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Will stepped out of the coffee shop as he tried to untangle his headphones. He was juggling his hot coffee whilst trying to get the buds back in his ears, as he turned out on the street.

He didn’t see the man in front of him until they had collided and Will’s coffee went everywhere. The man was dressed in a three piece suit and looked like damn aristocracy - his hair neatly combed back and that kind of air about him. The sort that Will totally avoided, not just because they were often totally pompous assholes, but also because there was something about that that made his dick perk up. And he wasn’t about to encourage it.

“Shit!” Will jumped immediately back, just avoiding another patron leaving the shop.

“You’re very clumsy,” The man in front of him pulled his pocket square from his jacket and began to pat down the coffee. Will was just glad that the man was wearing so many layers, because he’d likely have been burned otherwise. “It’s rude to not pay attention.”

Will had been about to apologise until the man added that. Which, whilst he could see his point, felt a little bit too far and put Will on the defensive.

“It was an accident.” Will frowned.

The man stopped patting at his suit jacket and looked at Will, one eyebrow ever so slightly raised.

“And now I accidentally have a new dry cleaning bill.”

They both assessed each other in silence, not quite glaring but neither happy in the least. Will was even less so when, after a minute, the man looked him up and down and then smiled, a smile that was almost not there at all.

“And what’s to be done about that?” The man asked in a dropped tone that Will wanted to call seductive, but also wanted to completely shut that thought down.

He had to be about ten years older than Will, who was loath to admit that this man was almost his type. The domineering look and tone, yes. Clothes and snobbish attitude, not so much - or so he tried to fool himself. Didn’t stop his traitorous dick giving a little twitch of interest.

Will swallowed and could barely stop himself from shivering, trying to ignore that under other circumstances that might have really turned him on. If anything, the realisation made him feel even more annoyed.

“I’ll pay for your dry cleaning,” Will tried not to huff as he said it. Not least because had this conversation gone differently he would have been offering without prompting and apologising profusely. But there was something about this man that had instantly raised his hackles.

The man quirked a brow again, clearly amused, and pulled a card from his inside pocket. He handed it to Will between two fingers, not letting it go immediately as he held Will’s eye contact.

“Call my office and they will arrange for you to come by so we can resolve this,” The man told him, letting Will take the card to look it over.

Doctor Hannibal Lecter - Psychotherapist

Will glanced back up and realised the man had stepped slightly closer to him. Certainly closer than necessary.

“I’m sure I can fit you into my schedule, Cukraus,” Lecter practically purred before he turned and continued down the street.

Will let out a shuddering breath, watching him go and cursing himself for having started to get a little hard.


Will got back to his apartment and threw his satchel onto the sofa.

“Hey!” Bev sat up and glared at him, rubbing her head where the bag had hit her.

“This wouldn’t happen if you’d nap in your room!” Will told his flatmate.

“It’s too bright in there,” she complained and then stretched. She was interning at a morgue whilst also studying Forensics, so coming home to find her napping at odd times was nothing new. "How was class?" She asked, and yawned.

"It was okay," Will answered, buzzing to tell her about what happened on the way home, at the same time as her being exactly the last person he should tell about it. Which she must have sensed because she quirked a brow.

"Ok, spill. Something's going on. Molly been flirting with you again?"

"What? No! I… I ran into this guy on the way home. Like, literally ran into him. Spilled my coffee all over him and now I have his card so I can, I don't know, sort out dry cleaning. Make it up to him?"

"Holy fuck, Will Graham, are you going to go give some guy an apology blow job?"

“Bev! Fuck, no,” Will responded with annoyance but knew she picked up on the hesitation that crept in at the end.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t been with other guys before, and it wasn’t as if this guy wasn’t too damn handsome for Will’s comfort. He had to admit that. Especially the way he’d told Will to ‘come by’. For a hot second he’d expected him just to end with ‘come’ and Will wasn’t sure how he’d have reacted to that.

Because despite the fact that he was sure he’d seen at least three pornos that started exactly like this, Will wasn’t about to overlook what a pretentious asshole the guy appeared to be, no matter how gorgeous he was, with those prominent cheekbones and pomp clearly hiding rugged good looks.

Bev gave him a knowing grin and pulled herself off of the couch.

“Well, I guess I’ll go grab a shower and leave you to make your… um… arrangements.” She gave him a wink and he rolled his eyes.

Even so, once she’d showered and left for work, Will found himself playing the card over in his fingers. The likelihood of running into the man again was so slim, he could easily just ignore the whole thing. Wasn’t like he had Will’s details to track him down with the bill. A bill which, truthfully, he could no way afford anyway. He barely had enough to cover his share of the rent each month.

Besides which how much could dry cleaning possibly cost? This Lecter guy was obviously loaded, it was clearly the principle of the thing rather than a financial issue. And whilst Will took the point, it had been a damn accident!

Will pulled out his phone and dialled the number on the card, looking over at the clock on the wall as he did so. It was almost eight in the evening, so he was sure to get voicemail, which would be perfect.

Sure enough, after three rings a message kicked in to advise him he’d reached the office of Doctor Hannibal Lecter, then some spiel about appointments and cancellations. Finally the tone sounded and Will cleared his throat.

“Hi, yeah, this is Will Graham. We met today Doctor Lecter when you ended up wearing my coffee. I want to apologise again for the accident. I think we’re both adult enough to leave it at that, this needn’t go-”

Will was cut off by the phone being picked up, Lecter’s voice instantly sending chills down his spine as the man practically purred his words.

“Good evening Mr Graham, thank you for calling. Fortuitously, you’ve just caught me after my last patient. Now, I really must insist that we settle all this reasonably and it would only be fair for you to pay for the dry cleaning.”

