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Momo is beautiful

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Momo is beautiful, undoubtedly so. Eijirou can’t deny it. Maybe it’s how stylish she seems, or how composed. Or maybe it’s how smart she is. He doesn’t know, he can’t place his finger on what it is about her, but there’s something that makes him really respect her.

She’s really manly, but in her own, womanish way. Because she is most definitely a woman, with those… big, womanly attributes.

Momo is so gorgeous that Eijirou is starting to rethink his sexuality. There’s just something about her.

She impressed him when they saved Bakugou. It’s got to be that. Yes, definitely that. He’s just impressed. It’s not a crush. It can’t be a crush, he likes men.

He likes muscles, firm abs, strong arms, wide, broad shoulders. And she definitely has none of those. He’s not saying she’s not pretty, because she is gorgeous, he just…

Maybe he wants to know what it feels like to touch her tits. Maybe he wants to squeeze them with his fingers, hear the delicious sounds that come from her mouth. Maybe he wants to suck on her nipples, taste her.

Or maybe he’s not as gay as he thought.

Girls are supposed to like boys, Mono knows this. She’s seen the films, read the stories. She’s watched her parents, happily married. Well, okay, maybe not happily , but they’re married. Men should marry women.

But she just doesn’t feel what she thinks she should feel when she looks at men, or boys. Maybe she’s confused, maybe she just doesn't know what she should feel, maybe it’s just that.

Yet it worries her, in the pit of her stomach, that she isn’t normal, that there’s something wrong with her.

What if girls like girls? What if she likes a girl? The thought of it makes her tummy knot uncomfortably. She’s weird, she’s wrong, she’s bad. If mum and dad find out, she’s toast, she knows. But there’s something so special and delicate about girls, and about one in particular…

It’s not like boys can’t be delicate. They can, and they are, she knows. But it’s just not the same. It’s not the same feeling she gets.

She doesn’t want to be different; she doesn’t want to be abnormal.

She doesn’t want to throw away her parents’ hard work just because she’s a deviant. So, she reaches out to the only person she suspects could help her out. She’s seen the way he looks at a certain boy, the way his eyes go hazy as he gently nibbles on his lip in want.

There’s no denying he’s just like her.

Momo’s made up her mind, but it’s not like she can interrupt the class to talk to him. She’s trying her hardest to control her nerves and jitters, trying to maintain herself as composed as she normally is, but the nagging thought that she could be wrong and the fear of being exposed as…  the creature of sin she is, makes her feel worse. Of course she knows Eijirou wouldn’t out her like that; or at least she hopes she knows him well enough for that to be true.

Her parents can’t find out. No one can.

So Momo just does it.

It takes a lot of courage but Momo ends up tugging at Eijirou’s wrist, turning his body around so that they are face to face. The boy looks confused for a few seconds before he smiles warmly at her. She notices that he smells good.

“You’re like me, aren’t you?” Great way to start a conversation, she thinks to herself, releasing the grip on his wrist. She watches the way his eyebrows scrunch up in confusion again and she lets a small sigh escape her lips. “Can we talk about this privately?”

“Sure!” He says, looking up at her with a slightly shy smile. “I should invite you to my room, but I don’t know how it’s viewed upon for a lady to go into a man’s room alone.”

“That’s okay, I accept your invitation. It’s surely better than you coming to mine. I mean! It’s not a bad thing! Just that…”

“I understand!” He scratches the back of his head awkwardly, still smiling warmly at her. “Come with me then!”

They go up the stairs in silence, and Momo doesn’t know if that’s a good thing or not. She’s nervous as she walks behind him, but she clutches her hands together to stop them from shaking. He opens the door to his room for her and waits until she’s inside to go in after her, closing it silently on his way in.

He blushes as he sees the mess in his room and quickly proceeds to clear the floor of the dumbbells he left earlier, putting them under his bed. Once it’s more or less cleared, he politely invites her to take a seat wherever she deems comfortable.

Shyly, she sits on the bed and looks up at him. “I’ve seen the way you look at him.” She says, immediately regretting the way she started the conversation.

His smile fades away slowly before a new one spreads. “The way I look at who?”

“You know who I’m talking about. You know what I’m talking about.”

There’s a pause before Eijirou’s smile falters. “How… how’d you know ? Is it obvious? Am I obvious?”

“Not really? I mean, I don’t know. I just noticed because we’re the same.”

“The… same?” He mouths, confused, his eyes narrowing slightly. “You… also like him?”

“No! I mean, no. I’m like you in another sense.”

“Another sense…” He mulls it over before realisation hits him. “Oh.”

“I thought you might understand me.” She whispers.

“I hope you'll understand me, too.” He giggles nervously, finally relaxing his tense muscles. “Mind if I sit next to you?”

“Please, go ahead. It’s your room after all.”

“How’d… how’d you know?” He asks, sitting on the bed at about an arm’s length from her. “How’d you know about me? How’d you know about you?”

