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Monkey See, Monkey Do

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The man lying next to Sun Wukong is not the other groom. He looks almost exactly like him, except for the facial scars that Yoo Joonghyuk does not have, and he vividly remembers that the wedding was yesterday. If Sun Wukong were in bed with Yoo Joonghyuk on the morning after his wedding, he would already be dead.

Which means this is Yoo Joonghyuk’s twin brother.

Sun Wukong is pretty sure death would be a mercy right about now.

He doesn’t actually know Yoo Joonghyuk’s brother’s name. Everyone calls him SP, and they aren’t close enough that he can casually ask for his real name, or even approach him to start conversation. SP has always been kind of a bitch, in fact, and was Sun Wukong’s love rival up until the day before. They didn’t exactly have the kind of relationship where he would know his real name.

SP’s eyes slam open. Sun Wukong tries to scramble backwards and ends up falling off the bed, his legs—his very bare legs—tangled in the bedsheets.

“Fuck,” he says into the floor’s carpets. He contemplates staying there forever.

“What the hell did you do, Sun Wukong?” SP’s voice comes from somewhere above, dangerously quiet. Sun Wukong peeks upwards and finds that not only does SP’s anger look different from Yoo Joonghyuk’s, but also that he’s shirtless and much more fit than his brother as well. This is not information that he ever wanted to know.

Realizing that he’s still face-first on the floor, he hurries to sit up and glare. His head is pounding, but he can’t let SP see his weakness. “Why do you assume this is my fault? We’re both in this situation.”

“I’m not the person at fault here,” SP says stubbornly.

“Well do you remember what happened last night?”

He stays silent. Sun Wukong takes that as a win and stands up, wrapping the bedsheets around him with as much dignity as is possible for someone who still has no idea where he is. SP doesn’t even bother getting up; he only rolls over and searches for his phone on the bedside table. Whatever he sees on it makes his expression darken further.

Sun Wukong looks away, instead hurrying to the window and parting the curtains. He squints at the sunlight peeking through, his headache worsening but not enough to make him stop looking. It takes a moment for his eyes to adjust before he recognizes the sight of the city outside. He’s in the same hotel, at least.

“Fucking hell,” SP mutters behind him. “Hey, have you checked your phone?”

Sun Wukong turns back with a frown. “I don’t know where my phone is.” SP has a lot of suspicious-looking marks on his chest. Even more information he didn’t want to know.

“Look for it.”

He wants to say no just to spite him, but unfortunately he knows his phone will probably be able to tell him more about what happened last night than staring out the window will.

He finds his phone discarded on the floor, along with his pants. It’s just barely alive at 17%, and Sun Wukong is elated to see the texts from Kim Dokja until he sees the actual contents.


From: Kim Dokja <3

i just saw you leave with sp???

i can’t believe you 2 didn’t tell me you’re dating smh

have a fun night ;) tell me all about it later

idec if you interrupt my honeymoon

This is Yoo Joonghyuk. I care. Do not interrupt us or message Dokja for at least two weeks


Following Kim Dokja’s (and Yoo Joonghyuk’s) texts are more texts and missed calls from others that all say, essentially, the same thing: everyone saw him and SP leaving the reception together.

“Fuck,” Sun Wukong says.

“Fucking hell,” SP repeats, agreeably.

The day before was Kim Dokja’s wedding. Unlike in Sun Wukong’s daydreams—which never quite stopped after college graduation—he was not the one waiting at the end of the aisle for him. It wasn’t a surprise that Kim Dokja would marry Yoo Joonghyuk, but there was always a hopeless maybe. He tried to hold onto that hope, even when the two finally got their acts together and never broke up, all until he was watching Kim Dokja be walked down the aisle by his mother, and the grin on his face was so different from the one he usually wore when he was scheming, and Sun Wukong stopped.

So maybe he drank a bit too much during the reception. And maybe it started after he saw Yoo Joonghyuk smash a piece of the wedding cake in Kim Dokja’s face. Maybe he didn’t think he would be able to see Kim Dokja’s smile while completely sober. And maybe SP also started drinking with him at the same time.

If Kim Dokja and Yoo Joonghyuk’s “Love Story in Three Parts” (high school, college, and after) were an open secret, SP also being in love with Kim Dokja was almost the exact opposite. If you didn’t regularly spend time with Kim Dokja—and, by extension, SP—it was easy to miss. Sun Wukong knew because he saw the way SP looked when he purposely antagonized Kim Dokja, only for Kim Dokja to turn around and go to Yoo Joonghyuk for assistance. For all that Yoo Joonghyuk couldn’t properly express, SP was even worse.

In camaraderie, Sun Wukong began drinking with SP during the reception. That is where the night starts to get blurry.

As Sun Wukong scrolls furiously through his phone, it comes back to him in bits and pieces. Knocking back drinks with SP. Taunting him into a dance. The searing kiss that was all frustration and not true want. Kim Dokja, cheering when Sun Wukong started dragging him out of the building, his arm around Yoo Joonghyuk.

