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Long Overdue, For You

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Sleet rained down, coating the city in the freezing mixture cutting through all protection the weather chilled the unlucky to the core. Once again the world seemed to find enjoyment in breaking the young hero down. Tired and beaten, wings throbbing Hawks landed clumsily onto the balcony slamming into his door wall. Hands trembling the hero struggled opening the door only to stumble inside quickly crashing to the floor in a heap of limbs. Everything was to much, over whelmed the hero curled into himself ignoring the pain from his ribs as they screamed in protest at the movement. Damp his heavy clothes clung to his burning skin, yet the hero refused to move enduring the growing heat.

For today was far from his best, the weather was only the icing on the cake for Hawks. Taking a blow from a rather nasty villain with an enhancement quirk to save a child the stress it caused was the final stone to cause an avalanche. Months of ignoring his health the hero stretched himself incredible thin, between patrols, the Commission breathing down his neck, and the League of Villains demanding more time sleep was only a day dream. The first cramp in his lower abdomen caused the omega to groan, wings covering his body entirely he road out the pain tears prickling at his eyes. It had been a little over a year since his last heat, making up for lost time it became awfully clear this wasn't going to be easy. Once the Commission caught wind of his second nature they quickly changed their strategy, for such a powerful quirk wouldn't go to waste. Years of intense conditioning changed the man, easily ignoring pheromones and standing tall when an angry alpha came near. The world believed Hawks was simply an alpha small in size to accommodate flight, little did they know the Number Two Hero was indeed an omega. An omega that was completely alone withering on his cold wooden floor. Besides his yearly heat Hawks' second nature was never a problem, until now. For each heat alone was becoming that more unbearable, it could easily take two weeks to put himself back together which was time he didn't have. So as the heat grew to scorching levels and the first dribbles of slick rolled down his leg the hero simply ignored all problems planning to simply fade into the floor under him. Mind hazy his inner omega cried within, pleased to finally have power over the body it resided in. Flashes of cold blue flooded his mind, for Hawks did indeed know what he wanted, or rather who. Yet he re-framed, for one thing was certain the hero would never submit not to anyone especially not to some hothead villain Alpha. It wasn't pride or the hatred of his second gender Hawks simply feared being used once more. His second gender made him weak, for a few short days once a year the fastest man alive was vulnerable and nothing good happened to the man in that state. So when the hints of smoldering oak and ash lingered in the air as long strong, yet slender fingers touched his wings, Hawks went ridged. Feathers razor tipped fear gripped the hero realizing his space had been invaded.

Furious of being not only left waiting but being ignored Dabi stomped up the barren staircase in the lavish apartment complex. The villain refused to be ignored, so when Dabi strolled into the other Alpha's apartment expecting to show his dominance his world came to a halt. It was odd to find the other man on the floor feathers covering every inch of tanned skin. Compelled the villain reached out only to hiss as Hawks' feathers reacted drawing blood. Second genders never bothered the villain for he enjoyed breaking any partner regardless of status bringing them to a withering mess under his capable fingers. So when the Hero strode into their first meeting Dabi enjoyed toying with the other Alpha never deterred by the sent blockers or cold expressions. For no matter how hard he may try Hawks' wings would indeed shutter ever so slightly at his advances. Only seeing red, and the fear filled response Dabi softened trying his best to coax the other man out, for clearly something was indeed wrong. 

Coiled tight the presence on his wings retreated but never left, panicked the omega tried to think past the growing need in his stomach. Calling for help would clearly blow his cover, killing the other man was also out of the question. While he could indeed fight the other man off even in his weakened state Dabi could easily return. For society believed omegas in heat would beg for any knot regardless of who it belong to, but this was indeed a lie. Most became to weak to fight back but they never lost clarity, never begged for something they would later regret. Brutal in it's attack a wave of cramps rolled over his body causing a groan to pass his lips followed by a sudden intake of breath as new pain blossomed in his side. Bones snapping Hawks felt tears roll down is cheeks, staying like this wouldn't do. Hating to admit it, the hero did indeed need help feeling his skin tare wider blood began to mix with slick and tears ruining his floor. Hands on him once more Hawks finally focused on the world around him, a deep gravely voice breaking past his feathers.

"Pretty boy? Come on now, let me help."

It wouldn't be the first time the villain had patched the hero up, never wanting to miss a meeting Hawks would ignore wounds for self preservation wasn't a concern. Beyond terrified Hawks swallowed the lump in his throat finally allowing Dabi to pull away his wings exposing his pitiful state. The thick sent of pine hit Dabi's nose lurching back in surprise the alpha was assaulted by the heavy sent of omega heat. But the sent of fear and pain tainted the sweat, leaving a bitter after taste. Snorting Hawks pushed his body up panting heavily as he got to his trembling feet, the sudden movement from the other startled the hero. Primary feathers breaking away and cutting through the air Dabi froze as each razor tipped feather grazed over a major artery. Fear sunk into his soul as he locked eyes with Hawks. The man was beautiful, sweat building on his brow, face flush the hero panted body barely staying upright. Blood began to drip from under his jacket adding a crimson stain next to the clear slick ruining his jeans. A choice had to be made, for if Dabi stayed he would indeed be attached. The omega before him would surly break the man. Or leave, and shatter any chances with the man along with any bridges he had built.

