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Cupid's Gamble

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Running around was surely easy for Sonic to do, but he had to hear the wails and yells of his two friends behind them, Amy and Knuckles. Why exactly would they be running around the state park was a good thought, and it was because of playing a game with one of the most upfront mobiles in town. ‘Cupid’s Gamble’ was more of a game of child’s play, daring a friend to try to peck a stranger for a shilling, but Knuckles and Amy were offering quite a salary for the blue hero’s embarrassing task.
“Sonic! I know you want to hurry and get this over with, but I’m not the best runner okay!?” Amy yammered, trying to drag along Knuckles who honestly went his own pace. The two were offering a good pocket or two upon hearing that he would like to take up the challenge of something so small, maybe he had nothing better to do, or maybe he was just as immature (which was most likely the case).

As the trio ran their way down the streets and crowds to find a good area, there was Espio, going out on his own for the afternoon to find some quiet to himself. He hung around the city parks rather early, but since the team went on a mission a couple of hours late, they decided to relax and dwindle for the day. He sat by a lone bench near a bridge that let a small rivulet pass under, he had found this certain place rather relaxing from the sounds of the water and the simple gentle breeze. The chameleon often recorded his dreams in a notebook which was what he decided to update today, wearing one of Vector’s smaller jackets with the hood over his head from the blinding sun, leaving his identity vaguely sealed.

“Hmmm, there seems to be a whole party at the park today, I wonder what’s going on over there?”

“I have no idea, but it’s a good spot!” Knuckles answered back, eventually making his way so that Amy wouldn’t have to drag him by the elbow, pointing to the bridge. “We could probably pick a good sucker out from that bridge, I would feel bad if they’re not a fan.” To which Sonic gave a huff.
They made it to the entrance to where Amy looked around excitedly to see if she recognized anyone there, Knuckles stayed with Sonic to finally finish up this minuscule dare. Sonic, seemed to keep his eye on the map of the trail to get to a good spot to start out.

“Okay, who’s the lucky person, Knux?” Sonic said rather impatiently, fidgeting with a loose plank from the floorboard with the tip of his sneaker, he wasn’t worried at all and was in fact, rather excited.

Knuckles stammered, looking about. “Give me a moment, just making sure it isn’t someone who looks like they will hold a grudge.” His range of sight was only so far, and his judging by appearance was rather strong to his liking, he scanned the park. There were mostly children, mothers, businessmen, and elders looking around the park talking about who knows what, but the Echidna gave a good look at a Mobian in an oversized jacket. What seemed to him was that the person was trying to get out of the sun without moving, writing what seemed to be small sentences which Knuckles couldn’t read, their shoes were scratching the ground, a good target.
Sonic looked to his friend which only gave him a subtle smirk and perhaps a quiet wheeze.

“What’s so funny, Knucklehead? You’re not going to make me go for an old grumpy guy are ya?” He said with a teasing manner, poking at the Mobian’s shoulder to which he only got a sigh in return and a point to a lone Mobian who seemed to be spacing out.

“You see that one right there? They seem like a good target, minding their own business when you’ll swoop over and snog them.” Knuckles almost let a giggle of pure mischievousness slip out. Sonic only smiled at them, looking at their attentive gaze to their surroundings. Something about them almost got passed off as recognizable..

“I guess I gotta be quick, you still have that money right, Knux? I’m not doing this without pay!” Sonic handed his hand out while Knuckles put a good ten rings into his hands, the hedgehog doubtfully swiped his hand away when all of them plopped down on his palm. Giving a childish raspberry. “How should I do this, kind commissioner?”
Knuckles had a smile on his face, one that told of absolute chaos, then, he whispered into Sonic’s ear. He sped off...

Sonic felt like he had to move quickly to make sure the supposed stranger wouldn’t notice him, possibly try to go from behind. Espio showed no signs of noticing just yet until something fast and blue came into view for less than a half-second. It swept up his papers for a moment, a soft slam fastened them back down until he was suddenly swooped up from his seat.
With Knuckles laughing in the background, poor Sonic couldn’t pay attention to the stranger he was holding in a dip pose before quickly dipping down with him and planting a longer kiss directly on the lips. Knuckles wheezed, Amy awed, but soon did they know that wasn’t a stranger at all, the hoodie fell and reveal the dignified.
Espio turned into a light red color, being both shocked and flustered beyond comprehension. Sonic let go too soon, he was faced with an astonished chameleon, and two friends shocked but giggling at the same time. Sonic eventually let go after, studying Espio’s face, red as a peach, spooked, and embarrassed.

“I-I am so sorry, Espio! ``I thought you were—…” The blue and red tinted hedgehog squinted at Knuckles, he only gave a slight shrug before laughing. “Espio?..”

Espio couldn’t say anything but faded back into the pink color previously and clearing his throat. He mumbled out a quick “I didn’t know you felt that way, good day.” Before putting that hoodie back on and speeding off without anything else said.

Amy rushed down to go track down Espio, but he had vanished into thin air after that. “Aw no, he isn’t going to forget that, is he?..” He wasn’t going to forget that for a while certainly,

and that’s what happened, and why the two haven’t talked much… until now.


‘C’mon, you’re the Sonic the Hedgehog, knocking a door and asking someone a simple question can’t be this hard! They’re only the person I tried to make out within the park, no, it sounds bad if you put it that way…’ He was stumped, nervous and strangely hyper at this very moment, his foot tapping on the grounds of the Chaotix Detective Agency. The blue blur already felt bad about how he publicly humiliated his distant friend and himself in front of Amy and Knuckles who now won’t stop talking about it, but now confronting it all would be even harder after Amy gave the idea for Sonic to take Espio to lunch. ‘If I do this and tell him everything that happened over a cup of coffee and some snacks isn’t bad if you put it that way! Let’s go!’
Without thinking twice, Sonic went up ahead to knock on the door of the agency to have it quickly yanked open by a very angry crocodile.

“I SAID NO SOLICI- oh, it’s just you! Sorry, it’s girl scout season and I can’t afford cookies..” Vector admitted bashfully, who could blame him, they are cookies.

“No worries, Vec! I.. I Uhm, came here to ask Espio a question, is he around?”

“Is this about yesterday.?” Vector spat out those words faster for Sonic to chew, the hedgehog tensed immediately and sighed.

“Yeah,.. I just want to tell him why I even did such a thing.”

The large croc suddenly bellowed; “ESPIO, ITS FOR YOU!!” Sonic swore his ears ring for a second or two before trying to look behind Vector to witness his chameleon friend somehow not showing signs of being at all embarrassed by yesterday.
He had his hands together, giving Sonic a certain look he couldn’t make out, he took in a sigh and tilted his head.

“So, what is it?”

“Would you perhaps like to come to the cafe with me and talk for a second? I know you think I need to clean some things up about yesterday..”

Espio’s funny look faded as he decided to muster a smile and a nod, something about the way he can subtly show his emotions like that seemed charming in Sonic’s eye. “That would be wonderful, thanks for trying to stick up for yourself on it, let me get ready.”

‘So far so good, Sonic, only stumbled once when asking Vector, don’t make it worse…’

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Espio soon came back down the stairs, removing the lazy slippers he had on that following morning with his clean black and purple flats, not really putting on the glove and ankle guards just yet it seemed. Vector decided to tease him about it, leaning in and whispering something into the chameleon’s ear something he couldn’t make out personally.
“It’s not very proper to wear slippers out to a cafe, Vector.. and no, it isn’t a date.” Espio sternly but also softly reminded, but how Vector mentioned a date while he was just going to resolve the issue made Sonic subtly flush. It was noticed from the large croc, but nothing was said, perhaps a small smirk to his direction.

