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I'm Going To Hell: Kinktober 2019

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“Peggy…” Steve was whining, his lips barely moving. He looked down at his beautiful wife, cupping her high cheekbones and pulling those red-stained lips against his. He groaned, the sound muffled as he thrusted into her tight, hot cunt. His one arm supported himself above her, never wanting to break eye contact as he fucked her into the mattress.

They’d been at this for hours, Peggy had already had a combination of seven and a half orgasms and Steve was well onto his third. That’s the great thing about this serum and Peggy’s sex drive. They could go for hours. Of course, when they had the time. And damn it, did they make time. Peggy had gotten them a hotel room for the week and they had planned to never leave this bed until his balls were empty and she was bloated with cum.

“Go on, darling. Go on.” Peggy’s words were whispered, soft on her tongue. She cupped his face to pull him into a kiss, tongue down his throat. Her cunt tightened around his well endowed length, feeling it throb inside of her as he spilled his seed. Her legs, her thighs trembled as they wrapped around his waist, drinking down his broken moans.

Pulling away from his beloved, Steve whimpered as he pulled his sensitive cock from her. The sheets were soaked with body fluids, the room smelled pleasantly of sex, and it wasn’t even three in the morning yet on their first night here. And by the look Peggy was giving him and Steve’s flushed face, they were far from over.

“What’s that look for?” Steve cooed, grabbing at a cold bottle of water and passing it over to her. He practically drained his own in three swallows. “I’m not done yet. Gotta rehydrate. You don’t want me to die of dehydration, do you? Terrible way to end my life, dying from dehydration from sex.”

“If you didn’t die when you crashed that God-forsaken plane, you’re not going to die from lack of water for a few hours. Still…” Clambering out of bed, Peggy had forgotten how to walk. Her legs buckled and she caught herself on the edge of the chair. Cum dripped down her thighs, feeling the cool air brush over her soaked cunt. “I do have something special planned. I asked James to join us. I know how much you’ve been wanting him to fuck me too.”

Steve’s face was a shade of pink and he choked on his drink. “I-I-”

“Don’t lie. You’ve moaned his name while humping my thigh plenty of times.” She fixed him with a pointed look. And just on time, there was a rap on the door followed by Peggy opening it.

Bucky stood outside wearing just a pair of heart patterned boxers. The room was dimly lit, the only light from the street lamp outside. Despite this, Steve could see there was a thick bulge in the man’s boxers as he entered the room. “Aren’t you two a welcome sight? Do you know how long I’ve been waiting?”

“We’ll make up for it,” Peggy promised, wrapping her arms around James’ shoulders. She pulled him down for a kiss, the taste of Steve lingering on her tongue. James complied, moaning down her throat.

Steve couldn’t believe he was watching his best friend and his lover make out. And how achingly hard that made him. He crossed the room without a second thought and wrapped his arms around Peggy from the backside. Her skin was warm and smooth under his touch. Bucky’s was rough and hairy. And he didn’t want it any other way. His lips found Peggy’s neck, biting down and groaning as he rutted into her like a horny dog in rut.

Peggy gasped at the sensation, legs parting, with Bucky supporting her. Until the metal-arm man picked her up around the waist and let her wrap her legs around his waist. She felt his cock throb against her cunt, lightly thrusting against him to gain some friction. Somewhere between point A and B, Bucky had discarded the silk boxers. “B-boys…”

Peggy was anything, but patient.

Bucky grinned at his best friend, over Peggy’s shoulder. His hand slipped down to hold her ass, to pull her perky cheeks open, and expose the winking, rim of muscles.

Steve’s breath was taken away by the sight of his own work, two fingers slipping inside of her tight, warm hole. Peggy moaned again, as he scissored his fingers into her. Teasing her. “Gonna ruin you, baby.”

“I’ll be highly dis-disappointed if you don’t, Steven. If both of you don’t. Now stop teasing and fuck me before I fuck you.”

“Is that a promise?” Bucky purred, before obliging. He shifted Peggy, so she sunk down onto his nine inch cock. She was still warm and tight, despite Steve fucking the life out of her. She was soaked from his cum and fuck that turned him on more than it should. His cock throbbed in her and he thrusted.

Steve didn’t hesitate, pulling his fingers out and lining his cock up with her fluttering ring of muscles. Peggy was no stranger to pain and what she wanted, she got. He slowly pushed the rude, bulbous tip into her ass, watching with glazed-over eyes as her hole willingly sucked him in, and he bottomed out inside of her. His hands tightened on her hips, feeling the pressure of Bucky’s cock by just a thin layer of muscle.

Peggy’s moan was broken up by a half sob. She had never been this full, never in her entire life. Her boys, blessed with such endowed lengths, and heightened sex drives. Why hadn’t they done this sooner? Her nails dug into Bucky’s shoulders, groaning when they both moved.

It was an uneven, harsh pace. The way she liked it. The way the three of them liked it. Bucky fucked her with wild abandonment. Each thrust sending her tits to jiggle against him, to break up the moans escaping her lips. His nails dug into her skin, sure enough to leave bruises in his wake. Steve fucked her like he cared. Like he wanted to fulfill her every desire, but he couldn’t let go of the sensation that he loved her too much to truly hurt her.

And yet, it worked for both of them. Each thrust followed by the sound of someone moaning, of her wet cunt and ass squelching. Bucky was grunting with every thrust, biting her neck and shoulders, pulling her into hungry kisses. He’d already cum three times in the span of ten minutes, but he didn’t stop. He had to let his balls drain somehow and this was a long day coming.

Steve was already nearing his orgasm, feeling his balls smack against Bucky’s cock as he fucked her. That’s when Bucky moved them. Taking slow steps, thrusting into her until they were on the bed. Until Bucky was under her and Steve was above her. And Peggy was pressed between them, like how they were always meant to be.

“F-fuck..fuck…” Peggy couldn’t stop the curses escaping her lips as her orgasm neared. Her insides felt like they were on fire, burning. She could feel their cocks throbbing inside of her, each breath tightened her holes around them.

Bucky was the first to cum. To properly cum, that is. His orgasm was harsh and he threw his head back, chest pushed out to push her further onto his cock and onto Steve’s. His nails dug into her skin and didn’t let go, fucking hard into her. It was enough to cause the bed to tremble and splinters to be heard. He left a bloody bite mark along her shoulder, near snarling as he started to come down from this orgasmic high.

Steve was second. It was a pleasure to watch Bucky come, like it was a favor. To watch his eyes glaze over and turned almost black from the orgasm itself. Steve’s own was almost more subtle. His cock throbbing, the heat pooling. He threw his head back and moaned, finally finally letting go. At least enough to fuck Peggy hard into Bucky. The sound of skin-hitting-skin, his balls swinging as he finally emptied out what had to have been the last bit of cum in his entire body.

The bed gave no warning as it collapsed, mattress pulling to the side, with half of the headboard still along the wall. Splinters lined the floor.

That didn’t stop Peggy from cumming. From her scream of intense pleasure filling the room. From her holes tightening around her boys and her body to tremble in a near-seizure like state from the orgasm. She collapsed against Bucky’s warm, sweaty, hairy chest and let out a shaky breath.

Steve laid over her, not daring to pull out. Not wanting to move. They could sleep like this for all he cared.

“I think…” Peggy whispered, after a few short minutes of heavy breathing and her boys rubbing over the beautiful bruises they left on her body. “I do believe that we’ll need a new bed, boys.”

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“Don’t you - ARG!” Clint’s half formed curse came out in a spitting fire, pulling on the bonds. Granted, he was tied to the bed by a pair of cuffs and his legs tied to either pole on the foot of the bed. His body was already covered in a sheen layer of sweat, feeling it trickle down his pecs and towards his abconmen. The sheets were beyond ruined at this point with piss, cum, and sweat. The archer’s eyes narrowed, looking up at Bucky with a don’t you dare look, that clearly had failed.

All Bucky did was give a shit-eating grin as his metal fingers wrapped around the archer’s cock, giving a slow stroke. He’d squeezed the man’s cock rather hard, knowing that at this point the poor man was numb with sensitivity. Clint wasn’t as large as him, no, he was perfect for his stocky size. A full six inches, nice and fat, with a broad head that was eagerly leaking pre out of his stretched slit. Stretched from Bucky’s special sounding rods that vibrated through him.

Bucky, himself was still part way dressed. His hair done back in a tail, shirtless to expose the mass of scars on his arms, but wearing beautiful black, leather pants that showed off the massive bulge. He stood up to walk over to Clint, leaning over the man the grin still on his face. He turned Clint’s head towards him, rubbing his bulge into the man’s face.

“Don’t what, blondey? Last I remember, I call the shots. You lost the bet. You’re my toy for the next…” Bucky hummed as he checked his watch. “Six hours, fifteen minutes, and thirty-two seconds. And that means I can do whatever I want to you. Unless, you want to call the safeword?”

“I-fuck-you-cheated-” Clint couldn’t get the words out, as Bucky had moved his hand to his nipples. He pinched the perky, pink flesh between his thumb and index finger, rolling the bud around. “N-not...calling. F-fuck.”

“Good boy. You do have some sense after all.” Bucky ignored the cheating remark for now. He watched the archer lay on the bed, panting and exposed. Clint was such a beautiful sight, especially laid out and exposed in this manner. And all his to use as he pleased.

“I got something special for ya, Clint. Tested it myself. Course, we’ll need to gag you. Don’t need anyone barging in here because you like to scream. Remember...three shouts and I’ll stop.” Bucky didn’t expose what he exactly had right off. He dug into the duffle bag he’d brought over to Clint’s apartment and pulled out the familiar ball gag.

Clint’s mouth willingly opened to accept the gag, feeling it press against his tongue. He was already starting to drool, like he was conditioned to love this. And fuck, he did. Bucky knew how to play him like a fiddle. He tried to ask what the man had, but all that came out were muffled grunts before he just stopped. His cock throbbed between them, because knowing was different.

The last Clint expected was to have his eyes covered. Least Bucky left his aids in, because he did not like to have all his senses taken away, but touch. Bucky had tied a blindfold over his eyes, a peck on his sweat-soaked hair before the man had pulled away.

And left him alone.

It felt like hours, if you asked Clint, who hated to be on edge and not touched, but in reality, it was just a few mere minutes. Enough to put him even more on edge and cause him to whine and hump the air.

Darkness was all he could see, if he tried hard enough, he might start to see the outline of Bucky. He could hear the man walking around, hearing his feet shift on the carpet. He wanted to be heard then. But he couldn’t feel him. So why did Bucky have him waiting?

Until it hit him. Literally.

Clint’s screech was muffled by the gag as something hot and sticky struck his sensitive nipples. It burned on his skin for a few short seconds before cooling off. It left him feeling almost cold. However, it was enough to leave him trembling and his heart to beat in his throat.

Enough to cause his cock to throb back to life despite being milked to death just an hour ago.

Then it happened again and again. A trail of burning, sharp sensation over both nipples, down his sensitive, little tummy, and around his thighs.

Clint yelped and pulled at the bonds with each one. He tugged on the wrist restraints, which did no good, all the way down to his ankles. Then it stopped. The burning sensation stopped, his skin was tingling, and his nerves were on fire.

Fingers picked off the wax left behind, rubbing the sensitive skin beneath to make him whimper. The blind was pulled off and Clint blinked against the dim light in the room. His face scrunched up, with drool down his chin as he looked at Bucky with confusion.

In his hands, Bucky held up a lit candle, designed for safe candle play. It was a pretty purple and silver in color, the wax dripping down the stick. He watched a small trail dribble onto just his thighs. He whimpered when it struck, his cock throbbing.

“I thought you’d like to see this part,” Bucky breathed, eyes dark with lust. “I want you to cum from this alone, baby doll. Gonna be hard since I milked you dry, but I know you can do it.”

He held the lighter up to the candle again and aimed it over Clint’s crotch. The wax slowly dribbled down until a droplet fell from the stick.

Clint’s head shaking stopped when it struck just the tip of his cock. He screeched in pain and his cock throbbed at it. He humped the air as droplet after droplet fell from the candle and onto his cock.

Pre leaked from his head, pooling as Bucky neared the fire and wax towards his balls. Three droplets hit his sensitive sack and tears streamed down the blonde’s face.

“Maybe I should….” The brunette grinned as he held the candle, nearing it towards Clint’s sensitive slit. Clint always came instantly when Bucky had put his tongue against it or a sounding rod. God knows what he’d do when the man dropped wax against it.

Clint’s baby blue eyes were wide, panting harshly, and drooling against the gag. He watched, body on edge and trembling as wax dripped from the candle and landed on his head. The most sensitive part of him.

He screamed and tugged hard at the bonds, his eyes screwed shut as if he would will away the pain. Fun fact, he couldn’t.

And the worst part, the worst part wasn’t the pain or the sensitivity left behind. The worst part was that Bucky was fucking right and Clint hated when the man was goddamn right.

The orgasm felt like nothing, after hours of being tortured. It was enough to make him hump the air, pulling hard on the bonds, to the point that his wrists started to pop. Clint watched as his numb cock throbbed and spurted what had to have been the last teaspoon of cum out of his poor balls and onto his thigh. He panted as he came back down, his head spinning and nose flaring as he tried to greedily suck in air.

Bucky wore a smile on his face as he walked back over to Clint, tossing the now extinguished candle towards the couch. He removed the gag and gently massaged the man’s jawline with soft touches. His kisses were gentle as he cleaned Clint’s face up, kissing away the tears.

“Look at you,” Bucky purred. “And for the record, I did cheat. You don’t try to best me in Mario-Kart.”

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Waking up to Sam Wilson was one of the better parts of Bucky’s day. He considered himself lucky to have ever found a man as caring, compassionate, and sometimes a general asshole, as Sam. Sam accepted him for who he was and didn’t want to change a thing about Bucky. To think they met five years ago to this date. To think they’ve been married for three years, starting next week. Bucky’s full lips turned into a smile as he looked down at Sam, watching the morning, golden sunlight streams through the pale, thin white curtains. It illuminated Sam’s face in golden hues, the darkened man, unbothered by it at this point. He’d sleep through anything.

Well, just about anything.

One of Bucky’s favorite parts of the day was to wake up earlier than Sam. Some days he’d have coffee and breakfast ready for the ER Nurse. Other days he’d have his clothes laid out, a shower waiting for him. But some days, when the morning sun hit Sam just right and Bucky could feel his heart swelling in his chest over how much he loved the man, he liked to wake him up in other ways.

The reflection of Sam’s golden wedding band caught Bucky’s eye as he slid down the bed, careful not to wake the man splayed out across the sheets. He crawled under the covers and settled in his favorite place in the universe, second to Sam’s arms. A sight, as always there was one, welcomed Bucky.

Sam always had morning wood and it was always the stiffest thing Bucky had come in contact with. Three tugs and the man could cum easily from it, but that’s not what this was about. Bucky didn’t want to wake Sam up to cumming from any ole handjob. Where was the fun in that? No, he wanted to wake Sam up to his mouth caressing the man’s length, letting him fill his throat. Letting his husband, who worked so hard to save other lives, have some pleasure himself.

Or so Bucky told himself.

The brunette’s mouth slowly took Sam’s well endowed cock into his mouth. Bucky knew his cock by heart. Ten inches, curved towards his chest with a head the shape of his thumb, eager to leak pre and spit cum at any chance he got. Heavy set of warm balls that didn’t have a lick of hair on them. Sometimes Bucky liked to just suckle those in his mouth for hours on end, if Sam would let him.

Sam’s cock jerked to life inside of Bucky’s warm, velvet mouth. He suckled on the head, just his head for a few short seconds. He suckled, like a toddler from a tit, rolling his tongue over the head. He pressed the tip of his tongue along the slit, warm, salty pre hitting his tongue. And like a hungry toddler, Bucky swallowed it with ease.

Sam woke up the second he felt warmth around his cock. His eyes were still closed and he moaned softly, a broad hand coming down on the top of Bucky’s head. He didn’t grip or pull on Bucky’s hair, instead he petted him through the sheets. “F-fuck, James…”

Bucky pulled off with a loud pop and looked up at Sam, despite the fact that he couldn’t see him through the covers. “Hush. You deserve this.”

The man must’ve had no arguments, because he didn’t give one. Bucky’s mouth wrapped around Sam’s testicals. First the left, suckling and rolling his tongue over the flesh, then the right, until his mouth was full and he was drooling. Sam groaned, jerking his hips in an effort to ground himself.

The man’s puckered hole awaited Bucky, but that was for another time. Another time he could get his tongue inside and get Sam off without as much as fucking him. They did both have to be at work soon…

Bucky’s mouth returned to Sam’s cock, taking his head into his mouth again. Sam groaned at the feel of Bucky’s warm, velvet mouth around his sensitive head. His groan stuttered and he pawed at the sheets as that warmth stretched further and further down his cock. It always amazed Sam how much the brunette could take. He’d never gagged once and never vomited. He’d accepted his cock like it was a God-given gift. Like Bucky’s talent lied in sucking cock.

And boy, fuck did it.

Sam’s hand came down to Bucky’s head, gripping at his hair in a light grip under the covers. His hips thrusted into the man’s mouth, slow and gentle at first. Just to get a feel of where that damn devilish tongue was and how he could use it to his advantage.

Bucky knew best. He didn’t put so much pressure, nor did he move his tongue. Instead, he swirled it around, burying his face into Sam’s crotch. His cock was settled peacefully along the back of his throat, a warm hum escaping the brunette to vibrate the cock down his throat.

Sam never expected that, a gasp escaping his lips. He gripped at Bucky’s hair, perhaps a bit harsher than intended. His eyes closed and his head tilted back as he pulled his cock out, just a few inches from that damn warmth before sliding it back down.

He tried to be gentle, he did. He tried to let Bucky do all the work with his God-forsaken mouth, but sometimes Sam couldn’t give up control. And this morning, at the wee crack of dawn, was one of them.

“There we go, there we go,” he groaned, biting his lip. “Got your breakfast right here, James. Put that damn mouth to good use besides mouthing off to me.”

Nails dug into Bucky’s skull, gripping hair as he thrust hard into his mouth. Bucky gagged and Sam relished in it. He breathed heavily out of his nose, listening to the sounds of Bucky’s wet mouth and his gags. Who knew such a sound could turn him on.

Or make him cum.

Bucky had no warning when Sam came, beyond the man’s erratic thrusts, using Bucky’s mouth more as a flesh light than the delicate thing it was. Sam could feel his cock throbbing heavily before the orgasm hit him.

Salty, bitter cum shot out of Sam’s cock and down Bucky’s eager throat. Bucky swallowed the two mouthfuls, Sam still humping away despite his cock was slowly growing softer until he popped his soft cock out of the man’s mouth.

Pulling the covers back, Sam pulled Bucky towards him, pressing a kiss to his lips to taste himself. He was out of breath and more awake than any amount of coffee could give him. “I think,” he panted, pressing his forehead to James’ “We’re gonna have to make this routine. Can’t let your mouth going slack, can we?”

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Granted, finding a small, half starved looking Omega on her doorstep was not on Peggy’s agenda today. Her plan was to go to work, deal with the overly judgemental lifestyle of working as top editor in her field, then head home and down a nice, cold bottle of wine. However, all of that was stopped when Peggy laid eyes on a tiny, blonde Omega who was curled up on her doorstep. His eyes were shut, but she saw the pale bruises underneath. His chest rattled when he breathed and he shivered as the cold wind blew. He was not dressed for this cold weather, in nothing, but a pair of shorts and a tank top. From her position, she couldn’t see if he had a bonding mark or a collar on, but given the scent of roses wafting from him, she would guess not. He didn’t smell bonded.

“Darling, you can’t sleep here.” Peggy’s words were whispered as she knelt down on the welcome mat, a hand on the Omega’s face. “Come on, let’s get you up.”

Steve’s eyes slowly fluttered open to take in the face of a beautiful brown-eyed woman with brunette hair and red lips. Her scent hit him at once, Alpha. She smelled of Amber and Sunshine, like physical sunshine. A warmth from the smell alone bundling in his chest. A shaken hand rose to rub a this eyes as she slowly pulled him to stand. He felt like an exhausted pup, sagging into her. “Wasn’t sleepin’,” he grumbled. His words slurred with the tones of an Irish accent. “Just restin’ my eyes. Didn’t mean to cause no trouble.”

Peggy chuckled as she ducked her head, scenting his warm locks. She closed the door behind him, in her other hand she was texting her boss to let him know she’d be taking a few days off of work for personal reasons. “You’re not in trouble, love. I’m not gonna turn you away to the streets. Why were you out there? It's bloody cold! You could’ve gotten hurt or sick.”

“I’m aware of how cold it is.” Steve didn’t mean to snap, but his head was spinning as he sat down at the kitchen table. He slumped forward, not having the energy to support himself. His face was starting to feel very warm at this point. “And really didn’t mean to. Was tryin’ to make it somewhere warmer. My...Alpha kicked me out last night.” When Peggy raised an eyebrow, Steve looked away. He felt shame burning in his throat. “I-I mean…I just came here to America. My Alpha fucked me raw in the airport bathroom, then left me. Have no place to go, wondered the city until I just collapsed. I-I’ll leave.”

“You will do no such thing.” There was a harshness to Peggy’s tone that she didn’t mean. It wasn’t directed at this poor Omega. It was directed to such a heartless bastard of an Alpha. She despised knotheads like that. “What’s your name, sweetheart? I’m Peggy. I’ll make you some breakfast and coffee. Then we’ll get you into shower and a bed. How does that sound?”

The blonde tilted his head in confusion, a pout on his lips. “I don’t understand… why would me?” When Peggy didn’t answer, instead busied herself with making pancakes, the blonde huffed. “Steve. Steven Grant Rogers, ma’m. And th..that’s sounds nice..”

After one large stack of pancakes, two cups of coffee, Steve started to get life back into him. He felt like he had more energy at least. It had been so long since he last had a proper cooked meal. He’d considered stealing food last night, but was too cold to try to do so. Peggy had brought him to the bathroom and helped strip him down. She had clothes left over from her brother’s visit that he could wear. Granted, they were three sizes too large, but they’d do until she could get him more.

“Here’s the shower,” Peggy mused, reaching over Steve to turn the contraption on. Steve had stripped for her and Peggy couldn’t help, but to allow herself the gander. He was beautiful and pale, even under this harsh yellow light. His big, ole blue eyes with thick eyelashes warmed her heart. She could see his ribs and heard them rattle when he coughed. She’d have to call a doctor for him. The bruises along his pale thighs ached her soul. She’d make sure this Alpha paid for harming this sweet, innocent boy. Thankfully, the Alpha had not bonded with him. He lacked any bruises around his neck and Peggy felt guilty for being relieved. For Steve’s sake, of course.

Of course, Peggy was only human. And a rare, female Alpha at that. She still had her faults. That being when Steve knelt down to start to untie his shoes, Peggy couldn’t help the gander. The position allowed her to see his puckered rim, watching a dribble of slick run from the pouty hole and down the inside of his thigh. She felt pain in her gut, like he’d physically kick her and barely managed to hold back the whine. He smelled of roses and cinnamon. 

A perfectly manicured nail slowly extended out to brush along the Omega’s rim. She didn’t dare to invade his hole, just brushing to catch the slick leaking from him. Her tongue cleaned her finger and she felt her cock stir. He tasted as sweet as he smelled. Fuck, she was in for a whirlwind. 

“Ma-ma’m?” Steve panted, holding onto the rim of the bathtub. He hadn’t moved when he felt her finger brush his hole. It felt...warm. Warmer than Brock had been.

“Taste like you’re close to your heat, darling. That’s not safe for you to be around other Alphas. Did your pathetic Alpha fuck you and not even trigger your heat?” Peggy’s words were husky, leaning her clothes body against his. She let him feel the bulge in her pants suit. Her hand wrapped around his thin chest, nails pressed into his skin.

Steve responded with his breath hitching, eyes fluttering close. He tilted his head back, as if to beg her to bite him. “No, ma’m. He just knotted me and left. I-I..” She was so warm. She smelled inviting. And this was his first heat. If he didn’t get a proper knot, a proper fuck soon, he would die.

“How old are you, darling? You look so small. This has to be your first heat.” Her fingers trailed down his chest, feeling the practically hairless body. She cupped at his cock and moaned in his ear. He was perfectly small. His cock was roughly three inches in side and petite, with a perfect set of balls. She leaned him back into her chest, right on the bulge. Her fingers stroked him, letting him puppy hump her hand. “You’ll die if someone doesn’t take care of you. Burn up. We can’t let that happen.”

“N-no, ma’m. No mam we can’t. Need…” Steve could barely focus. Peggy was causing him to sink further and further into this submissive state. Not that he minded. There was something he trusted about Peggy, more so than he did Brock. And he’d known Brock two years and Peggy two hours. “I’m...twenty-four, ma’m. My f-first heat.”

“Don’t worry, darling. I’m going to take care of you.”

But first, this pup needed a damn shower. And Peggy was going to oblige with that. He was too damn cold and she wanted to wash away any stench of that Alpha off of him. Helping Steve into the shower, Peggy stripped herself. She was used to being naked in front of other Omegas, having spent the better part of her life, helping Omegas through heats. They wanted a motherly touch and Peggy was to offer it. 

Steve couldn’t help, but to stare at Peggy as she stripped for him. She was beautiful. Pale skin for miles. Slender body. Thick waist. Her tits were utterly beautiful and the pup cave-man instinct inside of him craved to suckle on them. But what surprised him the most was the fact that Peggy had a cock. He didn’t expect a female Alpha to have one. He couldn’t help, but to stare at the stiff length. It curved towards her stomach, her broad head already flushed red and leaking. She gripped it in her hand, giving a slow stroke in Steve’s direction.

“It’s okay,” she purred. “You can stare. Female Alphas are real, Steven. Rare, but real. We possess both sets of genitals, but can’t carry. That’s what you’re for. Cruel fate, hm?” She parted her legs and picked up her cock to expose underneath the pink, wet folds. She watched as Steve licked his lips at the sight. “I doubt they taught you that in Omega school.”

“Don’t got an Omega school, ma’m. Just had a school.”

Peggy chuckled, a purring sound in the back of her throat. She pulled Steve against her wet chest and started to scrub at his body. She kissed his face, his neck, his jawline, leaving warm spots behind. Wanting the Omega to relax. And as much instinct called at her to knot this pup right here and now, against the shower walls, no, her first knot was going to be in his bed where he’d have plenty of room to maneuver. 

It took Peggy a lot longer than she wanted to get Steve showered with. She had to make sure he was clean, after all. Peggy laid Steve out on her queen size bed, using a soft towel to towel him off. He was adorable laying on her bed, looking smaller with the size for comparison. His face was flushed and he was wiggling ever so slightly on the covers. 

Hovering over the pup, Peggy hummed, her damp hair trickling down as she leaned her face down. Steve smelled better now, hints of her scent and his own minglign. No longer that acidic Alpha stench. “You’re warm, puppy. We don’t need you to get any worse, do we?” When Steve shook his head, Peggy smiled. She couldn’t help, but to think how adorable this pup would look with her litter, his tits swollen and leaking milk. Belly swollen with pups, covering his tiny puppy-cock. Hm. Just the thought made hers throb and spurt pre onto his thigh.

Steve’s breath escaped in a soft moan as he rolled over to expose his puckered hole. He might not have this fancy Omega school the Brit spoke of, but least he knew instinct. He felt Peggy’s hands pull his cheeks apart, exposing the ring of muscle. Slick dribbled from the hole and down his thigh. The cool air hit him and made him whine. All he wanted was to be fucked. A proper fuck. Not Brock’s stick your dick in, thrust three times, and your done fuck. He needed to be bred. That’s what he needed. He could barely think, his eyes were even burning, his skin felt on fire. And - “Ohhh.”

Peggy’s tongue found way inside of Steve’s puckered rim. She moaned at the taste of slick. The beautiful, sweetness blossoming on her tongue. She buried her face into his wet ass, a hand cupping his cock. She stroked his tiny puppy cock, teasing the head with her forefinger and her thumb. Steve’s moans were just icing on the cake, feeling him hump into her hand and back into her mouth. This poor pup had no idea what was to come, did he?

Flipping Steve over, Peggy looked down at the flustered side of the pup. His face was blotchy with red and he was half way to tears with just need. His mouth opened, perhaps to bed, but Peggy didn’t let him. She gripped her cock and rubbed the broad head along his leaking hole. Whoever had fucked him last did not do a good enough job. Left him nice and tight for her. She didn’t want to think about that right now. Instead, Peggy slowly pushed her head against his rim. She groaned as the warm, velvet walls wrapped around her cock, squeezing the life from him as she bottomed out.

And trust her, it was a full twelve inches of bottoming out.

And Peggy took her sweet, sweet time as she pressed inside of Steve. He was like velvet around her, squeezing the life out of his goddamn cock. The previous Alpha who’d fuck him was terrible, he didn’t even take the time to stretch this poor Alpha. But Peggy was. Peggy was taking her time and letting Steve get used to her girth.

The Omega whined as the Alpha’s cock stretched his delicate hole. Not so delicate now with her stretching him out. He could only imagine how sloppy and wet he’d be after and that turned him on more than it should. His cock twitched between them and Peggy chuckled, reaching between them to stroke the tiny, sensitive prick.

“You’re absolutely soaked, darling,” Peggy whispered, leaning down to hunch over the Omega. “Absolutely ruined. But I like a ruined Omega, especially one ruined by my cock.” She emphasized the point with a solid thrust, Steve gasping in pain and pleasure as she pulled out to the tip, just to bury back in.

She wished she could say that she took her time in fucking Steve open, as sweet as the young pup was. She wished that she could say that Steve was on the end of her cock, whining pathetically and wiggling about. But she couldn’t. To be fair, she hadn’t had a good place to bury her knot in a long, long while and Steve just brought out this animistic side of her that she couldn’t help, but to satisfy. And it wasn’t like the Omega minded. He was begging for it, not just in words, but in soft whined and leaning into her gentle touches. Purring even, fuck he just knew how to get under her skin.

Her instincts screamed to breed, breed, breed. To get this lovely thing fat and pregnant with her seed, to witness him give birth on this very bed. Pouting and whining, pushing their pups out of that sloppy hole, just for her to fill him again and again.

“Go-gonna fill you up, darling. Gonna knot that sweet, pretty ass. You’re never gonna want again.”

She fucked into Steve, like she’d never fucked an Omega before. She used to be gentle and soothing, kissing away their tears and soothing them as she made small puppy humps. No, this time, this time she was showing Steve what a true Alpha was. She was showing him what a true Alpha felt like, what he deserved. She fucked into him mean and hard, the bed shaking and striking the wall with every thrust. The only sounds in the room were the sounds of his moans and skin-hitting-skin. The sound of him slicking and squirting around her fat cock, just to tighten when she pulled out was driving her on edge. He was the perfect breeding machine. 

A rumbling noise escaped deep in her throat, a near-satisfied purr. She turned the Omega’s head to the side, looking down at the swollen bonding gland. He was just asking to be marked. She bit down on the Omega’s neck, tongue lapping at the sugary, sweet blood that leaked from the wound. Her thrusting had jutted to a painful stop, feeling the Omega slack under her.

Peggy wasn’t gentle, but neither had Brock been. Peggy’s level of fucking was on an entire different plane. She fucked into him harshly. His thighs hurt, like she had spanked him for being a disobedient pup. Yet her kisses were tender and gentle, nuzzling into him like an Alpha tending to a pup. It made him want to cry, this level of tenderness, of caring. Yet all he could do was blubber and latch onto the woman’s neck.

Peggy responded as any Alpha should. She turned his neck to the side and harshly bit down onto his glands. Steve had never experienced a bond before but he's read about them. They never said it would be like this. Every nerve in his body, from the ends of his hairs, down to his toes were on fire. He stopped breathing just because the world was swimming. His entire body burned and his back arched into the man. Steve screamed. His body shook with the pulse of a seizure. He came down as Peggy lapped over the wound, taking in sobbing breaths. But the woman wasn't done. 

Peggy’s knot had swelled, to the point of the size of a fist. Her thrusts had slowed to a painful stop, unable to keep moving. She grunted as she pulled her cock against his rim, just to thrust it hard back in, as if she was making a point. The knot buried deep inside of his precious ass, feeling her cock reach further than any Alpha had ever before. Filling him with thick ropes of cum. She puppy humped into him, until the humps died down. Fully aware that Steve’s prick had squirted the most adorable amount of cum between them, coating her thighs.

“There we go, there we go,” she purred, nuzzling his neck. She lapped at his bonding mark, hearing the Omega’s rattled breathing beneath her. “We’ll get you a collar, darling. A proper one. One that states I’m your Alpha. You’ll be safe with me.”

Steve’s eyes burned, unable to keep them open. He was thoroughly exhausted. Peggy had fucked him through what promised to be a promising heat. With luck, he’d already be pregnant. He wore a dopey, if not exhausted smile on his face, nuzzling into her. “I’d like that.” he sighed. “Remind me to thank my ex-Alpha for...for...abandoning me.”

Chapter Text

Bucky Barnes had to have been one of the worst people Steve has ever had to roommate with. And this was defiantly saying something considering he once roommated with both Tony and Thor in college. And those two never knew when to shut up. That being said, the only reason Steve had even agreed to let Bucky stay with him for a few short weeks was because he owed Natasha a favor. And now those few weeks were not coming to an end soon enough.

Look, there was nothing wrong with the guy, alright? Bucky was attractive. All American-boy type. Brunette hair, done in elegant buns and braids. Stormy gray eyes. Lips that looked like he’d just kissed someone. He was just…too attractive and Steve couldn’t get that out of his mind. Top of being too attractive, the guy was too nice! Who makes breakfast for his roommate every day, does the dishes, cleans the place while Steve’s at work, and makes sure he’s up to date on his medications? Why couldn’t he be a selfish asshole and just not do that? Why did Steve’s heart to flutter every damn time Bucky smiled at him?

If anything, this was his fault.

This being the fact that Steve, on a Friday night, found himself walking into one of the shadiest looking clubs he’s ever been in. It smelled of beer and a lingering scent of sex. And no wonder the latter, given the fact that Cage’s was well, well known for its glory holes. Bucky drove him to this point. This was Bucky’s fault. 

“Fresh meat,” Steve heard whispered in his ear as he ducked around the lines. A few people crowded around him as he walked up to the bar. He chose to ignore them, head held high and eyes on the short, square blonde behind the counter.

“Aren’t you a little too young to be here?” Clint asked, setting the glass down he was wiping and looking down at Steve with his broken nose wrinkled.

“I’m perfectly of age,” Steve countered in a harsher tone. “I came here because someone told me about” He trailed off, eyes following a man who’d gotten from up from the bar.

“We offer plenty of services, pipsqueak. Which one are you talkin’ about?”

“Which one do you think I'm talkin’ about?! Your glory hole.”

Clint snorted harshly, out of his nose. He rolled his eyes at Steve before throwing the rag over his shoulder. “God knows you need to get laid. Yeah, kid, here.” He tossed Steve a stained packet of papers and a handful of condoms. “Read and sign. We don’t wanna get sued if someone gives you gonorrhea or something. This is at your own risk.”

Three signatures and two initials later, Steve was finding himself being lead down a section of stairs behind the bar. When he thought of glory hole, he thought of disgusting bathroom stalls, with a hole big enough drilled in for someone to put their cock through. This was actually nice. There were small rooms, divided by a wall. A large hole, big enough for someone’s cock and maybe a fist to slide through. Beyond the wall laid a padded bed. It was comfortable enough for anyone to get a quick fuck, but not comfortable enough for anyone to stay.

“Alright, here you are.” Clint showed him to an open door and flipped a switch beside it. A green light bulb lit up, indicating that someone was ready to be fucked. “There’s a com box inside. If you need me, just hit it. I’ll be right now. If they don’t stop when you ask them to, hit the red button and we’ll handle it.” He looked down at Steve for a long moment before shrugging his shoulders. If he had something to say, he didn’t say it.

Steve thanked the man in a small voice before closing the door behind him. There was no lock on the door, which he guessed was...good. Tearing his clothes off, the nervous energy bundled in Steve as he climbed onto the padding. He straddled what looked like a small saddle, assisting in hoisting his small hips towards the hole. He felt the cool air from the otherside brushed his already lubed hole. He’d taken the time previously to prepare himself.

Now just to wait...and try not to think of his beautiful roommate while he was being screwed.--

Why couldn’t he just fucking tell the blonde squirt that he liked him? Bucky had already done everything that pretty much said it. He’d cooked, he cleaned. He even made sure Steve took his medications and didn’t get stupid drunk on weekends. Yet, he just couldn’t say the simple words that he liked him. The last time he tried, he just...froze. And Steve, all his caring had asked him if he was okay and now Bucky had to make up a fake, bullshit story about his sister and her ex boyfriend. And--

Fuck, he needed a goddamn drink. Cages was closest thing to him and still open. And he knew Clint would let him have a few until he got paid next week. 

Bucky grumbled as he walked straight up to the bar, glad that not many people were around here. He saw Clint just returning from the stairs, raising an eyebrow. “You delivering fresh meat down there?” he asked, reaching behind the counter and grabbing the nearest bottle of alcohol.

“Yep. Just dropped off some kid. He seemed really adminiate about getting fucked. Poor thing deserves it. I hope they don’t treat him too rough.” Snatching the bottle back from Bucky, he replaced it with a smaller bottle of beer. “But, not my worry. He signed the paperwork, he knows what he’s doing. You should go check him out. Looks like you need a solid fuck.”

“Tell me about it.” Bucky drained the warm beer in three gulps, making a face. “Tired of beaten my hand to listening to Steve snore. Or thinking about him. Or just...generally wanting to touch him and spoil him.”

“Sounds like you’re in love bad,” Clint chuckled. Steve. Wasn’t that the blondes name? Nah. There was sure to be plenty of Steve’s around here. “You should go fuck your frusrations out. Before anyone else does.”

Standing up, Bucky threw back three shots Clint had laid out. “I think I might. Least give me enough of a clear head to tell the squirt that I like him. Hold my tab open.”


A string of curses escaped Steve’s lips when he felt something warm brush his tender hole. Instinct caused him to jerk away, but he settled back down. He didn’t know if he should or was even allowed to speak, so he stayed silent. It was a finger, given by the way it felt slender and warm pressing into his hole. It drew out a timid moan that moaned him to shiver. 

“Nice and lose, ain’tcha?” The voice on the other side growled. Steve could feel the rumble of their gravel voice in his chest. “Get fucked before I came down here, kid? Clint says you look like a good fuck. Enough for me to get my frustrations out.”

The voice sounded muffled on the other side, enough for Steve not to be able to make it out. “That’s the plane,” he squeaked. “Enough to get our frustrations out for both of us.”

“Got some stuff on your mind, kid?” There was no room to answer, not when Steve felt the intrusion of something broad and thick against his hole. He let out a yelp as the head of the other man’s cock intruded his tight hole and settled. It burned and ached. The man was...fucking huge. He hadn’t prepared well for this. 

“Fuuuuck.” Bucky’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he buried himself deep inside the tiny thing. Fuck, he was sure he’d never felt a hole this goddamn tight before. It was like a vice grip around him and was not letting go. Not until he emptied his balls into him. “You take me so well, baby doll. Might have to keep you around just to get off once in a while.”

Bucky wasn’t gentle. Not when he didn’t get to see the man he was fucking. He didn’t care if he was hurting the poor thing, in a selfish moment either. All he knew was that he wanted to breed him, to fill his useless ass full of cum, and watch it spill out of him when he pulled out. All he knew was that this pretty thing made sounds with every thrust. Like he was made for this, like how he imagined Steve would moan.

Gripping a hand on the wall, to support himself, Bucky fucked into the man, hard. Each thrust caused his balls to slap against the wall and the man’s hole to tighten. Each thrust caused a moan to leak from the pretty thing [least he sounded pretty] mouth. And for Bucky to want to reach through this goddamn hole and pull him by his hair.