“I…” Will swallowed, his bravado melting away somewhat. Lecter’s tone was matter of fact but there was something else there, a threat of disappointment, which struck Will deep. He’d spent much of his childhood disappointing people one way or another, and it was something he hated hanging over him. It always set him on edge. It was like Lecter had immediately zeroed in on his weakness.

“Is there a problem, Mr Graham?” Lecter’s tone made Will shiver, not entirely unpleasantly.

“I… don’t have the money,” Will blurted, before following up rather gruffly with, “Surely you can afford it yourself. You don’t need me to-”

“I’m sure we could come to some other arrangement,” Lecter suggested and Will was sure he could hear the amusement there. He was being baited and made fun of.

“Look, I’m not going to continue with this. I don’t want to play this little game or whatever this is. In fact, you know what? I’m done.” Will hung up the phone and let out a harsh breath, trying to ignore how much of his reaction was down to the buttons this man was pressing.

He threw his phone down onto the sofa and stood up, shaking his limbs out. He was so pent up he ended up getting into sweats and going for a run. Still wound up when he returned, still energy to burn, he jerked off in the shower, Lecter’s purred tone echoing in his mind.


Will woke feeling achy, every muscle speaking of how tense he’d been, even in his sleep.

Didn't much help that his morning wood was almost painful. He stretched, trying to loosen up, but it only resulted in his stiff dick rubbing against his blankets. He let out a groan, part arousal part annoyance, and flung his blankets back, before fishing his cock out of his boxers and stroking. He started slow, but it was clear that wouldn’t be enough, nowhere near. He planted his feet and began to pump himself hard, imagining his fist was more than that, a tight wet, heat. Some nameless, faceless entity, some hole. He didn't much care which, he just wanted to come.

He thought for a moment of Molly, of Clarice, pushing them aside he briefly had a flash of Matt and shook his head. He wasn't going to come over that asshole. And then his mind supplied a new image. A smirk across a handsome older face, prominent cheekbones and incredibly kissable lips. Will moaned, stroking faster as he imagined what such a put together man would look like coming apart on his cock.

Will came so hard he felt dizzy, spurting all over his hand and up his body, stroking through the shuddering aftershocks until he was trembling and trying to catch his breath.

"Fuck," He muttered into the empty room.

Will tried not to think about what had just happened as he showered and fixed himself a coffee, taking it back to his room in just his towel. He was so glad that Bev would have already left for her classes, He really didn't want to have to explain how flustered he knew he looked. She could read this shit about him. She knew within an instant what had happened that night he'd come home from Clarice's party after having eaten Molly out in her sorority room.

He gulped his coffee and picked up his phone to check the time. That was when he saw the message.

A text from an unknown number.

~Mr Graham, this is Doctor Lecter, please be promptly at my office at 7pm this evening. The address is on my business card, but here it is again should you have misplaced that.~

It was followed by the office address and Will could feel the man's damn smirk. He cursed himself that he’d called yesterday from his cell phone and now the damn man had it. And was texting him goddam orders!

He groaned in annoyance, scrubbed a hand over his face, huffed out a breath, but never once considered not going.


It was 6.59pm.

Will took a deep breath as he looked down at the address on his phone once more and then up at the intimidating building in front of him. The air shuddered out of his lungs and he started up the steps, wondering with each step what the damn hell he was doing. And yet his feet carried him forward and he pressed the bell for the Doctor's office before even considering it.

Will prepared himself for the Doctor's frustratingly hypnotic voice on the intercom, but it never came. Instead the door just buzzed and he heard the lock click, so he pushed it open.

Inside the place was lavish but laconic. Very few furnishings but those there were clearly expensive. The people that had offices in this building no doubt were pretty well off. Will walked through the foyer and followed the sign for Doctor Lecter's office, finding an empty reception area.

Will stood there for a moment, wondering if he should knock or whether there was some kind of protocol to being beckoned to someone’s office like this. He was about ready to turn and leave when the office door opened and Hannibal Lecter appeared in the doorway looking down at his watch.

“Prompt,” He commented, a smirk barely there on his lips. “You could have knocked.”

“Secretary gone home?” Will asked, looking at the vacant space where someone should be present, and noticeably was not. It set his pulse racing and knew it should be apprehension, but it wasn’t.

Lecter just smirked and held the door open and Will, for no reason that he could fathom, walked through it into the large and lavish office.

"Please, take a seat Mr Graham," Lecter invited, gesturing towards one of the two chairs facing each other.

"Why do I have the feeling you're about to ask me how I feel about my mother?" Will replied, not sitting, in fact moving to the man’s desk and leaning against it. Lecter’s lips pursed for a moment.

"How do you feel about your mother?" Lecter asked, quirking a curious brow at him.

"Really?" Will cocked his head and gave an incredulous look.

"You brought it up. In my experience raising such issues is the first step in allowing oneself to discuss them."

Will scoffed, “I knew I should have run a mile when I saw you were a shrink.”

A slight grin grew across Lecter’s lips and Will could tell he was truly amused, “I’m sorry Will, observing is what I do.”

Will flinched at Lecter using his name so casually, purring it almost.

“Don’t psychoanalyse me,” Will growled and Lecter tilted his head to study him then.

“Let’s get to business then shall we?” Lecter responded as he moved behind his desk, clearly and entirely amused by Will.

He turned to watch the man, folding his arms over his chest before realising he had done so and sure that the doctor would read some sort of defensiveness in the gesture. Was he defensive? More so irritated, he decided.

Lecter pulled out a dry cleaning slip and slid it across the desk towards Will, looking up at him, “Here we are.”