"Hawks I just want to help." 

Minutes ticked by but finally the feathers retracted just in time for Dabi to catch the collapsing Hero. Hoisting the other up Dabi was surprised at how light the other man was, keeping his movements slow the villain carried the panting hero further into his apartment. Entering the expansive bathroom Dabi snorted at the luxurious room, white cabinets and black granite counter tops. Lowering the man next the the stainless steel sink Dabi quickly looked for the first aid kit, frustration growing hotter the longer it took.

"Closet, second shelf." 

Keeping one's hands steady while patching up an omega withering in pain slick covering the cool stone was a challenge. Never backing down Dabi stayed focus trying his best to disinfect the nasty wound on Hawks' ribs. Black, purple and yellow covered the ribs spreading far over the hero's stomach in attempts to take the other side as well. Thankfully stitches weren't needed only thick bandages, conflicted Dabi chewed at the inside of his cheek. For Hawks stayed silent, only uttering three words to the villain. Such behavior has never been witnessed. In response the raven haired man found the need to babble filling the cold tense air around them. "Don't you have someone?"

It burned to ask but Hawks clearly couldn't ride this alone, already wrecked the hero let out a pitiful laugh squinting at the pain it caused. "Never have, never will."

The defiant, yet cold look startled the villain but the implications of the hero's statement was the true jaw dropper. "You've been alone? Every time?"


A new hunger filled the alpha at the idea of taking the omega before him, still perfectly intact never once touched. Such lewd thoughts didn't last, the change in the air caused the omega to growl. Wings spreading wide the man effectively showed his strength, for he would never be taken, never by force. Vowing long ago never to be like the poor broken omegas he has saved in the past. The Commission had once offered the idea of Hawks finding a mate, only to quickly drop the idea at the feral beast that came forward. Not a single Alpha could break the omega that day, showing that they didn't just create the perfect hero but an angry beast with no qualms slashing throats. "Is there going to be a problem?"

Shuttering Dabi shook his head growling himself, the anger wasn't directed at the omega before him yet there was a reaction. Wings twitching slightly Hawks hated that the alpha before him had any affect even as minuscule as it was a reaction is still a reaction. "No, I don't force myself onto anybody. For having a partner withering under my touch begging for it is far more satisfying."

Chill racing down his spine Hawks groaned Dabi's words burning in all the right places, thankfully satisfied the villain remained silent after that. Scooping up the hero once more he carefully carried the other to his room. Gingerly placing the Hawks down Dabi helped the hero get the jacket over his wings, followed by his shirt. Stepping back Dabi had to tare his eyes away from the damp tanned chiseled skin. Returning with numerous bottles of water and snack bars the man placed them onto the night stand before looking at Hawks one final time. Alpha screaming at him the man had to tare himself away heading for the door. 

Watching the man leave broke something within Hawks eyes burning with tears, looking down at his trembling hands he poked at the thick bandages at his side. Dabi had been careful, kind, not once did he utter a cruel insult or play with the Hawks' emotions. Instead shattering all expectations Dabi was caring and considerate not once trying to take advantage of Hawks. Thinking back such a thing had never happened before, watching the back of the tall villain grow further away Hawks couldn't help himself giving one final test. Secretly praying Dabi would pass. "I've been used my entire life, in every way besides one. The idea of submitting, then being prayed upon once more is to much." 

Coming to a halt for the second time today Dabi turned slightly, shocked at the view. Wings curled around him once more glancing out the window, Hawks' face was soft. Eyes showing a broken man, his breath taking smile turned down giving a glimpse to how much inner pain he had endured over his life time. Legs curled to his chest the man had done everything he possibly could tonight to remind Dabi how powerful he was. That the hero was indeed capable in taking the villain's life. Yet as the soft moonlight shinned the man in a pale glow Hawks showed his vulnerability, opening up for the first time half expecting to be shattered learning a cruel lesson. Yet Dabi didn't want that, he didn't want Hawks to close himself off for the rest of his life.

"I would never hurt you pretty bird, but cherish you for the treasure you are." 

Watching the clouds finally clear the hero smiled slightly until he remembered the truth, what he was tasked to do. Now realizing it wouldn't be Dabi that broke him, but Hawks himself would cause his own unraveling. "You'll regret it." 

For the Hero Commission would once again take everything away from Hawks and the hero wouldn't lift a finger to stop it. For that's all the male omega had become, a pawn stripped down to the bare bones not even his name was his choice. For the world only knew him as the red winged hero, so fast no one can keep up. The world didn't care about his true name, nor did they ask it for it wasn't needed. Lost in thought the man flinched when a hand grazed his cheek eyes leaving the window they became lost in azure eyes swirling with emotions the man couldn't understand. Trapped, Hawks was only going to give the man before him a cold future in a jail cell but that wasn't entirely true for he could give the villain something. Far more valuable then his body, or wings, something far more precious. If he was going to be cherished then it wanted to be for the man, not the hero everyone believed him to be. Allowing his body to be pushed back into the mattress Hawks watched with caution as Dabi crawled on top of him being mindful of his wings, and wounded side. 

