his hands but the doubt was present - fear that this was just an illusion.


Namjoon let go of the bars and extended his hands for Jin to touch. "It's really me, Jin. IU doesn't even know I'm here, but I sensed she was here."


When a few seconds passed Jin stepped away from the window and went in the direction of the bars. He placed his hands in Namjoon's. Namjoon held onto Jin's cold, soft hands. Eleven years and their skin were truly touching. No magic through the communication devices IU had gifted them.


How wonderful it felt. Namjoon wanted to touch Jin entirely. Leaving no part of him as exception.


"Oh Joon, it really is you!" Jin said delightedly, squeezing Namjoon's hands. He leaned his head close, "What are you doing here?"


Namjoon had forgotten for a second of his purpose. He let go of Jin's hands and reached his hand out to caress Jin's face. With Jin's eyes on his own, Namjoon stroked Jin's face and touched his black locks. He was really touching his husband after so many years. It felt amazing to be so close yet so far away.


Jin leaned into the touch, longing for the contact as well. Namjoon leaned to kiss the other until he ended up being pressed up by the bars. The king exhaled, remembering that this wasn't going to be as easy as he thought. He removed one hand and gripped the trident pendant and conjured up some of the magic. He couldn't teleport but he could go through barriers such as a wall.


He leaned into the bars just to push Jin further into the cell. Namjoon opened his eyes to see that the magic worked. He was now inside of the cell with his husband. Instead of allowing Jin to react, he embraced the beautiful male and kissed him passionately. In response Jin kissed back.


Before thinking and lost in the love for his husband, Namjoon pushed Jin on top of the flat stone platform that Jin used as a bed. It was cold and uncomfortable but Jin didn't feel that now that Namjoon was with him.


Namjoon was on top of Jin, his hands all over him. Their lips hadn't part ever since they had touched. Namjoon pulled away. Both were panting heavily yet they didn't want to let go of each other. Namjoon looked down at Jin lovingly while the beautiful male had his arms wrapped around his husband's neck.


"You're still as beautiful as the day I met you," Namjoon whispered as he stroked Jin's flawless skin. He smiled softly, "Communicating for those eleven years doesn't compare to this."


Jin agreed, "We're so connected. So in love." He removed his arms and touched Namjoon's face. It had been so long and they were both indulging in it.


Namjoon knew there was so much anger he had towards Jin but it felt like that entire fury had dissolved just when he had touched his husband. It was as if it didn't matter anymore but it did. Even if they had this small moment it didn't mean there'd be more. Namjoon wasn't even here to visit Jin. He had wanted to tell him about Jungkook face to face because he blamed him.


He blamed Jin for Jungkook's interest in humans. He didn't think Jungkook inherited it from Jin. Namjoon liked to think that if Jin had just let go of his fascination with humans he wouldn't have been kidnapped and Jungkook wouldn't have been interested. Jungkook wouldn't have ever been sad and tried to find more to life than his own world. Jungkook would've been happy with his family.


That didn't happen though. Jin hadn't stopped and he got kidnapped. Their children were heartbroken and Namjoon attempted to be the best father to them. Though he tried his hardest he still lost one of them. Why were humans taking what he loved as if it belonged to them?


"What brought you here, Joon?" Jin imagined numerous possibilities. Seeing Namjoon's eyes darken, he knew it wasn't for him. Jin's mood died down, "You didn't come to visit me, did you?"


Namjoon didn't stop stroking Jin's face, "No, Jin...I didn't." He was about to get off but Jin grabbed his arms. He stayed put. "This is about Jungkook."


Jin raised an eyebrow. The last thing he had heard about his youngest son was that he had fallen in love. He surmised that Namjoon would figure out who that was. It was exciting news!


Jin beamed, "Who's the lucky mer?"


Same thing I had wondered, Namjoon thought. He frowned, "Our baby is following your footsteps, Jin." He felt Jin's hands loosen. "Like you, Jin, he's fallen in love with a human." Jin let go of his husband and Namjoon got off of him.


Jin sat on the stone bed, "I didn't fall in love with a human, Namjoon." His husband had his back facing him. "You have to know that."


Namjoon turned to him, "What are you talking about, Jin? Of course you did." He looked devastated, tears pouring from his eyes. "That's why you kept going back."


Jin shook his head, "You're wrong, my love." He got up from his bed and walked towards Namjoon, "I fell in love with humans."


Namjoon could never understand Jin's and Jungkook's infatuation. "Why?" Jin opened his mouth put Namjoon spoke first, "Don't you see what they do? They deceived you and Jungkook's human will do the same."


Jin put his hands on Namjoon's chest, "Joon, I don't believe all humans are deceitful as I don't believe all Merfolk are lovely." Namjoon was bewildered. The queen smirked, "How many mers tried getting in our bed?"


Namjoon loved how Jin called it their bed. It always was and always will be. "Many try and they all failed. You're mine and I'm yours. No one will take your place."


Jin leaned close and began touching Namjoon's hair and face, "As no one will take yours." He pecked Namjoon's lips, "Namjoon, you can't assume things."


Namjoon shook his head, "It doesn't mater what I think, Jin...Jungkook ran away." He could see Jin's shock. He sat on Jin's bed, more tears falling, "I...I tried, Jin, I really did. I thought I could do this. For a moment I had everything handled fine. Yoongs, Tae and Kookie found their way back to being happy and I thought...I thought the only issue I'd have is you."


Jin advanced towards his husband. He stood as he looked down at Namjoon who was having a break down.


"I thought I was doing everything right, Jin...Kookie had a collection! You had what Hyosang gave you but he visited shipwreck graveyards and snatched whatever was interesting...Destroying it all I thought I could prevent myself from losing him as I had lost you." Namjoon sobbed.


Jin could easily tell this was the same situation they had been in before they had their family. Namjoon was worried about not being good enough for anything. His father. Atlantis. Him. After they married Namjoon still had those qualms roaming his head. He was scared of being a bad husband and a bad father. Jin was able to convince him that he was going to do amazing at everything - king, husband and father.


It was happening again.


Jin stroked Namjoon's face, wiping away the tears on his husband's face, "Joon, you are an excellent appa."


Namjoon lifted his head up, "If I am then why did Kookie leave? He wouldn't have left if he didn't hate me...I'm messing up, Jin, and...I just want to find him. I want him home." Like you, Namjoon thought.


Jin put his legs over Namjoon's lap, his legs on the stone bed. He clung to his husband, "Joon, you're the same appa that you were when I was pregnant with Yoongi. Loving, doting and overprotective. You've always been those things, whether to me or the boys. You're still like that."


Namjoon allowed himself to be captivated by Jin's words. He had stopped crying and was listening to his husband he had been longing for so long.


"You're going to find him, Joon," Jin promised as he pulled Namjoon into a passionate kiss. Jin removed his lips and Namjoon desire for more. He wanted to keep kissing Jin's soft, sweet and plump lips.


Namjoon draped his arms around Jin's waist, pulling him closer, "What about us, Jin? ...What are we to do?"


Jin wished he had an answer. Unless IU gave him back his tail he wasn't returning to Atlantis anytime soon. He'd rather rot in the cell than try to create a new life amongst humans. His life was with his family.


"I...I don't know, Joon," Jin truthfully responded. He didn't blame Namjoon for not coming any sooner. "I'll stay here till death."


Namjoon looked down with guilt in him. "I feel awful for lying to the boys and everyone else, Jin...They'd hate me if they found out about you."


Jin didn't want that, "You're not at fault, Joon. This situation isn't easy, especially for you. I don't blame you for telling them I'm dead."


"Lying to Moonbyul that I was seeing a mer for help was hard, though I've been lying to her for eleven years," Namjoon confirmed. Jin smiled at the mentioning of his friend. "Solar and she had a baby. His name is Seungcheol."


Jin giggled, "How sweet." It would be nice to go back home but he was paying the price for trusting a crafty, lying human. "I wish I could be there."


"Me too." Namjoon said. He didn't want to leave Jin but he couldn’t stay. He had Atlantis to run and find Jungkook. He had an idea. "Maybe after I find Kookie, I'll them."


Jin raised an eyebrow, "About me still being alive?" Namjoon nodded. Jin was uncertain, "I don't know, Joon...I'd love to see my babies, but they might not want to see me."


"We'll come across that bridge. If IU won't give you your tail, we'll have to handle this. Our strange family reunion." Namjoon explained with a smile.


Jin wanted to see his babies. It's been so long. He wouldn't get to see them like he was seeing Namjoon now. However something was better than nothing.


"I'd love that, Joon," Jin said as he kissed Namjoon's lips once more.


They wouldn't get another chance like this as long as IU kept Jin a prisoner. Unknown to the king and queen, they would be seeing each other soon. Not necessarily for a family reunion sad to say. 



Chapter Text


He expressed gratitude to his ability to transform into a bird particularly a white swan. Jaehyun was able to blend it perfectly amongst the humans. He had been just doing that when beautiful words had filled his eardrums. At first he had thought he was just hearing things so he stayed a little longer and when he knew he wasn't imagining things he flew off elatedly.


Jungkook had a wedding to prepare for!


The first one he had to tell was Jungkook. Afterwards he would make sure to tell Jackson and Hoseok. They were going to be happy for Jungkook and they wouldn't have to worry about Jimin not kissing Jungkook. Their little red haired friend could live euphorically with his true love.


The white swan flew into the balcony that belonged to Jungkook's room. As he expected Jungkook was still asleep with a smile on his face. Jaehyun wondered if Jungkook was dreaming of Jimin - it'd explain the smile. Jaehyun was in his human form in seconds and gently shook Jungkook's body to wake him up.


"Kookie, get up! I have brilliant news!" He saw Jungkook open his eyes suddenly. The mer prince sat up, "You won't believe what I just found out!"


Jungkook nodded and looked as if he wanted Jaehyun to proceed, as if he was saying well, share the good news!


Jaehyun didn't let his friend suffer anymore, "The prince is getting married today! Kookie, you're going to be kissed and stay with him forever!"


Jungkook was taken back. At first he didn't believe it but he couldn't forget what had happened last night. Jimin and he had nearly kisses twice and the moments both ruined unexpectedly. Jimin had sung to him as they danced. Surely that meant something?


He didn't expect to be getting married so soon though. Obviously it proved that Jimin's and his life was true and something that couldn't be broken. He smiled as happy tears cascaded down his cheeks.


"It's true, Kookie!" Jaehyun hugged the smaller male and patted his back. "I'm so happy for you, Kook. Don't worry I'll tell Jackson and Hoseok everything!"


Jungkook looked at him for answers on what to do next. Jaehyun pieced up what Jungkook meant by the look.


"Go to your Prince Charming, Kookie!" Jaehyun applauded his friend who rose from bed and ran out of the room. He smiled softly, "If only your family could be here."






Overtaken by the joyous emotions bubbling inside of him, Jungkook needed to see Jimin. Usually the betrothals weren't to see each other before the wedding - it was bad luck is what the mers believed. Hopefully it wasn't something humans stuck too or else he'd have to wait to see Jimin.


With a large, bright smile on his face he searched for Jimin. He could hear Sungwoon's voice coming from the throne room. If Sungwoon was here that must mean that he was here to see his best friend of course! Jungkook ran to the throne room and opened the door a bit to see what was going on inside. He smiled when he spotted Jimin talking to his parents, who were in front of him with satisfaction. Sungwoon was on the left of Jimin. Jungkook spotted someone standing on the other side of Jimin though.


It was a woman. He couldn't see her face since Jimin's and her back were facing his direction. Her black hair was long and curly. She wore a long dark purple dress that had small inched straps which showed off her pale skin. Jungkook wouldn't have been so concerned about the random woman if it hadn't been how close she was to Jimin. What made him pay more attention was when the woman grabbed Jimin's arm and got closer.


What? I don't understand, Jungkook thought in bewilderment as the woman let go and Jimin wrapped an arm around her waist.


Within seconds there were tears in his eyes and his lips were trembling. It felt like his world was all coming down. Someone had ripped out his heart and burned it. He wanted to leave but he was frozen at the spot. There had to be more to the story. It couldn't just be what he was observing from the door. There had to be an explanation.


Some cruel joke.








"Jimin, this is all so sudden," Sejeong charmingly smiled while looking at Jimin and the woman. "We didn't know the full story to how you had gotten back to us. You said, she saved you?"


Jimin nodded without any emotion on his face, "I remember the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. It was her."


Sungwoon didn't know how the king and queen didn't realize how different their son was acting. The irony was that Jimin would live emotionlessly if he actually married a woman. His friend just confirmed he favored the company of males in contrast to females. Adding to that, Jimin said his savior had been a man not a woman.


There was something so off about this. Lamentably he lacked confidence that he could say a thing. It was Jimin affirming these strange statements. All of a sudden Jimin just likes women now? It appeased his parents, of course - they were waiting for this moment to occur. It wasn't right though. Something was fishy.


Sungwoon cleared his throat, earning everyone's attention, "Jimin, are you certain about this?" By the glares on the kings and queen's face they surely didn't want him to attend the wedding. "This is out of the blue. Maybe sleep on this?"


The terrifying thing was to look into his friend's eyes. Jimin appeared dead - as if his soul had been taken from his body. Sungwoon would accuse the king and queen, but how would they have done this? Just last night Jimin had been debating on starting something with the red haired boy - whose name he still didn't know. When he asked Jimin declined to answer - it had all been about her.


"Her" was the girl that Jimin had brought into the castle moments after Sungwoon had gotten back. He estimated that Jimin decided and would elope with the boy. He had been taken back by the random girl Jimin was holding hands with. All he had gotten out of Jimin was, "This is Jieun, she's the one - I'm going to marry her." Sungwoon didn't see his friend anymore that night.


He waited until now to speak to his friend. Jieun was given a room and Jeonghee tended to her once morning came and Jimin took her to see his parents. Sungwoon asked Jeonghee where his friend was - now they were in the throne room talking about the wedding Jimin was demanding for. Like proud owners of a pet, Hyoshin and Sejeong were going to "reward" their son.


"She's the one, Sungwoon-hyung," those words were becoming throbbing to his ears. Jimin carried on blankly at his parents, "I'm going to marry her, Appa and Umma. We wish to be married as soon as possible."


Hyoshin retorted, "Jimin, a wedding isn't easy to plan. It takes time and all the necessities must be gathered -"


Jimin cut off his father, no fear of disparaging the king, "This afternoon, Appa. The wedding ship leaves at sunset."


Sungwoon studied the situation. Hyoshin and Sejeong were in their own deep thoughts but they weren't disturbed one bit by this immediate occurrence. There was no hesitation in his heart that this event would take place. Jimin was going to marry Jieun. His friend was going to live unhappily - Sungwoon feared this.


How was he supposed to stop this? The royals would have his head if he tried anything. Jimin didn't seem to be in the correct mindset since there was not an ounce hesitance in this.


Hyoshin responded, "Very well, Jimin, as you wish. By sunset Miss Jieun and you will be husband and wife." Sungwoon bit down hard on his lip. This was a slipup.


None of them were aware of Jungkook who was in tears by what he had heard. The boy sobbed as he ran from the doorway. Jieun stole a fleeting look and smiled tenderly at Jimin.