“Please excuse Vector, he needs to start acting his age..” Espio sighed and put his hands together once more, giving a reassuring smile to his blue friend. “Shall we go, Sonic the Hedgehog?” Sonic’s breath was still stuck in his throat so he nodded.

Sonic eventually got comfortable with Vector’s little tease shortly after, he started to try to chat with Espio on their way to the larger cities, but the chameleon seemed to not mind listening Sonic blabber. He didn’t mean to go on and on, it was just a trait of his, and just needed someone to listen to and not judge how fast he could speak.

“Honestly, after I met Tails, I felt like my point of view really changed! I figured out how to put myself in other’s shoes, especially when meeting Knuckles…” Espio nodded rather excitedly to Sonic’s words, the way he described his life lessons seemed so refreshing to him… like how he explains how much he loved his friends, but it made him think.



“What do you see in the Chaotix, and me?” Espio was rather curious and willing to know, looking at the hedgehog with a full focused gaze. Sonic has never seen that in anyone really, their full attention to his words rather than just observing, it tickled a little inside… like butterflies, or happiness.

“Well… You guys, I didn’t really think about until after I met Knuckles, it’s like his group of friends and mine suddenly merged! That’s when I started to become interested upon seeing your detective work, you guys really do try to make the best for your work and it’s really cool how we can have a backup!
“And you?.. well..” Sonic actually gave it all a thought, looking at his curious friend. “You are the wits of the team, you can be really smart about making choices, you are quick to think.” He seemed out of general ideas and decided to try out something new…

“Espio, you’re such a kind person, you’re always here to brighten up your team’s day, your smile is contagious sometimes.., you can perfect anything you try, your teamwork skills are amazing, you just make people happy!.” He looked to Espio with a smile, to suddenly drop it immediately. The expression of his friend seemed flushed, not really full-on flustered, but the compliments hit him a little too much. He mustered a smile and nodded.


“That’s… very kind of you, Sonic..” Espio felt like he should say something, before getting interrupted by seeing the cafe, it was then Sonic sounded nervous, dragging in the chameleon into the cafe…

There they sat, Espio looking down at the menu, Sonic fiddling with the uneven chair against the hardwood floors. The cafe was small but reasonably kept clean, with plants, and a brown and grey atmosphere. Espio remembered meeting Vector at this building, though it was a record store before. They both remembered working there and talking about a horrible group named Amnesiac, it still made him giggle quite a bit. But these experiences were all going to be different for the two now, discussing the awkward moment.

Sonic eventually stopped scuffling, looking up to the chameleon who had an instant look upon him, it was honestly sudden but he seemed like he was ready to hear
something. “And?..” The chameleon said, tapping his fingers on the table.

“Yeah, about what happened at the park…” Sonic started. “Have you heard about this game called Cupid’s Gamble?”

“Sounds familiar.”

“It’s where your friends dare you to kiss a stranger for some money, and I didn’t know you were in that hoodie, I’m sorry..” Sonic slouched in the chair, he hoped it didn’t ruin their fairly small friendship. The hedgehog subtly squinted his eyes and hoped for the worst….

“It’s, alright…” Espio meekly said, Sonic meant it, he figured he thought it was someone else entirely. “That’s still childish, messing with people for money. Not something I would tell you to do again.” He looked at the menu for a good amount of time again before they ordered, a cup of green tea and a mocha.
They soon got their drinks, Espio still seemed calm even when Sonic confronted it was all for money, he may have been a little too soft. “I’m sure you never meant it fully, I’m not going to ask any questions about it.”


As soon as they finished, the silence grew between them, they had nothing else to talk about. Sonic eventually even dropped Espio back home like they were on a date in middle school, but something about what Espio said makes him think.

‘I’m sure you never meant it fully…’

‘I’m sure you never meant it fully…’

‘I’m sure you never meant it fully…’

“Sonic, are you okay?” Amy eventually interrupted his thoughts, leaning in close to him and not minding her own business. She had never seen Sonic so in thought, it was never like him, being so quick to think and answer, it made her worried. “You did tell him, right?”

“Of course I did!” Sonic jumped out of his thoughts, shoving the pink hedgehog back a ways from being a little too close. “I’m not sure if he really said it was okay though, he can hide his emotions well.” The blue blur seemed, slow to think.

“Don’t think about it too much! He’s honest and independent, I’m sure he wouldn’t lie to you.” Amy scooched back and sat on her knees. They were just outside of Sonic and Tails’ place, having a quick talk. “I know it’s hard to not think about it but, just do it! It’s getting late, I have to go. Bye!” Amy gathered up her bag and ran along her way so easily. Leaving her blue friend alone to think, which only made it worse.

The words echoed in his mind, even after he went back inside. It was even starting to annoy him, even after eating dinner and heading to sleep…


This dream was new, walking back with Espio to that same cafe only except something felt off, they weren’t going to a cafe. Espio was leading Sonic, to somewhere, he was bright pink, the tail was rather loosened and a smile on his face, a genuine one. He started to speak whilst he turned to Sonic. “You seemed to have forgotten where we’re going, I will lead for you..” Sonic only went along, noticing how the chameleon was so pink and cheery.
They went to that same park Sonic pecked the lizard for a couple of rings, his stomach dropped, gripping onto what seemed like the chameleon’s hand. Espio sat down and pat the seat next to him, Sonic sat. He went to look around, everything was such a beautiful shade of pink, the trees were cherry trees, giving out blossoms, petals falling to the ground, no one was there... Espio seemed to match his own scenery, it seemed so dreamy. Espio was looking straight at him, his eyes were the same topaz color. “Isn’t it wonderful?. I know I’m turning into my surroundings a bit, I’m a little nervous…”

“Nervous? About what?” Sonic finally tried to question what was happening, looking at his independent friend.

Espio grasped the front of his arms so gently, shuffling himself closer. “This is just my first time, I hope you don’t mind that…” First time? Was this where he think it was going? It was, Espio got even closer, he felt his cheeks heat up. “You seem just as nervous, I’ll be gentle. Ever since you took me out for tea, I guess we both weren’t prepared..” He giggled, letting his hands trail up to the hedgehog’s shoulders. “We don’t have to do it, I mean…” He swallowed and took a second to answer. “You seem so confused today, did you forget?”

Sonic swallowed too, Espio seemed a little saddened, he wanted to change that. He gave a smile and meekly put his hands over Espio’s. “I may have forgotten, but we can still try..” Why did he say that? That wasn’t part of his plan, he kept looking down to the lips he kissed for a sick couple of rings.
It was the right thing to say it seemed, the chameleon was so close to him, touching chests and leaning his head onto his neck.

“Okay, give me a moment, I’m flushing…” Espio had a goofy smile across his face, that was so rare to see. “You make me so happy, Sonic the hedgehog…” That moment was so small before the chameleon made a rather daring move, their lips pressed so gently together, it made Sonic feel like a feather.
Were they dating? Was this their first kiss? They felt like young children again, so giddy and didn’t know what they were doing. Espio’s lips felt so soft, gentle, light, even how he touched him was so delicate, the whole chameleon was so soft; even his scales felt so smooth, maybe that was how Sonic imagined him. Espio pushed back so suddenly, having a clear view of his reddened face. “I’m sorry, I’m not sure how this is supposed to go..”