Despite having masturbated this morning, the brunette was aided by the alcohol. He wasn’t going to last long. Not with the heat pooling in his stomach and his balls tightening. Not when the damn thing was moaning and begging for more. “Gonna fill you up. Gonna-gonna - “

Steve’s strangled cry in orgasm escaped him first. The man had been positively abusing his prostate with every thrust. It had sent shivers down his spine and caused his vision to turn black, with white stars. When the man thrusted back into him, one final time, hard as he could, and filled him with cum, Steve heard nothing. His ears roared as his own cock spurted cum against his belly, collapsing against the mattress in heavy, wheezing panting.

“K-kid…?” Bucky panted, slowly pulling his cock out of that damn tight ass. He whimpered as the cold air hit it, reminding him how sensitive he was. “You okay? Don’t tell me you passed out.” When there was no response, followed by wheezing breathing, Bucky honestly grew worried. He shoved his cock back into his pants and bolted around the door.

This fuck had been honestly one of the best in his life. That included the time Natasha and Clint both fuck and road him for several hours. He had ever plan on asking the guy his number, to do it again. Because while he couldn’t have Steve, he could at least fantasize about it. The last thing he expected when he opened that door was to find the very man he was fantaizing fucking into laid out on the bed, his own cum leaking out of the man’s ass, and struggling to breathe.

“S...Steve?” Bucky’s eyes were the size of dinner plates as he ran towards Steve’s clothes. He found the man’s inhaler in the pocket of his jeans. “I-what...what the fuck are you doing here?”

Taking the inhaler and taking a few puffs, Steve started to couch. Badly. Enough to see stars in his vision, until his erratic heart rate calmed down and he rolled onto his back to stare at Bucky. “Could…a-ask you the-the same thing. Was that…?”

Bucky’s face had tinted a soft shade of pink and he found himself nodding his head. He didn’t respond. He simply pulled Steve against his chest and pulled him in for a kiss, his hand rubbing the blonde’s thin chest. “I-I want you, Stevie. Properly. Not here.”

Steve laughed, maybe he was coming down from the high of his orgasm. “I’d like that. Can’t believe our first time was this glory hole.”

Chapter Text

“Darling, are you coming to bed?” The sound of Peggy’s voice greeted Steve from the hallway bathroom. The small blonde had been standing in front of the floor-length mirror for the past half hour, wondering if this was a good idea. Of course it was. Why wouldn’t it? There was no reason as to why Peggy would deny him. They’d been together for 2 years already and she hadn’t turned him away once. Granted, there was the first time for everything. Including Steve wearing crotchless panties. They were a beautiful, soft silk that hugged his skinny hips. He could feel the cool air against his hairless folds as he opened the door to answer Peggy. He caught one last sight of his appearance, his recently shortened blonde hair combed back, the familiar, faint pink scars across his chest. No, he was being ridiculous. Peggy wouldn’t deny him.

“Coming. I was just...finishing up.” Steve called, shutting the door behind them so Alphine, Bucky’s cat they were pet sitting wouldn’t tear up the bathroom again.

Steve found Peggy sitting on the edge of the bed, adorning a beautiful, soft silk robe. If you could consider the damn thing barely tying around her waist a robe. It left much to see, given that her beautiful, sculpted tits were barely contained in them. Peggy had chosen not to wear any panties, exposing her hairless, pale thighs, and her beautiful cock. Fuck, Steve never got used to seeing that thing. It was a full ten inches and curved, with her head a bulbarous shape. He’d spent many hours between suckling on her pointed nipples and the head of her cock. And never got tired of it.

“Is that for me?” Peggy asked, raising an eyebrow at Steve. She wore a smile on her red lips, pulling the small blonde into her arms.

Steve’s head found her shoulder before nodding. He straddled her waist, rubbing his hips ever so slightly against the tip of her cock. “It is your birthday, after all.”

“Hm. You’re right and as the newly appointed birthday girl, I believe I get to choose what we do tonight. I have something planned for us. Something...different, but I think you’ll like it.” Peggy easily scooped Steve up and brought them over to her comfortable, squart chair in the corner. She settled down into the cushion and had Steve face her. She held her thighs together, trapping her cock between them. “I want you to ride my thighs, darling. I want you to use them to get off. Then maybe if you’re good enough of a boy, mommy will cum in your ass.”

Steve’s face always tinted a soft pink when Peggy talked like this. Rather it was her accent or pure, posh wording, but it made it seem more vulgar than what it was intended. And Peggy adored the soft pink to his cheeks, her lips brushing over the blotches in his gaunt face. “Y-yes, ma’m.”

Peggy’s hands came down to Steve’s hips, letting him settle amongst her raised thighs. She laid back in the hair, raising one thigh and holding onto Steve as she started to move. There was little pleasure in it for her, beyond the wet feel of his folds rubbing against her smooth skin. She’d taken the time to carefully shake and moisturize just for this today. She wanted to get Steve off without actually touching him. To feel how wet she made her little husband.

Steve hadn’t expected this to feel, well good. Yes, it felt good and anything Peggy did for him felt like the force of a thousand stars, even just her touch, but humping? He never liked humping. It made him feel like a bunny rabbit. Even if he did like Peggy to call him a bunny rabbit. Still, this felt.. Fuck good.

He leaned over Peggy and held onto her shoulders, his hips moving in small circle motion. Each brush of his enlarged clit [thanks to the hormones] sent a shiver down his spine. He could feel the wet, glossy trail he left behind as he used her thigh to get himself off. And just her warm, sweet, honey-coated eyes falling onto him made this all the more sensational.

“You like that, don’t you?” Peggy whispered, pressing their foreheads together. “Get off, using me, Stevie. It feels good. You’re making mama horny.” Her fingers perched around to his perky ass, pulling him closer by his cheeks. Steve obligated too, leaning back into any touch Peggy granted him.

Any touch she gave him was worth while. 

"Though," she continued, her index finger circling his worn ring of muscle. "I wonder how much quicker you'd cum with my finger teasing that precious hole." 

Despite her words, Peggy didn't. She just teased his hole by brushing over it every so often. Steve moaned as he rocked his hips, dragging his wet lips over her smooth thigh. He didn't still himself either, searching both for that finger and to rub his clit. It felt so damn good to hump her. To rub his sensitive bundle of nerves against her. He didn't want it to stop.

But as all good things, they ended. And this time as Steve laid back, flat chest out and head thrown back, Peggy finally sunk two fingers into his hole. Steve jerked and moaned, her arm supporting him as the orgasm flooded his system. He felt his little cocklet jerk and twitch at the sensation before Peggy took ahold of him. 

Peggy didn't hesitate to bury her aching cock into that hole. She thrusted into him and held him by his hips. The chair shook as she thrusted into him over and over again. The wet squelching sound of his lubed ass and her cock filling him. He was soaking wet from the orgasm and Peggy fucking into him like a toy was not helping the matter. All Steve could do was hang onto Peggy and enjoy the ride while she used him like the sex toy he was meant to be. 

"Such a pretty, little thing. Always wanting to hump something. I know you do. You hump me in your sleep. Always so wet. Stop denying this nature, Stevie." Steve couldn't respond, not without breaking the moans. He held onto Peggy, nails digging into her skin as she smacked his ass hard.

"Y-yes...f...fuck me. Yes. Yes..hump more." He was a babbling idiot as he balls bounced with each thrust. He became near frantic when her fingers gripped at his cocklet with just his fingertips and stroked him. He was so damn sensitive after orgasm. Peggy knew this. He couldn't stay still on her. Withering and half sobbing as she squeezed just a tad bit too hard.

It caused a second orgasm in less than ten minutes. Enough for his ass to tighten around Peggy's cock as she orgasmed. He could feel her cock twitching, Steve half sobbing as he came down from his high. He laid into her chest, eyes half closed. She was still idly humping him, causing his sloppy folds to rub against her. 

"H-happy birthday, m-my love.

Chapter Text

“S-so cold.” Steve’s teeth were chattering as he drew the fifth layer of blankets around his frail body. 

Thor’s tongue clicked in disapproval while he glared down at his fiance with narrowed eyes. “Well, if you had not decided to jump into the river, then you wouldn’t be so cold. Now come here.” He pulled off his layer of clothes and climbed under the blankets, pressing his broad chest against Steve’s back.

“The asshole threw that kid’s phone in the water! I wasn’t going to let a ten year old jump into Brooklyn River!” Steve countered. He hissed at the contrast of warm to cold, but accepted it. Thor was always so goddamn warm. Must’ve come with the perks of being a demi-god.

“You could’ve waited two seconds for me to get it, idiot,” Thor huffed out of his nose. His air blew Steve’s hair out of his face, burying his nose into his sweet smelling hair. He shifted Steve with ease, putting his cock between the smaller man’s smooth thighs. “I know one way to warm you up.” He didn’t wait for a response, slowly shifting his hips to hump the man’s thighs.

A curse escaped Steve’s lips, keeping his thighs tightly together because he knew Thor liked to use him as a flesh light, without actually fucking him sometimes. It made him feel so disgustingly good when Thor came between his thighs before finally deciding to fucking him raw. And he was right, it was a great way to keep himself warm. “Is-is this a reward for..being a good human being?”

Thor laughed. When he laughed, he laughed with his whole chest, throwing his head back slightly and keeping his strong, hairy arms around Steve’s thin chest. “Or its punishment for being an idiot.” He hummed before stopping, as if considering the situation. “My idiot at least. Now let papa take care of you.”

Steve didn’t respond, because there was no response to be had. He was going to let Thor take care of him because he was sick and miserable with a cold and because he wanted to be coddled and loved. Except, it seems as Thor rolled him onto his front and caused the smaller blonde’s ass to present for him, he had other ideas.

Pressing two spit-lubed fingers into Steve’s stretched hole, Thor stroked the tight, velvet walls. His free hand palmed himself, watching Steve’s little cocklet twitch with interest. “Someone’s gotta teach you a lesson in thinking before you leap, Stevie. What if you’d gotten hurt? How could I live with myself? Now you’re sick in bed. And what better way to warm you than from the inside out.” The two fingers spread Steve’s hole before a third joined in. The third found the bundle of nerves with ease. And Thor, well he wasn’t gentle. He attacked the nerves with heavy pressure and stinging of his nails digging in.

Steve loved it all the same. He gripped the covers and whined. He moaned loudly when the damn fingers found home. Causing his hips to bulk, to push instead of pull away. To want more. He reached between his legs to stroke at his cock, half gasping into the pillow because he couldn’t breathe. “Yes, papa. Yes. Punish me.”

“Oh you won’t like my punishments, Stevie. I’ve been thinking ones to entertain us. And this is a perfect opportunity.” Pulling his fingers out with no warning, Thor knew it left Steve always wanting more and aching. That’s how he liked Steve. Wanting more. He pressed the head of this thirteen inch cock against the halfway improper lubed hole. It was always a tight fit and required Thor’s hand to hold Steve down while he shoved hard into him. He always enjoyed how Steve yelped and his hole tightened in contrast, as if to milk his cock. “Fuck, Steven.”

The man’s whispered words fell on deaf ears as Steve moaned, gripping the sheets. It hurt. It always fucking hurt when Thor didn’t lube him up properly, but his hole was used to the pain by now. And the pain always felt so damn good. He was already halfway out of it thanks to the amount of drugs and water forced down his throat. He hadn’t even realized he was starting to piss himself. Thor did.

The demi-god smirked as he first smelt the piss before reaching under Steve and feeling the piss leak from his small bladder. Oh the poor thing. Leaning down to press his chest against Steve’s back, Thor bottomed out in a harsh snap of his hips. There was no hesitation as he waited for Steve to adjust. The boy didn’t deserve that much at this moment. “You like pissing yourself?” he growled in Steve’s ear. “Maybe we should get you a diaper if you like to be a baby. That way you can piss yourself all you want. And I can watch you.” His hips snapped hard against Steve’s bony hips, causing the small blonde to groan.

Thor’s hands tightened around Steve’s hips after he sat up, dragging the blonde away from him before pulling him back in time with a harsh snap. Each thrust caused his damn balls to ache and for Steve to yelp and piss himself again. For a small man, he had a rather large bladder. Always full of surprises. But so was Thor.

“What-what-” Steve’s stammering died when he was suddenly picked up, still sitting on the man’s cock. He was turned around in Thor’s lap, sitting on the edge of the bed and facing the floor-length mirror. Steve watched himself as Thor’s meaty hand cradled his thin chest. His nails found the perky nipples before he squeezed them harshly. He hissed in the sharp contrast of the burning pain. Each thrust caused Thor’s fingers to pull at his nipples while the mortal bounced in his lap.

“I want you to watch yourself pee, Steven. If you think you can get away with pissing the bed just because you’re sick, then you have another thing coming.” To ensure his point, Thor’s hand reached down and cupped Steve’s cock. It was hard, but you wouldn’t know it given the four inches. It was slender and warm in his hand, already wet from dribbling piss like a child. Squeezed the sensitive length, Thor’s hips didn’t still as he fucked into the tiny man. No, he wasn’t going to let him give up that easy.

Steve’s face was starting to turn a shade of pink, the way it always did when Thor embarrassed him. But this wasn’t public embarrassment, this was home embarrassment and Thor knew it worked. There was a warmth pooling in his stomach that had nothing to do with the fact that Thor was fucking his tight hole and hitting his prostate with every thrust. How could he not? He filled Steve so damn perfectly. He was sure he could see a bulge in his stomach from the man. “I-I don’t -” No, it was a lie. He did have to go. He was just too warm to get out of bed.

Squeezing his cock again, Thor’s hips snapped harder against the man’s skinny hips. His free hand dragged down from his nipples, after one last flick before reaching for Steve’s balls. He massaged them as you would exercise balls for your hands before squeezing them harshly in time with a thrust. Steve yelped and his cock dribbled piss out of his hole. “There we go. I knew you had to go. Do you need some more encouragement? Maybe I should fuck you against the window. The cold glass should help.”

Steve’s head shook, his heart in his throat. His balls, his cock stung and ached. And his bladder felt so damn heavy, especially now that Thor had let go of his balls to press right on the damn thing. He couldn’t help, but to give in, to let go. Warm piss drained from his cock and down the length. It splashed over his balls and thighs before pooling to the hard floor at his feet.

What was worst wasn’t the fact that Steve was pissing himself, no it was the fact he was enjoying himself. It was the fact he’d reached down to stroke his cock as he pissed himself, Thor’s hand letting go.

“There we go, baby boy. Now was that hard?” Thor’s lips nibbled at his ear lobe before his hands gripped his hips in a bruising fashion. He groaned in Steve’s ear as he bounced the mortal in his lap, the sound of skin-hitting-skin filling the air. Until he snapped his hips hard into the mortal and held him there. Ropes of cum shot from his cock, filling the tight space that was Steve’s ass. Thor groaned as the orgasm rocked him.

“There we go, there we go. Fuck. Hold still.” Steve had started to wiggle, but stilled when Thor told him to. The demi-god groaned as he drained his bladder into Steve. He could see the man’s flat belly swelling ever so slightly before the piss had nowhere else to go, but drain out from his sloppy hole.

Steve had stilled, not even daring to breathe. He felt the man’s cock throb into him, jerking his cock off in hopes to get off. Until he felt it. Until he felt the warm liquid filling his insides and smelled the acidic piss that was stronger than his own. Thor was pissing inside of him and Steve loved it. It was enough to drive him over the edge and caused him to throw his head back and finally cum pathetic ropes of cum onto the mess on the floor.

The fun wasn’t over yet. Thor’s favorite part had to have been when he picked Steve up and held him above the floor, watching his own piss and cum shoot from his ass and splatter onto the mess below. “Do you feel warmer now, Steven?”

Steve, with his head still a little fuzzy from orgasm and medicine, nodded. “Much warmer. We should do that again.”

Cradling the messy boy against his chest, Thor’s chuckle rumbled. “I think we should. Just minus you jumping into a freezing river and more of you becoming my piss-toilet.”

Chapter Text

“You don’t know how to keep your big mouth shut, do you?” Natasha’s nose wrinkled in disgust down at her boyfriend. Her emerald green eyes were narrowed down at him, like he was the scum of the earth. “Do you realize how much trouble you got us into?!”

And Clint felt it. He felt like scum of the goddamn earth on this moment. Despite being tied to the bed, his arms above his head and the thick collar preventing him from turning his head, he couldn’t meet her in the eyes. “I-”

“I don’t want to hear it, Barton. I don’t. You almost cost us the whole fucking mission because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.” Natasha brandished the whip at him, striking him hard against his pale, meaty thighs. Clint didn’t even respond in sound, that’s how she knew he was in trouble. “Now, Coulson is having to clean up after our mess because you wanted to play hero.”

“There was a girl trapped inside!” Clint countered, his voice cracking as he yelled at her. “I heard her. You can’t tell me you’d want me to abandon a helpless girl.”

“The fucking cult heads were using that again you! And you know it. I told you to wait for me, wait for backup, and yet you ran in anyway. You blew our fucking cover! And now those cult worshippers are-” Natasha cut herself off with another snap of the nine-tail whip. This time blood pooled to the surface on the inside of his thighs. “Maybe you need to get your damn aids checked, because anyone could’ve told you that was a fake cry.”

Pierdolić ! [fuck]” Clint withered on the bonds, tugging hard despite he knew Shield reinforced cuffs were not going to go anywhere. He was lucky she wasn’t using the shocking ones. “Well excuse me for fucking caring. You would’ve rather they killed her!”

Natasha spun around on him, halfway to digging into the duffle bag. Her eyes narrowed and she saw regret flash across Clint’s face. “Do you want to repeat that?” When no answer came, when it was just his ragged breathing, Natasha’s head nodded. Her red hair into a bun bobbed with her. “I thought so.”

Going back to the bag, Natasha withdrew a cock cage, one a bit too small for Clint’s nine inches. Not that she card. This wasn’t about pleasure. She stuffed his cock inside of it, pushing the small sounding rod attached to it down the head of his cock. His cursing and groaning in pain told her that this was doing just fine.

Pulling out a nice size plug, with a good round tip, she held it in front of Clint’s face. “Open.” When the blonde didn’t obliged, her gloved fingers jerked his mouth open, shoving the silicone into his mouth. Clint gagged at the rubber taste, to the plug pressing against his throat. “You will learn, Barton. You will learn that I take my responsibility seriously. And not to talk back to me. And it will start today, or we will have future problems.” She jerked the plug out of his bulging mouth, not gently either. Her left hand pulled back, just to slap him across his reddening cheeks. “Do you understand me? When I say something, you better act. Or else you won’t have to worry about coming home to me. Because when I’m out there, I’m doing my job. And you better start trusting me more than in the bedroom.”

Natasha was angry. Royally pissed and Clint knew this. He deserved it. He’d disobeyed her orders, Coulson’s, and even Fury’s. And what did he have to show for it? Choking on a plug while she stuffed his cock inside of a cage. Clint had a kind heart, one that bit him in the ass. All he wanted to do was save that girl, but now, as the reports came back in from Coulson, that little girl he’d heard never existed. And all those cult worshippers wanted was to lure him in to use him as sacrifice. They nearly did too… So he deserved this. This being the punishment Natasha secured for him.

A hiss escaped his lips, the only sound he could manage as the plug was roughly pushed into his raw hole. His legs twitched and the marks along his thigh, from her whip burned as they were forced open again. He screamed as the plug was shoved inside, past his raw rim, just to settle amongst his prostate. Every small breath, every twitch was causing his cock to twitch and pulse in the cage.

This was torture.

Satisfied, Natasha dropped the blonde’s legs and stalked back in front of him. When Clint opened his mouth again, she slapped him. Once. Twice. Three times. The sound of skin-hitting-skin rang across the room. “I told you, I’m not going to hear it. You will accept your punishment and you will thank me for it. Now because you can’t learn to keep that mouth shut, I’m going to teach you.”

Pulling off the latex bodysuit, Natasha stripped herself naked like Clint was. Her fingers reached down to pull her wet lips apart, to expose her clit and pink folds to him. That was the last sight Clint saw before she climbed on top of the bed and sat on his face. Her folds covered his mouth and part of his nose, making it difficult to breathe. Her thick thighs encircled his head, her hips rocking back and forth.

A hand came down to grip at his blonde locks, pulling hard as she maneuvered her hips to hump at his face. “If you can use that mouth for all that talking you did today, you can use it to get me off, Barton.” 

All Clint could make out, through his limited vision when Natasha reared back was her shining green eyes. They were filled with such anger, but not hate. Just pure anger. He deserved this. His tongue pressed pressed against her wet slit, letting Natasha use his face to get off. Letting her hump. He could feel her warmth slick rub against his rough face. The sound of her moans was enough for him. Each sound, each thrust, it caused his cock to throb in its bond. And fuck, did that hurt. She might as well be squeezing his cock in a vice grip. 

And all Clint wanted to do was get Natasha off, to be the boy she needed. To apologize for screwing up. To let her use him as she pleased. Natasha’s head tilted back, gripping the headboard in a tight grip. Her hips didn’t still, thighs encircling his face. She used him as she would a pillow. She used him without care of his well being or if he was properly breathing, her focus on her own pleasure. “That’s it, get mama off, baby. Fuck, your damn mouth feels so good.”

And it did feel good. So goddamn good. His tongue, his mouth. The sloppy wet sounds escaping both her soaked cunt and his mouth was driving her on edge. Heat pooled in her stomach and she felt her everlasting nerves on fire. The sudden urge to just piss hit her, feeling herself squirt hard and sudden on Clint’s face. He gagged at the sudden liquid shooting on his face. But he didn’t complain, not that Natasha cared. Her thighs tightened around his ears, to a painful point that nearly choked him. Her head tilted back as she gripped and pulled hard at his hair, causing Clint to scream. It was muffled by her thighs, Clint’s hips humping the air in an effort to get some friction. “Fuck. That’s it. Fuck.”

Standing up, off of him, Natasha groaned as she got to her feet. Her hands gripped the headboard as she parted her legs and let the wet slick drip down her thighs. Clint looked so good with his face wet with her slick. His face was his blotchy and red, tears mixing with her slick on his face. “What do we say?” she purred, looking down at him.

Clint took in a shaken breath, tasting Natasha on his tongue. All he wanted was her back on his face, to hump herself to orgasm again and again, until she was satisfied, until he passed out. That would be the life. “More?” he croaked.

A smile grew on Natasha’s face as she looked into his baby blue eyes. “That’s what I like to hear,” she purred, settling her soaked cunt on his face again.

Chapter Text

“Sam, are you sure about this?” Steve couldn’t help, but to let the nervous words tumble from his lips. He was looking up at his boyfriend, between his thighs where they laid on the towel-covered bed.

Sam smiled. When Sam smiled, he smiled with his whole face, the way his dark eyes lit up, and the gap showed in his teeth. He had crinkles around his eyes and Steve adored the way that his nose wrinkled just ever so slightly. It was a smile that always relaxed Steve. Sam’s long fingers reached out to brush over the blonde’s soft hair before tugging on it gently. His meaty, hairy thighs closed slightly so Steve could rest his head on him. “If I wasn’t so sure, you wouldn’t be between my legs with a bucket of lube, now would you?” The man purred the way he smiled, with his whole body.

Steve could feel the vibrations on the bed from Sam’s purring, relaxing at just the state the man was in. Sam was right. If he didn’t want this, then they wouldn’t be doing this. Besides...Steve had small hands for a reason, didn’t he? He was small himself, at 5’4 and 94 pounds. 101, if you asked Sam, because he didn’t like worrying Sam. But this wasn’t about his health right now. Right now, Steve’s main task at hand was working his boyfriend’s wonderful, pouty hole open so he could fit his fist inside.

Easing his index and middle finger back inside of his Sam’s ring of muscle, Steve slowly started to stretch his rim. He scissored the man with gentle touches, rewarding Sam’s soft moans with just barely brushes of his prostate. He loved it. He loved the way Sam’s head tilted back and his breath caught in his throat as he moaned. He loved that with every bare touch to that bundle of nerves caused Sam’s thick, meaty cock to throb. Steve watched as pre dribbled from his head and down the stumpy, thick cock, and would eventually trail down to his perfectly smooth balls. 

“Oh, fuck.” Sam’s eyes had fluttered close when he felt Steve slide a third, nimble finger to join the other two. Steve had the perfect fingers for this. Slender and long, artist fingers he called them. Perfect for painting beautiful scenery, making the most perfect cookies he’d ever tasted, and of course, bringing his boyfriend to orgasm by just teasing him. This was the perfect choice. His breath hitched to his throat when the fingers started to move. Steve had added more warming lube, thrusting the fingers slowly in and out of him to spread the lube around. He groaned as they stretched his taunt rim, the middle finger brushing over his prostate every other thrust. Fuck. Steve knew what he was doing. And at this point, as he helplessly palmed at his cock like some horny teenager, he was not going to last long.

“Even if you cum, I’m not gonna stop.” Steve’s voice had dropped a degree or too, a tall tell sign that he was clearly turned on by the situation. How could you not be with three, soon to be four of your fingers were in your boyfriend’s ass? He was so goddamn warm too. And despite fucking nearly every other night on Steve’s surprisingly eight inch cock, given his size, he was still tight. “Fourth finger, coming in.” His pinkie was the hardest yet to maneuver. After applying some more lube and shifting his fingers, mainly to overlap one another, Steve was able to work the smallest finger inside of the man. His nail caught the velvet walls and he rubbed over them. It was enough to cause Sam to curse and jerk his hips. Or maybe that was Steve purposely attacking his prostate for half a minute straight.

“If I cum, I’m jamming my cock down your throat.” Sam swore, growling under his breath. “Fist me, Rogers, not rub my prostate!”

Sam obliged, giving the man a knowing smirk. He pulled his fingers out, just enough for his tips to be inside of his sloppy hole before thrusting them back in. The wet sounds of Sam’s ass, trying to suction to his fingers turned him on more than it should. His balls ached. Sam’s loud moans, that should be enough to wake his neighbors echoed around the room and drove Steve to halfway palm at his cock.

The idea to put a mirror on the ceiling, so Sam could see his boyfriend working his fingers into his hole was the best idea they had. He loved the view that Steve gave him, of his sloppy hole stretching around four fingers. Of Steve fucking his fingers into him, all the way up to his knuckles. God, it was a tight fit, but it felt so goddamn good. Enough for Sam to turn his head and bite the pillow. He squeezed at his cock, not wanting to cum. Not yet. “F-fuck, Stevie. More. I-I can take it.”

Only thing more, that was left was his entire fist. Pulling his fingers out of the man’s hole, Steve watched the ring of muscle attempt to close over nothing. Sam whined at the fact he was empty while Steve lubed his entire hand. He worked the four fingers back into Sam, thrusting and scissoring them. He slowly closed his hand, fingers overlapping one another as he worked his hand in. Thrusting every few inches, just to pull out and thrust again. He let Sam adjust slowly, fucking partway of his thumb and palm into the man.

Sam was a moaning mess. Yowling, really. He sounded like a cat in heat, but he wasn’t begging the man to stop. No, he was palming at his drooling cock, gasping and moaning as he turned his head side to side. It felt that good. Like he couldn’t stay still. And the sight of Steve with half of his hand inside of his once-tight hole was something Sam was never going to forget. “Harder, Stevie. Fuck my ass like you mean it.”

How was Steve to deny his boyfriend what he wanted? Simple: He couldn’t. The man gave a grin as he pulled his palm out just a few inches before thrusting back in. The wet sound of Sam’s ass and his moans were causing Steve’s own cock to leak. He didn’t stop, like Sam begged him not to. He kept thrusting and working the palm inch by inch until Sam’s ass gave way and swallowed his fist whole.

Sam’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and hips lifted Steve’s arm off of the bed. He didn’t even touch his cock, cum spraying rope after rope along the man’s dark belly and chest. He moaned like he was a cat in heat, nails digging into the sheets. It got better. Steve didn’t stop. No, he kept attacking his prostate with two fingers rubbing in small circles. Sam saw stars in his vision as what had to have been every drop of cum in his balls drained from him.

“F-fuck...fuck…” Steve jerked his hand out, not too hard, but enough for Sam to feel something. His hole was ruined. It was gaping and pouty and couldn’t close over anything. He slid his fist back inside, enjoying the wet sound of it closing around him. He fisted his boyfriend’s hole, pulling back just to let Sam push him out, just to push right back in. It drove Sam to another orgasm within three minutes from the first one. Steve wasn’t done. Not yet. Not until he had his orgasm.

Steve gave the man a grin as he shifted his hips, rubbing the head of his cock against Sam’s pouty hole where his fist still resided. He used his thumb to stretch the ruined rim just a tad bit before forcing the head of his aching cock inside.

Sam yowled. He moaned. He was sobbing. Never in his life did he think that he could get someone to not only fist him but fit their cock inside of him just to jerk off too. It felt so goddamn good. He was ruined, absolutely ruined, but he didn’t care. Not when Steve was fucking and masturbating inside of his ass.

Steve wished this could’ve lasted longer, but there was no way in hell he could. Not when his balls ached and his cock was throbbing so heavily. He growled in the back of his throat as his hand squeezed his cock. He thrusted into the man’s ass one final time before he felt his cock throb and fill Sam with his seed. Pulling his fist out, Steve grinned as he continued to fist the man’s hole before pulling out with no warning. Cum and lube dribbled from his sloppy, gaping hole.

“I think,” Steve declared, looking down at his lube and cum coated hand. “That you’ll need a good fisting once a week, Sammy.”

Chapter Text

“You’re leaking,” Bucky greeted Clint when he stepped out of the shower. The Alpha stood before his smaller, blonde boyfriend. He grinned like a cat that just trapped the bird. And a pretty bird indeed. Clint’s hair was a giant mess of shaggy, blonde locks standing in every direction from being rubbed with a towel. His skin was a soft shade of pink, thanks to the boiling hot water Clint liked to bathe in. He smelled of his natural scent of amber and bonfires, but the lingering scent of his sandalwood soap clung to his skin. Bucky’s nose flared, filling his lungs with it, slowly letting it out in a soft breath. “What were you thinking about in there, little one?”

Clint’s nose wrinkled at being called little one. Bucky knew that it got under his skin. He couldn’t help but he was small, alright? Certainly smaller compared to the brunette with his hair curling from the steam in the showers and his metal arm glistening with condensation. “Certainly not about you,” he grumbled, shouldering his way past Bucky to pad into their shared hotel room. “Why are you here? I thought you were watching our target. Don’t tell me that you skipped out on it to tease me. Coulson won’t like that.” He grabbed at a comb and ran it through his hair, pausing when Bucky had grabbed at his wrist and spun him around.

“Do you really think so little of me, my omega?” Bucky had pressed Clint into the small section of the wall between him and the door. The damn bathroom door didn’t close all the way or lock, so he couldn’t press Clint against it without both of them falling through. “I wouldn’t abandon our target. No, Coulson took over and told me to go get some sleep. He also wanted me to tell you to take your suppressants and de-scenter. I got them right here.” With one hand still holding Clint’s wrist above him, Bucky used the other to pull out the pills from his pocket. “And wouldn’t you know it, you skipped today and yesterday’s doses. That’s dangerous, little bird. Don’t worry, I made sure that I grabbed your suppository pills. They go into your system much faster.”

Clint wiggled, but Bucky’s grip was strong in the metal hand. Not that he was trying to hurt him, if Bucky was trying to hurt him, then Clint would be bleeding by now. No, Bucky liked to play a game of cat and mouse and he was quite often the mouse here. “I was sort of busy yesterday, y’know, following the target through fifteen fucking warehouses.”

“Excuses, excuses, my little hawk.” Bucky was purring, his scent had shifted to a warm cinnamon. He could see Clint starting to become hot and bothered by it, his damp thighs rubbing together. “Come now. Let me take care of you while Coulson takes care of our target.” The Alpha didn’t wait for an answer. He scooped Clint up in the metal arm, holding him under his thighs like a child. He deposited the Omega onto the bed and climbed over him, still grinning.

Clint had to lay back with Bucky climbing over him, his breath caught in his throat as he looked into those stormy gray eyes. “Not excuses. Truth,” he grunted. “Can you just give me my meds and we can go to bed? I’m tired. You didn’t have to climb out of a trash can today.”

“That was your choice to fall into that trash can.” Bucky snorted, nosing along the man’s collarbone. His teeth grazed ever so slightly along the man’s sensitive skin, feeling him shiver under his touch. Clint was always like putty in his hands. He loved it. “Glad you just took a shower afterwards. Can’t have you making the bed a trashy, smelling mess.”

Clint didn’t respond, just giving a roll of his eyes. Least he tried not to have some reaction to Bucky nibbling along his collarbone. It was setting his nerves on end and made the dampness between his thighs increase. Fuck, Bucky shouldn’t turn him on like this. They were working…

Not that Bucky gave two shits. They were working, but with work came pleasure and any time that he go to tease his boyfriend, he would. This meant turning Clint over and having him tuck his knees under him, to expose his pretty, pale ass. Bucky’s stormy gray eyes watched as slick dribbled from the man’s puckered hole. He could practically smell it here. Spreading the man’s cheeks, Bucky watched as slick continued to dribble out of his hole. The smell made his balls throb and his aching cock wanting to jump out of these jeans. “Push for me, little one. Wanna see how wet you are.”

Despite the fact that he could physically see it here, Bucky just wanted to see that worn hole open up. He gave a pleasured noise, in the back of his throat when Clint did push ever so slightly. His puckered hole slowly opened up, slick dribbling out. It was enough to cause Bucky to slip two fingers inside, stroking the velvet walls. He was already so stretched from their toying the night before, that his fingers easily slipped inside. Still, he was tight and warm once past his ring of muscles and Bucky instantly found what he was looking for. That bundle of nerves just a few inches inside and curl of his fingers. The same bundle of nerves that caused Clint to squeak and jerk away out of instinct, because of how sensitive he was.

“Bucky!” Clint hissed, gripping the sheets. He couldn’t pretend that he didn’t like this. He loved it. He loved when Bucky made him sloppy wet and open. He loved being his Alpha’s little mess.

“Hush. I gotta make sure you’re nice and wet for these pills to disintegrate. Unless you want me to use the injections Natasha packed for you.” Bucky’s voice was slightly harsh, with a warm undertone to it. The way Clint’s broad shoulders sagged into the sheets told him that he wasn’t going to argue.

Pulling his fingers free with a wet pop, Bucky was rewarded with the sight of his quivering hole. His tongue cleaned his fingers, moaning at the sweet slick. He couldn’t help himself. Clint was right there, like a full smorgasbord of delicious, slick goodness. And what kind of Alpha would he be if he didn’t make sure that his Omega was well pleased? A shit one.

Pulling the man’s beautiful, round cheeks apart, Bucky helped himself to pressing his tongue against the man’s ring of muscle. He was rewarded both in sound from his Omega and slick squirting from him. His tongue pressed deeper inside, swirling around to try to gather as much slick as possible on his tongue. He could hear Clint moaning and panting as he started to fuck the other on his tongue.

A finger slipped in beside his tongue, wanting to pleasure his Omega more while he ate him out. He suckled along the rim, feeling Clint starting to shudder as he rubbed over the man’s prostate. He wasn’t gentle by any means. Clint had a high tolerance and he liked to listen to his Omega fall apart by his rubbing over his bundle over nerves. Over and over again, while he moaned and half sobbed into his pillow. He could feel the Omega jerking himself off and normally he’d slap the guy’s hands away, but now now. Right now, Bucky was enjoying suckling along the rim, letting his tongue poke just inside just to tease the man. Clint could deal with jerking himself off in some attempts to strive off the overstimulation.

Pulling his finger free and licking it clean, Bucky buried his tongue deep inside of his boyfriend’s as. Hands pulled his cheeks apart to make sure that he got his face in there. He could feel the slick squirting around his mouth, dripping down his chin. He could hear Clint moan as he fucked his tongue into the man. It was beautiful. Every second of this was beautiful. Even Clint’s warning grunts, trying to get the words out, past his trembling lips.

To be fair, Bucky should’ve noted when Clint was going to cum. He knew the tell-tale signs by now. You kinda didn’t date someone for three years and bond with them on the two year mark and not know when they’re about to cum. With Clint, it happened in his gut. Bucky could feel it tightening. He could feel his rim quivering, as if in anticipating of the orgasm to cum. He could almost taste the difference in slick, from the sweet, inviting, to an almost bitter taste. He could feel the man’s thighs trembling underneath and if he bothered to listen, hear how strangled the moans were sounding. But as usual, Bucky ignored the signs.

The slick squirting from the man’s hole went straight up Bucky’s nose. He coughed and gagged on the slick going down his sinus passages, but that didn’t stop him. That didn’t stop him from burying his face into the man’s even more sloppy hole and eating him out through the orgasm. Clint was gasping and moaning above him, feeling his hips shift, trying to pull away from Bucky’s damned tongue.

“Not so fast,” Bucky growled, pulling the Omega back up by his shoulder. He found the packs of pills he’d toss on the bed, finally taking a look at his work. Clint had tears in his eyes, his breath shaken as he breathed against the pillow. Slick and cum coated his thighs, the sheets now ruined with both. “I did say that you had to have your medicine.”

Grabbing the packet of pills, Bucky popped two out of each the suppressant and de-scenter. They were no larger than a vitamin and could easily slip inside of Clint, but Bucky was a tease afterall. He held Clint still with a hand on his shoulder, the other slipping one, two, three, and finally the forth pill into his worn rim. Three fingers slipped in after him, pressing the four pills as deep as they can go. Sure, Bucky might’ve also fucked Clint along his fingers, pushing into him and pulling him with his shoulder, like he was some sort of toy. Clint’s gasps and louder sobs told him how sensitive the Omega was and how much he enjoyed it all the same.

“There we go,” Bucky hummed a short minute later, popping his fingers out of Clint’s hold. He patted the Omega on the cheeks and gave a grin to the back of his head. “You’ll feel better soon. Let me go get us a change of sheets while you puppy hump that boner away.” The Alpha grinned as he pressed a kiss to Clint’s sweaty temple, leaving his tuckered out Omega to care for himself.

Chapter Text

“Steven, I need you to look at me.” Peggy’s voice had cut through Steve’s clouded thoughts. Her brown eyes were soft as they took in his reddening baby blue ones. Her thumb gently cupping his cheekbones and wiping away the stray tear. “You’re okay. You did as much as you could, darling. No one saw this…” The exhaustion, the emotion, the disappointment was clear in her tone, the way her tiny shoulders sagged. “But you need to calm down and trust me when I assure you that we’re handling this. Erskine's death won’t be in vain.”

Following Erskine’s death, Peggy had lead Steve to the hotel room the SSR had placed her in. She didn’t give a damn if it was against protocol, but Steven Grant Rogers had currently had gone through something traumatic. From a change of body and mind, to someone he looked up to bluntly murdered before him, and then finding out Hydra existed? It was no wonder that he was a mess. Not to mention, he still struggled with his body and it reminded Peggy of a giant oaf of a baby. Clearly, in a...fascinated fashion.

“Whose Hydra?” Steve asked in a strained voice, not exactly looking at Peggy. He’d rubbed a hand over his face, leaving red marks in his place.

Was it fair to say Peggy’s heart was breaking for him? Her red lips pursed slightly, clearly regarding what she could say to the man. “An organization hell-bent on destroying the world for their personal gain. They…”

“Nazis?” Steve croaked, the ‘s’ in his words quivering ever so slightly. He pushed up from the bed and past Peggy, walking out to the balcony. It faced Brooklyn River, giving a clear view of the docks. It had been a simpler time just weeks ago, when Bucky had worked at the docks and would come back with fish for them for dinner. It was before the war, before Bucky was drafted, before Steve signed up for this insane program.

“Well, bluntly put, yes. Darling, you really need to sit down and let me attend to your wounds before they find out that I snuck you here. This is very against protocol, but you were having a mental breakdown over his body.” She’d be damned if someone was to tell her different. She would be damned if they saw Steve more as the soldier than the compassionate human he was. “No more questions. Sit back down.”

Steve lumbered back towards the bed, shrugging out of the SSR shirt and stretching out along the bed. His back cracked in several spots and every nerve in him was still tingling. He felt on fire. Like his body could not adjust to the fact that he wasn’t small and sickly anymore. He could breathe, he could see colors, he could hear! It was a miracle and Steve was grateful. He just hoped he could live up to Erskine’s expectations.