Chapter Text



Jackson and he had rose from their sleep and swam back close to the castle in the water canal. They waited for anything to happen - mainly for Jaehyun to show up. Hoseok was glad there was someone who could go back and forth to communicate with Jungkook. Hoseok wished he could. It was strange not seeing Jungkook every second of the day. He missed his friend.


In reality Jungkook was the closest and only thing he had when it came to family. Namjoon, Yoongi and Taehyung thanked him for being Jungkook's friend but it was different. Once upon a time he thought Taehyung could be added to his family - it had been a dream too good to ever come true sad to say. He might not be able to be with his love but he hoped Jungkook could.


Without warning a white swan approached them. In seconds Jaehyun wasn't a swan and was a bouncing human. Hoseok could tell there was good news he had to share. He clung to hope and imagined that Jaehyun was going to announce that Jimin had kissed Jungkook.


"You wouldn't believe it! I went to Kookie and told him everything! Everything seems to be going better than we expected!" Jaehyun cried out merrily.


Hoseok opened his mouth just to be beaten by Jackson, "Spit it out!"


Jaehyun explained, "It's Jimin! He's getting married. Kookie and he are going to get married today and they're going to be together forever! Isn't this great?"


It was as if his prayers to Poseidon had been answered. Jungkook was going to live happily with his life mate. They were going to kiss and Jungkook would be human like Jimin. It was a process to get to here but they had done it and succeeded! There were pros and cons - Jungkook would be with his love yet away from his family and friends. Hoseok was happy either way.


As long as Jungkook was happy and safe everything was worth it. At least IU wouldn't have any claim over Jungkook now that he'd be Jimin's husband soon enough. Oh how exciting it all sounded to him!


"That's amazing, Jaehyun! Ooh Kookie must be on cloud nine right now!" Hoseok gushed.


Jackson crossed his arms and gazed at Hoseok with relief, "Wow...We really did do it." He frowned, "If only his family could see him now."


Hoseok placed an arm on Jackson's shoulder, "I know they would want to be present for this special moment. Maybe one day they can come together peacefully?"


Jackson exhaled. There were doubts but he kept his mouth shut for now. He would let Hoseok believe that was likelihood in the future. It had been humans that killed Jin - Namjoon, Yoongi and Taehyung wouldn't be making peace with any humans soon.


No one could blame them.


"What are we to do now?" Hoseok asked.


Jaehyun moped, "It would've been nice to have given Kookie some advice or wish him could luck. He's probably getting ready for his big day."


Hoseok smiled at those words. It was a big day for his friend. Mers dreamt of their weddings. The thought had never bothered him until Taehyung had proposed. Even after he was engaged Hoseok didn't care about the wedding ceremony. All that mattered was that he'd spend his life with his blue haired merman he loved.


Throughout this time with helping Jungkook reunite with his love, Hoseok hadn't considered the chances of his own unity. It was desired but he was unsure. He loved Taehyung but he was confused with the younger. Had their marriage just been a means to an end? As long as Jungkook stayed away from humans? Even if Taehyung truly loved him, Hoseok wanted good intentions. They were marrying to love each other not getting something out of it.


If Jungkook hadn't been captivated with humans he wouldn't have ever found his true love. He protested to ponder on his love life when he should be cheerful for Jungkook.


It would’ve been nice to be present for Jungkook's wedding but he'd have to visualize it for now. No doubt Jungkook was bursting in joy.






Going back to his chambers was painful but doable. It's not like he could roam around in his nightclothes. Jeonghee entered in jubilation with another box in her hands. Like during his time in Mikrokosmos, Jungkook remained silent as Jeonghee chattered cheerfully.


"It's good to see that Jimin settling down," Jeonghee began as she opened the box. Jungkook fiddled with his fingers. She pulled out a black long sleeved shirt, "He deserves to be happy, you know?"


Jungkook prevented himself from crying as he smiled and nodded at Jeonghee's words. Seeing his support, Jeonghee sighed and took out another piece of clothing from the box.


"The queen said Jimin was certain about this girl. She's been the one he's been searching for. Isn't that romantic?" Jeonghee keenly continued.


Jungkook kept his eyes on his reflection of himself while Jeonghee kept speaking. She must've thought that Jimin and he were just good friends. Jimin did bring him into his home without doubt. Jimin was a good person and he deserved all the contentment in the world. The human prince was his happiness but it seemed like they weren't meant to be.


It was tear-jerking. Jungkook thought that Jimin and he were supposed to be together. They were life mates - how could this have happened?


Jeonghee examined him with a satisfied smile. She brushed off his shoulders, "I think Jimin would like you to attend. You look presentable so don't forget to head onto the boat, okay?" Jungkook nodded without any intentions of watching his beloved marry another.


He figured he wouldn't see Jimin after this morning. Weddings were significant events so Jimin and his to-be wife would be getting ready for their big day. He wouldn't get to see Jimin ever again so it would've been nice to have said goodbye to him. Knowing he wouldn't even get to say farewell, he exited the castle. He might as well spend whatever time he had left with Jackson, Hoseok and Jaehyun.


He'd be a prisoner soon enough.


When he walked near the canal he could see the joy on his friends' faces. He approached them, sitting right next to Jaehyun on the patch of grass. They couldn't understand why Jungkook was crying.


Jackson was the first to ask, "Jungkook, what are you doing here?" There was no reason for the mer prince to be sorrowful. "You should be getting ready." Jungkook shook his head while more tears cascaded down his cheeks.


"What are you going on about, Jungkookie?" Jaehyun draped an arm over Jungkook's shoulders. He smirked, "Having cold feet?"


Hoseok inspected the reaction and condition his best friend was in. There was no doubt in a mer when they knew who their life mate was. Jaehyun went on about Jimin getting married but never did bring detailed news on who. Even with uncertainty, Jungkook wouldn't be here with them if he was getting married to Jimin. He would take the chance like he took the shot to become human for him.


There was more.


Hoseok didn't want to say the words, but he did, "You're not marrying Jimin, are you, Kookie?" Hoseok saw his answer in Jungkook's brokenhearted eyes.


Jackson was stunned by Hoseok's words. In disbelief he gawked at Jungkook, "Is it true, Jungkook?" The prince nodded.


Jaehyun didn't believe that one second. Jimin was going to kiss Jungkook yesterday during the rowboat ride! Why would he change his mind like that? No one does take backs. Why would Jimin do something like that? It was a cruel joke for certain!


"But...Jimin was about to kiss you?" Jaehyun asked, remembering that Jungkook couldn't answer. He heaved out a sigh, "I'm sorry, Kookie, really I am." He patted Jungkook's back.


Back and forth people were heading out and in the castle towards the pier where the wedding ship was. There was no reason for him to be anywhere near that boat but he felt his heart pulling him towards it. Jungkook could tell it was heart and soul feeling their other half going farther and farther away. He must have been sulking by the tree looking away when Jimin and his to-be wife headed to the boat. It was a relief and curse at the same time.


Jackson and Hoseok didn't stop him when he began walking in the direction of the pier. Every step he took his heart shattered into tinier pieces. Soon there would be nothing left beating in his chest. It was all with Jimin and wherever he went in this world of his that was beautiful. Desperately he wanted to but sadly he couldn't.


When he made it to the pier he fell to his knees and sobbed. The boat was gradually leaving. There goes his euphoria. His love that he was destined to be with - taken from in him - now he was left broken.


There was no way they could ease the suffering in Jungkook's heart. It was like when Namjoon had destroyed the collection, all they could do was watch Jungkook endure it. Hoseok wanted to help and Jackson was waiting for the sun to set on the horizon.


What could they do?


Chapter Text


Way before they had begun arranging the sudden wedding on the boat, Sungwoon had run all the way to WANT. Whether the king and queen liked it or not, he was getting on that boat. He had to do something before witnessing one of Jimin's biggest mistakes he'll ever make in his entire life.


The citizens of Mikrokosmos would come in and drink in the tavern whenever they wished so seeing a few people inside of WANT was no bother. It wasn't his business but more than likely later on it would be busy - some might decide to rejoice the grand wedding on their own. People knew Jimin as a benevolent and nonjudgmental - people might prefer Jimin as the king of Mikrokosmos rather than Hyoshin.


Jimin and Jieun wouldn't be official rulers of Mikrokosmos until next year when Jimin turned eighteen. Getting crowned hadn't been Jimin's main concern though. His friend unrelentingly wanted to get married. This whole wedding was shady to him - nothing Jimin would ever pull off willingly which brought fear to Sungwoon. It felt like Jimin was a puppet. So who's the puppeteer?


Taemin and Kai were chatted animatedly behind the counter. There were two men and a woman softly exchanging words at the end of the counter. Sungwoon advanced towards the counter and took a seat. It was about a minute when his two friends realized someone was sitting in front of them.


"Sungwoon!" Taemin was the first to greet. He grasped a mug from behind, "Would you like something to drink?"


Drinking was the last thing anyone should be doing. Sungwoon doubted the two knew of Jimin's wedding. "Do you guys know that Jiminie is getting hitched today?"


Blown away by Sungwoon's words Taemin dropped the mug and Kai began choking on air. This was a usual and expected reaction. He let his two friends compose themselves before carrying on with why he was present.


"He's getting married to this girl named Jieun. He found her on the beach." Sungwoon enlightened shortly.


Kai giggled, "Isn't that how he met his new friend?"


"He's marrying a girl?" Sungwoon thanked Taemin in his head for bringing up the significant part of the news. "How the hell did this happen?"


Sungwoon solely agreed, "I know right? He claims she's the one who saved him! He confirmed that his savior was a male."


"He also went off about marrying that male. Not saying Jimin can't do as he wishes but his parents would've never approved of that."


Taemin's words spoke truth. Jimin's parents wouldn't have ever given their blessing to Jimin's choice if he yearned to marry a male. It didn't mean that Jimin had to throw his true savior or his other friend out of the way. Sungwoon didn't know if Jimin would ever hold the new friend up to his savior's level but it was better than living unhappily with someone.


The king and queen didn't even arrange Jimin's wedding to Jieun. She was roaming the beach when he found her. It was off but people liked to walk on the beach. Sungwoon could comprehend if Jimin decided to follow his parents' rules but to say Jieun was the one to save him on his seventeenth birthday was a long stretch. It had always been "the man with the beautiful voice" and "where is he."


"Nonetheless, why would Jimin say she's the one who saved him? He could've just said he fell in love with her the first he laid eyes on her." Sungwoon specified making his point clear.


Kai understood Sungwoon's point, "Jimin didn't have to. Maybe it would make his life easier to lie about everything?"


"Jimin wanted to find him," Taemin said. "He even wrote a song for him. I still don't get why he sang it to his new friend."


Kai mumbled, "Whose name is still unidentified."


"I think there's an attraction between the both of them. Last night Jimin was debating about whether listening to his heart or mind." Sungwoon felt guilt-ridden mentioning Jimin's and his private conversation.


Taemin was sad that Jimin had to make such difficult decisions. "Let me guess his mind was telling him to do as he was born to do? Marry a girl, become king and have a family?"


"What was the point in talking about this? Are we supposed to change Jimin's mind? Like you said he was beyond doubt about this." Kai hoped there was a way that everyone ended up happy in this situation. Someone wouldn't be smiling in the end.


Sungwoon clenched his fists, "We have to confront Jimin. Tell him it's a mistake. No one is on his side. We have to tell him that it's okay to follow your heart."


"Won't that aggravate the king and queen?"


"It doesn't matter!" Sungwoon shouted. He didn't want his friend making a huge mistake. When Jimin finally wakes up he won't be too pleased. "We have to try for our friend. He'd do it for us, wouldn't he?"







He felt bad for leaving Jungkook to endure in his griefs when he should've been giving comfort. It was hard to swallow that possibility that Jimin wouldn't be with Jungkook right now. If there was anyone the human prince should be marrying it was his red haired friend. He wanted to get to the bottom of this. There was no way this prince could deceive Jungkook like that.


Sparks had been flying last night and if it there were no disruptions (that sudden flip) they would've kissed. They wouldn't be dealing with this problem at the moment. Jungkook would be with Jimin instead of sobbing and wondering what went wrong. If someone was to blame it was the human boy!


In his swan form, he flew towards a window he spotted on the wedding ship. It was wide opened so he peeked not expecting to see what he would see. Inside of the room there was a large mirror on the wall, a table with a basin and towels neatly stacked, a chair and a bed with a long white wedding gown on top. Twirling around the room was a young woman dressed in purple with long black hair, red lips, pale skin and a golden seashell necklace around her neck.


"I make a lovely bride, don't I?" She clasped the seashell on the necklace. She snickered, "Things are working according to my plan. Soon I'll have that brat and the ocean will be mine!"


Jaehyun gulped when he saw the human female stand in front of the mirror. It wasn't a human in that room. In the mirror was a woman with short black hair, black scales all over her upper body and her lower body had black tentacles. What caught his interest was when the female removed the necklace he could hear singing from the inside.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah



It was Jungkook's voice! It was the song that he had sung to Jimin the day he rescued him. Jungkook had given the sea witch, IU, his voice for legs. The sea witch was overriding on Jungkook's chance to be with his prince! The malevolent woman was using Jungkook's and her own black magic to make her human.


Without question Jaehyun was rapidly flying all the way back to the pier. There was no way that Jimin was aware that he was marrying a sea witch. It meant nothing good for him whether IU's intentions were to harm him. He had to alert Jungkook and the others.


Chapter Text


When he arrived at the pier Jungkook was sitting down with his arms around his legs and his head on his knees. Jackson and Hoseok were observing Jungkook gloomily. Jaehyun didn't have time to be melancholic with them. Something needed to be done about IU.


After transforming back into a human he sat near Jungkook, disturbing the silence that had developed. Jackson was glaring at him while Hoseok and Jungkook looked at him bewilderingly.


"You won't believe what I saw Kookie! I was flying and I saw her! The sea witch is on the wedding boat! She has your set of pipes in her possession too!" Jaehyun could see Jungkook and Hoseok piecing things together. "JIMIN IS MARRYING THE SEA WITCH IN DISGUISE!"


Jackson put his hand around his chin in deep thought, "That doesn't make sense, Jaehyun. Why would IU be doing that?"


Hoseok answered Jackson's question, "She has Kookie's voice, you say?" The swan boy nodded. Hoseok looked disgusted at the thought of the sea witch. "She must have Jimin on some spell."


Jackson glanced at the green tailed merman, "What makes you say that?" It wasn't farfetched as one might think.


"What other use would she have for Kookie's voice? Jimin fell in love with Kookie because of his voice and song!" Hoseok pointed out the obvious.


Jaehyun gazed at Jungkook with his tearstained face, "Jungkook that means you still have a shot! You can still get your happily ever after."


Jackson eyed Hoseok and then Jaehyun, "Are you sure about this?"


"Have I ever been wrong?" Jaehyun questioned the three. Jungkook recalled the dinglehopper and snarfblatt. Jaehyun sighed, "I mean when it's important."