Will looked down but didn’t touch the slip, not wanting to show any admission of fault.

“Look, I don’t even know why I came here. Like I said, we both know it was an accident. You’re not really teaching any kind of lesson here other than ‘be less clumsy’, which believe me I tell myself enough-” Will kept his tone level but sharp.

“You can’t afford it.” Lecter interjected.

Will’s jaw tightened and he could feel his face heat, “I already told you that. Is this where you tell me I can pay you in some other way?” He spat the words with a sneer.

Lecter let out a low chuckle, “It hadn’t even crossed my mind, but… interesting that it had yours. Are you attracted to me Will?”

Will felt his face heat even more. So hot it was burning up to his ears and beneath his collar. Before he could even attempt to form words, Lecter continued -

“Have you ever been with a man before, Will?”

Will felt his dick twitch and knew that this was exactly the time he should leave, especially considering he shouldn’t have come at all. At the very least he should be irate, tell the man to fuck off. What right did he have to ask a stranger such personal questions?

“Yes…” The word came out breathless, despite not meaning to say it at all. He’d been with Matt for quite a few months before he realised he deserved to be treated better. And had messed around with a few guys before and after that, girls too. Molly had been his most recent fling, he’d gone down on her at a party but was kind of glad when she didn’t really seem interested after. Though for the last few weeks she’d been hounding him to have a threesome with her and her now girlfriend, Clarice. Apparently word was he was excellent with his tongue.

Lecter moved slowly around the desk, giving Will plenty of opportunity to move, but he didn’t.

“What if I’d invited you here to ask you out for dinner? Would you have still come?”

Will squirmed at the word come and found himself shrugging.

Lecter continued, “You strike me as someone with whom the direct approach is all too easily rebuffed.”

Will couldn’t help a slight twitch of his lips at the accurate reading. Lecter was completely correct that he would have rebuffed a stranger, and he probably still should.

“Is that what you want?” Will asked, voice like gravel, “Dinner?”

Lecter’s mouth curved up into the sort of grin he could imagine on a shark.

“To start, yes.”


“And for dessert?” Will asked, feeling his heart slamming in his chest and sweat prickling at the base of his spine. Was he really inviting this? Every good sense told him to leave and yet not only was he rooted to the spot, he couldn’t stop the stupid words from falling out of his mouth!

Lecter continued to smirk as he stepped around the desk until he was in front of Will.

Will’s chest was heaving and his dick was so hard he knew it was beyond concealment.

“I’d like to take care of you Will. It would please me,” Lecter rumbled the words, quiet enough to have to lean in slightly, “if you allowed me to treat you now and then.”

“In return for?” Will asked, leaning away from Lecter and cocking his brow. Now more than a little concerned about what he was getting himself into, despite arguably having invited it.

“Simply your company.” Hannibal replied, reaching up a hand and pushing some of Will’s hair back behind his ear.

Will let out a shuddering breath and uncrossed his arms, they dropped involuntarily, his hands finding Hannibal’s hips and holding the man there.

“You want to… date?” Will tried to focus despite the way Lecter was now toying with the hair at the nape of his neck. No thoughts of stopping his exploration.

“I would like to court you. I would like to spend time with you, spoil you, and in return enjoy your company.” Lecter growled.

Will shivered and swallowed.

“I’m not… you can’t just buy…”

“No,” Lecter shushed him, “I don’t want you to be my whore Will, I want you to…”

“You want to be my sugar daddy?” Will asked, incredulous but pretty sure that was what the hell the man was saying. The man whose hand now stroked the back of his neck in a way that had Will’s eyes rolling in pleasure.

“If you like,” came the droll reply with another smirk. “It’s as good a term as any.”

“I’m not in the market for one.” Will pulled himself back, away from Lecter’s reach. Shaking his head as though trying to right himself completely. “I… I think I should go.”

He practically bolted for the door before anything further could be said. Because as much as he wanted to protest, there was something very enticing about Doctor Hannibal Lecter, and his offer. And Will really had no intention of being someone’s kept boy.

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~Good morning, Mr Graham. I believe I may have been rather forward yesterday. I would apologize, but I know I will soon be apologizing again and you’ll tire of that eventually so I have to consider using apologies sparingly.~

Will blinked. He’d been awake all of a minute when he realised his phone was flashing and checked the messages. It had been sent around 6am, probably the start of the doctor’s day. And he had to admit that being the first thing on someone’s mind in the morning was strangely pleasant.

He also couldn’t deny that the message invoked exactly the response he was sure Lecter was going for - a gut reaction to respond that there would be no need for further apologies as he wouldn’t have the chance to be forward again, opening that door to communication as a result nonetheless.

“Hmm, manipulative, Doctor.” Will chided the man in his absence with a grumble, “Don’t need to be a psychotherapist to see right through you.”

Even so, Will played the phone over in his hands a moment whilst trying to decide what to do. Which was ridiculous, because what he should do was precisely nothing. He should just ignore the message and leave it at that. A confirmation that he indeed was not interested.


Will grit his teeth and typed back, trying not to overthink it all before he pressed send.

~Aren’t you a doctor? This isn’t very professional~

The response was almost immediate.

~I was hoping we could socialise like adults. God forbid we become friendly~

Will huffed at the response. He pulled back the covers and got out of bed, feeling the draw back to his phone and wanting to ignore it. Knowing that replying was exactly what the doctor wanted.

He pulled out his clothes for the day and got ready to head to the shower before it all became too much and he grabbed his phone.

~I don’t find you that interesting.~

Will felt a little smug as he went about his morning routine, sure that reply would put an end to this ridiculousness. With no immediate reply, it felt like a victory.