“About you… I kind of just sensed it.” Momo struggles with how to express the mess inside of her brain, before sighing and closing her eyes. “Kamino is the thing that made it all click into place for me. The way your lip twitched when Midoriya-kun said those words to you, told you that you were the one. I saw the hope in your eyes. I could tell immediately. I’ve always known that he’s special to you, but that… just proved me right. I know what you feel for him. But it’s okay, because you’re just like me.”

Momo towers over Eijirou. He’s a little bit intimidated by that, or maybe he’s intimidated by her. She always sounds so polite when she talks and honestly, it makes him feel insecure about his upbringing and social status. He feels like he shouldn’t be speaking to her, and if he tries to do so out of turn, she’ll be cross. He’s extra careful with his language and the way he acts around her. He knows it’s ridiculous that he feels that way, but she’s a lady , and he can’t get past that.

He knows there’s more to her than her social status. She knows that despite her upbringing he should be treating her like she’s a normal teenager. It’s just weird because he feels like she’s someone important. It makes him feel inadequate. He tries to see past her polite speech and expensive clothes. He knows she’s smart and resourceful, knows she’s worth so much more than her family’s wealth. She’s beautiful but she’s also strong and hardworking. 

But the way she gradually opens up to him and  talks about her private matters makes him feel way more comfortable with her. She treats him like a normal person would, and it's easier for Eijirou to forget his worries. They end up bonding. It’s special. He finally feels like someone understands him, like he isn’t alone in the world. It doesn’t matter that they’re from a different background; they’re friends and he trusts her.

He doesn’t regret having opened his heart to her.

They share a secret little smile whenever they cross each other. To anyone else, it looks like a sweet, innocent greeting, maybe an acknowledgement of sorts. But it’s so much more than just that. It’s their way of saying that they’re in this together. And they’re okay with it.

They sometimes meet to talk about it, to explain how they feel, to try to put into words what it is that makes them so different. It’s comforting to think they’re not alone, and they bond over how they’re similar in such a different way.

“Have you ever had a crush on a boy?” Eijirou asks Momo one day, but he’s not looking at her. His eyes are on his phone as he flickers through his device’s photo gallery, looking at the pictures of the cute lad that currently has his romantic attention.

“I don’t think I have.” She whispers, throwing her head back so she’s laying it on his bed. She’s comfortable like that, gazing at the posters that look like they’re hung upside down on his wall. “Boys just didn’t catch my attention.”

“When did a girl catch your attention then?”

“It wasn’t until recently that a certain someone… struck me as being different. And special.”

Eijirou finally looks away from his phone to shoot her a friendly grin. “Yeah, she rocks.”

“Do you… do you think I have a chance?” Momo asks, tilting her head so their eyes meet.

“You won’t know until you ask her.” He shrugs his shoulders as he unlocks his phone again and shows her a picture. “He’s dreamy. But you don’t agree, right?”

“Yeah, there’s nothing dreamy about him.” She chuckles, but sits up straight, changing position so her arms drop on the bed beside him.

“It feels weird to talk to a girl about boys.” Eijirou mutters, his eyes glancing briefly at her before he goes back to staring at his screen, a lovestruck expression on his face.

“Good weird or bad weird?”

“Just weird. I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever talked about boys with a girl before, but Mina does it a lot and it’s just different that you don’t see them like she does.”

“Do you wish you were normal?” She asks him, and he ponders about it for a while.

“No.” He finally whispers, crossing his arms on the bed and placing his chin over them. He sighs before he continues speaking, but the stupid grin’s still on his face. “Because I would’ve fallen in love with him either way.”

She just laughs politely, shaking her head.

Momo breathes in, laying on her bed. She covers herself with her sheets and turns the light off. She inhales again, to calm down. She’s not sure why she’s so nervous. It’s just a little test, or at least that’s what she’s telling herself.

It’s really simple, actually. She’s going to think of her new best friend and try to masturbate.

It sounds awful. She doesn’t know why she decided to do something so stupid and now she regrets it, but she’s already committed to it.

Taking another shaky breath, she takes her pyjama bottoms and her knickers off and places them under her pillow. Her hand slowly lowers to her nether regions, but she stops when her fingers reach her mons pubis. She sighs and pushes onwards, forcing her digits to go lower and spread her lips apart.

It feels kind of nice to prod at her folds, but it’s even better when she reaches her clit. She forces her eyes closed and puts some pressure on her little bud as she thinks of sharp teeth and red hair. They're the only things about Eijirou that she can force herself to think about. His smile is his best feature, and she can’t just soil it with this dirty act.

She’s sinning.

She’s going to go to Hell.

She tried to masturbate to her best friend.

Gasping, she retrieves her hand from her crotch and she starts crying uncontrollably.

Why is she such a rotten child?

On a different occasion, they go out. Eijirou decided to because she’d said she’d never been to a café before and he insisted she just had to try it. He helped pick out her clothes so she wouldn’t stand out much and she told him to please not wear his crocs.

They sit at a table inside the café he chose, hoping to get some privacy there. The seats outside looked great and it's the perfect weather out to enjoy the sunshine, but whenever they're together they talk about how they're… different and they'd rather not be overheard.