Hoseok turned to Jackson, "What are we going to do? How are we supposed to get Kookie to Jimin?"


Jungkook's eyes set on the sun that was beginning to drop. In his head he could hear IU's words echoing.


Before the sun sets on the third day.


He had time.


Without thinking a second time Jungkook jumped into the water just to struggle. Hoseok went to him and held him securely. Jackson thought up a plan as quick as he could. There wouldn't be much time and just in case, a particular king needed to know where to be. It was time for Namjoon to know where his son was.


My poor friend has suffered long enough, Jackson thought of his family and best friend. Hopefully I'm not murdered by Namjoon or Mark.


"Hoseok, get Jungkook to the boat quickly," Jackson demanded. Jungkook wrapped his arms around Hoseok, "Swim as fast as you can!"


Hoseok nodded, "I'll try!" The bubbly merman swam away with Jungkook holding tightly.


Jackson nodded confidently. They could do this. They knew what to do. "I have to get to Namjoon. He must know about this."


Jaehyun felt betrayed for being completely left out. He cleared his throat to get the merman's attention. "Uh, what about me?!"


He hadn't even considered for a second until now. Jimin and IU couldn't get married - Jungkook had to get to the prince before they tied the knot.


"YOU have to stall the wedding, you hear me?" Jackson commanded before driving into the water swimming swiftly back to Atlantis.


Jaehyun anxiously bit as his fingernails, "Stall the wedding? How am I...?” He spotted a few seagulls flying by. A plan hatched into his head. "That's it!"


The man transformed back into his white swan form and flew away from the pier. He spotted nearby seagulls. Since he literally knew how to speak a bird language he was able to communicate with them. In a hurry, he screamed at the other birds that there was an emergency and that they were to follow him at once. In response to Jaehyun, there were more birds that followed along.








King Hyoshin and Queen Sejeong weren't present for their own son's wedding. There were important matters to tend to but they wished Jimin the best. Sungwoon saw how overly happy for Jimin. Queen Sejeong had even gifted Jieun with a beautiful pearl necklace that said bride wasn't wearing at the moment.


As he had sworn Sungwoon got onto the boat with Taemin and Kai trailing behind. Moonkyu still hadn't returned from the trip but they'd have plenty to tell him once he came back. It was unknown whether Jimin would be married when Moonkyu came back to Mikrokosmos. Only time would tell.


Weddings were meant to be jubilant celebrations that people could cry and talk about. No doubt there'd be tears and chatter but it lacked joy from Jimin's behalf. While his friend stood at the altar next to the priest, Jimin looked dead. He was looking handsome in what he was dressed in but looking into his eyes one could tell he was without a soul.


As Jieun walked down the aisle she was dressed in her white wedding gown while holding a bouquet of pink flowers. She wore her golden seashell necklace rather than the gift Queen Sejeong had given her. She appeared to be the perfect bride yet Sungwoon found himself looking at the woman untrustworthily. Maybe he was overthinking it?


His plan was to have a conversation with Jimin and talk him out of the wedding. He didn't get the time since the wedding started. Jimin was dressed and ready to go as was Jieun. Jimin hadn't even noticed that he had brought Chimmy along. The dog had to know his owner was being off too.


Sungwoon was going to give up when he saw Chimmy growl at Jieun. He was taken back when he saw her kick the dog. Chimmy stayed back as Jieun stood next to Jimin with a smile on her face.


Jimin would go crazy on anyone who'd hurt Chims, Sungwoon thought. The priest began speaking. It was when he said "let them speak now and forever hold their peace" was when he rose. Gasps were heard.


Sungwoon realized what he had done.


"What are you doing?" Taemin hissed at him as people were giving them odd looks. He hadn't been expecting this.


Sungwoon licked his lips and walked towards Jimin, "I need you to know that you have a say in your life, Jimin. You deserve to be happy, Jiminie. It doesn't matter who you're with."


Jimin turned his head a bit, "I am happy, hyung. I'm getting married to the one I love. I'm happy."


"You were happier..." Sungwoon eyed the audience that was looking their way. He whispered, "When we were talking about your savior."


Jimin nodded, "Exactly," he looked down at Jieun and then looked at Sungwoon, "I'm marrying my savior." Sungwoon flinched when he saw an unnatural glow in Jimin's eyes.


"If you're finished, sir, may we continue?" The priest asked Sungwoon. Taemin got up and led Sungwoon back to his seat.


His eyes glowed, Sungwoon thought as he saw a deadly glare coming from Jieun. Huh.


"Yes, um, Jimin, do you take Jieun, to be your lawfully wedded wife, for as long as you both shall live?" The priest asked Jimin.


Under IU's spell, Jimin replied, "I do."


The priest turned to Jieun, "And do you-" he never got to ask the woman since all of sudden there was an attack on the boat.


There were a bunch of birds that came down like rain and onto the boat. The guests screamed and got up from their chairs. People were screaming, hiding and trying to get rid of the birds by hitting them with objects.


Deliberately Jaehyun had a group of birds attack Jieun only. In shock of what was going on, Jieun screamed and tried scaring the birds off by hitting them with her bouquet. In response more attacked her. They began tearing her dress and messing up her hair.








"Don't worry, Kookie, were going to make it!" Hoseok wouldn't be running out of hope now that they had one last chance.


The green tailed merman sighed in relief once they got to the boat. Hoseok helped Jungkook climb onto the ship. He reassured him that if he fell he'd catch him. Hoseok watched as Jungkook got over and onto the boat. He wouldn't know how it ended up. He prayed there was still time.






Guests were still appalled and fearing for their lives as the birds continued their mayhem. The whole decorations and food for the wedding was scattered all over the floor including tipped over chairs and tables. The only thing that remained still was Jimin in his emotionless state.


Sungwoon was about to go over to Jimin when a few birds began picking at him. They stopped when Taemin told him to hide under the table with Kai and him. Sungwoon listened since he didn't want to continue being pestered by the birds.


Jieun was trying to get rid of the birds attacking her. No longer was she a lovely bride but a girl wearing shreds of her wedding down. Jaehyun grabbed onto her necklace and tried pulling it.


"Why you little-" Jieun tried hitting Jaehyun with her bouquet but she hadn't realized what the white swan was really trying to do. Jaehyun let go when the necklace fell and the seashell shattered.


At the perfect time Jungkook had gotten onto the boat the same moment when the seashell broke. A little ball of yellow light glowed vibrantly and it made all its way towards Jungkook. The mer prince felt the instinct to open his mouth and when he did his voice came out.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah



Jimin spun around and his eyes glowed yellow one last time. He placed his fingertips on his head as he felt a bad headache. His eyes landed on Jungkook and he knew. Now he knew!


"Jungkook?" He called out to the red haired boy.


Jungkook smiled and ran to him, Jimin wrapping his arms around his waist, "Jimin." The mer prince was so happy Jimin could hear him speak.


Jimin stroked Jungkook's face with the back of his hand. He couldn't believe it. The one he was looking for had been in front of him the whole time.


"You can talk," Jimin yearned to hear that voice for what felt like forever. He chuckled, "You're the one!"


Jieun screeched when she noticed what happened. She called out to Jimin, "Jimin, get away from him!"


"It was you this whole time." Jimin whispered as he leaned his face closer. He had already found his savior.


Jungkook leaned close too, "Oh Jimin, I wanted to tell you."


"JIMIN NO!" Jieun yelled.


Jimin and Jungkook leaned in so close that their lips were inches away from touching. Jimin didn't want to wait any longer. The human prince put his hand behind Jungkook's head as he was about to kiss him. At that time the sun set and it was too late. Jungkook whimpered in pain as he felt his bones shifting back to their original form. He could tell.


He was a merman again.


Jimin had been confused and scared by Jungkook's discomfort. He looked down in shock as Jungkook fell to the floor. Instead of legs, Jungkook had a red tail. Jimin was flabbergasted while everyone else gasped.


"You're too late, too late!" IU singsonged and now she had her tentacles instead of her legs. She grabbed onto Jungkook, "See you later, my prince!" The mer prince and she went overboard as Jungkook thrashed.


"Jungkook!" Jimin called out in fear of what was to come. He nearly married a woman, found out Jungkook was his savior and now there was even more commotion.


Either way Jimin needed to get Jungkook back. He had to.



Chapter Text


It had been under five minutes when they had been together though it felt longer. Jimin's arms around him and their lips nearly touching made Jungkook felt like he was in paradise - Jimin was his euphoria. If only time waited a few seconds more he wouldn't have his red tail or in IU's possession. He would be with the prince of his dreams, prepared to spend the rest of their lives together in love.


Reality snatched him out of his dream and he was dealing with the consequences of losing his part of the deal. Struggling and screaming wouldn't help but he yearned to be with Jimin. Jungkook tried getting out of IU's grasp as she spoke victoriously about her winning the game as always.


"Poor little prince, it's not you I'm after." IU mocked the red haired merman. It wasn't Jungkook's fault that Sihyuk hadn't made her his queen in the first place. "I'm after much bigger-"


"IU, stop this at once!" IU and Jungkook turned their heads when they heard the strong and manly voice. There only a few feet away from them was Namjoon, regal and superior, as any king should be.


IU sent the king a sweet smile with innocent eyes. She was going to swim all the way to Atlantis while dragging Namjoon's brat with her. This was much easier. It was like a gift being directly handed to you. She could get this done and over with as soon as possible.


"Why, Namjoon, looking as dashing as a white knight as ever," IU taunted the sea king. Namjoon glared. "How have you been?"


Namjoon demanded, "Let him go." He wasn't in for any games. He wanted his son back and IU would be giving Jungkook to him.


"No way, Namjoon! He's mine." Smirking deviously she used her magic to summon the contract Jungkook had signed in her right hand. "He signed a contract."


Jungkook cried out to his father, "Appa, I'm sorry! I swear, I didn't mean to! I didn't know it'd come to this."


Namjoon could see the truth in Jungkook's eyes. No one knew they were playing with fire until they got burned. Jin hadn't anticipated being a prisoner for eleven years after befriending Hyosang and look where he was.


Knowing it wouldn't work he still attempted to use his trident to blast at the contract. The try was futile. There was no way IU's magic could be changed or erased is without the sea witch's doing. It had been proven with Jin. It would be the same for Jungkook.


"The contract is official, Namjoon. Unbreakable and binding. YOU, have your limits, like I, Namjoon," IU loved that her own enemy couldn't completely destroy her work. She pulled out her lucky card, "However, I like bargains. Maybe, there can be an exchange for someone else?"


As seconds passed she was going to get what she deserved.






The last of his worries was the sham of a wedding. He was more or less about to make the biggest mistake in his life. Finding out he was in love with a merman was as wow as finding out he nearly married an octopus woman. However Jungkook, the red haired merman, was his savior - who he was madly in love with - Jimin could care less about the mess on the boat.


His parents would have a frenzy of rage when finding out he hadn't ended up married. Whether they were going to believe or not they'd be arranging a marriage for him with a girl. He stopped thinking about what he'd have to face later and thought about what he had to do now.


He wasn't going to be returning to Mikrokosmos at this moment. After removing his jacket, he got the lifeboat prepped for use. He was going to get Jungkook back. Other people would've given up but he couldn't. Finding his soulmate motivated him to not give up - to fight for what he loved.


While Jimin began rowing the lifeboat, Sungwoon approached the edge of the boat, calling out to his friend, "Jimin! What the hell are you doing?"


Jimin looked up, "I lost him once, hyung, I'm not losing him again!" He wasn't going to let anyone take Jungkook from him ever again.






IU could slowly feel her success approaching. She used her magic to remove Jungkook's name and now the contract was waiting to be signed. Her mouth watered by the thought of Namjoon's name on the contract. After so many years she would be receiving what she should've gotten long ago. Damn the Merfolk and their "life mates."


"So do we have a deal?" She had let go of Jungkook, who was now afraid of what was to come.


IU beamed when she saw Namjoon sign his name. She summoned up her magic, adding a change to the spell, in a blink of an eye the sea king was surrounded by purple smoke. Jackson and Hoseok watched nearby as the smoke cleared away. Where Namjoon had been was a black crab.


"Namjoon..." Jackson whispered. Things weren't going as he thought they would. He shuddered when he saw IU pick up Namjoon's crown and then the trident.


Jungkook swam towards Namjoon, he cried softly, "Appa...I'm so sorry."


"At last, the sea is mine to rule." IU crowned herself and held the golden trident without doubt. Everything was going her way as it should.


Jungkook looked up with tears in his eyes and anger overflowing within. He shouldn't have ever trusted IU in the first place!


"You monster!" Jungkook swam towards IU and tried to grab the trident just to be pushed down.


IU pointed the trident at the young mer prince, "Don't you dare fool with me! I am the queen of the ocean!" She grimaced at Namjoon, "I swear, Namjoon, I'll drain the youth from Jin and your precious son and kill them right in front of you!"


IU's words echoed inside of his head for a moment. The sea witch had brought up his mother. Why could that be? There was no point in doing so. His mother was dead. There was no reason for IU to bring up such things though.


It sounded like his mother was alive but that couldn't be. He heard IU's laugh as she glanced at Namjoon and him.


Jungkook stared at his father, "Appa?"


IU cooed at Jungkook, "Oh, I see daddy didn't tell you about that, did he?" Jungkook glared at the sea witch. "News flash, kiddo, mommy lives on land. And the one and only Mikrokosmos where you were trying to attract your prince!"


Jungkook couldn't believe the words he was hearing. Whether or not he chose to believe IU's words that didn't get him out of the situation he was in now. It was still something he couldn't help thinking about.


Umma is alive? Jungkook thought as he swallowed.


"Now I'm queen of the ocean and you will bow to-" IU screamed as a harpoon hit her arm. She covered her wound and glanced up at where the attack had come from.


Jimin was trying to stay underwater for so long as he could. IU regretted not ending the human prince's life now she had him to deal with.


"Jimin, look out!" Jungkook worriedly called out to the human prince who started swimming up.


IU eyed Hyolyn and Bora, "Go after him at once!" She kept Jungkook back with the help of her tentacles. She wouldn't want the two lovebirds helping each other escape their deserved unhappy ending.


As ordered both Hyolyn and Bora stopped Jimin from getting back onto the lifeboat. The two eels dragged him back down and tightened their grip on him. The human prince was to die either it being from suffocation or the trident.


Jackson nudged Hoseok, "Come on!" Both mermen swam to assist Jimin. It was a bit of struggle due to the strength and tight grasp the eels had on the prince but Jackson and Hoseok were able to get both eels off of Jimin.


IU aimed the trident at Jimin, "Say goodbye to your Prince Charming." Right as she was about to blast the human, Jungkook pushed her. It was Hyolyn and Bora that got hit instead of Jimin.


IU gasped at the loss of her beloved minions, "Hyolyn, Bora!" She growled crossly. She would undeniably be ending both Jimin and Jungkook.


"We got to head far from here, Hoseok!" Jackson called out. Hoseok hurriedly scooped up his former father-in-law and speedily trailed behind Jackson.


While Jackson and Hoseok were swimming far from where they had been, Jungkook went up and followed Jimin. IU was preparing herself for the magic she was going to use.