"I may regret it, but I'll never stop reliving it Hawks."

"Keigo Takami."

Eyebrow cocked Dabi looked at the man under him, the name was perfect. Playing with the syllables on his tongue the man smirked leaning in to capture Keigo's lips. "Call me Touya... Todoroki."

Expecting any response but the sad smile he was received was unexpected. "I've known for awhile now, I don't actually have a bird brain. Far from it if I'm going to be honest, but  I've learned playing dumb helps."

Body clearly having enough it pushed up the intensity causing the man to groan withering with need under the villain. Questions filled his mind but for now Dabi decided to push that aside for later. gently clasping his chin Dabi looked into Hawk's honey eyes needing to make sure this was indeed what he wanted. "Is this okay, Keigo?"

This was it, the final plunge for Hawks wasn't sure if he would emerge the same as before. But for once, even for one single night Hawks just wanted to be taken care of, to not be alone. For the ache had long ago sunk deep into his bones and maybe just maybe the alpha above him could take that pain away. "Yes, please Touya."

 Finally gaining the answer he craved Touya smiled a wicked thing but not out of cruelty but excitement. Hands roaming the blemish free flesh bellow him the villain quickly leaned in devouring Keigo's lips, sucking on his tongue the small moan he received only added to the fire. Nimble fingers found Keigo's waist band, igniting his quirk Touya burnt away the fabric causing the now weeping cock to spring forward. The sudden cold air caused Keigo to sigh in relief only to cry out as Touya's hot wet heat wrapped around his neglected cock. Head bobbing cheeks sunken in the man twirled his tongue around the cock metal ball adding extra stimulation that was quickly unraveling the man under him. Pleasure building in his gut Keigo let out a silent scream as Touya inserted his finger. Allowing the man to adjust to the almost non existent burn Touya began to work the digit deep curling it in just the right way to pull another moan from the shivering man before him.

One finger became two, and then three scissoring Keigo, enjoying the lewd noises leaving his mouth Touya searched for the bundle of nerves knowing exactly when he found it. Pleasure reaching it's peak his body snapped crying out Keigo came down Touya's throat. Wings fluttering out the sudden movement caused the hero to yelp as pain mixed with pleasure. Milking the other dry Touya came off Keigo's cock with a pop before retracting his fingers. Feeling empty Keigo whined deep in his throat hating the lack of contact. Hushing the omega bellow him Touya quickly manhandled the hero into his desired position. On his knees the male omega quickly curved his back, not needing to practice to know what was desired. Bringing his hand down hard enough to leave a print Touya smirked as Keigo moaned slick running down his thighs with gusto. Massaging the area Touya glided his hands up fingertips warming he began to kneed the sore back muscles before reaching Keigo's wings. 

Pleasure exploded behind Keigo's eyelids moaning loudly as Touya dug his fingers deep into the plumage massaging bones. For no one touched his wings for this exact reason, for the appendages were beyond sensitive and a direct line to his brain. Once again the man was wondering if this was his best idea allowing such a notorious villain to touch him in such ways. All doubt quickly washed away as Touya moved to the base of his wings digging deep into the flesh. Vision going white Hawks moaned drool creating a small puddle under his face that was pressed into the sheets. Coming untouched Keigo went limp wings twitching from the after shocks.

"Perfect, such a perfect little omega." 

Watching sweat roll down the curve of Keigo's back Touya quickly stripped his clothing before picking up the omega once more. Using Keigo's light weight body to his advantage he brought the still quivering omega into his lap. No longer hindered by the alpha Keigo's wings instinctively stretched out reaching their full length in the expensive room. Lining up Touya began to lower Keigo onto his cock only to watch with a smirk as Keigo cried out in surprise jerking back ever to slightly. "Ah! Touya.. What?"

Biting at the omega's neck the villain was quick to soothe the hero voice kind. "It's okay pretty bird, you can take it. Such a treasure you are." 

Mouth working wonders on his neck, and his sweet words gave Keigo the encouragement he needed lowing himself onto the villain's thick dick. The first metal barbell resisted before finally being enveloped into Keigo's tight heat. Groaning heavily into the hero's year Touya allowed the omega to pick the pace feeling the man tense once more as the second piercing pushed at his hole. Quivering Keigo panted heavily as he bit his lip almost breaking skin before he sunk lower tanking the second and final third piercing before bottoming out. Fully seated the metal barbells pushed on all the right places creating ample amounts of slick that pushed past Touya's cock completely coating him and Keigo's inner walls. Giving the hero time to adjust Touya didn't move until his partner began to beg for it.