Three hours later he received a reply that made him shudder in a way he wasn’t quite prepared for -

~You will~


For over a week Will’s day started with a message from Hannibal Lecter.

After three days it had become impossible to pretend it was an annoyance. The messages were not as forward as that first morning, in fact it felt like the doctor was actually trying to get to know him. Which maybe should have been flattering? At least it didn’t feel creepy. It felt like genuine interest. Genuine questions to which Will often responded, increasingly unguarded.

After all, he had no plans to see this practical stranger again so what was the harm?

~Good Morning Will~

~Doctor Lecter. Such a surprise to hear from you~

Will responded to the ninth morning in a row waking to a message from Lecter.

~I do like to keep you on your toes~

Will let out a breath, not sure how the man made even that sound like a proposition. Perhaps he was projecting at this point? He couldn’t deny that the attention was flattering, couldn’t pretend that he really did enjoy it.

After a few minutes of consideration, Will was still trying to decide what to type back and what tack to take, when his phone beeped again.

~Perhaps I will see you today?~

Will’s heart beat heavily for a moment, as it did every time Lecter suggested meeting, whether a hint or directly. He huffed a breath before replying.

~Not likely, unless you happen to be enrolled in some of my classes~

Will wasn’t even sure if he meant it as a brush off or a tease, but felt like he could argue it either way if asked.

~I graduated quite some time ago~

Came the droll response.

~Yes, very many years ago I believe~

Will couldn’t help his grin as he replied, finding himself anticipating the response.

~I will allow that I am perhaps more experienced, wiser. Old enough to know what I want and to go for it~

~Are you about to recommend your favourite denture cream?~

~Very rude Mr Graham~

~You know you like it~

Will replied without thinking and knew the doctor must be grinning at the other end.

~You might just be right~


By the time a month had passed since their meeting, Will found himself looking forward to waking to Lecter’s messages. A little flutter of anticipation in his stomach as he grabbed for his phone and silenced the alarm, seeing the little envelope symbol waiting for him.

They seemed to have, somehow, in the range of near teasing and somewhat flirtatious messages, started to get to know each other.

Will knew the man was from Lithuania and had recently started his own psychiatry practice after having been an ER surgeon. And, despite usually being guarded and keeping information close to his chest, Will found himself revealing snippets of his childhood in Louisiana with his single parent father, his studies, a little about having had a shit boyfriend a year before. Each time Hannibal managed to pull these things almost effortlessly from him, Will felt weird. Not a bad weird like he often did when he shared too much and wished he could take it back. More weird that he didn’t feel weird.

Will stretched and clicked on the message.

~Good morning Will. I hope today goes well for you~

Will blinked a moment before it clicked. He had mentioned in passing the assessment he had in lab today.

~Thanks. I’m hoping to rely on my delicate nature not to get flunked~ Will joked but then realised it would mean nothing to Hannibal and followed with, ~I’m quiet and surly and there on a scholarship, most of the professors think I’m this damaged little thing from the boondocks. A fragile little teacup. I’m hoping none of them will want to smash me~

~Is that how you see yourself?~

Strangely, from only the two meetings in person and one phone conversation, Will felt he’d become quite adept at reading Hannibal’s tone, but with this he was completely unsure. Was he being serious or teasing? Will hesitated a moment before replying -

~How do you see me?~

~The mongoose I want under the house when the snakes slither by~

Will let out a shuddering breath and a chuckle. It was interesting to know Hannibal’s take on him, and there was some relief that Hannibal didn’t think of him as fragile or damaged, or in some way a walk over. Some sweet thing he could force his attentions on.

~Cute.~ Will replied, hoping Hannibal would sense the tease there.

~Let me know how things go?~

Will nibbled on his lower lip. Interesting that it was a question. There had been enough back and forth between them for Hannibal to surely know that if he had written it as a demand Will would likely have done it. Unless he was feeling particularly bratty. But as a question it felt more like a request for more than the information. A request to be more involved, to know more about Will’s life and whether he was okay with that.

Will considered for a few minutes, half aware that Hannibal was likely mulling over why it was taking so long to reply and whether Will would reply at all.

~I will~ He finally replied.

~If it goes well perhaps you will let me buy you dinner to celebrate.~

Will took a breath, knowing he might have expected something like this again and should have been better prepared. Even so he had no idea how to answer. So he didn’t.


“Will, I know you didn’t take that long in the shower over Molly!” Bev grilled him the second he emerged from the steamy bathroom in just his towel.

He jumped, startled and holding onto the towel all the tighter, at which she rolled her eyes in an ‘oh please’ sort of way.

“Just… No… Not Molly…” He felt his face redden, knowing there was no way in this small apartment that she hadn’t cottoned onto him jerking it frequently the last couple of weeks. He’d started to confine happy time to the shower to at least have the water to mask any noises, but there was no hiding the fact that it took him ten to twenty minutes longer than his usual three minute power shower.

“Ok, tell.” Bev was grinning eagerly at him.

“Can I get some damn pants on?” He grumbled as he pushed past her towards his room, going in and shutting the door firmly, trying to ignore her chuckling.

A few minutes later, as he pulled on a t-shirt and was thankfully already in underwear, Bev burst into his room and took a seat at the end of his bed.

“Spill it Graham. I know it isn’t Molly that got you this worked up. Please tell me Matt isn’t back on the scene?” She looked pained as she asked and Will felt shitty about that whole fiasco over again. Bev had hated Matt from the outset and yet was still there for him when Matt became such an overbearing asshole that Will had had enough too.

“No Bev,” He replied gently, “I haven’t had any contact with Matt since we split.”

She visibly looked relieved before a grin grew back on her face and she asked excitedly, “Okay, so what’s going on?”