Sonic felt like he needed to do something, but his limbs were moving for him, like a first-person. His hands reached for the chameleon’s shoulders and one went underneath his chin in a reassurance, Espio looked up curiously before Sonic suddenly leaned in to give him a rather deep kiss like he did at the park… maybe this was teasing him, his thoughts scrambled, they only kept going deeper. He couldn’t stop himself at all, he was liking it, it felt so real. It was only kissing, and even some touching, they let go when they were out of breath, even though they can hold it in for so long.
Espio seemed to be panting, only for needing air, his smile was ginger as he went to put his arms around the controlled hedgehog. “I.. I love you..”



Sonic never got to answer before he woke up, the sun was shining outside, his blankets were all scrambled for he kept tossing and turning from random bursts of energy during the dream. He shot back up, messing with his quills…

‘I’m sure you never meant it fully…’

What a lie….

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Sonic took a moment about what that dream was about until it tried to seep away from his mind, he stroked through his quills to comb them out, his breath shuddered. ‘I can’t be thinking about that so soon, no way. I’m going too fast, we’re only friends, we don’t even hang out-‘
His thoughts scrambled again when he heard a little knock on the door, and a small voice he knew of. “Sonic? Are you okay?” It was Tails, knocking on the door what seemed to be for a long while. Sonic went to get the door open for him.

Sonic in Tails' eyes looked almost nervous, a little sweat rolling down his face and the well-known smile was crooked. “Yeah, I’m all good!” That was only what he wanted to think, but Sonic definitely wasn’t okay.

“You seem so nervous, it’s only ten!” Tails stammered though he didn’t know what Sonic had done to Espio in the past couple days, in fact, he felt like he wasn’t informed enough this week. “I think you’re not telling me anything, can we talk?” The Fox seemed desperate, pulling a hint of the puppy eyes Sonic simply couldn’t say no to… and in fact, he still couldn’t.
The hedgehog eventually nodded when seeing the little trick his buddy pulled and let him into the room where Tails casually hopped onto the bed.

“So, what are you being so nervous about? You went out with someone to a cafe and came back on the wrong side of the head… was it Amy-“

“Nonono, not Amy, not in forever, nope.” Sonic playfully pouted. “You know that Cupid’s game that’s been going around right? Well, I accidentally did it to Espio at the park and I took him out to a cafe to try to tell him I was sorry..”

“He said it was fine, right? Why are you so nervous?”

“Well, just my thoughts..” Sonic never lied, but he wasn’t sure how to put it. “I had a dream where Espio and I did it again, except he wanted to.” Tails listened so carefully, and soon, a teasing smirk ran across his face.

“That’s simple, you like him and you’re going too fast.” Tails shook his head. “How did this even happen, to Espio of all people? I seriously don’t get it!”

“I know!- wait… don’t think I didn’t hear what you said before! I don’t!”

“You do!” Tails were getting a good laugh at this, seeing Sonic only get redder in the face. “You just don’t realize it! If you’re having dreams like that it’s pretty obvious!”

“It’s too quickly to be thinking about any of those things! I-I can quit it, honest!” The hedgehog tried to change the subject, knowing that the yellow fox would only keep pestering him about it. It was strange anyway, suddenly thinking these things after they were only dismissed as friends. “I think I can get it all figured out, in fact, you wouldn’t mind if we went out for lunch, eh? I feel like we haven’t gotten enough time together.”
Tails knew all too well that Sonic was trying to change the subject indefinitely, but he didn’t bother, pestering someone about something they would rather not talk about until later was a waste of time. Unless. He jumped back up in his seat and gave a smile.

Sonic started. “Anyone, you want to invite? Maybe Knuckles or?” He got cut off right after from his little fox friend running to the phone, Sonic only thought of Cream or possibly even Charmy, hopefully not Charmy, he would want to bring one of his team members with. Sonic thought a little more than just the outside, what they were discussing more… Tails teasing him, getting noticeably touchy about the subject only meant one thing and the only person he was going out with.

“Tails, don’t you dare!” Sonic ran to the phone to hear Tails talking to someone rather loudly like he was expecting it all after him. It was exactly who he thought it was, Espio.

“In an hour? Perfect! We’ll see you then, Espio…” Tails hung up with a little innocent look on his face. Sonic wasn’t impressed by the slightest. A good groan came out as he patted Tails on the shoulder; “it’s for the best, Sonic! Perhaps you just wanna hang out, huh?”

Tails was mocking him, Sonic squinted. “Since when did you get so nosey? You aren’t Knuckles trapped in Tails’ body are ya?”

“I’m just here to observe, I’ve never seen you act so funny.” Tails went to put on his nice sneakers near the doorway and wipe them off. “Plus I just wanna see how this works out and all, I invited Charmy to break up awkward silences. Thank me or not, I’m curious.”

If that child got that influence of his sneaky friend he was absolutely done for…

Tails had to drag Sonic out of the house to be early, he always thought being early was rather polite and mannered, despite the fact that the hedgehog could make his way over faster than anyone can say a tongue twister. Tails had his arms on his hips, tapping his foot on the ground to keep his mind busy, Sonic stood strangely still, minding his breathing and the foot-tapping on the concrete outside a restaurant.
Sonic never wanted to seem nervous, so he decided to pitch in a conversation with the little sly fox. “Why this restaurant? Who’s paying? You gave me so few details!”

“You are paying, and I thought nicer food would impress your.. date.” Tails coughed out with a smile. “Charmy and I will be enjoying the neat spiced pumpkin pie today!”

‘Date? Pumpkin pie? What?!’ Sonic looked to Tails with good astonishment. “I thought this was just gonna be lunch! Not a date!” He tapped his foot, his face practically a cherry. “You aren’t going to play matchmaker with me, this isn’t your speed!”

“Charmy thought we were taking you guys on a date, this was his idea! Plus, Espio seemed so excited on the phone, you wouldn’t want to cancel so soon would you?” The truth was, it was both of them, but Tails tried to put this on the little bee from how much they were giggling thinking about it. He sounded sarcastic about Espio wanting to go, but in truth, the chameleon was honestly surprised that this was happening so soon and Vector begged him to see how this would work.

“Well no I do want to! I’m just saying you could’ve used better words to describe it and to tell me what you plan!” Sonic rubbed his cheeks gently. “You scared me out of my spines.. almost!” The cobalt blue hedgehog was going to stammer more at his teasing friend to suddenly turn and see two familiar colors nearby.

There were Espio and Charmy, holding hands as they stood still until they could cross the cool street. Espio was wearing a rather white coat and Charmy wore a little puffy hoodie which made him look like a little doll, Espio looked so gentle and a little cold, seeing that he had to wear a jacket. But, he had a warm smile on his face despite the cold, his cheeks all rosy…


Sonic’s mind drifted to a daydream, snow was touching his nose. He went to look at a flake before it melted away, they were luscious fat flakes and he felt warm. He was in a burgundy roughhouse coat, with back buttons and numerous pockets, he had a brown fake fur scarf under the rim of the coat neck, that coat felt so warm to him. But he went to look around.
He was in a dull dark grey city, seeing the other citizens in the same dark grey, their faces pale, just simply walking in one pattern, it felt so empty… until his eyes saw someone in a white jacket and clear flats. He looked up from the jacket to see Espio yet again, having a rosy face and having his arms hug himself from the cold, he was a reptile, he never did so well in the cold. Sonic could even hear his shuddered breaths, little clouds formed his mouth and nose. The chameleon’s gaze was towards him, eventually treading through the crowd to get to the blue hedgehog.