“SP is a catch,” Kim Dokja says over Sun Wukong’s protests. “I don’t see why you’re denying at least being into him; we all saw how the night ended for you two.” There’s a lot of noise on his end of the call. Sun Wukong wonders how angry Yoo Joonghyuk is for interrupting the first day of his honeymoon.

“If he’s such a catch, why didn’t you marry him?” Sun Wukong huffs.

“I could never marry anyone but my Joonghyuk” Kim Dokja declares. After a pause, he adds, “Even if that person is his older, hotter twin.”

Kim Dokja!” says Yoo Joonghyuk furiously.

“I’m kidding!” Kim Dokja laughs. “Seriously though. I wouldn’t marry SP. I can’t exactly see you two marrying either, but you definitely have something going on. All those arguments you two had just reeked of UST.”

Sun Wukong feels like there’s something very wrong with that sentence. “Since when?”

“Oh, you know,” Kim Dokja says vaguely. “Gotta go, Joonghyuk-ah is getting testy and it is my honeymoon. Congrats on the sex!” Yoo Joonghyuk is halfway through shouting Kim Dokja’s name when he hangs up. If Sun Wukong weren’t too busy reevaluating the past seven years of his life, he would be doing the same.

He manages a whole two weeks without ever seeing or contacting SP. He only gets away with it because Kim Dokja is still on his honeymoon and can’t force them to meet, and the only other person who would care enough is Uriel, who he luckily manages to avoid. (If he, at one point, hid in his bedroom and pretended he wasn’t home in an effort to get away from her, that was nobody’s business but his own)

It’s two days after Kim Dokja returns that SP suddenly ends up at his doorstep.

Sun Wukong didn’t even know he knew where he lived.

“I know you’re home, Sun Wukong,” SP says through the door, impatience coloring his voice. “Your car is in the driveway and it’s not like you have a job or do anything other than stalk idols and give Kim Dokja money he doesn’t even need.” Sun Wukong is faintly offended. How does he know that? “Kim Dokja told me. Open the door or I’ll let myself in.”

The door was locked, but that wouldn’t stop him. SP, in Sun Wukong’s memories, was willing to do anything. He wasn’t as bad as Kim Dokja—who in college became so notorious that the infirmary had a bed reserved for him—but all it took was one person (Sun Wukong, usually) saying he couldn’t do it for SP to scale the campus walls at two in the morning. He almost died twice and broke a window. At least three of SP’s scars are from that very window incident. It's still on film somewhere.

Sun Wukong absolutely believes SP would break his door down to get in.

“Alright, alright, fine, fuck!” He throws the door open and scowls. He’s wearing an old Hatsune Miku t-shirt. He hasn’t brushed his hair. And of course SP has to look as fucking put together as always. What a bastard. “I’ll have you know I don’t stalk people!”

“But you did try for three years to be Kim Dokja’s sugar daddy,” SP retorts flatly.

“No!” SP stares for a long moment. “Shut up! Why are you here?”

“…Kim Dokja made me come here,” he answers gruffly. “He said we need to talk.” Sun Wukong would judge him for doing what Kim Dokja asked if he wouldn’t do the same.

“What’s there to even talk about?” he huffs.

“You know what. Now let me in so I can say we did this.”

It only takes ten minutes for Sun Wukong to start yelling.

This time they’re completely sober when they stumble into bed.

It’s not until SP leaves that Sun Wukong realizes he didn’t even know SP lived nearby.

Sun Wukong rarely left the house for anything other than groceries, but he’s even more determined to stay inside after the second SP incident of the month. SP doesn’t try to contact him either.

And then Uriel shows up.

Nothing ever goes right when Uriel shows up.

“My Dokja-ya told me you’re being dumb so I’m here to fix you!” she exclaims as she slams open the front door. Sun Wukong curses the fact that he forgot to lock it.

“Why are you in my house?” he exclaims.

“I know exactly what will cheer you up!” she says, bypassing the question as she tends to. “Go get changed! Love the shirt, but you shouldn’t wear that in public.” She wrestles him into his bedroom, ignoring his protests and refusing to back down until he gets changed. Uriel is a force of nature, and as always, Sun Wukong has no choice but to go along with it.

They’ve known each other since they were kids, but they only became something like friends after Kim Dokja came into their lives. Still, knowing each other for so long meant Sun Wukong knew what happened when you didn’t listen to Uriel. She had been making grown men cry for years and despite her small stature, she could best SP in a fight. It was smarter not to cross her—unless you were Kim Dokja.

She forces him into her car and drives ten minutes to get to a coffee shop just outside of town. Sun Wukong looks at her oddly. “You wanted to go here?” he says. “There’s a closer one, you know. Lots of ‘em, even. All in town.”

“Yeah but I wanted to go to this one.” She grins mischievously. “Come on, come on. I brought you here for a good reason.”

He does not trust that grin.

Uriel takes the lead in entering the shop, and whatever he’s said about her before, he takes it back.

At the counter, wearing the signature green apron and little black hat, only barely suppressing a scowl at the blushing teenage girls in front of him—is none other than SP.

Sun Wukong sees the moment SP notices him. He grins, exactly like the woman behind him, as SP’s expression sinks. “Fancy seeing you here!”