“Don’t get lost in that head of yours,” Peggy mused, starting to undo Steve’s belt. When his hands flew up to stop her, she caught them with an amused smile. “Before I was an Agent, I was a nurse, Steven. I’ve seen cocks before.”

The way the word cock slurred in Peggy’s natural accent should not have been as arousing as Steve thought it was. And he really hoped his body did not react in such a manner to her. He could barley get a hold of his body as it was. “I’m not… Just...thinkin’. Do you know a James Barnes?” Long shot, but couldn’t hurt to ask.

Peggy didn’t answer, least not right away. She was busying herself in removing Steve’s trousers, tossing them haphazardly over as chair. “I do, actually. He…” She cleared her throat, trying not to just stare at Steve. He was much larger than anticipated. Of course, the serum had enhanced everything and it seemed that included every part of his body, given the large outline in his boxers. “I’m aware of your two relationship.”

Steve sputtered, instantly sitting up. His face had turned a bright shade of pink and he was instantly shaking his head. “What relationship? There’s --”

“Steven.” Peggy laughed, unable to help himself. She had paused in gathering the first aid kit, throwing her curls back with a small laugh. It sounded like a tinkle in the back of her throat. “Relax before you give yourself a heart attack. I’m not sure Howard and Colonel Phillips would like the idea that I killed their prime experiment.” Her eyes sparkled as she sat down on the edge of the bed, taking his hand into her own. “I know, okay? My brother was gay. You don’t...have to worry about me turning you in. Or exposing you. Its a disgusting-”

Peggy didn’t give to finish the sentence, because she found herself being pulled in for a kiss. Had this been anyone else, but Steve Rogers, the man would’ve found a knife in their gut. But this was Steve Rogers and she couldn’t pretend that she wasn’t just aroused at the idea of how big the man was. Of course, that being said, she still had feelings for him, regardless of size. Her body sunk into the kiss, fingers reaching up to curl into his hair.

“Of course,” she laughed, breaking the kiss. Steve looked like he was starting to come to terms with what he had just done. Adrenaline was a hell of a drug. “You can be attracted to many people, regardless of what’s in their pants.” Her fingers curled around his hand, pulling him back in for a proper kiss.

Save for Bucky, Steve had never kissed anyone before. And when he kissed Bucky, Bucky took charge. He set the pace, he set the mood. Steve allowed him, yet with Peggy he found himself kissing her like she was the last thing he was going to see in his life. Like she was the last thing he was going to taste and if he was to die, he wanted her on his lips. He kissed Peggy with such a desperate energy to love her, to focus on something other than the deaths he’d just witnessed. And Peggy just let him.

Pulling away from Steve, Peggy started to work off the suit jacket. She took her time in stripping, each layer of clothes was carefully folded and laid over the back of the chair. Fully aware that Steve was watching her, the brunette worked the hoses down her legs and turned to fling them at Steve’s flushed face. Oh, that tent was certainly noticeable now in his boxers. “To answer your question, yes I know James. The way he speaks of you…” She shook her head, a fond smile on her face. “This was to be a surprise because I know how much you’ve missed him.”

Peggy’s bare feet padded along the hard floor, wearing only her bralette and garter. Her fingertips closed the curtains to the setting sun before turning to face the adjoined bathroom. Opening the door, Peggy revealed a devilish looking James. His light brown hair was a mess, his pupils blown wide. He was very clearly naked, hand gripping his aching cock. It was clear that he was masturbating to the sight of Steve and Peggy kissing with no shame whatsoever. “This isn’t how I planned to reunite the two of you before he shipped out, but…” She shrugged her thin shoulders, pulling Bucky out of the small bathroom by his arm.

Quickly letting his cock go, Bucky cleared his throat, avoiding looking both at Steve and Peggy. “I was just…”

“Scratching your balls?” The way the words escaped Peggy’s mouth made them seem so much more vulgar than intended. Even Steve blushed.

“Uh, yeah, yeah, exactly.” Bucky cleared his throat, taking the few extra steps to join Steve on the bed.

“Hm.” Peggy was clearly not convinced as she closed the door, a glance telling her the hotel door was locked. They had the rest of the night before Phillips was aware that Steve was not in his designated hotel room. That was fine with her. Rogers deserved this distraction. “Now, where were we?”

Steve pulled Peggy back down to him, just letting himself be in this moment. He wasn’t going to think about Bucky being here nor the fact he was to be shipped off soon. Or how he was kissing his superior officer. Or that his superior officer was rocking her hips down onto the growing bulge. Nor how Bucky was beside him, starting to pull his boxers down. He heard the man’s groan at the sight of his thick cock springing free from the cloth. Looking around Peggy, Steve saw the sight too. He’d grown with the serum. Now his cock stood a total of nine inches and thick, curving towards his stomach.

Bucky rewarded himself with kneeling between Steve’s legs, taking just the bulbous tip into his mouth. Warm, salty pre graced his tongue and slid down the back of his throat. Steve hissed and moaned, Peggy claiming his mouth again.

“Shh. Shh, let him do it,” Peggy whispered, moving her lips down his neck. She suckled a bruise along the side of his neck, knowing that the serum would make it disappear by morning. “Just relax, darling. Let us take care of you. You’ve got to get used to this body somehow. Why not with some pleasure?”

Despite his mouth being full, Bucky watched the pair. The way Peggy claimed Steve’s mouth, the way Steve instinctively sunk into her kisses. His thick fingers threading through her hair, the way her fingers traced over his muscles, committing them to memory. He gagged as the cock throbbed in his throat before daring to take Steve a little deeper. Beforehand, he was a nice little mouthful, right now, he was physically gagging on Steve. And loving every minute of it.

Peggy could feel fingers along her hips, feeling the way that Steve slowly slid her garter off and the way that he followed with her bra. He was so gentle, afraid to hurt her, and she loved him for it. But he needed to be edged along. Shifting, she pressed her tits into his face, Steve obliging by lifting the right nipple into his mouth and suckling. For someone who struggled to talk to girls, he did know how to a goddamn tit. Peggy moaned, her eyes closing and hunching forward.

Bucky took this opportunity, to seeing Peggy’s perfectly shaven pussy, damp with arousal. His fingers snaked forward, one hand wrapped around Steve’s cock to support it while he suckled, the other finger just ghosting over her folds. Peggy had rocked back, sinking down onto his fingers. He was met with a tight, warmth enveloping his two fingers. He groaned, stroking inside her velvet walls. He could feel her shuttering and feel Steve shuttering in his mouth. He popped off, all too soon for Steve’s liking. “Can’t have you cum this early, Stevie. It’ll ruin the experience,” Bucky purred, giving his best friend and lover a shit-eating grin.

“What fuckin’ experiment?” Steve pouted, rolling his eyes. “You teasin’ the hell outta me?” The Brooklyn accent was really coming through.

“No cursing.” Peggy had leaned forward, smothering Steve in her tits. “Trust us in taking care of you unless you want to be pulled over my lap and spanked.”

Bucky laughed as he pulled his fingers free from Peggy’s wet cunt. “I think he’ll like that. He did wear a diaper a year longer than he was supposed to cause he liked how it felt.” He could see Steve’s face flushed a bright pink. “Only bein’ honest, Stevie. Can’t lie to a superior officer.”

The grin remained on Bucky’s face as he held up the two pussy-soaked fingers before dipping them under Steve’s balls. He left a wet trail amongst the smooth skin until he found his prize. A ring of muscle that had been stretched over time by his cock. One that Bucky knew by heart by now. He knew right where Steve’s prostate laid, just two inches in and the size of a quarter. He knew pressing right on it would cause Steve to instantly cum, but rubbing over it would have him in tears, gasping and sobbing, until he just passed out from orgasm after orgasm. But how sensitive would he still be after such an intense change? Only one way to find out.

Steve was too busy suckling on Peggy’s tits to be concerned with what Bucky was doing. Sure, he could feel him between his thighs, massaging his balls before finding the ring of muscle. He didn’t think much of it as Peggy was rubbing her wet folds along his aching cock. He could feel it throbbing and twitching whenever she just brushed along his sensitive head. He wanted to hold her still, grip her hips and thrust into her, but he couldn’t. That would hurt Peggy and he didn’t want to hurt her. Besides -- A string of curses in Geliec escaped Steve’s mouth when Steve felt those two fingers plunging into him. It didn’t hurt, in fact it felt good, but Bucky had struck right on his prostate.

Peggy groaned as she felt the man beneath her jerk and whine, unable to stop himself from the intense pleasure he had to be feeling. James did mention how sensitive Steve was. And she could feel it with the way he was trembling and cursing. “That’s it, that’s it, Stevie, just relax.” She was soothing him, reaching behind her to grip at his cock. She was gentle about brushing the thick head over her folds before slowly pressing it inside her. It was her turn to curse when he pressed in, a lot thicker than she’d imagined, but Peggy took it in stride. She eased down his length until she settled along him.

Steve was cursing and panting, tears in his eyes. Bucky was still attacking his prostate, rubbing circling against the bundle of her nerves. The serum just made him sensitive as ever. His hips jerked and jerking Peggy with it. Each small movement, he was thrusting into her, the brunette’s head tilted back and moaning in delight. “Ja-Buc-”

“Easy, easy kid,” Bucky soothed, pulling his fingers out. There was no lube, but Steve was stretched and if anything, the rawness would be welcoming, against Peggy’s tight, hot cunt. God, Steve was so lucky to fuck her. He’d get his turn, but right now, Steve needed his assistance. Rubbing the head of his aching, leaking cock against Steve’s rim, he gave no warning as he pressed inside. A hiss escaped his lips as he managed to pop his head in. God, Steve was as he remembered him, tight and warm. Inviting him to press deeper and deeper and fuck into him until he was leaking his cum.

Steve was between heaven and hell at this moment, with Peggy rocking down on his cock, her nails digging into his chest. He watched as her tits bounced with each thrust, the way they enticed him, the way her lips tasted on his and she drank down his moan. And Bucky filling him, every inch of his aching ass, and making him feel so goddamn full. He could barely think, his head spinning.

This is how Peggy wanted Steve. So full and enticed, that he couldn’t even think. To wash away every deed that had happened and to enjoy himself. She’d deal with the consequences later. War was on the threshold, but for now the only battle to be won was who was going to cum first. And she’d be damned if it was these two.

Thrusting hard into Steve, Bucky didn’t go easy. Why would he? Steve was more than used to his cock and right now, he was going to use Steve’s hole as his personal flesh light. And maybe, in some crude way he was punishing the other for being so stupid to sign up for a dangerous government experimentation. What if he had died?! He would’ve had no one to come back home to. Why could he be so -- The brunette growled as he gripped at Steve’s thighs, the sound of skin-hitting-skin echoing around the room, from his hips smacking into Steve’s.

Each thrust from James, caused Bucky to jostle, feeling Steve thrusting into her from behind. She could feel James’s breath on her neck, feel his sweaty chest pressed against her back. She felt the scruff of his cheek along her neck, his lips on her pale skin. She moaned as she rocked her hips, feeling the teeth leave trails along her body. Unlike her boys, her marks wouldn’t be easily seen. They knew better than to leave marks where they couldn’t be hidden with clothes. Steve looked like pure puddy beenath her. His eyes screwed shut, brow wrinkled, and breathy moans escaping him as the pair used him. He was getting so damn close, she could feel it in the way his cock throbbed in her. And she was too. She just needed a little push.

Pulling out of Steve, Bucky groaned as he jerked his cock, gripping the base hard to ensure that he didn’t cum. Not yet. He wouldn’t cum first. That would be rude to Peggy. Steve’s hole leaked pre and piss [he might’ve gotten a little too excited, but Steve was no stranger to piss]. “Peggy, bend over. Gonna join Steve in there. We’re gonna fill you full of cum, love.” If Peggy had any objection, she gave none, bending low over Steve. Her mouth claiming his again.

Despite the warning, Peggy’s eyes widened when she felt Bucky’s cock pressing against Steve’s. She could feel her hole stretching to welcome the new size in her. This was new, a new sensation of being stretched and filled. And oh, oh did it hurt, like someone was fisting her, but fuck did it feel good. It felt like heaven once James had settled in. Steve wasn’t responding beneath her beyond shaken breaths and odds gasps.

Inside of Peggy, it was like a vice grip. She was so damn tight and warm. She could barely fit both of them. Each small movement of his hips or Steve’s cock, caused her cunt to tighten around them. And he was already so sensitive and trying not to fucking cum. The feel of Steve’s cock against his, just brushing against the thick length was making his eyes roll into the back of his head. “Gonna...gonna move...Stevie...keep up, baby.”

First his ass now felt gaping and wet, now his fucking cock was being pressed against Bucky’s sensitive cock. He was being tortured. This was torture. How was this legal? Bucky was right. He couldn’t let Bucky do all the work. Gripping Peggy’s hips, Steve pulled his hips back, just to thrust inside. This felt awkward and messy. He’d never fucked anyone before, Bucky normally did all the work. Though, he had to have been doing something right because Peggy was moaning. And moaning was normally a good sign.

“Boys.” That was Peggy’s only warning. Her breath was straining and spots were appearing in her vision. She saw two of Steve by the time the orgasm hit. Her cunt tightened around both cocks inside of her and her clit throbbed painfully, every nerve in her body on fire. She muffled her scream by biting Steve’s chest, her body convulsing on top of Steve and underneath Bucky.

Bucky was the next to follow, a feral growl to escape his lips. He wasn’t gentle by any means, slapping Peggy’s reddening cheeks as he thrusted into her. His hips stilled with two painful, near-slamming thrusts, his cock spurting cum deep inside of her cunt and coating both her walls and Steve’s cock.

It felt...out of this world to feel Peggy’s walls trembling around his cock, enticing him to cum. It felt damn near insane to feel Bucky’s cock throbbing and squirting cum against his cock. It was fucking insane to feel his own cock throb and follow through. The heat pooling in his stomach, his balls tightening, and thrusting into her four times before slamming his hips a final time and filling her cunt too.

All three out of breath, Bucky rolled them to their sides. Peggy was squished between them, half aware that this is how it should be. He rubbed his face into her neckline, pressing soft kisses where he’d previously left bruises. His arm wrapped around her waist, stroking her soft stomach. Steve had wrapped his arms around both of them, pressing soft kisses along Peggy’s flushed face.

“Promise me one thing,” Bucky whispered, daring to speak in the calming room. He could hear a clock chiming, twelve chimes. It was midnight tomorrow. Meaning he shipped out in three hours. “That we will get to do this again and war won’t tear us apart.”

Steve’s eyes opened, softening. He knew what war meant. War was designed to tear you apart and tear you down. It was meant to make you a shell of what you’d become and you were not meant to survive it. But this was Bucky, if he could survive anything, it was him. “War won’t tear us apart. Right, Pegs?”

Peggy laughed, picking her head up and craning her neck so she could cup both her boy’s faces. Her boys now. This is how it was meant to be. “War should be damned if we’re separated. Now rest, loves, we have a war to win tomorrow.”

Chapter Text

The window fogged up with Sam’s breath as he got himself close as possible without being seen. Inside, he could see the warm lighting of the bedroom, the yellow light painting the soft pink walls with a golden trim. The covers on the bed were perfectly made, soon to be a crumbled mess with two bodies on it. Sam Wilson, himself was sitting outside the bedroom of Clint and Bucky. His cock was in hand, twitching with anticipation of what was to come.

As if on cue, both Clint and Bucky stumbled through the doorway faces flushed with much more than the drinks they had tonight. So sue Sam here. He might’ve spiked their drinks, but it was nothing dangerous. Just a few enhancers. They’d been flirting like mad all weekend. They needed to fuck it out and who was to say Sam couldn’t intervine and play cupid? They’d thank him later.

“You’re drunk,” Bucky giggled, shiny, metal finger poking Clint in the chest. It caused the small, stockier blonde to stumble back and fall onto the bed.

Clint laughed as he looked up at the white, popcorn ceiling. He rolled his head and tried to sit up, but his body just plopped back down. “Am not. You’re drunk.”

Clambering over Clint, Bucky stopped until his crotch was in Clint’s face. There was a clear bulge in his sweatpants that he’d worn out that night. The same bulge Clint caused by dancing and rubbing his goddamn ass on him. He rubbed the bulge in the other’s face, groaning at the friction.

Outside the window, Sam groaned. He had to keep the noise quiet as he squeezed his cock. Watching Bucky withdraw his short, but thick cock out of the sweats and rub the leaking tip along Clint’s lips was arousing. It was even more arousing when the man shoved it into Clint’s open mouth. He could hear the gag out here. The wet, choking sound as Clint tried to catch his breath to no avail. Bucky was using his mouth like a damn fleshlight and it was the most beautiful thing Sam had ever seen.

His throat was contracting around the cock, tasting the bitter pre on the back of his throat. Clint’s limbs flailed, trying to push against the rock hard abs, but Bucky wasn’t moving. The only part of him moving his hips as he thrusted his cock down Clint’s throat. The man gagged over and over, his balls striking him in the chin. He smelled of sweat and piss and tasted like it too.

Can you blame him for being horny, damnit? Clint was the horniest little minx. He drove him insane with those booty shorts and that crop top. Not to mention that shit-eating grin and attitude. Someone had to put Clint in his place and remind him it was not nice to tease. He’d had this raging bonder since the fourth beer he drank with Sam. Speaking of - where did that man go? He said he was coming home right after and --

A string of curses in two different languages escaped Bucky’s lips for two reasons. One) Clint had bit down on his cock. Two) He found himself cumming without realizing it. His body hadn’t given him any warning to the orgasm, just spurting cum down Clint’s throat. And Clint was biting his cock. “You piece of -” Bucky snarled as he jerked his cock out, sitting up to inspect it. Still in tact. Not bleeding. And Clint’s grin was not going to help him.

Sam could see cum leaking out of Clint’s plump lips, a twinkle in his eyes. There was a bulge in his pants too from being fucked like that. And knowing those pills, [hell, Sam had taken one too], there would be much more orgasms to go. The pills were designed to get someone aroused and you’d cum easily with them, with no orgasms. So it made for an interesting night again. His throbbing cock, with cum leaking out of his head and down his length was agreeing with him.

“You little shit.” Bucky was going to wipe that grin off of Clint’s face, if it was the last thing he did tonight. His cock throbbed with all the possiblities before grabbing the stockier blonde by his crop top. It ripped like paper in his grip. The shorts went next, narrowly avoiding the button that flew off and struck the window. Clint was too giggling drunk to even fight Bucky as he drew the man over his knees.

Bucky was no kind in his slaps to the man’s ass. To make matters worse, he used his metal hand, knowing it had a sting to it. He struck the same spot on the back of his thighs over and over and over again, Clint gasping and whining. A glance in the floor-length mirror told Bucky that the man had tears in his eyes. But it wasn’t enough, not yet. With his flesh hand, he pulled the man’s meaty cheeks open and pushed two fingers inside of his raw hole. “How does it feel?” he growled, thrusting his fingers in and out of his hole. He knew it hurt. He was raw and the metal fingers were just slightly larger than his flesh hand. “Speak to me, Barton.”

“It hurts, it hurts!” Clint was whining, wiggling and trying to pull away, but he couldn’t. His cock was pressed into Bucky’s thigh and leaking. It betrayed how much he enjoyed this. It was over too soon, Bucky pulling his fingers free. He found a cold gel that caused him to hiss against the hole. Fingers rubbed over it and pressed just inside of his ring of muscle. He was about to open his mouth, to ask what the man was doing when something metal and cold pressed against his ring of muscles. His mouth stayed open, taking in a gasp as the plug was forced inside with no preparation.

Sam couldn’t help the small hiss that escaped him as the plug was forced inside. He knew that had to have hurt. Being forced open with little preparation. And to make matters worse, he knew what plug that was, a wire attached to the end of it. It was designed to shock Clint, electrostimulare, right against his prostate. Bucky was a monster with it because Clint was weak to it. This should be fun. His nose was pressed against the glass, the pair unsuspicious that someone was jerking off outside of their window while they played.

Clint’s screams and yelps were music to Bucky’s ears. The plug was pressed right against his prostate too. He knew how much that would edge Clint on. He left the plug on medium sparks, pulsing every three seconds. Clint wouldn’t have time to breathe, to relax. He would jerk and spass and whine. He could already feel the man’s cock leaking cum against his thigh.

Turning Clint over, Bucky laid him back on the bed. He’d tied his wrists together, behind his back so the man couldn’t escape. He gripped Clint’s cock and jerked him off, watching the little cum spurt from his cock. He could feel Clint spassing and twitching with every shock from the device. There were already tears in the man’s eyes from the spanking, guaranteed to be sobbing by the time the electrostimulation was over. If, Bucky decided to end it.

“You shouldn’t had bit me, Clint,” Bucky purred, using Clint’s cum as lube to rub across his own still-hard cock. “Should’ve just let fuck your mouth like the slut you are. Now look at the trouble you’re in and Sammy’s not here to save you.” He pulled Clint down by his ankles and turned him around, fixing the man until his head hung off of the bed. “Open up. I’m going to fuck that throat until I’m satisfied. You bite me and that plug goes up to high at every second. We don’t want that, do we?”

Clint’s head shook, the tears dripping down his face. He flinched as the plug shifted and pressed against his prostate. He tried wiggling around, trying to push it out, but Bucky was standing over him with a serious look on his face. Sam might be lenient, but Bucky was not when it came to punishments. “N-no,” he mumbled, his mouth slowly opening.

Sure, Bucky could’ve used a gag to force Clint’s mouth open, but where is the fun in that? He liked to press his cock down the man’s throat and grip his throat in a tight grip. He liked to use his mouth as a flesh light, thrusting his hips harshly in and out of his mouth. He loved the way the man’s throat contacted as he was fucked, gagging. The wet sounds of Clint unable to catch his breath and halfway swallow. He could feel his throat trembling from the abuse, gripping it tighter in his metal hand. His balls struck the man’s face without a car in the word, Bucky grunting with every other thrust.

Oh, this was perfect. This was more Sam could ever want and more. He loved to watch the two play and the dirty deeds they got up to when he wasn’t there to intervene and say maybe Clint was an ass today, but he doesn’t deserve a fist in his ass. Maybe he deserves to sit on the plug chair and have his cock sounded or to watch Sam and Bucky play while he’s tied in the chair. Punishments were just and fair, but Bucky was just cruel. And Sam loved it. He could hear Clint gagging and sobbing with every other breath. He could see, from his position in the window where Clint’s raw hole was trembling and straining around the metal plug in him.

“There we go, there we go. Gonna, gonna…” Bucky groaned out of his nose as he came for the third time, spilling down Clint’s throat. He pulled his cock free, watching the cum spill from his mouth and onto his face. It didn’t help that Bucky slapped the man with his still hardening cock. He could remember a time when he was this horny. Taking the remote, Bucky did amuse himself with turning the plug up to as high as it could go.

Clint’s response was perfect. He screamed and with nothing to gag him, the yowling echoed around the room. He thrashed on the bed, turning left and right. His thighs trembled, legs flailing. Bucky was standing above him, a glint in his eyes as he jerked himself off to the sight of Clint in immense pain from being shocked. His own cock was cumming and drooling from the stimulation. Then the worst thing that could've happened to Clint, did. His face flushed a bright pink from embarrassment, worse than the cum drying on his face. He had pushed hard on the plug. It shot out of him, tearing his hole and ending up on the other side of the bed. Clint rolled over, face in the sheets, sobbing hysterically.

Sam swore he’d never cum so much in his life, then he did at the sight of Clint’s hole shooting the plug out and creating a mess of lube, cum, and piss on the bed. He groaned, not caring who heard him as he fucked into his hand. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could last out here before breaking in and fucking Clint helpless with Bucky. Then it would be Bucky’s turn. It was only fair.

“Is the little baby crying?” Bucky purred, sickly sweet tone to his voice. He stepped forward, closer to the bed. His cock standing up right and pointed right at Clint. The man was whining and gasping for air, legs trying to kick himself away. He didn’t get too far before Bucky jerked him back by his hair. There was a grin on his lips as he slapped Clint’s face with his cock, his fingers letting go of his hair, just to pet through the blonde locks. “Bend over the bed, slut. Wanna see that ruined hole of yours.”

Clint was fast to react, quickly scrambling with his arms still behind his back. He laid face-first against the soiled sheets, his legs spread wide to expose his gasping hole. His eyes widened and no sound came from his parted lips when Bucky shoved his cock into him. The man bottomed out in one harsh thrust, Clint finding the man’s fingers in his hair. He was pulled back by his sensitive locks, Bucky thrusting into him. The sound of skin-meeting-skin every few thrusts rang around the room. A reminder to Clint as Bucky purposely fucked into him and hit his prostate that he was this man’s bitch.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Sam growled, slamming the bedroom door behind him. He’d quickly ran through the house, his long, thick cock bobbing as he did so. It was so goddamn hot to watch Clint being ruined like this through the window, to get off as his two men got off, but he would be damned if he wasn’t going to get to play too. “I’ve cum four times watching you two fuck like rabbits. Its my turn.”

“Sammy! That’s where you been?” Bucky was talking normally, like he hadn’t dropped Clint and was holding the man by the hips now. He thrusted into his worn hole, groaning. He knew Clint was sensitive after being shocked, it made this all the more pleasurable. “Was wondering where you went after the bar.”

“Sam-” Clint’s strangled words came out, face smooshed into the sheets. Bucky’s hand was back in his hair, hushing him.

“You mean after I drugged the two of you? You two said you wanted something different tonight, so I watched you two fuck like rabbits through the window. Hottest shit I’ve seen in my life.” Sam didn’t wait for an answer. He kicked Bucky’s knees, knocking him on top of Clint. The blonde archer groaning as Bucky’s weight fell on top of him. He pulled his hand back, just to smack it across the pale, white cheeks. They jiggled in relatlation.

Bucky yelped as his ass was slapped, hips jerking to fuck into Clint’s gaping hole. He pushed himself up enough to undo the bondage and let Clint get feeling back into his arms before Sam pushed him back down. “What are you-”

“Treating you like how you treated Clint. Now shut up and show me that hole, Barnes.” Sam’s words were nearly harsh as Bucky reached back to pull his cheeks open. Unlike Clint, his hole was sloppy and wet, from having prelubed himself before they went to the bar. Sam pushed his leaking head against that sloppy hole, groaning as he slipped right in. This is what Barnes was made for. To be used as a fuck toy. He didn’t even care if Bucky was still in Clint. He’d fuck him with him, that way both boys’ asses would be filled with cum.

“Fank you,” Clint mumbled against the sheets. He turned his head to the side, groaning when Bucky bit his ear. Now that his tingling hands were free, he was able to gian purchase on the sheets and grip them. It was the only leverage he got as he felt Sam starting to fuck into Bucky. Each thrust the man made, he felt it. Each thrust caused Bucky to thrust into him. It was small, little thrusts, like puppy humping, but damn did it feel good to know Bucky was being used like how he was.

Bucky’s mouth found purchase on Clint’s shoulder. He bit down on the sensitive skin, causing the blonde to moan. Sam was fucking into him like he was a bitch he picked up at the bar. Like he meant nothing to him. Like he was a goddamn hole to be used. And Bucky loved it. He loved the sound of skin-meeting-skin, the way Sam jerked him by his sensitive hair, his free hand often slapping his ass hard. He’d be bruised by morning, they all would, and he loved it. He should be concerned that Sam drugged him, but it only added to the excitement.

Sam wasn’t gentle by any means. He fucked into Bucky’s sloppy hole like he was a toy he’d just won and had no regards to it. He fucked into him like he was some bitch he picked up at the bar and that he deserved to have his anger taken out of. He fucked into him like how he fucked Clint. He abused his hole for his own personal gain. Clint was groaning beneath them, clearly getting off on the fact that Bucky was being used. Bucky was whining and moaning with each thrust, but not for long.

Two fingers slipped in around Sam’s cock, working around the taunt hole. Bucky hissed and his hips jerked hard, clearly trying to escape the pain. Oh, Sam wouldn’t let him. He pulled his hand back and slapped his ass hard, Bucky yelping in pain. The hand found purchase on Bucky’s scarred shoulder, finger fucking him while he thrusted angrily into his hole.

This time, he could feel the orgasm building up. He could feel the pain in his belly, like he’d been denying himself this one for a long, long time. Like he’d edged himself over and over again, until he was ready to burst. His balls were tightening and he was seeing stars in his vision. This was the orgasm to end all orgasms and Sam was not going to deny himself this time. He threw his head back, like a lion that had just killed his prey, moaning in triumph. “Oh, you Brooklyn, bitch.” That’s how you knew it was good, when Sam swore like a damn sailor. He thrusted four more times, spurting rope after rope of cum into Bucky’s ass. He drained every last bit of cum into the man before pulling out harshly and slapping his ass one more time. Cum dripped out of his hole and around Sam’s fingers. But he still wasn’t done. Bucky still had to cum.

Sam was harsh as ever, attacking the man’s prostate. Had he not just orgasmed and it left him sensitive and he was still catching his breath, Sam would’ve jerked off to the sight. Bucky was jerking and crying out as Sam rubbed his prostate hard. He was crying and trying to pull away, but he wouldn’t let him. Not until he came. And when Bucky did, Sam knew. His ass tightened and spurted cum, like he was squirting from both ends. He could see his balls twitching, his cock even more so as he filled Clint’s ass. Satisfied, Sam slapped the man’s rear once more before collapsing on the bed.

Bucky was sobbing into Clint’s shoulder as the orgasm rolled off of him. It wasn’t as satisfying to cum by Sam attacking his prostate, then it was to cum by fucking Clint, but it worked. Dark spots were in his vision as his cock filled the smaller blonde’s ass. He was trembling and whimpered when Sam pulled him out of Clint, just to lay back in his arm, one arm wrapped around his firm abs.

Clint was sobbing the most. His face was a mess of dried cum, snot, and tears. He was leaking cum from both ends and trembling. His legs, his arms, they refused to support him. He didn’t even notice when Sam had gotten up and returned with a warm washcloth to clean his face or the soft kisses both men rewarded him with. He was limp as they cleaned him up and tucked him into bed, right in the middle of the both of them. A soft blanket was wrapped around his body and his peppermint-scented teddy bear was tucked into his arms. Sam laid on his right, snuggling into his shoulder, Bucky on his left, holding him tightly. Clint cried it out until he’d come down from the high, until he was a mess of just tears and exhaustion. His last thoughts as he faded into sleep was his two men, the best boyfriends in the world whispering about how they’d have to do this again and maybe, this time with sounding rods.  

Chapter Text

“Now, what seems to be the problem?” 

The Alpha’s voice was soothing to Bucky’s ears. And it didn’t help that the man was easy on the eyes. Chiseled jawline with soft, baby blue eyes, not to mention that blonde locks that stood in every direction. He could make out where the man had often ran his fingers through it, maybe in frustration or out of habit. Either way, Bucky wanted to touch it. The Alpha was a Doctor, Doctor Steven G. Rogers. He stood a foot taller than Bucky’s smaller form. His shoulders were the damn near the size of the doorway. Any more muscle mass and he’d have to go into doorways sideways. He smelled of cinnamon and sunshine, something that Bucky was trying not to think about too damn much. The question left his mouth dry, trying to find the right...answer.

“Mr. Barnes? James, is it? Are you alright? Do you need to sit down?” Steve was already moving across the room, his white coat flapping behind him. He eased James to sit down on the edge of the bed and smoothed his short, curls out of his face out of habit. Touch was key. Touching kept them personal and kept the Omegas calm. This was a new patient of his, referred from some practitioners across Brooklyn. It seems, this James Barnes was a special case.

Bucky’s mind wasn’t responding, certainly not when Steve sat him down on the exam table nor when he touched him. Not when his chest was so close to his face and all Bucky could think about was snuggling to it. He blinked slowly, aware that Steve’s baby blue eyes were staring down at him, concern written on his face. Finally his brain kicked into gear and he shook his head. “I...I need help.”

Steve snorted, despite his best efforts. He wore a grin on his face, dimples showing on the corner of his lips. “Well,” he sighed, shaking his head. “I assumed that much, James. Your doctor wouldn’t had sent you to me if you didn’t need help. Can you be more specific? I haven’t seen your chart yet, I’m afraid. That’s on my part, normally I’m much more on top of my game.” He picked up the heavy chart, flickering through it. He tried not to focus on the Omega on his table. Bucky, it seems as he liked to be called, smelled of vanilla and cherries. 

“I-I….” Jesus, Barnes, get ahold of yourself. What’s the problem? The guys cute, yeah, but no man who looks like this would not have a mate already. Just focus. Get your problems fixed, then leave. “D-don’t worry about the files, it's a bunch of mess. I just...I’m here for a specific reason. Doctor Banner said you’re the expert on Omega reproduction. I-”

Steve raised an eyebrow at that. “You want to have pups? Are you ready for that, Bucky? That’s a's uncharted territory in both body and mind. What does your Alpha say about it?”

“I don’t have an Alpha and I don’t want pups. Not yet.” Bucky couldn’t help, but to snap and instantly regret it, hanging his head.

Steve’s lips pursed and his own cheeks tinted a soft pink. He scratched at one with the end of his pen, catching on the stubble. “I apologize then. I deal with Omegas all day long whose Alphas...are the traditional knotheads.”

Bucky couldn’t help, but to snort at the word knothead. He liked that word, he’d have to use that later. “Well, you can trust me when I say I don’t want pups and I’m a certified virgin.” His face flushed a bright pink, feeling how warm he was growing underneath the thin, paper gown. As if to ignore what he’d just said, he quickly spoke. “I’m having a problem producing slick. Hormone levels. Dr. Banner referred me to you before he wanted to start me on any treatments.”

Steve was silent for a beat too long. He couldn’t help, but to eye the man through his thick eyelashes. Bucky was the cutest thing he’s seen on two legs. Skinny, but muscle was slowly forming on his still developing body. He peeked at the chart and seen where Banner had noted that Bucky hadn’t even properly presented yet. It was all a guessing game that he was an Omega due to his hormone levels and family history. He snapped the chart shut and set it aside, pulling the white coat off. “Well,” he sighed, out of his nose before taking a deep breath of the Omega. He tried to ignore the shift in his pants and pray that his cock didn’t decide to make a show today, at least not until the Omega was gone. “Let’s start simple, hm? Turn around and present to me. know how to present right?”

Bucky wasn’t sure why he was flushing. Maybe because Steve was clearly checking him out or maybe because the Alpha demanded something of him. His face was only growing warmer. “I know how to present,” he snapped. “I’m not a useless Omega.” Turning over on the exam table, Bucky tucked his knees under him before spreading them. He perfectly exposed his hole and his cock to the man. The position was very revealing, as it should be and he tried not to think about how he was presenting to this very attractive Alpha.

Steve’s breath hitch into his throat when he saw the man easily follow his directions. Well, they could check that one off the list. Now, it seems both Bucky and Banner were right. Bucky’s hole was dry as a desert. Most Omegas, especially those Bucky’s age would be leaking by now. If anything, a little damp. Bucky’s wasn’t. His hole wasn’t even trembling. He smelled sweet, so the scent was there, why not the slick? His cock was large for an Omega, but not by much. If Steve had to guess, it was four inches and slick. More for show than use. It was adorable, if you asked him.

Snapping on a pair of gloves and grabbing the warming lube, Steve stood behind the Omega. He pressed one hand into the small of his back to keep him still, the other rubbing the lube along the man’s hole. He heard the Omega’s breath hitch as his index finger slowly slid inside. The Omegas cock sure enough twitched from that, pre already leaking from his head. Omega or not, he was certainly a bottom. “Tell me if I hurt you, little one. There will be some pressure. Just one finger for now. If I need to look inside, we’ll use the speculum.”

Bucky squeaked for many reasons. One) Steve’s finger was inside of him, pressing against his tight, warm, velvet walls. Two) the man had threatened to use the spectrum. No thank you. Those things looked painful. “I’d rather avoid that at all possibility, s-sir.”

Humming, Steve slowly worked his finger in the man’s hole. A few small thrusts, feeling how the rim tightened, as if to hug his finger. God, he was tight. He tried not to think of how good this man would feel around his knot. “We’ll try to, but if I need to use it, I will. I’ll make it pleasurable as possible, Mr. Barnes. Hold your breath, I’m going to work in a second finger.”

The second finger was a bit harder, even with lube. He was able to slowly thrust and press along the rim before his second finger was added. This Omega had never taken anything up his ass before and that was clear to the doctor while he slowly fingered and scissored his hole. “Let see…”

The sounds escaping his mouth were perfectly okay, right? Because it felt good. Sure, it burned some, to have his rim stretched, but that just added to the pleasure. The feel of Steve scissoring his fingers into him was causing his cock to twitch. He almost wanted to reach between his legs and stroke his damn cock. Least he could do was get an orgasm out of being embarrassed like this. 

The next sound to escape Bucky’s lips was between a strangled cry for help and pleasure. His hips jolted forwards, stars appearing in his vision when Steve brushed over his prostate. His nerves felt on fire and his goddamn cock spurted cum. Steve must’ve been quick because a cup was underneath his cock while his damn prostate was rubbed in soothing circles. “Oh God...oh God.” Bucky was panting, nails digging into the paper on the exam table. He felt something building up in his chest and he didn’t like that. It felt like he was going to explode and the sensation was quickly moving down south. He better not shit on this doctor. That would be his luck.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Steve hummed, continuing rubbing circles. He applied a bit more lube and was able to work a third finger in. Poor thing hadn’t been stretched his entire life and now he was going to be stretched now, all in one sitting. “Plenty of omegas cum during my prostate exam. I can say that your prostate needs to be stimulated. Its swollen, James. That’s not good for you. When’s the last time you ever pleasured yourself?”

Like he was a goddamn cow, Steve had wrapped his free hand around Bucky’s cock and slowly jerked him off. Fingers expertly curled around his length, slowly pulling it down to drain into the cup. There was already a sizeable amount and Bucky was struggling to think right now. “Uh...few months ago. I don’t get the urge often. I..” He whimpered against when another small orgasm built up in him, spurting even more cum into the cup.

Steve hummed in response, lips pursed. He pulled his hand away from Bucky and inspected the dribble of cum on his fingertips. Rather he cared if Bucky saw or not, Steve cleaned his finger with his pink tongue. He saw Bucky shudder at the sight while he licked his lips. Bitter. This poor thing was still a virgin. Was he even around Alphas? That would throw his scent and hormones off. “You poor thing.”

Bucky was a mess. A moaning, whining mess while the fingers of some hot doctor thrusted in and out of his aching hole and attacked his prostate with every thrust. He was almost sobbing out of relief and embarrassment. His cock had betrayed him, leaking cum into the glass down below. Steve had mentioned something about samples and sending this off to the lab. He made sure to note how heavy the sample was and that just made Bucky even more embarrassed. To make matters worse for the young Omega, he was starting to feel the build up again. Right in his gut.

“Here we go.” Steve’s voice cut through Bucky’s thoughts as he squeezed some more lube into the Omega’s gaping hole. Sure, it wasn’t a large gape, but for something so small previously, it was a nice size. The lube was designed to arouse Omegas, to get them on edge. If anything could stimulate slick, it was this.

Pushing his three fingers back inside, Steve had to hold back his own groan when he heard how wet the man was with lube. He tried to be gentle as he rubbed over his prostate again, feeling how much smaller it had shrunk. That was good. They were getting somewhere. With his free hand, he pushed down on Bucky’s shoulder, keeping him still. His own jeans were growing tighter at this point and bulge was going to be noticeable. He’d have to take a break after this and please himself. “Just relax, okay? Let go of all your tension. This might feel weird and might hurt even, but we’re getting somewhere.”

Bucky’s breath was coming in panicked gasps. Stars were in his vision. He had to close his eyes and try to do as the doctor asked. His shoulders sunk down to the sheets and his ass was forced higher in the air. He took in a deep breath and relaxed himself. A warming sensation was growing in his wet ass, like Steve had held up a heating lamp to him. It was warm and wet. The pressure was building up as Steve finger fucked him as hard as he dared. Attacking his bundle of nerves.