The burning need raged within Keigo tears rolling down his cheeks the man felt reason leave him, trusting in the alpha to take care of him. "Touya... Alpha please!"

Slowly Touya lifted the omega up each barbell stretching Keigo's walls in all the right ways, each piercing adding a delightful tug as they left his body. Blissed out the hero rested his forehead on the villain's shoulder drool rolling down pale skin. Wings moving on their own the soft feathers wrapped around the pare protecting them from the world. One hand gripping a firm ass cheek the other finding the base of Keigo's wings Touya pushed the man down swiftly causing the other to sob with pleasure being used so well. Pleasure drowned out everything else, only able to focus on the dick stretching him wide and piercings rubbing him raw Keigo reached climax once more coating Dabi's pale scar free stomach. Nails digging into Touya's back Keigo accidentally ripped a staple, the hiss of pain he heard caused fear to spike in his muddled brain expecting some form of punishment.

Fear once again souring the sweet taste in the air Touya quickly released Keigo's wings. Lean fingers gripping his chin Keigo expected pain but welcomed the rough lips on his. Kissing the omega deeply the villain hummed enjoying the taste. "It's okay Keigo, please don't be afraid." 

Pumping into the man faster Touya was hurriedly reaching his climax, slender fingers wrapping around Keigo's neglected cock the man moaned as Keigo clenched around him. Never having such a perfect partner Touya relished in the pleasure rolling over him in waves pumping into the tight warm heat of Keigo. The omega withered digging his nails over his skin which pushed him closer. Jerking Keigo off in the same timing to his thrusts both moaned out in unison as their climaxes rolled over them, pushing in deep Touya felt his knot expanding locking the pair together. 

In that moment something broke within the hero, body finally given what it needed for all these years Keigo melted into the villain content and satisfied. Laying back Touya brought the other man with him loving how the omega curled into his chest breathing in his sent. Not wanting to ruin the tranquil silence Touya remained silent as Keigo slipped into a light sleep enjoying the heat Touya created. Time passed, but once his knot resided the villain began to slowly lift the hero up. Overstimulated Keigo whimpered as the barbells pulled past his tender entrance. Once free Touya carefully pushed the other off loving the way Keigo's wings tried to follow him.

Leaving the room Touya quickly returned warm, wet cloth in hand. Cleaning the pliant omega off he coaxed the other to drink a bottle of water and finish off a protein bar much to his protest. Satisfied Touya stripped the now soiled duvet before wrapping them up in thick luxurious sheets. Instinctively Keigo curled into Touya's chest letting out a content sigh, hovering the the brink of sleep the hero couldn't shake the question on his lips."Will you stay?"

It wasn't a simple question like staying the night, no the question meant far more. No the hero wasn't asking for only morning, he wanted eternity. Never feeling so complete the hero didn't want to let the other go, willing to give everything else up to stay with him. Pulling the omega closer the alpha didn't have to think about the answer, for he knew it the moment he entered the apartment.

"I'm not going anywhere Keigo."

Pushed to the point of no return Hawks had taken a plunge, little did he know when he emerged, he would be filled with strength and the will to live. Refusing for others to make his choices any longer the omega reached out to the only one he craved. Submitting the man finally caved ignoring his fear the hero took an alpha, one on the opposing side. Accepting that hand Dabi to made a choice. For his precious omega would surly be devoured by the world Tomura wanted to create. Determined to protect one another silent promises were made as the pair gave into sleep's warm embrace the cool blue glow of the moon illuminating a new relationship that would surly cause the world to quake.

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City asleep, the sun barely touched the horizon giving the resting more time. Never waking to a warm bed, wrapped in strong caring arms it took time for Keigo to find the right emotions. Body satisfied for the first time the scorching heat had cooled, giving the man time to think. Awake before the sun, like always the winged hero sat on the railing of his balcony. For anyone else such a seat would be the end, yet as his feathers rustled in the cold winter breeze Keigo felt perfectly safe. Thick fabric clung to his slim body, sent blockers built into every part of his hero costume the male omega didn’t worry about his sent lingering in the air. Nose tucked behind the white fur collar Keigo desperately tried to figure out his next move. For an alpha currently slept in his bed, a man that has burnt people to ash for the fun of it, the lost son of the number one hero, but most of all Touya was Keigo’s mark. Regret wasn’t a problem, no more like a raging storm of fear. Even now Keigo couldn’t deny the possibility the notorious villain Dabi would still try to use him. Let alone the consequences when the Commission figured out what had perspired. Exhausted the man closed his eyes wishing to simply fade away he was so tired.

Golden irises glimmered in the growing morning light, swirling with dreams of a different life, for a new choice would have to be made, several in fact. Temperature rising in his body, the once satisfied need once again growing hungry the male omega pulled his wings in tighter. Wanting to sit a little longer Keigo didn’t know if he was happy or annoyed when the door wall slid open indicating he was no longer alone.