The waitress comes over with the menus, giving one to each of them before commenting that they're a cute couple.

Momo freezes and Eijirou chokes on his words, shaking his hands in front of his red face as he corrects the waitress.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" She apologises frantically.

"It… it's okay." Momo whispers, not looking at her. "We're just good friends."

When the waitress comes back with their beverages, she doesn't say anything except a curt "I hope you enjoy your drinks."

She sips on a tall strawberry milkshake and he drinks his mango juice in silence.

They’re both still blushing and avoiding eye contact when Momo clears her throat and does her best to look at him. “Have you ever had feelings for a girl? Has a girl ever interested you?”

“Maybe. I don’t know. I used to be curious about what was inside their… I mean, no, that sounded wrong. I wanted to know what they had under their underwear. They just told me girls were different and I wanted to know how. I’m talking about when I was super small, though.”

“I was told those were our naughty parts and we couldn’t touch them.” She whispers nonchalantly, prodding daintily at her drink with her straw.

“Mmmm.” He mutters, chugging his juice. “Boys’ bits or girls’ bits?”

“Bits?” She laughs. “I guess everyone’s. I can’t really remember.”

“That’s a weird thing to tell someone.” He whispers, looking out of the window, seemingly lost in thought.

“It is, isn’t it?” She mutters back, trying to shake off the sad tone in her voice as she speaks.

They’re silent for a while. Eijirou’s busy looking outside and Momo is trying to think of a way to ask him something that's been on her mind for a while. She decides to finally blurt it out quickly to get it over with. “Have you ever masturbated thinking about a girl?”

He turns to look at her. He doesn't look bothered by her question, but he also isn't smiling like he usually is. “I forced myself to, once. It was… awful. Forced. Weird. I’m not ever going to do it again.” He pauses. “How about you?”

“I…” There’s a reason she really wanted to talk about this, but now that she is, she doesn’t even know how to address the problem “I… find masturbating hard. I can’t really do it. I mean, I’ve tried, but…” She bites her lip and turns her head slightly, embarrassed.


“I… don’t want to speak about it. I mean! I want to! I just don’t know if I can. And now we’re here, in public and I... but I really do want to talk about it. I need help maybe.”


“Because… and I know this sounds stupid but whenever I try to… I get overcome with these thoughts… they tell me what I’m doing is wrong and I can’t stop them.”

Eijirou looks at her with a sort of pitying look before he grabs her hands and gives them a gentle squeeze.

“It’s not wrong. It’s not something that’s bad. In fact, quite the opposite.”

“I mean… I know about that. I know, I know! But they won’t leave my head!”

“Try forgetting about it. Try to stop paying attention to them. Focus on what you’re feeling and the images that you like.”

She sighs, closing her eyes and nodding her head. “I should. Thank you. Thank you for listening to me and not finding it ridiculous.”

“It’s not ridiculous, I understand. They teach us it’s a dirty place and that we shouldn’t touch ourselves, but that’s not right. Look at what they told you! You can talk to me about whatever.”

“I definitely never thought I’d be talking to you about that .” She laughs and her voice trails off before she looks back at him. “Do you think you could get it up with a girl?”

“That… that’s a good question.” Eijirou whispers, his face turning a pretty shade of pink. “I’ve never really thought about it.”

“Have you ever…?”

“I… I’m not sure? I remember realising girls didn’t do it for me when all the boys around me were talking about how awesome it’d be to fuck one and I just… couldn’t picture myself doing it.”

“And now?”

“I don’t know? Maybe?? I’m…” He doesn’t want to say it. Doesn’t even want to think about the possibility.

“I’m not sure I could do it with a boy.” Momo whispers, getting slightly closer to Eijirou. “But it is different for boys after all.”

“Isn’t… isn’t it easier for girls? To like… work?”

“Why would it be easier?”

“I don’t know? I read somewhere that girls work… I mean… get… hot… or whatever… with like touches and kisses. Boys are more visual.”

“I think I understand.” Momo nods.

“So maybe it’s possible? I honestly don’t know. I’m not even sure I could get it up with most boys.”

“Most boys?” She questions.

“Yeah, I…” Eijirou ducks his head and blushes. “Maybe it’s only him that makes me feel this way.”

“Do you masturbate while thinking of him? Do you picture him as you…?”

“I…” He hides his face in his hands. “Yeah…”

“Do you think about other boys?”

“I mean… it’s not that I’ve never done it… I just don’t usually do it.”

“Mmhmm.” She mutters, bringing the straw to her lips. “I don’t picture anyone.”

“Not girls? Not even… her ?”

Momo shrugs her shoulders. “As I said, I don’t do it often. Maybe it’s the intrusive thoughts that don’t let me think of anyone as I… yeah. I don’t know. I could try to picture… her. Or someone else.”

“I could borrow a mag from one of the boys if you want.”

“Do you think it could help?”

“It might. You could try, at least. See what happens.”