They would all pay with their lives.


Chapter Text


He surmised his beloved was busy still searching for their youngest. As he did innumerable times, he kept his trinket box open. When Namjoon didn't communicate with him, he tried finding different ways to occupy himself. None as satisfying like when conversing with his husband.


He would read whatever books he had however many times. The book on myths Soojin had brought him he had read about six times by now. Being kept captive was a lonely arrangement that would make anyone go mad. Jin wasn't anyone though.


Namjoon mentioned after finding Jungkook they should expose the truth to their children. Jin wouldn't get his tail back or live in Atlantis with them but Namjoon wanted them to know. Jin could see his husband's point. Namjoon had to tell their babies he was dead - he sat in a cell for eleven years while he was a ghost to his sons. It was torment for each and every family member.


Other ways Jin found to busy himself with was composing songs. He hadn't gotten far as Epiphany was all he had ever created. During his period as a prisoner he had come up with verses yet it remained nothing. He couldn't help but hum Love as he looked out of the window while the sun set.


He flinched when he heard a door open and slam close. His guess was that IU had decided to make an appearance - some time had passed since. Jin waited for the teasing until he didn't see IU. It was Soojin.


"Soojin? What are you doing here?" After their last talk the girl hadn't returned - Jin assumed she had her own life.


Soojin sighed, "I'm getting you out of here." The girl had a key in her hand that she used to unlock the cell.


Jin didn't understand, "What do you mean? Why? ...Is there something wrong?"


Soojin gazed at the queen of the ocean, still not believing it, "It's IU. There was meant to be a wedding but the guests came back ranting on about an octopus woman."


Jin's eyes widened. He couldn't come up with a reason to why IU would have anything to do with a human wedding. It sounded like no one had been left behind so he wasn't too sure if it had to do with a deal. No one knew the story apparently.


He didn't want to but he did want to leave this place. Namjoon hadn't returned to him. Jin wanted to be with his husband when he left this prison.


"I was hoping my husband would be with me when I left this place." Jin said as Soojin opened the cell door for him to get out.


Soojin frowned, "I'm sorry. You wouldn't even be in here if it weren't for me." Jin shook his head. He didn't blame her. Soojin sighed, "Wait for him on the beach. Maybe he'll be there?"


"Why would he?" Jin asked.


Soojin shrugged, "Wouldn't he, the king of the ocean, be concerned with what the sea witch was cooking up?" Jin agreed as he stepped out of the cell he had been living in for eleven years.


It feels nice to be able to leave this place, Jin thought with a soft smile.


"Come on, my queen, I think it's time we get you back home," Soojin advised with a small smile as the two exited IU's shop.


He would be going back home.


Soojin led him all the way to the beach where he remembered being taken by Hyosang and his friends. Hyosang was on a boat and Soojin had fallen in. Jin got the little girl and took her on land just to be trapped in a neat. They carried him all the way to IU's shop just to never get what they asked for. He wondered if they would've done it if they knew what would happen.


Once they got to the beach Jin had the urge to run into the ocean. He recalled he wouldn't magically get his pink tail back when getting wet. Mers loved their voices and tails and he lost one to IU. His family and home were what he wanted at this moment.


"Jin?" The queen of the ocean spun his head to see someone familiar near the sand with half of their body in the water. There was someone else too.


It took only a few minutes for Jin to realize who it was. If circumstances were different the two likely would've rejoiced and embraced. Jackson, Namjoon's best friend and right-hand man, was there as pale as the moon. Jin felt guilty that he would be making everyone feel that way if he ever returned to Atlantis.


Jin went towards Jackson's and the blonde haired merman's direction, "Jackson...It's good to see you. It's been so long."


Jackson stammered, "S-she wasn't lying...Y-you are alive." He would've fainted but there were other matters to think about.


Jin frowned, "IU told you?" The only ones who knew were IU and Namjoon.


Jackson changed the subject, "It doesn't matter!" He gestured for Hoseok to come closer.


Hoseok extended his cupped hands where Jin saw a little black crab, "Um...Here's your husband, Your M-Majesty." Jin took the crab as Hoseok backed away.


"My husband?" Jin looked down at the black crab similar to his trinket box. The crab's left pincer softly touched Jin's cheek. "Joon?"


Jackson continued, "It's IU. She has power of the sea! Someone has to-" he never got to finish since a loud eruption came from the ocean.


All of them were watching as a huge whirlpool appeared. Standing on a rock near the whirlpool was IU, crowned ajd holding onto the trident as if it were a sword. The whirlpool had gathered up wrecked ships from the bottom of the ocean that was now in the whirlpool.


Hoseok turned back to the others, "What'll kill her?"


Soojin answered, "Her source of power is the golden octopus bracelet on her right wrist. All spells reversed if it's destroyed."


"How do you know?" Jackson interrogated the human girl.


Hoseok thought for a second, "Her golden seashell necklace held Kookie's voice! It makes sense how she was able to summon her power since she didn't have the necklace on."


Jackson was coming up with more plans, he looked at Jin, "Jin, you guys need to start a fire. Hoseok and I will work on getting that bracelet." The two mermen dived into the water and swam away.


"I'll get a fire started!" Soojin called out as she ran to find some wood.


Jin couldn't believe his own eyes. He gulped. IU would be dying today. The sea witch had power of the ocean and if they didn't get her bracelet than she would continue her reign. She needed to be stopped at once.


He stroked the back of the crab's shell soothingly, "Don't worry, Joon, this'll be fixed." He pecked the crab before following Soojin.


His spell IU had put on him would be erased. He would get his tail back - he would be going back to his family.







He was relieved that Hoseok and Jackson took his father. At least he knew that his father would be safe. If Yoongi and Taehyung saw what was happening they would be scolding him while trying to aid him. Jungkook was grateful they were keeping down the fort back in Atlantis. No one else needed to get affected by a mistake he made.


Speedily he swam up to follow Jimin. Once he made the surface Jimin was next to him. He would've blushed when Jimin pulled him into an embrace but he feared for his beloved. If Jimin stayed he'd get injured or worst - end up dead. Jungkook couldn't let that happen.


"Jimin, you have to get away from here," Jungkook attempted to convince the other. He leaned into the embrace.


Jimin protested, "No, I won't leave you." Jungkook wanted to stay in Jimin's arms but even if he pulled away it didn't matter since havoc was being wreaked.


A massive whirlpool had been created and the waves were huge and strong. In the whirlpool there were damaged ships. The waves were so strong they pull the two away from each other. Not far from them there was a large rock where IU stood with a smirk on her face as she watched the two. With the ocean under her control, IU summoned a huge wave to move Jimin farther from Jungkook. Within a split second her command was met.


"JIMIN!" Jungkook screamed.


IU cackled, "You pitiful, insignificant fool!" She watched as Jungkook fell to the bottom of the whirlpool. She aimed the trident at the mer prince with the intent to kill him.








Once he had gotten far into the ocean he saw a rope attached to one of the damaged ships. With no time to waste and his love to help, Jimin grabbed onto the rope and swam up. He coughed up water due to how long he was underwater. He carried on with what he was supposed to do.


With the rope he climbed the wrecked ship and jumped on board. He ran towards the ship's wheel and steered it as best as he could. His eyes set on the bowsprit that was sharp due to the missing piece. If he steered it towards IU's direction it would impale her and automatically she would be finished.


Thinking positivity and gathering all his courageousness and steered the ship.


"So much for true love!" IU laughed menacingly as she was about to finish off Jungkook.


The sea witch never got the chance. She dropped the trident as she felt agony at the side of her body. The bowsprit from the ship Jimin had been steering impaled her. With blood pouring from her side, she fell down into the whirlpool as it collapsed. The damaged ships collided and Jimin had accidentally hit his head on the board and fell into the ocean.


Jungkook had been searching for Jimin after IU had fell into the whirlpool. He sighed in relief when he found him in the same condition he had been when he first met him. Swiftly, Jungkook swam away from what had happened. Like the first time, he had to get Jimin on land.


Whilst Jungkook and Jimin were away from where the whirlpool had been, Jackson and Hoseok made their way towards the area. They found IU failing to succumb to her bad wound. While resisting submitting to the damage on her body she was frail. Jackson didn't pity the woman at all.


Hoseok approached her and snatched the golden octopus bracelet off of her wrist. Before leaving, Jackson made sure to grab the trident and Namjoon's crown. The sea witch watched with foggy eyes as the two mermen swam back to the land. She wasn't dead yet and she was not known for giving up so easily. With her delicate body, IU trailed behind.







Soojin and Jin started a fire right away and kept adding wood to make it bigger and powerful. Once satisfied with it, Soojin stopped adding firewood. Jin held onto Namjoon as he kept his eyes on the ocean. Jackson and the other merman, whose name was Hoseok, would be returning soon with IU's bracelet.


They hadn't witnessed much of what IU had done but they caught her being impaled by the bowsprit of one of damaged ships. While watching they were also making sure the fire was good enough. They had to absolutely make sure that bracelet was destroyed.


Jin was curious to how Soojin knew about the bracelet. He asked, "How'd you know about IU's bracelet, Soojin?" It was odd.


Soojin put her hands behind her back, "I tried going to her to see...If she could bring my Appa back to life."


She was left disappointed, Jin thought gloomily. "What happened?"


"She straightforwardly told me she couldn't bring people back to life but she suggested I asked for something else. I left since there was nothing for me but my appa...One time I caught her whispering into someone's ear while the bracelet was glowing." Soojin explained.


Soojin's story made sense to him. Namjoon had clarified IU's boundaries of magic before. The sea witch couldn’t teleport or force any Merfolk to do something against their own will. If it weren't humans that would be a different case, Jin guessed. Poseidon created his children to not be controlled by magic which was why IU gave young Merfolk empty promises.


Jin gently stroked the top of the crab's shell when Jackson and Hoseok emerged from the water. Jin ran to the two, Jackson holding the trident and Namjoon's crown, and Hoseok handing out the octopus bracelet. With his free hand Jin took the bracelet and thanked the blonde merman before heading towards the fire to throw the bracelet in.


"Isn't this ironic!" Five pairs of eyes looked in the direction where the female's voice had come from. About five feet away from Soojin was IU, weakly crawling on the sand towards them. Her eyes set on Jin. "The queen of the ocean is the one to kill me."


Jin didn't take pleasure in killing anyone. He wasn't supposed to - no one was. He didn't know what IU did but beyond doubt it was trouble that caused others to hurt. That was all the woman did and even after banishment she hadn't learned her lesson. She was given enough tries already.


"I never wanted to be a human, IU," Jin stated the truth. He just wanted to understand them better - educate his people about them - that humans weren't horrible. "I wanted to learn more about them, not be one."


IU scoffed, "Because you realize how pathetic they are, don't you? Humans are weaklings!"


"They're not. They're no different from us. Like us, they're good and bad. I didn't run into the good kind but that doesn't mean they're all bad." Jin enlightened the sea witch.


IU despised the Merfolk greatly, "It should be ME! I should be the one ruling the ocean! You gave up your right as queen when you abandoned your family!"


Jin shook his head, "I didn't abandon my family. Should I have been with them instead of my human friend? Yes. I've yearned to go back to them."


"And what?! You think they'll accept you with open arms? Your youngest JUST found out that you were alive!" IU spat.


It broke Jin's heart to think about the confusion his children would endure. They might not ever get past it but he wanted to be with them. He didn't deserve it but he wanted to. Their family wouldn't ever be the same - especially since he's been gone for eleven years.


"I'm aware of that. But I love them too much to stay away." Jin hoped his children wouldn't hate him but that might be asking for too much. He added, "And you don't deserve to be queen, IU, not if you treat everyone like objects you can play with."


Without adding any other words Jin threw the bracelet into the fire and took steps back. IU screamed and ran towards the fire just to be pulled back by Soojin. A large cloud of gold light erupted all over - it was blinding that everyone had to close their eyes. It was all the spells and curses being reversed.


Soojin watched as IU's body became pure dust that blew away with the wind. She smiled when she saw two mermen in each other's arms while kissing passionately.


Jin had his tail back and Namjoon was no longer a crab. Namjoon held Jin in his arms as he kissed his husband. The king stopped and eyed Jin's pink tail. IU's spell was gone and now Jin could go back home to their family. Namjoon could have his husband back. Atlantis would have its queen back as well.


Namjoon touched Jin's face while their foreheads touched, he whispered, "You can come back to me, Jin."


Jin looked into his husband's eyes lovingly, "I can't wait...I miss you all so much. It's been so long. Too long."


"You can come back to us now and that's what matters." Namjoon declared as he pecked Jin's lips.


Jackson held out the trident and crown, "Here, Namjoon." It was a bit awkward since Namjoon had a tail so he couldn't walk over to get his stuff.


With the magic of his trident Namjoon temporarily gave himself legs and had Jackson hold the trident again. He didn't think of imagining clothes since it'd be a complete waste of time. As of right now he just needed to get Jin and him in the water and then he'd get his tail back. In bridal style, Namjoon picked up Jin.


Jin wrapped his arms around Namjoon's neck and blushed, "Joon, you're naked, you know that, right?"


Namjoon sighed, "That's not important right now, Jin." Jin giggled while Hoseok looked away and Jackson sent his friend a raised eyebrow.


Jin glanced at Soojin with a smile, "Thank you for helping us out, Soojin."


The girl was happy to help by the genuine smile on her face, "Of course. I'm glad that you'll finally be able to return to your family."


"You see, Joon? I told you there are good humans out there." Jin could tell that was also not important to his husband at the moment but he tried his best.


"Whatever you say, Jin, whatever you say," Namjoon bowed his head at Soojin before slowly and walking into the water. Once they were in the ocean Jin was swimming freely while Namjoon took the trident and gave himself his tail.


Namjoon pulled Jin into his arms, "I'm happy that you're back, Jin, I really am. I didn't think this would ever happen."


Jin was near tears, "Me too, Joon. I promise to never leave you again." He wiped his face with the back of his hand, "Shall we go home?"


Namjoon nodded, "Yeah, let's go." The couple swam away with Jackson and Hoseok following right behind.


Chapter Text



Exhaustion and anticipation was all he felt at the moment. Tired from the chaos he had experienced and anticipated for Jimin to wake up. This time Jungkook wasn't on the sand with him. He was watching from afar on a rock that was nearby. Besides exhaustion and anticipation, Jungkook also felt fear.


Fear that Jimin would hate him. Fear that Jungkook would actually have to be wise about the next choice he'd make with Jimin.


Now that IU was dead neither had to fear of some evil sea witch coming after them. There were other things that wanted to tear them a part though. Jungkook gulped at the thought. He started considering things as he waited for Jimin to wake up for what felt like hours and still he'd wait.


Jimin's parents had been so quick to accept the marriage. They didn't like how Jimin was with him the night of the second day. Humans didn't accept relationships like that and it sucked. Humans were different from Merfolk and that was one of the things - what they accepted and what they didn't. Jimin's parents wanted him to marry a girl and have children with her.


Jungkook would beg for not such event to take place but it wasn't up to him. Jimin should get to choose what he wanted to do without anyone pressuring him. Not only that but it was Jimin's life and his family. Jungkook could never ask him to do that. So in all reality Jimin only had two choices: his family or his freedom.