“Ughhh” He scrubbed his hand over his face, knowing there was no way out of this, and then dropped, cross legged onto the bed. “You remember that guy I told you I spilled coffee on a few weeks ago and he wanted me to pay for dry cleaning?”

Bev nodded, “To be fair, when you're tired or stressed you're as clumsy as the leading lady in a romcom.”

Will grit his teeth and felt his face flush, more so at what he was going to say next than Bev's words. But the idea that this was how a damn movie might start had never been lost on him.

“What did you do?!” Bev’s eyes went as wide as her grin.

“Nothing! He… wanted me to stop by his office. So I did and…”

“Did he proposition you?” She asked eagerly.

Will let out a sigh, “Yes… but it was… He basically wanted to be my sugar daddy.”

“Are kidding me? Why don’t I ever get the sugar daddies?

“Bev!” Will scalded and she rolled her eyes at him.

“I’m just saying! Anyways, so… You went to his office. Did you… you know?” She made a circle with one hand and poked her finger in and out to demonstrate penetration.

“Bev! No, for fuck’s… ugh… He… stroked my hair.”

Bev blinked and tilted her head, “He what now?”

Will felt his cheeks burn all the more, “He just like… said he wanted to take me out to dinner and played with the hair at the back of my neck,” He rubbed his hand there, where his skin was prickling at the memory.

“Fuck Will, that’s actually pretty hot.”

“Ugh, I know!” Will groaned and flopped onto his back, arm flung over his face. He felt Bev moving until she was lying next to him. “And then… we’ve messaged a little. He… wants a date. He wants to date.”

“Then date!” Bev encouraged, “Are you interested?”

“I… He said he wants to spoil me, I mean… I don’t want to be someone’s kept boy. I… I feel like I’m starting to like him, but I’m just not into having a sugar daddy if that’s all he’s offering.”

“Are you kidding? You’re a starving student! Have a good time and let him foot the bill until one of you gets bored of it.”

Will rolled his eyes and shook his head. “You know I always thought you were the more sensible of the two of us.” He grumbled.

She quirked a brow, “I am, doofus. You’re a poor student, he’s a doctor who wants to buy you trinkets. Logic suggests you should explore this option.”

Will groaned and pointed at the door, ignoring her sniggering as she walked out.


~Tell me about your mother?~

Will was instantly on guard given that this was the first time he could recall Hannibal asking a straightforward question about his childhood rather than just letting things unfold.

It was the weekend and they’d been messaging on and off all morning when the conversation had turned gently, once more, to Will letting Hannibal buy him dinner to celebrate the high scores on his lab assessment. And Will had managed to defer it, ignore it and never directly answer. But the moment he mentioned how his mother wouldn’t have been surprised about him getting high grades for, essentially, dissecting bugs, Hannibal had jumped on it.

~Trying to psychoanalyse me again?~

He knew the tone could be read many ways, wondering if Hannibal would take it as a tease, or assume Will was being shitty. The truth was likely something in between, as Will wanted to think this was something harmless.

But the responding message made his jaw clench.

~Do you think that the loss of your mother has had an impact on you allowing people to get close to you? Perhaps to treat you or spoil you?~

Will’s lips twitched into a snarl and he threw the phone down.

He was annoyed at himself for starting to like this man. How stupid he had been! Hannibal Lecter was the combination of both the worst things he tried to avoid - controlling men, and therapists. It was clear now that these weeks of gentle flirting and textual teasing were nothing more than a means to an end for Lecter.

In fact, maybe the manipulative doctor was only really interested at all because of the challenges he’d faced. More than that though, the reasons Will kept him at arm's reach had clearly intrigued him. He couldn’t help considering whether Lecter was actually writing a paper on all of this. He was just another thing for the man to study. Something that piqued his professional interest, and anything less than professional was a bonus.

~Do you think being an entitled asshole with more money than sense has had an impact on how you use people?~

Will replied without hesitation, anger forcing his fingers on the buttons.

When his phone then rang, Will ignored it. And then next two times. Eventually Lecter sent a message saying he’d like to discuss this misunderstanding, over the phone or face to face.

Will had no interest in it. He didn’t reply.

Nor to the texts the next two mornings.

It left a strange hole in his life that hadn't been there before he’d met the man. Every morning felt a little emptier with no envelope icon to greet him.


Will’s pulse was racing as he watched the man from across the room. He desperately wanted to bolt whilst simultaneously wanting the man’s hands on him again. Or even just more messages. The whole thing was making his skin ache. It had been a couple of weeks since he’d ignored Hannibal’s messages and he’d gotten the hint.

And then Lecter spotted him, tilted his head ever so slightly and then looked away again.

Will let out a breath and tried to fight down his immediate response - which was to go over to the man and… He wasn’t sure what. Kiss him? Confront him? Both? He tried to push all thoughts of Hannibal Lecter aside and wandered over to chat with Molly who gave him a beaming smile.

It was a few minutes later that he felt someone standing next to him, and then a light touch to his elbow.

“Good evening Mr Graham, It's good to see you.” Lecter’s smooth tone crawled over Will’s skin and Molly looked between them with a smile.

“Doctor Lecter,” Will acknowledged.

“You know each other? What a small world.” Molly commented, clearly fishing for further information.

“You could say that,” Will replied gruffly, more annoyed at his own reactions than her question. He could feel the blush rising on his cheeks and didn’t dare look at either of them.

“Oh…” That one word was so heavy with implication and Will knew that Molly had some suspicion of what was or wasn’t between them. “I’ll… let you catch up.” She excused herself.

Lecter moved to stand in front of Will then, taking her spot.

“Pleasant young woman. I would wonder if I should I be jealous, were things different,” Lecter teased.