The sound his little flats made while walking against the floor felt like they were out on a busy street, Espio was so close to him again but begging for something. “It’s cold out, h-huh Sonic?” He tried to joke, giving a little shaky smile. “I hate to tell but, I’m lost, and I’m getting c-cold…. Could I just…” It was hard to hear him, he sounded meek and freezing, until he tried to put his arms around the hedgehog without a warning, trying to unbutton his jacket.
Sonic had never felt so flushed, having anyone go their limits for that without asking seemed obsolete, but he never moved Espio away from doing so. Espio unbuttoned his jacket and went straight to huddling himself against the hedgehog, still shivering. “I’m so sorry, M-My fingers are freezing… and you’re so warm…”

He felt controlled again, but by his own thoughts. Getting the open part of his jacket back and buttoned up but leaving Espio in the inside, gaining a smile from him. He. He looked up to his blue friend and put his arms around him. Sonic started nuzzling him…


Charmy could be heard laughing while Sonic started randomly nuzzling Espio in a daydream, unexpectedly close and purring into the chameleon’s ear. Espio wouldn’t dare to say anything, despite being really embarrassed. All this from a hug from when Sonic didn’t fully understand what was going on from stress. Tails seemed shocked, watching this all happen with no idea of what’s going on. “You weren't kidding when you said this was a date, Tails..” Espio whispered, trying to avoid any quills from getting into his mouth when he talked, not wanting to spoil Sonic's little moment, at least he was warm.

Charmy eventually stopped wheezing to poke at the hedgehog, as the little bee's finger touched him, he sprung up rather quickly. Looking to Charmy and then a flustered Chameleon in his arms, he was nuzzling his neck, he stood absolutely still. “I'm not sure what got into me… ``I-I'm so sorry!” To let his thoughts control him was strange, were his dreams that powerful? Was he that desperate for it?
Espio gave a smile, eventually letting go and trying to call it off. Even for him, that was odd, maybe he did feel that way? Do Tails have anything to do with this?

They made it inside the restaurant, it was some Italian restaurant that served other dishes besides just pasta, the four were sitting at a bar table. The atmosphere felt so lively and decorated with warm soothing dark colors as small candle lights gave a wonderfully good way of seeing things, Espio always had an eye for colors, keeping his eye out on the scenery.
That at least gave Sonic some time to think about what on earth he had just done. ‘Was my mind really so controlling about this? This is only day 2, you keep that up, brain and we’re going to be a laughing stock!’ Sonic huffed to himself, crossing his arms impatiently on the table, Charmy gaining notice.

“Hey! It can’t be that bad!” The bee knew exactly what Sonic was thinking about, he leaned on his side of the table next to Espio. “He was cold so it helped! He doesn't hold grudges unless it’s something mean, you didn’t do that on purpose right?”

“What if he did?”

“Hmm, did you?”

Tails had to switch things around, making the hedgehog’s throat clench. He gave a head shake, to only see that a waiter was asking them to order. Espio was looking towards him, noticing how distracted he seemed, and even ordered for him… “He would just have some Fettuccine Alfredo, no tomato.” Sonic felt like a child having Espio ordering for him, he huffed again but mentally. “Relax, I know that Charmy distracted you, some of the things even on here I can’t even say them.” The chameleon giggled, his laugh was so gentle…

‘No, stop trying to space out, you’ll only make things worse…’ Sonic slapped his cheeks gently, getting a look from Charmy. “Don’t worry I’m fine! I’ve just been a little sleepy lately, haha..”

“Santee..” Charmy giggled, kicking Sonic’s shoe underneath the table. That child was onto his trail it seemed, but even still he tried to smile and playback.
Espio kept an eye on them, watching attentively, Sonic’s eyes met his.

Those beautiful topaz eyes, watching him calmly… Sonic drifted off….

Chapter Text

Charmy luckily kicked Sonic’s foot before any of this could happen, the bee seemed so impatient with him, crossing his little arms before taking off his jacket. “Don’t think about it, bucko!”

“Don’t think about what?”

“Spacing out!” Charmy tried to put into thoughts into words, but he honestly sounded a little grumpy he didn’t get to chat with the blue hero. “You realllyyyyy got a problem..” The child looked to Espio, who seemed to be subtly scolding him.

“It’s perfectly fine, today is a slow day, Charmy.” Even Espio was fiddling with his silverware, folding the cloth into a shape of sorts, his hands were so gentle, pitching up angles perfectly. And in fact, Espio was rather critical about being absolutely perfect. “Well, Sonic, what’s going on here? Did I do something to cause you to try and go out with me again?”

“That was Tails this time…” Sonic sat straight and really tried to mind his manners despite the fact that this certain setting wasn’t his speed. “I thought we would go hang out in the park or something, not really going to a fancy restaurant.” Were Tails listening? Of course, he was, watching Charmy trying to balance spoons before their meal arrived.

Sonic and Espio were soon going to the park, taking along Charmy and Tails. All four felt like having a casual conversation was hard while having noodles stuffed in their faces, but even when eating, Sonic sometimes drifted off.
But then having that idea in mind, he started to question himself about everything. ‘Am I really going for this? I just can’t get it off my mind, maybe after this short visit, it would clear out! Hopefully…’ Sonic went to look at the scenery to keep himself positive, everything was turning a pink color, the blossoms of the trees, white and pink were starting to bloom and carry their colors to the sidewalks. It was like that dream, but only having the green grass not a frosty white shade, he choked.
Espio pat a bench for Sonic to take a seat, other kids were here playing and that’s where Charmy dragged Tails. They were alone, no distractions, hopefully. “You seem so occupied, I can see it physically and mentally, are you comfortable with the fact that-“

“Yeah yeah! Totally cool about it!” Maybe interrupting the chameleon wasn’t the best idea, he got a raised eye from him.
“You’re clearly bothered if you want to hide it or not. The hug, spacing out, Charmy’s attitude about all of this, it connects.” Sonic was such a plate of glass to him, he put a hand on the hedgehog’s shoulder before continuing. “I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable, my apologies…”

Uncomfortable was the last thing Sonic would use to describe all of what happened, it was more like he was sailing on cloud nine, especially with being so spaced out and all. “Nah, I wasn’t uncomfortable, I was more of .. wandering in the clouds.”

“You mean ‘getting your head out of the clouds’.”

“Same thing.” Sonic crossed his arms from being mildly corrected, but that was what Espio did, corrected things said or done to make sure everyone else could understand. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but some things just should be kept in their heads. The two had a long silence to themselves, not knowing what to say when the other is ready to hear about what you want to say was rather nerve-wracking, after all, the two were dorks about being social sometimes.

Both of them were seen holding onto the fact that they were still stuck in a mess and that Espio couldn’t seem to pull off a better forgiving move. “Well.. hm, is there anything you wish to discuss at the moment?”

“Well no not really.” Sonic decided to stretch out on the bench and tried to loosen up from his previous thoughts. They were really circling around him when he was trying to talk too, staring too long and the shy chameleon was getting a certain feeling in his stomach to start pinching at him. They way Espio fluffed his coat back over his cheeks was really getting to him.. “I guess it’s up to you!”