Sitting like an angle perched on a cliff Touya felt his breath hitch as the gentle morning glow illuminated the man before him. Golden locks swaying in the wind the sun created a halo, red feathers bold against the gentle yellow and pink hues in the sky the villain took an extra moment to take in the masterpiece before him. For this could be the last time he ever saw the omega so open, and free. Reaching out gentle and slow Touya wrapped his long pale arms around Keigo’s middle pleased when the other man didn’t push him away. Sniffing the air, the alpha frowned not catching Keigo’s sent, hand gliding up the omega’s chest Touya pulled at his collar. Licking at Keigo’s neck the man smirked feeling the smallest of trembles. Yet one question lingered on his tongue, needing an answer he stopped his advances instead heating his body to keep Keigo warm already aware the man didn’t plan to move anytime soon. “How’d you figure out my little secrete, no one knows my name.”

Empty, walking down the busy stark white hallway the man was impaired. For not one feather remained, mind trying to push off the outer shut down from such a traumatic truth the hero remained a void. Not even the ever-slow grip of a heat could rattle the man, Keigo didn’t have much time even so guilt did sit at the back of his mind. Entering the hospital room, the Number Two Hero Hawks put on his dazzling smile hiding all pain behind a prefect mask. Seeing his idol wrapped in thick bandages hurt the man even in his current head space. Yet something else lingered need, the alpha before him was strong. The omega couldn’t stop the idea of having the man in his bed, craving a strong set of hands on his body. He didn’t need love, or commitment just someone to chase the empty void away. During their conversation Hawks carefully exposed his neck just enough to allow the smallest amount of sweet pine to linger in the air.

The reaction was almost instant, and not at all what Keigo expected. Rage, hate, and disgust flashed in the cold azure eyes chilling the omega to the core. “Fucking discussing, how dare they let a weak omega step foot in this building if they are in heat.”

Biting his lip to stop a whine the hero didn’t stay long after, spiraling down fast and hard. For a heat was something Keigo can handle, it as the loss of his wings that landed the fatal blow. Combined the man was not weak but out right broken. Never forgetting those cruel eyes, the hero never craved Endeavor again. Then after seeing the exact same glare in a particular villain the omega knew the truth instantly.

Long quiet the omega felt his body sag, tired of that glare lingering in his nightmares. “You two share the same evil glint in your eyes, each time I actually had to bite back a whine in pure fear.”

Growling low in his throat, Touya flinched as red reminded him to watch his temper. Pulling away to avoid getting cut the alpha frowned as the omega didn’t remotely cower. “I’m not my fucking father.”

Sun finally over the horizon Keigo stretched out his wings to their max length pushing hard enjoying the heat from the sun shining on every feather, moments like this was the only reason the omega was still sane. Far enough from the city buzz at such an ungodly hour his feathers didn’t pick up on the vibrations of engines or construction, people didn’t reach for his wings up here on the tallest building in the city Keigo was free. Only the breeze and the sun’s rays ruffled his feathers, keeping his mind clear and light. “That’s a lie, he brought you into this world like it or not there is always something a parent bestows onto their child. Your blessing just happens to be the same cruel glare.”

Numb the hero pumped his wings a smile naturally gracing his lips as his body took to the sky, he didn’t go far only a few feet in the air before dropping besides Touya with grace feet silent as they hit the ground. Heating rising once more the man couldn’t hid the chill that ran down his spine as he looked into challenging azure eyes. “What did your parents bestow upon you then, pretty bird?”

Not affected by the bite in his words Keigo headed for the door wall hoping to get food in his stomach before the alpha eventually jumped his bones, at this rate the sex would be aggressive which sounded delicious. “Tragedy, hungry?”

Never expecting the omega to be so complex Touya watched Keigo walk away, not a moment ago he threatened Touya’s life. But now Keigo was offering the villain food. “Are we going to address the elephant in the room, or just fuck till the world burns around us?”

Stopping dead in his tracks his feathers curled around him, Keigo didn’t want to lose the alpha knowing deep down that the man would never hurt him. It wouldn’t be easy for the pair; tragedy was most likely their end. That was if Touya didn’t reach for his jugular the moment he learns of Keigo’s mission. If the other man couldn’t accept the truth, then the hero wouldn’t hesitate to draw blood. Being conditioned his entire life so if Touya’s flames licked his skin the hero would slice the villain; The League wouldn’t be able to discern Touya from a hunk of meat cut by a butcher. Keigo knew it would destroy him, doubting he would function even a sliver of his normal prowess. It didn’t matter just yet, for Keigo still walked the fence not yet teetering over either side. The omega just wanted to feel complete, and it was starting to become clear regardless of the choice that would only happen with the alpha watching him now. “Listen I can’t think right now, there’s just too much. So just for once in my life I want to be taken apart. Break me Touya, then put me back together.”