Will glared at him then.

“If I’d known you were going to be here-”

“Will,” Lecter reproached, “Any professional that has worked with the FBI within a hundred mile radius is here. It wouldn’t have taken much searching for you to find that I’ve consulted with them often.”

Will frowned at him, “I didn’t go home that first meeting and google you doctor.”

“No? What did you go home and do?” Lecter’s tone was teasing again and he leaned in to say the words quieter than was necessary.

Will suppressed a whimper, annoyed at himself for his body’s reaction to the closeness..

“More to the point Will, I’m quite surprised to see you here, given that only the psychology department was invited and you have already been clear in your disdain for my profession. I thought you were studying Forensics and the hard sciences.”

“I… I’m studying Forensics and Criminal Psychology.” Will grit out.

Lecter’s face broke into a smile.

“We have more in common than I’d have guessed.” Hannibal hesitated, “Would you let me apologise for having upset you?”

“I… I’m not… I…” Will felt his cheeks, flustered and unsure how to react now they were in person rather than over text.

After a shuddering breath he shook his head and wandered away from Lecter and back into the crowd.


Bev got her car from the lot as Will waited at the exit, saying a strained goodbye to Molly as she got into her girlfriend’s car. The career's evening had gone on way too long for Will. He would have left earlier if he weren’t getting a ride with Bev.

Will closed his eyes and took a deep breath of the cool air, wishing Bev would get a move on. He really didn’t want to run into-

“Do you need a ride Mr Graham?” He’d practically felt Lecter standing at his side before he heard the man speak.

“No, I’m all good, thanks.” Will replied, attempting politeness but coming out curt.

“Very well,” Lecter responded before stepping away and then turning back. Will met his eyes. “Perhaps another time?”

Lecter stepped again, into Will’s space so that they were as close as they had been that day in the man’s office. Will’s chest tightened and his breathing became shallow as Lecter reached his hand up to stroke over the back of Will’s neck as he had before. The action made Will involuntarily shiver and groan.

It was as his lips parted slightly in that groan that Lecter closed the remaining space between them and pressed his mouth to Will’s. Will took a sharp breath in his surprise as Lecter kissed him. Thoroughly. It was deep and languid. Sensual and possessive.

After a few moments Lecter broke the kiss and stepped away, dropping his hand from Will’s nape. “Another time.” He said again before turning and walking towards the lot.

Will saw Bev then, sat there in her car just down from them, grinning and giving him a double thumbs up.

Chapter Text

“Why didn’t you just go home with him?!” Bev pushed again.

It was the morning after the career event and Will really didn’t need this. She had bugged him all the way home and then when they got home, right up until he gently closed his bedroom door in her face.

He didn’t need it over breakfast as well whilst she messily shovelled cereal and looked at him intently.

“What was I supposed to do?” Will finally relented, realising she was never going to give up on this.

“Are you serious?” Bev gawped at him, “you were meant to ride home in his car and then ride his cock.” She grinned.

Will huffed and chewed his toast despite really not feeling like eating any more.

“I’ve been rude to him every time we’ve talked. Not that he didn’t deserve it, because he is… pushy would be a polite way to put it. It is definitely a bad match and we need to stop talking about it.” Will said firmly.

“A bad match? Tell that to your mouths!” She quirked a brow. “I thought you’d end up eating each other’s faces, how hungry you were for each other. If nothing else, there’s some serious chemistry there and I for one think it’s worth exploring. Clearly so does he!” Bev was gesticulating a little as she talked now, milk dripping from her spoon.

“And what if I don’t want to explore it!” Will countered.

The incredulous look on her face told him Bev didn’t buy that for a minute. Neither did his dick if how hard he’d come in the shower an hour earlier was anything to go by.

Will huffed.


Will waited until the end of the day before heading over to Lecter’s office unannounced. Rude, he knew. But he didn’t want to give any more ground than he already had to the man.

Especially as he wasn’t even sure why he was heading over there.

Maybe to tell Lecter to back off? That this all had to stop? Maybe to kiss him again?

Will really had no idea. He felt caught between what his head told him to do and what his dick was telling him to do, and they both made compelling arguments. The only really solid thing he could come up with for not exploring this chemistry they had, the connection he’d felt in their stupid messages, was how Lecter especially wanted to make a sugar baby of him.

Will really wasn’t into that. He’d happily be submissive in the bedroom, and he was good with compromise in partnerships, whether romantic or otherwise. But letting this older, elegant, rich doctor be his sugar daddy? It was a bit much to swallow. And it felt like Lecter was keen to ensure it was part of the package of anything that happened between them.

So maybe that was what he needed to talk about?

“I don’t want to be some sort of kept boy,” Will blurted the moment the external door opened. Startled to see a confused looking man in front of him, Lecter just behind him. Both Lecter and the man blinked at him before Lecter turned to the man.

“Same time next week, Franklyn.” Lecter said and the man nodded before looking over Will one more time and squeezing past him.

“Fuck,” Will muttered. “I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s quite alright Will, he was my last patient for the day if you wish to come in.”

Lecter’s smooth tone made Will shiver and his brain started to scream at him to turn and run. So of course he stepped through the door.

“I’m sorry,” Will apologised again as he walked behind the doctor towards his office. Unable to help taking in his amazing physique. The suit was perfectly tailored to every contour of his body to the point where Will didn’t have to use too much imagination to tell where every muscle was. Will wondered if he was a cyclist or a swimmer, there was definitely something athletic about him and Will couldn’t help imagining the man in little shorts.

He tried to discreetly let out a breath, trying to clear the image from his brain, because it wasn’t helping one bit.