“Whatever you say…” Espio soon started up something hopefully. “You’ve been interested in me lately, not just the whole Chaotix. Is this about what had happened before?” Espio watched so attentively to him, seeing how a suddenly worried face looked over to him. “You’re still nervous, no need to explain.” How was Sonic so easy to read to Espio? Probably a good bit from how expressive the hedgehog was, even after reading him, he smiled. “Well, if it makes you feel any better… the date was rather sweet of you to put up with, I really haven’t gone out all that much and I haven’t had pasta in a while… …That hug was nice…”
Sonic wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or not, did Espio really say that? His eyes widened, his cheeks flushed, Espio only dug his red face more into his coat and started giggling quietly. ‘No, this isn’t real-‘ Sonic shook his head and slapped his cheeks. “I’m not joking..” The chameleon poked at Sonic.

“You’re really not joking?”

“I’m always honest, Sonic. I mean what I say without anything else mixed into it.” Espio coughed a bit before returning his gaze back to Sonic, and even going to take and hold his hand. ‘This cannot be real, there’s absolutely no way..’
“Yes, I know this isn’t what you think I’d do, but I honestly feel that way!. Like something is telling me. about how you perceive me.”

“Could you explain? I’m not really thinking straight right now..”

“Do you actually. like me? In a different way? I’m sorry if I’m pushy about it-“

“No no it’s alright I- like like?”

“Like like, are you even listening?”

Espio’s words suddenly echoed, his mind went blank. ‘How did he figure that out so quickly!? Wait, he’s a detective, even so, it took him only under twenty-four hours!’ Sonic didn’t know if he was spacing out, everything started to turn until. “Uhm, listen I’d like to answer that question, but I’ve got work to do.”

“Work? Are you having deja vu?-”

Before Espio could finish his sentence, Sonic just disappeared. It was all too much for Sonic, this was more than awkward, he can’t confess anything, and he left Tails there. He never broke like that. Espio was left standing there confused and not knowing how to tell Tails his buddy left like that, he could take Tails home with him and ring up Sonic from there.

There was a subtle shifting on the other side of the door once Sonic looked, shadows making their way towards the creek of the door. It had only been three seconds since he knocked repeatedly, he wasn’t ready, he felt embarrassed that Tails decided to go with them instead of following him home. ‘I should really think before darting off, I hope Tails isn’t mad…’
A warm savory smell leaked from the crevice of the door, the smell of a small cobbler on the counter for dinner, he didn’t know any of them could cook anything for the matter. There were chitters and chuckles too like there was more than just the three at home, and even who answered the door was not one of them. “Hello, Mister Sonic!” It was Cream, staring up at him with a glass of apple juice. The sounds and smells of what was going on in the little cottage sounded so warm and homey to him. “Are you here to pick up Tails? He’s chatting at the table with us!”

“Yeah! Of course, I am! Is he eating some supper?” Sonic covered up his nervousness to the young rabbit and was honestly glad he didn’t have to see any of the detective team.

“We all are! Sometimes I and my mommy share dinner with the Chaotix since we don’t usually eat much and they need an extra hand! Want to join Tails?” Cream let him inside, though she didn’t ask permission of either Vanilla or Vector to let him join the already stuffed table. Even so, Sonic nodded and let himself on.
Sonic had promptly never been in the Chaotix household part of the place before either, even for what they had the place looked like a well-built home. The walls were painted a warmer color, the chair, and the built couch having an over a layer of blankets and homemade pillows, cute family pictures of so long ago, a good array of house plants and scattered toys, a lit fireplace. He even thought they would only keep things so professional but after seeing the whole array, the family was most important to them.

He went to look at the pictures to stall time for seeing the Chaotix first hand, Cream just let him do what he needed to do from her mother’s voice calling her in the background. His eyes settled to the one with the most colors, it was a child’s birthday party, the camera quality seemed to be from the early two thousand was Espio’s birthday party. Espio was surprisingly so small back then, barely even having the well-known horn growing out of his head, it was his sixth birthday with Vector. It was true that Espio and Vector knew each other for so long, Vector was a brighter green, having the cone birthday hat over his snout and doing a silly face into the camera as Espio was laughing at him. The picture was sweeter than any apple pie he had, his heart stung…
The second one on the wall was the other one that caught his eye, a picture of a much younger Charmy in a cheesy little baby photo, those were expensive, especially if Charmy was that young, they probably got a good moment of sleep after that.

“Are you coming mister Sonic?” A small voice muttered, followed by another much deeper tone.

“Sonic? Is he here to get Miles?”

“It’s Tails…”

“I’m sure? He might also want dinner!”

“What!? Hold on..” A booming voice didn’t sound so happy someone was going to nab more of the leftover cobbler, he went over near the entrance of the kitchen and leaned on the side of the wall, Vector. “You didn’t answer a certain question when you were with my bud, you wouldn’t mind telling me right?” He said with a smirk.

“What question?”

“Do ya like like Espio? Is’ okay, I won’t tell anyone.”

“I feel like I shouldn’t tell you..”

“Cmon! Cmonnn…!” Vector put his knuckle to Sonic’s arm to lightly shoved him like he would any friend. “You’re going to get busted anyway and it’s always best to get out your feelings, no matter the situation. It's a good listener, nothing will slip out of my jaw.”

“No telling?”

“No tellin’, between you and me!”

“..What if I said I did?”

“Then I’d know.”

“Reassuring…” Vanilla was seen behind Vector, giving a subtle shake to the head. Thank goodness she was here to at least get Vector to back off, seconds count. “Vector, Sonic has just gotten here and you’re already trying to get him to spill something. Let his shoulders relax, he’s got other things on his mind, plus, Charmy is trying to steal your sweet potatoes again-“

“Dang kid, don’t make me go over there!” Vector teasingly bellowed to only hear Charmy dramatically scream in the background, Sonic tried to keep himself from laughing. “Yeah, sorry about that Sonic.”

“About what? Charmy screaming or your questions?”

“I guess both, Tails is over with Espio. Good luck to ya!” Vector shoved Sonic in the room, which got three faces to turn up and look at him. Both Espio and Tails seemed calm while Charmy was laughing at Vector before he turned to Sonic and clasped his hands on the table like an attorney.

“You again!” He sputtered, getting a piece of celery out of his teeth. “I thought Vector said you could do things on your own… perhaps he lied!” This child was teasing him, he went to sit down, preferably next to Espio who didn’t really look up from his food.

“Sonic, have you tried Vanilla’s cooking? It amazing, here!” Tails changed the topic and handed a sample over to his friend. He didn’t seem mad, and in fact rather happy and delighted. “I could almost say I’m glad you ditched me, I haven’t seen Cream in a while.”
“I’m sorry about that, I forgot the more important things.”

“Perfectly fine!” Tails tucked in after giving a sample, it indeed was delicious. His gaze suddenly went to Espio for not saying anything, he was looking down, half-lidded, tucked into his food. He was usually so attentive, but he seemed hungry and tired. He poked his shoulder.
“Hey, earth to Espio, do you copy?”

“Roger that. Do you need something?..”

“You look tired, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I guess I am..” Espio put his fork down after he was done scraping his plate and looked up, his topaz eyes staring at him suddenly curiously. “After this, I shall rest for the night, I always head to bed at eight. Yeah, it’s a little early but it’s at least nine and my mind is ready to head off.”
“Yeah, that’s early..” Sonic thought for only a couple seconds, his mind going quickly again and the kids seemed to be giggling at the other side of the table. “You seem exhausted, do you want me to carry you to bed?”