It's not like they could ever be together since they were from different worlds, bit Jimin wouldn't have to settle into a life. Jimin could find love with some other male and not worry about upsetting his parents. Jungkook wanted Jimin to be happy.


"Jungkook...?" He looked up from where he stared at his hands. Jimin had woken up and he was steadily making his way towards him.


Jungkook feared the human prince would fall. Luckily Jimin made it to the rock without stepping wrong. The merman blushed by how close they were again. It was calmer and he could indulge in this moment since they weren't being killed by anyone. It wasn't completely easy since there was another obstacle for them to face.


Jimin brushed his hair out of his face, "That was...Um, yesterday was eventful, wasn't it?" Two chuckled by how the word eventful didn't do justice when describing last night.


Jungkook apologized, "I'm sorry for dragging you into all that. I never wanted it to go that way."


Jimin tilted his head, eyeing the red tail, "Um...So how did you end up getting on that woman's bad side?"


Jungkook felt anxious. He would have to explain to Jimin what happened. He didn't think it'd come to that but he also wasn't anticipating the plan to kill IU.


"When I saved you I fell in love with you. I yearned to return to you. IU said she could give me legs, the payment being my voice." Jungkook explained.


Jimin nodded in understanding, "That's why she was able to control me to almost marry her." Jungkook felt more guilty of Jimin being troubled.


"If we kissed before sunset yesterday I'd remain a human forever," Jungkook imagined what ir would've been like. He grabbed Jimin's hands in his, "We'd be a part of the same world."


Jimin wasn't hesitant when he pulled Jungkook closer to him with their hands still intertwined. "Why can't we be together now? I know who you are."


Jungkook wished for his future to be with Jimin. Once before he went to IU, he thought something could be done. After all of this it felt like a dream impossible to come true. How could a human and mer be together? Jungkook wouldn't ever be able to move on, but Jimin could.


It's not like he didn't want to be with Jimin - he desired for that life. Before Jungkook didn't know all that was tugging Jimin away from him. His own family didn't want him to be happy. Jungkook could never tell Jimin to leave everything behind for him. He would never ask him to do that. Even if Jimin did they couldn't be together. They weren't from the same world.


Jungkook embraced Jimin tightly with his head on Jimin's chest, not wishing to release him, "Jimin, do you know that I have two males for parents? My umma, a merman, gave birth to me. It's not like that in the human world, is it?" He would cry soon.


Jimin gulped, rubbing circles on Jungkook's back. "It isn't. Your world and mine are so different. I'm guessing it isn't frowned upon like it is here?"


Jungkook shook his head, "No, it isn't." He lifted his head to gaze at the human he loved, "Jimin, you have to make a decision."


Jimin stiffened, "What are my options, Jungkook?" He didn't want to know.


"I love you, Jimin, I truly do. I'll never love anyone as I love you. My heart, body and soul belong to you and it'll always. That's how it's like for mers. Jimin, I want you to follow your heart. You don't wish to be king nor do you want to marry whatever girl your parents put in front of you. You shouldn't have to live forlornly."


Jimin took back his hands and gently stroked Jungkook's face adoringly, "What do you mean, Jungkook?"


"You either choose the life you've always lived or the life where you make your own choices. Forget about me, fall in love with someone and be happy with them. Don't imprison yourself. I want you to live happily." Jungkook said truthfully though he wouldn't be there with Jimin.


Jimin had tears falling from his eyes; he didn't want it to be like this. He sensed what was to come. "Stay with me, Kook, please."


Jungkook put his hands over Jimin's, "I want to, I really do, Jimin. But can't you see? I tried to be with you and I just ended up messing so much stuff up. I don't want to ruin your life, Jimin."


"You didn't and would never. You've made me so happy, Kook. You love me and I love you. Why must soulmates be torn from each other? It's cruel."


Jungkook understood what Jimin wanted - he longed for the same. "You have to choose, Jimin. You have-"


Jimin was about to shut Jungkook up with a kiss until they heard a familiar male voice call out Jimin's name.


"JIMIN! Jimin, is that you?!" It was Sungwoon who was on the beach. Jimin spun his head to see his friend and waved to him. He hadn't seen Jungkook dive into the ocean.


When Jimin turned around expecting to see Jungkook he widened his eyes. The merman was gone. Jimin felt his heart ache by the absence of the red haired male he loved.


"Jungkook! " Jimin called out. He screamed at the top of his lungs with more tears staining his cheeks, "JUNGKOOK!" 


It wasn't a completely joyous day.







"What is the issue, Joon?" Jin questioned his husband as they had witnessed the heartbreaking moment between Jimin and Jungkook. Namjoon told him that must've been the human Jungkook fell in love with.


Originally their plan had been to go right back to Atlantis when Namjoon realized they had forgotten one person. Jackson and Hoseok stayed back with them, curious to see if Jungkook's whereabouts as well. They found the red haired prince watching Jimin as he lay unconscious on the beach. Obviously Jungkook was waiting for Jimin to awaken.


It took time for Namjoon to figure out what was really wrong in this situation. Only moments ago Jin told him that Soojin told him that human males didn't give birth and same gender relationships were looked down on as repulsive yet not rare. Jackson and Hoseok explained that IU used Jungkook's voice to hypnotize Jimin into falling in love with her but the woman kept her female form.


Humans didn't accept men being together or women being together. Namjoon couldn't imagine living a life like that. It would be stressful and might even be considered taboo. Namjoon didn't thank pirates for killing off countless mermaids in the past but Poseidon wouldn't have ever given some mermen the ability to carry children had the event never occurred. He wouldn't have Jin or his sons if the event never happened.


It wasn't like that on land. Only a man and woman should be together and ergo they'd produce children. Even if Jungkook was to live life as a human Jimin and he wouldn't live peacefully. There would be people wishing them ill because of loving someone. What was worse was that Jimin was the only child and a prince - Namjoon could comprehend the stress the human boy must be enduring. Jimin's life would be harder for loving a male and the next king.


"Jimin can either live the life his parents wish for him to live or decide the routes he wants to take," Namjoon said.


Jin frowned, "Poor Jimin. He can't win at life, can he?"


"If Kookie had been kissed before sunset he'd giving up things too. His family and the life he has here - where he wouldn't have to worry about others judging him." Namjoon have Jin a back hug, resting his chin on his husband's shoulder.


Jin exhaled, "Kookie will be hurting."


Namjoon didn't want such thing to happen but Jin spoke the truth. "Yes, he will suffer greatly. It'll be similar to what we've endured."


Jin covered his face with his hands at the utter sadness. He wouldn't wish this for anyone, including his beloved children. "Why must it be like this, Joon?"


Namjoon had many things to consider. Rather than answering to Jin, he closely watched Jimin's and Jungkook's interaction as the human prince had woken up and made his way to Jungkook. There were things to ponder on.


Foe the longest time the sea king believed humans to heinous creatures but he was proven wrong by Soojin's assistance. The human girl had no reason to help them besides that she felt guilty for Jin being imprisoned though she had been a child seeking for help. By what Jackson and Hoseok told him, Jimin had welcomed Jungkook into his castle without knowing who he was. They nearly kissed the second day on a rowboat ride.


Jimin didn't sound deceiving or wicked as he knew some humans to be. Namjoon wouldn't want Jungkook to ever be on land if it meant his son would face prejudice. By their moment, Jimin had no issue with Jungkook being a sea creature which was a good sign. Apparently it had been Jimin who hurt IU badly before Jin had burned the bracelet. Jimin was a good human and had assisted them in eliminating IU from any future problems.


Even after Jungkook jumped back into the ocean Namjoon declared that this wasn't over. There were matters he had to discuss with Jin about Jimin's and Jungkook's relationship.


"I'm sorry, Kookie," Namjoon turned to see Hoseok embracing Jungkook while offering comfort to soothe his friend.


Jungkook didn't want to cry but the tears came out quick, "It was something that needed to be done, hyung...I had to."


Hoseok rubbed his thumb over Jungkook's cheeks to wipe away the tears. He gave him a hopeful smile, "Have hope, Kookie, always have hope."


Jungkook sniffled. For the first time in a long time he didn't know what to hope for. "For what, hyung? What do I have faith in now?"


"That everything will turn out good. Something, anything, will bring that joy back in your heart." Hoseok replied, his smile never leaving his face.


Namjoon gulped when Jungkook looked over to Jin and him. Namjoon had his own peace to make with Jungkook but right now he wanted his youngest to react to seeing his mother after so many years. Jungkook and everyone else thought Jin was dead and there'd be mixed reactions when they made it back to Atlantis.


Slowly Jungkook swam towards Jin with his eyes attached to his mother. It was as if the youngest prince was expecting his mother to vanish into thin air - as if he was just a figment of his imagination he made in his head.


"Umma," Jungkook faintly called out to his mother. He couldn't believe that IU wasn't lying.


Jin gazed upon Jungkook just as he had when his youngest had been born. The queen debated on holding his arms out for his baby to take. He couldn't blame him if he didn't. It was his entire fault that he had been away for so long. He didn't deserve the love and forgiveness from his children. He wouldn't expect it of them either.


If they couldn't resolve things today, Jin prayed that one day later in life they would.


Jin hadn't anticipated Jungkook to hold him strongly. Stunned by his youngest son's reaction, Jin hugged Jungkook back as his son trembled and sobbed. He might gain the same reaction from his other son's. Namjoon told him when he said he had died Taehyung and Jungkook cried while Yoongi was emotionless by the news.


He could only hope they could pacth things up.


Calmingly, Jin spoke, "I know, Kookie, I've missed you too, love." There were tears in his eyes as well. He sniffled, "It's been too long."


Not looking up, Jungkook stammered, "H-how, U-Umma..." Jin smiled when he saw Jungkook's innocent baby eyes looking up at him, his lips trembling, "How?"


"It's a long story, Kookie," it was the humblest answer he could give his son at the moment. There'd be a time to give details. "All you need to know right now is how sorry I am for being away for so long."


Jungkook rubbed his wet eyes with the back of his hands, "We all missed you a lot, Umma...I don't know if I'm angry, happy or sad...So much has happened today."


Namjoon approached his husband and son, he advised Jungkook, "That's why we should go home and settle down calmly. It's been action packed."


Jungkook looked at his father with compassion. He blamed himself for the trouble he's caused. He loved Jimin so much but maybe something could've been worked out if he hadn't gotten to IU for help?


"Oh Appa, I'm really sorry for the madness I've caused. I'm sorry for running away too." Jungkook was sincerely apologetic for stressing everyone out. He'd be making an apology to people back home too, particularly his brothers.


Namjoon pecked Jungkook's forehead and sent his son a loving smile. He just wanted his youngest son back with him.


"That doesn't matter, Kookie. You've returned to us in one piece. I just wanted you back home." Namjoon told Jungkook so he would stop blaming himself and putting this guilt on his shoulders.


Jungkook thought about the positive of the situation. He was going back home. "Let's go home."

Chapter Text



Being summoned by his parents was what he expected to happen once he returned to the castle. Anyone who was a guest at his wedding was nicknamed loonies since no one believed for a second that octopus women or mer people existed. Jimin kept his own mouth shut since he'd be told the exact same thing. He wouldn't have married whatever woman he was so supposed to whether she be human or a sea creature.


His heart yearned for one person and that person was neither female nor human. Standing at that altar he would've wanted it to be Jungkook. In his own perfect world created by his fantasies and daydreaming, he would be with Jungkook and far from whoever tried breaking them a part. They wouldn't ever have to deal with them - all they'd think about loved each other for their entire lives.


Why couldn't it be like that? Jimin thought somberly. There was no such thing as perfect worlds and reality always pulled people out of their dreams.


After Sungwoon had found him Jimin knew he had to listen to what Jungkook told him. The last words he heard from his beloved would be ones he'd listen to. They might not have been positive ones but they held their own meaning. Jungkook's words echoed in his head as he sat on the floor of the throne room waiting for his parents to arrive.


Choose the life you've always lived or the life where you make your own choices.


All his life the decisions had been made for him. Living as a prince had its perks, he guessed, but his life had always been controlled by his parents. Even his pick for a spouse had been monitored by his parents who would only ever allow him to be with a woman. They had been desperate to let any girl become queen as long as Jimin ended up marrying one - that's all that mattered.


He hadn't been living freely at all. If he took his life by the reigns he would have knowing pulling the strings. Jimin acknowledged the life was wearing and he wouldn't have personally chosen it if he had gotten to choose what social status he wanted to be born in. Being born royal was out of his control but accepting his life was his own wasn't.


All he had to do was let go. He would be letting go of his own parents but it'd be worth it, right? They wouldn't be making choices for him anymore. He wouldn't have to worry about trying to please someone because he wasn't doing something right. He'd be living out in the world like an every day person. It wouldn't be like what he was used to and he wouldn't have any family, but he'd be free and hopefully happy.


He had his best friends. The four of them wanted him to be content. He might be seen differently by the citizens but his life would be his own.


Forget about me, fall in love with someone and be happy with them.


How could he forget someone like Jungkook?


The time he didn't know who he was Jimin found out more about his savior. Jungkook was an innocent, kind soul with a beautiful heart. He had saved him when he didn't have to. He had risked everything just to get back to him. Jungkook really did love him and Jimin felt the exact same. Was that not enough for the universe to let them be together?


Jungkook was even sacrificing something now. The merman had thought about him when he let him go. He didn't want Jimin to completely say farewell to his family. Jungkook wanted him to fall in love with another - the other was unselfish and loving. Clearly it broke his heart to have said those things.


Jimin didn't want to forget Jungkook and he didn't think he could fall in love with someone else. Maybe he'd learn to care about them but that was it. Jimin knew the other was his soulmate. When he didn't know Jungkook's identity, he was slowly falling in love with him. They were meant to be but fate didn't want them together.


Don't imprison yourself. I want you to live happily.


Jungkook wanted him to be happy and free. If it meant Jimin had to let go of his original life and family so be it. Jungkook didn't care what he had to do as long as Jimin wasn't living a depressed, joyless life.


"We've heard that you remain unwed, Jimin," Hyoshin said. It seemed like the king would continue to be discouraged by his one and only son.


Sejeong expressed shame, "How did this happen, Jimin? You were, believe it or not, demanding to marry that girl! What happened?"


He couldn't lie to them or himself. There was no way anyone was winning this long game of theirs that had been going on for far too long. He thought long ago maybe he could lie that he'd live happily with a girl since he would get to have children. He loved kids and maybe his own sons or daughters would get him through his unhappiness?


Jimin didn't want that though. He would never wish to put that on innocent children. He'd give up that desire if not meant less broken hearts. He was saving others from more disappointment.


"She's not the one," Jimin said frankly. His parents had heard of that one before. It was the truth. His one was under the sea giving up everything for him. "Any princess or lady will never be."


With rage, the king gritted his teeth, "Think wisely about the next words that are going to come out of your mouth."


Jimin had been walking on eggshells for far too long for his parents. "Umma and you want me to be something that I'm just not. I thought I could be but I can't, I did try."