“You-” Steve’s words were cut off when Bucky tensed again, feeling his hole tighten around his fingers. Bucky was shuddering and moaning. He was rocking back onto his fingers like some, little minx. He was having a God-honest orgasm on his fingers and it was the hottest thing Steve had ever seen. He leaned in closer to the man’s ass, to sniff at it. To smell the sweet, sweet slick that now was dribbling out of his ass. It glistened along his hole and cheeks, dripping down to the sheets. Oh, this man was like a faucet. He was one of those Omegas.

“You’re slicking, baby doll. Look at you. You just needed some stimulation. I-” Steve hadn’t stopped his fingers. In fact, he was damn near punch-thrusting them inside the now sloppy hole. He loved the wet sound of his ass trying to tighten around his fingers. That didn’t surprise him. What did was the second that he started to attack his prostate again, slick shot out of Bucky’s ass. He was squirting and it wasn’t just a little squirt like he was used to. This was gushing squirting. It hit him square in the face and dripped down his chest. He was aware of Bucky yowling like a cat in heat while he squirted all over the doctors face.

Then the Omega just stopped. He had a dopey smile on his face, not even one bit embarrassed about what was done. Steve pulled his fingers free and slowly peeled the gloves off. He grabbed at a paper towel to clean his face off, lips licking over the sweet slick. Bucky still squirted a tad bit, but as Steve watched the Omega, he was starting to pass out. Overstimulate. That’s how he liked it.

When Bucky woke up, feeling sore in every part of his body, he tried to remember what had happened. Hot Alpha Doctor. Steve. Fingering his ass. Squirting. Oh God. He squirted on a doctor. On Steve. He squirted in his face and… Where was Steve? He sat up to find himself still in the power gown, in a cleaner room. His clothes laid perfectly folded on a chair and note sat on top of it. Padding across the room, Bucky picked up the note.

Bucky -

I hope you’re feeling better after our ordeal. Its unorthodox for me to stay in the room with you while you were passed out. Overstimulate. You deserved that rest, you took a lot today. Three whole fingers and squirting, not to mention the cup and half of cum you presented for me. I have no doubt that you’ll make a future mate happy. You’ll be happy to note that you are an Omega. Your hormone levels are rising and steady [I took some blood samples while you were asleep] and you're producing slick like a proper Omega.

That being said, it is unorthodox for me to ask this, but what the hell. Would you like to go on a date with me? I promise not to mention how you squirted in my face nor how adorable you looked like on my table.

Dr. Steven G. Rogers

Chapter Text

“Are you comfortable?” Steve purred down to Sam. His blonde eyebrow rose at the question, furrowing his brow. The freckles, like little sun kisses across his cheeks lit up when he walked in front of the yellow light of the only lamp in the room. It gave the room a warm glow to it and left Sam somewhat in the dark. He couldn’t turn to move his head to follow Steve around the room, like he wanted to. Steve had left him in quite the situation.

Sam was tied up in a particular style, the white ropes clashing with his skin. Hey, Steve liked to see his work, thank you very much. The knots were elegantly done and it had taken Steve weeks to learn this particular knot. Sam was tied to secure pegs in the ceiling, meaning the rope was the only thing keeping him suspended. The knots and rope outlined his pecs, to a star design on his soft, furry tummy, all the way down to his thighs. One rope thrown over the peg secured his leg, forcing it up, to expose his well-lubed hole. His head secured in place by a few knots. His wrists were bound behind his back, leaving little room to move. These knots were special. Anytime Sam dare so moved, rather it was a twitch of his suspended leg or a tug of his wrists, the ropes tightened. It was designed to tighten all over, but most of it focused on his throat. Of course, Steve wasn’t a sadist, he knew when to stop, not wanting his boyfriend to choke to death.

Steve’s torture didn’t end with the ropes. How could it? He was a devious, little man with a big cock. The scrawny blonde grinned as he stroked over his aching, heavy cock. Almost too thick to stand up on its own, so it dropped between his thighs. He’s been told it was far too big for his size, but Steve didn’t care. He liked that it was the biggest thing about him and he hadn’t heart Sam complain yet. On Sam’s body were two metal clamps over his sensitive nipples, more skin than nipple to ensure he wasn’t hurting too much. A thin wire ran down to his cock, where a sounding rod, the size of a pencil was eased down his well-lubed cock. The wire continued to where two clamps rested along his balls before ending there. There was a receptor that sat on the dresser, this being of Stark’s design. And Stark liked mobility, so Steve had the remote in hand. Electrostimulation. Sam loved and hated it so much.

“Sammy, I asked you a question.” Steve purred walking to the man’s head. His fingers ghosted over his cheek, like he was a damn dog. “You don’t want to keep me waiting, do you?” When the man did answer, Steve pressed on the remote in hand. He’d set the electric settings low, pulsing just barely when he pressed the button. Of course, he could amp it up, to pulse every few seconds if he pleased, but that wasn’t the goal right now. The goal wasn’t to torture Sammy. It was to please him and use him. It was Steve’s night after all.

Sam swallowed the whimper before it could escape. He tried not to flinch when the remote was clicked, associating it with being shocked. And of course he was. He could feel the low pulse in his nipples, pulsating all the way down to his cock. His cock twitching in response and his balls aching. His brown eyes flashed up to Steve’s baby blue ones, taking in the scrawny man. He was so aroused and so afraid to be at his mercy after his night last week where Steve was fucked raw on the balcony, ice and cold water constantly touching his cock. He couldn’t get hard for hours. This was revenge and he knew it. “Comfortable as one can be in this situation, s-sir.”

The answer must not have satisfied Steve, because the blonde picked up his cock, just to slap the man across the face with it. Steve groaned at the sound and sensation, looking down at Sam’s flushed face. “Why don’t we make you even more comfortable, darling?” Sweetness laced his voice, almost like acid. Picking up a metal plug, Steve hummed to himself as he walked down to Sam’s legs. His perky hole was quivering, almost begging to be filled and who was Steve to deny Sam what he wanted? He pressed the small, metal plug inside of Sam, listening to the man hissed at the contraction of cold to his warm skin before it popped in with a wet sound. Taking the end of the wire, Steve secured it around the plug and pressed the button again. His hole jerking and Sam’s cursing told him the electrostimulation was working perfectly in his ass.

“I think it’s my turn to have some fun, Sammy. My cock’s getting cold. In fact, its been cold since last week. I can’t get it warm. I think I know the perfect place to warm it.” When Sam’s thighs twitched, indicating he was trying to open his legs, to allow more access to his wet ass, Steve laughed. The guy was choking himself, given the way his breath hitched. “No, no, my darling. Not there.” He was back at Sam’s head, shifting the man so instead of laying on his side, he was laying on his back, head hanging down. Perfect view if you asked Steve. He picked up his heavy cock, balls already aching as he rubbed the leaking head along Sam’s plush lips.

The man’s mouth is wet and warm and Steve almost loses it there. His eyes slide close and a growl escapes the back of his throat. He doesn’t wait for Sam to give the okay. The thrusts his hips forward, sinking his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. Until he bottoms out, his balls striking the man in his face. His eyes open to take in the bulge in Sam’s throat, feeling him swallow and gag around it. He’s breathing through his nose. It's a beautiful, beautiful sight that Steve doesn’t want to end.

Steve tasted like bitter precum and sweat. He could taste every inch of the man as he fucked down his throat. Sam gagged every few inches, but Steve wasn’t going to give up. He was going to force his too-large cock for his size, down his goddamn throat. And Sam loved it. He loved feeling his throat stretched and used in his manner. He loved to choke. He loved how Steve used him. However, he didn’t like the fact that Steve was using the goddamn remote now. He could see it flashing in his left hand, watching his thumb turn the dial. His throat contracted as he yelped when a heavy shock ran through his body. His ass tightened around the plug, his cock twitching from the sensation. It happened again and again, enough for tears to run down his face. And Steve wasn’t stopping.

Another growl escaped his lips when Sam’s throat contracted, unable to properly scream from the shocking sensation. He loved how tight and warm he felt around him. He loved how warm his cock finally felt. “Fuck, fuck, baby,” Steve hummed, his right hand reaching out to grip Sam’s tight tightly. “Yeah, you feel it, don’t you? Shocking. Get used to it. Gotta keep that throat tight for me.” His hips pulled back, until the head of his cock was just in the man’s mouth before thrusting hard down his throat. The sound of skin-meeting-skin, the sensation of warmth and tightness around his cock, and his heavy balls striking Sam in the face told Steve was he was not going to last long. That didn’t matter. They had all night, after all and Steve’s sex drive was impeccable.

“That’s it, that’s it.” Steve was grunting and groaning all kinds of words. All fell on deaf ears to Sam. All he could hear was his own gagging while Steve used his mouth like a fleshlight. He could feel the long, limbered, artist fingers curling around his throat, cutting off air every few seconds just to fuck into him. Steve would pull out every few minutes, let Sam catch his breath, but not much breathing was done when in those moments Steve had turned the electrostimulation to max. His body would twitch and his raw throat would try to yell, but no sounds escaped. Then Steve was back to thrusting his throat.

Setting the stimulation to a step below max, Steve tossed the remote on the bed. This told Sam that the stimulation was there to stay. He didn’t stop thrusting. He had gripped the ropes to push and pull Sam in contrast with his thrusts, using him like a toy. His thrusts were hard and mean. He was growling and snarling, like a pure animal above Sam while he fucked his throat.

This was going to end too soon and Steve was not prepared. He couldn't help it. Sam’s mouth was so pure, so good. So fucking good. His muffled screams from the stimulation was just edging him on more and more. He could see Sam’s cock twitching hard, threatening to cum around the rod in him. He wasn’t going to cum first. Not unless he wanted a fist up that ass in retaliation.

“That’s it. God, you got the perfect mouth for fucking. Just a little bitch. Take daddy’s cock, Sammy. Take it.” The words were growing more and more vulgar, a show of how close Steve was. He was practically panting and groaning above Sam. His balls were throbbing, tightening. His stomach ached, a burning sensation filling him. His nerves were burning, on fire. This orgasm was coming and it was coming in fast.

There was no warning as Sam’s mouth was full of bitter cum. No warning as Steve slammed his hips into Sam’s mouth one final time, cum leaking down the back of his throat.

Steve pulled out, blinking and panting hard. Black spots had appeared in his vision and his legs grew weak from such an orgasm. Sam was choking below him, gasping for air as cum leaking onto his face and up his nose. He spat up what cum was left in his mouth.

His throat was raw and aching. He couldn’t breathe. Cum leaked from Steve’s cock and onto his face, the man smearing it with the head of his cock and slapping him with it. He choked and struggled to breathe properly. He would be lucky if he could talk tomorrow or even move his jaw. Steve had certainly done a number on him. At this point, the electrostimulation had left him raw and numb. At this point, he didn’t even want to cum. He just wanted a shower and a warm bed.

Smiling sweetly, Steve turned the electricity off and started to slowly undo the bonds. Sam crumbled to the cushions beneath him, looking like a properly dazed out sub with the cum drying on his face. He caught Sam and knelt down beside him, using a wet washcloth to wipe the cum from his face. He’d have to remove the clamps and rod soon. “That wasn’t so hard, now was it?”

Sam chased after the man’s face, pressing a tender kiss to his lips. He tucked his face along the scrawny man’s neck, breathing his scent in while his body came down from this high. He hadn’t even noticed Steve slowly removing the clamps from his nipples, rubbing feeling back into them. Or the rod coming out of his numb cock. “Just you wait,” Sam grumbled, eyes sliding close. “It's my turn next week. And I have even worse planned for you.”

Chapter Text

“Thor...what is this?” This being that their bed now had a plastic sheet over it. The bed side table had been cleared of the books that Steve had been reading, even the lamp was gone. Replacing the books were several instruments. Several, metal rods varying in sizes, ropes, clamps, a too-small cock cage, and several other instruments. Regardless, it did not look fun. What caught his attention the most was Thor’s hammer resting on the table, lube, and a condom beside it.

Steve turned around to face the beefy man, aware that Thor was looking down at him with a glint in his eyes. Thor’s hands came to his shoulder, squeezing and rubbing the nape of his neck. Attempting to comfort him. “What are you-”

The words didn’t get to finish escaping Steve’s mouth because in that moment, Thor’s knee jerked up and struck Steve right in the balls. The large blonde instantly went down and groaned, falling back onto the bed. He cupped his balls, gasping through the pain. Thor simply smirked, pulling his hair into a neat bun on the top of his head. He climbed on top of Steve, just to knee him again and again.

Steve couldn’t even speak through the pain. Odd, airy gasps escaped his lips and he held onto his balls. Thor finally let him go, where he rolled on the bed and let out a sob. Serum or not, Steve still felt pain and holy shit did this hurt. “What...what…”

“You were drunk last night,” Thor said simply, standing above Steve. As if this explained everything perfectly. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it in the hamper, reaching down to jerk Steve’s shirt off of him. “Asgardian ale. Never seen a man so plastered.”

That explained the hangover he had this morning. And why shouldn’t he drink? They were celebrating. Thor and Steve had been together for three years now. It was a call for celebration. He remembered Thor telling him to drink more and more until… Steve couldn’t remember. He whimpered as the man dropped him back to the bed, shivering at the cool air. Did he have JARVIS lower the temperature? “ told me to. You said it was fine.” Still, he didn’t move, curled up, trying to protect his aching balls now. Underneath his cupped hands, he could feel how hard his cock was.

“Oh, it was fine, Steven.” The way Thor said his full name, it caused Steve to shiver. “It was more than fine. I enjoyed watching you drunk. I learned so much about you, more than I have when you’re sober.” Still wearing his leather pants, Thor jerked Steve’s slacks off of him. The button went flying as he pulled the slacks off with his boxers. The sight of his red and slightly swollen balls greeted Thor. He jerked Steve’s hand away and rolled him onto his back. His large, warm fingers curled around the man’s balls. He squeezed them hard, Steve squeaking.

“What-what- stop.” Steve was trying to scramble away, but any attempts of doing so caused more pain. He was half sobbing, taking in airy breaths. Anything to escape the pain. He jerked his hips and whined, his cock betraying him by hardening.

“I don’t think I will. Do you know why, Steven?” When Steve shook his head, Thor’s hand finally let go, just to squeeze his cock like he was strangling the life out of a snake. “Because you know you love this. You expressed much interest in torturing your cock and balls. Something about how Lady Carter used to step on yours with her heels and how you came instantly. I tend to replicate that. Just in my style. And we’re not stopping until I’ve decided you’ve had enough. Feel free to call out for JARVIS or help. The team has been alerted and JARVIS knows to not answer your calls, unless he believes things are...severe.”

Steve’s head fell back to the bed, back arching as Thor picked him up by his cock, doing anything to relieve the pressure. He let out a sobbing gasp and gripped the sheets under him. His entire lower body ached. It was nothing compared to Thor kneeing him again and again and again.

Each time Thor jerked his knee back, he grunted. There was a clear bulge in his pants, because this got him off too. Thor didn’t stop until Steve was a sobbing mess, his balls nice and swollen. And this was only the start.

Steve definitely didn’t like the look in the man’s eyes when he pulled away and crawled over him, his crotch in his face. The bulge covered his nose and mouth, causing it difficult to breathe through the pure leather pants. Thor was pleasuring himself, humping at his face before coming back with a rope. “What’s...that?”

Thor laughed, a chuckle in the back of his throat. He settled back and grabbed at Steve’s wrists. He tied the blonde to the bed, the ropes digging into his wrists and ankles. It left his crotch exposed and unable to shield himself when Thor decided to do whatever sadist motive he had next. “Rope, my darling. To make sure that you don’t wiggle away while I stick my finger down your urethra.” He laughed, a dark noise in the back of his throat as he finished tightening the rope. Satisfied with his work, Thor flicked Steve’s throbbing cockhead with a grin.

Steve whined, blinking hard. Tears burned his eyes at the sensation, it being no worse than the kneeing, but at least it was a sharp pain rather than, harsh, blunt one over and over again. Tonight was going to be a long night and Thor proved that with padded clamps. “Thor...Thor, what is that...what are you… ARG!”

Steve’s cry to the roof, pulling on the bonds and hips thrusting to the ceiling was music to Thor’s ears. He’d laid the clamp over the man’s sensitive tesitcles, two on either side. withering on the bed caused the bed to tremble and the headboard threaten to snap. Squeezing Steve’s cock, Thor made soothing noises in the back of his throat. “Poor baby. Did that hurt? Did daddy hurt you? Just breathe through it.”

Despite his wording, Thor wasn’t helping. He squeezed the man’s cock over and over, harsh squeezed in his rough, calloused hands before letting go. Just to crush it again. Enough to strangle noises out of Steve’s plush lips. He looked so pretty when he cried like this. His thick eyelashes clumped together with tears, the tears leaving stains on his pretty, flushed face. His baby blue eyes turning a shade of red from the strain. Thor couldn’t be in more love here.

Tugging on the clamps hard, Thor stretched the man’s balls. Of course, not as much as they could be stretched. Not yet, at least. He pulled the clamps off, pulling and pulling to stretch the skin until it tugged off, taking a few stray hairs with it. Poor Stevie was as hairless as a newborn child on his testicles, something Thor enjoyed when it came to teasing the Captain.

If he thought the camps were bad enough over just part of his testicals, then he really wouldn’t like what Thor had next. Of course, Thor had thought about using a ball stretcher, but Steve was too wiggly and it wouldn’t give him the effect he wanted. Besides, if he wanted, he could just use his hands. If Thor had to describe what was in his hands, he’d say it looked like a tube you pushed sausage out of. One end had a crank, on top of the cranks, in the clear cylinder were dull, large spikes. On the other end of the tube was a locking mechanism and this is what Thor slid over Steve’s balls. He had to stuff them painfully into the chamber, Steve whimpering above him.

“Hush,” Thor ordered. “That’s gonna feel like heaven, compared to what I’m about to do you to you.” He turned the crank a few times, after locking Steve in. At first, no reaction behind Steve tensing up and looking worried with what held his sensitive balls in place. As Thor started to crank it, every few seconds, Steve reacted and it was such a beautiful reaction. At least enough to make Thor’s cock throb.

Turning his head to left and right, Steve tried to escape the pain, but as they had his balls clamped in, he couldn’t. He couldn’t cry, it hurt that bad. His mouth opened to scream, but no sound came out. His balls were being squeezed and crushed with those metal spikes. They hit all the wrong spots and made his cock throb. It caused his thighs to tremble and Thor wasn’t stopping. Worst was hearing the crank, hearing metal grinding on metal, each sound squeezing his balls tighter and tighter. Steve thought they were going to burst.

Thor just stopped. He looked satisfied with his word, his balls damn well ready to bust out of that contraption. They were turning a nice shade of burgundy, soon to turn blue if he left them in there. And he might, for now. The blonde’s head was weeping pre and Thor knew he’d cum if he dare so touched him. So that’s why he didn’t, instead he flicked his head again and turned the crank one last time. This one caused Steve to let out a painful gasp, causing him to openly weep. Oh the poor thing and they were only just starting.

Thor left Steve like that for a little while, padding around the room. He combed his hair, just to braid it the way his mother taught him, down his spine. That took a whole fifteen minutes, despite it could’ve been done in five. Then he went to the closet and pulled out an IV bag and line, giving Steve a wink. The man would like this. He always had an...inflation kink, given the serum. Or so Thor thought. They’d figure it out later.

It felt like a lifetime to Steve, when Thor finally removed the ball crusher. His poor testicles. They were overly sensitive and red. He was sure bleeding. Pissing was not going to be an option for a while. “Th-thank you,” Steve whimpered, unable to catch his sobbing breath.

Thor laughed again. “Oh, don’t think me, Captain. We’ve got a long way to go. I think your balls deserve a break, don’t you?” He rubbed his hand over the man’s testicles, Steve jerking when he felt the fingers over his numb sack. “Maybe, I should focus here.” He moved his hand north, squeezing the head of Steve’s cock hard before removing his hand.

They’d start small.

Picking up the sounding rod case, Thor grabbed at a syringe that looked like a small version of a caulk gun. He didn’t even talk to Steve because he liked Steve’s reaction. Peeling the man’s head back, he exposed his weeping slit. He heard Steve’s gasp as he slid the blunt, plastic tip down the head of his cock. Steve strained, because as far as Thor knew, his cock had never been spread open like this. Well, it was time to learn new things.

Cold lube was pushed down the head of his cock, dripping down inside. It spilled over, like the Captain had pissed himself. He was resilient yet, but by the end of the night, Thor was sure that his bladder will break down. Jerking his cock off, like this was normal, Thor grinned as he grabbed at a sounding rod. It was small, just for beginners, but it was a start. He was nice enough to warm it in his hand before easing it down the man’s cock. Easing, wasn’t the word he should use. He shoved it in, all in one go, blowing open his urethra. The Captain could heal better than anyone could, he’d be fine.

Steve cursed in several languages as his piss hole was forced open by the metal rod. He cursed and tried to pull his cock away but that did no good. White, hot, stabbing pain filled his cock and all he wanted to do was take the damn rod out. Of course, Thor wouldn’t allow that. Insead of taking it out, he was fucking Steve on it. Slow, small thrusts that just reminded him how much this hurt.

And it only got worse for poor Stevie.

Once satisfied that Steve could take the rod without too much damage, Thor grabbed the next size up. He was nice enough to add a bit more lube to cock and rod before easing it down Steve’s cock. This time, he did ease it. He fucked the man’s cock in slow, even thrusts, inching his way down. He didn’t stop. Not when Steve whined, not when he cursed, not when he even tried to pull away. Because Steve knew he loved the pain. He deserved this. And maybe, maybe the God of Thunder just was playing it safe.

Thor’s crystal clear blue eyes, a flash of difference to Steve’s baby blue, met the blonde’s. There was a smile on his face as he gripped the tip of the rod that poked from Steve’s cock. He said nothing as he continued to stare into the man’s eyes. Blue lightning jolted from his fingertips and were cascaded down the rod.

Steve’s scream was heaven on his ears. The man screamed to the heavens and his back arched. Lightning had shot down his cock, causing the rod to vibrate in him and shock his poor, sensitive gential from the inside out. It was electrostimulation, but worst. So much worst. And Steve was sobbing from it. Oh the pretty tears running down his cheeks, his eyelashes clumping together. He looked beautiful.

“Thor...Thor, please…” Steve was begging, his throat raw from screaming. He couldn’t scream again as Thor shocked him. He just whimpered and flinched.

“Beg, Steven. I want to hear you beg me to stop. Unless…” He shocked Steve’s cock once more before reaching under to the man’s balls and gripping them tightly. Steve’s squeak turned to a sobbing gasp as lightning shocked them.

“Please! Please! Stop. Thor. Please. I will do anything. Just...stop. Stop torturing my cock. Just-” Steve didn’t even get to finish as Thor pulled the rod out. Cum, piss, and lube leaked from his head and Steve was sobbing gratefully. Barely able to catch his breath. The poor thing. If only Thor had sympathy for him.

They were far from over.

Dragging the IV line over, Thor held up the large needle. He knew about Steve’s past, how he was poked and prodded as a sick child, to even more poked and prodded after the serum. So his dislike of needles were....understandable. Besides, this would feel like heaven compared to what was ahead.

Rubbing over the man’s testicles, as if to soothe them. He pressed the needle along the skin, careful about where he hit. He just needed the skin, not the sack. The needle slipped in with ease, earning a hiss from Steve before the larger man reached back and undid the clasp to let the saline flow through.

“I read about this online. Inflation with saline. It's perfectly safe in moderation, so meaning you can handle lots. It's not harmful, long as we don’t constantly do it. It makes your balls so much larger, your cock too, but I think today I want to focus on those balls. You’ll piss the saline out over the course of two days. Let’s just see how big you get.” Thor was humming as he adjusted the IV to hang over the bed. He bent over and pressed a kiss to Steve’s sweaty forehead before retreating away.

This time, Thor left him alone for over an hour. In that time, Steve caught his breath and calmed down. He was too exhausted to think, to bother to try to pull out of the bonds. Thor would just put him back in it. He got to watch his ballsack swell. They were, beofrehand the size of golfballs, but they were swelling to the size of softballs. And it ached, some due to the abuse before, they were stretched and sensitive. He got to watch his cock settle along his balls, drooling pre from his exposed slit.

Thor made a pleasuring noise when he came back, clamping the IV and removing the needle from Steve. He rubbed over the man’s balls and came a solid thwack with his hand. Steve jolted and moaned. “They swelled up to a nice size. When I did mine, they swelled to a small watermelon. I enjoyed rubbing those on your face while you were asleep. Pissed all over you too.” The man grinned as he walked back to the table, carefully choosing what he wanted next.

Now the fun began.

Rolling Steve over, Thor had him on his hands and knees. His balls hung heavily between him, cock pointed down. He was still oozing lube and piss and Thor loved it. Now, Steve couldn’t see what he had, but he must’ve felt the cold metal. He thought he’d enjoy that next to his warm body. This was called a humbler. It was designed to hold his balls and keep him on his hands and knees by laying on his thighs, pulling his balls away from his cock. Thor clamped it shut, tightening it with two pegs and locking him in place. His balls were nice and swollen with the saline and tingling red from being held into place. Steve wouldn’t even be able to sit or get up, he’d be in a constant exposed position.

Picking up a paddle with spikes on the end, Thor grinned. He rubbed the wooden side over Steve’s chubby ass cheeks before pulling back and striking hard. The sound of his skin being struck by the wood made him moan. His ass was already turning red. He did that three more times per cheek before the fourth time, striking him hard with the spikes. They dug into his skin and left welts, one to two bleeding from breaking the skin. Steve screamed and swore as Thor did that over and over again. Until….

Until he pulled back and swung down on the man’s swollen testicles like he was an Ice Giant waiting to be beheaded.

Steve couldn’t even scream. He couldn’t move. The humble left him in a position where his legs were in place. If he jolted forward, he pulled on his sack. Somehow, this was worse than the ball crushing. It hurt worse than he could describe. The spikes dug into his sack and pulled at the sensitive, swollen skin. He sobbed with each smack. One, two, three, five times, until Thor seemed satisfied. His cock had jolted piss out of his head, soaking into the sheets.

Gripping Steve’s cock, Thor squeezed. He rubbed the spiked end of the paddle over the man’s cock with a grin, but he didn’t hit it. Steve pissing himself was more than enough. “So, it begins.” He let go of his cock, the length bobbing between Steve’s thighs.


“Rogers, if I wanted you to beg, I would tell you to. Now hush, this is for your own good.”

Thor was bored with the man’s cock and balls. Any more and he might permanently damage them. Now, he was just focused on that puckered hole. Stretched from the number of times he’s fucked him. And Thor’s fucked Steve in any position you can imagine, raw and lubed. He loved raw, because Steve’s gasps as his hole was stretched and burned made his blood sing. He loved the bloody mess at the end, just to do it again in an hour, thanks to the man being healed.

Now, Thor was just wanting to torture that hole and simple fisting wouldn’t do. He’d have to go psychological for a bit.

Picking up an enema kit, a basic looking IV bag, but made of rubber, Thor let Steve watch him as he added warm water to it. The end had been replaced with a large, hollow plug. A rounded tip on it, meaning Thor would have to shove it inside nice and hard. He grinned at Steve’s reddening face, knowing what was to come. “You’re gonna make such a mess.”

“Thor...Thor, no. I-I can’t…”

“And why can’t you?”

“I just-”

“Afraid to shit yourself? Well, I think you took care of that this morning. I don’t want to get dirty, Steven. You’re just being selfish. Now hush up.”

Kneeling behind Steve, Thor rubbed over the man’s bleeding cheeks. Not too bad of work, given the paddle. Next time, he’d try the riding crop. Next time, Steve would be in for a whirlwind of pain. Taking a little lube, Thor had some mercy and rubbed it along Steve’s rim before pressing the plug against it. There was a strain, the ring of muscle not wanting to cooperate and when that happened, Thor did what he always did. He used force. He popped the plug inside with a final shove, feeling Steve shuddering above him. He ran his fingers along the man’s spine with a warm hum. “We’re not even to the best part, Stevie.”

A flick of the man’s fingers and Steve could feel water rushing inside of him. Thor had the courtesy at least to make it warm, instead of the freezing cold he liked to do. Still, his hole ached from being forced open in such a manner and having his stomach stretching out to a painful point was not his idea of a good time. He hated the feel of the water sloshing around in him, expanding his stomach to look like he was pregnant. Thor enjoyed it, because Steve was miserable. Because he could press down ever so slightly and cause Steve to squeak as he reminded him how much he wanted to release it. It was building up, causing his stomach to cramp. He had to go. Had to force it out and Thor was waiting for it too.

“You know what I want you to do,” Thor whispered in his ear, nibbling on the man’s earlobe. “I shouldn’t have to ask, Steven. You don’t want me asking.” Thor’s fingertips lit with the blue lightning and he could see Steve cringe at the sight, his cock twitching before the man’s head hung down to the bed and his ass rose in the air.

Walking around to Steve’s backside, Thor laid one solid smack on the bruised and bloodied cheeks. He watched Steve’s hole quiver, stretched around the plug. It was a beautiful sight, watching the plug move, shifting slowly out of that hole. Least the nub was, until he got to the beautiful, rounded end. It wasn’t too big, impossible to push out, but it would mean it would hurt. It would stretch that raw rim and Thor couldn’t wait to see it blown open. Steve loved to be embarrassed like this, or else he wouldn’t do it. “Push, Stevie. One solid push.”

Steve groaned, biting into the pillow. It hurt, pushing like this. It hurt worse knowing that Thor was watching a glance back at told him the God of Thunder was rubbing his crotch at the sight. He was gonna cum in those pants if he wasn’t careful. The blonde’s eyes closed as he took in a deep breath and relaxed. Just relax. Just one solid push and this would be over. He pushed hard, his cock straining beneath him. He was still somehow pissing the bed, straining and straining until… POP!

The plug had shot out of him in one solid push, water squirting out of his painful, raw hole like he was a fire hydrant. Steve was sobbing with relief, from the pain. He was trembling heavily as the pressure was released and he squirted over the back of his thighs, his enlarged balls, and soaked the bed with his vile water. Worst of all, his goddamn cock was oozing cum. Fuck, it had felt that good.

“See? I told you, you’d like it. Now you’re clean for Daddy.” Thor’s thumb hooked inside of Steve’s rim, pulling hard to the left before letting go causing Steve to whimper. Picking up his hammer, Thor weighed it in hand. He looked down at Steve, the backside of him. The poor thing had no idea what was in store. Steve had told Thor when he was drunk, he wanted to be pressed to the limit and well, tonight he would be.

Thor didn’t bother using lube, no Mjolnir, deserved to be felt and used in her full glory. No barrier of lube around her. He didn’t even bother to tell Steve either, just circling the hilt of the hammer around his rim before plunging in.

Steve’s cry didn’t happen because of the cold hammer sinking into his ass. It happened from the electricity flowing through him. Every nerve was on fire, singing. His eyes rolled into the back of his head at such a state. And Thor, oh no, Thor did not stop. He was grunting above Steve as he fucked him on his hammer harshly. And the sounds milking from Steve had turned from crying and sobbing to moaning.

“That’s it, Steven. I knew you’d like this. Being used by my hammer. Knew you’d like to be made into the whore you need to be.” Thor pulled the hammer out, only to fish his aching cock, the full twelve inches and thick bearings, too heavy to stand on its own. He plunged it into Steve’s hole, finding it stretched and wet from the enema. Oh no, he didn’t stop there. And why should he? Steve had no limits and Thor was determined to find them. Taking the hammer, Thor used his free hand to pull at Steve’s rim, pulling it taut and tight before easing the hammer in.

Steve couldn’t make a sound. He could tell the man he was in so much pain or beg him to stop, because he didn’t want him to. He felt empty without his nerves being on fire. He felt cold without Thor’s warmth filling him. His cock was a blessing and Steve was thankful to take every inch of it. He trembled as the hammer joined the man’s cock, double fucking him. It was so much better than Thor’s fist could ever be. The cock filled him, but his hammer’s hilt hit all the right points. Despite his balls being slapped by Thor’s with every thrust, his cock twitching and drooling constant cum or piss at this point, Steve was in heaven. This is what heaven was - being used by your boyfriend who was the God of Thunder.

Gripping Steve’s hips in both hands, Thor’s grip was determined to leave bruises behind. He fucked Steve in a menacing way that meant he only cared about his pleasure. He fucked Steve in a way that told the blonde he was nothing more than a toy that Thor was going to use to get off. His lips peeled back into a snarl as he fucked into Steve. Thrusting as hard as he could, causing the bed to shake and tremble beneath him, threatening to collapse if they fucked any harder. Steve’s ass was the perfect home for his cock. It was stretched, but still tight enough to pleasure Thor. And that’s what mattered, his pleasure. He would be damned if he spent all this time torturing Steve and not get off.

Snatching one hand out, Thor gripped at Steve’s hair, pulling him back until he practically sat on both cock and hilt. He could feel the man’s warm, inflated balls pressing against his. And fuck, if that didn’t drive him insane. Steve’s whimper as his hair was pulled back was beautiful, a grin on the larger blonde’s face. Letting go of the man’s hair for a second, Thor quickly undid the humbler, thrusting hard so his balls smacked into Steve’s. He gripped at the man’s throat this time, pulling him back aso he could continue fucking him with the hilt and his cock.

Steve didn’t even feel his orgasm building. He just felt it hit. Hard and in his gut, leaving him breathless. His cock had been leaking cum all session, to the point that when the orgasm hit and his hole tightened around both hilt and cock, no cum had seeped out. He was empty. He was exhausted and every single thrust was leaving him overly sensitive and causing him to cry.

“Good boy, good boy.” Thor soothed Steve, like he was a damn dog before dropping him onto the bed. He thrusted hard into Steve, rocking the bed with him. His own orgasm was building up, as it had been all session. Balls tightening. Gut burning. Stars in his vision. Thor came with such vigilance, that he never came before. He fucked hard into Steve, the sound of skin-hitting-skin and Steve’s sobs the only noise in the room as he came down from the high. Pulling his cock free, he was met with the sight of a weepy hole closing around the hilt of the hammer, cum leaking from him. And Steve’s trembling body, his balls still inflated, if not just a tad bit smaller.

Three more final thrusts of the hammer, the last shocking Steve enough to make his cock twitch before she was pulled free and set aside. He’d clean her later. Steve looked like a piece of work. Pink and red faced, his blonde locks a mess. Sweat and tear-stained face. His eyelashes clumped together, baby blue eyes a beautiful shade of red from his tears. His nose ran, too exhausted to bother to wipe it. He laid in a pool of his own piss, enema water, and cum. And the best part? The best part had to be his inflated testicles laying between his legs, still warm and swollen to touch.

“Well?” Thor hummed, stuffing his cock back inside his pants. “What do you have to say for yourself, Captain?”

Steve’s head picked up ever so slightly, regarding Thor with a warm smile. “That I’m never challenging you to a drinking game again.”

Chapter Text

You would think after so much research, Peggy would become aware of the side effects of taking hormones. Sure, she’d been on them for a year and they’ve been wonderful in growing her tits and filling out her hips. To the point that the idea of surgery was put off in her mind for now. Yet no one had informed Peggy that the hormones would cause her tits to leak, white milky beads dribbling from her tits and staining her bras. Some days, it got bad enough to the point that the milk would stain her dress as well. Thankfully that seemed to happen on weekends, where she didn’t have to worry about her coworkers constantly watching her. Peggy had to hear from her wonderful husband that her tits were leaking.

“Peggy,” Steve’s voice, on the side of caution, given how grumpy his wife was in the morning. Especially on weekend mornings, when their plans to sleep in were ruined by their upstairs neighbor pounding on the wall.

Peggy turned to her husband, fingers weaving her curls into a braid. Steve sat half naked on the bed, wearing nothing, but his tight-formed boxers. They barely fit over his thick thighs and that bulge growing steadily. Steve was the picture perfect of American Dream, all muscle, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a damn charming smile on his face. She hated how much she loved that smile. “Go on,” she sighed, turning to face him. She wore nothing, but her nightgown, haven’t gotten too awake to start her daily routine of a shower and makeup.

Steve gave a nervous smile, shrugging his broad shoulders. He crawled close to her, causing the mattress to dip and her lean into his broad chest. She could feel how warm he was. “You’re leaking.” He whispered the words, as if it wasn’t the two of them in this quaint little flat. “Noticed it last night, but you were deeply asleep.” His fingers dipped down to cup her breasts, causing Peggy’s breath to hitch.

Her eyes snapped to the mirror, following where Steve held her right breast in his hand. He was right. There was a stain on the purple, silk material. She peeled it back to look down at her breast, picking the sac of fat and milk up, turning her nipple towards the yellow light. Steve was right. Milk had dribbled from her tit and squeezing the nipple had caused more to leak. “You noticed it last night? Is that why my tits had fallen out of my nightgown, Steven?”

The way she said his name, in such a sharp tone caused Steve to whine. He could never tell a lie and in those boxers, he couldn’t hide how aroused he was. She could feel the bulge against the small of her back, his arms tightening around her waist. “I might’ve…sampled.”

Peggy pulled away, her face stoic and showing no emotions. She turned to face Steve and throw the gown across the room, waving her hand at his boxers. Those went too, joining her dress somewhere in the room. “Well,” she sighed, looking at her reflection in the mirror for one moment. She traced a tattoo along her hip, the outline of a rose, along a vine spreading across her pale skin. “If you’re gonna suck on my tits, like a hungry child, then you will do it properly.”

Laying across the bed, using a pile of pillows to sit her up, Peggy beckoned her husband over. She gripped her hard cock, the full eleven, curved inches, with a flush, leaking head, stroking herself from the base, all the way to the tip, like it wasn’t sensitive. “You’re going to suck on my cock. Then you’re going to let me fuck you while you suck on my tits. Now, I have work emails to answer, so get going. If you’re a good boy and make me cum, then you can have extra time to suckle.”

Steve reacted at once, face flushed a bright pink. He loved it when Peggy took control in this manner, playing mama Peggy. Hell, he didn’t mind calling her Mama or sometimes wearing a diaper. He liked to wake up in the morning and find that diaper wet from her cum and sometimes, if they were drunk enough, she pissed in his diaper because she was too lazy to get up to go pee. Steve loved to have her hand along his crotch while he filled it with his piss, having her rub him off in it. Just the idea caused his own cock, smaller than Peggy’s twitch. His cock was just seven inches, pretty average compared to Peggy’s. And Steve was fine with that, being average next to his beautiful wife.

Peggy paid no attention to Steve as she picked up her phone and buried herself in her emails. Her lips pursed ever so slightly, the only change to her demeanor was when Steve’s beautiful, wet, velvet mouth wrapped around the head of her cock. She felt her cock twitch against her will, his tongue lapping up the pre that leaked. Steve loved to tease and Peggy couldn’t get enough.

Tasting the near-bitter pre, Steve craved more. His tongue lapped eagerly, like an animal dying of thirst. His tongue flicked over her head, fingers wrapped around the rest of her length and giving a gentle squeeze. His other hand fell to her balls, gently squeezing them before rolling them in his hand like they were hand massagers. Peggy never gave much of a reaction, but he knew she loved it. Suckling, his teeth applying pressure, Steve dared to move his head.

Peggy’s favorite thing in the world was the start of a blow job. She loved the feel of Steve’s velvet mouth around her cock. She loved to hear him gag as he adjusted to taking her length down his throat and he always did. He was always her good, slutty boy. The idea of him suckling from her breast while she slept had her turned on, more than she’d like to admit. The idea of him suckling, just to look up every so often to be sure that she wasn’t awake made her horny. Her little boy was always full of pleasure.