The smirk over Lecter’s shoulder as they got to his office made clear that it had been noted all the same.

“Honestly, Will. I’ve had worse things blurted out in my office, and that particular patient likely appreciated the little tidbit, so I would say everyone is happy. Except you perhaps?” Lecter looked at him appraisingly as he gestured towards the armchairs that faced each other. “You don’t wish to be a ‘kept boy’?”

“Um, yeah…” Will felt his face heat as he took his seat, unable to meet Lecter’s eyes as he sat opposite. “I… didn’t hate kissing you. I… enjoyed the messages and getting to know each other.” It felt odd admitting it because the messages had felt so safe and detached and now he was in a room with a man that felt much like a predator in many ways. One that was playing tame for Will.

The thought made him shudder.

“But you don’t want to be my ‘kept boy’?” He didn’t have to look up to know there was amusement there.

“Can you stop saying it like that!” Will growled, “You know what I mean. You want to… you want to…”

“I believe you also used the term sugar daddy.” Lecter supplied coolly.

Will did look up at that and frowned at the man, annoyed at the way Lecter was making him handle this.

“You’re saying you didn’t offer exactly that?” Will challenged.

“I’m not wholly sure of the vernacular, but if being a sugar daddy means that I would feel moved to lavish gifts on someone to demonstrate my affection, then you may use that term.” Lecter looked every inch the psychiatrist and Will clenched his jaw.

“Tell me Will, have you ever come across the idea of the Five Love Languages?” Lecter didn’t wait for a response before continuing, “Chapman postulates that there are five ways in which people express and experience love. How they show their affection. Their love language. For some it is gift giving, for others the giving of time, words of affection, acts of service or devotion, or physical touch. I am well enough attuned to my own psyche to know that perhaps my desire to give gifts as a form of affection comes from a childhood of deprivation of material goods and especially luxuries, but I would never want to force that upon anyone.”

Lecter both looked and sounded completely reasonable and Will started to wonder if he’d overreacted to the whole thing. Maybe Lecter had just come on a little too strong for him initially?

If he was honest, Will would be hard pushed to decide whether his language would be to receive quality time or physical affection. But definitely receiving gifts was the furthest down the list.

He cleared his throat.

“Well, okay. I’m sorry… I didn’t know about your childhood and um…” Will felt pain in his jaw from clenching so hard. It was difficult enough for him to talk about his own childhood, that he never intended to bring anyone else’s up in a way that might upset them.

The way Hannibal had to him, he recalled.

“I didn’t like it when you asked about my mom.” Will admitted, stopping himself from looking down and looking directly at Hannibal instead.

Lecter held his gaze and gave a nod. “I apologise, that was an oversight on my part. I hadn’t realised it was such a sensitive topic, and the way I addressed it was wrong. I don’t want to shift blame onto the medium of conversation, but I hope I wouldn’t have said the wrong thing had we been sat face to face, as we are now.” Hannibal genuinely looked contrite. “I’m sorry that it caused our communications to come to an end. I enjoyed messaging with you.” There was no emotion in the words, nothing to give anything away at all, as sincere as Will was sure they were.

“I miss it.” Will admitted. “But I… I don’t want you to therapise me. I can’t stand that, I can’t have it. I don’t have room for you in my head. Not that way. Do you get that?” Will wasn’t unaware of how intense his tone had become, nor how intense Hannibal’s gaze had become.

“If we were to continue to… socialise,” Hannibal crooned the words, “I would make a point of restraining myself. It was never my intent to upset you Will.”

Will let out a long, deep breath. Relief lightening his chest a little to have the air cleared in terms of their previous upset.

Hannibal’s gaze grew even more intense. It was too much.

Will cleared his throat and stood, wandering around the office and taking it in, looking up at the upper level of books.

“This place is quite cool.” He allowed.

“It suits me better than a home office. I usually prefer to keep work and socialising separate. Boundaries are necessary when it comes to therapy.”

Will could tell without turning around that Hannibal had stood as well, prowling, it felt like. Stalking.

Will stopped to look at the heavy bronze ornament of a stag, majestic and seemingly at home in this place. And then he sensed Hannibal behind him, a moment before he heard the ever so subtle sniff.

“Did… Did you just smell me?” Will asked, frowning and yet, a little amused. A little aroused despite himself.

Hannibal lightly cleared his throat.

“Difficult to avoid, you really must let me introduce you to a better aftershave.” Hannibal’s tone was low and Will wondered if it spoke of the man’s own arousal. He wasn’t sure he was brave enough to turn and find out. Not sure he was strong enough to resist if it was.

“I’m… not wearing any,” Will could hear the lust in his own voice. “Just a simple shampoo and deodorant guy here. It’s more likely the coffee I managed to spill on myself after lunch.”

Hannibal let out an amused hum, “A bit of a habit then.” It wasn’t a question.

“Apparently,” Will answered, his breathing unsteady as he felt Hannibal step closer a moment before he lowered his mouth to Will’s neck and began to nuzzle into him.

Will moaned and shivered.

“I thought that your office is a professional space only…” Will swallowed, his heart starting to thud.

“Only for patients. We’re just having conversations.” Hannibal breathed the words against his neck and Will wasn’t able to resist anymore, turning into his arms and kissing him.

It was immediately passionate and Will groaned into it, his cock already filling out, as much as he hated how that made him look like a lusty youth.

Hannibal pulled back, stroking his hand over the hair at Will’s nape, something that was now starting to drive Will a little crazy and he was sure was some kind of conditioning - not that he cared.

“I would like to be rather unprofessional with you Will, if I may?” Hannibal asked, voice low and rumbled.

“You really may,” Will replied, trying to curse himself for losing his resolve but not quite managing.