Sejeong was muddled, "What are you trying to say, Jimin?"


Jimin eyed his parents, the next words not being ones he expected to ever say to them. "I have found the one I wish to marry, that's true. I've fallen in love."


Sejeong brightened by her son's words unknown to the truth behind them. "Well Jimin why didn't you just say! Why haven't you introduced her?"


Him, Jimin thought. "I finally understand that I can be happy. Someone, the one I love, risked so much just telling me that. His words won't be in vain."


The king and queen realized what he had said. It wasn't a female that their son had fallen in love with.


"I've made my choice."







Seeing his home made him smile. It had been some time since he had been where he was born and raised. He did feel homesick in Mikrokosmos, specifically when something reminded him of the ocean or Atlantis.


Jungkook spotted Moonbyul, Yoongi and Taehyung in front of the castle. He sensed he was going to be rebuked by the three of them for so many reasons he probably couldn't count. They would scold him so more afterwards when they found out he had sought after help from IU in order to go on land with the human prince he had fallen in love with.


Hoseok watched as Namjoon, Jin and Jungkook made their way towards the three who had their mouths gaped as well as the citizens outside watching. He could see sadness and joy mixed in the other two princes and it could be seen when both embraced Jin and Jungkook tightly. They had questions and they would be answered for sure.


The chirpy green tailed merman saw Jackson go towards Mark and his three sons and pecked the four of them. Hoseok knew he was right when looking on the bright side of the situation. Jungkook may have been brokenhearted but there was joy being spread around. Jackson returned to his family and so had Jin. The ocean's queen was back where he belonged.


Though he himself shouldn't be out of sorts he couldn't help it. He could comprehend Jungkook's pain when he thought his mother was dead. It was different now, a bit bitter. He would never take Jin's spot but Jungkook had needed someone there for him and it felt like he wasn't needed anymore now that Jin was back.


It was best this way. The princes should have their parents. Obviously at this moment it was time for a family reunion and that didn't include him. It never would. He began swimming away when Jackson caught his wrist.


"Where are you going?" Jackson questioned the young merman.


Hoseok was glad Jackson had let go. He eyed the royal family who were engrossed in each other. "They should be with family right now."


"And that doesn't include you?" Jackson raised an eyebrow; he was referring to being friends with Jungkook and Taehyung's ex-betrothal.


Hoseok shook his head with a small smile on his face. "They have other things to concern themselves with, Jackson. They should be together, it's been so long."


The blonde merman continued swimming although Jackson lightly called out to him. Hoseok hadn't caught Taehyung looking at his direction longingly.








Nae paran kkumsoge

Neol dameullae

Anirago haedo

Nae nun soge


He had found a rock that he had decided to sit on top of while looking up the darkened sky and shiny bright white moon. There were many emotions inside of him but only one was radiating off of him. It had been some time since he felt it: loneliness.


Even with a smile on his face he did feel gloomy. Particularly he felt lonely after he had lost his family and before he met Jungkook. Sometimes when Jungkook was busy Hoseok felt it. It was nauseating because he didn't want this feeling. He wished he could remove it from his system.


Meeting Taehyung he hadn't expected he'd fall in love with the second prince. He never anticipated for him to ever propose to him either. It had been the last thing he would've expected yet it still ended up happening unexpectedly. Taehyung confessed that he loved him.


Nae paran kkumsoge

Neol aneullae

An doendago haedo

Nae pumsoge


He didn't know exactly where he stood now. He had assumed his place would always be with Jungkook as his friend but he didn't truly need him - Jin was back. Hoseok didn't have any clue where he stood with Taehyung either. For all he knew he forgot all about him - maybe it was best that way.


Lonely, he felt very lonely.


Every day he missed his family but right now when he felt utterly alone he longed for them badly. It would've been nice for them to have met Jungkook. If Taehyung and he had worked it they could've attended their wedding. They would've saw Taehyung's and his children. There were tears rolling down his cheeks as he sang gloomily.


Blue Side

Back to Blue Side

Blue Side

Back to Blue Side

Blue Side

Back to Blue Side

Blue Side

Back to Blue Side


He wished for anyone to come to him. He yearned for anyone presence to be made known. Hoseok just didn't want to be alone. And he wasn't.



I tell you something

Geujeo mudeodugien

Ijen beotil suga eobneun geol

Wae geuttaen mal mot haenneunji

Eochapi apawaseo

Jeongmal beotil suga eobseul geol

Now cry

Neoege neomu mianhal ppunya

Tto cry neol jikyeojuji mothaeseo



The familiar deep voice he knew so well filled his ears. In any other situation he would've smiled but he was mostly bewildered by Taehyung being here. He shouldn't be here. If wanted to see him he should've waited until after a few days. Right now the blue haired prince should be with his family.


Hoseok turned to see Taehyung with his head out of the water and one of his hands gripping the edge of the rock. He had a little smile and waved at Hoseok.


"What are you doing here?" Hoseok questioned the prince. He felt bad for Taehyung being here. "You should be back at Atlantis with your family."


Taehyung licked his lips nervously, "Once upon a time I wanted you to be a part of my family."


"And now?"


"You've always been, Hob-Hoseok," Taehyung stated not wanting to overstep his boundaries. "When Kookie introduced you, you had a place in our family."


Hoseok thought that to be sweet. "Why did you follow me here, Taehyung? What drove you to do such a thing?"


Taehyung resisted the desire to grab Hoseok's hands. He stayed still. "My intentions remain the same, Hoseok. It's never changed."


Hoseok could taste his own bitterness, "Marrying me wasn't the only thing on your agenda when you proposed." He didn't know whether to take a chance. "Do you blame me for being this way?"


Taehyung understood he deserved all the bitterness. Before going to Hoseok, Taehyung had told his parents what had happened. Jungkook glared at Yoongi while Taehyung took all the blame. He didn't have to go with the idea but he did and it was his fault. Jungkook convinced him to take the chance because he was lucky enough that Hoseok was here in Atlantis to stay.


The blue haired prince could tell what his younger brother meant. Namjoon had told his sons that Jungkook had fallen in love with a human prince - Taehyung stiffened when he was told. Jungkook could never be with the prince he loved. Jungkook had meant that he should try to persuade Hoseok because he was lucky enough that they were both Merfolk and they'd never have to endure an obstacle of different worlds.


Jungkook had been right. Taehyung couldn't ever think of anyone the same way he thought of Hoseok. Therefore he'd make an effort to convince Hoseok to give him another chance.


"I know, Hoseok, and I take full blame. It's my fault and I thought hard about this, especially when we realized Jungkook ran away. I love you, Hoseok, and I'm the one who messed up. I'll spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you, for you to forgive me for tainting our love." Taehyung apologized passionately.


Hoseok could see that the younger mer was truly sorry for what he had done. Their relationship wouldn't be completely the same but it'd still be there as it had always been. No matter how disputes they had their hearts would belong to each other.


They both loved each other.


"Tae, I love you just as much," Hoseok began as he looked away for a moment. He continued, "I think that-"


Hoseok never got to finish his sentence since Taehyung smiled as he pulled his lovely merman into the water. Once the green tailed mer was in the water, Taehyung claimed the other's soft heart shaped lips.


"I love you, Hobi." Taehyung whispered as his lips ghosted over Hoseok's.


Hoseok giggled, "I love you too, Tae."

Chapter Text



4 Weeks Later






No mer was lying when they said being away from your life mate was something no mer could handle. Jungkook was hardcore proof of that statement. No one expected the youngest prince to be dandy about the situation or even a few days after. Not everyone could comprehend the heartache Jungkook bore except they themselves had lost their life mates – that’s precisely what it felt like. The pain was agonizing and there was no cure for it.


Some mers tried to look for other ways to continue but most of the time they didn’t. They became hermits or refused to take care of themselves which the latter regularly resulted in death. The good thing about Jungkook being a prince was that he always had someone watching him – either a family member or Hoseok. He was never alone unless he was in his room or demanding for time by himself which was rare. It’s recommended that mers like Jungkook are surrounded by family and friends it comforted them rather than annoyed them.


Four weeks passed since Jin’s and Jungkook’s return as well as the demise of IU. The death of the sea witch brought relief to the Merfolk – not that congratulating anyone’s death was good, but they slept safely knowing the terrifying woman would never be someone they worried about encountering since she was gone.


Majority of the Merfolk were confused yet mainly delighted knowing Jin was alive. Afterwards Namjoon confirmed that IU trapped Jin on land and that he hadn’t asked the sea witch to give him legs – something Namjoon made it important to clarify. Moonbyul was overjoyed to see her friend alive and the two friends rejoiced after being away from each other for so long. Moonbyul and Solar even introduced Jin to their son, Seungcheol.


More good news was brought when Taehyung properly introduced Hoseok to Jin. Of course Jin knew who the green tailed merman was since he was the one who helped take down IU. Jin thanked Hoseok for his assistance and began addressing him as his son-in-law although Hoseok told Taehyung he wanted to enjoy them being together before they had to start planning a wedding. Taehyung kept the green seashell ring somewhere safe for when it was time for the second proposal.


With Jin back it didn’t take long for everyone to adjust. Moonbyul and Jackson got used to speaking to him again since they had only talked to Namjoon for eleven years. The queen’s throne was finally occupied. There were no more mers trying to catch Namjoon’s attention since the king only answered to Jin.


It was different for Namjoon and the boys to get used to it though. Whenever Namjoon woke up early, he forgot the bed wasn't cold or empty anymore - Jin was there and would never leave. Jin sometimes forgot he wasn't in the cold cell IU put him in on Mikrokosmos. There were five family members at meals instead of four. It wasn't only Namjoon in conversations within the family but Jin included. It was different but a good change.


Four weeks passed and adjustments were made and Jungkook was still the sulking mess. Granted no one could judge him since he wasn't with his life mate. Jungkook's dilemma didn't vex his family but they felt horrible that they couldn't do anything to put a smile on the mer's face.


"How about red or pink?" A jeweler, Jung Eunha, asked as she brought two bracelets to Hoseok's right wrist. 


It had been Jin's idea to drag Jungkook into helping Hoseok pick out a nice bracelet for the concert that was postponed. Jungkook opted out of the celebration due to his grief. If his youngest son wanted to not sing, Jin wouldn't let him stay hauled up in his room. As a distraction, Jin thought bringing Jungkook would be better than letting his son mope on his own. 


Mers who were without their life mate needed family and friends.


Jin disapproved of the bracelets by the look on his face. "No, I think green brings out his eyes." He eyed the green seashell ring on Hoseok's right ring finger.


Hoseok giggled.


It had been last week when Taehyung proposed and promised to live him until the end of their days. Of course, like the first time, Hoseok accepted and now he was engaged. There was no wedding date set since the couple begged to have time together as an engaged couple before dealing with planning for the wedding. Namjoon and Jin understood completely - weddings are large celebrations that took time and patience to plan out.


Eunha put away the two bracelets before taking one out with little green seashells and black cowries. Jin nodded in approval and Eunha began complimenting how Hoseok looked magnificent with the piece of jewelry.


Jin spun his head to look at Jungkook who was staring off into the distance with despair. 


"Kookie, you don't want a piece of jewelry for the concert?" Jin didn't expect to get an answer but he wasn't going to stop talking to Jungkook because his son didn't respond back.


Sometimes the red tailed merman did and sometimes he didn't. This time he did.


"I'm not going so I don't see why," Jungkook mumbled not so quietly. Eunha rose her head in interest.


Eunha spoke enthusiastically, "You should, Prince Jungkook! It's going to be so fun! Singing and-"


Jin didn't want to be rude to the mermaid but he didn't want Jungkook to snap at her either - he would. He cleared his throat and sent the female a sweet smile.


"Eunha, do you have any cockle shell necklaces?" The mermaid nodded. Jin gestured at Hoseok, "Hoseok might be interested, why don't you show him what you got?" 


Eunha grabbed the new necklaces she had and showed them to Hoseok. With one look the blonde merman knew what Jin was doing and followed along. 


Jungkook lifted his head to look at the ceiling, "Can I be excused, Umma?" 


Jin frowned, "Are you sure you don't want to attend the concert? You might enjoy it." 


Jungkook groaned, "I don't want to ever sing again." 


"No one says you have to sing, Kookie," Jin stopped for a moment. He didn't want to force Jungkook to go but it would be good for him. "Yoongs prepared a song and I think we should support your hyung."


Rather than agreeing to going or not, Jungkook got up from where he sat and swam out of the room. Jin sighed sadly. He wasn't losing patience he was just running out of ways to cheer his baby up. As a mother all he wanted was the best for his children. One of his babies wasn't doing good at all. 


This couldn't continue for sure. He swore to Poseidon that he would discuss it with Namjoon. Jin feared for the possibility of Jungkook not being able to last any longer.






Things seemed to be going perfect. One would believe there was nothing wrong. Yoongi could correct them and say not everything was as picture perfect as it might seem. 


His parents were as loving and affectionate as he remembered them to be. Taehyung and Hoseok were like young teens in love sneaking kisses and blushing whenever they touched. Yoongi himself was fine but then there was Jungkook who was far from it. 


Knowing about Merfolk and the importance of life mates, Yoongi believed the pain was unbearable. He wouldn't want to wish it on anyone. He despised the fact that out of the millions of Merfolk it had to be his baby brother that dealt with this. Why couldn't Jimin be one of Poseidon's children? Why did he have to be born a human? 


It was dinner time and it was going like it had been for the past four weeks. No one wanted to be too loud or quiet for Jungkook's sake. Of course they all talked about their days excluding Jungkook since he remained silent. They were thankful that Jungkook was eating though. One of the healers told them that Jungkook was surprisingly doing better than most - majority of the mers without their life mates would've stopped eating by the second week there were those exceptions though.


"Have you thought about a date for the wedding yet?" Namjoon interrogated Taehyung and Hoseok with a teasing smile. The two mers blushed madly.


Taehyung was the one to answer, "A-Appa, we still want to enjoy our time as an engaged couple, that's all." 


Jin asked with a smirk, "Not going to tie the knot as quick as your appa and I did?" 


"I'm seventeen and Hobi is eighteen, about the same time you two married!"  Taehyung whined. 


"You two have only been engaged for four weeks. How long do you plan on extending the engagement?" Yoongi stopped eating and eyed the couple.


Hoseok shrugged, "We're still unsure about that, Yoongi-hyung. We definitely aren't waiting two years." 

"Maybe in a couple of months?" Taehyung suggested as he rotated to face Hoseok. His beloved nodded at the time length. 


Namjoon nodded in satisfaction, "It's going to be nice to see one of my sons married. You three grew up too fast."


Jin began retelling a story about when Taehyung was little. The blue haired prince whined while Hoseok was interested. Namjoon and Yoongi kept their eyes on Jungkook who left his food untouched


Yoongi sent his father a look that said we have to do something fast and Namjoon's nod meant he agreed. Neither mermen brought up Jungkook's lack of hunger since they didn't want to upset the younger mer. 


After dinner finished Yoongi followed Jungkook to his chambers. More than likely their parents would be having a talk but Yoongi wanted to chat with Jungkook. He doubted there was anything motivating he could tell him. Yoongi had no practice in relationships so he couldn't really cheer Jungkook that it would get better.