“Mcscuse me??” Charmy heard what Sonic asked, taking his drink away from his lips. “You want to do what now?” It wasn’t like Espio thought it was weird for Charmy to question absolutely everything.

“You heard me,-“ Espio looked at him with a confused face before Sonic scooped him up in his arms, getting a funny look from the chameleon, and Tails and Charmy. “allow me.”

Chapter Text

Sonic didn't mind the crazy looks he got as he carried Espio to his room, even Espio didn't question much about Sonic's choices to do so. He sat there quietly, the rocking didn't help at all with how tired he felt. Sonic placed him down in bed but he didn't seem to leave. “Why did you want to carry me? I don't understand.” Espio finally decided to question his motives, he didn't seem uncomfortable but he was curious.

Sonic sat on the other side of the bed, stretching and kicking his shoes off, what was he doing? “It's not much fun to walk around tired, so why not? Plus, we didn't get to a question you asked me, sorry about dashing off like that.”

“That's okay, you know I was going to ask again.” Espio got himself into the covers, his room a little untidy but that was because he tried to find the coats in the back closet, it also did seem like Sonic was trying to get his confidence back.

“Uhm, how do I explain this without sounding like a total weirdo.. I-”

“You like me, don't you?”

“Whoa hey! Let me finish! Jeez!” Sonic gave a smile and put his hands above his chest. “I know I can be a plate of glass but I'd like to tell you why!”

“So that's a yes…”

“Y-Yup!” Confronting straight up gave him a drop to his stomach, he was going too fast with how he was pacing things, two days! “Well, sorta..”


“I looked into more on who you are as a person, I want to hang out more! Ehh.. Do stuff!!”

“Very meaningful.. It's too early for this, Sonic.” Espio gave a smile and shook his head. “It is true you can rush everything, even your feelings.. maybe that explains why you can't get a date perhaps?~”

Sonic never expected a joke like that out of Espio, maybe it was because he was tired, but his eyes widened and his face flushed. “Hey! That was uncalled for!!” Espio’s smile widened before he started to laugh at him, but it was so genuine, the chameleon covered his face to keep himself from laughing anymore at Sonic’s funny face. “Don’t laugh at me you’re crazy!”

“Sometimes you just can’t help it, my apologies…” Espio rolled over to face away from Sonic, trying to rest as he closed his eyes, he never did tell Sonic to leave, he just let him be. Sonic didn’t know what to do, seeing Espio resting so peacefully, though he could tell with his breathing he wasn’t sleeping yet. He rolled over next to him and poked his shoulder.

“Psst, you alive?”

“Sort of..”

“Are you waiting?”

“For what?”

Sonic was back to his playful self, poking Espio in the shoulder. “For me to leave?”

“No, you’re just fine…”

“You’re trying to sleep though.”

“Perhaps so, you can still hang out and Vector could take you and Tails home…”

“I guess you’re right, Tails would trust him more at this point.”

“He still trusts you, it’s Vector and myself that doesn’t.”

“Ah, okay.” There was silence, Sonic spoke again. “Do you uh, have any plans this weekend?”

“Of course not, there hasn’t been a detective case in weeks… On that note, there is some stuff I need to with Charmy this weekend, I might need some help on that…”


“School conferences, I can’t go alone and Vector is going to be out for the weekend, perhaps you could help me…”

“I could try! I don’t look like a parent yet, need the tiredness and the need to be stern..”

A small hum came from Espio as he readjusted. “I can’t give good tips…”

“That’s alright, I’ll figure it out.” Sonic took a second to think, seconds turned to minutes. “Could I look on the books on your shelf?. ...Espio?” Espio had fallen asleep a couple minutes ago, it was hard to tell, he didn’t make a sound. Sonic went to cover him up a little more then got up slowly to look at the books on the shelf.
His fingers skimmed through the titles, some were Japanese, some were about calligraphy, some history, comic books, and even some older astrology books that were as thick as the width of his hand, it was clear Espio loved to mix things up. Sonic decided to pick up one of the history books to take a look at, going back to the bed and settling down. He should’ve known the atmosphere was warm, only the sounds of the breeze out the window, the children a couple rooms down, and the gentle breaths and shifting from Espio beside him were clearly audible. Too warm in fact, the hedgehog kept slumping down in the bed, he wasn’t going to fight the urge so he put the book on his chest and drifted off…


The floor of the hall felt odd, the carpet aligning the walls blurred in so it felt like he was walking in an older version of a video game he knew, he didn’t know why he kept going when this hall felt empty, red carpet, beige paint with fine print on the walls, a wave going back and forth as he walked faster. His hearing came back, sounds of dining and clinking of glasses were heard more and more clearly as the hallway stopped to a door, stiff and made of oak.
He opened the door to see a rather fancy dining place, burgundy carpets, covered glossed wood and marble tables and the finest of silverware. A man in a tux stopped him from going any further. “Name?”


“Real name, sir.”

“That is my real name!”

“We all know it isn’t.”

This dude was so persistent, he wasn’t moving from his spot straight in front of him. Sonic sighed mentally. “Ogilvie.”

“Oh, table forty two on your right, sir.” He lead him the way over, suddenly giving him a smile. “Looks like your date isn’t here yet, I can get you some wine, maybe a couple candles lit for you?”

“Ooh, candles sound nice.” A date? Sonic wanted to make it special for him, the lights grew dimmer as the candles get lit, wine soon settled on the table. He had to be much older if he could have that, which he was in his dream.
Minutes went by, no sign of his date, maybe they were being fashionably late, which turned out to be the case. There his date was, in the doorframe asking the same suited man where he sat, it was Espio yet again, his dreams kept escalating… The chameleon wore a white clean tux with a black tie, small gems outlined the stitches of the nice fabric, black tap shoes with white lacing, Sonic had to admit that Espio fit the white clothes all too well. He soon saw the suited man bring over Espio to the table with another wine glass in hand, grabbing the wine bottle and pouring the drink into his glass. Espio looked much older than what he saw, three horns on his head now, his eyes look more tired. He took the glass in front of him and took a sip.

“I can’t believe you decided to get a spot for us in the fanciest restaurant in town, after that paycheck you got from the movie acting you’re practically wasting it all on me..” Espio seemed so happy with him, enjoying the night alone with a nice dinner and a glass of wine, Sonic feels like he has to take a sip too… grape juice? Vector told him that wine was more tart, why did it taste so sweet? Oh well, his mind tried. From the fact it tased like a warm juice box on a summer day he decided to have more than just a sip like Espio did, getting a wide eyed expression from him. “Even after you decide to take me out you still act like the world isn’t going to stop you, funny.” Sonic couldn’t tell if Espio was mad or amused, but he went with Sonic, those two had a low tolerance level from trying out new things, it seemed like.

His mind didn’t know what being drunk was like, and again it tried, remembering school classes of how you feel and what to look after if you intake too much, he felt his body swaying just the tiniest bit.. “I’m just looking to impress, it’s what I’m known for right?~”

“You’re doing well, don’t drink too much, dinner is on it’s way.” They didn’t even order… what? This dream was getting clunky or that his dream self didn’t remember ordering anything. But Espio wasn’t wrong, there were two dishes with their table number on the side of the plate, two plates of something, it was getting harder to look.
It came into view, he felt stumped, why did he smell the familiar smell of that pizza place downtown, made for kids??? Sonic never knew was a romantic date looked like and his mind went other places. But his dream drunk self didn’t bother to complain as he ate, his date looking at his face and trying not to laugh at him. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but that’s not how you hold Cacciatore…” That fancy hunter’s dish started to burn his mouth.