Momo gulps, looking at the semi naked girl on the cover. She’s gorgeous, with plump breasts – obviously smaller than hers, but she prefers them small – and defined curves. She’s smiling at the camera, looking radiant in her pink bikini. The teenager swallows audibly, opening the magazine and taking a look.

Tons of stunning girls stare back at her, all posing and showing off their bodies. She feels rather inadequate as she flickers through the pages.

It’s erotic, which is something new to her. There’s a tingling sensation in her nether regions and she bites on her lip, feeling her tummy do funny things. She’s all happy and excited, and she doesn’t understand why. All she knows how to do is follow some strange instinct inside of her which is telling her to use her fingers to dance over her clit. Which she does. For over an hour.

The next day, she’s excited to give it back to him. She enjoyed it, and she can’t wait to tell him her progress, what she learnt and what she feels now. But as she gives the mag back to Eijirou, she feels her chest tighten strangely. It’s an odd feeling, one she can’t stop herself from thinking about during the rest of the day. Mina notices.

“Whatcha thinking of?” The pink girl singsongs, coming up close to her and grabbing her by the shoulders to pull her in.

“I… I… Something weird happened to me today. My chest tightened when I saw Kirishima-kun.”

Mina releases her and pulls back, gasping surprisingly loud. “OH MY GOD!” She shrieks.

Momo tries to shush her but there’s no controlling the pink haired girl’s screeches. “Please stop, Ashido.”

“I keep telling you to call me Mina! But… you do know what that means, right?”

When the taller girl shakes her head, Mina rolls her eyes, pretending to be frustrated as she clicks her tongue.

“That you like Kirishima.”

“Can I confess something to you?” Momo asks him when they meet up again. She’s on his bed, her legs and arms crossed, trying to make a barrier for herself if everything goes wrong.

“Yeah!” He smiles brightly at her, and she can feel her chest doing that tightening thing again.

“I tried to masturbate thinking about you.” She finally says, closing her eyes and clenching her teeth.

He doesn’t speak for a few seconds, and when she’s finally about to open her eyes and beg him to please say something, he does. “But the magazine…”

“No, I… I tried to do it before. I’m so sorry, I feel so guilty.”

“Uhm, no, it’s okay. I think. I don’t know. I’m a bit confused right now.” He whispers, avoiding eye contact with her.

“So am I! I… sorry to bring it up! I’m leaving!” She’s off the bed as soon as she’s said that, but Eijirou grabs her arms and tugs at her gently.

“Please don’t go. Can I ask you why you did that?”

“I wanted to try… I…” She sighs and breathes in, but she can’t continue with the sentence. She finally sits back on the bed and he lets go of her arm.

“Can I confess something too?” He asks.

Momo lifts her head up and nods, watching as his eyes dart from hers to his feet before he starts speaking. “Would it be weird if I told you… I’m confused about my sexuality? I mean… I know I’m not straight… but… you’re making me doubt that. I think I kind of like you.”

“Actually… no… I…” She whispers, her hands reaching out to touch his face, tilting his chin so that their eyes meet. “I’m kind of feeling the same way.”

“Is that why you…?” He asks and she nods. Eijirou lets out a small relieved sort of sigh before speaking again. “What… what do you think we should do about it?”

“I don’t know? Try to kiss maybe? Try to date? I don’t know.”

“What do you want?”

“What do you want?”

They both blush and laugh an awkward little chuckle.

“I mean… we could try to kiss. Don’t you think?” She whispers finally, leaning in just slightly. He leans in too, his head already tilting to the side like he’s seen they do in films.

“Yeah… we… we could definitely try to kiss. It’s just one kiss. What harm could it do?” He speaks slowly, his eyes on her lips as they slowly move in closer.

Eijirou’s hand are shaking as he leans in and presses his lips to hers. It’s a quick peck, but an electric wave washes over him and he pulls back quickly, shocked at the feeling.

“Did… did you feel anything?” She whispers as she looks at him, her expression curious. She’s flushed too, and she’s breathing heavier than normal.

He nods gently, his brain a mess. He has so many questions, so many things he doesn’t understand.

“Did you?”

She blushes and looks away, but curtly nods her head as well.

“Should we… kiss again?” He asks, smiling sheepishly.

Momo nods and Eijirou leans in. The usually elegant girl in front of him is obviously as new and as clueless at kissing as he is, and for once, he’s glad for his lack of experience.

It’s strange how their wet lips connecting makes him feel all tingly and excited. But he doesn’t fight it; just deepens the kiss until their tongues finally meet and it becomes even sloppier. It’s a strange sensation, one he’s never felt before. It’s not bad, quite the contrary, and his body certainly seems to like it. Embarrassed, he pulls away, quickly covering the front of his trousers with both of his hands.

“Wait… did you just…?” Momo asks, her hands quickly lifting to cover her mouth in shock.

“I’m sorry!” He screeches, red as his hair.

“No! It’s okay, I think. I’m actually not sure what I think. It’s never happened before.” She whispers, her voice quieting the further along the sentence she is. “I’ve never kissed anyone before.”

“Me neither. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I hope I didn’t blow it with you. I enjoyed it.”

“I liked it too. Maybe we can do it some more?”