Yoongi didn't know if it would. Jungkook explained to them that had told Jimin he had to make a decision - his family or his freedom. Jungkook told Jimin to forget about him and fall in love if it meant he got to be free and happy. For all they knew Jimin might've done so and was with some other male.


The eldest prince was frightened of the possibilities. He didn't want to think of Jungkook dying but he knew as time went by his baby brother would only get weaker and less social. He wouldn't want to get out if his room, hang out or eat. He would die. Yoongi didn't want that but he had to accept that it was a likelihood - one that needed to be prevented. 


He entered Jungkook's chambers and found his baby brother lying on his bed in a fetal position. It saddened him to see Jungkook like this. The last time any of them had seen the youngest this disheartened was after their father told them about their mother’s “fake” death. Hoseok was a big help since he was the one who showed Jungkook there was more to life. It wasn’t the same this time. Showing life to someone who was gradually dying inside wouldn’t be easy. Jungkook had family and friends but Yoongi knew that wouldn’t do a thing. His brother didn’t eat his dinner this time – there’d more than likely be a repeat of this if something wasn’t done.


Yoongi sat next to his brother and consolingly stroke Jungkook’s arms. The eldest was aware he wasn’t too expressive with his emotions though he had them like everybody else. Most of the time people thought he was just lethargic (though he loved his sleep) but when it came to family and close friends he truly cared. He was concerned for Jungkook and he felt hopeless that he couldn’t do anything. Soothing words and touches wouldn’t comfort his brother like when they found out their mother died.


As the eldest of the three of them Yoongi had taken it upon himself to watch over his siblings. Whenever he saw them brooding he would pull them into a hug. If they cried he’d wipe their tearstained cheeks. Realizing his brothers were in love he was pleased with how things were turning out. If they both found the ones they wished to spend the rest of their lives with he wouldn’t ever have to see them devastated again – it broke his heart to see them that way. It wasn’t long until they were back to square one where no one was happy. He was partially at fault for Taehyung and Hoseok then Jungkook fell in love with a human.

This family is far from normal, Yoongi thought whenever he considered all of the events that occurred. He wondered how they were all still sane.


The older was dragged out of his thoughts when he felt Jungkook’s body tremble and heard sobs. It may be strange having their mother back but it was still taking Yoongi to get used to Jungkook’s melancholy state. None of them should since this wasn’t how the young mer was supposed to be.


“There’s nothing I can do or say that’ll put you in good spirits,” Yoongi remembered this feeling years ago. He had no power to bring back their mother or to put Jimin under the sea. “All I can ask is for you to hang in there, Kookie.”


Jungkook’s voice was hoarse, “Why?” Yoongi knew he’d cry if his brother were to look at him. “What is there to hang for?”


Our family, your friends, Yoongi wanted to say. It wasn’t about them though – this had to do with Jungkook alone. They would never comprehend Jungkook’s aching thus they couldn’t blame Jungkook if he submitted to the battle. Yoongi speculated about something concerning Jimin. He made a mental note inside his head to mention it to his parents.


In the end there were no words. He couldn’t tell Jungkook things would get better or that someday he’d find another. Yoongi saw the difference between his parents’ situation and Jungkook. Namjoon and Jin communicated with each other so it’s not like they never saw each other. If Jin had truly died, Namjoon had their children – a part of his life mate with him. Jungkook didn’t have anything of Jimin so it was worst in his case.


“Just…Wait a little longer, that’s all,” Yoongi’s eyes were blurring with tears. He felt movement and when he turned he saw Jungkook looking at him with his puffy red eyes. Yoongi couldn’t control his tears as they fell. “I’m sorry, Kookie, I’m sorry that there’s nothing we can do.”


Jungkook looked down, his sobs hard, “It’s…It’s not your fault, hyung…It’s no one’s…” his brotherly instinct kicked in and Yoongi embraced his baby brother closely. Jungkook wept, “We’re…We’re just not meant to be.”







Namjoon promised he would consider Jungkook’s situation and he had ever since his husband and son returned to Atlantis. He took his time thinking nothing would come of the waiting – he was wrong. The healer saying that Jungkook was in a better shape than majority of the mers without their mates brought hope. This faith they all clung to was fading away as more days went by. Namjoon could tell and dinner was proof when Yoongi and he caught Jungkook not eating.


Jin and he hadn’t joined together and talked over their younger son’s predicament. All the adjustments had stalled that chat but now it was crystal clear that it was time.


As they lay in their bed together, Namjoon back hugged his husband, “Jinnie, we should talk about Kookie. I think it’s time.”


Jin grinned, “You were contemplating beforehand?”


“Yes but certain events preoccupied me,” Namjoon referred to his husband’s return. It was a grave conversation they should have. “Kookie didn’t eat dinner today.”


His maternal instincts kicking in, Jin detached Namjoon’s arms and freaked out. It was only natural that Jin responded this way.


“Why didn’t you mention it, Joon?” Jin asked his husband in discontentment. Don’t mess with Umma Jin, Namjoon thought with an amused grin.


Namjoon rose from where he lay to so he could look Jin directly into his eyes. He seized Jin’s hands to hold them in assurance, “I didn’t want to upset him. He’s distancing himself from us enough as it is. I had an epiphany when Jungkook came back.” Both mers laughed at the reference.


“What did you realize, Joonie?”


Namjoon recollected what Jackson and Hoseok told him about Jimin and Soojin’s aid. “I’ll quote you on this, not all humans are bad and that was proven four weeks ago.”


Jin was glad to hear Namjoon’s statement. He waited for his husband to agree with him after so long. Being smallminded did no one good. There were bad and good people everywhere whether it being creatures from the land or sea.


Still it didn’t solve their problem at hand. Namjoon became conscious of this and accepted it – what good does that do?


“Okay, I’m happy that you think this way, Joonie, but how does this help Kookie?” Namjoon could always apologize for not understanding Jungkook’s fascination with humans though Jin believed his husband had done that long ago.


Namjoon eyed their intertwined hands, “Humans will never accept their love. There’ll always be those against them. They can never have children together. I don’t know if I can do that to Kookie.”


It doesn’t sound like a good life, Jin thought with a frown. But there was a reason his husband was bringing this up. “I wouldn’t be able to do that to either of our sons too…So what do we do?”


Namjoon looked into his husband’s and turned back to gaze upon the golden trident. There was only one thing he could think of.






The fragrance of wine and the sound of laughter and shouting were easy to grow accustomed to. If he had never been in the tavern it might’ve been problematic – he continuously went to see his friends so he was used to it. There were some modifications this time around and would be like that permanently. His changes in life weren’t anything he nitpicked about though. There was a reason Jimin was doing this. He made his decision and he was taking it like a champ – at least that’s what his friends said.


WANT was his home now and his family was his dear friends plus Chimmy. After Jimin rejected the life he had been living for so long he was disowned and his spot was taken by a distant cousin of his he met probably three times at the most. His friends took him in and they were more than pleased to do so. Moonkyu whined about how he missed so much due to his last minute journey.


Being born with royal blood wasn’t all about the ample amount of gold and outfits so Jimin didn’t miss much. Jeonghee was a good friend but the woman was busy with the new king. There were no more high expectations and demands he had to follow. He could live free and happy just like how Jungkook wanted.


Perceptibly the only thing he longed for was the red haired merman. He didn’t anticipate for how much he’d desire for Jungkook. He wasn’t dying yet it felt like it. His friends and Chimmy kept him content but Jimin had misgivings that’d last forever.


Whenever he had time to himself he would run to the beach. He wouldn’t call for Jungkook’s name like he had in the first week. As a replacement for screaming out the boy’s name, he sung Serendipity. Sometimes he’d even perform a waltz and visualize Jungkook was there with him dancing on the sand. It was nothing like when he did dance with the red haired boy – the real thing was dreamlike and indescribable.


Even though it was torment Jimin couldn’t end his fantasies. It was human of him to daydream of how he sought his life to be. After the song and waltz he’d stay on the beach a while longer. He waited for Jungkook to show up though he knew that wasn’t likely to happen. The last time he saw the beautiful creature would truly be the last time. Jimin could never forget the rich voice, the innocent deer eyes or the vibrant toothy smile.


His friends suggested that he look for someone else since they all came to terms that Jungkook wasn’t returning. It was no secret that they intentionally directed pretty men his way. Each and every one of them shared the same flaw: they weren’t Jungkook. His soulmate wanted him to find someone else to love but that’d be the only command he’d never carry out. It wasn’t feasible.


Neon nae pureun gompangi

Nal guwonhaejun naui cheonsa naui sesang

Nan ne samsaek goyangi neol mannareo on

Love me now

Touch me now


Jimin sang passionately as he stood in the water. He started off singing on the sand but as the weeks passed he got closer to the ocean. It was drawing his heart towards it because it knew the one he loved was somewhere in the depths of the deep blue. He would never make it that far for that reason his attempt would be wasted.


He was a human but like Jungkook he couldn’t move on. Even with his freedom he couldn’t do everything he wanted just like before. He could love whoever but the one who held his heart he couldn’t be with. Jimin felt like he was the prince, to-be king, of Mikrokosmos – trapped with no way out. Once again he was searching his savior just to pop up at the beach. Their last moment together had been Jungkook’s farewell to him.


Another would try to find someone else but he couldn’t. Jungkook wasn’t some plaything though. Jimin had told his friends that he believed his savior, Jungkook, to be his soulmate. If the merman could never love anyone else so could he. Jimin didn’t want to. From the moment Jungkook saved him they belonged to each other. As painful as it was, Jimin would handle it. In some way it felt like Jungkook had died. He hadn’t abandoned him; he just saved them the pain from a complicated life.


Let me love, let me love you

Let me love, let me love you


“I’m guessing that’s for a particular red haired merman?” Jimin stiffened when he heard those words. The male’s voice was not one he knew but obviously they knew who Jungkook was meaning they were someone important.


Jimin swallowed and spun around to see two males rather than one. There was a peculiar aura that emitted from them. Both were dressed in black from head to toe though they were barefoot. For wearing the same color and being around the same height they looked nothing alike. The easiest way to tell them a part was that one was feminine and the other without any ounce of femininity.


He would think a male with feminism would be reliable but Jimin was uncertain. The feminine male was a beauty for certain. He was broad-shouldered, long-limbed and held his head high. His facial features were unlike what he’s ever eyed upon before (oddly it reminded him of Jungkook). The pretty male had unblemished pale skin, hair as black as the night sky, red plump lips and dark eyes that were beyond innocent and mysterious.


Then there was the other male who was a good example of masculinity. Jimin would imagine the man to fit the perfect description of a king. The second male had lightly tanned skin, dark eyes that would notify anyone he’s not messing around and big light pink lips. A feature of his that completely stood out were his silver locks – it made him think about Jungkook’s red hair. No human had hair that wasn’t black or brown. The other significant thing about this man was the golden trident he held in his left hand.


The last person to have that trident was the sea witch that had been trying to kill Jungkook and him weeks ago. Jimin assumed this man was the rightful owner of the trident.


“Um…” Jimin couldn’t think of anything to say to the unknown men. He chuckled nervously, “Forgive me for asking, but…Who are you?”


The feminine one smiled which convinced Jimin he was a kind soul. He turned to the other man, “He’s unaware of our identities, Joon. We should tell him.”


Jimin gulped when he saw the second man’s eyes narrow at him. It was an intense stare that would cause anyone to believe that the man would kill you right on the spot. He didn’t know whether he should run or stay but his legs were frozen in place.


“I’m Namjoon, king of the ocean,” the second man introduced himself and then gestured at the feminine male beside him, “This is my husband, Jin, queen of the ocean. We’re the parents of Jungkook.”


Jimin’s eyes widened at the fact. He didn’t think he’d meet any other mer-people but that seemed to not be it. Meeting the king and queen of the ocean was definitely not on his to-do list either so there were a bunch of surprises in store for him today – even one that’d change the rest of his life. No wonder they knew who Jungkook was and why they were nothing like humans.


Abruptly he felt out of place. He was meeting the parents of the one he loved. Jungkook also forgot to mention that he was a prince. Jimin found it kind of humorous – two princes from two different worlds falling in love with each other. It wasn’t that laughable when understanding it sucked. However Jimin was no longer royalty so he felt he had to bow. When he was about to, Jin stopped him.


“No need for such formalities, Jimin.” Jin advised the human. His smile remained on his face which comforted Jimin, “We wish no harm, just to talk civilly.”


Jimin felt his mouth go dry. What could they possibly want to talk to them about? He expected it had to do with Jungkook. If they were going to try to intimidate him it was pointless. It’s not like they could see each other.


“Jungkook told you that he fell in love with you. Tell me, Jimin, do you truly feel the same for my son?” Namjoon was the first to bring up an important topic.


The question wasn’t hard to answer. Jimin had his answer to that. Since the moment Jungkook saved him he knew he loved him. He couldn’t even say it was just his voice, face or body he loved about the red haired boy. Jungkook, from the inside, had a beautiful soul, and Jimin realized he was more in love with him. There was no one else in any world for him.


“I do love Jungkook. Every second of the day I think about him. I’ve longed for him ever since the last time we saw each other. I know he’s my soulmate.” Jimin responded to Namjoon’s answer.


Jin was overwhelmed by Jimin’s words. He eyes glowed with hope, “Joon, do you hear this? This is good news! Why must we wait? Kookie will be in high spirits.”


Namjoon laid his other hand on Jin’s shoulder, “Not yet, Jin.” The king of the ocean remembered Jungkook had given Jimin a choice before leaving. “Tell me, Prince Jimin, when Jungkook told you to decide, what path did you take?”


Jimin felt the need to correct the king. The citizens in Mikrokosmos now and again referred to him as the prince and he had to make it clear that title wasn’t his anymore. He didn’t miss his old position either. He was a brand new person – just Park Jimin, no prince or to-be king.


“Um, I’m not a prince anymore, Your Majesty,” Jimin informed the royals. They were bewildered by his reply. He answered Namjoon’s question, “Jungkook asked me to live a good life where I had my freedom – to not be a prisoner. I don’t miss my old life. I’m just Jimin.”


It was clear to both Namjoon and Jin of the decision the former prince had made. They didn’t expect Jimin to have decided this route. Even Jin wondered if Jimin would be able to wait for Jungkook. It had been his heart song to Jungkook that they had heard moments ago. Jimin did really love their son.


Now that they had confirmed that, there was one more important matter.


“Our son tried to be a part of your world because he loves you,” Jin began as he took a few steps forward. Jimin saw the trident glow. Jin asked, “You love him just as much. Now the question is would you want to be a part of his world?”


Jin’s words echoed in his head but it took a few minutes for Jimin to understand what the queen of the ocean was asking. He considered his future and what he would be leaving behind – there wasn’t much. His friends knew about the Merfolk since they had witnessed what happened on the wedding boat. He could always visit them.


After a few seconds it didn’t take Jimin long to have an answer.