Steve gagged as Peggy’s bulbous head reached the back of his throat. His eyes screwed shut, but tears burned just out of a reaction. He could hear Peggy humming, her hand buried in his nest of blonde locks. He expected a few, praising headpats, but not today. This morning, Peggy’s perfectly manicured nails dug into his hair and she thrust her hips. A small groan escaped her lips at the contracting feel of his throat around her cock and the beautiful sound escaping him.

Steve wasn’t fighting either, so Peggy took that as a good sign. As much as she wanted to fuck his throat, to listen to his gags all morning long, that wasn’t the goal here. The goal was to get enough lube on her cock and let him ride her. She could cum, she always cum so easily, but not this morning. This morning, she was going to fill that ass of his while he suckled from her tits like the child he was.

Pulling her cock free, Peggy watched the glistening spit cling to his plump lips before she spread her legs. Her hand gestured, wordlessly other cock, eyeing him. There were no need for words as Steve started to scramble towards her. He easily straddled her hips, his worn hole finding her cock, like he was drawn to it. And maybe he was. He was always drawn to this extraordinary woman.

Peggy’s eyes slid close when Steve sunk down onto her cock, like they were perfectly fit for one another. And who's to say that they weren’t. She hadn’t met anyone as secretly kinky as Steve. His hole, despite years of fucking it, was so damn tight and warm. It wrapped around her, like a blanket and Peggy did not want to ever escape his warmth. Her head tilted back and she slid down the bed, adjusting their position so Steve could suckle from her while he rode her.

Moving his hips in a slow manner, Steve focused more on the prize at hand. He leaned down and cupped one of Peggy’s breasts in an artist-calloused fingers. His pink lips wrapped around her nipple, teeth applying just a tad pressure as he suckled. His tongue flickered over her warm skin, a groan happening in the back of her throat. As the sweet, milky liquid splashed along his tongue, his other hand reached over to toy with her other nipple. The liquid was sticky and spreading across her tit, but Steve didn’t care. He would suckle from both, if he could.

Unfortunately, Steve couldn’t, but at the very least he was pleasuring her. And if you asked Peggy, he was moving too damn slow for her liking. Maybe that’s why she gripped both his hips, nails digging into his skin and thrusting inside of him. She was rewarded with a few noises from his lips, but nothing more. He was too focused on suckling. And that was fine with Peggy.

“That’s it,” Peggy breathed, heat tilting back. “Be a good boy for me and suckle. Got to make sure you stay big and strong for me, baby boy.” Instead of pulling his hair, Peggy rested her hand in the back of his head and stroked along the thick, blonde curls. She moaned as he suckled from her, teeth gently applying pressure. His tongue circled her nipple and teased her. The most pleasure coming as he suckled, quite greedily.

Steve’s main focus was suckling from her lactating tits, trying to get his fill and warm his tummy. He wasn’t focused on riding her cock. He didn’t care that he moved his hips in a slow circles, but Peggy did. Peggy cared because she had to get off too and while his damn lips felt nice, they weren’t enough.

The blonde could barely focus on Peggy thrusting into him. He could feel it and feel the sharp stabs of pleasure as she fucked his prostate, perfect aim causing her to hit the bundle of nerves with every thrust. He could feel it in his nerves, every one burning. From the top of his head, down to his toes. He could feel his body tingling and the need to cum. His cock, between them was already leaking and twitching. Yet, none of that mattered to Steve. What did matter was drinking down mouthful after mouthful of Peggy’s sweet, sweet milk. He couldn’t get enough of it.

The lactating milk was not enough for Steve, it was small mouthfuls, even if that. Small splashes on his tongue. He could see why infants nursed until they were asleep. He was starting to feel peaceful in this manner while Peggy fucked into his ass. He couldn’t be bothered with a care in the world as she fucked into his ass and her milk filled his mouth. That’s all he wanted.

“Steven…” Peggy’s groan escaped her lips, tarnishing his name on her tone. She pulled Steve from her nipple. He whined as he popped off, desperate to get back. She hissed as the cold air hit her nipple and her thrust grew erratic as the result. Her nails dug into his skin, earning a hiss from him. She loved the way he threw his head back and tears pooled to his eyes. Her hips snapped into his and she didn’t stop. She fucked into him, as if she cared for her own pleasure and didn’t care if Steve would get off.

Steve was a very good boy.

He took her cock with ease and didn’t complain as she abused his hole. She could feel his rim pulling and catching. It had to have burned, but Steve was so wrapped up in suckling on her, that he didn’t care. She pulled him into a kiss, needed those damn lips on hers. Needed to taste herself. A sound escaped the back of her throat at the taste of him, at the taste of his tongue on hers. Her own taste.

The orgasm was one of the best yet, because Steve had pulled away to suckle at her tit. She didn’t stop him, needing that drive over the edge. Needed that push and Steve always knew what to do. She could feel him suckling like a hungry child, not caring if he used too much teeth on her sensitive buds or if he was going to make her raw. He didn’t care if he bruised her other tit, the way he squeezed it hard. His hips had stopped moving, in full focus on drinking her.  

A shuddering moan escaped Peggy’s lip as the orgasm filled her. Blissfulness. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, nails digging into Steve’s spine. Her cock twitched, just to fill his sweet, sweet hole with nothing, but her ropes of cum. She knew when she’d pull out, his hole would be puffy and raw, wet from her cum dripping out of him. Just like her nips would be. And Peggy couldn’t complain.

She slammed her hips a few more times into his ass, making sure her target was his prostate. It was enough to make Steve’s cock squirt cum between them, coating both her stomach and his in his sticky mess. Still, that wasn’t enough to pull Steve from her tits.

He groaned and suckled, shuddering from both their orgasms. He suckled from her, using too much teeth this time. Peggy had to gasp and whine, because post-orgrasm, she was sensitive. He was making it worse, milk weeping openly from her tit.

Peggy didn’t try to stop Steve, because she was exhausted. Her muscles ached and felt like lead. SHe was too heavy to care to move, giving a warm hum. She didn’t even bother to pull from Steve, rolling them to their sides and dragging the heavy blankets over their form.

Steve was sleepy. There was no other way to put it. The orgasm had drained him and Peggy’s milk was making him feel warm and sleepy. He didn’t care that they had an appointment to get to, Tony could wait. Right now, sleeping in his mama’s warm arms while she lazily humped and fucked his leaking ass was better than any form of brunch for him.

“Good boy,” Peggy whispered, kissing his temple, her own eyes closed. “You are always mama’s good boy. It's about time you’ve fallen into this role.”

Chapter Text

Leaving the circus had to have been the best and worst decision of Clint’s life. He didn’t so much leave as that his brother gave him two choices: Stay and become the pack [the whole circus] Omega or leave. And well, the choice was easy. The last Clint wanted to do was to become someone's breeding toy. That’s not the life for him. Sure, he might be an Omega with a small cock and leaking ass, but he wasn’t anyone’s goddamn toy. His brother was on some power trip now that he was ringleader of the circus, but Clint wouldn’t let Barney control him.

Barney had laughed when Clint simply said he’d leave with a shrug of his stocky shoulders. Thrown his head back and barked out a laughter that made Clint’s face flush and his blood boil. He was sure the man had said something about how he couldn’t survive on his own, but Clint didn’t hear it. He’d already left Barney’s office and packed up what little goods he had, and hit the road.

Now to just figure out where the hell he was…

Some forest in Russia, he knew that much. The circus had parked right next to the rumored haunted forest to set up camp for the night. And Clint was gong to take his chances in this supposed haunted forest rather than deal with his knothead of a brother. It would be fine. He’s face worse than a few birds and beards making sounds in this heavily fogged and dense forest. He was the one who wrangled their animals in at night, so what was a night or two in here?

As Clint walked, he became aware of how cold he was and how his breath mingled in the air. His thin coat did nothing for this cold wind. He was becoming aware that no matter how much he walked, every tree looked the same and with the dense forest, it was impossible to know the time of day given the lack of sun. He could be walking in circles for all he knew. Who knew at this point, where civilization was. He was going to die in this forest, wasn’t he?

Determined to not prove his brother right and determined not to exactly be a bear’s dinner, Clint settled amongst the base of a large tree. He settled down at the roots and managed to start a decent fire to keep warm and keep the predators at bay. His hands rubbed over the flames, sighing. This was a hell of a time to go into heat. He had maybe a day or so before the full effects hit him and in this forest, no one could hear him scream… He’d best do to get out of here and to some hotel before he become some Alpha’s toy. 

Clint wasn’t sure when he fell asleep, he just knew that something had woken him up. The sharp sound of a twig snapping in his left ear had caused him to instantly jerk up and reach for his bow. Tapping on the aids, Clint turned the volume up to a deafening pitch [hah, get it, because he was deaf….nevermind, jokes were wasted when you were alone] in order to hear the intruder. There was no need, the intruder in his small camp was right in front of him. And he was using Clint’s fire to roast a boar over the flames.

The guy was, well handsome in that whole rugged look sort of sense. He had stormy gray eyes, the light of the fire causing the blues and greens to really pop out. They looked like a storm on the sea, waves constantly crashing over one another. Chiseled jawline. Stubble. Full lips. And...a metal arm. The same metal arm that was in the fucking fire, adjusting the sticks. When Clint shifted, his eyes snapped to him and a friendly smile came to those lips. 

“Ah,” he breathed, an accent to his voice. “You noticed the arm. Everyone does eventually. A...thank you gift from my previous handlers.”

Clint nodded, as if that made perfect sense. He cleared his throat, but still held the bow in hand, an arrow loosely knocked into it. “You’ Omega then?” Now that he thought about it, the guy had no scent. If there was one, the smell of roasting boar flesh covered it up.

“Hm. No. Alpha. Man-made.” The man’s broad shoulders shrugged, dismissing the whole thing. “Names James. I was hunting boar when I saw your flame and thought you could use a nice meal to wake up to. You look tired.” James noted the bags under Clint’s eyes, almost like permanent black marks. 

“Well, James, I’m Clint. I just...came from the circus over yonder.” Still not letting go, he nodded his head past James. The fog had rolled in nice and deep, making it impossible to see anything, even the outline of the trees. “I am tired. Had to make an important decision today.”

James smiled, the light catching his eyes again. He drew a hunting knife from his belt and sliced off a section of the boar. Throwing it onto a leaf, he passed it over to Clint. “Every decision is an important one. Even the smaller ones have outlasting consequences.”

When the man refused to explain and was still holding out the meat, Clint took it. He was starving and knew he shouldn’t eat something a strange man had passed to him, but how could he say no? He needed to keep his energy up. “You don’t say…” Taking a too large bite, Clint worked the gamey meat in his mouth before swallowing the chunk. “You said you were man made? Whatcha mean?”

James laughed. When he laughed, it echoed around them. He didn’t eat himself. He watched Clint devour the piece. “You’ll find out soon enough.” His head tilted to the side, his short, cropped hair hanging in his face. “I think you’ll do perfectly. My masters will be pleased.”

Clint wanted to argue, he did. He wanted to ask what the hell the man meant. He opened his mouth to argue, but this exhaustion drained onto him. It was a strange feeling that filled his very soul. He couldn’t keep his eyes open and worst, he couldn’t get his muscles to respond to him. The chunk of meat left on the leaf fell to the forest ground. His bow slipped from his head and his last sight was of this James fella with the pretty gray eyes standing above him, long, slimy, gray tentacles protruding from behind him and coming towards Clint. 


The first thing Clint noticed was that his head was pounding, right behind his eyelids and right at the temples. Instinct caused him to try to move his hands, but he found them tethered. His eyes snapped open at that one. He was bound to some cold metal bench with cuffs around his wrists and ankles, naked. He was fucking naked and his legs spread wide to expose his small, three inch cock and his leaking ass. God, no, no, how long had he been out? There was no way to tell how much time had passed in this unforsaken room.

It was dimly lit and fucking cold. His damn nipples ached as they stood on end. Black, inky tiles lined the wall and floor, almost making the room seem like an empty voice. He wasn’t sure where the light was coming from, just that there was a light somewhere, giving him enough to see. 

“What the…” No matter how much he tried to lift one limb or to dislocate his wrist, to slide out [party trick], Clint couldn’t. The clamps tightened enough to prevent it. So he was stuck, staring helplessly at the inky, black ceiling for God knows how long. He shouldn’t have taken the good from that James. He shouldn’t had… God, he fucked up and right in the middle of his heat. Barney was right, maybe --

“Oh, good. You’re awake.” The polite voice came from James, who suddenly was standing above Clint. He had a small grin on his face and lacked the tentacles from before. In fact, both flesh and metal arm were behind his back, like some polite soldier standing at attention. “I was wondering when you were going to wake up. You were out for hours. My next bet was to shoot you full of adrenaline or enhancements, but the doctors warned that could butcher your heat and make you less fertile. We don’t want that.”

Clint growled, pulling his lips back to let the sound escapes from his chest. He jerked on the bonds and gave meaning to the words, if looks could kill. The bonds just tightened and he smacked his head against the damn metal plate. “What the fuck are you? I-I saw-”

“Tentacles?” James laughed, throwing his head back to do so. He raised his metal fingers and trailed it over Clint’s warm thighs. They trembled in contrast to the warmth. “You see...I followed you around those woods for hours, while you wondered lost. I heard your brother’s argument and how he kicked you out. You smelled so sweet and perfect, almost ripe for the picking. It was almost too good to believe. An Omega so close to heat, wondering about Russia’s haunted forest, alone? Well...who was I to pass up that chance?”

Clint swallowed thickly, feeling how weak his thighs were. God, he hated how close this guy was and hated his smell. He hated how much he liked the smell of him. Like sea water, salty and sweet, yet inviting. Sea water and cherry syrup. He almost wanted to drink it in and Clint knew it was his heat, but he still didn’t care. “ you what? Find Omegas and drug them? Kidnap them? Bring them here to breed them? What even are you?”

Terror caused the pretty, short blonde’s words to stumble over one another, pretty much rambling. James liked that. He liked the terror in them, which means they had some fight left. He hated when they just followed instinct and left him do as they wanted. He liked a challenge. “I told you what I was when we met. I didn’t lie. My name is James and I’m a man made Alpha.” He stepped back a few steps, to give them some distance. “I was a creature made in this lab. I was found by my creators, having crash landed on this planet. I was to spread our genes and they help me. They enhanced me. Gave me so much more than what I was. And now…” 

James had spread his arms, his clothes melting away. He stayed the same height and statue, but tentacles, six on each side erupted from his back. They were a shade of greenish gray, like the rest of his body was turning. His gray eyes turned into orange slits, his two arms staying the same. Where his cock and balls should be was one tentacle, an impressive size in girth and length, with a large bulbous head. “I lack a knot, like you human Alphas have, but I am better designed. It doesn’t mean I still can’t breed.”

Clint let out a squeaking noise as the slimy tentacles neared him. They undid the bondage around his wrist and ankles and before he could move, they replaced them. Wounding around several times and lifting him into the air. He was brought closer to James, the man wearing a grin on his face. Clint tried to struggle, but he couldn’t move, they held him tight. 

“Shh. Once you relax and accept this, it’ll be all over before you know it. I need a new partner. My last couldn’t sustain my breeding habits nor the pups. Killed him. We’ll see if you can survive. After all, I don’t think anyone would miss you.” The grin turned sly as Clint opened his mouth, perhaps to scream and argue.

The second those pretty pink lips opened, James shot one tentacle down Clint’s throat. He forced the slimy, broad length down the man’s tight throat and groaned. He could feel it. Feel the man’s throat contracting, feel him gag over his length. He could see Clint’s eyes wide and tears in them as James met them, forcing the length further and further down. “Tastes wonderful, doesn’t it? The slimy texture on the outside is to ensure that I can slip my tentacles inside tight spaces. Beautiful, actually.” He closed his eyes and let out a pleasured sigh as the tentacle started to move, pulling back out, just to thrust down his throat again. Each thrust causing the man to gag more and more. Hm. He could get off on that sound alone. “Each tentacle is designed to ensure breeding. You’ll find your throat going numb soon enough, another side effect of the slime. Numbs the holes so when my tentacles expand to force the eggs into your body, you won’t fight.” 

Clint’s eyes widened and his legs kicked, unable to move. Eggs? Did this man just say eggs? He wanted to force eggs down his throat? The damn tentacle was already so big, massive, and Clint was choking on it while he fucked his throat. He could feel the numbing slime taking effect, losing feeling in his throat alone. He was starting to drool and that...that was just the worst part. 

“Hm. Yes, eggs. My species breeds with eggs. They’ll hatch inside your belly-”-James paused the thrusting and pulled Clint closer, brushing his fingers over the mans hairy belly. He brought his fingers over the man’s small cock, just barely touching it. It twitched and piss dribbled from him. James couldn’t help, but to chuckle. -”and once hatched, you’ll give birth as they come to life. You’ll absorb the calcium from the eggs and the afterbirth, ensuring that you’ll give birth to a healthy litter. Of course, that’s the idea. So far, none of my mates have made it past the breeding stage.”

Picking up Clint’s puppy cock again, James pulled the head back to expose the wet slit. He was still pissing himself and that was adorable. He smelled so lovely, like coffee and sunshine. One tentacle moved forward to wrap around the small length of Clint’s cock. Clint watched as another tentacle changed size, growing smaller and smaller, until it couldn’t be larger than a few centimetres. That’s when it struck him with what this thing was doing. “Hold still.” James warned, eyeing the Omega. 

Clint screamed around the gag as the tentacle worked into his slit, squirming around until he was inside his head. It itched and burned at the same thing. He watched a larger tentacle slide forward and ooze yellowish slime out of its hole, straight onto his cock. It was warm and numbing his cock at the sametime. Didn’t mean Clint liked it. He watched as the larger tentacle pulled away, just for the smaller one to ease down a few inches. It pulled back, just to the tip, just to slide down again. It kept in pace with the one down his throat, fucking him from both throat and cock. 

“There we go. That’s not so bad, is it? We’ll deposit eggs in there too. Those we’ll masturbate out, stretch out your cock.” There was a sick look on James face as Clint was pulled close. His metal fingers cupped his face, stroking the blonde locks back. “Don’t worry, we’ve only just begun. You’ll enjoy this soon enough and if you don’t…” He shrugged and left the words hanging.

Two of the larger tentacles neared Clint’s nipples. He tried to speak, to whine, to shout, but the gag and the bonds wouldn’t let him. He watched as the bulbarous heads laid over his nipples, perky nips easing right into the slits. Every tentacle had a goddamn slit and could change size, apparently because that was apparently normal in this alien. This -- Clint’s thoughts were cut off when he felt his nipples being tickled. It could almost be enjoyable if it wasn’t for a sharp, stinging sensation. 

“Relax, just relax,” James cooed, rubbing Clint behind his ear, like he was a dog. “I’m just slowly opening your nipples up and injecting my serum into it. We need them fat and ample with milk. Gonna start milking you soon as they’re full.” He pulled the fat heads away from Clint’s nipple, just for him to see two small tentacles buried deep inside of him. They wiggled around before pausing and expanding. Tears ran down Clint’s face as they expanded to a good inch in size, seeing the baby tentacles wither as  something  filled his tits.

Clint couldn’t explain what they were, but goddamn did it hurt and feel so good. He waned to paw at them, to scratch at them, but he couldn’t. He could just watch as they grew bigger and bigger in side. They were nice little handfuls before James took mercy and stopped filling him. He felt his body being moved, legs forced apart and laid back, to look at the ceiling again. He could feel the cold room’s air along his thighs. He was leaking, like a goddamn pup in his first heat. 

“Look at you, already aroused,” James laughed.  His fingers circled the ring of muscle, catching slick on his fingers. Clint was leaking slick, betrayed by his own biology to be this aroused. Certainly the astrophysics, the pheromones in the air, nor the tentacles helped his case. But right now, the most important tentacle had a job. And it wasn’t the one fucking his throat and slowly expanding, to cause Clint to gag, nor the ones in his nipples filling him with sweet, sweet milk, or the one in his puppy cock that slowly expanded his uretha and slit open, passed the Omega’s limits. No, it was the one slithering to chest-height with the head the size of a fist and leaking. James grinned as he rubbed the tender head along Clint’s slick-filled ass, groaning at the warmth. It paused his cock to spurt the ooze onto his ass, soaking him even more. 

“This is going to hurt a bit. I like a bit of tightness.” Bringing Clint closer, James held onto Clint’s hips, nails digging into his flesh. He watched as he worked the head of his cock slowly into the Omega’s ass. It wasn’t an easy task by any means. He spurted more of the ooze over his ass, causing his hole to relax instead of tightening up like Clint wanted. He pressed his head ever so slowly, not pausing to stop. He listened to Clint’s strangled groans as the head of his cock  finally  popped inside with an audible noise.

Tears instantly gathered in Clint’s eyes and each sobbing breath he wanted to take was cut off by Bucky forcing his tentacle cock deeper and deeper into his hole, until he had to have hit his womb. It hurt like no other. This man, this  alien,  this creature had taken his virginity, one he denied the circus because he was too proud to be the packs’ Omega. Now look at him, hysterically sobbing as a tentacle cock fucked his ass, unable to make a sound due to the cock down his throat. 

“There we are.” James spoke, like he was talking to a young pup, in a soothing tone, despite the tentacle in the man’s weeping, oozing hole was withering about like a snape. “That’s it. You must’ve been a virgin, young Omega. No other Alpha had been in your hole. I can feel it. So warm. Tight. Well, you’re a virgin no more. You’re mine now. Do you know how I know that you’re perfect to house my pups?”

Clint shook his head, a broken hiccup. The fucking cock was pulling out, just to barely keeping him open before thrusting back inside. Over and over again. Causing him to squirm, to scream. He could barely move, he was exposed in its fullest, every hole full of some goddamn tentacle. 

“Of course you don’t. Silly me, I forgot you can’t think for yourself.” James laughed before jutting his hips forward, the tentacle thrusting hard. Hard until he was met inside a womb. It was a tight breech, one he required to ram his bulbous head against several times. The sudden warmth and tightness around his head, squeezing him for all his worth  and  Clint’s strangled screams told him that he’d breeched it. “You’re wombs perfect size. You think this is the worst part? No, the worst is yet to come.”

Clint’s neck strained when he sat up, watching James. He looked at peace. His eyes closed, shoulders relax, like he was taking a morning piss. A mirror that he hadn’t recognized on the wall showed him what his hole looked like. Taunt and straining around what had to have been a ten inch girth. It was bleeding and wet, no room to leak any slick. Either James hadn’t bothered to use the numbing slime, or the pain was that great, because it hurt. It throbbed and felt like it was ripped and all he wanted to do was cry, with no way to do so. 

James relaxed position made sense a few minutes later, the only sound in the room was the withering extensions of the alien and Clint’s ragged breathing. First, it was the tentacle in his mouth. Clint saw bulges moving along the length, like a snake who’d just swallowed a rat whole and instead of going down, towards the alien, it was coming towards Clint. James watched as he tried to shake his head, limbs twitching as if to kick away in terror, but it did no good. This was happening. The man was being bred.

Clint gagged as the first egg, the size of a golf ball slid down his throat, barely passing through his line of muscle. Then another and another, until Clint was choking on them. They’d steady grown bigger, until the last was the size of a softball. He could feel deposits into his stomach, like heavy drops of lead. He could see his thin, muscle-lined stomach bulging ever so slightly. It was enough to make James touch it and let out a sigh of content. 

Next was his cock. If Clint thought his throat was bad, where he still choked on one egg that played with his throat, back and forth, his cock was worst. His urethra had been stretched, but not as much. He considered James did this on purpose. The eggs were the size of a pea at first. They slipped into his cock with ease, actually. Barely registering. Then they got bigger, they grew to the size of a marble. It stained against the head of his cock, pushing and pushing. James had to reach down and hold Clint’s cock and the egg and use his fingers to coax it through.

Clint’s head bled as the marble finally popped inside and he sobbed. He choked and sobbed as James jerked him off, like he was doing him a favor. The eggs size grew to the size of a cherry by the time it stopped. James had to work each one down, forcing it down his cock and rubbing down, to deposit inside of him. If it hurt going down, it would hurt much worse coming back out.

Clint was thoroughly exhausted and James wasn’t even done. He was trembling and half sobbing, his body aching in the worst manner and still bleeding. They weren’t even close to being done. There was still the tentacle unpleasantly settling in his womb, wiggling around and thrusting deeper and deeper, spreading his once virgin hole to the point, he was sure he could take his fist. 

“Only one left and its the most important one of all,” James cooed, like he was talking to a pup. Two more tentacles wrapped around Clint’s thighs, jerking him up and holding him securely in place while in the air. They pulled his legs open to what had been a painful point, exposing his stuffed cock and ass even more. He could hear Clint whimpering when he sighed, relaxing his body. The cock inside of him had started to wiggle, like a snake fighting to keep his food down, withering to an almost painful point. It felt good and terrifying, all at once.

“Oh...Oh…” The alien was moaning, hand jerking off the length in front of him. A small bulge the size of an apple started to inch forward, aided by the wiggling and James hand. Clint hissed when it reached his hole, stretch his hole ever so slightly. He held his breath as he felt it  moving  inside of him before it had to have reached his womb. He could feel it straining against something in there, perhaps the Alpha’s cock before it was forced inside. It was the worst feeling in the world. Stretching his womb out, cramping from the inside out and unable to stop the sensation. He could barely move at this point.

Three more apple sized eggs were deposited into his womb. The size had dramatically shifted to the size of a mango. Odd shape and too large for Clint’s liking. He squeaked as it worked its way against his torn hole, James having to shove it inside. It struggled with his womb, much like the egg size before it. Clint wiggled about and tensed as it forced inside. How big was his womb? He couldn’t handle, but so much in there. His stomach was already bulging and aching. He looked six months pregnant. 

You think it would end there, with six of the mango size eggs deposited into him. His stomach hung heavy and his hole and womb ached. He couldn’t breathe without feeling like something was squirming in his stomach. The worst was yet to come. Clint’s eyes widened as the largest egg yet was working out of James. How the  fuck  did that even fit in him? It was the size of a fucking ostrich egg and there were three of them back to back. 

James could see the white of Clint’s eyes, the fear radiating in them and oh..oh that turned him on. He gave a sick grin as the tentacles forced his body to sit up and his legs spread into a split. This one was very flexible, must’ve been the circus training. “Have to get you into position for these. These....will hurt. There’s no avoiding it, but they’re the last ones.” 

James was maybe enjoying this too much as the Ostrich size eggs moved towards the man’s ruined hole. He had to squeeze and expand his cock size, stretching the hole even further and his womb. Clint was physically moved to sit on the egg, able to feel his hole barely stretching over it. And maybe the alien did enjoy shaking Clint up, moving him as he was on a toy, up and down until he was taking the egg inch by inch. And the Omega’s cries as his hole stretched a new inch. His muffled screams to the heaven were beautiful as he worked over the widest part. James left him there too, left him squirming and muffled sobs until he had enough and shoved the egg the rest of the way in. 

Clint had a visual look of relief on his face when the egg was finally inside of his ruined body. The numbing slime had taken effect and took the edge off, even as it was shoved roughly inside of his womb. It added another few inches to his already heavy stomach. If the first was bad, the second and third were even worse. Clint’s rose bud had struggled to even let the large size eggs in, having to squeeze them through.

By the end of it, the blonde was in worse shape. His stomach hung over his crotch, blocking him from seeing his cock and feet. He was shaken and weak and still being suspended by these alien’s appendages. He could barely breathe, not without feeling the eggs churn inside of him. He couldn’t focus, his head in the clouds and too tired to keep his eyes open. 

“Poor puppy,” James cooed, his hand reached out to stroke Clint’s cheek. “Just one more thing, than you’re done and we can put you to bed.” He gave no warning as the tentacle in the man’s mouth started to wither again. Beforehand, it was settled and just twitching every odd minute. A bitter sweet tasting, slimy texture oozed down Clint’s throat. He was forced to swallow every mouthful after mouthful, until his stomach felt like it was going to burst. Then the tentacle slowly pulled out. Not without one final, rough thrust, leaving Clint gasping roughly for air. 

“Don’t speak,” the alien reminded him. “Or rather, you can’t speak. Not for a few hours. The numbing slime leaves your vocal cords paralized. That slime is to ensure our puppies are established and grow in your belly. As” He touched the two tentacles wrapped around his nipples. Clint was whining as the tentacles started to move, wiggling just to intrude his nipples deeper. They had shrunk down in size before pulling out. White, milky liquid oozed out of them, until James had gripped each nipple in his forefinger and thumb to stop it. “We don’t want this leaking out.” One tentacle had moved forward, dropping a few drops of the slime onto the nips, while James rubbed them in. It burned ever so slightly, but the leaking at stopped. “There. That will keep them from leaking until you give birth, it should wear off by then.

His cock was next. The tentacle expanded again, but instead of another few eggs forcing his ruined slit and uretha open, Clint felt something warm trickle into his cock. It almost made him have to pee, the way it trailed down and settled inside of him. He gasped as the tentacle pulled out and his cock hung heavy. His slit was ruined and his cock looked swollen, twice its size, fat and heavy with eggs.

That left his ass, but James didn’t seem too keen on letting that go. The cock inside of him wiggled about, expanding and shrinking several times, just to tease his ruined rosebud. He wiggled about, slowly fucking inside of him, just to brush his aching womb. The man looked pleased as he started to walk towards the black, inky wall, and taking Clint with him. When Clint looked surprised, James shrugged his shoulders. “I’m taking you to my room. You’ll sleep on my cock, to ensure nothing escapes and then you’ll wear a plug. The doctors will want to see you in the morning, if you’re still alive.”

James refused to explain anymore and it's not like Clint could speak. He could make garbled sounds, but the man wasn’t going to respond. Clint was left in his head, whining every few steps because James was thrusting that cock in him, like he was a goddamn toy. The halls were dark as night, even worse than the forest, making it impossible to see. The alien seemed to know where to go because after walking down the long, metal hallways and making three turns, they entered another room. The doors were built into the wall, simply opening like they were from Star Trek, just to melt into the wall. 

The bedroom was nothing but a warm looking bed, built into the floor. It looked like a giant nest, with comfortable pillows and blankets. Clint wasn’t complaining as he was laid along the covers and the tentacles finally released from him. James crawled in next to him and wrapped the blankets around them, careful of how they laid on his tender cock and nipples. As if making a point, the cock thrust into him one final time, James groaning in pleasure. He snuggled up to the Omega, like this was an everyday thing. Like he hadn’t kidnapped Clint and forced him into this hell hole. Like they were  buddies.  “Sleep well, little one. We’ll see the pups grow big and strong.” 

Chapter Text

“You’re late.” Was Sam’s answer when James Barnes rushed through the front door. He looked a mess, half his hair cut off on the right side, stubble growing into a steady beard at this point. That wasn’t the worst of it. The worst of it was the missing left arm and the scars that had grown over the missing appendage. It was ugly to look at it. There were burn scars that splattered across his olive-toned skin like splatters of paint. There were long, strongly scars, where shrapnel had cut into him deep. Rough bits of skin, where it hadn’t healed properly, from his time laying in the hot sand, feeling the infection eating what was left of his arm away. No, that wasn’t the worst. The worst had to be the look in James’ eyes. The lack of any emotions, the look of a killer. As soon as he heard Sam’s words, he looked down.

Sam worked out of an office in Harlem. It was unorthodox for a sex therapist to work in an office rather than say a home or a club or his own private studio, but somehow the office worked for him. It was peaceful here, with his own extra padded walls. It was a large space with a small desk that was designed to be built into the wall, a small, skinny bookcase lined with books and trinkets. Even down to the small filing cabinet that held his patience files, routes of recovery, and any, little notes. Beyond that, Sam’s office was not traditional. 

His walls were painted a calming yellow color, the base boards trimmed in gray. There was a dark blue, comfortable couch that laid out into a bed, overly stuffed to ensure comfort. A burgundy, high back comfortable chair sat under a window, covered in lace to block out the third-story city view. Beside the chair sat a deep, wooden chest, that looked straight out of a pirate’s movie rather than belonging in a therapist office. James knew this chest well. Inside were hundreds and hundreds of sex toys, bondage gear, and anything a sub could want.

“Well?” Sam didn’t look too pleased, arms crossed as he stood in front of James. He wore a tight-fitting suit, that perfectly outlined his hard cock. He raised an eyebrow when the man didn’t immediate reply, instead continued to stare at the carpeted floor. “Sergeant Barnes, when I ask you a question, I expect an answer. Why were you late?”

“It…” James’ tongue darted out to lick over his plush lips and hook his head. Part of his hair, that wasn’t a mangled mess of the result of clippers fell in front of his face. “It was just ten minutes. I-I tried to text, s-sir, but phone died. And-”

“Stop.” Sam raised a hand and immediate, James stopped rambling. He pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a long sigh. This was going to be one of those days. “Let’s start this piece by piece. I didn’t ask for excuses. I asked why were you late? You know I run a tight ship. I need you on time, soldier.”

“I was on time,” he insisted, finally picking his head up to look into Sam’s eyes. Those harsh brown swirls made his knees weak. He looked like he could cry, just by looking at those eyes. “Least until the subway broke down because of some electrical problems. I was stuck on fifth and seventh street. I tried to text you, but my phone died. Didn’t charge it last night. I’m sorry.”

James hung his head again and Sam let out another sigh. He believed him, James had no reason to lie. Least not yet. He was a rambling man and this was the first time he was late. “Alright, let me see your phone. I can’t have you missing a text from your sister. She’ll blame me.” Sam plugged the man’s busted, iphone up, side eyeing the man. He hadn’t moved from that spot, hand shoved into his pocket. When the phone lit up, he scrolled through James’ texts, as signed by the waiver before, seeing where he did text him about being late. Yet, he hadn’t cleared out the 2,394 fucking emails. Monster.

“Alright,” Sam mused, setting the phone aside and facing James again. Arms crossed. Serious look. “Where’s your prosthetic? We agreed you’ll wear it during sessions at least, to get used to it and for three hours during the day. If-”

“I know, I know!” James sounded annoyed, never one to show too much emotion around Sam. He didn’t like getting emotional. He stomped his foot like an actual child, a flush in his cheeks. “I know what we agreed on. I just…” He ran a hand over his hair, stopping when he felt the half buzzed cut and half lengthy hair. His face crumbled and he dropped to his knees.

Sam didn’t react. He didn’t move, didn’t breathe. He let James do it, because this was him coming out, in a sense. This was him showing emotions. It was hard to break that veil, to tear down those walls for James to show those emotions. It was a hard process to get them here, over a year of work with the veteran. 

James had come to him, with reference from long term clients or past clients from the VA. James had to have been one of the worst cases he’s ever seen. The man had served in the special forces, been sent in to deal with some homemade bombs in some foreign place that he couldn’t tell Sam, when the bombs had gone off. He’d been alone when the bomb went off, taking the poor man’s arm with it. He laid in that hot sand for days, until help finally arrived. By then, the infection had taken part of his brain, leaving him with limited cognitive skills that he had to relearn, and his left arm. Stark Industries worked hard to get James a new, prosthetic, robotic arm. Stark worked alongside veterans to pay for anything they needed from counselling, to scholarships to get assistance living, prosthetic, etc. It was amazing how quick they worked for James. James had come to him for assistance, with severe PTSD and other issues left over from the military and losing his arm. So, how was Sam to say no to him? Not when he wanted help.

They had good days and they have bad days and this one seemed to fall in between.

“James.” Sam’s voice was harsh, but not full of malice or ill intent. It demanded attention. James’ head slowly rose to look up at Sam. He blinked against the afternoon sun filtering through the lace curtains. It painted Sam in a soft, golden hue that lit up his eyes. He tried not to flinch when Sam stepped near him nor when the hand rested on his hair and he pulled James to rest against his warm thigh. 

“Breathing exercise,” Sam reminded him. “Then we can talk, but you will stay on your knees and look me in the eye.”

The way Sam’s voice was, demanding attention, James couldn’t look up. He slowly took in a deep breath, counted to ten, and let it out through his nose. “Again.” Sam instructed him. James did it again and again, until he could feel the tension in his shoulders relaxing, until his chest stopped aching, until he felt a bit calmer.

Sam smiled, his fingers threading through the hair and scratching at his scalp, like James was a puppy. Maybe he was a puppy in human form, because the man seemed to enjoy the touch. He didn’t comment when he rubbed his face over his crotch, seeming to know just exactly where Sam had tucked his cock away. “What happened to your hair? Last week, it was fine. What happened?”

That’s when James got quiet. Really quiet and his eyes slowly started to drop from Sam’s until the dom cupped his cheek and forced his head up, to meet his eyes. His fingers fell to his belt buckle, tapping on it slowly. The sound rung around the quiet room and James did flinch. He knew what this meant. It meant he was avoiding the question, thinking, in his head, something he wasn’t allowed to do. 

“I…” James let the word hang there, his tongue darting out to lick over his plush lips. “I had a dream. Of my old self. Before I was stupid enough to join the military.” 

Sam tapped on the belt buckle again, harsher. James knew what this meant. He was talking negative about himself, something not allowed in this room. He’d been conditioned to hear the noise and know he was to stop unless he wanted a harsher punishment. “You were not stupid. You were never stupid. You made a choice to protect your little sisters and send them money home. You made a choice. That’s all it was. Sometimes, choices have terrible consequences. But please continue.”

James whimpered, unable to turn his head away because Sam was still holding it. “I had a dream of my old self and I-I miss that part of me. I miss the old me. All I want is to look like him again, to be him and I-I can’t.. I..” Tears were burning his eyes and no matter how hard he tried to will them away, they wouldn’t. They rolled down his cheek, leaving a trail behind.

Sam was sure his heart was shattering, even if he didn’t let it show. This poor man had gone through hell and back and all he wanted to do was to send a steady check home to his sisters after their parents died. That’s all James wanted and now look at him. He came back half the man he used to be and it was Sam’s job to put him together.

“James…” Sam brought him over to the chair, sitting down in it and letting James nuzzle into his lap. “You can’t be him again. I know that’s a harsh reality to say, but you can’t. You won’t be. You can be like him, but after all you’ve endured, we both know you won’t be the same. The sooner you can accept that, the sooner you can heal. You’ve come a long way since day one here, where you punched me in the face, but you still have a long way to go. It’s okay to miss that former part of yourself. But it's not okay to obsess over him. Now…”

He shifted and wiped the tears off of James face, giving a gentle smile. “Let’s go fix that hair of yours. No client of mine is gonna go around with half a mop on his head. I want you to be proud of yourself, okay, buddy? As for the arm…” He tapped the shoulder with a gentle touch, careful of what scars to touch. “We’ll work on that next week. One thing at a time. You’ll need to get used to wearing it. I know its a lot different from your flesh arm, but its better than going around one handed and insisting you can cook. I’ve watched you. You can’t cook and you definitely can’t cook one handed.” There was a teasing smile on Sam’s face as he leaned close to kiss between James’ eyes.

“I can cook,” James mumbled, his words gravel and rough from the tears. “My sisters loved my food.”

“Your sisters were lying for your emotional well being. James, Clint can cook better than you,” he laughed. “Your meatloaf was alive, man. It moved on my plate.” As Sam spoke, he picked up a pretty red color. A round, golden tag on the buckle had Sam’s name on it. It meant that for now, James belong to him.

“Clint has Natasha, so of course he can cook! I’m at a disadvantage. I have no one!” James insisted. He sat up, knowing the routine. A shiver went down his spine when the cold metal tag touched his neck. Sam buckled it into place, swooping what was left of his shoulder-length hair away from his neckline and pressing a warm kiss to his neck.

“You have me,” Sam reminded him firmly. “I’m just never eating your cooking again. We’ll be ordering takeout or I’ll cook for you. Show you what my mama taught me. Maybe it’ll put some weight on those bones.” Clipping a leash to the collar, Sam stood up and let James walk on his hands and knees. He was so adorable, so obedient. Normally they’d add a tail plug and ears, but not today. Today wasn’t about sex or please, today was about control and accepting what had happened.

There was an attached bathroom to Sam’s office. It was clean, with a small tub and shower. This was meant for more intense sessions with enemas or cold water splashing down. But today, today, Sam was more interested in the clippers he kept on the shelf, for when he needed to shape his own facial hair up. He sat James down on the stool, calling him a good boy as he grabbed at the clippers. 