“Uh, yeah! Yeah! Sure!” He blurts out. Suddenly his eyebrows scrunch up in that cute way he has when he’s worried he’s messed up “Did I hurt you with my teeth?”

“No. You were very careful. Plus my tongue just traced over them anyways, so I could tell they are sharp, but it wasn’t painful.”

“Oh, good.” Eijirou breathes in, relieved, before going back to kissing her again.

They only separate to pant and breathe again, but they’re at each other’s mouth just seconds after, groping at each other’s clothes, feeling hot and excited.

Eijirou never thought she’d ever do what she just did, which was clumsily touch his hard-on over his clothes. He’s never thought of her as clumsy before, but then again, he’s never felt her mouth against his, or her hand awkwardly trying to touch his very hard member over his clothes.

Momo pulls back first, but he’s quick to follow. Surprised, they stare at each other for a few seconds before she giggles awkwardly, trying to calm herself down.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s… it’s okay.” He whispers, trying to cover himself up. The place where she put her hand still feels tingly and weird.

She’s silent for a few minutes, watching as he tries to catch his breath. “I may be attracted to you?” Momo finally says, leaning in closer. He looks up and their eyes interlock.

But he doesn’t say anything. He can’t. He’s confused.

“Should I go?” She whispers. The redhead doesn’t want her to go, but he’s also feeling very uncomfortable right now, so he meekly nods.

Momo apologises once more, and there’s a sad look in her eyes as she leaves him, closing the door behind herself.

Eijirou’s alone in his room now, but he’s still flushed and feeling weird. His dick is pulsing inside his pants and he can feel it burning with need. He bites his lip, unsure of what to do. He eventually gives in, and his hands tremble as he lowers his trousers and frees his cock. It’s still hard and aching, and he can’t help frowning worriedly as he looks at it. He’d never kissed anyone before, he didn’t know he was going to feel like this. On top of it, he feels conflicted and strange, like he’s still doing something immoral. Trying not to think about it, he fists himself, quickly tugging at his eager dick with his right hand. He scrunches his face and clenches his teeth as he tries to keep his mind blank. It’s best if he doesn’t think about anything, if he doesn’t think about her.

Images flash through his mind: her big tits, clothed, then naked, her lovely curves, her smiling face… and he increases the speed, his hips thrusting into thin air. The pleasure doesn’t increase. He’s not sure what he’s feeling, actually, but it’s not really good. It’s strange. His breathing becomes uncontrollable and before he knows it, he lets go of his dick in a mixture of displeased agony and gross pleasure. Unfortunately, he stopped himself too late and he cums all over his bed.

Panting irregularly, he looks at the mess on his sheets and his hand, the other clutching at his heart because he’s in pain and he’s not sure what to do.

He’s never been more confused in his life.

They’ve created a strange bond that not even them really understand. They both feel comfortable with each other, feel understood by the other, feel cared about and safe. It’s probably the closest thing to dating without actually dating, and Eijirou doesn’t know what to make of it. He doesn’t know what to do, what to say. He’s not even sure he knows what he himself feels.

To be honest, he’s not sure Momo’s feelings are true. He doesn’t think she’s lying, he just believes she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Since she said so herself: they’re the same.

He sighs, burying his face in his hands. Maybe they’re not the same after all.

They decide to do it. They even decide to go shopping together. It helps with their embarrassment that they have each other as Momo hands the cashier her credit card and Eijirou bags the condom and lubricant as fast as he is able.

It doesn’t make walking back to the dorms any less awkward. It’s worse when they have to part ways and he knows he has to ask if she wants to do it now. She agrees and silently goes into his room with him.

She starts undressing as soon as he closes and locks the door. When he turns around, she's already out of her blouse and he can see her navy blue bra. Flustered, he asks her what she’s doing but she just laughs and walks over to where he is, giving him a quick kiss on the lips and placing his hands on her tits. They’re soft. They’re amazing, actually. They feel really good to the touch, and he can’t get enough of them.

Momo pulls away and beckons him over to the bed as she sits down on it. He follows, tugging at his own shirt until it’s off. He feels slightly exposed and insecure when he’s next to her. Sure, he doesn’t have a bad body; he knows he’s stronger than most, but it’s still uncomfortable for him to undress in front of her. Trying to dismiss the thought, he takes off his trousers and helps her out of hers.

Momo’s got a beautiful body. Well, it’s not like Eijirou ever doubted that she wouldn't. He never doubted the fact that women are beautiful. They all are, their bodies are special. They’re made to be pretty, and he can appreciate their beauty, even without feeling attracted to it. He likes to compare it to art. He’s seen those pictures that display horrible things, like murder, and he knows it’s beautifully made, knows it took a lot of time and practice and talent, but he will never find it pretty. He appreciates the art and value it has, but he doesn’t share the love for it. Girls are the same.

Momo is the same.

She’s looking at him expectantly, maybe hoping something will work. He gulps, feeling more under pressure than ever. She’s not going to get a reaction from him anytime soon.