Hunger raged within Touya, watching Keigo before him. Heat once again pushing forward a faint flush dusted the omega’s cheeks still mostly hidden by the thick collar of his hero costume. Keigo’s eyes were glossy indicating the haze rolling over his mind. Even so Touya knew the man before him could kill the villain in an instant, something about that fact turned on Touya even more. For even if it was just a sliver, a single rain drop in the ocean the omega had submitted for a split second giving himself over for a short moment. If Touya had blinked, he would have missed it. “I can do that, but you’ll have to trust me. Can you submit to me for one day, pretty omega?”

Slick rolling down his leg Keigo squirmed feathers fluffing out, mixed between being eager and afraid. Truth be told it was easy to make the choice giving into his heart and ignoring his brain. “Yes alpha.”

Pushing Keigo into the penthouse Touya didn’t waste time getting his hand on the omega the moment the door wall closed. Long slender fingers wrapping around Keigo’s neck the villain played with his pulse point for a moment before clashing their lips together nothing but teeth and tongue. Planning to devour the perfect omega in his tight hold Touya smiled into the kiss. For having a partner that crawled into his lap in an instant wasn’t worth a dime. Having to work for what he wanted gave the villain satisfaction he never felt before. Never putting effort into anything, the villain vowed to step up. For the omega before him wouldn’t easily be won, if ever but Touya vowed to prove he would indeed cherish the hero. For such an angel deserve no less than perfection. Hand clasping Keigo’s chin Touya held his gaze pleased to see all attention was on him. “If at any point I cross a line just say crimson, I’ll stop instantly. Understood?” Nodding the pressure added to his chin was enough to cause a flinch, “Repeat it Keigo.”

Not pulling away from the tight grip, feathers twitching wanting to fight back it took a moment for the omega to calm. Not realizing how difficult it was going to be to simply submit while not distracted by the alpha’s body. “Crimson is the safe word, got it.”

Humming in the back of his throat Touya looked down at the hero, appraising the omega in a way that made Keigo squirm. Dropping Keigo’s chin Touya stepped back heading into the bedroom, refusing to follow like a lost puppy Keigo stood in his bare living room. Always alone the omega never took the time to make the apartment welcoming, never planning to have a guest. Truthfully it was easier not to get attached to anything, spending time decorating his current home would make it that much harder to leave when the time came. Moreover, it made it easier during heats or simply his weak moments, refusing to nest helped the deep bone aching need to have someone. Last year after fighting High End, Keigo’s heat was brutal. Losing all his feathers triggered something deep within him. Being an easy target unable to fight, Keigo had indeed created a nest. It wasn’t a pretty thing, no clothing from other’s that he cared about or favorite pillows and blankets. No, the nest was made of his sheets, a few pillows and his own hero jacket. The moment his feathers began to regenerate, and the heat began to subside the omega quickly tore the nest apart refusing to show vulnerability.

Being pulled from his thoughts as Touya once again entered the room the several items in the alpha’s hands sent a delightful shiver down his spine. “Strip for me angel.” Laying a towel on the cool wooden floor, Touya guided the omega to his knees, moving Keigo’s body with ease Touya got him to sit back on his heel’s legs spread just enough for proper access. Already slightly uncomfortable feeling to open, his body bare and spread slightly everything was on display. Showing the two items in his long fingers Touya kept his voice calm and even wanting the omega to make the choice without feeling pushed in either direction. “Is this okay?”

Given the cuffs when he first flew into the hero scene the hero had laughed, knowing he would never need the metal constraints. They were designed to nullify a villain’s quirk, humanly restraining their arms behind their backs. Such a tool wouldn’t hinder the hero, only keeping his hands in place. With one flick the metal would fall away thanks to his feathers. Even so something stirred in his stomach for having his arms bound did intrigue the omega. Eyes glancing over the metal muzzle head tilting to the side Keigo had to make a choice, wanting to see or rather feel what would come after the omega nodded.

Starting with the cuffs Touya gently pulled Keigo’s hands behind him, smirking slightly when Keigo stretched out his wings as to not impair Touya’s task he clasped the metal closed. Locking smooth tan skin behind cool chrome. Allowing Keigo to test the restraints Touya smoothed a Primary feather enjoying the silk against his skin. Getting a slight shudder as the sweet smell of pine filled the air Touya released the feather continuing his work.

The added weight to his head was rather strange, having his nose and mouth completely covered stirred something within the omega. The feeling of being helpless, even if it was false the emotion was oddly arousing. Wings twitching the alpha hushed the omega bringing a wing into his hand Touya began to heat his fingers just bellow scolding making sure not to damage such beautiful deadly feathers the alpha began to smooth out each feather taking time to work his thumbs into the bones. Pleasure exploded behind Keigo’s eyelids as the villain massaged the radius while pruning his secondaries. Feeling every feather glide against calloused hands while the almost unbearable heat spread deep into his core. Curses being swallowed by the muzzle only a muffled moan could be heard. Enough to fuel his pride Touya finished with the left wing, hands now working on the right.