Hannibal started walking him a few steps back, until they reached the powder blue chaise and Hannibal was gently guiding Will down onto it, lowering himself over him as he went.

Will was barely able to catch his breath, even just imagining the man taking control like this. He couldn’t help but be really into that.

“Wh-what do you want to…” Will started, stopping because he was suddenly hyper aware of their different situations in life. He didn’t want to appear crude or crass even in this moment as he wanted to ask the man how he wanted to fuck.

Because he was under no illusion that that was exactly what was about to go down, one way or the other.

Hannibal grinned and pecked at his lips for a moment before moving down the chaise to undo Will’s pants.

Will groaned and squeezed his eyes shut, feeling the man’s breath hot and close to his crotch as Hannibal swiftly pulled both pants and underwear down to Will’s thighs.

Hannibal hummed his clear delight at what he found there before nuzzling at Will’s cock and then taking it in his mouth to suck for a moment before standing up. Leaving Will to whimper in protest and his cock to throb angrily.

Hannibal shrugged out of his jacked and rested it over the end of the chaise. As he started to unbutton his vest and shirt, Will took the initiative and pulled his shirt off over his head and kicked his shoes, trousers and underwear the rest of the way off, lastly pulling off his socks so as not to appear a complete savage.

When he looked back at Hannibal the man had his back to him. A well muscled expanse that definitely confirmed him as a swimmer as far as Will could tell. He toed out of his shoes and then delicately but quickly removed his socks and trousers. All so prim, ridiculously prim. Will winced at how that made his dick ache.

He bit his lip, unable to stop himself stroking his cock in anticipation as Hannibal turned, in just his expensive looking boxer briefs.

“You’re in such good shape,” Will couldn’t help muttering, as he took in the sight. He looked like he took care of himself, toned in the right places with the barest tum that showed his age. His chest hair was greying a little here and there, and his nipples were a little on the larger side, though mostly buried in hair.

Will whimpered and tried not to pump his cock in case he lost it completely.

Hannibal stepped back over and straddled him, leaning in to kiss him for a few slow minutes before he pulled back.

“I want to ride you,” Hannibal growled.

Will’s breath shuddered and his eyes went wide as he nodded. He was good either way, but couldn’t help but be surprised that the older man didn’t want his ass. That always seemed the stereotype. And certainly what most guys had wanted from him in the past.

“Okay,” Will nodded, breathing heavily.

Hannibal leaned down and kissed him again, grinding against Will’s cock in such a tempting way that it took Will a moment to realise that something wasn’t as expected. He was still trying to figure it out when Hannibal broke the kiss enough to move back off of him, strip out of his underwear and grab a condom from his wallet before settling back over Will’s thighs.

Will blinked, trying to take in what was going on. He tried to glance downwards, but now Hannibal’s hands were there, rolling a condom onto him and stroking up and down. Will groaned and let his head fall back as he felt Hannibal moving.

Was he just going to plunge onto him dry? Will could only speak from mostly bottoming with guys in the past, but he had been damn sure to use lube every time either way.

There was something definitely not as expected with this situation.

Will’s mind blanked out on any further thought as he felt Hannibal sink down onto his cock.

“Oh fuck…” Will groaned, his hands automatically going to the man’s hips as he slid all the way to the hilt.

This definitely really wasn’t as expected.

“Hannibal…” Will started, and then bit his lower lip as Hannibal started to grind against him, a blissed out look on the man’s face.

As Hannibal began to ride him hard, Will dug his fingers into his hips and began to meet his thrusts. He couldn’t deny how amazing this felt, being under Hannibal. Letting Hannibal take what he wanted, how he wanted.

It was such a fucking turn on Will was sure he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Oh fuck…” He whined, “S-soon.” He warned with a wince, feeling like a fucking idiot for lasting about as long as a teenager.

Hannibal grinned down at him and slowed. His hips moving in wider circles, as he leaned in to kiss Will again. Slow, calming. Will let out a relieved breath as he matched pace and relaxed into it.

They kissed for long minutes, tongues moving against each other slowly but with an underlying desperation.

Finally Hannibal broke again and sat back enough for Will to realise, as the pace picked up, that Hannibal was stroking his own small cock between his fingers. Will could feel the fluttering it caused around his own cock as Hannibal started to bring himself to the edge.

Will took it as an invitation to release and gripped Hannibal again, fucking up into him as he increased the pumps of his own cock until they were both sweating and grunting and had they been in a bed, Will would have rolled them and fucked hard into Hannibal. He was glad not to have the option, given how clearly aroused Hannibal was as he grunted one last time with a few last strokes of his cock as his inner muscles tightened around Will.

That was all it took for Will to practically explode inside him, his head lolling back as he cried out and filled the condom. He continued to thrust up a few more times, spilling as deep as he could, before they both slowed and Hannibal collapsed over him.

Their sweaty skin was slick against one another as they panted against each other’s necks.

After a few minutes Hannibal shifted, pulling off of him and onto his thighs removing the condom before his come started to leak back. He tied it off and dropped it on the floor next to the chaise, which made Will grin, not the sort of uncouth mess he expected from the doctor.

Hannibal lay back over him them, enough to the side to not crush Will. Enough for Will to feel Hannibal’s wetness against his thigh.

Hannibal propped himself up on one elbow, looking down at him, stroking his hair with a smile.

“Are we… going to talk about what just happened?” Will asked tentatively. Unsure whether he meant having fucked, having done so in Hannibal’s office, or the fact that Hannibal was transgender.

“Do you believe we need to?” Hannibal asked, completely calm and collected. In control of himself as always.

“No,” Will made the realisation aloud, with a smile that was softly returned.