“You’re gorgeous.” He says, his hands trying to pump his unresponsive dick unsuccessfully. He feels worse as she watches him do so, the look on her face something akin to pity.

He knows he should probably not say that it’s not her fault but his, since it feels like rubbing salt in the metaphorical wound, so he leans in and kisses her. This stirs him a little. It helps.

He tries to get lost in her body. She’s so soft. It feels good to touch her, more than he expected. She’s also warm and her kisses feel nice.

He should feel something, right? He should feel it like that day they kissed. But he doesn’t.

He’s not even sure he feels anything for her anymore. But they’ve already committed to this. So he lays her on the bed and crawls over her, kissing her mouth as lovingly as he can. His fingers try to blindly discover her vagina. It’s weird, very different to what he was expecting. Eijirou doesn’t even know what he was expecting, but it sure wasn’t a warm wetness that feels gooey. He gently puts his digits into the little cave and he thinks that it’s similar to dipping in sauce.

Momo feels uncomfortable. Eijirou’s fingers inside of her feel… weird. They’re bigger than hers, and thicker, and the feeling is… just strange.

It’s not like it’s bad, it’s just something she’s never felt before. He’s doing something completely different to what she does. She can’t even pinpoint why it’s so different. It’s not like he’s doing things she’s never done to herself… but…

A moan escapes her when he pushes upwards and strikes something inside of her. It feels good; obviously her dainty fingers can’t reach that spot very well.

Eijirou looks keen after that first reaction and spreads her legs wider apart. He tries stuffing his hand further in, tries to touch her there again.

“You want to…?” He asks, breathing heavily. Is he aroused? She honestly can’t tell. “You want me to… stick it in?”

‘Not really’ is what she actually thinks, but she nods her head and lies down completely, waiting for him to topple over her. He’s quick to position himself, his hands on either side of her head as their eyes lock.

He looks pretty. She knows he’s pretty. He’s a pretty boy. There’s more to him than just how pretty or not he is – and she knows this – but right now that’s all he strikes her as. She can only stare at his big catlike eyes, his thick eyelashes and the cute little scar over one of them.

She’s soft. It’s soft. It’s malleable and warm, and Eijirou can feel his heart beat faster as he sinks his fingers into tender skin, trying to get himself hard enough to continue.

It feels good. He’s reacting to it. Like he did to the kiss. That’s good, right? Maybe it means he’s normal.

She moans as he gently caresses her breast. It must feel nice to have someone touch them like that, and the idea that someone could do that to him makes his dick twitch. A certain person’s on his mind but he discards the thought angrily, forcing himself to focus on the pretty woman in front of him.

It’s not like she’s repulsing. She most certainly is not. It’s just that he doesn’t find her quite so… irresistible. Or something. He doesn’t even know.

It’s nice to touch her soft body, to trace her curves and to kiss her lips. It feels good but it doesn’t exactly feel right.

Maybe it’s because they haven’t done it yet.

Maybe he just has to fuck her and everything will click and it’ll feel amazing and he’ll feel silly for ever doubting himself.

Maybe he just needs to get his dick wet to realise that girls aren’t that bad.

Maybe it’s just that.

He turns to grab the condoms and puts one on. It takes him a while since his hands are trembling and he’s never done it before, but he gets it on. He positions himself again, trying to figure out the right way of doing it. Is it something he should know? He has no idea.

They’re silent as he moves his legs and opens hers, but Eijirou looks at her one last time before going in. He’s silently asking for permission to do so with his eyes, and she agrees, nodding curtly.

He enters her. He slowly sinks his length into her, feeling her tight walls wrap around him, caging his dick in a nice heat. It… it feels good? He’s not sure. He’s definitely feeling something . She’s wet and tight, but there’s no magic, no fireworks, nothing. He’s not feeling anything he’d been promised. And when he looks at her, he can tell that she isn’t either. Her face is scrunched up in pain and determination, and her eyes are closed as if she’s concentrating very hard.

Eijirou stops and pulls out, sighing.

“You’re in pain.” He whispers, leaning down and watching her slowly open her eyes. She’s beautiful, even now, with droplets of sweat falling from her forehead.

“It’s normal for the first time. I read about it online.” She mutters.

“It doesn’t have to be normal. I don’t want to continue if you’re in pain.”

“It’s not really pain? I mean, it’s bearable.” Momo tries to smile at him reassuringly. It doesn’t work.

“Try to relax.” He mutters, licking his fingers before going back down to her entrance. She isn’t as wet as he’d like her to be, but he coats her with saliva. He inserts his digits and uses a pumping rhythm until she starts moaning again. Not before long she’s begging for him to enter her, so he does, getting back on top of her.

It’s still awkward. He tries to thrust upwards but he can’t get the right speed to do it and he stops, feeling incompetent. She doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it, and he can’t really say that he is too.

‘Maybe it’s the position’, he thinks, and proposes they change places. Momo agrees to ride him so he lies on his back, watching as she places herself on his dick. She slowly lowers herself on his cock, and it feels good. She bounces on it a bit, and he thrusts up, trying to get the feeling he gets when he masturbates, but it feels completely different.