Fixing James' hair came with years of practice from doing his sisters’ hair. And from years of studying online tutorials because he wanted to be a hair dresser as he grew older. The hair fell into small piles, being brushed off from James’ thighs. It didn’t take Sam long, because despite the manic part of James' mess, he really did do a good job. Just a few sides clipped to even it out and well, James Barnes looked like a new man. “Alright…”

Grabbing the broom, Sam started to clean it up, letting James see the results of Sam’s careful hands. Tears gathered in James eyes when he looked in the mirror. His one hand went from gripping the marble sink, to touching his hair. It was short and the curls styled perfectly on top. He couldn’t help, but to obsessively touch it, comb his fingers through it. It wasn’t a greasy mess, instead it was styled...almost perfectly. Almost like his old self.

Sam was startled when James threw himself at his chest and held him tight, dumping the hair into the trash and holding the man close. He kissed his temple and rubbed over his spine, cooing at the veteran. “You’re okay,” He promised. “Its just hair, buddy. look good.”

James let out a strangled sob, between somewhere of saying thank you and you’re right, but what came out was nothing, but a whimpering mess. He just nodded, ruining the man’s silk tie with his snot and tears. Sam didn’t care, he just held James close and rubbed the nape of his neck, letting him get the tears out. Today was a tearful day.

“Come on.” Sam already had the leash in hand. He needed to let James know he was in control, least for now. He could relish in knowing that he was safe with Sam. “We’re going to take it easy today. You’ve had a hard day. I want you to have some pleasure.” He laid down on the couch and pulled the skinny man ontop of him. The leash was gripped tight in hand, pulling on the collar. “I want you to tell me your favorite things while you ground against my cock.”

James blinked down at Sam, because yes this was normal. Collar. Leash. Giving up control. Talking while performing some sexual act, but a simple hump? It seemed almost childish, but he’d relish in it. He hadn’t touched himself in three weeks, because Sam told him not to. His cock was begging to cum. And relishing in talking about his favorite things while pleasing his favorite guy? He could do that.

Straddling Sam, James reached down his jeans and adjusted his already half-stiffened cock and balls. He stiffened a groan as he brushed over his sensitive head, before letting his hand fall onto Sam’s shoulder. He used him for support as he laid his clothed cock over Sam’s bulge and shifted his hips. Pleasure tingled down his spine at such a simple deed, because it felt good. It was...nice to feel good.

Obviously, he wasn’t talking enough as he half leaned over Sam, because the dom was tapping his belt buckle again. “Following orders,” James mused in a slowly forming husky tone. His head hung down as he continued to rub his hips, barely holding back the moans. He had to lay against Sam’s warm form and hump him, like he was a kid humping his teddy bear without knowing why, simply because it felt good.

“I like following your orders,” James continued. “It gives me a piece of mind, so I can focus on what you said. I don’t gotta think. I just gotta do what you said and make you happy. I like knowing I’m doing a good job. Like knowing that you’re proud of me. That...even when I don’t see r-results, you see ‘em… Oh god.” Why had Sam told him not to cum for three weeks? He was not gonna make it long. He could already feel his cock throbbing. He could hear Sam’s small groans, the way the man’s heat tilted back and his shoulders slacked into the cushions. He was enjoying this too.

“Go on,” Sam breathed. “I want to hear more. Want to hear you talk, Barnes. Or do I need to get the paddle?” The paddle being a piece of wood, with holes drilled into it to ensure that it swiped through the air with ease. “Do I need to spank you? Or get a cage?”

“No, no sir,” James whined. “No, sir. Just feels good. So good. Don’t want the cage.” He buried his face into Sam’s shoulder, eyes closed tightly. Though a spanking might distract him from the need to cum. Or it might make him cum, either way, Sam wouldn’t appreciate it. 

“I like being here with you. I love my sisters, I do, but they don’t understand. You understand. You’ve been there. They try to be supportive, but they don’t know. They don’t know the n-nightmares I have-hnnng.” James’ eyes had rolled into the back of his head, helplessly humping against Sam’s crotch. Sam’s fingers dug into his hips, stilling his helpless humps.

“James. Talk. Focus.” Sam reminded him in a harsh voice.

James was panting, hardly able to focus. All he wanted to do was cum and if he didn’t listen, Sam would punish him. He couldn’t handle that today. All he wanted to do was be good and cum in his pants. Swallowing, his tongue darted out again to lick his lips. “They think...I can get better with talk and therapy and stuff. Meds and all th-that junk. I’ve tried the meds. They don’t work. They think I’m just...hoarding myself up. They want me to be involved in their lives and with their kids, but I can’t. All I see...all I see…” He didn’t continue, shaking his head.

Sam knew what he was gonna say, nuzzling into his neck. He started to slowly move his hips, rubbing against James wet bulge. A small noise escaped the back of his throat. “All you see is what you witness, I understand.” His voice had dropped to a soft, soothing tone. To ensure his point, he nuzzled James like a pet kitten. “But we’ll get past that hurtle, okay? One thing at a time. You have dinner with just your sisters once a week. Next week, I’ll come over and cook for you guys. I’ll talk to them.”

It wasn’t professional to do so, but Sam was sure their relationship had reached past that point. No client and therapist should go to this point, where James was texting him at all points of the day about how much he liked the man. Or when he couldn’t sleep, Sam would call and tell him stories about a bunny rabbit to take his mind off of the self-torture. Or how Sam pined after this man and just wanted to see him smile again. That’s all he wanted.

“We’ll figure this out. One step at a time,” Sam promised. His eyes slid close and his nails dug into James' jeans as his thrusts grew erratic. Aiming perfectly against the bulge, rubbing them together to ensure friction. His suit pants were growing wet and tight and God...He was gonna make a mess in them and he couldn’t wait.

James was the first to cum, mouthing at Sam’s neck with pathetic whines. He just nodded along to what Sam said, because he was right. One step at a time. Dinner and talk. His sisters would understand. Slowly. Sam could get anyone to understand. Sam -- “Hnnggg!” James let out the most unholy sound as he felt his cock throb and fill his jeans with rope after rope of stringy, thick cum. God, he was gonna have to throw these jeans and boxers away. He was shuddering over Sam, gasping painfully for air. Felt like someone had punched him and the air left his lungs.

Sam wasn’t far behind. He enjoyed, in some cases to let the client cum first. This was one of those times. Watching James orgasm and twitch and whine was worth it. He felt his own cock finally give way and fill his boxers with rope after rope of cum. Both pants full of cum, now aching painfully in post orgasm bliss. Sam didn’t stop, least not for another minute, rubbing their cum-stained pants together.

Pulling away, he was satisfied to see both of them wet, the material stained a darker color. He reached down to palm James’ mess with a grin. “Good boy,” he purred. “Today was a hard day for you. I-”

“I don’t want to go home,” James said at once, interrupting Sam. Normally that was a no-no, unless an intense moment. “Please. I’ll...stay here. Suck your cock. Hide in the bathroom. Just don’t send me home.”

Sam’s eyes softened and he moved his cleaner hand to cup James’ cheek. He pulled him in for a soft kiss, giving a sigh. “If you had let me finish, I was going to have you come over to my place and continue this session in a more private setting where I have more toys for us to play with.” He let his point stand, looking the man right into his stormy gray eyes. They looked calmer already. “For that outburst, you’ll wear the cock cage tonight. If you’re a good enough boy to earn it off, I’ll reward you with a few new toys that I ordered with you in mind.” Standing up, Sam grabbed at their phones and pulled on James' collar. He tossed down a leather glove to protect the man’s hand from gravel and bits of glass as they walked [crawled] on the sidewalk. “You’ll crawl the two blocks to my home. You’ll keep your head down and look at no one.”

Pulling James towards the door, Sam gave him a comforting smile. He ran his fingers through his short hair and patted him on the head. “We’ll get through this, Jamey. One step at a time.”

Chapter Text

When a giant, blonde man who resembled a lost golden retriever puppy, with the softest baby blue eyes and a chiseled jawline came to your front door, asking for you assistance, you couldn’t turn him down. Legally, yes Peggy could, but she knew damn well it would not sit well on her conscience at all. It would bubble in her throat like hot, white guilt and she wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, constantly worried about the man with a lost look in his eyes. And well, how could Peggy say no? Not when he spoke so calm and gentle, yet unable to look her in the eyes. Any other man wouldn’t look her in the eyes if she answered the door in nothing, but a pair of white panties that hugged her hips. Instead, this blonde man looked down at her feet, hands behind his back, like a good soldier.

And that was what he was, or at least used to be. The perfect soldier.

And Peggy couldn’t turn down a veteran, not one as soft and gentle as him. “You’re safe with me,” she promised in a soft tone, slowly holding out her perfectly manicured hand for him to take. “Say no more, I’ll take good care of you. How did you find me?”

Steve regarded her hand for a few seconds before slowly taking it and letting Peggy pull him inside. Peggy smiled down at him when he didn’t answer right away. The way his brow pinched together, he was thinking over the question.

“I’m not sure,” He mused, sounding very lost and confused. “I think someone told me about you. A...A...Sam Wilson?” His brow rose, trying to decipher if this was true or not.

Peggy’s head was nodding, leading Steve past a moderately decorated living room and towards her bedroom, turned sex room. “Ah. Wilson, I know him. I do work for veterans. If he sent you my way, then you must need the assistance. Well, Mr. Rogers, if Sam thinks I can help you, then you’re not as hopeless as you say you are. I believe he’s already sent your information…”

The sex room was a thing of beauty and terror. Sex toys lined the walls, like various whips all clustered together. Some had tipped ends to leave welts, some to even make you bleed. A few horse crops [help] were beside them. An IV line that was set up with a rubber, red enema bad, a jug of water, being warmed by a heater sat beside it. A saline drip was on another line right next to it. Various size dildos and butt plugs lined the shelves. A sex swing was stationed in middle of the room. A breeding table was pushed against the wall. And yet, the most normal looking bed, with ropes and bounding materials was pushed right against the shelf of toys. A desk sat in the middle of the room, holding a laptop and beside the laptop was a strap on. The room was painted a light purple, a few soft LEDs lighting the room up to give it a warm glow.

“Here we are. We’ll do most of my work here. Please, take a seat in front of the desk, while I look over the paperwork and we’ll begin. You can strip if you’d like.” Peggy dismissed him before sitting behind the desk and busying herself with the laptop. While she pulled up Steve’s file that Sam had sent over, she often glanced up to the veteran.

Steve had taken his time in stripping and folding his clothes, like it had been bred into him by the military. To Peggy, Steve was very attractive, to Steve himself, he was disgusting. He had bulked up in his time during the military but had long lost it due to PTSD and unable to care for himself. Scars lined his body, a cluster of them starting at his left hip and working up over his pec and cascading down his arm in beautiful lines of angry, pink, puffy marks. It looked like burn scars and Peggy was right when she read over Sam’s notes. Bomb had gone off, Steve was trapped under the rubble, using his body to protect the kids stuck inside the building. They managed to escape, but barely.

“Well,” Peggy cleared her throat, nodding for Steve to sit down on the metal chair in front of the table. “Sam had taken your vitals for me, says you’re clean. So that’s wonderful. Sam’s a good man. Now, I must ask...are you sure you want this? I won’t press you beyond your limits, not this early, but I will meet them. I will take control and you won’t have to think, but it won’t be easy. The last thing I want to do is trigger an episode.”

Steve wasn’t looking at her again, he was gripping the arms of the chair and rubbing the heels of his feet against the hard floor. “Yes,” he mumbled. “Because you’re my only hope. I-I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. All I can picture, all I could hear was their screams and I-I just want it to stop. I need it to stop…”

There were tears in his eyes and despite the fact that she didn’t show it, Peggy’s heart was breaking. She walked around the table to cup his face, throwing her cascading curls down her shoulder. “Look at me, soldier,” she whispered, tilting his head up. “I can’t solve all your problems. I can give you a distraction. I can dominate you and make you forget for one minute all the horrible things that had happened to you. And together, we can work through your problems, but it won’t be through sex alone. You’ll need therapy, your medications and I need your promise that you’ll continue them under my care.” When Steve nodded, blinking a few tears away that clung to his thick lashes, Peggy smiled. She pressed a soft kiss to his lips, tasting the salty tears. “Then we’ll start simple. A good spanking always lightens things up. Do you think you deserve one?”

The question was simple and Steve knew it was. Most people would simply say yes and bow their head in submission. But Steve wasn’t most people. He just nodded his head. For Peggy, that wasn’t good enough. “Then tell me why you deserve one. Without mentioning the past, darling.”

The way she said darling, it curled in the air and Peggy saw the reaction in Steve. His cock twitched, soft against his thighs. So, the man suffered from a praise kink. When Steve didn’t answer, he just shook his head, not looking at her even though she had his face in her hands, Peggy sighed. She let go of his face and leaned into the desk, arms crossed over her chest.

“Soldier, I asked you a question. When I ask a question, I expect an answer. Not a shake of your head. I understand if you’re having trouble thinking, so take all the time that you need. But don’t tell me simply no when I ask you why.” Her voice had a stronger tone to it, demanding.

Steve’s mouth opened, but no sound came out of it. His pink tongue darted out to lick across his pink, full lips. “I didn’t go to therapy yesterday. Told...Sam I was feeling sick. I just couldn’t...couldn’t get out of bed. Wondered Brooklyn for hours, till it was midnight. Left my phone at home cause I didn’t want to be bothered. Sam had...worried all night about me.”

Yes, that warranted a good spanking and a talking to. Steve knew he did wrong, given the way the shame filled his voice, but it was a wrong that could easily be corrected and prevented. And besides, Steve seemed to have a good reason.

“Good boy.” Another twitch of the cock and a small smile from Peggy. “Follow me.” She sat down on the bed and instructed Steve to lay across her lap, his ass perfectly suited in her lap. She stuffed his cock between her thighs and marveled at the beautiful, pale skin, mirrored by small burned marks.

“I want you to count out loud how many I give you, okay? I’ll stop when I think you’ve had enough. If you feel triggered, then I want you to simply say red. I use the color system. Green for good, yellow for teetering on edge, and red for stop all at once. If for whatever reason you’re unable to speak then give me a thumbs up.” When Steve seemed to understand, Peggy laid one solid smack onto his right cheek.

She watched the skin and muscle jiggle, barely holding back her own groan at both the sight and skin meeting skin sound. She felt Steve tense under her and felt his cock twitch again. He was responsive, so that was good. She laid another smack to his left one, careful about where her nails hit given the scars.

And Steve was a good boy, a very good boy. He counted the spankings out loud. Twenty on each buttock, until his beautiful, pale ass was a nice bright and red color. Until he was half hard against her thighs, her thighs damp from her own arousal and him starting to leak pre. She rubbed over the skin and massaged as gentle as possible.

“Good boy,” Peggy praised him, moving her hand to stroke his soft, blonde locks. She let him adjust his position, moving a pillow so he could rest his head on. “Now, let’s try something a little harder. You did make Sam worry. And you were out so late at night, Gods’ knows how barbaric this town is.”

Picking up a paddle, that had holes drilled through to ensure that it would slice through the air with ease. It was a little harder than her own spankings and much, much lighter than the studded paddle. Those were reserved for very naughty boys and Steve wasn’t one.

Peggy had Steve count again, with each whack she gave of his ass and slowly moving towards the back of his thighs. She was careful, however since Steve was new to this. Every two whacks, she gently rubbed over the tender skin before adding two more to the other side. She did this again and again, leaving pretty red marks in her place, until he was warm to the touch. Satisfied with how red his pretty behind was, Peggy was pleased and hummed as she rubbed over the skin.

Steve was silent the entire time, beyond counting. She heard the odd gasps and groans from him, but that was it. The worst thing he did was tense up every so often. Was she not hitting him hard enough? Did he think he deserved this punishment? Her lips formed into a pout as she rolled the paddle in her hand.

The idea struck her as she moved her hand to rub over the back of Steve’s balls. A real healthy set, if you asked her. Nice and thick in her fingers. She tapped them just a tad bit hard with the paddle and was rewarded with a deep moan from Steve, a shudder runs through him.

“There we go. Now was that so hard to ask for, Stevie? A lady likes to hear how good of a job she’s doing.”

She tapped Steve’s testicles again and again, lighter compared to his ass, but enough for him to feel the sting of pain. Her thighs were growing warm and wet…? It took Peggy a moment, until she smelt it, to realize Steve had pissed on her thighs. And a glance at his reddening face, with eyes closed, and an almost blissful look compared to the shameful one earlier, he was enjoying this.


“Hm?”  One eye opened to look at that annoyed face.

“Did you just piss on me?”

Almost at once Steve’s face flushed with a darker shade of red, matching the beautiful shade on his ass. He tried to move, but Peggy’s hand on his backside prevented it. A whine escaped the back of his throat, where he looked actually ashamed. He wiggled, which only caused his wet cock to brush along her thigh and fuck did that feel good. “Y-yes, ma’m. Yes. I did. I’m so sorry.”

Was he really sorry? Because a man who looked like Steve currently did, was not sorry. Not with face flushed and his cheeks tinting redder. Not with the way he moaned. “Well, I don’t believe you. Up.”

Getting Steve off of her, Peggy grabbed a towel from the end of the bed and cleaned her thighs up for now, and blotted the bed. Piss wasn’t the worst thing her covers saw, so she was okay with it. Now Steve stood before her, cock standing at full attention. And my, that was quite the specism. Nearly ten inches and curved, with a head the size of a mushroom cap. All she wanted was to get that in her, but not now. This was about Steve.

“You do understand you must be punished, correct? You didn’t tell me you had to pee, no warned me.” When Steve nodded, arms behind his back, eyes down, Peggy continued. Good. He understood. “Now Sam’s files mentioned you’re able to...please yourself. Am I correct?”

“Yes, ma’m. It's the only thing that gives me feelin’. He says it's normal.” God, Steve’s voice sounded so small. Almost broken. She’d fix that.

“Yes, its normal. It's actually a good sign. Now, I want you on your stomach, ass in the air like you’re presenting to get fucked, because that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. If you’re gonna piss the goddamn bed and make a mess, then baby, we’re making a mess. And you’re lucky I have a large bladder.”

Steve’s facial expression was one Peggy was fond of when she mentioned bladder. Confusion, yet arousal. The poor thing did not know what was coming. Peggy owned many, many toys, including strap ons. And she loved to tease and fuck her clients with these said strap ons. Her favorite was a double ended one that she could maneuver, specially designed by Stark Industries, so she could fill the chamber with just about any liquid she could imagine. Her favorite was to piss in it and let the piss drain into her clients at the touch of a button. Something told her Steve would adore it.

Grabbing the black harness, after throwing her panties aside, Peggy slipped it on, letting Steve see the blue, stiff silicone slip inside of her wet cunt, giving a small groan as it filled her. God, that was a feeling she’d never get used to and she loved it. Her toes tingle and for a moment, she stilled, because the last she wanted to do was orgasm at this moment. There were many promising orgasms to come.

Kneeling behind Steve, Peggy pulled the man’s cheeks apart and saw a promising, worn ring of muscle. It looked like he pleasures himself just this morning with how wet it still felt when she brushed her fingers over it. She chuckled to herself, feeling how Steve leaned into the touch. “Easy, easy,” she soothed. “I’m not going to hurt you. Not going to force this into such a small hole. I want to open you up first.”

Peggy wasn’t barbaric. She’d never resort to such issues and hurt someone in this manner. That would not only hurt them physically but leave a mental scar that would most likely never heal. When her clients came to her, they put their trust in her, to help them and she wasn’t going to use it to her advantage.

Easing two lube-coated fingers into Steve’s warm, spongy walls, Peggy thrust gently inside. There was no need to be that gentle, the man was so beautiful stretched open. She loved it. She loved every sound leaking from his lips, loved listening to him moan. She loved the way his breath hitched as she rubbed over his prostate. Loved the way her trembled and that beautiful cock of his leaked cum onto the sheets. Steve was very responsive and she was going to have fun with him.

Coating her cock in lube, Peggy lined the silicone up to his beautifully stretched hole. She gently eased the beast inside of him, pausing every few inches to let him adjust. If she ever wanted a cock, now would be the time. Listening to his moans and and the way he clung to the sheets as she bottomed out was a beautiful sight. Rows and rows of his back muscles tense as she pulled out, just to slam her hips back in. The sound of skin-meeting-skin, the way his back arched into it. Steve was the perfect fuck.

Leaning over the man, her slender frame brushed over his. She bit down onto his shoulder, suckling a bruise while her hips thrusted over and over again. Fucking into him like the perfect toy he was. The blue silicone disappeared into his beautiful fleshy, rose bud with each thrust. Each thrust causing the double end to fuck back into her. It was a beautiful mixture of sounds, of hers and his.

Her nails raked over his spine, leaving trails of red. Steve responded by raising his shoulders, offering more skin for her to mark. His back covered in bruised by her lips at this point. She could spend all night with him and never get enough. But they were playing it safe. She did promise him a proper punishment for him pissing the bed, pissing on her.

And it was coming.

Reaching down, Peggy squeezed his balls hard, in the same movement, she adjusted her hips onto her strapon and let go. Steve’s shocked groan and the way he shifted caused Peggy to just let go. She filled the dildo with her own piss and squeezed Steve’s cock once more before pressing the button on the side. Piss drained into Steve, warming him from the inside out.

The blonde shudders under her and he whimpered, biting into the pillow. Never in his life did he think he’d get off on a woman pissing into his ass, but here was. Cock throbbing from the warm sensation of piss splashing in him, to his balls aching from her squeeze. He couldn’t last long. He couldn’t. He couldn’t. He couldn’t. Oh God, he was going to cum. She was squeezing his balls over and over and his cock was twitching. And---


Her name was screeched out in pure ecstasy, Peggy watching as Steve’s rim tightened around the cock. She watched as he gripped the sheets and in her hand, left his cock twitching as long ropes of cum sprayed from him and onto the sheets. A truly beautiful sight.

The best part wasn’t happening yet. It didn’t happen until Peggy pulled out of the blonde and watched the piss drain out of his ruined hole. She watched him whimper and relieve himself, emptying what was left of his bladder onto the ruined sheets below.

Out of breath, Peggy smiled as she walked around to the foot of the bed, the cock dripping piss as she stood in front of Steve. His face was flushed, he looked relieved and relaxed. A state she loved her clients to be in. “I think,” she breathed, reaching out to scratch him behind his ear. “I think we should make this a daily thing, at the very least. Until you get back on your feet, at least.”

Chapter Text

“P-Peggy?” Steve’s voice had hitched to his throat, along with his breath as he turned to stare at his Dominatrix. Steve was a little new to this, having done this for only three weeks and that was only twice a week now. If he could have it his way, it would be a lot more, it be constant time with Peggy but Peggy was a busy woman and Steve lived off of limited funds. And Peggy, well she deserved the best.

The woman before him stood in a leather cortex, that squeezed her hips and caused her tits to nearly pop out of them. He could just see the outline of her nipples amongst the black leather. Her hair cascaded down her back in ringlet curls, a riding crop in her hand. The best part was the fact that she wore crotch-less  panties, exposing her pink, wet folds and the brown hair nestled on top. She was absolutely beautiful and perfect and fuck Steve couldn’t had been more lucky when he found her.

“Did I tell you to use my name?” Peggy purred, her head tilting sideways. It was a look Steve knew that he was in trouble or was about to be. Her red lips curled into a smile as she dropped the riding crop and lead Steve by leash and collar to the four-post bed. She said nothing as she laid back amongst the velvet blankets, her hair cascading around her. Steve knelt by the bed, looking straight at her. Good boy. He learned not to question.

“I think after such a hard week of doctor appoints and testing, you deserve a reward, Stevie. Don’t you?” When the blonde’s head nodded and excitement sparkled in his eyes, she smiled. The smile reached her eyes as she shifted, legs opening to expose her wet folds. “I want you to climb on top of me and fuck my tits.” As she said this, her fingers worked to unlace the corset from the sides, letting the leather fall open and her tits to pop out. Her fingers worked over the mounds of flesh and fat, pushing them together and teasing her perky nipples. “Would you like that, baby? Fuck my tits?”

Steve’s head eagerly nodded and like a horny dog he was, he clambered on top of Peggy. He settled amongst her frame, knees carefully placed so he wasn’t kneeling on her hair. He squeezed her frame amongst his skinny knees and groaned as his cock, the pretty seven, skinny inches brushed between her tits. Peggy smiled beneath them and Steve felt his heart leap straight into his throat. “Yes, ma’m. I wanna fuck your tits. Can’t keep my eyes off of them. Wanna spray my cum on them.”

This poor, poor boy was nothing more than an over eager slut. He would do anything Peggy said and she was sure of it. She was slowly working him up into more of kinkier nature, because beforehand all he knew was vanilla sex and Peggy, Peggy liked to press the limit. She gathered her tits into her hands and squeezed them together, letting Steve leaned down and hold onto the headboard to ease towards her tits.

Steve was the most adorable thing on two legs, if you asked Peggy. He was perfect and petite and loved to follow her orders to a T. He was also stubborn and once he got an idea in his head, he refused to let it go. He got into too many fights for his own good and liked to avoid constant doctor appointments, so him having a dom was well needed and Peggy knew she was perfect for the job. Someone had to keep this little imp in line.

Steve’s eyes slid close as she shifted, adjusting his position and gripping the headboard as he moved his hips. His skinny cock, with the perfect slender head slid perfectly between her warm tits. There was just enough friction from her tits against his sensitive, pink head that made his body sing. He could feel the pleasure stemming, pooling into his small balls. He didn’t still his hips either, he was erratic with his thrusts.

It became clear to Peggy that Steve was this about being his pleasure, rather than hers. She got some pleasure from this, from her tits jiggling, to them being rubbed. She got pleasure out of watching his face, tinting pink, and feeling the pre ooze and rub between her tits. She got off on Steve’s hips shifting, rubbing his well lubed hole against her lower body, knowing damn well she’d fuck it good tonight.

And yet, Steve watched none of this. His eyes were closed and he thrust over and over again, disappearing his cock between her tits. He focused on none of the pleasure on her and moaned, deep for his slender frame. He used her tits like they were his own personal flesh light and well, that wasn’t going to fly with Peggy. He had been a bit of a brat today, afterall.

When Steve’s orgasm started to build, Peggy knew. The tall etell sign was his cheeks tinting a darker red. It was the way his body tensed and he was grunting, breathing hard and low. And this orgasm was not happening. Pinching the head of his slender cock, hard caused Steve’s eyes to open. Peggy grinned up at him, shaking her head. “Not now, little one. You will not cum.”

She squeezed his cock tighter and jerked him off in a rough manner. It ached and hurt Steve more than anything, but caused him to moan all the same. His body shuddered and he was barely holding it together. His breathing was getting rougher and rougher. “P-peg-ma’m...Miss, stop. Gonna cum.”

Peggy did stop, instantly pulled her hand off. She pushed Steve off of her and laid him on the bed instead, her tits bouncing as she did so. She grabbed at a set of stimulation gloves, each finger and palm having a different ridge to ensure stimulation.

Steve’s eyes widened at the gloves because those things were the worst. They constantly got him off in the worst manner and Peggy had ordered him not to cum, so he couldn’t. And she was going ot force him. Yet, despite the thoughts, his eyes rolled into the back of his head when two lubed fingers slipped inside of his lubed hole and the other wrapped around his tender cock. He gasped and his hips jerked when she thrusted her fingers deep inside of his hole, curling them just ever so slightly so they brushed over his prostate.

It grew worse from there, from her hand painfully jerking him off and despite the lube, it almost felt raw. His sensitive cock throbbed heavily in her touch and tears pricked his eyes. He whined painfully, taking in painful, gasping breaths. He couldn’t stop pumping his hips, feeling Peggy maneuver her hands to accommodate him.

“Hold it, Rogers. Hold it. You better not cum if you don’t want to be punished.” Peggy’s accent was clear in her steady tone. Her movements were nearly harsh, angry, jerking his cock in a hard manner. “Hold it for me. Be a good boy.”

This is what Steve got for fucking her tits for his pleasure. This is what he got for avoiding his doctor appointments earlier this week, until she had to force him to go. Her fingers pinched the head of his cock before jerking her hand off in a harsh manner and slapping his balls lightly.

Steve moaned, his moan turning into a light sob at the flash of pain. His face was tinting a darker and darker red, tears pricking his eyes. His breathing was harsh and he couldn’t keep his legs still. Her hand might’ve left his dangerously throbbing cock, but her fingers hadn’t let his ass. Three fingers resided inside, pressed in deep and spreading his rim. She attacked his prostate, rubbing harshly over the bundle of nerves. 

Steve was nearly sobbing at the sensations. He didn’t think he could cum, even if he wanted to. She was attacking his prostate and pinching his cock and ruining any chance he had to develop one. He was lucky he just wasn’t in the leather bodysuit again. That would’ve made this ten times worse. 

“Good boy. Very good boy. Look at me.” Her fingers cupped his cheek to force him to meet her eyes. Her tits bounced with each movement, shifting them both. “When I pull my hand out, you’re going to fuck my tits. You’re going to cum on them and you’re going to thank me. Do you understand?” The tears in Steve’s eyes told her that he did, his head jerkily nodding. 

Letting go of Steve’s face, Peggy made sure her last few moments in his ass were painfully slow in removing. She watched the linger of lube cling to both her fingers and his ass before his hole started to close around nothing, desperate to be filled. She chuckled and threw the gloves across the room, laying back on the bed. 

Steve shifted, waiting a few seconds, to try to get feelings back into his legs. Peggy was waiting and couldn’t keep her waiting. He crawled to his feet and shifted so he was over her body again. He laid halfway, supporting himself on his thin arms, thrusting his hips against her tits. A small moan escaped his lips, breathing heavily. The stimulation left from her over stimulating his ass and cock was leaving him on edge.

An orgasm was coming, but he wasn’t sure if he could feel a damn thing.

Peggy pushed her tits together, giving Steve more and more friction. She groaned when he started to thrust in an erratic manner, short, heavy thrusts that just meant he was using her tits to get off. Rubbing his head her pale skin, leaving a shiny trail behind. His breath was coming in rougher and rougher gasps. He was close and rather he had an orgasm or not was up to his little body.

And Steve did cum. He pumped his cock along her tits, stringy, thin ropes of cum spraying over her tits and chest until his balls dried up. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he sagged onto his knees and fell back, Peggy easing him into bed. He didn’t have an orgasm. He just felt his cock cum, felt the energy leave his body. He let out a soft sob, knowing it was from overstimulation.

Peggy cooed at her baby boy, shifting to lay him against he cum-covered chest and letting him suckle from her tit. He was always like a child, seeking comfort in sucking her tit. She combed her fingers through his hair, cooing again. “You’re okay, baby doll. You did amazing. Are you going to go to your doctor appointments from now on? This is about your health.”

Steve’s head bobbed, not daring to pull his lips off of her tit. His tongue lapping over where his own bitter cum dripped over her nipples. He wouldn’t disobey. He’d follow her rules, always would. He just wanted to be her good boy.

Chapter Text

“James, Steven.” Peggy’s eyes narrowed as she said each of her boys’ names, shaking her head. Her curls fell over her shoulder as she walked inside, legs spread to show off her Alpha cock outlined in a pair of white, silk panties. It matched her lacelet bra, but both boys didn’t see this. They were looking down at their feet. “Didn’t I tell you to dress?” She picked up the untouched clothes resting on the bed, if you could even call them clothes. They were a pair of matching laced, silk, top. “Why are you two not dressed?”

Steve cleared his throat, shuffling his feet. He looked up at Bucky who shrugged his shoulders and looked back down. “I… we...forgot?” Alright, cheap lie, but still, honest. They got busy doing other things.

Clearly not the answer Peggy wanted. Her nose flared and she eyed the boys. They were on the smaller size, Steve a lot smaller than James. Both Omegas and both her boys, bearing her bonding mark on their neck and collar latched into place. She took a few steps forward, heels clicking on the floor. As a female Alpha, Peggy had both genitals, what would be a clit, was her cock, a thick ten inches with an impressive, head that only appeared when aroused. And both came in handy when dealing with her boys.

“You two were flocking.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. There were signs, from Steve’s pink face, to the smell of slick in the air. “I thought I told you two not to touch yourselves or each other? Well..clearly you two can’t follow orders.” Digging inside the bed side table, Peggy had pulled out two, bright red cock cages. She saw both of her boys flinch from the sight.

“Ma’m-” James words were cut off by Peggy’s sharp look. He whimpered in the back of his throat and dropped to his knees. He spread his legs, hands behind his back, like he’d been trained to do so. He looked up at Steve, to get him to do the same, but the Omega didn’t move.

“No. No, you will not talk your way out of this. When I ask you to do something, you will do it. In fact...this was going to be a surprise, but now, I think you two deserve to see what happens when you disobey me. I think the world needs to see.” Peggy, still holding the cage, crossed over to the dresser, where she sat a web cam. It was already linked to an open laptop, showing a running, live video stream. “I was going to show the world what good boys you were, but now they’ll see what happens when you disobey me.”

Steve’s eyes widened as he looked at the camera, dropping back down to James who was still on his knees. His cock was soft and against his thigh, while Steve’s was hard and red, pre dribbling from him. “You-you’re us?”

“No. I’m gonna film me punishing you two. On your knees Rogers.” Peggy didn’t pay attention to him, not while she attached the almost too small cock cage to James. She watched the brunette flinch as she flicked it before turning to Steve. The Omega still stood, stubborn as ever. “Do you really want to play this game, Stevie? Do you really want to show our audience what I do to disobeying Omegas? Because they will comment and I will do as they ask.”

Steve’s face was tinting a soft red, baring his teeth. “We shouldn’t be punished. We weren’t touching one another, we were humping. You didn’t say we couldn’t do that!”

“I shouldn’t have to. I’ll phrase my words carefully next time.” Standing on her own two feet she scuffed Steve and bent him over the bed. Steve didn’t resist, meaning he truly wanted this. Maybe next time he'll think before disobeying. “You want to be sluts and get off? Fine. You’ll fuck while he eats my cunt out.”

There was no disobeying. Peggy laid out on the bed, spreading her legs to expose her glistening, wet folds. She stroked her cock and groaned at the sensitive touch.

James instantly reacted, moving so he was between Peggy’s legs and tongue deep in her cunt. He whimpered as his cock was jostled and brushed against the sheets. He could already hear the chiming of comments, but paid no mind as Peggy’s sweet slick graced his tongue.

Now, it was unfair for Steve to fuck Bucky. Out of all of them, he had the smallest cock. Three inches and red when hard, like a goddamn pup. So it would do nothing, but tease him and tease Bucky. And make his cock raw and aching.

“Get on with it, Stevie. If you can hump, then you can fuck your boyfriend.” Peggy’s fingers snapped, stroking her cock while James suckled.

Steve whimpered as his cock slid inside of James’ damp hole, gasping at the tight sensation. His rim squeezed his small cock, hips barely moving. All he could do as he leaned over James was puppy hump him and given the small groans coming from James, it was more than enough. 

“Fuck, fuck,” Steve whispered, face pressed into James shoulder and panting heavily. “I’m gonna cum.” It was pathetic, not even two minutes and he felt like he was gonna cum. He always came so damn easily and they used it to his disadvantage.

“Cum then, but don’t you dare stop. I want his ass dripping with cum.” It was a threat and Peggy knew it. She met Steve’s eyes, watching them roll into the back of his head as the orgasm hit him. His body shuddered and James beneath her stuttering, gasping as she knew dribble of puppy cum filled his hole. “Keep going, Steven.”

James whimpered as his ass was filled with cum. It felt like he wet himself, more than getting a proper fuck. This left him on edge because he didn’t feel enough. Steve wasn’t enough, he wasn’t a proper Alpha.

Clearly, Peggy was bored because she pulled the laptop close to read the comments, giving a small hum to some of them. She pulled James off of her cunt, his face damp from her slick and slapped his face with her cock. “Change of plans,” she hummed. “A wonderful commenter wanted me to use James slick-filled ass. Steven…” There was a look in her eyes as she dragged Bucky to the breeding bench and adjusted the camera so it would be level with them.

She dragged Steve over to James head and opened the Omega’s mouth, letting Steve sink his tiny cock into his mouth. It was barely more than a mouthful. She grabbed at one of their fucking machines, one meant to design to be used while standing, more than laying, but it could be adjusted. Normally she’d lay one of the boys on the table and use them, but not today.

“You are going to regret cumming without my permission, you are going to regret humping.” She fitted a nice sized dildo a thick, full eight inches. Not clearly her length, but enough to satisfy him. After applying some lube, she eased the head in with a manual crank, watching Steve’s face as it slid inside and filled him. “You will cum over and over again, Steven. I want you to cum on his face. I want the world to see what two disobedient pups you are.”

Peggy didn’t wait for either of them to confirm, she set the toy to a bit of a harsher setting than normal, listening it to whirl. She listened to Steve’s gasp and whines, to his near shouts as the toy started to fuck him at a harsher rate. She watched as slick dribbled down his thighs and coated the toy. Before she had her own fun.

James’ ass was wet from Steve’s cock and cum. She could see his little, puppy cum dribbling down his thighs in small droplets. Her fingers scooped the cum out and stuffed it back inside of his warm ass. Her only warning was her cock rubbing along his cheeks, slicking it with his own slick. Her head slowly brushed against his hole before she shoved in, all at once. It was perfectly times, when he screamed, Steve’s cock spewing driblets of cum onto the omega’s face. Peggy chuckled, pulling out to the tip, just to slam her hips back in.

There was an orchestra of noises that edged Peggy on. From the sound of the machine whirling, to the popping and slick noise coming from Steve’s ass, and Steve’s own whimpers and sound. From James’ crying out every thrust, as she abused his prostate. His own cock trapped inside of the cock cage, unable to harden, to dribble cum. It was all perfect.

James face was sheen with Steve’s cum. The other’s poor cock red and aching, already turning soft. He couldn’t cum anymore, his balls were drying up and it was painful, but the goddamn toy was still fucking him and Peggy was toying with the machine, turning the pace up and down. Her own knot was forming, pulling on the Omega’s rim. And God, she just wanted to pop it.

Turning the machine as high as it could go, Peggy listened to Steve’s stammering scream. She slammed her hips into James moist, soaked hole, her knot popping just inside his rim. She could feel her cock throbbing and twitching, filling his ass full of her cum, of her seed. And James sobbing from the pain and pleasure.

But it wasn’t over, no, not yet. Peggy pulled her knot out in a painful motion, groaning at the sensation alone. She stroked her cock, walking around to James face and finishing on his face, soaking it in her cum. He looked so beautiful, soaked in her and Steve’s cum.

“There we go. Such a beautiful look.” She grinned down at the Omega, rubbing her glistening head along his cheek. She turned the machine off and slowly slit it out of Steve’s glistening ass, two fingers pressed inside the worn rim. James was sobbing, along with Steve. He was used, his hole was dripping, but not satisfied. Cum coated his face. And the world had seen it.

And then there was Steve.

Peggy dragged the blonde Omega to the floor to ceiling windows and pressed him against it, rubbing his aching cock against the cold glass. Steve yelped at the sensation before Peggy picked him up and squashed him against it, popping her knot into his small rim.

Piss dribbled from the cock and soaked the carpet underneath. Piss from both Steve’s cock, rushing it down the window, and Peggy’s as she pissed inside of his ass, using him as the toilet he was meant to be.

Holding Steve onto her knot, she brought him back to James and laid him on top, humping him into the smaller Omega. Steve was perfect to carry around on her knot. “Are you going to hump again?” she growled. “Are you going to disobey me?” When Steve’s head shook, she grinned. “Good boy. Now eat his ass out.”

Steve’s tongue dived into that sloppy hole, Peggy pressing his face into his hole. She wanted it wet with his slick and cum, a mixture of both his and James. She rubbed his face all about, having James stick his ass out.

“Push it out,” she growled at James, swatting his thigh. Her fingers worked underneath the hole, where his cock was trapped to pull his cock cage off, letting the five inches pop free.