“Ack agh.. why did I order that?” He smiled and shook his head, only if it wasn’t so spicy he would enjoy the dreamy taste.

“I have no idea…” Espio sipped more of his wine, looking like he already finished what he ate, that was quick. His cheeks were flushed and that was only one glass, he pushed it away. “I’ll wait for you to finish now..”

“Ahh okay, uh.. I didn’t want it spicy…” Sonic complained while Espio shook his head as more wine was poured into his glass, he drank it quickly. “Hey, you told me not to have too much, look at you!”

“I thought you were driving us home!” ..Dammit, no wonder, now they’re stuck there. “I guess not, oh well, there’s always a taxi..”

Speaking of taxis, time seemed to zoom forward where the two were in a taxi to get home, they must’ve been hours late. Espio was leaning against him, picking with his fingers sloppily. Sonic was leaning against him back, staring at the taxi’s ceiling. He felt the urge to go hold onto one of his hands, which he did slowly. Espio looked to him with a smile. “I had lots of fun tonight with you… I really did, like.. I haven’t had time to hang out with you because of jobs and everything…” His speech was soft, but slurred, his cheek pressed against his. “I love you, I really do… you make my heart so happy… when.. no.. why did you take me out to this place?...”

“Because I.. wanted to spend time with you, just us alone.” Sonic didn’t have as much as Espio, or his mind still didn’t grasp that fact. He wasn’t hesitant at all, going to give a couple of kisses on the cheek and neck, his head was slowly tilting down with every kiss he did, giggling came from the chameleon. This was a taxi, not any farther, he perked back up to snuggle with him instead.
He looked out the taxi window for a couple minutes until he heard snoring from Espio, the alcohol relaxed his throat enough to get the rather silent ninja to loosen up enough to do so, the chameleon felt safe in his arms. Sonic felt like the dazed atmosphere put him to sleep too, having a hand in his jacket before he slept along with his boyfriend, he felt a ring case in his pocket…


Chapter Text

“Hey! Hey! E.T phone home over here!” A squeaky young voice got him to jump awake, Charmy, Cream, and Tails were all trying to get the two awake, the sudden smell of sugary treats creeped through the room. Espio got up first to see what was going on, it seemed urgent if all of them looked to him for help, and possibly Sonic who didn’t bother to note that he crashed in the same bed as him. “Bruh, soo… I found some magazines on the coffee table in the living room to read for my twenty minutes of reading for school and I don’t know what that word means and Vector says he’s too busy with Vanilla and said to ask you. I told him that you were trying to go to bed but he don’t care-“

“Thog don’t care.” Tails giggled.

“Yeah, his name is Thog since he can’t tell me about this one word!”

“Let me see…”

“Right there!” Charmy pointed, that one word was all, there was a clear hidden debate on this one word it seemed. “I told Tails it meant a fancy way of saying a descent!”

“Charmy, it’s a word for fairy tale books!” Cream shook her head. Sonic went to look at the word, he hasn’t seen that one in any of the books he read, it was best to hand it in to Espio, he did with a shrug.

Espio thought it was some sort of long word, but judging from the picture next to it he sighed without hope, dysentery. He looked up at the three with an unpleasant face. “I’m just going to let you guys figure out, look at the other words.” So Charmy did, and he burst into laughter as he dragged the other two with him to explain it.
“Kids, I swear..”

“It was one of those words wasn’t it?”

“You bet.” Espio didn’t waste any time getting back to bed again, well he tried to that is. He remembered when he woke up Sonic was also asleep on his bed holding one of his books, no wonder why the bed felt warm even though Sonic wasn’t in the covers. He got up again to look at the hedgehog who went back to the book on his lap, he looked for the longest time as his mind contemplated on what to think. The idea of how he liked him and how he figured out so easily, it wasn’t like he was going to not bug him about it or anything, but how he’s going to view him would. “Sonic, I’m only asking but are you joking about this whole thing?”

“About liking you? Nah, that’s a horrible thing to joke about if I’m being honest, playing with someone’s feelings isn’t something I’m sure we both recommend or even think about.. aha.. That dumb game was really targeting sometimes, maybe that’s why it’s called Cupid’s Gamble? Because it either brings the two people together or it really doesn’t..?”

“Who even dared you to do such a thing? I’m surprised the Chaotix logo hoodie would’ve gave me away, we don’t sell our merch and that hoodie was Vector’s as you know…”

“I don’t think I saw it, and Knuckles dared me to do it, I didn’t pick out the person.”

“Ah, that makes sense. Knuckles likes to prey on the meeker types of people.”

Sonic gave it a good thought, it was Knuckles that chose the person he would get the rings for, maybe he knew? Perhaps from the angle Knuckles could see it was Espio, he would do something like that. The reaction he had from it also added up, Sonic went to take a moment to think about it before he turned to Espio. “Maybe he did this on purpose?”
Espio looked at him, he wasn’t wrong, he wasn’t right either, maybe…

“I have no words, possibly, but let’s not think about it too much..” Espio settled more down in the bed, suddenly asking the question. “You do know you crashed in my bed, right?”

“Yeah, sorry about that.. I was a little comfy that's all..”

“If you're tired you can go ho-”

“No!.. hah..” Sonic put his hands up as he slumped down with a smirk. “What time is it anyways? Nine' thirty? I think since Tails seems to be having so much fun with Charmy we could sleepover here huh? Eh??”

“First off, its eight' forty-five, we've been asleep for at least fifteen minutes, and secondly, not here. You know we only have so much supplies and entertainment here.”

Sonic thought, Espio was right, but he wanted to spend time with him. He wanted to keep Tails occupied, and he wanted Charmy occupied too. That smirk didn't fade though for he thought of the next decision; “Well, maybe not here, how about my place?”

“Oh really, why so persistent? I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago, I'm tired.. Oh wait, I know why..” Espio closed his eyes and sighed. “You can get Tails to have a sleepover with Cream and Charmy at Vanilla's place, you can't leave Tails home while you stay in my bed desperately.”
Sonic gave a huff at that last part, but he did was he was recommended. Convincing was way too easy for Cream and Charmy, Vector said it was alright for them but the croc figured he could get Espio to kick Sonic out. The hedgehog raced back confidently as he plopped back in the bed and even getting himself in the covers.

“Maybe I am that desperate~” He chuckled at the amused expression of the person next to him who was holding the book he was reading. “Now, what are we gonna do huh?”

“I told you, I had to go to bed..” Espio shook his head, Sonic went to turn off the lights for Espio to sleep better. Sonic was going too fast for Espio to count that is, already admitting he did in fact like him but now he decides to get into the same bed as him for a night, but it was not like he was going to complain, maybe he secretly liked it… the chameleon didn't seem to notice how close he was before he went to sleep.


Clattering shoes, heavy wooden floors clacked, the sounds of foreign language and songs were sprout among the room's particles, perhaps the air of the sound was rustling and making the whole dark brown room vibrate with bass and movement. Where was he? Some sort of strange club he remembered Vector used to work with, he couldn't find his best friend and felt stuck in the crowded jumpy place while he looked for an open spot.
The open spot was in a corner, better than being constantly shoved or squashed he thought, he made his way over and ended up slamming his back spikes into the wall, making a clack noise to the person next to him, they didn't flinch. Instead they turned to him.