He knows this should feel amazing. Why doesn’t it feel good?

Angry and upset with himself, he grabs her by the waist and helps her ride him faster. He clenches his teeth hard, concentrating on trying to make it feel as good as it should. Tears form in his eyes and she gasps, her hands going to his face to wipe them away. It doesn’t stop him, however. He’s determined to make it good for the both of them.

He's exhausted after a few minutes of thrusting upwards and his speed starts slowing down. She stops, cupping his face and forcing him to look at her.

“Stop.” She says softly.

Momo clambers off of him and gets inside the bed, motioning for him to join her. He gets in next to her and she pulls the sheets over them.

“You don’t want to continue?” He asks, cuddling in closer to her.

She shakes her head but then remembers to ask him how he feels about it. “Did you?”

“No.” He lets out a relieved breath. “It felt weird.”

“I didn’t feel anything.” She laughs sadly, but she turns it into a small smile when she looks at him. “I think I was confused. My chest tightened again when you went in me, but my head was screaming at me that what we were doing was wrong.”

“I think I really, really like you, but as a friend. I think all the love and trust I have for you is merely… me caring for you as a friend. I’m sorry, Momo. I know you’re special, and you’ll make someone very happy someday, but that someone can’t be me.”

“I feel a great load of affection towards you too, Ei-san. And I was confused, too. I don’t think boys will ever do it for me. I’m sorry I put you through it.”

“I’m sorry I put you through it. I’m sorry it hurt you.”

“It didn’t hurt all that much. As I said, I really didn’t feel anything. I hope that doesn’t make you feel like less or a man or anything. You’re a very handsome young-”

But he cuts her off with a laugh. “It’s okay. So… are we… are we like, still friends? Or did this fuck it up for us?”

“You’ll always be my best friend, Ei.” She says, turning over to kiss his forehead.

Eijirou opens his eyes and mouth wide as he remembers the condom, which he quickly peels off. He laughs awkwardly as he throws it on the floor and blushes. He lies down comfortably again and opens his arms for Momo to cuddle in his embrace.

“Never again, please.” Eijirou mumbles, wiping his brow

“Agreed.” She whispers back.

Maybe Hanta’s smarter than he looks. Or maybe he’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time, because that’s how he feels right now, staring at a used condom in his friend’s bin. They’re in Eijirou’s room and he was just going to throw a bubble gum wrapper away when his eyes fell on the dreaded item. Why his friend hadn’t tried to conceal the rubber is a mystery to the teen, especially since they’re that age when sex is new and exciting and even the slightest mention of it will get them either straight up aroused or at least a little bit giggly. So his first thought, of course, is that his friend had used it to masturbate. That makes a lot more sense than him actually… doing the deed with someone. But something about the situation doesn’t seem right, so he decides to talk it over with Mina and Denki, who – obviously – see it completely differently from him.

“No way did Kirishima lose his V-card!” The blond shouts excitedly, his hands covering his excited smirk in surprise.

“And he didn’t tell us!?” Mina squeaks awkwardly, a small blush on her face. “Like, we’re his friends? Hello? Why didn’t he not tell us?”

“No way did he lose his virginity! Before me? THERE’S JUST NO WAY!” Denki screams but apologises quickly when Hanta shushes him.

“Who with??” The pink haired girl is nearly shouting, biting her lower lip worriedly. 

“I mean, I’m not sure?” Hanta whispers, leaning in closer. “It was just a condom.”

After a slight pause, Mina exhales a long breath. She looks at her two friends with a triumphant grin on her face as she says “I’ve got a way of figuring it out.”

Mina’s great at setting up parties or events. It’s the same for improvised class 1A “bonding time”. That’s what she calls it as she rounds up everyone and tells them they’re going to spend the afternoon together, playing games.

“Alright, I’m out.” Katsuki mutters, turning away with a half-arsed wave before his wrist is caught by Eijirou.

“C’mon, it’ll be fun!”

“I don’t want to play stupid games with you and these…” He cuts himself off, his eyes darting from one classmate to another. 

“Just let him leave, he’s obviously too much of a pussy to play ‘never have I ever’ with us.” Mina says sweetly, grinning slyly at the blond.

“The fuck did you just call me, Raccoon Eyes?” He opens his hand menacingly as explosions start erupting from them. “I’ll show you! I’ll beat the shit out of this game like I can beat the shit out of you!”

“That’s not…” Eijirou begins before sighing and realising it’s better to just let him think that since that’ll make him participate.

“So, what are we playing?” Ochako asks, looking at the pink haired girl expectantly. 

“I was thinking we could play ‘never have I ever’.” Mina answers with an ample smile on her face.

Her two accomplices start shouting enthusiastically and everyone ends up sitting on the floor in a circle with a glass of juice, water or milk. Eijirou sits next to Katsuki, who is grumbling because he ended up choosing the same type of beverage as Midoriya but is pretending it's because he finds the game stupid.

The first few rounds are pretty much uneventful, and they go by innocuously enough. When Mina gives Denki the look, he knows it’s his cue to really start the game.