James groaned from many situations. From his cock being free, to pissing down to the bucket beneath because pushing meant he was making a mess. He pushed and sobbed into the pillow as he pushed his puffy rosebud out, cum and slick sliding out and into Steve’s messy face.

Peggy’s knot slowly deflated and as it did, she pulled out of Steve’s ruined him. He had plenty of orgasms, but not from her knot alone and she knew that would set him off. She knew James hadn’t orgasm yet and he wouldn’t. He didn’t deserve to. Not tonight. She pulled Steve’s face away, wet from the slick and cum. Eyes red with tears.

“Are you sorry?” When his head nodded, Peggy seemed satisfied. “Then tell the camera you’re sorry for being a bad boy. Then I want you to go and clean up in the shower. Use the enema.”

Steve turned towards the camera and whimpered. His cheeks pink and eyes red. “I-I’m sorry,” he whispered, lips barely moving. I’m sorry for...for disobeying, ma’m. Thank you for setting me right.”

Peggy, satisfied, turned back to James once Steve scampered off. He still laid on the breeding bench, face wet with cum. She smirked, gripping her half hard cock and aimed at his face. She still had enough piss left in her. She pissed onto the man’s face, cleaning him off and soaking him in her urine and smell. “Good boy,” she groaned, rubbing her dribbling cock along his lips and nose, patting him on his head. 

Chapter Text

The Winter Soldier was once a dangerous assassin, his name spreading terror across the world. He could kill with a single flick of his wrist, or so the rumors said. In reality, he was a soldier who just had the bad luck of being captured, brainwashed, and tortured. And forced to do bad guys doings, to kill anyone who stood against them. In reality, he was just as lost as any veteran of today’s age.

Or so Steve thought. He knew about this Winter Soldier, this James Barnes because it was constantly on the news. Some American agency had captured the soldier and rehabilitated him. He went to trail for his crimes, the trail lasted for nearly two years before he was found not guilty and that was that. James Barnes was cleared of his crimes and left the face of the earth.

Until today…

Today promised to be promising. Steve just felt that in his soul. He woke up with a good feeling. And as feelings go, Steve found that they could be wrong. When he opened his front door this morning, to grab his paper, the last he expected to find was a very familiar face sitting down on his and Peggy’s front porch swing, looking lost. He looked like a lost puppy and Steve had no choice but to bring the once dangerous, Winter Soldier into their home.

“So what do we do with him?” Steve turned to his wife, Peggy, noting her babydoll gown and the silk sobe she wore over her form. Peggy was not a morning person, where Steve was. She did not appreciate him waking her up to tell her that the Winter Soldier was sitting on their couch.

“Steven, he’s not a dog.” Peggy gave a small laugh, looking down at the Winter Soldier. She was sure at one point, he was dangerous, but right now he mimicked a puppy stuck in the rain. His hair was oily and stringy. His face half sunken in. The metal arm that had been replaced with a new, updated model by Tony Stark was twitching every so often. She could imagine it needed to be fixed. “We’re going to help him.”

Steve’s nose flared, taking in a breath of air. He smelled Peggy’s alpha scent, a musky one that resembled Earl Gray tea. She always told him that, that was him being stereotypical of her being a Brit. He smelled Bucky’s muddle scent, somewhere between the musk of an Alpha and the sweet scent of an Omega. That was odd.

“Okay,” Steve finally said, shrugging his shoulders. “Look uh...Barnes, was it? Why did you come to us? There’s homeless vet shelters. Or-or plenty of people to help you.”

James shook his head, opening and closing his mouth. No words would come out. His brow furrowed slightly. “” His voice was rough and cracking from lack of use. “You make...people...better. I..need help. Not”

Steve and Peggy shared a look before the Brit nodded her head. That was true, they did help people. Steve ran a small side business of offering veterans and underprivileged kids classes on boxing. But their main business ran in Domination/Dominatrix. It normally consisted of veterans, Omegas in heat, and Betas who wanted to feel something. With both of them being Alphas, it did wonders to double team someone. It worked in a breakthrough and if this James was at their door, she wouldn’t deny him.

“Alright,” she hummed. “Steven, go clean out the guest bedroom. I’m going to give our guest a shower in our bathroom. Prepare the guest room for him to stay in. We’ll give him a nice place to eat and rest before we handle anything else in that department.” Her tone left for no room for argument, so Steve scampered off.

Peggy closed her gown and offered her hand to Bucky, pulling him to his feet. “I’m going to help you take a proper bath. I have some sweet smelling oils that you might like. After a bath, food, and rest, we’ll deal with what’s to come, but your health comes first. You look like you haven’t slept in a week.”


After a very comfortable bath and intense scrubbing, Bucky felt cleaner than he’s had in years. He sat naked on his new bed, looking up at Steve and Peggy who’d both stripped in front of him. They’d helped him with a shower after his legs gave out, so naturally the pair had gotten wet. And it seems they were comfortable with being in the nude. At their scent, James could feel his cock twitching. Their scent felt refreshing. It wasn’t forceful. He liked that.

“Here,” Steve sighed, bringing back a pair of soft pyjamas and a soft t-shirt. “You can borrow my clothes until we get you more of your own. We’ll get you something to eat once you’re dressed. Do-” His question was cut off at the sight of Bucky [he’s informed them he was Bucky, not James in a gruff but firm tone], wrapping his hand around his cock and jerking off.

Normally, if this was a client, Peggy would snap and bound their hands and put them in a cock cage for touching themselves without permission, but this wasn’t a client. This was a lost man who’d come to them for help. Naturally, Peggy knelt on the bed, her hand dipping down to touch his cock. It was slender and warm in her hand, feeling it jerk out of instinct. “Shh. Let me. I think you deserve some pleasure.”

Bucky was thick in her hand and warm, she could feel the knot already forming under her touch. How long had it been since this poor boy got off? And willingly. She could only imagine what that monstrous organization did to him. Leaning Bucky onto her chest, Steve helped her in pulling her shirt off and letting Bucky suckle at her nipples. She moaned and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of his tongue flickering over her taut flesh.

“You’re a good boy,” Steve whispered in his ear, Peggy cooing in agreement. He laid Bucky back, adjusting their positions so Peggy was straddling his face. Bucky had instantly taken to her, tongue deep inside of his hole of choice, her ass.

Meanwhile, Steve had slid down the man’s legs, opening them wide. He stroked the man’s thick cock, running his tongue along the vein before moving his mouth down his cock. He paused to suckle on his balls, rolling them around in his mouth, as if they were nothing more than toys before finding the prize he seeked - Bucky’s quivering hole.

There was no hesitation as his tongue buried inside, hearing Bucky’s eager moans, feeling him tense and relax. Steve’s hand jerked him off, slow and tender, Peggy massaging just his head, while her hips worked over his mouth. The damn man had a tongue on him.

It came of no surprise when Bucky came. Steve knew it was coming, alternating between ass and balls. He could feel him tensing, hear his ragged moans, muffled by his wife’s wet cunt and dirty ass. He could feel the knot forming before it popped in his hand and Bucky gave a painful sound, Steve squeezing the knot to mimic a warm hole he’d pop it in.

His knot popped sooner than it should, cum leaking from his head in small spurts that had his thighs trembling and thrusting into Steve and Peggy’s wet hands. He sobbed against Peggy’s thigh whimpering over and over about how he was sorry. He was sorry. He was sorry.

“Shh. You have nothing to be sorry for,” Steve promised, soothing his hand through the damp hair once he crawled up Bucky’s side. “You did a good job, Bucky. A very good job. You popped your first knot in a long, long time, willingly. Its okay if it popped too soon. You’ll get control.”

Steve continued to soothe Bucky while Peggy cleaned up the mess. She tasted what lingered on her fingertips and shot Steve a surprised look. Alpha. Medicated. Enhancers. That explained a lot.

After getting the soldier dressed in comfy clothes, and settled with a bowl of soup, no one was surprised when he fell asleep right away.

The pair stayed with him, James smooshed between both of them, Steve’s cock eased inside of his ass at the man’s request and Peggy cradling him against her chest.

After all he suffered, Bucky deserved it. He deserved to have a place to rest his head and call it home. And that was with them, between the pair of them.

Chapter Text

This was a swell time for the phone to be ringing. Where Clint couldn’t exactly reach his phone, his head hanging off of the bed, mouth forced open by his boyfriend’s cock forced down his throat. Drool was draining from his lips, unable to help himself with the nine inch beast was shoved down his throat and causing it to bulge. And it didn't help that Bruce held his throat and cooed at him, like he was some goddamn toy.

Nor did it help that Clint fucking loved it or could answer his phone.

He groaned both when Bruce thrust back into his mouth, after pulling out halfway and when his phone rang for the second time. He shot Bruce what he hoped an apologetic look as his phone screamed out an annoying tone.

“Now, who could be calling you back to back?” Bruce sighed, obviously annoyed. He brushed his curls out of his face, bottom lip sticking out as he leaned far too much over Clint and lazily thrust his hips into him. “I thought you told Stark you didn’t want the job as his security guard. Its not your fault -”

Bruce fell silent and Clint could feel his heart dropping as fast as he was losing his hard on. Bruce had stilled, his cock not even twitching. He could feel the man’s thighs tightening and sense this anger in him. That wasn’t good. Bruce was not good when angry.

“Barton.” Definitely not good when he was called by his last name. He grunted, looking up as Bruce pulled back, holding his vibrating phone in hand. “Is there something you want to tell me?” When Clint shook his head, the doctor raised an eyebrow and turned the phone screen to him.

Barney Barton flashes across the screen, showing he missed three phone calls, two texts [most likely telling him to answer the goddamn phone] and his entire record of talking to the one person that Clint wasn’t exactly supposed to be talking to.

You see, Barney was toxic. He dug his claws into Clint and didn’t let go until the man was rained of just about everything - energy, life, money, any fucking common sense. He took and he took and he took and abused Clint in the name of family and bless Clint’s heart, he was all the dumber for it too.

Bruce wasn’t controlling, but he had one goddamn rule. Okay, well two. One: Take your medicine [Clint had problems remembering about his antidepressants. Like a lot of problems] and two: Never, ever talk to Barney. If Barney was to show up at his front door, Clint was to close it in his face. If he called or texted or emailed or reached out in any means, Clint was to ignore him and tell Bruce. And the evidence showed that Clint broke those rules. And Bruce did not like for his rules to be broken.

Throwing the phone hard against the wall, Clint got to listen to it ring one more time before it hit across the plain of glass. He gasped and gagged when Bruce pulled his cock out of his throat, coughing heavily. He barely got to roll over before the man was gripping his hair anger flashing in those beautiful brown eyes.

“I-I can explain,” he said weakly, throat still killing him. “He-he just called to talk. To-to try to work things out. I wanted to give him a chance. I hadn’t seen him in five years or talked to him! He seemed sincere!”

Bruce grunted, clearly not believing the blonde. He threw Clint onto the bed and stood at the foot of it, arms crossed. “Do you remember what happened last time you got in contact with him?”

“Yes but -”

“Tell me.”

“But - “

“Barton, I swear to god. You are not going to like the end results. Now tell me what the hell happened last time.”

Clint’s brain was as useless as his broken phone on the floor because the only thought in his mind was how hot Bruce looked when he was angry. His muscles tense, glaring down at him with his forehead pinched. His cock standing at attention, wet from his spit alone. Clint whimpered, back of his throat and eyes dropping to the wet sheets. “He tried to...tried to…”

“Attempted to take your life. And you let him. You let him get in that goddamn head of yours and fuck it around, believing that I was no good for you, that no one wanted you, and that you were useless. All you had worked up for and he tried to take it away. And you nearly let him. And you answer his fuckin’ phone calls? I don’t care why you think that was a good idea. I’m going to show you why its not.”

“Bruce, I-I said I was sorry! I know he’s bad, but he’s my brother and-” Clint flinched as he was cut off again, flinching again when Bruce’s hand struck the footboard. That’s how they knew he was mad, he was beating things.

“And my father was abusive and killed my mother! Should I go visit him in jail? Should I forgive him for all the pain he put me and her through? Should I tell him that it's okay, daddy? Should I?!” When Clint didn’t answer, Bruce’s nostrils flailed. There was a look of shame across Clint’s face, but that wasn’t good enough for Bruce. He needed this lesson to stick. “Well?!”

“No, no of course not. Your father was a monster and you’re not.” Clint was whimpering, drawing his legs to his chest and resembling a kicked puppy. “But he said he wasn’t gonna use me this time!”

“You want to be used?” A laugh escaped Bruce as he walked around and grabbed at the ball gag. “I’ll show you what Barney is gonna do to you and maybe you’ll get it in that goddamn head of yours.”

Bruce was furious. No, furious didn’t even begin to describe what he was. He was pissed. Clint knew, Clint fucking knew how bad this man was and he still answered the phone? The brunette shoved the ball gag into Clint’s mouth and tightened it. He threw him back onto the bed and didn’t bother to tie him into place. Maybe this would get through his skull. If experience first hand, if memories, and seeing his brother didn’t get it to stick, then maybe a bit of abuse on Bruce’s part would. Maybe if he reminded Clint how terrible Barney was, then he’d get it through his thick skull.

Maybe if the blonde couldn’t talk, then he’d actually listen for once.

“Look,” Bruce breathed, after a short minute to collect himself. His fingers tilted the blonde’s head up, looking down into his baby blue eyes. “Look at me. I love you. I really do love you. 100%, with my whole heart, but I refuse to sit aside and let you fuckin’ torture your goddamn self. I refuse to let you hurt yourself because you refuse to understand how bad Barney is for you. Maybe you’ll understand if I show you how this hurts me. How I just want to…” Bruce trailed off, breathing sharply out of his nose before dragging Clint by his ankles down the bed. He grabbed the ankle cuffs and cuffed him to the bed, anchoring them to the headboard. This left a perfect view of his soft, weeping cock, and his puffy hole.

Dragging two fingers across that puffy rim, Bruce met Clint’s eyes as he eased the digits inside of him. He could feel his walls tightening around him in pure ecstasy. “Feels good, yeah?” Bruce purred, listening to Clint’s beautiful groans behind that gag. Of course it felt good, Clint loved a good fingering. He loved to orgasm and cum around his fingers, sobbing in pure ecstasy. He loved to edge Clint in that manner, because in the end, he always got that beautiful reaction. But right now, Bruce wasn’t looking for that reaction. He was looking for pain.

And that came with stretching Clint’s rim by scissoring his fingers. He slipped in a third, listening to the chains rattle as is ankles pulled on their bonds. He groaned behind the gag and tossed his head side to side. Bruce didn’t stop there. He added a third, a fourth, sinking his pinkie into the blonde’s hole. Tears burned in Clint’s eyes, dripping down his face. He couldn’t be fisted. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t go back from that. Bruce knew this. Bruce always got so close, but he was sure the man might go past that boundary given by how angry he was. If Bruce fisted him, it was over for Clint. There was just something about that forbidden kink that terrified him. He could beg and cry, but Bruce wouldn’t listen.

“I know, I know,” Bruce purred, in the same soft manner that he did to his patience while he was performing some painful test. “I know it hurts, but with pain comes relief. With pain, you learn your lesson. Don’t you worry, darling, I won’t push you too far.” As if he was proving a point, Bruce pulled his lube coated fingers free and admired the gaping hole opening and closing around air. “I’m pissed at you, but not a monster.”

The brunette didn’t even bother to clean his fingers, kneeling between Clint’s stretched out thighs. They were trembling to the touch, something Bruce found joy in digging his nails into. He stroked his aching cock and looked down at that offering, puffy hole. Well don’t mind if he does.

Bruce bottomed out in one solid thrust, letting the warmth and somehow how the tightness of his hole envelope him. Each sharp breath of Clint or slight shift of his hips caused that damned hole to tighten, as if trying to milk him dry. Not yet. This wasn’t about his pleasure, this was about Clint’s punishment. This was about getting a lesson through to him. And Bruce had, had half a mind to be gentle when Clint’s phone, now with a shattered screen on the floor started to ring. He was just able to make out Barney’s name across the screen.

Oh, now Bruce was just furious.

His thrusts were not gentle, not in the slightest. He smacked his hips hard against Clint’s own. He pulled the man away, just to pull him against him and thrust hard into him. He attacked his prostate, he made sure that each thrust, each brush of his cock was against that swollen prostate. He wanted Clint to suffer. He wanted that point to get through. 

The sound of skin-meeting-skin filled Bruce’s ears, nearly drowning out Clint’s half sobs. He watched as his cock disappeared inside of his puffy rim, he watched as the man withered because of his harsh snaps. And it certainly didn’t help that his precise doctor fingers curled around the man’s cock and gave precious squeezes over and over again, nearly painfully jerking him off.

And maybe Clint was suffering, because his cheeks were tinting a blotchy red. He was sobbing behind the gag, tears rolling down his cheeks. He was sobbing and and gripping his knees, unable to help himself. It was cruel for Bruce to leave his hands free, unable to free his ankles and knowing if he even touched his gag, he’d be punished.

Each fucking thrust was hitting his prostate, causing a shiver to run down his spine. Again and again. His nerves were tingling and aching, almost like a dull ache. Almost burning. He was going to burn him out. The same ache that was in his mind for weeks when Barney had abandoned him.

Clint couldn’t even fully remember what happened, years ago when Barney had fucked him up. He could remember an argument, he could remember being uncertain. He could remember being cold. Cold and naked. Bare. He could remember crying, tears streaming down his face. Barney was angry over something Clint had done or refused to do. He could remember the brunette slapping him, kicking him when he stumbled back. He could feel his ribs breaking under his force. He could taste the blood in his mouth when that same steel-toe boot made contact with his face. Barney had left. Simply left Clint there.

Clint wasn’t sure how much time had passed or even how Bruce had found him, but with what felt like two blinks, the brunette was above him. With wrinkles around his eyes and a kind smile, despite the fact that Clint had abandoned him, had argued with him, and left him so he could run off with his brother. And despite the pain he must’ve put the doctor through, the man was above him. And he forgave Clint. He stupidly forgave the man just for him to hurt him again by getting back in contact with Barney. He was so goddamn stupid.

And he was so goddamn sorry.

“Oh, you poor thing.” Bruce’s voice had dropped a few degrees, looking down at Clint’s flushed face. He had stopped thrusting so hard, instead gave light ones that barely brushed against the man’s prostate. “You finally understand, don’t you?” He finally stopped thrusting and reached down to cup Clint’s face, fingers stroking over his cheekbone. He undid the gag and let it fall out of Clint’s mouth, fingers massaging the tense muscles.

“Y-yes,” Clint choked out, not even bothering with the drool drying on his chin. He was struggling to breathe, through the pain in his chest. He was half sobbing and half trying to calm himself again. His half sobs turned into hysterical sobbing when Bruce looked down at him with such a soft gaze. Oh, that tore his heart to shreds. “Bruce, I am so, so sorry. I’m sorry.”  He shook his head side to side, as if trying to cast the thoughts out. “I’m sorry. You don’ don’t…”

Oh, the poor thing was hysterical and it broke Bruce’s heart even more. He cooed at Clint, shifting so he was bending over the man and rubbing at his chest with one hand, the other rubbing his cock still in hand. “Look at me, alright? You know the pain then. You understand. I love you and I don’t like you hurt. Now why don’t you cum for me, hm?” When Clint’s head shook, unable to properly speak, Bruce frowned. “Darling, it’ll help you relax. Come on.”

Bruce didn’t give him a choice. He fucked into Clint like a man with no regret. Maybe he was still a bit pissed, but he was overall relieved the lesson had gotten through to him. His thrusts were erratic, chaotic. They were a bit more gentilier, but they were still harsh. His head just brushed over that prostate, aiming to hit it when his hips snapped every so often. He set a more gentle pace, thrusting into his worn hole over and over again. Clint’s hole quivered around his, feeling the man’s cock throb in his hand. He never hardened, but Bruce knew when the man was having an orgasm.

It was the most pathetic orgasm of Clint’s life. There was pleasure burning at the threshold of his nerves, but it wasn’t enjoyable. He felt his cock throb with need and watched almost numbly as the cum spilled out of his cock, but he didn’t enjoy it. He felt miserable with guilt, burning deep in his chest. He just let his limbs fall when Bruce finally undid the bonds. He didn’t bother to move especially when the man cleaned him up and rubbed a balm into his hole. He just stared.

When his phone rang, his body trembled as if conditioned to. He felt guilt burning in his throat. His body jolted when Bruce held the phone out to him, the device barely clinging to life after Bruce’s well-deserved bout of rage. He shook his head, not trusting himself to speak.

“You gotta,” Bruce whispered. “Else you won’t forgive yourself. Come here.” He shifted their positions so the man’s cock was still inside of him, but Clint was in his lap. His arms wrapped around his waist and he slowly moved his hips, rubbing over his thighs. Giving him comforting touches.

Clint just stared at the phone as he pressed the answer button, swallowing as he barely got it to go on speaker. “I-”

“Clint! There you are! Do you know how many times I’ve fucking called you?! Where the hell have you been?”

“Busy. Just…”

“You’re fuckin’ that doctor, ain’t ya? Knew you were - “

“Barney, I-I don’t wanna hear it. I don’t…” Clint took in a sharp breath. “I don’t want to hear from you anymore. You’’ve used me and abused me and I-I can’t keep doin’ that to myself or Bruce. So this...this is over.”

Clint barely got to hang up before Barney started cursed. He was trembling from head to toe and it had nothing to do with the fact that Bruce was humping him. He tossed the phone across the room, feeling Bruce’s cock twitch inside of him. He grunted as Bruce came inside of him, hearing and feeling the man groan, holding onto him.

“Did you -”

“Yeah,” Bruce laughed. “Yeah, all cause you finally broke up with your toxic brother. Proud of you, Clint.”


Chapter Text

“I think there was something strange in that tea,” Bucky groaned, bending over to hold onto his stomach. The scent of a hurt Omega filled the air, almost acidic to Steve’s nose. 

“Are you saying that Strange would lace your tea, Barnes?” Steve asked, giving a slight roll of his eyes at his Omega’s flare of dramatics. “I told you, we were just going over for some tea and pleasant talk. I know he’s your doctor, but he’s also my friend. We went to med school together.” Steve’s tone dropped to a purring sensation, knowing that despite this, his Omega was hurting. “It was just floral tea. I’ll remind him not to give you any next time. Come on, let’s get you laid down.”

Bucky barely made it through the front door, holding onto his stomach and about halfway crashing into Steve. He sunk down to his knees, giving a low groan. “Steve, Steve, Alpha, something doesn’t feel right.” The Omega was already starting to sweat, his face flushed a bright pink in color. He was half way panting, feeling a warmth pooling between his thighs. “I don’t...what day is it?”

Steve looked down at his watch, his lips pursed in thought. “Just the second of March.” Taking a sniff of the air, Steve was filled with the sweet, sweet scent of an Omega in heat. Oh that smelled so divine. His jeans suddenly grew tighter. “Your heat isn’t due for another month. Why do you smell of heat, Omega? Did you have enhancers? You know how I disprove of them!”

The Omega whined, both from pain and from his Alpha scolding him. That certainly didn’t help the sharp, stabbing pain that radiates from him and caused his jeans to grow a tad bit bitter. At this point, he was going to leave a trail behind him. “I didn’t!” he grumbled. “I promise ya, I didn’t! I don’t like enhancers. They make me feel funny. I think it's the tea. Must’ve triggered it. Knew we shouldn’t had gone…”

Steve’s nose flared as he scuffed Bucky, picking up the small brunette by the scruff of his neck, like he was nothing more than a pup. “Strange would not hurt you in such a manner. He took an oath to protect Omegas, not to exploit them for sexual gain. I cannot believe you’d accuse him of that.” Bucky’s mouth opened, perhaps to defend himself, but Steve cut him off with a sharp look. “You’ve been a brat these past few weeks, defying me, ignoring direct orders, neglecting your meds. I think you have been taking enhancers, something I told you directly not to do for your health and mine. I don’t want to hear it. Get up those stairs and get on that bed. I’ll be there soon.”

Steve dropped Bucky to the soft carpet and let him crawl up the shag carpet stairs. He watched him, watching the growing slick-stain in his jeans. Fuck, the lingering scent in the air had Steve palming himself with such need.

In honest truth, Strange had spiked Bucky’s drink with an enhancer that would not only trigger his heat, but would ensure that he could get pregnant by the first breeding. And Steve had so much more in his arsenal from Strange. While he was honest about the man’s oath, the man did make exceptions for his favorite people.

Finding James laid out on the bed, naked as the day he was born was such a beautiful sight. One Steve never wanted to forget. His pale thighs were soaked in slick and his puffy and raw hole [from an earlier, rough fucking that morning] was now leaking slick, like it was no one’s business. And God, did this Omega smell divine. He was curled up, but still tried to stick his ass up in the air to be used. Like he’d been properly trained.

Picking up a pretty, metallic pink ring from the bedside table, Steve let Bucky see him do it, warming the metal in his hand. He secured the ring around the Omega’s small cock, clicking his head with his fingertips. Bucky’s small hiss and whimper was music to his ears. It was combined with a small dribble of piss and the sharp scent of slick that made Steve’s jeans feel too goddamn full. It was to the point that he had to unzip them and let the bulge out, still in his boxers.

Bucky whined when the cold metal was pressed against his flushed cock, but he whined even louder when his face was pressed against that warm bulge. So close to getting what he wanted, but cut off by a layer of cloth. He watched as Steve left him alone, in favor of opening their broad curtains. He whined, because now the warm sunlight was streaming down. Not to mention that this was the perfect view for everyone to see him lying on the bed. The worst was that those riding the train, that always lingered in front of their apartment would be able to see him.

“Steve -”

Steve’s head shook, shutting the Omega off at once. He scruffed him again, frog marching him to the balcony and hooked his leg up to the railing. Steve even went a step far by tying his ankle to the railing, so he couldn’t slip away. It left a perfect view of his sloppy hole and left a perfect view for anyone who wanted to see an Omega being used on the railing.

“Come now, Bucky. You knew this day was coming. You could’ve seen it. You’ve been a nasty brat to me and I think its time you got a lesson in that. Anyone who wants to see what I do to brats and how I use them can.” Steve purred in the man’s ear, reaching a hand down to shove three fingers into his hole.

Bucky let out a strangled moan, gaining a few attentions of people walking. His leg buckled and he couldn’t move as Steve harshly fingered him. It hurt him, stretching his hole and causing him to see stars. He gripped the railing, half leaning over due to his position. His hole was positively dripping by now, squirting when the fingers were roughly removed.

“There we go,” the Alpha grunted, like he was personally satisfied by what he’d done. “Nice and sloppy. Like how an Omega should be. All for the world to see.”

Fishing his cock out of his jeans, Steve smacked the length against the man’s thigh. He could feel and see Bucky both tensing and his slick shooting out of him, coating Steve’s cock in a small sheen. God, it felt so warm and he was ready. This man was ready to be bred and used.

Now, the Alpha gave no warning as he bottomed out in one, single thrust. He could feel the ruined hole contracting around him, hear the Omega’s gasp and his strangled cry. He was so goddamn warm and wet around him, his spongy walls contracting to take all of Steve’s 11 inch length.

Steve didn’t give the Omega any time to adjust. He was full throttle, fucking into him, like a man whose mission was to breed. A man whose mission was to pop a damn well deserved knot and to breed him. And it was, as far as Steve saw fit. His thrusts were harsh, his hips slapping into the man’s. The sound of skin-hitting-skin was drowned out by his own grunts, his ears roaring. Bucky was moaning beneath him, his cock jiggling from the thrusts, and the light capturing the metal ring, to make it reflect down below.

There were plenty of people watching, some palming themselves, others filming a crying Omega being used on the railing of his own home. They didn’t care about the reasoning, just the fact that there was literal porn happening in front of him.

“Look at that,” Steve purred, directing Bucky’s head down to the audience below. He held his jaw in a tight grip, thrusting his hips harder. His knot was forming. He could feel a slight tug from the man’s rim with every thrust. Damn Strange and his laced tea. “You got an audience. Give them what they want, darling. Moan for them.” As if to drive the point home, Steve pulled his cock out, to the very tip before thrusting back inside, ramming it straight against his prostate.

Bucky’s howl was just what Steve needed to continue. He gripped the man’s hips and looked down, watching his cock disappear inside that tight ass of his. He watched the slick dribble, like a gushing waterfall when he pulled back enough to let it escape. His knot was already forming, already puffy and pink and swelling. He groaned as he shoved it against the rim, having to put force behind his thrusts to enter that beautiful, beautiful hole.

Steve’s hand reached around to grip Bucky’s cock, stroking him hard despite the ring didn’t allow him to get hard. He gripped his cock harder as his knot finally popped. Steve pulled it out one last time, hearing Bucky’s ragged breaths and cries before slamming his hips back inside, forcing that the fully popped knot inside of his tight rim.

That’s what he was looking for. Bucky’s ragged, horsed screams, his cock dribbling cum despite the cock ring. A ruined orgasm was the only orgasm a naughty brat deserved.

“Oh, we’re not done yet,” Steve purred to the slack Omega, stroking along his sides. He moved his hands to his swelling stomach. It was swelling with more than just Steve’s cock and cum. Rapidly too. He untied Bucky and massaging his aching thigh before hosting him back, letting the audience see one last time his swelling belly. And Bucky was panicking as Steve carried the Omega stuck on his cock, towards the bed, laying them on their sides until hsi knot went down.

He puppy thrust into him, letting his knot tug ever so slightly and rubbing that belly.

“What-what’s going on?” Bucky whispered, words slurring despite the fact he was high off of the knot. “Why...stomach don’t feel good.”

Steve chuckled at the simplicity of the man’s words, rubbing his stomach more. He could feel movement, pressure against his hand. “You sweet, sweet boy, you’re pregnant. Strange in fact gave me some supplements to slip to you all week. The last was to trigger your heat during tea time. His design of medication makes it possible that you’re able to have a full nine month pregnancy in...little under half an hour.”

Don’t get him wrong, it was horrible on the system and highly dangerous, but what was life without a tad bit of danger. Already Bucky’s tits were swelling, feeling how large they grew in his hands. And the Omega was too high on his knot to even notice the shifts in his body. By the time he did, he was ready to give birth. And by then, Steve would have to train him all over again.

Because he was going to do this again and again, until Bucky had, had him a proper litter and they were going to raise their pack the right way. In a traditional means, with Steve in charge, and Bucky doing what an Omega should do, take care of their pack and be a hole for Steve to fuck. 

Chapter Text

The most beautiful thing in the world to Steven Grant Carter-Rogers, aka Captain America, was his sleeping wife, curled up amongst a body pillow. He could see the bulge in her stomach, knowing inside of her laid the precious life of both Sarah Elizabeth Carter-Rogers and Micheal James Carter-Rogers. Yes twins. They were having twins and Steve had never felt more fear and excitement in his life than when the doctor had told them that yes, Peggy was pregnant and yes, yes, she was absolutely sure that was twins.

Steve was going to be a father and he still wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Excited and terrified seemed to sum it up.

He knew how Peggy felt. She was done with this pregnancy and exhausted. She was overdue by a week and was utterly miserable. Steve felt guilt because he couldn’t be around for the third trimester, given the back to back missions Shield insisted they needed of him. Now he was done, as promised. He wasn’t going on any more missions unless it was utterly important. He had a family to look after, afterall.

Slowly climbing into the bed, Steve shuffled under the covers, pressing his freshly showered, naked body against Peggy’s. His cock rested between her thighs, perfectly nestled. She must’ve been exhausted, given the fact she didn’t as much as shuffle from his touch. Normally she reacted from the slightest touch, but not tonight. The most Steve got as his arm looped around her stomach, hand laying over her swollen belly was a soft sigh.

“Darling,” he whispered, slowly rocking his hips. “I’m home.” Peggy just groaned in reply, causing Steve to give a chuckle from his chest, shaking his head. Peggy had complained over the week that he was gone, that she was done with this pregnancy and he was never going to impregnate her again. The serum must’ve enhanced the kids, because she was utterly miserable. She complained that she just wanted to give birth and was going to demand that the nurses induce her or she was going to bring Shield down. Steve had offered to help when he got home, having read that sex would cause the water to break. And how could he deny Peggy such a natural reaction?

Dragging his cock along her thighs, Steve moved Peggy’s mane of curls from her neck. He found purchase along a tender spot, right behind her ear. The same spot that always got her going. He couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped him when Peggy let out a soft moan, but otherwise didn’t move. She did insist that he’d do whatever was necessary to make her water break, so here he was.

His fingertips slowly railed down her warm body, pausing just above her wet pussy. He paused, listening to her taking in a deep, comforting breath. His smile curled along his lips as he brushed his fingers over that wonderful button, knowing how sensitive her clit always was. Her legs shifted and she held tighter to the pillow. It was enough for Steve who continued to rub her clit, slowly dragging his hips along her thighs. God, he was more than content in just fucking her wet thighs like this, but that wouldn’t give them the end goal that they wanted. 

Shifting his hips, Steve slowly pushed his aching cock into her wet heat, biting his lips as he bottomed out in a gentle push. Oh God, a week away and he had missed this warm heat. He’d missed her so goddamn much. “God, I love you.” His face buried into her neck, suckling a bruise, his hand rubbing over her clit. His thrusts were gentle, not wanting to put too much onto her already sore body.

Despite how much he wanted to lose it, to fuck her beautiful, beautiful form, Steve didn’t. He kept his thrusts gentle and steady, feeling the way her cunt tightened around him when he pulled out, as if begging him not to leave. Her beautiful, round stomach, littered with stretch marks pressed against his meaty hand. He rubbed it gentle as possible, feeling shifts and presses from the babes inside. Eager to meet their parents, to come out in this world. Eager to be a part of something so great.

“You’re going to be a wonderful mother,” Steve whispered between hefty breaths, because it physically hurt to not be able to fuck her the way he wished. Instead, he kept himself gentle as possible. “You’re going to be so damn wonderful. Everyone asks me if I’m ready and I’m not. How can I be? I don’t know how to be a father. I don’t have instincts. All I am is because of you, Pegs. I owe you so much.”

“Darling…” Peggy’s pet name came out in a soft moan, her cool fingers falling onto his hand on her stomach. “You will be a wonderful father, but if you don’t fuck me a bit harder, you won’t be in the birthing suit. Not even Captain America will get a say.”

Steve’s laugh was caught in his throat, a tearful chuckle escaping him. He couldn’t help but to shake his head as he pulled his cock out of her, just to snap his hips hard back against her ass. “I love you,” he reminded her, his hand dropping back down to her clit. He rubbed gentle circles, knowing how oversensitive she was. “Fuck, Pegs.”

Despite having just taken a shower, Steve was already starting to break a sweat on his brow. He buried his face into the crook of her neck, suckling and nibbling on the pale skin. His hips didn’t stop moving, picking up the pace and fucking into her wet cunt. His fingertips rubbed over her sensitive clit in full circles, not stopping the movements of his hips. It must’ve felt good, because Peggy wasn’t cursing him out and her moans echoed around their master bedroom.

His orgasm was rough and fast, biting into her neck as the pleasure coursed through him. He slammed his hips against hers, holding onto her stomach. He could feel her clit twitching against his hand in her orgasm, riding her through it. It struck him how wet the bed was, feeling Peggy squirting, a mess amongst both of their thighs. He gave a small laugh, not daring to pull out as he pulled back to breathe.



“Its okay, Peggy. Its natural, you know that. We’ll just use towels and clean it up in the morning.”

There was a beat of silence before Peggy craned her neck to look back at him. In the moonlight streaming from the half open window, he saw the look on her face. “That wasn’t me squirting. My water broke. We need to get to the hospital.

Chapter Text

The worst decision Steve had so far made was the decision to give a home birth. That meant people were in and out of his home, ensuring everything was properly set up for their pup. That meant he hadn’t a moment alone to processes the last few days he had of being pup free and trying to wrap his mind around that a pup would soon be coming out of him. Or to even enjoy with his Alpha. And bless Sam for taking it all in stroll, for directing the doctors and nurses, for answering questions while Steve rested, down to even ensuring they would be fine.

Simply bless Sam Wilson for being in his life.

Sam had endured Steve’s pregnancy for the past months and now he was eager to get one last night together, as much as Steve. Maybe that’s why after taking [pregnancy safe] sleeping pills under Sam’s insistence that he needed the sleep, that he woke up to several things in him and none of them were his Alpha’s knot.

In fact, when Steve started to come more conscious out of his groggy sleep, he became fully aware of what was inside of him. For one, he couldn’t miss the tube that was trickling warm water into his ass, already making his swollen belly even more swollen. He could feel his stomach already grumbling and growling at him with the natural urge to have to use the bathroom. All because his boyfriend thought he’d need an enema. [And if his water broke from this, he wouldn’t complain, nor when he gave birth.]

Then there was a needle in his heavy testicles, well heavier testicles. Steve followed the line to an IV drip, knowing from experience that this was a saline drip, meaning he’d start peeing it out sooner or later. It was already torturing him, making his cock starting to throb with a desperate need to be used. Of course, Sam had thought of that too, because his cock was trapped inside of a beautiful golden cock cage. God, he was going to kill Sam for this later.

Steve thought it ended there, at least until he finally realized Sam was standing above him, with a syringe in hand. He opened his mouth to question when Sam stuck the thin needle into his already swollen nipples. He hissed heavily and threw his head back, baring his teeth as they were injected. Both, two times each.

“I hope that was worth it,” he growled, out of his nose.

Sam chuckled, gently rubbing the rapidly swelling tits. “Oh, darling it was. It was really worth it. You’re gonna swell up like a balloon, all over. And I got one more surprise for you.”

Opening the door, Sam allowed a guest that Steve hadn’t noted before to enter. Dr. Strange, a man of magic and mystery. One guest Steve hadn’t gotten to know so well. “Steven,” the man greeted him with a polite nod, removing his coat and turning to face Sam. “Are you sure about this, Samuel?”

Steve raised an eyebrow, opening his mouth to question, until Sam started to speak.

“Oh, I’m sure. I’m very much sure,” he mused. “You see, Steve’s mentioned several times, throughout his pregnancy that he wished he could remain pregnant for longer. I think he actually gets off when the pup moves about. When he was having fake contractions earlier this month and started to dilate, he pretty much came when the doctor stretched his hole. He-”

“I came because she rubbed my prostate! You would too!” Steve countered. “Sam, you promised not to tell anyone! What-”

“Omega, hush.” Sam wasn’t cruel, but when he came an order. An order was an order. “I promised I wouldn’t tell our friends. Strange is not our friend. He is our...acquaintance.” He turned back to Strange, giving an apologetic smile. “I think he gets off on the idea of giving birth, hence why he insisted for a home birth. So he could get off on his own pleasure.”

Strange raised an eyebrow and gave a solemn nod, stroking his goatee. “I see, not unusual. Many Omegas get off on giving birth. And the inflation you’ve started?” He walked over to Steve, fingertips just barely stroking over the bare nipples, down to the cock cage. He saw the electric current that ran through Steve and watched the Omega shiver.

“A personal favorite kink of Steve’s. He likes to feel big. He likes to feel bigger than what he is and by expanding the sensitive part of him, he gets to feel one last stress before he gives birth. At least the final birth.” Sam mused, patting Steve on the head.

Steve hissed as the electric current slowly trailed off, leaving him feeling raw. “What-what do you mean? Final birth? Why is Strange here?”

As usual, the pair ignored him, Strange focusing on Sam. “And you are sure about this? It’ll be perfectly safe, as long as I can maintain focus. But once we start, its quite hard to stop.” At Sam’s confirmed nod, the beta smiled. “Very well. Get him in position.”

Sam instantly moved the broad man around. He opened his legs, removed the IV from his testicles, massaging them gently. He pulled the enema plug from Steve’s puffy hole, massaging the gushing hole easily. He had Steve push the bile and excretion out in a bucket, patting his less swollen belly. “There we go. I’m sure you'll feel better, love. Now keep this legs open, just like that. Get in your birthing position. And no questions.”