People never seemed to understand how sensitive Keigo’s wings were, being directly linked to his brain each feather fired off information. On bad days it became hard to sift through such an onslaught of information, days like that everything hurt. The buzz of a car engine, the freezing breeze as another winter storm rolled over the horizon. Most of all an innocent touch from a child was nails on a chalk board, for children had yet to learn grace their movements harsh and jagged. On such overwhelming days Keigo took to the sky, keeping his interactions to the minimal until he could crawl into his bed each feather twitching in pain. Like boiling water Touya’s hands washed over him leaving him clean and fresh past pain stripped away like the grim from a long day.

Shoulders sagging every knot being worked out by master fingers the omega quickly became putty easily molded by the villain alpha behind him. Pleasure reaching new level Keigo had become unaware of the whine deep in his throat as heated fingers dug into the knots at the base of his wings, dick twitching blood quickly rushing down Keigo jerked away the pressure to much for him to handle. Pulling at the restraints, chest heaving Keigo was a beautiful picture. Sweat rolling down his neck, body flushed the man couldn’t help but sag against the comforting heat behind him, deep voice hushing him. “Perfect, so perfect my fingers alone could take you part while you’re so helpless. Sweet little omega, so sensitive.”

Fingers gliding down Touya began to push at Keigo’s twitching entrance, slick rolling over his fingers. Not able to calm the sudden finger pushing deep into him and Touya’s free hand wrapping around his now fully erect member Keigo felt a scream be pulled from his throat as Touya began to work him. Taking his time Touya couldn’t help the hungry smirk that pulled at the corners of his lips while he kept his pace agonizingly slow. Curving his singular finger Touya pulled Keigo’s inner walls causing the hero to squirm, desperately wanting more Keigo tried to push back at the finger only to yelp when Touya swiftly pulled away leaving the omega cold and empty. Trying his best to curse the other Keigo’s feathers ruffled expressing his frustration as the muzzle swallowed his words.

“I’m in control, you’ll take what I give got that omega?” Touya’s voice held a note Keigo had yet to hear causing him to tilt his head to the side a sign of submission he found hard to accept. Heart beating rapidly Keigo tried to focus on his breathing. The thick metal weighing on his face making it slightly difficult, wings curling tightly around him the omega nodded while his feathers once again smoothed out. Remembering that he indeed asked for this and craved it Keigo let go pushing aside his fears and need to show his own dominance for in this moment he didn’t want to think only feel. Accepting the presented neck Touya kissed the smooth flesh before running his hot tongue over the sweet pine taste. Biting down the alpha shoved two fingers into Keigo’s entrance scissoring the man as he once again wrapped his free hand around Keigo’s weeping member keeping the pressure tight Touya picked up his pace to award Keigo’s delicious actions. “God you’re perfect Keigo, so fucking perfect. Just let go and trust I’ll break you into a thousand beautiful pieces. You’ll never be able to take another for no one will make you feel this good.”

Tears rolling down his flushed cheeks Keigo moaned wings twitching around the pair the omega finally noticed the alpha had yet to strip giving extra friction to already sensitive feathers. Unable to move where Touya wasn’t Keigo’s body went ridged as the tight coil in his stomach finally snapped. Vision white the omega leaned back head rest on Touya’s shoulder the alpha made sure to milk him only stopping when Keigo whined becoming over sensitive. Eyes burly it took several rapid blinks to clear the tears away only to shrink seeing the hungry predator look in Touya’s azure eyes.

Cleaning off his fingers on his torn black jeans Touya brought his fingers to the clasp on the back of the muzzle, clicking it free the alpha was quick to kiss the omega while massaging Keigo’s jaw making sure to rub out the indents the heavy metal had left. “Is this still okay?”

Moving to his arms Touya followed the same procedure, heating his fingertips Touya freed Keigo’s hands rubbing feeling back into each arm before clasping the omega’s wrists together once more but this time in front of him. Melting into the alpha Keigo tested his jaw humming when Touya pulled him into his lap massaging his legs which tingled with numbness. Finally finding his voice, Keigo was soft nodding slightly as he spoke. “Yes.”

Getting to his feet Touya hoisted Keigo up with ease, lifting the omega’s feet off the towel Keigo wrapped his legs around the man on instinct. Uncomfortable Keigo tired to find a place for his bound hands relieved when Touya placed him on his kitchen island. Body still buzzing with the after shocks of his own orgasm Keigo watched with hungry honey eyes as Touya pulled the hem of his shirt over his head. Pale skin was a bold contrast next to the purple scar tissue Keigo reached out not thinking clearly. Gingerly Keigo ghosted over the silver staples holding Touya together, feeling the alpha shiver under his touch the omega pulled back bringing his hands to his lap. Eyes devouring broad shoulders and strong muscles Keigo smiled impressed that baggy shirts were able to hide such a body. Popping the button on his jeans Touya smirked as hungry golden eyes followed every movement pulling his waist band down the villain wrapped his slender fingers over his own member as he kicked off his jeans. Silver glinting in the light Keigo felt his mouth run dry still amazed he had taken the barbells before.