“Never have I ever masturbated in front of a bro!” He shouts proudly. This earns him a few guffaws and small laughs, as well as a few stifled snorts from the boys and loud gasps from the girls.

“Kaminari!” Someone tries to reprimand him, but he just waves them off by encouraging everyone to drink.

This question – as they predicted – starts a new era for the game. The teens become bold and start asking things that go from just risqué to completely unacceptable. Luckily for them, Mineta plays straight into their hands.

“Never have I ever had sex!” The small boy says, breathing heavily. His tongue darts out to lick his lips in excitement, readying himself for the replies.

Eijirou panics. With wide eyes, he slowly brings his glass to his lips, trembling just slightly. He’s smiling sheepishly because of how nervous he is, but he tries to hide it behind his drink. He knows everyone’s gazes are on him, but he tries not to think about it as he gulps his beverage down.

“OH. MY. GOD!” Mina screams, her mouth wide open as she curls her hand into a fist and starts hitting Denki, who is sitting beside her, with it. “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!”

Eijirou knows he’s blushing and closes his eyes to try and will the embarrassment away, but everyone is talking around him, asking him questions and it’s all starting to be too much for him.

“No way, it’s true!” He hears someone mutter. He can’t tell who the voices are from, and honestly, he doesn’t want to know.

“Who was it with?”

“Was it any good?”

“Was she any good!?”

“How were her tits? And her cunt? Did you eat her out?” Those comments he knows are from Mineta.

“He’s just lying to look cool.”

“Yeah, I know, and it’s a pity, he looked like such a good guy.”

“Wait, so you have like a girlfriend or something now?”

“Fuck, do you have a fuckbuddy? A friends with benefits sort of deal?”

“That’d be so cool! I want one too!”

“He doesn’t look like the type of boy who’d do that though.”

“ENOUGH! Just leave him alone, you blithering imbeciles. So what if he had sex. What’s it to ya what he does or doesn’t do in his private life? Just shut the fuck up and carry on with your miserable lives.” Katsuki snaps, and everyone suddenly stops talking, turning their heads to look at the angry blond. “You have no right to judge him.”

“Wow.” Mina whispers, her eyebrows raised.

Eijirou finally has the courage to open his eyes, and he locks his gaze with the still furious blond, but mouths a small ‘thank you’ before sighing and turning his attention back to his drink. The other teens still seem tense and continue talking despite the intervention. 

The redhead sighs, but quickly remembers something. He isn’t the only one that's had sex. He quickly looks at Momo, who smiles uncomfortably at him, raising her drink slowly. She does a small sort of toasting motion only for him before sipping her drink.

A gentle smile spreads across his face, and, for some strange reason, he feels a little bit better. It doesn’t last long however, since Mina and Denki jump on him and continue bombarding him with questions.

"Who with?" She asks.

"When!?" Denki interrogates, his eyes wide open as he stares at him in a slightly recriminatory way.

Hanta looks troubled as he walks over and sits down in front of him. "We're your friends. Do you really feel like you can't even tell us this?"

"Didn't you fucking hear me, you knuckle heads?" Katsuki snarls, pressing his fisted hands into Mina and Denki's heads. "I said leave him alone. What he tells you is up to him, not you."

"Hey, that's not fair!" The other blond helps. "I'd totally tell my bro if I got my dick wet!"

"It's not up to you." Katsuki repeats.

"Why are you the voice of reason all of a sudden?" Mina mutters, pulling away from the other. 

"Hey, I uhm. I'm not feeling too well, so I'm uhm… going to...go rest." Eijirou whispers, his eyes on the floor as he scrambles away.

"Ei! Hey, Ei!" Hanta calls after him. The redhead can also hear his other friends voicing their concerns towards him, but he's not in the mood.

His chest feels tight.

Eijirou manages to get back to his room without anyone stopping him. He’s exhausted and still uncomfortable with the turn in events. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone, not even Katsuki, who’s knocking on his door right now.

“Shitty Hair, let me in. I want to talk.”

Because he can’t say no to his best friend, and especially not after he saved him like that, he lets the blond in and they both take a seat on his bed.

“I know.”

“I… don’t know what you’re talking about.” Eijirou forces out a dry laugh.

“Ponytail. I know you fucked her.”

“How-how’d you know?”

“The walls are paper thin, idiot. I’m surprised no one else knows. That and you glanced at each other while the dimwits were still arguing about it. She toasted to you and drank. That seems pretty incriminating to me.”

“Okay.” The redhead sighs, dejected.

“Calm down. It’s not such a big deal. So you’re together, who gives a shit?”

“We’re not!” He screams out, but bites his tongue and clenches his teeth. He speaks softer when he continues. “I mean… we’re not together.”

“Irrelevant. No one should care. No one should be fucking interested in your personal business.”

“Thanks, Katsuki. For that. And for what you did back then.”

“It’s okay. It’s what friends do.”

“Thank you anyway.” Eijirou smiles at him, but the blond looks away, bashfully.

“I said shut up.” But there’s no bite behind it.