There wasn’t time to form a question, because the second that Steve’s legs were open to expose the golden cock cage and his worn hole, Dr. Strange’s glowing hands were touching Steve’s oversized belly. A shout escaped the Omega when his hole quivered, when an intense pain filled him. His cock tried to harden in the cage, but was unable. Steve was in the worst and best pain of his life. He looked up at Sam with wide eyes, because what did he do to deserve this torture?

The question was left unanswered as Sam palmed himself through his jeans.

No question could even form on his lips when Strange moved his fingers to his hole, when his hole started to expand, when slick gushed out of him like he’d just left the tap on. It became very clear that his water was breaking and with Strange’s aid. There was intense pressure at his hole, worse than any kind he’s felt. It was painful and no aid was coming to him. No, instead his Alpha was palming himself. Sam was moving his hands to play with Steve’s tits. They were leaking and tender, but nothing, nothing compared to his hole.

Steve screamed in agonizing pain as his hole was breached. When instinct screamed at him to push and push hard. He pawed at the sheets and screamed. All he could do was scream. The pain was the worst thing he could imagine. He couldn’t escape it. He couldn’t get the pain to stop. All he could do was bear down and push and push, sobbing hysterically.

And with one solid pop, with what felt like hours of pushing while Sam did nothing but palm himself and rub his tits, Steve felt the pain all end. It was over, just like that. His eyes were blurry as he looked down to see past his swollen tits, belly, and balls, in Strange’s hands was their pup, casted in a green glow.

“Is that…?”

“Yep,” Sam hummed. “You just gave birth. Now, Strange is gonna put him back in. And you’re gonna do it again and again.”

Steve had to admit aka, he couldn’t deny how aroused he fucking was at this point. There was no denying the amount of slick dripping from him. There was no denying how hard his cock was, especially not when Sam started to stroke it. He was crying from both pain and arousal. Giving birth had him on practical edge, feeling his prostate being pressed when the pup was eased back inside of him. Yet, somehow that was less painful than giving birth. And it was explained because Strange had numbed and expanded him, before reversing it, leaving him tight as a virgin when he started the contractions again.

Oh, Steve couldn’t deny how aroused he was. Not when he had to push again. Sam was stroking his cock in one hand, in the other, he was dragging Steve’s open mouth across his cock he’d fish from his jeans. It was clear this was more about his arousal than Sam’s. Even if Sam’s pre was pumping along his lips, leaving his lips glistening.

“That’s it,” Sam purred, when Steve must’ve gave birth for the fifth time. He was pale and panting, his face flushing a bright pink. “You’re doing amazing, doll face. Isn’t he, Strange?”

It was clear, despite the lack of hormones to get him aroused, some part of Strange was finding this arousing. He was panting slightly, easing the pup back inside of Steve. “Last time, Steven. Let’s make this the more difficult ones.”

Once the pup was secluded inside, Strange used his goddamn magic to make every little part of Steve sensitive. His tits, to his fucking hole, and testicles. Everything hurt. And it seems, this last time had gotten to Sam too. The man had shoved his jeans down to his thighs and chokced Steve on his cock, straddling him on the bed, so he could start fucking his aching throat.

Steve couldn’t complain. At least, he shouldn’t. He shouldn’t complain as Sam abused his throat, fucking it over and over again. He shouldn’t, but fuck, fuck, he was. These contracts were so much fucking worst. They were killing him, tearing his stomach from the inside out. Steve couldn’t keep his legs still. To the point, Sam had to reach back, his head barely inside of Steve’s lips at this point to still them.

It was to the point he had to turn around and let his ass settle on his mates face to hole Steve’s legs still, taking the Omega cock in his mouth. This gave him a front row view.

Steve’s hole was quivering, raw and ruined. It was slowly opening from the pressure, from Steve slowly bearing down. He could taste the lingering piss on his Omega’s cock, a natural reaction that he couldn’t help. Oh, he loved it. He loved to watch his hole slowly open and see that mess of black curls on their pups head slowly emerge, just to disappear inside the hole.

Sam’s eyes rolled into the back of his head in the ultimate orgasm as he watched his mate push their pup out of his virgin hole. He leaned back into Steve's mouth, muffling the screams of pain and arousal, tasting his mate’s cum on the back of his throat.

“He’s beautiful,” Strange told Sam once Steve had been settled back into bed, the pup inserted back in. He’d done one final health check over the Omega, declaring him healthy despite the intense pleasure and pain he’d given him. “Your Omega. Your pup. You are lucky.” He clapped the man on the shoulder, watching Steve shift on the shift and whine. “At least he has practiced now and he’ll thank you for it when it comes time for his home birth.”

Chapter Text

Bucky couldn’t believe he was this lucky. Never in his entire life was he lucky. Everything turned to shit, but not Steve. Steve was the one constant thing in his life and he had to relish that. Steve was the only good thing in his life. And with good things, came good, even better rewards.

And those rewards involved his scrawny boyfriend suspended in the air with an elegant done, red rope harness flushed against the pale skin. He was impaled on a beautiful anal hook, the metal rod producing out of his ass. The ropes were done in a beautiful fashion, a section around his neck, pulling his head back. If he as so as pulled his head down from being pulled back, exposing his flushed throat, then he would be impaling himself even more on that hook.

Oh it was worse, so, so much worse. Only because Bucky had tied a high powered vibrator, sectioning it right along the metallic, surgical steel and the beautiful cock ring that trapped his small cock. The thing was flushed and turning a red color from not being allowed to cum for over a week.

Steve was certainly in a predicament and it didn’t help that Bucky was enjoying the fruits of his labors.

Now you see, Steve was strung up in the beautiful position, right above the bed. Bucky had been watching for the better part of an hour, carefully stroking his own, flushed erection. He listened to the man whine and watched him squirm. He watched that flushed hole try to open and push the anal hook out, but to no avail. He was struggling too, just because he knew the plug was pressing right on his prostate. And that vibration was certainly not gonna help him. 

While Bucky loved Steve with all his heart, he knew the man was a full on 100% brat. While on a weekend trip with another dom and sub couple, Steve had made a show of defying him. Of challenging him at every turn and made it seem like that Bucky had no real control over his sub. Well, now he was was really reeping that punishment, wasn’t he? Steve was physically crying from the restraints and the oversensitive amount of pressure. He watched pre ooze from his puffy, red cock, knowing the second that the cock ring was flicked off, the man would cum.

And Bucky didn’t forgive easily. He’d keep Steve strung up if he had to.

“Bucky…” Steve whined, wiggled and turning to look at the man. He was physically panting. To give Steve some advantage of not being physically strung up by an anal hook, Bucky had placed a small tabel on the bed, allowing one foot to balance Steve. Any attempts to lean to the left or right would cause him to be impaled further.

“Shut up,” Bucky growled, squeezing his cock to prevent himself from having an orgasm. Not yet. He’d wait. He’d wait until Steve was desperate. “I don’t think you get to whine and complain, brat. You’re lucky, you know? It's just this. You made a goddamn show about ignoring me and defying my orders. So I’m showing you what happens to fucking brats.”

Sitting up, Bucky kicked the table out of the way and instantly jerked his knee up. He had kneed Steve into the stomach, the blonde gagging and whining from the pain, but supported in an awkward manner. It was clear Bucky didn’t care. “I’m going to make you regret your choices.”

And Bucky did. He grabbed Steve’s cock with his calloused hand and jerked him in a harsh fashion. He used his own spit and Steve’s pre to lube the length, jerking him hard and uncomfortable. It didn’t take much to cause Steve to come, the man’s eyes rolling into the back of his head and body jerking in relief. Bucky didn’t stop there, no sir. He continued to jerk despite the man’s cock was softening now. He used his cock like the man was a goddamn cow and he was milking him and Bucky was. He was going to milk him dry.

“Please,” Steve whined, wiggling, having to stop as he almost slipped off of Bucky and the vibration was getting to him. His head was starting to spin with having three orgasms in the last ten minutes. The next one was building and Steve had nothing left. He couldn’t give anymore, but Bucky wasn’t stopping. The man had increased the vibrations to max and even added a new one to the head of his cock, tying it into place with a spare rope. All he had to do now was lay back and watch his work be complete.

The orgasms were rough and left Steve dry. He gasped and moaned, his cock throbbing heavily in the damn cock ring. He couldn’t cum anymore. His cock was sensitive and Bucky didn’t stop. He pulled on the hook and caused Steve to swing ever so slightly, missing Bucky’s knee and table to support himself. It was clear by the look on the man’s face that he was unhappy.

“Are you going to defy me again?” Bucky ordered in a harsh tone, sitting up. Steve had soaked the bed in his piss and come, but he was used to that. That was nothing to him. Steve was sobbing, taking in whiny, wheezing breaths. His body jerked in an uncontrolled manner as the vibrations brought out orgasm after orgasm. Who knew the tiny blonde had so many in him. It was all for naught too, given how sensitive he was. His cock was red and angry. He knew soon as he flicked open that ring and pulled that hook out, Steve would soak the bed in piss. He’d be so relieved and sobbing even more hysterical than he was now.

Bucky’s metal fingers stroked over the red, blotchy cheeks, giving a warm smile. It didn’t quite meet his eyes. His flesh hand groped at Steve’s cock, squeezing in an uncomfortable manner. He flicked over his balls before wrapping around the metal hook. He pulled back the length of the bed, just to let Steve go again and swing. Each push caused the plug and vibration to settle right on his prostate, causing the sobbing gasps to be broken up by yelps.

Steve’s head shook, but he couldn’t speak. All that came out were sobs. All he wanted was the plug out. He’d do anything to make it stop. Do anything to have it stop.

Bucky wordlessly lowered Steve to the bed with the use of the ropes. He left the harness on, even adding a few more ropes to bound the man’s wrists behind his back and his legs up to his wrists, leaving his flushed cock and ruined hole perfectly open. Steve laid on his chest, face cradled into a piss-soaked pillow. He was still silently crying, his body trembling with soft sobs.

Bucky couldn’t even begin to feel bad for this boy.

Massaging over his cock, Bucky worked to undo the rope, letting Steve’s head fall forward and the muscles relax. He pulled on the hook, careful to ease it out of that ruined hole. He was rewarded with watching as the hole slowly opened and eased the hook out with a solid thud, falling to the ground.

“Good boy.” His three fingers massaged over the hole, teasing the rim with his tips. “But you’re not done yet. You got one more punishment. I think this will get the lesson to stick.” He saw Steve’s eyes fall to his cock, shaking his head. “Good boys get the cock. You have to work your way up to that status. You’re not getting this until I say so.” He shook his cock in Steve’s direction before slapping his ass harshly and walking to their toy closet.

He was gone long enough to cause Steve to whine out his name, too far gone to speak properly. It just made Bucky chuckle to know that Steve was in this shape. He did it to himself, honestly.

“Here we go.” Bucky held up a well-lubed pair of anal beads, the size of the beads growing steadily larger, until the last one was the size of a baby’s fist. Perfect for Steve because it wasn’t too large or too small.

Rubbing the small beads over the puffy hole, Bucky eased them inside. He pressed each one deep inside with his fingertips, ensuring that they brushed along the man’s swollen prostate by now. He stopped at the last one, seeing and feeling how full Steve was. The blonde was moaning in an uncomfortable manner, wiggling about.

Hooking his finger inside, Bucky was able to ease the last bead inside of his hole, feeling it sitting just inside of him. One wrong shift and this man was pushing it out. Now, they couldn’t have that, could they? The thought made him hum, enough to wrap the string around his fingers and give a small tug. It made Steve yelp into the pillow. Bucky ran his hand along his spine to calm him down, like a misbehaving pup.

“One…” Bucky didn’t even finish. In one fluid motion, he jerked the anal beads free and flicked open the cock ring. He watched as Steve had both the best and worst orgasm of his life as the beads hung in his hand. Worst, because he was over sensitive, having no come remaining in that petite size balls of his. Best because the poor thing had just bee stuffed pull and had them ripped out of his sensitive hole and was now humping the bed like a pathetic teenager. It was enough to make the dom laugh.

“There we go. Now was that so hard?” Bucky wiped the tears away as the man settled down, face flushed and angry. “I hope you’ve learned not to disobey me again, little one.”

Chapter Text

Steve was 99.9% sure that this was torture. He was pretty damn sure this classified as torture and if he gets out of this… “Holy shit, Sam…” Steve couldn’t move. He was sort of tied up. Hands above his head, done in an interesting knot pattern, suspended ever so slightly. It was enough to make his muscles taunt and his body ache. He could feel tongues on every end of his body. One in his puffy rim hole, that was surely more spit than leaking both of his men’s cum by now. And a tongue teasing his angry slit, threatening to shoot cum into the man’s mouth if he just flicked off that cock ring.

He was going to take this cock ring and hate it. Holy shit.

“Hush, Stevie. You’re okay. You gotta let loose. Can’t be so wound up all the time,” Sam purred, once he popped off of the man’s cock. His lips were glistening with his own spit. He looked mighty proud of himself as he gripped Steve’s eleven inch cock and stroked him slowly. “You might lead the Avengers, but you need a goddamn orgasm every once in a while. And I’m sure Bucky agrees.”

Sam stroked him at an agonizing pace, but it was nothing compared to Bucky’s damn devilish tongue teasing his hole out. The boys had spent the better part of the morning fucking into his hole in turns, just to fill him with his cum. He might as well had, had a cum enema at this point. And Bucky loved the fact that he was doing nothing, but eating the cum and rimming his lover. “I do,” Bucky mused, his voice nearly muffled. “You gotta relax, punk. Let us take care of you.”

“I could relax and could have an orgasm, if you took the fucking ring off of my balls.” Steve had a filthy mouth when pissed and deprived of orgasms. He wiggled his hips, meaning to kick his legs, but nothing came of it. Sam wouldn’t loosen the light bonds around his ankles anytime soon. Suspended just enough to piss him off.

“Stevie, you know damn well that you’d have an orgasm, but you wouldn’t enjoy it. You gotta work for it. Now hush.” Sam flicked a button, on a bunch of controls by his hip and the lights blinked out. It left all of them in the dark, but it was worst for Steve.

All Steve could do was feel. All he could do was listen to their breathings and grunts and listen to his own heart hammering in his chest. He gasped as he felt something cold brushing over his cock. Cold and warm and burning in all the same manner. Oh, he both hated it and loved it.

After feeling the cold pressure sweep over his head before his cock was surrounded by a mixture of warmth and cold, he became fully aware that Sam had had a piece of ice in his mouth. “Oh God, Sammy…” It staved off the orgasm, but not for long.

Bucky chuckled as he spread the man’s meaty thighs before pressing his tongue deep inside of his ass. He was slowly working a frozen rod of ice into Steve’s hole. It was making Steve hiss and buck into Sam’s mouth, trying to pull away from the man, but nothing came from it. He was trapped between a torture of hot and cold.

Bucky was the one to stop first. Steve’s rim was certainly cleaned out now. And dripping from the ice rod melting in him. Just because he had stopped didn’t mean he was done. He’d grabbed the controls from where Sam stashed them and pressed a button, Steve hearing the audible click. One minute he was cold and warm, the next, Steve could feel hot air breathing on his body. He squeaked because of it.

Bucky just chuckled as he grabbed another ice piece from the chest and ran it down Steve’s chest. He took his time in circling the man’s nipples, until the pink flesh was taut and hard. He flicked them with his fingers before taking the other and squeezing gently. He pulled enough to cause Steve to yelp before releasing them. It was all torture, but with a result in the end.

Continuing the trail, James ran the ice piece over the man’s pecs and over his burning nipples until it was melted. He grabbed another just to tease around his hips and leaving a burning, warm trail in place. Sam was still suckling off of Steve, enjoying his place of being used like this.

“Gonna try something, Stevie,” James purred, grabbing a glass dildo from the table. Of course, Steve couldn’t see it. He wouldn’t know that it was a dildo filled with cold, half frozen water. He wouldn’t know until James eased it into that hole, using blind guidance in knowing where Steve’s hole was.

He warned a gasping moan, causing Steve to buck all the way down Sam’s throat. They all earned the sound of Sam gagging and moaning around the cock. “That’s it,” James cooed, like Steve was a child. “You got this. You can take it. Cold, isn’t it?”

It wouldn’t be for long, not when James flicked the tail end to let the water rush out and fill it full of hot water. Bit awkward and water splashed at their feet, but it worked. Oh, yeah, he could feel Steve relaxing and hear his gasping moans.

“Quit teasin’ him, James. Take the damn toy out and let his hole relax. He’s gonna cum from an ole fashion blow job, not from stimulation from his ass.” Sam grumbled, giving a roll of his eyes that none of them could see.

“Fine,” James mused. “But I’m gonna fuck your ass.”

There was no if, ans, or buts about it. Sam was going to be sandwich between them because of Steve worked hard, then Sam worked twice as hard as him. And they all deserved to be a cum-filthy mess.

Sam had no objects as Bucky eased two fingers inside of his rim, gently spreading that rim open with lube. Sam’s moan vibrated around Steve’s cock, causing the blonde to grit his teeth at the sensation.

Bucky, if anything loved to tease. He loved to rub his fingers over that bundle of nerves, cause them to be sobbing, gasping, oversensitive mess before he bottomed out in one solid thrust. Except, he couldn’t do that to Sam right this minute. Sam was meant to tease and use Steve as they planned. He could tease his prostate before pulling his fingers out with a wet pop and spreading the man’s hole with a somewhat satisfied grin. It would have to do.

Pressing his head into the man’s rim, Bucky let out a low, throaty groan when he bottomed out in one solid thrust. He tried to promise himself that he wouldn’t do it, that he’d take his time, but fuck, fuck, fuck, Sam felt so goddamn good wrapped around him. So tight and warm and Bucky was already seeing stars.

He pulled out, just to the head before giving a heavy thrust back into that prized hole. He bent over Sam’s plump ass, teeth sinking into his shoulder. He tried to time his thrusts out, wanting to use Sam as a flesh light for Steve’s cock, but he couldn’t. He was a selfish man and all he sought out was his pleasure.

“S-Sam, please…” Steve had been quiet or attempt to be. Grunting and groaning and trying to calm himself down to no avail. His balls were aching and cock throbbing heavily. He couldn’t get it to goddamn stop. Sam was making a mess of his cock, licking it like a goddamn ice cream cone. He was suckling on his head, like a babe to a tit. And Steve was losing his mind. He couldn’t focus and every single fiber of his being wanted him to fucking cum. Fill this man’s throat, fill his stomach with all the cum he’s been storing for the last 72 years.

“S-should I..?” Sam was having a hard time focusing with his ass being used as a damn fucking toy. He had a hard time even breathing and not dissolving into a fit of moans as Bucky fucked the life out of him. “Should I...James?”

Bucky was one of the only semi coherent ones. Steve was dissolved into a mess from a four hour rimming and blow job session that ended in all of them cumming, but Steve. Sam’s bubble ass was being used as a flesh light and he was trembling underneath Bucky, as the brunette littered his body with marks from his teeth. “I think the torture is about over. ‘Sides, I’m not gonna last long using your damn hole. And your prostate makes mighty fine for abusing.” He put a hard period at the end by pulling out, just to the tip before ramming his cock against his prostate.

The noises leaking from Sam’s lips were one of the best sounds in the world. The small yelps and moans as he tried to focus on what the hell was going on and how to suck Steve off. It made Bucky happy to know he was the cause of this. Had Sam had any long hair, he’d pull on it, but instead he settled for marking his shoulders with bite marks as he thrusted into the man’s hole.

Sam was happy when Bucky stilled his hips, long enough for the man to get to work. He was careful in removing the bonds from Steve so he his limbs were free. His mouth wrapped back around the cock, deep throating him in one motion. His limber fingers, rough with callouses flicked the cock right off.

It was over from there. Sam was being used from both ends. It was Bucky bending over him, fucking into him like a goddamn freight train. He could feel every thrust, his balls hitting with every powerful thrust. Sam couldn’t help the small groans when Bucky bit into his neck, hard enough to damn near draw blood. He could feel the erratic thrust of those hips, seeking more of his pleasure than pleasuring Sam. It was clear that Bucky was close. And very clear when he finally spilled over. His hips stilled, as if terrified to move, terrified to stop the intense pleasure that had to have been coursing through him.

While Bucky was using his ass like his own personal toy, Steve was finally, finally able to abuse Sam’s throat. He was finally able to use his hands, the robes still loosely bound, but Steve didn’t care. He took ahold of Sam’s neck, fingers curling into his skin and thrusting his hips into that beautiful mouth. He worked a rhythm, where thrusting he could thrust into the man’s mouth and hold onto the back of his head. He didn’t stop either, because why should he? This felt so goddamn good. Sam’s mouth was warm and wet. He could hear him gagging every other thrust. He could feel him gagging, his throat tightening around his length.

Steve didn’t last long and how could he? They had teased him for the better part of the morning and kept the goddamn cock ring on him. Steve couldn’t cum, much less even try to piss with the damn thing on. He couldn’t focus with his cock in such need and throbbing. His entire focus went down to his goddamn cock. The length was fucking throbbing so goddamn much… A deep, feral growl escaped his throat as he held Sam by the neck and thrust one last time into his warm, comfortable throat. He bottomed out and felt his cock twitch and cum shooting out. Had he been left without Sam’s mouth, he was sure that his cum would’ve shot to the roof at this point.

And Sam was a goddamn trooper. He swallowed every bit of cum. Over and over again. He was a good man. A good boy. And while Steve wanted to tell him that, all he could get out was a strangled groan and collapse back onto the bed, utterly fucked out.

Bucky laughed as he finally pulled out of Sam, admiring his work of leaking cum against his ass before curling to Steve’s one side. Together they made room for Sam, who had an abused throat and couldn’t talk. They held each other, Sam right in the middle. The glue that kept them together.

“Thank you,” Steve whispered in a soft voice. He rubbed Buck’s back, pulling Sam closer to his sweaty chest. “Thank you so much for this. You’re right… I needed a good orgasm.”

Chapter Text

Steve was exhausted to say the least. It was an exhaustion that wore down to his bones and made every other step an utter misery. The cold made it so much worse, given he didn’t wear much to protect him from the cold that was settling over the city. Hell, Steve was wearing just his normal getup when he was leaking Brock’s house. The man liked to play him like a fiddle, to dehumanize him, and humiliate him. He thought he could do that by feminizing the scrawny blonde. Tonight’s outfit consisted of him wearing a torn pair of pantyhoes, the tear just along his inner thigh. A pair of red heels, one of the heels chipped so it was difficult to balance, but better than walking on the soiled ground of Brooklyn. His crop top was stained with cum and piss, it smelled even worse. There was a rip in his short skirt. To make matters worse, Steve knew he stunk too. He smelled of sex. He could feel the cum dribbling out of his worn hole as he finally turned onto his street.

So yes, bluntly put, Steve was a sex worker. While illegal, it was damn good money and Steve needed it to pay the bills. And his boyfriend, another dom in the more legal sex work business frowned upon it, but didn’t out right say anything. He took Steve as he was, bundled him up, and made sure he was nice and safe at the end of the night.

This was one of those nights where everything went to shit. Where Steve was exhausted and close to tears from all he had endured by Brock. It almost didn’t make the five grand he earned tonight worth it.

“Steve?” Bucky had put the tablet down he was reading, instantly standing up when he heard the front door open. He rounded the corner to take in the sight of his boyfriend, a pathetic, sympathetic sound escaping his lips. “Steven, oh, darling…” The man rushed over to Steve and shut the door behind him, bundling him up in his arms despite he knew Steve didn’t like to be touched and smothered once he got him. He couldn't help it, his heart was breaking.

Bucky looked like he was dressed for bed. His hair was soft and fluffy, still damp from a shower and smelled of lavender and honey. He’d recently shaved, so his face was baby soft. Not to mention, he was wearing pyjama pants and a tank top. He must’ve stayed up for him. What time was it? A glance at the cat-themed clock on the wall [an ugly gift from Natasha], told Steve it was three in the morning. Fuck, Brock kept him out longer than before.

“Hey, hey Buck.” Steve breathed, easing his hands between him and Bucky’s throat chest. He felt muscles under his aching fingertips and pushed him away. “I’m fine. Just gonna....shower. You don’t wanna smell me. I smell nasty.”

A frown came to Bucky’s full lips, the bottom one jutting out in a pout when Steve slinkard off. Oh no, this wasn’t good. This wasn’t good at all. Grabbing at a hair tie, Bucky threw his long locks up into a ponytail and marched after Steve. He cut him off at the bathroom door, regarding him with a hard look. Hard, but soft, tender care. “I was worried sick about you,” He grumbled. “I know its good money, punk, but hell, look at you! Look at what Brock’s done to ya!” He grabbed Steve by the scruff of his neck with his metal fingertips and put Steve in front of the hall’s floor to ceiling mirror.

Steve stared at his expression. The messy blonde locks, matted and used. His gaunt face, the pale skin exposing the black bags under his eyes. His bottom lip was busted and swollen, still bleeding slightly. He was hunched over and his outfit ruined, another one in the trash because of Brock. He couldn’t stare at himself for long, shame and guilt bubbling up in his throat. He looked down at his swollen feet. “I tried callin’ you, but my phone died. I-I’m sorry Buck. I am. I just...wanted to get out of there as soon as I could. He had...friends over.”

Bucky’s nose flared and he shook his head. The tail bounced with him. That was never good when Brock had friends over. It meant more work for Steve, at a higher pay, sure, but more abuse for his poor body. Steve knew his limit, but rarely said it. “It’’re home. That’s what matters. I’m gonna take care of you.” When Steve looked like he was going to protest, Bucky narrowed his eyes. He didn’t want to hear it. He was going to give Steve the proper care he deserved after a rough night. “No. Do I need to get the pacifier?” The pacifier was a specially designed mold to look like a pacy an infant might use, with a knot that was modeled after Bucky’s own knot at the end. Steve loved it when he was settling down for the night, but not at this moment.

When Steve shook his head no, Bucky smiled. He patted the blonde on the head before taking his hand to lead him to the master bathroom. He let the water run in the tub, steaming and warming the room up, but also preparing the enema attachment. Steve needed to be cleaned out. “Alright, let’s see this damage.”

It was first the crop top removed, being cast aside to the floor like it could bite either one of them. Bucky hissed at the sight of the normally pale skin, littered with bruises and red, blotchy marks. And dried cum along the man’s chest. He gently laid his metal fingertips over the marks and cum, raising an eyebrow. Steve mumbled off something about Brock wanted to fuck his tits, when...the poor man didn’t have any. The red marks came from Brock clawing at him or using the crop whip against his skin. James couldn’t help but to wince in sympathy, already grabbing the palm and a soft washcloth to scrub at his skin. Thankfully the man was sensible enough to stay away from Steve’s neck and shoulders. That was Bucky’s only rule. That they didn’t mark above his shoulders. They would not get anywhere close to his bonding gland.

The skirt came next, exposing miles and miles of pale, milky thighs. Or at least, it should’ve. Instead, Steve’s hoses were torn. Where it was torn, it looked to be bite marks, already bruising an ugly ray of black and blue. He was gentle in helping Steve remove the heels and hoses, until the man stood naked. Bucky was right, it was much, much worse. Without those pale hoses, the bruises on his thighs were much more noticeable. The poor man’s cock was worst, still trapped inside of a goddamn cage that was almost too small for him.

Bucky dropped down to his knees and grabbed a master key to unlock it. He hissed at the sight of the man’s red balls and his three inch cock, red and angry. There was no need to ask if Steve had cum today, it was clear he hadn’t. It was clear that tonight, these men seeked nothing, but their own cruel, intended pleasure.

A quick spin around exposed a sight that Bucky hated to see. Steve’s poor cheeks were bruised all to hell. He’d take half the balm just to soothe those angry, red marks. Peeling them back, he was met with the somewhat familiar sight of Steve’s worn rosebud, puffy and angry. Cum dripped out of him, like he’d been flushed with it just half an hour ago.

“Okay,” Bucky sighed, once he quelled the anger stirring in him. Once Steve was settled, he was going to find Brock and make him pay for hurting his baby boy to this degree. “One step at a time, love. Let’s get you in that shower. I’ll spray you off first. Then we’ll get the enema in.” When Steve made a noise, Bucky made a sound and patted him on the back. “Darling, I know, I know, but it's for what’s best. Come on.”

Steve was settled over Bucky’s lap after his body was sprayed with warm water. The enema tube was attached to the shower attachment and the bulbous end eased into Steve’s puffy ass. Bucky watched as he easily took the end into his worn hole, hissing in sympathy when Steve whined from the pain. He let the water dribble into a nice, easy flow of gentle, warm water.

Steve laid across his lap, feeling that little belly starting to bulge as the water filled his stomach. Bucky was gentle as he rubbed over that taunt skin, making soft, cooing noises. He took the time to wash Steve’s hair with the shower head, gently scratching at his scalp and trying to get out as much filth as possible. When Steve started to squirm from the uncomfortable means, Bucky’s hand dripped down to his cock. He stroked over the raw skin with a gentle touch, feeling Steve squirm.

“Shh. Shh, I gotcha. I gotcha. Gonna ease the plug out now, okay? Just let it flow out, naturally. No need to hurt yourself.” Bucky was always so calm and gentle with Steve, especially in states like this. He let the plug ease out and immediate felt the flush of water against his hand. He palmed over both Steve’s hole and cock, feeling the tiny length twitch in his hand. The only sign that Steve had actually cum beyond the sensors in the metal arm going off was Steve’s small grunts. The poor thing, Bucky knew he was really exhausted when he didn’t moan from the orgasm.

Cleaning both his hand and the man’s cock off, Bucky let him soak in the warm tub while he prepared their bed. A warm comforter and a few soft towels were laid out. He returned to Steve and picked the man up, out of the water, feeling how slack he went in his arms. The poor thing.

Bucky continued to coo at him as he laid him out across the bed. He was gentle as he grabbed at the balm and worked on the bruises and welts across Steve’s chest. It wasn’t pleasant smelling. It smelled of overpowering aloe and mint, but it did its job. He was careful as he rubbed the balm amongst Steve’s torn hole. He used an ointment to ease two fingers into his hole to rub it amongst the small tears that could be there. And knowing Brock, were most likely there. The bastard.

Steve was a soft, whimpering mess out of exhaustion and oversensitivity as Bucky worked the balm onto his tender spots. He dressed Steve in the softest garments they had. They ended up being a pair of silk, heart boxers of Bucky’s, that were shorts on Steve’s frame and an old t-shirt that was made of soft cotton. It wasn’t silk, but hey, it worked. It just swallowed Steve whole.

Steve was utterly exhausted and Bucky knew this when Steve was whining as he laid him in bed. He was starting to pull away, to start to pull the covers up and tuck Steve in while he cleaned up the bathroom and planned his attack on Brock, when Steve grabbed him. His tiny fists pulled on Bucky’s damp shirt, while easy to break the man’s weak grip and go on about his business, Bucky didn’t. Instead he gave a small smile and kissed the boy’s temple.

“Alright, alright,” he chuckled, pulling away from Steve just to shut the lights off and set security to lock the doors and windows. He crawled back into bed, laying Steve against his chest. The blonde was suckling on his shirt, his instant reaction when he was this worn out was to suckle. And this time, Bucky let him. He didn’t fight and complain of his shirt being wet. He just held his Omega close to his chest and breathed in his clean, warm scent.

This is where he belonged and as far as he was concerned, killing Brock could wait until tomorrow. This is where he was needed, soothing his baby boy.

Chapter Text

“James what in the hell are you doing?” Sam hissed under his breath. That’s how Bucky knew he was in trouble, when Sam said Bucky’s real name rather than nickname. “’re…” The man had to clamp a hand over his mouth to stop the inappropiate moan from escaping his lips.

All Bucky could do was grin as he looked across the table at Sam. He’d chosen the restaurant, a fancy, little Italian place perfectly and for good reason. There was even a coat closet that he had plans later on using. Right now, he was perfectly fine in rubbing his foot against the bulge in Sam’s jeans. “Stop what? I’m not doing anything, darling. Are you sure you’re not just feeling things? You did drink an awful lot of coffee this morning.”

Sam laid his head back in the booth and let out a breath from his nose. His cock was dangerously throbbing, in the same manner it does when Bucky’s plump lips are around it. When his tongue is circling his head and teasing his slit. When he’s teasing his balls with his cold fingers and Sam can do nothing, but moan. “I was thirsty and…” God, he was so sensitive. He’d never felt those sensitive before. Only other time was when he was in college and had been slipped…

James couldn’t help, but just to grin when Sam’s eyes widened with realization. He let his foot rub over the bulge one last time before dropping. In that same movement, he slipped out of the booth and kissed Sam aside the head. “I’m going to use the bathroom.” He winked at the man before disappearing around the back.

Sam was cursing James every name in the goddamn book at this point. He couldn’t get up to follow because he had a large bulge. A noticeable bulge that was throbbing dangerously and ached so badly. He couldn’t help but to stroke over it, grunting under his breath. He managed to disguise it as a few coughs when waiters or other guests walked by.

By the time James had returned, their dinner had arrived. And instead of doing the sensible thing and sitting across from Sam, Bucky had slipped into the booth beside the man. He was still grinning as he took a long drink of his wine, his metal hand dripping down to Sam’s pants. Still thick and throbbing. Sam was holding out, but he was barely lasting by that look in his eyes.

“D-don’t…” Sam whispered, shooting daggers at the flushing man. He couldn’t dip his hands under to stop James from undoing his jeans, letting them fall open, just to pull his cock out. He could feel it brushing across the white tablecloth, causing him to gasp softly. His nails dug into the leather seating as James slowly stroked him, starting at the base and giving a long, solid stroke all the way to his throbbing head.

And Sam had to keep quiet through it all. He stared hard at his plate, not daring to move his hands as his boyfriend jerked him off under the table. He nearly jumped out of his seat and his cock throbbed when their waiter showed up and asked if everything was okay, given they hadn’t touched their meal.

“Everythings fine. Fine. Just...just praying…” Sam barely stuttered out in a rushed manner. The waiter gave him a funny look, raising an eyebrow, but thank God she didn’t say anything. All Sam could think as James squeezed his cock was that he was going to hell.

“Everything okay?” James purred, nuzzling into Sam’s neck. He pressed a few well placed kisses there, that did not help the man. Sam was so damn close, he could see him sweating under the yellow lighting. “Its okay. Just...let go. No one’s gonna know.”

No, no he was not okay and James knew that. The fucking idiot had drugged him. And no it wasn’t okay! If Sam had let go, then everyone was gonna know because he could not keep quiet.

“I am begging you,” Sam whispered. “Just stop. Make it stop. I will...fuck. You can have control tonight, just stop.”

James laughed and thankfully he’d let go of Sam’s cock, even tucking it back into his jeans for him. Sam had breathed a sigh of relief, because it seemed for the last ten minutes there was a heavy amount of foot traffic by their table.

“Hm. I think I know one way. Follow me.” James didn’t leave much to explanation as he got up. Sam half thought to grab his coat and wrap it around his waist.

Shoving Sam inside the dark coat closet, Bucky closed the door behind them. Thankfully the host wasn’t at her stand, so they were able to slip inside without being seen. That didn’t mean she wouldn’t come back soon. This added to all the more excitement. Before Sam could question or start yelling at him, Bucky pulled him into a harsh kiss.

The only light in the closet was the light streaming from under the door. It was enough for Bucky to see what he was working with. He placed a hand over Sam’s mouth and turned him to face one of the racks. He jerked the man’s jeans down to his thighs and fished his own aching cock out. He was impressed, really, Sam had lasted this long.

He could hear Sam trying to talk, but James wasn’t having any of it. He was so goddamn close to cumming in his pants and they could be interrupted at any moment. He just wanted to nut and get back to their dinner. Spreading Sam’s hole, James groaned into Sam’s shoulder when he bottomed out with one solid thrust. Sam was still lubed from an earlier fucking.

He could hear Sam’s groan, feel it vibrating against his hand. Bucky stood no chance in Sam’s tight ass. And they were on a time limit, so he set a brutal pace. The sound of his hips slamming into Sam’s, the feel of his cock being buried into a perfectly, warm place was sending him on edge. Or maybe it was the fact that muffled voices could he heard outside the coat closet. They could be walked in on in any second and that just made his cock throb even more. He dropped his hand from Sam’s mouth to grip at his stiff cock, feeling how wet he was from the pre dripping from him.

Despite how angry Sam sounded, it was clear how much he enjoyed this.

Sam muffled his groans by biting into his arm, eyes squeezing shut tightly. His mind bounced back and forth with the knowledge that they shouldn’t be doing this, to that Bucky’s cock felt so goddamn good to be filling his ass again. His breath hitched when he heard the noise outside the door. He could hear the door creaking, maybe someone leaning onto it. It just meant that they had a chance of being found at any moment.

His groan was barely stifled when Bucky squeezed his cock tightly, causing his hips to jerk and for Bucky to thrust even harder into him. Stars were already in his vision as the man violated his hole and teased his prostate. His cock was throbbing dangerously. All he wanted to do was cum, even if it meant cumming in his jeans.

Bucky was selfish. All he saw was stars. He couldn’t stop the blossoming feeling of the orgasm blossoming, even if he wanted to. He pounded into Sam with the force of a man who fucked to stay alive. His groan was muffled into Sam’s shoulder, biting the flesh as his cock filled the man with his seed. He didn’t still his hips either, fucking into him until he was too sensitive to even more.

That was more than enough for Sam. He could feel his seed spilling into his jeans at Bucky’s orgasm. The biting just only pushed him further. He groaned and his knees buckled, barely conscious by the time James pulled out of him, just to fix his jeans and pat him on the ass. He was leaking from both ends and very much okay with that at this point.

They barely had a minute after roughly cleaning themselves up. The entire closet smelled like sex at this point. There was no escaping it. Nor were there any escaping it when the door opened and the harsh, yellow light filled the room. They found themselves staring at the manager, Sam halfway sinking behind James’ flushing, proud face.

“Check?” James laughed, arm around his boyfriend. “We’ll take our dinner to go. Thanks for this...establishment.”

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  • teasing/almost getting caught
  • SamxBucky
  • Bottom Sam. Bucky teasing on date. Sam getting off when someone walks in. He defiantly cums in his jeans and they do fuck in the restaurant closet.

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  • During a gala, someone flirts and hits on Peggy, all attention on her. Steve loves his beautiful wife, but sometimes she needs reminded that she belongs to him and only him. 



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  • It's breeding season and Tony has been a brat. There's punishment in store with Steve and Bucky using their favorite Omega until hes plump with cum and pupped



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  • Clint is sick and refuses to see Shield's doctor because he's the hottest thing on two legs, but when Bucky is forced to make a housecall, Clint can't exactly avoid the said hot doctor with pretty gray eyes and metal arm. And he can't really hide how much he enjoys his touch when his fingers are up his ass and Clint is close to his heat.


  • Aphrodisiacs, A/B/O, Multiple Partners, Semi Public Sex
  • Omega, Post Serum-Steve x Rest of the Avengers
  • Steve is the only Omega on the team. There are only two Betas and that's Clint [who was on heavy suppressants as a pup and that's resulted in him never presenting. They're illegal for a reason, folks.] And Bruce, whose too timid and says that the smell of an Alpha in heat might trigger him to turn green. [Tho some debate that Hulk is an Alpha, but no one would like to find out. [Thor would beg to differ]. After fighting some villian in space [this might change] the whole team is hit with some aphrodisiac that no one knew had happened until they were back on the ship, heading towards earth. And that's when the trouble started. Floating in space, with alphas at each others throats, and hurdling towards home. And Steve in such a desperate heat that he hadn't felt since he first presented, that left him DESPERATE to be filled. The villain's original plan to get the Avengers to kill one another due to genetics failed when they realized how desperate Steve was. Seriously, when two Betas are fisting and trying to quiet his whimpers while Tony and Thor are at each other's throat and Natasha is jerking off in the corner, not much can happen. Until they realize how bad Steve is and want to help. Then its just a giant sex orgy while they arrive home and after their 12 hour journey, Steve is heavy with pup, with no idea who the father is and he's okay with that. 





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