Alpha’s always ran larger than omegas and betas but Keigo was pleased to find that Touya didn’t have an enormous dick. For no matter how society embellished the fantasy an omega can only stretch so far, and while some pain was indeed arousing for the hero being torn open wasn’t something he ever wanted to experience. Hand sprawling over sweaty skin Touya pushed Keigo back while pulling him forward to where Keigo’s perfect little ass hung off the edge. Lean long fingers wrapped around cool metal. Pushing Keigo’s arms above his head pining him down and stretching his body out Touya captured the other man’s lips into his as he kept a bruising grip on Keigo’s hip. Wrapping his lean toned legs around Touya’s hips Keigo enjoyed the alpha’s taste thick smoke filling his lungs. Bringing in a rough bottom lip in between his teeth Keigo whined in the back of his throat as pulsing heat pushed past his rim. Each barbell caused the omega to groan, wings twitching on reflex. Just like an angle each wing stretched to their limit primaries ghosting grey walls. Back arching Keigo let his head lull to the side as Touya bottomed out, finally able to breath once more feeling perfectly filled Keigo’s chest heaved as Touya tasted his neck once more. Making sure to mark every ounce of accessible flesh the alpha gave the other a moment to adjust.

The cold granite against his back was a bold contrast to the almost scorching heat above and inside him, remembering Touya’s words from before the hero to fast for his own good stayed perfectly still. Squashing the need to move his hips. “Touya, please.. I can’t just please fuck me!”

Pulling out agonizingly slow the villain snapped his hips bottoming out in a brutal thrust, tight heat swallowing him perfectly Touya let out a filthy moan before keeping the merciless pace. A mantra of lewd noises fell past Keigo’s lips, but he was long past caring. Ribs burning from the way his body was being used sent new waves of pleasure to his dick. Body trembling with every thrust the slap of wet skin seemed to drown out everything else as pleasure built in his stomach. Angling his hips just right Touya released Keigo’s hands only to wrap his hot fingers around the other’s throat adding pressure to cause the scream building in Keigo’s throat to die out as Touya hit the right spot. Eyes rolling to the back of his head fire works exploded behind his eyes as each barbell pulled at his rim before pistoning inside pushing up against his prostate.

Finally pulling his hand away from Keigo’s hip the alpha growled pleased to see his print left behind. Reaching his limit Touya began to pump Keigo’s neglected member. Three rough tugs was all it took before the dam broke. Crying out Keigo came over his stomach and chest. Inner walls trembling around him was just enough to push Touya to his own climax, pushing his knot past already abused muscle Touya filled the omega to the brim. Sucking on his fingers, enjoying the bitter salty taste Touya collected the omega in his arms. Freeing Keigo’s wrists the alpha smirked when they fell to the side. Completely blissed out Keigo kept his body plaint as Touya cleaned him off before finally picking him up completely and peeling him off the cold countertop. Whining as the movement not only jostled his ribs but the dick still locked inside him Keigo finally opened his eyes to see the kitchen grow further away. Being lowered into soft sheets the omega was out the moment Touya lowered them into his mattress.

Crawling out of the warm embrace of sleep fear trickled down Keigo’s spine as he stretched out not finding an ounce of heat. Eyes fluttering open any fear was quickly washed away as the smell of salty pork and rich coffee tickled his nose. Pushing out from under soft sheets the omega quickly snatched a clean pair of grey sweatpants before following his nose.

The sun hung low on the horizon casting the alpha in soft orange hues. Pale skin glowing each slow movement caused the metal stitches to glisten in the sun. Small rainbows danced on the grey walls adding much needed color. Feeling the presence of his angle Touya looked up from the stove, a gentle smile tugging at his lips. The world froze for one, realization hitting him in the face like a ton of bricks. Only one thing kept the hero going all these years and that was bringing a smile to every person he saved. Keigo wanted to save the man before him, bring him out of the shadows and into the light. The hero wanted the villain before him to taste redemption. Wings flapping twice to release the tension in his shoulders the omega smiled back now more determined than ever before. “I want you save you hotstuff, you don’t need revenge but justice and a chance to heal.”

Cold ocean met with gold sky, mixing together to create an array of beautiful colors. Being able to hold his mother, spending time with his loving siblings, helping his baby brother become a strong man which he had yet to achieve was the villain’s dreams. Watching Keigo step forward feathers reaching out to him Touya knew that the hero before him could make those dreams a reality. It wouldn’t be easy, no the world would indeed fight back every step of the way but deep down Touya did indeed crave redemption. For in his darkest moment he made a choice that sickened him. Never believing he deserved better the villain didn’t expect the hero before him to change that thought.  “I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Number Two Hero.”

Easily opening his arms to the other Touya pulled Keigo into a tight embrace loving the silky red feathers that surrounded them both. One day, while vulnerable was all it took to draw two men together. Basking in the sun the pair wouldn’t end in tragedy but triumph and redemption. For together the pair would be able to dismantle any organization they put their mind too. Easily deciding on the first the pair ate while working on plans for their future while the sun sunk behind the horizon smile wide and excited to see the world in a new light tomorrow.