When he used to have nightmares his mother used to lay his head on her lap and would stroke his blonde locks. Hoseok was doing the same for his best friend. As his fingers combed gently through Jungkook’s red strands of hair, Hoseok hummed Blue Side. He was happy Jungkook hadn’t protested to any visitors. The only reason the red haired mer allowed him in was because they were best friends and going to be family soon enough.


This moment reminded Hoseok of the day he met Jungkook. The boy had been so young to have lost his mother and Hoseok wanted to make him smile. At first Jungkook didn’t buy “think on the bright side” and insisted that there was no reason to continue if his mother wasn’t present. Hoseok proved his friend wrong and showed him that there was more.


Hoseok felt happier when Jungkook saw the beauty in life. It took him a few days to realize it wouldn’t be the same this time around. Jungkook was in far worst state than he had been eleven years ago.


Taehyung was with Yoongi at the moment with Jackson and Moonbyul. They both agreed they would wait a few months until they began any wedding planning. Hoseok knew when the time came around to plan the event it wouldn't be stress-free - they'd both want everything to be perfect and so would the wedding planner. For now they could just live together peacefully and just focus on each other. 


Namjoon confirmed that it would be the first time in a long time that there were more than one royal child. The king and his father didn't have siblings unlike this time. It was made official that since Taehyung was the second born he would act as a right-hand man like Jackson and would have a role in how the kingdom was governed. 


Hoseok smiled while life had changed for everyone in atlantis, specifically the royal family. The three of the princes had two parents proud of them instead of one. It was nice seeing the three welcomed Jin back into their lives. Hoseok thought it had been for the best. Life was too short to dwell on mistakes one clearly regretted. He was also excited that in less than two years he'd be calling Jungkook his brother. 


It was hard to think about what would happen in the future since there were struggles in the present. Obstacles could be overcome regardless of what they were, is what he always told himself. With his best friend sulking and no chance of him ever seeing Jimin, Hoseok still held tightly into hope. He'd been doing it for so long he found himself constantly doing it. 


He noticed that he was accurate though. Although he lost his family he found a best friend. Jungkook strayed from Namjoon's orders just to end up finding his life mate. The risks were dangerous and every now and then they were life-threatening, yet Hoseok found there was always light at the end of the tunnel. After every rainstorm there was a rainbow. Once nighttime passed there was daylight.


Losing hope was easy rather than having it. Hoseok hoped that there would be something good out of this - that Jungkook would have his happy ending. 


Hoseok noticed Jungkook's small body rising up and down. He heard the soft snores indicating that his dear friend had fallen asleep. With a bright smile, Hoseok pecked Jungkook's forehead and swam out of his friend's chambers. He prayed to Poseidon that everything would turn out alright for Jungkook. The boy deserved his happily ever after. 






Jungkook guessed he had been asleep for a while now by how groggily he felt when he woke up. It took a few seconds for his eyes to open widely. He sat up and stretched his arms and released a yawn. He rubbed his eyes to fully wake them up which helped. He looked around and found himself where he expected to be - lying on his bed in his chambers. 

Last he remembered Hoseok had been in the room stroking his hair while humming a tune of his. Jungkook could still recall the beat. He would have to ask his best friend to sing it to him later. 

The red haired merman went towards the direction of his window and looked out it. He could see the Merfolk outside swimming around plus the sea animals. Once upon a time this sight had helped him through the grief of losing his undead mother. It had been all thanks to Hoseok that he was able to move on with his life. Jungkook wished that could happen again. 

He didn't think he'd ever have to endure emotional pain ever again. The last time had been what his father told him of his mother's death. Even after experiencing that, being away from Jimin was a fresh wound that would never heal no matter how much time went by. In a way he didn't want it to. It proved that their love was true and they were life mates. 

The ache in his heart was agonizing and all he could do was let it eat at it him until he couldn't take it anymore. He loved Jimin and without him there truly was no reason to continue. Jungkook would've stopped eating and just stayed in his chambers if he didn't have his caring and loving family and friends. He felt like he should be here though he didn't want to. 

Throughout his meals today he could feel Yoongi's eyes on him while everyone seemed normal. It was yesterday that he hadn't touched his food. He didn't feel hungry but he assumed that was just one of the side effects to not being near your life mate. Jungkook had eaten today and promised to try and not forget. He didn't want to leave his family, especially when his mother came back and Taehyung would he marrying Hoseok. 

Life had been going amazing for everyone else but him. Hoseok had informed him that Jaehyun and Doyoung would be starting a family soon. If he ever found the strength to do so he'd have to make sure to congratulate his friend. Everyone seemed to be happy and enjoying life but him. 

Although he wanted to be there with them his heart couldn't stand living without Jimin. Jungkook just dealt with it the best way he could. For the longest time he had been sitting in his room crying wondering why it had to be this way. He didn't want to cry right now though. So instead, he sang. 

Jeogi meolliseo badaga deullyeo
Kkumeul geonneoseo supul neomeoro
Seonmyeonghaejineun geugoseuro ga
Take my hands now
You are the cause of my euphoria

It had been the same exact part he sung moments before Jimin woke up on the beach. The first time they had met. Jungkook had been awestruck and knee something was developing deep inside his soul that he couldn't pinpoint until he made it back home. It had been so long ago and he could remember every detail about that day as if he had experienced the moment just seconds ago. 

Inside of him was a mix of sadness and joy, mostly the sad emotions overtook him. He could feel the tears threatening to he released from his eyes but he shook his head. He didn't want to cry. He didn't want this pain and sadness - he wanted it all gone but it just wouldn't go away! 

No, no, Jungkook scolded himself. He refused to cry. Don't you dare let your best memories bring you sorrow.

He shouldn't be crying when he sang the heart song he created for Jimin. It was a song full of love and happiness - one Jimin loved dearly. Jungkook forcibly wiped away the tears with his hands. If he sung this he would sing in joy as if Jimin was with him now. 

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Take my hands now
You are the cause of my euphoria

As he sang he could remember all of the beautiful memories they had spent together. They may have never kissed but that didn't mean they didn't love each other. Jimin had called his voice and heart song beautiful. The human searched for him. Jimin's arms wrapped around him whenever he fell or stepped wrong. He had made the human laugh and smile.

For the first time ever Jungkook had danced and it had been with Jimin. On their rowboat ride they had nearly kissed and even when the mood was ruined Jimin still wanted to perform. Jungkook loved the heart song Jimin had made for him. Once again they had almost kissed ajd would've if Jimin's parents hadn't disturbed them. 

Even when Jimin found out who he was and IU was trying to kill them, there had been good memories. Jimin had been overjoyed finding out that the person he searched for was right in front of him. They had nearly kissed for the third time too. Both of them helped each other and Jimin helped with killing IU. 

Their last moment brought tears to his eyes but Jungkook had been relieved that Jimin had even approached him after awakening. As always Jimin was gentle and caring to him. He hadn't at all been disgusted with what he truly was. 

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

He let the tears pour but he didn't frown. For Jimin he smiled happily. It was like crying of joy yet he was heartbroken. For a while he's been wondering how his favorite human on land was doing. Did he find another? Did he choose to live by his parents' rules? He just wanted someone to love and care for Jimin as he would've done. 

Close the door now
When I'm with you I'm in utopia 

Jungkook covered his face with his hands as he sobbed. At least he didn't cry during the whole song. His heart song to Jimin was one of love not tragedy. Crying while singing it would've tainted the song. And still the song was a beautiful and loving as Jimin had seen it as.

He kept looking out of the window, unknown to what was to come. Instantly he heard someone at the doorway of his room. Jungkook figured it was Hoseok or one of his family members. It might be one of his parents since they had left right after lunch. He was too sad to be curious about where they had gone off too.

"Hobi-hyung, if that's you I want to be left alone for a moment, please?" Jungkook was near begging. He didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings so he just pleaded. 

He could tell that whoever was there hadn't gone away. He opened his mouth to say something until he couldn't. All of his emotions were just taking over his whole self. He folded his arms and placed them on the window before setting his head on top, sobbing.

It hurt so much. It didn't help that no one understood the pain he was enduring either. He didn't want to talk or listen to anyone at the moment. Once again the young prince didn't expect what was to happen next. 

Just let me love you
Just let me love you
Ujuga cheoeum saenggyeonasseul ttaebuteo
Modeun geon jeonghaejin geoyeosseo
Just let me love you

Jungkook's heart stopped when he heard the familiar voice and lyrics. No, that couldn't be. Perhaps this was just one of his symptoms? Maybe finally his heart would just give in and he'd die due to heartbreak? The last thing he would hear would be the heart song that was written for him. It had to be the only explanation - it was the only one that made sense. 

He felt fine though. He was sad and confused at the same time. Jungkook resisted the desire to turn around because he knew that what he wanted to be wouldn't be there. Jimin wasn't here - he was in Mikrokosmos living his life whichever way he wished. His Jimin wasn't here. It was obviously his own imagination. 

This merman prince was wrong though. 

Let me love, let me love you
Let me love, let me love you

Jungkook gulped. Why hadn't he stopped imagining that he was hearing Jimin's voice? Why did his mind have to torment him like this? Why couldn't it just all end and be done with him? Jungkook couldn't take the suffering anymore especially if it meant he was to be forced to listen to his life mate's stunning voice that he yearned to hear.

He sobbed harder. Maybe he could let go if he explained to his family that he just couldn't handle it anymore. He could tell them that he was hearing things too. After some thought perhaps they'd realize how letting him slowly die was worst than an instant death? Maybe, maybe not. 

Jungkook kept his head down not noticing that the person wasn't at the doorway anymore. Jungkook had been too sad and worked up on hearing things that he didn't notice someone was behind him. He gasped and jumped when he felt someone wrap their arms around him securely. 

Maybe one of his brothers couldn't handle his sadness and just wanted to comfort him? He wouldn't be too surprised. Yoongi had done so yesterday after dinner. 

Jungkook assumed it was one of them until he felt someone's chin rest on his shoulder and a familiar voice fill his head. 

"Jungkook?" It had to be his mind playing tricks on him, it had to! But he could feel someone's breath and arms wrapped around his waist. He couldn't have imagined all of that too! 

Wanting his imagination to be true, Jungkook detached the arms and grabbed the person's wrists and spun to see who it was. Jungkook was frozen in place. In his head he didn't think he'd picture Jimin like this. 

There right in front of him was his life mate. Jimin with his black hair, white flawless skin and muscular body exposed. Jungkook lowered his eyes and there were no legs. Replacing the human legs Jungkook had gotten used to seeing was a  blue tail with scales - just like Jungkook and his red tail. 

"Kookie, it's really-" Merman Jimin didn't get a chance to say a thing. Instantly Jungkook tackled the former human onto his bed while hovering above him.

With widened eyes Jungkook inspected the male he called his life mate. There was no way this could be an imposter. Same voice, same facial and body features. This was his Jimin! Then how could this be? How could...How could Jimin be a part od his world? 

Jungkook felt Jimin's hands touch his face, "It's really me, Jungkook, I swear." Jungkook leaned into the touch and put his hands over Jimin's. 

His eyes were beginning to sting due to the previous tears and the ones to come. "I- I thought..."

Jimin quirked an eyebrow, "Did you really think I would be able to forget you, Jungkook? Don't you remember in WANT that I called my savior my soulmate? That hasn't changed and it never will." 

Jungkook couldn't believe what he was hearing. Throughout all of this time Jimin had been as lonely as he - both unable to love another. Their love was true. It had meant that Jimin hadn't continued on with the life he had been used to. Jimin had taken control of his life and he was a free spirit. 

"What ahout Chimmy and your friends?" Jungkook knew there was more than just his family and lifestyle Jimin had to give up. 

Jimin's soft smile remained on his face, "I promised them I'd visit and Chims loves my friends - I know they'll take care of him." 

Jungkook chuckled. He didn't know what to say. This was all so much. No longer did he feel sad but happy. He just hoped he didn't wake up and find out this was a dream because it felt too good to be true. 

"How did this happen though?" Jungkook still didn't understand the part about how Jimin was a merman like him. "Is there a different sea witch you went to?" He hoped not. 

Jimin opened his mouth to speak until someone cut him off. "We decided to pay your beloved a visit. He insisted that he loved you." Both young males looked to see Namjoon and Jin at the doorway with smiles on their faces. 

It didn't take long for Jungkook to put the pieces together. He now knew the reason why his parents had left earlier! His parents had did this just for him. They had gone to pay Jimin a visit and then they gave him a tail so they could be together in the same world. 

The young merman let go of Jimin and speedily swam toward his parents, hugging them both tightly. He wanted to cry but he found no reason to. They loved him so much that they'd do this for him. Jimin loved him enough to want to be a part of his world just like he had done. He was happy.

"Thank you Appa and Umma." Jungkook thanked both of them before pecking both of their cheeks and giving them a toothily smile. 

Jin was just relieved to see his son's happiness present, "We just want you to be happy, Kookie. You two truly love each other so it only made sense that you two deserved to spend the rest of your lives together." 

Namjoon glared at Jimin who was still on Jungkook's bed, "Hurt him and I'll hunt you down." Jimin nodded with a nervous smile. Namjoon could see Jin and Jungkook unimpressed. Namjoon then gave Jimin a smile, showing off his dimples, "And welcome to the family." 

"I'm honored, Your Majesties." Jimin looked at both Namjoon and Jin when he replied. 

Jin clapped his hands in excitement as a thought popped into his head. "Can you believe it, Joonie? Our two youngest ones will be getting married soon."

Jimin blushed at the thought and Jungkook giggled. "We haven't even started talking about that yet, Umma!" 

"But I'm guessing that'll be your plan in the future?" Namjoon wanted to make sure as he looked at Jungkook. 

It was Jungkook that responded. Jimin got up from Jungkook's bed and stood next to his life mate, "Of course it is." Jungkook and he exchanged loving smiles. 

Jin congratulated them. "Well you two lovebirds have fun together, okay? We'll inform everyone on the good news!" The king and queen hugged the two mermen. 

"I love you, Appa," Jungkook whispered into his father's ear as Namjoon hugged him. He would've never anticipated this and clearly his father's view on humans have changed.

Namjoon's signature smile with his dimples showed. He'd do anything for his children and Jin. He was glad to have brought joy back in his baby's heart. "I love you, Kookie." The couple exited the room and went to tell everyone about Jungkook's and Jimin's reunion. 

Before the red haired merman had a chance to do a thing, Jimin pushed him onto the bed as he hovered above him. Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook's waist and leaned down to finally, after so many attempts, claim Jungkook's lips. As he had expected they were soft and sweet. Their first kiss was sweet and chaste, ending within a few seconds. 

Both of their eyes sparkled as they looked at each other lovingly. Jungkook caressed Jimin's face. He couldn't believe that now he would have Jimin all too himself. They wouldn't ever have to part again. 

"I love you, Jimin." Jungkook whispered as he leaned close to Jimin's face with the intentions of kissing his life mate once more. 

Jimin noticed Jungkook's desire and got closer, "I love you too, Kookie." They both kissed passionately not wanting to ever let either one go and now they didn't have to. 

Both of them reunited and swore to never let each other ago. In layman's terms, they lived happily ever after. 






The End.