“Something tells me you don't know about the room, or this place in general. Perhaps you're claustrophobic?” That stranger was so targeting, well it wasn't a stranger when he got a better look at him, red quills, tart attitude, Knuckles. “Fine, don't answer-”

“God, give me some time to answer than maybe I'll give you one.” Espio felt snappy with his response, his muzzle a little wrinkled with stress of his certain situation. He was only spooked, which is what Knuckles could see possibly.

“Touché.” Knuckles took a drink of whatever was in his glass, looked to be something fancy for how the dark red color swirled in his glass. This whole atmosphere were dark warm colors, it was strangely luring Espio. “Why are you in a club when you can't handle the people? The club is about the people, amigo.”

“I don't know myself, ''amigo `` .'' Espio mocked him, but he didn't talk back like the hot headed person he was, instead he seemed rather calm. He looked to his suit, dark brown really fit the echidna, black buttons and shoes, wearing a hat that looked similar to his cowboy hat.

“I swear I saw you at the door for something or someone, got someone to show you around?”

“I don't remember..”

“You're either high on something or you have dementia. I'm sure it's dementia because you seem to be acting normal, or you're just on cloud nine. Which one is it?”

“I'll take cloud nine thank you very much.”

Knuckles pointed to the top left part of the large place. “Exit is on your left if you ever need, don't pull the fire alarm.” Why would he say that? He didn't know. But he walked off, finding more people he knew, it left Espio stuck. Perhaps he should find others he knew, and off he went.

Almost fifteen minutes to where he found the bar, and a recognizable bat. Rouge preferred tuxes in this dream, not bad. She looked to him and gave a smile. “Hey, hun~ you here for something? I remember you and your friend split off when he went to get something..”

“Have you seen him?”

“Nope, bummer.” Rouge suddenly leant in, putting a finger on his chin. “You can hang out with me though, it's not like I brought anyone with me tonight anyways..~”

“Thanks for the offer but-”

Rouge kept getting closer, her chest touching his, he didn’t feel anything, but didn’t bother to show, and he instead took it like he needed to be blank for her to scoot off, she seemed interested… “Please.., I insist, one night wouldn't hurt..~ What's with the stern face? Pushing your buttons..?”
No reactions, Rouge felt confused, she was eye candy but Espio looked away mentally done. Espio was never too keen on thinking women were his type, were they? She decided to try getting closer, so confidently she poked his arm, his expression loosening. “See? It ain’t bad, how do you like your drinks?”

“I know the way I like it, I'd like you off of me.” Espio shook his head as Rouge got off and sat back in her chair and pouted.

“You're no fun, just because we're alone together and you’re waiting for someone doesn't mean we can't have fun..”

“I'm here for someone only.”

“That someone is me!” Sonic jumped in comically late, a goofy smile on his face and got a pouty face in return. “Aha.. I'm late! Yep!.. Sorry-”

“Entrance needs work, what are we here for?”

“We're here to find Vector remember?? Just walking around, I was going to ask you if you wanted to dance with me-”

“But- we’re trying to find Vector..”

“I’m pretty sure he can wait, cmon..” Sonic was still daring like he always was, but he was touchy, letting his arms wrap around Espio from behind, his hands slowly went down to his waist. Those touches felt so real, his body huddled closer to give him warmth from the chilly room. “I've been practicing and everything!”

Espio's breath hitched, he thought he didn't feel the same way about Sonic, but he acted different.. it was like his dreams were telling him something. It felt a little ticklish as Sonic giggled at him. “Oh what? You don't know how to dance?”
There was a moment where Sonic rested more on him to grab one of his hands, leading him out of his seat and onto the floor. The chameleon didn't say anything, everything went to a warm atmosphere with someone to lead him. Sonic's tap shoes clacked on the floor, they looked new. “Eyes on me, I'll lead, Espio.”
The first step got him to stumble, both of them laughed, Espio was so nervous his anxiety turned his stumbles into quiet laughter. Sonic could tell he was nervous, his hands went to his waist. “Hey, don't think about it too much! When I lean against you, you take a step back with your right foot and then follow with your left! I promise it will be okay.”

Sonic was so patient with him… his heart fluttered, why was he feeling this way? This was all him, no dream forcing, it didn't even feel like a dream. Sound was fading as he eventually nodded with the flush on his face, it wasn't like Sonic minded. Sonic whispered a warning he was going to step forward, he could feel their chests touching slowly, he stepped back like how he was told. There was a pause before he started to laugh at himself again as they eventually went faster, two dorks trying to dance was funny but it really seemed like Sonic practiced well.. “Hey, you're better than I thought.. kinda sucked in huh?”

“Eh-?” How was he supposed to focus if he kept staring at the hedgehog, boy his face was hot too, he vigorously shook his head. “My apologies.. I-”

A hand crept up to his cheek, lightly brushing the red surface with their thumb. “Oh hush, relax once in a while, you're having fun! I was just going to say that you look cute when you're embarrassed..” What a tease he was, he smiled awkwardly as he wasn't sure what to do, but he felt himself gravitating to him again. This feeling was overwhelming as he tried to find a solution, this hedgehog of all people? A hand went to hold the back of his head crest, he couldn't help but went to lean his head on their shoulder, it covered his beet red face. “Can't even handle compliments huh? Weirdo.”

“I'm not a w-” Espio really tried to nag on him too from how overheated he felt until their lips to hold his gently, that spooked him until the warm feeling decided to take over him, he didn't know what he was doing but it encouraged them to keep going, right there! Sonic's ear kept twitching during the kiss until he pulled away unexpectedly, he looked to the bright light under the door.

Vector, the crocodile bursted out of the door and went to head to the exit with charred smoke all over his nice outfit, they didn't have enough time to react until the whole place exploded and caught up in flames. That was why they needed to find Vector, but got off task.


Espio's dreams were always tense, but never that tense, he jolted awake. He flashed a pure white shade before he got back to normal quickly and landed right in bed with a sigh. “Bad dream huh?” There was Sonic, scooting closer to huddle next to his rather startled friend beside him, he was strangely a shade of red. “Don't worry, nothing is going to come out and spook ya..”
It was midnight by now, Sonic tried to go to bed before the breaths of his shuddered friend got his attention, he looked tired as he continued to huddle closer from the warmth. They were actually touching from the drowsy hero's sleepy mistake, he went to cradle him, the soft sounds of purring went to blend in with the breeze in the room, and Espio didn’t say anything until he went to adjust his position, his cheek laying again the hedgehog’s chest.

He didn’t know what to do, his face was rather red from trying to take the affection. The purring could be sensed when he listened on his chest. “Why do you do this to me, Sonic? This is so early..”

“You’re also making a move, have you ever considered your own actions?” That question kept him silent, he never stopped the hedgehog from doing anything of the sorts, carrying him, staying in the same bed as him, cuddling with him… Sonic went to wrap his arms around him, snuggling in. “I never thought you were a huggy type of person, it isn’t like you..”

Espio waited to say anything back, but he wrapped his arms around Sonic too, it got the hedgehog to hitch his breath but soon leant in to huddle him and keep warm. “Well, I’m usually not, but you’re trying to help.. thank you…”

‘I’m sure you never meant it…’ it’s circling again...